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 PROVOST ‘83 P.H.S. Yearbook Editor - Chris Cannon Photo Editor - Michelle Briggs Production Editor -Tracy Halladay Advisor - Lynn H. PoulterYou win some, you lose some you’re high, you’re low, butwhen the emotion leaves and the years go by. You look back,and all that’s left is a few statistics, a few short sentences fipft When the 2:20 bell rang, PHS students were set free. They spent the next 17 hours and 40 minutes trying to escape the grind of school. Their activities were as varied as their personalities. Some ran, some dragged. Some worked, some played. Some played with E.T. dolls, some played with other people. Some went straight to bed, some just messed around all night. Some were achievers, some were bums. But no matter what they did, one thing was for sure everyone wanted to delay as long as possible that shrill 8:00 bell the next morning.ft Perhaps the two most exciting events in our world were a rock concert and a sunset. Both were exhibits of power. Both were beautiful in their own way. A rock concert was a raw, pounding pulse of energy. The attention of 13,000 people, crammed into the sweating Salt Palace was focused on a group of four musicians. Together, the band created a sound and a mood that left everyone spellbound. Although a sunset may have lacked the excitement of a concert, it had all the magic, and more. The beautiful, fiery images a sunset created made even the most materialistic of us stop and think. For a moment, the sun gave us its greatest gift, then abandoned us the darkness. 7When the sun went down, Utah County shattered into a million tiny worlds of light. Everyone found somewhere to escape the night. Some went to a movie, or wandered an indoor shopping mall aimlessly. Some embraced the darkness and went straight to sleep, dreaming of sugarplums but rarely of fairies. Some found work, and spent their time earning money and helping others. Y When night came, everyone had to choose which light they would follow. Some chose the bright lights of city life, some chose the cold light of starry nights. Some chose not to choose, and tried to taste the best of both walks of night. The neon lights were bright Center Street. Every night, but especially on weekends, that narrow street was jammed with fast cars, fast girls, fast guys, and fast times. Under the plastic lights people scurried back and forth looking for a good friend, or a good time. In the mountains, the stars and moon lacked the brightness, and the harshness of city life. Here people came to be alone, or with good friends. When the mountains lacked snow, camping and hiking filled the hours for many. When the mountains become blanketed with white, skiing became a universal sport. Flying down a cold mountain, you could feel at one with your world.In ’83, we faced a year of pushing. Americans became irritable and grabby with the tightening ecomonic conditions. On a local level, they swarmed the mall, shoving each other to find a good deal. On the national level, America and Russia pushed each other back and forth with threats of war and promises of peace. Times were hard, and many seem to harden with the situation.In ’83, we learned a secret of high school-you don’t need to be with others to be happy, and you don’t need to be isolated to be alone. We learned that being by ourselves could actually be fun. We found that it gave us time to be ourselves, and know ourselves. We also learned that you could be alone in a crowded bus, or a windy mountainside. tIn ’83. some people did nothing but talk. It’s true. For some people, hearing and being heard was the ultimate goal. Activities along this line included: heater sitting, door standing, main hall shouting, and laughing hysterically at some poor fools joke that made no sense whatsoever. While some people flocked the hallways, other girls flocked to the home economics rooms. Here they learned to be good wives: cook, have a happy marriage, and sew clothing for their many children. In '83, music was important. Taste was as varied as the individuals themselves. While the polo-clad masses worshipped Billy Squier and men at work, the outer fringes followed other bizarre groups. Punkers listened to China-white, dead Kennedys, and the psychedelic furs. Cowboys listened to Mel Tillis, Willie Nelson, and Kenny Rogers. Those who followed a different beat listened to Pink Floyd. Yes, The Who, Led Zeppelin, and the perennial Rolling Stones. In’83, when nothing else was happening, we ventured across the street to . . .the ‘Y’. We watched sports events in huge, unneeded arenas, laughed at the students, and dreaded the day we too would own a back-pack. U.lU,A AIn '83, we faced the dreary boredom of weekday afternoons. While it was still light, we looked for something to do. Some people just couldn’t quit talking. The die-hards stayed around, socializing even after school was over. Some worked, earning money and self-respect. Some drove their junky cars all over town, dreaming of the new car they could own. if only they had a job. Some just had fun. with friends of both sexes. Masochists exercised, and enjoyed bleeding their bodies to death. Sadists enjoyed killing little blotches of color in video arcades. Some enjoyed the outdoors. regardless of weather. Some danced, groovin' to the Disco beat. Some of us couldn't escape, and forced to endure the school even longer. As we wanted for someone to rescue us with a ride home. But one thing was silently agreed on. when the sun went down, no one wanted to be at school....In’83 High School was movement. It is a world where the body moves faster than the mind. The means of moving were many and varied. Everything from feet to fast cars were used to move us around. In’83. bikes were big. BMX became a cult. Racers in Izods, Levis, and topsiders raced up hills and down streets in the quest for trophies and pink alligators. However, perennial street bikes like 10-speeds were still used and many students found their way to shool on pedals. -Mr. Last One of the most respected and outstanding people at Provo High School is Principal Ronald Last. He iscommitted to helping each student gain a better education and takes the time to personally congratulate them on their accomplishments. His commitment to helping make Provo High the best that it can be is evident as he supports and attends every dance, play, and sporting event involving the high school studentbody. A craftsman, as well as a scholar. Mr. Last enjoys wood working in his spare time, especially making grandfather clocks. He also enjoys spending vacations at his cabin either fishing or snowmobiling. When all is said and done it might be well to use the true and often used cliche. “. . Last is best of all the game.” Mr. Groesbeck At first glance the harsh lines and noble features of Mr. Groesbeck seem to instill a certain fear in students unfamiliar with his even handed justice, but upon a closer inspection of his character, Groesbeck is recognized as the kind, concerned Vice Principal in charge of discipline, that he is. Although Mr. Groesbeck is found by many students as an easy target for pranks, his loyalty is undaunted. Had he not been here to keep his eye on things, the high school experience would have been less delightful in '83. ADMINTraditionally boards of education are controversial. They are split by petty jealousies, and conflicting interests. Many times board members are antagonistic towards the superintendent and think only of saving a few dollars at the expense of students. They know little about the problems of educating youngsters. And many times they have a very negative relationship with the teachers of the district. The above discription is a complete opposite of the Provo Board of Education. Administrators. teachers, and school patrons all agree that our school board are exceptional. caring, knowledgeable men. Their only concern is giving the students at the Provo School District the best education possible. Noall Greenwood. John Bennion, James Bergera. Sherron Porter ISTRATION Mr. Poulsen In ‘83 Mr. Dennis Poulsen was unanimously voted Provo High’s favorite Vice Principal in charge of activities. His obvious concern for the students and his alluring blue eyes were undoubtedly factors in his land slide victory. For the past five years the enthusiasm radiated by the entire high school scene has been a driving force in Mr. Poulsen's life. He especially enjoys Provo High because of the variety of things to do and the people he comes in contact with here. A minute portion of responsibility in the overall spectrum of Poulsen’s obligation includes the overseeing of all the fabulous activities in which the students participate, the evaluation of teachers, and the scheduling of the hallowed school buildings. Luckily for all those rebellious hall wanderers, he finds disciplining the least attractive aspect of his job. Without a doubt this year wouldn’t have been as memorable as it was had it not been for Mr. Poulsen’s zest and baby blues!In '83. the schools oldest and largest organized club is still going strong. Members of the FFA keep busy throughout the year with many activities going on. They work hard learning about, planting, taking care of, and harvesting crops. There's fun and games too. Rodeos are a high light of the year as well as the Harvest Ball in the Fall. FFA Week, when people can ride their horses or drove their tractors to school legally, is also a time looked forward to. Fred Comaby 221st att. Pam Greenhalgh. Sweethart Susan Whiting 2nd att. Jo Ellen Wright Back Row TREASURER. Stan Bray. SENTINEL. Jay Jensen SECRETARY. Pam Greenhalgh. VICE PRESIDENT' Robby Cox. REPORTER. Danl Lindsay. Front Row PRESIDENT. Dave Isom. lop row - Jon Brereton Tracts Bum . James Hood Tom Hood Tod Wtnme JuW Jensen Debbie Peay Lisa Robertson BJI Dule Brmt Frank KrK Kimber Mir Richard Jensen Robert Jensen Jeff Stubbs, next row - Shawn Darbro Rome Christensen Kns HaBaday John Levendge Hckey Co Robert Paramore Shawn Johnson Scott Anderson Jo EQen Wright next row - Michael Goforth Robrrt Lamb Jacob Boone Bran Reynold Shawn Morgan Marty Wright Stephen Dayfcrl Cody Christen Roger Thurgood ChrK Wnght Melody Hogencamp Lethe Wans Juke Borrows Wendy Wyman Mary Arm Olson Kimberley Larsen Lisa Henderson Lorraine Rowley Todd Carter Mark Miller bottom row- advisor Fred Comaby Chrme Hams Stacey Jensen Gary Herbert. Pam Greenhalgh. Dave Isom. Danl Lindsay Jay Jensen Rodney Jones. Kyle Adams Randy Myers 23Bruce Marks Dina Archuletau .,5 The Art department managed to shake the reputation for being an ‘easy grade’ class, but Mr. Poulter and Mr. Henderson are quick to assure that the classes taught in the department are enjoyed as electives, and the rooms are 'hang outs’ every day til after-school hours for dedicated and self-motivated artists in photography, pottery, oil painting, and figure drawing. The Art teachers have taken their students out of the classroom and into the halls, the campus is their world. Coach Henderson’s students can be seen sitting in the halls drawing perspective views. Mr. Poulter’s photography students are busy taking people by suprise, and last but not least, pottery students are busy taking their lumps. Success stories in the P.H.S. Art department lie with Bruce Marks. Sterling Scholar from Provo High whose areas of focus are painting and drawing, and runner up. Dina Archuleta who works with sculpture and pottery. Henderson PoulterYearbook Staff 26 Kevin Barton. Michelle Briggs. Chris Cannon. Bnjce Hale. Tracy Halladay. Michael Herrin. Sue Killian. Joseph Kimball Tanya Lane. Bruce Marks. William Miller. Rosemary Montgomery. Denise Scott. Allan Syme. Gayla Thorsen. Eric Des-pain Julie Hurly. Bruce Lee. Chris Ltechty. Pamela Miller. Kristen Oldroyed. Another year another yearbook plastered. Despite a few problems, miraculously we always got it in Considering whats accomplished. just think what we could do if we had any talent. With Mr Poulter as advisor how could we have gone so wrong? In closing we would like to thank all those who made the effort it took to bring to the students of PHS this yearbook of ‘83Journalism Mr Jarman. Jeff Bird. Paul Brown. John Deardorff. Jon Deem. Mike Gammon. Kevin Kapp. Scott Lane. Erin McNeal. Kim Ann Nereu. Shane Norris. John Perry. Scott Price. Thomas Price. Elvy Reyes. Carlos Rubio. Brad Snoderegger. Andre Williams. Barbara Shurtz. Lori Maxwell. Mike VanBuren. Rod Grosbeck This year the Journalism class grew to an amount of over fifteen students. Most of the students in the class put a lot of their ideas and talents in progress. There were many writers and few illustrators. but they worked hard to make the Provonian a great paper to read. Few of our writers volunteered to do some work for the yearbook, and for those who did. Thank you for all the help and hard work I 3Mr. Ward (1st row) Gina Garrick. Wendy Andrews. (2nd row) LaDawn Stanley. Andrella Lopez. Lina Lopez. Kaye Markham. Cheryleen McKay. Stacy Elder. Tiffany Rogers. Christine Haughey. (3rd row) Michelle Crossett. Matalie Checketts. Katy Paskett. Rita Park. Dina Mecham. Tammy Barker. Raelean Beckam. Heidi Longoria. LeeAnn Collins. (4th row) John Clark.Heather Ludlow. Janet Neilson. Vance Checketts. Vickie Duncan. Paul Frampton. Julie Brown. Tracy Halladay. Julie Wooton. Judy Fletcher. Janette Johnson. DeeAnn Gardner.Technical Crew Daivd Alligood Alan Ashton Vernon Aston James Barrus John Bernardi Howard Butler Mat Dahl Merill Dixon Blaine Edwards Alan Feltz Scott Gardner Michael Gillich Mark Hillam Niel Hinckley Greg Ishii Bruce Lee Pat Long Aaron Myer Julie Olson Roger Perry Brett Pinegar Jon Stewart Karlin Stokes Brad Stone David Thompson 30i If Mr Low'. Mr. Mcl ay. and Mf M n seem to have a smug look ontheir facak these days, it is probably because they have compiled an eviable record in drivers safety. In the last 25 years, only 4 wrecks have taken place. 