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1949 edicafom, With grateful appreciation for her love, understanding and sincere interest which will always inspire us, we, the Senior Class of 1949, dedicate this annual to MRS. MARY GILES McPHAULADF.LE ZF.IDMAN GENIE GOODALL Annual £ta EDITORS-IN-CHIEF ASSISTANT EDITORS I’AT HUFHAM JIM MONTGOMERY PATSY WEIL Fir it Row Pat»y Well, Caroline Trueman. Phillip Zeidman. Lucy Bras field. Barrie Boddro. Martha Moore. Graham Hollis, June Luttrell. Second Arne—Frank Bromberg, Rcth Power , Pat Hufhsm. Frank Vines., Jean Berger. Sally Cason, Marietta Jones. Thud Rm -Helga Blum. Sylvia Lewis. George Holmes, Charles Denny. Dudley Peeler. Adele Zeidman. Genie Goodall. Fourth Rtnr— Albert Lee Smith, Bill French, Jack Lewis, Harry Goodall. Jim Montgomery, Mayo Holloway.Alma McdeA On the city's southern border, Stands the school we love. Hearts aglow and voices raising send her praise above. Hail to thee our Alma Mater, Faithful we will be. Long we'll love thee, Ramsay High School, And be true to thee.SmitfiA c'Ond Still ISt y Gaged, GLnd Stilt the UJondSi Shear, that One S rudl Heed Could CeWvy GXl He -godUmWk, Genies Glass OjJjicenS MAY BILL FRENCH I’reiidenl CLAIR KYRICH Vkc-Vretidtml GAYLE TRECHSEL Secretary HARRY G(X)I)ALL I’rriulrnt MAXINE DAVIS Secretary JANUARY JUNE LUTTRELL Vuc-yretidentJANUARY CLASS JOE AUSBURN, "Jo-Jo" Activities: Aero Club; Camera Club. JERRY BECK, "Augie" Activities: Football '45; Camera Club; Vocal Club. BARBARA BERNSTEIN. "Dabs" Activities: S. R. President. Secretary; Cheerleader; Marshal; Senior Play: Stamps and Bonds Salrsmon; Dramatic Club; Secretary. National Thespians; French Club; Honor Study; Publicity Committee. DAVID BERNSTEIN, "Budge" Activities: Marshal; Honor Study Head; Thespian Club; Science Club; National Thespians; Tennis '45; Annual Staff. MIKE BITE. "Sabu" Activities: Manager, Football Team '45, '46; ‘B" Team Football; Football Club. HELGA BLUM Activities: S. K. Vice-President. Secretary: Stamps and Bonds Salesman; Marshal; Dramatic Club; National Thespians; Senior Play; Vice-President, French Club; Annual Staff; Honor Study. BARRIE BODDEN Activities: Band; Choir: Marshal; HUY Club; Schedule Club; Library Assistant; Lunch Room Ch«ckcr; S. R. Secretary; "Highlander" Suff; Annual Staff. J. C. BRANUM, "Curly" Activities: R.O.T.C. Gub; Chairman. War Orphan Committee: Stamps and Bonds Salesman. JACK MORRIS BROWDY Activities: Tennis '47. '48; Science Club; Camera Gub; S. R Secretary: Library Assistant; Secretary, Science Club; Lunch Room Assistant. NANCIE BROWNING Activities: S. R. President. Vice-President. Secretary: Cheerleader; Head Marshal; Thespian Club; Science Gub; Annual Staff. KENNY CLARKE Activities: S. R. Vice-President; Thespian Gub; Red Cross Gub; Secretary. Treasurer. Y-Teens Gub. SYBIL COHEN, "Syb" Activities: Girl Resenes; Honor Study Head; Marshal. MARTHA BRAZEAL CRABBE, “Lobster" Activities: Thespian Club; Red Cross Club. President. Vice-President. Vocal Club; Literary Club; Dramatic Club. President. S. R. LEWIS CULLEN, "Cullen" Activities: Annual Suff; Vice-President. Big-7 Dance Committer: "High-lander'' Staff; Lunch Room Checker: S. R. President; Quill and Scroll; Aviation Gub. PATSY DALY, "Pat" Activities: Red Cross Club. French Gub; S. R. Secretary: Stamps and Bonds Salesman. RICHARD DAVID Activities: "B" Team Football '45; Track '46. '47; Aviation Gub; S. R. Vice-President. MAXINE DAVIS, "Maxie" Activities: Girl Reserve Club; "Highlander'' Staff; Marshal; S. R. Secretary; National Honor Society; Secretary, Senior Gass. CHARLES HERREN DENNEY Activities: S. R. President, Vice-President; Marshal; Annual Staff; Chairman, Art Committee; Football '45. '46; Cabinet; t shers Club.JANUARY CLASS VIRGINIA ALLEN DUMAS, “anger” Activities: Chic! Marshal; Vice-President, Council; Thespian Club; Y-Teens Club. President. utll and Scroll; President, Student Body; ‘•Highlander" Associate Kditor; National Honor Society; Citizenship Tour. MARGARET FAYE ELDER, “Margie” Advil in Cheerleader: S. R President; Ramcttes; (»lrc Club. Marshal; “Highlander" Typist. SUSAN FINLEY. “Susie” Aelhitkt: Thespian Club; Stamps and Bonds Salesman. Library Assistant; Y-Teen Club; “Highlander" Staff; Red Cross Club; Victory Corps. OLIVER FULLER FRANK GILMORE, “Chummy” Activities: French Club. HARRISON M. GOODALL, “Bull” Activities: Football ’4ft, '47. ‘48; Marshal. President, National Honor Society: Alternate Captain Football Team; Secretary. Council; S. R President: Vice-President. Student Body; Athletic Club; Health Committee; President, Senior Class. FREDDA HANSON .4c iit »ei: S. R. President; Vice-President. Literary Society; Winner Girls' Oratorical. FRED HARRIS. “Spiky” Arlivitin: Baseball '46, '47, '48. Marshal. Baseball Club. CLARA JEAN HOILE .4r h-»r»Vi: Thespian Club. Vocal Club; National Thespian'. Library Assistant; Annual Staff. JOY MARIE HONE A, “Honey” Activities: Stamp Salesman; Glee Club; Honor Study; Thespian Club; S. R. Secretary. PATSY HUFHAM, “Pat” Activities: S. R. Vice-President, Secretary; Marshal; Honor Study Head; Red Cross Club; Thespian Club; Stamps and Bonds Salesman; Annual Staff. LOUISE JOSOF, “Chubby” Activities: Honor’Study; Vocal Club. Marshal. IRA KLINE ,4i7iviffei: Science Club; Thespian Club; Marshal; S. R Vice-President; Radio Program. JOHN LAVETTE, “Hook” Activities: Basketball: "B" Team Football. S. K President, Vice- President; Safety Committee; Honor Study ELLEN RHEE LEVY, “Lynn” Activities: Cheerleader; Dramatic Club: National Thespians; Senior Play; Marshal. JUNE LUTTRELL, “Juin” Activities: S. R. President, Secretary; Red