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u lu. -f, I' . if w . ,-,. . ...S ,, . 5, .W .MH 2 'EQ ' 2 2 3 f 4 1 I 11 1 J -1 1, 1- 17 i ' Li1 WVU-HIE 0fRU0lI.lE CCAUENIDAIR HCH52 I I r L ' 1 - ,, Q' , 'T Jgil 1 PRESENTED BY THE S E N I O R C L A S S QUINCY CONIBIUNITY scHooLs QUINCY, MICHIGAN 5 I Q MU ...A DEDICATION The Class of 19 12 w1shes to ded1cate thls annual to the faculty who helped mold our l1ves and encouraged cooperauon among students so that as We go along l1fe s road We w1ll make a more peaceful nauon Thxs book IS also 1n memory of Severyn Lebeckl who lost h1s l1fe ln the summer of 1948 THE ANNUAL STAFF -..fa Q F, . . . J ' 9 ' 5 1 7 . l- -. Q ...i ...- ,-.. ...Q .1 2 I ADMINISTRATION I E. J. Jennings Superintendent J .T. Watts Principal BCARD 0F EDUCATICJN LEFT TO RIGHT: Earl Hutchins, Trustee: Leon A. VanPatten, Treasurerg Elmer Anderson, Presidentg Dewey R. Mains, Secretaryg William Olney, Trustee. 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS The Oriole Calendar ........ In Remembrance .............. Administration ........................ Seniors Begin Last Year ...................... Football Season in Full Swing ................,.... Alumni Dance Top Date in October ......... Freshmen Sophomore Reception .................. November Brings Senior Play ......................,.... December, Seniors Sponsor Christmas Ball ...... Juniors Furnish Jr. Sr. Banquet .................... Grades present operetta ........i............... Faculty ............,..............................,.......... January and Basketball Season Opens ....... February Offers A Sweet Valentine ......... March Brings Jr. High Parties ............... Senior Band goes to District Contest .................. April Opens Baseball Season .............................. 38, 51, 60 Oriole News Brings Word of Chorus Operetta ......... ...... May, Allen and Rural Schools Give Programs ......... ...... Juniors Present the Dutch Ball .......................... Tune the Annual Staff Gives You This Book ........................................ Calendar Snaps ..................................................... 6, 28, 40, 43, 525 61 Advertising .............................................................................................. A AUGUST 1951 Mow, Tue. wen, mu, rm . SAT 1951 ocTo 1 9 5 ,I SUN, MON. TUE. WED FRI 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 1011 7 9 9 10 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 14 15 16 17 19 zo 21 2 23 24 25 21 22 23 24 26 27 28 30 31 t 28 29 30 31 N. MON. T' 'E FRI. SAT Moon 30th 24 GMU ' .7222 , l i. ..... 1 A 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 5 4 ' - Us r f Ui i , nf. Is 2 E V. X I' What' ch Faster, ED a feather Stock together. Birds oi . - if ,, o wt a doing, Phil? L f 5 "mst:-J ookirig Lights! Camera! Action! Ready Lauren. 6 Catch i V it, john. L 1V AZ 'A-it for s oraethiag SENIOR CLASS M A-.S CTE Vi S' 7 W-v mvv, .,, , MARILYN BENJAMIN Basketball 4 F.H.A. 3 Jr.-Sr. Plays Oriole Staff Annual Staff J-HOD Jr.-Sr. Banquet Freshman Reception F.H.A. President CLIFF BOWERS' Student Council Social Committee jr.-Sr. Plays Baseball 2 Track 3 Basketball 3 Football Co-Capta Varsity Club Pres. Class Ofiicer J-HOP FLOYD CASKEY in Jr.-Sr. Banquet Band 2 J -HOP Sr. Play DORIS JACK BREWER CARPENTER Basketball co-captain 5 Football 4 11,1-LA, Basketball 4 Q Club Co-Captain Jr.-Sr. Banquet 321525311 3 Jr.-Sr. Plays Track 3 Secretary 2 Senior President Student Council Oriole StaE Annual Stal! Student Council Jr.-Sr. Banquet F.F.A. 4 Sr. Play Oriole Staff LAUREN BRACY Jr.-Sr. Banquet Jr.-Sr. Plays J-Hop F.F.A. 4 Jr. Band Class Officer DONNA FAULKNER Annual Co-Editor Class Oflicer 2 Oriole Staff 2 Jr.-Sr. Banquet Jr.-Sr. Plays J-HOP Student Council Treas. Christmas Ball Chrmn. F.H.A. 4 Y-Teens 2 GLENNA COPLIN Basketball 4 Jr.-Sr. Plays Y-Teens J-HOP Jr.-Sr. Banquet Oriole Staff 2 Annual Stalf Freshman Reception Cheerleading 3 Student Council EDGAR GEIMAN WONETTA HERENDEEN Health Committee Chainnan F.H.A. 3 Basketball Annual Staff Jr.-Sr. Banquet Christmas Ball Chorus Y-Teens ROYCE FRIEND Band 4 J-HOP Senior Play F.F.A. 3 jr.-Sr. Banquet Annual Staff Chorus DALE HARTLEY Basketball 4 Baseball 4 Football 4 Jr. Play Q Club Jr.-Sr. Banquet Freshman Reception DICK JONES Football 4 Basketball 4 Co-Captain Baseball 4 Student Council 2 Jr. Play Annual Treasurer Class Officer 2 NANCY HARTLEY F.H.A. 3 Oriole Stalf Annual Staff Basketball Man J-HOP Basketball 3 Jr.-Sr. Banquet Q Club age! MIKE A GROHALSKI F.F.A. 4 jr.-Sr. Banquet DALE HULBERT F.F.A. 4 Jr.-Sr. Banquet Pres. F.F.A., J-HOP I. ., .,'.. V..,.T 4 I i 1 J i 1 L 5 1 1 4 4 1 .Aj Q 3 1 I 5 U i I NELLIE KELLICUT Basketball 4 F.H.A. 4 Jr.-Sr. Banquet J-HOP Student Council Annual Staff jr.-Sr. Plays Fair Chairman D.A.R. Girl's State DALE MCDONALD Band 3 Drum Major Oriole Staif Cheerleader 2 Pres. Dance Club Pres. Annual Staff Orchestra Operetta J-HOP Jr.-Sr. Banquet JOHN KASPERSKI F.F.A. 4 F.F.A. Vice. Pres. J-Hop Jr.-Sr. Banquet Baseball 4 Annual Track 4 KAROL DUANE MAJOR McCURLEY Basketball 4 F.F,A. 3 Basketball Co-Capt. 2 J,-,Srl Banquet Student Council 6 IHOP JY-'SL Plays Basketball 3 Y-Teen Oilicer 2 sr. play Annual Staff Q Club. J-Hop, jr.-Sr. Banquet Annual staff Q Club 2 Freshman Reception Soc. Com. Chairman in -.. K+ fr., A, . . Christmas Ball GORDON MILLER F.F.A. Jr.-Sr. Banquet Honors Assembly Band 2 Chorus Operetta Sr. Play WAYNE LOOSE Football F.F.A. 4 Band 4 Chorus Student Council jr. Play J-H011 F.F.A. Officer 2 Fair Committee JAMES MCNICKLE Band 6 Annual Staff Football Operetta Orchestra Boy's State BILL PLU M M ER Activities Committee Noon Committee Football 2 Track F.F.A. 3 F.F.A. Secretary Sr. Play Committee Q Club DELORES RIDDLE jr.-Sr. Banquet Dance Club Chorus 3 Jr. Band Annual Staff Freshman Reception PHIL PORTER Chorus 2 F.F.A, 3 J-Hop Operetta Sr. Play Jr.-Sr. Banquet Annual Staff Honors Assembly Freshman Reception BETTY ELLEN SHANER Jr.-Sr. Banquet Jr.-Sr. Plays J-HOP Operetta Oriole Staff G.A.A. Chorus 2 LELAND PERSON Freshman Reception Jr.-Sr. Banquet J-Hop Jr.-Sr. Plays Band 4 Chorus Orchestra F.F.A. Annual Staff 2 ,, A q....,,,.,., ...,.,.,-....l ,. 'rum V. V -........ A BERNADINE QUIMBY Jr Sr Plays Senior Secretary Annual Stall 2 Oriole Stalf J-HOP Operetta Y-Teens 5 F.H.A. 3 Chorus Christmas Ball is JAMES POMRANKA Jr.-Sr. Banquet jr, Band 2 Oriole Staff Annual Staff J-HOP GEORGIA LOU SECOR J-Hop Chairman Band 8 Oriole Staff 3 F.H.A. 4 Y-Teens 4 Sr. Play Annual Co-Editor Senior Treasurer Band Oflicer 2 Speech Contest 3 1 i l l 1 1 4 l 1 Q 1 i 1 l i 1 I if 4 ED THOMPSON A F.F.A. 4 Student Council 2 Annual Staff J-Hop Jr.-Sr. Banquet Baseball 4 Football 2 Track 2 BONNIE VAN VOORHIS Y-Teens 3 Jr.-Sr. Banquet Jr.-Sr. Plays Oriole Staff Annual Stal? J-HOD Student Council ELLINOR SHANK Chorus 2 Basketball 2 F.H.A. Honors Assembly 2 Freshman Assembly Band 6 J-HOP Band Banquet School Paper JACK SWEET Chorus 2 Honors Assembly Jr.-Sr. Banquet I-'.F.A. J-HOP Annual Staff Sr. Play TOM VAN CLEAVE Basketball F.F.A. Oflicer Annual Staff J-HOP FRANCES V. WARREN Sr. Play Annual Staff Speech Contest Latin Club Orchestra Basketball TRUMAN WELCH I-'.F.A. 2 Jr.