Pulaski High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI)

 - Class of 1957

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Pulaski High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 51 of 184
Page 51 of 184

Pulaski High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 50
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Pulaski High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 52
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Page 51 text:

SCHWANDES, THOMAS COW Team, Swrrwrf-ng Tet Prom Court of Hovor' He may be sie" " ' suzcess some day SEEGEP, RALPH FoofbcrN W'es'rrg Eccger Svudewv Serwce Ccwc, He hos We pane' 'C G do 'Nerf we" SENFT, RWCHARD Wres'Nrr1g .OV GHC 'mms og 'Q SERE lO PATRWOA G de are ro D SHALESKN CAROLV volrer A mm! Soi rvo G A A S turrrei w Th E059 SIECZKOWSKI MARNE A Homecorrw' 9, Spomsrr CMAJ Tennr wb dnis Sfu SWORA IA! ES 0 Qmvgr mmm p boy NAM n vrr n SIMOLON CECNLIA A G r s Furv comes now SKNBINSKN BARBARA Bcmroom Dcncmo 'ee Spomsh C ub Boos Sf uccess d '1 r Swcxef' Vcrf 'W Bciworr' Dc'1c'g- J Sewce Cow: 5 Ney bm 'Q .-. ne eq, Boys S'c'e Gy-f '.'s"" ,K 4. ff. Ar , ,S , "' " " ce-.nf Jin von .O, nf' P px a Ar1yBose 'S-Q peas Rc y ocfrr r Germ mmm rv Arfhery O 9 ,Our Nm CCW U QYOWRO me ARRP HA rx n 5 if 1 4 r A Co.: D c :- 'ww f X Th, 5 " of ,,iNQ1. we :N duff rv, -A vcr. ' , r Pi' TH, H: 2, or r-er tfej refer fc' ,S or V: 91 I M ,G,, I , . Cc':3e Co n f:Crf Ter- o"G"s Sh , 1' , nu:1Ww.. 'For r e , C95-f G A , rg P 2 N Bch Dfffrqz : 5 C A frrsv de" fund '1 5' if-:P s C C , A rn- H H If I MY' UWC SN ' Q: ., ' Try tr., W 2 We rw .' rf- ff-, C A , w Y C!ub 'Q for 'Hrs 51114 , Si C J, C A A- Jr Prorv Prczrvrvfwq W "'r' X , 5 7 ' Ci 5 S an rmyp 'ers are ci' hers M' SV ,- VW,,'A'.' , "' ' A 3 FVMIC S- 520.2 '.'AR gf. Hrrx' ,C .. fl Cfowr ' C SP ' C' C-uzrfxfio 'IQ' 'C' Ev TH 2.5, C f:1.:'4 :cc'Df1r S' ., 1: 0 F' Sem fe Or Nw' oft BGWOOM Dorf K 'W Q U C, '.'c' 'gr C grfzr. 'Ig' Smggf' Ser. 15- -rt A C , Fr1"oc"' Dir" ff: 'wt Buff 'N fir C nr. 'JO' J-"'a. 'C' 251529.13 Ch ' 3.9 ',":1i- Cfc-' '-' 'ob C me 'us 'co fvc- Cue F nes' 1 :Q ,rf Snr sh C .Q Wm r-fs as W ' ugif' WC MSS' lC"f1 ' SQ' C: "sd 'o ge' .3 new "-crr' MH' 'A 'H 'g: Q y , 1 new SAV' Uuifev 'ex 'O r 5 r Q 1 MN C: IL' I-1.30 Q J 1G""w Cf 'C ' Q 11 c ww- :owe :fd zrrr iumev Y , X f ty, Q K x ij. Y . 5 X X if - F AR9' A Cipro CONV CC Ar- Own g rv- QOBCOV AF Dmr C F egrrm r f1 mv 9 C E? 41

Page 50 text:

SCI-IRANM SUSAN ue GAA Ballroom Danmnc: Archery Club Badaer Owls a O Ice ana Lrorary Momtor Always Iolly always In e r who rea grand X.. FW SCHRANK CERENE Crnay Booster Club S rIng on ' Ch strnas r a r a I'rI ee r Club FrIend re her wea ne s SCHERER RICHARD ClIorlIG Basketball enn Q rogg Country S ortg I or 'Nefvspaae Sen or Orchestra He adm ts there are two s ces ta every aaeston 1 own andthe wrona one SCHICK LESTER 'W' Mrrrn PG r orn Cow ot Honor Ballroom DOWCIIWC r a C s v rya e ould Ow rn n e yo Q ke SCHLIETER DAVID IOUIC Internatonal Club Bae Mask Ballroom Danong us e merry lar Is sn SCHMIDT BARBARA Barbs ater Ba let ue Mas rs Interclass Cvwrn Meet SCIENCE Club l have known the sIIence at deep peace of rrIInd SCHMIDT DIANE DIane Freshman OrIentatIon InternatIonaI Club GAA Stu dent Serwce Councrl H r pIeasIng smIIe has won her many trIerIc'ls SCHMIDT KENNETH Ken ootball Baseball Wrestlmg Intramurals Ballroom Dancrng Frrendly wIIIIna optomIstIc good nature IS always III: cnaractensrc SCHNEIDER FREDERICK Ired d Orc estra e an Base a All I MusIc Festwal w thIngs are VY'lpOSSIbl6 to dl genie and kl Football Track He rnakes erery day a holrday SCHOTT JUDITH Judy Grrls Club Sparnsh Club Hall Momtar Student ServIce Councrl Pep RalIIeS asI has an deal renresentame n e o SCHUH CAROLE aa 1 r s e A Caape IO o IntIrrrIar Mon tar SCI-LI TZ AUDREY AI,a n ernatronc C U Spun A r 5 I Concert tor b ory vom SCHWABE THOMAS It anyone has any prob Football Track ms a so us rn rn I en n r Somenmes I sIt and thrnk Corole erwo: C arm 5 mpr I metIn'Ies I t 4 ff ' 7 T I, C - p Edt at V ' , les 7 4 5 f . I vi I Pr rt , y, 'I' arnar Is aII themes E e rr fy . IIke to kn FI a cl eyr ne who know' hIrr1l- S I'-rn f I KL. 7 A 'X E , r 7 7 Y I 7 Let b We 'ort 7 'IN I I BI kg C: A.A - GI I e . xx I V X F I 7 : 1 fa Sr Ban 7 Sr h 7 P p B d7 b II7 -C ty 'A Fe I I ' I I 5 I I. -"' - SCHOCH, PAUL Paul .,.,. W t , X I In her, Pul kll I C t I I tI'I f, rla I , S , B I, . . 7 V7 7 GI I G l e 7 I 1 H 5 D C - C I1 I VI Y I ' -- I ' St te- tl' ' ' :er7 fl P ou 7 I t I I b- Q CA .7 GI I GIee7 Hal . GI'I5 GI C I U b- CI IS . Mon- -F I' A' LI r , - 7 Torn , If C - tor. 7 sh is a gII is Ily s a k- Ie t Iye, I t go to A IIa ad she, e . S lgr V- h 7 I I 5 ty So rug ,It,

Page 52 text:

SOBCZYK, DAVID Subers Sraflsllcran: Foorball lnvro- muralsg Archery Club: Hall Monnor. l slepl and dreamed rhal llle was beauly, l wake and found 'hor Irlc was duly 48 N- ,z'e r I . li, SOBCZVK HOWARD Hawle- lvlrarnarcls Arqnery C l U b Track Hall M o e 1 'Q r, A Cappella Chan He Heals hearls lrl-c rx Drlr1'C my SOBCZYK, JUDITH .lady G A.Ag Ballroom Danclhg, School Servrce Club' Sorrng Concerrr S f u cl e nr Servrte Councrl Wl' and cheer and QClCfy fire ludvx Qvalrlles lor f'C'lClR and every flay SOBOClNSKl Freshman Orrenfallong Boll' roam Danclng, Chorrp Archery Dance Club Harry 5 lhe everyone l l if 0 S rrrounrl HARRY Harry A Capoella Clubq Square lype ol boy lo have sky SOKOLOWSKI, BARBARA ' Barbs Boosler Clubq G.A,A., Ball- room Doncrng Sprlng Con zerlg Grrls Club. Apersonalllylhal xparlcles luke stars ln the SPLlNTER RICHARD Blandy orball Baslcevball Baseball Prom Sporls Edllor lor Annual Slcff T ere s never an end of hrs many frlends STANlSZEW5Kl BERNARD lnlramurals Boskelboll mourfaln lnlellraen wrshes JVAIWLEY LOREN lntrarnurcls Baskelbal me I noni STANNY PAJLINE arer B llel enl r llesay A vw rr' 'vleel rsonclny pl and s W STASZAK C1lORlA 5 lallhfulness ro 0 Sian U rv and mood Tmy Pmlry GAA Cars ee rms oo S cash L. er Serylce Councll Annual le ary Soll Our l ar Scroll Boosver Cnlrlg Furure 'lecchers of Amerrcc e e rr' nnln em S AUDACHEK FRANCES Frof A VN Of C OO EYVCS LJ 54 vm yr r h er whlch he V' urrrr'U CCVEE' K CAS! ei p-1 ll ll A Carre lf' her 'npa'e Cff R Ura P one Col, l-cfs r Corr'rrfl'ee eve L. ST IPBERG FEV ' Tl-1 Hall Nonllor rn e 'ho N Q Laiey '- Sf 'rnvr' Fa 5 , l'l C lor Jr 1 Co- lw l lo Duck Il 4 , . A r ol , ce, h lar V 2 1 X rv X, X xx I , xv , : "- l ca l see, wer W 0 7 S o L na, . . 3 ll GI 3 S fl A , Q Pe us, he s , l w 3 sf fl - - ll f l , I fl ' rf V me rew lo ,arch we M .Q , me ,Y 1 f, M x 52 Q A A Hcll ,Jo rl - S " S Cl b ' 4 Sh , lull cf l ga cne C-e wlll , lp S'AWS 1 l.'lR A . S' L' .cvlng 'cf -rc' cr S:s"s Ecfc' ci Aww: feraw S'cl5 ,J C. C S ' "ver ah r '-' lcv! who lvcf 'C TC rt C25 kr g rm, W y SY-C:.'A'E ,le ,AE, e':S e. lr r 'r' cl r Cross Ccwny .v r g 'ew-rg Sr Plc mlrg r ' P4 ' 'oc D sy 'Q be fr sea y , S E 1 , 4 if Ken Z , f l , , 1 A 5 rl v .nu

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