Power Memorial Academy - Power Yearbook (New York, NY)

 - Class of 1952

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Power Memorial Academy - Power Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 13 of 208
Page 13 of 208

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Page 13 text:

T e Powe News of the Year ln REVIEW GYM Gymnasium New Developments A knot of rnterested spectators gath ered as the 1ron gates to the lower yard swung open A truck backed mto posr t1on and wxth the dehberate routrne of men who had a Job to do workers un loaded an assortment of gear Engmes were trundled rnto posrtron and as a derrlck was erected blocks and tackles fastened, and drllls readred scenes rem xmscent of the Oklahoma orl frelds came to mmd Next day eager srdewalk supermten dents watched as the work progressed Many felt that the long awarted gym was at last commencmg and that foun datlons were belng prepared A buzz of excrtement ran through the crowd as the flywheel of the engme whrrred and the dr1ll crunched rts way through the soft earth of the lower yard Seven feet down lt b1t 1nto sohd rock and after samples had been taken work came to a halt For the next three days the entrre r1g was shlfted to several predetermmed locahtles and at each spot borlngs were made At week s end men engmes and derrrck were gone' Intervlewed at the gym drlve offrce Brother S A Ryan explamed all No he commented, we werent looking for o l flNearest 011 the storage tanks for the sclence burldlng o1l burners' J Drlll rngs were made to determlne the subsoll condrtrons Such work must always be done before even advance plans for a bulldrng can be formulated Vl hen querred as to how far rn advance the recent actrvltles were of act not work Brother smrled wlth a more hopeful twlnkle 1n hrs eye than has been noted rn many a year Scholarshlps Semor Honors A total of s1x 51 P NI A graduates made a grand sweep of scholarshlps rn several of the natron s foremost Colleges and Unrversltles Arthur Gutmann of Hearst Oratorl x "'5 - 412: LaBua Reports recelpts and orders Brother S A Ryan at l1lS desk lIl the Gym office November 9 1951 November 9 1951 LaBua Test borm s 1n pro ress for future Power Gymnaslum cal Contest fame, was offered a full scholarshrp to Saint Johns Umverslty Last years esteemed edltor ln chlef of The Power traveled the road to success wrth hrs colleague, Mrchael Nluscaro Englrsh medal wmner member of the ror debator who recerved a full four year award from Iona College Both the New York State Scholarshrp and an Iona grant were the prlzes of Paul Carney former Semor declamator and Power Busrness Staff asslstant Cornellus Heathwood the Academys Poet Laureate won both the Iona and Columbus Spellman Scholarshrps whrle Thomas Ixeenan sports colummst and Bnologx medal wmner recen ed a prrzed Iona L ollege award Edward Nllcek and James Nash won the Power Nlanhattan College Scholar ships Edward a B X NI Sodallst also won the chemrstrv medal whlle james was awarded the apologetrcs medal Faculty Many New Faces Thrrteen members of last years fac ulty have left Power Nlemorral for other 5 O I 9 , . , ' ' 7 1 . i . . . 3 , - ' ac ' yu . . . . ' A ' ' 4- 7 U 7 ' ' , - -H ' ' -- I . n a n n cc . - , . . - 7 - . . ,, , - . l y , - u Q Q 1 I I ' A ' tr ' U , U U l . ' 7 . - , U '- . . , ' ' publication's '51 executlve staff and Sen- . ' 4 'E v A If 'r , V , , 7 . . v y Q vu - - ' 1 . - ' l' I I af, , -s-N 1. - u , : . . ' ' ' . L ' 3

Page 12 text:

The Powerscope Llterary Reglstrar 'Nlr Rood our yersatlle teacher reg1strar and author has wr1tten an artlcle entxtled We Go To Church wh1ch appeared 1n the Aug Sept xssue of Torch well known natlonal Cathohc magazrne The story referred to as the publxcat1on s feature artl cle was wr1tten under a pen name and covered a total of three pages Flrst Frlday On October 5 Power gathered at St Paul s for Mass and Communlon The occaslon was the 1n1t1al Frrst Frxday of the school year The Mass was offered by the Rev Father John Buckley The Power Commended In a late lssue of the C X C Bulletln Ixews officlal pubhcatlon of the Cathollc Xearbook Con ference, an orgamzatlon servmg Catholic Hugh Schools and Colleges 1n the metropolltan area The Power recelved a full two page story about Th1S New Concept ln Yearbooks The artlcle, about two thousand words long was accompanled by re productlons of several pages from our first ISSUCS Letter of Thanks In a letter recelved by Brother Hennessy the X5 slstant D1fCCt0f of the Socxety for the Propagatxon of the Falth 1n the Archdrocese of New Xork Rev James G Vhlders expressed hls gratltude for the opportunlty to speak to the students of Power 'Xle morlal at the Nlass of the Holy Ghost on Sept 21 Scholars At the graduatlon EXCTCISCS last June General Excellence medals for each of the four years were awarded Anton Lxps led the Semors Peter Deutsch the Junlors Robert Dowllng the Sophomores Don ald Byrne the Freshmen and Ronald Burke the February Freshmen Detention Added to the offences mcurrmg detentlon after school IS absence Those who mlss a day of school must make lt up bv a week of detentlon and lt IS surmlsed the tlme and amount of work thus lost by not bemg present at those sxx classes wxll be accounted for by the requlred extra fiye perxods after school The step IS another dlrectxye towards 4 the promotlon of Good scholarshlp However 1f a call to the school IS made before 11 SO and a satls factory excuse rs offered by a parent the student w1ll be released after reportmg to detentlon room Bug Weekend The hrst four days of Noy ember were spent awav from school by most Powerltes through the good races of Brothers Hennessy and R1ce Our pr1nc1 pal pleased w1th the results of the Lhnstmas Card sale tSee Extra currlcularj promoted bv Brother Rlce granted the holldav to all those who sold SIX boxes Even on Saturday Led by Edxtor IH Chlef Gabe VK alsh a dozen members of thls publlcatlons edltorlal board as sembeld at the Cathollc Xearbook Conference held at Card1nal Hayes Hrgh School on Saturdav Octo ber 20 at one o clock Classes ln Copv Captlons Themes Layout Photography Flnance Engravlng Art and Typography were glven Brother Hlckey elected Chalrman of the orgamzatlon was asked to speak on The Nlagazme X earbook But Few Are Chosen Forty elght Senlors on the afternoon of October Sodalnty of Our Lady of Perpetual Help ThlS sel ect group was awarded sllver medalxons besxdes recervmg membershlp certlflcates at the ceremony 0flTCl8t6d at by aFther 'NIcGough Medalist Award The Power ploneer yearbook of our Academy mstltuted last year was awarded the hlghest pos slble honor bv the Columbla Scholastlc Press Asso c1at1on The Nledallst ratmg one of four m lts class was recelved bv the school on Vt ednesday October 17 and proves the success of the new style of Hlgh School -'tnnual wrrtmg photography and layout Prom Committee This years prom commlttee holds ILS meetxngs on Tuesdav and Thrusday from 2 15 to 2 30 Thxs year somethmg new has been added The b1d w1ll pay for the dance refreshments the band and finally a dmner at Zxmmermans whlch IS the 1n noyatlon th1s year Howeyer moderators Brother Galway and Brother Hxckey to lnsure a successful ey ent haye stated that unless seventy fiye senlors turn 1n thetr bxds there w1ll be no prom For conyemence sake xt IS suggested that they pay a speclned amount each month unt1l the bid IS completed The Power 5 ' V 7 V u U. v , ' . . , , - . . . . A . U V . . .- , e- . ' M V . . - . ,' ' ' , . . . . , 1 . - , . . , U .- - ' ' 77 ' ' , . . . - . v , 7 ' - v A . v u 4 1 u A V 1 , - ' l 1 K: n s I I ' , 7 7 7 7 7 . . , - zz 7 - x at r Y , ' ' ' 7 tt ' V , 17 . . . . , - A - , . . . . . H H ' 7 n n u ic I ' . ,, . 29, were formally and offlcially recelved into 'fThe . . ,, . - , ' V . 1 . 7 A 1 . , . . . v Y 7 F A 7 A A 7 . . . . - " - ' U ' . ' . . ' 7 A - - A - ' A 7 A I . 7 1 7 ' V 7 7 A J ' . 7 7 - . V . . . . . Y y . D . . , Y 7 J A H . . U . V . . 7 v V . ' 7 ,, . . . . y . ' Y . . . Y V I - Y . 1 7 ' 7 v Y ' . ,,, ' V F D

Page 14 text:

NEWS schools throughout the nat1on Farewell To- Brothcr J J Sullz on who moderated Xar 1ty Basketball and taught Relxfnon and Busmess Law and who had left for far dlstant Cantwell H1 h Qthool 1n kdllfilflild 'Ihe popular pedofo ue of l'n,,l1sh Rel1,,1on and Prench the Rt Brother Sloan has bee11 transferred to qamt Leos IH Ch1cago Brother Otter another fme teacher who taught Lhem fully managed the gu1dance room IS Tlurteen Replacements Xlthou h the e teachers and fr1ends ot the student body haxe lett us stand ID w1th sad CXIJTEWIOUQ on our faces we w1ll soon be m1l1ng agam w1th the many new and capable mstructors that haye come to Pow er F11 ht new Brothers and me lax teachers make up th1s frou 1 hue i1Il6KlHHJf1IUS J lf lanm and 'II X lun! from St Hzlzmz T1 ht here 1n New Xork Brothfrr J G oon I I ogg I I ODaxcranf from far off Newfoundland Sacred L1Bu1 lNew Facultv lllembers Front R011 Brothers rl P Dwyer, 'll 'N Kent, and M O UHcl11r Bark Rau Brother H Nl Delanc-y,J C1 Nolan P C NIcPaddcn J F Nlcbowan, P L Na le now teachmg at Iona College wh1le Brother Kdlelea tSpan1sh and R6l1g1OIlD has left for a pos1t1on at VK est Park Brother Verrzgan Sc1ence Chem1stry and Thys1cs teacher at the Academy for three years Brolhcr llatko :ch moder ator of last year s most successful track team and teacher of RCll,Q10H Algebra and Soc1al Studles and also Brother Batterton Enghsh Lat1n and R6l1glOH mag1ster durmg 1990 91 The lay teachers whom Power1tes m1ssed 1mmed1ately were Nlr Cunnmg ham H1stor1 teacher Nlr Nlaher -I X Basketball coach Nlr Hoeffner track coach Nlr lJalla1re French teacher and blee Club lJ1rector Nlr Brackf1eld Trench teacher extraordmarx and last but not least Nlr Dowd who d1d a f1ne Job at HlQtOTy and Lat1n 6 :BLU Helrt 111 Nlanhittan has ent u Brolhtr P C V11 odden wh1le the delef 1te from eos 1n Ch1cafo 1 Brother 1 Ollchzr The new lay men walkmff the halls of Power th1s year are Hr Humphreys recently IU tated Track Coach Hr Bol fer eloquent FnUl1sh teacher and 'Xlr Cranahm whose spet1al1tx 1 Hutory Iwo other already well l1ked teachers, haxe been lI1lf0ClUCCCl at Power They are Nlr Xb1lo who IHSIFUCIS 1n the f1ne art of Busmess law and Nlr P1 na These new teachers arr1ye on the eye of a new and greater Power We extend to all a hearty welcome Rmglng Sounds If a group of struttmg SCUIOTS could be seen last week gazmg w1th fondest rapture at the backs of the1r hands held at arms length we are well assured by a competent authorltv that the dellcate lllj.,1IS were not the obyects ot the1r IU tense scrutmy Somethmg round, some thmg golden somethmg amethyst en M1 L1Bua r-IllI'C0 of Powerl newest lHNt!'llCIOI'N strllce a pose 'llt -srs Cardclla, Plgnataro and Bolgcr The Pow er v Y A K 5 g M ' y . J. . ' 'l , ' l ,li ' , V' " ' N f - SLI. 'Q' "',1 's ' 11.0. - ' Q " J - 5. ' ' - v S. Y MY . . - v' V S ' ' ' .' ' iv ' " lb M . M M . . . 'V - , jg ' H ' ' s ' ' . - . - 1 ,Q ., v . 4 ' y . I1 . 4 h r i A D l' ' V T 1 ,g Q ' P 5 , . . . . 1 U D ' i ' - J 1. 1 ' 1 . ' Q ' y' Q U ' U - 1" ,- ' I I v Y .Y l A L L We 1 ' gs' ' " . . . Dc- . . - M ' Q 'Q U A vvvv A W I . i A I A . Q V . . . I V ' V ' ' .Y I , '. -. .Y fel, '. ' ' l u M r- - r A - 9 ' ISUY- Plane Cleometfl' and Vefl' SUCCGSS' J. F. ,'lIr'Gou'un have come all the way' tam- 3 Singular Spamsh lmtructor' . 4 It x mis A 1 , h l 7' 4 . ,lf '4 , f 2' s J J W fi 1 ' . . , , 1 ,' cz ': c . . Q .7. V ' . . . .- A . . ' f ' . ' ' ': S . . . ' ' - - L ' a . . . .T ' , . .- l " . .Tv g - . 'l K . - Y - J v f y . . . Y ,- .Sy A ' I F 1 . 1 . ' A v f f -I N ' 5 4 1" , - "P, if I 5 Q

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