Quanah High School - Quahi Yearbook (Quanah, TX)

 - Class of 1952

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Quanah High School - Quahi Yearbook (Quanah, TX) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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....- ..--. ,- -- - ---- - - - .,..,.A M... ,. W i Q1 "1 5 , , if -4. 4352 A 2 I 1 21 E 2 ' , 1 Q f f- ! . ,g N. , V, 'K : - -L A , W h' V, , 1 ' Q H . Mr' 1 " Q 'Q-H1 . W ' l . . Am f ' - gf D V L g I .gg-:guy ,jgi x sfkefsx- J- , f 2 1' fffw 3' '34fl,..1 in ' it X. "lf " ' 155,51 f. 'gwf JA ,- ' if .. 2' 5 F555 Eix' ,,., ,, , 5 fig" W ' V? Pig 5141- ' ' A L 'J 4:5 ' V Q. -Q, ' ' 1 ' 'A - k fx ' ' K is P 1 . , 4, 11751. f Y . ' ,f ef:j,3iii ' L ,Mir Q. V 2 . 3- , A 1 1 ,.,.u....f-.-...QL A :hm 49. adhyzrgaiedf TAY LO W K -4 DALLAS TEXAS 44161 nada me NQETTER eooxs 22 , PUBLISHING COMPANY ' L ' 7 - A vue Q Qxj W5 aw if we 5 S gmlxff Wm 't 1'-? 9- 117 fwx f CJ if N wb iv 73'-'8 Nw'- vs-e Jw Y v .c-WQ4 4 Rf W sf Q, b. MY, 'U 'SV 61, 14,3 3 'af ,f M 'P' F24 no-4' X N 41' dbnq-'vw' 3""' K.-xg Q--fk-5 QQ ,N v."LY,-X ,- 'D K -73' -.29 . A HN Q -1 .Q , fm? M 2 af. ? 'ML' 553 - f . - fe, ay-,Z L45 ,ff ,fn fi. ff' f Q I. Y ,h Ji, P ' W' - I ewfb? 1 fu. 7 f 3? f bag tx, Q gg Q1 5 'I+ Q45 W p J "V tum, , f ,Q . , 'rv if A' 9 ., 55:53-an 2 Ei v 1 f i f 2" We um ' 'M ,- li:-'1?::f'T14 -1, ' ,Am 1. 1' ' ' ' -' 'icy' ,.-- ,f U 2:13-4 ,4- J A. -',T-ff-X374 ,T 'i'fZi?f?f5f5?i' JSF? N V 4 ' YF' - F4 qw. 4 -'.' . - . .47 ,1.,:.x,Kgrf Sup,-' M Ex' . J Hifi? ff' -wc? -' same- .',f'lS'i.' -- ' 1' -ff':r??. .fr .ff . .ag , . . .. .K ,-,. . ,U ? . L 'F ' ff, ,gin . ' ,p,,..., j,.f"' ' L i' ,Aj-,QQ V -1 w i ., ' fifi-ff' ,. V' ' ,I ,Q5f""', , ' ' ' JV' V2 , .. ,S ' gg r + 'Wa ,JH A f1f-zfsfwf ti' w' HH ii -5 "1 'L .. V' " c n 'f W' : ', :- J 1,4 Q vi 1' "Mi - ' li' . A 1 fi' Qf. 1' V: 3 V :fb H , I x A 11 - . . 795 , Y - "L I- AFQELQQL- 2''l"f'f-.5f....Tf:JI-"' ' xg I j tf if " ,- - ,' ' I, . 5' 5 'lfkz 1-.ff iE?"', - .55 h .'f.l,Q.5 K. gf 'TEL 11 -44. xl . ,- ry., Styx., . 6' ' 'wp 'W if wif -- is I, ,Q . -,L Aix.-f 1 , A' :tg-3.-V 1 YQ- ffl. N. 1- A ?-,if-:- .5 "2 1, - I' -' ' , H' ixia , mg? "iii" Eh '-'sf-'j-AI! .wklyf 1 X-,,'?I 3 . A .P 1 :-.,' ,. -5. h . ., qhg. ' , H9 f 'px' ' 1+ Y .sf 3 . '24 A V? - aa A "M sg ,s 11" if N" K .-w'fr':" .5 J" ..w Lf pf' . -. 1 P -- . Q-4 L E m M 1, -45 V -5 ,ME lm M L X W f.,'X--'s E ,- ,. ,, - - ' ' N' 1' 2. ' 1 -, - . ., A.: x 15 r 1 Z I 'S un." .. W! i ,-W "' Q i' it A I Q ,il A , . . .M . H - 1 I d QL: c .1 1: , b 1 I . r I u V . ll' I "' - :Q ' : N Q- 3-wiht - ' W . I V ,1 .Wy A- . ..,n4Y.Laf. . 1 - A- f z,,,Jr U . , ' il II gf? x , 3,7-If-,5" iwv,.-5-wr H1 ' -- I. A - 1 p V n 4 ,L . - 424-L A P2114 :A -fri-Hffi-1131-f,., , , ' - ,.,, -Ja., M Q 2' ' 3- Q' , --"Af, 1 ,L ,w ,. x. , A A , 4 ..-' fi-z' , , , . ' "M f f ,,.-. 4 7' fy ' QJWHN5 , me g:n' :f4 Q -"- n. , 3 ,. .Q , av . Q J 1 v ,I , A. ' ' ' Vvf. .i'-by z:V.T',5JQ"QM5 f 4 s- A ' - -iggg.I1- -Qu! J " , 5.2 1 .fA,,,"Fj -,,i.Q'Z ,, v,.?,3,a - Q. , ' ' ' ' ' ' A -wr 2 . . ', 3,4 1. v . 1 1' Qu, ' .YR X' , 9.94-Q-A .. 3 g Q - F...- . , N .41 " 'xg' - f - .wi .. . , .:w:5,: 1 few? . f -- ,. ' f ..-r g,-' ' ,V ,.,1 1 . 4' ,V -A 4, -1, " .A .., . Q B. 'ix' . 4 f --ff, qi, A V ..-. -- ' , q ' :Y-'ff-. U , -"-13 1 x . .XF . ,-, V Qi .- , 34' 551,4" 2- " 3? ' - ""'ff:1-1, ' 'L' ' 1- ' ,ff"" fi, '-if r-fa ff+ ' ' ' "A . . ,.- ' . . : 'V ,,.,,a- own- - ' P If '95, I num' UM Jmuu' ' ' 1 qi Three o the most desiraole traits one can develop in Hi h School are those of loyalty, cooperation and friendliness. D As you come to the close of the 1951-52 school year, may it be said that you have developed each of these traits to the extent that you are now stronger individuals - mentally, socially and spiritually. W. E. HANCOCh Superintendent 4 .. . V--:A ' 'zzf gwkgaz QT fum' h g la is the priyilege and the duty of the principal to know many students. As principal, I have known of the troucles, real or imaginary, the happiness, fleeting or enouring, and the problems, serious or trivial, of the boys ann pirls of Quanah High School. Our goal is to help all students, to give them the satisfaction of successful years during High School, and to inspire them to be able to meet and conquer the proolems of the years aheao. Now as another school year closes and another group is graduate ' W ' d tes the full realization ' I can only of their ambition. wish for them and ior all Era ua GFFICE ASSISTANTS Martha Brandon Sue . 1 Spears .Ter , , Sh 1 - . ' TY ROSS, ff, of , - 1r ey Wilkerson, Shlrley Murphy, San- V' Ci dra Rogers, and Elane Gossage ,ill 1175, ,pw , f .l Q9 Xi, 4 r f , I I 99 F,, V1' ,f J I av' 1 5 J If 1 1 !'v'f l.Jf x' N.'5.!, X 'I Miss Burleson with her office assistants. Left to right: Patsy Burke, Miss Burleson, Pansy Turner, Barbara Coats and Margaret Boynton. 'fb mn af gvilk gf 5.55" is-Q ,-ta-, , 4' F-if - K '2:.,37 - 1: , .f 4 Y f' -5x' s . if X S Quanah High School is fortunate in having a very efficient Dean of Girls. In the office which she maintains, with the help of student assistants, she keeps girls' attendance records and deals with all girls' discipline problems. She is available for conference with students at specified periods throughout the day. She works in connection with the principa1's of- fice in carrying on the school's guidance pro- gram. Miss Burleson has the respect and friendship of all the girls. MISS RITA BURLES ON FCBTERI WATKINS MRS EDITH MCKINNEY En ghsh Coach wk -P' MRS LETHA MORRIS MRS ULETA JENKINS L1branan Homemakmg MRS ALMA HOLCOMB WALKER P TODD Commerc1a1 Agnculture I X MRS. KAY PENGELLY MRS. MARY C. JESSE Health, Scxence Mathemaucs I ' , C' Physica1.Education C30 I I ix. If I I MRS. MABEL ST EV ENS ON Mathematics JE. Ji his E MRS. MARIE BAILEY 11-,fx ' 34 , x A ' English, World History , Y' .... , ,, 1 JAMES CONLEY MRS. ANNIE JAMES Music Algebra, Coach KATHERINE MARSHALL English, Journalism L. E. GRAY JL, MRS. HELEN HOOK English Band X JAMES WELCH Science MRS. VIRGINIA SMITH I-Iomemaking REX W. MONROE Science N WADE McNUTT History, Geography, Coach RITA BURLESON Civics, American History MONETTE CASWELL Music l. W. H. HOWORTH Geometry SANDRA ST ORE School Secretary 3 Q , - L A ELLABELLE RADFORD Algebra, Physical Education A if JO ANN STINE English, Speech K.- 'L Q? v. xx fx 4 , I ,,,,i!i..,1f ,l, KL' IVIRS. DELIGHT HENDERSON MRS. BILL BAKER History, Geography School Nurse Q f ff' , Q9 5 'f X ff 'C x G' ' 7 '4 f W fxfx Q 1 f X A ,C 1 f -G KIRBY PRICE , W Health, Science, Coach ' 1 E ',1 6 iii ilff agfuhfzf fauna! .fzffzmf -wg ,. ' , . Qs., . . - ., . , f t , ,f - .. wg . 4 Q -4 - s ,..,-A ,,',. ... .ff-' ' 00771 Mrs. Sallie Devoll, Supervisor Mrs. Nannie N. Teams Mrs. Goldie A. Owen Mrs. Srader Mrs. Musetta Jenkins Mrs. Ritcher. Imagine feeding five hundred hungry children every day! Like the old woman in the shoe, they must want to " feed them broth without any bread" sometimes, but nourishing meals are served by these women. Their work is made easier and eating more pleasant by the new cafeteria of which we are so proud. The HIOSI long-suffering tolerant people around Quanah lligh are pictured on this page. Their jobs require the love of a mother, the patience of Job, and the unfail- ing energy of a genius. as e mms S, M. Owen, Mabe Barbee, Mr, White, Charles Hale, G. G. Nor- ton, Polk Barnes, O. C. Griffin, Melvin Tinker. "This is the way we go to school So early in the morning." Their job is complicated by muddy roads and the fact that their students always sit behind them. They love children we know because they are still s fzzsfazffkzfzs- Mr. J. E. Allen Mr. I. W. Moore Mt. I. W. Turpen House cleaning for almost six hundred boys, and girls, and teachers! They begin early and stay late - someone has to lock up after night play - rehearsals! In winter, one of these men are in the build- ing at all times. J' 2 N! I 1 i',' Mi? f T20 '.T,N1L ap- ' .. 3? .4??,1" bb 0 4 ' . !"A-" S Hx: 1. V ' fx" Q . . A1 s "' 1- f , A af v I 'J F. I " ' + ' D 0 if . . , - - . , , - , ., . .' in' ,, 4 i --' ' 'Sf 'Q,,gx'N- t ,V 1 F - 'xA Q3-tf4 mm 'Ur 2- 3- " . fd' 'Qin .ff 3' 3 -s ,km W ,V .L 1 1 'W , it 23:1 X -1 5 'K .A I , ., ,Wd -g,.,:,.., 4 ',E"f' JK -v X' . Q 4 Q wifi? 1' -'fi :TWT flcff. Q V- 41 J . L. , ' ' Li? gl' ' lm., . 1 tk l 'fy-+5 4' v f A 1 4, Hg fx'-1 gf , , . S fer-.5 ' ' Q! '11, Jfgl I 'tu V ,pf VJ' ! J uysli t Y, - . -F vfff ,fx ' , ,aa 7 .L 5 4 'xx' A Bluff Fovoriice JACQUEIE JOHNSTON W. R. BRALIEL SHIRLEY BAILEY Home Room Sec. -Treas. 505 Band 49, 50, 515 Junior Music Lovers' Club 50, 51, 525 Treasurer 525 Choral Club 50, 515 Accom- panist 515 Junior Play Cast 515 Interscho- lastic League, Essay Writing 50, Debate 515 Class Secretary-Treasurer 515 Senior Treasurer 525 Best All-around Girl 525 Am'1ua1SI3ff 52. PATSY BARNES FHA 49, 50, 515 Junior Play Cast 515 4-H Club 49. 312 Q1 F ., if XZD' Q I W. R. BRAZIEL Baseball 50, 51, 525 Senior Class Favorite 525 Editor of Pow Wow 525 Assistant Editor of Annual 52. MITZIE BUMGARNER FHA 49,505 Drivers' Education Club 515 Junior Play Cast 515 Annual Staff 525 Senior Play 52. I 49' SAMMY BLAKNEY Football 495 Vice President of Class 49, 50 Courteous Drivers' Award 505 Pow Wow Staff 515 Choral Club 515 Junior Play Cast 515 Senior Class President 525 Annual staff 525 Student Council 525 Interscholastic League Debate 50, 52, MARGARET BOYNTON Junior Music Lovers' Club 49, 50, 51, 52, Secretary 525 FHA 49, 505 Squad Leader's Club, Vice President 525 Annual Staff 495 Choral Class 49, 515 Vice President of Freshman Class5 Freshman Class Favorite 495 Secretary-Treasurer of Sophomore Class 505 Band 505 Office Assistant 51, 525 Cheerleader 50, 515 Football Queen 525 Student Council 51, Secretary-Treasurer 52 Lions Club Sweetheart 51, 525 Junior Play Cast 515 T. I. S. A. Delegate 525 Personality Pageant 525 Interscholastic League Typing 52 Tx ff? VIRGINIA COKENDOLPHER Junior Class Favorite 51: Home Room Vice President 51: Secretary-Treasurer 52: FHA President 52: Parliamentarian 51: Library Club President 52: Feature Editor of Pow Wow 52: Speech Club President: 4-H Club Reporter 51: Choral Club 50, 51. JACKIE DAUGHTRY Football 49: Basketball 51: Baseball 49, 50, 51, 52: FFA 49, 50, 51, Reporter 51, Milk Judging Contest First Place 50: Choral Club 49, 50, 51, 52: Home Room President 52: Drivers' Education Club 51. PATSY BURKE Home Room Secretary 49: Class Secretary- Treasurer 50: Secretary -Treasurer Library Club 50: Class Favorite 49, 50: Forensics Club 50: Homemaking Award 50: Student Council 50, 52, Secretary-Treasurer 51: Choral Club Accompanist 51: Girls' State Rep. 51: Junior Play Cast 51: Drivers' Club 51: Junior Music Lovers' Club 52: Accom- panist 52: Delegate T.I. S. A.: Cheerleader 52: Annual Staff 52: Senior Play 52: FHA 49 50: Debate,49, 50: lnterscholastic League 52: Office Assistant 51-52. MILDRED BUTTS FHA 49, 50: Choral Club 52: Speech 52: Senior Invitation Committee 52. V? TROY ELLIS Student Council 49, President 52: Band 49, Student Conductor 50, 51, Drum Major 52: Debate 50, 51: Extemporaneous Speech 50, 51, 52: Home Room President 51: Junior Play Cast 51: Forensics Club Treasurer 50: Choral Club Treasurer 52: Annual Staff 52: T. l. S. A. Delegate. JO LYNNE FAUBION Junior Music Lovers' Club 50, 51, 52: Choral Club 49, 50, 51. 52: FHA 49, 50, 51: One- act Play 52: Junior Play Cast 51: Drivers' Education Club 49, 50: Senior Play 52: Valentine Queen 52: Annual Advertising Manager 52: Volleyball 52: Vice President JEANELL FOERSTER Sophomore Secretary-Treasurer5 FHA Treasurer 49, Reporter 505 Football Queen 495 Student Council 505 Choral Club 505 FFA Sweetheart 525 Loveliest Girl 525 Volleyball 525 Annual Staff 525 Basketball Queen 52. JO ANN GLOVER Senior Play 525 4-H Club 49, 50, 51, 52, District Winner in Dress Revue 525 FHA 49, 525 Senior Invitation Committee 52. Nix DELBERT HOOPER Band 495 One-act Play 50-525 Class Reporter 515 Senior Boy Declaimer 525 Choral Club President 525 Senior Play 525 Wittiest Boy 525 Junior Play Cast 515 Home Room Presi- dent 525 Drivers' Education Club 515 Cheer- leader 525 Class Prophet. DAVID ISE Football 49, 50, 51, 525 Pow Wow Editor 51: FFA Secretary 49, 51, Historian 50, Dairy Products Judging Contest Second Place Texas Tech. 5 Vice President of Class 515 Home Room Presi- dent 505 Senior Play 525 Secretary-Treasurer Drivers' Education Club 51, 5' RICK EY GRIFFIN Basketball 50, 51, 525 Choral Club 51, Treasurer 525 Cheerleader 51, 525 Drivers' Education Club 515 Junior Play Cast Boys' Quartet 515 President Canteen Valentine King 525 Pow Wow Sports 52. BOB HENDRIX FFA 49, 505 Art Editor of Annual 525 Club 525 Student Council 525 Home President 515 Class Favorite 495 T.l. Delegate 52. 