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Pleasant Lea Middle School - Flashback Yearbook (Lees Summit, MO) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Cover

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"""f'iY""""'m'9'l""""""""'i"'f' -' ' "'- -' - 4:4 17" ' Q "--- --' N- 1:--- '----:-:fe r- '.:f.-A: --X --:--:frszg-1-:f.17f1-.ff--5,qfxnirnff....1.'r:: ferr, ?v2'2??:"?'-fT.L':L?: J 1:-Giza-31261 --L "i'f??'aw - - A -'- P. A . . . , . . -- -- - . ..., T.. ,... -VT,-,R 1 A.,-5-nn Y V 1- f'952?"17?'YY'V45'!U1'F7!F'3!!"'!?'i'T""f!E'K!!J"5f''If'FY?f"f??5E!?E'!!!!'!"'E!Yf"'ELZ?'!"'::!. - M-. . A. ,.,, . , V ' "W ' ' 'M' ' 'fu'-A W'-f 'W'-' '- A- 22132: ' dfxfi' g " ' 'g1Tff?",'QQQ' . .xv . ,, ,,., X 1 ' a f ' - - -' 1-I - 5 4- , . A NN X . X -' my -.V ' W "-"- ww .i Mu mm -4. .am-.....:n.. I-.. W4 ""' 3' 1 . .. ,. .,,. ,..,.. . ,- -.- , . F , , ' . . , ' ' -- -' -1'. V- V. ' -':f."f: -.1 'Y-1-T --:.-1: 1- v--1 4- , . . .. - ,. .. . --.......-.............,,....,.....,......-.,..... ,.a..M.-4mmnma..' - .......Q.-.4 ..x.'f33...5..-Im..,QQ:5Q,,jh5:, 3-,gl--''vi'-3.5-ggig5'.3jg.:, A- jg. eli4..L..., -a335A3i.t, - '- , : V ff- ,WM F S A A W Q H XV ' " ' - "- -M-4-'----41-4-1 ' Ia. --,--.4. g 1 ' :Yg: M :w.5:..,., T.. -- - ' N, llIIIllIIlllIlIIIIIIllIIIlllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!IIIlllllllIlIllllllllllllln 2"-.Mk Z .ff REF. 373.236 F615 1987 Flashback MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY Midwest Genealogy Center 3440 S. Lee's Summit Rd. Independence, MO 64055 ...-4. .W-... um 1.-...l..-.U--mu .1-n-g-u.n.n aving a great time is part of being a i ' ' ' Pleasant Lea Junior High student. Shown F I at ' gf -L f f --- n..l.:... rw-mnlnu Tneea NQHQI ' ' MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY Midwest Genealogy Center 3440 S. Lee's Summit Rd Independence, MO 64055 Back To -he Past 5 fs Q Y 85478552 f if KQESSYQ Xw It was summertime sun and fun. Just when we least expected it schedules in hand we marched to our new classes. We found that with September 2nd rolled around again. On that Tuesday we marched with a sense of enthusiasm and determina- tion. We knew that Pleasant Lea Ju- nior l-Iigh was a place to learn and to achieve. We all had hopes and dreams and with the help of admin- istrators, teachers and fellow stu- dents, we accomplished those dreams. At 8:30 we were ready for our first new classes also came new chal- lenges to conquer. Through all the excitement and confusion of the new schedules. new teachers and even new en- closed classrooms, this year turned out to be one of the pest. We traveled Back to the Past through our hopes and dreams to remember those great memories of the 1986-87 school year. class of the new school year. With MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY IIIIQIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllrlllllllllmlllllll A ,, f Z 4 va , " 5 Z K V 7 , lr ,f f ,X W' W v 3 W f ,W M, ,A 4,-f, Z 4 V573 A ,, nw ggxwvif' , as Q, . 1 1 i.. ' f f , A ,A fx S , 1 1 f A VfWNXNXv'.A X, 'Q '--- f' X ,, v - few Z 9 s S S ' 5 1 X. gg aww WAN ,X 5 MN! .. sg X NNW xwm, K wg , ,WWW Wwwwvfjf 1 - . 'N' 1 af W SXSA 'Z , 1? ,W it ,, K X x A ik N N , , 5 f ,ff N235 X W xx xx fx 2 N Zi? B f WX A gx X ,Q X ! f y K f ' X if f X Sf f f x 6 ,ff,, ,M ,MW If h ww, ,4 If ff hi' L ,uf I ,U , , ,y ff Q N ,M W, ,M M yy . My ,va "" 7 3' 5 0 Z v fa f W ff f Ax f f J Q, W f 'W A4 ' yfj' ,,f' 7 4, ,,, . ,W , ,, ww, ' 'L' - 7 ,,,: ' , y ,5 , uv- fl ff, 3 - ' ,Z Q , ' fo :J .:,,.v H, , ,Iv F ' fl: .nwb - - f .- 'L .vs 1 YM, " ' 2. ZWN 5 m f ,,:..g:g: fd Si? 1 ,Q W! M rN , 3 s ..,: an f ,J .q QS af 55 K , Sine Fun lnThe Sun Summer Interests Fromrthetime the release bell rang at 11:00 a,m. onMay 30 to September 2, PLJH students lfilledrthe streets of Lee's Summits with fun and laughter. Activities such as softball, soccer camping, and swimming had BMX racmg had become a sport while school o fy ID the X, lj' W wnwffv gm yf My Above. LS swim team member Ann Czeoek gets a last word of encouragement from her coach, Flight. Emily Akers. eighth grade, listens for the sound of the gun to begin her heat, 41 lntroductlon W ws 7, yy x z X 09 , my to , , 1 sf! fy f .RN W 4' Z, J ,,w W fy ff f 'fwffw -4 w ,Q Cyfvyyff ,J hflfftetlirftifg 415399 TCW Dafticipef r9f0Wi0fQ:!f' tbfilghjtt became n become E rwetehivg WQEUQSQ rrrr ' 4 A ? WZ 1 ,M , fm r ff ,,, rm ,Z A M gi s 2 f f, 4' 7' ' ,',, f Z4 f 53:-We , FN! ,IS ,i .PLJH,-w Family time extended beyond the home lite at PLJHQ Thenurnber of sib- lings, cousins and other relatives who participated at this school had been growing for anumberigofiiyears. ltwas through that growth that the junior high becamemore than iust a school. it had become a place for the families in the community to meet. y y A it i . The family ties included ,noti only watching the show by that name, but it - ,N S SS X. y s ziiwk i. . R , :., 1, . ' -X new is f , . "" if fr 'f . f X Q 1 ,. N M K ix: .,.,, N. 1: h. K x ' ,X tt,,,. x X 2 Rn , ,i,.::.. iE :.:::5,g555: :g:. X 4 31 5 S W 2 s -H y X id. . rs s X M j BrA shared at i 1 tg- ' I Q 5 +I.: -zixx S A is Fx I 9 X X Ds X i ig Ns ff N. included working and sharingtogether.i fttt J y it , . , . A i - f " K Q r C W . f , X f f X W Si we 4. 'ff' ima 'W J -. fr Swlfi ills N is y M-sig ,, . f 'E M f 4 Q V' t 'V Many N s, i ,ffff 1 W f fn W J f' ff J I , .,.. I ff' r. W wvywmw if f V f, My ,dft i k 3 . .. V A i n ' '-E. 14 fi!-i" f X "iv A .iw 1 vi f K , J I li f if gi , 5 ,ir it , 5 , ,ff 2- 7 ? Ei ' fi' . l I sy Z 1 W4 5 . i Q JQUYAJ P' if N . A my Xe ,y -.gk si X' gk? Top, Sibling Teams: Jeremy Schouien, ibrother Jett missingl, Cristy and Jay Barnes, Stephanie Willis and Amy Kapp, Brian and Tetia McMichael, Amy and Mike Wagner. Row 2 Tiffany and Terra Paulson, Chuck Wise, tsister Amy missingi, Tina and Stephanie Allison, and Kurt and Eric Dennis. Above Lett. Faculty Relations: Brian Massey and Sheri Prier with their mother and aunt, Mrs. Esther Prier, Miss Carla Rogers and Mrs. Lorie Keeler isistersl, Chris Harris and her aunt Mrs. Sandy Cutler, Jeff Smith and his father, Mr. Dennis Smith. Flow 2: Mrs. Susan Bales and Mrs, Barbara Webber icousinsi and Mr. and Mrs. Zimmerman. Above Right, Twins: Jennifer and Julie Hagerty, Missy and Melinda Henderson, Brian and Tracy Keri, Beth and Amy Jacobs, and Kathy and Diane Burger. lntroductionffa Advice To Future Wcrld Record Students Advice is something we all need at some time in our lives. Studies show that most people turn to their best friends or someone in their peer group to seek advice. This years students, through some Language Arts teachers, decided to leave advice for the new and in- coming students who might be wondering what would be the best way to handle this school. This school is realty great! Try to get involved in as many activities as you can. Jennifer Dyer, 8th Don't get into any fights and try to have fun doing homework in class. Dawn Arne, 8th if I think 7th graders should not be absent on every test. Some are ok. Sheiley Blundell, 7th y r Be outgoing and talk to a lot of people. Most of the people in this school are kind of shy. Joe Olevenger, 8th Talk to other people and be sociable. iremernber my first day as a seventh graderg it wasn't that bad as l thought it wouidbe. it's really fun being in seventh grade and alwayS keep yourhopes up. Amber Apple- gate, 8th , y A A Study for tests andrnake good grades! Valerie.Chap- man, 7thr , Q f . , i A Asa seventhjgrader l believe students should get inf volved in activities at PLJHt It would help you get to know more peopie. Kimberly lrvin, 8th Take time to make friends with 8th graders and 7th graders. Then work on your grades sorthat you .can be eligible for school activities. Suzy i-litchock, 8th Play 7th grade football so you can get a head start for 8th grade football., Matt Tripp, 7th, y Be nice to the other students so they'li be nice to you. Shelly Bennett, 8th A . yi Q in class raised your hand alot, don't be tardy and do your homework. Jamie Loneman, 7th Try and keep a smile on your face, ignore any teasing and just talk to people, whether you knew them or not. Christy Roepke, 8th You .need to be polite. kind and courteous. Pay atten- tion in class, get fairly good grades and that's how to become a success. Carrie Nicholson, 8th Go to the Commons and talk to people. Get to know and be nice to your teachers. Sam Harris, 8th Sflntroduction Most School Schedules l r -4 n l l l I i I I i 1 l I i i ii i 1 5 Q V i g 11 .3, ' C. . A I A , gg , ii f f Q5 W . f ' 2 I l I z I IIIIIIIIIIIF Idea by The advice lor a new seventh grader or eighth grader is to stay away from the wrong crowd, be to class on time and never skip class. Lantz I-Iurlock, 8th To be successful in any grade, don't hold back. Get involved! Debbie Ulm. 8th To get through this school you have to know how not to get ahead of yourself. Get involved in schooi but not so involved that you get burned out. Keep a positive atti- tude, get good grades, and always remember the re- wards are great. Roxy Shafte, 8th My advise to seventh graders is just to be yourself. Danny Bryan, 8th Take pride in yourself and participate. Tyler Twitord, 8th Whatever you do, don't fall down the stairs! Jennifer Davis, 7th y It an eighth grader calls you a sevy, don't get all upset. lt's kind oi a tradition tor eighth graders. Rob Long, 7th l think more seventh graders coming into our school need to show more school spirit. Grady i-luke, 8th Be flexible because you may get more than one sched- ule. Christy Laeupple, 8th Get to know people better, go out for sports, be tree- lispirited, open minded, and work with other people to make friends. Ben Hillman, 8th Don't tr to be tardy iusr because you're an eighth Y I V grader. it leads to ia bad rep. Chuck Wise, 8th . Do all of your homework and have fun on weekends. Janelle Wiliiams, 7th i Try not to get 6 or more tardies because you'li get to caii your mom and talk to Mr. Smith. Joey Croft, 7th li you're in a bad mood, Mrs. Helmer will tune you up. Stephanie Curtis, 7th During your Halloween homeroom party, don't shake up a bottle of pop, even it it's your own. Kim Smith, 7th li you ever need someone to talk to, talk to Coach Brill. Heather Mclilutt, 7th Don't get caught running in the halls because the ad- ministrators will whip your legs with a ten foot bullwhip while you're hanging on the ceiling by your ears. Lance Flint, 7th I never thought I would be glad to have a spelling book, but this one saved my lite. A kid in my neighborhood was shooting air at me from his B-B gun. But I put the book up in front of my face. The next thing l knew there was a B-B in my spelling book. Todd Bickham, 7th Garrett Lahey Introduction! 7 rug, ,- . , Y ,, QQE, "lu-,L 11,-V ' 1--5E'?if5f QEQQQ-fi?-sfsf. ff, H jgffgv ,3'Qf,:,Tgf 'E Liz, " l-l lda Celebrations A Season ForrAllr t This year the students at PLJH en- they exhibitedg QFollowing is a listifof loyed ta season filled withholiday acg cast rmeffibersrorrlrthermusicafzv i tivities including homeroom door r g if Q flll i or decorating contests, caroling, cole rEi liot,rTimrnsi ,fr l L f ,ij rgled, 'lecting and providing for theneedy, Amyfliappif rr r f Cassie parties, adari, and many otherffesf Jill Lyttcnfg I X M rr l2r i ,Kateydor tivities. Students aiso performed inf Mart1tgLewis ' lr r , tfMrQ2VYorthing' the musical, Christmas! on Angel Fiyanfrrklunter frrrr gcolorrel Street under the direction off Mr. A ndrewyFentonj yr Q tri fjgt4TQad Shrout, Miss il-lelmer, and Mrsr LittIe.' i QFlob'Keithf r i i Worm The audience was delightedrwithrrthe .rasonfeauert fr 2 ,Fish students' performance and the talent DeanBowers M ' Charlie 1, ?riW, Molly Meadors and Mitch Pycior are this year's Snow Queen and King. Ang Eiflntroduction Jas 1 X PW:-., ., , 'I 5 mw- 5 E M4 X, 'jp , Administration Modeling Leadership The administration team was made up of three peopie: Mr. Jerry Cooper, principal, Mr. Jim Tosser and Mr. Den- nis Smith, vice-principals. Mr. Cooper had been principal here for the last four years. Hercomrnented that he enjoyed the positive attitude of the students and the staff. "l enjoy working with people," replied Mrg i Cooper when asked why he beoamefyayprinoipal. White Mr. cooper was incharge oi the organizational y management and bud- get, Mr. Tosser,andjMr. Smith took over discipline, They were also in charge ot setting the oalendarg and suf pervisionsg i r sw 1 K H2157 ff' :W 7" " ' W 47. W TVWWWTW W4 VW! ffpff me f,-warms -V ra r f ip' f' rat xi U f we a K rf'rf,,'f' , ffm f ' ,, f f f 1' f in , i W f , f Z V ai, .. - gzioff .,., , i f - 1 ,Q-tel "'tti':..i. is-in ' f ', s ffx " N A. faa r f -if ,P '- w fri' Q W , fr -.1-ev X , 0, MW f, .X t W imitate r 7 W ' ,QW Wwf l Mr. Jerry Cooper i 5 Mr. Jim Tosser Principal y i I e rvioe-Principal ., Q Flight: Mr. Tosser Holds a Lee's Summit blanket for 5 students to see , during an assembly, r Mr. Tosser and Mr. , r Smith led all f 'iff f ' i assemblies during r K l the year. fs .rryy j X 1 ' Mr. Dennis Smith Vice-Principal iOfAdrninistration 'JZ W ,WWWV X ff!! ff fy f VY 41 WKMX gf M M noir ff f' XM M if My r 1 , Z fvfl V4 f ff Z 4 wwf? , M M , 951. M .6 350013 EGU Q iir nM f if 1 . 3 M M 7 g iAQgSoqiia1aqn Qf TPLJH was headed tfzis ?,yearfgi:py,jMrs.3,Kathgiywardg assisted, by vice-presidents MES. 3gf?3tgijQayis gaijigi3MrS. Judyr NoiaMnd.jThe PTA was first noticed ibeqszudentsfwhonrihey SOldr sweatshirts during registration Qgjrirnejandiitihrougnl the school ryear.'MThG IDQUSY from the sweaif qfSfIift3fC3E1i SedQmOi19yxf0rthe organization to support meetings, Wspeakerggrfrtne school M and necessary items for the group. The Zfgtixree goifioersiimet WifhfMf.jM Qooper and the other officers: Mrs. Li2Butler Mrs! Peggyveasman Mrs PatHatiey Mrs Sandra ,A rQ1rsliM oiaudiapiones, Msg Borbara irzaiazfiard-sbn , Mrs, Kathy Deatriokgg Mid. if i Nancyfmackweil, Mrs, Syd Hite, Mrs, Bev Shaw, MrsM.r Sue Jakes. Mrs, Eiaine Grasso and Mrs. Kathy Seaton. i L , M M M M M Administration! 11 3 2 4 5 f ? Q f ? --.. Brewer nom 226 ,M Students watch the gymnastics assembly by AI Fong. Z game Amiee Jacobs and Leslie Jenkins meet at the lockers for a talk. A quick study in the Commons is normal for Chris Wilttong and Mark Fegers. Academics! 