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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1950 volume:

.4 if ana 4. ,V ,J is v 'Z' M50 PUBLISHED BY TIIE SliNl0llS POWELL'S Ill SCll00L F0llEW0llD We, the Class of '50 present to the student body and faculty this another volume of the Panther, with the wish that it will bring back many memories. During our high school days we have been linked together by classes, tradition, and school spirit. The turning of these pages will show a typical year at P. H. S. S as sl! WE ll0N0ll MII W W M0lllllS We the Class of 50 respectfully dedicate this volume of the Panther sterling character has left on our lives a lasting influence and has won in o.1r heart a place of esteem and love to our plrincipal, Mr. W. W. Morris, who, by his wise leadership, and his N THE PANTHER STAFF Fill! 1950 'Eff' Editor ,,.. . Nancy Cooper Assistant Editor ..... . Imogene Bayless Business Manager . .,.,....... ...,..,,..... C . M. Clifton Advertising Manager . .. .. . .,... ..., ,....,., L . C. Jenkins Assistant Advertising Manager , , . ..,... Robert Vandergritf Historians , . . Betty Wells and Katie Lyons Reporters ,. .. Mildred Collier and Jo Ann Falks .. Marjorie Wright and Elizabeth Harbin ' . ...... Fannette Edmondson Mrs. Grace Ross Circulation Managers ., . . Artist ,. . ,.,, Advisor .. We wish to express our appreciation to the students for their efforts, to the faculty for their help and kind consideration, to Mr. Mays for his work on the pictures, and to Archer and Smith Publishers for their many hours of skilled work to make this annual possible. 'Nr' IHXCUILTYV Q1-QM QM? 9 ,, 3 rx' 'V 1 , Ke 69 V WE: "-, , 31 Fh- , Y 5 I Q wa X . All h 2,71 53:5 H K ii .k .A K I Ibizifgm Nag., - ' l 1 '- 7' 4,1- P if P J V MRS. FLOY STEINER BELL Powell, Tennessee Attended L. M. U., Tennessee Teacher's College University of Tennessee B.S. Member of Pi Lambda Theta National Honor Fraternity English Speech 5 Advisor Speech Club ' Q Advisor Y-Teens f V 1, .lx 72,117 PM X I MRS. ANNE SHARPE COWARD 2086 E. Fifth Avenue Attended University of Tennessee Eighth Grade MR. JOHN ELKIN Route l Knoxville, Tennessee University of Tennessee B.S. Business Administration Athletic Coach Sponsor of Freshman Class Advisor of Letter Club WET? MR. H. J. FOWLER Agriculture Sponsor of Junior Class Advisor of F, F. A. University of Tennessee ' is 3.1 -B.S., M.S. Mun-83 MR, A. G. HAWORTH Powell, Tennessee Carson-Newman College B.S. Mathematics Science MRS. PATRICIA HUNTER 7l7 Caldwell Avenue N. E. Knoxville, Tennessee Attended Berea College and University f Tennessee Librarian Adviser Library Club MRS. ELEANOR S. MCCASKILL 20 Maplehurst Park Knoxville, Tennessee Marshall College A.B. English gl-a Z' WNBA' T . 'T ,Xe A ... E eg TE. in fe-Q MR. W. W. MORRIS Carson-Newman College B.A. M.A. University of Tennessee M.S. American History 53. if MRS. AMY ARMSTRONG MOYERS l809 Avondale Road Knoxville, Tennessee University of Tennessee B.A. Social Science Spanish Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor of Spanish Club of Beta Club of Hi-Y Club of'Sophomore Class MRS. LOLA OUSLEY Powell, Route l, Tennessee Attended University of Tennessee Eighth Grade Sponsor Adviser of 4-H Club of Executive Club MR. AARON .PRATT, JR. 6lO0 Manchester Road Knoxville, Tennessee Lincoln Memorial University A.B. Physical Education and Health MISS BARBARA RHODES Powell, Tennessee Attended George Peabody College Attended University of Tennessee Music Adviser Music Club MRS. GRACE B. ROSS Powell, Tennessee Attended University of Tennessee Maryville College B.A. Member of Delta Kappa Gamma National Honor Society Home Economics Advisor Advisor Advisor Advisor Sponsor F. H, A. Y-Teens Future Teachers of America Executive Club Senior Class MR. ELMO C. SNELL 602 Piedrnont Street Knoxville, Tennessee Randolph-Macon College A.B. Attended University of Tennessee Algebra and Geometry SIENIIURS K lx Yusuf 4 99 f 9 """"31g F , , 'A ? ' ' 7 1 -mx X N gg. . , ::M.- , . V MF, . Q an X 3 g gf ,V A L I L5 'A ,fy T77 I A V 5 if Rv b n 1 NX KK , q q A ag ef? X me i gi W 3, ' x N ,X SE President .. ,, Vice-President Treasurer . Secretary Reporter . Sponsor , Nl0ll CLA 0FFlCEllS GRADUATION By Carl Amann We'll remember the days at old Powell High, For the end is coming fast, drawing nig These wonderful days, though they are ln time to come, will be in memories lore. Are we through? ls it o'er? Are we don Indeed we are not, we've just begun. ' We'll reach the top, we've just begun. We'll climb the ladder rung by rung. But as we wind our separate way, We will think of other days- Days we spent at old Powell Hi- Yea, it's hard to say goodbye. SS . Charles Roach Jimmy Evans Clyde Meredith Bettye Capps Franklin Massey Mrs. Grace Ross h, no more, e? "ln the race of life he will not be behind." CARL AMANN Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Amann, Route l, Powell, Tennessee. F. F. A. I-2-3-45 Speech Club 45 Who's Who in Senior Class 4. "Good nature is the beauty of the mind." IMOGENE BAYLESS Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bayless, Route l, Powell Tennessee. A Transfer from Central 35 Junior and Senior Banquet Committee 35 Y-Teens l-45 Executive Ctuu -+5 Girls Cnorus 3-45 Library Club 45 Music. 3-45 Annual Staff 45 Candidate for queen 35 Variety Show 35 All State Chorus 3-45 State Fes- tival 35 Latin Club 25 Who's Who In Senior CIass5 Operetta 4. "There is only one way to be happy, that is to make somebody else so.' HELEN LOUISE BLACK Daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Raymond L. Black, Knoxville, Tenn., Route 2. Home Economics Club l-25 F, H. A. 45 Library Club l-2-35 Speech Club 45 Y-Teen 45 Civics Club l5 Basketball 3-45 Class Tournaments 3-45 Cheer- leader 45 Jr. 8- Sr. Banquet Committee 35 Wh0's Who in Senior Class 4. "For where there's a will, there's a way." WANDA BLEDSOE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Bledsoe, Route l, Powell, Tennessee. Home Economics Club l-2-45 Basketball 25 Library Club 45 Secretary of Library Club 25 Girls Chorus I-2-45 Music5 Club 45 All State Festival 25 F. H. A. 45 Y-Teens 4. "Silence sweeter is than speech." BETTY BOWMAN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bowman, Route l, Powell, Tennessee. Home Economics Club l-25 F. H. A. 45 Chorus 25 Music Club 3-45 Y-Teens 45 Style Show 25 4-H Club l-25 Girls Chorus 35 All State Music Festi- val 35 Who's Who in Senior Class 4. x a . 'wi-4' Q 3 f 1 .5 j .5 N ff xv P... Q . - sg 4' tt- .4 AQ' f gg, "Her ways are ways of pleasantness." WINSTON LORETTA BULLEN Daughter of Mr, James Bullen, Route 2, Powell, Tennessee. Home Economics l-2-45 F. H. A. 45 Reporter of Sophomore Class5 Class Basketball Tournament 2-35 Beta Club 2-3-45 Treasurer of Beta Club 35 Secre- tary of Junior Class5 Queen of Junior Class, F. H. A. Song Leader 45 Style Show 25 Variety Show 35 E. T. E. A. 35 State Festival 3-45 Executive Club 45 Vice President of Executive Club 45 Y-Teens 45 Secretary of Y-Teens Club 45 Business Manager of Annual 45 Secretary of Music Club 45 Music Club 3-45 Junior and Senior Banquet Committee 35 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Operetta 45 Girls Chorus 2, 35 Sextette 2-3-45 Cheerleader 3-45 Who's Who in Senior Class 45 Letter Club 4. "Her voice was ever gentle,X soft, and low, an excellent thing in woman." MARJORIE ANN CAMPBELL Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Campbell, Blain, Tennessee. Home Economics Club l-2-35 F. H. A. 2-3-45 Library Club Secretary 45 Y-Teens 45 A transfer from Rutledge High School 45 Who's Who ln Senior Class 4. "Friendship is love without wings." BETTYE CAPPS Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charle: Capps, Central Avenue Pike, Powell, Tennessee. ' Home Economics Club l-2-45 Home Economics Club President l5 Secretary 2-45 Girls Chorus l-25 Music Club 4: E. T. E. A. 25 Mixed Chorus 25 All State Festival 25 Beta Club 3-45 Beta Club Con- vention 35 Class President 25 Class Secretary 45 F. H. A. 45 Who's Who ln the Senior Class 45 D.A.R. Award 4. Program Chairman of Y-Teens 4. Library Club 3-4. "lf it be a gentleman and a scholar ye seek, ye have found him." CHARLES M. CLIFTON Son of Mr. and Mrs. Everett R. Clifton, lO5 Heather Lane, Knoxville, Tennessee. Beta Club 2-3-45 Beta Club Vice-President 35 Beta Club President 45 Radio Club l5 Basketball I, '25 Secretary of Radio Club l5 Baseball l, 25 Letter Club l-45 Basketball Tournament 25 Beta Club Con- vention 35 Junior and Senior Banquet Committee 35 Annual Staff 45 Hi-Y Club 45 Chaplain of Hi-Y Club 45 Officers Club 45 Who's 'Who in Senior Class. "There is no past as books shall live." MILDRED COLLIER Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Collier, Route 2, Powell Tennessee. Home Economics Club l-2-45 F. H. A. 45 Music Club 45 Library Club l-2-3-45 