Pleasant Lea Middle School - Flashback Yearbook (Lees Summit, MO)

 - Class of 1974

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Pleasant Lea Middle School - Flashback Yearbook (Lees Summit, MO) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1974 volume:

...A Q . 4 1. QQ-2,Q1f:.,ML - W '- .,,. 1 .............f--.-,.-- ..,.. . -......,,.,... . '7 dna.-Q-f. FLASIF Pleasant Lee's Sur Volume E Cover Design- Olenna Truskett Title Page- Kristy Wiltermoa Administration And Staffw Tim Motley .-.... ' J....-.,.,.,.., ...... ' " -A .Y ,,,, .WWW , , ,, , ,. , , h.....,...-.....-. .... , .. .... ,,,,,-1 FLASHB CK '7 Pleasant Lea Junior High Leeis Summit, Missouri Volume 3 IVHD-CONTINENT PUBLIC L!BFiAFiY MINIHNHIHiIH1l!HlNIIHHIHiIWHIHKlHWKIINHWIN 3 000011595969 8 ME Def'?f7ff if fif' fglilff MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY .Lf , ,ffl Midwest Genealogy Center " V I. 1 1' 3440 S. Lee's Summit Rd. C 5 1--fi iii Independence, MO 64055 5 N59 pi? 13 bn an Cover Designs' Olenna Truskett Title Page- Kristy Wi1termOOd Administration And Staff - Tim MotleY -.................4 Activities- Richard Smith Sports- Brian Gower Seventh Grade- Olenna Truskett Eighth Grade- Henry Reiman -a Dedication-Pleasant Lea Junior High Parent-Teacher Association To the P.T. . To the P.T.A., who has shown untirrng efforts to promote the welfare of children and youth in our school and community, we dedicate the 1973-74 FLASHBACK. aff ' , . lfiffwvuxi IEW? WSERES i ,I 5' 8011! T N M mm num 3 , , ss ' -ng PL.l.l'l i' '96 TEACHER AIDES-ROW ONE: Frances Wehmeir, Hilda Burry, Amy Tilton, Donnealia Lawson, Dolly Poos, Ruth Thompson, Lois Anderson, Margaret Gibson. ROW TWO: Mary Brooks, Dixie Mothers- baugh, Karen Simpson, Irene Case, Peggy Swearn- v. Vjf Vw , Y 3 5 '-ff 54975 MM 1,,l,,J tw-1 ' ff, 'ZX ,N 5' X. , .glide dxf' ,Q , eil sxfswr wr E, E Y - K . Q 4 5 -us x... X V . 5 ' N kiwi, P.T.A. POSTER CONTEST WINNERSeTina Bobbit, Honor able Mention, Tim Motley, First Place, Patty Maynard, Third 1 Place, Andy Cresswell, Second Place, Stan Sargent, Honorable Mention. P.T.A. OFFICERS-LEFT TO RIGHT: Thelma Brown, Corres ponding Secretary, Ethel Durnell, President, Julia Copeland Treasurer, Louise Casey, Recording Secretary. Not Pictured Carolyn Newberry, Helen Truskett, Dustv King. A if-W'fS' N .M S, 5...l gin, Louise Hilker, Phyllis Brown, Scharlene Hoppers, Daphne Waggoner. Not Pictured: Roy Williams, Sally Jaeger, Helen Truskett, Jeanne Wilde, Carol Westerfield, Dixie Given. u I1 ..- H BBDIRIISRHTIBH ff, L . O . ' f 'fx 'N . . 5. A T' b1t, Honor- xx 'X I .Fl - fd, Third H A .,,' ,auf Honorable ANS. z!:':A!.,:q'1 Q- -'SX 98' - "Q O 5 J 'fvzgf 'gxffq X f,:tlg':.tO:.v4x V' 1 if-31'-' 4 4 ' W . ..-.l A ,- wn, Corres- opeland, Pictured: , ,c '5....f 'YF N A g ffm' V District dmlnistrators M Dr. Bernard C. Campbell Superintendent of Schools iw fr "M ' Y Dr. William J. Underwood Assistant Superintendent of Schools T Stanley H. Magady Director of Business Affairs Milky 'th at m in-...M .,.. Mick G. Keisker 1 Clyde L Taylor DiICCt0I Of Tfaflspoftatlon Duector of Speelal SCIVICCS DISTRICT NO.7 SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS-FRONT ROW Durnell, President, Helen B. Shidell, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Owen Covmgton Phlllp T Seh auffler, Dr. Russell H. Ritter, Vice-President, E. M. Copeland. dmlnlstrators, Guldanee Counselors And Secretaries Russell Stokes Principal 4349 mqauwmhikk 'NN cis NR POR ER xx Larry Porter Charles E. Browne Assistant Principal Director-Title III :Hi SECRE' Dorothy xx? 'vb' in GUIDANCE COUNSELORS-Duane Bierwirth, Ron Hoduski, Judy Jancey. I' We ef M ge'- 'i i' SECRETARIES-SEATED: Anne Berry. STANDING: Cindy Dempsey, SOE Student, Dorothy Phillips, Francine Johnson, Pat Miller. xl! mulls, 5 QS a Margie Linnenbrmk SOE Student Glenda Tiller, Secretary 1 5 s I n 2 2 2 f 5 f 4 V Mu, , .. ' .N 1 , ,Magi ta ,X"",0 ' J X, ,,,. Q wa xx x VIH? Kathi Bird Betty Rust I10nu5EC0n0nHcs Karen Conrad 8 . F' T an my ff N '4 x f X Q56 is .2 gem '- X M, M 'N k, Wfx xx f Ex , Q iw Y f ff Hr- X' gx A fx 3 E Anna Jones -1 Www and rt HQ, .G xx J' ffe YK S 3 7 i N 'N 3 'vw AS , 4 , QQ W.,, w E 5' Sf VA! 5 f Indu trial Arts and World of Con truetion :INK . - : f-Ai!15Vf'x -v-dlNW"" ,u llH'1+ wx asf' x f J' Q. X az M 5:-. P X X Q , Q X 'Nm X X, x bo 'OOO !u,'v Henry Heflin Wayne Scrudder 51' sf mf' k f X Charles Hunzlnger J W Page ? s '43 if f f Mu ff f My Z f QA Z fe HM! we ff N ,, N f N X f :-:- ' ' . AN X Q sy f X 1,2 E x , X Q, , X E I I P Carol Q!" Q Q ,. 1 . fi 'Q Debbie Deatrick Richard Bruce 5 Margaret Hale 0- ,.