3 of those were the other driver’s fault. Thanks to the instructor ' cool heads, patience, and ability to withstand the wild, indecisive, inexperienced student drivers. Mr. Moon was asked whether or. not he had ever been close to getting a. niervous breakdown. He said n-n-n-no. and that his nerves are just as balanced as any youngsters, though his. language tends to be much more colorful and quickly triggered. c PROVO HIGH SCHOOL DRIVER EDUCATION 31EnglishMr. Vanleuven Mr. Chambers Mr Jones AP Third (Sitting) Tammy Barker. Julie Brown. Gina Garrick. (Kneeling I to r) Ken Bond. Sean Covey. Kevin Santiago. Karen Bauman. Kristen Chandler. Beth Benson. Maureen White. Nancy Oldroyd. Julie Wilson (Standing I to r) Alan MacArthur. David Dennis. Todd Watkins. Treeja Phillips. Brett Carter. Celia Pad-dock. Joann Wiliams. Miss Piggy. Wendy Lewis. Merilee Mason. Camille Robinson. Becky Williams. Elizabeth Sinju. Mr VanLeuvan. Melanie Olsen. Rob Lohner (tree I to r) Brent Allred. Heather Miner. Karen Hales. Reen Goodrich. Laura Bramall First (left to right) Mark Larson. Lanise Porter. Mr VanLeuvan. Kaelynn Jasperson. Paul Frampton. Bruce Windgrove. Danette Fuja. Denise Scott. Genie Lamb. Wendy Carter. Debbie Campbell. Robin Reynolds. Barbara Krolls. Ann Liechty. Brenda Robinson. Sherry Rowe. Wendy Andrews. Tiffany Rogers (not shown) Becky Gray.Suzanne VanLeishout Else Bauer The materials that are given to the students to learn faster consist of reading, writing and oral assignments helped them a lot. In Provo High there are thirteen E.S.L. classes during the day. The students that take E.S.L. can only take it for one or two years, then they are on their own. with teachers wishing them good luck. The purpose for having E.S.L.. English Second Language, is to enable the students to perform in regular classes. When the students first start to take E.S.L. the teachers give them some survival lessons so they can get an idea of the things they need to learn. The E.S.L. program is very helpful. The more effort the students put into it the easier it gets to perform in class activities. Grace Rogers 38SPANISH Mr. Jarman As the olive drab drop slowly floats to the ground the crowd of crane necked surveyors shout, “It’s a bird. No it’s a plane. No, it’s Dale Jarman!” Luckily, the parachute billows open ensuring the Provo High Spanish teacher's delicate descent. Florida, Spokane, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, California, and just last October Korea are only a few of the locations at which Mr. Jarman has jumped. Jarman has been jumping with the Green Berets of the Utah National Guard since 1954. During this time he has also been able to complete five years of college, a two and on half year LDS mission in Uruguay and twenty-three glorious years of blissful wedlock the result of which six adoring children. Jarman has been a loyal bulldog for the past wonderful score. Surely, relations between Spanish and English speaking students owe a lot of their success to Senor Jarman.RENCH Most of his French students enjoy having him as a teacher, because he knows very well what he’s teaching. One of his students said that he takes the time to teach them, and that he likes to make sure they’ve got what he is saying. His students also think he is very humorous and that he seems to enjoy working with all his. students. The students who enjoy learning French, also enjoy going to French dinners, and climbing up Timpanogus mountain. This is an annual activity for the French speaking students. This year there was a trip to France, but unfortunately Mr. Burnah did not have the pleasure to participate in this activity. Other things students enjoy doing are. Language Fairs. By having these Language Fairs, the students learn about the culture, what the students find most interesting and esquisite is the food, they just enjoy it very much. 40Mr. Chambers has achieved many things during his years teaching. One of his best achievements was one that qualified him as being one of the best foreign language teachers in Utah. Provo High School is very proud to have Mr. Chambers, as one the foreign language teachers. Mr. Chambers has appreciated this title very much. This year the German classes have done some activities, not as much as other years, but most of the activities take place in the summer, the students enjoy to go camping and learn more about Germany and its different customs. Here was an activity students looked forward to. In May. a class of students from Berlin came here for three months, this is called International Week. These students came here to learn about our country and other important things. Those students who would have liked to have gone on the German trip will not be going, because there will be no German trip this year. But, they’re looking forward to going next year. The German classes also had fun with Language affairs, they learned about the culture, the different kinds of foods and a lot of other things, the students seemed to have really enjoyed this activity. We hope that the German class along with the other foreign language classes had fun this year, we hope that the students as well as the teachers make foreign languages fun and interesting to learn. GERMAN 41Health----------Class discussion, student interest, and relaxed feeling are descriptive of Mrs. Visker’s Health class. Problems and or situations that todays students are faced with are talked about, debated and resolved. Controversial issues are brought up as well as ‘healthy’ ones practical areas, not just academic, hold painfully fond memories for ex-students, such as a IV2 mile run, push ups. sit ups and other exercising programs that go with weekly diets. One student heartily recalls, “Mrs. Visker really gets into the Health thing.” 43Dawn Bishop Tammy Greenhalgh Julie Dowdell Tami Kendall Becky Gray Sterling Scholar Sherry Rowe Runner-up Kim Roundy 44Make It WithWool Mrs Price Annette Rowley Kim Roundy arolyn Littlefield Heather Miner Janie Poulsen t Grace SnellMore Make it With Wool Maurinc White Diana White Pam WestFoods 47Family Life Mrs. Bateman Memorial I■ I U■ apsr’SW ?' Funeral services were held Friday, February 11, 1983 for fellow student, Wendy Wilkinson, who died Monday, February 8th in a car accident in Provo Canyon. Friends and family of Wendy, filling to capacity the chapel and cultural hall of the Sunset 2nd Ward building, were comforted and uplifted by words from June Toleman and seminary teacher. Brother Alan Malan. Having been enrolled in several A.P. classes and maintaining a high G.P.A. she would have graduated with High Honors. A member of the National Honor Society, she was also on the tennis team here at Provo High. Wendy will be remembered by everyone she was acquainted with as a friend because of her warm, personal, and thoughtful disposition and wholesome outlook on life. “Whenever I saw her in the halls, she had her arm about somebody or was greeting her friends with friendly smiles and hello’s,” says Vice Principal, Mr. Poulson. “Wendy did graduate with High Honors,” stresses [ Brother Alan Malan, also pointing out that we cry for our loss, but should rejoice for her new hap- 49Melvin Twitchel Gary Ashton ath Back to Front: Greg Goodwin. Melvin Twitchel, Alan Ostergard. Aaron Myer. Brent Allred. David Dennis. Tyler Jarvis. Jeff Balif, Shauna Stott. Karen Hales. Beth Benson. Rob Lohner. Larry Baer. Dave Wise Melanie Olsen. John Liechty. Karin Baumann. Reen Goodrich. Brett Carter. Mark Larson. Not Pictured: Genie Lamb. Debbie Campbell. Rosemary Montgomery Donald Danner 50 ,v5 5 5« V -l-i •i'ii Brett Carter Math Sterling Scholar S22"« ““on r Larry Baer Runner up Scon Harris Ben Owens Mike Baiiey Mathematics is alive and well at Provo High! From general math to calculus this department has classes to fit your mathematical needs. The departments teachers are also outstanding and put forth enthusiastic and learned lessons. 51Brenda Adams, Elizabeth Adams, Masae Araki. Beth Benson, Debbie Campbell, Natalie Checketts. Kern Cloward. Kathy Fagg. Danette Fuja. Virginia F'urse, Reen Goodrich, Becky Gray. Amy Gunther. Karen Flale. Marshelle Holmes, Jolene Hood. Debi Kendall. RaDawn Larsen. Bonnie Lee. Ann Liechty, LaNae Lund. Judy MacDonald, Rachelle McClung. Laurel McKinnon. Kathy Merrell. Pati Moore. Lisa Nielsen, Nancy Oldroyd. Melanie Olsen. Kelly Patrick. Lanise Porter. Robin Reynolds. Elizabeth Riddle, Brenda Robinson. Rose Mr. Richard Barker Conductor 52Roth. Rebecca Snow. Kristen Thompson. Arlynn Tyler, JoAnn Williams. Brent Allred. Jeff Ballif. John Beacham, David Boss. Garv Bridges. Trent Casper. John Deardorff. Eric Dibb, David Furner. Greg Goodwin. Shawn Hair. Michael Herrin. Joseph Kimball, .lames Knickerbocker. Rob Lohner. William Miller. Todd Moake. Allen Ostrergar. Pat Patterson. Steve Russell, Val Tyler. Todd Watkins. Kent Woolf. 53Jeff Ballif, Beth Benson. David Boss. John Deardorff. Kathy Fagg. Danette Fuja, Reen Goodrich. Amy Gunther. Shawn Hair. Michael Herrin. Debi Kendall, James Knickerbocker. RaDawn Larsen, Bonnie Lee, Rob Lohner. William Miller. Todd Moake. Patti Moore. Kellv Patrick. Pat Patterson. Steve Russell. JoAnn Williams. President ................................................Jeff Baliff Vice President.................................RaDawn Larsen Historian ........................................ Becky Gray Public Relations..................................Dannete Fuja Social Chairman . .............................JoAnne Williams Advertising......................................Steve Russell Secretary .......................................Beth Benson President Mike Herrin Vice President...................................Kelly Patrick Secretary......................................Debbie Kendall Secretary................................................Kathy Fagg Secretary......................................Reen Goodrich Historian....................,.................Joseph Kimballmmm Anne Allen, Shane Allman, John Beacham. Kenneith Chan. Vicki Haggerty. Christie Harris. Katherine Hines. Roche Hutchings. Corrina Larsen, Shelly Lee, Tony Maxfield. Cathy Penrod. Shelly Rasmussen. Barbara Shurtz. Girls Chorus Brenda Adams. Eli Christensen, Yvette Gagne. Julie Jensen, Michelle Kid. Corrina Larsen. Sheila Miller. Leeza Nelson. Denise Ruffell. Patsy Skeem. Jody Serdich. Ngan Tran. Carlene Wallace. Mellisa Welch. 55Wind Ensemble Cindee Anderson. Sieve Anderson. Keith Anderson, Tony Anderson. David Boss. Tanya Bourne. Cyd Carrick. Alice Clarke. Sarah Clegg, Dristi Clement, Bill Croft. Ron Despain, Jeff Doner. Debbie Gould. Janeane Horrocks. Bonnie Lee. Dristi Lish. Jeff Long. Jeff Longwell. Marty Matheson, Lori Maxwell, Greg Mildenhall. Lynn Mitchell. Cliff Montagnoli. Scott Myers. Suzy Potter. Randy Reid. Anita Reisner, Jarred Robison. Grace Snell. Ellen Spencer. Jana Stephenson. Todd Stimpson, Alan Syme, Steve Thomas, Chris Thurman, Mike Uance. Alan Williams. Lorena Willis. Bryant Wilson. Keely Wolsey. Derick Woolf. Kent Woolf, Glen Wright. 56Jazz is a great type ot music an W couldn’t have a better group to play it. The 'band has shown excellent school representation this year Colette Carter, Alan Ostegar, Jana Stephenson. Debbie Gould, Scott Lohner. Jeff Longwell, Gloria Lopez. Keith Anderson. Ron Despain. Jeff Dower. Tyler Jarvis. Rob Lohner, Jeff Long. John Small. Todd Stimpson. Steve Thomas, Mike Vance. Glen Wright. Erik McCormick. Phil Toone. Gregg Bee, Scott Gardner. JoAnn Williams. Keely Wolsey. 57Cindy Baer. Ken Barkdall. Michelle Betts. Julaine Black. Ruth Anne Boone. Cindy Bourne. Kim Bowers. Alicia Brimhall. Duane Call. Shawna Cherrington. Julie Christlieb. Alan Cordner. Earl Daly. Pat Daniels. Cathy Dick. David Eatough. Wendy Gilson. Merijo Guercio. Daniel Heath. Debbie Hendircks. Vianne Herrin. James Hewett. Cindy Hurley. Jared King. Stacy King. Tricia Kritzberg. Mary Lamoreux. Debbie Long. Noelani Mateaki. Wade Messick. Dan Mitchell. 