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TABLE OF CONTENTS Opening ............. 4 Departments ...18 Activities ..........58 Clubs ...............80 Honors and Awards ..100 Sports .............116 Girls' Sports ......148 Student Government 154 Seniors ........... 158 Juniors ............196 Sophomores .........220 Ads ................244 Closing ............256 Index ..............2664To live and experience the variety of a dog's life . . .To watch a new library take shape . . . V To "act well your part—therein all honor lies" . . .12To fight with pride and desire in a final state game . . .To live not just a dog's life . . . 161 . . . but the exciting, exuberant, exhilarating, enthusiastic life of the Mighty Provo High BULLDOGDEPARTMENTS Directing the operation of every school in the Provo School District, Superintendent Sherman W. Wing found little time for leisure and rest Seeing that decisions made by the superintendent and the school board were carried out was the job given assistant superintendent. Ross Denham. Administration Members of the School Board are (left to right) Bryce Orton, Dr. Arch Bowden, chairman, Rulon Hansen, Bliss Crandall, and Walter Hansen. They devised the schedules, and controlled the flow of Provo School District funds to the elementary, junior high, and high schools. 20The Provo School District administration building pauses silently at night after a hard day. The District's new computer system was housed in the basement. Assists in Planning PHS Activities District Superintendent of Finance, Harold R. Boyack, served as overseer of all district spending. He made recommendations to the school board and to the superintendent. 21Principal Tregeagle: Tradition in Action 22 As principal, Mr. Tregeagle has seen Provo High progress to the fine high school that it has become over the years.A great booster of Provo High School Spirit, Mr. Tregeagle poses with Provo High mascot. He was often seen around the school with his kelly green sport coat and tie. Addressing the sophomores at orientation, Principal Tregeagle charges them with responsibility to carry Provo High traditions. In 1964 Mr. Tregeagle was made Honor Thespian by Provo High Chapter of the National Thespian Club. He was presented with a set of books by Thespian president. Delbert Van Tregeagle was born on june 19, 1904, in Salt Lake City, Utah. He attended the Hamilton Elementary School, and the East junior High School in Salt Lake City. When he came to Provo he attended B.Y. High for his sophomore year. He transferred to Provo High for his junior and senior years, and graduated from Provo High with the class of 1923. Principal Tregeagle achieved his B.S. and M.S. from B.Y.U. He has done graduate work at six universities. He taught at Garfield Junior High, Farrer junior High, and Provo High until 1947. He became principal of Provo High School in 1947 and held the position until 1969. He retired from active school life in 1969. He was president of Utah "A" School Principal Association. He was a member four years of Utah Commission of Northwest Accrediting Association of Secondary and Higher Schools, three years on the executive board of that organization. Principal Tregeagle was also a member of the Board of Managers of Region 3, 4, and 5, Utah High School Activities Association. 23Last, Ronald — Assistant principal, morning announcements. He guided the construction work. Warner, Max — Dean of Boys. Was advisor to the Boys’ Organization. Boys' Day Dance, activities. Hayward, Libbie — Dean of Girls. Senior counselor, Girls organization advisor A.B. degree from B.Y.U. Baird, Wilford — Junior Class Counselor. He is director of the Vocational Aptitude Testing Battery. Asay, Bert — Sophomore Class Counselor. Assisted in testing program. Driver's Education Instructor. Office and Bookstore Work Together in BOOKSTORE ASSISTANTS: Front row (left to right)—Teri Taylor, Diana Matthews, Susan King, Eldon Cannon, Mrs. Lamb, Dave Sidwell, Kay Van Buren, Mrs. Beebe, Val Miller; second row—Ann Cloward, Gladys Murri, Kathy Collins, Margo Schaerrer, Charlene Anderson, Janice Peay, Kathy Elton, Janice Long, Annette Ostler, Pam Casper, Kathy Foerster. The bookstore assistants assisted Mrs. Beebe and Mrs. Lamb in several ways. They answered the phone and carried messages to teachers. The stronger members of the crew took charge of announcements on the school marquee. 24Hughes, Dayton C.—Vocational Counselor, Director, Sophomore, Junior testing. ACT information. Jones, Anna Lou—Office manager, care of school and statistical records, transcripts of grades. Beebe, Charlotte—Bookstore Clerk. She directs attendance of students at Provo High School. Lamb, Loudean — School treasurer and financial clerk. Pays all of the bills for the yearbook. Directing School and Student Policies OFFICE ASSISTANTS: (left to right) — Jan Nuttall, Joa Curr, Mary Ridge, Cliff Maag, Cindy Hanson, Ric Carter, Chris Johnson, and Kari Killpack. Mrs. Lamb struggles with a bookstore patron for the nickel he owes for his pencil. Kathv Foerstor studies the method used by the shrewd clerk. Oh! Do I see an unauthorized person behind the counter? Mrs. Beebe livened up the school with her smiles and attendance keeping.HIGH BROWS: Front Row (left to right)—Nanette Ostler, James Manookin, Margaret Wakefield, Leon Bishop; second row—Chris Campbell, Eric Stubbs, Terry Compton, James Bullock, Eileen Newman; third row— Marjory Austin, Bruce Dangerfield, Connie Stott, Jay Miller, Cozette Vance; fourth row—Mike Patton, Barbara Barrett, Randy Gibson, Brenda Edwards, Cornell Porter. They gave choral performances. A CAPPELLA CHOIR: Front row (left to right) Rosanne Scott, Marilyn Woolsey, Leon Bishop, Kathy Elden, Connie Scott, Eric Stubbs, Judy Thurston, Eileen Newman, James Man- Choral Program Introduces Students to CONCERT CHOIR: Front row (left to right)—Susan Pace, Sheryol Christensen, Christal Bailey, Rita Freeman, Debbie Arrive, Margo Schaerrer, Barbara Gibbons; second row—Gloria Dunn, Madelyn Ellsworth, Caryn Howard, Jamie Rowan, Darlene Bair, Nickie Bertrand, Rose Marie Rieske, Michelle Plott, Connie Lee. Kathy May Hixon; third row—Carma Wentz, Kristi Glade, Sylvia DeHoyos, Kris Pederson, Connie Anderson, Karenookin, Tamara Nielsen. Nanette Ostler. Margaret Wakefield, second row— Beverly Barton, Patti Porter, Marvin Gardner, Debra Flemming. Bill Bryan, Molly Adams, Bryce Porter, Kristy Martin, lay Miller, Cozette Vance. Cornell Porter, Linda Gammon, lames Bullock, Kathy Porter, Lynne Adams; third row—Sue Oldroyd, Joanne Rasmussen. Bruce Dangerfield, Marjory Austin, Larry Van Bloem, Carol Rameson, Lance Farnsworth, Terry Compton, Mike Patton. Barbara Barrett, Randy Gibson, Brenda Edwards, Claude Zobell, Lahna Van Bloem Gill Thompson, Chris Campbell, Cathy Parker. Fine Music MADRIGAL CHOIR: Front row (left to right—Molly Adams. Kathy Porter, Leon Bishop, James Manookin, Beverly Barton, Tamara Nielson; second row—Debra Flemming, Lahna Van Bloem, Claude Zobell, Marvin Gardner, Bryce Porter, Bill Bryan. Sue Oldroyd, Lynne Adams. They represented Provo High School in region choral festivals. They were part of Provo High School Choral Program and presented concerts in Utah Valley.Bands Present Musical Assembly SYMPHONY BAND: Front row (left to right)—Shirley Smith, Susan Aston, Fred Howard, Brooke Dudley, Nancy Billings, Mary Jolley, Merry Jo Call, Sandra Olsen, Joyce Haupt second row—Paul Curtis, Linda Hamilton, Ruth Dayton, Mary Publer, Thayne Wilson, Jeff Shields, Dennis Hansen, Mark Francom, Don Taylor, Tom Addis, Zira Everett, Janet Houtz, Kathy Brandt. Tom Meecham; third row—Mary Comez, Cliff Martel, Arda Benson, Virginia Wernz, Randy Bliss, Jay Jenson, Carol Reimschussel, Martha Wernz, Brad Barrett, Bill Barrett. Randy Larsen, James Child. Marvin Gardner. Mark Sheffield, John Smith; fourth row—Laura Brown, Steve Brimhall, Julie Christensen, Sheldon Lindsay, Jim Olive, Jim Curtis, Bryan Hoffheins, CONCERT BAND: Front row left to right)—Sandra Olsen, Joyce Haupt, Jeanne Fletcher, Gay Greer, Jae Peterson, Cynde Davis; second row—Ruth Dayton, Betty Ann Hansen, Mary Pulver, Gary Bullock, Ray Evans, Eddie Cambell, Richard Wright. Reed Killpack, Tom Addis, Zira Everett, Tom Meecham; third row—Virginia Wernz, JoLynn Barton, Bill Malone, Hugh Syme, Linda Call, Reed Jacobsen, Jim Bertrand. Lloyd Madson, Kevin Schwartz, Wayne Merrill, Paul Nelson, Blaine Kemp, Jim Ballou. Blake Tanner; fourth row—Julie Jacobson, Kim Aiken, Pamela Struthers, Shannonto Studentbody Kim Francom, Robert Mack, Mary Ann Morgan, Kim Kennard, Jim Barrus, Mark Perkins, Scott Bullock. James Bullock, Dan Vassilaros, Steve Coates, Dennis Myrup; fifth row—Will Harding, Jerelyn Jenkins, Scott Jepson, Peggy Barclay. Bob Eyre, Terry Slade, Lynn Higgins, Tonja Anderson. Peck, Carolyn James, Ernest Muirhead, Craig Morgan, John Cardner, Fred Christiansen, Jim Jensen, David Earl, Robert Mack, Kim Nielsen, Douglas Nuttall, John Morgan, Alan Rasmussen; fifth row—Mark Evans, Ralph Meibos, Harold Ostler, Allen Larsen, and Kevin Stocks. Top picture: Mr. Larry Wright conducts the combined bands tor student body assembly. Bottom picture: The Provo High Pep Band shows school spirit by playing the fight song.Orchestra and Chorus Introduce Theory ORCHESTRA: Front row (left to right)—Tod Compton, Denise Gardner, Paul Dixon, Valerie Dunford, Diane Robinson. Chris Cambell, Douglas Whittaker, Glen Dixon; second row—Lois Haupt, Peggy Webb, Richard Ledford, Mary Esplin, Nancy Billings, Susan Aston, Shirley Smith, Cindy Hansen, Mike Spencer, Diane Davis, Zahra Javadi, third row—Cindy Matheny, Jane Freeman, Britton Davis, lessi Kallbaka, Paul Curtis, Kathy Brandt, Laura Hansen, Brenda Christlieb, Bonnie Meldrum, Anna Argyle fourth row— Sylvia Spears. Terry Slade, Jay Jensen, Dan Vassilaros, John Smith, James Barker, Richard E. — A Cappella Choir, helps with band and orchestra, choruses. M.S. — B.Y.U. Wright. Lawrence—Symphonic, Stage, Concert, Pep and Marching Bands. Symphonic Orchestra. 30 BOYS' AND GIRLS' CHORUS: Front row (left to right)—Chris Layton, Jacque Thurston, Jeanne Goff. Jim Bigler, Roger Tom, Chuck Ocasio, Floyd Hair, Kris Bench, Becky Balser. Mr. Barker; second row— Ann Shelley, Julie Jackson, Chris Delbarre, Dick Ledford, Ben Adams, Al Creviston, Mark Whitehead,of Music Bullock, Bryan Hoffheins, Jim Olive, Robert Mack, Glenda Luke, Anita Butler, Richard Sagers. Provo High's Orchestra was under direction of Mr. Wright and Mr. Barker. The High Brows, a Provo High singing group, performed on the school's band assembly late in January. Betty Begay, Carolyn Madsen, Vicky McAffee, third row—Marv Ulibarri, |an Burrows. Sonya Harris, Ron Snow, Gregory Shreeve, Rex Harris, Mike Mooney, Hy LeBaron, Gordon Swenson, Maurlee Williamson, Coleen Whitehead. Kathy Kenison. Jeanette Dastrup. They performed on the Thanksgiving assembly. Provo High Music Department had an outstanding year. The orchestra performed at their fall concert, Christmas concert, and with the choirs at their Christmas concert. They performed at the regional orchestra and stage band festivals, and they played the musical score for the annual Messiah performance. The A Cappella Choir had a very successful year. They sang for the Provo Kiwanis Club. The choir worked with Dr. Ralph Woodward at the Mid-winter Clinic Demonstration. They performed Beowulf for the senior English classes. Along with other choirs from the valley, they sang the Faure Requiem with the Utah Symphony. They sang for many local functions and performed the vocal part of the Messiah. The band won at the Region 4 marching festival. They marched in the V homecoming parade and the Provo Christmas parade. They gave their own assembly and Christmas concert and played at the B.Y.U. day. They played exchanges with Bountiful, Highland, and Logan high schools. The Stage Band went to Reno. 31Art Teaches Techniques; Library Helps Library students feverishly packed books and magazines during the rush to move library materials to the newly constructed library wing of the growing Provo High School. During less rushed periods they learned the concepts of book care. Frequently writing overdue book slips to send to forgetful students, library assistants meticulously kept track of every piece of printed material in the library. They also ably assisted in checking books in and out. Art students studiously observed every curve and blemish of strategically lighted objects to insure the correct recording of the object on paper. They also delved into intricate details of the Roman and Gothic letters. To practice the different styles of lettering, they selected great sayings and flawlessly inscribed them on paper, using every delicate flourish of the letters. They also practiced the skills of water colors, ceramics and sculpture. The library card tile can prove helpful in finding books. Steve Taylor uses this file to find the books he needs. The library is often used for studying. During the lunch hours the library can be seen filled with students intently concentrating on their assignments and homework. Dennis Stewart holds a pot he turned himself on the potter’s wheel. His work in ceramics along with the art work of Harold Black were displayed for the students' enjoyment. 32Students to Study Rigby, Cleston H.—General Art, Commercial Art, Yearbook advisor. Posters for school activities. Herde, Myrna — Served in the new PHS library as a technician. She received her library certification. V Boshard, Cleone — Head librarian. Received her Bachelor of Science degree from Utah State U. Johnson, Muriel — Audio Visual director for the library. B.A. from Brigham Young University.Lloyd, Paul — Spanish I, Retail Merchandising, advisor to the DECA Club. School Spirit Committee. v Larsen, Joyce — French I, II, English II. Advisor to the French Club. She left the 1st of February. Jarman, Dale — English II, Spanish I and II. Advisor to Spanish and Key Clubs. All school party. 4 ■ tffr A Bartholomew, Calvin — Basic English II, III, and IV, German I, II, and III. Advisor to German Club. James Cheever practices the art of French yawning while watching his teacher conjugate verbs on the chalk board. 34 Students Display Reed Gardner and Todd Compton become engrossed in the slides Mr. Lloyd is showing of his trips to Europe. Studying became easier with the liberal application of visual aids. Drinking and singing are two skills learned in Provo High German classes. Janice Luckau and Janeen Jacobs demonstrate both skills with experienced proficiency.Abilities in Speech and Language Classes Playing unlikely parts for one's personality was a challenge to speech students. Barbara Allen, janeen Lambert, and Diane Garrett present their adaptation of the play to class. Jones, Ray B. — Drama, Speech, Stage Crafts. Advisor to Thespian Club, assemblies, school plays. Berry, Beverly—Forensics, Speech I. Debate coach. United Nations Club Advisor. M.A. from B.Y.U. "And for my summer vacation, I ..The year in speech began with a series of related stories on summer activities. For those of them who found it difficult to speak before a group, this was a trying ordeal. But as the speaking occasions passed them by, they overcame their jitters and looked forward to the opportunities they would get. During the year they covered many fields: demonstrations, selling, extemporaneous speaking, impromptu, and debate. The strange people with the big words and the square boxes to put them in were the debaters. With terms and definitions in mind they began their debating. As soon as other schools could be contacted, they began their inter-school debating. Sometimes they won, sometimes not. Presenting short plays to a speech class was an enjoyable part of taking the class. Ron Rowan and Bruce Mehew practice for their turn before a critical audience of students.Taylor, Anna Smoot — Jr. English. She was also a faculty representative on the assembly committee. Cragun, Helen — English III, Assistant advisor to the Provonian. Earned B.A. at Brigham Young. Roper, Voit J. — English III, IV. He was advisor to the senior class, projects, parties, senior dinner. Greene, Lynne R.—English III, and IV. She taught in Mr. Roper's place until about Christmas time. Nelson, Gladys — English IV. Advisor to Quill and Scroll Club. Senior Graduation Speech Advisor. Daley, Linda—She taught English II. She received Bachelor of Arts degree from Brigham Young. DeHart, Virginia M. — English advanced placement, English III, advisor to Quill and Scroll Club. Rowley, Leon J.—English III, IV, English C.P. chairman of Graduation Committee and Applications. Nelson, Joyce — English III, IV, and IV CP. She studied at Utah State and received her B.S. degree. Enke, Marilyn—English II. She was faculty advisor to the Red Cross Club and the Safety Club. 36Emphasize Expressive Talent Usage Mrs. Nelson tries to gain the attention of her English class. LuAnn Ludlow tries to attract her teacher's attention to the difficulty she has found in The class reacts in a manner that is typical of students. her grammar assignment. The remainder of the class is amused by her fruitless attempt. Senior English teachers notice a strange change in the behavior and study habits of their pupils just before the ACT is given. Within a week they return to normal. English students muddled through the split infinitive, dangling participle, and the chaotic run-on sentences. Sophomores found that English meant interpreting Shakespeare, Elliot, and Gibson. They also had their first taste of expository theme writing. Well experienced juniors dived into The Red Badge of Courage, Huckleberry Finn, and American literature. Seniors, arrogantly feeling themselves masters of the subject, were humbled by the intense works of Beowulf, Hamlet, and other pieces of English literature. All too often, they were haunted by thoughts of an unfinished theme, an unread, required novel, or the technicalities of the lengthy research paper. 37Riddle, Dwanna—World and U.S. History. PEA representative, chairman of Girls' Preference Ball. Williams, Kay M. — Economics, World, American History. Sophomore class and ski club co-advisor. Cannon, Connie—World, American History. Girls' Day Dance, Sophomore Slide. B.A. from B.Y.U. Nelson, Milton A. — World, American History. Business advisor to the Provonian newspaper. 38 Lake, Bryant — American History, football defensive coach. Entered the marines end of first term. Gale, Elaine—World History and United States History. She earned her Bachelor Science degree. Lott, M. Kent—Business Law, American Problems, American History. FTA advisor. B.S. from B.Y.U. Brady, Stanley J.—World History, U.S. History. Junior class advisor, noon movies. Master's degree. Using his hands to provide emphasis to his words, Mr. Owen C. Wright explains the predepression days of American history. When Coich Lake went into marines, he took his place. Let's see. if Columbus discovered America in 1492, then Shakespeare was born in Cleveland. Mike Crisman works hard on the examination in World History class.History Confirms Democratic Ideas LaRell Baker pauses for deliberation as he delivers his special report. Students learned much from special research. Hoping that his pen will provide him with the answers to his history test, Richard Nichols works diligently. If one doesn’t know the answers, a smart pen won't help. History meant hours of searching through myriads of sometimes dull, sometimes fascinating facts and stories of ages past. Sophomores listlessly glided through the ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Asia, and Europe in their study of world history. They lifted eager ears to hear of the bloody Gaulic wars of Caesar, only to drop them again under the relentless attack of important dates and locations. Juniors swiftly forged into the books about the famous and infamous men who shaped American destiny. They delved into the patterns of life and culture that developed into the troubled America of today. In American problems, seniors probed into the complex and often confusing governmental and sociological problems of the modern United States.Students Discover the Import of Science It can't compete with cream soda, but it really isn't bad! Harold Black tests mixture he has been heating. Oh, this is painful! I should have studied harder when we learned the basic units of the metric system. Stacy Overlade and Cheri Christensen try to remember how the scale they use works. Janice Payne and Bruce Madsen work on their assignments in chemistry class. The class wasn't all lab work; it included paperwork too.Bird, LeRoy Dean — His leaching assignments included Senior Psychology and World History. McKay, Robert L. — Psychology, Voice of Democracy advisor. Senior Sponsor. B.S. — U of U. Cornaby, Fred H.—Vocational Agriculture, Landscaping. Advisor to the Provo Chapter of the FFA. Whitney, Frank—Biology, Zoology, Botany. Advisor to the Boys' Organization and the Boys' Day Dance. Webb, Merrill — Biology and Zoology. He received his Bachelor of Science in Zoology from B.Y.U. Johnson, Albert—General Richard Brande reluctantly eyes his microscope as he prepares Vocational Chemistry. M. to use it. Lab equipment proved to be exciting, once conquered. A. from Stanford University, B.A. from U of U. Oh, you are so intelligent! Valerie Johnson compliments Jim Engle on his ability to weigh filter paper. Jim accepts her admiration humbly, but not without gratitude. Clad in apron and goggles, Dennis Hansen watches a bewitching mixture apprehensively. If it should explode, he is ready for it. 41Equations, Formulas Haunt Racing against time, Scott Nuttall tries to solve the algebraic equation that has been assigned to him to try to solve systematically by the mathematics instructor. Plane and Solid Ceometry students placidly proved and derived massive lists of theorems involving two and three dimensional figures. Analytical geometry students developed the proofs of plane geometry usage, the theoretical mathematics of a two-dimensional coordinate system. Trigonometry students digested the laws of sines, cosines, and tangents. Math students swam through masses of horrifying axioms, postulates, and equations. Algebra students braved the theory of manipulation of equations involving variables and coefficients. More advanced algebra students gaily threw dice to study the theory of probability. Consumer math students courageously faced a formidable barrage of percentages, graphs, and the statistics of business-oriented math. t Is this a student sit-in or a shortage of classroom desks? P.H.S. halls weren't ideal study areas but they did provide a back rest. Bill Elton utilizes them fully. 42Mathematics Students Moon, Clarence I.—Pre-Algebra, General Mathematics. Chairman Junior Class assembly. B.A. BYU. Chambers, Frank G.—Algebra I, II, Trigonometry, and Solid Geometry. Advisor to the junior class. laursen, Kay—Algebra I, II, Geometry. Boys' Organization assembly. M.S. degree from BYU. Blackham, Samuel M. — Physics, Algebra I. Soph class advisor. B.A. BYU; M.A. Boudain College. Robert Johnson and Mr. Laursen discuss the problem that plagues all students. It doesn't require high powered mathematics to tell the difference between good and bad grades. A math class is a difficult place to concentrate. Tanya Mabey and Russell Rasmussen study intently on their assignment, while the rest of their class discuss it. 3 Paulsen, Dick—Consumer Mathematics, Pre-Algebra. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from BYU. Algebra I and Geometry. Advisor to Honor Society. M.S. Southern Illinois U. t Reese. Rudolph—Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry. Algebra III. Honor roll compiler. B.S. BYU. 43Tyndall. Roland—Type I, II and Shorthand I. B.S. from BYU and M.A. from Stanford University. Allred. LaNora — Bookkeeping I, II, Office Automation, English II. Bachelor of Science from BYU Kenner, Glenn R.—Shorthand II, Office Practice. Sterling Scholars, Provost finances. Business tests. "There must be something wrong with this machine," Paul Dixon tells Debbie Higginson. "My total is two digits over your total." Horton, Eleanor—Type I, II, III. She earned Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young. Scott, Wanda—Shorthand I, Advanced Typewriting, Office Automation. Future Secretaries of America. cjfv working on his gnment for type class, Terry Asay becomes en-ication is one of the keys to good typing skills. Mary Rees takes time out from working on her assignment to listen to the class discussion. Type classes were usually fully occupied. 44Students Study Computer Techniques TOP LEFT: Sitting at the console of the district's new computer is Diane Gee. The computer science class was a new addition to the P.H.S. curriculum. BOTTOM LEFT: Kris Pederson, Patt Riggs, and Rita Freeman are working on their assignment in type. TOP RIGHT: Scott Lees and Danny Mitchell show that the computer can do more than mathematics. BOTTOM RIGHT: Scott Lees and Yvonne Pederson stack punch cards for the computer.Teaching attentive students is difficult, but teaching inattentive ones is practically impossible. Mr. Christlieb explains the operation of a lathe. Industrial Arts Teaches by Doing Being careful not to drive the nail through his finger, David Beck With keen eye and agile hands, Andy Clark maneuvers her drafting equipment, hammers his shop project together with accuracy of movement. Girls fared extremely well in the predominantly male P.H.S. drafting classes.Harmon, David—Graphic Arts. Published the Pro-vonian. Assembly, Play, Concert, other programs. Christlieb, Richard—Metals I, II. VICA advisor, junior Assembly committee chairman, stage props. Finlayson, Keith — Arts and Crafts. Boys' Day Dance, Sophomore Slide, school and senior parties. Roylance, John—Drafting I and II. Sophomore class assembly. Honor Roll. Drafting contests. Nielson, jay — Vocational Carpentry, Wood Technology. Assisted with stage props. Past pres. U.E.A. One more pound and I've made myself a wallet. Cameron Johnson uses native skill as he makes leather articles. Arts and Crafts was a half-credit class. Patience is the key to successful metal projects. Randy Johnson puts some of the equipment in the Provo High metal shop to use as he completes a project. Setting line drawings to be photographed is a delicate procedure. Bart Finlayson and Terry Farrer have mastered the technique used. 47ROTC Teaches Ability to Obey n Nix, Kenneth — AFROTC, Aero - Space Education. Member of advisory committee for Junior Prom. Jacquert. LeRoy—AFROTC Aero - Space Education. Drill team and flag ceremonies. Military Ball. Reserve Officer Training Corps students sharply snapped to attention while others solemnly lowered the flag for the Veterans' Day ceremony. Before each assembly, dependable ROTC students presented the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance, posted it on the side of the stage, and crisply marched off stage to the authoritarian "Forward March!" of their commanding officers. ROTC students made sure their uniforms were pressed, that their shoes were shined, and their buttons were polished to wear for inspection each Tuesday. Field trips appeared frequently on the ROTC agenda. Hugh Kiger, Russ Rogers. Doug Kiger, Conrad Tanner. Mark Taylor, and Steve Western stand at attention while the ROTC color guard presented the American flag. 48 Terry King, Bob Benson, Steve Bowden, and Bruce Green fold the flag in a ceremony for the studcntbody. Respect for the flag and for what it stands was felt by the ROTC cadets.Home Ec Teaches Domestication Don't look now, but here comes a yearbook photographer. Sherry Sorenson and Ann Brimhall diligently pin the hem in spite of the photographer's effort to interfere. Mickelyn Asay demonstrates the technique employed when devouring a carmel apple. Foods classes created this delicacy in celebration of the Halloween season. r L Burnham, Ann—Homeliving. Earned Bachelor of Science degree at Brigham Young University. Holt, Carolyn—Foods I, II. Chairman Girls' Organization Tea. Bachelor of Science degree from USU. Gilbert, Rosalie — Clothing I, Homeliving. Graduated from Brigham Young U. with a B.S. degree. V . Mikkelson, Laura—Clothing I, II, III. Adviser for Mothers' and Daughters' Fashion Show. Home Ec. Kim Rasmussen cuts the basting threads on the new dress she is creating. Students made most of their own wearing apparel.Hill, Richard — Physical Education II, III, Competitive Sports. Football, Golf, and Swimming Coach. Hales, Reed—Physical Education III and Health. Offensive football and assistant baseball coach. Smith, Harold — Health, Physical Education III, Soph. Basketball, Track, and Cross Country Coach. Mackay, Leonard C. — Physical Science, Health. Sophomore Football and j.V. Basketball Coach. Condie, Dolan—U.S. History. Head Basketball and Tennis Coach. Appointed vice-principal for 1970. Black, Dorothy R. — Physical Education II, III, Health. Advisor to the Pep Club and their formal. Wilcox, Mary Ann — Physical Education II, III. Advisor to the G.A.A. and the Varsity Cheerleaders. Jensen, Barbara—Physical Education II, III, Health. Advisor to the G.A.A. and J.V. Cheerleader Advisor. Larry Phillips waits expectantly for his chance to shoot for the basket in a rigorous game of basketball in the boys' physical education class.P.E. Helps to Build Healthy Bodies The object of the game is to kick the ball down the field and into the goal zone. Girls learned the fundamentals of soccer. Boys' physical education classes at Provo High will long remember the excitement of crossing Second West to the new playing field behind the district administration building. The matchless thrill of directing traffic while the rest of the class crossed the street was experienced by some of the more forward boys. Girls in P.E. classes were often embarrassed when boys from the other class came by their field while they were playing. During colder weather, they spent their time in the gym learning floor dance and various net games. Many a girl tried to show her prowess with the ball. Laura Lee Carerra stands ready to blast the ball out into right field. Girls in PHS gym classes learned skills in sports they did not know they possessed. fAssigning stories, approving newspaper page designs, and supervising critiques were a few of the jobs handled by Provonian editor Elaine Simmons. Pictorial coverage of the news of Provo High School was achieved through the efforts of Paul Dixon, Russ Peterson, and Ron Johnson, photographers. Lindstrom, Brent C. — Served as Community-School Director. Provonian Advisor. B.A., B.Y.U. 52 Provonian page editors were Robert Murdock, sports editor, Cristie Atherton, editorial editor, Gloria Dunn, feature editor, and Mary Ridge, news editor. It was the task of these four journalists to design effectively printed newspapers.Provonian Staff Editor-in-Chief Elaine Simmons News Editor Mary Ridge Editorial Editor Cristie Atherton Feature Editor Gloria Dunn Sports Editor Bob Murdock Exchange Editor Marilyn Wolsey Photographers Ron Johnson, Paul Dixon, Russell Peterson Ad Managers Mary Stevenson Brent Slater Reporters Penney Backus, Lynnette Barney, Louis Dill, Ronald Hinckley, Sherry Horn, Chris Jensen, Annerose Schneider, Alan Heal, Danny Logan, Jeff Pierce, Marlona Wiggin, Gayle Murphy Advisor Mrs. Helen Cragun Advisor Mr. Brent C. Lindstrom Provonian Keeps Students Well Informed Through effective criticism a more desirable newspaper comes about. The members of the Provonian staff learned to accept this fact in stride. Top picture: Gayle Murphy, Bob Murdock, and Gloria Dunn go over an issue of the newspaper with Mr. Lindstrom. Middle picture: Chris Jensen listens attentively as Mr. Lindstrom shows how to write a good news story by showing the class an example of a poorly written one in the newspaper. Bottom left: Provonian Business Managers, Brent Slater and Mary Stevenson, examine ad designs for an upcoming issue of the Provonian.Provost Captures Year's Activities, Events Yearbook Staff Editor-in-Chief Hal Heaton Departments Claude Zobell Activities, Opening Jane Luke Clubs Nancy Cannon, Kathy Swensen, David Taylor Honors and Awards Kathy Bateman Sports Rex Daley, John Smith Girls' Sports ............... Ila Wilkinson Seniors Joyce Egan, Jill Christensen, Cathy Muhlestein Juniors, Index Margo Schaerrer, Bev Barton Sophomores Kris Pederson, Eileen Newman Ad Managers Joyce Egan, Jill Christensen Closing Eileen Newman Head Photographer Ralph Bartholomew Photographers Brian Hatch, Steve Hatch, Randy Adams Files Janet Anderson Advisor Mr. Cleston H. Rigby Nancy Cannon, Kathy Swensen, and Kathy Bateman pool their talents in an effort to write a fitting picture caption. 