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5 SQ QB Qcuiiigiv X X xx: Y ffd 'V ii! 73 f' ff TDJQ Qi.. X ovQ,20ff?'- if s . ,E ,KN 3 5' 0Cz O-fQ' -G' '7 ju ,N x. iKx W "W ww.XE:,x XXX5'-, Ai Q v.xxWf',3 1 -,Q-X. .XA-,gwX.Ax'w X X EQQX-fiffn :L 5u 44L 4 5 X xYfJ4NNQ'1fs"'4fXQ'Q,' - I W K. .L xx N-X '- mx-., Wwxx, ,P an V wx 3 .XNQK .X ,XX K AQQAXx2ijI1I .,, i - --f - .L ,, -Q , ,wil .2wQxQm,,3lw:',j.wh if Q Ji n lg 'Q N. xx -T 1 I V jf ,1 22,4-,J j n J JA, V, f, ,J 20 ,aff X J W J, 'f XELIQFJ CEO I 1 ' 'ff , ,Lv W Lf! f , ff T150 l n . I ., 'V f gn, ' 'AWXX .f W r f I' jf f f W V , J m 'rl' I , r , 5'-Yvwr nr- ii fffgsif ' N X . 1: Y ""' i Y ZF ' f XS X X X ,ff f4 X X X S f f f J- mn fl Y lst X ,X mx' , fx ' WY, wx X Y v,4!L,,W,-JLJM ,ff "' Y EX , iff I if I 1, ' ,fjfz51Zz',, K - ,..,,, XX f f f 75 ,ff Q E f 1 gif' F..--E5i!QL 5 X ' f "f Ib, 1 fe - ,I 0 M W if 4 I ," M' 41 fl J Pj X I I 'v 1-if I ' I,-I 'nj' ,F WAV, f KKX fp W N' X 'X 71 f V ig ,UT1 V, - tl mf V VI' f HRX L,x H - SSQKK ,-,-1... 4 1 f n Qyfiv 1 x , "n ' . E YQ7"' X. ,543 Uv 'NK L' , QJW iff KQ5?w, QW WX WW? WM - J , I Q! 3,51 effzyug, QWQJJBWV f myyqiydy !17ld,f , M 9 Om? y Ay1 QQ? Point Zoma '24 dark and Atohlf Aluape, a monument to eternal Ailence-a K f..,,1'! NL . 'X 9 rugged curving foreland that I-iAeA like an altar. " ff -W. Davids l ' l If It 4.1 1 .H .N '-v--eg J: .1 In ,l . ' ,. .535 - ji " ax wiwm I 1 xg , if ,L ., 1. f . 1 , , 2. 'gr ' ' x ' I- EL PUH THL 47 Puliinlued 61, tlne Seniom of ' Point Zoma High School San bieyo, California fi X 44. J., x l J .. w,- , Y., K X 1 X H XXVOL ll bi N5 K .. s ' Lv s A w, , 4 1 , X 'X .L 4 5 ' I X bi' , '-x,,,,,,, ,KL Vg,,,,'.QuuLi X 4' YQ' ixk"f'x ' X X . x x x, i - BRA Kwai 3 f'NX'5-- Q ,, x E wif? 2 ,Q-. J af I 3 - - ' 4 Nt - A 'N 4 X -'S fs.. , WY K K.-...L-HA-,N , fr ef Y , - -- . My 8 5' 'Ji x"Wi'?g"-In Mvxf' L 1 .Es 193 2 n , , X ,,,,, ,, , H. by My AXRKKQH-Kifuxwnx-Y Q .A X iq. Yr If lx N, X A A . J-.A W MA Q- 3 iz! X ,ix 5 , I X .., 1 ,K . xv Mlwm A. 'r X N Q X- ' ' .X Q , a zkx ,fx,wVL.LV , '?,m,4 V Y t Q , xx i V, W Q im., Q 'R ww 1-Wwtfxmvl axwxlgx l M 4 5 V is XX , . si,-d 2 X- Q--Q-22-Zh-ff-ww Hx WN.. 'E T1 h ,M V I X Fazffns R ,E , i vwwt Z K 'ck 1 f' -.,. ,,,x ' .,,.Q.,Q ,LM K V NW X 4 ww xi- Lvgff Q, EMM 1M'?w.f"'-X ' ,x K few ix A 4 " ' Hu mf 'L "'iF:...Q-f'i'11A.,,,Q1s...v?W.f"w.,x :iq , W ""X'. A MEM .E vm A I x rv x, If , ,. in I Y X R Q 1. "' 'M bl-N - Z ,..2..x,,,,' L., x is A ' "' . Q .x .M ,, W, , .. 2 J V A My A wish" Nim, ' mx X- o f fi 'Mx 2 3 "5 Q - Q , M n., .- , 5 , X ff X 'x' ' ' M11 lijx-JW. ikax M if U L , A K ..V. , I , .JF Y X V Ab-,Nf M, , x.,,-, 7 3 V KA ,wial-Vuiiygyfux ,I W1 iw xy -4 V. .. . 3 'A , ' . ..-- S, I , A W Q . K MZ, t Mx..- H 1. s xW"'Tigxf ? H . 'KW wilfwi. 4 T, I! '21 L' R, 1-X , L- I MA, Q ' -' 5 -5' - ' - ,, A A 'A ,- ,K J - N 'T , K .r ,VVVV ,Ln ,V wk- - l 1 ' -F 1- vm. H vm!-"" I A M ' 44--,.,.,,..A. ..,.,.-- , . ,., I - .X , , , 'K ,- f-'-mfs f-- X ' f 'Q ex w vw o W n Eklk. - J f 'L , .- k 'C A 'X-A A-.M ,.,, " inf V! , ,z VV , rl,,, M :Q AJ? i r . ' 4 R., ' 4 . YF 1 1 gf 1 .K LV I R. f WN. gys . 1 Q 1 If 7 X 5 il? KN Q f 3 f 'Q X 4 n 5 '1 iv' Q Y M I N 1 f Y. ' L 4 iiii Hi EMR .4 ,M rj nip o a iii- A beceptiale, get ofeliglu tflll. foan ocean traveler, the penindula of Aen tA a diAtincti17e,t Mland-like Aillcodette the peaceful ajure of California AleieA. The e orfal Acene of many e1JentA important in the laio t4 org of Jmericali At7llf,ilv'eA t, Point 1' oma today IA the gateway to San biegolf many inofcw trieA and aetialitieaf. Qmpreawizle among the modern ouilol- ingo around the Jay, tlaere riAeA in the 'diAtance, on the hill where ,9ndianA and Spaniardaf once roamed a Atruetare oeaipealzing timeworn trad- itiona, Point loma High School 2 Y SY ,X 24 6. 2 5 E55 ix 5 in E Q. .f :Z 4, z K sf F5 2 Qi Q 7 i Q: Z gf f . . A. . ,.A. ,,,. ..A.A,..,.,,. .- ...... .- .......AA.A ,. ,A,A -U.---..M .,....., ------,..-.-- .,,..A..,. --, --..,-,, A, M .. ,,.,. ..-,,A,..--.-,..-.,, M , , f M , ,,,,,, X ' ffm ' ' - K' V' V ymff ff, V 1 f ,, ,f f Lf a ,X ,,,,, , more than four hundred yearA yayoyi Jaan Cabrillo ended a voyage of he Atepped aAhore at Kallaa t Woint firaft Point Zoman. HM only e ynide yioaA an in- Aatiahle deAire to penetrate they nnhnown. l"oint IomanA of today are juot heginniny their voyage of diAeoc1ery throayh life. i Cougled h owever, with their deaire to learn, they hare the yuidiny handA of the memheref of our ever-hehzful faeulty. yy y 2' ,-F" 951' - .. .. , :rf Y 'P' 1.4. pl'iMCQdI Embodying the attributes he assists in developing in Point Loma stu- dents is our Principal, L. L. Bloomenshine. Commended in previous annuals tor his friendly nod, lcindly smile, keen wit, quiet sense of humor, and unassuming ways, Mr. Bloomenshine still retains these qualities and gradually acquires others as he capably administers our school through the years. Patience and understanding, prime requisites in worlcing with young people, are in Mr. Bloomenshine often tried to the limit. These times, however, when he must exercise disciplinary measures, are amply counterbalanced when he pridefully presents academic and sports honors, climaxed by that all-important diploma, to students of his Point Loma High School. Dealing with students composes only a part of Mr. Bloomenshine's job. He must be sympathetic and understanding in coping with 'faculty problems as well. Though advice to teachers, parents, and students is perhaps routine for Mr. Bloomenshine, he considers each individual prob- lem with warm, human understanding and interest. Mr. L. L. Blo h Princ p l c H , ., 1 'f'N1 1 ' Mrs. Mary Maull Q, 5 Dean of Girls I 'fff f he W WWAn WOMd9VmKMM1fr 6 J 3 7 Mrs. Maull's works of wisdom are well known to all Point L-omans. Her efficient performance of duty as Dean of Girls, adviser to the Girls' League, and adviser to the Commission has detracted not a particle from her grace and charm of manner. Instead, her fund of humor has been enriched by some of the profound utterances of her Commissioner proteges. Working with the counselors and encouraging student-sponsored social affairs give Mrs. Maull an intimate acquaintance with Point Loma's citizens of tomorrow. V 14 mini t ation The casual visitor to Point Loma will happen many times upon a man who seems to be everywhere. That model of efficiency is our Vice-Principal, Mr. Williams. He can often be seen in his capacity as Dean of Boys, as lunch- duty supervisor, or as Annual Staff adviser. We gratefully acknowledge our dependence upon Mr. Wfilliams, "the indispensable." Mr. Robert Williams Vice Principal Atherton Banks Brodie, J Brown Byrne Candor Christianson, Clark Clarkson Conard Crosby i Davies DeVore i Ellis B Ellison 746411 ty ln years to come, we will leaf through these pages, "in vacant or in pensive mood," recalling various personalities among our high school teachers. Some will stand out in memory: others may be more indistinct in the background. Hardly a one ot us will 'forget Miss Clark, chairman of the English Department. The proper place to put a comma also calls to mind Mr. Emerson, Mrs. Christian- son, Mrs. McDougall, Miss Greer, Miss Oliver, Miss L. Lyman, or our newest addition, Mr. Ellis. Upon viewing the pictures of Mr. Atherton, Mr. Walt, Miss Conard, Mrs. Giles, and Miss Tissue, one will faintly remember the "elastic clause" of the Constitution or the fall of the Roman Empire. Mr. Christianson, K M acuity Lamott, Mr. Banks, Mr. McKenney, and Mr. Farrar will symbolize H,SO,, wind resistance, sunlight, ancl chlorophyll, respectively. The faces of Mr. Franken, Miss Byrne, Miss Gibson, and Miss Scliroepfer will bring to mind a few phrases of foreign languages. One can't help recalling the valiant efforts of Miss Van Eizenga, Miss Troxell, Mr. Purdy, and Mr. Candor in trying to give us an understanding, of mathematics. Former students of music or drama will loolc long at the pictures of Miss Parrott, Mr. Janowslcy, or Miss J. Brodie, while the specialists in art and photography will immediately notice Mr. Ellison and Miss W. Brodie. The teachers of commercial courses, Mr. K. Christianson and Mrs. Emerson Farrar Franken Gibson Giddings Gordon Greer Harris Held Hilss Janowslry Jewell Lamott Lyman, J. Lyman, L. McDougall 'Q McKenney MacNamara Oliver Parrott .if Purdy Rye Schroepfer Tissue Troxell Va n Eizenga Walt Hadsell Jones Buerlcle Sandstad ?aculty ' Q Held: the economics teachers, Miss Brown and Mrs. Gordon: the girls' physical education instructors, Miss Crosby and Miss l'lilss: teachers of the lndustrial Arts, Mr. Jewell, Mr. DeVore, and Mr. Rye: our librarian, Miss J. Lyman, and her assistant, Mrs. Sandstad: our excellent coaches, Clarkson and Gid- dings: our ROTC instructor, Tf'Sgt. Harris: Financial Secretary, Miss Jones: Attendance Secretary, Miss Buerlcle: Main Office Secretary, Mrs. Hadsell: our school nurse, Mrs. Davies: the cafeteria workers and janitors: "Teddy," the gardener: all will be remembered as integral parts of Point Loma. Miss W. Brodie and Miss Giles' photos are missing. ,, yy ,, f 'f 0 V90 M MXL ',,,.J fl . WW " M 91552 V A-I 'RW ' ,ij xwmf r Phil Adams Thelma-Nl.Aguilar Priscilla A n Margie Arrrey M Dottie A. Baker Mary Balelo H Balsam ral 5' gem Clam 1947 . DOYOUW Af2Ul0 Roland Ashley Bartmess Owen Berkheimer Bob Bingham V SPRING SEMESTE R Joyce Bischoff Harry Bixby VA' 'yi June aiacireriy Donald Blackman if W' L41 T'f,,f niggas.-N , ., President, Harry Shannon, Vice-President Peggy Malm, Secre- f'J fini, iary, Joanne Jensen, Treasurer. Efhel Williams Anha Sue Bowden Ben Bowman FEI, ' , ' if B :xg ' I 4 I f if 11-f . E? . pig 4 i . ,,jf,f3.h .r 'V f 1 -,Q i ,- -, aff: -1. ,A -QL,-Lf - . ' iI:l.1A '- :ge FISA., N' - V 1 ' keg:-'L M' ' '-'Y 4 1 h ' , ' ' r . L l fx' ' . 5 - nal' M" l , Q . J f ,A 1 F f if -L '- vo. 5.x 5 A. ,TQ xv fa, 4, , -- V , V - 7 ter, Mfg " la, 'A V E4-Q,,,k', Eh fo: 11 Y '-Q 'ls-,M 'iii . V W Si r - ,Tx V 4 B- : - - W- -411 V L. 5 5, 3 -T 1. .. RX - .1 .- ' H fr iJr" '71 ' KL f ,4,,-- f. L - V 1 FALL SEMESTER .4 LV Vi President, Harry Bixby, Vice-President, Y ,- .P -'f,T"' ' ' Jean Wiesler, Secretary, Adele 1 Hardy, if f ' " H' ' Cvztiilgrig' K' Pi' 5 fi , 'Q - -- Treasurer, Bob Hobson. N JJYXI E S -I L'fiig,,:L.' A R" Lb' -'if 'W' Mx 'V 'rl fry' 'L B X if Aff if lf -V -as . X3 , 1 fy! if .1 A , ' J - ln, JJ xr in by B for I4 1947 H B ill . o Ur B ' F Y9'7QWV"!fX V "3 " 2 ft' " JJ r l ' I' l LJ , Mg" N. J F J 'V - i. , V: E P V i 4 J .,! X' V 1 -4 ff, ,V-xl' 5 New A Wl in rr B if ll of A il 3 9 I X Robert W, Bgwman Tommy Bradeen Irene Brainard Brown '25 S f fl xl Caryl Buell' Barbara Burdock Robert Burdock Patricia Burlingame Burns 1 . Bill l Callaway ,mm MMF,-H-D Barbara Carr page Carroll George Cenlor Virginia Brown . x A ,puff Ip .I Q5 ' 'F' ,i I 1, Larry Buser Maxine Casey "Parting is such sweet sorrow." Four years of happiness is summed up in . f ! NX! ,- . 