Pleasant Grove High School - Valkyrie Yearbook (Pleasant Grove, UT)

 - Class of 1956

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Pleasant Grove High School - Valkyrie Yearbook (Pleasant Grove, UT) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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., .-g,-'Z,6C,- V44 ' M Q W M fffffffjj 'M iw M x 0' i I , 5527 silt ,Q,,f7- g M QWWW '.'1'?"w kyle? 0. VM if ' "" J -'iiQ'3fL44 JW fa ffwo jfjj v YW WW31 - W' wvpi df! fb!!! K, Wx bvvc fAiJ'l!vX54bJJ ,QEEMYL 5 x, y V x V lg ,iff WW 'M ! f L Q xx Ai ivy M :EM nf- D . Ztkfglj wjU 3lf 'S7g, gif fig f E FV 1 Q F5 ,Q ' s ' J ., CXTU' QL, ' ULU, 3 A ,V gf, fag Q . 4 mf x 1 SL A X3 -fy bu Ly 9 59 v Mya' " 2? bfmLf,4, gb " W W LE M W? U Q ,lQd,fzfMif5f fafm f f 6 . I .5.- .iivlhi ,N My ' 1' I lf' 'xii' fy 74' Ii'L . i"g . A Jw,,,- ,r67"5-J' ' . '. l1.hliTjff.'-' C I A Ai, U jeie- HML 4-'ka . 4 '.'- Allaj . if Ml ,. . -gvf. , X J., 1 ' A ill-V My JW, WW' M 1" lg' f- -Q, , . f ,f ' A .,, ,111 27.104 A www JNMWW Wm I JMEQ rMLf',y,fz,aA,. Ammib jipwwigfj JMQJPAMM ffm' MM JW ..,w "' ,lf if .J 49ff.p f ,'lfaff1fCf" L, f ' 1 W M M W' D5kfMmr"'iP0jf if QQ' W My ff M am 4 gjmfZfffQw Wjfifffjiggfw ,QW fix Nimywbf M ff? wqlimgggw ,Ox sfi'5EM, gypsy Egg 5 FW fVxf53?59v ix? XS M UWM .R X K M ' iliffpv J' Q S Xaggiwfgfmiw X 1 4 pb M NS QQ?-'QF KAW 7956 A Word From the Staff: The T956 VALKYRE is presented to you just as the school year occured. There are no divisions, no division pages, no groupings of various activities, but rather a presentation of each event and activity as it happened. This presentation ap- pealed especially to us considering our wonderful football success. We hope you enjoy this book - Q 4 WWW fmwhmwmw-! e we -'-Q-H W, A M N .ef Y 21 if e , 'Rr 2 ' fi N i , X yr- i I f ' i, gn i . Frank Driggs Sonia Herring Arnell Winfers Kay Nagel President Secretary Vice President Program Chairman Senior Hi I1 ficers L - Senior Hi li Council Kay Nagel Frank 'briggs Arnell Winters Daniel Buckner Jacqueline Jacobs Sonia Herring Program Choirrnon President Vice President Junior Cheerleader Secretory Representative Sue Chester Paul Anderson Sophomore Senior K V , .",a.swW P""w ni . 'if' mi lxwnv' I P 'v , N Q 'gil 'J I ff nr' 'i ' in Wifi! 'Wiki' f ,zfqvifatf i .. . sexi., I 1 Q,-is X A ' I s . ap, Sf President Reese Blackhurst Jay Johnson Vice President Now here's a tall, dark, hand- One quarterback is handsome some flirt, Jgyr Who's sure someday he'll He aptly calls each football hit pay dirt. playa sn--'f CHEERLEADERS Janice Swenson Willa Mae Williams Our charming Jan did soon She sings "light" opera to her discover many That Pete is really quite a She warbles trueg he is her lover. fan. .f " 1 . N r 'Z it 1. 9 www-.:aa:aL 5- I Janeil Fugul Secretary The blacks and whites she thumps with easeg She'll do most anything to please. .1 Sibyl Gines Her bag's all packedg she's sure to gop She's on her markg she won? be slow. I x l Paul Anderson Representative One hunk of man is our pal Andyg ln everything he is mos? handy. 3N vin X . N ' 4' , A an mx -'ap' Lola Huntsman From Nevada hailed this lassie fair, With sparkling eyes and long brown hair. Charmane Iverson ln baseball, track, and tennis, too There's ne'er a girl she can't out do. Frank Driggs Old Frank has one big heart of gold. On him the domes are really sold. Udene Monson In school she never comes to class, Oh, what does happen to this lass? 7 x Jimmy Cates Jim is our boy with "Texas drawl." Look out, you girls, for that "You all". Seniorg Kristine Fugal If you iust look around and see This gal for A. F. bound will be. Donald Holdaway Oh, Don has one romantic heart, All he can see is his Gayle Mart. James Thornton In class he doesn't make much noise, But with the ball he's full of poise. Mae Hollsey Mae is a doll with her own mind, She seldom changes it we find. .lim Baxter Now here's a bright, shout handsome fellow Who's voice is anything but mellow. I 7 'fi F K 1-ax-A hw l . ll .x Mk, nv"'! 'O' "-237 r ' 'UQ ff - Gayle Mart Mart means market so they say, So Don goes shopping every day. lynn .leppson Oh, Lindy has a gallant fi i , Carol Fraughton For school she doesn't seem to carey Yet has a smile so very fair. Sen' Dolores Chorniak There are a lot of Dede's kindg When school begins she's hard to find. smile, To see a gal he'd walk a -ZX mile. X Sharon Park Jay Newman Guy Goff This lively lass with sparkl- "To see Colleen l'm never "l W0lCl1 lhe stage Gnd all ing eyes late. the props, ls liked by all the gals and With Springville cops I lust So that the plays will not be guys. N don't rate." flops," L 1 X x . - f.. s QF. . , ,QW el'l'.-Qs' lm ff pak tf' ,. Jacquoline Jacobs She is so pretty, and so fair, We have one warning, "Boys, beware!" Jerry Harmer On football field he seeks his glory, His playing tells you all the story. ll 'N E ' i Bill Trimble Bill is a boy who's far from Shy: If he got in 'fore six he'd dit 5 rg, I Qll giy. 9 i fa Dwane Sykes Julia Ann Strassburg Jean Anderson Janece Madsen Dwane has Pat and all his We know this girl is very She Sf,-,gs and plays C, Cool She grabs the ball and gives "pigs". shy, guitar, a whirl, Through Farmers College he But she perhaps has speared In boskeybqll she is U sqm. Then lets it go, my! what a will dig. her guy. girl. Wrf leon Gillman Ruth Wooley will From Lindon comes this shy You see herein a gtrl who's ,V young man. He parks with every girl he can. QCY' We say she always is this way. S8lll0l'g F 1 .wi i - a I . Q E I 4' " X .1 .gli .- f 134,52 .lack Wadley He charms the gals with all K 22, his grace, lx W In basketball he is an ace. .jeg .X V X X. 1 Elizabeth Millar Farrin West Janis Proctor Joyce Carter Our Liz does always do her Now Einstein is his second Oh, on her farm she works We think she rates a passing best, name, all day, line At school they never let her Much fame and fortune he But all she does in school For all her poise and man- rest. will gain. is play. ners fine. .f1I,. 'Ti AML. 