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HIGHLANDER 1946-1947 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR ELA55E5 RAM5AY HIGH SCHOOL BIRMINGHAM. ALABAMA To all the students of Ramsay High School who have so nobly served in the armed forces of World War zee humbly and gratefully fay tribute. Many of these zvho haz'C shared our classes, our work, and our fun have given their lives that schools like Ramsay, symbols of democracy, may continue to exist. We shall ez'er be mindful of our debt to them and remember their supreme sacrifice. c I I7or his accomplishments and unselfish efforts in behalf of Ramsay Technical High School, zee, the graduating Class of 1947, affectionately dedicate this . I initial to the school's first principal, whose high ideals hare been implanted in our hearts, THOMAS CAMPBELL YOUNGOn the city's southern border Stands the school we love; Hearts aglow and voices raising Send her praise above. Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Faithful we will be; Long we’ll love thee, Ramsay High School, And be true to thee.SENIORSJANUARY CLASS John Adams, Gopher Ambition. To graduate. Activitin; Football, Bjtrbali, Marshal, President, Vice-President, Secretary of S. B. James B. Bell, J. B., Jimmy Ambition: To live a happy and successful lllc. Activilin; President Student Body. Hi-Y-UsImts Club, Iliad Marshal, It..nor Study, Track '43, '44. '45. President of S. ft.; History- mu! English Class Presf-dent, Vice-President Big 7 Student Council. Kalliope Chhonls, Ojtie Ambition: That each tomorrow find nsr further than today. Aetivltiei: Marshal. Orchestra '43. ‘45. Med Cross Club, Chemistry Assistant, Library Assistant. National Honor Society, Secretary Senior Class. Mildhed Elizabeth Davis Millie, Shortic Ambition: Looked all around for any possible sound. But no ambition found. Aefitifies. Head Marshal, Honor Study Head, Hamettes, Library Assistant, School Typist, Secretary Schedule Club. National Himor Society, Class port. Elbiudce Hilton Dyson Ebhie, Eb Ambition: To have many frimds and to lie successful in everything I do. Activities: Staff Sergeant H.O.T.C. Joan Newkield Forst Ambition. To have and to hold Activities: President. Vice-President. Secretary of S R.; Kamettrs, Marshal, Vice-Prrsisb-iit Schedule Club. JANUARY CLASS Richard B. Allison Fingers, Dick Ambition: To be as far away from Carlyle's Essay as possible. Activities: President, Vice-President of S. R. Domothy Chattin, Dot Ambition: To prove that happiness is the first step toward success. Artidliri: Victory Sendee Club, School Typist. Dramatic Club, S. R. Officer. Alan Fulcham Clark, Buddy Ambition: To learn Ihe value of water liefore the well runs dry. Activitin: Hi-Y-Uther, Science Club, Marshal, Vice-President Senior Class, Band. George Michael Dennis Ike, Mike Ambition: To become a success in the business world Acticitirs: Football. H.O.T.C., Gym. June Etheridge Ambition To be sucsretslul in whatever I do. Activitin: Marshal. School Typist. Victory Service Club, Sewing Club, Gladys Annette Foss Skipper Ambition. To graduate from college. Activitin. Marshal. Vice-President S. H., President Thespians, Library Assistant, Orchestra.JANUARY CLASS Cm ah lotte Jeanne Goodwin Jennnic Ambitionr To cutch up with Kilroy. Actnilici: Vice-President Student Body. Editor-in-Chlef Highlander. Chairman Publicity Committrr. Prmdent. Vicr-Prr»ident. Secretary S. R.; Chemlitry Assistant. Honor Study Head. President Schedule Club. May Festival. National Honor Society. JANUARY CLASS TiiOMAt Johnson Hayden Tommy, Skull Ambition: To succeed. ActteltUi; R.O.T.C. Club. Vice-President Chariot A. Brown Club. Diac unrl Diamond Society. Vice-President and Secretary S. H., Lieutenant R.O.T.C., Rifle dub. Vann Hknacan, Stup Ambition: To make a million dollar and retire at 23. Arflctfio. Hi-Y-U.hrr». Capt. R.O.T.C.. Captain Diac and Diamond Society, Camera Club, Preiidcnt. Secretary of S. R., Science Club. Peggy Louise Levy, Peg Ambition: To become u good piiitui player. ActitUie : Victory Service Club. Dramatic Club. Reo Cron. Senior Play, Spaiiidi Club, Clan Pianist. Jean Harriet Light, Jcannie Ambition To pan Type 4 and xmdoatr. AcUvttlri: Vocal Club. Honor Study Head, Stamp and Bondi Helper. May Festival, Glee Club. Victory Service Club. School Typht. Highlander Staff. Edward John LaCamp Joek, Sherman Tank Ambition: To p aruund the work). Activities Football. Norklketk Leland Ambition: To In successful in lile. ActMtlti: Head Marshal. Pierian Literary Club, Red Crow Club, Dramatic Club. Senior Editor Highlander, Vice-Pre idem S. K. Joseph Maurice Mahun, Joe Ambition: To be respectful and re- spected. Aetitilik• : Chairman ol Ramsay's Big 7 Committee. Treaiurer Birmingham Big 7 Committee, Chairman Scholarship Committee. President National Honor Society, President Senior Class, Head Manlial. Safety Club. Charles Louis Meadows June Evelyn Meyer Ambition: To be the only »Ur tn some-one' blue heaven. At Deifies. Ramette . Manhal. Honor Study Head. Victory Service Conn. School Typl L Cecil Moskowitz Ambition: To become a lawyer Activities Manhal. Stamp and Bond Hejger, Captain R.O.T.C., R.O.T.C. Betty Jean Nelson. Boott Ambition: To find happtnes a defined iti Carlyle' Enay. AetMtlet: Murvhal. Library Assistant. Ramette . Stamp and Bond . Band. Sellout Typlit.JANUARY CLASS Angelo Mario Paradiso Fotuo, Angie Ambition: To lx? a good lawyer for my own protection, Acflcilirt; Tcnnl Team '46. Head Mar that. Sam Martin Rosania, Sammy Ambition: To eat. »leep and make mil-lion). Artiritin; !lf-Y-U»hen. Head Manhal, Safety Council. Katherine Quincy Sowell Kitty Ambition: To have an ambition. Aclirilirt: President, Vice-Pre»idrot, Secretary S. R.) Manhal, Girl Rnervei, National Honor Society. Patty Jean Thrradcill, Pat Ambition: To upend the re»t of my life with Burl. Actfciiir .- Glee Club, Victory Service Corpa, Pretident. Secretary S. K. Alpxbd Dudley Tuhneii, Al Ambition: To re-explorr Alabama. Actuilic, R.O.T.C, Hi-Y-lMier. Char-lea A. Brown Club, Rifle Team. Due And Diamond Society. JANUARY CLASS Alvin Rich. Al Ambition. To build a better mouietrup. Actiutlrt. Safety Club, Head Manhal, Science Club, Honor Study Head, National Honor Society. Sportimunshlp Committee, Schnlanhtp Committee. Mary Alice Sample Ambition. To Drive, to »cck and to find! Aftirlliri: Rnmettei. Manhal. Honor Study. Victory Service Corp», Secretary S. R , School Typist, Sue Studdaiui. Susan, Susie Ambition. To lie a nune. Actitilln; Ramettei. Adhianne Tmiantos, Nina Ambition• To make my future career at full ai my pa t. Acticitiet.a Vlce-Pre»ident. Secretary S. K ; Ramettes. School Typist. Victory Service Oirp». Henry At.an Wood, Sonny, Butch Ambition: To build a bridge at every railroad criming. Acticitift: Manhal. Ushen Club. President of S. R.. Lunchroom Helper. Cheerleader.MAY CLASS John Alexander, Tad wle Ambition: To become a first-clan mechanical engineer. Activities- Football; Basketball. track. Betty Hunt Ambehson Ambition; To |oin the college oI house-wivn. Activities: Manhal; S. H Secretary. Glee Club; Ramettes. Treasurer. MAY CLASS Kenneth William Allen. Ken Ambition: To get to Paradise before Edwin Barker. Activities: Head of Honor Study. Prr-ii-drot of Session Room; Charier A. Brown Club. Paul Andemton, Andy Ambition To get out of school and never return. Many Anne Attest Ambition: To be happy. Acticitiet: French Club; Victory Service Club; Stamp Salesman. Edwin Noal Bahkkii, Barker Ambition: To become at interested in other in in myself. Activities: S. R. President; Vice-President; President Science Club; Vice-President H.O.T.C. Club; Marshal; Hi-Y Club; R.o.r.c Cadet Major. French Club; Highlander Staff. Allen Lyman Baiitlett, Jh. Ambition: To live a happy and success -ful life and have many Irirndi. Acficirh-i, Vice-President National Honor Society; Senior Play; News-Age-Hrrald Oratorical Contest. Marshal. Highlander Staff. Hi-Y