13 ' .ps 1 Z 1.9, " 2 ,f ,125 fifg, ' .W mfg .rf f 4 ,,,, W ,, ,,,,f Rf 3 2 2 Z 2 4 'z Q. rf, v 3 w W 'V MQW M SW N55 Q X x X Y xxxgw xx K f 'f , 2 is h f f 1 ,H qu' me ff f 5 v,.f 92412 Yi If 1 ? 'V' f Z X 'K X, f ff 6 fn wen? 2 2 . f, , ff, ' if 1 IQ? 2? xx? 1. , . Q 7 ZX! ig M274 f Z : Z 4! X 'A DZ X Q , f, 7x1 , 56? , c.. .,,, , QQ Y .X I I L, 1 'Mg A '..'f x f ff," .3-I f si-f--if I Y f if I I T , A' ' f ff J W ,,,--wx fy' V, r ' 2 , J' E 2 W .E-1 f f Q ff' f f W 2 7 y y f V, 4 M' xhxiszi 'Z mf Below Right. Working in groups make t Speech Speech was one of the many electives that erghth graders at fPl.Jl-l had the option to take Mrs llignttle our speech teacher got very tnyolved wrth her work There were two, different speech courses e- the semester class and the full year class The Semester class per formed many different krnds of speeches such as Introduction demonstratron and persuaslve They also made u p thear own com- rmercrals and sales talks Durmg sec- ondquarter the classes malnly worked wlth drama t pantomrme and tdrtterent plays Duong thrrd fclufartter the students aiso learned about stage presence The ad yanced class learned about Parlra mehtary procedure debate and citations. l lt s rmportant an these classes to acoomplrsh ay feelmg of jselit esteem t and self confrdence an torrent ofa group said Mrs Lrttle yrgTrfsg2Students especralty DeNe1l Gary really jengoyed therryspeeoh class DeNell l took thas class be geause 1 wanted the acting part and I ttroughtrlt woutd be alot oflfun. class also teaches melhow to speak an publlc wltha sense of intelligence and contldence One yeffE3eNerll srgoals was to learn how its-speak effectnvety amongst the etzbirc t r 11251 you re thrnkrng of pursuing an faettng career ID the future here s some advrce from Mrs Lrttle Be sore you take as many classes as 'passable an hugh school audrtlon alot for parts and learn how to dance Aoove Right. Mrs. Little showsstudents S l to use the micro film tn the library t Qtgnmentsffun in Mrs: Littte s classy 16 ! Academics r f . . . . . Q 1 . . . ... . f . . X . I ' - 1 . . , . . , . . . l . 1 1 . . . . f ... . - .- 1 s ' as 1 ' ' . . y 1 4 X 1, I 1 , . . . . f 1 9 X X , , . . . 5, . , ..- f f 1 J f 1 f X O I 0 4 f 1 l ,, . ' 1 . ' I .. , . . . f . , , , 1 ' ' , xc . . . . . . . 1 fi 1 n . ff ' 7 I f l i small' I 'mmgyf Typing witl I-lorne Ecc K . A x ex fs hx of Xxx xex X X N X W X RN sa, he Mass-, x X AWXW ,-Y see hx Typlng wlthout glanctng at the keys IS trylng for Steve ... ...,...... s.-.awww f Typlng ln the typtng classes at Pleasant Lea Juntor l-hgh students were try ang hard to accomplrsh goals whtch they set for themselves earlter rn the year Mrs Bowles our typtng teach er at PLJH hoped that her students had learned as much as posstble ln the buszness world and had learned to type accurately and qurckly Mrs Bowles sand that approxrmately 8096 of all robs offered today tn volve typlng skulls Mark Bruno a student rn the ad vanced typrng class sard l hope an the future to be rn the bustness world and rt as necessary to know how to type well Mark also sand that he enjoyed hrs typrng class be cause Mrs Bowles was a great teacher There were two typtng courses of tered at PLJH tor the etghth grade level The full year class produced the school newspaper and learned about typtng and computers The semester class learned the basrc skulls for typrng By Emrly Akers and Carla Otto Home Ec Home Economtcs was a class that many students enjoyed Mrs Brlggs taught Home Ec t and Ms Bard taught Home Ec ll The classes were comprehenslve and taught a wrde vartety of subjects tn home maktng Some of the dttterent unrts tncluded foods clothlng chrld care groomrng, and personal care l took thus class to learn mo e about myself and also to learn how to cook commented Amanda Whrte Amanda entoyed thus class because she was able to make more trrends wrthnn her class Mrs Brugge hoped that her stu dents had become more mature, more independent, and developed good homemaking skills. f Q ,WW , f 7 Mrs Mary Ann Lanue Home Economrcs Home Economlcs students enjoy a guest speaker '-5.1 ' Y- Acadernlcsf17 Music I tit Il The musrc program at PLJH was dlrected by Mr Paul Shrout and Mass Glorra Helmer Seventh grad ers entered the Musrc I program whale erghth graders were placed by recornmendatlons at the end of thelr seventh grade year Both classes met every other day All of the stu dents were taught dlfferent funda mentals and srnglng technlques Both groups performed at the fall and wlnter concerts and at the Christmas concert Publlc pertor mances gave the students the conf: dence necessary to belleve In them selves so that they would take the oppcrtunaty to further their pursult of slnglng Rlghf Mass I-ielmer drrects Musto Il students at the fall concert Mr Shrout accompanres them at the prano Ar l8tlI Art I and ll utllezed the crltlcal thlnkrng skrlls and allowed the stu dents to express themselves vlsual ly The baslc fundamentals of art were lntroduced In Art I a course that seventh graders or an erghth grader who has never had art may take Recommendations were nec essary to enter Into Art ll These were based upon cttlzenshlp abrllty and consrstency All of the students had the opportunlty to do set de srgns for the school play dance decoratlons and art work for the yearbook The art classes were taught by Mrs Anna Jones and Mrss Lrsa Mendlrck Rlght Students lane up to observe a demonstration on how to burn the edges of paper. l8!Academlcs X PW . f X Xa X 0 2 if NY f r f 7 industrial Arts The Industrial Art and World of Constructlon classes were taught by Mr Charlie l-iunzinger Mr Sam Claggett Mr Wayne Scrudder and Mr JW Page The umque dsffer ences the PLJH program had be sides the teachers were the tools equipment and the facilities that en abled PLJH students to compete in shows such as the Home Show at Bartle Hall Only the top show homes are allowed to enter the con- test, but PLJH has continually been 314 of the show and earning the top honors. Mr. Hunzinger commented that he and the other teachers were extremely proud of their students and their dedication. This year the department chose to construct a new utility storage for the sports program. Above. Greg Thorson and friends practice for their spring competition. Lett. Mr. l-lunzinger discusses respect of the tools with Thomas Reynolds and Jon Mock. Academics! 19 Social Studies Both seventh and eighth grade social studies classes encouraged students to read more about mans past and to learn from history. integrated with the textbook readings and the lectures were filmstrips videos speakers and special projects Through this history became more ot a story about real people rather than facts One special way to visit the past was to experience the Boston Tea Party and the international Food and Dress Day The eighth graders partici pated in the trrst while the seventh grad ers celebrated with the latter This year the social studies currrcutum incorporated the decision makrng unit tor both the seventh and eighth grade classes This added depth to the subtect as students could then understand how decisions affect history Kathy Moore daughter ot Mrs Barbara Moore takes time to visit the classes to share her knowledge LS Makes History Lee s Summrt s government is what polrtrcsans call a fourth class city That means the mayor can only vote on something rt there is a tie The city rs divided into tour wards with two elected representatives from each ward The mayor Mr Bob Jones works with the city admrnrstrator Mr John Edward to arrange such things as town meetings Mr Jones also worked on a very specta protect this year to get Lee s Summit on the official Missouri map lt was only appropriate that he accomplish this rn the year in which LS reached 40000 residents With the new residential growth Lee s Summit and its leaders will see more changes The rob of mayor is only part time at the moment The term is for two years He also owns a successful rnsurance company in Lee s Summit where he has been a resident since 1977 Mr Jones has always been rnvolved in politics He does much public relations work such as visiting charities By Roxy Shatte and Kelly Wesner Mr Bob Jones answers questions from Kris trn Young during Yearbook Club 2O!Academics Language Ar e Read any good book lately? That questron was often asked rn thus class as students completed short stones novels and book reports Both grade levels Included gram mar spellrng wrrtrng treadrngand Project S.T.A.R.s rn their currrcu lums. r Reading Week was planned through thegLanguage Arts depart- ment. The week of February 2nd l l through the 6th contained af Book Swap, anart contest for books, and fQal3ookrFair. Each day of the week was designated has a especial day such as Biography Day, e Science Fictior1yDay and Poetry Day. The purpose of thfweek was to empha- 'lsiielandr encourage reading. A of Top Flight, Eighthj grade studertts take part lin the Boston Tea Party. Middle Right. Checking the booked out at the book fair t gave students the yctrancef see new books. Q x - - at he Q g ,gQtQe 'W '1 I , K ' f S k X ,J ,I f ' t......-- ki. Q Ma... I 5 , l ' Knowing how to use the card catalog is a big help for Scott Tucker. l me if, , Acadernics!21 I-'Ili-EvJrf:f:,4:.i,'5 51525: 252 21? I f-,.l-.-.A- L - --4 ---V - - , H , ,A , M, , W , ,. ' T , .. se.-.a,4,.f' ,--lf --elf' flff. ,- . 4, ,N , ,fa . ., H ,,Q.-.fsfrs11.,zf-,..---....e- .--WY .. .W ,. ..- , ,QW -.-QW Enllili' 7. 'Eff ' Pure Poetry Math classes at PLJH were leveled according to ability test scores and recommendations. Students then pro- gressively moved through each level after mastering a variety ot concepts. The math classes worked on problem solving techniques this year and had several contests to stimulate interest. Some ot those contests were Continen- tal Math League QCMLQ Math Relays and Math Counts. Math Counts spon- sored by NASA was held February 21st. PLJH was very proud to be represented by Matt Miller Dan Hopper Gautum Nayak Greg Thorson and William Knowles. The Math classes also partici- pated in Reading Week this year. The following are poems by math students on Poem Day: Poses are red, violets are blue, Pi is irrational and tastes good, too. Chris Martin, 7th grade When it comes to math I think ot multiplication. And that's when my mind , Goes on vacation. Bill Kimpel, l 7th grade i Mathematics i S s X v 4 si it f We Q is SN 5 , Q Si, Q Q A s tf M, Q s -S'wf s VJ Ls Y 5 gs Xe X V f 5 w Q Y Brian Mahef receives help from Miss Smith before the bell. John Cress and Niel Nielson complete an activity using the metric system. 22!Academics ' ' 52, sz 1 Q , ,ff sf ss .... Q 1 I 1, f -"Vw, , My Msg 'F--, 'N'-N. . 1, , ff 1 X . F 'W " 7 IMG' f I f ,..,,, . s w f i,WZ,.,.- fiisil:-ferfei J f f"t' 3 sms 5 . .W xx s. ff ffhwrshx Y .9 Qmssisl ,f NNW AW, Kim lrwin completes a lab with the metric system. Science Constant Change Ask any of the science teachers and they'll tell us that we will see science improve right before our very eyes, be- cause of the constant new tools and instruments that are being invented ev- ery day to help man understand life. lt was this interest in change and knowl- edge that enticed Mrs. Helen Matchell to become a science teacher. "I like the challenge of presenting information in different ways for students to gain and use," she commented. With their love change in mind it was easy to see why the ACE science classes, along with their leader, Mr. Ki- ple, chose to change Missouri law. After studying fossils, the group decid- ed to promote the crinoid as iv1issouri's state fossil. This project entailed rais- ing money, handling publicity, contact- ing state legislature representatives and helping present the bill. The pro- ject has taken two years to complete and the whole school has been proud of its advancing and budding scien- tists. M ? 7 "'fff'df, 2 ,ff fm W' Maw' are f M ' ff ' ' f ff, f f X Academics!23 M! .7 X I X Physical Education lt was easy to understand why gym was one of everyones favorite classes Mr. Brill and Mr Walker both agreed the best part of belng a gym coach was watching the stu- dents work to improve their overall fitness. Seventh and eighth graders participated rn units such as soccer basketball flag football, weight training and aerobics When asked whrch was their favorite students often replied basketball andtoot- ball Though everyone agreed that gym was hard work They also said it was funand they learned alot ln the future Mrs. Bryan sand she d like to add as socral dance unit. Buddy Spurck takes on a wrestler from Blue Springs. Wrestling is a new unit in Physrcal Education this year. Reading Reading classes at PLJH were under the direction of Mrs Kathy Zimmerman seventh grade and Mrs Pam Burgener eighth grade The reading program encouraged improvement in reading writrngand grammartskrlls lnthrs class stu- dents were given one on one atten tion and care to help promote therr Improvement Specral attention was berng given this year to check and oversee the continuity of the reading program kindergarten through high school o 1 1 1 . Y 1 . 1 11 4 1 1 1 I .1 1 , 1 n a 1 I 1 1 v 1 u 1 s 1 51 u 4 1 n . 1 . 1 7 I 1 a 7 1 1 r 1 1 11 i 1 1 1 4 -.11 .