's WY i I0 Pat Pack She keeps them laughing in the aisle. She's sure that Dwane's just her style. Sandra Morrill This girl knows all the answers, honey. Blaine thinks she's worth far more than money. Reed Hooley This boy is just a ball of fire, He drives his car without a tire. Rulon Hone In school our Pete will never be 'Cause he has other Things to see. s N. Gwen Lewis Beers A fairer face youll never see On one fair goddess it should be. Richard Peterson She said, "You sure can tackle, dear, But do not practice aught but here." RaChel Anderson Marcia Ann Chipman Marrion Johnson l'm late, l'm late for one big In fancy clothes she's al- To play football he gets dateg ways clad, a kickg For me my clock iust will not Her smile doth show she's No one's as hefty as our wait. never sad. "Mick", "' f ' u f' . .N 1 AAVX. 1 f I . -fr 5 1- 'f iw, 'Vg e jet... re 4 I QE 3- I vu. Al. Max Ferre "This service station work's okeyg But l'Il take girls most any day." Shirley Roberts Nyle Shumway Arlen Atkinson Jo Anne Gardner This little blond is full of We think this boy, is really A pretty face, a pretty curl- A stately walk, a face that's pep, great, He wrecked his car as he fair, There's ne'er a boy she He saved the day for us at necked his girl. A voice that laughes, and hasn't stepped. state. curly hair. Myron Crawford He has his gal and his guitar, Now all he needs is gas in car. John Linebaugh With Texas girls he likes to go, But they all tell him no! no! no! 4 Roger Cowley His vocal cords are priceless pearls, game, He says, "I am God's gift to girls." wild or tame. S8lll0l'g Julia Ann Warnick For this girl's tongue is never still, Of talk she never gets her fill. David Radmall ln school old Dave is iust a scream, For all he does in school is dream. .Jian Lorna Johnson Girls' basketball is her best She guards them all fast ,fqfjigi i T ,242-" . .N Q -Q w 1' I ,Ji 1? ' . HQ L 1 st , ?.f,:,s5, ' , , vt f L , il f 3 7 5, gl Q . lr i f Kent Boyer Oh, Kent knows all there is to know, First chance you get, just ask him so. Darlene Case In our school we have a "Case" Who to her classes she must race. 5 105 Claudio Woolsten Whatever other people think, l'll set at Naught, What thought I sink! a ,S Q 5 H' Q' , -iii' 9 5 s f sts If '95, I Charlyn Thorne Douglas Johnson She cheers her way through What? Have you heard of school each day, this boy's ride? And pushes studies far In Lindon's cop he found his GWGY- guide. Royce Walker A Thespian prexy is this kid, He never, never flips his lid. , H , ,, . anew Norma Jeanne Warnick Between school plays, homework and fret, Our Normcfs in an awful sweat. Lue Ann Winn The way that this girl does the bop, She's sure to reach the very top. JT Tommy Seale A Texas drawl, a friend is he. The girls all sigh and cry, "Step me." Bill Jacob For 'rassle, Bill is really great, ln '54 he went to state. Selllorg 'x '17, fe-Tiff: A ,X gay in-in ,..l Clark Ostergaard Oh, hear how all those bones do crackle, For here comes Clark, he's playing tackle. Larry Sorenson "Come, honey, will you marry me?" She said, "You are but teas- ing me." Terry Marchbanks We see herewith an earnest scholar! Opps! Wrong boy! He iust don't foller. 'X 1 Jr" Ml", tp ' VX. ,sr '4- 5 .1 4 3 4 Tom Atkinson Old Tom is one who loves to cat. They say his "home" is on the flat. Keith Makin "Ole Lank" is this guys middle name, He thinks to flirt is his best game. ,ji-A W ,X 1 .lean Bell We hear the tingling of the "Bell". So soft, so shy we cannot tell. Robert Gardiner This boy has one old soup- ed up car, When you take otf you feel each jar. Nancy Farley Donald Anderson She's up and down and We watch our Donald strut everywhere, on stage, So gay she lives without a We're sure he'll oct through E . core. all his days. K fi H3515 r ,I , , g -. ffl' . xiii, 'f ,, 5 A r X 4 gif "" I3 Beverly Farr Larry Huntsman Margie Chester Carol Gay Rees Dale Porter Leanne Hooley Juliana Weber David Allen Mary Ann Camp juniors og Norma Ruffell Myrn Walker 5.8 'F In Sue Galainean Barbara Swenson XIX iimo Harris nneih Merrill President Donna Jorvis Poulene Ash X i I I6 vi 5 Mb 'Z' all '95 r f .fwygg Arnell Winlers ' A M554 K ,J . QW' Colleen Dittmore Myrlyn Walker Helen Nishilani Darrell N. Frampton juniors' Q Joyce Hunter 9 I , . in Irene Moyle W95-leY Bluke Deanna Wadley Tom Block Willard Lanier Gayle Dunsdon , .'. -'- .fr lm..ssT'W r g CI, -:-:fe .Q Vs: Gerry Fordham Jeannine Hunt rag: E l 1 5' -Q fix Janice Adamson s J Q- e iffy' if Sammy Fenton 'Q-fs' Dwone Smith Roger Jewkes juniors' Lois FU90l Grant Nielsen Dean Larson Judy Ann Nelson Carol Pulley Eugene Bfimhflll Nancy Walker Kay Robbins Beth Ash Chcrleen Gillmcm ' 'iv Q. ' , ,MEI f..i ' g 'ur ' . A i v 1. V 1 4 -A. ,,- gg N ,PIX 4 . Ly 4 f P Ti N X N sg lx' . l' f s ,vzkg . . .1 k - -i--"1 J' 'rf ' flax s -fv a f' . A 4 5 , 3? 1 'A N , ,ff is H l X, my l l 17 r'--y G A aw I Elaine Hayden Karl Richins Joyce Thomas Marilyn Gay Harsh Stanley West Tl... is X '.aa S l I' yr f I , .84- I, Kay Nagel Richard Barton Gerald Olpin Gene Carson Glenda Good Darlene Rees Sonia Herring Gary Barr 'iff 1- 2' r. 5, Judy Robinson Joy Warburton if Pai Morgan Larry Blackhurst Shirley Olson Louise Madsen -5? Larry Iverson Elma Rae Swenson James Beers Kent Williams Jane Linebaugh Jean Richards I9 Don Hales Carol Warburton r' A75 i 'LID 51" 5 ,, , , : 'gf 5' 1 4, . ',q fre. Glenda Adams Q. 4 is r 3 ,g Q -ll . A 4+ 1 a' ' . ,. h 2 I - Qu.. -V, V A r A AAQQS4 . . 11 Larry Nielson ' Edna Cates 1 . A Z , , sat " . 'T i yr -a A 5 . . gg f Q f Linda Morrill y o nson Alton Hone Velene Christiansen Joy Cullimore Larry Hampton Kenn J h 0pll0M0I'8S' Linda Sorenson Ted Fisher -3, Qi ifi13 It I 1' Bobby Mallinson Linda Cherrin to Vounda Jensen Q rt Lynn Gillies D l ' X.. it 4- My n ,as i"" ', W- if. ,, , , fl, .,fxks 'f. giii .- J gr fl' Ro5wl77l by l A N . ' me kg, 15 rfb, ,,,,, fi 5 ar by-3, ' f : if , Q " , . r"?JW if 'Q V ,k V , s are Y 'V X ' I .d wtf., 4 5 M - 4 'S 'A' ' 3 7 f l . ff' W - ...Im I Peggy Kirk Bud Atwood Eldon Armitstead Connie Johnson Myrlo Williams Harold Jones oug as Benson Bonnie Robertson Daryl Hooley I i ev -W " QM . , ,.. f il 4 E 19-If " X A is ' i , . as 4"' W, , r W' if 1, 'Y , X . sf "2 5 M N Q s-. ' 'fa Me , 2 0. 'X I if .l X i 1' A! at ix A , , -4 at J fi xv l Dee Nelson Susanne Church Glen Hales Norma Jeane Springer Lindon Morrill ,x 'Q 43 "L l 'Q -If ' 1 Qu. ' 5' . i X .if A Q P 5 ..-'- Q xr .X - 3 t ' a s 1- President Vice President ' ' 4 David Price laVern Hall , Representative Secretary 3 ami . . -., Q- F ' ,,-qc ' , r. .9-. F XJ l, Q gl s if Brent Fryer Carol Lee Smith DeLyle Flack Carolyn Young Boyde McAffee Phillis Adams Don Fordham Joan Goode 3' ,Wy ' Myrna Turner Franklin Hansen xrfa Mac Boyer Myrna Jarman 45 -Q Sue Chester Lucile Kearley Fred Farley 3' F . A A V' "kb: A 8 .rt .-db 0.5 ll 1 Y", .if QQ. t K y ,:.k' j i f, , Y y 5 J f . J! Robert Walker Eldon Davis Marilin Huish 95' r 'a abt 1 ,Mig 1 li Q it " ' 21 Gene Ash 1 An. k .Ll K' fr' 3 . .5 "ff-9' , ' N la V - R Q X Q' ., i X. -l Il X , .A '3 ff? Y, is I ,A I f h 1, -5- . A P 1 A I ,QI 1 .. . ws- Q' ' ' .4 1. ' -:Ili fi- fi 'lu sm Gary Hunter Nola Ash Kent Hallsey Pat Camp Melvin Kelsey Lorraine Herring Connie Bronson A, . as e er 1' , A I Q 71 1 f, Y . s 5 A . A ., A rere . L f, Sheila Draper L- Lowell 1 J, . v i A I T g 'ffm , 1- I L' , . " 4- ' - - ' F . ft Q-L , L,,- 4' Vi ' , l eere A L .M C, , I Paul Allen Margaret Jopla Jeannine Holdaway Bernell Holliday Larry Gillman Janese Mann Carolyn Swenson Larry Saling Donna Ray Carlson Lew Deveraux Paul Gillman Kathryn Washbum Kay Richins Fay Bezzant Jerry Peterson 6-K , - 2. A- P W. sv 3 , My ' + if L A - ,,-E , , . W- X 'f ,..:?' 