Usbm Club. Gloria May Bennett Ambition: To have and to hold success, happiness, and many friend . Activities; Chemistry Assistant; Stamp and Rond Helper; Head Manhal; Thespian; Secretary-. English Class; Victory-Service Club: Dramatic Club. Office Assistant; Dramatic Festival. Jacqueline Atchison, Jackie Amhltion: To learn that silence is golden. Activities: S. R. Vice-President; Secretary Vocal Club; Dramatic Club; Marshal. Senior Play. Mkhvyn Bahstein. Mem AmbitionTo attend a certain national convention this summer. Activities: Marshal; Head Marshal; Prs-si-dent of Churlet A. Brown Club; Operator of Public Address System. Frank Ai.lyn Beasley, Buddy Ambition: To get my book reports in on time. Activities: Manhal; Vocal Club; h R. Assistant; R.O.T.C. Club. Robert Bi.eoaok, Smirk Ambition: To be a successful surgeon Artlritiri. Manhal; S. H. Secretary; Vice-President; Ushers Club; Science Club; Tennis '46-‘47; National Honor Society. MAY CLASS Jane Alice Buss, Bliss Ambition: To be Kilmy. Acfirifu-i; Tctuii Team; Hockey Team; Council; Pmidml Dramatic Club; New Editor. Louise Dean Brannon. Wecsic A mbit Km. To travel all o er the world. Activities: Manhal; S. R. Vice-President. Honor Study; Cirl Reserve ; Head Mar- hal; IliKhlander Stall. Bahbaha Brown, Huh , Hohhic Ambition; To convince everyone that Texa« i the bett Male. At tm ln. Four Cnmrn Club President; Martlial; Honor Study. Frances Clayton Bryan Ambition: To rid my»clf ol my nicknuiue. Activltifa: S. H. Secretary; Secretary ( Speech CIom; Thnyiaiw; Secretary-T rramrer of Heil Crou Club; Senior Play. Honor Study; Vocal Club; Vice Prr«ident Biology Clan. MAY CLASS Virginia Lee Bonds, Lee Ambition: To be a little angel and be Happy, loo. ActMtUt: Cheerleader, Manhal, Highlander Staff; Annual Staff. Honor Study. National Honor Society. Martha Wynne Bhasfikui Wynne Ambition: To finUh college and team to play the piano well. Activities: Senior Play; May Fmtfval; Publicity Chairman. Piman Literary Society. Maiicahet Ann Brown, Arm .Ambition.- To prove to the teacher of Hammy that 1 am a mpomible perron. Actitnia: Dramatic Club. Keith Bryant, Jn. Ambition: To be a great Hrtenrch Client-i»t. A.r.iinYi Band; Orchrttra; R.O.T.C.; S. It. Vice-Pre »dent, Four-Comer Club. President Junior Aviation Club. Manhal, National Honor Society. Honor Study Hum!. Richard Stanley Bullock. Jr. Dick Ambition: To ucceed. Activities: Senior Play; Treasurer of Hilliard; S. R President, Vk -President; Batketball 4-1. 45. 48; Football 44. 45; Vice-President Speech Cla»t 48; Chatlri A. Brown Club. Betty Lee Burger, R. B. Ambition: Juit to tay footloose and fancy free til totnelhing really pecial come along. Activities. Theipioiu, Manhal; Honor Study Head; Secretary Biology Cl ; Dramatic Club; Pierian; S R. President. Bettye Lorraine Capley Belt, Capley Ambition: In tlie end to »ay. I came I aw. I conquered T. Grover. Activities: Cheer leader; Victory Scrvkt Club; Glee Oub; Vice-President S. R. Ramette ; School Typi»t. Vincent Anthony Cahnacgio Ambition: To have a friend when in need.MAY CLASS Edward Carpenter, Eddie Ambition: To be another Grantlond Rice. . Activitict: R.O.T.C. Club Jeanne Tyler Coleman, Jeanie Ambition: To graduate from college. Activitin: Manual; Music dub; Honor Study; National Honor Society. Annf. Cook, Cookie Ambition: To get my driver' Itceme. Adirilki: Marshal; S. R. President; Highlander Stall; Annual Stall. Honor Study; National Honor Society. Dkspika Costellos, Dessie Ambition. To travel around the world and not alone. AcTiciftr : S. R. President, Vior-Prrsl-dent. Secretary; Library Assistant. Hum-ettes. Dramatic Club; Clee Club. Marjoiue Dknaburg. Margie Ambition; To make good grades at the U. of A. and have a wonderful time. Activitin: Honor Study; Dramatic Club. Jim Dow Ambition. Totally lacking. Ac tint r i Football 43. '44. 45. Annual Stall; Baseball 43. ‘44. Track ‘43. ’46. ‘47; S. R President. 48. •43; MAY CLASS Marianne Cole Ambition: To shrink. Activitin: Dramatic Club; S. R Vice-President; Speech Class Secretary. Pierian Literary Society; Thespians: Annual Stall; Red Cross Club. French Club; Marshal; Hrad Marshal. Maureen Lucy Coleman Ambition: To have people like roe as much as I like people. AetMtin: S. B Bonds and Stamps; Honor Study; Marshal Head; French Club; Girl Reserve ; Art Committee; Assistant Feature Editor; Associate Editor. Highlander Stuff. Kenneth Wilson Cooper. Tooth Ambition: To get rich and help open that Door . Activitict: S. R. President. Vice-President; Head Marshal; Health Committee Chairman; Ushers Club; I- R. Checker, Cashier; Charles A Brown Club: Ffrt»ch Club: Honor Study Head. • Carolyn Davis, Siifrr Ambition. To paint Cockers nod horses, Activitin: S. R. Secretary; Hrad Marshal; Art Committee: Representative of Big Seven; Highlander Stall, Girl Reserves; Honor Study Head. Helen Louise Dobbs, Looney Ambition. To become a succesful stenographer. Activitin: Marshal; Ramrttes President; Highlander Stall; Cheerleader; Honor Study. James Downey, Jim Ambition: To loaf and to be happy. Activitict: Marshal; Hi-Y, Ushers Vice-President; Sportsmanship Committee; Scholarship Committee. Science Chib.MAY CLASS Ethel Ray Dunn am Shorty, Ethelbcrt Ambition: To have the one thing I've always wanted. Activities. Ramettes; Marshal; Dramatic Club; Paper Committee; Science Club; French Club; Senior Play; National Honor Society. Nicholas Bentos Ehbkn Cairtain Midnight Ambition: To be a hermit in the South Se «. Actlvituri: Manhal; S. R President, Vice-Prrsidi-nt. Secretary; B’ Team Football Coach ’48: Baseball ‘45. '48. '47; Football '44. 45; Football Club; Council. Carolyn Cochran Flanders Ambition: To lore my Fickle Eye. Acticillrir S. R. President: Honor Study Chairman; Senior Play; Library Assistant; Thespian Club. Patricia Helen Foley. Tisli Ambition: Eat. drink and l r merry tor tomorrow we may dir. Acticltin: Black Warrior Annual; High Life; Creasepainten; Latin Club; Stump Committee, Hand; S. R. Secretary; Honor Study Head; Head Marshal, National Honor Society; Red Cross; Vocal Club; Dnmatics; Annual Stuff. MAY CLASS Jean Embry Ambition: To succeed to art and to travel. Arfitifia- .- Marshal; Ramrlte ; Vocal Club; Girl Reserves. Jack Fiorella. Jr. Little Flower, Duke Ambition: To play professional baseball. AetitUm: Baseball '42. '43. '45; Varsity Football 43. '44. 45. Georgia Fleuer Ambition: To succeed in anything 1 endeavor to do. Activities.' Barnettes. Peggy Anne Franklin, Peg Ambition: To overcome my shyness. Activities: Marshal; Honor Study. David Norris Friedman, Checzy Ambition: To own Use largest cheese company in the world. Acticilin: R.O.T.C. Non-Commissioned Officer; R.O.T.C. Club; Science Club; S. R. President; Council; Mnrshal; Stamp and Bond Salesman; Honor Study. Frances Golda Giles Frankie, Fran Ambition: To be a success. Activitirt: Marshal: Red Cross Club; S. R. Secretary; Sewing Club; Drum Corps; Victory Service Club. Ramettrs; Honor Study. George P. Gianoudis, llawkeyc Ambition: To hold a commission in the U. S. Marine Corps. Activities. Hl-Y Club; Treasurer, Vice-President R.O.T.C. Club; Best Drill Squad; Rife Team; First Lieutenant and Vice-President of Disc and Diamond Society; Captain R.O.T.C. Charlotte Dolohf.s Click Dolly Ambition: To see all my favorite dreams fulfilled Actititirt: Stamp and Bond Salesman; S. R President. Secretary. Thespian Club; Vice-President Red Cross Club; Highlander Staff; Health Committee; Head Marshal; Honor Study; Annual Staff.MAY CLASS La whence Harvey Goldstein Goldie AmWftoti; To ilty in Iho White House longer than F I). R. Artitltiri; Band; R.O.T.C.; Junior Aviation Club Vice-President. LaDO CaHFIEUI CootXiON, Jll. Lien Ambition. To live up to my last name. ActivitUi. S. R. President. Vice-President; Ushers Club; Sports Club; Charles A. Brown Club. Vice-President; Hi-Y Club; Vocal Club; Marshal. I (ahold Chovk Graham, Eyes Ambition: To be successful. Articlliri: Marshal ‘47; Track '44, '45; Yancey Literary- Society; S. R. Vice-President. MAY CLASS Lucy Shepherd Goodrich Goosey Ambition. To he five feet six. Activitiri: Highlander Staff; S. H. President. Secretary; Honor Society; Health Committee; Ctrl Reserves. Mary Elizabeth IIames, Bunny Ambition: To always stay young and 3SS » Honor Study Head; Band; R Ornettes. Cuy B. Hammond Ambition: To team how to study while I’m asleep. Activity National Honor Society; S. H. President. Vice-President; Marshal; Bond; Stamp and Band Salesman; Hi-Y-Ushers; Science Club. Pegoy Marie Hansen Ambition: To succeed in life. ActivitUi: Girl Reserve ; Victory Corps; Marshul; Bonds and Stamps. Mary Anne Hocan, Hogie Ambition: To prove that |u»t because I am a blonde. Pm not lightheaded. ActivitUi: Head Marshal; S. R. Secretary; Science Club; Highlander Typist; National Honor Society. Genevieve Hazel Holmes Gwendolyn Ambition: To do Patricia's home work ActWdri. S. R. President. Vice-President; Speech Class President. Vice-President; Honor Study Head; Pierian Club; Vocal Club; Dramatic Club. Betty Hillhouse, Buckets Ambition: Medical Technician. Acricities: Marshal; Clee Club; Ramet-tes; Library Assistant; S. R Secretary. Mary Jane Hollingsworth A . . Ambition: Firm and faithful let me be To all who would be friends with me. Activitirt: Glee Club; Gill Reserves Secretary; Debate Club Secretary; Pep Club; Editor School Paper, National Honor Society. Peccy Holmes, Peg Ambition: To get in a college with my beautiful trradri. Activities S. R. President; Red Cross Club; Marshal; Senior Play.MAY CLASS Thao Holt Ambition. To mtkr a lot of money do-ins nothing. Activities: S. K. Vice-President; Head Marshal; Council; Annual Staff; (h»rn Literary Society Secretary; History Cl«u President; Camera Club Vice-President. Secretary; Sportsmanship Committee Chairman; Hi-Y-U»hen; Senior Class President; Health Committee Chainnan. Edward Scott Huddleston Huddleston, Smasher Ambition: To hibernate and hunt rab-biU- Artit-Met: Manhal; Hi-Y-Usher Club: Mr. Ordway's Math Clium, Track and BarkctbaU. Jo Ann Hunter Ambition: To have all my dream come true. Activities: S. K. Secretary; Honor Study Head; Victory Corps Chili Secretary, Trearurer; Highlander Staff; Bond and Stamp' Salomon; Office Helper. Dorothy Fay Jett, Dot Ambition: To have a reserved rent on the lint rocket to the moon. Arftcifsrr.- Pep Squad; Art Staff; Junior Red Croat; Library Assistant; Mime Club; Highlander Reporter. Marshal; Managing Editor Highlander. Huston Lincoln LaClaih, Jk, Paddy, Red, Husky AmhUion: To find out who Richard is. Activity,. Basketball 44; Owen. Club; Charles A. Brown Club; Uihrn Club; Manhal. Helene Leikndeckkh. Liz Ambition: To always be happy. Aeticiticr; Marshal; Hamrtte . MAY CLASS Hinton Kittreli. Howard Ambition: To make hay while It't raining. too. Af firittr . National Honor Society President; L- R. Cashier; Head Manhal; Chemistry laboratory Assistant, Hi-Y-Ulhcrs Chib; S- R. President, Vlee-Presl-dent, Secretary; Stamp and Bond Salesman; Science Club; Camera Club; Annual Staff. Chairman Scholarship Committee. Richard Cheek Humphrey Dick, Bougie Ambition: To have a lot of friends and live happily. Activities: S. R. Vicc-Pirtidrat; Vocal Club President; Football 44, Track 44, ■43. '46, '47. Harold Edward Jackson, Jr. Buddy Ambition; To marry a girl with eyes like Jane Russell. Activities; H.O.T.C. Captain; Rifle Team •46. ’47; H.O.T.C. Club; Track Team 44; Vocal Club Secretary, Treasurer; S. R. Vice-President; Science Club. Marcahet Erwin Jones, Sitter Ambition: To be worldly-wise. Anilities. Vice-President Speech Class S. R. Secretary, President Sewing Class Circle Francois; Secretary French Club President Biology Class. Ted Adam Lasocki, Ted Ambition: To makr more than 65 3 11 on a si -week’ Spanish tr t. Activities. Tenni : Rifle Team; Glee Club; Hi-Y-U hers Club; Camera Club; President Disc oral Diamond Society; Second Lieutenant R.O.T.C. Betty Levy Ambition- To be like old wine-to grow better with age. Activities: Art Committee; Honor Study; Senior Play; Inivitation Committee; Victory Corps. Bonds and Stamp Salesman; Anual Staff.MAY CLASS Dkdokaii Levy, Deb Ani rifnin To IXs a »utcn in the pmles-win that I undertake Actnitin Thespians; Girl Rearm; Sen. tor Play; Honor Study. Ai-ta London. Flossie, Sister Ambition: To have a (table full of Palomino . Activities: Thespian's Secretary; Marshal. S. R. Secretary; Clui Historian. Houfjiick Moons MacLeod Roddle, Stilts Ambition To be ambitious Activities S. H- Vtoo-President; Secretary, Charles A. Brown Club; Vocal Club; Captain R.O.T.C.; Dt»c and Diamond Society; Stamp Salesman. MAY CLASS Mabel Viik.inia Locxe, Maine. Ambition. To be like a postage tUmp. •tick to mw thine 'til I get there. Acticilics: Pierian Literary- Society; S. R. President, Vice-Pnmdrnl; English Class President; Marshal. Secretary; French Club Vire-Prrsidrnt. Highlander Editor-In-Chief; Coral Citizenship Ctrl; Na-tnatal Honor Society. William Mason Loy, Bud Ambition. To be the original originator of originality. Activities: S. R. Pretldent. Vice-President; L. R. Cashier; Marshal; R.O.T.C. Club; Honor Study; Stamm and Bonds; Paper Committee; Disc and Diamond Society. Patricia She Macratii, Pats j Ambition: To live In Wisconsin. Activities: S. R. Vice-President. S«tr-tary; Schedule Club Secretary; Annual .SuR. Ernestine Maiunos, Tasia Ambition: To succeed in whatever I may attempt tn do throughout lite. Aciinfirr; Hamcttrs. Don Morse McDougal, Mack Ambition. To live in Miami Actit'ifirr Football; Track; Tennis; “B Team Coach; Marshal; Athletic Club. Charles James McMolun Mac. Jim. Charlie. Ad Inf. Ambition: To think of a funny ambition Ar ivtllr.. Model Airplane Club. Class Prophet. Marshal; Highlander Staff. Charles A. Brown Club. Lott Mays, Mario Ambition: It’s a big secret. Acfltltiei: Marshal- S. R. Vice-Prrsi- drtit; Vocal Club; Science Club; French Club. Paper Committee; Library Assistant, Senior Play. Marjorie Ann McCaiiry Margie, Amber Ambition: To be happy AtItalic,. S. H President; R.O.T.C. Sponsor; Senior Ring Committee. Student Council Secretary; Vice-President. r Betty Jean Ml Murry, Mac Ambition: To see Paris and Cairo. Arlitilicr- S. H. President. Vice-President. Secretary. Pierian Literary Club; Dramutic Club; President History Class; President Speech Class; Marshal; Thespians. Sportsmanship Committer; R.O.T.C Sponsor; Disc and Diamond Clab, Senior Play.MAY CLASS Sylvia Meek Ambition: To make a iiiccra of my col-le«e career. AcUvitics: Dramatic Club; Honor Study. MAY CLASS Patricia Muchas, Fatty Ambition: To nlwAtrc Jive in the South. Activities; Vocal Club; Publicity Chair man Tbc»pian»; S. R Secretary; French Club; Red Cro»». Mae Gardner Morrow Slim, Gardenia Ambition: To make a ucce»« of everything I undertake. Actieitiei: Marshal; Stamp Salesman; S H Vice-President; Honor Study Head, Highlander Representative; Dramatic . Senior Play; Annual Committee; Girl Reserve President, Vice-President. Patricia Nelson, Trisha Ambition: To travel abroad. Acricitier; S. R. Secretary; Pierian Liter ary Society; Speech Clan President, Vice-Provident, Secretary; Dramatic Club; May Festival; Publicity Chairman. Thespian Chib. Barclay Eugene Norris, Rabbit Ambition: To find where thr week-end Acticities: S. R. President: Mamba!; Hi-V Club; Track '45. '46. ‘47; Ba.ketball ’•14; Honor Study; French Club. Florence Murfhher Flossie. Flo, Fleretj Ambition: To set out of life what I put in it. Activities: S. R. President. Secretary. Ccrclc Fran call. Crawford Nevens. Kevins Ambition: To lie a scientific farmer. Activities: S. R. President, Vice-Previ-dent. Secretary, Hi-Y-U hen Club Prcvi-dent; Council; Football '43. 