2 1 .2 t QM-Q, A . g ,S - : I of ,. , y C C 1 rse . N. X ti .ff ,. f Ruby Lee Caywood Alan Chamberlain D las Christian Richard Christopher Richard Clark Clarkin 9-'rr ig tea- an va-3 tif""f" ess t 4- as 4 g .X ty fr illvilliamiilliftord C Howard L. Cohen Grant Cohard lean L. Conley Florence Cooper Senior Claw of I 94 7 we these words. It began when a large group ot strangers stood at the portals of P.L.H.S. Neglected by the regular members of this school, they gazed distract- edly at the main entrance, over which was a sign reading: "New Ninth Grade Report to Auditorium." When this throng had assembled, an unfamiliar teacher handed them slips of paper and turned them loose in the labyrinthine iThis historian, after tour years ot high school, intends to exhibit his erudition wherever possible.l halls ot the school where they were destined to spend many happy hours. Atte being happy from 8:lO to 2:50, some students apparently would rather .hav n sad, it one can judge from the speed with which they W' PS5 Q 12 ki if Q Ere 3 s il t C li? X fx 5 , S- - .ge . K ' ,"ri 1 Joe Correia Charles Cotton Robert Crossman ' Burton Crowdus Frank lnrin Crump Ralph E, U 0 ' L s ' 'VS .W . is , ss? fu' r 5--ci, l r L' VX xy iii r , 1, il 4 Vgv Q , .A C iiiftichard Curtis Sybil Dean Davis Diana Dawson Lila Dean I 'John De r . 1 3 . If ' QM ' ,hi-15.4 ' f' ' ,, ' f ,fw F' . , 1,, f , - if , ,. f 4, 1 V' dh ., , . 4' , M 7 0 , f' f Q I f , X X f f , ,, y ff ff rin 2 1 pf ms.,,,Lg ff! ,.,.,.Mr,,rfr:A,. . f 7, f rf 4' . , NX" dr" X , . 1 ' Robert G. Devltt Frank Doi- Quentin Decker Marcella L. Destray I i ,FS x 4 , 3 1 1 4 . ff gs ra w 3 Jigga! ffffgya y f Q , I , .H . WW 5 14 1" 1 ff - f ,524 eve . K W fn 4 f Q , X .XM ll 'X W 1 9 ' Ji,-'it 1 X s V A Tv' V if aff ! v X f W f ge! X f ii Duns i Patty Early A Elwanda R. Edgil Roy Edstrom Marcia Drummetl ' fi r .4 . .i I ' ' ' rv A, t Mary Louise Doyle Andrew Edwards 1 ' it '1' 4 N " u pr 1 nil! Z fo ffl!! 1 'N V! :','- K 1 1 ' ly , Z '-1 F' il' f f' " . if r I I I I I if r V 1 I I yi ' 'K !.L,- AJ v' I I l I .4 v,? J i " il' r ,Mu iv, ,, ' fx, l1,f,',J Ml f' I! . A VJ. :Ltr 1 I ip! I if W I IL If J I, 1 , 1 .left 't efurounds after sixthr ' eriodfii Few hionorg came to the Frosh durin that I 4 . 1 'S V If R . 1 - i S .' U iglrst yeiarf -b'ut they cpuldfporrrit wrt pride tq the boy who won the Freshman . r if jf I, ward toiJ'Outstandin!g,Grtiz,e'nship, Joeji,Mediha. 'I' i T , J' In September lo,tr l"9f14,- they classnfauncfhed upon a serious career ot study: bl' the tglqys-ystludyingi the gg? anglfvicyeffersall' The sophomores reported to one fanot' r they vyeref' till Being outstared bythe seniors. Under the menac- y ingjQbutfetjfi,cient bland all rsslTrgd3cell, tihe students plunged into the hard- L' , shjps of gep-metry. This p5,singf."temark"4was heard frequently: "C5ee- metry V M' 1 fy is ha1rd!"1KThis 'historian iegreff that he' learned but two things in hi Math if Vxclalssesz I. There is aidifterence in price between Hotel Del Co na Z 5 'il ini W if. 4 A Il N, ' ll e . .. 1' 3 i E. 11 ,Q a-" Egner Peggy Elliot r Robert Nl. Evans Dan B. Evans Elinor J. Edwards le' Dave Finsterf Caflenff LOWS? Fred L, Farrell lr. Darllne Gardner r l A my x," JH I 9 'U' fi .7 y L- L1 Topsy's. 2. One must tip ten percent, if one's date is looking.l Foreign lan- guages, including Latin, Spanish, French, and English, occupied two periods of the sophomores' time. lErudition note: "Table d'hote" means "two dollars ll ll I 1 more 5 cherchez la femme" is untranslatableg "platonic" comes from the ' I ' unu- Greek meaning 'holding hands instead."l Miss Byrne, knowing the require- ments and abilities of each student, was a great help in solving program prob- lems. Little did she or anyone else realize that next year the class would re- lease its potential energy and organize itself. Little did anyone realize that next year the students would be a year older. Little did anyone realize. L During the third year at Point Loma, this class undertook the fulfillment f W of the requirements in American History, with a feeling of resignation. Soon, 1 lbyjbv howewqerpciqnder he rom trngs to r. Atherton, Mrs. Giles, Mis iswd l yt, , fl'r 7 su- ' X Gym f is ,fy , s-, N, 4 . i , ,M pix' X W Q0JfH5A' IL 7? SQ1afifQ2f'b yr 1 -X ' L Q V, , , Epi ' by fi N 1 l 'Lui' .1 - ' Gif I f' 7 , - ' Lf' s ' .", 1 :L L f ,513 L , - , 1- ' , Y L i l L zaz 'J if-1 X- f . ' N rj 'f-" f. q 1 .4 f rf .,,r L' L L f ff , , A -, 1 ef ' K f f X L Ls , r 'r'- ' ,fran 2 ,71-. -, ,MZ . V, H f Ll L r - y , :,V ,y r L r, sss L .., r 'L , ..a, f .a sarz - Manuel George lllorniaiil. Ghio Fred Gilmore jerry L if ' V i will ' ff Ib? ' ' ' 4 , 4' s 4 L I 5123 F Q I ' I ' f f- ,,f ' -1 Wo ' , . , L'L' f YW? ,f jfffyzwv Lionel Goodman William LW. Graham Gloria Lee Hall lune Hallstrom Dorothy Hansen Haruki Hatakeda loe Henning Patricia Herrod +- .ov K s J R . 1 L f all . U f 'v,,,,,,1 ' i zi f.,Nf,fl- ,Mn ,X -r J f Q4 ,, ,,,,,4,Z'i3 4794, -t, , 1 JAWS , , 7 4.5 Leonard Godwin' r Shirley Graves ' Barbara Gray Charles J. Groeschel ,, Rx Elizabeth Goodearl 'lack Gross Hansen Adele Hardie Mary Ann Harris ,Emmett ,Herz A Sam Hill Bob Hobson 3 Mr. Walt, an interest in the subject was developed. Those interested were the following: Mr. Atherton, Mrs. Giles, Miss Tissue, and Mr. Walt. lln a school- wide survey made by Mr. Evenoff, our laconic gardener, the only three histori- cal facts acquired by the majority of the students Were: I. Sir Walter Raleigh introduced pipe smoking. 2. Paul Revere made George Washington's false l I teeth. ,3. The North won.l During the second semester, a Junior Class Consti- tutionewas drawn up, and elections followed. For a short term of office Harry . ,Bixby reigned as Junior Class President. Con tly getting in his hair were J three members of the opposite -, Vice sident Elaine Randol, Secretary f Peggy Malm, and Treasurer l ce Ros I u organized, they were not wholly I .Nt P unprepared to tackle e' 'bus s hey were going to meet in eify ft, ". ,V senior year. r i ly ' J : . 'RJ l l ' I l W i yy! '10-:fx T" f 1 'gf -3' 7' I .ima li ...f . 0 J J 122' Jack Hogue Lee Holmes Betty Barbara Jean Hoover Dene R. Howell - J Dottie Hultqulst -9- Eula E. Huston Patty lgoe e lhrig Vern Isaak Wandqyl. rZ!l1 ,X .1 fg uw?-A I Grant Jenkins Jo5TJdserf' ,J 1 Q f Hazel Ito , W Ted Janette Henry Jenson ff ,- Q.. in , .,- S 'fr' 5 g ,gil 'A tg ,. . J J ea, Ida Johnson 'A Robert L. Johnson, Donald F. Jones ' Paul Kaneyukl Madge M. Kelley Og 15 , ,-' Elsa Ito -. .' e 51, 1 J ,ini .' E: James S, Jensen 'ff , ,fp , " ' Aff' e ,- 3-If f T. if f.?4f?' Patrick Kelly eq,-M.- . .Ex 11, , , ..L.: FEBRUARY GRADUATES Wilson, Hansen, Sni- der, Doi, Canfield, Hazen, Carroll, Araujo, DeLorenzi, Kolrum, Co- hen. graduate Suzanne Kelley I 1 I 3 . " f yi : xl , I ,f , me 4 5, . 1 .Q 1 elf? ' f A283 l' 5? 'Z f ,QQ Lorraine Mora Chloe Lamoreaux Marie Little Caroll Lunsford Olga Kells A LAQUITA KENNEDY Victor Kerley Ann Kokun Edmond Lafremere Don ,Larsen Ray Leader Eafl Lennon Florence Lewis Kenneth Lyons Edward MacDonnell Jean McKmney Ann Maddux , f fK 3 X ' R if A S255 I Peggy Malm Frances Maloney Rita l. Matley lohn Mathias Bill Mattson --.. , , ., , 4,1 . .v l , i ? 12 7 Ayr Q 'L I! , , , I--V W' 1 1 4 , 'E - r l ., ,' . 'XX-, lf' '- . if I , 1 In the early weeks of the fourth year, dur class elected officers. Harry Bixby lstill runningl as Senior Class President, although heckled by Vice-Presi- dent Jean Wiesler and Secretary Adele Hardy, received staunch backing from Treasurer Bob Hobson during the first semester. lDid you ever hear of the treasurer who was five feet tall and tery thousand dollars short?l The big prob- lem for the Seniors, however, was to s " ly ,Commissioner of General Affairs. Bill Cook, Commissioner-elect, htjglz' nlgflduulring vacation in China lOccidents will happenll andmcofd ngret arry Bixby lHe's getting to be a habit with mell ndUrPrisiil ' tled forthe forsaken post. Although the campaign SC CZC? ilthe name sounds familiarl, much to the WMV Ki W1 W li! Mary Maw I Joe Medina ' Robert R. Mengar Jack Mize Belly Murphy Harold Murphy W, , l l A In .,, L, ' f 11, , 1 if 'Lab Q as , A. Pauline Nagazyna . 5 , Eddiellelson I Florinda Neto Buel Newman Sarah Lynn Norman Lowell North f x y E I it Norman Oliver , Ruth Olsen Don Parchman 4:-..-.-.T gi i r 4 , A' f 1 , ir !?f . ' Q X 5, 1 ' - -gf . 2 s 1 ., Wh Zag J: xv a, . 7 R I ' 4 57 KK- ', , lb, Q' ff K V Q 45 , ffl -iw ,Si 'XJ t ,. Y i 2 Q V i 1 ' f' -. ,' x, G f- ' .f fe j , , L - , f T 5 I YK. ,L ' r 1 VW,-2... J. ., . , :J S 1-.,, . V. fs- :::. Q ,Lf gg, 2 'Ss ""' -X , Bob Pastore Geraldine Marilyn Patterson Bill Pearson CQ Xlzlerwzin H. Pecore Carolyn Pendleton wx , 2 ' 5 Q , ,f Ls E , - ' ' dfgwa 'fl Vu Q4 X: ,l i li fm.. . . Y ,f f e ff I, 1 .1 "" Z - ' , as ,' 2 f 'EA ,J , as .usecs 1 f A ".'nz2f JM- , ,,,.,:'41c::g.g':::wx 5 Vs 50413, f qw- ,f:- Q5 V 5 X I ,,,"'?4fff-2::f'nf5,'?'l' ' af ,gn John Percival George Perdomo Nlar Clit d Peterson N' GW89 P9 GYSOU Jack Peterson l r was the first time in four years that a girl had held the office About this time, a very serious mistake was made by a s l wilful students who began feeding a seagull, an occasional visito f cam- pus. Word got around, unf-ortunately, to the seagull colony o r - Ocean y I il I i ," FSS? l i .if surprise of the voters and even the non-myers, Priscil ceived th rf . r I i A J of Y 4. it 2 frm 'I is x X N X be Q xiii: iS"3iQ g:i3 Q F 7' 1- ,"f ii' Nancy Peterson Gerald Porter ' Betty Potts lim Pribnew Gerald Quick 'v 'Elaine Randol i Nadine Randol Linden Raney lerry Reckin l BONN'E R038 Geraldine Quick ' "il 4'- , hay if Y, e. Billy Roberts, ' Gene Roberts Bill Robison Florence Rodrigues Glenn Rogers William v Beach, and soon the lone bird was being accompanied by numerous others. Their arrival at noon was the signal for some intricate footworlc on the lawn, later copied with great success by the Drill Team at half time during the foot- ball games. In the field of studies, the Science Department was the scene of much senior activity, from Mr. Farrar's eighty-five-dollar microscope to Mr. Lamott's five-cent test tubes. lThat department points with pride to the acquisition by the senior class of at least two scientific facts: I. When one hasn't time to shave, powdering the beard helps. 2. Eating sand on beach parties brings curious results.l A sensational event of the first semester was the unmistakable rejuvena- tion lloolc it upl of the hair on the head of a well-known teacher of Citizenship at Point Loma. Interested obsewers gave credit to the Republican victories throughout the nation in the fall elections, although other stimulation had been resorted to during the homeroom period. Several amazing and amusing events occurred during the last weeks of the first semester. Norman Pecore returned to school ver much alive after being reported seriousl injugjfin an accident. o was Kilroy, who 1 . -J 'J if-f""l CW ' 1 ,7 Zvi, ., 'Ml . A QQ R ' Q' ,QF K. l'if"l . S "? Alyce Rosa Rosa Frances Russel? Q h, ' Annabelle Ryan David Ryan ---- N ' 1, ff' .f ff" ,1:"' 4 P- 7 'N ,I X gr ' , ' X I Il 7, .- in F- V . sl 414 ' S ' g ' -. - Q f 7 ,J f e , .... Aleek Sandler Benny Saravia Elmer Schaller Lyn Schggngvef jack Scull Roy E: 5014 L .-,-.?. gi.