Pulaski High School - Oriole Yearbook (Pulaski, VA)

 - Class of 1926

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Pulaski High School - Oriole Yearbook (Pulaski, VA) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 113 of 146
Page 113 of 146

Pulaski High School - Oriole Yearbook (Pulaski, VA) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 112
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Page 113 text:

Established nr ft 0 nr 1 1 1 0 1 Published by January 1926 VL? if K VLU ix i i i k i The Seniors Volume One PULASKI HIGH SCHOOL, JANUARY 29, 1926 Number Two STAFF OF TATTLER Editor Margaret Dyer Assistants: Frances Mullins, Mary Draper, Ruth Jackson, Lillian Lowman. Reporters: Woodson Cummings, Chas. Gatewood, Hurst Owen. RECEIVES INVITATION Of course by now everyone has heard about the champion team’s invitation to play in the National Tournament held this year at Youngstown, Ohio. This came as a wonderful surprise and equally great opportunity for P. H. S. The ex- penses would of course be pretty heavy, the team being required to furnish railroad tare and Youngstown furnishes entertain- ment. Surely this is the greatest honor that has ever come to dear Ole Hi, and some- thing that Pulaski and Southwest Virginia have to be mighty proud of. So let’s not let this slip by. With everyone backing us why shouldn’t we go into that trournament with the same determination and courage that has car- ried us through many games victoriously, then make a record up there? With a VA proudly written upon each jersey, we’ll play as we ' ve never played before. An- swer this question, Who couldn’t play basketball when they are representing good ole Virginia, Southwest Virginia, Pu- laski and our own Hi? Many enthusiasts have already given liberal amounts for the team which are deeply appreciated. The girls aided by the boys are eagerly working to put this opportunity across, so come on everybody and let’s put Pulaski on the map and keep it there. ’26 BY HECK When ole ’26 rolls around, Ve re going to put out feet on the ground; 25 was good and better still. But ’26 huh — you’ll have to take a pill, by heck. W e ve boosted and boosted and boosted and yelled. We 11 put all the other schools down in the dell; They all will say, yes, ves, yes. Hurrah for P. H. S., by heck. Seniors think that they come first, But Freshies make them die of thirst; Juniors think that they come next, But everybody’s good — by heck. Our school? You know it’s best — Seniors, Juniors, Sophs and Freshies, they never rest; We 11 boost and boost ’till we have to roost; Our annual will get the crest, by heck. Out little Oriole will sing for us, It will do its best, ’twill never rust; And if 1926 isn’t the best, well — We’ll all bust, by heck. — Mozelle Dalton. ENGLISH To make our “Oriole” a great success, We each and all must do our best. Go on and strive with all our might To try, to gain, to win the fight. Please don’t think that I am a fool Because I say “P. H. S.” is a fine old school. The “Oriole” is the best book of all. We must hold it up and never let it fall. We are going to make a complete success Of our “Oriole” of ’26, Seniors, Juniors, Sophies fine, If we survive the time. Our glorious time will come in grand old ’29. — Violet Kersey. Familiar Snatches of Conversation Heard in and Around Hi this Week “I’m thrilled to death; honest I can’t believe it’s really true. Oh! wc must go. Just think everybody will hear about Pu- laski and P. II. S. You know wc must do our best and if we go to Youngstown bring back the same record we took with us.” “Believe me, they played ball; aren’t wc the stuff winning the State Champion- ship?” " Heavens! those hair cuts; they look ex- actly like convicts; of course I don’t mean their expressions. Nerve — well they haveit.” “Can you help type the ads today; the “Oriole” goes to press Monday.” “Demerits! How silly; the very idea. I know I ' ll get about a million. Who on earth suggested such a crazy idea for P. H. S. — goodness.” “Can anybody draw this figure? I simply cannot get this proposition.” “I know it; she told me to stop talking and I wasn ' t saying a word.” “Just because I didn’t quite know all that memory work on Hamlet is no sign that I should be called down in such a manner.” “Oh, me! I’m tired to death and that awful pain in the back of my head.” “Pass such a test — honest, I didn’t know a thing.” “The grandest food you ever ate. The Rotarians surely were nice to think about asking us.’’ “Heck! Another mistake — hit E for R. Somebody lend me an eraser before Miss Woodruff comes in here.” A P. H. S. COASTING PARTY O. what’s more fun than a coasting partv With girls and boys of Pulaski High School. Lessons all learned we can greet each other hearty . No. not a thought of a book nor a rule. Down the hill we go; each one has a sled Merry shouts of laughter now fill the air. LTp the hill we go, the fire burns red. It’s just all fun, for we have not a care. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” A very true saying we are sure, But, combine the two, we’ve a school to enjoy. And P. H. S. is bound to stand and endure. — Mary Eagle Cecil, Junior. SHE’S A LITTLE BEAUTY I’m simply wild about her, Gee, she rates about ninety-nine per. Honest, she’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. But gosh! All the other fellows about her seem just as keen. I stand off and look at her in a daze. I think, for you how I ' d work for that raise, you’re so polished, neat and trim, but with you chances for a guy like me are slim. To ask to take you out once I wish I could dare. Wouldn’t the people turn and stare? Today as I walk sadly by you I turn and longingly watch you from afar. When courage comes to me and gritting my teeth I loudly cry — “Heck it all ; why can’t you be my new car?” HI-ETTS “Just think, invited to be in the National Tournament.” These words are on all our lips. Oh! let’s work like everything and then go up there and PLAY. How those typewriters click. “Oriole” grows bigger and bigger each day. Miss Finks, we missed you Monday and Tuesday. So glad when you came back; your voice is gladly heard, even if it is a bit throaty at present. Seen roaming around the halls of Hi, several strange looking individuals who must have had the misfortune of becoming parted from their wigs. Miss Frye, we command you to make the “flu " flee and fly straight back to Hi. The highest record made by anyone in typewriting belongs to Hurst Owen, who handed in forty exercises in one week. If you don’t think that was hard try and do it. Coming soon! A P. H. S. play. Every- body get interested. It will be a frolic for you. At last we have found out who Miss Woodruff’s “Hampton” is. This much- spoken-of person turns out to be a place — Hampton Roads. We don’t know just why she is particularly interested in that location, but we might guess. Right here and now, the basket ball girls would like to thank Mr. Kirchner for set- ting us up after the last game. Those drinks were good and we enjoyed ’em. Also all those who attended the Rotary luncheon wish to express their sincere ap- preciation for such an enjoyable occasion. INTRODUCTION OF THE TEACHERS (Miss Lillian Woodyard) Miss Woodyard has won a place in the hearts of all the students of Ole Hi, al- though this is her first year with us. She is a graduate of Westhampton and teaches Latin at P. H. S. Her third and fourth year Latin classes are small, but that doesn’t mean she is not known to the rest of those classes. If you don’t believe this you should be in her Senior study period for a little while. ■t |c i| INTRODUCTION OF SENIORS William Thomas — Let us introduce you to Bill Thomas, one of the most valuable assets of our room. Bill isn’t one of those “A” students, but what does that matter? He manages to pull through and has lots of friends to boot. Bill has been very successful in what little business life he has taken part in, such as getting ads for the “Oriole.” The way he has started he will get somehwere before he quits. Frances Mullins — “Who’s that com- ing down the street looking so very petite?” Yes, that’s Frances. You’ll know her the second time you see her too, ’cause “Frankie’s” face is one of the kind that always remains in one’s memory. Her good looks are not all she possesses, however. She is gifted with a remarkable ability to play the piano — and you just bet she can play basketball too. Hallie Swaim— Hallie just arrived this year, but she has lost no time making friends. Everyone who meets “Hal” likes her from the start. She has a person- ality that attracts and this personality has played havoc in the hearts of many in school — and also in the town. We hear that Hallie is a great lover of “Pierce- Arrows.” How about it, Hallie?