-Sr. Banquet J-Hop Sr. Play MARY TOMECEK Basketball 4 Student Council Vice Pres. J-HOP Oriole Staff 2 Jr,-Sr. Banquet Jr. Play F.H.A. 4 F.H.A. Vice Pres. 2 Annual Staff N l N N N N l REGINA WALTON Christmas Ball Basketball 2 Soph. Pres. Annual Staff Speech Contest Sr. Play Y-Teens -3 F.H.A. 3 Band 4 1 Chorus l l THE TOP TEN BACK ROW! fLeft to Righty: Nellie Kellicut, Bill Plummer, Truman VVelch. Royce Friend, Mary Tomecek. FRONT ROW, Ellinor Shank, Bernadine Quimby. Dick jones, Georgia Lou Secor, Bonnie Van Voorh is. GEORGIA LOU SECOR Valedictorian NELLIE KELLICUT D. A. R. Girl ' 13 --M -- Y.. ...,..., , BERNADINE QUIMBY Salutatorian FOOTBALL L FRONT ROWV, Left to Right-Mr. Verduin, L. Fickle, P. Mains, YV. Plummer, C. Rurka, D. Hart- lay, Co-Captaing C. Bower, Co-Captain, D. Jones, F. Parkinson, J. Carpenter, D. Swallow Mr. Shearer. , SECOND ROW--D. Fries, D. Dunckel, R. TVCELVCI, L. Dolan, L. Travis. R. Finley, J. lVatts Managerg W. Smeal, C. Bowen, R. Boyer, R. Gieman, J. Faulkner, P. Sattler. BACK ROW-R. Knapp, T. Borton, C. Coates, J. Roth, H. Rurka, T. Marshall. Henning, L 1- Sebring, G. Marquart, G. Whitney, D. Johnson. R. Locke, O. Thatcher, R. Downer, K. Bible -.5 rw . fs 14 September ,....,.. .,.... A DRIAN 'B' There 21 September ......,. ....,...., H OMER Here 28 September ....,... ,..,..... R EADING There F J 5 October .,... UNION CITY Here l ft. l x 12 October ..,. JONESVILL12 There 19 October ,.,. LITCHFIELD Here 26 October .,,. ....... A THENS There' 2 November ,....., . .,.,.. BRONSON Here 14 S T X? QW W ' 17' Z' i Q SEPTEMBER 1951 N. TUE. wsu. THU. FRL SAT 1 4 5 6 7 8 D 11 12 13 14 15 22 29 1951 1 9 SUN. MON. QCTOBER lg NOVEMBER 19. Tue. wsu. mu. rm. sn 1 2 5 6 7 8 9 12 13 14 15 16 3 10 17 1 18 19 20 21 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 I- - 27 28 22 so In SI. MON. . WED. THU. FRI. SAT. uarter 1 HOMECOMING DANCE MUSIC BY TECUMSEH CHIEFTAINS 15 27 Iew Moc Q 30th -i F.F.A. FRONT ROYV, Left to Right-V. Marshall, A. Newberry, L. XVnlsh, li. Thompson, XV. 1'lnn1 mer, D. Hulbert, J. K2lS1JCTSRl, NV. Loose, D. Olney. D. johnson, K. Slrolher. SECOND ROXV-Mr. Fischer, Camp, R. 'I-llOl1llJSOIl, K. Benjamin, R. Rziclebaugli, G. Smith B. Hawes, C. Bowen, R. Estlow, M. Grokalslai. XV. Friend, XV. Roberts. H. Hastings, K Becker. G. Grohalski, j. Marquzlrcll. L. Woollzml. BACK ROXV-J. lVhitney, BI. Twadell, L. Person. ill YanClezn'e, C. Morrison. C. Shilling. W Olmsted, D. XVells, M. Sanderson, L. Brucy, D. Dnnckel, J. Carpenter, R. Finley, R. Boyer M. Waterbury, M. Spencer, L. Poinranka, R. Van Kirk. 16 Freshmen S0 homore Rece tion P P 17 ' - U -N--.11-qw - Bible, Kenny Booth, Richard Borton, Tommy Bracy, Janet Brazee, Gerald Camp, Lewis Coates, Carl Cronmiller, William Daniels, Patricia Downer, Robert Ernst, Helen Farwell, Marcia r Fish, Jeanette - Fredrickson, Dessa Friend, William Geiman, Robert Gilchrest, Marilyn Griffen, Glenn Gross, james Hartley, Rex Henning, Jerome Hewitt, Marjorie I-Ioubeck, Ruby Kellieut, Irene Knapp, Robert Kuykendall, june Locke, Richard Olmstead, Walter Mains, Mary Faulkner, Jack Y Marshall, Tom Mast, Mary Murdock, Carl Myers, Martha W my , 5 5, . ,g Q, 5 Newberry, Christine Olney, Janice Pomranka, Leon Roth, James Rurka, Harold Russel, Robert Shilling, Hazel Smead, Laurel Snyder, Sally Stempien, Richard Stiles, Elizabeth Strouse, Waneta Thatcher, Olondo Thompson, Iva Thompson, Richard Todd, Phyllis Towers, Naomi Turnpaugh, Winnie Twadell, Merle VanKirk, Russell VanVoorhis, Donna WVeaver, Robert Whitney, Jerry lVickham, Harold Wickham, Kenny Wilkinson, Gen Not pictured M innick, Joyce evieve 19 "M: 5 Q AL, , ,, ,vyx I +3 gg xsagwwgg F lp? J V. ,, af , :ff f Lk 1 C ,mk V k A 1 151, if E :. 3 ' . r Q Q - - , ,, ig lv i fa, ,ar gf, ,C , iii , . if I ' E' Hicks, Karolyn Howell, Catherine Hulbert, Rita S- I ,, , Z , Hulbert, Shelby ly 3 I U ' johnson, Donald ' 5 ,V " Knapp, Clara Lee Knowles, Nancy Lueck, Marilyn Mackae, Geraldine Adams, Donna Batt, Michael Becker, Carlyle Benjamin, Kyle Benjamin, Bob B Brewer, Wanda Brown, Alice Campbell, Linda Crolf, Ann Deal, Donna Deuel, Ronald Dolan, Ronald Dryer, Ruth Dunckel, Dale Earl, Kristine Fersch, Janet Fersch, Thelma Foster, Norman Fries, Dick Grill, Bob Grohalski, George Hankins, Betty Hartley, Florinda Hawes, Dorothy Hayward, Non VU- - , - , ,, A . -,., ,...v.,...,............. 3 Marquart, Lois Marquart, Jerold Marshall, Van Matthews, Colvin Meiring, Betty Lou my . Eff! or ,A nai- Ei. . lf Q 'WS-.1 'Y Cx ex. Merriman, Bill Mettler, Duane Morrison, Cecil Newberry, John 1 it 3, Olaynick, Joyce Palmateer, Carol Pengelly, Betty Person, LaDean Phair, David Pierson, Joyce ti, Q' : V , ' Q- fyyf Might ne w L Q, .E V Q n Wit if 'ws 0 224' 1 ' vm " be , Qi mg' , gf ,f l T Ea Rehner, Nancy ,,:,,l EQL' fi Riddle, Delight Roberts, Warren f Rockell, Georgia 'V'i' Sanderson, Marion Ka y L t 11 ff E ff ft. ,Q An sander, Philip H ' Smith, George ,X fy Spencer, Mac " Spieth, Thelma 'V Spoor, Kay -f " 'li' f 7 'f ik H 4 Vkyk , . ., Stempien, Ronald Qi! ii V 1 Strother, Kenny ' me V Vincent, Shirley 'f" I bby . it 6 teei tt ' 'D Walsh, Leon , d ,V by Waterbury, Emery - Wattskjim tc , I lVilson, Bill Woodward, Larry Zirkalos, Donna 21 1 :W Q? 'E-, ,A is - ,,,ee jf ,,.., .,,,. y 1 'N K? ' A at 9 . Q ,aww-,Wm-gm-4 Aw kv www my ww: M W -' 1 mfg was my me as www -W if uw ww QW fwwwwvwgfvx www- ww Dr gum M 8 ,Www Mm4L'mgtvw5f2gwwv4fg!-I +v-sv 1 .9 ,. f , 4 1 My Q 1 fwm, , . MLM- www,-ww1w M,-. Wm.- : A wp, m m ,M me -W'-M-1 4 1 OCTOBER 1951 1951 DECEMBER MON. TUE. WED. THU. FRI. SAT, 1 9 5 1 SUN. TUE. WED. THU. FRI. S1 1 2 4 5 6 a 9 11 12 13 2 3 4 5 6 1 1 15 16 18 19 zo E 9 10 11 12 13 14 1 22 23 25 26 27 V 16 11 18 19 20 21 2 29 ao 23130 2413125 26 27 28 -5 IJN. MON. TUE. WED. THU. FRI. SAT. Quarter Full Moon Last Quarter New Moon 1 Q 1 ..-,-..... th , D 1 LU L' I LU L 7 JV 1 7 3 I 1 SOUR MISS BRooKs'f LEFT TO RIGHT-Nellie Kellicut, Betty Shaner, Doris Brewer, Duane McCurley, Bonnie Van Voorhis, Royce Friend, Vickie Warren, Leland Person, Gorden Miller, Karol Major, Georgia Lou Secor, jack Carpenter, Truman Welch, Donna Faulkner, Floyd Casky, Marilyn Benjamin Glenna Coplin, Bernadine Quinby, Regina Walton, Phil Porter, Clifford Bowers, and Lauren Bracy. Miss BROOKS ................ COACH, HAOO LONGACRE.. JANE DREW ..,..,............ TED WILDER ..,...........,. MR. WADSWORTH, Principal. ff f RHONDA ALLEN ..,.......... MISS FLINCH, Librarian .,....,.. MISS AUDABON, music teacher. . . . DORIS ....... SYLVIA ...... ELSIE ,...... MARGE ..... FAITH ..., EILEEN ..... STANLEY ............... MARTIN ........,......... MRS. ALLEN. BASKETBALL PROMPTERS ............. DIRECTORS. P'LAYEii f f f f f CAST ...Bernadine Quimby ..,.,..ClifIord Bowers . , , .Georgia Lou Secor , ..... jack Carpenter , ..., Leland Person ...,..,Karol Major . . . . . . , .Doris Brewer . . . , . . , .Glenna Coplin . . . ,Marilyn Benjamin . , . . . .Nellie Kellicut , . . .Donna Faulkner . , . . Vickie Warren .....,Betty Shaner . . . . .Regina Walton ...... .Truman Welch . . ...,...... h. .Floyd Casky VanVoorhzs McCurley Royce Friend, Lauren Bracy, Phil Porter, Gorden Miller ,....,.................Gladyce Adams, Calvin Enders 24 ...