Radford High School - Oak Leaf Yearbook (Radford, VA)

 - Class of 1929

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Radford High School - Oak Leaf Yearbook (Radford, VA) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 5 of 36
Page 5 of 36

Radford High School - Oak Leaf Yearbook (Radford, VA) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 4
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Page 5 text:

f ELxsE JONES, B. S. Radford 'Feuchers' College Rum' DOIIYNS, B. S. hnghsl' MAMIE ENGART lhnlfurfl 'l'o:u'l1urs' Uolh-gc William and Mary Cgllgge M1ll,ll0llllll,lCS History Vwi KN F.-xRI.Owrz, M. A. ' ELIZABETH W1-m'm,.xw, A. B. ANNIE SUE ANDERSON, B. S. V liniversigy ui' Virginia: Rllllilfllvl!-'Mill'0ll College Ranlfurrl 'I'e1u-hers' College Ulfllill-YY English Science 1 U09l XI2I3IXI2I2I .ff I2I2I!I,I:I 'f ,. ,, El.I.,x 'I'. W llnvis l"ishL-V S1 City Nu QII I I I IZIXIXI IZI V H ITTISN innlurinrn rse Home MORRISON Gregg School, Chic-ago ALFRED K. EAGLE, B. S. Unirersily of Virginia l'rinL:i1ml Uunxincruinl ln-purllnunt. LORENA BROWN Roanoke Business Uollege Librarian VVILLIAM K. BARNETT Case School of Applied Science Supl-rinteinlent Of City Schools DOROTHY MILLER, A. B. Elizabeth College Language ' LORENA CALDVVELI., B. S. If Radford 'l'ear:hers' College Science Cm-1E FACULTU '3C8Z83f33LCi33 li Page Three ' IZIXI IXI I IXIXI IXIXIXIXIZIXIXIXIXIXIXIX XIXIXI! IZIXISIXIXIXIXIXIXI IXIXIXIXI lxlxltl -tl lx' uxuxlxlhxlxltltltr Itlxuxnxn nz-gn IXIXIXIXIXIXI Xl!l!lXlXlX!XlXl .,I!IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIZIXIXIX XIXIZIXIXIXISIXI I! 2I1I2IXI1I3I

Page 4 text:

2l2lZl!l2121!lXl!l!l 121212121 1212121 12121212121,121212121212I21212121 12121212121212121' .12121212121212 Xlzlxvxnxnxnxnxuxuxuxu' I oo I n I oo I oo I to I oe I oo I oo I on I oo I 04 I oo I 04 I oo I oo I ov I ov I vo I oo I oo I oo I oo I I I ov I no I oo I ov I of I oo I no I ao I oo I oo I oo I 04 I ov I oo I oo I oo I oo I oo I I I on I oo I of I on I .4 I oo I oo I oo I oo I ro I 04 I I I no I on 3 I oo I no I 04 I oo I Q4 I 14 I oo I oo I oo I 04 I oe I 1 DL SCHOC D 1-IIGI-I RADFOR 212121 12121212121 2121212121 121212121 12121212121212121212121 1212121212121 12121212121212121 Page Tfwn 21 121212121212121212121 21212121212121'1 121 12121212121212l 1212121212121212121 1 1212121212121212121 1212121 12121212121212121212121212121212l 12121g.ggg Xl!! 1 -3.313-guzu2IXI2'tuzltuzuzuxltlzltlhxlxl 21212121212121 12121212121 OO 1 O1 I n I OO 1 OO 1 O4 I 50 1 00 1 M 1 u 1 OO 1 n 1 O4 1 N 3 3 V 1 ' , n I OC 1 N 1 OO I OO 1 04 I 00 I O4 I I N , . 1 -n :L . I as N 1 O0 I I .Q I 59 1 N I O0 I 60 1 I PQ I 04 I 64 I O9 I OO 1 M I OO I D4 I O' I O4 I OO 1 ,Q 1 OO I I M I I .4 I1 I 64 I .Q 1 u I N 1 00 I OC I M I .Q 1 .Q 1 u 1 O4 1 OO I O4 I 94 I V4 1 M 1 O0 1 OO 1 D0 I O4 I O0 I O4 I N I 1 54 1 1 OO 1 UO 50 1 1

Page 6 text:

