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'QQ wk, AZ K K ' ' 'f's:,:' 1- x 4 r- an THE REFLE TUB Presented by the CLASS OF 1958 Portage Twp. School Portage Ohlo fable of colrlen s otaff Dedmcation Administration Underolassmen Athlotlcq Activlties 53 I . 4 'I ' . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . 5 Senlors .... . . . . .13 . . . . . . .33 . ',.. .... . ,J NNUAL TAFF Joan Bateson, Copy Editor, Judy Ricard, Layout Edi tor, Mrs Herbert Cline, Advisor, Gary Wicklfd, Circulation Editor, Janet Kerr, Advertising Editor Marr Q K Front Row: Margaret Laws, Priscilla Kiger, Marlene Flames, Joyce Kerr Second Row: Terry McCone, Larry Lein, Clayton Mathile, John Swanson, Jim Crabtree, Margaret Chandler FOREWORD The 1958 Reflector staff presents their yearbook, holding the pleasant mem ories of their high school years at Portage Township School The Reflector represents the student life, activities, and work as shared by all of us During high school, we stressed the idea of group leadership and organization As we step into the future, we must depend more on individualism He shall have to apply everything we learned in high school to meet a world with greater responsibilities The new world will be what we make it The future lzes in our hands 0 c 19 R I 5 f' A V - -.g f Wana W V,4A.ffZ gt so fwjnz . 11.-. g I O I I I U 0 l O DEDICATION We, the class of 1958, wish to dedicate The Reflector to our sponsor, Hrs Herbert Cline, whose guidance and sincere interest has encouraged us throughout our higm school years BOO TERS Cain's Marcelle Potato Chip Co Bowling Green, Ohio Anderson Funeral Home Bowling Green, Ohio Shanes Feed Store Bowlino Green, Oh1o Mills Jewlery Bowling Green, Ohio Dohm's Barber Shop Bowling Green, Ohio Monty's Beauty Salon Bowling Green, Ohio Allens Hobby House Bowling Green, Ohio Wayne General Store Wayne, Ohio Dean Bros Block A Tile Bradner, Ohio Allen Hardware Wayne, Ohio Wayne Pharmacy Wayne, Ohio Avery Coal A Supply Bowl1nc Green, Ohio Pop's Grocery Bowling Green, Ohio North Baltimore Locker Service North Baltimore, Ohio Louis J Wagner De Kalb Seed Corn Cygnet, Ohio Winton Hardware Portage, Ohio QQODTFR Bss1nge1's Marathon Portage, Ohio Kozy-Corner Risinosun, Ohio L R Good 8 Son Risingsun, Oh1o Roth Furniture Mart Bowling Green, Ohio Bob Schneider Oldsmobile Cadillac, nc Bowling Green, Ohio Roger Drug and Camera Shop Bowling Green, Ohio Bartlett Ins Ag 329 N Main Bowling Green, Oh1c House of Flowers Clay Street N Main Bowling Green, Ohio John Frank So Ma1n A Ordway Bowling Green, Ohio Frank's Sales A Service Bowling Green, Ohio Shedron's Texaco Bowling Green, Ohio Paul's Barber Shop Bowling Green, Ohio Gravels Radio Sales A Service Bowling Green, Ohio Rappaport's Bowling Green, Ohio Bigelow Music Shoppe Bowling Green, Ohio Donna's Beauty Shop Bowling Green, Ohio Repulican Press Bowling Green, Oh1o Klotz Flower Farm Bowling Green, Ohio Pines Roller Rink Bowling Green, Oh1o Prazrie Farmers Co-op Wmme,QHo OF 552 , ,,.:." W ,,7 ..,, We wwf4'h,, 4 ' 3 A4 gf all ll s m 5 g FORTAGE TWP. BOARD OF EDUCATION Top rovx Fred Brand, clerk, William Mertzg Douglas Hillard, Mike Aurand. Bottom row: Ted Keys, President, Fred Oestreich, Vice President. ELMMOOD BOARD OF EDUCATION Horace Pelton, President, Del Phillips, Vice President, Fred Oestreich, Robert Kelley Gerald Stahl, Mrs Ruth Selby Clerk ED CATION ffdmuaatfzatcoa Elmwood Local School District,consisting of the consolidation of Portage Twp Wayne, Cygnet, and Bloomdale, became officlal on October 22, 1957 when the appointed board of education met and or ganized M M E Acocks Bloomdale intendent was chosen by the board to head the new district Acocks, a native of Bloomdale, received h1s B S and M A degrees from Bowling Green State Univer sity, and presently is working on his doctorate at Ohio State University He, his wife, and three children live in Bloomdale In the primary election held on May 6 1958 the voters of the Elmwood District approved a 1,100,000 bond issue for the construction ofa new high school The site selected is at the co ner of the Jer J C1ty and Reynolds Road, and work will begln Lh1S summer 'r X470 fl qxsyr J X ffbrrf mme ' K gene 'sal Lsfflsgesll E Acocks Hr K E Weber, the Principal and mathematic teacher cfour school, received his B S in Ed degree from Edfiance College He has taught at Portage 'hip.for the past seven years Hr and Mrs Heber has three children, Dick, Diana, and Tomm and live on a farm near Wayne. . Heber's hobbies is sports. Mrs Herbert filmal Cline is the assistant principal, and has taught business education at our school for the past six years Hrs Cline received her B S de gree from Ohio University, and is presently working on a graduate de gree at Bowling Green State Univer- sity. Hrs. Cline resides in Jerry City, and she and her husband have two sons. 7 'I' Mr Earl Ott, our industrial arts teacher and his wife live on the Dunbridge Road, Bowling Green They have three children, Bruce, Beverly, and Barbara Hr Ott holds the B S degree from Bowling Green State University and that university His hobbies are hunting, fishing, archery, and model building pu-, John Uackl McPherson, who University in February, is our 'school boy" coach and history teacher- Coach is a graduate of Portage hip., and is extremely proud of the Portage basketball record of this year. His hobbies naturally are winning baseball and basketball Q3-0163, and going to the movies. Jw hm Hr Paul Bixel has taught science in our school for the past three years A native of Bluffton, he graduated from Bluffton College He also holds a Master's degree from Bowling Green State University His hobbies are music and sports Hrs. Ronald CSherryJ Bachman teaches Hone Economics, English, and Government at Portage for her first year. She is a resident of Bowling Green, and holds a B.S. degree from Bowling Green State University. She and her husband have two children, Ronnie and Becky. Her hobbies are svimiag and sewing. bli hm C Wood County Farm Bureau Fi',1Zg'iEguUBLIgm gwggw COMPLIMENTS or Bowling Green, ohio RADIO STATION WFIN Wood County Implement Dealer Association Bowling Green, Ohio w 5 ' sl, I Q2 -HL'-, umm , .2741 Hanna, 0 - . 