'di' ,, Q, Wanda Wilkinson " 1.-JL 1 A A si, -A A f "" Q. f A aims ' A if A f ,GPL X 4 22 1 ' 4 Q' x dl ' 53 f Karen Swenson l 4 --. f l I 'WY' A x A ,,, , ,R Et .-A 'X get A QS 'S' e Jyq. ' sv 1 1 , ex oz? ooyy , N n W im X' if -1 s '1 . yy.: : '4' Q . - ya K gl i ' K . i. ' 'W , nf' i , f I bi . 'l 1 Q .- ,s f fr , 425531 '3 we ' :E 5 ', ffl ,'-'.'f4'l:nf.,, If 0 nuff, LeRoy Christensen Merle Barton K L I ,- Q 'ii ' Cad Q. f' ann? 'CII' A A Q :Eff Veneta Madsen Kay Giles Joan Arnold Dennis Chorniak -as ' , A 5 ' N. ,J lf: Dorothy Harris Lloyd Atkinson vf A ri 4 'S' la I? spies' . Q "" 4' Paul Fugal Karen Belliston Bruce Rogers Judy West ofllomores Terry Holman Carolyn Gates Richard Warnick Y f L' Darlene Walker Don Rawlinson Karma Jensen Alex Lott 9 .4 Pleasant Grove Junior And enior High chools LYEAN JOHNSON Junior High Principal ik ' f v ALFRED J. ROGERS Senior High Principal 'Y-196 . - 1 1 A 1 -. NED ALGER Physical Education Eugenics . L 945' 1-sv lAE R. WINTERS RUTH CORNABY Clerk Assistant Clerk EARL GILES JESS R. WALKER Science English --- X , L l X 3 . 12 l ELDEN WESTOVER HAROLD WOOLSTON GERALD E. BESSEY Debate Biology Algebra 0- lf. 3 K, 4 lil 'fx MAUDE H. JACOBS ERNEST P. SMITH H Library Mathematics English RAMONA EVANS CECIL M. COOK Americ n History If Biology Ty ing 5' Eugenics , 'X AX K1 GLQK 1LLM4xN UN ETHEL TREGAGLE ,Xin Iiph 'QQ American History Jourigl' mb: Typing ,Q N K N. ,iw X c u J ,rf A K lm' lf xx Y l VERA CONDER THEODORE E, REES LESLIE E. UECHTY MELVIN MINER Physical Education Social Science English TYPUW9 History Shorthand Reading 5 . E Q- ' I' A. S . Q' 151. ig! y A : 4 -1 4 - 5' Q51-7i'f Q we, Q s Y DON CRUMP 2 Physical Education Drivers Education ESTELLE FENTON English F 2' MAX SHIFRER LESLIE REES D. GRANT INGERSOLL Mathematics Music History WILUS BANKS HARVEY RAWLINSON Agriculture Music HELEN WEEKS Homeliving HARRY S. RICHARDS Science VERNA HUDSON Clothing ax ,Mr 'lj-f A 3- ,rg 4 ,, 2 er if Lf, Q - 1. ff y?Y'ff ,. 1' A M- 1 . fwfr . VF Q ,r yi-4 Q "2 I gf , Q 1 . 1 i I fi" Wayne Zupan Norene Bylund Vice President Secretory Craig Smith Carol Harper President Program Chairman Junior High fficers lumor High ouncil Wayne Zupan Vice President Paul Millar Carol Harper Craig Smith Representative Program Choirrnon President ,rf if Q ' if .' ts, ,EL V . 4 K s ' r , It i sv Judy Jolley Lorraine Fowlke Cheerleader Representative Sharolyn Noble Norene Bylund Representative Secretory ,F . 9 . .4---9 -V 4, .fr I 4' 3 ,, W ' 5' ll, . x ""'s. 7 . tivwf' 44 4' - ' reign ' t nf' 3 ' . .4 J 5 ev Ut' I ' y , '-1, gl g .' 1' AK, ml .AM . K , , 1 4 'w A , ' gf-'f"' t ' , 5- 1' I k Q' nfl L. ' Q af , I 1, ' .1 Q I' r , , . 4 X , I ' pi .wh A hr '- g 4, ' .-, ' ' .t - W ' ' , ev,- 4 ,f ' Z I . A ev Q' sb vt. 471, Vu 1 41. . f my qty if -X':iSW,4y,,JQQt ,. t df' A. . : . .,,- ., . ,V , Q .4 AY -' f, 4' ' , .e,.. 'gr 'E Ai , A 1 . A . 1, , . r ly . . Mg , - ,Q 5 - , -' .- f i ' . ' 1 ., i ', -. " yr . fe" s J -'awai n . . VA ' . Q A W 'T , - . y y . :W f i -f fs? ' . ' -A ..i' Y 1 ' "Q W ' "' A 4, f . . . , - 1, , N . L f X ,fi - "+ i - ,'-ON" ,, v . ,,- . -"'-X - 'K ' " J-79 - 'BA ' 'xi i .a. - A if 5-pw Karen Robinson Merlin Tolmlnson Leona Adams Leon Sweat Karma Terry Dallas Wright Kaye Mart Gary Walker Carol Thatcher Marvin Slater Linda Richardson Wally Young Vonda Weber Leon Pack Cathy Nelson I5 Z' J 1 . 5 N' J K 1, , --fi lg 'ies X, i X: fm .r 1 X ' 1 w ,, - 353' 1 . .. f?9 e ' LK Representative Sharolyn Noble F. ,lg U V , . 2 fi R v - President Vice President Secretary Gregory loader Stephen Radmall Ardith Walker f, ,. -1 A 4... is , ' ' i R- r- is A .J is 3' R 1 . llis i ff, A-f A L,,, V Iv, A. V- A , 1' :AHA - e ,ev mini 1'f!i" ' 1 tl xp o 'Sf' 4 V R if 1, .iykrh Q Z 5' . -V 4' V-es, Diane Warnick Calvin Richins Jean Linebaugh Lynn Anderson Linda Peck Sidney Beveridge Carla Sykes Dean Richards Karen Walker Dennis Phipps Karen Remington Darrell Kocherhans Betty Frampton David Hone Diane Gammon Charlotte Gardner Sharon Kearley Pat Johnson Nyla Frampton Kay Adamson Joan Fransden Gerald Jacobs Delores Garcia Ronald Christensen Eilene Huish Owen Wright Carol Harper Ronald Harper Carol Hardman Max Goff Neola Gillman Judy Jolley Paul Maxfield Brenda Blackhurst R. Lynn Hansen Marilyn Thorne Dennis Ercanbrack ., qxwwwrf. ' . me 755-s 5' , .nd .f ho sbs Joye Nelson Wayne Larson Geraldine Hooley Vaughn Harris 1, fi 5 .,.w .., .-1 x lf T, . ,,..,txifJK,i, 'wtf 'LTBRQEQ ist we Q.-gi . r- ff 1, fi Qi'-1. mtl Q .V L x ,lid Q r ' . ff' ff in " X 1 'bmi Sig:-twyxs gm . Ms. Y ,V . .t J' .. 'J , 1 LL , , Q W 1 4 ,A '.l J ' . ,via ' 'Pa a-4 . . A - ti,.i 1: ,, ,-xi. I . 46-1 :J , YQ, " .-i , ft-A-'X yt -t V5 . rg - l' f , i t '-wi ll l 4' L: 14 N ti- siselsgmsl 'fx 'isp' f J 95-v' " rfffimfl - R is y A ., i fzbg llc-is X 1. 3 Al ' l ,ff ' .HK K A .mx Q lf R y,y li RD, 'N Q . C .Q ' is - , kit: Y ies Sig, Ls oi 1 1 l lit J -eg. ,gg Y. PJ .f ' X If ,exif ,- L i f la A f - .E 4- I . ' , 132'-ka, l , ffl? in . K ,N " V ji , l' K A . N " ,In -we A 'flffgi l . Q' Q, l ' 1 , v 7-fi 1 1" l ' L M., . -0- I, v-wr gi l 1 'V ,+- -5-I r ,nfl If . ' v I Kenneth McClure JoAnne Armitsteod George Smith -Er I if 461 L Y - . V MQW, Wi' 0 r W. I X, i I . J I, J l J , Shelia Mitchell Buddy Good Donna lsaksen -Q A :N xl ' 1 ff. f If T: +1421 ,zlbwl l .9 2 r Lynn Newman is A Arlene .lense ' Michael Nielson In l -ed I 'I' V' i . l I Q Q kyv vf XXWJJ Bruce Gray Alta Moe Whiteley Lewis Goodridge I , fir-Lf fi . i i 2 Mir! new Barbaro West Darrell Newman Sue Nelson Linda Koy Walker Evan Mottinson Joan Strasburg Pat Fullerton Dan Adams Judy Hilton 3- f- QA' L Q52 A 5 ff"-ffl LIF9' I 1 , r' 'T 0 lf' vc: J . xy, N ui ,A 'I J 32 - f l Howard Rees Corolyn Corlson James Crystal D . C31 ' 3 fl' .l . Q' A Nh Gd inf I'3 8 Lois Huntsman Lee Jeppsen June Colledge G Q ' . ,f 'Nr il ,. 2 4- ' 'Ol 4: APA? "' x. ' Dale Campbell Mary Ann Kelsey Dahl Dodge Richard Cornaby LeRoy Carter Delma Huntsman Geraldine Stewart DeAnn Brimhall Kenneth Brown Wayne Anderson Lyle Clark Shirley Anderson Doris Christensen Jimmy Swenson Norene Bylund David Peterson Christine Crouse Clinton Evans Janice Jones Mickey Rawlings Eldon Jacklin Sandra Spaeth Elaine Stevens Craig Smith is V " ,554 . 'P Y R , i, Q Q, t . 1 'tiff fl' wx U 4 , . 1 5 . Q, x ' 1 x vi ' ii --ri Sharon Neilson Harry Loader Gwen Hardman Richard Miller Nona Kirk Jay Mallinson Paul Brown Mary Jane Roberts Jane lngersol Gary Price LeAnne Smith Douglas Merrill Roger Weight Stanley Warnick Va J ii C V g . e l - -l , ' A A HV' I President Vice President Secretary, Treasurer Class Representative John Lott Dennis Barnett Sue Black Lorraine Fowlke Judith Karen Bates Larry Freeman Jean Hillman Ralph Hall Jean Harper Harald Bullock Mary Beck Larry Harris Elsie Cathy Covington Steven Walker Sandra Lunceford Robert Hunt Annette Harper Verl Cnok lx Wx ' , 1 ,-,, ii Q -'J g-' 'V I l l ' .if .U , Q.. - '. le , .... . iff' Linda Larson Earl Wooley Sharon Carlson . , . E X '7 fe . to 1 I ,Q-3. . ,b ogg i gy.: FL l ., kg E, -' h - f' X 554-',-1 - - My ,T .. . 