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Pruden High School - Panther Tracks Yearbook (Pruden, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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Ly. if 'T If 1 i a ,I-1 M., W.. .:.::::::-3--......,, ,.1an1:,,,g 1: --5:u::::..:-- -:Q -'...-1.:..,.:u:a. ' . - -e-f..'-g:-,rrn- .z----.- . ' A '1-, . MY - v.- "-'- 'rv-f. -- - -, - 4- - - V- - ' I . A M Apde XVESE-'If Afovc. We fy Q. 1 e ' Q ,fl ,fffmfyf 5 f1fff'f ff S ., x .,i E 6 . 1?- , 551 "Ei T 1 1 gg ,244 MQ LQFVY1 l'9f'0dfYOf 7 . A42 wi-V-Sf. W 1 f- " ,' Q 1745! 510 IGESA 13123 SZMJ fre' pa 3 faqg, TWQQQM, 4 W M' ..., ...X Z lv 9-FJ! mm iiiw. me, Nfsbf nv Jfwe S -ws SAHV4 5 0 'Rf ffv R-WK ON Hcvcl ri ,M Gr! nv CIMA Q Say lVf9 11005 -Silt, Q cl' Allf6 of ue, lqAf07ger MGA? ny QJNE gggrs NL is 0 M4 hSPP7l No Pflor QQ,f,-. b 7 L ,141 .V- w'F"- Mad Siwlplss NLC, Ng fi I P fhdfile, elf fdciif' Q For- c'W.5o,fm, N 5 1- I . ' . - ig, A, rg 'G A 0 ' Eli . ' . . - , - ,ire ' 3 1 " N 1 fi? ' . ' if ff ' N ,oe 6 fffzxj' ' , ' ' 'ff' . - L A ' p 1 K Y 1' 4 1 "H 0 N . - , I X N " ' za . .f NE 1 2' , '3 fl '?11:Q , S LR. MLS 11, Ziff ' " X ' N ,Af ' ' J . ' ln, ., ,ii '- ' ' if' we L. i ,5 ' ' aw-mf """"' A ,,1,,-L-:ja-W ni V. 1.1.1--.r --...,1 , W -,,, g. . ,.,.r1.-1-ff -'r-.152-,-it-:'4' '-'mir-3.gf1:f"jIfi5?' iii? My ,pm mwawwkfiiip t"a-...M Dedzcatwn We the Semor Class of Pruden Hlgh School wash to ded1cate thxs our 1953-54 annual to Mrs Opal Patterson We not only wish this honor to be hers because of her loyalty, work, and enthusiasm xn our class but wxth all the students in school we only wash we could do more . I' If. 'fl' X 'lv,f"':lX' j!! ',.1 f f f 'f ' 1 I J! ' .1 . 2, f' D Jxk ,fy ,ff D I 1-. f J f ,r J fa -NW J My m J J il 7 NG! XP J:"'X was -dv 'F' V i MR BEATY X55 30 A TTE NW R5-ON JW' 1950 VANNOY MRS H-47-MAKE f ,ff 'I .YC :J J , V' rf' f ll ' J N MRS' P Y -'Ao QXQQ XTDJ. . A .AVY , I l n gz W Us MR. NQLS. ' R ww? 41 nv PETE COMPARONI Always ln a cheerful mood Never dxscontented 4 l-I Club Basketball Z Baseball 2 Senxor Play P Club Glee Club Reporter he 'Qi 'MY 'ev FAYE LOVEDAY Her liberal soul ,Q 'I BILL Mc KINNEY Corne hlther all sweet maidens Baseball Basketball Class Officer Semor Play Paper Staff Glee Club P Club Annual Staff -nr-Q JAMES ROSE Frlends and not grades Marks her destxny are his alms Henderson Hlgh 4 H Club C102 Club Basketball Semor Play Glee Club Sofbball clout lffhfff H!! jf , ,nil , . Q P X nf . A 'Q 4 1 E gf j .,,... xy, i r . 1" f "'l I 3? r - ............. 1,z ,-.,'.....- IIE ..........l,,3,4 ...........l,,3,4 - ' ........,... 3 - ,, 5 'a X if ,NJ jg . M If 'Q , y H1 A l4,l if ll 4 y sl I X dr?N"" ' ......,.., 3 - ,,,,,. I -"""""' 3 ...'.,. . ...,.'.'.'...' .9 r-JJ lvl, 'lf X. Q 'T RUTH KEMPLEN Happy am I From care I m free 4 H C ub Glee Club Cheerleader Paper Staff J X14 TOMMY GRAY Sxgh no more ladxes Sxgh no more Class Secretary Basketball Paper Staff Semor Play Glee Club J , -N wr-VQ MYRTLE MAY Nothxng IS lmposslble to a wxllmg heart 4 H Club Glee Club Annual Staff Paper Staff Secretary Treaburer 'K """Y BOBBIE WILLIAMS Whxle we hve et us enjoy lxfe Cheerleader Presldent Secretary Jellxco Hlgh F H A Beta Club P Club f .1 fx 1 N v A 9' 1' , RE, 5 . - 1 ........... 1.2.3 .......... 