58The Pep Band does a lot for sch They have followed both the fo all basketball teams to State Cha with great support and never massing a game. spirit - Laurel Roberts. Cindy Bourne, bth Dalton. Amie Myer. Kathy Bowen. Anna Gehrirjg. Second in a Willis, Tanya Bourne. Suzy | Cindee Anderson. Chamane Ii2abeth Ishii. Back Row (I to r) L John Small. Keith Anderson. [Dower. Sieve Thomas. Byron rront Row (1 tom Robby Lamb. Tom W Hike Steed. Adam Larson. John Liechl :agg. Pamela Blomquist. Judy Ann Fleth Row (1 to r) Tea Collins. Kevin Kendall. Rotter. WendJ Carter. Janene Horroc Johnson. Michfelle Eatough. Elizabeth St Brett Carter. Ekn Garrard. Scott Lane. Tyler Jarvis. Jeff Longwell. Ron Despai Laws. Gary Bfdges. Mark Allan. |Kil Nelso: Gej Iwl Hillam Etb, I Audi Vaiv rma' B Voolsey. Tom BvAh Clegg. Ar iKcfen Hales. Jul: y Harward, Ntiche Mark Davis. Rob I ■ eis- A id Pamela Blomquist. Brett Carter Judy Ann Fletcher Karen Hales. Marv I lales. .John Liechty. Julie l.iechty. l.aurel Roberts. Ethan Wood. Amy Wnqhi moiogy back row: Jenifer Call. Ladawn. Kent Woolf, front row Lanise Porter. Wendy Wilkinson. Curt Epply. Craig Watts. Sean Esplin. Kew Lecty. Wendy Carter. Mark Larsen Science Sterling ScholarMr. Jacquart Front Row: Kentucky Fried Woolf. Mike ‘Bugs' Whiting. Apuckalips How. Tiff “the stiff' Rogers. Robin Red Breast' Regnolds. Magdalene ‘spleen’ Senju Back Row Skiing Ian Wingrove. Joe ‘Camera' Kimball. Mark ‘Math' Larson. Ken ‘Chemical’ Bond. Gwendy 'Fin' Andrews. Hooray for Mr. J! Not pictured: Rosemary Kristyn Thompson Mark Larsen Matt Dahl 1st Region 2nd State These amazing minds dominated the fields of Math and Science at this contest at BYU 63WEST V SIPEX PSTOWYTOI Riff....... Bernardo Tony Maria Action . . . Chino . . . . Big Deal . Juan Arab...... Pepe Baby John Diesel . . . Luis...... Auita .... Anybodys. Rosalia . . Graziella. . Consuelo . Velma Francisca . Mimmie . . Estella . . . Loraine . . Clarice. . . Angelica . Pauline . . Doc....... Shranke . . Krupki . . . Glad Hand ........Chris Liechty . . . Jerry Whittemore ........Steve Russel .........Donna Zug ........Brian Kuehn ........Bruce Marks ............Val Tyler .....Joseph Kimbal .......Tony Thurber ..........John Small James Knickerbocker .....John Deardorf ..........David Boss . . . . Sherry Coombes .... Auika Anderson .......Treesje Philips . . . . Stephanie Smith ..........Bonie Lee .........Amy Clark .........Beth Benson ........Misty Barrick .........Amy Myer .....Debbie Kendall .............Liz Holt ........Sherry Rowe .....Saralyn Steere . . James Vanleishout .........Art Burnah .......Lynn Poulter .........Dane Allred 65susc Shakespeare CompetitionJohn Small, Treesje Philips, Chris Liechty. James Knickerbocker, Leslie Vanleishout. Val Tyler, Tony Thruber. Bruce Marks. Liz Holt, Regena Hofeltz. Amie Myer. Merijo Guercio, Jerry Whittemore. Auika Anderson, Celia Paddock, James Vanleishout. 67Much Ado Don Pedro.......James Knickerbocker Don John........................Bruce Marks Cladio..........................Steve Russel Bennedick ..........Jerry Whittemore Leonato.........................Brian Kuehn Autonio........................Joseph Kimball Balthasar.......................Brian Bills Borachio............Scott Schroeppel Conrade .................Ron Yrigoyen Friar Francis.....................Val Tyler Dogberry................Chris Liechty Verges............................Val Tyler Sexton..........................Brian Watkins The Watch.........................Bob Walters Flero ..............Anne Danieleski Beatrice........................Wendy Lewis Margaret............Sarah Washburn Ursula.........................Merijo Guercio About NothingII Vmv - r 7 V iV AVA} vi ♦yam 5 ♦ ♦ 'Vkve iJflJ 7 ( irfs (J cC 69“One Act People” Treesje Philips, Jerry Whittemore, John Small, Val Tyler, Regine Holfeltz. Anika Anderson, Stephanie Smith, Merijo Gercio, Brian Kuehn, Chris Leichty, Liz Holt, Donna Zug. Annie Myer, , Celia Paddock, Jeane Walter. Sarah Washburn, James Knickerbocker, Ann Watson. An Evening Of Student Directed One-Acts! 70Chris Thruman, Troy Woolf. John Coranado, Matt Holland, Brigette Condie. Regina Hofeltz, Leane Daily. Bob Walters, Merijo Gercio. Preot Allen. Mark Danieleski, Courtney Rogers. Karen 72Bauman. Jenie Townsand. Steve Anderson. Mike Dean. Stephanie Condie. Laura Brothwell, Merlie Roundy, Janice Paulson, Margarett Lindsay, Matt Hatch 73Mr Lott Fourth Period AP History back row: Joama Watson. Kris Jorgensen. Carolyn Littlefild. Mark Hillam. Stephen Jones. John Walters. Todd Watkens. John Steuart. Alan MacArthur. Kent Lott, next row: Lamsyn Smith. Celia Paddock. Wendy Whiting. Debra Campbell. Becky Gray, seated Brenda Robinson. back row: Anita Reisner. Sean Esplin. Kevin Santiago. Julie Wilson. Mark Larsen. Brent Carter. Gary Bridges. Kent Lott. Jennifer Allred. Heidi Baumann. Karin Baumann. Steve Bell. Doug Groesbeck front row Jeanie Lamb. Ann Leichty. Ron Hayes. Ken Bond. Shawn Covey. Larry Baer. Scott Gardner not pictured: Diana White. Michelle Anderson Mr Cusick 74Vocational Education Drafting Mr Roylance’s most rewarding experience is watching his ex-students make it big in the world of work. He’s the Drafting teacher, and recently has had the opportunity of hearing of and visiting many former students who now hold prestigeous positions in corporations all over the United States. He expects much of the same success from the present students in the class of '83. Mr. Roylance —— ' CLASS SEAT NO. p OVO HIGH SCHOOL title scale date 76Craig Rasband Runner up Vocational PRINTING AREA LIMIT—NO COPY ABOVE THIS LINE Graphic Arts III 1 ’83 in the Graphic Arts room, tardy students— 1 frantically into class only to sway away from a in Mr. Harmon's boot as he aims to put it in their pants. After a tiresome chase over desks and_ around giggling students, the usually reserved teacher makes a well known and favored state--- ment, “Take your seats and put ’em on a chair!" A relased and easy-going atmosphere falls upong the hard working Graphic Arts students as they settle down to make posters, business cards, stationery or silk screens, hopefully awaiting another tardy stu-_ dent. o . 7f Weird jokes and freaky Fridays mark the busy Electronic classes of the de-furred Mr. Baron. Nearly-blown-up refrigerators may not be __common-place, but on a hot day students have : learned to silently sweat rather than dangerously try S in vain to cool the room by opening the refrigerator door. Friday's have been titled “project day”. So have other days, in which a unanimous vote decides that students need to fix old car stereos. r.. tape decks, or other equiptment in need of repair, r .including the basic tired student body. — t. „78 Mill and Cabinet This year, among a smaller-than-last year’s collection of hats that have been cut in two, you will find a collection of wood-working artists. They create all manner of boxes, buffets, and bedstands. but when asked what they remember when thinking of the class, students readily recall that Mr. Finlayson becomes particularly violent at the sight of head coverings in class and delights in mounting sliced hats on the wall.Metals Second only to metals, hunting is the next most familiar topic of discussion in Mr. Hill’s class. The two go hand in hand, as one of the possible class projects is a deer hanger used for field dressing. Some of the more exotic productions coming out of the metal shop are frog gigger, cannons, trailers, chandeliers and machetes. Metal students might not have the cleanest fingernails on campus, but they sure have fun getting them dirty. Automechanics Apparently Mr. Christleib has had many experiences in his life. Why else would Automechanic students hear so many of them. You’d probably also have verbatum memories about rebuilding engines, had you been in the Vocational Auto class, since this is one of the challenges you’d have been faced with. Of course, bad jokes are common place. 79Resource The Resource Department at Provo High is a program to help students with academic problems, graduation and vocational awareness. Mrs Marshall Mrs Loveless Mr. Shackett Miss Roberts Mr Wright Mrs Morrell Mrs Norarianni Mrs. Clayson There is a full schedule of Resource classes taught with emphasis in English. Math. Vocational. Sociology, and Science. Approximately 8 percent of the student body are receiving remedial help in some area. 80The P.H.S. body shop is extremely well developed. As most of you know physical conditioning is becoming more and more of a national concern. The Physical Education program is designed to build better bodies and healthier minds. P.E. introduces a program that the students will hopefully carry on through life. It’s a time to build self confidence, set goals and work towards realizing them. The football team set a goal to take state. Through teamwork. self sacrifice and work they accomplished this goal. The activities avialable are extremely fun and rewarding. They range from bowling to archery. Flag football seems to be the highest rated activity by the boys and soft-ball is the favorite of the girls. 82 Physcial Education 83 84Provo 41 Springville 13 Provo 39 Boise 13 Provo 37 Spanish Fork 0 Provo 37 Timpview 20 Provo 27 Orem 15 Provo 39 Mountain View 0 Provo 41 Uintah 0 Provo 51 P.G.49 (7 O.T.)' Provo 20 American Fork 21 State 4 0 Provo 42 South 13 Provo 39 Spanish Fork 6 Provo 31 Jordan 24 Provo 21 Plesant Grove 10 ’National High School Athletic Association Game of the Year. 861982 proved to be a momentous year for football at PHS. The Bulldog football team, led by the phenomenal passing of Sean Covey, won its first ever State Championship. The team cruised through the regular season unbeaten except for a one point setback at American Fork late in the year. Next they entered the state tournament where they rolled over Spanish Fork. South, and Jordan before going up against Pleasant Grove in the final game. The final game proved to be a most exciting event, with Provo finally winning 21-10. Also deserving of thanks is the coaching staff which was headed by Frank Henderson (in his fourth year at PHS). They engineered the most sophisticated, explosive offense in the state, and a defense that :ould always seem to come up with the big plays. State In addition to Covey, other important players were fullback Fine Unga. wide receiver Larry Baer, and lineman Duane Johnson. These three were all-state selections. Others who played a big part were running back Clarence Hofheins. kicker John Ford, linebacker-tight end Brook Haws, and others too numerous to mention. CHA89VARSITY row 1 left to right: Clarence Hofheins. Sean Trewartha. Brook Haws. Ron Young. George Roy. Fini Unga. Sean Covey. John Ford. Les Roy. Mark Marshall row 2: Mark Danielelewski. Scott Parker. John Lachance. Daved Covey. Doug Groesbeck. Kent Orton. Wade Orwin. Gary Brown. Lary Baer, row 3: Phil Toone. Jeff Heaton. Rich Francis. Steve Day. Ed Rowe. Ben Haws. Mike Dean. Jon Stewart. John Walters. Brian Bills, row 4: Eric Davis. Courtney Rogers. Jason Briggs. Kevin Paxton. David Benson. David Vance. Dean Larsen. Cliff Brummet. Scott Rogerson. Spencer Faux row 5: Loran Tobiasson. Conrad Roberson. John Dennison. Mike VanBuren. Duane Johnson. Seth Riddle. Kevin Snyder. Steve Bell. Kris Jorgensen row 6: Asst Principal Monty Grosbeck. Asst. Principal Dennis Poulsen. Coach Mike Bailey. Coach Frank Henderson. Coach Gary Ashton. Coach Robert McKay. Athletic Director Dick Hill. Not Pictured: Matt Hatch. Gabe Barlow. Bill Dulle 90FRESHMAN First Row: Rob Barlow. Mike Shelly. Rod Allred. Bill Dulle. Doug Fillmore. Steve Clark. John Sorrough. Karlin Stokes. Kelly Scott. Dale Lachance. Mark Benson Second Row: Richard Anderson. Tony Grey. John Bair. Thayne Wise. Wade Douglass. Todd Bramall. Greg Rhineer. Eric Levi. Wes Fadely. Brian Day. Alan Ashton. Robert Paramore. Third Row: Vernon Ashton. Bryan Mason. Blake Beal. Matt Hatch. Jim Huie. Ed Rowe. Ben Haws. Kelly Wardle. Mike Mackey. Albert Bradshaw. Kevin Labaron. Bert Atterton. Jeff Linsday. Fourth Row Bryan Gammon. Thomas Hood. Layne Abbot. Marc Steed. Jason Phillips. Kirk Lott. Mike Stanley. John Mecham. Kerry Briggs. Kurt Grosbeck. Doug Hamilton. SOPHOMORE First Row: Dan Hooper. Arron Begay. Joe Anderson. David Ackley. Mike Bradshaw. Horace Montoya. Scott Schneiter. Greg Murdock. Jerry Neaman. Steve Hayward. John Roy Second Row: William Powley. Donny Johnson. Corwyn Smith. Mark Stephensen. Ryan Magiaccio. John Rowely. Troy Pat tee. Tony Gatenby. John Chamerlain. Mark Lott. Thrid Row: Larry Houtz. Lance Clark. Brenton West. Jeff Allen. Eric Fillmore. Tom Hughes. Darren Marrot. Bart Robison. Mike Keishmon. Brian Bates. Curtis Miller. Scott Car-son. 9192Boys X Country Coach Mark LowBoys Swimming First Row: Chad Roskelly. David Day. Keith Chadwick. Tom Bennett, Coach Williams. Second Row: Dave Wise. Jeff Long, Dave Hillam, Scott Vincent, Tony Anderson, Terrance Begay. Cameron Dennis, David Dennis. Third Row: Kent Woolf, Brett Pinegar. John Leichty. Bob Boyd. Steve Olsen, Ricky Burrel. The Provo High School Swim team splashed glory all over themselves this year. Provo paddlers, Shalann Hill. Collette Clayson, David Wise. Tony Anderson and Florence Christensen helped lead P.H.S. to one of their most successful years yet. With these returning record holders on the boy's and girl's team, how could it be anything but great? “This years team should be even better than last years", said Coach Williams. Our hats go off to a group of athletes who doggedly swim several miles each day and then perform in front of empty stands and silent natatoriums.Utah State Basketball ChampionsVARSITY Back Row: Coach Cusick, Jay Clark. Conrad Roberson. Duane Johnson, David Hout2. Matt Holland. Kam Jarman. Fred Robinson, Coach Spencer. Front Row: Kurt Nelson. Allan Framp-ton, Wayne Bush. Kevin Santiago. Paul Frampton. Sean Esplin, Berry Finch, Coach Drury.SOPHMORE Back Row: Coach Cusick. Todd Bramall. Matt Hatch, Jed Wilkinson. Kirk Lott, Willie Fergusson. Ben Haws. LeGrande Smith. Front Row: Mark Santiago, Wes Fadely, Steve Clark. Wade Douglas. Mark Ballif. Ted Bennion. Scott Finlayson.FRESHMEN Nx k TV' Coach Fulmer Jay Mo an Alan Frampton. NHw Letshman. Damn Manor Bnan Bases Sieve Hayward R Johnson Don Johnson Coach Vttbon front ro WAam Powek Sam Naght. .Andy Coins. Dean Clark Todd Bbphn. Mark BaBiJ Mark Mckanmon Glen OfcunThis year saw PHS win its ninth state basketball championship in its history. The team lost its first game of the year but after that there was no stopping them as they won 23 straight en route to winning the title. The main credit for the great season went to the coaches and the team. The studentbody also helped out by providing support that had been lacking at PHS during recent years. Also notable were the "Green Berets." a very militant, and sometimes almost revolutionary spirit organization that was very instrumental in intimidating opposing team to win its games. Key players for the 1983 state champs were seniors Duane Johnson. Kevin Santiago, and Paul Frampton. D03VARSITY A sadistic grin lights their faces as they announce the afternoon workout schedule. “Coach Roylance will conduct 25,000 sit ups. 2.000 push ups, 1,500 peg climbs, and 10 trips up and down the gym stairs. Then Coach McKay will teach the newest holds which he learned in the dungeons of the latest coaches clinics. Certainly one of the best holds learned this year is the double leg slam followed by a choke hold. "If any of you have any energy left over after this work out, it means that you are not giving your all during practice. Are there any questions?” Such is the fun loving banter of the wrestling staff as they prepare to assign their grapplers their yearly quota of fried humming birds tongues and artochoke hearts. With such dedication it’s no wonder Provo High School’s wrestling program is reaching such heights of fame and glory. Coach RoylanceCoach McKayBack Row: Randy Tom. Kelly Wardle. Cody Christensen. Greg Rhineer Front Row: Clay Bordman. Chance Headman. Bob Fadely. Steve Canfield. 