-...,,,..,,.v. - -- Y? M, , "" 'X W!! Seventh and Eighth Grade Math Loulse Kuester rf Barbara Marx HQ. if 2 31 .5 Z Z Z 5 Q 5 S X xx.. A, ,.: f ght .3 X +5-X 9 X'-'fi' T. RQ, iq,-N, M, ,X NX my XX Q X , wx x xg - 7 X n QV- x 1 " K.!O?'ES5nz:s?V X XA, 45 Yww - K7 1 Wu.. .Q nr s x Q ww Q . A ! 5 Lyle Franklin Edith Lehman N, X M. ,v 1. Qs Wy rx Jean Arm Wharton as 2 Al Yackie f X W ,,1. X, Seventh Grade eienee Arthur Heffelfinger Helen Matchell f f Z . l 2 f f X X v l'ZC,'IJa 1" , 4+ I fer? fffff' ,'.Q' ,' 'V , I, M v ,. 3 0 W f f ' ff' ' ' - Q4 if f WQW, L , vf X. ,Q ,IZ 'YXIUWW ,, 1'7" ' X f .W ,f I f f'5' M- Q , J 4 "--. 5' ff 1 , if " ?'f'l J. Rem Schuyler - Don Welsh L' , if fglll M fe ,,f Aww 2 5 E J acq uelinc fi w ff I ,, .1 5 -, gil' 2 I V A f ,f Z , Q, Gif: Z 733,355 G 1:51 , 5 fgijfa Zf f . 5 , f Z rf, , 5 , , .f., 4W,,,W,.,,,, fl M52 Z-....,.,, ""HMn...,, f W. ,fvgwf W ,M,H, Mm nlllMMKEL4lllllll if fu ,Z . "' W Warnw I M ,.,ff, f ff ,WW f,,,,,,f W Elghth Grade Sclence Jacqueline Butler Dale Coon John Ferguson Virginia Rygaard I e enen f O I .f f 'J' J W Q W W ff f? ,4 ZZ f ,7 , f W 2 1 Q 1 -. xl we .up 5 1 ,ff M A Zi X , 7 ' QQ 4 f o,WQzQ 1 4 .Zz A X Q 4 Z , 4 , ,gf I nv Q ',2 W QW?9 4 M Seventh Grade Language Arts and Social tudies Mike Gilles ". Daw?" 'ln' ' xl?" Dorothy Pickering 4 ' 0 Marlene Scantlin Sherry Swingle Mary Lou Akers Clella Combs J oy Munsen Irene Shikles QLARKXSX s fW""R swf Y' qL....f..,...,.., 11 -v--..,,,NW .M 6 1 5 Eighth Grade ' ocial tudies 4 J fl 5 George Betts Ed Cahill Q ' 1 8 Q -'KX X E -N V 'wma W. -Q' 1-. - .,.v - ,, or , ,. r, ,iiv ,Mr X i V , ,K xnksgii ' rr uf? 'Z i L - 4 W. 55"--0'4" v,-3'---ww 3 or , H Karen Jones Barbara Moore Hwvmm-r , Nw WN WMWB we X Y ff A, ,M -X X 56:3- K . x, X , RX Q! X X N X ir -Q' X X N3 1 'SE , i ' Q a 9 RXSQW, A mv 0 9 + X ... S r 1 Q Ng ' V f Ng, - ,.-, Q Q. .:. I :V , r :'5Q .3 "NX,- X so ..g,.ff,1 , - Q 1.3.3 . - Q ' fs: B- f sc " A 7 Q 'W +V . :Nu N m sa. 4,5 , ff' 5 X Joyce Bonnie K f, 'U v 1 f 1 up 'faq xr :nw N Af 1 . V . vfY.....l1 ... ,M 4' il" . Q v ,www xy-W ,J + o x xx-M Tk ' 'NX x Q 4 " xxs .-i +1 TN . Q Nx ,fu S x S X f w if ' v S , 9 i If w I r E? 'AN Joyce Folsom Juanita Grayum Bonnie Knipmeyer Susan Miller H, L 4 si ...-.W --v----w4.....x 4 5 , X nw Q Elghth Grade Lan uage A I"tS 5 4 1 , I, 4, 1 f W- A -f f 'J I N f '. - !'V -.. 1 ' f X A I 4 1 at ' 'I X 'rn 1 1 I I ! l P , 4 1 J in-.,...,,,,,W,,,,,,,,,, Z f f Reading and Special Education , i 1 1 I x Q I I 20 Q .Al '93 Za i 3" 'Q xx Z Itrice Eubanks Judy Whittemore Ed Wilde 'K Nw v, Q N . A 5 i gi id 5? 25 iid M 13 'T W Nusa-Ax Wllma Goddard Speech Therapist X xwxx Q X XX f A .,.. ,M x A ww - K :S x 5 'S ,vs M 4 , ,um . - X xxx ,. sq, N . .. X .. .L .Q x NR sk x 5. x 9 21 1 " f ' V f 4 4 ,iw SYM. Q i N S ,C " fu x am We A! N, Librarian and Secretaries J S 4 f! N '-I-nw Sharon Early Librarian Shirley Standlea f - 1 A y Z SNC' NUI' Betty Volkmer X Q ' QW N R ff? S Q nf X. ...Zh X x59mN P Q V' ,- W ,.. -X A 54 . H . . -,--' v-.. .. .4 .......1.i..-......-....4.......a-..........-.4... ...fx ,.a,..LL...,..,,..,,.,.-,, .-. ... .. i A , A J X ' W X, 5 Q , X .i NX X iles li - . Sw ' Q 0 qi S g 5 Sw N . x. 5, X , Q- M an , X Si ' f K I ' . ' N' A A X 4' A aw-X on ' S .Q f l K A Xxx X X. . , 5 X' X SS . , X Q W of 1 X 5: fm' 1 4 f NN 55 4 :is l N X V f - X l XZ f 'f g I Volunteer L chool urse Red Cross Volunteers v Rl 'Wx ml eff f X xxgx fi, ' W N .ffm Kay Meier-Volunteer -'sgx Volunteers Ruth Thompson, seated, and Clara Lord, standmg School Nurse Marianne Belser, far right. an .Q A30 -rr if To u wifi 4 4 INC 44 1- 41 fri-k -r'k ul' -ir -k tktki I Aw-uw-kk li 'Fig 4 'F 4..'-Eff' 'F Av., 7 iq I' ll' lo C Student Council it, 'I I , , I l. I g, :', ' ,J STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS-Kent Warner, Sergeant-at-arms, Bill Ingle, Secretary, Debbie Vest, President, Chris Martin, Vice-President. EIGHTH GRADE STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES-ROW ONE: S. Headley, P. Cantwell, M. Linthicum, R. Til- ton, L. Rygaard, D. Darnell, M. Smith. ROW TWO: B. Brown, L. Ratliff, J. Griffin, J. Turney, D. Brown, B. Middleton, D. Vest. ROW THREE: P. Nill, C. Lambeth, D. Boone, D. Braswell, K. Warner, M. Vincent, C. Martin, B. Ingle. EIGHTH GRADE STUDENT COUNCIL ALTERNATES-ROW ONE: D. Gross, A. Russo, K. England, L. Dugan, S. Yates, R. Plude, G. DeCarlo, D. Collins, B. Gower. ROW TWO: T. Walz, C. Hammond, S. Skel- ton, P. Maynard, K. Burkhart, K. Mitchell, K. Doctor, T. Ridge, D. Fraley, L. Dunham. A Q he I I + 3 IX K fif- SEVENT Gina Smi TWO: De shall. RO Mike Rui S P LEVEIN Danny Hansen ROXHHI Lisa H2 --r,.""'