2 X f y 1 I fl ffl, X, fAy,lf,, .' fy I I rf, J, llikllj If cfx 1 fr!! I fn. V '15 L .. . sl' , - ............ 1,2-3 .'.'...",. 1,4 -----------514 f ------------ 3-4 ............ 3 "Tis "' I-wiv M... Q25 T I CHARLES WILLIS BOBBIE .TEAN PARTIN Never hurry never worry Beauty luke hers xs genius Glee Club C1-BSS R Paper Staff . . . . .... Glee Club eporter JAMES E HURST Men of few words , Are the besi men Paper Staff. Ji 'S aww GEORGIA YORK "Sober, quxet, and demure " MYRTLE ENGLAND "Qu1etness xs an lndmatxon of the abxlxty to thunk " Paper Staff 3 Paper Staff 3 L fa- ' 'f e x ,f ' .............Z -""""'1'Z -'AU' 'ff Semor Who s Who Most Popular G1rl Most Popular Boy Prettlest Glrl Best LOOk1ng Boy Best Athlete Curl Most L1ke1y to Succeed Boy Most Llkely to Succeed Cutest Glrl Cutest Boy Quxetest Semor Most Studlous Most Loyal Best Sport Most Cheerful Lazlest Senlor Ideal Senlor Most Talented Wlttzest Senior Frlendllest Senlor CLASS FLOWER Rose CLASS COLORS P1nk and Whlte CLASS SONG Look For The Sllver Llning C LASS MOTTO Ruth Kemplen Tommy Gray Bobble Partm Charles W1l1xs Pete Comparom Myrtle May B111 McKmney Myrtle May JUHITIY Hurst Georgla York Bobble Partm Bobble Wllllams Pete Comparom Jirnmy Rose The Semor Class Faye Loveday Charles Wxllxs I1mmy Rose Myrtle England Let Us Always Serve Our God And Our Country To The Best Of Our Ablhty . . - o . . . . . . . . - . . . . . Class Hlstory On September 1 1950 we made our blggest move toward success ln the future we enrolled 1n h1gh school Of course t was new to all of us, but after watchmg the teachers and the Seniors especxally we fmally caught on and succeeded 1n be1ng noticed as they were Our Freshman year there were approxunately seventy 1n our class By the end of that year we had a pretty good 1dea what hlgh school was all about Our Sophomore year there were only forty fzve of us but we managed 1n gett1ng through the year wxth no ser1ous mlstakes During the summer vacatxon before our Jumor year we were stunned by the struggle there was to keep the school We breathed a slgh of rellef when It was settled and we enrolled for our J'un1or year, bnghtened by the fact that next year we would be SENIORS although there were only ten of us left The Senior year has been the most excltmg There are everyone keeplng our secret Even Mr Beaty was surprxsed The P1e Supper and Halloween Carnival provmded us w1th more fun for our Semor Year Memory Book Now as we plan for our Washxngton trxp and graduatxon we are happy to have reached th1s goal but also sad because we w1l1 soon be graduatmg and leavlng all our fr1ends behmd but we w1ll come back to v1s1t every chance we have We leave to the .Tumors the never dymg hope of gettmg the new gym and other thmgs we have needed but couldn t get We were fortunate ln bemg the f1rst to get to use the typewriters that were bought thls year We are nearxng the end of our last and best year of school We are happy to be plannmg for the future Some of us w1ll be goxng to college some w1ll be gettmg marr1ed and st111 others w11l be work1ng Our many thanks to the teachers for the guldance leadershxp, and understandmg they have glven us these last four years O . , . . . ' i thirteen of us now. We had a very successful Sneak Day, with Class Prophecy Here It 1S t1me for the reun1on