1-1'ff..Li 3. C O I I e U l C C . I Q e Mrs Douglas QMaryJ ke1d,who lives at 232 N Enterprise Street in Bowl ing Green, received her B S in Ed degree from Ohio State University She and her husband are the parents of a baby daugmter Hrs Reid taught Home Economics for a year and a half and kinder this year Her hobbies are cooking and traveling Hrs Howard CHargaretJ Eckert has taught the first grade for the past thirteen years She is agraduate of Bowling Green State University, and she and her husband live on afarn on the Hermill Road Their son, Bill, is attending Bowling Green State University Mrs Eckert's hobby is reading Bloomdale Lumber Company Mrs John CSusa.nD Norms has been our fifth and sixth grade teacher for the past three years Growing plants is her hobby, as a look at her room will tell you mother of two sons she attended Bowling Green State University Miss Grace Bachman, of rural Bowl ing Green is teaching the fourth and a part of the fifth grade this year She has been teaching at Portage longer than any ofour other teachers She has attended Bowling Green State University, and Ohio State Uni versity Reading is her hobby Pemberville Elevator Association Bloomdale Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF Pemberville, Ohio Ka.ufme.n's Bowling Green, ohio Hankey Lumber and Building Company Bowling Green Ohio l . The , Q O garten during the first semester of l l Hilbert U-Ielenl Hathile teaches the second grade Hrs Hathlle was originally from Vaughansvllle, and now lives on a farm on the Mermill Road with her husband and three children Clayton, Dallas, and Sally She attended Bowling Green State University Hr Richard Farley elementary vocal music teacher, is presently living in Bowling Green H is a Junior at Bowling Green State Uni versity, working toward the B S i Huslc degree Hancock Wood Electric Co Operative N Baltimore, Chic Herff Jones Company Hrs Fred Uivelynl Meyer had the distinction of being the first kin dergarten teacherin our school during the second semester of last year This year, she is teaching thira grade Hrs Meyer lives on the Blooldale Road with her husband and two child ren, Donald and Ted, both of whoa attend Portage 'hip Hrs Meyer attended Bowling Green State University, and her hobbies include sewing and music lr Eldon Bhrlaa, from Gallipolis, Ohio, was the band and chorus dlreo tor for the first semester until forced to resign because of illness lr Ehrman is a student at Bowl ing Green State University Evans Typewriter Company CCMPLIMENTS GF Findlay , ohio Indianapolis, Indiana. Tours Bakery, Inc Fremont , Ohio l Hrs. ' - I . I I . . - . f I V .N W U , Q e U 1 . a o ll , n ' e Mrs Allan Uoanl Balsch is the kindergarten teacher for the second semester Mrs Baisch and her husband have a six month old daughter, and live at 106 Ordway, Bowling Green Baisch received the degree of versity Her hobbies are reading and traveling Miss Marlene Brown, a student at Bowling Green State University, now teaches instrumental music in the elementary school She also has a flutophone class Miss Brown is a native of Hicks ville, and her hobbies are watching football games and listening to good music Mr Richard Barber, a junior t Bowling Green State University, i the director of the Band and Glee Club for the second semester Mr Barber is married and lives at 110 Sand Ridge Road His hobbies are golf and playing cards Mrs Frank Uldal LePage, from Amsden, is the week-day religious education teacher She has four children, and sewing is her hobby Her favorite thought is, nGo ye unto all the world and teach the Gospel ' Compliments of Bee Gee Athletic Equipment Company Bowling Green, hlo . a ' s . Mrs. ' . B.S. in Ed. from Bowling Green State Uni- W Whgt 5 Cooking? - - Pr 111: Kiger, Clahicr B D . Theq Keep 'em rolling - Jerry Siville Albert Snyder Pvte Dautermnn Don Kidd 12 evo 1 D 'oi' gil 'ily Class Colors: Blue and White Class Flower: Yellow Rose Class Motto: We Build The Ladder By Which He Climb CLASS CJFFICERS Marlene Flames, secretaryg Mrs. H. J. Cline, sponsorg Clayton Hathile, presidentg Jim Crabtree, vice presidentg Priscilla Kiger, treasurer. JOAN EUZABETH BATESGN . " JOSIE' ACTIVITIES G11'18'GlC0o o o o o o o e o o e 015213911 Mixed Chorus. . . - - 1,2914 o o Q e elsh Music Festival. . . . - 3,14 Drnmatics. . . . . - - Afchsfys o e o ' ' e e e o bv o'?'I:"I:'F"J:"Lnu-'MJF' seltet-tee o o e o s o o o 0 0 HPCI' e 0 o e o o o e 0 0 Copy Editor of Reflector. . . . stUdCflt Council. 0 e e o o o e o o o Student Council, Vice-President. . . . TI'i9oooooosooooeeoo HISTORY Joan, daughter of Hr. and Hrs. Ernest Bate- A son, was born in Hood County on October 14 19 0 She has attended Portage Twp School the entire twelve years of her education Joan has a sister, Lois Hiller, who gradu ated from this school in 1951 Her brother, Robert Eugene , is a 19514 graduate of Portage 'hip School. MARGARET LOUISE CHANDLER 'MAG' ACTIVITIES MISC. ch0fl-llo g2,h Girls' Glee. 3,11 chery Dflllticlo o o o o Annual Staff Paper staff HISTORY lhrgaret, daughter of Hr and Hrs James Chandler, was born on December 13, 19140, in When Margaret was five, her family moved to Lucasville, Ohio, where Margaret began school Uhen she was in the second grade, they loved to Webster Township She and her family moved to Portage Town :gp lin 1952, where me has attended nigh oo 469 n . ' 1 E E O 0 O O 0 1 I O 0 O O O O 0 01, Ar 0 C O O 0 O O O 0 O 03 O O O 0 O 031k O O O l O C h O O 0 O I O Oh L 5 Detroit, Michigan. -' 3 ' "" 'X 1'5" s,,3'..4e-. " 15 JAMES HARVEY CRA BT REE "CRABS" ACTIVITIES Baseball. o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Bl8kCtbl11o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Vice-President of Class. TTICKQ o 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 o Dramtics. . HISTORY lhrlene Ruth, daughter of Hr and Hrs Har cel T Flames, was horn in Hancock County on July 18, 19140 She now lives on a farm on the Hermill Road, and has attended Portage Town ship School all twelve years Marlene has a younger sister, Teresa, and a brother, Paul William 16 00 0e02,h 0 0003 . . 2,3,h . . 