Page 112 text:

Established January 1926 5T1 j r ©attlrr Published by The Seniors Volume One PULASKI HIGH SCHOOL, JANUARY 19, 1926 Number One STAFF OF TATTLER Editor Margaret Dyer Assistants: Frances Mullins, Mary Draper, Ruth Jackson, Lillian Lowman. Reporters: Woodson Cummings, Chas. Gatewood, Hurst Owen NEW CLUB IS ORGANIZED Have you heard of the Boosters? Yes. but you want to know all about them, now admit it, don ' t you? Well herein doth lie the whole history of the Boosters and their cl ub. Not so many days ago the Seniors, aided by Miss Thomas, decided that more in- terest and enthusiasm concerning the “Oriole " was badly needed. After much discussio n the idea of having a Booster Club was agreed upon. That is how this new club came into being. In order to carry out the work and decide upon some definite plan of advance (to use the words of honorable Caesar) five committees were selected which are — the school, art, pub- licity, literary and speakers, each with its own individual purpose. From the school committee the plan of Booster Week was marked out. The combination of the publicity and art committees produced our posters, the efforts of the literary com- mittee result in " The Tattler,” while through the speaker ' s committee several representatives have appeared before var- ious clubs of the city. These Boosters are attempting to produce a bigger and better Oriole. You want a good annual and so do we; we are doing our part and you will do yours, Hi, so let ' s all pull together and help each other — then the result will spell SUC- CESS. HEE-HAWS Billy H. — How do you get so many girls? Chick K. — Oh! 1 just sprinkle a little gasoline on my handkerchief. NOTE TO MISS WOODYAR1) “Dear teacher, kindly excuse my son ' s absence yesterday. He fell in the mud. By doing same you will greatly oblige his mother. " Mr. Eckman (to Freshie during Science exams; Freshie is not writing but sitting idly) — Why aren ' t you writing? Freshie — I ain’t got no pen. Mr. Eckman — Where’s you grammar? Freshie — She’s dead. H= He He MYSTERY IS SOLVED The mystery has been solved. We are both thankful and relieved that it was not a terrible, blood curdling one, but one of pleasure and delight. The Boosters are certainly workers of the mystic as their Booster Week showed. Oriole says: “I am perfectly delighted at the interest you have shown in me; for ages I’ve longed for nil you students at dear ole P. H. S. to really like me and help me to be my best. This of course is impossible unless everyone is willing to help. Do you know when just one person doesn’t think anything about me and doesn’t care, why it hurts terribly. Please let me thank you, oh! so much, for all you are doing. " Yes sir, we are surely going to back Oriole, BASKETBALL Faculty-Alumnae vs. P. H. S. For benefit of “The Oriole,’’ Pulaski’s High School Annual, under the auspices of Senior Class of ’26, the Faculty-Alumnae have dared to play the fast High School Regulars on Parish House Courts, Friday night at 7.30 p. m. The probable line-up for our venture- some opponents will be: Misses Finks, Thomas, Greene, Moore, Hurley, Daugh- erty, Tucker, K. Frye, Moyers and M. Painter. For the alumnae Polly Bopp, the speedy center of ' 24, and Ethel Nunn, of ' 25. Come see P. Cecil, Mullins, Dyer, M. Bopp, Capt. Gilmer. T. Cecil and Bones as regulars compete with our fair teachers and friends of alumnae. This game is a part of campaign of Booster Week in P. H. S. toward financing “The Oriole.’’ Every basketball fan should not miss this spectacular event. Remember Friday night. Parish House, at 7.30 prompt. BOOSTERS SEND REPRESENTATI VES TO CLUBS Dean Creger Sent Dean Creger was sent as representative from the Booster Club to the Rotary Club Monday night to put the subject of Booster Week before them and ask for their sup- port. This was brought about in a very persistent manner and all the men showed a spirit as if they were school pupils them- selves. Great enthusi asm was shown and they were glad to help us in any way pos- sible. Several ads were given by different business men and it is hoped that more can be gotten. They also appointed Mr. Knapp to come over and speak on “School Spirit’’ during the program in the High School auditorium at 2.30 p. m., Friday. The enthusiasm and “boosting spirit” from this club is accepted by a very thank- ful and appreciative class. Selection, Midnight Serenaders. Kathleen Hurst Speaks to Woman’s Club The Senior Class sent Kathleen Hurst and Margaret Kirkman as representatives to the Woman’s Club Monday afternoon to explain Booster Week, in the school. In the short talk made by Kathleen the object, main points and the hoped for re- sults were explained. The club seemed very much in favor of boosting “The Oriole” as much as possible and said they would back up all plays and the like which the class or school should put on. This co-operation coming from the Woman’s Club is greatly appreciated by the Senior Class and all those concerned in Booster Week. Margaret Kirkman Speaks to Kiwanis Club The Kiwanis greeted very cordially two representatives, Margaret Kirkman and Kathleen Hurst at their business meeting held Thursday night in the Pulaski Nation- al Bank Building. Their mission was to explain Booster Week and to ask for their hearty co-operation and support in making “The Oriole” one grand success. After the talks were made several men responded by giving ads to help finance “The Oriole” which is greatly appreciated by the entire “Oriole” staff. PROGRAM FOR BOOSTER WEEK Tuesday morning in Chapel Short talk, Mary Fitzhugh. Thursday Morning Talks, Ansell Derrick, Margaret Dyer. Friday Morning Talks, Hallie Swaim, Judson Harris. Friday Afternoon, 2.30 to 3.30 Selection, Midnight Serenaders. Speech, “School Spirit,” Mr. Knapp. Booster song, Boosters. Mock Trial, Seniors — Mr. Draper, Judge. Second selection, Midnight Serenaders. Questions and Answers, Boosters. Talk, Kathryn Snapp. Duet, Woodson Cummings and Dean Creger. Yells, Boosters.. A MISTAKE OF MANY Rose Neil, formerly a Pulaski High School student and a resident of Pulaski, had returned for a short visit with friends, not having been here for several consecu- tive years. She had moved with her parents shortly after her graduation; so, she had completely lost all connection with her beloved Pulaski Hi. Rose ' s friends had graduated, also gone to college, consequently knew nothing of their Alma Mater, so naturally they were unable to send any news to Rose, who had finished her last semester. “My, what a change,” she exclaimed as she . stepped off the train. “Could I be getting off at the wrong station, ’’she thought. “No, this was Pulaski, but not the Pulaski she had known several years ago. Her friends greeted her and question after question wound its course to school affairs — “Say, Rose, guess the surprise, " her chum eagerly teased. “Can’t you? P. H. S. has an annual, “The Oriole,” and it was given honorable mention at the Chicago Art Exhibit and they say its to be better this year than ever before and will probably take the prize. Just think! They’re overflowing with school spirit; the Seniors have organized a Booster Club, and my! they surely know how to boost too. " “Let’s go over and congratulate them, " sang a chorus of merry pals. THOUGHT FOR TODAY How many of the readers are just as surprised as the new comer? How many know enough about our “Oriole” to tell a new comer? Don’t get rusty on the news of your own school. Come on, and show a little school pep. HI-ETTS Subscriptions for the “Oriole” are now being taken. All those wishing to subscribe please see one of the Seniors. Whew! now that exams are over we can at last draw a breath of relief, can’t we. Hi? Hi is so sorry that the mean ole steam had to go and burn you, Robley, and we hope you will be back with us right away. Don’t forget the game tonight. Votes for the “Who’s Who” have been counted by three hard working and very mathematical students. They keep their mouths tightly closed concerning the re- sults. So look for them in the “Oriole.” [ 108 ]

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