4 .,, L, r..u:1fr-e-l-ll 5 wif, SP 3 if 1 ' 'L Q Y .ffl-S 133 5'-Q., - Z A , C L E 'Yijiffs 4 Q . M y ,Qi K if L ,,, 11' +3575 .. 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N 4 an 'll ' 4 i 5' 4 ' Q s S ,. 1' A ' M I A -2 Q 'f 3 M 1 ' EJ V A 'V K ' l Kal ,Il '15 4. u I t 5, - 4 I - . 3 .A - ' 5 A 1 lf' E ff-'Q . 1 ll S 4 I it 'X fx 'i' lil , - ' ., - 2 ll - -l l 5' 1 , L. . . . i firm ' K It iv Z-5 4 s A ., ,I R - A , x ' jr I..-J -8 V.-9, - " 1. au' f. AX 4- . .1 0 x , . I H is WZ t ,ff I ' gg i ' X , ss A . f 1 'w f "' , 0 4 X I ' 3 - f:'fi'25Qt , f - ' 4 , K ,s f A A -t ' ' S vii ' A v . . - r - 'J tl X! I Lindo Rowley Kent Hooley Glen Warnick Tommy Charnick Pats Swenson Roger Fordham JoAnn Radmall Y Michael Rogers David Johnson Kent Roundy Roland Haycock Lee Barney Ben West Robert Jones v X . M M10 I ' Y? " Q Q I 4 ,Q as i " .f 'ti 4' X X y lla e "' 1 -' ff 'A . N .f' - A gf I .. . David Shoell Louise Richins Robert Sutch Mirriom Robb Arthur Driggs Virgil Turner Michael Johnson Jock Wright Elsie Kay Chadwick Dwane Atkinson Larry Rodrnall Wayne Betts Judy Robertsen Nancy Smith Kenneth Slater Rondoll Morrill Virginia .lense Gary Rose Patsy Atwood 5 - Q fx-5 4 S. .0 ' nl 'A K l x JE' it i-7' ' -1' 4 I 5 , 4, lx. l . i it so f A f' f 1 I-ul A ffl A f - f . 'sw ..- ,p In Q ' ' 4 63, "' 'l A ,Q li 3 iv 1 V Y' 'F wifi ' tv I , ' -- , 0-0 -Q' ' O tv. +i "". N rag ,for fl -'Ax X 1 ,F . it if X ' L ' y nf- i f i 3 S 37 il J it wi U slsl 'ee er i ry A X , A W V K, K xll. .K 1 s ' -ri. y .rt 7 '1 Q Z M i 35? mf iff 3 k x :iw F Vkv - r 4 ' K - ,,- 1' ,L I ' A LL" 5 V - if f f K ,ff s .N 4 in if . X14 'A' 4 X fiend ' C ii, J A Q - y tiff'-b s if C, e 'C J J K lx., , Shirley Atwood LaVoy Christensen Judy Wells lu , R Don Goff Sandra Harris Bonnie Barton Kay Shurnway Michael Huntsman Linda Harmer eventh 6 fade .1 gs .J ,Q ' .V 1, .'J. Louis Stulce LoRoe Halliday Kay Hansen is e K1-Y- President Ann lee Fowlke Betty Turner Steven Turner -tram., X, - - Dallas Isoksen Betty Sargent Eddie Harding Dixie Thornton Jimmy Varney Linda Dawn Young A ,i l, , 'Qs ' x -' if N ll,.n mr 1 " Jig". ,W .- vi' it Yi f fi J f fs 3 3 1 1 Arie, , Vi- -t , Y ,.f.1 ,iv l s i . W ,5 - .lx ".' , If 1' Connie Stubbs Terry Warnick Joann Tomlinson 'off it X I 5 yi - ' Q -4! Vice President Keith Allred Dale Warburton Geraldine Hilton 1 isbn-" , , I Paul Smith Janet Hahn Charles Buckner Secretary Judy Kirk Carol Ann Kearly Stanley Terry tie f f li J , . Xi'-La. ' , C 1' - if y K: mr, K V Xl-in Nk g K 5 4 H 1 ' V ' - rf ' r A nf 35' 'x'-..l.1 J . if- J' wi- G 40 ' I K 7 ,, ..gl3"' I Q 'iff A 1' ' ' . K igg t qiirf, im' 5, 1 I sz N Y 'Wi' W. ' Xl i 1 N ii a 4 ,, 3 x f Marilyn Swenson Larry Walker Geniel Hone is J f , .- if i ' XX-F Representative Paul Millar Lynn Walker Anna Washburn I 5 ar '-3 if LK ' TW . All ie:qigg?ii"e " if in W if-'Q ' new 'J-" . . "' in K ' .4-lf or D ' '2 si1'N1' - . ltr-1-Freq , " lf 3 fv?'XWg, J 'A QQ Y ,," A I C i l -H:f'i'i'i eil .tl .i fm ' , ' . w Q nw -: tv ' l - , fsfijs ' Q an w S '5' ' . 5- f Q-"P fs K . 1 4 if il S y J A 2 t' Jackie Wayland Marianne Washburn Len Anderson J Diane West Joseph Richards Rita Allen A J, RA lil 1 3 y ,new , si 1 .S ' I eil. 'J fl . 'J . f .- Keith Westover Janet Walker Reed Crawford Judy Walker SueZann Wadley Steven Cullimore Sharon Ann Wright George Rasband Stephen Frampton Gayle Pace Robert Jensen Bonnie Jo Hampton Melvin Jones Janice James Ivan Jenkins Darlene Johnson Paul Forbes Barbara Gutierrez Richard Harris Sue Nelson Arvil Kocherhans Nora Ann Hansen Bill Ruffell Tamira Jean Jarvis Ronnie Harris Sherry Ann Higginson Rirhard Draper 1 Qt ajv l A , 'A " "' 3 a ' We P J Lf":,5sf S .5 .515 ' ' gk 1 Jonina Fowler Lee Gillman -K 'Q K K Glenn Roberts Barbara Robbins it ,L A-1 1 1 Q r ' 2 1 . s . , - ! 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' 52 L 1' ' 4 7 1 Clint Gillman June Edwards Jerry Durvall Barbara Johnson Gwenda Ralphs Jimmie Cook Carlie Hullinger Kenny Kresser Shirlene Davis Dennis Cullimore evenfh Gralle Clifford Sorenson Pamela Phipps Robert Adams Elaine Nystrom Vera Coates Richard Cromer Phyllis Dixon Eugene Colledge Betty Beers Larry Phillips Deana Deveraux David Jeppson Carole Burneister Lynn Swenson V12 -', il ' .L Y ' " W lj.: J so L 5 V gk t my ,N.. vip ' L L J it P . ' gi L J v ,' Z V tffifdv- .Ax P li ' L H V. 2 ri, L ili' D L L' , ' J J 4 1 1 .Ld J L Q A ig. L. L .t,l Q Lifyij 5 .. ' 'vs mfieif -L ' 1 wi ' 35 L ' E 'Q L. -if sr P 4: K I - 4- .5 ' 1 'fgsfh' was 40 arf I' 1 'F i 2 L ' Rex Newman Mary Manson RaDell Long Nadine Mitchell Martin Monson Martha Monson Allen Adamson Helen Anderson Donald Strlngfleld Nancy Adams Dennis Ash Ann McGee Clayd Atwood Karen Lindsay Monty Nelson Ellen Mann Douglas Leonard Pat Mart Vaughn Croft Carolyn Carter L in -l r - 5, sv. in -..N , ,. i at H l shi evenfh Grade ,A ' -25 ll if f Y. v Qs ' 1 .'U""f. fem-'i . 1 t,-4 4f.,y,,. .,, . we 'lr' ff Gene Duvall Annarose Peck Bill Blaine LaRae Johnson Roberta Camp David Ferre Stella Zobell David Erickson Kenneth Carlson Marylyn Gardner Kathleen Carlson Regula Ringger va Journalism Class f 'ss-56 ' xue Elizabeth Millor Judy Wurnick f E 1-12 MONDA 'E Y APT ER f i THE 15 QNQUHEAR pm. Class Adviser Guy Hillman X 1 In ' A A N xxx 1 f w Dove Rodmoll W .Iv '- 3 1 - Shirley Roberts Lorna Johnson JODICB Swenson Sondra Morrill Vallcyre Ami Ve Viking Crier Sfaffs r GT 51 F 1 ' 0 r 'flu Morcio Ann Chipmon JoAnn Gardner GGYIB MO Y-R Junior Ho lgll clleeffegders fixgrvaw mul-55' -. 1' x 1 'V ., . U.- vu f Iv I Frank Driggs Gene Ash W 1 i Derrill Millar Marrion Johnson "PQ Jaw., ,qw Paul Anderson Lloyd Ash Myron Crawford Daniel Buckner Leon Gillman Don Hales ng., f-si ll Hal lewis Bernell Halliday Jerry Harmer Kay Giles Douglas Johnson Bill Trimble Jay Johnson Richard Peterson Arnell Winters Gary Fordham Dale Porter Donald Holdaway Gene Corson Paul Allen Alton Hone Jock Wodley Gerald Olpin Clark Oslergoord Kenny Merrill Joy Newman Jornes Thornton loo ' -lv.. .5411 ,k Q- L Robert Wolker xi , L L Riol Allen A -. .. I Karl Richins N ,G 1:3 l 14 gf I-A . . m- xx Y. f 'il K ko K J 35 , x 1 ,,-, . 2 ' ?V i'if' fl Q Wlllord Lcnier Bud Atwood Tom Seole .,.-wg - Ei . X - ,, r l A 311.4 3 -of QV? -r,f:,., ,..ii1.i-:-., ..q.g.:Ti:,'-.j.'