2,3,h HISTORY James, son of Hr and Hrs Jalter H Crab tree, was born in Toledo on September 9, 19140 He attended elementary school in Toledo, and his freshman year of high school at Waite. He and his family then moved to Portage Twp and Jim has been a member of the Class of 1958 for three years. MARLENE RUTH FLAMES UMARHII ACTIVITIES Mixed Chorus Girls' Chorus Music Festival Office Staff Library Staff Sextette I Q Alternate Dramatlcs Trio Editor, Panthers' Scream Scholarship Tests Class Secretary Salutatorian 0 0 0 0 e 0 0 Bgh 'D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 01, 2, 3, h 0 O O I 01, 2, 3, ll 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 el, 2, 3, h o 0 0 0 0 0 0 1, 2, ll o 0 0 0 0 0 0 el, 2 O I O U U 0 O I O 3 Archery 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 o 0 0 3 ' ' 0 0 o 0 03, ll e 0 a 0 0 0 0 e 0 0 0 03, h N 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o o h 0 0 0 Q Q Ll e 0 0 a 0 g . h 0 0 0 o o , , h 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ll JANET LEE KERR JAN ACTIVITIES Girls' Glee. l,2,3,h Mixed Chorus . l,2,h Dramtics Office Staff Archery hper Staff HISTORY Janet, daughter of Hr and Hrs Edward H Kerr, was born September 1, 1939 in Hood County Janet has attended Portage 'hip School for twelve years. She has two sisters, Rosanna Forbush, ef Bowling Green, a graduate of Portage In 1955, and Uilna, a sixth grade student JOYCE EUDORA KERR " JOY' ACTIVITIES Advertising Editor of Reflector Music Festival . . . Girls Basketball , Girls' Glee . ,2,3,ll Lim-my surf ,2,3 is office surf . . . . 1,2,3,h Mixed Chorus 112:18 ra! if T? Stxtettt AI'Chl1'y e Tilt lc 3 e Scholarship Tests Paper Staff FF' I2'h-IMI HISIURY Joyce, the daughter of lr. and Hrs. Helter B Kerr, was born in Rudolph, Ohio on April 25, 19110 In 1950 the Kerr family loved to Portage 'hrp Joyce attended Liberty Know Westwood for three years and Portage Twp School the succeeding nine years PRISCILLA LEORA KIGY ACTIVITIES Girls' Glee Mixed Chorus News Reporter Library Staff Student Council Girls"State Alternate A1'ChU1'y o o e o Office Staff Dramatics Cafeteria Cashier Queen Attendant Paper Staff Annual Staff. Music Festival HISTORY Margaret Irene, daughter of Mr. 8. Mrs. Ray M. Laws, Sr., was born on November 13, 19140, in Bloom Twp. Their family moved to a farm in Portage hip. when Margaret was four, and has remained at the same residence for the past 13 years. Margaret has attended Portage wp. School all of her twelve years. 18 KICER ld v FAN u v LQNU IU NDXD v b u u U :7:rg7F7:757:r:rNDNQN9L9FO:':' E Priscilla, daughter of Mr and Mrs John Kiger, was born May 30, 19140, in Cygnet After her father passed aww when she was on ly five, she went to live with her aunt and uncle, Mr and Mrs George Kiger and daughter Sandra on a farm on the Jerry City Road Priscilla has attended Portage 'hip all her school life She has one sister, Dolores MARGARET IRE NE LAWS LAHSY ACTIVITILS Girls' Glee Library Staff Mixed Chorus Dramatic: Archery Paper Staff Annual Staff 1:23:11 l,2,3 lg 1,2Jt I UI 00000000 00 00 0 00 000 000 000000 00 00000 00 000 0 0 0:0 00000 0 00 00000 00 00 00 Treasurer. . . : . . . 00 0 00 000 00 L. . ' . I ll ooo soo 3 0000 0 00 ooo o e ooe3,l-I 0000000 000 oo3 eos ooh 00 ooh L LARRY LEE LEIN NWN!! ACTIVITIES Basketball. 0 0 0 0 0 a a 1 Baseball. o o o o s o 1 Library Staff. 0 0 0 O 0 01 Mixed Charusa 0 0 Q 0 o 1,2 Band. o a e 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 1,2 Class Vice-President. . . 1,3 Track. o o o o e o o o o 03 PBPCI' Stlffo o o a o o o o o o 03 DI'l.lltiClo o o 0 o 0 o o a o 0 e 3,11 Student COUHCIIQ o o o o o o o o oh Student Council, President. . . . . k HISTORY Larry Lein, horn on September 23, 19140, has attended Portage Twp. School all twelve years. 'No older brothers, Dick and Jim, have graduated from Portage Twp. School, and his sister, Mary Alice attends here. CLAYTON LEE MATHILE 'CLAY' ACTIVITIES Class Officer. o o o o 0 0 o o I132!3,h Basketball. . . . . l,2,3,h 0 0 4 I 1,233,914 Ba-ndooooooo 0' l,2,3,h Mixed Chorus. . . 0 ..l,2 IQ League. . . . - - -2,315 Projection Club. . . .2,3,h Boys' States a a o o 03 Dramaticsa 0 U 0 ' 'BJI4 Tracks s o a o o a ' '3!h Class President. . . -M Band President. . . h HISTORY Portage 'Pup School all twelve ears School. Clayton Mathile was born in Bowling Green, Ohio, on January ll, 19141. He has attended . y . Clayton has a younger brother, Dallas, and a sister, Sally, who also attend Portage 'hip JUDITH C-VVENDOLY N RIQA RD ' RICY' ACTIVITIES Band Girls' Glee President of Class Mixed Chorus Music Festival Girls Basketball Office Staff Cheerleader Library Staff Dramatics Queen Attendant Girls State Archery Archery HISTORY Terry, the daughter of Mr and Mrs Frank McCone, was born on March 12, 19140, in Wood County Terry has attended Portage Twp School for the entire twelve years of her school career 20 1,2,3, lD2,3Ih 1,2,3 1,2J4 1,391-l J 3 Judith, daughter of Mr and Mrs Emerson C Ricard, was born in Wood County, on March 11 19 O The family lived in West Millgrove for a few months, then moved to a farm near Portage, Ohio Uhen Judy was three, the family moved to a. farm on the Mermlll Road She has attended Portage Twp School for the entire twelve years of her education She has one sister, Anna Louise, now attending Ohio State University, who was 1955 graduate of Portage Twp School Both of her parents were 1931.1 graduates of th1s school TERRY LY NN Mc C ONE TERRY ACTIVITIES 12:31 1,2,h Girls' Glee Mixed Chorus Library Staff , Office Swf Dramatics Music Festival Paper Staff Annual Staff I I C O C . Q O . . I . O Q O O h ' I . . I . 1 2 I I 0 C O O O 2 3 O O U O I U2 0 0 0 o3,,-I, o o o o o o o 033k . C I I .3 O C U O 0 . Q Q Q I .3 O O . . O U . . . O . . O .3 Layout Editor of Reflector. . . . . it HISTORY 1 O C I 1 1 1 lg , a I ll If . O Q C . I U Q O O I M .I.l.. ...f .2 3 o o o o o 331-l l O . Q C I I C C . U O I .3 0 O . . I4 I O C O 0 0 .ll . . I Q I O O . . f h 1 JOHN WELLS SWANSON SHANSY ACTIVITIES Baseball Basketball . TI'lCke 9 Student Council AIUIUI1 Staff e e e HISTORY John Swanson, son of Hr and Hrs Cecil Sranson, was born in Findlw, Ohio, on Hay lh, 19140 He has attended Portage 'hip School all twelve years John has a sister, Sharon, and a brother, Richard, who attend Portage 'hip School CARY STERLING WICKARD 'WICIP' ACTIVITIES Dramtics Track Annual Staff HISTORY Gary, son of Hr ami Mrs John Wickard, :as born in Rudolph, Ohio, on October 22, 939 The family loved to Cygnet, where Gary attended six years of elementary school They then moved to Portage 'hp where Gary has completed his junior and senior high school studies as a member of the Class of 1958 21 U ll ease eeeeoe 003 Q Q 000 "3 eeeeeee e ees e eea3 000 e003 DFI-llltiClo e e o e e e o 033,-1: Q C X ee eeeeae es3,h eoeee e co3 eco seo ooh PRCPHECY Times 1980 Place: Portage Helgzts Cnow one of the larg est cities in the country J Looking into the future, we find our selves in a large city called Portage Hel ts 9h He learn that Portage Heights has been select- ed as the site for the Newspapernen's conven tion to which Marlene Flames, a graduate of the class of 1958 