Cross Club; Y-Teens Club: Treasurer, Quill and Scroll: Marshal; Cheerleader; Sportsmanship Committee; Chairman, Publications Committee; Secretary, Future Teachers of America. Library Assistant; Advertising Manager. “Highlander;" Annual Staff; Vice-President. Senior Class. FRANK M. MATHEWS. JR., "Sonny" Activities: Track '46, ’47; S. R. Vice-President; Athletic Club; Ushers Club. DON McCAIN, “Bottleneck” Activities: Football '45. '4ft. '47; Baseball '45. '46, '47. '48; Athletic Club.JANUARY CLASS MARJORIE ANNE MEYER, “Margie" Activities: S. R. President. Vice-President: Vice-President, Schedule Club: Secretary, French Club; "Highlander'' Stall; Publication Committee; Head Marshal: Chairman. Health Committee; Secretary of Marshals; National Honor Society. WILLIAM GANT MOSES, JR., “Billy" Activities: Marshal: Aviation Club; Ushers Club; Football '46; Track '47; Library Assistant; Athletic Club. TURENNE NEWELL, “Scooter” AriMtkfi Football '47. '4 ; Track '47; Athletic Club; President. Disc and Diamond Society; R.O.T.C. Lieutenant. Captain; Marshal. MARIE NORTON, “Dimples" Activities: French Club; Vocal Club. FRANCES MARIE PATTERSON, “Frankie" Activities: Marshal; Ramettes; Vocal Club; Honor Study: Stamps and Bonds Salesman. RICHARD PEARCE ALAN PINES, “Al" Activities: Marshal; Thespian Club; National Thespians; President. Speech Class; Science Club: Tennis 4S. '46; Honor Study. JOHN PHILIP ROBERTSON. “Johnny" Activities: Victory Service Club French Club: Stamps and Bonds Salesman. SARAH NOEL ROBINSON, “Fatty’ Activities: Y-Tcens Club: Red Cross Club; Library Assistant; S. R. Vice-President. CHARLES A. ROLLINS, JR., “T. D." Activities: Band. S. R. Secretary. ERNESTINE MARANDA SAXON, “Tronic1 Activities: Thespian Club: Vocal Club: Honor Study Head; lander'' Staff; S. K. Secretary: Stamps and Bond Salesman. High- AGNES MARILYN SHERMAN Activities: Ramette ; S. R. Vice-President; Stamps and Bonds Sales- man. ROBERT SLEEMAN, “Bob" Activities: S. R. President. Vice-President. Secretary; Secretary. Chari™ A. Brown Club: Vocal Club: Camera Club. BETTY JOYCE TERRY, “Boots" Activities: Cheerleader: Vocal Club: Honor Study; "Highlander'' Typist; Marshal. IRVIN WEINTRAUB tivitics: Vocal Club; R.O.T.C Club; Dramatic Club. GAGE YEILDING, “Carrot" rtivitics: S. R. Vice-President. Secretary: President. Red Cross Club; Marshal; Honor Study Head; Secretary. Treasurer. -Tccn Club. •■HiuKijnrtrr" Staff: Publicity Committee. NO PICTURES ROBERT GREEK ROBERT JACOBS BETTY HATCHER HENRY SHERRYWUcA Who. VIRGINIA DUMAS HARRY GOOIMLL NANG IK BROWNING JOHN LAYETTE I ATSV DALY CHARLES DENNEY BEST PERSONALITIES MARGARET ELDER LEWIS CULLEN BEST DRESSED KENNY CLARKE ALAN PINES MOST ATHLETIC JOYCE TERRY TURENNK NEWELL BEST STUDENTS IIELGA BLUM BILLY MOSES FRIENDLIEST NOEL ROBINSON H RRIK BOD DEN most poised PAT HUE HAM IRA KLINEMAY CLASS MILDRED ACKER, “Mimi” Activities: Marshal; Thespian Club; Library Assistant; Vocal Club. ROBERT ADAMS. "Adams" Activities: Vocal Club; Athletic Club; Marshal. LEWIS ALEXANDER. “Utile Alee” Activities: Athletic Club; Marshal; Football '-16. '- 7. ‘48; Track '45. '46. ’47. ’48. WILLIAM PERCY ALFORD, JR., “Lump-Lump" Activities: Football CTub: Ushers Club: Football '46. '47. '48; Track '47. '48; Head Marshal; S. K President; Secretary. Council; Letter Club. ANN ALLEN Activities: Secretary. Vocal Club. Choir; President, Literary Club; French Club: Thespians Club; Senior Play. CHARLES ALLEN, “Sonny" JO ANN ALLEN, "Rabbit" Activities: Thespian Club; National Thespian; Chairman, Makeup Committee; S. K. Vice-President. President: Literary Club. ANN BAIRNSFATHER, “Annie Banannie" Activities: Girl Reserves; A'-Teens; Red Cross Club; S. R Vice-President; Marshal; Senior Play. PAULA ELIZABETH BARBER. "Betsy" Activities: Cheerleader ’48; V-Teens; Girl Reserves; Red Cross Club FRANK BARKER, “Morrhead" Activities: Aviation Club; Tennis '47, '48; Marshal. JEAN SONJA BERGER Activities Annual Stall. Highlander Stall; National Thespians; Thespian Club; Red Cro» Club; Marshal; Honor Study Head. JAMES GORDON BOX, “Jimmy" Activities: Thespians Club; Science Club; Art Committee. LUCY JANE BRASFIELD, “Lucy" Activities: S. R. Vice-President. Secretary; Head Marshal; Patient. guitl and Scroll; Thespian Club; Literary Society; Chairman. I ubllcity ommlttee: •’Highlander” Stall; Annual Stall; Hand Book Editor. EDAH HESTER BRITTAIN Activities: S. S. Secretary. Vice-President: V-Teena President. Treasurer: Biology Class Secretary; Honor Study Head; Marshal; Ihrsplan Club; Health -Committee. JOAN CALLAHAN Activities: Girls’ Letter Club: Vice-President; Kameltes; Girls’ All-Star Volley Ball Team; Softball Team; Bowling Team. KNOX CARREKER Activities: Public Address System; Senior Play Assistant Publicity Committee; Marshal. BILLY MAC CASH. “Credit" Activities: Baseball ’46. '47. ’48. '4V; Football «. Pint,- Marshal: S. R. Secretary. Vice-President. SALLY LOVE CASON Activities: Red Cross Club; Thes inn Club: French Club; Head Mar- shal; Annual Stall; V-Teens Hub; Senior Play.MAY CLASS DOROTHY CHACE Activities Thespian Club: National Thespian; Vocal Club; Senior Play •48. '49; Marshal. DONALD SIGLER CLICQUENNOI, ' Clicq" Activities'. Charles A. Brown Club: Science Club: Health Committee: S. R. Secretary; Marshal; Football 46; Track '46, ‘47, '48; Ushers Club. THOMAS WILKES COLEMAN, "Tommy" Activities: Marshal. WILLIAM MONTGOMERY COLLINS, "Monty" Activities: Football '48; Track '47. '48; Athletic Club; Head Mar- shal; S. R. Secretary. ELVEREE LUCILE COOK, "Tutter" Activities: Red C«K» Club President, Treasurer; Marshal; Y-Teen» Club: S. R. President, Secretary; Head