--, ' 3 Wfecinifarviz-1 is RH' John Richins 751355 Qgffg-fit' ,E-Q-Q Nyle Shumwoy COACHES Ned Alger Don Crump S' fare 'PI' Foofball Champs i ,ma Pleasant Pleasant Pleasant Pleasant Pleasant Pleasant Pleasant Pleasant Pleasant Pleasant Pleasant Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove Bingham Lincoln B. Y. High Lehi B. Y. High American Fork Juab Union Springville Millard North Summit THIS WAS THE BEGINNING OF A WONDERFUL FOOTBALL SEASON. On one of the first days of practice Coach Ned Alger said to his Co- captains, Jay Johnson and Paul Anderson, "Get in and fight, you fellows, and we'll go places this year." So they did - - Then on the last day of the season in the Ute Stadium and, after Ned and Don had gathered up the odds and ends, each said to the other "Congratu- lations, Coach." Hal Lewis Arnell Winters Douglas Johnson Lloyd Ash Jerry Harmer John Richins Robert Walker Bud Atwod Kenny Merrill Jay Newman Don Holdaway Torn Seale Dale Porter Jay Johnson Leon Gillman Richard Peterson Bill Trimble James Thornton Dan Buckner Paul Allen Frank Driggs Karl Richins Marrion Johnson Clark Ostergaard Nyle Shumway Mike Crawford Derrill Millar Don Hales Paul Anderson Kay Giles Gene Carson Alton Hone Gerald Olpin Jack Wadley Gary Fordham Bernell Halliday Willard Lanier Gene Ash Rial Allen SW xgeflf Our upeeol mer- clwonts, Hoi ond Poul, toke off with the opposi- tion in the usuol prone position, --'-'tu-gf Vikings Rip Miners 20-14 Pleasant Grove, putting a fast- stepping backfield on display, romped to a 20-14 victory over Bingham Friday, September 9, 1955 in a battle of offenses. Paul Allen sparked The Grovers' attack by scoring two touchdowns, while Paul An- derson turned in a great job of linebacking for the Vikings. Pleasant Grove repeatedly went for plenty of yardage on quick-openers of The "T" forma- tion. Vikings Sweep to 'I4-0 Victory Over Tiger Eleven Pleasant Grove Vikings gave Central Utah sports fans an in- dication of The growing power of The Grover gridiron possibil- ities as they swept to an easy win over Lincoln Tiaers Friday, September 16, 1955 on the Lincoln Field. lt was the second football vic- tory in The history for a P. G. team To win over a Lincoln squad. Lightening-Fast Vikings Top Wildcats 27-6 After defeating Bingham and Lincoln High Schools on succes- sive weekends, the Pleasant Grove Vikings continue to be one of the hottest football teams in The state as a result of their 27-6 victorv over The B. Y. Hiah Wildcats Friday night, Septem- ber 23, l955. Vikings Grab 35-O Victory Scoring 2l points in the first quarter, Pleasant Grove iunior varsity defeated Juab varsity 35-O at Pleasant Grove Thurs- dav. October 27, 1955. in The Vikings were led to vic- tory by Gene Carson, who scored two touchdowns. Gary Fordham and Kay Giles also scored touchdowns for P. G. Dave Price made Three con- versions and Fordham 2. Pleasant Grove Rolls to 21-0 Victory Over Pioneers ln a game filled with penal- ties and fumbles on both sides, the Pleasant Grove Vikings took the measure of a promising Lehi team 21-0 Friday, September 30, 1955 to chalk up a first league victory. The margin of victory rested in the charging Viking line, the fast running of the P. G. backs--Hal Lewis, Paul Allen, and Jim Thornton-and the pass- ing of quarterback Jay John- son, who hit his man time after time for timely gains. Pleasant Grove Grid Team Defeats Wildcats, 26 to 6 The Pleasant Grove Vikings, paced bv the sensational run- ning of Paul Allen, romped to a one-sided victory over Brig- ham Young High Wildcats Wed- nesday October 12, 1955 in an official Division l clash on the BYU football field. Earlier in the season the Grovers showed their claws by beating Coach Grant Bushman's Wildcats 27 to 6 in a preseason practice encounter. Wednesday's game was a league affair and left the Vikings undefeated in prep school play to date. Vikings Down Cavemen 27-12, Near Division 1 Grid Championship Coach Ned Alger and his Pleasant Grove Vikings made football history Thursday, Oct- ober 20, as they downed Am- erican Fork Cavemen 27-12. The Grovers started their scoring antics so rapidly that it completely threw the Forkers off their stride and they failed to show anything of their tra- ditional prowress until late in the game when Coach Alger had permitted his Viking first string- ers to cool off. The game was played in per- fect football weather and a larae crowd of almost equally divided partisan spectators cheered their teams on in a hard fought and at times sensational battle between two teams keyed for the contest. The win for the Vikings pretty well sewed up the Division 1 title and put them in the fav- nrite role for the Region 3 Championship. They will play the top team of the Class B group in the Division 2 league with a fine chance of crowding their way into the state playoffs. Vikings Top Devils 13-0 To Grab Title A pair of 30 yard runs clos- ed the football season for Springville as Pleasant Grove took advantage of two Spring- ville defense lapses to grind our a 13-O win on a neutral Lehi gridiron, and earn the right to play Millard in the State Class B semifinals next week. Pleasant Grove ended the season as Division 1 champs and Springville emeraed Divi- sion 2 B school kingpin in the newly reorganized Region 3. during the reaular play. Pleasant Grove's first score came in the opening quarter by halfback Hal Lewis and Allen ran the other one over in the third period. "The Horse" showed Spring- ville that it had to do more than iust ride his neck before he would stop dodging, twisting and runnina over players. But if Allen was a show, he was iust the center of a three- ring circus, for at his sides were a couple of halfbacks who kept Springville auessing as to who had the ball. These were speedy Hal Lewis and Jim Thornton, powerful left' half, who alternated with Allen in plunging through the line. Vikings Defeat Eagles 21-0, Gain Spot in Finals Those amazing Vikings from Pleasant Grove High School-a Cinderella football team if there ever was one-did it again! Despite the predictions of experts throughout the state, they exploded with dramatic suddenness three times to defeat Millard High School-an aggre- gation steeped in football tra- dition-by a 21-O score. The aame, played on the Pleasant Grove field, proved to be a sensational exhibition of running on the part of Paul Allen, speedy Vikina back. But it was more than a vic- tory for Alleng it was a triumph for Hal Lewis, who did some running himself in addition to his more than adeauate defen- sive work: and a glorious win for co-captain Jay Johnson, heady little Quarterback, Jim Thornton, blocking back, and Gene Carson, who stopped a Millard rally cold with a sensa- tional interception on his own one yard line. lt was a wonderful victory for Paul Anderson, guard and co-captain-as fine a linesman and place kicker as you miaht run across in high school any- where. lt was a triumph for his fel- low linesman, Clark Ostergaard, Richard Peterson, John Richins, Dan Buckner, Bill Trimble, and