515 525 Editor Choral Room S. A. 5 40" an 'E' SHIRLEY MURPHY Home Room Reporter 49: Student Council 50, Vice President 51: FHA Historian 50, Secre- tary 52: FFA Sweetheart 51: Pow Wow Busi- ness Manager 52: Junior Play Cast 51: Office Assistant 51, 52: Choral Club 51. SANDRA ROGERS Student Council 49: FHA Club 49, 50: Home- making Award 50: Highest Average in Class 50, 52: Interscholastic League 50, 51, 52: Home Room Secretary 51: Junior Play Cast: Runner- up for Football Queen 51: Office Assistant 51, 52: Class Secretary 52: Most Courteous Girl 52: Senior Play 52: Annual Staff 52: T. I. S. A. Delegate: Honor Society. IACQUELYN JOHNSTON Student Council 49: Junior Music Lovers' Club 49, 50, 51, 52, Song Leader 51, Reporter 52: 4-H Club Reporter 49: FHA 49, 50: Band 49, 50, 51: Choral Club 50, 51, 52: Volleyball 50: Pow Wow Feature Editor 50, 51: Secretary-Treasurer of Home Room 51: Senior Vice President 52: Drivers' Education Club 51: Annual Editor 52: T.I. S. A. Delegate 52: Class Favorite 52: Junior Play Cast 51: Senior Play 52: Declamation. BILL MEDLEN Football 49, 50, 51, 52: Handsomest Boy 52: Baseball 50, 51, 52: Home Room President 51: Vice President of Home Room 50: Drivers Education Club 51: Track 52, District. 1 JERRY ROSS Cheerleader 52 FFA Secretary 52 Annual Staff Business Manager 52 Band 49 50 Office Assistant T I S A Delegate VERNON SCOTT Baseball 49, 50, 51, 52, Captain 51: Basket- ball 50, 51, 52, Captain 52: Football 51, 52: Class Favorite 51: Home Room President 51: Golf 51, 52: Track 52: T.l.S.A. Dele- gate 52. IOHN THORNBURY Football 48, 49, 50, Manager 51, Choral Club 503 FFA 49, 50, Regional Team FFA Quiz 49, Annual Sports Editor 52p Most Courteous Boy 52: 'I'.l.S. A. Dele- gate 52. AUDINE TINKER FHA 48, 49, 50, 51: 4-H 48, 49, 50, 51: Teachers' Take-Off 50, 51, Pow Wow staff 51, 52. 2 l C7 SKI , ,,,, ,, fy, x I.. X 7 , X - Tx K2 .XII SHIRLB' WILKERSON Senior Class Treasurer 52, Junior Music Lovers' Club 51, 52, President 523 T.I. S. A. Delegate 523 Annual staff 52, Office Assistant 51, 52, Interscholastic League, Typing 52, Spelling 50, Shorthand 52, Junior Play Cast 51, Highest Average in Class 49, 51: Student Cotmcil 49, 51: FHA Club 49, Parliamentarian 503 Band 49, 50, President of Freshman Class 493 Honor Society: Class Historian 52. JOHNNY WILSON Football 49, 50, 51, 52, Basketball 50, 51, 52, Captain 52, Baseball 50,51, 524 Track 525 Debate 52: Student Council 50, 51, 523 Senior Play 52: Class President 50, 51: Choral Club President 51- T.I. S. A. Dele- -. 4 ff 1 761 ' wifi' ,A PANSY TURNER Home Room Secretary 49, FHA 49, 50, 51 Treasurer 52, Band 49, 50, 51, 52, Band Sweetheart 512' Assistant Librarian 51, Office Assistant 51, 523 Wittiest Girl 52, Pow Wow Feature Editor 52, Mailing Editor 529 Junior Play Cast 51, 4-H Club 49. BILLY JOE WHITFIELD FFA 49, 50g Football 50: Boxing 49: Speech and Dramatics 49. f' 1 f' 1a'," 4,5 I . W 1 . 6' G, ' X 'A ' 'J A 2 6 ,K 1 4: 'Y 7.--1 ,A f'? ' ""'Li--N, ' XM K X .N J, ,X l B ', XY' CH 1 Z ,lr I Kg I I J 5,4153 if I ,f CEPS President, EARL ENNIS VICE Pres1dent, PAT TEEL Secretary and Treasurer, DAN HOOK "w ff XX ' .Q i Class F0V0f'ifeS MARTHA BRANDON TED DE LA VEGA I if , -Q 43-'Gu ' 'Q -. ms L, XX, MARTHA BRANDON BAR BARA DANIELS EARL ENNIS JOHNNY GREEN 12" ' W O QN -v:,'L'7 i 'Y 35.45 4 if ,. " F if ,f L ff .fw- r? ss- 'XS' .1 YY. lcv' 2 T--V Y' Y---4 ,N af? , ' I i90?'k f Qi , 'J X .N X MAX A :- Q' Y-' AUTHER HENDERSON FENNOIT HERRINCE FANELLE HOLCOKIB DAN HOOK JANELLE INGL E BOBBY JONES FOYCE JOHNSTON GAYLE KETCHEFSID ALVIN L.-XNGEORD CAROL YN XTATHIS TOHN XTCCRE-.R':' MAXINE ITCCELLO H.-XRLES MCSPADDEN NEWLYNE MCSPADDEN '.'EEf.I.i. XEDLEN SAXITIY FJERRITT 'Y i -1'-'CP' is 1 4, ' -'-- ' ,J V , . -.cL?L7L'iuu' fx 1 'v- iu .J s-X -TT" Y i if-X if' A '1 1"'Y U TF A W s BILLY NEAL YVONNE PRICE WAYNE RICHARDSON DOROTHY STONE Y 'SIS' Q' cur-2 ,l.Xr CLESTON PAYNE President VERNIE ROGERS Vice President RI-IODA STONE Secretary and Treasurer .TACK CROMAR TIE President ALVA JOY DOWNS I Secretary and Treasurer CW T' I I, 47-X gf, .TU -CQ.. .1 'i 42:1 A -,.-is QQ -' " g Y- A ' . DON TODD SHIRLEY TURPEN RAYFORD WALKER BOBBY WILLIAMS JUNIOR HOME-ROON OFFICERS I -Q AI HBOBBY if T ' JONES I . . President H 3 SAMMY r MERRITT Secretary 7 3 and Treasurer 'Q I VALENTINE NOHINEES MAXINE MCCULLOUGH JAMES A l i 25 ...Dy 4 Aw 1 ""3-1' X Q 'rx' 4 I Y I, hx - -V' l N, V . 9 ' pn " . fx -X ' xy", if h Q- V -A A A-.rin A. x 1 ' t v g x 1 H M. K . Ax-bv v. , LAY L xg - ," N. guy? ix x ,f ,' ', x af V X- ' x L' Ps 1,5 ' 'A ,ff -7- W ' J .f' 53" '-'. If t f., ' K L- W 'm-,- M I-xtggkgm ' 1 1' ' 5 Q xi, 7 Q' ,W J Q 2 N ,, . 3 K ' a ,1 Xi 'NX ll 7 w'F"Y' 1, vw' Gln QS? Lavon Adams Randy Ake rs Virginia Atwood J. W. Ashford Carlton Bailey Glenda Barbee J gf if ,mfr Q57 Shirley Barnes Joyce Barnett 1 7 Af! 'ii Jeanie Beall Weldon Brandon Richard Braziel Mary Ruth Brinkerhoff He len Bryant Judy Burke All Laverne Carroll Patsy Cox Judith Dennis Nl Q47 'Q v-'c' 5- IM !....f if ININ' +I' 38. Q 0'-5 ltr Patsy Devoll 1lUv.,,, in 4--5 Nr, Anna Ruth Downs Leta Faye Duncan , -v 'CID -sr '67 Louise Duncan Jack Dunlap Y' WJ g,,, Q5 -g,. Sha ron Eaton ' Don Edmonds Q 'xv' f xy Q-A-fr R. L. Pjdmondson Bob Ellis George Ann l' illlblilll John J. Hanna ,ah w R 1 1 JAM: 1 ,4 5 James Harbison Franklin Hatcher Sherry Hendrix Dennis Herring ,..4 6- YT? 4 A .A.' 5. F 1- '1 If Robert Houk Carroll Howard if 'Y -:' Q Wanda Howard Marijo Huffman f-T Kenne th Ing ram Yvonne Isaacks Billie Johnston Jimmy Jones Ronald Ke nne dy Lola Kleppe r i Inav Elva .Toe Kyle James Logan Dorls Loveless Arthur Malone Jerry Malone .Tack McGuire E' Sandra Mitchell Jo Ann Moore be if if-.fp R. L. Muncrief Norman Nash Sandra Newman Ronald Newell 'tj Frank Osborne Martha Owen 1 f -Q 'Kp-. Christine Richardson Geraldean Rigsby 1 ' Jeanette Risinger Roy Norman Sansom Mary Alice Smith Helen Sparkman ,MN Y-df Jackie Stokes I Francis Srader ' FD ,fjjf Patsy Stokes Vada Stone Jerry Taylor 'Q Wilma Taylor '5-1 ' x Peggy Teel Nane tte Thomas Betty Thornton Rex Ann Walkup "E , . Jzinelle Wallace ,- 'f'- Henry Watson M In N 4-'Q at , , -IQ x 'g ' l- an-0 ,sf 1 'Sf 9 Jimmy Joe White 1 -"' " ' '- 'H' Rayford Wilkerson ,g m t Q f' ' ' l M ' N 'ls -A if Barbara Williams A '.f1-- ' 7 t Jeanette Yandell A fav fa- " Q F- fs av' 'N' ' ig' ,X fl? Avalee Young ' Nelda Young J -f 1 5 of X Our Sophomore ' President at work. 1 - . T ohn J. Hanna ! , l,1i. 'TQ President 4 I " i 'Q ,V ,Aff ' W ames Logan I- ' if Vice President , ' H U fi 25,5 andra Mitchell ' V I ' t l V vu P Secretary- f ' J 7 M' Treasurer A I N f "'- 'E e ""-. fl udy Burke President W. Ashford Vice President ary Brinkerhoff Secretary- Treasurer V President,Geraldean Rigsby Vice President,Rayford Wilkerson Secretary-Treasurer,Wilma Taylor " , . S J 1 1 1 ,vu-I 1 VALENTINE NOMIN EES Avalee Young - Kenneth Ingram 7 up V' , ' . 1 r .., , W" 55, f -1 .nk 1 39. fI.,gL. l -A .5 2 fggi, xr z, " v .s f x ,' .Y ,V Y , 'v KID: 1 'E "' ,?3f rx -1, -04. Y , q W' - V V Y, X H., 1' . - "E - 'tr I , J' . . I," e' I -f 7 " in .V gi ,"1' . '51 F' i . R:-H, ww' . 4"I Av'- ' Q 1 S2 - J ., ' v 5. 3 ff. M .1 wi 1 fi .4 - . e 'P ,fr M .f Jqyv-V' Y. ii,- . 4 Ja-vm. mv' ,H xl I-.. 4 -1' A,-. uf.. f Ti! . L, R iw 'Q m,g,,l., ...fi ,ui ,f A U .. 3.5 aw .k- A 13""' ' - Y- .-.elf . . 'fg,9,,..s,'Q N .,..y fig," F .'x,J3 . ..- Lf' ' , - - -ff . . ,l ?i'4: k G "ff s ,. A". 1 I Je v ' -' ..' ha- I Y .Ju V Yi dw 'gm ,. ff' I , 3a,w.f"' ' Q . I V .'LLw"fw3g9!n I 5 x mi? ,puff . Q . X . fav, at 4 an" ,aff -f. Af f ,""A," 'US ' ,,,-H'pp7lf':i. rf .V " ' , f -i ' . ' qs:- A , A . 2 ri if K 5, r. YS' lass UFFlCcrS Don Wisdom, President I 05 ' ef 'V'- 1 -'fr r ""fTiigi ' ., rviwlrugic f iff ef? A 3 ffm,-Vis' . K .W .J M X . - ii. - --A if wal .zu -.1 Ah. ,fr "' 1, 1 ""-r.- " '11 as - - . 'W Q ,M r if 'I fx. A xi ' ' 4 4' I Q Y S I v s-nf Q 9 x. , 0' 9 4 7 s Xte ,s it 1 N? avov-.rl"e. Norma Glover Billy Cummings, Vice President Marie Ennis, Secretary and Treasurer I' Tommy All Sherry Adams David Baker I. M. Barnes Marie Blair Charles Berry Doyle Berry George Boynton Jerry Brandon John Brandon Franklin Bryant Tommy Buckholt Greta Cain A -ma? 'fix "5 '0- Zz 5-1 V' Q,-ff i UAW +3 up W. D. Carver Larry Chism Lynn Clements Owen Cobb Tommy Cokendolphe r Margie Collins Taylor Cullar Billy Cummings Shirley Dake Donald Davis Alvin Deel Billy Dennison E P 1 -Q Y Q' fi. Q' 6 Bob Holcomb W. D. Hopkins Ileta Huffman Sandra Ingle Dave Jenkins F rancis Johnston James Johnston Y'- Jimmy Johns ton Betty Jolly Pat Landers :fi V Marie Leonard Roland Maner Margaret Draper Wanelle Duncan Peggy Ellis Marie Ennis Janice Foster Norma Glover H. L. Gossage Jimmy Grisham Jimmy Hall Frances Hamrick Horace Hatcher Bobby Hogue ar T' J L :N- E' S-nl so V 1'-vet, , in Charles Martin Layton Mayes Billy Nlzxyfield Donald McCarty Kenneth McNabb David Moore I. H. Moore Ken Morton Mary Lee Pennington Stanley Perry Jacqueline Phillips Edna Pitts pc' 1 Vs 5' x 1:7 , "" J, , QS, ,S ? 5' ' Mm- ga. 2 i " Q' . tl .K 1 Q -f' ',Y. M lt! W "' , 4 xg . X ,- 3 v'y f"."'f cs. v 1 X 'Q f fi vu .f j ,I . f f Claudie Poole Eddie Pruitt Robert Quisenberry Peggy Reeves Charles Richardson Doug Roark Vannoy Rogers Chester Rockholt Rosie Scates Winifred Scott Billy Sellers Jackie Shakelford if? -gn' .Q ihvpg, ,Mx Secretary- Barbara Sims Charles Straughan Thomas Stone Charles Strickland Av, Mary Helen Trapp Leon Trolinder Betty Wade Alice Wallace Roger Waldrip Lloyd Walker I. H. Wilkerson Don Williams if 4,-,,,,ai' OFFICERS fs," ii H - S4 Dave Jenkins President Billy Mayfield Vice President Pat Landers Treasurer f'--..-A D.......A,-.. P -' 5 X. 3 Q 1 3 A , x adn! if e .-l"...?"',"""' Bobby WrllramS. Y Y Margaret Boynton M joe Barle SPOUSO' T o Elhs Samml' Blakney Johmr Pnce Martha Brandon B019 51115 row rs Y h M C 3 Yvonne 1Erus I0 H C 'W ldr Sher AdamS Wrlson Patsy' Burke Bob Hendrrx ESI U W3 lpn ry ' H L Gossage ROSS' th Don Edmonds Carol Howard Don wrsdom k Dou Edmonds P319 Mary smr outlaw Sammy Ewan S g B tts Curtrs I Ann Ste Front row lack Jameson Kal' Hama Mewm u h n 1 k Eugene 10 H509 0 l e Betty Rudlsrll Manon Hook Paul Holcomb Marvm B ac C0 grov AIMS AND PURPOSES The arm of the Student Councrl IS to uphold the h1 h g standard and frne tradtuons of Quanah Hrgh School by makmg and grvrng suggestrons rules and socral plans for the students all of whrch helps to encourage good crtrzenshr P A hxghly respected group of students h t e student body presrdent vrce presrdent and secretary treasurer wrth varrous class presxdents and home room re the presentatrves compnse rts memberslup. The councrl endeavors to create a fnendly feelm g among the students and teachersby BXCIHPM am' d ry u es and actions. It als o stnves to ard the faculty and admrmstrat b ron y expressrng the students' wrshes and requests rn the admrmg trauon of the school. PP f----"""""' 1' A """' 1 L i Z 1 1 . H , 2 1. zu. ' - Y . I , ' i ,rt R 1 D Q 2 ' x 2 , , A ' 1 - 2 i 9 -nw ' , ' E ' f v ' TQ L Q. A. 3' . ' E., 1 5 ' ' ul 3 ?- 2 1 2 , ' ' ' 1 5 I x t ,,.,,...-.-M r vu-""'IIi! . nu" ., I. 1 -.. ' ' Q - n . 1 . 1 . 1 ' I O , . v I . , . . . D . 1 1 ' , . ' ' V ' v I 9 ' , ' . 1 . 1 a ' ' a I . . I ' o 0 I 1 o , - 1 , ' , 1 2 E A H ,s 3 GERLCWDCU 5 fi-I f - tif' :Elway i 2 , 2 E ,V V Q f I 1 v : - fe X . iff? tal., H 4 nlv"'-' ACTIVITIES OF THE 1952 COUNCIL State workshop in Denton: Luncheon with civic leaders: Member of National Association of Student Councils: Sold pennants: Sponsored Bon Fire: Sportsman- ship Code: Host to Visiting Teams: Spon- sored Radio Programs: Assemblies every week: Directed elections for all school favorites: Decorated halls for Christmas: Decorated for Football Banquet: Spon- sored Twirp Season: Adopted War Child: Sent students to T.I. S. A.: Sent Repre- sentatives to Personality Pageant: Annual Awards to Outstanding Senior Boy and Girl: Uganized National Honor Society, and Future Teachers: Helped Choral Club in Stunt Night: State Convention: Host to Visitors in QHS during Public School Week: Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Award: Emily Post Award. ' 4 vr ,if f A ., as , A I pf ., J City Secretary Darwood speaks at a Council luncheon. Others in the picture, left to right, are: Mrs. Bailey, Advisor: Troy Ellis, President: Bobby Williams, Vice President: Margaret Boynton, Secretary-Treasurer: Mary Smith, Assistant Secretary and Representatives Sam Eubanks and John McCrary. s ly. 1 HONOR I Q Z Y NATIONAL A QX f W Jfkhbfzaf A749104 agaafbfy First row: Counselor, Mrs. Delight Henderson, Taylor Culler, Sherry Adams, Dorothy Stone, Norma Glover, Sherry Hendrix, Mary Brinkerhoff, Jack McGuire. Second row: Judy Burke, Wanda Howard, Mary Smith, George Ann Faubion, Sue Spears, Billy Neal. Third row: Don Edmonds, Pat Burke, Bud McCrary, Martha Brandon, Dan Hook. Others Not Shown: Shirley Murphey, Sandra Rogers, Shirley Wilkerson, Sandra Newman, Geraldean Rigsby, Wilma Taylor, Betty Thomton, Marie Ennis, Bob Holcomb. New to Quanah High School is the National Honor Society. This Society strives to stimulate scholarship and to recognize the qualities of leadership, service and character in the students. The Senior National Honor Society consists of twenty-nine members, under the leadership of our President, John McCraryg Vice President, Don Edmondsg Secretary, Martha Brandong Treasurer, Patsy Burke: and Reponer, Dan Hook. Members must have an honor roll average the previous semester and maimainthe average throughout the year. The sponsor of the Senior Honor Society is Mrs. Bud Henderson. The activities include formal initiations, introductory teas, banquets, and regular monthly club meetings. '2 ,f :iii fum L r . ,K 1-Hip 'gif ,,,, ,, df 'Q' , W- 1-61. Nrofi? rr,,QP2rPehuo.,H1gh Schwl UUANAH Sflifllimf 35-ki L 1' .L GU E55 W,!n.,9B 6 'BOTH J , fu I C X 'QL V X D E -IX luv Jaoljc gaughtfy bggigilf !' rs. S' ,LX I P D L Ig -A 50 V 5 ff Hdwhmnssmvffnm Cf 0 kgs IN IU fx-EX ,Z STAPF V2 yr, Qugnnh Rich School I'.Q.1..XiQ.'N SEX 6, ' 1 up .K 1109 Published bi-weekly by the 6' 1' Journalism class David Jobe- Editor B111 Medlen- S-'worts Editor Pansy Turner- Feature Editor Shirley Murohy- Business If Sgcnnd S0v'ne.s+e,v- shit Editor- W.R. Braziel Sports Editor- Hickey Griffe Feature Editor- Virginia Golfcndolph 1 er vigslness Manager-Shirley I W D X I XX 1 Exchange Egitgcgzgzlglrgsy Turner Perf., fx 25' J' f N Pat Teel B111 Mealen 33-C ggi? fe 'wenlgy perk 6 2 Densy Turner De.v.LC. Jrfoe . boaw Farm, QIXN-UN an Di "1:"f'1 - I 'J Af Sn? ff' 5? ML 44951 iaphf 4 be In pw XNDQXND 1..1f QQ O 2 wwfltdsfbym Cf INQUIRING Reporzma Q I' ,K pa 1-5.6 5281216 :753"W?ET ff 2.11-'.