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RAMSAY HIGH 5CH □ □ L B I RMI NGHAM, ALABAMA NINETEEN FORTY FIGHT •KATHLEEN L tlON-DEDICATION For his sympathetic interest and understanding toe, the Class of 1948, affectionately dedicate this Annual to our loyal friend— MR. FRANK ORDWAYJANUARY CLASS SUE ALDRIDGE Ambition: To be in musical comedy on Broadway. Activities: National Hoaor Society President; Glee Club; S.R. Secretary; Y-Trem; Thespian ; Big Seven Reprnrotative; Scholarship Committer Chairman. JANE ANDERSON. Slim Ambition; To get a bridge hand with thirteen spades. Activities: S.R. President; Vocal Club: Y-Teens; Toes pi am; Secretary Red Cross Chib; Annual Stall. BOBBY BOX. Box Ambition: To make a million dollars and retire at 35. Activities: S.R. President, Vice-President; Marshal; Annual Stall, Camera Club. JACK CARL CAMPBELL, Soup Ambition; To be happy and be a success. Activities; S.R. President, Vice-President; Marshal; Hi-Y Club. JOHANNA CASTICLIA. Jo Ambition; First one thing and then another. Activities; Drum Corps Club. Vocal Club; Ramrttcs; Orchestra, Student Accompanist; All-city Chorus; Library Assistant; S.H. President. Secretary, Marshal; National Honor Society; School Typist; Secretary Senior Class. JOHN CATHA, Big John Ambition; Not to be too serious. Activities: Disc and Diamond Club. ROBBIE ANN DUNCAN. Sited Pea Ambition: To many the one 1 love. Arfirdicj; Choir; Music Club; Sewing Club. Thespians. POLLY ELDER Ambition: To have the pleasure ol walking up the wrong stairs once without being caught. Activities: Glee Club, Hamettes; Red Cross Sewing Club. ROBERT CARROL FERGUSON, Fern Ambition: To be happy. Activities; Football 45, ’46; Marshal. LOUISE FLOWERS, Weezte Ambition: To be as lucky in college as I've been in high school. Activities: May Court Representative; Y-Teen Treasurer, Vice-President; Assistant Vocal Teacher; Vice-President Student Body; Glee Club; Thespians; Chairman Sports-mamhip Committee, Annual Stall. WADE HABSHEY. Hah Ambition: To be a successful business man. Activities: Football and Baseball '41, 42, '43; Athletic-Club. JAMES BURDICK HARRIS. Jim Ambition: To sec the world. AcHcilier: S.R. President, Secretary. MARJORIE HAYES. Motile Ambition: To find a not ol gold at the end ol the rainbow. Acfullnu. Art Club, x-Tern ; Sewing Club. MARY DORN HAYNES, Pug Ambition: To make others like me as much as I like them. Activities: Ramt-ties Club, Lunchroom Assistant. JIMMY HICKS, Smokev Ambition: To do better in college than I did m high school. Acfitifiri. Charles A. Blown Club. Physics Club; Marshal; S|iorts Club: Baseball "45.JANUARY CLASS GENE HUFHAM, Blondic Ambition: To have a good time at Auburn. Acticilir : Humcttes; G rl Reserve; Marshal; Sump and Bonds. MARVIN SAMUEL HURVICU, S,tike Ambition; To follow knowledge like a fleeting star to the utmost boundt of bunion emotion-arid hove lun doing it. Acticitic : S.H. President. VKe-Prntdent, Secretary; Martha); Honor Study Head; President Camera Club; High-u.mju' Stuff. Publicity Committee; Basketball. Track; Orchestra; Pretidcnt Senior Clan. ALDA JO JOLLY, Jo-Sefus Ambition: To live my life in tervtcc to others. Actfi iriio.- Hornettei. Marshal; Annual Stuff; National Honor Society; Lunchroom Assistant. MARVIN PHILIP KABASE, Ace Ambition: The Shadow know . Activities. Football 44. '45, ’46, 47; Batketball ’45; Track 45. MARY KING Ambition: To finlih college. Acfititir .- Bonds and Stamp ; KAmette . S.H. Vicc-Prcsi-dent; Orchestra. Marshal. CATHERINE KULPE, Cat Ambition. To tuccced in my »tudy of dancing. At tit ificj. Hcd Cross Club; May Court Representative; Clrl Reserve; S. R. President. STANLEY LAPIDUS, Stan, Stuncy Ambition. To take over George's Job. Activities; National Honor Society; Public Address System; S.R. President. Secretary. Acrunuutu. Club; Radio Club; Thespian Club. JERRY LAPIDUS, Sam Ambition: To find a gold mine in my own backyard. Activity. Tennis Team '45. '48. ’47; S.R. Secretary; Red Cros Club. Ihespnm Club, Senior Play. DOROTHY CLAIRE LEDNER, Doffie Ambition: To get out of school and get a good fob. JAMES ANDREW LEWIS Ambition: To many and settle down. Activities; Lieut. H.O.T.C.; Disc and Diamond. IRVING LEVY. Luke, Lubow Ambition: To graduate at a medical college. Activities. Marshal; Thespian Club; Publicity Committee; National Honor Society. CHARLES LUSCO Ambition: To graduate. Activities; Football '44. Physics Club; Marshal. BERNEY MALKOVE, Malky Ambition. To make a million bucks. Actittries; Basketball '44. '45. S.R. President. Vice-President, Secretary; Marshal; Hu.iu.ASDt.ii Staff; Annual Staff; Camrru Club. WALTER WHARTON McINTYRE, A nc, Wort Ambition: To be a movie star. AcHtifirr; Vocal Club; Thespian Club: Track '46; S.R. Secretary'; Library Assistant. Senior Play CONSTANTINE MORRIS, Charlie, Mo Ambition: To leave the ranks of bachelors in January and to sec Port once more. Action ; K.O.T.C.; Football 41. '42. '43.JANUARY CLASS MAHJOHIE I .EE NESBIT. Margie Ambition- To pnw ltu| l im not Inkle rtirWn. Mu K Club; French Club; M.imjv. und Hood . Choir; Burnettes, MILLIE NESBIT, Mil, Blondie, Pigtaila Ambition. For Tom to graduatr Ac iii ilin Pirtklrnl Student Body; National Honor Sot let), Editor - in - Chief, Avvociatr Editor, Managing Editoi IIigiii ANUi.n. The plum: S.R. Vice-President. Secretary; Marshal; President Junior Red Cm ; Chairman Art Committee-; Health Committee; Senior Play, SYLVIA NEWMAN. Syl Amhllinn: To go around the world on a balloon and Hunt •airly into Happinrnt, Acticitiea: RnmHtci; S.R. Vice-Prr»ident. MARY LIZABETH PATTERSON, Libby Ainhition. To prove to lontrhody that I'm a smart u anybody. Acfitlflri. Hmnrttni; S R. Secretary, Marshal; Munt Chib. KATHERINE ANN PRICE. Kap Ambition; To have a» much lun in college a« I had In high school. AcHcititChreilcadri; S.R Secretary; Victory Service Club; Secretary National Honor Society; City Repreoen-tntive Red Cross National Convention; Ramsay Committer Chairman; Hut me Manager big 7; Clee Club; Sportsmanship Committee. Marshal; Secretary Health Committee; Secretary Manhah. LEONARD E. REID. Leo, Slim Ambition: To grow another loot. Arfirifir . Football '44; Ba.ketball '45; Track '45; President, Vice-President Aviation Club. President Ill-Y Chib; S.R. President. Secretary; Chemistry Lab Assistant; Lunch Room Helper. FRED C. ROBINSON. Derf Ambition: To have one. Activities S.R. Vice-President, Secretary; HlGm-ANOSM Stall; President Junior Aeronautics Club; Library Assistant; Camera Club. MYRON ROSENTHAL. Mono, Myru the Autogyro, Moron, Shorty Ambition: To lie able to day-dream without the teachers catching me. At fit if in. Trunn; Radio Club; Aviation Club; Dramatic Club; S.R. President. RUTH ROUBICEK. Homy, Huthie Ambition: To see myself as others see me and not turn up my nose. Acflrifio; S.R. Pres Idas!. Vice-President; Vice-President Y-Feen Club; Clee Cub; Senior Choir, Marshal; High-i.axdui Staff; Publicity Committee Chairman; Vice-President Senior Clast. ELLIOT JEROME ROUTMAN. Hoot Ambition: To sell Catsup to the Headhunters Activities S.R. Prrsidait. Secretary; Athletic Club; Foot-b i ’44, 45, '46. '47; Track '44. '45. 