-,-. aa Bill Segmgfgf ' Harry Shannon Patricia Shannnn Edward John Shea Barbara Shearer , ,, .c ,, viola snephefq g - J. was seen peeping out from unusual places. More amusing than amazing was the mere junior, who for the purpose of this discussion shall remain nameless, that vainly tried to take the vote away from any homeroom not represented at Commission Meetings. The surprise ending of the Christmas assembly was another notable event. At still another assembly, the band, under the baton of eminent Mr. Janowsky, played a musical number in two movements, the first of which ended rather unceremoniously when several of the band members lost U I their places. No damage was done, however, during the pause, because Ben 4 Bowman, who had started eighteen measures late, was enabled to catch up in time for the start of the second movement. Point Lomans were amazed to hear that, fantastic as it may seem, Mr. Emerson's class was being dis- turbed by a noise from outside the room! The disturbance was traced to Gordon Thompson, practicing his oration, "The History of the Constitution," in Miss Brodie's basement grotto. He was forgiven when he returned from the Ameri- l can Legion Oratorical Contest with a plaque proving his superiority to all other entrants in that contest. Not to be outdone, classes at the other end of the school began tracing a disturbance of their own. Although the cause was never found, much improvement was noted aft he Drum and Bugle Corps changed its practice time from during school hour o after sixth period. J , gl T WS if 'l 31214, 2 .", ya L wb., J T 3 S7 . his ..,, ,g' i .b , T fa, R 'T l Robert Shobe Dale Shoupe Ralph F, Silva, lr. Barbara Ann Simmons Wayne Smith l J Richard Stangle is George Taylor Lee Teacher Lauralee Thomas Gordon Thompson, Jr. Rudy Thompson oan Arnie Strauss Ray Strauss S L? ,,, Paul Swarts , f 2 X Q K , Q53-rv , y My ..,,..., , 1l,1 y J: V T, T Richard Tierney W ff' i D , -. ' ' fi fm W Z Q f Nw 'gy ,W Z f X X i 1 Ng X " -,yy IX? x-. Elame Tooze Burnett Toskey John Traxler Carol Troendly BOD TUDDHV ' NSSGHG UFQUDSYY jr of .-, ls.. 1 K .X VU, , Dorothy Ann Van Hecke Dorothy Vernon r isabei Viegas Don Walker Lee D. Weiss Jean Wiesler A f I 'V x K L I l :L r 1 ,' r '. . x . of D Lf fs' Uif"'4'. fr:-M. r I ,L U I - ew r D rf'-4. VVDUJ " A QD V 7 ' 13 MM flew! H, D We , z M ' -DM Y 'L il' 10 wjjfl ffjwlnl Qfffigfrlw Joan Wight Q Ken Willardson W, Ethel Wiiliams Richard ,Samuel Williams Point Loma Greek Theafer, , e va - Scene of Commencement Exercises 'Stahcil Wilson Xin V. A I W 5 Mfr Myth M Stewart E. Wilson Donald Wimber Sylvia Wlnicki Arita Winston Kathleen Woodall Vvnda M36 WOOUGH Jean E. Wright Virginia Xavier W r cfm 0 1947 f ,X jr r. A few days before the endlof the'first semester, anlannouncement con- cerning the standardization of citizenship grades caused considerable excite- ment. Because a large part of the student ybody'-lestimated at five percent by Dr. Gallupl approved putting the plan,into effect at once, circulators of a petition were unable to secure more than seven hundred signatures den-ouncing the act as "ex post facto." The demands of this minority were nevertheless answered, the grades came out, and the final semester began. Harry Shannon became the new Senior Class President, assisted by Peggy Malm as Vice-President, Joanne Jensen as Secretary, and Ethel Williaims, Treas- urer. Fourteen seniors took the PepsiaCola Scholarship test. Peggy O'Neal, social chairman, directed preparations for the Snowflake Shuffle. Miss lClark's classes feverishly memorized the complete works of Milton. lThis is an appropriate occasion to mention the only three quotations from classical poetry that seem destined for immortality: I. "That's your line, Frankenstein." 2. "Hey babareba." 3. "What's your story, Morning Glory?"l The weather became warmer as the semester drew toward the end . Gym classes became a positive pleasure. lThis last chance for erudition to rear its ugly head will be spent in giving advice to future members of gym classes at Point Loma: One can frequently avoid running the track by throwing sand on oneself and pretending to be the new boys' gymnasium.l I T The season ended with the traditional festivities of "Ditch Day" and the Senior Prom. After graduation, as the Seniors of I947 make their way to a new life, wherever they go they will never forget the wonderful times they had at Point Loma nor the friendships they cultivated, for these will always remain. "Parting is such sweet sorrow." X Ueqzng an 4,-- ,-L . Q-4 ,A V Wg ,,'f'35,v if ,AZ Af. -1 ' X' . 'gi r C Q, 270 Sg6afA tian Uqcaino 1602 cdfjze 'the honor bf we preA ent Ugcaznm, the ,tlie Aoplwmol-eA, f their tllle field ning tlrgif- T FALL SEMESTER KJV ,yu CI ff H tt E ly if , Braddock, Barbara Foran, K Charlotte Henderson. . Xv ' ,Bs . , 4 i ' -1 I, , Qi fi I LXQK ,!ys7l.lf C , ' 4 1 ' f-. ,gf ,, 1 1 tgjniy -if ,. Cfdlug, A 1 Jul' MCXLL4 ' llhl0l' , -- . f M 5 :fx V It in .kj-Q L , - I fcypu I ' ' x, I . l 'N 'E""Lf4-Vg . , A I 1 r K ,7 . 1 1 L 1 XL lg 0 r I ' u , 1 k ' V, Tk' ,ln I946, Pt. Loma's gay "middle class,"' better known as the Juniors, really came into its own. While indifferent seniorslstill rested on last year's laurels, bright eleventh graders took oyer important positions. The year had hardly begun when Junior Prom, Ring, and Sweater Committees were organized: while in sports, Pt. Loma'si"young bloods" were adding that spice of interest which brought the huge crowds of pretty sophomore, junior, and senior girls flocking to the ticket windows. David Thompson, Ch les,-ji Wilson, B e 'tt Tim V21 J ll, fx W if I I , , sf .M f T J WIZJ2 J l l I f' N ,W SPRING SEMESTER M' f JJH Y nl f rl J 7 . X J , :,, , f , , , . , ffm S f , , . 1 , , ,, . , We Q , f 3 'ff r 1. W M as it ,fr A Q' ' m f nuff , i H L., , - ff' I 'SM -aw' ff, r -W ,. . ' 3-w,.. f G' ' V ,f I ,f 2525" V f f r W. , ZW , I . -, f , I . . 43,7 z,,.., V , V, ' , ' ,, 1 ' 1 ' - K f' C .,,,., , , ' ' ' f ' M ' - i4iZ"'z?' ,, 73 'T : 5' 'Q "' " T2 I ' 3 , . " J i 9 AT PY. ,, V ,VA -, V ,wi ,V g JN Z -M 6 M ,ff ff, V !,,:,,,l V. .., ,T . , 5, - 1 . 1' as . -f f' ' 4. 2 ,f r . , fe if 1 " , K , B f J. A J . . an , ' , f' ,f gy mf' J 1 7 f Q, V X W , "T ,J .2715 ' QA, f - ' I ,ex A 1 , VQTVVQ 4 V ,LV , 3, MV VA , A , y ,V VV 5 , ,V ,!Z,,5,g, V x ,I ,A W x f As., eff , . M AA,,,,, . 6. f p , ' ' ' , 3 if Wff f ' ZW '47 "r Z . . , r F Q T is fi.. ' M " ff ff I Ml f , . '- I ' "" '1 - - . . ' , w '- ,J . az' , . ' . ' 1 l WW' s W' "7" . My f 'QM A J 1' ,ff "' -'-' " , 4 ,. ., - f ,. r ' .fr ' f .' ,Q ,, . f ' ef - A . s, " ff ws-1-...f , ff' r, ,,-,ff X ,f X , . ,, .5 , i i ,,, + , . . f 1.1. ' - , f ,Xi . 'if f V A 'wx I f v . if . . J ,M J' . ,, ,, ia ' f f . Fi' , - , , . . I . , ax f n a , , J' ---"'- , - .f, . , ' : , .sf fu J, , 4 f -4. -A 5 J- ' W W Y- . ' J if f P 'Q ff , is 1 " Us-fl y ,J " ?iY'xm 7' V JV Jigga -, y ' P j . f -s ' J , f J r 51 I . , f J A at J 1 1 , 4 , Q , N ,. , ' ' Z V ' . 1 "i , ,f -5 ' ' ' fig is V . .4 2,008 K VW Vmg ,I , - .. ,V V V , MQV , . , . VV fa. ,,. ,Tig V-gg Sf- 3, ' fb- 467 2 My fkf ,V V M , ,. ,Z .n 'S "fl WL.. F' 1 M, , I N V . 4 : frs:f,f , . ' W "W, f N W if EW i ' ' - .5 if r 'ff' Q , . .ef-1.1 - X' f ' 31, W- - W, Qfi . """ ' 12 " f A ' m .1 F4 fi X, ,, ' , , W QV Q WV, V ,Z V , Z-33, 1 Ma- , W ,Q ,M V E W-nfs I , M rf' ' fi 7 fa-i , ,,, f .- f, ' . ' r , 1 'V 4 '31 W ,eff 1- J? r Q 4. ' 'f V 1.0 1- fe-J-, V M: 4 'eerie A f . X , , li i . fe., r W , ii its 'W giyliiy . Q ' . 2 'li 5. . f 4' 'jiw , if Z H - xf 4 . ' . A , i ff 'T 4: l Q My N ,W Q W' i 'if' g, 'l ,W If E 1,2 V ff V, , X ,za VV Q 4 ' 'a 27' ,A 4 me , eflzsnf V b V-M , . We 4 MV V .. ,. -if K 6 WI fa? ! N c Vf X ,. , 1, , a f fix? 6 V V V fm in 4 ai if . ff: A Q i, V . af ?f - W I ' Mfg , ' V , ,X f ,, fn ' e 'P' f 'fe ' we fi 2 .7 fm 4 JW Qi ' . W A 2 f Y 'if if A .s . ff ,V , ,V ,, my f jf' ,fr V35 ,- ,Z . My.-.K -,,-f fl ,fa f fe fy ef A ' f f J ' -if 'GGs,:::!' 'E 4 'H f ' ' :ff ,' 1' " W 'ff -Q Z.. 42 ff' J Z' If .. , it VV fu , v. V VM, VV? 5 ,M , A bi, 'fi ', 'f , 'u . , V VV J WV V f' V I if 1, " if , ef F' s 'i 25'-5: .. 5 Q 'siiigzf : ' V' -S 5 if if W Qi ' V ly . 5 1 ' 1I1Q1,af :"ji2I'26"f,::55Z'f2f5, . 722' 'f if 2" U ' f f Top Row: Aby, D. Adams, J. Adams, Ankeny, A. Arrollado, G. Arr llado. ,Second Row: Atkisson, Ayers, Balelo, Barner, Basham, D. Allen, J. Allen, B. Anderson, L. Anderson, N. Anderson, R. Agggagl Bates, D. Beck, R. Beck, S. 'BeEk'fBeers, Bell, Belloff, Bischoff, Blackma . Ihird row: Blair, Blake, Booth, Bovee, Boyd, Braddock, Braden, Bravo, Bressler, Bridge, Brittingham, B. Brown, J. Brown, O. Brown. Fouith Ravi: Brownell, Browning, Buchanan, Buck, Burrows, Bush, Butcher, Campbell, Canfield, Cantrell, Carmona, Carter, Cavender, Clancy. Fifth Row: Clarke, M. Clark, R. Clark, V. Clark, Crawford, Collings, Collins, Creelman, Crume, Cure, Daglas, Davis, Dean, Deason. Sixth Row: Diaz, Dickson, Doi, Downey, Duffett, Ebersole, Eckhardt, Eckstein, G. Ellis, W. Ellis, Emery, Epler, Farrell-, Farnsworth. Seventh Row: R. Fellows, Fernandes, Ferreira, Fieger, Fink, Fisher, Foran, Forclem, Foster, Freeman, Fry, R. Galvan, fCJ.sG,alvin, Garcia. Eighth Row: Gilbert, Goeb, Gokey, Gomes, Gonsalves, Goodwin, Graham, G. Greeson, J. Greeson, Groeschel, Graff," Gr m, Gross. Gudmundson. Ninth Row: Gutierrez, Habel, Ham, Hanna, Harris, Hawkins, Hayes, Hayword, Helm, Henderson,VHe"rzog, esson, Hewitt, Hill. Tenth Row: Hively, Hobbs, Hodge, Hopkins, Hoyes, Hranac, Hubbard, lrvine, lrving, A. Jacobs, Jacobs, Jefferson, Jesperson, Jewell. , N E 5 I A 4 .V A, ,,., .- My 992 2 - 3 , ' :1'- ," 1:::ff if . W 7 . , V g f., ig ' f ,A . 4 f, ' az, 49 f' AL 'fa is .U -' ff A rm - ,7 I 7 1, . .Wg . L , , , ,fwf P , , f, 1 ' . N- , ' ' . " Y , Mi' " W f - ,ff ff S W .W "mis:-: Sa 5329 6 ' Z1 . 4 ' f A ' 1. 9 ff - .. 1- Nik .nsffiii 5 " ' fl: ',. 2.14. ' ' ?i T40 5:22. '-' . "" , - , v . f . ' .Y ' nf, 4 5 ,f . A W ff- .. .4 . ., 4 3 . . V - 1 , ...fy .-...We-H -. . . , M . fr 1. f Q ' . f ' . "i r ' 3' f 1 ' ' ' V K Q., fi , V. ,f x . .V , X X Ami .A g V E E 2 ...,, Vl, , s w .I . y. a . ' ' ' 'V -1 Aff f . ff ,M . , 1 f ,ZW J I f I V ' V V' 'fg5gssz.k lf E .W ,..,.,,,. ,...L.. . ,, ' . f "' 4 if ' , , fp . 2 w WVW X Zn. nv 1... X .,., M. f N, , ,Le 'Q -- I WWW, , 1 -av I . , X4 ' 1 X. , ' 7 f . .. + HW .- V ' 5 V f 4,1 Rf . fi g , f . ta H L ,,, . mx yjf, M 5.1 I I m fg. Ky 2 a ' . h . X J ,J 4 . , I 1'-H gg K RMA S- . fs , P .f ' .f ,,. ' ' Ks' , ' .f i f ' nw 'gf' M . ,, , A,V, H. , .. If V 7 X , 1,445 . f , of f' .f 1' W' . Vx 5 I ,,w"m..,,, W, .,,. r , V, , ,Wh . 7 4 Q5 S, . . '. 5 V 5 ff K ,. , A . f ,ffwm 1 "' ' ' f X l, f f X My N i' if F1 , K 1 v . f new U ' W U . . . , , f n f ' 5 S . '.,g:2sf:-J' fo s . . it Q 1 H . ' , , 7 , 4. 2.25 .J , A M ff Q V V , ,Wm W , fx. ,. 1 . 1 f . . . 1 . . . ,ffAV , f .W , ,. it Q J ' 1? ' X . ff? Mx? 'ff ' 4' - at ' 5 f' f' . sg f . 5 . 1 ' X 'QA . 2 M J Q- -s t ,, 1' ,. ..y..,, nf? . "N S M f I 2' 1-W Kelly, J. Kelly, Kohr, Keough, Kerr, Key, Kitay, Top Row: Jiminez, E. Johnson, H. Johnson, D. Jones, J. Jones, R. Kleponis. Second Row: Koplro, Labadie, Lampluin, Law, Lawrence, l. A tield, Looney, Lupton, Lyons, MacDonald. Third Row: McClanahan, McCreary, McDaniel, Mahon, Mancebo, Manning, Marshall, Marta, Martin, Martinolich, Mason, Massey, Mathias, Megargee. Fourth Row: Megargee, Mellison, Mette, Meza, Miller, Mishler, Mitchell, Moore, Morefield, Myers, Needham, Neely, Robt. Nelson, Russell Nelson. Fifth Row: Neto, Nissen, Nolan, O'Connor, Odinot, Oliver, Orlando, Packer, Padgitt, Paulson, D. Pense, W. Pense, Perez, Person. Sixth Row: Peskin, Pierce, Plummer, Porter, Posey, Price, Quon, Ragains, Randolph, Reddell, Reece, Rettett, Renteria, Reyes. Seventh Row: Riebau, Robertson, Robinson, Rodeter, Rose, Roslanslry, M. Ross, F. Ross, Roux, Ruggles, Rucker, Ryan, Ryder. Eighth Row: B. Rye, D. Rye, C. Sabatini, E. Sabatini, Sack- rider, Schrader, Scott, Sebastian, Secord, Sharp, Shaw, Shanahan, Shears, Shira. Ninth Row: M. Silva, T. Silva, A. Silveira, J. Silveira, Simcox, Shopp, Simmons, Sinks, Simpson, B. Smith, D. Smith, J. Smith, R. Smith, S. Smith. Tenth Row: Spence, Sperry, Steely, Stein- man, Stephens?,PMep, Sturalc, Swafford, Szalinski, Talceshita, Taliaferro, R. Smith, Taylor, Teague. Y' f 4, ,l"pi, . 