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3 1833 02218 7584 C3c 977.202 F77fcdr 1970 PORTASE MiDDL-E SCHDOL. CYeareook D As the world turns, the students of Portage go through their daily activities. They also find time to relax from the routine of hard work. This globe symbolizes the theme of the 1970 Portarama . . . " As the World Turns. " PortJ 196 p. ' Probably the busiest man at Portage this year was Dr. Hugh Kariger, our principal. In addition to his daily routine, he planned the curriculum, kept things running smoothly, and attended many meetings concerning new ideas in educa- tion. Dr. Kariger is a hard-working man who tried his best to give us a school with the right atmosphere for learning. Dr. Kariger and Mr Middleton conferred on many subjects throughout the year Mr. Middleton, our assistant principal, did many things to keep our school operating evenly. He supervised our lunch program and made sure the seventh period program was in working order. Among other duties were book rentals and locker assignments. Mr. Middleton worked with Dr. Kariger on the North Central evaluation and had an important part in it. He also worked hard on the student handbook. rama 1970 1531627 . ' «s fJ«(! v Contents Introduction 1-3 Faculty 4-6 Academics 7-14 Activities 15-28 Sports 29-38 Students 39-63 Conclusion 64 Portage Jr. High School Fort Wayne, Indiana Volume 9 3 1969 - 1 A his. !■ Dwight Shop Amstutz, 8th Intra- Max murals Biology P.E. Intramurals Anderson, Gerald Sp. Ed Elizabeth Dev. Reading German German Club Eickhoff. Martha Dev. Reading English LaFontaine, Patricia English French French Club From early in the morning until late at night, our custodians at Portage worked. They were responsible for the maintenance of our building, keeping things clean and in order. LEFT TO RIGHT: Hilda Linnemeier, Adolph Frankenstein, Bob Mossburg, Glen Daugherty, Carl Hass. ) Faculty Stahl, Barbara Health Science Cheerleaders Sterling, Norma English Social Studies Drama Club ■■■■■ Werking, Vernon fVellman, Science Thelma Shop Art Geography Art Club Audio- Visual White. Alton Shop Intramurals Wilson. Jeannette Home Economics Every day Portage ' s cooks worked efficiently in preparing a nourishing lunch to keep us going through the rest of the day. LEFT TO RIGHT: Easter Dunlap, Imogene Slagle. Wanda Hart, Audrey Swihart. Madonna Gaham. Pauline Snyder, Thresa Frederick, Genevieve Booker, Maureen Butcher, Ruth Loomis, and Martha Hunt. Office Personnel Provide Valuable Services Mr. Cira counselled boys . . . as Mrs. Pugsley advised girls School secretaries Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Scott, school nurse Mrs. Squires Mr. Stiner tested students as visiting psy- chometrist Study hall and library work kept Mrs. Dit- Mrs. Collins, teachers ' aide, also helped in wiler busy the lunchroom Mrs. Patten (left) was responsible for lunch- room activities Miss La Von (right), visiting speech therapist, helped Portage students correct their speak- ing voices. 1 P w A C A D E M I C S Rams Develop Skills Mr. Gall conferring with Mike LoVett in library Cheryl Kramer, Roxanne Jacobs, and Tina Cheme- renko dramatizing short story English classes in all three grades kept busy read- ing and analyzing novels, studying plays, and devel- oping reading skills. Most classes were assigned to write themes, compositions, resource papers, and poems d uring the year. Many frowns appeared as the yearly grammatical and spelling sessions oc- curred. Regularly scheduled annual events also took place, including the spelling bee and Lions Club speech contest. Discussion session sparked by Mr Berg Mark Smith, Jerry Orchard, and Curt Bonsib display- ing dramatic flair The play ' s the thing for Debbie Stinson and Scott Sand- ers, seventh graders in English, Languages Miss LaFontaine lecturing on basic French French