Jerry Harmer. lt was a happy win for the rest of the boys of the Viking squad-those who played and those who warmed the bench. lt became a satisfying win for Ned Alger, a coach in his second year, and Don Crump, his as- sistant, only one year older in the coaching game. Best of all the win gave the Vikings a chance to enter the state football finalsethe first time in the history of the school. So finally it became a Pleasant Grove High School victory. The Vikings gained their first touchdown when quarterback Johnson pitched out to Allen on the Eaqle 27, and the speedy back thrilled the crowd with a sprint down the sidelines for the score. Anderson placed the ball between the uprights for the extra point. The aame ended with the hall on the Viking l2-yard marker after Stevens carried the piaskin for 45 vards after a short flat pass from Palmer. Just as the qun went off the sun came from out of the day- lona overcast to shine on a swirlina mob of haoov P. G. students who rushed out on the field to greet their victorious team. Pleasant Grove Wins State Class B Football Championship SALT LAKE CITY - Nyle Shumway, Pleasant Grove tackle, had his moment of glory in the University of Utah Stadium Sat- urday when he scooped up a loose ball on the North Summit 20-yard line and scooted for a touchdown to give the Vikings a 6-2 victory and the 1955 Utah State B Foot- ball Championship. Shumway scored in the thlrdi quarter soon after the P.G. grid-, tiers gave two points to the North Summit Braves on a safety, mak-K ine each team's score unusual-i The play which netted the Braves the 2 points started on the Viking 1 yard line. Pleasant Grove had been penalized to that? point for holding during a run- back of a North Summlt punt., Dan Buckner, Viking end, made an attempt to kick on first down,i but the ball struck the back of a teammate and was deflected into' the end zone where one of thel P.G. gridders fell on it for the' North Summit safety. The Braves built their defense around the idea of stopping Paul Allen. -Speedy Sophomore P.G. back and they had some measure of success-Allen did find it hard to S01 Hwly for many long runs, but the other P.G. backs, Jay Johnson, Hal Lewis, and Jim Thornton did shake loose. Lewis, Qspeclilly ran with the pigskin' like a scared jackrabbit. The V i kin g s threatened to score on the first series of plays after Dick Saxton, North Summit quarter, kicked off to start the game. Bill Trimble, P.G. end,l took the ball on his own 32 and returned to the 42. 'Thornton carried to the 'P.G 49, then on a pitchout Allex lugged it to the North Summh 24 around right end, for the initial Viking first down. Allen was held for no gain when he attempted to go through center on the next play. Then after an incomplete pass John? son hit Buckner on the 14 to score a second consecutive Viki ing first down. P.G. fumbled on the next play to end the scoringethreat. Braves Move The Braves then proceeded to score a couple of first downs, but their offensive thrust led by their great fullback, Eddie Jensen, and halfbacks, Don Judd and Garyf Jones, also bogged down. Thef Vikings took over on a punt ,onl their own 22. The P.G. team wasl able to move the ball only 3 yards on two running plays, then took to the air only to have the pass intercepted and run to the. 'P.G. 30. North Summit took over all what nearly amounted to a suc- cessful touchdown march. It was Jensen on nearly every play through the line. The Vikings, however showed their mettle and held on their own 5, Pleasant "Grove again took over on their own 26 after North Summit failed to gain on four downs. Lewis 'slipped through left tackle to carry the plgskln to the Braves' 22 yard line. Trimble, on an ond around play then carried to the 14, but the gain was nullified by the P.G. penalty. Johnson made a pass attempt but was downed on the North Summit 46. Trimble tried a long pass which was intercepted by North Summit. The Braves kicked after fail- ing to gain. Lewis returned the ball to the Braves' 46-yard line. The Vikings gained 9 yards mf three plays but failed to pick up the extra yard when they tried to run on fourth down. l .l l The P.G. boys ran the ball back to their own 24 and punted just before the end of the first half. Paul Anderson, Pleasant Grove guard, kicked to the Braves' 25 yard line to begin the second, half. North Summit picked upg two first downs to take them tof the P.G. 44. They were thenl forced to .kick to Allen on the 5' yard marker. Allen returned toi the 11. The ball was placed oni the Viking 1 yard line after al penalty and here Buckner made? his ill-fated punt which resulted! in the 2 points for the Northl Summit School. Anderson kicked to the Bravesgg 20. The North Summit quarter- back, Ferris Lynn, tried a pass which was intercepted by Lewis. P. G. elected to kick on third down. Thee ball was returned from the Summit 20 to the 27. On first down Lynn was then hit hard by a host of P.G. line- men on an attempted pass. Thef pigskin squirted through his fin- gers, Shumway grabbed it and was over for the T.D. before the astonished fans and players could understand what had happened. Anderson's try for conversion failed. Braves Pass North Summit took to the air during the latter part of the fourth quarter in a desperate attempt to pull the game out of the fire. However, the P.G. team came up with a fine defense to stop the Braves passing attempts., The game ended with the Vik. ings in possession at midfield. NAMED TO All-STAR TEAMS WERE: Region 3 Poul Allen Fullbock Clork Ostergciord Tackle Poul Anderson Guard Second Team Richard Peterson Tackle Hol Lewis Holfbock Region all-star team Bill Trimble End Poul Anderson Guard Joy Johnson Bock Hol Lewis Bock Poul Allen Bock Second Team Don Buckner End First All-State Team Poul Anderson Guord Poul Allen Bock Second Team Bill Trimble End Hol Lewis Bock 53 tx! And the next Moncloy we oll come to school. Everyone vvos hoppy. Boy! vvhot on ossernbly! hours long- everyone presented everyone with something. The cheerleaders presented the coptoins o coke with o little footholl on top, ond they took Necl's old lucky shirt ond presented it to Don for the bosketboll sermon. Mr. Rogers become generous with Mr. Belliston's trousers -f he presented them to Nyle Shumwoy, the HERO of the hig game. v , 1 B t ...,. - -1? 1' 13N 1 Q al. ' fl. 640 I lil if-if-9 , K-i 5,3-'yi , .4-a uf, 29, sf 'INV I F MUTUAL 1 KUVU nun LEE ,X . A .4 N ARNELL WINTERS Gnd CHARLENE GILLMAN, Ilth King: JAY JOHNSON, 12th Queen: CHARLYN THORNE ANN MATTHEWS and DAVID PRICE, 10th llomeconuhg A Cappella Choir .