Officers Club 45 Annual Staff 45 Y-Teen 4. "Of what should a man be proud if not his friends." BUDDY LEE COOPER Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Cooper, Heiskell, Tennessee. Beta Club 3-45 F. F. A. I- 2- 3-45 Football 3-45 Basketball 3-45 Who's Who in Senior Class 45 Letter Club 4. ' "lt's the song you sing and the smile you wear That's a-making the sunshine everywhere." NANCY RUTH COOPER Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Cooper, 248 Okla- homa Ave. N. E., Knoxville, Tennessee. Home Economics Club l-25 Song Leader of Home Economics Club 25 F. H. A. 3-45 Style Show 25 F. H. A. District Style Show 35 Mixed Chorus l-2-3-45 Music Club l-2-3-45 Vice President of Music Club 45 Girls Chorus l, 35 Sextette 3-45 E. T. E. A. Chorus 2-35 T. E. A. Chorus 3-45 East Tennessee Music Festival 25 Operetta 45 Queen of Freshman Class5 Associate Editor of School Paper 35 Beta Club 2-3-45 Program Chairman Beta Club 35 Secretary Beta Club 45 Beta Club Convention 2-45 Junior and Senior Banquet Committee 35 Editor Annual 45 Speech Club 45 Reporter of Speech Club 45 Cheerleader 45 Y-Teens 45 Execu- tive Club 45 Office Moniter 45 Who's Who in Sen- ior Class5 Salutatorian 45 Letter Club 45 Future Teachers Club 4. "Honor lies in honest toil." RALPH COX Son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cox, Route l, Powell, Tennessee. F. F. A. l-2-3-4. "Men of few words are the best men." JAMES DUNCAN Son of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Duncan, Route 2, Knoxville, Tennessee. A transfer from Stair Tech High School 25 Baseball 25 Football 3-45 Vice-President Junior Class5 Pres- ident Letter Club 45 Hi-Y Club 45 F. F. A. l-2-3-45 "B" Basketball 2. "Her friendliness and artistic touch, To all have meant so very much." FANNETTE DYKE EDMONDSON Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Dyke, Knoxville, Tennessee. Home Economics Club 2-3-45 Sgt. Arms F. H, A. 35 F. H. A. 2-3-45 Music Club 2-35 Girls Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 35 Annual Staff Artist 45 Y-Teens 45 Y-Teens President 45 Executive Club 45 Gab Club 45 Junior and Senior Banquet Committee 35 Style Show 35 Variety Show 35 Who's Who in Sen- ior Class 45 Operetta 45 Class Artist 4. "Smile and the world smiles with you." JAMES EVANS Son of Mr. and Mrs, Olen Evans, Route l, Powell, Tennessee. F. F. A. l-2-3-45 F5 F. A. Basketball l-2-3-45 National Convention of F. F. A. 3-45 State Con- vention of F. F. A. 2-3-45 Asst. President of F. F. A. 25 Vice-President of F. F. A. 3-45 Foot- ball 2-3-45 Radio Club I5 King of Junior Class 35 Vice-President of Senior Class5 State Farmer of F. F, A.5 F. F, A. Dairy Cattle Judging Team 2-3-45 Co-Captain F. F. A. Basketball 35 Hi-Y Club 45 Who's Who in Senior Class 45 Letter Club 4. "Better to learn late than never." 5 TED FORTNER Son of Mrs. Eva Fortner, Route 2, Powell, Ten- nessee. F. F. A. l-2-3-45 4-H Club l-25 Music Club l-4. 1 ln K 0-tf-C- as-:iii A 5,2595 5915i 'li'--'W' "IT, umm, ,W- "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." JO ANN FULKS Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Fulks, Powell, Ten- nessee. Home Economics Club 2-3-45 Style Show 25 Music 3-45 Girls Chorus 3-45 Annual Staff 45 Y-Teens 45 Junior and Senior Banquet Committee 35 Execu- tive Club 45 Gab Club 45 Library Club 3-45 Variety Show 35 Mixed Chorus 3-45 State Festival 35 Who's Who in Senior Class 45 Operetta 4, "Enjoying life and my friends as l find them." ELIZABETH HARBIN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs, F. H. Harbin, Route 2, Powell, Tennessee. F. H. A. 45 Style Show 25 Home Ec. Club I-2-45 Y-Teen 45 Annual Staff 45 Lt. Safety Patrol 45 Junior and Senior Committee 35 F. H. A. Repre- sentative to Farragut 25 Eight years perfect attend- ance5 Executive Club 4. "A rare goodfellowf' WILLIAM CLAUDE HATMAKER Son of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Hatmaker, Route I, Knoxville, Tennessee. F. F. A. 2-3-45 Baseball I-2-3-45 Football 2-3-45 Captain of Football 25 Basketball l-2-3-45 Vice- president Hi-Y 45 Letter Club I-45 Assistant Vice- President F. F. A. 35 Co-Captain of Baseball I5 Hi-Y Club 45 4-H Club l-25 F. F. A. Camp 3-45 Who's Who in Senior Class 45 Letter Club I-2-3-4. "Health is a blessing many cannot buy." LORA STELLA HUBARD Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Hubard, Route I, Powell, Tennessee. Home Economics Club I-25 Library Club l-2-3-45 Chorus 25 Music Club 3-45 Basketball 2-3 Class Tournament 35 Y-Teens 45 Gab Club 45 Style Show 25 4-H Club l-25 F. H. A. 3. "He hath a heart as sound as a bell." ' L. C. JENKINS Son of Mr. L. A, Jenkins, Route l, Knoxville, Ten- nessee. Class President l5 Letter Club I-2-3-4' Secretary and Treasurer of Letter Club I5 Basketball I-2-3-45 Football 2-3-45 Sgt. at Arms 35 F. F. A. Camp 35 Baseball 2-3-45 Annual Staff 45 Executive Club 45 Hi-Y Club 4. "lt's better to give than to take." KATIE LYONS Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Lyons, Powell, Ten- nessee. i Home Economics Club I-25 F. H. A. 3-45 Library Club 2-35 Girls Chorus I5 Glee Club 3-45 Executive Club 45 Annual Staff 45 Y-Teens 45 Style Show 35 4-H Club I-3. "lf you have knowledge let others light their can- dles by lt." MAE MANN Daughter of Mrs. Mary Mann, Powell, Tennessee. Home Economics Club l-2, Style Show 2, Home Ec- onomics Treasurer 2, Library Club l-2-3-4, Beta Club 2-3-4, Class Treasurer 2, Y-Teens 4, Execu- tive Club 4, Basketball 2-3, Softball 2, Class Bas- ketball Tournament 2-3, Girls Chorus 2, Valedic- torian 4. "To be polite is to do and say the kindest things in the kindest ways." FRANKLIN MASSEY Son of Mr. and Mrs. A, F. Massey, Route 2, Powell, Tennessee. F. F. A. l-2-3-4, Football 3, Class Reporter 4, F. F. A, Basketball l-2-3-4, F. F. A. President 3-4, F. F. A. State Vice-President 4, F. F. A. Delegate to Kansas City 3-4, Speech Club 4, Radio Club l, Hi-Y Club 4, Who's Who in Senior Class 4, Letter Club 4. "To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved." CLYDE MEREDITH Son of Mrs. F, M. Meredith, Route l, Powell, Ten- nessee. F, F. A. l-2-3-4, Treasurer of F. F. A. 3, F. F. A. Basketball l-2-3, Football 3, Hi-Y 4, Treasurer of Senior Class 4, Carnival King 2, Who's Who in Senior Class 4, Letter Club 4. "No better than he should be, but very good," A. J. McBEE Son of Mr. 81 Mrs. Clarence McBee, Heiskell, Tenn., Route l. F, F, A. l-2-3-4, F. F. A. Basketball l-4, Football 3-4, Music 2. Glee Club 3-4, Science Club l, Hi-Y 4, Letter Club 4. "How tar that little-candle throws its beam, So shines a good deed in a naughty world." JUANITA MYERS Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Myers, Route 2, Powell, Tennessee, Home Economics l-2, F. H. A. 3, Style Show 2, Y-Teens 4, Glee Club 3, Girls Chorus 3, Library Club 4, Basketball 4, 4-H Club 3-4. "The World is looking for the man who can do something, not for the man who can explain why he didn't do it." ROBERT PARKER Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilburn E. Parker, Knoxville, Tennessee, Route l. F. F. A, l-2-3-4, Radio Club l, Who's Who ln the Senior Class 4. ,N iw ,r ..' .lt Avnssen-it. -1' 'eltiil A 'Z-It LJ' ...af- .rea P637 "Qi'4A-...al eggs -'Ps f' 5 rf W r 1 579'- "I am bigger than anything that can happen to me." JAMES PRATER Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Prater, Route l, Powell, Tennessee. President ot Hi-Y Club 4' Beta Club 4' F. F. A. 2-3-4' Football 3-4' Baseball 3' F.F.A. Basketball 4' Letter Club 4. lt is nice to be handsome but it is a great deal handsomer to be nice DONALD PROFFITT Son of Mr and Mrs Bert Proffitt Powell Tennes see Route 2 F A l234 GabClu When the fight begins within himself a man worth something VERLIN E RIDINGS Son of Mrs Helen Ridings Route l Powell Ten nessee A I 2 3 4 Gab Clu No true and permanent Fame can be except in labors which prom te I nappiness of mankind CHARLES ROACH Mr and Mrs Wallace E Roach Central Pike Knoxville Tennessee Cu 3 Boys Glee Club3 F F A124 Junior Class 3 Football 3 4 Basketball Jr and Sr Banquet Committee 3 Treasurer of F A 4 President of Senior Class 4 President Gabsters 4 Chairman of Father and Son Ban quet F F A 4 Variety Show 3 Baseball 3 Whos Who in Senior Class 4 It is not by a man s purse but by his character that he is rich or poor LLOYD STRANGE Son of Mr and Mrs L C Strange Route I Dante Tennessee tba 24 FFA I 234 Letter Club 4 I am unaware of anything that has a right to called an impossibility ROBERT VANDERGRIFF Son of Mr and Mrs F P Vandergritf Route Knoxville Tennessee Secretary of Freshman Class I Vice President Sophomore Class 2 President of Junior Class Vice President of Speech Club 4 Gabsters Club 4 Pressdent of Music Club 4 Glee Club 34 E T E A Chorus 3 All State Chorus 2 President of Executive Club 4 Radio Club I Basketball I 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 Football 2 3 4 Hi Y Club 4 Operetta 4 Junior and Senior Banquet Committee 3 Annual Staff 4 Sports Editor of School Paper 3 Variety Show 3 Mixed Chorus 2 3 Who s Who in Senior Class 4 Basketball Class Tournament I 2 3 4 East Tennessee Music Festival 2 Beta Club 4 Letter Club I 2 3 4 1 1 1 1 1 I 11 . . .. I ' Il . . I , , - , . F. . . ---7 b4, 11 - - 1 - - ls . 