Purdue University - Debris Yearbook (West Lafayette, IN)

 - Class of 1969

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Purdue University - Debris Yearbook (West Lafayette, IN) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 595
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Wickert, Larry A. Wickham ' . Thomas F Wicks, BritlRel A. Wkiman. Richard T. WiJman, Robert A. Widmcr, Nancy ]. Widmer, Ralph L. Widzisz, John R. Wienke, Karen L. Wiergacz, John T. Wierks, Jane A. Wiesler, Carol S. Wiesman, Andrew P Wietzke, Donald L. Wiggenhom, Paula A. 303, 374 Wilcox. Homer F„ III 226, 338 Wilcox, Michael R. 338 Wilcox, Roger H. 239 Wild, Barbara J. 420 Wild, Richard D. 188, 319 Wild. Timothy G. 252, 438 Wilder. Marvin E. 252 Wilder, Sandra J. 124 Wilderniuth. Timothy J. 303. 338 Wdds, Stephen D. 240. 252. Wilds, Terry G. Wiles, Denise K. 1: Wiles. Laura A. Wiley. Gerald L. Wiley. John R., II Wiley. Rex D. Wiley. Thomas C. Wilfong. Cheryl K. Wilgrube. Peggy A. 3 Wilhelm, Douglas P. Wilk, Jacqueline A. Wilkerson, B. P., Jr. Wilkerson. William T.. Jr. Wilkins. Ward K. Wilkinson. Francis E. Wilkinson. John W. Wilkinson, Lloyd M. 2 Wilkinson, Robert M.. II Will. Karen M. WiUcox, Janice L. Willeke, James S. Willenberg, Wayne E. Willerth. Joe F. Willev, Mark V. Wilhams. Carolyn S. 3 WiUiams. Charles R. WiUiams. Claudia J. h Willia Cynthia A. , Darrell M. Williams, David A. WiUiams, David A. WiUiams, Douglas E. Williams, Eugene E. Williams, Gary R. WiUiams, Harry W, Williams, Jean E. 9 Williams, Kathryn G. Williams, Kenderick R. Williams, Kenneth W. WiUiams. Lawrence E. Williams, Linda L. WiUiams, Maty B. Williams, Nancy K. WiUiams, Perry A. Williams, Ralph E. Williams, RandaU D. Williams, Richard D. WiUiams, Robert H. WiUiams, Ryan D. WUliams, Stuart C, III WiUiams, TerriU E. WiUiams, Terry G. WiUiams, Terry R. WiUiams, Theodore B. Williams, Theodore J., Williams. Theresa J. Williams. Thomas A. Williamson. Dana E. Williamson. James A. Williamson. Joe P. WiUiamson. John H. WiUiamson. Linda M. WiUiamson, Marion WiUiamson, Michael D. Williamson, Patricia K. WiUiamson, Robert L. Wilhamson, Stephen A. WiUiamson, Toby D. Willis. John R. ; Willis, Roger G. WiUis. William D. WilUts. Patricia A. WiUman, Jane D. WiUmot, Glenn D. WiUoughby, Robert L. Wills, Stephen R. WiUs, Wayne M. Wilson, Andrea S. Wilson, Barry H. Wilson, Carol R. Wilson, Charles D. Wilson, Constance S. Wilson, Evelyn M. Wilson, Floyd D. Wilson, Foster W. Wilson, Gregory ' A. Wilson. Jackie L. Wilson, John O. Wilson. Judy L. Wilson. Kathleen M. Wilson. Kenneth R. Wilson, Norvin B. Wilson, Pab-icia A. Wilson, Paula V. Wilson, Richard H. Wilson, Richard L., Jr. Wilson, Shirley J. Wilson, Therese M. Wilson, Thomas F. WUson, Thomas R. Wilson, Wanda K. Wilson, WiUiam D. Wiltrout. Suzanne Wiltshire. AUen T. Wimer. Michael E. Windier, Janet L. Wineholt, Dale O. Wingard, Thomas L. Wingert, Neil S. Winings, Jeffery B. Winkle, Dennis D. Winklepleck. Merry A. 121. 