1.4 Y. of P v V1 v .f pn' J " Ledbetter, Ledford, Jolene Littlefield, Jaclvn Little- -is ' A 4 . I by sx 1 R W- i ig, . A V -f I . -- ' ' V i A A I f. . .rfl , g,. . J .. 1. ff fi Ar' . t I J A, PM A . 55 as 511. c ' A -5 1 4 - : 7 ' X, 3, ' - - - Y . T s A A 4 f'i ' We QM " .. J - L p .ual . L Q5 - 11- ' " ' -we ' gf ' 'C ...L f J - J J . J .B f - Q as r fs. 4 . , E H 1 ., , A ,. I A lqql' :R 4 ,xg 'Wx - ...W . J r as --. J f -,, . .-E. . , , f ' , A .-.1 "2 , . , r' I Y- - f ' I L, , so f if W x jf ,M 1 -f W' 1 1 f .- 5 X 'T ,,,,., ,zifgj its 3 I . i , .V I rf l fkrai 1.2 Q. B L . ,ig LL- Q p R w: Teter, D. Thompson, J. Thompson, M. Thompson, Barbara Timmons, Betty Timmons, Tipton, Tischb k T ll T V derlinde, Van Gessel, Van Saanen, Vargas. Second Row: Vedder, Vinson, Wagner, Wainwright, D. Wallace, L W ll W d R Ward, B. Warren, J. Warren, S. Warner, B. Weaver, H. Weaver, Welch. Third Row: Werner, Westerfield W t b B. White, M. White, Wiggins, Wilcox, Wilhelm, Wilkinson, B. Williams, S. Willams, C. Wilson. Fourth Row D W D WI . Wilson, Winther, Wisdom, Wood, Wynn, Yordy, Young, Yount, Smith. nv, ff!! 1 JH f tl' 7 fl if ' 1'f' f A . x ff m y ,, - .J' I ,C r W1 O f y - ,J f, O llMl0l' ff l if fu X Like Midas, this class possessed a touch of gold. Every event in which they participated, from dances to fiestas, became a 'Financial as well as a social success. They campaigned in every conceivable way during their class elections, in which David Thompson became President: Charles Wilson, Vicie-President: Betty Timmons, Secretary, and Joan Jefferson, Treasufe ,Over night, lockers were stuffed with political pamphlets, gay b tons, and all sorts of propaganda material. To the loudly expressed chagrin of the enterprising young publicity agents, some students formed the habit of collecting these fascinating advertisements for their own purposes. Because of the Junior Spirit of '47 at old Point Loma, the words "underclassmen" have become synonymous with ambition. Everyone appreciated the worthwhile contributions of such people as Bob and Dick Rye, Charlotte Henderson, Evelyn Braddock, Mary Blake, and Lucille Ledford. Only a few offices, such as Commissioner of General Affairs and Managing Editor of EL PORTAL, were safe from the aspiring eleventh raders. . 8 An illustrious future for Point Loma High School's Associated Student Body is anticipated when the Sophomore and Junior classes reach their final years. 5" ' i -if if as T f fi? . ,hx H4145 , lj. Sophomore Officers Ann Titlow, Peggy Kelly, Emil Jouglet, Virginia Janney, Doro- thy Rimell. Sepia more Alas, the poor "sophs"! For years the traditional consolation of sophmores has been to have "green" freshmen to loolc down upon. At Point Loma, all that is changed. Since nearby Dana has taken up the freshman burden, the sophomores themselves are exposed to the rude, crude, and unattractive treatment given all "cabbage heads." Still, with untrammeled spirit, they have participated in sports, attended dances, enlivened thespian activities, and elected their own representatives in student government. Weary, sophisticated seniors were amazed and amused by their lively antics: but their precedent-setting class organization, with Emil Jouglet as President, Dorothy Rimell as Vice-President, Peggy Kelly as Secretary, and Virginia Janney as Treasurer, prove that all their efforts were not directed towards play. The "Sophomore Assembly," -one of this class's many innovations, entertained grateful members of the student body and teaching staff early in this year with songs, dances, and instrumental pieces. Members of this class, by their sincere efforts to help, have proved themselves intelligent and hard-working. The rosters of important clubs like the C.S.F. contain a high percentage of sophomore names. S. O., another school recognized organization, has recently combed the ranks of the "younger generation" for new members. This is but a part, however, of their long list of fine achievements. Choral and orchestral groups have finally begun to appreciate their sophomore members. The band which serenaded our victorious football team and entertained students at assemblies consisted mostly of "sophs." Mr. Janowslcy, their instructor, has proudly declared that because of them, next year's band will be a "lulu." In fact, Point l.oma's "cabbage heads" have become so assimilated that many are mistaken for seniors, and those wary "upperclassmen" have been forced to recognize their existence. The senior class of '49 may- and what higher compliment can be conceived?-very nearly equal the senior class of '47, ,L 1 Qfly we i '...-,.,,, C7444 of I 94 9 Top Row: Thot, Ross, McLaughlin, Graham, Goodwin, Turner, Latimer. Second Row: Edwards, O'Connor, Hagerle, Lester, Rimell, Vose, Brolaski, Christensen. Third Row: Fickas, Stein, Wyner, Davis, Miesen, Chavez, Monteiro, Myers, Hicks. Fourth Row: Simms, Curtis, Van Gessel, Cline, Hileman, Burns, Ledford, Shobe. XV' . 'ry 'Rss W T Xl -K X r i , lc Top Row: Goeb, Jackson, Cooke, Singer, Piburn, Ward. Sccond Row: Snyder, Holbrook, Caldwell, Yarbrough, Murphy, Hart, Gustellum, Craft. Third Row: Sousa, Denny, Roberts, Lawrie, Gatewood, Miller, Brown. Fourth Row: Hawk, Hanna, Anderson, Bartley, Lyons, Stiefel. 4 Top Row: Hale, Dixon, Cornell, Dolan, Cooper, Louis, Farr, Renfro. Second Row: Ku'1l, Peebles, Foster, Clark, Creager, Christensen, Monise, Virissimo. Third Row: Webster, Waller, Koha, Ham, Ahlgren, Drennan, Kilroy, Cornblith, Ogden, Fourth Row: Arney, Pendleton, Dudley, Newton, Glover, Forcier, Young, Miller, Ogle. "3'4""5 f sis, 6 Wylfmfafzfii V! Km if 'ff V Top Row: Miller, Baldridge, Jacobsen, Petrie, Godwin Palmer, Forgas. Second Row: Carrow, Lovett, Seitz, Welk Miles, Morris, Gokey, Hashiguchi. Third Row: Silva, Medina Airheart, Adams, Smith, Kelly, Frers, Sache. Fourth Row Rosencrans, Church, Garham, Naprstek, Beraud, Chappell D: Lorenzi, Vernon. Sepia emo Top Row: Billups, Sprong, Hewitt, Moore, MacDonald, Minor, Richter, Jessop, Colby. Second Row: Smidt, Petti- grew, Hust, McKenzie, Fellows, Prior, Porter, Oller. Third Row: Soper, Rabby, Sarrie, Harpst, Fintzelberg, Britton, Aguilar, Melsbach. Fourth Row: Lantz, Tirschtield, Ray, Tirschfielcl, Wheeler, Walton, Jackson, Kelly, Harris. Top Row: Durst, Wilcoxen, Goller, Thoman, Perez, Mora, Kilgore. Second Row: Barnes, John Doe, Sacrenty, Darden, Farnandes, Cisco, Castro. Third Row: Gill, Fambrough, Dutra, Myers, Dunsmore, Reeves, Stinnett, Scranton, Putney. Fourth Row: Walsh, Silva, Coats, Thoveson, Johnson, Smith Bradshaw, Smith, Mason. I . i . - - , Top Row: lto, Traylor, McCrary, Correia, Drummet, Henry. Second Row: Gilman, Chamberlain, Graff, Shelton, Shelton, Horlacher, Barnes, Vanderlinde. Third Row: Titlow, Feldman, Janney, Robertson, De Pietro, Perine, Hurley, Tobias. Fourth Row: Halcomb, Peterson, Bennett, Hilbun, Cornett, Schnell, McDavid, Powers, Shannon. Top Row: Kelly, Singleton, Evans, Lee, Schick, Jones, Neil- son, Neves. Second Row: Robbins, Le Doux, Ploman, Chris- tian, De Sautels, Bowden, Bingham. Third Row: George, Frank, Kent, Howe, Jones, Hagen, Ketchen, Enerva. Fourth Row: Ek, Dailey, Smith, Sinks, Anderson, Bixby, Plummer, Southwell. , . lr fx, - f , ,r Top Row: Celeste, McKee, Allen, Sulek, Darsey, Stenberg, Top Row: Williaml'i?iikiT1T,' Broome, Clark, Coyle, Jouglet, Hunter. Second Row: Walter, Orton, Lamb, Watson, Davis. Grundvig. Second Row: Rowe, Bell, Boone, Beach, Hughes, Fagg, Herzog, Word, Baillit. Third: Stahl, Vernon, Seyboth, Fisher, Kelly, Nash, Goularte. Third Row: Young, Wagner, McCumber, Jones, Lee, Werner, Cook, Vatis. Kerley, McMullen, Stonesifer, Miller, Parts, Cardoza. Top Row: Bloom, Fink, Alshouse, Storer. Wilburn, Chap- man, Grogan, Mohr, Rose. Second Row: Mead, Wallace Lonny, Pine, Perry, Danner, Daniels, Gregg. Third Row Ryan, Culver, Taylor, Smith, Callison, Brewer, James, Tally. Bottom Row: Robinett, Lyman, Peck, Hocott, Roberts, Bal sam, B:ck, Williams. Top Row: McCurdy, Downing, Plant, Morton, Porter, Lewis Matley. Second Row: Blue, Hiltz, Browning, Slaton, Green ' Burnham, Blackwell, Howell. Third Row: Mason, Salxaguchi Snyder, Menogue, Ward, Timmons, Walters. Bottom Row Rivard, Hughes, Strodtman, Summerlin, Henson, Brooks Louden. ' T51 gn vin-1 1-,J . .N -A ,m ,diff Q f Q4- J y fyx ' ,,W77'?7f , wg, ,ima ,, ', , I W' 'ffffff f f W fy!! W . 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I Q f f Z, fl , , 4,1 WW, . , gi x 5, M .f X, ,f V V , m Xfwfff i f X WV X If S25 K WWWEWWW f iff ff ,S ' 2 X X ffsf tiff? ' I ,,,,!,,f gf' .f f , f VV! I b f ff I , l X As 5 ' , I f f f ' ' f' ' ' ' ' 1 1 7 X 4 X Aflfdeh , eu' Atudent gvzfernpgghg gpg making? democracy work. , 4 5- .-MW. I W 1 , fxfffff f " t JMQ , , ,f I ,, , , M, .. ff, f f- JZ' K f,gf,hQ:.jH ,X K. ,, , I, , I ,,, 4,,.MMW V .idk - ,, NWNTWW.. ,-MC, , f ,mn fir, f 44 .Wx ,nw , , ,U f' 'MAJ 1 ' -. X :Wff,,,f, I ,V ,,,, . . , , 0,, W , . if -x M if Mg ww .MQ x wfxx , X. 0. W'fil,'xK ,vixifi , Kg.,- .x.. ' A . ,Q N 'QL - 5 V., W X X.. "'v.4i.s,Qz4NW X 0 , , Y .W .wif , f 4 ,f ,X f 1 f,, , ,,444. ,,,, fi if W 4 I V f W f ESQ ZQv54+ Z wa f 9 , , X. I ,W , If, "K ' 7, ,' f4 I K 'i"'5 VZ, iff' s MQW." y 'X,,"'4 L: U74 if . 476 F f , ff. ,, k , , Q 'V' '94, ' A 'V Af , 'ff ,yai ' ,' M fi M W 's 01.27 rff,4z,wX1f I , ' sv' . Wg ,,Cfff. W -fx ff M, . fr. 15 3. ,ffsgff -.WR ,i,, fy, 'NW X , w , N Z 1 , . ffzyfri f f ? .wwf WL' - mes-Wi wfq.-,QgM,f,gw,w, fg U2 ..,,' Q 22 ' mf f' ,. ff ' " J , . , , ff, ffi. ,fc.v:W'f1,fj,11.1Y w fy , E - V w f x iv 'wi 'f.fW...w " .W ...z , -- zzwf, ,. ' W " N 'MA ff Aff , ' L 'xivih' WPS' Student Q0 ernment Point Lomans pride themselves on their student government, one of the most demo- cratic and efficient in the city. This year particularly, the Commissioners, along with the Election and Eligibility, Service Points, and Social C-ommittees, have been very active. The A.S.B. B'all, an outstanding success held at the Thursday Club, was a testimony to the efforts of the Social Com- mittee. Another triumph was February's formal installation of officers, a new devel- opment this year. The recently formed Constitutional Revision Committee was busy all spring revising parts -of our 'Consti- tution. Our alert second semester Com- missioner of General Affairs, Dave Finster, attended meetings with A.S.B. presidents from other schoo-ls to exchange ideas. The campaign directed toward "more school interest" bore fruit in the noticeable increase in homeroom representation at the bi- monthly meetings. 'Our A.S.B. Commission has proved that democratic school govern- ment really works. Mary Matsch and Danny Evans during their regal dance after being crowned Queen and King of the A.S.B. Ball. fs C'ommiAAione 'Ab ,vpkdig Standing: Priscilla Allen, Mary Maw, Bob Rye, Bob Tupper. Sif- ting: Frances Maloney, Joyce Bis- choff, Dave Thompson. ,X fr: D A -qq-.