Power Memorial Academy - Power Yearbook (New York, NY)

 - Class of 1952

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Power Memorial Academy - Power Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 11 of 208
Page 11 of 208

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Page 11 text:

ly cms Edztor VOL. 11, No. 1 NOVEMBER 9, 1951 Th Power News of the Year 1n Revlew Publzshed by tht Students of Poufr Vemonal Academl under the dmctxon of tht Chrxstxun Brothers of Ireland TABLE OF CONTENTS ALUMNI ISI YOUR OPINION CLASSES 1yEyys EXCHANGE EXTRACURRICULAR RELIGION FACULTY SPORTS FEATURE SPORTS cOLUy1y1 POW ERSCOPE Exccutwc Ldztor Gabrxel YValsh Layout Edztor Robert Eag 1n D mul Sh ln 1h IH Art Eclztor Thomas Cadog 1n Rrhgxon Ezlltor D mul Shanahan Sports Edrtor Jxmts McCaffrey Busmess Editor john Rooney Extra Currzcular Wrllxam Gaynor Class Fclxtor The oph1lc LeComte Typmg Fdntor W1ll11m Brrclgtford Alumm Erlztor Eugene Rossltr Czrculatzon 'llanagtr Vxncent luzzxlmo Exchange Edztor Eugene Iohnson Faculty Edztor Thom IS McFadden Photography Editor Anthony L'1Bua Sc mor Bzographzts john Egan Audxtor Pt ter Deutsch INEWVS STAFF John Curry Eugtne Desposnto EXTRACURRICLLAR STAFF Thomas Iessop W1ll1am Hurley W11l1am Mexer LAYOUT STAFF Robert Stewart CLASS STAFF hum Costello Rtnntth Bowen james Green Brmn Cum Joseph I'l1n1g1n INTERN IEWV EDITOR james Gly SPORTS STAFF I Hoyylty C' Hennthf-ul R Cubells James Cunnmg hlm Ia111tsIOscph Dtnls Penton I nyrrntt Hlnlon Rlehlrd 'yI'1rt1n T NIacC111u111 junts N1 xlone SRT STAFF john Brthanny Lnyrrnrc Futtlv R1th1rd johnson Thad deus Dtyyjtyyskl ThO111 IS Stxtk COPY BOYS Ylrllum II1nd VI1ll11m Lfltu Edw 1rd ORxely 'yfrthatl RILCTIDH DISTRIBUTORS Flhty B1rry C11 ITN xILDUIlIlL1 Iryym Gllfford Olxrt Nlaurer Xlurphy BOOKKEEPERS Lunpllcrt Tllahl Toner Rnyurts Coin Ioszph G11l1e ASSISTANT BOORIKEEPERS Xhlfil C lllxghrr Elglll Cxlllgtr Cos groyt BUSINESS ASSISTANT DIRECTORS XICIDKTINUII furlt y NIODERATORS Brother P C XItPxdd1n Brother Il P Dllltllllllh THE COW ER The door was open and the teacher and class were out to lunch so Thomas Hartey, our dey1l 1sh coy er boy Ielt obhved to deco rate the board X few deft strokes here a l1ne there a hne and presto Behold X students eye new of one or the men 1n black The broom pusher on the back coyer ls copy boy ll llllam H1nd ll hen not runnmg messages for the edxtor 1n ch1ef checkmff m1scellaneous lnfo or out on an er rand B111 manages to keep underfoot by doubhng as Jamtor to headquarters omce November 9, 1901 Ad Infinitum Every day youre absent it costs you seventy-flve cents Each yy eek, the total Power absentees waste enough to send you to College for two years each year more than enough for the best custom made car on the market Staggermg, 1sn t1t9 That means that every year the average Power stu dent IS absent from forty e1ght classes, classes that m1ght haye made that e1ghty an e1ghty f1ve and glven you a place on the honor roll Trulv, -Xbsence makes