-H.. SEVENTH GRADE STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES-ROW ONE: Sherri Motzel, Gina Smithson, David Schmitt, Greg Geritz, Terry Smith, Chris Gardner, Sam Silvio. ROW TWO: Deanna Etter, Jeannie Burton, Marque Shafe, Kyle Diekmann, Greg Phillips, Lesa Mar- shall. ROW THREE: Stan Giles, Leroy Burry, Steve Magee, Chad Giddings, Tina Wiseman, Mike Ruth, Brian Rookstool, Dave Flick. 1 SEVENTH GRADE STUDENT COUNCIL ALTERNATES-ROW ONE: Jeff Crawford, Danny Ryan, Steve Shapiro, John Belser, Jeff Carter, Mary Rader, Carolyn Walsh, Denise Hansen, Mary Stephan. ROW TWO: Brad Ziegler, Jan Bollinger, Liz Daney, Terri Keith, Roxanne Knipp, Susan Lowe, Kim Durnell, Melody Rife, Susan Cornwell, Pam Akers, Lisa Harrison, Toni Taylor. If ,L in My 'f ' W A33 .. ,'l .E i 0 .KX Artwork by: Tim Motley 27 ,M . - V " " "KX 'S ,WM ' Rf-? 4 E O D Q D ' , W . - , 5 Y J be J , . "Q SEVENTH GRADE Y-TEENS-ROW ONE: C. Walsh, R. Allen, B. Hedrick, J. Clark, J. S I Garrison, D. Hamilton, M. Webb, L. Mothersbaugh, J. Keenan, K. Williams, B. Huff- vl man. ROW TWO: Mrs. Rust, M. Sobek, T. Fetters, P. Johannigmeier, D. Angel, D. 5 Hood, L. Hoppers, D. High, B. Stiles, A. Groom, T. Bobbitt, P. Pegan, L. Eisart, P. l Kindell, L. Marshall, T. Vincent, Mrs. Kuester. ROW THREE: Miss Marx, K. Durnell, L. Ratliff, S. Lowe, L. Daney, K. Stewart, R. Smith, K. Wilson, D. Etter, R. Knipp, J. , Burton, C. Huskisson, K. Shaw, Miss Bird. 1 1 Artwork by- Richard Smith EIGHTH GRADE Y-TEENS-ROW ONE: B. York, B. Beeson, R. Tilton, D. Holman, S. Skelton, K. Hoke, K. Batchelor, T. Mairet, L. Rygaard, J. Gardner, L. Cox, K. Keller. ROW TWO: J. Turney, T. Ridge, C. Paul, J. Lucas, P. Kindell, M. Linthicum, J. Berlekamp, T. Daniel, K. Creswell, L. Green, M. Conn, D. Darnell, S. Keller, S. Sap- pington, P. Parsons. ROW THREE: J. Tudor, B. VanBlarcum, T. Walz, K. Pape, S. Cooper, L. Ratliff, D. Vest, B. Brummett, K. Burkhart, J. Griffin, B. Middleton, K. Mitchell, C. Holder, K. Mucke, S. Ehlers, K. Atwood, L. Story, S. Barnes, B. Zimmer- man. Y-Teens Not Pictured: M. Butts, L. Dugan, K.Garrison, L. Steele, T. Creamer, D. Brown, C. McCarthy, J. Moren, J. Griffin. SPEED READING Artwork by- Don Martin ! 1 TIGER SIN skoetter, Z. Walsh, K. Dt TWO: S. Sh: M. Westlake High, T. Lid ing, C. Gidd man, S. Silv RED CROJ M. Denzin, Garner, V. way, C. Mc Kunard, K. Mairet, K. l A. Jones, lv . . .. ...... ... , .,, ............,........L.......Q........-.4...-.a.s1 --.--...s.,............ ......... . Q. . ,.. . Clark, J. . Huff- 1l, D. rt, P. Jurnell, lnipp, J. JM.. D. Holman, fc, K. nthicum, er, S. Sap- tpe, S. ton, K. . Zimmer- reamer, TIGER SINGERS-ROW ONE: J. Bennett, T. Schaller, P. Kindell, T. King, G. Foulks, L. Bern- skoetter, Z. Freese, B. Whittle, A. Bieri, B. Stiles, J. McQueen, C. Stroud, R. Allen, K. Gragg, C. Walsh, K. Durnell, P. Johannigmeier, G. Williamson, S. Whittle, L. Hertzberg, S. Waugh. ROW TWO: S. Shapiro, J. Carter, S. Stillwell, B. Duagherty, L. Siegrist, P. Akers, L. Oswald, J. Jolliff, M. Westlake, E. Walter, M. Kiefer, R. Wilson, C. Courts, L. Black, L. Harrison, T. Bagley, D. High, T. Lidberg, P. Mullane, L. Mothersbaugh. ROW THREE: G. Herriman, D. Ryan, S. Lann- ing, C. Giddings, G. Harris, J. McCoy, D. Flick, M. Wright, S. Giles, D. Dyer, S. Magee, G. Ise- man, S. Silvio, D. Bartholomei, D. Collum, G. Geritz. RED CROSS-ROW ONE: R. Allen, J. Carter, G. Everitt, M. Sehorn, T. Schaller, T. Smith, Artwork by: M. Denzin, B. Kurtz, C. Anthony. ROW TWO: C. Stroud, D- Crabtree, R- WUSO11, C- Tim Motley Garner, V. Thompson, R. Harness, L. Oswald, S. Waugh, T. Vincent, S. Killer, A. Gallo- way, C. McCarthy, P. Williams, T. Barnes, B. VanBlarcum, K. Kennard. ROW THREE: D. Kunard, K. Durnell, K. Keller, T. Daniel, J. Freerksen, K. Mucke, T. Hoover, D. Vest, T. Mairet, K. Davis, L. Mahan, Y. Roberts, J. Looney, L. Harrison, R- Nelson' C' Huskisson, A. Jones, M. Leetch. - -.............,......................... -- f I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I , , I SUMMITAIRES-ROW ONE: P. Schauffler, K. Williams, D. Poos, T. Maze, C. Garner, D. Moschelle, C. Kropf, S. Scofield, S. Headley, L. Dugan, R. Hale, S. Curtright. ROW TWO: J. Kelley, S. Neucomb, S. Keller, D. Kunz, J. Burton, D. Vest, P. Kindell, T. Joseph, T. Whit- worth, D. Darnell, K. Batchelor, T. Walz, C. Paul, K. Cresswell, C. Painter. ROW THREE: V. Ellis, K. Mucke, D. Fraley, S. Cooper, T. Anderson, D. Kunz, N. Clark, C. Holder, A. Han- kins, J. Martin, J. Scherer, J. Butts L. Lamb, D. Routh, C. Wilson, C. Harris. NOT PIC- TURED: D. Egelston, S. Waite, S. Odneal, M. Smith. I