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Q, 1 Ok' XM- ' '.r,,. L W ., jg X . P U cf fgi LUIG-,Lg M fi? ,M Xff jffffiflwe MQ ffm S f Gig 51+ up if yocepff X N XML! 4 5 ' N ' ,ff ffff I 3-,,h7?,..f'-' I I 1 N, I f' Zip., ,f A "W Q, J wi D .. Z, 2-wx., 'rw A I I, -fig! I I 'fx I, j 'flj W I, ' I + K ,IM ,f s- r Y -in-un-....,-:4-' -.Y . ,Q - . .- ' F's 1 ., - C , Q: iff, 5' U ' x v' " ---I A ,X ,,, rf., , X ' s 1'- zIII. 'Ei-QI" l6I 4 " -f-. 5 r . f r. Q-,Z v' ..-M .-.af-f .' H- - - L' 'T' g rr.,--' ., ,ss -1 ,try I x I jf' 'NX If P I , -KQ I If 'v,..,..,2"' -.3 W f Y-.1 .-., w N 'S- 1 4 ,, .f P :Q ,, 1 x, n f ,E 'N W , -fv J .J m I K , I pImM4AI 'of . I I .,Y. - II IN II .xf I . II A II V4-2 P v"'44f"f'l , ,.iwP - -A Q F if f ut " ' I K' 'gill N . ' d , kph! N A, ' X Nb qg - ' , .X X v ' kv' 4' ,W 'rf X4-L V I, 'x r"4' .- 'xx 'ik ,UL H. 'ATT' W-xxx A" . ,, N-14 ' .1 ff- 'Q ap , Asif Mk Q3 jx V -1- jf: ' f--'sf'- II I I, I .1 - :rx If AA I"N3 Ax - AN J I N553 'K' 'J . ' '1 'X N' . Zkx, ' 'gi J f:-""' . XXI 4... - if W SN fi ifffif 3? L ijglif'-L g ,- 5 gsfiimfqffgffm, ggfjiuqgggbgggg E Q x-1 A QQA Q Q3X3Qg . Nxfgg SSR WMM Q 5 Nffgfifk? Q 2 fbi fi' 521 7 23295 35 A 1 t ' I' ' dp 'A Fei 0 rxjd 3 if 45 M f . Q, V- vm Q6 HAL, bfi? ' A 6 fir A Q, 1 i 2 v" 'Til 4 4 . ' J, M' S. lid? K I cw ' If 4' A A J , ,W W N JJ' f W X , kxef ,Biff i ' ,X 4 Y 1' A 'MIL 0 x Q p sh W ,yy 1 WI! , in 5 K xx vgd w X 36 N ' xy 1 969 WILDCAT PUTNAM CITY CENTRAL JR. HI OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA Editors: Lorrie Hutton Jill Mock Sponsor: Mrs. J. Doughty This year the yearbook staff would like to dedicate the "69 Wildcat" to a sincere person and outstanding teacher, Mrs. Marguerite Bell. For 18 years Mrs. Bell has taught school, nine of these have been at Cen- tral. During these 18 years, her greatest reward has been meeting new people. Besides serving as state officer of American Association of University Wo- men and Daughters of American Revo- lution, she has lead Bluebirds and Camp- fire girls and is active in the church. Mrs. Bell graduated from the Univer- sity of Oklahoma with an AB degree. She then did graduate work at the Uni- versity of Southern California. After her retirement at the close of this year, Mr. and Mrs. Bell plan to go on long trips and enjoy themselves, spending most of their time with friends. Her key to success is, "Life flies by so fast, make each day count toward the attainment of some new goal or the ful- fillment of some hope? A few of her enjoyments are teach- ing, listening to her stereo, reading, the symphony, plays, cooking and especially traveling. Mrs. Bell Honored by Yearbook Dedzcatwn ir. lla' V mir Foreword Football games, busy halls, crowded rooms, Shakey's after the game are all certainly "No Place To Dream." Because this fits Central Junior High in its continuous growth, year- book staff members feel that "No Place to Dream" is appropriate as they theme for the '69 Wildcat. As you slowly turn through your yearbook, we hope we have caught the up-beat tempo that separates "our school" from the others, the happen- thatraseparatcs this year from the . 3,7 Liens 74' X4 M Y :4A.b-in furry , up V fi, . A ilf' , T - , W DQ' . . xii ' I al. 1 is if . A 5 , - -fa.-Tiff-" -'f'f57lf'Q Sports Classes Yearbook editors Connie Smith, Cynthia Jill Mock, Tricia Barnes and Debbie Powell Miller, Daryl Anderson, Sondra Nortong leisurely browse through past yearbooks. Cbackl Gretchen Schuchardt, Lorrie Hutton, Book reports and special assignments find thumbing through books, poring over science students spending extra time in the library magazines and visiting with friends. A quick dash to the library to grab that book that was read last summer for a book report . . . the early morn- ing scramble to get admits . . . the last minute rehearsal before the curtain goes up . . . the long late hours spent writing copy and headlines for that un- timely deadline . . . the rush for that seven o'clock required game make up a student's day at Central. Always on the go, students decora- ted rooms for Spirit Day, elected Spirit Royalty, helped with pep assemblies, hung Christmas decorations, construc- ted mobiles, kept the school alive and going. Busy F eet, . my 5-In-. i ' 5 uw Jr av EA' , , A ...,'5r-'T '--FI . -' -V V Y in -'1f:HL'f I-33' .S J ". . f. H x-'nj , ' . - ' gag ,H " . -. . gf ' ' 3,-:it2:'1y3-.31 -1 x. . ,H V . 1 MLM V f.l.f.ajr,f-5-,L V ri-ft ,---,saw X . feb V IV: ,igpcg-F9511 1 N.:-at :L 5 .ft 1 . '- 456'-'F"f.:--"-N'-. .- 1' if , -.,, Y J 'Ay A . E55 1 A - Q fr .:.- it-5214" - A .rm - ,-V. -- ,- -,.-.f ,. . . .,- . .. ,, 4, -. ' 4 -- ' ' 1 ' j " ,, , lrfi- :- gf: , .L 1' ,. ,V r..v . if T Q 'gi-3 . F-J' I I Nav' 4 r 1 ' . f A ,J-L -Q if" I-Tm 7 r' . l 'if' , . -' , 'i .. . . ,x 'i , f' 4. L., r - l .M 1. I t 1 Cheerleaders and pep club membcrs "never lose their pep-ability" Money-making projects are discussed at a meeting early this year although their hopes were dauntcd. by Student Council representatives and officers. , H urry-Scurry Makes Typical Day at Central Waiting for admit slips, students jam into office before classes begin. Rick Freeman, Susan Suttle, Doug Pickens, on practice for the school play, "State Fair,' Sylvia George, Tim Grogan and Debbie Dix- given in November. -'Y 1 9, L 4' :w-., 3 I' Ffa 4 F1 :-fl ,gli Mrs. Judy Doughty shows Connie Smith On her first stop before entering the class- how to Crop piCtUrCS fOr the YG21fb00k- room is Mrs. Marjorie Masopust picking up her mail. Principal Lendal Stevens and Vice-Princi- for parents to follow at Open House held pal Kenneth O'Hagen make out a schedule November ll. Day in and day out Central is def- initely "No Place to Dream" for teach- ers. With all of their worries, such as "How am I going to cover 50 pages of this book in only three days" or "When am I going to find enough time to grade all ol' these papersfl there is much lost sleep. This year at Central there is a fac- ulty of 67, 28 of them being new at Putnam City, compared to a student body of 1512. Their job in directing all students academically and socially is performed untiringly, however, and their guidance extends past the limits of the normal school day. . -,E-I FN idle., Centru1's counselors, Mrs. Bea Schantz, Mr. SCAT, DAT and STEP tests given in Octo- Jack Witt and Mrs. Phyllis Webb, go over the ber. Round-the-Clock Job Con rants Busy Faculty -- 5' qisi1lj,4', With the aid ofgesturcs and diagrams, Coach behind football for confused Pep Club Mem- John Arnold tries to explain the strategy bers. l J 1 IL -1' 1:19 5 Arg '20,- .,.-1. .- , t. -.r.A,egU.-. .ii-.9 :S . .ffl ual" -Heirs., wt' .im U V 5 '31,,j.u. ' x.:' 1 lr- u SQ , , C 1s,.....3 A -qu . Scoring the two extra points that clinched the Hefner win, Joe Lin- der slams through tough Viking linemen to cross the goal line. Football captains Duke Webb, Frank Williams and Mark Kennedy piloted the Wildcats through a winning season. ,-, s--A fhlwt ,df f i el f Qu n-aZ,N f .fs Cheering fans and fervent Pep Club members counted the seconds as the game ended with a score of 8-6. Trying to elude a Moore tackle, a Wildcat team member charges for the goal line as the time runs out. ,, l ' P - -rf-E v. 7- - ---- w,., - -' '-, - '- ., , , ,H , . l v JK fit 23,1 :yas :gg i ,f M., , . ' 1 - gtg '.-.1 f--5 'gig' . ,Y-. .it ni, H, ' V ---QL-tw.. l.. . ,. AA . ' ' f .ir r ' J 1' Q--fL+i'1' .V "' F' .tr-5 '. - " 1. ' . '4 nz' i 55 wg ' W' J' 5 . 'i - -211: ', 'f 'L 'gi ' KH 'E . 'P tg 1' ' NI tw 'gg 1 t J .- ... . r z. It Boys getting before-game jitters . . . cheerleaders practic- ing to perfect their routines . . . Pep Club girls rushing to their seats so as not to get a demerit . . . the crowd running to get their popcorn and get back so they won't miss any- thing are all a part of sports at Central. Loads of excite- ment, tension and spirit is felt by everyone. There is even more excitement in eating pizza and drinking cokes at Shakey's after the game when there has been a victory for the Wildcats. Backed by the entire school, the team downed arch-rival Hefner Jr. High in the season's biggest clash, putting the Wildcats high in conference standings. Helping to boost spirit at all the games were cheerleaders fpictured belowj Cheryl Womack, Daryl Anderson, Pam Marrs, Cindy Black, Sandi Wright and Camessa Smith. He ner Defeat Highlights Football Season to ' V .-uhonekbwl ,: 13, N", t,'. f. -- . " P rl.. ' 4. lx ff , Crepe-paper streamers fall from Captain Frankie Williams as hc runs through the victory hoop held by thc Pep Club decora- ting committee before the Hefner game. iv I ...infix '- I . Varied Activities Mirror Schoolis Spirit AX xx ,I-e xX fr , 41 Band director David Ray leads his ninth grade class in a difficult piece better known as "Dr. Pepper Time." Yells in the gym . . . the bank really swinging . . . cho- rus belting it out served as a continual reminder that the school really had "no time or place to dream." Halls were jammed and classes were full. Seventh graders wandered the halls the first week bewildered, the eighth graders were happy to see each other again, and the ninth grade sat proudly high on the totem pole. Many hours of hard work were spent by these students in band, chorus, speech, yearbook, newspaper, Pep Club and foreign language clubs becoming letter-perfect for that special occasion ahead for each. Other activities were offered that would appeal to every grade and personality, completing the pattern of Central's image. 'Nix Teachers and students join together to boost football boys' spirit on "Spirit Day" for the game against Hefner. The Boys' Chorus spcnds many tedious hours rehearsing for the November Thanksgiving Song Fest. T720 . . ng, .4 M11 Nw , yi? 51593 mg !Lo J x '-KQQOOT' X9 Mlfff QT S .tx Mr. Kenneth O'Hagan, the new vice-principal, received his BA in mathematics and his masters in teaching at Cen- tral State. Before he became vice-principal, he taught two years at Hefner, one year at Casady, and two years at Jones High School. He and his wife, Linda, have a 15-month-old boy Jeffrey. Mr. Lendal Stevens, the new principal of Central, re- ceived his bachelors and masters degrees in education at Central State College, Edmond. Before he was named principal, he was vice-principal for two years and taught physical education. His wife Ger- aldine, and he have a two-year-old boy, Bradley Paul Students, Teachers Leo C. Mayfield, superintendent for the past five years has been with Putnam City for 25 years. Graduating from Northwestern State College, he did graduate work at the University of Southern California. I-le received his Masters in administration from O.U. A member of the American Legion, he is also a deacon of Putnam City Christian Church, is active in High School Activities Association, and was named to 'gWho's Who in the Southwest in 1966? 9 Rearranging schedules for seventh grade is counselor, Mrs. Webb. Challenged to Excel by Top L Coping with problems of ninth grade students is counselor, Mr. Witt. Checking students in and out daily is Mrs. Compiling morning anno Moore. Haslett. 