207, 323 Winkler, Claudia L. Winn, Patricia A. Winner, Joseph C. Winnick, Edward M. Winslow, Alan R. Winstel, Robert A. Wipert, Marcia G. Wirgowski, Dennis A. Wirick, Robert A. Wirth, Edward P. Wiscaver, Suzanne G. Wise, Raymond D. W. Wiseman, Daniel R. Wiseman, Jeffrey J. Wiseman, Thomas W. Wisker, John E. Wismer, Michael W. Witham, Gregory R. Withspoon, Minerva M Witt, Ronald D. Witte, Jane L. Witte, John M. 476 Witt e. Kenneth G. 435 Wittgen, Robert A. 228, 229. 232 Wittman, Stephen C. 383 Witzel, Mary C. 488 232. 407 Wiza, Charles F. Woerner, Deborah A. 2 ' Woemer. Paul F. Wocmer, Richard F. 2! Wuhadlo, Raymond A. Wohlberg. Richard A. Wohler, Jo E. A. Wohlford, Gayle R. Woida. Jerome Wojdula, Joseph J, Wolber. Janet M. Woldt, Martha E. Wolf. Charles F. Wolf, Janet E. Wolf. Linda J. 3( Wolf. Robyn E. Wolf, Steven C. Wolf. Thomas A. Wolfe, Bruce R. Wolfe, Cassandra S. Wolfe, David L. Wolfe, Gregory A. WoUe. Thomas M. 2 Wolfe. Timothy L. Wolfe, WiUiam G. Wolff, Greg L. Wolford, James C. li Wolford, Lezlee K. Wolfsheimer. Frank B. WoUieter. Roy D. Wolka, Kevin K. WoUenberg. Harry F. Wolsiefer, Richard M. 2 Wolter, Charles F. Wolter, Daniel J. Wolter, Joyce E. Wonderly, Steven P. Wong, Ching-Ping Wong, Franklin S. Wong, Kenneth W. H. Wonsetler, Robert L. 1 Woo, David Wood, Barbara Jean Wood. Carol S. Wood, Donald L. Wood, Douglas A. Wood. George E. Wood. Paul R. Wood, Randall M. Wood, Rosemary A. S WoodfiU, Rita J. Woodford, Frederick E. Woodring, Patrick J. i Woodruff. Eleanor J. Woodruff, Harold S. Woodruff, Michael L. Woods, Charles P. : Woods, Christa J. : Woods, Hazel L. Woods. Janet K. Woods, Rebecca S. 93. Woods, Robert W. Woods, Robington J. O. Woods, WiUiam A., Jr. Woodward. John F., Jr. Woodward, Kay E. i Woodward, Sidney L. Woodward, Stephen H. 1 Woodworth, Frank A. Woolard, Larry E. Woolcott, Barbara L. Woosnam, Cynthia J. Wooten, George A. Wooten. Jan H. Worcester. Christie A. Workman, Carol L. Workman, Larry J. Workman, Mary J. Worley, Carol A. Worrell, WiUiam R. Worthington, Arthur N. Wortman, David F. Wortman, Thomas R. Wozniak, Diana S. S Wozniak, James B. Wray. Brenda A. Wriggelsworth. Nancy J. Wright, Barbara S. Wright, David L. Wright. Joel W. Wright. Karen J. Wright, Karen L. Wright, Kim E. Wright. Lowell A. : Wright, Mary K. 124, 2 Wright, Penny S. 1 Wright. Phillip D. Wright. Raymond W. Wright, Ronald R. Wright, Sandra E. 1 Wright, Sharon K. 263, Wright. Thomas K. Wright, Vivian L. H. Wuensch, Susan M. Wulf, Deanna D. Wunder, Jack S. Wunder. Richard A. Wuthrich. Robert O. Wyant. Marcia A. Wyatt, Beverly L. Wyckoff, Paul W. Wyncott, George F.. Jr. Wynkoop, Eric A. Wynn, Lee A. Wynn. Michael A. Yackel. Jane M. Yacko, David G. Yacso, Cynthia A. Yalowitz, Charles I. Yalowitz, Merle F. Yamaguchi, Gary M. Yanchar, WUliam J., Ji Yanf, Mary L. Yara, Ronald T. Yarrington, Alan L. Yarrington, James R. Yates, George T. Yeager, Ricky B. Yeakley, WiUiam T. Yearsich. Thoma ' s G. Yee. Yu H. Yelton. Patricia S. Yentes, Patricia A. Yerkes, Patricia K. Yerkes, Stanley A. Yochem, Pamela S. Yockey, Ernest A.. Jr. Yocum, Penelope A. Yoder, Craig D. Yoder, Dennis S. Yoder, Peggy K. Yoder, Ronald L. Yoder, Warren J. Yokel, Sharon R. York, Carolyn L. York, Terry L. Yorkis. EHzabeth A. Yoshida. Glenn T. Yost. Terry E. Young, Bruce M. Young, Dale E. Young, David R. Young, Donald A. Young. Glenn A. 25 Young. Gregory C. Young, Joseph E. Young, Leroy D., Jr. Young, Linda S. Young. Marilyn F. Young, Nancy M. Young, Robert A., Jr. Young, Robert B. Young, Robert C. 101, 14S 124. 