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Ws'eJi m QV -G0 'W xo' X9 My - QJX00 Avy OJ19 Dy J NP 649 Vp PA' W QW yy 90 MPXD 0,16 aj. QMUMAWM W5 MX CIN of Q, X A Vbwjifofp L 3 w W fffy ifbfifi GZM wif? 9 5 W if " Jyyfffffyf f 6 ' X X. 'Wffw4,f 'X 'W 44154 '25 fiwliigg QA 1asz1aAl dia: Q Volume 73 Produced by A X The Yearbook Staff l R. L. Paschal High School 3001 Forest Park Blvd . Fort Worth, Texas 761 10 MWCQA1 42,1-f3,4LQ,LfSjLH4,47,UYs,LlC1,'7'-l,75T 10,12 71,71 10,2',K2,iff:,2Lf,2S' . R I Mm N K X 1 , , I. iv- lm. ,Z Q5 I' V, It -..-1" i W X if Q, I 1 5 I 2 1 F' ,ir R but I 2 'S ,,. ff? . in 2 f INTRODUCTION 13 AAWe'II get whoever owns this car to take us home. Greg Hyer, Linda Rambo, Sara Kline, Alice Pritchard, and Shawn Goheen wait for their ride home. 4l hope we don't drop this! Alston Roberts and Lynn McNeill help carry Rascal down the aisle. A0ops, I lost my tennis ball. Jill Eubanks and Jacque Roach take a break from their tennis game. Students Uphold Standards Whether freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, students at Paschal looked toward their futures. They were involved in school organizations, student government, and sports. Ac- tivities other than school functions included going to movies and concerts, eating out, working, and having fun. Academic and social activities gave Panthers experience in allocating their time and in co-operating with others. Paschalites demonstrated pride in the school by attending athletic events, participating in spirit groups, belonging to organizations, and upholding high academic standards, thus, PaSCh2ll Caffled its title: photographer, ' VMr. Miller and Mrs. Shaw are interrupted by the annual staff T BLE 0F CoNTENTs Introduction. . . . 1 Activities . . . . . 10 Sports ....... . .36 Organizations . . . . . 86 Honors. . . . . . 132 Classes -Seniors ..... ..... l 56 Juniors ...... ..... 1 82 Sophomores .... ..... 2 06 Freshmen .... ..... 2 22 Faculty. . . . . ,238 Panthers Show Pride Students at Paschal exhibited school loyalty by attending pep rallies and sports contests. They belonged to traditional spirit groups e PAWS, PSOP, Spirit Steppers, and the cheerleaders e as well as various teams. Other students upheld Pan- ther unity by attending games as spectators. Whether the team won or lost, Paschalites sup- ported each other, thus indicating their respect for the school. Pl.0ok up in the sky! Ross Walker cheers ata pep rally, VWhat a time to lose a contact lens! The varsity football team prepares for the next play at a non-district game, VVThe marching band participates in the halftime entertain- ment at a game. 4 f INTRODUCTION 'di WINKY Militia AA4Cindy VanAmburght1nd Winky Hix go over a new cheer at a pep rally. AASophia Carrillo and LuVivian Tuylor exhibit spirit at a pep rally. ASophomore and freshmen girls wait for a chance to give their victory yell. 40ops, my foot slipped! Cathy Long and the Spirit Steppers perform at halftime 'naw in ,...-l- Als this where the tryouts for Charlie's Angels are? Donnie Short, Cindy Oliver, and Mike Merritt look around the Texas Christian University campus. PLet's push him in! John Bristol attempts to push Robby Baker in the pond as Susan Williams and Bart Blair look on. VLane Luskey, Mindy Moore, and Kathleen Vance spend a day in Trinity Park. 6 f INTRODUCTION Students Make Plans Many Paschalites took advantage of the oppor- tunity to have fun and, at the same time, began to explore different ideas to prepare for the future. Juniors and seniors began to gather information about colleges, the armed forces, or potential careers. Students in work programs, volunteer pro- grams, or Presidential Classroom, were a part of activities that took them off campus. Whether on or off the school grounds, Paschalites kept with them their pride in the school. PI just love roses! Melynda Thornton, Peter Tsung, and Karen Foster enjoy the flowers in the Botanical Gardens. VI'll just slip these in right here! Rachael Blackburn works at Fort Worth Mortgage Corporation as part of a work program, Tx i ANow, what would your parents think? Mrs. Laird answers questions for Darlene Mathews. PAre you sure your teacher won't know this dismissal is fake? Bob Bell helps Lisa Kinard and Sam Reeves in the attendance office. VRobert Wright talks to Mr. Mel Mayfield. a Navy recruiter, about a possible future in the Navy. 8 f INTROD Tl MM gg .WW ,.....nN- ix Panthers Look Forward During the time spent at school, Paschalites of all grades participated in school activities, work, and having fun while getting their education. With the help of teachers, counselors, and other faculty members, students excelled in classes such as ad- vanced biology and chemistry, American Culture and Thought, calculus, and numerous accelerated classes. Juniors and seniors listened and talked with representatives from different colleges and career fields. All grades joined clubs, worked with the staff, achieved high grades, made friends, and moved forward to meet the challenges facing them in the future. 4But I thought you spelled grammar G-r-a-m-m-e-r! Mrs. Barnes helps Darren Hickman with an English assignment. VCarol Field, Melissa Reynolds, Brenda Frye, and Tracey Spradlin listen attentively during a senior activities assembly. 'S- f F , ,.. NF ,em TI-HKHIG SCHOOL THE HIGH THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHO TH HIGH SCHOOL-THE H SC O THE HIGH S OOL TH , HIG T E HIGH SC OL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE I SCHOOOL THE HIGH SCH OL HIGH SCHOOL THE IGH OL HE HIGH SCHO L THE H SCHOOL THE GH SCHOOL HE H H I THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE 'HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCH CHOOL THE GH SCHOOL. THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL,-THE HIGH ,SCHOO,L THEVHIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL -THE HIG SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHIOOO THE HIGH SCHOQgqT,HE HIGIIAI SCHOOL SCHOOL THEN HIGH SCHOOL - IGH SCHOOL TFYE HI SCHOOL THE HIG SCHOO THE. HIGHLVS Q 1 1 .S X 1vf""' Effwf T C'C""'F 'C THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE- HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH OL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE H SCHOOL LRE HIGH SCHOOL GH S Ol THE HIG CHOOL THE -I GH SCHOOL T E HIGH H OL THE HIGH S HOO HE GH SCHOOL T I H H SC OOL -THE HIGH S HOOL THE IGH SCHOOL TH . THEIHIGH SC 'pvc TH HIG ' HOOL OO f' E HIGH Q' SCHOOL THE HIG CHOO THE HIGH .IN CHOOI,T 4 E HIGH 5 OL THE HIGH SCHOOL T HI H SCHOOL SCH THE HIG I n SCHOO f HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH S OO THE H H THE HIGH SCHO HE HIGH THE IGH S OOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE I SCHOO OOL' THE GHI SCHOOIT'-S OOL TH HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCH THE HIGH THJQIGH SC OL 'III-IE, HIGH THE HIGH SC OOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE IG SCHOOL YSCHO L THl?"Hl'G'I-IsSCHOOL"S'CH'OOIf THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHO O THE HIGH THE HI - QITUTTTI IGH THE HIGH SC OOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE IG ' .-a -- - S , NL SCHO '- HI - S HOOL THE HIGH SCH O . - -- , HIG HIGH . OO THE HIG-H . - , 'ilifw-GI . -1 '-ree iff . , SCHOOL THE , .'- C HO THE I, GH SCHOOL HE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SC so T . ,- IGH SC fijy THE HIG - - HCOWTHE HIGH SCHOOL THE IGH L- z -In I .o 95.04 THE - H SCHOOL THE HIGH SC ,Ia T - I H III IW I fE:"'wWi IGHSLSCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCH SC qi! HE HIGH -,Moo ao. THIL.HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SC OOL THE ry - T U,- L SCHOOL Mi E - e SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHO L S ww, .THE HIGH War, o SC O THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SC OO THE HIGH I -. tl . SCHOOOL I, . 3 THE IGH SCHOOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH OOL C ,ng E4qU5I,,w.:,3g, n SCHO L THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SC OOLXTHE H GH I -IQ-'JESAQL-, GH THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL S HO HE HIGH OL SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SC OOL T E HIGH T HIGH SCHOOL THE IGH THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH OOL SCH L THE HIGH E HOOL SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SC SCHOOL THE THE HIGH SCH L THE HIGH SCHOOL THE H H SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOO HE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIG SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL T HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH S OOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL I0 f ACTIVITIES OL THE HTSIH THE HI H -as E HIGH IGH SCHOOLSXSCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE 'HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE 'HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL Y, ,L LOCAL ANEI7 ZEZK 1582 ACTIVITIES Panthers Succeed In Having Fun ICIII. HIGH SCIIOOL THE HIGH SLIIOOI, THE HIGH SCHOOL THIS HIGH SCHOOL TIIE IIIGII SIGHOOI, THE HIGH SCHOOL THI- HIGH SCHOOOL TIIE HIGH f':l'ffIIOOI THIS HIGH SCHOOL THIS HIGH SCHOOL TIIE HIGH SI HOOI THE HIGH SCHOOL TIII, HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SLIIIOOI. THE HIGH SCHOOL THIS HIGH SCHOOL TIIE HIGH SCIIIOOI THE HIGH SCHOOL THI: HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SQQHOOI, THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL TIIE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THI1 HIGH SCHOOOL THE IIIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL TIIE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL TIIE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOOL THE IIIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL TIIE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGII SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL TIIE HIGH SCHOOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL TIIE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL I2 f ACTIVITIES Registration Kicks Off A New School Year At registration, students decided their schedule for the coming year. Freshmen were surprised to find that their classes had been predetermined by a new computer system. Upper classmen met in the large auditorium to hear instructions from Mrs. Laird. Later they were dismissed from their homerooms to scurry through the building. The Leadership Committee and some faculty members were stationed throughout the halls to answer any questions about the placement of classes. Although departmental shifts were made, the directions given made all classes easily accessible. ik 1" """Nn.,: ,Mgt l AAI cannot believe summer is already over. Shelagh Brown and Trey McNeil discuss their schedules. AWorld History will never be the same after us. Pearl Blair, Larry Campbell, Greg Harris, Randy Morgan, Kevin Warren, Sam Reeves, Benjie Silva, Mike Silliman, Domecq Smith, and Jimmy Erwin line up for a history class. 4Susan Irvin, Tina Peterson, Reginald Jordan, and Savannah Williams sign up for Mrs. Snyder's French class. QM, D I 3 AAMrs. Simon and Mrs. Wilson wait patiently for parents delayed by the rainy weather. AAPDO you think some of the teachers forgot their names? Mrs. Laird and Mr. Miller pass out name tags. AWhat do you mean our son's flunking football? Coach Crowder talks to Mr. and Mrs. William Straub. Jr. ' PMr. James O'Neil receives directions from Cindy Almy in the congested hall. s , . Paschal Pride Exhibited At Open House Open House, a brief face-to-face meeting for parents and teachers, was held early in the fall semester. This year the PTA promoted the theme, "Paschal Pridef' which led them to sell stickers, while the Spirit Steppers sold Panther stadium cushions. The PTA also raised funds by selling refreshments in the front foyer. PSOP members were stationed at various halls to assist parents in finding teachers Despite the rainy weather parents came to give their support si Howd Week Stars Freshmen Hollywood welcomed the freshmen to Paschal during Howdy Week with motion-picture-camera signs bearing the names of the freshmen posted in the front foyer. The Leadership Committee, costumed in Mickey Mouse ears, performed the freshman skit. Students appeared dressed as their favorite movie characters W some as M"A"'S"H, That Girl, and Carol Burnett. The rollerskating party, initially not a costume party, turned into a punk rock party when kids came with orange, pur- ple, and silver dyed hair. Continuing the excitement of Howdy Week was club day, when freshmen signed up for their choices. A finale to the exciting school activities was Dave and Linda, a duo who sang country- western music for the student body. The order of the Howdy Week was different this year since the Howdy Dance preceded the week of festivities. Hosted by PSOP, the dance at Metro Center Hotel featured Ventage. Thanks to the organization of LC and the cooperation from the other students, the freshmen this year were welcomed in style. APDave and Linda sing for the students compliments of OEA. PAlaine Capper and Doug Allen dance with their dates while listening to Ventage. Vjohn Ohendalski, Kevin Roden, Matt Graves, Chris Spencer, Jim Bob Barker, and Tim Luster laugh during the LC skit. VPLori Kasper signs up for the AFS club from Vance Bates. A 'f 'kkrrh F A K F51 sig ' .fe .A i 'Q f - ' I4 f ACTIVITIES K PLouisa Champlin, Karen Anderson, Beth Howell, Jana Blanton, and Scott Hernandez ham it up in their costumes. VRoger Rambo and Shannon Price dance the night away at the Howdy Dance. VPHow do you like my hat? Randy Scott and Paul Brown dress as cheerleaders while Sharon Johns and Marlene Johnson watch. .Q 4. 1' fx 4 J' gy, 5 ,, wt 2 ' a 3? W! DY W gig , V. , rt X Z gr my Q M, GS x I Q I rw 'xi 5 ,ff A 'az . J W-L 2 x in 1 f ,J he , Pep Rallies Reflect Spirit Early morning pep rallies packed the large auditorium with enthusiastic cheerleaders as well as performing Spirit Steppers, energetic PSOP members, spirited PAWS, and the drum-beating, toe-tapping band. Cheering students radiated pep and excitement. A big part of each pep rally was the victory yell competition where each class tried to outshout the other. Pep rallies ended with the Alma Mater, the silent cheer, and the departure of the football players determined to gain a victory. APCoach Brewer introduces quarterback Trey McNeil to the audience. S APAS-CHAL . . . Winky Hix, Cindy VanAmbui'gh and Mascot Kelly Cato perform the silent yell. PHey, come on! Robert Fielder encourages students to out shout 5 each other in the victory yell competition. 16 1 ACTIVITIES I-can I Av ,M , -ffl 1' X A WK? 7 i AA Steppers Joni Gilbert and Debbie Dixon go punk. AAP Byron Barnes experiments with new trumpet techniques. A I always wondered what it would feel like to be tall. Ken Carrizales lifts Tricia Loughridge into the air during a cheer. AP Praise to thee, Pas-chal . . .. Students sing the Alma Mater as the pep rally comes to an end. P Seniors! Seniors! Ross Walker, Lynn Alexander, and Lynn McNeill yell inthe victory competition. ai ,Mgt Homecoming Parade Begins Festivities Cheering, music, yells. and screams filled the air as Paschalites paraded in the streets surrounding the school. Students were dismissed early in the afternoon to attend the third annual homecoming parade composed of colorful floats, marching band, dancing Steppers, and cheering pep squads, Shelagh Brown, Cindy VanAmbrugh, Janet Hicks, Jackie Shaw, Debbie Dixon, and Carolyn Zipp, the homecoming candidates, waved to classmates on the sidelines as they rode in convertible sports cars. The parade ended at the ficldhouse parking lot where everyone gathered before going to a pep rally. il 'QQ ,B ,I-181' an A F an Q .avi . NNN ,ag .f 'cgi ,. QA! Freshmen John McNelly and Troy Moncrief present a unique oat. AP We are proud to present Homecoming '81, PSOP members Cher l Thornton. Carol CTU7, Becky Acosta, and Felicia Tennerson lead tliie homecoming parade. V Jeff Jackson floats to the top of the senior float as Alston Roberts looks on. V Oh yeah, we're number one. Juniors Abby Antweil and Joe Dulle ex- ress spirit throu h their float. P Sophomores ichard Frymire and Micheal Maness display unity in 3 it their Hoat. l8 f ACTIVITIES 0F .U -',,,...a- ,,,..,'--""' if Z.. ,T-'af' ""'-"4r.4 ...-WMM' r-ff" ff few, Y , ,. I K ,gin 77 in .5 AA Cindy Van Amburgh holds Shea Parker, a future Panther! AAP Janet Hicks, driven by Kurt Williams, proudly introduces thejunior float. AAP! I think the wind is going to knock me down. Jackie Shaw holds tightly to the car as she smiles at spectators. A Debbie Dixon shows off her mum to students on the sidelines. AP If they could see me now. Homecoming Queen Shelagh Brown smiles to an admiring crowd. APP Yes, I finally made it. Carolyn Zipp leans back to talk with PSOP members. P Students anxiously await the beginning ofthe parade. AA I always wanted to be a football player. Shelagh Brown, Cindy VanAmburgh, Jackie Sherman, Cindy Oliver, Carolyn Zipp, and Cindy Moore show their enthusiasm while dancing in the line-dance. A Alston Roberts struts his stuff as a chaparrel during the PSOP skit. AP Alums Marcia Williams, Mike Bevers, and Shellie Stewart remember their good old days at Paschal. P Look Mom, no hands. Heather Peck dances at the pep rally. 20 f ACTIVITIES Spirit Peaks During Pep Rall The homecoming pep rally was a climatic finale to the annual parade. The cheerleaders lcd everyone - teachers, students, parents, and excs - from the parking lot to the auditorium where banners bearing varsity football players' names were scattered. Also seen floating above the crowd were the white football-shaped balloons that had been sold by the gymnastics team. The band, Spirit Steppers, and PSOP con- tributed by escalating enthusiasm in the pep rally. The cheerleaders read letters and telegrams from alumni who encouraged the team. The football cap- tains for the week gave their views on how well the team would do. Senior girls dressed in jerseys and pads concluded the pep rally festivities by perform- ing their football line dance. W I it f I, ' ,..r: .N fx X K ifu,gI"'4Q'9' Exciting Dance Ends Homecoming The Homecoming Dance. jointly sponsored by PSOP and the Alumni Association, followed the game. The Pengwins rocked the Metro Center Hotel with music made popular by the Beatles. Devo, and other rock groups. Though the loss to Wyatt took some glitter from the event. the dance was a spectacular end to an exciting. full day. oe lf Elm' I A it x pvwx ji AAA A few more and I think we can open our own florist shop. Mrs. Leeman and Mrs. Wallace keep mums and coats for students. AAP Stephen Mallick. Melissa Cox, Scott Morris. and Jenny Brown invent their own disco steps. AA You say it's bigamy. Darren Higman, Christine Mancell, and Greg Hyre take a rest between songs. A Mr, Baldwin and a security officer chaperone the homecoming dance. P Watch out! I think that fountain just bit me. Rhonda Cantrell waits her turn as Gayle Solomon gets a drink of water. . WVR A jf 3 ,,..- 5 -2 rg! Ni 22 f ACTIVITIES Faces Glow With Christmas Cheer Christmas cheer filled the halls where faces glowed with the joy of the holiday season. LC members bought and decorated a flocked tree to brighten the front foyer. A toy drive, also sponsored by LC, provided money contributions to buy toys for children at the State School. On the day school was dismissed for the holidays, students dressed in costumes ranging from a tree or an elf to stockings and reindeer. After school, students rushed to the hustle and bustle of crowded shopping malls, before returning home to celebrate with their families and close friends. AA.Iennifer White, Dorenda Bradshaw, Beth Guenzel, Robert Fielder, Connie Johnson, and Monita Johnson dress for the holiday season. A4 I sure hope Santa didn't forget me. Annette Martinez waits patiently for the arrival of St. Nick. AA cluster of gifts wait for recipients at an AFS Christmas party. 4Choir members Richard Ewton, Glen Peterson, Tom Orr, and Dale Er- win prepare for a day of caroling in the halls. Dance Boosts Christmas Spirit t t 2 Q 5 2 l l K A What do you mean they don't have a thirteenth floor? Jennifer Daniels and Tim Williams wait for the elevator. P Holly Hardin and Alston Roberts take a break from the dance. V When she showed up in a leopard outfit, you should have realized you were in trouble. Jeff Bernard, Tim Williams, and Murray Atkinson talk during the dance. The Spirit Steppers hosted a Christmas Dance at the Blackstone Hotel, where students energetically danced to the new wave sound of the Ejectors. Mistletoe leaves bearing the names of each couple decorated the walls. The dance, held the week before the Christmas vacation, created anticipation of the holiday season. f fm H5 24 f ACTIVITIES Li'l Abner Is A Success Li'l Abner, Al Capp's famous comic strip, came to life in the musical comedy presented as a joint production of the music and drama departments. Show choir members displayed acting abilities and talents throughout the production. Mary Catherine Howell played domineering Mammy Yokum. Li'l Abner, devoted son of Mammy, was portrayed by Todd Thompson. Daisy Mae, the girl who wanted Abner as her husband, was played by Erica Flores and Ken Mair played the persistant Earthquake McGoon. Ms. Susan Williams and Mrs. Joy Howington worked hard to cast the musical. Student Director Susan McConnico, Student Manager Julie Fatka, and other creative students worked diligently to design props, costumes, and lighting. This multitude of talents contributed by students made Li'l Abner a successful production. H8 N ,. 5 A 4' Q ,gi ' at 1 - k " A "?j3ri.":f l AAPWow, I never knew a girl had four legs! Todd Thompson checks out sexy Louisa Chaplin. ATodd Thompson tells Tom Orr an exciting story about Washington. APTom Orr demonstrates his balancing abilities while Mary Catherine Howell and Todd Thompson talk. PI'm not taking those Peale Pills anymoreg they make me think too positive. Nick Brophy objects to taking his medicine while Karla Stewart and Joe Riggs look on. 1. ! X" s' , Y .- J rg' 4 ii six 2 X AA44Richard McLamore, Todd Thomp- son and Erica Flores wait to hear the im- portance ofthe Cornpone meeting. AA4Margaret Mitchell sings the first song ofthe musical on opening night. AAI does the head bustin' in this family. Mary Catherine Howell shows Todd Thompson who is boss. A4Michelle Carter receives important papers from Tom Orr and Erica Flores. AI'm Melting . . . Richard McLamore and Ken Mair watch Erica Flores as she falls for Todd Thompson. 4Ifl had my druthers . . . Todd Thompson sings a solo. E N. Romantic Da Is Expressed In Man Ways Although Valentine's Day came on a Sunday, cupid's arrows found their marks early in unusual ways. The Penta Club sold carnations and humorous singing valentines that were delivered to students during class. The PTA also sold heart- shaped lollipops to raise funds for the school and the Tarrant County Heart Association, On February 14, the official day, sweethearts chose the traditional candy, their message. cards, and flowers to convey Ai, 4" wif A' I 5 R . ...R 6 AAI-lonestly, it's only a magnifying glass to help me with my reading. J oe Lopez attempts to eat a lollipop as Mrs. Hardin warns him against eating in the library. A4Debbie Eisenberg shares a valentine's greeting with Janet Hicks. Al wonder if Sam gave this to me. Julie Fatka is curious to know who sent her the carnation. 4Tracey Asher receives a bouquet of flowers from Vernon Coleman as a token of his affection. W., fwfwwmmw Western Tradition Prevails To celebrate the beginning of the Southwestern Exposition and Fat Stock Show, students dressed in western attire. Winners of a beard growing contest, sponsored by LC, were chosen for the length, fullness, and originality of their beards. LC selected a Miss Cowgirl and a Mr. Cowboy from each class. The winners included seniors Renee Ostrander and Scott Moreland, juniors Deborah Castillo and Bart Gutierrez, sophomores Bridget McAnthony and Emmanuel Fritz, and freshman Kelley Peterson. To continue the western mood, many students at- tended the annual stock show parade. AA4 Kelley Peterson thinks ofthe cowboy she is going to give her bandana to A Are you serious? Angela Edwards and Cinda Burns test their Texas drawls while waiting to bejudged in the contest. A4 Where did the extra ace come from? Jim Sanders and John Clingman look at each other's costume in the front foyer. 4 He looks so realg he can't be a robot. Vincent Brooks and Annette Martinez par ticipate in Western Day by dressing up. Special Days Show Creativity Headbands, anything camouflage, knickers, ballet shoes, ruffles, and leggings could be seen all over the campus as students dressed in the latest fads. On designated days, Paschalites wore a varie- ty of costumes that included gorilla outfits, Christmas trees, and clowns. Aside from the con- ventional dress-up days, some classes chose to celebrate more unusual occasions like John Milton's birthday and election days. Thanks to these days, students got to show off the fashions of today and those of many years gone by. T . , Nm jak PA Cynthia Guerra. Rene Rosales, Tracy Shore, Scott Tuomey, and Melissa Hodges display the latest fads. A l dare you to make fun of my costume. Natalie Blinderman elovtns around, P liek! lt's alive. Winky Ilix, Mindy Milrany. and Sara Turpin play in the garden. XCTI Y IT r"' lgy 2 New , , E-'tiff lllllllli ll lllllllli lllllllll Ill ww. s ga , ' He illnitll lllllll Y llllllll r I' mf! Maw AA4 Glrls are made of sugar and splce and everythmg nlce Deena Mavlas dresses as a candy cane for Christmas AA They always sand l had an extra sparkle Ellen Knapp shows her Chrlstmas sp1r1tby dressing as tlnsel, A4 Where s the camera? Robert Wright Blake Woodard and Richard McLamore celebrate poet John Mllton s brrthday A Jack Melcher threatens onlookers Whlle dressed as a plrate aoffxcriv S g United Effort Sells Magazines The class of 1982 successfully raised money through the annual magazine sale to help pay for many of the senior activities. Under the direction of Mrs. Jan Turner. Mrs. Helen Wallace, and the Senior Activities English classes. students were able to exceed the total sales amount of last year. Stuffed animals, T-shirts, tumblers, candy, and money were prizes offered to seniors who were also eligible to win their cap and gown, an annual, and even dinner dance tickets. Top salespersons Robert Fielder and Lisa Luskey were given their choice of a portable television or an AMjFM radio cassette player. Mr. Lotspeich's PSOP homeroom led sales to win a dinner party at Joe T. Garcia's along with the Senior Activities English classes. The work and time spent raising money by selling magazines helped to create a more unified class of 1982. 5' .Af jfiilfii ta 22,790 5 'ees L iaat ff' AAI don't understandg l just can't seem to get a picture. Hutch Carter looks at the grand prize. A4Do da, do da. Mrs. .lan Turner teaches her Senior Activities English class. ADo you really think we could make it on Broadway? Cindy VanAmburgh, James McCloud, Shelagh Brown, Cathy Brciles, Paul Brown, and Tricia Loughridge dance during the sales assembly. 4Cathy Long, Cathy Broiles, and Rolf McCann paint in the new total on the tally sign in the front foyer. l X it wwf Q35 W:- . ':i5"1n4 , grief. T ,,,4,'i,az H AAA lt's called hand jive. Brook Benge and Gina Haney practice blocking techniques. AA Laurie Caldwell, Gayle Solomon, and Sherri Nowell psyche themselves up for the game. AAP Double trouble. Jennifer Daniels, Jeanette Chandler, Annette Chandler, and Cindy Oliver huddle together as Frank Ellison calls a sly play. A Teresa Mays hands the ball to Lisa Luskey. P I wonder if Danny White started out this way. Dorette Bradshaw attempts to pass the ball. PP Sensations go! Sandy Yarbrough gets set for the next play. L-,N sg.. ge Q.-fo am. Sensations And Jammers Battle It Out The Senior Sensations and Junior Jammers anx- iously waited to play in the annual Powder Puff game at Farrington Field. Bruises and sore muscles were evident as the girls prepared themselves for the match. Players learned fundamentals such as kicking. passing. blocking. and tackling. The male coaches and cheerleaders gave moral support to boost the momentum in the teams. Proceeds from this game went to the Charles M. Berry Scholar- ship Fund. y x, xt ,,f' ,XX Q v "rf O 32 X ACTIVITIES Students Donate For Worthy Cause The blood drive, sponsored by the Leadership Committee to replenish the supply at the Carter Blood Center, was a tremendous success. Students, teachers, and even a few exes willingly contributed. The donors were treated to cookies and punch to provide an energy boost. The immediate purpose of the blood drive was to have blood available to the family members of those who donated. it I 1 .3 L I. I ...Q - I... A! Nav AA Mr. Bill Ball, Carter Blood Bank's representative, explains the different components in blood. A4 What did you say was in these cookies? Brook Benge helps himself to some cookies and grape juice after giv- ing blood. A Did you hear the one about the . . .? Robert Purselley jokes with Mark Dabney while he donates blood. 4 Kelly Cato and Jackie Sherman con- sider publicity ideas for the blood drive. P No, I'm not biting my knuckle! Phil Gaddis eats graham crackers, com- pliments ofCarter Blood Bank. -K f' 'M Juniors And Seniors Visit The Capital Pairs of seniors and juniors went to Washington, D.C. to participate in Presidential Classroom for Young Americans. Each session consisted of one week of lectures, visits to the House of Represen- tatives and the Senate, meetings with government employees, and gatherings with the other students from around the U.S. Students were granted finan- cial aid by such organizations as the Walsh Foun- dation and A. M. Pate. Mrs. Prudence Laird, who is Paschal's coordinator, supplied interested students with information through announcements in the morning and individual meetings. Presiden- tial Classroom provided participants a once- in- a- lifetime opportunity to watch the federal govern- ment in action. , ' A4Money for the blind? Laurie Sprinkle and Lynn McNeill are on their way to Washington, D.C. A"0h, say can you see .... " Sally Herr thinks about her trip to Presidential Classroom. 4Let's underline the dirty words. John Jones and Joanne Fralia read POWER AND POLITICS, part of the materials given to them for the course, Cars Express Personalit Family station wagons, classic antiques, sports cars, rugged trucks, and glossy jeeps appeared in the many parking lots of the school. Styles varied from the most common to the most outrageous. To make their trip to and from school more interesting, Panthers decorated their "wheels," Included were vinyl and leather seat covers, fluffy pillows, colorful feathers, key chains, and stuffed animals hanging from rear view mirrors. Exteriors featured frosted or painted windows, or no windows as well as rusty dents and scratches. Other students chose bumper stickers and eye catching license plates. These cars expressed the owners' personalities. .wg . "1 f 5 fi f 5i v f W ' fii f Q yyg yy yyytt Wg y yyty T yyyyy g y il k y A y v at ' ty S 1 4 a tudents Congregate t Area Hangouts Spicy nachos, fattening ice cream, juicy chicken and delicious pizza were just a few ofthe delicacies tasted when Paschalites visited favorite fast food restaurants like Jack-in-the-Box or sat down to en- joy a meal at Daniel's by the Trinity. These facilities frequented by students during school and on the weekends were fondly named 'gllangoutsf' Other hangouts included bowling alleys, restaurants, parks, and even the twin bridges behind Chicotsky's. Places like these enabled students to associate with one another outside of class. v ftvev cf' i ii V v 2 G . , . 0 K' .tk i V ,1 4' if i Q, i 1 cf! 6 ,,, j ,,,,' V ik :X ,. K fl K 5 l . ,. P ' ' ' ztt Q e s Akik ki ,. :ii I in A K K t ttgg . 5 - - f A,,f: ' f " ' A..k F - ' - - - Ii? . L .. fr., Qs - ':.,.: -Q XX . ' ,i K ' XXX - W .,.4,,,.,,,.. .c,..........w. A.lohn Hurst, Robert Purselley, Alston Roberts, and Hutch Carter enjoy dining at the Back Porch. 4 . . 36 1 SPORTS IIII, HIGH SCHOOL IHI: HIGH SCHOOL THIE IIIGII SCIIIOOI THI1 HIGH FSCHOOI, THII HIGH ?-ICIIOOI IIIIII4. HIGH SCQIIOOI, THI' HIGH Si, IIOOOI TIII1 HIGH TSCIHOOI IIIIE HIGH SCIIOOI, TIII- HIGH SCIIOOI., TIII, HIGH SCIIOOI IIIIQ HIGH SCIIIOOI, IIII HIGH SSIHOOE, 'IIIII1 HIGII SIQIIOOI, THI1 HIGH SCHO I 'IiIf III SCHOOL TIIIl IGH Sf? OOI, 'Hit HIGH ' fIIOOI, TIIIQ IIIGII SIHOOI, ' IIi HIGH SCIII OI, THIZ HIGH SCHOOL THI1 IIIG I SCI-IOOIL TIIIf I-HGH , W , . 'IIII' HIGH SQHOOI, 'IIHIQ HIGH SCIIOOI, THIQ HIGH SCIIOOI, TIIII HIGH SCIIOOI TI-II HIGH FSCIIOOE. THIS HIGH 5-SCEIOOI, IIII. HIGH SCQIIOOOI 'IHIQ HIGH SCHOOI, II'IIIf HIGH SCIIOOI, IHI: HIGH SQHOOI, THIf HIGH SCIIOOI, TIII1 HIGH SCHOOL ' Ian, SCIIOOI, THI5 GH SCHOOL THIS HIGH SifHOOI,TTHIi HIGH SCIICQOII' S"IMI-IIK IILGXH SCHOOKI. THF HIGH SLIIIOCI, 'OIL IIICYH SCHOOL THIQ IIIGI SCIIOOI, THIS HIGH SCIHOTBI. TILE HIGH wr- 7 "', " veg", ' ., fix? THII, HIGH SCHOOL TIIIL HIGH SCHOOL THIS HIGH SCHOOL 'IHHI4 HIGH SCHOOL TIIIZ HIGH SCHOOI, 'I'IIIi HIGH SCHOOL 'IIHI-A IIIGH Sf ..11 HOOOI. THE HIGH SCIIIOOI, 'IIIII1 HIGH SCfI'IOOL THI, IIIGII SCfHOOI, THI? HIGH SCHOOL THIS HIGH SCHOOL WHIC HIGH SCIIOOI, THIQ HIGH HIGH SCHOOL S , OI, III'-II-i THIf I SLfIIOOI.7QI,.LE HIGH SCHOOL TI Ii GH S DI THIC HIGH SCIIOOI. THE IGH HIGH ' fII IOL . L. 1 . SCHOOL T Ii TIII91 HIGH S fHOO HE I IGH xciszciox ' moz rscfmnoi, 513599, 'Iliiflii mesa esczvaciacsi, sscuocina, 'ui H :II 55 001, 111.11 114521 sun 1 mi IIIGH,,'TIIITHIGI Snsuooof, 'Hui ufcxpf Jimi HIGH sci 10001. TIIEE IIIGH sfino 14 Tm, mm sciuooif' scizscinoi. 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HIGH SCHOOL TIIIi HIGH SCHOOL TIIIE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCIIOOI., TIIIQ HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THIQ HIGH SCHOOL 'IIII-2 HIGH SCHOOL THIIi HIGH SCHOOL THIQ HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL TIIIQ HIGH SCHOOL THI5 HIGH SCHOOL TIII2 HIGH SCHOOL TIIIQ HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THIE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCQIIOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THIE HIGH E-QCIHIOOI, THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL TIII? HIGH SCHOOL THIS HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCIIOOI., THIS HIGH SCHOOL TIIIZ HIGH SCHOOL TIIILH HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THIS HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCIIOOIC, TIIIE HIGH SCHOOL TIIIi HIGH SCHOOL "IIHIi HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS ANG? if-'EK 1582 SPORTS Panthers Compete Proudly - W Gy N6 L59 603 Um. ?fWfifj,ii4gaMwUqi1WMfV wife fgwy wvfwdfif M' OJWM Panther Season Gpens Victoriously The varsity team began the football season by conquering the Poly Parrots 19-14. Two fourth quarter touchdowns by Tony Burton were set up by the Panther defense. They allowed Poly only one play while Paschal's offense scored thirteen points. As the Panther Machine traveled out of town, it encountered fierce opposition. At Longview, the Panthers were blanked by the Lobos 21-0. Dallas Kimball was next, and the less hospitable Knights dealt a 42-0 defeat. Coach Brewer then began a regrouping effort as the team moved toward district play. mw f AAPRandy Scott 1243 tackles the Poly quarterback as Greg Jenkins 1743 and John Fleming 1773 move in to assist. AA Panther defender stops Dallas Kimballls quarterback. APOn your mark, Get set, Go! Trey McNeil 113 calls the play as Joel Simpson 1843. Kurt Hahnfeld 1763, Donald Short 1603 and Marc Fleming 1513 prepare to charge. VTony Burton 1473 gains yardage as Charles Hillary 1393 and Marc Fleming 1513 Mark Stanley 1633 clear the way. 38 XSPORTS as ,v :af District Crown In Sight For Panthers The varsity team opened district play against Eastern Hills with a 14-l0 loss. The Panthers held Hills offense until the fourth quarter, when a late touchdown spelled defeat. Paschal's defense scored two touchdowns enroute to the Panthers' one-sided victory over Southwest. Charles Hillary's 50 yard pass interception combin- ed with a Tony Eno 25 yard fumble return gave the team its first district win by a 20-0 margin. The Panthers held off a Tech rally and claimed a 14-6 victory. The defense denied a two point con- version which could have handed the team a defeat. This win placed the Panthers and five other teams in a tie for first place. - we 'Wives-1. V, X I K ., fywpii 7, N, ,M M, AA Tony Burton 147D dives across the Eastern Hills line. A VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: Front Row: B. Benge, P. Brown, C. Hillary, R. McLamore, C. Johnson, L. Henry, T. McNeil, D. Short, T. Eno, T. Burton, C. Buis. Row 2: J. Sanders, L. Wallace, M. Merritt, K. Mills, R. Scott, J. Fleming, K. Gremp, D. Mann, D. Williams, R. Williams, A. Williams, G. Ellison. Back Row: B. Patterson, A. Moore, K. Hahnfeld, M. McStay, B. Frost, J. Black, J. Simpson, R. Andrus, M. Fleming, F. Ellison, M. Stanley, G. Jenkins. 4 Trey McNeil QU throws a pass as the linemen block against Southwest. V Luther Henry C283 carries the football as Richard McLamore 1375, Gary Ellison f62J, and Mark Stanley C635 lead the way. Q ' zz' , Homecoming Clash Proves Disappointing BUG AA Trey McNeil 113 throws a pass behind the protection of Frank Ellison 1665. AAP Too pretty to run through. Joel Simpson 1841 leads the team onto the field. AP Who gets it this time? Tony Burton 1475 receives the handoff from Trey McNeil 1lJ as Luther Henry 128j and Charles Hillary 1391 attempt to confuse the opposition. A Trey McNeil 115 takes the snap from Mark Fleming 1515. 40 f SPORTS Dunbar arr. 1 1 tt taae 1 yatfm swwestern Hills Hopes For District Title Fade Awa The varsity team defeated Arlington Heights by 21-7. The Panthers, who were sluggish in the begin- ning, received a half-time motivating speech from Coach Brewer. A different Paschal team returned for the second half. The offense took control, scor- ing two touchdowns on one and two yard runs by Tony Burton. The victory placed the team in a three way tie for first place. The Panthers' district hopes were tarnished by a 14-0 loss to Wyatt. The game, a defensive battle, was decided by two long runs for touchdowns by the Chaparrals. A 21-O defeat was dealt the Panthers by a for- midable Western Hills team. The Cougars found holes in the defense as they passed for two touchdowns and ran for a third. A trio of defensive plays and an offense sparked by Derrick Williams led the Panthers to a 17-13 victory over Dunbar. This win evened the team's season record to 5-5. Nu 3 TC! a f - ,,,, f - ' Eg . '-k' W .,,' "--' - - was1-,-Z5,ww3,312-fragsyggrfgfffafszggy ,gsgf g fi ctiff 'IM I viii" I N i, V w ir' L ' ziaif .1 'i' l24i1--lf: X' 1-asv "..' --swf-,-fMi-?lH:5efxffge1s'ff:v.1: . f5'f'55lW2- ' "'- ima , -5'. - J' 'af "J at -- ' ' K - : ea .. ' ' S Xlaflstl . ws:-'w1 W.