-,-,Jaw .,,sgJ,,f:Jg4, LQ Qgltg -'xx Qi?-rr: fw it STX' X'N"'H'l it -N'-' -7,,QXN-fe, :mr-x, ii ' V "x2JN- fl'-X1-.I o 21 A W Q: B15 fx Q2-S,.fE'fb 5 'af-X295 -" .,A.4' VXXA ...w , 1: xxx..-,D nab, .. jf'L3x',y,i 'xx tx,-X-'ggsx W ii. K 'v' fa.-X, N: is--:L Y QQO -for -'s:,-Tf::, ,kj L ..-,..- ..'-.ff-'gg Q, C3 - X-fum '-Qzfs 5 -"'Xf-:fl --xx. w yu ' ,DT ,, ,vQ:,:, 'xg , 4- -Mg. fl, s-f: :B 1 Q , V sa, QQ AQ- 2 L ,g... k,-.gQ,M.,v,K, Q 1 WSW Sianding: Dave Finster, Pat Shannon, John cle Beck, Harry Bixby, .lean Wiesler. Sitting: Rich- ard Stangl, Gordon Thompson. Qi I B h ff L df d I g Foran, Lupton. gyfi ' ea ue f The Commissioner of Girls' Activities presides over the Girls' League, an organization which was founded t-o train better citizens to serve the school, and to promote friendship among all girls in Point Loma. Under the sponsorship of the dean, Mrs. Maull, the Girls' League conducted many new and special projects and activities. lt held a fine fashion show for the new girls at Point Loma, put on the colorful Penny Festival, and gave the hilari- ous Sadie Hawkins' Dance. Believing that good citizenship is based upon full Pat Shannon, Barbara Foran, Kay Lupton, Mary Ann Harris, June Hallstrom. Hallstrom, Ghio, Patter- son Littlefield, Shannon, N t s-we " Ann Oclinot, Alyce Rosa, Z Peggy Malm, Kay Lupton. J J ff V' g' ' ' gyfl ' eague understanding, the League next extended an invitation to a group of American girls of different racial descent to present their "lntercultural Program." With March came "Silent Day" and "Trilf" signs for all girls wh-o were found convers- ing with boys. Many teachers expressed the desire that girls would refrain from conversing with girls also, but their wish was not granted. The big event was climaxed in the evening by the "Reunion Romp," when boys and girls once again were p-ermitted to talk freely. Later in the year, the Senior Mothers' Tea was given, An-other big success was the Student Teacher's Day, now become one of Point Loma's most popular traditions. For a new service project, much needed large mirrors were bought for the girls' rest rooms. To enforce any laws passed by the Girls' League, the Dress Court was established. This c-ourt, composed of judges, Kay Lupton and June Hallstrom, and a ten-girl jury, meets every Monday after school, hears cases, and imposes penalties upon girls who have failed to comply with school regulations. L... 1057 4 or r CW Oh. l l l 5 -ti1 i 'Y f N9"4AZ'?s-fi' i 714021 "' " . f 'A f' " ' 1' 'ff' V4 WWW L ..fQ'7!'V 'MW John De Beclc, Don Jones, Bob Rye. 11 . Koi, ' fedel-ation In the tall of I946, the Boys' Federation began the direction of a series of successful activities. It started with a stag assembly consisting of football movies and a talk by Mr. Breitbard, of the Breitbard Athletic Foundation. The Federation, in the capable hands of President Bob Rye, Vice-President Don Jones, Secretary John de Beck, Treasurer George Perdomo, and Adviser Mr. Williams, swelled its treasury through the sale of Point Loma buttons. They also sponsored lunch duty tor a Week. if Gordon Thompson, Robert Hobson, Benny Saravia, Bob Tupper. Kelp' ?6d6I'dfi0M With the arrival of spring came the long awaited "Springtime" dance, directed by new President Gordon Thompson, Vice-President Bob Hobson, Secretary Benny Saravia, and Treasurer Bob Tupper. Remarks were heard to the effect that no person ever decorated the girls' gym so beautifully and effectively as did Bob Hobson. Kenny O'Neal's alumni band co- operated very well with the Federation in presenting the musical assembly, creating with mellow, moving lights a beautiful background for the applause accorded the most sensational assembly of this type in four years. We can overlook the fact that Norman Oliver and Manuel Silva posed as singers in this assembly. ex ,. ,. ,. J.. . ff 1-G.fs.S'-9735, -Ni'-'Q ' ff,'1:f" -' yy, ,. A za- rP 1' Z." A-.inwbmfv " x rv' .4551 'E f ,ff Zn, W, , fi mf 1' ' 'fx al V ' ,, if if U 1 u at! Af, I Q! In ,U J 'C f 4 i, 1 MZ, pf G., 4 A, f x 1 iv 1 iw' i 4 X J 5 if , fd f 5 , f ,4 V xfl fs Q al M, 'S , Six-I if aj wmv 1 wk W5 1 , N fv . , MA W '+f -yffvrwm y ff., 9 wffx, , f K. RN, ' 5 X 'QI MM AQ ,iw eW if If '-M -f fwzzf4f,,w4,,f4 X , ,I I V , X ini, ' V, ' M.: ,b, -' f gg.. ,A 3gfff.w1f2,', A S 5 I '42 ! , , n , :xaqg . -' -,.y,.!gf' ,-ff 1 ,Q w Barbara Shearer, Barbara Simmons, Gerald Porter, Louise Freitas, Barbara Carr. , L- ., Vp, fy I For al Through the combined efforts of Louise Freitas, Business Manager, Burton Crowdus, Publicity Chairman, and members of the Senior Class, the I947 EL PORTAL was successfully sold to Point Loma's students. Then came the job of providing an annual worth the money. This was a real task. Managing Editor Barbara Simmons could be seen running around with deadline sheets until all hours of the night, Literary .Editor Gerald Porter consistently attempted to catch forty winks in classes after burning "midnight oil" over write-ups: Art Editor Barbara Carr's fine black hair threatened to turn gray during each fifth period: only Secretary Barbara Shearer remained calm through it all. Advisers Mr. Williams, Mr. Ellison, Mr. Emerson, and Mr. Christianson have developed more worry wrinkles than they care to count: but at last it's all finished. Hope you like it. K C I. F f" LITERARY STAFF , l Porter, De Beck, Hogue, Toskey, Crow- , dus, Harris, Kells. t T, - V .A Ei If , i ii .. ff' vi 4 ', C -XVA - ,y A ' 5 Y ' Y 4' S C , . . X . Q ,. . .f Q 1 S . ,, - .. , fs f x x Q 4 C A r ,f E i T af' r T' 1 ' -X1 I W ...mdk 'M' V15 'S BUSINESS STAFF I P0 t I Staff -Sm-J ART STAFF Henning, Thompson, Silva. Peierson, Ito. Malm, Carr. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF H Galvan, Goodman. Honeycuiciz, Wesfer- Gilmore, DeBeclc, Conard, Wimber field, Gray, Curiis, Hoover, Pearson, Dan- Adams, Winther, Edgil, Cooper, Hoyas son, North, Spaulding, Mathias. Reddell, Reece, Packer, Donney. Y T v --T' "' ' 1 MARY MAW Editor-in-Chief lee Pain tel- The Pointer followed a very active schedule this past year under the expert advice of Mrs. Margaret L. Christianson. With Mary Maw as Editor-in-Chief, the staff strove conscientiously to promote a more effi- cient and democratic school government: to further a spirit of under- standing among students, faculty, and parents: and to assist every effort designed to aid the peace. Subordinate editors were: Alyce Rosa, News: Evelyn Petty, Editorial: Marilyn Patterson, Feature: John de Beclc, Sports: Betty Potts, Society: and Yvonne Tooze, Copy. Managers included Lucille Ledford, Business: Peggy Elliott, Advertising: Dulce Hatalceda, Ex- change: and Ruth Ann Person, Circulation. John De Beck, Lucille Ledford, Peggy Elliott, Ruth Ann Person, Betty Potts. Dulre Hatalreda. Evelyn Petty, Marilyn Patterson, Mary Maw, Yvonne Tooze, Alyce Rosa. 'W' asi- The pffiilifffj dj ,ff Wifi ff! A Bob Williams, Joan Jefferson, Marian lrving, Virginia fanna, Jack Gross. Nancy Fieger, Elizabeth Goodearl, Gretchen Wagner, Ann Bush, Barbara Price. Dave Finsier, Ted Janelle, Bill Bufcher. !fl11.l X ,AJ IZ l ing Rogers, Ronnie Campbell, ne Hobbs. Hobbs, Crum , ubert Johnson, Tom Sturak, NN, les Hopkins, Ruth Ann Per- 'W Peggy Elliott l Har6or Zigi: M The I947 edition of Harbor Lights marks the ninth anniversary of its production. Throughout the years, the literary magazine has printed the poems, essays, and other original writings of Point Loma's Shakespeares, and has won highest praise from its faculty advisers, Miss Clark, Miss W. Brodie, and Mrs. Christianson. Compiled by its efficient staff, including Managing Editor Irving Rogers, Literary Editor Hubert Johnson, Art Editor Frank Crump, Business Manager Ronnie Campbell, and Advertising Manager Joanne Hobbs, the publication continues a vigorous life of tribute to the continuing excellence of our school's literary output. s ' 0 ' 4 ' 1, 5 f ff 1 , any 'far ff y , 'i' A ,. Q Nancy Peterson, Beverly Crume, Carol lhrig, John Traxle Cultural Committee ln order that the auditorium activities might be more representative ot the wishes of the school as a whole, the Commissioner of Cultural Affairs was replaced by the Cultural Committee two semesters ago. This year's many fine as- semblies were the results of the ettorts ot the Committee. The members are always on the loolcout tor student ideas, tor assemblies which will be appreciated rather than griped about. The students on this Committee, John Traxler, Beverly Crume and Carol lhrig, relay these ideas to Chairman Nancy Peterson, thence to Miss J. Brodie, who converts them into appropriate presentations. J - girl ' nAem6 e-girl 'glee From the first experimental notes that drifted hesitatingly through the second floor halls in September, to the professional presentations that marked Vespers and Graduation, Point Loma's choral classes earned their place in our hearts. No occasion was too small nor any holiday too great for their talents. Gladly did they give to school and community. The Four Arts program, Christ- mas at Point Loma and at the city-wide pageant in Russ Auditorium, Easter and the stirring "Hallelujah Chorus," the Spring Concert-thus reads the list, and the community at large could furnish many additions. The Choir, the Girls' Glee, and the Boys' Ensemble were joined this year by a vigorous newcomer, the Girls' Ensemble. Help in the busy schedule and with these many groups came to hard-working Miss Parrot from three business- as . Boys' Ensemble Kelp' nAem6le-Choir like student directors. These girls, Joan Koplco and Louise Balelo of Girls' Glee, and Arita Winston of the Choir, exhibited professional abilities that secured for them considerable commendation. Soloists during the year were Jean Wright, Lois Stephenson, and Pat Cline. Sharing the work of preparation and presentation, the accompanists must not be forgotten. Nancy Peterson, Dorothy Simcox, Leola Padgitt, and Elizabeth Goodearl performed these very necessary functions. Perhaps Point Lomans remember best the thrilling moment when, strolling informally through the halls at Christmas time, the singers raised their voices in the old familiar carols. Doors of classrooms swung silently -open, and busy classes hushed in appreciation. May that custom never disappear. 