44. '45; Mamluil; Ptrvident of Studrnt Body. Joshua Rowan Oden, Jr., Josh Ambition: To be a doctor. Acficirici; Camera Club President, Secretary, S. R. Prevident; Honor Study Head; Manhal Chief Head; Charles A. Brown Club. Jack Orcutt, Baby Jack Ambition: To make lot of money. Activities: Vice-President Student Bodv; Head Marshal; Honor Study; Hi-Y-Usn-rn Club: Big Seven Recreation Committee. Schedule Club; S. R Vicc-Prcri-dent, Secretary; Senior Play. Betty Ruth Phiups, Burp Ambition: To be tuccetful in anything that I undertake. Activities. Victory Con ; S. R. Prrri-dent; Manhal, National Honor Society. Vann Perkins, Parky Ambition: To think of an ambition. Activities: Track '44; Stamp Salesman; S. R. Secretary. Tura Pierce, Tura Lura Ambition: To be happy with the one I love. Acticiticr; Barnette . Vocal Club; Music Club; Manhal.MAY CLASS Epitii Irwin Quinn, E’furt-en Ambitio i; To think At much of other ■ I want otben to think of nw. Activities: Four Comm Club; Girl Re-i«vn; Schedule Club, M»r»h»li Band; Orchestra, Eganeet Representative; Alb City Orchrttra; All-City Band; All-Stair Bund; Schedule Chib President. Jean Reynolds. Reynolds Ambition. To move to Oklahoma-Articiiki. S. R. Vlce-Prrtidrnl, Secretary; Sewing Club; Senior Play. Marion Nanette Roberts Nanny Coat Ambition: To always live tor tomorrow. Actlvitin: Library Assistant; Honor Study; Rumcttcs; Red Cross Club. Paper Committee. Nathan Bettis Rudultii Ambition: Never to procrastinate. Artirlliri: Band; President Glee Club; S. R. President, Council Marvin Edward Sampu Pro, Brown-nose Ambition: To play professional golf and beat Ben Hogan Arfirific. S. R Vice-PrrtMlent; Hl-Y; Science Club; Ride Club; Lunch Room Checker. Football; Basketball; Track. Recreation Chairman Hi-Y Ushers; Marshal; Subscription Manager Highlander, Vice-President S. R.; Athletic Club. Linton Selman, Snazzy Ambition: To be a rambling wreck from Georgia Tech. Activities; S. R. President. Secretary. MAY CLASS Louise Rainey Ambition To reach the end of thr rainbow and find my pot of gold. Activities: Annual Committee; Marshal; Honor Study; Librarian Assistant; School Typist; Biology Laboratory Assistant. James A. Ridout, Jim, Rudut Ambition: To return to tlir land of en-(.hantmrnt—namely. Cairo. Egypt! Activities: S. R. President; L. R. Helper; Pan-American Club; Vocal Club President; Charles A. Brow Club: Veterans Club; Council Secretary; Senior Play; Head Marshal; Assistant Chief of Marshals. Leatiuce Judith Rosenthal Lee Ambition: To disprove the theory that all red heads have a fiery temper. Activities; Library Assistant; Publicity Committee; Honor Study; Cabinet; Marshal; Thespians; Red Cross; Art Committee; Senior Play; French Club, Buddy Runnels, Skinny Ambition: To be a successful business man. Activities; Hi-Y Ushers Club. Anne Saxton, A lies Rooney Ambition: To hit the road In a trusty old ialopy, follow every little tide toad I come to, and see America first. Activities; National Honor Society Secretary, Cirls' Glee Club; Senior Play; Make-up Committee. Mary Ellen Shannon Ambition: To find a shorter way to short-hand. Activities. Tennis Club: Girls' Club; Clee Club; S. R. Vice-President.MAY CLASS MAY CLASS Edgar Oscar Silver, . E. Ambition. To bo successful doing noth in . Activities: Stamp and Band Salesman. S. R. President. Vice-Presidml; L. R. Cashier; Vice-Chairman Council; Tmnn ‘•16. '47; Honor Study Head; Marshal; Annual Staff. Joanne Slocum, Joonic Ambition: None. Activities. Girl Reserve Club; Highlander Staff; Vocal Club; Thespian Club; Science Club; French Club; AnbUnl Librarian; Manbnl. Marion Jocelyn Smith. Jh. Buddy Ambit ion. To become an architect and design an niiditurium for Knimay. Aclmfir . Band; Orcl e tru; Hi-Y Usher; Vice-Pre ident H-V Club; Vice-Presl-dent S. R.; Camera Club; Head Mur- hal; Assistant Drum Mu| r, Secretary Birmingham Hi-Y Coumil; R.O.T.C.; President Birmingham Hi-Y Council. Betty Ann Stone Stontc, Pebble Ambition: To anchor tafely in the bar-Iwir of contentment. Activities; Manbnl. Rnmette ; 5 R. Secretary. Honor Study; Office Assistant. Nancy Straub, Smtlmt• Sumy Ambition: To do tlir thing Dut donni Actiritiri; Manhal; Stamp and Bond ; Honor Study. Girl Reserves; Highlander Staff. Mary Jane Taylor. Chicken Ambition: To grt tomewhrrr before Kilroy. Activities. Honor Study Head; Re l Crot Representative, Thespians. Ann Smaixman. Smallnum Ambition: To hr successful in Ufe. Activities Marshal. Head Manhal; Library Assistant. S. R. President. Vice-President, Secretary; Council. Red Cross; Bond and Stamp ; Victory Club. Thomas Houser Stephen, lngy Am hi Mon. To lie “in money as long as in history. Arfiriln . S. H. President; Science Club President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer; Chemistry and Phy»ic Assistant; Rifle Team Captain ’45; Drum Major. Emily Katherine Stone, Patsy Ambition: To hear the crock of dawn. Activities: S. H. Secretary; Girl Reserves Secretary; Honor Study; Art Committee; Senior Play; Annual Artist. Roy Rodehtnon Summerville Porky Ambition: To live long enough to see Hammy completed. Activities: Band. Mary Catiiryn Thompson, Kitty Ambition: To grow higher without growing taller. Activitrs: S. R. Vice-President. S. R. President; Thespians; Barnettes. Manhal; Office Assistant; Ctrl ' Basketball; Chorus.MAY CLASS MAY CLASS Bayard Shields Tymw, Barney Amhitkm: To look sharp, fee! sharp and lx- sharp. Activities! Basketball; Baseball '•LI. '4-4; Stamp Salesman; S. R Secret ary; Vice-President S. R.t Campaiirn Manager ’40, '47. Senior I'lay; Dramatics; Owen Club; Ushers Club; Honor Study. Bilub Francks Walukn Ambition; To he the early bird Acttcllin: Rarnrttes Club; Honor Study. Betty Fay WranmuEn B. B Fay Ambition: To find him, feed him, and make him a good wife. Activities: Band Drum Corps; Raroettea; Sewing Club; Reporter. Jakk Randlk Woodall, Sr ttalisy Ambition: To lie calm, smooth and sophisticated. Acticitin: Vice-President. Secretary-Speech Class; Vocal Club President; French Club President, Dramatic Club; Science Class Vice-President; Art Committee; Red Crass Represesitativv; Highlander Representative; Honor Study, Maiuon Woolkolk, Goalie Ambition: To take up where Kathenm-Cornell left off. Acticitin Dramatic Chib, Highlander Staff, President of Biology Class; Stamp and Bond Committee; S. H. Secretary. Euzareth Clark Yardley Betty Stilts Ambition■ To be a streetcar conductor so I can tell people where to get off. Acticitin; S. R. Vice-President; Dramatic Club. Carl Statiiam Usher, Panto Ambition: To ovin a bank. Activities: Ili-Y Ushers; Marshal; Honor Study; Track; Basketball Frances Wkhrenrehc Ambition To win friends and influence people. Activities: Marshal; Honor Stody. Clee Club; Class Prophet. Many Hemphill Wilkinson Ambition: To talk slowly enough so that everyone can understand me. Acticitin: S B. Vice-President; Dramatic Club; Vocal Club; Pienan Literary Society; Red Cross Club Patricia Woodard, Pat Ambition: To keep Cenevseve's nose out of my business. Aettvitn S. H. President. Speech Claw President. Vice-President. Secretary; Pierian Literary Society Secretary; Red Cross Club Secretary; Dramatic Club- Patsy Jean Wright. P. J. Ambition: To prove to everyone that I am Wright even if I’m wrong Acticitin: S. R. President, Vice-President. Secretary, Cirl Rcsetvci; Speech-Class President; Vocal Club. No Picture Cehaij) Patrick Small. Jr. Gerry Ambition: To see the world from heaven. Acticitin: Football. Basketball.1 J . n As beyond the horizon sinks the sun, shining radiantly until the end and leaving an afterglow of reflected, softened hue, so the Class of ’47 will end its bright and victorious career; and as the sunset glow remains even after the sun disappears, so will the memory of the Class of '47 endure, silent but everlasting, past but not forgotten, dimmed by time, yet mellowed by years. Amid the confusion of leave-taking and graduation, the members of our class may pause a moment and look back with calm satisfaction on four years of happy comradeship and work well done. The Class of ’47 has made history at Ramsay; its members have been the leaders, not only in athletics, but