11 ' ll I I I - F. F. , ---g b4. " fnm-de: I I O fm.. . 11 . . . , 1 1 - lb 5 5 . . . --7 1 -I . . 5 . . 5 5 ' I. ' . . '- ,. . . , , , 11 . 1 . 1 1 . . 11 - - - - 1 1 1 X? ll -5 ---g . ! gy 11 - ' be , . 11 4 . . . . . ', 2, , . I . - . of . . I . I - I I I -'I . . . . j - I I I l " 'I -I -'I - . I I . I I I . , . -I 1 . 1 1 . I V - --- I I I I A smtle for all a welcome glad GWENDOLYN WASHAM Daughter of Mr and Mrs H A Washam Route 2 Powell Tennessee Home Economucs I 2 Style Show 2 YTeens 4 Speech Club 4 Gnrls Chorus 2 Music Club 4 Ll brary Club 4 Make the most of yourself for that IS all there us of you WANDA WEIGEL Daughter of Mr and Mrs J W Welgel Route I Knoxvllle Tennessee A Transfer from Carter Hugh 2 Home Economics I 2 3 Style Show 2 4 H Club I 2 3 4 Presnden of 4 H Club 2 Reporter 4 Officers Club 4 Y Teens 4 The same today and forever FLOSSIE OMEKA WEAVER Daughter of Mrs W E Weaver Route I Powell Tennessee F H A 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Captain Basketball 4 Softball 2 3 Varsety Show 3 YTeens Vlce Presrdent 4 Executnve Club 4 Musrc Club 3 Basketball Tournament 2 3 4 Junlor and Senlor Banquet Committee 3 Gnrls Chorus 3 All State Chorus 3 Glee Club 3 Llbrary Club I 2 3 4 Vol leyball 4 Home Economics I 2 Whos Who In Senlor Class 4 Letter Club 4 My busmess ns not to remake myself but to make the best Of what God made BETTY LOU WELLS Daughter of Rev and Mrs W C Wells Route I Powell Tennessee Musnc Club 34 Music Club Treasurer 4 Girls Chorus 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus 2 3 4 Gsrls Sextet 234 East Tennessee Musrc Festrval 24 All State Chorus 3 Beta Club 2 3 4 Y Teen Reporter 4 Y Teen 4 Annual Staff 4 Library Club I 2 3 4 Lrbrary Club Presldent I .lunuor Sensor Banquet Commuttee 3 Executlve Club 4 Class Reporter I 3 Home Ec Club I Letter Club 4 State Chorus 4 Manager of Gzrls Basketball Team 4 Nothing can brrng you peace but yourself MARJORIE ANNETTE WRIGHT Daughter of Mr and Mrs M A Wright Powell Tennessee Crvncs Club I Home Economvcs Club I 2 4 Style Club I F H A 4 Executlve Club 4 Speech Club 4 Secretary Speech Club 4 Banquet Commrttee YTeens 4 Llbrary Club I 2 Varrety Show 3 Small In stature but large ln heart GLENA MAE WEST Daughter of Mr and Mrs Roy West Powell Ten nessee Library Club 2 3 4 Basketball 2 4 F H A I 2 4 Home Ec I 2 Y Teens 4 Basketball Tournament 2 Muslc Club 3 4 State Festuval 3 East Tennes see Musuc Festival 2 lH k 1151 4 1 xl., Q ...av 9' -U SENIQIII PBIIPIIILCY Aprul I I 60 FLASH' Multu mulluonaure Franklun Massey has uust com pleted a tour of the Unuted States and South Ameruca He has made the journey un hus pruvate car druven by hus chaffeur Carl Amann and accompanued by Wanda Weugel who won the trup for her fune work un the 4 H Club Lora Hubbard who decuded to leave her Mother Hubards Baby Suttung Servuce un the hands of her assustant and Gwndolyn Washam who os now wrutung the book Interestung Men I Have Met These fuve are found dunung tonught wuth a party of old classmates at Maruorue Wrughts Cafeterua Charles Roach who us now owner of the famous Roach Stores that are located un all parts of the Unuted States us doung the honors of toastmaster honorung the travelers who take turns tellung about theur ex peruences Let s lusten un as they talk Franklun We have seen about all of our old classmates on thus trup I certaunly never expected to see Ralph Cox on Paraduse Island South Caro luna searchung for the Fountaun of Youth I wasn t at all surprused to fund A J McBee un Orlando Floruda Iookung over hus large cutrus fruut orchard Before we left A J loaded our car wuth several kunds of fruuts whuch we enjoyed as we were druvung along the hughway Wanda I felt a luttle up set when we got to Baltumore and vusuted Chuef Surgeon Imogene Bayless at Walter Reed Hosputal She looked so Carl When we stopped at East Sude Baptust Church I was surprused to see Betty Wells chour durector and Flossue Weaver soloust Flossue wrestles un her spare tume I dudnt know they were such lovely gurls Wanda I dudn t expect to see anyone I know at Lake Erue I was astonusher to fund Juanuta Myers head of the gurls 4 H Club and we had a wonderful tume exchangung udeas Whule we were there Donald Proffutt came up for a vusut wuth Juanuta Donald told me he was Presudent of Lonely Hearts Inc at Grand Rapuds Gwendolyn The maun people that unterested me were the ones who helped me un wrutung my book You know whule un Washungton I was lucky enough to see and talk to Presudent James Evans servung hus furst term on the Duxuecrat Tucket Wuth hum were hus legal advusor James Prater and hus secretary Bettye Capps Lora Dud you see Glena West guvung druvung lessons to Wunston Bullen Evans9 I thought She would have learned to druve before she got to the Whute House Franklun Hollywood was my favorute spot sunce I wanted to see some pretty gurls I had thus opportunuty when I went to Carrolls Chunese Restaurant to see the famous band leader Bull Hatmaker I was more unterested to fund that Katue Lyons was an understudy of Betty Grable I wasnt surprused to see the guest performer Swoonnatra Verlun Rudungs at the same restau .unt who can stull hold the ladues spell bound wuth hus meloduous vuoce Wanda Speakung of surpruses' lmagune mune when I saw Betty Bowman comung out of the door of a funeral home over whuch hung the sugn, Betty Bowman s Mortuary Lora I thunk I had the most fun when I vus uted Muldred Colluer s Canteen for Lonely Servuce Men un Norfolk Vurgunua Her slogan us Come un uf you are lonely and have on a unuform One of the men told me about seeung Wanda Bledsoe now a Spanush dancer un Mexuco Carl Well some of old classmates surprused me when I found theur occupatuons I was amazed to fund Ted Fortner worlds strongest human after takung Charles Atlas super muscle buuldung course and Loretta Bales tught rope walker par formung at Georgua State Faur un Atlanta Frank It dudn t surpruse me at all to fund C M Clufton owner of the largest publushung com pany un the Unuted States pruntung all the hugh school annuals un Battle Creek Muchugan He de cuded he wanted to know the busuness when he was a senuor un hugh school Carl The Unuversuty of Southern Calufornua us fortunate un havung Robert Parker as Dean of the College of Enguneerung Lora Jummy Duncan us also an unstructor un Southern Calufornua He has changed hus tactucs now and us unstructung the teachers on the sub uect tellung the students off Gwendolyn Have you been readung Eluzabeth Harbuns artucles My Day whuch are runnung un the Knoxvulle Journal Recently she had an ar pauntungs Charles You know Fannette us makung a handsome salary at commerclal art Lora Well What about Nancy? Frank Nancy us sole owner of a dress shop on Fufth Avenue and us usung Powell Hugh School graduates as her models Lora I stopped by to see Helen Black coach ung basketball at the Cuty Hugh School Induan apolus Induana She claums an undefeated record among hugh schools un the state of Induana Gwendolyn Dud you know that Maruorue Campbell has been honored by Governor Brown ung for her outstandung Servuce to the Natuonal Red Cross Maruorue was a verutable source of unformatuon She says that Mae Mann Butcher has establushed a nught school at Powell for the benefut of the students who luke nught Iufe best Franklun We have left out one of our class mates Lora Who us ,thus7 Franklun Robert Vandergruff he us second baseman for the Brooklyn Dodoers Charles I suppose you have heard the latest news un Powell Buddy Cooper and Lloyd Strange are un charge of athletucs at Powell Hugh School Maruorue But dud you know that Clyde Mere duth was elected mayor at Powell last week and that Jo Ann Fulks us edutor of the Powell Dauly News? Announcer My' But thungs have been happen ung to the l95O grads of Powell Hugh School It's wonderful to hear about them agaun Frank And thus us an opportunuty to tell each one about the other Announcer Thus us statuon PAL of Powell Tenne We Put Them Up In Style see sugnung off S v 1 L . I 9 - . . - . q' - 1 I - . . . . - . . A - - ' Il I ' I . . . . . ,u , . I I T I I ' I I I I V ' ' - lu I 11 - , . ' , . - . . . , . - t - . v , - , t - , I . I I I 1 I 'I I I I I . I I I - , 1 . . - 4 I ' ' -A-I . . , - 1 - I . . , . . , . . ' . - - I A. 3 . . . . . . I . - ll v ll - . I . . .- - - . ll II ' - ' ' . attractive in her white uniform, ticle on one of Fannette Edmondson's famous ' f ' 1 ' ' I I ' 1 I - , ' : , . . V I ' : ' - , ' . . . . ' I ' ' I ' - . I . ' I ' ' D I I I I ' , . . . r - , ' . 