Pulaski High School - Oriole Yearbook (Pulaski, VA)

 - Class of 1943

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Pulaski High School - Oriole Yearbook (Pulaski, VA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 71 of 96
Page 71 of 96

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Page 71 text:

OPAL LEE RAMSEY - , Home Ec. Club '39-'40, '40-'4I: Glee Club '42-'43, Knoxville Business College. GEORGE LEE RASH Tumbling Club '40-'4I: Baseball '4I-'42: Monogram Club '42-'43. Work. AUGUSTUS FRANCIS RAUNER. JR. Transfer. Drarnalic Club Secrelary '4l-'42: Associaie Eclilor Oriole Chirps '4I-'423 Assisianl Manager Baskelball '4l-'42g Vice-Presidenl Hi-Y Club '42-'43. Armed Forces. JEAN SEAGLE RHOADES Slucleni Council '39-'40, '40-'4I. '42-'43g Dancing Club '39-'4O: Typing Club '40-'4-I: Bela Club '4I-'42: Presiclenl '42-'43: Hi-Y '4-I-'42, '42-'4-37 Vice-Presidenl Couniy Bela Club '42-'4-3. College. ROYCE ROSENBAUM Museum Club '40-'4I. Army. WILLIAM HUNDLEY SAUNDERS, JR. Hobby Club '39e'4O: Museum Club Treasurer '40-'4I, '4l-'42g Home Room Treasurer '40-'4l: Oriole Chirps Siaff '4I"42, News Ediiorg Journalism Club Treasurer '4I-'42: Bela Club '42-'43g Oriole Slaif '42-'43. William and Mary College. GLENNA LUCILLE SCHRADER Transfer from Kingspori, Tennessee. Glee Club '39-'40, '40-'4I, '4-I-'42: Secrelary Home Ec. Club '39-'4O: Sporls Club '40-'4I7 Dramalic Club '4I-'4-2. Roanoke Business College. WALTER HOWARD SCHRADER Model Airplane Club '39-'4O: Public Speaking '40-'4Ig Born Thiriy Years Too Soon '40-'4lg Museum Club '40-'4Ig Tumbling Club '40-'4I. MARGARET JANE SCHRADER Dancing Club '39-'4Og Museum Club '40-'4I, '4l-'42g Glee Club '40-'4I, '4l-'42, '42-'43: Secreiary Home Ec. Club '4-I-'42. Madison College. ELIZABETH I-IOWISON SCOTT IBETSYI Siudenr Council '39-'4O: Dancing Club '3934O: Glee Club '39"4O. '42-'43: Museum Club '40-'4I, '4-I-'42: Hi-Y '4-I-'42, '42-'43: Bela Club '42-'437 Pep Club '40-'4I, '4l-'42, '42-'4-3: Manager Baskel- ball '42-'43: Prim Priscilla Club '42-'437 Oriole Slail '42-'43. Mary Washinglon College-Commercial. MARY IRENE SHEPPARD Home Ec. Club '39-'4O: Library Club '40-'4I. Work. LENA BLANCHE SHEPPARD Home Ec. Club '39-'4O: Library Club '40-'4l. Work. I THOMAS EDISON SILCOX Airplane Club '39-'4Og Museum Club '40-'4l: Pholography Club '41-'42g Oriole Phoiographer '4I-'42, '42-'43, HENSEL SLAUGHTER Model Airplane Club '39-'4O: Public Speaking Club '40-'4-I: Biology Club '40-'4I: Born Thirly Years Too Soon Club '40-'4-I. Army Air Corps. DONNA ANN SMITH Vice-Presiclenl' Home Room '39-'4Og Glee Club '39-'40, '40-'4l. '4I-'42, '42-'43: Junior Music Club '39-'40, '40-'4I, '4I-'42, Secrelary '42-'4-3: Choral Club '39-'40, '40-'4l. '4I-'42 '42-'43: Modern Dancing Club '39-'4O: Ballroom Dancing Club '39-'4O: Baskelball '39-'40, '40-'4I, '4I-'42, '42-'43: Typing Club '40-'4lg Monogram Club '4I"42, Presidenl '42-'43: Pep Club '4I-'42, '42-'43: Head Cheerleader '42-'43g Bela Club '42-'43g Hi-Y '4l-'42, '42-'43: Prim Priscilla Club '42-'4-3: Oriole Siaii '42-'43: Leader of lniramural Sporls '42-'43. Mary Washingion College-Secrelarial. FLORENCE DORIS SOUTHERN ' Transfer from Akron, Ohio. Dramalic Club '40-'41, Make-Up Direclor, Presidenl '4I-'42g Choral Club I4-I-'42, '42-'4-33 Secrelary Home Room '40-'4Ig Hi-Y '42-'4-3: Bela Club '42-'43: Presidenl Home Room '42-'437 Sluclenr Council '42-'43g Oriole Slaii '42-'43. Work. ' ROBERT WHITFIELD STEVENS Hi-Y '4I-'42: Monogram Club '42343g Typing Club '4I-'42: Fooiball '40-'4I, '4I-'42, '42-'43: Treasurer Home Room '39-'4O: Manager Foolball '40-'4l: Sporis Club '40-'4I. Naval Eleclrician. MAMMIE RUTH STONEMAN Transfer. Work. DORIS KENT SURRATT Dancing Club '39-'4O: Typing Club '40-'4I. Farmville College. THELMA CATHERINE TAYLOR Dancing Club '39-'4-0: Library Club '40-'4l. Nurses Aid. CLARA NELL TESTER Home EC. '39-'4O: Museum Club '40-'4l, '4l-'421 Glee Club '40-'4l. '4l-'42, '42-'43g Bela Club '42-'43. College. LILLIE VIRGINIA THOMPSON Transfer. Bela Club '42-'4-3. College. LOUISE THOMPSON Transfer. Beia Club '424'43. College. CHARLES WATTS Hi-Y '4-I-'42, '4-2343: Monogram Club '42-'43: Baskelball '4-I-'42, '42-'4-3: Museum Club '40-'41, '4I-I42. ROLLIN PEARSALL WHITE Airplane Club '39-'4O: Museum Club '40-'4l, '4I-'42: Bela Club '42-'431 Treaurer Senior Class '42-'4-3. Army. ROBERT PIERCE WHITMAN Museum Club '40-'4I7 Hi-Y '4I-'42 Vice-Presidenlz Presidenl '42"43. College. MARGARET GLAYDES WI-IITAKER IPATSYI Parliamenlary Law Club '39-'4o. Hobby Club Vice-Presidenl '39-'4O: Presidenl Home Room '39-'4Og Dancing Club '39-'4-0: Sluclenl Council '40-'4I7 Sporis Club '40-'4-I: Presidenl' Museum Club '41-'42: Vice-Presiclenl of Virginia Junior Academy oi Science '4l-'42: Pep Club '41-'4-2: Baskerball '4l-'42, '42-'4-37 Business Slalf Oriole '4I-'42: Hi-Y '4l-'42, '42-'43: Secrelary Senior Class '42-'4-3: Oriole Slaii '42-'437 Prim Priscilla Club '423431 Bela Club '4-I-'42, '42-'43. Business Adminislralion. College. 1 fr ff GE SIXTY-FIVE TI I" I fifgm-y' - Eiiglif' 1 5'