1 A! . W g- 'K W- gf, V 4 x 5, 1 ,a 75 f N- f 2 9 f ,fs 1 5 W 'B 2 4 Q9 dgffww- The Pain te Kami An increase this year in the number of members in the band and the orchestra enabled the director, Mr. Janowslcy, to pre- pare a widely varied program. The audience at the band assembly enjoyed military num- bers, overtures, -and light operas. The biggest hit of all, however, was in a completely new field. When the versatile members of the band swung out on "Hey! That's Boogie!" the response of the student body rose to new heights. From the opening performance at the Carnival, through the football season, to the final program, the members of the band exhibited skill, enthusiasm,and a loyalty unexcelled by any other school organization. The band represented the school at several community celebrations, notably the dedica- tion ofthe new recreation building in Ocean Beach. Most of the glory in the second semester went to the orchestra. This group also ex- panded its membership, signing up 'Fourteen instrumentalists. In addition to participating in the citywide Mother's Day Festival at Russ Auditorium, the orchestra held a feature spot in the Spring Concert of the Music Department. Mr. Janowslcy was assisted by Ben Bow- man, the student director of the band. String Urclae tra ! i S l l 1 O. " vme Rain or Shine" The Senior A Play, "Come Rain or Shine," presented a fine oppor- tunity for drama students to display their talents. Heading the cast was Carol lhrig as the vivacious daughter of "the lion at home and mouse at the office" newspaperman, Harry Shannon. Included in the indispensable supporting cast of this hilarious c-omedy were Norma Ghio and Barbara Carr, who doubled as mother of the Grayson family: Irving Rogers and Quentin Decker, who shared honors as the younger brother: Nancy Peter- son, his boat-crazy girl friend, Dale Shoupe, who was determined, "come rain or shine," to produce a play at the summer theater, Arita Winston, who almost thwarted his efforts because of a lovely, spoiled personality, and Lois Stephenson and Mary Perestrello, who alternated as the doting, newspaper-owning grandmother. Carol lhrig, Harry Shann B bara Carr, Earl Lennon, S h Norman, Dale Shoupe, N Ghi Sta ndin g: George Riebau, Q nt Decker, Nancy Peterson, H y Shannon, Earl Lennon, An- elle Ryan, Dale Shoupe, Don- ld Walker. Sitting: Joanne Jen- Grant Conard, Beverly C me, Carol lhrig. 'Double boar" Perhaps one -of the best-remembered productions of the year was the mystery drama, "Double Door." The cast c-onsisted of Joanne Jensen as Victoria Van Bret, a domineering woman who allows none of her family to go against her wishes: Carol lhrig, her timid sister: Beverly Crume as Anne, the young woman who resists Victoria's do-minant personality: Grant Conard, Vict-oria's lhalt-brother, who intends to marry Anne: Annabelle Ryan, the middle-aged housekeeper: Harry Shannon, the handsome self- assured man of sixty, and Don Walker, the honest, intelligent doctor. The cruel, self-centered Victoria goes to such extremes in protecting the Van Bret fortune that "Double Door" becomes an enthralling, intensely dramatic play. Norma Ghi-o student-directed this fine entertainment. 14 Aem6lie Drama and dance play an important part in everyone's school life, as Point L-oma High School students will testify. Every study hall has its wit, every English class its orator, and every gym class its dancer. Teachers vainly attempt to control these embryo Fred Astaires or Bette Davises, and gladly hail the assembly which gives each of them an opportunity to work off his excess energy. This year the thespian's program alone was so excellent that we shall treat it separately. The invitational assemblies, sponsored by the Drama Department, consisted of one-act comedies like "Little Darling," while the school-wide gatherings were presented "Dust of the Road" and "Psalm of Thanksgiving." The dancers displayed their skill in an admirable Four Arts program. For those who didn't witness this performance of technical skill and con- trolled emotion known as "modern dance," we have only sympathy. To balance this entertaining program, other amusing educational assemblies were planned. The Safety Committee's assembly proved quite interesting to many in view of the fact that several accidents involving Loman students occurred this year. The Science, Language and Mathematics Departments had their days also. The Science assembly created quite a stir of enthusiasm for Chemistry classes and the Science Club when cherries and other articles, frozen by liquid air, were distributed in the auditorium for inspection. The Pan American Club's movie on "Eldorado" lCity of Goldl, Brazil charmed the Associated Student Body with its marmosets, ant-eaters and baby ocelets. Its vivid technicolor enhanced the appearance of Brazilian archi- tecture, produce, and people. Many were astonished upon discovering the various wonders of the Amazon Basin. Both the Band and the Boys' Federation assemblies presented music. One program consisted of classical, martial and modern music performed by Mr. Janowsky's Loman orchestra. The second program was purely modern. Although not an innovation, this sort of entertainment at an assembly was relatively new to Point Loma's students. Judging by the comments heard after it, they would welcome more of them. Finally there were the senior gatherings which, of course, only the "upperclassmen" attended. One of them concerned the Senior Play, "Come Rain or Shine." Others concluded various business matters. The dates for the Prom, Ditch-Day, and Vespers were announced, and coun- seling for future occupations was given. Seniors were delighted to hear that the Prom would be held at the Hotel del Coronado and the Ditch- Day at Del Mar. Q BQ.XCl - ici-4-teas gccx -Avg I c'kL,Ctli,,CJg iulbx K-9C CLK QQL g5gkkQ ww, MN A "l-' Oukf.. . 1 fi, Q, ,fywxgihg T R l T Lvvx , L . s X -- Y A X TDM ggi 'U 3, 4"YYK' QTL -1 Q , . -R h . ' K , QSDQX LLL? azybk .L,svQfX Q . Cx FTFKQMQ lizubkb Gxfkctf' ', 'Na rf LM, , T y L ppc L cvs. , Q-lirus Gjlulj watts Q Si. Few people of the average audience realize the contribution made to a dramatic production by the stage crew. At Point Loma, these silent performers play their distinguished parts without applause under the management of Bill Callaway and Jay Plummer. Ronald Fellows, designer of the stage set for the Girls' League pro- duction, "Knave of Hearts," is responsible tor the flood and spotlights. Joe Henning, painter ot the master portrait in "Double Door," maneuvers the curtains and drops. The quaint old stove that also appeared in the "Double Door" was a product of the ingenuity of Frank Crump and Jane Titlow. Richard Stangl and Harry Bixby deserve particular mention tor their imaginative creation in "The Lost Princess." Bill and Jay also did a splendid piece of worlx on lighting ettects tor Kenny O'Neal's Band. The newest acquisition which we have is a new color wheel and spot border. Point Loma can look forward to even more effective and protes- sionally artistic productions. aqgk A xfygarf, Wi: , :V H1 e- W ' , .4 vi .4 s ig XT' wx Nw .fm X . ...' ,.i 3 .F . 1 - f ,Q-A' 1,-w' ,.,.-+A' V --14.- The waterA of ocean and 641i Aupplement the program of recreational actiaIitieA aalailahle the year round to AtudentA at Fointfoma. Swim- ming in protected coaJeA or ruaihing Aurf Aailing on the hay, deep-Aea fiefhing-what welcome ad- ditionaf theAe would he to the liUeA of inland peo- ple. 7leA, Uigorouaf open air life iA the hirthright of Zoman lllarrioraf, and in their Achool and in their communitieA, they are Aeldom idle. 1" A Arita Winston, Betty Timmons, Glee Randolph, Darlene Gardner. Songleader Every loyal Loman was thrilled and deeply grateful when our football heroes won the I946-47 Metro-League championship. Let us n-ot neglect, however, to give credit to our enthusiastic student body and the capable kids who kept us cheering: our cute song leaders, Betty Timmons, Glee Randolph, Arita Winston, and Darline Gardner, and those dynamic cheer- leaders, George Carter, Bob Pastore, and David Thompson. C'hee1- eader David Thompson, Bob Pastore, George Carter f. ,.-.-.E ar ara Ti Quentin Decker B lb Kam ter C7116 Congratulations are due to our Booster Club, newly organized this year. Under the able leadership of Quentin Decker and Barbara Timmons, the Boosters turned out "en masse" tor every 'Football and basketball game, and by their cheering set the pace tor the rest ot the student body. The club was behind the team all the way. Good going, Boosters! ga 'EZ A - - Silva, Medina, Blackman, Ba ner, Herz, Michael, Helm, Sara Clark, Taylor, George. Jones, Finster, Keough, Tho p son, Wilson, Hanna, Allen. ?oo Mall The I946 football season opened with the colorful annual football carnival. Point Loma whipped Grossmont in its twelve- minute period, 6-O, with Jim Jensen scampering 38 yards for a touchdown. The next game was a non-league affair, with the Pointers beating Brown, I2-0. Don Jones, end, and Bob Mellison, substitute fullback, made the Loman scores. They then won a close game from Kearny, I3-6, with Jones and Jensen scoring. A scoreless tie with Oceanside was the only black mark on the cham- pion Pointers' record. The following week they really showed their fight and spirit with a I3-6 upset of a rugged Grossmont eleven. The Lomans put on a powerful passing attack with ends Dave Finster and Don Jones making touchdowns. The La Jolla Vikings were the Pointers' next victims, going down 7-O. Manuel Silva, Loman fullback, scored the touchdown, while tackle Manuel George and guard Gordon Thompson excelled on defense. Then they smashed Coronado with a 32-0 defeat on a rain soaked field. The Pointers pulled a trick out of the bag on the second play of the game with Finster taking a short pass from Jensen and reversing to Jones for a 52-yard touchdown that broke the Islanders' spirit. Other touchdowns were made by Silva, Finster, Andrade, K y k Slva, Stangl, Thomp- H bbard. Finster, George, Keough, Medina, Thompson, Herz. me tra C'laampA and Mellison. The next week provided the Pointers with their real test tor the championship, the deciding contest with the big and powerful Cougars from Escondido. The Lomans came from behind W, . fx .1.fS , 9, wi X 11", to capture a I4-7 win, with Jones and Jensen scoring, while Joe ' Medina, center, Lee Weiss, defensive line backer, and Emmett Herz, All-Southern Calitornia tackle, did a great job on detense. r . p ii'i The last game ot the season saw Point Loma whip a tough Sweet- water eleven, 26-I4. The Loman touchdowns were made by quarter- A back Richie Stangl, haltback Paul Kaneyuki, who also kicked 9 extra points during the season, haltback Manuel Andrade, and Jim Jen- gr iiii in sen, with Ray Keough playing his usual dependable and rugged game at guard. it i X s Berkheimer, Simmons. Mellison, Takeshita. Blackman, Barner, Wilson, Allen, Clark, Helm, Silva. Finster, George, Herz, Jensen Jones, Roberts. Jones Robeds Joneg Robeds WW 47,Wfz 0 ' X' 41 .22. rL',mwWm f ,- , , M ,,,w. .,. Mbna" C' , V, V. 4 . 'Qiaw-, Don Clarlrson Don Giddings Coach eA Q 'Coaches Don Giddings and Don Clarkson, brains of the Loman teams, have a similar 'history in that they both went to San Diego High School and were well Icnown for their sports activities there: Giddings for his football prowess and 'Clarkson for his excellenc-e in b a s lc et b a I I. Both coaches went to State College, with Giddings attending Stanford before State. ?oot6all Schedule-Scoru Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov Nov P.L. Opp. Brown I2 0 Kearny I3 8 Oceanside 0 0 Grossmont I3 7 La Jolla 7 0 Coronado 32 0 Esc-ondido I4 7 Sweetwater 2 I I4 ,. V - .--,,,,.