107Boys Tennis Stan Collins. Brian Packam. Allen Ostergar. Alan Frampton. Sean Covey. Jim Burges. Billy Olson. James Poison. Todd Watkins. John Roy. Brian Watkins. 108109Baseball Baseball First Row: Greg Rhineer. Wade Douglas. Guy Golightly. Dave Rineer, Dave Heaton. Mike Mackey. Todd Bramall. Steven Part. Claire Hofheins, Steve Clark. Second Row: Coach Roylance. Mike VanBuren, Courtney Rogers, Jay Clark, Matt Hatch. Dave Houtz, Kevin Santiago, Mark Santiago, Kevin Paxton. Jeff Morgan. Coach Ashton. 110Provo High Baseball team looked really good this year. They really played as a team should. A lot of the players were veterans such as: Courtney Rogers. Clarence Hofheins, Dave Houtz, Jay Clark, and Guy Golightly. These Diamond Aces performed to their best ability and came through when they had to. Coach Ashton really did a good coaching job which the baseball studs in our school 113after one year they are totally worn out. It can also be heard out on the track that team members are headed for stardom. The coach takes pride in these athletes. Chris Cannon is known for his incredible hurdling and high jumping techniques. Shane Dandy has a reputation for his tremendous leaping ability, as well as physical strength to throw the shot and disc. Fini Unga and Brook Haws have exceptional strength and form in throwing the shot and disc. Gary Bridges, another of Coach Low’s outstanding athletes, has tremendous speed and is an excellent sprinter. As you walk by the track at Provo High you will hear a loud deep voice yelling “Push it. Push it. Push it." You will recognize this voice as Mark Low's. Provo High's trach coach. He is known as a very man and harsh man. He’ll make you run until there's nothing left of you shoes but the shoe laces. Even though Coach Low is so cruel, the majority of last year’s team did return. There are more than 50 runners out now. but Coach Low wants even more people to torture next year. He needs people for the field events, long jump, high jump. shot, and disc. He needs these people because he pushes them so hard to perfection thatFront Row: Albert Bradshaw, Kris Jorgensen, Phil Toone. Jason Briggs. Brook Haws, Fine Unga Jr.. Fine Unga. Second Row: Dean Larson. Merril Dixon, Nate Roundy. Eric Despain. Rett Thorpe. Aaron Ishi. Doug Filmore Jr.. Third Row: Ed Rowe. Greg Ishi, Jon Stewart, Shane Taylor. Richard Vanfleet. David Williams, Andrew MacAurther. Alan MacAurther. William Powley. Fourth Row: David Covey. Larry Baer. Mike Dean. Gary Bridges, Chris Cannon, Steve Lafranca. Eric Grey, Jerry Neiman. Aaron Begay. Ken Chen. Harry Prudle. Fifth Row: Steve Day, Rick Francis, Ron Despain, Shane Dandy. Darin Chipman. Dan Shepherd. Eldon Decker, David Day. Sixth Row: Frank White. Mike Gilick, John Chamberlain. Doug Markham. Kazahiro Okuzaki. Doug Grey. Not Pictured: Jon Ford. 117 Under the outstanding leadership of Mike Bailey, and the great coaching of last years star Arturo Jimenes. our '83 soccer teams lived up to everyone's expectations this year Injections of foreign blood, including a German, and of course several Latin players helped to deliver a varied attack that was guaranteed to stymie all opponents. The backfield was known as the "Human Wall" because of their superb defense of the goal The strikers of P H. S. are swiftly becoming a Provo institution, and will be remembered for bringing attention to an often obscure sportMark Hillam. Erik Davis. Richard Anderson. Javier Dillen. Oscar Saldana. Seth Riddle. Luis Morales. Jens Kohler. Brent Allred. Joe Anderson. Mark Steed. Brian Holmes. Tom Price. Mark Ballif. Aaron Coleson. Alvero Espinoza. Oscar Cruz Assistant Coaches: Clay Lowe and Arturo Jimenes. Coach: Mike Bailey.Front: Kathy Brereton. Keri Struthers. Sharlene Miner. Tamsyn Smith. Nani Ulvie. Nancy Oldroyd Back Robin Reynolds. Holly Loveall. Chamane Johnson. Michelle Snow. Janene HorrocksThe volleyball team in ’83 is a group of people to be commended. Under brand new Coach Charles Shackett. and assistant Chirs Shurtz. they went to the state tournament placing eigth. Coach Shackett’s vogorous training program worked the girls long and hard every practice. Dreaded words after two hours of hard drilling and exercising were “run steps!” “A lot of times 1 just wondered if it was worth it. But of course, thats while I was pushing every ounce of energy out of me during practice. Good plays and games were a good pay off" declares a team menber. Girls on the team can look back on the season of '83 and laugh over tense moments that were broken by an accidental, but welcome bump off the head that was counted fair. Reactions from the team members proved the time and effort all worth while. They all confrmed that they’d do it all again with the opportunity.Back Row: Dwanna Riddle. Chris Chapman. Mary Hales. Tiffany Rodgers. Wendy Wilkenson. Julie Brown. Kristyn Thompson. Kristen Chandler Front Row: Margret Lindsay. Natalie Olsen. Becky Watts. Not Pictured: Sharon Creer At the state meet, singles players Kristin Thompson and Margaret Lindsey made it to the quarter and semi-final rounds respectively. Not to be out done, the doubles team of Tiffany Rogers and Kristin Chandler also toughed it out to the semifinals. 124 “Fun" is the only way to describe this past girls tennis season. They finished up the year with a surprising third place in the state tournament. Not bad for a team with a new coach. Mrs. Chris Chapman, and a group made mostly of freshmen and sophomores. Of course nothing should be taken away from the seniors, who really played some good tennis.125This year the girls swim team did an outstanding job in their meets and in state. Not only did they win six of eleven, they were in the top six in each. Their success had to do with the fact that Shalan Hill and Flo Christensen were the two top swimmers and Christie Harris was awarded most valuable swimmer in the state. (Is! row) Coach Williams. Debby Long. Collette Clayson. Leslie Lund. Desiree Hatch. Michelle Beal. Elena Jarvis. Gloria Lopez (2nd row) Theresa Hoffard. Flo Christensen. Shalann Hill. Wendy Andrews. Christie Harris. Liz AdamsV -Girls Basketball Front row: Janene Osborne. Jody Westphall. Kim Miller. Laura Bramall. Camille Robison. Jerry Vongue. Back row: Ron Last. Betty Clark. Amy Reid. Genie Lamb. Amy Wright. Tiffany Rogers. Holly Loveall. 128The girls basketball team took first in Region VII this year, and were ranked number 1 in the state. The team was tripped up by Mountain View, which they had already smeared twice in region play, in the semi finals. They came back from the big upset to beat Orem and claim third place in the state. Congratulations Girls! Connie Thomas. Rebecca Rowley. Kim Ford. Wendy Whiting Kristyn Thompson. Cathy Brereton. Dwanna Riddle. Monty Groesbeck 129 Third in State JL30 132 Gymnastics s ws1 NATION, (iYMtfASTK.-. CHmaPIONS'The gymnastics team here at P.H.S. have worked very hard this year. With the help of their coach, Cindy Orem. This year they succeeded by 23 points. in winning UintaIn ‘83. the Girls Track Team had a plenty to be proud of. Lead by State Champion. Heather Miner in the hurdles. Lanise Porter in the distance events and Stacy King in the sprints Provo kept up it's winning tradition throughout the season This team knows what it takes to be number one Everyday they worked in. ran on and polished off each of their won events, unt! they could do no more. Win or lose, this team is the best 135Front Row: Julie Archuletta. Tamsen Smith. Jolene Hood. Carrie Sturthers. Sunny Bennion. Coach Dewey. Back Row: Marie Call. Chris Haughey. Shauna Jacobson. Stacy King. Nikki Pnt chard. Margaret Benedict. Not Pictured: Connie Thomas. Heather Miner. Lanise Porter. Janene Horrocks. Cathy Merril. Kristyn Thompson. Tiffany Rogers. Julie Lafranca. 137Racquetball (first row) Rosemary Montgomery (Pres.). Reen Goodrich. Debbie Kendall. Sharon Creer. Ann Liechty (second row) Mr Jarman. Mike Gammon. Sunny Bennion. Julie Brown. Karen Baumann. Troy Woolf. Jamie Barrus140Student Body OfficersTo start the year off with a bang P.H.S. students attended the annual Bulldog Bash on August 24. The Bash included a special Solid Gold assembly with very believable performances by Bruce Lee as Ted Nugent and Kristen Chandler as Marilyn McCoo, the host and hostess of the show. The varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders got to strut their stuff as they gave impressive performances of the ever popular Solid Gold Dancers. After the assembly students were treated to a dance outside of little B-wing and to snowcones. All who attended had a fabulous time and became an integral part of the school.Provo High’s 1983 Homecoming was nothing if not unique. Able bodied P.H.S. students expressed their school spirit and at the same released pent up hostilities by administering deadly blows with a sledge hammer to an orange car for a pre-game rally. After students demolished the symbolic orange car out in the parking lot the P.H.S. gridders demolished the trepid T-Birds out on the football field to win our homecoming game. The next evening, Provonians tripped the light fantastic by attending the traditional homecoming dance. A surprised but smiling Amy Gunther was crowned homecoming queen with Sherry Rowe and Elizabeth Holt as attendants. The evening proved to be both memorable and exciting for all who attended. 145Commercials Assembly The annual Commercials Assembly was to say the least memorable. Kristen Chandler did a fantastic job of writing the script, rewriting the script and again rewriting the script. Somehow through dedication, talent and seemingly endless rehearsals. Kristen managed to pull the assembly together and present it to our anxious studentbody. Everyone enjoyed outstanding performances by Kristen Thompson, Bruce Lee, Nadine Moiling, Matt Holland. Paul Frampton and many others. One of the favorite commercials was Kathy Merrills rendition of. My Bologna Has A First Name, unfortunately it was brought to a rather abrupt end by the antics of Seth Riddle and Jason Briggs. To say the most, the assembly was one of the best in recent years and the students enjoyed it immensely. 146Junior Prom = This years Junior Prom was one of the most memorable yet. Junior President Matt Holland used his ties with BYU to gain the use of the new mirrored conference center on campus. Graig Watts and Kim Greenhaulgh helped to make Junior Week successful with activities that climaxed on Friday night. The theme of the dance was “Up Where We Belong.” 147Girls Preference Overall - Duane Johnson Personality - Paul Frampton Body ■ Sean Covey Dress - Dee Henderson Girls Org Julie BrownBoys Preference Most Preferred - Amy Gunther Attendants Sherry Rowe Liz Holt Boys Org.- Bryan Richards. .Business Management Public Relations Business Manager. Christine Wright, works in the office to manage many school affairs. ? Wtf pl School Spirit. Jeanmarie Snow, rhakes posters ift gets the school exciter! for events. Public Relations Manager. Karin Baumann, makes community aware of what Provo High is doing. News articles, contact radio stations, etc. School Spirit 150Supreme Court Chief Justice. Karen Hales Justices. Melanie Olsen and Robert Lohner These people are responsible for all the voting and elections done in the school. Very secretive and professional. 151Senators Among the Senators’ responsibilities are submitting amendments to the executive council, overseeing all the elections, and organizing school activities. All things considered. however, 82-83 will most in- evidably be remembered by the actual senators themselves as mostly remaining incognito, and occasionally decorating the gym for dances and participating in the pep and senior assemblies. 