of the Class of 1954 of Pruden H1gh School It doesn + seem posslble that It has been ten years Next Wednesday we are to meet at the home of Mrs R L Greene the former Ruth Kemplen S nce I am to g1ve a TEVICW of what has happened I had better read over my notes Of course Ruth marr1ed R L as soon as she graduated They are 11v1ng 1n C1a1rf1e1d where he IS manager of the Kxng Mountam Store All of us are 1ook1ng forward to be1ng together aga1n and espec1al1y exc1ted because we are to be enterta1ned by TRICKFUL TOMMY better known to us as Tommy Gray Myrtle England IS now Mrs Edd I-Iatf1eld and spends her tune car1ng for her s1x ch1ldren She IS a typ1ca1 modern house Wlfe and mother Pete Comparon1 W111 undoubtedly have some good stor1es to tell He has been head basketball coach at Pruden H1gh School for the past four years and h1s team has won the state champ1onsh1p every year Georg1a York IS now a Lat1n teacher at Columb1a Un1Vers1ty She st1l1 has her own qu1et ways After many years of hard work Charles W1111S was chosen top mov1e actor of 1964 He replaces Clark Gable as K1ng at MGM There IS a rumor 1n Hollywood that he w1ll soon marry BObb1C Part1n a world famous s1ng1ng star currently appearlng at the Pal1ad1um 1n London It s no surpr1se that J1mmy Hurst marr1ed Betty Rose Faulkner He IS a car dealer 1n Atlanta Georgxa Myrtle May IS the danc1ng star of the current Broadway h1t show She 1S marr1ed to her D1rector B111 MCKIDDCY B111 IS also the PTeS1d6nt of the K1Wan1S Clubs of Amer1ca By the way he 15 st111 famous for h1s wh1te shoes Bobbxe W1111ams IS now Supermtendent of Nurses at Bapt1st Hosp1ta1 1n Knoxv1l1e Tennessee She IS well known for her work 1n connect1on w1th Leukem1a James Rose IS now a Wall Street Broker He l1ves wlth h1s w1fe the former Georg1a Archer 1n a fash1onable home on F1fth Avenue That accounts for all of our class except Faye Loveday I am now Mrs B111 Breazeale and at present am pr1vate secretary to the head of the Atomlc Energy Comm1ss1on 1n New York I am most happy that all of them can f1nd t1me from the1r busy 11VES to attend our reumon . . . . . , . . ' . - . - . . . , . 1 . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . H as - . . . . . . . . . . - . . - l - . . . . . . . . - . - . . . . . - ' , Q , . . - . - , - . . . . . . . . , - . .. . . . . - 1 . , Q . ' 4 . . . . . I I . . . . . . . . . Class Wzll We the Semor Class of 1954 of Pruden I-hgh School Pruden State of Tennessee be1ng of unsound mind and fa111ng rap1dly 1n phys1cal cond1t1on, bemg uncertam of our stay on th1s s1de of s1x feet of sod do hereby make th1s our last wxll and testament We the Senlor Class w1ll to the Jumor Class the L1brary to be used as a home room and place of study We the Semor Class w1ll to the Sophomore Class the typewrzters and our ab1l1ty to type We the Semor Class w1ll to the Freshman Class our ab111ty to get by wlthout studylng and our ab1l1ty to always have a good t1me And now number of personal bequests wh1ch we wlsh to make separately I Pete Comparonl w11l my ab1l1ty to play ball to Homer Davms I Myrtle England w1ll my b1g mouth to Ella Mae H111 I Tommy Gray will my ab111ty to do mag1c trlcks to Bllly Gaylor Cordell Randolph I Ruth Kemplen w111 my abxlxty to lose my boy frlend noon and get h1m back at nlght to