-, . . , ,, f3','2:'a'x4-fgsgfiv-Qsl5m.' 'Z' gn, . , V V , 'V .KV - V ' .G .VV V V - .5 f J A'-Y VM - V..',., ,"',. V' ,. yr! V V 'X 15.1. ,SLA . " 'Av fu L . M V M , V, '-Pai . ff K- 6 e, K . ' K " ' v A Y- 'N a : " 5i'5fA4 'ax. 'ff'f"fk "iQsQ+4 '.L3 . VV A . M J' rg ' . "" " - ' -Lv ' M"fff"-.2 ' Ur. ' ..A- '15 ' QT A fff -71 1-1 1'-,. ' '- ' , ww- -8 Q -X .- - . -"fi - ', 5' ' 1 --. ' 51 ' 1 'fvw f-,Y-a f f 521 ' - - J' '1'-vm! W " 27"f1'f1ff7+'f' f ' f 'wf"'4 A .N . 'al-5i...iV.Ql3.zV:F,1,: V- if :VN Q, -.,f.'3 QF, .,. any H V V .V A :V A rt :V V rsfflf if V - Ygngg.. V . ' . -.JH -1:2 ai , . ' H1 J .L ,...1 ,ffmfg - 'V K A ff .f f , -2' ka, 'I . ,i,'f,'s,v2'gfiQ2?'V 3: in I I V 54 5,31-li., -V , f KI 5 v m V K ' Q- I ,J -"f--3112 'f , 15-Q H- ,,. ,figjj , ,f sf lain . . v- ., gg .-geiefrzf'-J" K . .. ' 'B 'rt' - ' 13552 ., ' Sf ,-. - " U 31' .qi ""T, -Y ' EMM ' ' Y-'A"f9' ' 5 - Hb'-' 1 p x- 1, u. f 'Q ,, Yves w V v I . , . V . f 1 . 7. "' . - 5' - , . H afmf 'HTZHFI I lf, 1 , f ' 7 W V f.: ,ea I. V VV. . :VI Q' V V' ff' 1. 1 :i gn:-. -,KV , I 4 V if Jr' S .jf-,1::vf"VL H . ' - gn. fx V., , A ., -1 - ' .f ,H -, 1-531, . H W 5. -1 ff ' 11 Y. 4 , ,V .ml V V VVVVV f.,.M . SVVVJV V Va ,W 5 , ,L V V ,, ,iw 'Xa Y. ,. X . - . , .ffm gan ag- v wg, . ' .1 ' M., - , -f I I 1 -fy V ' 41 W X - ri 5, T ,A ,W gm -. . ,, . yrffai A i n - V Q' J . 2 1 . -1 45' fwfr- 'X .- G4 V A kiwi, , . 5 !"K"7?'f' i 'AL -44.1, , ' sm-f" S .nw Q'55x'5"- R. ' 'J . 4 '4'-'H-4.1:-13 W - V .Fw ' - V , Q. gg Jr: , - wi ,A , 3324, -' .ffffg , '- A - ,V , . . -V 1 -,J V- W pw, H + X fag ' X V - N . 1 . . V: i , V V 131 ,A IV.. . ,V . ,k,, .,,,g,. K ,-,r..,.V, 4v 'f : mf' . 95. 3 KV -f 'VVVM .Vwiup Q . VV V .- , 1. fin, A . , .-A-,,1.. ,, . . V YI ?'??:1-fi: fd: f Lb ' 'F' ' Q - W . In k , gb ji. ef Agp'-...,. X' " ' if 3- , . V' Y Eh 3 Ziff " ' 1 K ,if Q Y. " . 1 PM 4 N U , EPZA, " my A Yr, A W U' -P 93? Q A fgfx' ia " X' A is f 9, fe '48 w fs JFK, I Ng U U The Organization marched in the Santa Rosa Parade. lt or- ganized a Band Boosters Club to raise money for band work. This organization will contribute very much in the future years to the band work. A formal Spring Concert was given thus end- ing the 1951-52 year for the Quanah High School Band. Band members are: BARITONE: Tillman Butrill, Geraldean Rigsby. BASS CLARINET: John J. Hanna. BASS HORN: Cleo Bradford. CLARINET: Lynn Clements, Janice Foster, Sherry Hendricks, Yvonne Issacks, Jimmy Johnston, Betty Jolly, Ron- ald Kennedy, Jo Kyle, Jo Ann Moore, Ken Morton, Jackie Phillips, Mary Alice Smith, Avalee Young. DRUMS: Peggy Ellis, Marie Leonard, Peggy Teel, Troy Ellis. FLUTES: Pan sy Turner, Rex Ann Walkup. .. 'lf 0 f" Q,,k7 by '-QQQ I fr . i- Q - uf ' -L' ' afgv. ' A xr nga- if A x , 1 1. fl '44 if 1 1-1 l!!5:g-11,11 - EA :tr J H -' 7' 'Y if-':?ff fl u ig-rl., V Mr. L. E. Gray ' WV ' A 1l"'.-ff Director '- .. bw-. ei. fx- Ari-- Em' d dd? The Band Sweetheart Carroll Troy Ellis Howard is escorted off the Drum Major field after the coronation by Jo Kyle Troy Ellis Drum Major and Assistant Drum Major Majorettes Janette Risinger Jo Kyle and Rex Ann Walkup Y, 'J' au, ' -- U is-1 A Nr,,xs,,,-v oi' 1 5' ig f ufzw sw wwf' f zz 1 5 Y 5 .2 l Z , I i l C 'Q Q 5 1 'tif' H X The Junior Music Lovers' Club is composed of high school girls interested in music. It was organized in 1940 wtih Mrs. Lawrence Powell as sponsor. Girls are elected to membership by invitation. This year there are thirty members. Among the year's activities were the formal reception opening the year's activities, a Christmas Cantata, Cake Sale to raise money to support a Chinese child, the annual Silver Tea and book review, and the installation lunch- eon for next year's GQQ I. F officers. ffifcf? , Q S. "Q-4 .se Officers this year are: ' XXX, President, Shirley Wilkerson 4 it 'fl Vice President, Barbara Coats ,"' of l. - s Q 'Q "f l -' ecretary, Margaret Boynton ye ob ,R Treasurer, Shirley Bailey ,551 " Assistant Treasurer, Jo Kyle We Federation Reporter, Geraldean Rigsby G60 6 School Reporter, Jacquelyn Johnston Accompanist, Patsy Burke C0l1HCi1Or , Mrs. D. C. Jefferies C0-Councilor, Mrs. Rufus Taylor S Choral Director, Mrs. Hubert Wells Pictured above are: Organist, Wilma Taylorg Pianist, Patsy Burke First row: Mary Ruth Brinkerhoff, Lola Klepper, Elane N4 Gossage, Geraldean Rigsby, Mary Alice Smith. Second row: Sandra Mitchell, George Ann Faubion, Janette Risinger, Barbara Coats, Rhoda Stone, Newlyne McSpadden. Third row: Jo Kyle, Shirley Wilkerson, Barbara Sims, Sue Spears, Margaret Boynton, Jo Ann Moore. Fourth row: Sammy Merritt, Jo Lynne Faubion, Anna Ruth Downs, Marie Ennis and Alva Joy Downs. wf,MAKrp5 -29 , 01, fi' 1, : K 'gg E Il , Y Ii Q 6,5 Og' 44,0 Ogg, NEW YN Q7 The purpose of the F. H.A. is to become better homemakers and to promote democracy through the home and civic life. Any High School student who is enrolled in a homemaking class or has been enrolled is entitled to be- come an active member. Some of their activities are: cake and rummage sale, initiations, radio program, Dallas Fair, area meeting, F. H. A. -F. F. A. party, and the crowning of the F. H. A. Sweetheart. F4 - DALE HAVINS " 1 F.H.A. Sweetheart - . HELEN SPARKMAN, Historiang MARIE ENNIS, Historiang V SHIRLEY MURPHY, Secretaryg JOYCEJOHNSTON. Vice W'. F X935 HOMEMAKER Presidentg VIRGINIA COKENDOLPHER, President: Jo ANN Q9 S LINK, Parliamemanang PANSY TURNER, Treasurerg IANELLE INGLE. Song Leader. AMERICA First row: Francis Hamrack, Edna Pitts, Virginia Cokendolpher, Mary Helen Trapp, Betty Jolly, Barbara Williams, Norma Glover, Sandra Newman, Jo Ann Glover, Joyce Johnston, Anna Ruth Downs. Second row: Patsy Stokes, Wilma Taylor, Janelle Ingle, Barbara Sims, Geraldean Rigsby, Pansy Turner, Shirley Murphy, Christine Richardson, Sandra Mitchell, George Ann Faubion, Janette Risinger. Third row: Margie Collins, Tommie Buckhold, Avalee Young, Jo Ann Moore, Sherry Adams, Joyce Barnett, Lola Klepper, Rex Ann Walkup. Louise Duncan. Fourth row: Leta Duncan, Sandra lngle, Janette Yandel, Peggy Ellis, Pat Landers, Shirley Dake, Judy Burke, Virginia Atwood, Mary Alice Smith and Mrs. Uleta Jenkins. arming H MA "FPS Qt 5 f AMERICA .d""X JEAN ELL F OERST ER F.F.A. Sweetheart Accomplishments of the F. F. A. were: Sweep- stakes Winner of district contest, Sweepstakes Winner of area contest, went to Wichita Judg- ing Contest, went to state contests, went to Mid- western, Anti-Stage Party, annual project show, radio programs, district and area banquets, elected sweetheart, 42 party, Father-Son Ban- quet, party for F. H. A. and party for Practice Teachers QPete Carminati and Harry Hamiltonl. Don Wisdon, Tommy Cokendolpher, Taylor Cullar, Francis Earl Johnson, Billy Mayfield, Thomas Stone, Jerry Brandon, Kenneth McNabb, Roger Waldrip, and Charles Dennison. First row James Johnston Lynn Clements, John Brandon, Taylor Cullar, Don Todd, Cleston Payne, Kenneth McNabb, Billy Cummings Robert Quisenberry, Doris Loveless, Jeanell Foerster, Henry Watson, Jack Dunlap. Second row: Eddy Pruitt, Bobby Lee Pitts Lloyd Walker Claudie Poole, Billy Mayfield, Roy Norman Sansom, Tommy Cokendolphet, Charles Straughan Don Wisdom l-rancis Earl Johnson, Jimmy Grisham, Thomas Stone, J. M. Barnes, Charles Strickland, Roger Waldrip Third row Larry Chism, Bobby Young, Charles Dennison, Winifred Scott, Cleo Bradford, Dean Ratliff, Billy Neal Jerry Ross Charles Richardson, J, W. Ashford, Jimmy Joe White, Carlton Bailey, Layton Mayes, Buddy Scharnagel, Jerry Brandon Rayford Walker Kenneth Hargesheimer, Wayne Richardson and Mt. Todd. S , -v 4 l Edna Pitts, Kay Fergeson, Janice Forster, Sue Spears, Martha Brandon, Pat Faubion, Emma Ruth Murphy, Dorothy Stone, Margie Collins, Peggy Logan, Ileta Huffman. 1 -35.5 .- ff wif Only those who had been ly in the 4-H Club in pre- vious years could join the club this year. NZ' Their activities for this year are: March-Dress Revue, April-helped with concession stand at the Calf Show, May- Assembly, May-present picture to school for the cafeteria. There were also two parties during the year for mem bers. Jo Ann Glover winner of the County Dress Revue. 'x Z7 my Librarian, Mrs. Letha Morrisg Assistant Librarians, Virginia Cokendolphet, Nelwyn McSpadden, Shirley Turpen, Gracie Ouigg, Sherry Hendricks, Betty Thornton, Barbara Williams, Avalee Young and Glenda Barbee. lid!! 656615 ZZ!! 'WE vga.. .3 24. A as l ? 33 , 21" of l eggs fi W .. , r The Squad Leaders' Club is composed of students who have an A average in Physical Education: a B average in all school subjectsg dependability PF0mptness: initiativeg the ability to help others without arousing antagonism: and are above average in skill in several activities and excel in some. The duties of the Squad Leaders are to report the absences to the teacherg to act as office assistant in the gymg to lead squad activities and assist in teaching fundamental skillsg to help organize teams: and to supervise the showers and locker room. The members of the Squad Leaders' Club are President. Henry Watson, Vice President, Margaret Boyntong Secretary-Treasurer: Sandra Mitchell: Shen? Adamf-. Joe Ann Moore, Mary Alice Smith, Shirley Barnes, George Ann Faubion, Virginia Cokendolpher, Maxine McCullough, Barbara Simms Beal' MGHSCI. Judy Fields, Evon Price, Marilyn Stone, Anita Epps, Dawn Cadle, Patsy Colgrove, Sylvia Muncrief, Nancy Garner, Clarence Walser, Hughie Whitmire, Pat Fagan, Jack Jameson, Truman Houk, Leonard Malone, R. B. Hawkins, Billy Land, Bobby Wall, John Thornberry, Arthur Malone, Jerry Martin, Billy Neal, Doris Loveless, J. W. Ashford, Carlton Bailey, Jacky Daughtry and Ricky Griffin. Miss Ellabelle Radford and Mr. Foster Watkins are the sponsors of the Squad Leaders' Club. X D ig, XM 1 1 H 5 5 J J S INTERLOCUTOR J 1 xl f LJ J I ammy Blake-f - , .r -yy e END ME ,4,fg!m25A!bmb vhn J. Hanna h Billy N ' "M-wff flared' fy A- Sm Tlllmn Buttfill B b gal gl 7? -ly Cummings MHTY R. Brinkcrligff O OJ-Comb F 1 gl k UCGuirQW Pvegy Tuul ' A 2, 'y Johnston JC AYHIL' M001-G , , Rex Ann walkup nL 1 X- N Doug Roark Anna R. Downs 3 ls ' John J. Hilnlla ' x 1 V Jack McGui I ' Q f" I ' Q0 1 fx T Y f-4 C, ' . YJ 1-LJ Ji U Nj Jo Lyn FZ'ubiotlNTEEN K1 ' rzdcll K H , , ' ' V Fly 3 Ei?'.r5iUAGOgf3il:l ' 5 I, 222011 Barbaringflflicls G. '. A E" X4 4-' L H HUFY Plunkett LFTY R1gSby ,N Q O VOA -, , C wdy Leona Powell 'Q U Pol ' "M ' fm Bffbfwa Sims P PIANO SQLO Q 3 , 2 Betty Harrison atsy Burke 5 I jlerxrtne EQQ11 ' 3 'JO '- JC TRUMPET SOLO KX wry Hclen Trappl rlo icobs Jack Mcguire NOVELTY pl, - 1 fx rx Re A 7, MCE X fb Q RG . GCEI-g2nAMag-Ellig, Sherry AC I ' --ffmi 3153 Joan Stine s 1on Pat Faubik HTS Cogrss H0313 Ku Q ' H .e Sue SIJQHTCZIRLS' QUAHTET C' ' K2 9 ,O Aung, R, DOWS Alva Joy Dm X X TD X Caswell Lola Illepper I , X 5 well r 'rf X ! OMG' gwsb . 5 P-'Wa X,AcGX9t ' xmvva' lack wa. Loxa xmgoih on gg Aon' 598 Svsfxxixn' BT05223396 wwe Sixxheh 800. 34,95 B00 993- Bax SAYWGW' 901366 XA 16- Mad I new 'YA Wx 3, YW Ween ROY' umm, loves' 0 MWQAOO 91,901- VXG WAX- xo 1, M046 tae. ll wxgaxvi' S ox,-1: V50 , wal' ' Crumb owi N1 TWG Y X wus. 1 5 iod- re. W eww' goixxl gat' xmffll as. 90 rg 00 X39 QKKXX. ne V395 ,Y 86 XLS oo ' 00- LOQDAIM 1 1 'ff ,AJ X EAW gov v5g,s'0'i.' ago CANTEEN CFFICERS Geiayyeifx M' 1yXXifW8aau' 35396664 Gteem Yadm Qi RICKEY GRIFFEN U Xkegoli Ame Koh K Va! b peg Nm . Presxdem ala 'gl 36 oggate' wnlsek ' gxxvils' ge?- Jo LYNN mumo - -ca SW' ' 9,920 Ngavi V N9 CM' , Wrsow- Casw- GERALDEAN me N' Vice Presiden' PM BOONE' gui 939631 OWS' woowell 9096 ,ns WM e0'W'o0' SBY. Secrera PM bi- 00 a V ' Q YV' ' orive 2- MAgy 'Y I . pci! , 80 - x,e00 ' BBW . GG , plz? RUTH BRINKERHOFF, Treasurer 3002 Fougm rowtq Womack Bobbi 30065 Dooqagoarkdetsom Nkxv-e Anim- I 4 -,roi A Woe' Sue U vhwmoo. bw Hanson- mmm gen les ln whlch the Canteen has ' ' YN "Bam QCXW5' Bo 'Wi Naam Negro Minstrel. Ocrober 23 19ginmlpated are: lN3w'u?'-N. we Bzaaovwk- BX ' QQXYX to 6500- Nqyws s. W O Pen House after every home football game W . C elcomxng members and their guests sake Sale to raise funds for a new '-juke bo . X. " quare Dancmg Classes for all interested, , . . . X' 4s3'4mff?f354f? ' ' ' ' ' S in f I 1 1 I l I 1 9 ' ,f . . i W 1? 4? 7 '-f wr , 55 S92 f .M 1 ?f'5"""'5'f.....:X .,x' Aw 'wr' XX ' j Q .A gg "W .