IXIXIXIXIXI IXIXIXIXISIXIXIXIXIXIXMI51 '29-.Jin .Appreciation bu One of its Members c-21E'l0El?-o Fhe class of 29 is not characterized by scholarship as were our immediate predecessors. IXI I IXIXIXI IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIZIXI IXIXI IXIXIXIXIXI IXI IXIXI XIXIXIXIXI ISI I:I3I2I!I!IXIXI IXIXIZI IXI IXIX!!IXIXIXIZIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI IXI 5 IXI2I!I:IXI I I IXIZI IXIZI IXIXIXI I I IZIXIXIZI IXI! the class of '28. Yet we feel we are not entirely wanting in every way. '29 has been what you might call a good all around class. It has been interested in every phase of school activity, if it hasn't excelled in any. It has had that healthy, hearty spirit that makes a class alive-all will agree I know that whether in the class room or in the ball park '29 has made itself heard. If you hear a lusty cry of "Candy! Candy! Five cents a bagl' or "Ice Cream, just a nickel a cone!" I'll wager youfll see Eleanor's floating curls or hear Georgia's enthusiastic voice. If anyone wants a paper run off on the mimeograph, or some signs painted on the sidewalks, or Mr. Eagle needs an errand run, it just seems to happen that some member of our class does it. Our class has always been represented in athletics, no less by those who have gone out to practice than by those who have made the team. And this spirit, this willingness to cooperate is what I value most in '29. Our class meetings have been well attended and have not lacked in nery and spontaneous debate And measures onee agieed upon have been pushed through by a united class ieady to stand by its class aetion and behind its oflieeis Those officers have likewise shoun a willingness to take ieal iesponsibility in the aftans of the class I am sure that other classes uill readily fill out plaees and eaiiv on perhaps bettei than ue all the phases of sehool life and yet there is something about 29 that gnes one a little thi ill a feeling of loyalty u hen one com s to think of As foi out history 29 has been a nomadic class Laughingly we have gathei ed together our various implements of woik and plav for three the old High School, and lastlv to om glorious new High Qchool Faeh ye'u a membei of out elass has quitted out midst to add the coveted Mrs to hei name However the majority of us have come through with only slightly battered hearts Chief among the memoiies of out Isieshman yeai are those of our ti ips on the Gold Bug otherwise known as the street eat And the May Day' VV hat a pageant was planned' Gov Byrd was ffomg to be piesentl A ffi eat ciowd gathered ane waited The goveinor did not come Fveiv one went to th ballgame, leaving an uneiowned queen alone upon a thi one decked in withered floweis Gov Byld came at last an audience was seared up and the queen crowned In the year of '77 Qophs could be seen roving over all of Radford's many hills. VVe felt quite sure that "bug hunting" would eventually make Radford Hi famous as "big game hunt- ing" has made the Roosevelts. As juniors we began to feel our importance. VVe kept the Seniors "on edge" about plans for the junior-Senior Banquet and annoyed the teachers almost to distraction by our insistence in waging eraser and chalk battles. At last came the Junior-Senior Banquet. VVe pulled it off successfully after having set and reset, decorated and redecorated the table many times. The only complaint made was "too long speechesu as everyone was enormously hungry. The music of the "I-Iarmaniacsf' however soon made us for- get our early hunger. June came. The class of '28 had received its diplomas and the class of '29 was getting its auto- graphs, realizing that it was now the Senior class. The fall of '28 found us telling stories of an awe inspiring principal to quaking' lower classmen. CWe made them up 'as we went alongzj The rings had come. XVhat thrills! VVe must all try on one another's to see how they tit. Those having classes on the stage had a tre- mendous advantage ovei othei s, as peepholes had been punched at convenient intervals in the cur- tain If you sau an exelted group of Seniors or in fact any of the Student Body you could be positive that they weie eithei discussing gym suits or the new building The Red l ettei Dty in our calendar was the day ue mowed into the new building. As the older students we helped reoiganife the Student Coun- eil and oiganife the Ijlll7llL Qpeaking, Dramatic and Glee Clubs VVe enjoyed the Jumoi Qenior Banquet as guests but publiely lamented the 'fact that it was entn ely too shoit Excitement ian high the day the baseball boys XXfllllLl?1XV deemed it necessaiy to perch on a ra- diator to attain the iequned height. As this goes to piess the hiffh school life of '29 is drawing to its elose and as the grand climax as fommencement looms 1elentlessly nearer, a ten- tion seems to have seized us VVe are struggling, a bit pameky to get the last full measure of satis- faction out of out high school experience. The paper staff iushes wildly in and out-Didn't you foi get this? Has boandso paid? An order-all assemble in 107 to be measured for caps and gowns Do you think M will pass ?-Those in qenioi play report piomptly 'it seven-thirty. But if I continue in this fashion I'll drop a tear 'ind tum this lily white page '29, all things con- sidei ed you havent been so bad. Lois JACKSON. IXIXIXIXIXI1IXI2I2IXIXIXIZIZIXIXIZIXIZIZIXMI I IXIXI2I2,I2I:I!I2I2IXIXI1IZaXIXIXISIXIXIZIXIXIZIXIXIZUXIXIXIXIXI IX!!! ZIIIXIXISIXI Q . w . A . .I Q V S 1 ' V . V' .7 I V W. s s ' Y ' s v I I Q ,QQ l ' ' I - 1 -I - - - -if 'l I . 7 l le--.I . A c ' " "' 'fi ' . . . . ,,' . H ' , id ,Q . Z ' . , . - - Y I - f - .s - - y 1 xy A v s ' , ' . - ' ' -' rw ' .1 -' .' -if '. A '-I . b H - l I V 1' A I it. I ' ' ' ' I ' ' ' . : .. 5' ' g I e ' ' . - - ' successive moves-to the Central Building. to went to Vifytheville, Iso high in 'fact that Miss l. '. ' ,f ' I f "1 e A " s .get ' ., ' . A 'f ' s U A - ' . ' . . s ' . 1 . .. .A I . - - . . 1 . 'A , . A, . . ' . ' ' T I ' . L 3 L it as H 1- l A ' 1 .I I 1 V I D In l . -- ' ' ' '. J Q - Lp - ' - N e ' A ' ' ' c ' ' ' ' . ' - i W l Y . A l . H . . . - l M . . . , t . tr 1 x If 0 A . -3 . ' V 1 ' V Y AK 'V I A I Page Four I M I as I N I so I M I so I on I N I oo I oo I N I oo I oo I oo I I oo I N I oo I N I vo I I so I .- I N I on I oo I N I N I vo I oo I oo I oo I oo I oe I N I N I so I vo I I I 04 I on I I oc I oo I vo I on I oo I I N I I oo I I H I I oo I no I N I oo I N I N I on I I on I I oo I vo I N I I oo I N I I I I I M I n I M I oo I N I I! IXIXI IXIXIXIZIZIXIXIXIXIXI IXIXI I I2IXIXIXIXIXIXI!IXIXIXIXIUXIXIXISIXUXI IXIZHXIXIQI I IXI IXIVI I IX I! lil!!! 2 H321

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