Pulaski High School - Oriole Yearbook (Pulaski, VA)

 - Class of 1949

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Pulaski High School - Oriole Yearbook (Pulaski, VA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 67 of 116
Page 67 of 116

Pulaski High School - Oriole Yearbook (Pulaski, VA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 66
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Page 67 text:

1. is I engagemenf wifh fhe Birdmen. 49-30. The scor- ing parade read Doug Divers IO. Capfain Buddy Wirf 9. and Dean Tesfer 8. Playing in Blacksburg fhe nexf Tuesday. fhe P. H. S. baskeleers dropped fheir fhird sfraighf fo fhe Indians. 6l fo 44. Mark Ferguson and Capfain Buddy Wirf led fhe score wil-h I2 and I I, respecfively. y g, Chrisfiansburg defeafed Pulaski, 64-432' on fhe Monfgomery courf. Capfain Buddy Wirf collecfed' I6 poinfs for fhe nigh'r's work. Radford's smoofh-working Bobcafs smofh- ered fhe Birds. 8l fo 26. Mark Ferguson gof 7 poinfs while Frank Ouesenberry counfed for 5. The Orioles losf a hearfbreaker fo fhe Blacksburg Indians by a slim margin of 39 fo 37. Buddy Wirf pushed I5 poinfs fhrough fhe hoops fo gain fhe high scoring honors for fhe nighf. Doug Divers swished fhe nefs for IO poinfs. Breaking a five game losing sfreak. fhe P. H. S. Quinl' fook Pearisburg in fhe camp 5I-43 on fhe Giles Counfy Courf., Mark Fergu- son and Buddy Wirf were fhe big guns for fhe home feam. collecfing I5 and I4. respecfively. Dean Tesfer garnered I2 as well as playing a yice floo game. P ing in Roanoke Friday. fhe' Colonels from ' i 5Fleming avenged an early season IRS, byifur ', g fhe-fide. on Pulaski 59. Mark Ferguson. Buddy Wi f.-and Doug Divers led fhe scori 'spIi++iE'gJylwe 25 poinfs fogefher. Pkfiifq on even fbrms for fhree periods. fhe Ouinlefs from P. H. S. fell before a final period rally by Narrows. 58 fo 44.'-Ferguson was fhe big man for Pulaski wifh I4 markers, while Cap- fain Buddy Wirf and Dean Tesfer poked in Il each. ' Back af home since fhe firsf fime January I4fh. fhe high school cagers fhreshed Pearisburg 66 fo 39. Dean Tesfer- hooked in I9 poinfs fo have scoring honors all fo himself. Losing 70 fo 44, fhe Orioles dropped fheir I2fh game of fhe season. Alfhough fhe Orioles wenf down in defeaf. Mark Ferguson found fhe hooks fo his liking fo garner 22 poinfs exacfly. Affer leading 20-I5 af half, fhe Orioles losf fheir fif+h sfraighf fo Chrisfiansbgurg. 53-39. Mark Ferguson scored IO, Doug Divers 9. and Buddy Wirf 8, fo lead Oriole scoring. Alfhough playing a good game. fhe Orioles Iosf fo a superior Radford feam 68 fo 44. Dean Tesfer and Buddy Wirf fook scoring honors wifh I2 apiece. In fhe lasf game of fhe season. fhe Orioles losf a hearfbreaker fo Narrows. 