- FRONT ROW, fLeft to Rightj: G. Parker, Laurell, J. Kohler, L. Rogers. CUBS AND BOY SCO UTS SECOND ROW: B. Himebaugh, F. I.insey. L. Rogers, J. Bowers, F. johnson, R. Hacker. THIRD ROW: C. Vicory, D. Knirk, B. Taylor, B. Laurell, L. Olaynick, XN. Pomranka, T. Myers, I. Buchanan. FOURTH ROVV: R. Stiles, B. Johnston, J. Kingry, M. Cronmiller, R. Davis, R. Hacker, D. Dobson, Mr. Monk. BACK ROYV: T. Mitchell R. Sadcller, D. Burgress. B. Anderson, P. 'Willen, C. Holmes, F. Schofield. FRONT ROXV, fLeft to Rightl: R. Matthews, L. Hmlxaugh, J. Dan- iel, R. Hyslop, D. Holmes, D. Dyer. SECOND ROXV: F. Germaine, B. Sadler, N. Rurka, F. Gripman, J. Lawyer, L. Parker, L. Parker, WV. Roberts, F. Taylor, N. Kelly. BACK ROWV: Mr. Enders. A. Atkinson. J, Roth, J. Marshall, L. Pom- ranka, P. Broad. FRONT RONV:, CLeft to Rightj : B. Borton, L. Kelly, C. Lashnay, Fischer, J. Brand, S. Smith. SECOND ROIN: V. Holmes, N. Jaymes, P. Hacker, B. Rogers, LI. Barton, S. Lzmgstaff, B. Ehl, M. Stiles. THIRD ROIV: Mrs. Foster, M. Smead. M. I.:1mp1nan, Green, S. Mains, N. Penoyer. Kelly, Mrs. Brand. BACK ROIV: J. Kingery. J. Laurell. T. Etheridge, P. Brockman. M. L. Marshall. J. VVihel, I. Sprout, -I. Stone. BACK ROXV, fLeft to Rightj: S. Wibel. I. Sehoffield, S. Mull, B. Moore, J. Ester- line, M. Batman. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Brandt, S. Melville, P. Greene, M. Watts, S. Kanouse C. Davis. FRONT ROWV: -I. Lindsey, M. Ifklalton, N. Hyslop, C. Vigneault, S. Brandt. ABSENT: L. 'Wolc0tt, Mrs. Vcrduin. GIRL SCOUT V AND BROWNIES fm 4 i y 5, . 5 1-at 2 2 Ii 'ctw K 4 I Four lonely Dutch girls.. 1 .3 AL . ""'. Z . f wr Always together. 1 o Q 9, w.a.m,'..g smupw-if .4 Mv, what pretty teeth, 1 Q,,. ,Q fl . The sophomore. Wfatch the birdie. 28 AM, -4 , . K,-kj lily l K Lf v 4' X Q Pals to the end. ' wean-in f lv l . , e X .5 f L,g, v ,H M, o, You name itg he'll do it. Caught in the act. NOVEMBER 1Q51 1952 JANUARY 19. 'L TUE. WED. THU. FRI. SAT. SUN. MON. TUE. WED, THU. FRI. SIT. 1 2 3' 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 a 9 10 6 1 a 9 10 11 12 : 13 14 15 16 17 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 1 20 21 22 23 24 zo 21 22 23 24 25 26 1 27 28 29 so I - - 2-:I 28 29 so 31 VI. MON. TUE. WED. THU. FRI. AT. uarter Full Moon Last Quarter New Moon My 193122662246 JL! ' 162126. 29 15 1 i R "-ii l...i. 111... 9 44.4 Boley, Beverly Bowen, Charles Boyer, Raymond Brazee, Mary Ellen Brewer, Alan Briggs, Doris Condra, Marshall "' cook, Phillip Crowe, Darlene Daniels, Lorna Diment, Darline Drushal, Darlene Estlow, Ralph Ewers, Mary Fickle, Loran Finley, Raymond if M , 1 - , I "'::1: f' ,.:'f Gripman, Dale lg' is ,y 5 ' Hard, Donna ,,,,, , - A '- Hastings, Harold A l ggi Hawes, Billy Hayward, Shirley Hicksenhiser, Lee Hilliar, Delores Jennings, Jerry 'Ev lne B orys , PQ Jonkef, Joan - , ,,,, ig , Knirk, Carl U , Kuykendall, Ann l 3 Litwaitus, Raymond 30 Xvickham, Alice Lothamer, Robert McDonald, Deloris Mains, Phil Mann, Robert ,K - f-. ,KKA Mettler, Donald 1' 'jf f Morrison, Edward LQI , ' "':.,1.J Q f Myers, Janet ,. P Olney, Dwight , 1 K E Ive, Vezs i t Q Parker, Carolyn ff.. - :-' A V.,Q. o f Parker, Roberta W - Parkinson, Frank ' Radebaugh, Richard Rogers, Laurel Q Sebring, Lyle ' Shilling, Charles K! ':"" , irr' Smead, Willard ' 4 Q 1 W 'R x Smith, Darleen Snyder, Shirley , Sprowl, Patricia Stempien, Bob Stockwell, Betty 3- f Swallow, Dick V R Travis, Larry Wells, Richard Wilder, jean Wolfcale, Paul Wynkoop, Phyllis 31 f ---- -1f JUNIOR SENICR BANQUET 32 ,,.:...... ,, , ., , . , s ,W . ,,,,. ,, ,,..,--, ,,...,.,,., , , .-., , ,, G RADE OPERE TTA THE TOY SHOP 33 - f -I A---- --- ----A K M - nniQ HXTH GRA DE Q FIFTH GRADE ... - B A .... ... - S FRONT ROYV fLeft to Rightj: S. Smith. I.. Hinebaugh. I., Kelley, D. Dryer. I. Stone, I. Fisher, B. Sadler. -I. Berry, F. Germaine, J. Brand. ' i ' SECOND ROVV: M. Stiles. D. Faulkner, J. Barton, Knirk, j. Kingery. M. Marshall. I. Sprout, J. YVilkinson, R. Hyslop. Mrs. Phelps. BACK ROYV: R. Matthews, C. Ellis, AI. Laurell. R. Caskey, G. Cook, ml. Brown, 'l'. Selnlnelroth, D. McKenzie, R. Aikman, N. Rurka. I .FRONT ROWV QLeft to Rightj: F. Lindsey. H. Thomas. L. Rogers, B. Taylor, l'. Kenlinight S. Lanstalf, R. Boyer, V. Holmes, 'I". Myers, A. Hankins. SECOND ROYV: AI. McCoubrey, II. Rodgers, ul. Blue, II. johnson, B. Ehl, B. Laurell, M. Reynolds L. Olaynick, P. Hacker, R. Holloway, N. jaynes. BACK ROYV: WV. Poniranka. E. Spencer. B. Rodgers, XV. Anthony. J. Pideock, H. Rasmussen C. Ellis, C. Gates, YVolfcale. I.. Mcflurley, A. Persailes. Mrs. Mcflugan. ., Ll FN - - - Q... ., ,......,.i.....1-. .- ................. -M-.. --.........,-........ . ,.. Us ....-.............mn..... . . -Qmgg fav , ,T FRONT ROVV QLeft to righijz C. Davis. F. VanDoren, J. Lindsey, L. Wiser, M. Batman D. Hermance, N. Hyslop. SECOND ROXV: P. Green, L. WN'ilc0x, S. Brandt, D. lNIurdock, R. Stiles. D. Booher, S. Melville, B. Johnston, R. Davis, S. Berry. THIRD ROW: W. Gripman, S. lNihel, G. Booher, S. Vigneault, J. Kingcry, M. XVatts, 1 Schofield, D. Aikman, D. Dobson, R. Sadler. M. VValton, J. Laurell. FOURTH ROW: R. Hacker, S. Kanousc, T. Limmerman, H. Brown. Dolph. S. Mull, M Cronmiller, B. Moore, lslsterlinc, G. Parker, C. Anthony, Wolfeale, B. Griffen, J Lounds, Miss Corless. FRONT ROYN7, Qlmft to Rightj : L. Wilkinson. D. Yvillen, C. Holmes, D. Hacker, B. Hiinehaugh, S. Ken Knight, J. Fisher. SECOND ROXV: F. Scholheld, F. Johnson, H. Coe, L. Berry. C. Byers, N. Laurell, C. Faulk- ner, J. Kohler. THIRD ROW': C, Hankins, Smith, R. Vincent, Rains, Buchanan, L. Latta, C. Vicory, T. Mitchell, Mrs. Monk. . J FOURTH ROYV: L. Rodgers, D. Knirk, Bowers, T. McCourhrcy, D. Burgress. J. Hampton, A. Thomas, B. Anderson, K. Johnson. l'. Anderson. ABSENT: L. Sprout. L. Yvickham, M. Cook, S. Campbell, J. Sadler, D. Lenon. B. NVorthington, G. Kaiser, L. Paul. ... A L li .. -. -....... -A-H A A. ------ -1:-' ' --- - A ' PLT-'Q v ,- -, , W L-. .-.T FOURTH GRADE THIRD GRADE SECONC GRADE FRONT ROW-C. Leavitt, S. Showers, P. Mason, G. Clingan, M. Rurka, F. Melville, J. Smith. SECOND ROIV-J. Fazekas, J. Coe, N. Hayward, A. Anthony, K. Kingery, P. Kaiser, A. Dobson. THIRD ROW-S. lVickham, B. Lunds, H. Melville, L. Parrish, K. Vigneault, T. Laurel, K. Semrnelroth, J. Taylor. BACK ROW-L. Bible, R. Persails, K. Myers, L. Scott, B. Anderson, B. Joughin, N Ehl, T. Dobson. FRONT ROYV, Left to Right-P. Michaels, Sattler, C. lVorington, IV. Holme Berry, M. Scofield. C. Leavitt. SECOND ROYV-S. Taylor, P. Mangas, A. lVilkinson, T. Fisk, S. Johnson, C. A. S' S. .B ers. THIRD 5ROYV-A. Langstaff, G. Stiles, B. Dobson, P. Adams, D. Yeager, J. Hutchil Adams, D. Ludlow, T. Brocknian, S. Rodgers. FOURTH ROWV -J. lVillen. Y. lVentworth, R. Hermance, I.. Abramson. P. YVill1l Wilcox, S. VanHo0sear, L. Strini, M. Moore, D. Mclntosh, A. Knapp. FIFTH ROIV-J. Rains, A. Persails, J. Wagoner, D. Caswell, C. Reynolds, J. Matt M. Clemenson. ABSENT-S. Wolcott, D. VVilson, FIRST GRADE AM BACK ROW, Left to Right-D. Atkinson, D. Palmateer, J. Calligan, J. Wagner, D. Caswell, D. Thompson, L. Yoder. THIRD ROW-J. Rogers, J. Lampman, G. Gottschalk, P. Long, G. Coates, D, Knowles, T. Crane, J. Geiman, J. Rogers, Mrs. Esterlline. SECOND ROW-S. Cook, S. Miller, J. Kanouse, T. Grohalski, M. E. Melville, J. Borton, RONT ROW-W. Merkle, S. Rogers, H, Johnson, M. L, Hankins, W. Helfer. OT PICTURED-G. Pierce, L. Lindsey. M. Smith. E1 KINDERGARTEN BACK ROW, Left to Right-R. Brauker, D. Smith, R. Boyd, P. Shilling, S. Rzepka R Monty, Mrs. Esterline. THIRD ROW-E. Denham, T. SECOND ROW-J. Sindell, R. FRONT ROW-K. Dobson, B. Ellis, K. King, S. Gary, L. Lounds, S. Dobson. Milliman, C. Sawdy. D. Miller, C. Hoopes, D. Craun Supianoski, J. Lothamer, B. Griffen, J. Hildebrand FLORENCE STRASEL Special MATTIE PARKINSON B.S.Q M.S.N.C. VIVIAN ESTERLINP. B.S., M.S.N.C. ALICE KNAPP B.S., M.S.N.C. m........h........