WVQYW 2,1632 O Artwork-Rick Wasson 30 BLACK AND GOLD CHOIR-ROW ONE: L. Ratliff, M. Linthicum, R. Tilton, K. En gland, O. Truskett, C. Johnson, B. Ward, S. Yates, B. Bacon, T. Motley, B. Pulley, K. Rook, L. Rygaard, L. Clark, K. Garrison. ROW TWO: D. Crabtree, C. Williams, K. Clark, B. Brummett, T. Ridge, T. Stewart, E. Hesse, B. Luethje, S. McBride, C. Hammond, J. Griffin, P. Parsons, K. Hoke, S. Skelton. ROW THREE: B. Kurtz, L. Story, M. Smith, S. Sappington, K. Bowen, K. Katz, R. Mothersbaugh, C. Malm, D. Oberweather, B. Beeson, J. Casey, B. Vanblarcum, K. Simcosky. ROW FOUR: J. Tudor, C. Mal1ett,P. Case, T. Hoover, K. Mitchell, D. Harrison, K. Thompson, C. Martin, E. Westerfield, R. Wheeler, K. Kelley, S. Fraze, J. Turney, J. Griffin, K. Burkhart, L. Lee, B. Middleton, J. Hake. NOT PICTURED: S. Sell, L. Walz, R 3 A, sg- lu V14 E? EF. QE 52 HW' D-cr UJ"4 5. u-P 5' f um nfl ik 1' WOR LD GF CON TRUCTION Artwork by: Don Martin , K. En- K. Clark, ., J. th, S. eeson, T. zler, ce. V BIBLE Bibre, S+uJy Artwork by: Rick Wasson Seventh Grade Part 'Wm , A A III 'S BAND cw I X IM "' - - .- '1 , Q .Dfw B Artwork by: Richard Smith X X mx S xy 'Y K 8 X AW Q Q 4 r A f 1 If X ff! Eighth Grade Party Cl- J' C ou 934, S Clqgrv A kby Rh dS h Che-.c.Ker'S Artwork by: Rick Wasson I X X xx S A-x 'L -WWW , gf 1 W2 X-Q 1,! X Q-N . . ,. ...,-.,...,,-. q..,-. .4, - , . ,, .1 , , Q ' ,.............,........-.., Aaah XHQAGA K3 4 QQRJZT " iii' 5 U I1 ? Artwork by: Richard Smith Qaubk lllk K. 625 dsxfyxcbr SQL 1 ll :O Artwork by: Richard Smith T WH! ART CLUB Artwork by: Don Martin Il ...,.-.....-f-,,---+- -,+,........,- 'Q i ev' 'H-If 1' if 4,1 X -1 I 'Q - . 11? fxq-fl 7 M , 1' hiv' - p ENTOMOLOGY Artwork by: Don Martin 1 f ' x Q in ff .r r. AN 3 wrfq ' V-9.9 n my -HAQ VAQA Q L'A' Q I . 1 7 1 4 f I l i I 1 .x 4 Artwork by: W' xx ip,:,A'71 Richard Smith - 'S '3 A n A S ? 1 NM ,. 7 rf I, 'gg' , 1, in Xrxxw' sw . - .. - W -. N.--.-.-N.-1-... ..........4.,.........4........,......g1 ,.....,m.....Q - .-. - .. ....- 4...-.. by x XX: .:- 2:527- MN 4' M er' ' Wm' v--My Q if , ! 3 0,4 Ugg x if ., - rr, ff J y, , A Q """-1-N-.--f...,M..r, wwf..-wrt.. 4 yw , on -..rt VL Artwork by. Tim Motley MMG cava I -u f Artwork by -4 Richard Smith Artwork by: Richard Smith --e-- R FW' i - f 3 Q . v pc" ,, num , N . -Q: A -, Q5 -1 A - , ' , 3 ww. -1 A954 fx W - ,mr . I .... Q Q W Q 'f N N- f ,i .. X ...,, ' I, " if Nw x X X. 7 X , ,,,. ,N MM---.....,, gh X 4, , w Q 1 ,,.. 0.8 N -' A X 1 ' ' . 5 w X W 3 I W I i 'i 1, .V 1 ,... NN my ! it sump CLUB 2 . 'NO P T 1 Artwork by: Richard Smith li 1. T i sa Q Mime: Y-...kgs Mgfwwr 3' N 432 . .. ,, ........Q-............n..................a ....,..,.......,.........-....,.,.4.. ,,.., " I MHTH F3 4. - x if TuTQmwcf 0 it lt, if fi .Li sam, .. MX 1 3 ,Sv- ' !.'- wewhnvan uma A tw k thls p g R ha d Smlth Artwork by-Don Martin E www 655, vvvvvvvvvv 4444444444 YVYYYVVYYV 4444444444 ii 4444444444 VYYYVYVYYVY 44444444444 CHEERLEADERS-Olenna Truskett, Lesa Lamb, Cynthia Painter, Linda Clark, Lori Lee, Kim Rook. S i g. 3 'I aw J J M... 'Y if SEVENTP K. Smith, Wright, D. Snow, G. f X If F A-'xii 1. K. 77" SEVEN1 J . Stoke: T. Smith Pruitt, I 'E ffm 1. ........ .F -gg ,M . ' sv SEVENTH GRADE FOOTBALL TEAM-ROW ONE: J. Branick, G. Geritz, D. Saling K. Smith, T. Smith, G. Iseman, J. Belser, M. Seitz. ROW TWO: D. Dyer, J. Goff, M. Wright, D. Ryan, M. Roberts, J. Crossley, K. Diekmann. ROW THREE: J. Schenke J. Snow, G. Laster, S. Magee, D. Jennings, T. Clark, E. Volkmer, R. Mills. S9 S , N, . .J 5 ' as 'l"I.Qlf. 'il .5 , ' a - 2 . -' ' ,f 531,21 rv 'IJ Eff r15r y f s kis . A, ' .. -up 'wi rg 6 v A , QV, f .,, if V aaa. Msg, ' If , , W F sxmfk ar., ,N I Lf . wi' V ' -uw SEVENTH GRADE FOOTBALL TEAM-ROW ONE: M, Kelly, M. Pyle, D. Engle, J. Stokes, F. Mower, C. Stephens. ROW TWO: R. Clewell, S. Pierson, J. Hertzog, T. Smith, T. Carpenter, L. Cornell, D. Thompson. ROW THREE: P. Jones, D. Pruitt, J. Goble, R. Roedel, E. Brooks, D. Scholobohm, E. Bowers, K. Trent. -Sir- 1 X . e ., 5 . X, K . .4 .... ... - gf . ..,. 2' xx Coaches-Don Lang Mike Gilles Larry Jansen Wayne Scrudder l l 1 l i SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL INTRAMURALS-ROW i ONE: R. Pippenger, K. Yates, J. McQuillan. ROW TWO: C. Kid- well, K. Dampier, C. Loy, D. Sagaser, D. Anderson. Sponsor- Kathi Bird. I l l is l il l 5 . -1 uv-1 ,,, . 2 ' ' -G. Q 1 ' 'Z' " O '05, :. " 4' 1 aff vi y . , SEVENTH ' 2 ,iff , 3? A D. Morgan, 'EJ' :W G . A hi 1 Ryan' Not I ' A . 