Pleasant Hill Junior Academy - Torch Yearbook (Pleasant Hill, CA)

 - Class of 1975

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Pleasant Hill Junior Academy - Torch Yearbook (Pleasant Hill, CA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 91 of 106
Page 91 of 106

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Page 91 text:

" "twtt it .X . Y I ill' .2 t, A ' V V I I I if The Uncle Sam Chronicles 7868 Brigham Young opens the firstishoppmg center Called ZionfsfGooperativeaMercantile Institution, it consists of four storesselling dry goods and carpets, men s clothing groceries and drugs The next vear he puts all four' under-the same roof. creating the first discount supermarket. February 24, 1868 Impeachment begun aga1nst'President Andrewilohnson. He was impeached by the House and acquitted in the Senate by one vote. is required l 1869 Bret Harte publishes,Th2zdOurcasts of Poker Flat. Y May 10 1869. Union Paci:fiE and Central Pacific Railroads meet at Promontory, Utah. the Democrat as atdonkey. It appeafs'1iiiVHdl7Jer1v Weekfv and artist Thomas Nast entitles it 187 P T Barnumgand l.A. Bailey open "The Greatest Show on Earth" in Brooklyn. New York. depriving a citizen his vote because of race, color or previous condition of servitude. gives his employees Saturday afternoonsroff. 1872. Aaron Montgomery Ward founds the first mail order house at Chicago. San Fgancisco. . 1874. George Greenwood of Farmington, Maine, invents earmuffs. Ashton Hunt and reporter Alfred Ford attempt to fly across the Atlantic in a 300,000 the crew leaves Brooklyn. New York. and flies four hours until running into a storm Ross of Germantown Pennsylvania is the first child to be kidnaped for ransom .Mary Walsh and Charles M. Colton are married in a balloon over Cincinnati. Ohio. Term Panic" fifst depicts the Republican as an elephant ,the first book written on a typewriter. 1876. The 'National Baseball League is formed. 'i I .I Grahami Bell invents the telephone while Thomas Alva'Edison is ' hm? N93 phonograph. 1877. Winslow Homer paints The Cotton-Pickeizr. .i x'1 :Y L r" I' ' September 1, 1878 Emma M Nutt is hired as a telephone operator 1879 Mary Baker Eddy becomes pastor of a Church of Christ in Boston May 28 1879. Illinois prohibits the employment of women in coal mines. 1880 Former Civil War general Lou Wallace writes Ben Hur. 1880 The probation system is established in Boston. .Ianuary 26, 1880. Douglas MacArthur born. services in front of Harryhills Gentlemen's Sporting Theatre where "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is playing. V a disappointed office seeker. Garfield is succeeded by Chester Arthur, the obscure. 1882. A ski club is formed at Berlin, New Hampshire. May, 1882. Chinese immigration is banned for ten years. 188 Benjamin Franklin Keith opens the first Vaudeville show in Boston, called The Gaiety Museum. .luly 4, 1883. Buffalo Bill Cody opens his Wild West Show. 1884. Mark Twain publishes Huckleberrjv Finn. April 22, 1884. Thomas Stevens leaves San Francisco to bicycle around the world. May 8, 1884. Harry S. Truman born. is completed in Chicago. , 1885. Sylvanus F. Bowser of Fort Wayne, Indiana, manufactures the first gasoline pump and tank. The one-barrel contraption has marble valves. .Iuly 23, 1885. Ulysses S. Grant dies. November 11, 1885. George Patton born. 1886. Thomas Stevens rides into San Francisco after bicycling around the world. 1886. Carnegie publishes Triumphant Democracy. Marx publishes Das K apital. October 28, 1886. The Statue of Liberty, a gift of the French people, is unveiled, commemorating the 100th anniversary of American independence. May 1, 1887. The presidential succession law is enacted to provide for succession in the event of death or discharge from office of both the president and vice-president. May 11, 1888. Irving Berlin born. November 20, 1888. William L. Bundy patents the time clock March 10, 1880. The Salvation Army lands in New York City and holds July 2, 1881. President James Garfield is assassinated by Charles J. Guiteau 1885. A ten-story skyscraper designed by William Le Baron Jenney

Page 90 text:

1 8 0 0 J I ' ' TheUncle SamChronicles 1 Tzf- l' V , A' M Vi., I - , ' .ji i'-,111 X ,JN gif, R, 'ff' .-7 g1.i,Q..-1 5 . ' 1848. All or parts of New Mexico, Texas, California, Nfeiiada, Utah, Arizortat' Plifyjoriting, 'and'Co1oradijjareEaoquired from Mexico. ' January 24, 1848. James W. Marshall .discovers gtfldnat fSujtter's Creelg, ii J ' " "1 July 19, 1848. Amelia Jenks Bloomer introduces bloomeriiiglifie first wovrnerfs rights' Falls, New York. l October 7, 1849. Edgar Allen Poe dies. Octolggrrggi, 1849. Firstiirecoriied .exhibition offaftattooed rriang New York 1850. Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter is publishetlg' :f septemner-to, 1850, sa stare. .., - ,. - lv. , t i 0. -f W t-pf . september, 1851. New York Times begins publicatiopg , - 6Q,i.gt2HlSiqi1ait.8ghtt- rstvwomn, ,sitgi-F . -Ti ' , ' Y .,,. E ' fi' L t- l ,'-, , fi. V. ., Wifi?" Afsf.-, 2 V - ' , F' i March 13, 18523 The first newspaper cartoon .depicting UnGl6l?Sarn'isjpi1b1isliEdi"t5:wW .15-F,f,iI.1 A. ,D Y 1 Y - : ,g- 1,7 -x-1' I ,gg 1' .. 4, .,.-Q Z Y . ..' V Marcb'20, 1854. The Republican Party is christened .by Alclaii'Eagle'1iovay - -V x Y .51 ,L July 25, 1854. Walter Hunt invents the paper collar. ibctober 15,-118541 John November 5, 1855. Eugene Debs borng November 28, 1856.,5WoodrowiWi16Sii,lflgir5gEf ..: A 1857. Joseph C. Gayetty of New York rnercharidises. the first icornmercifliitoiletl for ,500 sheets, it claims to, assist in the preventioit of piles., A : 1. K 1859. George Huntington Hartford adds teal togthisflhidd, and leather:-btisi:r1ess1 fri' 'img first link in what-'was toibecome' the largest superrnarilfgt world, ,'.' A The Great Atlantic and ,Pacific Teaqgortipanyg-.or the,f2Sx8ZPQ . . ft - F -1.41 V '--i'.. February 14, 1859. Oregon becomes a state! ' 'I 'fi' 'V I ' " Q ' ' ,- August 17, 1859. The first airmail is 'cari'ietil'entitogtexfrom . Lafayette.1Iir1di't1na. ' if to New York in a balloon piloted by John Wise, ythogtlanlotit of hotair 27 miles -sotithpf his takeoff point. Wise later became the first aerial'boi1L1liai'tgliEir4,'pdihonstrating 'a newtorm of warfare by tossing dynamite sticks out of a dirigiblieit' 'r11,QQ'-'.- 7, e' ' ' 1860. The United stares has 30.000 miles ofrzii'iway'trackS.1 1 1 November 6, 1860. Abraham Lincoln elected President. ' - v , I December 20, 1860. South Carolina secedes from the-Union. ' Al i ' February 4, 1861. Eleven Southern states convene at the Congress of Mrsntgdmery ag under Jefferson Davis. February 5, 1861. Samuel D. Goodale patents the first peepshow machine, naming it the Mutoscope. April 12, 1861. 75 year-old Edmond Ruffin fires the first shot in the Civil War at Fort Sumter. South Carolina. I June 18, 1861. The first flycasting contest. held at Utica, New Yorkl is won by George Lennebacker. 1862. The first organized football team is formed at Oneida. New York. They defeat every opponent from 1862 through 1865, and never allow an opposing team to cross their goal line. February 3, 1862. Thomas Alva Edison publishes a newspaper on a train and distributes it to towns between Port Huron and Detroit, Michigan. March 9, 1862. Monitor defeats Merr1'nmc. July 1, 1862. The first income tax is imposed. lt is rescinded in 1872. September 22, 1862. The Emancipation Proclamation declares that slaves are to be free on January l. 1863. February 17, 1864. The Hunley becomes the first submarine to sink a warship in combat. dispatching the U.S.S. Husatonic to a watery grave with a torpedo. The wave generated by the explosion swamps and sinks the submarine, killing its crew. The hand-cranked craft makes four miles an hour and has no provisions for air. The Hunley sinks four different times, killing its crew on each occasion. April 7, 1864. First camel race in America held at Agricultural Park A in Sacramento. California. May 19, 1864. Nathaniel Hawthorne dies at 59. April 9, 1865. Robert E. Lee capitulates at Appomattox. April 14, 1865. Abraham Lincoln assassinated September 25, 1865. Langdon W. Moore. the first of the big time bank robbers, sticks up a bank in Concord, Massachusetts, and escapes with S310,000. November 2, 1865. Warren Harding born. 1866. Arthur Cummings introduces the curve ball to baseball. December 26, 1865. James H. Mason patents the coffee percolator. September 12, 1866. The first burlesque show, "Black Crook", opens in New York and runs for 475 performances. 1867. William E. Lincoln of Providence, Rhode Island, patents the first moving picture projector. M, 1867. William Seward purchases Alaska from Russia for 37.2 million. 1868. The Cincinnati Red Stockings become the first professional baseball club. 1868. P.D. Armour's meat packing house opens in Chicago.