- ' Q 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 14 Q 1 1 1 24!Acadenncs 4W xy Q. AQN W s Xgfsx SJ A X I ,M ,w'f' 'Y isa' s 5 s W S ,,, Q or S 5 S Q W E 'W ag, fe x S S Mrs. 1 ' rf -o eff" l HU! -We X Awe fdfkwe M Af' N wwf H. 43' .41 1 - - '-. Mrs. Lamb enjoys sharing her time with students in science class. Special Educatron What do Mrs Dean Mrs Allen Mrs Reynolds Mr Zemmerman and Mrs Jarvts have an common besides therr sense ot humor? They are the team of dedtcated teachers who work an Spectal Educatnoh Pleasant Lea has tour LDtlearhrr1g dssabalmesj teachers one EMH teducable mentally handrcappedl teacher and one BD tbehavuor dtsordersj teacher The fnve teachers cembme therr care concern and spe ctal knowledge to ensure success for all students Their teaching methods vary from vrdeos to one on one teach mg to scczat held trsps Mrs Jttl Champeaux Mrs Ann DeSpaan Mrs Lue Lamb Mrs Sue Prpes Mrs Beth Woltenbarger AcademicS!25 . - ' E , ,Lf . . .s , . ---M .W Y Y-YY -4-V Y A is-an A -- '-- 'fe -f-Y--1 'R - 'V J Library St A Staff Uncovering Adventure "For more adventure and long last- ing fun, check out our new books!" was the advice that Mrs. Prier gave to students who visited the second floor library. The school was unique in that two libraries were offered, allowing more than two or three classes in the library at a time. All of this space need- ed supervision however and Mrs. Shar- on Early was in charge as the head librarian and newly appointed coordin- ator of the elementary libraries. Work- ing under her direction were Mrs. Prier, Mrs. Beaman and Mrs. Yeager. Their jobs ranged from aiding students to locating materials to adjusting equip- ment to helping with the computers. PLJH's pride in its library was due to these dedicated ladies. l if H Z Mrs. Sharon Early Mrs. Wanda Beaman i . , 3. v 5 ,. Q J' I . W. fl, 1311? A V I. 2 1 ' 9 'w,, ,- W: , fi X A , 4 7 J! .2 zz "Mui" ilk' M - 4 Z Q. . - , .ig 3 5 f- , ff. i f ' ,ff Mrs. Esther Prier Mrs. Dara Yeager Top Right. Library Staff, Front Row: Piick Welsh, Greg Thorson, Scott Hammack. Row 2: Carrie Perkins, Monett Born, Kim Crawford, Row 3: Abe Schilb, Amy Letzig. Lower Right. Office Staff: Aimee Jacobs, Sandy Distefano, Cherrie Dabbins, Nikki Norred, Beth Jacobs. Fiow 2: Chris Baney, Jennifer Kalie, Lori Naeger, Suzy Hitchcock, Teri Madole. Row 3: Cindy Pipes, Diane Burger, Camille Harrison, Chrissie Besermin, Terra Paulson, Kelly Mus- grave. f 'tl E 'gn . . 5. .f t Ni -1 3-fx ' S s 2e.::-- sewgsw? ,gk wik f. 26!Acade-mics I W fag Z. .awff ,f f t f fi Z l W 7 Q 7 1Y ,,.- 1' ,,Q- ,3 3. y t . my uw tv infix 1 Counselors Hugs Are Better Than Drugs! Three counselors aided the staff and students of PLJH this year: Mrs. Judy Yancey, Mr. Duane Bierwirth and Mr. Fion Hoduski. Their goal this year was to help the students solve their problems and to help keep more problems from arriving. One special way was to participate in Project S.T.A.Fi., a drug awareness program funded by the Kaufman Foundation to help middle school and junior.high students in the metro area say no to drugs. The counselors had first participated in this program three years ago. lt initially began in the seventh grade Language Arts classes. This year the counselors again help set the program for the seventh and the eighth grade classes. Then they promptly set up a new program for the seventh grade Social Studies to aid in communication and decision-making skills. - Left. ln a quiet moment Mr. Ron Hoduski takes a moment to interpret tests scores for a student. All of the counselors aided in this area as over 1200 students took tests. Not pictured on this page is Mrs. Cheri Holmes, secretary. ,VW 1 i- . reassert, Q ,Mr Q' Q. - sift: if "WN r, if .3 Q E, N s t rs X f Q Tris. r S f ix X f E S X 6 f is NX? X J 3 X 7 A X N y , Z X X f r Kb -2 N X X X I X X Q xx A . fa X W X539 Mrs. Anne Berry Mrs. Norma Purdy Mrs Connie WSUOUS Gttice l-lours Seven To Five Working in the office at PLJH had its own rewards and hazzards. The office opened early each morning for incoming phone calls of parents who had sick children. This usually began at 7:00, a.m. Throughout the day the secretaries, Mrs. Berry, Mrs. Diekman and Mrs. Watrous, helped students by answering questions and basically organizing the school. Roll was sent to the office, schedules and bulletins were delivered from the offices and tardies were kept by the office staff. Students were chosen to work in the office on the same principle as the library workers. Each potential candidate had to submit their previous year's grades and a recommendation from a teacher. The students were then selected and aided the secretaries by running messages, stapling, stuffing enve- lopes and a variety of other jobs. It was thanks to this group of people and the secretaries that the student body received help and answers when it was needed. Left. Office workers Sandy Distefano and Mike Wilkerson put together the booklets for the North Central visit. Academics!27 Custodians Mr. Gary Beatty, head janitor was among the first to arrive at PLJH in the morning. He kept the school safe and clean, which he felt was important be- cause it, "improves the quality of edu- cation." Mr. Beatty helped set up the tables and clean up the floor in the cafeteria, made sure that the halls were spotless each morning, and he repaired damaged equipment in the building. Several other janitors worked at night, starting right after the school busses had left the parking lot. It was important for a janitor to cope under the high pressure because there were many faculty members and stu- dents per janitor. To be a janitor in Missouri, four years of high school and four days of training each summer for six years are required. By Greg Thor- son Cooks Ala Carte Mrs. Anna Keller, head cook at PLJH, arrived at school early every day to feed 1200 students and teachers. She ordered food, supervised the other cooks, and helped cooked the food. It was quite a job, too, as she had to make sure that the food was ready by the first lunch shift and that there was enough for everyone in all shifts. Mrs. Keller enjoyed working with people, and she said that it was critical in her job, as well as an interest in cooking and math, reading, and spell- ing. Being able to persevere under pressure was also important. To be a head cook in any cafeteria, four years of high school plus passing a test in a course of cooking are needed. By Greg Thorson S Above: Simpson. x .X fx .- is l S S ia 28!Acade-mics trip M "ffl AQ. ..: X W ! X ':,ffZ'. ws 2 A so .S Q . 5 I 'mm' amid! QW f? 1 my l-lealthroom The healthroom was a very important part of everyone's lives, especially during the flu season. Students were greeted by the smiling face of Mrs. Collier, our health- room nurse. Her jobs not only included ad- ministering first aid, but also notifying par- ents of sick children, keeping health re- cords, making sure all students were immu- nized, and dispensing prescribed medi- cines that were given to the students by their own doctors. On the average, Mrs. Collier attended 50 to 60 students a day. Ailments ranged from cold and flu symp- toms to such serious problems as broken bones. ' Mrs. Collier had help from volunteers in the community. Students often saw Mrs. Marty Koehn, Mrs. Nancy Blackwel, Mrs. Christine Naeger, Mrs. Sharon Ennis, Mrs. Carol Jacobs, Mrs. Pam O'Gorman, Mrs. Linda Miller, and Mrs. Cathy Seaton. These aids were very much appreciated by every- one because of their cheerfulness and their desire to help the students. Information was also available from the healthroom about shots, personal hygiene and weight control. Those students who had allergies notified Mrs. Collier at the be- ginning of school so that they could store their medicine in the healthroom. The room was kept locked at any time before and after school. All students were required to have a hall pass before they could enter the room. Mrs. Collier checks the temperature of Todd Haines before calling his parents. Lower Left: Lunch time was hectic during each lunch schedule for the cafeteria ladies. Academics!29 J D gy!!! A . ' oixmgg Px QX60 A V """ 7 ' -, .4-,f ' 'f . "" " ,iz-11 411522-:f,', - A:11:f:i5.ggf5g 1? 2E252a?i.: 'it 1. -:.-1,Q,f L,E2?1Tjff - 4 ' EW F' I "' Y' 1 -'Ls . :.w..,-.v:: 5255 T??5E G3? "??-iii???153'??35iE' '-'ii-:?'5f3ii.-if?,?ff 4 ' f 5'gi'-Q-lffiiafd'F-5-TE? f+.:.,?4,eE.E?.L-1 71. ,:1f. .. -, f Y- M 4 5 7 Q W 1 W W 14 Z W fi V alff Z W4 ff 5' fu f W4 rfff X E f 4 1 ii'-1 wg N-41 f KN x iv!!!-,K 5,0 -5 Homeroom 217 QX V WW 301 Clubs X, 5 I LA X J Andrew Fortner 42 X ' "' .N . ll? ,, Xb! 1' Clubs Exploring 8t Discovery Clubs were in abundance at PLJH. Not only were there morning club ses- sions but there were also after school activities, enough to keep everyone in the school very busy. Clubs were given a high priority at this school because part of the school's philosophy was to give students the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom and to offer ac- tivities where as students could learn. People from all over the state of Mis- souri and sometimes from Kansas vis- ited this school to view the club pro- gram and to see it in full operation. Not only did the program receive compli- ments but the enthusiasm of the stu- dents was marked. Top Left: Missy Henderson, Michelle Foote, Stephanie Allison and Tina Allison work in Sti- chery Club. Top Flight: During Baseball Card Collecting Club Travis Edwards and Eric Stone check out a collection. Left: Audio-Visual Club is the place for Cary Hall to learn about films. ClubS!31 Racing ln The Competition For the second year in a row the homeroom competition was held each quarter. The new system al- lowed for more homerooms to excell to win one of the top three prizes of going to Dairy Queen a pizza parlor or a dinner playhouse All students were placed into a homeroom during scheduling time in the summer. Teacher! Advisors or TA's then worked through the year to shape the students in their home- room into a group that would work together Communication leadership and peer understanding were just some of the skills developed. The homerooms also worked on tests about the next years classes and schedules were made through home- room. Through the competition students were encouraged to earn good grades and participate in activities Points were determined by a commit- tee and each grade and activity were worth points for the homerooms. in earning points and having a chance such as the B.E.S.T. test. Decisions ,I Kc X "1 315' Aft. Q Sw- iK ,- f -X x xskwr, i N-1. weft sis me fd fmt sbs - . .X fix fa NNT , it t wmkmmw tugs, sf x 1 .t N I Nz ts Q si- N NNN --sis ' i .xr ' f 'rt.i A QW t , X Q g M X gg K .45 ,M r ts at Sq s ., .,., X M Xu Lower Left. Amber Applegte and Pat Azzero work in homeroom before the bell. Homeroom became 3 . pace o meet and accomplish work. Top. Tom Wlaker receives his sweatshirt ordered from the PTA. His homeroom teacher is 32fActivitieS Mr. Roach Huw, Kr' -.-,,,,, ,- 'Z Wi? , f xx J ' ' J f gags., . Student Council Joining Spirit Together "This was one of the hardest working group of council representatives l have ever seen at PLJH, "commented advi- sor Mrs. Judy Yancey. The 1986-87 members had worked hard all year to accomplish goals under the leadership of president Angela Seaton, vice-president Jamaine Mitchell, secretary Robin Cooley, and treasurer Chad Jansen. Meetings were held weekly by the different committees. Parties and a spirit drive for the basketball games were planned. Student Council also sponsored the paper drive and the Carnival held each spring. This year one seventh grader rewrote C. Clement Moore's "A Night Before Christmas" to remind us of this year's Christmas Dance by the Student Council. "Twas the day of the dance, and all through school, No one was misbehaving, not breaking a rule. The decorations were hung in the gym with care, For the hundreds of children that soon would be there. The students were all waiting for the end of the day, 'Cause visions of the dance would not go away. And teachers were trying to calm the kids down, So they were all busy running around. When out in the hall there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my desk to see what was the matter. When what to my wandering eyes should appear, But the principal himself, we all shuttered in fear. He hollared and shouted and called us by nameg "David, and Nancy, and Jenni and Jane! Stephi and Teni and Danny and Zane! To my office, around the corner and down the hall. Hurry up now everyone or l'll suspend you all! When he walked in behind us, l heard him reply, "None of you are in trouble." We let out a sigh. "I need you to help out tonight, you see, l'd like you to chaperone the dance for me." We looked all around, amaze- ment in our eyes. What a dance this will be, and what a surprise! The dance was wild, we all had a blast. The students were all excited to be free at last. As we were leaving the dance, almost out of sight- This dance was great, What an awesome night!" by Tina Allison. Right. Seventh graders enjoy their first school mixer of the year with music, popcorn and coke. Student Council Alternates, Front Row: Amy Vanessa Tate, Stephanie Davis, Steve Bre- Holmes, Kurt Dennis, Andrew Fenton, Terra Kapp, Megan Luce, Geoff Mitchell, Erick Emer- shears, Kristin Rozier, Niki Stanley, Jennifer Cun- Paulson, Kristen Falkenberg, Mr. Ron Hoduski, son, Mark Long, Sara Wiley, Thad Noland, Brad ningham, Buddy Spurck. Row 3: Diane Burger, advisor. Lee. Row 2: Jennifer Hefner. Tobey Salle, Alice Yeo, Tillie Roach, Melony McNulty, Ryan 34fClubs A,-Eiiiiz. - - yff-'f-2f..:-- ei Z. as if 4 I Z Stud Erin Salle ley, . s ,. , wt Wwe 1115111111119 X Student Council Representatives, Front Row: Daniel, Holli Weaver, Mike Mathis, Chad Jensen Erin Da' Merrilee Miller, Sara Murphy, Amy Molly Meaddrs, Amy Melton, Tina Beckiean vis, Sallee, Eric Dennis, Chris McDaniel, Jason Med- Tina Bell, Jamaine Mitchell, Ryan Boyd. Row 3 Iey, Aimee Jacobs. Fiow 2: Kim Trader, Carly BS :hey nci- d to xg. DGY ear- The ect- 'eat the ag- een er's les. .46 ing and the Q I vas :be ed, les sk Y. ,,f 4 Magazir Andrew Aimee F vin Whi1 I Magaz ver, Ta Jay Le Hunter Michae A . Q :Q "-"n T :"hA ' ""'i ' f" fn" ""' Sai'- L - 0' Magazine Alternates, Front Flow: Kris Hess, Dan Amanda White. Amy Schramm, Beth Silvey, El- Sarah Tudor, Brandi Smith, Tiffany Paulson, Niki Andrews, Chris Trull. Cristi Foster, Chris Baney, len Lowe, Timmi Bupard, Steve Ornes. Jennifer Stanley. Michael Myers, Davin York, Aimee Aimee Pedersen, Sara Bronson, Brent Rice. Ke- Lisenby. Jennifer Gessley, Stacy Williams, Mike Lampton, Laureen Schurr. Justin Spellerberg, vin White. Flow 2: Sara Pragman, Carrie Sparks, Howard. Flow 3: Angela Coleman, Tillie Roach, Lantz Hurlock. Magazine Representatives. Front Row: Ann Oli- n Amy Pence. Christine Ward, Corey Bartlett. Kris- ham. Steve Fritz, Jody Bhoads. Tricia Beck. Pow ver, Tammie Hensley, Jenifer Kiple, Cris Frazier. tin Fihoads, Fiachelle Lewman. Allison Cridle- 4: Alexis Zoph. Jennifer Lucas, Terra Paulson. lm, i aanmaf fran, i-ian im-ma rifmainnri Fawn miinh Flow 3i Brian Kerl. Dawn Arne. Lisa Cv- Shellv Wood, Abe Schilbs, Mollv Blackwell, Bob- li li 15:2 sllfl' 1. Q ' '"Ei'f251r1a':PEE-,F'a-'l--M gl- l,L-'.,.i , ' ' , " M44 ' 'P " ' A ' ' ' 'i 1 ,l A , , ,L ,,.r1.g, , , ,N I neil,-:gig5::,.lme-l,..l,q:zli' ,"y',f:::ig!af'. ,,,- - V, , . .', ,' j I - I' i 1 l 1 . 