5 f if y I, fs. if J , A 1 A W2 2 J.. A ROW ONE: K. Diekmann, L. Hirt, M. Sullivan, J. Brock. ROW TWO: J. Branick, K. Battmer, F. Mower, D. Conway, R. Stover. Sponsor-Barbara Marx. 4 1 l I I ROW ONE Jones, T. C: il 1. I ROW ONE: E. Eiskina, S. Moranville, R. Smith, J. McCoy, D. Howard, E. Brooks, M. Slaughter, L. Burry, D. Flick. Sponsor- pl, Henry Heflin. W l I 5' ROW ONE: K. Foster, K. Thompson, G. Geritz, B. Sanders, ' ROW TWO: M. Pruyn, J. Goble, T. Sharp, H. Bowman, S. Magee. Sponsor-Betty Rust. l 1 4 I l l 44 Y n l f 14. , 5 Xi 5 C . .- .V ---- Y. -.-- fu..-.... ..-........L-...a.4.......'........-....4.r . L, ,,,,, , ,,,,6,,,.-,nn Q z- is XX l S- SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL INTRAMURALS-ROW ONE: C. Gardner D. Morgan, D. Taylor. ROW TWO: C. Duagherty, L. Brizendine, K. Kennard, D. X., S-, ,N Ryan. Not Pictured-M. Roberts. Sponsor-Don Lang. ,H . . ill. ,., g . U ,ef Q., - 4 -. -' ROW ONE: S. Bonds, J. Steele, T. Smith, M. Plummer. ROW' TWO: Jones, T. Carpenter, S. Rookstool. Sponsor-Karen Conrad. ' Q D. Engle, ! xg.. 'Qc ,. N f. N" ROW ONE: B. Peery, D. Schmidt, T. Smith. ROW TWO: G. Iseman, C. Simpson, J. Stokes, B. Ziegler, C. Giddings, B. Elder, D. Wendt. Sponsor-Louise Kuester. it ls! A ,gtg wk, -.ff ROW ONE: D. Bartholomei, J. Piccinini, G. Meier, M. Ket- ner. ROW TWO: D. Wesselschmidt, M. Ruth, K. Smith, S. Spainhower Sponsor Mike Gilles lll I.-A, PN 9 ...Q v 7' 1 EIGHTH GRADE FOOTBALL TEAM-ROW ONE: D. Heide, S. Wisdom, B. Motzel, T. Trotter, J. Goodin, B. Bacon, K. Katz, D. Martin, J. Mark, R. Petty, M. Denzin. ROW TWO: C. Ryan, J. lseman, R. Carter, D. Collins, L. Greeley, K. Walker, L. Saunders, R. Walter, S. Fraze, S. Luns, R. Bowers. ROW THREE: R. Nyquist, B. Ingle, P. Nill, M. Kettner, K. Fos- ter, L. Walz, L. Kim, S. Sullivan, B. Hall, K. Kennard, D. Harrison, R. Wayman, R. Butler, W. Lang, M. Michael. EIGHTH GRADE FOOTBALL TEAM-ROW ONE: M. McCambridge, D. Gifford, D. Oglesby, B. Hoduski, R. Bradley, B. Corson, L. Monahan, T. Legant, S. Sell, C. Johnson, B. Jaudon, N. Dermond. ROW TWO: K. Bowen, J. Hernandez, G. DeFreece, M. Moore, M. Kidwiler, T. Saling, B. Brown, T. Johnston, D. Oberweather, D. Lorenz, B. Jones, B. Leahy, J. Sullivan, D. Fields. ROW THREE: M. Hollis, M. Boney, K. Goble, B. Coday, B. Graham, M. Johnson, C. Martin, M. Vincent, D. Braswell, K. Warner, K. Walker, W. Gibson, L. Webb, T. Pratt, J. Johnson. Coaches-Hank Geritz, J. W. Page. H 35 3 ya .-Q ,QQ 3 H . Q: If EIGHTH GF Scott Sell, R' Foster, Mike ef f e l, Q X EIGHTH GQ Sullivan, Bili Nill, Kyle G. Manager. "3 . N Qs . t . . S . 1 - 5 N-4 'i L,,4 flotzel, T. V TWO: ter, S. C. Fos- rutler, W. . X 7 112, K ,nj - 55' 3 EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL-ROW ONE: John Gardner, Bob Jones, Jeff lseman, Scott Sell, Richard Smith, Greg Perkins. ROW TWO: Dave McGraw, Lyndon Walz, Kevin Foster, Mike Johnson, Tony Pratt, Loren Kirn, Kris Grey. st 5. 'Wy Q, 445 X S J il 125 43 BJ 1-yi' . Oglesbyr audon, N. ler, T. Jullivan, Ifohnson, ratt, J. as fm 3 QQ EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL-ROW ONE: Mark Sievers, Dennis Smith, Shannon Sullivan, Bill lngle, Rick Walter, Mark Kettner. ROW TWO: David Pirie, Manager, Pat Nill, Kyle Goble, Kip Walker, Kent Warner, Doug Braswell, Mark Luber, Mike Goucher, Manager. .' z rf ' X .v EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL INTRA- MURALS-Danny Meadows, Ron Wheeler, Mike Kidwiler, John Sullivan. Not Pictured- Brian Hoduski. EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL INTRAMU RALS-ROW ONE: Roy Fender, Gail DeFreece, Barrie Hall, Randy Petty, Roger Staten, Mike Boney. 5.2 EIGHTH Painter, D. P. Castro, C. . Pape, C. I gaard. ROW Kaltenstadler , ...ey ,. Y NP, B. Huffman G . ROW TWO: X L... If... l. Groom, B. es, T. Vincent, cke, K. Ray- Anthony, S. Breon. ff' fiffeaf, my I , -..ff 21. W EIGHTH GRADE GIRL'S BASKETBALL INTRAMURALS-ROW ONE: D. Shaw, C. Painter, D. Darnell, B. Middleton, L. Lingle, K. Rook, S. Cranford, C. Lloyd, C. Wheeler, P. Castro, C. Harris. ROW TWO: K. Mitchell, R. Tilton, T. Walz, D. Kunz, J. Lucas, K. IURALS-ROW Pape, C. Paul, C. Creswell, K. Lacy, J. Kenneth, D. Routh, C. Meyers, C. Wilson, L. Ry- L Du an R gaard. ROW THREE: G. DeCarlo, L. Lee, L. Mossie, L. Dunham, L. Hahn, K. Eager, B. ' g , ' Kaltenstadler, T. Joseph, R. Evans, D. Hillyer, T. Hanna, P. Kindell, E. Riley. .s, T. Anderson, .1 , .gs SEVENTH GRADE GIRL'S BASKETBALL INTRAMURALS-ROW ONE L. Siegrist, V. Edwards, T. Fetters, P. Mullane, P. Akers. ROW TWO L Os wald, J. Joseph, S. Cornwell, L. Mothersbaugh, T. Springer, L. Brown ROW THREE: P. Coble, P. Luber, T. Anderson, B. Darabos, R. Allen, C Walsh C Z as R. U., W if f ' 1 .Wm 1 My Q , fy Www 4 I F as I 1 ...,,.v...