'ig Looking over student enrollment sheets is Mrs. Schantz. Administration Mrs. Phyllis Webb, the new seventh grade counselor, has a degree in home economics from O.S.U. and obtained her masters degree from O.U. in counseling and guidance. She and her husband, Grover, have a one year old boy, David. Mrs. Bea Shantz was the new eighth grade counselor at Central this year. She graduated from O.U. with a masters degree in counseling and guidance. She has two sons that are students at O.U. Mr. Jack Witt, the new ninth grade counselor, gradu- ated from Northeastern State College and obtained his masters degree in student personnel and guidance. He and his wife, Betty, have three children Ronda, 9, Michael, 7, and Jenifer, 5. Assisting were secretaries Mrs. Marge Moore, Mrs. Ei- leen Haslett, and Mrs. Kay Schuchardt. uncements is Mrs. Busy in the counselor's oftice is Mrs. Schuchardt. Q tx English, Home Ec, Business Offer Varied Marguerite Bell Willa Goolsby D01'iS Hallenbwk Waldemalfa Scott 7th Reading, Sp. 7th Reading, Sp, 7th Reading, Sp. 7th Reading, Sp. Pronouns, transitive verbs, predicate nominatives and other terms similiar to these ring in the ears of Central's ' 'E . students all year long. There are books, stories, themes and reports to work on. English teachers all work together to give Central's students a better understanding of grammar V p and literature in the short 36 weeks. - Q ' 4 This year Central's English department joined with the Margaretnwolfe KafhrynEBr2igiil121W rest of the staff to accomplish accreditation with North 7th Readmg' Sp' 7th ng 'S Central, spending many long hours in departmental meetings on top of keeping top class material ready for their students. Filing tests and Student Council materials is Mrs. Pat Harris. Betty Thomas Pat Harris 7th English 7th English Gwen Querry Barbara Wylie 8th Eng., Dev. 8th English Reading M Background for Future I V l 1 l l l 43 N Marjorie Mascpust Paula Plummer 8th English 8th English Busy getting out materials for a day's work is Mrs. Norma Sandlin, English department chairman. Kathryn Whcclcr Norma Sandlin 9th English 9th English ' as ' . 'L' N Q., A ' - L I l X Ruth Davis Julia Doughty 1 9th English 9th Eng., Jour. Offering a helping hand is Mrs. Doughty, yearbook sponsor. f rl. to , Charles Wolfe LYHUGH Ward Susan Brown JUdY BCSSU Business Typing I Home Ec. Home Ec. Nancy Bennett ' 7th-Math Marlieta Boehs 7 th-Math Vi-fm., "ua, 'QD' Qin ve 4' Bin Bratten Anne Elmore James Wheelbarger 7th-Math 'Hgh' and Sth-Math 8th-Math V n .,1f 1' n"' fn ,X , Math Stimulates Students' Intelligence , l ll' ill 'ln' l , ' e t ni ' A if , 0 After school hours are sometimes neces- sary, according to Mr. John Mitchell, for math papers must be graded. The scrambling of students for their seats in class . . . the groaning as a test is announced . . . the inevitable, "but I don't understand" . . . the math teach- er daily faces many problems. Although aided by new books, overhead projec- tors, and the latest in teaching tech- niques, teachers still must deal with laziness, forgotten homework, and the like. He or she must be patient, under- standing and be able to keep their cool to work against such odds. Granted, math is not the easiest subject to teach or learn, but the ll members of the math department try diligently to ex- plain and simplify the elusive equation or concept. John Coppock John Mitchell 8th-Math Elaine Wells 9th-Algebra 8th-Math ge. 'po .al-k.,' ai 'I Cleota Crawford 9th-Algebra 1 William Morrison 9th-Algebra .- mfg? A - Math easy? "Never," says Carolyn Smith as Mrs. Nancy Bennett helps her with an extra-hard problem. f . f ' uviltx -4, In Trying to explain thc process ol' voting is Mrs. Jo Ann Couch. Il I' li... News Highlighted in History -.1 p ikq-J' zfrfiar. i- Q Harry Lamb Lucy Petltt I Margaret Maloney 7th-Social Studies 7th-Social Studies 7th-Social Studies Geography, a subject required for 7th grad- ers, is taught by Mr. Harry Lamb. " A sea of changing faces, never look- ing quite the same from day to day- ' sometimes bored with details and facts, ' sometimes excited with battles or I E.. .', KF'9Y" 1, Y IN wars. The history teacher knows the moods well. Yet he or she must face them, accept them, and perhaps even try to change them, for the history les- son must go on. The seemingly endless dates, presidents, and events which must be taught provide a fascinating challenge for the teachers, who try to present them in a new and interesting way. Help, in the form of new text- books, came to aid their efforts. is Johnny Rayburn Olivette Burt 7th, 9th-History,Coach 8th-History i Ralph Johnson Nila Gibbs 8th-History 9th-History Jack Hulsey 8th-History, Coach Alton Ewer 9th-History,A.V. Jo Ann Couch 8th-History 'Uh Damon Johnson 9th-History .L .4 .gs 'P-3 , Exasperation sometimes culminated a day of continual practice for Mr. David Ray, band director. In this progressing world new science discoveries are be- ing made every day. At this rapid pace, science teachers sometimes find it difficult to keep their students informed on the ever-challenging new science discoveries as well as reviewing them on facts already known. Central's science department, however, is well equipped in both the bio- logical and physics fields to compel students to their high- est potential in classroom work. Lab experiments and films also helped teachers get their points across. This was Mrs. Judy Scotfs first year as head of the science department. Developing musical talents and keeping Central swing- ing was the job ofthe Music department this year. The band, directed by Mr. David Ray, gave concerts and at- tended contests. The chorus, lead by Mrs. Ruby Dunn, gave a Thanksgiving Song Fest and a Christmas program among other things. Brenda Burton 9th-Science Judy Scott , 9th-Biology ' Andrea Mace 4 9th-Science 1 'T F L N 14 .Q ,- me . t i r . 'T' " 5 N 455' A 5 'tss .e 9 Speech Draw on Students Special Talents 185 ,TN .Ziff .ev .f Marjorie Bleaklcy Art ,.:- 1 f-X 1' , ,vw ui 'A L13 ,f F ff- ', Frances Crumm Ann Sherry Lois Miller Elaine Mayes 9th-Science French Latin 8th-Spanish, English x 1 f 3 , f . v' 1 if Si 1 r 4. ii' " ,r Er .ffm llftd-3" mx lf X V1 Q X x ' in Margaret Andrews Betty Warren Patricia Allen Carolyn Gravitt Special Education Library Science Speech 7th-9th, Speech If- Drilling class on verb conjugations is Mrs. m.3v,3 Ann Sherry, French teacher. -1, X. 1- -., . , Nagy, ,. ' , I zz I '5Qllx'23 I i Fi! 'fre V 197 8 E4 j 3 Habla usted espanol?. . . Parlez-vous ,L ,nw .,.. I francais'?. . . Dicitsne Latinum?. . . E 4 Were you studying a foreign language 3 E 1 j this year? If you were or knew someone ' .:-f- , 5.1 l gig who did, you know the problems of .fgqrgl i ' conjugating an irregular verb, getting eN'f"t" iv-'Y l f that hard-to-spell word down just right, ",,,f.I, or just plain struggling to get your pro- nunciation letter-perfect. Helping the students to get a better ' fm' understanding of the countries from ggi ,, which the languages originated and are . QA r . l Q ,. - -f ':-L2'4 ' ::.,.- -tr -.-. ... ya 5. 3. x. ,ii spoken, the language itself, and how to speak and write it, were films, tapes of the students, voices, and modern up- to-date books. Heading the Language department was Mrs. Frances Crumm. Another division of the department of communitions is speech. The speech students gained experience in acting, debating, and competing in contests. Recording ticket sales is Miss Carolyn Gra- vitt, speech teacher. 19 Physical Abilities Illustrated by All Patti West James Gilmore Tresa Hall 101111 MHECIS Girls P.E. Boys P.E. GIIIS P-Ea Boys P-E. QV-fr Joe Farmer James Nelson Festus Smith 101111 -'fIl101d Shop Industrial Arts IHdUSfri2l Arts C0aCl1'1' 00532111 Woodwork, leathercraft, metal work and practical experience with machines were in store for shop stu- dents. Mr. Farmer headed this depart- ment. YQ W Af" w. A new subject for both boys and girls was offered in the department for the first time this year, Mechanical Drawing was taught by Mr. Smith and Mr. Nelson. Jumping jacks and sit-ups, personal hygiene, and outdoor sports are a part of physical education, a required sub- ject for all seventh grade students. ln- troduction to exercises and body de- mands are emphasized. Individual sports and team work are stressed with hopes that the students will develop enough interest to continue on their own. ' Coaching the Central Wildcat foot- ball team to a winning season was Mr. John Arnold. Mr. Arnold came here sixth hour to coach football. When he was not at Central he taught a gym class at Coronado Heights Elementary School. Working behind the school clean-up scenes were Mr. Ayers, Mr. Howard, Mr. Rice, Mr. Lake, Mr. O'Riley, Mr. Chapelle, Mr. How- ell, and Mr. Conely, Central'sjanito1's. OWWWWM Student Council Promotes School Projects Two Council members round up gifts after money was collected for toys for the needy. Discussing Student Council policies before Mrs. Pat Harris, second from left, stepped down at mid-term are sponsors Mrs. Paula Plummer, Mrs. Harris, Miss Elaine Wells, and Mrs. Lucy Petitt. Counting cans after the drive are Tim Gro- gan, presidentg Sharon Sheriff, vice-presi- An active Student Council led the school through a successful can drive, candy sale and garage sale this year. Officers and representatives from each homeroom collected more than 2,000 cans for needy families at Christmas time, and homerooms brought gifts for children in Enid. Striving to pay for the new curtains in Central's auditorium, the Council held a garage sale in November and installed a pay phone by the school. A sea of red and white yelling chants . . .a constant reminder that "our teamisn the best . . . unlimited enthusiasm . . .and well contained dissapointment . . . Central's Pep Club and cheerleaders boosted the entire school in spirit. History was made when the club sponsored the first dance at CJH in conjunction with the locat PTA, and Sondra Norton joined those formerly honored with the title "All Sports Queen." Sponsors included Mrs. West, Miss Hall, and Mrs. Ward. dentg Susan Suttle, secretaryg Darcy Dancer, treasurerg and Marsha Banther, reporter. 5 - Fi Ili-Q' 0 o E Pep Club Improves Spzrzt Y, T if -' ' j, . l l s f l 1 i l l , 4 1. ' 1 1 1 x, sf 'Pr AJ 4 sf-4. Officers of the Pep Club for 68-69 are Jill Mock, 9th grade rep.g Sondra Norton, presidentg Lorrie Hutton, reporter, Debbie Dixon, sccretaryg Libby Allred, 8th grade rep.g .loan Denny, vice-president, Kim Alviola, sgt. at armsg Mona Goodowitz, treasurer. Required games and cold nights bring out the blankets and ear muffs for Pep Club members. 1 I Decorating-Standard committee of the Pep Club from top to bottom are .loni Drake, Leslie Hall, Kathy Allred, Vicki Patterson, Margo Miller, Tricia Barnes, Amy Bridges and Debbie Knez. - l:l"'ll G. 1hL....a.... Catching up on last-minu te gossip before the game begins are Susie Morgan, and Cheryl Kirkpatrick. 23 4 E -L"' -gin Robes for the Honor Society. are inspected by officers Chuck Diane Holloway, treasurerg and Leslie Wylie, vice-president. Schem, presidentg Margy McGuire, reporterg Lorne Witt, secretaryg New robes are tried out for the first time at a December Honor Society meeting. Scheduling times for the ninth and eighth grade plays are sponsors Mrs. Allen and Miss Gravitt. New to the National Junior Honor Society this year were a new charter and six new robes to be used by offi- cers for meetings and initiation of prospective members, Meetings were held every second Wednesday of each month. Sponsors were Mrs. O. Burt and Miss M. Wolfe. Dramas, debates, and speeches kept Central's speech students up-to-date on whatis happening in the world. Ninth grade speech class presented "State Fair" for the school and the public and competed in speech tournaments. With the eighth grade also preparing plays, the seventh grade classes made their own puppet shows by writing original plays. New faces are created for "State Fair" cast members by 9th grade speech students with some help from P.C.H.S. students, fpg y 5 , 4 P l i l ..g " ,,,,.mf--"M" ' 3-' '1 .,:?' 