40. '47; basketball 44, 45. ANTOINETTE SAIA. Nette Ambition: To be an assistant to a famous dentist. Activities President Hamrttc . Girls Reserve; Library' Assistant; S.R. President. VICTORIA SAIA. Vickie, Tory Ambition: To make my life happy and successful. Ac lit if in; Treasurer Barnettes; Girls Reserve. LOUIS SCHULHAFER. Buddy Ambition: To be successful. Achi-iftri; S.R Vice-President. Secretary. Marshal, Model Airplane Club. Camera Club. EARLENE WARREN. Liza Jane Ambition: To get a degree in music. Activities Music Club. DORIS WEINSTEIN, Duby Ambition; To climb the ladder of success. Activifiri. Kamcttcs; Marshal.CLASS PROPHECY Birmingham, Alabama February 1,1958 Miss Louise Flowers, Editor Lifetime Magazine New York City Dear Louise: Having just completed for Lifetime my article on the Magic City, I am enclosing it to you. I really enjoyed visiting the old home town again. It certainly has changed since we graduated from Ramsay High ten years ago. By the way, while gathering material for the article, I ran across Millie Nesbitt, former president of the student body. She is now president of the board of directors of the First National Bank! While I was walking on 3rd Avenue and 20th Street North. I saw a billboard advertising John Catha, newly crowned Featherweight Champion of the World. He is to be here for an exhibition match soon. Passing the new Howard College Campus recently, I was tempted to enter. Walking into the main building, I nearly bumped into—yes, Professor Irving Levy, recently appointed Dean of Women! He was just coming from a conference with Kap Price, who is studying for her master’s in some phase of psychiatry. It seems that Kap couldn’t make higher than As on all her subjects, and the professor had to straighten her out. On my way out, I spied our old classmate, Dorothy Lcdner, Howard’s fine Football Coach! Returning to town, I bought a copy of The Birmingham News. There on the front page loomed a picture of Ace Kabase, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for his "Essay on Scalds." Ace was inspired by Carlyle’s "Essay on Burns.” By the way, the article was written by Sylvia Newman, feature writer for The News. Reaching the editor’s office at The News, I saw a notice that Wharton McIntyre has been recalled from Europe to New York to take the leading role in “The Shooting of Dangerous Dan McGrow." Starring with Wharton is none other than the famous Shakespearean actress. Alda Jo Jolly. One of the copy boys informed me that Birmingham is now unique in that it has the "Ferguson, Feedum, and Killum .Association," the only funeral home in the South that has a modem lay-away plan. The manager in charge of expansion is Charles Lusco, who has been buying land from Fox Hicks, the city’s biggest real estate dealer. Fred Robinson has been recently appointed commander of the WAACS, and Field Marshal Ruth Roubicek, Commander of the U. S. Army, has also achieved her childhood dreams of a military career. One of the city’s leading politicians, H. M. Levine, came to get me at The News. With his lovely secretary. Johanna Castiglia, we toured the city in his car. .As we were riding, I snapped on the radio. Immediately, we heard the famous announcer, Jackie Campbell, say, “And now, I present Miss Sue Aldrich, the South’s favorite vocalist. After Sue's lovely song, Marjorie Nesbit and her Passing Parade were presented. Surely you have seen the photographs of Jerry and Stanley with their long beards on the boxes of the now largest selling brand of patent medicine.CUSS PROPHECY ( Continued) As we came near the City Hall, I saw the Pan American Building and discovered from the cornerstone that it was erected in 1953 by Myron Rosenthal, chief construction engineer. Curious to see Myron’s masterpiece, we stopped long enough to enter the building for a quick survey. On the Bulletin Board just inside the door we saw the name of our old friend D. O. L., Buddy Schul-hafer, who is now lecturing on “The Advantages and Disadvantages of Love Throughout the World.” Walking along the spacious corridors was none other than Alabama’s new Secretary of Agriculture, Mary Lizabeth Patterson. After chatting with her, we took a look into the new International Library, where behind a pile of fashion books was Leonard Reid, the successor to the popular designer, Pierre of Paris. On leaving the building we climbed into a taxi and to our amazement we recognized the driver to be Jane Anderson, who owns the cab company, but lends a helping hand when the firm is short on drivers. Later that evening, we went to the theater where we saw the popular full length cartoon movie, “Malicious Malkove,’’ caricatured by Bobby Box, the sensational Walt Disney of the South. Then as usual, our weakness for night clubs brought us to the fashionable "Krackling Kombread Klub” owned and operated by Happy John Routman. The entertainment, unusually good, was featuring the charming Catherine Kulp in her plasti-balloon dance, named for the old fad of blowing plastic balloons which was popular when we went to high school. Seated immediately behind us were Doris Weinstein and Mary King, top radio and motion picture critics. Amid the noisy tinkling glasses, laughter, and music of Back Beat Binford and his Sensational Seven arose the cry—“Call for Constantine Morris!” But more startling than that was seeing Earlene Warren at the piano. When we saw across the room Robbie Ann Duncan, we immediately went over to her table to be introduced to her prosperous looking husband. During our brief talk we learned that Mary Haynes is now the toast of Broadway. Polly Elder is the head of Birmingham’s new modernistic library, the largest in the South. The brightest star of the Hollywood sound stage is Marjorie Alice “Helen” Hayes. Vickie Saia and Gene Huffham are co-owners of Gay Fifty-eight Dress Show. After finishing our “Passionola Bomber,” (strong spirits of lemon juice and ice), we bade one another farewell. Then I hurried to my hotel to complete my article and write to you. Sincerely yours, Marvin Hurvich('LISS HISTORY Away back in 1944 our small insignificant class appeared at the doors of Ramsay. We studied diligently and tried to learn and to increase our knowledge. Combined with our studies, we boys and girls shared daily our happiness and sorrows with one another. Little did we know in our freshman year that many of us would achieve great honors before graduation. Not only producing one of Ramsay's finest presidents of the Student Body, we also gave Ramsay an excellent vice-president and president of the Honor Society, a champion tennis player, a district Red Cross representative, and a school photographer. These goals were attained as we hope our ambitions in life will be. Out of the varied experiences of our school life, we seniors carry nothing but pleasant memories of our association with the principals and the teachers, and we leave behind us sincere wishes for the future prosperity and happiness of our Alma Mater. WHO’S WHO JANUARY CLASS Mort Outstaruling: Millie Nesbitt Marvin Hurvich Class Beauty-Most Handsome: Gene Hufham Buddy Scmulhaeer Must Sophisticated: Louise Flowers Jerry Lapidus Most Talkative: Bobbie Ann Duncan Wharton McIntyhk Most Pojfular: Jane Anderson Fred Robinson Best Personality: Johanna Casticlia H. M. Levine Quietest: Mary Haynes Charles Lusco Best Dressed: Sue Aldridge Bobby Box Best Student: Katherine Price Irving Levy Most Polite: Polly Elder Leonard Reid Wittiest: Mary E. Patterson Behny Malxove Biggest Flirt: Margie Nesbitt Myron Rosenthal First Bride-First Groom: Alda Jo Jolly Constantine Morris Best SiHtrt: Earlenb Warren Jerry Routman Most Athletic: Marvin Kabase Mary KingMAY CLASS DORIS JEAN ADAMSON Ambition: To be n physician. AcftciMri; Red Cross; S.H. SwreUry. MARY ALEXANDER. Little Alex Ambition: To know myself. ActUtUrt: National Tnrspian; Glee Club; Head Cheerleader; Lunchroom Assistant; Barnettes; Library' Assistant. JOSEPH ELI ALLEN. The Prophet Ambition: To Knd a teacher who can read my writing. Actinttri: Marshal; 1‘ublic Address System; Nat tonal Thespians. ( KATHERINE ARMES. Kitty Ambition: To be a noted psychiatrist and study people who are