57-54. Doug Divers was high man by scoring I7 poinfs. Five seniors finished fheir high school ca- reers by oufplaying buf losing fo fhe Green Wave. We sincerely appreciafe fhe unfiring efforfs ' D ' . ,sQ',.g.,lEQ' I - 1-x -TTQYSBY.-si ' 'L ' . - . , I , . . , ' of Coach Bill Planf and fhe bQ'ys.shoyred.go'd2zI". I -, sporfsmanshipi alfhough only having aifair sea-- sonj . A I I I. ' U, VARSITY FOOTBALLQI1. I i new coaches. Mr. Vic Kreifer and Mr. .Bill Blanf. i' L, we give our hearffelf fhanks-fo1fhem'for fheir L. I 6 I I pafience, efforf, and generosify in giving of g fheir valuable knowledge displayed fo an emi-I I H A' I Q. nenf degree fhroughouf fhenenfire season.f 'L . I j I ss earns BASIXE BALL IJ ,, I 1 Under Ihe guidance and Eggship igfxl kwa Coach ifer.-ffiefqrrls hfsd-xladqegipcsuggesf I season.. ' h ga orf fime fo pr fic . r. Q. Krelfer Ulde,g!QyIedSn2'lEb+4Q' Idk133mwJJ,9,Lx5i fhe'IowlgiiQgfjhe score. + .Q W V Q' Vi This feam consisfedi o Piss .fi uri A barger, Elizabefh Sfoofsua len Bau . af 'X ,r I guards. and Carle Shuffle-'xrgeg JoaffMidkiff. and Sylvia Dalfon af forwagssl X5 Such able subsfifufes as Beffy'do-Brown. Peggy Whifeman. Wanda Smifh. Vivian Riffey. Marjgaref Gregory. Sue Spraff. Eleanor Leach. Ezma Lee King. Crysfal Sfafford. Mary Yelfon. y and Sally Lou Gilmer. composed fhe resf of fhel' squad. I ' I 4 In fhe season opener. fhe Orioleffes downed 1 1 . .. fhe Draper sexfef. 46-4I, in f-he,laffer's,gym..ThgK I if ' .Aj enfire squad looked good wifh Joan Midkiff -and .v 7-':'5.' Carle Shufflebarger showing fhe way wifh 27 ' and ll poinfs. respecfively. . William Fleming, furnishing 'rhe opposilion. fhe lassies nailed anofher vicfory by fhe score of 24-I4. If was iusf a case of foo much Midkiff and Shufflebarger, who neffed I2 and I0 poinfs. respecfively. On a iaunf fo Blacksburg. fhe female half of Ihe baskefball forces of P. H. S. hammered ouf a 35-I8 win fo remain undefeafed. Carle Shuf- flebarger scored I7 poinfs and was followed by Joan Midkiff wifh I I. The sexfef nexf downed a game. by ouf- classing Pearisburg feam fo fhe fune of 32-I I. This fime scoring honors again wenf 'ro Carle Shufflebarger wifh I4 markers. When fhe lassies fraveled fo Narrows fhey came home wifh sfill anofher win, fhis fime by a 50-3I margin. Carle Shufflebarger wenf on a scoring spree and finally neffed 28 poinfs. Traveling nexf fo Roanoke. fha P. H. S. sex- fef came ouf on fhe fop end of a 3I-29 score. Sylvia Dalfon sfole fhe Iimelighf and poked in I2 poinfs. n - The girls confinued fheir winning ways by frouncing a Pearisburg ouffif by a 29-25 margin. Liffle Joan Midkiff garnered I4 poinfs fo show fhe way fo vicfory. . The only loss suffered by fhe Orioleffes was af fhe hands of fhe Radford sexfef fo fhe fune of 27-I7. Carle Shufflebarger was high scorer 1 .s .. 'va wifh 9 poinfs. ' ,. MQ' - . g, page sixty-three' I ' " , AGN. .N ,K ?' if? I '25