3 , V ' I . Y . . . r - I I I . . . I l - . . . ll ll I 1 . I mg rm mx Dorfxld F"oHn r P dm Lind Sfrwngp Robuf Vandcrgrsff Gwcndolsn Wasixam Fwnswc Weavor Wanda Wcugc , Wuqhf rv - L ,,, ,L+ 4. .' . 1- ' ' '- 'Vi -fp? P55 Ji V L7 wr' L,I'OVv 14 ' ., , . . ,K., f 1 . ' I' , 2 ..:--1 '-VLXLQ I 1 1 Limfxiff 5' -Mn , 1- ' .4 ...., L , X f, -r Hu'-iuvgi ' ., 1 Q-.ns-'nm , .IQ rl fi W. L.. ul- W ' !" , M.3r1.f: ff 1' 4. ,xr vw, ig'-I "J 'r 1:95. f 1. , ww H1- ' X f LJ:-'v ?xx'r -' , , 1 Prjfrvy W. ,.. A , ,A , ' 1 ,, ',X. 1 V. fly' 1 ' 5 ' H , . . g . , X Ciurlcq Roach MMM 10 55' .. ZYIN, 4 1 I y x ' 1-ff IV 1: .- ' l k- K ' F-N1 -V ' ' Ei ' ' f ff' . , " ' f Q - ' , .. F , 'ln' 'vm F" ' ! , f ,, . x. ,. 'K M ., A, , i 1 ,,,:f, K. JMU: Lfffyr 1 ,Vw wx BCP ' A 5 V J' ' 4' i" 'Q Rl' 'Jw C N542 15:0 J 'Q'J'rf"f' . 'Yip v ffvnv' ' r f.'.1lk1.U 5. . UA 'VJ Q VE'-3 f'.:?Sf,LFi. x BABY PICTURES 'vw 'Vu su. omni' 4- - .QQQQQ funn-- Y A ws K f Q ,t W .1 , MM .... ..-. - un 3.8. ,. iii. if an E 2 Q' KL M, N ,., if v-x...,N .,. A iff ,W -4 4'5" Hman..- N 'R 4 fy' "4 'YN ,"'f"f Ds x I f SILK lllll QL XSS lllST0llY Our hugh school days mught well be compared to a game of ball whuch uf you ut well y u wun, uf you play ut u you lose Early un September l946 we the Senuor class of l95O assembled at Powell Hugh School to begun our game There were ahead of us four long years whuch to us seemed remote and far unto the future yet we were eager to play the game and make our scores We organuzed as any group would do What an organuzatuon the Freshman Team' Mrs Eleanor McCaskull and Mr B F Evans coached us that furst year and called the game accordung to the rules L C Jenkuns was elected presudent to hold the team to gether and to unform us of our progress Frank l-lerrell was selected as vuce presudent to assust L C un putchung a good game Robert Vandergruff attended our funances whule Betty Wells furnushed the press wuth our scores and accomplushments Algebra and Englush were to be over come and then cuvucs home economucs scuence and agruculture We dud not struke out on these although there were many foul balls called Soon we began to feel that there were sugnals to learn and plays to put unto actuon We gradually took form and developed unto a wunnung team When the Freshman year came to a close we found that our records and aver ages were beyond what had been antucu pated We had run even past furst base To make the score a luttle more note worthy we entertauned a raduo and scuence club and had sponsored Edmond Roberts and Nancy Cooper as kung and queen candu dates After a bruef peruod for rest we pre pared for another stretch the Sophomore year Wuth the seasons return un I947 we found that several of our players were muss ung namely Irene McElroy Barbara Bowen Harold Bowman Edward Moore Jeanette Paunter Edmond Roberts Bull Sharpe Eve lvn Ledford Wuth fewer people we knew that we would have to work even harder Team work must have developed to a greater extent thus year because belueve ut or not we passed economucs and geography No wonder we dud so well wuth such sponsors as Mr A G Haworth and Mr Wull J Swafford and such offucers as Bettye Capps and Robert Vandergruff presudent and vuce presudent resoecflvely Ruth Bur oun secretary Mae Mann treasurer and Wunston Bullen reporter We scored a home run when Ruth Burgun became carnu val oueen our Sophomore vear lt seemed that we had been on the players bench onlv a few munuutes when we fo' nd ourselves anturunatunq the thurrl base The Junuor Year Now we could slude on thurd' Englush agaun and home economucs musuc cnemustry Spanush agruculture and typung We must meet these qualufucatuons We grabbed up our mutts and gloves We must go We must wun thus game Quuckly we elected offucers and sponsors Robert Vandergruff presudent Jummy Duncan a new comer vuce presudent Wunston Bullen secretary Charles Roach treasurer Betty Wells reporter L C Jenkuns sergeant at arms umpure and coach Mr H l- Fowler and Mr Aaron Pratt It was not long before we duscovered that agaun we had lost several players who had euther struck out or jouned other teams Lawrence Copeland Muldred Cassidy Luna Fortner Paulune Gentry Bar bara Jean Berney Betty Hutchunson Ralph Mulls and Betty Jo Rogers Added attractuons that year were the sponsorung of Wunston Bullen and Jummy Evans as carnuval candudates the Junuor Varuety Show and the Junuor and Sensor Banquet Our scores were so hugh thus year that the chuef umpure Mr W W Morrus thought that they were umportant enough to be recorded on a card even to Mrs Mc Caskull s Englush grades The fourth year brungs the bug round up What wuth speech arts specual themes play practlce class meetungs pucture mak ung the Junuor Senuor Banquet and grad uatuon we have only a luttle tume for oc casuonal studyung ln spute of these hunder ances to effectuve functuonung we can report a year that us satusfactory from many pounts of vuew Our senuor year has been a happy one At the very begunnung of our senuor year we knew that our most capable leaders were needed so we chose Charles Roach as presudent Jummy Evans qualufued as vuce presudent Bettye Capps as secretary Clyde Mereduth treasurer and Franklun Massey reporter As sponsor Mrs Ross coached us un smooth play cooperatuon and sportsman shup The games seem to have been played un swuft successuon of events and now that the year us alomst over we are lookung back ward at the mustakes we have made yet lookung forward to what the future may hold For after thus season us completed the curtaun wull fall the team of l95O wull dus band and each wull choose an unduvudual game of Iufe All hustory us a story of gradual develop ment We have taken a few steps un the rught durectuon possubly bequnrinq to walk and fallung pretty often yet we have been able to catch a qlumpse of the possubulutues of a hugh school educatuon We trust that a oreater performance us un store for us as each member of the class of 50 launches out to hus separate thrullung adventure ,X 1 Y y V Y' . L, A L . . . . . A . I . I ! I I I play , o ' ll, . A . s ,V I V . I I I . H. . I , 1 ' A 1 V 1 I ' 1 - 1 I J 1 1 1 1 . 1 . 1 - ' 1 ' ' ' I 1 . 1 . I 7 l I . . ' I . n I r F - I I I I - A ' I I . . I ' - I ' , , . . . . I . I . ' . . . I U I - . I ' ' I I ' , . I I - I . , . . . l . I J . ' . . to wrute, football, basketball, the operetta, U . 1- I T 1 ' 1 T I ' ' I ' ' - I . ' F I . I , I . . I . . . . I I I - I l .' I l F - ' Q 1 1 ' - I I I ' f I - Q ' l ' I 1 l 1 ' 1 ' I 1 ' l . 1 . f - , ' 1 ' I . , , l I u ' n ' I 1 I ' ' , I T ' V ' ' ' . . - . . . . V ' I - I 4 . . . . ' 1 A I I . LAST WILL AND TLSTADIILINT State of Tennessee County of Knox Cnty of Powell We the l95O Senlor Class of Powell Hrgh School belneved to be of sound mlnd and Ilmlted lntellngence declare thus our flnal Wlll and Testament makung vold all others To the prlncupal and faculty we be queath our sincere thanks and apprecuatuon for thelr help In our years of hlgh school and our hopes that as promxsung a senlor class will emerge next year We bequeath our honorable tltle Dug nrfled Seniors our abundant knowledge of English and history and our excellent study hah 'ts to the Junrors We bequeath the sportung sparlt of dear Powell Hugh School to the Sophomore Class We bequeath our shyness and our abrlrty to appear lntellxgent to the Freshman Class To all future Seniors we bequeath our pleasant memorles of the lunch room the study hall the class play the Junior Sensor Banquet and all the varrous and sundry class meetlngs We bequeath the length of the hall from the cafeterra to Mr Morris offrce to Franklln Rhyne who seems usually to be loaflng there To Pete Campbell Jnm Painter Leo Cooper and all other boys who have crew harr cuts we leave the plnkung scussors ln the Home Economrcs department To T L Frne we leave the slldlng door to the agrucultural department and only hope that he can get from beneath It n To Lovetta Hurst we leave the unex cused permit stamp In the offlce To Bob Norman we leave the bulletrn board wlth all nts announcements data and tabulatrons We Flossle Weaver Helen Black and Glena West bequeath our abrlrty to play basketball to Kathleen Massey Betty Barley and Jeanne Loy We Nancy Cooper Wlnston Bullen and Helen Black leave our swrshy cheer leaders skrrts to Brrdre Lee Cooper Gerald une Headrrck and Barbara Kelso Upon the class of 5l we bestow the fol lowvng personal possesslons I Carl Amann hereby will my standzng as Corporal In the Natronal Guard to Wayne Gregory I Imogene Bayless leave my fruendll ness to Barbara Webster I Helen Black leave my athletuc abllrty to Pearl and Betty Wyrrck I Wanda Bledsoe Leave my talkatrve ness and grqgles to the Sexton twlns l Betty Bowman leave my qulet ways to Jo Ann Dew and Dons Worsham I Wlnston Bullen leave my beautlful smrle to Trula