-.-..,,.,..n-.,....,,,...,., ...,,.....,,-1. N.. .. ff o ' 1 ..,'9 5' 4.1 GRD 'Hb rp' ,. 'I' if if J. S .e.- -R-4! QI! ', 90 A , 1 ff Q 6'i"i'5 s. 6 55525 0 0 - '1 0 5' 1 I QA A, ,HI - ' - L " ' ' 'Y -"' - -' - -- I----rw-at-4'-' 1'-ri:--:Q-,--f,1 Q,..4.--Air--' -3,-T-,.........:,....-....1,. .,, .Q-fefiaff-0-S,--v-agen!! 'ESA .YYY.: Ynnwglf- f- F' -'T 1 A X lv ,W 5, x X X, QQ it .xx,,,1.X XxxNS X QFSSSRS assi '5- A X J ,.,.,...,A4 ...Y ,..--.. ,.-L, - 'RR ,' -T Qi iii 5 .xxiysf R 'i X X. SSE 'v . Xfji 1 , A Wi Y sy A ' V7 f l 5 Y S E I E YP I N xgrqfhhl 'ln-:,..,1lL :AJS ,- K ,,,,,, mil, Y V 'Y -- - 3-, f- , -- , -- V -- --- - - ' 2, W I V I . 1 f Q ,, , , , is ,E X ' .X - few 1 0 k Hershell Bowman Robert Bradley ChIiStiH6 Jim Branick Ta 1n otes Bmeu Is Important Sherri Breon Dee Brewer Christine Bricker Lyndon Brizendine l fi S .M--eg, . -'-"ijt S S M ,ef , .,,z we Kathy C V 1 i 15' A " .1 5 Jeff' 2 I X Jeff Br0Ck Eddie Brooks Lori Brown Terree Brown Shelly Kim BIOWHC Sue Bruce Scott Buboltz Wendy Buehre Cynthia Bunch 562111 BUICT1 Jeff BUICII Cooper Burns Leroy Burry Jeannie Burton Janet Busick 54 Ricky Branick ee Brown dy Buehre l ret Busick Kathy Cameron Clay Carney Tim Carpenter David Carroll Tim Carroll Jeff Carter Valerie Castle Sonyia Caywood Ann Ceynowa Tim Chamblin Shelly Childress Jackie Clark Terry Clark Steve Clasbey .v 73"""f , ' 2 'X , rx N , f f 2 ' ' ' we . 2 A L V 1, Ricky Clewell Amy Clover Paulette Coble Linda Cohee Kathy Cole Teri Collins David Collum Tina COHIICI i r Group Work Mike Connors Barbara Conquest Chris Constable Dale Conway Denise Cooper R e u i I' e S l q . Cooperation Bill Copeland Lizanne Copple Roger Copple Karen Corbin Link Cornell 1 Kevin D Chris DaL David Cullen Renee Cummins Jimmy Currie David Cutghall Heath Cornett Susan Cornwell Greg Corson Cheryl Courts Thelm Steve Cox Jeff Crawford Nancy Creswell Jeff Crossley joe D Q: II Jrk on fl Courts Crossley d Cutshall I . I 1. fi 1 C. My Kevin Dampier Liz Daney Barbara Darabos Bruce Daugherty E 3 s 2 1 E Chris Daugherty Brenda Davis Joyce Davis Kelly Davis r Thelma Davis Danny De Lancey Linda De Mars Rhonda Dennison Joe Derleth Per Dermond David Diehl Kyle Diekmann Carolyn Angela Dold Peggy Dold Di Giralamo Q i 1 - ' f Sara Doutt Karen Dubin Karen Duncan Robert Duncan i a l l l 1 l 2 423' li? You ake All Kinds Of Friends at School y Q- ,f X! K, Jeff Dunlap Jane Dunn Kim Durnell Liz Donnie Dyer John Eagleson Bobbi Early Harold Easter Jana EdWaIdS VHHGSSQ Edwards Deffin Egleswn K ' . . 1" Q' eww ,W f figs? L' "Iwi: wi'f7fi- , ' . ' 'going ,fi 5.3.4 i1,',ngf.4 X S X V 'fiijgggl .lffifffif yi-1+ lx ga a , K VJITIIZII, .:::::f:::r ,,g5.g l a NN X 1 fr Lisa Eisert Brent Elder Renee Elliott Marty Ellis Darin Engle Ed Eskina Deanna Etter x 3, . W1 'XX fe 1 Q, " 'L JSE Gary Everitt Morgan Evinger Rick Evingef ,Z ,f ,,,, f Russell Y? 3 Bill E SQ D say L Gay H S S Jin Liz Falk Jim Fantin Janet Farmer Wayde Ferguson we -'wx I me - 1 Etter -: 'A 1 9 'fn 3 W 7 r . . Tr M .awp if ff Q. sk 4' 'M , Q ii , IQ ff lp X L ,A H ram --'fy' ..: Y ' Russell Fetters Tammy Fetters Cheryl Finley David Flick Bill Fogler Susan Foote Terri Forbes Keith Foster Mfr , WT ,, 'sgwukxsnw-I K. ,ms-F .. Vvmm-mwmmwwm QQ. Gay Foulks Parker Foy Chuck Franka Cherie Frazier Q r Jim Freed Zonda Freese Carla Freund Rhonda Fuller ly l i 7 UListen to My Heart ound 7 Chris Gardner Julie Garrison RHY GSDISOH Vallee Gattenby Greg Geritz Brent Gibson Bruce Gibson Chad Giddings Laura Gifford Stan Giles Brian Gillespie Janet Gillis Steve Givan Cheryl Givens J ameg Goble Jeff Goff Mark Goocher Ray Goppert Sandra Gordon Kaye Gragg Brian Graham Billy Gray Annette Barrison Gib son Robert Greeley Jennifer Green Lisa Green Randy Greer Randy Griffin Annette Groom J eana Guenther Chris Hahn Robin Hale Chris Hall Shawn Hall Beverly Hamilton L n Giles 'f Goff ,ly Gray Denise Hamilton Dennis Hamilton Denise Hansen Jackie Harbit Ronda Harness Beverly Harper Gwen Harper Greg Harris Lisa Harrison David Hauser W. ' 4. f f x '- l W 1 l 1 1 V ' c 5 1 1 Z i l ' 1 1 1 I Z ' Q 1 . ' H affffvls Q Donnie Havner Lori Haywood Charlene Hazlett Kim Head Randy Hedberg 1 f, - 1! is ,1 i il - li ,M W1 ,fn M Jw 4 W N 1 W ga, in - ' ii i 2.1 1, ,V ii ill xl my .M .1 11 1 rl li ll 21' lil " Eve. if f X Brenda Hedrick Sandy Heineman Eric Henley Dennis Herbert Greg Herriman il Lynn Hertzberg Jimmy Hertzog Judith Hibbard Debbie High Elizabeth Hilker H' i 4 l 1 l 1 1 l l l Q 1 N i 1 D 1 1 5 A I .4 RCSICY Hinton Lance Hirt Sheena Holcomb Debbie Hood Lorrie Hoppers Darrell Howard Debbie Howard ! -1 el 3 dj 1 I ' G W ' t s reat orkrng , 151 With Your Hande to lil 5 r X ! . -1222-:si g 'SSS ' SKK . N..