students taking time out to smile for the birdie Three foreign language classes were offered this year for ninth grade students, who had their choice of French, German, or Spanish. Along with learning the actual languages, stu- dents were also taught the customs and traits of the people they were studying. Classes were active throughout the year with projects such as conversa- tions and reports. All three classes took part in the Christmas convocation, where they sang carols in their respective languages. German students Beth Miller and Becky Young with Mrs. Boggess Nancy Bollenbacher receiving advice in Spanish from Mr Septer Spanish students working heartily on homework Students Further Their Knowledge Sammy Williams and Jeff Pelz diligently work on their projects. Becky Seabold. Debbie Baumgartner, and Pam Arnold model McCalls ' fashions in home economics. Shop classes planned projects and constructed them of wood and metal, ran machines, and made various household items - tables, lamps, book racks, planters, and wooden bowls. Home economics classes studied about nutrition, grooming, textiles, and cooking. They made skirts, pillows, and beach bags in sewing, and cooked breakfasts, lunches, and snacks. Mr. White explains the fundamentals of making book racks. Jeff Nei hurriedly goes through a shop assignment. Home ec girls prepare hot chocolate, trying not to scald it. In Classroom Skills " You didn ' t help me with that problem, Mr. McKeeman, " says Don Miller. " And now we will discuss the nine systems of the body . ninetieth time. " . for the Health classes discussed various problems of tee- nagers today - smoking, drugs, functions of the nine systems of the body - and in addition, ninth graders studied driver ' s education. Numerical equations appeared before more than one pair of eyes as the year progressed in math classes. They delved into story problems, polynomi- als, fractions and percentages in preparation for next year ' s more advanced learnings. " No, not me, " says Mr. Pearson as his picture is snapped. " Must we write out all that, Mr. Denny? " Don ' t just sit there, say something. Mr. Brown I Science and Social Studies The only way to keep David Harman quiet " Can ' t anyone imitate the call of a yellow- bellied sapsucker? " ■ ' • m wKtiM LI M • -s ' T Bi w p Mable Hunter examining a skeleton in Dissecting can be fun . . . with a little help science from Mrs. Stahl Rod Hughes and David Hood carefully rip- Peter Ruttenberg and John Alvarez warily ping apart a hapless crayfish investigating for ferocious insects Learn by Doing mm — r w i Mr. Edwards grades papers . students work on maps . Mrs. Gowdy uses tapes . . . and discussions to teach U. S. history Mr Edwards moderates as sixth period seventh graders discuss current events Bill Newhart gives the " news " while other cast members nervously wait for their cues in the candy " Sell-In " con- vocation. Time for Fun with School Convocations The Fort Wayne Philharmonic wood- wind quintet members display their talent to interested onlookers. Don Lonie provides laughs at a convo- cation demonstrating how short girls ' dresses are these days. Members of the Philharmonic string quartet play for instrumental and vo- cal music classes All eyes are on the " Can of Sweets " as Sanford Snyderman digs around for a name. A C T I V I T I E S 1969-70 Student Council FRONT: Mrs. Pugsley. S. Richard, I. Frankenstein, C. Snyderman, M. Finlayson (president), S. Snyderman (vice president), C. Simerman, Mr Pearson. MIDDLE: B. Both. J. Smith, K. Caudill, B. Goldsby, K. Smith, T. Lipp. D. Whitman, B. Rizzo. N. Raney BACK: D. Smallback, R. Rondot, B. Chamberlain, C. Litchin, T. Kennerk, B. Newhart. D. Butler, E. Spears, H. Miller, B. Kennedy. FRONT: Mrs. Pugsley. T. Foster, S. Snyderman, M. Finlayson, C. Snyderman, S. Morgan, Mr. Pearson. MIDDLE: . Brown, K. Ward, S. Jones. N. Ecenbarger, R. Boling, B. Jones, W. Keim. BACK: C Baumgartner, L. Fritz, D. Keim, C. Workman, D. Berry, J. Patterson, B. Watson, P. Arnold. The Student Council makes suggestions for changes and additions to school policy. The Council sponsored school activities such as record hops, and was responsible for taking money and tickets at athletic events. Various Clubs Benefit Portage SERVICE CLUB-FRONT, LEFT TO RIGHT: V. Johnston. C. Hurst, J. West. E. Weicker. Mrs. Anderson. REAR: K. Gibson. C. Workman. T. Tackett. J. Nei. R. Shatzer, S. Boone. The Service Club was composed of ninth grade students who gave up study hall to help the office with errands, filing, ticket making, etc. Mr. Edwards sponsored Banking Club, giv- ing students a planned savings program. Volun- teer workers collected savings envelopes every Tuesday morning. Problems of today ' s teenagers were discussed by the Student Round Table. Everything from parents to world problems came up during the course of the year ' s program under the guidance of Mr. Denny. Banking Club members C. Englemann and J. Clark. Missing from picture, K. Free. STUDENT ROUND TABLE-FRONT: J. Boone, K. Hensley, J. Fisher, K. Fisher, Mr. Denny. REAR: M. Fisher, V. West, S. Boone, C. West, P. Diehm. Journalism Occupies Time Portarama staff seen clockwise, from front: Wendy Woods. Kathy Ward, Debbie LeClair, Mrs. Hoylman (adviser), David Harmon, Sanford Snyderman. Diana Rinehart, Terri Lipp. David .Atkinson. The Portarama staff worked hard this year to pro- vide Portage with a most spectacular yearbook. The deadlines were met just in time, and the final results eagerly awaited. The paper was published monthly by the Packet staffwho racked their brains to provide interesting features along with accurate news stories. Photogra- phy was done by David Atkinson, David Harman, and Sanford Snyderman. Packet staff seen clockwise, from from: Nancy Frebel, Julie Smith, David Atkinson, Barry Lawson. Sanford Snyderman, Lisa Brenn, David Harman. Cindy Engelmann. Susan Markey. Nancy Wolfe, and Nancy Fishman. for Aspiring Writers Journalism Club members: FRONT, E. Russell, S Burson, R Smith. S. Wagnor. D. Kester, Mrs. Hoylman; SECOND ROW, M. Abbott. N. Raney. M. Parra, J. Wolever, K. Williams. L. Ehinger. E. Mitchell; THIRD ROW, K. Butler, M. Oswalt. M. Black, E. Johnston, C. Snyderman. M. Leiendecker. K. Wickiser. E. Curry; BACK, C. Dusendschon. A. Cox. H. Miller, T. Amsden, P. Hershberger. E. Peters. D. Atkinson. B. Watson, R. Coe. The Journalism Club met each Thursday to help gather information and write stories for the Packet, train- ing for positions on next year ' s staff. Thoughts . . . work . . . concentration . . . fun . . . all part of publications class for ninth graders. Vocal Music Attracts Students The Varsity Choir, directed by Mrs. Meese, was composed of ninth and eighth graders who perfonned in concerts throughout the year. Cadet Choir consisted of seventh graders, and worked toward being ehgible for Varsity Choir next year. They too were instructed by Mrs. Meese. Seventh Grade Ensemble Eighth Grade Ensembles The seventh, eighth, and ninth grade ensembles were seventh period activities who practiced regularly under the direction of Mrs. Mildred Meese. They worked hard to pre- pare special numbers for such events as the Christmas con- cert. Spring concert, and NIS- BOVA contest. Ninth Grade Ensembles The Solo Club was a group of stu- dents who sang solos in concerts and NISBOVA. The soloists were superv- ised and accompained by Mrs. Meese. 