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, fAHa-F W ,,,,,,,,,-, , ,, . .,..,-........mW-.-- ---- --'W-Aw 0' Wi ' J x X 'Q b 0 0Qw0JXXYy ROW J W W3 QOMQPQU 49 QL div U Boy QA M Nw my RAE' ' P. f' QQ Q2 SSXVUX W ,Q ilFy ,?mwW i w y 20 P34 X QM x J www xp WPJ9' W V - 1 ' A, ,H ,Iv -5,, V. . .A...,. .f1y1',f,, , ,jf--'fgj bf xg'-'.'-'-'Z-. .U fj,'..f,.',j',!',','.' -' ' '."!, M"' A V ' t 4 Y RLNSQ I I EEEEE L K , 0 Q, .IX 1 M Wil M I Gaz' AIX Qs OXO M91 M f NIC ,O III Q ,RI NI Q 10? M '17 AQ'-9540IWo,,IJ no W'1I,s I H II .WI MID fIXiSWWI1uQ We W I I W IW WW. N ,- VV ,xlw 'fa CNW N QV 6015 bw 75 I 0 wx ff LX kb' XIII 69. jdfffwlw XWQ ,N ,MU If 5- A 'XQ9' 'IV CONTENTS OPENING ............ EVENTS .... ACTION ..... SENIORS ............. CLUBS ...... - ......... ACADEMICS 8: STAFF . UNDERCLASS ........ INDEX ......... CLOSING .... 1- El Dorado 1981 Pueblo High School 5 3500 So. Twelfth Ave. Tucson, Arizona 85713 Volume 25 Down on the Southside of Tucson. where the low rsders cruase, Hes a Schooi whnch has been Standing for Q5 years Mtn- 25 12 III 'I lf C" rd' Cr yearsis sen .oo .mg Jo, YOUTF: Looking Good' lnokaruq Cgooci an UJHYYYHIVIQ you do everywhere you Q0 Y0uSYar1d0u! for you me PuehIo's Wm more . , , s1 ii P N W A gg H sl h ,L M U MJ u p , T .V ,- .. V., 1 FM- f--N Af. In viewing the 1981 jj D QJQQQ1' h, you will see Pueblo at Hs h best. New e1C.lnwinlsh'a'lrnr1, teachzsrs, and siuclenis, ground h changes and building En'1g3z'ovsmf3n'Ls, sL'n'oundsd Q. former' N s Pueblo Qraduaie as The new pnncignal. YOLVH rsrnsnwlasr, that Pueblo Warriors were 'lscoking Good" ai pep assemblies, IH classes, dances or jusi aroxlnci camp us. 4 r E J O 5 X Nathan Alcamar 1 V h h w -f 2 f 50151, .W Shams Mordbei 2 x "Roach" Gundam 3 3 F F Si 2 1 5,-. N an .yavf Beamer msn' X , o si Johnny Paz 4 s J - 4' 4 3 3 ' , , -A -5, , .- Q ' -A , i 1 . -of - wi wi-S i BJ, I '14 Ag ii, 1 J 1 -h , NA I, 5 ' A Thi, Ir alias 5 tc .xc .. A , ,. J.. .,. .M ' ' W , '15 ' ' . . , , ' ' M . ,. "Y ' ' .-...qv " 'fy '- f e. :-ff-fr ,, Q - 1" , 'A :Q P ful ' 3 iii 95 " I rg, fe rxgi,T'f " ' I , ..f..w4e:m.aNf,W-,535-,-fu -. f,f Z?'g25,.mgg. ,5,. g -- W. .-,1impf.- , -M. fd - .. I . f -.L- A .i ' r f iff :sg ff:-M 'mr' Q A - 'L Q' QM Si' Sq ' 'ZHgQg::' ji,.rfi-5122 'fry M kfi'-H' X.g-' Lv?'7'i-Lfffi -1 1-wbw"r-1' ' ffQ73,'2.,Hk. 'WM-rw-,Lfi!wiAvf+.fnA A ' K K Mem, E .ky , , ,,. -'41--M , .. ,wg yr wQr'v2e'me+gxg.::x.g,L5gygffi -,g'fh' 5' , f A. '.xmwgir:i' 5' .uf , f 1 gf!?'x"k 4 , -1-f rr , In , ffm M L,,f H' W, - .Xi .J Srl! f J - xyq,+,'5jg, , L"'ff" M' .g,.,,r,, x, , ,L-L rgngfi U 1. X, ,, . Shen1sMorabeI 6 'JF--John McCormick and Sandy Clmcon deunonslrale inefr dancing skills at ine studsni body mixor. ilQJonn ivlarlirlez, Jesus fvisndlbles and Katrina fnffoniafio D3I'ilClDE3'l3 IH L'Sonlor Slave Week." LT -Edward Paiino, Ricky Herrera, and Albert Soielo improve llweir small engine in shop class. 11- Dunng ine ilrsl pep assembly, the freshmen wore honored wiin n standing ovation. 5--Among Poeblds nnprovemenis, engineer, Ed Weaver, examines ine new oooilno system. F-Dcmonslratung spam, pnncuoal, X l?o!3erI',f1cL1ria, seis ine loneval llwe firsi pep assernoly. 3 KM , Sam Valdovin Wll'lYe"nlv'u:1ll'rw"ff v"""'PfvRY'fY'1 'nl:ll"l ' !F i "Zi Shems Morabet 2 1-Kennedy Lake serves as a relaxing get-away for many of us. 2- Seniors show their pride at the first pep assembly as the year of the Blue Dragon is proclaimed. 3--Murals were painted to commemorate Pueblo's twenty-fifth anniversary. 4-Leo Glen watches his teammates during a crucial game. 5-Pueblo's drum corps shows the audience its style. 6-A mural on nearby Sixth Avenue depicts the southwestern man's changes. ' 61:3 'ly ,.ygr,tQ ' Ig ,ia I 'A,,.-...Q-.,..,,, t. , A 4 .1 v Q --f--lu i D, Pesquiera l 3 ff Pueblo People Shovv Variety Pueblo's mighty Warrior mascot has been standing, look- ing over P.l-l,S. since the beginning of 1955. He's a strong, proud Warrior and is a symbol of our people. Pueblo people came from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. They celebrated their price and uniqueness at school or at nearby parks. Whether students were involved in athletics or relaxing, Warrior pride was "Looking Good." -Sam Valdovin ' P- EMF. ,ff ' 4 - 14 , . h J. , L, r. , 'fx an L t ' S 4 Iii- 1 - ' "?". "' ' I 3 A . ' l rg " , '1 R , , I ,Mag 4 ?" v. ,Ag ' ' ' fl fi A - lyyl ie i,l , it Y " r A ag ' , . in " - 'f-. .. g it .. ,Q rw - 5. l f i l,-.1 !'1Y- 2.4-kit" git'--M J ., ,L , Shems Mor b I 5 rf 1 ,X , 8 .N V --........... 4 if S Vldo 6 And Now-On With El Dorado On the first day of school most of the new students were nervous, and then started making friends. Nervousness was soon gone and new friends were made. Most students got involved in many school activities such as sports or just plain studying. The new school year had begun. -Jerry Alfieri, Ernie Gonzales ri 'W wax.. I x Nathan Alcantar "R0aCh"Gaf1df-Ha 5 A t it X - l . X Q . f - 3' E' -- in xx H . 1. Wit: K .wswv-Q. . ... . . - c,c.,...u.A:c.,., - A ...Q-.... .Ax . W., w--Q. ,,,ALLLL if xg. .WA-,, Y M 9 w I ,? , ' Y iQL.,w,2 1' um, W aluuvm J,...-- t mf 25 'fyewza Day after day or night after night for the past twenty-five years Pueblo students have been looking good. ll it was oft campus or on, cheering at pep assemblies, working in classes, sitting on top of cars talking to friends, or just plain sitting down at lunch time relaxing on the ole Pueblo grass. looking good just came naturally for them. Maybe that's why Pueblo High School has been going strong for twenty-tive years. P -Donna Huckeba 1-Hector Fimbres passes the time strumming on his guitar while Larry Salinas listens. 2-Students look good while watching the lall pep assembly. 3-Carmen Meranza takes a break to discuss weekend plans. 44-Manny Trevino and Edna Maldonado enjoy their lunchbreak peacelully. sa: 'Mya QP" SLN uv- IN ,fs ku kfs f fry ia., J I J 'FC .1 if-jf lf I' g In - , :- . C N gf Q' f 0 F01-h gf D. Huckeba, J. Harvey, S. Manuel 1-Tucson's skyline has changed over the last ten years. 2-Foot bridges connect the Community Center and La Placita. 3-A view of the city is from Kennedy Park. 4-Deserts surround Tucson and provide beautiful scenery. 5-The barrio centers in downtown Tucson. 6-Park View shopping center was among many new stores built. 7-The Alpha Beta chain entered Tucson with two new stores. 10 From Small Presidio To Thriving City Tucson grew larger, as each day went by. Streets were being repaved and widened. More people have settled here, so more houses and stores had to be built. During these years the desert has changed to housing and department stores. Desert recreation area surrounded the city. Snowbirds flocked to Tucson because of its fine winter weather. Climate and culture were attractions. "Home Box Office" came to Tucson to brighten up T.V. "HBO" is now called "super channel 5." HBO was on 24 hours a day. HBO featured movies, sports, concerts, and other special events. -Jerry Alfieri and Cherie Dandurand f-. nmin asm f sf? Ph tos by Sam Valdo l 8,445 Zi V K 4 M, 'i Shems Morabet 2 1-"Looking Good" for the dance is always in style and Jeri Mills models "the dressy look." 2-1980 fall school fashions are modeled by Jeri Mills, Melinda Martinez and Yolanda Hernandez. 3-Back in style this year is the braided hair look shown by Catalina Ftuiz. 4-Slit skirts are also in style as worn by senior, Diane Fimbres. 5- Students at Pueblo are into many 1980 fashions. 6-Velour sweaters and colorful shades are modeled by Melinda Martinez and Jose Castillo 7 Looking Good in this year s fashions are Ken Thomas and Donald Thierry as they model the casual look 8 Showing the Baggy Look is Michelle Mesa . .Q Shems Morabet , A . x' TREF ' N. 'l ., ,-- .1.. x . ' ll ,gy 1 4 1 gif. V "J in 1' ' A. ...rx I sr, .,. ' ti 5 . -f,'..1,, I r 'F 'l ' . Shems Morabet 5 I f - Shems Morabet 3 f Ft-'194ff,1f -- I 3-X, 1 'LN . X I TIA. fl' t.,.. it-l. ilk 'M M, 'K l N WR , -A-T f eg . .ea- .v....-,- l 1 a. - L-"" the fm 5 Pueblo's Fashions Are "Looking Good" When attending school, Pueblo High students went in STYLE! "Baggy Pants", "Casual Looks" and "Dressy Clothes" were in fashion. Female students were back with the braided hair look. These students found coming to school in fashionable attire the "in" thing to do. "Looking Good" made them feel proud of themselves. Pueblo High students, sure were "LOOKING GOOD" in 1980-81. -Mary Ellen Valle and Arnufo Palma. Photos by Shems Morabet. ' 'xl ji. .Ll V 5- a S, R14 v I n , I ft I E 1 1 7 ' - 4 13 i , i re-W i U 154. ilona Hubert 3 1-One of the more popular stunts is making someone roll a pencil vviln tneii' nose. ilk-Pyramid power is snovvn real as Iiie. 7-'+Senior lviery Ellen Valle "throws e freshman away." Fi-Freshmen were shown doing different stunts by everyone. Sm- Flag waving and nat wearing are eil petri oi ine fun. E--Freshmen get "all tied up," Dv-Some iresnmen seem uninterested in getting involved. --Cynlliya Valelas, Sem Valdoifln id- Natnan Alcan i Nathan Alcantar Nathan Aicanlar l l 'l l it .ii ill f il ll1'7"l.l' ililil. l 'fi ll l H .i l aft lla 7 gi Keeping a traclition alive is a liarcl tliing to oo, put at Pueblo, one seems as popular as ever.Tl1atis"lresl1man ini- tiation" lielcl during tne week ot September Stn, Running became a habit because ot the things lne lresrimen were macle to oo. Oranges were put into boys' shirts and some freshmen were Wrapped to 'trees with 'toilet paper by seniors. "lt's all right and lots ot lun," stated, Bobby Caranza, after it was all over. Senior, Margie Vasoues, commented tnat, "It's just our way of welcoming tresnmen to the Pueblo family." -Sam Valdovin and Margie Vasques 'tg- 4., V-,Q Nalnan Alcnnlar 6 ,,-Y..... ..,. ,-, l i l 1 i i l Ilona Hubert 7 'l5 jfiisgg A A A K - -Sam V8fdOVin Lovvriders, 4-Wheelers, Hot F-tods Dominate 6th Scraping iowriders, screeching hot rods and high riding 4- wheeiersvdominated the Tucson car scene. The mountains around Tucson area provided a rugged terrain for 4-wheel- ing. Cphoto U Nearby dry riverbeds also served the same purgose. Low Rider magdazine held its first annual car show att e TCC. Cphoto 31. though hot rods were the minority on the Southside, Speedway served as a long straight-a-way for the rubber burning cars. Cphoto 23 i LEVYS NATHAN ALCANTAR LEVYS 5 "Over the Rainbow" was the 1980 homecoming theme. During the homecoming there were some changes that took place. First of all, not just football players were nominated for king. There were five male candidates chosen from all school areas just like the five girls. These people were selected by senior class nominations. This was also the first time four wheel drives Ctrucksj were used to take thegirls onto the field at halftime. Mrs. Velez helped Mrs. Milo organize the great job of getting the trucks and people together during the half- time. Homecoming was very successful as everyone waited in anticipation for the majesties crownings. James Gonzales and Terry Gastellum were chosen as king and queen from the student body. It was also successful in the fact that Pueblo beat Buena 35-27. Although Homecoming was a hit, there was some controversy about the band selection and that the dance after the game ended too soon. X -Margie Vasquez and Mary Garcia 5-James Gonzales and Terry Gastellum smile as they wait excitedly for the crowning of the majesties. 6-Juan Marquez and co-head, cheerleader, Barbara Mazon, are also among the candidates. 7-Presenting the 1980 homecoming king 81 queen are James Gonzales and Terry Gasfellum. 180 Hi S QP i elsif s Q QQXX Qgb 5 gs-as 5.5 ,Y QQQK B a 5 k .. .3 , . J f Y if " A 933 Q9 " Q' A In ' W , K, K! K. x 353' 6 k ' J' ,F . O we J, 'fool parkin Patty ucson Park a 13 eg nd Q fromf main' wllmtlbwi Ngiikqs A K ,L X X 1 T' rx Q4 5 sn... A gif' WW SAI! .IM " 1.-..., Shams Morabet 20 2 l-langouts Provide Fun, Activity "Hanging Out" was what we all did during the week- ends. Sixth Avenue and Speedway, Rodeo and Reid Parks, were the main hangouts. Hanging out in one place was hard to do all the time for different reasons. The South Tucson Police put a stop to people parking at United Mar- ket or Der Wienerschnitzei on 6th due to partying. At Reid Park, people turned out to meet friends, fight, and just sit on their cars. The traffic jams caused police to close the park before 10:30 P.M. Other hangouts around the town were at "Fool Around", Rodeo Park, the Apache Drive-In and just driving up and down 6th Avenue. Getting together with friends was the main purpose for hanging out. -Diane Fimbres, Sam Valdovin A 4 A t . - t f 4 O f' L ,,,,, 4 1 R ,, 4. as H ww, nf A Q- ., .. 4 , , fn , M Q 4 Q., A .-vb .g 14' no 'f vu nl 1 this W Q1 . . nn fe, W. . Yvonne Aramburo ,, U, Photographers Expose Talents Q- 4 ,Q 1 or 1 Q. ,, , Kg.. , 4 W' 1 Y A ' W Floben Zarate 'W ',,g L..-w L,- , ,, ,,,,1..,0. V, ..- J., ww ,, . f mf. ark 1 fm.f.N'z-Q' 'Q u fwnuwuf -- wwf awwuf' f v - mr' W-as '-.wa nu...- L1- ua, rlwwwn. .Q Q fmvf Am, r V 1. . 1 X we ' f, ' V A Q mm' 7 ,A Wk 1 M., M52 1 ' 1., Q.., , ,- b ,Q , Q A W ff - - mn , ,, A ,- . iff.- ,-W fm. V. W -. fume. Roach Gandara Q 4 -M ,, -M., Yolanda Sinas qfk--'LQIM z"- 53:1 ' f -5 -1 . -rf? yi' ' I ' 5. . G N653 Y' , i""Tx 96 Bock, KHYT Provide inexpensive lvlovie Deals Going to the movies played a major part in many people's lives. KHYT sponsored a 32.00 night at the Apache. 96 Bock did a similar thing at the Catalina but they were midnight movies of rock concerts. Other theaters also offered similar deals. "Stir Crazy" seemed to be the favorite movie at Pueblo. -Sam Valdovin Battle Between Bock And Soul "Pat Benatar, " "The Police," "Bruce Springsteen" and "Rush" are just a few of the more popular hard Bock favor- ites. This was the year of double or live albums. "Heart" put out a two record set, one, was the greatest hits while the other was live. "Fleetwood Mac" and "Bruce Springsteen" were also among the double album players. Album prices ranged from 85.98 on up. 96 Bock offered "Rock and Roll" air force cards that gave 31.00 off albums at Zips Records and Tapes. At Pueblo, popular soul music included: "Boogie Body Land", "Burn Rubber on Me," "Don't Stop The Music," "Fantastic Voyage," "Freak to Freak," "Humpin," "H's a Love Thing," "More Bounce to the Ounce," and "Your Love Takes Me Out." 1-The Apache was perhaps the most popular movie spot. 2-Although it was tar away, Park Mall theatre attracted some movie goers. 3-The more popular radio stations. 4-El Dorado theatre had special deals as other theatres did. 5-Private Benjamin spun off a new t.v. series. 6- Ricki Reed was just one of many who had their own loud playing stereos. 24 'Q Mui. nzwfgw ll to Assn FORT APACHE THE BRONX ,GI Dumbo' ruts DAY IS IOO AT ALI. PLITT Tl'lEAq'g2T grin cnnzvs m 0 RT 91' C I N E I G q,m-"ff . , AA A A ' ' .,A'. W 'W 4'ffQ4':.-i2if.2:Q'v-'W WK .4 D l R0 5 MELVIN Ann HOWA f D065 OF WAR PVT BEIIJRMIN WIIIDMLKER A. " '5.4'? ' E?Q if ' '57 fu '.' ,U .wma ' 'Q - egg , 'Ml A,..,fx-..':s-Y, 'Q Us r Q K. if . . 3, N 'Rini V - pfvai. . . current events Crises Shape Gur Future Many of the past year's headlines affected us in one way or another, from the Atlanta killings to the freedom of the 53 American hostages, headlines were strong. Hostages Released After 444 days of captivity the 53 Americans were freed. Hours before Ronald Reagan was to be inaugurated, then President Jimmy Carter, completed plans to unfreeze Iranian assets. After a brief stop in Wiesbaden, Germany, they were flown to West Point to be reunited with their families. Presi- dent Reagan then gave them an official welcome home. As each ex-hostage returned to their hometowns, again, cele- bration broke out. A sense of pride was felt by everyone. 1-Lopez family give thanks for Jimmy's safe return. 2-From his last album, "Double Fantasy," John Lennon and Yoko Ono stand outside of their New York City apartment. 26 Reagan Elected After President Reagan's election Americans were imme- diately affected. Reagan wanted to abolish the Department of Education. He also opposed abortion and wanted to reduce the massive growth of federal government. He opposed draft registration, too, since he believed that by making military service financially more attractive, it would boost recruit- ment, and that the only time to force military service on young people is during a national emergency. Also, Reagan wanted to see to it that youth work below minimum wage. In addition, he believed that the CETA program which gave jobs to economically disadvantaged youth should be cut. Atlanta Killings As of press time, 23 black children had been reported missing or killed in Atlanta. The city was in fear for their young to be on the streets day or night. Many of the victims had been asphyxiated. Throughout the country people united to raise funds to help the families of victims. President Raegan appropriated funds to help the city police force and FBI. Special task forces were set up to study the crimes round the clock. John Lennon Shot After a recording session, returning home, a "sick" fan approached John Lennon outside his New York City apart- ment and shot him dead. The world mourned and Lennon's music was heard on almost all radio stations. The Sunday after his death, Yoko Ono asked the world to pay a tribute of 10 silent minutes in his memory. Many observed this request in their own special way. TUSD Budget Cuts District budget cuts this year directly affected the Pueblo High School student body in that library services were cur- tailed, some classes were cancelled, counseling services were interrupted, and classroom supplies were limited. Because of the budget cuts, Pueblo's librarians, teachers, and counselors alternated subbing, while keeping their regu- lar jobs. Consequently, our library was often closed, and there was insufficient library help and counseling services. Teachers also were affected by the budget cuts. For exam- ple, teachers Bill Gordon and Warren Essig were changed from regular teaching assignments to permanent substitutes. As a result, three French classes taught by Mr. Gordon were combined into two classes, and one of the two reading labs that he taught was cancelled. Mr. Essig had taught CETA and various business classes and they were distributed to other business teachers. Departments had to limit ordering supplies to the five most needed items, which included anything outside of paper, sta- ples, pencils, etc. The Xerox machine in the library was shut down as no printing fluid could be obtained. Lights were shut off in classrooms and hallways to save energy costs. Polish Labor Unions The word "solidarity" became a familiar word in Poland and the world. Nationwide labor strikes threatened the nation's economy and labor unions were recognized, theat- ening the communist dictatorship. The world kept an open eye on the Soviet Union to be sure they wouldn't invade the crisis stricken country. ?l'Clfl RQgiSUGti0D 1 3 'HQSTAEE rusis TBC H11 QQLBCSCUQCS SBUESLBUUUQJE3 Sdt WANUCLELZAN TEEUAL -'ACAN ,L EIC I 1-.D Puma Tahslz Mzzons Lendmg John Lennon Killed Rate-A .- , f'QPPr Q ifvipovts Yran Yrag Ztfir I ll g E: ' I- I' ' I' ' o 0 O I f.Q.xIS3SCC3f.Q.kJlWE 1, , yt, 5 r USF 27 28 2-'rzyk fin' a dag: Wallaween Sergent Pepper, members of the Ku Klux Klan, here at Pueblo? Many students and staff members dressed in outra- geous costumes for Halloween. Students and teachers showed their spirit, as promoted by Student Council. In addi- tion to the costumes, the sophomore class held their annual Halloween party for the neighborhood children of pre-school to the 6th grade. Ms. Gallego, sophomore sponsor, said, "The Halloween party was very successful, we even had a haunted house this year with mummys, vampires, and an old cemetery. Dunkin Donuts donated 4 boxes of munchkins and Cox's Produce donated a box of apples for the apple- bobbing game. Halloween was fun for all at Pueblo.-Mary Ellen Valle, Jerri Alfieri, Ernie Gonzales Jose Valencia 1 5...- 2 li 1 Donna Huckeba rw Jose Valencia 3 1-Students Wanda Howell, Rachel Camacho, Virginia Potter and Marcia Carrillo show spirit. 2-Librarian Burgess Needle dresses as Sergeant Pepper. 3-Ku "KIucks" Klan tries to get friendly with Margie Phifer, but she seems nervous. Wh S.. yvaraeww X Canned Food Helps Needy This year, Pueblo's students were involved in a very successful can food drive. One hundred fifty baskets were delivered to families all over Tucson. The baskets contained varied canned goods, and frozen chickens donated by the Optimist Club along with fresh fruit donated by the President Fruit Stand. The food baskets were delivered on December 18th and 19th. Rosella Velez stated that the food drive was a worthwhile and meaningful tradition. ln December the student body held a class contest for canned food. The senior class won as they donated 5,124 cans of food. Second place finishers were sophomores with 1,774 cans, while juniors finished in 3rd place with 644 cans. In last place were the freshmen with 602 cans. -Mary Ellen Valle 1-Christine Gonzales and Barbara Mazon load cans on trucks going to needy families. 2- Waiting for the final can count are students Larry Cola, rank Ouevedo, and Freddy Sepulveda. 3 -Helping with packing cans are seniors, Fred Serna, Sam Cuestas, and Armand Dunk. 29 mba 2 1-Santa Claus and his senior helper, Sandy Chacon, asks smiling child what he wants for X- mas. 2-X-mas party children play with gifts received. 3-Lori Abeyta covers a participant's eyes lor "Pin the tail on the donkey" game. GILBERT ALCARAZ Brrngrng The Sprnt To Pueblo When the Chrtstmas season came around Pueblo showed their sprnt ID a unique way The chorus sponsored the tradr tronal Deck the Halls doordecoratrng contest Each home room paud a requrred tee to enter Mrs Lusteck s 1st perrod Rmgs and Thlngs class took the top honors wrth their a Star rs Born theme Other rooms Irke Mrs Beamer s advance art class had their own specral theme remembenng the hostages Other actrvrtres the warrrors were mvotved un were Wnnter Royalties and the Christmas Dance sponsored by the student councrl Ernre Norzagaray and Sandy Chacon were crowned Wrnter Royalty Sam Valdovln My IMRAN YOU AN T STU k ...- N8!h8n AICBFIIBI' 1 Wunter Royalty for the 1980 81 school year are Sandy Chacon and Ernie Norzagaray 2 A Star IS Born rs the theme ofthe wrnnlng X mas door decoratron contest won by Mrs Lusteck s class tor 2 year s In a row 3 Mrs Beamer s advance art class remembers the hostages l l I I . . - 1 . . . 1 ' ll ll . ' S . . I , . Lt ' ' lr . ' - ' ll ' ll ' I .W 'Nt fit V ali Q fd f t C., ,fx ' TN . V7 If N I , Q, 5 A - arf is x 3 N x X , , X . 3 test in - i Levy's Shams Morsbet 1. Performing as the father of Shems Morabet is Mr. Richard Gastellum, and next to bride, Shems, is Gabriel Romero, Alma Tena and Eddie Romero, other wedding participants, 2. Mr. Paul Acuna poses as the bride's father, while Jerri Mills, Frank Cocio, Beatrice Nunez and Robert Gamez are the wedding party. 3. Sandy Choaon and Fred Serna out their wedding cake. 4, Sonia Leon, Ruth Granillo and Monica Pallanes were all responsible parents during the week when students nursed eggs. 5. Lucy Murillo stands next to "father" of Sandy Chacon, Oscar Valencia, and beside them are Fred Serna and Paul Moreno. 6. Steve Vargas, Juan Marquez, Nachie Martinez, Roberto Acuna, and Patricia Carpena have a toast to their new life together. 