also in scholastic work; from its numbers, many were chosen to be on the outstanding varsity team—that team which defeated all opponents and won the coveted City Championship. Yet, as bright as is its brilliant record in athletics, is that established by its scholars; many of its members were tapped by the National Honor Society. We may be proud of the record made by this graduating class. As we go out from these familiar halls, we will always hold dear the teaching and ideals of our Alma Mater. We extend our most sincere gratitude to those patient and untiring instructors who have helped us in a large measure to form our destinies. To our many schoolmates we bid farewell. To the Class of '4S we say, “Take up our unsullied banner. We entrust to you the sacred honor and glory of the Senior Class. Raise up its standard, but never let it trail in the dust!” —Alta LondonJ U PROPHECY Would you believe that we, two wiivniod radio news conirncntutors, would ever have felt ourselves as .strangers in Birmingham? However, in November 1957, after being in South America for several years representing the N.B.C., we have returned to our native town hardly believing our eyes. Tlvc appearance of the city has so changed that there are few Landmarks that we recognize. Climbing out of our helicopter this morning, we found ourselves on top of tire fifteen-story City Hull, where we were astonished to sec the completed magnificent civic center around Woodrow Wilson Park. After an udmiring glance at the many magnificent buildings, we strode towards a tall man wearing the uniform of a colonel of the United States Army. He looked somewhat familiar to us, and on approaching closer, we recognized our former sc!tool mate, Bayard Tyncs. How delighted we were to see each other. Immediately we began to talk about lla- inrml ers of Ramsay’s ‘47 graduating class. Biding down with us to the main lobby, he had time to inform us that Paul Andrrton is u successful lawyer. Much of his arguing ability, we are sure, was gained in Ills English VII class. Anne Cook, recently elected Judge of the Circuit Court, is hearing the case of the government against Josh Oden, head of tin United Brain Workers. Edwin Barker is giving a series of lectures at the municipal auditorium on How to Win Women and Influence Mothers-in-Law.” Roderick MacLeod has gained a splendid reputation as a scientist in the Igloo Scltool for Eskimos at Juneau, Alaska. Roy Summerville is also there teaching his own version of Spanish. Keith Bryant is an admiral in the Navy. He must have learned something in the Ramsay R.O.T.C. Jean Mc-Murry has just been promoted to a colonel in the VVACS. Her commanding officer, we hear, is Jim Ridout. When we readied the lobby, Bayard called our attention to the modernistic furnishings recently designed by Betty Levy, a famous decorator, and purchased from the city’s leading furniture store, Runnels and Stevens Company. Going across the street we stopped at Triuntos and Erlien Drug Store” to buy a Birmingham Sews, now edited by Kenneth Allen. We found a bench in the park and proceeded to catch up on the local events. On the front page the headlines Jo Ann Hunter Campaigning To Be First Woman President attracted our attention. She has a splendid chance to be the Democratic nominee. A new discovery lias just been made in the field of science! Earl Usher, a famous surgeon, and Dr. Edith Quinn have discovered unotlier vitamin, hut Just what is its value is still unknown. Nurses Billie F. Walden and Jean Embry are their able assistants. Still interested in science, Mcrvin Barstein is now the head of Alabama's Research Institute. HU partner is none other than Crawford Nevins. Erwin Jones, successor to Einstein, has just perfected a new math formula. Murianne Cole is a diplomat to France, where her charm is winning many friendv for tlie United States government. Turning the page, we found some interesting advertisements. Eddie Silver is running a used-cur lot. He takes old cars nod switching the parts around according to his own ideas, lie obtains excellent results. Eugene Norris owns u large dime store in Pratt City. Van Perkins’ tug boats on the Warrior carry coal to Mobile. For the latest fashions shop at Leindecker, Shannon and Thompson, Ine., on Fifth Avenue. An hour’s instruction at Nan Roberts and Jane Gould’s Dancing Academy will enable the most awkward one to trip on the light fantastic toe. Dick Bullock is running an escort bureau. A detective to find husbands for dissatisfied wives is conducted by Gardner Morrow. John Alexander is a skilled painter. He has just completed painting the yellow line down the Trans-Atlantic Bridge, built by Harold Crahum and George Gianoudis. In the real estate section we read about Dorothy Jett’s development of a new subdivision at Lake Purdy. Two lovely matrons, the former Betty Amberson and Tura Pierce, have already moved to their attractive homes erected in this locality.How surprised we were to find many of our friends luve lx comt» authors. We saw a brief review of Cloriu Bennett's newly written book, “How Reudlieuds May Control Their Temper , which is a sellout. Jane Bliss has made a fortune on her best seller, “Hits With Men . On a Lyceum tour in South America are Betty Burger and Norris Friedman, famous poets. At last some one has appreciated Thad Holt's genius. He now writes a new “Encyclopedia Britan-nica’ every two years. On turning to the sports page, we found F.d Huddleston awl Jack Fiorella are playing pro-basketbull for a new Birmingitam team. Dare-Devil Jerry Small has Just broken the world's speed record at Daytona Bcucb. Surely he acquired his skill in driving around Birmingham. Don McDougat has just won the World’s Championship Tennis Match. Dick Humphrey is the successor to Cluirles Atlas! The Personal Note column revealed to us many facts about our former school mates. Patricia Woodard and Pat Foley are Power's Models in New York. Washington is all aflutter over Caroline Davis who Is Wulter Winclx-H's successor. Anotlier columnist, Jean Reynolds, has taken over Louela Parson's job- Charlotte Click (tlie modem Mury Mason) cares for all New York's kmely hearts. In a new series of “The Thin Man , Vincent Camaggio is starred. Tlx “Inner Sanctum has a new host—Hinton Howard! Patty Meighau, u famous torch singer. Is the attraction of the Continental H K nt. Suddenly we realized that we just had time to catch a performance of the Slocum and Mnrphrce Circus. Immediately discarding the newspaper, we caught a bus to tlx- Fair Crounds. On arriving we found many familiar faces. Imagine our surprise when wo entered the tent at seeing Wynne Bras field, Barbara Brown, and Debora Levy, three renowned actresses, standing Ix-fore the lion cage. Playing in the hand were none other than Marion Smith, Lawrence Goldstein, and Patricia Nelson! As wc took our seals, we found ourselves surrounded by many of our friends. Ed Carpenter, lionise Rainey. Guy Hammond, uiwl Betty Hillhouse, all representing Jefferson County in tlx- State legislature, sat behind us. To the left we greeted Ann Smallman and Patsy Magrath, successful conductors of tours to Eumpcan countries. On tlx- right we were delighted to see Frances Bryan, Peggy Hunson, anti Jim Dow, new elected commissioners nf our city. Virginia Lee Bonds, Marjorie Denahurg, and Allyn Beasley, successful merchants, were chatting gaily with three popular insurance agents. Frances Giles, Georgia Flesser, aixl Dessie Costellos. Not far from us we saw among the spectators Dixie Slate and Betty Fay Wertheimer, recently returned missionaries from India. Louise Brannon, who had lately married a millionaire, was sitting in her box and entertaining three prt-tty matrons, the former Patsy Wright, Marten Coleman, and Jane Taylor. Ann Saxton and Nancy Straub, Alabama’s recently elected Senators, were among tlx; late arrivals. They bad scats next to Peggy Franklin