50 0 Club The Portage orchestra had many projects throughout the year, includ- ing the Christmas program, spring concert, and various P.T.A. meetings. The officers of the orchestra were Diana Rinehart, president; Janet Nes, vice president; Joanna Patterson, secretary; and Roxy Shatzer, social chairman. Orchestra and Band Entertainment throughout Contribute the School Year The band played for special events throughout the year, including both football and basketball games. Highlights of the year were the Christmas concert, variety show, and spring concert. Officers for ninth grade were: Greg Bussard, cap- tain; Tom Kennerk, 1st heutenant; Cindy Engel- mann, social chairman, and Luana Fair assisting Cindy. For the eighth grade were Jim Baker, 2nd Lieutenant, and Dave Berry, 1st sergeant. Smaller Instrumental Groups Perform Stage Band Directed by Mr. Parlette, the stage band was one of the main instrumental groups. They played for many special events this year, including the Christmas program, Talent Show, and Spring Concert. Guitar Club Recorder Club The Recorder Club met on Monday during seventh period. They played folk songs and melodies from the baroque period of music. Club members were (left to right) Mr. Butz, Kathy Trammel, Cindy Allen, Cheryl Miller, and Nancy Ecenbarger. The Guitar Club (left) consisted of Beth Miller and Mr. Osbom. They played folk songs and learned advanced guitar techniques. Portage students of all grades worked long hours preparing for the NISBOVA contest. The contest which involved many instrumental groups was held at Bishop Luers High School. The goal of the players was to receive a superior rating from the judges of the Northeastern Indiana State Band, Orchestra, and Vocal Association. The Drama Club was where students could show their acting ability by par- ticipating in plays that were produced and given during various times of the year. Mrs. Sterling was the advisor for this club. The German Club was especially for 7th graders. They learned how to speak German and also learned about cus- toms and the people. Mrs. Boggess was the advisor for this group. The French Club learned about the dif- ferent customs of France. They were told about what the French people eat and how they dress. Members of the club also decorated bulle- tin boards in French. Miss LaFontaine ad- vised the group. The Knitting Club was a group of girls, helped by Mrs. Bow- ers and Miss Lindley, who learned the bas- ics and fundamentals of knitting and cro- cheting. They met once a week and used their own tools to cre- ate things they could use like scarfs, mit- tens, and slippers. ' r ' ' - 9 H Mf- ' p! S w m mM % pfk 1 L " " T Jjp K K. JH H ftfek rsfe 3 The Tuesday and Thursday typing clubs were for seventh and eighth grad- ers, since they couldn ' t take typing as a class until ninth grade. They learned proper keyboard techniques, taught by Miss Robey and Mr. Gebhard. Tuesday Typing Thursday Typing The Chess Club met weekly to im- prove their playing ability by challeng- ing their peers through tournaments. Mr. Anderson oversaw the group in their various activities. Chess Club Audio Visual Club, boys who de- voted their time to helping Mr. Werk- ing, took care of the movie projectors and other audio-visual equipment throughout the year. These boys also helped set up the public address system for convocations. Audio-Visual Club The Art Club, meeting Wednesday and Thursday evenings, worked with materials ranging from papier mache to dried apples. Betsy Helberg, Mike Torrez. and Chris McFeeters won blue ribbons for posters on air pollution during the year. Mrs. Wellman and Miss Slick advised the club. The Library Club was a group of students who volunteered to help the librarians during their study halls or class visits to the library. Athletics Prove Highlight of Year at Portage Seasonal sports such as basketball, volleyball and track were enjoyed weekly by boys and girls participating in intramurals. Each club divided into teams and competed against each other. The girls ' adviser was Miss Lahr, while the ninth boys were coached by Mr. Athan and Mr. Brown; eighth by Mr. McKeeman, Mr. Alvis, and Mr. Denny; seventh by Mr. Amstutz and Mr. White. Portage Rams Try for a Victorious Season 1ST ROW: Mr. Gall. Rick Waiters, Barry Lawson, Mike Bowen, Kippy Smith, Mr. Athan. 