7. This is a variety of Baby Eggs dressed up and put in their cradles by their parents. -Alma Tena 32 gum Levy's 1A"QpN. X Xt i Q t NV vi Qi Sm" yt . K .R- owe . Rings QQ Things Holds sth A11 nual Mock Weddillgs This year the Rings 8t Things classes at Pueblo had the highest membership among the other pro- grams related with home economics in District One. The class provided information for students on phys- ical and mental health, parental life style roles, matu- rity responsibilities, and attitudes in different fields. The fifth annual mock weddings were held where one couple from each class of RXT got married. And they acted out roles of situations concerning prob- lems that occur in real life with newly wedded cou- ples. Eggs were distributed to students, representing newborn children in order to teach students respon- siblities in parenthood. -Alma Tena 33 1 g. ilieblo At the Rodeo dance many people were dressed western, including the disc jockey, Pueblo student, Joey Urena. Student Council members crowned the following Rodeo royalty representatives who were selected by student body. Freshman, Sylvia Medrano, was escorted by Martin Green, and sophomore, Nina Corral was escorted by Roy Burr. Jun- ior, Tilda Ragland was escorted by Dan Gibson and senior, Vero Diaz was escorted by Gabriel Molina. Majesties were Jose Rodriguez and Cira Lopez. ln addition to participating at the dance, these majesties rode on the Rodeo Parade float on February 19, 1981 repre- senting Pueblo High School during the Fiesta de los Vaque- VOS. WY' 1, ',,v,,,f, s -. ,WN - 1- ' 9 ELL: ,4'. pl'- K-.,., , Levy's ph 1291 l 34 X,- i N ll tl 'Q Q .a 1. Cheerleaders march in parade. 2. Rodeo maj- esty Jose Rodriguez and escort, dance before parade. 3. Pueblo band performs during Rodeo parade. 4. Senior rodeo representative, Vero Diaz is escorted by Gabriel Molina. 5. Junior representative, Tllda Ragland is with escort, Dan Gibson. 6. Sophomore representative, Nina Cor- ral stands with Roy Burr. 7. Freshman represent- ative, Sylvia Medrano poses with escort, Martin Green. 8. Pueblo High is represented by a stu- dent council tloat at parade. 35 Honor Society 81 Top 2 Shems Morabet 1 Shams Morabet Honor Society is a club for students that maintain a high aca- demic standing. Although it is usually for juniors and seniors, sophomores are given consideration if their grade point aver- age is up to standards. The students in the club have many activities besides having high academic standing. 1-Honor Society officers are: Nachie Martinez, Tracy Smith and Marion Woods. 2-Sponsor tor the Honor Society is Mrs. Marie Morris. 3-Co-sponsor for the club, Mr. Hess, hands members an activity sheet. 4-Members of Honor Society are Bottom row: J. J. Castillo, Alicia Amaro, Nachie Martinez, Josie Amaro, Donna Short. 2nd row: Tracy Smith, Bernadette Montano, Anna Camacho, Jackie Barry, Gina Scopeletti, Ernestine Villa. 3rd row: Juan Marquez, Christine Gomez, Marion Woods, Rosie Fierros, Anna Maria godriquez, Joy Moshier. Top row: Fioberto Murrieta, Yolanda Higuiera, Virginia Otter. Shams Morabet Shams Morabet 36 ,VX Nathan Alcantar Josie Amaro Johnny Castillo Cindy Gabusi Christina Gomez W. g ,, skim? ,. f.,,.fx1 i X 3 J S' Craig Head Yolanda Higuera Juan Marquez Nachie Martinez Sandra Martinez Vi Bernadette Montano Diane Morgan Armida Ouiroz Marilee Roell Abian Rojas xt-Tei - Richard Ruiz Donna Short Tracy Smith Sandra Valencia Wvian Vega rf. X V fb .L , s Matilda Verdugo Ernestine Villa Micaela Wllanueva Rosella Wdal Marion Woods Top 25 students' are elected on academic and students activ- participation. These students have earned the title by having grade point average of no less than 3.4 during all their four ars. In addition to high academic standings, they also must ve participated in numerous student activities. These stu- nts made Pueblo "look good" during the school year. NOTE: udents in Top 25 are alphabetized and are not listed accord- W g to academic rank. -Cynthia Ann Varelas Academic Studen ts Gold Keys Glo To P l-l S Artlsts Blue rrbbons and gold keys were awarded to Pueblo art students at the Scholastic Art Exhrbrt held at Park Mall Luls Mena won two gold keys and a blue nbbon rn the pen mlxed medla drvrslon Shems Morabet won a gold key blue nb bon and a cash award rn the photogra phy dlvrslon Joe Munlz Ftlcardo Saldlvar Jose Quljada and Reuben Naranjo were also gold key winners An all blue nbbon flnallsts 6XhlblTIOD went on display In Phoenlx and then they traveled to New York Cnty 1 A blue nbbon was won by Luls Mena rn the scratch board catagory 2-Flay Olguln won a prrze at the low rrder brke show 3 Ygnacro Herman Jose Cordova Albert Blankenshlp and Anthony Gonzales wrll represent Pueblo at Boys state 4 Shems Morabet accepts a cash award from Candrd Wedding photography 7 Luus Mena stands by one of hrs two gold key projects at Park Mall Exhrblt 38 Innocence Gentle snow, blowing tree Thrashing waves upon the sea. Autumn leaves, fall to the ground Giant meadows, mute in sound Shiny bright, when all was new And butterflies swam in the morning dew. Now it's gone forever good-bye Life has left, Sweet Death will cry No children laugh, no children play No grown-ups smile, the wise men say Where has all the innocence gone? It's time is up. A broken bond. By Janet Gerakos Storm Concrete mask made ot tlesh Covers the storm inside Where a vicious wind and A burnlrag rose seem to collide Making ust out ot reason. Their conflict building until Everything within has turned numb A fragile vase inside holding states of being Finally breaks into many pieces And t e mask outside begins to crack When the pain ot the storm releases The rain until the hurt eases. ByAna Camacho Loneliness the deep pain ot sadness, A desolate soul's absence ot gladness Meeting lost friends rewarded as a dream. Memories ofa loved one entwined with death Death, the dark bearer of eternal peace, One that gives value to what life may mean. Zest for li e, which at its end takes one's breath. And with Death's token man can only cease. Loneliness can be a rich man's treasure Famous feelings that man cannot measure, Promises only spoken, not returned 1 Like a broken-heart's letters that are burned the determined loser's friend-misery! Ah Loneliness-immortalized thru history! By Donna Short 39 Drama is. .. Every Which Way But Boring Drama 1980-81 season included dramatic plays as well as comedy drama. Drama students, directed by Mr. Caslow enjoyed and picked their own plays. Eight plays were per- formed including, "Our Town" and "Dark ot the Moon." The drama departments outstanding set designers were Maria Vasquez and Mark Brown. Pueblo's long time drama coach Mr. Caslowfelt that all of his actors were outstanding. Asked how well his students got along with him, he replied "Sure, why not? I love em!"-Shems Morabet lt Nathan Alcantar 1 1-The more serious side ot Frank Martinez begins the church scene. 2- Singing praise in a scene from "Dark of the Moon" are Maria Vasquez, Neveda Freeman, Annabelle Nunez, Gina Scopelite, Oralee Clayton. 3- garlos Reed talks to Diane Morgan and Larry Starks in a scene from "Our own." 40 3 rw ff-rw rvvvvvvvvv.v.v.Y O'0.0.Q.Q.5.0.0.v.4 of B'a'Q'Q'Q'o'o'o'o'A'f xxlisvla aaa: -w ' -404. 1 i J. Honcoop ,W f t 5 J , , , fi .x:- , Q. O w ,M A X xv N X S X sniff 11 as W a. fi Jia 4 5 . in w + 5, 11 ., ,, ,222 ,,,,n., f Q if ' ' K 'iii 1 Q ,. , I-Tm ,M .. f .lf Sys- .Riff K 4 - S. "+fLX?gRk?.i may .x . I 3535! Ml? J Q NW, , , - A W ,Ny ,X K Q X ' XX ' xx Q , . - 1 Q Q 1 9 QQ L KX Q s 4 X 1 ., 4 'Xi 53 wi' RWM as is 'QNX , X xt .KX x ll " i L - X 1 N N. s ,L . s 4 f'v 17 'X ' 'gaze at ,. tv t.r,tr.. its ii tp .:l'- - '21, 0 ',ll -' l ,- . I I-WI, .Nkxvw 5 I ml 2 ' , I, 'li-ll xv W Y - h V A KK fi r! F ax E I' , I .4 M -N Warriors Break Even With only seven experienced players returning and a new head coach, the season ahead looked like a rough one. But the Warriors managed to win 5 of 10 games. "I felt the team worked very hard although the competition around town was tough. I felt the team record could have been 7-3", stated assistant coach, Buddy Warnke. The Warriors upset the Buena Colts near the end of the season to guarantee a play-off birth against Cholla which was lost 14-21. "We did an excellent job containing Cholla's offense throughout the game, but two plays by their Vance Johnson beat us. -Martha Sanchez 1-Pueblo's defense stops a Sahauro Cougar in his tracks. 2-Warriors take a break during halftime. 3 -Louis Strong looks for yardage. 4-The 1980-81 Varsity football members are in bottom row: Richard Reed, Robert Zarate, Tommy Soto, Leo Bruce, Peter Gonzalez, Frank Ouevedo, Louis Strong, Ray Salcido. 2nd row: Jose Cordova, Daniel French, Leo Glenn, Ray Grijalva, Henry Gonzales, Ruben Valdez, Manager: Paul Stevens, Gilbert Contreras, Carl Henderson. 3rd row: Sheldon Gordon, James Modesitt, Oscar Felix, assistant coach Gilbert Huerta, head coach, Saturino Santa Cruz, assistant coach Buddy Warnke, Mark Lennox, Ignacio Herman, Paul Henderson. 4th row, Tony Cisneros, Marcel Jeanisse, Reynaldo Obregon, Juan Marquez, Berry Morgan, Steve Vargas, Frank Meza, Art Frago, Fred Serna. Top row: Mario Martinez, Mario alindo, Mark Romero, James Gonzales, Vince Dozier, Carlos Davila, John McCormick, Jesus Martinez, and Bobby Gamez. 5-Carlos Davila tackles CDO ball carrier. 6-PuebIo's defense takes care of business. 43 Varsity Football "lt was a great game played by two good teams," added coach, Santa Cruz. There were many Warriors who received awards for excellent perform- ance on the field and Vince Dozier and James Gonzales both made the All-City team. Steve Vargas set two new P.H.S. records gaining 1,050 yards receiving and made 48 receptions which averaged 21.8 yards per reception. Steve also made the All-City and All-State teams. It was the great effort and hard work dis- played by the inexperienced players that made the season succssful. -Martha Sanchez 1. Quarterback, John McCormick seeks open receiver. 2. Louis Strong receives hand-oft. 3. Steve Vargas eludes CDO tackle. 4. Outstanding player is Steve Vargas, coach Santa Cruz watches the action from sidelines. 6. Vince Dozier and James Modesitt are proud Warriors after victory over Santa Rita. 7. Coach Santa Cruz discusses strategy with back-up quarterback, James Gonzales. 8. James Gonzales makes room for Mark Romero. 44 Norm McEwen Norm McEwen his e ,-. J 1--ss-,.,..t" as . Johnny Paz 4 .Johnny Paz gr" nf. u- , K gf A g A. .A ,M ll 3. . 'Wx 1 980 J.V. Pueblo 7 Pueblo 14 Pueblo 20 Pueblo 20 Pueblo 7 Pueblo 20 Pueblo 13 Pueblo 21 2 Wins Scores Sahuaro 31 Cholla 7 Tucson 6 Catalina 33 Sunnyside 74 Palo Verde 48 Santa Rita 34 Buena 42 6 Losses Jw ,-I X 1- y,ss.z---- - ' , . TSE' ' I!! '88 . :ef Jose vaiencia 5 Ron Christopher Photography 6 if M ' A ' 'gsm-mwzi A - 3-tr.. c. .. 2' M -H . ., . ,. Joe Parga 7 Injuries Tackle Junior Varsity Junior Varsity began the football sea- son with coach Koppy, and by the end of the season coaches Sanchez and Wells had assumed the coaching of the team. Even though the team members had physical talent, the injuries acquired dur- ing the season affected the team's sea- son record of two wins and six losses. "People started quitting and getting hurt and this really hurt the team," stated Alex Lopez. The team's toughest opponent was Sunnyside High School. Outstanding back of the year was Ted Pesqueira and outstanding lineman of the year was Manny Alvarez.-Martha Sanchez, Mary Valle 1-Junior varsity, Alex Lopez, flags down pass. 2- Coach Sanchez looks over statistics. 3-Split-end Willie Austin attempts to Out-run opponent. 4- Quarterback, Rey Duran, works on passes during practice. 5-Pueblo Buck smashes through his opponents with style. 6-Members of the 1980-81 J.V. football squad are: Bottom row: Jacob Colmenero, Enrique Zarate, Jesus Martinez, Joe Duran, Peter King. 2nd row: Danny Torres, Arnold Obregon, Art Valenzuela, Steve Evans, Max Soriano, Haywood Betters, Jose Urquides, Ernie Olivas, Ray Duran. 3rd row: Coach Sanchez, Richard Powles, Robert Gonzales, Alfred Cuestas, Tony Valenzuela, Coach Wells, Roy Burr, Carlos Islas, Chris Robledo, Rick Ruiz, Coach Ouihuis. 4th row: Steve Goodman, Ricky Gutierrez, Larry Starks, Joseph Betters, Martin Travino, Danny Ortiz, James Gable, Andre Ouivers, Ricky Gonzales, Albert Armenta. Top row: Ernest Pesqueria, Paul Pedrosa, Joe Salazar, Paul Lucas, Alex Lopez, lMllle Austin, Manny Alvarez, Eddie Arevalo, Ted Pesqueria. 7- Practice drills perfect skills. 47 Frosh Work To Improve Even though the freshman football team had a losing season, their spirit never sank. With the seasons' record being 1-7, coaches, Brian Koppy and John Carrizosa felt the team never gave up. Manny Alvarado was chosen as team captain. Coaches Koppy and Carrizosa watched the team's performance and decided the most valuable player was Ray Bradford. They also watched for the most improved player, and after many weeks, Gerald Bracamonte was chosen. Even with all their losses, Peter Gonzales, free safety, said, "The hardest team to play was Catalina. -Cherie Dandurand J.V.'s Gain Experience Team inexperience, illness and injuries contributed to the Junior Varsity Soft- ball's season record of the 12 losses out of 16 games. Captain Margaret Ramos, led the team in gaining experience. ln coach Debra Bradley's opinion, the most improved player was Evelyn Matus and Marina Lopez was the most valuable player. "Next year the team hopes to do better", added coach Bradley. -Martha Sanchez 1-Ray Bradford with the ball, strives tor a touchdown. 2-1980-81 freshmen football squad is top row: Michael Galvan, James Martinez, Jorge Arevalo, Arnulio Rodriquez, Kenny Ramirez, Peler Paisano, Peter Padilla, Randy Lucero, Louis Huerta. 4th row: Manny Alvarado, George Enrlques, Peter Gonzales, Mario Rodriquez, Greg Nish, Julian Ortiz, Maurlco Canez, Edde Ortiz. 3rd row: Brian Koppy, Fernando Ugalde, Roy Caballlro, Gerald Bracamonte, Joe Rodriquez, James Grlfllth, Leonard Escalante, Hugo Bruce, John Carrisoza. 2nd row: Abrian Gonzalez, Gabril Tapia, Brian Butler, Ramiro Ortiz, Danny Amero, Pat Shemeld, Jerry Diaz, John Felix, Bottom row: Fernando Serna, Huberlo Gamma, Tony Rodriguez, Anthony Grilalva, Jerry Martinez. 3-Avoiding a block, Ray Bradford punts the ball. 4-1980 J.V. Team consisted ol the tollowlngg Bottom row: Evelyn Matus, Anadine Mesa, Marina Lopez, Corina Ahumada, Angela Walker. Top row: Diane Carrasco, Alberta Davila, Sonia Cupis, Elsa Ramirez, Margaret Ramos, coach Debra Bradley, Teresita Contreras, Lorena Moreno, Lucy Elenes, Eunice Ruiz. 5- Anadine Meza is ready to hit a home run. 6-Awaiting next pitch is Marina Lopez. 7.-Corlna Ahumada gets a lump on the ball. 48 J.V. Softball Catalina CDO Palo Verde Buena Sunnyside Rincon Cholla Tucson Santa Rita Palo Verde Buena Sunnyside Rincon Cholla Tucson Santa Rita H. . S- 'T , -I Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Froah Football 8 Tucson 16 Catalina 0 Santa Rita 6 Palo Verde 0 Sahuaro 0 Cholla 0 Buena 1 Su nnyside ? , i 5 , P Pueblo 5 " ' ' 5 Pueblo 0 ry -j 'sx '51 'Q t ' 4 312, Q91 ' Pueblo 2 g -3 ,Q -I 'f"a P Qc U my P15 fe- Pueblo 4 4- " , V fb' f 1 I ' Y f i 3 .. if-Ll m Pueblo 8 R' ' i ' - P 1 P ' P 'P " . "5" Pueblo 5 " P ' 5 -1 , f , if ' PU9b'0 0 , . gg i :gig 9 1 3 i if, Q gy 9 Pueblo 2 5 'A F b. 'V ,' , ' 'LR-N X , V fat rm' ' Pueblo 5 52 I' ' 'SX xxw , gag' 22 ,, ,ai 1 Pueblo 13 gxfxtw X, h it ' la Pueblo o f M' wie. 3 ' ' -f ' ffgf :"'g:" 2 iw 41, J gh 1 U' 0 Y ,. J ,E . 4 5 v.. fm fu 'Q 2, Pueblo 5 , ' fi'f' lf fm' xiii , A 5 N if if , . Pueblo a 5 ' . ,.,.. ft- 1- K Pueblo 2 oevalencla 4 5' f- M Q ' qqvvi-"f 'Q Ml -5 M' fIai'e'5'i3,iQ 1 R ' a- 11 Daniel Gandara N E , - ,1,...M ,,, 22 32 33 19 29 26 22 0 qi 5 Daniel Gandara 7 X-f N.. it 2 A, ' f ' N "sissy "7 - vu-lv'-funn! ,:f?i7'?f-RMK L' 1 Dgnlgl Ggndgrg 5 RlChGI'd Flmbl'9S 49 TPI yummy 3 .,, . 3 ,.., HW K 8 Q ..,- W, , "" 'un.u"'- a 1' 5' wk.. ..-M. lf 4".w,,.,x.r' , My -. f, .,.. .J 1 'fm' . it iff' 'jj .1-ga Q E 4.-1'.aff5g.,:' aA::4 ' "' WJ' -5, '2.i5v,'1ff-v"'fH',2.:izssf-:Q12if?S45- M-ff , 1,",,,M 54' ,J "Y-f2Je2vaf:.tg15-'35e44g 1,: Q 44: ff-fi .8121-fr f . . .v1,:.m:n,-Q MQ J' Q , .f I V Jose Valencla all Gllbert Alcaraz 1,5 Jose Valencia Softball Program Improves The season s record of 5 WINS and 11 losses was the best record Pueblo s var Slty softball team has ever had Buena was the most Important vlctory for the program SIHC8 It started added coach Buddy Warnke The varslty team was very young wlth only three graduatlng SSDIOFS and four sophomore starters Due to better 3t'lItUd9S and GXDQFIQDCG the program wlll eventually lmprove Lack ot hlttlng kept the team from WIDDIDQ close games LOVI Hlll and Rosle Flerros were the most ImpfOV6d players Patty Castlllo was the most valuable player as she also had one of the hIQheSt battlng averages Pueblo s softball program was deflnltely Looklng Good' Martha Sanchez 1 Della Carbalal stretches to make an out 2 Gettlng a base hlt IS Norma Duran 3 Patty Castlllo DItChBS another strlke whlle Alma Mlranda BWBIYS a hlt 4 Coach Warnke poses wlth hls graduatlng senlors Sandra Chacon Vera Mollna and Paullne Duran 5 Vera Mollna tags out Slldlng opponent 6 Varslty team IS GXCIYBG after 2 1 Wln over Santa Fllta 7 Martha Sanchez slldes at second base 8 The 80 B1 VBTSIYY softball team conslsts ot bottom row Martha Sanchez Della Carbalal ROSIS Flerros Lorl Hlll Yvette Mendoza Angellca RUIZ 2nd row Norma Duran Anna Martlnez Alma Mlranda Vera Mollna Margle Carrasco Top row Mary Pedroza fmgrj Paullne Duran Sandra Chacon Coach Buddy Warnke Patty Castlllo and Mary Scott 51 l-larriers Are Competitive Girls' cross country team, coached by Mario Castro, earned Pueblo seventh place in the Divisional meet. Captain Vickie Tamayo, led the team which included Denise Alcaraz, most valuable runner, and Vivian Tamayo, most improved runner, to a season finish of 9- Although Pueblo s boys varsity cross country team was never able to get our best five runners together they placed ninth in Divisional s competition This team also coached by Mr Castro included team captain Raymond Ruiz most improved runner Frank Hawkins Their season s record was 3 15 Coach Castro also coached the boys J V cross country team Juan Herber was the most valuable runner and Jerry Alfieri the most improved runner There were five on the tumor varsity squad and running against Santa Rita was the toughest Varsity runner Raymond Ruiz has proven to be not only an excellent ath lete but also an excellent student He has been a tour year member ot the cross country and track team Shems Mora e 1 Kneeling are the J V team members Eugene Anaya Jerry Alfieri Joe Muniz Brian Roell Juan Herber 1980 varsity boys cross country are top row Rene Camacho Mike Lazo Craig Robillard Federico Ramirez Frank Hawkins Raymondo Ruiz Ernie Dimas Mark Dunk 2 Concentratmg on keeping his pace is an important part of Federico Ramirezs running as he demonstrates 3 Jerry Alflerl strives to pass other running opponents 4 Diana Hall concentrates on keeping pace 5-1980 varsity girls cross country are Vickie Tamayo Denise Alcaraz Vivian Tamayo Liz Valdez Diana Hall Frances Salz and Olga Castro 6 Coach Castro gives pointers to harrlers betore race 7 Denise Alcaraz concentrates before next race 52 Daniel Gandafa Gilbert Alcaraz 1 tal '6li'Uvfff"r ,, mvfairag Ms-1. jiwwvf ,... 'Kms 11... H' , . I ' V Y I , . ' 1 I I v - L' ,f '- - , a D f 4225: QV N 1 .1 1 1 5 . 1 I 1 I1 .. . I I I I I 'L I ' - . , . 1 I 1 1 I . . ' 1 I 1 1 ' 1 . ' 1 I ' I 1 . - T f, ff" ,ms 1--10.1-a-,i , . 'Q' ' X ' I , 1 W I Y , N, VM A. :ff ,JH 1 14,1 X at J' 'F , W ' ' A X. xxs. X . 7 Q .Y W1 1 V , 11 ry. ,Wk .,, , K , Lk 1 , M it , K -, , 1 'Md ' A W ' ,K ,ta-1 ,K I , r 1-1 K7 wif' . F .1 it 1 11 - 1 . 1 --11 f-is , w ' in -M v W ' ' , "W ' xr, , - JJ' - - - as 1 f W4 .1 K if .fm ' -,.., , .. t..,e' I Y A.. W c s 'B - 2 tn r' sn- , lv -vm f 'J' sa Ai 4' , -ww-7 J .. -in ,. .. ,5 Nw, fx 1,v,. , JET Q, NQg.....h - Kgs Q 5 ' 7 Twgmr Jig x Daniel Gandara 'RV' K' 'kka MK3 QZLQWKS' fx ' x'N,,,f 'iv' . -ww' i ff 'NL ., . .ziggy ffxrxm 1 I . ag W-Q 5. . 45 - X -5' f-'iff : - - . -.-- .Q 'KX x - gK'k . A a-Pl' -, ' i f 8 5 r, :fx v d HU 5 4 Gilben Alcaraz Sb ge I A E Q ri Gnlben Alcaraz f.4f'!'Q n wfpgzs' ww 4: T 53 N Pwvi 9923-'SSW + x 115,-,N H QE :flaky :JMS wa M bi? 9 X 1355 'K -1564255 5' A N NMS aww' if N5 Y Jaw Ni' Qwfnbiaxgibvia VXQQSRQ SW Uw5 mE XmKNH?W.W 5 A, E- Q ilifl- fifflikm -f . . SKF- ' 5 . .... J 6. .- : , ...K , ,W ,I . . i Mgg- gs, Joe Parga 1 'Q L A . . SOYQARA. hir 'ffl ' x K wQwf"" -N-Q. i M . 'N L.: 30: QA. .4 V , . ug . .LLLmA,L m N h L im, - - A H - ..N,,-x N: ' W3 .f .. , .m.L Q K ' j Fw 1. nw 5 f f .,, . Daniel Gandara 3 Joe Parga ,M Daniel Gandara -- yi... M Ui. M. Q my jigs., .,.,.,, . -s-............,g.-L, ......-4 A c" Jose Valencia Determination Key To Winning Season Squaws improved after the season got under way because at first the team lost tour matches before they beat Salpointe. The team ended the season with a sec- ond place finish after a loss to Palo Verde, their only AAA Southwest League loss. Also the team finished fifth in an invitational tournament when they came back to beat Tucson High and Buena after their loss to Sunnyside. At division- als, Pueblo beat Rincon, but fell after their loss to Catalina where Sandra Bonil- las and captain, Diane Morgan, were selected for the All-Tournament team. The team finished better than expected because of their dedication and determi- nation to win. "We were one big family," added coach Rosalie Wong. Most improved player was, Bernie Montano, and team members selected for Pueblo's "Hall of Fame" were setter, Sandra Bonil- las, and hitter, Jolene Harris. Most valua- ble player and hitter, Diane Morgan, received many other awards in her vol- leyball career at Pueblo in addition to making "Hall of Fame."-M. Sanchez 1-Following through after setting the ball is Mickey Graham. 2-Teammates watch as Jolene Harris bump passes the ball to the setter. 3-Discussing strategy during break is Chuni Vidal, Mickey Graham, and Diane Morgan. 4-Sandra Bonillas sets the ball for hitter Diane Morgan. 5-Diane Morgan attempts to dink the ball over Tucson High's Paula Dotson's block. 6-The 1980 varsity volleyball team are bottom row: Cindy Gabusi, Sandra Bonillas, Mickey Graham, Josie Ochoa, Diana Morgan. Top row: coach Rosalie Wong, Jolene Harris, Clarrisa Canez, Chuni Vidal, Liza Barreras, Rhoda Busby, and Bernie Montano. 55 J.V. Volleyball Learn Techniques Captain of this seasons' B-level volley- ball team was Tiffany Howell. Coach Laura Hodges stated that, "Sur best vic- tory was over Amphi." As the team par- ticipated in many matches, Coach Hodges discovered that Tiffany was the most improved player. The team consisted of 16 hard-working players. Together, they pulled through the rough times of their defeats. The competition this year was tough for the beginners and even though their serves were their best points, they had a very slow season. -Robin Blake Participation l-lurts Golf Due to lack of participation and ability, the 1980-81 golf team had a disappoint- ing season. Main problems encountered were the lack of participation on the stu- dents part. Coach Leslie Nlel announced Tony Morelos as the most improved player. --Sam Valdovin 1-Tiftany Howell leaps to hit the ball while Joann Leon and Margaret Ramos stand by. 2-B-level team isg Bottom row: Chris Sanchez, Maria Santos, Ernestina Ochoa, Martha Sanchez. Middle row: Lorena Moreno, Sally Rico, Kimmy Trimmer, Sonia Cupis, Manisha Harris. Top row: Rosemary Mesa, Joann Leon, Sandra Garcia, Tiffany Howell, Margaret Ramos, and Jennifer Ginn. 3-ln a match against CDO, Gilbert Moya tees off. 4-Tony Peralta gets caught in the sand trap. 5-After being caught in the sand trap, Brad Epperson successfully gets out. 6-Golf coach, Leslie Niel, actively participated in matches. 