54 Mr. Cleston Rigby, yearbook advisor, and Hal Heaton, yearbook editor, carefully check galley proofs for errors. Cooperation was a vital factor in the yearbook class. Many hands make light work. The yearbook photographers, Ralph Bartholomew, Brian Hatch, and Randy Adams, strive to create entirely different pictures for the 1969 Provost.Top picture: Margo Schacrrer, Kris Pederson, Bev Barton, and Claude Zobell scrutinize the music layouts. Middle right: Ad Managers Jill Christensen and Joyce Egan check contracts with advertisers. Bottom right: Cathy Muhlestein, Janet Anderson, Dave Taylor, and Eileen Newman search the files for photographs and negatives. Above: John Smith, Rex Daley, and Jane Luke design "mondrian" layouts.Stage Crew—clockwise from top—Mike Axelgard, Oran Jackson, Dave Sidwell, Allison Hickman, Terry Compton, Margo Schaerrer, Bill Rieske, Karla Schaerrer, Jim Booth, Vickie Stubbs, Judy Price, Mr Jones, Carlos Ocasio, Marie Rieske, Gwyllum Blaser, Dean Cropper, Randy Adams, Jane Luke; center, Ricky Long. The stage crew executed the technical side of the productions presented at Provo High. The custodians were the first to arrive and the last to leave. They spent hours making repairs, cleaning up the halls, and installing furniture and equipment in the new construction. Stage Crew members Allison Hickman and Karla Schaerrer work diligently to finish the alterinR on the Shakespeare wardrobe before the presentation of the play. j '____ Lunch workers efficiently prepared hundreds of meals for three periods of hungry Bulldogs. The cafeteria was completed and refurnished with tables, chairs, and a new disposal area. Stage crew members spent the hours before plays and assemblies preparing costumes and stage decorations, checking lighting, and being briefed on correct timing for lighting the stage. Bus drivers awake early to drive appointed routes. In spite of rain, snow, and flat tires, nothing prevented them from delivering the students for first and third periods. 56School Operation Depends on Service Cafeteria workers—front row, left to right—Beverly Cottfredson, school lunch director, Doreen Nuttall. Marjorie Hiss, laRue Wall. Second row— llah Carter, Nelda Ellison, Mary Carter, Carma Nuttall, June Nielson, Shirley May, and Irene Collins. They prepared the nutritious noon meals. Custodians—Front row (left to right)—Glenn Kirkwood, Donna Johnston, Grigory Antijuchow. Back row—Orbie Grisamer, Jim Loveridge, Archie Ward, Lee Anderson. They remained at school until everyone else had gone. Bus Drivers—front row—Edwin Cutler, William Darkers, Neil Whicker. Back—Karl Wheatley, Norvel Christensen, Glenn Lee. Merritt Flovd. 0U1UUL D 57ACTIVITIES After school hours, Bulldogs really came to life. Hi Week opened the year with the dousing of a few unlucky Bulldogs. On the eve of the Homecoming game, three huge bonfires burned as bright as the hopes for victory. The Preference Ball gave the girls a chance to date their preferred man. The Bulldog football team blasted into the final state game against Orem. "DECA the halls with boughs of holly" was jokingly sung as the marketing class hung Christmas decorations. Spring brought the Junior Prom and elections. Our Bulldogs worked long hours for "doggone" good activities.Hi Week Opens Year Myrna Freckleton knew the school song but didn't get to sing it. Onlookers are Jeroma Badura, Mike Hill, Ralph Amott, Mark Fuhriman, Dave lacobs, Maynard Anderson, Vince Muller, and Steve Kiger. A favorite activity of students is playing on the lawn during lunch. Everyone knows that Hi Week is for being friendly, but Dave Sturgill got a little too friendly so Peggy Barclay put him in his place. Students enjoyed identifying smiles of football players during a special Hi Week contest. Creg Nielson's entry could easily have won a prize. Friday of Hi Week was "stomp the Pioneers" day and everyone wore cowboy boots. Kay Van Buren, Hal Carter, Ron Lowe and lay Kennedy held a lynching. 61Ml r • », ___ Homecoming was highlighted by the annual class competition bonfires. Tonja Anderson, jane Luke, and Peggy Barclay cheer in front of this year's fires, which were bigger than ever. The senior class of '69 won school spirit points for the largest fire. 62 Huge Bonfires Mark ThrillingThe band played an important part in the homecoming activities and rallies. A medley of popular tunes for television constituted a half-time contributed a great deal of enthusiasm and spirit to the games and pep show of marching, baton twirling, and interesting formations. Mark Rogers, former student body president, and Pat Allred, former school spirit head, sing "Leaving on a Jet Plane" on the alumni assembly. Homecoming Week Girls display their brand of football as lanice Jolley readies tor a catch. Ally-son Murphy, Peggy Barclay, Pat Taylor, Janice Payne, and LuAnn Ludlow rush. 63Victory-Bound Before a state game. Coach Hill reminds the crowd that the team needs to hear them yell to "psyche them up." The Board of Control honored the football team at a rally by presenting a good luck cake. Helping Bobi jo Warner are Betty Van Wagenen. Diane Garrett, Randy Blackett, and Steve Kiger. Even the faculty helped to promote school spirit. These are the stars of a Super-Bulldog skit. The actors and tneir respective roles are Coach Robert McKay as Batcat, Principal Tregeaglc as Super-Bulldog, Mr. Last as Lois Last, Mrs. Lamb and Mrs. Beebe as guards.The football team stands respectfully while cheerleaders Tonja Anderson, Charlene Anderson, and Peggy Barclay jump enthusiastically after the school song. Carol Peterson and Dave Sidwell hold a live mascot which Bulldog fans enjoyed having at games. Teams Encouraged by Rallies One of the very best things about pep rallies this year was "Higgins' Hooligans.” Students screamed with laughter at their wild skits and marching antics. Members of the "rebel" band from left to right are (first row) Brian Hofheins, Jim Curtis, John Smith, (second row) Jim Olive, Lynn Higgins, Dan Vassilaros, Mark Evans, (third row) James Bullock, Scott Bullock. This group contributed tremendously to school spirit. 65High school years are never complete until one has spent that one special evening dancing, talking, and laughing with that one particular girl or boy. Bulldogs Kick Up Their Heels The Junior Prom is the nicest affair of the year. This year's theme, “When I Fall in Love," used a Parisian setting and was skillfully masterminded and carried out by the Junior officers, Craig Terry, Craig Drury, Kathy Pope, and a devoted junior class. Pictured are Barry Dunford, Lois Haupt, Terry Slade, Eldon Cannon, Jolene Rowley, Hal Heaton, Shirley Smith, Virginia Anderson, and Randy Nielson.A necessary part of any successful dance is a good decoration committee. These juniors lift a large, metallic ball to the ceiling for the Junior Prom. This scene is viewed at all dances as couples take the weight off their feet. Cindy Fischer, Steve Bushman, Debbie Higginson. Ron Bentley enjoy a rest. Cathy Muhlestein, Scott Lees, Pam Taylor, Tom Daniels dance among snowflakes and flocked Christmas trees at the annual Key Club-sponsored Yuletide dance. 67Bulldogs Expose Talents in Assemblies Before Student Body Cliff Maag (Adam) thinks fish are much more comfortable in the pond. Jane Luke (Eve) seems to disagree in "The Diary of Adam and Eve." Thornton Wilder's "Long Christmas Dinner" was directed by Mr. Jones and performed by members of the drama class. The players of the Baird family are Ren Weiss. Charles; Mary Seegmiller, Lucia; Cosette Vance. Geniveve; Janine Lambert, Ermengard; Wayne Young, Roderick; and Roselle Anderson, Lenore. In January the music department gave an outstanding assembly. Molly Adams sings "Alfie" accompanied by stage band. Musicians are Paul Curtis, Richard Sagers, Cary Cheever, Mark Evans, Susan Aston. This group later performed in Reno. 68Dave Sturgill finally got his first kiss after much persuasion in this scene from the Preference Assembly Cathy Metten seems to be enjoying it The assembly was based on "The Wonderful World of the Young. ' Mike C.ledhill MC d the boys' assembly. Pictured as the months are Calleen Clark-Jan.; Rhonda Angell-Feb.; Valerie Blackham-March; Kathy Bateman-April. Barbara Allen-Mav; Charlene Anderson-)une; Liz Clark-July; Shellev lones-Aug Rudene Rac kele Sept Msrna Freckleton-Oct.; Janice Payne- No Annette test-Dec. This wa the first boys' assembly since 1965. Atter the assernbK Mr. last presented a trophy to the Boys Organization. 69Using road signs is only one of the means the faculty uses to try to gain advantage over the sophomore team's basketball skill. Mr. Christlieb holds the sign as Mrs. Beebe comments to Mrs. Lamb. The faculty pep club watches the action. Laughter and cheering prevail as faculty matches skill against sophomores. for action are Mr. Rowley, Scott Atkinson, Mike Tolboe, Mr. Baird, Mr. War- The game ended at 31-31 with a little help from the scorekeeper. Poised ner. Bob Bowen, Mr. Lott, Mr. Martinez, Bruce Bushnell, Paul Christensen. Faculty Shows School Spirit 70Belly Van Wagenen, Kim Pearson, Jan Nuttal, and Mike Gledhill play characters in a melodrama that went backwards in this scene from the senior assembly. The assembly was rollicking entertainment from "Sammy Kiger's Burlesque Show." Seniors Enjoy Last High School Activities Clean-shaven seniors registering for Provo's first beard-growing contest are Rich Condie, Greg Nielson, Warren Royall, Craig Crandall, Dave Sturgill, John Ramey. Seniors Maynard Anderson, Chris Nuttal, Steve Kiger, Kathy Bateman aren't dressed for lunior Prom, but just dropped in to look things over. 71Cathy Metten seems to be a little jealous of Jan Weaver, who is receiving all of Ren Weiss's attention. Eldon Cannon seems quite taken by Cathy, who has just won the title. Queen of Philadelphia. This is a scene from the junior assembly, "When I Fall in Love," set in Paris. Pep and Enthusiasm Displayed by Juniors Beautiful French can-can girls provide high kicks as entertainment for customers of sidewalk cafe in junior assembly. 72 Juniors were the most avid game-goers this year. Intently watching the basketball team in action are Bill Sidwell, Meridee Rasmussen, Susan Adams, Mary Day, and Bea Davis.Randy Cotttredson and Doug Petty rock as (bottom) Vicki Mast, Pat Cray, Debra Hundley, (top) Linda Bussio, Leslie Reid, Phil Skousen, Rand Ramey, and Sherry Croft look out. The sophomore assembly was titled "Laugh Out." Little Dogs Learn the Ropes The sophomores sponsored a bee-bop for their annual slide. All the studentbody was invited. Kevin Farnsworth, Chris Peay dance to rock music. Cordon Wilson carefully recites a Henry Cibson poem while holding a giant flower. The sophomore assembly was a take off on NBC's "Laugh In." 73Ren Weiss, Alan Heal discuss Emily's death. The calm dead are Yvonne Pederson, Bruce Lamb, Sam Campbell, Annette Paxman. Emily Webb has died in childbirth. lared Oavis as Howie Newsome, the milkman, delivers a quart of milk to Cosette Vance, who plays Mrs. Webb. They exchange small talk about the wedding of George and Emily. "Two strawberry sodas coming up.” quotes Mike Gledhill, who plays customers and have just discovered they are in love. George doesn't the Stage Manager Jane Luke as Emily and Cliff Maag as George are really have enough money for sodas, but he wants to impress Emily. 74 "Our Town" Produced for Fifth TimeCAST Constable Warren DeVon Zumbrennen Si Crowell Bruce Mehew Stage Manager Dr. Gibbs Mike Gledhill John Black Sam Craig Ren Weiss Inp frnwpl 1 A nn Yr t inci Joe Stoddard Alan Heal JVC V-1 UWCll Howie Newsome Wayiie i Liuii la red Davis Baseball Players Brent Bowden Mrs. Gibbs JCII CU L Q VI J Janine Lambert Ray Maag, Lee Warner Mrs. Webb Cosette Vance Cemetery Sam Campbell, Yvonne Pederson George Gibbs Cliff Maag Annette Paxman, Bruce Lamb Rebecca Gibbs Sarah jane Browning Carol Reimschussel Wally Webb Bruce Jenkins Emily Webb Jane Luke TECHNICAL CREW Professor Willard Clark Corless Mr. Webb Loren Williams Stage Manager Jim Booth Woman in the Balcony Judy Price O O Costumes Margo Schaerrer Man in the Auditorium Eric Stubbs Lights Oran Jackson Lady in the Box Cheryl Crowton Sound Randy Adams Simon Stimson Larry Van Bloem Scenery Bill Rieske Mrs. Soames Kris Pederson Make Up Judy Price George (Cliff Maagi sadly places a small flower on the grave of his wife, Emily (Jane Luke). The dead are unconcerned, knowing that "live people don't understand." They are Larry Van Bloem, Carol Reimschussel, Janine Lambert, Yvonne Pederson, Bruce Lamb, and Kris Pederson. Emily sadly learns that life is too short. Her realization comes when she relives a day in her life.CAST Duke of Ephesus Egeon Antipholus of Ephesus Antipholus of Syracuse Dromio of Ephesus Dromio of Syracuse Balthazar Angelo First Merchant Second Merchant Loren Williams Mike Gledhill Brent Nash Nathan Lewis Cliff Maag Steve Taylor Ren Weiss )ared Davis Jim Booth Eric Stubbs Pinch Randy Gibson Emilia Julie Jarvis, Cosette Vance Adriana Diane Garrett, Cathy Metten Luciana Barbara Allen, Yvonne Pederson Luce Kristy Martin Courtesan Jane Luke Officer DeVon Zumbrennen Servant Ray Maag Headsman Ricky Long Dancers Janice Payne, Jane Luke Peggy Barclay, Janine Lambert Jerelyn Jenkins, Kathy Bateman Tonja Anderson STAFF Director Student Director Stage Manager Costume Mistress Choreography Properties Lighting Sound ................ Ray B. Jones Judy Price Jim Booth Margo Schaerrer Jane Luke Judy Price Oran Jackson Randy Adams One of the most humerous scenes in the play depicted an argument of two confused twin servants through a door. Steve Taylor has been commanded to let no one enter and locks the master out. Players are Jim Booth, Ren Weiss, Brent Nash, Cliff Maag, Steve Taylor. Kristy Martin, and lared Davis. Audiences howled at comic situations produced by the two sets of twins. 76Loren Williams, the Duke, tells Mike Gledhill, Egeon, he is sentenced to death unless he pays the sum for traveling in Ephesus. Jerelyn Jenkins, Peggy Barclay, Janice Payne, Reed Jacobsen, Tonja Anderson, Janine Lambert, Rick Long, Kathy Bateman observe. Egeon is the father of the twins. Cultured Bulldogs Enjoy Shakespeare Poor Adriana (Cathy Metten) complains to her sister Luciana (Barbara Allen) that her husband no longer loves her. He will not come home to dinner. A flirtatious Diane Garrett latches on the sleeve of confused Nathan Lewis as she mistakingly supposes he is her husband. 77"She puts me to shame,” Mr. Frank (Mike Gledhill) sadly speaks as he reads a line from Anne's diary. Mr. Kraler (Nathan Lewis) and Miep (Cathy Metten) listen to the tragic Mr. Frank, whose family and friends were killed in concentration camps before the Allies could free them. THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK CAST Mr. Frank Mike Gledhill Miep Cathy Metten Mrs. Van Daan Cosette Vance Mr. Van Daan Jared Davis Peter Van Daan Cliff Maag Mrs. Frank Laraine Grow Margot Frank Kathy Bateman Anne Frank Jane Luke Mr. Kraler Nathan Lewis Mr. Dussel Larry Van Bloem STAFF Director Ray B. Jones Student Manager Margo Schaerrer Sound and Special Effects Randall Adams Stage Manager Jim Booth Costume Mistress Margo Schaerrer Lights Oran Jackson, Kim LeBaron Props Margo Schaerrer, Allison Hickman Karla Schaerrer, Judy Price Construction Gyllum Blaser, Mike Axelgard Dean Cropper, Charles Ocasio, Dave Sidwell Richard Long, Bill Rieske Costumes Jane Luke, Terry Compton Rose Marie Rieske 78Jane Luke as Anne Frank seems perplexed about her appearance as she talks with sister Margot (Kathy Bateman) about Peter. Anne doesn't think Peter likes her. Margot assures Anne that her fears are groundless. Mrs. Van Daan (Cosette Vance), Mr. Van Oaan (Jared Davis), and Peter (Cliff Maag) anxiously watch the door as they wait for the Franks. "Diary of Anne Frank" Moves Audiences With the Green Police banging on the door, the prisoners of the secret an- Blaring ominously in the background are sirens which cover the frightened nex give in to the terror they have lived with for the past two years. sobs of the women. "We have lived in fear, now we will live in hope.” 79CLUBS Clubs meant meetings, projects, and parties to Provo Bulldogs. Language clubs studied foreign culture and foods. The Pep and School Spirit Clubs supported the invincible football, basketball, and wrestling squads by making posters and presenting cakes to team members. FFA, FHA, FSA, and FHA Clubs gave members an opportunity to learn about possible professions. The Letterman's Club sold apples to raise money for a new trophy case; the Key Club sponsored "Good Government Day." GAA supported the football squad with a card section. The Ski Club had several after-school meetings to see ski films and plan trips. Quill and Scroll, Honor Society, and Forensics Clubs gave members opportunity to develop talents.Kris Hunter practices her medical skills by giving Claude Zobell a shot. Junior Red Cross members learn about first-aid and giving medical assistance in emergencies. The junior Red Cross Club was an active new club last year. As a service club, it concentrated on service to the school and the community. In November, the members planned and staged an excellent assembly designed to help the students of the school recognize their responsibilities towards the underpriviliged people of the country and the world. Slides of America and its people were shown while the members of the club narrated with original essays. A musical number was presented by Ron Clark, a former student of Provo High School. The club members also participated in activities planned and organized by the Provo High Chapter of the Safety Council. They attended conventions in Salt Lake City where safety problems were discussed and suggestions turned in to the Utah State Legislature. Red Cross Presents Assembly JUNIOR RED CROSS: Row 1—Diane Despain, Jean Goff, Tania Davis, Jan Weaver; Row 2—Nancy Billings, Nancy Baggs, Christine Layton. Kris Hunter; Row 3—Claude Zobell. Ross Childs. Carolyn Madsen, and Michael Wilson. The Junior Red Cross is a new club at Provo High this year. As a service club, it concentrates its efforts on helping the youth of the school to recognize its responsibilities towards the underpriviliged people of America and the world. The club actively participates in activities which are planned and organized by the Provo Chapter of the Safety Council.FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA: Row 1—Mr. Lott, Beverly Barton, Peggy Harward, Nancy Billings, Marvin Gardner, Virginia Adams, Rebecca Melville; Row 2—Jeanette Dastrup, Susan Pace, Molly Adams, Cynthia Farr, Lynne Adams. Marjean Sabin, Diana Ellison, Brenda Edwards, Pam Call, and Diana Hall. Club officers this year are Nancy Billings, president; Peggy Harward, vice-president; Beverly Barton, secretary; and Marvin Gardner, social chairman. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA: Row 1—Mr. Cornaby, Stephen Larsen, Ronald Sidwell, Hugh Firmage, Max Rabncr, Steve Bushman, Allan Stubbs, Brent Wright, Lynn Durrant, Kenneth Johnson; Row 2—Lloyd Madsen, Gerald Myers, Brent Atkin, Dale Phillips, Brad Pool, Randy Gray, Mike Mitchell, John Leftwich, Detain Giles, Thomas Pat Bratton, Gary Seamons; Row 3—Ray Snow, Mike Disbrow, Larry Smith, Ricky Hurst, Jim Harris, Robert Bowen, Rick Ferguson, George Kogianes, Ezra Larsen, John Kall-backa, Joseph Nuttal; Row 4—Bill Rieske, Ross Jensen, Roy Stubbs, Larry Smith, Terry Campbell, Jeffrey Oldroyd, Bret Gunther, Dennis Vest, Dale Lassen, Charlie Mitchell, Danny Martinez, Thomas Branan, Larry Chrisman. 82Max Rabner and friend appear on the annual Future Farmers of America Sweetheart Assembly, where they performed a musical pantomime to "A Long, Tall Texan." The Future Teachers of America attended conventions and participated in activities designed to improve their teaching abilities and interests. They took a special interest in the teachers, and on Valentine's Day, they presented each with a heart-shaped cookie. The Future Farmers of America Club members took a vocational agriculture class during the year. The F.F.A. presented an assembly and selected an F.F.A. Sweetheart. Mr. Cornaby was the advisor for the club. The Future Homemakers of America at Provo High actively engaged in activities designed and planned to help them develop their talents as homemakers. In March, members attended a convention in Salt Lake City where they participated in the educational programs there. F.F.A., F.H.A. Prepare for Future FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA: Row 1—Miss Gilbert, laraine Grow. Kathleen Hansen, Chris Christensen, Peggy Smith, LuAnn Ludlow, Sherri Peterson, Janna Morris. Row 2—Cheryl McCreary, Glenda Christensen, Christine Baggs, Shirley Smith, Linda Grow Row 3—Nancy Baggs, Char- leen Spencer, Rebecca Hatch, Vickie Stubbs, and Raenae Redelk. Officers for the F.H.A. Club this year are Chris Christensen, president; Kathleen Hansen, vice-president; and Nancy Baggs, secretary. The highlight of the year for the F.H.A. members is the State Convention in Salt Lake City.PEP CLUB: Row 1—Cosette Hall, Mary Dawson, Lola Dawn Startup, Kathleen Hansen, Janine Lambert, Jackie Springer, Judy Bills, Julie Gardner, JonnaLu Jensen; Row 2—Karen Mangum, Kathleen Tennity, Karen Goodman, Donita Davis, Beverly Bateman, Nancy Jane Robins, Marilyn Felt, Mykin Welsh, Debra Fleming, Jolene Rowley. Mrs. Black; Row 3—Linda Grow, Linda Paxman, Shirley Florence, Peggy England. Martha Bennion, Diana Hall, Kathryn Pope, Annette Weist, Cathy Madsen, Joylene Kimball, Lynette Gardner, Marcia Bethers, Row 4—Mace Breinholt, Zira Everett, Roberta Platt, Laurie Martin, Kaye Colvin, Beth ReNee Roundy, Diane Carter, Ricki Carter, Barbara Hunter, Kristy Martin, Peggy Lewis, Janet Barney, Yvonne Allred, and Vickie Williams. Pep Club members work many long hours to prepare their marches to present to the student body. Pep Club Promotes Bulldog The Pep Club forms a block "P" during the halftime of the Homecoming football game against Orem High. The Pep Club is headed by Kathleen Hansen, president; Janine Lambert, vice-president; Jackie Springer, secretary; and Lola Dawn Startup, historian. 84Peggy England. Linda Paxman, Donita Davis. Nancy Robins, and Cozette Hall march in the rain during the halftime of the Roy-Provo football game. Enthusiasm The energetic Pep Club was perhaps the most active club at Provo High School during the past school year. Members of the club aided the cheerleaders and the School Spirit Committee by making signs each week to support the athletic teams. They also made something for the boys on the teams before each game. Each year the club hosts a tea for girls of a Pep Club from another school, and this year the girls entertained supporters of the Payson Lions. The Pep Club performed at half-time at a BYU game and participated in numerous invitational. At Provo High, the club performed an original march at each home game and participated in the flag ceremony at each Pep Rally. The girls also held many social activities. After Christmas, an after-game sleeping party was held in the girls' gym, where games were played before bedtime. In the early spring the girls staged a Pep Club formal dance for all the girls of the school and their dates. Richard Brooks and Diane Carter, a Pep Club member, dance together at the annual Pep Club Formal held on February 22 in the Boys' Gym. For the first time, the girls' choice dance was open for all the girls in the studentbody, instead of being limited to the Pep Club members and their guests. . Key Club Sponsors Poster Contest Key Club members actively participated in service projects throughout the year. In October, they offered civic help by constructing a float for the BYU Homecoming Parade and helping the community in the March of Dimes. The club sponsored a poster contest in connection with the Linda Litter Clean-up Campaign, with cash prizes for the best three posters turned in. Members held competition football games with the clubs of other schools. They worked to install a juke box in the lunch room. Thespian Club members were creatively active in school plays and assemblies. Initiations were held in the fall in Provo Canyon where a spaghetti dinner was served to new and old members. A Grecian party was held on Academy Awards Night. The annual assembly was staged along with the special awards banquet. Members of the club attended state Thespian conventions and inter-club meets. They were responsible for the construction of scenery, making of costumes, and application of makeup in school play productions. Key Club officers include Dan Vassilaros, president; Ray Nelson, vice-president; Charles Mazurie, treasurer; Cornell Porter, secretary; |ay Miller, lieutenant governor. KEY CLUB: Row 1—Eric Stubbs, Brad Hancock, Stanley Gardner, Steven Coates, Dennis Hansen, Roger Gale Row 2—Kim Nelson, George Myers, Mark Anderson, Craig Barrus, Blake Tanner, Neil Izatt, Wayne Wilcox; Row 3—Bryce Porter, Leon Tolman. Stephen West, Doug Reynolds, Con- rad Tanner, Stephen Turner, James Bullock, and Fred Howard. The Key Club is a service organization, and they sponsored several activities during the year. The Key Club sponsored the Christmas dance using the theme "The Hobbit." They also sponsored clean-up campaign and poster contest.THESPIAN CLUB: Row 1—Cosette Vance, Mary Ridge. Jane Luke, Clifford Maag, Reynold Weiss, Michael Gledhill, Tom Gunn; Row 2—Mr. Jones, Kristy Martin, Cathleen Metton, Jannine Campbell, Judy Price, Samuel Campbell, Leonard Grover, Charlene Spencer, Marjorie Austin, Jerelyn Jenkins, Miss Berry; Row 3—Evelyn Payne. Kathy Bateman, lanice Payne, Ray Maag, Clark Corless, Cheryl Crowton, and Yvonne Pederson. The Thespian Club is made up of students interested in drama and stage. The members work together to develop talents in acting and producing plays. Thespians Demonstrate Acting Ability Thespian Mike Gledhill (Mr. Frank) comforts Thespian Jane Luke (Anne Frank) after she awakens screaming from a nightmare in scene from the play "Anne Frank." Thespians Jane Luke, Bruce Mehew. Cliff Maag, Ren Weiss, Reed Jacobson, Jim Booth, Mike Gledhill in "Comedy of Errors." 87FRENCH CLUB: Row 1—Cynthia Farr, Judy Dutson, Susan Wade, Linda Lee, Zahra Javadi, Christine Delbarre, Barbara Hart, Jean Goff, Mrs. Larsen; Row 2—Jan Weaver. Kristin Gardner, Anick Bertrand. Julie Cochran, Mykin Welsh, JonnaLu Jensen, Janet Crandall, Rosena Kartchner, Lynette Sims, Laura Harmon, Michelle Plott; Row 3—Julie Christiansen, Elizabeth Gomez, Suzanne Carter, Janice Jolley, Patricia Smith, Marilyn McOmber, Carol Clark, Nancy Baggs. Michael Wilson, James Bertrand; Row 4—Karen Cordner, Beatrice Davis, Denece Anderson, Mary Day, Carol Peterson, Christine Christensen, Steven Masmussen, Terry Slade, Steven Hatch, Ray Nelson, and Gordon Moses. Members enjoyed playing French games. Club Members Try French Pastries Row 1—LaVern Farnsworth, Annerose Schneider, Myriam Morales, Eileen Goshorn; Row 2—Mr. Jarman, Stan Hunsaker. Larry Bethers, Donna Wilson, Laura Moses, Valerie Dunford, Beverly Barton, Cheri Christensen, and Rebecca Roundy. These and other Spanish Club members eagerly learn about the Spanish people and culture. The French Club members studied about the French people and their customs. In November, members held a party at a cabin in Provo Canyon, where a pot-luck dinner and dance were held. Just before Christmas, the members earned money by selling home-made suckers in the main hall. Spanish Club members were introduced to Spanish culture when they held an authentic "asado." In December, at the Christmas party, Mexican food was served and members took turns trying to break a Piniata. Advisor Mr. Jarmen was the one who finally did the job. The German Club concentrated its efforts on the study of the language, culture, and food of the German people. In September, members met in the lunch room for an opening social. At Christmas time, the club caroled in German to all of the German families in Provo.SPANISH CLUB: Row 1—Vicki Mast, Becky Adams, Donna Wilson, Beverly Barton, Sharon Swallow, Gayle Sheetz, jaynee Long, Debbie Higginson, Jolene Anderson; Row 2—Mary Smith, Mary Esplin, Carol Strong, Verena Eastley, Dana Hawkins, JoAnna Ellison, Cindy Hansen, Holly Lane, Shirley May, Mary Wentz; Row 3—Denice Gardner, Coralee Wilkins, Stephen Olson, Craig Saftenberg, Leland Dayton, Reed Jacobson, Allen Hutchings, Stan Hunsaker, Valerie Dunford. Adrian Baker, Ruth Force; Row 4—Larry Bethers, Scott Cannon, Wayne Corbridge. Rex Harris, Brent Dowdle, Clair Woodbury, Annerose Schneider, LaVern Farnsworth, Laura Moses, Craig Monroe. Club officers this year are Beverly Barton and Peg Cameron. Language Clubs Study Foreign Cultures GERMAN CLUB: Row 1—Charlene Sandstrom, Louise Nelson, Connee Lloyd, Mary Melville, Mr. Bartholomew, Maria Schooler, Annette Paxman, Janice Dailey, Row 2—Nina Meldrum, Marjean Sabin, Valeric Kay, Ingrid Schooler, Lois Haupt, Joyce Haupt, Marilyn McOmber, Patti Porter, Elaine Simmons, Marilyn Davey; Row 3—Hal Heaton, Charmaine Vance, Wayne Wilcox, Phil Skousen, lames Melville, Lee Philips, Samuel Webb, Mike Chrisman, Kenneth Glade; Row 4—Reynold Weiss. Robert Vance, Mark Butler, Kelly Jackson, Marvey Mette, Thomas Laws, James Peterson, Ralph Bartholomew, and Reid Bartholomew. Officers are Maria Schooler and David Maddox, presidents; and Stacv Overlade, secretary. 