-'1"..:wi .511 e-'f. v..--i-f- 'V' 'f ,. fffZ.E.HQ'f '-rgf.-e rliiigaa --. 'iw ill-.lf " " . ----- 3 . . .-.f .. .f... , , .5731 w l .,gk.t.Lg::gy5z:--- gfgiilf'H-flaw,K-K-Sitsissfeiifsgyglrigy12-1s2ieQ5vi5izss1wr5iZaEl.'feeifgggf'-35:22--. f 1535,-1. -E 3 fy-5551 1 k'a, .- -' fart ,. fp - f .r -2811.-.wang gm sf: s .c first- -1 .1 ff., K ini- if-2,,,.frQrf fifrigiy- passing Yar . .g,. 1 - - .---.t - ': . dilaiiffl ff, - i..Ss51f!J5' i':Q.?' rf' U: " .',, , . Fu1'nblgS-I-,ost sg I 1. A ,jg ' - L ' -X .en mg -... 4.15-ttf - .- s " zitfapf 5 . , . f--. . i I f ' ,,-, ' I - - .,, 4 , " VVVL, ::ff-iit?,f5lfw -, ., ,.... 'in .1 , AA A Dunbar defender attempts to tackle runningback Derrick Williams t32j as Brent Patterson 1263 looks on. A4 Charles Hillary C391 strives for yardage against Western Hills. A Paul Brown t7J, Kyle Mills tl lj, Tony Burton 1473, and Donald Short C605 relax during half-time. JV Exhibits Talent, Stamina, and Skill The JV football team, led by newcomer Coach Naylor, exhibited talent and stamina throughout the season. Although the team was confronted with the task of making adjustments, the players used their talents and skills to produce a fulfilling year. Blair Norman and Tim Williams led the offensive attack, while Terrance Branch and Gary Burton led the defensive line. This team of ardent players continued to keep their unified spirit although the victories were not easy. The season opened with a 9-0 win over Poly, but a disappointment followed with a depressing 28-O fall to Richland. The hard- working juniors and sophomores finished the season with a record of 3-7, defeating Poly, Eastern Hills, and Arlington Heights. l"" maxim.. AAPTeam members form a huddle to discuss the next play. AJUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM. Front Row: D. Thompson, R. Rambo, E. Johnson, K. Caldwell, G. Alford, D. Shannon, B. Gowans, D. Dixon, T. Thompson. Row 2: P. Mc- Cloud, M. King, R. Wise, T. Williams, D. Brumley, H. Collins, B. Brown, T. Branch, G. Burton, R. Limones, A. Williams. Back Row: A. Floyd, mgr.g B. Norman, P. Cole, J. Riley, M. Maness, S. Maxwell, R. Broadus, D. VanLuckner, R. Hilliard, A. Jones, J. Coffey, mgr.g L. Branch. mgr. PAnthony Jones C853 secures the ball as he escapes a Rebel tackler. 42 f SPORTS Q 1 4' . ew JV Team Promises Brighter Future ,Asif J Q' t I 1 1 it il nm va 4 t uw ' , 2 ll if ' F' :luv v me s ,L .,- it "' ,NT A PHS P Lf 0 9 ' at f ' 1 ' 7 X 2 we Q 0 sw .W ':'Z' Easter -!gv, ffff , Southwesty 32 15' Trimble Tbdh 1 4 33 as 1? Aflingwf? efr eigllisfr if 7 tat W ae W fp f 4 if , M im 4' fi if K, Sy W W a f 7 if,,,.:'.,.:? s : f f ' ,A ,,.., ,WW W -ai, Wm ,J . -WM ,..,v , W,-1 ny. i f ,.., V. if W - f -If' ii 7 7 rrrr W, Z free WW, ilfiCf"' 5, 2' , V I 'WWW' YY .my My num A in fw V 4 f ,- fl- MmmVf. if K K .. fu? ' W' ""' 7 ':m,.,.m ' -M Y l l s n627 AAA4Tic Tac Toe, I got ya! Terrance Branch 1643 prepares to block a Rebel tackler. AAADerek Williams 1325 tackles an opponent, refusing to accept another touchdown, AA4Oh, my feet are killing me! Roger Rambo comes off the field after playing a tough game. AATim Williams 1353 swiftly dodges the defense while running down field. 4Coach Naylor explains the new strategy to Steve Maxwell 1775 and Mark Parker 173. AA Wyatt defender stops Tim Williams 1351. Freshmen Fight For A Winning Season ilitfiwvkiwfxff' We iii aging my sex Sui ,eff fssesse eeeeie Season Reeeiitl iiii lik 5 Q A -IIX l ii . .. , ,. .A , , 3 r .K - K kiwwk Rx K5 ...k- ..-1.. 4. ....e his ' K 1' 7i" as Eammnrnus se e' eg sn ooQ4e 7" Southwest 8 A '71 is ' Trimble Tech 3 6 V Wyatt e 61 A m 0 , Western Hills iii A ii Q Dunbar A ei 6 A 0 AAA The freshman team gets set for another play, AAAP l'll learn how to play one day. Gus Bates runs off the field after a play. AA Quarterback Mutt Graves L75 prepares to pass another touchdown. A Henry Gentry 1445 bypasses the entire Rebel line, P N1attGruvest7lconcentrates on the planned strategy, 44fSPORTS Xt X M. Freshmen Adjust To New Techniques The adjustments and difficulties of moving from middle school to high school football and into a new atmosphere were met by both Coach Ponder and his freshman football players. They worked and learned together to produce a good team. Coach Ponder, with the aid of Coach Stephens, drilled, and instructed the group of eager boys. Although victories came rarely, high spirits and enthusiasm made scores very close. F' 1 AA4Coach Ponder and Matt Graves have an on-field discussion. AFRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM. Front Row: J. Bourland, E. Rogers, D. Wilborn, T. Williams, L. Williams, R. Shyroc, T. Green, M. Graves, S. Carpenter, J. Simpson. Row 2: P, Terrell, R. Hall,mgr1 D. Sanchez, G. Miles, J. Bradshaw, L. Loughridge, E. Ashworth, B. Lucas, B. Wells, B. Norman, M. VanTilburg, S. Davis. Back Row: Coach Ponder, R. Ross, D. Minor, J. Reasoner, H. Gentry, J. Ohen- dalski, G. Bates, P. Hunter, B. Renfro, N. Ludvigson, M. McShaffry, J. Zuniga, J. Turner. 4On the sidelines, the game is the most important issue to the team. Varsity Rallies Toward District Coach Jim Wall led the varsity team into another season with the goal of winning the district title. Although met with disappointments and team problems at the beginning of the season, the mighty Panthers still managed to produce a team of talent, skill, and stamina. By defeating teams such as Southwest, Arlington Heights, and Western Hills, the squad stayed near the top in district. Dunbar, however, rallied to defeat the cagers once more. The most exciting moments came when Eastern Hills decided not to give up and carried the game into a breathtaking overtime that resulted in an ex- hausting defeat over the Highlanders. , .g,,.1s:-"' L , B e .s -'-s-- - .1i'i1f-w" '7TTf.f ff' 1 ,K 'Q -H 111 .....QfM'1-LLT, Y- "" ' 1 3 ,eg ,f i ""',' ..xt -' 1 t , ,sf e 'viii awffifffvmt , Sk A ..' 9 L B .- , u r ,sta , . ,Q A R A X 1 'Z Q fa 4 gt -A u fm U 1 .. -fl g g.gA v Q fr , 5 eric 9134 I 46fSPORTS AA Vernon Coleman 1241 outjumps the Wildcats and scores two points. A4 Keith Buckley Q301 takes control and pushes the ball down the court. A George Davis C321 drives through the lane to crash the boards while Keith Buckley C301 looks on. AP Waymond Brown 1411 dominates the boards. 4 Ah, man, it ran off without me! George Davis 1321 accidentally loses control of the ball. Varsity Shoots Into The Scene Poly Pre Season Record L D Bell Kimbell L D Bell Lamar Bowie Roosevelt South Oak Cliff Poly North Dallas McCollum Robert E, Lee Nacogdoches Nolan North Mesquite Dematha Lewisville Wyatt Eastern Hills Robert E. Lee :frm OPPONENT 65 56 62 76 39 56 87 65 67 7 7 58 97 56' 1 62 48 78 70 50 53 67 61 :gf e, PHS 74 59 60 91 72 78 66 59 71 56 71 57 53 71 66 59 53 61 68 73 WV" 'J' :,wJ,w,Q:-ZL--v- V- tw, law feeaw ,- fn., f, .fl ,ff,,, .te ir ff,-1:-e'w,f 'ww fawof, , , ,,,,, f f fi V f f f f -, f , ' "" f f , if 1 , ' 4. ,JE 1--:L ,. -,,-,ig f- ' , -Vmfffw "Y . " " , :,, Wswszxff, 7 -3 7 M ' fr 'V f ' .... , , f ' V. ll ' w g ,, ' lfrilff 5' V K 232' I -f , If ' ton , N HT 56 4 it rn ' 381 1 406 " 52 72 . 4 W 5: 1we'5fW?5ffx.m,, j1ft,,5:.f',t,,f ,,' ,wi,5,Z,?-iw32gi?5W'WW 'K as ' , 1. ,f g . , 7 N ' t tm li ,, ,wii , 1-Q.-as f-. -q.-...r- 4 ,, Jrgigwl 'EE .rr r 0 'sw t AA Sheila Dingman and Jane Richardson keep stats for the basketball team. A During a time out, the varsity listens to Coach Wall for instructions for the next play. Ab Darren Jackson 1221 receives a pass. .is 47 AP Waymond Brown t41j makes a free throw against the Yellowjackets. P Ricky Carter C501 stylishly shoots a jump shot. V Earl Whitaker C431 heads for a two-point basket. YP James McCloud QZOJ gets up high for a layup. 48 f SPORTS Varsity Team Hoops It Up The varsity team, made of many talented guys, worked to produce another legendary Panther team. Juniors Keith Buckley, Vernon Coleman, and George Davis exhibited excellent shooting skills. Seniors James McCloud and Waymond Brown used speed and heighth to produce game winning points. Other team members also contributed their efforts when called upon. The squad ran an effective passing game and back-door plays which paid off with winning scores. Excellent defensive tactics frustrated other teams and gave the cagers a chance for more baskets. ln tight situations, the team ran the famous "Wall Stall" to protect the ball and keep the game under control. ww Varsit Basketball Aims For District . . I , , . . . . V . "4 - ' ' 0 ' g 0 J distant JJIJIIIII. I-. Q an--l .qq-qnssulunil in Y - 3111 I--p-n-runnin: qu: f B119 .xr wn:wa1B111U lib- ' 1111 .f .sua la 2 3:53553 ,usgqaunlmm ',-, sr A-assassin. , .-.L-.f..:.a'?'E.un + '-isis-if-if' -se: 1-asrrsflarl S 1 3811!-I .- sux I My - 4 ' :.-'I""'l"- . I WM Q fi E 1 Aint' l U A -.v ismeswm. Gilliam.. -...W .N .av AA4Keith Buckley 1301 soars through the lane for a quick lay-up. AADarren Jackson 1221 expertly puts the ball through the hoop. AAPHands off, sugar! George Davis 1323 fights for the ball in the air. A4VARSITY BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM. Front Row: J. K. Neal, K. Buckley, V. McCloud, D, Jackson, G. Davis, Coleman, C. Benshelter. Back Row: W. Brown, R. Carter. AWaymond Brown 1413 adds two score. 4Team unity and key rhythm are executed by Keith Buckley 1305, George Davis. and James McCloud 1205. more points to the winning JV Team Gains The District Title The .Iunior Varsity basketball team had an ex- cellent season, winning 15 of 16 district games and finishing the season with a 28-3 record. The team participated in the Paschal and Southwest tour- naments, taking first and consolation, respectively. The high scoring offense, which averaged over 66 points per game to their opponents' 50 points per game, placed first in district competition. Coach Floyd Earwood directed the talented team throughout the season. 5 0PP0?i?l5Ngl.P S. tti . Poly este Trimble Tech yytt 48 4 Bdl as.gs 69 fakii Kimball B311 -I gf Vvz: 1 K E Bowie 5 g 55 67 g Poly 365 645 Wyatt 52 45 . Poly 37 Western Hills Nolan i X 5 f Arlington High 5 Tyler Lee Hills 5 A Q3 ii gs - f .lv :-,,,, - 1: 1' 6 6 1 8 4 441 eee a -H i A if 5 3 6 2 Dunbar we Eastern 60 5 Vkeyau . 72 5 5 675 ef' ttt 4 ' ' ":: ' :-.: eff- - ' .r' K :iz e IS 62 f ' "il . 58 1 63 . ' sil- 5 as scc 5 c . 'tee ,itk AAP It went in on my first try. Steve Donald i235 is elated over making a basket. AAVP James Cooper Cl IJ goes up for a lay-up as Horace Taylor 1543 gets into position. AP Greg Harris U05 prepares to pass the basketball to team- mate Marvin Smith Q24J. P Marvin Smith C245 drives down the court. PP Steve Donald C523 shoots for two. 50 f sPoRrs HS sr in 1 up-if . .ff X W-Ei-Y -l--l' : ,m" 1 MI. EU" as aa - 3 U4 if QCW WWE .., ...Zig Panthers Leap Into Action Y f 1 is ' 4, x -, is . . A AA44Anthony Harris 1321 attempts a lay-up against Eastern Hills as Earl Whitaker 1221 blocks, AA4Steve Donald 1521 shoots for two points. AAAnthony Harris 1321 contemplates his one and one while Greg Harris 1101 watches. A44Coach Earwood points out his winning strategy to Greg Harris 1101 and Earl Whitaker 1221. A4Marvin Smith 1241 dribbles down the court. AHorace Taylor 1541 leaps for the ball against a defender as Steve Donald 1521 comes to assist. QJV BASKETBALL TEAM. Front Row: G. Harris, R. Turner, D. Morris. Row 2: E. Whitaker, B. A'llen. Back Row: A. Harris, M. Smith, J. Williams, H. Taylor, M. Hall, S. Donald, J. Baker, G, McNiel, J. Cooper, K. Cass, K. Warren. at A N.. 1:3 'Q 3 K Ig m' L f f .v 52 1 SPORTS Unseasoned Frosh Develop Skills The Freshman basketball team enjoyed a win- ning season under the guidance of first year Coach Gary Ponder. The cagers finished with a 17-9 season and a 9-5 record in district play. The team won the Paschal tournament. They also played in tournaments at Southwest and Hutcheson where they placed second and third, respectively. Poly 68 64 52 55 39 39 54 84 1 51 68 7 54 67 at 4 f aa AA4 Coach Ponder, John Tennerson 1151, Bobby Washington 1301, and Pat Fusilier 1501 watch the game. A44 Steve Dunson 1501 dribbles down the court. A4 Gus Bates 1221 prepares to shoot for two points. 44 Yes, I really did score S0 points in one game. Bobby Washington 1301, Pat Fusilier 1501, and Cedric McHenry 1541 converse while waiting to play. 4 Hillary l-luddleson 1311 puts in a lay-up against Southwest. if af' , 'cy ' 'xterm " f'fw.,,W , MH,,,, 'W-i.,.,, AAEric Purvey 1101 fights for the ball as Adrian Duran 1401 holds offa defender. AAPMarcus Graves 1203 prepares to shoot. AAPPHenry Gentry 1301 attempts a free throw. Alohn Tennerson 1155 concentrates on a lay-up. API-'RESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM. Front Row: J, Tennerson, K. Warren, N. Ludvigson, H. Gentry, J. Baker, B. Harvey, R. Brown, S. Dunson, H. Huddleston, F. Williams. Back Row: K. Barnes, B. Washington, E. Purvey, M. Graves, P. Fusilier. G. Bates, F. Randel, A, Duran, W. Sherrod. PGus Bates 1225 strives to put up a shot. PPAdrian Duran 1403 struggles with two defenders while attempting a difficult shot. 'Wm V ff. Freshman Cagers Shoot For District Title 1 xi 1 P3 B I ,yi ' A 421114 A S.. A 6 .3 , , . . . K , C fx 1 ,P .. w.,. AA Hit me with your best shot. Clayton Odom prepares to receive a pitch during the purple-white game. ' A Dennis Fox readies himself to swing at the ball, AP VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM. Front Row: J. Rowan, C. Odom, R. Schneider, D. Fox, E. Fox, R. Frymire. Row 2: D. Holliday, R. Price, M. Dabney, C. Turnipseed, R. Wallace, B. Frost, A. Floyd. Row 3: B. Helm, bat girl, P. Greenlee, bat girl, C. Oliver, stat girl, B, Giles, bat girlg M. Hodges, stat girl, L. Senevey, bat girl. Back Row: C. Ashcraft, P. Gaddis, B. Patterson, S. Hudson, J. Simpson, P. Perez. P Chuck Ashcraft stretches to throw a pitch. 54 f SPORTS Seniors Lead Varsity Squad The Varsity baseball team, with enthusiasm and an eagerness to win, looked forward to a successful year. The squad, coached by Jimmie Crowder, was aided by returning players. Made up mostly of sophomores and juniors, the team had only three senior players. The players worked out during the fall semester in preparation for the spring season. its -Q-o.mow-ww-'W , .,,. .... g ,X -...amy Q K A by . f se. To 'A -1 .1--me e Q .fa week. M1 .,--f' - ---- . , wr ' e . - or W. . -1, f- J Af .off - or r .... , - A if. ,y.4,f',,',, .Q - " f . K- ., . , -. K .ou . xr K ,ff . l, . ,K in .SNK bww ' 4 -I 3 A ' in ' - 'YQ K., N ' 'W -qmail" -- . - - C - md' . .-. '..m..'. ,. - ' .,. Ks? "Ms f. Players Slide Into District , . tn---if 1:51 43- H f QM W' ' S -1 . . mlwwlwluauwe- A f is , Q F 1 sr vi 3 Q ' 3 - K K ' F? K V 5 ' i r.21 K V ,.:,, 'MW N Q. fn ...PI 'nf W, w - as I wig: A t T A -'S . N Q. 5 H 5 -fra. -1 X-" N. W. ...Q Q R .tx . ' . 1 , f . vb W 3 K . e N as ' af r',. . '.fs'e " - fi N- , i h ' 5 ' . ,. .. ' 4 f .v-. f. JN- Q -N550 Q5 Q35 - ,, A se... -A... .I Q. Qt, K ' Q0 A 9'-4, A . , wEs.:f'9liF,1 kKk,k N: f 4. MA . AM ' 'L A A A 7 is' -f--"zu-wszfff LQ' " .",, ' Args' mer- s.1,,,-1 fa. v F . L s . , ,-Q. K Wk -,.. -if -I Q if K W .,-i '-'- . . -. 3. u .N Mx, at .su ,X 'A w 4 .sn-. .Y . N .... i. , . gi ,A A- sk Q.. 'Mg ,gi N AAA Eric Fox fields a line drive. AA4 l'm going to burn this one in! Brent Patterson winds-up to throw a pitch. AA Joel Simpson tags Richard Frymire out at first base. 4 While Robert Price slides into second base, Richard Frymire backs up Brian Frost. A It's got to be up there somewhere. Mark Dabney awaits a fly ball. nn!-1-i ie' with " i' mi A it A w , : M gggg i M K. ,V A '5' Q 9 QAE E Z' Kii7lv::1 5 wi , E , J -ripe! awww, K 'V I Q Q I 1,Wh Moz 5 f fr, 1 at X s, a '5' . a. ia T' a 'QQ s'!,,k:Ql' NX V . is . " 4, -,tvs fi ,,uiB'3fff - AA Robert Wallace relays the ball in, AAP I'm going to knock this out of the park. Joel Simpson prepares to hit thc ball. A Philip Gaddis awaits a pitch, , AP STAT GIRLS. Front Row: A. Holliday, K. Giles, P. Hake, L. Ram- bo, M. Taylor. Back Row: M. Hodges. I.. Senevey. C, Oliver, B. Helm. P Philip Perez releases a pitch. 56 f sPoRTs Qfllll nu nn Ml vm Balanced Attack Aids Team The varsity team maintained a well-balanced of- fense and defense with the help of several all- around players. The offense was led by the batting of captains Joel Simpson, Skeeter Hudson, and Brent Patterson. The Panthers sustained their defense through the pitching of Chuck Ashcraft and Philip Perez. .....,.......W.., vsrrrqu 5 i ,. ..., ,. ..., 'rv'-ug ' ., snr--in K- rrrrvlil i ik L ! i Si s. if F 5 1 a, 1 .. ff. Q- Q. , .. P F . ea: , A, -G ,i K.. , ff xx an are All-Around Players Provide Framework 44 Let's play catch. Mark Dabney warms up. 4 Back off! Robert Price takes a practice swing. V4 Chuck Ashcraft delivers a pitch. V Clayton Odom prepares to return the ball. VV4 Richard Frymire takes a lead-off as Joel Simp- son guards the bag during practice. VV! I know it's in there somewhere. Chris Turnip- seed examines his glove. we V?"7f"67'57i P 6 JV Slides Into Action .c S 5 . K... -V L,-.. .1 f -f s..v...:a? .ff-S3 -if-,f.fiiiww25 QS' ',.i."fi'v'21 sf? 4' Q :. . li: QS D as A ,..s.- . ,k-- l .3,,.a,, ,.kk 3 gy' . as-.W s fs . A b The talented junior varisty baseball team slid 1n- Hs., .- g if - - - fs: l'aa ....f to action, ready to produce a v1ctor1ous season. The - - group worked with intensity to improve basic skills. -5'M'.1--25' T ...f L 'Tmzif ' 'FS i l. L 35- Yau . Q31 Y ,. Y . A ii Coach Glen Wood led the bo s throu h after school . 'ff-'-iTi'fteffc.a K' , ...Lp .. s e 'N'- . . . . 5 " at t k' 'W . k Lars .ffkfff X is workouts in preparation for winning games. fsss .52 it Lfrfifi . -7-af M. 1 A ' . scifi'-'i J' I' -. X M ' if . we - X? . -:ew t ,I Q5 1 ' 'ef' . . . . 2 v 3 i F.. Kg . ., E- -, 1 ,J 'SM , - " asa . " - " ., 1' . f .1 L' J -..gil . J" 'ce , ' s ' LX I A .xii iisitseiz .A .H eseee '. 4 X e e ww35Se-sff- ' -a X za-,,,haHsfs'194e..t-f A+ A 5- -Q f .Z r'l .Qt f ef -5 .. 1 li-'iffy X " - K: A . I ,,.. any Lkii QM W I K 5: v T.. A- asf., yin 8 . 1, K' 4, kf"' A 4, E V ' X ' , x . , .f . ,, U J. . - V- . - AAA? Pitcher Jeff Johnson works on his fast ball. AA Great slide Tim. Too bad you're out. Robby Hogan puts Tim Christian out at third base, AAP Hey Mom, look what I found! Catcher Brad Bielss protects home plate from Wally Acosta. A William Ybarra gets ready to field the ball. AP JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM. Front Row: D. Bryant, C. Autry, T. Sheeley, D. Dixon, W. Ybarra, J. Sisson, R. Hogan. Row 2: T. Christian, D. Tut' nipseed, W. Brazell, W. Acosta, R. Rambo, C. Johnston, D. Hickman. Back Row: T. Hughes, T. Dell, A. Juarez, T. Thompson, J. Johnson, A. Velasquez, P. Turner, S. Eckert. P Center fielder Darren Hickman fires the ball home. SSXSPORTS - Q select 1 .k- ,X JK . F 1 , ... li . . ,n. ..,v W , W ..,. 5-gW.--,V. .... , 5 .Q I A' ...W ra ' ' ' g ' muwlnnuls- . .,,-.. - I V - , kxxbx 4. - ,Q-K sw A V... Q. Qu 1: , .,. X.. . 4 ...ei . .vw . , 1 fre s .... . . N t -ss -. . . . . - W . ll . - , sp 3... Q , .. .2 .., - L. 1 S . t 'wQ:?"'e.. .T 'NLM T 'I 2 Av f H' 4. ui .l,..sIQ3.f- -mv -Ar. .4 , . Q.. K it J ,,,g15,g -sstvfikbi-1 , .dfgvf -lm .- . . H- . A Frosh Cover All Bases The freshman baseball team, though young and a bit inexperienced, worked hard to produce a unified squad. Coach Floyd Earwood helped the boys through tryouts and prepared them for district play. By working on such skills as pitching, batting, and catching, the team showed promise for a suc- cessful season. - N K A ,, 'Qi .WMM .real y- 'Y M--M,,,,,.,..,...-v H . . . K 5 w....,,.,,..- ... cw- ,,1,,,5-5 ..... .... .,., - Q . kkkkkh in WM ,,rr K , ,.., . , f . 2 , .-. Kit' 'N 4..4 . - 5 Qi A.. .ei . W ' 'lui 'M' 5 iff ,vw xagsf ... ' I at W Rss r r J., ', Q. 5 ' 4. '. Lf-.. . -, V 7' . .-.1 ,MWA " . - - . so t as 3, ,k?, ?.t.sE,:, 3:3 f - pt.-rig? V+ A- , A ,.,.,.A :Tx,.3if.'lmk,ie.,r,l 5' -W f -' X . J .. - ,, ' " - :".?-,wil 11 - f..,f - 'sm rf.s..g,.. - +2391 fs. -is-sf Q- ,fmgl .. ,N are-ggi Je Q . ., ,ge Q . 'l 3""41 ' 'f . K 'Q .. , ... .si 11. -we A . fi 14 .. Q . . ' , - A . .4 AA4 Start me up. Richard Price gets ready to return a fly ball. AA Go greased lightning . . . . Greg Hyer protects third base while Jack Simpson attempts to slide. A4 Second baseman Matt Graves tags Greg Hyer during practice. A Matt Graves displays his bunting techniques. 4 FRESHMAN BASEBALL TEAM. Front Row: F. Sanchez, J. Pena, S. Dewvall, R. Ross, P. Pinto, J. Simpson, J. Mitchell. Row 2: S. Goheen, T. Luster, R. Price, B. Bielss, S. Carpenter, M. Graves. Back Row: G. Hyer, T. Hefner, S. Cowden, B. Den- nison, J. Turner, M. McShaffry, G. Bates. quads Promote School pirit With school spirit at an all-time high, the varsity cheerleaders Dorenda Bradshaw, Shelagh Brown, Galen Camp, Ken Carrizales, Blaine Cowley, Don- na Crow, Robert Fielder, Winky Hix, Tricia Loughridge, Kenneth Mair, Robin Rienstra, Cindy VanAmburgh and Mascot Kelly Cato cheered the varsity teams to victory. The enthusiastic group won the spirit award at cheerleading camp in Seguin, Texas, where they were chosen from the eighty participating high school squads. Spirit was promoted at junior varsity and freshman events by the B-team cheerleaders Jenny Brown, Robin Dishman, Kim Gibson, Suzanne Nelson, Linda Sorenson and Laura VanAmburgh. They sold ribbons for games and performed at several pep rallies. ' 1 . A .Q am, Q . ,V.. A so f sPoRTs . " U ',,. 4 - ' 2. Ag.. 51521 k X f 1. e ,,, sy. ,, ,, .. ff ff f X if r , N . X T .25 AARobin Rienstra and Galen Camp exhibit a side "T" lift. A4Dorenda Bradshaw and Kenneth Mair illustrate a back bird. ACindy VanAmburgh and Winky Hix make a chair. 4VARSlTY and JV CHEERLEADERS. Front Row: S. Nelson, L. VanAmburgh, R. Dishman, J. Brown, K. Gibson, L. Sorenson. Row 2: D. Crow, C. VanAmburgh, R. Rienstra, K. Cato, S. Brown, T. Loughridge, D. Bradshaw. Back Row: B. Cowley, W. Hix, G. Camp, R. Fielder, K. Carrizales, K. Mair. .f I Y Cheerleaders Direct Pep Rallies ' L17 'X'S1 X ll III' Ivli' --1 1 ricia Loughridge and Ken Carrizales perform a stand lift. AADonna Crow and Blaine Cowley execute a straddle cross catch. A4Shelagh Brown and Robert Fielder demonstrate a split catch. AThe JV cheerleaders Linda Sorenson, Laura VanAmburgh, Jenny Brown, Robin Dishman, Suzanne Nelson, and Kim Gibson build spirit at pep rallies. V4Enthusiasm at pep rallies is displayed by cheerleaders Robert Fielder, Tricia Loughridge,and Ken Carrizales. VRobert Fielder, Ken Carrizales, Robin Rienstra, and Galen Camp, cheer before a football game. Netters Gain Experience The boys' tennis team, anticipating a successful year, endeavored to improve their court skills. With the coaching of Weldon Lotspeich, the team made a good showing in tournament and district competi- tion. The team entered tournaments in Duncanville and Arlington and played in the Cowtown, TCJC and Bell Invitationals. Tom Bartzen, Jay Blinder- man, Ricky Flowers, Joey Ray, Alston Roberts and Billy Whitmire made up the competitive team. N. l , 'Trf 'Q' lashes IU! 1 '+4.,,, wfq AAPAlston Roberts shows his uncompromising form. ABilly Whitmire practices his serve. APRicky Flowers gallantly returns a shot from midcourt. APPJay Blinderman reaches for an overhead volley. PBOYS' TRAVELING TEAM. Front Row: J. Ray, A. Roberts, Row 2: R. Flowers, B. Whitmire, J. Blinderman. 62 X SPORTS tt..q,54,wt-ff a Traveling Team Swings Into ction I.. . ld' wa. 'a' ' .,, ' ' in ? Q ,' ,, 1. f ,,,, i 'r I "M .r . mm . W AAThomas Chou shows his forehand style. AAPBOYS' TENNIS TEAM. Front Row: P. Tsung, A. Le, T. Dolginoff, T. Chou, M. Diaz, B. Blair, T. Bartzen. Row 2: R. Flowers, R. Stegall, V. Bates, R. Morphis, B. Buell, B. Whit- mire, J. Blinderman. Back Row: Coach Lotspeich, J. Ray, L. Kinard, A. Roberts, A. Schuford, A. Antweil, J. McConnico, P. Corkery. ATom Bartzen answers the serve with a two-handed forehand. APRicky Flowers returns the ball as his doubles partner, Joey Ray, watches. PRobbie Baker concentrates on a fine return. VPTodd Dolginoff undertakes a difficult shot. x xznny r1.2-.:r'1m.x 1 1 A 4 4 l Tennis Team Earns Victories The girls' tennis team, coached by David Helb- ing, continued its winning tradition. The twenty- three member team practiced diligently to prepare for district and tournament play. Preseason com- petition, led by Lynn Alexander, Gina Haney, Tricia Loughridge, Lisa Luskey, Alison Mclntire, and Linda Oberstein was successful. 64 f sPoRTs sm AALynn Alexander and Lisa Luskey practice for doubles competition. A44Unusual style is shown by Tricia Loughridge. A4 Alison Mclntire swings at a base line shot. AAshlyn Price strives to return the ball. 4GIRLS' TENNIS TEAM. Front Row: S. Price, C. Mancil, L. Kinard, S. Chaffee, T. Rubin, D. Loney, A. Price. Row 2: A. Pritchard, M. Owens, L. Luskey, L. Tracey, L. Flood, T. Loughridge, L. Oberstein. Back Row: Coach Helbing, M. Taylor, E. Breaux, L. Kasper, K. Dunson, G. Haney, J. Jekel, A. Mclntire, A. Brooke. . M F-mug M"Nh-s...,,,-...mragee W T. ,-. M.. zu' .- ..... .1 ,VM ,. .. M ., .Win -- ,H ,...........--v--r-.M.-. Players Build Stamina , V Q nf, W nz' .zz 2 V V- W: I ,NV .a My K L1 I. yy if . J 3 . , A " " i' L a,,4 "' at g 4 M . -1 lt - Wa r, ma. it . fr- . ' Q 7,1 S YL: .Yay ,ll ,nl A x 5 4 1'x zl k Ay' j, 772115 V if . V f ,ww .. t f- -. I ,r , I r I r - srfyr fi iff 5 4 M ' if 3' 31 E' ij' 21 . 1 K VVVL 'X V JZ iffy Al yi W ffm M' L r,k fl V1.,,'..vx,14 if R . In it Lxa.. W Jia, h 51 , yy L . Y 4 J ,G,k yy . I A551 , -3 .xxgyxgazw .A ,A 4+ A 3 X I Yo! rf. , . ,E N an , tk l, f 4, A it 4' Q- ' his aa ' a A37 aiaaa , at g f than s .9 25" W' 325 at .ar 'fr rf: ,, eg Y 3 . f"' ...If'?,,,,"'k':-'H' jg If .. . I ,,..-W" ,... . ",, ,.M'k if . " R' 1 AA4Linda Oberstein practices her form with Coach Helbing. AAAmy Brooke swings valiantly at the ball. A4GlRLS' TRAVELING TEAM: L. Luskey, T. Loughridge, L. Alexander, L. Oberstein, G. Haney, A. Mclntire. ALori Kasper executes a proper forehand. 44Lynn Alexander returns a base line shot. 4Tricia Loughridge attempts a difficult return. Experienced Team Scores Low The boys' golf team, coached by Herb Stephens, worked hard toward continuing success and could often be found practicing at the Pecan Valley golf course. The traveling squad consisted of Jeff Jackson, Scott Shibley, Jamie White, Fernando Pacheco, Stewart Custer, Dominic DelBosque, Wallace Schmuck, Drew Fielder, Donald Stemple, and John Berning. These members competed in tournaments in Richardson, Austin, Denton, and Ardmore, Oklahoma. Judging by their perfor- mance in pre-season play, the 1982 golfers promis- ed to be strong opponents in the tournaments later in the year. AV Jeff Jackson executes good form while he tees off. P Safe on the beach. Wallace Schmuck chips out ofa sand trap. VP BOYS' GOLF TRAVELING TEAM. Front Row. D. Stem- ple, D. Fielder, J. Jackson, J. Berning, D. DelBosque. Back Row: F. Pacheco, J. White, W. Schmuck, S. Shibley, S. Custer. Fifi an A me fs 'Pi is 'Vs t x Q Q .Q . 1 . ' X t . ig' .pas-sr' , sp -W st. P x fl 3'vxQ:,iF"" J. . ,ai A S : 1 I .... Huw 66 f sPoRTs Experienced Golfers Look Promising P You hil il and l'lI slab il. Drew lfieldcr pulls us Jamie While wulchcm. V I h0p0 I hil it this lime. Ifcrnzindo Puchccu lccs off. YPV BOYS' GOLF 'I'l'IAM. Front Row: I". Pacheco, D. Shaw, D. Slemplc, J. ., , , ,W Dune, J, Jackson, J. shiblcy, R. Wilson, 5. shlblcy, J, Burning. Back Row: s. 5. . -.f iq mein," Custer, R. Fox, J. While, M. Ovcrlon, R. Purchmun, W, Schmuck, D. Fielder, NX ix, ,N 3 V M E51 Q D. ifcrsing, S, Cullen, D. llclliosquc. "N N 'X i Q If ' Nic.,-f"g.,,.,,.x ' YV! Dominic Dclliosquc chips onln lhc grccn during pralclicc. 3. J f' 'kt H . 1 ,V d N Y wygbugm- -. :X .,, -- Q. P GIRLS' GOLF TEAM. S. Russell, Dorenda Bradshaw, I.. Caldwell, Dorelle Bradshaw, Cf Roach, K. Cato, R. Ricnstra. V Dorelte Bradshaw starts another round. VP Whoops, missed again! Dorenda Bradshaw Chips out of a trap. Girls Shoot For District Inspired by coach llerb Stephens, the girls' golf team worked hard to keep its winning tradition alive. Members Dorenda Bradshaw, Kelly Cato, Caroline Roach, Dorette Bradshaw, Sarah Russell, l.aurie Caldwell, Robin Rienstra, Linda Ward, and Donna Williams competed in tournaments in llighland Park, Salado, and Denton. Later in the season, Paschal hosted its annual tournament at Pecan Valley. Through work and dedication, the girls produced another fine, winning team. l A Q1 K ,L , W 'lo me f sPoRTs Tournaments Provide Good Competition C? if yn ,Q E AA Roll ball, roll. Kelly Cato putts at the hole. A4 Play it where it lies. Laurie Caldwell plays on. A Sarah Russell tees off. 4 Sarah Russell and Laurie Caldwell line up a putt as Kelly Cato tends the Hag. W ,F W 3' . . . i i . ,, ,a5h. f .avxwwWW'M A High In District g The boys' soccer team, under the direction of Q5 L 'AMW T g , Coach James Bretthauer, completed its season with 1 if . W ga , .f A. . . a second place finish and an excellent 9-l-2 record. W .J f .cr . J. it A A at . ff .V J The team, comprised mainly of sophomores, relied on a strong defense to ensure its winning tradition. The defense was led by fullbacks Francisco Zacarias and Glenn Winn and goalie Sam Reeves. These players aided their team in striving toward a . high ranking in district competition. rx.. in , Q .R 'f ,.. , , A , 4 Q K M Q , ,,.. .4 5' 1- u J, . ,vi S .. w ' i f H' 13, ii I3 ll Zia, W 1' 2' 0' f . . vi. .. tyyy .05 ll' if v ft f ' . R f A s ' 13 we ss itgt ' e to JE . .xg W. W 1 .t .- A it Q -' c.. 5- ' X xi. in I"i g:.t..,- ..,, X1 t -sas. . as V X S' , .. tg .. 10" . - 3 X - W. is 'Q 3 , if Q .t.c Q it Q e arf .. . AAA p Francisco Zacarias kicks the ball as Mark Hicks observes. AA He's biting my foot. Jamie Johnson watches as the goalie stops his kick. AAP Mark Hicks moves the ball down the field. A Mike McGaw dribbles the ball in an attempt to make a goal. P Dan Meyer scores a goal against Western Hills. 70fSPORTS r r is X- Q . J' at ' L ffl -A-,A, ,ei Sfvfz sas se? ses Q V PAS fav' Soccer Heads Toward Success T Mwiteebw K Y' lin l lpn! f Aria-'P' Al ' 0 o , + we, "' ff.,,,,, . .-,, f., ' ,,,' ' l Q. ff ' M A' .,.. ' e -S ,,,,gM y Q x"5"""fi A A J AA4 Goalie Sam Reeves tries valiantly to stop the goal. AA Jamie Johnson battles a defender for the ball. A BOYS' SOCCER TEAM. Front Row: K. McDonald. M. Hicks, S. Reeves, F. Hernandez, C. Dewitt, G. Winn, J. Johnson, J. Finn, D. Meyer, P. Zacarias. Row 2: M. Buchanan, mgr.g M. Jones, M. Arroyo, T. Jones, A. Jones. K. Summerford, R. Malone, M. Waltrip, R, Darr. Q. Gentry, J. Mavias, G. Miles, J. Bristol. Row 3: M. Hernandez, mgr.g Khoi Hoang, Khanh Hoang, J. Griffith, J. McNelly, G. Robinette, M. McGaw, K. Bryant, H. Martinez, M. Rozales, F. Rodriguez. Back Row: S. Rubin, mgr.1 G. Sorenson, J. Park, J. Midgley, N. Patel, J. Ber- nard, mgr.g Mr. Bretthauer. 4 Mike McGaw tries to steal the ball from his opponent while Dan Meyer and Glenn Winn watch. Girls Center On Goals Girls' soccer, one ofthe more recent additions to Paschal sports. Continued its tradition of striving to be the best. The twenty member team worked out every day to increase endurance and physical fitness. Mrs. Jane Blaylock coached the team with the aid of captains Laurie Caldwell and Dana Arnn. These players contributed to a successful season. S 1 i , 6' 1 U x. . 'QWQQA f ' .--L - Q , s ., . " "': 7" M i . yi i f - LN has-qu-1" -na 'ff' . 1 , , ,, , , ' 'V r iw-nan..-.. aww' 72fSPORTS 'Nr i' H 1 A ,--- iw-eswvgg,-is -at Q M A L75-an -65, Z-if i 'Xx N3 5 1 T 5 T-- i. k 9 X . Ai AAA GIRLS' SOCCER TEAM. Front Row: C. Murphy, L. Caldwell, D. Arnn, C. Delucchi, M. Pena. Row 2: L. Martin, T. Spradlin, J. Cardenas, L. Sorenson, P. Vega, J. Blanton, C. Hicks, M. Dick. Back Row: D. McLaughlin, D. Floyd, M. Guajardo, N. Scarborough, S. Garvin, S. Almy, C. Herman, J. Richie, Mrs. Blaylock. AA4 Goalie Dana Arnn contemplates her duties. AA Laurie Caldwell displays her skill. 4 Sheila Dingman attempts to move the ball down the field as Claudia Herman and Tracy Spradlin look on. A Chris Delucchi strives to score a goal with the aid of teammates Laurie Caldwell, Claudia Herman and Martha Pena. Girls Soccer Kicks Into ction .. it V mvilnw fy, W 'D-e .. K , . 1 2.1, . get ' X .F . - .5 X! MMV A . - , ' W, 'M 7' Q Q . f ,VIN O wav 04, M 0 ' I . M' Nts -W K .Nausea N 1 mmf... , W ,ye ff A - . as - 'dim , . V K. wg-,, J M 0 .Q.i AAALaurie Caldwell kicks the ball in an attempt to score. AAA4Martha Pena concentrates on keeping control of the ball. AAHow does she do that? Laurie Caldwell exhibits unusual form. AA4Laurie Caldwell attempts to steal the ball from her opponent. 4Martha Peiia challenges a defender for possession of the ball. AClaudia Herman demonstrates her soccer skills. A. Swimmers Dive Into District Experience combined with competitive spirit made the swim team successful this year. ln preparation to win the district title, strenuous workouts were held everyday at the Panther Boys Club and were led by Mrs. Sherree Wood. One of the team's main goals, to represent Paschal as well as possible, helped develop team spirit and unity as students worked to improve their swimming skills. Ken Strassburger, one of the outstanding swim- mers on the team, won the State Championship for 14 year olds and was recognized with All-American honors. Karen Standerfer also gave remarkable performances and won All-American honors. Other swimmers who contributed to the teamls success were Nana Wilson and Doug Allen. 74 f sPoRr G AAAJOhn, something is missing from your outfit. Mrs. Wood and John Arnn discuss different strokes. AAKnren Hoehn reaches out to win her buckstrokc race. AAPJackie Owens comes up for a breath ofair while doing the breast stroke. ASWIM TEAM. Front Row: A. Goonc, li. Garland. B. Gantt, .l, Owens, L. Scott, S. Turner, K. Boyles, D. Pittman. Row 2: N. Wilson, C. King, J. Dewar, M. Buchanan, K. Broilcs, K. Standcrfer, J. Rowe, K. Hoehn, T. Nguyen. Back Row: Mrs. Wood, D. Allen, K. Strassburger, Bickcl, S. Baker, C. Dewar, J. Grace, Finlay, T, Sparkman. Swimmers Stroke l Toward Success ff 1 A - Alu? .ram 0. .ig A If asf' I ' ...1':1 "eff 1,413 'rf ff' at V Q Rag n . J,-.sv 1 V. L ,ya I. , w,,kz: M W ak 4.-'fr,?a'.fsTr1QfQ- " ': A I f' W, , 1.. -V Q, Q, 5 V- 1. S Q 'f K N 'iii ,agfdym , V gr, wi , ,. A' - - . 4 f I fave-"f i I f fa sg y .A -f . .. r- ed aff., ,. ' -L - , . .f :,Q'eg,: ' ' 'ff' ff t ., ,, ,f . I- ir , .-.Q " -- - is 'Q ,' ..4e- ,Wye 4 , """' gs " tif' SVU' 11149 l ' ' 18-959 -3' - T., ' ' "ei I V, 'uv . , .. i. 1 , Fav- , e - f.4ngr-- A , Q 1 1 ' ,- ci- H. A -'tif'--I-1 'iv :'f"" ' " will J "-' ""'?Q"'f-r"r,-'ffg l 'l Q ,L ' 50151 A -fc-:Dewi g":' ,Lf Q 'X L li? .,,,, -4.1-."" .4 f ,Z -a-vs - - ' ' ' - . ,, " .-. . sn. " , -4 -' , 'ry "' 'F' ,A ., . :L-5.54" 'bl'v.i:1w.-'11:.revca-."9"' i AAPDiana Pittman takes a breath of fresh air while practicing the breast stroke. AAJohn Arnn plunges head forward through the waves in a relay. AUgh, what big eyes you have! Doug Allen, Ellen Garland, and John Arnn take a moment to carouse in the pool. 4This is the life! Allison Goone relaxes in the nice, cool water. API think I can, I think I can .... Doug Allen psyches himself for the Nestea plunge. l .,.,.A aw is wrt! AAA GYMNASTICS TEAM. Front Row: M. Straughter, S. Haber, N. Blinderman, J. Peacock, G. Camp. Row 2: F, Sherline, S. Nelson, M. Surles, B. Galindo, Coach Allar. Back Row: l.. Stemple, T. Straughter, R. Dishman, R. Fielder, D. Daniel, M. Wiley. AA Natalie Blinderman gets a boost up to the bars during practice. AAP Michelle Surles concentrates on her beam exercise. AAFP Doug Allen uses his strength to sustain himselfon the parallel bars. A GYMNASTICS TEAM. Front Row: L. Nickel, W. Dorris, S. McLaughlin, C. Guerra, A. Holliday. Row 2: H. Jones, M. Knapp, R. Chiu, J. Engel, K. Gibson, B. Wiggins, S. Guerra. Row 3: M. Ortega, S. Villavicencio, l., Dolen, L. King, X. Sanchez, T. Brown. Back Row: Coach Allar, S, Fatka, S. Dawson, S. Brown, A. Bechtel, P. Jaramillo, L. Sullivan. AP Robin Dishman performs a head stand during practice. 76 f sPoRT G mnasts Complete A Successful Season The gymnastics team was not only talented but also enthusiastic for the growing program. The group of agile girls and guys raised 33,200 for a new floor mat through the sales of candy, balloons, and bookcovers, and by raffling a radio. While engaged in these money making projects, the team concentrated on difficult routines that could earn points. Coach Charlotte Allar was particularly im- pressed with the hard work and ambition these competitors demonstrated. Among the victorious gymnasts were Robin Dishman and Suzanne Nelson in the floor exercise Mark Wiley and Galen Camp were the leading competitors among the boys' class. N, and Linda Stemple and DeLisa Daniel on the bars., u Tracksters Leave Opponents Behind Although the track team had no superstars, vic- tory was still seen down the stretch. The girls, coached by Charlotte Allar, held much promise. Helen Vasquez and Missy Gage led a successful cross country team. Young speedsters such as Karen Dawson, Teresa Mays, and Michelle Henry added spark to the relays. -to . M-1-viii, 5 ri , A Q17 'Q By .yr..w l 4 9 4 42, , Q- ,.f , .-,af , -v 9 Y . 1-A ,. -fa 2? . ,. ' ' . - mf ., .,,lkjM.",f,v ,, If v .ly " , .',l'5.' wiqy J' ' f"f,. f, ., ' ,, ,1 ivrggp-M, - - ,,,, .. 1, L, as-,. M.. aw , .J e 'L . ,s ' 1" . gpm, .nv - , .4 Coach Phil Hall was also enthusiastic about his .. p , f Q. :li ,jgjg . . , at -We ,:e:1-:eff-W if A 1 young boys' team. Among the promising members , fa . .M...,,, .,,..,, were Scott Cameron, Luther Henry, Scott Blocker, af, j- Q J A 'J A '1 ' and Byron Burns. A B , l . f- ' - J if ,s.,.,. . ., .6 G Q. Q . ff L ad 'ef . i ., . x ,,,.. . .. s , N. .N ,il K - 3 it . ., , . - - 1 - ,,,,.,v - n'j'LJ"' . :L ..,. .i p Q, ,. VnMmg,,N .Ns "-A M, we . fi A .1 W A Wye.- . f 'f ' ., ' B Q. , - i .Q ek wh W ' W Q1 ., ' zu. . ' "' 'fu . as f , f J l W.. B J M. .. A ... Ur'-",fl , ' 'Tl Y.-rs ., ,. A . ' of 'Ns---f,",Q f "t- . Q tg ,Q,,.,,,-1, was , f .xx :'i,.f,3,...w1.f ' V ,A 38 J M .--L .f .xr H . T5 1 .Q . - i y k ,- f"Q A ., r w 'Q -.3 . A 5 V ss- - , an -.van X ,, ig, K N A Y . , ..,... .. " ' 5 i V V KX.: . , asia: 239: . Er . '7 . f' I . V L. 2, 7fk." 3 1 ,,' " qw gxrwv pw , Ls, g f .gif A " .. 'QFRAWKL A .,-. ' 5 7:5 ,f . K, - ,., -3 a. A.. ff . , , y pfyw,- v Q t, - .K s wf- ' 5 X'sf,:s-fe,g: . . ,ul -A at - '2-I c . rg' fm ' ' 911. g 1. .Q ,gem . ... Ds ,. I sly ' + J. 