-K' .f ..f"""-v S X X 0 mf? .i 1, X f U to CFU NON' 'E .Cf Q 'Q ig! J if rfb t , Qgggiff f 'V t yi V Lx Q 1 XXX .., , 5 1 1 1. ,NJ , i - A Q, I mesmin orricsns Gerrie Bills, sponsor, Royce Walker, president, Norma Jeanne Warnick, vice president, Gwen Lewis, secretary, Pot Pack, treasurer, Reese Blackhurst, recorder. THESPIAN TROUPE 1027 Thespian initiations were held October 26, i955 in the Pleasant Grove High School auditorium for troupe 1027. Members initiated pledges in a formal ceremony by candlelight. Back row, left to right: David Radmall, Guy Goff, Carol to right: Karen Belliston, Lorraine Herring, Myrna Gay Reese, Barbara Swenson, Carol Bullock, JoAnne Jarman, Glenda Goode, Judy Robinson, Charlyn Thorne, Gardner, Sandra Morrill, Kay Nagel, Front row, left JuDee Warnick, Udene Monson. Back row, left to right: Carol Pulley, Sue Gilarno, Janice Janis Proctor, Sharon Park, RaChell Anderson, Claudia Swenson, Pat Morgan, Jean Richards, Elizabeth Millar, Woolston, Donald Anderson, Myrla Williams, Charlene Shirley Roberts, Max Ferre. Front row, left to right: Olsen, Margurette Young, Jaroy Simmons. Commiitee Jacobs ond Jock NNodXey, and melt com- oudm NNooXsXon, Judy Womkck, Thorne, Jonkce Swen- Hop Co-Chokmen Jcquehne Go Xe Nxcm, Movsho Ann Cnkpmon, CX oCheX Pmdevson, Aden Nkknson, Chodyn mo Beorme Wovnkck, ond9:fn mmee 4 S Vovk, R N R y Wet, Nor G 0 0 0 W jj , Q 'moron son, o ce Wo 6 iclow . W' WW . DEEP The CI G55 f the S, .6 Pres roms of Figijed their S . LOV9IeSS,e3'OF Hop 5 rCl'1eS1rG I Shgd , f,, on NOV es of f e mber 6 1? 5' AAML W 4 I9 fhe Ti YU Pon 0905 Stoke H Ouse Deep purple My ? ,.fQ.'-v .-.. - HM N ,,-, N A.:-s?i'vmgv,i,g:S2g ziig :kwa T is Q 1. .. , , . f -.- 1, 1 X17- '1 fl ' Q mr fs' . ' ' .- .Q5523ii '1' -Q 43 ,-'KQFJQSX g . g!i?gfQf 2 X xv.. x , A ...X Q ' Q wk 5 -, . Q -,, w i .. , N .. A 1 as. " - ' gg wry, - ' , me '- Q wc I m a- s f N? , E W ,du V. we .N,,.r' k X Q i. J S 1 if ,A iw 4, 19 :M ,N ggi , f , . ,gf Y . W ,U .. X' 2 ? f 5 , N? 5. 1: J :SQ N 'Q -iff u p A+-23 JJ fx ,,,,, X x .fg wi 453 ee 'ww ' , ,pw- 07, X x i H Q 5 .Q , .153 f F 1? 1 .. 1' 1. :N 'S k Ag .5 wigs? is CAST Lizzie, the moid .,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,, ,.,,,,44,,,, ....,. S h aron Pork Agnes Carol, the mother ,.A.A,A,,, ...,.....A,, K oy Nagel Howard Ccirol, the father ,,,,,.,,,.,,..,,.. ...,...... R oyce Walker Joan Carol, their doughter I8 ,..e,A,t,,,A, ,,,,..,,,.,. U dene Monson Jeannie Carol, their daughter 16 .,..,,A ,,,.... C laudia Woolston Ginger Carol, their daughter 14 ..,,,, ...... I. orraine Herring Eddie Davis, Joan's boyfriend ,,,,.,,,,.... .....,. J aroy Simmons Tommy Green, Ginger's boyfriend ,,,,,,,,..,.. .A,., D on Rawllnson Mr. Wilson, the High School principal ,,..... ,,.,., D uune Sykes Ed Roffmon, President of the bank ..,..,.,,, ,.,.,,. M ox Ferre Director ...,.............,.. .,.,,....,.A..,.............,...,,.....,.,.........,,..........,....,. G errie Bills Student Directors .A,.. ..............,.......,.............................. N orma Jeanne Warnick Properties .,........... ,,,,,,, K oren Belliston, Myrlu Williams, Bonnie Robertson Time uf For Ginger Presented November 17 at Pleasant Grove Auditorium The ploy quickly develops as one of the banker's daughters-fthe young- est of three hos been very much impressed by her father's exhortations. She hos further decided that her own true fulfillment can best be realized by going out for the footboll teorn. 593. Tvwiyff FQ ?'- A viz 7325- Aft th pl y p d x Z 12' Q-,,N-L, KXX qi, K,l 'P -g 4 X 1 Q X 2 ' X 1 X M 'F I. AX JN Sl.. .4' 'WX Af' K., ' xl X f , 1 . i X If 2 3 Q .lf 5 2 I 'L Q f' fx A 5 33. KPQ4Q,g.-:TJq.- , .- p A 1 A fe 4 lub X 3 ,X 'af ii.. XA O., A f , Mjv F,J , xxlxs ,ff i " X . 4,Xf' 1 ' ' YQ 5 ' ' 1,1 4 3, J 1 g 7 ru 5' I 1 S ,Y :N X' N 4. X' ! 5 ' W 3 . Xxx l f 9 if is F ' f My " li. It ' 4 1 if VK Q .5 5 Qi x 7 1? L 1 , - "1 ' i fn - if 5 ex 1 A -R fiffg V 'X ,f "" .x b. 51. Q 0. , ie . X , 5 w n , ff? A 8 -- is J SF" s xx, s Q' uf ' B 5 NG Q4. 'Q ' x , x , 1 Tx 5. F ,, . :mfi - 1 f 2 we M, .gpm . , , , Q af? xr I gl! i x is ,Q f hmmm, ' - r - uf K. f. ' ,vi i my n 4 - 6 GW' K if +- ' 5"-..., H , 1 -Q.. 'U ,. A k.w"" - 's,.a- ' "' fx" . f 15+ , A-A I9-Q-, R 'li Senior Sweethearts Jacqueline Jacobs cmd Bill Trimble t Sophomore Sweethearts Sue Chester ond Gary Hunter 5 t I ,fi 1 O K X 1 H','W Ninth Grade Sweethearis Karen Robinson and Marvin Slater -IRE 1 X., V N, ul 8 ,ay Seventh Grade Sweethearts Judy Kirk and lynn Swenson Perry Wallace, Royce Walkerg Durfamfur, Mrs, Gerry Billsg VM - -' ' wpf rw , Karen Belllstonp Dr. lohn Blllllllfvlf-'T, Max Ferreg lrwf- Ijffwm Clmvlr-vw Olson, Dcxvul Hunt Gilbert, Guy CZ.-H Smfp- Mcmngyw David Radmallp Stmlcm Dlredors Kay Nagel mul RaChel Anclersonp Svc-W-vw K1-nl Rf-ese Block- l 1" ' vw , Mfvwyrw llmmvwrl Iwly llcxlwxsnm lclvly Clllwerl Wfllf lfnv flwwl-rr X1Vurwlmlrm mespfwn Pfay . up ,W ,e Steve: "Don't you remember clmlmq that fuer mm l lolcl you when yoxfre scored your evm mm qrovvv N-N, Dr Rcirmister A little slow hut the sedation would circoiirwt for thot," 1 Perry- "There is no sign of what happened or mark on Vifki's hody when they find her excepting the marks of the ffill, The verdict is suicide." Perry. Edith, you will take this gun. You will go out on the pclrcxpvt. If she trys tu run you will see that she goes over the cliff, not down the stairs. Understcmd'9 Edith turns the tables cmd the gun on Perry, ful? :4"'r,9 ,.-, MEMBERS Coach Ned Alger Captain Gary Richins Captain John Rirhins Jerry Harmer Kay Richins lloyd Atkinson Alton Hone lory Huntsman Paul Palenslre Dale Porter Rial Allen le-Rav Christensen Karl Richins Gary Hunter Lowel Smith Bernell Halliday Richard Warniclc X K Waring ..f' Dale Porter, Coach Ned OUR WRESTLING SCORES Pleasant Grove Pleasant Grove Pleasant Grove Pleasant Grove Pleasant Grove Pleasant Grove Pleasant Grove Pleasant Grove Pleasant Grove Pleasant Grave Pleasant Grove Pleasant Grove 45 25 IA Al 36 26 I9 42 20 42 42 28 Fourth place in State First place in area m Lehi 6 Provo 43 B. Y. High 13 Bingham 36 Wasatch 13 S. Summit 1 l Carbon 28 Lehi 13 Provo 40 Bingham 38 Wasatch l 1 Carbon 34 meet ..,. 48 eet . 97 Boys who qualified for State meet at Fillmore, Utah. Left to right, front row, Alton Hone, Lory Huntsman, John Richins, Paul Palenske, and Rial Allen. Back row, Jerry Harmer, Gary Richins, Alger, Kay Richins and Lloyd Atkinson. fh Yi .. 5. , vm ww w 0 ,g ,5 'N '1 -gf 5. sf ' vw -2, 30 ., -sql ,, Q 2: 'ES S ,rw fd Hampfon Paul Allen GSYYY FOI'dhUfl1 Jqy Jghnson Q' . Q f v wr . l QF ,TL X u A , ' lr gll i , ' Q ' V A1 --Q , Wa, A' "F ' x MA Yi Xl' I I n M Rx , , A ' 4 Q N. A A- s .Q-nm., ' - N, V' ,. PN . v LF, 4. 'Wx W7 62' ff fa'f?Z'A,Z Kay Giles Dan Buckner Bill Trimble Arnell Winiers Hal lewis Darrell Frampton Coach Don Crump llfah fam' arkefb I hamplbn 955-55 .ig ,xx rw 1 A 1 Jock W k Dri ,Q "' fff af V ' Nw- " D X "'1f' '25 Q .xjfa .I 'Yi . . , A Q 1. ff' I I L . ' 4 , bmfxf t b xg., G f gf .253-X 4 'X A ' '-, I . " : , ' ' ' ,AA M xi Xb ix x, Q Q l I 1 A 4: 'LS K Af Q 'A I ' -. 