-,.. qv wx we ku-qi! in ,s, 1' :iw A MM 326 ls 1' A , ist? , ' 'ki enirsg , A 4' f pf A - II, F J l'gf-if, .v , gi 4- 4 We 45 P...- V 7. Z. I ,E Y f Ai ,i, , mlfzksf gay arm' gwf Gbwwg' lomw 40243405 jyflfllldf Queen 5""3" " - Had I-gf, 7 A 1 X - W- ' ' , - . F' 15? I 'S I i't9'f'X7 JK Qgjfu if ff a X, If 1 ' 'Jef' 1 .qi 7 E K - -1 fl. SAMMY MERRITT SHIRLEY BAILEY J ugaf COKENDOLPHER VERNON SCOTT The Babe Ruth Award is given each year to the senior girl and senior boy who has in the opin- ion of student body and teachers shown the best attitudes of sports manship. nnnnls C246 Cn ,llnnnnl .Queen IACQUELYN .TO1-uv MARGARET BO YNTON li' 9 K QR! ne- P2 4 ' 1 lr ",J,Xwl 1 . f 'BBNSJ5'-19 5 f- 1 Zecwtdfaf QM qfcumfcame JW EQ WWZ35 cammdzlp rwwz eawzleaaa v M. ' JUL, v X. 04' -Fifi? Q-. A vm sf -5, ,ff X , --1 k :W vw '1 all LT , 1 Ng, I if 1 un 's ., 1 Fir Y , K . I 'Q A Z-Z ,, 9 311 HJ-3'5- if ,Z ,awww ' 9 nh x 1, 'L wf, X is .M li, I xl, ,ZS M79 'If . U 'HIS 754 First row: Pitts, Newell, Moore, Mayes, Jobe, Logan, Hatcher Glenn Second row: Coach McNatt. De I-avega. Ennis, Stokes, J. Jones Carver Johnson Cromartie B Jones H. Hatcher, Gossage, Coach Conley. Third row: Coach Price, W. Scott, Green, Wilson, McCrary son, Adams, Edmonson, Coach Watkins. t 1 OHS 8 Wade McNatt, Head Coach Foster Watkins, Coach Kirby Price Coach James Conley 67 -fzzfwlfzs JOHN MCCRARY an 9YK5"f':-4' M i' Nami 5? BOBBY WILLIAMS M :NQUQ 7' 3-il! L .Q ls 'QA' .3035- 922 ffaff QWW, MARGARET BOYNTON fffff s WLZQ Wana gms S .va 9 up N JOHN THORNBURY DAN HOOK Aff . E1 4 Fl lx' 4 fi IH Ili fx ,, Z1 ll fe 0 ' , N ' nw-'V ff A ' if . 5 K Q B I 1 , . Q J E g I 2 1 4 9? , ' f ' NA-Q . 'V ,Q 9 , , 3 - ,- A i' f 55' 5 JSF' .1 A 4 " . ' , A' xl, ' -1 ,YQNYHI 1 , . A -v ' 'f ' "' ' Q ,f nf-1. 3, . ' 5 14,,.h ' f A ' 4' 1 ' d qsfgfijl 'mn 'W 'A ' 1 , 'Y 571 t ,. " B ' feta. QA-f b , ,l 1 kk A ,TAM . 1. , V M ,Hp , ,X Y , ,,,.- " -- .,- A u J, '- ' ' --ga.-1 U, . . Q, N ..., ,.-J , 4- 0 , .f' 4 31: -' ' ' ' . 1. -. I, ,. f , - pug ' nip' Q, . V fl ..- ' , X 1. 1 - -14 ,X .4 4 I. ' LN-e 3 ,, V' Q t 9. f, Q21 , ,Cy I .gi 1 V1 '. 4 ,Q . 1 'I is A ' ""' , 'll ,. :rv T, I 4 ' I -f.:'-- 'K . .. - A i ' . B y ff - A: in ,.. i A F 5 V, V-7 I A y- ' ' V! -' h .K I - :J -4 4 , -l ' 'x A 5-I. , ' " -r. A " - . ' A . -- " 1 ,, ' ,Q , .. ,. I 1 , :52'-. - A'ff.'r.Q' ' '. , , '- , , ff .L Q '--'- 'V .L-'nh V , A A Lx- H J ly ,iii xgg A H E .I . HN U V ., , AAQ, :LV , . lays? -Q: -. 5- -- ,V ' 'Q 4' "riff" ' i x?.,i ,- " - 'lr' 6 li Q A W, -4 II O , B Mg ra J: fl 'i. lb l 'ti ,gui ii ,I- , . ig , Q Y I 1 1 31 N Aa V ty, i S I. H. WILKERSON , X E . , N, JOHN MCCRARY VERNON SCOTT BILL MEDLEN ROBERT HOUK Junior - Back Senior - Back Senior - Back Back rr - .- er One year Letterman Three year Letterman Semor Letterman A11 District A-A, All District Co-Captain ' - A .. X X X m - - ' ' f ' 5 r l , S ff . . Brg Spnngp ---- - X X Wellington ---- - j Ve"'0" ' ' ' ' ' JACK CROMARTIE Crowell ' ' ' ' ' X Junior - End Seymour ' ' ' ' ' Two-year Letterman Chlldfess ' ' ' ' f A11 District Burkburnett - - - - K Hollis- - - - - - - I ,- S Iowa Park - - - -- X . A Childress- - - - - N in Q u 4 Electra- - - - 1 4 ' Y rl 41, P A N f Q X A " S OPPOYITION 'QQ kj 11 xi,-2 EARL ENNIS f DAVID JOBE ROBERT ELLIS LAVON ADAMS Junior - Guard Senior - Guard Sophomore - Tackle Sophomore Guard One-year Letterman Two-year Letterman Two-year Letterman OHS year Letterman ta :fx- . ff f':-Y H. L. GOSSAGE "',.W JAMES LOGAN 5 -qag, Q "QQ, Y ,..., ,E XM . 4 1 M ' . V' s DAVID MOORE RONNIE NEWELL 7 ROBERT HOUK M771 " is fair My ms QQ, WI' WINFRED SCOTT JACKIE STOKES i My XQA1' CHARLIE RICHARDSON L E DMONDSON fi BOBBY PITTS FRANCIS JOHNSON HORAC E HATC HER ffvfm 055511245 f E MARGARET BOYNTON fix.. Head Cheerleader RICKY v sf., SETHIE WATKINS Mascot as XX First row: Francis Srader, Bobby Williams, John McCrary, Robert Houk, Larry Chism, Don Edmonds. Second row: Coach Price, Rickey Griffen, Charles Richardson, Eddy Walker, Johnny Wilson, Vernon Scott, Billy Wayne Sellers. fgaxfeeffaff dapzaam Tri-Captains JOHNNY WILSON BOBBY WILLIAMS VERNON SCOTT A IANELLE FORESTEI C? A tense moment Three to one- -he made it! Coach and first team under the basket. A good shot-- for both Price AND the Photographer! A-TEAM Houk, Williams, Wilson, Scott, Richardson, McCrary, Srader, with Coach Price . . Scott, all up in the air' he 'Sri kv S... K X XX 5 1 92555 325777 Xicbliiiflffmict in Jones, discusg Wilkerson, discus, shot-put, Ennis, discus, shot-put, Adams, discus, shot-putg McCrary, discus, 440 relay, low hurdles, Cromartie, 440 relay, 220, broad- jumpg Medlin, 100,220,440 relay, broadjumpg Williams, 440 relay, broad-jump, Rich- ardson, half mile, Scott, mile, De la Vega, 4405 Mayes, 4405 Chism, half mile. Not shown: Nilson, mile, Francis, 440. Vernon Scott Jimmy Johnston Leon Daugherty H. L. Gossage 0433+ AIAA? Scott takes a swing. -1 - I 3 K 1 . 464- ff W ' V -,Q rf ' .-L ' " 4, EW . ' -vu-v, 3 Lawn .-,gg-.Rf4':4 .t , 155.3 i s f -V My '.a Yi :A R 1552 I1 r- Ink , ,- A ,..r'- - , V2 ' a 2071211 3447! 492204111225 Q 1' ff ea GETS CLASS OFFICERS: President, Jack Jameson: Vice President, Clarence Walserg Secretary-Treasurer, Jackie Preston. Class Favorites CLASS FAVORITES: Mary Catherine Plunkett and Ted Kyle. Glenda Aaron Florene Barbee Carol Baze Bobby Brandon Peggy Braziel Sandra Braziel Betty Breeding Dorothy Brinkerhoff Dorothy Brown Oscar Butlar Melvin Butts Dawn Cadle Joe Carroll Gail Cook Glenda Cooper Carolyn Craven' .Toy Cross June Cunningham Dale Davis Billy Dennison 'Sw Charles Dhane U Homer Jack Driver fvm X G C Dwaine Edmonds glllf s , V H' , 'Rx , A L . fi K f1i'!.5', Wia'4,?:, 1. L ' Jai -er 5, S ' -4 sv "I 'O x. .4 5 .1 Richard Edmonds James Pat Fagan Pat Faubion Johnny Fellows , , W.. T 5 JV .wr , . 2 - I 5 1 S 2 1- 4f'A"' - ,O Q Y'-ll-ll 1 iv xl' ily Xlilrlllllllfl 1 E I' Y J 'YQ f 7,3 A I 1 A 5 L 4? .4 A, 'sax YT' 'T' Vin . . ' sr 'Q' -' x 5 ,, 1 : Q 7.14 L -A l n ' X 'lr- 'D .. N 2. 4,124 l'xi!mp1f if lei lf" I Kay Fergerson Billy Fincher Judy Foster Wynell Gilpatrick Bill Grider Hugh Don Hackney Janelle Hamby Kay Hanna Omogene Ha rgesheimer Dwaine Ha rgesheimer Della Harmon Donald Harmon Zella Harmon Betty Harrison Jane Harrison Edwin Haslehoff Dale Hatcher R. B. Hawkins Winene Herring Joy Holmes Truman Houk Bobby Huffman Marjorie Jacobs Jack Jameson Laquita Jenkins Ted Kyle Billy Land Jeanneane Langford Bobby Le ath Frank Link me J' Elvira Nlahan J vs www Wife?-Y Ouxdon Mathew 5 Hugh Mathls -5 Billy Macom V L' Peggy Logan Charlym M ithms DOSS18 Marrow Leonard Molone Templc Nhlhgan Bmlly lVlcNeese Donald MCCLIITC Amta lVlcDan1els Mary Plunkett Curtxs Outlaw Jean Osborne Elsle Nxchols Betty Lou Murphy Nhldred Prmce Garland Prmce Leona Powell Kenneth Poole Betty Roberson Nathan Re1hardt Larry Ratlmff G1lbert Ramsey 41 'Y "'!f T' 1 xX Wayland Qulsenberry 1 Ng., Betty Joe Stewart Mary Lmda Smxth Darlene '3m1th Lavera Sxlls B11ly Scott Clarence Walser Joyce Walker Bobby Wall lVl1lton Txnker Leon Taylor xfbf A "P- LILAA Z' vs 5 .Qs L. 3 N C L., LJ ed V Q 5 L, y ' ' W -' . cvs, , mf A I X 5 y , ' if o , ' . . Q . . -L Q I I V 4 1' ll I 4: 3 I n , ' ' 5 , 5 4 I A I- A I -J - A- 1, 4 A ' - - ' , A 1 A A ' 1 I A fl "B ' ' B , l A . K xy , . I l fr tx K lv ' , 'gg i A -' - ' Jack Preston ' :Q L l X K 3 Q ...- . ' f f . -af M L. , l 1' ' 9 . I ef 1 ' U l N . af ' ,X l xl 1. ' 4.1 ff' . B . ' - T Q.. " L i if , ' 3, . 5 . . ' .f 4' i . , - :- 4 qi I j V -l . ...f A l ' x M M N- A U V: ' , , , . 1. ,Q l X , 'B .. I l. A ' af - wi A N l 1 - . .. ' f Truman Houk V1ce President .Toy Holmes Pres1dent Dale Dav1s, Secretary and Exghth Grade Sponsors are Mr McNatt Mrs Pengelley and Mrs Stevenson 5 X.. Lou1s Don W11son Nadlne Wood Sherry Womack HN 4-X , fu Z . ' . . ,R 'D H011 'RD DM OFF Darlene Weede 'fl Dal-Wm Marilyn Jo Dell Martha Ann Audry Daulton Davidson Davis Davis Dhane Class Office rs Edia Juan Cummings, Secretary and Treasurer Sammy Eubanks, President James Braziel, Vice President Class Favor-iles Edia Juan Cummings Leon Huffman Jimmy Wayne Helen Belcher Boatman Bobo Juanita Edia Juan Je rolyn Cornelius Cromartie Cummings Cummings ',1 ' I " L4 . Q 5 Clyde David Driver Easely Horace Douglas Frank R. . se V v -- Q , X l kv! Doug Shirley Edmonds Elder ' n Camilla Griffen Barbara Horn X Zona Jowers I ,xx N -. .- 1. , 9 Asrx if v Sammy Eubanks 3 - ,iv -.1 Kenneth Grisham ,M 4 . 'Q xc, suv' s v -' , 'Y Y . . L -i .Tudy Elroy Fields Foerster I.: 2 mi Richa rd Hammond 3 -,,. Griffen Alice Houk 49 ? Billy Klapper 1 4' + 1" xv' Alice Malone Cha rlotte Newman Donald Malone ,Jil Bonnie O Neal Q MS Jerry Phllllp Prichard PFSSCOU in Sr w-f Patrick Leon Huff Huffman 1 Y Q2 2 L A-5... Franklin Billy .Tack Lamberton Landers at Q' Harvey Marshall Betty Mansel O Ray Osborne Laura Osborne yr-,. Price Qulgg is 4' Robe rt Hawkins 'Us V 'ao 5, xv sq rankie Fincher hr ' 'E' Jimmy Hinton ,R -to Patricia Jerry Hughes Ingram Y ff el Glzidwiri Gillispie Q ' ff A J i Ronald Hinton 'S 3 Lewyn .lobe .Timmy Billy Charles Ann Lee Lewis Lowe +5 Billy McGuire Mary Park James Qulgg Delois Milligan .Te rry Phillips 'L Orval Morris Phil Phillips Donald Donnie Rope r R 1ne X Robert Graham i 'E Keith Hodo Linda Johnston Mike Magee x X Horace Nash Evon Pierce Quinton Rogers . ' ' S 2 .- ' ' L ' 'ee ,l - :f 1 ' I J X.- , - N , D fr if ' , .- X 1. i 1 g ' . , , fi . -. - V X ' , ' ,Ll X , 4 ' ' if 1 S sl x 1 . V-sf " - f Y Cf A H 1 , 14' sg . r i P . ,- , 1 , ' U I A , A I A Q I 1 . . t fr " - . ,, PL' h 'S ' 1 f "D -' 1 . , L ., I . 'AP . Q P. nl k ,A it am? . if ' . ' ' BA. 'Lx if Af! ' f l 4 l - ah H ' x - VA A 0 , Lg , A ' ' ' f w - gf. f ' fi -xl' j ' , L gy iv . l - M CC' , I , g, Bettl' D Edward Jetone Charles N Eddie Jimmy Duane Rudisill Shivers Smith Span-kman Sp-arkman Spears Stephens ,'. L QA 5 I Cf-:A . ' 1 Q - e , .im ichael Peggy Marilyn Roger Linda James Johnnie James tephenson Stockstill Stone Tabor Taylor Thompson Wade Walker .3 . ' ,I ' LSNNEET s a 3 "' ' P H " NK 5 +V 4 ', -if r if " e f i - a me , Q , 'fi ' YAW., ,,. n V if -i' A A., ' ,,-'f D Lona Linda Donna N013 Beverly Wallace Ware Wilkerson Wilkerson Wilson Young Moore Robbins H U 1 A1 '11 V1 Ii X i iv W 7 V Q, "' in y A P W W ' + 2 J W 1 , W ff I . P f f 'Q , - -f,',e fi , ' I 4 vw L .To Ann Cornelius, President x X I if Jo Dell Davis, Secretary and Treasurer 0 .Timmy Spears, Vice President iid, O ll .9 if S. 4 ' QQ Leon Huffman, Vice President Jimmy Lee, President ,Y Not pictured: Judy Fields, j - 1 Secretary and Treasurer ' if' ,lf I Bill McGuire, Secretary and jiri, -5, Treasurer 4' Q X. Marilyn Stone Vice President Evone Pierce President M 'V ' 4 NU'llKEE.S rm N Class Officers Marion Hook, President D. D. Burke, Vice President Jerry Gibson, Secretary and Treasurer Class Favorites Paul Holcomb .Toy Cokendolpher Sharon Anderson George Barker Kenneth Barnes Wilburn Barnett Delmer Bass Melba Bates Norma Bates Lester Berry Marvin Black Charles Boren Leon Boren James E. Brandon James K. Brandon Rosemary Brazil D. D. Burke James Carpenter R. M. Choat H Loyce Cobb Joy Cokendolpher Sherry Conway Tommy Cullar Tommy Davidson Glenda Davis Barbara Dennis Jane Dennis Shirley Dickerson Ruby Doty Johnny Dunlap Garland Edwards Billy Ennis Anita Epps Phil Foster Donald Francis James Franks Nancy Garner Jerry Don Gibson Lynne Glover Neal Gratehouse Roy Gray Eugene Griffin Mary Gregory Evelyn Hackney Y t V Q J. - A, 4s - l i , ff . 1' 14 i iff - 6 x v Bobby Hall Rudy Hall Roger Hamby John Hamilton ' Georgiana Handy Q I , ,I Charles Haseloff X H 5-ug ' .fx- K I m il x lf' A ff' -X . :ti . sv fy, ' 'cy V -"JI ,. . xA. U, . e is K wary ! u S ' ... g if 3 V .A av' 10 . - I 5 A z Donald Ray Hawkins Jo Ann Henson Sharon Herring Paul Holcomb Marion Hook Travis Horn Troy Houk L. G. Jackson Eugene Johnston Virgil Ketchersid Carol Koch Albert Lamb Charline Lamb Loy Lamberton Clarence Langford James Langford Nettie Loffler Charles Malone Clinton Maner Jerry Marsalis Jan Marshall John Calvin Marshall John Hampton Marshall Jeanette McDaniel Donald Milligan Danny Mohon Glena McPherson J. E. Muncrief Sylvia Muncrief Kenneth Murphy 4- 4,5 ,X I I I l 1 .ov Vik' 1 Q. Q' 4-vs i Y x W- ' oh , 5 " F',v,'.LJug ' r .,.,, 5 1 I , v -.r '-fc,1 . .LJ XX x .,-C-GJ, Q - 4, -0 1 V i ff " -, 3 -1-Q ' , ' Q .fl A' X I. .I Nlarcia Sims Jon Ann Stepp Virginia Stewart Herschel Swindell Ann Tabor Calvin Traylor Carolyn Thomson Bill Tidmore Mary Ella Turpen Don Walkup Darlene Whitfield Darnell Wilkerson Phyllis Williams John Womble Peggy Wood Robbie Word Anita Wyrnan Jo Ann Zeiders Hum: - Room 5-'E .. .., ri' 'f ..- ,. -Q 'v ," cllvxi X 45"-1 f f Il' -i W 1 fx wlffoff' . J-.fr ...M if E' falff 9- , . fx ,fs 1 Bobby Norris Glenna Ruth Osborne Dan Pettit Jerry Poole Jackie Powell Larry Quisenberry Don Ray Marie Ray Roy Ray Billie Reeves James Riley Billy Roberson Norman Rockholt Franklin Roe Bobby Scarbrough Elmer Scarbrough Francis Sellers Alma Shockley ff ff ZZ 'Z' i'3'fL72 nl'.1'3 4-E '1 fi uu- 'J i i' Va.: v ml. F 3.4 I x V Presidents Dan Pettit George Barker Kenneth Murphy and Anita Epps X Vice Presidents Anita Wyman Ann Tabor, Paul Holcomb Joy Cokendol K Secretary and Treasurers Marcia 77 ,E PM L Sims, Peggy Wood Troy Houk Tommy Davidson Q YQ!!