the marks grow rounder From any y1ewpo1nt, 1t 1sn t worth lt The l1ttle ram, or snow or even hall you have to brave to get to school those days you feel l1ke stavmg home IS not worth as much as those extra po1nts Its these credlts that mean a good Job, a happy llfe, a Place 1n the Sun It s these that are lost forever be cause vou stayed home one cloudy day They Make Our School It seems that every tlme you read an ed1tor1al, 1ts about someone who s done somethmg wrong aga1n QFor lnstance -Xd Infmltum, above J V1 ell th1s IS wrltten to the students for whom ed1tor1als are never 1ntended ThlS lS to the boys who don t htter the Hoors w1th everythlng but the k1tchen s1nk who do therr homework, who are always on tlme and who dont explode mllk contalners ln the Cafeterla Thanks Thanks for makmg Power what It IS Thanks for havmg the guts to do what you re told when you re told 1t and do lt rlght Thanks for supportmg every act1v1ty the games the bazaar the dances the yarlous events of tom of each teacher s heart, for makmg h1s lot an easler one Hou are the boys I m glad to say, who are m the ma yor1ty S ou are the ones behmd the scenes, wlthout praxse acclalm the men behmd the man behmd the cheers Qongratulatlons A Llttle Remmder Pre cake and rced screams the formula for the merry Halloween you ye just spent Chalk marks pumpkm heads and doorbell Flflglflg helped the feast along also wh1le a l1ttle rearrangmg of the nelghborhood map wasnt entlrely a morbrd undertakmv Th1s lS beglnnmv to sound l1ke a sermon on what not to do come Halloween but dont be deceryed It 1snt L1kew1se th1s 1snt one ot those storxes about the hrstory of the day you know 1ts meanmg The Fye of -'Ill Samts and all that Th1s ed1tor1al IS just what lt says lt s X L1ttle Remmder How about thankmg your God now for be1ng able to eat, drmk, and be merry 3 Xl hy not, fellows? ' ' S ' 1 ,, , y- y . ' V I 1 D , S ' 1 J, 1 ' .1 ,V ' - KL . ' . . . . . . . 31 . 3 . . . . 2 77 ' . . . . . . 18 ' ' . . . . . . . . 5 . . ' . V ' ' . .' . . . . . . 29 ' . . . . . 4 ' ' u - . . . 11 .' . . . . . . 14 1 l . . . . . . 30 ' I . . . . . . . 23 ' ' . . . . . . 16 ' . . . . . . 27 ' . , . . . V ,I All' 1 I H ' 77 7 - I ' I I 1 s s u , ' . 'z ' ' ' 1 ' - I ,,, , , 4 . , . 1 ' . , . . . ' an ' 11 ' ' ' - 1 ' . ' 1 ' - , . . , ' 1. ' ' - 1 - -- - ' , . . . V 4 ' ' ' ' . ' S D D 4 P' T 1 2 I 1 'I I ll , 4 S , l l v 1 . Y . , , . 5 , i , . ,.: x Az, ,li S, l, R W, AL 1 f 1 I I PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF: Gerald Keeler, Arthur Hargrove, Arthur Irons, the year: the Bllsslons' Thanksa Ilm sure: fr0m the bot- l : - . ', Q ' - - ,T yi, '- 1 , . - : .. .L . , .. .R C wx, .1 , . 3 A .H KI v v . . . - g I N A1 2' '.', - '2 .H - ' 1 , " . ' 1 ' , or . M . . H 4 1 a ", A", ', y ', 1- al. T ' ' .' , Q ' ,: . f - , A ' ' . z . -. . - . r , 1 , . ' 1 . W 1 ' - ' 1 4 e L M ' v Q I . o 7, .N lv Y.. - . ' H - ' ' C' U. . H T ' , v v v v ' ' C- , . . . K . A ' Q44 ' ' ". - V b M u . v , 3 aa