152Freshmen Suzanne Blackham Angela Crist Wendy Griffeth Brooke Francis Mary Hales Mary Liechty Chalise Porter Sophomore Lisa Brickey Judy Fletcher Colette Hickman Holly Loveall Hanet Nielson Nani Uluave Angie Williams Junior Tracy Binks Kristen Black Wayne Bush David Covey Sean Esplin Tami Kendall Diana White Senior Tammy Barker Jay Clark Sean Covey Paul Frampton Guy Golightly Tracy Halladay Sue Killian Lanise Porter 153PEP CLUB Acting this year as an anticlimax to the ex-huberant spirit exhibited by both the studentbody and the raucous Green Berets were the ever endearing Espirit. Provo’s own sweatshirt clad peppers were a great support to all of our dogville athletes. Each game will be remembered for thier shrill, deafening cries of ecstasy. Moreover, the glamorous girls of Espirit will lend themselves to the explosion of spirit for all next year. You see they are the cheerleaders and flagtwirlers of tomorrow!Leeza Neilso 1 I , Ztr- if vC 5Vrtog€ t.do9Ny«ai'for Vic and Vicki. wtf.h their egrpnDigly .endl kJSBI] the s behind the gfeen dog spug ., fu ! suits. Vic and Vicki were able to instill new that mascot. Cosmo. 'Ifrar , Vitality mt6 the sutflpfhat reluctarft Provo chepfaq support certainjy'w s an inspifcy crowds by cavorting around thjs fields or tion to our illustreious assemblage oi courts and actually mingling with the fans. athletic teams. Wh e: would we e ' They served as the tegrleaders' right arm ' without these two impfassi ned beasts Pro- - . vo High is prou f io call their Own? ;rtk_ ' • u lh thefr jny mniytiiiy w thed grlead T Varsity This years group of exciting, pom-pom pumpers was great! Led by the enthusiastic Shenole Pace. Provo High Schools Varsity Cheerleaders filled us with vim and vigor Amy Gunther's ever smiling face kept the crowds cheering wildly. Making up the rest of the group were Pam Greenhalgh. Kristy Neilsen. Sherry Rowe, and Liz Holt. Debi Allred, the choreographer and director of the girls, was very pleased with the outcome of the year. “They (the cheerleaders) were very easy and agreeable to work with." she commented. A great thanks goes out to these six cheering chickadees for more of the exciting, school-spiritbuilding dance routines. CHEER Provo High just wouldn't be the same without our beautiful cheerleading squad, and this year was no exception, all the cheerleaders exemplified the finest mental and. of course, physical attributes of the female students of Provo High. The loyalty of the cheerleaders was unquestioned as the cheerleaders put in long hours of practice both before and after school. They also gave school spirit a boost by making posters, organizing pep assemlies. and sponsoring spirit weeks. The cheerleaders certainly gave the teams a lift with their endless enthusiasm, and they worked their pom-poms off the make Dogmonia run rampant at P.H.S. in 82-83. Its been a Bulldog year. 156Flag This year's team of twirlers was tops! Head flag-twirler. Gina Garrick, was seldom seen without a smile on her face. The rest of this family of flag flinging foxes included such notables as Pati Moore. Carrie Turner. Elizabeth Stout, Rhonda Parks and Julie Dowdel. LEADERS 157Junior Varsity This years group of high-kicking energy-filled sextuplets delighted every “true-green” Bulldog fan. The faces of these gleesome sixsomes were Michelle Garrick. Liz Pace. Anne Danielewski. Lori Nielson. Julie Payne, and Judy Maag. These girls kept the fans going even when our teams were in conflict. They also made the Pep Assemblies more imaginative for the Bulldog lookers-on. It is obvious that without their tremendous vocal contributions our football and basketball teams would not have flourished to full blossom.« Drill Team Front Row: Cara Hatch, Christine Wright. Dawn Bishop. Second Row: Annette Rowley. Tammy Mildenhall. Cathy Duncan. Bonnie Fullmer. Kim Roundy Tracy Holmes. Third Row: Julie Olson. Lisa Nielson. Tela Fenn. Sandra Muir. Tammy Lamoreaux. Sherry Coomes. Dianne Jensen. Queen - Sandra Muir Attendent - Cara Hatch Attendent - Tammy Lamoreaux § yttfrrt. This year the Drill Team charmed enthusiastic sport spectators with their dimpled knees and frozen smiles. Their precision marches were the highlight of many a pep assembly. During their lavish half time routines the long strenuous hours of practice that each Drill Team mistress contributed to the success of Marchetts was obvious. Debbie Allred, the girls advisor, has lent herself willingly to the plight of happy marchers, moreover, the girls undoubtedly fulfilled their goal to help the school achieve a plateau of enthusiasm that Provo High is long renowned for. 161 Green Berets This year something new happened at Provo High School. The Green Berets came to life 162 IIt all began at the first basketball assembly of the year. Coach Spencer called for another group like the Renegades, an allmale group of years past. That day Clarence Hofheins and Seth Riddle went to work, forming and organizing the Green Berets. The Green Berets survived the attended eleven games and helped the basketball team to a state charn-ship. Activities included convoys, cheers, a raid on Timpview. out of the Orem High game in protest. pigging out at the A.F. game and mass intimidation. Some loved, some hated the Green Berets, but everybody 163164Harro Week 165Bulldog Breakfast This traditional fund raising activity for the athletic department, is one of the many fun activities that takes place during the fall. The students take part in this activity and enjoy it. very much, it helps the athletic department a great deal. P.H.S. appreciates the support we students give the athletic teams. 168Faculty Party Each fall all the faculty members meet new staff acquaintances and to remeet old friends. The faculty member really enjoy this activity. They all put time and effort to participate. Every staff member looks forward to Mr. Cornaby. he is the one in charge of the food. The faculty members really enjoy it. 169LIBRARIANS The Librarians have done an outstanding job through the years helping students with information on their required studies Mrs. Jensen and her aides are loved and revered by the adoring studentbody. Her un daunting help is undoubtedly the cause of numerous passing grades Without her at PHS the library would simply be a room full of books Provo High School just wouldn't be Provo High School without its counselors. In that calm, relaxed office with the ever smiling faces there lies the records of all the students at class changes. Romona Morris and Jennie Carlile handle personal records of students as they enter in grade nine, and follow their own group of students through their senior year. They council students in decisions and problems they might have. Indeed. Counselors at Provo High School are Counselors in every sense of the wordCOUNSELING Jennie Cariile. Birdie Blackburn. Kirk Thorn Romona Morris. Rod Crockett. __ Colette Thomas Charlotte Beebe Lunch at PHS is 35 minutes of epicurean ecstasy. The job of our lunch ladies is to supply students with a nutritious daily diet, but they take extra care with tasty desserts and mouth-watering side-orders. Giant chocolate chip cookies were a suprise at the first of the year that became a habit with many students, and Nachos were and added favorite, along with their ever famous buns. LUNCH LADIES Donna Allan. Diane Bird. Vera Clark. Nelda Ellison. Beverly Gottfredson. Thora Jolley. Shirley May. June Nielsen. Doreen Nuttall. Glenda Pino. Juanita Roberts. Christy Singleton JANITORS Broze Hutchinson. Ed Brenckenridge. Donna Johnson.Mel Christlieb. Veldon Baird. Tracy Baird. Ron Gonzales 171CURRENT--------- EVENTS Seven killed by Syanide laced tylenol Arnold fired from B.Y.U. P.L.O. kicked out of Lebanon Utah Lake Floods Tornado hits L.A.Prince Charles and Lady Di have Baby Son Gas Prices go down California coast pounded by storms Artificial Heart implanted in Barney Clark Mr. Roberts shot174Senior Class Officers Tom Manning. Vice-President. Nancy Oldroyd. President. Merilee Mason. Secretary SENIOR BLURB In ’83. Seniors busted out. After three long years of fighting the system, fighting its calloused administrators, its frantic social system, and its internal fears, we broke. We quit. The battle to get good grades was abandoned. We stopped trying to make school fun. We forgot trying to change the system. We just wanted out. All our hopes and dreams became focused on graduation, and freedom. As long as we survived, we won, keeping our heads above water became the ultimate goal... PROVO HJ G H VEST THERE CAN 83 JENNIFER ACKLEY BRENT ALLRED SUSAN ANDREWS WENDY ANDREWS DINA ARCHULETA JAVIER ARMENTA LARRY BAER WENDY BAGNELL MONICA BAKER JEFF BALLIF TONY BARBIONE TAMMY BARKER KANDIE BARRETT JAMES BARRUS SUZANNE BAUM KARIN BAUMANN MICHELLE BEAL SHERRI BEARDALL TAMMY BEGAY STEVEN BELL (ft m 2 O X 177SUNNY BENNION DAWN BISHOP BETH BENSON MICHELLE BOAN ANA BETANCOURT CLARISSA BON NETT STANLEY BRAY BRIAN BIDDUl.PH KRISTIE BORDER GARY BRIDGES JUILE BROWN BRIAN BILLS I .AURA BRAMALL BILL BROWER LARRY BROWN DAWN BRUNDAGE HOWARD BUTLER DEBRA CAMPBELL CHRIS CANNON DIANE CANNONTERRY CARLSON RANDY CARSON BRETT CARTER TODD CARTER SHON CARTER WENDY CARTER CINDY CARTWRIGHT RANDY CARY KRISTEN CHANDLER KARI CHIPMAN JULIUS CHRISTENSEN HEIDI CHRISTLIEB JAY CLARK JODI CLARK NANNETTE CLARK RAUL CLAV1JO COLETTE CLAYSON SHERRY COOMES SEAN COVEY REED COWAN ERIC COX 179180 ROBBY COX SHAUN DARBRO GWYNETH DAVIS NICK DAVIS JON DEEM DAVID DENNIS ERIC DESPAIN DIANF. DENNIS RON DESPAIN DUWAYNE DENNIS KELLY DEVEY ERIC DIBB MERRILL DIXON ROBYN DUNN OMAR ESPINOZA ROBERT FADELY KATHY FAGG LIANNE FANENE SCOTT FELDMANMARIA FILLMORE TAMI FISCHER JOHN FORD DARREN FOX NANCY FRAMPTON PAUL FRAMPTON DANETTE FUJA BRIAN FULLMER VIRGINIA FURSE BETH GAGNE TEDDIE JO GALLEGOS SCOTT GARDNER GINA GARRICK GUY GOLIGHTLY REEN GOODRICH GREG GOODWIN JODEE GORDON BRIAN GORNICHEC BECKY GRAY PAM GREENHALGH RODNEY GROESBECK 181182 AMY GUNTHER JENNIFER HAFEN SHAWN HAIR BRUCE HALE KAREN HALES SHAWNAE HALL TRACY HAL I-ADA Y MARVIN HARDING DIANE HARVEY CARA HATCH MELISSA HATCH ANDREW HAYS DEE HENDERSON GARY HERBERT MIKE HERRIN RICHARD HILL MARK HILLAM MIKE HOFFMAN CLARENCE HOFHEINS TRACY HOLMES LIZ HOLTJUUE HURLEY DAVE ISOM BECO JACKSON KAELYNN JASPERSON DAREN JENSEN DIANNE JENSEN JAY JENSEN DUANE JOHNSON JEANETTE JOHNSON WESLEY JOHNSON SUE KILLIAN KARL KJMBER BARBARA KROLLS GENETTE LAMB TAMMY’ LAMOREAUX LOW LANCE SCOTT LANE DEAN LARSEN KRISTYN LARSEN RADAWN LARSEN SCOTT LARSEN184 JAMES I .ARSON MARK LARSON RENEE LAWS WENDY LEWIS ANN LIECHTY BRUCE LEE JOHN LIECHTY RDELL LEE DAN L UNDSAY MICHELLE LEFTWICH ROB LOHNER PAT LONG GLORIA LOPEZ LYNA LOPEZ SUZANNE LOVERIDGE AI.AN MACARTHUR MAUREEN MANNING TOM MANNING BRUCE MARKS MERILEE MASON PETE MATSONJENNIFER MCCARTY DAVID MCCORMICK CHERYLEEN MCKAY TAMMY MILDENHALl. MARK MILLER PAM MILLER ANGELA MOULTON SHANNON MINEER SANDRA MUIR HEATHER MINER AARON MYER TODD MOAKE MARK NAYLOR ROSEMARY MONTGOMERY JENNIFER NELSON RICHARD NELSON KIM ANH NEREU UEM NGU KRISTY NIELSEN KAZUHIRO OKUZAKI KRISTIN OLDROYD 185 L Class of 83 u » , S' ft % Egad, what a year! NANCY OLDROYD SCOTT Ol.PIN MELANIE OLSEN BILLY OLSON JULIE OLSON APRIL ORCHARD SHENOLE PACE CELIA PADDOCK RHONDA PARK KELLY PATRICK PAT PATTERSON LYNN PAY DEBBIE PEAY TREESJE PHILLIPS JAMES PINO BECKY PORTER LANISE PORTER EILEEN PRATT CRAIG RASBAND ROBIN REYNOLDS BRYAN RICHARDS 188SETH RIDDLE FRED ROBINSON DAVE RITTENHOUSE CAMILLE ROBISON BRENDA ROBINSON AURIS RODRIQUEZ TIFFANY ROGERS KIM ROUNDY SHERRY ROWE ANNETTE ROWLEY GEORGE ROY LES ROY RICK RUNNELS KEVIN SANTIAGO VALERIE SATTERFIELD DENISE SCOTT MARY ANNE SCOTT RUTH SHAW KRISTEN SMITH STEPHANIE SMITH COLLEEN SNOW 189190 JEANMARIE SNOW REBECCA SNOW KEVIN SNYDER SHERRY SRDICH TINA STEVENSON SHAUNA STOTT ELIZABETH STOUT SHELLY STUBBS JEFF TANNER JODEAN THATCHER PAM THOMAS DAVID THOMPSON KRISTYN THOMPSON GAYLA THORSEN ROGER THURGOOD DUANE THURSTON CHRISTIAN TIMM TOBY TOBIASSON KENT TORGF.RSEN CARMEN TREGEAGLI MALINDA TROTTER ARLYN TYLERVAL TYLER DAVID VANCE JOHN WALTER ELIZABETH WARNER SARAH WASHBURN TODD WATKINS SCOTT WEBB MAURSNE WHITE SUSAN WHITING WENDY WHITING JERRY WHITTEMORE JEFF WILDEN WENDY WILKINSON BECKY WILLIAMS DARREN WILLIAMS JOANNE WILLIAMS MARY WILLIAMS BRYCE WILLIAMSON JULIE WILSON BRUCE W1NGROVE TROY WOOLF192 JOHN WOOLSEY JULIE WOOTTON AMY WRIGHT CHRISTINE WRIGHT GLEN WRIGHT JO ELLEN WRIGHT MARTY WRIGHT LAURIE YOUNG RICHARD YOUNG RON YOUNG RONALD YRIGOYEN SUSAN ZUGIn 83, Juniors met their fate bravely. They realized at last they were trapped by high school, but also realized that there was no end in sight with youthful determination they set out to make the best of it. They were young, they were strong, they were proud, nothing could stand in their way. Malicious teachers and administrators posed no great threat. If they couldn’t change the system, they beleived they could at least beat it... Craig Watts: Vice President Matt Holland: President Kim Greenhalgh. SecretaryBRENDA ADAMS ELIZABETH ADAMS KYLE ADAMS FRED ADAMSON JOELLE AIJ.F.N PREOT ALLEN CHERYL ANADOR CINDF.F. ANDERSON MICHELLE ANDERSON SCOTT ANDERSON STEPHEN ANDERSON JULIE ARCHULETA .IODI ARNOLD KIM ASHBY LISA AUGUSTUS DALE BARNEY BRYAN BARNHART HEIDI BAUMANN JOHN BEACH AM SUEDAWN BEAR DALL MELISSA BEARDEN 194c G 2 O » CT BFRLINDA BEGAY DAVID BENSON JARED BF.NTELY WAYNE BENWARD TRACY BINKS JEFFERY BIRD KRISTEN B1.ACK JOHN BLISS PAM BLOMQUIST JAMES BORGF.T DAVID BOSS TANYA BOURNE BOB BOYD JASON BRIGGS MICHELLE BRIGGS VONIOGAN BRIMHALL JAMES BROTH WELL PAUL BROWN JAMES BURGESS SUE ELLEN BURNS RANDY BURRELL 195WAYNE BUSH JENNIFER CALL MARIF. CALL CONNIE CAMPBELL CYDNEY CARRICK HELINA CARTER MARK'CARTER TRACY CARTER SABRINA CASTANEDA KENNETH CHEN FLORENCE CHRISTENSEN KENDALL CHRISTENSEN TRACI CI-ARK SARAH Cl.EGG KIM CLOWARD TERI COLLINS TOM CONANT BRIGITTE CONDIE ROSANNE COOK CRISTIN COOMBS JULIE COOMES 196JOHN CORONADO MARIO CORTEZ DAVID COVEY EVELYN CRAWFORD BRIAN CRIST