89Ski Club Enjoys Winter Sports SKI CLUB: Row 1—Mr. Hughes, Jim Harris, Gregory Nielsen, Kay Van Buren, Jerome Badura, Janice Payne, Cheri Christensen, Lori Kossman. Kris Olson, Dick Petersen, Marcia Ford; Row 2—Gail Nuttal, James McDermott, Dan Hopkinson, ReNee Roundy, Kathleen Tennity, Mary Lou Martin, Joyce Egan, Julie Jarvis, Jan Nuttal. Sherrie Brimhall, Ann Dennett, Jolene Barlow, Joa Gurr: Row 3—Diane Lewis, Kirk Hendrichson, Kevin Barney, Kerry Rasmussen, Diane Garrett, Sherrie Sorensen, Jill Buckley, Barbara Bailey, Myrna Freckleton, Corinne Jones, Glynna Mortensen, Janna Morris Row 4—Fred Howard, Rex Rasmussen, Todd Nielsen, Martin Mangum, Dan Thomas, Steve Rasmussen, Sally Sumner, Carol Peterson, Chris Christensen, Mark Fuhriman, David Atkinson, Maynard Anderson, David Sturgill, and Michael Christensen. Ski Club officers are Brad Shurtlcff, president; John Hayes, vice-president; and Betty Van Wagenen, secretary. The club members were always enthusiastic about their wintertime activities. 90 Ski Club members often travel to Sundance to try at the greatest snow on earth. Steve Taylor demonstrates the perfect method for starting a turn in powder.Steve Taylor, Craig Wellesley, Brad Shurtleft, and John Hayes are all legs and skis, as they crashed into each other during a ski club party at Sundance Ski Resort. The Ski Club members enthusiastically engaged in many activities during the past year. The club was headed by Brad Shurtleff as president, John Hayes as vice-president, and Betty Van Wagenen as secretary. Mr. Hughes and Mr. Williams were advisors. The club held numerous activities and ski parties at Sundance. It was on these field trips the races and competition runs were held. Each member was lucky enough to obtain a discount on ski passes at various ski havens in Utah. Several times during the year, the club sponsored ski movies which were held in the auditorium. A small fee was charged all who went, and the proceeds went to the club for use in its parties. SKI CLUB: Row 1—Dennis Stewart, Dennis Nesbit, Harold Swensen, James ClaiK, Debra Higginson, Richard Ryan, lolene Anderson, Alan Banks, Ron Lowe, Larraine Massey. Larenzo Phillips, Jolene Jacobsen; Row 2—Judy Bills, Peggy Lewis, Betty Van Wagenen, Meridee Rasmussen, Barbara Oliver, Karen Goodman, Lola Dawn Startup, Janine Lambert, Marianne Bowen, Susan Helm, Barbara Allen, Annete Larsen; Row 3—Mr. Lloyd, Steven White, Duane Gates, Craig Terry, Linda Harmon, Marjorie Ricks, Rachael Olmstead, Diana Nuttal, Teri Allen; Row 4—Terri Taylor, Susan Adams, Scott Hyer, Dalian Kuhni, Kristin Clark, Ann Brimhall, Linda Gourley, Reynold Weiss, Randall Harward, Robert Wiseman, Chris Jensen, Richard Harward, and David Rowberry. Ski Club members took many ski trips to various ski resorts in Utah. 91LETTERMEN'S CLUB: Row 1—Paul Harper, Stephen Markham, Dale Kemp, Martin Mangum, Eldon Cannon, Dee Jepson, Jay Miller; Row 2—Jim Rollins, Richard Thorpe, Karl Stum, Loren Williams, Wayne Hintze, Robert Murdock, Craig Terry, Lynn Meibos, James Scott Lundberg; Row 3—Michael Halverson, Nathan Navasie, John Hall. Bruce Olson, Rex Daley, Michael Barrett, Steven Coates, Rex Greenwood, and Ross Childs. The Lettermen's Club holds many activities and parties during the year. Highlighting the year's activities is the initiating of the new members of the club. Lettermen, Debonairs Provide Service LETTERMEN'S CLUB: Row 1—Michael Brown, Gregory Nielsen, Randy Blackett, Michael Hill, Melvin Val Miller, Danny Mitchell; Row 2—Dean Smith, Reed Gardner, Craig Rich, Randall Harward, George Pooley, Richard Condie, David Atkinson, Dennis Nesbit; Row 3—Scott Lees, Harold Swen- sen. Glade Nelson, Howard Phil Andrus, Jerome Badura, Kim Pearson, Richard Harward, James Clark, and Steven Hatch. This year the Lettermen's Club is headed by Scott Lees, president; Stewart Morrill, vice-president; and Rex Daley, secretary. Members sell apples during lunch to earn money. 92The active Lettermen's Club has participated in all school activities throughout the year. Each day in October and November, the boys sold apples in the main hall at noon. The members worked hard to buy a trophy case. Symphony Debonair members all shared a common interest in music. Club members attended and ushered at six Utah Valley Symphony Concerts. The club was headed by Margo Schaerrer, president; Jan Campbell, vice-president; Valerie Dunford, secretary; and Judy Butler, treasurer. Val Miller sells an apple to Dan Dixon as Sherm Young. Art McKinley, Scott Nelson, Glade Nelson, Greg Nielsen look on. Symphony Debonair members Margo Schaerrer and jannine Campbell show their interest in music by taking their turn ushering at a Utah Symphony Concert. SYMPHONY OEBONAIRS: Row 1—Julie Christiansen, Karla Knudsen, Valerie Dunford, Margo Schaerrer, Claude Zobell, Elizabeth Gomez, Kathy Hixon; Row 2—Sharon Ungricht, Denice Gardner, Barbara Hart, Janet Crandall, Jackson Anderson, Roger Tom, Yvonne Pederson, Connie Anderson and Colleen Clark. Symphony Debonairs is a new club at PHS which has members interested in music and fine arts.G.A.A. Members Improve Athletic Skills The Girls' Athletic Association Council is made up of Miss Barbara Jensen, Hart, Peggy Barclay, Elaine Davis, Ann Chiles, and Mrs. Wilcox. The Becky Roundy, Charlene Christensen, Jean Widdison, Diane Gee, Barbara council organizes all activities of the Girls' Athletic Association. The Girls' Athletic Association helped to promote school spirit throughout the past school year. During the football season, the members sat together at games and provided a card section during the half time. They worked on creating a school motto and making a school symbol. They also worked hard to make plaques for the boys' gym with the names of the schools in the region. G.A.A members participated in many extra activities. A sleeping party was held in the girls' gym, and several pot-luck dinners were held. In class, girls participated in all sports including archery, hockey, bowling, and gymnastics. BALANCE BEAM GYMNASTICS: Row 1—Maureen Prothero, Susan Smeafh, Lois Chadwick, Diane Smith, Shannon Peck; Row 2—Diane Despain, Lila Rigby; Row 3— Michelle Plott, Kris Peay, Marjean Sabin; Row 4—Colleen Orme, Leslie Allred, Virginia Hall, Jeanne Fletcher, Cindy Edwards, and JoLynn Barton. Team members must practice many hours to perfect their skills in this difficult and exacting sport. 94SOFTBALL AND VOLLEYBALL: Row 1—Ann Chiles, Ann Boshard, Sharon Whitaker, Gayle Sheet , Rose anne Scott Row 2—Sheila Matheny, Patti Porter, Shirley May, Jae Peterson, Debra Orton, Rochelle Heaton, Debra Finch, Row 3—Cheryl Crowton, Linda Harmon, Becky Smith, Tana Welch, Vicky See-thaler, Kenna Ferre, and Lori Kossman. TENNIS AND ARCHERY: Row 1—Laurie Hess, Linda Hamilton, Becky Roundy, Deanna Bird, Row 2—Mary Ann Morgan, Jozette Richardson, Mary lolley, Sharon Swallow, Linda Gammon, Jean Widdison, Elaine Davis, Row 3—Diane Gee, Gaylynn Greer, Penny Backus, Diane Rasmussen, Ann Backus, and Carol Peterson. The girls met during seventh period G.A.A. DANCE GYMNASTICS: Row 1—Martsy Wilkins, Judy Dutson, Kathy Bateman; Row 2—Julie Harlow, Janice Payne, Peggy Barclay, and Debbie Hundley. The girls placed high in region competition. BASKETBALL AND HOCKEY: Row 1—Merry Jo Call, Karla Knudsen. Cheri Christensen, Karolyn King, Cindy Christensen; Row 2— Vicky Erickson, Charlene Christensen, Kris Olson, Kris Pederson, Linda Frampton, Rebecca Melville, and Cattren Morgan. 95FORENSICS CLUB: Row 1—Mike Hill, Sally Sumner, Charlene Anderson, Maynard Anderson, Steve Taylor, Barbara Bailey, Kim Pearson. Glade Nelson, David lacobs; Row 2—Miss Berry, Carol Peterson, LuAnn Ludlow. Cheryl Walker, Gained Cameron, joy Kay Diamond. Cosette Vance, Reynold Weiss, Leonard Grover, George Hartvigsen, Linda Horsley Row 3— Kathy Pope, Liane Jones, Becky Schmidt, lay Miller, Tom Rogers, Dale Williams, Brent Nash, Scott Nelson, Jay Kennedv Row 4—Vickie Stubbs, Peggy Harward, James Bullock, Ron Johnson, Steven Markham, Jerelyn Jenkins, Scott Shields, and Barbara Hart. Forensics Club members placed high in region speech competition. Forensics Club Develops Speaking Talents Scott Nelson tries to make an important fact known to the other students in Miss Betty Van Wagenen, Jolene Jacobsen, and Barbara Mc- Berry's forensics class, while Jay Kennedy and David Jacobs voice their disagreements. Laughlin work hard while decorating the Christmas tree for the main hall. The DECA Club decorated the halls for Christmas, and helped promote school spirit.The Forensics Club members developed their talents and interests in debate, oratory, and legislative forum. Debate teams and other contest speakers competed against other teams from other schools at region and state debate meets. In class, the members learned the techniques of all kinds of public speaking. DECA Club members took an active part in school and club activities during the year. The club sponsored a dance and spook show, and they made the Christmas decorations for the halls. DECA members worked in the lunchroom to earn money for the club. Club members made two trips to Salt Lake, and also held various activities during the school year. Val "Frankenstein" Miller sells Charles Ma urie a ticket to the annual spook show and dance sponsored by the DECA Club on the night of Halloween. DECA Club Sponsors Spook Show DECA CLUB: Bottom row—Nancy Cannon, Pam Taylor. Barbara McLaughlin, Jolene Jacobson, Sharon Sardoni. Cheryl Walker, Kathy Bateman, Tonja Anderson, Peggy Barclay, Janice Payne, Stacy Overlade. Standing—Philip Broadbent, Ron Lowe, Bruce Lamb, Mike Hill. Mr. Lloyd. Gladys Murri, Barbara Bailey, Chris Nuttall, Kris Johnson. Myrna Freckleton, Charlene Anderson, Glynna Mortenson, Pat Riggs, Donna Wilson, John Ramey, LuAnn Ludlow, Chris Christensen, Peggy Smith On ladder—Bobi Jo Warner, Sally Sumner, Dale Kemp, Richard Condie, Diane Garrett, Allison Murphy, Martha Hales On goalpost—Mark Fuhriman, Glade Nelson, Art McKinley, Steve Kiger, Richard Thorpe, Kim Pearson. David Atkinson. Doug Kiger, Steve Lewis, and Val Miller. The DECA Club sold felt hats during the state tournaments and spent many hours serving in the lunchroom.SCHOOL SPIRIT: Row 1—Alene Arrive, Linda Bunnell, Cynthia Petty, David Sturgill, Sharon Sardoni, Joyce Egan, Hilda Cooney Row 2—Barbara Bailey, Christine Gardner. Row 3—Myrna Freckleton, Jan Weaver Row 4—Martha Hales, Kristi Clark, Christine Nuttall, Annerose Schneider, Yvonne Pederson, Marilyn Peterson, Susan Wade. Row 5—Rebecca Beesley, Gainell Cameron, Kirk Henrichsen, and Loren Williams. David Sturgill and Sharon Sardoni served as school spirit chairmen. Dennis Hansen shoots a ball through the maze as Sandra Nordgren and Rebecca Schmidt look on during the first Honor Society Party held in the middle of September. Spirit, Scroll, The School Spirit Committee's main job was to contribute to support of the athletic teams. Their main responsibility was to make posters for the halls before each game. They helped to plan pep rallies and spirit raising activities. Headed by Sharon Sardoni and Dave Sturgill, the group sponsored a School Spirit Week. The Quill and Scroll Club members developed their talents in the arts of literature and English arts. Weekly meetings were held throughout the year and plans were discussed for the production of the annual school literary magazine. It was produced in the spring. The Honor Society was composed of all those students at Provo High who achieved an A-average during their high school years. The members were expected to achieve intellectually and academically. The club also held several parties throughout the school year. School Spirit Committee Chairmen Sharon Sardoni and An active School Spirit Committee member, Sylvia David Sturgill eagerly paint signs during School Spirit Week. DeHoyas paints a poster to support our teams.QUIU AND SCROLL CLUB: Row 1—Eileen Newman. Mrs. DeHart. Mrs. Mortenson. Ren Weiss Row 2—Yvonne Pederson, Susan Wade, Roscna Kartchncr, Marilyn Peterson, David Duerden, Reid Bartholomew. Row 3—Kim Greenwood, and Michael Patton. Honor Clubs Sponsor Activities HONOR SOCIETY: Row 1 -Elaine Simmons, Cindy Hansen, Diane Hyde, Mark Sheffield, Diane Despain, Stephen Olson. Row 4—Hal Heaton. Ray Craig Barrus, Jane Luke, Lois Haupt, Laraine Grow, Shirley Smith. Row 2— Nelson, Wayne Wilcox, Brad Hancock, Fred Cain, Dennis Hansen, Richard Cristie Atherton, Marjorie Austin, Leslie Kim Rasmussen, Rita Stubbs, Linda Sheffield, Steven Goates, Leon Tolman, Reynold Weiss. Sharon Williams Roberts. Marilyn Davey. Row 3 Marvin Gardner, Loren Bishop, Rebecca and Leon Bishop. All honor society members maintain at least an A-grade Schmidt, Sandra Nordgren, Colleen Peterson, Kathryn Call, Mary Smith. point average during the year. They held meetings to plan parties. 99w I sSuJi $»£ HONORS AND AWARDS 1969 was a most successful year for honors and awards for Provo High. With them came the thrill and excitement of doing your very best. Achievements were made not only in region and state competition but also in national contests. Speech, drama, debate, math, sports, music, homemaking, languages, gymnastics, science, and other scholastic areas received more than their share of awards for excellence. Provo Bulldogs spent many hours of tedious practice and hard work preparing for competition. Early morning hours and after school hours were utilized as well as class-time. All took great pride in representing Provo.Second Attendant David Atkinson Preferred Man Steve Kiger First Attendant Doug Kiger Preference, Homecoming Royalty Reign First Attendant Charlene Anderson Homecoming Queen Kathy Bateman Second Attendant lanice PayneSteve Lewis, Steve Markham, John Ramey, George Gourley, David Atkinson, Mike Patton, Ray Nelson, Randy Larsen, James Bullock, Doug Kiger, Steve Kiger, Greg Nielson, Mike Hill, Richard Condie, and Cliff Maag (missing), attended American Legion Boys' State during the summer of 1968. The boys stayed in dormatories on the campus of Utah State University. They attended meetings, listened to lectures, and learned many things about the functions of government. Staters Study Governmental Functions After being elected a senator at Girls' State, Gained Cameron was privileged to go to Girls' Nation. In Washington she was elected to the post of Secretary of Defense. 102 Gained Cameron, Vickie Stubbs, Eileen Newman, Laraine Grow, and Bobi Jo Warner were Provo High's representatives to Girls State. The girls attended a week of meetings and conferences during the summer before their senior year and had a great learning experience. The girls were selected as representatives by faculty members. These girls represented Provo High wed in the elections held at Girls' State.Hi Week Royalty Mr. Hi Steve Kiger Miss Hello Jane Luke luniors Teri Allen and Craig Terry Sophomores: Randy Gottfredson, Mary Esplin, and Ray Maag Marianne Bowen, Junior Prom Queen, Peggy England, First Attendant, and Kathy Pope, Second Attendant, reigned over the Junior Prom held March 21. The girls were elected by the Junior Class. Junior Prom Royalty 103Queen Sally Sumner, First Attendant Cyndi Petty, and Second Attendant Ruth Brown were the royalty for the Girls' Day Dance. The girls were elected by the Senior Class. FFA, Girls' Day Royalty Win Flonors Mary Ridge, a senior, reigned as F.F.A. Queen during the assembly in Feb- ior; Nancy Billings, junior; Roselle Anderson, junior; and Peggy Barclay, ruary. Her attendants were Barbara Liddiard, senior; Nancy Cannon, sen- senior. The girls were nominated by clubs and selected by women judges.George Gourley and Tonja Anderson reigned as king and queen of the Christmas Dance. Sponsored by the Key Club, the theme was "The Hobbit." Christmas Royalty Senior Awards Kim Pearson and Cyndi Petty as "Most School Spirit,” lames Bullock and Bobi |o Warner as "Most Likely to Succeed," and Richard Condie and Gainell Cameron as "Outstanding Seniors," received honors at the Senior Banquet, April 18. They were selected by teachers and officers of Provo High School. 105Dramatists Claim Top State Awards Margo Schaerrer, Mike Cledhill, and Cliff Maag were honored with the Best Thespian award given on the Thespian Assembly. Randy Adams was given an award for his work with sound. Leonard Grover received a Superior Rating at State lor Retold Story telling. This is a commended achievement lor a Sophomore to earn Richard Condie and Jerome Badura received a Superior for pantomime, Richard was the rower and Jerome the swimmer in "Crossing the Channel." For the second year in a row, Provo High took first place honors in One Act Play Division. Actors were Clilf Maag. lane Luke, and Nathan Lewis. Cl iff was awarded Best Actor, and Jane was awarded Best Actress in State Competition.Top: Dave Jacobs and Ren Weiss as a team received a Superior rating a Forensic s meet. Here Miss Berry awards them the trophy they earned Ellis Anderson received a Superior rating in oration and Charlene received a Superior in extemporaneous speaking at the State Foren Conrad Tanner placed second in the American Legion Oratorical Contes1 peted against high school students and was judged on originality, logic Forensics, Speech Students Enter State Competion Junior Ren Weiss brought glory to the school and to himself by winning first place in the school, region, and state "I Speak for Democracy" contest sponsored by the V.F.W. Ren won a trip back to the center of democracy, Washington, D.C., in March, all expenses paid. 107Math, Science, Home Economics Scholars Hal Heaton, Shirley Smith, and Ning Chang scored highest on the National Math Test that was given at Provo and formed a team. Hal broke a record with 85y ». Provo High dominated Region Four band competition. John Smith, stage band, James Bullock, concert band, and Lynn Higgins, marching band, hold first place trophies. Craig Barrus received an award for his Dutch oven from the James F. Arc Welding Foundation for metal craftmanship. The oven is a means of cooking and baking on camping trips. Only five Utah students received awards. Craig tied for sixth place. 108Capture Honors Charlene Spencer was named 1969 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow for PHS. She was chosen on the basis of a test given to senior girls all over the nation. Charlene received a specially designed silver charm from Ceneral Mills who sponsored the contest. Senior Vickie Stubbs took first place in the district and first place in the State Competition in the Make it With Wool Contest. Craig Barrus, Hal Heaton, Leon Tolman, and Ning Chang with Mr. versity of Utah. The boys were chosen by mathematics and science Webb attended the annual Science Symposium held at the Uni- department teachers to represent PHS. They enjoyed lectures. 109Under the direction of Mr. Lawrence C. Wright, Provo High's band has captured three trophies in Region IV competition. In the fall, Provo competed in the Region IV Marching Band Festival at Orem. Provo's band was awarded the trophy for the most thrilling and outstanding performance. The stage band, which also represented Provo in the Reno Stage Band Festival, won the region honors in the contest at Provo. The performance of the symphonic band in the Concert Band Festival earned a third trophy. This record is unprecedented. James Bullock received a Superior rating for his trumpet solo and Bryan Hofheins received a Superior for his trombone solo. (Back row) Christine Campbell. Tod Compton, (Front row) Glenn Dixon, and Denice Gardner were rated superior for their ensemble performance. Band Sweeps Region Music Competition STAGE BAND: Row 1—Ray Evans, Paul Curtis. Dennis Hansen. Row 2— laros, and |ohn Smith After taking first place in the region stage band )im Curtis. Brian Hofheins, |im Olive, Hugh Syme. Row 3—Dan Vassi- festival, they traveled to Reno where they won superior ratings. c(Front) Sandra Olson, Linda Call, (Back) Ruth Dayton, Tam Mecham, and Betty Ann Hansen performed as a woodwind quintet at the region meet at Orem. The group received a superior rating for its performance. A Cappella students Eileen Newman, Lahna Van Bloem, Cosette Vance, and Eric Stubbs each took superior ratings for vocal solos in region. Sophomore Evelyn Payne and Juniors Marvin Gardner and Susan Aston were the pianists who took superior ratings for their performances. IllBulldogs Gain Honors in Wide KEY CLUB GOOD GOVERNMENT DAY REPRESENTATIVES: Leland Dayton, Variety of Areas Dale Kemp, Steve Kiger, Mike Gledhill, George Gourley, Jim Engle, Richard Condie, Doug Kiger, John Hall, Vickie Stubbs, Cheryl Walker, Bobi Jo Warner, Jane Luke, and James Bullock. These students spent a day with different government officials learning about the different municipal positions. Kim Pearson, Richard Condie, Cheryl Walker, and Glade Nelson won first place trophies at the State DECA Convention in Salt Lake City. All four plus Gained Cameron, Secretary of State DECA, were awarded a trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey to compete nationally in divisions. Tom Mildenhall, Hal Heaton, Elaine Simmons, and Bruce Olson represented P.H.S. on the KCPX High School Bowl. They all did well and won not only a dictionary for the school but yearbooks and prizes for themselves. The panel competed against students from schools all over the state. Champions receive trophies for the school. They met Roy for their second match. Larry Bethers, Charles Mazurie, Ricky Long, Conrad Tanner, Robert Benson, Doug Kiger, Dale Kemp, Brent Rowland, Hugh Higer, Terry King. ROTC officers. 112 wrwc Shirley Smith, Hal Heaton, Jane Luke, and Ray Nelson represented Provo High as a panel that appeared on Channel 5. The program, called The Young American, challenged the students' abilities to think quickly and answer questions. Bulldogs Claim Victories in Scholarship Sylvia Spears, Warren Dailey, Dan Vassilaros, Shirley Smith, and all went on to win the title of National Merit Finalists. This puts Hal Heaton won honors as National Merit Semifinalists and then these students among the top one-half percent of the nation.STERLING SCHOLARS: Front row (left to right)—Jane Luke, Speech and Drama; Sylvia Spears. English; Pat Riggs, Business; Shirley Smith, General; Elaine Simmons, Foreign Language; Vickie Stubbs, Home Economics; Second row—Ralph Bartholomew, Art and Art Crafts; Ning Chang, Science; Craig Barrus, Industrial Arts; Richard Condie, Social Science; Hal Heaton, Mathematics; James Bullock, Music. Seven of the Provo High scholars made the finals in the state competition. They were Jane, Shirley, Elaine, Vickie, Ning, Craig, and Hal. Scholars Claim Honors for Provo High The Sterling Scholars were chosen from the student body by the faculty to compete against representatives from other schools in the state. Each scholar submitted a portfolio presenting himself and his accomplishments in the scholastic area he represented. The presentation of awards was held in Kearns on April 15. First place winners received 250 dollars as a gift certificate and second place winners received 100 dollar gift certificates. Utah colleges gave tuition and fee scholarships to all those who placed top in their category. 114Top left: Talented Vickie Stubbs and Cristie Atherton represented Provo High at the State Junior Miss Pageant in Salt Lake. The girls were judged on poise, hair styling, table setting for parties, and grade point average. Bottom left: Cainell Cameron (first place) and Kathy Bateman (third place) took county honors when they won places in the Elks Leadership Contest. Each submitted a brochure telling about herself and her honors and accomplishments. Richard Condie, Jane Luke, and Hal Heaton were Provo High's nominees for the state title of Outstanding Teenager. The students filled out information and application sheets which were judged. The state winner won a trip and was presented a trophy by the governor.SPORTSSteve lewis uses the old “fall in front of the ball carrier" trick to slow the play while Jerome Badura and Chuck Giles close in to finish the job against the opponent. Richard Brooks scores one of Provo's many touchdowns as Provo shows the Payson Lions what they think of tradition. Defensive back Mike Patten alternated as tight end. 118 Provo Bulldogs On the sidelines. Coach Dick Hill discusses strategy with Dave Atkinson. This was the annual Parents' Day game. All-state offensive guard Greg Nielson decides to sit this play out while Steve Kiger and Paul Harper trample the opposition.Smash to State Finals with Orem IflHtf £ V •, 57 U- Oi Ik. - T ««v. v- L I UI 1 , ; in-tr ’,s • ■" A i!r -n • ?« ,m J C? V • S Wt.-zb V - • f M tor m krf-ff- “ "V J l j ill. » ir- 4 i-A A .b6A,163 1- bj v j .' - L ' I- V ' VVJrr6i4 ' 1 £?o4 : - y l8j u y 1 VARSITY TEAM MEMBERS: First row—Coach Hill, Kim Kennard, Richard Byars, Mike Hill, Fred Teichert, Steve Lewis, Steve Corless, Dave Atkinson, Coach Marshall. Second row—Coach Lake. George Gourley, Chuck Giles, Clair Woodbury, Richard Brande, George Pooley, Kim Johnson, Russell Rogers, Jerome Badura, Lynn Meibos, Coach Hales. Third row—Richard Brooks, Dave Kartchner, Lloyd Miner, Gilbert Murphy, Steve Kiger, Kim Pearson, Jeryl Smith, Ron Bentley, Doug Kiger, Dee lepson, Rex Greenwood, Mgr. Mike MacKay. Fourth row—Dennis Seamons, Tom Branam, Gene Wickes, Craig Rich, Kim LeBaron, Robert Johnson, Greg Nielson, Dave Jacobs, Rex Daley, Brent Miller, Mark Taylor. Fifth row—Mike Maddox, Paul Harper, Steve Markham, Eldon Cannon, Scott Jepson, Val Miller, Phil Andrus, Mike Eastman, Dale Kemp, Jeremy Simmons, Craig Drury, Mgr. Mike Brown. Sixth row—John Call, Reed Gardner, Karl Stum, Gill Thompson, Stewart Morrill, Richard Thurman, Steve Bushman, Robert Black, Scott Shields, Mike Patton, Mgr. Charles Mazurie. The Provo Bulldogs upset Hillcrest and Roy to become the so-called "Cinderella'' team. Greg Nielson, Dave Kartchner, and Dale Kemp throw blocks for Steve Kiger. Kiger was an exceptional runner, and his ground gaining ability helped Provo win. Provo Bulldogs smashed to victory after victory to end up facing their own Region IV rivals, the Orem Tigers. Closing the season with an 8 and 1 record—losing only to the Tigers—the Bulldogs became the underdogs in the state tournament. Provo fought through drizzling rain and sleet to beat the favored Hillcrest Huskies. Next, sloshing through slush, the Bulldogs claimed a 6-0 victory over the Roy Royals when Chuck Giles picked up a still-live football after the Royals thought they had downed it and broke through for an 80-yard score as the shocked Royals stood frozen in their tracks as he burst across the goal. The Bulldogs showed unconquerable spirit against the Orem Tigers on a bright, shiny day. However, injuries and a bigger Tiger defensive line plagued Provo. 119Doug Kiger, who is usually seen making fantastic football catches, is now blocking downfield against his Lehi defender for his twin brother Steve. Provo Claims Coach Hill discusses how to play center to Dave Kartchner during the Roy game. Dave received All-state honors for center position. Val Miller and leremy Simmons make a bruising tackle against Roy, while Chuck Giles, Doug Kiger and Reed Gardner stand ready to assist. During one of our many night football games. Coach Hill shouts a tew words of encouragement to our hard-working, tough Provo football squad. 120 OfSHET »!»iDave Atkinson shows his outstanding running ability in the game against Lehi. He is also showing how a quarterback has to have a good grip. Dave received Deseret News All-state honors. Coach Marshall exhorts the football team to use the act of laying on of hands against the gentiles. Second Place in State Tournament COACHES AND TEAM CAPTAINS: (Back row) Coach Hill, Coach Lake, son. Val Miller, and Doug Kiger. The team captains helped to bolster Coach Marshall. Coach Hales. (Front row) George Gourley, Dave Atkin- the team to its position in the state finals.SCOREBOARD PROVO 13 .................. Box Elder 30 PROVO 42 Payson 6 PROVO 40 ..................... Uintah 0 PROVO 21 Lehi 20 PROVO 27 Spanish Fork 12 PROVO 13 Orem 34 PROVO 36 Springville 7 PROVO 34 Pleasant Grove 14 PROVO 50 ..................... Carbon 7 PROVO 27 American Fork 25 PROVO 18 Hillcrest 13 PROVO 6 Roy 0 PROVO 7 Orem 28 Gill Thompson, using his white wrestling shoe, kicks a point after touchdown. Gill's accurate place kicking won many games. Mike Hill was the ball holder. Brent Miller and an unidentified player prepare to crush a player from an opposing team. A benched player wishes he were in on the tackle. Bulldogs Fight Doug Kiger watches in vain agony as his twin brother Steve gets tackled by three Roy players after he has made a substantial gain. 122SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL TEAM: First row—Doug Petty, Randy Gottfredson, Tolboe; Fourth row—Kevin Olson, Nathan Lewis, Dave Rowberry, Grant Russel Rasmussen, Mike Mulvaney, Alan Rasmussen, Terry Watts, Keven Nielsen, Lee Thomson, Jack Rowan, Lafe Damon, Alan Wood, Dave Earl; Balser. Kelly Ellis; Second row—Blaine Kemp, Brent Atkin, Dave Mark- Fifth row—Robert Bowen, Alan Sorensen, Doug Whitaker, John Cannon, ham, Jared Harper, Barry Brown, Cory Wright, Phil Thompson, Rick Kim Sorensen, Brad Stewart, Rick Boulter, Coach Rowley, Coach Robert Cloward, Paul Teichert, Third row—Scott Atkinson, Wayne Mortensen, McKay, Coach Leonard Mackay. Sophomores found football grueling. Gary Graham, Fred Jex, John Bale, Bill Elton, Jim Giles, Jack Daley, Mike Thev met other sophomore teams preceding each region varsity game. Rain, Slush, Snow in State Finals Clash Val Miller and Steve Lewis are heading for a bruising tackle in one of Provo's games. The opposing player is slowed down by another Bulldog.