Poston Smale Trula I Marlorle Camobell leave my ravlshrng eyes to Joyce Ann Cooper I Bettye Capps leave my secretarual rob to Mrldred Sharoe I C M Clifton leave my blond halr to John Nelson I Muldred Colller leave my way wath Mr Pratt to Bettv Rhodes I Buddy Conner leave my abrluty to play basketball to Woody Evans I Nancy Cooper leave the secretarys office to Betty Kelso and Iva Lou Muse I Ralph Cox leave my contlnual Ioaflng to Marcus Keeney l Jlmmy Duncan leave my ablllty to tell the teacherl, off to Gerald Schadd I Fannette Edmondson leave my way of persuasnon to Don McConnell I Jrmmy Evans leave my good looks and my way wnth the women to Newtle Braden I Ted Fortner leave my ablluty to sleep In all classes especnally rn hrstory class to Jack Lewis I Jo Ann Fulks leave my ablllty to cook to Olga Taylor I Eluzabeth Harbln leave all the Junror Boys rncludung Blll Easterday to Norma Johnson I Bxll Hatmaker leave my book How to Wln Fruends and Influence Teachers t Frank Herrell I Lora Hubard leave my chewrng gum and my art of popplng It to Wilma Wolfen barger I L C Jenkrns leave my flve easy rules on how to sneak out of football practlce to Edwnn Spradlun I Katle Lyons leave my dlgnlty and quiet dlsposttlon to Johnavee Gray I Mae Mann Butcher leave my left over proposals to Louise Gibson I Franklln Massey leave my walk and my lumber legs to George Gouns I Clyde Meredlth leave my handsome look to Dale Taft I A J McBee leave my flne he man Glen Brock to Gene Black I Juanlta Myers leave my slze to Bar bara Armstrong and Barbara Hollingsworth I Robert Parker leave my smllunq blush which I rnherlted last year from James Jen nrngs to Sammy Cooper I Jlmmy Prater leave my guarding ablll tres un football to Dan Cooper I Donald Proffrt leave my heught to Carl Rhodes and Harry Fersner I Nerlrn Rudlngs leave my beautlful talkung volce to Marvnn West so that he may charm Mrs Bell I Charles Roach bequeath all my bust ness affalrs to Jam Palnter I Lloyd Strange leave my cave man style of playung football to Charles Nix and Homer Smlth I Robert Vandergnff leave my atten tuons to Wawanna Cameron I Gwendolyn Washam bequeath my love for handsome men to Dot Black I Flossse Weaver leave my wonderful knack of tyornq to Edith Ford I Wanda Wergel leave the 4 H Club to Kathleen Massey I Betty Wells leave my Beta Club sen lorrty to Jama Ruth Tlpton I Glena West leave my blythe and care free cha m to Roberta Weaver I Marlorue Wrlqht leave Brown s Rest aurant to Rhoda McMulIan Lastly we do hereby apoount Mr H J Fowler as our sole executor In wntness whereof we herebv set our hand thus 76th day of May N nptpon Hundred and Frfty SENIOR CLASS OF l95O Wutness Mrs Grace Ross W W V I I I ' I I , V . I 1 I . . . . . rr ,, , , . . . . ,f , , ' r 4 - ll A ll , , , . I , . ,, . . , ' . . . . ,, , . , . .- I , , , , . . A .I I, , , , . . . H . . o I I T T , . . , . . , , . . , . , . I I I I T ' c , , . I , . . , - tame. physroue, whlch I unherrted last year from ' I I T I I I T I , , - . - , . . . . I - , . , I I I T I I T I I T I I I I ' I I T I I I I T . ,, , ,, . . . I I 1 ' I T . F . . . . . . . , I I I E I T I . -4' If I ,ff ft Nfl ' ' YQQ lr, if 1 . ,f 1 , J "' ' I 5 fl J M V Q uf f-""? to 5.0 JUINIIQDRS C? JUNl0ll CLASS IIFFICEIIS President J um Pamter Treasurer Wulma Wolfenbarger Secretary Joyce Cooper Reporter Norma Johnson Sponsors Mr Fowler and Mrs Hunter - Q S 3 , 4 s J Q ' Q., an -M: at M J 9 In L ' V 'Q W ,mv--an Vice-presioent J. J.J. ,'.' .'.J.'.'.'r'. J . .'.' 4' rJ.A,', .'.'.J.J.J.'.'.'. .,J,rJ.',,J."Woody Evans . ...,-,.:4....4 I L Nl0llS Barbara Armstrong Loretta Bales Harvey Beeler Gene Black Dorothy Black Bernice Blanr Sam Bowen Juamta Braden Newtne Braden Cleo Bradley Nancy Brown Wawanna Cameron Charlotte Campbell Pete Campbell Dan Cooper Dorothy Cooper Joyce Ann Cooper Sam Cooper Jo Ann Dew Alberta Douglas 1'1" "-'H 'Ne an ,un 'W' '......b- 'Pi -q-"V ww '23 ff'-Q. -QQ' f'-'Q wwe! Meir 'f new an 4 M ,G M iw Q M aw lv 'ffl v' G U aw i VL,,V ,i g J ee e y 5 E ' 4 2. W A Aix 'PK Qs 'VX "E"'f-A"p -raw :Wu .-...Msn 417' V ?wel'.!f-f,gD ,wrap ,mug wi al JUNIUBS Margaret Drain Joan Earle Bill Easterday Woody Evans Harry Fersner John Frazier Louise Gibson George Golns Johnavee Gray Donald Harrod Freda Hembree Frank Harell Barbara Holllngsworf Margie Huff Norma Johnson Marcus Keeney Betty Kelso Delcle Ledforcl .lack Lewrs ILN I0llS Kyle Marshall Kathleen Massey Don McConnel Rhoda McM1Ilan Bull Mnllngan John Nelson Ellzabeth Painter Jummy Painter Kenth Porter Trula Poston Joe Reed Carolyn Rhea Faye Rhea Betty Rhodes Carl Rhodes Gerald Schaad Neta Sexton Neva Sexton 40" Mx ""vW"7I. WWW? mf :N fha, rx ,fr 1-'fe--l., M195 'VF' ,Www JUNI0ll SNAPS SQDIPIHYCPMURIES Ufyrbfss 'Q we of .132 R,-f IhI?,,, 40-rm., V,-rf" xai SOPllM0llE CLASS IIFFICEIIS President Bobby Easterday Vlce presndent Jewel Moyers Secretary Leroy Ashe Treasurer Bobby Bayless .lf-7 . ? I v"51'5"'W,,I I A' , ' I .5 5 4 A. Q L . ! ' f-3' ' f Q. f 'X 2 K V . E Q IGI - X. x i A 5 ' , .L I - e I I,,"'I . 5 x ' 5 3 X A "' ,- 1:57 I,-. ' .. 5, - 7- II . I 9 42, -2 I 4 I I I r II Aff II IIIII,..,-J' I 'I ',....f F? J' T I fn I I . . 1 ' . I, I - ' we r 5 .ss r f A so or 4- X Y swf . ' T -ff"I..,g..-' ,ff , I ' V " ' 2,-, ,If Q, H N s o - r ' rroe Ego 2 I I I II x-'l II nhvmljf. I I I . I.i.Yv,,,,... QM.- +---,.- ... . ,, II f , I I . A I I .If--., 'iq 7- V 'M ' . 'QSM V I.-. E ' '- I V- . Y . 1 3 3 , ' ,I I. Q5 L f -' ff fl V V. ,irj I .I, -." 'I I ' . II' I . , X , v in- X it . 2, r Q I q r:'2s:s.,M, 9 r N ' '- 'Q H ' ' W i ar- sz' , . V w , vi ' I, mr M H, ' , N., NNW I QQ ' 4 f ' W 'f 'V Reporter Paul Smnth JI' 1 A' 'Fil ,. My 'WG g l c M-, , , IW nw 'U 'Dx 41' ffw? New.-v 'Qin lfiu fix K tv- ,ww R we K 'Uv 3, ,Z ,z -1 r f 5 5 M RQ QW, ix X335 'QR ., e ,wr " VW 1x -W ,Q 5 1 I an ii U f Q j E vu... -f ' M. 1, . S0 Pll0Dl0 Gene Arnold Leroy Ashe Betty Bailey Robert Baker Bobby Bayless Sue Bingham Ronald Black Bettie Bond Edith Braden Claudine Bradley J. C. Bradley Peggy Bradley Maude Branch Emma Brown Jewell Brown Ruth Campbell Jimmy Caton Edna Chapman Warren Clark LaVerne Cooper Leo Cooper David Davis Clarence Dinkens Gaines Dinkens Bobby Easterday Walker Fersner Mary Lou Fine Tommy Gilbreatll Clyde Hawkins Alvin Haworth Barbara Henbrel Ernest Hendrix Wilma Henderson Lovetta Hurst Eugene Irwin 0PlIODIO IIE Joan Jessiman Albert Lacy Irene Lakin Wanda Lewis Jeanne Loy Jean McCambell Rachel Milligan Katherine Misa Ferril Moore Jewel Moyers Billy Murriel Faye Naugher Patricia Nelson Betty Nix Bob Norman Mary Jane Porter Frank Rhyne Ellen Roberts Mary Lois Rush Barbara Smith David Smith Dorothy Smith Paul Smith Betty Solomon Mary Strange Bobby Thompson Carl Worsham Pauline Wyrick Nina Wright NOT PICTURED Claude Allen Billie Lindsey W. A. Norman Bob Norris Shirley Polston M. D. Turner Willie Mae Williams and 1 CX r . "'-lx.-Q.. .H N IF R IES H M IE N WW Fll0SlI CLASS 0F President Vuce presndent Treasurer Secretary Reporter Sponsors Mr Elkms a FICEIIS Shirley Burgln George Evans Wanda Rogers Barbara Kelso Jeannine Atkins nd Muss Rhodes l7ll0SlI Mary Ruth Armstrong Jeannine Atkins Ruth Baker Delores Bales John Bayless David Beal Ethel Bell Martha Jo Blair Robert Bledsoe ina Bradley Joe Bradley Ethel Breeden Shirley Burgin Betty Jo Cooper Birdie Lee Cooper Howard Cooper Bill Conner Mary Frances Col Mary Ann Davis Clyde Diehl Betty Dishman Billy Dishman Dorothy Easterday Jewel Easterday George Evans John Evans Dixie Fortner y We we '- so . ' ' x . , i . ig A ang 3 W ,,7 K M? it ' ' ,A f"" :Gigi Q 42E:- Z me ? 1 1 V, 1 'W' X 3 . ,,, 'F if all f 'vm Q' N .. Hn 1 r H-y M ak S. S Fll0Sll George Gill David Hamilton Bud Haire Hilda Harbin Ronald' Harbin Dean Hatmaker David Hawkins Gerry Headrick Jimmy Herrell Kenneth Hicks Stella Huskey Lucy lnzer Barbara Kelso Vesta Lamb Leonard Lawson Frances Lee Wilma Lee Bennie May Lynch Betty Jo McCarty Betty Miller Ralph Miller Francis Milligan Marion Milligan Tommy Milligan Margaret Morgan Billy Nelson Gordon Nelson Sabra Nelson Dorothy Nesbitt Pauline Norman David Padgett Shirley Perkey Jo Ann Price Eugene Ray Jessie Rhyne John Rhyne Edith Roach Wanda Rogers Roger Satterfield Bettie Sue Scarbrough Zella Mae Shoffner Lawrence Simpson Mary Ann Smith Ruth Smith Billy Solomon Charles Stennettve Bonnie Taylor Louise Tipton Bobby Trotter Charlene Weaver Charles Weaver Frank Weaver Gene Webber David Weigel Barbara West Evelyn Wyrick NOT PICTURED Philip Allen James Braden Gains Clabough Wayne Cole Kenneth Cook Pauline Cook Gladys Dawson Jimmy Davis John Davis Cecil Duggar Bill Edmonds Raymond Ford Jack Gilreath Sam Heiser Gene Monday Kenneth Roop Hobert Williams Billy Worsham flap-L . L Wm, R .. f IKM A- -.,,,, if F UQ, l iff' Sa. If 3 .I E mar-en mu- fn, 'D . ' , ,.. f QL, Vis." 41 YHL -e-r fi 45 ' K J ilk.. . Nuff' may X J ,LQ ss., 3 , sk wm, X, of ll B4 A Z.. 