'fire-1 fest - 41, J f- if 1-as .-. . L. A .- gm, Q., A 1 K - -' " M K-:. vw 7. fmgagj,-..'.k,qfa,?Ii,..,, ., 1 ' " K ' gfbitgee K-ik.:,,,fdv,,M 'frifffi W . In 5 F We 1 g M Q- ,fa 1- . f W., ,, 7 'riff J 195111 1, , -Jlmdffff2'-1- Q GMULQ. 54 'QSJMJ '!,..f-rags - -Q'--i"'3i' f' 1 - . - Qs. A. J-J 1' 14.34 "Ss2gi'f5' Iii. sg X J ?i"f?5-iifeiw X fe 1 viii, 9 "'ef53?ga:',:+'?1l'e' ' i . - , . . J nf, 9 . . , B A. . F' . ,Q A . - . . wxvplfmiffsf' ' Ag.g:?f9n A , f - f'- ' se It J 5 - ' .. f T14-..fe.i jig, i 1 'jf ,5 , 1 ja -?'52JfSiSiw:.z V Qi it sf-sa e- .1 'f ff' -'EM pf. 'Wm' ' 9 1wrffs1?'2,2A1sfgfs - e,.e 1 -52255. Sb4.,4. a-.i1"m - B A AAA! Missy Gage successfullyjumps over the hurdles. AA BOYS TRACK TEAM. Front Row: M. Maness, D. Williams, B. Wells, E. Rogers, T. Williams, L. Henry, T. Burton, M. Hall, B. Jones, L. Branch. Row 2: B. Brown, A. Ayers, D. Hicks, J. Meadows, B. Bell, A. Moore, T. McNeill, R. Nash, M. Merritt, S. Blocker, S. Harris, B. Burns, L. Wallace. Back Row: G. Burton, J. Black, S. Cameron, B. Glenn, D. VonLuckner, G. Jenkins, B. Straub, J. Sanders, R. Fielder, R. Jordan, T. Smith, S. Maxwell. AAP Scott Blocker soars over the hurdles. A Teresa Mays gets set and ready to go. AV GIRLS TRACK TEAM. Front Row: T. James, K. Moore, T. Deckard, M. Henry, R. Warren, B. Gross, L. Wilson, R. Franklin, M. Gage, F. Hill. Row 2: T. Mays, B. Helm, K. Dawson, A. Lacy, D. Howard, L. McClendon, B. Vaughn, S. James, C. Browning, S. Singleton. Back Row: Coach Allar, S. Lozano, M. Mosher, R. Garza, A. Scheu, M. Freeman, J. Phaffenberger, N. Martinez, M. Owens, A. Ault, S. Whitley, L. Lopez, ,,,. at . H we K .-.- -r .... Lkk, - C I 3 53 t w 'rr Q 5 3- 1611 C1 Y 2 EQ .H H1115 . A r, 'lf QW' iw C sf 4.5 H45 if 1 3135118 . C - i Dunlw? T tct t i -fa-at tears -'-:: iii. ? 4 . sf GX 4 Q?m sw ' ,few - uf. . saw ee "NHS: R t.S0uIhwes1 . Tfimblwech .... .fu eeeee y 1 W "' ML. .".,- : :--3 ,,......... , , ,. .... it ,.rr,,,.'Wv E . ' 1 ll f - S 110 J , ' s ff on B M" V APP Coach Stephens and the varsity prepare for another game. A Karen Dawson U43 springs from the floor and scores a lay up. AP Michelle Henry C223 scores two against the Wildcats. P Jeanette Chandler t4OJ and Teresa Stowe 1555 practice shots during a warm up drill. 78 f SPORT Varsity Girls Stun All The varsity team made its mark in the history of girls' basketball. The squad not only gained respect from competitors, but also doubled previous records earning a high rank in district. Confidence, discipline, and excellent coaching were the keys to their success. Coach Herb Stephens encouraged the players to practice on their own during the off- season and to work hard during district action. Talent, insight, heighth, and jumping ability enabled the squad to dominate the boards. Tamra Hawthorne earned all tournament status in several competitions. Play by underclassmen Karen Dawson and Michelle Henry gave added strength to the girls' basketball program. The team finished third in district. may 2 Y M5-15' Q is p f T it afar .Ln 14 NGC 5 s tl .. M t . a f ff S -wg uv Uv" 5 - . ,it ,. f '332nnv-W 9 . A WK -. Q , 5 . Li I LSP 1. I Q 'P ga ,S t i. L 12 .5 t 'A ii Q 2 . it in . ' Q x .fn T : ' aw 1 ix' 0 fi t 'Y-f 'ss . i'f" 1, ' . . . up be 1. af. we .71 1 K we i ., ag . .M b eiiett i '17 'G . ,I 'e E , ,,,, 'g ' 1' f Za Q ,. '4 4 , thx ' V ' f-it i 4 "-l5" ' . 4 V : f-W' A V , V , iw vlvv ,Y 9 . gi M- ? T " it . . it 4 "' J 'Ui f .. ,,,, ,,.,- ,,,. .,,.., yn., S .ffl i... T - T We ,, My F 11 "" Varsity Girls Surpass All Previous Win-Loss Records A4Tamra Hawthorne C541 demonstrates excellent power moves by scoring two and getting a free-throw. ALook up yonder. . .it's the Bird! Michelle Henry C221 flashes through the lane for a quick lay-up. APDo you honestly think we can do this dance? Jackie Franklin C301 demonstrates excellent shooting ability as Teresa Stowe watches. 4Felicia Tennerson Q101 attempts a freethrow during a pre-game warm-up drill. VVARSITY GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM. C, Thornton, K. Dawson, J. Franklin, M. Henry, T. Stowe, T. Hawthorne, E. Thompson, F. Tennerson, J. Chandler, B. Gross. V4Bridgette Gross 1331 fools the defense and hits the jump-shot. so f sPoRT JV Girls Jump For District 1 k.. ,. ..,,,,i.., , , f .. affic- AAJV GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM. K Waller, S. Phillips D Blue, A. Hightower P Purve , S. T Jr 44 it Je. .. sts., 'ss. Ni? H-4,-mtv' Q 4.. 1 Q at .., ..... 1 .Ma ' A "'fL2mz' M , .. . , . , . y Purvey, S. Carathers, M. McGraw. AAPPatrice Purvey 1441 outjumps her opponent to win the opening tip. AAnita Hightower 1521 screens the defense giving Stephanie Purvey 1241 an easy lay-up. APSandra Carathers 1101 and Patrice Purvey 1441 demonstrate the Overload, one ofthe main offensive strategies of the team. PTammy Gowans 1341 concentrates intensely on winning thejumpball. JV Explodes With Talent The junior varsity underwent strenuous workouts every day to become one of the better teams in district. With a strong foundation of talented and willing underclassmen, the squad, coached by Herb Stephens and Dan Shipler, showed promise. Patrice Purvey and Alisa Lacy led teammates to a vic- torious season. Although some players were shifted between varsity and JV positions, the team manag- ed to pull out a winning season. Season Record L0 ff i -, 4 43 resr L fete ., 4 get 4 4 4 Wfstef e glsi 4 1 J f Trxmbl ggech fr 2145? Afl1f1 .91ei11Si'i 'W 9556 Dunb y s f 4.48 42 . 454 soum e e, 42 41 Liiis . 1 . 31 4 40 Trlmb este 429 4 1 -were A 5 Eat 'lun Q A N' T yu .:-:,, 4 lif .P ,i ,,,,, 4- W" 5 4. few... fy if t ,, if 4 . xx PPA - E Q 'Q ,sf 10 ,3 t 1, l L x 74 F P' Y .a .1 4 as -s 5 I, 1 I A fn I . it 4 . g- r. ", t . . .. f r . ifarr I 'gif g tg, sstii 5 gbg., . , . '..,t,xJ.A gzgg t:.A . AA Dandria Blue 1311 goes for a lay up during a warm up g i i V. ii' drill before the game. W 'A ",'. AA? Tammy Gowans t35j dribbles toward the basket. A ' ' it '-', APatrice Purvey C441 joins the tussle for theball. A f 'i-'i AP Sandra Carathers 1101 sets up the offense. it x Q w r - 5 Q 45 .gtg .af- .4 if 'ia wi 1 ' - f K- 4 inf- '1:.,g,,,z'r,. 1 ii iiuw. 'iii 44 Alisa Lacy Q31 expertly releases the ball. 4 Patrice Purvey i445 goes up and over the defense. Panthers Volle Toward aawa SZXSPORTS "+s.....,, A Victorious Season Excitement, enthusiasm, and a sense of victory, ran through the emotions ofthe ten members on thel varsity volleyball team. The squad of exuberant girls, led by captain Jackie Shaw, presented Paschal with one of the best seasons in the past five years. Team unity and confidence gave these girls the motivation to work hard for the district title. Coach Marti Powell directed the crew through vigorous practice sessions which resulted in a 10-4 season. The greatest moment of excitement came when the team defeated district champs, Wyatt with scores of 15-1, 15-1 1. By defeating Wyatt and Southwest in the second round of district play, the Panthers were part of a three way tie for first place. Unfortunately, a close and frustrating loss to Dun- bar of 15-12, 16-14, settled the team in its place. Although they werenlt champions, the girls achiev- ed the greatest accomplishment of all, to work, fight, win and lose together. I0f J 1 a atf H: as .-.as . Sqn... v--....,,, ig... ' ' ' . .. 1 AAA4Tamra Hawthorne, Jackie Shaw, Sarah Smith, Felicia Tennerson, Jackie Franklin, and Juana Muriel brace themselves to receive the game- deciding point from Dunbar for the district title. AA4Jackie Franklin concentrates as she releases a powerful serve. AAFeIicia Tennerson HOD executes professional passing skills. ASarah Smith 1325 slips and slides to save a crucial point. 4VARSlTY VOLLEYBALL TEAM. Front Row: T. Hawthorne, C. Cruz, mgr.g J. Chandler. Row 2: Coach Powell, J. Franklin, S. Smith, J. Shaw, J. Muriel, A. Chandler, mgr. Back Row: E. Thompson, B. Acosta, F. Tennerson, C. Browne, Varsity Comes Close To District Title K ,...., rw? A ,,,, Q , . 0. s f Y '-gQm7-JQNPA gbifghigiiiigvi -:Yr-'sez' W .1 1 5 -. Qi--ff f - K .af - ,isa i' " ., , .... s . K A ,.,X,s,----. , ,A was :... J, K K s .5 s , 1 ' "f, 1 .ig': ffz. i - -i'-.' T M I f- iltt iiii 5 ,,i: K tt llsd 5 tt2 Ebf. ,..,,: s ii i it Zii iSQHQFSWFEs ' "ii 5 1I EQSQQK QQ QQ ttt. i A iiii A W Half ,, Trimble Techi iiii ?i5-9 1 l-15 I5-7 s stern H1125 , :f2 15-6 s K . KKKKK X. mg, tt.: M KKKK Western Hi 15-7 115-13 Dunbar 5- I 5 Arlington ' i ii tg rr, L,!rM,,.s,.f S Heights -S KEKV Southwes J, - s 15-9 Q 7-15 15-I0 15-8 , wc, , it K vv,f 'w,i sl "W " T 'FT -K i s ,.., AAAI got it! l.iz Thompson jumps to return 11 dig pass. AAAP.Iiickic Franklin and Liz Thompson perform a block, AASetter Beckcy Acosta t37l executes ai back set, AAPJackie Shaw 4355 prepares to spike the ball. 1. AThe varsity girls watch Tamra H1mthornet27bsct the ball. PSkill and unity lead the varsity close to district title, Q. ,rx K T Ark qw ,T I 84 7 sPoRTs Trimble T Wyatt Eastern Dunbar X 5 Southwest it . . Record 14 Half 15-9 8-15 17-15 6-15 15-10 12-15 JV Continues The Winning Tradition The junior varsity and freshmen volleyball teams continued the trend of good, poised volleyball. The JV, made of experienced juniors and sophomores, fought gallantly to lead the team to a winning season. Freshmen, recruited in the summer, quickly learned skills and were able to play with the JV. First year coach, Mrs. Jane Blaylock, under the guidance of Ms. Marti Powell, led the girls through a victorious season. Through strenuous drills and intra-squad scrimmages, unity and team spirit were evidence of future victories and volleyball stars. 15-10 'N 1 5 - 7 Ms 1 5 -6 1 5.9 . .., 1 5- 7 ' '33, AA4The JV practices to become a perfect team. A4Teresa Stowe displays talent by serving an ace. AGloretta Sneed C161 demonstrates agility by performing a difficultjump set. 4JUNIOR VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM. Front Row: G. Sneed, Y. Escobar, K. Franklin, A. Lauderdale, K. Dawson, P. Williams. Back Row: Coach Blaylock, M. Thompson, mgr.g J. Rigmaiden, V. Spencer, T. Stowe, S. Spencer, D. Hicks, mgr. 1 Freshmen Show Excellent Tactics The junior varsity and freshmen teams exhibited outstanding performances during the season. The JV team, led by captain Katrina Franklin, won numerous awards and honors including the Con- solation trophy at the Cowtown Tournament. Other honors went to Paula Williams and Juana Muriel who received all-star recognition. During the Paschal freshman tournament, the freshman team, led by Sandy Woods, won a con- solation trophy. Renee Henderson's remarkable performance qualified her for an all-star trophy. Through a long, strenuous season, team effort rewarded the players with outstanding achievements. . -"' . . QW . 4 51' 'GU AAAKatrina Franklin 1183 expertly displays a well executed set. AAAPPaula Williams executes a perfect dig set for her teammates. AABy using ball-saving techniques, Jackie Rigmaiden performs a difficult pass. AAPl'm tough enough to handle both of you! Teresa Stowe fl lj converses with teammates during a break in the action. AFRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL TEAM. Front Row: L. Harper, T. Nimock. Back Row: Coach Powell, N. Mays, R. Henderson, S. Woods, S. Lasko, M. Henry. Fl wonder if one arm is better than two? Angela Lauderdale U35 delivers a unique one-arm dig. 5 'Q THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGII SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL TIIE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCIIOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL TIIE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIG SCHOOL THE HIGH SC 'OL T EN GH SCHOOL THF HIGH SC HOO I-'IE H GH CCHOOL TII HIGH SCHOO, IIE HIGH SCI OI. THE HIGH SCHOOL TI-IE HIG SCHOOOL THE HIGH THE HIGII SCIIOOL THE SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL IIIGH HIGH THE HIGH SCHOOL THE SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL HIGH THE HIGH SCHOOOL THE SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL HIGII THE HIGH SCHOOL THE SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE IIIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIG ' I' OL -I IJ . 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THE IIIGII SCHOOL THI1 HIGH SCI OOL IHI1 HIGHS THE HIGH SCIIOOL THE HIGH IHI: HIGII SCHOOL TIIE IIIGII SCHOOL THE IGII SCHOOL SCIIOOL THE IIIGII SCHOOL SCIIOOL THE IIIGH SCIIOOL THIS-I HIGII SCI-I L THE IIIGII THE HIGII SCHOOL THE HIGH TIIE IIIGII SCHOOL TIIE IIIGII SCHOOL THE H IIXH SCHOOL SCHOOL THI'i HIGH SCI-"IOOI. SCIIOOL "I"III1-5 IIIGH SCHOOL IHI:. HIGH 5C.I"I0fJI.L HI1 HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGII SCHOOL THE HIGH SCIIOOL TH' IIIGII SCIIOOL THE IIIGH SCIIOOL TIIE HIGII SCIIOOL THE IIIGII SCIIOOL THE IIIGII SCHOOL THE IIIGII SCIIOOL THE HIGII SCIIOOL THE IIIGH SCHOOL THE HIGII SCHOOL THE IIIGH SCHOOL TIIE HIGII SCIIOOL THE IIIGII SCHOOL THE IIIGII SCIIOOL TIIE HIGH SCIIOOL 86 f ORGANIZATIONS TIIE IIIGH SCHOOL TIIE IIIGII SCHOOL THE IIIGII SCHOOL THE HIGH SCIIOOL THIS IIIGII SCHOOL THE IIIGH SCHOOL THE IIIGH SCHOOL THE HIGII SCHOOL THE IIIGII SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE IIIGII SCHOOL TIIE IIIGH SCIIOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THI5 IIIGII SCHOOL THE HIGII SCHOOL THE HIGH SCIIOOL 'ISHI-i IIIGII SCHOOL THIi HIGH SCHOOL TIIE IIIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCIIOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL TIIE IIIGII SCIIOOL TIIE HIGII SCHOOL TI-Hi HIGII SCHOOL TIIE IIIGII SCHOOL THE IIIGII SCIIOOL TIIE IIIGII SCHOOL THIE HIGH SCIIOOL THE IIIGII SCHOOL THIZ IIIGH SCIIOOL THE IIIGH SCIIOOL THE HIGII SCIIOOL THE IIIGH SCHOOL THE IIIGH SCHOOL THIQ HIGII SCIIOOL TIIIQ HIGH SCHOOL CIETY EE? ZHK 1532 ORGANIZATICNS Students Devote Time to Organizations Q x r 4 f 1 5 2 t , Ee., S ,,i1 iii Q33 U wifi W fftitl 'itil . a in spa N3 . ., QS' 2 5 fwkssa Qiym A 2 EQEE, 55233 515 N251 ,MA 1 gilt I t 52.5. sz? M1 , fl, M . f 2 U54 311 xsz 1 . 9 3 3,, an P51 :Whit ' ff' 5 x 9 , ,mg ,if , s, Aff lifts 'fgtgisg W, K hut 4 X EQ., , f., ,A,, tit, 5 - J rm if ff 2 ,EU 4 ,L . ,, , f 531. N me 1 Eflxlf na? . : 2's 5 K?2,-' A ails iii' f 'eau mi 4"'s5 iiikiflti 4 . N. SW 323553151 sift' new -A uf 1. ,L L, N1-K., 2,252 H, ikwi e E 1 4 Y V E S 1 3 , .W ww 5 2 l 1 K ,fi ?355z5f t'5"3E 1 Sw, 5 ..3i.a ,g., .5sf, ,Nfs, t . Vw Hi, iii f m, ZKEEEK E A ,fbi Leif? 'fggy -N5 ?f?is?i F25 5552: m5592552 H533 it 'iii 525534 E sw if, W? 1355, f 4 Qitiiif W WW Pi i Jw' iiW3?'?' 35225 U55 iiiiwi I'i. 52 ffm as - A :E :sg Lw1'ii?'?i.kf? QE ififlnzi PQ? iiijt, ESMF' iii? 455 UML 3712, sg M'ii5 ttf age 2" 'H My , 2 'z'.3f,?f . Hi :Qi iii VQWEQ ,L 5, ,, .ww iii, 31 'mf iiefhf ww- tri! 5 ,tl ,, M 2 .,s, 12595 55 iii Ei Eg? 33 ii Ei, S34 .EE 554 Ei 1521 531 'fi ii Zig 15 T23 Hi' 3g ,, iif uc' if 32, , Q, itif Him? Hike fn X img ifift ? 52,32 1 gf N252 Q5 We EI HWY my aw i fgge Hifi? 24255 EVE vsififl 4 9' Vjtpv ,, M2725 13 2 Stiff? Exif is is 1 T f 1 wma Wi. Miki!! Hi? Eiiiiii Yifftifkibi, 'iuiik 5325334 HEQQEMQ Jwifiiiikiffi tiiii tiiilii wQ'iit35,SE t5i,3'l?? IME ?wij322.,3'i2E, 2523 Eilffii 335053 HC 511.1 Q. 855332 W'w??f,lvffQ FE 525 ?if'if?2if5 2225151 iimfii iii EEQQEQEQ, Uiif, 5556352 F411 Hint? 2555 EESSIQEE 'w1Eii4,Ji,3i, iii? iiiidii ,,i'??i3i5i, Pfiff, QHCEZE wix??iQZfi,Pi FN? NELSEE Flf1E?iE43i, 'HN' NNN? 3, t'5ijEES,Ei?2, Etgtil 5555355 NifiiOUi Siiikii gwQ.i5i,5Q1Ei, iii? Siiiyit a'wfQW'?ii5f,?E. 3515325 Tf'3ifEf2n3Q?i TN? H5555 5v'ffffQfQ?5, 543355 H2035 ?5ifiii.Q3ti'?i, THE HECEEE FSfQfE2i,3U? Hi? SENSE? fifnxiiilfiii, Hiil HHH? Hilfiiiffliiit TEH? Eiiikkii fSQ,,fiiO53t W af iii? Wait GE' it ii? W Q. 3 x 1 s R-.Qi ,wifi E 'Qt 5i'4' Lf ,V IP IHC xg' ,, M ff, .14 ,1-. WI, X- Z in. 'wi Q , ,.., W. Minas ,if ww f.,z iiiifsii 56,3631 3255235 fitsfki H2592 giikidi Eiiiaii WKSEQI Uni if H f wif is M5535 I, .V 335:11 :Eff tif 11 'ya Af twin? y sim? Mimi? Mm? 1323435 Mimi 355425 253423 555233, iii? Htfffii ?':i!Qf 2 ?i,l't53E, 'EEN' Hifi? 'wtf N,t wg: ith fi. WEE- Hifl? Hifi 10535, 'HHS Hifi! fwtfjiiiiibi, ,,,v2 PM I'5i353E3i, 'Hit' Eisftii THE? Q--3535? ?SiQf?Ei5Ui i SEQQEEUUS, HEEL, 351533 T Eiii Hifkif ,,,A H2302 1 'wL?if'3Q3i THS7 555632 fn. ,,, . 4. T? I PY in-5 tif? ii SCI QOUS 5 BLCHOUK, 'iniiiu ESEQSH Niki HELEN Eiflfiitjibl ,I Q W, :I ufsfi? 9 Q.. Leaders Forge Ahead The Leadership Committee, a group of twenty- five elected students, toiled industriously as a ser- vice organization working for the students, ad- ministration, and teachers. Seven members from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes were elected as well as three freshmen. The United High School Council representative was also a member of the Leadership Committee. Prompted by a genuine interest in school affairs and government, the group members maintained an S citizenship average and no grade lower than a C. Hard at work, LC executed many projects. These included: howdy week, the can drive, the toy drive, western day, the blood drive, the powder puff foot- ball game, the Charles M. Berry scholarship, the morning thought, directory sales, and teacher ap- preciation days. Throughout the year, the Leadership Committee upheld the standards of the past and helped make Paschal, the high school. F' was N. 4 - i-Sim' .- K. H. rx, as Xlgvma 88 f ORGANIZATIONS AALEADERSHIP COMMITTEE. Front Row: R. Fielder, UHSC representative, C. Oliver, vice presidentg L. Luskey, secretaryg C. VanAmburgh, president, E. Fox, parliamentariang L. McNeill, treasurer. Row 2: R. Rienstra, M. Townsend, D. Sanchez, M. Trickey, C. Johnson, D. Bradshaw, K. Cato, J. Richardson, A. McIn- tire, L. Kasper. Back Row: Mrs. M. Philp, sponsor, L. VanAmburgh, J. Brown, A. Giordano, M. Johnson, E. Thompson, J. White, J. Meeks, Mr. J. Hamilton, sponsor. A44Hey, these kids are really on the ball. Mrs. Philp ad- mires a committee report. A4lnsert tab A through slot B .... Alison Mclntire in- structs new member Julie Whitley in taking down the flag. AConnie Johnson and Monita Johnson strike a mousey pose on dress up day during Howdy Week. 4Mr. Hamilton, Lynn McNeill, and Laura VanAm- burgh go through checks for directory ads. Council Informs Students R W flff' In September, each homeroom elected a representative and an alternate to serve on the Stu- dent Council. Representatives worked with spon- sors, Mrs. Marjory Philp and Mr. John Hamilton, to vote on proposals that included service projects and activities approved by the Leadership Commit- tee. Election of student body officers, howdy week activities, toy drive, and directory sales were some of the projects they worked on during the year. The Council was a vital part of the student government, Members attended meetings and reported to homerooms to inform the student body of the selected activities and to encourage them to accomplish their goals. All fl" AAJana Jekel, Lawrence Haber, Sharon Dawson and Blaine Cowley listen attentively during a Student Council meeting. AA4Jimmy Galindo collects money for the toy drive. A4How does Estil spell relief? Estil Vance writes upcoming ac- tivities onthe board. ADebra DeBusk shows Felicia Dexter and Brett Dennison the proper way to sack groceries for the can drive. tlackie Sherman, Cindy Oliver, Lynn McNeill and Alison Mclntire listen to proposals. KN The Student Advisory Committee, founded in 1978 by Troy Sparks, was sponsored by Mrs. Julia Grant. The seventeen members, selected by the Leadership Committee, were a blend of white, black, Mexican-American, and Asian students. Monthly meetings were spent organizing projects for school beautification and promoting of amicable relations among ethnic groups. They em- phasized their unity throughout the year by clean- ing the courtyard, donating a sun dial, and sponsor- ing the student-faculty kickball game. The group received no awards but found personal enrichment through their involvement in the Student Advisory Committee. ,S3rri,f .fief .. .ah S 5' ." e' K Q is 1 if ,N , f 'I g. . - . " 't'r .'-.. 3 ' Q A s . . M ' .M .,.t f . e A . . 1 W, 6- A A 1 ""' 5 ' 90 f ORGANIZATIONS Group Fosters Equality aww . ,ww . 5 I ,ppb M-wwe W" if MMM' AA STUDENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE. Front Row: T. Nygen, M. Gomez, S. Chiu J Hicks, H. Vasquez, S. Hernandez, L. Lopez, C. Field, J. Simpson. Back Row: Mrs. Grant J Meeks, C. Van Amburgh, E. Thompson, R. Simmans, J. McCloud, R. Fielder. X4 Miranda Gomez and Santos Rivera discuss field trip possibilities with the group. A Eager to work, Lisa Lopez, the president, and Mrs. Grant begin making plans. 4 Randy Simmans practices kickball but can't decide whether to use his foot or head. fb S I 1 i .,,, .wwhvuu AAKaren Anderson and Mr. Smith discuss improvements for the school. AAPCathy Lopez-Aguado and Tom Rymell anticipate the toy drive. APSI. Front Row: L. Lopez, R. Hagman. Row 2: J. Meeks. Mr. Smith, sponsor: C. Wheeler. Row 3: S. Kroll. B. Woodard, B. Howell. Row 4: B. Brooks, R. Loucks, L. Phillips. Row 5: K. Elder, C. Lopez-Aguado. Row 6: R. Harper, E. Vance. Row 7: S. Yarbrough, M. Mitchell, A. Peterson. Row 8: R. Lipe, J. Franklin, J. Wilson, R. Malone. Back Row: A. Jones, M. Wiley, J. Arnn, C. Oliver. PI yam what I yam! Ander Jones shows his strength while he and Blake Woodard collect cans forthe can drive. PSI Gets Involved Paschal Student Involvement, a group of con- cerned students representing all grades, encouraged their classmates to participate in school activities. PSI met daily in homeroom and during lunch every other week. They and LC members compiled the student handbook and raised funds for school pro- jects. Directed by Mr. Terry Smith, PSI actively took part in improving involvement in their school. ff 44. PSCP Pushes Pride Panther Spirit of Paschal, a respected organiza- tion made up of senior girls and boys, was dedicated to showing school pride and loyalty. Dressed in white western cut uniforms and black cowboy hats, members attended pep rallies and games, made banners and posters for the halls. performed im- aginative skits at pep rallies. and encouraged others to participate in school activities. Under the leadership of Mr. Weldon Lotspeich and Mr. James Bretthauer, this group met as a special homeroom. The officers 3 Randy Rapp, presidentg Sally Herr, girls, vice president, Robert Wright, boys' vice presidentg Ralph Faxel, business managerg and Liz Thompson, secretary - helped plan and organize activities. PSOP sponsored ser- vice projects such as the Howdy Dance and hosted the Open House. 92 f ORGANIZATIGNS AAAPSOP. Front Row: R. Faxel, business manager, L. Thompson, secretaryp R. Rapp, presidentg S. Herr, girls' vice-president, R. Wright, boys' vice-president. Row 2: C. Thornton, M. Trickey. P. Stroud, C. Cruz, S. Lozano, C. Oliver, S. Perkins, D. Tripp, S. Halwes, C. Browne, D. Stroup. Row 3: C. Almy, M. Arango, F. Tennerson C. Zipp, B. Acosta, L. Oberstein, V. Swinson, L. Ward, C. Field, E. Knapp, J. Sher- man, D. Bailey. Back Row: Mr. Lotspeich, sponsorg D. Midgley, R. Tsung, R. Walker, S. DeLeon, F. Hernandez, A. Roberts, D. Shaw, .l, Daniels, J. Jones, R. Brewer, Mr. Bretthauer, sponsor. AALynn Vaughn joins PSOP members Linda Ward, Carol Field, Steve DeLeon, Cynthia Almy and Sheen Perkins in cheering at a game. Al was just kidding guys! Ross Walker, Lynn McNeill and Sylvia Lozano perform a pep rally skit. 40h, Please be careful! Laurie Sprinkle watches the cheerleaders perform. s P WS Provides Pep Exist 1 Q i ether Sixty-two exuberant young ladies clad in purple and white uniforms encouraged Purple and White Spirit. To become a member of PAWS, the girls were required to maintain a C average and an S in citizenship. The group, sponsored by Ms. Mary Humber and Mrs. Sylvia Williams, worked to pro- mote unity, respect, and spirit. During the year, their main function was to cheer at various sports events. PAWS members, who represented all fac- tions of the student body, were involved in extra- curricular activities that indicated their school Dride. AAAPAWS. Front Row: B. Allen, M. Martinez, R. Stafford, K. Smith, typistg C. Jones, ice president, J. Wilson, president, D. Bostick, secretary, B. Johnson, V. Utley. Row 2: Mrs. Williams, sponsor, S. Aguire, L. Harris, J. Newhouse, D. Jumper, V. Garnett, A, Scott, K. Mansell, L. Anguiano, C. Smith, M. Bush, Mrs. Humber, sponsor. Back Row: M. Richardson, A. Chadwell, H. Browning, F. Hill, K. Broadus, D. Toines, L. Taylor, D. Thomas, V. Thomas, N. Minor, D, Elisher. AA4Cynthia Jones and Janice Wilson smile at the Panthers' performance. A4Pom-poms symbolizing spirit lay awaiting the start of the game. 4Daphne Bostick and Betty Johnson confirm that PAWS and unity go hand in hand. AGo team. . .Yeahl . .Say what? Cynthia Jones, Vicki Utley, and Demetria Elisher pep up the game. The Spirit Steppers, directed by Mrs, Carol Bott, had the honor of being the only Texas drill team in- vited for two years in a row to perform in Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans. The entire squad at- tended competition in Dallas, while only the of- ficers participated in San Antonio competition. Selling candy, calendars, and stadium cushions helped finance the trips and equipment. The girls performed at pep rallies, varsity foot- ball and basketball games, produced the annual Spring Show, and hosted the popular Spirit of the Seasons Dance in December. Dancing for nursing homes and schools werejust a few of the many ser- vice projects performed. They used various props such as ladders, wooden guns, and tambourines to make their routines highly entertaining. The long hours of hard work and their school spirit made them a highly respected and vital organization. J Will. 5 Q' .. .H 32 L 94 f ORGANIZATIONS AAPSpirit Steppers practice marching for the Mardi Gras parades. AWhat do you mean your tambourine is out of tune? Debbie Dixon and Cathy Long discuss a tambourine routine with Mrs. Bott. AVLook Mom, no cavities! Debbie Rodri- quez and Arlana Lacy cheer at a game. APPStephanie Allison and Cinda Burns perform a flag routine during halftime show. PSPIRIT STEPPERS. Front Row: B. Giles, lieutenant, K. Vautrain, lieutenant, H. Peck, lieutenant, L. Sparkman, lieute- nant. Row 2: T. McCollum, J. Gilbert, D. Rodriquez, A. Lacy, H. Tillman, C. Risk, M. Carrizales, J. Hicks, L. Dolan. Row 3: C. Johnson, P. Simpson, H. Williamson, G. Russell, S. Guenzel, M. Johnson, T. Flores, W. Barnes, P. Lee. Row 4: C. Moore, L. Phillips, A. Klemow, E. Gutier- rez, C. Burns, S. Allison, S. Carter, M. Maness, T. Burns, J. Mathews, S. Leeper. Back Row: C. Long, captain, D. Dixon, co-captain. , at .Q. ll B A . In . 'gfgkk E. I S i 1 Q -i 9 V . 'P 1,1 H t ,X ,Q X , .. '. s 'f jLg'- . 1 J Steppers Parade Spirit on - . AF arching Band Struts Through Season One hundred seventeen band members demonstrated precision marching drills during half time at football games to entertain the fans. Their musical program included "Emperata Overaturef' "Pictures of Spain," "What I Did for Love," and many other popular tunes. Disciplined and respon- sible students were accountable for their practice and their marching form. During the ten years Mr. Robert Taylor directed the band, the group consistently won a first in their division. This year was no exception, for the band ranked I in both the All City High School Band Competition and All City Marching Competition. After a long run through the football season and contests, the marching band ended on a high note of success. S My-, 4, . AAAJames Meadows, Erin Williams, and Russell Gilbreath show how to get down. AA4Sunday Boatler strikes the bells as Dewey Landrum poses and Joel Meadows enjoys the game. AAOn last report, two of every three band members had missplaced their hats. Joel Walthall, Ricky Flowers, and Andrew Rhodes play clarinets. 4How in the world didl hit my own fingers? John Swaringen grits his teeth and hammers away. ACandace Williams gives three cheers for the team as Warren Turner watches. APScott Hammock snuggles with his trombone. Jazz Music Reigns The music department sported more than a superior marching band. The Stage Band, which stressed jazz and the improvement of skills through clinics, was another outlet for talented young musi- cians. Performances for the student body and other organizations were directed by Mr. Robert Taylor who encouraged the enjoyment of music. .Ulf 6' AA? Vincent Brooks, Arturo Enrriques, and Alan Burton concentrate on playing in harmony. A Dewey Landrum marches only to his own drum beat as the group practices. AP Michael Merritt, Marcus Rockwell, and Reginald Jordan pucker up because they love their trumpets. V THE STAGE BAND. Front Row: V. Brooks, A. Enrriques, S. Wharton, A. Burton, B. Baldwin, R. Lawrence, R. Johnson. Second Row: G. Wilson, G. Hammack, B. Guenzel, M. Cates, R. Salinas. Back Row: D. Landrum, S. Harris, L. Wippert, B. Burns, S. Rivera, T. Luster, C. Massey, J. Taylor, R. Jordan, M. Merritt, B. McCreath, M. Rockwell. 96 f ORGANIZATIONS 'Y Concert Band Excels The Concert Band, which studied classical music, was divided into two smaller groups. The A band included advanced students who performed for the public and entered contests. They also went . on a yearly tour. The B band concentrated on im- proving techniques. Both bands benefited from Mr. Robert Taylor's firm guidance. ' f 'W f 1 f .... . P . AAA Now stretch as far as you can. Linda Newton, Emmett Perkins, Mario Tovar, Melinda Cates, and Tim Turner are members of the trombone section. AA CONCERT A BAND. Front Row: E. Flores, T. Kersey, D. Mavias, N. Loucks, L. Ludvigson, C. Wheeler. Row 2: W. Turner, C. Williams, P. Baty, R. Flowers, R. Hagman, R. Lawrence, R. Johnson, C. Miller, V. Brooks. Row 3: J. Walthall, T. Nelson, L. Newton, E. Perkins, B. Gant, P. Blair, M. Kersey, V. Samppala, A. Burton, M. Tovar, B. Baldwin, J. Blanks, M. Chambers. Row 4: Ronnie Gilbreath, Russell Gilbreath, B. McCreath, A. Remley, M. Merritt, M. Rockwell, C. Massey, J. Taylor, R. Jordan, M. Guenzel, S. Hammack, G. Wilson, G. Peterson, C. Sanders, D. Anfin, J. Anderson, B. Clay, J. Riggs, T. Thompson. Back Row: K. Brown, S. Boatler, D. Landrum, S. Harris, J. Swaringen. A CONCERT B BAND. Front Row: F. Valdez, L. Zinn, A. Blair, B. Gilmore, P. Vega, T. Parker, B. Gray, Row 2: M. Rubin, C. Knight, A. Rhodes, L. McFarlin, L. Evans, M. Cardona, L. Alden, M. Schoonover, T. Williams, J. Blann, J. Jones. Row 3: A. Anguiano, K. Hall, D. Davis, R, Smith, T. Riddle, S. Holstein, J. Massey, S. Wharton, L. Ennis, A. Huff, A. Spencer, K. Wippert, J. Donnell, A. Enrriques. Row 4: J. Meadows, R. Dancer, S. Rivera, C. Martinez, R. Garcia, B. Burns, L. Pena, A. Williams, T. Luster, M. Cates, K. Bratton, T. Turner, L. Harper, R. Salinas, T. Sutter, D. Santee, J. Crenshaw, K. Horton. Back Row: D. Eisenberg, K. Johnson, C. Emory, S. Raso, J. Bradley, P. Holguin. Players Fiddle To Fame One bass, two cellos, a viola, seven violins, and a harp formed the string ensemble. Ms. Janet Kline, a first year teacher, found the group responsive to new teaching techniques and to hard work. They demonstrated their adeptness in the winter concert and programs for middle schools. X-...., AAP Sherry Mullins and Eva Rezsofi prepare for the winter concert. A Pat Turner and Mike McShaffry wonder if their cellos are related to Pinocchio. AP Ms. Janet Kline examines the music before proceeding with class. APP I dare you to knock this violin off my shoulder. Vincent Simon tunes his violin at the winter concert. P STRING ENSEMBLE. Front Row: L. Haber, E. Rezsofi, V. Simon, R. Kelly, J. Knight, P. Turner, M. McShaffry. Back Row: L. Prall, L. Jarrett, M. Smith, A. Williams. 98 f ORGANIZATIONS Students Voice Talents The Coneert Choir's aetive year included pertiormanees in the TWC Choral Festival as well as winter. middle sehool and spring concerts. Students with some previous training auditioned for Mrs. .loy lloyyington, A Cappella Choir members needed musical experience and perseverance. The group participated in numerous eoneerts and eompetitions and All City Honor Choir. 4 Todd Thompson aeeompanies the ehoir. V THE A !'APPl1l.lA CHOIR. I-'irst Row: C. Miller. l.. Champlin. K. Brovs n. lu. Flores. K. l-lder. C. lieggs. 'l. Bauer. Nl. Carter. Row 2: M. Becan. M. Mit- chell. G. Peterson. l . llaber. B. Howell. T. Brown. Vl. Cardona. A. Peterson. Row 3: Mrs, Hovsington. sponsor: D. Smith. J. Riggs. J. Stewart, R, liwton. S. Hernande1.Baek Row: ID, l-ruin. T. Thompson. lilliot. T. Orr. VP louisa Champlin. Margaret Mitchell. Amy Peterson. Cara Beggs. and l1riea lflores concentrate on singing 'tlpvening Song to God" by Haydn. VV! Stage presence can he acquired through good posture and lifting one's brow. Dale Erwin rushes to the winter eoneert. VV THE CONCERT CHOIR. Front Row: Mrs. Howingtori. sponsori K. Hall. T. Kcrsey, T. Kemp. R. lfranklin. C. Ray. P. Morgan, R. Chenoweth. Row 2: R. Friedman. C Beggs. K. Broun. C. Ciillings, R. Darmon. C. Neighbors, C. Browning. Back Row: l.. Ketehersid. R. Fleming, T. James, S. Erwin. R. Broadus, D, Mattingly, B. Recyes. six 5 i 'S sf t li 5' I Choirs Entertain The Communit The Show Choir performed popular show tunes. In auditions, Mrs. Joy Howington sought students with singing and sight reading ability, poise, and personality. The group provided the chorus for the fall musical, Li'l Abner and in the spring per- formed at various community organizations and businesses. They sang for the Harris Hospital Aux- iliary, the Women's Club, the Optimist Club, the Association of Retired Music Teachers, nursing homes, and middle schools. The director emphasiz- ed a professional approach to preparation of Broad- way music for performance. The Freshman Girls' Ensemble was a select group that was introduced to various types of music and methods of singing. The t freshman girls progressed rapidly and often were intermingled with the Concert Choir for special affairs. AA FRESHMAN GIRLS' ENSEM- BLE. Front Row: C. Murray, M. Bush, S. Stewart, D. Thomas, M. Castilla. Row 2: Mrs. Howington, sponsor, A. Ferguson, l. Serrano, M. Robinson, B. McAnthony. Back Row: A. Bechtel, M. Smith, B. Vaughn, Kim Renfro. A4 Linda McMillan and Mary Jane Cardona are enthralled by the speaker as James Stewart prays. A The freshman girls warm up before a performance at school. 4 THE SHOW CHOIR. Front Row: A. Peterson, M. Carter, C. Beggs. Row 2: J. Stewart, M. Mitchell, D. Smith, C. Miller, K. Brown, E. Flores, L. Haber, T. Brown. Back Row: T. Bauer, R. Ewton, M. Cardona, G. Peterson, D. Erwin, J. Riggs, J. Meeks, T. Thompson, K. Elder, L. McMillan, T. Orr, S. Elliot, M. Becan, B. Howell, L. Champlin, S. Hernandez 100 f ORGANIZATIONS I AW' Q ' x Vagabonds Play Up Talents The Vagabonds, under the instruction of Ms. Susan Williams, produced George Batson's play ,jg . "Design for Murder." Talented in every area, V the group built sets, made costumes, publicized . . . . 5 the production, formed the technical crew, and t V performed. ln preparation for their own drama, hx W the students viewed community productions and T J rree developed a critical eye for theatre. Through the Vagabonds, those involved displayed their talent, learned the technicalities of theatre, and gained an appreciation ofthe performing arts. 5 if -.M AAA Mike Nellis and Steve lilliot perform during an improvisation. AA THE VAGABONDS. Front Row: J. Jackson, B, Vaughn, C. Candoli, A. Akin, K, Tesar, J. Goochcy, J. Chastcen, G. Kirkland, L. Charnplin, Ms. Williams, sponsor. Row 2: C. McDonough, S. McBroom, T. Orr, 5. Elliot, D. Erwin, M. Nellis, T. Crawford, J. Sanders, L. Nickel. Back Row: P. Harris, N. Brophy, M, Mitchell, Mr, Frank Pittman, student teacher, M. Bostick, M. Ad- dington, L. McMillan. A Ms. Susan Williams and Margaret Mitchell indulge in juicy gossip. P Mclvin Bostick monkeys around in class when students are told to act as animals, 1 ff NHS Recognizes Seniors The top fifteen percent of the senior class gained membership in the Paschal chapter of the National Honor Society QNHSJ. To be eligible, a student could have no citizenship grade below i'S" and had to maintain an "A" or "Bw grade point average. Sponsors, Mr. Robert Bennett, Mrs. Jerina Barnes, Mrs. Jan Turner, and Mrs. Jane King, made sure members met eligibility requirements. The society promoted scholarship, leadership, and service. All students were given special recognition at gradua- tion and at a banquet. I ll AAP NHS members, Estil Vance, Roby Malone. Blake Woodard, and Ander Jones, get involved with the can drive. AP NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY. Front Row: Mrs. Turner, sponsor, F. Tennerson, B. Frye, S. Perkins, C. Lee, K. Lowe, S. Chiu, L. Halbert, S. Halwes, D. Tripp, J. Hicks, C. Cruz, D. Bailey, B. Aeosta, D. Ridgeway, P. Gilstrap, T. Loughridge. Row 2: Mrs. King, sponsor, Mrs. Barnes, sponsorg A. Pritchard, R. Faxel, S. Yarbrough, D. Stroup, R. Loucks, D. McClellan, C. Hooker, B. Jackson, C. Browne, C. Field, M. Trickey, S. Brown, C. Oliver, S. Strassburger. Back Row: Mr. Ben- nett, sponsor, F. Ellison, J. Jones, R. McLamore, E. Vance, R. Malone, C. Almy, B. Oseherwitz, A. Jones, F. Pacheco, B. Woodard, R. Wright, C. Duke, J. Smith, l.. Alexander, A. Scheu, M. Stanley. P N HS sponsor Mr. Bennett looks over the grades ofthe members. PP NHS OFFICERS. Front Row: A. Pritchard, president, F. Pacheco, treasurer. Back Row: D. Tripp secretary, l.. Alexander, vice president. 102 f ORGANIZATIONS K ii -iii ' Si la PSAE Honors Excellence Paschal Society for Academic Excellence QPSAEJ, sponsored by Mrs. Marjory Philp, Mr. Terry Smith, Mrs. Sue Smith, Mr. John Hamilton, and Mr. Weldon Lotspeich, was designed to honor seniors who had excelled academically. Eligibility requirements included a 3.7 grade point average, two years of foreign language in high school, and attendance at Paschal for the last two years. Students had to accumulate eleven points from three of four academic fields: math, science, history, and English. Up to two points in cheerleading, drill team, and Pantherette or Pan- ther Staff could be earned. PSAE held a banquet in the spring to honor these students who were also given special recognition at graduation. ' A4 Mr. Smith, PSAE sponsor, organizes his thoughts before a PSAE committee meeting. 