(Top) Tonja Anderson excitedly yells and claps for the cheer "Stomp Clap." (Middle) Charlene Anderson jumps as fans "stand up and holler" for the Bulldogs. (Bottom) Jane Luke leaps as the invincible football team blasts through the hoop at the close of halftime activities. "Provo! Provo! Take State" yells Peggy Barclay at the state basketball tourney. Peggy astounded the fans with her flips. IUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: (Clockwise from top) Debbie Riggs, Debbie Nelson, Martsy Wilkins, Evelyn Payne, Valerie Blackham, and Liz Clark. The J.V. cheerleaders assisted at halftime.Cheerleaders Bolster Fighting Irish VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: (Left to right) Jane Luke, Kathy Bateman (Cheer Payne. The cheerleaders were a big reason why the mighty Provo High mistress), Charlene Anderson, Tonja Anderson, Peggy Barclay, and Janice Bulldogs entered state competition in several areas of athletics. Cheermistress Kathy Bateman leads "Give a yell! Give a yell!!'' to warm up the fans before the team enters. The cheerleaders pushed Provo High to the state finals. 125Richard Condie Dave Atkinson Dave Taylor Craig Drury Stewart Morrill 126Val Miller Dave Porter Doug Davis George Gourley IB Bulldogs Undefeated In Region Play Coach Dolan Condie calls a time out to give the team a chance to think about the situation. Coach Condie was a big reason for the Bulldogs' entering the state tournament. He was also named Coach of the Year in Region IV. He has accepted the position of vice-principal next year, and will be replaced by James Spencer as head basketball coach. Provo's cagers have entered state play almost every year under Coach Condie. Jeryl Smith Jeff Fisher 127Stewart Morrill goes in for an easy layup after an excellent example of the Provo fast break. Provo cagers fought their way to an undefeated Region IV season only to be stunned by foul trouble at the state tourney. Although they began slowly, the Bulldogs muscled their way to victories over each Region IV team. A perfect season was threatened by Orem as they tied the game with seconds to go, but the calm Bulldogs made the last seconds count with a 2-and-1 play. Finishing play in Region IV, the third-ranked Bulldogs eyed the state trophy. Easily pushing Tooele under, Provo felt confident of victory—but the Box Elder Bees had other plans. Provo, enraged by the close defeat, smashed to victory over Granite. Provo again felt confident of an easy win over Kearns. Although Kearns claimed an early lead, the Bulldogs held tenaciously. Foul trouble then pushed Provo to a huge deficit which they were unable to eliminate before the finish. Bulldogs Confidently Enter State Steve Bushman Bart Finlayson Doug Reynolds Thayne Wilson John Call Ron Bentley Paul Sowards Steve Corless lay McNamara 128Basketball Competition SCOREBOARD PROVO 69 Pleasant Grove 36 PROVO 63 Orem 60 PROVO 77 Payson 53 PROVO 70 Carbon 62 PROVO 72 Spanish Fork 69 PROVO 80 Springville 70 PROVO 95 American Fork 78 PROVO 96 Lehi 72 State Games PROVO 72 Tooele 55 PROVO 67 Box Elder 70 PROVO 79 Granite 72 PROVO 72 Kearns 83 Dave Taylor, though the shortest member of the team, astounded fans with his speed and agility. On defense, he constantly harassed his man with his short, quick jabs for the ball. He often came up with a needed steal. 129Provo Pushes Opposition Under in Drive for State Trophy Dave Porter aims a quick jump shot at the basket after TEAM MANAGERS: Front row—Lynn Meibos, Nathan Navasie, Mike Brown, Barry a sharp fake to throw the opposing guard off balance. Brown. Back row—Chris Anderson, Jerry Shipman Rick Boulter, Chuck Mazurie. Basketball games are sometimes decided by foul shooting. Doug Davis takes careful aim at the basketball hoop. Many of Provo's games were won or lost by foul shooting accuracy. Dave Taylor stands by all ready for the oncharge of Jordan basketball players. 130It takes two sophomores, Robert Bowen and Scott Atkinson, to cover one faculty player, Mr. Finlayson. The sophomores jumped out to a big lead in the first half, but the faculty tied it up in final seconds of the game. Sophomores Tie Faculty In 30-30 Thriller SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL TEAM: Back row—Gary Graham, Chris Anderson, Scott Atkinson, Steve Henson, Lee Thompson, Kim Sorensen. Middle row—Rick Boulter, Wayne Mortensen, Bruce Bushnell, Mike Tolboe, Paul Christensen, Coach Harold Smith. Front row—Kevin Olsen, Craig Van Buren, Kevin Balser, John Bale. The sophomores claimed an undefeated record for the entire season. They tied the faculty in a 30-30 match. i 131VARSITY WRESTLING: First row—Harold Black. 95 lb.: Nathan Navasie, 103 lb.; Doug Petty, 112 lb.; John Hall, 120 lb.; Jay Miller, 127 lb.; Dan Vassi-laros, 133 lb. Second row—Coach Martinez; Rex Daley, 138 lb.; Dee Jep-son, 145 lb.; Dan Mitchell, 154 lb.; Karl Stum, 165 lb.; Dale Kemp, 180 lb.; Scott Jepson, HVW; Coach McKay. The wrestling team worked out each weekday and Saturday for two hours a day to prepare themselves for interschool wrestling matches. Wrestling team members were put on a strict diet during wrestling season to lower and maintain their weight in order to qualify for all matches. Each man met only the men in a corresponding weight at each of the region and division wrestling matches. Matmen Make Tough Opposition "Don't lose your head, Dan," shouts an amused spectator as Dan Vassilaros drives his man into a pin. Perhaps the referee is also wondering where his head went. Provo claimed a 31 to 17 win over Orem in this match. Dan was prevented from going to State by a dislocated elbow.(Top) lay Miller buries his head in the opponent's back and powerfully tries to drive him into the mat during the Weber match. (Middle) Rex Daley twists his opponent's arm and clings tenaciously to foil any attempt at his getting loose. (Bottom) Dale Kemp finds that holding his man's foot and thigh is an effective way to keep him under firm control. Harold Black smiles enthusiastically after defeating last year's region champ at his weight. Harold took first place. 133f- ee's Position Harold Black clings tightly Takedown: Nathan Navasie quickly takes a Pin: Nathan Navasie grips tenaciously to press t event his man s breaking away from him. firm position to pull his man to the mat. his opponent’s back to the mat for the pin. I g Petty attempts to put his opponent back on the mat in the match with Carbon. I g faired well in region meet held at Carbon High where he captured fourth place. Provo Bulldogs John Hall isn't about to let his man get a break during his match with the Dinos. John placed third in the state finals.jay Miller tightly rides his opponent who desperately tries to get a break from his awkward position with Jay on the top. WRESTLING SCOREBOARD PROVO 8 Delta 34 PROVO 8 Olympus 40 PROVO 25 Weber 21 PROVO 21 Bingham 23 PROVO 41 American Fork 5 PROVO 44 Payson 8 PROVO 22 Jordan 28 PROVO 30 Wasatch 20 PROVO 34 Weber 16 PROVO 20 West 26 PROVO 32 Lehi 15 PROVO 36 Layton 13 PROVO 31 Orem 17 PROVO 33 Spanish Fork 13 PROVO 40 Springville 7 PROVO 23 Pleasant Grove 21 PROVO 21 Carbon 26 Drive Opposition into Wrestling Mats Doug Petty prepares to flip his opponent into a pinning condition. A pin scores more points for a team than a decision made by the referee. A pin scores five points while a decision only scores three. Another way to score is a tip worth two Doints. 135The tennis team, strengthened by a force of returning varsity players and several former BY High lettermen, swept region play with an unmarred record and went on to make a good showing at the state tournament against the tougher competition of the Salt Lake schools. They also played in tournaments such as the Snow College Invitational in Ephraim. In this contest they took first place in the doubles division and second place in the singles competition. The netters often had their matches postponed because of rain, but they continued through the season undaunted. They were coached by Dolan Condie, who will resign his post to become assistant principal next year. Stan Gardner displays strong backhand form to return the ball to his opponent. Stan played number 2 singles on the team. David Porter waits to make an overhead smash during a Region tennis match. David took first place in the Snow Invitational and played number 1 singles. Richard Condie and James Bullock combine their talents during a doubles match. Richard and James played number 1 doubles on the tennis team The two tennis players exhibited skill and teamwork during the season. The doubles team had a successful year against Region IV competition.TENNIS TEAM: First row—Craig Terry, Rex Greenwood, Stan Gardner, Bruce Olson, Scott Bullock, James Bullock Second row — Coach Condic, David Kartchner, Dave Barrus, David Porter, Jeff Fisher, Richard Condie, Mark Harmon, Charles Mazurie (Team Manager). Provo High swept through region competition with ease, only to run into stiff competition of the larger Salt Lake Schools. With the addition of top players from BY High, the tennis team powerfully claimed victories in most of their pre-season matches with other state teams. Tennis Team Claims Region Trophy Bruce Olson positions himself to volley the ball over the net. He Both David Kartchner and Jeff Fisher go for the ball during a was second in the Snow Invitational and played number 3 singles. doubles match. David and Jeff played number 2 doubles on team.Golf, Cross Country Teams Meet Tough Competitors In Region Events Dale Lassen picks up his ball while practicing for the region meet. Provo's golf team, coached by Coach Dick Hill, was strengthened by several of last year's lettermen. GOLF TEAM: Coach Dick Hill, Roy Christensen, Larry Beebe, Cory A. Wright. Mike Hill, Glade Overly, Robert Black, Steve Nelson, Dale Lassen, Dean Cropper. The Bulldog golf team, with the assistance of several returning lettermen. proved its prowess in region play. (Left) Dean Cropper follows through after taking an accurate swing at the golf ball. (Right) Mike Hill keeps his eye on the ball and prepares to smash a line drive towards the nearest hole. 138CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: First row—Scott Crookston, Jim Rollins, Mark Evans, David Christiansen, Ernest Muirhead. Second row—Scott Lees, Eric Stubbs, Cordon Wilson, Neil Izatt, Wayne Hintz, Coach Smith. Third row—John Wood, Sam Jarvis. (Left) Wayne Hintze, Eric Stubbs, and Jim Rollins practice for the two mile cross country run.(Right) Scott Lees, also a cross country runner, placed two seconds off the division record in mile run. 139Track Team Rolls Over Region Opposition TRACK TEAM: First row—Tom Rogers, Bill Berrett, John Cannon, Doug Reynolds, Brian Hatch, Scott Jepson, Sam Jarvis, Harold Swenson. Second row—Grant Nielsen, Bill Bryan, Kim Kennard, Paul Teichert, Jim Giles, Rand Ramey, Greg Jacobsen, Jerry Bushman, Fred Jex, Rand Gottfredson, Kelly Ellis. Third row—Steve Miller, Dennis Dunn, Redd lameson, Dave Sidwell, Jay McNamara, John Bale, David Lambert, Ryan Hawkins, Lloyd Miner, Bryan Hofheins, Ron Sidwell. Fourth row—Richard Byars, Blake Tanner, Dave Rowberry, Kirk Henrichsen, John Wood, Lafe Damon, David Earl, Jim Hartvigsen, Karl Stum, Gene Wickes. Fifth row—Jared Harper, Alan Wood, Jim Robertson, Jack Rowan, Dale Pierce, Jim Thomas, Mike Asay, Kim Johnson, Neil Izatt, Kevin Olson. This year's track team is one of the most powerful that Provo has produced. They captured top honors TRACK TEAM: First row—Mike Barrett, George Gourley, Richard Brande, George Poolcy, Fred Teichert, John Hall, Darrell Jacobson. Second row— Scott Lundberg, Richard Thorpe, Dick Harmon, Kim LeBaron, Stewart Morrill, Dan Sturgill, Gordon Wilson, Gary Graham, Robert Bowen. Third row— |im Rollins, Wayne Hintze, Jeryl Smith, Richard Brooks, Lee Clegg, James Taylor. Bill Berrett, John Call, Tom Branam. Fourth row—Lynn Meibos, Eric Stubbs, Scott Lees, Martin Mangum, Ron Robinson, Richard Harward, Jerry Shipman, Richard Luckau, Randall Harward. Fifth row—Ron Bentley, Eldon Cannon, Craig Brooks, David Markham, Reid Gardner, Dee Jepson, Wayne Corbridge, Scott Crookston, and Richard Thurman. 140 (Top) Ron Bentley cocks and prepares to let fly while practicing for one of the track meets. Ron was first man m both the discus and javelin. (Bottom) Richard Brande puts forth all the "oomph'' he can muster to send shotput to a new record during a region meet. Provo proved to be a tough competitor in region. Robert Bowen clears the low hurdles during warm-up before a region meet. PHS runners provided one of Provo's strongest track competitors. Dan Pons easily clears the pole vault bar with inches to spare. Dan set a new school record of 13 ft. 6 in. during the tri-meet with Spring-ville and Pleasant Grove This jump placed him among the top state vaulters. Dan doesn't even come on the field until bar is set at 12 ft. 141Richard Brooks, anchor man on the relay team, accepts the baton from Mike Barrett. Richard's time of 23.3 in the 220-yard dash was only .4 seconds off the division record. Richard was also an excellent broad jumper for the Provo High track team in region competition. Trackmen blasted through victory after victory to claim the division trophy. Provo's strength, depth, and endurance was felt by every team they met. Records were set by several trackmen. Dan Pons, pole vaulter, never even came on the field until the bar was set at twelve feet. Richard Brooks smashed statistics in the 220. George Gourley, jeryl Smith, and jim Taylor swept by finish lines with record-breaking times in the 440-yard dash. Jim Rollins, Wayne Hintze, and Dennis Stewart ploughed through all opposition in the 880. Scott Lees threatened records in the mile run in every track meet. Martin Mangum was a powerful Bulldog competitor in the 120-yard high hurdles. Randall Harward placed high in the high jump competition. Richard Brande, shot put, and Ron Bentley, discus and javelin, could always score high. Richard Thorpe slashes through the air to get every extra possible inch in the broad jump competition. Although an excellent jumper, Richard was plagued by scratches. 142Trackmen Claim Top Division Trophy Richard Harward has all his muscles tensed as he gets ready to clear the in high jump competition in several region meets. He held the position high jump bar. Richard cleared this jump and captured first place honors Qf first man in high jump on the PHS track team for the entire season. Jim Curtis leaps across the low hurdles while working out during eighth George Gourley bursts across the finish line as Jeryl Smith pumps furiously period. The powerful track team captured high region honors at meets. to claim second. George was also a broad jumper for the PHS track team.Provo Baseball Coach Reed Hales, Coach Leonard Mackay, and a student teacher watch the baseball team in action during one of the openers against another region team. Craig Drury waits at first base hoping to get an out on an infield fly ball. Craig's excellent play at first base helped Provo go undefeated in pre-season play. 144 Doug Kiger loosens up with a few warm-up swings before taking his turn at bat. Doug was consistently one of the team's best hitters. Dave Taylor waits on deck for his turn at bat. Dave uses two bats because he thinks he will have twice as much of a chance to hit the ball.Team Eyes State Tournament Trophy VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM: First row—Kevin Balser, Rick Cloward, Rick Boulter, Bob Belliston, Kim Sorensen, Mike Mulvaney, Alan Rasmussen, Steve Henson, Russel Rasmussen, Barry Brown, Blaine Kemp. Eddy Muller; Second row—Alan Wakefield, Danny Carter, Cus Terry, Steve Bushman, Steve Corless, Robert Johnson, Craig Drury, Dave Green, Clair Woodbury, Scott Atkinson, Kim Francom. Third row—Steve Kiger, Doug Kiger, Jerome Badura. Dave Taylor, Randy Blackett, Brent Miller, Gill Thompson, Mark Taylor, Coach Hales. David Atkinson, Coach Lake and Coach Mackay. Gill Thompson and Barry Brown are waiting for their turns at bat. Gill wants to hit the ball over the center field fence, but Barry just wants to hit the ball into the opposing pitcher's face. 145Provo High School's mighty baseball team practiced daily to make sure their baseball tradition didn't lag. PHS has consistently been a powerful competitor in baseball. They have entered the state tournament for several years and have taken one of the top two positions for the last two years. With the addition of BY High's players, Provo received a high ranking in state. Opening the year undefeated in preseason play, the Bulldogs began region play slowly, but they gained steam as they went along. Provo's coaches helped insure success for the team. Steve Busnman gets ready to receive a pitch from the pitcher. The catcher must decide what pitch is best and then signal the pitcher to throw it. Baseball Players Gill Thompson decides that the batter won't even see this pitch. He will put it by him so fast that he'll only be cooled by the wind of the ball. Steve Kiger takes a vicious swing at the baseball as it nears the plate. The opposing catcher is waiting to catch the ball, but that probably will never happen because Steve very rarely misses the ball. Two players wait for their turns at bat. hoping to be able to get hits to help Steve score. 146Practice to Keep Up PHS Tradition Doug Kiger and Dave Taylor wait patiently tor the ball to be hit into outfield, but hardly expect it of Cypress. Dave Green suspiciously eyes the ball as he rounds third and wonders if he should try the drive for home plate. Randy Blackett eyes the signal from the catcher and prepares to place the ball n 1the tempting position for the batter to be suckered into swinging even though it may not be a s. 147SOFTBALL TEAM: Row 1—Cindy Christensen, Jean Widdison, Cay Lynn Swallow, Kris Olson, Linda Harmon; Row 3—Roseanne Scott, Diane Creer, Mary Ann Morgan, Cheryl Crowton; Row 2—Lynda Gammon, Despain, Carol Peterson, Linda Hamilton, Jozette Richardson, Debra Finch, Sharon Whittaker, Penney Backus, Joy Diamond, Mary Ann Jolley, Sharon and Elaine Davis. The softball team won many extramural softball games. Girls Compete in Sports Tournaments BASKETBALL TEAM: Row 1—Cay Lynn Creer, Carolyn Jensen, Mary Harmon Row 3—Sharon Whittaker, Diane Despain, Linda Hamilton, Ann Morgan, Cheryl Crowton; Row 2—Jean Widdison, Penney Kathy Morgan, Cheri Christensen, Debra Finch, Elaine Davis, and Backus. Tana Walch, Diane Gee, Lori Kossmann, Kris Olson, Linda Michelle Plott. Team members spent winter months improving skills. 148(Top) Lynda Gammon takes a big swing at the softball, while Elaine Davis waits expectantly to catch the ball. (Middle) As Penney Backus slides into home plate, Elaine Davis "tags" her out. (Bottom jean Widdison goes up for a jump shot as Mary Ann Morgan and others look on during an intramural basketball game. Bulldog girls proved their prowess in athletics by meeting and defeating girls from other schools in the region and state. Girls in gymnastics competed at a state meet in events such as the uneven parallel bars, balance beam, and vaulting horse. They also performed floor exercise routines, which consisted of a series of flips, somersaults, turns, jumps, rolls, and leaps put to music. Intramural and extramural competition provided opportunities for playing soccer, softball, volleyball, tennis, and badminton. The PHS female basketball players traveled to Idaho to gain extra experience in tournament play. Meeting during eighth period and after school, these active girls developed proficiency in each of the sports events. Kris Olson and Gay Greer go high into the air to get the "tip" on the jump ball thrown up by Mrs. Wilcox as Diane Gee looks on. I I I I_______________________________________L I A 149VOLLEYBALL TEAM: Row 1—Lynda Cammon, lean Widdison, Cay Lynn Finch, Elaine Davis, and Rochelle Heaton. The volleyball team members Greer, Mary Ann Morgan, Kenna Rae Ferre; Row 2—Penney Backus, Tana worked many hours improving and perfecting their skills. Mrs. Wilcox Walch, Sharon Swallow. Lori Kossmann, Kris Olson, Linda Harmon: Row3— and Miss Jensen coached and directed the girls in their work. The volley- Diane Despain, Linda Hamilton, Diane Gee, lozette Richardson, Debra ball team competed against many teams from other schools in the region. Kris Olson gives her encouragement as Jean Widdison goes high into the air to spike the volleyball during an intramural game. Girls Meet Tough Gay Lynn Greer positions herself to make a perfect volley, while Penney Backus and Lynda Gammon hurry to help her get the volleyball over the net.GYMNASTICS TEAM: Row 1—Diane Despain. Michelle Plott. Marjean Sabin, Janice Payne, Tonja Anderson; Row 2—Pat Gray, Maureen Prothero, Jozette Richardson, Julie Harlow, Martsy Wilkins, and Diane Smith. Peggy Barclay, Kathy Bateman, and Carol Reimschussel are also on the gymnastics team. Under the direction of Mrs. Wilcox, these girls practiced many hours to improve their skills in floor exercise, balance beam, vaulting, and other general gymnastics skills. Competition Tonja Anderson performs an arabesque while doing a complicated but delicate routine on the balance beam. Maureen Prothero displays perfect form while doing the splits during her balance beam routine. The gymnasts work many long hours to perfect their routines. 151CLASSESExecutive Council Organizes Activity "Big John" Ramey commandeered the executive council with an efficient, friendly hand. He took charge of all Board of Control meetings and saw that projects were carried out. He was always present to open assemblies and plays. Vice President Craig Crandall assisted in activities organized by the Board of Control. His duties included attending meetings and assisting the student body president in his duties. Betty Van Wagenen, secretary, kept comprehensive notes of all student government meetings. She helped recall important items of business to be included on the council agenda. Historian Bobi |o Warner's job often included extra duties besides recording PHS history. She frequently assisted with student activities and elections. She never ran out of active ideas. Shirley Smith, business manager, had the almost frightening job of handling all student body funds. She arranged for bands at the dances and kept her eye on finances. She spent free time balancing books and writing checks. Rob Wiseman and Dallin Kuhni happily surrender their money for activity cards. John Ramey and Shirley Smith accept their willing contributions. Student Body President John Ramey headed the student activities during the year. He took charge in assemblies, officiated in Board of Control meetings, organized elections, and supervised the planning of parties and dances. "Big John" was a delegate to Boy's State during the summer of '68. "Big John" Ramey, student body president, soberly approaches the punch line of his "joke with a moral" as he kills time at the end of an assembly. 154 Betty Van Wagenen, secretary, took down the minutes in the weekly Board of Control meetings. Working in the office period each day, she was able to supervise the balloting during student elections. She helped plan such activities as the All-School Party. She was also a member of the DECA Club. Vice President Craig Crandall helped supervise such activities as the building of bonfires during Homecoming Week. He slept overnight at the site of the fires after they had been put out to make sure they didn't start up again. He participated in the Hi Week assembly at the beginning of school. Bofc i Jo Warner, historian, collected pictures and news clippings on school activities and compiled them into a history of Provo High. She helped conduct student elections and often introduced the basketball game starters. During the summer before her senior year, she was delegate to Girls' State. Shirley Smith, business manager, capably handled the student finances for the year and arranged for bands to play at all school dances. She was nominated Sterling Scholar and was a National Merit Finalist. The business manager is chosen by the faculty and principal rather than by the students. 155Student Officers Plan Year of Varied George Gourley makes assignments for the upcoming school party at a Board of Control meeting. The members met weekly. The Board of Control met each Tuesday. Consisting of executive board, class officers, newspaper and yearbook editors, Boys' and Girls' Organization officers, and School Spirit chairmen, it directed all student body activities. The Girls' Organization had a busy year of Preference Dance, Girls' Day Tea and Fashion Show, Girls' Day Dance, and Father-daughter date. The Boys' Organization accepted the challenge and presented the first Boys' Organization Assembly in several years. They received a trophy as a reward for their successful efforts. BOARD OF CONTROL: Row one—Shirley Smith. Sharon Sardoni, Elaine Simmons; Row two—Sally Sumner, Betty Van Wagenen, Bobi Jo Warner; Row three—Doug Whitaker, Kathy Bateman, Kirk Terry; Row four—Steve Kiger, Hal Heaton, Craig Crandall; Row five—George Gourley, John Ramey, Mr. Ronald Last, advisor. 156School Activities The Girls' Organization officers were (left to right) Susan Bigelow, secretary; Sally Sumner, president; and Roberta Platt, vice president. The Boys' Organization presidency included (left to right) Gordon Wilson, secretary; Jim Clark, vice president; and George Gourley, president. Their zestful organization and presentation of the first Boys’ Organization assembly in several years earned them a trophy presented by Vice Principal Last. GIRLS ORGANIZATION COUNCIL: First row—Stacy Overlade, Rolayne Sims, Roberta Platt. Sally Sumner. Susan Bigelow, Laurie Martin; Second row—LuAnn Ludlow, Susan Pace, Zeneth Johnson, Becky Adams. Linda Lloyd. Susan Adams, Karen Goodman. Ann Chiles; Third row—Jill Buckley, Paula Hill, Marianne Bowen, Mykin Welsh, Margie Dixon. JoAnna Ellison, Linda Grow, Pamela Casper. Kris Olson; Fourth row—Arda Benson, Allison Hickman, Kathy Swensen, Sherry Croft, Kris Johnson, Naomi Thomas, Diane Robinson, Mary Esplin, Chris Christensen; Fifth row—Susan Aston, Diana Dean, Ruth Dayton, SueAnn Huntington, Liz Clark, Jill Wightman, Stephanie Dorius, and Gae Stevens. They planned the Girls' Day Tea and Fashion Show, and Preference Dances. 157SENIORS Senior Bulldogs proudly claimed the role of upper-classmen. Putting forth the extra push to make this year Provo's greatest year, they bolstered the basketball, football, baseball, and other teams to the state finals. Nor did they neglect academics, music, or drama. The marching band claimed first in the region meet, the drama department produced three major plays, and science, math, and well-rounded scholars gave Provo Bulldogs the reputation of top competitors. Directed by Steve Kiger, president; Cheryl Walker, vice-president; and Jan Nuttall, secretary, seniors sold magazines to buy new refrigerated fountains for Provo High. Bill Adams Gavin Anderson Lynne Adams Karen Anderson Randy Adams Tonja Anderson Sandra Allman Phil Andrus Charlene Anderson Mickelyn Asay Seniors Dig In for Final Year Terry Asay Christie Beth Atherton David C. Atkinson Marjorie Austin Bill Adams—Seminary Graduate 12. Lynne Adams—Seminary Graduate 11, 12; A Cappella Secretary 12; FTA 12; All State Chorus 12; Our Town 12; A Cappella 10, 11, 12. Randall Adams—Stage crew 11,12; Yearbook photographer 12. Sandra Allman—Seminary Graduate 11. Charlene Anderson—J.V. Cheerleader 10; Sophomore Assembly 10; Junior Class V.P. 11; Junior Prom Royalty 11; Miss Friendly 11; Ski Club 10,11; French Club 11; Forensics 12; U.N. Club 12; DECA Club 12; Seminary Graduate 11; Varsity Cheerleader 12; Homecoming Royalty 12. Gavin Anderson. Karen Anderson—Pep Club 10, 11; Drama 10; A Cappella 11; Jr. Class Assembly 11; Seminary Graduate 11,12. Tonja Anderson—Spanish Club 11; Pep Club 11; Band Secretary 12; Head Flag Girl 11, 12; Varsity Cheerleader 12; DECA 12. Phil Andrus—Football 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 10, 11; Letter-man 11, 12; Chief of Stage and Light Crew 11; Sons of Brigham 11; Seminary Graduate. Mickelyn Asay—GAA 11; Assembly 10; Seminary Graduate 11. Terry Asay—Track 12; ROTC 10. Cristie Beth Atherton—Junior Assembly 11; Provonian 2nd Page Editor 12; Spanish Club Secretary 11; A Cappella 11; Dienocians 11; Pep Club 11; Red Cross Club 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12. David C. Atkinson—Captain of Football Team 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Boys State 12; Debate Team 12; U.N. Club 12; Key Club 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; All State Bowling 12. Marjorie Austin—"A Different Drummer" 10; "Brigadoon" 10; Musical "Li'l Abner" 11; "Our Town" 12; Homecoming Assemblies 10, 11; Honor Society 10, 11, 12; All State Choir 12; Hi-Brows 12; A Cappella 10, 11, 12. 159Jerome Paul Badura Larry Banks Judy Barney Christine Baggs Peggy Anne Barclay Barbara Barrett David Bagshaw Mary Bardsley Craig Barrus Barbara Bailey Joan Bargeron Ralph Bartholomew Alan E. Banks Jolene Barlow Anne M. Barton Seniors Contemplate Graduation Jerome Paul Badura—Baseball Team 10, 11, 12; Football Team 10, 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11; Member of Ski Club 12; Letterman 10, 11, 12; Intramural Basketball 12. Christine Baggs. David Bagshaw. Barbara Bailey—Ski Club 10,11,12; U.N. Club 11,12; U.N. Club Secretary 12; Debate Team 12; DECA 12; Seminary Graduate 11; FFA Queen Nominee 10; Home Room Representative 10; Assemblies 10, 11, 12; Girls' Intramurals 10, 11 Alan E. Banks—Football 10; Ski Club 10, 11,12; Seminary Graduate 11; Sophomore Assembly 10; Junior Assembly 11. Larry Banks. Peggy Anne Barclay—DECA Club 12; Head Twirler 12; Varsity Cheerleader 12; GAA Council 12; Assistant Secretary of Band 12. Mary Bardsley—Honor Society 10; Spanish Club Vice President 11; Girls' Day 10, 11; Junior Assembly 11; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; FHA 12. Joan Bargeron—French "I'm over here,” yells Barbara McLaughlin to a friend who is trying to find her during the crowded game of the Provo Bulldogs against the Orem Tigers. 