4 E 4. X ,g It .-'lf' r E , S5 S we QS is , , , New M ivy Qi M , ,M y 1, ye "5 ZW, ,, Z 7' "f wp G QZZZZZZ WWW f Wifi' ZZQZZZZZ ?!WW'W fi Zig? ft! -7 V , K Q1 fr X QQ? 259 ,f W L, Qaaawaw A ,af M ,Af 7: 4 I 0 ff al, V , ak, W if 4 , f if mf' V W J f 'W ffk X 7 ,Q U, ,A L.Qk4f aff, A4 .i ,,, f 4 ' ' ' ,Aw ,, W, A QW ,5 , 4 M 4 ' f 0 7 V- Z 4 , , Black and gold, Front Row: Tammy Hensley, Jenifer Kiple, Tanya Allen, Lisa Oberhelman, Ryan Hunter, Gautam Nayak, Larry Snoderly, Melanie Lawson, Kathy Hargrave, Ann Oliver, Ms. Helmer. Row 2: Lisa Cygan, Brooke Hatley, Cecily Pasquini, Sarah Albano, Erik Emerson, Brad Swearngin, Erik Deadwyler, Eric Spalding, Tonya Green, Amy Melton, Trina Galate, Jenny McElhany. Row 3: Joell Troch, Sharolyn Samp- son, Marcy Droege, Kelly Wesner, Kim Thomas, Jeff Schouten, Sam Harris, Michael Pender- graph, Jeff Roberts, Wes Veasman, Dawn Arne, Ann Gregory, Kristin Rhodes, Michelle Monahan. Row 4: Shelly Wood, Kathy Johnson, Gwen Trantham, Lorie Weinel, Allison Cridlebaugh, Matt Lewis, Matt Miller, Rob Keith, Mark Bruno, Eric Nichols, Michael Myers, Mike Melling, Shan- nyn Hite, Robin Coley, Molly Blackwell. Not pic- tured: John Boenker, Kristen Kluge, Kristen Ro- zier. Right. Black and Golf members meet at Blue Ridge Mall for their annual Christmas carolling. 38!CIUbS an BB? W 5 W Wa U 17,1 ww fw' Q Z iZ?f? 2ZZ M W f Wyfqg QZZZ 4, W' Z4 EQ W 1 W 4 Q, 5 w 1 wWf f WW 'W QQ? y W W ff' W f ,giz 3 QQ Q w QWW Z, Q 'aa QM ,A 2WW2 f QM . W Q2zzf fyiwfifv :Q Q22 QZZ Q! ' MW ZQNQ, ,kv g 1 fi? 22229214 fv 1 E.YWfU J -Zz A202 ,,QQ122ZfQ 2 ' 4, f MZZA V0 1. 2 . f , , Q: Z X W Q1 f 4, 4 Q2 5 Z ?, 1 ' 4:::. Y f" W XWX up W 9 J f ,, fizw Z ' 25352 Z Q 494 ,ZA Aww Q S5 5 Ji" Hag? fi, 1. S f Wf? Q VQ1 C, ' YZ' x ,ff 2? E vw? 4 . W' W W Z 522 X, ,W f QQ? if 4 f QZZW 2f,2 ,QV Wg' WZ I f , ff 7 fzw M, ZZA ,Z LZ fZ?4 zff Q ,LZZZQ ,QZWZ47 ,akwfv Z f f?9 -4' wwf Wawz if ,WX ,QZ X Z ZW , A ' .w7?z2 QW gf Z2,aZQ ff' . Q W 1 2 139 DS chi i g 3 fi E ,- 14. Front Bow: Tammie Arnold, Brooke Kariker, Amanda Woods, Scott Stackelhouse, Bryce Jones, Jason Spellerberg, Jeff Hicks, Geohh Mitchell, Thad Noland, Amy Kapp, Mr. Shrout. Bow 2: Anne Zvacak, Megan Luce, Emily Franklin, Karen Hainley, Eyvonne Kincaid, Amanda White, Brendon Mathis, Steve Ornes, Jennings Goodman, Niel Nielson, Chris Evans, Chris McDaniel, Molly Cansler, Jill Lytton. Bow 3: Amy Schramm, Pilar Alejos, Nikki Robinson, Jaime Moore, Angela Coleman, David Dumler, Bob Long, Justin Spellerberg, Geoff Robinson, Luke Dyer, John Jakes, David Suchman, Kathy Burger, Sara Pragman Lori Flomeroy Bow 4 Alice Yeo Jennifer Koury Carly Daniel Angela Sullivan Tracy Studt Eddie Fitzgerl Fiusty Brotherton Steve Parker Mike Howard Jeff Perry Darin York Heather McNutt Robin Rethmeyer Melanie O Gorman Aimee Lampton Not Pictured Lisa Clark Angie Cox Melony McNulty Elliot Tlmms Bight The Music I Singers are performing in one of their many concerts of the year 40!Tlger Singers ku K ww W v 'K ,,,,, ,gfzwigr-Le g, ,,,, L,g,,lgg . . ,SQQAQ 'S 9 ' n ., J , E x ,, 4 Wy, Q The Tiger Singers enjoy entertaining the audience during the Winter Concert. Tiger Singersffli - ' fx - r -, ,Y g,g:,i?iA-, 1 - 5' Tf - . -. , , ,L-Y :fer Cub Band Makes Decision Decisions, Decisions. Last year the up- coming seventh graders had to choose be- tween Home Ec, Shop and Band. Eighty- two seventh graders chose to participate in band. These students made up the 1987 Cub Band. The band was split into three hours according to instruments and they were conducted by Miss Pam Henry. Cub, Hour 1: Rhett Belser, Kris Bixby, Mark Dol- son, Scott Edwards, Jeremy Erwin, Brian Greer, Chris Herzog, Ryan Holmes, Bryce Jones, Aimee Lampton, Megan Luce, Jill Lytton, Ryan Miller, Melanie O'Gorman, Jeff Perry, Andrew Robin- son, Brad Scheer, Jenny Schrelk, David Viets, Sara Wiley and Kathy Wright. Hour 2: Kristi Abrahamson, Joe Baer, Christy Bradley, Molly Cansler, Cara Coblentz, Angela Coleman, Amy Cowick, Paige Finke, Nicole Godfrey, Julie Gre- chus, Marty Green, Chris Hemme, Chrissy Huff- man, Mark Jacobs, Justin King, Jennifer Li- senby, Chris Martin, Pam McCool, Julie Olive, During the year the seventh graders worked on several things. This ranged from tetrachords to half scales. All of the mem- bers were expected to have their instru- ments daily as well as their music and their supplies. Practice cards were due weekly and woe to those who forgot them! Veronica Rhea, Wendy Rudnay, Andrea Scarag- lino, William Stroman, Robbie Stutzman, David Suchman, Merle Summers, Jason Tuck, Scott Tucker, Whitney Weaver, Isaac Whitaker, Amy Williams, Chris Wiltfong, and Darin York. Hour 6: James Adams, Julie Batliner, Lisa Clark, Donyll Countryman, Jenny Franklin, Michelle Freeman, Tina Ham, Melinda Hassler, Christin Hiskey, Jed Hood, Heather Hubbard, Anna Humphrey, Ellen Lowe, Brenda Miller, Teresa Muren, Molly Niffen, Christina Rice, Erin Richardson, Timmi Rupard, Tobey Sallee, Beth Silvey, Tracy Studt, Vanessa Tate, and Melissa West. Tiger Band A Mighty Force The Tiger Band of PLJH was made up of 45 students, all of whom were in the eighth grade. Their fearless, short leader, Miss Henry, had been prepar- ing them for contest, which was held in the spring, and two fall performances. At contest they were judged on the pieces "Gramerey Park" and "Lexing- Tiger Band' Shane Alderton, Donny Anderson, Mike Anderson, Corey Bartlett, Lara Burch, Pat Clifford, Lisa Cygan, Mitti Davis, March Droege, Matt Hamilton, Susie Hitchcock, Dana Hut- chens, Heather Johnson, Christy Laeupple, Me- lanie Lawson, Amy Letzig, Troy Lund, Charlyn Lusk, Teri Madole, Merrilee Miller, Jamaine 42fClubS ton March". The Tiger Band had worked very hard on the pieces and looked forward to that exciting exper- ience. The band not only performed there, but they also played for the fall pep assembly, the fall concert and the Calvacade of Bands held in May. By Christy Laeupple Mitchell, Heather Oldberg, Gail Peetoom, Pete Pine, Gayle Revels, Jody Rhoads, Kristin Rhoads, Christine Schulz, Michelle Shore, Deric Spear, Mehgan Tade, Rachel Thomas, Tiffany Thurman, Kelly Turner, Mike Wagner, Lorie Weinel, Jeny Weiss, Carrie Whalley, DeeDee Wil- son, Shelly Wood, and Stephanie Wren. WM, t wffw ,,,, , I Q VVV' . ef SM Orchestra-Finding New Places Concert Band, was made up of 55 students. These students were both seventh and eighth graders. This year they participated in many types of con- certs and in very unique environments. Earlier this year concert band played at one of the Longview Farm barns as entertainment for the Guiding Eyes for the Blind Fund Raiser. The band also played at the fall pep assembly and the Concert Band: Sarah Albano, Tanya Allen, Heather Barlag, Stephanie Bentley, Molly Black- well, Bobert Camp, Robin Cooley, Craig Davis, Erik Deadwyler, Jennifer Foster, Steve Fritz, Tonya Greer, Nate Gregory, Adam Hall, Kathy Hargrave, James Hasch, Brian Heuertz, Shan- nyn Hite, Julie Hitman, Karin Holmes, Dan Hop- per, Heather Hurst, Craig Johnston, Jenifer Ki- ple, William Knowles, Jason Maddux, Jennifer Marsicek, Mike Mathis, Mike Melling, Eric Ni- winter pep assembly. The orchestra played "Emperatta Overture" and "Circus Bee" at contest this spring. The students in the band enjoyed playing their instruments for many rea- sons. One reason was the teacher, Miss Pam Henry. One student com- mented, "She is a cool teacher and her class is a blast." chols, Tanya Northway, Ann Oliver, Steve Ornes. Terra Paulson, Kyle Pellow, Michael Pender- graph, Sara Pragman, Crystal Shockley, Shan- non Smith, Larry Snodderly, Jason Spellerberg, Justin Spellerberg, Stephanie Swanson, Ann Tapp, Greg Thorson, Wes Veasman, Brian Villers, Allison Wait, Joe Welch, Sarah West, Carrie Whalley, Jay Wright, Bay Wurtz, and Scott Zolnoski. CIUDSX43 V ,f 1 ff 1 5 'l i I ls. i il 1. it-,T i-T . jliillw ,, ll! i ri. lu ijfl, ' 'lil il' il ' jr s Sb '1 ., . MW: ,Q X, ,W r JW? ff f , wwf WWW faq. W VW ,M fym Q, M W W . fy. l Red Cross Aids Neighbors Red Cross Club began the new school year with their annual fund rais- er, the Halloween Dance. This event helped raise money for the club to don- ate the money to the diaster fund, de- pleted in the recent years by the many major international disasters. They also donated money for the new head- quarters ofthe Red Cross that is being built in Kansas City and other dona- tions to the Red Cross. Students in the club were given a choice of three projects they could work on during the club sessioru adopt-a-grandparent, make Meals-on- Wheels tray favors and make stuffed Z 1 S fi X "',t,7,l,'. ig , 5- ,I l K K . ,. X ls, f f "kwa-Wy W l f? i W .,,, f"' animals for Children's Mercy Hospital. The students then worked frantically to complete their projects within the club time. The club also sponsored the Christ- mas stockings for the students at Hill- top School. Members asked home- rooms to collect gifts or money, they wrapped the presents and bought more gifts, and finally had them deliv- ered before the holidays. Mrs. Burger, the sponsor, commented that the school increased their donations each year, showing PLJH's concern for the community. Red Cross, Front Row: Lisa Oberhelman, Jana Hobbs, Amanda Notestine, Lori Pomeroy, Amanda Loyd, Jenny Cunningham, Shannon Parks, Amanda Ramsey, Tia Lewis, Joanne Snow, Brooke Walker, Sean Catlin. Row 2: Kathi Lawrence, Molly Cansler, Angie Oliver, Leslie Jenkins, Shannon Carter, Pilar Alejos, Vanessa Conrad, Tara Sanderson, Carla Braun, Justin Collet, Jeanne Curran, Michelle Nelson, Kimberly Irvin. Row 3: Danny Huffman, Eric DeSmet, Russell Gillett, Tammy Boss, Tammi Bachman, Sara Pragman, Carrie Whalley, Kelly Musgrave, Angela Dees, Lori Goodwin, Lori McMillia, Nena McClymond, Julie Colton. Clubsf45 l 2 1 an Gwyn Z is K ,Q . Qi ,k-L 'V ffj M Q 1.15 . -A ,. 4, , QQ A f Q ,fan 'IMA ,,7, f 4 C255 if Af 'W N 5,95 R w w 4' 39" 1. ,Q 'S X gig? ah: V A+ N Y ini QF ,Q Q 4 1 x 1 3 je, iffy' Lf - .Q V1 5 f iii W WW ' ,, if ' x fin f W , M X , A ,A W f ,. UWM . I wi f X 'Q 1 E :YF , 9 , N 8 fig , :-2 r QXQSXS x 441 5 Q,-XXstff wig K 32 ' LS QQ E sets , S XXX x Q X X S 'i"' """ 2'--r c Xi, - Q X is - as -v a ri.. ft-. t C. SQ, X ' :Q-ig ? W- -i l - X Q Q- c -X t N -X . , -. X 5 RQ i if-t . sz-stsigwqt N X X L X -.xagyz X 0 -:,:!:- -, P ' W X i S X TKAX x X t .. , - . Xwg i mm SQ XX J i s - R ts . - g . X , Q XwX X ' , X , Q :X fs- - 5 N ,X t X W t X X Q t XXX Q , .K X. 2 ,. 3 ,, LQQX ,- 95 TX' X X i Es kiss was so 1 Q 'X Q . N IQW 1 c Y 2 aww , fs .-:tx fs K - s .51 - .S N , W , h 5. K I' Af fs X 'T' sstfm X x . X5 it -X K is? V N 1 X , . ,, XR -.wx grg xsg A . QXXX X was X .Q S .Q N - XX, -1-, X 4 -MX 4 X 5 s X, X X XE rs X rw is 2 5 WX, X55 S15 X x3 si X x X- ': .76 ,X .X Y. 'S 2' "X- -'Ts .gg . r . ,QS ASOS? f if c ' ' XX, -"'1- .fs , X, sys f f ' Ji-: W X -. SV X X '- f' cms . SSX , 5 QX. Q , X syyx --M. .,, X N " ' ' V' 'Wt 9 752" 4 Gi ., QXXPX ,ts I 5 X33 ht I s a ff:-ff 'xizl ' X 2 is st ,X I . fXX,X,X.XM ff tc t, 1 , MQ, ,.. WMXQXN ' ' ' Q Xa.. X P . 9-'-:-, .4 .. ,nz 1 Q f,X .. ...::a:-an-1 f t A X XT . - ' - ,.Xv.X.-.. ...X 'W iw ' Q f 3 X X QQ?-'S fi fvw 1 C Q gf ' X15 Q , X , f IX: 3, is X V M .,., , sf QS X N XX3 T X 4X X LX -: .s:-. :- fX t X sy X 7 X 5X 1 X. faX X X SQA XS X ,pc as gc, Xt QQ. C Q ZS 9 X X Sv 4 xx XX Q5 9 A fs tv Q X up tk by 0 .1 Above. Members of the eighth grade football team discuss their next play during a time out. Far Left. Kim Phillips uses an underarm pass C XX Y Sports Building Sportsmanship Athletics was a very important and popular part of the school's curricu- lum. Many students practiced through- out the summer to be prepared for the tryouts in the fall. Becoming part of the team, whether it was on the eighth grade team or on the seventh grade team, was an important part of belong- ing and contributing to the school. PLJH offered three varsity sports and three intermural sports: football, vol- leyball and basketball. The time spent by the coaches and the students pre- paring for each season was rewarded with an outstanding season. PLJH was number one in spirit and pride! gf f to set up an offensive play. Left. Running an offensive play is an exciting I moment for the seventh grade intermural if football team. M Y M I f J I 14 , Sports!47 - ti .,, AH Y IVE! r- Cheerleaders The cheerleaders of Pleasant Lea Junior High were those energetic, school spirited, and enthusiastic girls who represented our school. Our cheerleaders attended camp last sum- mer to learn new cheers and practiced for two days a week to perfect their skills. When school started, they prac- ticed on the nights that they did not cheer for a game. They cheered at all home football, volleyball, and basket- ball games. Some of their favorite cheers were "Hello", "Take it to the Limit", and "Tigers are Ready". This was the first year for Pleasant Lea Junior High to have two cheerlead- ing squads. Miss Rogers, the sponsor for the cheerleaders said that they liked the idea because more girls had the opportunity to cheer. "Cheerlead- ing brought members of the squad closer together as friends and school- mates", commented Nikki Norred. Whether performing in Pep Assem- blies or supporting the Tigers, the cheerleaders really showed their school spirit for PLJI-l. Nikki, Molly and Angela lead the football fans in cheering during the Blue Springs game. 48fCheerIeaders 1 f, I , I W Q .5 ff IQ! new ,,,,,',gann-sq.,-, tmynnusuuxg, yusuinuunx-q, 4 Sv, Q I 5 I S Z 5 4 a - Y A V V . A., L.- ,LQ Qlxg. WW X W vw 'f wwf Nw WM f 1 ff X ff ' ff y W V, 1 51, Hf ' 'V B fy, fy! f N --. ffilfywf ff N 'Ml' ' f 'f A 37 f ff. ff x ' , . 414' W, Q . ff: 2 Z L ff 1 a , f x ' 'W L-5 2 ah 7 A 1 ' i ff . .,., . A V X, f , L I - H X 2 Zn by , if H l! 3 , 77 , 1 2 ' fi V 1 A , Y I 115455 ff K 3,125 4 ' f -f M My- f Q ,Z 1 V' f , lf :W Q f 2' , 0 ,K , , , 4 I 'V ?' i W fm f f f X va-f "ff , Y Wwgf wwf , A.: ' ,xy fy" , Y 04.1 ff' If 4 " , 45 f ,4 9 QW ,A X f f 'ff' W . if ' , .W A4 -K, ff! f ,f in 'Mm ? M ' 1 I , 5 ,f I 4 V ff , A," v inf ' 'WM 1 4 , f fd I ffdwfj Z9 9 faq f f W HI' ,Q 'V fvff iff? lj my fn ff ,ff,f,,,,m Zffwmfjjuwgfld M, , I y MWGQI4, fx A I--Q Z P -: - ,,,,wY in Y HUMAN Y V nh H 'V s,.,,. ,J or l -- as - ,.