4 Miranda Gomez fills out invitations for the PSAE assembly. V Mrs. Smith, PSAE sponsor, discusses PSAE with School Board member William Johnson. to Team Attends Meets For the fifth consecutive year, Whiz Quiz represented Paschal in intellectual competitions with other metroplex schools. The meets, held at Dallas Baptist College, were broadcast weekly on a local radio station. In the first contest, Paschal defeated Oak Cliff Christian by a score of 330 to 180. During this meet, the team broke a record in the sixty second round by answering nine out of ten possible questions during the half time. To prepare for the meets, sponsors Mrs. Marjory Philp, Mr. John Hamilton, and Mrs. Terry Quat- trochi organized scrimmages with Country Day and Southwest. The advisors also drilled the team on current events, science, math, history, trivia, art, and music at the weekly meetings. Through Whiz Quiz competitions, the school was recognized for its academic capabilities. AP Chuck Sanders prepares to answer a question that Mrs. Philp reads during a weekly meeting. P We support Panther Optical. Richard McLamore, Wim Vanderhoof, Patria Wortham, and Blake Woodard leave Dallas Baptist College after their first competition. V WHIZ QUIZ. Front Row: C. Almy, C. Lopez-Aguado, N. Loucks, M. Rubin, Mrs. Quattrochi, sponsor: A. Blair. Row 2: B. Woodard, L. Phillips, R. Loucks, R. McLamore, M. Wiley. Back Row: C. Sanders, Mrs. Philip, sponsorg Mr. Hamilton, sponsor, L. Cox, W. Vanderhoof. VV Cass Duke, Wim Vanderhoof. Rob Loucks, and Richard McLamore discuss their strategy dur' ing the halftime break in their competition with Oak CliffChristian. VY! I think this is the correct button. Mr. Hamilton prepares for the next question. 3 l 5 5 i cuss if mu "5 Y V . ' B Y M g 'U' xsnnnnxi VHSUHML A A , I ...a 1 f .. a e , 3 J .1 wtf? ,. I X 5 as an at A lei cs' l Ronan mam anew: Q mimi oftxcurf 104 f ORGANlZATIONS Science Club Experiments and Researches H' 'Mn...-ww, Jilin-vu.. ara 54 V' "hy AASCIENCE CLUB. Front Row: Mr. Wall, sponsor, A. Blair, secretary: B. Guenzel, vice presi- dent, M. Wiley, president: B. Ortega, K. Mair. Back Row: B. Clay, S. Boatler, C, Sanders, L. Ludvigson, C. Miller, R. Friedman, C. Chambers. AAPRobin Friedman, Claudia Miller, and Kenneth Mair look at an aquarium at the Western Museum. AChuck Sanders, Mark Wiley, Ben Ortega, and Sundy Boatler look at exhibits on a field trip. PMike McShaffry performs an experiment on club day while Beth Guenzel watches. 5 The Science Club, sponsored by Mr. Gerald Wall, was one of the most active clubs at school. Wednesday afternoon meetings featured lectures on scuba diving and metereology. Field trips includ- ed visits to the Noble Planetarium, the Western Museum, the Medical Examiner's office, and the radiology lab at All Saints Hospital. In addition to these activities, members confirmed experimental conclusions for projects to be entered in the Regional Science Fair. Planned activities for the spring included a Six Flags fundraiser, a trip to Gorman Falls near Austin, and a picnic at Glen Rose. All these activities kept the Science Club busy throughout the year. Members Aid Department The Penta Club, popular with students interested in math, met every Thursday with Mrs. Annie Con- ley. The club had parties and performed service projects which funded an awards banquet to honor outstanding math students. Other fundraisers in- cluded the sale of Thanksgiving turkey awards, car- nations, and singing telegrams for Valentines day. The club also sponsored the Number Sense Team and number-sense contests every Tuesday to prac- tice their math skills. Both groups did an excellent job and enjoyed friends made, l Q x 5 i AAPAsk Amy Peterson how to get an A in Mrs. Conley's math class. Mrs. Conley teases Amy Peterson at a party, AMr. Hamilton helps number sense member Laura Phillips prepare for a competition. APPENTA CLUB. Front Row: S. Staggs, vice president, L. Phillips, presidentg C. Lopez- Aguado, secretary, B. Ortega, treasurer, J. Meeks, public relations: Mrs. Conley, sponsor. Row 2: M. Wiley, W. Cooper, C. Phillips, K. Porter, R. Ostrander, M. Rubin, K. Gould. Back Row: S. McDonald, C. Cunningham, P. McKee, S. Lopez-Aguado, R. Grant, F. Bird, A. Rhodes. PNUMBER SENSE TEAM. Front Row: L. Phillips, N. Mahlie, A. Blair, J. Valentine, C. Phillips, K. Gould. Back Row: Mr. Hamilton, sponsor: S. Staggs, T. Rymell, K. Mair, C. Sanders, M. Rubin, F. Bird. 106 f ORGANIZATIONS ig-nuun :ll on embers Relive Roman Culture Toga parties, Roman feasts, and skating parties were just a few of the activities of the Latin Club. Members participated in other events that ranged from eating Italian food at Crystalls Pizza to watching films about Julius Caesar at school. Sponsor Mrs. Lenore Hurley enjoyed sharing Roman culture with her students. She encouraged them to start early to prepare posters and to learn prose and poetry reading for the Language Fair. Their early preparation showed in their fine performance at the Fair. 0 .X gl g sw . W ,,-.. , AA4Richard Grant, Sean Jenkins, and Shelley Thames enjoy a Latin Club skating party. ALATIN CLUB. Front Row: K. Church, J. Richardson, R. Chenoweth, M. Dick, J. Mathews, A. Quattrochi, M. Thornton, K. Vance, T. Rubin, L. Flood, B. Turner, V. Owen, A. Brook, A. Lucignani, M. Gomez, L. Matchette, T. Peterson, K. Foster, K. Standefer. Row 2: J. Smith, A. Loud, R. Grant, D. Meyer, R. Fryrnire, A. Antweil, J. Annarino, J. McConnico, C. Johnston, A. Velasquez, B. Bell, D. Roznovsky, B. Summerhays, R. Taff, D. Loney, D. Bostick, R. Grant. Row 3: S. Guenzel, B. Ortega, J. Fralia, C. Delucchi, S. Dawson, R. Walker, C. Kimberlin, R. Fox, W. Schmuck, M. Fleming, K. Mair, J. Ham- mons, P. Floyd, C. Ashcraft, B. Clay, C. Sanders, J. Duvall, R. Manresa, L. Graham, D. Tesar, J. Sisson, Mrs. Hurley, sponsor. Back Row: A. Daniel, G. Miles, S, Halwes, L. Sprinkle, L. Hulings, V. Swin- son, S. Hatley, D. Smith, M. Medina, T. Moncrief, K. Sandelin, T Overton, J. Johnson, S. Moreland, S. Bramble, D. Williams, S. Turner, A. Holliday, K. Bryant, R. Baker, D. Hickman, T. Ramsay. 4Toga, Toga, Toga! Laura Hulings, Laurie Sprinkle, Craig Kimberlin, Valerie Swinson, and Ross Walker dress in Roman attire. lO8 f ORGANIZATIONS Hispanic Culture Valued La Tertulia's members, interested in Hispanic culture, enjoyed an annual chili cookout in the park during the fall. Dinner at Casa Linda was followed with a Christmas party at Lori Kasper's house where pinatas and Spanish carols topped off the holiday gathering. Swimming parties and other outings were held in the spring. The Spanish Honor Society, Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica, recognized a limited number of juniors and seniors in the third level or above with a special initiation program held at school. Mrs. Marian Newland and Mrs. Olivia Wilker- son sponsored the clubs. Annual covers sold in the spring by the membership raised funds for their parties and for the Spanish department. AAPAttention, Attention. Mrs. Newland calls members to eat at the chili cookout. AMartha Pena participates in the initiation of the Spanish Honor Society. APLA TERTULIA. Front Row: Mrs. Newland, sponsor, L. Phillips, vice president, L. Halbert, presi- dent, L. Kasper, secretary. Row 2: M. Smith, D. McLaughlin, S. Lozano, S. Newsome, L. Sullivan, S. Chaffee, T. Rubin, T. Mc- Collum. Row 3: K. Gould, T. Green, J. Smith, K. Borden, L. Sparkman, S. Lasko, S. Lopez- Aquado, D. Yarbrough. Back Row: C. Phillips, W. Cooper, A. Peter- son, S. Staggs, C. Lopez-Aquado, L. Lopez, S. Yarbrough, J. Meeks. PSOCIEDAD HONORARIA HISPANICA. Front Row: T. Mc- Collum, M. Pena, L. Phillips, S. Newsome, A. Peterson, C. Lopez- Aquado. Back Row: Mrs. Newland, sponsor, S. Boatler, L. Lopez, E. Knapp, J. Meeks, J. Smith. PPLeah Sparkman and Leigh Halbert read a Spanish skit. I v 'CP' -Q 'z I . mi. lub Enters Fair The French Club held a raffle for limousine ser- vice to dinner, the Homecoming game, and the dance afterwards. The raffle helped to raise money for the French department and was popular with the students. Mrs. Sherry Snyder, sponsor, hosted many of the meetings and parties for the club. Preparation for the Language Fair included en- tries for categories that ranged from learning poetry to cooking French cuisine. Participating in the Language Fair resulted in many awards. AA4Jamie Minton and Mrs. Snyder contemplate going to France. ADo they really wear this in France? Courtney Lee looks through a book on French culture. A40kay, Okay. David Wall gives in and buys several raf- fle tickets from Amy Love. 4FRENCH CLUB. Front Row: L. Cox, K. Borden, T. Gon- zales, T. Peterson, M. Schoonover, T. Riddle, C. Griffin, J. Chasteen. Row 2: D.Loney, C. Hooker, S. Bradley, D. Jumper, I. Russell, C. Stone, D. Ray, N. Coad, R. Taff. Row 3: K. Peterson, Mrs. Snyder, sponsorg J. Minton, M. Cason, C. Lee, A. Love, B. Ashley, J. Mitchell. Back Row: A. Bush, C. Giles, S. Kroll, D. Fersing, B. Frost, J. Fleming, V. Brooks. lub Wins Awards Puppet plays, dramas, and gingerbread houses were just a few of the projects German students S ,,. H. . 0 1 +V , prepared for festivals during the year. Mr. Terry f Smith, sponsor of the German Club, encouraged members to learn about the German culture as they hosted the annual Novemberfest. Members made the trip to San Marcus to participate in the Sprachfest and later were in the annual Language Fair. Long hours were spent learning poetry, prose, and folk dances, but the work paid off when the awards were brought home. The club met once a month for meetings and par- ties. They increased their knowledge of German as well as having fun meeting people and participating in the festivals. wh., ...fe px 2 125' 3 V 'L' ,. Q. D AAPJames Finn, Cassandra Duke, and Robert Griffith display their Language Fair awards. APGERMAN CLUB. Front Row: L. Simonds, president, B. Woodard, public relations, C. Duke, secretary-treasurer, R. Griffith, vice president. Row 2: A. Jones, K. Elder, K. Vance, S. Chiu, N. Loucks, A. Quattrochi, S. Nichols, J. Dewar, S. Lucignani, K. Tesar, C. Mays, S. Bailey, C. Tyree, B. Wiggins. Row 3: J. Knight, R. McLamore, T. Goss, P. Rubin, T. Bratton, P. Casey, S. Green, C. Kneten, M. Smith, J. Smith, G. Yarbrough, R. Loucks, E. Perkins, R. Freed- bourn, Mr. Smith, sponsor. Row 4: S. Wilson, C. Dewar, J. Livingston, N. Burghardt, J. Finn, J. Couch, S. Kroll, G. NcNeil, T. Black, J. Heinz, M. Minor, R. Wright, J. Howard. Back Row: P. Nickel, S. Staggs, A. Chadwell, M. Ridgeway, E. Burghardt, L. Cox, J. Smith, P. Trimble, L. Zinn, T. Baker, M. Field, R. Hagman, C. Wheeler, B. Guenzal, A. Loud, N. Mahlie, G. Kirkland, P. Wortham. C. Lopez-Aguado. PBlake Woodard practices his German ata party as Evan Pritchard looks on. VHear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil! Cassandra Duke, Stephen Kroll, Anna Quattrochi, Kathlee ' ' n Vance, and Teresa Wilman enjoy a German club party. I fY.c,"w".x xt. GQ 8 f. '41 AFS Explores World The American Field Service, sponsored by Ms. Jhani Wright, promoted foreign culture and American Culture. The club, which had no membership requirements except dues, drew from many sectors of the student population. The group supported a foreign exchange student, Louly Halawa, from Cairo, Egypt. Activities included monthly social gatherings, lectures by Tonya Timofeyeva, a teacher visiting from the Soviet Union, and AFS Day. The American Field Service had an exciting year entertaining and teaching their guest as well as learning from her. A -V ..r- LA U Ll H I I II ll I I I I. l I 1. i I I I I I I I , I I I ll ll ' ll i ll ll. Il 11 1-5 2 'Mr 1 li so o II ft fe 1 U at .U I It 19 I 1 I' N' ' 5 ,iq .jj l 1 l ii .ii it .M g-- f - 2 s mv' V? -we-"F" e i AALouly Halawa and Ms. Wright converse at an activity in honor of her arrival. AAFS. Front Row: S. Hernandez, J. Blanton, S. Halwes, J. Fralia, L. Halbert, K. Borden M. Brewer, C. Mancil, S. Housewright, M. Carrizales, K. Church, T. Baxter. Row 2: K Vance, A. Pritchard, S. Bradley, L. Lopez, C. Beggs, S. Boatler, E. Flores, B. Guenzel, C Lopez-Aguado, P. Wortham, S. Guenzel, J. Cardenas, K. Foster, N. Mahlie. Back Row J. Jones, J. House, S. Strassburger, C. Lee, R. McLamore, D. Stroup, C. Almy, A. Jones J. Bullard, C. Field, S. Staggs, V. Bates, S. Almy, R. Davis, R. Manresa, V. Simon, Ms J. Wright, sponsor, J. Meeks, president. 4Erica Flores and Cathy Lopez-Aguado pamper the Key's dog at a party. Vls Leigh telling another story? Leigh Halbert gets carried away in a conversation. V4Cindy Almy enjoys the music and shares in a joke. Members Help Community The Ebony Club, led by Mr. Luther Craft, en- couraged its members to take part in many com- munity activities. Club members contributed money to rename the Poly Freeway to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Freeway as one project. Members also sponsored Black History Week to com- memorate black achievements. The week included a talent show which featured a band, dances, songs, skits, and poetry reading. A banquet also recogniz- ed outstanding black citizens of the Fort Worth metroplex. In the spring, the club held a fashion show to give the students an opportunity to display their poise. Money raised through candy sales provided funds for the club shirts and black history materials. , 'Sf k , 'S Q I ini. L if AAPTim Williams, Sharon Dawson, and Michael Spelmon practice forthe Spring fashion show. AEBONY CLUB. Front Row: V. Minor, V. Bell, K. Smith, I. Russell, L. Jones, vice presidentg K. Armstead, M. Amos. Row 2: S. Dawson, presidentg T. Guillory, secretaryg C. Williams, V. Cooper, L. Phillips, D. Singleton. Row 3: M. Spelmon, E. Baker, treasurerg K. Ogletree, R. Wise, sergeant at arms, R. Flowers, vice presidentg F. Thompson. Back Row: Mr. Craft, sponsor. APTangulon Guillory records the minutes of the meeting as Tim Williams listens to the president. Pl-lelen Browning and Kathy Ogletree listen to a project idea presented during a weekly meeting. 112 f ORGANIZATIONS Students Become Aware Latinos in Action helped make students of Latin American descent aware of their heritage. The club provided a variety of social activities. In September, a membership-drive picnic was held in Forest Park. In October, members sold stadium cushions and Halloween candy and held a car wash. They then centered their efforts around delivering care packages to people who had received help from the Goodfellow fund. A Christmas dinner at the Worth Heights Multi-Purpose Center also helped raise money. Members of Latinos in Action were encouraged by sponsors Mrs. Cecelia Villa and Mrs. Josie Martinez to be part of other organiza- tions as well as Latinos in Action. 'IU ' .1 I I I I x X I f K Action meeting. the October car wash. R. Blanco, A. Carrillo AA4 Mrs. Villa conducts a Latinos in A4 Esther Martinez turns cartwheels at the membership-drive picnic A When we get back to the car wash let's soak Mrs.Villa! Richard Blanco and Mary Cisneros take a break during 4 LATINOS IN ACTION Front Row Mrs, Villa, sponsorg N Flores presi dentg M. Cisneros, vice president A Anguiano, L. Benavidas S Pena R Robles, Mrs. Martinez sponsor Row 2: E. Martinez, Y. Escobar S Sosa G Rodriquez, H, Vasquez M Pinto P Chavira. Row 3: E. Longoria M Ar thur, L. Anguino, M Lopez M Godinez, M. Vela. Back Row J Fierro, E. Lopez, J. Ybarra J Aguilar ll4 AA Branches Out .i , .,f, , f xik Outdoor Adventure and Awareness offered a challenge to participating students. The class covered backpacking, canoeing, camping, skiing, and other physical activites. Mental skills included the improvement of self-discipline. trusting others and oneself. Most importantly. the group became aware of the vital importance of self-preservation and the conservation ofthe natural environment. Mr. Bob Reed. the instructor. enhanced each ses- sion through his wit and comic personality. Occa- sionally. guest speakers lectured on snakes and mammals. as well as clothing for outdoor activities, Group projects. films. and slides added variety. The members also made local and distant field trips to test their newly learned skills. The OAA students felt disciplined. well prepared. and ready to face the harsh wilderness after taking the course. They felt the class helped them grow mentally as well as physically. if fi .bis--.A"f3 . AAPJane in training. Jennifer McBryde expertly rappels from a bridge. AMmm. . .mmm good. John Fleming samples warm beef almondine and lasagne from a plastic bag. APNature abounds as Scott Tvieyerson strolls through the park on a lazy afternoon. Pl think I should have turned left. Paul Corkery attempts to accurately read the compass. VDidn't you ever see "Anna and the King of Siam?" Jeff Bernard stops during a skill run to converse with Ranger Bob. 'Q 45 Gw- Time Is Used Industriously Encouraged by Mr. Jim Jenkins, Mr. Dan Shipler, Mr. Evan Nudd, and Mr. Bob Ceresini, members of the Industrial Arts Club competed in area fairs. A cuckoo clock, a wooden chair, storage trunks, and a gun stock were among the projects entered. The club emphasized work attitudes, the full use of one's abilities, and the spreading of knowledge. f"""-I l l K Gil f- t . D5 ,441 www, AAA Marcus Graves works diligently on his chair as James Derden works on another project. AAFP David Beamon rechecks the gears he built to run a clock, AA This is the way we smooth the side, smooth the side, so early in the morning. Rudolph Romero begins to put the finishing touches on his work. AAP Jimmy Erwin follows safety precautions and carefully drills wood. A INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB. Front Row: T. King, D. Lowery, D. Norman, R. Romero, J. Williams, M. Gowans, D. Beamon, Mr. Ceresini, sponsor. Row 2: W. Horner, D. Miller, A. McBride, M. Graves, R. Derden, M. Garvin, G. Carr, J, Alvarado. Back Row: Mr. Jenkins, sponsorg Mr. Shipler, sponsorg J. Erwin, R. Villar- real, B. Gutierrez, J, Midgley. ewspaper Publishes Activities The PANTHERETTE Staff, under the supervi- sion of new sponsor Mr. Ray Janes, published a paper that was amusing, creative, and informative. The staff, limited to juniors and seniors, was selected by an application-interview process. They took the responsibility to write and print the paper, and to sell advertisements that helped finance its publication. Editor Randy Simmans met with his staffers during fifth period to produce a newspaper that in- terested faculty and students. The end product, the PANTHERETTE, displayed their efforts. .i AAPEditor Randy Simmans and Estil Vance work hard to sell advertisements forthe paper. ARhonda Davis works on layouts. APPANTHERETTE staffers Kelly Brown and Deena Mavias cut out their articles. PPANTHERETTE. Front Row: D. Mavias, J. Smith, R. Ostrander, R. Davis. Row 2: B. Guen- zal, M. Arango, R. Harper, J. Sherman, N. Blue, L. Simonds. Row 3: K. Porter, J. Munoz, K. Brown, E. Vance. Back Row: Mr. Janes, sponsor, R. Johnson, R. Brewer, R. Simmans. 116 f ORGANIZATIONS L The VIGNETTE. the literary magazine that began in 1910 when the school was known as Cen- tral High. was produced by students with an in- terest in creative writing and in magazine produc- tion. With the help of faculty sponsor Mr. Bob Reed and the editor-in-chief David Hall, the staff critiqued and edited poems, short stories, and art work submitted by the student body. They prepared layouts, created the theme, and promoted the sale of the VIGNETTE. Students enjoyed having the opportunity to publish their own literary works and to read others. The staff worked hard to publish a magazine that was both serious and humorous. A-pu AAA4 Michael Coomer critiques and edits a short story. AA VIGNETTE STAFF. Front Row: D. Hall, M. Becan, J. Blanton, K. Anderson, M. Arango. J. France, L. Sprinkle. Row 2: E. Sherline, J. Barker, K. Borden, C. Stone, R. Malone. Row 3: A. Love, M. Mitchell, N. Blue, J. Carlock. Back Row: C. Freeland, N. Coad, D. Hewitt, Mr. Reed, sponsor. W. Hix, Fvi. Coomer, J. Finn. AAP Roby Malone, Neva Coad, and Rhonda Najera work diligently during staff. 4 David Hall prepares layouts for artwork submissions. A Now,Iet's see .... Margaret Mitchell looks at the many submissions turned in. Staff Upholds Tradition N Wweswmewgwlaatl ,S Staff Handles Finances Six outstanding students from Mrs. LaTonne Enright's accounting classes were responsible for handling the finances for the PANTHER Staff. They helped count money, kept records for annual sales, and made financial statements. The valuable assistance given by Mrs. Enright and the Sales Staff was greatly appreciated. 'Z27' Ki p fig, ,, S' l Y'-5 AA Vanessa Cooper counts money for yearbook sales. AAPVanessa Cooper and Tammy Martin wait for annual staf- fers to make their deposits as Annie Pritchard, Jeanette Chandler and Felicia Tennerson balance the money. API-Ionestly, it is the first time I have played! Jeanette Chandler and Annie Pritchard count money on sales day while Felicia Tennerson makes a deposit slip. ASALES STAFF. Front Row: F. Tennerson, A. Pritchard. Back Row: J. Chandler, P. Gilstrap, T. Martin. PI wonder if my polish is dry? Tammy Martin and Felicia Ten- nerson total deposit slips. 118 f ORGANIZATIONS Staff Is Devoted Hardworking and dedicated describe this year's PANTHER staff. The group, consisting of four juniors and nineteen seniors, was sponsored by Ms. Janice Maddux and assistant Mrs. Madge Hardin. Together the staff worked on theme, cover design, division pages, and endsheets. On a more individual basis, each person compiled pages with copy, cap- tions, and pictures. Staffers not only worked during fifth period every day but also three to ten hours a week after school. This busy schedule was relieved by birthday parties and Santa Pals. The group also enjoyed planning the sales gimmick, fake outs, and delivery. Their dedicated work paid off with the distribution of the 1982 PANTHER. A44 You know your mouth is big enough! Robert Rubin forces Sally Herr to eatcake. A4 Please give me some! Jay Blinderman asks Jane Richardson for some cake. 44 Not another blue cake! Sandy Yar- brough displays a birthday cake to Ralph Faxel, Jane Richardson, Jennifer Richie, and Ralph Lipe. 4 Melissa Hodges and Donna Stroup dress up for Santa Pals, V4 SAY, she took my pencil! Erin Gutier- rez and Scott Hernandez compile pages. V Ellen Knapp, John Jones, and Joanne Fralia discuss the closing pages. V74 Amy Scheu, Melissa Hodges, Sally Herr, Sylvia Lozano, and Joanne Fralia sing Happy Birthday to themselves. VV Jackie Meeks, Sandy Yarbrough, Jen- nifer Richie, Scott Hernandez, Lisa Lopez, Ralph Faxel, Ellen Knapp, Jennifer Daniels, Joanne Fralia, Liz Thompson, Randy Rapp, and Carolyn Zipp sing Christmas carols to Ms. Maddux as Mary Lee watches. tu 1' K . l20 f ORGANlZATl HOSA Prepares Students Students aiming toward careers in health fields participated in HOSA, Health Occupations Students Association. For part of the day, they at- tended class to learn first aid and to study current trends in medicine. Work in hospital emergency rooms, nursing homes and veterinary clinics gave them on-the-job experience and some idea of what the future might hold. With sponsor Mrs. Evelyn Pittman, HOSA members performed such service projects as blood pressure check stations and at- tended area and state conventions. AP Can you believe the size of these teeth? Debbie Jones and Lisa Cabrera study models of teeth in Health Oc- cupations class. P HOSA. Front Row: Mrs. Pittman, sponsor: S. Vasquez, K. Gonzales. J. Cardenas, vice prcsidentg J. Browning, K. Roberts, E. Rcnfro. D. Tesar, D. Hester. Back Row: S. Saunders, K. Carrizales. D. Murray, P. Taylor. presidentg T. Lail, D. Carpenter, S. Strassburger, vice presidentg K. Keenom. V Peggy Taylor performs laboratory tests at the Medical Surgical Clinic. VP What do you do when there is no pulse? Scott Saunders discusses the latest medical news with the skeleton. 9' 1 '- 4.- . .2 P . mv, 'ts X H ' K i l I Ck Xl XJR .,,,f' A00 'hr .xi xx Ab 4Rhonda Scarbrough. Darlene Jumper. and Sarah Smith receive their awards for OEA. V4OEA. Front Row: A. Flores. Laura E. Martinez. D. Jumper. D. Ridgway. Laura P. Martinez. R. Ostrander, R. Scarbrough. R. Lawrence. L. Benavides. Row 2: J. Trevino. J. Williamson. Monica Lopez. Matilda Lopez. R. Kubicek. L. Alford. S. Sneed. Row 3: C. Burns. S. Smith. A. Chandler. W. Lacey. S. Long. C. Williams. P. Simmons. Back Row: P. McKee, A. Edwards. J. Mathis. D. Galindo. Mrs. King. sponsor. VV4Candace Williams and Wendy Lacey discuss the coming turkey raffle during a meeting. VVJulie Trevino and Joyce Williamson prepare to run offtickets for the Western Dance. Club Serves Others Students in Mrs. Jane King's Vocational Office Education class were members of Office Education Association, OEA. Besides learning the use of various office machinery, the club enjoyed getting together for a special fall initiation program, mon- thly meetings, and seasonal parties. They also at- tended area and state conferences after organizing and making arrangements using the skills learned in class. A turkey raffle in November raised money for the Special Olympics, a sports event for handicap- ped children. Another project of OEA was a Western Valentine's Dance held at the Knights of Colombus Hall where Sagebrush provided music. Members Become Poised Office Education Association LOEAJ, a national- ly affiliated organization, was open to all junior and senior vocational office education students. OEA was sponsored by Mrs. Trisha Satterfield, who was responsible for establishing and keeping the organization active at Paschal. The purpose of the club was to instill leadership in its members and to encourage them to have self-confidence and to be loyal. Establishing lasting friendships and becom- ing better critics were a few of their goals. A leadership workshop to help develop leaders and make students become more poised was held in Oc- tober at North Texas State University. hc, AAP Melissa Reynolds learns how to run a copy machine while at work. AP Kim Bomberry and Pam Alberts listen at- tentively to topics ofdiscussion. APP Smile, you're on Candid Camera! Robin A Reed socializes before an OEA meeting. P OEA. Front Row: R. Reed, T. Martin. K. Bomberry, P. Gilstrap, P. Alberts. T. Richards, I. Smith. Row 2: J. Trcvino, Cv. Lan- dingham. M. GOITICY, V. Dolan. R. Clemons, C. Bcaty. Row 3: P. Lawrence. R. Quesada, T. Edwards, presidentg S. Hernandez, D. Cisneros. C. Washington. Back Row: S. Sisk, L. Reed, A. Cortez, K. Souders, S. Thrash, M. Roe, M. Reyes. K. Cole, M. Reynolds. lm f ORGANIZATICNS Xe an Lana . Q A s -if f' 5 f :M ,WJ ' i . 1 ' .sv W..- u C r 1 1 1 .4 i ' .f '-1.: . 'K AAA l.et's see. I think l'll buy this for tonight and this for. . . . Diana Saunders hangs clothes at Nlargos. AA ls he serious? lls read a book! Karla Stewart and Jetili Coffey listen to Nlr. Bodiford assign work. AP Carol Field assists a customer at Stripling and Cox. A Now let's see. what do we have in here? Missy Cole sells candy to si hungry class P llliff-X. Front Row: K. Stewart. Nl. Ryan, D, Murphree. R. Peck. .l. Clingman. J. Heller. R. McDonald. Row 2: P. Greenlee. Tvt. Wanzor. K. Boyd. D. Saunders. C Field. C. Bolin, Voyda, Row 3: N. Smith. S. Ntoreland. S. Brown. R. Blackburn. J. Howard. Back Row: Mr. Bodilord, sponsor. J. Anderson. R. Quarrington, K. Morris. .--Q . 0 4" 'N km, ,l , ll! 'S 5, Y DECA Learns Business Juniors and seniors interested in earning school credit. in gaining work experience. and in making money. participated in DECA. Distributive Educa- tion Clubs of America. Requirements ofthe pro- gram included at least I5 hours per week of work at a retail or wholesale business and one period daily of classroom instruction. Mr. Clayton Bodit'ord's classes discussed several issues: fraud schemes. shoplifting. passing counterfeit money, and short-change artists. Other topics included borrowing money. stocks. sales pro- motion. and salesmanship. The DE program prepared its members for their future in the business world. s 2' 3 N CVAE Develops Skills Members of Coordinated Vocational Academic Education met with Mrs. Fay Sproull two class periods daily to learn the use of some unusual office machinery. CVAE members utilized the headliner, the duplicator, and a laminator as well as adding machines and calculators. Among the projects produced by CVAE were the basketball schedules and the programs for Li'l Abner. Faculty and students benefited from their special skills in many ways. aw., AAPChr1sti Watson and Marcella Gonzales learn to use the laminator. AMarie Arthur and Jimmy Galindo use the duplicating machine to print basketball schedules. APAre you sure it goes in this way? Kevin Burns and Kathey Smith prepare to use the laminator. VCVAE - OFFICE. Front Row: K. Wilkes, M. Willman, B. Galindo, C. Barron, M. Gonzales, M. Ruelas, M. Arthur, D. Elisher. Row 2: Mrs. Sproull, sponsor, L. Lara, C. Tran, T. Smith, S. Ortega, K. Smith, M. Fernandez, B. Metamoros. Row 3: D. Toines, W. Sneed, C. Watson, P. Blair, M. Godinez, J. Galindo, D. Johnson. 124 f ORGANIZATIONS The food division of the Coordinated Vocational Academic Education Program, sponsored by Ms. Mary Humber, produced tasty meals for the facul- ty, students, and special school affairs. Teachers benefitted regularly from luncheon days featuring three course meals at the Local Kitchen. Students were treated to special taco and hamburger lun- ches. For college night, CVAE furnished refreshments that included assorted cookies and fruit punch. Throughout the year, students com- piled cookbooks, conducted bake sales, experienced the business and service side of a food program, and were educated about family life and vocational preparation. if Q ik . 0 J . ,,,, ff' ra 4 , l t QMQ ,M . f -" M if Z ifizfzrgi Pe ' K H"'4f5i' X it e . H .I .E M Q f I i... VVV - 5 -' ' it r W . A lx K CVAE Serves With A Smile A its.: i re Na... ,-xxx AACVAE. Front Row: R. Guerra, T. Duque, K. Pruitt, S. Williams, L. Lana, E. Cook. Row 2: P. Moss, S. Abah, A. Hernandez, M. Hutchins, S. Nunes, D. Gar- cia. Row 3: N. Hamilton, R. Anderson, C. Davis, L. Moss, R. Williams, M. Humber, sponsor. Back Row: S. Brown, V. Clark, A. Brown, M. Toines, D. Brown. AA4Pumpkins, sugar, and spice adorned the counter top during Halloween. A4Ms. Humber, may I please send my cake air mail this time? Willie Brooks decorates a cake. ANo, Karla, it doesn't help to pretend it's a comic book. Karla Pruitt studies her text book. 4Mrs. Rose Smith enjoys the peacefulness of a candle light dinner in the Local Kitchen. lub Learns From Kids Members in the Home Economics Related Oc- cupations Club, better known as HERO, were par- ticipants in the Child Development program. The vocational homemaking class spent one period daily learning about the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth of the child. In the afternoon, they utilized knowledge by working with pre-school children in the South Fort Worth and Alice Carlson Elementary schools. Their work, par- ticularly with the Deaf and Blind class, was greatly appreciated. Child Development gave the students the opportunity to explore the possibilities of a career in child education. APMaryGuyton serves dessert to Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Rivera and Mrs. Conley. P HERO. Front Row: V. Bell, J. Oliver, A. Ayers, T. Bell, M, Vasquez, L. Fox, J. Martinez, K. Hubbard. Row 2: S. Masters. A, Wofford, C. Jones, M. Straughter, S. Faulks, D. Eddings, K. Gregory. M. Guyton. Back Row: C. Apala, Mrs. Popham, sponsor, D. Jef- feris, T. Stowe. B. Brown, R. Gilbreath. V OK, now I've got you. What do I do now? Kim Gregory devotes all her at- tention to one ofthe children in class. VV Kelly Hubbard ties the shoes of one of her students at Alice Carlson elementary school. 9 W X A sw 'N 5 , 1 12 5' -ge t - :. - wi 1 M' 126 f ORGANIZATIONS Q ll' 5 .. 'M' O C ,.,,,f-""""w T Members Gam Experience Home Economics Cooperative Education was designed to provide supervised on-the-job-training and related instruction. Training was conducted through the cooperation of the local school and local business establishments of approved home economics related occupations. Students were prepared for initial employment through develop- ment of salable skills by Mrs. Mary Jordon. the sponsor. Classroom instruction was given on such things as filling out applications, developing at- titude and personality. and selecting clothes. The club raised money throughout the year for special events. A breakfast, held to honor the employers, was a city-wide event that featured a guest speaker and entertainment. I-IECE's outreach program included making stockings for the Women's Haven. Members of HECE benefitted in preparing for the future. :EQSAQ 1 AA4Did you say 200 Beltbusters? James Goochey makes a phone call during his break. AHECE. Front Row: R. Vasquez. T. Baker, T. Hough, S. Lewis, A. Glassey, C. Thornton, L. Ussery, R. Hill, Mrs. Jordan, spon- sor. Row 2: S. Blocker, G. Swope, C. Wells, J. Stovall, T. Max- well, K. Collier, L. Juarez, A. Villarreal. Back Row: M. Patton, G. Gantt, R. Knight, J. Goochey. K. Rand, L. Smith. APKelly Rand keeps Grace Temple tidy for his HECE Job. 4Tracy Maxwell prepares a drink for a thirsty customer. FHA Prepares Students For The Future 2 y f 'S 155 M9 Lak... L...-iq AAStephanie Vallejo, Karen Giles, Vicki Utley, Noni Wheat, and Latresa Jones stuff stockings for the needy. ADuring a lecture, Mrs. Smith captivates the attention of Johnny Woodley, Bernard Gowans, and Gerald Wood. P0h Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how sweet and lovely you shall be. Beth Gantt and Kelly Norman merrily decorate the FHA tree. VThe key is reading your instructions first. Mrs. Pursley instructs Susan McConnico in laying out a pattern along the grain of the fabric. VPEarl Manning listens attentively as Tonya Jamesjokes. Mrs. Sara Pursley and Mrs. Rose Smith spon- sored large chapters affiliated with the National Future Homemakers of America. Any home economics student who paid dues was eligible to be a member. FHA meetings, run by chairpersons elected from each class, occurred every two weeks. FHA members, working with such community agencies as the Women's Haven, were involved in projects to benefit children. Special workshops with guest speakers from the Edna Gladney Home were scheduled. The club enabled students to put their concerns into action, to make new friends, and to have fun while learning. Encounter Awards for improvement of personal, family, school, and community life were presented. Lectures, films, and presentations allowing students to relate to problems were emphasized. Members were urged to follow their motto and move "toward new horizons." 'e ,w.,,,....f "'::.wan--. 128 f ORGANIZATIONS l XXW , I ,lf 'Inf 1 rn,, .M In .:'fl'lSIlj , 'l1g,- 4 r 21.1 'l'!g' ,ivllif J fl S 'ns l.J, l,' 'Q lf, s x it is hes, l Domestic Tasks Learned M,,,,,...----""' AA4 Nancy Mahlie and Becky Robert decide to start with Stir and Frost and gradually learn to bake from scratch, AA Rosalind Davis finds that organization is a key to success as she looks through her file. A4 Cheryl Rosen irons material before using it for a project. A Mishaun Amos looks skeptical as Barbara Jackson and Elizabeth McAn- thony share u joke while Concocting something delicious. 4 Anthony Sneed learns new techniques by practicing on a sewing guide. Members Learn Business Leadership Future Business Leaders of America, a new club sponsored by Mrs. Letha Wallace and Mrs. Jean Welch, was open to all students interested in business leadership and management. Meetings were held on the second and fourth Monday of each month to discuss upcoming events and to learn more about the way a business is run. The executive committee met an additional time. Salesman of the Week was announced weekly to recognize the one selling the most candy. These sales throughout the year helped finance the club. A bulletin board in the business hall kept members informed about club business. FBLA hoped to ex- pand its projects and membership the next year. AAPVice president Kim Porter runs an executive meeting, as Mrs. Wallace, Mar- ty Major, David Carpenter, and Mrs. Welch listen attentively. ALaMonica Jenkins inquires about candy sales during a meeting. APMrs. Wallace presents Marty Major as a top salesman ofthe week. PFBLA. Front Row: G. Sneed, S. Russell, K. Porter, R. Ostrander, I. Russell, E. Carpenter, D. Elisher, G. Thompson, A. Pritchard. Row 2: P. McKee, D. Carpenter, M. Major, L. Taylor, S. Crow, T. Phillips, R. Harper. Back Row: Mrs. Welch, sponsorg Mrs. Wallace, sponsor, K. Olgetree, P. Perez, J. Annarino, A. Roberts, D. Wershay, S. Cullen, R. Walker, C. Williams, L. Jenkins. Clubs Make News Q f , 'JAG n -gf ,. IIII. HIGH SKIIIBOI THI' IIIIIH 'IHII HIGH SIIIIOIII THE' IIIIIII IHIQ HIGH ?'i'iII2f,?i.?'I. IIII-I IIIGII SCIIOOI, 'IHII HIGH Sf IIOOII Si IIOIJI, IIIII HIGH SIQIIOOI Si HOOI IIII1 HIGH Si IIUOI 'IIIII HIGH SIWIIOOI 'IHII HIGH IIIII' IIIIIH SQIIUOI TIII: HIGH TIII1 IHSIH SSIIIOOI IIII HIGH SIIIIOOI TIIII HIGH SCIIIOOI SIIIIIIIQII IIII' HIGH SCIIOIII. Si IIOCEI I HIf IIIIIH S4 HIEOI 'IHIf HIGH SIIIOOOI IIIII9 HIGH IIIII1IIIUIISCIIOIIIII 'IHI' HIIIII III? HIGH SIIIIOOOIII 'IIII HIGH SCIIIOOII TIII. IIICIH Si IIUOII Si HOOI 'IIII1 HIGH ff3QfIIOOI SLT HOOII 'I III HIGH SIIIIOOI IIIII IIIISII SCIIOOI IIIII4 HIGH 'IIII' HIIQII Si IIOOI IIIII IIIEEII 'IIIII1IIICQIIFQQQIIOOI THE HIGH SC IIOOI IIIIII HIESII f"SifIIUOI SC IIEIOI 'IHI1 IIIIIII SIIIIOOI FQYIIIOOI 'IIHIQ HIIIH SL IIOO3, IHI HIGH SQIIIOIIII 'IIII1 HISSII III! IIIIQIII Si. HCBOII THI1 IIIIIH IHI. HIGH SIQIIOOII THIS HIGH SCIIIOOI, THI' HIGH SQIHOOI II f, I I I SCQIIOO. I IIOOI 'I III1 HIGH SC. IIOOI 'IIIII HIGH SIIIIOOI. 'IHI5 II III TIII- IIIIEII SIIIIOIXSII 'IHIII9 IIIIIH 'III' IGH SCIIOOI, 'IIHI1 HIGH SCHI5 , IIII: HIGH S I IOOI, SCIIIOOI iIIII4, HIIQII SCIIIIIIMIPII SQIIIJO CLLIIQSIIIGI I.,.ICIj3fJI 'IH1 H251 "LI TI -I HIGH IIIIi4IIIGII ?-SCNIIQI1JI.1',I2ITI5 IIIIBII 'IIIII2 HICI SIIHOTOII IIHI: I II! SCI OOII TIIII IIIG SIIIIOOI SCIIOOI IIII IIIGII Si.'I.IOi!II f'g'I.IIIIIIII ' IIAI IIICIH S II OI TIIL IIICIH SCIIOOI 'IIIII HIGH TIIIQ HIGH SQIIQOI 'IIIIL HIGH YIIIIi HIIIII 'CIIOOII 'I i HIGH SCHC Oi TIIIIIQ HIGH f-SCIIIOOI SCIIOOI. II IIIII IIIGII SQ IIOOI Si IIOOI TI i HI SKI EOII TIII4 IIGII1. COOL 'IIHIQ HIGH 'II,IIfII'IU-H,'STI1IOIIOI 'IIHIf HIGH THIA HIGH HOG II TEII' IIGII SCQIIC OII TIIIi I SIM SC'IIOOI7fT-ICIIIIOOI 'ITITX HIGH SCIIOOI' -SLHOOII TH HIGH SC 'IIKIIII IIIIQ I IGI! SCIIOOII III? HIGH THF HIGH SCIIOOII TI I?'HIGH TI'INII,IIiGII IOOI, TI 1 HIGH SCIIHOOI "I'IIIi HIG SCH THIS, HIGH. SCI I' 'CI' OI. 'IIIII H ' , SQIIIOOI, TIIIQ IIIG SCIIOOI THI2 HIGH SCIIOOI. T IIIGII S II , TIIIf IIIGH SCHOOL T IF III IH SCI--IOOI. S. - , IIQ IIIWII I QCIIOOI! T I I HIGH SC HOOI, THIE HIGH S 'HOO , THIF IIIGII THII HIGH SCfI'I0-QI, THL HIGH TIII2 GH I SHOOT. THIQ HIGH SCHOOL TIIIi H 'II SC.III CJiIDI, THILfI'IIGI SCHOOL SCI IOI. TI' HIGH SCHOOI. TIIII HIGH SCII C "IIHIi HIGH TI-III HIGH SCLI-ODI. THE IIITTH-TI'II'i HIGH Sf IOOI- THIQ HIGH SCIIOOI, THF, -II II SCIIOOI,7SC.HOOI,. "I'IILL-,LLLHFL SC'IIOOII,,,,ggQIlQ,I.. THIS HIGH SCHOOI. S THIE HIGH SC OOII THIQ HIGH IOOI HIGH -iff?