- xx. - N J a...m,,,f R Eddie Connie l I Wendy E E Jana J 5 i i Mike Kz eth Hilker e Howard S r . Lf Ss f, 44, Q 4 N V15 V I U if .Rx in H Eddie Howard Victor Hudson Brenda Huffman S ....,...swwml4 Connie Huskisson Greg Iseman Jerry Jackson s Q mil 'L Wendy Jaeger Lee James Dannv Jennings Pam Melissa Johnson J ohannigmeier Z ,LZ 1 9 g Jana Jolliff Dale Jones Paul Jones Robin Jones Jodie Joseph Mike Kavalesky Jami Keenan Terri Keith Richard Keller Mike Kelly 1 l 1 x V E r , i ' li hatgs I 4 t ennafd Karen Kennedy Tina Kersulov Mike Ketner Charles Kidwell I Kur K Breakfast? :ll ill ml ax 1 ! 3 .lr lil in ? I lk l ,K E I 3 i Mary Kiefer Paula Kindell Rex King Toni King John Klaus Vi W ill K. J i John Klemenz Roxanne Knipp Robert Kramer Denise Kunard i 1 l H L1 all ill i 1 l I ! A Dorlissa Kunz Robin Landis Mike Larson Nancy Larson il lil 19, lf il- 1. X 1 N , 2 l 1-1 I ' GIGS Laster Debbie Lathrop Vince Lauer Elaine Lawrence l 6 64 2 N an N Z Paula Law Susan Lf i Scott McI "--s Richard IN 4 .,.,.. e.i. , ., .. A, 'fix 1 1 ' MARX narles Kidwell g , T V V or f Paula Lawrence Cindie Lawson Tami Lidberg John Lillard David Litfleton Mike Lockafd David Love John Klaus Susan Lowe C11nton Loy Trna McCa1n D1ane McCan1es Curt McCoy Gmny McCoy J1m McCoy S 'WW Scott McDonald T21mmY Debra McGuire Mark McGuire John McKee McFarland Richard McKee Brian McKittrick Janice McQueen Jeff McQuillan Steve Magee ,. ... ..,, .,......... ...,.... ....... -..f...,..........a...-.-.-........... Tuning Out l The World M r....,,,,sv Jan i Sarah Neu Lisa Mahan Lisa Malm Lesa Marshall Becky Martin Cliff Martin Barry Mathews Mary Matthias af ff xx Sy ' .1 x is . X. . 22 5221 N Jim N Gary Meier Rhonda Meier David Merimon Terry Merrill Sandy Meyer Earl Meyers Scott Meyers 'if E Shannor John Mills Randy Mills Gary Mock Sandy Renee Moore Sherry Moore Steve Moranville Montgomery , . , . ,..... ,, .... .,.,,.,.,,r, .....-.--...s.............44........41 n..,4.s....-4..........,.......,......a,..e. Matthias i t Meyers Moranville , Q A. S ' t - y 'S Hs --S CHfhY MOTCUO Denise Moschell L63 ADH Sherri Motzel Frank Mower Sondra Mucke Patti Mullane Mothersbaugh Jan Murray Jim NHCY Joyce Needham Steve Neff Rhonda Nelson Sarah Neucombe Richard Newberry Lori Newland Maureen Newman Debbie Nichols J im Nielson Alan O,Dell Eddie O,Dell ff fa , 2 ' Sf! 2 i Z Shannon O'Del1 Reta O'Donnel1 Glenda Oliver 5 , .0-...... i s 5 I i l 1 Linda Oswald Susan Pace Brett Peery Patty Pegan Rex Pemberton Barbara Pennig i i V, ii ii 'i lr ' V W Cecil Pennington Vicki Pennington Mike Percy Susan Perkins Sean Perry Joyce Petersen "'YF'1-xg-1 EM - Damon Phillips Debbie Phillips Joe Pieeiiiiiii stan Pierson S K ,, 1 Rick Pippinger Mike Plummer Dyanne P005 Louise Porter lllllllllll DEUTUY Potts Kathy Powell Jon Praisewater gl it 1 i 4 I Mary Marleni s 5 Skii S E Jim , Pennig 'etersen Pierson ae Porter in Z vff f Dai," fir' K , ,. -. . .f . raisewat er Concerts Are Always R A Favorite - 1 X l l ' l . l Dwight Pruitt Mark Pruyn Mike Pyle Allen Rabe mi a Q. , '! Mary Rader Rodney Ragsdale Dean Ramsey . 2 1 , S ww an gf , ,X -imfas, .... , X r .M ..,, . I , Marlene Raney Thomas Linda Ratliff Rasmussen Skip Ray Kim Raymond Cheryl Reynolds Jeff Reynolds Tim Rhodes Linda Ricketts Jim Rider Melody Rife Bret Rinker Mark Rgbeffg Terry Roberts Yelonda Roberts 69 Feeling Life , I EFXQ i EQ 'j ' 51 5 i i Robert Roedel Brian Rookstool Janet Roos Don Rosenberger Kent Rosenquist David Ross Roy Routon Mike Ruth Danny Ryan Chris Rygaard David Sagaser I - F 5 Rob I E S 5: Tamm A f 2 i V . i Cmc t il . 1 I ' 1 ' 3 I E :I u ' y Dennis Saling Bobby Sanders Pam Sargent Tommy Schaller Phyllis Schaufiler Jeff Schenke Danny Schlobohm A' .. f X X i David Schmitt Brenda Schreier Dale Schwagerman Dan Scrivner 70 Q Mik . .... , . ,., .,,, .........., .-. ........4-.-.....g.:.......1 - 11 ,:,. . . . wr hd- :enberger Sagaser rchlob ohm l Scrivner Robert See Matt Sehorn Mark Seitz Marque Shafe Steve Shapiro Tim Sharp Kelly Shaw Tammy Sheets Bobby Sherman Joan Shook Mike Showman M X. 1 xr Cindy Shuck Laura Siegrist Sam Silvio Cfaig SimPS011 1 QA S U ,fi K wa, . , ' ' ,, Q, X -, Y l . X 1 Mike Slagle Mark Slaughter Julie Smith Keith Smith Kevin Smith Lesli Smith Riwhel Smith W jffwire My Ay if ,yyyyi, may ff 71 f'S?"r' 1351 Russell Smith Terry Smith Timmy Smith Gina Smithsod I" John Snow Mark Sobek Stacey Spainhower Qxugmfmfnfi 5, mwwao 4' - L s vfawaw was-1 vim-41-vvdl Q, ,sz , . Terri Springer Joy Staten Brad Stearman Jeff Steele Mary Stephan Charles Stephens Karen