-,l l ' f 5" 1 if , M ' "Q , , fy ff I f Eighth Grade Football , Footbatl is one of Arnerica's favorite sports. That is one ofthe reasons why Coaches Walkf er, Zimmerman, Merriilg and Gross enjoyed coaching football this year. They also enjoyed i working with the students at Pleasant Leagiu- nior High, Mr. walkerj thought that evaluating the team was very imoortant. ,The team was evaluated by their petrtormanycefattituade, and their ability todo what was rightfhjsfyeierftyheyf worked especially hard onl iricfeaeihgi ftheil' strength' andrabiiityy to a higher ileiveltsfflregf coaches agreed that the piayersf did verywelifjatliperformance, ptittingyioutiqyef ,tOOfVi".yVVithf , f The football team began practices in Auf-r gust, a week before school startedq Once school began, they practiced from 3:00 uniit 5:30 daily until therendiof the season, As Coachyrwalkergalways said,f"There's rio substif tute 4toir'hardjwork'f. Coach Zimmerman com+ ymfentedt that feyeryorle that 'tries out made the team, as was ievidenoiedt by fthe 55 piayersfon the Tigers tootoalifteaml QuarterbacK,fBuddyi fl Spurck beet summed Qilipgthe feelings of fmanyfy Q2 layers whentithei said t "All'year our defense p f I ,f ,fin ,' ' I matched other teams defense injekillfandeverl only two tosses thisieeaeon, the Tigersshowed the troejrneaining otfteamworlo ,1 l g 4 i f f',,, 4,fff,,, f f f fff,, ,f,f,f,f,' i 1 WSW imma iiJgt1eite5pii5gSi i5gi5favaf iet5Cr.ii ' ti Right- iratewhiieristfecrsfrfgrenews Spfiresyrelmnggeackp r it 4 vw mQ!,.QZQ5!ff f ff y ,agfg Q f 5, J 6 if W ' Odwf 6 .W f,-- in -4 f ts fi Jw, an y We a 5, ' f ' Wwe, fz, ' -r , g X , .. ,.,,. ' , a me , ,f, Coach Walker and Coach Zimmerman are reviewing game strategies with the team before practice i l 521 Sports repos! fr eriflslls roie l . , f,,yi,, i , ,V ii,, 3 ff, fi i M if X 1 s 5 i y,l-i 5 , y Y ei? X X i A' XQ rx X . s if' , , I K x, I , EEE ou Front Fi i, i ' Clifford, P e Bowers FiS, Miil 1 Travisv len, Abe Rimel,C Piankle, i Jay Leig i X WEEKS W Q um! re mana-5, 'M Front Row: Kyle Raymond, Jim Lysaught, Pat Clifford, Wes Veasman, Mark Englehaupt, Dean Bowers, Mike Williams, Buddy Spurck, Sam Har- nu- ,a.,7f?5,.,, 5419 Q at Beruard, Larry Snodderly, Brandon Whitehouse, Garren Riggs, Jason Gauert. Flow 4: Shawn McFarland, Jerry Meeks, Doug Davidson, Eric Football Scores Opponent Score Grandview Grandview East Sedalia - Pembroke Hill 18- 4 W Fort Osage 6- O W 8-16 L Flaymore-Peculiar Blue Springs 0-30 L 14- O W Blue Springs Blue Springs 36- 6 W Pioneer Trail 18 O W ris, Mitch Pycior Bow 2: Jeremy Willenbring. Travis White, Shane Schreckeughaust, Troy Pul- len, Abe Schilb, Tracy Wilson, Chris Clegg, Chris Flimel, Chris Hansen, Josh George Flow 3: Aaron Rankle, Brad Bell, Jeff Vogel, Blake Eichelkraut, Jay Leighier, Chris Cook, Shane l-lunziker, Chris tg: g Nichols, Craig Johnston, Danny DeJaynes, Marc Mueller, Mike Dunn, Curt Harold Flow 5: Bret Voitenko, Dan Mathews, Kevin i-like, Shane Mill- er, Chris Richardson, John Mock, Mike Morgan, Rob Keith, Andrew Fenton. Sports! 53 lg W, MW we ap X. Intramural Volleyball Qlflsf who l prepared for the f yn s x Q ,G 3 p ax a S S f Q M My 55 W e X L g ...xlq , Q x X X X " WW, ' NWN X 1475 ,f Q .XM X ig. .f Nfl ' QNX M VV w x ' , : x pf was e ff f S fe Q . F 0 X x A X.. 'Zig A X x e' st be . - Q XX .. A X as 1 MW ww, , p x S X -. xii: ,, . S , - .X W . . V X X x Ne XX 0 N 2 e-Q55 N X Ye ' x... M S ails Wx Team 5 Front Flow Kan. Adknns Row 2 Cindy Jones, Jennifer Gessley, e f Stephanie Morton Flow 3 Jennifer Davis, Kelli Kvasnlcka, and Carrie l l , X Q ., . , X X V ,, l 0 ff X1 N X '4 X f x Q NN 4 if 9' ae V! X X X J, f ue A ZA ,,,, . - e e X 2 x,a4 5 ,X X N 'x X Q X X 1 Ye ,, me M o w i X ,Q 1 1' ,. 5 X 8 I 9' X f N fXX X' SILYEX A ' I fix Q ' ek l 1 L. 'f O Q' 4 5 K 1 M ,. , Z, Q 5 ' 1 Q xx XX , X S x A + X Q X X is X X Q if it 1 Q il xrxwwwm JS X e . 1 . 'Q .X X x W Q Q . N Q f Q Qs? 'X x A-Q1 A eg, A we 3 f i ex 2X1 X Q SKBQQ gels 335, 'f I X fx Z Sm ,X Q '- g f X M K ' X X Zi . S X N fx , X K X, ,,S: 'C gg.,ff,M.-X Xxxxep W, e X at-5 kgxg V X , e. X N5--ff.. ., V54 7 K ' X X Sp , J.. X , ,. 4 s X X l A E p- H Sf we X le S e x K rr u TT ' - 'p,. --fe--,-:......,-,,,........-..--.., -mf- X wit Xwi xx X W , rw r 2" VW 3 rfesranff lriwwef A adn er or to Nur... -- QM V , 1 ,V ,XX, ,Seger , r ,g,' f ffm f ,fax ,, X.X. I ,,1,M,.-WX-MLXWXW ,XVIXC ,, Vt, ,V ,f , ,, , X , , I ,QI ,X , U M11 ,rfWQ,zX-fz ft' 0-ww , , ,f , U f 3 f f , - I ' f V f , Team 6, Front Bow: Toby Salle, Amanda Noteetlne, Barb Allen, Row 2: Teresa Widup, Vanessa Conrad, Shelly Wood, Loleta Gacldis, Nor pictured: K--Nm? Nikki Robinson, Erin McElhany. A Xi we , X X 7 3 X fl. I X xfywu f - y a ' are rr f, i f . 41. A X , X , X J, W, MAXW , ZW I W ,LAI my 4yi!X!,!,,Z! I W X I We W, 77 , . fir! Q3 ,X .X X rzfff fir Wg f, X ,. M f Team Y, Front Row: Shannon Parke, Cristi Foeclter, Kim Weyers, Amy Young. Plow 2: Sara Bronson, Jill Nazworthy, Laureen Schurn, Stephanie Bentley. 2 i Xe I rf ' 'HS , fer eg , QW, X ef,-ef Q 1, -xx x X, We , f- , - wee: 1 f A e 'IS wx Q v X" X rf' ,ffgf ,fu rr I ,Q ,yy , pfwywfg' f X , Team !3,Front Row? Jackie Copeland, rl-lollil Weaver. Row 2: Amy Sallee Team 4, Front Row: Diane Burger, Knee Ness, Amanda White, Heather H . A 1 Goodale, Flow 2: Kathy Wright, Chrissy Else-nhauer, Aimee Larnpton. A Kellie Neal. Karen Harnley, Sarah Tudor, Bow 3: Brandy Smrth, Bobln Reth- 4 if ' 2 f X t -V E f if ,f 5 X 1 meyer, ' A r N ,H 41 re X W A -'vis 'X. ' 5, ,X X fx V ,, Q, W , We ' 5 f , ff V , TW A , x , 1 ff , X Q. l ,xr , Q, ,rfb ,X K 4' r X ,M , .iq - ffwmcj f , A ,, U X X X A ,X or ,Z I r 4 I ' my W, J 5: Q ' Y , 4243 2 ft r f " V ' QV fs-'rf ,Lf 5 5 B , ' ' I . W ,,,, for ' MQ ,rg Q, , , V fn Z, I 5 I ..o,,.,r.,, X A AG' A M 4:5 f ,W 7 Q A ,. Ae r H f -. 0 ' f fowj M X " K 0 r r .' X if of W, ,f ,M . K - 1 , ' , f X., . Jw V , , f V Z 3 Q 'S 4 ' r , ' , X lr' H fr A X A ,, , Team 8 Frgni Ftowg Christy Bradley, Elizabeth Cooper, Row 2: Jennifer Team 1, Front Bow: Kathy Burger, Shannon Boss, Blllie Williams, Wendy Edwarde Stacy Williams. Flow 3: Margie Riley, Lee Ann Biddle, Tammy Budnay. Bow 2: Christie Curtlss, Becky Smith, Melanie O'German. Boss. Not pictured: Amy Schramm, Melony McNulty. ,H . ...-flag: r-:.- L--,- Qlfi-pe:-'file ,Aa-W H 4g.4.:1..:.X-A ,. Lzfl .E 2, T rig: -...,,,.,---: - - - ' Sportsf55 w -... -.Y.. -- .---, . I i l 1 l 1 l 5 5 l r 3 s 5 1 i 3 5 3 3 s 2 E f 2 Z Z 2 1 s 2 l 5 5 3 ! 2 5 Varsity Volleyball Tigers Are Victorious! The 1986-87 school year proved to be one filled with excitement for the varsity volleyball squad. They ended the season with a terrific record. The A team had eleven wins and one loss while the the B team had seven wins and six losses. They also had victories in the Center and PLJH tournaments by taking first place in both. The team was chosen after fall tryouts according to their overall atti- tude, performance on the skills tests, and their team playing ability. The girlls on the team practiced daily for two hours to perfect their skills. Coaches Danforth and Leslie helped the girls work on correctly aiming their forearm passes, setting, spiking and serving The girls agreed that the hard prac tices paid off and taught them many things such as how to pay attention, be responsible, and to play to the best of their abilities. "We were expected to work hard at practices and play to gether on the court," commented Kris ten Falkenberg. Kristen Young, man ager for the Tigers said, "They had a very good year because they all worked very hard together." This year's volleyball team certainly knew the meaning of teamwork. Front Row: Ann Oliver, Caroline Foster. Row 2: Welsh. Row 3: Coach Leslie, Kristin Young, Kris- Danforth. Row 4: Dawn Arne, Julie Hitman, Me- Florence' Hatfield, Kathy. Hargrave, Lori Naeger, tin Kluge, Kristin Falkenberg, Tessa Nagel, Jen- lissa Wehner, Kendra Lillich, Kathy Couch, An- Cindy Pipes, Kim Phillips, Debbie Ulm, Amy nifer Johnson, Amy Melton, Shelly Kell, Coach drea Yeager, Kit Diester, Molly Blackwell. 56!Sports y Dawn pass f - f '- - - K-up sv 72- -7,24--1-flf- 51293 ,4,L::.: ' " W' ' N 1986 Volleyball Record IU' -4 na na 3 U3 -I cn na 3 EEEEVEEPEZ W W W EEE W L L Above Left Coach Leslue duscusses strategnes wrth the team Above Right Tessa Nagel prepares to splke the ball as Lora Naeger comes to her and Sports!57 b . fi ' , a...i 11 eff 1 x I! ! l Girls Basketball Varsity Squad This year the girls basketball team started practicing in November. They concentrated on the skills of shooting, passing, dribbling and the process ot conditioning in addition to their work on defense. They practiced two hours every day under the direction of Coaches Gross and Bryant. All three teams had impressive records this year. The A Team won 12 games, the B team won 8 games and the C Team won 6 games. The teams felt that they had a tremendous amount of support from fans at all of the home games which helped cheer them on to a victo- rious year. 58!Sports if 5 l fx :MMM Z 1 Jin f 'sf 7 z WW! 4' f 2 ,ZZ QW Front B Amy Pe sa Wehn niter Jo Q: 5: 1 Y , fs ,ff ii' f ,Q -T nf- ,-5 ' V .f -1 L-i-f3f .ss sl. A 1f9i?7l'E?1e-'f ii -fff :LEF45': Easlmf-i,a,i'3:L.i :gc-LQ, 21-153-nit' 4 ,I ' f i ll-7i ggi gggjj 3251, 33755151 gs ' ff?i?EeEfggi?-iiiiiQQisT:i2iZ'i1f-5 5 " Mfr V V Front Row: Kit Diester, Angela Seaton. Flow 2: Amy Pence, Tessa Nagel, Christa Weston, Melis- sa Wehner, Andrea Yeager, Shannon Hite, Jen- nifer Johnson, Kristen Falkenberg, Shelly Kell, :wwf fra ,N-4-"""""" -W' 4 s .MW-. Terra Paulson. Row 3: Amy Welsh, Molly Black- well, Ftobin Cooley, Coach Bryant, Coach Gross, Charice Chlanda, Michelle Monahan, Lisa Ober- helman, Florence Hatfield, Dorian Budge. Row 4: ,aw Susie Hitchock, Stacy Dwyer, Tetia McMichael, Danielle Williamson, Kathy Couch, Kathi Gilli- spie, Nicole Drego, Dawn Arne, Melissa Brown, and Jennifer Hefner. Far Left. Kristen Falkenberg puts up a shot as Kathy Couch and Andrea Yeager block. Left. Coming down with the rebound is Tiger player Kit Deister as Robin Cooley and Melissa Wehner make for a fast break. Sportsf59 mv- 7 -'fuzz 2. lt!!! -be-. 1.12:-:ft-:-,.-V ew- :ef--fi: 222 Q:-:emi '. 'T Sfe-.9',"i. :ef2.rff:':'a-'1:1.fI?zf'?:Tf ffl.: azqfarf ' 'sk-Y: -5: A- - - H- -f sf ---r --- :f , vii? TQ '-"""" 'Q Q .,,4.'-1 " 2 - 1- - 1 1- '+I 1735-5'-Jaffa-""t:3:'-'f-'.':"':f':?::"CF "QTY 'E IST? 255?QE LES' 1 'iifizmiii5?:xiiii3?fiiE?'?iffLff:'fi:5?5f5 "T ""L l?ji?Q,l5l2- -as A 1 1 - F Basketball The Tradition Cortinues An exciting year awaited the Tiger varsity basketball team. With summer camps behind them, their fall practices began in November under the direc- tions of Coaches Cahill and Stearns. The daily practices lasted for two hours as the team reviewed the fundamentals of basketball and memorized their plays. It was obvious their strategies worked as the Tigers came up with another winning record. The A team celebrated 10 wins and 4 losses, while the B team rejoiced with 15 wins and 1 loss. Team members enjoyed their suc- cess even though it was hard worked. They recognized their coaches goals. "Mr, Cahill made us work hard, we worked hard and came to be a good team", commented Mike Jenkins. Chad Jansen added, "I thought this year's basketball season was a learn- ing experience and was alot of fun." .ar.v .8SK6tb.all Scores , . -SAN-sam ky PLJHW T it opipg, reluespringsi 1g ,411111 5 M ,str center itt. tii.i ft.i f 1134, 1 'X iv . '4f.. 1 . , I ft11Gf3flC1Yl9W E959 tt.f T 1.1BlU91V8tley .grl 41 - 137 y 1j4Parkg1,Hilli 1 i,yV.63! it 1 341. fleibelfy 1 1 . 584 T 4 30 Bitte, .gr Springs Q j54f f . , 27, p Fort Osage iti. '42, 1 1 ,491. "W3ff60SbUYQ, . 1.1501 1 1 60 1 yGrandviewf . Q . .59 T 1 A4191 Petnbfoke'DayfQf 1 . 643, y f Center-. 1 , ilti 1 1 T 472 T 391. 1 Warrensbllfg x 40xf 1 . 43. "Bf.'fTeam Scores y XPLJHV ,Oppg Blue Springs . ' 431 , T .2411 tCt-Enter 1 fr , if 41 '1 1 30 Fort Osage ' 51 1 34 Raymore-Peculiar 7 .57 . 35 Grandview Eastj 64 T 24 t Grandview T 1 76 24 Blue Valley 43 27 Warrensburg 1 50 8 s T Fort Osage 41 1 30 T Raymore-Peculiar 54 26 Park Hill 1 56 32 Blue Springs 41 23 Blue Springs 39 30 Harrisonville 55 41 Park Hill 47 27 Blue Springs 39 42 6O!Sports s :ff ZAX W W .t X X XX K Q .X we X N Z l 1 i l E 1 l E is Front F Jansen, nis, Eril ,....-'M .w.u.. '1 ' 11i.. 't: 2' rasf',:ffave:Lffeeisiaaitifffi-1:12 1.7f':f-ffffi '. - -- Leaf 11 ' - ,,,,. ,.1 LQ..i 111 - . ATT 1 ,,.. Q.. ff' , ,ff wflfwf fffiiizmv Driving for a lay up is Kyle Pellow scorin Wm Zfeai ' -T:2:.:ff:g,.'5-aiiflfz' V 1 1 . so ,,a .X sf X s SM NDNNM g two points for the Tigers. Aaron Notestine displays a tough defensive play against his opponent. ali Front Flow: Kyle Pellow, Chris Hoffman, Chad Aaron Notestine, Kurt Dennis, Eric Nichols, Scott Mathews, James Hasch, Curt l-leeney, Mike Pe- Jansen, Courtney Hardy, Mike Jenkins, Greg En- Liles, Jamaine Mitchell, Mitch Pycior. Row 3: Jay terson. nis, Eric Dennis lManagerJ. Flow 2: Gabe Nill, Berberick, Mike Diederich, Kevin Hile, Danny as ,mrgfa 'IWW ffff 0 4 7 f f ' .I gfkfjf Sports X 61 19"-if - 'aa-.1 . .. . . . , . . .., 41.1-1 aL.1::-V Jeff?--:wi .- 11---I fur - 1.-:fri --, --fir? ir " 1- 21 Ji 'A' ffffzllg Lf- Y .. .. TF X "' '. " ' Am' cqwe ffeff-ew, ewemfffdfav?ff-wiarfxfififggsffaxaegfigii5gggi3g1g,g:5f'gggjfggggqgjgq 'P gg 1w-yQ,- gf 1--1-E --rf., 2: :-f 1.1:.:.1..'f :f f -' '- 1 ff--f -'A- 7 Y ::':1:-::LL.:::-:- g.::-- 'rf 1- ::,::.:..p :. ::-:,::v-.-:.141::,1-.4 T:--7 'lf W, hh Y , , ,, , A ,-,, A, ,, J, D YV A l 7 f f 1 l 1 lntermurals Playing For Keeps The PLJH intermural basketball pro- gram was set up for both seventh and eighth grade girls. This encouraged the seventh graders to play against players who were older and had more devel- oped skills while it encouraged the eighth grade students to continue de- veloping their skills. This year that de- velopment led to forming a third team for the eighth grade varsity team and played seven games against other schools. During the intermural season stu- dents developed their basketball skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting and the defensive skills of blocking, guarding and stealing the ball. Prac- tices were held after school everyday with the first initial weeks for drills. Later, the group was divided into squads and a tournament was begun. All of the players agreed that the sea- son was fun and they really increased their skills. They had a great time with Coaches Walker and Mendlick. Right: Lori Naeger goes in for a lay up as teammate Jennifer Edwards assists on rebound. 