Portland High School - Totem Yearbook (Portland, ME)

 - Class of 1951

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Portland High School - Totem Yearbook (Portland, ME) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 13 of 128
Page 13 of 128

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Page 13 text:

We complaln of lengthy and arduous asslgnments of d1fHcult and perplexmg examlnatlons But when we are occupled IH some tlme consumlng school actlvlty or are otherwlse unable to complete our work how qulck are our teachers to ease the burden They wlth thelr wlde experlence and superlor knowledge know xx el that study mg IS only part of our educatlon We flnd that our faculty possesses a great sense of humor ThlS rs a blessmg to teacher and student alnke for both work more efliclently when an occaslonal Joke can be shared The mtro ductlon of humor unto the classroom has made schoolwork more ln terestmg for us puplls and has strengthened the bond between us and our teachers Thxs student teacher relat onshlp h1s enrnchecl our lnxes and has made our hxgh school days a pleasure Of The Three WS I FI I UCI 11 111 ll IIlst1 11 lb sl I 1 IIII1 H11 X NI 1 mat XX 1111111111111 1111 x 1 IC I QL 1 11.11 1 IX 111 1 11 X 1h mms Ns Xhch IH un I 11 1 1 N Slll 111 1 1'-1rx s'-11 llll 1 1 1m111 ll Il 1 QL s no 1 Il I ng. s IUN'I1JX 1 tl I Ill 0 1 II 1 1r nun A I POS 1 wmls rx 0 111111111111 1 1111 nor ll! JI N NI YI UN DIIlIIItI'llll 511 1J1cts IIFINIII lol 1 . . , . Y ! 1 v I . - Q 1. I . 1 . 3 THIS ' ' il.. . IUNI ll:-lr 1'1111'---ll. 'l'Al'l'AN I,I'I"I'l,I-I. H1-:ul ut' IIII' IlI'lJ2lI'llIll'IlI 111' Inl 'slrizxl Arts, I'Ill'I'II" ity: H-. NICLSUN HAYMUNIJ. .lll., I'Ill!.Z'IISIlI IIIGNILY I". IlI'Il'I'l'.lI'lN. II1-:ul Il:1Slu1tI1z1Il t'11111'll, 1r5', 1211 urzyllyl MIGIIVIN A. IIUXYIC, lIi.'1n'yg .IAN ICS IC. l"l.ANA IAN. Aritl -ti1', lI:1Vl111l'-llc-1-:1ll- IV:1l1-l"' Htl .IUIl.' I". AI1'IlA.'I'II,, Alzllla- z iL'S, .AI'lIllllIl'IIl'Q 1'I'I4'lI. IC. l2IlAllS'I'lllCI'I'I'. Nrumlrl 'r '-.IAMICS .I. l"ITZI'ATIlI4'l', AHI1-I' IJ'I"'Ifl', IIA"' -l1'1 .IUI .' I". l'UIll'0llAN, fl- f.2'l'2lIllj', l,z1w3 Al.I,S'I'UN li. SMITH, ICIILTIISIII 1'IIl'IS'I'Hll I.. VUIIII, M: 'him- .I11' z ':.'3 .IUSICVII II. M1'IDUNAl,l,, I1Iug'Iisl1, l'rin1'i11a1l of I'llT'lI2llIlI l'Ix'1-ning School: XY. HAYIHCN I'I'1Il- Kl.'.'. . " zu1i1':1l 'z "m.g'. ' 'l'I1'r1l -1 lr-.l. lVI'IS'I'UN lYAIA'II, l'11z11-I1 11t' IJ1-Imtinpi, H1-1111 of the II1-1 urtm -nl of .'111'i11I .' 1Ii1-S. l'I1'11!l11mics, XY 'll II'.'I1jg llI4I0IiHl'l AI.llI'IlZ'l', I'lIA'."'2lI lil 'iI'UIIQ SAIIANINJ I', 1lII"'I'US. H1-1111 r1t'Ih1f- Ill'll2lY'IlHt'lll 111' l'11n -"':l S lj1'I.', I3 kk -1-1 'ngg IIUIIIGIUI' INDNUVAN, 'I 'lishg XYILLIAM XV. SIA .', H1-ml 111' II11- IH-11:11'ln11-111 11I' l'hysi1:s, N2l'l1.2'1l'll!Ij CARI. T. S'I'I+IVI'INS, i' l gy. I"1'111l 'r11'ft'I'11'Il4 F. ICXIIIIAR, II1-:ul 111' th- Ilvln I ' 1 of I'l'IIIlIII2JQ2 SA.I 'I'1I, V. J .IIN- 'l'IIAll, 'I 'ul jx l'IAHI.C TT IC. 'l'AI1ll, Aut ' - Al-1-I: icsg I'1'i111'ip:1l HUNYAHIP 1'. llI'IIt'HI'Ig I1'IiANKl.IN Il. Gl,ASS1'IN'K, Jul' Iiusinvss 'I'r:'1inp:, l!1111li1-1-flux: IVA C A. AIA' ' .'. Ct - -'z .' l"'.Q XYII.I.lABI l.I'IIJGI'IIi. ' 'I H.

