Pulaski High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI)

 - Class of 1954

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Pulaski High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 27 of 168
Page 27 of 168

Pulaski High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 26
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Pulaski High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 28
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Page 27 text:

IRALL, PATRICIA "Patti" lective, Water B o I I et, 5.A.A., Modern Dance, Gym lonitor, P. A. Announcer, Qirls' Glee, Tennis Tourna- ient, Spring Concert, Noon our Program, Fashion De- gn, Pep Rally, Music Festi- al, Boys' C I u b Program, rchery, Tennis Club, Sr. Tal- nt Show. 'AA g e n i a I disposition rings its owner many 'iendsf' DRANKIEWICZ, PATRICIA "Pat" Elective, G.A.A., S p a n i s h Club, Ballroom Dancing, Hon- or Study Hall, Welfare Moni- tor, Hall Monitor, Girls' Glee, Variety Show, Infirm- ary Monitor, Blue Mask. "Her pretty blonde hair is the envy of us all." ER, THOMAS "Duer" ctive, Swimming, Water Ballet, Jr. and Sr. Lifesaving, ill and Scroll, Cavalier Newspaper and Annual, atography, Monitor, Spanish Club, Noon Hour Pro- im, Track, P. A, Announcer, Tennis, Arts-Home Craft, ket Sales. 'He knows all the dives! He's a swimmer." ILDE, DOROTHY "Dot" ctive, Cavalier Annual, Department Editor, Mixed orus, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll. 'May I as the years unfold make new friends and ep the old." IBINSKI, THOMAS "Jabbers" -ctive, Football, Golf, Intramurals, Hall Monitor, mecoming Pep Rally, Thanksgiving Baskets, "A most prominent member of the football team and ite a guy with the gals it seems." IEDZIC, GLORIA "Ding Ding" -cfive, Water Ballet, Spring Concert, Senior Class Play, ion Hour Programs, Modern Dance, Hall Monitor, 'm Monitor, Infirmary Monitor, A Cappella Choir, geant, Christmas Program, Prom Decorating Commit- :, Ship and Shore Review, Narrator for Christmas Jgram. "A brilliant star in the sky of education." KHART, GARY "Mink" active, Baseball, Archery Club, Boys' Intramurals, :shman Orientation, Monitor Captain, Track, Basket- ll, Conservation Workshop. "He's always celebrating - Happy Birthday, Gary," IGLER, MARYANNA active, G.A.A., S p e e c h Choir, Infirmary Monitor, rls' Glee, Choir, Ballroom Dancing, Spring Concert, ristmas Program, Noon Hour Program. "She leads a 'MeI'lIowI life." IK, KENNETH active, Swimming, Golf, Hall Monitor. "Youth has been a habit of his for so long, it's sure stay with him." "Mary" "Ink" INIS, EDWARD "Big Ed" otball. "A trustworthy guy with a twinkle in his eye - and tinkle in his pocket." NITAK, PATRICIA "Pat" active, G.A.A., Hall Monitor, Infirmary Monitor, uare Dancing, Ballroom Dancing, Junior Court of mor, Blue Mask. "She's waiting for a soldier boy, He left a ring :1t's not a toy." DRETZKA, MARLENE "Mar" Stenographic, Fashion Design C I u b , Ballroom Dancing, Girls' Glee, Speech Choir, G.A.A., Scholastic Art Award, Spring Concert, Honor Study Hall, Art-Home Craft Club. "Her ready smile and pleas- ant ways characterized her high school days." DREWNIAK, BARBARA "Bobs" Science, G.A.A., Tennis Club, Captain Cheerleader, B I u e Mask, Girls' Glee, Adv. Girls' Chorus, Spring Con- cert, Camera Club, Ballroom Dancing, Homecoming Rally, Pep Rallies, Noan Hour Pro- gram, M o d e r n Dancing, Spanish Club. "Come on gang, we're glad we're here, with Bar- bara around to lead the cheer." DROSEN, YVONNE "Eve" English, G.A.A., Home Nurs- ing, Square Dancing, Modern Dancing, Ballroom Dancing, Gym Monitor, Guidance Sec- retary, Infirmary Monitor, Tennis Club, Usher, Honor Study Hall. "She's gentle, she's shy, but there's mischief in her eyes." 'ls . z S 23