'H was is we-R 'GTD --1 V " .. L Enjoying the breakfast they prepared is the cooking class spon- spred by Mrs. Bcsctt. 5 rv J s I 5 ' . I vs iz jxxg-z.., A . Teaching Pam Venturella and Laura Grant the proper way to put in a hem is Mrs. Brown, sewing sponsor. Four Key Organizations Require Top Grades 1...- r'l J' is -:-- .-N11 . -Q4-xi Discussing the bake sale are Home Ec Club officers. Getting a closer look at a disectcd frog are Science Club Officers. Special Christmas projects highlighted '68-'69 for the 90-member Home Economics Club. Spearheaded by Presi- dent Tricia DeGuisti, the club sponsored a four-day cookie sale. Proceeds were used to buy gifts for junior high girls of the Baptist Children's Home and for a party for the children at the home. Also on the calendar was a modeling show for all club members, giving them an opportunity to model dresses they had made inclass. Making up the 468-'69 Science Club were 9th grade Students with a 90 or above average. The club's activities included field trips, different speakers from the field of science, and the learning of disecting techniques. The Science Club was sponsored by Mrs. Mace and Mrs. Bur- ton. Science Club Officers were Sherryl Roush, Presidentg Pat Perry, Vice-President Leslie Wylie, secretary-treasurerg Bill Norvell, sergeant at armsg and Billy Hawk, reporter. Disecting techinques are demonstrated by Mrs. Mace, sponsor. WWW M 25 ' Honor Band members were L. Barrow, K. Knowles, S. Hunt, C. Crist, T. Farrow, R. Ray, J. Palmer, S. Roush, M. Craig, L. Wylie, Second Row: D. Madoux, T. Roether, B. Lawner, M. Daniels, W. Russell, W. Longhorn, R. Ratzlaff, E. Peterson, J. Hess, G. Shaff- ner G Smith D II leston D Crowder R Barsel R Tin ler G. s ' 1 ' 'gg s - 'I 9 ' ' 1 ' g 1 Herrington, A. Shryoch, E. Wonderly. Third Row: W. Griffith, J. Boneburger, G. Mathena, D. Johnsen, M. Mitchell, T. Grogan, M. Heirich, J. Tomberlin, S. Rose, T. Bommer, K. Gallop, R. McKee, S. Sorenson, D. Ayers, D. Hampton, M. Fleming, J. Gregory, B. Robertson. Fourth Row: G. Smith, D. Kuen, D. Roll, L. Coslett, M. Brown, M. Montgomery, D. Nethery, D. Wells, B. Piper, C. Dan- ner, V. Patterson, D. Craig, V. Scheulen, Mr. Ray, sponsor. Band Per orms at Games, Enters Contests . . Wood wind members were B. Craig, D. ll ' 'll Duran, M. Cordum, Pischel, M. Dooley, B. Higgins, G. Apitz, R. Rasp, W. Brown, D. Price. Second Row: S. Armstrong, C. Roush, T. Heath, S. Spicer, N. Neal, M. Bar- row, S. Croston, J. Gianopoulos, R. Carson, N. Fulton, P. Wolfe, M. Clay, S. Clemmons, E. Gordon, K. Denny, P. Yelvington, S. Davis, S. Walzer, L. Burket, S. Hapke, D. Storm. Third Row: D. Anderson, R. Hall, T. Hall, T. McCarthy, D. Wise, M. Minter, H. Claws, D. Gile, R. Hensly, C. Fife, D. Jen- nings, Mr. Ray, N. Hawkinson, D. Simmons, J. Elliot, J. Crist, J. Reid, G. Miller, R. Crane, T. Woolery, K. Heror. V , ,,r ir rl ,Q 'I ,' 3 7 aw' .rr 1 f , ,1 r fg,yW,'t r ' N I r ' t 'N Seventh grade band included S. Bethel, L Hawkins, M. Hill, R. Frye, K. McNeely, B. Davenport, D. Merriman, T. Presley, D. Barnes, J. Jones. Second Row: R. Altezer, D. Miller, S. Kollmorger, M. Ingram, V. Mc- Far, D. Hanes, L. Heidefereht, W. Slaughter S. Nichols, M. Harris, B. Coslett, T. Platt, S. Jones, R. Cantrell, W. Rheinzo, G. Taylor, L. Ford, K. Wilson, S. Spivan, V. Melton, T. Mitchell. Third Row: H. Graham K. McGee, D. Brown, R. Bixler, J. Farrow, J. Ziebel, D. Snow, K. Dye, A. Hicks, M. Arner, Mr. Ray, M. Arner, S. Stair, D. Pate, J. Lister, R. Koch, D. Wellner, T. LeNaire, B. Bailey, C. Carr, M. Hart, R. Parker. 9 a f Enthusiasm and hard work marked this yeuris band students as they per- formed m concerts and sports events. Under the direction of Mr. David Ray, the band set its purposes at creating school spirit, enriching musical abil- ities. Chosen by auditions, members were divided into Honor Band, Ad- vanced Band and l 10-seat seventh grade band. Band socks it to 'em!! Students making up the Advanced Band were M. Reed, L. Myers, Griffin, C. Bart, J. Melton, K. Wells, M. McQuery, B. McClleand, R. Wade K. Bell, D. Craig, D. Beavers, S. Ellis, R. Bowen, J. B. Putehett, Third Row: Mr. Ray, C. Mayfield, T. Ferry, C. Bacon, B. Crezon. Second Row: M. Rose, D. lfry, M. Magill, T. Lowery, J. Kuykendale, M. Atwood, S. Ransey, R. Pittman, B. Long, K. Langford, P. Pursur, B. Nygteen, M. Gion, S. Guion, M. Thrash, M. Van Gundy, B. Elrod, R. McKee, C. Sanders. Working up a routine for the game are "Practice, practice and more practice" is the they are drilled C3611 day fOr HPPCHIHHCCS Vicki Scheulenf Duma Craig, and Vlckl motto of the 7th grade woodwind class as and C0l1lZCStS- Patterson- 'v idi:?'s-7 T if ' I ri, j' 'Q 357: .1 . . N '1 Biff We X gf' ,'f l it W' 'Yr W. .b, ,D 7 X-.. my A A Members of the Glee Club were Mrs. Dunn, R. Meharg, J. Brown J Tumble T Lazzcllc L Whltaker P Jones Thrro Row J C. Barnes, R. McCorke1, R. Vickers, M. Castro, K. Green, T. Verteh P Coffey M Smnth M Shlrley I' Kerr C Hardm D Manuel, L. Bouse, D. Crockett. Second Row: S. Miller, K. Smith Trdmorc F Llwson D Banks C Russell D Butcher L Callo L. Weathers, S. Neel, G. Pritchett, R. Mason, P. Ross, P. Tanner way and B Payne Chorus Gives Per ormances or Students, Members of the Girls Choir were: S. Long, P. Powell, C. Welsh Cook, P. Marrs, C. Black, M. Lusk, C. Miller, M. Scott, and L. Bowen. Second Row: J. Blackstock, J. Waymon, D. Clayton, C Norsworthy, K Ochsner, L. Jones, D. Taylor, S. Noakes, C. Jac iq G Members of the Boy's Chorus were Ctop rowl D. Bernard, C V Bridges G Bloomer H Crockett S Blanchard P Corvm S Calloway, B. Hicks, J. Powell, T. Hogan, C. Howerton, R. Moore Tucker Not shown R Freeman K Hurst M Atwell M Colvm Cmiddle rowj T. Lewis, S. Hyden, D. Carlton, R. Brown, D. Col and M KlIlCdlCl well, R, Ykema, C. Berry. Cbottom rowj Mrs. Dunn, R. Hughes ,, 1 flii-R Checking out files were Library Club members Kristie Johnson, and Alice Gorena. Angela Jones, Cindy Caldwell, Cheryl Pitts, Library Club members browse through the book stacks before meeting is called to order. Library Adds Up Book F ines, AV Shows Films Long hours of practice were in store year as they prepared for Tri-State, the Bethany contest and the Thanksgiving and Spring Festivals. Other activities included fund-raising and Shepherd Mall, and Sangato Melseys. they attended a Hefner Festival for freshman boys and girls. The sponsor was Mrs. Dunn. Filing cards, stamping books and checking fines were for Chorus this Library Club had a Christmas party, sponsored an art show, and made book marks for books that have been checked out. Sponsor was Mrs. Warren. The announcement is made! 4'Eighth grade Science classes report to the balcony for films." Students and teachers depend on the group of 14 boys and two girls that make up the AV department to supply and run those learning films. projects, P.T.A. In February all a part of a library aides work. Members of the Members of the Audio Visual Club were Mr. Ewer, sponsorg Mark llanstein, reportcrg Val Mendez, vice-presidentg Jolm Spurlock, pres- identg Paula Strickland, secretary-treasurer. Second row: Brent Pifer, Cody Crabtree, Adjusting one of the A. V. projectors are Dan Lorett and sponsor Mr. Ewer. John Whitsett, Dan Lorett, Jeff Barrett, and Leslie Bowen. Third Row: Jim Boggs, Andy Russell, John Tompkins, Eddie McClain, Larry Brewer, Steve Snead, and Bob Hol- brook. '1 'd 1-"'sJ ' H .r Decorating the Spanish room for Open House are Debbie Atkinson and Cindy Fergrson. t e YW Ils it Locating Madrid were Pat Perry, president Margy McGuire secretary Brenda Dether Susie Smith and Jan Willis, songleadersg age treasurer Kent Pinson vice president punish, French, Latin Learn About Skills, Many activities highlighted the year for the French Club. Among them were Le Beaux Bebe contest, which means The Cutest Baby contest. Win- ners of this contest were Debbie Mc- Caw and Barry Bryan. Another pro- ject, a banquet at O.C.M., was attended by the French Club. In class French students study the language, maps, customs, and sing songs. Elected as officers this year were Joni Drake, presidentg Robyn Ward, vice-presidentg Robert Adams, secretaryg Connie Smith, treasurerg and Randy Breshears, Sgt. at arms. Sponsoring the group was Mrs. Ann Sherry. Drawing up plans for French Club's activi- ties were Connie Smith, treasurerg Randy Breshears, sgt. at armsg Joni Drake, presi- French Club hosted 30 students at its an nual party held at O.C.U. Seated at the Frst table are the French Club Officers. Beaux Bebe contest resulted in two winners, Debbie McCaw and Barry Bryan. dentg Robyn Ward, vice-presidentg and Rob- ert Adams, secretary. g il af -s, .---. 1 ,. . ,Y ..,,...,..,... ,. ,.........-- - 1' Officers of the Latin Club hold a special meeting to make plans for the year. . ai Speaking Spanish, learning customs and discovering new ideas fills Spanish Club's meetings this year. The club was limited to ninth graders enrolled in advanced Spanish class only. The sponsor was Mrs. Crumm. Thirty-three Latin Club members gathered at May Avenue Bank in Roman costumes for their annual ban- quet. First class officers were Ron Stand- adage, Marsha Hughart, David Morton, Clifford Mayfield, and Chuck Schem. Second hour officers were Duke Webb Vicki Scheulen, Cheryl Womack, David Nix and Melinda McAuliffe. Customs, Cultures, Language F' r1.,,., .. .- t F!! ,ex . 'eff it if ' fs 1 1 ' - .- Q ' 7 x at t , U J K '- fl! I ri 'W - Officers of the two Latin classes are David Row: Duke Webb, presidentg Ron Stand- :J Q L . Morton, secretary-treasurerg Clifford May- age, presidentg Chuck Schem, reporterg - field, sergeant at arms: Bob Miller, sergeant Vickie Scheulan, vice-presidentg and 3, --'K , ,- at armsg Cheryl Womack, sceretary-trea- Marsha Hughart, vice-president. -' 2, -- 'ia surerg Melinda McAuliffe, reporter. Back . X S' 85' fimfewb s Xu 'P Always there if help is needed in Spanish is club sponsor Mrs. Crumm. Togas and sandals brightened up the Latin Club banquet. I -gnc. Journalism and Yearbook students combine their ideas on a critical piece of sports copy. Hard Work, Long Hours Keep ,I . N , ' P '- . ex " . ' , f , - . -' - 'I I 4 V V . . , .l 'xx I M if - xx x - vj 'YK . ,, , qw fb-gt'..l X I :ff ' 'I l 1 '7fE'..',f'N.. .5 V l ezL,--L1- N. j ' 4 me ,ga-4' -. as 1 Brainstorms . . . downfalls . . . dead- lines . . . triumphs . . . all make up the life ofa journalism student. Journalism Club consists of 40 members, all of which have to be en- rolled in either Newspaper or Year- book Staff. Among all the other duties the jour- nalism Club has, members also spon- sored a Christmas decorating contest, a booth at the carnival and the Spirit Royalty contest. l-Iighlights ofthe 1968-69 included a yearbook sign-in, a pin each member received, and a special award given to the most outstanding student in News- paper and in Yearbook. Sponsor was Mrs. Doughty. Students Busy .P-...f A - - .V K Y 6 i -1 Newspaper students talk over future plans for the "Wi1dcatTale." I .613 -.1 , 'i e '2 f in ig. . 