56 Joe Panga Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo J.V.VoIIeybaII Sabino Amphi Sahuaro Catalina Salpointe Rincon Tucson Santa Rita Palo Verde Buena Sunnyside Cholla 1'-1 2 1 2 2 0 2 2 2 2 2 0 2 .L Daniel wk 1 A 1'Qas,i""'3W " mv-ww 'Q MQ 'SY Qkg'-v x E M. W.- 'fit WX v um x 'Ri :N 1 QW, F A X x 4 , , S -. ,L .X wr If .. .1 ,f ' ' ,' 1 f 2 f , ,s . 4 5 K E ,XX Vx f f' I ffN1 1 I .. 'j f ' L ' 'few Q P ,, -uv. 'f ..- ' fx My A ,,f W N i " 1 ...-- ,A N Xi N M" y.,.,gul' ' .ff ...Mm ,,-rq .,,,vM'M .wg -'M-ff--..., ' ""'l-Q-fw...v, Nathan Alcantar 1 Gilbert Alcaraz X ,-x -,-Aww W' 5' . mm'k , nur 1 Dime' GHDUBW 2 Nathan Alcamar - ...4.,W.,W-.W ,W ,, I WW ,, ...M . -H,--as-qg Aqnvh' E .. .. 58 'Q ,. us, V 'sw .1- -. MST' Warriors Over- Come Forieits Champions at Christmas tournament and a fourth place finish in league play were some of the accomplishments ofthe varsity basketball team under new head coach, Barry O'Rourke. Pueblo had to forfeit eight non-league games due to an ineligible player, but speed, jumping, and a good attitude enabled the team to come back to win 8 of their last 15 games. The Warriorslost to Sahuaro in the first round at divisionals to end the season and any hope for the state title. Most improved player was James Stogiin, and most valu- able player was Dan Gibson, the team captain. Coach O'Rourke feels next year's team will do a good job because he has three returning starters and a good group coming up from junior varsity squad. O'Fiourke concluded with saying, "I had a fine bunch of young men who worked extremely hard." -Martha Sanchez 1. Vince Dozier attempts to pass. 2. David Jackson shoots a free throw. 3. Dan Gibson goes up for a jump shot. 4. 1980-81 varsity basketball consisted of bottom row: James Stoglin, Richie McDanieis Gilbert Cordero, Willie Austin, top row: managers Paul Stevens, Eric Nesbitt, Carmelo Padilla, Tom Thomas, Pat Gibson, Vince Dozier, Dan Gibson, David Jackson, John McCormick, trainer Tim Madden, and coach Barry O'Rourke. 59 J.V.'s Strength Shows Talent This year's J.V. boys basketball team coached by Jon Holstrom had a very suc- cessful season with a record of 15-3. Mr. Holstrom said that the team's strong points were its defense and balanced scoring while its weak point was the lack of height ot the players in general. The team's most valuable player was Alex Lopez with an average of 17.5 points per game. Leading rebounders were Alex Lopez and Carlos Lozoya, while its most improved player was Alfonso Ummel. -Martha Sanchez Frosh Beat Buena, Rincon Freshman basketball team had a disap- pointing season as they dropped 14 of 16 games. Victories were over Buena and Rincon. Pete Sherfield was the most valu- able player averaging 10 points per game. Most improved players were Ram- ino Ortiz and Ricardo Fernandez who led the team in rebounds. Coach Gary Crane states the team did not execute in games what they had learned in practice. -Martha Sanchez 1-Freshman and J.V. players go up for a Jumpball during blue and blue game. 2-Junior Varsity team members are: Bottom Row: Manny Garcia, Robert Escalante, Abe Mendoza, Alfonso Ummel. Rey Duran, Gus Carranza. Top Row: tmanagerj Abel Ortiz, Larry Starks, Joe Stoglin, Juan Pallanes, Paul Lucas, Alex Lopez, Carlos Lazoya, Mike Dozier, and coach Jon Holstrom. 3-Joe Stoglin goes up for a lay-up. Frosh Basketball players are: Bottom Row: Manager, Perry Hubert, Roy Caballero, Manny Alvarado, Top Row: Coach Gary Crane, Miguel Molina, Ramiro Ortiz, Pete Sheffield, Donald Williams, Bernard Bradford, Greg Nigh, Richard Fernandez, Richard Garcia, Jose Garcia, Archie Handy, Russell Ellis, Fred Stricklin, Kirk Molett. 5- Joe Stoglin shoots. 60 f f N Q . " f a iv 65310 E 14 Q. 4 ' w , Q X94 Q aj f X gf if xo, M Fi' fx' lr! , I gg Q .tzggix-X-F Sf-'U l ' 10' k , il J x ' Milf ' ' 1 I f 1 ' Q . jg R- ew-ww U ,, , Y Ki Q S' Q ZWWMA 1 'i4,gi,3,'f' Wrestling Warriors First place in the Tucson Unified School District Wrestling Tournament and a third place finish in the Flowing Wells Invitational were some of the awards the 1980-81 varsity wrestling team earned. Led by seniors, Ernie Nor- zagaray, Joe Rodriguez, and Mike Valen- zuela. At the TUSD tournament there was four wrestlers that placed first they were Ernie Norzagaray at 119 lbs, Joe Rodri- guez at 138 lbs. Juniors, James Modesitt, who defeated topseed Mel Huftaken of Catalina at 179, and sophomore Ray- mond lslas at 198 lbs. led also. Warriors with second place finishes included Car- los Davila HWT, Ismael Martinez at 105, both Juniors. Ceferino Coronado at 155 placed third, a junior, Carlos lslas at 112, and Ignacio Herman a 191 lbs. Both jun- iors placed fourth. Warriors contributing to a third place finish in the Flowing Wells invitational were Ernie Norzagaray, first place. Raymond lslas, and Andy Moreno at 105, both sophomores, finished sec- ond. James Modesitt, Ignacio Herman and Joe Rodriguez placed fifth and Tony Soto at 155 junior placed sixth. The War- riors finished a 8-won 2-loss record their losses going to Canyon Del Oro, and Sunnyside. Coach John Mulay said he felt the team should have finished second at Flowing Wells and with a 9-1 record. Mulay expects to finish 1, 2, or 3 at divi- sionals. Both coaches Mulay and Richard Sanchez feel next year's team will do a good job. Wrestling Warriors were look- ing good!! -Martha Sanchez 1. Ernie Norzagaray concentrates' on pinning Cholla opponent. 2. Warrior has his man in a pinning situa- tion. 3. Mike Valenzula takes his man down for two. 4. Raymond lslas looks towards coaches for advice. 5. Joe Rodriquez receives pointers from coach San- chez during break. 6. Carlos Davila controls his man. 7. 1980-81 wrestling warriors are Bottom Row: Ernie Norzagaray, Joe Rodriquez, Mike Valenzuela, Andy Moreno. 2nd Row: lsmael Martinez, Tommy Soto, Carlos lslas, Raymond lslas, Tony Soto, Allred Garcia. Top Row: coach Richard Sanchez, James Modesitt, lgnacio Herman, Carlos Davila, Ceferino Coronado, Joe Valenzula, and coach John Mulay. 8. Coach Mulay coaches from the bench. 62 Pal Johnny Paz Gllben Alcarza Gllber! Al Hon Ch :pg umm? t .W S 1' , ,-.shun-.,.X camz 5 Johnny Paz 'rqfls K sg- -K ,au-. , .kip X X 253 , 3 ...ww .QI G X X xxg i X5 5 3 i S Qu rlmophor 7 Gilbert Alcaraz 63 AJ Q' Ru PDE LO .ef -fu- Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Frosh Wrestling 15 CDO 58 52 Palo Verde 24 24 Catalina 48 10 Tucson 55 26 Santa Rita 42 0 Apollo 75 27 Buena 48 30 Cholle 48 31 Rincon 12 Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo JV Wrestling CDO Palo Verde Salpointe Tucson 54 51 48 Catalina 57 54 61 Santa Rite 3 Sunnyside 57 Buena 41 Cholla 52 Rincon Johnny Paz QF s,1 W,ugyyf:T 5557 by ' 9 511 ini :TE in . ,- wff..-' . ,Q Rf 1, L12 , , ' I ' i f5:fF-ii. J f . . L- ' ,i 4- 'iii'l"?55T?if"-:iw-3 A i af 'W 1 - A K my Q . i - K . ,fy - 5, .NM I W I A in Johnny Pez Ron Chrls1opher -Ag! Ron Christopher Junior Varsity Outstanding Nine wins-1 loss was the Junior Var- sity wrestling team season record with Sunnyside being the only loss. Coaches John Mulay and Richard Sanchez were very pleased with this season's outcome and both felt the key to such a successful season was hard work and team unity. -M. Sanchez Frosh Have Rough Season Freshman wrestling had a rough season. Contributing to this was the lack of physical endurance and experi- ence as only 17 of 37 wrestlers fin- ished a 2 win-7 loss season. Victories were over Palo Verde and Rincon. According to coach, Gary Slage, all wrestlers that finished the season were outstanding. -M. Sanchez 1. Ismael Martinez wrestles against Choila. 2. Carlos Davila places second in a tournament. 3. Ron Tadeo tries to escape opponent's grip. 4. Junior varsity team members are, bottom row: Robert Ruiz, Luis Murrieta, Jacob Colmenero, Richard Mendoza. Second row: Danny Torres, Richard Powles, Gilbert Moya, Joe Duran, Steve Evans, Art Valenzuela. Top row: coach, Richard Sanchez, Ricky Ruiz, Ernie Pesqueira, Manny Alvarez, Alfred Cuestas, Joe Batters, and Coach John Mulay. 5. Coaches converse at tourna- ment. 6. Freshmen wrestlers are, bottom row: Raul Moreno, Luis MontUo, Joe Jaurlqui, Jerry Martinez. Second row: Ernie Rosas, Rene Borjorquez, Mario Rodriguez, Abrian Gonzalez, Ruben Rojas, Gabriel Segura, Mauricio Canez. Top row: Hugo Bruce, Leonard Escalante, Randy Lucero, coach Gary Siagel, Trini Contreras, Peter Gonzalez, and Joe Rodriguez. 65 Tennis Teams Build For Future Varsity was a relatively young tennis team that acquired some valuable experi- ence during the year. They developed their basic skills along with their mental attitude towards the game and both areas came a long way. New coach, Carol Mer- ritt said that the season was going better than expected. Marcia Carrillo was named most valuable and improved team player. Varsity's victory over Santa Rita lifted their spirits after losing to them pre- viously. Junior Varsity girls' tennis team was young with most players having little experience. Their record at the time of publication was 2-9. In Coach Merritt's opinion, Kimmy Trimmer, was the most improved player. Coach Merritt stated the team acquired experience that will be val- uable in the future. Lack of experience on the boys' tennis team has had an effect on their season. Their record at the time of publication was 1-11. Most improved player was Raymundo Ruiz in coach, Robie East- lack'sopinion. 1-Kristi Remmel prepares for a back-hand return. 2-1981 Girls' Varsity team consisted of bottom row: Luz Alabado, Stella Lee, Kristi Remmel. Top row: Yolanda Higuera, Marcia Carrillo, Cindy Gabusi, JoAnn Cardenas, Diane Carrillo, and coach Carol Merritt. 3-1981 Boys Junior Varsity team consists of: Mike Fisher, Jose Urquides, Raymundo Ruiz, Bryon Butler, Manny Valenzuela. Top row: 1981 Varsity boys are Tony Gonzalez, Albert Blankenship, Roberto Murrieta, Ken Ward, Mike Rines, and Richard Rivera. 4-Albert Blankenship concentrates on his next serve. 5-Marcia Carrillo works on perfecting her serve. 6-Girls Junior Varsity team members are: Bottom row: Janet Gerakos, Susan Perez. Top row: Sui Lee, Barbara fdonzales, Kimmy Trimmer, Donna Chue and coach erritt. 66 4 , , 'f f it ' 1 1 w Y X f 'H-H-M f 44. , 1 .Lv ,mv " it H. xi S '4 . f V A ,s ,r- , ' " f ' . 0, , Q ,gl iftkd 4 , f A, ' ...Ah 7 i", "" , I,-f xii , 5 C ww. Q A, A 6 1 , , 1 ' wi- gi f fi A A ,Q .Pf,'f'iuQwye1 , -Qu2,r,-,-,.- 7 w,,,L ff-... -ff.1u:f,..:, 1 , W gif N we , ., 5 'Q vx E Q 'wk' , , ,, an M rf kk 4 Mr 'I f 1 ff 1, f , , -is ,E M ? Q ' R' M. , 4 'Sgr f'X1s3f3-f'- r fm W., M ,AA is 4 af ' gg. ,fy w A an H Vx 5 sw . X My V fi' X jim .4 W-in 4 hy if q. 4 ming wmsw ff 555 "jp ffl? 1 "" ls 'K is , fff' 1- QQ -' V, 4 W. k1"5f.?2f,f4f 55' ' f -, + 4 5' " V' K likgylg- K ,,. f,if'i':3' g m ig f -- . A 4: . .1 ,,..j- 4 . ,gMfL,,,5,.'f' .. Apu' L f L W , .3ijl'ffif"J 'ff' I' " I-tw , E 1 I n ' 77YL"?k:f2, J px ' ' ff' N, JW Wm .sm ,wh f fm - 5- M wffwgi ,H . w, 1A 'Hpf-my, 5,1517 .W ,L ' lnfwmfliz.. 1456 " 'fziii' 4 . "r E.-5-' " 4. ' ' V 'iifxfw 315' ' 'AQ 9 35"- Ava Hwy , K' 0 Q gf K 1 - Z, 5 Jose Valencia 7:-A----N v Diane Carrillo Nh! IQ-qsnvwuv-od f- . - ,, ,,,, ., Nw . A- M-w.,J-'W-9-mw.rfw,,.,,W ,,,,..,.n I V Y ,, ,H lun ff-- K- ,Wi .,.L-,,, uw- ......., ww. , M1 ww. .. .,.., ...W ..,.... . . , , , uguuaumau . ulwaquuam. .. mw. 2 uw, V 4 , ,Wm ,L hfxgf """"" ",f"W :num yung "-wQ..- 4--1' 2 . .,,. V lwews. " Z W ,, W,,J 1 .4 4. "4""b-n V- V ww M:- Jose Gandafg VVVV A I .-aw, 1 Q gil, 4 f ,A 'Vw ' W . .yr 'Q A.. N., , I x A 1 J. '- wg . I Q, M. , yin , F ,, , . 4... ew V f- ... ,u Jose valencia 2 JOSH Valencia -. ANN if9i"?,j'f17 . ' .,, M ,Q 'Q-N K' Q- wwvviii erm . 'A-- ,f ,Ar ai' -ki if MQ, M A . . ,, K ,. . , ., ,, 39 . - .Ao ' - - Af -:'ffi,,,Q ,,..,.' W , ,, MQ.,-as if Jw-. V, ...pA. 'qw ,, . it Y-nd: x M mv . " 'lk pn ,Ls . QNTJ' "' '-ll"i 'D- W . '991,'vs.E k Jose Gander, 4 Jose Gandara mf' 68 -fp? , . v . f I ' Q:- -, ,x 6 Girls Hope For First Victory Girls' Swim team had only twelve swim- mers. The quality of the team was very fine as coach Luci Banales felt that cer- tain individuals would do well as individu- als. These were Nachie Martinez in div- ing, swimming individuals medley relay, Josie Martinez, medley relay team, Nachie Jose, Annabelle Nunez, and Mar- ion Woods. Members of medley relay team were in Coach Banales' opinion the outstanding swimmers. Lisa Flores was the most improved swimmer. Coach Banales felt this team has great potential of winning the first dual meet in PuebIo's swimming history. -Martha Sanchez J. V. Teams Hopes Are High Junior varsity baseball hopes to have a good season as they had a good turn out. Eighteen players were chosen out ot 32 who tried out. Among the players cho- sen, five were returners. The pitchers on the team were all sophomores and one freshman. Coach, John Holstrom feels the team will do a good job. -Martha Sanchez 1-Pueblo's team warms up belore practice. 2- Natchie Martinez executes a perfect dive. 3-Ted Pesquiera practices his pitching. 4-Josie Martinez practices her freestyle swimming. 5-1980-81 girls swim team consists ot bottom row: Nachie Martinez, Marion Woods, Josie Martinez. 2nd row: Andy Redondo, Yolanda Machado, Reina Gallego. Top row: Coach Luci Banales, Amanda Woods, Ernestina Wlla, Tonia Fimbres, Jill Barry, Elizabeth Flores, and Annabelle Nunez. 6-Guillermo Fernandez swings at a pitched ball. 7-1980-81 Junior Varsity baseball team members consist of Bottom row: Jaime Cuesta, Alfred Castillo, Frank Real, Marco Monreal, Emilio Olono, Manny Alvarado. 2nd row: Jesus Godinez, Armando Ravago, Luis Camargo, Gus Carranza, Albert Armenta, Rey Duran, A an Romero. Top row: Coach Jon Hostrom, Fred Pesquiera, Arnullo Rodriguez, Ricardo Fernandez, Frank Tona, Guillermo Fernandez, and Roy Burr. 69 Team Envisions State Title "Our goal is to be one of the two teams from the south league to go to the state tournament," stated new head coach, Buddy Warnke. There are six returning players who will start this season, the team has a six-man pitching statt. Warnke feels Sunnyside and Buena will be the toughest opponents in the south- ern league. Outstanding ball players on the team as of the start of the season were: James Gonzales, Joel Moreno, pitchers, James Rincon, shortstop, and Mark Romero and Fred Serna, outfield- ers. -Martha Sanchez 1-Coach Warnke watches varsity player during batting practice. 2-Ray Grijalva is ready tor a strike. 3-Sam Cuesta attempts to burn a pitch in. 4 -TriniAmaya is ready to throw base runner out. 5 -James Gonzales throws a pitch. 6-1981 varsity baseball team consists ot: Bottom Ftow: Ramon Munguia, Frank Ouevedo, Anthony Morelos, Trini Amaya, Tirso Padilla, Ray Gnjalva. 2nd Row: Frank Gonzales, Joel Moreno, Ramon Valdez, Ignacio Herman, Fred Serna, James Rincon, Guillermo Haro, Sam Cuesta. Top Row: coach, Buddy Warnke, Tony Cisneros, Ray Lucero, John Martinez, James Gonzales, Mark Romero, Edsgardo Denogean, Frank Meza, and manager, Oscar Romero. 70 ,.-f:ti- N' N Qfe, 1:-f'f?'?f: . mf .f. . .. K.: Jose Valencia -.-Av' ' ,.,,.t W , -f '-f , ,Q ., fr 'V I Jaw iwlykgitn get Qgcv. Mi .. ' A 5 an ifg'-te, 7.14 " A if V JfTh'A?. "" 'f 1'.Z,1,f' ' A " H . R s , ff ' sf my ra l,f,w,.3w . ,. J., V 1 n f ite: MNC kwa 4 A' , ,gl ,. f . ' J ,, ,yay Wg, ,gi V' 1, , V f 1 JVM N, M621 . ,r.Aa,,q ftrrwsfei +1 32 it agfiefffwtt 'T sl?"-if-"X 8 0 ft visa- .T . fs-.fasavrfezw K ,,. VV.t if -K, l.' Y f - f, f , it in -W L. ,rl I I 41' R + 75 'Y 3 Y V ,.,,...-Md" '.,.e fn' ' . 2 f 4, Q A la' V 3 V ' Jose Valencia 4 Levy's z ' ' j -8315 it Jose Valencra 1.15" 91. Levy's 72 Girls' Track Runs On The 1980-81 girls' track team was coached by Ann Carlson and led by team captains Brenda Fitzgerald, Barbara Medrano, and Vickie Tamayo. The team's most valuable player at the start of the 1981 season was senior, Brenda Fitzgerald. The team's most improved runner was Karen Hurts. Both Brenda and Karen were team members that were ranked in the city and state in past seasons. Other outstanding mem- bers seemed to be Denise Alcarez and Uffany Howell. According to Mrs. Carlson, the girls' track team is a fairly young one as tar as age is concerned. -Arnulfo Palma Boys' Track Cn The Run According to boys' track Coach, Clay Hitchcock, Barry Morgan was the most valuable player with Dan Gibson being most valuable runner. Strong points on the team were the 400 meter run. Expect- ing a rough season, Barry Morgan, Dan Gibson and Tom Thomas were overall the outstanding field men. Eighteen members made up the team with Santa Rita and Sahuaro the toughest teams to meet. -Sam Valdovin 1. Members of the Junior varsity squad are: Doug Mollett, Andres Norwood, and Richard Poweles. 2. Brenda Fitzgerald, Paulette High, Rose Grigsby get on their mark. 3. Ken Thomas was one ot the most outstanding runners. 4. Varsity and junior varsity members are: Top row: Coach Hitchcock, Grigsby, Hawkins, Ramirez, Deimies, Herber, King, Allierl, Ramirez, K. Salazar, Norwood, Mollett, Posey. Kneeling are: Thomas, Morgan, Strong, Acuna, Powles, and Reed. 5. Girls' track members are: Standing: Mattie Joiner, Brenda Fitzgerald, Angela Walker, Barbara Medrano, Rose Grlgsby, Anita Campos, Paulette High, Janet Parrish, Anita Campos, and Carman Elliott. Kneeling are: Vivian Tamayo, Linda Murden, Yen Ky, Sally Rico, and Denise Alcarez. 6. Barbara Medrano, Ms. Carlson and Karen Hurts look over track course. 73 Varsity Expect Good Season This year's Varsity Girls' Basketball team, coached by Gary Crane, was led by team captains Diane Morgan, Sonya Jackson, and Johnita Lux. Mr. Crane said that the team had many outstanding playersg and that six var- sity players returned trom last year. Mr. Crane also said that he expected to take his team to the state tourna- ment because he had the talent and personalities to carry them that far, adding that he believes, as do the girls, that they have the potential to be that good. -By Arnulfo Palma J.V.'s VVork To Surprise J.V. girls' basketball team had a good turn out. Twenty girls tried out for the team, but only 14 girls made the team tor 1980-81. Out of the 14 girls 7 were freshmen and four of them returned from last year. The returning girls were Loretta Nichols, Diane Ure- quidez, Manisha Harris, and Theresa Mitchell. Gilbert Huerta feels that the players that have the most potential at the season's start were Loretta Nichols, Diane Lara, and Tiffany Howell. Huerta also feels that Sahuaro will be the toughest opponent. Huerta personally feels that the team could surprise a lot of people this season. -Cherie Dandurand 1. Diane Morgan handles the ball as Rosie Fierros and Mickey Graham watch. 2. Girls' varsity basketball team consisted ot: Bottom row: Juanita Lux, Diane Morgan, Sonya Jackson. Top rowp manager Pete Sheffield, Rosie Fierros, Cindy Ochoa, Katrina Montano, Susan Lopez, Mary Scott, Sandra Bonillas, Mickey Graham, and Coach, Gary Crane. Not Pictured is: Dian Anderson. 3. Junior varsity team consisted of: Bottom row: Theresa Mitchell, Loretta Nichols, Diane Urquides. Standing in top row are: manager, Betty Nichols, Renee Williams, Yen Ky, Manisha Harris, Michelle Head, Sandra Garcia, Tiffany Howell, Marina Lopez, Diane Lara, Cindy Campos, Flosann Mora, and Coach, Gilbert Huerta. 4. Katrina Montano goes up for a lay-up. 5. Juanita Lux attempts to pass to Diane Morgan as Cindy Ochoa and Sandra Bonillas guard basket. 6. Diane Morgan goes for a lay-up. lsr-- mwqtu- m-aww.. +--2-s-Nw..,,. xi S 3 s E mgglp Yvonne ATBTYIDUFO Daniel Gandara . Q 4 I Outstanding Athletes Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Softball Catalina CDO Palo Verde Buena Sunnyside Rincon Cholla Tucson Santa Rita Palo Verde Buena Sunnyside Rincon Cholla Tucson Santa Rita Wx Athletes are James Gonzales, Ernie Norzagaray, Diane Morgan, Steve Vargas, Raymundo Ruiz, Dan Gibson, Natchie Martinez. Not pictured is Patty Castillo Dedication, hard work and a desire to succeed were the factors that contributed to the success of these outstand- ing athletes in their selective sport. Nominated by their coaches were the following: Patty Castillo, sophomore, pitched her way through the best softball season at Pueblo. Dan Gibson, senior, ran on the 1600 meter relay team, one of the best in the state and was an all-around track member. James Gonzales, senior, pitcher, also proved to be a key player on the baseball team. Natchie Martinez, senior, has proven to be a champion diver in her swimming career. Diane Morgan , senior, bumped, passed, dinked, and hit her way onto the all-city volleyball team and she was nominated for Pueblo's hall of fame. State champ, senior, Ernie Norzagaray was named most outstanding wrestler at the state tournament and was undefeated in dual meets for the past two years. Ray- mundo Ruiz, senior, paced his way through an outstand- ing cross country season. Steve Vargas, senior, set two new PHS football records gaining 1,050 yards receiving and made 48 receptions which averaged 21.8 yards per reception. Steve also made both the all-city and all-state teams and was nominated by Pueblo's hall of tame. -M. Sanchez 1 1.-Cindy Gabusi looks at Fred Serna's reaction to the people on the dancing floor. 2.-Seniors gather at the park, 3.-Seniors study hard. 4.-Two tind "Love in the Afternoon." 78 -t L' rv xix S .W -Gish ix ,LJ ii! . 1 Shems Morabet 3,gw.v Ndawfm 41, I 'K f' . Aguilar-Clayton Elita Aguilar Jamie Allen Nathon Alcantar Robert Alvarado A .rre .- 355.5 ' x : , F- " 1 " ' X 4:4 ,l L Josie Amaro Trinidad Amaro r risk ' V + ree. r- Deborah Bait Norma Bell Joe Siivas, a senior here at Pueblo, has been boxing at South Tucson Boxing ciub and GiI's boxing gym for seven years. His interest in boxing came after his older brother started boxing and asked if he would like to join too. Joe competes against other boxers in states around the nation, and fights two to three matches a month. After graduation, Joe plans to attend the University of Arizona, and turn to profes- sional in boxing. Maria Alvarez Cecilia Armenta gi Alicia Blake Veronica Blurton James Bober Linda Bober Denise Bogsiie Alfred Bracamonte Debbie Bracamonte Rosa Brantley Sylvia Bravo Leo Bruce . Veronica Burruel S S-.Xi ,X T f 1 Lori Byrd Irene Cadena Ana Camacho Tony Campas Scott Campbell fc arlin Canlua Allred Carley Patricia Carpena Tracy Carpenter Johnny Castillo 0' onald Chacon Sandra Chacon Tony Cisneros Oralee Claylon Sharon Clayton x 9143: 0 81 33 Cocio-Gamez 3 fvk A 5 . ...nb X if QX S Frank Cocio Robin Cook Gilbert Cordero Gabriel Cordova Monica Corral Ruelas "-Ji ' ,A yt' .t fm w X! N Carmen Corrales Edward Cortinas Ursula Cola Norma Cramer Jaime Crockwell 10 Ni x ii +5 i 5 X. S I i x 1 f " If Julie Cruz Margaret Cruz Anselmo Cuesta Valarie Diaz Veronica Diaz U .S r Robert Dourret Vincent Dozler Carolyn Dunlap Pauline Duran Rachel Duvall 0-Of .3 3 Armando Espinoza Luis Estrella John Felix -ik Af ffjli Ronald Felix David Fierro Mafisela Figueroa L22-if 41-9: i Diane Fimbres Brenda Fitzgerald Richard Flores X 5 5 a R - Q F' 2 X Wifi aff' 5 aniel French Cindy Gabus Graciela Gaitan Preparing for their first pep assembly, sen- iors met with sponsor Mr. LaVetter. Bottom row seniors areg Tim Harris, Johnny Galiego, Patty Glass, Mr. LaVetter. Top row are Danny Nava- rez, Richard Ruiz, Ronald Tadeo. 