has come to represent her paper The Flaming Gazette, the aost famous of all Eastern papers Uhlle in town Marlene learns what has become of her old classmates from PTS Hhlle glancing through the local papers, a headline catches her eye ADHIRAL HOME ON ILAVE It turned out to be none other than E ry Lee Lein I-le has really advanced in the Navy as he ls in charge of a training school for Waves That's the old Portage High Spirit, Hoon Reading on I find that Terry Hdlone had followed her wish to become a heautician I'm 2'-IIC E321 have heard of he Curly Q, the Wonder u en of Curls Beaut sh Heights y oppe in Portage I see that John Swanson is in the insur ance business in Washington D C John says men and all the blondes On turning the page I find a bold sports headline HATHILE SINKS 200 POINTS IN BLINK EIB HDI I read on and found that Clayton Hathile is now playing professional basket ball for the llew York Blinkers, and is the star of the team So far this year Clayt has scored 2,000 points in 20 games I was told that while I was in town I was is running a dress shop ln this fair city It ls an exclusive shop for short women Perhaps you have heard of Madame La Zombies? Reading on, we read of the wonderful new inventions that have turned up from a pair of chemists, Joyce Kerr, and Judy Ricard Some of these marvelous time saving devices area Small cans of elbow grease for people who don't have enough of their own Electric typewriter erasers that can erase mistakes as fast as you can make them Decks of cards with only 26 cards It takes only half the tiae for a game of cards then Dice with rounded corners so you don't have to roll them so hard Then as time passed I set mother old friend and classnte, Margaret Chandler who was the owner of the Ringling Bros and Chan dler circus She informed me that up until a few weeks ago, Margaret Laws had been travel ing with the circus as a famous trapeze art ist but had quit to nrry the circus lion tamer She said that Margaret now seems to to go see Janet Kerr who 22 be very happy with her lions, tigers, and husband Upon approaching qf hotel, I accidently bumped into Jlm Crabtree another member of the class of S8 He had just come from his barber who turned out to be none other than our old friend and classsmte Gary Hickard He said that Gary was no different from any other barber, always running off the head Gary told him that while he was in barber school he practiced on a man who was waiting by giving him a shave After several minutes of very industrious shaving, he stopped, "Hhat's wrong?" asked the instructor 'I cut this guy five times, and he don't bleed," was Gary's re ly While Jim and I were reminlsing we thought of Priscilla Klger who was now a graduate of Hedical School and was in charge of the Maternity Hard at the new dog and cat hospital ln Portage Heigxts Then we remembered Joan Bateson of whom none of us had heard from for a long time Jim said that the last time he heard she had married the Indians baseball coach, CPaul something or otherl and they had begun to raise their own team I was glad to hear of the success of my classmates Everyone will leave his mark in for some nobel deed, by foolish means, or other people's pocketbooks, or on long green felt covered tables with a cue Yes, there will never be another class like us in the halls of FIS KI can practi cally hear Hr Heber sighing "Thank Heavens D , p . r . . thgt .0 fu- he hu ,Murad hui- bm Congress- the world whether it be in the hearts of men 1. 2. 3. . la. CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1958, being of sound body and weak mind, wishing to leave some of our prize possessions to the deserving underclassmen, do hereby make this, our last will and testament. Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item l SECTION I I, Joan Bateson, will W ability to sing in the music festivals at B G to Judy Williamson I, Janet Kerr, will W title as "Weatherman" to the next tall one who comes along I, Clayton Mathile, will W basketball ability to W brother, Dallas I, Marlene Flames, will W job as Editor of the 'Panthers' Scream' to Bev Kerr I, Gary Uickard, will W ability to lie with a straight face to Jin Dauternmn I, Judy Ricard, will W place in band to the next bass Clarinet player who comes along I, Larry Lein, will W cue stick and chalk to Dave Underwood I, Margaret Laws, will W ability to get good grades in bookkeeping to Connie Hiller. I, Priscilla Kiger, will W ability to get along with Hr Bixel to Lynn Wiseman Terry Hdione, will W promptness for getting the menu out on ine the first efficient girl who comes along Jim Crabtree, will W butch haircut to Ed Chambers John Swanson, will W muscles to Don Williamson Joyce Kerr, will W scientific technique to the next Einstein comes along and take school life in W stride to the next person who needs it most SECTION II He, the Senior Class, leave our broken black boards, dirty erasers, and chalk dust to the Junior class To the faculty, we leave our dirty looks and remarks that we have col lected the past twelve years To our Custodians,we leave the remains of our broken desks, badly torn books, and wastepaper in case there is a shortage of fuel in the comino years To the Board of Education, we leave the stained window blinds, and broken windows in study hall To our cooks, we leave our meal time complaints and dirty dishes In witness whereof, we, the class of 1958 have set our hands and seal here to this twenty-sixth day of Hsyin the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty-eight 619581 wud fo.....13ZfuU M QM, 141660-wt, gmjjjggw WMM ,Mena ,Q-vuffjltw yur a.a.3o4s1eofn-J-lw Signed sealed, published and declared as and for their last will and test ament by the Class of 1958, the above named testator, in the presence of us, who at their request and in the presence of him and of each other, have subscribed our names hereto as witnesses on the day and year last aforesaid 3 HITHESSTH: ?,Q,s-.e..Q,9..,.... 2. 3. - h. 5. 6. 7. ' . 8. 9. . 10. I, . t to . ll. I, . 12. I, . 