CODY CRITSER HANS CROSS BETH DALTON MARK DANIF.LF.WSKI ERIK DAVIS DAVID DAY STEVEN DAY MICHAEL DEAN JOHN DEARDORFF ELDON DECKER MARIA DEEM CAMERON DENNIS LENA DESCHINE JULIE DOWDELL CATHY DUNCAN TOM EAKINS 197MICHAEL EATOUGH MICHELE EATOUGH CURTIS EPPLEY SABRA ESPLIN SEAN ESPLIN MICHAEL FACKRELL SPENCER FAUX TELA FENN BARRY FINCH RUSSELL FORD EUSE FOSSUM KAIRA FOUNTAIN MARILYN FRAMPTON MORGAN FRANCIS RICHARD FRANCIS SAM FRANCIS KORI FRANK JULIE FROEUCH BONNIE FULLMER MIKE GAMMON VERONICA GARCIA 198CYNDIF. GARNER ALAN GATENBY MIKE GILLIES WENDY GILSON CARRIE GOLDING CHERYL GOODWIN LAURA GOODWIN HELENE GRANBERG KIM GREENHALGH TAMMY GREENHALGH DOUGLAS GROESBECK TADD GUNTHER DEBBIE GUTIERREZ VIRD HAINALAINA KARREN HALE PHILLIP HALL DEDELYN HAMILTON MARY HANSEN GARY HARMON JERRY HARWARD PAUl HARWARD 199Jill IKY HI ATON IOHN Ml NDI KSON ROBERT HICKEN ANN! HICKMAN Rll t HICKMAN ANNE HILLAM NIEL HINCKLEY BRET HOFFME1ER REGINE HOLFELTZ MATT HOLLAND MARSHELL HOLMES JOLENF. HOOD MARK HOPKINS ROGER HOPKINS JANENE HORROCKS MARIAN HORTON DAVID HOUTZ JOHN HUTCHEN1SON USA IVIE JULIE JARMAN LORI JARVIS 200TYLER JARVIS RICHARD JENSEN ALLEN JOHNSON GEORGE JOHNSON JUDY JOHNSON RODNEY JONES STEPHEN JONES KRIS JORGENSEN MICHAEL KEISCH TAMI KENDALL DONNA KENT JOSEPH KIMBAL L DIANNA KING JAMES KNICKERBOCKER JENS KOEHLER DAVID KUHNI JULIE LAFRANCA DALE LAURSEN MICHELLE LEVINGSTON GREG UDDiARD JANAl.EE UDDIARD 201CHRIS LIECHTY KENNETH LIECHTY MAUDY LIEVAND CAROLYN LITTLEFIELD MIKE LLEWELLYN SCOTT LOHNER JEFFREY LONG HEIDI LONGORIA JEFFREY LONG WELL BRENDA LOPEZ TROY LOTT JASON LUDLO I .ANA LUND SONDRA LYDIKSEN ALAMONI MATAF.LE KAYE MARKHAM MARK MARSHALL TODD MARVELL DANNY MASSEY 202NOELONI MATEAKI LAUREL MCKINNON JULIE MECHAM KATHERYN MERREL JENNIFER MIDDLETON TERRY MIGL1ACCIO TIM MILLER WILLIAM MILLER NADINE MOLLIC G CLIFFORD MONTAGNOLI MICHELLE MOODY PATTI MOORE JEFFREY MORGAN RANDY MYERS SCOTT MYERS PENNY NEILSON KURT NELSON NGHI TH NGU DALERAY NIELSON CHRISTINE NIMS MARCIE NUTTALL 203r N • - - » N MARY ANN OLSON KENT ORTON WADE ORMTN JANENE OSBORN ALLEN QSTERGAR SANDRA PAGE CHARLOTTE PALMK T T RITA PARK JANKTE PARKER SCOTT PARKER KAREN PAULSEN KE TS PAXTON NORMA PECH FWSOLLA PERKINS JAMES PETERSON MttJSSA PLOTHOM JANICE POLSON WCMAEL POPE TAMMY PORTER SUSAN POTTER SCOTT PRICE SHELLEY RASMUSSEN 204JOHN SMALL SHAWNA SMN1TH TAMSYN SMITH GRACE SNELL MICHAEL SNELL JAMES SOVINE MICHELLE SPENCER LAD AWN STANLEY JANA STEPHENSON JON STEWART BRUCE STONE STEPHENIE SWINDLE AI.AN SYME JUDY SYME LORI STRUTHERS RACHEL TARR 206LORI TINDALL MICHELLE THOMPSON RETT THORPE ANTHONY THURBER CHRISTOPHER THURMAN DARLA THURSTON RANDY TOM PHILLIP TOONE .JEANNE TOWNSEND SEAN TREWARTHA PHI THRIN CARRIE TURNER JAYNE UBERTI DAN URBAN BERTHA VALLADARES RACHEL VAN ANDA MICHAEL VAN BUREN DAVID VANFLEET LISA VERV1LLE DARREN VINCENT SCOTT VINCENT GF.RALDE VOGUE CRAIG WATTS PAMELYN WEST DIANA WHITE 207MICHAEL WHITING BRYANT WILSON SHANNON WHITING IAN WINGROVE WAYNF. WILLES MARGARET WINTER KENT WOOLF NANNETTE WILLIAMS KEELY WOLSEY LORENA WILLIS THOMAS WOOD GILBERT YAZZIE 208 i) o X X o 2 O X m (T LAYNE ABBOTT HEIDI ADAMS USA ADAMS PAMELA ADAMS SHERI ALEXANDER TIM ALLAN DAVID ALU GOOD RODNEY ALLRED DEANNE ANDERSON RICHARD ANDERSON SAM ANDERSON BECKY ANGERHOFER KHARENT AROCA MARIBF.L ARRIETA ALAN ASHTON 209(ft u X O s o X cu o (ft 210 COLLEEN ASTON VERNON ASTON BERT ATTERTON TAYNA AUST1LL CYNTHIA BAER JOHN BAIR MARK BALLIF MONA BALOO ROBERT BARLOW DEBORAH BARNES CHERISE BARNEY MICHELLE BARRUS WENCH LYN BARTON BRENT BATTY BLAKE BEAL RALEEN BECKHAM JUUE BEDNAR GREG BEE JEFF BEE DANA BENNETT THOMAS BENNETT CHUCK BENNION TED BENNION MARK BENSON JOHN BERNARDIMICHELLE BETTS JULAINE BLACK GLORIA BLACKLEDGE KARL BLACKBURN RUTH ANN BOONE WAYNE BINKS JUU ANNE BOWN ALBERT BRADSHAW MARNI BRAILSFORD TODD BRAMALL TRACY BRANIN CARL BRENNAN JAMES BRERETON KATHY BRERETON USA BRICKEY KERRY BRIGGS LAURA BROTHWELL MIMI BROWN DONNY BRYAN TRAVIS BURNS JUUE BURROWS KRISTEEN BUSH OLIVER BYARS STEPHEN CANFIELD COLETTE CARTER CD O X X o 2 O 50 m CD 211KIMBERUE CARTER PEGGY CARTER GEORGE CASE OLY CHACIN 212 NATALIE CHECKETTS ELIZABETH CHRISTENSEN STEVE CHRISTENSEN CHERYL CHRIST1JEB STEVE CI.ARK ALICE CLARK IVAN CARIX) SCOTT CI.AYSON CHRISTINE CLEMENT KIRK CLEMENTS CLAUDIA CONCHA KRISTEN COULSON PASCUAL COVARRUBAIG LEE COWAN DEBBIE COX SARAH CRAPO SHARON CREER WILLIAM CROFT DAYNA DALLEY EARL DALY ANNE DANIELEWSKIDARCY DARBRO MARK DAVIS BRIAN DAY STEVE DAYBELl. MELISSA DEMOS THRANH Kl DIEP DANIEL DORTON JEFFERY DOWER WADE DOUGLAS DANA DRAPER WILLIAM DULLE VICKI DUNCAN SUSAN DUNN BLAINE EDWARDS VELKA ESPINOZA GREG EVANS ANGELA EWELL SHANE EWELL KENNETH FADELY ROBERT FAGG LUCIA FARIAS l-AUREL FEARNLEY ALAN FELTZ PATRICK FENN WILLIAM FERGUSON 213CA U OS o s o s CL o CA 214 DOUGLAS FILLMORE JUDY ANN FLETCHER KIMBERLY FORD KIMBERLY FOSTER BRIDGIT FOUNTAIN BRENT FRANK TABBITHA FRANKLIN NORMA FRIAS MERRILL FROST WETTE GAGNE BRYON GAMMON DEE GARDNER MICHELLE GARRICK ADAM GEHRING TODD GOFORTH PETER GORDON DEBRA GOULD JULIE GREF.Nl.AND ANTHONY GREY KIRK GROESBECK MERIJO GUERCIO SHARILYN HALE KRIS HALLADAY DOUGLAS HAMILTON KF.RI HAMILTONSHANE HAMILTON RANDY HARALSON LESLIE HARKER CHRISTIE HARRIS ELISABETH HATCH MATTHEW HATCH BEN HAWS JESS HAYES CHANCE HEADMAN DEE HERRING COLETTE HICKMAN KAY HIGGINS SHAI.ANN HILL MELODY HOGENCAMP LORI ANN HONE THOMAS HOOD JAMES HUIE CYNTHIA HURLEY RACHELLE HUTCHINGS AARON ISHII LINDA JACKMAN LIZ JACKSON SHAUNA JACOBSON CAMILLE JARMAN KAM JARMAN (ft O s o 2 0 50 m x 215CD U X o s o s ft, o CD 216 ROBERT JENSEN STACEY JENSEN BRAD JORGENSON MIKE JOSEPHSON BRYAN JOHNSON DALE JOHNSON SHAWN JOHNSON KEVIN KAPPSUN KIM KAMPON KEOUILAYUAHH TUN KEO DEBRA KENDALL GRACE KATTERMAN STACY KING KELLY KIMBER MIKEL KOGIANES DALE LACHANCEA 217 In ’83. Sophomores met reality. A long Freshman year of bad grades and bad times leaves a bad taste in the mouth. The Sophomores began to suspect that maybe something was wrong. If teachers are so kindly and loving, why the homework and bad grades? If their fellow students are so friendly, why did people always laugh when you walked by? They knew something was happening, but didn’t know what...CD U X O S O X CL o CD 218 STEVE LAFRANCA ROBERT LAMB WILLIAM LAMB HILLARY LAMBERT TANYA LANE KIM LARSEN KIMBERLY LARSEN TRINA LARSEN LEANNETTELASSON KEVIN LE BARON BONNIE LEE SANDRA LEFTWICH BONNIE LEROY ERIC LEVIE IASON LEWIS PAUL UEVANO JEFF LINDSAY MARGET LINDSAY LORI LINDQUIST JASON LIU KIRK LOTT HOLLY LOVEALL DAVID LUMBLEY HAO LUU RODNEY LYMANJUDY MAAG ANDREW MACARTHUR RICHARD MACKAY MICHAEL MACKEY COLLEEN MADRUGA FADIMATU MALAFA SORHON MAO SYLVIO MARCONDES JULIE MARTIN DOUG MASSEY MARTIN MATHESON TONYA MAXF1ELD RACHELLE MCCLUNG ERIN MCNEAL DINA MF.CHAM JOHN MECHAM PHYLLIS MEDINA KIMBERLY MILLER MYKEL MILLER SHARLENE MINER CHAD MITCHELL TODD MITCHELL MARK MOESSER EDWARD MONTGOMERY LUIS MORALES CD o X X o o X pfl CD 219CD u OS o S o X ft. o CD 220 PAUL MOSS SHAWN MORGAN JUUE MURR1 MIKE MURRY BRIAN NAYLOR ERIC NELSON LEEZA NELSON GREGORY NEWREN JANET NIELSEN LORI NIELSEN RAQUEL NIELSEN ROBIN NIELSEN DAN OLDROYD BRAD OLSEN NATALIE OLSEN DENISE OLSON KHEANGOV ELIZABETH PACE ROBERT PARAMORE GREGORY PARK KATHERINE PASKETT MICHELLE PAY JUUE PAYNE STEVEN PEART JOHN PERRYROGER PERRY BOUNYA PHAUCHOMPHON JASON PHOJJPS BRETT PINE GAR JACKIE PINO VOKEP1NO AMYPLOTHOW COWNNA PORTER VAL POULSON THOMAS PRICE RYAN QUIGLEY RUM RANIERi MELAME RASBAND STEPHANIE RASSAND RONALD RASMUSSEN USA RAUF A OTA RESSNER ELVYREWYES BRYAN REYNOLDS JUUE REYNOLDS GREGORY RHLNEER ELIZABETH RXXX-E LAUREL ROBERTS USA ROBERTSON DEBRA ROGERS CD O 0 X o 2 O X m CD 221CD u X o S O X cu o CD 222 TRINA ROSKF.LLEY MERILEE ROUNDY ED ROWE ALYSON ROWLEY USA ROY CARLOS RUBIO TAMERA RUOF MARK SANTIAGO JOHN SCHWEISS KELLY SCOTT MICHAEL SHELLEY DAN SHEPHERD ROBERT SHIMMIN DANIEL SHOREY YVONNE SHUPE BARBARA SHURTZ JEFFERY SLOAN LEGRANDE SMITH TAMRA SMITH TRINA SMITH WENDY SMITH MICHELLE SNOW JOSE SOLORZANO BRAD SONDEREGGER JOHN SORROUGHHELEN SPAEFORD DOUGLAS SPENCER ELLEN SPENCER MICHEAL STANLEY MARC STEED TODD STIMPSON KARL STOKES MARK STRATTON KERI STRUTHERS BRYCE STUBBS JEFF STUBBS ERIC SYNDER APHAYRATH SYSARRT KIM TAYLOR CONNIF THOMAS MARK THOMPSON JESSIE THURGOOD DE VAN TRAN YUNG TRAN BRIAN TREGEAGLE NAHI ULUAVE MICHEAL VANCE DAVID WALKER JEANNE WALTER KELLY WARDLE 223(ft u fid o s o X Cl. o (ft 224 CIDNY WARREN LESLIE WATTS DUWAINE WEBBER JACQUELINE WEINER DARREN WELCH MIKE WELCH KIM WEST JODI WESTPHAl. FRANK WHITE TROY WHITING JULIE WHITTAKER TRENT WHITING RODNEY WHITLOCK JEFF WILKINSON ANDREA WILUAMS ANGELA WILUAMS STACI WILLIAMSON THEGN WISE ETHAN WOOD RON WOOLSEY CHRIS WRIGHT DAVID YAZZIE HUONG YOONG RACHELLE ZOBELL DONNA ZUGFRESHMEN BLURB In ’83. Freshman were still Freshman. The Freshman girls still looked like boys, and the Freshman boys still couldn t seem to tell the difference. In a way, this seemed typical of freshman. They liked their teachers, their classes, their schoolmates. If ignorance is bliss. Freshman are the happiest of all. High School is a big, new world theirs to conquer... CRYSTAL SAVAGE SECRETARY JENNIFER SNOW VICE PRESIDENT DEREK BENTLEY PRESCENT 225SHANE ALLMAN TONY ANDERSON KENNETH BARKDULL DAVID ALLEN BRENT ANDERSON SAM ANDRES DIANE BARNES IMO ABIA JEFF ALLEN KEITH ANDERSON SEAUM APHYRATH MISTY BARRICK DAVID ACKLEY MARK ALLEN PATRICIA ANDERSON JOHN ATKINS KEVIN BARTON CURTIS ADAMS ANN ALLEN SHANE ANDERSON ANTONIO BANUELOS BRIAN BATESAARON BEGAY SHANNON BIRD CINDY BOURNE MICHAEL BROWER RICKY BURRELL TEZENLE BEGAY SUZANNAH BLACKHAM SUZANNAH BOWEN TOM BURGER MARY BURTON DEREK BENTLEY CLAY BOARDMAN KIMBERLI BOWERS SHELLY BURNINGHAM MORI A CAHOON JIM BERNARKI JACOB BOON MICHAEL BARDSHAW CRYSTAL BILLS LAURA BOSS ALICIA BRIMHALl. 227228 USA CARTER SHAWNA CHERRINGTON RONNIE CHRISTENSEN IXJANE CALL ANGELA CASPER SUSAN CARTER CAREY CHILDS JULIA CHRISTLEIB STEPHANIE CALL BROOKS CASPER KEITH CHADWICK DARREN CHIPMAN TIMOTHY CHRISTLEIB WENDY CAMPBELL SCOT CARSON JON CHANBFRI AN YOUNG SHIR CHOI HEANE KIM CHUK ANNETTE CANNON USA CARTER VANCE CHECKETTS CODY CHR1STAN HONE KIM CHUKAMY CLARK STEPHEN CLOWARD DOUG CONANT STEPHANIE COOMBS ANGELA CRIST JOHN CLARK LEEAN COLLINS STEFANIE CONDIE ALAN CORDNER MICHELLE CROSSETT LANCE CLARK AARON COULSON SHANNON DAHL TRISHA CLAYTON CATHRINF. COVEY PATRICK DANIELS STEPHANIE CLOWARD CHARLENE CREVISTON KEITH DECKER 229z u S s CD U fid u. 230 i MATTHEW DEEM JARON DRUYOM AI.YARO ESPINORA ALAN FRAMPTON ANNA GEHRINE MAVIS DESENIRF. MIC HEAL GOFORTH VIBERE DF.SPAIN STACI pURE JAYLYN FACREU. BROOKE FRANCIS ROBERTA GONZALES CATHLEEN DICK DAVID F.ATOUGH ERIC FILLMORE DENISE GARDNER DOUG GRAY WENDY DOLL SHANE EPPLEY SCOTT FINI.AYSON TONY GATENBY ERIC GRAYWENDY GRIFFITH KIMBERLI HAIR ELERITA HARDING GREGORY HATCH UNDA HICKEN LARRY GUERCIO ILF.NE HALE CRIST1 HARRIS CHRISTINE HAUGHEY DAVID HIL1AM MELISSA HADEN STEVEN HAYWARD RANDY HINCKLEY VICKY HAGGERTY USA HENDERSON KATHERINE HINES DONNA HAIR MARY HALES BOBBI JO HATCH CARRIE HENSEL BRIAN HOLMES T1 w m CD X 2 m Z 231z u S X CD U X u. 232 MEGAN HOLT KENT HOPPLE NIKK! JACKSON CHAMANE JOHNSON SUZETTE JOHNSON DARREN HONE LARRY HOUTZ ELENA JARVIS DARRIN JOHNSON TIM JOHNSON JAMES HOOD TOM HUGHES KELLY JASPERSON DONALD JOHNSON MARCI JONES DAN HOOPER DEBORAH HUME ROBERT JENSEN MELISSA JOHNSON STACY JORGENSEN LEANN HOPKINS ANA ROSS JIMENEZ RETT .JOHNSON DAVID KEISCHmfDAZUR k Z83Q JODI KELSON SAM KNIGHT CORRIE I .ARSEN BRADLEY LEFEVRE KEVIN KENDALL Jl HYOUNG KIM NATHAN NKUTH ADAM LARSON MICHAEL LEISHMAN WONGDOUNE KEOYILAYVAHN SARAH KIMBALL JEFF KOBYI.ANSKI BREN I.AWS KAREN LIDDIARD THAN LIM KHAUV JARED KING KENNY KROPH JULIE I.EBARON JULIE IJECHTY JULIE KILLIAN LEE KIRK ALLISON LAMBERT SHELLY LEE MARY IJECHTY ■fl 50 ffl CD S 2 m 2 233z u S X CD u X u. 234 JARED LUDLOW REAGAN MACKEY THAN MAO PAMELA UNDSAY MARK LOTT JENIFER LUND AMY MCCl.EAN DOUGLAS MARKHAM KRISTI USH ANGEUTA LOPEZ .JOHN LOPEZ MARK MACGROTTY DARREN MARROTT LISA LOHNER AMY LOVELESS LESUE LUND JAYNE MADSEN ANNETTE MARTINEZ DEBBIE LONG HEATHRE LUDLOW SHERI LYONS GERALD MANSFIELD SHAWN MASONERIC MCCORMIC CURTIS MIIXER JAY MORGAN DARYL MURRAY MAUREEN MERRELL KEVIN MILLER RYAN MONTGOMERY LAURIE MORRISON LEONA NAMAYPOKE WADE MF.SSICK SHEILA MIIJ.ER HORACE MONTOYA CRAIG MURDOCK USA NAZARIAN GREG MILDENHALL LYNN MITCHELL TRAN NGAN CHRIS MILELS BRUCE MOESSER MILO MOODY HOLLY MUCUNER MA SHUT 235z u S X CD u X u- 236 JONATHAN NELSON GLEN OLPIN STACY PATRICK SHAREEN PENROD MICHELLE P1LGRAM ROBERT NELSON STEPHEN OLSON RICHARD PATTEE TESS PERKINS MONIQUE PLOUFE SYLVIA NEWEY KAQUE1. ORTON MIKE PAXTON STEPHEN PETERSEN WILLIAM POWLEY CHARLENE HEZ MARK OSTERGAR KERIN PAY JULIA PHILLIPS MARK OBERG TROY OVESON CATHY PENROD BRAIN PIDWERBECKICHAL1SE PORTET ROY RANDALL GLENNA ROBERTS ALLEN ROBINSON JAMES POULSON MIKE RASMUSSEN BART ROBISON CHERILYN ROBINSON TRINA PRICE ANNELl. RBUE JARRED ROBISON DONALD ROPER NATHAN ROUNDY NICOLE PRITCHARD CHAD ROSKELLF.Y JOHN ROWLEY IJDIA QUIROR GUS ROUNDY LORRAINE ROWLEY 237z u 2 £ u tf u 238 NEALE ROWLEY MICHAEL SCHNEBl.Y BRAD SMITH RYAN SORENSEN SHARALYN STF.ERE REBICCA ROWLEY SCOTT SCHNEJTER CARWYN SMITH JODI SRDICH LES STEGGELI JOHN ROY DOUG SCHROEPPLE STACIE SMITH ANA SANCHEZ TRACI SCHWF.ISS DEBORAH SNELL CRYSTAL SAVAGE PATSY SKEEN JENIFER SNOW MICHAEL STEED MARK STEPHENSON239 SHAWN STRINGHAM JODI SUMNER SHARLA TEW HEIDI VANORMAN MELISSA WELCH STEVEN THOMAS SARA LINDA VISICK BRENTON WEST JOANN STURGEON JAMIE TAIT RICHARD VANFLEET REBECCA WATTS BRYAN WHTTE THANA TRAN ROBERT WALTER GORDON WESTENSKOW ESSKA STUBBS iROVER SWALLOW RICHARD TURNER BRIAN WATKINS JEANA WILEYz u S X CD u X u 240 SHANNON WILEY LARRY WOOD DEREK WOO LEE JANICE YOGHINO ALAN WILLIAM DAVID WILLIAMS KRISTY YOUNG LORALEE YOUNG MARK YOUNG BRADLY WILSON CYNTHIA ZUMBRENNEN TODD WINNIE STACY WOODWARD VICTORIA YAZZIE STACY YOUNEKEtT JASON ZUGThis year Provo High Schoolmen armed themselves fashionably for the haphazard days of hectic class schedules that accompany each school year. The Bulldog scholars came clad in an array of styles varying from the functional rivets, hat and boots of the cowboy to the lavish leather of the new waver. Moreover, the thoroughbred preppie look also found it’s way into the hearts and closets of the multitude. Foriegn exchange students brought with them this year a touch of Europe to grace the hallowed Provo halls. Fish net stockings and baggie pants exemplified the visitors European heritage. If nothing else our students proved this year that they are fad conscious and eager to flaunt their fashion awareness. 