and Jane Hollingsworth, who have acquired a reputation for tlx-ir delicious candy sold from coast to coast. As wc left the circus, a large sedan stopped before us, and we heard u familiar voice saying, “I shall be delighted to take two former classmates to town. Will you ride with me?” Looking up, we recognized Betty Phillips and eagerly accepted her invitation. She enthusiastically told us how she had acquired many art masterpieces for tl»e new Birmingham Art Callery. Before we left her, we learned that Betty Capley and Sylvia Meer are her able assistants. As wc bade one another farewell and separated to visit uur parents, we agreed that our time had been well spent. How happy wc were for catching a glimpse of so many members of the Class of '47. —Frances Wehrenbekc and Charles McMvllin[ We, the twenty-ninth graduation class of Runway Technical High School, being of fickle mind and having waited four years for this opportunity, do hereby make, declare, and publish this, our lust Will and Testament. We, the members of this class leave first our thanks and appreciation to the faculty, for without their aid we would not be graduates of ‘47. We, the senior boys and girls. leave a jumbo stack of library notices for those having to make periodical book reports. To the pitied lower classmen, we pass on pleasant memories of hours in 135, rainy football games, the ringing of four bells the third period, and the long treks up the hill from uuditoriurn. We selfishly retain the memory of cars lowing lip the ramp, of reading foolish things about ourselves in the lilGHLAKDKH, and of nil the excitement that goes with registration every semester. To make our parting less heartbreaking to all, we have left some things by which we wish to be remembered: We, Kenneth Cooper uixl Mary Wilkinson leave our big foundations to all students wishing a firmer base. We, Robert Bledsoe and led Losocki, transfer our tenuis rackets to Jerry Lapidas and Jack Lewis with hopes that they will keep up the good work. We. Squatsie Woodall and Ladd Coodson, hand over our collection of corny jokes to Jim Wall and Hubert McWorter. We, Jeanne Coleman. Bettis Rudulf, and Mason Lny, pass on our studious natures (with Miss Kennedy’s compliments) to all library trouble-makers. I, Charles McMullin, leave my ability nf brown-nosing to Bill Tynes. Wc, Buddy Jackson, Marvin Sample, and Betty Yardley, place our extra inches at the disposal of Bern Wilkinson, Charles Rees, and Sue Olsen. We, Paddy 1-aCloir and Jim Downey, impart our carrot-toj s to Bobby Loflin and Billy Wood. I, Allen Bartlett, bestow my title of genius” on Marian Spies. I, Jackie Atchison, sadly give up my place beside Billy Beddow in the library to the next lucky, lucky girl. We, Marion Woolfoik, Alta London, and Marjorie McCahcy relinquish our superior dramatic ability to Jean Prescott, Bohbv Woodson, and Kitty Armcs. We, Jack Orcutt and Linton Selmun, pass on our reputations for dancing to Billy Hale and Juck Love. Wc, Genevieve Holmes and Carulynn Flanders, will our sparkling personalities to Marlyn Pankey and Dot Lemon. We, Helen Dodds and Virginia Lee Bonds, bund down our bubbling enthusiasm on the cheering squad to Mary Alexander ami Ciudice Bouffjrd. Wc, Peggy Holmes and Elizabeth I lames, bequeath to Jean Wheeler and Anne Elliot our marvelous “gift of gab”. I, Jim Dow, regret that there are no more little Dows to take over my winning ways with women but do consent to leave it to Fain Hockney. I. Gerald Small, transfer my place as Coach's pride and joy to Charlie Feigeison. I, John Alexander, proudly pass on my football honors to Thomas Quinn. We, Betty Pliilips, Jean Coleman, Guy Hammond, and Keith Bryant, leave behind our brilliant records os shinning examples for future Honor Society material. iI, Crawford Nevins, relinquish my throng of ardent admirers to tin; next Lady Favorite , Tommy Hamilton. On Marjorie Meyer and Adelaide Gillespy, we, Ernestine Marino und Georgia Flesser, bestow our beautiful black hair. We, Ann Arges, Frances Wehrenberg, und Mary Anne Hogan, impart our modesty and loyalty to Ramsay to Nancy Rhea Johns and Caroline Trueman. To Billy Mann and Jack Browdy, we, James Lewis and Eddie Silver, commit our broad chest expanses. We. Ann Brown and Betty Ann Stone, yield our expressive eyes to Kathleen Ligon and Sue Reed. We, Ethel Dunnam and Lois Mays, transfer our perfect example of true friendship to Barbura Hand and Susie Mays. We, Hinton Howard and Thad Holt, leave our favorite camera subject, Lynn Otcy, to Biddle Worthington and Tommy Sleeman. We, Lucy Goodrich and Mablc Locke, entrust our interest in the Hichlandeh to tlte editors of '48. To Bill Morrison, I, Van Perkins, bequeath my curly hair. To Bobby McCiung, I, Ladd Coodson, leave my ability to carry on a fast” conversation. We, Leatrice Rosenthal and Patsy Stone, turn over to Peggy Collier and Elvirie Cook, our magic paint brushes. We, Roderick MacLeod and Marianne Cole, with a sigh of relief, pass on ul! our trials and tribulations in drawing up this Will to the writers for the Class of '48. —Marianne Cole Roderick MacLeod Most Outstanding Cirl . . Mabel Locke Most Outstanding Bov • Crawford Nevins Girl Most Likely to Succeed .................Mary Ann Hoc an Boy Most Likely to Succeed . Thad Holt Most Athletic Cirl . . . Helen Dodds Most Athletic Boy . . John Alexander Most Sophisticated Cirl . . Jane Buss Most Sophisticated Boy . Dick Bullock Most Talkative Cirl . Mary Wilkerson Most Talkative Boy . Harold Graham Best Dancer, Cirl . . . Patsy Wiucht Best Dancer, Boy . . . Edwin Barker Biggest Flirt, Girl . Florence Murphhee Biggest Flirt, Boy . . Marvin Sample First Bride...............Tura Pierce First Grortm................Jim Ridout Most Polite Cirl............Anne Cook Most Polite Boy . . . Allen Bartlett Best Politican, Cirl . Charlotte Cuck Best Politician. Boy . . . Jack Orcutt Class Beauty . . . Patricia Woodard Handsomest Boy .... Eddie Silver Most Striking Cirl . . . Betty Yardley Most Striking Boy . Houston La Clair Most Entertaining Girl . Peggy Hansen Most Entertaining Boy . Harold Jackson Best Dressed Girl . . Jean McMurry Best Dressed Boy . . Robert Bledsoe Quietest Girl .... Jeanne Coleman Quietest Boy..................Keith Bryant Most Popular Cirl . . Lucy Goodrich Most Popular Boy . . . Bayard Tynes Best Personality, Girl . . Jane Woodall Best Personality, Buy . Kenneth Cooper Best Cirl Student . . Margie McGahey Best Boy Student . . . Guy Hammond Wittiest Cirl . . . Marion Woolfolk Wittiest Boy...................Jim Downey Best Sport, Cirl .... Alta London Best Sj ort. Boy..................Jim Dow Most Poised Cirl . . . Patricia Nelson Most Poised Boy..................Josh OdenFALL CABINET First Rote—Leatnce Rosenthal, Art; Josh Oden, Chief of Marshals; Jean Prescott, Secretary; Jimmy Bell, President; Jack Orcutt, Vice-President; Jeanne Goodwin, Publicity. Sccorul Bote—Thad Holt, Sportsmanship; Joe Marlin, Scholarship; Crawford N’evins, President of Council; Kenneth Cooper, Health; Miss Weaver, Sponsor. SPRING CABINET Hrst Rote—Charlie FeigeUon, Chief of Marshals; Louise Flowers, Vice-President; Millie Nesbitt, Art; Hinton Howard, Scholarship; Thad Holt, Health. Second Ruw—Tommy Caldwell, Secretary; Jack Orcutt, Publicity; Crawford Nevins, President; Gene reigelson, President of Council. Not Shown— Jim Dow, Sportsmanship. COUNCIL First Rotv— Miss Weaver, Doris Hill, Martha Crubbe, Marjorie McGahey, Kathleen Potts, Katherine Hall, Betty Ruth Phillips. Second Rote— Lewis Cullen, Margaret Jackson, Kitty McKee, Virginia Dumas, Juliet Given. Mury Carolyn Gibl»s, Camille Walpole, Florence Murphree, Peggy Fox, Marvin Hurvich, Bill Caudle. Third Row—Holland Powell, Ernest Lowe, Harry Goodall, Ed Thomas, Sidney Jaffe, John Morrow, Crawford Nevins, Jack la’wis, Eddie Silver, Ross Neely, Jim McGregor, Gordon Robinson, Don Drenncu.MARSHALS Fir it Row - Eu(nir Norm. Kenneth