130 I, 'UI10 Item lla. I, Hargaret.Chandler, will W ability to get along with the teachers l. 2. O - 3. h. 5. . - hu. Seated: Joyce Kerr, Priscilla Kiger, Clayton Mathile Standing: Margaret Chandler, Terry HcCone, Larry Lain, Judith Ricard SENIOR N Seated: Jana Crabtree, Marlene Flames, Joan Batslon Standing: Guy Uickard, John Swanson, Janet Kerr, Margaret Luv: CLASS Proceselonal Invocation 'Ye Uatche re Clan Sermon Pastor, Ht Zion U B Church 'Hhene 'er a loble Deed le Wrought' Old Canon ACCALAUREATE PROGRAM Viola Oeltrelch Rev Howard Snow Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us Audience and Ye Holy Ones' German lleloqy Girls' Glee Club Rev Howard Snow Girls' Glee Club Benediction Rev Snow RW Hound SM' Receesional Viola Oeatreich Clwf-00 IM -IWW NW,-V' Priscilla receives American me Rm mm-an ugion msd 26 valeaictory Salvtatvfy Ryan.. ... Scripture........... ...Rev.Sno1f 1 A COMMENCEME T c PROGRAM Processional Viola Oestreich Invocation Rev Howard Snow Salutatory Address Hllrllnl FIIIIBI f Blest Be the Tie That Binds llaegeli Martha Oestreich, Sandra Bockbrader, Lee Ann Reynolds Valedictory Address Clqton Hathile Introduction of Speaker Hr K E Heber X Class Address Rev Robert Hoods Pastor, Grand Rapids Methodist Church Rev R07-W1't H0043 Presentation of Eigxth Grade Certificates Hr Fred Oestreich Presentation of Awards Mr K E Heber Presentation of Award Medal American Legion Post No 725, Portage, Ohio Presentation of Diplomas Hr Fred Oestreich "Forever Grateful' Presentation Senior Class Benediction Rev Snow Recessional Viola Oestreich I s I Claytf'-m Ulf-hi!-2 Harlene Flames Valedictorian salutator-im 27 I! gg ooo sooo I I ooooo oo ooooooooo oooaooooo oooo ooooo stat QAX ooooooooooo o o ooooooooo o ooo ooooo ooooo O oooo o oooo ooooooaoooo sooo o oo oo E IOR CLASS PLAY .lUNl0R CLASS PLAY On November 1, 1957, the senior class pre sented "where's Laurie?" for their Senior class play The cast was as follows, Laurie williams a pretty "charmer", Priscilla Kiger, Jinx Taylor, energetic and clever editor of school paper, Joyce Kerr, Katie Forster, naive, natural, and likable, Marlene Flames, Susan Snow, small and pretty, not very brigmt, Car ron Hillard Grace Phillips, tall and pretty, Janet Kerr, Nady Baker, the athletic, vigorous type, cheer leader, Judy Ricard, Hope Graham, President of the Senior class, Terry HcCone, Hrs Helen wllliams, Laur1e's mother, Margaret Laws, Miss Ruth Barnes, class sponsor, Joan Bateson, Miss Sally McKenney, newspaper reporter, Mar garet Chandler Filiposocki C'Sock1' J, huge slow blank faced football player, Gary Eddie Fowler, offable, nice looking, Shy, Larry Lein, George Bates, tall, Carl moving, Wlckard, a trifle Taylo Roy Logan, Clayton Mathile T1e director was Mrs Herbert Cline opened faced, J1m Crabtree, Sheriff 'The Brain Storm" was the name of the Jun lor Class play presented on March 1, 1956 under the direction of Hrs Herbert Cline The cast of characters included Willoughby Adams, a my, meek, and completely likable boy, Larry Lein, Inner Willy Willoughbyh inner self, whom only he could see, Joyce Kerr, Chuck Martin,a smart aleek who takes advantage of Willoughby, Clayton Hathile Johnny Newton, Gary Wickard, Ralph Jones, John Swanson, Harvey Downs, Jim Crabtree, were professed friends of Willoughby Coach with a temper, David Underwood, Hank Johnson, a husky football player, Jim Dauterman, Sally Bishop, a pert, energetic, and ambitious girl, Marlene Flames Willoughby! devoted Aunts were Aunt Louise, Margaret Laws, Aunt Olga, Judy Ricard, Aunt Hester, Terry l4cCone, Hazybelle Turner, a dull uninteresting species of womanhood, Carrol Hillard Enthusiastic rooters for the football team Kerr, Anna, Carron Hillard, Kay Margaret Chandler, and Dorothy, Priscilla Klger 28 5 i D ' I I - handsome, so lf -centered, John Swanson, Bud were' Lottie' Joan Batuonf Marion' Janet r, - ' . 2 SENIOR SNEAK DAY On April lo, l956,fourteen Seniors, Hrs. H. J. Cline and Mrs. Ed Kerr and Hr. Earl Ott met at 0:30 A.M. to begin their 'sneak day' trip to Windsor,Canada and Detroit, Michigan. We ate a belated breakfast after we ar- rived in Windsor at Harlos'. After breakfast, we looked over uptown Windsor and had an hour to ourselves. At noon we went back to Detroit. After finding our way across the bridge and getting traffictied up in Detroit, we ate our lunch at Cunning- ham's. He at least proved we could have at- tention by lettlng a policeman stop trafficc so we could get in line, and Judy found out that the big buses will stop for you if you accidentally get in their way. After seeing Cinnerama, where some of us were disappointed while others were amazed, we split up for some free time. The boys saw a hotrod show and the girls toured Hudson's Department store and rodethe escalators which was a novelty to some of them,while our span- sors rested their tired feet and enjoyed a cup of coffee. We met back at the car at 5 o'clock and started for home. Since we had eaten lightly all day, we decided to go all out for dinner, so we stopped at the Plantation Inn, Maumee for dinner. Leaving Haumee for home we were tired, UIWPY, full, Ind Very happy, but who wouldn't be after seventeen hours of rushing around? SENIQR VIS IT LUTU CLUB swf Judy Ricard, Marlene Flames, Terry McCone, Janet Kerr, Margaret Laws, Priscilla Kiger, Joan Bateson and Joyce Kerr QFFI ?Q Q: ! T m ,J :AQ 4 a I or .,a -1-3' f an , M Clayton Mathile, Jim Crabtree, Margaret Chandler, Mr Ott, Mrs Wickard, John Swanson and Larry Lein. Ott Gary Class of 1958 at Statue of Liberty BCXJSTERS Green's Store Portage , Ohio Bill 's Texaco Portage, Ohio Golden Lily Bowling Green, Ohio IDI18 , 1088 850 SE l0R RIP The senior class, chaperoned by Mr and Hrs Earl Ott, left by train on May 18 for their long-awaited trip They arrived in Washington, D C Monday morning and immediately toured the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, PA building, U S Cap itol, and the Supreme Court Building After lunch at the hotel, they had the afternoon to get settled In the evening they were taken on a tour of the Jefferson and Lincoln Memor1als,lIational Archives building, Congressional library, and the Airport On Tuesday they toured the Smithonian In stitute, the Voice cfAmerica Broadcasting Co , and the Washington Monument In the evening, they went to the Lotus Club for dimer and floor show Lee Allen, a commedian,and Eurico Later in the evening, they wenttn the Hash ington Train Terminal where they played games in the game room On Uednesday they were taken to the White House, Arlington Cemetary where they saw the changing of the guard on the Tomb of the Un known Soldier, Iwo Jima Statue and the rows of crosses and tombs of historical men After lunch, they were taken to Ht Vernon, and on to the terminal where they boardedatrain for New York In New York they toured the NBC building and went to the rooftop which was seventy stories high On Thursday they