1' 44:"f i Yolanda Flores Arl Fraijo If i W i i R Sandra Gallaido Bobby Gamez glass as 83 Garcia--Leon Alel3ndf0 Garcia Alffed Garcia Armando Garza Michelle Garza Linda Gastelum LK. . Armand Dunk is one of Pueblo's most tai- ented artists this year. He began his interest in art in junior high when he has entered art work in the scholastic art award show and received an honorable mention for one of his pieces. He said he enjoys drawing cars and human bodies the best. And he wants to continue his educa- tion in medicine first and keep art as a hobby. Sandra Gastelum Rf' Patricia Glass 1 K Terry Gastelum Danny Gibson Christine Gomez W' Christina Gonzales Enrique Gonzales James Gonzales Leticia Gonzales Linda Gonzales Frank Gonzales Pi 8 .0 is ff vig Anna Marie Gradillas John Granillo 11m Harris Chris Gravina Rebecca Guasp ,. l 1 i Paul Henderson Eddie Hernandez Alfred Herran if if 1' If Gloria Gutierrez Paulette High 7,3 NY 3f 3 1 i""' Yolanda Higuera Greg Hodgson Adam Hoyer Eve Hoyer Susan Hoyer ,-.if z 2: i 1 E3 Donna Huckeba Sonya Jackson Jesus Lazo Robert Lee Lisa Leon X 31433 0 85 Leon-Mendoza 1- Sonia Leon Tina Lewis Robert Leyvas Marco Lopez Maria Lopez M Maricela Lopez Vivian Lopez Jesus Lora Ramon Lujan Bernice Luna Johnita Lux Freddy Machado Monica Machado Marty Madrid Ftigo Madrid 3 Leoni Maldonado Juan Marquez Al. L L Anna Martinez Anthony Martinez Frank Martinez 115 C'f5!t "fills, 9 f I Ii John Martinez Marina Martinez Mario Martinez Melinda Martinez Nachie Martinez Sandra Martinez Yolanda Mascarenas Connie Maxam ,int Danny McCoy ' ' - 5 i x Arnulfo Palma was one of the guys from Pueblo who attended Boy s State in Flag- staff during the 1980 summer. Arnulfo said he found Boy s State fascinating and a worthwhile ex erience. He learned more 1 , . .f ,, , 1 , hs! Nj- I N 'ff J Barbara Medrano P about city, county and state government at Boy's State than he could in a lifetime. He continued saying, "All Pueblo guys should sign up for Boy's State in the spring. Who knows? Anyone might be chosen to attend." In conclusion he said, "It was well worth it." t on 4 , J-'Ga Q 5 Q Barbara Mazon John McMormick Timothy McCright Rebecca McCulloch .S Q 5 l AA ga Jesus Mendibles Martin Mendoza Glass A M658-Padilla ,. 'W affix W, ,,,, X j is Michelle Mesa Francisco Meza Jeraldine Mills Rosa Miranda Maria Molina Piiu -'iffii tex ' Sl E Bernadette Montaflo Katrina Montafio Cesar Montes Debbie Montes Luis Montiel Isabel Montijo Shems Morabet Brenda Morales lui Paul Moreno Theresa Moreno Diane Morgan A i X. R vwg'.' 'Paar' t 'ii iii. .. Joey Urena, senior, at Pueblo, worked as a disc jockey, while attending school. He has been a disc jockey for two years. He worked as a disc jockey for most of the summer. Some- times his cousin helped him out, when he needed the help. He also has his own elec- tronic sound and light equipment. The music he played the most was disco and Mexican music. He also played at the Pueblo Christmas dance. The lighting and sound was bright, loud, and good as was his performance. -Michelle Dandurand Cynthia Munoz Luz Murillo Eugene Murray Javier Nagore Daniel Nevarez it , N as iaiaa ai f X Joel Nevarez Ernie Norzagaray Beatriz Nunez William Ohlmaier Ana Ojeda Yolanda Olivas Alicia Ordonez Joanna Ormsby Juan Oroz Martin Oroz X N V :Qi ' . J ' ' , M f i W ine l Victoria Orozco Gloria Ortega Martha Ortiz Juanita Pacho .Tirso Padilla L. iii? F Qlass A 89 Pallanes-SantaCruz 2 2 e if X Marlin Pallanes Monica Pallanes Arnullo Palma Delvia Parga Q :Sill Oscar Palino Johnny Paz Angelica Pedroza Violet Perez Jose Quijada Armida Quiroz Roger Raley Maria Ramirez Roberl Rascon Jefl' Reece Carlos Reed Ricky Reed Katherine Rice Mario Riviera Elvia Robles L....m,.e a - Joe Rodriguez S A 4- X ,L i., -i Q sg o X Q 'iz . tl' X Marilee Roell Abian Rojas Edward Romero Gabriel Romero Mark Romero X -we , .xgm Steve Romero Meliassa Ruiz Ramiro Ruiz Raymundo Ruiz Richard Ruiz 4-Huff Michael Rutledge Debra Salcido Raymond Salcido JUMNY Sanchez Sandra Saldivar Miguel Santa Cruz h4::.',K"f' Samvaldorin "As a hobby our family loves to horse race. My father and I are the ones that enjoy it the most. In the summer I love to go with him to watch races. They are very exciting especially if one of your own horses wins at the track. Someday I plan to have horses of my own, I consider them one of the most beautiful, and intelligent animals," said Veronica Diaz, senior. 'lass 0 ..a A edema, S ,V,S,yM7y9,, , few -f-- we-f-ffzf we ---H-Y-M -- Santa Maria-Valle 495' """S.. lggrfl' li l. ,, i n ,Q J 'X Sylvia Santa Maria Trinket Scholz Beatrice Segura Fred Serna Carrie Shock ...iam Donna Short Andrea Shosie Patricia Sierra Joe Silva Bonnie Smith - Pueblo seniors collected cans for our annual can food drive. They gathered on weekends l going from door-to-door asking for cans. The seniors ended up raising more cans than any other class to help needy families. Tracy Smith Sylvia Soltero Martha Somoza Maggie Soto Cindy Stark Jacqueline Starks Jeannie Stevens .pa - 1 k N. si ,, A .Uu- S ? - ' 2 il 'Q 5 2 Paul Stevens Ronald Tadeo Vickie Tamayo Alma Tena A V 6 N 54' X , A ' rj -QNZSL l 'H lf '65, 'B 5 n ' R ' 5 ' ' , Q .T a L 91 W4 jf 5 i , ,a Sally Torres Manny Trevino Joey Urena Aurelio Valencia 3 Sandra Valencia Angelina Valenzuela Debbie Valenzuela l x Elizabeth Valenzuela Mary Torres Julia Valencia Jose Valenzuela vxxl iw 1 I . Maria Valenzuela Michael Valenzuela Norma Valenzuela Rosendo Valenzuela Mary Valle 7 Vins 35 93 Varela-Zavala fr! Maria Varela Rudy Vargas Steve Vargas Margie Vasquez L L Patsy Vega Vivian Vega Elvira Verdugo Maria Verdugo Martin Vasquez Matilda Verdugo Rosella Vidal Christine Villa Emily Villa Ernestine Villa Kenneth Walker l"N ...V Hubert Washigton Penny Wheeler Maria Wilcox Marion Woods Monica Zavala -f4!,f Alfred Garcia and Clara Moreno snuggle ggffatizflmg 122 Q tg, kgiggv 2335 3530232 Mary He-llen Garcia, Lori Loya, Ana Ojeda and Ronnie Loya pose for a picture SEED OD CBYTIDUS. u .5 KP gs QI 1 S!! 5.5. SGVWOVS QFWIOYWWQ the Rodeo Dancer Sam Valdovin is displaying this year's cover for our yearbook. Seniors from the class of "81" liked to gather at Kennedy Park. . 'PWM' ,695 '9"5vol 12'-' 'iw M my Wifiwv Q.. -, N-1 M hw ............m-an----w 4' M'W""' 'W"W"'f"' A L' i.,,, ????S W -f I 96 th i 36,34 dx .-Q.. A A--A , .Aw - W.. Mr'-W i - 1 1'..,..u, ., sh Iv' ' ,Q X, fl.-.r,,p',L.a-1,1 .. A " N- -:J 5 , ,YN 31M :L X' 1 ' M m 1 1 K Q V ,sx.s,-,..,.,v - wwfia-',-,':S.W.:X ' K' Q-ff vu -. N ' .S A- Q- -"'x...xQ-,...""'RX-. . -,..w...,, .,..w,.-rf . M ,N 'Q-Ffa -1-:.4 .,.Xi-'fa- . Q ., --X . Q - -, isi5ea.."'1'l-Ska.. -f .em NN. - , ll 4.-ah m W., . L x.,: ck . . rs. -Qt H N B .1 , mu 1,-x.xfN..ATk M f. M X. .E X 'si 3 JH Q 5. Y' X. d. s -, sn, X - I 5 i . M., .J W..--.Q - - x X kt, . .Mgmt .Q f ,K .jf 'hal A '59, ' 35 ,ifx x A 25g3".x. 4' RQ 5' XY f s ? bit. . '- gp. " ,551 'kxszs ' wr Q: wf. s-' . ,v w N - ..-gw. tif' Riexf- LQQJBYVB- iz' -' wig? rv 'Q-Qi.-QQQVKQS ufff3g.w ,, ,xl f 'Wf kr ' Pl-. -W? - x 7" 4 " ' 'zmIj5f.f.vf-ygg' .J 5 , gt!-s,,e5?'.M 'I i ' f xg Sli 'K A I ii W..-..........,......,,W'm .xx g ,A4......4,, D My H958 Q-My .-C21 ' Joe Pafga 'A Q , I ' 'lffufi f- 1 ilu! use-vma 2 5 g Y.. gg' ... f -+ YSSIWP QM? ' 1 rs .2 -J, f' A ff Qwi- qw 9. , it-1 slid Q affix-'E' N 1' sux K zkym, mx .Q ..,,. .4 1. 6 xv Qi X 1. J :Wx 'ex' ip wa-9 +-R ix.. 4 Jr' ,N if iffy! 0.-1...-f-nu SCWTIALL ........4..,, Nathan Alcamar Joe Parga ,- f ff X-r qt, , Je I' W E 98 GUUGGUJBECSLDESUJES Geese We CUM? 99 More s Songleaders Pep Crowds This year the songleaders had to share their sponsor Mrs. Banales, along with the Cheerleaders. She took over when their sponsor Mrs. King left. The girls really worked hard to enthuse the crowds and to keep PuebIo's spirit going. When it came to being rated with the marching band on band day, they were given an excellent rating. They were judged on coordination and creativity among other things. The songleader also performed in several parades along with the varsity and jayvee cheerleaders. Co-Head Sylvia Soltero who replace a c h Ana Camacho and Maria Valenzuela le the songleaders in their routines. Sellin jewelry was one of the fund raisers th the songleaders had. The jewelry w popular among the student-body as a l of it was bought from the students. Th funds were used for costumes for t Rodeo Parade, materials for and refreshments. This year to the pointment of many there were no J. songleaders. -Mary Helen """""'1ievv--4-v- '-Qu-...-,, """"vmm..... Q M.. W-M GQ -l. ZW! fQy ' U U ill 5 f' ,Z 'f J - i -' ' v'-nun! S as N fig' :fm 1-While the band plays, "songs" wait lor their cue. 2-Led by Wally Warrior, head songleaders, Maria Valenzuela and Ana Camacho get the pep assembly underway. 3-Former "songs" and pres- ent songleaders enthuse crowds at Homecoming game. 4-Mike Boys joined the "songs" to help with routines. 5-Ana Coronado does a new rou- tine during a basketball game. Pin-Pals were to wrestlers as cheer- leaders were to football teams. Varsity pin-pals were successful during the 1980's in fund raising as well as cheer- ing. They made over 31,000 in candy sales. Many of the varsity pin-pals squads were from last year's J.V. squad. Their sponsor was John Mulay who has been sponsoring them for the past 12 years. Varsity and junior varsity pin-pals had a hard practice schedule every day of the week. After school for 2M hours they could be heard practicing in the gym for the meets. Pin-pals were chosen by how well they could work together in a group and also by coordination, poise, person- ality along with their cheering. -Ilona Hubert 1 GILBE in 'D GILBERT ALCARAZ 3 GU-BERT ALCARAZ Pl 44 ,. Qi i 3 is Vareia and Sandy Rodriguez wonder what cheers to do during the meet. 2.-Here's one of our most spirited Mat-Mates in a cheering positiong Alma Rodriguez. 103 Band Day is a festival which is held every year at the University of Arizona. Bands from all over the state join in on the competition. They compete in both marching and performing. Every band had eight minutes in which to perform. When Pueblo finished their performance, they received an excellent rating. Mr. Messing, who has been their direc- tor tor two years now, thinks they did a great job. He was really pleased with their performance. He was also pleased with their performances during halftimes at games. The new drum majorettes this year were Virginia Potter and Maria Vasquez. They worked hard to please the crowd Also crowd pleasers were the drum pla ers who were one of the best groups i the city. Baton twirlers which Puebl hadn't had for several years were som thing new this year too. They were A Chavez and Patricia Montaffo. They pra ticed every morning with the marchin band first period. The marching band performed i several parades including the Vetera Day Parade and in the Rodeo Parade. The band raised money for new un forms by having carwash sales and sel ing candles. -Mary Garc l Johnny Paz b Y 3 Johnny Paz 5 1. Richard Carranza concentrates on his per- formance. 2. Trumpeters play a fanfare. 3. Drum players are: fst Row: Carlos Raygoza, Jesus Mendibles, Luis Rodriguez, Ken Ward, Greg Hathaway, Joseph Mazon and Gerardo Altamirano. 4. Patricia Montano and Ana Chavezare Pueblo's baton twirlers. 5. Band Members are: 1st row: Mr. Messing Cband directory, Pat Montano, Ana Chavez. 2nd Row: Jesus Mendibles, Ken Ward, Luis Rodriguez, Greg Hathaway. 3rd Row: Monica Zavaia, Mario Paz. 4th Row: Joe Mazon, Gerardo Altamirano, Carlos Raygoza. 5th Row: Clarissa Canez, Elaine Mafus, Adele Coronado, Roxanna Pesqueira, Andrew Gonzalez, Brian Roeil. 6th Row: Maria Vasquez, Armida Ouiroz, Diana Urquidez, Ray Perez, Eugene Anaya, Roberto Murietta. 7th Row: Fernando Mora, Phillip Carley, Joe Rodriguez, Frank Gonzalez, Valerie Corbett, Judy Auwater. 8th Row: Mary Scott, Richard Carranza, Mark Brown, Joe Herber, Richard Esquibel, Martin Vasquez. 9th Row: Virginia Potter, Richard Rivera, Miguel Molina, Robert McKenzie, Benny Valenzuela, George Bracamonte, Ruben Carranza. 10th Row: Jorge Altamirano, Sergio Enriquez, Eduardo Cortinas, Robert Valenzuela, Anthony Gonzalez, John Felix. 11th Row: Liz Gradillas, James Hannebohn, Lynn Davidson, Vivian Gracia, Sharon Campos, Diana Delsid. 6. Band members perform during halftime. 7. The marching band performs at a varsity foot- bail game. Q17 X jiiig 1981 Intermediate -Beginning Band Pueblo's beginning and intermediate bands, which met dur- ing 3rd period, learned the fundamentals of music, but did not perform yet. Mr. Messing felt these bands were very important to the success of the marching band, for most of those from the beginning and intermediate bands eventually will go on to per- form with the marching band. -Arnulfo Palma -T.. L Band members Troy Brown and Martin Bringas.3 Intermediate B Members are. Top: Mr. Ed Messing Clnstructorb. Middle Row. Troy Bro Margaret Ramos, Allen Perkins. Bottom Row: Martin Bringas, Diane Carra- Joe Altamirano, John Agnew and Jerry Martinez. 4-Ed Messing instructs Je Martinez on the saxaphone. 1--Practicing with the sax is John Agnew. 2-Warming up for practice C 9 K - 3 4 106 BZ lag Girls and in 1980- 1 rs.. ,,-.': "-. .1 - Jfflifff A :fit '5-:-"-f"75--A?""q,,"'7'47f.LT' ,gg , 3 --.-,,-gf j..,mL1gJjlrQ. .gif-f-'--' ' Ti-a,f.2g f gf-",'--'.L-Af '.,,::y.fi'L'TQt.Q'f"3"24. f A Qjff' 'Z-jg lf?" .Afjf:.'f1',"v :lf -'S Q 'r?S1,ff rnfef-wb! 5' ' Q'-,apr 'Q vvdzig-'.Mg,i s .i r - if V- A' ' "7 " f' .::T-M - af- - Fey.-1-ef-,l.,. :.r,,w' 1:55 '6":'T "5 .f'ff.i'249s!:.r.,ri'xc as 'A 1? I JD l N rx l ' 4 - f tt' F-W ' 5- Vlw L iff 7.,.. , . X X v . ' LL . x ' F .' E xQiXx ' sf . 4 . , 'X , ,.,k 'gif F' fi-isigfjgl 4 fx X A A -X T - ia i x Q. . '-1 ' .-. 2 . .-.-- This year's Flag Girls squad was the largest group Pueblo has ever had. There were 25 members in all. The Flag Girls had new uniforms. Money was fund raised by the group. Activities for the fund raising were such things as candle sales, and car washes. The squad was so successful that Mr. Mess- ing is hoping for a bigger and better squad next fall. -Liza Lowe, Cynthia Varelas 1. Front Row: Angelica Ruiz, Kristi Remmei. 2nd How: Julie Valenzuela, Patty Ahumada. 3rd Row: , S I l l J Marcia Carrillo, Sandy Torres, 4th Flow: Shannon Hack, Denise McGruder. 5th Row: Marie Brown, Maria Hinojos, Christina Villa, Xochitl Oros, Teresa Noblesse, Joelene Harris. 6th Row: Dena Hackworth, Yolanda Higuera, 7th Flow: Tilda Ragland, Marcelina Morillo. 8th Row: Barbara Jimmerson, Katrina Montano, Penny Wheeler, Melissa Ruiz, Diana Alvarez. 2. Kristi Remmel, Katrina Montano, Patty Ahumada. 3. Top Row: Yolanda Higuera, Mr. Messing, Barbara Jimmerson. 2nd Row: Marcelina Morillo, Tilda Ragland, Diana Alvarez, Christina Villa, Barbara Teso. 3rd Row: Angelica Ruiz, Kristi Remmel. Bottom Row: Teresa Noblesse, Marie Brown, Shannon Hack, Julie Valenzuela, Xochltl Oros. 107 Chorus Comes Through Loud And Clear Chorus performs for school concerts and was active in performing in state competitions. The following people won awards for singing at the Annual Choir Regional Auditions held in late January: Jorge Altamirano, Diana Deisid, Marcia Carillo, Wrginia Potter, and Christine Villa who all received a rating of one, which was superior. Although the chorus performed under the direction of Ms. Cano for a fall, school concert, they were unprepared and therefore did not perform in the annual Christmas concert. --Cheri Dandurand ii,i ,.r, V V evy's S . , ki 2,24 .ff 1 Levy's Levy-S 3 Levy's 108 Robin Cook :QW 1. Ms. Cano directs the chorus as they sing in the con- cert. 2. Ms. Cano, and a group of girls from chorus practice before a concert. 3. Getting ready for the fall concert a chorus member helps Felix Baca. 4. While performing at the fall concert, the choir does a number of songs. 5. Another view of the choir performing at the tall concert. 6. Ms. Cano directs a practice for the con- cert. 7. The chorus sings in fall concert on Pueblo's stage. I 1 Silvas Ftobin Cook Members are Rudy Almazan, Enrique Castillo, J. J. Castillo, Lupe Diaz- dancer, Armando Gonzales, Becky Guasp-dancer, Maria Hinojos, Cecilia Robles-dancer, Patsy Robles, Angelina Ruiz, Catalina Ruiz, John Sanchez, Erme- linda Valenzuela, dance alternates: Patri- cia Carrizoza and Delia Martinez. Instru- ments featured are the guitar, vihuela, requinto, harp, guitarron, and the mar-' imba. The dancers who are Lupe Diaz, Becky Guasp, Cecilia Robles and Patsy Robles just dance. But the performers play different types of instruments and everyone does vocals at one time or another. 110 , 1 The Payadores which is a Mexican folklore band, was founded in 1963. Since then there have been some changes. Before, guys were the only ones who could join, but now if a girl is qualified she can join. Ms. Sally Lefko has been their sponsor for two years now. She's introduced the Payadores to instruments and music other than Mexican instruments and music. Even though they've learned international music, they have had to maintain their Mexican traditions that the Payadores represent. Los Payadores de Pueblo played for the inmates of Safford Prison in Novem- ber, 1980. They also played at Clifton, Arizona in the spring of 1981. Money .TYYAEWA It W QU? V -- X M at b Violin and Bass Dominate Orchestra Pueblo's orchestra had 14 members this year. Out of these members only the violin and the bass were played. Ms. Gil- mer said, "l wish we could have the whole orchestra with the violin, bass, viola and cello playing next year." This is Ms. Gilmer's first year directing at Pueblo as she previously taught Tuc- son High's and several junior high's orchestras. She started playing an instru- ment when she was 10. The orchestra had a chance to perform with Cholla's and Sunnyside's orchestras this year. -Cherie Dandurand 1. Pueblo's orchestra rehearses a new tune. 2. Gilmer announces the orchestra's next number. Craig Robillard plays a tune on the bass. 4. Pu lo's orchestra tor 1980-81 are: Bottom ro Catherine Marin, Yen Ky, Natalie Rios, direct Mary Gilmer, Cindy Campos, Nancy Hoimen, Debbie Dunk. Standing row: Eunice Alcantar, Cr Robillard, Vero Diaz, Albert Tester, Elizab Olhmaier. Not Pictured is Maria Limon. Daniel Gnndara Yolanda Silvas Yolanda Sllvas 1 12 3 Eben Alcantar Model United Nations club studies international relations and participated in the state-wide Arizona Model United Nations conference held annually at Uni- versity of Arizona. At the conference each high school represented a different nation, discussed and voted on world issues such as the arms race and the torture of the political prisoners from the point of view of the country they represented. ln recent years, Pueblo has repre- sented Costa Rica, Peru, Saudi Arabia, and Mongolia. -Arnulfo Palma - 4 1- mfr., l Q. .ff W Boogie Silvas 1. Dennis Carter, Susie Cisneros, Tim McCright, and Arnulfo Palma, discussing Mongolia at a Model UN meeting. 2. Susie Cisneros and Tim McCright concentrate on a lecture on world relations. 3. Arnulfo Palma preparing some club work. 4. Members are: Top row: Arnulfo Palma, Party Gillette, Joy Moshier, Eddie Cortinas, Dennis Carter. Bottom row: Tim McCright, Anna Maria Rodriguez, Stella Lee, Susie Cisneros. -Robin Blake . 5 . . v--r""' odel UN 4 Boogie Silvas Wi W ,rf . . 3 .A .1-1.1 .-... 5 1 . NX' h...,....w? 113 1 L rr I F . 'Eli r Shems Morabet 1. . . MEANS Jobs: SPANiSI'l Club Evivlsd Jobs for Arizona Graduates was a pro- gram to assist high school seniors make the transition from high school to the world of vvork. This program helps the seniors develop skills that are needed to get the type of job they vvant. After com- pleting this program, the seniors are placed in a job upon their graduation. The job specialist here is Paul C. Acuna. This club consisted of 72 mem- il-4 EUNICE 1 Shems Morabet bers their tirst year. -Robin Cook Mrs. Esthela Gonzales arrived at Pueblo six years and revived the Spanish Club. Anyone could join the club without having to know hovv to speak Spanish. Mrs. Gonzales said, "The purposes of her club are to gather tor a good time and to have activities for fund-raising and for cultural presentations." The tamale sale was their highest fund raiser this year. The money raised by the Spanish Club vvas used mainly for scholarships for graduating seniors. -Michelle Dandurand 1. Spanish club members are Vickie T Cecilia Gallegos, Priscilla Sanchez, Serakos, Linda Gonzales, Monse Martinez Miranda. Bottom row are: Delma Lopez, Canez, Gladys Valenzuela, Eunice Ruiz, Cantua. 2. J.A.G. officers are Robin Cook, Alcorta, Yolanda Flores, Jesus Mendibles. B row: Ron Felix, Marcos Lopez. 3. J.A.G. mer are Mr. Acuria Csponsorj, Leo Bruce, R Leyvas, Sandy Chacon, Patsy Alcorta, Yo Olivas, Susan Hoyer, Rudy Vargas, Emily Joann Ormsby, Norma Kramer, Marcos L Manny Trevino. Second row: Lori Loya, Ana C Ana Martinez, Yolanda Flores, Alma Tena, lv Ruelas, Marty Madrid, Robin Cook, Ron Felix. row: Martin Oros, Mary Helen Garcia, Mendibles, Patti Glass, Johnny Sanchez Olivas. Guy at the top is Carlos Figueroa. 4 PaulAcuna calls meeting to order. f it i Gilbert Alcaraz ilbert Alcaraz Council Active For Student Body 3 One of the most active organizations at Pueblo is Student Council. lt sponsored dances such as the student body mixer and both the Winter Royalty and Rodeo Royalty dances. lt also sponsored pep assemblies and spirit weeks, in addition to the student body and class elections. Mrs. Grove, Student Council sponsor for three years, has strived to make Student Council members active, diligent leaders, and she feels this has been accom- plished very well. -A rnulfo Palma, Margie Vasquez .F 1. Sandra Valencia tells Santa Claus what she wants for Christmas. 2. Katrina Montano prepares Valentine flowers for fund raising. 3. Student Council officers Barbra Mazon, Sandra Clgacon, and Sandra Valencia, call meeting to or er. 115 -au. ll H H . Shems Morabet Traditions Committee Increases 116 E , 3 3 X FQ 2 3 Shems Morabet This year the Traditions Committee had a larger group this year than in past years. They started with approxi- mately thirty members and by the end of the year had about eighteen active members. Mrs. Sheryl Milo was the sponsor this year. Although she enjoyed being the sponsor, there were some hectic moments. The Traditions Committee carried out the halftime ceremonies at Home- coming, decorated the Christmas tree, and had a Teachers Appreciation Day. , .-. Their fund raisers were the Home- coming dance and a couple of bake sales. -Mary Helen Garcia and Arnulfo Palma 1-Traditions Committee plans the Homecoming halftime ceremonies. 2-Mrs. Milo makes suggestions for the "Teachers Appreciation Day" while members listen. 3- Officers are president, Eddie Cortinas, treasurer Terry Martinez, secretary Norma Cramer. 4- Mrs. Sheryl Milo is the sponsor. She seems pleased with an idea. .,,,,,,,,q ,.,...--f 'sg 4 f 4 Levy s 1-Traditions committee members, Ana Garcia and Dian Anderson, start off the Homecoming festivities with Mr. Acuna and royalty helpers. 2-Ms. Grace and tradition committee participants prepare to launch Homecoming ceremonies at halftime. 3-Tradition committee members are: Mrs. Milo, sponsor, Mary Helen Garcia, Dian Anderson, Donna Bracamonte, Elsa Ramirez, Gladys Valenzuela and Ana Garcia. S. '. 'X 1 Vu :gun Q' Ei in Printing Provides Funds 1 Most of the money the 22 members of the Ben Franklin club made, went for food baskets in December and a banquet at the end of the year to honor their out- standing members. Mr. Joe Cicero supervised the club in making memo pads, buttons, and thank you notes. This year's ofticers were Jua- nita Pacho and Nathan Alcantar and the club met during the V period and worked for two hours. -JerryAiferi 1-Using the light table, Rosie Fierros checks a negative. 2-Micky Graham gets ready to use the paper cutter. 3-Lupita Martinez prootreads before continuing. 