160Club 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11. Jolene Barlow— Honor Roll 11; Pep Club 10, 11; Hi Stepper 11; Thespians 10, 11, 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; F.H.A. 11; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; A Cappella 11; School Play 10; Superior Rating at Region on Humorous Reading 10. Judy Barney— Member of Girls' Organization Council 11; Seminary Graduate 11. Barbara Barrett — Social Chairman of A Cappella 11; "Hi Brows" 12; A Cappella 11, 12; "Our Town" 12; "My Fair Lady" 11; Seminary Graduate 11; All State Chorus 12. Craig Barrus—Sophomore Boys' Representative 10; Science Symposium 12; Honor Society 10, 11, 12; Lincoln Arc Welding Contest 12; Key Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10. Ralph Bartholomew—Honor Roll 12; Quill and Scroll Contest 11; Yearbook Photographer 12; German Language Fair 11. Anne M. Barton—Member of BY High Chorus 11; Nominee for Junior Prom Queen 11; Junior Prom Assembly 11; Student Election Assembly 10; Seminary Graduate 11. Beverly Barton—Seminary Graduate 12; Spanish Club President 12; Secretary F.T.A. Club 12; Madrigals 12; All State Chorus 12; F.H.A. 11; G.A.A. 12. Robert Barton—Seminary Graduate 11 Kathleen Bateman —Junior Prom Queen 11; Thespians 11, 12; Junior Assembly; U.N. Club; Varsity Cheerleader 12; Homecoming Queen 12; DECA 12; G.A.A. 12; Board of Control 12. Eric Beckham. Becky Beesley. Larry Glenn Bethers — ROTC 10, 11, 12; Drill Team 10; Spanish Club 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Library Assistant 12; Honor Roll 10, 11, 12. Kathleen Bird. J. Travis Black. John Black. Randy Blackett. Craig Barrus contemplates the dangerousness of his next move during a tense chess match at the first Honor Society get-acquainted party. Beverly Barton Kathleen Bateman Becky Beesley Kathleen Bird John Black Robert Barton Eric Beckham Larry Clenn Bethers J. Travis Black Randy Blackett 161Kathy Parker leisurely scrawls out her shorthand assignment during the senior lunch period. Seniors found the extra long lunch period excellent for lounging around. Alan Blanchard. Kim Bonnett—Ski Club 12. Ruth Brady. Nancy Brereton. Barbara Brimhall. Sherrie Brimhall— Seminary Graduate 11; Ski Club 12. Philip Broadbent— Junior Assembly; DECA Club 12; A Cappella 11; ROTC 10, 11. Richard Brooks—Football 10, 11, 12; Track 10, 11, 12; Honor Roll 10, 11, 12; President of California Scholastic Federation Honor Society 10, 11; Seminary Class President 10, 12; Seminary Graduate 12. DeAnn Brown— Seminary Graduate 11; F.T.A. 10. Michael Glen Brown— Junior Class President; Wrestler 10, 11, 12; Manager Varsity Football and Baseball 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Junior Prom Assembly. Ruth Ann Brown—J.V. Cheerleader 10; Voice of Democracy 10; German 10; Spanish 10, 11, 12; Forensics 12; F.T.A. 10, 11, 12; Home Room Repre- Alan Blanchard Ruth Brady Barbara Brimhall Philip Broadbent DeAnn Brown Kim Bonnett Nancy Brereton Sherrie Brimhall Richard Brooks Michael Glen Brown 162Seniors Practice Study Techniques Ruth Ann Brown Boyd Busker Nancy Cannon Jill Buckley Fred Cain Scott Cannon lames Bullock Cainell Cameron Diane Carter Linda Bunnell Peg Cameron Hal Carter Beckie Burrows lannine Campbell Kerry Carter sentative 12; junior Class Vice President 11; Pep Club 11; F.H.A. 10, 11. jill Buckley—Ski Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 11. fames Bullock—Ski Club 10; Key Club 10, 11, 12; Boys' State 12; Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12; President of Symphonic Band 12; Forensics Club 12; U.N. Club 12; Debate Squad 12; Tennis Team 11, 12. Linda Bunnell— Spanish Club 10; C.A.A. 10, 11; School Spirit 12; Homeroom Representative 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12. Beckie Burrows. Boyd Busker. Fred Cain—VICA President 12; Seminary Graduate 11; Honor Society 10, 11, 12. Gained Cameron—Ski Club 11; Girls' Organization Vice President 11; Girls' State 12; Girls' Nation 12; Pep Club 11; Seminary Graduate 11; U.N. Club 11, 12; Debate Squad 11, 12; DECA 12. Peg Cameron—G.A.A. Council 10; French Club 10; Spanish Club 11, 12; Spanish Club Vice President 12; DECA Club 12; Pep Club 11; Assemblies 10, 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11. jannine Campbell—Thespian Club 12; Seminary Graduate 11; Debonairs Club 12; Preference Assembly 11. Nancy Cannon—Junior Prom Queen 11; Newspaper Editor 11; Assistant Newspaper Editor 10; junior Class Secretary 11; Christmas Queen Attendant 10; Honor Society 10, 11, 12; Honor Society Vice President 11; Assemblies 10, 11; DECA Club 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12. Scott Cannon—Spanish Club 11. Diane Carter—Pep Club 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11. Hal Carter—Football 10; Prolog Staff 10; Track 10; Intramural Basketball 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11; DECA Club 12; Ski Club 12. Kerry Carter—Seminary Graduate 11, 12. 163Seniors Enthusiastically Support Marvin Carter Neil K. Child Russell Christensen Ricki Carter Ross Childs Kathy Christenson Pamela L. Casper Chris Christensen lulie Christiansen Ning Chang Glenda Faye Christensen William Clayton Richard Chapman Jill Christensen Rayanna Clegg Marvin Carter. Ricki Carter — Seminary Graduate 11; French Club 12; Pep Club 12; Office Assistant 12. Pamela L. Casper—Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Girls' Organization Representative 12; Homeroom Representative 12; Library Assistant 12; Bookstore Worker 12. Ning Chang —Track 10, 11; Honor Roll 11; Science Symposium 12; Sterling Scholar 12. Richard Chapman. Neil K. Child. Ross Childs—Seminary Graduate 11. Chris Christensen— F.H.A. President 12; Seminary Graduate 11; Representative of Girls' Organization 10, 11, 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12;Provo High Anne Cloward Kathy Collins Terry Ann Compton Richard Condie Hilda Cooney Curt Cordner Alan Heal braves the snowy weather to watch the Provo Bulldogs pull a 6-0 victory over the Roy Royals in the state semifinal football game. French Club 11, 12; Junior Assembly. Glenda Faye Christensen—Glee Club 10; Girls' Arts and Crafts 11; Seminary Graduate 11, 12. Jill Christensen — Homeroom Representative 10, 11; Yearbook Manager 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; F.H.A. Club 12; Class Assembly 10, 11; School Spirit 12. Russell Christensen—VICA Club 12; Seminary Graduate 11. Kathy Christenson — Seminary Graduate 11, 12. Julie Christiansen—Band; Member of Debutons Club; Seminary Graduate. William Clayton. Rayanna Clegg—Seminary Graduate 11; Pep Club 11; Class Assembly 10, 11; G.A.A. Council 10; Girls' Council 12. Anne Cloward—Seminary Graduate 12. Kathy Collins —Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Student Council 10, 11; Girls' Organization 10, 11, 12; Bowling Club 10, 11, 12. Terry Ann Compton—Stage Crew 11, 12; Thespian, Spanish Club; All-State Chorus 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; A Cappella 12; Madrigals 12; String Festival, Superior and Excellent Ratings 10; Orchestra 10; Youth Symphony 10, 11; Junior Prom Publicity; Junior Assembly. Richard Condie—Letterman 10, 11, 12; Football 10; Basketball 10, 11, 12; Tennis 10, 11, 12; German Club 10; DECA Club 12; Seminary Graduate 11; Sophomore Class President; Boys' State 12. Hilda Cooney. Curt Cordner—ROTC 12. Chris Nuttall. Mark Fuhriman. Stacy Overlade, Diane Garrett, and Scott The workers helped the cooks keep the lunchroom operation moving Nelson dole out the daily gruel to Glade Nelson and George Gourley. smoothly. Many of the lunchroom workers received free lunch for helping.(Upper) Jay Miller figures out his lunch with his official wrestling team calorie counter. (Lower) Russ Peterson, Dave Kartchner, Phil Andrus, Scott Cannon, and Leland Dayton indulge in a favorite sport—sitting on the green benches at noon. Craig Crandall Warren Dailey Elaine Davis Leland Dayton Mark B. Crookston Thomas Andrew Daniels Tania Davies Sylvia DeHoyos Rex Daley Chris Darais Doug Davis Ann Dennett Senior Bulldogs Eagerly Struggle Through 166 Peggy Dennis Margie Dixon Stephanie Dorius Kerry Doyle Daniel Dixon John K. Donaldson Lois Dorsey Brooke Dudley Daily Routine Craig Crandall—Student Body Vice President 12. Mark B. Crookston—Wrestling Team 10; Honor Roll 11; VICA Club 12; Fourth of July Speech Contest 11; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Orchestra 10, 11, 12. Rex Daley— Football 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 10, 11, 12; Pep Band 10; Track 10, 11; Letterman 10, 11, 12; Letterman Club Secretary 12; Yearbook Staff 12; Seminary Graduate 12. Warren Dailey—National Merit Semifinalist 12. Thomas Andrew Daniels—Seminary Graduate 11; Home Room Representative 12. Chris Darais. Elaine Davis. Tania Davies—Home Room Representative 11; French Club 11; Red Cross Youth Club President 12; Red Cross Assembly 12. Doug Davis. Leland Dayton—Spanish Club 12; Sem- Ray Nelson and Stan Gardner decide that the easiest period of the entire day is lunch. They eagerly put away their meat and potatoes. inary Graduate 11; Football 10. Sylvia DeHoyos—Seminary Graduate 11; Girls' Concert Choir; Band Member; Art Club. Ann Dennett—Ski Club 11, 12; DECA Club 12; Seminary Graduate 11; Spanish Club 11, 12; Assemblies 10, 11, 12. Peggy Dennis—Seminary Graduate 11. Daniel Dixon—Wrestling 11; Ski Club 11, 12; Swimming 12. Margie Dixon—Girls' Tennis Team 10, 11, 12; Student Council 10, 11; F.H.A. 10; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Girls' Council 12; Feature Editor of School Newspaper 11. John K. Donaldson. Stephanie Dorius—Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 12; Student Council 11, 12; Girls' Organization 10, 11, 12; Bowling Club 11. Lois Dorsey. Kerry Doyle. Brooke Dudley—Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Pep Band 12. 167Gloria Dunn Joyce Egan Carl Evans Marcia Ford Deborah Frederick Paula Dunn Kathie Elton Diane Flick Jeanne Franks Rita Freeman Randy Edwards Jim Engle Kathy Foerster Myrna Freckleton Jill Frischknecht 168 Rex Rasmussen pauses tor a drink of warm water from the knee-high water fountains. The Senior class of 1969 remedied this gross injustice by installing chest-high, refrigerated water fountains. The seniors earned this money through their senior class project.Time in Busy Schedule for Relaxing Mark Fuhriman Stanley Morris Cardner Diane Garrett Duane Gates Diane Gee Barbara Gibbons Bill Gibbons Randy Gibson Chuck Giles Marie Gillette Gloria Dunn—Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Provonian Staff 12; Girls' Concert Choir 12. Paula Dunn—Seminary Graduate 11; French Club 12 Randy Edwards—Seminary Graduate 11. Joyce Egan—Yearbook Business Manager 11, 12; School Spirit Committee 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11; Legislative Council 10, 11, 12; Assemblies 10, 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12. Kathie Elton—Honor Society 10; Spanish Club 10. Jim Engle—Sophomore Class Vice President 10; Seminary Graduate 11; Home Room Representative 10, 11, 12. Carl Evans. Diane Flick. Kathy Foerster—Seminary Graduate 11, 12. Marcia Ford—Seminary Graduate 12; Spanish Club 11, 12. Jeanne Franks. Myrna Freckleton—Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11; Sophomore Secretary 10; School Spirit 12; DECA Club 12. Deborah Frederick—Pep Club 11; Debonairs 12; French Club 12; F.H.A. 12. Rita Freeman — Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Concert Choir Accompanist 12. Jill Frischknecht—Class Secretary 10; Ski Club 10, 11; Class Assemblies 10, 11; A Cappella 11; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Home Room Representative 11, 12. Mark Fuhriman—DECA Club Officer 12; Ski Club 10, 12; Seminary Student 11, 12; Heavy Music Appreciation Club 11, 12; Lunchroom Worker 12; School Spirit Cannon Crew 12. Stanley Morris Gardner—-Football 10, 11; Tennis 10, 11, 12; Basketball 10, 11; First Player Singles in Tennis 11; Honor Roll 10, 11, 12. Diane Garrett—"The Christmas Dinner" 12. Duane Gates. Diane Gee—Seminary Graduate 11; G.A.A. Vice President 12; G.A.A. Manager 11; Girls' State Finalist 12; Ski Club; Spanish Club. Barbara Gibbons. Bill Gibbons—Concert Band 10; All-State Orchestra 11. Randy Gibson—Bowling Club 10; A Cappella 12; Madrigal 12; "Comedy of Errors" 12; Male Quartet 12. Chuck Giles—Football 10, 11, 12. Marie Gillette—Ski Club 10; Drill Team 10; Pep Club 10; French Club 11; Seminary Graduate 12; F.H.A. 10. 169Mirreo Cleave—Honor Society 10, 11; Seminary Graduate 11; junior Prom Assembly. Mary Elizabeth Gomez— Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12; French Club 12; Debonairs Club 12; Symphonic Band Librarian 10, 11, 12; First Rating in Region Band Festivals 11, 12. Eileen Goshorn. George Gourley—Football Captain 12; Football 10, 11, 12; Basketball 10, 11, 12; Track 10, 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Boys' State 12; German Club 11; DECA Club 12; Boys' Organization Vice President 11; Boys' Organization President 12; Let-terman 10, 11, 12. Gerald Grisamer. Laraine Grow— Girls' State 12; F.H.A. 10, 11, 12; F.H.A. Vice President 12; Honor Society 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Thespian 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 11. Joa Marie Gurr—Seminary Graduate 11, 12; DECA Club 12; Ski Club 12. Betty Gurule. Martha Ann Hales—Ski Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11; junior Prom Committee 11; Sophomore Slide Chairman 10. John W. Hall. Linda Gene Hamilton—Seminary Graduate 11, 12; G.A.A. 10, 11, 12; French Club 11, 12; Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12; George Pooley joyously accepts Steve Kiger's dime for an official Letterman's project apple. Letterman could often be seen faithfully selling apples in the halls during the lunch hours and at football and basketball games to raise money for club activities and projects. They bought a new trophy case. Mirreo Cleave Eileen Goshorn Gerald E. Grisamer Joa Marie Gurr Martha Ann Hales Mary Elizabeth Gomez George Gourley Laraine Grow Betty Gurule John W. HallSeniors Assist in Club Projects Linda Gene Hamilton Brad Hancock Cindy Hansen Kathie Hansen William Harding |im Harris George Hartvigsen Peggy Harward Stan Harward Brad Hatch Rebecca Hatch Steven Hatch Lois Haupt Dana Hawkins Pam Hawkins Orchestra 12; Pep Band 10, 11, 12; Teen-Age Republicans Club 10, 11, 12; Marching Band 10, 11, 12. Brad Hancock —Key Club 12; Honor Society 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12. Cindy Hansen—Honor Society 10, 11,12; Spanish Club 12: Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Orchestra 12; Band Banner Carrier 12. Kathie Hansen—Band Banner Carrier 10; Pep Club 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; F.H.A. Secretary 12; Pep Club President 12; Legislative Council 12. William Harding—Honor Roll 10, 11, 12; Archery Club 10; Science Fair 11; Seminary Graduate 11; Student Band Director 12. |im Harris—Chess Club 10, 11; Spanish Club; Second Place Voice of Democracy Speech Contest 11; Color Guard 11, 12; Teen-Age Republicans Club 11, 12; Model U.N. Representative. George Hartvigsen—Ski Club 10, 11, 12; German Club 10, 11; U.N. Club 12; Debate Squad 12; Swim Team 12. Peggy Harward— Honor Society 10, 11; Pep Club 11; F.T.A. Vice President 12; U.N. Club 12; Debate Squad 12; Seminary Graduate 11. Stan Harward—Track 10, 11, 12; Ski Club 12; Seminary Graduate. Brad Hatch. Rebecca Hatch — PHS KCPX Correspondent 10, 11, 12; Band 10; Seminary Graduate 11, 12. Steven Hatch—Track 10, 11, 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 12; Letterman 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11; Yearbook Staff 12. Lois Haupt— Honor Society 10, 11, 12; German Club 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Orchestra 10, 11, 12; Marching Band 12; Pep Band 12; Excellent Rating in String Festival 10, 11; Seminary Graduation Committee 11; Youth Symphony Orchestra 10, 11, 12. Dana Hawkins. Pam Hawkins—Pep Club 10; Seminary Graduate 11, 12.Bruce Haws Kent Herrick Alan Heal Rosemary Hettich Hal Heaton Allison Hickman Ronald Henrichsen Lynn Higgins Cary Herde John Higley Bulldogs Praise Provo Prowess in Bruce Haws—Track 12. Alan Heal—Debate Team Manager 12; Forensic Club 12; U.N. Club 12; Letterman Club 12; Track Team 11, 12; First Place Oratory Region 4. Hal Heaton—State Math Test Winner 11; National Math Test 10, 11; Yearbook Editor 12; Key Club 10, 11; German Test Winner 10, 11; Honor Society 10, 11, 12; National Merit Semi-Finalist 12; Sterling Scholar 12; Pro-log Co-Editor 10; Board of Control 12; Science Symposium 12. Ronald Henrichsen—French Club 11. Gary Herde—Wrestling 10, 12; Track 10, 11; Pro-Log 10; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Archery Club 10; Aquatic Club 10. Kent Herrick. Rosemary Hettich—Girls' Concert Choir 12. Allison Hickman. Lynn Higgins. )ohn Higley—Archery Club 10; German Club 10, 11. Michael Richard Hill — Football 10, 11, 12; Golf 10, 11, 12; Forensics 12; U.N. Club 12. Joyce E. Hillier—Girls' Concert Chorus 12; Seminary Graduate 11. Wayne Hintze—Letterman 11, 12; Track 10, 11, 12; National Merit Honorable Mention 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Cross Country Team 12. Kathy May Hixson—Band 10; Concert Choir 12; Debonairs 12. Robert Hobson. Richard Hoopes—Key Club 10; Seminary Graduate 11; Honor Society 10, 11; School Spirit Com- Michael Richard Hill loyce E. Hillier Wayne Hintze Kathy May Hixson 172Robert Hobson Richard Hoopes Dan Alan Hopkinson Linda F. Horsley Homecoming '68 mittee 12. Dan Alan Hopkinson—School Spirit 10; Ski Team 10, 11, 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Junior Aquatic Council 10; Theta Chi. Linda F. Horsley—Sophomore Assembly; German Club 11; Ski Club 11; State Debate Meet 11; Forensics Club 11, 12; U.N. Club 11, 12; French Club 11; Seminary Graduate 11; DECA Club 12. Fred Howard— Superior Rating in Music Festival 11; Key Club 11, 12; French Club 12; Seminary Graduate 11; Secretary of Golf Club 12. Marty Hull—German Club 11. Ivan Hullinger— Kristine Hunter—German Club 10; Ski Club 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 12; Red Cross Club 12. Roy Hutchison. Cheerleader Loren Williams timidly stares at the exciting powder puff football game during part of the '68 Homecoming activities. Fred Howard Marty Hull Ivan Hullinger Kristine Hunter Roy Hutchison 173"If oxygen lacks 2 electrons in its outer electron shell and the hydrogen atom has 1 unpaired electron, then the formula is HtO!" decides Ning Chang. Top Bulldogs Study Cary Hutchinson David Jacobs Laura Jacobsen Julie Ann Jarvis Ann Johnson Diane Hyde Jolene Jacobsen Darrell Jacobson Samuel Jarvis Barbara Johnson Joycelyn Jefferies Jim Johnson Jay D. Jensen Ken Johnson Debra Jex Kenneth Johnson 174Gary Hutchinson. Diane Hyde—Honor Society 10, 11, 12; Girls' Organization Representative 10; Secretary of Honor Society 12; Sophomore Assembly: Seminary Graduate 11. David Jacobs—Football 10, 11, 12; Wrestler 10; German Club 10, 11, 12; Letterman 10, 11, 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Forensics Club 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11; Jolene Jacobsen — School Spirit 10; Class Assemblies 10, 11; Seminary Graduation 12; Ski Club 10, 11, Girls' Organization Representative 10; French Club 12. Laura Jacobsen. Darrell Jacobsen. Julie Ann Jarvis — Honor Society 10; Pep Club 11; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Ski Club 12; "Comedy of Errors" 12. Samuel Jarvis— Track 10, 11, 12; Cross Country 12; Model United Nations Chemistry, Mathematics, English Kenneth Johnson Kristine Johnson Margo Johnson Ron Johnson 10, 11; Spanish Club 10, 12; French Club 11; F.F.A. 10. Joycelyn Jefferies. Jay D. Jensen—Seminary Graduate 11, 12; All-State Band 11, 12; Honor Roll 11. Debra Jex— Sophomore Assembly; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Secretary of French Club 11; F.H.A. Member 12; G.A.A. Officer 10. Ann Johnson—Glee Club 10. Barbara Johnson. Jim Johnson—Ski Club 12; Honor Roll 12; Intramural Basketball 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11; Track 10, 12. Ken Johnson. Kenneth Johnson. Kenneth Johnson. Kristine Johnson. Margo Johnson—Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Girls' Day Fashion Show 11. Ron Johnson—Forensics 12; U.N. Club 12; VICA 12; Provonian Staff 12; Honor Roll 11, Debate Team 12; German Club 11. 175Senior Bulldogs Find Warm, Sunny Valerie Johnson ViAnn Johnson Deanne Jolley Diane Jolley Janice Jolley Corinne Jones Liane Jones Dave Kartchner Jeff Keith Dale Kemp Valerie Johnson—C.A.A. 10; Seminary (graduate 11. ViAnn Johnson—F.T.A. 11, 12; C.A.A. 11. Deanne Jolley—Extramural Volleyball 10, 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; C.A.A. 11; F.T.A. 10. Diane Jolley—Extramural Volleyball 10, 11; Honor Roll 10, 11. Janice Jolley. Corinne Jones—Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Honor Roll 10, 12; F.H.A. 12; Assemblies 10, 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11. Liane Jones—U.N. Club 12; Ski Club 11; Class Assembly 11, 12; Christmas Assembly 10, 11; Sub Deb Club 10, 11, 12. Dave Kartchner— Wrestling 10, 11, 12; Letterman 10, 11, 12; Tennis 10, 11, 12; Honor Roll 10, 11, 12. Jeff Keith—Wrestling 10; Football 11; Letterman 10, 11; Boys' State Alternate 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12. Dale Kemp—Football 10, 11, Stephen Taylor, Rex Rasmussen, and Kim Pearson find that it's a perfect day for eating lunch and doing homework on the lawn in front of the school. 176Days Relaxing Mark Kendall Jay Kennedy Douglas Kiger Stephen Kiger Kari Killpack Susan Christopher King loanne Knight Lori Kossmann Bruce Lamb Randy K. Larsen J Katrina Leftwich Shanda LeRoy 12; Wrestling 10, 11, 12; Letterman 10, 11, 12; DECA Club 12; Ski Club 12; Track 10, 11, 12. Mark Kendall— Seminary Graduate 11. lay Kennedy—Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Election Assembly 11; Forensics 11, 12; DECA 12; Seminary Graduate 12; Douglas Kiger—Football 10, 11, 12, Baseball 10, 11, 12; Basketball 10, 11, 12; Letterman 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10; Co-Captain Football Team 12; DECA 12. Stephen Kiger—Senior Class President; Football 10, 11, 12, Basketball 10, 11; Baseball 10, 11, 12; Boys' State 2; DECA Club 12. Kari Killpack—Honor Society 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 11; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Office Assistant 12; French Club 12. Susan Christopher King— Spanish Club 10; German Club 10, 11; Stage Crew 11. loanne Knight—Spanish Club 11. Lori Kossmann—G.A.A. 12. Bruce Lamb—Ski Club 11; Honor Roll 11; German Club 10; Seminary Graduate 11; Junior Assembly 11; The Tempest 11; Our Town 12; DECA Club 12. Randy Larsen— Ski Club 10; Key Club 10, 11, 12; Band 10, 11, 12; Forensics Club 11; Orcestra 10, 11, 12; Seminary Vice President 12. Cathy Larson—Seminary Graduate 11, 12. Kathy Latner. Scott Lees—Legislative Council 10; Track 10, 11, 12; Cross Country Team 12; Letterman 10, 11, 12; President Letterman Club 12. Katrina Leftwich—Seminary Graduate 11. Shanda LeRoy—Seminary Graduate 12. 177Kuen Bokhen Lew Craig Liddiard Ronald K. Lowe Becky Lewis Jeneen Lindsay LuAnn Ludlow Diane Lewis Danny Logan Jane Luke Steve Lewis Jaynee Long Scott Lundberg Barbara Liddiard Steve Long Betty Jo Lyons Kuen Bohken Lew. Becky Lewis—Extramural Volleyball 10, 11; Extramural Basketball 10; German Club 11,12; Honor Roll 10; G.A.A. 10; Seminary Graduate 12. Diane Lewis—Ski Club 10, 11, 12; G.A.A. Club 11; F.H.A. Club 11, 12; Seminary Vice President 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Honor Roll 10, 11, 12. Steve Lewis. Barbara Liddiard. Craig Liddiard—Seminary Graduate 11, 12. Jeneen Lindsay —Band Banner Carrier 12; Flag Twirler 12. Danny Logan. Jaynee Long—Spanish Club 12. Steve Long—Ski Club 10, 11, 12. Ronald K. Lowe—Captain of the Sophomore Football Team; J. V. Cheerleader 10; Intramural Basketball 11, 12; Class Assemblies 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; DECA Club 12. LuAnn Ludlow—Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Class Assembly 10, 11; Christmas Assembly 12; Forensics Club 12; U.N. Club 12; Girls' Organization Representative 10, 11, 12; French Club 11; Pep Club 11. Jane Luke—Cheerleader 10, 12; School Plays 10, 11, 12; "Miss Hello" 12, Best Supporting Actress in State 11; Thespian Society 11, 12; Honor Society 10, 11, 12. Scott Lundberg—National Merit Scholarship Commended Seniors Prepare for Student 12; Wrestling 10, 11; Track 10, 11, 12; Letterman Club 10, 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11; Legislative Council 10, 11; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; German Club 10, 11; Junior Assembly 11. Betty Jo Lyons—Spanish Club 10; F.H.A. 12; Family Living Council 10. Bruce Madsen. Carol Madsen— Extramural Volleyball Team 10, 11; G.A.A. 11; F.T.A. 10. Martin Mangum—Ski Club 10, 12; Letterman 10, 11, 12; Football 10; Track 10, 11, 12. Steven J. Markham—Class Assembly 10, 11, 12; Football 11, 12; Boys' State 12; Forensics Club 12; U.N. Club 12; Letterman 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11; Region Drama Meet 11. Melody Martin —French Club 11; Seminary Graduate 11. Sheila Matheny —G.A.A. 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 11. Diana Mathews— Legislative Council 10; Spanish Club 10; Girls' Organization 11; Seminary Graduate 11. Shirley May—Spanish 178 Bruce Madsen Carol Madsen Martin Mangum Steven J. Markham Melody Martin Sheila Matheny College Education Club 11, 12; C.A.A. 11, 12; C.A.A. Officer 11. Charles Mazurie—Student Trainer for Football, Basketball, Tennis Teams 12; Key Club Treasurer 11, 12; Key Club 10, 11, 12; German Club 10, 11; ROTC Squadron Commander 12; Christmas Dance Committee 10, 11. Evelyn McAffee. |im McDermott — Ski Club 10; Spanish Club 10. David McFarland—Orchestra 10; Pro-Log Staff 10; Provonian Staff 11; Key Club 11, 12; Competitive Sports 11. Art McKinlay—Home Room Representative 10; Seminary Graduate 11; DECA Club 12. Marilyn McOmber—French Club 11, 12; German Club 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Honor Society 10, 11, 12; G.A.A. 10, 11. Nina Meldrum— Girls' Chorus 10, 11; Concert Choir 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; German Club 12. Mary Melville—Treasurer German Club 12; Seminary Graduate 11; Honor Society 10, 11. Diana Mathews Charles Mazurie Jim McDermott Art McKinlay Nina Meldrum Shirley May Evelyn McAffee David McFarland Marilyn McOmber Mary Melville 179Seniors Probe Into Philosophies Mike Migdat Danny R. Mitchell Thomas Mildenhall lanna Morris Brent Miller Clynna Mortensen Jay R. Miller Val Miller Peggy Mott Cathy Muhlestein Mike Migdat—Spanish Club 11, 12; VICA Club 12. Thomas Mildenhall — National Merit Commended Student 12; Track 10, 11; German Club 10, 11; Science Club 11; Seminary Graduate 11. Brent Miller—Football 11, 12; Baseball 10, 11, 12; Letterman; Ski Club; Seminary Graduate 11; Legislative Council 12. Jay R. Miller—Football 10; Wrestler 10, 11, 12; Tennis 11; Forensics Club 12; U.N. Club 12; "Our Town" 12; Letterman 12; A Cappella 10, 11, 12; A Cappella President 12; Lieutenant Governor of Key Club 12. Val Miller—Football 10, 11, 12; Co-Captain of Football Team 12; Basketball 10, 11, 12. Danny R. Mitchell —Football 10; Wrestler 10, 11, 12; Track 10, 11, 12; Letterman 10, 11, 12. Janna Morris—G.A.A. Secretary 11; F.H.A. 12; Ski Club 12; Pro-Log Staff 10; Seminary Graduate 11, 12. Glynna Mortensen—Girls' Organization Representative 11, 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; DECA Club 12. Peggy Mott—German Club 10; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; U.N. Club 11. Cathy Ann Muhlestein—Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Yearbook Staff 12; Vic 12. Bob Murdock—Letterman 11, 12; Provonian Sports Editor 12; Seminary Graduate 11; U.N. Club 11. Allyson Murphy— Ski Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 11; Plays 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 11; DECA Club 12; State Drama Competition 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11. Gayle Murphy—Provonian Staff 12; Assemblies 11, 12. Gilbert Murphy—Football 10, 11, 12; Wrestler 12; Track 11; Basketball 10; Tennis 10; Class Reporter 10. Stephen Murphy. Gladys Murri— Seminary Graduate 11, 12; DECA Club 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12. Nathan Navasie—State Wrestler 11; Letterman 11, 12. Glade George Nelson — Tennis Team 11; Football 10; Debate Team 11; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; DECA Club 12; U.N. Club 12; Letterman 11, 12; Junior Assembly. Kim Nelson— French Club 12; Seminary Graduate 12. Louise Nelson— Seminary Graduate 11, 12; A Cappella 12; German Club 12; F.H.A. 12. Ray Dean Nelson—Honor Society 10, 11, 12; Boys' State 12; Intermountain Junior Science Symposium 11; Key Club 11, 12; French Club 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12. Scott M. Nelson—Forensics Club 12; U.N. Club 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; DECA Vice President 12; Junior Assembly 11; Football 10; Tennis 10. 