'W' Fll0Sll if we ,Av W x , I li- A af. as ,R E Ylfliyk, 3 2 A-A T427 Af' at 194 SOPll-Fll0Sll SNAPS lawn-f T' age. rg' if K ll? bt. MQ My 1 ' V Q 9 ' i ' fx gh in Q11 wg? my , :TN , af' " Q35 . , ay "" ' G K 'F' :Mx l 1 Vip. .2 '11 hd T00 ml-ICh heart yearning . . . There's a word for it . . Lazy Bones . . . Enioying the scenery . . . Reward Ain't love grand? . . . Ain't he sweet? . . . Oh! my dogs . . . Sun grins . . . Look at that hat! . . . Sittin pretty Three's a crowd . . . All dressed up and nowhere to gc . . . The gang's all here . . . Up in the air . . myself . . . Extras on your weekly beauty calendar . . Can this be you? . . . Shine on . . . Face value. Rs IE H CI H T H Q R PX D IE N-vi f"'g-'ilxsx an R 4 f f an,,,,,p-grflf QM Ek-N E NNN 'hx ,af-' Sl: Kd' ui, F are "L"7 ab-W 'lm W V.. wwwamnm 8th GIIAIDI 1 Aff!! an -'rv if 5' A .dr saw-W fx lu.. xx MRS OUSLEYS 8TH Elmer Ammons Johnny Boyd Bobbue Jean Brennan Patsy Buckels Stephen Cates Barbara Compton Mary Sue Cooper Sara Edmondson Marjorie Evans Bully Joe Fnne Helen Head Randy Herrell Earl Lambert Bobby Loy Dorothy McCampbell Nancy McCarter Betty McCIann Wrlllodean McCloud Jessne McElroy Bully Merntt Mary Jean Muller Joe Moon A C Myers Charles Pnlkay Sunya Porter Joyce Poston Wayne Rnce Patrlcla Solsbee Charlotte Wade Dons Wulluams MRS. COWARD'S 8th Joy Ammons Carl Asbury Earl Browning Donald Cannon Roger Cardwell Emma Lynn Carpenter Margaret Collier Carl Curtis Maxine Dew Eula Pearl Duncan Betty Elrocl Mayme Lee England G. W. Fortner Herman Franklin James Frazier James Helms Johnny Lee William Needham Cecil Nix Jerry Norman Carlton Rackley Dortha Shepherd Franklin Smart Barbara Smith Charles Sprinkle Edwina Washam NOT PICTURED Floyd Forester Ronald Van De Griff Joe Lindsay Albert Gregory in . ...A li. M 1 3 8th GRADE . ' N L ' L W., l If aff' msn. ,ft ' 7 " :Wir 5' .aw .1 14 ' V -. , 2 I , 'K M f X -1 3. . wr , J X , J vi 1' 2 .. 'ww a Q' C .2 C ,,,,, . Qi ie-ee .um N f a - . V .Q A Q E ll , N. ws K i K 5 Q? 5 .ir 11. -L X N' '. W M il N in ,1 i "' N T5 fl ' ' ' l'l"N3' l xl" ii. ,.. if 1 ,E l ,.e' flxugk Jw I: A fi, E' .' 'V el 'T-vp ""W ' V' Z ,W vs ., 4 ii A . , . NE. , ea 1 F . N w I , ' J . A , . L 4 W Ligi qmgaf 1 ai ,X ' 5 ' in E E Z ,Vei g 1 ff.. .5 CN 'Ez' -Q ,,,,, ' mf' l iq? iv A if --. Q f' i ' ' A " 3, - I ,Hwy ff A v V 5, Ar 1 it . l by M y - 1' We A Miki f ,- gf 8th GRADE SNAPS 'QC QI X u . ' I KA E-,ii va at 45. ,1 fi .s Wm. 5 -1? 54.2 Batter up . . . Strike one . . . What a horse . . . Whoa, Whoa . . . Some background . . . Too lean on Iearmng . . . Man's best friend . . . Hey, rah-rah . . . Waitin' for the chauffeur . . . A long way from home . . . Some dog . . . Sunday best . . . Cool thoughts . . . Where is that boy? . . . Ready to go 9 EQTTQE-5 WN ws-,XY Air' I 'xi L 1 1 lf' C N J? We fQa+39 Q X 1. ff ,I , .l" Q ,Qjf . t Mgdii- .jj bq If K v sf . W If A,-f ,aj J' . 4- W gl? A M I M , . , 4 o 2 1 ' xx A, U , A ' 1 , W4 VALEDICTORIAN Mae Mann Butcher BEST ALL AROUND BOY Robert Vandergriff -I SALUTATORIAN Nancy Cooper THE D. A. R. WINNER Bettye Capps, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. C. O. Capps, was aptly chosen the winner of the D. A. R. Award by the senior class and the faculty. The following qualifica- tions were determining factors in the choice of Bettye as the D. A. R. winner: Dependability, Service, Leadership, and Patriotism, BEST ALL AROUND GIRL Winston Bullen . gl AY S Q- wr' -iv- Whig, EXECUTIVE CLUB Sponsors Mrs Ousley Mrs Bell Mrs Ross The Executive Club rs an orgamzatnon of offlcers from the various classes and clubs of the school The purpose of thus club IS To support and honor the school In all :ts efforts 1 M Y q ,. , ,M Wars . A in 0 ' A . . , . , . s E. f -ff ' ,O GAB CLUB Mrs Floy Bell Sponsor The purpose of the Gab Club IS to develop assurance and self confidence when speakang before a group of people The group actuvutues are the presen tation of plays choosnng of good movues and traunvng In democratic assocs dergruff Vlce Presudent Maryorue Wrlght Secretary 81 Treasurer Norma lohnson Parlnamentaruan and Nancy Cooper Reporter w ation. The offilcers of the club are: Charles Roach-Presidentg Robert Van- BETA CLUB Mrs AmyA Moyers Sponsor The Natlonal Beta Club rs a non secret achxevement servlce organlzatnon for hlgh school students Its objectives are to encourage effort promote char acter stimulate achievement and to encourage and assrst students to con trnue their educatnon after hugh school The purpose of this organization us the promotron of the Ideals of hon esty, service and leadershlp among hugh school students The officers ofthe club are C M Clnfton Presldent Dons Worsham and Joyce Cooper Program Chaurman THE MEMBERS Bethe Bond Emma Brown Nancy Brown Wunston Bullen Bettye Capps C M Clufton Buddy Cooper Joyce Cooper LaVerne Cooper Nancy Cooper Bull Easterday George Golns Alvnn Haworth Freda l-lembree Norma Johnson Betty Kelso Delcue Ledford Mae Mann Kathleen Massey Jewell Moyers John Nelson James Prater Mnldred Sharpe Betty Solomon Jama Ruth Tnpton Robert Van dergrlff Betty Wells Wilma Wolfenbarger Dorls Worsham ' s 1 l . . Z . I - . " . . 1 ' . I' . . t . . . TT I T1 Vice-President, Nancy Cooper-Secretary, Wilma Wolfenbarger-Treasurer, . I I I O I I ' ' I I I 1 , I 1 1 I . I I . , I . SPANISH CLUB Mrs Amy A Moyers Sponsor The Soannsh Club consusts of all students taknng Spannsh Its purpose as to create more Interest among the students In Spanlsh speaking countries This years offlcers are Norma Johnson Presldent Doris Worsham Vice Presldent Betty Kelso Secretary Margaret Dram Treasurer Joyce Ann THE MEMBERS Alvln Haworth John Nelson Gerald Schaad John Frazler Ronald Wnlson Ednth Braden Juanlta Braden Peggy Bradley Maude Branch Emma Brown Nancy Brown Joyce Ann Cooper LaVerne Cooper Margaret Dram Freda Hembre Lovetta Hurst Norma Johnson Betty Kelso Irene Lakin Jean McCampbell Mnldred Sharpe Betty Soloman Dons Worsham Mary Jean Schaad . I , . I . . . l 1 . 1 . I 1 - "' I T' 1 i I Coope r-Repo rter. I . ' t I I I V I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I . I ' I : :NL x T Q ' t .Q QE, ,.,, msmX . 'K X12 In we 925-1-'fz f ' bggyiaww LIBRARY CLUB Mrs Hunter Advisor The purpose of this club ss to sponsor a greater :nterest among the stu dents an the use of books and Inbrary servnce to stumulate readmg Interest and to fmprove the library servlce of the school OFFICERS Wawanna Cameron Presldent Pearl Wyrlck Vlce presldent Marjorne Campbell Secretary Jama Ruth Tnpton Treasurer Betty Wyruck Reporter 55. Y. wx LETTER CLUB Mr John Elkins James Duncan Paul Smith Leo Cooper James Prater Advisor President Vice president Secretary Treasurer Reporter The purpose of the Letter Club is to promote good will between this and other schools To foster good sportsmanship within the P Club member To promot good sportsmanship of any contest between P H S and other schools Y I f',Fr"""' J., 'rr , K , KM 1 V . ,W - 5 fag, ,,g-6,1776 V. g 'W fly,-iv in A ' - B. f Yr - , V r Franklin Massey .... P. .. ,'.l,l.A. ..... l,'.',V. . . ,'.'.A. ..,..,...... . ' - ' U ' ' ' Il Il ship. To limit the honor of wearing a "P" to members who have earned it D . L-AJ lp: 6 15- .Ugg oe E :MFE lwilille -fie- ,WT 'L 3 I ll me -6-0-'G 4 SENIOR CLASS SONG Tune: When I Grow Too Old To Dream Refrain, Valse lento Cslowlyl pooo ores. PMP Q. ae When we leave our s oo? dear We.'l1 have you to r mem- ber-. 'Q' -X ' a Q0 'A' J Y . V Y d f ' c V nf ISP W - i ,- X -f , '-I f , .V YY .1 A Y f - . Q P l P l ' - ' k...f Though we may be far a- way. Fond memories live in our hearts. e Y e9 e , l h X LLP , i , ll ,, I if S , 1 n, , YV W f xl' Y be oe l ' J el hai l . Il , ,Y ' , ' L , V ' ' .., l K , iz If K - 1 o- ja: - la, ,H Q . l ' 1 1 ' oO Fare- El gh sch ol. And so let us wrt-, And a a . l G1 4 - do gif e'l ll Q l All l o rl l Q- ' I e o e Q l o , 'I ' l' e Q g e J Q g J o l e 1 lu e e el o lo L e 1 hllla Q f 1 V V 1' e e e 5 "' h' ' 3 ' as we leave Powell High this ye , Li memfjz-ies 1.' e'in ur hea . W D l cj X, 7 u -9 ' Q. A : o o ' Q FEM a e e I ' - . ea ee 1 gl an t A lfl Sponsor Mrs Grace Ross Motto Toward New Horizons Motto expresses the purpose of the club We work together for better and happier home hte for everyone We thunk that helping to make happy homes now and In the future IS the most Important thung that you can do for a democracy 3rd and 4th YEAR FIIA lst YEAR FFA Mr, H. J. Fowler-Advisor The Motto' Learning to do doing to learn earning to live living to serve Frank Massey James Evans Woodrow Evans Charles Roach Harvey Beeler 2 n ll 1 E A ll I+ F A Officers of the Powell Chapter F FA President Vice President Treasurer Reporter ' I I I D o ' i ' I ,,...r.... , i..,.. ...i.,..,.rr.... .r.r . I Secretary There are lOO members in this club 3rd and 4th YLAII FFA AGRICULTURE Sll0P fwwf rwmw 5l'lNI0ll CLASS WIFFTINI l'Nl0ll 9FRl0ll BANQUPT l948 49 "5-UN' ll CLF Mrs Ousley Sponsor The purpose of thus club IS to prepare the members to be better home makers There are flfty four members OFFICERS Presndent Emma Brown VICE Df9SId9f1f Jewell Moyers 5eCfefafY Wawanna Cameron Treasurer Betty Barley Repoffel' Wanda Welgel FRA-1 Aixam RWM , a3ffl'4?f?i wmv ,Q MQW? my H594 sw ninemsn- W NP me an we if -of .AX A gi' WJ- SAFETY l'ATIl0L James Braden Ronald Harbln Joe Bradley Marvm West Jack Lewis, Elizabeth Harbin Jlmmy C ton Donald McConnell Lawrence Sumpson Bully Murnel Bull Edmonds it, vw-, F- -., . V " . C .1 ,. I .exif fly 4,-A Q x 4 C ',,1f-guilt,-A 'J X I ' Y- , i. ' ,. A r 4 - J B , L Mg f mwmwasmmrels W V " M' ' :J :rf I B C we me I N ra S 4 L ' 'ff' we , ,L 5,-ix ,hu 1 2 . 