Portland High School - Totem Yearbook (Portland, ME)

 - Class of 1951

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Portland High School - Totem Yearbook (Portland, ME) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 6 of 128
Page 6 of 128

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Page 6 text:

1 N1 Cfutem Spomsors X I x 1 1 x N 1 1 1 1 x I I SIX 1 1 x 1 ' v I'1111-1111.11 .111-I M11 II-11.1111 X '111111I ,Xl1- .I11111. 51111 1,1111 1,111 II Il111'I11 ,I II I1'I.1I11-111 .XI1N I11111,111I .I1111- 111.-111 -1 111111. IIIIIIICI III SII'I:' 1211111:1I':1I1 ,XI11I1 IIX11' S1 111I1 XX I,'1111 I1 I1 -XII' f'I"I -XIIf I""""f1 II 11-1111 1:.11111.111 .111 .11111 111- 1:11.11-11 1:-.1111- ,XIIx 1-3111.11 1111111 II .I11X -1 II 'I 1'.11'Il-111 1'11I111111 .XI1' .11111 XIV- II X 1111 -I-111: IXI1- .11111 .XI1-1, 11111111-1 I-Q . lsr II1I-11 X I.11I-11151111 XIIIIII IIIIII IIIIIIIII IIIIIIIII .XIrx1'g11-'11XI1I 1 . . I I I III III' 1-1 .1 1:1 11111111 .11 .XII'f 11 XI 1-'11- I1I1111"1'1I I' I"I"IIIII .I1-I111 ,I IIq1x1x 1 .I I I I1fII1-1'I11I- IIIIIIIIU I111-1111 XI1'- Ii11-11- "1' 11 '11'. III' 'IIIII III' IIINIIII' I'I"'I .I1N 1.11111..11 I111Ix1-:1 IIIIIII II AIIIII II IIIIIIIIS II IIII III MI, IIIIII MIX XIIIIIIIIII IIIIIXII ,XI11111'i -1- l,11I111 I. I I I I11'111.111 Imxis X1111-IX I11111:f.1f IHII' II"I:I'II'I' 'II'III 'I 'IIIIIII 'II 11,,,1,,,I',11,,,,1i 51 III, I'111l Il II111I:1'1111 .XII .11111 XI1X 121111211 I'-11 .XI1's I'I1: l'I- s I1z 1 1 I 1, 111 - 1'1 1-'111I III III III II I, AIIIIIIPIIX' I1I11l11'I11'l51-1 II"XX"X I'I"'I' X I XIII 11.11111-.1I-' II111X I111l Il1111I'11I11'111'I1SI11I1 IIIIII' III VII1 'IIIIX IIIIIIIIIIIX IIILIIIIIIII I ' ' IIIIIIIII IIIIIIII 111- 111111 111- 111111 1 1.111 ""'II I- XIIIIII 11' 4111111111111 11.1111 I I I IIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIII I-1,1,I,1 1I,.1,II.,I .XI1 111-I .XI1-- II11111111I 1 .XI:1111111 Ii, XX11X111.111 II I 4 XII II II II 111I11 ,I1' , I .XI1'- l1-1-111- I111-I1I ' I " I' I' I-1-11111 5IIIIII1'II III II I II II I I 111+ 111-1 1: 1:1-11-11.1 Ix .5 1I'1'I ,I ' .I1111' - 11-1111 .XI1'r. .X1'1I1111' .I 51111111 II III III IIIIII II II 1111111 Ix11111Ir1-11 UIIIII IIIIIIII .XI11111:11'1I I II-11111I11111 XIIH IIIIVIIIII XI II11::1111 ' III I II I IIII I 111- .11111 111- 1-'1111-1-11-11 1 1 ,' I . 'f .11 111- 1 . ! 11 XI1's .X11:11w1:1 ISI111111I IIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIII 'II'-IIII 1,111,. 11.11 XIIX IIIII' IIIII"I IIIIIIIIII 'I 'I XI 11-1.11-111 11-1.