Marshal. ANNE COPELAND Activities: Literary Society; Vice-President, French Club; Thespian Club; Head Marshal; Senior Play; National Honor Society. SALLIE GREEN GOTTEN Acliviliej: Rametles Club; V-Teens Club; Marshal; Library Assistant; Office Assistant: S. R. Vice-President; National Honor Society. CAROLYN KENYON COX, "Kenny" Activities: Marshal; S. K. Secretary; Y-Teens Club; Girl Reserves; Vocal Oub; French Club; Honor Study: Library Assistant; President. Red Cross Club. BETTY ANN CRAIG Activities: Thespian Club; National Thr pians: S. R Vice-President, Treasurer; V-Teens President. Treasurer; Glee Club; “Highlander Staff; Senior Play. EDWARD EVERETT CRAIG, JR., "Ed" Activities: S. R. President; Thespian Club President; Ushers Club; American Heritage Radio Scries: Senior Play; Marshal; Variety Show. DONALD WHITE CROWE, "Crow" Activities: Ushers Club; “Highlander” Staff; Quill and Scroll. PEGGY ELIZABETH CURLEE, "Curly" Activities: Music Club; Girls’ Glee Club; Choir; Assistant Librarian; Thespian Club; Honor Study Bead. SARAH ALEXANDER DARNALL Activities: Thespian Club; V-Teens; Marshal; Senior Play; Library Assistant; French Club. JOE DbLEONARD, "Missing Link" Activities: Secretary, R.O.T.C. Club; President. Vocal Club: Camera Club; Thespian Club. MARIETTA DENTON Activities: Ramette ; Band '46. EMILY DICKS Activities: Y-Teens Club; Art Club; Secretary. Camera Club; Secretary, Science Club; Thespian Club. ALLAN DRASH Activities: Ushers Club; Marshal; Basketball ’46, ’47; Football '46, •47 '48; Track ’46, '47. '48. ’49; Athletic Club; Secretary, Student Body. LEON EDWARDS Activities: Basketball ’47. ’48, ’49; Athletic Club; Tennis '48. '49; Science Club; Track '48.MAY CLASS ANNE TRUEHEART ELLIOTT, “Becliotl” Activities: Literary Club: Red Cross Club; French Club; Y-Teens Club; Marshal; National Honor Society. BETTY JO ELLIS, “Betti? Activities: Cheerleader Head; Girls' Letter Club President, Secretary, Treasurer. MARY CLAIR EYRICH Activities: Cheerleader. S. R. President, Secretary; Schedule Club; Chairman, Election Committee: Sportsmanship Committee; Marshal; Vice-President, Senior Class; Chairman. Council. JOHN CALDWELL FLETCHER, “FUtch” Activities: Football ‘45; Athletic Club; S. R. President, Vice-President; Marshal; President, Vocal Club; Charles A. Brown Club; Senior Play. VERLYN FLOWERS Activities: Vocal Club. DEAN FREEMAN Activities: Marshal; Science Club; Sports Committee; L’sheri Club; Dramatic Club. WILLIAM WILLIAMS FRENCH III, ''Bill'' Activities: Chairman. Scholarship Committee; Head Marshal; Annual Staff; Varsity Football ’47; Basketball '48; Football Manager '48; Track Manager '48; Vice-President. Ushers; Football Club; President, Senior Class; Secretary, National Honor Society. EDWIN ANTHONY GENTRY, “Eddie” Activities: Marshal; Science Club; Vocal Club. MARY CAROLYN GIBBS Activities: President, Student Council; Sportsmanship Committee; Mar- shal; President, Speech Class; Red Cross Club; Secretary, Treasurer, Thespian Club; National Thespians; Senior Play. RONALD GOLDBERG, "Ronny” Activities: S. R. President; Marshal; Radio Club. Secretary. Science Club; Secretary. President. Camera Club; Rifle Team; National Honor Society; Ushers; Secretary, Disc and Diamond. DONALD BERT GOLDSTEIN, “Don Gold” Activities: Tennis ’46; Basketball ’46; Athletic Club; Marshal; Honor Study; Science Club Vice-President. DORIS GOLDSTEIN Activities: Glee Club; V-Teens; French Club; Marshal; Honor Study Head: Future Teachers of America: Red Cross Club; National Honor Society. ELIZABETH COLIGHTLY, "Itchy” Activities: Y-Ttenj; Vocal Club; Dramatics Club. National Thespian EUGENIA GOODALL, "Genic” Activities: Annual Staff: ‘‘Highlander’' Staff; Marshal; S. K. Secretary; Red Craft. Club: Literary Club. VARINA GOODALL Activities: Secretary, Student Council; Dramatic Club; Vocal Club; Glre Club: Red Cross Club. JOANNE GRAY. "Jo” Activities: Marshal; President. Vice-President, Secretary. Session Hoorn; Y-Teens; ••Highlander” Staff; R.O.T.C. Sponsor. National Thespians; Disc and Diamond Club; Senior Play. HERBERT JOSEPH HABSHEY, "Hah” Activities: Football ‘45. ‘46; Basketball '46; Track ‘46, ‘47; Athletics Club: Vocal Club: Glee Club; Choir; Marshal. HAROLD HAIRSTON, "Buddy'1 Activities: Rifle Club: Captain, Rifle Team; R.O.T.C. Officer; Dbr and Diamond Society. Marshal: Football ‘46, 7. Baseball 46. • ; Basketball ‘46, ‘47.MAY CLASS JEAN MACNAB HALL Activities: Secretary. Session Room '45. '46. Red Crow Club; Secretary, Y-Teena '48, '49; Cheerleader. Marshal; Annual Staff. JOHN COX HALL, JR., "Johnny” Activities: Football '45. '47; Basketball '45. ’46; Track '46. '47. '48; Athletic Club; Marshal; Secretary, Biology Class; Baseball, JEAN HALLIDAY Activities: Secretary, Thespian Club; National Thespians; Session Room Vice-President; Honor Study Hrid; Marshal; Senior Play. LUCILLE PENDLETON HARE, "Sis” Activities: Marshal; Vocal Club; Sessfon Room Secretary; Quill and Scrofi. "Highlander" Staff; Variety Show; French Club; Publicity Committee. CATHERINE JO ANNE HARPER Activities: Red Cross Club; Y-Trens Club; Glee Club: Future Teach- er of America; Girl Reserves; S. R. Vice-President; Chemistry Assistant; Cheerleoder; Choir. SUE HARRELL Activities: Thespian Club: Girls' Letter Club; Literary Club Secretary; S. R. President; Senior Play. BETTY BURGIN HAWKINS. "Hawkins” A cl Ml if. I: Y-Teens Club; Vocal Club; Senior Play. HOWARD HENDERSON Activities: Hi-Y Club; Science Club; Ushers Club. LOUIS HERTZ, JR.. "Lou” Activities: Cheerleader; Camera Club; Thespians Club; Science Club. MARTHA RUTH HEWES Activities: S R. Vice-President; Red Cross Club: Y-Teens