Page 26 text:

DAHL, ARLETTA "Arletta" Elective, Mixed C h o r u s , A Cappella Choir, H o n o r Study H all , Thanksgiving P.ogram, Christmas Program, All-City Chorus, Orchestra, Spring Concert. "A girl like Arletta is rare indeed, she always comes to a friend in need." DALLY, MARVIN "DiIly Dolly" Elective, Sr. Band, Pep Band, Cafeteria Monitor, Wrestling, Intramurals. "His name may be Dally but he's really a dilIy!" DATZA, HELEN "Datz" Elective, G.A.A., Girls' Glee, Bookstore Monitor, H o n o r Study Hall, S.S.C., Cavalier News, Secretary of Inter- High Council, Officer of the Wisconsin Association of Stu' d e nt Councils, Infirmary Monitor, Ballroom Dancing, Honor Roll, Spring Concert, Home Nursing Club. "She has the essential at- tributes of a lady." ,W .. , g, w --ff' A 'Wx 2 in DEROUIN, CRYSTAL "Chris" Elective, F a s h i o n Design, P. A. Announcer, A n n u a I Staff, Quill and S c r o I I, Square Dancing, Homecom' ing Pep Rally, Camera Club. "Crystal has a boy friend, Steiner is his name. I can won't be long 'till bet it her's will be the same." DETTLAFF, RICHARD Elective. it I Ii I1 QI. ' ' 'ef I'.1 s Mgt -wie a,...:-' .. " iff ii' il .- W ig: li -:,' - .:,i ,, feeiiigx ,..-- ..." to f" r . F... .5 L . we F? W X .-ii, t ... " +9 DERSE, ROSALIE "Rosie" Elective, Jr. Band, Sr. Band, S p r i n g Concert, Christmas Program, Gym Monitor, Hon- or Study Hall, G.A.A,, Blue Mask, Honor Day Programs, Pep Rallies, Noon Hour Pro- grams, Vaudeville. "Friendly, attractive, and musically inclined. These are only a few things that make Rosie shine." "Hector "When I start feeling ambitious, you'll find n' sleeping!" 22 if it 5 DEUSI NG, DONALD Science, Intramurals. well." DIEHL, SHIRLEY DIESSLIN, ELIZABETH DOBBERT, JOANNE DOBI LAS, DOLORES "Don "Anything that is worth 'Deusing' is worth 'Deusini "Shirt Elective, Home Nursing, Modern Dancing, Editor i Annual Financial Staff. "Gentle in manner, firm in reality." "Betty Commercial, G.A.A., F.H.A., Library Monitor, Vici Principals Monitor, Home Nursing, Hall Monito Homecoming Pep Rally, Ballroom Dancing, Welfai Counselor's Monitor, Blue Mask. "Quiet, kind, and always reserved, a friend lil, her should be well deserved," "Jo Electise, Water Ballet, Tennis Club, G.A,A., Model Dancing, Freshman Orientation, Jr. and Sr. Guidanr Monitor, Sr. Talent Show, International Club, Speer Chair, Student Service Council, Homecoming Rally, Pe Rally Committee, Folk Fairs. "Her personality is revealed in all her actions." "Lori Elective, A Cappella Choir, Spring Concert, Hom Study Hall, Christmas Program, Girls' Glee, Thank giving Program. "Delores is always dancing around in other people hearts, - especially Jerry's," DOBRZYNSKI, ALLEN "Al Elective, Sr, Band, Hall Monitor, Cafeteria Monito Spanish Club, Ballroom Dancing, Golf Team, Sprir Concert, Christmas Programs, Noon Hour Program Pep Rallies. "You can always hear him coming by his shir "Mary English, Student Service Council, Freshman Orientatioi Blue Mask, Science Club, International Club, Christmi Program, Spring Concert, Office Monitor, Hall Monito G.A.A., Student Announcer, Girls' Chorus, Homecomir Court of Honor, Jr. Prom Decorating Committee, Mov Chairman, Noon Hour Program, Pep Rally, Honor Rol HA winning way, a pleasant smile, all in all a gi "Boza Elective, Square Dancing, Photography, Intramural Football, Baseball, Radio Club, Tennis, Blue Mas and ties." DOLAN, MARY worthwhile." 2' .5 R ISE ! -A +1 DORN, GARY in . I J H Ballroom Dancing. if 2. ' "Having a barrel of fun."