Page 92 text:

The Uncle Sam Chronicles As a young nation, America didn't have all that much time for fads and crazes, since most of us were more concerned with mundane things like clearing fields. building cabins. farming. raising children and working. When people did get together for a little fun, well. there were always witch trials, or killing buffalo from the observation car of a transcontinental train. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were patrons of cock fighting, and by the mid-1800's phrenology became popular. Generally, however, there just wasn't very much to do. Leisure industries didn't boom until the 40 hour work-week became widespread. Cycling was introduced in the l86O's. The first were unicycles known as Flying Yankee Wheels. They were popularized by gymnasts. but sales dropped when people began to discover that it took a gymnast to ride one. High-wheeled bicycles followed, and the taller a rider was. the bigger a front wheel he could straddle. Short men took up tricycles. By the turn of the century the bicycles back wheel was the same size as the front and bicycling became the first true fad. followed quickly by roller skating, and then roller polo, which was a kind of ice hockey on wheels. When the Civil War ended, fighting men brought home a wide assortment of diseases, and an insatiable demand for remedies and patent medicines. Cures were invented for liver ailment, falling hair, tuberculosis, flabbiness, impotency, indigestion, cancer, polio, and warts. You could order any of them from a wholesale house in Chicago or St. Louis, for 25C plus postage and handling. Two reasons for the popularity of these remedies were the most common ingredients: alcohol and opium. Even if people weren't actually cured, at least they didn't care so much. Trading Cards swept the nation in the mid- 1880's, depicting baseball players, politicians, and music hall performers. Playing cards were circulated with caricatures of political figures, and there were even trading cards that pictured patent medicines. Jazz music's journey up the Mississippi from New Orleans to Chicago is well chronicled, but by the turn of the Twentieth Century it was another indigenous musical form. Ragtime, that was sweeping the country. Nothing remotely as popular appeared on the musical scene until Bill Haley, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry and their friends blew open the l950's. AFTER THE LDA? June, 1888. George Eastman patents and registers his Kodak No. l, a camera which uses roll film and does not require a tripod or table for support. 1889. Elizabeth Cochrane. a reporter for the New York World using the name Nellie Bly. travels around the world in 72 days. February 22, 1889. The Territories of North Dakota. South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming are annexed. 1890. There are 125,000 miles of railroads in the United States. .Iuly 10, 1890. Wyoming becomes the first state to grant suffrage to women. August 6, 1890. William Kemmler, the convicted murderer of Matilda Ziegler, becomes the first man to be electrocuted. The electrocution takes place at Auburn Prison. New York. October 14, 1890. Dwight D. Eisenhower born. September 28, 1891. Herman Melville' dies. 1892. James Naismith introduces basketball at the YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts. The peachubasket employed retains its bottom so that the ball must be removed by hand after each successful goal. 1893. The New York World publishes the first comic strip, entitled "1-logarfs Alley." The first successful serial strip, ','The Yellow Kid," follows. May 10, 1893. Locomotive 999 of the New York Central attains a speed of more than 112 miles per hour. Summer, 1893. The Chicago World's Fair. Iune 9, 1893. Cole Porter born in Peru, Indiana. 1894. Colonel Royal Page Davidson creates the first military bicycle corps at Northwestern Military Academy, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Sixteen cadets ride bicycles equipped with clips for carrying rifles. 1895. William George Morgan of the Holyoke, Massachusetts YMCA invents volleyball. May 6, 1896. Samuel Pierpont Langley's 26-pound, 16-foot airplane makes the first heavier-than-air propelled flight. Langley's airplane is powered by a one-horsepower steam engine. May 30, 1896. Henry Wells of Springfield, Massachusetts, driving a Duryea Motor Wagon strikes Evylyn Thomas. who is riding a bicycle, causing the first automobile accident. Wells is incarcerated overnight awaiting a report on Ms. Thomas's injuries.

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