-111-11 XX'1111l11111I1'11NI1111g x'II II II III' II I II IIIIIII I .I1-1111111 1111111 XI1- 111111 A11-1 .11. -1.11 '1' IIIIIII 'III III' IIIIIIIIIIII I'II'II I11111'I11111 1:1111-1.1-11 yy,,1,.1I Xlrx If-11111-1l1 .X1'111f111111:1 I1 I'-II7f1II"'II' 5II'I1II'XI" IIII ,IIIII IXII, III.IIII1II 11 II N1Iw1111 ll11X11111111I. .I1 AIIIF 'IIIXIIIII S' 'IIIIII 'II IIIIIIIIIII IXIIHXIIII IIIII15lf .XIi1'-1 S11X:1:1 II'I'1I1IS--I111111-11-111, I.II,II.1,, If SIIIIXIII X .XI1 .1111I ,XIl'r ,XIlI1'II1-II I' .XI1's. .I11l111 I, ,XI111':1s111 -XIIK II11'I11-1'1 Ii1'I111111lX -XII' ZIIIII Xl 'N I11- I1 -1-I X111-- II111'11f I':1II'I .I II11sf XIVN .l:1111 -s II, Sl -11111 .XI,11'x' IIX11' IVI11 Ilf X IIIIII1 II1'. I". I11111:1I1I I11111-1.5 I-I I51 111Ii1111..I1' I'II'xIXIII' XXV'IIf I'III'-III IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII XI11.111"'15 SI11111 .Xlwf I1IIxi111'11.'I1111'111 -XII' IIII1I XIIF Il'1'I111'1I ll-.111-1 .Xllx 'l1-1-1"4- N Ii111I1'1'l-11' Mrs II.11'11I1I511111111-11-I1-1 XI1'f XIiI1s Il M1111-1. XI I- IIfII"IIIIl IIIIQ II' I' II IIIX' I1 XII KVIIIIII Q ,III .Xlr 1111113115 1,1fIi1.II,11-111111 .XIV :111I .XI1- 1'I1-1I1- XX, .XI1: II'1111I1I I1:1lI11 . Nw .1 1 121 , I I Q 1-.1 .1- 1'i11 "I1111'I--N II XI--I1111Ii1 XIIIIIX IIIIIIIIIIII NIIIIIII I I I IIIIII XIIII IIIIW .XI1x I111II1 It XXx111111 1II.4,I,,III. I I III IIIIIIIIILIII X111 1'.11I111"111 I1'I 111- 111 -XIIM I1:11'I11111 l'11111 .Xlr 111111 .XI1- l,-1111- I'-1-11111I' IIIII"III 'IIIIIIIIII' MIK I.IIIIIII I l,IIrIIIII 'I-II'I fIII'I XIIX II-'II"I -XI-1' .XI1': IC11111-1 IZI1111111111 .111-1 111111111 1111111111- IIIK IIIIIIIII III,II :I'IIIII' .111-1 1.11111 11111111111-1 . , ' 111- 111111 XI -- 1:11111-L-1 .11-.. I I .X I.11sw11 XIII IIIII,II.III XXIIII IIIIIIIIII X111 I1111-11. l.11111g1-1115 If X SIUII. 1I -, ' ' 1 .XI1x I"I111'11 " II:1XIvII "II 111. 11 .X .11.111 IIIIX ,IIII IIIIIIIIIIII II' II 1-' 111111 1: 1.111111 1-11111111-11 1-3 1:11111-'I'11I'I 111-1 1-1-11.1, .-IIIIIII II 11111 .1..11111111 FII 1111.111 AIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIII SIIIII xI.III,lII II.IIIIII,I III IIII XII II I I I'1I I111l111-1If XI-11-111-1131 . I I I . X X 1 1'L'Ix .1111 11.11 1:1.11111 I3 XX S-'I1I'I'2 III, I. VIIIII 'I""" II'I"I"" .I 1. ' "I"' ' "I .1111 X11---1111 II11I111I1I S SI11'111:111 'II'- I III IIIIKIII III IIIIII I QIIIIII III III I I I ' FI' 'II ' ' ' I .XI1 - .XI111-111 I1'11':11f11111'11'111 XIIIIIIIIII II- SIIIIII .XIIX .XI.1111I II II11l1-X I X111I111 H1111 1'1111 11111. ,XI1'f 'I'I111111:1N II X111I1111-1 I ' 1 'I I 11 11IIIIIIII I1,I11III. 111111111 XX I111111:I .1..111 S 11.1111 11 5 1111111111 II II IIIIIIIIIII 1111.1 11.1111 I-I1Ixx11-I II I11-I,11-II I3 II 5f'III"'I'II III IIIII XIII I II II II 'I'I1-1111- II .XI111.111 I1 11111111 1.1- -III1 II' II XI1f'IfI'1"I" 11.11 .1111 11.111 11.11-111111 111- 1'1111- 11111.11-111 -XII' " XI XI-1I'IIII .1111 1:1-111. IQ 1:11..-1 1:1111.1111 1'-111 I'.1-1I11.1I1 1'.1ff-Il1a-1111 III? 'III1III'F S""II ,I-11111 I-'1Ix,1-1.1I1: 1'I 11-111-1 ,XI XI111-1111 5II'f I'III1I' II"' 5' X' II XX1III'I' II-I-X- -II' I'11I111'- w XI 11.-1.- .11 .Xl 11111-1,1 I-'I1-1'I--' SI11111 l11'. .1111l .Xlra I,1111ix l1'.11'I115 ,Xlrx II 1'. lL111'1 I1 .I:11111f I-'.-11 I1-1I-111- 11111 1