-TREQOI SCHOOI. 'I'HIi IQQH SCHOOL IG S I HICII LIRFTOI TI' I is TII1 :H SC IOOOL THIZ HIGH IOOI CIIOOI 1 I II I SED-QI?IfF:'IIII 1 HGH SCIIOOI. I HITKII P' I 1 OO IIIC1 " S IH .. f fi-LI?-TII-Ii HIGH OOI HIC I SC H1'IOIf IOOI 5 SCI . IIOOII HI: HIGH SLIIOOI., I1 1 III SQI OI 'IIII HIGH II III:--IIICI I Si'IIQiLTIIIf IIIGH .' I IOOI, " I 'I QC IIOO I I S I... I I 'IOOII TI . I .1 I O01 Q I II I3 .' OOII f . 'IIOOI H 5 ICI .' .I " SIIIGII OOII 1 I .111-19102 TIIIQ HIGH SIIIHOOII 'UI-II: HIGH SCIIIOOII TH' HIGH KSCIIIOOII THEY HIGH SC IOOI. THIS x ., . . . , ., ,I, 1 SH I I - 5 I' THOOII HIGH OC I, .. HO IIIII IIIGII SL VTVWVV ? 'I Q HIGH I'-SCIIOIIBI. TIIIQ CIIS, I TIIIi HIGH SQ 'IT Q IIICI I ' I I '- 'II SCHO I I Ili I IWuimnfm7 II ' ' I U m , , I cm ff .13L'7"H5hJ ,foo 'ILIHGH MJMXH.THLIHGH u.wxu TH! .'TI '1uxx f-rsmuu TIII? HIGH IIIOOI. 1, 101 TIIIQ 111011 QCIIC OI T119 I-IIGII TH12 1114511 ' ' Qui 1111311 su I M1115 11c I I 'cj 11 . - ' " ,IG ' " , TIIIQ II .III pc' I O ,TI Q ii 'I 1 1 I 1 If QI II su I TIIIi mv I I , ci 311. '11 I f 111caI1 5' mas. TIIIi 1114311 su .JI 'IE f ff. , - IICI 5 ' -ff 1 I 5011 I TIII? 1 ' ' ' If 501 X H1 1 "if me I' 1001 '1'111I IIISII Sai 3017 'IIE IIIITII H2212 min I I' 2 ' sas I' IIII 111c,I1 L I Sf I ' ,.'.2.'I. 11 :fi TIII' IIIGI Ic1 f1c'11 'I If 111eQf1 I "III 1 - I ' If ' M1 II Inc 24:11 my s' .1 .1 'IIIII5 111m bl I HH HKAISIHOOIIIH H111 1 Au H m1uxn yo! Qc II In mam as II N, '?, 1 III , Af IIII 111c,11 x ucbo 1115 s1c,11 1 I Olaf JI II sc II T11 mr, xc sc 4 I .1 OI 1111 II ,1sc11ocm1 1511 1 . 1 1 1,411 T11 11114 1 S c 1 1 IHXGII sn1II1o1, TIII5 11145111 scte1o0rX 'I1112 1114112 scgt '01, TIIIi 1111511 SCIHOOI TIII5 IGH SCIIIOOII 'I'IIIl IIIGH SCIIQ. , TIII' HIGH SCIIOOI. 'IIIIL HIIII SCIIOOI HIGH THIS HIGH SCHOOII III SVHOOII TIIIf IIIGII 'YIIOOII HIGH 'IIIII2 HIGH SCIIOOI. TEII SCHOOI TIIIQ HIGH SCIIOOII TIII5 HIGH SCIIOOI THI HIGH SCIHOOI IIIIIAQ HIGH SCIIOOI 'I'IIIi HIGH SQHOOII IIIII1 HIGH SCHOOI 'IIIII HIGH SCIIIOOI. TIII1 IIICIII SIQIIOOI IIII, IIICEH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL 132 f HONORS SIIQIIUOI 'I'IIIi HIGH SIIIHOOI. HIGH THIS HIGH SCIIOOI IIIIIII SQIIIOOI. 'IHI4 IIICEH SQHOOI HIGH TH? HIGH SKIIOOI TIII, f'If.IIIQX3I, IIIIII HIGH SifIIi.JOI HIGH THIS IIIIQQH SIQIIIIOI TIII: SQIIIOOI. 'IIIII' HIGH SQIIIOOI TIII: HIGH SCIIIIOOI, 'IHIi HIISII SCIIOOI, 'IIIIIQ HIGH SIIIIOOI HIGH IH? IIIGII SYIIOOII THI7 SCIIIIBCIIII TIIIQ IIIISII SYHOOII IIICIII 'IIHI' HIGH SCIIQBOII 'IHIQ SCIIIQIII. IIIII HIIIH SfIIiIII.,1I IIII' IIIGII T'iifIIIf52?I THE: IIIYIH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL IfIIOOII TIIIi.IIIiSII FRSIIOOII TIIII IIIGII S IIOOIX 'I'IIIl HIGH SCIIOOI, TI 'I IIICSII SCIIOOII THIQ HIGH SCH OI. THI-I HIGH SCHOOL THI2 IIGH SCIIOOOI. THE HIGH SCHOOI 'I'HIi IIIGII SCIIOOI. THIf HIGH SIHOOL TIII2 HIGH SCIIOOII TH? HIGH SCHOOI TITS? HIGH SCIIIOOI. TIIIZ HIGH SCIIOOII TIIIf HIGH SCIIOOII 'IIII4 HIGH SCIIOOII IIIIIIZ HIGH SIIIIOOI 'IHII HIGH SCIIITQOI, TIII1 HIGH SCIIOOII TIII, IIZGH SCIIIOOI, 'IIII-I HIGH SLIIIOOI. TIIIJ HIGH SCIHOOI THE HIGH SIQIIIIOOII TIII' HIGH SCIIOOI. 'IIIIIQ HIGH SIIIIIUOII TIIIIQ HIGH i'SI.'IIOC1I. 'IIHII IIICIII SCHOOL IIIII: HIGH SCHCBOI TIII5 HIGH SCIIIOOI. 'IHII HIGH SCHOOI. IIII HIGH SCIIOOI TIII1 IIIGII SIIIOOI IHI? HIGH SCIIOOI, TIII1 HIGH SL IIOQEII 'IIIIIQ HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL SECOND FRONT ANG? EEE 1532 HONORS Paschalites Excel In Their Work , .I J if - I 2'.l Nfl, A , -r Q -, .1.4 :s,, x,'vEf' 5 i O25 ,z',f's'3 21?ff'1E.? , Z, ,- - ,. f:: Q, , , H-s, gg-ff A. ,S ,g A, g, M .. , E, ,, 4 4- , NM , x . b , I3-1 X HONORS 1 2a J 4 iff M 136 f HONORS Robert And Shelagh Are Honored Q is N ....................s ., . 1? ......., .Q 1. : 1 if it as tg e at sw .Q-: t- -f N' he ..,.,...,,::F., , . .,,,.Y, tvs Robert Fielder, honored by his fellow students who selected him to be Mr. Paschal, was involved in all areas of PHS life. His activities included membership in Young Life, the track team, and the cheerleading squad. When he was not leading cheers, he was promoting spirit throughout Paschal. His enthusiasm spilled over into areas out- side his own school. Robert was elected as a junior to be president of the United High School Council and served a second presidential term as a senior. A special concern of his was the Spinal Bifida Foun- dation that worked with handicapped children. He also found time to perform with the University Christian Church Handbell Choir. Because of his school pride, personality, sense of humor, and the ability to get along with his classmates, Robert Fielder received the honor of being Mr. Paschal. Shelagh Brown, Miss Paschal of 1982, was popular with both students and teachers. She was elected because of her easy going attitude, her cheerfulness, and her ability to get along with others. Her commitments and honors included the National Honor Society, the Society of Distinguished High School Students, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Student Council, Senior Cabinet, public relations for senior magazine sales, gymnastics team, head varsity cheerleader, and Young Life. Shelagh spent her spare time talking on the phone or actively par- ticipating in water skiing or gymnastics. Shelagh wanted to remember Paschal for its role in unifying various groups of students. A44 The student body receives instructions from Robert Fielder. A4 Shelagh Brown works out on the horse during gymnastics. 4 School pride and spirit is demonstrated by Robert Fielder and Shelagh Brown. V4 Advanced biology requires concentration and industry from Shelagh Brown as she conducts an experiment. V Robert Fielder studies diligently during government. we-'Il S, K' "6'0'7Wf ' '9 p"o'0o" rv O0 5 -' 'l""' - Choices Were Obvious The close runners-up included Lynn McNeil, Cindy VanAmburgh, Annie Pritchard, and Fer- nando Pacheco. While a member of the Leadership Committee, Student Advisory Committee, and the National Honor Society, Cindy was also recognized in Who's Who Among American High School Students and the Society of Distinguished American High School Students. Not only was she a varsity cheerleader, she also participated in Young Life and the Powder Puff football game. Annie loved to read, go to the movies, play tennis, and dance. She took two years of accounting to prepare herself for a marketing major in college. When Lynn was not working with the Leader- ship Committee, involved with PSOP, or traveling to Washington for Presidential Classroom, he might have been found skiing on the snow or in the water. He planned a busy future that included an accounting major at Trinity University in prepara- tion for law school. Fernando had not decided which college to attend for an engineering major, since he was also considering enlisting in the Air Force. He was the treasurer of the National Honor Society, a homeroom representative, and a member of the varsity golf team. Fernando was a candidate for valedictorian. These four people seemed obvious choices for Mr. and Miss Paschal finalists. 138 f HONORS Johnson And Tripp Are Victorious ii,h J . ii,,,, ' 'N " W . 2 "via vt y, gr X J V :L 1 One big scoop of the year was Carl Johnson and Dede Tripp being elected senior class favorites. Carl was elected by his class mates because of his friendliness. A varsity football player, he was also involved in senior activities and Young Life and coached the senior Powder Puff players. Although his hobbies were football and hunting. he planned to major in business at Sam Houston State College. After graduation, Carl planned to remember the good times he had at Paschal. The popularity of Dede was accredited to her thoughtfulness and cordiality. lnvolved in her church choir and ensemble, Dede still found time to be a Powder Puff watergirl and the secretary of the National Honor Society. She enjoyed water and snow skiing. Dede considered the fun and special friends she had as the best part of Paschal. Her future included attendance at Baylor University where she would major in accounting. it 2'- f'K"t of X-.t 'Qi' , jf: L 5? ff Y 1 'ff ' 'wx J is V 7 v Q- Af i A t r t r ' l rf t t N , XX 1- , in . in w .M RK f , t 'Q 4,35 N7 pg 11 i up 'g 1 , gm' A H .9 1 'Q if ' me 1 N g F A Z x . 2 I Seniors Represent Pride nd Spirit School pride and spirit and high academic standards were taken into consideration by the class ol' '82 when selecting favorites. Finalists Fer- nando Pacheco. .lanet Hicks, Annie Pritchard. and Robert Fielder satisfactorily filled these re- quirements. Annie was president of the National Honor Society while Fernando acted as treasurer. Janet was a two year member ol the drill team and was finalist for Homecoming Queen. Robert served as UHSC president for two years and was a senior cheerleader. Sports were important to Fer- nando who was a member of the golf team and to Robert who was a member ol' the track team. Reading and meeting new people were pastimes favored by Annie and Janet. The seniors chose students that helped make Paschal - THE HIGH SCHOOL. mov HONORS Favorites Are Prime Cuts sst... . ,A 4 With her shy smile and quiet personality, Doren- da Bradshaw won the admiration of her fellow classmates. At school she kept involved by main- taining her A average and showing school spirit as a cheerleader. Dorenda was a member of the golf team and attended Young Life. She also experienc- ed the pain of playing Powder Puff Football. In her free time Dorenda relaxed by walking. Reflecting her class's qualities, she was the best candidate for junior favorite. Top choice to represent the class of 1983 was Brian Frost. Along with his amiable personality, Brian participated in school athletics. He played on both the baseball and football teams. His academic efforts also earned him membership on the "A" honor roll. He commented that English with Mrs. Sylvia Williams was his favorite class. Brian had many hobbies to keep him busy outside of school. He liked fishing, hunting, and camping. With his many interests and achievements, Brian was a good example ofthcjunior class. Juniors Round-Up Finalists Finalists for junior class favorite were Willa Barnes, Drew Fielder, Robbie Price, and Rhonda Kubicek. These juniors exemplified the class spirit and scholastic achievement of the class of 1983. All the finalists had interests in sports or in physical fitness. Drew was a member of the varsity golf team while Robbie played three years on the school baseball team. Willa was a member of the school drill team, and Rhonda enjoyed jogging and dancing. Scholastic achievement combined with extra cur- ricular activities were also some qualities which the finalists demonstrated. Drew was on the "A" honor roll while Rhonda liked reading and planned to have accounting as her college major. Both Robbie and Willa were members of their church youth groups. These class members represented the juniors well. 142 f HoNoRs Trey And Melissa Pull Ahead The sophomore favorite was Trey McNeill. Ac- tive in sports, Trey was starting quarterback forthe varsity football team. He enjoyed snow skiing, go- ing to dances, and playing racquetball. His pleasant and witty personality brightened the lives of his peers. The sophomore class repaid Trey by choos- ing him as favorite. As the favorite girl, sophomores elected Melissa Cox. Always cheerful and interested in people, she got along well with her fellow classmates. Melissa enjoyed playing tennis, snow and water skiing, and her aerobics dance class. Young Life was also an important part of her active agenda. Melissa's en- thusiastic participation and friendly personality were acknowledged when her classmates honored her as favorite. Y-I Me! 'Enos N Ll 'Q ' W l L if 'fi nr 14:8 1 It ef "K3liSfjf? J Finalists Boot Their Way To The Top The sophomore favorite finalists were Danny An- fin, Laura VanAinburgh, Connie Johnson. and Larry Wallace. Laura and Connie shared respon- sibilities on the Leadership Committee. While Laura was a JV cheerleader, Connie spent many hours learning routines for the Spirit Steppers. Fishing and football were a few of Larry's hobbies. He was also involved with his church youth group. Danny enjoyed riding motorcycles and cleaning his ear. He spent Wednesdays working with Junior Achievement. Activities and hard work kept these finalists at the top of their class. UB BDU l-1-lj noxoizs ar Michael And Matt Uphold Expectations 3 ii 'at YQ Matt Terrell was the freshman class's choice for favorite. Matt was a starting fullback for the freshman football team and also ran track. He took geometry and other advanced courses and still maintained a "B" honor card. His plans included studies at Baylor to become a lawyer. Matt's friends agreed that his ability to remain happy made him popular with his classmates. .X .V ',,,xff'i'-Q X f r- f A f iiliif fs 'Y I fl fl, gikwi , , .9 me up , xiii., . . Mary Michael Townsend was the girl favored by the class of '85. She also was selected as a freshman representative for the Leadership Committee. Although Mary Michael enjoyed swimming and other outdoor sports, she enjoyed the quiet pastime of painting. Her natural talent for getting along with friends and teachers made her an excellent choice for freshman favorite. it lx CT? ff' S . K A 't at A , X ii! f . X A 8' Q ' KQV N be ' W-F' lfgi 1. ' i . ' " Q. V. IN W K' . 4 X ' ay-sh A, .L 2 s. A sa' A i.. s e Q ' W . 'i I ,. 3 ss, 'Landis' A - - . . 's . -K af 1' ,fi -' ta I ' 1 . e .8 f 5 . - . . . . W W , f Difficult Choice Between Favorites Michelle Henry. Gus Bates, Anna Ferguson. and Fred Williams were nominated for class favorites because oftheir involvement at Paschal. Coinciden- tally, all four finalists enjoyed basketball and were on Student Council. Michelle was one of only a few freshmen to start on the girls' varsity basketball team. While Anna enjoyed basketball a pastime, Fred and Gus were on the freshman basketball team. Fred and Gus both hoped to utilize their abilities for athletic scholarships. Even though the finalists had much in common. each excelled in his own way. Fred received three ranks as a Boy Scout and Gus's activities included church. Young l.il'e. and the freshman football team. Anna excelled in the school choir, while Michelle lound time to be chairman ofthe Youth Against Cancer group. Friendly smiles, easy-going personalities. and school spirit combined to make the four finalists excellent choices. 146 f HoNoRs Panther Pride Which students make teachers want to continue working at Paschal? Teachers were asked to nominate and select seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. Nominations were based on the four standards of the school seal: citizenship, courtesy, loyalty, and scholarship. These qualities were con- sidered by the faculty when selecting from the nominees. The 1982 PANTHER staff con- gratulates these students for their attitudes and ac- tions that make the faculty of Paschal continue to enjoy their work. E I V Shelagh Brown Sophia Chiu E J., 'var l I x if .rn f s. ,gh y S'-3 Carol Cruz Cass Duke Teachers Select Winners l Mld hdM Faculty Honors Seniors Q ,..,,,- Cmdy Ollver Renee Ostrander Doug Sh ua mi bloph mm Str lssburgu Fellcxa Tcnncrson , . r . Y 2 , 1 W .: W x 1 ' m N 1 ' ' x l . Y 1 . .L , . 148 X HONORS Teachers Enjoy Class of 1982 Th DdTp l50f HONORS Juniors Chosen By Faculty fig N V' 'QA Dana Arnn Mary Becan Luther Henry ,M-f Ivette Howard Leah Matehette Class Of 1983 Is Recognized Jackle Meeks Margaret Mitchell fm. A., W fa wk L xura Phllllps Savannah Wllll1H1S 152 f HONORS W7 Sophomores Impress Staff Rowena Chlu Dawn Hedlund Mary Cathcrme Howell Connne Johnson Lori Kasper Trey McNeill Freshmen Stand Out Richard Grant 7 F P' Michelle Henry Becky Roberts Matt Graves John Massey Kathleen Vance 'IIIIIQ HIGH SCQIIOOI., 'I'HIf. If'IIC.iI'I SCI-IOOI, 'IIIIIS E'--IIGH SCHIOOI. 'I"IIIf HIGI-I SCIICXOII.. TI'--Hi HIGH SCQHOOI, 'IIIIIl HIOII SCHOOIII IIIIIEQ HIGH SCIIOOOI4 'IKHIC HIGH SCHOOL THIS HIGH SCHOOI, 'I'IIIi HICEII SCIIOOI, TI-IIi HIGH SCHOOI, THIS HIGH SCIHOOI. TIIII: IIICSH SCI-IOOI. TIII4 HIGH SCIIOOI, THE HIGH SCIIOOI, 'IIIIY HIGH SCHOOI, TIIIH HICI SC,f!-WI, IHI1 HIGH MH BI.. IHI: H SCQIIOOL TI'-IIi IGH SCH FOI, T f 1 CIIOOI, TI-IIi IIGH SCHOOL. TI Ii I'-IIGH SCIIO FI, 'IIIIL HIGH SCHOOL TIIIQ IIICIIE SCHOOL THIS HIGH SCIIIOOL THIS HIGH SCIIOOI, 'III-IIE HIGH SCI-IOOI. THI1 HIGH SCHOOL I'I'III'l HIGI-I SCHOOL THE HIGH SCTHOOOL THIS HIGH SCIHIOOI4 TI-IE HIGH SCI-'IOOL THE HIGH SCIIOOI. TIIIC HIGH SCIIOOI, THE HIGH SCHOOI, THIS HIGH SCHOOL 'IIIIIQ HIGH bi. . , . THE mon SCH xg, THE mum SCHOOL miie HIGIN ssciirfzcacgu, 'mia IIIGHK-SCI'IOOI,, ITIIE HICIII sczfofai, THE PHIGPI fscmoov. THE mcm sc:--1001, In-ui :IIGH sciuoox, THE ,maui sciiuooli. 'mia mam scknoox. me HIGH sciuooi. Tm-2 HIGH scuoolm, THIS :mm sm-1001, THE 1114314 sscirmoz., Tina mow SCIIOOI. Tm? mon Sciacwox, THE mmf scjnoosi. 'mia mcisu sciuooy 'img HIGH saitwoor, THE mow Scuocu, Till? HIGH sciuooi.. THE mam sci-IQQL 'Iwi mm-Ia 'CIIOOIM THE I-IIGH sei:-Iom 'rr 1 :Gu SCHOOL, ms 1-IIGH scucy , 'THIS 11rcm,sLQHQoL 'PHE IIICEIVXTITIHKUOI. TI-IE cm sc:-1002, T-5 :IIGH Sci 0 1, TIIE HIGH fs 11001, T zu SH SCHOOI. Tm mfs scsi 01, TIPII91 I IGH AI 'BOOL ' Hli HIGH yIII'II'IgII,Ci.QE'iijQ?I'If3Of3L THIS HIGH TIIIQ HIGH SC OOC , TI'--Ili IGH SCI'-IO I, TI'--IE GH SSCQIIOOI... OI, , TEN HIGH SCIIOOI7 SLIIOOI., THE HIGH SCI OE., THIS I GH SCIIOO IE HIGHIFTIIE HIGH SCHOOL 'THE ,HIGH TIM-IEIIIIGH SC OOI. THE "IIGH SCHOOI, THIZ HIGH SCHC 4 I I -5 TI'-IE 'IHIGH i?CHOO ICHIOOL THE HIC ' CHOOL THE HIG- SCHOOL Hii HI QHOOL 'Hill - W IGH SC tl' HF HIGH SCHOOL TI IX HIGH SCHOOL 5 . EF E HIGH -' IOOLXYH IGH SCHOOL TI-Ili HIGH S ---IOOL THE I-IIGH THE HIGH SCHOQ,L THE HI JH THE HI :H S OOL THE HIGH SCHOOL TIIE HIC' SCHO ., THE I-'IIGH SCH L THE HIGH SCHOOL I-I G SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHO L THE HIGH SCHOOL THE E HIGH SC ,Q-L.THE HIG-H SCH-QQ, THE I-1 IG Is ctr-4001, LH HIGH sc SCIIOOIZJTHE HISCHOOI., SCHO I. TH- Piini HIGH SC L T E HIGH HIGH SCHOOL OL THE HIGH IGH SC I---I OO I. TH HTGH SCH OI., THE HIGH SCI'-IOOI. me H GP SCH e scnoo -- HIXTSC OL SCHOOL THE mon SCHOOL 'rma HIGH scno o - 'ra HIGI-1 T ' lou ' ,H6SQ'L'TNI-fi HIG 'IXXTHE I-1 ' 0013 me HIGI-HI scuoox, Tr-ug IGI- 'Hog'-Q I . L zz HIGH sc: QOL 'T OOLYLIIHE H3911 SCHQO1, THE I--HGH SCH , ' 1 xaxciu- gp-4 IGH f s 01. HIGH T f - I ' - OL,.ffHE.HlGH scfuool, 'mia IIGH SCHg3Lff L TH . -.i,:-- ICI--IOOI. ' 1., T HIGH sciuooxw TIIIL HIGH 5011 01, OT IKHIGH' ua HIGH oi, Tr-ui HIGH Q?-HIGH SCHQQ1, ma HIGH scuom Te--ug IGH swoon, S OOI. mfg sciuool I Hoo: THE SCHOOL 'rgua HIGH scu op my IIOH! THF M -f,:,yv-,g- -I I1 . GIINSOHOO'I5, 'Ima HIGH sci:-xoor, mu I1csHf4QH,o1, ,sc ' 'g 1 'IIOIN' 001. wr. HIGH SCHOOL 'rs-ua HIGH SCI. OL "rr-ua m J TH Ijgcs scuoor. u3mc'sH scuool, THE HIGH scgfnool, THE man sauce. sc up HE HIGH 5 'IOOLXTI'-IE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH sc: ool, THE 1--new TH my sc:-1001. mg Hzhx-W1 SCHOOL THE HIGH scuool, mrga HIGI SCHQQL, " wg mrs HIGI' I SCHO L THE HIGI-1,scfHoo1.I mls Huw sci OOL T 1 LGI---I rs If Wmggxsa-M1511 lj, , m-I THE HIGH scuooon. THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGI! 504001, S H I 01, ser-1001. THE HIGH SCHOOL 'rms HIGH sczgooiw IE HIGH Tr- 1 HIGH scuoox- T 1 GH THE HIGH SCHOOL mia HIGH sc..iuoo1,, me HIGH gcf--10016 SCIOOI., mia HIGH sc oox. scizfxoos, TI-ua HIGH SCHOOL 'rma HIGH sc: OOI, Tum IIGH Tx--ui I GH SCHOOL THQ H1011 THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH ser-1001, Tfvzrgalcla SCI-IO'C5I,SCI-IOOI ,,., THE H sscjiuool- SCHOOL THE 2--HGH scuool.. 'I"III,i H101-1 sciwcvxl Tr--ua H1011 Ima mon SCHOOL THE 111614 'Img HIGH SCHOOL mfg HIGH scirxom. mia in SCHOOL SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL SCHOOL Tr--IE HIGH SCHOOL "mr mms sscfr-sof mrs msn THE mean SCHOOL me HIGH 'mx'-1 I-firm-I scuocuu, TI-ua mess--1 SCHOOL THI3 III .1 SCHOOL THIS IIIGII SCHOOII TIJE HIGH SCIIOOI. THF IIIOII ., ITHOOI, 'I'IIIi HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOI, Tl-IIE HIGH SCHOOI. THIN? HIGI-I SCHOOL TI'II'i HIGH SCIIIOOI. THE HIGH SCIIOOI. TIIIL IIIGII SCHOOI4 THE I-IIGH SCHOOL TI'-IIE HIGH SCHOOL THF HIGH SCHOOL THE IIIGII SCHOOL THIS HIO II SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL 'THIS I--IIGH SCI---IOOI, THE HIGH SCHOOL 154 f CLASSES SCHOOL TI'-'IIE HIGII SCHOOL THF HIGH SCHOOL TIIIH HIGH SCHOOI, THF HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THIS I-IIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL TH I-2 H IGI I SCHOO L THIS HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGI-I SCQHOO I. T HIE H IGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THF, HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCI-IOOI. THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL TH I2 H IO I I SCHOOL SCHOOL THIS HIGH SCHOOL THIS HIGH SCHOOL THF HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THIE HIGH SCI-'-IOOIM THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THF HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCIIOOI, TIIIE HIGH SCI'-IOOI, THE HIGH SCHOOI, TI--IIE H IG H SCHOOL 'IIHIE HIGI-'I SCHOOL THE HIGI! SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL HEADLINERS ANEQETB 1532 CLASSES Paschalites Are The News SENIOR A ew at waz CLASSES Spirited Seniors Participate Enthusiasticall l After meeting their challenges with courage and determination, the class of 1982 completed their struggle through their four high school years. Throughout the year, the enterprising seniors worked industriously to produce a successful magazine sale and to plan a dinner dance. They spent countless hours involved in spirit groups, sports, and other organizations. Six seniors obtained positions in the National Merit Scholarship competition. Others extended their education through vocational courses. Many excelled in calculus, Biology 3 and 4, advanced languages, and other challenging courses. P Wake up! They're showing Felix the Cat. Jackie Franklin, Sam Haber, Darren Jackson. and Ricky Carter learn with the aid of films. VP I see here that the shorts you wore yesterday didn't have a four inch inseam. Ron Tsung fills in for Mrs. Laird when she steps out. V HELP! Stephanie Strassburger and Pam Gilstrap call home after running for classes. iss f sex 1oRs A A .1 X: N f if S' . A if ..... v.--' if . .vvt . ,,' el., I , f. ,, . ' , 22. 3 5., .. X . im' , .V v Q X t S 1 4 J . Cindy VanAmburgh Cindy Oliver Lynn McNeill Lisa Luskey President Vice President Treasurer Secretary wi Robert Fielder Jackie Sherman Elizabeth Thompson Maurie Trickey UHSC Representative C Strives To Move Ahead Leadership Committee, the chief planning and governing body of students, directed the blood drive, the Christmas toy drive, and howdy week. Senior representatives were President Cindy VanAmburgh, Vice President Cindy Oliver, Treasurer Lynn McNeill, Secretary Lisa Luskey, and UHSC Representative Robert Fielder. Other members included Jackie Sherman, Elizabeth Thompson, and Maurie Trickey. These students, along with representatives of other classes, worked hard to make Paschal THE HIGH SCHOOL. 4LC member Maurie Trickey dresses up for howdy week. L 4Andy Moore sits in pain while the trainer examines his leg with the help of Simon Rocha. WA Y Becky Acosta Anthony Akins 53' Ay 4 R yn, . Pamela Alberts Rita Alcaraz 158 fsiimoizs pl' 01' I ,, in f, . H Lynn Alexander Doug Allen Cindy Almy .Ion Anderson Glynis Andrews Richard Andrus Amy Anfin Mary Arango John Arnn Murray Atkinson if at 9 Y ?11f 7Q?'9 Pains Taken For Paschal V V fifteen f Jia! Ate , 1. 3553 Jw ' 'V' Mi K TP nj 4 it Sabrina Ault Daniel Bailey Stacy Baker Jackie Barker LeAnne Barker 'sw V 5 T Gary Bartley Tammy Bauer Cheryll Beaty Bob Bell Jeff Bernard hu' ti ,,,, jp Fred Bird Rachael Blackburn Richard Blanco Jay Blinderman Jeffery Blocker fl x .f -f -vv 5' gg , QW, Philip Bloomberg Natalie Blue Cheryl Bolin Kim Bomberry Karen Borden Prizes Offered For Magazine Sales , , W ,,,,. , . Na, ,, M., , f , vu 'QW Y Y 'A . . , 'll A : Scottie Bradley Cheryl Brast Terry Bratton Ronda Brewer Vincent Brooks Betsy Brown Donald Brown Kelly Brown Paul Brown Shelagh Brown Steve Brown Christi Browne Jimmie Browning Brad Buell Greg Burdette 160 f sEN1oRs Norman Burghardt Cinda Burns Lisa Cabrera Galen Camp Tom Cannady vu.. Rhonda Cantrell Terry Capps Theresa Cardenas Anthony Carrillo Ken Carrizales ' ' I . ,W , ,:,,Z,,:f4, ' ' 5 , ' fry,-h e 74 9 5 if a K sw M- Avg mv A Hutch Carter James Castillo Jimmy Chance Annette Chandler Jeannette Chandler Sophia Chiu Mary Cisneros iljfiif if H ff -,x , , 1 , , V s , .Us I Q ' 6 J 4 I .Q , -, , it 'v fir l AAs Leigh Halbert, Shannon Halwes, and Christi Browne wait for the assembly to start, I ' Warren Turner and David l-lynson inspect the prizes for magazine sales. Renee Clemons John Clmgman PRichard McLamore, Rob Loucks, Cass Duke, and Wim Vanderhoof show their school spirit when competing in Whiz Quiz. ,st Robert Clouser Robin Coffman Kimberly Cole Melissa Cole Robert Cole - via-'A A f Michael Coomer Alma Cortez Carol Cruz Steven Cullen Allen Daniel A I Jennifer Daniels Stephen Darrow Rhonda Davis Tonia Dawson Steve Day 162 f sENioRs 4 Steve Deleon Sandra Delgado Craig DeWitt Debbie Dixon Vicki Dolan Whiz Quiz Features Seniors Patrick Dudley Cass Duke Cyndi Dunn Regina Dunnigan Angelia Edwards ...ww Tanya Edwards Kristi Elder Frank Ellison Dale Erwin Rosendo Espinoza Lisa Espiricueta Juan Esquivel Chris Ewing Larry Farr James Farrar Sheri Fatka Ralph Faxel Carol Field Robert Fielder Amelia Fields l 3 A0.K. girls, where's my guy? Laurie Sprinkle, Maurie Trickey, Dede Tripp, and Becky Acosta perform on stage during a pep rally. Sheldon Fields James Finn Marc Fleming Philip Fleming f Agn. 164 f SEN loRs Rhonda Fleming Elaina Flores Philip Flowers Ricky Flowers Denise Fobbs Ricky Fox Joanne Fralia Janie France Jackie Franklin Kris Freeland PSOP Entertains At Pep Rall Kaci Fritz Brenda Frye Gino Garcia Veronica Garcia Luwana Garner Robbie Gasser Stephanie Gerloff Ronnie Gilbreath Beverly Giles Pam Gilstrap Martha Gomez Sandra Gonzales James Goochey Tina Goss Patrice Greenlee Keith Gremp Robert Griffith Erin Gutierrez Mary Guyton Sam Haber Seniors Enjoy Privileges Leigh Halbert DiAnna Hall Shannon Halwes Paul Harper Regina Harper Felicia Harris John Harvey Reagen Hathaway Susan Hatley Tamra Hawthorne 166 f sEN1oRs Jill Heizer Francisco Hernandez Mary C. Hernandez Mary L. Hernandez Susan Hernandez A Sally Herr Denise Hester David Hewitt Janet Hicks Rachel Hill 'W' cm" Charles Hillary Winky Hix Melissa Hodges Carol Hooker Jeanette Horner CV Terry Hough Skeeter Hudson fi' Si' Laura Hulings John Hurst ATammy Bauer and Francisco Hernandez buy soft drinks at Jack in the Box from Pat Smith Keith Hutchison David Hynson Sharion Innis Shoaib lskandar Betty Jackson 0 Term Themes Demand Time Darren Jackson Jeff Jackson Greg Jenkins Carl Johnson Daryl Johnson David Johnson Marlene Johnson Michael Johnson Richard Johnson Ander Jones 168 f SENIORS Qi , John Jones Reginald Jordan Darlene Jumper Craig Kimberlin Daniel Kinman IQ an-2 'MU Eric Klein Ruth Kline Ellen Knapp Russell Knight Tonya Lail , K if Dewey Landrum J X' Mwwx L N""'-MA . , V 3 ,, , V' 5 V M .. ,... .V A 'lui I 'S ak we -.M is ,,i.. X , , ACharlotte Washington aids Sharon Smith in checking out books for her term theme. Pamela Lawrence 1 V1 is ' 1 Regina Lawrence Courtney Lee Ralph Lipe Dee Ann Loney Cathy Long Seniors Support The Class Of 1982 'Snr Joe Lopez Johnny Lopez Lisa Lopez Robert Loucks Tricia Loughridge - Gerald Love Kassandra Lowe Sylvia Lozano Lisa Luskey Roby Malone Mary Maness David Mann Greg Martin ,fm 4WD T ' M ' L M t' R' h d M t' AI'm mad too, Eddie! Donald Roznovsky and amml amn aura ar mel lc ar ar mel Steve Darrow yell for the seniors. 170 f sEN1oRs l ,, ,,,. ,H A iff? if at ,ai 4. Qin. 3 Charles Massey Shirley Masters in , J Jerry Mathis Deena Mavias AMrs. Wallace directs the senior activities class as they prepare to sell magazines. l Teresa Mays Michael McAfee Alfred McBride Jennifer McBryde Rolf McCann Brian McCarthy Davina McClellan James McCloud David McCreath Rita McDonald Patti McKee Kimberly McKinney Richard McLamore Linda McMillen Lynn McNeill Seniors Work Toward Graduation Stella Mendoza Mike Merritt Scott Meyerson Diane Midgley John Milhollin Jamie Minton Andy Moore Cindy Moore Scott Moreland Raymond Morphis 172 f SENIORS l Kevin Morris Mike Morris Julie Morton Deanna Murphree Jan Murphy David Murray Raymond Nash Kenneth Neal Blondean Nettles James Newsom 4It was fixed when I bought it! Karen Borden plays with a Rubik's Cube during an AFS meeting. Linda Oberstein Cindy Oliver Patty O'Neil Carmen Ortiz Brian Oscherwitz Renee Ostrander Patrick O'Sullivan Marc Overton Fernando Pacheco Howdy Week Is Successful Michael Parker Brent Patterson Chris Pattison Sheen Perkins Gail Petty David Phillips Tammy Phillips Maquel Pinto Carl Pirtle Kimberly Porter Brian Price Annie Pritchard Craig Pryor Robert Purselley Rad Quarrington 174 f SENIORS Rosalinda Quesada Rachel Ramon Randy Rapp Joseph Ray Lesley Reed 'QSTL7' Robyn Reed Beckey Reeder Mary Reyes ' Melissa Reynolds Diane Ridgway Alisha Riggs Joseph Riggs Santos Rivera Gidget Roberson Alston Roberts Simon Rocha Mark Roe Joey Rooney Donald Roznovsky AHeyl I didn't know Mighty Mouse wore glasses. Richard Martinez and Murray Atkinson look at Robert Fielder on dress up day. Paul Rubin Robert Rubin Carolyn Ruiz Amanda Ryan Van Samppala Diana Saunders Scott Saunders Donna Saxton Elly Saxton Amy Scheu 176 f SENIORS Wallace Schmuck Randy Scott NAR lr , L W pa ' A . Q ' a r :wi , . 45. ta N Q A0h, my aching back! Debbie Dixon and Cathy Long practice their routine. Betti Schweiger Douglas Shaw Steppers Lift Spirit Jackie Shaw Jackie Sherman Donald Short Randy Simmans Patty Simmons Lisa Simonds Joel Simpson Ermelinda Siordia Sarah Sisk Allen Smith Irene Smith James Smith Jan Smith Sarah Smith Sharon Smith Tommy Smith Kathleen Souders Leah Sparkman Victoria Spindle Michael Spoonemore . , ,sw . S S' fa , ? . .. W.. -- -- :.N,,, 4 ,E-,f-,ws ., f : . if -. s qv 5X:g::.::'::w7 :hr , -. . ,N .X..,ws s, '---'i--if --WX 1 'Ss ii' l r as 3 3 'IS' is SN is S X 5 if s Q51 WT E , . W X ,, . 1 s. . .- N.. 2 -Ha :...:s::-an 5 ssh :Q fake? -1ffee-- K- Ph i?- Tracy Spradlin Laurie Sprinkle Cody Stafford John Stafford Mark Stanley PLaura Martinez and her fellow classmates work diligently in government. Robert Stegall . tt't,t, t ' 5' , . . .ie A - ' ' j X K kkhk K it K W ng: . -K - .. , --.-- ft Karla Stewart Chris Stone John Stovall Stephanie Strassburger Paula Stroud Donna Stroup Karl Summerford 178 f SEN IORS ' 1 , 'E H , ' , "L' ' I I- :viii , . . ' , f . , qw: , . www n, i Valerie Swinson Joe Taylor Peggi Taylor Felicia Tennerson Julie Thomas Seniors Take Part In Government Elizabeth Thompson Gwendolyn Thompson Todd Thompson Cheryl Thornton Suzanne Thrash W f Christine Torres Theresa Tovar Jessica Trevino Maurie Trickey Dede Tripp Ron Tsung Scott Tuomey Marilyn Turner Warren Turner Penny UP5h3W Stephanie V21ll6j0 Cindy VanAmburgh Estil Vance William Vanderhoof Carol Lynn VanLohuizen 4-v Helen Vasquez Sonia Vasquez Lynn Vaughan Ross Walker Joel Walthall Melissa Wanzor Linda Ward Lydia Ward Charlotte Washington Marc Watson 1 Anthony Webb PO.K. Shelagh it's left, right, left. Paul Brown and Shelagh Brown, boogie at the howdy dance. 180 f SENIORS Q 5 Seniors Boogie At Dances Mike Weber David Wershay Scot Wharton William Whatley Cheryl Wheeler Bill Whilmire Candace Williams Pamela Williams Donnie Wilson Glenn Wilson Glen Winn Gerald Wood Blake Woodard Randall Wooley Robert Wright Sandra Yarbrough Francisco Zacarias Martin Zamora Carolyn Zipp J U IORS IFA 557-33 1532 CLASSES Juniors Show Spirit And nity The class of 1983 began one of its most academically challenging years with determination and a willing attitude. With chemistry, ACT, and algebraftrigonometry classes available, juniors registered for advanced courses to prepare for col- lege. They gained class unity as they earned good grades and participated in school events. Whether in or out of school, social activities brought juniors together. The class of 1983 gathered for homecoming activities, ordered class rings, and attended pep rallies. Friendships and memories gained during the year became the foun- dation for successful lives. P Help! My feet are locked on these pedals. Sydney Ludvigson begins her daily bike ride to prepare for her next competition. V Cynthia Davis shows old PAWS members, Robin Stafford and Dena Daniels, some new cheers. VP Phillip Perez and Jeff Annarino paint hard-to-reach places as they work on the junior homecoming float. l 182 f JUNIORS Dorette Bradshaw Kelly Cato Alison Mclntire Robin Rienstra Jennifer White LC Meets Goals Students in each grade level elected represen- tatives for the leadership committee. The junior class chose Dorette Bradshaw, Kelly Cato, Alison Mclntire, Jackie Meeks, Jane Richardson, Robin Rienstra, and Jennifer White. These students showed responsibility by helping with school spon- sored activities. They made morning an- nouncements, maintained display cases, and raised the flag each day. The representatives' involvement throughout the year motivated the class of 1983. 4Junior Leadership Committee members discuss a proposal for the annual can drive. Ylunior LC members Allison Mclntire, Kelly Cato, Jane Richardson, and Dorette Bradshaw smile with senior member Lynn McNeill as they take a break during registration. PJun1or Sharon Dawson discusses signing up for club member- ship on Club Day with Helen Browning and Patrick Farris. Sandra Abah Sherry Abbott Marshall Addington Amy Akin Linda Alford Kelli Allen Susie Almy Karen Anderson Jeff Annarino Abby Antweil Dana Arnn Chuck Ashcraft Tracy Asher Bryan Backus Erica Baker Michael Baker Tammy Baker Cynthia Banda Willa Barnes Juanita Barrientos a ,X . as .'kt,,,.. Juniors Get Involved Q in Ln .www 1: K. .ttt lik lxtwg '. i 7 Cynthia Barron Malcolm Bates Vance Bates David Beamon Mary Becan Aron Beck Cara Beggs Rebecca Belang Mike Bell Virginia Bell 4N818llC Blue instructs Ken Carrizales on registering for clubs as Robert Wise looks on Brook Benge Clelia Benjamin Edward Best Tom Black Alice Blair PCathy Lopez-Aguado. Laura Phillips, and Suzanne Staggs prepare for the PSAT. 186 f JUNIORS Jana Blanton Donna Blythe Sundy Boatler Daphne Bostick Kirk Boyd Dorenda Bradshaw Dorette Bradshaw Ronald Bradshaw Sophia Bramble Terrance Branch David Britton Angela Brown Tim Brown Waymond Brown David Bryant Kim Bryant Willie Bryant Keith Buckley Chris Buis Tracy Burns Class Of '83 Looks Ahead 3 . 2 L , T I: 5: ill V ,z My l 4 , 'L , a , ' 5 L. fi' t rJ a 1 K I n 111 , 1-gy. eii :gh N '-'- R r s A .mff 'Sf I J' .E ,1.,:f . . J ,JMX we M Tony Burton Angela Bush Gene Butler Ken Caldwell Laurie Caldwell Scott Cameron John Cannady Jacque Cardenas Mary Jane Cardona Ramon Cardona 4Staffer Brian Brooks types his copy for the PANTHERETTE J W, it J. X Joe Carlock Qi , David Carpenter Stephanie Carter ,,A, y Deborah Castillo ,Qi i Kelly Cato Alicia Chadwell David Chaffee Debra Chairez Carol Chambers Leona Chance Thomas Chou Mary Cisneros Ben Clark Jeff Coffey Becky Cole Vernon Coleman Lisa Conard Laura Cooner James Cooper Alesia Coronado John Couch Blaine Cowley Lee Ann Cox Donna Crow Ei' .. S ggi X , J ' 7 av ' SE -. s g bglw .3 4 Zia, x .y i rrer Juniors Say Howdy In A Big Way K . A iw as gg ie Q PChris Buis and Robin Rienstra take a break during the Howdy 6 T ml 'G' 5 Dance. in ,G i X ii -zs . . C sri . iii ? 1 5 ' L i his ie Mu L sg: fs -' s l Q '-1 - 188 f JUNIORS ,sf 1 '1-f f ':'I.'f 'Pg ,,.1 ,--- fx-X . L g ,,....' :? 4I'll drink to that! Karen Anderson, Beth Blanton dress up during howdy week. T b ' 5 get : SR Sean Crow Stewart Custer Mark Dabney Kim Darnell Marili DaSilva George Davis Sharon Dawson Daralynn Deardorff Rebecca Deininger Chris Delucchi Charles Dewar Melany Dick Sheila Dingman Cindy Dixon Jacob Donnell Joe Dulle Kathryn Dunson Tony Duque Scott Eddings Stephen Elliott Howell, and Jana Tammy Ellison Lisa Ellsworth Jean Engle Tony Eno Ramon Esquivel Juniors Remain On Campus PClaudia Herman, Martha Pena, Sandee Newsome, and Bon- nie Galindo talk about school activities. IQOXJUNIORS Jill Eubank Denise Farr Julie Fatka David Fersing Drew Fielder John Fleming Jon Fleming Erica Flores Tina Flores Price Floyd maze , n-.fawsvtsfpyza I X 39 , 'K , - .W x . y K-.:. in N 49 X, lu is Q11 gf ' ' ..,, nr 'rf W aa ,. FEM w ' 1 wk . 2 t .wg 2 'gf 4 4 I 'L - . I ueuiif f - f ,. - H .1 M.: 1251 3' "" 4' HW I " .1 i, W, i. i. ,ig . 'V I 1 fy N3 if 'q,e 7 1 ?,' af, W AK! 19 eiaa Marcella Ford Missy Freeman Brian Frost Phil Gaddis Missy Gage Dominick Galindo Jimmy Galindo Derek Gardner Michael Garvin Steve Gerloff Michelle Godinez Miranda Gomez Anna Goodson Malcolm Gowans James Grace 4You mean you're going back for seconds? Dominick Galindo and Vance Bates take a break in the school cafeteria Beverly Gray Douglas Grisham Beth Guenzel Susan Guenzel Lisa Guerra Bart Gutierrez Lawrence Haber Kurt Hahnfeld David Hall Michael Hall Melinda Hamilton Scott Hammack Jeff Hammons Gina Haney Donald Hanlon Linda Hardie Anthony Harris Curtis Harrison Dawn Hefner Joey Heinz 5 sk swiss Rig ,3p:5., l x k " - ,Q at Q lb sy, - Q-- sez: 7 . . "K .te t iw Q 'f N x ,X as F R ,B ,H X 5 tl as I 'f S at Q at x x X ar- f-N . .3 til N at Juniors Fulfill Duties Q PAlison Mclntire discusses office duties with Mrs. 192 f JUNIORS Gatewood. i' '-25?-iii ,Q-3 .. . Q:,itE5'f-'f :- 1 . A A . .Aa A Q K I. f W 4Homero0m representative Savannah Williams receives Patria Wortham's money as she completes directory sales. 'LX R ,,kL A ,Aw If ll 'ff M E q',ff1f:WMi' L ' : N -fwi' ff5f.wjv1e'l1'2ff i 'W , t I -' is Ok' Ji?- 3 xxx gy-IU' , M as l- E tliitr, ga Becky Helm Luther Henry Claudia Herman Alberto Hernandez Scott Hernandez Lewis Hill Michael Hill Annice Holliday Danita Hollingsworth Greg Holmes Holly Holub Wilburn Horner Ivette Howard Shawn Howard Beth Howell PMy sleeping bag is in the 700,s! Mark Priddy resumes his daily studying habits. 194 f JUNIORS Leighann Huddleston Susan Irvin Patricia Jaramillo Diane Jefferis Jana Jekcl LaMonica Jenkins Jamie Johnson Anthony Jones Cynthia Jones Patty Jones Robin Jones Ivy Kanada Teresa Keelin Kayna Keenom Mike Kersey ., ieei gf 1 Maj ing V - ,V rf 'wi O A X 3 5515,- s ,'ffT, ,. .. , ?fw'fx J - v4,,, , it .,,. , .e .Lm,zm.. - -"" P t Q : we --at .. . ' X ,,.L t - ,.... -- W 5.532 '..' .- 55 L ek e X"- MN , . at as 'S Q Xt X , 35? 