Hub; President, Future Teachers of America; Head Marshal, Honor Study Head; '“Highlander" Staff; Glee Club. MERRIAN HINKLE. "Pud” Activities: S. R President; Treasurer, Y-Tecns; Vocal Club Secretary, Treasurer. GRAHAM HOLLIS Activities: S. R. President; Head Marshal; Annual Staff; Vice-President, Council; National Honor Society; Art Chairman MAYO HOLLOWAY, “Mayholly” Activities: S. R. President, Secretary; Marshal: Annual Staff; Chemistry Assistant; Ushers Club. GEORGE HOLMES, “Homely" Activities: Ushers Club; Track ’46, ’47; S. R. Vice-President; Annual Staff. KENNETH HOLTON, "Shorty ANNA ELIZABETH HOSKIN Activities: Red Cross Club; Y-Teens; S. R. Vice-President; Thespian Club. DON HOWARD, "Tiny” Activities: Ushers Club; Marshal; Basketball 49. MARY BREVARD HOUSE, "Bitsy” Activities: Red Cross Club: French Club; Literary Club; S. R. Treasurer; Marshal: Honor Study Head.MAY CLASS DAVID HUTTON, "Roundone” Activities: Basketball Manager; S. K. President, Vice-President; Stamp and Bonds Salesman; HI-Y Club. ELIZABETH LEE JACKSON, “Betty” Activities: Cheerleader; Quill and Scroll; "Highlander" Staff; Library Assistant; S. K. Secretary, Vice-President; Y-Teens; Senior Play. NANCY RHEA JOHNS, “Marsy” Activities: S. K President. Vice-President, Secretary; Thespians Club; National Thespians; Marshal; Senior Play; Library Am (slant; Vocal Club; Red Cross Club. MARIETTA LAWCDON JONES, ”Bayatt” Activities: Student Body Vice-President; National Honor Society; Editor-in-chief "Highlander": Annual Staff; S. K. Vice-President. Secretary; Marshal; Quill and Scroll. Y-Teens; Red Cross Club; Vocal Club. JAMES MILLER KEEL, JR.. "Jimmy” Activities: Football '46; Basketball 46, 47; Marshal; Tennis Club; Vocal Club. CHRISTINE KENNEDY, "Chris” Activities: Red Crow Club; National Honor Society. ARTHUR ELI KORPUS Activities: Airplane Club; Senior Aviation Club; Secretary, Science Club. KATHLEEN PERKINS LACKEY Activities Art Committee; Red Cross Club; Y-Tcens; Marshal. Thespian Club. EDITH LANDE Activities: Marshal; S. R. Secretary: French Club; Red Cross Club; Secretary. Biology Clast; National Honor Society. DOROTHY LEMON, "Dot” Activitiess S. R. Vice-President, Secretary; Marshal. ANDREW JACKSON LEWIS, "Jack” Activities: Football Club; Schedule Club President; Ushers Club; letter Club; President, Secretary Student Body: Marshal; Annual Staff; Sportsmanship Committee; Football Manager '46; Football '4 7. ’48; Basketball ’46. '47, '48, 49; Tennis '46, '47. '48, '49; Track '47, 48. 49. MARY LITTLEJOHN, "Hat” Activities: Thespian Club; Marshal; “Highlander' Staff; Quill and Scroll. ULAY WALTER LITTLETON, "Ozark Ike” Activities: Hi-Y Club; Marshal. BERNICE MACKNIN, "Bunny Activities: Marshal; Y-Teens Club, Thespian Club; Annual Staff, Red Cross Representative; Senior Play. BILLY MANN Activities: Ushers Club; Marshal. JEANNINE McCARTY Activities: Vocal Club: Red Cross Club: Senior Play. CYNTHIA BRYSON McCOY, "Honey” Activities: Marshal; Cheerleader; Secretary, Council; Secretary. Red Cross Club; Secretary. Y-Teens, S. R. President. edith Mclennan Activities: Red Cross Club; Y-Teen Club. ThnpUa Club: $. R Prudent, Secretary.MAY CLASS ELOISE McMURREY, "Red” Activities: Red Cross Club; Honor Study. Vocal Club; “Highlander" Typist. FRANCES ANN METTS Utilities Girls Letter Club. LEANORA MILAZZO, "Leo” Activities: S. K. Vice-President. Secretary; Cheerleader; GlrLs Letter Club; Marshal. JANE ANN MITCHELL Aclhitia: S k. Secretary; Y-Teens President, Vice-President; Cheerleader; Marshal; Speech Class Vice-President; Red Cross Club; Honor Study Head, Biology Cla » Secretary JAMES MORTON MONTGOMERY, "Jim” Activities: S. R. President, Vice-President; Art Committee Chairman. Co-Kditor. Annual; "Highlander" Staff; Vice-President, Quill and Scroll; I’shrr Club; Head Marshal; Red Cross Club; Vocal Club; Honor Study; Scholastic Awards MARTHA MOORE Activities: Y-Teens; Ramettes; Red Cross Club; Marshal; President, Future Teachers of America: Annual Staff; Choir; Glee Club; National Honor Society. THOMAS EDWARD MOORE, "Tommie” dr »rl irj: Disc and Diamond Treasurer; Rifle Team '45, ‘46, 47. 4S. R.O.T.C. Captain; Vocal Club; Choir; Rifle Club ’45. '46. '47, ‘48. JIM WILLIAM MORRIS, "Jimmy” Activities: Stamp and Bonds Salesman; S. R. Vice-President Sclrncc Club; Aviation Club: Athletic Club; Stage Crew Manager; “B” Team Track: Head Marshal: Science Club President. HUGH ALDEN MORROW, “Hugh-Co” Aftil-stirs: S. R. President; Football '45. '46. '48; Track '46. '47, '48. '49: Athletic Club. Vice-President. Student Council, Marshal. GRACE PIRIE MOUAT Activities: Litrrary Society: S R. President; Secretary: Red Cross Club; Marshal; Library Club; Vice-President, National Thespians; National Honor Society; Senior Play. AUDREY MUIR, "Audi " Activities: President, Vice-President. Quill and Scroll; Vocal Club; Secretary. French Club; S. R Vice-President, Secretary; Exchange Editor of “Highlander:” Honor Study Head; Marshal. CONSTANCE MEREDITH MURDOCH, "Connie" Activities: Victory Corps; Reef Cross Club; Rametlrs; Marshal; Bonds and Stamps Salesman. Honor Study Head. SAMUEL THOMAS NASH. JR., "Tommy” Act nit its: Csher Club. ROMONA MILODEEN NICHOLS, "Ho” Activities: Red Cross Club. DUDLEY PEELER Activities: Band: Vocal Club; •Highlander" Staff; Annual Staff; Head Marshal. MARTHA ANN POST, "Marly” Activities: Secretary. French Club; Marshal; Future Teacher of America; National Honor Society; "Highlander" Staff RUTH POWERS, "Rufus” Activities: President, Red Cross Club; Art Committee: Annual Staff: Y-Tccns Club: President. Vice-President. Biology Class. DALE PRATT, "Squirt” Activities: Dramatics Club; Recording Secretary, National Thespians; Newspaper Agent; Literary Club: S. R. Secretary; Senior Play.JAMES GILES RITTENBERRY Activities: Marshal; Usher Club. OLIVER GORDON ROBINSON, JR., Bub" Aelhities: Football ’47. ’48; Track ’48. ’40; Basketball 47. 