118 Metal Crafters Club Learn Skill And Craft X N in-' - 4 -,.-ov""'vW'-Mdv 113 J Roach Gandara 2 Pueblo's Metal Crafters Club met dur- ing fourth period and after school in Room S-103 making custom projects for anyone who wanted one. Mr. David Salizar, the club's sponsor used the money made to buy needed supplies for its members. Projects made this year include a soak- ing pan for the Art Department, a tool shed, ice chests, safes, along with repair- ing a canoe. -Jerry Alferi. 1. Ernie Ortiz concentrates on his project. 2. Jesus Flores watches Ramond Perez complete his work 3. ww, I Bookwork was also part of the class. as 1 int. ...,.-4"" Hubert 3 arriors Signers Club 1. A Basic Course of Mannual Communication is the textbook the Signers Club uses to learn their skills. 2. Members ofthe Signers Club are: Barbara Gardea, Mary Campton, Betty Lopez, Sonia Montiel, Lisa Lowe, Patsy Alcorta, the members of the club are signing "Pueblo You're Looking Good!" Members not shown in photograph arei Cecilia Borboa, Katrina Schafl, Connie King, and Lettie Castille, 3. Mr. Steve Kempa communicates with students. 4. Betty Lopez is learning the skill for the day. manual communication vwmwd i:"!fB?KJV'Y skills program Tantra! ffilcaniu Inu-'M 3, -- Warriors Signers Club was a new club this year. The purpose of the club was to learn sign language and to learn about deaf people. The club had 11 members altogether. The Signers held a bake sale, and a pie sale during the Thanksgiving holidays. The pies sold were baked by the mem- bers. They also had a bakefrummage sale at the Tanque Verde Swap Meet. Funds raised were used to buy books and T-shirts. -By Cynthia Ann Varelas Shams Morabet T mga' Shems Morabet 3 Shems Morabet 120 Octogon Club Donates Time echnique manual used by Signers Club. 2-Mr. Fuscaldo is sponsor for Club. CGroup picture for Octagon Club not availabIe.J 3-Signers new techniques. The Octagon Club of Pueblo is altiliated with the Optimist Club of Pueblo. The purpose ot this club is to provide opportu- nities for the members, individually and collectively to partici- pate in community sewing activities, develop leadership abili- ties, and to prepare for roles of responsibility in society. The club had 35 members during the year. Fund raising went well for the Octagons. They operated the Optimist concession booths at all home football games. The club also donated their time for other community activi- ties. -Cynthia Ann Varelas Shems Morabet 2 5 if b., 1 up 121 Q' Scorekeepers Active Again The Pep Club, otherwise known as the Score- keepers Club, keeps score for our school's baseball teams. It has been active for four years now and was sponsored by Mr. Warnkethis year. Besides keeping score for our school the Pep Club kept itsell busy this year by working at the con- cession stands at home games, by selling pro- grams, and by holding car washes. This year's Pep Club president was Cindy Gabusi. To maintain an office in the club, passing four subjects each semester and attending all the meetings was required. -Arnullo Palma, llgonica ue as 1. Ana Chavez and Cindy Gabusi pick up helmets. 2. Cindy Gabusi and Debbie Bracamonte watch game. 3. Susie Cisneros, Sui Lee, Sandra Valencia, Debbie Bracamonle, Rosie Romero, Luz Alabado,Maricel Lopez, Ana Chavez, Cindy Gabusi, Elaine Matus, Yolanda Higuera, Maria Alvarez, Pal Montano, Evelyn Malus are all Pep Club members. Members not pictured are: Becky Guasp, Cecilia Barboa, Christy Gomez, Bernie Monlano, Ana Camacho, Barbie Mazon, Bernice Luna, Debbie Salcido, and Rosemary Meza. 4. Maria Alvarez helps put away bats. xx. 1 ,M , f S , . se, N- V . V . Aix! ' M' q X ..,,, .. 'A fx N "k'X ,W . , e- Shems Morabet ,,,..?..-T. . " 's- -.N .. sg... ,N 4 A: .. , Shems Morabet x 122 Shems Morabet EETA Provides obs For tudentsg ew Indian Club ecomes Active CETA Club's sponsor this year was Mr. Arellano who has been teaching here for 17 years. To join this club! work-study class, one must be 16 years of age, and must meet a certain income level. The purpose of the club is to get each member actively involved in a job position and to work in that career during the school year. "This group has been combined with my Diversified Cooperative Education cIass," said Mr. Arellanog although there are charters for both groups. We are planning an employer-employee banquet near the end of the school year. This banquet will probably be held at the Black Angus restaurant in -. , A Q., . 'Y j i y . 1' . '45 qs fflltzlf pkg.. N' -W. 2 ' 'T U1 5 My 1 Q H- ff at kg, l 2431 5 is 6 S, combination with the CETA-CO-OP students from Cholla and Tucson high schools. The Indian Club sponsor is Mr. Agustine Nasewytewa. "This year we've been having food sales, beading jewelry, carwashes, anything to raise money, because we are planning to go to New Mexico, this year sometime in May," said Benny Miles. -Alma Tena 1-Indian Club members are:Top Row:Rosa Pallanes, Benny Miles, and Mr. Agustine Nasewytewa. Bottom Row: Mary Ann Harris, Margaret Narcho. 2-Mr. Arellano is CETA sponsor. 3-Indian Club in meeting. 4-CETA- CO-OP members are in action. Q .li Shems Morabe iqliesr ME benship ER 124 Shems Morabet Shams MOYSDBY The Future Business Leaders of America QFBLAJ had the highest mem- bership ever this year. Mr. Zimmer- man, FBLA sponsor, proudly announced 170 plus members. The national organization boasts new chapters at Rincon High and Tucson High. , FBLA had many achievements throughout the school year includingg over 15 fieldtrips to businessess, over 15 guest speakers at PHS. They also planted flowers in the PHS patio, attended the Western Regional ership Conference in Anaheim, and earned 31,000 in the Dystrophy Bowl. FBLA was hono with finalists in the Southern Arizc finalists also participated in the S' Leadership Conference. -Shems More 1-Sponsor Mr. Zimmer and FBLA member Castillo, count fund raising money. 2-Mr. r Ba r mer talking to membe rbara Ga dea. E few FBLA members discuss future FBLA pla Aorabu ! 1 iii, px I sa W ,nv - m MOVBDGI The Cooperative Office Education CCOEJ, sponsored by Mrs. Hume, of 25 members. COE mem- re employed in office posi- received monetary gain, and received academic credit for their The COE club has always been vocational group and reported for year, that they sold peppermint Officers for COE included: Jacque Pres.g Bernie Montano, Vice g Sally Torrez, Secretary, and erry Moreno, Treasurer. T 3 'Nu'-.cg v X gps, We ' X ., '. 'N . X l I .9 S. 1 5 - -- A '- " " ' Shems Morabet 2 ' XG -H1 ' 3 ,.:jgx5s,:.Q., s. . QE x ,.4'.n:.,x., ,ps .ixgjq ., S- f1.:gS g . F y rgiif .gy gm iff L J . ip- 1 , K X, Y , 4 : ,ik . ' - N : -,is A . ' -..fzg 1' 1.1-.. """' , V - . ..., , yr, . .. is M "ir . xx it . 1-si' M xx 7- K -Q JU, .9 A EQ, 3 Shams Morabel 1. Sandra Gallardo, Ella Bustamante, Patsy Sierra, Vivian Lopez, Grace Gaitan, Sally Torrez, Letty Gonzales, Debbie Bracamonte, Magdalena Soto, Sylvia Santamaria, J. J. Castillo, Bernie Montano, Robert Lee, Jackie Starks, Mrs. Hume, Sandra Chacon are involved in COE. 2. Sylvia Santamaria is busy doing her assignment. 3. instructing class for the day is J. J. Castillo. 4. Students listen to J. J. Castillo tell about work experience. 4 Job nAiNiNq 125 iTI'l usmess i cl The DECA Club, sponsored by Mr. Fuscaldo, developed a respect for educa- tion in sales and marketing which contrib- uted to vocational competence. DECA also promoted understanding and appre- ciation for the responsibilities of citizen- ship in our free, competitive enterprise system. Participating this year in DECA were 78 members. Outstanding activities this year included: Contributions for the Jerry Lewis Telethong attending Leadership Development Institute and raising S1200 from selling Bike's Candy. DECA had visi- tations from three State DECA officers and members became involved in Com- munity Services. Mr, Fuscaldo feels that DECA has an outstanding group. He boasts of students with positive thoughts, good leadership and students who want to get involved in learning, on-the-job-training, also, those students who have and demonstrated responsibilities in their home, school, program and business community. The DECA assistant, Mr. Rivera was awarded an "Honorary Life Member- ship" in PHS DECA. Shems Morabet 1--Deca members are from top to bottom, Maria Echevarria, Tim McCright, Tony Martinez, Sylvia Soltero, Gloria Guttierrez, Sandra Saldivar, Hubert Washington, Alicia Ordonez, Terry Martinez, Ricky Earheart, Cecilia Armenta and Veronica Burrel. Bottom rowg Maria Monreal, Leoni Maldonado, Beatrice Segura, Margaret Cruz, and John Felix. 2-Deca member prepares for future employment. 3- Participating in shopping mall conference is an annual Deca event. 126 " 1 2 Shams Morabet fx. . - .. ks N, , V . 5 bei ill A J, Shams Morabet 4-Deca members learn marketing skills. 5-Intro- duction to marketing class attracts freshmen, soph- omores, and juniors. 6-Mr. Fuscaldo, teacher for Deca announces upcoming events 127 K4 FN ,th 11,4 z at I la A Qi, EC! GW 0 Vol. XXVI. Published bi-weekly by the Advanced Journalism Class. Pueblo High School 3500 S. 12 Avenue Ad information: 7916546 Kafternoonsl EL GUERRERO is a member of National Scholastic Press Association, Quill and Scroll Society and Arizona interscholastic Press Association, Editor-In-Chief Jackie Barry Feature Editor Catalina Ruiz Copy Editor ...... .. ,Andrew Gonzalez Sports Page . . .. Danny Gibson Events Editor . .. . ,.. . . , ..,..........,,.,.....,.,........... . ..... Elizabeth Ochoa Editorial Page Editor , . . . . ,... ..... ,... . . . ,,.., .....,..,.Diana Hall Reporters . . ..,. ... ,.PrisceIla Curtiss, Eva Baralas, Patricia Briggs, Rudy Almazan, Magda Galindo, Danny Gibson, Dena Hackworth, Paula Villa Stall Reviewer . ,, . , ., ,... ,. .. ,.., .. . .. . ,., ,, Edward Contreras Staff Cartoonist . .. , . .... . . . , , Luis Acuna Stall Photographers . . . . . Gilbert Alcarar Business Manager , . . David Jackson Circulation Betty Serum A . . , . dvisor .. . ..Mrs. Wanda Miller Principal Roberto Acuno if rf? 'AUT PP cubfgbl. ,x..-2 xxx Ilona Hubert EL1 .. .ak .---.....,,,,,xl lIonaHubert Changes in cover, layouts and con- tents contributed to a better yearbook, but also created missed deadlines and lack of proofs. Some staffers attended Arizona interscholastic Press Associa- tion's summer workshop in Flagstaff to learn journalism skills. Besides covering events, staffers sold candy to raise money for t-shirts. Many returning staffers had served on the staff for three years under the advis- ing of Mrs. Beamer. Editor, Sam Valdovin, had served on three different yearbook staffs where he gathered new ideas for the El Dorado. The staff worked closely with the photographers to cover school events and activities. -A rnulfo Palma 130 Yvonne A amb i . Y 3 V Y . I YK ' V , X 5 - - c gl - Richa dF b 6 K fx 222 Q1 K ve.-an . QE... . .. r' Ll.'x'P12fbef 5 svffsl A 3'-we 4 V Qi s'-as f if 725: fr' Q- 5 Yvonne Aremburo 'iff -B fx Qt. 5 JSC WW!-1 afar ,mum - IDP ? ,V t. 'V Us ill t O ' ,, . me ff I Q ' 11 i ' f..3 7 Deadlines Hinder Production 1. Alicia Blake, Diane Fimbres, Shems Morabet, Michelle Danduarand and Sam Valdovin wait on underclass students to get their pictures taken. 2. Veronica Blurton and Sam Valdovin look over pic- ture contact sheets. 3. Joe Mufliz turns to Mrs. Beamer for advice, while Alicia Blake, Arnulfo Palma, and Martha Sanchez discuss layout proce- dures. 4.Shems Morabet types copy while Donna Huckeba checks her work. 5. Yearbook staffers Jerry Alfieri, Martha Sanchez, Cynfha Varelas, and Daniel Gandara from photo pub check con- tact sheet for picture orders. 6. Asking a question about layouts, Shems Morabef finds an answer from Mrs. Beamer while Robin Blake and Mary Garcia check their work. 7. Alicia Blake and Ilona Hubert separate candy for fund raising. 8. Four of the new staffers at mid-semester were: bottom row, Monica Ruelas, Alma Tena. Top row: Arnulfo Palma, and Joe Muhiz. 4-I1 lIonaHubert X . v , .. saxkssse-. W . +4 1? . l L 'f,'.n'f1 Q W 'Qx11f11Lf,nA,1.',1 .. ' X' NW fx: ff , . Q it K tuxxt - "u f c ,r i kk , ZS D xi .- . 4 W-tr. -X 1 e -f gifltf'-DE Q ' ff? .9 5 X 'wpxbk gi fy 1 - ' ' DT, Y 5 5 . 5 Xi sl X A L Qgbxvbk SL YQ 5 1 , 1 1 D .gif X2 E .x : X 5 J' fi +2 5 t W ppt X Ex Q C if X- 'f ,E--til, N YS 4 wQ,'.'+f l I V Q5 Y is QNQAO if-,, ' A at it ,f.,y,N ifwurw' WN l fC4'JX '-nat new-Ji if 'vin '.! -1 'fxflltfrtc N"d"'tgi" 4 :tw.iJli1 Qu 1.--.-vN...-,. Shems Morabet fx G5 s J Shams Morabet Med Start Learns CPR is """"-'ww-,....,,, W Med Start was a club in which its mem- bers learned and studied about medical careers. A 3-hour C.P.Fi. course was offered to any P.l-l.S. student. Plans were made for a visit to the UA to visit the medical facilities. Officers were Katrina Montano vice-presi- dent, Sandra Martinez. Head Counselor, Don Collier, led the group. Also Rosa Mir- anda served as the treasurer and Linda Gonzales as president. 5 -gtivu. A 'f 1-This year's Med Start Club consisted of: Row: Katrina Montana, Rosa Miranda, op Marie Limon, Norma Cramer, Linda Arnullo Palma, Vivian Tamayo, Diane Francisca Figueroa. 2-President of Linda Gonzalez discusses cardio resuscitation with the class. 3-Members to president talk about cardio pulmon resuscitation class. 4-Sandra Martinez and R Miranda are interested in what the president ha say. Nathan Alcantar Q..- X C Physical Ed "The bowling program this year was tantastic!" stated physical educa- tion teacher, Rosalie Wong. Volleyball, swimming, and bowling were some of the activi- ties ottered during Pueblo's two year required physical edu- cation. To teach these sports, Pueblo welcomed three new teachers to the P.E. department. They were: Larry Campbell who taught both P.E. and driver's education along with Luci Banales who taught P.E., and also sponsored both the cheerleading and songleading squads. Karen Fluhland also taught P.E. and boy's swimming. "The students have adapted very well to the new teachers and the system," stated department head, John Mulay. Santa Cruz Lanes was the place to find many students dur- ing their P.E. classes. There was a slight increase in bowling price, but it didn't stop Diane Walker and Art Apalategui as they were the top class bowlers. This year there was a "Pro- Am" bowling tournament with thirty-one teams entered. Judy Boenisch's fBowling Alley employeej "Better Bowlers" won it with a score of 837. Top student bowlers and their scores in the tournament were: Susie Lopez, 164, Diane Walker, 152, Xochith Oros, 145, James Salgado, 193, Jose Badilla, 158, and Flon Felix with a 157. "The bowling pro- gram this year was fantastic!" commented Rosalie Wong. -Martha Sanchez Adaptive Education Enthusiasm was in the learning disabilities program this year due to the expansion in the department's curriculum. New teachers in the department were: Ethel Luckach, who returned to teach basic skills and Richard Sanchez, who also taught in the program. Other new teachers in the department were, Carol Merritt in physical education and Steve Kempa in the hearing-impaired classes. L. D. students were transferred to Cholla and Tucson High Schools due to over-crowding at Pueblo. When asked how the students were adapting to Pueblo's program, Ethel Luckach replied, "The students were doing very well." Finally, new department head was Mae Clearv who helped the program's expansion. -Martha Sanchez 134 Bowling Pro-Am Vitalizes P.E. , M M ,,.,,..,,,.,..- t,....-- f My-' ' 'H' T' . . l JCBBVI Cl ITT: 5,3151 , 35,125.5 Yola daSl 8 .fogg- ...ti Expansion Successful In Adaptive Education , 'J ' I XL ? f.: I .. I 6 Jose Valencia 1-Mr. Henson discusses math problems in Adaptive Ed. 2-Showing his technique during 5th period bowling class is Norberto Varela. 3-Volleybail is part of P.E. program as Fred Stricklin demonstrates and Martin Bringas concentrates. 4--Patrick Gibson shows his strength in weightlifting. 5- Students look over assignments in math class. Gxtraining to lift weights is Gab Cordero. 135 Lack Of Hurts Department 'S Diana Carrillo 's s Wm You T it X Diana Carrillo 3 1-Mr. O'Rourke discusses quarter grades with Morise Martinez and Mary Scott. 2-Social studies classes included guest speakers, 3-Having fun is all part of Pueblo life as Wayne Scott, Mario Rivera, Roy Robles and Prince Martin show. 4-Soaking up history for the day is Eppie Madril. 5-During math class, Betty Segura completes her assignment. 6-Student involvement is required in Mr. Alvarado 's class as Wendy Allen shows. 136 N-QW , K.--4' f L., Money 1 Diana Carrillo 2 r . lu 1 rw, , 4 , V,,..la, it asri W Va A Diana Carrillo Students Learn Valuable Skills Silvas Social Studies "American Government is an interesting-class because it's a way to find out what is going on in this world." -Patricia Carpeifa As many students took American History classes, they found that they learned more events relating to history, said Mr. Neil, department chariman. Mr. Neil also said because that social studies classes are required, many students were not enthusiastic. Mr. Neil added that the department had a shortage of money and therefore there weren't many new supplies or changes in the department. ' U "Covering the presidential elections this year was exciting, in the American Government class," explained senior, Robin Cook. , -Veronica Blurton Math "I like Math but it gets me confused." -Betty Segura Since money was harder to come by, students at Pueblo learned that the more math skills they knew, the better pay- ing jobs will be open to them. Realizing that math skills were necessary, more students signed up for math classes. This year, department chairman, Richard Williamson, said that along with class enrollment increases, there was new equip- ment which were computers. He hoped that this year a lot of students will use the computers and later use that learning in better jobs. Mr. Williamson stated that the math department was offering four classes of pre-algebra to prepare students for advanced classes. In addition to the courses, a new teacher, Linda Dyer, a former Pueblo graduate, joined the math department. Ms. Dyer taught general math and algebra classes, and enjoyed the people at Pueblo. -Michelle Dandurand, Veronica Blurton 137 lndustrial Education Industrial Arts expanded again this year in dilterent areas. New equipment was added such as cameras in photo and a new press in printing. In addition more equipment was added to woodshopg a panel saw, and a belt sander. Auto received a new mechanical squaring shear. The only problem was there weren't enough students to work with the new equip- ment. There were very few students in one of the photo classes, and one machine shop was closed due to the low enrollment. "These classes provide level skills necessary to get S good job," replied Mr. Arellano, head of the Industrial Ed. ept. -Donna Huckeba Fine Arts Fine Arts Department has had some new areas opened to them. Students can now enjoy ceramic projects with the new kiln, and they also have a new printing press. This cost the department S1 ,900.00. Along with the new equipment the art classes formed a mural committee. They will be looking for areas around the campus to create murals, and improve the quality of the school grounds. The talent that has been shown in the art classes will help the mural committee be successful. The teachers have worked hard at upgrading the quality of the programs. We are looking forward to a greater student participation commented Mr. Herrera, head of the Fine Arts Department. -Robin Cook One-Rene Paz works on electrical equipment while Ernie Ortiz assists. Two-Perfecting his wood project Michael Lazo uses a joiner. Three- Formingia pot out of clay John Sanchez demonstrates while Hector Contreras observes. Four-Lettering in "Old English," Epifanio Madril shows how to use a steel brush in advanced art. Five--Troy Mendez and Sonia Encinas make sure Anthony Wallace looks good for the Choir's opening night. Six-Carlos Reed, Maria Vasquez, and Oralee Clayton act outstandingly in the drama play, "Dark of the Moon." 138 NEW EV UIPMENT FV R FEW 3'l'UD1EN'I'S ?"t1 1 A N E W LOOK FOR FINE ARTS . ?iA' f i -QXX ggi sX Homernaking Comes Easy While English Expands ' Yolanda Diana Carrillo in.:- l I 5 , 1 ff f VH, if fb I ,f fflff ' ff. """'- lg 'il M Johnny Paz 1-Discussing how to hem the 'lacing of a wrap-around skirt are Angie Willson, Rob Fay, Mrs. Warner, and Nora Wilcox. 2-Patricia Alcorta makes a butterfly toy in the "Year of the Child" class. 3- Baking Indian fry bread in oil are Bobby Green and Enrique Zarate. 4-Diana Zermeno's assignment in home economics is sewing her blouse collar. 5-Freshmen class concentrates on English. 6- Nora Coronado unexpectedly looks at the camera. 140 -ii- Home Economics Home Economics was where Child Development, "Year of the Child," food and nutrition and clothing classes were held. These classes helped students to become better family members now and also helped them prepare for their future. Students were welcome to enroll in these classes throughout the year. Students who were interested could continue to the advanced level classes in these areas. Mrs. Warner was a new teacher who came from the Uni- versity of California. One of Mrs. Warner's hobbies was sew- ing as well as her teaching assignments. When asked how she felt about her child development class, Flobin Blake, stated, "It was interesting as well as educational."-Diane Fimbres "lt was interesting as well as educa- tional being involved in child develop- ment class," com mented Robin Blake, freshman. Sam Valdovin English This year the English department added an advanced bilin- gual English class. Although they have not received any new scholastic materials, the students seemed to be doing quite well. Reading and writing skills were part of the student's daily work. New teachers to the department were Mrs. Becky Jones, Mr. Calvin Montgomery and Mrs. Gloris Paluch. They taught in title I and English as a second language class. Sen- ior English teachers helped students prepare for the S.A.T. exams required for college entrance. "Most students seemed comfortable, if not enthusiastic, with the program," stated Mr. Helm. English classes occasionally had a chance to see literature come alive in Mr. Caslow's drama classes. Jose Gandara, a junior in Mr. Pineger's English class, found the book Red Sky at Morning uninteresting perhaps gecause it wasn't presented as a school play.-Diane Fim- res 141 Ai Business "I wish more students would take advantage of our offerings," stated Mrs. Valdez. There have been a lot of changes in the business depart- ment this year. They have already received a full room of electric typewriters, and were expecting a microcomputer. Along with these changes there were two new teachers. Louanne Hume has replaced Becky Moens, and Warren Ess- ing was teaching C.E.TA., which is a government spon- sored, on-the-job training program. Mrs. Valdez, chairwoman ot the business department, commented, "l wish more students would take advantage of our fthe business departmenfsj offerings, so that they would be prepared for the future."-Robin Cook Science "The classes are overcrowded and we are doing the best we can," said Mr. Hannon. Starting the year off with earth science, a freshman course, was the challenge facing Mr. Parks. New also to the department was Patricia Raves, biology teacher, in room 121. Along with the additions to the curriculum and the staff, Mr. Hannon, head of Pueblo's science department stated, "The classes are overcrowded and we are doing the best we can. It would be better, for the teachers and the students if there were smaller classes, so that the teachers could give more help to the students that need it".