2ND ROW: David Hayden, David Hood. Tom Cruze, Jeff Turner, David Harman (manager), Mike Dixon, Alfred Curry (manager). Rod Hughes. 3RD ROW: Male Finlayson, Tom Kennerk, Eric Spears, Mark Lesh, Keith Peters, Tim Mayclin, Dave Butler, Ken Mabee, Dave Weber. 4TH ROW: Greg Bussard, Mike Lovett, Charles Slack, Paul Waiters. Don Miller. Bill Newhart, Eddie Wineke. Mark Smith. Gary Loomis, Jim Landin. SCOREBOARD - 9TH 8th 7th 9 25 - Jefferson 14-20 9 24- Geyer 0-8 10 3 - H. Hill 26-6 10 2 - Geyer 8-20 10 1 - Weisser 0-16 10 10 - Franklin 6-6 10 9 - Weisser 6-14 10 8- Fairfield 14-0 10 17 - Geyer 14-14 10 16 - Fairfield 22-0 10 15 - Kekionga 38-8 10 23 - Kekionga 8-12 10 22 - Harrison Hill 0-0 10 30 - Harrison Hill 12-8 10 29 - Lakeside 10-18 Football 1ST ROW: Barry Rizzo, Jeff Wolever, Dan Clendenen, Mark Leiendecker (manager), Mike King. Evan Davies, Steve Burson, Mr McKeeman. 2ND ROW; Mike Lewis, Sam Williams, Mike Mehin, Steve Ransom, Rick Nes (manager), Dan Bonifas, Brian Chamberlain, Leon Govan, SkyeHeiney. 3RD ROW: Dave Huffman, John Greenler, JoeSnouffer, Craig Litchin, Dave Gillie, RickSlatton, Dave Berry, Phil Hershberger, Neil Bussard, Ken Butler. Honorary captain Brian Chamberlain Most valuable player Phil Hershberger Most valuable lineman Danny Bonifas 1ST ROW: Mr Brown, Tom Gaham, Bobby Wattley, George Huber, Robert Cross, Terry Brutten, Mr. Denny. 2ND ROW- Ricky Rifkin, Jackie Ward, Charles Mitchell, George Carney, Jeffrey Hayden, Scott Sanders, Greg Hoover, Jed Chase, Robert Sanders. 3RD ROW: Greg Burson, Danny Routt, Robert Campbell, Jim Mabee, Joe Langmeyer, Terry Tracy, Mark Spears, Mark Felger, Jim Theye, Jim KlimkofskL 4TH ROW; Rocky Barrand, Theodore Jenkins, Jeff Hamilton, Jack Woodruff, Bill Sanders, Ed Peters. Bruce Riley, Mike Arnold, Greg Hershberger. Joe LeMaster, Jeff Allen. " We Socked It to ' Em Rams " FRONT: D. Hayden, K. Yeiter, M. FinlaysonMlDDLE: D. Harmon (manager), R. Hughes. A. Curry, D. Butler, G. Bussard, M. Bowen (manager). REAR: Coach R. Athan, M. Lovett, M. Smith, S. Fuhrman, B. Newhart, M. Hunter, D. Miller. 9th 8th 7th Fairfield 50-28 Fairfield 42-22 Lakeside H. Hill 42-31 H. Hill 52-24 Weisser Cent. Cath. 49-37 Weisser 23-44 Geyer Weisser 36-41 Memorial 42-48 (OT) Kekionga Memorial 37-48 Lane 43-34 Fairfield Luers 44-35 Jefferson 47-34 H. Hill Lane 50-45 Kekionga 59-40 Jefferson 44-34 Geyer 49-31 Kekionga 50-38 Northwood 45-32 Geyer 49-37 Fairfield 37-38 Northwood 37-57 (tournament) Franklin 39-50 Lakeside 43-34 Northwood 47-55 (tournament) 20-50 23-46 35-24 46-27 32-31 48-33 FRONT: S. Heiney, S. Richard. M. Leiendecker, K. Butler. E. Russell. MIDDLE: J. Hagadorn (mgr). S. Williams. D. Huffman, N. Bussard. B. Chamberlain, M. King (mrg). BACK: Coach McKeeman, J. Greenler. C. Litchin, J. Gunn. R. Slatton. P. Hershberger. S. Ransom. 1531627 FRONT: C. Mitchell M. Felger. B. Wattley.G. Baker. MIDDLE: M. King (mgr). C. Underwood. E. Gordon. J. Brower. M. Spears. J. Hagadorn (mgr). BACK: Coach McKeeman. K. Caudill. B. Riley. D. Georgi, E. Peters. B. Sanders. D. Baker, G. Hershberger. Up up and Away, Rams Mike Lovett provides a victory for Portage in a meet Jim Landin dives over the crossbar in an attempt to set against Ben Geyer. a new high jump record Spring ' s arrival is heralded on the sports front at Portage by the advent of track season. Portage cindermen take the limelight with a series of meets and the annual city tourna- ments. With an astounding leap, Don Miller hurtles through space in the long jump. . ' With a hop, skip, and a jump, Dicky Miller executes a pole vault. Steve Ransom performs a hurdling jump at the North- side relays. 