48. '49; S. K. Prrjldenl. Vice President: Marshal: Charles A. Brown Club; Junior Aviation Club; Athletic Club; Letter Club; Ushers Club. FOLLY ROBERTSON, "Poly" Activities: S. K. Vice-President, Secretary: V-Teens Club; Vocal Club. STANLEY ROUTMAN, ■ Huh” Activities: Football '45, '46. Track '45, '46, Athletic Club, Choir; Vocal Club; Marshal; Usher Club. RICHARD ROWAN Activities: Marshal. Point System Committee; "HiKklunder" Typist. MARILYN RUSSELL, “Sis" Activities; Girl Reserves; Marshal; Bonn. Study Head. SARA SALTER Activities: Vocal Club; Marshal; S. K. President, Secretary; Thcjplau Club. MARION FAY SAUNDERS Activities: Barnettes; Red Cross Club. IRENE SHARP Activities: RamctlcS; Y-Tren ; Honor Study. ANNIE LAURA SIMS. “Laurie” Activities: Red Cross Club; Hixhlander" Stall: National Huiuk So- ciety; Quill and Scroll: Head "Highlander" TypUt. Honor Study. MAY CLASS JOHN PURDY Activities: Marshal; French Club. VERA RADFORD, "Vet” Activities: S. K. president; Vice-President. National Honor Society. Marshal; Thespian Club; Red Cross Club. BETTE RANDMAN Activities: Girl Reserves; French Club; Annual Staff; Thespian Club. BETTY JO REAVES Activities: Thopian Club, Hi«hlandrr Staff; Latin Club. KATHERINE SUE REED, "Sue” Activities: Red Cross Club; Thespian Club; Girl Reserves; S. R. President: Senior Play. JAMES HINDS RIGNEY, JR., "Jim" Activities: Aviation Club; Athletic Club; Ushers Club; S. K. President. Stamps and Bonds Salesman; Football '45, 46; Track '47, '4S, ’49; Public Address System. ALBERT LEE SMITH Activities". Tennis ‘48; Marshal; S. K. Vice-President, Secretary: Radio Club. VAN SMITH, "Smitty" Activities: French Club; Science Club; Marshal. Lunchroom Assistant.MAY CLASS ELIZABETH SPIES, “Beth" Activities: Secretary, Red Crow Club; Art Committee; Head Marshal; Scholastic Art Award; Vocal Letter. FRED HENRY TAYLOR II. "Frankie” Activitiei: Science Club; Vocal Club: Marshal; S. R. Vice-President. WILLIAM E. THOMAS. “Ed” Activities: Football '46. ’47. ’48; Ushers Club; Marshal; Athletic Club; S. R. President; Ushers Club; National Honor Society. PEGGY THOMPSON Activities: Thespian Club. EMMA JEAN TICKLE Activities: Rimettes; Vocal Club: Thespian Club; National Thespians; S. R. Secretary; Senior Play GAYLE TRECHSEL Activities: Secretary. Senior Class: Good CitUenship Girl 49; Girl Reserve Club; Secretary. Red Cross Club; President. Secretary Y-Teens Club; S. R. President. Vice-President, Secretary; Marshal; Co-Editor, “Highlander" '48; Quill and Scroll. JACK TRIGG, JR.. “Trigger” Activities: Marshal; Secretary, S. R.; Science Club; Charles A. Brown Club: Vice-President, Vocal Club; Senior Play. ANN TUCKER Activities: S. R. President, Vice-President; Girl Reserves. STERLING TURNER, “Terry” Activities: Rametles; Library Assistant; Marshal; Girls Letter Club; “Highlander" Stall. Secretary. National Honor Society. FRANK L. VINES, “Country” Activities Football 4S. '46; Annual Staff; "Highlander" Staff; Marshal: Athletic Club: S. R. Vice-President; Ushers Club. CAMILLE WALPOLE Activities: S. R. President, Secretary; Vocal Club; Schedule Club; Cheerleader; Marshal. WILLIAM JACKSON WARREN Activities: Football '45, '46; Glee Club; Vocal Club. ALFRED EDWARD WEIDIE, "Al" Activities: Usher Club; Honor Study Head; Marshal; National Honor Society. PATSY ROSE WEIL. "Pctsly” Activities: ‘•Hiithlander'' Staff: Vice-President. French Club; Ramettes; Y-Teen Club: Girl Reserve : Head Marshal; National Honor Society: Advertising Manager, Annual Staff. LAWRENCE SAMUEL WHITTEN, JR., "Smoky” Activities: Charles A. Brown Club; Literary Club; Science Club, S. R. President, Vlce-Pre ident. Secretary: Marshal: Vocal Club; Ushers Club. MARGARET WIGINTON Activities'. Ramettes : Band; Home Nursing. MARY NEAL WILLIAMS Activities: Y-Trens; Red Cross Club: French Club; Secretary. Quill and Scroll; Co-Editor. "Highlander" '4$; Honor Study Head; Library Assistant; Library Ciub; Head Marshal. STEVE WINDHAMMAY CLASS FRANK ALLEN YEILDING, JR. AclMlkt: S. R. Secretary; Camera Club: "Highlander" Staff: Marshal; Student Council; Honor Study; Quill and Scroll; Senior May. ADELE ZEIDMAN, "Del" Activities: Secretary, Student Body; National Honor Society; Co-Editor, Annual Staff; Managing Editor, "Highlander" Staff: National Thespians; Vice-President, French Club; Secretary. Quill and Scroll; Chairman, Health Committee; Marshal. Library Assistant; Treasurer, Quill and Scroll; S. R. President; Vice-Chairman, Council; Chairman, Publications Committee. NO PICTURES PETER COWIN BOBBY LEE TIMMONS The Class of 1949 is grateful for the association in their freshman year with MR. THOMAS CAMPBELL YOUNGMay kJk i Who- ADELE ZKIDMAN JACK LEWIS GAYLE TRECHSKL HUGH MORROW JEANNTNE McCARTY GEORGE HOLMES BEST PERSONALITIES JO ANN ALLEN MONTY COLLINS MOST ATHLETIC BETTY JO ELLIS ALLAN DRASH BEST DRESSED ELVEREE COOK EDDIE GENTRY BEST STUDENTS MARIETTA JONES BILL FRENCH FRIENDLIEST CLAIRE KYRICH DEAN FREEMAN MOST POISED MARY CAROLYN GIBBS ED CRAIGGlau 4 '51GLaM (p) r527he Moon Mcdz i Vlviee "HURRAY! MARSY MADE ITT'• SAYS NICKIE, THE J’lKATK (SHINE MONTGOMERY). "PEANUT RITTER IN THE WUFF OF YOUR "PROBLEM CHILD" (ANN MILLER). MOUTH." TROUBLE OF TUBBY (IVEY JACKSON). "THIS IS A WEDDING. NOT A FUNERAL." SAYS GRANNY (KITTY ARMES). “YOU LOOK JUST LIKE MY COUSIN!" SAYS RODGER (ED CRAIG) TO MARSY (NANCY JOHNS).SPRING OjJjic iA the