Page 10 text:

In Your OPIHIOH By J GAY QLESTION II hy did you come to the Academy? Joseph Majie: Semor Room 706 The ady antage of ady anc 1ng a half year 1n SIX months and the pros pect of enter1ng a col lege 1n September looked very good Somehow I had to find a school w1th a svstem that would help me 1n th1s way Belng advlsed by my e1ghth grade teacher to take the test for Power, I d1d passed 1t, and entered the class of February 1949 INow that I am 1n my Semor year I can look back on 365 Xt days of my l1fe saved and can polnt to the t1me thus ut111zed and the advancement made 1X0 matter what job I get 1n later years thlS asset w1ll prove mvaluable, Hrst because there 1S a cer tam d1st1nct1on attached to do1ng Fresh man year ln so short a t1me and second because of the age advantage All my l1fe I w1ll be ahead of myself by SIX months Brendan Ayres Junior Room 605 The scholarshlp offered by the school entlced me to take the compet1 t1ve exammatlon for entrance Although I d1dn t succeed 1n my fervent W1Sh, the 1m press1on I recelved of the Academy 1tself the fr1endly Faculty and the type of boy tak1ng the test were such that I could not help but hke the school VK hen I recexved notlce of my be1ng appomted to the Freshman class of February, 1949 I naturally ascrlbed my assent ln a letter lmmedlately reg1stered, and thus become a full fledged Powerlte I another year I w1ll have completed a full course here If Semorxty proyes to be as enjoyable as the prey 1ous three leyels I w1ll haye had a yery pleasant and 1nter est1ng although at t1mes sl1ghtly d1ffi cult hlgh school educatlon x 2 Nell OShea Sophomore Room 408 il hen my father went to school ID Ireland he was taught by ,kts the Ir1sh Chr1st1an a Brothers and thought that I should follovy sult and attend a school conducted by them lihlle on vaca ,Q IAA t1on a feyy years ago up at South Nor walk Conn I met a few brothers from Iona College who were vacat1on1ng near by Speak1ng to them about the schools they conduct 1n 'Nlanhattan one of them suggested that I should go to Power, because he had graduated from there and thought lt to be one of the best schools 1n the Clty I took h1s advlce and here I am My years at Power prove my cho1ce to be correct Eduard O Rezlly Freshman Room 301 I had the good for tune to be personally acqualnted w1th a lead1ng member of the faculty 1n the per son of NIISICI' Rood and concluded that 1f all the teachers were l1ke h1m, Power Me mor1al must be a HICC school to attend Informatron about the Academy ltS lo cat1on h1story courses etc, was gladly subscr1bed bv our Reglstrar and 1t was thus I yyas conv1nced that Power was the only school for me ii 1th only one obstacle 1n my path the entrance test I went about preparlng to overcome lt 'Xly study work was rewarded for I was soon 1nformed that I passed and 1n September became another Panther 1n 301 Prmclpals Message Dear Pup1ls Xacat1on days are over and you are back agam You are at the threshold of a new school year You look forward to the months ahead w1th mterest and hope Xou know that whatever your record last year may have been you novy have a fresh start You have a chance to 1mprove the record Nluch that we hear or say IS soon for gotten Nlany words of counsel are soon dlsmlssed from our mmds They jall lzke snowflakes on the rzver 1 noment whzte then gone forever Procrastmauon IS tl1e llllef of tlme Th1s IS a thought whxch every student must well hold 1n mmd It IS especlally apt at the begmnmg of the school year when hablts of study are bemg formed and put to use It IS easy then to neglect one s work to lose t1me A poor start If you fa1l or almost fa1l 1n your first QUIZ or two you may never overcome the handlcap So xt IS wxse to study well for the hrst month extra well and thereby get a head start ln the race for a final grade Last mlnute preparatlon Some people work effect1vely under pressure ceptable work when they know t1me IS runnlng out on them Hou may be ln th1s group Don t put off unt1l tomorrow what you can do today F a1lure to study day by day H1gh school students who do not consxder 1n tellectual hfe a day by day affalr are bound to be second rate students Those yyho open the1r books only when QUIZZCS roll around can expect low marks and fa1l1ng grades A grade IH the s1xt1es and below IS often the fru1t of lazlness and a lax COHSCICHCC Often ask yourself the QUCSIIOH Was lack of daily study the Cause of my jazlure at the eramzna tzons and dazly quzzzes? Sour state of l1fe here IS that of a student and students must study God demands that everyone fulfill the dut1es of hls state of l1fe If that IS not your object then you dont belong IH h1gh school VR hen june 1952 turns up you should be able to look God and your parents 1n the face and say that you haye tr1ed to do your best Our Lady of Lourdes IS the Seat of il 1sdom Instead of wa1t1ng unt1l ex ammatxons to turn up before pray1ng for Nlary s help yyhy not start yylth a short pray er m honor of Our Lady eyery day for success 1n your stud1es9 Rrv BROTHER VX A HENNESSEY The Power Q a ' - 1 , . , , . . , . , . V , 7 V V. , V . V V . . . V . Y gf l , ' lkgfff ' ' I , 1 1 -h 'f V 'J ' ' I A V Y . Q . 1 . . . , - . , . - H V ' V r I ' l f 4 ' .- z ' , ." - ' ', .. l .. - - - - - 97 , . . I A u o . n l 7 . . ' . l . . J ' 1 ' ' r - , . . ' , I I ' -1 l ' , . f V . The majority, however, cannot do ac- V , . V, . . . . r . . l . l Q A - ' a ' . Q f 2 1 ' , . r I ' ' D 1 J ' , V . , 2 v . . 7 . . . . , I . an vs ' g ' ' . . ' l l . I ' . . V . A 1 ' 7 7 J A v ' ' . n ' ' 4' V ' 1 . - 9 ,' , .' 7 ' - J 1 . v I 1 1 V V - , . 'V 'V

Page 12 text:

The Powerscope Llterary Reglstrar 'Nlr Rood our yersatlle teacher reg1strar and author has wr1tten an artlcle entxtled We Go To Church wh1ch appeared 1n the Aug Sept xssue of Torch well known natlonal Cathohc magazrne The story referred to as the publxcat1on s feature artl cle was wr1tten under a pen name and covered a total of three pages Flrst Frlday On October 5 Power gathered at St Paul s for Mass and Communlon The occaslon was the 1n1t1al Frrst Frxday of the school year The Mass was offered by the Rev Father John Buckley The Power Commended In a late lssue of the C X C Bulletln Ixews officlal pubhcatlon of the Cathollc Xearbook Con ference, an orgamzatlon servmg Catholic Hugh Schools and Colleges 1n the metropolltan area The Power recelved a full two page story about Th1S New Concept ln Yearbooks The artlcle, about two thousand words long was accompanled by re productlons of several pages from our first ISSUCS Letter of Thanks In a letter recelved by Brother Hennessy the X5 slstant D1fCCt0f of the Socxety for the Propagatxon of the Falth 1n the Archdrocese of New Xork Rev James G Vhlders expressed hls gratltude for the opportunlty to speak to the students of Power 'Xle morlal at the Nlass of the Holy Ghost on Sept 21 Scholars At the graduatlon EXCTCISCS last June General Excellence medals for each of the four years were awarded Anton Lxps led the Semors Peter Deutsch the Junlors Robert Dowllng the Sophomores Don ald Byrne the Freshmen and Ronald Burke the February Freshmen Detention Added to the offences mcurrmg detentlon after school IS absence Those who mlss a day of school must make lt up bv a week of detentlon and lt IS surmlsed the tlme and amount of work thus lost by not bemg present at those sxx classes wxll be accounted for by the requlred extra fiye perxods after school The step IS another dlrectxye towards 4 the promotlon of Good scholarshlp However 1f a call to the school IS made before 11 SO and a satls factory excuse rs offered by a parent the student w1ll be released after reportmg to detentlon room Bug Weekend The hrst four days of Noy ember were spent awav from school by most Powerltes through the good races of Brothers Hennessy and R1ce Our pr1nc1 pal pleased w1th the results of the Lhnstmas Card sale tSee Extra currlcularj promoted bv Brother Rlce granted the holldav to all those who sold SIX boxes Even on Saturday Led by Edxtor IH Chlef Gabe VK alsh a dozen members of thls publlcatlons edltorlal board as sembeld at the Cathollc Xearbook Conference held at Card1nal Hayes Hrgh School on Saturdav Octo ber 20 at one o clock Classes ln Copv Captlons Themes Layout Photography Flnance Engravlng Art and Typography were glven Brother Hlckey elected Chalrman of the orgamzatlon was asked to speak on The Nlagazme X earbook But Few Are Chosen Forty elght Senlors on the afternoon of October Sodalnty of Our Lady of Perpetual Help ThlS sel ect group was awarded sllver medalxons besxdes recervmg membershlp certlflcates at the ceremony 0flTCl8t6d at by aFther 'NIcGough Medalist Award The Power ploneer yearbook of our Academy mstltuted last year was awarded the hlghest pos slble honor bv the Columbla Scholastlc Press Asso c1at1on The Nledallst ratmg one of four m lts class was recelved bv the school on Vt ednesday October 17 and proves the success of the new style of Hlgh School -'tnnual wrrtmg photography and layout Prom Committee This years prom commlttee holds ILS meetxngs on Tuesdav and Thrusday from 2 15 to 2 30 Thxs year somethmg new has been added The b1d w1ll pay for the dance refreshments the band and finally a dmner at Zxmmermans whlch IS the 1n noyatlon th1s year Howeyer moderators Brother Galway and Brother Hxckey to lnsure a successful ey ent haye stated that unless seventy fiye senlors turn 1n thetr bxds there w1ll be no prom For conyemence sake xt IS suggested that they pay a speclned amount each month unt1l the bid IS completed The Power 5 ' V 7 V u U. v , ' . . , , - . . . . A . U V . . .- , e- . ' M V . . - . ,' ' ' , . . . . , 1 . - , . . , U .- - ' ' 77 ' ' , . . . - . v , 7 ' - v A . v u 4 1 u A V 1 , - ' l 1 K: n s I I ' , 7 7 7 7 7 . . , - zz 7 - x at r Y , ' ' ' 7 tt ' V , 17 . . . . , - A - , . . . . . H H ' 7 n n u ic I ' . ,, . 29, were formally and offlcially recelved into 'fThe . . ,, . - , ' V . 1 . 7 A 1 . , . . . v Y 7 F A 7 A A 7 . . . . - " - ' U ' . ' . . ' 7 A - - A - ' A 7 A I . 7 1 7 ' V 7 7 A J ' . 7 7 - . V . . . . . Y y . D . . , Y 7 J A H . . U . V . . 7 v V . ' 7 ,, . . . . y . ' Y . . . Y V I - Y . 1 7 ' 7 v Y ' . ,,, ' V F D

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