+ red GLADYS THOMPSON Special FRANCES MACK IDA LYND Special Spevilll ETHEL RADABAUGH Special PEARL PHELPS A.B., W.M.C.E. Superintendent E. j. Jennings and Secretary Ruby Hodge ' A.M., U. of M. i . S '15 , 1 M V Q., 5 , RURAL and QUINCY if f- GRADE TEACHERS i Rie A 4 f-'!f g1Lg,v 5 QgfgL5,g,,Q, 4 fl ' s. nn'fe fs, ANNA RENE BARNES CORA MONK PHYLLIS CORLESS CLEO MCGUGAN A.B., M.S.N.C. A.B., W.M.C.E. B.S., W.M.C.E. Ph.B., U. of Chicago SW' YW '92 14' 2 lf ZW if CHRISTMAS ,, BALL , ,, ILL, ' M W ., ,,,. J ,k r ,L X, f, . ,r Af' ' ' msg, , , n m I ' m.,A A X h '--xv 'Yi' '? Q , ni :fx . 39 L,2 + 6.5, 6 Yi 41 COURT DECEMBER non, Tue. wsu, THU. 3 4 5 6 0 1 1 1 2 1 3 7 1 8 1 9 20 2 7 1951 1952 FEBRUARY 5:1 'I 9 5 2 sun, MON, TUE, wen. rr-lu, F1RI. 7 8 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 4 1 5 1 0 1 1 1 2 1 3 14 1 5 21 22 1 7 1 8 1 9 20 21 22 24 2 5 2 6 2 7 2 8 2 9 Quarter yic Dwi "L' A W1 1 1 1 195 SAT.1 2 1 9 1 161 231 1 . - 1 . A cf Jac! ' 1 Mis: SSQTE' in if' E 133 as 544' . 1 1 3 mu. ME1?R1MA P11 A Q 1 KENNETH WICK1' 9 I 1-M -1 f 41 ,Lf fr 1 13 J V ,-... G J . 1 TUE. 1 HENNENQ New Moon 1 2 6 1 11 i 1 1 1 1 M 5 ,. 1 1 1 1 MR. CLYDE HOFFMAN AND MR, GLENN HOUCK 1 41 1 1 1 11 0 0 0 45.9 ff? il gif. E! W , ..-g. M. P5 'L Me: , i , l SEATED fleft to rightj : R. Dryer, M. Tomecek, M. Benjamin, D. Diment, J. Myers, D. Brewer STANDING: M. Mast, I. Kellicut, S. Vincent, W. Herrendeen, N. Kellicut, C. Parker, H. Earnst, L. Rogers, B. Mearing, G. L. Secor, B. Shaner, J. Fish, D. Fredrickson, J. Bracy, M. Myers. BACK ROW: Mrs. Wilbur, L. Marquart, W. Strouse, W. Surnpaugh, C. L. Knapp, C. Palma- teer, D. McDonald, R. Hulburt, P. Sprowl, M. E. Brazee, R. Parker, I. Thompson, C. Newberry M. Farwell, L. Smead. 1? QOW MAKEES L' 1 , r' S2 B O . 'V 1 Q4 fl X fvfvvm v ,,,......-4--H . k by a ,, ,z ., If-L as ..,,..- AWWA fi ,L w 3 1 -1 v,-:ef 4 , Q Q v BOYS BASKET BALL BACK ROXV, Left-to Right-F. Parkinson, L. Sebring, R. Dolan, C. Morrison, P. Mains, D. ' Shearer, M. Condra, L. Fickle, D. McCurley, T. Marshall, K. Strother. w FRONT ROW-J. Capenter, J. Watts, D. jones. L 1 Here 30 November .,...... 18 December ...., , . . 1 1 january ..... 25 january ...,, 29 jan uary ..... 1 February .... 12 February ..., 22 February ,,.. .Union City . Jonesville . . Bronson , . . Athens , . . Hudson . . Reading . , Homer , Litchfield O! 5 X! XX! XXX! 45 unuiinadr- MA"-fer - There December ........... Reading December ,.., .... A thens january. . .... Homer january, . . Litchneld January.. Union City February. . , Bronson February , jonesville -1--any ,. fa 'iff V Liww i , V 'Q ,, xwwv 4wff.1fi2 .Q 51' N KK 4 K iw .e A3 . r , QM- 3' ' ' K ff i 1 ,,,. wfwygapwwgyff--W yr my MQ., ,.-g'212i?Q M: . 4 K fn FALL fxvaffg: A1 jf fx ,, , . ,gisf .,w,:1,, fy .,, xrx. . A ,,.. , , ,,.V M,-Q T ..,,,,. , ,, , f- -- ,,,W'f ' f -,-2: ' H' " ff rd, 'H::..,,i'. -I . Af V+ f , in v fmrn ' , , A 2? 'Y 4 'W lyk. , I f X E' , I -' K f 5 . wi .. ., , A ,ff V 3,W,,,:wf'i 'AM J - .,,. . Vivg A f . f,. 41 1 1 A1357 wkzm A Q , GIRLS BASKETBALL FRONT ROW Qleft to rightj: J. joncker, N. Kellicut, D. Brewer, Co-Captaing K. Major, Co- Captain' M Tomecek S Hulbert. BACK ROW: Hartleyi Mgrg M, Benjamin, D. Drushal, C. Palrryateer, S. Hayward, L. Hick- senhiser, G. Coplin, J. Pierson, C. Knapp, W. Brewer, L. Damels, N. Volkert. 47 .I i , W RESERVES FRONT ROW, fLeft to Righty: james Roth, joe Hennings, Harold Rurka, Bill Crownmiller, Cecile Morrison, Olondo Thatcher. BACK ROW: Mr. Verdium, Rex Hartley, Larry Wooderd Jack Faulkner, Dale Dunkel, Bob Downer, George Grohalski, Donald Johnson. I ff, G EX 1646 rn l I i 1 Y r ix ,X 1 1 S S x lxN 4 -f ff fx :if Q a , rf- -f as M' J g M! X6 I F sw X -W l I -,, .,, JANUARY 1952 1952 MARCH ON. TUE. WED. THU, FRI. SAT. SUN. MON. TUE WED. THU. FRI. 1 2 3 4 5 1 9 5 2 1 1 8 9 10 11 12 2 3 4 5 6 1 8 4 15 16 11 18 19 F 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 1 22 23 24 25 26 16 17 18 19 20 21 8 29 30 31 28130 2413, 25 26 27 28 29 IN. MON. . WED. HU A Quarter New Moon nd 25 T6 23 49 it il 6' A . si QS. I lf KX Q ,. V x Lx' ., K Q . A i k Vx s Q . , ' Y . . ,f ' ,Ki k.,,kV 5 If ' gg f , 5, f wil, if . -if' Vghk A Ax' t ' ' M, iliiizg. V ,, J , 6' 4' . 3' 3 f K i ,. .. f v.. 1 I L' dw - N . is Q .,... 'mx Q 1 4 n . X VV F L. f, -Q K ,T J. 1. Z N V M ' , 1,7 bvnr I 1 J 41 K 'll f ff' .f fl f' K X hw! ykuk S s 4 K i 5. J I A LK B' A J 1-Q,,W i K 5 fl 1 MQ' X I f n an ' - he ag L E W in X M ,Q Q2 ,,, , , Lk W' 'LL K ,fe QM L x 'W ,,,V +V Tr J if , , . X ,wg Vi N N, V K DALE E- SHEARER PAUL MacQUEEN OSCAR FISCHER M.S., M.S.C. A.M., Northwestern B.S., M.S.C. HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY ZABETH WILBUR B.S., Hillsdale ILELAND MONK A.B., W.M.C.E. Principal james T. Watts and Secretary Julia Blake A.M., Albion College PAUL C. SHANK A.B., W.M.C.E. :L vig, L9 , . CALVIN ENDERS DONALD VERDUIN A.B., Adrian College B.S., Bowling Green ,:., A A , -5:59215 Vg cliff H5551i22,:!'H252?lf5i::? X . A , ff I,- .-be - 'f ig 9 ASQ5-S , .,,- A 1 --55 7 , .' E! V931 T ' -,E,, 11, ... ,V-iI6gQ,,,f:.1 yy NELLIE VOLKERT B.S., M.S.N.C. W CAROL MacQUEEN , B.S., M.S.N.C. ' 1 1 l ORA E. AMES A.B., M.S.C. ...J Smile Pretty, The Kindergarten Gang! just We Two! W I 'mlm' W 'fm Did It Again" 52 The Famous Trio! HOT LUNCH PROGRAM is N. if Mrs. Twadell, Helen Ernst, Nora Hzlckworth, Royce Friend, and Mrs. Normandin. 1- 51 X fhc food was wonderful! 53 i Y-TEENS BACK ROYV, Left to Right-C. L. Knapp. B. Quimby, L. Hicksenhiser, S. Hayward. C. Howell S. Hulbert, K. Major, P. Daniels, N. Knowles, M. Mains, S. Snyder, R. Hulbert, W. Heren deen, P. Todd. MIDDLE ROW-Mrs. Volkert, B. VanVoorhis, D. Brewer, M. Hewitt, L. Campbell, R. Walton P. Sprowl, J. Myers, M. Brazee, R. Houbeck, XV. Turnpaugh, WV. Strouse. FRONT ROW-D. Van Voorhis, L. Smead, K. Earl, Ctreasj , C. Palmateer, QV. Pres.j , L. Daniels fPres.j , D. Briggs, QSec.j , G. Coplin, QRept.j ,'G. L. Secor, QRept.j , D. Faulkner, B. Boley M. Mast. 54 VETERAN'S INSTITUTE ? FRONT ROW fleft to rightj: Frank Shennor, Herman Harter, Harold Coe, Anthony Berlew, Alvin Lawerance, Clearance Wood. BACK ROW: O. E. Ames, Ted Scott, Kenneth Bisel, Robert Speaker, Cloyd McClelland, Kenneth Taylor, Ed Klapac, Eugene Cox, Russell Benge, Wallace From, Howard Knirk. The Veterans class meets every Tuesday and Thursday night to study agricultural enterprises and management problems directed by O. E. Ames. 55 VARSITY CLUB FRONT ROW fLeft to Righty: Mrs. Volkert, N. Kellicut. j. jonker, K. Major, M. Brazee Mr. Shearer. BACK ROWV: F. Parkinson. Henning, WV. Smead. C. Bowers, R. Boyer, L. Fickle, A. Brewer J. Carpenter, L. Travis, YV. Plummer, D. Jones, D. McCurley. D. Hartley. 