Georgla Archqr I Faye Loveday w1l1 my ab1l1ty to make good grades to Charles Hamblln I B111 McK1nney w1l1 my p1n up p1ctures to Marllyn Monroe to Mr Beaty I Myrtle May w1l1 my abxllty to get bookkeepmg to Paul Rxce I Bobble Partm w111 my ab1l1ty to type ten CWPM to B111 McCay I Jlmmy Rose w1l1 the honor of bemg brldesmald at my wedd1ng to Betty Faulkner I Bobble W1ll1ams w1ll my abllxty to get boy frlends .Temne Ann Lansden I Charles W1ll1s w11l my abxhty to take thmgs apart and not put them back together to B111 Perklns 4 l . 9 . I , , . . . . . . I . . , . , . . . ' . , . , ., . . . , ' . . . 1 , , . . . . . . I, Jimmy Hurst, will my front seat in history class to , , . . . . at , ' . . . 1 . . , . . - . . ' , . . . . ' . . ' . . . , . . . , . . . . to ' , . ' . - - - ' I, Georgia York, will my ability to get a boy friend and keep hirn to Lora June Douglas. We do hereby name and appoint as the sole executor of this, our last will and testament, Miss Bobbie Jones. Senior sponsor of 1955. In witness whereof, we the Class of 1954, the testators have set our hand and seal on this the 19th day of May in the year of 1954. A is. n XGQ Senlor Class Officers Jumor Class OfflCCTS Presxdent Jimmy Rose Px-esxdent Homer Davns VICB Presldehf Ruth K9mP1en Vlce Presxdent B111 Gaylor Secretary Treasurer Myrtle MBV Secretary Paul Rxce Reporter Pete Comparom Chaplaxn Betty Faulkner Reporter Jennxe Lansden Sophomore Class Offlcers Freshman Class Office,-5 Presxdent Vice Presxdent Secretary Treasurer Reporters Rusty Sxler Onalee Wrlder Alfred Sxler Eleanor Gxbson Jerry Davxs Ralph Chadwell Presxdent Mxldred Buckner Vice Presxdent .Carolyn McK1nney Secretary Treasurer Francis Teague Reporters Mxckey Bray Ernie Davxs ,nr if h 1, 4' K. 4 sd O iw ,Q ,ix M 1 , CHARLENE ALLEN dl 47' LORA JUNE DOUGLAS V .3 BILLY GAYLOR , A -L .X , , 1 wg -r fx QNX C V7 Q 5- ,f -f' r X... 'UW Mx v GEORGIA ARCHER BETTY ROSE FAULKNER ' L Junimg, if AfG 4, Q C 3' 6 . HOMER DAVIS I RACHEL ANN FAULKNER Tv ALVIN HALE CHARLES HAMBLIN I 'V ' 1 v I av .4 , .Aa f ' Q IS Y , 1 f , ' J , J. 3 X . J , ' my .R ' V A ' lg I IZVHQQI V, I 1 X I Q I 1 'll 1 Qx , I T' . .x .Q . J' 5 A A U ELLA MAE HILL Jumors 4' 'i JENNIE ANN LANSDEN 'Kr MARTHA LAY fy f ZJ ff, M, 'S' mm. M CAY BILL PERKINS 1 fl f p-X l PAUL RICE CHARLES STEPHENS J-rs N.....f CORDELL RANDOLPH BARBARA WILLIAMS .Z Sophomores .Al ar? 'A' H--up H.. SHELBY JEAN ALLEN E 1, BUHEL Ai 5 P1 if ff' RALPH CHADWELL TONI DANIELS GERALDINE DAVIS if -,Q SHELBY JEAN DYKES P MACK ENGLAND Sophomores WANDA GAYLOR ELEANOR GIBSON yd LOUISE HURST HELEN LAY DANA JONES JOAN KING JO MASSENGILL MARY NELL PARROTT ?-33" ALFRED SILER Sophomores HELEN PR UITT ROY LEE SILER 'Ni av ALENE WEAVER No! Pxctured JERRY DOUGLAS SHELBY HO ANA ONALEE WILDER SKINS . 4? Freshmen A A 'mm GAIL BARNES ELLA JEAN BILLS 3 MICKEY BRAY I T MILDRED B UCKNER MYRTLE BUCKNER BOBBY BYRD if 'Z' KENNETH cx-1ADwr:1.1. I-:RNIE DAVIS JAMES D AY 'lv 1- B URNICE DOUGLAS , I ARTHUR HATFIELD 44" Freshmen DONALD ENGLAND cf ALTA JONES 41 CARL HAMBLIN SHIRLEY KENNEDY BONNIE I-AMBDIN CAROLYN MCKINNEY LOLA JEAN OSBORNE L xu A 4' f' L t X , ,K 3.5 I l r' ,f -'V xl X -0 U f . , Q X 1 . 