241And These We Carry Carefully With Us Into All OurTomorrowsA Brian Bates 91 102 226 Brent Batty 210 Lavne Abbott .91.209 Su anne Baum 177 Imo Abia 209.226 Heidi Baumann. . . 74 194 David Ackley 91.226 Karin Baumann 50 70. 74. 72. 138. 150. 177 Jennifer Ackley 177 John Beac ham 52. 55. 194 Brenda Adams 52 55. 194 Blake Beal 91.210 Curtis Adams 226 Michelle Beal 126 177 Elizabeth Adams 52 126 194 Sherri Beardall 177 Heidi Adams 209 Raleen Beckham 20.210 Kyle Adams 23. 194 Veronica Blackledge 165 Lisa Adams 209 John Bliss 195 Pamela Adams 209 Pamela Blomquisl 195 Fred Adamson 194 Michelle Boun 175. 77 Sheri Alexander 133 209 Clay Boardman 227. 107 Mark Allan 226 Ken Bond 74. 32 Tim Allan 209 Clarissa Bonnett 178 Ann Allen 226 228 255 Jacob Boone 227. 23 David Allen 226 Ruth Ann Boone 59.211 Jeff Allen 91.226 Kristie Border 178 Joe lie Allen 194 James Borget 195 Preot Allen 70. 194 David Boss 52.65. 56 195 54 David Ailigood 30.209 Laura Boss 227 233 Shane Allman 226 Cindy Bourne 227 59 Brent Allred 50.62. 119. 177 Tanya Bourne . 56.95.202 Rodney Allred 209 Suzanne Boan 227 Jennifer Allred 74 91 Kim Bowers 227.59 Cheryl Amador 194 Julianne Bown 211 Amka Anderson 239. 65. 67. 119 70 Bobby Boyd 96.95 Joseph Andersen ...91 Albert Bradshaw 91.117 211 Richard Andersen 119.209 Michelle Bradshaw 91 227 Brent Anderson 226 Murni Bralkford 211 Cindee Anderson 19456 Laura Bramall 178. 32. 128 Deanne Anderson 209 Todd Bramall 211. 110 101 Keith Anderson 57.226 36 Tracy Branin 211 Michelle Anderson 194 74 Stan Bray 178.32 Patricia Anderson 226 Carl Brennan 211 Sam Anderson . 209 James Brereton.... 23.211 Scott Anderson 23.194 Kathleen Brereton 122 129.211 Shane Anderson 226 Lisa Brickcy 152 211 Stephen Anderson 70.194 36 Gary Bridges 52. 74. 117.178 Tony Anderson .56.96.226 Jason Briggs ...195. 117.90 Wendy Andrews 28. 29. 126 177 Kerry Briggs 91.211 Susan Andrews 177 Michelle Briggs 195.26 Sam Andrus 226 Alice Bnmhull 227 59 B«?cky Anger hofer 209 Vonlogan Brimhalt . 195 Sevm Aphayrath 226 James Brothwell 19 ). 195. 94 Masae Araki 32 Laura Brothwell 70 211 Dina Archuleta 24. 177 Michael Brower 227 Julie Archuleta 120. 137. 194 Bill Brower ...... 178 Javier Armenia 177 Gary Brown 90 •Jodi Arnold 194 Julie Brown 124 29 178 32 138 Kharent Aroca .209 Larry Brown 178 Manbel Arrieta 209 Mtmi Brown 211 Kim Ashby 194 Paul Brown 195 Alan Ashton 30 91 209 Cliff Brummett 90 Colleen Aston 209 Dawn Ann Brundage 178 Vernon Aston 30 91.209 Bonny Bryan 211 John Atkin 226 Tom Burger 227 Bert Atterlon 91.209 James Burgess 195 Lisa Augustus 194 Shelly Bumlnghum 227 Tayna Austill 209 Sue Ellen Burns 195 Travis Burns 23. 211 B Randy Burrell 195 Ricky Bunell 96 227 231 232 Cinthia Baer 59. 209 Julie Bunows 23211 Lany Baer 50 51.81 90 74 117.177 Mary Ann Burton 227 228 Wendy Bagnell 177 Kristie Bush 152 211 John Bair 91 209 Wayne Bush 100 196 Monica Baker 177 Howard Butler 30 178 Jeff Ballrf 50 52 54 177 Oliver Byars 105.94 211 Mark Ballif 101. 102 119.209 Mona Baloo 209 c Tony Banuelos 226 • Tony Barbione 177 Mona Cahoon 227 Kenneth Barkdull 59.226 Duane Call 228 59 Tammy Barker 28. 2 ). 32.81. 152 177 Jennifer Call 196 Robberl Barkiw 91.210 Mane Call 196 137 Deborah Bames 210 Stephanie Call 228 205 Diane Bames 133 226 Connie Campbell 196 Cherise Barney 210 Debbie Campbell . .50. 52. 178. 32. 74 Dell Barney .. ... 194 Wendy Campbell 228 233 Brain Barnheart 194 Stephen Canfield 107.211 Kandie Barrett ... 177 Annette Cannon 228 Misty Bamck 65 1.33. 226 Chris Cannon 178. 117 26 James Bamis 30 138. 177 Diane Cannon 178 Michelle Barrus 210 Terry Carlson 179 Kevin Barton 26 226 CydCantck 56. 196 206 Wendi Lynn Button 210 Randy Carson 179 Scott Carson 91 228 232 Robin Cox 23 180 Brett Carter 50 51. 179. 32 Sarah Crapo 212 Colette Carter 57.211 Evelyn Crawford 197 Helina Carter 196 Sliaron Creer 124 138 212 Kimberlte Outer 212 Charlen Crevlston 22 ) Lesa Cray Carter 228 Angela Crist 125 229 Lisa Carter 228 Brian Crist 197 Mark Carter 196 Cody Cntser .., 197 Peggy Carter 212 Will,am Croft 56.212 Todd Carter 179.105.23 Hans Cross 197 Shon Carter 179 Michelle Crossett 29 229 Susan Carter 228 Tracy Carter 196 D Wendy Carter 179. 69.32 Gndv Cartwright 179 Matthew Dahl 30 Randy Cary 17 ) Shannon Dahl 229 George Case 212 Dayna Dailey .. 212 Brooks Casper 228 Beth Dahon 197 Trent Casper 52 Earl Daly 59. 212 Sabrina Castaneda 1% Shane Dandy R7 Oly Chacin 212 Ann Danielewski 69 212 Keith Chadwick 96 237 228 Mark Danielewski 70 197. 158. 90 Jon Chamberlain 91 228 117 Patrick Danick 71 229.240.59 Kristen Chandler 124. 179.32 143 Darcy Darbro 213 Natalie Checkctts 52 29 212 Shaun Darbro ..... 190.23 Vance Checketts 228 29 Enk Davis 197 119. 8) Kenneth Chen 5. 117.196 Gwyneth Davis 180 Shawna Chernngton 59 228 Mark Davis 213 Carey Childs 228 Nick Davis 180 Darren Chlpman 228 117 Brian Day 91.213 Kari Chipman 179 David Day 96 197. 117 Young Choi 228 Steven Day 90.197.117 Cody Christen 92 228 107 23 Steven Daybell 23 213 Eliza Christensen . 212 Leann Dayley 72 Flo Christensen 196. 126 44 Michael Dean 70. 117. 197.90 Julius Christensen ... 179. 192. 105 John Deardorff 52 54. 197. 65 27 Kenda Christensen . 196 Eldon Decker 197.117 Ronnie Christensen 23 228 Keith Decker 229 Stephen Christiansen 212 Jon Deem 180.27 Cheryl Christlieb 212 Maria Deem 197 Heidi Chrislbieb 179 Matthew Deem .. 230 236 Julie Christlieb 228. 236. 59 Melissa Demos 213 Timothy Christlieb 228 Cameron Dennis . 96.197 Heane Kim Chuk 228 David Dennis 50 96 180.32 Amy Clark - 229. 232. 238.65 Dianne Dennis 180 Jay Clark 100 110 179. 152 Duwayne Dennts 180 Jodi Clark .179 John Dennison 183.90 John Clark 229.29 Lena Deschine 197 Lance Clark 91.229 Mavis Deshine 230 Nanette Clark 179 Ene Despain 180 117.26 Traci Clark .196 Ron Despain 56 57 180 117 Stephen Clark 101 110 91.212 Vibeke Despain 230 Alice Clarke 56.212 Kelly Devey 180 Ivan Clavijo 212 Eric Dibb 52.180 Raul Clavijo 179 Cathleen Dick 230.59 Colette Clayson 179 126 Thranh Kt Diep 213 Scott Clayson 212 Merrill Dixon 30.180.117 Trisha Clayton 22 Wendy Doll 230 Sarah Clegg 56 196 Daniel Docton 213 Knsline Clement 56 21 212 Wade Douglas 110 101.91.213 Kim Cloward 52 19t, 205 Julie Dowdell 197.44 Kirk Clements 212 Jeff Dower 56. 57. 213 Stephanie Cloward ... 229 Dana Draper . . 213 Stephen Cloward .. 229 Jaron Druyon 230 LeeAn Collins .. 29.229 Staci Duke 230 Teri Collins 196 William DuBe 23 91.213 Doug Conant . 229 Cathy Duncan 197. 160 Tommy Conant 196 Vicki Duncan 29.213 Claudia Concha 212 Robyn Dunn 180 Brigitte Condle 72.196 Susan Dunn 213 Stefame Condie 90.229 Rosanne Cook 196 Crist in Coombs 196.200 E Stephanie Coombs 229 Thomas Eakins 197 Julie Coomes 196 David Eatough 230 59 Sherry Coomes 65 160.179 Michael Eatough 198 Alan Cordner 59.229 Michelle Eatough 198 .John Coronado 72 197 Blaine Edwards 30. 213 Mario Cortez 197 Stacy Elder 29 Aaron Coukon 119 229 Curtis Eppley 198 Kirsten Coulson 212 Shane Eppley 230 Pascu CovarTubais 212 Alvero Espinoza 230. 119 Cathnne Covey 229 Belka Esplno a 213 David Covey 90.117 152 197 Omar Espinoza 180 Sean Covey 32.69 74 81 108.148 152 179 Sabra Espkn 198 Lee Cowan ..212 Sean Esplm 100. 74 198 152 Reed Cowan .... 179 Greg Evans 213 Debbie Cox 212 Angela Ewell 213 Eric Cox 179 Shane Ewell 213F Jalynn Fackrell ... 230 Mike Fackrell 198 Wes Faddy 101.91 213 Bob Faddy 180 107 Kathy Fagg 180. 52 54 Robert Fagg 213 l.uoa Farias 213 J SP Faux 198.90 Laurel Fearnley 213 Scotl Feldman 180 Alan Fehz 30. 213 Brian Felt 213 Tela Fenn 198. 160. 213 Ronak) H Fledel 185 Doug Fillmore 91.214 Enc Fillmore 91.230 Maria Fillmore 181 Barry Finch 100. 198 Scott Finlayson 101.230 Tami Fischer 181 Judy Ann Fletcher 29 152. 214 John Ford 117.90. 181 Kim Ford 129.214 Russell Ford 198 Elise Fossum 198 Kimberly Foster 214 Bngit Fountain 214 Kalra Fountain 198 Darren Fox 105. 181 Alan Frampton 108 100 102. 230 Marilyn Frampton 198 Nancy Frampton . . 181 Paul Frampton 1 OS 100 103 Brooke Francis 230 232 165,152 Morgan Francis 198 Richard Francis 198 117.90 Sam Francis 198 Brent Frank 23.214 Tabbttha Franklin 214 Kon Frank Norma Fnas 214 Julie Frodkrh 198 Merril Frost 214 Danette Fuja 54 52 181 32 Bonnie Fullmer 198.160 Brian Fullmer 181 Virginia Furse 52. 181 David Fnrner 52 G Elizabeth Gagne 181 Yvette Gagne 55.214 Teddie Jo Gallegos 181 Bryon Gammon 91.214 Michael Gammon 198. 138 27 Deeann Gardner 29.214 Denise Gardner 230 Scott Gardner •30.56.74 181 Cyndie Garner 199 Gina Garrick 181.32. 129 Michelle Gamck 158 214 Alan Gatenby 199 Tony Gatenby 91 230.237 Adam Gehnng 214 Anna Gehnng 230 Mike Gillies 30 198 Wnedy Gilson 199 59 Todd Goforth 214 Michael Goforth 230.233 23 Came Golding 199 Guy Golightly 181.152 110 Roberta Gonzales 230 Reen Goodrich 50 181.52. 138.54 81 Cheryl Goodwin 199 Greg Goodwin 52. 50.181 Laura Goodwin 199 Jodee Gordon 181 Peter Gordon 214 Brian Gornxrhec 181 Debra Gould 56 57 214 Douglas Gray 117 230 Helene Granberg 199 Becky Gray ...74 Eric Gray 230. 117 Rebecca Gray 32 52 44 181 Kim Green halgh 193 192 199 Pam Greenhalgh 23 181 Tami Greenhalgh 44 199 Julie Greenland 214 Anthony Grey 91.214 Wendy Griffith 231. 232 152 Douglas Grocsbeck 74.90 199 Kirk Groesbeck 91.214 Rodney Groesbeck 27.181 Larry Gueroo 231 Merljo Gueroo 67.71 72.69.59 214 Amy Gunther 145 182. 32 54 Tadd Gunther 199 Debbie Gutierrez 199 H Melissa Haden 133. 231 Jennifer Fiafen 182 Virpi Hainblaina 199 Vicki Haggerty 231 Donna Hair 231 Kim Hair 231 Shawn Hair 52.54 182 Bruce Hale 26 182 Ilene Hale 231 Kanvn Hale 52 199 Sharilytt Hale 214 Karen Hales 50. 32. 151. 182 Mary Hales 124.152. 231 PhJhp Hall 199 Shannae Hall 182 Kris Halladay 23. 214 Tracy Halladay 29. 26 152 182 DeDe Hamilton 194 198 Douglas Hamilton 91 214 Shane Hamilton 214 Mary Hansen 199. 214 F.lerita Ffarding 215.231 Marvin Harding 182 Leslie Harker 215 Gary Harmon 199 Christi Hams 23 126 231 Christie Flams 215 Diane Harvey 182 Jerry Harward 199 Paul Harward 199 Bobbi Jo Hatch 231 Cara A Hatch 160 182 Desiree Hatch 126 Elisabeth Hatch 215 Gregory Hatch 231 Matthew Hatch 71.91. 101. 110.215 Melissa Hatch 182 Christine Haughey 29. 137. 215. £31 Ben Haws 90 91 101 Brook Haws 90. 117 Jess Hayes 215 Andrew Hays 182 Christopher Hays 194 Ron Hays 74 Steven Hayward 91. 102 231 Chance Headman 107 215 Daniel Heath 59 Jeff 1 ieaton 90 110. 200 John Henderson 200 Lisa Henderson 23 231 Dee Henderson 148 182 Deborah Hendricks 59 Carie Hensel 231 Gary Herbert 23.118 Michael Hemn 52 54 182 26 Viana Herrin 59 Todd Herring 215 James Hewett 59 Linda Hickcn 231 Roller! Hicken 200 Anne Hickman 200 Bill Hickman 200 Colette Hickman 152.215 Kay Higgins 215 Richard Hill 182 Shalann Hill 126 215 Anne Hlllam 200 David Hlllam 96. 231 Mark Hillam 30 74 182. 119 Neil Hinckley 30.200 Randy Hinckley 231.232 Kathrine Hines 231 Theresa Hoffard 126 Micheal Ffoffman 182 Bret Hoffmeser 200 Clarence Hofhems 90 105.110.182 Melody Hogencamp 23.215 Reginc Holfcltz 67 72 200 Matthew Holland 72.73 100 192 93,200 Brian Holmes 119.231 Marshelle Holmes 92 200 Tracy Holmes 44 160 182 Elizabeth Holt 65 67.145 182 Megan Holt 232 Darren Hone . 232 Lori Hone 215 James Hood 23.232 Jolene Hood 52 137.196 200 Thomas Hood 23 91.215 Dan Hooper 91 232 Leeann Hopkins 232 Mark Hopkins 200 Roger Hopkins ... 200 Kent Hopple 232 Janene Honocks 56 122 137 200 Manan Horton .200 David Houtz 100 200 Larry Houtz 91.110.232 Tom Hughes 91 232 James Fluie ... 91.215 Deborah Hume 232 Cynthia Hurley 59 133.215 Julie Hurley 26 183 Rochell Hutchings 215 John Hutchingson 1 Aaron Ishn 200 117.215 Greg Ishli 30.117 Dave Isom 23.183 Lisa Ivie 200 J Linda Jackman 215 Liz Jackson 215 Nikki Jackson 232.237 Rebecca Jackson 183 Shauna Jacobson 137.215 Camille Jarman 215 Julie Jarman 200 Kam Jarman 100 215 Elena Jarvis 126.232 Lori Jarvis 200 Tyler Jarvis 50.57.201 Kaelynn Jasperson 32 183 Kelly Jasperson 232 Daren Jensen 183 Dianne Jensen 160 183 Jay Jensen 23.1 3 Juhe Jensen 23.55 Richard Jensen 23.201 Robert Jensen 232 Stacy Jensen 23 Ana Rosa Jimenez 232 Allen Johnson 201 Chamane Johnson 122.232 Darrin Johnson 232 Donald Johnson 91 102.232 Duane Johnson 90.100 103 148 165.183 George Johnson 201 Jeanette Johnson 129 180.183 Judy Johnson 201 Melissa Johnson 232 Rett Johnson 102.232 Shawn Johnson 23 Su ette Johnson 232 Tim Johnson 232 Wesley Johnson 183 Marci Jones 133.232 Rodney Jones 23.201 Stephen Jones 74 201 Kris Jorgensen 74 90.117.201 Stacy Jorgensen 133,2.32 K Kevin Kapp 27 David Kelsch 232 Micheal Kelsch 201 Jodi Kelson 233 Debra Kendall 52 54.138 Tami Kendall 44 152.201 Kevin Kendell 233 Donna Kent 201 Wong Keovilayuanh 232 Lim Than Khauv 233 Michelle Kidd 55 Julie Killian 233 Sue Killian 26.152 1 3 Ji-HyoungKim .... 