56 1 1 4 FEBRUARY 1952 1952 APRIL 195 ION. TUE. WED. THU. FRI, SAT. -I 9 5 2 SUN TUE. WED. THU. FRI. SAT. 1 2 1 2 3 4 5 4 5 6 1 a 9 6 8 9 10 11 12 1 12 13 14 15 16 13 15 16 17 19 19 s 19 zo 21 22 23 2 zo 2'2 23 24 25 261 :5 26 27 28 29 27 29 ao A HN. MON. TUE. WED. THU. SAT. 1 Quarter Full Moon Last Quarter New Moon -d 'lllfnh 1 24 30 3 gfccfzlahdifamfcff 28 ! 291 14 , - SEVENTH Anderson, Donald Barton, Janice Berry, Patricia Borton, Barbara Bourne, Madonna Boyer, Rosemary Brazee, Harold Brewer, Harold Brockman, Portia Buell, Myrtle Coates, William Cockrell, Richard Cook, David Cook, Jane Cox, Judie Daniel, Joseph Daniels, Sharon Deal, Jellyne Delaney, Gladys Dobson, Mary Dawn Dowell, Judie Esterline, james Etheridge, Theodora Fisk, Allan Fredrickson, Loretta Grill, Donna Gripman, Floyd Hackworth, Donald ? 1 GRADE Halstead, Billy Hankins, Leona Hicks, Gerald Higbee, Larry Holmes, Dale Jeffery, Harold Kaiser, Allen Kelly, Neil Knisely, Dick Knowles, Kay Konopaski, Herman Kuykendell, Erie Lampman, Mary Lashuary, Carol Laurie, Peggy Lawler, James Lock, Lois Mabus, Dorothy Mains, Sue Maxon, Ray Melton, Margaret Morrison, Carol Osborne, Gerald Parker, Larry Paul, Dale Penoyer, Natelle Plummer, Shirley Porter, jacklyn K e,, ' ,K ww l f '54 '97 4 w . Quaww, N L '51, 1 eg 'W i 'Q 'f "- . .f' K . f' ,msg m f? 59 5 A '35 if "J fs, 'M if 'JZ 4:63, . . 'ff' 2-'ff 11.11" Rhodes Terry Rice Kathleen Riddle, Raymond Roberts, Wayne ,f l an 13 M s wh Q it 1 K Q Rehner, Kenneth al I ' tr if , yeey Ig 5 guy- f:f' if as y Rockel, James 'A,Ayt ,yty o Sanders, Phyllis L, ,ii Satchfield, Lewis i K L Shaw, James y Shaw, Jean -We W l 2 "" ' Shilling, Harold ' 1-' Q4 ' Siler, Billy hP1-V ' Smith, Cordellia f ' S Smith, Janette , Swanson, Donald 1 Taylor, Fletcher Thomas, Kenneth VanDoren, Marcia VanVlee,t, Beverly .IK Watson, Barbara QC' Watson, Margaret Weber, James Wendorf, Virginia Williams, Donald Williams, Patricia FACULTY ie T ll s r ARGYLE OHIO GLADICE GAY ADAMS LEOTA LIEVING JOHN VERMILYA Life, W.M.C.E. B.S. W.M.C.E. B.S. Ohio Northern SpCCial, DCHHIICC College 60 U tw just th 'F ,, twv ,W of us' Come on GTUMW ' Mann ,LF - nnm.f5wi'fm"S 'P .. Q- 3' .mix -.Lvflygf F f lulnmaua Q "'F'QQ2f7w-ings' ' wywsmmwwemn, , Qhkfiiwftvmmwf at f"'55 V3 U . ul!" ' - .f,,. iff! ,," A , E. ,gt , A QT' .5 J1ff:A-vi ,X "1GiF?' 4. VI 1 W., f t t,'?ii', H ,.. 1- L- ,M , , V, MQ 1 4L.ff if! -if ' I , ,sg 4, ,M tt 1 ,H 1 - wmvwsiw tt t M. W. KW Q. E. Q .. ao . N 4- , Q 'R I H and if if EE ii tl-fg,..J'2 , with- ,,,--1-1. KF' 1-4 , 1 " f x ww ' ,V atm? gpg Iva :Wy 1 Wits , 3 , . ifirjw 5 it 4 wif .vn- ' - You name it, Q -fw,:m1:, new ao it. Same old kids. L' " AQ, ' N WL M" Q .t M t '51 f tt ik 3 7 , Q, W 3' W if L N 1 ., A X E ,,L. XVgg,..Q,-fi :iff 'Q' dt ' f 'L If again . , , . I i t lfe pfgfzly' Mv, what pretty teeth. Vvawh the bigfdfi C- 61 Caughf in the act O 1 'QF MSFM 1.52.5 : M 5 ' ' xgce k, Q- A. isi5"ffZE'5. ., sf' Mg wx if gg 52392 'rw f -N, GRADE Laurie, Earl Lenon, Delores Lindsey, Lloyd Lothamer, Donald Ludlow, Dannie Lueck, Phylis MacRae, jimmy Martz, Leo McKenzie, Ronald Meiring, Bobby Meredith, Thomas Morgan, Betty A Mull, Kay Pengally, Robert Smead, Marian Showers, Judith Stiles, Esther Strouse, Joan Todd, Nancy Toth, john VanDoren, Lucia Warren, Helen WVendorf, Esther YVendorf, Richard Hfhitman, Wayne Wibel, Judy 63 Wilder, Arthur Wilson, Fran ,AW STUDENT COUNCIL FRONT ROW, Left to Right-D. Brewer, G. L. Secor, D. Faulkner, Treasurerg L. Sebring, P. Brockman, B. Van Voorhis, J. Jennings, Secretary, Nellie Kellicut, President. SECOND ROW-P. Daniels, J. Myers, D. Ludlow, F. Parkinson, M. Tomecek, Vice President I. Kellicut, K. Major, E. Thompson, J. Carpenter, K. Strother, Mr. Watts. ABSENT-C. Bowers, R. jones. 64 Wmwmw 'K M2 5 ,f ,,,, A ' V 1 V I Q . 4.. ig' L. ,w nf' 'gg ' L 5' QM:-11 J? 7 - ' ,,., M ,I ga 'FQ . ' Q 434'-3Y2I1...,Q LV . W' ., fi V V R4 K ,A ,., 5455 , ' 8 M. V ,K v 1 ggi ll! ,-. . .ann-an I ,ff rs 011- 3' At 7t agam Mr. Mac Queen. CH 2 ""?'f 1 - Time MAR Od kids. K fx fr If 'fb- I Smile pfefw' Is Wemo 6 on Gr umfly. Prez: J, ne ready? pose Phi! SENIOR BAND FRONT ROYV, Left to Right-G. L. Secor, E. Shank, M. Sanderson, M. Condra, XV. Strouse, L VanDoren, L. Person, D. Fredrickson, R. Houbeck, J. Pierson. SECOND ROVV-B. Boley, J. Gross, M. VanDoren, P. Daniels, I. Kellicut, J. Friend, H. Howell P. Broad, A. Atkinson, D, Gripman, M. Spencer, Roth, F. Parkinson, P. Dryer, jenn ings. THIRD ROW--L. Marquart, T. Marshall, L. Rogers, I. Thompson, B. Pengelly, R. Parker, D Crowe, J. McNickle, L. D. Person, D. Condra, B. Munn, D. Dunckcl, J. Henning, C. Knirk M. Smead, A. Croff, M. Mains. W. Tnrnpaugh. BACK ROW-M. Buell, YV. Smead, C. Morrison, L. Pomranka, R. Friend, D. McDonald, S Snyder, S. Snyder, M. Hewitt, M. Mast. MAJORETTES 67 JUNIOR BAND FRONT ROYV, Left to Right-M. King, J. Fischer, Stone, D. Anderson. R. Geiman, P. Brock- man, P. Williams, J. Esterline, S. Daniels, L. Satchneld, P. Ken Knight, B. lllatson. SECOND ROW-B. Ehl, M. D. Dobson, V. lfllendorf, J. Strouse, B. Morgan, E. Stiles, Shaw, F. Holcomb, C. Lashway, K. Geiman, Laurell, B. Taylor, H. Ernst, E. J. Stiles, Porter, . Knirk. THIlllD ROYV-P. Lenon, C. Smith, R. Boyer, M. Milton, H. Shilling, Anderson, M. Lampe man, S. Mains, S. Spencer, G. Hicks, F. Taylor, C. Knisley, M. Farwell, J. Kelly, N. Kelly C. Murdock. FOURTH RONV-Mr. Shank, Cox Qdrum majorj, BI. Marshall, J. lllihcl, L. Kelly, Brand S. Smith. v y FRONT ROW, Left to Right-P. Hacker, C. Gates, M. Reynolds, J. Pidcock. ' SECOND ROWV-L. Olaynick, I. Sprout. T. Myers, N. Rurka, M. Stiles, N. Jaynes, L. Rogers, F Lindsey, Johnson, B. Laurell. BACK ROXV-J. Bury, B. Rogers, Mr. Shank, B. Holloway, A. Persails, A. Hankins. BEGINN ERS BAND l,- l- ,.. MARCH 19 1952 MAY Mon. TUE. mu. Fm. sn 'I 9 5 2 sun, Mon. TUE. wzo. THU. FRI. 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 11 12 13 14 15 I 11 12 13 14 15 16 E7 18 19 20 21 22 18 19 20 21 22 23 fa1 25 27 28 29 25 26 27 28 29 30 IJN. MON. FRI. SAT Quarter Full Moon n d 10th if 12 WE 26 ew Moo: Q 24th .41- ,A V Yam, V ,I In "A ' l 9 9.1 aww :H vm ' ,g r . -.H w :II-... if ' 'i L f?-.l -N u f , x Q f , se- sun - 'awk ef Qv m L -' , end Q ' 'x .Y I . " 2: ,:' "' 33, ' ' -Q il -'T' Q. S 3:2 -Q' vg '15, Efx if: if. " - H 111. .,-. za- E . tw csllllnlilltlll4Inllliillllllnllliiitlllilllllllsllzilvblnlvllu-nlrllllu'-:Ill --en.no...w oa--fqgn-ouunnannacsusuuonunuaq-n1.nnu-.--n.-,v.--..--pvuo--upf1a.n...vonun PUBLISHED BY THE QUINCY HIGH scaooxg JOIERNALISM cries pfYiQ-1--2-Q - - - -. --'- -. ---- . 