5 VH- Q . 3 ' l nj I ' l ' . fl 'li V' V '- Y Mui.. ' nn: - Smiling after everything is done are Lorrie Hutton, yearbook, and Vicki Scheulen, newspaper. , 1 ,,.: I 'F 'E J. ' net. Yearbook students Claudia Roebuck, Ellan Wright and Debbie Ramsey crop pictures for the Organization section of the year- book, Newspaper students Linda Bickerstaff, Vickie Scheulen, and Robyn Weatherly sell Miss Wells the latest issue of the "Wildcat Tale." 7i0Wff'l l J -1 J 0 Y lv-37 . DUKE WEBB SONDRA NORTON All Sports ueen, King Chosen for 1 969 Crowning of the 1969 All Sports royalty climaxed the the Journalism Club, Student Council, Science Club, and Edmond-Central basketball game. A capacity crowd Honor Society. jammed the stands to see Duke Webb crown Sondra Nor- Sewing as captain of fhe football team, Webb was pres- ton during the half. ident of the Latin Club and a member of Honor Society. Miss Norton, president of the Pep Club, was active in Attendants VIKKI PA TTERSON JOE LINDER 'Nu- tar' CHER YL WOMA CK RON STANDAGE fs B TRICIA BARNES LARRY SHERER new Q4 .4 4-""""'-F 1- Nm K wwf"-J ...L rw GC 44. gi -'align-ahah Q ,Q 4 t NEILL DUBBERSTEIN CONNIE HATKY Spirit Royalty Winners Recognized by Classmates Spirit Royalty winners for 1969 were chosen by an all-student vote on the basis of their friendliness, ability in school work, participation in school clubs and activities, and their loyalty to the school. First, second and third place winners were chosen from all three grades by secret ballot. The result ofthe voting saw Neill Dubberstein and Connie Hatley taking first place for the ninth grade, Greg Fielder and Pam Marrs for the eighth grade, and Jack Schuman and Judy Womack representing the seventh grade. 'M 1 'g1pm sasnnzmfsa liiiv lH1l'HQ hairs: u.rxr-:nerr linux-- lumix -1 :lim ami:-rzaff ls 19111 t-Ill? Ml tee Jfil I! K8 :ans :C Y 1 WFS mit:-. ai Kiki!! Iii-1l.?n.'5e 311' FF 'I' 5135 - VEBT 1 ITU!! ET!!! 515 -NF' - 45:65 FMU nliill 'Wd 'JU 1353+ H314 Ik. ' ra.-,ine ' P KEEP in "if n nl if li" Eighth Grade PAM MARRS GREG FIELDER Seventh Grade JACK SCHUMAN JUDY WOMACK Students Chose Second, Third Place Winners Chosen to represent the ninth grade in the '69 Spirit Royalty Contest were Tony Brantly and Daryl Anderson, second place, and Robert Adams and Jacque Barker, third place. Eighth grade students chosen to represent their grade were Sam Lisle and Margo Miller, second place win- ners, and Leonard Lippert and Bar- bara Card, third place winners. Representing the seventh grade in the contest were Randy Fisher and Sandy Spaan, second place, and Donny Anderson and Donna Price, third place. Spam :fl ,Qs ,mi .A -- ,, ,, .r 2 ., 'I ., - I ' " r . , 1 ,,-N ,N in if, LI., A J., V 2 -1, ' 7 T 2 "" 1. i' .4 1 " t 5 V u'f,.,, I, ,gh 1 ' Q gr-"lt-s .' 1 l V. . - ' U 1 L' 5716: ' B t fuvl .V n ' lj. Y ' -2' . x..'..a.. - . .4 -.J - .- f 1, fr' ': , . X M . i g -r. 3 f . i H 3 . x. - L rl :V .4 r 4 i at wx 4 ,mf Wildcats kicked off the rival Western Oaks game with high spirits but with the only score Coaching his first year at Central, Coach made by Danny Shelton, the game ended in a disappointing tie of 8, 8. John Arnold stressed discipline as a main factor in having a good football team. Wildcats Dethrone Vikings for First Position , lit. I , ,- ' Members of the 9th grade football team included Neill Dubber- John Cary, Pat Doughty. Third Row: Mike Ross, Paul Nelson, stein, Duke Webb, Mark Kennedy, Larry Weaver, Ron Standage, Tony Brantley, Larry Sherer, Carl Mears, Bob Colbert, Greg Grey, Frank Williams, Bill Norvell, Kenny McDonald, Robby Carter, David Morton, Walt Griffith, Terry Griffith. Fourth Row: Steve Larry Burns, David Weirsig, Kent Waugh. Second Row: Steve Kopp, Danny Hutton, Mike Davis, Jerry Frazier, Terry Clark, Albrecht, Jim Schuman, Mickey Vernon, Danny Shelton, J oc Lin- Bill Clemmons, Steve Walter. der, Alan Parker, Gary Peters, Robert Adams, Ricky Pendleton, ali. Forming the ninth-grade offensive line were Paul Nelson, Mark Kennedy Larry Weaver Alan Parker Jim Schuman Gary Peters Mickey Vernon Backfield: Duke Webb, Ron Standage, Joe Linder, Frank Williams T T. ' Defending Wildcat's territory against opposing teams were defensive llnemen Ron Standage Mark Kennedy Gary Peters Joe Linder Danny Hutton, Frank Williams, Larry Weaver, Larry Sherer. Backfield: Dan Shelton Duke Webb Alan Parker Signals are given . . . A quiet prayer . . . The snap of the ball . . . Victorious cheers . . . all describe the Wildcat season for '68, To boost the spirit of the Wildcats was the record 5-1-3 which earned them conference title. Spirit Day, October 15, proved to be victorious with the rival win over the Hefner Vikings to break the Vi- kings three-year winning streak. The Wildcats have been defeated only once in the past two football seasons. Their only loss was against Moore in ,68, the score 12-6. Central had three ties, one with Kerr, 14-14, Western Oaks, 8-8, and Shawnee, 18-18. Triumphing over Edmond Bulldogs, 23-6, the Wildcats sewed up the conference trophy. ln one of the first pep assemblies Coach John Arnold stated, "One of our outstanding players is Duke Webb, quarter-back." Webb threw 10 complete passes for touchdowns and scrambled to the goal for 14 points. Covering the most ground for yardage gain was Joe Linder, and with one less yard, Frank Williams. Linder also surpassed records for top scoring, totaling 32 points. Central scored 129 points allowing only 74 to be scored against them. -r I ' l don, D. McKinney, R. Sanders. Third Row: G. Corelius, D. Cram- er, M. Stroud, .l. Day, S. Lisle, D. Shelton, D. Tucker, M. Peters, A. Nelson. Fourth Row: B. Clark, B. Barber, T. Furrh, G. Whitten, J. Harden, M. McCoin, R. Duncan, J. McKinney. Team Battles Hex As Excitement . . . thrills . . . yells in the hall . . . running for one more touchdown . . . all indicate how the eighth grade team members reacted to their first year of football. The first of the two seasonal wins was against Western Oaks. Wildcats rushed in during the third and fourth quarters to lead the school to victory with a final score of Central 12, Western Oaks 6. Central's crowd went wild as the Wildcats held back the undefeated Hefner Vikings in October. During the first quarter, the Wildcats rushed in for a touchdown, and to Hefneris dismay, the final score was 6-0. Kerr game's four quarters ended in the season tie. Everyone was waiting and cheering for the next period play. A tied score of 6-6 ended the 'October game. if Halfback Randel Sanders breaks through Monroney s defense for Taking time out for discussion of plays are eighth grade captains ground yardage Randcl Sanders and Doyle McKinney. Central's eighth grade team members Alan Melson, Jay Rasp and Dana Cramer grab some last minute practice before the Edmond game. Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Ninth Grade Scores ....l4-6.... ....6-12.... ....l4-6.... ...6-O .... ...8-6 .... ....34-12.... ....8-8.... ....l8-18.... ....23-6.... Eighth ...6-6.. .....2-6.. .....12-6.. ...O-6.. ...6-O... ...O-6... ...0-8... Eighth Graders Enjoy Successful First Year Kerr Moore Monroney Enid Hefner Jarman Western Oaks Shawnee Edmond Kerr Jarman Western Oaks Edmond Hefner Moore Monroney Gaining yardage, eighth grade Wildcats rush for a first down at the Edmond game. Central runs for the opening kick-off at the Monroney game. Playing for the Wildcats 9th team were-Front Row: J. McGuire, Cursner, M. lfennedy, D. Svejkovsky, lf. Williams, P. Nelson, D. N. Dubberstein, L. Sherer, R. Standage, R. Breshears, R. lJend- Webb, R. Raider, S. Albrech, manager. leton. Back Row: Coach Rayborn, M, Vernon, L. Maclntire, D. Roundballers Dribble Down Court to Success 5 I 1. l l Duke Webb, high point man of Kerr game, shows skill at shot helping to win the game. ,.'.iE"fLQ a free Team runs in . . . Crowds cheer . . . Centers jump . . . Clock counts off the seconds and . . . Excitement begins . Central started its season off good by winning their first game with Edmond, 36 to 34. Bringing in new techniques which raised hopes for the future was coach John Rayburn. First string players were Roger Raider, Paul Nelson, Larry Sherer, Ron Standage and Duke Webb. After beating Monroney, the Wildcats were set up for first position in conference. Sports Queen Coronation was made more exciting by a victory over thc Edmond Bullpups. Coach .lohn Rayburn, coach of ninth-grade basketball team, em phasizes a play during practice. 'GL- With eyes and ears open, ninth grade basketball team watches sig- Starting second half, Terry Furrh tips ball into the capable hands nals and listens to instructions. of Sam Lisle, n---- - Beginning the season very well, the Central Wildcats had hopes of taking conference. Although this dream didn't become reality, the team had a fine season. Starting off with wins set good competition for other teams. The Wildcats then had bad luckg with Ron Standage's move and other illnesses and injuries on the first team, Central lost its first-rank rating. These losses seemed to make school spirit decrease. But the school snapped back, and Central finished the season well with a 8-7 record. Central went on to take a consolation trophy. Five-man team captains Ron Standage and Larry Sherer take time- out in important practice. Making the eighth grade a success were: M. Stroud, R. Anderson, Day, R. Radar. Third Row: A. Lockridge, J. Hardin, G. Cornelius, T. Furrh, S. Lisle, J. Schuman, J. Williams, R. Rolen. Second Row: M. Peters, T. Haws, R. Barber, manager, B. Clark, and Coach Hul- G. Sanders, P. Crazer, G. Mercer, D. Tucker, J. Furrh, J. Day, J. Sey- Cagers Take Third At Oaks Tournament Starting off the Western Oaks tournament with the Northwest Classen win, Wildcat fans were excited about the next game. This game, though a disappointing loss, gave us the right to play Western Oaks, beating them 48- 46, and awarding us the third place trophy. Tipping in another two points against Northwest Classen is center Roger Radar. :UV s , .. ywxgjwnz- , 35.11 .. r.i FFR nl' ,. A , ,tw 'ii' U Q il , ftp, bass Irs f JW N- ?L ' W1 1 in . p 'ion X' ' Aiflllla-ig, - A! Y I R 5 .4 digit! HEFJ Matmen Chalk Up Exciting, Strenuous Season Wrestling this year for Central were "A" string members, lfirst Row: Bryan Lowder, Randy Fisher, Rick Murphy, Dana Cramer, Kenny McDonald, Leonard Lippert. Second Beginning the season with a slow start, the Central Wildcat wrestling team improved to make a victorious year. With his first year at Central, Coach John Magers divided his time teaching seventh grade Physical Ed- ucation and coaching wrestling. Just practicing and drilling is not all the wrestlers had to worry about. They had to keep a certain weight and had to watch every bite they ate. Elected by their teammates to serve as captains were Gary Peters and Joey Brantley. Row: Randel Sanders, Kim Duke, Joey Receiving two points for his reverse hold, Brantley, Carl Mears, Gary Peters and Danny is wrestler Gary Peters at the Hefner Hutton. match during the beginning of the season. lg V . 