5 K .4 r. f Q N 9 ' JJ .jxjfl J I 'SQ Freshmen 'I ELIZABETH PARKER GARLAND PARROTT i' we pm LOIS PETREY CLYDE PRUITT .4 BETTY TAYLOR FRANCES TEAGUE Not Pxcfured BOBBIE POWERS LINCOLN PARTIN PEGGY RUFFNER N J TRAME LL 4 E 4 Q' Q E f . L ' , L' ,M - -- l .f' D r I, I ' Bk, lf! K J N N J, w f rf fy, X, L E Q T 1 4 '-"v ? I , . 'S 4 E , My . Qi ,- x. K .lf 5 . l "V X ' 1 '--4 1 'sl U ,pal We when aN Seventh Grade Charles Allen Harold Dav1s B111 Gxbosn Lagretta Maxden W1lma Mash Geralchne Parhn Glenna Partxn Sue Proffxtt Juan1taSm1th B111 Stevens Lloyd Stevens Joe Taylor J1mmy Eighth Grade Gerald1ne Allen Joe Breazeale Shirley Buckner Lowell Dykes Harry England B111 G1les Nancy Jones, Kenneth Lowe Bill Mays Lmda McCay Joe McKinney Edgar Mozingo Ada Partin B1lly Partin, Barbara Partm Faye Redmond, Everett Sfevens Edd Thomas Iumor Willis Teacher Mr Vannoy W1l11ams X' 3, 1451 'xii at ,fi UL' 'fggllwsyx 3 iN.. if 'E it s 4 en? J 1-if .fp . wr A151-th Sixth Grade Eleapor Buckner, Mary Giles' Patsy Gibson Ethel Huddleston, Ruth Lowe Almeda Mayes Lavada Partin, Deloris Partin Sally Reeves, Nancy Williams, Mary Willis Diana Buck Ray Davis Billy Davis Pete England Alvis Hamlet Joe Lawson, Colley Mayes Henry Owens . Jim Owens. Seventh Grade Louis Davis Mildred Orick, Donald Davis, Ronald Dykes Robert Dykes, Henry Hackney Charles Jackson Henry Jackson Denny Lambdin Melvin Mayes, James Partin. Teacher: Mrs. England Q15 'Nl ,av Q, wr 'L ,xA N-r...,, iam T-:.."' xv Yi... 'I x Hsunsv anal lm. 'Q-' ,.- F lrst Grade Neomx Buckner Ruth Huddleston Sara Malden Wanda Mash Dorcas Partnn Lois Parhn Jxmmy Davxs Jnmmy Gxbson James Jordan Ronnie K1ng Ronme Partm, Charles Redmond James Smith George Teague Billy Terry, Teddy Terry Clxfford Thomas Robert Thomas Eddxe Wxlhams Ned York Second Grade Phyllxs Malden Phyllls Mayes Alma Hurst Joseph Allen Jr Verlm Allen Jerry Davxs Tony Drummonds Lewis Huddleston Claude Jackson Wayne Jackson Charles Jones Roy Orxck Kennley Partxn Evan Proffxtt, Frank Taylor Alvxe Hurst Teacher Miss Eden 'An Yo- as M1 i-.NJ Third Grade Judy Orxck Carolyn Pruxtt Rosetta Hurst Charles Davxs John Davls Raymond Jackson Johnny Maxden G'en Pruxtt Brenda Chadwell MarY MaYe5 Fourth Grade Carolyn Allen Shelby Davxs Alene Orxck Devada Partxn Bxlly Dunaway Jerry Lawson Verllh Orxck Joe Pruxtt Bxlly Thomas Flfth Grade Delcxe Partxn Juanita Wxlson, Judy Pruitt, Ronnxe Davis, Donald Jones, Duff Siler, Johnny Taylor Teacher Mrs Hamm N 416' , 9.554 9 WU: Q46 'ff er +V' li 5' 'bar-F A wwf Hugh School Paul Rice, Homer Davis Pete Comparonx Billy Gaylor, B111 McK1nney, E L Buhel, Arthur Hatfzeld Alfred Sxler Rusty Siler, and Charles Stephens COACH Mx- Beaty Elementary William Hackney, Billy Mayes, .Toe Breazeale, B111 H Gxles, Ball Stephens. Loyd Stephens Ed Thomas, B111 Partxn, Kenneth Lowe, Jimmy Wxllxams, Joe Taylor, Edgar Mozxngo, and Harry England COACH Mr Vannoy 4 Q4 . Y -' A R852 F , 7 ve il . f , ! 2 Q75 Q if.-' a-- tr Q 1 lui TQ, , V' ' N 'A . . A E 11 , ' A Q . , 3 , ' ' yew? L h f.. Q' u I I f':' i..""" 'C K QQ . i K W 4 5 .YU E -Q Shelby J Dykes Betty Taylor Ierry Davis Charlene Allen Frances Teague LIZ Parker Shelby Allen Ernxe Davxs Shxrley Kennedy and Peggy Ruffner Q Cheerleaders Bobbie Williams, Barbara Williams, Mary Nell Parrott, and Eleanor Gibson. Presentmg -5 'S+ M YN-e MILDRED BUCKNER CHARLES STEPHENS Quee A d Klng PRUDEN HIGH SCHOOL . lx f vi' I ,I V v b' . x ' -N YV, 'f . 