- sf Radu-gorz.. , an--:Ml 9 D Binh, nn" gghg Vui lf . . . N Q 'D wi I ' 5' N Q 1 . , rl J' 'f ' l ' ,A n . " . V A bl I F i i I. I A I V J Q . u ','A-' X A it ' v , , ' ' .- ' ' ,- fflil J ' . 4 ' . , . t - I -:i ff ' iff 'I s 5 ' Q-U V V V , i 3 , K , iq k ':4 S 6 - , 554 - Y! 1 fu I ' ' - L' ' A ' iz- ' 4, . D . . , A 1 it ' , ' - ' ' ' - I gi - 1 -- , V, l ' 7 A , ' ' f 1 ' :Ri Q h Y ' ' ' - ' Q l. . A ' - ., A t J : ' - ' i l l ' " I J - t 4 P, J QQJJ J is X 74 4 g i ..' Q- . ir t hir " 1 ,ffl A "V ' J 'T Sh. ' lr .L -1. - 4, ' V T -Ai I - . A .N - I y H . M ,,, .,. , 1- Jr A B B MM" junio ff W1 Activities 4 ...gf- I : llll ul NATIO NAL xl! Y! juniar f izfia al fiarzor 50 iffy Requirements for membership of the Junior National Honor Society include approval of faculty and maintenance of an A average fninety or abovej for one semester. To remain in the society, an average of ninety must be maintained. The purpose of the National Junior Honor Society is to stimulate scholarship and to recognize the qualities of leadership, service, and character in secondary-school students. The activities include formal initiations, introductory teas, banquets, and regular monthly club meetings. MEMBERS SHOWN: Top row, left to right: Joy Holmes, Helen Bobo, Anita Wyman, Bobby Wall, Richard Ham- mond, Leon Huffman, Betty Barnes, Jerolyn Sue Cummings, Nancy Gamer and Anita Epps. Second row, left to right: D, D. Burke, Marvin Black, Jerry Don Gibson, Marion Hook, Ann Tabor, Betty Rudisill, Lewyn lobe, Wayland Quisenberry, Paul Holcomb, John Hamilton and Mrs. l-look, Sponsor. Bottom row, left to right: Dor- oth Brinkerhoff, Curtis Outlaw, Betty Harrison, Jackie Preston, Dawn Cadle, Peggy Stockstill, Florene Barbee, Y Bal-bam Dennis, Mary Katheryn Plunkett, Winene Herring and Jane Dennis. MEMBERS NOT SHOWN: Kay Hanna, Leona Powell, Jimmy Lee and Michael Stephenson. , l 41 B row: Jo Ann Henson, Glenda Davis, Rosemary Brazil, Sharon Herring, Jon Ann Stepp, Marcia Sims, Anita 1, Charlene Lamb, Betty Mansel, Marilyn Davidson, Gladwyn Gillespie, Carol Koch, Melba Bates, Dar- Whitfield, Jane Dennis, Barbara Dennis, Jean McPherson, Nettie Loffler, Joy Cokendolpher, Phillis Williams. row: Sharon Anderson, Danny Mohon, Johnny Dunlap, Clyde Driver, Kenneth Grisham, Lane Hinton, Jobe, Jimmy Lee, D. D. Burke, Zona Jowers, Charles Ann Lowe, Alice Malone, Judy Fields, Gail Johnson, Anna Handy, Anita Epps. Third row: Patricia Hughes, John Calvin Marshall, Travis Horn, Marvin Black, Hampton Marshall, Doug Edmonds, Rudy Hall, Paul Holcomb, John Hamilton, Tommy Color, Darnell Wilker son, Mary Turpen, Barbara Horn, Neal Greathouse. Fourth row: Billie Williams, Mary Gregory, Nancy Gainer, Harvey Marshall, Sam Eubanks, Horace Griffin, Don Walkup, Leon Huffman. zmzbxl JLIQQ4 fffaxzuxes The Choral Club joins the Intermediate Choir for a number on the Christmas program. First row: Dorothy Brown, Betty Sue Barnes, Donna Wilson, Jerolyn Cummings, Peggy Brazil, Betty Lou Rudisill, Jane Harrison, Anita McDaniel, Carol Baze, Majorie Jacobs, Sandra Brazil, Marilyn Stone, Judy Foster. Second row: Gail Cook, Tempie Milligan, Margaret Wheat, Betty Roberson, Darlene Weede, Mary Smith, Dawn Cadle, Wynell Gill- patrick, Bobby Wall, Leonard Malone, Clarence Walser, Donald McGuire, Jack Jameson, Donald Harmon, Joann Cornelious, Patsy Colgrove, Michael Stephenson, Jetone Smith, Oisdon Mathewes, Kay Hanna, Dossie Marrow, Joy Holmes. Third row, last two: Darlene Rushing, Betty Stewart, Laurie Osborn. Fourth row, first four boys: Charles Dhane, Truman Houk, Johnny Fellows, R. B. Hawkinsg last seven on right: Hugh Don Hackney, Wayland Quisenberry, Curtis, Jackie Preston, Joe Carroll, Leon Taylor, Hughie Whitmire. "',L Qifesuw 9 s - I ll 2 First row Lois Cobb Jetone Smith Nola Moore DeLo1s Milligan Marilyn Stone EV0l'l PICICC Jo Dell Davis and Edna Juan Cummings x Second row Peggy Wood Carolyn Tomison Marcia Dee Sims Gail Johnson I Charlotte Newman and Barbara Dennis .ex Wg 1, -V W if fr we 4' 5:1522 First row Bill Demson Billy Fincher Gladwm Gillispie Dale Hatcher Rugr- Bobby Norris Eugene Griffin Dan Pettit LynnGlover and Travis Horn 1 1 5' Second row Dwain Stephens Wayland Quisenberry James Carpenter Billy Don Scott Danny Mohon Jerry Gibson Tommy Cullar and Rudy 3' Hall. Third row: Horace Griffin Jerry Ingram Jerry Phillips Doug Price Huey Don Hackney Dwain Edmonds Melvin Butts Bobby Brandon and Billy Jack Landers M, mum Hg! yaaffaff :Jam Flrst row R B Hawk1ns Kelth Hodo Huglue Wh1tm1re Hugh Hackney, Jxmmy Qu1gg Dwa1ne Edmonds Frank Qurgg Truman Houk Johnny Fellows, Dale Davxd O'Ray Osborne Second row Ted Kyle James Fagan Jack1e Preston Jack Jameson Leon Huffman Roy Gray Jxmmy Gnsham Lewyn lobe Sammy Eubanks Dan Hawkms Coach Wade McNatt and Manager Doug Edwards QUANAH JUNIOR HIGH PAPOOSES there here here there here there The Jumor I-hgh football team won dxstnct and received fm 5 S-. Nun Wald! K """'L'i---E "2-'?'Z'. 25771 Llne Hughle Wh1tm1re Jlmmy Qlngg Frank Qlngg Dale Davls James Fagan Johnny Fellows Bllly Land Backs Jack1e Preston Jack Jameson Truman Houk Clarence Walser X Th1s team played the h1gh school B Team four t1mes and won tw1ce Hlzcer Leader MRS HELEN HOOK Sponsor Leona Powell Mar1an Hook D D Burke Joy Holmes Marvm Black Donna Wxlson MarJor1e Jacobs -1 l..n I ! I if ' V . .V Q hs' n - . , gi. lk I J M' . ,J l Q ,., A 4 I Q 4.5, lu. Nl . -L f -, 12,411 -.-1 '- . -'ff'fv-L155 - . ' ' '-1 I T-I i-. A U. fx. - -he Q A r-.J .V f,-,e in-.ffl V VP.. 7 U M -Hia t W ibn- - -'Arwir U' A ' 7 J 4 ' I' ' ' W 'M -Tv' ' A,-1 .' ,f ' 'K .A rf' f J.- ' - - J 1 F, QE?-3:-' :,.4 ""."'f -' F " "gf"' -'QL' PP 99 1 ' is ,, . I . . . , . . , . , . , , L Q . . V Nl. .V . I 1 , lb. .lk M ' I l I ' ' ' ll YY 1 I I ' - 1 1 Q f Y ' , ,Q -I " ,, F., ., 'h ' Q K ' ,- D umbfl 1714 lgzzsieffaff ewan First row: Jimmy Ouigg, Jackie Preston, Donald Harmond, Leon Huffman, Jimmy Jackie Fincher, Kenneth Grisham, Coach Wade McNatt. Second row: Troy Houk, Keith Hodo, Truman Houk, Dale David, Johnny Fellows. Third row: Doug Edmonds, Ted Kyle, Jack Jameson, Clarence Walser, James Pat Fagan, Bobby Brandon, Frankie Lamberton. IG-Al! Iowa Park Medicine Mound Seymour Electra Childress Iowa Park Quial Medicine Mound ' 'Z CZ, Team Schedule 16 Quanah 32 16 Quanah 19 1 1 Quanah 30 15 Quanah 32 32 Quanah 36 19 Quanah 20 32 Quanah 28 2 1 Quanah 32 0177214 1952 "B" Team Medicine Mound 13 Childress 17 Seymour 26 Schedule Quanah 16 Quanah 32 Quanah 2 1 A' Os X-, sf , !, ,lv ,f' X looking ou ale not . n xiggvgnr annual glP5:':'w?3:S . - gust R- ' . , Th: Sale Davis gwmggan an blill - exhibition of 'um .Sducafizw Plzy lm! l JUNIOR HIGH ACTIVITIES A Junior High physical 'A education group. -Q, 1 Here R. B. duer-so and Dale do a W. meISRu1f in th l rrhour touching h e an the floor. and-9 I0 First Aid, Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Boxing, Touch Football, Tumbling and Swimming. f 1 f 1 Xp ni N 4 I f.. 'lf . IA X Another group plays basketball: they are learning to block. 5,44 il fair GIRLS' ACTIVITIES First Aid Volleyball Basketball Tumbling Softball Deck Tennis Tennis 5 I Miss Radford, Sponsor Ig l UAIIY .S -S 905 Morris issues books and the year begins Study hall Z3 '1twork'f' '7 'P -Q UF .1-L' LY. gif" ,ll -4 Lunch in the new cafeteria Senior rings arrive uv:-ff' E . Mr. I-Ioworth giving absentee slips. 4-H Club organized. fl an nj ,' vw: i K , . of a Q " v . .J - VW -T, 31" 1 A f f. - 'l 3343 If X V h - .N 4 J 1 . lu ' , , . ' -' 'l l A ? ' ' 1 A 'f r 5 H - The football team marches in to pep rally. Pep 1'a11Y in the new gYm- M .WJ P. P-Lia' a T3 fl 'Wx' V - V .I vs .Av . .Q 1 nfl ll J f X Q'-LN Q ,. 'D ,+C First football game with Big Springs. 5 .Ll - f-- ' Boys eat after the game. " ' .-...k 1ii",,ii33'4' an . l Q Q X X Band in "Q" formation. - Hard working warriors. Bonfire to celebrate wmning district. Winners of magazine subscriptlon contest. L K .bf Victory again ? ? ? I I 1 1: ,- After the Electra game Rah' Rah' Rah' Smoke signals 1n pep rally Beat Seymour! t ' 4 F ' ' I These cuties represent the months of the year in the coronation of the F. H. A. Sweetheart. F. H, A. GIRLS I A ffixi 5'-'lftfvs . 0 x i vu , Q X K 3 F., , fn .SQ M Juniors in the Sadie Hawkins Assembly. xl. 1, if, -sf' 1 E ,. 5,4 2 ,..' V 1 ,f- ,...-' i ,f ,- .,. y ,.. 'F 1 r- 'A .. H wt Nr' - 1-.03 ff.. PQ Al' The Junior Music Lovers dress and sing the songs of the 1920's. Iowa Park on all-fours tackles Willie. J--r F sf ,.. .. Bradford takes off, pursued by Norton in the Sadie Hawkins Assembly. Man Sale: Don't just ask 'fy .K . him, buy him and then If J YOU can TELL him. . 7 'X :I NX mf X X Q 9 ff' , I ,wr , i1M'I'A The main hall is decorated for Christmas. X Nlllh 1, ' w-in Home ec. girls wrapChristmas packages -4. ' 1. fi i at - ' .fig 3 H V 1 . 2 3' l 9 ,JG , , A ,ifx . v up T ii K-. ' x,I6i'f',-A ff- fr. A1 'I A' 1 , f I fvgrn 1 'f- ,avi WZ?" , t" i P All Ali a. iiirn :Lili 'ji Ex-football players of Q.H.S. Former coaches in Quanah High School. nr V -11l' - ' .c Qpxrqs aff' S A11 district defense and offense teams. Speaker at the Football Banquet. r-ma., HQ QL . 'P had 1 f..,: . -4 I t , jj: , . ,- I, w. . A K . V 5 i. . - L1 D-3 Senior concession stand at basketball games f-QED Student Council at lunch. Game with Iowa Park. Hillbilly gals at stunt night. inners of the Sock Party. What prizes ! Shoot S rader! 1 . 3 . A Q Y C X A 1, ' Q . 5 W 1 1 M,-ning Boxing at stunt night. F- rf- "' Q ' ' Senior sock party. Crowning of the Valentine King and Queen. 1 njcarscholastic QQLLZ I Conte at 1 2 5 . , . ,.- Ufmmzers ef 'X J at y 2?- SPELLING ""' Brandon-3rd District Rogers -3rd District Sammy Blakney Bob Ellis Pat Burke .To Kyle .IL ONE-ACT PLAY Delbert Hooper, Elane Gossage, H. L. Gossage, Rex Ann Walkup, Tillman Buttrill, .To Faubion, .Timmy Johnston. Miss .To Ann Stine, Director. DEBATE TEAMS Znd place District TYPING Margaret Boynton Znd District lleta Huffman Mary Ruth Brinkerhoff 'EJ ESSAY WRITING Dan Hook-4th District Pat Teel-4th Regional DECLAMATION Sammy Merritt-lst place District Sherry Adams-lst place District Don Edmonds-lst place District Delbert Hooper-Znd place District EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING T roy Ellis - 1 st District cs.9 SHORTHAND Pat Burke-Znd R Shirley Wilkerson-lst District fm. 25x Fac ulty -Student ga me. 5 X Roy Samson wrth pnze beef F.F.A. Boys 'saf- .A A N51 T51 e . 3 ta Jlrnmy Whrte Wllh pr1ze cow I. .a District track meet held in Quanah. - s ,,,n Don Todd with prize hog. 'fa e A, 2 I Al x D, 4. -.nr '4 . , . 1, ,3 - nk p -V as-.1, T'1x ' Q . H: ll ' Y fs U ,iii 1 ,., .-4 . x D if -1, . in-1 f 32 L 5, W i su. if" l 1 '1 Yil IIIEIIIURIES MNQUET QUANAH HIGH SCHOOL May 17, 1952 High School Cafefe wrogramme Iuvocafion ..-.... Rev. John Cunningham lingnashr ,---,,.-, Bill Neal Welcome-To 'Wwe Gredfosl' Show on Erik .q.......-..... End Ennis Response ....-E.. Sammy Blaknoy Elf- Trio--"Mm on ilu Flying Trapezi' ...- Anna Downs, Lola Klsppor, Jo Ann Moore.. Acc.-Wilnxa Taylor I 'T'H'1" OUR 1952 I ANDSENIOR QUET IN C THEME. WHAT A GALA IWENT FOR A THANKS TO Clown Slunis -.., Bob Ellis, John Hama 'THQ Grew Pbuclinf' .... Bobby Jones UNIQUE IDEAS OF Word! from Hia Lian, Tamer ,L W, E, H od: THE JUNIOR 50mdidion,..,....Rw.C.fyHoloomb M E N U CLASS' Grand Entrance Juice X? 4 3 Parade Potatoes Tight Rope Beans TRAPEZE BAKED HAM 3 Ring Salad Clowned Beats Bare Back Hot Rolls -- Butter . 1 A A X , 3 l M- 'V Y , , Kf'f'- 'f "' 1 s 'l 31 I I X , Coffee or Tea Finale a la mode 4' Nu 'W ,I o 118 .B A3 F' . 4 .N foil ' 4 .C 9. Il . V' - A Fr- P- ALL? r 'xl K J "NV anavi 'Inf .IQ v. N nv, ' We've just received our robes--tra-la! After so many years! Pat, Rickey and Virginia. I lx, 1 .1--1 ew .I .L The senior members of the Honor Society receive their pins in assembly. Made us all resolve to work harder! It was really something and we are proud of them. Hot days arrive and the 1951 s Bgb Ellig takes up money fountain realli' becomes POPUI-af! Brandon. Koch. for Crippled Children--for the Student Council. wait in line, while Spears gets a long, cool drink. OI' 3l'l'1'l ii 5 I Senior Breakfast at Jacqueie Johnston's. A swim later on honored the seniors, too. The year is almost gone. i tgefzm PQ ' Xt- 4 'lit nv , I A AAZZUW X- Farina Fudd - - Rainbow Batts - - Piedmont Jones - - - - Jo Lynne Faubion S E' , Ty Underwood - - " 3 Gracie Underwood I. I ' ' Q I Dodie Spicer - - - ' ,. ' S Mrs. Spicer - - H I , , ' ,xi , Butch Brescol - - X s J "Vt Darius Damrock - K X Horatio H'elfrey - Miss Talulah Tate CSIRAC L - - - - Jo Ann Glover - - Mitzie Bumgarner - - - - - Jerry Ross - Johnny Wilson - -Jackie Johnston - - - Sandra Rogers - - -Bernon Scott - - Delbert Hooper - - - David Jobe 6, ao xt .Xi - - Patsy Burke Ca dfal Q fa 10101. 195- OAYNQS 3 tfier Gs 6 0 book txio 006 ' eh, 1 ' 1 , oexbefc exxsxa v 6 ff Q8 Jerry is operated on Everybody on stage. by the crazy doctor. y Q S HV n ..s S ,... u. i K -,I - I ' ' A 5mm 520553 CW! PAT Tlilil. Joiirimlislii it ll: I Y NNF if.-UINIUN k'hor.il Af g 4,1 A,, -Tm. JEANELLE FOERSTER MARGARET BOYNTON Science Typing The seniors on these two pages have been chosen by the faculty. Election to Who's Who signifies outstanding achievement in the chosen field during thc year. - i ii SA Nihn' Nl,.'XKN EY SPCCCII ,- -- v 1 , . X- . I ,L3f.'