180Bob Murdock Allyson Murphy Gayle Murphy Gilbert Murphy Stephen Murphy Gladys Murri Nathan Navasie Glade George Nelson Kim Nelson Louise Nelson Ray Dean Nelson Scott Nelson 181Senior Bulldogs Join Into Eileen Newman—A Cappella 10, 11, 12; Madrigals 10, 11, 12; Yearbook Staff 12; Honor Society 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 11; Seminary Graduate 11; Girls' State 12. Gregory J. Nielsen—Football 10, 11, 12; Letterman 10, 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11; Boys' State 12. Randy Nielsen— Seminary Graduate 11, 12; 2nd Lieutenant in ROTC 11. Todd Nielsen—Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 12. Chris Nuttall. Diana Nuttall — Sophomore Assembly; I Speak For Democracy 10; Ski Club 11, 12. Gail Nuttall— Seminary Graduate 11, 12; F.H.A. 12; Ski Club 12. |an Nuttall—Home Room Representative 11; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Junior Prom 1st Attendant 11; Senior Class Vice President 12; Ski Club 12. Kathy Offret. Dave Ogle. Sue Oldroyd—A Cappella 10, 11, 12; Honor Roll 11; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Barbara Oliver—Ski Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 12. Bruce Olson—Spanish Club 10; Seminary Graduate 12; Letterman 10, 11, 12; Tennis Team Eileen Newman Gregory J. Nielsen Randy Nielsen Todd Nielson Chris Nuttall Diana Nuttall Gail Nuttall jan Nuttall David Ogle Sue Oldroyd Barbara Oliver Bruce Olson Kathy Offret Kris Olson 182PHS Club Activities Pamela Orton Annette Ostler Nanette Ostler Stacy Overlade 10, 11, 12; Basketball 10; Honor Society 10, 11, 12. Kris Olson—C.A.A. 11, 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; German Club 10; Girls' Organization Representative 12; Seminary Graduate 12. Pamela Orton—Pep Club 10, 11; Seminary Graduate; A Cappella 10, 11. Annette Ostler—A Cappella 12. Nanette Ostler—Girls' Chorus 10; A Cappella 11, 12; Girls' Organization Representative 11; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Hi Brows 12; Madrigals 12. Stacy Overlade—Spanish Club 10; German Club 12; French Club 11, 12; Assemblies 10, 11, 12; Junior Prom Committee 11; Preference Committee 12; Girls' Organization Representative 12; DECA Club 12. Joyanna Pace—Seminary Graduate 12. Polly Parcell—Pep Club 10, 11; Pep Club Officer 11; Assemblies 10, 11. Eugene Park. Alan Parker—Key Club 10; Honor Roll 10. Kathleen Parker—Debonairs Club 10; Seminary Graduate 12. Patty Parker—Debonairs Club 10; A Cappella 10, 11, 12; Seminary Graduate. Joyanna Pace Polly Parcell Alan Parker Kathleen Parker Eugene Park At the German Club party, Louise Nelson decides that Patty Parker studying German culture does have its good points."If I shaved off another quarter inch and notched it in the middle, it should just about fit exactly," suggests Chuck Ciles to Kim Bonnett. In wood shop, seniors learned the techniques and skills of working with the lathe, plane, press, band saw, and other tools and instruments used in carpentry. They received several chances to practice these skills. Michael C. Patton—Letterman 12; All-State Chorus 12; Stage Band 12. Kim Pearson—Wrote Sophomore, Junior Assemblies; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; DECA Club 12; Football 10, 12; Track Team 11; Forensic Club 12. Janice Peay— Band 10; A Cappella 11; Seminary Graduate 12. Kris Pederson—Seminary Graduate 11, 12; G.A.A. 11, 12; Thespians 12; School Spirit 12; "Our Town" 12. Jeff Peirce— Honor Roll 10; Seminary Graduate 11; ROTC 11; Pro-vonian Staff 12. Carol Peterson—Girls' Organization Representative 10; Forensics Club 12; U.N. Club 12; F.H.A. 12; Ski Club 12. Russell Peterson—Provonian Staff 12; Ski Club 12. Sherri Peterson—Pep Club 10, 11; F.H.A. 11; F.H.A. Re- gion Representative 11; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Assemblies 10, 11. Cynthia Petty—School Spirit 10, 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 12; U.N. Club 11, 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12. Michael C. Patton Janice Peay Jeff Peirce Russel Peterson Kim Pearson Kris Pederson Carol Peterson Sherri Peterson Seniors Study Shop Skills 184Cynthia Petty Dale C. Phillips Debra Phillips Michelle Plott David Porter Kathy Porter Sheryl Pratt |udy Price J°hn Ramey james Rasmussen Kerry R. Rasmussen Meridee Rasmussen Rex Rasmussen Steve Rasmussen Raenae Red Elk Dale C. Phillips—F.F.A. 12; VICA Club 12 Debra Phillips— Seminary Graduate 11, 12. Michelle Plott. David Porter— Basketball 10, 11, 12; Tennis 10, 11, 12. Kathy Porter— A Cappella 11, 12; Spanish Club 11. Sheryl Pratt—G.A.A. 10, 11; F.F1.A. 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12. Judy Price— Assemblies 10, 11, 12; Plays 10, 11, 12; Thespians 10, 11, 12; U.N. Club 10, 11, 12; Stage Crew 10, 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11. John Ramey—Student Body President 12. James Rasmussen. Kerry Rasmussen—Ski Club 11, 12; Wrestler 10, 11, 12; Junior Aquatic Council 10; Swim Team 10. Meridee Rasmussen—French Club 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Ski Club 10. Rex Rasmussen. Steve Rasmussen — Ski Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 11, 12; Bowling Club 10; Honor Roll 10, 11; Hi Week Assembly; Seminary Graduate 11. Raenae Red Elk — Seminary Graduate 11, 12; G.A.A. 11. Alan Ford carefully draws in another line on his graphic arts project, as Don Stuver and Craig Tolboe study his methods.Mary Rees — Seminary Graduate 12. Charlotte Reid— Spanish Club 12; Seminary Graduate 12. Richard Reim-schussel. Craig Rich—Football 10, 11, 12; Track 11; Ski Club 10, 11; Letterman Club 11, 12. Mary Ridge—Pro-Log Staff 10, 12; Provonian Staff 11, 12; Pep Club 11; Honor Society 10, 11, 12; Thespian Historian 12; Provonian News Editor 12; Girls' Organization Representative 12; Legislative Council 10, 11, 12. Bill Rieske. Pat Riggs—Girls' Organization Secretary 10; Sterling Scholar 12; Ski Club 10, 11; U.N. Club 11; DECA Club 12; Pep Club 11; Sem- Mary Rees Richard Reimschussel Charlotte Reid Craig Rich Mary Ridge Bill Rieske Pat Riggs Seniors Support "Do you know that Hocked Christmas trees really have more fun?" teases Brenda Sorenson as Dale Kemp indulgently listens. The theme of the Christmas Dance, sponsored by the Key Club, was "The Hobbit." The Christmas Dance climaxed a week of holiday projects.inary Graduate 11. fames Eugene Robertson — Football 10; Track 11,12; One of Top Sellers in Senior Class Project. Martha Robinson. Ronald Robison — Football 10; Track 10, 11, 12; Basketball 10, 11; Ski Club 10, 12; Letterman 10,11; Seminary Graduate 11,12. Jim Rollins—Track 10,11; Letterman 10, 11, 12; A Cappella 10; Cross Country Team 12. Becky Roundy — Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; G.A.A. Officer 12; Seminary Officer 10; Seminary Graduate 11, 12. famie Rowan — F.T.A. 11 Brent Rowland. Warren Royall. Greg Rutledge — Ski Club 11, 12; VICA Club 12; Seminary Graduate 11. James Eugene Robertson Martha Robinson Ronald Robison Jim Rollins Becky Roundy Christmas Dance, "The Hobbit" Jamie Rowan Warren Royall Brent Rowland Creg Rutledge Mike Wilson calmly searches through his textbook to find what the author has to say about the implications and possible outcomes of U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia. 187Kent Ryan — Seminary Graduate 11. Marjean Sabin. Sharon Sardoni—Spanish Club 11, 12; School Spirit Chairman 12; DECA Club 12; Seminary Graduate 11; Sophomore Assembly; Forensics Club 11, 12; U.N. Club 11, 12. Margo Schaerrer—Thespians 10, 11, 12; Assemblies 10, 11, 12; Stage Crew 10, 11, 12; Debonairs Club 10, 11, 12; G.A.A. 10; Debonairs Club President 12; Girls' Chorus 12. Mary Seegmiller—Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11; Student Council 10, 11; Girls' Organization Representative. Vicky Lyn Seethaler—Seminary Graduate 11, 12; G.A.A. 11, 12; Girls' Concert 12. Larry Shakespeare. Barbara Shaw— Seminary Graduate 11. Scott Shields—Forensics Club 12; U.N. Club 12; Football 12; Seminary Graduate. Brad Shurtleff — Ski Team 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 10; ROTC. Ron Sidwell. Elaine Simmons—Honor Society 10, 11, 12; German Club 10, 11, 12; Provonian Editor 12; Pro-Log Co-Editor 10; Sterling Scholar 12; BYU Language Fair 10, 11. Jeremy Simmons—Football 10, 11, 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12. John Lawrence Simonsen. Terry H. Slade—3rd French Horn in Utah Valley Youth Symphony 11; 1st Tuba Solo Composition 10; 1st Complete Symphonic Band Composition 10; Orchestra 11, 12; French Club 12. Brent Slater—Seminary Graduate 11; Track Team 10, 11. John Smith—All-State Band 12; Ski Club 10; German Club 11; Kent Ryan Marjean Sabin Sharon Sardoni Margo Schaerrer Mary Seegmiller Vicky Lyn Seethaler Larry Shakespeare Barbara Shaw Scott Shields Brad Shurtleff Ron Sidwell Elaine Simmons Jeremy Simmons John Lawrence Simonsen Terry H. Slade Seniors Participate in Hilarious 188Dripping wet, Mike Hill (ails to see the humor of the situation, but Bobi |o Warner seems to find it hilarious. Hi Week Key Club 11, 12; Stage Band President 12; Yearbook Staff 12. Larry Smith. Pam Smith — Seminary Graduate 11. Peggy Smith—Ski Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 11; DECA Club 12; Assemblies 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 11; Seminary Graduate; Home Room Representative 11. Shirley Smith— Honor Society 10, 11, 12; F.T.A. 10, 11, 12; F.T.A. President 11; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Seminary Historian 12; Sterling Scholar 12; National Merit Semi-Finalist 12; Orchestra 10, 11, 12; Band 12; Business Manager 12. Ron Snow. Anne Marie Sorensen—1st in Music Contest in Piano 10; Excellent Rating in Radio Speaking at State Forensics Meet. |oAnn Sorenson—Seminary Graduate 11. Brent Slater John Smith Larry Smith Pam Smith Peggy Smith Shirley Smith Ron Snow Anne Sorensen joAnn Sorenson 189Upper Bulldogs Prepare for V, Sherrie Sorenson Charleen Spencer Mary Stevenson Connie Stubbs lackie Springer Eric Stubbs Gae Stevens LeAnn Stubbs Darlene Stevenson Vickie Stubbs Sherrie Sorenson—Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11. Charleen Spencer—Class Assemblies 10,11, 12; School Play 11; Seminary Graduate 11; Pep Club 11; A Cappella 11; Thespian 12. Jackie Springer—G.A.A. 10, 11; Pep Club 12, 12; Pep Club Secretary 12; DECA 12; Spanish Club 11; Girls' Organization Council 11. Gae Stevens—Assemblies 12. Darlene Stevenson. Mary Stevenson—Provonian Staff 11, 12; Provonian Business Manager 12. Connie Stubbs— Seminary Graduate 11, 12. Eric Stubbs—Football 10, 11; Basketball 10; Track 10,11,12; Cross Country 12; Key Club 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; “Our Town" 12; “Comedy of Errors" 12; A Cappella 12. LeAnn Stubbs—Seminary Graduate 11. Vickie Stubbs—Honor Society 10, 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11; Utah Girls' State Representative 11; State Forensics Team 11, 12; G.A.A. 11; Assemblies 11, 12; U.N. Club 12; F.H.A. Club 12; Extramural Hockey 11; 1st Place in Make-lt-With-Wool Contest 12; Sterling Scholar 12. Viky Stubbs—Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Thespian 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11; Stage Crew 11, 12; G.A.A. 12; Library Assistant 12. Dave Sturgill—DECA Club 12; School Spirit Chairman 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Board of Control 12; Heavy Music Appreciation Club 11, 12; School Spirit Cannon 12. Don Stuver—Spanish Club 11. Sally Sumner—Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Class Assembly 10, 11; Pep Club 11; Hi Week Assembly 12; DECA Club 12; Junior Prom Decorating Committee 11; Girls' Organization President 12; Board of Control 12; U.N. Club 12; Legislative Council 12; Forensics 12. Kathy Swensen—Miss Merry Christmas Attendant 10; Pep Club 10, 11; Pep Club Vice President 11; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; A Cappella 11; Thespian 12; Honor Society 10, 11, 12; DECA 12. Steven Dwayne Swensen—Ski Club 11. Conrad Tanner—Key Club 12; ROTC Color Guard 12. Debbie Tanner — Seminary Graduate 11, 12; F.T.A. 12; F.H.A. 12. Dave Taylor—Basketball 12. Mark James Taylor—Football 11, 12; Tennis 11; Baseball 11, 12; ROTC; Seminary Graduate; Ski Club 12; Bowling Club 12. Pam Taylor. Pat Taylor—Pep Club 11; DECA Club Historian 12; Seminary Graduate; Ski Club 12; Assemblies 12; French Club 11; Honor Roll. Stephen B. Taylor—Ski Club 10, 11; Spanish Club 11; Seminary Graduate 12; Junior Prom Committee. Steven Taylor — Class Assembly 10, 11; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Debate Team; Forensics Club Vice President 12; U.N. Club Vice President 12. Terri Taylor. 190Graduation Allyson Murphy and Pat Taylor laughingly joke about the menu of cheesburgers, cake, salad and milk. Nancy Brereton keeps her eyes glued on her shorthand notes as she steadily types on her typewriter during a time trial. Business students studied shorthand, type, business law and skills related to secretarial work. Viky Stubbs Sally Sumner Conrad Tanner Mark lames Taylor Stephen B. Taylor Dave Sturgill Kathy Swensen Debbie Tanner Pam Taylor Steve Taylor Don Stuver Steve Dwayne Swensen Dave Taylor Pat Taylor Terri TaylorRosanne Terry—German Club; Seminary Graduate 12; Home Room Representative 10; Pro-Log Staff 10. Pat Thoman. Dan Thomas—Ski Club 11 12; French Club 11, 12. Gill Thompson—Football 11, 12; Baseball 10, 11, 12; Home Room Representative 10, 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Spanish Club 11, ROTC 11, 12; A Cappella 12. Richard Thorpe—Track 10, 11, 12; Letterman 10, 11, 12; Honor Roll 10,11,12; Seminary Graduate 11; National Merit Commended Student 12; Junior Assembly: Chess Club Vice President 11; DECA Club 12; Assembly Committee 12. Judy Thurston—A Cappella 11, 12. Craig Tolboe—Golf 10, 11, 12; Ski Team 10, 11, 12; Bowling Team 10, 11, 12; ROTC. Lahna Van Bloem—Girls' Organization 10; Madrigal 11, 12; A Cappella 10, 11, 12; Solo and Ensemble Festival 10, 11; Seminary Graduate 12. Kay Van Buren—Ski Club 11,12; Forensics Team 12; U.N. Club 12; Track 11,12; Junior Prom Assembly; Seminary Graduate 11; French Club 12. Betty Van Wagenen—Student Body Secretary 12; Assemblies 10, 11, 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; DECA Club 12; Seminary Graduate 11; Legislative Council 11; French Club 11; Honor Roll 10, 11, 12; Region Speech Meet 11. Daniel Louis Vassilaros—Varsity Wrestling 10, 11, 12; Vice President of Band 12; Key Club President 12; National Merit Semi-Finalist 12; State Wrestling Competitor 11, 12; All- Rosanne Terry Pat Thoman Dan Thomas Gil Thompson Richard Thorpe Judy Thurston Craig Tolboe Betty Van Wagenen Daniel Louis Vassilaros Cheryl Walker Lahna Van Bloem Gail Walker Kay Van Buren Bobi Jo Warner 192 Senior Bulldogs Support State FinalTink McKinley suspiciously eyes the photographer as he stands on the sidelines and watches Provo claim victory. Van Washburn Pat Weseloh Carma Wentz Pattie Washburn Ardell Watts Craig Wellesley State Orchestra 11, 12. Cheryl Walker—Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Junior Varsity Cheerleader 10; Miss Cheer 10; Pep Club 11; Senior Secretary 12; DECA 12; Seminary Graduate 11; Forensics Club 12; U.N. Club 12; School Spirit 10; Assemblies 10, 11, 12. Gail Walker. Bobi Jo Warner— Historian 12; Junior Assembly Committee; Director Sophomore Assembly 10; Girls' State Supreme Court Justice 12; Pep Club 11; Junior Prom Committee 11. Pattie Washburn. Van H. Washburn—French Club 11; Wrestling 10, 12; Seminary Graduate 11. Ardell Watts—Basketball 10, 11. Pat Weseloh—Honor Society 10, 11; G.A.A. 11; F.H.A. 12; Girls' Day Fashion Show 11. Craig Wellesley—Ski Club 10, 11, 12. Carma Wentz—Concert Choir Soloist 12. Football SquadSteve Western—Football 10; Key Club 10; U.N. Club 10; Ski Club 10, 12; Legislative Council 11; Stage Crew 11; Seminary Graduate 12. Steve White — Ski Club 12. Charlotte Whitehorse—F.H.A. 12; School Spirit 12; G.A.A. 10; Cheerleader 11; Indian Club 11; Seminary Secretary 11. Jean Widdison—G.A.A. 10, 11, 12; G.A.A. President 12; Spanish Club 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12. Ila Wilkinson. Loren Williams—Basketball, Football Team Manager 11; Thespian 12; School Spirit Committee 12; Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Letterman 11, 12. Donna Wilson—F.T.A. 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club Secretary 12; Ski Club 12; Honor Society 11; Art League 11; Honor Roll 11, 12; Seminary Graduate 12. Mike Wilson—French Club 12; Red Cross Club 12; Track 10; Baseball 12; ROTC 10, 11, 12. Brian Wing. Marilyn Wosley—Seminary Graduate 11, 12; Provonian Staff 12; A Cappella 12. Tamara Woodard—Pep Club 11; Seminary Graduate 11; French Club 12. Brent Wright—F.F.A. 10, 11, 12; F.F.A. President 12. Sherm Young—Legislative Council 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12. Cheri Christensen. Seniors Proudly Leave Provo High Ila Wilkinson Loren Williams Donna Wilson Mike Wilson Brian Wing Marilyn Wolsey Tamara Woodard Brent Wright Sherm Young Cheri Christensen 194JUNIORS Juniors confidently glided into the role of middle Bulldogs. They excitedly cheered as )eryl Smith caught a touchdown pass, Craig Drury swished the basketball through the net, and Stewart Morrill stretched for another rebound. Under the direction of President Craig Terry, Vice President Craig Drury, and Secretary Kathy Pope, juniors skillfully decorated the boys' gym for the Junior Prom. That night, the juniors proudly strutted in the Junior Promenade. Juniors prepared to take over the place of the graduating senior Bulldogs by participating in plays, debating with the Forensics Team, struggling through the National Merit Test, and learning the duties of officers. Christine Adams David Alexander leffery Adams Denton Alexander Larry Adams Barbara Allen Molly Adams Teri Allen Susan Adams Leslie Allred Virginia Adams Marilyn Allred Juniors Jump Into Swing Yvonne Allred Connie Anderson Denece Anderson Jolenc Anderson Kathryn Anderson Kristine Anderson Mark Anderson Patricia Anderson Roselle Anderson Stephen Anderson Virginia Anderson Alene Arrive Debra Ann Arrive Elaine Aston Susan Aston Penney Backus Leah Darlene Bair Adrian Baker 197Michael Barrett Charlene Begay William Berrett Reid Bartholomew Martha Bennion Anick Bertrand Beverly Bateman Arda Benson Marcia Bethers David Beck Robert Benson Nancy Billings Middle Classmen Practice LaRell Baker Larry Beebe Ronald F. Bentley Judy Bills Loren Bishop Gwyllum Blaser Lynnette Barney Douglas Beffort Bradley Berrett Leon Bishop Harold Black Randy Bliss 198 junior Ray Pickup writes an in-class theme. Juniors became well experienced in the art of writing themes, research papers, and reports to prepare them for the more grueling tasks of seniors.Jim Booth Bruce Boyson Lynn Bridge Beverly Ann Boshard Brent Bowden Thomas Branan Richard Brande Ann Brimhall Steven Brimhall Steven Bowden Kathryn Brandt Nathan Broadbent Marianne Bowen Mace Breinholt Laura Ann Brown Paul Boyle Linda Bridge Sandra Brown Writing, Sewing Jean Sorrells practices the intricate use of the sewing machine during her clothing class. She learns that skill only comes through practice. William Bryan Scott Bullock Darvin Burgess Randy Burningham Stephen M. Bushman Steven Bushman Julie Butler Richard Byars John Call 199junior Bulldogs Study Poetry, Literature Karen Jarvis and Lynette Sims listen attentively while their teacher explains the complex details of the lesson. They seem sure that they have a thorough comprehension of the subject matter. Mary Jo Call Christine Campbell Timothy Casper Lois Ann Chadwick Gary E. Cheever Michael Canfield Eldon Cannon Dan Carter Joyce Carter Suzanne Carter Ann Cartwright James Cheever Lynette Cardner, Kaye Colvin, Valerie Dunford, and Lynda Gammon try to real meaning of Frost's "The Road Not Taken." Juniors find the poetry look interested as the teacher tries her utmost to be enthusiastic about the section of English sometimes eye-catching, sometimes boring.Ann Chiles Cindy Christensen Kevin Clark Elaine Cloward Carol Christensen Mark Christensen Kristen Clark Karla Cluff Charlene Christensen lames Clark Lee Clegg Stephen Coates juniors Ian Weaver and )onna Lu Jensen calmly discuss their selection of dates for the Preference Ball as Annette Paxman hurriedly tries to help another girl prefer. Juniors had their first real taste of high school life. Dances, games, parties and club meetings were often part of their agenda. Julie Cochran Allen Cole Kaye Colvin John Connelly Steve Corless Bruce Cottam Joseph Craddock Janet Crandall Janie Crandall Dean Cropper Cheryl Crowton Carolyn Cruze 201Juniors Learn New Skills Steven Daniels Marcus Darais Marilyn Davey Barbara Davis Beatrice Davis Donita Davis t Carol Reimschussel and Wendy Stubbs practice the graces of modern dance to the rhythmic sway of music. In gym class, junior girls learned a variety of skills including softball, tennis, basketball, volley ball, soccer, folk dance, modern dance, gymnastics, and several other sports and activities. Jared Davis Warren Day Lavada DeHaan Mary Dawson Mary Day Diana Dean Gary Dean Hali DeHart joy DiamondKen Dixon Stephen Donaldson David Duerden Paul E. Dixon Angela Dorsey Valerie Dunford Paul G. Dixon William B. Dowdle Dennis Dunn Paul Lamb carefully etches a plate for graphic arts as Mike Hill studies his methods and motions to use on his own plate. Lynn Durrant JoAnna Ellison Zira Everett Patricia Durrant Sally Ellison Robert Eyre Judy Dutson Madelyn Ellsworth Lance Farnsworth Brenda Edwards Gloria Ely Scott Farnsworth Carl Eklund Peggy England Cynthia Farr Kathleen Elam Vicky Erickson Terry Farrer 203Sue Harris slowly chews her food during the relaxing lunch. The full hour lunch provided an excellent opportunity to conclude last minute preparations for afternoon classes. Middle Bulldogs Caught in Rhythm of Jeffrey Fisher Debra Fleming Shirley Florence Ruth Force Kim Francom Mark Francom Roger Cale Daryl Garnett Lynda Gammon Kristin Gardner Lynette Gardner Mark Gardner 204Marvin Gardner Reed Gardner Steven Coates Roger Goff Rex Greenwood Dodd Greer Paul Garner Karen Goodman Linda Grow Eric Giles Linda Gourley Thomas Gunn Kenneth Glade Bruce Green Richard Gurule Kristi Glade David Green Kent Guymon High School Days Cozette Hall Virginia Hall Diane Hall Michael Halverson Marjean Hall Dennis Hansen Annette Paxman tries her talent at being a dance teacher as laneen Jacobs and Marilyn Felt wonder what will result during the Preference Assembly.11 Linda Harmon Richard Harward Randy Harris leri Hatch Susan Harris Rochelle Heaton Barbara Hart Don Henrichsen Douglas Harward Kirk Henrichsen Randall Harward Allen Henrie Juniors Develop Useful Abilities, Talents Mike Herring Debra Higginson Diane Hillier Scott Hinckley Kevin Hiss Beth Hodson Bryan Hofheins Sherry Horn Ralph Hone Janet Houtz Lee Ann Honeyman Lee Huish Ron Hundley quickly types in an attempt to establish a record for his time trials. In type class, juniors learned the rules and regulations for typing different materials. They also practiced constantly to build both speed and accuracy in typing a variety of information. 206}im Booth, Tanya Mabey. Beverly Bateman, and Scheril Springer thoughtfully write down their concept of the meaning of Frost's "Stopping By the Woods On a Snowy Evening.” luniors delved into the deeper meanings of poetry and great pieces of literature for their English classes. Juniors Probe Into Frost, Shakespeare Ron Hundley Linda l att Scott Jepson Stan Hunsaker Janeen Jacobs Wendell lepson Barbara Hunter Sherie Hurst Scott Hyer Zahra lavadi Jerelyn Jenkins Chris Jensen Carla Johnson Darla Johnson Mark Johnson Shannon Ivie Jonnalu Jensen Randy Johnson 207Laura Jolley William Jones Jeannie Kader Mary Jolley Keith Judd Rosena Kartchner Debbie Higginson dutifully catches up on her history reading during the lunch hour. The lengthy lunch hour often proved to be valuable for last minute preparation for afternoon classes, for starting homework assignments from the morning classes, for discussing the absolutely atrocious exam in history that morning, or for just lounging around in the halls. vn;y. %f jvvAVv v a Patti Keele Kim Kennard Joy Kimball Terry King Karla Knudsen Dalian Kuhni Paul Lamb Annette Larsen Bart Larsen Nancy Leach Kim LeBaron Connie Lee 208Junior Bulldogs Study Diligently Lynn Lewis Janice Luckau Cathy Madsen Peggy Lewis Mike Lyon Doug Malmstrom Nannette Liddiard Tanya Mabey William Malone Sheldon Lindsay Michael Mackay Karen Mangum Linda Lloyd Mike Maddox James Manookin Denise Lowther Arnold Madsen Jesse Manzanares Laurie Martin. Mace Breinholt, and Janeen Jacobs present their report on Thurber's "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” In Junior AP English students studied The Scarlet Letter, Moby Dick, and Huckleberry Finn. They frequently wrote themes expressing their concept of what the author was trying to imply by a certain phrase. They probed deep into the author's purpose and theme.Susanna Matheson Rebecca Melville Cathy Mercer Valerie Miller Jav McNamara David Menlove Cathy Metten Craig Monroe Lynn Meibos Joy Menlove Stephen Miller Michael Mooney Miles McClellan searches through his notes to find the answer to an essay question on the in-class assignment his history teacher just handed him. Juniors Prove Annette Wiest finds it difficult to concentrate on cells and cytoplasm with the imminent Provo-Hillcrest State Quarterfinal game on her mind, as Bobi Jo Warner asks her about what the author means. Juniors proudly wore their Take State buttons during the crucial weeks of the state games. Myriam Morales Caryn Muirhead Dennis Nesbit Stewart Morrill Alan Murdock Edward Nicholes Daryl Morris Diane Murray Richard NicholesLaurie Nielsen Tamara Nielsen Dell Ray Nuttall Cynthia Oakes Trudy Nielsen Elaine Nielson Sandra Nordgren School Spirit Kim Francom and Randy Bliss do their part to kindle school spirit during the Provo-Hillcrest game. All through the miserable, drizzling rain at the game, the Pep Band confidently played such numbers as "We All Live In A Yellow Submarine ' "Give Said the Little Stream," and "Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away." Their cheerfulness and the courageous fans who braved the weather must have given the team a terrific boost because they came from behind at halftime to beat the Hillcrest Huskies 18-13—much to the jubilant surprise of fans and sportswriters. Rachael Olmstead Maxine Olsen Beverly Paskett Elizabeth Olsen Lynne Orrock Robin Patton Debra Orton Annette Paxman Kim Ovard Linda Paxman Cletona Pace Paulene Pearson Susan Pace Kristy Peay 211Juniors Study History, Modern Art Yvonne Pederson Ray Pickup Cornell Porter Mark Perkins Dale Pierce Patti Porter Judy Peterson Roberta Platt Cynthia Price Marilyn Peterson George Pooley Mary Probasco Terry Peterson Kathy Pope Maureen Prothero Gayle Phillips Bryce Porter Raquel Purdy Max Rabner Joanne Rasmussen Rudene Rackele Janet Rees Susan Rameson Carol Reimschussel 212 Jeff Spencer confidently writes down his answer to a history question about the knowledge and schools of the ancient Greeks. He seems to be pretty sure that he has a complete concept of the ancient Greek philosophy and thought on the important ideas of life and the world.Patricia Hickman, Virginia Anderson, Renee Roundy, and Elaine Aston carefully sketch the subject for their art class. Art students learned the use of charcoal, water colors, pottery, and sculpturing clay. They had frequent opportunities to develop skills in a variety of art fields and crafts. They practiced the slow, intricate methods that give the piece of art finesse. Douglas Reynolds Dorothy Richan Elizabeth Rios Larry Reynolds Marjorie Ricks Barbara Roberts Nancy Robins Bruce Robinson Roland Robison Steven Robison Tom Rogers Susan Rollow ReNee Roundy Ronald Rowan lolene Rowley Karen Saftenberg Charlene Sandstrom Maurine Saxey Becky Schmidt Annesrose Schneider Maria Schooler Roseanne Scott Terry Scott Barbara Shanahan 213 Gayle Sheetz Jeryl Smith Jean Sorrels Mark Sheffield Larna Smith Jeffery Spencer Jeff Shields Mitch Smith Tricia Sperry Jerry Shipman Rebecca Smith Scheril Springer Dave Sidwell Robert Smith Lola Dawn Startup Rolayne Sims Peggy Snyder Chuck Stewart Middlemen Delve Into Arts, Philosophy Dean Cropper and Alan Wakefield intently write their history assignment. Juniors studied American history beginning with the voyages of Balboa and Pizarro up to the confusing and complex Viet Nam War. They became acquainted with the forces that shaped American destiny and led her to a position of leadership. They were also introduced to grave dangers now threatening America. Dennis Stewart Gloria Stewart Ron Storrs Connie StottPaul Stott David Strong Wendy Stubbs Danny Sturgill Harold Swensen Darla Strong Allan Stubbs Karl Stum Sharon Nancy Swallow Donavon Taylor Mitch Smith draws a curve for his lettering. Art students became skilled in using various art tools. J James Taylor Margaret Taylor Fred Teichert 215Sherree Thomas Blake Twelves Susan Van Wagenen Susan Wade Mike Washburn Richard Thurman Sharon Ungricht Wayne Van Wagenen Margaret Wakefield Connie Watkins Leon Tolman Larry Van Bloem Karen Vernon Tana Walch Jan Weaver Roger Tom Cosette Vance Brent Viertel Robin Walton Ren Weiss Junior Bulldogs Prepare (Upper) Reed Gardner carefully decorates the hall for the Christmas holidays. (Middle) Leland Stout swiftly hikes the ball and prepares to run interference for the quarterback during his gym class (Lower) Randy Johnson skillfully prepares to run his project on the lathe during his class in the metal shop.