4 V C t wg., gms all an U A. 3 1, an A MH Ei 1 W -Q '- VtE:g.gSflw . A 3 ,- ,,.,- uv' . wr' A 5' ,, gas . ,V Y Q L g .,, tv: . - .N A ' "' A , ,K I I I I I a I I I I ' -it As-...WDC mm 4 -' -1... -L' ,171 4.-T-faq -v-un'--45"-f AL 'lf--J QTGFA XIII I0 The Musuc Club IS composed of members of the mlxed chorus The purpose of thus club us to create a love for musuc OFFICERS Presxdent Robert Vandergrmff Vlce presndent Nancy Cooper Secretary Winston Bullen Treasurer Betty Wells Socnal Chasrman Joyce Ann Cooper Reporter Wawanna Cameron RIITSIC ll00M Ku BUSINESS IlFPAll'l'Nll4N'l' U- 'T' 'I' Il0ME ECONOMlCS N. .,.,. i' A ? E E 5 K, I xg, Secretary-Miss Bernice Rhodes Cafeteria Mrs. Stella Duggar Mrs, Willa Dean Cooper Mrs. Edith Rhodes Miss Bernice Rhodes . , in NY-Asif' ,J was ' N-v-" all UQWK, Caretaker TRANSPORTATION OPERATORS Mr. G. M. Rhea Mr. Jim Neubert Mr. Leon Dawson Mr. Homer Edington f Mr. Rupert Lewis 'QQ Tl'll Mrs Floy Bell and Mrs Grace Ross Advrsors The Y Teen Club rs a democratuc orgamzatxon whuch devotes Itself to developing the physccal mental and moral aspects of a gurl s lute The offlcers are Fannette Edmondson presudent Flossle Weaver vlce president Wxnston Bullen secretary Wawanna Cameron Treasurer Norma Johnson and Imogene Bayless Sergeants at Arms and Betty Wells R porter we my .4-uma 3' a ll I - Y Mrs Moyers Sponsor The purpose of the Hn Y rs to create rnanntaxn and extend throughout the school and communrty hxgh standards of Chrnstlan character The platform ns clean speech clean scholarshrp clean sportsmanshnp and clean Ilvlng Presldent Vu e president Treasurer Secretary Chaplain OFFICERS James Prater Bnll Hatmaker James Pannter Woody Evans C M Clifton SIPURTS fs A Imam-.,,,,,, Aagjkfl f""! H55 0 :www yn -1 ..:: jg, ' YN wx 1 .,'l',.L'Y . ' E nay U, F QR XY' - 'ww an f X -4'A, ' v 1 , ""-1'-. -rfv , 1' -' 75 I' - - ,:' 5. 5 . V X . ls A I ,x , , . ' JV " 1 .-'QL . . ,,,.f' ' '4 " . ' AP' f . H. V X2 ,Q 1 . t ,tra Q A ' kullerf' f uv Aer-AA -. ,urn Q.. K v ,V .- H ' 1 . 4-ug," X , vav+"1,fTiH:3,g A A ,, J aff-W -' " " ' - 4,11-gg.: -' v-f ' H jg , 1. ,,, H -f W f' o 'f ' 1,5 CIIEEIILEADILBS Wawanna Cameron-Head Cheerleader Joyce Ann Cooper Norma Johnson Nancy Cooper Helen Black T Winston Bullen FOOTBALL INDIVIDUALS Seniors Red Vandergriff Jim Prater Bill I-latmaker Jimmy Painter Centers Ferrill Moore Charles Nix Bob Easterday Ends Charles Roach Jimmy Painter Tackles J. C. Bradley Homer Smith First String Backfield- Red Vandergriff Homer Smith Bill Hatmaker Bill Easterday Guards Billy Lindsey Albert Lacy J. C. Bradley Homer Smith Warren Clark Dan Cooper Charles Nix Jimmy Prater Coach Mr. John Elkins Captain Jimmy Painter Co-Captain O. D, Hatmaker Flossle Weaver Helen Black Norma Johnson Jewel Brown Barbara Armstrong Ehzabeth Pamter Mildred Sharpe Betty Cooper Rachel Mxlhgan Jo Ann Jesslman Wawanna Cameron Joyce Cooper Roberta Weaver Jo Ann Dew Doris Worsham Vesta Lamb Betty Wells and Imogene Bayless Managers John Elkuns Coach Flossne Weaver Captann GIRL S BASKETBALL Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard Forward Forward Forward Forward Forward I4 Forward PoweH PoweH PoweH PoweH PoweH PoweH PoweH PoweH PoweH PoweH PoweH PoweH PoweH PoweH PoweH PoweH GIRLS SCHEDULE Farragut Maynardvulle Gnbbs Carter Lake Cnty S Oliver Springs Karns Olzver Sprmgs Farragut Karns Maynardvnlle Gnbbs Lake Cnty T S D L 31 1 9 ' gg 20 ., ., ..,.......,,,.....,...r ......,...... . 29 I5 24 .,,,..,,...,,... .. ......... ,,.. A 30N I6 30 .,..,......,,...,....,.........,,........,... . ' 33 I3 2I ,.,.,. ..........,...................,. ,,,,.. .... 3 O . . 22 22 . .. ...........................,, ..,,..,... . ' 30 . 2' 43 ,,..,,.,......,.....,., . ,...........,..,,,. .,,, T . . D. 26 9 27 . ,,........,..............,....,.. .... ' ' 50 . . I9 27 ...,.........,,,.,....,....,......,,.....,...... .,4. C arter 36 . 4 32 ., ,.,.,.,..............,................,....,,....,.. I4 I7 30 ., .........,.......,.....,,,,......,.,.., ' ' 47 8 24 .....,.................................,........ I7 9 26 ,. .......,.,......,...4.........,.,,....,.,......... I8 20 . 28 ,. ,,,,..,.. .....,...........,...,., ,..,.. ' . H ...............,..........,........,,........... Q , .... , 4 . .wg 'Q 1' 5 - 'll 4 1 .gm Q' , M 'N ,1.1 ,QA . K 6 QF 'W gy Q f 1 5- , s 5 Q J 4 X ls S 5 5 aw x QQB 5' H. ,, x 'QSM fd! .1 2 E:,, Q 3 3? Vilv f : A E A Y A ' A , .555 Hi , ,K at k 2 x 3, Qs' P I ,K E BASKETBALL INDIVIDUALS Jimmy Painter Bill Hatmaker L. C. Jenkins Buddy Cooper Pete Campbell Leo Cooper owe Q ya fy 5, df-ft be QUEEN KING Wawanna Cameron Jim Painter Norma Johnson Essay Contests Wmner In Junnor Chamber o Com rnerce speech contest on the subyecf I Speak for Democ racy Head cheerleader of 48 49 morb Mae Mann Butcher NHNCY COUPE' Betty Capps Wanda we'99l Valedlctoruan Fdltor of Annual and Salu DAR Cmzensmp Award Wnrmer of S325 OO In 4 H Club Contest and a hundred and thnrty one ribbons tatoruan Elizabeth Harbm Ca,-I Aman, Jlmmy Prater Wawanna Cameron Perfect attendance record Publlcafloq of 0,-,gmal poem Publncatuon of orlgunal poem Head Cheerleader of 49 50 Eluzabeth has not mlssed a In National Poetry An an Natnonal Poetry An Mass Powell Hn of I9-10 day at school for enght fl-tology thology yea rs 1-,- James Evans Clyde Meredith State Farmer State Farmer State Farmer Vice presudent of State F F A Frank Massey ' Q. 4' 5 ,? . 'w' K . ,Q Q C C i M... 4 X C ,, W , . . . V - . . 1 , C A A s TQ. FFA BASKETBALL CIINTEST POEM 0F FALL By Carl Amann When pumpkins are braght and yellow When all the leaves have gone to rest And apples re bag and mellow Ah' Yes In the fall of long ago How well I stall remember How mother used to snt and sew Before the glownng embers The days of chaldhood now are o e But the memories wall always last Ot fall and harvest tnmes of yore Those dear old days forever past Thus poem was a wmner of space an the Natlonal Poetry Anthology Franklln Massey Homer Smith Jlmmy Evans Charles Nix O D Hatmaker A J McBee Leroy Ashe Jimmy Thompson Shirley Burgln Harvey Beeler Games Won 7 Games Lost 4 Coach Forward Guard Center Guard Forward Guard Forward Center Forward Guard M H J Fower THE ENGLISH DEPARTMENT OUR VALUABLES By Jimmy Prater Why IS he not precnous when he IS old As the antlques so dear In your household? Those chalrs that pannel case can ne er be so Because they re more to you than purest gold These jewels have wlthstood only mans hand But that staunch fruend whom tame as bendmg low Has weathered many storms on sea and land No matter how the wmds of lsfe would blow He who always cheered you on a r lny day Who shuelded you from danger by the way Now has passed beyond that tume of lute When he could cope with problems In great strife Should tnme the value of the aged erase Whule worthless thmgs we hold an our embrace7 Thus poem was a wmner of space un the Natuonal Poetry Anthology ' l0 ' 8 ' l4 ' l5 I . . l2 ' . . 6 d 7 ' 20 ' ' l0 5 ,, .,.,..,.......,...,........ ....,. r . . . I 4 Fall is the time of yearufor harvest, l . h . l : . I , Id . lr I I ' L. in Al VIERTIISIERSV fr' Wim .I EF , fm. M! 'gfdiv .Q Jin' if ' ,ff " WI-'wwf .sf ,A 'W 'wi ix? E ---,fix 51? X MMQY M, E rv? 'Nb in A4 it 1 , 6 , AW , Aw , t.. -,,"'1- 2, ' -. f agp , . AA? A .ix 2, A A, . . . ,Q .. . , . f - an Lu. -3 , A, .AAAJAA WAFA , L55 ,XA A, f Ad. 'YA - AAAAAAAAQ: AZA K . A fe 'Xi L Adqiff fu 'J 'I' ,Y . ' 'I 7 4 ' ' X ' QX' "4" .+.'P 'fl f. 'gif' R, --if ' ' ' ' ,H ti , J - Q ,F . L- 7,1 'gl :lux A E , .AAF Ai A - A A, Ag-y ik f :6,,,,v":,-YFAAA A: .Ag ., 5 1' u 4 n . ' ' -Ig - ?, -P - JF, 4. - A A. '1:,y, "-"' A- A j,,. f-g I UQ? .:A?,,-A A AA A. Av .-,. ,631 'A A Av A VA, I: 1' .f KLA FA A ' .AQ iff: ' YK ,,."',.if'l,2?TA., .. S' 'T' A ,::'vA -z fe 4 'K u"fa"r"5' e , f. :LQEQ V 1 T, EA ,f 3, Q , , A, P 1-. -54 ' x -1.. , , 5'1" A ,: A, ','?..f L., . -ig A, ' , N, -, .' N '- ,AA-, , . 1 . . ig A, A, A ,XA -gr -+A ,I 1 Q r-5 A A Skgim H, Av ' ' -1 - ' 'Q A Q. A' f -f . 2. 'H 65- 5 sgf-NF1ff ' '. , :Q if 1 '- M J. QV f-ff ff f A. "sig - ,524 1 uf .L A '- .' Y.81x - 'L N ' ' - AJ A ' ""f'A-AAA Bl- U . ,J . ' .