Page 28 text:

GJERDSET, GENEVIEVE "Jenny" Elective, Hall Monitor, Home Economics Club, Girls' Glee, Spring Concert, Girls' Senior Lifesaving, Honor Roll, Hon- or Study Hall, Prom Court of Honor. "This we know, before this day shall end, Jenny, sin- cere and cheerful, will have made another friend." GLAVAN, MARILYN "Glove" Elective, Water Ballet, Mod- ern Dance, Cheerleader, Stu- dent Council, Choir, Girls' Glee, Vaudeville Show, Christmas Program, Pep Rally, Homecoming Rally, Spring Concert, Armistice Day Pro- gram, Noon Hour Programs, All-City Choir, Pageant, Pub- lic Address, Class Play, Jr. Court of Honor. "This star on Pulaski's hori- zon shines bright. " GLODOSKI, ANTHONY "Tony" Commercial, Homeroom Rep- resentative, H a I I Monitor, Square Dancing, Ballroom Dancing, Honor Study Hall, Homecoming Rally, Thanks- giving Baskets. "Tony is at the brink of success, he iust needs some- one to push him off." FOHR, SHIRLEY "Cookie" Elective, G.A,A., Freshman Orientation, Hall Monitor, Spring Concert, Noon Hour Program. "Always faithful and always true, The guy is lucky who she's engaged to." FRANCKE, DONALD "Don" Mathematics, Cavalier Annual Literary Editor, Senior Band, Senior Orchestra, Spring Concert, All-City Band, Christmas Program, Blue Mask, Science Club, Interna- tional Club, Noon Hour Program, Student Service Coun- cil, Harvard Book Award, Quill 8. Scroll, Vaudeville Show, Honor Roll, All-City Pageant, College Day. "His intelligence will rate him high in society's eye." GAJDOSZ, DONALD "Don" Elective, Radio Club, Hall Monitor, Cavalier Annual Staff, Cavalier Newspaper, Quill 8. Scroll, "He's always 'flashing' around." GANNON, JOANNE "Jo Jo" Stenographic, Home Nursing, Ballroom Dancing, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee, Christmas Program, Spring Concert. "Joanne takes to giggling as a duck takes to water." GARLAND, MARVIN "Nip" Elective, Football, Intramurals, Industrial Arts, Square Dancing, Honor Study Hall. "He lives in a crowd of ioIIity." GAUERKE, JOHN "Little John" Science, Football, Intramurals, B a I I r o o m Dancing, Freshmen Orientation. "He is full of fun - and what is fun without a little troubIe." GENNRICH, RUTH "Arthus" Elective, Sr. Orchestra, A Cappella, Water Ballet, Modern Dance, Speech Choir, Spring Concert, Christ- mas Program, Commencement, Noon Hour Program, All-State Orchestra, All-City Orchestra, All-City Pag- eant Orchestra, Vaudeville Show, Jr. Orchestra, Sr. Class Play, Gym Monitor, String Ensemble. "A little work, a little fun, aid to make a good day done." GEYER, BEVERLY "Bev" Elective, Honor Roll, Freshman Orientation, Vocational Guidance, Vaudeville, Infirmary Monitor, Spanish Club, Ballroom Dancing, Square Dancing. "She's always 'Russ' ling along." GIPP, ROBERT GNADER, RACHEL "Rach" Elective, A Cappella Choir, Fashion D e s i g n , G.A.A., Quill 8. Scroll, Office Moni- tor, Girls' G I e e , Cavalier Newspaper, Modern Dance, Noon Hour Program, Vaude- ville, Spring Concert, All-City Choir, Speech Choir, Public coming Rally, Hall Monitor, Commencement Exercises. "Here's one girl who is really different, a pal to everyone and a mystery to some." "Bob Elective, Intramurals, Modern Dance, Hall Monitor, Hon or Study Hall, Boys' Glee, Science Club. "Are there any more at home like you, Bob?" GOETZ, SYLVIA "Syl" Elective, Blue Mask, Honor Study H all, Girls' Glee, Speech Choir, Spring Con- cert, Welfare Monitor, Hall Monitor, Ballroom Dancing. "All year 'round a young girI's fa n c y slightly turns to . . 24

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