were taken on a bus tour of Lower New York, China town and atrlp to the Statue of Liberty by boat In the afternoon, they went to Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockettes and the movie, "Marjorie Morning star' On Fridq mornlngthe boarded asight seeing boat for a three hour cruise around Manhatten Island After that, they toured the United Nations building In the evening, they entrained for Buffalo At Buffalo, they stopped for breakfast then went on to Niagara Falls, New York, where they crossed the line into Canada to see the falls Upon coming back, they boarded a train for Buffalo, where they had a three-hour lay over because of engine trouble They arrived in Toledo at 8:30 Saturday evening, a happy but a very tired group BOCBTERS Chamberlin's Furniture Store Hqyne, Ohio Frankfather Tile Factory Jerry City, Ohio .31 Swortee, a'baritone, were special guests. D I e l 3 X ,, 1' .4 I f i 1,5 'Q' 1 v 5 'fi K F f 'Z 5 Ai W W! W 4' I L.. F 2 5' M , , Q 'v A ' irfk ' iiffmg .0 3 2 .. " "' 5 is 4 I 'W 0' X?f f 3 if sl J' ' 3 fdhb f 4 ,naw W A if W J' 'Q ' . .,v,Y.., S. R 4 "S ,H xx 4 A Q . .5 x V v me v I Q .fl , . , Q E . 'gi my 3 ii i 5 . a N .,,,,ws-- 1' . 3, w.n.: .,,,..n-s -H .. If 1 E , Q 4 n xx W.. Q ' 9' ff 25' J. I9 EW S 9 1- H A . ., 1 T 1 bb' 1 U .5-0" NINTH GR X 0-sy I 1 L L .E Ri L. -e 'Wi NQQX F . 5 , t 1"g'1. .. ' Q 3 4 9 L, K Wk, Qs. gtk ' '. 1' ' Olsen' , fi , + 6.-X 7 v Q, 5, it Ni - -M lx,- ' M. 3-Q. 5. 4-rixx' 'I 4 'x on' U . blk l O e, 5 Lei Q Q X-0 5 ' ,,' A. ,,., 4 Q ,.':.,,,4wo-an sitkgvg-mms g' . s 4 Q 3 v Q ?v 5 X mcg X, , if R Q, 9 5, Vf" f uk ', 'J 5 3' 3 ' -. . .,, yy 'V sl" ,Q sd -'Z."u'f ' My xiii 2 'Q Lg, .. 5 -1 if 'S W 5' ir W' 1 qf'Q: S' ""' . gs' s . . ' h si: 93, W in Y' . -1 "V wk K, ,- if 'va v9"" H131 f .fe-13 if Q 'E vw x. HE 5 -- ' s ' . ' . ..,. ' 2 v H 5 si, A E. . A.: W H . wi. 'A N ' my -'WL ' i ' 1' 'G XS. Y . - A V -nur. x M me gm. W re X , an f --ay. Y l :egg A -f- -- Wy? Y , ,K iq, - .. 1' 1 I 'Q , . ,- yy, 4.: - Qs '7-, , X , W sl X QL .Q .x .. S ww. .f K . M l- .Q , Q 5 H24 '. fe gt :N t F K aw. ix x n n lf E' 555' it Q J.. 6 x , Xi ' il lg 5 lr .A .::. i ' A Q ,lim my xml g - r E .N., X Q X 5. 5-1 IQ Q31 f Xf- S.:5 N Q K A QQ w V 3 .pg is Q ' f V i x SSS S Q I 333' 5. x ' - .Q fa if '53, -gf -1 W ' x xr if S2 x i . N Sv Nw -J MF ii K :ur K Q www li 1. 3, if 21 45 ZPL' mga! 1 . M --, it E Hn vw nl u ' 5' . in 6 X: ,W ,: K . F' ,Q A nfl? k my fsgf A if ' YF ,X 1 ski-Wg ,, f' 4 V M My-M....ff,f .MMNNR R P , gmwmfw-Ivxm MM M' , . ,,,,w.-.nu.Q..,1,.paw 'RQ' L, it Y' 'k...Mx av 'fy' A ,, V . 9. 'V o Q A 3 ' A .JW www as Us 'fm ff Q.. We 'J X . K j' . mp' 'wr', K is Qs? -., ,Q .322 'ik a A 753 5 .. - 3423-' v9L "ww f -',- ,. a .'w3?',, 55,3 A ., . 'li 11:-AS:'rn"! 2, -' J Q zwalv f- iii, Q. . T-glaruyiiv S- gm, j'2,.,?Q?Q sy az f . ' ' - A f ww f' 'ew' . ' 0 S 2 , li 51 3 U Leaf 5, , 'X 5 , .Me lf Qu fy 1 Q? -A 1 3 S S if X - A ,W 'if I K , W ,ff .. v O gn. :fin V Q 'H f3..g,, iii ' 4 M, . if ' X . . Qi 'F my Y ' is? . v x m X Q.' M 1 .X Q X ' ,X lily' 3 .1 as gg fi Q 'af' if . . xx gg Ng f + Q W4 ,...f., 3 if Nw x 59,35 ,Q Q 35223 i i gfig fgQgiXQ'gf 15,15 " I , ' " ' 4 ,, f Q12 X Q '-QQ-gr ' A A -' -l g"f ' V , W' ' N ff + X ' , 1 Q If 1' l5i"f:2fi.f Q -s. 3 Lx I xXL. T Jin 7 M S. ' K 3 if' ww X W M F , E , K N waz? S . 5 Q V' X R, N EE' vs-f 'S N .-a was .ff c Q iw gee Xw K - K .Ml . x . X A4 NES X K Aixgm :N XA.-f' , ww S' ,ff it ws xx, x In M 'W Q QL . '55 sr 5 .- Q Aa? X S 2, V E v A ' X ' V I Mm' A ,s, xl f .r' ' HQ ',21"" U , l Y Ue QW 1 1 W 4 ss' 5 W 59,'51fmf,' ' ' z -1r'.ls15'?21 ,xc -.V-4 'Q' S W . 'Gulf ah ., xurfngi ' I YH , . ! , . wig, Q A , M w .. XQHC, Q' E M.. I w"M!5'. 5 5. 2" M 'wwf if if QQ afirf X. 4 .G+ x. Q -fl HK FIRST GRADE Front Rows Second Rom Third Rein Becky Keys, Patricia Hall, Donna Snith, Beth Carol Uittenneyer. Ann Dautermn, Tamara Thompson, Dennis Bockhrader, Vicky Lynn Reynolds, Roxana Patten, Deborah Reynolds, Kathy Aurand, lhrvin Hard, Ted Bishee. lrs. Eckert, lark Davis, Robert Hammer, Tino George Couch, Alan Bursiek, Daniel Eckhart. Nationwide Insurance I.. Burge Smith P. O. Box 33 Pemberville, Ohio Phone 72 thy Reynolds, Lawrence Chandler, Kfli m' V . .3 if ' f A A I " K it , 3 I A E+ L K Q , . V? I S vw 1, M- 'Nw' K X f' i : af? K: K K X wg 24 ' X fr- . K ei , gvif? 2. 3? Q , f 7 " 2' -. M . Q Y - - 6 LLL. . M K 9 ii. V, ,.,,.z ssxwu Y 1 VW Q K Q was mf, H xx W' . I , M lk L L if ,g an W Q N t i W ' ' 5 'fr' 1 'Q ni' W5 af f M , V 1 1,, I: V ff A 'L ,, Q. LQ X 1:45, LQ 7 , ' 1 ' iw' 4 5 x .W ,. :A .f1w2Fif'!N4:3- Y-51" ' .4 . ,, 5' efmff 2faf52,2f 1 ' I K 1' We g fa afsg V'f22gi 333352 frm f , E L ' Q sf A f 'Y Q 4 ,ggi fglgfc- 341'--l if 1 3 Q c S 0 - "' 3. 25555, Eggiggfl 56? i E 5 ' Y? ' g 5 ' 0 ,lg-,,, ' f"'1fii,5f qi f 3 lfri ' 7 5 5 I, 4 xv V 155:53 if ,Bw XLLAXLVFN Y as j I gi- , xi ffm '-'ff-I-155 3,:f- , Y W 1 AJ .-1...-uv gy f, M K 23-Si 9, - as V if as N f Q5 , 3 ,fi A. 'ww '23-if' 9' K V AW QW, k f J iii R . VZ' LYS' f 5,1 'pa' M' , 'rw was- 1 Q N A '-at .M VARSITY BASKETBALL Clayton nuthin Dudley Dauterman Jim Crabtree B111 Reynolds Ed Chambers Rodney Dauterman Jim Dauterman "A U:"!"A" Portage Portage Portage Portage Portage Portage Portage Portage Portage Portage Portage Portage Portage Portage Portage Portage Portage Portage Portage Portage Portage Portage OT RECORD Cygnet Jackson Montgomery Tontogany Westwood Weston Wsnef- Jackson Alumni Westwood Van Buren Bloomdale Tontogany Grand Rapids Haskins Webster Townsend Risingsun Webster Troy Lucky North Baltimore Riooev11le 148 65 71 S8 67 69 59 75 69 99 68 73 78 Portage 68 North Baltimore 65 58 75 73 70 58 75 L12 - C D M5 53 ', ' Q cxif 4k-- M4 f ff 3' ag- , Q Ri, 9 in V '71 M A V ai: ffl , h VA "L-Q' z E gg , IMM1 T 1 Q ix , , S u E 'W 2 It Hu .L K -v.. - ,ff ' 1 T ' zi' A gs + , - ,. i . 1 'Q , f ,S 5 , Q,-, 1 g ,F . . , X, . f ' f f , 6 X V 'I U , E .',, unnnmww- IV QW? 9 VX. - GI' Mm SEE sl , 8 I 2, . 