as crazy as I am. Activitirt: President, Vice-President. Program Chairman. Make-up and Costume Chairman rhespian Club; Senior Plays; S.R. President. Secretary; Marshal. BABS BARINOWSKI Ambition: To be an old maid and own a ranch. AcHvUiett S.K. President, Vice-President; Thespian Club. BARBARA BARRON, Bain Ambition: To be a dental hygienist. Acficifii : Marshal; Library Assistant; Thespian Club; Lunchroom Assistant; R.O.T.C. Sponsor; band; Orchestra. ALVIN J. BEARMAN Ambition: To contribute in some way a little to better the world. AetivUms: S. R. President; R.O.T.C. Club; Thespian Club; Marshal. MARVIN BEARMAN Ambition: To leave this world with a name us good as gold. Activities: National Thespians; Head Marshal, Stamp and Bond Salesman. DON BENTON Ambition: To be a success. Activities; Rifle Team; R.O.T.C. Club; Lieutenant H.O.T.C. NORMA JEAN BEARMAN, N. J. Ambition: To be accepted into Duke. Acflcdic . Dramatic Club; Girl Reserves Club. BETTY BOSWELL, Red Ambition: To stay as happy as I am now. Activities: National Honor Society; Marshal; Rumcttcs; Highlands Staff; Runway Choir. CLADICE JUNE BOUFFARD, Boufy Ambition: To get rid of my freckles. Activities: Secretary Marshal Force; S. R. Secretary; Assis-tant Head Cheerleader. Sportsmanship Committee. Glee Club; President Girts Letter Club, French Club. BILLIE ANN BREWTON Ambition: To love to live and to live to love. Activitict: Glee Club; Cheerleader; Marshal; Stamp and Bond Salesman. EDDIE BURG, Bug Ambition: To make all the coaches run "Wind Sprints." Activities: FootballJ45, '46, '47; Marshal; Sportsmanship Committee. Big Seven Committee, Track '46. '47. ELIZABETH ANN BURGESS. Betty Ambition: To best Doris at gin rummy fust once. Activities; Girl Reserves; Vice-President Thespians; Hi ii-LANDtn Satff; Lunchroom Assistant.MAY CLASS TOMMY CALDWELL. T. C. Ambition: To be a bachelor. AcUvitie»; S.R. Vice-hwidml; Hi-Y Club; Ushers Club; Alhlrtic Club; Secretary Student Body; Sportsmanship Committee, Football '4S. '48, '47; Track '46. '47. '48; Lunduwm Checker, Cashier; President Student Body. ELISABETH ANN CLARK. Betty Ambition; To support myself Acficfflc.i. S.R. Secretary, Vice-President; Literary Society; Dramatic Club; Red Cross Club; Honor Study Head. WILLIAM CLAY COE. JR.. Bill Ambition• To Icam more in college than I have in high school. Activitirs: H.O.T.C, Football Club; Football '45. '46. '47; Chas. A. Brown Club. PEGGY COLLIER. Peg Ambition: To graduate. Activities: S.R. President; Literary Society. EUCENIA COSTON, Jean Ambition:'For everyone to forget my middle name. Acfitiiur, Y-Teens, Stamp and Bond Suleiman. JUDITH AMELIA CRACON, Judy Ambition: To get out of Runnay and then get in Vanderbilt Activities: Manhal, Thespians. CHARLES ALLEN CULP. C. A. Ambition: To learn to read Activities: Football '46. '47; SJt. President; Track '47. 48. MARGARET ANN CUNDIFF, Mac Ambition: To get rich overnight. Activities: Ramcttcs; Red Cross Sewing Club. JAMES W. DAVIDSON. Jimmy Ambition: To become a great research chemist and physicist Activities: Science Club; National Honor Society. Chairman Scholarship Committee. CLADYS BARBARA DENABURC Ambition: To love and Ik- loved by everyone. Acficiilct; Manhal; Thespians; Y-Tern»; Orchestra. IRIS JESSLYN DENABURC, I. J. Amv.tion: To love to live and live to love. Activities: Thespians; Red Cross Club; Manhal. GERALD DICKERSON. Jerry Ambition: To get an ambition. Activities: iiu.ULA.voKn Sta8. ELIZABETH DOUCHTON. Liz AsnhUion: To be an the "A" honor roll. Activities: S.R Secretary; Red Cross Club; Charles A. Brown Literary Club; Vocal Club. CARROLL DOWNS, Skinny Ambition: To graduate. ActittHvi: Track manager '45; Baseball '47. '48. WILLIAM DRAKE. Fireball Ambition: To win as many medals as Tommy- Moore. Activities: Thespian Club. Ushers Club; First Lieutenant Disc and Diamond. Marshal, Public Address System; Library Assistant, Rifle Team.MAY CLASS GERALD A. DRBNNEN, Jerry Ambition. To like what I get and get what I like. Attivftiet: Vocal Club: Chnrln A. Biowu Club: Marshal, Science Club; Hi-S' Usher Club. ANN DUGGER Ambition: To have and to hold the one thing I've always wanted. Activilin Barnettes; Cheerleader. Ctrl Letter Club Prcii-dmt; S.R. Vice-Proidetit. Marshal MARY DYSON Ambition; To live, to love and to Irani. Activities: Library Assistant; Thespian Club. VIRGIL JACKSON ELMORE. Jack Ambition. To become a successful busmen man. Atticiikt: S.R. President. Vice-President; Head Marshal. National Honor Society Vice-President. Ushers Club Vice-President; Hi-Y Club; Higiilakdkm Stall. BEDELL EVANS. Beetle Ambition: To be kicky in love. Attiniin; Red Cross Club; Glee Club; Sewing Club. CHARLIE FEIGELSON. Ficgc Ambition: To meet the designer of women's fall clothes. Acticifk-r; S.R. President, Vice-President; Chief Marshal; Football; Basketball; Track; Ushers Club; Annual Staff. GENE FEICELSON Ambition: To live in a round house so that I'll never get cornered. Arfirifiei: Football. Basketball: Baseball; Track. Marshal; Student Body Secretary; Studi-nt Council Chairman: S.R. President, Vice-President; Athletic Club; Honor Study Head; H-Y Club; Big Seven Representative; Ushers Club Vict President. PAULINE FENN, Polly Ambition. To be five feet two. Activities: Marshal; Cheerleader; Hooor Study Head; Bond and Stamp Salesman; Barnettes; Red Cross; Library Assistant. MARY FOGLEMAN Ambition: Hew to the line and let the chips (all where they may. Activities: Honor Study Head; French Club; Y-Tcem VONCEIL FOSTER. Votmie Ambition: To be a pianist. PEGGY FOX Ambition: Not to meet the svolf. Acfittfhi: President Red Cross; S.R. President. Vice-President; Charles A. Brown Club; Marshal. JAMES CARLINGTON. Fireball Ambition: To shoot a perfect score in H.O.T.C. Activities: President Hi-Y Ushers; National Honor Society; Aero Club Secretary; Science Club Vice-President; Rifle Team t6. 47, Head Marshal. EDITH JACQUELINE GOLDBERG. Jackie Ambition: To drink of Life's fullness and take all it can givr. Activities: Barnettes; Glee Club; Girl Reserves. STOKES GOODRICH. Smoky Ambition: To become a doctor ActUitrt: S.R. :Secretary, ; T. C. Young Hi-Y Club President, R.O.T.C. Club; Marshal, Lunchroom Assistant. BEVERLY GOODWIN Ambition. First one thing and then another Activities: Annual Editor; Chairman Publications Commit-tee; tbom sron Staff: Red Cross Club; S.R. Vice-President, Schedule Club. Romettcs.MAY CLASS MARY JO GRAHAM. Emge Ambition, To bo a small spoke in the big wheel ol hie AetntHei Bond, S.R Vice-President. Secretary; Music Club: Dramatic Club; Hamettes; Y-Teen Club; Sportsmanship Committee. Annual Stuff. LaVERN'E GREEN. Fern Amliition. To graduate. Activities; Rarnctter. Manila!; Cheerleader, S.R. Secretary. BILLIE ANNE GRICSBY. Atmc Ambition: To be calm, cool, and collected Acticltln; S.R. Vicr-Prrsident. Hu.m. andeii Staff, Y-Teen Club; Manhal; Thespians; National Honor Society. FAIN HACKNEY Ambition: Not to be criticized for lack of ambition. Activitin: Football ‘44: Literary Society; Athletic Club; Track '45. 