'Qg.W9?.'.'.'MiI.Q'fQ.q1fi1fI,'.'Q.Q'f1f'?.'.'?Lr::?.53We:::: SECQK AND FfXUi.KNEA If EDIT A NNUA I .Lvu.vuL.Lv V... utg Shgw FRONT ROW, fI.eft to Righty : J. Carpenter, A. Brewer, D. Faulkner, B. Shane N '1 ccek the tl G. L. Secor, S. Snyder, L. Daniels, Jennings, Mrs. Volkerl. will PTeSG:mcoND1unw R.EBMW,R.RMWmuQ,D.BdgxClCbMm,B.QMmW s Hywa n time is 3 L. Hicksenhiser, M. Benjamin, j. Myers, M. E. Brazee. B. Boley. E116 Job valves mov band plays Hmeu ui nelp Mightu to honor festival at Cardinal Mrs. Leonard V. Merotta, Field in Coldwater 500141 We Wednesday evening, be 3 rector. Returning October 17 Bands Because of the hi Saturday evening,they will lead the Commun- ity Chest Parade. Also on the band's schedule is the S. W. M. B. O. A. marching from all ' Michigan will compete, Several new formations are being considered. 70 cost of yroductio there will be no extr annuals ord red. Tk Seniors will try get all subscriptio in the next two weeks HORUS JN . .. . .- FRONT ROYV, CLeft to Righty: R. Raflilllilllgil, Gross, R. Dryer, BI. Lucrzk, D. Riddle, S Vincent, G. MacRae, D. Riddle, D. MacDonald, R. Estlow. R, Dmwl. SECOND ROYVZ R. Lilwaitis, H. VVickham, D. Hard, M. Myers. D. Hawes. N. Rehner, J Olaynick, J. Fersch, M. Gilchrest, J. Wilder, P. Wynkoop. C. NVilkinson. K. Earl. K. Wilkham L. Walsh. BACK ROWV: P. Porter, R. Stempion, R. Thompson. D. Drushal, H. Ernst. B. Stockwell. D Hilliar, Jonker, K. Spoor, N. Hayward. N. Twadell, I.. Griflin, .X. Brewer. Mr. Mz1cQueer1. THE CHORUS PRESENTED AN OPERETTA BELLE OF BAGD.-XD 71 BASEBALL TOP ROWV, fLeft to Righty: jim Hewitt, Dick jones, Dale Hartley, Ed Thompson, waitis, Mr. Shearer. BOTTOM ROW: john Kasperski, Tom Normandin, Denny Sebring, Earl From, Ed Junior Olney, Frank Parkinson. x 1 x an 4:2 'J' EH , 'T wwf? I 5 X 72 -4-- 2...-.. ' Y X J., e-D Ray Lit- Donnelly APRIL 1952 1952 JUNE 19 UN. TUE. WED, THU. FRI. SAT. SUN . WED, THU. FRI. SAT 1 2 3 4 5 1 9 5 2 1 3 4 5 6 1 1 8 9 10 11 12 s 10 11 12 13 14 4 15 16 17 18 19 15 17 18 19 20 21 :1 22 23 24 25 26 22 24 25 26 21 28 18 29 so 29 JN. MON. TUE. WED. THU. SAT. 2uarter Full Moon Last Quarter New Moon 31st 91h 16th .l..i..-...11-.-1-. P V Y LO 31 -A 'Wi 'in' ALLEN sc:HooL Florence Donnelly Maybelle Condra Margaret Hicks Vera Calhoun Rose Packer 74 KINDERGARTEN 554 ,-4 FRONT ROW, QLeft to Rightj 2 B. Leavittt, D. Tcssler, R. Kratzer, D. Todd, K. McClintic, D. Todd, F. Bunting, G. Taylor, N. Delaney, B. Fazekas, B. Manka, J. Lana, B. Alexander. BACK ROW: Mrs. Donnelly. ABSENT: T. Thomas, B. Bourret. FIRST GRADE FIRST ROW: J. Hall, N. Buell, E. Manka SECOND ROW: E. Kratzer, S. Tressler, M. Meiring BACK ROW: J. Freese, P. Bronker, VR. Hanley, J. Lock, D. May, Mrs. Donnelly ABSENT: D. Daniels, M. Bourret 5 :Ars ' V W FRONT ROW, fLeft to Rghtj: R. Katzer, S. Loomis, C. Batt, A, Wonders, M. Delaney, L. Dowell, I. Hall, M. Sanderson, R. Blair. MIDDLE ROW: G. Bolton, M. Howard, M. Purcell, R. Wilson, B. Todd, R. Hall, R. Wendorf, S. Calendar, R. Borruet. BACK ROW: R. Slingerland, G. Shaw, VV. Penfold. R. Loomis. L. Dowell, J. Hall, B. Patterson, H. Alspough, D. VanPatten, R. Hall, Mrs. Hicks. ABSENT: B. Todd, T. Dolan, R. Johnson. SECOND AND THIRD GRADE FRONT ROW, fLeftto Rightjt E. Dlaney, Dowell, I. Capo, G. Todd, D. Conant. SECOND ROW: J. Purcell, J. Kochendorfer, M. Blake, H. Kratzer, S. Tall, C. Crews. BACK ROW: ,D. Todd, C. Freese, W. Buell, R. Dolan, L. Johnson, Mrs. Calhoun. ABSENT: J. Manka. FOURTH GRADE FIFTH AND SIXTH GRA DE FRONT ROW, fLeft to Righty: C. Patterson, J. Patterson. R. Newberry, J. Todd, J. Dolan, N. Hoopingarner. MIDDLE ROW: D. Loomis, P. Wilson, D. Todd, B. Todd, D. Hulbert. K. Mfendorf. RACK ROVV: R. Dowell, K. Rzepka, R. Wendorf, A. Patterson, B. Bla1r, M. Batt, E. Hall, Mrs. Packer. FRONT ROW, fLeft to Rghtj: Dolan, M. Blake, Purcell, YV. Buell, C. Crews, S. Trall. D. Todd, J. Kochendorfer, D. Crapo. BACK ROYV: J. Dowell, Mrs. Condra, R. Newberry, E. Delaney. E. Hall, L. Johnson, P. Wlson, D. Loomis, K. Wendorf, D. Conant. BAND x , LUSK BACK ROW, Left to Right-D. Siler, B. Stewart, C. Harrer, R. lVagoner, M. Mabus, D. Roberts, Mrs. F. Mack. SECOND ROW-R. Vllright, R. Roberts, A. Zeck. C. Bates. NI. Ulhitman. FIRST ROW-C. Siler, G. Herman, R. Shook, R. Brown, M. Hilliar, G. Frcdrickson. FRONT ROW', Left to Right-S. Knapp, S leck, J. Shook, R. Bates, N. Burlew, J. Knapp, Herman. SECOND ROW-R. Coates, T. Turnpaugh, J. Harter, J. Latta, S. Roberts, C. Ulright, N. Co rane, Mrs. Raclabaugh. BACK ROW-L. Latta, W. Kaiser, J. Wagoner, J. Hilliar, J. Shook, W. Holly, R. Fazekas. NOT PICTURED-H. Kaiser, W. Sharp. L QA . Q23 + mls.. 'e av, MO0RE THIRD ROYV, Left to Right-R. YVOod, AI. Crohawlski, R. Hackworlh, J. Taylor. H. IVil- der, J. Wood, Mrs. F. Strasel. SECOND ROW--I. Cole, AI. Rise. M. Kowalski. C. Rice. E. lVildcr, M. lVildcr. C. Riddle. FIRST ROW-P. YVendorf, IV. Paylor, N. Curtiss, R. Hzlckworth. R. IVood, T. Kowalski, D. Brazee. NILLIAM W? .J 42V .,, i V THIRD ROWV, Left to Righf-F. Lindsey, G. Phair, B. IValling, Iklalling. D. Hulbert P. Palmateer, D. Smith, D. Lothamer. SECOND ROYV-Mrs. Thompson, E. Mohn, E. Palmateer, N. Parks, J. Hawkins, J. Mohn D. Palmateer, T. Lothamer, L. Lindsey. FIRST RO'W-V. james, M. Lindsey, F. Lothamer, J. Johnson, M. Burleson, D. VanVleet B. James, C. Locke. . :gf y--hw if ' l THIRD ROYV. Left to Right-B. Lvnd. M. Adams, IV. Hulmk r, . K1 f . U I7 E Ktlklienclall, C. Lynd, R. Harmon, N. Carpenter. C J ul mrm' A Oster, l SECOND ROIV-C. Toth, S. Owens, J. Toth, M. Keller, P. Carpenter, C. Dove, P. Owens M. Strong, G. YVeber. Mrs. I. Lynd. i FIRST ROIV-D. Highee, R. Toth, C. Knepper, L. KuyKenclall, L. Lvncl, B. Pierson, D. Monty. G. Carpenter, B. Lynd. ' WAKEMAN AND CENTER THIRD ROWV, Left to Right-J. Strouse, R, Strouse, G. Martin, T. McFarlin, B. Brewer, D Booher, S. Shilling, I. MeFarlin. SECOND ROIV-R. Brewer, N. Knisely, B. Hlilliams, J. Johnson, Al. Ziinmerman, R. Brewer V. Spieth, Mrs. M. Parkinson. FIRST ROIV-D. IVilliams, J. Knisely, D. Strouse, G. VVilliams, G. Spieth. C. Donhrock, T Strouse, S. McFarlin, Shilling. A 2.2 ...J J HOP Good Punch. Pals Gossip center. Playing as usual. fl W Y fiw A" 1' 4. u. .. X is si 'V Where's yours Karol , 4 , :L 5 M' 1. Quiet for a change. hdlkif 1952 1952 JULY ION. TUE. WED. THU. FRI. SAT 1 9 5 2 SUN. MON. TUE, WED. THU. FRI. SA? 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 5 6 1 3 9 10 6 1 a 9 10 11 1 12 13 14 15 16 17 13 14 15 16 17 18 1 9 20 21 22 23 24 20 21 22 23 24 25 2 :6 27 28 29 30 31 27 28 29 30 31 HHN. MON. TUE. WED. THU. A W0 195' 9- .14 ,. as-1 'ni ,63a,g,321 9 1 Lind 30111 ANNUAL STAFF ' 1 FIRST ROW, fLeft to Righty: V. Warren. B. Van Voorhis. E. Thompson, J. Kasperski. D. Brewer, G. Coplin-Business Manager, D. Faulkner'Editor, C. L. Seeor-Editor. D. jones, N. Kellicut, M. Tomecek, Mrs. MacQueen. SECOND ROW: R. Friend, P. Porter, W. Loose. T. Van Clcave. J. Sweet. il. MfNic:klc, D. McDonald, D. McCur1ey, J. Pomranka. C. Bowers. 'W. Herendeen. D. Riddle. B. Quimby, K. Major, L. Person, N. Hartley. R. Walton. M. Benjamin. M. Q M ag Q ...M A iq , . 