- A A'vA, 1 1 Aj 55,35 , ,gf MAA, L 1. " 'V -V, , ' ' w " , . ,,,, , in , .. ff- ,uf Wi s fl-I RAY 8. BIBLE MOTOR SALES 1037 North Central Avenue Opposite Sears WEEKS DRUG STORE 1200 North Central Knoxville Tennessee PHONE 3 3153 AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT McNUTT FLORIST PHONE 2 1136 MANAGER Ms Ca olyn B Bullen SCOTT ELECTRIC COMPANY Ho ace V neya d Elbert V neyard VINEYARD TRADING CO ualety Furniture For Less Appla ces West ghouse Rad os Knoxvnlle Tennessee JOHN F LONAS Plumbing and Heating Company 726 728 Lamar Street POST OFFICE BOX 295 Knoxvnlle Tennessee T L FINE GROCERY FRESH MEATS 81 VEGETABLES 3158 N Central Ave We Deluver Phone 5 3341 IDEAL ELECTRIC COMPANY Gene al Electrc Products FIXTURES WIRING ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES PHONE 3 4105 420 Unlon Avenue Knoxvnlle Tennessee Cannon s Auto Upholstery Auto Glass Installed Convertnble Tops Seat Covers WAYNE FEED-SEEDS-JPOU LTRY SUPPLIES AMCO FEED STORES 116 East Jackson Ave 3162 North Central Ave Knoxvulle Tennessee ' I I O I I . - I , s A I I I I h . . I I . I Q l 7 e I ' 2' I T l l E II Z ' . 3 I I ' sz . I I I 4 I - I I I -I I . .. - I 'U ' 5 - l 3 N P -. 0 -f I I U' ' - u 1 " N Q ' s ' s . I sn I n I' m . :I . -0- 'I -. IL -- ,,, - I I 1' M Q Q - I I l I 81 S GROCERY MEATS GROCERIES FRUITS VEGETABLES FEEDS CLINTON HIGHWAY POWELL EX 9511 Knoxvlllo Counoll lll Busmoss Schools Thorough Buslness Tralnlng Pays Large Dlvldends The Success You Aftaln Depends on Your Traunung We the members of the Knoxv Ile Councl of Bus ness Schools recommend that yo choose an establ shed business college that has proved tself through years of successful standard courses of mst uctlon and reasonable rates of turt on Busmess execut ves of thus great ndust al a ea ecognuze the drplomas of these member schools as certlf cates of p ohc ency and achlevement For ful particulars communicate wnth any or all of the member schools DRAUGHON BUSINESS COLLEGE KNOXVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE NATIONAL BUSINESS COLLEGE All Members Are Accrednted Schools And A Centrally Locaterl un Knoxvllle Tennessee -T I - 1 I I - I - - l - Q - I O O , i i i , u i ' i operation. By attending a reputable business college you are assured of fair treatment, . I . I . i l ' I ' i ri r r ' ' ' i r ' i ' . I I . . . l n " ,re .. I FRIENDS Thus page IS sponsored by the following friends Hensley Florlst Mr G M Rhea Mrs Ousley Mrs Coward Mr Snell Jnmmy Herrell Mr 8. Mrs Games Herrell Muss Barbara Rhodes Carl Bell Four Frlends Mr 8. 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Mr. . ' Mr. . . Ri . Frank . Hopson Mr. . J Mr. . . . . . . . ' Mr. . . . . . Mr. . . Fin Compllments of BEAVER MOTOR AND IMPLEMENT CO lnternatlonal Harvester Dealers on Farm Machinery Diamond T Motor Dlstrlbutor 701 E JACKSON AVE PHONE 5 2143 Sou thern Household Supply Co B I L L S C A F E Complete Home Furmshmgs HOT PLATE NOTIONS DRINKS DIAL 2 2253 Powell Statlon Tennessee FOU TAI BA K The Oldest Bank ln Knox County I207-'I209 NORTH CENTRAL AVE. I I Complsments of LONSDALE FURNITURE CO We Furnish Your Home Completely Servlng Knoxville Knox and Adjolnmg Countles Smce 1923 JOHN M TILLERY Founder Hollingsworth Bros Grocery KELLY TIRES 500 N Central Ave 1-:ish Sings? Knoxville 17 Tennessee d LONSDALE MEMORIAL woRKs C0"'p""'e"'S of 4oo w 'r A l K,,,,,,,,,,e enneme 'fgjjessee coclcnum Lumen co :Nc b C R K PHONEy2 2562 Dual 2 4131 om Ave FRANK A MCSPADDEN Realtors SALES PROPERTY MANAGEMENT T t T tt REAL ESTATE LOANS p FIRE AND CASUALTY INSURANCE PHONE N . I . . . . . ' I Z - - I - . 1 Tom Armstrong Harold Van erpoole Compliments of , - . I, Represented . . irby Associates: G. a e ro er Frank A. McS adden, Jr. 3 -2 I 2 'l 1- WASHING and GREASING CONNER SERVICE STATION GULF PRODUCTS Cllnton Hlghway Route No 1 Knoxvllle Tennessee BAUMS HOME of FLOWERS Knoxvllle Tennessee Fowers to All The World By WIr Say It WItl'I Flowers Compl me ts of HENDERSON BROS ESSO Servlce Center WASHING LUBRICATING 81 ACCESSORIES Ball Camp PIke Knoxvnlle Tenn PHONE 2 9476 Compllments of SPANISH CLUB Lmdsays Hardware 81 Varlety EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE 2506 N CENTRAL AVE PHONE 2 0355 Elmer Nlckle Auto Servlce 2752 Western Ave Phone 2 4160 GENE DUTTON S GARAGE COMPLETE MECHANIC SERVICE Phone 2 4160 PHONE 2 8561 Herbert 81 Nlckle Furnlture Co QUALITY POPULAR PRICES 1603 5 Western Ave Knoxvllle 16 Tennessee Roden Electrlcal Supply Co RADIO AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 808 North Central at Broadway Phone 3 0491 ANDERSON S CASH GROCERY OPEN SEVEN DAYS PHONE 91J1 CompIImerIts of Mr 81 Mrs Archle Campbell 81 Stephan Comphments f BETA CLUB NITM Auto Matlc Car Wash Company 501 3 5 K ng Street at Magnola Avenue TELEPHONE 2 1584 Comphments of Mr 81 Mrs S Jesslman Comphments of SELLAR S GRILL Comphments of B T ICE COMPANY 1 o e E I I A .,, I - ' ll ' ' II I i n I - l 0 I ' ' ..I . , . - Next Door To Brown's Restaurant - Rgden Elecfficql CO, - I I I ' 1 I . O M I - A N , - - I I ' PARKER BROS CO Inc: HARDWARE ROOFING-I-IARNESS SADDLES FIELD and GARDEN SEEDS 418 20 22 Walnut Street 3'l'l E Jackson Ave Knoxville 2 Tennessee B F GILL 8 SONS JOHNS MANVILLE PRODUCTS LUMBER MILLWORK PAINTS INSULATION POWELL STATION TENNESSEE Dlal 4 0771 Ext 'l6'l Grocerv GROCERIES MEATS Powell Stahon Tennessee PHONE 82 COMPLIMENTS OF G R MOSER CITY FURNITURE COMPANY D SALES MANAGER 200 West Vme Street T , T' l I B. T. LYUNS I I t I -. - I P. .Chance- Il -......-.......L .. - .. .. - - .I Compliments of A FRIEND HOPE FLORIST 38 Cnty Market We Hope You Say It Wuth Flfuwe And Say It Wlth Ours W I SEARS ROEBUCK 81 COMPANY 1000 N Central Ave Phone 29611 KNOXVILLE SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE MRS WM LAWSON 405 Unlon Avenue Over Coles Drug Store Corner Unlon and Market SI' Knoxvllle Tenn Phone 3 9826 Compliments of POWELL TELEPHONE CO AMMONS FOOD MARKET 2413 NORTH CENTRAL Lydno Mapes Wllhams Florlst 810 N BROADWAY KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE COURTESY QUALITY SERVICE I WATSON GROCERY Corner of Mays Road 8- Cllnton Hwy PHONE 138 KNIIX SUPPLY COMPANY Inc J I CASE FARM MACHINERY FIELD SEEDS FERTILIZER DAIRY POULTRY 81 HOG FEED 128 S. MORGAN STREET 2-1 71 6 4-8747 I- ll ll - . . VS Best ishes to The Class o '50 from E. Tennesseeis Largest Beauty School . I I , I l U - I G I ' '- . Compliments of I . "Say it wi h Flowers" I 9 0 T. 1 I I It Costs Less t E R C H To Furnush Your Home FINE WATCHES PERFECT DIAMONDS W J HIENS JEWELER Good Watch aklng Phone 3 8017 424 Unnon Avenue KNOXVILLE BLEDSO RADIO SHOP RADIO TELEVISION Auto Repamng And Welding PHONE 149 CAFETERIA MANAGEMENT Mrs Stella Duggar Mrs Wnlla Dean Cooper Mrs Edith Rhodes KNOXVILLE PARKRITE INC Park Wuth Safety and Dependabnlnty IT PAYS TO SHOP AT The Hub Department Store 29 West Market Sq Serving You Slnce 22 EVANS DRY CLEAN ERS Evons Beauty Shoppe POWELL STATION Phone 40771 Ex 'I35 EVANS MARKET GROCERIES and HARDWARE ELECTRIC WELL PUMPS ESSO GAS and SUPPLIES ll a S T I S Compliments of 8: EMORY WINDOW CLEANER Complete Ho e Office School Chu ch Hotel Com ecal and Indust al Cleamng Walls Floors Wndows DO T A ROUTE I KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE EMORY COAL COMPANY R C A L W I L L B U N ROUTE 'I KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE TELEPHONE 4 7917 24 HOURS McCLAIN MOTOR SERVICE And AUTO SALES WASHING GREASING WRECKER SERVICE ROAD SERVICE NEW AND USED PARTS I SHAFER S SERVICE STATION GENERAL REPAIR WORK USED CARS BOUGHT AND SOLD TEXACO PRODUCTS 5 Mdes out Clinton Highway PHONE 63293 24 HR SERVICE Knox,-,Ile Rouge 1 phone 40111 Chnton Hwy Rt 2 Knoxville Tenn Complnments of BRINIK IDE MILLS RETAIL TOIIE - AII types of Dress Materials Buy Dnrect And Save m , ' , , r , m r i ri ' 1 , , I " W E I L L " TELEPHONE 4-7917 24 HOURS " O U O R " BXNK 0F KNUXVILLE THAT FRIENDLY BANK Member of Federal Depcsnt Insurance Corporation a d United States Depository GENTRX MORTUARX TELEPHONE 6 4481 Sheltons Restaurant Specnaluze rm Amerca 81 Chmese Food CLINTON HIGHWAY OLIVER WRIGHT C0 Inc HARDWARE FARM MACHINERY FIELD SEEDS FEEDS and FERTILIZERS Corner Patton 81 Willow Streets Knoxvllle Tennessee TELEPHONES 4 3019 4 3010 LLY ,LY 47 X. . n Y I 7 102 FOUNTAIN CITY O, O in I Q I I I I ,I IIAWIILTIIN NATIUN KL BXNK OXVI TE Mann Office Gay at Clinch BRANCHES Fifth at Broadway Cumberland at Nineteenth CHANDLER 8- CO Inc BUILDING MATERIALS LUMBER PAINT T A T E M OT E L HARDWARE 428 W DEPOT STREET Route 1 Knoxville Tenness e WEAVER FUNERAL HOME 300 Market Street PR MPT A b I COURTEOUS WHITE STQRES F00 TI LLERY TH EATRE Clinton Highway CITY UMBER COMPAN McMillan Street PHONE 2 1121 Ync - - - ! ,4- , Y Y T T L A L L L A A K N L L E N N . 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