233 Joseph Kimball 26 52 65 201 Sarah Kimball 233 Karl Ktmber 183 Kelly Kimber 23 Dianna King 201 Jared King 59 233 Stacy King 59 137 Lee Kirk ... 233 James Knickerbocker 52 54 65.67.70 201 206 Samuel Knight 102 233 Nathan Knuth 233 Jeffry Kobylanski 233 Jens Koehler • • .119.201 Mikel Kogianes 23 Tricta Kritzberg 59 Barbara Krolls 32 183 Kenny Kroph 233 Brian Kuehn 65 71 David Kuhni 201 L John l Khance 90 91 Julie Lafranca 120.137.195 201 Steven lafranca 117 218 Genette Lamb 32.50.74 128.183 Robert Lamb 23 William Lamb 218 Allison 1-ambert 218 233 Hillary Lambert 218 Tamera Lamoreaux 59 160 183 Lori Lance 183. 189 Scott Lane 27. 183 Tanya Lane 26 218 Corunna Larsen 55.233 Dean l-arsen 183. 105 117 90 KimbcTfi Larsen 218 Kimberly Larsen 23. 218 Kristyn Larsen . 1 3 184. 143 RaDawn Larsen 183 52. 54 Scott Larsen . . . 183 Trtna Larsen 218 Adam Larson 233 James Larson 184 Mark Larson 50. 74 184 32 Leanette Lassen 218 Dale luiursen . .201 Byron Laws ...233 Renee Laws 184 Kevin Le Baron .. .91.218 Julie LeBaron 233 Bonnie Lee....... 65 56 54 52.218 Bruce Lee 30.184 143 26 Dale Lee 184 Shelly Lee 233 Bradley I.efevTe 233 Michelle Leftwich 184 176 Sandra Leftwich 218 Michael Leishman 102 233 Bonnie Leroy 218 John Lcvendge ..23 Eric Levie 91.218 Michel Levingston 201 Jason Lewis 218 Wendy Lewis 184 32. 143 81 Greg l.iddiard 201 Janalee l.iddiard 201 Karen l.iddiard 233 Ann Liechty 74 184. 32. 52 138 Chris Liechty 65.71 202.69 67 26 John Liechty 50. 96. 184 Julie Liechty 233 152 Kenneth Liechty 202 Mary Liechty 233 Mainly Leivano 202 Raul 1 .tevano . 218 Lori Lindquist 218 Dan'l Lindsay 23. 184 Leffrey Lindsay 91 218 Margaret Lindsay 71.124 218Pamela [jndsay 234 Jennifer Middleton 203 Kristin Oldroyd 26 185 Q Kristi Lish 56.234 Terry Mighaccio 203 Nancy Oldroyd 32 52 176 186 Carol Littlefield 44.74 202 Greg Mlldenhall 56.235 Glen Olpin 102 236 Lidia Quiroz 237 Jason Liu 218 Tammy Mlldenhall 160 185 Scott Olpin 178 186 Mike Llewellyn 202 Chris Milels ..235 Brad Olsen 220 R Lisa LohneT . . . 133.234 Curtis Miller 91 235 Melanie Olsen 32 50 52 151 186 Rob Lohner 50. 52 57.81.32, 151. 184 Kevin Miller 235 Natalie Olsen 124 220 Roy Randall 237 Scott Lohner 57.202.92 Kimberly Miller 128 219 Billy Olson 10R 186 Rtiml Ramen 221 Debbie Long ... 126. 234. 238 59 Mark Miller 23.185 Denise Olson 220 Craig Rasband 186 77 Jeff Long 56.57 96.202 Mykel Miller 219 Jennifer OKon 204 Melanie Rasband 221 Pat Long 30. 184 Pamela Miller 26.185 Julie Olson 30.160 186 Stephanie Rasband .221 Heidi Longoria 202 28.29 Sheila Millet 235 Marv Ann Olson 23 204 Mike Rasmussen ... 237 Jeff Longwell . 56. 57.202 Timothy Miller 203 Stephen Olson 96 236 Ronald Rasmussen 221 Andrclla Lopez 29 William Miller 26 52 20.3 April Orchard 120 186 Shelley Rasmussen 204 Angellta Lopez 234 Heather Miner 32.44 137.185 Kent Orton 90 204 Joddy Rasys 205 Brenda Lopez 202 Sharlene Miner 122.219 Raquel Orton 236 I jsa Raul 221 Gloria Lopez 57. 184.181.1?6 Chad Mitchell 219 Wade Orwm 90 204 Beverly Redd 205 Juan Lopez 234 Danny Mitchell 59 Janene Osborn 128 204 Any Reid 205 128 Lyna Lopez 29 184 Lynn Mitchell 56 235 Allen Ostergar 52 50.57 108 204 Randy Reid 205. 56 Kirk 101 91 218 Tomas Mitchell 219 Mark Ostergar 2.36 Anita Reisner 74.56 221 Mark Lott 91 234 Todd Moake 52 185 Kheang Ov 220 Elvy Reyes 27.221 Troy Lott 202 Bruce Moesser 235 Troy Oveson 236 Bryan Revnolds 23. 221 Holly Loveall 152 122. 128 Mark Moesser 219 Julie Reynolds 221 Amy Loveless Suzanne Lovendge Heathre Ludlow Jared Ludlow Jason Ludlow David LumNey Jennifer Lumbley La Na Lund Leslie Lund Hoo Luu ... Sondra Lydiksen Rodney Lyman Sheri Lyons M Judy Maag Alan MacArthur Andrew Mac Arthur Judy MacDonald Mark Macgrotty Richard Mackey Michael Mackey Raegan Mackey Colleen Madruga Jayne Madsen Maureen Manning Tom Manning Gerald Mansfield Sokhon Mao Than Mao Sylvio Marcondes Douglas Markham Kaye Markham Bruce Marks Darren Manotl Mark Marshall Juhe Martin Annette Martinez Todd Marvell Brian Mason Menlee Mason Shawn Mason Danny Massey Doug Massev Alamoni Mataele Noelani Mateaki Martin Matheson Pete Matv»n Tonya Maxfield Lori Maxwell Amy McClean Jennifer McCarty Rachelle MrClung David McCormick Eric McCormick Cheryleen McKay Laurel McKinnon F.rin McNeal Dina Mecham John Mecham Julie Mecham Phyllis Medina Kalheryn Merrdl Maureen Merrell Wade Messick 234 184 234 133.29 234 ... .202 218 234 202 52 234 126 218 202 218 234 158.219 184. 32. 117.74 117.219 52 234 219 ‘ 1 110.219 2.34 219 234 219 184 184 176 190 234 219 ... 234 219 117 2.34 202.29 26 184 24 69. 67 102. 91. 234 90 202 219 2.34 ....202 91 32 176 184 2.34 202 219 202 59 203 56 219 92.184 219 27 56 2.34 IKS 52.219 185 57 235 29.185 52 203 27 219 29 219 91.219 203 219 52.137.203 . 235 2.34 2.35 Nadine Moiling Cliff Montagnoli Edward Montgomery Rosemary Montgomery Ryan Montgomery Morrace Montoya Michelle Moody Milo Moody Patti Moore Luts Morales Jaylan Morgan Jeffrey Morgan Shawn Morgan Coalette Moms Laurie Morrison Paul Moss Angela Moulton Sandra Muir Holly Mulhner Greg Murdock Daryl Murray Mike Munay Julie Mum Aaron Mver Amie Myer Randy Myers Scott Myers N 203 56 203.219 219 26.50 1.38 185 235 91.235 197 203 235 52.203 119.219 102.235 92 110 20.3 23 105 220 235 220 185 160.185 235 91 229 235 235 . . 220 220 30 50 185 6567 23 203 56 198 203 Liz Pace Shenole Pace Brian Pacham Celia Paddock Sandra Page Chariot Palmkvist Robert Paramore Gregory Park Rhonda Park Rita Park Janice barker Scott Parker Katy Paskelt Kelly Patrick Stacy Patrick Troy Pattee Pat Patterson Karen Paulsen Kevin Paxton Michael Paxton Kerin Pay Lynn Pay Michelle Pay Julie Payne Steven Peart Debra Peay Norma Pech Cathy Penrod 158 220 165 186 108 67.70. 74 186.32 209 204 23.91 220 220 186 28 29 204 204 90 204 29.220 52 186 . 236 91.236 52 54. 186 204 90 110 204 236 236 186 220 158. 165 220 110 23. 186 220 204 236 Robin Reynolds . . David Rhmeer Gregory Rhineer Bryan Richards Kevin Rkrhins Elizabeth Kiddle Seth Riddle Anneli Ririe Dave Rittenhouse Conrad Roberson Glenna Roberts Laurel Roberts Lisa Robertson Allen Robinson . . Betsy Robinson Brenda Robinson Cherilyn Robinson Fred Robinson Bart Robison Camille Robison Jarred Robison Auris Rodnquez Courtney Rogers Debra Rogers Stephen Rogers 122 186 32.92 110.92 107. 110. 221 186 205 52 221 75 119 189.176.80 143 237 189 100 205 90 237 221 23. 221 .......... 237 205 189.32 52 74 237 100 189 81 91 237 189 32 128 56 237 189 205. 105 110.90 221 205 Tiffany Rogers 128. 137 189 124 32 29 28 Scott Rogerson 205.94.90 Donald Roper 237 Chad Roskelley 96 237 Tnna Roskelley 222 Leona Namavpoke . . 235 Shareen Penrod 2.36 Rose Roth 52 Brian Naylor 220 Pncifla Perkins 204 Gus Roundy 237 Mark Naylor 185 Tess Perkins 2.36 Kim Roundy 44 189. 160 Usa Na arian 2.35 John Perry 27 220 Menlee Roundy 70 222 Jerry Neaman 91.117 Roger Perry 30. 221 Nathan Roundy 237 117 Enc Nelson 220 Steven Petersen 2.36 Ed Rowe 91 165 189 117 90 222 Jennifer Nelson 185 James Petcrv pn 204 105 Sherry Rowe 65 44 32. 145 Jonathan Nelson 236 Boun Phauchomphon 221 Terye Rowland 205 Kurt Nelson 100.203 Jason Phillips 91 221 Alyson 222 Lceza Nelson 155.220 Julia Philhps 236 Annette Rowley 189 160 44 Robert Nelson 236 Treesie Phillips .lohn Rowley 91.237 Kim An Nereu 27 185 Brian Pidwerbecki 236 Lorraine Rowley 237 23 Sylvia Newey 256 Mi vs Ptggv 32 Neale Rowley 238 Greg Newien 220 Michele Pikjnm 236 Rebecca Rowley 238. 129 Charlene Nez 236 Brett Pmegar 96 30. 221 George Roy 189 90 Lien Ngu 185 Jackie Pino 221 John Roy 108 91 238 Nghi Ngu 203 James Pino 186 LesRoy 189 1H6.90 Tran Ngan 235 Mike Pino 221 Lisa Roy 222 Ma Nhut 235 Melissa Plothow 204 Carlos Rubto 222.27 Janet Nielsen 29 152 220 Monique Ploufe 2.36 Tamer a Rouf 222 Kristy Nielsen 185 Val Poison 221 Rtck Runnels 189 92 Lisa Nielsen 52.160 James Poison 108 237 Steven Russell 54 203 205 69 52 65 Lori Nielsen 158 220 Janice Poison 71.204 44 Cecilia Ruiz 205 Robin Nielsen 220 Michael Pope 204 Raquel Nielsen 220 Becky Porter 186 s Daleray Nielson 203 Chalise Porter 237 133. 152 Oscar Saldana 119 205 Penny Nielson 203 Corinna Porter 221 Ana Sanchez 238 Christine Nims 203 Lamse Porter 186. .32 52 152 137 Kudolpbo Sanchez 205 Shane Norris 27 Tammy Potter 204 • Kevin Santiago 100 74 110 Marete Nuttall 203 Susan Potter 204 Mark Santiago 100 no 222 William Powley 102 91 236 117 Valerie Satterfield 189 o Eileen Pratt 186 Crystal Savage 225 238 133 Scott Price 204 27 John Schneiter 20.6 Mark Obereg 236 Tnna Price 237 Scott Schneiter 91.238 Ka uhiro Oku aki 117 185 Thomas Price 119 27 Micheal Schnelby 238 Dan Oldroyd . . 220 Nicole Pntclwml 2.37 137 Doug Schroeppel 238John Sc h weiss 222 Connie Thomas Traci Sch wee« 238 Pam Thomas Dems« Scon 26 32 189 Steven Thomas Kelly Scon 222 229 David Thompson Mary Anne Scon 189 Knstyn Thompson Srna Seang 20S Mark Thompson Steven Seey miller 92.205 Michelle Thompson Elizabeth Senju 32 Rett Thorpe Ruth Shaw 189 Gayla Thorson Micheal She Bey 91.222 Anthony Thurber Dan Shepherd 117 222 Jesse Thurgood Jeffrey Shep rd 205 Roger Thurgood Robert Shtmmin 222 Chris Thurman Daniel Shorey 222 Darla Thurston Yvonne Shupe 222 Duane Thurston Barbara Shurtz 27 55 222 Christum Timm Patsy Skeem 238 I.OCI Tindall Jeffery Sloan 222 Toby Tobiasson John Small 57 65 67 206 Randy Tom Bradley Smith 238 Phillip Toone Corwyn Smith 91 235,238 Kent Torgeisen Kristen Smith 44 189 Jeanne Townsend LeGrande Smith 101 222 Ngan Tran Shawna Smith 206 Thanh Tran Stacie Smith 238 Yung Tran Stephanie Smith 165 189 Brian Tregeagle Tamra Smith 222 Carmen Tregeagle Tamsyn Smith 74 122 137 206 Sean Trewartha Trina Smith 222 Phi Trinh Wendy Smith 222 Malinda Trotter Deborah Snell 44.56.206 Carrie T urner Colleen Snow 180 189 Richard Turner Jean Marie Snow 150 190 Arlyn Tyler Jennifer Snow 225 238 Val Tyler Mic helle Snow 122.206 222 Rebecca Snow 52 190 F.ric Snyder 223 U Kevin Snyder 90.190 Janme Uberti Jose Sokir ano 222 Nani Uluave Brad Sonderegger 27.222 Fine Unga Ryan Sorensen 238 Dan Urban John Socrough 91.222 James Sovtne 206 Helen Spaffnrd 223 V Douglas Spencer 223 Bertha Validates Ellen Spencer 223 Rachel Van Anda Micheal SpenceT 206 Michael VanBuren Jodi Srdich 238 David Vance Sherry Srdich 190 Michael Vance Ladawn Stanley 206 29 David Van Reel Michael Stanley 91 223 Richard VanReet Marc Steed 91 Heidi Vanorman SharaJyn Steer 65 238 Lisa Verville Steggell 238 Darren Vincent ■Jana Stephenson 206 56 57 Scott Vincent Mark Stephenson 91 238 Saialtnda Visrck Tina Stephenson 90 Geraldine Vongue Jon Stewart 74 90 117 206 Todd Stimpson 56. 57. 223 Karlin Stokes 30 91 223 w Bradford Stone 30 David Walker Bruce Stone 206 Jeanne Walter Shauna Stott 50 190 John Walter Elizabeth Stout 190 Robert Walter Mark Stratton 223 Kelly Wardle Lance Stover 22.3 Elizabeth Warner Shawn Strtngham 232 239 Cindy Warren Ken Struthers 122 137 Rebecca Walts l-ori Struthers 206 Sarah Washburn Bryce Stubbs 223 Brian Watkins Jessica Stubbs 239 Todd Watkins Shelly Stubbs 190 Craig Watts JoAnn Sturgeon 239 Leslie Watts Jodi Sumner 239 Johama Watson Grover Swallow 239 240 Rebecca Watts Stephanie Swindle 206 Scott Webb Aphayrath Sysarrt 22.3 Dwame Webber Alan Syme 26 56 206 208 .lacqueline Weiner Judy Syme 206 Darin Welch Melissa Welch T Michael Welch Brenton West Jamie Tart 239 Kim West Jeff Tanner 190 Pam West Rachel Tan 206 Kirk Westenskow Kim Taylor 223 .lodi Westphal Shane Taylor 117 Bryan White Sharia Tew 239 Diana White .loDean Thatcher 190 Frank White 120 129 137. 223 Maurine White 191.32 190 Darren Whiting 208 56 57. 239 Shannon Whiting 208 30. 190 Susan Whiting 191.23 52.124 129 137.190 Trent Whiting 224 223 Troy Whiting 224 207 Wendy Whiting 191 74 129 117 Rod Whitlock 224 26 190 Lulie Whittaker 224 65 207 67 Jerry Whiftemore 65. 191.68.67. 70 223 Jeannaoann Wiley 2.39 190.23 Shannon Wiley 240 207 56 72.73 Jed Wilkinson 101 224 207 Wendy Wilkinson 191 124 190 Jeff Wilkien 191 190 Wayne Willes 208 207 Alan Williams 56. 240 190 90 Andrea Williams 27.224 207. 107 Angela Williams 152. 224 57.207. 117.90 David Williams 117 240 190 Darren Williams 191 70 207 JoAnn Williams 57 54 191. 176 32. 52 22 3 Nannette Williams 208 239 Mary Williams 191 223 Rebecca Williams 191.32 223 Brye Williamson 191 190 StaO Williamson 224 207 90 Lorcna Wilks 56.208 207 Bradley Wilson 233 240 l9o Bryant Wilson 56.208 207 Julie Wilson 191 32 74 239 Bruce Wmgrove 191.32 190 52 Ian Wmgrove 208 70 Todd Winnie 240.23 Margaret Winter 208 David Wise 50 96 Thegn Wise 91 224 207 Keely Wookey 56 57 201 208 152 122 223 Fthan Wood 224 117 90 Larry Wood 240 207 Thomas Wood 208 Stacyn Woodward 240 Derick Woolf 56.240 Kent Woolf 92 56 96 208 207 Troy WooM 138.191 72. 73 207 John Woolsey 192 182 207 110. 27.90 Ronald Woolsey 224 191.90 Julie Wootton 192 28 29 56.57 223 Amy Wright 192 177 128 207 Christine Wright 192. 160 150 239 117 Christopher Wright 23 224 239 Glen Wright 56 57 192 207 Jo Ellen Wnght 192 23 207 Marty Wnght • • ■-192 105. 23 . . 96 207 Robert Wnght 92 239 Wendy Wyman 23 207 128 Y David Yaz te 224 223 Gilbert Yazzie 208 70 Victoria Yazzre 240 191 74 90 Janice Yoshino 240 227 237 69 72 223 Houong Yoong 224 91 107 223 Kristy Young 240 191 Laurie Young 192 224 Loralee Young 240 239 Mark Young 240 70 191.69 Richard Young 192 239 240 108 69 Ron Young 192 90 52 108. 191 32 74 Stacy Youngkeit 240 193 207 Ron Yrigoyen 192 23. 224 74 124 230 z 191 Rac helle Zobefl 224 224 Donna Zug 65.71.224 224 Jason Zu g 240 224 Susan Zug 192 237 239 55 Cynthia Zumbtennen 240 224 91 239 224 207 239 128 224 227 239 152 207 74 224 105. 117 

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