. w ,,..-H SANDRA RCISERS Social Studies and Bookkeeping DELBERT HOOPER Boys' P. E. BOB HENDRIX Driver Ed. JOHNNY WILSON Geometry PANSY TURNER TROY ELLIS Band SHIRLEY WILKERSON h d G s P E English I ,. u PM Q A large mysterious box on the stage is found to contain Johnny Wilson who emerges to read the class will He is assisted from the box by Junior Class President Earl Ennis and Junior Elane Gossage A255 By Johnny Wilson We the senior class of 1952 in the town of Quanah in the county of Hardeman and the state of Texas being of weak body and in the usual state of mind Patsy Barnes leaves her red hair to Janette Yandell Sammy Blakney leaves his nice neat manner to James Harbison Patsy Burke leaves her yo yorng ability to JoAnn Moore Margaret Boynton leaves her walk to Elane Gossage W R Braziel leaves his baseball playing ability to Randy Akers MIIZIC Bumgarner leaves her Eldorado boy friends to Billie Johnston Mildred Butts leaves her quiet manner to Barbara Daniels Virginia Cokendolpher leaves her sports ability to Vernie Rogers Jackie Daughtry leaves his laugh to Jimmy Jones. Ted De La Vega leaves his interest in Mr Howorth s Board of Education to James Logan and Doris Loveless Troy Ellis leaves to ms little brother Bob his ability to make a fool of himself in Student Council meetings. Jo Lynn Faubion leaves her sweet disposition to Miss Radford Janelle Foerster leaves her cute figure to Betty Wade Rickey Griffin leaves his ability to get along with women to Bobby Jones JoAnn Glover leaves her mild temper to Sammy Merritt Bill Medlen leaves his ability to play football to Arthur Lee Henderson Bob Hendrix leaves his ability to write inspiring poems to Cleston Payne Delbert Hooper leaves his wittiness to Henry Lee Watson David Jobe leaves his huge physique to Beefy Wilkerson Iacquelyn Johnston leaves her ability to work hard to Sue Spears Shirley Murphy leaves her smile to Jeannie Beall Sandra Rogers leaves her modesty to Rex Ann Walkup Jerry Ross leaves his technique to catch women to Bud McCrary Vernon Scott leaves his ability to tell a lie and make people believe rt to Bobby Williams Pat Teel leaves her volleyball ability to Maxine McCollough John Thornbury leaves his scientific mind to Bennoit Herring Audine Tinker leaves her ability to say the right thing at the right time to Lola Klepper Pansy Turner leaves nothing to nobody because of lack of anything to leave Shirley Wilkerson leaves her brain to Johnny Green. Johnny Wilson leaves his ability to act like an idiot to Billy Jack Cromartie Billy Whitfield leaves anything he's got to anyone foolish enough to take it ' 1 Z 67? M I do hereby dispose of our possessions as follows: In witness whereof, we the senior class of 1952, set our hand and seal on this 23rd day of flags ywkfaiy 1952 SENICR CLASS HISTORY by Shirley Wilkerson The little group huddled together in front of the impressive brick building looked rather frightened. No wonder- -we were about to take the first step toward our high school career--our Sub-Freshman year, 1947-48. But with Ted de la Vega, president: David lobe, vice-In-esidentgand Joyce Ann Pritchett, secretary-treasurerg and with Mrs. Marie Swindell and Mrs. Marie Bailey for sponson, we soon leamed our way around. As we opened the doors in 1948-49, it was like stepping into a long hall. At the other end we could see sunlight streaming in. Reaching that sunlight was our goal, a goal which took four long years. For our Freshman officers we chose Shirley Wilkerson, president: Margaret Boynton, vice-president, and Jeanell Foerster, secretary-treasurer. Our sponsors were Mr. Foster Watkins and Mr. Shirley Anderson. By the time of our Sophomore year, 1949-50, our feet were firmly planted with determination to reach the sunlight at the end of the hall. We had Johnny Wilson, president, Sammy Blakney, vice- presidentg and Margaret Boynton, secretary-treasurer for our leaders. Mrs. Helen Hook and Mrs. Alma Ruth Holcomb were on hand to guide us. Then came our Junior year, 1950-51. We elected Johnny Wilson, president: David Jobe, vice- presidentg and Shirley Bailey, secretary-treasurer. Miss Uleta Ashcraft, Mr. Rudolph Ashby, and Mr. Shirley Anderson helped us through our struggles. Pleasant memories of our Junior year were the Junior-Senior Banquet, Junior play practice, and the Class Picnic held at the end of school. Our Senior year--here at last we could see the end of our journey. This year has been the most wonderful of all. Among the pleasant memories are the Baptist Banquet, our Senior play, AMAZ- ING GRACIE, the Junior-Senior Banquet, Senior Day, Commencement, and last, but not least, our TRIP to COLORADO. To help lead us in our most important year we chose Sammy Blakney, president, Jacquelyn Johnston, viC6-PICSNBHI: Sandra Rogers, secretaryg and Shirley Wilkerson, treasurer. Miss Katherine Marshall, Miss Ellabelle Radford and Mr. Walker Tood have been our sponsors. Now we have reached the sunlight at the far end of the long hall, and we see before us the world. Now we are going on to make our place in the world, but whatever we do, wherever we go, the "good ole' days" at Q.H. S. will not soon be forgotten. 60255 amz by Bob Hendrix Graduation is quite a word The meaning is quite deeper Not that we're just on our own But whether we're our own keeper. Q. H. S. is not so large But tis quality not quantity, you know So proudly we glimpse once more This dear old place before we go. The things we did both great and small The good and the bad we recollect Our dreams of days and years to come The mind's eye views with due respect. Here for years we have worked and slaved For the knowledge we hoped to gain Now may we apply it with the greatest skill So that our efforts have not been in vain. To better our home, we better ourselves With knowledge as the foundation For what the future holds in store Must be our best creation. But with these fond memories lingering still We face the open road of life And wish upon our underclassmen The best of luck through the coming strife. Sammy, Senior president, pre- sents the key to Earl, Junior presi- dent. EMA The Seniors sing their last "A1ma Mater." The Seniors gone, the Juniors file down to take the Senior seats. tgefzw 6255 de My Delbert Hooper It was qurte a corncidence that our rocketshrp ran out of atomrc fuel Just when rt drd for had rt not I probably would never have been reumted wrth my old classmates the 1952 Senrors of Q H S My former schoolmate Bob Hendrrx now ambassador to Lower Slobovra and I hrs secretary were re turmng to Washrngton for an emergency sessron on a loan for that country when our rocketshrp suddenly ran out of fuel We landed the shrp as best we could stepped down to look over our predrcament and saw a farm house not far away We made our way to the house to ask drrectron to the nearest town where we hoped to buy atomrc fuel to contrnue our Journey We knocked on the door and Iackre Daughtry and hrs wrfe Vrrgrrua Cokendolpher Daughtry answered After a brref chat we persuaded Jackre to take rs to town rn hrs new Jetmobrle As a partrng grft he presented us a jug of hrs strongest apple crder whrch we decrded to use to rncrease the blast off power of our trme machrne We walked to a Jet plant where we hoped to learn where we could obtarn fuel The statron owners Davrd lobe and John Thornberry sard they knew nothrng about rocket fuel We asked them to tow the shrp rn and they sard they would send therr grease monkey Shrrley Wrlkerson to brrng rt rn and leave rt at the local arrport After recervrng drrectrons to the nearest helrcopter stop we left for the busrness drstnct I notrced as we got on the helrcopter the prlot looked famrlrar he proved to be Brll Medlen another old classmate and berng afrard to rrde wrth Brll as rt was nearrng noon we walked into Scott s Soup Shop owned and operated by Vernon Scott hrs wrfe Patsy Burke Scott and therr three sets of trrplets ages mne ten and srxteen The warter who took our order I recognrzed as W R. Brazrl Whrle wartrng for our orders I be per stated that Sammy Blakney had had another attempt made on hrs lrfe by one of hrs subjects Just as we were paying the cashrer rn walked two honeymoon couples Jerry Ross four trme wrnner of the Indranapolrs speed classrc and hrs wrfe Sandra Rogers Ross and Brlly Joe Whrtfreld four trme loser at Srng Srng, and his wrfe Pansy Turner Whrtfreld They told us they were gorng to attend the dedrcatron of Mt Foerster fformerly Medrcrne Moundj The name was berng changed rn honor of Janelle Foerster t e screntrfic mrner who had dug rnto the Mounds and drscovered uramum At thrs trme I heard a ternble com motion rn the drmng room and assumed it was an Elk s Convention but the warter told me rt was only Rrckey Grrffrn hrs wrfe Jo Lyrme Faubron Grrffrn and therr seventeen chrldren havrng lunch As our rocketxhrp would run on lrqurd uranrum we rented a flying Jeep from Pat Teel and drove out to Mt Foerster and got a load of solrd uramum We left the raw mrneral at the chemrcal plant of JoAnn GIOVCI' who was going to convert rt rnto lrqmd for us We then returned to town and started a small scale srght seerng tour We saw a large srgn Rrgor Mortis the Fnendly Undertaker whrch we found to be no other than Johnny Wrlson who had recently married Margaret Bubbles Boynton of dancrng fame On down the street I saw another srgn The Petite Shop for Women owned by Slurley Murphy and Jacquelyn Johnston Therr sales slogan was we can get it for you wholesale As we walked on, the aroma of frsh came to our nostrrls We followed the smell and came to Ted s Fish Market owned by Ted de la Vega He told us that his best customers were Barns Butts and Bumgamex who were members of the Professronal Anglers Club As rt was gettrng late, we went back to JoAnn s chemical plant to see rf our fuel was ready It was and JoAnn delivered us and the fuel to the arrport where we refueled our ship and took off for our meetrng, Q' .Q Q0QzO:Q9Q by gan to read the headlines. "Troy Ellis, marble champion, to represent U. S. at Olympics." Also the pa- . . . . . . ' h - . - . . . ,, . O. rt. S Q 5 O I l , 411 f!lA if X . -7, In df we Q 7 amzalmxrnaie Serhine Sunhzxg, Cimug 25, 1952 8 n':luck Gguunzxlq H1511 Schnnl Qsuhdnrrum PROCESSIONAL Miss MONETTE CASWELL INVOCATION .............. ..... R EV. C. A. HOLCOMB NATIONAL HYMN ............,...... ................,........................... G EORGE WARREN INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR CHOIR SCRIPTURE .............,.....,................................................................ REV. M. B. JAMES A CRESCENT MOON AND A CRADLED STAR .............. FRANK WHITE INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR CHOIR SERMON ..................... ......,, R EV. JOHN CUNNINGI-IAM "MY GOD AND I" ...,..............,.......................... ..........-............................ I . B. SERGEI INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR CHOIR BENEDICTION ........ ........ R EV- C. C. CALHOUN I X an A Senior helps a Senior. pa QTUIUIUBITFBIUBIIT ghxerrises gfrihug, gfiag 3El, 1952 8:15 n'rIurk Gfuunnli Ziigli Srlinol ,Auhiiorium PROCESSIONAL .. INVOCATION .. .. .. "NOW IS THE HOUR" ,,..,.......... . . . MISS MONETTE CASWELL . ,....... REV. W. D. REAVES .. ....KAII-IAN-SCOTT-STEWART MIXED QUARTET SALUTATORY ADDRESS ,. , VALEDICTORY ....,.. ,SANDRA ROGERS R. M. LEACH Abilene Christian College .........SHIRLEY WILKERSON PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS AND AWARDS, W. E. HANCOCK, SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS RECESSIONAL ..... ,. ...,..,.,.MISS MONETTE CASWELL BENEDICTION ....,.., .,.,..,... ........ Iv I R. W. L. BAZE CO9 GRADUATES 1952 Barnes, Patsy Fern Blakney, Sammy Joe Boynton, Margaret Jeanelle Braziel, W. R. Bumgarner, Mitzie Delores Burke, Patsy Ann Butts, Mildred Olene Cokendolpher, Flora Virginia Hooper, Delbert Donald Jobe, Glenn David Johnston, Jacquelyn Lou Medlen, Billy Joe Murphy, Shirley Jean Rogers, Sandra Lois Ross, Jerry Callan Scott, Vernon Ross, Jr. Daughtry, Horace Lee Ellis, Troy Erwin Faubion, Jo Lynne ,Foerster, Jeanell Carolyn Glover, Jo Ann Griffin, Rickey Span Hendrix, Robert Harold Teel, Patricia Wilbanks 'Thornbury, John Thomas 'Tinker. Betty Audine Tumer, Pansy Nell "Whitfield, Billy Joe Wilkerson, Shirley Pate Wilson, John Wilford SHIRLEY WILKERSON Valedictory Mid Term Graduates 1952 Sumrrer Graduates 1952 Jackie Daughtry Troy Ellis Jo Lynne Faubion Jeanelle Foerster Ricky Griffin- SANDRA RCB ERS Salutatory +I' -'1 ,VA , r 5, .?, , , X: 4 if 'Ari 5 5 its wi? jf , ,ff 4 4 3 J ,yi Q, r 4 'N gs gf L, 'E 5 ' . f :T i fral A 0-u 'KJ IOHN THCRNBURY MILDRED BUTTS DELBERT HOOPER MISS KATHERINE MARSHELL Emily Post Award T. S. Hanna Award-Second C. T. Watkins Speech Award Outstanding Teacher Yarborough Watch ammefzaemm! 