3? S ,x , ,F , x AJ + ,Q T N J F' X 5 X ,, ,Ti H :gt ' L in QQ? A Q X ' K Y - 1 x x A ' f 3 wx 'F i T R. X 7 is - E2 4 ,Q ,,'. , Q 5 V skill IMLWMH ? if rrk' V ....,'L: :j i ' x x ,. B. V ,Y gi 5 L, L 43 . i Y A , . Q Y Li f R , if 5 1 X , f .3 JU IOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM Front Roux Darrell Reynolds, George Amos, David Binbu, Howard Oestreich. Second Row: lr. McPherson, David Hearn, Donald Mayer, Larry Hiller, Dnllu llathilc, Jun: Green, Tim Buchman CHEERLEADER Kneeling: Susie Long, Becky Keys, Judy Snow Standings Carol Brand, Judy Williamson. BASEB LL TE M Front Row: Lee Bursiek, Dudley Dauterman, James Crabtree, James Dauterman, James Siville, James Kerr, Edwin Chambers. Second Row: Mr. McPherson, Jerry Glaser, Bill Reynolds, Dave Underwood, Clayton Mathile Don Williamson, Rodney Dauterman, Dallas Hathile, Darrell Reynolds. RECORD SUM ER 1957 Cygnet 3 Montgomery O B.G.H.S. 6 North Baltimore h Cygnet 3 Rossford 12 Tontogany h 52 Portage Portage Portage Portage Portage Portage Portage Cygnet Weston Webster Pemberville Webster Westwood Cygnet Westwood Cygnet Westwood Cygnet Wayne Webster FALL 1957 5 Portage 3 Portage l Portage 5 Portage O Portage 5 Portage SPRINQ 1958 S Portage 13 Portage 2 Portage 7 Portage 2 Portage O Portage 5 Portage A ' ,wx -1 NWM... x X , NA Q Qu , iv Q x. X X X X Qi A Q 3 S fN 'N "X H OM ECGMI G RGYALTY Front Row: Second Row: Back Rows Last year's crowned the Queen Council President, Lee Bursiek, Teresa Flames, Kathy Aurand, Marvin Hand, Viola Oes treich, Don Williamson. Queen, Connie Dautermang King, Bill Reynolds Priscilla Kiger, Elnore Lindemeyer, Harrison Kerr, Clayton Hathlle queen, Elnore Lindexqyer, and last year's Student Harrison Kerr, crowned the Connie Dauterman and Bill Reynolds, both Juniors, were crowned king and queen at the King. At half time each of the basketball boys presented his Mother with a rose in apprecia- tion. After the game, the king and queen were crowned. After the Coronation Dale Hille played for our Homecoming Dance. Sb Homecoming basketball game against Haskins on January 214. The Senior Attendants were Priscilla Kiger and Clayton Hathileg Sophomore, Viola Oestrelch and Donald Hilliamsongand Freshman, Teresa Flames and Lee Bursiek. The crown bearers were Kathy Aurand and Marvin Ward, both first graders. STUDENT CUUNCIL Second Row: Rod Dluterman, Richard Joseph, John Henschen, Larry Lein, Ed Chambers UFFICE GIRL First Rows Terry HeCone, Hr Heber, Marlene Flames, Priscilla Kiger Second Rows Beverly Kerr, Joyce Kerr First Rows Carol Ducat, Mr. Heber, Joan Bateson, Teresa Flames. LIBRARY TAFF Seated: Jucb' Ricard, Joyce Kerr I 0 TEAM Clayton Hathile, David Underwood, Viola Oestreich, Lee Bursiek Standing: Margaret Laws, Judy Uiliiamson, Joan Bateson. n -.w...y" . Y ,xxx 4 xx Q X f X .sw S.. x X vi N X X fx Ffa X an X' 1 X . it Q H ' H 48, 6 i s e if Q Q. Z K 5- 5 SX ,Si xx 51' F' X s Nik R. X Q 5 .ff I H' -r , gf,-I fl, H , Y, 'W ' ,, gl' wigs my if. ws:-X MIXED CHORUS Front Third Back Row: Row x Row: Teresa Flames, Lynn lineman, Sharon Long, Priscilla Kigcr Williamson, Sharon Swanson Terry HoCone, Viola Oestreich, Bonnie Bnteson, Margaret Laws, Juqy Ricard Bob Harris, Jim Siville, Dud Dauterman, David Underwood Second Roux Hr. Ehrman, Sharon Kerr, Marlene Flames, Joan Bateson, Judy Front Second Back Roux Row: Row: Connie Dauterman, Bonnie McDonald, Joyce Kerr, Judy Snow Connie Miller, Diane Brooks, Sandra Kicer, Bonnie Smith Carol Brand Janet Hickard Clayton Mathile, Rod Dauterman, Lee Bursiek, Jim Ke 1 .J I Third Roux Janet Kern Beverly Kerr, Margaret Chand1er,Connie Brooks, BAD Front Row: Judy Williamson, Lynn Wiseman, Sharon Swanson, Judy Ricard, LeAnn Reynolds, Sandy Bockbrader, Connie Dauterman, Viola Oestreich. Second Row: Rodney Dauterman, Clayton Hathile, Jim Siville, Bob Harris, Darrell Reynolds, Tom Reynolds, Dudley Dauterman, Howard Oestrelch. Standing: David Underwood, Diane Brooks, Bonnie Bateson, Hr. Ehrman. BOOSTERS Shinew's Restaurant CRose MoCloskeyJ Portage, Ohio fw Amos Motor Sales Bradner, Ohio Baublitz Mortuary Wayne, Ohio BAN Oil Company Hayne, Ohio CAB Market Wayne, Ohio 60 ATHLETIC BA QUET Mr. Frank Dick, former Portage Superintendent, and now of Sylvania-Burnham,was the speaker for the annual athletic banquet held on March 25. After the dinner prepared by the senior mothers, Mr. Heber welcomed the 150 people assembled to hon- or the Western League Champions, and then turned the program over to Toastmaster Leonard Davis. Mr. Davis introduced Mrs.Helen Dukes, represent- inf Mr. Tom Bartlett, who presented the annual Ear- tlettgram Award to Junior guard, Bill Reynolds. Mr. McPherson presented letters to the Junior High players, and the varsity cheerleaders received medals for their services during the year. The re- serve boys were presented with their awards, and large varsity letters were presented to the two graduatingpiayers,Jim Crabtree and Clayton Mathile. Then special awards of beltbuckles with the mon- ogram WP' and engraved with nLeague Championsn were presented to the 12 boys and 2 managers who brought us that first League Championship in our school's history. Pete Dauterman then presented Mr. McPherson with a watch from the entire community in recognition of his fine joy of coaching and also for his work with the boys during the summer. Mr. Acocks, superintendent of Elmwood, spoke briefly. Music was provided by the Melody Belles and by Viola Oestreich. After Mr. Dick's inspiring talk, the program concluded with the school song. sz P' ,ff"',,, ,,, . Maw EWSPAPER STAFF Front Roux Priscilla Kiger, Mrs. Cline, Marlene Flames Janet Kerr. Second Rows Terry Pk:Cone, Margaret Laws, Joan Bateson: Beverly Kerr, Margaret Chandler Joyce Kerr. , GIRLS' and BOYS' S TATE Clayton Mathile, Judith Ricard 62 Clayton Mathile attended Boys' State at Camp Perry, and Judith Ricard attended Girls' State at Capital University, during the sum- mer of 1957. Clayton was sponsored by the American Legion Post 725 of Portalze, Jhio, z-into Judy was sponsored by the Awzilliary of the same group. IHITIATION AHAHJS DAY Awards Day was held on May 28, 1958 luaerals were given to Margaret Laws, Janet Kerr, Joyce Kerr, Marlene Flames, Joan Bate son, Terry MoCoae, Ed Chambers, Connie Daut erlan, Rodney Dauternaa Bill Reynolds, Jia Dauteraan, Beverly Kerry and Dudley Dauterman Letters were given to Connie Dauterman, Beverly Kerr, Janet Kerr, Joyce Kerr, Pris cilla Kiger, Margaret Laws, Joan Bateson, Mar garet Chandler, and Terry MoCone Panther Heads went to Juqf Ricard, Terry Mdione, Priscilla Kiger, Joyce Kerr, Janet Kerr, Joan Bateson, Jim Dauterman, Beverly Kerr, Bill Reynolds, Marlene Flames, and Viola Oestreich For having the most merit points Clayton The freshmen class of 1958, were initiated Mathile received the Merit, Hzdal I by the sophomores on September 21s, 19511 in traditional style The girls were alls, pajamas, or laces of onions and garlic were around their necks A unique hair style featured pincurls