'gi , Ny " 'Q qi.. T' Tensely watching and adding support to matman Kim Duke during his duel with Hefner is Coach John Magers, Putting up a good fight with a Hoover matman, and finally forfeting, is "A" string wrestler Gary Peters. Struggling to pin his man is one of Magers "A String" matmen, It's a victorious moment for wrestler Randal Sanders as he pins Randal Sanders, at the Central vs. Eisenhower match. his man from Kerr in less than a minute. Wrestlers Keep Fit for Upcoming Matches Starting the season was the following line-up: Bryan Lowder, 75 lbs.g Randy Fisher, 82 lbs., Rick Murphy, 89 lbs., Dana Cramer, 95 lbs.g Kenny McDonald, 101 lbs., Bob Colbert, 108 lbs., Randal Sanders, 115 lbs.g Kim Duke, 124 lbs.g Joey Brantley, 132 lbs.g Carl Mears, 140 lbs.g Gary Peters, 148 lbs.g and Danny Hutton, heavy f-. weight. Managing the wrestling team were Kent Heston " and Billy Trash. Wildcats greatest victory margin came 1 with their victory over Oklahoma City Central. The final "' X score was 50-0. High pointmen of the season were Gary Peters and Joey Brantley, who also served as captains. g The only injury of the season was Joey's injured arm. One of their first matches was in the Hefner tournament g in which they placed second. Their only other tourna- I . ment was in February with Edmond. H T-. . l Hefner Vikings look on sadly, but it's an exciting scene for the Wildcats as Wayne Driggers pins his man. i. .. E fl Y : .ati n an LQ , -3 ' li: . " f, 1lL l L., 3 l '11 As referee watches closely for the pin, Dana Cramer fights inten- "To Win is to Hurt" is the motto which kept our twenty-seven sely to win against his opponent from O.K.C. Central. stand-by matmen willing. Gary Peters Named GNU. 19 Wrestler Five-year Putnam City student Gary Peters was awarded "Outstanding Wrestler," the highest honor to be obtained. Peters, a two year wrestler and team captain, had the most impressive record of the '68-'69 season, with 14 wins out of 20 matches feight being fallsj. With the help of his coach John Magers, Gary obtained new skills and determination. Wrestling at 148 lbs., Peters was awarded a silver medal at the Hefner Jr. High Tournament, winning over Wall of Hef- ner, C6-lj, Twitty of Hobart, Q3-25, and dropping his last match to Wright of Monroney, Q0-25, placed second. HEFNER FESTIVAL W. . Fite-W.O. ....... Pin W. . Smith-Eisenhower. . Pin W. .Wall-Hefner ..... pin W. .Ferguson-OKC . . .13-2 W. .Thompson-Duncan . Pin L. . Hunter-Kerr ...,. 2-3 HEFNE W. . Wall-Hefner . .... 6-1 W. . Wrightmlvlonroney . . 0-2 W. . Krehbell-Ardmore. . Pin W. . Wall-Hefner ..... 4-O W. .Campbell-W.O. . L. . Rizek-Hoover . . . . W. . Gilbert- Edmond . L. . Rizek-Hoover . . . . W. . Smith-Eisenhower. . R TOURNEY W. .Twitty-Hobart. . . . fsecond placej W. .Campbell-W.O. . L. . Wright-Monroney STATE CEDMONDD TOURNEY W. . Randall-Carl Albert . Pin L. . Daulke-Hobart . 6-1 0-2 Pin 0-2 6-1 3-2 Pin 4-8 4-5 A new addition to Central's intramural sports activities was seventh, eighth and ninth grade girls' volleyball. Good eyes, quick feet, superb coordination and fast reflexes were essentials for success. Highlighting the year was the seventh grade vs. faculty game. Strenuously keeping the ball moving, faculty toppled the All-Star team with a score of 44-33. In January the three teams traveled to Hefner Jr. High and slaughtered the Vikings in the seventh and ninth grade games. Practice is hard but rewarding for the seventh grade All-Star volleyball team. Faculty Braves All-S tar Volleyball Team Coach ,Iohn Arnold Heads Two Spring Sports Clowning around and trying to look tough on the weight machines are twenty-two members ofthe weightlif ting class. .lt Straining his muscles to their capacity is David Morton, freshman, executing a strenuous bench press. With football over, sports boys not participating in basketball or wrestling took up a new program to Cen- tral, Weightlifting. Coach John Arnold headed this program to help the boys get on the high school varsity team. Running down to Putnam City High School to use the weight machines there almost daily, the boys put on a lot of weight to help them meet the size requirements for the high school team. ll ll' "' ei Showing no muscular strain at all while doing a curl with the weights is Robert Adams. L, i ,i . fr , H K H xg - :'1' 1 Joe Linder smiles though pressing seventy pounds during weight- lifting practice. 5 - 4 , -nn Participating in the last sport of freshman year are: W. Griffith, J. Huddleston, T. Grif- fith, F. Williams, L. Sherer, M. Vernon, T. Brantley, L. Stacey, P. Nelson. Second Row: D. George, J. Linder, D. Webb, A. Parker, J. Frazier, B. Colbert, M. Kennedy, M. Ross. Third Row: G. Caffey, K. Waugh, K. Leo- nard, P. Doughty, S. Walters, D. Morton, M. Montgomery, D. Kersner. Fourth Row: S. Hoge, K. Lawson, D. Gunter, L. Wea- ver, G. Peters, B. Norvell, D. Hutton. Heading the eighth grade track team for 1969 are: G. Spicer, G. Whitten, D. Shelton, J. Hardin, A. Lockridge, R. Radar. Second Row: R. Leftwitch, R. Murphey, A. Melson, G. Fielder, R. Hawes, J. Fields. Third Row: R. Ykema, A. Wooten, D. Nethery, R. Dean, L. McCord, S. Harris. Fourth Row: J. Roun- tree, F. Isenbarger, R. Sanders, J. Gorman. Stop watches are set . . . The gun breaks the silence . . Boys are off. . . The string is broken . . . Track was the final school sport of the 1968-69 school year. Coach was John Arnold. He drilled the boys every day in preparation for the meets. In a meet the available events were all the dashes, jumping hurdles, throwing discus and shot-put, high jumping, broadjumping, pole-vaulting, and 880 relay. Medals were awarded to the first, second, and third place winners. Team trophy was presented to the team with the most points. . Clocking Joe Linder Coach John Arnold. Qi M p 1 'isnt 7 f' - .KN K 'fl . and John Huddleston for meet records is rf- F I 1 ex: - L. - -ai. V fi :Z 1 C+-M . ffl fi i at I A ,V 'JL i ff! is ..f'fi M gg ' ' I s "' if--2 FQ F J ' "' C B ' o h . it Fl Freshmen S:-gg - -- -f-If If -. 'ig i We J .-L, I 49 1 Adams, Robert Aikman, Gary Albrecht, Steve Alt, Carla Altenclorf, Kent Alviola, Kim Anderson, Daryl Apple, David Archer, Eilene Atkinson, Debby Babin, Steve Bacon, .lackie Baker, Lawrence Baker, Sherrill Balkenbush, Joe Banks, Dee Banks, Sibyl Barker, Jacque Barlow, Terri Barnes, Tricia Barrett, Jeff How Great To Be 6GUpperclassmen" at Last ,Fiji 'Y ',.. .-.,..-.1 r-,.-ur ' -- -- Rioting and goofing-off during lunch hours was typical of the fresh- man boys. Chicken fights on the football field . . . A brief, sad mo- 7 ment as Magwitch dies . . . Standing in the halls to let seventh graders know you're tops . . . Freshmen at Central captured the pulse of the '69 school year. Thoughts of the year brought feelings of sadness and joy, sadness at the thought of leaving C.J.H., and joy at the thought of be- coming a sophomore. Memories wander back to the De- cember Pep Club dance, the Beaux Bebes contest, the Christmas caroling party, and the trip to the capitol in the spring. Classes end for the year and bring nostalgic thoughts to freshmen as they slam their lockers one last time. Fried chicken, French fries and Hostess Twinkies substituted tor hummingbird wings at the Latin Club Banquet held in October ' .. 3.. ff ,!,,l'T.f5lIi PA "ff g..,ff-fra ,.,.,---1""f .f- l ' 1 : 1, ' i- sip-' r B 1,94 ,A ,st A Af, 1 f .nl QM in se g t + 7 IW: Ai dlililtdfr 5 X Q at be Barrow, Lisa Bart, Ched Barthal, Barbara Barton, Vicki Bates, Carolyn Beagton, Jon Beaver, Dale Beavers, Darrel Bednar, Gary Benedix, Debbie Benge, Patty Bennett, Susan Bickerstaff, Linda Bircht, Dennis Black, Cindy Black, Jay Blackstock, Jill Blanchard, Fran Boardman, Kay Boggs, Jimmy Bonenburger, Jean Bommer, Trina Bowand, Rita Bracken, Mark Bradshaw, Carolyn Bradway, Bridget Bradway, Howard Brantley, Joey Bran tlc y, To n y Breshears, Randy Briester, Tommy Briggs, Dana Brown, Robin Brown, Rodney Bryan, Barry Bryan, Dana Bryant, Gary Buchanan, Nancy Burt, Billy Burns, Larry Burton, Bill Burton, Bob Butcher, Donna Butler, Vicki Byrd, lilain Caldwell, Jan Calloway, Lena Carey, Jolm Carney, David Carter, Robbie Cassel, Jef i' Castro, Mary Challis, Nita Challis, Wayne Chavis, Delores Clark, Terry Clayton, Donna Clemens, Bill Cobb, Bob Cobb, Mark Coburn, Shcrril Cody, Wade Cochran, Carol Coffey, Gayll ' Coffman, Donald Colbert, Bob Colbert, Dixie Conley, Sherry Copeland, Sheri Cook, Glenda Cooley, Pam Cooper, Valerie i i J A CL U fl V -' V , ll Y.. ' lui? ' 1 M , . . A -. il gxak. 7 A Q 'iv x . , , , X l , 1 ,. :iw 4 , . ."' H Yr - 1 if in Ag' ' H 4, Ax. 533- C - . l v l i v , if X - ii 'Q ' in ii' N -1 2 jg, ' B. k -,, ' f1 Y"I"y ,ef-Lf? 1 H f . f . - A , 4 M3Z.':J?ff,fZ N 'VT - I "'- W-. ,ng r , - ,N 1 a. .a , V - R J , A ' V ' 'I 5' I' 4 , F fs! v ,I x . 'L-at , ' fri gl. 'I' H -- Lv: 1: 7 E ': ' ' it v LM B X 'V - I i 5 - v V K Y . Y - ' J' F if - rx i .i J l .:. ,r . :al 'WW , 2 s 5 1 '. .. J L .' , 'MJ ' -- r L , -5: -3' J r fi' -1 J B i ajft-+ Q . X A Il ,.- ii W J A l ,I A. ,k,- V 2 .s, I A 1 Y Y , f 93. .- , . 4 . AC- : '75 ' W 1 1 3 if - 4: ' ' F I 1: If V V we f Y 1 ' tml A gi 'C - 475. X f Q' Q 1 Mig?-t "' "V S l . " 1 Li Fw xv' 1 , ' ' .lim , - . B C - 1 ,,, C - c...5 'xx ' ,it Ji k A ! x ' I , X719 C Q ii L , , .. i A H V.. tl . 4' - if-:A nj ..z.n. f ' ' , A 'T' K" . V f I lf., 4 ,N ' N' .,,1' i f 1 in Xif i Kx5S7"w1'i!A fi fi Ki 55 Coslette, Lonnie Cotton, Gary Cox, Mike Coyer, Scott Coyne, Tom Crabtree, Cody Craig, Diane Creagger, Bobby Crist, Charles Crow, Dennis Crowder, Don Crowe, Pat Crowe, Raymond Daily, Sue Dancer, Darcy Daniels, Mark Davis, Bryan Davis, Leon Davis, Mike Day, Danny Deatherage, Brenda Debee, Gary Deguisti, Tricia Denny, Jeannie Dexon, Debbie Dixon, Debbie Kaye Dixon, Richard Doll, Sharon Dolney, Debbie Donley, Joyce Lynn Drake, Joni Dreschler, Debbie Doughty, Mark Doughty, Pat Dubberstein, Neill A I ,N V., A ,' Ft - -J -N 1 . J - Q 1 f - VV A! ,lf y l ? 'L' ' if ,4 1 1 . ,S Fi 1 v' 2: affair ' Ei " 6" y J J 'A far V c ' I ' . T- ,, l F .- J 41-A -- " lst I f l lr Q l - -4 ' A if' ,fax '- Q ' ht- -V H443 V was T: I 1 'S 9 W K it us - 4 F' ' - '27, V T , .- A 4 , .fiiisiiii ' ' 'L feiigfl g , ,, fffifffflflnffl fffff- f f . ' -:syn if l 1 ' ,J 1 4 4 , cg 1' . F N., , 0' L' 1 -4 C ,J -ff Q.: : i , qv gy i 'f -T., V Km gl . 2' 3.49. 'si fi - . , JJ," NL ' ff 1 'J M 5 1 .. . 'f f , fr, 'Y , 1' X F Fi 2 - ' I, ., -- x- v ' V -5- W QI, V J J ef -1-rf 4,4 F- J J f I Q ' .. il ' 'X ,I ' 'V g 1., ' Freshmen Try to Maintain a Cheerful l' 4 F' A 1 l A.- Qu , ,r 4 A ' sf., W I: , .wig 1 . ' -V J' is A Q 2 F .lp A , fr, ,,' , X' fx f - LI E ' f ' 42- 'K' x 1 "'.. lf. r r , C-3-1 N, , L-.l sq-' g. I fr: :sf rqlfl V ' FAQMJW3 Duke, Kim Eagleston, David East, Carol Edwards, Faye Emert, Bill Ezell, Wanda Farrow, Theresa Fenton, Holly Ferguson, Cindy Ferry, Tom Finley, Linda Fisher, Steve Fitc, Sharon Fleming, Janice Fleming, Jim Fletcher, Marilyn Flickinger, Violet Ford, Cindy Fraiser, Jerry Franklin, Jerry Freeman, Rick Fry, Ron Galleciez, Judy Gamble, Diana George, Dennis George, Sylia Gibson, Gene Gill, Janet 6 F I 1 t vu I 3 4 fl ' it J! t ' ' I Nbr' , V A ' ' Jr r1frb:Q'f-5 . ffwl ggrxggfg-3 X-we 4 fi J e.. , R lx X l Q V " .LJ x.