1771012228 Each year at Commencement, awards are made to students who excel in various educational fields. The purpose is to encourage stu- dents to put forth greater effort and to recognize those who do. Scholarships are regularly given to the valedictorian and salutatorian of the graduating class by various colleges of the state. Two honor students are also selected from the other classes in the high school. The Hook English Award, made by Miss Lucille Hook a former teacher, is made by the teachers of senior English on the basis of inter- pretation of classic literature, creative writing, and knowledge of fundamentals. Graduating seniors are eligible. The V. W. Kelley Commercial Award is made to any high school student on completion of three commercial subjects, on basis of attitude, attendance, neatness of work, knowledge of fundamentals, and scholastic average. The Homemaking Award is made by the teacher to the outstanding homemaking student in her department for the year. The Vocational Agriculture Award is decided by the V. A. teacher and is based on leadership ability, participation in FFA activities, and interest in becoming a farmer. The Driver Education Award is given by the Business and Professional Women's Club to the student selected by the Driver Education teacher and Highway Patrol as the "Safest and most courteous driver in Driver Education Class. " The Rotary Club Award is given to the Junior Rotarian selected by secret ballot of the Rotary Club. It is given the winner on his entrance to college for the primary purpose of assisting him in defraying his expense at college. The B. and P. W. Club makes its award on the basis of participation and leadership in school and community activities, to a senior girl. The Danforth Award is given to the senior boy and girl who are selected by the class as outstanding. Student Council Awards are given to the boy and girl chosen' by the faculty on the basis of character, scholarship, sportsmanship, leadership and social courtesy. Only graduating seniors are eligible Epsilon Sigma Alpha Award is made to a senior boy or girl. Its purpose is to help some worthy boy or girl to get started in college. 1 D. A. R. Good Citizenship Award winner receives a pin and a certificate. The faculty chooses one of three senior girls nominated by the senior class, on the basis of good citizenship. C. T. Watkins Public Speaking Award is presented to "the most outstanding senior in Public Speaking" for the year, by the teachers and sponsors of speech activities. T. S. Hanna Award is for seniors. The awards go to the seniors whose essays on 'Our American Heritage" or kindred subjects, are selected by the judges as the best expression of why we should appreciate the Ameri- can way of life. Made by Mr. Hanna to encourage and promote yourh's interest and responsibility in preserv- ing and making democracy work. 1904 Award made for the highest four-year average in English. The Student Council Emily Post Award is given to the most courteous' girl and boy selected by the student body and faculty. ' Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Award is given by the Babe Ruth Foundation--a medallion engraved with the name of each winner, and a plaque for the school with the name of each winner. Given to a senior boy and a senior girl by the Student Cotmcil, selected by the faculty. 1 952 HONOR STUDENTS SENIORS Sandra Rogers Shirley Wilkerson IUNIORS Martha Brandon Billy Neal SOPHOMCRES Mary Alice Smith Mary Ruth Brinkerhoff FRESHMEN Norma Glover Marie Ennis EIGHTH Dorothy Brinkerhoff Curtis Outlaw SEVENTH Richard Hammonss Leon Huffman Betty Sue Barnes SIXTH Paul Holcomb Barbara Dennis mics' rip We left Quanah from the Bus Statton June 1 1952 wxth twenty two of thirty graduating Senrors four chaperons and one bm dnver at 10 30 Sunday mght Stopped rn Chrldress Amarrllo and ate breakfast rn Raton New Mexrco at the Crystal Room ln Raton we put our stgns on the bus We stopped rn Pueblo Colorado and arrtved at the Cl1ff House rn Mamtou Spnngs Colorado at 10 15 A M We wrll always re member Pansy s Jerry s and Delbert s efforts to keep everyone awake on the way up there and Jerry s cute ltttle poem The rooms were tssued and everyone was free untrl 5 P M Some of the boys went horseback rtdmg and got acqua1nted wrth the town The guls brought therr lunches up to the rooms and played Canasta At 5 we all went to Colorado Sprmgs to the show Everyone went to bed rather early after we talked over old trmes wtth Joyce Ann Pntchett from Austrn who Jorned us 1n Mamtou Sprrngs Joyce was in our class through our Sophomore year Tuesday mornrng we got on the bus and went to the Cheyenne Mountarn Zoo and to the Cave of the Wtnds After we walked up to the Cave and back everyone was ready for a rest lt ratned a few mtnutes long enough for us to catch our breath Tuesday mght the bus went to Colorado Spnngs for the benefxt of those who wanted to go roller skatrng Some of the others went to a dance We all went to the Hotel farrly early and went to bed Wednesday mormng bnght and early we went to Canon State Pnson Tlus rs where Pat Burke got srck and had to leave us for awhrle We really enjoyed thrs tnp because rt was so unusual We saw the tlungs the rnmates made and sold all of the btuldrngs were explarned to us and we got to vrstt a few of them Oh Yes when we were betng searched before entermg the pnson the Warden found a package of frrecrackers on Scott fWe wonder how they got there?J We v1s1ted the Royal Gorge after the Pnson Thrs was really a treat The lnclme Ratlway to the bottom was very excmng. After everyone took prctures walked around the bndge and saw the Indxans we got on the bus and went to Colorado Spnngs where we stopped and ate lunch Then we went to Seven Falls Not all of the Seniors felt energetrc enough to walk' up to Helen Hunt Jackson s grave but most of them d1d On the top of the Mountarn rs where Rrcky lost hrs shoes and had to walk down barefoot After thrs trtp we were well ready to go back to the Hotel Wednesday mght not many of the krds had the energy to move but some went to the Penny Arcade Cuno shopprng and danc tn Thursday mormng we were all realxztng our wonderful tnp was neanng the end We went to Mt Mamtou up the lnclme Ramlway We really enjoyed tlus tr1p too Oh yes Brooks our bus dnver s wrfe came to Jorn us Thursday mormng After our mp to Mt Mamtou we went to the Broadmoor where we spent the aftemoon Almost everyone went rce skatxng and drd we have some brmses! James Chapman was practrcally a professronal he had been rce skattng three trmes Jackre Daughtry, Davrd Jobe and Pansy Tumer put on qurte a show for us A few of us dectded we could do better swrmmrng and we went swrmmrng rn the 1ndoor pool After everyone had frmshed therr tce skatmg we went back to the hotel Just a block from the hotel there was a park where we had a big prcmc After the prcruc everyone was free for the nrght Some went to a dance and others Just cuno shopped and looked around After everyone got back to the hotel we stayed up all mght packrng and talkrng QOf course some pretended they were nred and sleepy and went to bed J M11 dred Butts reported that she had robbers one mght and someone kept drsturbtng her fWe wonder who rt wasrj Fnday morrung we got on the bus and left the Cllff House and our wonderful wonderful four days of excrte ment Our favortte spot rn Mamtou Spnngs was Kenny s Restaurant We met a lot of Mamtou krds and they were very fnendly and mee to us We left the hotel at 8 30 A M Everyone was trred but we wlll ALWAYS remember the trip and hope that every Sentor Class 15 as fortunate as we were Chaperons for tlus trxp were Mr and Mrs Johnnre D11tz and Mr and Mrs James Chapman and the bus dnver Mr A P Brooks and hrs wrfe Mrs Lrllran Brooks Students who made the mp were Mrldred Butts, Jo Ann Glover, Pansy Turner Shrrley Murphy Patsy Burke, Margaret Boynton Jo Lynne Faubron Jacqueie Johnston Joyce Ann Pntchett Jeanelle Foerster, Sandra Rogers, Shirley Wrlkerson Johnny Wrlson Vernon Scott Sammy Blakney John Thornbury Delbert Hooper. Ricky Gnffrn, Bob Hendnx B111 Whxtfreld Davtd Jobe Jerry Ross and Jackre Daughtry u 1 9 ' t , Z Q n , . o n g r I 0 Q ' I f I I 0 l l . s Q Q Q o 1 . . . ' D - - Q . n . Q 0 . I o u a 1 n n ' ' ' ' Q n o 0 s l Q n , . . . , . p Q n Q 9 9 ' 8. Q . . . . . . . , . I I e I 0 v O I Q u . S . . Q - Q Q ' n I 0 - Q I - . . . . , . , 0 I Q I Q Q n Q a Q Q . Q 9 o Q Q Q 9 Q Q I 1 u I 1 . . . l n u 0 0 I 9 r I 0 Q '15 v Lx, 5 ,. I' 'uv M" r""" Johnny, Margaret, Pansy, Jeanelle, Scott, Jo Lynne, Sandra, Jackie, Shirley, Jerry and David wake up long enough to have their pictures taken. ski R .ILA .vv fu ,APM Pansy gets up to tell another big one while Sandra and Jo Lynne listen. 4 .f"f"'rr V The bus stops long enough for us to take a picture just over the State Line. T assi "nl It A 'Xia' THE GARDEN OF THE GODS And this is the Cliff House Some of the girls tried climbing way up there but just cou1dn't make it. You see them coming down, and some of the boys on the top - or nearly! ..,,, Ib' Jerry seems to be very much V These were our Chaperons in love. and our Bus driver. MQ' 1 All of us on Cheyenne Mountain. ? These were the elephants I at the Zoo, OH, and Q' Delbert, too. :qu 4 mf 'Fifi S ns..-,w""M Ia Snookie stands in front of the Bus while waiting for everyone to go to the Zoo. Pansy, Jeanell and Shirley take it QUSNAH Ricky and john seem to be lost. CQ' '91 -e Mildred pauses for a drink after that long walk down from the Cave. rev, k Q3-'f?e"i F 'Sb- Mountain Zoo . . . Here we are before going to the Zoo. lg V V ,iw Here is Eva Jo at the entrance of the Cave. Here comes our bunch down from thi Cave of the Winds. an ,We A FY . 4- M- - is sunzusr SEZNIOR .1 fy" -pf? ff ? ,f y f. lf, Nj-xx "j A jf! Ir . xr . Q .. , 'TMP THC IBROH F. K ws , If-tai 'ff ggi? ,MMM-M yfurmf Sfvau rms Huw 'E ,QA JOHN looks tit. flzcg ov6R. 1141, P?Barn.or'iafn, egypt 11:5 lhwwiw 195' Hui,-tyf Jenny il3ai11v7 ,,,-1 o 0 - p""'14r-? E49 K --15' ,,,., 1 .1 ,Q 'A- af, un-J, 'zu K' 5'-f'1 43- IRT: ess N 5 ct' 412. 'fn 1 5,-41 A-Q25 ...N 'ff' f bqunonvdl sf- -ir? ,QM,vf"1j .Huw Y'-is T 5-S' 'B NF I-wi, 'qw' s 5 an 'I-F m 'Eb'- .- ' L- --i x9,.' Q-vs 0' .IW -P. .gf -. Q - x 1 .Q - A 4 r's P' i SI i -s,,.. Q4 ix ""'i.trr vw . ,. qui-13"--'-A' "" K ,Q 1 'r M Q d ww . W av' :Q . . U 9 'lg' R.. THE ADS OF THE FOLLOWING MERCHANTS HAVE MADE YOUR ANNUAL POSSIBLE. THE STAFF IS GREATFUL FOR THEIR KINDNESSES AND PRESENTS THEM TO YOU AS YOUR FRIENDS. TO SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION BUY FROM THEM FIRST. EXCEPT IN CASES WHERE THE MERCHANTS REQUESTED FORMAL ADS, WE HAVE WRITTEN THESE AS WE WOULD LIKE TO SAY THEM. WE HOPE YOU ENJOY THEM AS MUCH AS THE OTHER PAGES OF YOUR ANNUAL. THE STAFF 5 1 1 VID VIH 'U U--I Z UTZ 'Fl EI IX! CI E. F4 E: ffwiagmpda am Affliflfg af C""4SZEf?"' QQ? favorite meeting place of students. ere are Senior class favorites, acquelyn Johnston and W. R. Braziel S Ziwfm PH A I2 Nl ACY Ross employs students at his fountain. His slow drawl and his friendliness make him a favorite with all the students. A...-A The football team celebrates its first game win of the 1951 seas with dinner at Ulm Dinner Bell Ca. e 0lr'vf'2rs, :ck fzwls ez' 729 Even when you're in the doghouse U! F 'V7 4 eip aa faq ff H Lv X if qv JMD Q u Wey,, Q VZ ----WWWW il I The lumber for many of Quanah's beautiful new homes has been furnished from Simpson's. Ex-student employees are John Jess, Manager, and Buddy McGuire. O you'll be glad the lumber came from ,w""'. . 'n "I ,HH ,H ,I ."l.. l""u,- -.5 'X cg si ,full -'il I "2 .MN 4 X -sg ff' ,ff '--,N -. , f' I ' 5 if 'lf -l' . x XZ f' QQ! E I g X. U xg? Pontiac cars, Farmall tractors and International Harvesters, with their supplies and other merchandise may be purchased from . ,MPLEMENT AND MOTOR CO. We remember that Mr. Harrison furnished 4- a car for students to attend the T.l.S,A, ' convention in Lubbock. Harold Wey, '36 and Arthur, valedictorian '27, are active in civic affairs and are ' exes of whom QHS may well be proud, They are shown here withR, L, Edmondson, '54 who is employed in their home furnishing business. When you need anything for the home, think of We DW' ' ,v.-'f",1""' . I' r... . .. - P , - , - . I ' - G 1 ", ' " , . Multiple Unit Diesel A ailing Orders at Quanah, Acme dn Pacific Railway Co. Station, Quanah, Texas CONGRATULATIONS! FROM ONE OF QUANAH'S LARGEST INDUSTRIES - - TO ITS COMING CITIZE NS. Wg, Q Q uanalx yi xfxf-xg, QUANAH,ACME XP CIFIC RAILWAY COMPANY N A friendly place to trade. Arther Lee A Jr., is at the door to welcome you. Bobby, '41, Indian guard and "Cotton I-Ienderson, '43, Indian half-back, and Bob Yeager, '37, Indian guard, are ready ins to wait on you. For fine quality groceries buy at f7"f"7 viii., I TE ww- Wdg QOCE mv THE LION AUTO STORE SENDS FRIENDLY GREETINGS TO THE STUDENTS. Any of your car needs, whether they be tires or accessories, can be purchased at the Lion Auto Goowfiiug Store. Batteries can be charged while you wait. ' ' eww 9 QQN lx Interior view of the recently remodelled bank building, with Messers Mosely, Kelley, Womack, and Bottoms among those present. A number of QHS exes have begun their business careers in this bank. At present, "Sissy" Wofford, Gwenmar Adams Atwood, and Margaret Boynton are employed here. Saving is the basis of financial success. Save for you future and remember the ZW? Wdfhafhu Buddy Mitchell, QHS Indian left-end and ex '33, is shown in his store which carries a complete stock of hardware and furniture. Wife Dorothy, '34, and daughter Sandra, '54, made complete QI-IS family. Buy your household and furniture needs at Maggy Lfffg' HARDWARE CO. ' x! 1. w ' X .X W , . . ' A tyXKW ' Q I in Ui - ri... Your . Hemiavunce Business "T,T." Taylor, '51, gets "the business" from "Alex" and Alonzo and Charles Shannon prepares to glamorize Mr. A. I. Shelton at the ZALW BARBER SHOP L '52 'Q .ak K.