1' .ii. ff A A 'SLMW 'f ffr' g 1 4 IWW 'M' "": ' I A i'i' Donna Faulkener Georgia Lou Secor ' I an I EDITOR.. EDITOR Richard Jones C I M Glenna Mae Coplin F0 ' Il BUSINESS EDITOR. 2' aCQuee BUSINESS EDITOR ADVISOR 84 N X Q 5 QHDSQAIWERTHSHNQ x ff X N XX xxx ,f x X X ,K X f .r Zz y gffwfffvgfsf-Q - 5 L E W, f ff! Q -L f 1' 'X f 5 T 1 g k L 5 4 Zz, V f f X J l AY 'X 'Y 5 A 4 5 K k v A559 W MAY THE BEST OF EVERYTHING COME TO YOU, CLASS OF JUNE, 7952 GRO TTY CURPURA Tl0N JUST REMEMBER THAT GENUINE EFFORT IS TljlE FI R ST RUNG ON THE LADDER "SUCCESS" Willard E. Crotty, President QUINCY S MICHIGAN 86 'dx nim 'ffifr Qtr? flsisil... M x 9 5KmsfS IU f f ' 1 ., I A V55 QQ -v.r E -w lx x., ' G ,..., ' N 'wwf-Em Q nigga- C0mpliments of MCKENZIE MILLING COMPANY -355' TLITTEIIWK S Sxgy . ml .N QMCKEIZIES E Y - u IUIS WIIEAT '-9-..,., 1 L H nn N '7'-if jf. W X U nf-I., X N S+ 4 ...H-H.. rg. UI L -QQ--ll,-:",:I"" N.-- 87 COMPLIMENTS OF Walls Drug Store I0 :Ast cmcAco QulNcv, NucHlGAN 88 OUINCY HOME DAIRY MILK - sumnf fd Ezelfnf Refine Ehizi Telephone 78 Mr. and Mrs. Eorl Coplin 89 P A T R 0 N S The 1952 Onole Colendor staff would luke to thank the following people for so generously contrnbutlng money toword our yearbook DR N J WALTON DR C W ELLIS M J CAIN Jr DDS DR W R JOHNSTON CLASS of 1952 CLASS of 1953 CLASS of 1954 CLASS of 1955 CLAY T. BROC KMAN 90 QUINCY COMMUNITY SCHOOLS SERVING THE COMMUNITY AREA includes Quincy High School Accredited by University of Michigan and North Central Association BOARD OF EDUCATION ELMER ANDERSON DEVVEY R. MAINS LEON VAN PATTEN President Secretary Treasurer WILLIAM OLNEY EARL HUTCHINS Trustee Trustee COURSES ATHLETICS MUSIC OTHER FEATURES College Prep. Football School Music Transportation General Basketball Chorus Publications Commercial Girls Band Health Service Vocational Boys Orchestra Library Agriculture Baseball Hot Lunch Program Homemaking Track Speech Activities Post Graduate Veterans' ln stitute 91 To keep your garments looking fresh for all seasons and occasions, take them to OUINCY CLEANERS h Next to bcmk ness 'WORK wall: You wan lEONA'S APPAREL snows Iompliments of icial Breeders Co-op, Inc. RANCH -' QUINCY lyle Ken Knight Inseminator-Manager PHONE: QUINCY I 86-F24 3 V, x if , I t , xg .-' - ,I I A x, , I E ,I I , I . x x x M t H , 1 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '952 You Will Alwoys Find Latest Styles In READY-T0-WEAR AND ACCESSORIES FOR ISEY - JERSEY - RED DANE - ANGUS Infants - Children Teenagers - Juniors - Misses and Women , reos Phone: Quincy 42-R2 a I . . . LEO N A S I 9 1 I DOBSON AGENCY The Home ol Dependable Insurance 'nA.n i ,: A -fne- eV1ef-:fA" eff 'Nm URA HCT' . k uv - 'h K .1 I ' ', ,,f., 7 ,f L . A K , A-g aid- -- z-, ' l nfl ne l ff do l l 144 i-v 955, L on n ,' , f P.e' , we-A y, - 'F A few cents of every dollor the young mon eorns todoy " .39w0M4'3z. ' belongs to the old mon he will somedoy be. - 63 l fi ' ith ag! suv urs INSURANCE NOW! HEATERS Ano sosvenens COLDWATER Maehagon QUINCY 96 1 T I C l 1 94 l. A. DARLING PLASTICS DIVISION The name to think of first in display "The Nativity Scene" COLDWATER MICHIGAN The 1952 Annual Staff and their advisor would like to say, "Thank Youf' toall the people who gave us advertisements and who contributed money and time toward.making this book possible WAY-DeNO0YER Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Sales and Service Genuine Parts - Expert Body Repair - We Specialize TELEPHONE I6 USED CARS and USED TRUCKS Backed with an "OK" that Counts COLDWATER MICHIGAN The Southern Michigan National Bank Of Coldwater Since 1872 A Good Place to Save A Good Place to Borrow l Member Federal Deposit Member Federal Insurance Corporatio Reserve System 98 T I 4 5 C O M P L I M E N T S Litchfield Dairy Association A Litchfield, Michigan CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '52 Eat aI Huis 'Wh th II ts, V 1 ' And u hamburger is a treat." 99 , , , . M-, , ML' ,, .M I, 3 WTVB WTVB-FM ir FIRST . . . With Local News In Sports Broadcasting In 10,000 Branch County Homes f DIAL 1590 KC. Ol' 98.3 MC., CHAN. 252 sk IIBERTY BROADCASTING SYSTEM CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1952 Kelly Milling Co. 100 PRIDE .FEEDS "The Busiest little mill in Michigan" Quincy, Michigan Compliments of WILCOX PRODUCE WHOLESALER OF EGGS AND PDULTRY 9 Malden lane Quincy, MICIIIQUI' Compliments ol COOPERS Good coffee ond woffles Good gos for on extro visit our Diner ot our Service We ore open We olso hove tires 24 hours Plenty of Propone bottle gos porking spoce Pay telephone - rr rr FOR... FOR... complete dinners low price, stop inn ' ' Il ' ll ll ' ll I 101 ROBINSON S JEWELRY I3 West Chncogo Quincy Michngon Elgrn Hamrlton Seth Thomas Broadway Watches C0lUMBlA DIAMONDS 1847 Rogers and Community Srlver Comphments of For Everytlnng rn Burlrlrng Needs Elmer Anderson Treos Mgr Phone 54 Ouincy lumber Company BEST WlSHES TO THE CLASS OF l952 ,wdlulllif 1 5 I W U fn N df FRESH DRESSED IN SEASON Q A - O ,ta FRCZEN an CANNBU CA' l J' AT Au. runes Q. KEY FARM ' Compliments of Q WALLACE RESTAURANT "Just u good place to eat" GREYHOUND BUS AGENCY - PHONE 100 Joy cmd Clayton Everetts 103 Prepare for your future with a savings account in the First National Bank Deposits Insured Quincy, Michigan ! Compliments of Waltefs Tasty Shop QUINCY, MICHIGAN 104 S Bollegraffs Department Store DRY GOODS - SHOES - RUBBER FOOTWEAR Cl O T H I N G Slippers For The Entire Family A 1 I i SECRETS T0 SUCCESS Education A Ability to Earn Sound Investment lf you want dollars for the future, invest in a Life Insur- ance Savings plan with the American National Insurance Company Melvin l. Blue LIFE and GENERAL INSURANCE 05 Compliments of The Du: Theater Our aim is good entertainment Our Theater Movie Time U.S.A. QuinCY, MiChi9Ul1 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST LUCK! TG THE CLASS OF 1952 TheR8.lStore MiIIer's5zIoS1Siore CONGRATULATIONS SATTLER BROTHERS General Garage Work Compliments of HYSLOP S APPLIANCE STORE Wal I pa per Wrecker Service Paints PHONE 278 Qumcv MICHIGAN Televlslon Hotpomt Appliances QUINCY MICHIGAN PHONE 277 A Bud From LBRIGHTS As you go through life may we serve your ELECTRICAL needs? LBRIGHTS GENERALQELECTRIC S T O R E 23 South Monroe Street Coldwater Michigan CONGRATULATIONS DIEDRICH FUNERAL HOMES 'f i' QUINCY ALLEN 9 I I --l I 107 COMPLIMENTS IRA TAIQANT BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I952 from I GRIFFIN'S Quality Coal H A R D W A R E QUINCY MICHIGAN QUINCY MICHIGAN COMPLIMENTS ROOTE'S I MOBILE GAS We are wlshmg the best for, not only thus 1952 Class, but for all future students THE RAWSON FUNERAL HOME I o L. ..... . . I .... .. of O . 0 Specialists in lubrication -A 108 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1952 - +1411 BAKER INSURANCE AGENCY 444 4Vz WEST CHICAGO STREET TELEPHONE T78 Compliments of QUINCY MARKET Where Prlce Tells and Quuhty SeHs EVERYTHING IN GROCERIES MEATS VEGETABLES BEST WISHES rom RUBY6 BEAUTYSHOP WE DONT DO FACELIFTING YOUR WEEKLY SHOPPING NEWS DELIVERED FREE TO I 800 FAMILIES IN AND AROUND QUINCY AND ALLEN BUT OUR HAIRCUTS GIVE YOUR PERSONALITY A LIFT' Telephone 9174 Quincy ll ll u - ' ll "J. L. Brewer" f I . I . 