-Robin Cook 142 -lr 1- New Typewriters Encourage Busine vs.. Nathan Alcanfar '-Q., -'lr'-t -df! A1 Yvonne Aramburo 3 Science Department I-las Growing Pains Gabriel Romero Q33 -'--' a "a. xii ? . Q t 25' is J f' . 5' Donna Huckuba 1-Peter Bracmonte watches his partner Craig Robillard doing part ol the lab. 2-Terry Cruz is one of many students who is learning to operate a calculator in business classes. 3-Mr. Hitchcock is busy teaching another day's lesson. 4-Taking shorthand, typing, and figuring is part of the class where Frances Saiz, Gloria Cruz, and Claudia Baitierrez learn business technique. 5-ln physical science Roxana Garcero and Annette Estrada clean up atter a lab experiment. 14 Publications Offer Variety ,..,. ug 4 f -L, Q I 2 1-Photo Publications Stafters areg Top row: Gilbert Alcaraz, Jose Parga, Johnny Paz, Gabriel Romero, Nathan Alcantar, and Daniel Gandara. Bottom Row: Yvonne Ayala, Diane Carrillo, "Boogie" Silva, "Roach" Gandara, and Jose Valencia. 2-Mr. Honcoop shows Diane Carrillo and Gabriel Romero negatives on a light table. 3-Becky Munoz is preparing what she will say in front ofthe camera. 4-Alex Garcia adjusts T.V. camera to shoot a scene of a program put on by Modern Media. 5-Ms. Nunez, a teacher's aide for Spanish, reads a student's paper. 6- Ms. Gonzales lectures one of her Spanish classes. 144 panish, French, German ighlight Languages WH ff' f' g9F - ,g.j,,1f-:es ,123 . sa y .1,s5ww5aga5,fgq5'msal1vgwye, .. l . l.. ff-wfw- . N ,.,L f-. Foreign Language What classes are popular among many students? Modern and classical languages, of course, because of the new materials to aid learning. Head of the language department, Estehela Gonzalez, stated that she has been constantly orderin-lg new scholastic material for the interest of the stu- dents. he students are enthusiastic about the new literature that is now available to them. The newest addition to the lan- guage department staff, Flenee Fenn, instructed two Spanish classes and an English class as a second language. Besides Spanish, German and French were taught in the department. Finally Jerry Alfieri, Spanish student, stated, "I needed to learn the Spanish language when I went to order food, in a Mexican restaurant." -Robin Blake Publications Have you ever wanted to work a T.V. camera?'Well,. rn Modern Media you can. Modern Media is a class in which students can learn to work T.V. cameras, direct a film, and act in a production. Students learn technical skills and how to translate an idea into reality. Ms. Judy Allen, the teacher for Modern Media, has been at Pueblo for 5 years. Sharon Clayton, a senior, stated, "This class is very exciting, it teaches you how to operate a T.V. camera and to direct a show." -Alicia Blake ' 145 1-Representing the class ot 1961 is Mr. Acufla as the honor guest at our homecoming events. 2 -Greeting the teachers on their first day of school is principal, Roberto Acuna. 3-Thinking ol more new ideas for improving the school is principal, Acuna. 4-Papenlvork dominated Ms. Graces job as assistant principal ot personnel. 5 -Mr. Jack Dyson joined P.H.S. as assistant principal of the student activities. l Mr. Roberto Acuna, graduate of the class of 1961 returned as Pueblo's new principal. After graduating, Mr. Acufia left for California Western College at San Diego, where he studied Political Science and received his Bachelor's degree. After receiving his degree, he moved to Cal-State Long Beach, where he received his masters' degree in Secondary Aministration. Mr. Acuna has had many working experiences. He first taught at Sacramento Junior High and later was dean of the Stu- dent Services at Santa Monica College. Mr. Acuna said "I really enjoy being here at the school l graduated from. It really does feel good coming back and l do plan on staying here for many years to make some changes." "Many students and administration enjoyed working with Mr. Acufla", stated senior Hubert Wash- ington. Also many students really liked Mr. Acufia bet- ter than other principals who have been at Pueblo in the past. -Mary Ellen Valle Dyson Joins Pueblo's New Administration JOE PANGA If H 'H A 62 X' ff? 25 , ' Mr. Jack Dyson, joined Ms. Serafina Grace as assistant prin- cipal ot student activities. He came from Special Projects High School at Tucson High and strictly deals with student services, clubs, sports, and publications. Dyson enjoys developing sys- temsato ease workloads, and in addition, he also enjoys back- packing and hiking. Working closely with Mr. Dyson, Ms. Grace is in charge of curriculum development and instructional budget. A new addi- tion was the Xerox machine in the library basement, and she coordinated copy procedures. ln addition to that she looked after the school's maintenance and helped the other new administrators learn the routine around Pueblo. 147 4.-hu-H --L Richard Castellum: From Counselor To Dean Mr. Richard Gastellum has been working at Pueblo for seven years. He likes his job, and says everything has been working out well, but there are still growing pains because the students roles haven't changed. He believes that the change of advisor system has benefited the counselors. Now they don't have to deal with student discipline even though Mr. Gasteilum does. Mr. Gastellum enjoys his new job as dean, since he was selected from the other counselors for this work. He hopes someday to be a principal of a school. He knows that being dean is not very popular, but this is a step to becoming a principal. -Michelle Dandarand V. Carole Smith Joins New Administration V. Carole Smith was among one of the administrators assigned to Pueblo. She and Mr. Gastellum worked closely together as the newly installed deans. Ms. Smith came from Special Projects High School and worked in a professional internship program. Although this was her first administrative assignment, she holds two masters degrees in administration along with a degree in music. -Sam Valdovin 1-Dean V. Carole Smith was also one ot the new administrators to join the Pueblo crowd. 2-Dean Richard Gastellum checks over report cards. 3- From advisor to dean, Mr. Gastellum confers with a student. RICHARD V. CAROLE GASTELLUM SMITH 223533 MAE DON LYNN CLEARY COLLIER FRINK 3 L A. N S fi-' 1 L N -1 A4 A ,lk , vnu- CARMELLA DARYL HELEN HARMON MARSHALL MIMS ' u AUGUSTINE ROSELA FRED NASEVVYTEWA VELEZ ROGERS Advisors Institute S.O.S. Or Save Our Students With many changes taking place in TUSD, our advising sys- tem had changes of its own. Mr. Gastellum was promoted to dean from his original role as advisor. Ms. Carmella Harmon joined Pueblo with the new Student Optional Suspension pro- gram. The program is designed to keep suspended students in touch with the educational process. Ms. Harmon feels strongly about the programs' success and enjoys the students at Pueblo. -Sam Valdovin 1-During registration, Mr. Don Collier, rushes to complete his work. 2-New students at Pueblo received advice on what classes to take from Ms. Helen Mims. 3-Ms. Rosela Velez questions the actions of one of her students. 3 149 PUEFLV 'S BA -Ki-if NE gg QED A if 'ext -.. xtgiaix S' , . ' ,ji wi 1 - 1 - . , 5 if 1 5 is rf? 1' " ' ' lirffa 1. f4""', 52' f543f5" f 1 . 37.7114 N-wx NBIHSI1 AICSHIEY ffm- 'sr X X 1 1-Mr. Matthews is the schooI's home visitor. 2-The groundsmen are Mr. Valencia and Mr. Leyva. 3-Les Morgan and Bill Froehlich are the bookstore clerks. 4-The campus supervisors are Joe Alonis, Oscar Valencia, and Felix Gracia. 5-Back row: Carmen Cardiel, Cecilia Moreios, Yolanda Arias, Diane Benitez, Evelyn Urias, Sylvia Moreno, Shirley Raynor, Frances Alvarez, Alice Evans, Betty Seymour, Hope Pallanes. Front row: Cruz Perez, Doris Briggs, Wanda Toltin, Connie Carpenter, Helen Maldonado, Mercy Soltero. Not shown: Nellie Hansman, Wanda Burlison, and Connie Leon are members of the cafeteria staff. 6-The janitors are Marcelino Guzman, Armando Carrillo, Manuel Gomez, Ramon Olivas, Jose Gradillas, Fidel Armenia, Armando Guaron, Art Barsurto, James Brutz, Armand Gill, Larry Boyd. 7-Frank Urbina and Ed Weaver are the engineers. 8-Nurse Eva Lujan consults assistant, Chris Lutz, about medical files. 150 L.-nr-f Johnny Paz i J! " 1334. 3 rg ,, 'Q ,,., ,nn X X "-- ic: QF if f ,. Axvp, 'W N . ,, ,.,,l :rfb H .J- ,J 5 ,, H-1,' ggg 11, .,z:,4..,., Y 'f-- Ai N K e-fee., viii p st. SX? if gig - if Q f .i"'M1-f' MES V' N Secretaries Use Stream- lined System .l 3 4 Secretaries helped the students, fac- ulty and administration by keeping every- thing in order in the student accounting center. Their main goal was to keep a daily record for each student's absences and reasons. They put everything together for a once a month report on each ot the students. The report went to the state for aid. There also was a change in the way they handled the absentees this year. The students had to bring a note to their first period teacher then, while they were in class, they filled out an absent slip. This was new instead ot wait- ing in line to have their blue slip and note stamped. Mrs. De La Ossa said, "The new tardy and absent slips are working out very well. lt has made their job eas- ier " -Michelle Dandurand 1-Principal's secretary, Mrs. Banning, discusses business with Mrs. Bean about school activities. 2 -Kathi Karner takes an important phone call tor the adaptive education department. 3-Dean's secretary, Mrs. Garcia, checks names on the student roster. 4-Secretaries are Susan Ouesada, Mrs. Valenzuela, Margarita De La Ossa, Joanne Yturraide, not shown Mrs. Madrid Jones. LIICI BIIIIIQI BS.-U.A. P .E., coach 1 year Reading, Writing, Jogging first year at Pueblo Debra Bradley has encountered of math teacher and softball coach. Although teach- her only profession she has also worked in the electronics Born in Chickasha, Oklahoma, she then lived in Dallas, until five months ago. Ms. Bradley has traveled to one- ofthe United States. Blfhlfl Ellen Debra Ann Bradley Pauline Bryant Ann Finley Carlson Mario Caelro M. Ed.-S.F.A.S.U. B.A.-U,A. BS.-Loyola U. Master Sec. Ed. M.F,A.-E.M.U. Math, asst. softball English Social Studies, track Spanish, P.E., Track Aft. Yfbk- Adviwf coach 8 years coach coach 3 Years 1 year Reading 3 years 9Vz years Painting, and Snow skiing Exercise class, Running tor distance 8Xhll'Jllll'1Q running T E A C t H E Fl S Roland LaVetter has been teaching and coaching at Pueblo for 12 years. Although he coaches basketball, it is a different profession from teaching. Mr. LaVetter likes to travel to Phoenix once a week. He engoys driving more than flying but finds it impossible to drive to awaii. -Cynthia A. Varelas K Danke Ray ll. Davie M ,A.-N .C .U. Industrial Ed. 25 years Photography Diane Lee Deyoe Rohie Eaetlack Margaret A. Warren R. Eeeig James Estrada ECKIYIUOIII 8.54-UAA Coordinator ot the M'S"U'S'C' English Electronics M,A.-U.A. C E T A Social Studies 5 years 9 years English 1 year' ' ' pmgram 25 years Playing the saxophone Back-packing, Water 14 years Building pmjects Sports photography Richlvd GOOGIOII Neten llarke Grove Jerome VI. Helm Franeee Heller JUN' HUMOR John LIVINDM Heil M. Sec. Ed.-UA. B,A,-U,A, M.A4-UIWV lnsqfucgionai Aide M.S.-W,l.U. M. Sec. Ed.- Machine Shop, English English 3 yea,-5 Adaptive Ed. Science Welding 3 years 18 years 8 years I 1 years 9 years Cooking, eating, Sailing, hiking, All Soorts Sports. gardening. WING' Skiing- SHOW reading, jogging hunting, bowling reading skiing 1 1 1 nu W: 7' Clayburn M, Hitchcock Laura Ann Hodges M.S.-U ol A M.Ed-Texas Tech U. Bio., track coach P.E,, health 26 years 18 years Reading Ariz. History Tennis, bowling, movies 2 . 5 K 5' ' ryyy 7 - J A . 1 A . f l Steven Wayne Kempa Brian John Koppy B.S.-Northwestern U. B.A.-Kalamazoo Hearing Impaired College Teacher Eng. speech teacher 1 year 1 year Backpacking Playing the accordion Jon L, Hclstrom Jim Hpncaop Gilbert Bennie Huerta Louann Frino Hume Marilyn G, Johnson M.A.-N.A.U. Master's-O.S,U, B.S.-N.A.U. 8.5.-U ot A Romance Lang.- P.E., Driver Ed. Photography teacher S.S., asst. C.0.E. coord. S.F.S.C. 2 years 23 years FUJI- COBCN 2 YBHFS Bilingual prog. aide Sailing, hunting Photography 4 YGGVS 50Wif1lJ 3 years Fishing. babysitting Teaching handicapped I ,1 4 '55 . . '. xv-ff ' l Don G. Leavell Sally Ann Lalko Ethel M. Lukech Thomas McCarthy Carol Lynne Merrlrl M.A.-U o1A M.A.-U ol A Bachelor's-U o1A MBSl6f'S-U of A B.S.-U Ol A Bus. Ed- Spanish Learning Disabilities Industrial Ed. 1 year 11 years 2 years 1 year 9 years Backpacking, singing Working with hand Folk dancing, folk Hiking, reading Hunting. ilshlng, ln a prolesslonal tools music, embroidery boating vocal group. fit Edward Warren W, Lee Miller Shery Milo Faye Frances Mitchell Marla Ann Morris John Wesley Muley John Nichols Messing B.A.-U ol A Master's-U o1A M.A.-O.S.U. Master's-U o1A Master's-U ot A B.A.-U o1A Bachelor's-U ol A Eng., Jour. S. S. Bus. Ed. Math teacher P.E. teacher German teacher Band director 3 years 16 years 20 years 9 years 14 years 1 'A years 2 years Horseback riding, Horseback riding Caring lor her pets Reading Selling Visiting lorelgn Camping, fishing hiking countries and people ' Ji th fi x . ,1 A.,-4 ' f . 1' 1 .gf 5 swiss . - J ii Y. 1 Leslie Wllllam Nial Barry Micheal Miguel G. Padilla Gloria Paluch Charlotte Steiner Patrick F . Richardson David Salazar O'Rourke Queen Masters-A.S.U. Master's Bachelors-Miami U. Bachelors-N.A.U. Master's-U o1A S.S. Bachelors-U ol A Industrial Ed. Teacher Master's-U ol A Wdwkg. Instructor Teacher 20 years Am. Hlst., Head Bsktb, 17 years 2 years Home Ec. 2 years 6Va years Lapldary.goI1 coach Woodcralt, Mechanics Swimming laps, 13 years Woodwork Camping, tlshlng 7 years hridge, plnnochle Sewing, swimming Sports, polltlcs .KkL, V - ' i gif? ' - 'W as 34 fx. ' wr ' ' . , f .rrr " ' g . . . if ' ' v. 'ff-gm : K V ,f V ' s is . 5 fi ' . Theresa Salgado Gary Fl. Siegel Evangeline O. Valdez MaryAnn Warner Merlin Parker Warnke Kay Waldmeler Rosalie Wong Jr. Watferson Maeter's-Eastern Bachelors-N.A.U. Master's-U ol A BS.-U ol Calil. B.S.-U ol A N.M.U. Welding Instructor Bus. Ed. Home Ec. Master's-U ol A Bachelors-U ol A P.E.. coach Title I Eng. 2 years 1 year Eng, coach Math 23 years 2 YGBYS Sewing 7 years 2 years Bowling, billiards, Reading Backpacking cooking, etc. i. I Paul C. Acuna .-Criminal Justice Specialist for Ariz. Graduates ear tb.. Ftbl Yvonne Cano ster's-U of A ir, guitar Instructor ars nis, biking Renee Ann Fenn ter's-U of A gual ar ling Thomas A. Gutierrez ier's-U of A rning Disabilities ars ellnc. Spons Roland Laverter ters-U or A Govt, BRIS erlng Questionnaires Calvin D. Montgomery er'e-U of A I, Reading ar lng stained glass windows Casstromo Preston elors-U of A ars c, listening to music Richard Sanchez elors-U of A Ftbl. coach r uetball, wrestling Judith Anne Allen Master's-Stanford U. Modem Media 5 years Painting, songwriting Joseph F , Cicero Master's-Kans. State Univ. Printing Instructor 21 years Fishing, hunting Olivia Gonzales Gallego Masler's-U of A Bilingual Bus. 9 years Camping John A. HBFIITBI7 Masters--U of A Science, Chairperson 22 years Ouail hunting, reading Claudia Ann Lusfeck Master's Home Ec. 9 years Writing, Designing Patricia Anne Moreno Bachelors-U of A Eng, V: year Patricia RBVSS Bachelors-Penn. Sfafe Univ. Bio. teacher 161 year Swimming, hiking, bicycling Saturnlno Canez Santa Cruz Bachelors-U of A Head Ftbl. coach 8 years Spons, music AlbertArellano Master's-U.N. of Colo. Industrial Ed. 16 years Golf Mae ll Cleary Master's-U of A Adap. Ed. Chairperson 6 years Being with family Estehela Gonzalez Maeler's-U of A Modern, Classical Lang. 9 years Building a new home Charlene JOIIBS E.M.H.-Drake U. Adaptive Ed. 2 years Reading Robert M. Miller Master's-U of llllnols Math 19 years Hiklng, playing guitar. gardening Marian Virginia Munsinger Masters-U of A Bus. Ed. 16 years Horseback riding, competition dressage Karen Elizabeth Ruhland Bachelors-U of A P.E, 1 year AquaticlTeam Sports, backpacking Eileen Sherlock Master's-U of A Eng. 16 years Tennis Larry Franklin Campbell Master's-U oi A Drlver Ed., P,E. 1 year Enjoying his family Linda Colleen Dyer Bachelors-U of A Math 1 year Sewing William Lee Gordon Jr. Bachelors-U of A French, track coach 2 years Scuba divlng Rebecca D. Jones Master's--Central Miss. State Univ. Tltle l Eng. 1 st year Needle craft f Jenniler Porter Molina Bachelors-U of A Learning Disabilities 3 years Tennis David R. Pinegar Masters-U of A Eng, 11 years Reading, Racquet Ball George Salvesen Master's-U of A Science 8 years Outdoor recreation activities Edward Smith Masters-U of A History 18 years Reading Arthur Eugene Troutner mcnara R. Williamson S- John Zimmer Marla 0. Velesquez I Masters-A.S.U. Masters-U o1A MSW' 5-U 0' A min Teachers aide Minn, chairperson Business Education 20 yggrs 2 years 17 years 15 Years Backpacking In wilderness Reading, Horseback riding Fishing, woodworking Gardening. reading Calvin Montgomery nas toured many different places. He traveled to Amsterdam and Thailand. Hitchhiking was his favorite way of traveling when he toured Canada. Mr. Montgomery met friendly people in the different places he went. Aside from teaching Mr. Montgomery is a Reading counselor and editor for the Tucson Area Reading Council. Calvin Montgomery is originally from Omaha, Nebraska, and from there he moved to New York until four years ago when he came to Tucson. -Cynthia Ann Varelas Marie Morris has been teaching at Pueblo for nine years. T not her only profession, being a mother and wife is her main role asked how she liked working with the students she stated, "The stud e are great and I enjoy working with them." Mrs. Morris was born in Oklahoma but was raised in Arizona. - 1 Cynthia A. Var 156 In Memoriam Ellen Schulman 1 953-1 981 -. ,MQ ,fx . ., . .wsu was -sn-an iaf ,f , ' S Teachers for the school year of 1980-81 had a troublesome at Pueblo High School. To begin with, classes had to be because the student ratio of 25-30 students per acne. was not fulfilled. Many students could not get into the asses they wished to have at mid-semester registration. Another major problem was the shortage of funds in the hool district. Due to this shortage, all schools in District one d to decrease the number of funds usually spent throughout e year. Substitutes were no longer hired. Due to the lack of substi- tes, teachers and administrators were used to fill in for teach- s who needed substitutes. Bill Bordon, Warren Essig, Burgess edle, and Fred Rogers, here at Pueblo, substituted for teach- s. -Cynthia Ann Varelas I as 1. Calvin Montgomery teaches his class. 2. Marie Morris smiles at students during assignments. 3. Yvonne Cano, Saturnino Santa Cruz, Ed Messing, and other teachers break from meeting con- cerning students. 4. Fiobie Eastlack discusses scholastic happen- ings with John Henson. 5. Pueblo's teachers listen while being to d new policies to take place. 6. Roberto Acuna discusses poli- cies with teachers while Mr. Montgomery smiles at joke being told by other teachers. ' II -i-ICR3 F F .ggrigfll 157 1 t Abeyta---Celaya UN IORS Arthur ' Alicia Aguilar Rafaela Arias Linda Arreola Carlos Liza Barreras Apalategul g Ballesteros vi' if ...gr Y in Jacqueline Barry Flamon Bazurto Sammy Bingham Larry Bogstie Sandra Boninag lm Cecilia Borboa 5 -24 Q Rhoda Busby Mary Buslamonte . Linda Cardenas Camacho 'C Ugg' 57234 J Clarissa Canezs DianeiCanez Cantua Marcia Carrillo if N lose Cardova Phillip Carrasco Joann Carpenlas Dina Castillo Juanita Castro Glenda CGUHYH .9 an 5 159 Coronado -JJ volleyball since lunlor hugh she received such awards as luable player and outstand- ofthe year in her eighth year. Sandra has played var- Bonillas, a junior, has va r U . o V O Ileyball at Pueblo since her This past year she on the team as selected for wn Warrior "Hall ol hopes to receive a where she volleyball careerl An I? it 5? ei?-f because it is me busy and ' Ez Also, San- a starter on the team since hel She manages td KW! Joe De James Durall A Ben Encinas y rgrax 1 Sonia Encinas Sergio Enriquez SQA Richard Esguibel Annette Estrada Norma Estrada Marie Flasher . Becky Flores . Sai' Flores G xx i-H-ii? Mark Gallego ,, '35 V sig sf' Maria Gallegos Rosa Galvez QSUQ' Sandra Garcia Silvia Garcia Virginia Garcia Garcia Vivian Garcia Marco Garcia nw ji 'af Granilloi Barbara Gardea ass' 1 61 Gillette-Marrufo r or r Rosemary Gonzales l Mickey Graham a Albert Gredoa Joseph Guerra Candi Guzman Shannon Hack Barbara Jlmmerson ' Lucille Johnson 1 Michelle Johnson Lisa Keeler l Christine Klein Mark Lennox QQ 3 .F sk?- Virginia Lulan Ygnacia Machado ulazario Martinez Teresa Martinez i 13 ' ' ' af M15 ki 'aff if-2' 'Q' 'F sign! Antonio Mendoza Vw Jose Miranda JSUTIBS M0d9SiU R0b6rt Martin Munoz Roman Murguia 9?-335 M Josie Ochoa Lucinda Ochoa ww Q Bemlce Ormsby 'V Q Ana Ortiz ' os riiz Vasques and sophomore, 5, the pool with Mr Acuna, 1' WMU' Patricia Parker Alice Pedraza ,, il.. J, Andy Qulroz Tilda Ragland ' James Rincon . , hifi U gg s ... wa' r Stella Rivera Kevin Roberson Craig Cecilia Robles ' Brian Roell Oscar Romero ' u e as is 165 Arcl Rodriguez Heriberto Rodriguez Rosa Rodriguez H Priscilla Rodriguez Angelica Fluiz Ronald St. Saver , ,, , , ,,,, n---nn-l---f- n4,-.,A,-.,.,, ., .- .- . .. . . ... . .. . . , .. . , , Atbert Wdal ' Emma Villa FranceS Vasquez I Maria Vasquez Al Young A Ray Vwlliams C ana' 167 Acosta-Celaya i Shelia Acosta Louie Aouna Corina Ahumada Gilbert Aioaraz Bernie Alegria Manny Alvarez Wendy Allen Alex Amaro Edward Arevaio ' Albert Armenta Yvonne Avala Ida Arivzu Jesus Arvizu 5 James Auwerter Judith Auwerter Claudia Baltierrez Maricela Barreda 'Margaret Belerra f . 1 v -- - - -4 .. Kevin Boberson ' Emmitt Boone Donna Bracamonte f Cynthia Briggs Patricia Briggs Mark Brown 168 , l-iSf8fliflQ to CHSSSNO Player is H faV0fiT0 PHSTWNQ- Cindy Campos Luis Camargo' Luis Canez Lilia Cantua Marcia Cantua Sandra Canez Margarita Carrasco Carlos Carranza Diane Carrillo Robert Carrizosa Pat Carrizosa Cecilia Casper A Cecilia Casillas ' Ernesto Castillo Alfonso Catalan Desery Celaya S3 lass b Chavarria-Guillermo Y, Sarah Guadalupe Contreras Neomi Contreras A .R .. iii Y Teresita Contreras Mary Comptorn Adele Coronado Carnillo Coronado Gloria Coronado Nina Corral Jaime Cuesta Alberta Davila Sean Delamore Barri Deventer Robert Diaz Ernie Dimas ... . ,Ju-,.-1.4,-- .. . - ... . ... . .. . - . 1. , 1- ,,,, n,,.,44- n,,-,- Pamela Estrada Bernadette Felix Maria Felix Cynitha Figueroa Francisca Figueroa Gloria Figueroa so - 1,1 L, f '1 . 412, -v T' Y.. s 1 raw... Guillermo Fernandez Ralph Gallego Marcelino Gamez Patty Gamez L f . Armando Garcia Manuel Garcia Mark Garcia Fiuth Garcia Virginia Garcia Jesus Godinez Andrew Gonzalez Barbara Gonzales Michael Dozier makes his way through the halls. egg Cindy Gonzales Lorraine Gonzales Lorraine Gonzales Lynette Gonzales Monica Gonzales Ricardo Gonzales Steven Goodman Rose Grigsby Enrique Guasp Ana Guerrero Matt Hall Guillermo Haros sg flass ax Harris-Mendoza if .. .. .. . A ... .. . . . .. . 4'5" VY-u I , , , . .1.- r1----.l.. I I...--n-A.--. Of-knvli Llink ..,....... -v---f----- ---- -,-- --eff' --Y- Karen ' Flaym OD d Islas Consuelo Jacquez Carlos Jimenez Brian Miguel nthia Lara Diana Lara S' I Siu Lee Stella Lee Karen Leeth Irma Linares Jim Lewandowski Alex Lopez Anna Lopez David Lopez Delma Lopez Dora Lopez Jose Lopez Maria Lopez Minin LODSI Rosa LODSZ Francisca Lauterio Carlos Lozoya PaulLuCaS Elizabeth Machado Epltanio Madril Carlos Maldonado Perla Maldonado Veronica Maldonado Catherine Marin Carmen Martinez Domingo Martinez Fernando Martinez Irma Martinez Jesus Martinez Rita Martinez Elaine Matus - Z .PSU5 "2 2 4 5 Q Evelyn Matus Jesus Medina Abe Mendoza Jerome Mendoza Richard Mendoza Suzanna Mendoza lass 20 'b M623--RHIBS . J M Rosemary Mckenna Jackie McNair Elvira Miranda Theresa Mitchell Ana Monreal Marco Monreal Ernest Montano .ff .asf DHHCGYS eniov miX9ff . Patricia Montana Fernando Mora Andy Moreno Jose Moreno g i wif? 