363 124, 363 194, 318 358, 465 543 227, 342 143 125 125. 481 Young, Robert L. Young, Sheryl A. Young, Susan A. Young, Susan L. Young, Warren R. 120, Youngblood, Stanley B. Youngblood. Stuart A. Youngquist. Carol A. Yu. Betty Yue. William W. Yunaska. Robert L. Yutmeyer, William P. Zaccarino. Terry L. 120, 227, 346 Zachary, James M. 335, 525, 534 Zachary, Ramona K. 424 Zachary, Robert N. 325 Zaderei, Nickolas Zaharako, Linda R Zahner, Jerry A. 252 Zakem, Steven B. 181, 208, 211, 469 Zale. Thad M. 533 Zalusky, James T. 457 Zambo, Richard A Zaring, Kevin M. Zarse. Everett L. 322 Zatkulak. Anthony D. 459 Zatkulak. Susan M. 124, 363 Zechiel, Alvin L. 277 Zechie!. Lee H. 227, 324, 352 Zegafuse, Donald W„ Jr. 182 Zeilinga, Martin J. 341 Zelencik, Mary J. 423 ZeUer, Donald L. 434 Zeller, Michael W. 125, .357 Zeller, Ronald H. 252 Zeltwanger, Susan K. Zeman, Glen J. Zepik, Janice L. 121, 303, 364 Zerebecki, HaUna J. 482 Zerr, Frank M. 469 Zezima, Anthony M. 323 Zgliczynski. James B. 149, 182 Zickmund, Larry J. 277 ZiebeU, Donald R. 470 Ziegler, Beverly A. 402 Ziegler, David O. 324 Ziegler, David S. 466 Ziegler, Dennis C. 198, 324 Ziegler, George R., Ill 198, 343 Ziegler, Lamar A. 355 Ziegler, Robert B. 525 Ziemer, David L. 432 Zierdt, Michael L. 330 Ziffrin, Judith Zigler, Martin J Ziker, Barbara Ziker, Frederick A. 227, 315, 350 Zikmund, Thomas J. 492 Zimmer. Richard J. 227 Zimmerly. Stephen J. 79.96 120, 252 Zimmerman, Jill K. 489 Zimmerman, Mickey D. 438 Zimmerman, Richard D. 476 Zimmerman. Ronald C. 252 Zimmerman, Sam J. 335 Zimmerman, Suzanne C. 368 Zitterbart, Ellen G. 125, 365 Zlotek, Laurie E. 489 ZoUars, Thomas E. 239 Zolman, James A. 232 Zolt, Rhonda I. 362 Zolvinski, Mary A. 416 Zook, Susan L. 412 Zox, Sherry B. 488 Zuckerman, Bruce W. 227 Zukanovich, Joan 303, 368 Zurawski. Patricia K. 263, 411 Zumey, WiUiam C. 456 Zywiec, Rose A. 489 Zwickl, David M. 432 482 Photo Credits; Marc Schuman, Rick Cummings. Bill O ' Connell. Ken Abel. Jim Wil- son. Gary Potts, Rosario Laudicina, Mike Frede, Jamie Byers, and Barb Woolcott. Copy Credits: Sandee Dively, Rod McKuen, and Paul Simon. Printing of the 1969 DEBRIS was done by Taylor Publishing Company. Dallas, Texas. Opening and closing sections and all other introductory sections used 16 point Melior type. The remainder of the book ' s body copy is 10 point Melior, with captions and idents of 8 point Melior. Heads are 24 point Melior. The paper used for opening and closing is 80 lb. Saxony, for the class section the paper is Warren ' s 80 lb. Casco dull, for the sports section the paper is Warren ' s 80 lb. Lustro Dull, and the re- mainder of the book was 80 lb. Patina. The cover was produced by S. K. Smith Co. of Chicago.

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