Pulaski High School - Oriole Yearbook (Pulaski, VA)

 - Class of 1948

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Pulaski High School - Oriole Yearbook (Pulaski, VA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 73 of 116
Page 73 of 116

Pulaski High School - Oriole Yearbook (Pulaski, VA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 72
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Page 73 text:

came ouT on Top of The 34-32 decision. The scoring was abouT evenly divided wiTh Duncan Taking The Iaurels. geTTing four field goals and a chariTy Toss for a 9 poinT ToTaI. Ably led by Vernon Boadwine. wiTh Thirfeen poinTs, The P.I'I.S. Team Took a scanT vicTory from Fries High School on The Fries Courf. The Orioles were in hoT wafer all The way wiTh Fries leading 20-I5 aT The half-Time inTermission. Then Divers, RaTcIiTfe. and Ferguson began clicking in The Third quarfer and The game was nip-and-Tuck The resT of The way wiTh Pulaski emerging The vicTor. In chalking up Their TenTh vicTory, The Orioles. seeking revenge for Their one poinT loss in The previous game wiTh The Demons. were never headed by ChrisTiansburg. and Took an easy 39-27 vicTory. RaTcIiffe Took The scoring honors wiTh IO poinTs. followed by Lowman and Boadwine wiTh 7 poinTs each. The Orioles Took a close 34-28 win from a scrappy Blacksburg five ThaT sTaged an almosT disasTrous comeback. WiTh The score 24-7 aT The half, The Orioles seTTIed back To an easy win, IeTTing The reserves finish ouT The game. BuT when The final whisTIe blew. Blacksburg had nearly Tied The score. despiTe Divers' I I poinTs. Pulaski honorably bowed To William Fleming, 55-33. in a game marked by 49 fouls, of which Fleming made The necessary poinTs To win. sinking 25 ouT of 38. Three Pulaski sTarTers IefT The game on fouls, leaving a second sTring defense To The mercy of The fasT Roanoke quinT. Pulaski had an off nighT. and losT To T-he Narrows Green Wave 36-33 aT Narrows The following Friday nighT. WirT and RaTcIiTTe sTripped The neTs for 9 poinTs apiece, To copp scoring honors. The Orioles dropped a lopsided game To Radford's Bobcafs 56-34 aT Radford. buT were assured of a TournamenT bid despiTe The loss. The sTeeI backboards and a good fasT break accounTed for The defeaT aIThough RaTcliff did geT 9 poinTs. In Their final game of The regular season. The Orioles Trounced Pearisburg 56-39. GeTTing off To a fasT sTarT. Pulaski had iumped To a I4-0 lead by The firsT quarTer. This had increased To 32-2I by The Third quarTer. T. J. Duncan and Vernon Boadwine, each a graduaTing senior. Took scoring honors wiTh I I poinTs apiece. They were followed closely by Buddy WirT wiTh 8 poinTs and "Creep" Williams wiTh 6 poinTs. Pulaski. as usual. hiT one of The Two besT Teams in The disTricT in Their firsT game of The class B disTricT 6 baskefball TournamenT held aT The Virginia Tech gymnasium. The Orioles were up againsT The Marfinsville Bulldogs. raTed second only To William Fleming in disTricT sTanding. MarTinsviIle was hiTTing from all angles and Pulaski, somewhaT confused by The Virginia Tech glass backboards. could noT wiThsTand The sTrong aTTack. AIThough "PeanuT" Boadwine, lanky' Oriole cenTer. sunk 6 baskeTs from The floor and 7 aT The foul line for a I9 poinT ToTaI. The Tall, smooTh quinT from Henry CounTy averaged I2 poinTs per man To run up a 67-46 score. Boad- wine was crediTed by many as playing The besT game of any cenTer in The TournamenT. CapTain Jimmy Lowman also showed up well, scoring I0 poinTs. lv1arTinsviIIe wenT all The way inTo The,-Q' finals buT dropped The deciding game To William Fleming 46-40. Buddy RaTcIiffe was high scorer for The year. having I57 poinTs in 20 games, for an 8 poinTs per game average. Mark Ferguson sec- ond in poinTs wiTh III. followed by "PeanuT" Boadwine wiTh l05. Doug Divers was second in poinTs-per-game average wiTh beTTer Than 6 To his credif. Rounding ouT The firsT seven highesT ToTaIs were Buddy WirT having 97 poinTs., Jimmy Lowman wiTh 94. Doug Divers wiTh 83. and T. J. Duncan wiTh 8I. As a posTscripT To The season, we are happy To announce ThaT Buddy WirT, dependable for- ward, has been eIecTed capTain of nexT year's squad. The Orioles hung up a season record of I2 wins and 8 losses for The '49 Team To aTTempT To maTch. and, as The uniforms wenT To The moTh- balls, The school was righTIy proud of iTs '48 Team. Jr. Varsity Pulaski High's baskeTbaII iayvees compIeTed an impressive season record of 5 wins and 2 losses, winning from ChrisTiansburg and Blacks- burg Twice and Radford once. page .sixty-nine I

Page 72 text:

Basketball As The baskeTball season rolled around, The school was looking Torward To a beTTer-Than- average season on The hardwood. Four leTTer- men were back including CapTain Jimmy Low- man, Mark Ferguson, Doug Williams, and Buddy RaTcliTTe. Also up Trom The Junior VarsiTy were Vernon Boadwine, T. J. Duncan, Buddy WirT, Doug BraTTon. Dean TesTer, and Raymond Swain. ParTicularly promising were Doug Divers, who Transferred Trom a prep school, and Buddy BaT- cliTTe, whose ball-handling proved To be a valu- able asseT To The '47 Team. From This galaxy OT TalenT, Coach J. Ward Long was expecTed To have Trouble in picking The besT sTarTing Tive. The opening game was wiTh The high school TaculTy, and The Orioles sTarTed The season wiTh a bang as They swished The neTs Tor 37 poinTs while limiTing Their opponenTs To a close 35. Holding The lead The enTire game, The Orioles Took a non-disTricT game Trom Draper 30-I6. Ferguson, Tlashy Oriole Torward, showed up especially well by racking up l4 poinTs. STill unable To cope wiTh Pulaski's TasT mov- ing quinT, Draper High School wenT down again 4l-I6 in a reTurn maTch aT The Pulaski gym be- hind The marksmanship oT Buddy WirT's high scoring leTT hand ThaT Tlipped in ll poinTs. ln Their TirsT disTricT game, The Orioles were compleTely ouT-classed by The William Fleming Colonels oT Roanoke, 55-29. Bounding back Trom Their TirsT deTeaT, The orange-and-black Took a 42-37 game Trom Nar- rows, sTaging a Thrilling comeback. ATTer a slow sTarT, Bud RaTcliTTe, shiTTy Oriole guard, sparked his Team To The win by dropping in I6 poinTs. JWMAN Caplain FERGUSON BOADWINE The Orioles suTTered Their second seTback oT The season aT The hands oT The ChrisTiansburg Demons, 29-28 on The MonTgomery CounTy CourT despiTe The vain eTTorTs oT Bud RaTcliTTe and "PeanuT" Boadwine, who scored 9 and 7 poinTs respecTively. The Tollowing Friday, The Orioles losT a Thriller To a TasT Alumni Team, compo-.ed oT pasT high school sTudenTs. The score read 36-3l. The Pulaski guinT Took an easy 49-22 vicTory Trom The Fries l-ligh School Tive, wiTh a newcomer, Doug Divers, sTripping The neT Tor six Tield goals To Take The scoring laurels Tor The nighT, A lasT minuTe score by Mark Ferguson gave The Orioles a 27-26 edge over The Blacksburg Indians wiTh Divers again leading The scoring, geTTing I3 poinTs. WiTh Three games on Tap in one week, The loirdmen Took an easy 69-39 win Trom WyTheville wiTh CapTain Jimmy Lowman and Forward Mark Ferguson each garnering I3 poinTs. RadTord Took a 34-32 hearTbreaker Trom Pulaski in The Oriole gym behind The sharp- shooTing OT Sherman Davis, RadTord Torward. WiTh The score Tied 30-30 in The lasT Three minuTes, The Orioles were making a brillianT comeback. All hope was seemingly gone when Davis Tlipped in Two sTraighT baskeTs, puTTing RadTord ouT TronT 34-30. Then Jimmy Lowman, in a vain aTTempT To save The game, dropped in one oT his Tamous hook shoTs, BuT, Time ran ouT, and The ValianT Orioles conTinued under The RadTord iinx. Buddy RaTcliTTe Turned in his usual good game being high scorer wiTh I4 poinTs. The Tollowing week againsT Pearisburg, The score was The same as wiTh RadTord, buT Pulaski DUNCAN RATCLIFFE DIVERS

Page 74 text:

Jr. Varsity - - - Coach Fronf row: .l rn TM i '-i B ll Bliinvi rv ni: Lui Qin-if-nlwriy Cvorqr- Bariqn, Frank Que-wnbf-rry. pvrry Wilson l'i A '-ir 1 M Back row' Wifi Mui, lr i lir' ir' B 'l li- 'ir Riiruzrl Allrw Rorwefv Diinagan Garland Harrir, San 4 l L Wll-'i iirii'-"Kin, i."'ir'lii"rr'. Corning ou? werond in flue league, llney irnlffrred fluff lournamenl al Radlord wiilw l1igl'1 hops -L,, ln the wemilinala, Pulaslriis 'All leam ilr-lcialc-Cl Blarlruburq -i All 35728, aller Trailing llicern llwc: lirwl lliren guarlers. George Bauglw, nrorinq IO poinlu, led hir, leann lo ilwe win. being lollowrirl by llnrr Queaenberry brollwere willi 6 poinlu apifrfe, lvlalcing a Clean sweep, ilie "BH foam aluo won beliind llie slwarpelnooling ol Sammy Craig willw IO poinlz. ln llwfr linal-, with Radford, The baby Orioles loel 1163? alllrouglw Brallon goi i4 poinls lo Bli'AilfHN TESTER BASK ET BA L L PULASKI OPPONENT 37 Faculfy 35 30 Draper I6 4I Draper lb 29 William Fleming 55 42 Narrows 37 28 Clhrisfianslaurg 29 3 I Alumni 36 49 Fries 22 27 Blacisburg 26 69 Wyfheville 39 32 Radford 34 Wi LLIAMS in SCHEDULE 48 PULASKI OPPONENT 34 Pearisburg 32 42 Fries 40 39 Chrisfiansburq 27 34 Blacksburg 28 33 William Fleming 55 33 Narrows 36 34 Radford 56 56 Pearisbwg 39 TOU RNAMENT 46 Marlinsville 67 FA R M E R J. WARD LONG SWMN

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