Cooper, Nick Krben, Sam Hutani.1. Cecil Motkowibt, Jim Hidout, Jim Hwihlon, AUyn Beasley. Allen Bartlett. Eddie Bunt. Marvin Bearman. Second Row-Tommy Talbot, Hemey Malkove. Pal Foley. Mabel Locke. Cliarlolle Click. Mildred Davit. KaJJJope Chronir. Maureen Coleman. Barbara Brown, Betty Ambersun. Jean Embry, Barbara Bernstein. Ellen Rea larvy, Kitty Sowell. Joan Frott. Aclelle ' iedmun, Hrlgu Blum. Betty Lou Lewis. Third Rou-Robert Bleds.re. Charlie Pcigeboa, Jeny Drennm, Gardner Morrow. Cladice Bouffant, Louise Brannon. Mildred lav. Joth Oden, Turn Pierce. Jack Orcutt. Jean Hoffman. Clair Eyrich. Betty Ann Stone. LnU May . Etlrel Duiiiuim. Jean Coleman. Edith Quinn. Betty Stanton. June F.theridgr, Mn. McPhnul. Fourth Ron-Jim Downey. Alvin Rich. Pete Morris. Alan Drash, Sol Kinrerling, Guv Hamrnpnd. Bobby Wood-ton. Gene Felitelton. Jean Prescott. Nancy Browning, Sallie Green Gotten. Edith Land . Martha Moore. Jean Zuoe. Betty Boswell, Jane Turner, Carolyn Davit. Fifth Rou'-Ed H tidies ton, Keith Bryunf. Crawford Nevim, Mickey Poe. Jim Dow, Bill Cash. Irvin Levy. Billy French. Jimmy Hell, Joe Marlin. Angelo Paradito. Dick Partridge. Billy Motet. Cynthia McCoy. Kup Price. Gerald Small; Lele Jcnkns, Marianne Carle, Anne Cook, Frances Wrhrenberg, Alta London. Anne CrUgtby. USHERS Firit Rote—Thad Holt. Allrn Bartlett. Ted Lotocki. Jack Orcutt. Jim Dow. Marion Smith, John Slaughter, Hinton Howard. Sam Hoiama. Second Roto—Jimmy Rltthton, Richard Lilt, Jack Elmore, Charlet Fefgehon, Bobby Woodson. James Curling-ton, Alan Wood, Karl Uther, Allred Turner. Third Rote—Joah (Men. Thom»« Quinn, Rolrert Bled toe. Tommy Caldwell. Buddy Hunnelt. Guy Hammond. Jimmy Bell. Bayard Tyne . Jerry Drennm. Harold Wall, Mr. Otdway. Ourth Rote—Ccnr Frig el ton, Jim Downey. Kenneth Cooper, Houiton LaClair, Ladd Goodson, Vann Henagoti, Alfred Turner, Ed Huddleston, Crawford Nevint, Marvin Sample, William Drake. Allan Clark. Benile T1 romp-son. SCHEDULE CLUB tint Row-Patty Magiath. Edith Quinn, Nlurtorte Meyer. Mildred Davis, Jeanne Coodwin. Joan Font. Beverly Goodwin. Janice Rittenhaum, Second Rote—Norma Rittenhaum. Thomaa Quinn. Jack Elmore. Jack Lewi . Jimmy Ratliff. Jock Orcutt m » NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Ftnf Rotr - Betty Philip . Pal Foley. Jeanne Colrmun. Lucy Goodrich. Killy Sowell. Katherine Price. Mildred Davis. Jeanne Goodwin, Mary Jane Hollmitiworth Second How -Anne Sax too, Mr. Yoon . Alvin Rich. Coy Hammond. Mack Towne . Joe Marlin, Allen Bartlett. Keith Bryant, Robert Bledsoe, Hinton Howard, Min Whatley. Kalliope Chronit HONOR STUDY HEADS Fieri Rote-Dixie Slate. Genevieve Holme . Pal Foley. Eddie Silver. Jean Ellison. I.nrr Levine. Second Rou-Kenneth Cooper. Josh Oden. Krnneth Allen. Marvin Hurvich, Carolyn Davis. BAND aANNUAL STAFF Fittt Row-Mltvin Knliasc. Hinton Howard, Charlotte Click. Palsy Maitrath. Second Row—'Thod Holt, Eddie Silver, Gardner Morrow, Hrmir Malkove, Third Row-Virginia Anne Cook, Pat Foley. Not Shown—Louise Rainey. Jim Dow. R 0 T. C. Firtt Rou -HarUin Fuller, Sergeant Dormx, Cecil MmknwiU, J»mn lx-wi . Fred I»hell. Second Row—J. C. Branum. George Giannudii, John Slaughter. 0 car Newman, Harold Wall. Arthur Korpu . Turenne Newell. SCIENCE CLUB Fint flow—Nancy Browninjt. Ptnr Major, Sue May, Crawford Kevins. Ed Huddleston, Mr. Gerald. Second Row-Jerry Tyson, Lewi Cullm. Clifford Sample, Larry Levine, Ira Klmr. Robert Jacob . Third Row-Richard Lttt, Tommy Slecmixn, Ned Hock, Alan Clark, Arthur Korpu . Bobby Bonfirld, David McMullln. Fourth Row—James Garhnxtun. Jim Downey. Frit Barber, Tom Stephen. Marvin Sample. Dick Partridge, Jack Browdy. eL -sRED CROSS Firit noir-Barliiira Schmcdpr, Don ! Rowe. Millie Nmhitt, Mabel Kobintnn, Peggy Fox, France Bryan. Second flow— Betsy Burlier, Connie Murdoch, Jean Halt. Lucille Hare. Joyce Gilman, Penny Levy. Nancy Rliea John . Third loui-Lentrice Roientlial, Claire Jean Hoile. Maty Neal William . Elvcrre Cook. Margurrt Ann Henry, Jeanulne McCarty, lane Ann Mitchell, Julia lean Holme . Fourth Boa—Pat Madden, Brevard Home. Sue Heed. Cynthia McCoy, June Lutrell, Marietta June . Gayle Trechtel. Genie Cioodall, Eliiuibeih lawkr. Fifth Achc-Jim Montgomery, Elirabeth Dnughtnn. Lucille Shepherd, Betty Clarke. Ann Elliott, Margery Ann Bryan. Mary Moughnn, Lynn Otey. CAMERA CLUB Fir it How-Joe Au»bum. Arnold SIiiIiumI, Harold Lnchkoll. Hinton Howard. Marion Smith, Billy Wood. Second Hw-Tn) Latocki, Haikint Bowman, Vann Heuagan. Iliad Holt, Bobby Box. Marvin Hurvicb. Third Rote-Bemey Malkove, Jo h Oden, Frank Yeilding, Cecil Lexlie, Walter Puckett. CHAS. A BROWN CLUB Fiwt Roto—Fred Hock. Hohliy Montgomery. Ted Holder. Charier McMullin, Mike Pinney, Hugh Bailey. George McCrary. Chailr Morgan. Second Rote-Jimmy Holland. Billy Pearce. Jun Wall. William Daniel . Buddy White. Lewi Thoman. Floyd Berman. Third Rote-Dick Bullock. Hodrrick MacLeod. Tommy Hayden. Bill Mormon. Paul EaHe Major, Biddle Worthington. Jerry Beck. Jack McNutt. Joe Thomav j3MUSIC CLUB Firil floic—Jimmy Roliert . Bobby LofllO, Jim Huloiit, BjiIwu Aiubervoii, Eva la.ii ' Scott, Jeanne l.rarl. Dorothy Chaco. Jean Coleman Second Rou - Hlucher Cooper. H tt Caplcy. Mu) Eli aln-lli !lmr, Elizabeth Thnnuion, Verltn Fluwen. Colter, Mary EliMbdh I'attonnu. Elder. Third Bwic-Bobby Wo diwi, John Fcrrbrr, Bobby Sleentitn UU Rom Unmet. Joy Milk Mourn, Jotephinc Padatlno. Betty Amherst»u. Tlira Pirrtf, Dorothy Ji-tt, Betty Hiwklni foorth Hou!-JhM McCregoT. Harold Jackson. John Fletcher, Ernest Wilton, Louie Smith, Dick Humphrey. Ladd Loodton, Billy Calhoun, Hyman Edward . Sara Salter. FRENCH CLUB Flnt Row-Betty Lou LeWb, Ann Allen. Marlon Spin. Mabel Locke. Maureen Coleman. Ann Mane Norton, Ethel Duiinam. Second Rou-Eugene NorrU, Sylvia Lewii. Baht Sihrrticld. Shirley Newfield. Joanne Slocum. Carolyn Co . Lou May . Third Rote—Frank Cihnore, John Purdv. Betty Kami man. Don Colditrm. Mary Foreman. Fourth Rou—Edwin Barker, Kenneth Cooper, Erwin Jonrt, Florence Murphrre. Manama- Cole. Edith Unde. Ann Arget. Mitt Smith. K LLUo AkiaSdn7 t0ni H rkn°' S mny Mj,,hcw»- B'cBanJ Bite. Jack Fiorrlla. Charlet Bohorfoutb. Ed Salem. John SSBf JrrT Bou‘m n- ■ c - Jto do-'. hm SicBt0r- 000 SUC ' B,n» Ch-riie Hubert huHOWIu l rCrrH'uFd5rlt0t,V ck David Collmt. Stanley Routman S«rh nocT E ldi ■ » • J® » Baumgartner. Billy Cash. Reuhm Robinson. How-),m Billy Jo Holly. Tommy Caldwell. Ed Thom , Jim Morn . Mike BiteY-TEENS IlMcBdS) l'.inVr , June Andrrvm. Sue Bartlett, Knmy Clarke. Patty Stone. Shook, Huth Kouhloek, Louise Flowers, Sue Aldridge, Ailrltnlr Gillespy, Kathleen lackey, Kitty Lane. Second Rote—Isabel Sowell, Mildred Lee, Marilyn Conway. Lilllt Robertson, Noel Rtdimton, Ellen Siega), Patsy Weil. Gladys Denuluuy, Dorothy Hoscnberger. Sylvia Peurlitein, Sarah Dumull. Third Roit— Huth Powcrt, Peggy MeMorrtn, Cynthia Frftig. Mary Ann Tranthuni, Martha He wet. Joanne Harper, Frances Cook. Ann baimtfuthcr. Pat Feign Cotton. trtk Rote—Louise Allmry, Lelle Jenlun Hrittam. S Anne Grigsby. Marjorie Hayes, Norma Berman, Jane Man, Susan Finley. Jane Turner. DRUM CORPS Lirft to Right-Maty Huth Layman, Johanna Castiglia, Mary Jo Graham. Jt-tut McCehee, Virginia Partridge, Barbara Wilcox, Dolly Heed, Marietta Denton, Billie Jean Elliton T. C. YOUNG Hl-Y CLUB First Roic—Jordon lloltam. Charles Kahn, Frank Bromberg. Glenn Rice. Fred Hock. Charles Snook. Charles Franklin, Bill Brewster, Leonard Held. Second Rou —Bobrrt Rlevei, Donald Wayne. Eocene Davis. Evam Dunu, Morru Blumenthal. Joe Panoni, Hilly West. Third Roic-Stokrt Goodrich, lloildy Hahn, Bohhy Saunders, William Rogers, Paul Bowroo, Tommy Taylor, Charles Norton, Jack Sullivan. Fourth Ho»e—Frank Brainlirnlgr. Don Drmnen, Rtlph Smith, Leon Hamrick, Hill Tyne . George Matthews. Marvin Perry. Whe-e-re IS my Public? Yum,yum Future Engineers G O w HOME Neal-, complete, and algebraic r—R E A R VIEW Cabinet m e L Inspection Study in the Library Ho5PDRT5FOOTBALL SQUAD