62!Sports ge. V -.1 4 X f lntermui Luce, N Batliner Weaver, Wright, wwss .rtsgg sssgs AS Q Q Me lntermurals, Front Row: Christin Hiskey, Megan Luce, Nikki Robinson, Melanie O'Gorman, Julie Batliner, Merillee Miller. Row 2: Stephanie Weaver, Kim Trader, Wendy Budnay, Kathy Wright, Brandi Smith, Kristy LeVaIley. Row 3: Tiffany Paulson, Lisa Clark, Tracy Studt, Krista West, Chris Parker, Shannon Parks, Kristy Abra- hamson. Flow 4: Gail Cox, Amy Schram, Heather Hurst, Brenda Miller, Susie Hitchcock, DeeDee Wilson, Tammy Lanning. Row 5: Tricia Van Ord- +4 , -- e,..... strand, Shelly Wood, Becky Smith, Jennifer Ed- wards, Jackie Copeland, Brandy Smith, Lori Naeger. How 6: Sarah West, Stacy Sherman, Jenny Cunningham, Molly Meadors, Stephanie Brattin, Nicole Grego, Jenifer Hefner. Megan Luce moves to block a pass during the first intermural game. Heather Hurst tries for a basket as Lori Neager moves into defensive position to stop her. Sporls!63 eva-- - - - J:,-..4,A..,-Lk-vrzi, 1+-N --1 f - -f-1-if-1 11 -..,-Q, ,. ,. -t . I A - .,-B, SGVGI Ill I Grade A New Beginning Junior High life was exciting and ac- tion-packed for the new seventh grad- ers. It was the first time that all of the students in the future class of 1992 gathered together. Grade school was behind them and the future was bright. Although timid at first from the strange-ness of the hustle and bustle of PLJH, the new students soon learned their way around, opened lock- ers faster, made new friends and en- tered into activities. When asked what they liked best about junior high the majority responded that they enjoyed the free time between classes, having different teachers, parties in home- room and the after-school mixers and dances. Clubs and homerooms were also favorites. ,M,,7,,Ww,ff , I I ,ff ,,f f fi' W' fzynmfwf 'f ,V ' 'ff - S , W , f, n, V Miiyjzgff if A4 i , ,, we WW' ' ' W 4 ,fffwffWhWWZWyf7'?49 'Q' ' f ff -1444614 Above: Becky Smith uses an underarm pass to return a serve while Shannon Ross observes. Right: Seventh graders Steve Parker and Carl Saderstrom use their critical thinking skills to observe their experiment. 64!Seventh Grade ?N'SWN B- . Q. VBA, B SA gel-is 55 is N . Ss: X X x X B sg Q. , r K The Year In f' , A weve .s s K B S. .' ' ' B i 55 , , sw' SSE 4 si, A gs: ,fr 0 O O il A fr- , ,V . . i f ' W ' ' 4 ri-b"A S Srwfff X em .. reefs Q X The ir' ' N SSX S 'Vs f T X if ".2m..55i N7 .,,, su fox, A . - meg. .,,, , , s. ' -05 fs f f Ns Xxfis X x X xx V XXX S wi SS X if f Xe I Y 4,7 i Ms A V 4. IW X A -w,...f.mfQ , ., , - .. ,Z ,Q ,,:,, ., ,M Qfyif ,- m ,N W . ' xg T X W - by r f . -. sk? V 1 H 'M ' s M 'MB-LVN 2 1 " -, ' 5 f V - ,, A f -F ' xx A eg tri ff B I 1 r i E X, trgzgstgiii li rf, 3 is mr K ' f - ' f 2' 4 N. 5. . n , K+ 4. 1 -, A I CW, . j ' I K, , 1 .,, , 4 ,Q ' 5 2? ' I, ,R V I W5 ,, 4 5 iq , W ' ,rw K ff I BFS--,, , 3 aw alfa - , f ,V 5 ': ., r a A, ,QQ Z" fi 'B ' if K , , X X X Q BX ses ' X sf? X XX X 5 X X X X Q S t -' : Q 5 Q ,Z 3 , X , 'ways A sy X - , W ye. Kristi Abrahamson Travis Ackerman James Adam Kim Adkins Pilar Alejos Barb Allen Kourtney Allen Tina.AIlison Stephanie Anderson Dan Andrews Joey Angel Tony Angermayer Mark Antrim Tammze Arnold Megan Axteil Patricia Azzaro B Tammi Bachman Stacee Bade Joe Baer Nzcole Bailey Staooy Bailey Ashley Baker Matt Baker Chris Baney f Kelley Banks T Paul Bannister Q Cristy'Bames T SUQar ,Bartlett Julie Batliner Flhett Belser Todd Bickham Brian Bixby Kris Bixby Jennifer Black Lisa Blankenbaker Shelly Blundell Paige Bohanan Tammy Boss Kris Boulware David Bowman Christy Bradley Nicole Brestogianis Kris Bright Jenny Brisbin X . VK EY x 5 B! X Q f N xsrf N Syx . Q sl I s me x in Q5 EQ SN Kiss sr me 57 ss r X x A A XXX x Xl X e 4 it s 52 5, X ,Q 1 fy x 5 it 'R' f 5 si' Sf ,x si SXX i is 1 2 ska QW X N 'S f It t I 4 'J' 51 fp Y f sf f Seventh Grade!65 Angre Brute Matt Bronson Sara Bronson Busty Brotherton Aaron Brown Angela Brown Jeremy Brown Shawn Bryant Anthony Butter Lynette Bunch Duane Burger Kathy Burger Shelly Burgess Amy Bush Tammy Bussck Motly Cansler Jon Carrrker Shannon Carter Randy Casey Jeff Centrmano Valerre Chapman Johana Chavarrra Tracie Chung Audra Clark Lrsa Ctark Grace Ctark Curt Clawson Stepharue Clemenoe Drew Cirppard James Coats Cara Coblentz James Coday Casey Cohen Charles Cole Angela Coieman Matthew Coiime Vanessa Conrad Elrzabeth Cooper Joe Corheisus Kathy Couplahd Errc Courtney Amy Cowrck Ahgte Cox Gall Cox Terr Cox Kim Crawford John Cress Joey Croft 1 1 ,K W' 7 te ANN , X t , X 5 N I ,, A ' f .ff x Y f rf, X571 13?-li XXX il k ' X Haus X 5 R, r titre: A A Tn-YT' sxwf ,J .t.. A X .A v xt X .K X E , X X X X - 1 A W A -WET L 1 'fe fr X t N4 91 2 ' I Mft - A W , J J' fr '71, x re , . P g A -fa . iv X fC W, TP 1 'Z 4, ef' 533529 h Jftg 1 fu We Q viz '2 gre, N . A , X fr sf rt A we ', 1-Q 7 -3 Q : 1 3 S , C- it 3 x X + 0 M X, 'N f Er f Coach E J quarters Q N V if " sfo 4 ax F r - 9 X " we N X XA firm X. ' r . X X1 e W, x an Q 66!Seventh Grade X 5 S , D r ti R it "" 4- Q I N " s5s:s:eggEg-:1 .nr ':...,.-.5,A,j,2,'.:':,: S " W X ,ff 1 . I man... ' Vx NJ , X vs r Tai, ' mit 2 14: 3,3 V fix ' t b 5 J wt .Q sf 1 X 1 , .. X ', 4. ff S Q Jaxx f xxx h ,,A"i r X X , X , 5- x , Q A' N- " Re, ,ft xi M i Q . 'X 7 fi' if Ss. "1 Q if .fbi ' FN ' 5 X if , - s ,V ---' r 1 ,sex 1 .N 451 I .. -.Je .:' .. N' Q X , QA w e-.w , A ' gsw f if N nf l- x sage - . I l X 1 7 CE! ' N ,D Y 4 Q X we D. I' f - D 3 G if Xvx BA A Whitney Houston I-Iits The Charts f W 'i D4 MW' 5 i X I, ,Eff ,f f, I , 3,17 .X 4,1 ,f,f!f,V I ,.,!7V,,!, C Q ,fy g V, V, 7 ,V f 3, f I ff X, I ,f 1 Coach Britt gives hisseventh grade team pep talk in between 1 quarters during the intermurai season. J "'t 2 lg ! f ' 'SX .-f, if X If f If Ds ,V 'IS T7 fx we-Q, 1, Q fu x ex fi ' 1 X ..:: 5 it i Af VA A I :AV A f f : i 2 ' if ' X :- f 3 -A 4 5 5 sg lA N 7 x, V 1 ' V' ' A S3 E., X 4 W J 1,-1, 1 A 'gi' A ' i .rs 1- f Skitiiil f1L'it.,Q 3 it 7 A Adam Cross Donald Cuiross Jeanne Curran Brandon Curtis Stephanie Curtis Christie Curtiss Brandon Date' Carly Daniel Stephanie Danner Cindy Davis Erin Davis e Jennifer Davis Keith Davis J Neiii Davis A1 DeCario J Shane Detvtink D J J Ericlbesmet if i J Angela l173?'i J i Cindy Depue Ai Joe oevine Jeff Diemier Marci Diifey Amy Dir Mark Doison Les Dotson Justin Draggoo Eric Drake Jason Duewei David Dumier Jett Duncan Kim Duncan Sara Dunham Seventh Grade!67 ,V , i X S..- Terry Durban Luke Dyer Scott Dyer Sherman Eernheert Ashley Eckhoff Jennifer Edwards Manda Edwards Scott Edwards Travas Edwards Chrrssy Elsenhauer Kevin Eiam Jeremy Efwrn Jeremy Estep Chns Evans Josh Fahcher Angle Farren Alex Fazzsno Mark Pagers Jacob Ferguson Heather Fields Eno Figiey r Paige Finke Brran Finrrerty Stacey Fisher oiedieefftkgecai ik Lance Flint Jennifer Fioyd Micheile Foote Andrew Fortnero Chris Foster Cristi Foster Philip Foster 68!Sevemh Grade 'Ye 1 I N ? 6 Q, fe .7 egjffgf ' ,fijgsff I We A X, 0 .1 .T 4 1 'W 4 1, QY 'J ! r A . ' we r' S 'Q NJ Q a, W ' X1 f L Q X r , Q '- , Z ,W N rf 1 fix x We gg, f' X x, W f xx r iav',k3,g5 g 1-A S 1 .S xfx , V Xe M X xg X X xr iv xr X sf A mf 'Y ff 4 P q Kiln! M. Y M. -S , A S ,, Q, Max Headroom Catches The Wave xg, XXX ,X W2 e 155 XfX Ffxk Z X .feb-,,, fx . ,rn Q ff o f N !4. f',' Q fx X x X X P e h r ,una A 4 ,, K ,A J 391 ' I 1 I 1' 4 . X I S' O O O X W x Q iv-5 I J 1 ' 'M- i ' X V 5 Q K Q! ,x ...,, we 0' Z JE , I x N? h Kris Bixby, 7th grXade4 and friends meetatyMrs.,fgatesrfreomrare checker ei o e out the personalwritingiassighemenf. e j f o r h h K K o -7 K K r i .K nf - il 1 ,, . "ur ,QQXK SQ ,Ko ef ,,,. as X Az 5:M15:L5t.EL5, r 5 X XX X Q . N. 5 ,H N ra: Q X Q. Q . SN ,ex me R A I o xxfg We f 5 ,X xi' rag, Q i it M' f rafgiiehkff i to X - if X f Q , -fm , h is qv X' -1 ' 'LAA ,, 1l Q' 1 1' L- N ,M .,,, -,sw-vafv. 4 -L--- :-- X X x f .A 5 ' 4 f ,Y rv W .SX -I X XJR , ...,.,, , if KL? eel -Af 2 "1 'f J en' 1 ,a X f ix X f A. iz 1, X .. l Q N 'f'I- ,E3 ::'1 ,Zi Alf! 4 9: 1 , ' A " Y N 'R . r X " -,, Av, .' V ' J ' r . 'ywf x "': 4? ,. f . 1 -J ff' 5 , -Vvv 5 ' aff' 3 ' - .,i-N ' 1 f i ' ,," 'x', 5 , 71 . ni L 1' " ' 'R 52 L - J -uf ' o 61 I LQ I d' ilk?" Steven Foster Emily Franklin Jenny Franklin Toby Freeland Derek Freeman Michelle Freeman Jenn Fritz Curt Gable Loleta Gaddis David Ganaden Justin Gates Charlie Genova Michael Gibson Russert Glllett Teresa Glodowski Kim Godfrey Mindy Godfrey Nicole Godfrey Heather Goodale Jennings Goodman Lon Goodwin Julie Grechus Marty Green Tim Green Stephanie Greene Brian Greer Brent Gngsby Mike Grube Stephen Guin Zarmina Gul Allen Guthrie Ryan Gutridge Jett Gwinn Katrina Hadiock Kevin Hadlock Jennifer Hagerty Julie Hagerty Todd Haines Karen l-iainley Jason Hake Shannon Hall Shanna l-lallum Tina Ham Scott Hammock Christine Harris Camille Harrison Jamie Harvey Melanie Harvey Seventh Grade!69 ',1i , Y 91 L ?? N ml ' ,ae Laura Hasch Melinda Hassler Scott Haydon Steve Head Lorie Hedghn Chris Hemme Jason Henderson Benny Hernandez Chris Herzog Kris Hess Bryan Heurtz Jason Hlbdon Ty Hrckam Ciayton Hicks Jeff Hicks Anthony Hrnricha Marc Hmrrchs Chnstrn Hiskey Jana Hobbs Jeff Hodges Cathy Hofstetter Warren Hoicomb Stephanie Holdmeyer Ryan Holmes Jake Holt Jodi Hood Stevens!-loots Erin Richardson Mike Howard Heather Hubbard Chrissy Huffman Danny Huffman Megan Hughes Anna Humphrey Vicki Hunziker Robert Hutchinson Kim Irvin Aimee Jacobs Beth Jacobs Mark Jacobs John Jakes Shawn James Tiarren James Brian Jeffries Leslie Jenkins Jennifer Johnson Amanda Jones Bryce Jones we QC 4 Q f is Le 1 7 f f Z df WW if fy? 4 M7 7 f 2 f xW WW 7 X ww ff .w , .Vg ,k , f 2 1' ,W W ., if L X , . , A MW, lb 3232 4 , 4 W M , ,f g i , 'QF 'J X! , f Q. f' ff f We ow 7 ? Q 4 f f fi QQ fi, Ji, fix, f , ,.e ' 42- ' wr 'Ar f 5 Li 2552 45 fl i si ff' I X h,4 1 ' 7 X f X 7 f f 4 Z Xwsa A J, X0 7 NWX ' A f we G X, J , , , fi i W i ,v ,. f- 4: f i f 2-eg h e V . s 34522 V A a ' 42 f Q QJMQ 9 J VW 4 f? fe lyi iffw fZ2' y ,Ol fi ff f 0 , ff f , f ,af Wf WWWf 0 nee J Qi ww ,W ,A rv, K , 4 X X M In 1 5 X i ix, 7 5 3' M i my fe 1 1 ff Q f ?0Jr O0 gf ffzf gf ff fn QW Kew X af IZ MA rf-if ef X V - --1 feeaelf-f1'.'ilQ1'?i.'fT:"?fi' ' Q .L F111-:Li if 31253 ,Pdf , LLLL - ' 'Q ,- l 'Lf - ? 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If 777 V W W V, , ,, .,, , W V e W ,W fs ,I Z' fm 4 ,, f 46 ' KG? I ifd A ,, I Q ,, ,V V , Z, 4 fm f, f - Q V4 ,, Q 2 7 4 f, ,J ,- I, fx v . 1, , f fi X i V . ' ' M into f X fi ' A V A , f r ,A 3, 3 f .. . . - f ,iv J Q , - in ' AW 6 Ax f, , Alfl ,f 7 y W V 4 6' V New ff Z V H ' ,f K I , W f . jg? 9 J , 2 lf f W Zi f f o f , f rf ,, ' f . A ' ff yo - av .. M ' . .f ,, I ' 2 -1 f J 7' 'R :7 , 4 J Z V f, 1' nf fi, S f af 'Z' X My Q ' ' ' f 4, , f j 7 2 r W ' 22 Z Q 1 , y iii - 2, y f f M, , Q g, if X31 0 K , 3 2? My Q f Q ' 1 We 4 , f 1 v Z . I I f 3 in V X r f f 'NX 7 ' 2 fy 3 ,Q Q ff 5 Z Q l A - Q 4, 2' if xi Z My 1 v 1 if f f f f 3 4 x 'Y W Q 9 . i V1 1 7 V J 1 7 I w X 6 7O!Seventh Grade i .r r, , f 0 1 f f J .C..a. f, ,r 3 .-3, f , , f I.: .rg 4 ' 2 41 , ,-J 7 f 'rg ' 5 ff N52 , E ff ff ! f h iif re .- ,gf ww W Mfg w 5 f V X 1 0 Q or fx f f Q 2 f eg A Q 4 i f, 9 2 1 , ,X 1 9 V 9 ef " Z '-Y fy. L e Y " i at f 5, Q U 4 q in f if W' V -V l H 1' W, V f 5 . F , W W WM, f 0 3 1 if 557' , 'MMM' f r A -. ... , , . , . g- , ,1 L ,, A 1367- 7-:ffvieA35f?Ef A.: ,., 1 -V -1Z,::,:5..E'1gg:f:11'f- r fr,.r'f"1ff 1-gill,.::-ri: f -e',,, .M-:f.',Ia.f Q h X il - ,,. m lig . t g e z Chris Jones r ee Cindy Jones r 4, , Keirsten Jones 5 te 1 rw v Andy Kaezynsks r rt t Dame! Katstrup t X: J Shane Karnpe 11 - Brooke Karilgere V n Steph Keariy Q A M Deankeebtee 'ft Q Chris Kennedy e 5:ff?f2?52g:l,91:.a4f ' asain X f L t J t e I Vlll 5 Q kk,V , . A .X K, OED IVGFS 8 GS r t Johnn C8.I'SOI'1 r t 0 0 0 5: X K X em txsgqigigi ' A li, , K 5YV0 5WK5f?O35Ct' X Z x X N . f tt tt ' 5 XS tive Q W , , , , f 4 , E M i X fe Qf ' , 4 X' Q X L f' ,, X, Q3 I N ,-7 x . ,K f, Nw M m, W M51 Xe - , X 'TY' t r X , ., Q V At,1,q! , X ,xfifl i. 'wSW 5" ffor M , X W V 0 .W e f W ff ff f' x W Y -WEE f f ff' f I Q f f ,f , f y , r r r 2 t r ' f ' ff f 4v f 'fi' I f f X X r Pulling hard in the 50 freestyle as seventh grader Bnan Fznnerty, a J member, of the LS swim team. t r me ' KV,VVV 1 ge,-jazz, s , - ,M Jennifer Kefie Sean Korzdorfer Shawn Koval M , I Jenny Kreeger gf U" f' 'M ' k" Fred Krueger R 4 'L - 1 V- f Kristen Kutchback , ,. Zv,,,,,ee tt ff 0 f ' 4 I Q ' my Kelli KVHSFHCKE ' A Garrett Lahey A Aimee Lampton 45- f N chad Landis V F ' 26, Matt Law " .M 5 , . - - Katha Lawrence , ' 5 L J ryg , It ir Q , ,, I ,V 1 -,jffig -jf: jeff , ' K A ff f, 1 rliffzfg ',r,, ,W tif? W iw Seventh Gradef71 'ilxiji Ken Lawrence Enc Leader Amy Letterman Tua Lewus Klm Lldberg Jennlfer Lnsenby Brett Logan Jamie Loneman Rob Long Ron Looney Ellen Lowe Amanda Loyd Rafael Lozano Megan Luce Chnsty Lukasuk Blllle Jo Lynch dll? Lytton John Mack Leo Manfred: Jen Lynn Mann Greg Manning Danny Marcurn Krmlka Marr Charlie Marshall Jennlfer Marslcek Chns Martin Chas Mason Brian Massey Brandon Matthews Brendon Maths Jennifer Maxwell Bnan Mayer Kal Mayne Pam McCool Chris McDan1el Enn Mclilhany Shane Molilya Shells McGhee Heath McKee Lora MoMlllzan Knslu McNeil Melony McNulty Heather McNutt Mlke McQueen Jason Medley Bnan Menners Butch Melchert Tom Melton 72!Sevenlh Grade , W f' x Q, of ff X 3 -, 1 . ,QQ l ll, iff' sf , ' A ,iff h .7 9 I f ' fs , f , ff ff 11: M kg Q ,,.,. 3 za, .. fy A f' 5 WW ,ff l 'fly 7 'EL 'f -M 4 Lf ' fl 1 . ,H ,,.w Wx 0' + fx I I L W ,v " g21.1?' 2 f z AN e X ,fy V V., 5 A I ' ' ' 1. 2 5 5 ,Q ,Z My My 1 M. ,' cj v , G 2 mmm 1 MW, f Ax.. ,f A3323 1 fglurzf-::11ia222ii?f f me-'IRT-"'7'l?f-Qvf' x'o!'..u H-"GW Z 4, my 1 aw ' ' 'fi' f '04 f f F I I X a ' 7 Z 2 354 I '74 tg , -Aww 1" , ' 'f , 1' VSZW' V :I W gf! if D 'V QW 1 ,W Q ff , A We Z E e x :-- , zazfzzf- W?-' 1 ' QM : ,VL - f':zzzi,:, lei? , ""' 2 gf? fur 9 an , Y ,,. , . , , M. f ., ..., f My W, .5 -:fe: is W fl , , . 