-f r In 'n fr rr ,- fv- gi fl ' ', x 3 Wfgrf -1- frflf J, 155 ,. SN J LJ if rg, Goebel, Dee Graham, Linda Gray, Greg Green, Mary Greenwood, Barbara Griffith, Terry Griffith, Walt Grogan, Tim Guion, Sam Gunter, Dewey Hager, Donald Hahn, Terry Hale, Janet Haley, Dean Hall, Leslie Hammock, Rocky Hammond, Jane Hammond, Connie Hampton, Dennis Hanks, Davine Hanstein, Mark Hardy, Colleen Harding, Kathy Hari, Jim Hatley, Connie Hawk, Billy Hawkins, John Haynes, Kenneth l-lelderman, Terry Henderson, Larry Hess, Joy Heston, Kent Hillard, Roseann 1 ff' l I Hinkle, Floyd . Hodges, Jim Attitude During Long, Hard Hours Hoge, Stewart Holland, Janie Holloway, Bart Holloway, Diane Holt, Hazel Horner, Butch Howerton, Curtis Huddleston, John Hughart, Marsha Hunsucker, Debra Hunt, Sharon Hustcd, Debbie Hutton, Danny Hutton, Lorrie Jackson, Carol James, Lola Jennings, Danctte Jirkovsky, Tim Johnsen, David Johnson, David Johnson, Gayla Johnson, Leslie Johnson, Tony Jones, Anna Jones, Bill Jones, Jackie Jones, Linda Jones, Rodney asf 'H if .J Y fi ' f" ,ff J 2 - J V : A 'V V A w.. K Q' 'l l I: "' ,T ' ak V X Q' " X I ,S an I 3 gl ' 'W ax- ' A us 1,5 Q" 'N X ,Q-J, , X J V : :LDV .' I , tx' , A A lv Lu' ' 7 .0 L' 1 . EL wi Aifwifzfr'-tilts ' fl . 45 -if -f J -1 3 Q' 'F' , -all ' . .J -' " , -J lk' ' 5' g ...A We N Ei:'l'N en- E? V A tl A L -F V J. lv K rf , N Y I ,.. A-1 ' I . 4 rg, , 9 fn, -v- ,: ix-A , , -.Mx .,,...g,- ,-jg LA ,, , Yl,,. ig. ,,, ,. , nw f 'E -F - aft, f I 4 T .Z .cf F VI A 3 J v ., , in W' .- X W, A fy A' - 1 if 5 ' tl 'ff ' Lg I I X 1 2 V.: - 'MA 20" txvfrr-.V ' fl ' 1 -'fi' T will. fit' th- ' L e T '59 A'25?5i"f' .yr Our boys are all smiles and cheers after Enid's defeat. K1 ' 4 l Jones, Clark J untenan, Don Keith, Danny Keith, Darlene Kennedy, Mark Kern, Larry Keun, Don Kingman, Larry Kissick, Susan Koch, Larry Kopp, Steve Kraemer, Marilyn Krebsbaeh, Trudy Krouston, Mark Lack, Jan Lamb, Theresa Langford, Karen Langford, Patrick Lawson, Kenneth Lawson, Theresa Freshman Days Will Echo Through Minds -J :X Zz: , xl I fl? -L, 5 - X J ,X .. :., E i , , fqwgk- 1 :" ':" ' I l P ,Il E. , ' -fi -il 1? 'N i ' rf ,xi r x xv V , :Il 4 1 I ' 2' J ' i H- 3 g gifnie .L PS ' I W of ,fnvff-wi 3 "' ,.T 'Z fr i K V 0'-.FP . A.- , ze, al 5 ,11 .gg 15.3, Q il: Y L Lawyer, Mark Leonard, Kenny Leonard, Linda Leonard, Pam Lewis, Paul Lehman, Sheryl Linder, Joe Linster, Deborah Long, Sharon Long, Teresa Lorette, Danny Lowery, Clifford Lusk, Melinda McAfee, Albert McAu1iffel, Melinda MeCaw, Debbie McCorkel, Ruth McCreery, Susan McCullough, Pam McCurly, Bill McDonald, Kenny McCoy, Valerie Mclillen, Bill Melintire, Leslie McEvoy, Mary McGemore, Shelly McGuire, Jerry McGuire, Margy McGuire, Mary McKee, Randall McKee, Randcl McKenzie, Terc McKyc, Melody MePherren, Nancy Maloney, Lu Ann Marrs, Hayden Martin, Bob Matlock, Gary Matlock, Myrna Matlock, Pam Martz, Eddie Mason, Bobbie Maston, Bobby Mayfield, Clifford Maxey, Carla Means, Carl Melton, Joyce Menendcz, Val Miles, Candy Moore, Bob Miller, Cynthia Miller, Ricky Mitchell, Donna Mock, Jill Modisctte, Janet Montgomery, Mike Moore, Dean Moore, Ronnie Morgeson, Jane Morrissey, Dennis Morton, David Neifeh, Frank Nelson, Paul Netheny, David Nichols, Jim Nichols, Mike Nix, David Noakes, Sally Norsworth, Cheryl N , ig. L ' A W . , I, V, it :Jr N 'cr -.Fr V ,f f-ex i ' 1 fx , s, f 1 1 1- X af I' J v l ' f ff' A S- 4 W I llaalh x , f 6 L ex Deciding how to pose for pictures, freshmen await their turn before the gn gl :TM , ' ' camera. 5. , ,, '!': ' 1 1 27 A V. P L. . L hd i , J X .1 J ' ' 1 f' , 715' ' ' .ll f Y 1 2 ' K Q ' ' wiki- ' , Wx - , -1, -J . .T fl a , 1 ' lil or 1 wr- , "" ' " f -. A! ii., ., 'A , 1 'fm J .. l X A' 'ti I ' A .-2ii'.1!f. is - .-- -. , lf ,L i .s ' '- ' - ' , ,v "'-' 1' ' 'yr g V WA' ' la 1 " iv i f r' ' i : - an . ' ,lfs ' fl. .V at V -a f 2 fr' r I ,.- D xx ilg ,G ' 19 - '. . .- AV - , -il G W Q' g Ramsey, Debbie Ramsey, Steve Rapenski, Chris Ratchel, Steve Ratzlaff, Randy Ravid, Kim Ray, Mike Ray, Robin Reed, Mary Reggio, Joe Reid, Jo Lynn Rice, Mark Richards, Randy Rickard, Tim Ritter, Derrell Roberts, Greg Robertson, Bill Robertson, Johnny Roebuck, Claudia Roetker, Toni Rogers, Tricia x T -1.. Ll' I 5, 1, - .. ti in O ,,- ' 'tix' "" I in Freshmen Is This End the Beginning? 5- :fa I fx '. 2:14 f' , ..V 1 7' 1'- i. -1 ll 'L u .v I McLain, Eddie Norton, Sondra Norvell, Bill Ogg, Patty Oldham, David Olson, Beth Osburn, Harold Ouverlston, Barbara Palmer, Mary Parker, Alan Pasternik, Mary Patterson, Vikki Pate, Linda Pate, Melanie Penne, Gary Pendleton, Ricky Pennington, Donna Peters, Gary Pickens, Doug Pickett, Ronnie Pierce, Debbie Pierce, Tim Pifer, Curt Pinson, Kent Piper, Greg Pittman, Roane Platt, Barbara Platt, Donna Pollard, Cheryl Powell, Debbie Powell, Pam Pritchett, Beth Pruett, Pat Rader, Roger Rager, Jim , QQ. i, H- ' ' Z. f , 1 .2'.f i ii Ai 1 ,7.,r K .45 Rollins, Debbie Q x RosS, Mike 1 T , ' ,1-H VH X Q-!5i""' Roush, Sheryl f-V - "" -fm -' - 2' 1 -A L ' . N , Rowell, Brad , ii X. 7 -V f "' , 13: Q. , .x Ruminer, Roger 2 " ' ' .'.- L 7 "F, ' ' Russell, Cindy , . - 1 f f ' N "", 15 ' f - Salmon, Debbie ' VN - X K Y 4 Sanders, Craig A g 'X f ' Sohaffner, Gary W - ' G C A J' ' in I Schapka, LuAnn V ' " 'A ' V i- ' 7. Schellman, Ann -"L - 'ii' , - f X ' Sehem, Chuck I "fyff .W -., if , X' fs ' ii' , Scheulen, Vicki -D'-Lfg . K-3 54 L". ' - l ' 'nf I - Schroder, Beverly ,-j , 'k , '57 . " ' Schuehardt, Gretchen 7, jy'i'Zj"' ,ffl .Q fb I i J . , f Schuman,.limmy ' if V f' 'U5',f -1, f , . , j1, fi".? 5, K, lf, Scott, Greg L- -' yy'--3 af ,P -,A ' ' Sebastion, Carolyn A V , Shannon, Debbie Q i ' . ' ,N X -3 Shannon,Tommy l -'rf' 3 -'T ' Z 7 . ' Q " ' H., ...I Shaw, Roger 3' 4-1. ' it J . L , ' , Q., ll Sheriff, Sharon -, ' ' 'F , ' a ' T J ...- Sherer, Larry A! L' 9 L4 ,Y ' Shoffstall, Rocky V , 1 -' T rv , 1 Y Silver, J on i :.: , Simpson, Dale V' " i 'A ' ' . , Q' Simpson, Velma f , A 'N i ' V T We N Smith Betty 4-ll' "' X ' X i -,,f "':' ' i 8 if ' 7 7' 1 Smith, Connie :Q J ,ge W P- 5 il 11, Smith Diane "' ' Q 1.4 7 ' 'K f , . i . it 1 A . i ,si-is-fi. if- Smrth, Gene fr i .- , ei -,gy , , .gi V Smith, Greg -4 YI - X1 Qi' A A Hy Smith Kim -' i i fiiffeefWfQ1 1 Smith, Ricky 1 1' n ' smiih, susie Us Q .. .4 .,,,' f A-X Snodgrass, Randy l -' ,L V ' W' ' " ' LU' , '77 in Sonders, Connie - -' 'T P ' K , 'E'-'X ,- fl , Spaulding, Scott ' ' X -4 - , ' 4 ' SPUYIOCI4, -'Ulm ' I If ' , f is i h 'S H Stacy, Larry I ,Y , i E "E ' " ' Qi . Stafford, Stan Q i, bf' ' ' Standage, Ron 'ii ,ri s Iii" 4 Stephens, Bobby -, V-, T " , I , - A Q fi V, . Stephens, Dean ' X Q' ' . L N - g i' -mi. ' ' 7 .K 4, Stiverson, Danny -' ' 1 ' ' '5 -A' V - 4- V Storezyzyn, Mark , P3 1 f i 25. ' .f " , , ,, S'f0IY, ROUGH P 7 ' 7 A ,I ' X" V A '- , fr' 5 ,V lf Staughan, Gary " " . ' Wi' 'Q' L sifick1ana,Pau1a i i T' Freshmen jam into the halls between class- Struck, pam C es to exchange gossip and latest news. Stuynp, Debbie was L' Af' .4 Q ee, , . -.,?T,.- I ,I W Suttle, Susan 1 'E' "' 1-il - i sa " Suman, Pat Q , ji T , T r A' HI J ft' S, - fi 4? Taber, Tom Q' an , . , Q T21PP,TraCGy ' g Wi , -f A f Y Tan, Rex X ,L ,I ' N' ,.-, . 5 i Taylor, Debbie 'C ' ' " Tengram, Danny 1 Y yi ms ,,, ,ii ' B' , 2 - fx Thatcher, Linda , N J Thomas, Gary ,-., 1 ' i Thomas, Shelley A .- TTT :Eg-i X i , Thompson, Scott .':-: 1-' , ,fi i Tillman, Lisa gf, 5 U f f fj '-37 ri , ', ii lqifila. A V .1 . .61 Freshmen Expect New Things as Sophomores 11 'Ji U Weirsig, David Welch, Cathy Welch, James Wells, Dan Westerman, Penny Wexler, Sydna White, Dean White, Steve Whitsett, Johnny Williams, Frankie Williams, Mona Willis, Jan Wilson, David Witt, Lorie Wolfe, J on Womack, Cheryl Wood, Donna Woods, Scott Woods, Steve Wright, Ellen Wyatt, David Qu. 1, 1 Q it fl get f-Tfli 2 V N , , l 1 JNL l Fif- . .152 l ,x.4 Craig, Margaret Foster, Linda Svejkovsky, David Tingler, Randy Tingram, Danny Thompkins, John Townsend, Sandi Trotter, Debra Troutman, Susie Trower, Sally Veitch, Tim Venturella, Pam Vernon, Mickey Vernon, Vicky Vick, Vicki Vickers, Roxanna Vrska, Randy Wagner, Terry Walker, Richard Wallace, David Walter, Steve Ward, Robyn Watts, David Waugh, Kent Wayman, Joy Weatherly, Robin Weathers, Lois Weaver, Larry Webb, Duke 'V .i --H-we '-.' l , 'A " f' J f - 65 m 'H yr N! E K , , -. N 6 9 L ,rrlev .5 'fa K l rl . A if Eighth Graders Await Turn To Be Freshmen LA! Student Council Pres1dentT1m Grogan instructs representatives on what to do for the garage sale which was in November. 'Y' 'Q' ,452 VW. .al E Q. u ls, I, Q, L., ,r L.M,x . LVL fs: Q: I f ,. G' . L- Q.- R X.- Y v V l JG, L , v UCI N 1-' - ,ff i lg' L. 'Q ,J 1 " 1 - N ,1 v 1 Highlighting the eighth grade year was the presentation of Thornton Wilder's classic "Our Town." The 490 students had to take the SCAT tests, get their eyes checked, got to take a foreign language for the first time and join Honor So-nety. Although gaining more privileges of their own, eighth graders still envied the confident ninth graders and looked forward to the coming year when they would be freshmen. ' N V' ,, Adair, Shannon jfs ' 1 LL 1 Adams, Debby 1 i - ,, ' 'x Yi I f t, . - A Adams, James -f Adams, Stephen Adams, Terri 1 r L, vig, , l tg, N Albert, Mark fi Allen, Mike Allred, Kathy f , W , Allred, Libby '4 W . . X1 . - - Amend, Ma.rk Ames, Leslie , Ammerman, Emily ', . " - Anderson, Roger Q-, ' Arend, Ginger P ' ,' , fx ,fx 3' , Atwood, Mark ,hui L if - f L ' K 1 v- ' - Armstrong Mike f ,-: f. .fm ' .-'n N' U . ,an ,- "' ,rx -'f . Ayers, Kenny A Bailey, Beverly Bailey, Chuck f . - Baird, Sara Balkenbush, Jackie Barber, Preston ' 4 ' Barese1,Nogen 'lg' 9 ur G1 ' L 4. , ' v--1 ' r arf' ' -' i , Barns, Cindy Barns, Marianne it were Barry, John - 3-N Bash, Deborah f . . pf Baxter, Billy 'M' 149 r , Barnes, Peggy J 7 A ll iff " if 5. Beardsley, Jeff A --'- -ff'-' -.vw X Q Bell, Kathy Bernard, Don 0.1 'W ' 7' Bills, Cheryl p --- ' Blalock, Larry Blanchard, Marsha Bottoms, Carol .,,,,'r35.::i5::':1'i!i mf 3 Bowen, Leslie Brewer, Larry Bridges, Amy Bridges, Verljn Brintnall, Leonard Brown, Jane Brown, Lori Bruce, Luan ,QQ V 4 ff' ial 'Pi 1 fig I x,' p3wT'i' we Ai s,M ' fv- f t L, - -5 '..-'Qi P fn 7 4 I V 1 2 Q it x , . - E. wi. ..,, xr -.lv Bryan, Brenda Bunce, Marsha Buss, Mary Butcher, Darline Bynum, Steve Cahlik, Dennis Calloway, Chris Card, Barbara Carlton, Doug Carpenter, Barbara Carr, Cindy v ..',i . - Z 43 A. 'x 1 ' .v". .., , , vc -3 Study and practical experience are mixed in Central's home econo Hopes Fill Dreams ' - 5 ..- I , , Case, Kristen A Q, - 6 rw - if - -B ' s:f9F'3'4t. XM V 'Kr NNN X Challis, Brenda n. 4 g 4- lr V , Challis, Cheryl 1 ' Challis, Terry u I 6' ' H, 1 . H, I Chamberlain, Teri V wig.. ' i ' ' A , N i mics classes. 4 Q," 1 'A ff, ' It Chamberlain, ' I ,w ar 4, Terry Q - t, , r , Clark, Bob " V ':- 3 Clemons, Lisa ,T , ' J' 7155 Clover, Ricky I' ' , xi: V. . ' w A Q , ' f- ' 'A J3,'a.'W i E, i n git Y .' ...s. Q ' L Q-A I ,JP , l . X u- z """" 7 H 4 ' x ,1 I . "S-. C ' Q I f E . 'Till --!, 1 E "" 'V' A i-E31 rv . le p .. n ' . . , 'I 2 ' 2, x :L A V: 7, C ' A mil X A .N X 41 ,Q - " , ' ', ,X five, IW- Y ' 'ex X N " -- ' V 'vm l V "V in "' ' - I+, Q- xi'5g, 1 J , - i, ,.:t ' J -' . X fl J x ,I ,.,. . , .N gfxql- , fi ' 1 L, H! . - A ng x, i In . ,Xl v "Tl , 1 'S - Y V r fo- -,. 1 1 , 1 21 ' ' J' If . - 'v f 64 rf . -vi , f i .in L Cnaven, Phil Cobb, Teresa Coffey, Paula Cogburn, Leslie Collier, Dwight Combs, Daneta Cook, Ardis Cook, Patricia Cook, T ina Cornelius, George Cornelius, Greg Cosetti, Sandy Cramer, Dana Cramer, Debc Crabtree, Cody Crochctt, Debbie Cronie, Mike Cullen, Mary Daddio, Joe Daddio, Ricky Dane, Preston Daniels, Debbie Darnell, Jenny Davis, Bryan Davis, Ken Day, Jim Day, John Dean, Ricky D'Eath, Anita Dei?