Page 12 text:

THEN IOINT 'IHI WAY rlt ful N SS nf., slr SN I II III 1 XI X I N 11 H NS X 1 S n SN U e XI INN S umm ll I N SS I ollll s u I S 1x1 XI NN I SH 'XI IN NN I 0 SN I I NS N SUN I I I I SS II I SN I S INN IX I XXX LI xx I N1 X Instructors Extrodznazrfe The Faculty' What words can descrlbe those champrons of the classroom those molders of our future When we were freshmen we regarded wrth awe these people who addressed us as Mrster or Mlss Instead of Johnny or Judy Thls formallty howex er drd not mltlgate the lntlmacy vshlch rs essentral to efllcrent work lndeed we seemed closer to the members of the Portland I-llgh School faculty than other teachers for they were the first to recogmze us as adults But thls remarkable dlscernment lprobably m ngled wnth rn credible tact! IS not the onlx qualxty xx hleh our faculty possesses The manner In whrch they elrcrt the maxlmum from each student vshlle gnmg fuller understanding In return rs characterrstrc of our teachers We of Portland l-llgh School haxe the prrx llege of studvlng under well trarned rndnrduals who apparently enjoy crafnmrnv knowledge unto our assorted cranlums We mars el at the r pitrence and wrlllngness to help us untrl ue re 1l17e that here 1re true fuends xx ho hue drscarded personal arms In order to serxe us , . , . I , , ,ffl " ' Vfhlllf. IIAZICI. IIINIICIIS, Hllpllislll Nlff Bl. ,Xlllfllllllllfl LICIIAN. lll'llIl UI' GIFIS. I-I "lic 3 MLK' LXIIIIAILA JUIINSUN, IC glisll, Lip Ile-1 I'ng', I'ulrIie'nt'uns .X1l"sI-V3 ,I If IUIAA IC. IlI,UUMI'IIl. 1'l1-l'k. Sr'-:nil run'-fIXIlI.'. .Kl'Iil'S'I'.X I', I!IAll'N'I'. llvuel nf ills- Ile-1r:1l'llnvy11 ul' l,:lIil13 .XII.'.' .I.XlI- fl.Xlil'1'I' 'I'Ul,M.-XX. Ill-:ul ul' llu- IM-1n:lI'llne-Ill nl' II um- l'le'nllulIli4'S1 llllf. lXl.Xllfl.Xl2l'I'l' S. Iil'IIN- HAM, I.:rlin, I.ulin .Xml-rie-:nu Ilislr 'yq AII.'.' MAIIY l', UW' NNUH, II nm- I41t'mmxnIe's1 . III'II,ICX Y, ILUIZINSUN. l,illl':u'i:lll2 Blllf. lil"l'll Il, XYYIXIAN, Iluma- IC' nivs. 'l'll' 'r run' Alllf. l'.Xlil. 'I', S'l'l'IYI'INS. 111-In-l':1l Sell-llew-, .Xl'lllIllIt'llk'1 IXlI.'.' 'II,l,.X I.. I'lCNNl'Il,l,. XV ' lIi,'1 ry, Ile-erglulrllyg QXIll.', INIIIIS II. ILXMIIICN, I4'l'e-llvll, I':4lIlL'2IllUIIiIl .X I 'rsvrg . I.'.' MA ll'lI.l'IlNl'l li. KINIISLICY. HUIIIQ'llIllll1IIIl'4'. llypgie-In-1Ml.'.' . . .XlIliI'IlrI. I'II,NYI'Il.I.. I'I!lL:'l','ll2 3lI.'.' Il'INl'IYll'lY ll, IAPXYIIY. K'uml1l4-l'I'i:Il SIllPj1'L'lS. l"1' :rl run'-lXll,'.' '1'l'lll'Il, M. Blu' '.Xl,I,l'Xl. l'lIIf.!'lSlI1 llI.'.' l'l."l'lll'Il! .IUIINU SI-l1ug'I'zll1y. 'I'5'1rvXX'I'iIllI::: lXlI,'.' IIIILX I', ICK. Uulxxlllv-l'e'i:lI Sllljv-VISZ MLK' I. l'll.lZ.Xlil'I'l'Il ,'IXK .Xu 'in-nl llislury, llullllllllllllj' l'iX'iI'SL XIIIS. I'Il'NI4'l'I Il. 'SHN lin" isllg MIL' 'l'III'll!ICS.X IC. .It IIN.' Lf I-'rw-m'I1. .Xl'IllIIlII'lIl'. 0 1 . . , 1 , . . V , . . , , V . . . . 13 3 . . . l 3 'D ' 1 H . . V . V .- e . V . . V. . . X . x . . ' V1 . Y. 'I 1 ' ' 1 5 1 Y 3 , 1 . . Y' 'X Y 3 . - 1 I 3 l X Y 1 in . 1 I e . e e I I 1 'I . V 1 I . H ' W X 1 1 'I 1 - 4 n , L 4 K. l - - I A V X .k 1 1 B I . L I 3 U 1 ' V X R . 8

Page 14 text:

Autumn and maklng thur dmbul ln Portland Hugh S bool an mnmlnrs of th Cl l IU 4 I U wrrmnn P rlcn Inu wh XXQHIXKLYIPT 'urn A n Mx IN nn AUTUIVIN in IW:

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