Stuxlmt j FALL MARIETTA JONES Vke-Praktcmt VIRGINIA DIMAS President ADELE ZEVDMAN SecretaryCABINET First Rov— Marietta Jones. Virginia Donu, Adele Zeidman. June Lultrcll. Second Row—Allan Drash, Mary Carolyn Gibbs. Marjorie Meyer. Third Rov -Bill French, Harry Goodall, Charles Denny, Herbert Hahn, Lucy Braslield, Bobby Hunter. COUNCIL First Row — Donald Koenig, Leroy Beaman, Liberia Gibbs, Norma Cullen, Graham Hollis, Lillian Goodner, Marjorie Meyer, Billy Jemison. Second Rov- Stanley Coates. Bill Phillips, Ronald Goldberg. Billy Etheridge, Carolyn Russell, Barbara Bernstein, Sarah McKcmie, Vera Radford, Virginia Partridge. Third Rov—Donald Wayne, Frank Bromberg, Ralph Smith, Joe Donald, Herbert Hahn, Jesse Vogtle, Douglass Powell, Mary Carolyn Gibbs. MARSHALSMARSHALS Chief Marshal, Harry Goodall Assistant Chief, Jack Lewis Secretary, Marjorie Meyer Firit Row—Martha Moore, Lucy Brasfield, Barbara Schroeder, Douglass Rowe, June Luttrell, Marjorie Meyer, Annie Laura Sims. Sr fond Row Doris Goldstein, Ed Thomas. Martha Ann Tost. Ronald Goldberg, Ann Eliot, Grace Mouat, Alfred Weidie, Barrie Bodden, Gayle Trcchsel, Caroline Trueman. Third Row- Maxine Davis. Vera Radford, Virginia Dumas, Sterling Turner, Bill French, Harry Goodall, Adele Zeldman, Marietta Jones. HONOR SOCIETY HONOR STUDY HEADSNEWSPAPER STAFF Firt! Ron Mary Littlejohn. Lui» Flowers, Douglass Rowe, Marietta Jones, Mary Neal Williams, Gayle Trechsrl. Lucy BrufiekJ. Gage Yellding. Setond Rotr Lewis Cullen, Martha Ann Post, Patsy Weil, Joyce Terry, Margaret Elder, Eloise Mc-Murray, Sylvia Lewis, Adele Zeidman, jean Berger, June Luttrell. Third Rev- -Betty Jo Reaves. Ann Lightloot, Jean Seay, Barbara Schroeder, Annie Laura Sims. Martha Hewes, Kitty McKee. Juliet Given, Minann l’earce, Barrie Bodden. Fourth Rov--Richard Rowan. Pete Furio. Sidney Jaffee, Albert Smith. Frank Bromberg. Philip Zeldman, Bernard Steiner, Dudley Peeler, Jim Montgomery, Mayo Holloway, Donald Crowe. RED CROSS President, Ruth Powers Vice-President, Vera Radford Secretary, Elveree Cook SCHEDULE CLUB President Don Drennen Secretary Beryl QuinnY-TEENS President, Jane Mitchell Vice President, Margaret Jackson Secretary, Jean Hall Treasurer, Gage Yeildinc FRENCH CLUB President, Caroline Trueman Vice-President, Helga Blum Secretary, Marjorie Meyer CAMERA CLUB President Harold Lischkoff Vice-President Billy Wood Secretary Ronald GoldbergUSHERS CLUB President, Allan I)rash Vice-President, Bill French THESPIANS President, Ed Craic Vice-President, Grace Mouat Secretaries, Dale Pratt, Betty Ann Craig Treasurer, Mary Carolyn Gibbs T. C. YOUNG Hl-Y President, Bud Hahn Vice-President, Fred Whitaker Secretary, Joe ParsonsVOCAL CLUB President, John Fletcher Vice-President, Jack Trigg Secretary, Merian Hinkle SCIENCE CLUB President, Jim Morris Vice-President, Donald Goldstein Secretary, Arthur Korpus BOYS' ATHLETIC CLUB President, Jack Lewis Vice-President, Harry Goodall Secretary, Allan DrashLIBRARY ASSISTANTS GIRLS' LETTER CLUB President, Betty Jo Ellis Vice-President, Janice Chapman Secretary, Sterling Turner BANDQUILL AND SCROLL President, Lucy Brasfield Vice-President, Audrey Muir Secretary, Douglass Rowe Treasurer, Adele Zridman FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA President, Martha Moore Vice-President, Betty Robertson Secretary, June Luttrkll DISC AND DIAMOND President, Turenne Newell Vice-President, Harold Hairston Secretary, Jack SullivanR. O. T. C. Company Commander “L”...........................Turennb Newell Sponsor.„........................................Jo Ann Allen Company Commander “M”........................... Bobby Whitten Sponsor.............................................Joanne Gray RIFLE TEAM First Row—Si . Doring, Harold Haioton, Captain ol tram. Second Rote- William West, Robert Rieves. Henry McNfder, Jamc» Parrish REYNOLDS ARDILLO LAWSON ALLEY ALLEN Football. Baseball Track, Football Junior Varsities Tennis Girls’ Athletics CheerleadersVaAAitty QgA ImII Firtl Ho -Charles Hatcher, Eddie Pharo, Brrnic Thompron, James Neely. Jimmy Nation, Dick Callahan. Second floa- -Coach Reynolds, Don McCain, Carroll Downs, Fred Harris. John Baumgartner, Bobby Norlhcutt, Bill Cash. BASEBALL Rkoular Session Ramsay Ramsay Ramsay Ramsay Ramsay Ramsay 3 Montcvallo 2 9 Phillips 0 10 9 20 Bessemer - 4 Woodlawn — 0 B. B. Comer—... 5 6 Columbiana - 0 Ramsay 1 West End 3 Ramsay 3 (10 innings) Ramsay Ramsay Ramsay Ramsay . 7 Phillips — 4 .. 8 Bessemer 4 7 Woodlawn 4 .. 3 West End 6 (8 innings) Ramsay 2 Enslcy — 1 Ramsay 8 Montcvallo ——..11 Fifth District Pi.ay C)rr Ramsay ............. 2 Tuscaloosa............ 1 9 innings) Ramsay .............10 West End.............. 6 FIFTH DISTRICT CHAMPIONS Statf. Play Off Ramsay .........— 1 1 Talladega. 1 Ramsay —---------- 5 Selma ..........-... 2 STATE CHAMPIONS Southeastern Play Off—Lakeland, Florida Play Off for County Championship Ramsay 4 Ramsay ......... 10 Ramsay ........... 4 Ramsay ......... I Ramsay .......... 7 COUNTY CHAMPIONS 0 Ramsay 6 Jones Valley 10 Ramsay 1 Shades Cahaba 0 Ramsay 1 West End 4 Ramsay 5 Ramsay ............... 9 Avon Park, Fla.......... 2 Decatur, Ga............. 2 Christian Brothers College, Memphis, Tenn......... 0 (14 innings) Jackson, Miss..........— 3 Jackson, Miss......... 3 SOUTHEASTERN CHAMPIONS’‘B’’ Baseball Scores ?" feaA kcdl Ramsay 2 Ramsay J Ramsay 4 Ramsay 9 Ramsay 0 Ramsay 9 Ramsay 3 Ramsay 1 Ramsay 6 Ramsay - , 2 Fairfield 6 Phillips 9 Ensley 5 West End 8 Woodlawn — 6 Fairfield 6 Phillips 2 Ensley 1 West End II Woodlawn 0 Record Wan 4 Lost 6 Tot ! 