-arge, Sherry Degraffenreid, Jim Denny, Jackie Denny, .loan Dich, Greg Disney, Steve Dixon, Joni 7 Ms- Douglas, Bill Douglas, Gloria 'T Duffy, Kathy ' Duncan, David Dyer, Bob 1 an . YZF.. r, ,'r , g l. .. i ,fx -v- ,., ' .1-1 ' ,Q ' if V Y N li .. l f r W -- ' I s.- I ai ,Lf Ji NJA. my it Dyer, Paul Edwards, Beth Edwards, Michele 'H ', .. v Elliott, Kent Elliot, Robbie , Ellis, Steve ' Elrod, Brent lf , Enright, Mark Evans, David Evans, Kathy ...v- Y 4 Fan, Linda Feightner, Tanya 'fs-" , ., A l ' 1 l ll A ' 3 Farrow, Charles 7 --H - w tf-I. I 4, f 'JJ' Q l ,4. -.f Ferguson, Steve Feilder, Greg Feilds, Jack Flannex, Paula Flemming, Max Fletcher, Mark Ford, Vicki Foutz, Donna Freeman , .le IT Fry, Dennis aa, 1, Furrh, .lerry Gallop, Keith Garrett, Russell Easton, Cindi Geiger, Therese Gibson, Nancy - Gibson, Vicki Gill, .lim r , ,.f.'., 1 lr 1 1 l" A , . 5,- TC?-, V J. 'i SJ I 1. ,.. ' X I 1 1 Pi 1" ,. ,ff . 1 Gillan, Sheri Gion, Mark Glenn, Larry Gnegone, John Goodowitz, Mona Gordon, Randy Gorley, Roy Gorman, Jack 1 F 5 .- I It --'Lil' X Q Graham, Cathy Grant, Gilbert Grant, Laura Grant, Sandy Gray, Donna Gray, Judi Green, Jane Green, Kim 7 I Green, Mike F ' Greenwood, .lan Griffon, Mike Grogan, Dennis Hall, Cherlyn Hall, Larry Hamilton, Jim r . Hammond, Cathy rggg, II Hammond, Robert I-lanna, Kathy Harris, Kelsie Harris, Richard Harris, Steve Harshieild, .lohn Ha.rvey, Tim Haws, Ricky 59 Haynes, Beverly Heinrich, Steve Helderman, Vicki Henderson, Pam Herbelin, Karen Herrington, Clint Higganbotham, Dean . 'F-' K ' 'fl' -sr- lf if i- V' .4 'R .1 l 1 , ' h'Htr -is ' na- 5 -LE"":'5?:i A 'lla-11,rl114l"1 l Lf 'ill W x ,V -ev ' 'I . 4 5' . r , ws. af' ' ...r ,pf ,gl . 'J 1 r l . f -an x'! lr l 'rd ' ,V 2' -1 Af' F 1-r Nr , ' ? 'E I m,.,1-vi .L , I A I e ,-A IP? 49 "' 1 . 1. 1 1. I 'rr JP l My 'i ., N I N .SJVX - ,wx A l. ii ' 'KV x 1--lr it t l 6 1 14" lv 1 ftp " ' g , H .ary t - 6-1 'c , l, ' rv, K- 5... 5? -1' 15572 Y-Qi' Y..,. , I 77 Q' . fN,,.l K fs -Q.. 'P :EY 9 ,- , ,- bf- 'X 1 , la... I -1 ,,. I X, N. .ll . g r K .1 A 'V 4 'iz Y 3 , 4' ig " J , 'Y '- ., H 1 ,- ' ' xl it an in -pf - . S f' Ju 1 ,1. . V ,x?i.: va . Qi .g, .., t ?f.' el L, .3 r ' 3 J , 3 re W f i 'l V rp. , X , ,., . Q ,ri ,f X.. . ri - in ia 3' l Q 1 'l' l ,Aix . -1' r air-Yi ,- ' 4' if rf' A. , .rr , Tl HK' . 5 J f B5 . 1 3 f X! I if ji '53 in EES E1 5 rr' ii ..L.. W Q-.7 - ,,.,:r 'W l lf! Y E -' -L ' J I 1 N L X TA' - H " 1 , I .,EFi:r -, 1 1 2.1. .gf ' V, f as V, f X s v 7: Ir lv , r ! 5 ' Q -V l be LM - J I V X Zrl irkq, , 5- J V -'- , , , , , -- wg- 'q- - A ' . "lk, . V 1. t 7 Vg 'ix X F rrvf' ,,1I11 4, , 3 r' 'i .. y , 1 -yr V l V . fare L' :lv sf: af Eff' 2 V L , . - - ' 'L 2 f .. is '-'Ev - R 'sf . :' +5 r A s M' ff' it , . , i' X 'fr ' . -- ' 1,1 M ,-.5 Qgaigx ' pr . YK '- .' Eiffflfnu, lf? ..' 1 , E 'i' ' ' N 95' If ' "Q," f-1, 'X A 4 ' fl .su ls'-21:1 ' f 4 'aj ' "TVR ' ' Tl -,Rn r 4 A ," -N s . - v ' , ,y J T. 'T ,' J ' - 1 - is L ' xl' , , -X 'Q' Y ' -V V mr" , 'I 'Y .' - - ' N A fifsziu xf' "iw J LQ 1 W .. 4 J ,-i ..- -. , T "RQ 3 -- H' s.- ' Q- L L+- Vbia -'A ,lv A if of-. J , . A ' J rt 1 7 " ' Aix G . .KK 'V 6 ia ' 7 -.5 ! J A 3 ' rf' l- ',j X'-f , -. , 1-If' . 1 r . in ,,' X V 4.. fl I Q ,Q If 1 4 I I V ll A ' I A-lr , ' A "' f. 5' - J l 'rr 5 w . J " j , J 1 N Q' ' J' J A f x F! ' D . 'N' 5' wr .1 n 5 K a- df- L A 5' 1 , 1 vu A 235 3' 5, v ' V l A ' as :"'Z- " ,s 4, rl ' kv, . 'JH f ir!" 1 Q 66 Hogan, Tommy Hohman, Kirk Holbrook, Bob Holloway, Diane l-lolly, Donna Holmes, David Holt, Earl Holt, Gary Hoover, Ricky Hopkins, Jan Hopper, Annie Horn, Ronald Horne, Donna Horner, Debbie Hover, Bill Hudson, Ricky Hughes, David Hughes, Ricky Hulsy, Lisa Hutchison, Ricky Hyden, Sam Jackson, Patti January, Don Jarnigan, Paul Jennings, Becky Johnson, Debra Jolmson, Gary Johnson, Larry Johnston, Mike Jones, Patsy Jung, Michelle Kaul, Dale Keef, Ann Keith, Jimmy Kerr, Teresa Kile, Bob Kimery, Tony Kingman, Mary Kirpatrick, Cheryl Klimoueiez, Gary Knez, Debbie Knowles, Karen Koloff, Stephen Koonee, Jana Kopp, Steve Kortemeier, Glenda Kroutil, Paula Kubiak, Terri Kuykendall, Jay Kuykendall, Terry Land, Joe Lanier, Paula Lansing, Patti Latham, Susan Lauener, Beth Lavender, David Lawson, Richard Lazzell, Teree Leftwieh, Ronnie Lehman, Larry Lemm, David Leonard, Pam Lewellen, Roy Lewis, Cathy Light, Dru Lippert, Leonard Lisle, Sam Lockridge, Andy Logan, Steve Longhorn, Wanona Lopez, Monica Lowry, Donna Lucas, Scott Lundcen, Trisha Lynn, Thomas MeCalister, Cindy McCarthy, Mike MeCasland, Theresa McCaw, Donna McCoin, Mark McCord, Lance McCorkcl, Vernon McCormack, Debbie McCoy, Vnlinda McCraw, Marty McCullough, Lorraine McGoodwin, Mary Ann McKim, Mike McKinney, Doyle McLachlan, Matt McLish, James MeNatt, David MeQucrry, Mark McQuerry, Micheal McQui1lan, Brenda McRae, Lynne McRee, Pat Madoux, Derice Magill, Mike Manuel, Tommie Marrs, Pam Mason, Rhonda Mathena, Gary Mathis, Corinne nr: J, 1 s-f Y 'ik , E L, fd P, 'G' Grades Count More , r ' E312 - 'A T - 'wr W. if -- ' , Q Q 9 fer'-' f he - ,.:: I w ' - U tm ii ,,,, '- -,- 'X A V ' ,y " ' .. J- ml f l 11 L!1"'l'.'x7L2'1'a. X - f ' A 0 .. l " i 5 A V. -- - - 'M -V yy. 'iff' i ee fel ri iv "'. f-1 41 1, -- ., ..,,.- I-. ' :fr X A 'fA:'i'S'H 'Q - A J' r -'A r 'j at N s. A '-l iw ' A ,i if -My p it-x 'K W L, ' do wk ff Q- 1 . 2' Q!'7v' t 7 , ,, si? pi r 1 ' 1 it Q Ix,..N.' ' lf 1' F' 'X I .. N ,gl . , I gift i"'f 7, Matlock, Kathy 1 as ' Q 1 ' Q Mauidin, Laurie 'K ,'r ' -' l Maxey, Danny , fl is I 1 Maynard, Linda -, x , , , WN - ' , , Qs , X -X H 1 nn. IQW WQMM-. . . iff if.. 5 ". Meade, Frank I, 1-W Lf., Meharg, Rene ' cl ,Q N x - - J Mellendorf, David , , r ,A .V M, .,- Melson, Alan QT- , ,W if """' '- ..., ' ,' M f ' Qui." Melton, Carolyn I, ' 'V ,Q -. , Mercer, Gary " , lx' Lf' L. Merino, Rita . ,I-,X 3, ' ' ,aw I 9 Miller, Marge V '-7 , . , ,,.. 3,4 , Y , T' ig I -- - i V-L-1-V . I A Fa-ng? "' 1 1-Bunn lr. - l A Mi11er,Mike Q A A' it ' Miner, susan qc ,L V X 1' :'. Miller, Vicki 'IT' gg Yi- -N Milligan, David ' 1 ' Q" wr Mitchell, Mark 1 ba v . " ' Mitchell, Meegan 1 ,Q F " Q 'O Mitchell, Rodney , K N . ' A Mitchell, Ronald ' ' I 9 W 'Y fl V 4:-. W ' rr v N y 'Al"'- 155. 'I , , ,V M rl 2 ,a il lb Cheerleaders boost school spirit at pep rally, 67 1 .ar 3 , 1- nas, F -.'," f,f+-,- .4 at 4. , " 4- ' 1 :LJ Q .. A- . ' r sri. 'e F 7 J-1-f 'S 1 V W l. 4' X91 ' A J, l + . A 1 , ,t K. 3 ' N jx SQ.. ' ' 'W , ix + , S f ff- gm' .. ,V is ,f -F ?l s V " ' 'ln' v I It 'X A Czar? 7 L qv' 1 :'l' ,F V rg 1 J .4 fy. v, ,. E. 3 1 V L'-e-. Q S.. 'Q 43 V iff! 'y ,y Xu 1 ,.,f. . , 'M' 'W' 'vw 'rv C ' gg' C' J . ,- 57. . ,H , ii. It A ,. 'I agillllfwzwr V. ': '5 44 .J Q ,Q E Q: s r xl S J I S' 1 "V l 7' .1 an I Q i V , Q " " ' "' ' f-- .f ,T 1 1, 1 N D ' . " ., Q , .. J . Ea L ' I i X1 i . il I P iii . P 'H' .Y ' if ' U v X X .. V All "' 'izg21f: II' if f y ,N CA. r Y Sf ,Bc K Ax K L ,ul t - u , A V41 I 1".'-,QM 1 68 -cj . Ls we Wye ,r FI! 54-, gff' Phipps, Terry Pike, Sherry Piper, Britt Pitts, Cheryl Pope, Reese Powell, Jeff Pribble, Douglas Prince, Ronnie Pritchett, Gayle Purser, Paul Radebaugh, Robin Rader, Randell Rasp, J ay Ratclif f, J oey Reed, Mike Reynolds, Beth Reznieek, Jim Richardson, Cole Resinger, Helen Roberts, Teresa 3 hi.- ,ff Moflit, Becky Montgomery, Pat Moore, Phyllis Moore, Robert Morgan, Susie Morris, Bob Morris, Chris Morrison, Debbie Morrow, Eugene Munn, Linda Murphy, Ricky Myers, Laurel Naifeh, George Naifeh, Kim Natheny, David Nayfa, Karen Neal, Rebecca Nealy, Mike Neel, Stephanie Nelson, Jone New, Robert Newkunet, Joe Neiman, Carla Norwin, Susan Nose, Steve Nygreen, Byron Oliver, Kathleen Oswalt, Paul Ottman, Jeff Palmer, Jane Parsells, Donna Payne, Barbara Payne, Charles Payne, Judy Pearson, Sally Peters, Matt Peterson, Linda Phanco, Martin Phelps, Suzanne Phillips, Beverly . int Attending the Kerr game, which was a 14 to 14 tie, were Coach Rayburn and Coach Hulsey. Eighth Graders Participate in Activities Roberts, Teri Robinson, Diane Roger, Tom Rohman, Georgia Rolen, Ralph Roll, Doug Rollins, Tcrrie Rose, Michelle Rose, Mike Ross, Patsy Ross, Steve Rosson, Sheri Rountree, John Rush, Keith Russell, Andy Russel, Jerome Sanders, Greg Sanders, Randall Scheib, Nancy Schiltheis, Cheryl Scheulen, David Schneider, Debbie Sehmitd, Steve Scott, Marjorie Severns, Chuck Shea, Ron Shcdden, Charles Shelton, Dani Shirey, Melody Shryock, Alan Simmons, Randy Sims, Darrell Sipcs, David Smiley, Susan Smith, Brenda Smith, Camesa Smith, David Smith, Ernest Smith, Karen Smith, Marlene Smith, Pam Smith, Pamela Smith, Steve Smith, Tony Snead, Steve Snodgrass, Vicki Sonderegger, Keith Sonenson, Sharon Starr, Phillip Stephenson, Tomm Stevens, Cherie Stoddard, Kathi Stoddard, Vikki Stonebreaker, Howard Story, Ramona Stroud, Mark Spicer, Greg Summers, Fred Tankcrsley, Dan Taylor, John Tennant, Danny Testerman, Don Thomas, Billy Thompson, Nancy Thrash, Billy Tidmore, Diana Treford, Debbie To mberlin, Jean Towler, Hugh Trent, Pat Trimble, Jacque Tucker, Donnie i ,QA J , A i' i S as , - W Pj, l ef, .fi " .2 tw r- x :P Ar- . X L. X L - I' vs N I - ,,, tx " ga 55- - Ji' fi' 1' V 'Z i ,x "'V , V A- 5 K - Y H rf -a 'Hx iff. i ' ' 17' v K in 5 Q I M' i i A . r i. 555 I - ik J ..,- if ei c , 'f ' S, I . '.- ' iv 1' L- , 'V or r f- 'am ' Q . "'- f l "ii it 1 ' of-H 4 ' Aj' , I I, I N .J 'ri' f -'ssl -S W Lf - '- A " 5- 'W f' - Q . V, it 4? i V I if S., in K 5 741. N 1 I 7 i ls ,. 'A f i' ij 54 M 4 Q X r L. L 1 . .wi K1 Az: R QQ 'vue wx ,, so Lg. A fi ' '7 FT AS! T V tl I t T ,ii A 3 " 1 fa .3 tl 4-M1 X. 'fA' ' , , it it 5 f r 4 if no o r or V . , I . K i , 9' ' r -sid. " fir' 4 X J D ,tl , I f 1 I Y Y Y I , w- -. i I' . - it LL- I ' V . 'IQ I x -X x "A 'M Q Q 1 .A . ,ff,,.-x6'5'52Q5i A 1 QL " ,gt Q., 'G , l Xl. TY ,Q ' i , . i l , if Q. . -QS ',.1v-3,'2- fyihl 79: , , YALE Middlemen Await 669 - 670 1 Y-l I A Q Tyndall, Linda Q r' " . V' 7 1 . ,I i 1 xi. .. l Q V H1 L V. I , , , A 1' ,J A Jr 1 J I . ,fm , y ji ll 1 i 1 7 I Je ia - s it ' N- ' VanGurgy, Martin 'rr ,J l I .fx ,Li 1 CX . ffr 1 Vann, Robert Vaughn, Billy Veiteh, Jean Vered, Jonathan Vincent, Maralyn Wade, Romona Walkup, Steve Warner, Norma Warner, Raymond Wehba, Ray Weinburg, Michael Weldon, David Wells, Keith West, Carolyn Wheeler, Bobby Whitaker, Linda White, Cindy White, Elaine Williams, Brad Williams, Jerry Williams, Mike Williams, Teresa Willis, Mark Willis, Ruth Winters, Lee Ann Wisl, Stephen Witten, Gary Wondenly, Emily Woodring, Charles Wooten, Steve Wright, Sandi W" +7 in ,g, ,:. ix H ' 4- f "l Il 5' WK vc , i ' i 2 . I ' if . yk- l I fs Grant, James Hopkins, Jan Schneider, Debbie Students in sixth hour English class listen hard as Mrs. Querry reviews them for nine weeks test. l f l l v Yates, Karen Yetter, Chris Ykema, Ronald York, Melanie Young, Denise Yovanovich, Mark Zamanski, Gary Zienly, Marla Zumavalt, Darryl Q I i X l ,f il? ' 'fx 1 Central's seventh graders entered the hectic world oi' the jr. high student in September. Opening the double doors to a new world, they roamed the halls lost and confused, but with the passage of weeks gained the experience needed to fight for a place at the store. Members ofthe largest class at C.J.H., seventh grade girls were allowed to join Pep Club for the first time in Cent1'al's history. Seventh grade band rchearses for Christmas and spring concerts. .,....,,...,,, ff E i- "s,,, l 5 i t ' 1 v, 1' SL I -33 Students diligently work at study sheets for English and reading Seventh Grade Initiated into jr. High Life , 3 Lx ' T' , 'I lf' VW I YV uv, .Z TJ, " 'xx 1 7 'xmf - gf- '15, M ,7 I- off' T A 1 ,Q KJ F V- iii! ' 'S ik 'I lwldgfl ,I , r ,im .. . , l ,. r . g 1 may if , 1 R L. C I R nf 1 X I 'fri .aa .