4 . t x S' J 5 Life Gets Tougher For Juniors Lee Kinard Michael King Kandess Klein Annette Klemow Mary Knapp ,X vw T' 1, W. . W, ,W K Steffen Kroll Rhonda Kubicek Wendy Lacey Charlotte Lackey Damon Landingham Angela Lauderdale Thanh Le Amy Lee Mary Lee Sherie Lewis 4ACT class members are engulfed while they watch a video tape. Brice Liggens .lason Livingston Sherry Long Monica Lopez Cathy Lopez-Aguaclo Amy Love Kenda Love Raul Lozano Sydney Ludvigson lan Lylcs Ken Mair Robyn Malone Debbie Manasco Christine Manning Earl Manning b'l'his little piggy went to market! Mary Knapp dissects the fetal pig in Biology lll. 196 X JUNIORS Cruz Martinez Laura Martinez Michael Martinez Leah Matchcttc Jeri Mathews Juniors Enroll In Advanced Sciences A W3 QW Ma 'Me 4--nh ax NT' 3:51 njii-EP t if 'A 'V 11 We it 4Mike McStay, John Fleming, and Brian Frost attempt to complete a lab in Chemistry l. . fww 1 A! 5 - , se sf? tett .- WMV.. .. , , Steve Mathews Darlene Matthews Tracy Maxwell Billy Mays Michelle Mays Laredo McClendon Tracy McCollum John McConnico Susan McConnico Willie McElroy Helen McGarrey Alison Mclntire Michael McStay Liz Means Michael Medina PWhat's this blue paint doing here? Kyle Mills, Jamie White, get a close look at the junior float while Phil Gaddis, Jacque 5 ik 5 Sherri Nowell, and Lee Kinard A xi its 5 if ix X Roach, Romona Taff, and Don Hanlon watch. .lacquelynn Meeks Ed Miles Daryl Miller Kyle Mills Mindi Milrany Mearl Miner Margaret Mitchell Troy Monasco Robert Montes Homer Moore Natalie Moore Magaly Moreno Karen Morris Megan Morton Marybeth Mosher 198 f JUNIORS Juniors Show Pride - Q f ,tttitt i V g.,.tt L t T iir Q 3 g in a.. ' I X: A 3.3253 ' 1 t ' t qtsffi , Xi is 'l' .lf . - ,, . 539 H-ejatrig., ' 1'-3-5 F.,-f?--'tif' gf r 4 J 1 I, A X' fm eff 5, 3 , aa 2 2 pf J if all E24 Josh Munoz Juana Muriel Miki Murphy Rhonda Najera Patricia Nash Derrick Neal Mike Nellis Dorothy Nelms Sandee Newsome Thinh Nguyen Lynda Nickel Phill Nolley Rebecca Nombrana Jesse Norman Sherri Nowell Anne Odman Richard Parchman James Park Lucy Parker Catherine Parman 4The class of 1983 displays pride with the l98l Homecoming float. VLuther Henry takes a kick-oft' in the endzone during a district game, ZOOXJUNIORS Joe Ed Parris Durand Parrish John Pecina Heather Peck Regina Peck Kevin Pedigo Martha Pena Philip Perez Rita Perez Emmett Perkins Amy Peterson Glenn Peterson Janelle Pfaffenberger Laura Phillips Lisa Phillips Robbie Price Mark Priddy Tina Provenza Pat Ramirez Vicki Ramirez -siiehs -ul ,. if ui 1,- v . miss Varsity Receives Encouragement 1 A,,,, at .4 ,- ' 4? 'J 'x Ill, 4? Kelly Rand Leslie Ratliff Leslie Raymond Brenda Reeves Ellen Renfro Tiffanie Richards Jane Richardson Jennifer Richie Robin Rienstra Diana Rivera Karen Rizo Hal Roach Jacque Roach Kelly Roberts Brenda Robinson Rodney Robinson Guadalupe Robles Debbie Rodriguez Debra Rogers Mary Ruelas Gayla Russell 4Ken Mair, Dorenda Bradshaw, and Galen Camp show spirit as they get down at a football pep rally. 202 f JUNIORS Thomas Rymell Carl Samuel Sonja Sanchez Charles Sanders Kelly Sanders Rhonda Scarbrough Andre Schuford Steve Shelvey Elise Sherline Velma Sherrod Scott Shibley Lori Short Vincent Simon Paula Simpson Kathey Smith Kenneth Smith Marvin Smith Milton Smith Shane Smith Gayle Solomon i Adv y tttrrli 4 , , fi ww? ff li few or J we ,gg 1 sf Fw rua., AMargaret Mitchell and Mary Becan discuss class schedules with Mrs. Philp i yccc "L, c s c M x s uniors Strive For Perfection -ns Michael Spelmon Robin Stafford Suzanne Staggs Carrell Stahala Dawn Stanley Malinda Stapleton Donny Stemple James Stewart . '- . Steven Stewart .A Teresa Stowe msg fy .S ii 3' 4Spirit Steppers Tracy Burns, Kim Vautrain and Susan Guenzel practice new steps. g-f""Q Martinez Straughter Desi Suasnover Vandee Sullivan John Swaringen Debbie Tesar Frank Thompson Temple Thompson Della Thornton Denise Toines Mario Tovar Julie Trevino Timothy Turner Chris Turnipseed Sarah Turpin Fidel Valde7 Priscilla Van Liew Kim Vautrain Becky Vela Arthur Vidaurri Ramon Villarreal Vicki Voss Eric Voyda Robert Wallace Christi Wells Jamie White Pjunior students Drew Fielder, Natalie Moore, Brook Benge, Kelly Cato, Jamie White, and Sheila Dingman enjoy dinner at Joe T. Garcia's, 204 f JUNIORS Activities Provide Enjoyment iffy ' f vf+'N""!' Zi' M1 ,444- ,W -wma wg "" Hx 'Q i I Ig' 1 ii L K Patria Wortham Dedce Wreay Lisa Young .Jennifer While Mark Wiley Dennis Williams Fracenc Williams Rusty Williams Savannah Williams Sheila Williams Tim Williams Holly Williamson Joyce Williamson Janice Wilson Nana Wilson Robert Wise Julia Witcher Annie Wofford 4.leff Coffey and Sara Turpin celebrate at the Homecoming Dance. SOPHO ORES IHANUQEQ 1932 CLASSES 206 f soPHoMoREs Challenges Inspire Class Of '84 Requirements, such as English, world history, and biology were met by the sophomore class with determination and enthusiasm. Although the academies were challenging, sophomores found time to make valuable contributions to PHS in the areas of student government and sports. Aeeustom- ed to Pasehal's busy and exciting environment, these hard-working students looked forward to their years as upperclassmen. P Laura VanAmburgh jogs through Overton Park to keep in shape. V Who's Joey the Magic Muffin? John Bristol, Robert Baker, Anita Cass, and Monique Givens study Roman culture in world history. 74 'X Jenny Brown Eric Fox Anne Giordano Parliamentarian Connie Johnson Monita Johnson Lori Kasper Laura VanAmburgh Sophomore Class Well Represented K ,,,,,,, - N . The seven sophomore Leadership Committee members - Jenny Brown, Eric Fox, Anne Gior- dano, Connie Johnson, Monita Johnson, Lori Kasper, and Laura VanAmburgh - proudly represented the class of '84 by working as part of the school's governing body. These LC members gave their time and commitment to activities such as howdy week, morning announcements, toy drive, and flag raising. Along with representing the sophomore class, Eric Fox was elected as Parliamentarian. The hard work and dedication of these seven members helped make the sophomore class well represented at Paschal. 4This is your Barbie doll speaking. Lori Kasper makes morning announcements. 207 .Iohn Acosta Oscar Aguirre Kimberly Aleff Lisa Alexander Stephanie Allison Charlotte Apala Kimberly Armstead Clayton Autrey Kecia Autrey Steven Bailey Robert Baker Scott Baker Tom Bartzen Tonia Bates George Bautista Barbara Baxter Doug Bell Teresa Bell John Berning Jonathan Bickel Stacy Bingham J im Black Bart Blair Fred Blair Pearl Blair Wayne Blankenship Dandria Blue Robert Boyd PYou d better hideg he's coming down the hall' Lisa Alexander and Melissa Cox talk 4 What do I do next' Blair Nor man and Sherri Turner act out an English skit as Eric Fox looks on Kristin Boyles Wesley Brazell Bryan Brendle James Brevelle John Bristol Rick Broadus Amy Brooke Nick Brophy Debra Brown Jenny Brown William Brown Crystal Browning Helen Browning David Brumley Kevin Bryant Monika Buchanan Trinita Builtron Erol Burghardt Byron Burns Gary Burton Martha Cardona Glenn Carr Sophia Carrillo Melissa Carrizales Jon Carter Kathryn Carter Lupe Casas Mike Cason 210 f SOPHOMORES Anita Cass Mare Cauble Burt Chance Curt Chance Marcia Chapa David Chasteen Robin Chenoweth Markel Childress Rowena Chiu Tim Christian Neva Coad John Coffey Pat Cole Herbert Collins PMalcolm Gowans dodges a Rebel player in a .IV football game. Olga Contreras Rosa Cooper Ann Corley John Cortez Laura Cox Melissa Cox Tracy Crawford David Crenshaw Dena Daniels Ricky Darmon David DeLeon Tracy Dell Amy Denison Mike Diaz John Collins '15 QW? br ew M X We .21 3: ff r , 1? ef: I n ' V' Y ' s f' J N' V :ii Q Q 5 Q 'J 5 - 4 ,- V i 4, A , - fi A .. . , . 'ex V g. - - 11" A M Y , ,, -:ar V Q - arrvttt mgwew 2 di J 'Q J V Team Gains Experience x li ' ' , i A, ,X l ' sa ,5 in 0 ,gt f' . , un! lj 4 ti ' may- , 'l we " ' ,. Q ,- F hi' rum K if , 2 ' 1' 2+-1454,-gfffffi -4 W ,,,, My 0 W f f ll . 1 , ,,,, ,H , ,W fr f-.. ,, W, F, ,f,-,f ,new W ,v--,,. ,, 1, J, L, YZ? ' W 'R J .35 Jesse Gandarilla Terry Gandarilla Carlotta Garcia Joe Garcia Mary Garcia Ricardo Garcia Robin Dishman Darren Dixon Linda Dolan Steven Donald Whitney Dorris Armando Duran George Eanes Steve Eckert Denise Eddings Vince Eddings Jenny Edwards Gary Ellison Arturo Enrriques Jimmy Erwin Tracey Erwin Yvette Escobar Edelmiro Escobedo Richard Escobcdo Bonnie Espinosa Elise Esslinger Richard Ewton Shauna Faulks Sean Finlay Diane Fisher Carrie Flair Mallory Fleming Norma Flores Victor Flores Andy Floyd Dennis Fox Eric Fox Lynda Fox Kate France Katrina Franklin Rhonda Franklin James Frazier Robin Friedman Emmanuel Fritz Richard Frymire Robert Fugitt Cecilia Galindo Ellen Garland Tonya Garrett Susan Garvin Qui Gentry Courtney Gibbs Carol Gibson Kimberly Gibson Joni Gilbert C nthia Giles Clilyion Gillings Ann Giordano Brent Givens Monique Givens Raymond Godinez Stacy Goldston Hector Gonzalez API didn't know the Greeks knew all that about human anatomy' Caroline Wilson, Russ Schneider and Todd Price look at photographs in world history PI wonder what's in this stuff. Doug Bell enjoys the fine school cuisine in the large cafeteria. Sophs Work Hard In Classes Z' X was-IWW as Eg me 'i 5 ll vu. f, Qi-x fi. A it f : 1 xml-l ' mx via., X M far W Q V X I K Q X xx' fi..,Qfff is 1 . Wx A 2 S. ,K rf, Q V I 'e 3 'fi'EE Q. X ig 1' "wr H- .. gt he 2 . 4Get off my tail! Ronald Her nandez and Desi Svasnovar prac tice driving in the simulator Allison Goone Tammy Gowans Lee Graham Michael Grantham Kim Gregory Candace Griffin David Griffin Cynthia Guerra Tangulon Guillory Christine Gunzel Rayola Hagman Kalisha Hall Karen Hall Mark Hall Annette Hamilton Michael Hamilton Sandra Hamilton David Harakal Greg Harris Sharon Harris Steven Harris Bill Hearne Dawn Hedlund Brenda Helm Jackie Hence Michelle Hernandez Ronald Hernandez Darren Hickman 214 f SOPHOMORES Howard Hicks Harry Hightower Susan Hill David Hinkston Laura Hinz Karen Hoehn Robby Hogan Paul Holguin Steve Holstein Catherine Howell Lisa Howell Tracy Howell Kelly Hubbard Tim Hughes Anthony Humphrey Carol Humphrey Delores Hunter Parks Hunter Hector Ildefonso Thomas James Sean Jenkins Patricia Jimenez Betty Johnson Connie Johnson Jeff Johnson Monita Johnson Carter Johnston Brent Jones Holly Jones Joyce Jones Londa Jones Tracey Jones Lisa Jow Steven Joyner Alvardo Juarez Lori Kasper Tammy Kemp William Kennedy Leslie Ketchersid Lori Key Bruce King Chris King Gena Kirkland Alice Kirkpatrick - S , M 5' fi- - aaa-Y nasty vases-: X ra K . --1-- x A -Q K . , J ii KY Q. V .K ii 3 X., J :. - 7 4. ,J I - , 2 . t J l is it . ' . 5 " ' K Qav " -4 Q , sl r ,- -Q av L ikiyxi 'Nu if s .x , , -cf 'uv- .t, .aw 'l f X. gm 5 ga' sw affix . sri sf Tir Q 25 ' +4 J 'Q f. A -"' .lsf -::. fle he rgr. .,... N 5 A ' . 'D ff I gr' 'KE f", i AN-. Li ly I ik- :Vr L..5 ix D if 3 .. ., .-"' -:L K is I if r .N . W ee'y r ' TQ. , 'Q Q xi K - ff. we-7 Q ,E i 6 qt Sophomores Prepare For Parade 1- .::,, 1 1- 5 ir . e 4 Sf x 5 ! . D .13 I ee,ar it eeree , 3 Q Wk ' Yqffw 'QA H G S it 2 Q l time X- Q X- fm S - Q i L J W1 : zz "e, ' Q , 5 - 2. 45 ' - v L .Hifi ,L 2 s ,.., '.x. X1-ki t A ' , QQ-Y 9 , WY- I5 'X gf' ' 'L .lwslinxtia 6 in C L N iw V tt.5 5, K' e' i at - 1 ' ,, -f X L P l fihlll nhwfls Darren Kitchen Craig Kneten Marc Kraus Arlana Lacy Phyllis LaGesse Crystal Lee Pam Lee Sandy Leeper Tanya Leonard Gary Letz Danny Leverett Bridgett Liggens Teresa Longoria Esther Lopez Suzanne Lucignani Lisa Ludvigson Linda Lujan 4Do you think it will float? Leslie Senevey and Diane Stanley work on the sophomore float. My Ly Larry Macy Troy Macy Robert Madrid Nancy Mahlie Stephen Mallick Krissandra Malone Mike Maness Cynthia Martinez Eloy Martinez Julie Matchette John Mavias Stephen Maxwell Frank Mays PWe were just innocent bystanders! Stephen Mallick, David Turnipseed and Robbie Baker relax during lunch. Bridget McAnthony Paul McCloud Kim McConnell Brian McCreath Kelly McDonald Scott McDonald Woody McDonald Carmen McDonough Marty McFarland Michael McGaw Katherine McGovern Denise McLaughlin Trey McNeill Gary McNiel Michael McShaffry Susan Meadors James Meadows .loel Meadows Gilbert Mendoza Danny Meyer .lon Midgley Tyrone Miller Vonda Minor LaVerne Mize Rodney Moody Kim Moore Michael Moore Trisha Moore 216 f SOPHOMORES '11 V in .Q -:,-ig - 1. la Q X M, ..... , .. if F V ea Nh in is . Q . ly a A 4-2 ,Qw- lass llnlhuullk W S 5 l l :WR --o. 'Yi -'3.. ffl" .,.. Q i'--L El I filfwigla so . r,, li Ly if, L , 51:2 f . - , f L A ee - so w 3 ry , wr- r 'V' f ...S 6 Xi 1 -PS1 W X if f ff iii -.Q Q, 4 - S 1 tg "": ' ,K ' i Students Enjoy Skating Party ..:.g.,:N ,, ' T- X L i ' sq il et J if . , ":::..'L' ' ,,.:. ff ,, vY,,..-- ,'g,,,.,-v ., Y rr -- -, EP 2 be he F -YS T' 5 1' xi. 5 12 . tg - qkxk i -. as-gg... X I Ng, a I J el t E:Q2: at Q I Q! -as .N -fl L at, ntntt ,A Leo Moreno Randy Morgan Scott Morris Paulette Moss Chevonne Neighbors Dennis Nelson Suzanne Nelson Tim Nelson Linda Newton Nha Nguyen Cody Nicholson Blair Norman Clayton Odom Tomesa Odom Jeffrey Oliver Tom Orr Susanda Ortega Todd Overton Jackie Owens Naomi Pacheco Tracey Parker Nilesh Patel Sonia Pena Ruby Perkins Tina Peterson Diana Pittman Debbie Pitts Mary Pope Phoebe Pope William Pope Ashlyn Price Becky Pryor John Puff Stephanie Purvey Cynthia Quesada 4A bunch of cheap skates' Leslie Senevey, Laurie Ezell, and Lisa Alexander talk to senior Ruth Kline at the rollerskating party. Roger Rambo Thomas Ramsay Ronald Ransom Salvador Raso Bounvilay Rattanasamay Darla Ray Johnnie Ray Russell Redder Paul Reed Sam Reeves Andrew Rhodes Tracy Riddle Jacqueline Rigmaiden James Riley Christine Risk Stefanie Ritchie Rosemary Rivera Caroline Roach Kimberly Roberson Gary Robinette Brenda Robinson Chris Robinson Lisa Robinson Rosie Robles Rene Rodolfo Francisco Rodriguez Gina Rodriguez Susan Roe 218 f SOPHOMORES JV Cheerleaders Displa pirit B. .X nf' 4 38 ,, N fs 1 .Q Q I if CRX X - I ' :'l we K ' " sf .F Q, iiii L eg-,' A : .tl 1' .F--i J ' f dd'd S .. .,. C ,,ii X , 3 ss ., ,sss W ' 5 ll , 1 '-.ia J. -'Y , , 5 gas, K i-e . K J' - f f I N 'Y' 35 iii xg. x.. - ff- I . Jr' 'Q 1 3 , 5 Q -f Q. ' M. :QA . is 1 . Y. 2: K . ,. K . j fs W ,, to ,, N Lm. +Lgf.2f:t . -K 9 Eliza? as it s it ss. Rs N, p4 ..si,Nt, . .X ,i Ax Darla Sessums Paul Shannon Adrienne Shaw Tim Sheeley Mike Silliman Benjie Silva Roberta Romero Kathleen Rooney Marco Rosales Sheryl Rosen Mark Rubin Scott Rubin Bobby Russell Sarah Russell Edward Salas Leticia Salinas Angela Sample Katherine Sampson Xochilt Sanchez Edward Sanders Jodie Sanders Dale Santee Natalie Scarborough Russ Schneider Michelle Schoonover Lori Scott Leslie Senevey 4The JV cheerleaders Linda Sorenson, Suzanne Nelson Kim Gibson Laura VanAmburgh, Robin Dishman, and Jenny Brown promote spirit at a pep rally. Dennis Simmons Pamala Simmons Ray Simmons Jonathan Sisson Cheryl Smith Domecq Smith Lupe Smith PMike McGaw, Mike Waltrip, Suzanne Nelson, and Gary Robinette listen to a lecture in Mrs. Conley's geometry class, Stevey Smith Susan Smith Linda Sorenson Kelli Souders Jacoby Stafford Karen Standerfer Diane Stanley Dee Starns Linda Stemple Bill Straub Christine Stroup Bobby Summerhays Drew Talbert Horace Taylor Michael Taylor Carrie Teal Kathy Tesar Lela Thames Barbara Thomas Monique Thompson Tammy Thompson Holly Tillman Patrick Turner Sherri Turner Cindi Tyree Joy Valentine Laura VanAmburgh Dwayne Vantilburg 220 X SOPHOMORES r S sw' 'A' fi 'vt , "-X as Q Q . F . Yi, W ' 1 af of si' A ,yay -- ,N -1 .-fs.. X-1, . . L. i X . -'19 , .tittt ,M 6 .Q 4 ., t S-fx' .te . , .. Students Active In And Gut Of School Mn?" .. ws., fi f ,..-f 65 Lf. ,,tr " gif fi . 1 4. -.i t..-is ink Nw--1 ..-.-... ,. ,,,..t-1..t,,., . ., .gr .inn T Y , :X -I ' - l i , ., S ' .rm sr i:- as S is de -L KKEFS ,r .yt S5 3 X S? E3 I H , .A eff. fi . .u Q.. f it F? 51312, ,l:' 3 3, . Q. ' . . its -a -is we i ' ' if CZ , .J X . 5' " 1' .::- ,,,,g'gg . ts. . . ,f ...... . fx lie ' at X 1' YQ. ls ""-2? - l vs K s 3' N, fs , x .. is x asf ,.... as If . sg, 'C Nzkjk' 4 " ' , fl I l s, QQ W . - ll "iii, fi ' Q .-3 E YK , regal. T? - ww X aiu aasaa , ' Q 77' f"-. in Q 'I' , I , ,Z y, , A t - C 2 W ff, fr - - . - - ,, ' Y , 63...- Margarct Vasque7 Palrizia Vega l.ubin Vela Auggie Valasquez David VonLuckncr David Wall Larry Wallace Phyllis Wallace Mike Waltrip Kevin Warren LaTricia Warren Mark Watkins Keith Weldon Reba Wells Lisa Whatley Earl Whitaker Brenda Wiggins Carolyn Wiley Anthony Williams Paula Williams Ruth Williams Susan Williams Tami Williams Teresa Willman Caroline Wilson Christopher Wilson Latrice Wilson Willie Wilson X l 4Caroline Wilson and Scott Mor ris eat dinner at Daniels Emily Wright Tammy Wright Rene Yanez Gerald Yarbrough William Ybarra Shelly Young Steve Zawadzke FR H N EEE? 1532 CLASSES Freshmen Make The Adjustment The Howdy activities were planned especially to welcome the freshmen to Paschal and to help them adjust as they moved from middle school to high school. The class of '85 excelled in academics. joined clubs. participated in school organizations, and enjoyed all that Paschal of- fered them. Besides taking the regular workload of GPS. health, English, and math. several students took advanced courses such as ac- celerated English, biology, and geometry. Organizations that were enhanced by freshmen involvement were PAWS, AFS, the band, and freshman sports including football, baseball, and basketball. After their adjustment to high school, the class of '85 proved ready to make their high school years educational and fun. P Strange, I don't remember having your daughter in my class. Robyne Kelley and her mother talk to Mrs. Johnson at Open House. V Are freshmen THAT ticklish? Amber Ault. Alice Prit- chard, Christina Mancil, and Linda Rambo enjoy the freshman skit performed by the LC during Howdy week. VP My notebook is better than yours! Twins Jonathan and Howard Haber compare school supplies. Me-a 222 f FRESHMEN 1 David Sanchez Mary Michael Townsend Freshmen Provide Leadership Three new faces were added to the Leadership Committee: David Sanchez, Mary Michael Town- send, and Julie Whitley. In their eagerness to work as part of LC, they participated in committees for directory sales, flag duty, Christmas dress up day, western day, and teacher appreciation. These three did well in making the Class of '85 proud. w 1 I , 1 Julie Whitley 4Mrs. Philp explains to Julie Whitley, Mary Michael Townsend, and David Sanchez the filing system of the Leadership Committee. VMary Michael Townsend prepares the agenda for a committee meeting . 224 f FRESHMEN Mack Addison Sandra Aguirre Lexie Alden Janet Allen Jessie Alvarado Cynthia Alvarez Mishaun Amos Aydee Anguiano Lucia Anguiano Diane Arnold Sean Arnold Mary Arrendondo Marie Arthur Eric Ashworth Amber Ault Patricia Aviles Carmen Ayala Christy Baker Eric Baker James Baker Melissa Baker Blake Baldwin Jim Bob Barker Chris Barnes Keith Barnes Carol Bashein Paula Baty Thomas Baxter Anna Bechtel Gary Beeler Tracy Bell Candace Bender Luis Berrones Brad Bielss Sheila Birdwell Jimmy Bishop Freshmen Enjoy Howdy Activities f L J y ' - - 4 LV-5 as -. Q e . ,K ,Q k k E5 , 1. we , eect get i.y , b i il ii F 4 'L af i 5 Z - 5 'A t , A J . t l ,R Q , B A 'f . K Q K is N is ii S ij y s in , 1, '- V. lb. in Q K J . it ,T f' 3 A '13, iiii J i l is-W ea if ' 'L "Y W . Q m -I K i f X, Xi K wr, A W i " af, - .ff -i., C 1 A - A - e V yiiyy y in il Ai li fx if "" N, ff V if ' - . Ss? ' a ix f Q-W. :- QQ - eer' L A h f fm NN .,., I K' f"t"f ' A. Y .... will v t ilix . , ADO you think your mom forgot us? Peter Tsung and Kimberly Kudra wait for their ride after the Howdy Dance. L if , as 3 ,Ln aww - ,K 'V J J A me azz 1 JIU AJ K.. if 'ftZi'?Qzfl 1,3 if rerbab I ,:,,i 7 L- 2 .af lf nw' fr. . 1 it T --rx rar f::.,,..l..Cf?:?, Q B 1, , 3 sm, X if am i 3 Qi C" is K .,., ,... X K i If ' V1 f . , ,er ,, si an . . ggi T. V . f, ar P V ' ef yi A 'Q B 1, n , F ' I .5 ' 5 " .r 'MM " ..." "' f 'if K i l Li v f 2 'f V . I JW ,V,,L. A V, , J f ar I ' as . Wg, . if- Q' + X I:- ' 'Ml' L. Www fry r f 6 an A , li 5 A '21 J 'W 3 v wax.: I 4 Bruce Bivens Renae Black Albert Blanco Darin Blankenship Kelly Blann Jamie Blevins Natalie Blinderman 4Christina Mancil Joins the Penta Club as Mary Becan and Margaret Mitchell wait for members. James Bostick Jeff Bourland Melissa Bowers Deborah Brackin Bobbie Bradley Jeffrey Bradley Larry Bradley Jeb Bradshaw Len Branch Tami Brannan Kenneth Bratton Ellen Breaux Donna Brewer Kelly Brewer Mandy Brewer Tim Brindley Kathy Broadus Shannon Broussa Larry Brown Teresa Brown Jana Burns Lisa Burt Alan Burton Michelle Bush Donald Butler Sabrina Calhoun Corina Camacho Craig Campbell ITIOTC IICW rd Sandra Carathers Terrance Carathers Gabino Cardenas Jose Cardona Eddie Carpenter Scott Carpenter George Casas Pat Casey Regina Castillo Tina Castillo Melinda Cates Susan Chaffee Savaiy Chakrathouk Orlando Chapa Joyce Chasteen Kerry Church Julio Cisneros Gerald Clark Tina Colburn Laura Coleman Kimberly Cook Kristi Cook Lise Cooper Wendy Cooper Victor Cortez Melva Costilla John Courtroul Shawn Cowdin Jeff Creamer Pat Creamer Kim Crear John Crenshaw Caroline Cunningham Raymond Dancer PGee, only 1200 days until l'm a senior! Karyn Giles daydreams while the class does algebra homework. 226 f FRESHMEN i ii -61" A C " "t Frosh Excel In Academics fyxg, Ai 'K Q is I 4 f, 5 if xx .m X :ff Q if SON l ! tl Q X .:.t,. -e e Q fi -lye f ttt,.- --'1-,1-- J J . tp p . 5 g C y '. N - K r N I H Q- 6 it . yg - 5 g- V . an . if 8 lf, .g-- A f . if J Y ' i :Nag :AY A ' " --i 34,1 Q55 . - :. ,apr-Kg. .. t it t , sa: . . 2 ttt .,,?. 3 Y l i J C eettee t fe J, . ,E . 3 .fst all 1 Rf K . . V y . i ,, DeLisa Daniel G ' M l Z gi S3 J sk ,I ' G :- HYEI9 ' ' 'W""' ,M 5. xx N 0 1 vi' Q I 1 14 3 K ff? f if f IH- , 4Ken Strassburger, Richard Gant, and Clark Jones listen to book reports during their English class Manuel Darnell Richard Darr Dennis Davis Shawn Davis Ricky DeBriae Debra DeBusk Cid DeLaVega Tangela Deckard Thomas Delaney Nora Delgado Brett Denison James Derden Randy Derden John Dewar Scott Dewveall Darren Dietrich Todd Dolginoff Kristie Drennan Sharetta Duffey Eric Dunn Stephen Dunson Adrian Duran Jeff Durham Julie Duvall Gerald Eastman Julie Edgar Francis Edwards Debbie Eisenberg Demetria Elisher Chris Emory Mary Ennis Denise Escobedo Sylvia Escobedo Patrick Farris Jim Felix PYou know you can't catch many flies that way! Russell Gilbreath, Al Remley, and Tim Luster yell dur- ing a varsity football game. Anna Ferguson Lisa Fernandez Martha Field JoAnn F ierro LeeAnn Flood Gina Flores Donald Floyd Donna Floyd Karen Foster Eugene Franklin Rhonda Franklin Robert Freeborn Patrick Fusilier Iric Gachman Bobby Galicia Barbara Gant Elizabeth Gantt Becky Garcia Diana Garcia Manuel Garcia Marshall Gardner 228 f FRESHMEN are X it we X Qi Q? f y M- it . . X if y M-. Hx x . - , J' I .'.,: , t.t. 7, .,.i A i - P tati :,. if Qsszi aria If 3+ ez, S W, Q Ernestine Garrett Hector Garza Russell Gilbreath Karyn Giles Brian Glenn Shawn Goheen i WX 1 L, li N L F F as . Q M- X 5? " r T I' it 5 K li 1 tct 1 . ., L in 'ft ' . A x . 1 yew :-,L L 1 - if 7 , ,t -. ' Ita, J-2 3 t.t N h 3 y. 'K f P . A iiii. e . y E? X lim F rosh Participate In PHS , 9 2 5 Wifi ,said 514 3 fl 4 42' nf fi' f ? 5 ,Q -t X l I a lf' f 14 ' fl Q a z , v- ' it r rv. Mm l 'sf ' ,ap-'15 1 i i ' i f'1wa:f1.i+ . r Q t M '2 -7 - f-Q jx-if N X , wi, f Qi U X G ' , t V .Q W, at f 1 n i fi . at my 'f t" to " ff we 153-fi . , , A, - ' 1 , ,, f,' A 4 -W .. I I in ' my , ,Q x , ,i Q, l 1 1 f "1 n , E - 4 Q 1 ,Q l rf ' fy i is Q kl 1 i 1 i if ii' ii ' inf Q r-ff f!"N+ 4 Antonia Gomez Reuben Gomez Anna Gonzales Dolores Gonzales Marcella Gonzales Tambra Gonzales Jana Goochey Michael Goodin Katie Gould Connie Grace Richard Grant Keli Grantham Matt Graves Tommy Green Nancy Greenway Dana Greer Robert Griffin Joe Griffith Bernadette Gross Bridgette Gross Monica Guajardo Cindy Guerra Dee Dee Guerra Linda Guerra Rachel Guerra Howard Haber Jonathan Haber Pam Hake Mary Halbert Glenda Hale Michelle Hall Robert Hall David Hamilton Keli Hann Bryan Hardie Becki Harlow Lisha Harper ' 7 Bruce Harvey 'Z' 'M 4Bridgette Gross, Melvlyn Richardson Demetria Thomas and Sandra Carathers cheer during a varsity football game. Todd Hefner Carollitta Henderson Renee Henderson Frank Henry Michelle Henry Jesus Hernandez Sharon Hernandez Tonia Hernandez Edward Herrera Alicia Hicks Carron Hicks Mark Hicks Anita Hightower Terry Hill Louise Hodges Preston Horton Julie House Shellie Housewright Angela Huff Phillip Hunter Greg Hyer Barbara Jackson Jana Jackson LaTonyie Jarrett William Jefferis Stacey Jennings Kenneth Johnson Bernadette Jones Clark Jones Latresa Jones Mark Jones Robyne Kelly Freshman Adjust Well Q -eff J Q ft 9 e s, ' .Q Q - , gg' wx J 7 ' V X I J . ' K "' ' I , A t S at jmvxt Fx .. ,,g 1 on iiierze Q K six s,.... i - kik :Q . Ext gs K QM iii i s sg s t f N s if ESQ t i ve' A . .. . 1 -4 or tl s ,Qs 'E Tammie Kersey 2 Lisa Kinard . , 'J' T 3 Charles King Mg f Jennifer King ' 'W I' K . 631 if PJackie Meeks collects an annual payment from David Sanchez during homeroom. 230 f FRESHMEN Y ST W , V1 6 L gs!-,, Mig , ill? fswfff Mi. ,..,, MJ N ' K , J 5' 3 . . C r -F , ' ,, X , Q .M 8 ' :"" it -t 3 E' yr ww., M Q an Q t J- 3, l M 55.- h is U3 X , , , M K 1 Vizz ,, X has ,. 1 ' F. MM lf' i ff i 'P Q A f ,gh .R 'it . 'fr F i . all ,s. 8 HS Q, ,, .4 few? l 4Hey, are you sick or something? Francel Randle and Keith Warren enjoy lunch in the school cafeteria. Tim King Sara Kline Jeananne Knight Judd Knight Rodney Knight David Kocher Kimberly Kudra Tim Lance Sharon Lasko David Laxson Clay Leverett Michael Lindsey Sondra Lopez-Aguado Laurie Lott Nancy Loucks Alex Loud Lee Loughridge Brett Lucas Angela Lucignani Nathan Ludvigson Tim Luster Marty Major Christina Mancil Carolyn Manning Robin Manresa Kimberly Mansell Harris Marks Donna Martin Lena Martin Shari Martin Louis Martinez Maribel Martinez Monica Martinez Nancy Martinez John Massey PLaurie Sprinkle, Kim Gibson, Laura Van Amburgh, and Linda Ward exhibit the freshman float banner in the homecoming parade. Angela Matlock Gina Matthews Kim Mayben Robert Mayne Chapman Mays Nakita Mays Beth McAnthony John McClane Chris McCollum Joe McGarrey Cedric McHenry John McNelly Julie McRay Mark McShaffry Gary Miles Dyke Miller Bryce Miner Donald Minor James Mitchell Janet Mitchell Troy Moncrief 232 f FRESHMEN ,. Y, . s s t sf X? J' 3 s j' R . R W' . t N X s 1 X .,,Ei,,3ssJ ii? X N , : ---- ' ' - " :anis it -- Q 5 :Sf T ' y -all .1 K A ' - ". i ai X "' ' E '- 1 ,, .sg if ' . Q V- , 7 , we " :ii 3 , R Ng X X Lax A 'es 'X N at f bl U7 Freshmen Float F ascinates Crowd vw? 12 , 1. Denisc Montes Charlene Moon Mindy Vloore Zuekary Nloore Leticia Moreno Sherry Mullins Carol Nflurruy Jacqueline New house Lan Ngoc Nguyen Thu Nguyen Susan Nichols Scott Nickerson Tracey' Nimock David Norman Kelly Norman Kathy' Ogletree John Ohendalski Rufino Ojeda Michelle Ortega Vicki Ortez Maria Ortiz Robert Oviedo Carol Owen Kim Owen Pam Owen Marleyna Owens Lisa Pacheco Ana Parada David Parrish Jennifer Peacock Javier Pena Linda Pena Juana Perales Kelley Peterson Carrie Phillips Dorothy Phillips 4C'ome on! We can't chicken out now. John N4cNelly md Troy' Moncrief represent the freshman class in the homecom ing parade. 234 f FRESH MEN Leona Phillips Dennis Pike Pedro Pinto Kelli Pitt Lori Prall Richard Price Shannon Price Alice Pritchard Eddie Provo Eric Purvey Patrice Purvey Anna Quattrochi Linda Rambo Becky Ramirez Jim Reasoner Ronald Redder Christine Reeves Al Remley Blair Renf ro Eva Rezsofi Mose Richard David Richards Jennifer Richardson Melvlyn Richardson Melora Ridgeway Carla Riley Becky Roberts Martha Robinson Kevin Roden Beatriz Rodriguez Rudy Rodriguez Alicia Rodriquez Joe Rodriquez Mike Rodriquez 45 is G' iii, 77-, gilixnfn. - M 3' 'f- Q, Q , L f -ve. .1 ,,,,, ee- -aj at if Me 'ar .Mx , , li? ,G , , ff T251 1 ig ff ..4 A, V' fax K i Freshmen Meet Requirements . 4 A at or r i t ly,l yl l llyl A . at . as Q zt- P t y ' P , -i P llr,e l 'f ' ' ' A Q P L , e lcc' tra , K fff'. 1: 'Q ' if' I ti i .,. l My ' fi lm A H y a? .r I All ' V ii ' ii K i 1 fry 4 i Y" S S gm ly l l 5 if ' i:" --e, ..if j ,,,,V--, ff' k,,, V ff V 1 G .1 A , if 1 i it W A ' i i i . ., L Q Wg --, 5 t- - J. A ':': as ' f . sf --vf s - , V kk'u ii - - . ZQ. i it , W if c s L.. In Nm l l l aa ,ei .E , , xi' X I S. soiii X f. J Q is as Q 'lk ..ab Q ,,, Ei, fi ii ' f K 27' figfilffljj ' . , 5 QQ? 52124321 ' J f ---" -- A J i , ' 'Q i GEF T J- . , .. " f :1 is was J ii 7 ' ' X , '::' if aacaol T S i -M ,. t , 2 si , gn ' , aa A. M ew . Q. 3' J J J -my 3 V i T 4Ms. Powell instructs Vicki Williams and Sherri Thomas in archery techniques. in : 3 S sa.-:rf i pw - .gy ,E .i,,,A.: K -8' S' es.: Q , ,,,, A ,pa 'V Estela Roman Rudolph Romero Robert Ross Gina Rossodivita Tracy Rubin Joseph Ruelas Ingrid Russell John Rymell Da-:Ann Sabourin Tina Marie Salazar Richard Salinas David Sanchez Fidel Sanchez Rod Sanders Sonia Sandoval Adriane Scott Irma Serrano Andy Shapter Claudia Shaw Joe Shaw Wilford Sherrod Jon Shibley Tracy Shores Robert Shryoc Brad Simcox Senora Simon Jack Simpson Delanna Singleton Machelle Slaughter Dion Smith Margo Smith Mary Smith Robert Smith Treva Smith Anthony Sneed Gary Sorenson Sally Sosa Tony Sparkman Andy Spencer Chris Spencer Elizabeth Stegient Clarence Stembridge Jimmy Stevens 2361 FRESHMEN Frosh Cope With High School Courses Laura Stevens Sandra Stewart Ken Strassburger Kathy Sullivan Lori Sullivan Michelle Surles l.aVivian Taylor va 'fix . a 'I' Q -J uf 7 , , Michelle Taylor , ,,,. , f, f : . i :ost MattTerrell W ' ' N Demeteria Thomas Sherri Thomas - Melynda Thornton Rebecca Thurston , , vo " ,e Mt' 42 , . I I ,A Y f I . 4 f--, A s John Tennerson I V wl- fi N f A- X e - ig! y.? 1. Q. ,L 5 ,ff X . , ,M ,I , V f ,Fw ' W A .45 S I Jill Tieding Shonda Tillison Sherry Toney Gracie Torres Mary Michael Townsend Lisa Tracy Sylvia Trevino Paul Trimble Peter Tsung Amy Turlington Dan Turner Jim Turner Robyn Unell Vicki Utley it 4 it Bryan Valdez N Kathleen Vance ,A+ Mark Vantilburg Norma Vasquez Gina Vega Marcial Vela Lucy Villafranca A ' Q Daniel Villcgas A .57 ,E 5, l ag? vrvl zs, PGary Sorenson studies for a geometry test. 5 xv 'l 'Y 1 X! 5 A " ' gf, Y X I , J 6 T- , , V 1. 5. . , if , Q 1 "' sv "' ' f-if as ill 's E f C I Robert VonBehrens Kim Waller Darren Walles Robert Ward Keith Warren Bobby Washington Vicky Watkins Missy Wershay 4I've discovered gold! Donna Brewer and Robyne Kelley experiment in GPS. is as YI 5- ,Q4 3 ,Im 'Q ft " 46 W law-We t f, .. , ,V . 1 ..f:: to ' no i "2 - i4 .. f .' F ,,,- " , 1 1 .1 F S o A .et K- JF' e ya , -1 R .:y. 1 A Q cgi: g . Q. 1 So li 4. s 1? if M N- 7' . 1 1 ,,. . e 5 ' A i A' SQ : .Q in .fini Noni Wheat Benita Whitaker Audra White Terry White Brian Whitener Julie Whitley Preston Wiggins Dexter Wilborn Angela Williams Fred Williams Traven Williams Marcy Willman Robert Wilson Steven Wilson Michelle Wood Sandy Woods Diana Yarbrough Juan Ybarra Daniel Zavala Lisa Zinn Joe Zuniga THE IIIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE IIIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE IIIGH SCHOOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SC H OO L THE H IG H SCHOOL THE IIIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL T H E H IGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HI SC I- A L THE HIGH SC OL TH H f SCHOOL TH If HIGH SC OOL TI-I ., I ICHOOI... THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCH L THE HIGH SCHOOL THE IIGH S OOOL ' HE HIGH SCHO L THE I GH SCHOOL THE I- IGH SCHOO E HIGHI SCHOO THE HIG SCH 'I f THE HIGH SCHOOL THE IIIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOOL THE IIIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE IIIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH f . ' 'I I' EIfHO ,. TIIE IIIGII SCH L THE IIIGII SCIIOOL TIIE I-IIGII SCIIOOL TIIE ,IIIGIT-SCHOOL TILE I-IIGVI SCI-IO'OL THE NH G I SCIIOOI, THE HIGH SCIIOOL TI-IE ILIGLI SCIIOOL THE ,TTIGIII SCI-IOOL TH EJIIGIITSCII-IOOOL THE IIIGII KCTIOOL FTE IIIGII SCHOOL TIIE HIGH SCIIOOL TIIE,IfIIGI-I I' THE HIGH fSCI-I TI-IE HIG SCIIOOL HE IIIGI-I SCIIOOL THE ll THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE IIIGH SCHOOI THE HIGH SCHOOOL TIIIT HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOI THE HIGH SCHOOL THIH HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOI TIII1 HIGH SCHOOL THIQ HIGH 'CI"TIOOI, THE IIIGH SCI-IOOI TH 'IGH SCHOOL TH-E IIIGH SCI-TIOO . HE HIGI- 'IT C FL THE I-IIGI SCHOOL THE IBH SC HOOI... -'IE HIGH S I OL THE IIIGH . CHOOL .. H GH SCHOOL TH III SCI OL THE HIGH S HOO THE IIGII SCHOOL TI---I . HIGH S S -IOOL THIS ,HIGH I OOL TI- HIGH "CII L THE H ' SCHOOL HIGH S THE HIGH SCHOOL T III I SCHOOL I .I E I HIGH I-IOOIKT H HIGH SCHOOL ,Q THE IIIGII S OO THE HIGH THE HIGH SCI-IOOL THE HIGH THE GH S I-IOOL TIIE I-IIGII SCHOOL THE I1 SCH SCI-I L TIIE-jI-IGH, SCHOOL SCH L, TH HIGH SCHOOL -I THE HIGH sus THE I-IIG HE HIGH SCI-L09-If TXIIE I-IIGIT"TH.E' HIGH S OOL THE HIGH SCHOOL ,TIIE lSCI-IOOL ySQI-IQQETI-IE I D SCHOOL SCQOOI, TI-IE HIGH SCHOOL. THE III' IIIGIISCEII'O 'L THE'I'LHTGSHI" THIEIIH 'HIGH-IIITHE17HIGHI1f-I f' i+fmHIEIImGHEI5 SCHOOL THE G .ee CHO IIIGI-I -Cu SCHOOL TIIE HIGH SCHOOLS THE HIGH SCIIO O HIGH ' 'Soi' - HIG THE - ' OOOTTTE IIIGII SCHOOL TIIE IGI- , O L ' IIOOL ' a ,LIJIGII-I SCHOOL I TIIE IIIGII SCH I f 'll' IGI-I Ng , ,M IIIG N i,:!f5"'s e- 1 NI-IIGI-I SCIIOOL TIIE I ' me ,G OOL TI-II If - SCIIOOI. -TIE HIGH SISI-IOOL THE IIIGII SCII ,. - III ' . IIE GH QI THE IIIGII I SCHQO.L,s'I'I--IE IIIGII SCHOOL TIIE I IGI-I TIL TL S OL TIIE ,q,'I g-I SCIIOO , x, ' ij IIIGI-I SCIIOOI. I TIIE IIIGII SC OL TH '1 IGI- ,f f'r'1'Io-n-Iv -IU! T WI. IIIGH SCIIO I. TIIIQ IIIGII SCIIOOL THE I-IIGI-I SCH OL 'SC L IIE IIIGII .70 , O I ..., TIIE IIIGI-I SCI-IOOL I THE IIIGII SC OOL TIIE III, TI .. SCHOOL IIEI IIIGH SCI-IOOL TI-IE IIIGII SCHOOL THE IIIGI-I SCHO I. S IRI THE IIIGH diaffnfo STIIOLY TIIE IIIGI-I SCIIOOL TIIE HIGH SC OOL TI-IE HIGH TI Isa SCI-IOOL LIVTII TI---I II GH SCIIOOL TIIE IIIGII SCHOOL TIIE HIG SCHOOL . Is Wm- T QYIII pl SCH L TIIE IIIGII SCHOOL TIII1 HIGII SC OOO- T GH HYII S I,gL'?LI '1- iff y, iq: II TEIE IIIGII SCIIOOOL TIIEQI-IIGII-'I SCHOOL THE HIG SCI-IOOL S I as..--2--f -:L,,fo.'Io SCI-IOOL THE I-IIGII SLI-IOOL I TI-IE HIGH SC IIOOL E IIIGII T E IIIGII SCHOOL TI-IE IGII THE I-IIGI-I SCHOOL TIIE IIIGII SCIIOOL TIIE HIGH :CIIOOL SC OOL THE IIIGII S IOOL SCIIOOL THE IIIGI-I SCIIOOI, I TI-IE HIGI-I SCI OOL TIIE I-IIGI-I THE - 'C-'IOOL T .,.. I-IIGII TI-IE I-IIGII SCI-IOOL THE IIIGII I SCHOOL TIIE IGII SCIIIRJLXSCIIOOL THE I-IIGII SCI-IOOL SCI-IOOL TIIE IIIGII SCHOOI. THE I--IIGII SCH L TI-IE HIGI-I THE HIGH SCHOOL TIIE IIIGI-I THE IIIGI-I-I SCHOOL TI'-IE IIIGI-I SCIIOOL THE III SCHOOL SCHOOL THE IIIGI-I SCHOOL SCIIOOL THE IIIGII SCIIOOL TI-IE I-IIGII SCIIO THE IIIGI--I SCHOOL TI-IE I-IIG SCIIOOL THE HIGH SCIIOOI. E I-IIGII SCI---IOOL THE IIIGII L 'HOOL TI-IE IIIGII SCIIOOI.. THE IIIGII SCIIOOI. THE IIIGI-I SCI-IOOL TIIE I-IIGII SCHOOL TI-IE HIGH SCI-IOOL THE I-IIGII SCI-IOOL THE I-IIGII SCIIOOI. THE IIIGII SCIIOOI. TIIE IIIGII SCHOOL THE IIIGII SCIIOOL TIII2 IIIGII SCHOOL THE IIIGII SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL 238 f FACULTY THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL TI-IE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE IIIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCI-IOOL THE IIIGH SCHOOL THE IIIGII SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL BUSINESS ANG? TE-IK 1532 FACULTY Paschal Staff Broadens Knowledge X . Q . , SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH THE HIGH SCHOOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH SCHOOL THE HIGH I :il x , 1, 1 JAR f Board Meets Goals At the beginning of the school year, the School Board had five main objectives: improving the in- structional program, securing adequate financing, setting new policies, emphasizing community rela- tions, and initiating more citizen involvement. The Board remained committed to providing the best possible education program within the finan- cial capacity of the school district. Elected by qualified voters of the school district, the Board's nine members served without pay. The president and the vice-president were elected at large while the seven other members served as single-member district representatives. The Board met on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. School Superintendent Dr. Carl Candoli worked with the Board to maintain a high standard of education for the Fort Worth Independent School District. A4 Dr. Carl Candoli speaks at a PTA meeting. A Dr. Richard O'Neal speaks at a meeting. 4 Mr. David Bloxom and Mr. William Johnson converse dur- ing a Board meeting. 633' 'T T. A A ' TT '. V ,V "'- -V Q in RV" 'N A 1 +2 J f A S. L X... l , l i A FORT WORTH BOARD OF EDUCATION MEMBERS. Front Row: Mrs. Mollie Lasater, vice-presidentg Dr. H. Richard O'Neal, presidentg Mrs. Pat Shannon, secretary. Back Row: Mr. Carlos Puente, Mr. William Johnson, Mr. Stan Harrell, Mrs. Maudrie Walton, Mr. David Bloxom, Mr. Bill Elliott. Dr. I, Carl Candoli Superintendent of Schools - ,, 3 Mr. Eugene Gutierre7 5 jj Associate Superintendent for Non-Instructional Services my fy Mr. Tommy Taylor if Associate Superintendent for Instructional Services ' Dr. James Bailey Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Services f Dr. Richard Benjamin fi ' 'V Assistant Superintendent for Planning and Development 43 Mrs. Ann Brannon ' . if Assistant Superintendent for Instruction M55 "gif, K id ,N ' V Aa ,-WE. V Dr. Robert McAbee ' A ii Assistant Superintendent for Occupational Education and Auxiliary M Services ' , F, W ' ' V I Mr. Troy Sparks A fy 2 , Assistant Super intendeni for Community and Governmental Relations 242f FACULTY Principals Boost Pride Principal Ralph Miller along with Vice Prin- cipals Herman Baldwin, Prudence Laird, and Joe Martinez worked hard to keep Paschal "The High School" by encouraging school traditions and pride. During the year, Mr. Miller kept a steady pace with teacher and parent Conferences and student consultations. Assisting Mr. Miller in his tradi- tional responsibilities were the vice principals. Their jobs included textbook distribution, registra- tion, busloading, parking lot supervision, and stu- dent discipline. Mr. Baldwin and Mrs. Laird were joined this year by Mr. Martinez. Through the year, these four individuals gave quality leadership as well moral support to the whole student body. P I would be happy to explain 6.3b. Mr. Miller faces another day. VP That's Miller M-i-I-I-e-r. Alison Mclntire aids Mr. Miller. T. 'WQNN , at Fa 4 'R - if Ralph Miller Principal aw.. , I, ai? -gi? Mr. Herman Baldwin Mrs. Prudence Laird Mr. Joe Martinez Vice-Principal Vice-Principal Vice-Principal morning announcement. paper. 