Page 66 text:

Sealed: Doug Brallon, Ezra Quesenberry, Buddy Vv'irl Dean Trtsler, Frank Ouesenberry. Slanding: Perry Wilson, Fred Gregory, Doug Divers, Mark Ferguson, Ray Swain, Bill Blanlrr-nship, George, Bauqh, fialefeff . . . As lhe boys' baslelball season rolled around 'rhe new coach had a problem ol which boys in lhelarge number of candidales would make lhe learn. The varsily was made up ol Caplain Buddy Wirl, along wilh live olher boys: Doug Divers, Ivlarlc Ferguson, Dean Tesler, Raymond Swain and Doug Brallon. Olher boys lo malce lhe leam were: Fred Gregory, Franlf Ouesen- berry, George Baugh, Ezra Ouesenberry, Bill Blankenship, and Perry Wilson. The Orioles slarled oul wilh an impressive win over lhe Iacully alumni, 65 Io 43. Using a lhree leam syslem, lhe boys wore down lhe older men wilh every one on lhe squad scoring. Playing in lhe small Draper gym, lhe Orioles bear lhe Blue Devils 57 lo 49. The score was close all lhe way as Doug Divers was lops in lhe scoring column wilh I9 poinls. Playing lheir Iirsl dislricl game, Ihe Birdf men Ihrew up a lighr defense and a deliberale ollense lo win a Iow scoring conlesr lrom Wil- liam Fleming, 29-24. Again Doug Divers was rlfli' .wi 1 ljl-I u ri high man wilh 9 poinls, and Caplain Buddy Wirl second wilh 6. The Orioles Iosl lheir lirsl game lo an age gressive Fieldale live, 32-26. Doug Divers and Mark Ferguson led lhe Oriole scoring wilh 6 apiece, while Caplain Wirl had 5. The Orioles had a brealher Tuesday nighl by Ialring Draper 52 lo 34. The leam was paced by Caplain Buddy Wirl and Doug Divers wilh I2 poinls each. Dean Te-sler, wilh IO poinls, was runner up in lhe poinl gelling division as The whole leam played oulslandingly. On a Iwo day road lrip lo lhe Soulheaslern lip ol The dislricl, lhe Orioles engaged Marlins' ville Friday nighl and lhe Fieldale Ouinl on Sale urday nighl. lnabilily lo hil Ioul shols cosls lhe local Ouinlel a viclory over Ihe Bulldogs. Sinlcf ing none for I3 Iouls, Coach PIanl's leam Iosl a lough 57-50 decision. lvlarlc Ferguson was lhe chief poinl malcer wilh I4, while Dean Tesler and Doug Divers were a close second wilh L2. The following nighl Fieldale won a relurn

Page 68 text:

-Q 7 Li vi-,. ,,K".7 1 Ky '14 I- 4 Jw f C 'I I ' ., 1 'f Girls, Varsity Baslcetlball ' ' Sealed: Carlv Shiilllc-bnrqer, Helen I f ' Bnuqli, Elizabeth Slools, Caplain E1 I "Ti yi' Shiilllf' Vg e r .r r' iss la. er, , g' Sylvia Dallon, Joan Midkill, LV Peggy Whilcmari. I 'li ' Kneeling: Mary Ye-lion, Eleanor A Leach, Sue Prall, Vivian Rilfey, Cryalcil Slallord, Wanda Srnilh, Belly Jo Brown. xl Lila McCall, Manager, s A Y' I' Y' ' Donnie P I .ps ly 1,3 -5, r . . 'X Freddie Newman Donnie Harrell y h bbs l 3oys' J. V. Basketball Sealed: Doug Farmer, B o Io I1 y fs 3 L' W Ella , J. .Ir Mabry, Hebre Kel- oey Bill King, Bobby Dunnagan. I I O D o u q Slandingz C in on wens, Grrls. Nunn, Gene Nunn, Richard Hull, Blll I R J H I mor' . . Fieldale Draper Dublin CI-lrisliansburg Dublin Blacksburg Chrisliansburg Radford Wylheville Here Here Here There Here Here Here Here Here 44-24 37- I 0 3 I -26 24-I I 44-32 50-29 27- I 4 39-23 45-29 To wind up a very successlul season, lhe lassies nailed lhe Narrows leam by a 28-20 score. Shuillebarger led lhe scoring for Pulaski wilh I8 ioinls. The Oriolelles were invilecl lo a lournamenl in Chris iansburg March Iourlh and iiilh. There were iour leams iriviled, he olher lhree were Radford, Chrisliansburg, and William Byrd. vi' The sexlel played lhe Radford girls on l:riday,,AI'+ernoonJ Rad- ford was lhe only Team in lhe dislricl lo which, lhe Oriolelles losl. They lurned lhe lide again in a hard Ioughlgarr1ei4!lr-32. Carle Shuillebar- ger look scoring honors wilh I9 poinls whifaxgoan Midlcill was second wilh IZ. Chrisliansburg be-al Williqiglslffyrd ld" Radford in lhe linals. The girls played William Byrd? in lh consolalion game. Salurday lhe Oriolerles' rpowered 'slrong,'William Byrd oul- Iil lo lhe lune ol 46-Q2. MICQCAAWH lllyespped allscores lor 'rhe day wilh 27 poinls. The giwiad a lingwsgason and we are proud lo have lhem represenl ourwool. 4 I Z

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