- ffl ! Ackley, Cindy Adams, Vicki Altizer, Rene Andeel, Jeff Andres, Laura Anthony, Donald Anderson, Deborah Anderson, Denise Anderson, Donnie Anderson, Jean Ann Andrews, Scott Apitz, Gail Armstrong, Mike Armstrong, Susan Arner, Mel Askew, Annette Baily, Eddie Barker, Mike Barlow, Vicki Barnes, David Barrow, Mark Bartee, Joni Barter, John Barton, Mike Beavers, Ladonna Bell, Betty Ann Bell, Micheal Bethel, Susan Bradway, Rocky 1 '. -r fu . - ,A H, 07,1 W 1 49, Q , - mfg fr, ,- , , 'A ju :.j:,'-Ig' 1 -xv, N , Q' '3Fi5"fa wg, ' 4- s. n.,gggQ-Q r , 1 w A WWW f N 1 fl' tifvltl 39? ' . ff "lf" 'll if v X , ff Q, M r fl r J fe' fi. ' fs ' 'Y J ll - - ' 1 4 'iw ' " f' 5 ' ' I J, ld '0 'lx 'K Q' K H0 3' I I 1 ...P X ,,,, K M U ', X - " , Qi ..j , ' -if Q ' .1 f fr, , , - ' nth fi, I I J lv . A N x I N I I I ' 5+ --1 X 'iff WV- I i --0 '- V4 g '- -HN, 'V .i 4 gl V U 6 , V 1 l 9 ii: lf or , l H w A w, l .. , V 4 gi K ,,, it-,', 1 I " 'lr V , .Aw A . R 7-5 ""' ' 'rv Nui A '-il'--1? iii ' Q J ' ll M Ijmwimwg it iii -I N r I A , 5-16 1' gi' ,- x l - X, f 1- ' ,J-, 4 ' ,,, ....- - . g frm w H8185 , .r , 6 5 -B lv f All in' 1 S. - . ,1 . ..f X' ,, A1 C- . ... , P 1.1" V A sn I I . AIX I- X 'fir' 'Z' fix: P' .TZ . V 5 Q 25-, 27"1'1, i t v .r ' Caldwell, Don Calloway, Ronnie Campbell, Nancy Cantrell, Reynolds Carpenter, Connie Carpenter, Michelle , IA it E GF H Carr, Cindy ' 1 " ' ,L 5' Carson, Rozanne I Carter, Bart 1 ' ' is d ... fx .- l e'4' ' . l K ' f. "' , Casebalt, Mark , 4- H lag ' ll Casey, Lou T- , Cassil, Steve A n , . fv- i - ' V Y , A gf at l . x- ,' MJT 1, ,l g R 7 4 Castro, Tony 4'-If ' X -. , Q Cates, Stanley - I ' - Chancelor, Alan a F' 1 , Km' tml EXC' 72 Bills, Cynthia Bixler, Robert Blac Donna B anchar , Stanly Bloomer, Gary Bordard, Tony Bradley, Markus Brewer, Debra Bridges, Elena Brooks, Shelly Broussard, Cindy Brown, Don Brown, Gary Brown, Lourec Brown, Wendy Bryan, Brad Bryan, Mona Bubar, Marie Buflington, Phillip Burkct, LuAnn Burns, Glen Burns, Melody Burns, Tracy Burrows, Gerald Burt, Barbara Bush, Debbie Bush, Robert Byrd, Sondra Caldwell, Cathie Caldwell, Cindy Girls ,loin Pep Club Seventh, eighth and ninth grade girls waitin gym to hear rules, regu lations and to sign up with the Pep Club. Chandler, Sheri Charoboneau, Vonda Chase, Sheri Chaney, Steve Clark, Kelly Clark, Steven Clay, Mike Clemmons, Steve Clinton, Mike Coburn, Cathryn Cochran, Sandra Coffman, Paul Colbert, Lou Colvin, Mike Conine, Carrol Cook, Chris Corbin, Paul Corey, Lee Cornell, Thomas Coslett, Bobby Cotton, Sharon Covington, Donna Craig, Barbara Crain, Rusty Crist, Joel Crockett, Howard Croston, Scott Croy, Jill Culpepper, Rebecca Daily, Linda Daniels, Douglas Daniels, Karen Danner, John Darter, Chris Davenport, Becky Davis, Connie Davis, Stacey Dean, Gary Deliarge, Terry DeGrafl'enreid, Gary Dennis, Kathy Dick, Steven Dixon, Tommy Dodson, Janice Dolney, David Dolney, Drue Ann Dooley, Monica Dougherty, James Douglas, Mike Douglas, Stearman Downing, Laura Diggers, Steve Driggers, Wayne Dula, Barbara Duncan, David Duncum, Richard Dunlop, Cheri Dunn, Cindy Duran, Dina Dutton, Donnie Dyeus, Diane Dye, Kenneth Eaton, Minda Elliot, Janet Elmore, David Elmore, Larry Elsey, William Eng, Carolyn Eng, Janet Ervin, Darrell Evans, Cindy Evans, Phillip 73 ' .-'Z' ' V V D Q ,ii lif if . -X we ,J ,rf b -If -,I If J 1 , rf - -1- ' S 'rfffl 4' J A at xl tg 'P gf! 4, new -, . . A1 , , - , Q . b , , M , -5, J 1 iff- v""l -I sniff. ,ln 1 li so - to J X . D gf 1 i g wi C. fag' ' ft fL'f'Wa g W ml . . S - , J t - J, i , J 15519 ef' f- 5, P e f ' fy, , 9 J Q 4 1 .3425 M, -5' i V , N' ,mar .P 'Q sr '- t 3 k , , I ' A 1 1 1 , "' :el .- sir- 3- V+. .K 'CR - -ra., . J 8 1, 'A 4 X J u I ,if Hs- A 2 wg, 0 , .rj -xl-I' -I ' My , R f U "H 'M , .N ' 1 g ' ' 'Q , ...Sf :D 'S I.-, f- 'T f- - I ff , Q ' ,Wifi -, - rfb J E -' E ' "' if ii A J' D ,ft J - ,C . 1 ' - gn' 5 il, if ' ' 1 Tif f ' X ' -'Jil x , x I , ,1 2 2 , , L"', ,ill 5 ' J , of J 2 , T3 .ag . - . Q' ,gi A ' , U-'TP Y," ,' was-. i- ,L V' . V , 3" , -Ji" 'sg ,. ' S 'X Ybfkf nl- X A ' , ,.,-. 1 ' J 'rs I 1' A li K J .Ai 5 Q- .12 ml ' I. 'N 4"'47' 1 JW 'A ' 'il I l -Q: .Rx V ,Q it I r--.,v A . 1, J ' . -3 1 gp' ,ff ,L .., W. .2 gg-1 . ,ur QQ! .H Y 1 'Q Hapke, Sheila A .. PE J l Q " i 1 J Ezell, Stanley Fabre, Susan Farrow, Jimmy Fenton, Monica Ferguson, Laura Fiegenen, Robert Fife, Cindy Fisher, Randy , Q. vl J Flynn, Shannon ' , X I Ford, Larry D. 1 i ,U E , , Frederick, Kathy 9' , --'l '- - i' V Julton, Nancy ' . - F f 1 ,, ' Fye, Richard Q ' "'i:.,,f, r V! J , ' ll' , ' Gage, Debbie X - fi- y 1 2:21, .' . I' V Gamble, hlena L' ' 5 -. Y "f' , . -V .-Q. , -1 , , '-' A Garner, Mary Ann New Challenges Constantly Face Students l . 'T X N Gianfilippo, Gary 1 4 f 0 , Giannopaulas, Jeffrey 7 A gay., K 'M ' ' -bl '-- Gibson, Jeff W' J xil va! g in W 0 le 28' 5' S Gielders, Jared Q, J - tv? iff., fc' , -:P .L J Gile, Darcy I "Q 'lf' , W A 'GI - . , Giu, Cynthia - L. . 'uf' - , I ' -It 'J ,J Glaze, James 0,452 ,Q J ij lrgw wx - I L ' ' Goble, Rena ll V J - , , ii Goebel, Karen I K , Goodman, Glen Y '- ' , gg , - Gorena, Alice ,if 1 5 . L, f , Gordon, Ellen '- fl ' A 4, ' , Qz- I A , f Gorman, Randy 2"" " fl , 4' graham, Harold 4 ' A . I A . '- , randstaff, Kathy ' - , ,X f "" 1 ' Jjg-A A Grant, Jackie J J Ji A Gray, Jeannette 1, 's J- Gregory, Catherine b 'v Q , Q 'L Gulick, Becky f 9 ', - 3 3 5 -J Gunter, Reba Y -gr, " L' .' ,N Guthery, Billy - ,K , ' f Gwynn, Gregg I .LY gym ,- f, 1 J J U ' Haley, Paula 'hr L. , Hall, Joyce Hall, Lee Ann JY 'Q X - 1 if '- Hall, Lois I ' J X W' A Hail, Russell . M " -WJ H- ii 5 Hall, Terry ' rf .. V Handke, Norma V Hanes, David , ,J 7 ' 'J ' -'K 74 Harbison, Melissa Hardin, Bobby Harmon, Stanley Harris, David Harris, Mike Harryman, Gil Hart, Mark Hascail, Donna Hatley, Mel Hawkins, Laquita Hawkinson, Neal Hayes, Cindy Haynes, Rhonda Heath, Terry " 1 - new E 571' . , M .VI . ui -ni w-A J' lu -are " 1' . X v I 1 if xl' 4 'Jul 1 " V if I ' ' 17 ' ' . .1 . ' L - V" 'f f ,-- -i L. -- J. . w J '- -v . . Cz. an F , r, . 'f' , ... Ing l ' A .- I ,N-rw i ,- ' Q nr ,ik Mi wr , . . il :4 1 .- I I win ' ' Q n- if 1 ,. 4'T'fA . L , , ,gn ' 5: ' 6 'zz - J " L. ine T' ... ' 4' ' fi' . ls.Ly .- ., iff, Heidebrccht, Larry Henderson, Sheri Henly, Cindy Henry, Sharon Hensley, Ricky Herbelin, Tom Hess, Randy Hess, Ricky Hibbert, Rex Hicks, Allen Hicks, Barry Higgins, Bobbi Hill, John Hill, Mark Hilton, Sharon Hinklc, Terry Hoffman, Susan Hogan, David Hogan, William Holliday, Sue Holliway, Glenda Hood, Paul Ray Howard, John Howard, Robert Hubin, Nita Hughes, Mike Huron, Claris Hurst, Kenneth Husted, Denise Hyatt, Bill Ingram, Mike Jackson, Cay Jahuke, Natalie Jennings, Deborah Jerkousky, Suzan Johnson, Cheryl Johnson, Debra Johnson, Jeannette Johnson, Joni Johnson, Kristin Jones, Angela Jones, Darlene Jones, Jay Jones, Scott Kamp, Karen Keen, Cheryl Keith, Lugenc Kincaid, Mark Kinney, Barbara Klimowicz, David Koch, Robert Kohs, Steve Kollmorgen, Steve Kresbsbach, Marie Kruger, Janet Kruger, Kenneth Kuhlman, Sherry Ladd, Gwenn Lair, Vicki Lakin, Sandy Lawson, Shirley Lawter, Jack Lear, Nicky Lechtenberg, Chris Lehman, Fred LeNaire, Tom Lester, Joe Lewis, Pat Lewis, Tony Little, Vicki Livingstone, Jeffery Lobrecht, Kay ac. 1 . girilxw- n lx ilf Q J fp i?-W 1- :J . 5. 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Sebastian, Linda Self, Marty Shrum, Kathy Sims, Donnie Simmons, Diane Sipes, Richard Slaughter, Will Smith, Hal Smith, Richard Smith, Sherry Snodgrass, Jack Snow, David Snyder, Jeff Spaan, Sandy Spaulding, Craig Spicer, Stephen Spicer, Suzanne Spiva, Steve Spivey, Cindy Stair, Steve Starr, Paul Steele, Wayne Stein, Janet Steincamp, Monis Stewart, Terry Storm, Diana Storey, Janet Straughan, Robyn Sullivan, Pam Sutton, Wayne Taylor, Dan Taylor, Glenn Taylor, James Thomas, Lynn Thompson, David Thompson, Ivan Thompson, Jimmy Tidmore, Tamara Tison, Kirby Trimble, Jamie Trotter, Pam Trubey, Stuart Tucker, Diana Tucker, Steve Turner, Glen Turner, Vicki Vancil, Lisa Veitch, Tony Wade, Edith Walker, Nancy Walker, Ronnie Waller, Steven Walls, Ronnie Walraven, Greg Walser, Susan Warneke, Brenda Wayman, Danny Weaver, Gayle Weaver, Martha Webb, Robert Wehba, David Wellner, Danny Welsh, Malinda Wexler, Ken Whitlow, Randy White, Margaret White, Mike Wildly, John Williams, Charles Williams, Suzanne Willery, Lina Wilson, Keith Winkler, Anita Wise, Denise Witt, Nancy Womack, Judy Woodard, Donald Woolery, Tim Woolf, Peggy Wooten, Jacque 'W - i f?g7 'sr li Ly ,," .,,,, ,M Thoughts Turn To Tomorrows .3 JC' J' , ,K .si Q' X - 1 will, 3 L 5 ,li W , 1 'fig - I l :Mb ,QL 'C' ' " D' i' " f ", ' 3 fljs at-ij t! . ' ici? -, AV M I Exam! ' v A' 'fu . K' N ' ' -'w N- W- i may . l s , , i Q? h it .:", V' l I," X5 " ' ' , V l -vnu. f or r 1' ' 'f' 1 . 1 ai' slim ggi i ll L: . I Ml ,v .f .. ,- 1 4 5 h if Q 'f -I "" 1 2 if 1 V- i -1 H3 i ' Q 5 2' 1 A J 4 12 at he ' .fill ,i- ,Graf I It xl' fl Wright, James ' -H Wright, Tony . ' 5? Yancey, Teri 9 , -jj Ya1vington,Prieilla 1 Yetter, William .7 Q - 5- . Y0ur1g,Va1erie fl. V- .141 if r zifbe1,J1m ,g f' , Truesdale, Wesley 1 " at 4 , 3' .3-ffzfifi 'V ,. .1123-f'.,c3'lEEi5s7'f?4', 9. L4. " ' I 1 Studen s anxiously wait for their tum to have Li fo brary serves as welcome refuge for seventh graders as they cram l.' S6ITl8St6I' tests. theu picture taken. Editors F uwll Dreams We hope that as you thumb through this yearbook you will find yourself reliving wonderful happenings of this school year. We will always remember the rush to meet deadlines, and above all the fun we had doing it. We hope you have the same sense of pride we have 'in this yearbook. We have tried to capture the movements of our school-the happi- ness and sadness of winning and losing the games, the thrills of being on stage and presenting in front ofan audience, the joy of knowing this is our school and that we belong. It has been a rough year for the ninth grade with a feeling of being torn away from our school and being thrust into a new world. The eighth grade feels the thrills of being on top, of having more privi- leges. ' The seventh grade knowing that they can join more clubs and can look down on people without having people looking down on them. We apologize to many teachers for disrupting their classes, and we thank them and the students for cooperating with us. We wish to thank especially our parents for putting up with us on our late nights out. We hope you won't blame us too much if we have misspelled your name or have left your picture out. Our special thanks to the yearbook staff and Mrs. J. Doughty, sponsor, for helping us put the yearbook out. Lorrie Hutton Jill Mock .WMM W M My M 207557 X C: mix fit QD, if N52 Q32 if f wha gfzvgv' Q' JA 75' KWH I fyfqpe XIQKXQW ,mf mf,-Qwgfof xbfc-we ' Iyfovf' 00 J, Uflflvfgf F9 5 C' .X

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