4Ya'll' come back now! Mrs. Laird models a PSOP hat. VThis is your friendly parking attendant. Mr. Baldwin relays a 4VMr. Martinez observes Christina Provenza working on a as A A 'Vex H Q -S f is ,- .-f""i Offices Run School The office staff helped keep Paschal running by handling school business and the paper work that's involved with it. Mrs. Jody Gatewood, school secretary, answered the telephone, took care of the mail, sold supplies, and compiled reports for the ad- ministration building. The school registrar, Mrs. Dolores Shaw, prepared payrolls, sent transcripts, and assisted the athletic department by typing player eligibility lists. She also acted as Mr. Miller's secretary. The bookkeeping was managed by Mrs. Laura McEntire. She collected money for lost textbooks, accounted for club money, and per- formed secretarial duties for Mr. Baldwin and Mr. Martinez. ln the attendance office, Mrs. Oleta Cope and Mrs. Marguerite Fricke typed absentee lists and handled student tardies and dismissals. They were also helpful in delivering messages to students from parents. Mr. Paul Gavia was the new AShoot! overdrawn again! Mrs. McEn- tire balances the checkbook. PMrs. Shaw handles the respon- sibilities of being school registrar. VPAre you sure this is his mother okaying this dismissal? Mrs. Cope con- firms a dismissal in the Attendance office. Mrs. Oleta Cope Attendance Clerk Mrs. Marguerite Fricke Attendance Clerk Mrs. Jody Gatewood Secretary campus monitorg his duties included hall and park- ing lot supervision. 1 'e-. i . . fiii Q1 Mr. Paul Gavia ,. I' - Campus Monitor 't,. Vi ' f - . . ' 1 Mrs. Laura McEntire - ' ' " Bookkeeper , Q ' Mrs. Dolores Shaw i . A Secretary A 1 244 f FACULTY J rf? Q W? 6 A ji' atm? 8 gf? 12 94 sa' if 4 . .Q 9' iw? " ii 4' lg ' ' 'T 33. .f.. exif ci, K W -gn f..,.1 W x ' . up f 1 AJ .Ax ' ,. , ' 'W'7 1. 9 ef' A it A .wi 4 ' I' V E if . ,. e - Q- tass t , 3 .rtfxx it C N 191 Q az. at t fit r at Q aeeee A i .,... f N 2 Counselors Aid Students The counselors' vital role was to give students advice and guidance. Each counselor evaluated the transcripts of in- coming students, arranged parent-teacher conferences, and helped students with registration. They also administered standardized tests such as the Scholastic Aptitude Test and Iowa Test for Educational Development. For those students desiring a post high school education, the counseling center played host to representatives from various colleges around the nation. Counselors were also available during school hours to advise students on their personal and academic questions. X131 '+- nf X l AMrs. Major and Van Samppala go over an SAT form together. 4Mr. Rivera and Matt Maness revue a transcript. Y4Mrs. Strain checks student schedules. ,,,, h . ., 1 ' . if Mrs. Betty Crabtree Data Processing 'Q 3, N ft li' ' ' "' 2' t ,... . A K .v--1 C f X I V' 4 ,, Mr. Riley Hampton ard' E A .' Counselor an f .--' V. Mrs. Margie Major ' 1 f i' Counselor if" 7 V Mr. Robert Rivera Q Counselor 'Vli C V Mrs. Mary Strain 1 Counselor at . Mrs. Carol Brown Art Advanced Art Ms. Cynthia Scott Art Advanced Art English APOh dear! This is pure, rocky-mountain-high-spring water. Mrs. Brown is about to add a picture to the showcase. PI told you over and over again you hold the paint brush like this. Ms. Scott shows Anthony Carrillo and Leslie Johnson a new technique of painting. 246 f FACULTY Art Creates Color The art department made students aware of their own creativity and talent. The beginner's class con- centrated on the basic elements of art, such as drawing, design, and color. Advanced classes were centered on study projects which were occasionally displayed in the showcase. . x .,-'fd i Courses Teach Skills Some of the many business courses available were typing, shorthand, accounting, and personal business management. Beginners in typing learned the key board and were drilled for accuracy and speed while the advanced typing classes learned how to use the dictating machine and the executive typewriter. Shorthand students learned how to quickly and easily take notes, while the accounting students learned how to keep accurate records. Students in personal business got a general background in good buying habits, money manage- ment, and banking. All these courses were essential for the students who wanted to enter the business world. ' z ' :XS- Qt.,-L, AAMrs. Enright plans another schedule for her accounting class 4Which key do I hit first? Mrs. Welch assists Alicia Chadwell. AI see you hiding there. Mrs. Wallace looks for an assignment for her typing class f X X X , V A , Mrs. Sybil Echols r r ... . . . Typing ' f m ' , , Personal Business Management 'E ' ' V Mrs. LaTonne Enright i""4,L"'9" V Nw Data Processing ' .I , X ' ' .,A Annual Sales Staff . -'., L ' Typing . I qw V 1. Accounting R r :lffi 1 za A ' ii 1' Mrs. Letha Wallace Typing Mrs. Jean Welch Typing . y .yyy g p wg Personal Business Management -I Mrs. .Ierina Barnes English, Ebony Club Mrs. Carol Bott English, Drill Team Mrs. Julia Grant Reading Laboratory Student Advisory Committee Mrs. Ilene Harwell English Mr. Ray Janes English, Journalism PANTHERETTE Mrs. Billie Lee English Ms. Janice Maddux American Culture and Thought PANTHER, English Mrs. Betty Moore English Mrs. Esther Osborne English Accelerated English Ideas Are Expresse The English department offered both required and elective courses. Students in the required classes studied spelling, literature, and grammar. Research papers on literary criticism or historical subjects were completed by all juniors and seniors. Accelerated English, Honors English, and American Culture and Thought CACTJ were special classes available to students. Reading was offered as an elective and was taken by those wishing to improve their skills and study habits. Film strips, cassettes, and books aided students in their efforts. Humanities, another elective, gave an overview of the cultural history in Western civiliza- tion. Students studied periods of history through art, music, architecture, and philosophies. 'vzgffsi J? idiom. ddil 'TTR sae 1 ,4. S. A You see, my hands are clean. Mr. Reed 8fFACU C., 1 it OD. Mfxggii i discusses the structure of sentences. 4 I told you I could write without looking. Mrs. Williams grades a test paper while students look i . . Ll, - ,f Q. E S . V .2156 4 5 A l E l I I 3 2 .ieiifmf .. V its f .. six . f 1 H :fs is J...-+ sm? K 9... 'vi 'Q in Ai K. E A Q . A . ,,,.- l , :i, . 5 -M3 -. Ti W . i iet . ' r at P' es-SH.. 2 ri X. Mrs. Mary Perry English Mrs. Alice Powell English Mr. Bob Reed English OAA Creative Writing VIGNETTE Mrs. Sue Smith English, Humanities Accelerated English Mrs. .lan Turner English, Accelerated English Senior Activities Mrs. Cecilia Villa Reading, Reading Laboratory Latinos in Action Mrs. Helen Wallace English Senior Activities Mrs. Sylvia D. Williams English PAWS Ms. Susan Williams Drama, Speech W4 ' - E X S kN?w,x ,f 3 Q 'Q :Alix AA4Boy,I wish I had her plate. Robby Malone looks at Mrs. Smith's plate during an English party. AAMrs. Bott and Mr. Shipler converse during passing period. 4I'll trade you. Mrs. Turner and Sher- rie Fatka admire senior prizes for the senior magazine sale. Foreign Languages Cultivate Minds ,z t fs Z 1? P A rmxax v sf Spanish, French, Latin, and German electivesl lent students of foreign language classes practice in speaking, reading, and writing the language. In- structors also exposed pupils to the cultural heritage of the different countries through the use of field trips, slides, films, discussions, and trips abroad. Language skills were improved through the use of resources such as the language laboratory. Each language also had its own club, Through membership in these clubs, students improved their understanding of the culture of the country. Teachers also encouraged students to enter foreign language contests such as the annual Language Fair held in April. me-as . e AA Mrs. Wilkerson and Cara Beggs enjoy the Spanish club Chili Supper. A It feels like a book. Mrs. Newland is going to call out grades to her class. P I can't feel my heart beat. Mr. Smith thinks quietly in class. Mrs. Lenore Hurlev rs- f ,- t at Latin QAWV Latin Club 7 ' Q il L Mrs. Marion Newland ' Spanish, La Tertulia English for Speakers of Other Languages - V V, Mr. Terry Smith V t' German, World History,German Club F. V . I ,Q " Paschal Student Involvement ',, 5' Wg? N A ' Society for Academic Excellence V I .5 'ef V- ' Mrs. Sherry Snyder 'XV ' 1' ' " tx Vx, 9 X, ' French, French Club X N' A i V . VV VV Mrs. Olivia Wilderson . ' . N Spanish 250 f FACULTY V x -t i J J Health Improves Habits One of the goals of the health department was to teach students good habits so that they could live a healthier life. Students were taught grooming habits, nutrition, and first aid. Drug and alcohol abuse, sexuality, functions of the human body, and both mental and physical problems were also em- phasized as students watched films and demonstra- tions, and listened to guest speakers. : S if f 1 L L5 AMrs. Johnson talks to Modesto Ayala, a parent, during Open House PThis is my hand. Mr. Wood lectures his health class on emergency tips f AA Tell me the history of the M81 lVl's. Mr. C aft shows that M8LM's cannot be eaten in class. A Ms. Henderson enjoys a JV game. P Now, how do you o this? Mrs. Q attr hi braids Lee n Cox's hair, i r ' Mr. Robert Bennett iw' , uw , - American History Y , A , Government ff Y - . 11 g , p , i 'Ig i. . A . ., k . V Mr. Luther Craft A iiii t World History, Ebony Club Mr. Jimmie Crowder American History, Athletics Ms. Doris Henderson American History, Government Cheerleaders Mr, Morris Moore Government, World History American History 252 f FACULTY Histor Brings Heritage History students learned about their heritage through the study of world history, American history, and government which were three ofthe re- quired courses. The department also offered elec- tives including sociology, psychology, and contem- porary issues. American Culture and Thought which combined the study of literature and history, was taught as a college preparatory elective for juniors. Films and class discussions were some of the methods used to encourage students to think on their own. a iistf' 3. FW 4A B C D Mrs Sullivinl iffy ..., . 5 4A What is that" Ms Wright assists Raymond Nash on a problem while Ms Kellen ectures during class. a history homework assignment. Mrs. Marjory Philp American History ACT Contemporary Issues Whiz Quiz Paschal Society ofAcademic Excellence Leadership Committee Mr. Gary Ponder World History, Athletics Mrs. Terry Quattrochi Advanced Placement American History Whiz Quiz, American History Mrs. Ruth Sullivan World History, American History Ms. .lhani Wright World History, Sociology Psychology, AFS Industrial Arts Come In Hand 4 11' J ? AMr, Ceresini shows Aron Beck, Willy lbarra, Stacy Bingham, and Tim Kline how to make geometric figures. PYou see it doesn't burn you. Mr. Shipler instructs Malcolm Bates on using a welding torch. Mr. Bob Ceresini Drafting Mr, James Jenkins Wood Shop Mr. Evan Nudd Power Mechanics Mr. Danny Shipler Metal Shop Athletics 254f FACULTY Electives offered by the Industrial Arts depart- ment were drafting, woodworking, power mechanics, and metal working. Drawing abstract objects and architectural views kept drafting students busy while dedicated wood and metal workers used their imaginations to carve wood and mold metal into creative and useful designs. Students in power mechanics learned how to repair engines for automobiles and lawnmowers. rg W ' " -U Ole'- Q I vw. r..L ' tt' 1' 2 MT: ' ..v v tttt Sf ' ' , W.. Mrs. Pat Breese Library Clerk Mrs. Madge Hardin Librarian PMrs. Hardin works diligently in her offi VVOh! lt's 4 o'clock. Mrs. Breese checks VMrs. Hardin thinks ofwhere to go next. Annual ce ordering new books. to see ifit is time to go KJ llfill ll Q ,L Librarians -quit home. W. . 0 Solve Research Needs Librarian Madge Hardin and Library Clerk Pat Breesc had many duties that included helping the faculty find resources and check out equipment for instructional use. Students were assisted with their use of the card catalog, reference materials, and research methods. As a result of their supportive ef- forts, the library ran smoothly. yf"'X im.. AI caught it! Mrs. Jenkins shows Mrs. Garland and Mr. Massey a beaker. PThe math department gives Mr. Hamilton a money tree, instead of a baby shower. Mrs. Annie Conley Geometry, Algebra Trigonometry Penta Club .. K -Saga . Mrs. Betty Garland Algebra, Trigonometry Introductory Algebra Fundamentals of Math xg I Mr. Philip Hall Fundamentals of Math Algebra, Athletics Mr. John Hamilton Elementary Analysis, Calculus Algebra, Analytic Geometry Trigonometry, Student Council Leadership Committee, Whiz Quiz Society for Academic Excellence Mrs. Bennie Jenkins Introductory Algebra Algebra, Fundamentals of Math 256 f FACULTY r 1 fit? ti ath kills Learned In addition to fundamentals of math, introduc- tory algebra, geometry, trigonometry, algebra, elementary analysis, calculus, and computer math, the math department encouraged independent study for the advanced student. These studies in- cluded probability and statistics, number theory, analytic geometry, and linear algebra. Placement tests were given to ninth graders to determine which level of math would best match their ability. The option to change to a different level based on progress was also available. ...I ,.1. ' - L'1' N- --. ,-1:3 ikiiilf init ' , -: q I Z- ,Q sx ft , An-emi 5' Q Y' fs ,f ti g , I , n r 9' Vik t . -, fetitsftf ..+:?-ww F . F Y lr l 5 ,..: iw , as .-4-g if - . , - ' i- 1fW 2 4 si sss L 1 1 i ssssr -as 4 I eer J " . ii: - ,-: 'iE'g . A I 51,.,,. . m:.L. A im V . +51-1 I 'N' .1 ,Wg wx . Y ,. 4, .. -,,, 1 2. 5' 2 t as ., . :,:.. I , .... if rt. 2 t W' iw P ,,, A Ei ar- S si I as 5 4Sit up straight, boys and girls. Coach Naylor checks role. Vlf that kid asks me one more question! Mrs. Judy Vick uses a transparency to explain a geometry theorem. V4Now can you see what time it is? Mrs. Conley explains a math problem Mr. Wesley Landers Trigonometry, Elementary Analysis Geometry, Fundamentals of Math Introductory Algebra Mr. Claude Massey Algebra, Introductory Algebra Fundamentals of Math Mr. John Naylor Math Athletics Mrs. Elizabeth Ross Geometry, Introductory Algebra Mrs. Judy Vick Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry Mrs. Sherree Wood Trigonometry, Elementary Analysis Geometry Music Department Mrs. Joy Howington A-Cappella Choir Concert Choir Girls' Ensemble Show Choir Miss Janet Kline Orchestra Mr. Robert Taylor Concert Band Marching Band Stage Band 'kv C a l .,f.-ef fff- ,M . 53 C? iw Eg . ,,, f. 4 , ix., ,. V I A"l 'f Q- f H .+,,.... ff , .uv -I 22 .1 L f A 0.K. Mike, give it here. Miss Kline tells Mike McSchaffry to give her the music sheet, while Andre Williams looks on. V I'm singing in my room. Mrs. Joy Howington plans for a chorus performance. 258 f FACULTY Maintains Excellence Students interested in developing their musical talents had their choice of chorus, orchestra, or band. Under the direction of Mrs. Joy Howington, chorus members performed at the TWC choir festival in November, the Christmas program inl December, and UIL competition. Choir members also assisted the drama department in the produc-1 tion of Li'l Abner. l The orchestra, which met during first period, was. a vital part of the music department. Miss Janet Kline, a new addition to the faculty this year, directed the orchestra in its performances. Duringy the musical production of Li'l Abner, orchestral members accompanied the cast. The marching band continued the music depart- ment's tradition of excellence. Mr. Robert Taylor's experienced direction helped make the band perfor- mances skilled and precise. l ef-s,,,,MWV - m""'tfs.. 'ff 4- r 1 ,ts T , , Z ..,,,, . M , , t t . . fa. ,, t .5?J1-i1'zf'?M52!ff Wwe.. fw'-4121 'f?WS21fLfezf,i'f: wg 4. - Ti- -' ,, , an Nurse Helps The Ill Mrs. Ella Knight ran the nurse's office very effi- ciently and smoothly by making certain all students had their health records up-to-date. She helped students when they were ill and offered her advice for those with health problems. The nurse also went to health classes to teach the pupils how to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. With Mrs. Knight's help, the school ran more efficiently. ,fm AThe nurse checks the student records for Diptheria-Tetanus shots PHurry! Kiss her before she turns into a frog. Mrs. Ella Knight demonstrates Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation while Mark Jones gives the dummy mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Mrs. Ella Knight Nurse PE Encourages Sportsmanship 260 f FACULTY The physical education department gave students numerous ways to exercise and release tension by offering many classes. By taking regular PE, both boys and girls participated in such ac- tivities as volleyball, softball, bowling, and roller- skating. Boys who wanted to participate in team sports could choose from football, baseball and basketball, while girls could take volleyball or basketball. Team sports which included both boys and girls were track, swimming, soccer, tennis, golf, and gymnastics. PE allowed a break from the academic courses while encouraging good sportsmanship. PCoach Wall jokes around with his rollerskating class. VAre we winning or losing? Ms. Powell coaches a volleyball game. VPSee how many tardies you have. Coach Helbing and Mike Martinez go over a roster. Mrs. Charlotte Allar Girls' Track Team Gymnastic Team Physical Education Mr. James Brewer Officiating Athletics Mr. Floyd Earwood Physical Education Athletics Mrs. Norma Headrick Physical Education Mr. David Helbing Physical Education Tennis Team Ms. Marti Powell Bowling, Volleyball Physical Education Mr. Jim Wall Skating, Basketball .QT-2' 'swim is X xx- fW.f-,f.,, sa:-Sw Q . y s ii K ogg N S iii 'Z , . , of fr , A R S s E. Y:-'55 Q i i n scsgwg ,... Vfk. 1 1 --.Q X .. .- . 2 ,. 7 -'H T if fw' " ' -s .- i it - Plan Improves Skills Teachers Mrs. Pat Guinn, Mrs. Gloria Horton, Mrs. Chris Minor, and Mr. Carlos Padron provided individual attention for Plan A students by helping them with their learning problems in English, math, and history. The program was established to help students improve skills and return to regular academic classes. Added this year was a diagnostic Center staffed by Mrs. Jean LaDue and Mrs. Kay Reuter. Their job included vocational skills testing for students throughout the district. ggi? N -ii ' f- f l p i i S -wr- - usvff. Q AMrs. Horton talks with her assistant Mrs Johnson 4Mrs. Guinn explains a math problem to Chris Young Mrs. Pat Guinn Plan A Mrs. Gloria Horton Plan A Mrs. Cynthia Hudson Plan A Aide Mrs. Clydine Johnson Plan A Aide Mrs. Joann Jones Plan A Mrs. Jean LaDue Plan A Mrs. Josie Martinez Plan A Aide Mr, Carlos Padron Plan A Mrs. Kay Reuter Plan A 262 f FACULTY gfaf'-" Mrs. Ann Ballard General Physical Science Mrs. Jane Blaylock General Physical Science Biology Soccer Volleyball Mr. James Bretthauer Chemistry Physics Soccer PSOP Mrs. Mary Couch Biology Mr. Weldon Lotspeich Chemistry Tennis Team PSOP Mr. Clyde Prior General Physical Science 5 vi, 5 , g315iM.,:zg" s s, ,iv "W , . ' 41 f ., 2 -K , ' fe I . . i Q. V ,.,, .,, ,mx .var , mm ,W HW wi M',,.,44g , 1 W at H N f 55145 J ,,yyy Scientists Explore GPS Cgeneral physical sciencej and biology were the basic science courses taken by most students. GPS initiated students to the fundamentals of chemistry and physics through experimental labs. This course was taken by a majority of freshmen. Biology, the study of botany and zoology, was taken mainly .by sophomores to complete graduation requirements. Advanced courses were also offered. Chemistry, physics, and advanced biology enabled students to B dig into the mysteries of science and learn first hand about the world around us. .gsm OW OG' O AAA Mrs. Wilson demonstrates how to use a microscope to biology students Carmen McDonough and James Meadows. AA4 Now, what does it do? Mr. Bretthauer and Cindy Almy observe a gyro. AA Jimmy Bishop, Bernadette Jones, and John Tennerson work on a GPS experiment as Mrs. Ballard looks on. A Coach Stephens collects his mail. 4 1 it W eta. iQ A4 Mrs. Couch takes time to feed her pet guinea pig. A Sit down, Gerald, you know I don't take late homework Brian Oscherwitz discusses science with Mr. Wall. 4 Mr. Lotspeich and his assistant Joe Bear grade hom Mrs. Alma Simon General Physical Science Mr. Herb Stephens Biology, Girls' Basketball Golf Team, Football Mrs. Mary Strasheim General Physical Science Mr. Gerald Wall Biology, Science Club Mrs. Ola Wilson Ebony Club Xt General Physical Science, Programs Stress Careers Vocational education courses provided job skills in a variety of fields that prepared students for future occupations. Vocational Office Education QVOED was divided into VOE Co-op, which allowed seniors to work in general office situations, and VOE lab. Another course that offered students an opportunity to learn the use of office machines was Word Processing. Construction and automotive training was available through Industrial Cooperative Training CICTJ while Home Economics Cooperative Education CHECEJ students worked in many different fields. Coor- dinated Vocational Academic Education CCVAEJ offered two options, food service and office train- ing. Home Economics classes offered consumer and home management skills. For those interested in sales and marketing, Distributive Education CDEJ allowed students to have on-the-job training while receiving high school credit. Child Development students worked as volunteers helping elementary teachers. Vocational classes enabled students a chance to work toward careers while still in school. APMrs. King shows Cinda Burns how to operate a dictating machine. PMrs. Pursley converses with Janie Rodriguez Mr. Clayton Bodiford Distributive Education, DECA Mrs. Mary Humber CVAE Food Service, HERO, PAWS Mr. Andrew Johnson Industrial Cooperative Training Mrs. Mary Jordan Home Economics Cooperative Education HECE of .sg 3 in Mrs.Jane King Word Processing, VOE Lab, OEA Mrs. Evelyn Pittman Health Occupations Education HOSA Mrs. JoAnn Popham Child Development Mrs. Sara Pursley Homemaking, FHA lv Mrs. Trisha Satterfield Vocational Office Education, OEA Mrs. Rose Marie Smith Homemaking, FHA Mrs. Fay Sproull CVAE Office Duplication 264 f FACULTY ' f ,Q 2. Ke ' I Q . g ---f ' ff . H I W . - A... its awww V A rff pg, Q 1 J H t fi wi? f i i . N. -- K p .. A . or -- 'T - fr ' -wt.. 1 Y if ff, -.f tt 'aft as -Sis--.t. 2- felvggx r R T . A55 at ' ' to Q 2 , if E V? 5 w 8,-K at i Y ,L ' my . 'si sr 9 fa e . 3-fi-an Q ld f has iJ,5"'x iw? Uk . School Operates Smoothl Custodian and cafeteria workers played an im- portant but seldom noticed role in making the school operate smoothly. The cafeteria staff fed eight hundred students daily. Although the menus were made up by administration personnel, the cafeteria staff was responsibile for preparing the meals and cleaning up after them. Their day began at 6:30 and ended at 2:00. Cleaning and maintaining one hundred and fif- teen rooms was the responsibility of the two shifts of custodians. The day shift opened the building and was in charge of up-keep all day long. The night shift arrived after school and cleaned 'the rooms preparing them for the next day. Without these dedicated people, the school would have had a hard time functioning. X' 4Mrs. Mary Woodson prepares lunch. anticipating hungry students at the salad bar. Mrs. Alva Jean Baston Cafeteria Mrs. Shirleane Benson Cafeteria Mr. Anthony Everitt Custodian Mrs. Audrey Garrett Custodian Mr. Alvin Hughes Custodian Mrs. Olga .laecks Cafeteria Mrs. Lena Jeffrey Cafeteria Mrs. lzona Jones Cafeteria Mrs. Ester Pineda Cafeteria Mrs. Dorothy Rhodes Cafeteria Mrs. Daphene Thompson Cafeteria Mr. Samuel Thornton Custodian 'f ' ... 'iff N 5"-his mr' Mr. Elijah White Custodian Mrs. Mary White Cafeteria Mrs. Mary Williams Cafeteria Mrs. Mary Woodson Cafeteria Mr. Willie Wright Custodian AA Ray Simmons, Donald Smith, Burt Chance, Andy Yarbrough, and David Griffin converse in the hall before the bell rings. A4 A worker at the FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM takes a break from a busy day. A Jon Anderson practices his tuba playing. 4 Laredo McClendon and Kim Waller enjoy lunch in the school cafeteria. AA4 Sorry, l'll have to take these away. Coach Hall buys a bumper sticker from Diane Stanley. AA Laura Hulings, Laurie Sprinkle, and Craig Kimberlin enjoy a toga party. A4 A crowd gathers to watch the Homecoming parade. A Say, airhead! Sandra Yarbrough complies with a Santa Pal's order. 4 Good-bye mass transit! Debbie Tesar prepares to transport a patient at Fort Worth Children's Hospital. AA Stay in that chair! Kayna Keenom assists Mrs. Pearl Sibley at Saint .loseph's Hospital. AAP Mary Pope and Sean Jenkins chat in the front foyer. AP Memories of Paschal include seeing the flags blowing on a windy day. A l don't know why people think Pm weird! Melissa Hodges talks on the phone during annual staff. P Leslie Senevey and Sherri Turner socialize in the cafeteria. 268 1 CLOSE AA I hope I don't rip my pants! Shannon Halwes shows off her fencing abilities, 4 .lust one more piece . . . Robin Friedman and Carolyn Cuningham share a pizza during a Penta Club party. V The auditorium is empty following the Homecoming pep rally. x E - W,-1,1-.uv-, 'L '1nLal.v.4l Introduction . . . Activities .... Sports . . . Organizations. . . Honors ........ Senior Class ..... Iunior Class. . . Sophomore Class ..., Freshman Class .... Staff Rounds Up 1982 Annual Editor: Sandy Yarbrough Copy Editor: Ellen Knapp Advisor: Ms. Janice Maddux Co-Advisor: Mrs. Madge Hardin .... Ioanne Fralia Iohn M. Iones Ellen Knapp . . . jennifer Daniels Sally Herr ...... Ralph Faxel Melissa Hodges Randy Rapp Elizabeth Thompson . . . . . Melissa Hodges Iackie Meeks Iennifer Richie Sandy Yarbrough Staff ...... Lisa Lopez Donna Stroup .... Amy Scheu Carolyn Zipp . . . .. Ralph Lipe lane Richardson . . . Erin Gutierrez Scott Hernandez Faculty ....... .... S ylvia Lozano Randy Rapp Photographers .... .... I ay Blinderman Ralph Faxel Robert Rubin . . . . Mrs. LaTonne Enright, Director Ieanette Chandler Vanessa Cooper Pam Gilstrap Tammy Martin Annie Pritchard Felicia Tennerson Sales Staff ..... Craftsmen .... ................... P rovine Studios Taylor and Glamourcraft Studios Taylor Publishing Company Special Thanks to ...............,. Sylvia Lozano: Artwork Miss Cynthia Scott: Artwork Mrs. lean VVelch's Typing 4 Classes Mr. and Mrs. Rorie Cowden, Hidden Valley Wagons Iackie Franklin: Adopted Staffer 1982 PANTHER STAFF. Front Row: J. Blinderman, J. Richardson, S. Herr, R. Rapp, S. Hernandez. Second Row: L. Thompson, J. Daniels, Mrs. Hardin, J. Jones, J. Richie. R. Faxel, L. Lopez, Ms. Maddux. J. Meeks. Third Row: E. Knapp, M. Hodges, S. Lozano, D. Stroup. C. Zipp, E. Gutierrez. Back Row: R. Lipe, A. Scheu, R. Rubin, S. Yarbrough: not pictured, J. Fralia. iw I 1- . 5,1 IYDYSI' x fail 15:9 ff? glad . can In Memoriam Gail Elaine Petty 1963-1981 make me able to live this life in great abundianiee Q . fi ' Gail Petty, 3ummeril98l Andrews, Glynis 158 Bates, Angela 125, 186 -A- Abah, Sandra 125, 184 Abbott, Sherry 184 Acosta, Becky 18, 82, 83, 92, 102, 158, 164 Acosta, John 208 Acosta, Wally 58 Addington, Marshall 101, 184 Addison, Mack 224 Aguilar, Jesse 115 Aguirre, Oscar 208 Aguirre, Sandra 93,224 Akin,Amy101, 184 Akins, Anthony 158 Alberts, Pamela 122, 158 Alcaraz, Rita 158 Alden, Lexie 97,224 Aleff, Kimberly 208 Alexander, Lisa 208, 217 Aleigagnder, Lynn 17, 64, 65, 102, Alford, Gary 42 Alford, Linda 121, 184 Allar, Mrs. Charlotte 76, 77, 261 Allen, Britt 51, 93 Allen, Doug 14, 74, 75, 76, 158 Allen, Janet 224 Allen, Kelli 184 Allison, Stephanie 94, 208 Almy, Cindy 13, 92, 102,104, iii, 158, 262 Almy, Susie 72,111,184 Alvarado, Jessie 113, 224 Alvarez, Cynthia 224 Amos, Mishaun 112, 129,224 Anderson, Jon 97, 123, 158, 266 Anderson, Karen 15, 91, 117, 184 Anderson, Regina 125 Andrus, Richard 39, 158 Anfin, Amy 158 Anfin, Danny 97, 143 Anguiano, Aydee 97, 115, 224 Anguiano, Lucia 93, 115, 224 Annarino, Jeff 107, 130, 182, 184 Antweil, Abby 18, 63, 107,184 Apala, Charlotte 126, 208 Arango, Mary 92, 116,117,158 Armstead, Kimberly 112,208 Arnn, Dana 72, 150, 184 Arnn, John 74,75,91,158 Arnold, Diane 224 Arnold, Sean 224 Arrendondo, Mary 224 Arroyo, Mauricio 71 Arthur, Marie 115, 124,224 Ashcraft, Chuck 54, 57, 107, 184 Asher, Tracy 26, 184 Ashley, Brandy 109 Ashworth, Eric 45, 224 Atkgrison, Murray 23, 158, 175, Ault, Amber 77, 222, 224 Ault, Sabrina 159 2721 INDEX Autry, Clayton 58,208 Autrey, Kecia 208 Aviles, Patricia 224 Ayala, Carmen 224 Ayala, Modesto 251 Ayers, Alicia 77, 126 -B- Backus, Bryan 184 Bailey, Daniel 92, 102, 159 Bailey, Dr. James 241 Bailey, Stephen 110, 208 Baker, Christy 224 Baker, Eric 224 Baker, Erica 112, 184 Baker, James 51, 53, 224 Baker, Melissa 224 Baker, Michael 184 Baker, Robert 6, 63, 107,206,208 Baker, Scott 74, 208 Baker, Stacey 159 Baker, Tammy 110, 127, 184 Baldwin, Blake 96, 97, 224 Baldwin, Mr. Herman 243, 273 Ball, Mr. Bill 32 Ballard, Mrs. Ann 262 Banda ,Cynthia 184 Barker, Jackie 117, 159 Barker, Jim Bob 14,224 Barker, LeAnne 159 Barnes, Chris 224 Barnes, Mrs. Jerina 9, 102, 248, 249 Barnes, Keith 53, 224 Barnes, Willa 94, 141, 184 Barrientos, Juanita 184 Barron, Cynthia 124, 185 Bartley, Gary 159 Bartzen, Tom 63, 208 Bashein, Carol 224 Baston, Mrs. Alva Jean 265 Bates, Gus 44, 45, 52, 53, 59, 145 Bates, Malcolm 185, 254 Bates, Tonia 208 Vance 14,63, 111, 185, 191 Baty, Paula 97, 224 Bauer, Tammy 99, 100, 110, 159, 167 Bautista, George 208 Baxter, Barbara 208 Baxter, Thomas 111,224 Beamon, David 113, 185 Beaty, Cheryll 122, 159 Becan, Mary 99, 100, 117, 150, 185, 202, 225 Bechtel, Anna 76, 100,224 Beck, Aron 185,254 Beeler, Gary 224 Beggs, Cara 50, 99, 100, 111, 185 Belanger, Rebecca 185 Bell, Bob 8, 77, 107,159 Bell, Doug 208, 212 Bell, Mike 185 Bell,Teresa 126, 208 Bell, Tracy 224 Bc1l,Virginia112, 126,185 Benavides, Jose 121 Benavides, Linda 1 13 Bender, Candace 224 Benge, Brook 31, 32, 39, 185, 204 Benjamin, Clelia 185 Benjamin, Dr. Richard 241 Bennett, Mr. Robert 102,252 Benshetler, Chip 49 Benson, Mrs. Shirleane 265 Bernard, Jeff 23, 71, 114, 159 Berning, John 66, 67, 208 Berrones, Luis 224 Best, Edward 185 Bevers, Mike 20 Bickel, Johnathan 74, 208 Bielss, Brad 58, 59, 224 Bingham, Stacy 208,254 Bird, Fred 106, 159 Birdwell, Sheila 224 Bishop, Jimmy 224, 262 Bivens, Bruce 225 Black, Jim 39, 77, 208 Black, Karen 189 Black, Renae 225 Black, Tom 110, 185 Blackburn, Rachael 7, 123, 159 Blair, Alice 97, 104, 105, 106, 185 Blair, Bart 6, 63, 208 Blair, Fred 208 Blair, Pearl 12, 97, 124, 208, 287 Blanco, Albert 225 Blanco, Richard 113, 159 Blankenship, Darin 225 Blankenship, Wayne 208 Blann, Kelly 97,225 Blaylock, Mrs. Jane 72, 84, 262 Blanton, Jana 15, 72, 97, 111,117, 186,189 Blevins, Jamie 225 Blinderman, Jay 62, 63, 119, 159, 270 Blinderman, Natalie 28, 76, 225 Blocker, Jeffrey Scott 77, 127, 159 Bloomberg, Phillip 159 Bloxom, Mr. David 240, 241 Blue, Dandria 51, 80, 208 Blue, Natalie 116, 117, 159, 185 Blythe, Donna 186 Boatler, Sundy 95, 97, 105, 108, 111, 186 Bodiford, Mr. Clayton 123, 264 Bolin, Cheryl 123, 159 Bomberry, Kim 122, 159 Borden, Karen 108,109,111,117, 159, 173 Brode, A. 107 Bostick, Daphane 93, 107, 186 Bostick, James 225 Bostick, Melvin 101 Bott, Mrs. Carol 94, 248, 249 Bourland, Jeff45, 225 Bowers, Melissa 225 Boyd, Kirk 123, 186 Boyd, Robert 208 Boyles, Brackin Kristin 74, 209 , Deborah 225 Bradley, Bobbie 225 Bradley Bradley ,Jeffrey 97, 225 , Larry 229 Bradley, Scottie 109, 111, 160 Bradshaw, Dorenda 22, 60, 68, 140 186, 201 Bragghaw, Dorette 31, 68, 88, 183, Bradshaw, Jeb 45, 225 Bradshaw, Ronald 186 Bramble, Sophia 107, 186 Branch, Len 42, 78, 225 Branch, Terrance 42, 43, 186 Brannan, Tami 225 Branno n, Mrs. Ann 241 Brast, Cheryl 160 Bratton, Kenneth 97, 225 Bratton, Terry 110, 160 Brazell, Wesley 58,209 Breese, Mrs. Pat 255 Breaux, Ellen 64,225 Brendle, Bryan 209 Bretthauer, Mr. James 71, 92,262 Brevelle, James 209 Brewer, Donna 225, 237 Brewer, Mr. James 16, 260 Brewer , Kelly 225 Brewer, Mandy 111,225 Brewer, Rhonda 92, 116, 160 Brindley, Tim 225 Bristol, John 6, 71, 206, 209 Britton, David 186 Broadus, Kathy 93,225 Broadus, Rick 42, 99, 209 Broiles, Kathy 30, 74 Brooke, Amy 64, 65, 209 Brooks, Brian 91, 116,187 Brooks, 1 60 Brooks, Brophy Vincent 27, 96, 97, 109, Willie 125 , Nick 24, 101, 209 Broussard, Shannon 225 Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, 209, Brown, Brown, Brown, 180 Brown, Brown, Brown, 135, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Betsy 126, 160 Mrs. Carol 246 Debra 125, 209 Donald 160 Jenny 21, 60, 61, 88, 207, 219 Kelly 97,99,100,116,160 Larry 225 Paul 15, 30, 39, 41, 160, Ricky 53 Sharon 125 Shelagh 19, 30, 61, 76, 102, 146, 160, 252 Steve 123, 160 Tania 99, 160 Teresa 76, 225 Tim 186 Waymond 46, 48, 49, 186 Brown, William 42, 77, 209 Browne, Christi 82, 92, 102, 160, 161 Browning. Crystal 77, 99,209 Browning, Helen 93, 112, 209 Browning, Jimmy 120, 160 Brumley, David 42, 209 ryant David 58, 186 ryant Kevin 209 I: , ' ryant, Kim 186 ryant, Willie 186 uchanan, Monika 74,209 II uckley, Keith 46, 49, 186 uell, Brad 63,160 uiltron, Trinita 209 uis, Chris 39, 186, 188 ullard, John 111 urdette, Greg 107, 160 urghardt, Erol 110, 209 urghardt, Norman 110, 160 urns, Byron 17, 77, 96, 97, 209 urns, Cinda 27, 94, 111, 160, 264 urns, Jana 225 urns, Kevin 124 It urns, Tracy 94, 186, 203 urt, Lisa 225 urton, Alan 96, 97, 225 urton, Gary 42, 77, 209 urton, Tony 38, 39, 40, 41, 77, 187 ush, Angela 109, 187 ush, Michelle 93,100, 225 utler, Donald 225 utler, Gene 187 -C- Cabrera, Lisa 160 Caldwell, Ken 42, 187 Caldwell, Laurie 31, 68, 69, 72, 73 187 Calhoun, Sabrina 225 Camacho, Corina 225 Cameron, Scott 77, 187 Camp, Galen 60, 61, 76, 160, 201 Campbell, Craig 225 Candoli, Dr. 1. Carl 240, 241 Candoli, Carol 101 Cannady, John 187 Cannady, Tom 160 Cantrell, Rhonda 21, 161 Capper, Alaine 14 Capps, Terry 161 Carathers, Sandra 80, 81, 226,229 Carathers, Terrance 226 Cardenas, Gabino 226 Cardenas, Jacque 72, 120, 187 Cardenas, Theresa 161 Cardona, Jose 226 Cardona, Martha 97, 209 Cardona, Mary Jane 99, 108, 187 Cardona, Ramon 187 Carlock, Joe 117,187 Carpenter, David 120, 130, 187 'wx xx A Mr. Baldwin plays around with the microphone. Carpenter, Eddie 130, 226 Carpenter, Scott 45, 59, 226 Carr, Glenn 113, 209 Carrillo, Anthony 113, 161, 246 Carrillo, Sophia 5, 76, 209 Calrgiizales, Ken 17, 60, 61, 161, Carrizales, Melissa 94, 111, 209 Carter, Hutch 30, 35, 161 Carter, Jon 209 Carter, Kathryn CMichelleJ 25, 99, 100, 209 Carter, Ricky 48, 49, 156 Carter, Stephanie 94, 187 Casas, George 226 Casas, Lupe 209 Casey, Pat 110, 226 Cason, Mike 109, 209 Cass, Anita 206, 210 Cass, Keith 51 Castillo, Deborah 187 Castillo, James 161 Castillo, Regina 226 Castillo, Tina 226 Cates, Melinda 96, 97, 226 CaltggKelly 16, 32, 60, 69, 88, 183, Cauble, Mare 210 Ceresini, Mr. Bob 115, 254 Chadwell, Alicia 93, 110, 188, 247 Chaffee, David 188 Chaffee, Susan 64, 108, 226 Chairez, Debra 188 Chakrathouk, Savaiy 226 Chambers, Carol 105, 188 Chambers, Marjorie 97 Champlin, Louisa 24, 99, 101, 160 Chance, Burt 210, 264 Chance, Curt 210 Chance, Jimmy 161 Chance, Leona 188 Chandler, Annette 31, 82, 121, 161 Chandler, Jeannette 31, 78, 79, 82, 118, 161 Chapa, Marcia 210 Chapa, Orlando 226 Chasteen, David 210 Chasteen, Joyce 101, 109, 226 Chavira, Pennie 113 Chenoweth, Robin 99, 107, 210 Childress, Markel 210 Chiu, Rowena 76, 152, 210 Chiu, Sophia 90,102, 110,146, 161 Chou, Thomas 63, 188 Christian, Tim 58, 210 Church, Kerry 107, 111, 226 Cisneros, Julio 226 Cisneros, Mary A. 113, 188 Cisneros, Mary D. 122, 161 Clark, Ben 188 Clark, Gerald 226 Clark, Vincent 125 Clay, William 97, 105, 107 Clemons, Renee 122, 161 Clingman, John 27, 123, 161 Clouser, Robert 162 Coad, Neva 109, 117, 210 Coffey, Jeff42, 123, 188, 205 Coffey, John 210 Coffman, Robin 162 Colburn, Tina 226 Cole, Becky 188 Cole, Kimberly 122, 162 Cole, Melissa 162 Cole, Patrick 42, 210 Cole, Robert 162 Coleman, Laura 226 Coleman, Vernon 26, 46 Collier, Kaye 127 Collins, Herbert 42, 210 Collins, John 210 Conard, Lisa 188 Conley, Mrs. Annie 106, 126, 256 257 Contreras, Olsa 210 Cook, Kimberly 226 Cook, Kristi 125, 226 Coomer, Michael 117, 162 Cooner, Laura 188 Cooper, James 50, 51, 188 Cooper, Lise 226 Cooper, Rosa 210 Cooper, Vanessa 112, 118 Cooper, Wendy 106, 108, 226 Cope, Mrs. Oleta 244 Corkery, Paul 63, 114 Corley, Ann 210 Coronado, Alesia 188 Cortez, Alma 122, 162 Cortez, John 210 Cortez, Victor 226 Costilla, Melva 100, 226 Couch, John 110, 188 Couch, Mrs. Mary 262, 263 Courtroul, John 226 Cowdin, Shawn 59, 226 Cowley, Blaine 60, 61, 89, 188 Cox, Laura 109, 210 Cox, Lee Ann 104, 188, 252 Cox, Melissa 21, 142, 208, 210 Crabtree, Mrs. Betty 245 Craft, Mr. Luther 112, 252 Crawford, Tracy 101, 210 Creamer, Jeff 226 Creamer, Pat 226 Crear, Kim 226 Crenshaw, David 210 Crenshaw, John 97, 226 Crow, Donna 60, 61, 188 Crow, Sean 130, 189 Crowder, Mr. Jimmie 13, 252 CrpgiCarol 18, 82, 92, 102, 146, Cullen, Steven 67, 130, 162 Cunningham, Caroline 106, 226, 269 Custer, Stewart 66, 167, 189 -D- Dabney, Mark 32, 54, 55, 57, 189 Dancer, Raymond 97, 226 Daniel, Allen 107, 162 Daniel, DeLisa 76, 226 ,,,7,?,f, , ,, , A Umm, this looks goo Guiterrez prepare to eat -f .'..a.4-u?"'