'Sig Marcelina Morrilla Elizabeth Linda Murden Luis Murrieta Teresa Noblesse Adaline Noriega 6. vang. K. xv Emilio Mario Olvera Norma Ordonez Abel Ortiz 174 Danny Ortiz ' Lisa Ortiz Martha Paiacios Lauri Parnella Christina Patino Alice Pedraza Marco Pedroza Sandra Pedroza Naomi Pena . Bonnie Penley Gif? Sandra Peregrina R - Lorraine Peralta i Aelva Peralta Billy Perez Victoria Perez Angela Perkins Mary Lou Pesqueira Ted Pesqueira f 7 ,A x Xndrew Phipps Maria Pinales Richard Powels Adrian Quijada . Andre Quivers kEIsa Ramirez eronica Ramirez Armando Ravago Cathy Reed A Richard Reed Diane Reyes Mike Rines lass E0 B ' Patsy Robles Q Rosa Rodriguez 'Q' assi Cathy Rutledge V ii Robert Ruiz - Concepcion Saenz as 1 xi Rachel Saiz Robert Salas Joe Salazar Ricardo Saldivar Albert Sanchez Mary Sanchez Martha Sanchez Terry Sanchez Tammy Scholz Anthony Scott 'David Short A A A Abel Silva Angelica Somoza Martin Somoza Jose Sotelo Joe Stoglin Andy Suarez Margaret Tapia Barbara Teso Mary Tester Frank Tona Danny Torres Ofelia Torres Ruben Torres ' Sa ' l 1 L21 ' isis Lisa Trijo Alfonso Ummel Diane Urquidez Jose Urquidez Elizabeth Valdez Imelda Valencia 20 floss 25 Valencia--Canez Leticia Valencia Arthur Valenzuela Guadalupe Valenzueia John Vaienzueiae Julie Valenzuela Lorraine Vaienzuela Maffha Valenzuela QS' X has Vareia Nina Varela Celina Varelas Eddie Varelas Becky Wilson ' Tino Yourqulez Enrique Zarante 178 Miguel Velez i i Ernest Verdugo Mary Wlia ntheny Viiallaqe Becky Whitelow Odelma Wilkinson if IQYL Q ll , 0 i an i i .A .rl1- if B ' -ii' V -624 I Q Y i ........j Laura Abeyta John Agnew Frances Aguilar Mario Aguilar Cindy Ahumada Eunice Alcantar Lucy Alcantar Lupita Alcantar Vicente Alcorla Andrew Alegria Geraldo Allieri Delia Altamirano Jose Altamirano Manny Alvarado Alma Alvarado Bettina Alvarez Daniel Amaro Earldon Anhill Jorge Arevalo Fredrick Baca Andrea Band Juan Barron Jilline Barry Brian Batt Bryon Butler Toni Birdow Robin Blake Rene Bojorquez 77 4 Gerald ' Margaret Sandra Rosa Bringas Cathy Browning Hugo Bruce Floy Caballero Bracamonte Bracamonte Bracamonte 4 - l Virginia Cadena Frank Calzadillas Ernesto Camacho Monica Camargo Sharon Campos Carlos Canedo Mauricio Canez S2 Slass b 179 A . - -. A . rs- I ,.A,,,,,,,, nA..,,.,.AuAVAYA Reuben Carranza Diane Carrasco Susan Carrasco Maria Carriilo Marie Leon is a freshman at Pueblo. Marie is a member of the scorekeeping club. She keeps score for the wrestling team. Marie finds its a lot of tun, and its enough to D keep her busy. Marie was asked what she liked about J.H.S. that she didn'tlike about Pueblo. Her reaction was J.H.S. wasn't as big as Pueblo, it was much smaller. -Veronica Blurton Marlette Collins Monica Compton Martha Compos Rene Contreras Alicia Corrales Raul Cola Wanda Cox Javier Cuesta Carol Cuestas Q Sonia Cupis Monica Damiano Cherie Dandurand Diane Davidson Cathy Dayhuff Rene Denogean Geraldo'Diaz Robert Diaz Michelle Dominguez Judith Duarte Norman Duarte Deborah Dunk Sandra Duran Carmen Elliott Debbie Enclnas Gloria Engle George Enriguez Brad Epperson R Veronica Escajeda Ana Estrella Jeannie Echepare Robert Fay, Jr. John Feliz Rosie Felix Ricardo Fernandez -Richard Fernandez Juan Fierro John Figueroa Hector Fimbres Richard Fimbres Tonla Fimbres Michael Fisher G Sara Flores Russell Fluster Rocky Freeman Jose Galaz Rachel Gallardo Reina Gallego Micheal Galvan Humberto Gama Cynthia Garcia l Margaret Garcia Rueben Garcia Franisco Gaxiola Janet Gerakos Sonia Godinez Carmen Gonzales Diane Gonzales 3 9143 'b Gonzales-Moreno James Grifiith Anthony Grijalva Gilbert Guerra Martha Guerra Mercedes Haro Andre Helmstetter Diane Herkshan r' f '--V ---V-.M - --- . .1 v 1 . Y . . .. .. . -. . . . A . .-, .,.,,,-, n4-n-- n-n.---- n----u- n..-:-n lA..-:.. ll....-:.. Yen KY Shawn Lehrnan Linda Leon Joann Leon Marie Leon Richard Leon Maria Limon rt' if! Betty Lopez Francisco Lopez Frank Lopez Katina Lopez Randy Lucero Veronica Loya Elvira Machado 'l Yolanda Machado Sonia Madrii Manuel Maldonaldo Freda Malone Christina Martinez Cindy Martinez Garaldo 'Martinez Troy Mendez Gloria Mendoza Anadine Mesa David Mesa Veronica Mesa 5 f -sg-I 'U Bonita Montano Tina Montano Austre Montiel Sonia Montiel Cecilia Montijo C Elizabeth Montijo Rosanna Mora Anabel Morales Frank Moreno Lorena Moreno Sylvia Medrano Teresa Mendez s! s There are many fine artists at Pueblo andia freshman is one of them. Joe Muniz likes to draw portraits of rock stars. Among his favorite stars to draw are Jim Morrison, Bruce Springstien, and Jimi Hendrix. He draws mostly in pencil and works from photographs. He emphasizes dramatic lighting, too. Joe has been into art since the first grade. Some of his work has been displayed in offices around school. t -Sam Valdovin Moreno-Wilkinson Joaquin Murrieta Lyndora Myers Margaret Narcho Terrell Newman Greg Nigh Shelly Noblesse Joaquin Nunez Robert Nunez Esperanza Obregon Femando Obregon Frank Obregon Denise Ochoa Ernestina Ochoa Elizabeth Ohlmaier l . ' xf Lorena Olivlas Miriam Ordonez Francis Orduno Daniel Ornelas Armida Ortiz Celia Ortiz - Eddie Ortiz Ernie Ortiz Lisa Ortiz Julian Ortiz Ramiro Ortiz Slella OSUU8 P6i9f P8lSHf'I0 Rosa Pallafles Edward Patino Sostenes Parga Rene Paz ' Anthony Peralta Susan Perez Tracy Peron Minerva Pollcroniades ,J 'ti'd9'W,M5C nu 'SLE Katrina Schalt Chrlstopher Gabriel Segura Fernando Serna Rosa Slerra Seawater 30. .,, LM it ff ev Frank Slqueros Rudy Srlvaun Aurello Sollz Sergro Solrz Angeluca Somoza J ln June 1979 freshman Cherie Dandurand flrst saw blcycle moto cross CBMXJ racmg and declded to try It Cherie has traveled around Arizona Texas Oklahoma Nevada and Call forma to race In Tucson she usually races at Fteld Park, downhnll and Man zamta race way Even though Cherie wears padded pants a jersey gloves helmet and races on a customized blke she has won 160 trophues for her racmg She funds blke racmg challeng mg because of the competltlon ln addition to racmg Cherre collects stamps and llkes to draw Robin Blake Frank Soto Gabnel Tapla Albert Tester Alejandro Torres Knmmy Tnmmer Juan Valdez Mark Valdez Manuel Valencia Beatrlce Valenzuela Cella Valenzuela Eracllo Valenzuela Francisco Valenzuela .A .. ' " , T A ., I ,a 5 .K T , f 1 ,iffy v ' ' , , , - . , 4 - . ', .K dsx' f fr In v A a,..:.-ff ,rr fl , - , . . ,e .f- .M ,, y .f 1 Q' I M - -E , 1 . W 3 . ., - ' K ,. ' ig : l T V I - ' -' . ll A ' 'K-L.. Y ' 553, Q . E 1 , Q . af r . , fi-Q A ' ,,. ,. .. s 54: T 1 , T W, T , 2, Jus., A535139 ff' V -1- A , ,ff . A . , I -y 5 .t 'ww .3 M,,,,r . - ,. V K , -N. 4 K W : f'.,i,f,.:3E! . ,. Q 4- ' L '5' ,-gf? af s w sg:- 3525 uf , ,, . . . . . . . . . ,tr 4 l. 1. ,-. 1 u r . v ' - . ., ' I 1 1 1 ' I Y l I 1 --U.-. ........- ----- --v,--- - v ' ' " Manuel V8l9flZU9l8 Cafmen Valle Veff-mica Vasquez Rafael Wdal Jullo Wrgen Nora Wrlcox Emily Wllklnson ,N flash 2-,!l,!YYf 1 Citel Raygoza Jose Real Margaret Ramos Cindy Redondo Tomasa Reyes Celina Richards Vincent Rines Y ' 1 -f SN! Jose Rodriguez Ruben Rojas Mario Rodriguez Arthur yr LN' Nag? . if by Cynthia Romero Mario Romero Rosa Romero i Angelica Saidivar Christina Sanchez Christina Sanchez Rosealva Sanchez Oscar Santa Cruz Maria Santos Guadalupe Proctor ' I ?ROS7n' Susan Z8l'8f8 Amanda Woods Dl8fI3 Zermeno I 1 t it r l Richard Carranza stands in a trash can wondering, "Why me?" during Freshmen initiation. slit IQ., Can you imagine a high school freshman working in a radio station? Brad Epperson does not have to imag- ine anymore as he really works at radio station K-Hit in South Tucson. He got the job by taping himself and tak- ing the tape to K-Hit. His duties at the station include answering the phone and helping the disc jockies. Although he does volunteer his services, Brad enjoys what he is doing. He says he is one of several interns learning the radio business at K-Hit. - -JerryAIfieri t elcrssb K my Autographs Autographs Emu ' 3" pam' allanvytti rum lllllagm UU...-rm fff3...rfr' iii.---'rn 3580-"Ni Siiivnfll Sana--"fll 38:4-"Tu , .. E261 "!Ii 'llllllurli -... .,.. m ff. .... :En lIlln1..f:1 gl ..-... 'll m .... .m :lf--"'fl1 na...-'NI Aa4""'fTl ue-""fH ml-"'Hl .w""fH ng.--"TU A 1 EFX xx 1 964 1954 . 1 L1 X 10 Looking back 25 years, many things have changed and are still changing. Fashions, activities, sports and attitudes are among the main things. At Pueblo, changes have occured to accommodate changing lifestyles and the people of our community. When Pueblo was first built, it served as a meeting place. The burning of the Trojan horse, gymnastics and other things have been discontinued tor one reason or another. People today have expanded interests outside ofthe school campus. As Tucson grew, the school played an educational role instead of the meeting and entertainment place. -Sam Valdovin 191 Needle Becomes New Librarian Digng Camuo 2 Diana Carrillo 3 Mr. Needle, a new librarian here at Pueblo, helped to train student library aides to check materials out and as to act as helpers for other students. He also helped Mrs. Gerow, head librarian decide on budget spending of district and federal money for relevant items. "Students using the library as a resource facility gave me the best feeling, because then I know my time and the library's resources were being put to good use," commented Mr. Needle. "l plan to stay here at Pueblo and hope to grow with the school. I came from a junior high so I could work with a wider range of students. I have enjoyed working with Pueblo's stu- dents and there's not another high school in the district with Pueblo's range of talents and skills! I feel l made a wise deci- sion coming here," concluded Mr. Needle. -Donna Huckeba 1. Marcia Carrillo sits in a secluded area in the library reading a book. 2. Ms. Shallhorn is in charge ot checking out the video equipment to students. 3. Mrs. Tabor awaits to help students in the library. 4. Mrs. Gerow is the head librarian. 5. A new member ofthe library staff, Mr. Needle, is kept occupied by paper work. 6. Virginia Potter looks for research materials while a fellow student is researching her report. 192 1- P: M Mfg..-........,., rs . 'sq . viii, Yearbook: Top Row: C. Varelas, l. Hubert, C. Dandurand, S. Valdovin. Middle Row: J. Alfieri, A. Blake, R. Cook, D. Fimbres, S. Morabet, M. Garcia. Bottom Row: V. Blurton, R. Blake, M. Vasquez, M. Valle, M. Sanchez, Sponsor B. Beamer. El Guerrero: Top Row: E. Contreras, J. Paz, D. Hackworth, D. Jackson, P. Villa, G. Alcaraz, C. Ruiz, A. Gonzales, P. Gibson, W. Miller, E. Ochoa, D. Hall, B. Segura, P. Briggs, M. Galindo, E. Barajas, S. Valdovin, J. Berry. Student Council: Top Row: R. Lucero, E. Flores, K. Montano, L. Alabado, B. Gonzales, N. Coronado, C. Barboa. Middle Row: Mrs. Grove, S. Lee, L. Abeyta, A. Palma, A. Camacho, B. Mazon, S. Canez, T. Mitchell. Bottom Row: T. Martinez, N. Cramer, S. Valencia, C. Vidal, S. Chacon. Abeyta, Laura 178 Abeyta, Mark 163 Acosta, Sheila 168 Acuna, Louis 73, 168 Acuna, Paul 32, 114, 155 Acuna, Roberto 3, 32, 114, 146, 157, 165 Adaptive, Ed. 136 Agnew, John 106, 178 Aguilar, Elita 80 Aguilar, Frances 178 Aguilar, Mario 178 Ahumada, Cindy 178 Ahumada, Corina 48, 168, 203 Ahumada, Patsy 107, 203 Alabado, Luz 102 Alcantar, Eunice 112 Alcantar, Nathan 37, 80, 118, 144 Alcantara, Lucy 178 Alcaraz, Denise 52, 73 Alcaraz, Gilbert 129, 144,168 Alcorta, Patricia 1 14, 120, 142 Alcorta, Vincente 178 Alegria, Andrew 178 Alegria, Bernardo 168 Allieri, Gerald 52, 130, 135, 178 Allen, Jaime 80 Allen, Judy 145, 155 Allen, Wendy 136, 168 Alley, Rene 153 Almazan, Rudy 110 Altamirano, Delia 178 Altamirano, Gerardo 105 Altamirano, Jorge 105, 109 Altimirano, Jose 106, 178 Alvarado, Alma 178 Alvarado, Joe 136 Alvarado. Manuel 48, 178 Alvarado, Robert 80 Alvarez. Bettina 178 Alvarez, Diana 107 Alvarez, Manuel 47, 65, 168 Alvarez, Maria 80 Amaro, Alex 168 Amaro, Daniel 178 Amaro, Josephine 37, 80 Amaya, Trinidad 70, 80, 119 Anaya, Eugene 52, 105 Anhill, Earldon178 Anniversary Page 8,9 Apalategui, Arthur 134 Arellano, Albert 135, 155 Arevalo, Edward 47, 168 Arevalo, Jorge 178 Armenta, Alberto 47, 168 Armenta, Cecilia 80 Arvizu,lda168 Arvizu, Jesus 168 Austin, Willie 47, 49 Auwerter, James 168 Auwerter, Judith 105, 168 Ayala, Yvonne 144, 168 Award Winners 38, 39 Badilla, Jose 134 Baltierrez, Claudia 133, 168 Banales, Lucy 99, 102, 134, 153 Band, Adrea 178 Barreda, Marisela 168 Barreras, Liza 55 Barron, Juan 178 Barry, Jackie 128, 129 Barry, Jilline 178 Baseball JV 69 Baseball Varsity 70, 71 Basketball, Girls 74, 75 Basketball JV 60, 61 Basketball Varsity 58, 59 Batt, Brian 178 Batt, Deborah 80 Beamer, Barbara 31, 153, 208 Becerra, Margarita 168 Bell, Norma 80 Ben Franklin Club 116 Bernal, Emilia 168 Betters, Brian 178 Betters, Haywood 47, 168 Bingham, Anthony 168 Birdow, Antoniette 178 Blake, Alicia 80, 130 Blake, Robin 130, 143, 178 Blurton, Derek 168 Blurton, Veronica 80, 130, 137 Bober, James 80 Bober, Wayne 168 Boberson, Kevin 168 Bogstie, Denise 80 Bojorquez, Rene 65, 178 Bonillas, Sandra 55 Boone, Emmitt 168 Borboa. Cecilia 99, 120, 206 Bracamonte, Allred 80 Bracamonte, Debra 81 Bracamonte, Donna 168 Bracamonte, George 105 Bracamonte, Gerald 48, 178 Bracamonte, Margarita 178 Bracamonte, Peter 133 Bracamonte, Sandra 178 Bradford, Ray 48 Bradley, Debra 48, 153 Brantley, Rosa 81 Brantley, Sylvia 81 Briggs, Cynthia 168 Briggs, Patricia 168 Bringas, Martin 106, 135 Bringas, Rosa 178 Brown, Letroy 106 Brown, Marie 107 Brown, Mark 40,105,169 Browning, Cathy 178 Bruce, Hugo 65, 178 Bruce, Leo 43, 81, 114 Bryant, Pauline 153 Bujanda, Enrique 169 Burr, Roy 35, 47 Burruel, Ana 169 Burruel, Veronica 81 Busby, Rhoda 55 Busby, Shelli 169 Business 145 Byrd, Lori 81 Caballero, Roy 178 Cadena, Irene 81 Cadena, Olga 169 Cadena, Virginia 178 Cady, Daniel 169 Caldwell, John 169 Calzadillas, Francisco 178 Camacho, Ana 81 Camacho, Ernesto 178 Camacho, Rachel 28 Camacho, Rene 52 Camargo, Luis 168 Camargo, Monica 178 Campas, Anthony 81 Campbell, Larry 134 Campbell, Mary 155 Campbell, Scott 81 Campos, Anita 169 Campos, Cindy 112, 169 Campos, Sharon 105, 178 Campton, Mary 120 Cadeno, Carlos 178 Canez, Clarissa 55, 105 193 Canez, Luis 169 Canez, Mauricio 65, 178 Canez, Rosa Maria 114, 179 Canez, Sandra 169 Canned Food Drive 29 Cano, Yvonne 109, 155, 157 Cantua, Lilia 169 Cantua, Marcia 169 Cantua, Maria 114 Cantua, Martin 81 Caranza, Bobby 15 Carbajal, Delia 51 , 206 Carley, Alfred 81 Carley, Phillip 105 Carlsen, Stacey 179 Carlson, Ann 73, 153 Carpena, Patricia 32, 81 Carpenter, Tracy 81 Carranza, Carlos 169 Carranza, Reuben 105, 179 Carranza, Richard 48, 106, 179 Carrasco, Margarita 51 , 169 Carrasco, Susan 179 Carrillo, Dianna 144, 169 Carrillo, Marcia 28, 107, 109 Carrillo, Marta 179 Carrizosa, John 48 Carrizosa, Roben 169 Carrizoza, Patricia 110, 169 Carter, Dennis 13 Casarez, Elvira 179 Casillas, Cecilia 169 Caslow, Don 40, 143 Caper, Cecilia 169 Castillo, Enrique 110 Castillo, Johnny 37, 81, 110 Castillo, Jose 12 Castillo, Leticia 120, 179 Castillo, Patricia 51,77 Castro, Mario 52, 153 Castro, Olga 52 CETA 1 19 Chacon, Juan 179 Chacon, Ronald 81 Chacon, Sandra 31, 32, 51, 81, 99,114,115,206 Chavarria, Sara 170 Chavez, Ana 104, 105 Chavez, Jose 170 Cheerleaders JV 102 Cheerleaders Varsity 98, 99 Childs, Alberto 179 Chorus 108, 109 Chue, Donna 179 Christmas Party 30 Cicero, Joe 155 Cisneros, Tony 43, 70, 81 Cisneros, Susan 13 Clark, Lisa 179 Clayton, Oralee 40, 81, 138 Clayton, Sharon 81 , 145 Cleary, Mae 134, 155 Cocio, Frank 32, 82 COE 121 Collier, Don 132 Collins, Marlette 179 Colmenero, Jacob 47, 65, 170 Community 10, 11 Compton, Mary 170 Compton, Monica 179 Contreras, Gilberto 43 Contreras, Guadalupe 170 Contreras, Hector 138 Contreras, Marie 179 Contreras, Teresita 48, 170 Contreras, Trinidad 65 Cook, Robin 82,114,137 194 Corbett, Valarie 105 Cordero, Gabriel 135 Cordero, Gilbert 49, 82 Cordova, Gabriel 82 Cordova, Jose 43 Cornejo, Jose 170 Coronado, Camilo 170 Coronado, Cerefino 62 Coronado, Gloria 170 Coronado, Nora 142 Corral, Nina 35,170 Corrales, Alicia 179 Corrales, Carmen 82 Cortinas, Eduardo 13, 82, 105 Cota, Larry 29 Cota, Raul 179 Cota, Ursula 82 Cox, Wanda 1 79 Cramer, Norma 82, 114, 132 Crane, Gary 34 Crockwell, Jaime 82 Cross Country, Boys 52 Cross Country, Girls 53 Crowd Pleasers 16, 17 Cruz, Gloria 133 Cruz, Julie 82 Cruz, Theresa 133 Cuesta, Anselmo 82 Cuesta, Jaime 170 Cuesta, Jaxier179 Cuestas, Alfredo 47, 65 Cuestas, Carolina 179 Cuestas, Sam 29, 70 Cupis, Sonya 48, 56, 179 Damiano, Monica 179 Dandurand, Cherie 179, 182 Dandurund, Michelle 130, 137 Danks, Penny 153 Davidson, Diana 179 Davidson, Lynn 185 Davila, Alberta 48, 170 Davila, Carlos 43, 62, 65 Davis, Ray 153 Dayhutt, Catherine 179 Deans 148 DECA 126, 127 Delamore, Sean 170 Delsid, Diana 105, 109 Denogean, Edsgardo 70 Denogean, Rene 179 Deventer, Barri 170 Deyoe, Diane 153 Diaz Lupe 1 10 Diaz, Robert 170, 180 Diaz, Valerie 82 Diaz, Veronica 35,82,91, 112 Dimas, Ernesto 52, 170 Donaldson, Michael 170 Dorame, Maria 170 Douriet, Robert 82 Dozier, Michael 170 Dozier, Vincent 43, 44, 49,82 Drama 40 Duarr, Judith 180 Duarte, Norman 180 Dunk, Armand 29,84 Dunk, Deborah 112, 180 Dunk, Mark 52,170 Dunlap, Carolyn 82 Duran, Joe 47,65 Duran, Norma 51, 170,206 Duran, Pauline 51,82 Duran, Reynaldo 47, 170 Duran, Sandra 180 Duvall, Rachel 82 Dyer, Linda 155 Dyson, Jack 146, 147 " M .mv i s . . .9 , Lg: ,. . , K, t 1,4 K A ,. gt: L "4" U ,i ....g..Q........4 1 Q, ,. e .1 Q A VV,k,J "ffm in 2 7 Ta, '.., ,Z g - .,zza,,,,,1 Q ,QT .-,.,,.,.,,. .... Q P! W - , Q ,Al , - .l . , 5 ,, ah I t . I 8 t e ,:'...e . 6' ' " n .i it 4 1 'itiie Ji, .-tsl? -Q.: .,.. S 'i'-- . --4--"" X Songleaders: Top Row: A. Camacho, B. Medrano, C. Gomez, L. Gonzales, A. Rodriguez, M. Valenzuela. Bottom Row: V. Burrel, S. Rivera, B. Munoz, D. Salcido, S. Soltero, B. Luna, M. Alvarez. .-,.4nnv-" Varsity Cheerleaders: Top Row: B. Mazon, A. Estrada, J. Starks. Middle Row: A. Nunez, V. Lopez, S. Chacon, D. Bracamonte, T. Martinez, C. Borboa, B. Fitzgerald, T. Moreno, N. Martinez. Varsity Pin Pals: Top Row: A. Chavez, C. Gabusi, A. Tena, M. Martinez, B. Montano. Middle Row: L. Alabado, T. Klien, A. Torrez, E. Verdugo. Bottom Row: B. Segura, M. Verdugo. L. Keeler, C. Moreno, S. Floyd, R. Busby. tw - v,,,.,.,s . x .. . J. V. Cheerleaders: Top Row: L. Gonzales, L. Murden, E. Matus. Bottom Row: A. Burrel, P. Maldonado, N. Corral, K. Hurts, M. Galindo, V. Perez. J. V. Pin Pals: C. Hernandez, H. Rodriguez, C. Campos, Sponsor, Ms. Hernandez, A. Rodriguez, R. Robles. Bottom Row: M. Rodriguez, L. Lowe, G. Vasquez, N. Varela, S. Rodriguez, G. Varela. V I l J f- All M '9'ii.,,1.,m,.,,, Freshmen Pin Pals: Top Row: D. Ochoa, C. Ahumada, L. Myers, M. Collins, S. Carrasco. Bottom Row: F. Orduno, S. Medrano, C. Lopez, R. Felix, B. Alvarez, S. Duran. L Eastlack, Robert 153, 157 Eckerstrom, Margaret 153 El Dorado 130, 131 El Guerrero 128, 129 Elliott, Carmen 180 Encinas, Deborah 180 Encinas, Sonia 138 Engle, Gloria 180 English 143 Enriquez, George 180 Enriquez, Sergio 105 Epperson, Bradley 56, 180, 186 Escajeda, Veronica 180 Ecsalante, Leonard 65 Espinosa, Armando 83 Essig, Warren 105, 132, 153, 157 Estrada, Annette 99, 133 Estrada, James 153 Estrada, Pamela 170 Estrella, Ana 180 Estrella, Luis 83 Etchepare, Jeanine 180 Evans, Steven 47, 65 Events 26, 27 Faccio, Clay 65 Fashions 12, 13 Fay, Robert 142, 180,206 FBLA 120 Federico, Antonio 1 19 Felix, Bernadette 170 Felix, John 83, 185 Felix, John 180 Felix, Maria 170 Felix, Oscar 43 Felix, Ronald 83,114,138 Felix, Roseanna18O Fenn, Renee 155 Fernandez, Guillermo 171 Fernandez, Richard 180 Fierro, David 83 Flerro, Juan 180 Fierros, Rosemary 51, 118 Figueroa, Carlos 114 Figueroa, Francisca 132 Figueroa, Gloria 171 Figueroa, Juan 180 Figueroa, Maricela 18, 83 Fimbres, Antonia 180 Fimbres, Diane 12, 83, 130 Fimbres, Hector 9, 180 Fimbres, Richard 180 Fine Arts 141 Fisher, Michael 180 Fitzgerald, Brenda 73, 83 Flag Girls 107 Flores, Jesus 119 Flores, Richard 83 Flores, Sara 180 Flores, Yolanda 83, 114 Fluster, Russell 180 Football Frosh 48 Football JV 46, 47 Football Varsity 42, 43, 44, 45 Fraijo, Arthur 43,83 Freeman, Nevada 40 Freeman, Rocky 180 French, Daniel 43, 83 Freshmen 184-191 Freshmen lnitation 14, 15 Fuscaldo, Tony 121, 153 Gable, James 47 Gabusi, Cynthia 37, 55, 83 Gaitan, Graciela 83 Galaz, Jose 180 Galindo, Mario 43 Gallardo, Rachel 180 Gallardo, Sandra 83 Gallego, Johnny 83 Gallego, Mark 171 Gallego, Olivia 155 Gallego, Reina 180 Gallegos, Cecilia 114 Galvan, Michael 180 Gama, Humberto 180 Gamez, Marcelino 171 Gamez, Patricia 171 Gamez, Robeno 32, 43, 83 Gandara, Daniel 130, 144 Gandara, Jose 143, 144 Garcia, Alejandro 84, 144 Garcia, Alfredo 84, 95 Garcia, Armando 171 Garcia, Cynthia 180 Garcia, Manuel 171 Garcia, Margaret 180 Garcia, Mark 171 Garcia, Mary 95,114,130 Garcia, Ruben 180 Garcia, Sandra 56 Garcia, Virginia 171 Garcia, Vivian 105 Gardea, Barbara 120 Garza, Armando 84 Garza, Michelle 84 Gastellum, Richard 32 Gastelum, Linda 84 Gastelum, Sandra 84 Gastelum, Teresita 19, 84 Gaxiola, Francisco 180 Gerakos, Janet 180, 206 Gibson, Danny 35, 49, 59, 73, 77 84, 129 Gibson, Patrick 49, 135 Gillette, Patricia 13, 162 Gilmer, Mary 112 Ginn, Jennifer 56 Glass, Patricia 84, 114 Glenn, Leo 4, 43 Godinez, Jesus 171 Godinez, Sonia 180 Golf 57 Gomez, Christine 37,811,206 Gomez, Gloria 181 Gomez, Maria 162 Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales 77, 84 Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzalez Gonzalez Gonzalez v i 1 i n Anthony 162 Arlene 162 Armando 110, 162 Barbara 1 71 Christina 29, 84 :Cindy 171 Diane 180 Dolores 162 Emilio 181 Enrigue 84 ESthela114,144,155 Henry 43 , James 19, 43, 44, 70, Leticia 84 Linda 84,114,132 Lorraine 171 Lynette 171 Monica 171 Norma 181 Peter 43, 48, 65, 181 Richard 47, 171 Robert 47 Rosemary 162 Andrew 105, 129,171 Carmen 180 Francisco 84 105 Goodman, Steven 47, 1111 Goodsell, Richard 153 Goodsen, Cynthia 181 Gordon, Bill 155, 157 Grace, Serafina 146, 147 Gradillas, Anna 85 Gradillas, Anette 181 Gradillas, Elizabeth 105 Graham,'Mickey 55, 118, 162 Granillo, John 85 Granillo, Mario 181 Granillo, Ruth 32 Gravina, Christopher 85 Greco, Albert 162 Green, Bobby 142 Green, Martin 35 Griffith, James 171 Grigsby, Rose 73, 171 Grijalva, Anthony 181 Grijalva, Raymond 70 Grove, Helen 43, 153 Guasp, Enrique 171 Guasp, Rebecca 85, 110 Guerra, Gilbert 181 Guerra, Joseph 162 Guerra, Martha 181 Gutierrez, Gloria 85 Gutierrez, Richard 47 Gutierrez, Thomas 155 Guzman, Candy 162 Hack, Shannon 107, 162 Hackworth, Dena 107, 129 Hall, Diane 52,132,162 Halloween Party 28 Hangouts 20, 21 Hannebohm, James 105, 162 Hannon, John 132, 155 Haro, Mercedes 181 Haros, Guillermo 70, 172 Harris, Joelene 55, 107 Harris, Manisha 56, 74, 172 Harris, Timothy 83, 85 Hathaway, Gregorio 105, 162 Hawkins, Frank 52, 73, 162 Head, Craig 37 Heller, Frances 153 helm, Jerry 143, 153 Helmstetter, Andre 181 Henderson, Carl 43, 162 Henderson, Paul 43, 85 Henson, John 135, 153, 157 Herber, Joe 105, 162 Herber, Juan 52 Herkshan, Diane 181 Herman, Ygnacio 43, 62, 70 Hernandez, Cecilia 172 Hernandez, Eddie 85 Hernandez, Isabel 181 Hernandez, Jessie 172 Hernandez, Josephine 12 Hernandez, Maritza 172 Hernandez, Rosenda 172 Herran, Alfred 85 Herrera, Guadalupe 181 Herrera, Richard 3 Hess, John 153 High, Jacqueline 