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X see 1 Prlnoe Andrew Weds Sarah Ferguson f ff: S W W 4 2 X Z wk f f Seventh Grader Joey Angel Plasnesiiftigiiiitlltiiiiefiiddelioaiirhgitifna Pepsi S D- 2 ' M v f f? ff, ff, , Q me A-x , MQ Jenny Michael Timothy Michael Brenda Miller Ryan Miller Timmy Millican Geoff Mitcheil Tracy Mirza .tM.em.4.M,OQQ,Y Jaime M'ooreIb Ycarerrwraaie' y Chastity Morton Stephanie Morton Matthew Moulder Danny Muehmore Christy Munson Elena Muren t it sate 'Murphy dill Nazwofthy f r Kellie Neat l r Jeff Neary l , Michelle Nelson Cathi Newland Sandy Nichols Niei Nielson Molly Nitfen Thad Noland Amanda Notestlne f it f f i X 1 1 Q 6 x Tami Nurre Melanie O Gorman Kenneth O'l-iare Neil O'i-lure Doug O Neal Seventh Grade! 73 Matt Oberweather Juhe Olrve Angle Olsver Steve Ornes Jason Overton Dave Overturf Sieve Parker Shannon Parks Davrd Patrent Jamre Patterson Tiffany Pauison Asmee Pedersen Bruce Pearson Travrs Pemberton Fawn Pennington Jeff Perry Matt Perry Denise Petree Grary Pfaster Heather Pflumm Bev Packard Shara Paerceali Davona Pine Lon Pomeroy Jeremy Popp Sara Pragman Melrnda Prange Matt Prewrtt Toya Proctor Dana Pryor Amy Puhse Rickey Haney 74!Sevemn Grade , , -YY....-Y....--,,,,-,- -J-:.:.. 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Riggs Margie Riley Jennifer Rimel Tamara Ring Ray Rivera Tillie Roach Eric Roadman Adrian Roark Nataschia Roberts Patsy Robertson Andrew Robinson Geoff Robinson Nikki Robinson Wendy Roderick Ricky Roeder Angela Romi Shannon Ross Joe Roy Wendy Rudnay Monika Ruehling Tirnmi Rupard Carl Saderstrom Amy Sallee Tobey Sallee Steven Sanders Todd Sandnes Jim Sartain Sandy Say Brian'SchaIlenberg Brad Scheer Jan Scher Brandon Schick John Schirmer Seventh Grader 75 Jeremy Schouten Amy Schramrn Jenny Schreck Steven Schulter Laureen Schurr Leah Scroggs Brandon Scrogham Stephanre Seward Andrea Sgaraglrno Brandon Shane Scott Shapley Ftrta Sheets Becky Shepard Wrtham Shephard Kane Sherry Lou Anne Shrrk Crystat Shockley Beth Survey Toby Srmrnons Betsy Slemner Mickey Stutter Brandt Srmrh Brandy Smrth Jason Smrth Jeff Anna smirk Beck? Smith A A Richard smrm r iJiianne2Snbwtf 1 Teddy Sornrners Carrie A Sparks A Jennifer sparks Jason Spetlerberg Justin Spetterberg r Stephen Spies Damon Spoof A Scott Srackethouse Randy Stanley Brandon Starks Mike Stevens Brady Stewart Mike Stewart Erik Stone Brad Stonner Tige Stowetl Jon Stratman Vonnie Strawn Wiltiarn Stroman Tracy Studt 76!Seventh Grade ff A N f ff Q aff A. X f X f m 5 f XZ W fi fs fo MA! A rr N Vvtf r r rrar f 4, WW "A X 5 4 2 I 4 A w ag ff r at at r. rx. f if MMS' 1 ws 3 X xv .. .,,,, fr F2 4, I i ,X M YW fix' -. ,J X f , 3:41 N N-x.a,,.,7- 'itgf eiw-ip' . , ,Pl 5' ' ,, f rf.. I 1 '. 4 1 .- r I fs rf xx ZVS W if ,Z 1 Z 7 :L I , At 4,, V 3 J W x. - - Ya . 4 f . 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SV if M 5 SX? 3 Robbie Stutzman David Suchman Angela Sullivan Eric Sullivan Merle Summers Stephi Swisher Michael Sykes Daron Tapscott Sean Tate Vanessa Tate Louis Tauvar Kimber Taylor Shannon Taylor John Thompson Tamie Thurston Elliot Timms Greg Tirevoicl Kim Trader Matt Tripp Chris Trull Jason Tuck Brian Tucker Scott Tucker Sarah Tudor Aaron Turnage Jaci Turnbow Danny Turney Christy Uhlenhake Sina Uta Tricia VanOrdstrand David Viets Brian Villers Seventh Gradef77 Amy Wagner Oza Waldrup Brooke Walker Sam Walker Tom Walker Kristy Walley Heather Walton Teri Ward Aaron Watson Cody Watts Donavon Weaver l-lolli Weaver it Karena Wechter i Cory Weeda A Ci ndy Weeks Paul Vweinzirl V Rick Welsh l V Melissa west, V Kim Weyere W Ray Wheeler aisaac Whitaker ' Amanda White Crystal White Kevin White l Shawn White Theresa Wldupy Eric Wiggins i Sara Wiley Kelly Wiliong Amy Williams Billie Williams f Stephanie Weaver 78!Sevenih Grade "1 V V V v fi: 453 V V, W eV V V? l .,... Z - V .I L 4 V y VV 1- - ,, , ef n , 4 ' V V f ' ,rf .1 , J! V 4 L V X V ,V 4 V ? ff!! X ,Cm MV, ivy? E V 4 VVVQV Lift? Q, f 'ff za , gf: f 1 1 f if: gf, ff f f g g ff if A wit ff M Vp fi f f 2, -V .Vf .V V - fd Qj:M.',.l ,VV ,e V 2 2 , 5 I 1 ' I ff. ft ff ,, A' .V , Z ' 14 211 Q? 5 " , f'f W 4' N, "w 'f f A? , ,,fM'4 ff ' Z V 1 ' e 4 V if ' f 97 'f 'M f ' f, . g, . 7 , fjxy, 4 fr ' '1 V A f X it . f if ,f 1 ZW , A ,,, ve 4 t' , , y f S 4 et: 1 A ? E if f Z 1, ' '--' Q A M- ftit f- its , itl 3 . ' ft-ix if i, 'V ,Q JIWV 4 . ' 7 , , f V , U! 3 -A 1 E YA? ' , R ,,,t LS is Officially On The State Maps , f - 1, , , , V f M 1 , , ff f f f ,y f . , ,-,'q,4,w-0, Q www-4 ee,-AL x, V, V r I f V , ' V ,, XV, ' ' fn W, !,f'0!,,'I'7f,f, gV.f',.f ? 4 gf 'K Z 4 Q Z W fo? The Student te s X 5 f 2 ff fl. 2 f Y, 4 I KKSQYGW Gtefifff EWG DQMHSgfevndstepsffeeds heiewleeefnewseeeees 2.2 rx W :iii if - 1 fx, 4 if it I wk u ,i ta M S ,gf Q 5 X e ws, 2 Q ew I? V ff xr. 3 NW .., NW .... V 2 9 W 1 33 f if 9 ff 3 et, 5 ..,..V A f W em is 41 ' 3939373 FQ K., 'x f ifsf A ' ,an k ka guy' ' 4 ,J Q " Q 2' fifi f 1 Mit - vf 0 ,, f , X, i r ,-.aairvrfsis e at ai N-X 'i NYSYf'Q,,2 ,I , W ,Wy ,X Wm , XX i X my it S' te K W X Q , Q i X v my fr ,fr xx :e , . t. D5 f, t XA XQ, - r M 1 YYY' 'SNL ,.,, axe W ANYKQ KF XS jx X , G X t' . y X N A K .4 t N X C I, i - VS M x fff fx X X 'tire 'WKXXX WL'5i33'NS Z1 - .tt X - -e :.-.:.,:,5.g :Wx fix emvwe , , . ,W eeeeee ,MXL , f .A ,Buggy X ia kwa 5 1 Q X , tiw ff ,I xx I t ,X ., ef A f - .5 ,, .1,,, , ,, ft Q ..-rfe-1-1I"2f1 " ...,. - r K' '35 l " 1 ff - I fl 1 fe -A 'zzz ""' """ ' V aaa Q 4 Z Q Q r a1 s:5f.2g .If:2- Sw: 'IW EN S T ' ' 'xf' V Avlis: ., 'W I X f S 4 ff Q Q 'Y 1 A r v,,w , , G, f , K W. V1 f f r ,' Sb Z Af , ,Mix M ,,,y ,t A .ffff 9 4 kj 'lil' ff 552., 31, I V I N! XWFH , yiwyl f . :W ,ff L, Af 'Www f f 7x0 ,IW far ? I , , - ,fwzhf 5-4.5-:rv-we-f , , , 1, . .4 ., XX xi T X im S' Q XX 1 si " 1' '-s:,- S x Q Ni Xe S, 2 ,Q st'- lfl f T. '32-35:1 :f pegs- if iff-5345537 is-13155-ie 1' 1 K g -iff IJ, Q' QX. "eww ' .Xl ici Ig' V Y' 1 X Sig N5 X ' K We N X X XX x ix Janelle Williams Stacy Williams Bill Wilson Chris Wiltfong Keith Wingfield Jayme Wise Kevin Witt Teresa Witte Carey Woltskill Mark Wood Amanda Woods Tina Woodson Mike Wooldridge J.J. Woolt Jason Wright. Kathy Wright t Shawn Wright Alice Yeo Darin York Kevin York Amy Young Anne Zvacek Missing People: Eric Dennis Charles Foster Jennifer Gessley Kimberly Goodis Jennifer Koury Brad Lee W K KristyjLeValley v Robert Mgfilintock Bryon O'l-lare Q Whitney Weaver K Lett: Baseball Club was open to both boys and girls. Above Top Mr. Smith leads students back after a fire drill. Lower Top: Jett Smith calls the play for a touchdown. Seventh Grade!79 A New Beginning Eighth Grade Races Away Rising to the front of the school this year was the class of 1991. The eighth graders took on new challenges and left their own mark on PLJH. Led by Angela Seaton, the students of this class showed their spirit by attending away games and working hard on the school projects. They entered the math contests, the Science Fair, the Language Arts Olympiad, music com- petitions and other contests. Their goal was to win and set new records. Preparing for high school was their ultimate goal of the year. For these students this was a beginning ofa new and exciting time. At the end of Janu- ary choices were made for- high school. Which classes should they take? Who should they locker with? Once the de- cisions were made, and their chal- lenges met, the class of 1991 had shown their fighting spirit. r Right: Roxie Shaffe demonstrates some of the eighth grade spirit during a pep assembly. Above: Doug Davidson tries to avoid a tackle. 801 Eighth Grade W, ,yy f 7 X f WV f,-N L s'2:2:?' , f af f ? f f f fy 7 fyf? f a t 5 .L Z f 7x 4,35 Lgfffiy , n ,V ' f HI" :if 'f L lllzlf . V . K il .f:? ',,f . YM A 45 I , Z A f Wm , Y ,f , 4. f ' . . 7 X , I ,gif Z . 'jf' '- 5 , 4 ' x 4 ' x 2 X f ,V ,Q W4 f 2 '+ . g., ff - ,ahh if 72 f ,,,, , ,V v. ff f vhs-Z 4 f H Y' ff? 5 4, gn Q 2 ,M N My 3 'f' Q7 f W MK? . fi x fr t , 1 if if W4 A22 1 1 9' I J X ,: -410,1 M if W , 1 is N Z 1 ' z N X Q f J? xv , f If , ,A X W Fw f ' . W 'g gf .: N .G I ac- yf ,r fr' X W F5 , .. , ,.... V :ii 7 X Z X, l .sf 2 f' v 'I .nw L Q 1 f Q ,f . ,nl I in 4 , 4. ,f W1 ...iff ww, f f is A ei Wh 2' 5? e X X Wi fi X :W , 2 ' U , , ' 2, f f MQ '- 'ww 7, ,fig 4, 5 ,af Z ,Q Q 1 I Q . V- cr I I N 4 3 , in ff M + ' Ryan Boyd Diana Braley Stephanie Brattin Carla Braun Steve Breshears Rick Brewer Rod Brewer Carnell Brown Melissa Brown Mark Bruno Danny Bryan Michelle Bryson Lisa Budensiek Dorian Budge Kris Buettner Todd Bullis Cindy Burch Eric Burch Lara Burch Missy Burgos Shannon Burton Melissa Butler Shannon Butler Kevin Calhoon Marc Calhoun ' Robert Camp Joe Cannon Bridget Carpenter Kris Carrell Chris Carter Manuel Catano Shawn Catlin X 82!Eighth Grade LS Plays Rockhurst ln District Finals . Eighth grader, Monte Cornwell completes his math assignment in geometry. 'F Q' Q: 1 ax QW, Q X fs ,Q .- 4 ' S I 45. ' UB.. if , . ,fir 9 xxx 1 ,fx f .W - .HM . I . . 'Vin ' ,. N , N w I f . .f X! W cr 0 Q Q 3, ' , f xfi W , I uf , x A 'X V1 'X g 4, sf x Q' , 'Y kb A N . ,, I , 1 . X M ff my Z x V. A, - A Nqvff: , ,QV S-.L 1 X P if VV x L xmk' x , g ' f I if-5 I' Mfg fi. ' 4- , 'Q I . N' 1 A fr -. K I 1 i ff B X ' 4f, f, 3 2 4' Z 4 R I ff I ' f, .f ,. . , x Q X 9- ' f f f4 '-,.., 'Vs a 4 I ff 1 xg X 1 v I ff' 4' X 5 ff X 5 ,N wg' C J if i 0 4 X v X A 1 ' 2 1,4 , ?i 0 K ,v . , f 44 f ,, ,A C J, .,', ,, x X X QA "'s X ff X as X Q 'S , '7 1' -M 5 K ,ij A f K' Q 1, Y K . 5, p ' ,K ' x-Q' , ,J ,fo Ig" f . 9 "" 9, 'D - J " Y' XA J .iw 1,5 if ' 4 , G b y Jf ,. a n k gi' lv ' 'f f , x , I Y I, , 0 4, ,P 21 . t1f.zM'fffvf 4',x.Q ,Q . f 'Y W 4 K5 ff A Ivy .. W5 -' , , "" ' !T312?, +2 4 1 M1 qi ' ' 'V I i I 1 ze ' X ' nz X ,,,,,,,,, . ,, 7 ' f , Xp--swf 5 W4 1 ,War X. f 5 ,,,V, gy , , wi W Z X ,fff 4 74, ' f " r' X4 ,, x 'Y f X f 5 ev 5 ' ' '11 yf K f If ,4 Wg, ' 1 ' W ,, 1 A , XX if 1 , 1' Z MW! X z , , ,' 4 QXGQZ f f, 5 f '11, f X- f ' t . ..x.x. . A cg.. - mf wif , X' .N ' , XX iw V , :ff v. ,X . .X .- . if h 4 .. x Y Q . x - ,gutsy fi, X Q a W, X Y . Q . S "- -V Vvf, 2 X X . ' -W f .N "1 i-Wi V .2 N 4 3 ' -" 'G X1 1 D , ,' - lv ,. . I .- ? Q f' .XX S 5 ' gy Q gk r i, L- ! W . ' Qi, '-. . ,. . . Q - v 1 ' " 1 f X , CX 1 K3 V fXX x .1 ,A f . X mf Na, - ,Q X , V 3: X X jo' X vc. Jr + Al' , X X ' , X I f 'X , me ' . 5 wax. NN fn . I - , lf iv , 3. N V 'V f lv, V ff' XJ: A S" J . xkifx 'ig Jw -'ww ,. 22 ' L ' 2. 1 5 Ai? ,f X, .x 'Xxq ' .X 5 I 1' nf X. Q rf ' Y 4- 1, .XX W i J EX 4 ' X' ,N -. XX f u A f f A i . s 5 " mg' " .... n X XX ,I -Q mx lt' I ri. X 5 X X: i . X5 X X s- Y ,,,. LN Q 1, , Z 1. A S 1 if X X f, X Aff X i fi ' lx is H X J K gm fx-' X 'jaf :XM ,N .ff A . 'X HY X X in X f I X ' X, :X 2 ' SX fv QX Y XX- N . 5 RV- . 1.. X ' t KX 4 X X... , , --4 V. X 4 X x g FV A X - 424 f .1 1-. 9 ' JW W -J Q 1 f N. s- , , 7 , X f f f , ff? f 1 Q f f f 5 x x w A fflfn I ' ff:-fww-.4 ii ,QQ ,r X . s f 4 Y 1 M. N 4 ff ' 4 ff. . fy .. fn ,. QA . O f ,,, , pt r . 1 f ,A , 1' O7 5 I . 1 X.. 2 ,, Ei 1 1 I uk , X f If , I -If N X 'Ii .X H fr :Q 61- 4, ' . wx. :.- --Yi: ww . , rx W' . kg? N FXXWA. .3 ,X Q xxx.. . X - , 5 .... . . ,Tm 'fm i f-fa X 251 4 Z W Lf, ml V, A' 42 ? Xfafff Mgw X 1 Lg. w QS X X4 X ,1 WX, if vx a 'K nf, X , W 's Q is 2? n X WX. if 5 Q i v I X 4 9 Si' 5 X 'x X X . X, . ,X.. XWTX-5 ' X5 X SX y A iw, 2 5 , ,V ' X 3 my f, ,.-:: K tk if? A X 5 f ,LN as R , ,f w 5 : 115- Xgxx , 'X A 9 Q , e , X X fl 1 N ff M Xf W Q ' f'f3Xs .1-.wfwzk X f,"5,x: Xzff ff"3"H1 ' - N ,Jai .N Mg' wh - :MM ft! is X A 'lt T Wx ' f- f . --H -,,, k,xL X X X , X 'x l N X- .XX f 4 ff X. gf x X - X , X x ' f X ,I X ff f X X Qi ' 5 NX , C ' 1 ' Cx mf-.-sa:-1: ..: , X ..5,,,.- , Q, . , ,.,. M XX fx Xw fg:--, ,-,, ,X QM A' 5 , X S 'V 52 Z Q , A X + -X . 25 f K- X A X P wx , iv , i :UQ 0 .. 1 - ' 'X W' 4. , -9. ., 1 -N F if . 1 X ls 4, .X . W . N ,Q ' fU Wvxf Y x 1 Xh X X X fXX X 7 XX X 3 X X2 ' X X XY fX M is ef f-X: ' H T X M MX X :Qwei 1:-.1 ,X 'NY' K .I X032 'Q ' QQ iw ,ii X " , V x , X X 234 , IKNJ KLA, , W ' 9. X ' , . 'Q 3 , X ,155 " 221,452 I V wfigfw' Wfl' -ffm-'we ' NNK' 'W X -1 f ,,,. I ay A E- .I Q 3 f. rw .. 2 an .' Q f, 'G ' 4 Z X f 1 ffl Zag I X f A 1 ,,,,..., E:,x,,7,E x vw 4 W :I Ya, ' ' Q. H ' ff f 5 63 I ,J U14 4, n f Cary Hall Chris Hall Matt Hamilton Tom Hamilton Adam Hampton usa Hancock Chris Hansen Courtney Hardy Kathy Hargrave Curt Harold Shawn Harrell Paul Harris Sam Harris James Hasch Beth Hawthorne Lisa Hedges Curt Heeney Jennifer Hefner Matt Helbing Mindy Henderson Missy Henderson Tammie Hensley Felix Hernandez Shawna Heslop Amy Hibbard Julie Hicks Kevin Hile Ben Hillman Suzy Hitchcock Shannyn Hile Julie Hitman X X 861 Eighth Grade S Vx, 9 , , 1 . F: I pf. A M - 5 f , I A 1 'U N ,x fi! y" fix ..: V V. " J y ' . , , , 52- V W V V ff ,. ff -C J' Q x Q 45? 79, M if ,V 'N 45, - 4 - Z In R. r Y 4 J Q wx , fx af 1 1 2? 7 "'x,,2Vf z 6 fQXV' f A W , 2 V ' : iw N! 9 saw' f . . X ff. :V N. ,Q , , X .: -4 , , N-' . V ff ,z 'ff -P W 'V W' ' iwfffi V' , 2 W' ,NWHWLXM Ni X V K W, K Z ,, X ,, I ,P if ff I f V, 'V V' SV ,fy x I ,V ,W-'ff f ' f ,Q mg? , 5 2 asf, x 5 f W W 1 ., Q 5 ,A Z 'HX ,if V i XA Z X 4 4 ,Q Z f f? 'Q , f , A , I ,V ,.,! 2 V fa, , ,YP 4, if O f ,Q f , ww yr, ,mm , 7 , f" 7 ,f f A ,VX X X A .5 , 1' 'f , W , ' fga, Yr ,X if Z!! yzxi V,. -. , V v gxyaf , Z W: ' ff f Q f . f, , 7 " 2 S f 4? 1 Q f- 2 'Z 1 ef 2 W ' -1 , , fy f 'V ,, W i V H -221 74 0 -, ,y , ff 14 1 if f f I " ? Z fu "Q f y ' 1 , Q f ,, Q f' Z I QV M-,f ,, I ! If if Z X v- 0 q ff MW . ? 'Q I L M ,HW '44 Z W WV QW? , .f , V , 1 7 4 f W ,W fx ZA Q N. if, .W WW? G V ' ' 0200 ZW .f .V ,f 1 '14 7 ffff, Wx f f x If f va . 'P f, I ' 5 W V fe, V f , 5 W , x I Z W If f , X ', Vfs 'f '. 7 3 f . W ' 9 A - ,rv M lf! X fa, 'W V f 4, X 1 W f- f QM., w, f w, Zi , lk , ' . ,.V it 'f . 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V ' ' V " -SW' M, V- ,M f ' -' ,J :,,,'17' W' 'M f J - , X VV Z ' x 1 V V I nf nw 'i u ,W , V ,V Vw ff wr-Wggh' X W ,A W 6, 2 Z ? 4 f , W V' f 2 2 f -- Z V 1 f Z W, , X V W' , f 4 by Mi, F f 4 , if ' , f' ,f 5 .. f f"'7 Z f Anne Klng Josh Kung Karne Kung Jenlfer Klple Stephanle Kllnkenberg Krlsten Kluge Wllllam Knowles Ryan Kcldek Brlan Lal-ollette Rachael LaForte Rachel Lancaster Tracy Lanlo Tam: Lannlng Kane Lau Melanle Lawson Jay Lelghter Amy Letzlg Karen Lewls Matt Lewls Rachelle Lewman Scott Llles Kendra Lllllch Stephanre Llnn Trace Lock Mark Long Mlchael Long Blanca Lucas Jennlfer Lucas Troy Lund Charlyn Lusk Kelly Lynch Jlrn Lysaght Jason Maddux Terl Maddle Sandy Magers Mlndy Mann Paige Martln Ron Martln Randy Master Danny Mathews Mlke Mathls Krlstle McAlllster Nena McClymand Rachelle McCoy Ron McCullough Jenny McElhany Jeff McFarland X N 1 w 4 2 Q 4 2 E S Jay B Eyes" ! 