■ Mykin Welsh Sharon Whittaker Ross Whitlock Annette Wiest Marlona Wiggin Coralee Wilkins Ellen Wilkinson Dale Lee Williams Marie Williams Sharon Williams Mike Lyon dutifully works on his homework during his lunch hour. Other students around him also absorb themselves with their homework and preparations. for Strenuous Life of Seniors 217Vickie Williams Thayne Wilson Jalene Young Wayne Young Robert Wiseman Claude Zobell Trina Woolf DeVon Zumbrennen Bonnie Workman Kent Compton Dixie Workman Julie Gardiner Juniors Look Forward to Senior Year Juniors could often be seen laboriously working in the halls to catch up on last minute assignments, cramming for the threatening exam, or just doing homework. Juniors found that life at Provo High could be both fun and good hard work. In any case, juniors put forth their best efforts to whatever task might be at hand—whether it be yelling at a basketball game or taking a math exam. Robert Johnson Dennis Lowe Mary Lou Martin Brent MortensonSOPHOMORES Sophomores entered into the excitement of the Provo Bulldog life with an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm. Coming through the frenzy and confusion of orientation and preschool sales, they immediately jumped into the thrill of Hi Week and their first dance. Settling down to classwork was difficult with the state finals between the Provo and Orem football teams constantly preying on their minds. Under leadership of President Doug Whitaker, Vice President Kim Sorenson, and Secretary Mary Es-plin, sophomores dynamically presented the traditional Sophomore Slide and assembly. Brad Allen Keith Anderson Nada Allred Mark Anderson Sophomores Enter Strange New Life of High School Ben Adams Chris Anderson Debbie Anthony Scott Atkinson Nancy Baggs Carol Bame Rodney Adams Ellis D. Anderson Rose Archuleta Kathi Atwood Cheryl Bailey Phil Bandley Ann Ahlander Ellis S. Anderson Marcia Asher Mike Axelgard lohn Bale Craig Barker Mim Aiken lackson Anderson Brent Atkin Suzann Backman Keven Balser Dave Barrus 221)o-Lynn Barton Keith Barton Rebecca Beeson Betty Begay Robert Belliston Kristy Bench Wayne Bergeson Debbie Bergeloff Jim Bertrand Mem Crandall, Steve Larsen, and Jimmy Fullmer confidently stroll through the halls during the leisure moments of their lunch hour. Underclassmen Kevin Balser. David Markham, and Wayne Mortensen dutifully underline the correct pronoun in their English workbooks. Split infinitives, dangling participles, and indefinite gerunds are next on their list of common mistakes to correct. Poetry, Shakespeare, and short stories are also a part of their English agenda. Susan Bigelow Clark Bird Deanna Bird Brad Black Valerie Blackham Kent Bleak Marcia Bodine Bud Bonnett Rick Boulter 222Scott Nuttall concentrates on his rapidly scrawled notes in an effort to find the answer to the question in his workbook. Sophomores adapted quickly to the stress of high school work, but they were also quick to adapt to the pep rallies, assemblies, and dances of Provo High School. Get Acquainted with Provo High Robert Bowen Gary Buckner Mark Butler Dennis Brady Sharee Bunker Kelsey W. Cain Pat Bratton Janice Burrows Linda Call Richard Brimhall Jerry Bushman Kathryn Call Barry Brown Bruce Bushnell Pamela Call Julie Buckley Linda Bussio Ann Gallery Craig Buckner Anita Butler Edward Campbell 223Debi Rawlings and Sue Ann Huntington compare answers on their assignment as they spend their lunch hour in the library. Sam Campbell Terry Campbell John Cannon Laura Lee Carrera Douglas Carter Mary Ann Carter Richard Carter Bruce Chapman Barbra Cherrington Debbie Cherrington Paul Christensen Fred Christiansen Calleen Clark Liz Clark Debbie Clinger Mike Chrisman Randy Christensen Brenda Christlieb Carol Clark Melissa Clark Diane Coates Trudy Chrisman Ron Christensen Becki Clark Kevin Clark Doris Cleveland George Conk 224Sophomores Study International Cultures Boyd Cook Carilee Cox Sherry Croft janice Dailey Wayne Corbridgc Marcia Cox Scott Crookston Lafe Damon Clark Corless Mary Louise Crandall lack Daley David Dangerfield Ceri Nielson is a typical example of the industrious sophomores as she studies the reign of Marie Antionette and the French Revolution for the chapter test. 225Allen Henricksen asks Jared Harper if he wants his dessert of apple lunches in the cafeteria even though there was construction going on. goodie because Allen would like it if he doesn't. Sophomores enjoyed the Sophomores will be here for two years to enjoy the new cafeteria facilities. Jeanette Dastrup Cynde Davis Diane Davis Ronald Davis "Hey! Cot a dime you'll lend me?” asks David Earl. Sophomores found having last lunch had its disadvantages; the others had first choice at the candy machines. Ruth Dayton leffrey Dinsdale Colette Duckett David Earl Christine Delbarre Mike Disbrow Cynthia Dudley Verena Eastley Ricky Diamond Glenn Dixon lerry Durrant Cindy Edwards 226Kevin Edwards Diane Elliot Diana Ellison William Elton Carol Evans David Evans Mark Evans RLmdanFow'ler$ LaVern Farnsworth Rick Ferguson Becky f.rmage Debbie Firmage Jeanne Fletcher Gary Ford Debra Francis lane Freeman Bobby Jo Frischknecht Jimmy Fullmer Linda Gallier Becky Gardner Sophomores Find Long Lunch Relaxing The salad line was a favorite with Sophomore girls. It provided a smaller just weren't very hungry. Served was a salad, either jello or lettuce, and lunch than the regular, and was good for weight watchers and people who the main dish from the regular lunch and milk."To prefer or not prefer, that is the question." Jill Miller cannot decide whether or not that boy is worth her hard earned dime. Evelyn Payne knows hers is. Her only fear is that he might already be taken. Denice Gardner Gay Giacomo Detain Giles Karen Gledhil! Randy Gottfredson Teri Gee Marla Gibson lames Giles Doris Goodwin Gary Graham Kelly Grange Patricia Gray 4 Debra Greenhalgh Gary Griffin I eonard Grover Merlynn Groves Bret Gunther 228Dave Maddox looks at the ceiling, Laura Lee Carrera looks at a bulletin board, and the rest of Mr. Whitnev’s sixth period Biology class looks else- where, but nobody is looking at their books. They are supposed to be reading the chapter on reproduction in flowering plants, mosses and ferns. Ian Haddock Robert Haines Floyd Hair Laura Jean Hansen Julie Harlow Peter Harlow Mark Harmon Richard Harmon Carole Harris Kathy Harris Rex Harris Barbara Hatch Barbara Hatfield Joyce Haupt Sophs Join Excitement of PHS Life Susan Havnes Kevin Heiner Scott Hendrix Janice Henrichsen Allen Henricksen 229Patricia Hickman Kris Horn Allen Hutchings Sue Hickman Norma Horn Eric Hyer Craig Hinckley Kay Hovoka Cindy Ivic Vickie Hinckley Kim Hughes lulie Jackson Max Hohrein Oebra Hundley Kelly Jackson Kay Hone Sue Ann Huntington Greg Jacobson Linda Hopkinson Steve Huntsman Jan lacobson Sophs Settle Down to Daily Routine Debbie Clinger reads the section on Greek Democracy in her World History Tom Meecham has no problem finding the answers to the questions as- text book again before she attempts to answer the question on that subject. signed by Miss Riddle. World History is a required sophomore subject. 230Mary Jacobson Jim Jensen Laurie Jess David Johnson Linda Johnson Nancy Jacobson Lynn lensen Fred Jex Jean Johnson Marsha Johnson Reed Jacobson Nancy Jense Colleen lohnson Kathy lohnson Richard Johnson Robert Bowen struggles through a test for one of his classes. Sophomores found the new high school exams much more difficult than the ones they took in junior high. Bob Kelsch Vicky Johnson Zeneth lohnson loLynn lohnston Bob Jones 231Sophs Support PHS Activities Linda Callier patiently waits to have her activity card punched for the that grubby levis aren't permitted at school dances. A special door prize Sophomore Slide as Dave Talbot reluctantly strolls away after being told was given at the Slide which was held on Valentine's Day.Mary Ann Last Grant Laycock Hyrum LeBaron Linda Lee Nathan Lewis Thomas Laws Christine Layton Richard Ledford Jim Lewis Brent Lister Paul Teichert munches on an apple while watching tie Provo Bulldogs plow their way to one of their many victories. A new sophomore from Turkey, Shahriar Bassir. is entranced by football tactics. 233Lynne Mabey LaVoy Mann Vicki McAfee lulee McOmber Robert Mack Darlene Manzanares Diane McClellen Bonnie Meldrum Janet MacKay David Markham Marilyn McClellan James Melville Dave Maddox Marcia Martensen Cheryl McCreary Christi Merrell Carey Madsen Vicki Mast Marcia McDonald Wayne Merrell Carolyn Madsen Bill Maxfield Laura McIntyre Mike Meservy Diane Madsen lack May Rosemary McKinlay Harvey Mette Debbie Riggs. Debbie Nelson, and Liz Clark bring enthusiasm and school spirit to the J V games and Provo High School in general by leading the basketball fans in one of their favorite yells, "Give a yell” at the Provo, Spanish Fork JV game. The Bulldogs, of course, won.Joe Mildcnhall Marlene Miller Mary Ann Miller Rhonda Millett lynette Miner Jon Mitchell Patricia Mitchell Ruth Moon Craig Morgan Reid Bartholomew. Blake Tanner, and Phil Skousen are the first wrestling fans to arrive at one of the great Bulldog wrestling matches. They had to be early for a seat. Sophomores Bolster School Spirit Wayne Mortensen Cordon Moses Laura Moses Terri Muhlestein Ernest Muirhead Debbie Nelson Ellen Nelson Vincent Nelson Keri Nicol Grant Nielson Edward Mullei Robert Murphy Ceri Nielson Kim W. Nilsen 235CaraLee Nuttall John Olive Doug Nuttall Diane Olsen Cary Nutall Jim Olsen Joe Nuttall Lynne Olsen Rick Nuttall Sandy Olson Jack Oldroyd Colleen Orme Robert Mack and Dave Harmon spend a leisurely lunch hour lounging on the benches in the main hall. These boys put all their books away in their locker and use the hour to recuperate from the first three periods and brace up for the next one. DiAnn Olds David Orrock Harold Ostler Glade Overly Alan Palmer David Parmley 236Stephen Olson buys his lunch ticket at the bookstore window after finishing lunch in the newly carpeted cafeteria. The main hall is a busy place; the bookstore was always full of students buying lunch tickets, game tickets, pencils, and other supplies. Sophs Lounge During Lunch Period Connie Paskett Evelyn Payne Julie Payne Randy Pearson Shannon Peck C.arna Penrod Beckv Petersen Carol Petersen James Peterson Marv Peterson Rita Peterson Doug Petty Diane Petersen Colleen Peterson Jae Peterson Thomas Pfaff YoLinda Pheysey Brad Pool 237"Okay, I'll pick you up at eight.” Pete Harlow makes a date with Melissa Clark to go to the Sophomore Slide. Melissa smiles contentedly because she has finally gotten the date that she has waited for so long. Laralee Pope Lurbyn Ramirez Kim Rasmussen Rose Marie Rieske Shelley Porter Alan Rasband Russel Rasmussen Debbie Riggs Douglas Pratt Fred Rasmussen Judy Reed Linda Roberts Mary Pulver Keith Rasmussen Leslie Ann Reid Don Robins Girls Find Boy Hunting Diane Robinson Mary Robinson Jim Rogerson Martha Ann Rollow Cindy Rominger Jack Rowan David Rowberry 238Tom Rowley Richard Sagers Kay Scott Marlane Sheet Malcolm Russell Karla Schaerrer Cary Seamons Richard Sheffield Bruce Ryan Ingrid Schooler Mark Shackelford Anna Marie Shelley Cloria Saftenberg Colleen Schramm Philip Shampson Kenneth Shelley Excellent at PHS "Don't look now, but someone is taking our picture," gasps Dennis Stott to Glenda Rae Luke at the annual Christmas Dance. Glenda takes his advice and doesn’t look. Sophomores mix right in at all school activities. 239Bill Carter sets type on his composing stick as he gets ready to take his proof. The Graphic Arts classes were some of the favorite classes with boys. Sophomores always found an upperclassman to help with problems. Sophomore Boys Study Brenda Sorensen Karen Spears Trudi Stephens Carol Strong Jim Sorensen Mike Spencer Kevin Stocks Pamela Struthers Kim Sorensen Jackie Spendlove Dennis Stott Rita Stubbs Wendy Sorensen LaVonne Steere Sue Stott Roy StubbsLarry Stuver Paula Sumner Graphic Arts "If I've done this right, it will fit perfectly,” mumbles Richard Sheffield as he prepares his cutting board for assembly during industrial arts class. Blake Tanner Paul Teichert Jim Thomas Ryan Thomas Doug Taylor Collette Thayne Naomi Thomas Mike Thompson Ron Taylor Brenda Thomas Nina Thomas Jacque Thurston t Tom Tingey Robert Vance lohn Tippetts Mike Tolboe Mary Ellen Vincent Steve Vincent Roy Topham Mary Ann Ulibarri Becky Wallace Lee Warner Bill Valgardson David Watkins Craig Van Buren Ken Wattier 241Sophomores Develop Into Loyal Provo High Bulldogs Terry Watts Lynn Weight Ralph West Mark Whitehead Margarett Wilkey Mauralie Williamson David Webb Mary Went Becky Westphal Doug Wiest Martsy Wilkins David Wilson Peggy Webb Virginia Werntz Doug Whitaker (ill Wightman Debbie Williams Cordon Wilson Lisa Weight Susan Weseloh Colleen Whitehead Wayne Wilcox Toni Williams Kelly Wilson 242Becky Wing John Wood Dennis Woodard Marcia Wright Ricky Wright James Young Alan Wood Deniece Woodard Cory Wright Peggy Wright William York Jeannine YoungADVERTISEMENTS PROVO HIGH BOOKSTORE Mrs. Lamb Mrs. Beebe 103 YEARS OF DEDICATED SERVICE Serving Graduates Since 1866 CONGRATULATES THE 1969 GRADUATING CLASS OF PROVO HIGH 244Bullock Losee Jewelers GOUHAM STERLING ROLEX Tut vr»i; n aOLlt O ACCUTRON COLUMBIA Diamond Kinc 10NT STERLING £ NC 51ed Dial 373-1379 19 N. University Ave. ProvoOne of Provo’s NEWEST and FINEST . Specializing in ... PANCAKES « WAFFLES ... All mode from our speciol tested recipes VILLAGE INN DINNERS for entire family STEAKS SANDWICHES and SALADS Open Sunday thru Thursday 6 A.M. to 10:30 P.M. vm Inn MNCAKE NOUS! I RESTAURANT | Seating Capacity 170 Fully Air Conditioned Private Dining Rooms for Clubs, Weddings Buffets, Banquets Free Cakes for BIRTHDAYS A ANNIVERSARIES For Reservation Call ----Provo ------- 373-3900 Friday Saturday 6:30 A M. to 12 Noon 150 So. University Ave. (Adfocent to Provo Travelodge) VISTA OPTICAL 275 North University Ave. 373-1420 When you REALLY CARE Say it with flowers! PROVO FLORAL 201 West 100 South 373-7001 CONGRATULATIONS SENIOR CLASS FASHION FABRICS 86 West Center Telephone 373-6210 BEST WISHES to the 1969 GRADUATING CLASS AT PROVO HIGH SCHOOL PROVO PAINT CENTER 98 West Center 374-1860 10% discount for all art students 246HIGH SCHOOL GRADS: 21 COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS WILL BE AWARDED TO YOUTH LEAGUE BOWLERS Graduating from High School in 1970 Will one of these winners be you? YniTfH SEVEN $1-000. SCHOLARSHIPS I U I I I will be awarded in each of 3 divisions BOWLING CHAMPIONSHIPS BOYS HANDICAP BOYS SCRATCH GIRLS HANDICAP National Finals at WASHINGTON D.C. Co-sponsored by: BOWLING PROPRIETORS' ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA, INC. and SPORT OF BOWLING COUNCIL Commended by: LIFETIME SPORTS FOUNDATION NATIONAL FEDERATION OF STATE HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIONS THE PRESIDENT'S COUNCIL ON PHYSICAL FITNESS BOY'S CLUBS OF AMERICA SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED for SCHOLASTIC and BOWLING ACHIEVEMENT - 100 point Formula EXAMINATION IN WASHINGTON, D.C. (all expenses paid) Given by: AMERICAN SCHOOLS ASSOCIATION Selection by: DISTINGUISHED EDUCATION and SPORTS PERSONALITIES College Entrance type Examination..................... 50 points High School Transcript and Class Rank...................... 10 points References and Essay on why entrant desires a scholarship........ 10 points Bowling Performance National Finals..................... 30 points TOTAL 100 points Open to all eligible boys and girls bowling 21 games or more in any organized youth league. If you are not in a youth bowling league, there is still time to sign up in any participating BOWLING ESTABLISHMENT. It's fun and you may qualify to win a scholarship. for details, see REGAL LANES 1180 North University Avenue — Provo • In 1968 3 Utah high school seniors won SI,000.00 scholarships to the university of their choice.CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '69 STAN S ARCTIC CIRCLE 565 North 9th East Provo, Utah 373-4300 FANTASTIC FABRICS 1109 South State — Orem 225-5717 BEST WISHES to SENIORS IVAN'S DRUG 104 West Center 373-2672 ALLEN'S PHOTO SUPPLY COMPANY PHOTO CENTER OF UTAH COUNTY 24 North University 373-4440 249CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS COOK'S ICE CREAM 464 West Center 373-9194 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS B and H PHARMACY 286 West Center 373-7288 HI-SPOT 1150 NORTH UNIVERSITY 373-0108 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '69 CITY DRUG Walgreen Agency Corner University and Center Street 373-7210 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '69 I IdiiAc of Taf cvS YARDAGE NOTIONS | DRAPERIES For fabrics that are up to date at student prices. Jm Headquarters for H. L. WHITING THE FINEST NAME IN AWARD JACKETS In stock for immediate delivery BENNETT'S 272 West Center Provo, Utah 373-7830 250BEST WISHES TO SENIORS! from UTAH OFFICE SUPPLY 69 East Center — 373-2430 BRADSHAW AUTO PARTS All the big men at P.H.S. shop at LEVEN'S 116 West Center 373-0460HARMAN'S TAKE HOME 505 NORTH UNIVERSITY AVE. — 373-9365 DER WIENERSCHNITZEL 90 West 1230 North 373-7773 wrjmrsimmr Tnnmnr rrTmrrirrimnmmnmmnmnro SEEN THROUGH THE PORTHOLE OF OUR Skippered by experienced hands, this shop has ® a worthy fleet of fashions now on deck to help o you chart a smart, cool course this summer. ° Sail in soon! 0 1 o ° 0 1 : o 245 NORTH UNIVERSITY PROVO 252We re mighty proud of our customers! PROVO HIGH SCHOOL HOYAI. EXFXXTIYF v INNS AYLOR’S a6 ALPASCOPt . . .after all these years our customers seem like part of our family. Wish we had room to show the rest. CENTRAL AND SOUTHERN UTAHS LARGEST PRINTING FIRM! PRESS PUBLISHING COMPANY 175 WEST FIRST NORTH, PROVO, UTAH, PHONE 373-6996CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS MILDRED'S 135 West Center 374-2382 SPROUSE-REITZ FABRIC TREE at the Riverside Plaza CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS RANDALL'S 154 West Center — 373-5220 OLSON'S PASTRY SHOP 748 East 820 North 373-2446 CREATIVE CAKES AND PASTRIES 254 480 NORTH 900 EAST 374-5431SPICE RACK 210 NORTH UNIVERSITY AVENUE of refresh 11 1 1290 NORTH UNIVERSITY AVENUE 255461 North UniversityROYAL INN 53 EAST 1230 NORTH 373-0880 ZESTO DRIVE-IN 22 East 200 North 373-6644 MASSEY STUDIO presents your STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT and QUEENS CHARLENE ANDERSON JOHN RAMEY First Attendant to Student Body President Homecoming Queen KATHY BATEMAN Homecoming Queen Telephone 373-6565 36 North University Avenue 257To rest the mind from classwork tedium . . . 261Administration and Faculty Index Allred. LaNora 44 Anderson, Leeland 57 Antijuchow, Grigory 57 Asay. Bert 24 Baird, Wilford E. 24 Barker, LaRell 39 Barker, Richard 30 Bartholomew. Calvin 34, 89 Beebe, Charlotte 24, 25. 64, 70 Berry, Beverly 35, 87, 96 Bird. Leroy Dean 41, 70 Black. Dorothy 50, 84 Blackham. Samuel M. 43 Boshard, Cleone 33, 70 Bowden, Arch 20 Boyack. Harold |. 20, 21 Brady. Stanley J. 38 Burnham. Ann 49 Cannon, Connie 38 Carter, llah 57 Carter, Mary 57 Chambers, Frank 43 Christensen, Norvel 57 Christlieb. Richard 46, 47. 70 Collins. Irene 57 Condie. Dolan 50, 126, 127, 136, 137 Comaby, Fred 41, 82 Cragun, Helen 36 Crandall. Bliss 20 Crisman, Mike 39 Cutler, Edwin 57 Daley, Linda 36 Darkers, William 57 Dawe, Antony G. 57 DeHart. Virginia 36. 70, 99. 267 Denham, Ross B. 20 Ellison, Nelda 57 Enke, Marilyn 36 Finlayson, Keith 46. 47 Floyd, Merritt 57 Gale, Elaine 38 Gappmayer, Richard 43 Gilbert, Rosalie 49, 83 Gottfredson, Beverly 57 Greene, Lynne R. 36 Grisamer. Orbie 57 Hales. Reed 50. 119, 121, 144. 145 Hansen, Rulon 20 Hansen. Walter 20 Harmon, David 46. 47 Hayward, Libbie 24 Herde, Myrna 33 Hill, Richard 5, 50, 64, 118, 119, 120, 121, 138 Hiss, Marjorie 57 Holt, Carolyn 49 Horton, Eleanor 44 Hughes, Dayton 25, 90 Hunt, Cathy lacquart. LeRoy 48 Jarman, Dale 34 Jensen. Barbara 50. 94 lohnson. Albert 41 Johnson, Muriel H. 33 Johnston, Donna 57 lones, Anna Lou 25 lones, Ray B. 35, 56. 87 Kenner, Glen 44 Kirkwood. Glenn 57 Lamb, Loudean 24. 25. 64, 70 Lake. Bryant 5, 38, 119, 121. 145 Larsen, Joyce 34, 88 Last. Ronald W. 24, 64, 156 Laursen, Kay 42. 43 Lee, Glenn 57 Lindstrom, Brent C. 52, 56. 232 Lloyd. Paul 34. 90. 97 Lott. Kent 38 Loveridge, Jim 57 Mackay, Leonard 50, 123, 145 Martinez. Joe B. 70, 132. 138 Marshall. Jim 119, 121 May. Shirley 57 McKay. Robert 41, 64. 123. 132 Mikkelson, Laura 49 Moon, Clarence 43 Mortenson. Margaret 99 Nelson. Gladys 36. 37 Nelson. Joyce 36 Nelson. Milton A. 38 Nicholls, Richard 39 Nielsen, Jay 46. 47 Nielson, June 57 Nix. Kenneth 48 Nuttal, Doreen 57 Nuttal, Carma 57 Oberhansly, Allie 57 Orton, Bryce 20 Paulsen. Dick 43 Reese. Rudolph 43 Riddle, Dwanna 38. 70 Rigby. Cleston 33, 54 Roper, Voit 36 Rowe, Francis E. Rowley. Leon J. 36, 70 Roylance. John 46. 47 Scott. Wanda 44 Smith. Harold 50, 131, 138. 139 Taylor. Anna 36 Tregeagle, D. V. 22. 23. 64 Tyndall, Roland 44 Wall. LaRue 57 Ward, Archie T. 57 Warner, Max 24. 70 Webb, Merrill 41. 109 Wheatley. Karl 57 Whicker. Neil 57 Wilcox. Mary Ann 50, 94. 149 Williams, Kay M. 38 Wing. Sherman W. 20 Witney. Frank B. 41 Wright. Lawrence G. 30 Wright, Owen 38 Student Index a Aanerud, Elliot Aanerud, Gay Bobby Adams, Barbara Lynne Adams, Becky 89, 157 Adams. Ben 221 Adams. Bill 159 Adams. Brent Adams. Christine 197 Adams, Jeffery Lane 197 Adams. Larry Duane 197 Adams. Lynn 27, 82. 159 Adams, Molly Rose 27. 68. 82, 197 Adams, Randall 54. 56. 106, 159 Adams, Rodney 221 Adams, Susan 72. 90, 157, 197 Adams, Virginia 82, 197 Adamson, Jimmy Addis, Thomas Ahlander, Ann 221 Aiken, Miriam 221 Aiken, Brent 82 Alder, Lynn Aldrich, John Alexander, David 197 Alexander, Denton 197 Alger, Kristy Allam, Eddie Allen, Barbara 11, 35, 69, 72, 77, 90. 197 Allen, Carl Brad 221 Allen, Teri 90. 103, 197 Allman, Sandra 159 Allred, Leslie Ann 94, 197 Allred, Marilyn 197 Allred. Nada 221 Allred, Yvonne 197 Alton, Bill 123 Amott. Mark Orme Amott, Ralph 61 Anderson, Charlene 24. 65, 69. %. 97, 107, 124, 125, 159 Anderson, Chris 130, 131, 221 Anderson, Connie 26. 88, 197 Anderson, D. Keith Anderson, Denece 88, 197 Anderson, Ellis D. 107, 221 Anderson, Ellis S. 221 Anderson, Garth Anderson, Gavin 159 Anderson, George Anderson, Gerald Ross Anderson, Jackson 93, 221 Anderson, Janet Mary 55, 266 Anderson, Jolene 89, 90, 197 Anderson, Karen 159 Anderson. Kathryn 72, 197 Anderson, Keith 221 Anderson, Kristine 197 Anderson, Mark 86, 89, 221 Anderson, Mark Lindsay 197 Anderson. Maynard 61, 71, 90, % Anderson, Patricia 197 Anderson, Roselle 68. 104, 197 Anderson. Stephen Mark 197 Anderson, T. Mark Anderson. Tonja 62, 65, 77, 97, 103, 124, 125. 151, 152, 159 Anderson, Virginia 66,197, 213 Andrus, Philip 92. 119, 159, 166 Angell, Rhonda 69 Anslow, Gordon Anthony, Debbie 221 Archuleta, Marshall Archuleta. Rose Archuletta, Sindy Argyle, Anna Argyle, Ross Arrive, Alene 98, 197 Arrive, Debra Ann 26, 197 Asay, Mickelyn 49, 159 Asay. Mike 140 Asay, Terry 44. 159 Asher, Marcia Aston, Elaine 197, 213 Aston, Susan 68, 111, 157, 197 Atherton, Cristie 52, 99, 144, 159 Atkin, Brent 82. 123 Atkin, Bruce Atkin. David Atkin, Gene Atkinson, David 90, 92, 97, 101, 102, 116, 118, 119, 121, 126, 145, 158, 159 Atkinson, Scott 70, 123, 131, 145, 221 Atwood, Kathi 221 Atwood, Michael Austin, Marjorie 26, 27, 99, 159 Axelgard, Mike 56, 221 b Backman, Judy Backman, Suzann 221 Backus. Ann 95 Backus, Edward Backus. Penny lleen 95, 148, 149, 150, 197 Badura, Carla Badura, Jerome 5, 61, 90, 92, 106, 118, 119, 145, 160 Baggs. Christine 83, 160 Baggs. Nancy 81. 83. 88, 221 Bagshaw. David 160 Bailey, Barbara 90, 96, 97, 98. 160 Bailey, Cheryl 52, 221 Bailey, Crystal 26 Bair, Leah Darlene 26, 197 Baker, Adrian Julie 89, 197 Baker. Danny Baker, Debbie Baker. LaRell Brown 198 Baker. Lewis Danny Bakken. Terry Bale, John Glen 122. 131, 140, 221 Ballou, Jim Balser, Keven 123, 131, 145, 221 Bame, Carol 221 Bandley, Bench Phillip 221 Bangerter, James Banks, Alan 90. 160, 261 Banks, Larry 160 Barber, Janet Barclay. Peggy 4, 8, 44. 61. 62. 63, 65, 77. 95, 97, 124, 125. 160 Bardsley Mary 160 Bargeron, Joan 160 Barker. Craig 221 Barlow, Jolene 90, 160 Barlow, Roy John Barney, Janet Barney, Judy 160 Barney, Kevin 90 Barney, Lynnette Sue 198 Barrett, Barbara 26, 160 Barrett, Michael 92, 140, 142, 198 Barrus, Craig 86, 99. 108, 109, 115, 160, 161 Barrus. David 137, 221 Bartholomew, Ralph 54, 89, 115, 160 Bartholomew, Reid 89. 99, 198, 235 Barton. Anne Marie 160 Barton, Beverly 27, 55, 82.89, 161 Barton, Jo-Lynn 94, 95, 222 Barton. Keith 222 Barton, Robert Jay 161 Bassir, Shahriar 233 Bateman. Beverli 84, 198, 207 Bateman. Kathy 11, 54, 69, 71, 77, 79. 87. 95. 97, 101. 125, 156, 161 Batley, Vera Beardall, Fran Beck. David 46. 198 Beck. Ellen Beckham, Eric 161 Beebe. Lawrence 138, 198 Beesley. Rebecca 98, 161 Beeson, Rebecca 222 Beffort, Douglas 198 Begay. Betty Mae 222 Begay, Charlene 198 Belliston, Robert 145, 222 Belnap, Howard Bench, Lynn Kristy 222 Bennion, Martha 84, 198 Benson, Arda 157, 198 Benson, Robert 48. 82. 112, 198 Bentley. Ronald 67. 119, 128, 140, 141, 198 Bergeson, Wayne Jay 222 Bergloff, Debbie 222 268Bergren, Glen Berrett, Bradley 140. 198 Berret, William 140, 198 Bertrand. Alain James, 88, 222 Bertrand, Nickie 26, 88, 198 Bethcrs, Larry 89. 112, 161 Bothers. Marcia 84, 198 Bigelow, Jim Bigelow, Susan 157. 222 Bigler, Jimmy Billings, Nancy 81. 82, 104, 198 Bills, |udy Beth 84, 90. 198 Bingham, Dwane Bird, Adren Bird. Clark 222 Bird, Deanna lee 95, 222 Bird. Kathleen 161 Bishop. Leon 26, 27. 99. 198 Bishop, Loren 99. 198 Black. Brad 222 Black. Harold 40, 132. 133, 134, 198 Black, John Edwin Black, Penny Black, Roben Leland 119, 138 Black, Travis 161 Blackett, Randy lohn 64, 92. 145, 161 Blackham, Valerie 69, 124, 222 Blanchard, Alan 161 Blaser. Gwyllum 56, 198 Bleak, Kent 222 Bliss, Randall 198. 211 Bodine, Marcia 222 Bonnett. Bud Jon 222 Bonnett. Kim 162, 184 Booth, Jim Warren 56, 76, 87, 199, 207 Boshard, Beverly Ann 95, 199 Boulter. Rick 123. 130, 131, 145, 222 Bowden, Brent 199 Bowden, Stephen 48, 199 Bowen, Dean Bowen, Marianne 90, 103, 157, 197 Bowen. Robert 70. 82, 123, 127, 129, 131, 140, 141, 223. 231 Boyle, Paul 67, 199 Boyson, Bruce 199 Brady, Dennis 223 Brady, Ruth 162 Branan. Thomas 82, 119, 140, 199 Brande, Richard 5. 41. 140, 141, 199 Brandt, Kathryn 199 Bratton, Thomas Pat 82, 223 Breinholt, Mace 199, 209 Brereton, Alan Brereton, Nancy 162, 195 Bridge, Linda 199 Bridge, Lynn 58, 199 Brimhall, Ann 49, 90, 199 Brimhall, Barbara 162 Brimhall, Richard John 223 Brimhall, Sherrie Lynn 90, 162 Brimhall, Steven 199 Bristow, Vickey Broadbent, Nathan 199 Broadbent, Phillip 97, 162 Brondage, John Brooks, Craig 140 Brooks. Richard 85. 118, 119, 140. 142, 162 Brown, Barry 123. 130, 145, 223 Brown, DeAnn 162 Brown, Glen Brown, Laura Ann 199 Brown, Mike 5, 92, 119, 130. 162 Brown, Ruth Ann 104, 163 Brown, Sandec 199 Browning, Sarah Jane 10 Brundage, John 27, 140, 199 Bryan. Bill 90. 157. 163 Buckley, Jill 223 Buckley, Julie Dee 223 Buckner, Gary 223 Buckner, Craig 223 Bullock, Charles Scott 65, 137, 199 Bullock, Cary Bullock, James Robert 8, 26, 27, 65, 86, 96. 102, 105, 108. 112, 136, 137, 163, 265 Bunker, Sharee 223 Bunnell, Linda 98, 115, 163 Burgess. Darvin 199 Burke, Victor Carl Burningham, Randy 199 Burr. Marty Burrows, Beckie Jo 163 Burows, Janice 223 Bushman, Jerry 140, 223 Bushman, Russell Bushman, Stephen 199 Bushman. Steve 67. 82, 119, 128, 146, 199 Bushnell, Bruce 70, 131, 223 Busker, Boyd Edward 163 Bussio, Linda 73. 752, 223 Butler, Anita 223 Butler, Julie 199 Butler. Mark 89. 223 Butterfield. Kathie 119, 140, 199 Byars, Richard C Cain, Fred 99, 163 Cain, Kelsey 223 Call, John 19, 128. 140, 199 Call. Kathryn 99. 223 Call, Linda 111, 223 Call, Mary Jo 95, 200 Call, Pamela 82. 223 Callery. Ann 223 Cameron, Gained 96, 98, 102, 105, 112, 114, 152. 163 Cameron, Peggy Ann 163 Campbell, Christine 26, 200 Campbell, Edward 223 Campbell, Jannine 87, 93, 163 Campbell. Samuel 10. 74. 87. 224 Campbell, Terry Lee 82, 224 Canfield, Michael 200 Cannon. D. Eldon 24, 66. 72, 92. 119, 140. 200 Cannon, John 140, 224 Cannon, Nancy 54. 97, 104, 163 Cannon, Scott 89, 163. 166 Carrera. Laura Lee 51. 224, 229 Carrillo, Marcus 82 Carter, Alice Carter, Billy 240 Carter, Dan Lewis 145. 200 Carter, Diane 163 Carter, Douglas 224 Carter, Hal 61, 72, 163 Carter, Joyce 200 Carter, Kerry 163 Carter, Marvin 164 Carter, Mary Ann 224 Carter, Mike Carter, Richard 224 Carter. Ricki 25, 164 Carter, Suzanne 88, 200 Cartwright, Ann 200 Casper, Pamela 24, 157, 164 Casjser, Timothy Reese 200 Cavanah, Doralee Chadwick, Lois Ann 94, 200 Chambers, Michael Chang, Ning 100. 108, 109, 115, 164. 174 Chapman. Bruce 224 Chapman. Richard 164 Chaston, Keith Cheever, Gary 68. 200 Cheever, James LeRoy 34, 200 Cherrington, Barbra 224 Cherrington, Debbie 224 Child. Neil 164 Childs. Ross 81, 92, 164 Chiles. Elizabeth Ann 94. 95, 157, 201 Chrisman, Larry Gene 82 Chrisman, Mike Lee 89, 224 Chrisman, Trudy 224 Christensen, Carol 201 Christensen, Charlene 94, 95, 201 Christensen, Cheri 90. 95, 148. 152, 194 Christensen, Christine 83, 88, 90, 97, 157, 164 Christensen Cindy Ann 95, 148, 201. 266 Christensen, Gary Christensen, Glenda 83, 164 Christensen, Jill 55, 164 Christensen, Laurie Christensen, Mark 201 Christensen, Mike 90 Christensen, Paul 70, 131, 224 Christensen, Randy 224 Christensen, Ron 224 Christensen, Roy 138 Christensen, Russell 164 Christensen, Sheryol 26, 40 Christensen, Kathy 164 Christiansen, David 139 Christiansen, Fred 224 Christiansen, Julie 88, 93. 164 Christlieb. Brenda 99, 224 Chryst. Karen Chynoweth. Debra Clark. Andy 46 Clark. Austin Clark. Becki 224 Clark, Brent Harold Clark, Calleen 26, 69, 88. 224 Clark, Carol Ann 88, 224 Clark, James Larsen 72, 90, 92, 157, 201 Clark. Jeff Clark, Kevin N. 224 Clark. Kevin W. 201 Clark, Kristen 72, 90, 98. 153, 201 Clark. Liz Marion 69, 124, 157. 224, 234 Clark, Melissa Ann 224, 239 Clawson, Bert Clayton, William 164 Clegg, lee 140. 201 Clegg. Rac Ann Clegg, Rayanna 164 Cleveland. Doris Mae 224 Clinger, Debra Ann 224. 230 Cloward, Elaine 201 Cloward, Anne 24, 165 Cloward. Richard 123, 145 Cluff, Karla 201 Coates, Diane 224 Coates. Stephen 201 Cochran, Julie 88, 201 Cole, Allen 201 Coleman, Kelly Collins. Kathy 24, 165 Colunga, Paul Colunga, Sam Colvin, Kaye 200, 201 Compton, Kent 218 Compton, Terry 26, 56, 165 Compton, Todd 34 Condie. Richard 71, 92, 99, 102. 105, 106, 112, 115, 126, 136, 137, 165 Conk. H. George 224 Conk, Kelly Kim Conklin. Randy Connelly, John 201 Cook, Boyd 225 Cooney, Hilda 98, 165 Corbridge, Wayne Howe 89, 140, 225 Cordner, Curt 165 Cordner, Karen 88 Corless. Clark Miles 87, 152. 225 Corless, Steve 119, 128. 145, 201 Cottam, Alan Bruce 201 Cox, Carilee 225 Cox, Marcia 225 Cox, Merrill Craddock, Joseph 201 Crandall, Craig 71. 155, 156, 166 Crandall, Janet 88, 93, 201 Crandall, Janie 201 Crandall, Mem 225 Crawford, Michael Creviston, Allan Creviston, Steven Croft. Sherry 73, 157, 225 Crookston, Mark 18, 166, 196 Crookston, Scott Tyler 139, 140, 225 Cropper, Dean 56. 135, 201, 214 Crowton, Cheryl 87, 95, 148. 201 Cruze, Carolyn Devita 201 Cruze, Marilyn Rita 202 Cumings, Melinda Jane Curtis, James 65, 110, 143, 202 Curtis, Merilee 202 Curtis, Paul Vance 68, 110, 202 Curtis, Roni Lynn d Dahlberg, Kenneth Daley, Brenda Daley. Jack 123, 225 Daley. Rex 5, 55. 80. 92, 119, 132, 133, 166 Dailey. Janice 89. 225 Dailey, Roland Dailey, Warren 113, 166 Dallin, Randy 202 Damon, Lafe 123. 140, 225 Dangerfieid, Bruce 26. 27. 202 Dangerfield, David 225 Daniels, Steven 202 Daniels, Tom 67, 166 Darais, Chris 166 Darais, Marcus 202 Dastrup, Jeanette 82, 226 Davey, Marilyn 89, 99, 202 Davies, Tania 81. 166 Davis, Barbara 202 Davis, Beatrice 72, 88, 202 Davis, Britton Davis, Cynde 226 Davis, Diane 99, 226 Davis, Donita 84, 202 Davis, Douglas 127, 130, 166 Davis, Elaine 94. 95, 148. 149, 150, 166 Davis. Jared 74. 76. 79, 202 Davis, Karen Davis. Mary Joy Davis. Ronald 226 Davis. Shirlene Dayton. Leland 89, 112, 166 Dayton, Ruth 111, 157, 226 Dawson. Mary Ellen 84, 202 Day. Mary 72. 88, 202 Day, Warren 202 Dean, Diana Lee 157, 202 Dean. Gary Dell 202 Dean, Terri DoHann, Lavada Ann 202 DeHart. Hali 202 DeHoyos, Sylvia 26, 98, 166 Delbarre, Christine 88. 226 Dennett, Ann 90, 166 Dennis, Cheryl Lyn Dennis, Peggy 167 Despain, Diane 81, 95, 99, 148, 150, 151 Diamond, Joy Kay 96, 148, 202 Diamond, Ricky 226, 243 Dill, Louis Dill, Sonya Dinsdale, Jeffrey 226 Disbrow, Mike 82. 226 Dixon, Daniel 93, 167 Dixon. Glenn 226 Dixon. Ken Call 203 Dixon, LynnAnn Dixon, Margie 1S7, 167 Dixon. Paul B. 52, 203 Dixon, Paul Crant 44. 203 Donaldson, John 167 Donaldson, Stephen 203 Dorius, Stephanie 157, 167 Dorsey, Lois 167 Dorsey, Angela 203 Dove. Rick Dowdle, Brent 89, 203 Doyle, Kerry 167 Draper, Boyd Draper, Lester Drury, Craig 116, 117, 119, 126, 144, 196 Duckett, Colette 226 Dudley, Brooke 167 Dudley, Cynthia 226 Duerden, David 99, 203 Duffin, Richard Dunford, Valerie 89, 93. 200, 203 Dunn, Dennis 140, 203 Dunn, Gloria 26, 52. 53, 168 Dunn, Paula 168 Durrant, Jerry 82, 226 Durrant, Lynn 203 Durrant, Patricia 203 Dutson. Judy 88. 95, 203 e Earl, David 123, 140. 226 Eastley, Verena 89, 226 Eastmond. Michael 119 Eckert, MichelleEdwards, Brenda 26, 82. 203 Edwards, Cindy 94, 226 Edwards, Kevin 227 Edwards, Randy 11, 168 Egan. Joyce 55. 90, 98, 168, 259 Eklund. Carl 203 Elam, Kathlene Gail 203 Elliot, Diane 227 Elliott, Gregory Ellis, Kelly 123, 140 Ellison, Diana Louise 82, 227 Ellison, JoAnna Mary 89. 157, 203 Ellison, Sally 203 Ellsworth, Madelyn 26, 203 Elton. Kathie 24. 27, 168 Elton. William Calvin 42, 227 Ely, Gloria June 203 England. Peggy 84, 103, 203 Engle. Jim 41, 112, 168 Enos. Sandy Erickson, Vicky 95. 203 Esplin, Mary 89. 