48; Aviation Club. WILLIAM PO HALE, Billy Ambition: To have an ambition. Acticitia: Vocal Club; Dramatics Club, Senior Play. EULA ROSE HARRIS, Lifty Ambition: To learn to write and speak shorthand. Arliiitin; Hichlamdm Tvpi»t. S.R. President; Manhal; Glee Club; Girls’ Choir. Barnette . FLORENCE RUTH HARTSFIELD, Flo Ambition: To live to leant, and learn to live. Activities: Y-Tcros; Red Cross Club; S.R. Reporter. SARA CAPPS HICKS Ambition: To be wiser than I look. Activities: S.R. Secretary; Bonds and Stamps; Hamcttes. DORIS HILL Ambition. To bowl a 300 game. Acticities; S.R. President; IIiciii.andk Kditor; Red Cross; Thespians, Lunchroom Assistant, Publicity Committee. MARY CHARLOTrE HINDS. Char Ambition: To be like my Dad. TED ALLEN HOLDER Ambition: To carry out the command ol my last name. Activities: R.O.T.C. Club; Charles A. Brown Chib; S.R. Vice-President. EDWARD JOSEPH IIUGENSMITH, JR.. Hugie Ambition: To own a Ducscnberc. Activities; Band; R.O.T.C.; Scirncc Club; Vocal Club; Manhal. IVEY JACKSON. Poison Ambition: To get a job from 12:00 to 2:00 and get two hours off for lunch. Aeticitirs. S.R. President; Senior Play. Tennis '48; Campaign Speeches; President Camera Club. KITTY JACKSON, Kit Ambition: To live to see Ramsay completed. CAROLYN JEFFREY, Jeff Ambition: To eat plenty. sleep plenty and play plenty. Activities; Manhal; Highlander Typist; Cheerleader -47; Y-Teens; Vocal Club; R.O.T.C. Sponsor.MAY CLASS EULALIE THOMAS JENKINS, Lelle Ambition: To find where I he week-end con. AcHcHlet: S.R. Secretary; President, Treasurer Y-Teen Club; Marshal, Red Cross Club; Art Committee; Thespians. FREDERICK LINDSAY KELLY. JR. Ambition: To be a chemical engineer. ActMtivs: President Radio Club; Science Club; National Thespian; Lunchroom Assistant. Marshal; Public Address System Ojscndor; "American Heritage" Program; Chemical laboratory Assistant; Picture Machine Operator. CLAUDE KERSII, JR., Sonny Ambition: To own as many horses os Bing Crosby. SOLOMON P. KIMERLING. Sol Ambition. Ourmant. Activities: Vice-President Student Body; FooIImII; Track; Hh.iii.andks Start; S.R. President, Vice-President. Secre-tury; Head Marshal; Athletic Club. MATT LAWSON, Bro Ambition: To be a brain surgeon. Activitiet; Stamps and Bonds; Honor Study; Head Marshal; Camera Club. MILDRED ANNE LEE. Mil Ambition: To he happy and successful In life. ActtoitUri: S.R. President. Secretary; Publicity Committee; Marshal; Hk.iu.anoch Start; Y-Teens; French Club. DOROTHY LEMONS, Dot Ambition: To finish high school. Attivitici: S.R. President; Regional Red Cross Represent - LARRY K. LEVIN, Smiley Ambition: To depend on no one but myself. Atrit.lirj: Track; Aeronautics Club; Science Club. Marshal. Honor Study Head; Annual Start. BETTY LOU LEWIS, Buggy Ambition: To make a success out of life and prove to my family that I m as smart as Jack. ActicMet: SJL Vice-IWdtmt. Secretary; French Club; ocaI Club; Thespian Club; Marshal; Library Assistant. KA rllLEEN ERLE LICON, Kathy Ambition: To hecome a successful cartoonist. AcUcitiv : Glee (dub; Red Cross Club; Hichlanukh Typist} NittMinul Honor Society, Annual Start. Girls' Choir. RICHARD ERWIN LITT, Rickey Ambition To become a doctor. AcJi‘ ‘VC t S R v“ -» «»Went. Secretary; President Aero Club; Secretary junior Aviation Club, Lunchroom Assis-tnnt; Marshal; Usher. Chib; All-C.ty Band; All-State Sodei °rCh” i Bllndi Sdroc Club; National Honor ELIZABETH LOCKE, Liz Ambition: To lie a "shining star." Activities: Vocil Club; 1 hespiam; Red Cross Club; S.R. President. , Secretary; Vice-President. Secretary Speech Class; National I hespiam. Senior Play; Publicity Com- CLYDE THOMPSON LOFLIN, JR., Bob AmhltUyn: To lie a professional comedian. Arriidlic ; Urutenant H.O.T.C.; Vice-President R.O.T.C. Club; Vice-President, Secretary Vocal Club. DOROTHY LOCAN, Dot Ambition: To be successful with success. Actnitic. Rumcttes, Red Cross Club; S.R. Secretary; Mar- JO ANN LOWRY Ambition: To attuin all my other ambitions. Activitir»: Red Cross Club; Library Assistant.MAY CLASS MARGARET B. MAJOR. Major Ambition; To play center on Hammy' football (ram. Activities Ramettes; ThnpUnii S.H. Vice-President, Science Club. PAUL EARLE MAJOR. Mouse Ambition: To get out oi college without going to summer school. Activities: S.R. Vice-President; Paper Committee; Hood and Stamp Committee; Charles A. Brown Club; Vocal Club. RUTH MATTHEWS. Robin Hood Ambitioni To be cool. calm, and collected. ActirillM; S.R. President, Vice-President, Secretary; Secretary Council; Thespian. JEAN McCEHEE Ambition! If I come out the little end of the horn, to turn around and toot it. Actiertin; Drum Corps; Dramatic Club; Band Club; Y-Tems; Annual Start. ANN MERIWETHER Ambition: To love many, trust few, and always (saddle my own canoe. Activities: President French Club; President, Vice-President Speech Class; Thespian Club. ANNE MILLER. Miller Ambition: To learn to drive on the right tide of the roar I. Acficifiri.- S.R. Secretary. Vice-President; Speech Class President. Vice-President; National Thespians; Literary Society Secretary. LOUIS JOSEPH MIZERANY, Blackic Ambition: To spend a million dollars in thirty days. Acticifies; S.R. Vtap-President, Secretary; Build. ROBERT FRANCIS MONTGOMERY, Shine Ambition: To make all "A' " in college. Activlliet: S.H. President, Vice-President; President Charles A. Brown Club. ALBERTA MOORE. Bert Ambition: To graduate. Acfintirt: S.H. President; Cirl Reserves; Glee Club; Red Cross; Choir. PETE WILLIAM MORRIS. Pedro Ambition: To prepare tot tomorrow today. A ticitici: Marshal; Stamps and Ronds Helper; Junior Aviation Club; President, Vice-President Science Club; National Honor Society'. WILLIAM MORRISON, Bill Ambition: To loaf ami take it easy. Activities; Band; Marshal; Charles A. Brown Literary Club; Track 48. (V, 48; Football Manager ‘47. JIMMY NATION, Jimbo Ambition: To live long enough to see a boys’ gym at Ramsay. ActicitM-s: Marshal; Athletic Club; ''B” Team Coach '48; Football Manager ’47; Baieball ’46, '47, ‘48; Basketball '48, '47, ‘48. PRISCILLA NEEL. Prissy Ambition: To make my mother proud of me. Acfirrtirs. Thespian Ctub; Girf Reserve; Vice-President Vocal Club; S.H. Secretary; Red Cross Club, llmiiLAMiKn Representative; National Thespian. SHIRLEY NEWFIELD, Rusty Ambition: To get my man. Artiritirs; Pierian; krmch Club; Hk;iu.andkii Staff. LYNN LENORE OTEY Ambition. To be on old maid. Acficirirs; Vocal Club; S.R. President; Marshal; Vice-President Red Cruas Club.MAY CLASS BETSY PANKEY. Patikry Ambition. To know how not to get into trouble Ae ivtlU»i Ctrl Reserves. Thespians; dec Club; Red Cross RICHARD PARTRIDGE. Dick Ambition. To make enough money in tummtr to pend the winter in Florida. .irtitiltoi; Uiheti Club; S.R Secretary; Honor Study Head; Science Club; Jr. Aero Club; Marshal. WILLIAM PEARCE. Billy Ambition.- To return to grammar reboot. Activitir, Charier A. Brown Club, S.R. Vice-President Aviation Club; Vocal Club. HAROLD B. PEARSON. Cork Head, Hoot Ambition: To graduate from high school. Arritiffei; Basketball '48; Track '48; S.R. Secretary. FLOYD JOSEPH PHARO Ambition; To be a good optometrist. Arttutin; Jr. Aviation Club; Disc and Diamond Society; Stamps and Bonds Head. EDWARD LEE PINNEY. Mike Ambition: To own hall of Bain- ranch. Acfirifin: Thespian Club; Charles A. Brown Club; Camera Club; Vice-President. Secretary Speech Class. MICHAEL POE. Mickey Ambition: To be "Poe" and to be rich too. AeiMtigt: President Charles A. Brown Club: Marshal. Vocal Club; S.R. President; Camera Club. Scirnce Club; Campaign Speeches. JEAN PRESCOTT. Prcu Ambition: To learn as much tn college as I thought 1 knew in high school. Activities: S.R. President; Marshal; Vice-President Thespians; National Thespians; Cheerleader; National Honor Society; Secretary Student Body. Senior Play; Hicm-iavder SloH; Oratorical Contest. WALTER PUCKETT Ambition: Not to be personanongrata. rtiefriei. Marshal. Camera Club; Charles A. Brown Club; S.R. Secretary. ROBERT THOMAS QUINN. T. Q. Ambition. To build the world's largest building Actltitia: Marshal; S.R. President. Vice-President; Chairman Council; Usher -Hi-Y; Schedule Club; Football Club; Football 45. '48. '47; Alternate Captain Football Team; Battle Citizenship Tour; National Honor Society. MANCHA HADUMS Ambition: To learn to hone for the best, be prepared