--M vw . . univr Mitzi Led by Alumni coaches Don Mac Beth and Bill Foran, the Pointer Junior Varsity finished a successful season with five wins against only two defeats. Such able players as Ed Wilkinson, Fred Farrell, and Ed Browning led a smashing offense that ran up high scores against their opponents. V ' ff, ,Z.,'f-ifgvfaf fc- f1vVJ-Vt ?6'Vl"' C'1-MA Conn try Larsen, Mahon, Howell, Kaneyulxi, Johnson, North, Pastore, Finster, Correia, Hobson, Stangl, Freatman. Ka lee tba!! Of the seven league games played, Don Clarkson's Loman basketballers trampled all opponents with the lone exception of Grossmont. Don Larsen, ace Pointer forward, was top scorer with 94 points in five games. In the season's opener, Point Loma asserted itself by beating Kearny 49-25. The K-omets threatened several times, but the Lomans, with Larsen, Silva, and Kaneyuki leading the way, built up a lead that was never overcome. The second league game with Oceanside gave the Pointers their second win, a 33-I3 victory over the Pirates. The first and only loss to our hard playing men was the close game at Grossmont, which the Foothillers won, 37-29, in the last four minutes of play. Larsen and Joe Medina each dropped in six points. ,.', ...., . . , x ' .. Gutierrez, Secord, Rye, Finlr, Paclrer, Cisco, Hagerle, Cornell, Long, Brolaslri, Wainwright. Li Recovering from the previous loss, Point Loma tumbled La Jolla, 36-20, in a one-sided game, and again on the march, trampled Coronado, 43-l7. Larsen, playing his last game, hit his stride to gain I9 more points, while Blob Pastore, Loman forward, put in six markers. In the last two games, sparked by Bob Pastore and Joe Correia, the Pointers outscored Escondido, 29-24, and Sweetwater, 40-26, to climax a highly successful season. 7 jf, 1 ,yf 3, New I 3 , A X Ralph Silva, Bob Johnson, Bo Pastore. 1 ..,..i u '5 .zu V. A YW TRACK TEAM Reckin, Mengar, Word, Fold, Broome, Bixby, Taylor, Coach Giddings, Si V 'nd DeBeck Eckstein Groeschel Michael, Jiminez, Uyada, Freat- mson, anderli e. , , . man, Smith, Wilson, Farrel, Rosa, Strauss. Welk, Wimber. The Loman Varsity cindermen started the season with a defeat from Grossmont, 77-72, then another from La Jolla, 56-48. Recovering quickly to trample Coronado, 76-28, the Pointers went on to crush Escondido, 8IV2-22V2, and tie Sweetwater, 52-52. Members of the Varsity track team were Bob Mahon, high point man in hurdles and broad jump: Homer Broome and Richard. Wilson, dashes: Harold Freatman, 440: Jim Groeschel and Bob Smith, mile: Ken Fold, 880: John de Beck, high jump, Ed Wilkinson, low hurdles: and Bob Simpson, pole vault. The cross country team, composed of Bob Smith, Jim and George Groeschel, John Goeb, Bob White, Kenny Oliver, and Henry Habel, placed third in the State Championship Meet at Long Beach. The Bee track team, led by high point man Ed Browning, and paced by Fritz Wiggins, finished a fairly successful season, taking third in the Metro League race. Jim Fink, Cedric Durst, Dick Goodwin, David Ryan, Bob Mitchell and Jack Hiltz piled up the other points. Point Loma's Cees placed fourth in Metro standings. The Arrollado brothers were the high scorers, along with Walt Reffett, Tom Browning, and Gary McLammarrah, BEE TRACK TEAM Callaway, Hietz, Durst, Pibern, Sacrenty, Borlaski, Rogers, Mitchell, Goodwin, Farnsworth, Wilkenson, Groeschel, Wiggins, Tooze, Fink, Browning, Habel, Dean, Goeb, Spence. Morrison, Taylor. Lee. ' ll il ll u is 52 , V M , - H . - ., 'ffl' of Baseball on opposite page Standing: Gross, Lyons, Str-IUSS Gomez, Brewer, Silveira, Henning. Knerl ing: Adams, Roberts. Silva, Kaneylllii. Medina. Sitting: Takeshita, Blackman. Correia, Brown. xiii! QTL? is 5 mafi a. 2-1 r -y,fjZ'f,24,. T f Q 1 Vis KW, X is X +A 5 fy Q, 'rr--fff w my X fl f f W x lnfielders Outfielders bi . b Wg 4 r i J I X Ka e6all-metro C'laampA Q5 The Pointer baseball team started the season with triumph at the Pomona tournament, beating a field of thirty-two California high schools. Joe Medina, outfielder: J-oe Correia, third baseman: and Don Blackman, shortst-op, were three lettermen who bolstered the team with their experience. Gene Roberts, first baseman: Paul Kaneyulri, pitcher: John Brown and Phil Adams, -outfielders: Yoto Talceshita, second baseman: Joe Henning and Arnie Strauss, catchers: and Kenny Lyons, John Silveira, and Pete Nelson all contributed t-o the triumph. Hav- ing downed Oceanside 7-I and Grossmont 6-5, the team seemed to be of cham- pionship caliber. ,,,X X x 3, V A 'WR -dj , ' A 5 . I 9 , Y .A W V fe ip xwf xv , new TNT, Y ' , 'f'1l','Wit ,I " ' ' ,, . fe' s-Q "Rf ff f , VI a s i. Y 1 ' f-z V i as X f , u u. , 9 1 f . ,. s , W lx' P Nfl ff 'riff ffl "" - If ff? K WM Q W f s fi he , N X I. L ' I as l A Q J X ' N - f A A 'Q rs 1 ' J - . I + Q , 'f wife: P ' -V P - we if :" ffl! go! 5 o em!! Front Row: C. Farrell, R. Chris- t h B P t S d R . C D. , C. H p- kins C Hewitt Bob Pastore, Cliff Hewitt, David Hanna, Grant Con- ard, Charles Hopkins, Charles Farrell, Dick Christopher, and Dick Goodwin were the members of Point L-oma's I947 golf team. Though receiving little publicity in comparison with teams in some other sports, the golfers set a fast pace in the Metro League. The tennis team, Bob Rye, Jack Scull, D'ck Rye, y Thompson, John Bond, Merle Clark, Grant nar , lan Chamberlain, and Bob Johnson, started texsea n by beating Sweetwater 6-I, Saint Augustine 4 , Coro- 7-0, respectively. N . F Row: M. Clar . om D R Cl k J ll R h naclo 7-0. La Jolla and Grossmont def ated, it N k X--pf 4 .N . Y y . i 'G-... N fi Q, , ,. H, 5 , ,,. 5 sr jg 'YM 'T r sl . 1 J .1 ef Ulla at J 2 f3fQ5Q.g h 1 . W f 2 i ,L .f.V W he f ,ff 5 '7?f,, ,ff my ,4 4f ff V E X ' f 94 , f 2 Q ' I W ' Jj.I'ff iz: on , fs' ' wifi.. , ,I A 7' W wav 4 K ,-.. 5 4 f., 11,4 IL 4 J , .,fM,,f Beverly Crume Mary Blake Mary Matsch Marilyn Taliaferro ,,,,,,,A 5fr"""7'f 4 . UQ ' Q + fifgkffd' ' X -5s,s,p'4 L-..f. i...hw-dt? i,gf , fo 11,33 ff isixgir-1 4 ' Q29 4, t -Ji' 'l Tuff L'5f Q , . '. f 1 Ef K 12 4 T" i ,, z'f.if::ge:,4wf'i , 4 'I u. , W F' vt Q X 5' Zz ' , , H sf ,MVLQMJ , N- 'se z1LffZ3fXsfiEt'2 Fw" 1' fi ,fwffkm Ng , f Yr, fu 1, Wm .,. , , W, .r,x ,. . , . -C7 A . is My if , 1, Q f K! f WW f' K, , X f r ff at , r, T a T , V f rr T eff ,Z f '. , ' ff-:M-Hunk .r f 7' ' . wa ' W ff ,',f.tw-Q ff ,As , f K M , g , , . " X M ' ff ,ff 2 , f Q qw, f. A . ,, ,M ' wif If ft Wig.--,ffff, ,s , ,sy ' f ' ' Jw' ff ,fgw X ff it W, ,ffifzm-n g 1? ' xg A' ,mf T - ' fr ,, f X . f X , f , T T ' f wr' Wm . X 3 he , f . ' , . -vm' ' 'f 1 x Ms 5 at . K f W3 .' ss 'ff ' Mm 21F""n :avi ,H , X X I W 7 M f , 55,1 r, l .153 , ' W , H ,W 'fl r ' - b ,mfm K ,U ' X gall, 5 fusjg ,WX f4+QffiaC WU 'f bkvkf Y X aH9ZZvglrfZ,f...y4j f,V3y.kJ955j.r!'3f:jj A yi T r if , ,,,, ' ' ,, . wffif ww' ,f f ' WM f WY- X Q ,. self: f Q 1 ' f Z nf ' ff WW f X ,F eff' fa.: 1 .- fwsvffff .s-ff: f wgwf.. :Wg any 41301 4-77255 fn ..........M....... ,,,,,,, -A f , ,U wily , I f ,NV -1 0 as jx f f i Xi ff! "y ' f ' 5 is ' ii, A 1 -. fi if V U ' X. l Il! ...-,JA if is ML ,Q l A spectacular combination was the result when our pom-pom girls and majorettes in ma- roon and gold mingled with the drill team and drum corps in maroon and spotless white. When we saw them perform their intricate routines at the Carnival and at half-time in the home football games, and their precision marching in parades, we forgave them for their noisy second period practicing. The fact that they rehearsed after school also was not so well known, but the perfection they attained was ample proof. Although the girls organized only last year, they have flourished under the cheerful leader- ship of Colonel Marilyn Taliaferrog Captains Mary lake, Mary Matsch, and Beverly Crume: Lieutenants Evelyn Braddock, Helen Ryan, Leola Padgitt, and Sergeant Thelma Fintzelberg. The pom-pom girls and majorettes undertook another service for the school by selling foot- ball programs at all home games. This year saw the inauguration by the Drill Team of a dance which is to be an annual affair. The support which the Point Lomans gave this first celebration indicates that it will be one of our most popular events. Q. , l N., ' 1":?'v'f" ' ' , - ' we B ,gf ,, a wcfff -. 1 Jackie Blackman, Betty Steely, ' Lou Cure, Bonnie Graham, Doro- "gf If -vw' thy Simcox, Beverly Crume. ,.f-y.,"' f "'A ,V f - N-.Lex a . ' A r 4 ' N f 1 ,, 'Xl' f if l a B ,fag N N ' Vrrff ' ' 2 M l L , j A ,.Q,,:2j' ' Q9 qi , LW l Q 1 jj S ,V . . , ,, Qf 43, :Ml 3 1 1 ff , Q V1 1 "-V vm-1-A, fffff ..,, f ,.,f'+'2 f , 'ig ' ff w gif, lip: vw ,fgbg,i I -3 -" f ff , I I 'fc'-, N 1 ', 4 Aflkf' I Yl":!,f1"'tZl K-X XXXL, I K 1 wifi 717,--f-' Q ,, . fg ,,,,.ff,,,,, 'V fy ,f a iyyyvy M M y My , xr AWK. , f , . I V W W V A, Yiwu A' J I ,lr , V 14, , " 7 ' X uwtfr f ' ' f 7 "M '- X Qxj rf!! . Q 5, y ,fat My I N W 5 LIN V , 'f V , . f., f 1 'LVM V, Y ,JW jg, , ' , at f ft 1:1 It JA if ,gd ' K 7,4525 Y A ' lg t I., ,f , ,War fi ep, ff ,ie if .1 , r, ,V f. , , f - f f' ' 'X ww, fly. V f, V ,EL L , , 5 I . - rffx-in , H -f -, X e Ny, I ,F gn, , fwfr' 4 , Mcyz u "Lg, ' r, 0 . ' , 'B f , , I 'fb ,ffywj R ,Q L, rw mf! 5 ,V ,. ,,.-,.'w .. -,.,z., - ,.-vf,,,.4.,...,. .-.K L.5..L-..-... :,vm:f.fSf-ff 'ma . , - Zaff'f1M-- 'VJ V-fix 'ff rf k 'f r,zff:f5,4gz 54, V01 K I g.f5f:,f 1917 5 My jf, 51 f ,L pact, "fy, jf , ,","i15ghf, " 1 V 4, V jaw e - x, .L ,MH-." f- yy, f sang' w V ,,,,,- ff, , fm f W fx r 1 Q ' iff f f ,Q,,,,44"M.,1 , ,, , '??,.wf' U l - wQf1,-wwaMgr1 fwwefwawff ff V 5, fy, f 4 My ' ,,, 3 fx' I 1 Y f ,, ' f, f V N ' , h Z , wa if.,fm'N! I 11 F MQ' P an -A K' ' x X fffflik' i MW af W- 1' 0 " f I ,wwe 'N-fmwhf , ""' lf ' 35' V " '27 1 ' f" 1 5, ,, y 1,1 M, ,,N,,,h, X I, , ,V ,rx , 7 , Nj V 'ff . H ff"" ' l H, V, ,rg Vw ,,,,,E,,hV',-,,,, y ,V J ,wh X g f' 3, ,V ,4 if-ny I -N , x, , ' , 42 , 1 gl f f' Q- vw: WV,-yy, fl Mn , ,, ,K , K , , , ,, ,,, , ,, X, -V , - W, , , ,A fo. V, ' , - X 7 Sy I 4 3 " A fi l , X- f 5 W! f fmt H L B 'K W QrQ,,f,,j',, X ,,,,, fi M i f j , ' Q, V N, --..,,fmf, W 'YN ? V: lf, ,Ji 1 4 , 1 I , -X , , 'fl' f jf f,f, 7 , My yy , T xy :A ' 7 'V "" ,ff M' - " ' -.',H' ,:f,fIZ' ,, 'W fl ' , ,f,..,ff I ,f , ,l,,f,,-eff Y 3.1 B' J QV '- , V J- f , S, ,fix " V 1 v, "7 ,ff ' 7" ew, ' ""'tWA 7 W I - A 4 11 Wg, WP! g,5yiiyfx'.,,A, Agp- 4, ',-A ' . . K'x.l,-jig Shrrley Hull, Gay Chappell, . ' Mary Blake, Shlrlev Beck, Mary ,"V'?"""' ,'i7t'N M " M t h M r'lyrl Taliaferro , , rg a sc , ar . MS'-gas-Nm - bl!!! Maloney, Wiesler, Wright, Garcia The Commissioner of Girls' Athletics acts also as the chief officer of the Girls' Athletic Association, more .commonly known at the G.A.A. Besides Commissioner Fran Maloney, oth- er first semester officers were Vice-President Jean Wright, Secretary Jo Garcia, and Treas- urer Jean Wiesler. The G.A.A. at Point Loma is affiliated with a nation-wide organization under whose rules the girls are able to earn the points required for letters. Every Tuesday and Thursday after school the members meet in the girls' gym for games and sports. Besides sell- ing tickets at the gate for home football games, the girls sponsored the enjoyable "Penny Fiesta." The second semester saw Jean Wiesler elected Commissioner of Girls' Athletics. Her as- sistants were Vice-President Jo Garcia, Secretary Shirley Sinks, and Treasurer Carmen Lanza. One of the most amusing events of the spring semester at Point Loma was the G.A.A. spon- sored baseball game between the perspiring male faculty team and the breezily confident members of the G.A.A. The game this year ended in a rather novel score: both sides won. This difficult feat was accomplished by the simple device of having two score-keepers, neither of whom was above accepting bribes. The G.A.A. participates every spring in a playday at State College. The members en- ter games and competitive sports with G.A.A. representatives from other schools. The cli- max of the year, of course, is the long awaited banquet at which the awards and letters earned during the year are presented. 