36 sports Are for Girls, Too! Pep Club was organized this year to fulfill the need for more school spirit. Started with the purpose of learning new and more complex cheers, this group of girls hoped to expand attendance at athletic events and to be more effective in years to come. Bill Shew, our Ram mascot, is in the center of action shots of athletic activities with a feminine touch. The Powder Puff football team consisted of ninth grade girls in extramurals Two opposing teams were formed by captains, who chose their players. With the help of Mr. Gall and Miss Lahr, the girls learned the fundamentals of football, coached by ninth grade team members. Cheerleaders Spur Spirit Throughout Student Body Top, Debbie LeClair; Middle, Joanna Patterson, Julie Smith; Bottom, Terri Lipp, Lisa Brenn. Wendy Woods, Rita Rondot The cheerleaders tried their best this year to promote school spirit and to improve game attendance. Every Thursday, t he girls prac- ticed cheers and chants, hoping to increase sports interest among Portage fans. Counter-clockwise from upper left: Cindy Kendall, Linda Duguid, Denise Wattley, Pam Arnold, Shelley Wolfe From left, Renee Harter, Marie Zacher, Tina Foster, Sue Hackett, Marsha Flowers s T U D E N T S Freshmen Look Back Allen, Cindy Alvarez, John Aguirre, Matt Atkinson, David Baatz, Lonnie Buell, Patty Bunch, Pamela Bunker, Helen Burget, Arthur Burnett, Kay On Three Years at Portage Burns, Kim Bussard, Greg Butler, Dave Capps, Marilyn Carney, Lorrie Cuellar, Jim Curry. Alfred Curtis, Jim David, Davette Davies, Roger DeRose, John DeRose, Teresa De Wolfe. Walter Dixon, Mike Dominguez, Jim Fulling. Terry Garland. Tim Gibson. Karen Goble. David Gonzalez, Arthur Goss. Chad Gulker. Sandy Gunkel, Dave Hackelt, Janet Hall Perry Mabee, Ken Magner, Darlene Malone. Robin Markey, Jackie Markey, Susan Martinez, Jesse Masi, Janet Mayclin, Tim Mays, Joel McCormick. Dan Opiiger. Jan Orchard, Jerry Pallone, Debbie Parrish, Paul Patterson. Joanna Payton, Gary Peters, Keith Purk, Idabelle Quickery, Marilyn Rector, Joyce Smith, Julie Smith, Kent Smith. Kippy Smith, Mark Smith, Mike Waterhouse, Phil Watiers, Paul Watters, Rick Wawruszewski, Rose Weber, David Weicker, Emily West, Jeannie Wetzel, Tom Whipp, Ed Wilkinson, Mary Kennerk, Tom Mast, Larry Saylor, Phyllis Yeiter, Kevin Emmons, Jeff Keith Peters portrays a look of interrupted concentration " Mop-top " Middleton mobilizes mob with message of m-m-m candy sales Nancy Frebel fascinates Mrs. Hoylman with her knowledge of ribbon changing A dramatic faint is displayed by Betsy Helberg in the play Little Women " Tina Chemerenko and Cheryl Kramer role- play a scene in " The Pacing Goose " A hearty laugh comes from our boisterous biologist Mentally alert Sally Langstroth whizzes through an algebra quiz. Duh ?! 49 Even skeletons must be properly dressed to attend classes Mrs. Bowers working with girls as they learn basics of knitting Sam Williams ex- pertly explaining math problem to in- terested students Jeannie Hilgemann busily at work in art class Mrs. Meese rehearsing with eighth grade girls ensembles Hair-raising adventure in science class for Ken Swick Eighth Graders Look Forward To Freshman Year Abbott, Mitch Amsden, Tana Arnett, Steven Arnold, Pam Bailer, Richard Baker, Jim Baker, Mike Barnett, Sharon Barrand. Randy Battrick, Priscilla Bauman, Mike Baumgartner. Debbie Burget, Harold Burson, Steve Bussard, Neil Butler, Ken Campbell, Robert Caudill, Debbie Chamberlain, Brian Chasse, Steve Clendenen, Dan Click, Susie Coe, Roger Compton, Rona Cox, Ann Cox, Marie Creason. Debbie Crismore, Dennis Crismore, Janet Crum. Linda Curry, Evelyn Davies, Evan Davies. Terry Davis. Linda Davis. Terry Deaton. Harry Hart, Valerie Harvey, Coleen Hatton, Sandra Heiney, Skye Heil, Mono Henderson, Teresa . 