- Daniels, Dana 182 Daniels, Dena 210 Daniels, Jennifer 23, 31, 92,119, 162,270 Darmon, Ricky 99, 210 Darnell, Kim 189 Darnell, Manuel 227 Darr, Richard 71,227 Darrow, Stephen 162 Da Silva, Merili 189 Davis, Davis, Davis Davis Davis, Davis, Daws Cynthia 125, 182 Dennis 97,227 , George 46, 49, 189 Rhonda 111, 116, 162 Rosalind 129 Shawn 45, 227 n Karen 77 78 79 84 fs d. John Fleming, Rhonda Najera, Kevin McConnel, Robbie Gasser, Craig DeWitt and Bart at an OAA project. Dewar, Charles 74, 110, 189 Dewar, John 74, 110, 227 Dewitt, Craig 71,163,274 Dewveall, Scott 59, 227 Eanes, George 211 Earwood, Mr. Floyd 51, 260 Eastman, Gerald 227 Echols, Mrs. Sybil 247 Dexter, Felicia 89 Diaz, Mike 63, 210 Dick, Melany 72, 107, 189 Dietrich, Darren 227 Dingman, Sheila 47, 72, 189, 204 Dishman, Robin 60, 61, 76, 211, 219, 288 Dixon, Cindy 189 Dixon, Darren 42, 21 1 Dixon, Debbie 17, 19, 58, 94, 163 176 Dolan, Linda 76, 94, 211 Eckert, Steve 58,211 Eddings, Denise 211 Eddings, Scott 126, 189 Eddings, Vince 211 Edgar, Julie 227 Edwards, Angelia 27, 121, 163 Edwards, Francis 227 Edwards, Jenny 211 Edwards, Tanya 122, 163 Eisenberg, Debbie 26, 97, 227 Elder, Kristi 91, 99,100, 110, 163 Elisher, Demetria 93, 124, 130, 227 0 1 , . , Dawson, Sharon 76, 89, 107, 112, 189 Dawson, Tonia 162 Day, Steve 162 Deardorff, Daralynn 189 DeBriae, Ricky 227 DeBusk, Debra 89, 227 DelBosque, Dominic 67 Deckard, Tangela 77,227 Deininger, Rebecca 189 Delaney, Thomas 227 DeLaVega, Cid 227 DeLeon, David 210 Deleon, Steve 92, 163 Delgado, Nora 227 Delgado, Sandra 163 Dell, Tracy 58, 210 Delucchi, Chris 72, 107,189 Denison, Amy 210 Denison, Brett 59,227 Derden, James 89, 115, 227 Derden,Randy 111,227 274 ,' INDEX Dolan, Vicki 122, 163 Dolginoff, Todd 63,227 Donald, Steven 50, 51, 210 Donnell, Jacob 97, 189 Dorris, Whitney 76, 210 Drennan, Kristie 227 Dudley, Patrick 163 Duffey, Sharetta 227 Duke, Cass 102, 104, 110, 146, 162, 163 Dulle, Joe 18, 67,189 Dunn, Cyndi 163 Dunn, Eric 227 Dunnigan, Regina 163 Dunson, Kathryn 64, 189 Dunson, Stephen 52, 53, 227 Duque, Tony 125, 189 Duran, Adrian 53,227 Duran, Armando 211 Durham, Jeff 227 Duvall, Julie 107, 227 -E- Elliott, Mr, Bill 241 Elliott, Stephen 99, 100, 101, 189 Ellison, Frank 31, 39, 40,102, 163 Ellison, Gary 39, 210 Ellison, Tammy 190 Ellsworth, Lisa 190 Emory, Chris 97, 227 Engle, Jean 76, 190 Ennis, Mary 97, 227 Eno, Tony 39, 190 Enright, Mrs. LaTonne 247 Enrriques, Arturo 96, 97,211 Erwin, Dale 22, 163 Erwin,Jimmy12, 115, 211 Erwin, Stephen 99 Erwin, Tracey 211 Escobar, Yvette 85, 113, 211 Escobedo, Escobedo, Escobedo Espinosa, Denise 227 Edelmiro 21 1 Richard 211 Escobedo, , Sylvia 227 Bonnie 211 Espinoza, Rosendo 163 Espiricueta, Lisa 163 Esquivel, Juan 163 Esquivel, Raymond 190 Esslinger, Elise 211 Eubank, Jill 2, 190 Evans, Lois 97 Everitt, Mr. Anthony 265 Ewing, Chris 163 Ewton, Richard 22, 99, 100, 211 Ezell, Laurie 217 -F- Farr, Denise 190 Farr, Larry 163 Farrar, James 163 Farris, Patrick 227 Fatka, Julie 26, 190 Fatka, Sheri 76, 164, 249 Faulks, Shauna 126, 211 Faxel, Ralph 92, 102, 119, 164, 270 Felix, Jim 227 Ferguson, Anna 100, 145, 228 Fernandez, Lisa 228 Fernandez, Myrna 124 Fersing, David 67, 109, 190 Field, Carol 9, 90, 92, 102, 111, 123, 164 Field, Martha 110, 228 Fielder, Drew 66, 67, 141, 190, 204 Fielder, Robert 61, 76, 77, 88, 134, 139,157, 164,175 Fields, Amelia 164 Fields, Sheldon 164 Fierro, JoAnn 113,228 Finlay, Sean 74, 211 Finn, James 71, 117, 118, 164 Fisher, Diane 211 Flair, Carrie 217 Fleming, John 38, 39, 114, 190, 197, 274 Fleming, Jon 109, 190 Fleming, Mallory 211 Fleming, Marc 38, 39, 40, 107, 164 Fleming, Philip 164 Fleming, Rhonda 99, 164 Flood, LeeAnn 64, 107, 228 Flores, Elaina 164 Flores, Erica 25, 97, 99, 100, 111, 190 Flores, Gina 228 Flores, Joe 121 Flores, Norma 113, 211 Flores, Tina 64, 190 Flores, Victor 211 Flowers, Philip 164 Flcivgjrs, Ricky 62, 63, 95, 97, 112, Floyd, Andy 42, 54, 211 Floyd, Donald 228 Floyd, Donna 72, 228 Floyd, Price 107, 190 Fobbs, Denise 164 Ford, Marcella 191 Grace, James 74, 191 Foster, Karen 7, 107, 111, 228, 286 Fox, Dennis 54 Fox, Eric 54, 55, 88, 207, 209, 211 Fox, Lynda 126, 211 Fox, Ricky 67, 165, 187 Fralia, Joanne 33,107,11l,119, 165, 270 France, Janie 117, 165 France, Kate 21 1 Franklin, Eugene 228 ran ' ackie 79, 82, 83, 91, , 1 Franklin, Katrina 84, 85, 211 Franklin, Rhonda 77, 99, 211 Franklin, Rhonda 228 Frazier, James 211 Freeborn, Robert 1 10, 228 Freeland, Kris 117, 165 Freeman, Missy 77, 191 Fricke, Mrs. Marguerite 244 Friedman, Robin 99, 105, 211, 269 Fritz, Emmanuel 211 Fritz, Kaci 165 Frost, Brian 39, 54, 55, 109, 140, 191, 197 Frye, Brenda 9, 102, 165 Frymire, Richard 18, 54, 55, 57, 107, 211 Fugitt, Robert 211 Fusilier, Patrick 52, 53, 228 -G- Gachman, lric 228 Gaddis, Phil 32, 56, 191, 198 Gage, Missy 77, 191 Galicia, Bobby 228 Galindo, Bonnie 76, 124 Galindo, Cecilia 211 Galindo, Dominick 121, 191' Galindo, Jimmy 89,124, 191 Gandarilla, Jesse 211 Gandarilla, Terry 211 Gant, Barbara 97, 228 Gant, Richard 227 Gantt, Beth 74, 128,228 Gantt, Gerald 127 Garcia, Becky 228 Garcia, Carlotta 211 Garcia, Diana 125, 228 Garcia, Gino 165 Garcia, Joe 211 Garcia, Manuel 228 Garcia, Mary 211 Garcia, Ricardo 97, 211 Garcia, Veronica 165 Gardner, Derek 191 Gardner, Marshall 228 Garland, Mrs. Betty 256 Garland, Ellen 74, 75, 212 Garner, Luwana 165 Garnett, Velinta 93 Garrett, Mrs. Audrey 265 Garrett, Ernestine 228 Garrett, Tonya 212 Garvin, Michael 115, 191 Garvin, Susan 72, 212 Garza, Hector 77, 228 Gasser, Robbie 165, 274 Gatewood, Mrs. Jody 192, 244 Gavia, Mr. Paul 244 Gentry, Henry 44, 45, 53 Gentry, Qui 71, 212 Gerloff, Stephanie 165 Gerloff, Steve 191 Gibbs, Courtney 212 Gibson, Carol 212 Gibson, Kimberly 60, 61, 76, 212, 232, 288 Gilbert, Joni 17, 212 Gilbreath, Ronnie 97, 126, 165 Gilbreath, Russell 95, 97, 228 Giles, Beverly 54, 94, 147, 165 Giles, Cynthia 109, 212 Giles, Karyn 56, 128, 228 Gillings, Clifton 99, 212 Gilmore, Rebecca 97 Gilggap, Pam 102, 118, 122, 156, Giordano, Ann 88, 207, 212 Givens, Brent 212 Givens, Monique 206, 212 Glassey, Audrey 127 Glenn, Brian 77, 228 Godinez, Michelle 113, 124, 191 Godinez, Raymond 212 Goheen, Shawn 2, 59,228 Goldston, Stacy 212 Gomez, Antonia 229 Gomez, Martha 122, 165 Gomez, Miranda 90, 103, 107, 191 Gomez, Reuben 229 Gonzales, Anna 229 Gonzales, Dolores 229 Gonzales, Marcella 124, 229 Gonzales, Sandra 165 Gonzales, Tambra 109, 229 Gonzalez, Hector 212 Gonzalez, Kathleen 120 Goochey, James 127, 165 Goochey, Jana 101,229 Goodin, Michael 229 Goodson, Anna 191 Goone, Allison 74, 75, 213 Goss, Tina 110, 165 Gould, Katie 106, 108, 229 Gowans, Malcolm 115, 191, 210 Gowans, Tammy 80, 81, 213 Gowans, Theron 42 Grace, Connie 229 Graham, Lee 107, 213 Grant, Mrs. Julia 90, 248 Grant, Richard 106, 107, 152, 229 Grantham, Keli 229 Grantham, Michael 213 Graves, Marcus 53, 1 15 Graves, Matt 14, 44, 45, 59, 111, 153, 229 Gray, Beverly 97, 191 Green, Sean 110 Green, Tommy 45, 108, 229 Greenlee, Patrice 54, 123, 165 Greenway, Nancy 229 Greer, Dana 229 Gregory, Kim 126 Gremp, Griffin, Keith 39, 166 Candace 109,213 Griffin, David 203, 266 Griffin, Robert 229 Hamilton, Melinda 192 Hamilton, Michael 213 Hamilton, Sandra 213 Hammack, Scott 95, 96, 97, 192 Hammons, Jeff 107, 192 Hampton, Mr. Riley 245 Haney, Gina 31, 64, 65, 192 Hanlon, Donald 192, 198 Hann, Ke1i229 Harakal, David 213 Hardie, Bryan 229 Griffith, Joe 71, 229 Griffith, Robert 110, 166 Grisham, Douglas 191 Gross, Bernadette 229 Gross, Bridgette 77, 79, 229 Guajardo, Monica 72, 229 Guenzel, Beth 22, 96, 97, 105, 110, 111,116,191 Guenzel, Susan 94, 107, 111, 191, 203 Guerra, Cynthia 28, 76, 213, 229 Guerra, Dee Dee 229 Guerra, Linda 229 Guerra, Lisa 191 Guerra, Rachel 125, 229 Guillory, Tangulon 112, 213 Guinn, Mrs. Pat 261 Gunzel, Christine 213 Gutierrez, Bart 115, 192, 274 Gutierrez, Erin 94, 119, 166, 235, 270 Gutierrez, Mr. Eugene 241 Guyton, Mary 126, 166 Hardie, Linda 192 Hardin, Holly 23 Hardin, Mrs. Madge 26, 255,270 Harlow, Becki 229 Harper, Lisha 85, 97,229 Harper, Paul 166 Harper, Regina 91,116,131,166 Harrell, Mr. Stan 241 Harris, Anthony 151, 192 Harris, Felicia 166 Harris, Greg 12, 50, 51, 213 Harris, Patricia 101 Harris, Sharon 93, 213 Harris, Steven 77, 96, 97, 213 Harrison, Curtis 192 Harvey, Bruce 53, 229 Harvey, John 166 Harwell, Mrs. Ilene 248 Hathaway, Reagan 166 Hatley, Susan 107, 166, 281 Hawthrone, Tamra 79, 82, 83, 166 Headrick, Mrs. Norma 260 Hearne, Bill 213 Haber, Haber, Haber, 192 Haber, -1-1- Howard 222, 229 Jonathan 222, 229 Lawrence 89, 98, 99, 100, Sam 76, 156, 166 Hagman, Rayola 91, 97, 110, 213 Hahnfeld, Kurt 38, 39, 192 Hake, Pam 56, 229 Halawa, Louly 111 Hedlund, Dawn 152, 213 Hefner, Dawn 192 Hefner, Todd 59, 230 Heinz, Joey 110, 192 Heizer, Jill 123, 166 Helbing, Mr. David 64, 65, 260 Helm, Becky 54, 56, 193 Helm, Brenda 77, 213 Hence, Jackie 213 Henderson, Carollitta 230 Henderson, Miss Doris 252 Halbert, Leigh 102, 108, 111, 161, 166 Halbert, Mary 229 Hale, Glenda 229 Hall, David 117, 192 Hall, DiAnna 166 Hall, Kalisha 97, 99, 213 Hall, Karen 213 Hall, Mark 213 Hall, Michael 77, 192 Hall, Michelle 229 Hender son, Renee 85, 230 Henry, Frank 230 Henry, Luther 39, 40, 77, 150, 193, 200 Henry, Michelle 77, 78, 79, 85, 145, 153, 230 Herman, Claudia 72, 73,190,193 Hernan Hernan dez, Alberto 125, 193 dez, Francisco 92, 166, 167 Hall, Mr. Phillip 256, 267 Hall, Robert 45, 229 Halwes, Shannon 92, 102, 107, 111, 161, 166,269 Hamilton, Annette 213 Hamilton, David 229 Hamilton, Mr. John 88, 104, 106, 126 Hamilton, Lanandra 125 Hernandez, Jesus 230 Hernandez, Mary C. 71, 166 Hernandez, Mary L. 166 Hernandez, Michelle 213 Hernandez, Ronald 213 Hernandez, Scott 15, 99, 100, 111, 119, 190, 193,270 Hernandez, Sharon 166, 230 Hernandez, Susan 122, 166 Hernandez, Tonia 230 Herr, Sally 33,92,119,167, 270 Herrera, Edward 230 Hester, Denise 128, 167 Hewitt, David 117, 167 Hickman, Darren 9, 58,107,213 Hicks, Alicia 230 Hicks, Carron 72, 230 Hicks, Don 77, 84 Hicks, Howard 214 Hicks, Janet 19, 26, 90, 94, 102, 139, 167 Hicks, Mark 70, 71, 230 Hightower, Anita 80, 230 Hightower, Harry 214 Higman, Darren 21 Hill, Francis 77, 93 Hill, Lewis 193 Hill, Michael 193 Hill, Rachel 127, 167 Hill, Susan 214 Hill, Terry 230 Hillary, Charles 38, 39, 40, 41,167 Hilliard, Rodney 42 Hinkston, David 214 Hughes, Mr. Alvin 265 Hughes, Tim 58,214 Hulings, Laura 107, 167, 267 Humber, Ms. Mary 125, 264 Humphrey, Anthony 214 Humphrey, Carol 214 Hunter, Delores 214 Hunter, Parks 45,214 Hunter, Phillip 230 Hurley, Mrs. Lenore 107,250 Hurst, John 35,167 Hutchins, Merlyn 125 Hutchison, Keith 168 Hyer, Greg 2, 21, 59, 230 Hynson, David 161,168 -I- lbiarra, Willy 254 lldefonso, Hector 214 lnnis, Sharion 168 Irvin, Susan 12, 194 lskandar, Shoaib 168 Johnson, Marlene 15, 168 Johnson, Michael 168 Johnson, Monita 22, 88, 94, 207, 214 Johnson, Richard 96, 97, 116, 168 Johnson , Mr. William 240, 241 Johnston, Carter 58,107, 214 Jones, Ander91,102,110, 111,168 Jones, Anthony 42, 194 Jones, Bernadette 230, 262 Jones, Brent 77, 214 Hinz, Laura 214 Hix, Winky 5, 16, 20, 60, 117, 167 Hoang, Khanh 71 Hoang, Khoi 71 Hodges, Louise 230 Hodges, Melissa 28, 54, 56, 119, -J- Jackson, Barbara 129, 230 Jackson, Betty 102, 168 Jackson, Darren 47, 49, 156, 168 Jackson, Jana 230 Jackson, Jeff 18, 66, 67,101,168 167, 268, 270 Hoehn, Karen 74,214 Hogan, Robby 58, 214 Holguin, Paul 97, 214 Holliday, Annice 56, 76, 107, 193 Holliday, Darrell 54 Hollingsworth, Danita 193 Holmes, Greg 193 Holstien, Steve 97, 214 Holub, Holly 193 Hooker, Carol 102, 109, 167 Horner, Jeanette 167 Horner, Wilburn115,193 Jaecks, Mrs. Olga 265 James, Sylvia 77 James, Thomas 99,214 James, Tonya 77, 128 Janes, Mr. Ray 116, 248 Jaramillo, Patricia 76, 194 Jarrett, LaTonyie 98, 230 Jefferis, Diane 126, 194 Jelferis, William 230 Jeffrey, Mrs. Lena 265 Jekel, Jana 64, 89, 194 Jenkins, Mrs. Bennie 256 Jenkins, Greg 38, 39, 77,168 Horton, Mrs. Gloria 261 Inf' Horton, Preston 97,230 Hough, Terry 131, 167 House, Julie 111, 230 Housewright, Shellie 110,230 Jenkins, Mr. James 1 15, 254 Jenkins, LaMonica 130, 194 Jenkins, Sean 214, 268 Jennings, Stacey 230 Howard, Dianzolia 77 Howard, lvette 150, 193 Howard, John 110, 123 Howard, Shawn 193 Hcqvgegll, Beth 15, 91, 99,100,189, Howell, Cathrine 24,25, 152, 214 Howell, Lisa 214 Howell, Tracy 214 Jimenez, Patricia 214 Johns, Sharon 15 Johnson, Mr. Andrew 264 Johnson, Carl 39, 138, 168 Johnson, Mrs. Clydine 265 Johnson, Betty 93, 214 Johnson, Connie 22, 88, 94, 143, 152, 207, 214 Johnson, Daryl 124, 168 Howington, Mrs. Joy 99, 100,258 Hubbard, Kelly 126, 214 Hudd1eston,Hillery 52, 53 Huddleston, Leighann 194 Hudson, Mrs. Cynthia 261 Hudson, Skeeter 54, 167 Huff, Angela 97, 230 276 f INDEX Johnson, David 168 Johnson, Eric 42 Johnson, Jamie 70, 71,107,194 Johnson, Jeff 58, 214 Johnson, Mrs. Joe 222, 251 Johnson, Kenneth 97, 230 Johnson, Leslie 246 Jones, Clark 227, 230 Jones, Cynthia 92, 126, 194 Jones, Holly 71, 76, 214 Jones, Mrs. Izona 265 Jones, Mrs. Joann 261 Jones, John M. 33, 92, 102, 111, 119,168,270 Jones, Joyce 97, 214 Jones, Latresa 128,230 Jones, Londa 112, 214 Jones, Mark 71, 230, 259 Jones, Patty 194 Jones, Robin 194 Jones, Tracey 71,214 Jordan, Mrs. Mary 127, 264 Jogtizgn, Reginald 12, 77, 96, 97, Jow, Lisa 214 Joyner, Steven 214 Juarez, Alvardo 58, 214 Juarez, Lorena 127 Jumper, Darlene 121, 168, 189 -K- Kanada, Ivy 194 Kasper, Lori 14, 64, 65, 88, 152, 207, 214 Keelin, Teresa 194 Keenom, Kayna 120, 168, 194 Kelly, Robyne 98, 222, 230,237 Kellenburger, Miss Christina 253 Kemp, Tammy 99, 214 Kennedy, William 214 Kersey, Mike 97, 194 Kersey, Tammie 97, 99, 230 Ketchersid, Leslie 99, 214 Key, Lori 214 Kimberlin, Craig 107, 168, 267, 279 Kinard, Lee 63, 195, 198 Kinard, Lisa 8, 64, 230 King, Bruce 214 King, Charles 74, 230 King, Chris 214 King, Mrs. Jane 102, 221,264 King, Jennifer 76, 230 King, Michael 42, 195 King, Tim 115, 231 Kinman, Daniel 168 Kirkland, Gena 101,110, 214 Kirkpatrick, Alice 214 Kitchen, Darren 215 I . ff' A Don't count your chickens before they hatch. Robert Rubin looks at a pre sent from his Santa Pal. Lail. Tonya 120, 169 Martinez Klein, Eric 147, 169 Klein, Kandess 195 Klemow, Annette 94, 195 Kline, Miss Janet 258, 298 Kline, Ruth 168, 217 Kline, Sara 2, 231 Kline, Tim 254 Knapp, Ellen 29, 92, 108, 119, 169 270 Knapp, Mary 76, 195, 196 Kneten, Craig 110, 215 Kneten, Catherine 97 Knight, Mrs. Ella 259 Knight, Jeananne 98,231 Knight, Judd 110, 231 Knight, Rodney 231 Knight, Russell 127, 169 Kocher, David 231 Kraus, Marc 215 Kroll, Steffen 91,109, 110, 195 Kubicek, Rhonda 141, 195, 221 Kudra, Kimberly 224,231 -L- Lacey, Wendy 195, 221 Lackey, Charlotte 195 Lacy, Alisa 81 Lacy, Arlana 77, 94, 96 LaDue, Mrs. Jean 261 LaGesse, Phyllis 215 Laird, Mrs. Prudence 8, 13, 156, 243 Lance, Tim 231 Landers, Mr. Wesley 257 Landingham, Damon 195 Landingham, Leslie 122 Landrum, Dewey 6, 95, 96, 97, 169 Lara, Leonora 124, 125 Lasater, Mrs. Mollie 241 Lasko, Sharon 85, 108, 231 Lauderdale, Angela 84,.85, 195 Lawrence, Pamela 122, 169 Lawrence, Regina 96, 97, 169,221 Laxson, David 231 Le, Thanh 195 Lee, Amy 195 Lee, Mrs. Billie 248 Lee, Courtney 102, 109, 111, 169 Lee, Crystal 215 Lee, Mary 119, 195 Lee, Pam 94, 215 Leeman, Mrs. Donna 21 Leeper, Sandy 25, 94 Leonard, Tanya 215 Letz, Gary 215 Leverett, Clay 231 Leverett, Daniel 215 Lewis, Sherie 127, 195 Liggens, Brice 196 Liggens, Bridgett 215 Limones, Rudy 42 Lindsey, Michael 231 Lipe, Ralph 91,119,169, 270 Livingston, Jason 110, 196 Loney, Dee Ann 64, 107, 109, 169 Long, Cathy 5, 30, 94, 169, 176 Long, Sherry 196, 221 Longoria, Teresa 215 Lopez, Esther 113,215 Lopez, Joe 26, 170 Lopez, Johnny 170 Lopez, Lisa 77, 90, 91, 108, 110, 119, 170, 270 Lopez, Matilda 221 Lopez, Monica 113, 196, 221 Lopez-Aguado, Cathy 91, 104, 106 108,1l0, lll, 186,196 Lopez-Aguado, Sondra 106, 108, 231 Lotspeich, Mr. Weldon 63, 92, 262, 263 Lott, Laurie 231 Loucks, Nancy 97, 104, 110,231 Loucks, Rob 91, 102, 104, 110, 162, 170 Loud, Alex 107, 110, 231 Loughridge, Lee 45, 231 Loughridge, Tricia 17, 30, 60, 61, 64, 65, 102, 170 Love, Amy 109, 117, 196 Love, Gerald 170 Love, Kenda 196 Lowe, Kassandra 102, 170 Lowrey, Douglas 1 15 Lozano, Raul 196 Lozano, Sylvia 77, 92, 108, 119, 170, 270 a Mancil, Christina 21, 64, 111, 222 225, 231 Maness, Mary 94, 170 Maness, Matt 245 Maness, Michael 18, 42, 77, 215 Mann, David 39, 170 Manning, Manning, Manning, Manresa, Carolyn 231 Christine 196 Earl 128, 196 Robin 107, 111, 231 Mansell, Kimberly 93, 231 Marks, Harris 231 Martin, Donna 231 Martin, Greg 170 Martin, Lean 72, 232 Martin, Shari 232 Martin, Tammi 118, 122, 170 Martinez, Annette 22, 27 Martinez ,Cruz 97, 196 Martinez, Cynthia 215 Martinez Martinez Martinez Martinez Martinez Martinez Martinez, Martinez, Martinez Martinez Martinez, Martinez, Martinez , Eloy 215 , Ester 113 , Hector 71 , Joanne 126 , Mr. Joe 243, 285 Mrs. Josie 113, 261 Laura 170, 178, 221 Laura P. 196, 221 Louis 232 Maribel 93, 232 Michael 196, 260 Monica 232 , Nancy 232 Richard 170, 175 A I've heard of bringing the bacon home, but this is ridiculous! John Stafford holds the hog at a pep rally. McAnthony, Bridget 216 McBride, Alfred 115, 171 McBroom, Suzwella 101 McBryde, Jennifer 114, 171 McCann, Rolf30, 171 McCarthy, Brian 171 McClane, John 232 f no Lucas, Brett 45, 231 Lucignani, Angela 107, 231 Lucignani Ludvigson, Ludvigson Ludvigson , Suzanne 110,215 Lisa 97, 105, 215 , Nathan 45, 53,231 , Sydney 182, 196 Lujan, Linda 215 Luskey, Lane 6 Luskey, Lisa 31, 64, 65, 88, 157, 170 Luster, Tim 14, 59, 96, 97, 228,231 Ly, My 215 Lyles, lan 196 -M- Macy, Larry 215 Macy, Troy 215 Maddux, Ms. Janice 119, 248 Madrid, Robert 215 Mglfge, Nancy 110, 111, 116, 129, Mair, Ken 25, 60, 105, 106, 107, 196, 201 Major, Mrs. Margie 245 Major, Marty 130, 231 Mallick, Stephen 21, 215, 216 Malone, Krissandra 215 Malone, Roby 71, 91,102, 117, 170, 249 Malone, Robyn 196 Manasco, Debbie 196 Massey, Charles 97, 171, 256, 257 Massey, John 96, 97, 153, 232 Masters, Shirley 126, 171 Matchette, Julie 215 Matchette, Leah 107, 150, 196 Mathews, Jeri 94, 196 Mathews, Steve 197 Mathis, Jerry 171 Matlock, Angela 232 Mathews, Jerry 107 Matthews, Darlene 8, 197 Matthews, Gina 232 Mattingly, Darla 99 Mavias, Deena 29, 97, 116, 171 Mavias, John 71, 215 Maxwell, Stephen 42, 43, 77, 215 Maxwell, Tracy 127, 197 Mayben, Kim 232 Mayfield, Mr. Mel 8 Mayne, Robert 232 McClellan, Davina 102, 171 McC1endon, Laredo 77, 197, 266 McCloud, James 30, 48, 147, 171 McCloud, Paul 42, 216 McCollum, Chris 232 49, 90. McCollum, Tracy 94, 108, 197 McConal, Kevin 274 McConnell, Kim 216 McConnico, John 63, 107, 197 McConnico, Susan 128, 197 McCreath, Brian 96, 97, 216 McCreath, David 171 McDonald, Kelly 74, 216 McDonald, McDonald, McDonald, Rita 123,171 Scott 106, 216 Woody 216 McDonough, Carmen 101, 216, 262 McElroy, Willie 197 McEntire, Mrs. Laura 244 Mays, Billy 197 Mays, Chapman 110,232 Mays, Frank 215 Mays, Michelle 197 Mays, Nakita 85, 232 McFarland, Marty 216 McFarlin, Linda 97 McGarrey, Helen 197 McGarrey, Joe 232 McGaw, Michael 70, 71, 216, 220 Mays, Teresa 31, 77, 171 McAbee, Dr. Robert 241 McAfee, Michael 171 McAnthony, Beth 100, 129, 232 McGovern, Katherine 216 McHenry, Cedric 52, 232 Mclntire, Alison 64, 65, 88, 89, 142,l83,192,197 McKee, Patti 106, 130, 172, 221 McKinney, Kimberly 172 McLamore, Richard 25, 29, 39, 102,104,110,11l, 147,162, 172 McLaughlin, Denise 72, 76, 108, 216 McMillen, Linda 100,101,172 McNeill, Lynn 2, 17, 33, 88, 89, 92, 137,157,172 McNeill, Trey 12, 16, 38, 39, 40, 77,142, 152,216 McNe11y, John 18, 71, 232, 233 McNiel, Gary 51, 110, 216 McRay, Julie 232 McShaffry, Mark 59, 232 McShaffry, Michael 45, 98, 105, 216, 258 McStay, Michael 39, 197 Meadors, Susan 216 Meadows, James 95, 97, 216,262 Meadows, Joel 77, 95, 216 Means, Liz 197 Medina, Michael 107, 197 Meeks, Jackie 88, 91, 108, 119, 151,183, 198, 270 Melcher, Jack 29 Mendoza, Gilbert 216 Mendoza, Stella 172 Merritt, Mike 6, 39, 77, 96, 97, 172 Meyer, Danny 70, 71, 107, 216 Meyerson, Scott 114, 172 Neal, Derrick 199 Midgley, Diane 92, 172 Midgley, Jon 71, 115, 216 Miles, Ed 198 Miles, Gary 71, 107, 113, 232 Milhollin, John 172 Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Claudia 97, 99. 100, 105 Darrell 115, 198 Dyke 232 Mr. Ralph 3, 13, 242 Miller, Tyrone 216 Mills, Kyle 39, 41, 198 Milrany, Mindi 28, 198 Miner, Bryce 232 Miner, Mearl 110, 198 Minor, Donald 113,232 Minor,Vonda 93, 112, 216 Minton, Jamie 109. 172 Mitchell, James 59,232 Mitchell, Janet 232 Mitchell, Margaret 91, 99,101, 117, 151. 198. 202, 225 Mize, LaVerne 216 Monasco, Troy 198 Moncrief, Troy 18, 107, 232,233 Montes, Denise 233 Montes, Robert 198 Moody, Rodney 216 Moon, Charlene 233 Moore, Andy 39, 77, 158, 172 Moore, Mrs. Betty 248 Moore, Cindy 20, 94, 172 Moore Homer 198 Moore, Kim 77, 216 Moore, Michael 216 278 7 1NDEx Moore, Mindy 6,233 Moore, Mr. Morris 252 Moore, Natalie 198, 204 Moore, Trisha 216 Moore, Zachery 233 Moreland, Scott 107, 123, 172 Moreno, Leo 217 Moreno, Leticia 233 Moreno, Megaly 198 Morgan, Peggy 99 Morgan, Randy 12, 217 Morphis, Raymond 63, 172 Morris, Darrel 51 Morris, Karen 198 Morris, Kevin 123, 172 Morris, Mike 172 Morris, Scott 21, 217, 221 Morton, Julie 172 Morton, Megan 198 Mosher, Marybeth 77, 198 Moss, Lizette 125 Moss, Paulette 217 Mullins, Sherry 98, 233 Munoz, Josue 116, 199 Muriel, Juana 82, 199, 282 Murphree, Deanna 123, 172 Murphy, Charlene 72 Murphy, Jan 172 Murphy, Miki 199 Murray, Carol 100, 233 Murray, David 120, 173 -N- Najcra, Rhonda 117, 199, 274 Nash, Patricia 199 Nash, Raymond 77, 173, 253 Naylor, Mr. John 43, 257 Neal, Kenneth 49, 173 Neighbors, Chevonne 99, 217 Nellis, Mike 101, 199 Nelms, Dorothy 199 Nelson, Dennis 217 Nelson, Suzanne 60, 61, 76, 217, 219, 220, 288 Nelson, Tim 97, 217 Nettles, Blondean 173 Newhouse, Jacqueline 93, 233 Newland, Mrs. Marian 108, 250 Newsom, James 173 Newsome, Sandee 108, 190, 199 Newton, Linda 97, 217 Nguyen, Lan Ngoc 233 Nguyen, Nha 217 Nguyen, Thinh 90. 199 Nguyen, Thu 74, 233 Nichols, Susan 110, 233 Nicholson, Cody 217 Nickel, Lynda 76, 101,199 Nickel, Paul 110 Nickerson, Scott 233 Nimock, Tracey 85, 233 Nolley. Phill 199 Nombrana, Rebecca 199 Norman, Blair 42, 45, 209, 217 Norman, David 115,233 Norman, Jesse 199 Norman, Kelly 128, 233 Nowell, Sherri 31, 198, 199 Nunes, Sylvia 125 Nudd, Mr. Evan 254 -0- Oberstcin, Linda 64, 65, 92, 173 Odman, Anne 199 Odom, Clayton 54, 57, 217 Odom, Tomesa 217 Ogletree, Kathy 112, 130, 233 Ohendalski, John 14, 45, 233 Ojeda, Rufino 233 Oliver, Cindy 31, 56, 88, 91, 92, 102, 148, 157,173 Oliver, Jeffrey 126, 217 O'Neal, Dr. Richard 240, 241 O'Neil, Mr. James 13 O'Neil, Patty 173 Orr, Tom 22, 24, 25, 99, 100, 101, 217 Ortega, Ben 105, 106, 107 Ortega, Michelle 76, 133 Ortega, Susanda 124, 217 Ortez, Vicki 233 Ortiz, Carmen 173 Ortiz, Maria 233 Oscherwitz, Brian 102, 173, 263 Osborne, Mrs.Esther 248 Ostrander, Renee 106, 116, 130, 131, 148, 173,221 O'Sul1ivan, Patrick 173 Overton, Mare 67, 173, 284 Overton, Todd 107, 217 Oviedo, Robert 255 Owen, Carol 233 Owen, Kim 233 Owen, Pam 233 Owen, Valeria 107 Owens, Jackie 74, 217 Owens, Marleyna 64, 77, 233 -P- Pacheco, Fernando 66, 67, 102. 137, 139, 173 Pacheco. Lisa 233 Pacheco, Naomi 217 Padron, Mr. Carlos 261 Parada, Ana 233 Parchman, Richard 67, 199 Park, James 71,199 Parker, Lucy 199 Parker. Mark 43 Parker, Michael 174 Parker, Shea 19, 131 Parker , Tracey 97, 217 Parman, Catherine 199 Parris, Joe Ed 200 Parrish, David 233 Parrish, Durand 200 Patel, Nilesh 71, 217 Patterson, Brent 39, 41, 54, 55, 174 Pattison, Chris 107, 174 Patton, Michael 127 Peacock, Jennifer 76,233 Pecina, John 200 Peck, Heather 20, 94, 200 Peck, Regina 123, 200 Pedigo, Kevin 200 Pena, Javier 59, 233 Pena, Linda 97,233 Pena, Martha 72, 73,108, 190,200 Pena, Sonia 113, 217 Perales, Juana 233 Perez, Philip 54, 56, 130, 182. 200 Perez, Rita 200 Perkins, Emmett 97, 1 10, 200 Perkins, Ruby 217 Perkins, Sheen 92, 102, 174 Perry, Mrs. Mary 249 Peterson, Amy 91, 99, 100, 106, 108, 200 Peterson, Glenn 22, 97, 99, 100, 200 Peterson, Kelley 27, 109, 233 Peterson, Tina 12, 107, 109,217 Petty, Gail 174, 271 Pfaffenberger, Janelle 77, 200 Phillips, Carrie 106, 108, 233 Phillips, David 174 Phillips, Dorothy 233 Phillips, Laura 91,104, 106, 151, 186,200 Phillips, Leona 112, 234 Phillips, Lisa 94, 108, 200 Phillips, Selena 80 Phillips, Tammy 174, 230 Philp, Mrs. Marjory 88, 104, 202, 223, 253 Pike, Dennis 234 Pineda, Mrs. Ester 265 Pinto, Maguel 113, 174 Pinto, Pedro 59,234 Pirtle, Carl 174 Pitt, Kelli 234 Pittman, Diana 74, 75,217 Pittman, Mrs. Evelyn 120, 264 Pittman, Mr. Frank 101 Pitts,Debbie 217 Ponder. Mr. Gary 45, 52, 253 Pope, Mary 217,268 Pope, Phoebe 217 Pope, Willaim 217 Popham. Mrs. JoAnn 126,264 Porter, Kay 126 Porter, Kimberly 116, 130, 174 Powell, Mrs.Alice 249 Powell, Ms. Marti 82, 85, 235, 260 Prall, Lori 234 Price, Ashlyn 64, 217 Price, Brian 174 Price, Richard 59, 234 Price, Robbie 54. 55, 57, 141,200 Roznovsky, Donald 107, 175 Rivera, Diana 201 Reeves, Brenda 99, 201 Price, Shannon 15, 64,234 Price, Todd 212 Priddy, Mark 194, 200 Prior, Mr. Clyde 262 Pritchard, Alice 2, 64, 222, 234 Pritchard, Annie 102, 111, 118, 130, 137, 139, 174 Provenza, Tina 200, 243 Provo, Eddie 234 Pruitt, Karla 125 Pryor, Becky 217 Pryor, Craig 174 Puente, Mr. Carlos 241 Puff, John 217 Purselley, Robert 32, 35, 174 Pursley, Mrs. Sara 128, 264 Purvey, Eric 53, 234 Purvey, Patrice 77, 80, 234 Purvey, Stephanie 80, 217 Quarrington, Rad 123, 174 Quattrochi, Anna 107, 110, 234 Quattrochi, Mrs. Terry 104, 252, 253 Quesada, Cynthia 217 Quesada, Rosalinda 122, 174 -R- Rambo, Linda 2, 56,222,234 Rambo, Roger 15, 42, 43, 58, 218 Ramirez, Becky 234 Ramirez, Pat 200 Ramirez, Vicki 200 Ramon, Rachel 174 Ramsay, Thomas 107, 218 Rand, Kelly 127, 201 Randle, France153, 231 Ransom, Ronald 218 Rapp, Randy 92, 119, 174, 270 Raso, Salvador 97, 218 Ratliff, Leslie 201 Rattanasamay, Bounvilay 218 Ray, Darla 109, 218 Ray, Johnnie 99, 218 Ray, Joseph 62, 63, 174 Raymond, Leslie 201 Reasoner, Jim 45, 234 Redder, Ronald 234 Redder, Russell 218 Reed, Mr. Bob 114, 117, 248, 249 Reed, Lesley 122, 174 Reed, Paul 218 Reed, Robyn 122, 175 Reeder, Becky 175 Reyes, Mary 122,175 Reynolds, Melissa 9, 122, 175 Rezsofi, Eva 98, 234 Rhodes, Andrew 95, 106, 218 Rhodes, Mrs. Dorothy 265 Richard, Mose 234 Richards, David 234 Richards, Til-fanie 122,201 Richardson, Jane 47, 88,107,119, 183,201,270 Richardson, Jennifer 234 Richardson, Melvlyn 93, 229, 234 Richie, Jennifer 72, 119, 201, 270 Riddle, Tracy 97, 109, 218 Ridgeway, Melora 110, 234 Ridgeway, Diane 102, 175, 221 Rienstra, Robin 60, 61, 68, 88, 183, 188, 201 Riggs, Alisha 175 Riggs, Joseph 24, 97, 99, 100, 175 Rigmaiden, Jacqueline 84, 85,218 Riley, Carla 234 Riley, James 42, 218 Risk, Christine 94, 218 Ritchie, Stefanie 218 Roman, Estela 235 Romero, Emma 190 Romero, Roberta 218 Romero, Rudolph 115, 235 Rooney, Joey 175 Rooney, Kathleen 218 Rosales, Marco 218 Rosales, Rene 28 Rosen, Sheryl 218 Ross, Mrs. Elizabeth 251 Ross, Robert 45, 59,235 Rossodivita, Gina 235 Rowan, John 54 Rowe, Jonathan 74 Sample, Angela 219 Samppala, Van 97, 176, 245, 287 Sampson, Katherine 219 Samuel, Carl 202 Sanchez, Sanchez, David 45, 88, 223, 230 Fidel 235 Sanchez, Sonja 59, 202 Sanchez, Sandelin, Sanders, Xochitl 76, 219 Kent 107 Charles 97, 104, 105, 106 107,202 Sanders, Edward 219 Sanders, Jim 27, 39, 77 Sanders, Sanders, Jodie 101,219 Kelly 202 Rubin, Rubin, Rubin, Rubin, Rubin, Mark 97, 104, 106, 218 Paul 110, 176 Robert 119. 176, 270, 276 Scott 71, 218 Tracy 64, 107, 108, 235 R uelas, Joseph 235 Ruelas, Mary 124, 201 Ruiz, Carolyn 176 Russell, Bobby 218 Russell , Gayla 94,201 Russell, lngrid 109, 112, 131, 235 Rivera, Rivera, Rivera, Mr. Robert 126, 245 Rosemary 218 Santos 90, 96, 97, 175 Rizo, Karen 201 Roach, Caroline 68, 218 Roach, Hal 201 Roach, Jacque 2, 198, 201 Roberson, Gidget 175 Roberson, Kimberly 218 Roberts, Alston 2, 23, 35, 62, 92, 130, 175 Roberts, Becky 129, 153,234 Roberts, Kelly 120, 201 Robinette, Gary 71, 218 Robinson, Brenda 201 Robinson, Cris 218 Robinson, Lisa 218 Robinson, Martha 100, 234 Robinson, Rodney 201 Robles, Guadalupe 201 Robles, Rosie 113, 218 Rocha, Simon 175 Rockwell, Marcus 96,97 Roden, Kevin 14, 234 Rodolfo, Rene 218 Rodriguiez, Beatriz 234 Rodriguez, Debbie 94, 201 Rodriguez, Francisco 71,218 Rodriguez, Gina 113, 218 Rodriguez, Janie 264 Rodriguez, Rudy 234 Reeves Reeves ,Christine 234 ,Sam 8, 12, 71,218 Remley, Al 95, 97, 228, 234 Renfro, Blair 45, 234 Renfro, Ellen 120, 201 Renfro, Kim 100 Reuter ,Mrs. Kay 261 Rodriquez, Alecia 234 Rodriquez, Joe 234 Rodriquez, Mike 234 Roc, Mark 122, 175 Roe, Susan 218 Rogers, Debra 201 Rogers, Eric 45, 77 Russell, Sarah 68, 69, 130, 218 Ryan, Mandy 123, 176 Rymell, John 235 Rymell, Thomas 91, 106, 202 -S- Sabourin, DeAnn 235 Salas, Edward 219 Salazar, Tina Marie 235 Salinas, Leticia 219 Salinas, Richard 96, 97, 235 Sanders, Rod 235 Sandoval, Sonia 235 Santee, Dale 97, 219 Satterlield, Mrs. Trisha 264 Saunders, Diana 123, 176 Saunders, Scott 120, 176 Saxton, Donna 176 Saxton, Elly 176 N Scarborough, Natalie 72, 219 Scarbrough, Rhonda 202, 221 Scheu, Amy 102, 119, 176, 268, 270 Schmuck, Wallace 66, 67, 107, 176 Schneider, Russ 219 Schoonover, Michelle 97, 109, 219 Schuford, Andre 63,202 Schweiger, Betti 176 Scott, Adrianc 93, 235 Scott, Miss Cynthia 246 Scott, Lori 74, 219 Scott, Randy 15, 38, 39, 176 Senevey, Leslie 54, 56, 215, 217, 219,268 V Is that your name written on that wall? Valerie Swinson and Craig Kimberlin take a break from OAA, ,ess Thurston, Rebecca 236 Serrano, Irma 34, 100, 235 Sessums, Darla 219 Shannon, Paul 42, 219 Shannon, Mrs. Pat 241 Shapter, Andy 235 Shaw, Shaw, Shaw, Shaw, Shaw, Shaw, Adrienne 219 Claudia 235 Mrs. Dolores 3, 244 Douglas 67, 92,148,176 Jackie 19, 82,83, 177 Joe 235 Sheeley, Tim 58, 219 Shelvey, Steve 202 Sherline, Elise 76, 117, 202 Sherman, Jackie 20, 32, 89, 92, 116, 157, 177 Sherrod, Velma 202 Sherrod, Wilford 53, 235 Shibley, Jon 67, 235 Smith, Robert 97, 235 Smith, Mrs. Rose 125, 128, 264 Smith, Sarah 82, 177, 221 Smith, shane 202 8 Smith,Sharon 167, 177 Smith, Stevey 220 Smith, Mrs. Sue 103, 249 Smith, Susan 220 Smith, Teresa 124 Smith, Mr. Terry 91,96, 110,250 Smith, Tommy 77,177 Smith Sneed Sneed , Treva 235 ,Anthony 129, 235 , Gloretta 84, 130 Snyder, Mrs. Sherry 12, 109, 221, 250 Solomon, Gayle 21, 31, 202 Sorenson, Gary 71, 235, 236 Sorenson, Linda 60, 61, 72, 219, 220 Spencer, Shibley, Mrs. Pearl 268 Shibley, Scott 66, 67, 202 Shipler, Mr. Danny 113, 249, 254 Shores, Tracy 28, 235 Short, Short, Donald 6, 38, 39, 41, 177 Lori 202 Shryoc, Robert 45, 235 Silliman, Mike 12, 219 Silvia, Benjie 12,219 Simcox, Brad 235 Simmans, Randy 90, 116, 177 Simmons, Dennis 220 Simmons, Pamala 220 Simmons, Patty 117, 221 Simmons, Ray 220, 266 Sosa, Sally 113, 235 Souders, Souders, Kathleen 122, 177 Kelli 220 Sparkman, Leah 94, 108, 177 Sparkman, Tony 174, 235 Sparks, Mr. Troy 241 Spelmon, Michael 112, 203 Spencer, Andy 97, 235 Spencer, Chris 14, 235 Spencer, Sonya 84 Vaunya 84 Simon, Mrs. Alma 13, 263 Simon, Senora 235 Simon, Vincent 98, 111, 202 Simonds, Lisa 116, 177 Simpson, Jack 45,59 Simpson, Joel 38, 40, 54, 56, 90, 177 Simpson, Paula 96, 202 Singleton, Delanna 77, 112, 235 Siordia, Ermelinda 177 Warren 97, 161, 179 Sisk, Sarah 122, 177 Sisson, Jonathan 58, 107, 220 Slaughter, Machelle 235 Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith a ,Allen 177 ,Cheryl 93, 220 Dion 99, 235 Domecq 12, 100, 107, 220 a , Donald 266 ,lrene122, 177 ,James 107, 177 ,Jan 116, 177 ,Jennifer 102, 108, 110 , Kathey 93, 112, 124, 202 , Kenneth 202 , Lupe 127, 220 , Margo 98, 100, 235 ,Marvin 50, 51, 202 , Mary 108, 235 Smith, Milton 1 10, 202 Smith 280 f INDEX , Nancy 123 Spindle, Victoria 177 Spoonemore, Michael 177 Spradlin, Tracey 72, 178 Sprinkle, Laurie 33, 92, 107, 117, 164, 178, 232, 267 Sproul, Mrs. Fay 124 Stafford, Cody 178 Stafford, Jacoby 220 Stafford, John 178, 277 Stafford, Robin 93, 182,203 Staggs, Suzanne 106, 108, 110, 111, 186, 203 Stahala, Carrell 203 Standerfer, Karen 74, 107, 220 Stanley, Dawn 203 Stanley, Diane 215, 220, 267 Stovall, Johnnie 127 Stowe, Teresa 79, 84, 85, 126,203 Strain, Mrs. Mary 245 Strasheim, Mrs. Mary 263 Strassburger, Ken 74, 111, 227, 236 Strassburger, Stephanie 102, 120, 148, 156, 178 Straub, Bill 77,220 Straub, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. William 13 Straughter, Martinez 76, 126,203 Straughter, Terrance 76 Stroud, Paula 92, 178 Stroup, Christine 220 Stroup, Donna 92, 102, 111, 119, 178, 270 Stuart, Shellie 20 Suasnover, Desi 203, 213 Sullivan, Kathy 236 Sullivan, Lori 76, 108, 236 Sullivan, Mrs. Ruth 253 Sullivan, Vandee 203 Summerford, Karl 71, 178 Summerhays, Bobby 109, 220 Surles, Michelle 76, 236 Sutter, Thomas 97 Swaringen, John 95, 97, 203 Swinson, Valerie 92, 107, 179, 279 Swope, Greg 127 -T- Taff, Ramona 107,109, 198 Talbert, Drew 220 Thompson, Tammy 220 Thompson, Temple 42, 58,203 Thompson, Todd 24, 25, 97, 99, 100, 179 Thornton, Cheryl 18, 79, 92, 131, 179 Thornton, Della 203 Thornton, Melynda 7, 107,236 Thorton, Mr. Samuel 265 Thrash, Suzanne 122, 179 Tieding, Jill 236 Tillison, Shonda 236 Tillman, Holly 94, 220 Toines, Denise 93, 124, 125, 203 Toney, Torres, Torres, Sherry 236 Christine 179 Gracie 236 Tovar, Mario 97, 203 Tovar, Theresa 179 Townsend, Mary Michael 88, 144, 223, 236 Tracy, Lisa 64, 236 Tran, Chau 124 Trevino, Jessica 122, 179, 221 Trevino, Julie 204,221 Trevino, Sylvia 236 Trickey, Maurie 88, 92, 102, 157, 164, 179 Trimble, Paul 110,236 Tripp, Dede 92, 102, 138, 149, 164 179 Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Horace 50, 51, 220 Joe 96, 97, 179 LaVivian 5, 93, 130, 236 Michael 220 Michelle 56, 64, 236 Taylor, Peggi 120, 179 Taylor, Taylor, Mr. Robert 258 Mr. Tommy 241 Teal, Carrie 220 Temple, Grace 127 Stanley, 284 Mark 38, 39,102, 178, Stapleton, Malinda 203 Starns, Dee 220 Stegall, Robert 63, 178 Tennerson, Felicia 18, 79, 82, 92, 102,118, 148,179 Tennerson, John 52, 53, 236, 262 Terrell, Matt 144, 236 Terrell, Pat 45 Tesar, Debbie 107, 120, 203, 267 Tesar, Kathy 101, 110, 220 Tsung, Tsung, Peter 7, 63, 224, 236, 286 Ron 92, 156, 179 Tuomey, Scott 28, 179 Turlington, Amy 236 Turner Turner Turner Turner v ,Bridgette 107 , Dan 236 Mrs. Jan 30, 102, 249 Jim 45, 59, 236 Turner, , Marilyn 179 Turner, Patrick 58, 98, 220 Turner, Richard 51 Turner, Sherri 12, 20, 74, 107, 209 268 Turner Turner, , Timothy 197, 204 Stegient, Elizabeth 235 Stembridge, Clarence 235 Stemple, Donny 66, 67, 203 Stemple, Linda 76, 220 Stephens, Mr. Herb 78, 262, 263 Stevens, Jimmy 235 Thames, Lela 220 Thomas, Barbara 220 Thomas, Demeteria 93, 100, 229, 236 Thomas, Julie 179 Thomas, Sherri 235. 236 Stevens, Laura 236 Stewart, James 99, 100, 203 Karla 74, 124, 178 Stewart, Stewart, Sandra 100,236 Stewart, Steven 203 Stone, Chris 109, 117, 178 Stovall, John 178 Thomas, Valenta 93 Thompson, Mrs. Daphene 265 Thompson, Darryl 43 Thompson, Elizabeth 79, 82, 88,90,149,157,179, 270 Thompson, Frank 112, 203 Thompson Gwendolyn 130, 179 Thompson, Monique 84, 220 Turnipseed, Chris 54, 57, 204 Turnipseed, David 58, 216 Turpin, Sarah 128, 204, 205 Tyree, Cindi 110, 220 -U- Unell, Robyn 236,283 Ussery, Linda 127 Utley. Vicki 93, 128, 236 -V- Valdez, Bryan 236 Valdez, Fidel 97, 204 Valentine, Joy 106, 220 Vallejo, Stephanie 128, 179 Van Amburgh, Cindy 16, 19, 60, 88, 90, 137, 157, 180 153, Van A mburgh. Laura 60, 88. 143, 207. 220. 232 Vance. Vance. Esti189. Kathleen 6.107. 110. 111. 236 Vanderhoof, Wim 104. 162, 180 Van Lien, Priscilla 204 Van l.ohuizen,Carol1ynn 180 Vanti1burg.Dvsayne 220 10. Vantilburg. Mark 236 Vasquez. llelen 90,113, 180 Vasquez, Margaret 126. 221 Vasquez, Norma 113.236 Vasquez, Ronald 127 Vasquez, Sonia 120, 180 Vaughan, Lynn 92, 180 Walker. Ross 4, 17.92, 107. 130. 180 Wall. David 109.221 Wall. Mr. Gerald 105. 263 Wall. Mr, Jim 47. 260 Wallace. Mrs. Helen 171.249 Wallace, Larry 39, 77. 143.221 Wallace. Mrs. Letha 21, 130. 247 Wallace, Phyllis 221 Wallace, Robert 54, 56, 204 Waller, Kim 80.237, 266 Walles, Darren 237 Walthall. Joel 95. 97. 180 Walton, Mrs. Maudrie 241 Waltrip. Mike 71. 220, 221 Wanzor, Melissa 123, 180 Wershay. Missy 237 Wharton. Scot 96. 97, 181 Whatley. Lisa 221 Whatley, William 181 Wheat, Noni 128. 237 Wheeler, Cheryl 91, 97. 1 10, 181 Whitaker, Benita 237 Whitaker. Ear148. 51.221 Wilson. .lanice 91.93.205 Wilson. Latrice 77. 221 Wilson. Nana 74. 205 Wilson, Mrs. Ola 13. 262. 263 Wilson. Robert 67, 237 Wilson. Steven 110.237 Wilson, Willie 221 Winn. Glen 71.181 Watson, Marc 180 Vicki 235 A Did you really see me doing that! Susan Halley and Murray Atkinson play Perry Mason on a government field trip. Vaughn, Becky 100, 101 Vautrain, Kim 94, 203, 204 Vega, Gina 236 Vega, Patrizia 72, 97, 246 Vela. Becky 204 Vela, Lubin 113, 246 Vela, Marcial 236 Ve1asquez,Auggie 58, 107,246 Vick, Mrs, Judy 257 Vidaurri, Arthur 204 Villa, Cecilia Mrs. 113. 249 Villafranca, Lucy 236 Villarreal, Arnoldo 127 Villarreal, Ramon 115, 204 Villaviceneio, Sonia 76 Villegas, Daniel 236 Von Behrens, Robert 237 Von Luckner, David 42, 77, 246 Voss, Vicky 204 Voyda, Eric 123, 204 -W- Ward. Linda 92. 180. 232 Ward, Lydia 180 Ward. Robert 237 Warren. Keith 231.237 Warren. Kevin 12, 51, 53, 221 Warren, Lalricia 221 Warren, Ruth 77 Washington, Bobby 52, 53, 237 Washington.Char1otte 122. 169. 180 Watkins, Mark 221 Watkins. Vicky 237 Watson, Christy 124 Webb, Anthony 180 Weber. Mike 181 Welch, Mrs. Jean 130, 247, 283 Weldon, Keith 221 Wells, Bill 45. 77 Wells, Christi 127,204 Wells. Reba 221 Wershay, David 130. 181 White. Audra 237 White. Mr. Elijah 265 White. Jamie 66. 67. 198. 204 White, Jennifer White. Mrs. Mary 265 White. Terry 237 Whitener. Brian 237 Whit1ey,.1u1ie 77, 88,223,237 Whitmire, Bill 62. 63. 181 Wiggins. Brenda 76, 110,221 Wiggins. Preston 237 Wilborn, Dexter 45.237 Wiley. Carolyn 221 Wiley, Mark 76. 91. 104. 105, 106, 205 Wilkerson. Mrs. Olivia 250 Wilks. Karen 124 Williams, Williams, Williams Aaron 95. 97 Andre 97.258 ,Angela 237 Williams. Anthony 39.42, 221 Williams, Candace 95. 97. 112. l30.149. 181.221 Williams. Dennis 205 Williams Derrick 39. 41. 43. 77 Williams. Fracene 205 Williams, lfred 53. 145,237 Williams James 51 Williams Jerry 113 Williams, Kurt 19 Williams Lawrence 45 Williams Marcia 20 Williams Mrs. Mary 248. 265 Williams Pamela 181 Williams Paula 84. 85,221 Williams Rodney 39, 125 Williams. Rusty 205 Williams Ruth 221 ' Williams, Savannah 12.149, 193. 205 Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Sheila 125,205 ,Susan 6, 221 Ms. Susan 101, 249 Mrs. Sylvia 93, 249 Tami 97, 221 Tim 23,42.43. 112,205 ,Travcn 45, 77. 237 Wippert. Larry 96, 97 Wise. Robert 42. 112, 185.205 Witcher. Julia 205 Wol'l'ord. Annie 126. 205 Wood. Gerald 128. 181 Wood, Mr. Glen 251 Wood, Michelle 237 Wood, Mrs. Sherree 74, 257 Woodard. Blake 91, 102, 104, 110. 181 Woodlee. Johnny 128 Woods. Sandy 85, 237 Woodson. Mrs. Mary 265 Wooley. Randy 181 Wortham. Patria 104, 110. 111. 193. 205 Wreay. Dedee 205 Wright. Emily 221 Wright. Ms. Jhani 110. 253. 286 Wright. Robert 8. 29, 92, 102. 110 181 Wright, Tammy 221 Wright. Mr. Willie 265 -Y- Yanez, Rene 221 Yarbrough, Diana 108, 237 Yarbrough. Gerald 110,221,266 Yarbrough, Sandra 31. 91.102, 8 119 . 181,267,270 Ybarra, Juan 113. 237 Ybarra, William 58. 221 Young, Chris 261 Young, Lisa 205 Young. Shelly 221 -Z- Zacarias, Francisco 71. 97, 149. 181 Zamora, Martin 181 Zavala. Daniel 237 Zawadzkc. Steve 221 Zinn. Lisa 97,110,237 Zipp, Carolyn 19. 20, 92, 1 19, 181 270 Zuniga. Joe 45.237 Williamson, Holly 94,205 Williamson. Joyce 205, 221 Wi1lman,Marey 124. 237 Willman. Teresa 221 Wilson. Caroline 212,221 Wilson, Christopher 221 Wilson. Donnie 181 Wilson, Glenn 96, 97. 181 A Lel's boogie, team! Juana Murlel gets ready for a volleyball play. ww ' Qfgiglliikillipfigllwf K E? Elfffgwl if U lf EP -O if 2, C .313 J-SQQM3 fi? U4-hgigf-3Q5lQ,:Q'6.lQQJlE E O-1-GQ-S-bn 05314-la 1f55'SE3'Q:5vv.gg-E730 'als-fwqfisga mem Q95--f5T5,g9U,bg1,tS3E9Q in xp g JSGQN lNo9.-i3Hf'l-'l 29 282 1 AUTOGRAPH C l -4 E, Love Yay' S E Q ss NE X1 Mil SEQ 5 .f.' 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