10 Fail Row Bobby Nichols, I) n Smirl, Bobby Williams, Shaheen Krben. J. B. Mater. Seiond Row Coach Arrfillo, Donald Beard. Pete Robimon, Billy Dowter. Carl Bryan, Walter Brandon, Frank Cauthon. TRACK 1948 Triangular Meet Ramsay.....58-1 2 vs. West End...40-2 3 and Enalcy.. Triangular Meet Ramsay........28 vs. Woodlawn........41 and Lanier. Dual Meet Ramsay...................61 Phillips............ Alabama Relays Ramsay........17 Pts. State Meet Ramsay............3-1 2 Pts. ...26-2 3 ...—.68 ......52 LETTERMEN 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. i. Alford, Percy........... ....................High Jump Caldwell, Tommy ............................. H. H. Clicquennoi, Don ..........—.......................880 Culp, Charles ............................. 100-220 Drash, Allan.......................................440 Lewis, Jack ............................... Weights Mathews, Frank......................................L. H. Whitten, Bobby....................................P. V. French, Bill .—................................ Mgr. Fint R nr Kinney, Alford. Clicquennoi, Denman. Whitten. Srcond Row Rosy Drash, Alexander, Caldwell, Mathews. Third Row • Culp. Tharp, Lewis. Robinson, Kirkpatrick. Fourth Row -Duncan, Hall, Hamilton, Lon . Jamison. Fifth Row -Watts, Gerald, Lohncr, Harrell. Sieaal, Reynolds, Moore. Sixth Row—Caldwell, Richards, Sharp, Frrm h, Thomas, Collins, Donald, Nelson, Mims, Britton, Carroll, Rees. Pint Row Jack Brnwdy. Billy Jrmison. Jesse Voftle, Charles Kahn, Glenn Cobh, Key Foster. Second Row--Fred Rock, Rhodes Mauer. Herbert Hahn. Don Drenncn, Leon Edwards, Frank Barker. Third Row Albert Lee Smith, Tommie Ritchir, Ivey Jackson. Jack Lewis. Coach Alley. Not in picture--John Hall, David McMulIJn, Bill Rod cers. TENNIS SCHEDULE Ramsay defeated Phillips Ramsay defeated Woodlawn (3-2) ..-(4-1) (3-2) (4-1) (3-2) (4-1) Ramsay defeated West End Ramsay defeated Enslcy (3-2) (4-1) Rarmay and Phillips tied in wins and losses. Phillips defeated in game played at Country Club (3-2). VIRGINIA DUMAS SUMMER—1948 1. Alabama State Championships. Defeated in Women’s semi-finals (6-2), (6-1). 2. Georgia Statk Championships. Won Women’s title (6-0), (1-6), (9-7). 3. Birmingham Public Parks Tournament. Won Women’s title (6-2), (6-1). Ranked number one girl player in South for 1948 by the Southern Lawn Tennis Association.VaAAiUf, tywdkall hint Row—Thomas (Corky) Tharp, Jack Lewi . Copt., Tureone Newell, Bobby Whitten. Tommy Hjmilton. Harry Goodatl, Alt. Capt., Ed Thom ', Perry Allord, Hugh Morrow. Srcomi Row — Monty Collin . Walter Brandon, Sidney Jaffe, Travis Lindsay, Kill Cash, Ralph Dillon, Billy Ethridge, Jim Kirkpatrick, Robert Jamison. Third Raw—Bill French. Mgr.. Hoyt Carter, Eddie I’haro, Allan l»ra h. David Collin . John Baumgartner. Ed Duncan. Cordon Robinton. Bobby Timmons. Dan Smirl. M|r„ Donald Burge, Mgr.. Harold La sen (not shown). FOOTBALL SCHEDULE AND SCORES 1948 Ramsay ...13 Woodlawn .... 6 Ramsay ...26 Holy Cross Ramsay ...26 ...13 Ramsay ...20 Male — .... 6 Ramsay ... .... 6 West End ....20 Ramsay ....27 Ensley ....13 Ramsay ....13 Bessemer Ramsay .... 0 .. 0 Ramsav ....27 Phillips Ramsay (x) ....33 Woodlawn 19 Total ..191 Total ...104 WON—8 LOST—1 TIED—I (x) Indicate Clinic Caine. CHARLES A. BROWN TROPHY The Charles A. Brown Trophy, held by Captains Goodall and Lewis, is presented each year by the Birmingham Kiwanis Club to the outstanding football team of Jefferson County. This trophy is the second to be won permanently by Ramsay.First Raw—Steve Carroll, Bill Parker, Lloyd Britton, Petr M ancho, Carl Bryan, Floyd Brarman, Jimmie Nelson. Setottd Row—Trny Siegil, Ce ll Holliday, Ray Vauithn, Jimmie Eubanks, Billy Whiltei., Bobby Nichols, Bobby Vise. Molten Smith. Thomas Logan. Third Row—Jimmie Thacker, Charles Thompson, Wayne Patter.on, Roy Richards, Ronald Reid, Richard Goodwin, Bob Smith, Jack Lobncr, Mgr. SCHEDULE AND SCORES 1948 Ramsay............ 0 West End 12 Ramsay........... 0 Ensley .—........ 19 Ramsay............ 0 Wood lawn 33 Ramsay........... 6 West Jefferson ....26 Ramsay...........-...12 Phillips ..............12 First Row—]. B. Mater, Leon Edwards. Stroud Row John Baumgartner. Jimmy Nation. Gene Felgel son, Charlie Felgelson, Jack Lewis. Third Row- Eddie Pharoh. Frank Cauthen, Bill French, Gordon Robinson, Coach Eubank. VaMitif, flaAJzeikcdl SCHEDULE AND SCORES 1948 Ramsay 29 Ensley 31 Ramsay -14 McAdory 27 Ramsay 29 26 Ramsay 14 Phillips 16 ...36 27 Ramsay 33 Woodlawn 32 Ramsay .... 50 West End 41 33 26 Ramsay .... 38 Marianna 36 Ramsay .... 32 Marianna 49 Ramsay .... 24 Ensley 30 Ramsay .... 45 Woodlawn 31 Ramsav .... 41 Etowah County 43Fint Row -Katherine Hatcher. Betty Ellis, Dolores Stephens. Sftomd Roxr Pat tie Coodall. Charlotte Chambers. Maty Carolyn Gibbs Third Row Fay Dunn. Joan Callahan, Clara Mae Calamc. CHEERLEADERS Ur II to Rif hi) Dorothy Jeter (Co-Captain), Betty Jo Franklin, Betsy Barber. Pat tie Coodall, Sue Lee Davis, Betty Eubanks, Leanora Milano, Dolores Stephens. Nancie Brownln , Honey McCoy, Katherine Mercer, Joyce Terry. Margaret Elder. Jane Ann Mitchell, Camille Walpole. Jean Hall, Betty Jackson. June Luttrrll. Betty Jo Ellis (Captain).SENIOR PERCY ALFORD Left End BILL FRENCH BILL CASH Center JACK LEWIS, Captain Kit til end; all city: nut stand ini; county lineman; all state; all Southern; all American. Manager ALLAN DR ASH Fullback, All City ED THOMAS Left Tackle GORDON ROBINSON FullbackGRIDM6N MONTY COLLINS Quarterback BOBBY WHITTEN Right Guard BOBBY TIMMONS Quarterback TURENNE NEWELL Right Tackle HUGH MORROW Right HalfNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY TAPPEES Juttlanding Gradi: Sue McNamrr. '44; Joe