8 Hensley. Karen Hershberger, Phil Hilgemann. Jeanne Hinton. Maria Hollen, Dave Hotlen. Mike Honeycutl. Judy Hood, Mary Householder, Glenna Houser. Nancy Huffman. Dave Hunter, Mable Melvin, Mike Mespell, Terry Michael, Ricky Mifford. Brenda Milchell, Earma Moyer, Bob Myers, Sue Mullen, Carol Net, David Nelson, Jane Nes, Janet Nes, Rick Nunn, Lois Nuttle, Jerry Omo, Mary Orr, Dorrie Orr, Gary Parra, Maria Spillner, Cindy Stengel, Pam Stotlar, David Stotlar, Faith Stotlar, Wesley Stouder, Bob Stouder, Roberta Straub, Debbie Straub, Robert Strawbridge. Sandra Stutter, Jim Sutton, Rose Swiltart, Teresa Thomas, James Thomason, Mary Todoran, Patty Tottiver, Kay Townsend, Debbie Coolc, Mary Leazier, G oldie Mendez, Carmen Mohas, Wally Swick Kenneth Wiclciser, Kathy Sizemore, Cheryt Joanna waits for entrance during play in English class Two aspiring athletes reporting that the Rams have the power The average hard-working ninth grader who can ' t live without his study hall Concentration dis- turbs the counte- | nance daily in ' " ' typing class " Good to the last crumb " — after school snack for Nancy and Lisa Results of sniffing formaldehyde or a quick 40 winks in biology? The favorite activity for armchair athletes Imel, Rocky James, Beronica Jellison. Kim Jenkins, Judy Jenkins. Ted Jennings. Cheryl Jennings, Dana Keim. Wendy Kellems. Linda Kelley. Linda Kellogg, Jim Kendall, Verne Kirkland. Randy Klimkofski, Jim Kumfer, Kathy Kunkel, Mau reen Lahmeyer. Karl Langmeyer. Joseph Lay, Mike LeMaster, Stephen Lewis, Mike Loomis, Lowell Lorman, Melanie Mabee, Jim Mitchell, Charles Montgomery, Gavin Montgomery, Tara Moreno, Mary Morgan, Steven Morningstar, Susan Mossburg, Robert Munson, Jan Meyers, Gerry Myers, Lorri Myers, Pamela Nagel, Marlene Neumann, Bill North, Dorothea Osterman, Patricia Osterman, Patrick Oswalt, Mary Park, Mike Parker, Susan Payton, Mike Pepe. Butch Perry, Toni Peters, Ed Pinnick. Donald Raney, Nancy Raymer, Leslie Reitman, April Ress, Penny Rice, Barbara Rice, Shirley Underwood, Sara Vasquez. Juanita Ward, Jack Washington, Patricia Watson, Donald Wattley, Bobby Weaver, Terry Wheeler, Vicki Whitman, DeeDee Wilkinson, Richard Williams, Denice Wilson, Carol Wilson, Robert Woodruff, Jack Woods, Carolyn Worman. Paula Wright, Dan Wright, Helen Yeiter, Diane Young, Kevin Zabolotney, Lydia Zacher, Marie Zakhi, Karen Arnold, Mike Baker. Don Bullock, Lonnie Humbarger, Vicki Miller, Kathy Sanders, Bob Shanks, Vicki SIGN HERE Sock-it-to- ' em. Ram! Patli Stanley giving Lions Club speech in seventh grade finals Mrs. Boggess explaining classroom material to parents Candy sale winners, Cheryl Hurst and Mark Hersh- during Back-to-School night berger, with Mr Middleton Special Events Provide Variety of Interests Publications students observing the linotype machine in operation at the School Press -• Ijj [ jKUB pp «. .Y H lt ' I ' i R " ' ' ' ' ' ' SiS m. Parents and students listening to Mrs. Hoylman de- Ninth grader Diane Rinehart presenting her Lions Club scribe classroom procedure " ■ ' speech to other contest participants And So . . . Adieu As the world turns, we, the 1969-70 yearbook staff, leave this book as our contribution to Portage heritage. Before the world turns again many more times, we will be on our ways to bigger, better, and more important responsibilities. The staff has tried its hardest to produce a more satisfying and enjoyable yearbook for the students here at Portage. Special thanks go to the staff - Debbie LeClair, Diana Rinehart, David Atkinson, Wendy Woods, and Kathy Ward. Thanks also go to Dave Harman and Sanford Snyderman, our photographers who supplied us with our yearbook pictures, and Don Miller, our yearbook cover designer and cartoonist. We all hope that this yearbook often brings back pleasant memories of your days here at Portage. Editor-in-Chief ■ . ' ■kj - ' tt. , ,.t:. 1,, % HECKMAN BINDERY INC. SEP 93

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