-Q ss. ,ig n L s "g,:r4"' A-s , www'- Jmwf , in-off ,gg CAQAWAY MQKENZI? Feqwsm Im?--M s WEN? Q01 -fwm .Tohnnie swings at it on his own miniature golf course, while Lavon Adams, Franklin Hatcher, and Wayne Johnston watch, and "Scotty" coaches! You will enjoy playing golf and eating out at dfmmieyw mauve INN 3677622 VHLUES as g I T amdo suPER MARKET Hyson Wells and Baines McBay ' ' show you how to beat the high -1 ost of eating at .JV --ni 4, T- B lr3 A PlfA-suktzl ll J Y? - A , -- t X , 1 , S ! -1 X 'P , X W xx r , - x ecufizf 'ykffvuafhuf I ' When you want to look especially glamerous, when there is a special date, - and certainly when there's a banquet with a new formal, then it's time to think of 1 1 0 from ineans Q uanah to many people bee uty shop Avia GSH? frhiro llllllllllllfmllllll 1 , N 4' -r11LDFEoi 4' AMARILLO 4, ,,........-a--- f AI. Charlie Baskett proudly poses beside a new Ford, with ex-student employees, Vernon Ellis, and Odis Teel. Expert auto-repairs for that antique jalopy, too. YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER SALELS SERVICE FZM MQYZ Messer and employees, are ready to rve you. It is certain you need something om this store because they have everything Don Walkup and Leon Huffman admire a new Firestone bike among the other play equipment stocked for summer fun. They also carry a complete supply of tires and all house hold appliance s at TH?-E COMPANY - . Zeal dew Waluec AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE MOTOR CO. C. B. GLOAR SANSOM'S FURNITURE STORE Modena Newman, Cliff Alexander and 'Jick" Sansom in the crystal and china ection of Sansom's: Another O.H.S, family are Roy B., 'Jick" and Roy Norman. Any furniture, household or hardware eeds may be purchased- Qff 2: JJ gow! A 1z1fzfv2fz'01j TO VISIT Mr. Anderson has served us faith- fully as our school board president. We are glad to have his ad in our annual. -fftdfaliafmau frm, Lui "Dub" Lee, '48 and Billy Jack Cromartie '53, demonstrate an air-conditioner for "Jack and .Tobe," electric contractors for industrial and residential wiring. The students appreciate the jobs "Jack and lobe" have done for us at gzggftie SEgVlCE' cost. ,f ' is v -m , Zzgoagg J eweuz Mr. Yarbough in his shop with The Senior Clock." This 8-day clock stopped on Delbert Hooper's name to give him the watch. Mr. Yarbough is always a friend to the students. Cixvi Bob Hendrix and the Drivers Educati car furnished by HICKEY - EUBANKS q.l'1hYR0l,rj1 A New Bel-Air in front of HICKEY - EUBANKS used I car house. to I -,JL 1v!'l E Cab? -gxidfw ,TM Y -- at f"' i fl--V. we 6 mmm l t Z . t X gif I 0 0 l 1 L J--r-I-'1-Q L.- - ' 1- 4:1 K: I 1 ' N x In - ,, - f ,' A Plumbing - Heating ' JDK! ' 3, - X - y . P Appliances . "Dub" and Jackie Francis in a A 7' . cNabb has two large stores. James illiam, quarterback, '48, and Sue '49 Q.H,S, representatives, as well Wagianocsnv "" ' YOUNGSTOWN KITCHEN. COLEMAN FURNACES, SERVAL MAYTAG, and WA TER SOFTNE 315 Main Phone Z v CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1952 From .24 M47 FUNERAL HOME Throughout the years, since 1922, Mrs. Smith and the late Mr. Smith have been loyal friends of the boys and girls and of the schools. It has been their long-standing custom to visit the school twice a year, giving all students pencils in September and candy at Christmas. Two generations of young people will always remember them with affection. Jack Womack, Mrs. Loper, Lewis Mints, Mrs. Carmack, Mrs. Huggins, Mrs. Morrison, Mrs. Wheeler, and Mrs. Terry employees of Floyd Taylor's department store. Melva Joe Epps Walser, '51, works in the office. All best brands of merchandise is sold here. Also, senior boys, get your black bow ties at We .Za -'Lx '.....Q lr- , . 1- smvul- "1 Margie Orr hands a corsage to "Scotty, and Barbara Daniels, Bob Ellis, and Shirley Wilkerson look on as Jack Orr gives Troy a pot plant to deliver. Special friends to high school students, Margie and Jack have for years given a gardenia corsage to each graduating senior commencement night. 67W.!'.f2M L CO. if Q0 -1 V! gp,-,,., K L-ff: . . ' ., .-,.. I .x , r' '3?g:wffYQ?.l'u' U 'Hb ' '-Cv... ' Q .--, u . ""- v an Y ' ' ' " ' .1 -fx, V A-'I rf.. 1-A. . v , 5 T Ai..L:'Q,f,1,r -l.-,:'-r,x'5-- ", I. I 5. . ... ' .K+ 5. X. , . . , Q' R., 41 2- ' -' aw" 'ix r--5.44 r-.,' .1 . . - v g'.-,f'ff.if. 1-,ef mp as 4 , , . ---V ,f ,- V -x, - A,-rw" .. f '- . if-qs r , , r . ' .- -QL, , , .41 ,'f..,f,.,'3z.,,5,, .av sqm' '51 --,fx-1,- N -" bf fx-3 af,-S QI ,3g', snip., M A W A xy, .L can .-f-ufiJghaiiQJ,V, A A Q , Lak' n : I . ,, -H .-,. 1? 'AA-,.t., if ,xv M, A 3 .,.A,.h A. d , - . ' , vb .. -, J ' , , . ' V , ,LM , '4 X 1 1 -'Q-. . . . 'F-"3 s.-1 -s. I , KU fw ,, ",'f,..,, ,U,r"w, A. ,TTR U. , . .Aw A v ' " - 4 " ..." -- I Sandra Rogers and Shirley Wilkerson beside a new Buick at AUTHORIIED SALES AID SERVICE 54 M Auro AND WPLEMENT .mf- - ldlidnlilflnchaldiu Mrs. Boswell, Mrs. Blakney, Doyle Goss, QC Xl I J Floyd Rhinehart, and Cecil Johnston F'REf.f'Il"lO s. Fl'l.TERRT'!Oik'J' pause to say hello in pp My I f MENS STORE y W? lol . , 1595. , , Edna-1,+4fS.f-."Y 3. ,ttzffp -as ' xg B in ONE Srop Semvuce as ai r gflw STAT Q- N v K ,. 1 J' Q 4 Mr. T. S. Hanna in the large depart- ment store he manages. Best quality merchandise and famous brands are sold here. Mr. Hanna is the donor of the large cash prizes given to senior students each spring for best essays on Americanism. 55645 -gmux J 30 ' DEQQ- F Qunuvv tan M 0 .amz F IM PLE IVIENTS Remember the night at a party when three senior boys spent the evening in a corner discussing tractors '? From what we heard, the .Tohn Deere is a whiz! XXXXP - - f mls? I 2' in Q FOR SMOOTH DRIVING Let Ricky sell you somgna?-3 that good Gulf gas L9 F. S. GRIFFIN Wholesale Oil and Gas X Ewemw CORNER DRUG Mary Scott and Pat Devoll serve that good coffee to the gentlemen at the counter, and Mrs. .Tohn Marshall,while the boys enjoy comic books. Laurence Powell,pharmacist, and Louise Stevens Powell, ex-student, are friends of all the teen-agers, and "meet you at The Corner" are familiar words. H. H H,.h:i:,,,,p,...ZI.., -I-:..-----gggzgzzeaszw ,r ' 1 , , gs lllxA,,,,..uzu-, ' ,.. n on ,", .,..n1-4' :ggvh Q - ,'51'.'.'..,...-pv"Q'::,,',..:.- .5 "-' -a.::..,:r'. J'-- '-:::-'--1:1 :1tEE"1'-- . , ,H-II.'7.r 1 - ., 'g-:.', . . I... . . . ., .-. ......,...1:5.,. nl no --.,-. '- ".'. : - far, -- 6 I 'XI :Tl U .Zi-iii ,..,. ff: '7 ' 512 ND S G REE T IN C' S T 0 T H E 5 T U D E N T S - . 'Q . ,- ,- ,. Q., I "' ""3".n Q I HP' , . ...ou . q o an ',, .. no. .4 . . I Ili! P e 5 . ..'..1 , . . .. , .N .. .. 'F' ' x n 1 5-1 ff.. 5 ' ' an 1. , . -- , Q . , .......,. ' , , use-1 , N... . .. x .ln.ll llvzzn " v X I " "".s X .. . - .... M ' 0 n .9 .- .. .... gf - -0. .ll-1 ll lf' .!'.... '..---:jg . . . . .. . oilllg' QIISKCXII 0 ,,.. . Q . nu 0 f ... ...W llll : ol .. , ..... 155' "".. , pi , no 9 ...L ..,.... x .., .... . nun.. - K an 441 'UIQ' ' . ,'...f Q53-0151, 12.5.1..3n - I' ,,, up anno nu. N .. an ov' ,,.'-7 . w'.k.--f- -,gzavl ---- . .',.. -:Wu , ...M .uv H. ' Q" .lgfx .305 xl 0 'gggbf ' 5 , , ,,. u ,',-,,, , .l, '- rg '- ' -,-,f , 1' 1- , '.0,:v , , , , , I il f 1' - ' 1 II , 1 Ff- qi 1 J hi -1 i QY If Y Th our e E Ma Ye n 5 H To u Se rt W e Is - hen Y Ou Stu d Y CP fo M ET Rgsr, HOME AWAY FRC M HCM E . A x 9 yX I -"M A Wesl Texas Industry Located At Quanah., Many Memorable Occasions For ' Students Have Been Held In The Clubhouse At This Plant. WEST TEXAS UTILITIES CO. TV---'Y'1 1.-..L W'- ULIANAH FARMERS CEI-EIPERATIVE EDB I ETY NEI. 1 X WZ ' CUTVDN GINNERS -- WHEAT ELEVATUR 6 e UEALERB IN C LLIMBER, FEED, IMPLEMENTS, GAS AND DIL moms 4am Luxury ice-creams, and novelty items are also packed 31 this plant. UUANAH, TEXAS ' Ex-student employees are Kenneth Marsalis, Frankie Elder, and Norman Boatman, as well as Delbert Hooper '52, md Jack Dunlap, '54. Mr. Boring, Mgr. is secretary of nur Board of Education. 3 I n .hh n 'Q-I a . x if Q. I-ff' 2....2 'E Ex-Students, Sandord Gilliland and Martha Gilliland Caskey, aaa and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. R, Gilliland, in the office where they both work. Farm and home loans and insurance is the business of this prominent Quanah family-long friends of young people. W. can Lu LAN D Xml LLI LAND 753 op Rex Ann Walkup and Sammy Merritt wearing some of the Teen- age clothes featured by Belle' Nita. Gifts, stationary, and costume jewelry may also be purchased he Zaalitq Q Friend of the school, and of the young people, Mr. Clements sells quality groceries at lowest. 641544154134 mfg can Barbara Coats and Geraldean Rlgsby wedr1ng two of the lovely .Tunlor M155 fash1ons featured at zcfwicgfambi fine foods Mr. Hickey, Mr Anton Koch, and Mr. Orville Brandon, and a friend enjoy the good food in the PULLMAN CAFE - G91 THE ACME STORE renders to those who work or live in Acme. It is a friend of young people and wishes the best in education for them. Among outstanding students from Q.H.S. is Patsy Burke who works in her spare time at the store. S? 5 - 7-1, E Where all the C' O NX other kids get their D f favorite snacks at , I 02460114 OLD FASH IONED GET lice uf :?W Haifa 9' FOO D f LINEIL . 17' - Y 'Q' r.fJ'1:I. T'f.T'f"fi' .4,,, s , 1 1 p 'Z-. '12 VV WATKINS INC. Serving West Texas for over 50 years. H I lyk. Q or 1 g , firm ' f MII' I , I I . . j ' I L -- E l rsh-.-Y,--.P 'V' gud' PLUMBING' R. P. and Marie .Tones are pictured here in their Shop. Both are very friendly to the young people and take a big interest in school affairs. LAST MINUTE WHEN YOU ARE AWAY FROM QUANAI-I HAVE THE HOME TOWN PAPER SENT TO YOU, TO KEEP UP A TKIINIS SHOP Call Mrs. Cfuy or Mrs. Lookingbill for cor sages arrangements, pot plants or gifts Iac , 1 L I eumf. WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND THE LOCAL ACTIVITIES. QQ aww! Qzfuzao 622 A ,A LT. avi: Jones lnsurance Agency has been serving Quanah tor man ears Mr Jones can advise you as to the best y y . . policy for your particular need. INSURANCE AGENCY Mr. White in front of his busy laundry. He has washed many athletic suits this year. Qljjffii WASHATERIA FRIENDLY GREETINGS FROM HARDWARE if? Y 0 T ,anal CQMMUNITY BUILDERS W. M. CAMERON at co. has been very co-operative with the school this year as in years before, and materials for the Valentine Carnation was furnishe b the Cameron Co. ltittttt ""' llL'll'lliber W in W 'KSHXH U . EWEQSBUIJUN xuvllwvs d I 0' If ,wr ., V? fs' Q I I' O Lv na- 'K uv' ,1 ,yi J , , f 4 ' ' 0 I K A V, Q 'N ' l Y I 'V ' I s an D f f'o AH .W ef, . .3 " riff! fi! PS wif'- M51 iff 'Q 4'.,:x' 1 5 1 -I H ,," A D! 5-. , , .. 41 - - it 'Jil .-f 1 , ,Aa I1 "-flviflwl-. M .fmifxf ' 'W' '. SJB'1y Knsrph Q 713 h T DAVIS JENKENS d d Y We W 5545 My eff' o'0 M -Q th ffl F G od T 'Phllllps il P Od t AND SAVE d St 5 2eew GRADY H DUDD Dlslnbutor 5ERV'C STAT' UN Q I I Q SUPERIOR FEED FOR EVERY NEED Q O Cot on Merchants Phone 41 or Qu ' The "Stu ent Life" page was ma e b O 7 IM e - I 2 , 6 Y W f lu. For pictures a atter. B. . o rich ires Batteries and 'V V ' ' Accessories " V, ' Texaco Petroleum V lv Us r uc s I gas- y -1' SE LE ' EEast Secon t Q1 ' f' Q ' L h- as-'ji X -iQ -Y -' A 0 ' 0 O I I , j ' 44 ' mn O U N f ' ' I Phone 59 Q - Q ' I u UPI-IOLSTEEY Z OPZ -r Sorry we got this picture too late but the girls are so lovely we just could not leave them out. THE INTERMEDIATE CHOIR First row: Judy Foster, Jerolyn Cummings, Donna Wilson, Maryln Stone, Dorothy Brown, Betty Sue Barnes, Peggy Braziel, Joann Car- nelius. Second row: Sandra Bra- ziel, Betty Rudisill, Betty Rober- son, Anita McDaniel, Ouidon Matthews, Lura Osborn, Garland Price. Third row: De Lois Milli- gan, Gail Cook, Marjorie Jacobs, Carol Baze. Fourth row: Wayland Quizenberry, Jackie Preston, Bobby Wall. XIALC ch ,JD Mnonv A mi 22 Xiewor vain-, 1 nu U16 Selma! 'iff' . 1 f 4 K , , . in as My Q' ' U ' V s, ' 4 s. X. 'V 'tl X I A , .1 0 , X, 4 , .. I 0 4 'SL W 'S' 'V A , " . 1. lf ' , 1 i 1, , 4 !' 1 4 J Y 'f - J A A , 'f v ky ei K f l J 1 K Q 1 fi, ' , , .fi ,ggi , 1 gg 3 X. i Student Council delegates stop to cool their tired feet FEAR? 7 served at Dinner Bell Cafe Above and belown Football team being -L H -six.. A amazed at high school Johnny says "I do.'i We knew Green goinghon! At the SOMEBODY would get himl if , ' at gb I I Q Y' ,Q ' A , Hosts, hostesses and if 5 uh ' f " guests at the Souvenir 5 5 ' V. L QB? ou- Show, May 24th. 'I ,fo Spring Training uhhh t vm . -s 1 1 Belief' -C'x7xI.m x 'A ' - s-p9 ef , -3' 'ti fi sf-Sci mmm! ,. . ,,, -nl' I J, 71,5 lfixii ii, breakfast at the park. Freshman Pic nic HQ '95 if J ,J Y r ' A , R" There are so many friends, familiar places, happy events--- so many other pictures we wish we could include. May mem- ory supply them for us all! X .I- ,,A V . '-1 Jacqueie, Sammy, Elane at the Arch. Sue and QQ xx E f nfs ' is Q ,,, x -' -I' . x, , X' 0 fl . 1 MXH azfe cg. 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