Page 70 text:

EVELYN LUCILLE HUFF Home Ec. Club '39-'4-O7 Glee Club '39-'40, '40-'4l, '4lA'42, Secrelary '42-'43g Dramafic Club '40-'4I: Sporls Club '40-'4l: Hi-Y '4-I-'42, '42-'43: Oriole Chirps Sfaff '4-I-'42g Choral Club '4I-'42: Museum Club '4I-'42: Bela Club '42-'43 Secrefaryg Oriole Sfaff '42-'43g Junior Music Club '42-'433 Sfudenf Council '42-'43, Sfenographic work. WILLIAM NEAL HUFF gporfs Club '39-'4Og Tumbling Club '40-'4l7 Dramafic Club '4l-'42: Glee Club '42"43. Army Air orps. JAMES ALBERT HUGHES Debafing Club '39-'40, College. ALMA HENRIETTA HURST Modern Dancing Club '39-'4Og Ballroom Dancing Club '39-'403 Dramafic Club '40-'4lQ Home Ec. Club '4-I-'427 Chairmanq Glee Club '42-'4-3. Work. CHESTER JACKSON Sporfs Club '39-'4O7 Museum Club '39-'4O7 J. V. Baskelball '4IA'42p Tumbling Club '4I-'42, Work. MILDRED MARIE JONES Vice-Presiclenl Home Room '39-'4-O: Officers Club '39-'4O: Dancing Club '39-'401 Typing Club '40-'4l: Hi-Y '4l-'42, '42-'fi-3: Glee Club '39-'40, '40-'4l. '4l-'4-2. '42-'43g Museum Club '4I-'42g Junior Music Club '4I-'42, '42-'43: Choral Club '4l-'42, '42-'43g Befa Club '42-'43: Pep Club '4I-'4-2: Cheerleader '42-'4-35 Reporfer for Glee Club '42-'42g Prim Priscilla Club '42-'43. Work. LOIS FRANCES KESLING Sporfs Club '39-'401 Home Ec. '4l-'42: Dancing Club '39-'4-O: Dramafic Club '4l-'42. Work. MARGUERITE KEYS Dramqafic Club '4-I-'42g Glee Club '42-'43. Transfer from -Logan Junior High School, Logan, W. Va. Wor . EDWARD OSCAR KING Airplane Club '39-'40: Hi-Y '4IJ42, '42-'43, Marines. GERALD TOGO LEE Baseball '42-'43, Army Air Corps. GILES MARION LUGAR lBUDDYl Museum Club '39-'40, '40-'4l: Miclgefs Baskefball '39-'4O: Born Thirfy Years Too Soon Club '40-'4l: Airplane Club '40-'4I. Navy. BARNARD LEO MARTIN Museum Club '39-'40, '40-'4I, '4l-'42: Adverfising Manager of Oriole Chirps '4-I-'42. Army. VON W, MOODY, JR. Hi-Y '4-I-'42, '42-'43g Presidenf Home Room '40-'4-I: Befa Club 'lil-'42, '42-'43g Caplain Tumblers Club '4I-'42g Foofball '40-'4l. '4l-'42, '42-'43g Baskelball '40-'4I, '4I-'42, '42-'43g Monogram Club '4I-'42, '42-'43. Army. DORIS IRENE HOWLETT MOORE Glee Club '39-'40, '40-'4I, '4-I-'42, '42-'4-3: Dancing Club '39-'40: Museum Club '40- '40-'4-I: Vice-Presiclenf Home Ec. Club '4l-'42. Housewife. FRANK H. MOORE Dramafic Club '39-'4Og Airplane Club '40-'4lg Bachelor Club '4-I-'42: Manager of Varsify Eoofball '42-'43g Monogram Club '4l-'42, '42-'43: Hi-Y '4l-'42, '42-'43. RAYMOND MOORE Hi-Y '40-'4-l. '4l-'42, '42-'43: Secrefary Home Room '39-'4O: Sporfs Club '39-'40, ' Eoolball Manager '4l-'42: Co-Manager Foofball '42-'4-3. Sfore