for the worst, and accept what comes along. Acridities: S.R. Treasurer. Victory Service Club; Bond and Stamp Salesman, Dramatic Club; Marshal; Treasurer Thespians; Honor Study Head; Library Assistant; Health Committee. CHARLES J. REES Ambition: To see an elevator installed in Ramsay. Activitici: Cheerleader ’44. JOYCE REES Ambition; To have a happy life. Acridities: Clce Club; Burnettes. Hicmlanola Typist; Office Helper. UULLIE REID Amhition: To get what I want and want what I get. Acridities. Drum Corps: Lunch Room Assistant; Stamp and Bond Salesman; Band Club. Annual Staff. PATRICIA RILEY. Pat Ambition. To be quiet, calm, and sophisticated. Acridities. S.R. Secretary . Assistant Chief Marshal. Senior Play; President, Secretary Thespian Club. National Thespian; Health Committee; National Honor Society-.MAY CLASS JANICE RITTENBAUM, Jan Ambition: To follow my itiirr'i shining niimple of life. iciicUiri; Schedule Club; President Speech Clast: Art Committee, Good Citizenship Girl; Marshal; S.R. President, Vice-President. Secretary. NORMA RITTENBAUM Ambition: To go to college out West. Acficttte : S.R. Secretary; Schedule Club. LILLIS ROBERTSON Ambition.- To find an ambition. Acticttici: Y-Teens; Thespians; Hiciii andlii Stall; Publicity Committee. MABEL ROBINSON, Mae-belle Ambition: To get rid of my nickname. Acficifirr.- Pierian; Dramatic Chib; President Red Croat Club. NED ROCK Ambition: To join the Navy and to let the world and me have a good look at each other Activities President. Vice President S.R.; Vocal Club. Charles A. Brown Club. DOROTHY ROSEN BE RC. Dot Ambition. To go to college for at least a year. Activities: Red Cross Club; Y-Teens; Honor Study Head. ARMAND RUCCIERI, Mike Ambition - To be in Hawaii at a certain season. Activities: Thespian Club; Marshal; S.R. Vice-President. CLIFFORD EUGENE SAMPLE. Clebo, Simple Ambition: Not only to be Sample but to be the real thing. Activities: S.R. President; Band, Science Club; Photography Club. CLAIRE SCHWAB. Boots Ambition. To be ambitious. Activities; Marshal; Thespians; French Club; Honor Study Head; Hichlandkii Slafl. JERRY SEICEL, Babe Ambition: To be a success in life. Activities; Track ’44, ‘45. BETTYE MURDOCH SEY. Scy. Betts Ambition; To be rather than not to be. Activities: Ramettes; Stamp and Bond Salesman. BILLY SHANNON. Smiley Ambition; To be as carefree as my teachers think I am. ELLEN DOROTHY SIEGAL Ambition; To be always happy and have many friends. Activities; Ramettes; Dramatic Club; S.R. Secretary. Red Cross, Hiohlandlm Representative, Honor Study Head. MORTON SIMPSON Ambition: To get out of college Spanish m two yean. Activities: Aeronautics Club; Camera Club; Tennis; Annual Staff. IbcttLANOKM Staff. JOHN SLAUGHTER. Feather Merchant Ambition: To loaf through Auburn with honon. Activities.- Hi-Y Usher. National Honor Society. Lieutenant Disc and Diamond; R.O.T.C. Club.MAY CLASS HELEN ROX SMITH. Roxie Ambiiton: To lx- on time and quit telling "little white lies.” Activities Stamn and Bond Salesman. Literary Society; Newspaper Representative. MARGARET ISABEL SOWELL. Issy Ambition: To look at life through may g lunes. Acffoiliei S.R. President; Girl Knmn Secretary; Red Crass Club. MARION SPIES. Si Ambition: To know what I'm talking about. Ac licit lei Vocal Club; Student Coach; S.R. Secretary; French Club; Health Committee; Manhal; National Honor Society. MARY CRAWFORD STILES Ambition; To look alwaya for the good in people, rather than the bad. ActicUiet: Red Crow Chib; Y-Teem; Manhal; Cheerleader. THOMAS TALBOT. Tommy Ambition. To aucceed hi anything I try. Actieifie : Manhal; Sportsmanship Committee. BERNIE A. THOMPSON. Kan Ambition: To get rid of my nickname. Actieifie : S.R. President; Ushers Club; Football '45, '48. '47; Baseball 45. '48. '47. '48; Football Captain '47; Football Club. MARY ANN TRANTHAM Ambition. To have a grand time in college and make good grade . Actioitiri: Vocal Club; Y-Teen ; Music Club; National Honor Society. ADRIANNE TRIANTOS, Little Nina Ambition: To laugh beat if not last. Acfiritirs: S.R. Vice-President. Secretaiy; Secretary Barnette ; Cheerleader. DEMETRA TRIANTOS. Tula Ambition: To stay a happy at I will be when I graduate. Acticilict: S. R President, Vice-President; Secretary Glee Club; Treasurer Ramette ; Cheerleader. JANE CATHERINE TURNER. Janie Ambition: To do something wrong in school and get uway with it. Activltiei: Y-Teem; Manhal. MARION WAINWRIGHT Ambition: To find a sure cure for my "leaditi ." Acfiritirs; Marshal; Library Assistant: Ramettes: Lunch Room Helper, S.R. Vice-President, Secretary; President Sewing Division Red Crow. HARLOD DEAN WALL Ambition. To do my best in any task that 1 may undertake. Acfiritirs; Ushen Club; Hichlandcn Staff; Annual Staff; S R. Vice-President. Secretary; H.O.TC. Officer; R.O. T.C. Club; Science Club; Aviation Club; Disc and Diamond Society. JAMES THOMAS WALL. Jim Ambition: To finish school just before school finishes me. Acfitific : Charles A. Brown Literary Club: Vocal Club; Science Club. S.R. Vice-President; Annual Staff. MARY NELL WHEAT Ambition; To have the unr thing I really want. Arfirifirs: Ramcttrs; Y-Terns; Marshal. JOY RUTH WILLIAMS. Shaky Ambition: To see my children walk down the aisle and graduate from Ramsay's new auditorium. Acficlfiri. National Thespians; President Red Cross; High-I.A PKn Staff.MAY CLASS MARY JANE WILLIAMS. M. J. Ambition; To go to Annapolis. AftiiWri. S.R President; Dramatic Club; French Club; Vocal Club; Marshal. ROBERT JENNINGS WOODSON. Bobby Ambition; To be successful in medicine. Artfvitiri: S.R. Vice-President. Secretary: Annual Stall; litem.anokh SUlf; Ushers Hi-Y; R.O.T.C. Club; Charles A. Brawn Club; Lunch Room Cashier. Marshal; Head Marshal; Camera Club. BIDDLE WORTHINGTON. Buliddlv Ambition: To be a successful engineer. Art let firs; Charles A. Drown Club; Marshal; Vocal Club. DOROTHY JEAN ZUDE. Jeannie Ambition: To find a silver lining for every cloud. Acfirifier; Victory Sewing Club; Marshal. CLASS PROPHECY On New Year's Day «»| 1058 I was in London. Although it vun only seven o'clock in the morning. 1 was feeling gay, for I would leave for the United States in an hour. Upon arriving at the airport, whom should I see checking in with the official hut Beverly Coodwin! After completing my business with the immigration officials, I was free to talk to Beverly, who had obtained a seat next to mine on the observation deck. As we talked, it did not seem possible that ten year had slipped by since our graduation from Ramsay High. Soon our conversation drifted to the mcmlx-rs of the senior class of ‘48. Beverly, society editor of The Chicago Son, was able to tell me much about many of our former classmates. "James, I suppose you have read about the recent party given by Jack Elmore, president of the 'Federal Five and Ten Cent Stores’, to the delegates at tlie Southern Convention?" six-asked. “Many famous dancers and swimmers furnished entertainment for the guests. Jean Coston and Peggy Fox, Olympic swimmers, were outstanding in their exhibition, as were Eddie Burg and Jim Wall. Billy Hale and Betty Lou Lewis were a charming dancing team. Music was furnished by Richard Litt’s Orchestra, among whom were Jane Turner, Vonceil Foster, and Fain Hackney. "Among the distinguished guests were Tommy Caldwell, president of All-State Steel Corporation; Lynn Otey, a Powers model; Thomas Onion, the Independent Party's candidate for President; Betty Boswell, well known vocalist; Hobby Lnfliu. comedian for N.B.C.; Ivey Jackson, stage producer; Pat Riley and Kitty Annes, famous actresses; Jean Prescott and Mary Jo Graham, noted authors; Harold Wall, president of Wall Motor