Powell High School - Panther Yearbook (Powell, TN)

 - Class of 1950

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Powell High School - Panther Yearbook (Powell, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 19 of 96
Page 19 of 96

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Page 19 text:

A smtle for all a welcome glad GWENDOLYN WASHAM Daughter of Mr and Mrs H A Washam Route 2 Powell Tennessee Home Economucs I 2 Style Show 2 YTeens 4 Speech Club 4 Gnrls Chorus 2 Music Club 4 Ll brary Club 4 Make the most of yourself for that IS all there us of you WANDA WEIGEL Daughter of Mr and Mrs J W Welgel Route I Knoxvllle Tennessee A Transfer from Carter Hugh 2 Home Economics I 2 3 Style Show 2 4 H Club I 2 3 4 Presnden of 4 H Club 2 Reporter 4 Officers Club 4 Y Teens 4 The same today and forever FLOSSIE OMEKA WEAVER Daughter of Mrs W E Weaver Route I Powell Tennessee F H A 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Captain Basketball 4 Softball 2 3 Varsety Show 3 YTeens Vlce Presrdent 4 Executnve Club 4 Musrc Club 3 Basketball Tournament 2 3 4 Junlor and Senlor Banquet Committee 3 Gnrls Chorus 3 All State Chorus 3 Glee Club 3 Llbrary Club I 2 3 4 Vol leyball 4 Home Economics I 2 Whos Who In Senlor Class 4 Letter Club 4 My busmess ns not to remake myself but to make the best Of what God made BETTY LOU WELLS Daughter of Rev and Mrs W C Wells Route I Powell Tennessee Musnc Club 34 Music Club Treasurer 4 Girls Chorus 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus 2 3 4 Gsrls Sextet 234 East Tennessee Musrc Festrval 24 All State Chorus 3 Beta Club 2 3 4 Y Teen Reporter 4 Y Teen 4 Annual Staff 4 Library Club I 2 3 4 Lrbrary Club Presldent I .lunuor Sensor Banquet Commuttee 3 Executlve Club 4 Class Reporter I 3 Home Ec Club I Letter Club 4 State Chorus 4 Manager of Gzrls Basketball Team 4 Nothing can brrng you peace but yourself MARJORIE ANNETTE WRIGHT Daughter of Mr and Mrs M A Wright Powell Tennessee Crvncs Club I Home Economvcs Club I 2 4 Style Club I F H A 4 Executlve Club 4 Speech Club 4 Secretary Speech Club 4 Banquet Commrttee YTeens 4 Llbrary Club I 2 Varrety Show 3 Small In stature but large ln heart GLENA MAE WEST Daughter of Mr and Mrs Roy West Powell Ten nessee Library Club 2 3 4 Basketball 2 4 F H A I 2 4 Home Ec I 2 Y Teens 4 Basketball Tournament 2 Muslc Club 3 4 State Festuval 3 East Tennes see Musuc Festival 2 lH k 1151 4 1 xl., Q ...av 9' -U

Page 18 text:

"I am bigger than anything that can happen to me." JAMES PRATER Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Prater, Route l, Powell, Tennessee. President ot Hi-Y Club 4' Beta Club 4' F. F. A. 2-3-4' Football 3-4' Baseball 3' F.F.A. Basketball 4' Letter Club 4. lt is nice to be handsome but it is a great deal handsomer to be nice DONALD PROFFITT Son of Mr and Mrs Bert Proffitt Powell Tennes see Route 2 F A l234 GabClu When the fight begins within himself a man worth something VERLIN E RIDINGS Son of Mrs Helen Ridings Route l Powell Ten nessee A I 2 3 4 Gab Clu No true and permanent Fame can be except in labors which prom te I nappiness of mankind CHARLES ROACH Mr and Mrs Wallace E Roach Central Pike Knoxville Tennessee Cu 3 Boys Glee Club3 F F A124 Junior Class 3 Football 3 4 Basketball Jr and Sr Banquet Committee 3 Treasurer of F A 4 President of Senior Class 4 President Gabsters 4 Chairman of Father and Son Ban quet F F A 4 Variety Show 3 Baseball 3 Whos Who in Senior Class 4 It is not by a man s purse but by his character that he is rich or poor LLOYD STRANGE Son of Mr and Mrs L C Strange Route I Dante Tennessee tba 24 FFA I 234 Letter Club 4 I am unaware of anything that has a right to called an impossibility ROBERT VANDERGRIFF Son of Mr and Mrs F P Vandergritf Route Knoxville Tennessee Secretary of Freshman Class I Vice President Sophomore Class 2 President of Junior Class Vice President of Speech Club 4 Gabsters Club 4 Pressdent of Music Club 4 Glee Club 34 E T E A Chorus 3 All State Chorus 2 President of Executive Club 4 Radio Club I Basketball I 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 Football 2 3 4 Hi Y Club 4 Operetta 4 Junior and Senior Banquet Committee 3 Annual Staff 4 Sports Editor of School Paper 3 Variety Show 3 Mixed Chorus 2 3 Who s Who in Senior Class 4 Basketball Class Tournament I 2 3 4 East Tennessee Music Festival 2 Beta Club 4 Letter Club I 2 3 4 1 1 1 1 1 I 11 . . .. I ' Il . . I , , - , . F. . . ---7 b4, 11 - - 1 - - ls . 11 ' ll I I I - F. F. , ---g b4. " fnm-de: I I O fm.. . 11 . . . , 1 1 - lb 5 5 . . . --7 1 -I . . 5 . . 5 5 ' I. ' . . '- ,. . . , , , 11 . 1 . 1 1 . . 11 - - - - 1 1 1 X? ll -5 ---g . ! gy 11 - ' be , . 11 4 . . . . . ', 2, , . I . - . of . . I . I - I I I -'I . . . . j - I I I l " 'I -I -'I - . I I . I I I . , . -I 1 . 1 1 . I V - --- I I I I

Page 20 text:

SENIQIII PBIIPIIILCY Aprul I I 60 FLASH' Multu mulluonaure Franklun Massey has uust com pleted a tour of the Unuted States and South Ameruca He has made the journey un hus pruvate car druven by hus chaffeur Carl Amann and accompanued by Wanda Weugel who won the trup for her fune work un the 4 H Club Lora Hubbard who decuded to leave her Mother Hubards Baby Suttung Servuce un the hands of her assustant and Gwndolyn Washam who os now wrutung the book Interestung Men I Have Met These fuve are found dunung tonught wuth a party of old classmates at Maruorue Wrughts Cafeterua Charles Roach who us now owner of the famous Roach Stores that are located un all parts of the Unuted States us doung the honors of toastmaster honorung the travelers who take turns tellung about theur ex peruences Let s lusten un as they talk Franklun We have seen about all of our old classmates on thus trup I certaunly never expected to see Ralph Cox on Paraduse Island South Caro luna searchung for the Fountaun of Youth I wasn t at all surprused to fund A J McBee un Orlando Floruda Iookung over hus large cutrus fruut orchard Before we left A J loaded our car wuth several kunds of fruuts whuch we enjoyed as we were druvung along the hughway Wanda I felt a luttle up set when we got to Baltumore and vusuted Chuef Surgeon Imogene Bayless at Walter Reed Hosputal She looked so Carl When we stopped at East Sude Baptust Church I was surprused to see Betty Wells chour durector and Flossue Weaver soloust Flossue wrestles un her spare tume I dudnt know they were such lovely gurls Wanda I dudn t expect to see anyone I know at Lake Erue I was astonusher to fund Juanuta Myers head of the gurls 4 H Club and we had a wonderful tume exchangung udeas Whule we were there Donald Proffutt came up for a vusut wuth Juanuta Donald told me he was Presudent of Lonely Hearts Inc at Grand Rapuds Gwendolyn The maun people that unterested me were the ones who helped me un wrutung my book You know whule un Washungton I was lucky enough to see and talk to Presudent James Evans servung hus furst term on the Duxuecrat Tucket Wuth hum were hus legal advusor James Prater and hus secretary Bettye Capps Lora Dud you see Glena West guvung druvung lessons to Wunston Bullen Evans9 I thought She would have learned to druve before she got to the Whute House Franklun Hollywood was my favorute spot sunce I wanted to see some pretty gurls I had thus opportunuty when I went to Carrolls Chunese Restaurant to see the famous band leader Bull Hatmaker I was more unterested to fund that Katue Lyons was an understudy of Betty Grable I wasnt surprused to see the guest performer Swoonnatra Verlun Rudungs at the same restau .unt who can stull hold the ladues spell bound wuth hus meloduous vuoce Wanda Speakung of surpruses' lmagune mune when I saw Betty Bowman comung out of the door of a funeral home over whuch hung the sugn, Betty Bowman s Mortuary Lora I thunk I had the most fun when I vus uted Muldred Colluer s Canteen for Lonely Servuce Men un Norfolk Vurgunua Her slogan us Come un uf you are lonely and have on a unuform One of the men told me about seeung Wanda Bledsoe now a Spanush dancer un Mexuco Carl Well some of old classmates surprused me when I found theur occupatuons I was amazed to fund Ted Fortner worlds strongest human after takung Charles Atlas super muscle buuldung course and Loretta Bales tught rope walker par formung at Georgua State Faur un Atlanta Frank It dudn t surpruse me at all to fund C M Clufton owner of the largest publushung com pany un the Unuted States pruntung all the hugh school annuals un Battle Creek Muchugan He de cuded he wanted to know the busuness when he was a senuor un hugh school Carl The Unuversuty of Southern Calufornua us fortunate un havung Robert Parker as Dean of the College of Enguneerung Lora Jummy Duncan us also an unstructor un Southern Calufornua He has changed hus tactucs now and us unstructung the teachers on the sub uect tellung the students off Gwendolyn Have you been readung Eluzabeth Harbuns artucles My Day whuch are runnung un the Knoxvulle Journal Recently she had an ar pauntungs Charles You know Fannette us makung a handsome salary at commerclal art Lora Well What about Nancy? Frank Nancy us sole owner of a dress shop on Fufth Avenue and us usung Powell Hugh School graduates as her models Lora I stopped by to see Helen Black coach ung basketball at the Cuty Hugh School Induan apolus Induana She claums an undefeated record among hugh schools un the state of Induana Gwendolyn Dud you know that Maruorue Campbell has been honored by Governor Brown ung for her outstandung Servuce to the Natuonal Red Cross Maruorue was a verutable source of unformatuon She says that Mae Mann Butcher has establushed a nught school at Powell for the benefut of the students who luke nught Iufe best Franklun We have left out one of our class mates Lora Who us ,thus7 Franklun Robert Vandergruff he us second baseman for the Brooklyn Dodoers Charles I suppose you have heard the latest news un Powell Buddy Cooper and Lloyd Strange are un charge of athletucs at Powell Hugh School Maruorue But dud you know that Clyde Mere duth was elected mayor at Powell last week and that Jo Ann Fulks us edutor of the Powell Dauly News? Announcer My' But thungs have been happen ung to the l95O grads of Powell Hugh School It's wonderful to hear about them agaun Frank And thus us an opportunuty to tell each one about the other Announcer Thus us statuon PAL of Powell Tenne We Put Them Up In Style see sugnung off S v 1 L . I 9 - . . - . q' - 1 I - . . . . - . . A - - ' Il I ' I . . . . . ,u , . I I T I I ' I I I I V ' ' - lu I 11 - , . ' , . - . . . , . - t - . v , - , t - , I . I I I 1 I 'I I I I I . I I I - , 1 . . - 4 I ' ' -A-I . . , - 1 - I . . , . . , . . ' . - - I A. 3 . . . . . . I . - ll v ll - . I . . .- - - . ll II ' - ' ' . attractive in her white uniform, ticle on one of Fannette Edmondson's famous ' f ' 1 ' ' I I ' 1 I - , ' : , . . V I ' : ' - , ' . . . . ' I ' ' I ' - . I . ' I ' ' D I I I I ' , . . . r - , ' . 3 , V ' I . Y . . . r - I I I . . . I l - . . . ll ll I 1 . I

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