Managemenf. ROBERT LEE MOORE, JR. Eoofball '38-'39,: Tennis Team '38-'39, '39-'4O: Baskefball '38-'39: Airplane Club Baskelball '40-'4lq Sporfs Club '40-'4-lg Monogram Club '40-'4-I, '4l-'42, '42-'43g Cheerleader '42-'43. Army. LAVERNE MORRISON Dramafic Club '4I-'42: Glee Club '4I-'42. '42-'43: Choral Club '4I-'42, '42-'43: Pep Club '42-'43: Prim Priscilla Club '42-'43: Junior Music Club '42-'43, Transfer from Mf. Vernon, Georgia. College. RUBY JEAN MULLINS Transfer from Jenkins, Kenfucky. Museum Club '40-'4lg Hi-Y '42-'43, Work. THOMAS FRANKLIN NEWSOME Museum Club '39-'40, '40-'4l: Officers Club '39-'4Oq Treasurer Home Room '39-'401 J. V. Baskefball '40-'4lg Presidenf Home Room '40-'4l: Oriole Chirps '40-'4l1 Baskefball '4l-'42, '42-'4-3: Hi-Y '4l-'4-2. '42-'43: Home Ec. '4-I-'4-2: Bela Club '42-'43g Foofball '42-'43: Monogram Club '42-'-1-3. Milifary Service. RUTH OTEY Dancing Club '39-'4Og Dramafic Club '39-'40, '40-'4l: Hiking Club '40-'4l: Home Ec. '40-'4l. OWEN Glee Club '39"4O, '40-'4l, '4I-'42, '42-'43: Sporls Club '39-'40, '40-'4Ig Dancing Club '39-'4O: '4lg Sporfs Club Eoolball '4I-'42: 40-'4l: Assislani '39-'4-O: Manager DORIS MAE Choral Club '39-'40, '40-'4l, '4l-'42: Treasurer Home Room '40-'4-lg Hi-Y '42-'4-3: Befa Club '42"43. Com- mercial Work. VIRGINIA MARY PAGE Transfer. Homemaking Club '4O"4lg Dramafic Club '40-'4l. Brooklyn Cify College. WILLIAM MARVIN PATTON Museum Club '39-'40, '40-'4I: Tumbling Club '4I-'42, Army. RAYMOND CURTIS PHIBBS b Presiclenf Home Room '39-'4O: Presiclenf Museum Club '40-'41, '4I-'427 Officers Club '39-'4O: Oriole Chirps '39-'40, Business Manager '40-'4l, Eclifor '4I-'42: Sludeni Council '4I-'42: Presidenl '42-'43: Hi-Y '42-'43: Befa Club '42-'43: Liferary Edifor Oriole '42-'43. Bridgewaier College. MARY LEE PHILLIPS Dramafic Club '39-'40: Hi-Y '40-'4l, '41-'42, '42-'43p Typing Club '40-'4Ig Museum Club '4l-'42. College. JEAN QUEEN . X Museum Club '39-'40, '40-'4lg Home Ec. Club '4l-'42, Work. Ry I -: LTL -. ! PA GE Sl XTY-FOU

Page 72 text:

RQ x X Y x f N- ex Xb. Live. ' 'sw X. :af - ,T , -.w f itil. xg . . xanga anna EMA By BOBBIE GRAHAM We, The class of '43, march onward, STrong in body, hearT, and mind, We Think oT ThaT we have beTore us, We Think of whaT we've leTT behind. LeT us go TorTh, sTrong and willing, WiTh eager hearTs and helping hands, Answering calls oT love and duTy, Go TorTh and do whaT They command And Thru our liTe-long journey, As we sTarT looking back, WiTh cherished ThoughTs leT's remember, Those who wear The Orange and Black. PAG S

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