Page 5 text:

THE TOTEM 1951 li IUI v 1 1 ll In spzz I 1 1 M ll 1 1 mlm v lm! fa uc nhuz 1 nm XI X Q lnwmllul It P NX' I lwnn-, ,XS IHIL IQAKI ' QNS AXIIHIINI. zu LL'I-l.ft'l'. LL'l'l.l.'r 7 , 'vI7gl. Sp frm inlc .SL!l7Al7. '12 sz mrvz' ' . fullf 341 mils IM' c!241m1:'r L1 uwzr. L ' A " K 791' Xlmzfuv IS w .s1u1f1. LL'L' lmcm' nw! fha! nw A ue. ' -WD, . , . 1L'1,:cg1Q 'Q , . ' Xkll UXH: XXXH l'uN.wll-1 in Ill. ' WlLl7lXINlW l'lJKlI.XNl IHMIISKIIURJI l'Ullll .XND I. .Nl fwif. rx NI lu lm lxl mlm' l1'wW'klli,l.1 l,,::.1.w l'rXrxIv'.I..4x WVHNNUX l.n:1.":. ,Huxf Vrr-nlwt w- I --- 5 VV:-'.', V IH-'2l,.1n-2 M 1'

Page 7 text:

5Dea'z'Ca tion l he Stall of the 1951 lol bM IS proud to address this book to who for so many years wlth no thought of self has so gencrously gn en of her best to the boy s and glrls of Portland Hlgh School A graduate of Bates College Mrs Blount has been servmg the school as a teacher of Latln slnce 1923 and the last slxteen of these years as head of her department She has ever been on our slde exalt :ng ln our trrumphs and sympathlzlng w1th our defeats Her able leadershlp and frlendly gurdance have won our affectlonate admlra tlon and esteem We W1Sh to express our appreclatlon by conferrlng upon her the greatest honor we are able To you Augusta Blount we dedlcate th1s our yearbook l3 M ' '. A g' 'L' I. l'l tml Mrs. Augusta P. Blount, retiring head of the Department of Latin. 7 7 l ' D . V V . . ' l

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