Cunpauy; Jo Ann Lowrv and Joyce Rees, noted interior decorators; Marvin and Alvin Bcamian, famous surgeons; and Bahs Barnowski. noted pianist." Beverly was full of news. "James, have you seen 'Hours Apart’?" she asked. "The lxmk was written by Aim Grigsby,” she informed me. “And the costumes were designed by Dot Logan and Shirley Newfield. Alberta Moore and Mary Alexander have leading roles. Jean Zude, Janice Rittcnbaum, and Ann Miller are in tin ballet. Mike Pinney and Peggy Collier were set designers." "I thought the picture was an excellent one," I commented. Without another interuption Beverly continued: "Paul Major recently celebrated at Stokes (Kxxlrich's night club the publication of his new book, 'Jokes for Jerks'. Those enjoying his hospitality were Betty Sey. secretary to Charles Culp, editor of Esr itire; Mildred Lee, Hollywood's newspaper columnist; Biddle Worthington, ambassador to England; Betty Clark and Norma Rittenbaum, fashion designers." At my suggestion we left the observation deck to go to the snuck bar. While having a "cuke" and a sandwich, we listened to the radio tuned to the Alabama-Ceorgia Tech football game. Among the prominent men introduced by Harold Pearson, the announcer, were Alabama's Governor Walter Puckett, Coach Billy Ox? of U. of A., Coach Gene Feigelson of Tech; Sol kimcrling and Gerald Dickerson, sport writers for the New York Times and the Washington Post respectively. Between halves Pearson, commenting on seeing tlx- other distinguished guests, said: "On the 50-yard line I see Carrol Downs, outfielder for tlx- Brooklyn Dodgers, chatting with Bentic Tlxnnpson and Louis Mizeruny, co-owners of the Birmingham Borons. Nenrb are Charles Feigelson. couch of Tulane; and Jimmy Nation, assistant coach at Alabama.CLASS PROPHECY (Continued) We were m» happy over the final score (Ala. 7—Cu. Tech 0) that Beverly ;iskcd me II I knew anything about other mcmhert of the '48 class. "Yes, indeed," I responded. ‘‘Clifford Sample’s hand makes records at Talbot recording plant where Mickey Poe is consulting engineer. Bobby Montgomery and Tell Holder are lawyers for this firm. "Joe Anshurn and Billy Shannon's new motorcycle, the Ammon, is manufactured by Drcn-nen Company whore Fred Kelly is chief engineer and Mat Lawson is distributor for Alabama. "Lillis Robertson and I-aiVcrne Green, co-owners of (lie South’s largest printing plant, published the recent song "bits'' of McCebee and Barron. Mary Ann Tnuitham's new novel is to come off the press soon. Eli Allen’s hook, 'Mechanics of Broadcasting' and Pete Morris’ 'Easy Essays' were printed by this company. “Ruth Matthews is physical director of athletics at Southern. Bobby Woodson is dean of tlie University Medical School where Jimmy Davidson is in charge of research work. Largely from the efforts of Marion Waimvright and Bedell Evans, Notre Dame has become a co-ed school. Among the faculty are Peggy Major. Claire Schwab, and Carolyn Jeffrey. Billie Ann Brewtnn is secretary to Dean Edith Goldberg at Montevallo where Eula Bose Harris and Florence Hartsfield are "Horne Ec” instructor . Dorothy Rosenberg is tree surgeon for Auburn. Dr. Marion Spies is a favorite professor in tin school of dentistry where Kathleen Ligon received her degree. Mary Wheat and Mary Stiles have just completed a new shorthand textbook. “Among the prominent matrons who were mi successful in the last Red Cross Drive directed hy Charles Rees were the former Ann Dugger. Kitty Jackson. Margaret Cundiff, and Charlotte Hinds. Cladicc Bmiffard is Secretary of the American Red Cross. Claude Kcrsh is chairman of the Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors. Jean Adamson is in charge of the new Y.W.C.A. Larry Levin, nresident of Chamber of Commerce, deserves much praise for the March of Dimes success. Dcinctra Triantiw and Sarah Hicks are staunch workers for tlu Community Chest. "Many of our classmates have succeeded in politics. Ellen Siegal. president of the city commissioners, lots up| ointcd Mary Jane Williams chairman of Parks and Recreational Board. Floyd Plrnm chief of tlu Fire Department, and Adrienne Triantos chief of tin City Detectives. Bill Morrison, building Inspector, has Priscilla Neel us his assistant. Pauline Fenn, city comptroller, has Elizabeth Doughton and Ann Meriweather in her deportment. ‘'Gladys and Iris Deuuhurg are designers for Jerry Siegal’ Smart Style Shoe Factory. Joy Williams and Dollie Hcid own tlu Better Book Shop. Dorothy Lemons manages the Sowell Kiddie Shoppe whose merchandise are designed hy Norma Berman and Nhircia Radoms. Mary Dvmmi, manager of the art department of the C.'ragon and Fugleman’ Department Store, ha recently displayed the work of Artist Helen Smith Betsy Pankev and Lelie Jenkins model clntlies for this firm; Doris Hill and Betty Burgess are managers of tl»e Klever Klutlies department. Elizabeth Locke manages Malsrl Robinson’ Women’s Sport Shoppe. "Generals Drake and Benton are now on an expedition to the moon. Admiral Partridge. Major Hugensinith, and Colonel Slaughter accompanied them. Morton Simpson designed the rocket plane.” It was now time to fasten our safety belt , for we were in New York. After landing. Beverly and I denarted lor the West and South respectively, hut the pleasure and satisfaction we had received from reminiscing ubout our high scImniI senior class will always remain m mir memory.WHO'S WHO Most Outstanding Girl . Most Outstanding Boy Class Beauty .... Most Handsome Boy . Most Popular Girl . Most Popular Boy Best Persotxality, Girl Best Personality, Boy . Best Girl Student . Best Boy Student Most Polite Girl Most Polite Boy . Quietest Girl .... Quietest Boy.................. Girl Most Likely to Succeed Boy Most Likely to Succeed . Most Sophisticated Girl Most Sophisticated Boy Most Talkative Girl Most Talkative Boy . Best Dancer, Girl . Best Dancer, Boy Wittiest Girl .... Wittiest Boy.................. Biggest Flirt, Girl . Biggest Flirt, Boy First Bride................... First Groom................... Best Sport, Girl Best Sport, Boy .... Most Athletic Girl . Most Athletic Boy Best Politician, Girl Best Politician, Boy Most Entertaining Girl . Most Entertaining Boy Best Dressed Girl . Best Dressed Boy Most Poised Girl Most Poised Boy .... Jean Prescott Thomas Quinn Lynn Otey Mickey Poe Leue Jenkins Jerry Orennen Pat Riley Ivey Jackson Marion Spies Jimmy Davidson Beverly Goodwin Harold Wall Mildred Lee Matt Lawson Lillis Robertson James Garlincton Kitty Armes Fain Hackney Alberta Moore Walter Puckett Betty Lou Lewis Billy Hale Elizabeth Douchton Sol Kimerung Peccy Major Bobby Montgomery Mary Dyson Harold Pearson Mary Jo Graham Tommy Caldwell Mary .Alexander Bernie Thompson Doris Hill Gene Feicelson Barbara Barron Charles Culp Pegcy Fox Jack Elmore Betty Clark Eli .AllenIn 1944, Mother Ambition called to her young son, 48: HMy son, the time has come when you are to be tested for four years to see if you are ready to go out into the world with strength and confidence. For nine months out of each year you must go forth on a journey of learning and return to me at the end of each trip to report your progress. Co, my son, ’48, and my blessings go with you." At the end of the first allotted nine months '48 returned and hesitantly began: “Many times groping in the darkness of ignorance, I lost my way, only to be set right again by my teachers and fellow classmates. Now, Mother Ambition, weary and forlorn I return to you. The path of learning is a difficult one. Please do not make me return." But Mother Ambition replied, "I shall always remain near to help you. You must return. Creat things are in store for you." Fresh from