181 High, Paulette 73, 85 High, Scherit 172 Higuera, Yolanda 37, 85, 107 Hill, Lori 51, 172 Hillegas, Jesus 181 Hinojos, Maria 107, 110, 162 Hinojos, Mariano 172 Hiott, Rose 172 hilchcock, Clayburn 73, 133, 154 Hodges, Laura 56, 154 Hodgson, Gregory 85 Homan, Nancy 112, 172 Holstrom, Jon 154 196 Homecoming 18, 19 Home Ec. 142 Honcoop, James 144, 154, 208 Howell, Dorothy 172 Howell, Thurnell 162 Howell, Tiffany 56, 73, 74, 181 Howell, Wanda 28, 162 Hoyer, Adam 85 Hoyer, Eva 85 Hoyer, Susan 85, 114 Hubert, Ilona 130 Hubert, Perry181 Huckeba, Donna 85, 130 Huerta, Gilbert 43, 74, 154 Huerta, Joe 162 Huerta, Jose 181 Huerta, Martin 172 Hutfaken, Mel 62 Hume, LouAnn 132, 154 Hurts, Karen 73, 172 Industrial, Ed. 140 lslas, Carlos 47, 172 Islas, Raymond 62, 172 Jackson, David 49 Jackson, Sonya 74, 85 Jacquez, Balvaneda 181 Jacquez, Consuelo 172 Jauriqui, Joe 65 Jeanisse, Marcel 43, 162 Jimenez, Carlos 172 Jimenez, Maricela 181 Jimmerson, Barbara 107, 162 Johns, Claire 181 Johnson, Deborah 181 Johnson, Lucille 162 Johnson, Marilyn 154 Johnson, Michelle 162 Johnson, Molina 181 Johnston, Gerrie 128 Joiner, Mattie 73 Jones, Charlene 155 Jones, Rebecca 143, 155 Juniel, Ronnetta181 Juniors 159-169 Kee, Bryan 172 Keeler, Lisa 162 Kempa, Steven 120, 134, 154 Kincaid, Bernice 172 King, Connie King, Pedro 47 Klein, Christine 162 Kluck, Richard 28 Koppy, Brian 48, 154 Kovrig, Maria 181 Kovrig, Miguel 172 Ky, Mai 172 Ky, Yen 181 Lara, Cynthia 172 Lara, Diana 74, 172 LaVetter, Roland 83, 153, 155 Lazo, Jesus 85 Lazo, Michael 52, 138 Leavell, Don 154 Lee, Robert 85 Lee, Siu 172 Lee, Stella 13, 172 Leeth, Juan 172 Lefko, Sally 1 10, 154 Lehman, Shaun 181 Lennox, Mark 43, 203 Leon, Leon, Leon, Leon, Leon, Leon, , Sonia 32, 86 LSOH Eliza 85 Fernando 163 JoAnn 56, 181 Linda 181 Marie 181 Roberto 163 Los Payadores: Top Row: J. Castillo, A. Gonzales, R. Almazan, A. Ruiz, M. Hinijos, J. Castillo, C. Ruiz. Bottom Row: B. Guasp, L. Diaz, C. Robles, P. Robles. N Y I Sheet Metal: Top Row: F. Meza, B. Lucero, C. Ochoa, S. Garcia, M. Galindo, M. Martinez, F. Salinas, F. Ouevado. Middle Row: A. Bracamonte, J. De La Cruz, D. Joiner, C. Robilard, T. Federico. Bottom Row: R. Obregon, R. Norzagaray, O. Felix, T. Padilla, C. Islas, T. Amaya, Mr. Salazar. I t .. TIN Octagon: Top Row: A. Lopez, C. Gibson, J. Moshier, P. Gillette, A. Palma, T. Fuscaldo. Bottom Row: T. Martinez, A. Martinez, L. Rosas, R. Camacho, A. Rodriguez. -ag- l, Traditions Committee: Top Row: Dian Anderson, Anthony Martinez, Edward Contreras, Arci Rodriguez, Eddie Cortinas, Tim McCright. Middle Row: Arnulto Palma, Rosa Miranda, Gladys Valenzuela, Susie Cisneros, Linda Gonzales, Susan Lopez, Maria Moreno, Elena Corona, Maria Gomez. Bottom Row: Betty Segura, Sheryl Milo, sponsor, Mary Garcia, Martha Campos, Norma Cramer, Elsa Ramirez, Terry Martinez, Rudy Martinez. Ben Franklin: Top Row: Rick Torres, Steve Vargas, Alben Blankenship, Nathan Alcantar, Mr. Cicero, sponsor, Mary Flasher. Middle Row: Anna Martinez, Lupe Martinez, Trini Tester, Alejandra Rodriguez, Angelica Pedroza, Juanita Pacho. Front Row: Mickey Graham, Rosie Fierros, Sally Floyd, Sandra Bonillas, Norma Victoria. Ceta: Top Row: Sandra Garcia, Mr. Essig, Martin Cantua, Rosa Brantly, Frank Tatum, Richard Morales, Richard Fernandez, Armand Dunk, Tony Shaibe. Bottom Flow: Cindy Munoz, Rosemary Garcia, Denise McGruder, Martha Ortiz, Sam Valdovin, Tina Gonzales, Pedro Rivera. Lewis, Sylvia 163 Lewis, Tina 86 Leyvas, Nancy 163 Leyvas, Robert 86, 114 Library 192 Lighting Crew 114 Limon, Maria 112, 132, 181 Linares, lrma 172 Lopez, Alex 47, 173 Lopez, Alfredo 163 Lopez, Anna 173 Lopez, Beatriz 120, 181 Lopez, David 173 Lopez, Delma 114, 173 Lopez, Dora 173 Lopez, Francisco 181 Lopez, Frank 181 Lopez, Jose 173 Lopez, Katina 181 Lopez, Marco 86, 114 Lopez, Maria 163 Lopez, Maricela 86 Lopez, Marina 48 Lopez, Martin 173 Lopez, Rosa 173 Lopez, Susan 134 Lopez, Susie 134 Lopez, Valentina 163 Lopez, Vivian 18, 86 Lora, Jesus 86 Los Payadores 110, 11 1 Louterie, Francisca 173 Lowe, Lisa 120 Loya, Loriann 95,114 Loya, Ronnie 95 Loya, Veronica 181 Lozoya, Carlos 173 Lucas, Paul 47, 173 Lucero, Lucero, Mary 163 Randolph 65, 181 Lucero, Reynaldo 163, 170 Lucero, Lukach, Roxanne 163 Ethel 134, 154 Lujan, Ramon 86 Lujan, Virginia 163 Luna, Bernice 86 Lusteck, Claudia 31, 155 Lux, Johnita 74,86 Machado, Elizabeth 173 Machado, Elvira 182 Machado, Freddy 86 Machado, Monica 86 Machado, Ygnacia 163 Machado, Yolanda 182 Madden, Tim 49 Madrid, Marty 86, 114 Madrid, Rigoberto 86 Madril, Epifanio 136, 138,173 Madril, Susan 163 Maldonado, Carlos 173 Maldonado, Edna 9, 163 Maldonado, Le0r1i86 Maldonado, Manuel 182 Maldonado, Perla 173 Maldonado, Veronica 173 Malone, Freda 182 Marching Band 104, 105 Marin, Catherine 112, 173 Marquez, Juan 19, 32, 37, 4 Marrufo, Elvira 163 Martin, Prince 136 Martinez, Anna 1 14 Martinez, Anna 51, 86, 163 Martinez, Anthony 86 Martinez, Carmen 173 Martinez, Christina 182 Martinez, Cynthia 182 Martinez, Delia11O, 182 Martinez, Domingo 173 Martinez, Fernando 173 Martinez, Francisco 40, 86 Martinez, Guadalupe 163 Martinez, Irma163, 173 Martinez, Ismael 62, 65 Martinez, James 182 Martinez, Jerry 106 Martinez, Jesus 47, 173 Martinez, Jesus 43 Martinez, John 3,87 Maninez, Jose 163 Martinez, Joselina 182 Martinez, Lupita 118 Martinez, Maria 182 Martinez, Martina 87 Martinez, Melinda 12, 87 Martinez, Monserrate 56, 87, 136 Martinez, Nachie 32, 37, 77, 99 Martinez, Nancy 182 Martinez, Nazario 163 Maninez, Rita 173 Martinez, Sandra 37, 87, 132 Martinez, Teresa 163 Martinson, David 163 Mascarenas, Yolanda 87 Math 139 Matus, Elaine 48, 105, 173 Matus, Evelyn 48, 173 Maxam, Connie 87 Mazon, Barbara 19, 29, 87, 99, 115, 206 McCarthy, Thomas 105, 154 McCormick, Johnny 3, 18, 43, 44 49, 87 McCormick, Lucinda 164 McCoy, Danny 87 McCright, Timothy 13, 87 McCulloch, Rebecca 87 McDaniels, Richard 49, 164 McGruder, Denise 107, 164 McKenna, Reymundo 164 McKenna, Steve 174 McKenzie, Robert 105 McNair, Jackie 174 Medina, Bertha 164 Medina, Jesus 173 Medrano, Barbara 73, 87 Medrano, Sylvia 35, 182 Med-Start 128 Mendez, Teresa 182 Mendez, Troy 99, 138, 182, 203 Mendibles, Jesus 3, 87, 105, 114 Mendoza, Abraham 173 Mendoza, Antonio 169 Mendoza, Cecilia 164 Mendoza, Jerome 173 Mendoza, Martin 87 Mendoza, Richard 64, 173 Mendoza, Suzanna 173 Mendoza, Yvette 51 Merancio, Martin 164, 182 Meranza, Carmen 9 Merritt, Carol 134, 154 Mesa, Anadine 48, 182 Mesa, David 182 Mesa, Michelle 12, 88 Mesa, Veronica 182 Meshurle, Mark 182 Messing, Ed 104, 105, 106, 107, 154, 157 Meza, Francisco 43, 70, 88, 119 Meza, Rosemary 56, 174 Miller, Lee 128, 129, 154 Miller, Robert 155 Mills, Jeri 12, 32, 88 197 Milo, Sheryl 19, 154 Mims, Pete 182 Minor, Joseph 164 Miranda, Alma 51, 164 Miranda, Elvira 174 Miranda, Ernest 182 Miranda, Jose 164 Miranda, Rosa 32, 89, 114 Mitchell, Theresa 74, 174 Model U. N, 113 Modern 81 Classical Languages 135 Modesitt, James 43, 44, 62, 164 Moens, Becky 132 Molett, Kirk 73 Molina, Gabriel 35 Molina, lrasema164 Molina, Maria 88 Molina, Miguel 105, 182, 206 Moline, Jenniter 155 Moline, Vera 51 Monreal, Monreal, Montano Montano Montano Ana 174 Marco 1 74 , Benita 182 , Bernadette 37, 55, 88 Ernest 174 Montano, Katrina 3, 107, 115, 132 Montano, Martina 88, 182 Montano, Mary 164 Montano, Patricia 104, 105, 174 Murden, Linda 174 Murgia, Elizabeth 174 Murgia, Roman 164 Murillo, Luz 32,89 Murray, Eugene 89 Murrieta, Joaquin 183 Murrieta, Luis 65, 174 Murrieta, Roberto 105, 164 Music 25 Myers, Lyndora 183 Nagore, Javier 89 Narcho, Margaret 183 Navarez, Danny 62, 83 Needle, Burgess 28,157 Nesbitt, Eric 49 Nevarez, Daniel 89 Nevarez, Joel 89 Nichols, Loretta 114 Nichols, John 154 Niel, Leslie 56, 154 Nigh, Gregory 183 Noblesse, Shelly 183 Noblesse, Teresa 107, 174 Noriega, Adaline 174 Nonfvood, Andre 73, 173, 174 Norzagaray, Ernie 31, 62, 77,89 Norzagaray, Ramon 164 Nunez, Annabelle 40, 164 Nunez, Beatriz 32,89 Nunez, Robert 183 Montes, Cesar 88 Montes, Deborah 88 Montgomery, Calvin 143, 155, 156, 157 Montiel, Luis 88 Obregon Obregon Obregon Arnold 47, 174 Esperanza 183 Obregon, Obregon, , Fernando 183 , Francisco 183 , Reynaldo 43 Montiel, Sonia 120 Montijo, Cecilia 182 Montijo, Montijo, Montijo, Elisabeth 182 lsabel 88 Luis 65 Mora, Fernando 105, 174 Mora, Ro Morabet, Morales, Morales, Morales, Morelos, Moreno, sanna 182 Shems 32, 88, 130 Anabel 182 Brenda 88 Isabel 164 Anthony 56, 70, 164 Andy 62, 174 Moreno, Clara 95, 164 Moreno, Frank 182 Moreno, Joel 70 Moreno, Jose 174 Moreno, Lorena 48, 56, 183 Moreno, Maria 164, 183 Moreno, Monica 183 Moreno, Patricia 155 Moreno, Paul 32, 88 Moreno, Raul 65, 183 Moreno, Theresa 88, 99 Moreno, Yvette 183 Ochoa, Denise 183 Ochoa, Elizabeth 164 Ochoa, Ernestine 56 Ochoa, Josephine 55, 164 Ochoa, Lucinda 164, 206 Ohlmaier, Elizabeth 112, 183 Ohlmaier, William 89 Ojeda, Ana 89,95,114 Olivares, Lorena 183 Olivares, Benkamin 114 Olivas, Ernie 47 Olivas, Lupita 204 Olivas, Yolanda 89, 114 Olono, Emilio 174 Olvera, Mario 174 Orchestra 112 Ordonez, Alicia 89 Ordonez, Miriam 183 Ordonez, Norma 175 Orduno, Frances 183 Ormsby, Bernice 165 Ormsby, Jo Anna 89,114 Ornelas, Daniel 183 Oros,Xochitl107, 134, 165 O'Rourke, Barry 49, 59, 136, 154 Ortiz, Martha 89 Ortiz, Ramiro 183 Osuna, Stella 183 Outstanding Athletes 78 Pacho, Juanita 89, 118 Padilla, Miguel 154 Padilla, Tirso 70, 89, 119 Paisano, Peter 183 Pallanes, Martin 90 Pallanes, Monica 32,90 Pallanes, Rosa 183 Palma, Arnulto 87,113,13O,132 Palorios, Martha 175 Paluch, Gloria 143, 153 Parga, Delvia 90 Parga, Jose 144 Parga, Sostenes 183 Parks, Ernest 132 Parnella, Lauri 175 Patino, Christina 175 Patino, Edward 3, 183 Patino, Oscar 90 Paz, Johnnie 90,129,144 Paz, Mario 105 Paz, Rene 138, 183 P.E. 137 Pedraza, Alica 165 Pedroza, Angelica 90 Pedroza, Marco 175 Pedroza, Paul 47, 52 Pena, Naomi 175 Penley, Bonnie 175 Peralta, Anthony 56, 183 Peralta, Lorraine 175 Peralta, Melva 175 Peregrina, Sandra 175 Ramirez, Veronica 175 4 Ramos, Margaret 48, 56, 106 Rascon, Roberto 90 Ravago, Armando 175 Ravago, 184 Raves, Patricia 132, 155 Raygoza, Carlos 105, 165 Raygoza, Citel 184 Real, Jose 184 Redondo, Cynthia 184 Reece, Jett 90 Reed, Carlos 40, 90, 138 Reed, Kathy 175 Reed, Ricardo 43, 175 Reed, Ricky 90 Remmel, Kristi 107, 165, 203 Reyes, Diane 175 Reyes, Tomasa 184 Rice, Kathy 90 Richards, Celina 184 Richardson, Patrick 154 Richmond, Conorie 176 Rico, Sally 56, 176 Rincon, James 70, 165 Rines, Michael 175 Rines, Vincent 184 Rings 81 Things 32,33 Rios, Julie 176 Rios, Natalie 112 Ritter, James 176 Rivera, Estella 165, 206 Rivera, Mario 90, 136 Rivera, Richard 105, 176 Robeldo, Christopher 47 Roberson, Kevin 165 Perez Perez Perez ,Raymond 1 1, 105, 119, 165 ,Susana 183 , Victoria 175 Robillard, Craig 112, 133 Robillard, Roger 52, 165 Robles, Cecilia 110, 165 Robles, Elvira 90 Robles, Jose 184 Morgan, Berry 43, 73 Morgan, Diane 37.40, 55, 74, 77, 88 Morrillo, MarceIino107, 174 Morris, Marie 154, 156, 157 Moshler, Joy 13, 164 Mosley, Charlene 183 Movies 24, 25 Moya, Gilberto 56, 65 Mulay, John 62, 65, 102, 134,154 Mungia, Ramon 70 Muniz, Joseph 52.130, 183, 185 Munoz, Belen 164 Munoz, Cheryl 164 Munoz, Cynthia 89 Munoz, Rebecca 164 Munsinger, Marion 155 198 Oroz, Alfredo 165 Oroz, Juan 89 Oroz, Martin 89,114 Ortega, Gloria 89 Ortega, Lupita 165 Ortiz, Abel 175 Oniz, Ana 165 Ortiz, Armida 183 Ortiz, Carlos 165 Ortiz, Celia 183 Ortiz, Daniel 47, 175 Ortiz, Eduardo 183 Ortiz, Ernest 1 19, 138, 183 Ortiz, lrma 165 Ortiz, Jessie 165 Ortiz, Julian 183 Ortiz, Lisa 175, 185 Perez, Violet 90 Perez, William 175 Perkins, Allen 106 Perkins, Angela 175 Peron, Tracy 183 Pesqueira, Ernest 47, 65 Pesqueira, Mary Lou 175 Pesqueira, Roxanna 105 Pesqueira, Teodoro 47, 175 Philer, Marjorie 28, 165 Phipps, Andrew 175 Photo, Beginning 22, 23 Pinales, Maria 175 Pin Pals 103 Pinegar, Dave 143, 155 Policroniades, Minerva 184 Potter, Virginia 28, 104,105, 109 Powles, Richard 47, 73, 175 Preston, Casstromo 155 Proctor, Guadalupe 184 Queen, Char0lette154 Quevedo, Francisco 29, 43, 70 Ouihuis, Melissa 184 Ouijada, Adrian 175 Ouijada, Carolina 184 Ouijada, Jose 90 Ouijada, Michael 184 Ouiroz, Andres 165 Ouiroz, Armida 37, 90, 105 Ouiroz, Esther 184 Quivers, Andre 47, 175 Ragland, Tilda 35, 107, 165 Raley, Roger 90 Ramirez, Federico 52, 165 Ramirez, Kenneth 184 Ramirez, Maria 90 Ramirez, Teresa 184 Robles, Patricia 110, 176 Robles, Reynalda 176 Robles, Rodolfo 136, 184 Robles, Rogelio 136 Rodeo 34, 35 Rodriguez, Abelardo 184 Rodriguez, Alejandrin 166 Rodriguez, Alma 176, 206 Rodriguez, Ana 13, 166 Rodriguez, Annette 166 Rodriguez, Anthony 184 Rodriguez, Araceli 166 Rodriguez, Edith 184 Rodriguez, Helen 176 Rodriguez, Henry 184 Rodriguez, Heriberto 166 Rodriguez, Joanne 184 Rodriguez, Jose 62, 105 Rodriguez, 35, 65, 62, 90, 206 Rodriguez, Jose 184 Rodriguez, Lillian 176 Rodriguez, Luis 105, 176 Rodriguez, Mario 65, 184 Rodriguez, Monica 165, 176 Rodriguez, Priscilla 166 Rodriguez, Rosa 176 Rodriguez, Sandra 176 Roell, Brian 52, 105, 165 Roell, Marilee 37,91 Rojas, Abian 37,91 Romero, Allen 176 Romero, Arthur 184 Romero, Cynthia 184 Romero, Edward 32, 91 Romero, Eva 176 Romero, Gabriel 32, 91, 144 Romero, Manuel 176 Romero, Maria 184 Romero, Mark 43, 91, 144 Romero Romero Romero Romero, . Rosa 184 , Rosalie 184 , Steven 91 Oscar 70, 165 Romero, Veronica 184 Romero ,Virginia 184 Romo, Kathleen 176 Ronquillo, Carolyn 176 Rosas, Elizabeth 166 Rosas, Ernesto 65, 184 Ross, Leticia 166 Ruelas, Leticia 166 Ruelas, Monica 114, 130 Ruhland, Karen 134, 155 Ruiz, Angelina 1 10 Ruiz, Catalina 12, 110 Ruiz, Eunice 48,114,184 Ruiz, Frederick 47 Ruiz, Melissa 91, 107 Ruiz, Piedad 184 Ruiz, Ramiro 91 Ruiz, Raymundo 18, 52, 77, 91 Ruiz, Richard 37, 83, 91 Ruiz, Ricky 65, 176 Rutledge, Catherine 176 Ruthledge, Michael 91 Saenz, Concepcion 176 Saiz, Frances 52, 133, 166 Saiz, Raquel 177 Salas, Joann 185 Salas, Lucas 166 Salaz, Robert 177 Salazar, David 154 Salazar, Joseph 47, 177 Salazar, Michael 166 Salcido, Debra 91 Salcido, Raymond 43, 91 Salcido, Susan 125 Salcido, Susanna 127 Salcido, Vincent 43 Saldivar, Angelica 185 Saldivar, Richard 177 Saldivar, Sandra 91 Salgado, James 134, 166 Salgado ,' Roberta 166 Salgado, Theresa 154 Salinas, Lorenzo 9 Salazar, David 119 Salvenson, George 155 Sanchez, Alberto 177 Sanchez , Christina 56, 185 Sanchez, Christina 185 Sanchez, David 166 Sanchez Sanchez ,Juan138 ,Juan91,110,114 Sanchez, Martha 51, 56, 130, 177 Sanchez, Mary 177 Sanchez, Priscilla 114, 166 Sanchez, Richard 47, 62, 65, 134, 155 Sanchez, Rosealva 166 Sanchez, Terry 177 Santa Cruz, Miguel 91 Santa Cruz, Saturnino 43, 44, 155, 157 Santos, Maria 56 Schatf, Katrina 120 Scholz, Tammy 177 Schulman, Ellen 156 Science 144 Scopellite, Gina 40, 166 Score boxes 76, 77 Scott, Anthony 177 Scott, Mary 51, 105, 136, 166 Scott, Wayne 136, 166 Secretaries 152 Segura, Betty 129, 136, 166 Segura, Gabriel 65 Seniors 80, 96 Sepulveda, Freddy 29 Serakos, Armida 1 14 Serna, Frederico 18, 29, 32, 43, 70 Schertield, Matty 203 Sherlock, Eileen 155 Short, David 177 Short, Donna 37 Silva, Abel 177 Silva Adam 166 Silva, Joe 80 Silvas, Yolanda 144 Simms, Fred 166 Slagel, Gary 65, 154 Smith, Bernard 166, 203 Smith, Edward 155 Smith, Tracey 37 Social StudiesfHistory 138 Softball J.V. 49 Softball Varsity 50, 51 Somoza, Angelica 177 Somoza, Martin 177 Songleaders 100, 101 Sophomores 170, 183 Soriano, Max 47 Sotelo, Alberto 3 Sotela, Jose 177 Sotelo, Marcos 166 Soto, Michael 166 Soto, Thomas 43, 166 Starks, Jacqueline 18, 99 Starks, Larry 40, 47 Stevens, Paul 43, 49, 93 Stoglin, James 49, 59 Stoglin, Joe 177 Stricklin, Fred 135 Strong, Luis 43, 44, 73 St. Saver, Ronald 166 Student Council 112 Suarez, Andrew 177 Swimming 68 Tadeo, Ronald 52, 73, 93, 113 Tamayo, Vivian 52, 132, 167 Tapia, Margaret 177 Tapia, Virginia 167 Tatum, Frank167 Teachers 153, 157 Tellez, Francisco 167 Tellez, Richard 167 Tana, Alma 32, 93, 114, 130 Tennis B 66 Tennis G 67 Teso, Barbara 107, 177 Tester, Albert 1 12 Tester, Mary 177 Tester, Trinidad 167 Thierry, Donald 12 Thomas, Dvallent12, 49, 73 Tona, Francisco 177 Top 25, 37 Torres, Daniel 47, 65, 177 Torres, Mary 93 Torres, Oscar 167 Torres, Ricardo 167 Torres, Ruben 177 Torrez, Sally 93, 107 Torrez, Ofelia 177 Track Boys 72 Track Girls 73 Traditions Committee 1 13 Trejo, Lisa 177 Trevino, Manuel 9, 93, 114 Trevino, Martin 47 Trimmer, Kimberly 56 Troutner, Gene 156 Ugalde, Lilian 176 Ummel, Alfonso 177 Urbina, Alma 176 Urena, Jose 88, 93 Urquidez, Diana 74,105, 177 Uriquidez, Jose 47, 177 Valdez, lleon 167 Valdez, Roman 70, 167 Varela, Maria 94 Varela, Nina 178 Varela, Norberto 135, 167 Verelas, Celina 130, 167 Varelas, Cynthia 130, 167 Varelas, Edward 178 Vargas, Rudy 14, 94 Vargas, Steven 32, 43, 44, 77, 94 Varsity Club 113 Vasquez, Frances 167 Vasquez, Gloria 165 Vasquez, Margie 15, 94 Vasquez, Maria 40, 105, 138, 167 Vasquez, Martin 94, 105 Vega, Lupe 178 Vega, Patricia 94 Vega, Vivian 37, 94 Velasquez, Artemiza 167 Velasquez, Maria 156 Velasquez, Miguel 167 Velez, Miguel 178 Velez, Rosela 19 Verdugo, Elvira 94 Verdugo, Matilda 37, 94 Verdugo, Sonia 167 Victoria, Norma 167 Vidal, Alberto 167 Vidal, Rosella 3, 37, 55, 94, 206 Villa, Christine 94, 107, 109 Villa, Emily 94, 114 Valdez, Ruben 43 Valdovin, Samuel 95, 129, 130, 208 Valencia, Aurelio 93 Valencia, Imelda 177 Valencia, Jose 144, 167 Valencia, Julia 93 Valencia, Leticia 177 Valencia, Oscar 32 Valencia, Sandra 37, 93, 115 Valentines 36 Valenzuela Valenzuela Valenzuela Valenzuela Valenzuela Valenzuela V3i8l'lZU9ia, Valenzuela Valenzuela Valenzuela Valenzuela Valenzuela Valenzuela Valenzuela Valenzuela, Valenzuela Valenzuela. Valenzuela, Valenzuela, Valenzuela, Valenzuela, Valenzuela, Valenzuela, ,Ann 93 ,Antonio 47 ,Arthur47,65,178 Benedict 1 O5 I Caroline 167 Debbie 93 Elizabeth 93 Ermelinda 110 167 ,Gladys 114, 167 ,Guadalupe 178 ,John 178 ,Jose 93 ,Joseph 167 Lorenia 1 78 Maria 93, 206 Martha 1 78 Martin 178 Michael 62, 93 Norma 93 Patricia 1 67 Robert 1 05 Rosa 1 78 Rosendo 93 Villa, Emma 167 Villa, Ernestine 37, 94 Villa, Mary 178 Villanueva, Micaela 37 Viramontes, Luz 178 Volleyball JV 56 Volleyball Varsity 54, 55 Walker, Angela 73, 178 Walker, Diane 134 Walker, Karen 178, 206 Valle, Mary 14, 93 Varela, Frances 178 Varela, Georgina 178 Walker, Kenneth 94 Wallace, Anthony 138, 178 Ward, Ken 105 Warner, Mary 142, 143, 154 Warnke, Bud 43, 51, 70, 154 Watterson, Kay 154 Weaver, Ed 3 Wheeler, Penny 94, 107 Whitelow, Rebecca 178 Wilcox, Maria 94 Wilcox, Nora 142 Wilkinson, Adelma 206 Wilkinson, Emily 206 Williams, Ray 167 Williamson, Richard 137, 156 Wilson, Rebecca 178 Wilson, Tanga 142 Winter Royalty 31 Wong, Rosalie 134, 155 Young, Alvah 167 Yourgulez, Constantin 178 Zarate, Enrique 47, 142, 178 Zarate, Roberto 43 Zavala, Monica 94, 105 Zermano, Diana 142 Zimmer, Jack 156 199 Autographs Autographs I Autographs Closing Q: Are We Not Pueblo? A: We Are Warriors This question may be confusing at first, but after reading it over and over you begin to understand it. Many things at Pueblo were like this. Hard to get used to at first but catching after awhile. For example, the price changes in the cafeteria, the new tardy policy, budget cuts along with others. Now that this year is over, get ready for next year's confusions. -Sam Valdovin 'fi 'z l 1 .gn-""' Ilona Huber! 1. Hanging around together are Mark Lennox, Mattie Shurlield and Bernard Smith. 2. Pueblo's pride, Wally Warrior, Troy Mendez. 203 closing Closing The Year With Spirit And Pride! Pride and spirit were everywhere, you just had to look for it. Club members were out early having bake sales before school. When friends were hanging around together, people knew they were from Pueblo. From Screaming cheerleaders at football games to the person who just had a "Pueblo High Warriors" sticker or space pom in their cars, Pueblo spirit and pride were still alive after 25 years! 1. Students wait tor the awarding of the spirit stick. 2. Spirit lunch was part of the cheerleaders' job. 3. During a winning game, Nevada Freeman is happy with the score. 4. Pueblo played an important part in the community. 5. Seniors demonstrate their spirit at the night pep assembly. 6. Even the faculty has spirit as aide, Lupe Olivas, shows. Nathan Alcamai 2 204 4 A, Yvonne Aramburo Nathan Alcantar ri Q' T S - 6 'J ' kffzcisff? . - . , , , s K f,"fi.'A5X,5fjQ3 Q f -SM f' u, .'-mf' ' 'V L-'L als. fv- Sllvas -A N' , ' ,g,,,,tu:v'W .-1 Q 406-Y F,.-.-xi, ,gTg N Q , 'WM : f l ff fw ff-2. , at 5 A V., .Ly Z.. A I as W .R Java' , Y human .uw af-ff' wgfx ,.. 2, 5 b xr. , 4' 1 Levy's 4 Q- 'N-wi iw M x il +4 g Joe 205 They Say These Are The Best CDT Times Although much of this copy won't be read right away, El Dorado hopes when you do, it will mean something. For memories aren't only in pictures and artwork, copy refreshes the memory. We'll all have our own personal memories of our high school years that oouldn't even begin to be covered. El Dorado was there and we were all "Looking Good Togeth- er" 1 . After a game, Cindy Ochoa, Norma Duran and Delia Carbajal wait for their rides. 2. Friends forever, the senior theme, was demonstrated by Stella Rivera, Maria Valenzuela and Christie Gomez. 3. At the Rodeo dance, Cecilia Barboa, Barbara Mazon and Sandy Chacon model the Western look. 4. Mixing at the mixer are Janet Gerakos, Joe Rodriguez, Alma Rodriguez, Richard Carranza, Miguel Molina and Rob Faye. 5. Emily Vwlklnson, Adela Wilkinson and Karen Walker hang-out together. 6, Chunl Vidal welcomes teachers to a new year. Johnny Paz 1 206 Roach Gandara 'N i ! Levy's Ki, fir? sys. .iitffkl ,,K,..k Y. v 'fx gil," ...AU I .. .f,.f x ff," 'Q x Naf'xX.?. L V .few fm as f""'N- 5 :Nxt I .5453 .. i 1 REQ, -'kixgzg J X x X in Levy's Beamer 207 Editors' Page Turns Staff Page El Dorado 1981 vvas some- thing special putting together. A 25th volume only comes once. Hard vvork, careful planning, and a hard working staff and devoted adviser got it done. Special thanks go out to the fol- lowing people: Ms. Barbara Beamer adviser, for all her hard vvork and deter- mination that got the job done. Mr. Bick Hursh, Nevvsfoto yearbook rep., for all his talks on the importance of deadlines to the beginning staff. Not to men- tion all the advice he gave us. Mr. James Honcoop for cop- ing with the sneers and snarls over pictures. His Photo Pub class also deserves a firm pat on the back. All the editors vvho worked hard to improve ,their sections from the year before. Levy's photographer Norm McKewen and CBS affilliate KOLD for letting us use "Look- ing" Good as ourtheme. -5, . wb. .s . ,X Jfr ,2".,..' . ...dl Q.. 4 X: ,F 5. . f.' j,'1,'.' .- I , -5' V. .if ' , .' 208 ' L 'af Editor: Sam Valdovin Adviser: Mrs. Barbara Beamer Representative: Rick Hursh, Newsloto Yearbooks, San Angelo, Texas Photography: Mr. James Honcoop Type Styles: Caps 8pt. Helvetica, copy, 10 pt. Helvetica, Headlines 30 pt. Helvetica, some format type also used. Paper: 8OIb. mat, color section glossy. Cover: Silver mylar Silkscreen designed by Sam Valdovin Photo Credits Levys Phil Powell National Schools Studios Ray Manley John Wolfe and the Tucson Citizen - -lf ' I I. ',', 1- V " ,-.:.w'-- . ' .- lj.: ' -5 ."-3',L!f." .A t'.i'.12f '. .i,,,. ll"r'zt '- IL fir ,UM -...U .- - A.: - - fu.:--, - ,,.,,,gg -.fr ,4..r...vaaE V ,vw 1-. M U.--..r . L- m.,fr-'wuz ,.., ,gfm .. .-,L ,,1,.,',!.i-..:s, E., J 1 M - f Wi 3,1 . -. .., ,Z ,, V CONTENTS OPENING ............ EVENTS . . . ACTION .... sENloRs . . ...... ... CLUBS ...... A ...... ACADEMICS 8: STAFF . UNDERCLASS, ........ INDEX .......... CLOSING .. . , V- V A H-, . ',.::.-L. af-.V '- .- 1

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1981, pg 46

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