5 3' 1 . . l Christina Laeupple 5 I l Q l . E v . 2 88!Eighth Grade ' -M 41' V .:::-:ri-H ' ' s, :Q - - . -1 f. fa , , :Q .1-L, L.- -.:.-ef 1:11- Q, , M ,,-. .,kefqffqr,-.::::T,T:,,--:lafzbutsf-2r::f4-:sniff-5:ae::z::f:L-:Z-1 -. :H - Lfaiis .. ' " 't " " ' -W 431' -1 --T-flfri:-:rt::-:1i.?SIZE11i?2i:r::L: fi':f:EE7l11 :.EEE?EE?i'JQ?1' ., f-asia,-s?.f..,:n1-we-5?,F ::"-- 11:-fm in--: W t Outback Red Make 1 Sales For Clothes Eyes from the hit movie Tog Gun. Jay Berberick and Karen Lewis dance to the beat of "Heaven in Your i f X - Shawn McFarland Brandi McKnown Brian McMichael Tetia McMichael Molly Meadors Jerry Meeks Molly Mehrer Chris Meisberger Mike Melling Amy Melton Ashley Miller Carol Miller Matt Miller Merrilee Miller Shane Miller Sherrie Miller Stephanie Miller Jason Minzes Jamaine Mitchell Michelle Monahan Lisa Mooney Matthew Moorhead Mike Morgan Marc Mueller Kelly Musgrave Michael Myers Lori Naeger Tessa Nagel Gautam Nayak Jeff Nelson Eric Nichols Carrie Nicholson Eighth Gradel89 Gabe Nill Mike Nolan Nikki Norred Tanya Northway Aaron Notestinex Jason Nutter Lisa Oberhelman Heather Oldberg Maria Oldham ' Ann Oliver Shawn Orskog Farron Otis Carla Otto Jenny Pack Michelle Pape Kris Parker Heather Parry Nikki Pasquarelli Cecily Pasquini Terra Paulson Gail Peetoom Misty Pierce Kyle Pellow Amy Pence Michael Pendergraph Carrie Perkins Tim Perry Michael Peterson Aaron Phelps Kim Phillips Chris Pickering Peter Pine eofsagmn Grade Bon Jovi Hits The Charts Nikki Norred and Greg lsenhower dance at the Red Cross Halloween Mixer. V ...s,-. T ,,,, ,.:-- - - .Q .fs-.- .H.,:----,R,..m,,.13b-,5.f.. 1 15:,g33E.s-.f::gf-T:-W,L?..A, M-3-1..A--5..----.H-1.1, -sf-.a-:'.4--,. sxs..-e.,,,--2.1-r :---,.fs,:--3--. ffl:-1"--'S-rrfr-1'-1:-: -: 6:12 221-.,---::e.'.: 1,f1,s'-L- 1 EQN... - -.-x...-lf 451' f"'. :::-aff--ff :,'2,,fB"l'N' ' :w21f:f'r.1f-- 4 f X -F , Z ., -T,-1 -fl 5:95, ---,gf-5:r.g52s.::"1 iiiiiii-L-ie-as'gg..3i7'-:Tgl4:T,?r5-5:2-ig-..Leif--1:-.T'izi--f-xipzefff----f 54e5'iL'-::'zas.---,L.::,:s5'fL-TT52,,if?'-25? 411.15-"ffj'?-fezf--' lf- -3 2 1 're JWSGR Nell Prnnlck Crndy Prpes Nrkkt Putman Ryan Platt Laura Pornter XKerry Pollard Shawn Polownlak Kam Powelson Damon Pratt Chrlstl Preator Errc Prlce Shen Prler Susan Puffett Troy Pullen Match Pyclor Amanda Ramsey John Rand Aaron Rankle Kyle Raymond Robble Reed Matt Retstad Gayle Revels Brian Reynolds Tom Reynolds Jody Rhoads Bruan Race Chrls Rrchardson Steve Ruffle Garren Rlggs Chrts Rlmel Brendan Rrnehart Danny Roark Jeff Roberts Vlckl Roberts Brtan Roblnson Chrrsty Roepke Bryan Rouchka Krtstm Rozrer Don Runcuk Corey Rupert Krrstle Rush Sharolynn Sampson Tara Sanderson Errc Savona Mrke Scammacca Joe Schurft Abe Schrlb Eighth Grade! 91 Kristin Rhoads Q Ava Schoellnast Jett Schouten Shane Schreckenghaust Christine Schulz Angela Seaton -T Chad Seiner Sarah Sexton Roxy Shaffe Carla Shaw Lisa Shaw William Shelton Stacey Sherman Chris Shipley Michelle Shore Frank Shorney Cherity Shriver Chris Simmons Chris Sivon Shannon Smith Zach Smith Larry Snodderley Tina Sodini Eric Spalding - Deena Spalitta Deric Spear Buddy Spurck ,Sunny Staats Dawn Stalker Frank Standley Jason Stantield Niki Stanley Kyle Steen Rhonda Stevenson Mandy Stewart Melissa Stultz Stephanie Swanson Kim Swayne Brad Swearngin Chris Swenson Mehgan Tade Anne Tapp Matt Taylor Rubin Taylor Theresa Taylor Kim Thomas Rachael Thomas Brad Thompson Jessica Thompson i 92!Eighth Grade' f A73 fi , 1 I A f K f is KAW 94 355 Z ? . si ' Judg PFSD 3 2 1 I l i 1 V' 'fiistff' ' -A Y.. . A -- --- --- A --- ? ---w- --A- .dui elf: .2511meee:-ei-1455-552iffiilirsywfes-1:1 1-sflealui-I -LF' -2522? -f-: fff' 1: .5 ts,- 1? A A LS Reaches 40,000 Judges and timers prepare to begin as Kristen Falkenberg, far left corner, prepares to race. ' A--'--f ""T"'f -'f"f"' "1" 1::i9+""f'elif "--- xx1f?:LT'Z5f?EL51111i14i1f55:"f21-52rea?-Qsiiiifiafiseesysfzszzsfz'1eE:z1?3eF5izi:f25?:.i-A' lip' ' --'--1' Jimmy Thompson Gina Thornton Tiffany Thurman Tony Torrence Gwen Trantham Danny Trober Joell Troch Jess Trundle Kelly Turner Tyler Twiford Debbie Ulm Craig Upton Wes Veasman Jeff Vogel Brett Voitenko Mike Wagner Allison Wait Dave Wallace Metia Waller Christine Ward Cindy Watson Brenda Weddle Melissa Wehner Lorie Weinel Jennifer Weiss Joe Welch Amy Welsh Maria Wendlandt Shauna Wendleton Kelly Wesner Andy West Brandie West Eighth Grade!93 Mike West Sarah West Krista Weston Carrie Whalley Barb Whitaker Travis White Brandon Whitehouse Matt Whitley ' Scott Wilkerson Mike Wilkinson Jeremy Willenbring Danny Williams Mike Williams Cheryl Williamson Clint Williamson Danielle Williamson Mary Williamson Stacy Willis Aimee Wilson Deedee Wilson Gary Wilson Tracy Wilson Chuck Wise Chad Wood Shelly Wood Tye Woods David Wright Jay Wright Dan Wrinkle Ray Wurtz Andrea Yeager Stephanie Wren X 94fEighth Grade ff And The Class Of 1991 Graduates! Performing at the gymnastics assembly are Nicole Young Deenia Dale Megan Tade Margaret Ulett Heather Burwell Kristina Gura Brandi Gonzales Angie Trappito and Kim Kennell. "' f l PSM4-' J S T'tQ,Q'f'f"s-' gist-52'-. iss '-f :H .-. . , . - 4Hr:-" -" - - LQ. -- 4. -- --f - +G f 'H :Q-We -- -f-- - gf ia' -- - . at af ll - - . -..L 17,lzsgglriglgifi3:,,:-,,.3i?2,.?..y,mffglgi. ,553 -fee.,...,-.aL3,f55g53fE2E11sEr: . , c . ua... K M x lg- . ..-s .A --- .-.,,.- aa.- .-. fa .1 he .if I 1- E -- ...., L -a.-..-.---...- -.,.-.... 91 5, ania Dale. a, Brandi Tim Yearout Daniel Yokley David York Kristen Young Stacy Young Scott Zolnoski Alexis Zoph XNQLEQQIQQ Steve Cooper Michael Haines Florence Hatfield Billy Horn Christoph Reiner James Tenny Gregory Thorson John Mock Tammy Osterloh Right. The first dance of the year is a hit for the eighth grade class as they enjoy the Red Cross Mixer V Above. Gathering around the lockers in the morning is a favorite pastime. Eighth Gradefes A Great Past People Who Triumphed The year which had begun in excite- ment built up to a triumphant ending. The New York Giants won the Super Bowl XXI. Eighth grader Matt Lewis made a TV mov- ie "Tryouts" for Channel 19. The ACE students promoted the crinoid or Delo- crinus Missourienis, for the state fossil. Those students had worked for two years to promote the idea and gain legislative support from State Representative Derek Holland so that they could present to the legislature their reasons for having a state fossil. Three students were awarded the Gold Key Winners at the 1987 Western Missouri Regional Scholastic Award Con- test: Matt Akin, Mike Mathis, and Barb Whitaker. Seventh grader Andrew Fortner placed second in the 1986 Soap Derby and won the R.G. Canning National Out- standing Youth Award at Fort Wayne, Ind. Congratulations! Pam Hale and Anthony Buller line up their homeroom during an emergency firedrill. i 1 Yearbook Staff, Front Row: Greg Thorson, Carla Otto, Sheila Karns, Jenny McElhany, Christine Ward, Melanie Lawson, Brooke Hatley, Nathan Gregory, Row 2: Emily Akers, Christy Laeupple, Heather Oldberg, Aimee Couste, Ashley Miller, 96fCIasses W ,gvui 5 Ll! Jeil Schouten, Kara Davis, Amy Welsh, Nikki Norred Row 8: Cindy Pipes, Lisa Hancock, Kelly Wesner, Terra Paulson, Jill Elrod, Melissa Wehner, Chris Rimel, Tetia McMichael, Kristen Young, Heather Johnson, Florence Hatfield. Not ly tv . -... f- -..iw....,,,.... Pictured: Kathy Couch, Jenny Pack, Kim Powelson, Angela Seaton, Roxi Shafte, Meghan Tade. rg ,ff I l l- . 1 Q its . fg vxfffm ',,-- Q g 'S W R . Q Ns at X f 1 V ff X X I Y N 4 K M X N f x X f KW? Qtfg ' S, f X 4 X Z SY YVQAJQW . 5 its f'1?M5i?' . ' . ,xrbX XX if 3 S K X M WZ X X xig X i X , S -1 L ' .Q ,.,. it i - 5 N txt e 5 X x 17.752, J' . :S 3 O 1 Qi S .siisliff 5 S- t l ,X X X N A A. Q-15311 s k fi. ' -X nug.....- ..,, Kim haffe, ,..-,, 'Q' si' v ff 1 W SM LS' n - wg.. o ,ki if L - Vw Rio f -f 'Q - Q Si X, Xe X ax.. A fix -X xk' X x i iii w' Q 78 my w 3 L X f X 'fa QS f X X F Q 4 Q gig f X ,Z X f X X xx ws X X X x H ,VX If xzv. 1 :., ,x'A i.::E :-1 o ,,,, '. 3 X 5 AX ,ig . 5. In , 5 V X Q ,Q .. gag " 3? X vf . ' ' N gy ix Nr -R X A' .xx K X X X- , X N V W X w 'S MX' Nwi x Ng, . W X .Q , 'S Above. Shannon Bertman boards the bus after a not day in school. Left. High school students sell suckers to the students of PLJH as a fund raiser. CIasses!97 iw. ..,.-....-...-.- .-..-.-..... M. .- .Af . Y. ..- .l..- if 1- . f.-fiT'1115'31wL+11- w--:---are Nr Y ' 4 'ZH -fu if if Aff 1 ll Jeff Hodgers and Aaron Reeves study about baseball cards during club time. 2l Tammy Lanning enters the cute category during the Halloween mixer. Bl Fire drills are routine ocourence at PLJH. Drills are conducted by the Lee's Summit Fire Department and the administration, 43 Students line up for the costume awards during the mixer. 98!Autograpns Qf W MQ MW' 'Sy My gf 71 N W -, f 1,3 0 Wf ,W A X M XM, f f X MQW fx 2? 'Z ww W4 sm f Autographs!99 unmn-em-p-vwm-u- .2 'tr I 4 -11h-su-'H -4" QF' -" .M - -, fd-.- ..,--Y.. ., is , , '-ir' ,f , f if '49 A in U Bikes were popular with students. 29 Kristen Falkenberg yells for her team to win. 35 Mark Muller carries the ball for the Tigers. 4i Lisa Oberhelrnan and friends get ready for the eighth grade cheer at the first pep assernbiy. 100!Autographs - V- - V 'Y -- -----------f-r---v---1-----fa..111:.:'2?1F?i:7f131f ' age ,- --Ari-7 ::f::? 2- 2 f-'1 ff 1 , 1 fe:- '--2 :rf 1'--feafelizeztilf -1:fff1- +44 - ' - f rf . -QM ..' A..4....,.................4a:. a...-ar.. ..... ., ,, ,, ' ' . .. ' " Y' :fi '1f11. z"-M'-- 1 --Y ---.....---,-. -..-.,,-,. - . 1,1-.-m-vm.,-.- ' F H--A-- ' -- A - ----J' --,:L:,.:L-::,:.:1.2211 n-ff.-1 :lE'if:af::5t?13-25141 -N fir--ff-v--FT"--4-1--we--1---vu--rw-'-fm -- ---' -fy l Q i . ,., .,,, .,- , . .. , ,, K1 Y V. .7-. ..!.. -...1.l,l- ,Y 5, frfggg- - K VI, -'V:,T,V3,:g,V5':.. iz Autographs! 101 ni" --. 7' Q :fg'.'QL 1 ,, , if 3771" ' ,, -' "1-'I f j- " f. 1 -- A - , , , , . .,, ,. A 1 ::- ,M-W -- 1 A ::.:. - -- -4 --'--- -J--1-1" 'fg?::f': "4--"' :- fn :.f---- -Y ff.. - A J V ----.- - - ----- --M.. ,, Y.. ,,,,,,,, . , ,,,,, , , , - .,,m5g,,g-,,g4,.,,g,,,,,, 15 Amy Baker, Tara Sanderson and Christy Preator head toward the bus. 23 The first pep assembly kept everyone's interest. 35 Kathy Hargrave, Paige Martin, Stephanie Davis, Nikki Robinson and Melanie O'Gorman, members of the LS Swim Team, give a cheer for their team. 4i Seventh grader Chad Landis reads his magazine information carefuiiy. 102fAutographs 11" fb-35 W' fi YW QW ,MMM ww sz, 5 4 N mv 9 A N- ,SN X.-,pgsfyfg qgfffypp 1-fm , Vwwv-Wgzspwy.-iszvbf 4, 'fx A 'P f fwfr , Ls .1 vv Xvxawqqx .wx 0' ' ' ' - v A HX X- V V 4 , Df4g,gm.-fyvxf-yn4,if , - ga Q- gy 523, Q,M.,f5.,wM,-WgM,f,M,-qw,gygfqv5231QWwww5-wqsqfwmffgf Q. -W, -fmgww fy we-m fwksg Q MQ-Mm-vw Q ff X WM M 43 Q, M Q 7 1 ' Lg f LL-L ' P4 Y' A H - Q- bf,-ff! Q Afwg, A 3 f, xfy,-f, gf pfvg, Mg, QW, 4 ,.'ZQ1Ww,fS,y,'e jM.w,M -www W' "X Q, ,px zwpg gg gg 33,53 nf, ,fm .-W ww 3 1 -' ' . , --" f X b, -4'--wi X MASQ Vffwf fy2yQa:M5ff,:,fyWxxz:f...,mn-Mww'WXMZ,my4wfm-1,,ofofffs-1-anewfWU,,w,.., fm'f.:,.- ,If 'ff ,, g, W Wwm-7 fx V V ' -. f . , X K , I 9 M .1 mf, I 5 W iw! Q,-fwga, , M 5 , Q X1 X X, kwa, A K ,Wg WMQ wwwx f ,fu ,f f, fry- ,QQ , u wmv, Q,,-WWQ VX X H' ff ,Aww w,x,-wffwmu ,:Jy4 7, , 5 , , -, x 5,-,, n ,QQQN-. X-fig .www Q S' M- r, .-xy, Q- W if 5 W4 WW'1"'527' x- 5 -'lfwfffe 5 ' Q f ,Mm wwswwf- '2SvcQw .-1 V5 Q5 x wwf wmzap 0 ,S 0 Q AuIoQraphs!1O3 W, -- f :X 7 if' Vw if 7 ,,, M47j,,!!,fy,f ff W W' wffff - f f '4 , ff,-f,,fW ,, f X , Z ff , , Q- "f77'Y-!'if!l!f?'fP'f'Y'V"'4'1:'FPll!Ax:V r Nu "':"""'l'1fv:ll'v1dhly-f'q'gg:Q' -.V 'V -,.. L .JV , 1 ,4,, A, V Y- , , N A A Y V A - 5 0 1 - w -A , I V,, V - ' f 'Y Y - - - v A A 35 -' gg 776:11-1 "A-',."..tf11 A 2: ie., "'f"?T' fl 'f1:Aff-,- ,. -Ji? YL-25-vit ff 'f "TFT ' Q- Y ' '191 -1 ' " " ,f ' " ' ' ' ' ' 'N " ' ----Y - - -AA- - -- - -- ' , ,, ,, . , P , f Z X f f , i f Q f f, fm , f f , f V , X X f X f f , X A, Q , , V f , f f X f ff f , X , , f X f X 7 K f w f f W M W , f , f f , , ff! , , , ,f X , , , X , ff ff ,f W f , W, 1, W ,,' f V, 2 6 f, , , f, W f ' 4 C ff' 4 M , f A A W, W WM f WN , 57x yd "4 w W I ,ff f ,f W W rf , W ', ,M W W, ,,, , ,ff , , ,,, M, X ,fi W fu, 5 1 " ,ff , ff-W ' ' , ,, 'f ' W wif , 0, TM iam !,,5 ,4 ,,,. , ,ff , V W Mw ,M f ,Q W yi i +I, 2 X Zi, .iffwfy ww- Wy! ff!! 3 ' W f . f ff' ,fiw ' W, f 23,7 074,77 Of! W VMWI 'N 0 4 M wfycff 4, ,W wt, ,WWQA f f ,M-fgf , , , Lf , as-f , hw, wwf'-,',f Wim LW.,-ffff, W7-J j .f,W,,,fa.W, ,M Q W ,A ,KW Q mwfgf ,j rf ' ,,, ,wh ,WI 7, fl, reg, WWQW4 wi 1,7- -W. 7 fin ff, - ,. W-W VV, 4 .ff ,W - f, W ' W-, ,X W f W 7 ., ,Wy 'WVSWGW ,Y 'W .- 7 W -X ,zfcfy ., ,, ,, We QM' wiv ' 1 W AWA -75,7 57-,A 3 5:73 off ,Nm t -'Ws.,5Wfy5-3 PL'-X . . ,. . . , . , ,,,. ,,t,,, , , ,,.t,,XW,. MW, ,.,,tW,V ,X-4,7 WwA5V,,.t.Z fffwvygy 44: ' CMV, ,X 1 Z9 W, Q 4 ' H575 '-'k 4 .sg 5 mi . ,X ,, ll Carrie Perkins, eighth grader, expertly works the downstairs copy machine for her social studies project. 25 Blake Eickelkraut is tackled while he tries Back To The Past! to gain yardage' mrmncmovuausnmcnmsuou 104!Autographs IOSTENS 13, ff if BL M W., aww W 5 za 0 , f K x ,,, ,n f P . A 9 4 .. , , nw!! ay 7 ,WW fw.-,awwy 1 ,, MA? ,Z 5, W ,mg ast! vmmmc MD Pususmuo mvnsson .gy-5.-..-...faefn V U.: Z' 4 . x 3 ffl f-rg.g-qgvmgfe-wg-rv--7.5-v-fx!-gr I-wn:ff---1-rgwrrggggnmfv, Y.: Ji.. . ,ge :.:,, YQ L1 f- '- - . 4 H - -'17-Y: ' - f - -37 -Y: -if 57-,v--- V Y ,, I v .nm u a. " ' " ' F 7 - f-f ii'-'f:Sf'5::E: 1'537215:-:3:'?liE-Q3-E1iEl125.:5k'-32-11'::- 1112- ff - 'fffu' l1l.L,..L"' ' 13- '17-AJ. :T:Q ....1-:.:..1:g::1,f::::.l.5.g.-YL:' :ff ' -f,.,.-..L1.,.... ' ' -- .-.,.. .- . ' -MW ,m--,,,,,,,,,g,,-n- ...a..,.m--' z...4.4......................a1.:..a..1.m . A-1 lu " 'rf -..,...,,.-..- Y' ' " ' '- "1"ff'T",'.15- iialijg lljgw -jf! L1 4i.?iE'?-1115112 E' 'rg 13' 1-ff:A2T5 '1 Ellil ' 'Il 2777- iii'F3vi'f?ffiQf?i'-i:f N 1, rn 5 1,1 " '- --ff ---" X J . H.. Y '-' -:'-z-- - Y--Ll., -- ---- Y-V- :-Jggzf,-LA,.,,,, - -:fr--W-if-.--V-..- ..-,..---,,,, , ,:,:-L-... ,-.,,.-...... -- J- , JT... ,- A A" 'T' ' " "' ' ' ' ' ' M- ""' i .-.-..u .- L.- .....,.. ' .u.1.4

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