adventure, '48 came back the second time. His face was bright as he reported: "Mother Ambition, I am inspired with a desire for learning. I have become aware that my great fault is not knowing the worth of things. I am sorrowful of my ignorance. I have so much to accomplish and without your help I cannot exist. Many times I have been ashamed of my lack of knowledge, but I am truly stronger than I was on my first journey." “You have learned the key to education which prevents many people from acquiring knowledge. Since you have realized your ignorance, you will indeed learn. Co forth again and return later to me," she commanded. At the end of the third year ‘48 reported enthusiastically, “Joys are mine indeed in these many things which I have witnessed, Mother: a champion football team, a champion tennis player, the winning of the sportsmanship cup, a voice in the student government, recognition of my efforts in school work by the faculty, and all my studies helping to quench my desire for learning. What is greater than knowledge?" Mother Ambition, well pleased, replied: “My lad. you are well on the road to knowledge. One more journey and you will behold the lamp, bright and untarnished. Cod speed thee on thy way." In May, 1948, for the last time '48 trudged homeward. Mis reward, the lamp of knowledge, was held high and burned brightly. "My dear Mother," he appreciatively said, "I return to you with my reward. It will always burn brightly for me and for those around me. For the last time I have gone forth into that dear old house of learning, and no more shall I hear the cheers of the throngs triumphant in her halls. Now- I shall go forth into the world. I have fought well and hard. Remembering the lessons I have learned, truly I shall strive to accomplish great things."SESSION ROOM 215 Virginia Dumas, President Ira Kune, Vice President Leue Jenkins, Secretary Jim Ricney, President Lucy Brasfield, Vice President Emma Jean Tickle, Secretary SESSION ROOM 123 Harry Goodall, President John Lavette, Vice President Charles Rollins, Secretary SESSION ROOM 113SESSION ROOM 117 Sue Reed. President Ann Bairnsfather, Vice President Jack Tkicc, Secretary SESSION ROOM 209 Gayle Trechsel, President Albert Lee Smith, Vice President Edaii Brittain. Secretary SESSION ROOM 225 Elveree Cook, President Sam Whitten. Vice President Mary Carolyn Gibbs. SecretarySESSION ROOM 307 Ann Tucker, President Jean Halliday, Vice President Lucille Hare. Secretory SESSION ROOM 213 Charles Hatcher, President Billy West, Vice President Walter Brandon, Secretary SESSION ROOM 317 Frank Yeildinc, President Bobby Whitten, Vice President Barbara Sohroedkr, SecretarySESSION ROOM 127 Bill Rogers, President Holland Powell, Vice President Linda Siiealy. Secretary SESSION ROOM 205 Herbert Hahn, President Betty Linder, Vice President Dorothy Jeter, Secretary SESSION ROOM 207 Joanne Gray, President Frank Bromberg, Vice President Chari.es Kahn. SecretarySESSION ROOM 325 Elizabeth Bedoow, President Sue Olsen, Vice President Bobby Saundkhs. Secretary SESSION ROOM 327 Jean Wheeler, President Margaret Jackson. Vice President Cuve Daly, Secretary SESSION ROOM 227 Frances Bku., President Richard Lapidus. Vice President Sue Lee Davis, SecretarySESSION ROOM 321 Travis Lindsay, President Charlotte Chambers, Vice President Jimmy Sulzby, Secretary SESSION ROOM A3 Ri Bkttye Sue Barnes, President Frances Breedlove, Vice President Jean Pettijohn, Secretary SESSION ROOM A3 R2 Nan Elliott, President Marian Sutton, Vice President William Perry Smith, Jr., SecretarySESSION ROOM As R3 Terry Rosenbkhger, President Louise England, Vice President Janet Landers, Secretary SESSION ROOM 131 Douglas Harwell, President Charles Allan, Vice President Joe Donald, Secretary SESSION ROOM 219 Elbert a Gibbs, President Martha Merritt. Vice President Jane Ricney, SecretarySESSION ROOM 229 Bette Sue Jackson-. President Ann Montgomery, Vice President Bert Tanner, SecretaryCJI—c. =?7 CABINET irginia Dumas, Chief of Marshals; Ruth Houhicck, Publicity; Louise Mowers, Sportsmanship: Beverly Goodwin, Publications; Gene Feigelson, Secretary; Miss lametta Weaver. Sponsor; Millie Nesbitt. President, Sol Kimerling, Vice President; Thomas Quinn, Chairman of Council; Sue Aldridge. Scholarship; Adele Zcidman, Health; Jim Montgomery, Art. COUNCIL Thomas Quinn, President Virginia Dumas, Vice President Marry Goodall, Secretary MARSHALSMARSHALS Virginia Dumas, Chief Pat Riley, Assistant Chief Charlie Fkicklson, Secretary NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Sue Aldridge, President Jack Elmore, Vice President Katherine Price, Secretary ANNUAL STAFF First Row—Lewis Cullen, Jane Anderson, Kathleen Ligon, Lucy jane Bras field, Jean Hall, Caroline Tmemnn, Alda Jo Jolly, Beverly Goodwin. Second Row— Marvin Hur-vich. Clara Jean Hoile, Peggy Collier. Hclga Blum, Helen Smith. Martha Moore, Sol Kimeriing, Harold Wall. Third Row—Bcmey Mulkove, Harold Lbchkoff, Larry Levin, Bobby Woodson, James Garlington, Fred Harris. Fourth Brno—Charles Denney, Biddle Worthington, Irv ing Levy, Charles Feigelson, Morton Simpson, Bobby Box, Hurry Goo dull.HIGHLANDER STAFF First Row-Gayle Trechscl. Hull Rouhicck. Millft Nesbitt. Doris Hill, Marietta Jones, Lucy Brasfield. Second flour-Beverly Goodwill, Betty Jackson, Betty Burgess, Mildred Lee, Mary Carolyn Gibbs, Miss Mix, sponsor. Third Row— Betty Boswell, Martha Hewex. Virginia Dumas, Adclc Zeldman, Marjorie Meyer, Audrey Muier. Sol Kimer-liug. Fourth Row— Mary Neal Williams, Douglass Rowe, Susan Finley, Richard Litt, Jim Montgomery, Harold Wall. RED CROSS —ART DIVISION Marlin Pankey, President Betsy Pankey, Vice President Jane Anderson, Secretary, Kenny Ci aiuc, Treasurer RED CROSS —SEWING DIVISION Marion Wainwricht, President Alda Jo Jolly, Vice President Ellen Siecal, SecretaryBarbara Barhon, Sponsor R. 0. T. C. William Drake, Company Commander R. 0. T. C. James Caruncton, Company Commander; Carolyn Jeffreys, Sponsor DISC AND DIAMOND James Caruncton, President John Slaughter, SecretarySCHEDULE CLUB Jack Lewis, President Margie Meyer, Vice President FRENCH CLUB Caroline Trueman, President Aoele Zkidman, Vice President Audrey Muir, Secretary CAMERA CLUB Ivey Jackson, President Marvin Hurvich, Vice President Berney Malkove, SecretaryTHESPIANS Pat Riley, President Betty Burcess. Vice President Mary Carolyn Gibbs. Secretary; Marcia Radoms. Treasurer T. C. YOUNG Hl-Y CLUB Stokes Goodrich, President Don Drennen, Vice President Joe Parsons, SecretarySCIENCE CLUB Harold Black, President Pete Morris, Vice President Bill Tynks. Secretary VOCAL CLUB Joe DeLbonard, President Mabel Robinson, Vice President Paul Major, Secretary BOVS ATHLETIC CLUB Berney Thompson, President Thomas Quinn, Vice President Marvin K abase, SecretaryGIRLS’ LETTER CLUB Jams Chapman, President Dorothy Jeter, Vice President Betty French, Secretary; Dolores Stephens, Treasurer LIBRARY ASSISTANTS HONOR STUDY HEADSY -TEENS Gayle Trechsel, President Jane Ann Mitchell, Vice President Cage Yeildinc., Secretary; Margaret Jackson, Treasurer USHERS James CArlington, President Gene Feicelson, Vice President Jerry Drennen, Secretary QUILL AND SCROLL Virginia Dumas, President Betty Burcess, Vice President Adkle Zeidman, Secretary; June Luttrell, TreasurerHcUnSh% jtA.First How-Jack Lewis, Gene Feigelson, Marvin Kabase, Bemie Thompson. Thomas Quinn, Harry C K dail, Ed Thomas, Charlie Feigelson. Second Roto—Jimmy Nation. Bobby Whitten. Sidney Jaffee, Billy Joe Holley, Eddie Burg. Louis Alexander, Billy Coe, Percy Alford, Bill Morrison. Third Roto—Sol Kimerling, Charles Culp. Tommy Hamilton. John Baumgartner, Bill French, Tommy Caldwell, Allan Dr ash, Eddie