Marlin. '47; Millie Nesbitt. ’48; Katherine Hcwes Dumas, ’42.Pcdsmuje Qua Adv£ di4£ iA PJka delp d ta Make Oua A mmol PoMildePERFECTION LAUNDRY CO. 2230 Second Avenue, South Exclusive Zoric Dry Cleaning☆ ke tyine t MARY BALL CANDY KITCHENS, INC. We Ship Anywhere 2015 Fifth Avenue, North 1810 Third Avenue, North WE SERVE ICE CREAM SODAS AND SUNDAES SANDWICHES AND SALADS "SUPERB" 943 South 20th Street, South - Five Points ☆ENGLISH VILLAGE RADIO SHOP 2005 Cahaba Road Phone 2-2674 "VictroU"— T. M Re . U S. Pel. Off. Victrola 8V112 New RCA Victor with the "Golden Throat.” AM-FM radio. New All-Automatic record changer. New "Magic Monitor" make old record Hound new. Outstanding value in walnut, mahogany or blond (slightly higher). Irvin C. Kinney, Jr. John B. Rudolph EXCHANGE BANK Birmingham’s Newest and Most Modern Banking Home Twentieth Street and Tenth Avenue, South At Five Point Phone 2-7321A fascinating job with voice-contacts with faraway places may be yours when you become a telephone operator. Distance across continents, even oceans, quickly melts before the speed of the telephone network at your command. For high school graduates who qualify, here’s interesting important work with good pay and opportunities for advancement, in a company known all over the South as a good place to work. SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANYCompliments of LOVETT'S FLOWERS Call 7-0828 or 54-7012 GREENHOUSE: 7-0436 Compliments of A FRIEND GRAND SHOE REPAIRING 1932 llth Avenue, South Phone 7-9704 We Call For and Dalivar 20th CENTURY BAKERY Pies - Cakes - Breads - Speical Orders 2019 Second Avenue. North Phone : S4-WI. 7-ttSO SOKOL'S Congratulations to THE RAMSAY ANNUAL Compliments of 1818 First Avanua. North Everything For The Home Compliments of FRANK CHAMBERS Engraving Company 2104 Fifth Ave., North Phona 4-8701 ALABAMA NOVELTY HOUSE, INC. BOGUES HIGHLAND RESTAURANT Specializing in Fina Food - Courtaous Sarvica Friandly Atmosphara Sandwiches and Beverages Serving Complete Dinners 3028 Clairmont Avanua Phona 7-9780 It's The Vogue To Eat At Bogue’sLife Insurance Will Help You Reach The Goals You Hope To Attain. You Will Find A Plan Designed Especially For You At— WUKjCAM tomtit { rfyUiiatur 2173 Highland Avonua BIRMINGHAM, ALA. ANDREW J. LEWIS. Pr.»ld«ntFIVE POINTS RADIO SERVICE For «H radio repair Coll 3-4420 1011 South Twentieth Street FAST COURSES IN POPULAR MUSIC WALBERT PIANO STUDIOS 4l4l j North Twenty-First Street Birmingham, Alabama lutlneis Phona 3-MO? Residence Phona 2-4471 SAVAGE'S BAKERY Fine Breads and Pastries 2224 Highland Avanua 44 Church Straat, Crettllna Haights Acme Engraving Co. Designs • Illustrations PHOTO ENGRAVERS 4I4, i-4I6, j North 21 t Street Birmingham 3. Ala. Phone 4-2300 Mrs. Todd's Delicious Food, Inc. 215 S. 21st Street Birmingham’s Most Popular DINING OUT PLACE For 25 Years OPEN SUNDAYS LASSETTER AND COMPANY 1910 AVENUE, NORTH School and Art Supplies JEFFERSON HOME FURNITURE CO. 1808 Third Avenue Across from the Alabama Theater Headquarters of Love Cedar Chest After Graduation Attend MASSEY BUSINESS COLLEGE 2024, j North Third Avenue For A Complete Business EducationFIVE POINTS BOOTERY Compliments of Robert M. Goodall, Jr. Protective Life Insurance Co. Wheeler-Lacey Brown, Inc. Real Estate - Insurance Property Management «08 North 2lit Street Phone 4-JS4S Saddle Oxford and Loafers Birmingham. Alabama Jacquelyn Baby Shop Infant’s and Children's Wear Our Specialty Hand-made Clothes Compliments of Crook-Dunn Electric Co. 2021 First Avenue, South Phone 4-0443 Ruying - Selling - Financing - Repairing Late Model Cars and Trucks HAROLD WALL MOTOR CO. North American Discount Co. 407 South 21st Street Phone 4-2997 When Buying Paint Ask For Wear-Ever FIVE POINTS PAINT and HARDWARE CO. It24 llth Avenue. South Birmingham, Alabama FIVE POINTS BOWLING ALLEY Special Rates for ALL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS WAITE'S FINE FOODS 2101 Seventh Avenue. South Phone 1-9224 ENGLISH VILLAGE DRUG CO. 1930 Cahaba Road Phone 2-2173 "Where The High School Crowds Meet' Where Is Shopping A Pleasure? Why THE EMILY SHOP Of Course!FIVE POINTS DRUG CO. Drugs, Sodas and Sundries 1035 South 20th Street DAVIDSON'S PHARMACY 2004 Cahabj Road. English Village Phono 2-3804 Prescriptions - Sick Room Suppliat In fact, everything a drug store should carry Cocktail partial, picnics, taas, wadding racaptioni and company gatharlngs In or outslda your homa or businass plants. Complata meals or sandwiches, cakes and cookies. Delicious punch and ice cream prepared by experts. "FOR THE BEST IN FOODS CALL FRED S. JONES CO. 1801 llth Avenue, South Phone 1-1231 FIVE POINTS SHOE HOSPITAL 937 20lh Stroot EXCHANGE BANK BUILDING Phono 4-9121 FROM OLD TO NEW WITH ANY SHOE MAYER ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO., INC. Wholesale Distributors of Electrical Supplies and Fixtures 3200 Ird Avenue, South Phone 3-4144 Birmingham S. Alabama"Form the Habit of a Daily Visit" ALABAMA AUCTION ROOM Antiquai, Bric-A-Brac and Authentic R«productioni 2010 Fourth Avanua, North Phone 7-407J Birmingham. Alabama The South's Finest Antique Store ARIAIL DRUG CO. Craitlina Height! Birmingham, Ala. Phone 2-2152 "Courtesy and Service" — fll3 YEARS IN ALABAMA The Finest In: • Jewelry • Photo Supplin • Silver • Crystal. China • Appliances • Furniture t00 son, sneer,, ?„ avp. Mcdzesii (; . . FIVE AI MLS . . jjOA, the fiaAi 50 yeaM jises £ This is one of the many 'Annuals TL n Produced by Our Lithograph Process Jl Roberts 0on 520-30 SOUTH 19TH STREET BIRMINGHAM. ALABAMA  •r s V V It

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