Stewart l r Sharon Stewart Dgdie Steyef Beth Stiles Scott Stillwell Russell Stover J, E Barbara Strange Cheryl Stroud Mark Sullivan Terry Sutherland Fla 3 f aa Q mums Lisa Sutherlm Alan Swarm Tammy Swain Jeff Swearlngln John ax it ,,:.:1, , , Rhonda s , ' XS X X ss Toc Pam DWS1' Stewart ssell Stover We Heard of Far Awa Places 'WWW JOhI'l THIIIICI' FOI'I'CSt Tate Danfly Taylor T0111 Taylor Teters Thomas Dennis Thompson situ A 1 ' x K Rhonda Thompson Patty Tidwell Jim Trapp Kevin Trent ry Sutherland Todd Truly Teresa Tyner Roy Vance Mittie Vandaveer if Swearingin of ei ',', i ZA X C r, ., Pam Verbeck Patrice Verbrugge Kyle Verwers Eric Volkmer James Waggoner Kevin Waller Carolyn Walsh if 5 Q l Book Worms Eileen Walter Jeffrey Walter John Walton Penny Waltf l 'YZ17' i .5 ra I :itat Bruce Ward Rhonda Ward Trent Ward Sherri Waugh Frank Weaver Mandy Webb Brenda Wehner 1 l n i E 'E i I 1 q . I 5 ill i l I 4 I Q nf . ,f 1. ' 1 X' X 5, X, I David Wendt Douglas Mark Westhoff Marty Westlake Jim Westmoreland Linda Laura Whalen Wesselschmidt Westmoreland iiiii ii' as 3 w ill s:y:Jl,Jy,y J if ff ' r s , - 31 X E s me f X XS ew X kdm , ,X CN -V .....'.'1' gf" ' MXH 2 S 1 xg s C 1 XQNX X X I f Q5 N xk S X VX ,QNX X X , F Robert Whaley 6' .Q G Alana Wharton Mark White Steve White lu--u Debbie Gwen Kristy W l 5 Delbe tv, i Exif A 3 Linda 1 Walt' 1 Wehner 1 Whalen e White v' I Debbie Whitmire Barbara Whittle Susan Whittle Rochelle Willcutt Kathy Williams Pam Williams MSX N wefywh Gwen Williamson Lisa Wills David Wilson Keith Wilson Kenda Wilson Rachel Wilson Kristy Wiltermood Kerry Winfiel Kevin Winking lg-M Q., H. 'K If wif g, An, I f sex, ..r:4ff"'i-iD W . 1 -,. , I 5. ,f,4,,.i, 1- fit r V a 1 4 Delbert Wirth Tina Wiseman Mike Wright A " E' , f . ' A ', f 'ff 5 ' '!ifF!is. , -.4 , 1 Linda Wrobbel Kirby Yatgs Don Yoachum Mike Ziegenhorn Brad Ziegler Denise Angel Billy Berry John Bostick v1 -. ake Up Pictures 1 2 N W r ., ,,,. Eb Liz Clinton Steve Dale Terry Hooper Robyn Ingram Martha Jolley Steve Lanning J alon Leach Peggy Luber SQ Roger Magee Danny Morgan Catherine Schultz Joseph Scott Linda Sievert are N'- csg .sr 1 5 Kyle Smalley Debbie Staub Jeff Stokes Robin Whenham Bobby Willoughby Wil B A , Kik i if A., if f I!! R X135 s 1. gy X Phil Abato Eleanor Airrington Linda Allan Randy Allen Regina Amos 'ik wa 'Uv- Q. .- in ,Gini . ' jf ' fi if Tim Anders Gordon Anderson Laurie Andrews Gary Arel Mark Arth H' 4" 'Lf ff iz' Q ' 5 'X' f W A .' -' '. 'J' As .N . X , i Jeff Arthur Barbara Askew Kelli Atwood Bruce Bacon Laura Banks The Audience Was Charmed .-A 1 A .g3g,.f . X gs. H i ffm. Q I Nhke Barber Paul Barker Pam Barnes , W X, LWB Sona Barnes Tammy Barnes Kim Batchelor Don E ! I . E p Cindj Q 1 Jens B na Amos ,,,' 5 rk Arth 'a Banks 'P 1 Barnes Batchelor ,, A if S N Q s 'U' 4. Ts X We 'rf x X I N X is x Sl V 3 jf X Ks X i f e K Ml Q, F ss X X X , X N X X5 ix s X , X va X., XI as, lf ..... xx 0 xi X Don Bears Ron Bedsaul Karl Beebe Bea-Elyse Beeson Paul Belter Billy Bennett Jdfl Berlekamp Cindy Bias Mark Blair Rodney Blakeman Richard Bland David B06di11g M1146 BOHCY Dan BOOM 'Q' www Jens BOSSOW Ricky BOSSOW Kevin Bgwgn Rick Bowers Vickie Bradley Doug Braswell Steve BIGWCF U I as mwagm, S I 4 l 1 1 l a ,I it i, fi 1 .il li il li ae is Ei at CW tl li ll sl 2, .xxx i Q SV' ' ' ew w' .. ',", gee: f X 6 I A, X :-2 'M 4" " , , , A , L, 'VV ' - M k I wain 1 ft? ff-'ft ar 457 5 I to u r : I i 'L' ig, Iv ' - . y x 5 f :3,,,' QI .. in ik 'fmt st .94 J' ' '-Q -A 6 Mark Briscoe Bob Brown Been Proud Debbie Brown Karen Broyles 11' J 2. 'VW' K I Brenda Brummett Bonita Burch Katie Burkhart Mick BUIKS sit: f' :'f SEX 'sly 4 ra ! 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Suggestions in the Pleasant Lea Middle School - Flashback Yearbook (Lees Summit, MO) collection:

Pleasant Lea Middle School - Flashback Yearbook (Lees Summit, MO) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Pleasant Lea Middle School - Flashback Yearbook (Lees Summit, MO) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


Pleasant Lea Middle School - Flashback Yearbook (Lees Summit, MO) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 1


Pleasant Lea Middle School - Flashback Yearbook (Lees Summit, MO) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


Pleasant Lea Middle School - Flashback Yearbook (Lees Summit, MO) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 112

1974, pg 112

Pleasant Lea Middle School - Flashback Yearbook (Lees Summit, MO) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 107

1974, pg 107

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