109 Compliments ot CONGRATULATIONS cmcl BEST WISHES J. C. PENNEY COMPANY THE KERR HARDWARE COLDWATER, MICH. 40 Hrgh Ouollty Merchoncllse ot Lowest Cosh Pruces You con olwoys sove ot Sporting Goods P E N N EY 5 Hardware Elecfnc Apphunces VISIT OUR NEW MODERN STORE' 40 Specrolnzng ID CLOTHING ond SHOES COLDWATER MICHIGAN FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 36 Years of Leader-shzp At Your Special Service Our Brlclol Secretory IS onxlous to help you choose your fovorrte sterlmg ond crystol pottern from our complete se lectron of solad smlver ond cr stcsl Re Auto Owners Y 9 nster your cholce m our Auto Casualty BRIDES REGISTER Bonds Flre Insurance Keepsake Bluebird Diamonds Fnrst In Quolrty First nn Service AGENCY -'-'rw Conrod Locol Agent 'W' M' fgwmd O I O I ' rwrlnv H. K. I 110 COMPLIMENTS rom MUSIC MART We Everytlnng rn Music COLDWATER MICHIGAN LEGG LUMBER COMPANY Your Bldg Material Headquarters sfuenwm w:LuAMs PAINT DANIELS For F me Jewelry x III, 41 West Chnccugo Street Phone 1010 J COLDVVATER MICHIGAN FURNITURE STORE Natronally Advertised Furniture DUTCH BOY PAINT At Reasonable Prices FLINTKOTE SHINGLES FIBERGLASS INSULATION YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS Phone 56 Your Lumber Number C O L D W A T E R 4 6 SOUTH MONROE STREET COLDWATER MICHIGAN f QQ Compl iments A Q H H U - 111 CITIL S SERVICE PRODUCTS Earl D Volkert QUINCY PHONE 53 COLDWATER PHONE lO26 J Speclullst In SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHY QOOVZ SOUTH MAIN ELKHART TELEPHONE 3 2609 CARL S BARBER SHOP Shnmp Boats Are Commg SO LOOK YOUR BEST JUST GO TO CARLS HE LL DO THE REST' 17 E Chicago St Quincy COMPLIMENTS SHYDER S BAKERY OLDWATE UNION CITY QUINCY BOWERS FURNITURE SALES New and Used Furmfure PHONE 226 QUINCY Congratulations to the Class of l952 from KNIRK S ORCHARD Home of Quality Apples and Fresh Sweet Clder WILLIAM and HOWARD KNIRK M QQ 0 0 0 I ll ' ' ll o F I I I ' 0 . C R I I A 112 C"mP'i"'e"'S of PATRICK'S ANTIQUES "S ' , Y ' e Been Playing cHARuE's BARBER sHoP Now You'll Have To Go To Work" Best Wishes from One of the 'Class of '24 Cgmplimenig gf fhe Remember: MORALE IS A woMAN's BuslNEss NI tlllll K BIUSSOM SHOP 42 W. Chicago Phone 250 Flowers For All Occasions FRANCETTE BEAUTY SHOP PHONE 288 64 West Chicago, Quincy Quincy, Michigan CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I952 mAc's FURNITURE HOME BEE HM SHUI STORE Quqliiy Home Furnishings gf The Sldre of Qualify Und Service Lowest Cash Prices I6 WEST CHICAGO ST. COLDWATER COLDWATER MICHIGAN IUEDDERS SHOE STORE A I- I- I 5 U N ' S Qualify Footwear Since 1877 Menls and BOYS' I Clothing and Furnishings X-RAY FITTED COLDWATER MICHIGAN COLDWATER MICHIGAN ' 113 C . ompllmems Compliments QUINCY HARDWARE Dams cmss ssnvlci Rlghl on the Come' Koolmotor Gas and Olls YOUR DEALER Quincy 12 Evmrude Motors Sales Servrce BEST WISHES Compliments of EVERETT BOWERMAN TO THE CLASS OF 52 CHORE BOY DAIRY EQUIPMENT Muclngun Associated Telephone Quincy Mlchlgon PHONE 'II3 F12 Company Compliments of BLAKE S Flowing MARBLE LAKE STORE Arthur C urtlss Proprietor Phone 1618 Grocenes Ice Cream Soft Drmks MICHIGAN ALLEN MARBLE LAKE QUINCY MICH COMPLIMENTS Complxments of DUNNS GARAGE Phone 26 Ray Man ALLEN MICHIGAN OUINCY ICE COMPANY I ll ' Il . I O I Brown Swiss Cattle I O F ll ll I 114 KENNETH METTLER THE Qumcv HERALD ,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, Egg, TELEPHONE 113-F14 ESTABLISHED 18781 ROUTE I QUINCY MICHIGAN SWEET S STANDARD SERVICE ATLAS TIRES BATTERIES Phone 186 Quincy Michigan Comphments of HARD and BUCHANAN Livestock Hauhng QUINCY MICHIGAN STONES GARAGE CONGRATULATIONS rom REYNOLDS GROCERY Complnments of QUINCY ZERO STORAGE Custom Butchermg PROCESSING RENDERING and CURING Compllmenfs VAN HOOSEARS IMPLEMENT SALES I H Sales and Service PHONE 'I90 R2 QUINCY MICH I . I I VJo,.,.omL1 Qc, . . . . sq, De Lubrication-Washing-Road Service Cv-use . I . . f ll ' ' ll - - l - 7' - I I I ' I 115 BEST WISHES FROM SAM S BARBER SHOP Complnments of the ELECTRIC SHOE SHOP A E GILLESPIE If Its Made of Leather We Can Fzx If CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 52 STRINGTOWN STORE Mr and Mrs M Woodard CONGRATULATIONS MAINS PHARMACY DRUG STORE Phone 51 R2 Qumcy Mch COMPLIMENTS LEONARD SERVICE Leonard Olaynlck Compliments of VANS FOOD STORE Phone 6 Quincy CONGRATULATIONS FOSTERS MARKET George and Earl QUINCY MICHIGAN Comphments of ihe STANDARD OIL COMPANY D H Mehalek T Campbell P Bush ll u I . . . F I 1 - n 1 ' U I U I - I 1 Quincy Michigan Q I I - OF 'n ' u . 1 1 1 - . ll ll . . I 116 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF T952 I THE TRIBOLET 51: to SI.OO STORE Coldwater Michigan Cleaned with SA N I TO N E NOTE THE DIFFERENCE H and H CLEANERS Phone 22 Coldwater, Mich. BIGELOW APPLIANCE STORE The Hotpoint Store EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL FOR THE HOME 30 N. Monroe St. Phone T97 Coldwater OTTO'S SPORTING GOODS Everything in Sporting Goods YOUR SCHWINN BICYCLE DEALER One-hall Mile East of Coldwater Compliments of WONDER BREAD and HOSTESS CAKES SHORT'S Television - Installation Sales and Service Phone 337 Coldwater, Mich. ' o. D. CHAPMAN Since T880 LOYALTY DIAMOND RINGS Certified-Registered-Insured Longines, Hamilton, Elgin Watches Sterling Silver and Silver Plate Register in our Bricle's Book GREENE'S GROCERY Groceries and Notions Fresh and Cold Meats Allen Michigan Compliments of GAY ELECTRIC CORPORATION Electric Motors Coldwater Michigan WARNER BUICK COMPANY BUICK PONTIAC and GMC Sales and Service Coldwater Mich PHONE 64 Shop At MCCOMB S SHOE STORE Home of Red Goose and Friedman Shelby Shoes CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I952' RADIO CAB COMPANY LEONARD R. PIERCE Dodge-Plymouth Dealer COLDWATER MICHIGAN Compliments of J B BRANCH COMPANY Serving Branch County Since 7877 COLDWATER MICHIGAN BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF "52" CLOVERDALE FARM Mr. and Mrs. Victor Bretz I I COLDWATER O O 118 . Compliments of GERALD CHASE ALLEN MICHIGAN Compliments of ALLEN HARDWARE COMPANY Hardware - F 8. W Pumps-Philgas HOTPOINT APPLIANCES Compliments of McCLINTlC Gnocinv I ALLEN MICHIGAN CITY MARKET FANCY MEATS, GROCERIES, BAKED GOODS AND VEGETABLES 12 W. Chicago St.-Phone No. 1 Ph 39 All M. h Fred Germain, Prop. Coldwater one en, ic . BEST WISHES FROM I ol EATON TEXACO SERVICE COLDWATER Phone 42 HOME OF Buster Brown and Teen-age Shoes Allen MICIYIQUN Compliments of ,SUNDSTROM'S SHELL SERVICE Headquarters for all makes New Portable TYPEWRITERS Hermann Typewriter Service, Inc. T19 W. Michigan Ave. ALLEN MICHIGAN Phone 2-8547 Battle Creek 119 hw- 1nuunr-- -'- ,U Vffxq I 1 .IS S. f , , GM' 5' 3 Q 51 ll v5 7 Q. , I 2 y H . u 1 19 M247 ,O J XR bp Q93 ff gy! fp UD Q g U1 'N X ' gd i 4 DMU ?f A I 'J vii 'D Uma-A Sruulub GOWARGS K fish' " fh " 551 1, . 'jf 5 W I xyh U A a am N 6 XXQQL LUMQ s 7 f 5 X . . , 0 XX Qz, L , Jo? 3, QWYM Den- - ,u"7 !'1xQpGqx .V X L15 X Wuff Qgxox A, v7

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