Pham. Fourth flour-Richard Bite. Thomas Thorpe, Ed Duncan, Turrene Newell, Billy Cash. David Collins. Sot Shown—Bobby Timmons.FOOTBALL REVIEW The football season of 47 for the Rambling Ramsay Blues was surprising, sensational, and successful. The Blues opened against Woodlawn High. After trailing, 0-6 at the half, the Rams tied the score 6-6 early in the third quarter, Culp scoring for Ramsay. Then it was nip and tuck until late in the fourth quarter when the Colonels from Woodlawn intercepted a Ram pass, and marched to a 13-6 victory. The following week a disappointed but a spirited Ram team journeyed to New Orleans, La., to meet Holy Cross College, the Rams' toughest foe of the year. Two Holy Cross passes paved the way for a hard-fought, well-earned 20-0 victory for the Louisiana team. The Ram line, from end to end, was magnificent in this defeat. After dropping their first two games, Ramsay’s team made one of the greatest comebacks ever witnessed in Big Five football history. First of the adversaries to fall in the Ram victorious march was the valiant Murphy High of Mobile. The Rams took this game 27-7. Thompson scored twice for Ramsay, with Lewis and Timmons tallying once each. Next the Rams met previously unbeaten West End, and after 48 minutes of hard football the Rams left the stadium with a clean cut 7-0 victory. Timmons scored for Ramsay. All was going well for the Rambling Rams until they met “scrappy” Ensley High. Here the Rams lapsed and lost 12-6, Kimerling going across for Ramsay. After this game the Rams discovered that winning was more pleasant than losing. An underdog Ram eleven took the field against highly rated Bessemer High in Bessemer. Hustle and spirit, found lacking in the Ensley game, led the Rams to a magnificent 14-0 victory over the Purple Tigers. Kimerling scored twice for Ramsay. The following week the Gadsden Tigers were to try the strength of the Blues. All attempts made by this visiting team proved to be futile. The Rams cut another notch in their victory belt by swamping the Tigers 27-0. Kimerling (2), Culp (1), and Baumgartner (1) registered for the Rams. Next came the all important tussel with the cross-town rivals, the Phillips Red Raiders. If the Rams could come through in this one, they were assured of a bid to the Crippled Children’s Clinic Came and a crack at the city championship. The Rams entered this game as an underdog, but the mighty Blues were not to be denied. After a hectic night of football, the scoreboard read Ramsay 33, Phillips 6. Baumgartner (3), Kimerling (1), and Timmons (1) tallied for Ramsay. On Thanksgiving Day, as the Rams had done the previous year, the Blues gave up their Turkey for "pigskin!” The hard charging Ram line, composed of C. Feigelson, Coe, Burg, Goodall, Quinn, Kabase, G. Feigelson, and Lewis teamed with the magnificent Blue backs, Culp. Kimerling, Thompson, Caldwell, and Baumgartner to trim the Woodlawn Colonels 25-0, and this tied for city championship. Three members of the Ramsay team, Coe, Kimerling. and Kabase, were placed on the all-city eleven. Three others, Quinn, Lewis, Baumgartner, were placed on the second all-city eleven."B" TEAM First Rou-Billy Duggrr. Hoyt Outer, Charley Abrurely, Lee Brown, Trash Lindsay, George Reed, Bill Stapp. Second Row— Donald Dennman, Donald Jemison, B«»l by Nortbcutt, Shaheen Erben, Frank Cauthen, Bobby Vise, Jimmy Kirkpatrick. Terry Slegal, Dan Smirl. Pete Ftirio. Third Row—Jimmy Nation, Jimmy Bridges. Candler Crlm, Steve Carrol, Frank Digesu. Coach Lawson, Bobby Reese. Bill Brown, Billy Ethridge, Ralph Dillon.CULP CALDWELL COE KIMERLINC KABASE BURC Mrs. Todd’s Cafeteria In Appreciation To THE FINE FACULTY AND 215 S. 21st St. STUDENTS OF RAMSAY Birmingham's Most Popular from The Electrik Maid DINING OUT PLACE Bake Shop For 25 Years Home of the South's Finest OPEN SUNDAYS Bakery Products PHONE 7-5871BASKETBALL First Bow — J. B. Mazer, Leon Edwards. Second Rote — John Baumgartner, Jimmy Nation, Gene Feigclson, Charlie Fcigelson, Jack Lewis. Third Row — Eddie Phan h, Frank Cauthen, Bill French, Cordon Robinson, Coach Eubank. BASEBALL First Row— Gus Marinos, Hyman Edwards, Billy Cash, Bobby Williams, Carrol Downs, Dick Callahan, James Neely, Johnny Taylor. Second Rote— Pete Robinson, Charles Hatcher, Bemie Thompson, Fred Harris. EXCHANGE BANK Birmingham's Newest And Most Modern Banking Home Twentieth Street and Tenth Avenue. South At Five PointsTRACK First Row—Tommy Caldwell, Ed Huddleston, Dick Humphrey, Jim Dow, Eugene Norris. Second Ron:—Alan Drash, Floyd Berman, Sol Kimerling, Frank Matthews. Third Row — Percy Alford, Don Mc-Dougal, Don Clicquennoi, Gene Fei-gelson. Bill Mormon. Fourth Row—Neel Smith, Bobby Whitten. TENNIS First Row — Fred Rock, Don Drennen. Bobby Terrell, Jack Lewis. Second Row — Jnek Brawdy, Tommy Riche. Jimmy Sherman, Ivy Jackson, Albert Lee Smith. Compliments of Acme Engraving Co. ENGEL REALTY CO. Designs • Illustrations Agency PHOTO ENGRAVERS 414 -416X North 21st Street Complete Real Estate and Insurance Service Birmingham 3, Ala. 1921 FIRST AVE.. NO. Phone 4-2300 Phone 7-0255 CHEERLEADERS First Row— Leonora Miliuzit, Mary Stiles, Bilik Ann Brewton, Sue Lei Davb, Camille Walpole, Ellen Levy. Betty Jackson, Joyce Terry, Dorothy Jeter. Second Roic—Betty Jo Ellis, Assistant Head Cheerleader; Burbunt Bernstein, Margaret Elder, Claire Eyrich, Carolyn Jeffrey. Katherine Mercer, Nancie Browning, Pauline Fetui, Cynthia McCoy, LaVerne Green, Man Alexander. Head Cheerleader. IT is the aim of our Company to help build enduring homes that stand on solid financial foundations wrought out of the thrift and foresight of life insurance. liberty National Ji e hsura iCG Company —' one a. r-.nz.eo 900 BIRMINGHAM. ALA,GIRLS' VOLLEY BALL TEAM First Row—Jean Clumllrr, Betty Jo Ellis, Ann Bolling. Second Row—Dorothy Jeter, Winnie Daughtry, Patty Coodall. Third Row—Betty French, Dolores Stephens, Joan Callahan. Now Is The Time For All Every Thing for Every Sport Seniors To Consider Wimberly Thomas LIFE INSURANCE Hardware Co., Inc. As A Career And Arrange The College Courses Accordingly 2011 - 1st Ave.. No. Buying • Selling • Financing • Repairing Walter Puckett, Jr. Late Model Cars and Trucks Agency Manager Harold Wall Motor Co. Protective Life Insurance Co. North American Discount Co. Birmingham, Ala. 407 South 21st Street Phone 4-2997COACH and FEIGELSON TWINS The 1948 Highlander was made possible by the fine cooperation of the Art Department, Camera Club. Faculty and Student Body. Annual Staff Compliments of Compliments of JEFFERSON FRANK CHAMBERS Home Furniture Co. Engraving Company 1808 10 Third Avenue, North 2104 Fifth Ave., North BIRMINGHAM. ALA. Phone 4-8701Xu you, who each day Take on anew' your tasks Along the lines that speech will go Through city streets or far out Upon some mountainside Where you have blazed a trail And kept it clear; To you there comes from all Who use the wires A tribute for a job well done. For these are not just still And idle strands That stretch across a country' Vast and wide But bearers Of life’s friendly words And messages of high import To people everywhere. Not spectacular, your usual day, Nor in the headlines Except they be of fire, or storm, Or flood. Then a grateful nation Knows the full measure of your skill And worth. And the fine spirit of service Which puts truth and purpose In this honored creed— “The message must go through.” SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY NCORRORATEO Roberts (S Son 530 SOUTH 19th STREET BIRMINGHAM, ALA. jjOt tlu uist 50 ycats . . . 15his Book Produced by Our Lithograph Process . . .

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