103, 157 Evans, Carl 168 Evans, Carol 227 Evans, David 227 Evans. Mark 65, 68, 139, 227 Evans, Raymond 110, 227 Evans, Sharon Everett. Zira 203 Eyre, Robert 203 f Farnsworth, Kevin Windsor 73 Farnsworth. Lance William 27, 203 Farnsworth, LaVern 89, 227 Farnsworth, Scott 203 Farr, Cynthia 82, 88. 203 Farrer, Ray Ann Farrer. Terry 47, 203 Feher, Lynne Gaye 204 Felt, Marilyn 84. 204. 205 Ferguson, Craig Ferguson, Rick 82, 227 Ferre. Kenna Rae 95, 150, 204 Finch, Debra 95. 148. 150. 204 Finch, Robyn Finlayson, Barton 47, 128. 204 Firmage, Becky 227 Firmage, Debbie 227 Firmage, Hugh David 82 Fischer, Cindy 67, 204 Fisher. Jeffrey 127, 129, 137, 204 Fleming, Debra 27, 84, 204 Fletcher, Jeanne 94, 95, 227 Flick, Diane 168 Florence, Shirley 84, 204 Foerster, Kathy 24, 168 Folk, Richard Force, Ruth Dell 89, 204 Ford, Alan Ford. Gary 227 Ford, Marcia Joan 90, 168 Forster, Mary Ann Forsyth, David Forsyth, Richard Fowles, Linda Faye 227 Frampton, Linda 95 Francis, Debra 227 Francom, Kim 145, 204, 211 Francom, Mark Jim 204 Franks, Jeanne 168 Freckleton, Myrna 9, 61. 69, 90, 97, 152, 168 Frederick. Deborah Ann 168 Freeman, Jane 227 Freeman, Rita 26, 45, 168 Frenzel, Harvey Frischknecht, Bobby Jo 227 Frischknecht, Jill 168 Fry. Michael , Fuhriman, Mark Antone 90, 97, 169 Fullmer, Jimpty 227 Furse, Michael 1% g Gadd, Jimmy Gale, Roger 86, 204 Gallier, Linda Kay 227, 232 Gammett, Daryl 205 Gammon, Linda Ann 27, 95, 148. 149, 150, 200, 204 Gardiner, Julie 84, 218 Gardner, Becky 227 Gardner, Denice 89, 93, 228 Gardner. John Gardner, Kristin 88. 98. 204 Gardner, Lynette 84, 200, 204 Gardner, Mark Edward 204 Gardner, Marvin Kent 27, 82. 99. Ill, 205 Cardner. Reed 9. 34, 92, 119, 140, 205 Gardner. Stanley 68. 86. 136. 137, 167, 169 Gamer, Paul 205 Garrett. Diane 11, 35. 36. 59, 64. 77. 90. 97, 152. 164, 169 Garrett LuAnna Gates. Duane 90, 169 Cee, Diane 45, 94, 95. 148, 149. 150, 169 Cee. Teri 228 Gerow, Julia Darlene Giacoma, Gay 228 Gibbons, Barbara 26. 164 Gibbons, William Gibson, Marla 228 Gibson, Randv Burdett 26,169 Giles. Chuck 72, 118, 119, 120, 169, 184 Giles, DeLain 82. 228 Giles. Eric 205 Giles, James 140, 228 Gillette, Marie 169 Glade, Kenneth 89. 205 Glade, Kristi 26, 205 Glade, Mary Alice Cleave, Mirreo 170 Gledhill, Karen 288 Gledhill, Michael 10. 69, 71. 74, 77. 78. 79, 87. 106. 112 Coates, Steven Rex 86. 92, 99. 205 Goff, Roger 205 Goff. Jean Marie 81. 88 Gomez. Elizabeth 88. 93. 170 Goodman, Karen 84. 90. 157, 205 Goodwin. Doris 228 Goshorn, Eileen Ann 170 Gottfredson, Randy 73, 103, 123, 140, 228 Gourley, George 5, 102, 105, 112, 119, 121, 123, 127, 140, 143, 156, 157, 164, 170 Gourley, Linda 90, 205 Graham. Cary 123, 131, 140, 228 Grange. Kelly 228 Gray, Patricia 73. 151, 228 Gray, Randy 82 Green, David Bartell 145, 205 Green, Richard Bruce 48, 205 Greenhalgh, Debra Ann 228 Greenwood. Kim 99 Greenwood. Rex Paul 92. 119, 137, 205 Greer, Gaylynn 95. 148, 149, 150 Greer, Dodd 147, 205 Gren. La Dec Gren, Laurel Griffin, Donald Layne Griffin, Gary 228 Griffin, Lana Grisamer, Gerald 170 Grover, Leonard Royce 87, 96, 106, 187, 228 98, Groves, Merlynn 288 Grow, Laraine 11. 79, 83, 99. 102, 170 Grow, Linda 83. 84. 157, 205 Gunn, Thomas 87, 205 Gunnell, Gary Gunther. Bret 82, 228 Gunther, John Gurr, Joa 25, 90. 170 Gurule, Betty Jean 170 Gurule. Richard 205 Guymon, Kent 205 h Haddock. Jan 229 Haines, Robert 229 Hair, Floyd 229 Hales, Chad Hales, Martha Ann 97, 98, 152, 170 Hall. Barbara Hall. Cozette Pearl 84, 205 Hall, Diana 82. 84. 205 Hall, John Wendall 92. 132, 134, 170 Hall. Marjean 205 Hall. Virginia 94. 205 Halverson, Michael 92, 205 Hamilton, Linda 148, 158, 171 Hamilton. Linda Teena 95 Hancock, Gary Hancock, Wendall Brad 86, 99, 171 Handel, Durf Hansen. Betty Ann 111 Hansen, Cindy 25, 89, 99. 171 Hansen. Dennis 41, 86, 98. 99, 205 Hansen. Kathleen 83, 84, 171 Hansen, Laura Jean 229 Hanson. Leslie Harding, Gary Lee Harding, Jan Harding, William 63, 171 Harlow. Julie 95. 151, 229 Harlow, Peter 229, 239 Harmon, Bryant Harmon, Carolyn Harmon. Dave 236 Harmon, Debra Harmon, Linda 90. 95, 148, 150. 206 Harmon, Mark 137, 229 Harmon, Richard 140, 229 Harper, Jared 123, 140, 226 Harper, Paul 92. 118, 119 Harris, Carole Helen 152, 229 Harris, Gwen Harris, Jim 82. 90, 152, 171 Harris, Kathy 229 Harris, Randy 206 Harris. Rex 89. 229 Harris, Sonia Rae Harris, Susan Rene 204. 206 Hart, Barbara Ann 88. 93, 94. 96. 206 Hartvigson. George %, 171 Hartvigson, James 140 Harvey, Connie Harward. Douglas Heber 206 Harward. Peggv 82, 96, 171, Harward. Randall Thomas 90. 92, 140, 206 Harward, Richard 90. 92. 140, 143. 206 Harward, Stan 171, 182 Hatch, Barbara 229 Hatch. Brad 171 Hatch, Brian Russell 54, 140 Hatch. David Hatch, Jeri 206 Hatch, Rebecca 83. 171 Hatch, Steven 88. 92, 171 Hatfield, Barbara 229 Hatfield. Karen 26 Haun, Alan Joseph Haupt, Joyce 89, 229 Haupt, Lois 66, 89, 99, 171 Hawke, Kay Hawkins, Dana 89. 171 Hawkins, Pamela 171 Hawkins, Patricia Hawkins, T. Ryan 140 Haws, Bruce 172 Hayes, John Keith 91 Haymore, Randy Leroy Haymore, Robert Haynes, Susan 229 Heal, Alan 74, 172 Heaton, Hal 54, 66, 89, 99, 108, 109, 112, 113, 115, 156, 172 Heaton, Rochelle 95, 150, 206 Heiner, Kevin 229 Helm, Susan 90 Henderson, Jacqueline Hendrix, Scott 229 Heninger, Elsie Henrichsen, Don 206 Henrichsen, Janice 229 Henrichsen, Joseph Henrichsen, Kirk Boyd 90, 98, 140, 206 Henrichsen, Ron 172 Henricksen, Allen 226, 229 Henne, Allen 206 Henrie. Wendy Carrol 229 Henson, Steve 131, 145 Herde, Gary 172 Harnandez, Tina Herrick. Kent 48, 172 Herring, Mike 206 Heslington, Don 229 Hettick, Rosemary 26, 172 Hicken, Julie Hickman, Allison 56, 157, 172 Hickman, Patricia 213, 230 Hickman, Sue 230 Higgins, Lynn 65, 108, 172, 208 Higginson, Debra 44. 67, 72, 89, 90, 206 Higley, |ohn 172 Hill, Hcrmie Jo Hill. Michael 92, 203 Hill. Mike 61. 96, 97, 102, 119, 122, 138, 172, 189 Hill. Paula Kay 157 Hill, RcNae Hill, Steven Hillier. Diane Leslie 106 Hillier, loyce 172 Hinckley, Craig Alan 230 Hinckley, E. Scott 206 Hinckley, Ron Hinckley, Vickie 230 Hinkman, Ron Hintze, Wayne 92, 139, 140, 172 Hiss, Kevin 206 Hixson, Kathy May 26. 93, 172 Hobson, Robert Vern 173 Hod son, Beth 206 Hofheins, Bryan 65, 110, 140, 206 Hohrein, Max 230 Holt, Regan Hone, Kay Lynn 230 Hone, Ralph Wayne 206 Honeyman, LeeAnn 206 Hoopes, Richard 152, 173 Hopkins, Pat 95 Hopkins, Rick Hopkinson, Dan Alan 90. 173 Hopkinson, Linda 230 Horn, Kristine 230 Horn, Norma Jean 230 Horn, Sherry 206 Horsley. Linda Faye 96, 173 Houtz, Janet Eileen 206 Hovoka. Kay 230 Howard, Fred 86, 90, 173 Howard, Sydney Caryn 26 Hughes, Kim 230 Huish, Lee 206 Hull, Marty 173 Hullmger, Ivan 173 Hundley. Debra 73, 95. 230 Hundley, Jeffrey Hundley, Ron 207 Hunsaker, Stan 89. 206, 207 Hunter, Barbara 207 Hunter, Kristine 82, 87, 173 Huntington, Sue Ann 230 Huntsman, Steven 230 Hurst, Patty Hurst, Ricky 82 Hurst, Robert Hurst, Sherrie 207 Hutchings, Allen 89, 230 Hutchings, Susan 157 Hutchinson. Gary 174 Hutchison, Roy 173 Hyde, Diane 99,174 Hyer, Eric 230 Hyer, Scott 90, 207 I Iker, Roger Alan Ivie, Cindy 230 Ivie, Shannon 207 Izatt, Linda lean 207 Izatt. Neil 86, 139, 140 • J Jackson, David Jackson, Julie 230 Jackson. Kelly 89. 230 Jackson, Oran 56 270Jacobs, David 61. %. 107. 119, 152, 158, 174 Jacobs. Janeen 34. 72. 205, 207, 209 Jacobsen, Jolene 90, 96, 97, 152. 174 Jacobson, Darrell 140, 174 Jacobson. Gregory 140. 230 Jacobson. Jan 230 Jacobson. Laura 18. 174 Jacobson, Mary 231 Jacobson, Nanci 231 Jacobson, Reed 11, 77. 87, 89, 231 lameson. Redd 140 Jarvis, Edna Marie Jarvis. Julie Ann 90. 174 Jarvis, Karen Anne 200. 231 Jarvis, Samuel 139, 140, 174 Jaspcrson. Dixie 231 Javadi, Zahra Rulh 88, 207 Jefferies. Joycelyn Jeffery, Wendy Ann Jeffs, Elizabeth Ann Jenkins, Jerelyn 76, 87, 96. 207 Jenkins, Mike Pean 231 Jense, Nancy 231 Jensen. Carolyn 148, 231 Jensen, Chris 53. 90, 207 Jensen, Gary Jensen, Jay 174 Jensen, Jim 231 Jensen, Jonnalu 84, 88, 201, 207 Jensen, Lynn Oliver 231 Jensen, Ross 82 Jenson, Bruce lepson, Scott 5, 119, 132. 140, 207 lepson. Wendell 119, 132, 140, 207 Jess, Laurie Ann 95, 231 Jex, Debra 174 Jex, Fred 123, 140, 231 Johnson, Ann 174 Johnson, Barbara 26, 174 Johnson, Cameron 47 Johnson, Carla 207 Johnson, Chris 25 Johnson, Colleen 231 Johnson, Darla Ann 207 Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Jean 231 Johnson, Jim 174 Johnson, Kathy 231 Johnson, Ken 174 Johnson, Kenneth M. 174 Johnson, Kenneth N. 82, 175 Johnson, Kim 119, 140 Johnson, Kristine 97, 157, 175 Johnson. Linda Mae 231 Johnson, M. David 231 Johnson, Margo 175 Johnson, Mark 207 Johnson, Marsha 231 Johnson, Mary Johnson, Pam Johnson. Randy Dale 147, 207, 216 Johnson, Richard 231 Johnson. Robert 42. 119, 123. 145, 218 Johnson. Ronald 52. 96. 175 Johnson. Valerie 41. 176 Johnson, ViAnn 176 Johnson, Vicky Ann 231 Johnson, Zeneth 157. 231 Johnstun, JoLynn 231 Jolley, Deanne 176 Jolley, Diane 176 Jolley, Janice 63, 88, 176 Jolley, Laura 208 Jolley. Mary 95, 148, 208 Jones, Corrine 9, 90, 176 Jones. Lianc 96, 176 Jones. Robert 231 Jones, Shelley 69, 231 Jones, William Kay 208 Judd. Keith 208 Juggert, James Juggert, Michael k Kader. Jeanie 208 Kallbacka, Jesse 82 Kallbacka. John Kartchner, David 119, 137. 166, 176 Kartchner. Rosena 88. 99. 208, 266 Kay, Valerie 189 Kaze. Taft Keele, Patti 99. 208 Keith, leffrey 132, 176 Keith. Martha 231 Kelsch, Robert 231 Kelsey, Marilyn 232 Kemp, Blaine Howard 123, 145 Kemp. Dale 92, 97. 112, 116, 119, 132, 133, 176, 186, 195 Kendall Mark 177 Kenison, Kathy 232 Kennard. Kim 119. 140. 208 Kennard. Robert Kennedy, Jay 61, 96, 177 Kiger. Douglas 48. 97. 101. 102, 112, 119, 120. 121, 122, 145, 146, 147, 177 Kiger, Hugh Hoyle 48. 112 Kiger, Stephen 9. 61. 64, 71, 97, 101. 102, 103, 112. 116, 118, 119, 158, 170, 177 Killpack, Kari 25, 177 Killpack, Reed Mitchell 232 Kimball, Joylene 84. 208 King, Karolyn 95 King Susan 24, 177 King, Terry 48. 112, 208 Kinsey, Sandy Lee 232 Knight, Joanne 177 Knudsen. Karla 93. 95, 208 Kogianes, George 82 Kopp, Linda 232 Kositwongsakul. Chiapon Kossman, Lori 90, 95. 148, 150, 177 Kuhni, Candace 232 Kuhni, Dalian Theron 90, 154, 208 I Lamb, Bruce 11. 74, 75. 97, 177 Lamb, Dennis 232 Lamb. Paul 203, 208 Lambert, David 140, 232 Lambert, Janine 10, 18. 35, 60, 68, 77, 84, 90 Lamoreaux, Timothy Lamph, William Lancaster, Helen Lane, Holly Laska 89. 232 Lane, Jeffery Larsen. Alan 232 Larsen. Annette 90, 208 Larsen, Bart 208 Larsen, Erik Larsen, Ezra Lee 82, 232 Larsen, Pat 232 Larsen, Peggy Lynn Larsen, Randy 102, 177 Larsen, Richard 232 Larsen, Stephen Wayne 82 Larsen, Steven Larsen, Catherine 177 Larson, Colleen Larson, Tom Dell Lassen, Dale Wayne 82. 138 Lassen, Debbie 232 Last, Mary Ann 233 Latner, Kathy 177 Law. Randall Laws, Thomas 89, 233 Laycock. Grant 233 Layton, Christine 81, 233 Leach, Nancy 208 Leahman, Richard Davis LeBaron. Hyrum 233 LeBaron. Kim Radell 119, 140, 208 Ledford, Richard 233 Lee, Connie 26, 208 Lee, Linda 88. 233 Lees, Scott 45. 67, 80, 92. 139. 140. 177 leftwich, John 82 Leftwich, Katrina 177 Leonard, Lynette Leonard. Marilyn LeRoy, Shanda 177 Lew, Kuen 178 Lewis. Becky 178 Lewis, Diane 90. 178 Lewis, Jerry Lewis, Jim 233 Lewis, Lynn Ann 209 Lewis, Nathan 77, 78. 87, 106. 123, 233 Lewis, Peggy 90, 209 Lewis, Steve 97, 102. 118, 119. 178 Liddiard, Barbara 104, 178 Liddiard, Craig 178 Liddiard, James Liddiard, Nannette 209 Liddiard, Scott Liddiard, Sheldon Liddiard, Steven Liechty, James Leichty, Rick Lindsay, Jeneen 178 Lindsay, Sheldon 209 Lister, Brent Ronald 233 Lloyd, Connee 89, 23 Lloyd. Linda Ann 157, 209 Lloyd, Ted 233 Logan, Billy 23 Logan. Danny 178 Long, Jaynee 24, 89, 178 Long, Ricky 56, 77, 112 Long, Richard David Long, Steve 178 Lott. Shelle Loveless. Danny Lowe, Dennis 218 Lowe. Ronald 61. 90. 97, 178 Lowther, Denise Kaye 209 Lucas, Dick Lucas, Pat Luckau, Janice 34, 209 Luckau, Richard Paul 140, 233 Ludlow. LuAnn 37, 63. 96, 97, 157, 178 Luke. Glenda Rae 233, 238 Luke, Jane 10, 11, 55, 56, 58, 62, 68, 74, 75, 79. 87, 90. 99, 103. 106, 112, 113. 124. 125. 178 Lundberg Scott 92, 140, 178 Lyon, Mike Patrick 209, 217 Lyons, Betty Jo 178 m Maag, Clifford 10, 25, 58, 68, 74, 75, 76, 79, 87, 90. 102, 106 Maag Ray 87, 103. 233 Maas. Coralee 233 Mabey, Bruce 11 Maybey, Lynne 234 Mabey. Tanya 42 207. 209 Mack. Robert 234, 236 Mackay, Janet 234 Mackay, Luci Mackay. Mike 119, 209 Maddox. Mike Robert 5, 119. 209 Madsen, Arnold Lloyd 82. 209 Madsen, Bruce 40, 179 Madsen, Carey Lee 234 Madsen. Carol JoAnn 179 Madsen, Carolyn 81. 234 Madsen, Cathy 84. 209 Madsen. Diane 234 Madsen, Terri MaHinson, Randy Malmstrom, Doug Taylor 209 Malone. William 209 Mangum. Karen 84, 209 Mangum, Martin 90, 92, 140, 179 Mann. LaVoy 234 Manookin, James 26, 27. 209 Manzanares, Darlene 234 Manzanares. Jesse 209 Markham. David Paul 123, 140, 234 Markham. Steven 42. 96. 102, 119, 179 Martell, Cliff Warren 209 Martensen, Marcia Lu 234 Martin, Kristy 27, 72. 76. 87, 209 Martin, Laurie 84, 157. 209 Martin, Mary Lou 90, 219 Martin. Melody Ann 179 Martinez, Danny 82 Massey, Connie Massey, Larraine Margaret 19, 90, 209 Mast. Vicky Marie 73, 89. 234 Matheny, Cindy Matheny. Sheila 95. 179 Matheson, Sue 210 Mathews. Diana 24, 179 Mathis. Rickie Mattinson, Randy Maxfield. Arthur Jay Maxfield. William 234 May. Jack 234 May. Shirley Ann 89. 95, 179 Mazurie. Charles 86. 96, 97. 112 119 130, 179 McAffee, Evelyn 9, 179 McAffec, Vicky Ann 234 McClellan, Diane 234 McClellan, Marilyn 234 McClellan, Niles McCreary, Cheryl Jean 83. 234 McDermott, Donald McDermott. James 90, 179 McDonald, Marcia 234 McFarland. David 179 McEwan. Lesie ReNae McKee, Brynda McKee, Nancy Ann McKinlay. Arthur 93, 97. 158, 179, 193 McKinlay. Rosemary 234 McIntyre, Laura Lee 234 McLaughlin. Barbara 97, 160 McNamara. Jay 128, 140, 210 McOmber. Julee Ann 234 McOmber, Marilyn 88, 89 Meadows. Milette Louise Meecham, Tom 111, 230 Meecham. Janet Mehew, Bruce King 35, 58, 87 Meibos. Lynn Clark 92. 119. 130, 140. 210 Meibos, Ralph Mcldrum. Bonnie 234 Meldrum. Nina 26. 89. 179 Melville, lames Weller 89. 234 Melville. Mary 89. 179 Melville. Rebecca 82, 95. 210 Menlove, David Kay 210 Menlove, Joy 210 Mercer, Catherine 210 Merrell, Christ! 234 Merroll, Wayne 234 Meservy, Michael 234 Mette, Harvev 89. 234 Metten, Cathleen 69, 72, 77, 78, 87, 210 Migdat, Michael Lee 180 Mildenhall, G. Thomas 112, 180 Mildenhall. Joseph 234 Miller, Charles Brent 5, 119, 122, 144 180 Miller, Jay Romney 26, 27, 86. 92, 96. 132, 133, 135, 180 Miller. Jill 228 Miller. Marlene 235 Miller, Mary Ann 235 Miller, Stephen 140, 210 Miller. Val 24. 92, 93. %. 97. 119, 120. 127, 152, 180 Miller, Valerie Jean 210 Miller, Vickie lleen Millett. Rhonda 235 Miner, Lloyd 119, 140 Miner, Lynette 235 Mitchell, Charlie 82 Mitchell, Danny 43, 92, 132, 180 Mitchell. Jim Mitchell, Jon 235 Mitchell, Laurie Mitchell. Mike 82 Mitchell, Patricia 235 Molyneux, Tom Monroe, Craig 89, 210 Moon. Ruth 235 Mooney, Michael 210 Moore. Dennis John Morales, Myriam Yolanda 210 Morkan, Craig 235 Morgan. John David Morgan, Cattren 95, 148 Morgan, Mary Ann 95. 130, 148. 149 Morrill, Johnny Morrill. Stewart 5, 119, 126. 128. 140. 210 Morris, Daryl 210 Morris. Janna Marie 83, 90. 180 Morse, Lynda May Mortensen, Brent 218 Mortensen. Glynna 9. 90. 97. 180 Mortensen, Wayne 123, 131, 235 Moses, Gordon Earl 88. 235Moses, Laura Mane 89. 235 Mott. Peggy 180 Muhlestein. Cathy Ann 4, 55. 67. 180. 259. 261 Muhlestein, Terry 235 Muirhead. Ernest 139, 235 Muirhead. Caryn 210 Muller. Edward 145, 235 Muller, Vincent 61 Mulvaney. Michael 123, 145 Murdock, Alan 210 Murdock, johnny Al Murdock, Robert 52, 53, 92. 181 Murphy, Allyson 61. 97. 181, 191 Murphy, Gayle Lynn 53, 181 Murphy, Gilbert 119, 181 Murphy, Robert Alan 235 Murphy, Stephen 181 Murray, Diane 210 Murri. Gladys 24, 97. 181 Myers, Gerald 82 Myers. R George 82, 86 Myrup, Dennis n Nash, Brent 11, 76, 96 Navasie, Nathan 92, 130, 132, 134. 181 Nelsen, Bill Nelson, Debbie Ann 124. 234. 235 Nelson, Ellen 235 Nelson, Glade 92, 93, 96. 97, 112, 152, 158, 164, 168, 181 Nelson, Kim Ernest 86, 181 Nelson, Louise 89, 181, 183 Nelson, Paul Nelson, Ray Dean 86. 88. 99. 102. 113. 167, 181 Nelson, Scott Maughan 93, 96, 164, 181 Nelson, Steven Glen 138 Nelson, Vincent 235 Nelson, Willard Nesbit, Dennis 90, 92, 210 Newman, Eileen 26, 27, 55, 99, 102, 111, 182, 264 Nibley, Michael 18 Nicholes, Edward 210 Nicholes, Richard 210 Nick. Hamid Nicol, Keri 235 Nielsen, Ceri 225, 235 Nielsen, Grant 123, 140, 235 Nielsen. Gregory 5, 9. 61, 71. 73, 90, 92, 93, 102. 116, 118, 119, 158. 182 Nielsen, Laurie Day 67. 211 Nielsen. Linda Nielsen, Lon Nielsen, Randy 66, 182 Nielsen, Tamara 27. 211 Nielsen. Trudy 211 Nielson Carol 211 Nielson, Charles Todd 90. 182 Nielson. Elaine 9, 217 Nielson, jeri 235 Nilsen, W. Kim 235 Nordgren, Sandra 98. 99. 211 Norton, Shari Nuttall, Christine 71, 97, 98, 164. 182 Nuttall, Cara Lee 236 Nuttall. Del Ray 211 Nuttall, Diana 90, 182 Nuttall, Doug 236 Nuttall. Gail 90. 182 Nuttall, Gary 236 Nuttall. Ian 25. 71. 90. 158, 182 Nuttall, Jerry Nuttall. Joseph 82, 236 Nuttall. Kathy Nuttall, Rick 236 Nuttall, Scott 42 O Oakes. Cynthia 211 Ocasio, Charles 56 Offret. Kathleen 182 Ogle. David 182 Oldroyd, Jack 236 Oldroyd, Jeffery 82 Oldroyd, Robert Oldroyd. Sue 27. 182 Olds. DiAnn 236 Olive. James 65. 110, 231 Olive. John 236 Oliver, Barbara 90, 182 Olmstead, Rachael 90, 211 Olsen, Diane 236 Olsen, Elizabeth Ann 211 Olsen, Jim 236 Olsen, Kiri Olsen, Marian Lynn 236 Olsen, Maxine 211 Olsen, Stephen Reid 99. 123 Olson, Bruce 92. 112, 137, 182 Olson, Kevin 131, 140 Olson, Kristie 95. 148, 149, 150, 157, 182 Olson. Sandy 111, 236 Olson, Stephen 89, 236 Orme. Colleen 94, 95. 236 Orrock. David 236 Orrock, Lynne 211 Orton, Debra 95, 211 Orton, Pamela 183 Ostler, Annette 183 Ostler, Harold 236 Ostler. James Ostler, Nanette 24, 26, 27, 183 Ovard, Kim 211 Overlade. Stacy Ann 40, 97, 157. 164, 183 Overly, Glade 18, 138, 1%. 236 P Pace, Cletona 211 Pace, Gary Dale Pace, Joyanna 183 Pace, Susan 26, 82. 157. 211 Page, Randy Ray Palmer, Alan 236 Palmer, Edwards James Parcell. Polly 183 Park. Eugene 183 Parker, Alan 183 Parker, Dale Parker, Kathleen 162, 183 Parker, Patricia 183 Parmley, David 236 Paskett, Beverly 211 Paskett. Connie 237 Paskett, Fred Patton, Mike 26. 99, 102, 118, 119, 184 Patton, Robin 211 Paxman, Annette 74, 89, 201, 205, 211 Paxman, Linda 211 Payne. Evelyn 87, 111, 124. 228, 237 Payne, Janice 4. 40. 63. 69. 77, 87, 90. 95. 97, 101, 125, 151 Payne. Julia Ann 237 Pearson, Kim 19, 71, 96, 97, 105, 112, 119, 176, 184 Pearson, Paulene 211 Pearson, Randy 237 Peay, Janice 24, 184 Peay, Kristy 73. 94, 211 Peay, Mike Peck, Shannon 94, 237 Pedersen, Sandie Pederson, Kristin 26. 55. 65. 75. 184 Pederson, Yvonne 74, 77, 93, 95, 98, 99. 212 Peery, Ray Peirce, Jeff 184 Penrod. Garna Jean 237 Perkins, Mark 212 Petersen, Becky 237 Petersen, Carol 148, 237 Petersen, Dick Petersen, Diane Petersen, Marie Peterson, Carol Jean 61, 65. 88. 90, 95. 96, 184 Peterson, Colleen 99, 237 Peterson, Connie Peterson, Jae 95, 237 Peterson, James Alma 89, 237 Peterson, Judy 212 Peterson, Marilyn 98. 99, 212 Peterson, Mary 237 Peterson, Rita Gay 237 Peterson, Russell 52. 166, 184 Peterson, Sherri 83, 184 Peterson. Terry 212 Petty. Cynthia 9, 98. 104, 105. 152, 185 Petty. Doug 73. 123, 132, 134, 135. 237 Petty Michael Pfaff, Thomas 237 Pheysey. Yolmda 237 Phillips, Dale 82, 185 Phillips, Debra 185 Phillips. Gayle 212 Phillips, Larenzo 90 Phillips. Lee Ravcll 11. 50. 89 Phoenix, Louise Pickup. Rav Davie 198, 212 Pierce. Dale 140. 212 Pipkin. Zenos Kirk Platt, Roberta 72, 157, 212 Plott, Michelle 26, 88, 94. 148, 151, 185 Pons, Daniel 141 Pool, Brad 82. 237 Pooley. George 92. 119, 140, 212 Pope, Kathryn 72, 73, 84, 96, 103, 1%, 212 Pope. Laralee 238 Porter, Bryce 27, 86, 212 Porter, Cornell 26, 27. 86. 212 Porter, David 127, 130. 136, 137, 185 Porter, Diane Porter, Kathryn 27, 185 Porter, Patti 27, 89, 95. 212 Porter, Shelley 238 Pratt, Douglas 238 Pratt, Sheryl 185 Prestwich, Robert Price. Cynthia 212 Price, Judy 56, 87, 185 Probasco, Mary 212 Prothero, Maureen 94, 151, 212 Pulsipher, Don Pulver, Mary Jean 238 Purdy, Kelly Purdy, Raquel 212 r Rabner, Max 82, 212 Rackele. Rudene 19, 33, 51. 69, 153, 212 Rameson, Carol Jean 27 Rameson, Susan 212 Ramey. John 71, 97, 102, 140, 154, 156, 185 Ramey, Rand Ramirez. Lurbyn 238 Rasband, Alan 238 Rasmussen. Alan 123, 145 Rasmussen, Diane 95 Rasmussen, Fred 238 Rasmussen, James 185 Rasmussen, Jean Rasmussen, Joanne 27, 212 Rasmussen, John Rasmusen, Keith 238 Rasmussen, Kerry 90, 185 Rasmussen, Leslie Kim 49. 99, 238 Rasmussen, Meridee 72, 90, 185 Rasmussen, Rex 90. 168, 176, 185 Rasmussen, Russell 123, 145, 238 Rasmussen, Steven 11. 88, 90. 185 Rawlings, Debi Rawlings, Jim 139 Red Elk, Raenae 83, 185 Reed, Judy Yvone 238 Rees, Janet 212 Rees, Mary 44, 186 Reid, Charlotte 186 Reid, Lesie Ann 73, 238 Reimschussel, Carol 75, 202, 212 Reimschussel, Richard 186 Reynolds, Cindy Jo Reynolds, Doug 5, 86. 128, 140, 213 Reynolds, Larry Lee 213 Rich, Craig 92, 119, 186 Richardson, Janette Richardson, Jozette 95, 148, 150, 151 Richan, Dorothy Ann 213 Ricks, Dennis Ricks, Marjorie 90, 213 Ridge. Mary 25. 52. 87, 100, 104, 186. 195 Rieske, Bill 56. 82, 186 Rieske. Rose Marie 26. 56. 238 Rigby. Juanita Rigby, Lila 94 Riggs, Debbie 124, 238 Riggs. Pat 45. 97. 115. 186 Rios, Elizabeth 213 Roberts, Barbara Ann 213 Roberts, Sherrol Roberts, Linda 99, 238 Robertson. Deborah Robertson, James 140, 187 Robins, Don 238 Robins, Nancy Jane 84. 213 Robinson, Bruce 213 Robinson, Diane 157, 238 Robinson, Martha 187 Robinson, Mary 238 Robison, Roland 213 Robison, Ron 140, 187 Robison, Steven 213 Rodabough, Thayne Rogarson. James 238 Rogers, Russell Gene 48, 116, 119 Rogers, Tommy Glen 96, 140, 213 Rollins, Jim 92, 140, 187 Rollow, Martha Ann 238 Rollow, Susan 213 Rominger, Cindy 238 Rosenthal, Ellen Louise Roundy, Beth ReNec 90, 213 Roundy, Rebecca 94. 95. 187 Rowan, Jack 123, 140, 237 Rowan. Jamie 26, 187 Rowan, Ronald 35, 213 Rowberry, David 90. 123, 140, 238 Rowland, Brent 112, 187 Rowley. Jolene 66, 84, 213 Rowley. Thomas 239 Royall, Warren 71, 187 Russell, Malcolm 239 Rutledge, Gregory 187 Ryan. Bruce 239 Ryan, Kent 188 Ryan, Richard 72, 90 s Sabin. Marjean 82, 94, 151. 188 Saftcnberg. Craig 89 Saftenberg, Gloria 239 Saftenberg, Kay Saftenberg. Karen 213 Sagers, Richard 68, 239 Sanderson. Kathy Sandoval, James Sandstrom. Charlene 89, 213 Sardoni, Sharon 8, 97, 98. 156, 188 Saxey. Maurine 213 Saxton, Jeff Howard Schaerrer. Karla 56, 239 Schaerrer, Margo 24, 26, 55. 56. 87. 93, 106, 188, 200 Schmidt. Rebecca Gail 96. 98, 99, 213 Schneider. Annerose 89, 98, 213 Schoenrock, Salli Schooler, Ingrid 89, 239 Schooler, Maria 89, 213 Schramm. Colleen 239 Schwartz, Kevin Scott, Kay Lamar 239 Scott, Michael Scott, Roseanne 27, 95, 148. 213 Scott, Verlon Terry 213 Seamons, Dennis Lee 119 Seamons. Gary Lynn 82, 239 Seegmiller, Mary 18, 68, 188 Seethaler, Vicky 26. 95. 188 Shackelford, Mark 239 Shanriar. Bassir Shakespeare. Larry 188 Shampson, Phillip 239 Shanahan, Barbara Ann 213 Shaw, Barbara 188 Shectz, Gayle Ellen 83, 95, 214 Sheetz, Marlane Rae 239 Sheffield, Mark 99, 214 Sheffield, Richard 99. 239, 241 272Shelley. Anna Marie 239 Shelley. Ken 239 Shepherd. Carol Shields, Jeffrey lane 214 Shields. Scott 5. 96. 119, 188 Shipman, Jerry 130, 140, 214 Shock. Kenneth 239 Shreeve. Greg 239 Shurtleff. Brad 91. 188 Sidwell, Dave Kav 24. 56, 65. 72, 140. 214 Sidwell, Ronald 82, 188 Silver. Linda Simkins. lames 239 Simmons, Elaine 52, 89, 99, 112, 115, 156, 188 Simmons, leremy 119, 120. 123, 188 Simmons, lerry Simonsen, |ohn Lawrence 188 Sims, Lynnette 88. 200, 239 Sims, Roylavne 157, 214 Skaggs, |udy Skiba. Norman Skinner. Richard Skousen. Philip 73, 89, 235, 239 Slade. Terry 66, 88. 188 Slater, Brent S3. 189 Smeath, Susan Marie 94, 95, 239 Smith, Carl Wayne Smith, Dean Smith. Diane 94, 95. 151. 239 Smith. Jeryl 116, 119, 127. 140, 143, 214 Smith. John Arnold 8. 55, 65, 108. 110, 189 Smith, Joyce Smith, larna 214 Smith, Larry C. 82, 189 Smith. Larry I. 82 Smith, Mary Alice 89, 99, 240 Smith. Mitchell 214, 215 Smith, Pam 189 Smith, Patricia Ann 88, 240 Smith, Paula 240 Smith. Peggy 83. 97, 189 Smith. Randy 240 Smith, Rebecca 95. 214 Smith. Robert Dean 92, 214 Smith. Shirlev 66, 83, 99, 108. 113, 115, 154, 155, 156, 189 Snow, Ray 82, 240 Snow. Ron 189 Snow, Shaunee 33, 240 Snyder, Peggy 214 Sorensen, Alan 123, 240 Sorensen, Anne 189 Sorensen, Brenda 186, 240 Sorensen, James 240 Sorensen. Kim 123. 131, 145, 240 Sorensen. Wendy 240 Sorenson, loAnne 189 Sorenson, Sherrie 49, 90. 190 Sorrells, lean 199, 214 Sowards. Paul 128 Spears, Karen 240 Spears, Sylvia 113, 115 Spencer, Charlene 83, 87, 109, 190 Spencer, Jeffery 212, 214 Spencer. Michael 240 Spendlove, Jackie 240 Sperry, Tricia Rose 214 Springer. Jackie 9, 84. 190 Springer. Schenl Ann 207. 214 Startup, Lola Dawn 87, 90, 214 Steere, LaVonne 240 Stephen, Trudi 240 Stevens, Cae 157, 190 Stevenson, Darlene 190 Stevenson, Mary 53, 190 Stewart. Brad 123 Stewart, Charles 214 Stewart, Dennis 32. 90. 214 Stewart. Gloria 214 Stewart, Judy Stocks. Kevin 240 Storrs, Ron 214 Stott, Connie 26, 27, 214 Stott, Dennis 238. 240 Stott, Paul 215 Stott. Sue 240 Stout. Leland 216 Stringham, Boyd Strong. Carol 89, 240 Strong. Darla 215 Strong, David Lee 215 Struthers, Pamela 240 Stubbs, Allan 82, 215 Stubbs, Connie Rae 190 Stubbs. Eric 26, 27, 86. Ill, 139, 140, 190 Stubbs, Howard Stubbs, LeAnn 190 Stubbs, Roy 82, 240 Stubbs. Rita 99. 240 Stubbs, Vickie 83, 96, 102, 109. 112, 114, 115, 190 Stubbs, Victoria 56, 191 Stubbs. Wendy 202, 215 Stum. Karl Robert 92. 119, 132, 140. 215 Sturgill, Danny 215 Sturgill. David 8. 61. 69. 71. 90. 98, 140, 191 Stuver, Don 185, 191 Stuver, Larry 241 Sumner. Paula 241 Sumner. Sally 90. 96, 97. 104. 162, 156, 157, 191 Sumsion. Paula Swallow. Sharon Nancy 89, 95. 148.150, 215 Swensen, Gordon Swensen, Harold 67, 90. 92. 140. 215 Swensen. Kathy 54, 157, 191 Swensen, Steve 191 Syme. Hugh 110, 241 t Talbot. David 232, 241 Tanner. Blake 86. 140. 235, 241 Tanner. Conrad 48. 86. 107, 112, 191 Tanner, Debra 191 Tanner, Kathy 191 Tanner, Pamela Jeanne Taylor. Dave D. 126, 129. 130, 144. 145. 191 Taylor, David H. 55 Taylor, Dona von 215 Taylor. Douglas 241 Taylor. James 140, 215 Taylor, Margaret 215 Taylor, Mark James 5, 48, 119, 145, 191 Taylor, Michael Taylor, Pam 67, 97, 191 Taylor. Pat 63. 191 Taylor, Peggy Taylor, Ron 241 Taylor. Stephen B. 32, 176, 191 Taylor. Stephen J. 45, 76. 91. 96. 152. 191 Taylor. Terri 24, 90. 191 Teichert. Fredrick 119, 140, 215 Teichert. Paul 123, 140. 232, 233. 241 Tennity, Kathleen 84. 90. 215 Terris, William 215 Terry. Craig 67. 90. 92, 103, 137, 1%, 215 Terry. Garth 145, 215 Terry, Marion Terry Rosanne 192 Tew, Brent Thavn, Gae Lanettc 215 Thayne, Collette 241 Thoman. Patsy 192 Thomas, Brenda 241 Thomas, Cornel 215 Thomas, Dan 90, 192 Thomas. James 140, 241 Thomas. Naomi 157. 241 Thomas, Nina 241 Thomas. Richard Hal 215 Thomas, Ryan 241 Thomas. Sherree 216 Thompson. Gill 119, 122, 145, 146, 192 Thompson. Mike 241 Thompson. Philip 123 Thompson. Robert Thompson. Lee 123, 131 Thorpe. Richard 92, 97. 140, 142. 192 Thurman. Richard 119, 140, 216 Thurston. Jacqueline 241 Thurston, |udv 27, 192 Tingy, Thomas 214 Tippetts, lohn 241 Tipton. Marilyn Tolboe, Craig 185, 192 Tolboe. Mike 70, 123, 131, 241 Tolman, Leon 86, 99, 109. 216 Tom. Roger Dean 88. 216 Topham, Ray 241 Tracy, John Trande, Richard 119 Triyanond. Prakit 108 Trotter. Darcy Trotter, Dick Turner, Kyle Turner, Stephen 86 Turpin, Michael Tuttle. Dale Wayne Twelves. Blake 216 U Ulibarri, Mary Ann 241 Ungritcht, Sharon 93. 216 V Valgardson. William 241 Van Bloem. lahna 18. Ill, 152. 192 Van Bloem, Larry 27, 67. 75, 79. 216 Van Buren, Craig 131, 241 Van Buren. Kay 24. 61. 90. 192 Vance. Charmaine 89 Vance. Cosette 26, 27. 60. 68. 74, 79, 87. 96, 111, 216, 219 Vance Robert 89. 241 Van Wagenen, Betty 64, 71. 90. 96. 155. 156, 192 Van Wagenen, Susan 216 Van Wagenen, Wayne 216 Vassilaros, Daniel 8, 65. 86. 110, 113, 117. 132. 192 Vernon, Karen Diane 216 Vest, Dennis 82 Viertel, Brent 216 Vincent, Mary Ellen 241 Vincent. Steve 241 Vogel. Paula W Wade, Susan 89. 98. 99. 216 Wakefield. Alan Blaine 145, 214 Wakefield. Margaret 10. 26, 27, 216 Walch. Bernell Walch, Tana 95. 148. 150. 216 Walker, Cheryl 63, 96. 97. 112, 158. 192 Walker. Gail 192 Wall. Linda 43 Wallace. Becky 241 Walton. Robin Ann 216 Warner, Bobi |o 64. 97. 102, 105. 112, 155. 156, 192 Warner, Lee 241 Washburn, Pattie Anne 26. 193 Washburn, Van 193 Washburn. Mike 216 Watkins, Connie 216 Watkins, David 241 Wattier, Kenneth 241 Watts, Ardell 193 Watts, Howard Brent Watts, Terry Jay 123. 242 Weaver, Gary Weaver, lanine 72, 81. 88, 98. 201, 216 Webb. David 242 Webb, Peggy 242 Webb, Samuel 89 Webb, Uinta Marie Weenig. David Rex Weight, Lisa 242 Weight. Lynn 242 Weiss, Reynold 68. 72, 74. 76. 87. 89. 90. 96. 99, 107. 216 Wellesley Craig 91.193 Welsh. Mykin 84. 157, 217 Wentz, Carma 26, 193 Wentz, Mary Louise 89, 242 Wentz, Virginia 242 Weseloh. Pat 193 Weseloh, Susan Carol 242 West. Ralph 242 West. Stephen 86 Western. Steve 48, 194 Westphal, Becky Lee 242 Westphal, Mark Craig Whitaker. Douglas 123. 156, 242 Whitaker, John White. Steven 90. 194 Whitehead. Colleen 242 Whitehead. Mark John 242 Whitehead, Charlotte 194 Whitlock, Ross 217 Whittaker. Sharon 95, 148. 217 Wickes. Gene 119, 140 Widdison, Jean Marie 94. 95, 148, 149, 150, 194 Wiest, Annette 69, 84. 210. 217 Wiest, Douglas 242 Wiggin, Marlona 217 Wightman. Jill 157, 242 Wilcox. Wayne 86. 89. 99. 242 Wilkey, Margarett Ann 242 Wilkins, Coralie 89. 216 Wilkins, Marlee 95. 242 Wilkins. Martsy 95, 124, 151 Wilkinson. Ellen 217 Wilkinson, lla 194 Wilkinson, Jonnie Williams, Dale Lee 96. 217 Williams. Debbie 242 Williams. Loren 50. 76. 92. 98. 173. 194 Williams. Marie 217 Williams. Sam Williams. Sharon 99, 217 Williams, Sherril Williams. Toni 242 Williams. Vickie 218 Williamson. Mauralie 242 Williams. Vickie 218 Wilson, Annette Wilson. David 242 Wilson. Debbie Wilson. Donna 89. 97. 194 Wilson. Cordon 73. 139, 140, 152. 157, 242 Wilson, Kelly 242 Wilson. Michael 81. 88. 187. 194 Wilson. Naylor Wilson. Ralph Wilson. Thayne 128, 218 Wing, Brian 194 Wing, Rebecca Ann 243 Wiseman. Robert 90, 154, 218 Wolsey, Marilyn 27, 194 Wood, Alan Lee 123, 140. 243 Wood, John 139. 140, 243 Woodard. Deniece 243 Woodard. Dennis 243 Woodard, Tamara 194 Woodbury, Clair 89. 119. 145 Woolf, Trina 218 Workman. Bonnie 218 Workman, Dixie 218 Wright. Brent 82, 194 Wright. Cory James 18, 123, 138, 196, 243 Wright. Marcia 243 Wright, Peggy Lynne 243 Wright, Ricky 243 y York. William 243 Young. Howard Young. Jalene 218 Young. James Thomas 243 Young. Jeannine 243 Young, Sherman 93. 194 Young, Wayne 68, 218 Z Zimmerman, Barbara Zobell, Claude 55. 81, 82. 93, 218 Zumbrenen, DeVon 11. 218 

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