1 - Wiesler, Garcia, Sinks. Lanza. ,.,.-X Q Q 'a ,if- ' A 'Q .- ' A ' any if 13 OMG 7 45 ' ,FQ J' ' xl'.'fW?f7 ,QA bm-A ,. - 'A TW f1'23"".. -Le, ' nw ,,,Wg,,, ,Mm ,,l,.-' N , f ' fret, 'A4'?"yf""5s, M. MK --f - A ' J 'CAA-PQLA, M , - ,,,.jxp,,M - 'T' , . X rw.. , .. .,, A ,f-A. .A ,Av -A AA ,,. 4, , A pw. A,, ,,,.,.g,:.A4'hAz4.57M A :Aff ' .' .,'fT,.. . ,, , ml J,.,:. .,.,?h-., jg.: Aw.f"6,.,, 'A .fyf A-A,:w,, A MA, .-.,..,.4Am:' .'w,.,'f-A . .A .. ,A ,,f..,.A ,WN ,ef A ' 'A,i3"AAf L MVQELW' 'X f --A' .. . ,f,, ., ,,, ,jf ,, F5 " K ,. Nah, , 'A I A 3 , K-,NH ,na L .V-..,4, . Q ... A ' .ml 36,1-ly ,fn A 'RWWR .,,g-nu, M R My v, , A, F- at ,. f-A f 1 A. . . S ,w,:A-WA If . f ,A f'A+,QA. , fu A . 1:16-'A f- A , ,-z.,",.,., .Awz , .fs i . . , :C ff' 1355- . wh Aviv., AA-.,.4z'ff ,wg-w,.A I .-,-,,, ,A ' " . W ., X ' ' +v'i5'MS, Am .'T'A2rTg.A , ia, A . . ' JA A- . Az. . ,T A fiifgzf A fg :,j::fAp AM .A ' " .A 71? I " A A 1 " 4-we? ' 'kv ' A-Ag-AHA ' A' 4,5 QA Q1 -HM. my A 'iYffQ,iAet?fA"?sif,5fi' 'A ww A , 3 ,,'-pw,Ag1,".1::y2fj4':-M.. 1559, x A' , Av. ' A',"..:.,W,, , NG N, , :ff 2502 . ,W ty'j.,fjxI is Neff M.. .Y 1 Nxwfm. lwlif A ' Jia ' A ' A . A , A A . .L A AM ' ' , N wqf.q+r"i f f' if . ' A . fp., M., , 442 ,,, A ' ,V A. ' Q --'. " --fvgf - 'wg5,,WAf4.x:,o N, If ,f2,ff'1ygWg5X5 . ' A, . ,. 49-V, T QJANQA, 1 3.0, W, ,-,' aw' AL ,, .A Aj f f5.AAA.,': nw, . f Af f -., A A , -h Q-v.1.,f, ,,A4g.. ,.J6faf,Wf...w ,J f...,:',4 H ' w ' -A 'Q 'ff' AM ,, ,Aa , SWA rfwxcf-.'t wm.?1w"-.- , . w. A " .. " A A .- A in J " A ff Q' "AA AQ Gfvfif' JS 4'-..s2 ..a .- fq,2'f' :swf .,,,, Wig ' ' . I' bl, . . Z jaw L,AA.,...Z: A .r A 1-39,5 V .47 A- .A .A A ' 5'fil9HA'nQ WE' Vf"N',sALA 'iff A A, iA':?fA.x?vgWv jig Z A M N51 J. -' ' 'Q U '- 'LV L " ' " , .3 .Q A .... ,. -A K A,f,W.Z2iZA:jw, I. u M W W' -A . ""fIm7 0 ',. W'-3'A'g2AA 'Q' f "fAi'A2W4Sp 43,7-, A , Jn- nigh, , A.. f' . ' SAW, -A,2.-MW , -. ' ' W A4Az,,,, " . 1. A AA .. A A A A' A"fxZ'fyW , 1' . "ZA X A AMW . "' ' . f' " MF. 55. ' A' . AA mg" I ff' . Q my Q -174' 53981 f., A ' 'fi' AA - A V .41 "mw- 39 Arm! fbi - t acifiegn Samet riAeA " , -m edge of Point Ioma. h hid gage heqonofthe ioind-Jlfejet roclw to the Aea e and contemplateA time and change. alittle will remain from youth eacept frienofdhgz, that feeling h Ao firmly eA tahliafhed when Atuofento zoorh, play, and plan with one another. 'FL'-. 'A -- maj '-xwzimggf ' A ' - X 11.3 .Jyfiemi wx' 3-Y, ,:,-K COLOR GUARD: Don Mar- ta, Bob Cornett, George Riebau, Harrison Weaver. OFFICERS: George Carter, Gerald Quick, Linden Raney, Gerald Porter, Jaclc Peter son, Gerald Tooze, Jim Rodefer, Ronnie Campbell. The importance ot basic 'Field regulations and modern warfare tactics is being stressed by the War Department even though the war is over. Discipline must be tound in each unit, no matter how large or how small. Something these cadets learn, whether it be in map reading, tirst aid, rifle marlcsmanship, combat drill, or in other subjects, may 3 r Company C 9 some day benefit them greatly. Upon shedding the R.O.T.C. uniforms, Point Loma boys may don uniforms of the services, and feel completely at home. With reports that have come back from former R.O.T.C. students, there is little need to further stress the importance of its part in military training. The R.O.T.C. is a credit to any school, and we of Point Loma are extremely proud of ours. At the annual Field Day, the boys brought many hon-ors to the school. For the most outstanding unit in San Diego, they were awarded the Gen. Stilwell Trophy. Cadet Major Gerald Quick accepted the award fo-r the best battalion, Cadet Captain Gerald Porter received the trophy for Company IO as the most outstanding in the city, Cadet Lt. Ronnie Campbell won the best first-year officer award, and Cadet Private Horlacher took the prize as the best first-year cadet. Company I0 yi I E : Q . f 'Jia l 9' 5 l , , '-QQ' 14 clue 9 61116 Ki6le C1116 The I8 members of the Archery Club and their sponsor, Miss Hilss, can be proud of their two members who took honors in the Junior Columbia Round. Marcia Jackson captured the Class A while Deon Vernon won the Class TB. In addition to learning the 'Fundamentals of bow and arrow shooting, these would- be Robin Hoods climaxed the Year with a fine party, "Aloha Oc." The study of the Bible, an important part in any person's education, is car- ried on at Point Loma each Tuesday un- der Miss Tissue's supervision. Guest speakers occasionally enlarge upon the interesting, stories of the Testaments, and monthly parties serve to liven the spirits of President Billie May Posey, Vice-President Pat Herrod, Secretary Lorna Morefield, and Devotional Chair- man Ruby Caywood. Standing: Nesen, Jones, Yount, Cay- wood, Tissue, Wood, Herrod, Timmons, Johnson, Briney. Seated: Posey, Henson. Megargee, Brewer, Jones, Taylor, Tim- mons, Morefield. '., '. X LL, ,"x'i,, .1 3' "1 fx 7 gf! fn rw Al X 'ffm -Qfff War t- 7, .,,,"Aw, why study? Unless ya go out for sports, ya don't get no glory around here," is a complaint never heard at Point Loma. What would you think of a club whose members are rewarded by an exclusive "Ditch Day," whose chief membership requirement is brains? Such an organization is the California Scholar- ship Federation, the honor society of Point Loma High School. Members must qualify in scholarship, character, leader- ship in school affairs, and in constructive school service. Each member receives a "torch" pin. If a student remains a member for three semesters, he is al- lowed to keep this pin: at the end of four semesters, a "lamp" is awarded: and, after six semesters, a life member- ship is granted to the student. C.S.F. activities, in addition to "Ditch Day," consist of an annual dinner complete with guest speaker, and meetings twice a month. Mr. Farrar, the club sponsor, works directly with the President, Bob Williams: the Vice-President, David Ryan: the Secretary, Claudia Stevenson: the Treasurer, Lowell North: and the Historian, Ethel Williams. This society unifies the method of rewarding merit and provides a means of further dis- tinguishing superior students when they enter higher institutions of learning. Leading the Non-Commissioned Of- ficers' Club in its efforts to improve the R.O.T.C., we find Jack Peterson, Presi- dent during the first semester, succeeded by Bob Cornett. Efficiently performing their duties in a military manner were Vice-President Harrison Weaver, Secre- tary Russell Nelson, and Treasurer Hu- bert Johnson. The members of this club, in their social activities as well as in their business, are fitting examples of the R.O.T.C. cadets. Rogers, Riebau, Cantrell, Sperry, Snyder, Westerfield, Bates, Sturak, Peskin, Spence, Paulson, Weaver, Cornett, Nelson, Johnson. , 1 'ii' fi? 'Q Na. tsl' N' M 'kski Pan 14m erican 61116 Science 1116 ag'- S5 i ff 5, y K ...l x Standing: Troendly, Miller, Jacobs, Campbell, Mr. Franken, Anderson. Sit- ting: Posey, Person, Crowdus, Allen, Warren. Seeing Spanish movies, learning Span- ish customs, spealcing the Spanish lan- guage at their meetings, and being all- around good neighbors compose the activities of the Pan-American Club. Leading the club in these events of the year were: President Norma Anderson, former resident of Mexico: Vice-Presi- dent Shirley Warren: Secretary Dolores Reyes, newly arrived from Puerto Rico: and Treasurer Ronnie Campbell. Here's hoping they learn their Spanish well enough to benefit them on a projected trip to Tijuana. The Science Club, with its various reports on new scientific developments, its field trips, and the atomic bomb movie, "Operations Crossroads," has as- sisted well in the important role of pro- viding scientific backgrounds for those of its members who aspire to win scholar- ships through the Science Talent Search next year. Not always serious, the Science Club has its social life also, as President David Westerfield, Vice-Presi- dent Bob Bates, Secretary-Treasurer Jo- anne Jones, and Librarian Jerri Bell will verify. Back Row: Smith, Jones, Vatis, Mr. McKenny, Mr. Farrar, Mr. Lamott. Front Row: Grom, Bell Sharp. Key, Elliott. Front Row: McKenney, Birdsall, Pear- son, Lewis, R, Bingham, Stevens, Vedder. Back Row: Herman, Whitacre, L. Bing- ham, Hansen, Timms, Bradeen, Schoeller, Saxton, Crossman, Holmerud. The past year in Sea Scout Ship 24 was without doubt a most successful one. The lifting of restrictions on yacht- ing enabled the boys, with Skipper Mc- Kenney, to make numerous worthwhile cruises in their forty foot motor sailer, the Gulliver. Some highlights were a ten day trip to Catalina and another three day one to the Regional Regatta at Long Beach. On the social side, the Sea Scouts enjoyed a barn dance at the Skipper's ranch, a beach party on Silver Strand, a moonlight cruise on the bay, and their memorable Dinner-Dance. "Putting the out in scouting" is not just a phrase to them, but a real motto to live by. lnterspersing its debates and discus- sions of current affairs with such interest- ing, variations as "Noah Webster Says" and "lnformation, Please," the Student Opinion Club, under Miss Clark, cli- maxed another successful year with its annual banquet. Joint toastmasters were Jack Peterson, first semester President, and Gerald Porter, who presided during the second semester. Organizer for S.O.'s varied programs during the second semester was Vice- President Carol Troendly, the program chairman, who, on behalf of this in- tellectual group, declined to present a program called, "lt Pays to be Ignorant." Palm Sunday Breakfast at Miss Clark's Grossmont home, the gala S. O. ban- quet, Christmas caroling, lively debates with David. Hanna, Leonard Godwin's vast supply of hilarious wit, and many other activities are long-to-be remem- bered niceties of the Student Opinion Club. Standing: Rye, Godwin, Peterson, Chamberlain, Hogue, Johnson, Williams, Strauss. Sitting: Person, Troendly, Hen- derson, Bovee, Whitcomb, Hallstrom, Thompson, McDaniel, Miss Clark, Hanna, Aichele. Sea Scoutef ..C' ll 6 vw' 'vw WW' Wes. W , pw, Z 4 ,WI T sa ,- . ,sw-.. 4, f Q 1 , , 'Z M- 2 A X .1 , "S" ff 4 Z 9+ f fr VZ? f f' 9 if ff I ?f, 'yff ' 01 ff f ,u so :- A 4 4, mf, , W V 4 , H24- - ,,.. yy, af W Remem ber f Neff ' X V , 5 ' 'f-uf' gf xv an Z iaffffi MK Z I I ,ar ,M W ,. , ff S, 1 ,gf dhx, 1, N W, ,,., -' ' 113,93 , , 4- 1, x ,,, ' .yn ' - n V A 9 F ix.. i ww- up N- ---I-M-A"-f-ww www-mwqx ,i ,fin it x x k X ll!emora6le bmp I ! ! MA , 9 , , 9' rr VXJQ ,, , X rf! 1 ggi? X if 14cknowledgementA For his untiring efforts in making EL PORTAL possible, the annual staff extends its appreciation to Mr. J. Milford Ellison, who closely supervised the large amount of worlc done by the photography and art classes. Deserving of our gratitude also are Mr. Williams, general adviser, Mrs. Emerson, literary adviser, and Mr. Kenneth Christianson, business adviser. We are particularly indebted to Rudy Thompson for the cover design, and to the painting class for the artistic division pages. Frank Jennings, photographer for the senior pictures, Carroll Engrav- ing Company, Neyenesch Printers, and you, dear reader, have all helped to malce the I947 EL PORTAL a success.

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