7 wi I I ,Z 1 - , . f .. T M N. 9' 'Z A ga ? gk' . , ., , j lh klx 3 xl G 1 , xv , xx 1 f I W 5 " A n n ' Of Halloween Carnival , Ljfhvl 'l Preparatlon Kmg an d Queen Runners U P X Annual Staff EDITORS Myrtle May 81 B111 McK1nney Beity Faulkner Az B111 Gaylor Edxtor Co Editor Feature Editor Society Edxtor Sports Editor Busmess Managers Typxsts Paper Staff Barbara Wxllxam Rachel Faulkner Georgia Archer Jenme Lanlden Bill Gaylor Paul Race Charles Stevens Homer Davis Lora Douglas Betty Faulkner if-,Z XI7 15.2 ,Z '-4111! If P Club This club is composed of students who have lettered in some sport during high school YEA TEAM J YX 2 N Gi' 'of I I 3 N022 ---"""" CLOSE UP HEN PARTY 4PM ,jiillvw I J! 1 Slghts Pruden ugh School -Nw- Swv H ff WALSWORTH L.4r-os--rr-.4 A uma by 'AI-IIORYH IIOTHEHI lumix lu U s A I , ! I I J . .,, fy I X wr . . L , ff , 'L 1 ' b fail -, X . Y A 'Lx 4 ' 9 Y 1 V, , 0 Q, P A an nv L M. i 'M ' V 'U' b 5 i I sl - K ft . x ' H I 1 - 7 , A ,r 1 Motor Co Z4 Hour Wrecker Servxce Body Work Used Parts Phone 43 McComb Supply C0 Phone 99 Jelhco Tennessee Cornphrnents Of Your Headquarters For A11 Your School Needs Pruden Coal 84 Coke Co. Company Store Pruden Tennessee Do 8 4 ' Jellico, Tennessee 9 COMPLIMENTS OF Vernelle Teague Lumber C1a1ref1e1d Tennessee CARDWELL ENTERPRISES CARDWELI.. Sz SON FURNITURE COMPANY 19th STREET FURNITURE COMPANY M1ddlesboro Kentucky Cornphrnents Of BLACK DIAMOND COAL MINING COMPANY MHTIOH Tennessee ZOZ-204-229 North 19th Street ADER AS MEN.S SHOP In The Center Of EVeryth1ng M1dd1esboro Kentucky PERRY 8: POPE DRUG STORE Drugs Sundr1es Fountaln Servlce M1dd1esboro Kentucky WHITE FURNITURE COMPANY Dependable Home Furn1shers S1nce 1899 Z12 214 Lothbury Ave M1dd1esboro Kentucky KEN TEN LUNCH SERVICE STATION AND THEATRE Pruden Tennessee Hltch Your Future To A Star Beg1n A Profltable Career THE COLLINS School Of Beauty Culture Juaxnta Owner 81 Instructor M1dd1esboro Kentucky YOAKUM DRUG CO INC Prescrlptlon Drugg1st Phone 193 M1dd1eSbOTO Kentucky Records show that Students who know how to type make the best grades 8: get the h1ghest pay1ng Jobs Buy your typewr1ter where you can .get one year of guaranteed servxce on all makes CUMBERLAND VALLEY OFFICE EQUIPMENT M1dd1esboro Ky 12.90 .T .Toe McCauley Owner Comphments Of STRUMS DEPARTMENT CO Jelhco Tennessee K 1 . . . . n v If ' ' D9 ' o s . v u - no I O At ' ' ' ' 9 I O 1 0 U . I , .. .. 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Suggestions in the Pruden High School - Panther Tracks Yearbook (Pruden, TN) collection:

Pruden High School - Panther Tracks Yearbook (Pruden, TN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Pruden High School - Panther Tracks Yearbook (Pruden, TN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Pruden High School - Panther Tracks Yearbook (Pruden, TN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Pruden High School - Panther Tracks Yearbook (Pruden, TN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Pruden High School - Panther Tracks Yearbook (Pruden, TN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Pruden High School - Panther Tracks Yearbook (Pruden, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 52

1954, pg 52

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