on one side and pig tails on the other The boys were charming in ladies' dresses and hats After adsy of carrying books for the soph olores, feeding them candy and gum, being smeared with lipstick and enduring paddlings, the day finally ended with a party variously attired in over burlap bags Aromatic neck CHRISTMAS PARTY The annual high school Christmas party was held on December 20, 1958 Students and faculty exchanged gifts, and music for round and square dancing was fur nished by Dale Hllle Punch and cookies were served I Dare You' books went to Clayton Mathile and Marlene Flames Outstanding Senior trophies went to Clay ton Mathile and Joyce Kerr Bill Reynolds and Clayton Mathile received gertlflcates from the Toledo Blade in Basket a Editors of the yearbook, Joan Bateson, Judy Ricard, Janet Kerr, a.nd Gary Hickard., received certificates and the typing award wextto Bill Glaser CHRISTMAS PROGRAM The AnnualChristmas music program was pre sented on December 19, under the direction of Mr Eldon Ehrman and Mr Richard Farley program with several Christmas carols, 1 which the audience joined in singing The kindergarten, lst, 2nd and 3rd grades, under the direction of Mr Farley, presented a manger scene and sang 'Jingle Bells" with rythm and 'Silent Night' in a candleli, scene Several old favorlte Christmas carols, in cluding "O Come All Ye Faithful", "Litt1e Town of Bethlehem", and "Jolly Old St were sung by the hth, Sth, 6th, and with some readings in between The Girls' Glee Club concluded with several Christmas numbers of aspect N 1cho1as" 7th grades, the program a religious SIHOOI. CARNIVAL The annual school carnival was held on Oct ober ll The lst grade had a fish pond and white elephant sale, 2nd grade had a country store, 3rd grade had movies, hth and Sth sold candy and Sth and 6th sold baked goods The 7th grade sold cider and donuts, 8th grade sold ballpoint pens, a pemv pitch, and a puppy raffle The 9th had pie throwing, 10th nm Q raffle ma pop .tina The Juniors served food in the cafeteria, and the Seniors sponsored a dance The Student Council was in charge of the raffle - - 1 O - - O l 1 I s I O "' n a ' . O 1 I O I C - O O -......e - O O O fl O ' J O , I . 1 ' 9 s O - . I O I O O - O O s O 63 UEvening in Parisn was the theme ofthe 1957 Junior-Senior Banquet Blue and white streamers formedthe ceiling, and blue and whitecanopies covered thetables, giving the illusion afaside walk cafe in Gay Paree The banquet was prepared bythe Junior moth ers, and served by the freshman and sophomore classes who were dressed in French chef hats and aprons Judy R1card, Junior president, welcomed the guests with nParee oh gay Pareen, while the Senior president, Clifford Haines, responded with Uoh Merci Beaucoup The Choralettes sang W1 Love Parisn, and Larry Lein presented WRendsenous Headlinesu Re ina hevnolis read the senior prophecyg Marlene Flames gave Ulnnocents Abroadu, and blnore Lindemeyer read the senior will The Choralettes returned to sing nThe Last T1ne I Saw Parisn, and Priscilla Kiger cave the farewell, Sorry To Say Au Revoirn Th school song conclude the program Round and square dancing to the music gf Dale Hille filledthe remainder ofthe even1ng faculty, and guests at the annual dinner and prom on May 10, 1958 The g mnasium was beaut1fully decorated in a Hawaiian theme, with blue and whlte as the predom inanf colors After a delicious dinner, prepared by the Junior mothers and served by members of the freshmen and sophomore classes, Dav1d Underwood, as toastmaster, began the program B111 Reynolds, president of the Junior class, welcomed the froup, and Clayton Math 1le, sen1c1 preszocnt, gave the response Marlene Planes read the sen1or class prophecy and Joan Bateson, the class will Dale Hille provided music for round and square dancing until twelve 6h H 1 , x1 . e The Class of 1959 entertained the Class of 1958, r V ' , PTO Our newly organized association cfparents and teachers has been headed byt e same slate of officers for its two years' existence They are Mrs Velma Mauk, president, Merle Dauterman,vice president, Lyle Shaffer, Treasurer, and Helen Mathile Secretary The PTO purchased a new spinet piano for the school during the first year, and this last year has had new clocks for classrooms as its projects Many interesting andinformative programs have been given Speakers have included Sgt Margaret Slater, of the Toledo Police Depart ment, Mrs Ralph Dille Superintendent of Hood County Department of Public Welfare,Rev Paul Uocks, of the First Methodist Church of Bowling Green, and Patrolman Fullencamp from the State Highway Patrol V3F1OUSkf0FmBtiVC panels have discussed all phases of school consolidation, and the PUD has endeavored constantly to keep the public informed This spring, new officers were elected to head the group for the coming year They ares Lloyd Schaller, President, Fred Meyer, v1ce president, Loretta McPherson, secretary, M NQJV pre dd Mrs M thile reads the minutes an Ethel Swartz, treasurer The Citlzen Comnlttee Reports ALUM I BANQUET The annual alu ni banquet was held on May 3 1958 It began with a pot luck supper at six A business meeting was held after the supper New officers elected for the next year are J1m Delph, president, Bill Eckert,vice presi dent, Mrs James McPherson, Secretary Treas urer nThe Bats' played for dancing from nine until twelve COMPLIMENTS OF L L Trout N Baltimore, Ohio Mr Shaffer reports Christmas at Casey's BOOSTERS Bentley Furniture and Appliance Wayne , Ohio Ted's Garage Ted's Garage Portage, Ohio 'b Barber Shop Bradner, O io C J Amos A Son Portace, Ohio ar 's Barber Shop Portage, Ohio Hummell's Market Pemberville, Ohio O Smith's Used Furmture Pemberville, Ohio Pemberville, Ohio Eisenhour Motor Sales Pemberville, Ohio Nieman Beckman Furniture Pemberville, Ohio The Corners Scotch Ridqe, Ohio Decker's Supply Shop Bradner, Ohio R H Ernsthausen Portace, Ohio Shebli's Shoe Store North Baltimore, Ohio Cygnet Lu ber Co Cygnet, Ohio Hudson's Market Cyfnet, Ohio Liggett A Meyer Tobacco Fremont, Ohio Bob's Market Jerry Cify, Ohio Lahman's Grocery Jerry City, Ohio Ted's T V 6 Radio Sales and Service Pemberville, Ohio Pemberville Tractor Sales Pemberville, Ohio Mentor Motor Sales Pemberville, Ohio Bob ' C 1 Hobart-Bowlus Co. Co. gy INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS FACTORY HOME OHICI Kansas Cnty i , I Fubluxherx fave: MGUUYUIYUVPYN BookB1r1dvvx ,-,.,Nv.1,W. H A

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