Firu Hour-Richard Bile. Jerry Small, Tom Watkinr. Marvin Kabarr, Charier Bohortoiuli. Ed Salem. John Alexander, Bill Caudle. Charier FeigeUon. Charier Hatcher. SeeW Rote-Jack Lrwir. Gene Frige boo, Sidney IaHc Thomur Quinn. Eddie Burg. Tommy Hamilton, Don McCain. Billy Coe, Ed Thonuu, Robert Ferguson, Neel Smith Third Rote-Coach Reynold . Coach Eubank. Herbert Habshey. Allen Dra.h, Bobby Timmuas, Jack LaCamp. Jack Fiorella lim Dow. Sol Limerling, Tommy Caidwrll, Bemir Thomprun, Percy AUord, Coach La waoo. Mr. Gardner, Principal. Fourth Rote—Charier Culp. Bill Cash. Bobby Whlttrn, Jerry Routman. John Baumgartner. Billy Joe Holley, Harry Goodull, John Lavettc. Eddie Dimcan. Sonny Malhrwr. COACH EUBANK ED SALEM Coach Lawson Coach ReynoldsThe season of 1946 was most successful; however some odd situations arose. Ramsay opened with a 0-6 loss despite an undefeated season. The Rams lost the boll on downs several times within the Woodlawn 10-yard line. In the last quarter, the team being off sides, Salem’s pass to Small on the 15-yard line was nullified. With time for only two plays Salem’s pass to Dow at the 4-yard line was all in vain as the last running play was stopped. Because of Daileys 78-yard run the game was seemingly won by Woodlawn, but later, as two of the Woodlawn players were declared ineligible, the game was given to Ramsay. The next week Ramsay beat Sidney Lanier 40-0. Kimerling (2), Dow (2), Salem and Coe scored for Ramsay. The following week found the Rams In Memphis for their first trip. After a scoreless first quarter, Ramsay scored twice in the second period and won 31-6. Salem (3), LaCamp, and Dow scored for Ramsay. The next game was with Decatur. With a cold rain coming down throughout the game, Ramsay was ahead at the final whistle 25-0. The score was 0-0 at the hulf. Dow (2), Salem, and LaCamp scored for Ramsay. Ramsay met West End at Legion Field in Birmingham the next week. Salem went over in the first peri«»d and LaCamp scored in the last to give Ramsay a 12-0 win. This was a big jump toward the Big Five Crown os West End had a heavy rough team. West End was the fourth straight undefeated team the Rums had met. The next week proved the toughtest for the Rams the whole year. Ensley, with a perfect record, was favored to beat Ramsay. In the first hulf Ensley was stopped on the Ramsay 4-yard line, and again sire was stopped on the 15-yard line. Mid-way of the third quarter Rumsay started u drive on her own 25-yard line. Salem climaxed this drive by going over from the 1 yard line on u straight buck as 25,000 fans watched. This was all Ramsay needed as she won 6-0. Bessemer was the next opponent. In this game Rumsay was a heavy favorite but won only by a score of 6-0. Salem played only a small part of the game. This and Ramsay's hard-earned victory over Ensley six days earlier held the score down somewhat. This was the only Ram drive of the game ulthough she had p sscssion of the ball on Bessemer’s 2-yard line when the game ended. Salem scored for Ramsay. After a well-earned week of rest Ramsay met her emss-town rival—Phillips. This game occurred on another rainy night, but it didn’t lielp the Phillips’ cause as they k st 6-16. Salem and LaCamp went over for Ramsay. This gave the Rams their first undefeated season and tlie Big Five Crown since tire late 1930’s. On Thanksgiving Day, Ensley was picked to play Ranuuy in the annual Crippled Children's Clinic Came. Ramsay won 14-6 before 25,000 funs in u hard fought contest. A trick pass, Salem to Dow to Small, scored for Ramsay in the first quarter. Ensley couldn’t tic the score although she made it 7-6 in the third quarter. A 43-yard run by Salem iced the game and made the score 14-6. Ed Sulcm, Charles Bolmrfoush, Jack LaCamp, and John Alexander made the All-City Team with Bill Caudle making the second team. Salem and Bohorfoush made the first string All-State team with Alexander and Tommy Watkins making the second team. 'Ramsay 0 Woodlawn 6 Ramsay 40 Sidney Lanier 0 Runisay 31 Memphis Tech 6 Rumsay 25 Decatur 0 Ramsay 12 West End 0 Ramsay •6 Ensley 0 Ramsay 6 Bessemer 0 Ramsay 16 PhilUps 6 'Rumsay 14 Ensley 6 ••Forfeited Clinic CameJt B TEAM First flouj-Arthur Triantos. Lee Broun, Billy Dugger, David Collins. Frank Vines. James NlcElroy, Don Clicquennoi, Stanley Rnutman. Warren Jackson, Dan Cook. Second Boa-—(Coach) Jimmy Nation, (Coach) Don McDougal, Jim Kigncy, Jim k'irk| atrick, Morris Hackney, George Reed, Bob Northcutt, Pete Furio, Billy Crozicr, Charles A bras Icy, Louis Alexander, (Coach) Nick Erbcn. Third Rote-Billy Moses, Reuben Robinson, Billy French, Harold Hairston, Billy Sutton, Jim Morrison, Billy Harris. CHEERLEADERS First Row—Joyce Terry, Clair Eyrich, Eva Scott. Lcanora Milazzo, Joanne Harper, Helen Dodds. Head Cheerleader; Gladice Bouffard, Assistant Cheerleader, Frances Cook. Mary Alexander. Margaret Elder, Camille Walpole, Betty Jo Ellis. Second Row—Alan Wood, Jean Prescott, Pat Riley, Nancy Browning, Pauline Fenn, Ann Dugger, Mary Stiles, Ellen Levy, Barbara Bernstein, Virginia Lee Bonds, George Mick wee.CRIPPLED CHILDREN'S CLINIC CAME1 THANKSGIVING D11 IMSTRACK SQUAD First flow-Martin C«p t, Murvin Kulutkp, Bd HuddJtnton. Dick Humphrey, Jerry Houlmun. Second Aou-Larry UvilW, Eugene Norm, Hxhnrd Wheby, Sol Kimherling, Bobby Wluttni r ilril flow—Frank Matthew . II In Inn Howard, Murrn Hackney, Sidney Jaflee, Neel Smith, Dan McDougal. Fourth flou—Kuicme Sweeney, John Hall, Jimmy Sherman, Bill Matn, Robert Word, Jim Hipicy. Hflh flow—Herbert Habxhey, Ed Thomat, Bill French, Hill Mnrriwm, Alien Death. Sixth Rote-Dick Cartridge, Floyd Herman, Tommy Caldwell. BASKETBALL TEAM First Row—CltarJes Feigelson, John Alexander, Gene Feigelson, Charles Bohorfoush, Jack Lewis. Second Rote—Allan Drash, Jerry Tyson, John Baumgartner, Floyd Berman, Jimmy Nation. TENNIS TEAM First Row—Eddie Silver, Jack Lewis, Robert Bledsoe. Second Row — Don McDougal, Ted Lusocki. John Ferebce, Myron Rosenthal. jaBASKETBALL First Rou? Edith Cilcs, Ann Dugger. Sara Salter, Bobbie Jean Elliott. Second Row—Joan Callahan, Betty Jo Ellis, Lca-i ora Milazzo, Clair Eyrich, Sue Maxwell. Third Boa—Marion Saunders, Betty Butterworth, Janis Chapman, Sterling Turner, Doris Giles. GIRLS LETTER CLUB Fint Rent—Vivian Solan, Cladice Boufford, Betty Jo Ellis, Mary Ann Emory. Second Row—Joanne Richardson. Doris Giles. Sue Maxwell, Frances Metts, Leanora Milazzo, Norma Lee Couric. Third Roto —Joan Callahan. Mary Jacku, Rita Webb. Barbara Stuart, Dorothy Paulin, Joanne Kribs, Sterling Turner, Martha Harrison, Elizabeth AlsmUlcr. BOWLING TEAMS VOLLEYBALL First Rote—Cladice Bouffard. Bobbie Jean Elliott. Betty Jo Ellis. Betty French, Clair Eyrich, Leanora Milazzn. Second Row—Arm Dugger, Barbara Stuart, Mary Lib Rees . Dorothy Jeter. Sue Maxwell. Mildred Foster. Third Row—Joan Callahan, Jeanne Israel, Edith Giles, Betty Butteruorth, Marion Saunders, Janis Chapman. Sara Salter. First Rote—Clair Eyrich, Ann Dugger, Frances Metts. Second Row—Ruth Matthews, Camille Walpole, Mary Jacka, Joan Callahan, Betty Jo Ellis. Third Rou;—Cladice Boufford, Annette Foss.BASEBALL SQUAD First Rote—Ross Neely, John Baumgartner, Charles Bohorfoush. Bill Cash, Joe Con clman. Dick ChaLihan. Second fiotu—Bernie Thompson, Clarence Cillx'rt, Eddie Pharo, James Neely, Jinuny Nation. THOMPSON COACH EUBANKSURPRISE Performance Hut - two-Fhree-four- - Hard at WORK Typing A bunch of The Boys Atomic BOMB ?Bull session Whales fhe TROUBLE,son? Louder. Please Fifth Period QUIET, brains al’ work Biology• • . a position of responsibility that s vital t0 the community s business and social welfare . . . and pays accordingly. To you a Career in Communications beckons. SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY INCORPORATED pi it A L a CCl ia.lt 1 o i 530 South 19th Street Birmingham, Alabama THIS BOOK PRODUCED BY OUR LITHOGRAPH PROCESS

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