9' X - 3 U 1 .A rx . U. , - Q 5 VN 3- 5 'Q ' , ix Q S 1 D .. ' V 'Y' jg ll 8,2 ily f.g,. A Ji' if All lined up ond some ploce To go. To flue victor belongs The shoulders. Come on, you guys, get in cmd scrap. ,az l lf Q lX1f"f' W 75 - -R 1311 -1 ,.-. ,mfg,Q?f'7f1' 1 , 'Q3Q A MlMl1ll?S UF STAN 4'HlXN1l'lON9llll' 11 Starting left to right: Haw, 121-lwfwlw, Dr A. Rr: Wll1lk1'l,lWt11t1 l11x'Hl fur 1 rr lt ASKLTBAH OF' 1915 VV1v a H ffl., flTT - , W 1, M, 11 4, ,Af '- --5. Aft 1II Randy Holman "l'l0vv's L1 gwrwvvy faaflw, fm Nw fwip " Art IV 1 'P 1 Q 1 ,1-J h"'5T , I rg 'W .- i j , -14.251 if ,QW - l k"'f'v,. A Play in Four Acts Act 1 Ned Alger, to basketball boys: "You win the title and I'1I collect for a trip!" Act ll Pleasant Grove 45 Pleasant Grove 70 Pleasant Grove 52 Pleasant Grove 61 X4 -,121 rifle A K if fl Cedar Morgan Richfield Bingham XX -.z-gp., V Z' 3' ., U A x 4- "iq QI N r':Vyg4 1 1' -. s is-. iw., Q K, V .om A + 4 W. 1 ' N.. .. N . L,.,,x 4 ...,, 'Nw-.L .,. f--,x 4 1 Q, 1.1-.. tr J, l ur-fi 53314614 ,,., . C I Q I M. 'ltr What a basketball story! lt all began when we won three and lost three pre-season games. Then after win- ning seven league victories while losing three, and tying for the league Championship, we won all tour games we played in the state B Tournament. On successive days, beginning March 14, 1956, in the George Albert Smith Fieldhouse, we defeated Cedar City 45-52, Morgan 70-55, Richfield 52-48, and Bingham 61-56. We were the Champs! Top left: Dfw "It rn-'illy '.-.r1snt't ru surprtsv we kne- xxftlrl rin it all nlfvn H Center left: "Cut-lt ine, Cnmh for ht-rv Nunn New Neil will lmvf' tn iw ci lmntf' Center right: 'Trunk Frank hr-'Q nur nwrin to present you with the Cla-it B hr:-Xkutlmll Clminptn ship trophy for 1956" Bottom left: Paul VVc1ll4m, "On lwhcilf 0" the lltnitt Hgh School Athlotit Assmtcititt-t l fmt very hrigti y Don Holes, Gene Ash, Gene Carson, Low DS'-VOI'0llX, Pnul Gillmcm, Jerry Peterson, Darrell Frampton, Gernlrl Olpim, Paul Vuqul. Jil fl' ch Ned Alger, Glen Holes, Denms Chormok "'F5x.,I K 4 xx ATHLETIC MANAGERS Poul Anderson Dick Barton I , as 4 !,Aar E 1, V v HQ Safafe Oar Adremrerr OREM DAIRY FREEZE Deliciously Different Ice Cream Products MARY'S BEAUTY SALON 560 West Main American Fork REAM'S BARGAIN ANNEX Phone 573-J American Fork UTAH IDAHO SCHOOL SUPPLY Congratulations Seniors MERRILL'S PHILLIPS 66 SERVICE Phone 3731 SWAN'S DRIVE INN CAFE Phone 3154 GREEN GROVE FRUIT CENTER Phone 3203 RADIANT CLEANERS Expert Cleaning 'Service HARLEY WESTERN OIL COMPANY East State Road American Fork THE SUGAR AND SPICE CAFE Phone 5471 Pleasant Grove MODERN SHOE CLINIC Expert Shoe Fitting and Repair Pleasant Grove ADAMS DAIRY Phone 5352 Pleasant Grove PAUL'S MOBILE SERVICE 660 West State Road Pleasant Grove TED'S BARBER SHOP All types of Haircuts Pleasant Grove WASATCH CAFE 422 East State Road Pleasant Grove PLEASANT GROVE LUMBER, SUPPLY CO. Phone 3531 Pleasant Grove SAM'S CHEVRON SERVICE Phone 5431 Pleasant Grove ATWOOD REALTY AND INSURANCE Insurance - Bonds - Real Estate - Loans Pleasant Grove WAGON WHEEL MOTEL 267 So. State Road Pleasant Grove BRADPORD'S ALPINE VILLA MOTEL Phone 3851 Pleasant Grove MERIDITH CABINS Phone 3681 Pleasant Grove RADMALL HARDWARE Phone 5381 Pleasant Grove SMITH BROTHERS MARKET Phone 3921 Pleasant Grove CHRISTENSEN'S DEPARTMENT STORE Clothes to Meet the Style Pleasant Grove SMITH DRUG Expert Pharmicist at your Service Pleasant Grove THORNWOOD STUDIO Phone 436 American Fork PLEASANT GROVE REVIEW Phone 2141 Pleasant Grove THREE WAY MOTOR Phone 3892 or 8801 Pleasant Grove BARRATT BUILDERS' SUPPLY Phone 704, American Fork CARTER'S SERVICE 685 West State Road Pleasant Grove ASH'S CHEVRON SERVICE 185 East State Road Pleasant Grove DICKEY'S BEAUTY SALON Personalized Hair Styles Pleasant Grove DEVEY'S DEPARTMENT STORE Phone 58 American Fork LEE'S BARBER SHOP Ladies and Men's Haircuts Pleasant Grove THE ORCHID SHOP Flowers for all occasions Pleasant Grove ZUFELT AUTO REPAIR 109 East Ist North, American Fork ARCTIC CIRCLE 486 East State Road American HUMPHRIES' FLORAL 54 East Main, American lforli TONY'S FLORAL 514 South State, Orem PARKS CAFE lt's a Pleasure Io Serve You Fork GOODE GRAIN MILLS Phone 4461 Pleasant Grove BUNKERS' FINE FEEDS AND SEEDS Geneva Steel is Across from us KIRK'S DRIVE INN CAFE Congratulations Seniors Pleasant Grove WRIGHTS' GARAGE IN OREM Lots of Luck Kids DON'S SWEET SHOP 306 West Main - American Fork BARNEY'S PHILLIPS 66 SERVICE American Fork BEN FRANKLIN DEPARTMENT STORE West Center Pleasant Grove ALLEN'S I. G. A. Phone 2611 Pleasant Grove ELLISON CLEANERS Phone 2952 Pleasant Grove OWL INN 216 East State Road American Fork JE UX YI6 ih 02 I'1l HZ I gA hi gl b I 4 Senmr Mgh Exchange Assembgf Ia eq Q 0 lcmlluc Dodge Colleen Dunmore Shirley Roberls Burlxiru Swenson Sf NZ Cnrol Pulley Janice Swenson Jean Richards Serrelory Myrlynn Walker A QQ I Kuyc Ncxqvl June Linn-liuugli RuCheI Anderson Vue Presiclvnr Beverly Farr rf Drummer Milf 65' 'dy President lui' x R S-c' K ,fx Q '1' rf Carol Ann Builock wr K - 2 K! Scmju Herring Cloudio Woolston Pm Morgan Darlene Rees JL Dura:-ctors Sharon Pork Pnlrlcm Pud- Joycc Hunter Judy Ann Nelson Jc-:mme Hunt Norma Jenm Wclrnlck Vern Conder Vi Maude Jacobs -11 X5,,..J-if A 1, X 5 :V ' rim .urs N--x...rf-' Officers: Gary Hunfer Treasurer Paul Gillmcm Sentinel Marrion Johnson Reporfer Gram Nielson Secretory Gary Richans President leon Gillman Vice President .I a K Q Mr Banks dir cis Yhe work in the form nwechnnics class 1 Xxx f-Q rl' r 1. 41 ""N far,-, F,F.A. Sweeiheorts Queen, Churlyn Thorne, Senior Aticndonfs, Myrna Jarman, Sophomore Sonia Herring, Junior lg- 43. .I Gif .. , xg xv .rx ' ,Ok Q ' X Oxyk NVQ XL X Qblkxl U Xxx N in V9 No A xxx NNQ5 500 1 0 X 0 GNOQW W go icy. Unfit Q Om 0 , eww Go X yk O L Q 0 sc X . o V Y I K' 1 zp, , ,+ 2 . . VN ' V N 1, . by u 9 , F . f . ' 'bf ' H ' .4 -. H ' 1 s Q O N . I x ' 5 x 1 . f ' QM 2 5 N v lip? ... .11 -L and The Pleasant Grove High School Band is a very important organiza- tion in the school. Not only can a student hear the band at early morn- ing practice l8 a.m.l, but he can also hear and observe it on numerous school occasions and events. Espec- ially does the band play loud and clear at our athletic contests. ' 99 H' atm Fif- Jahmr fhgh hhirea' Charm' Jambi' fhgh Eaha' A ' 9 P Q p ,sl as F1525 ? -0-CID 31-5- 261-G3 O-Q S it Qi Q. Q .6 i rf ff, qglggm JFU- 0 7 X X1 3 , I h c 2 I u VD 1 J 65 vi 22,1 Q X X Q i ,al 1? .gs I- N L r,," v ' ' -N , 523 ,5f,ia,r i Trigg ,Q ' f.,. l.f, , w, '5 N . ,- h I' r' , -. .' -V. -A ' STN L' .f.i'fr::.. Myric Williams Pct Pack Lorraine Herrin Muriel Monson Speech Confesfanfr M Stare Meet Mox Ferre Jo Roy Simmons RoChel Anderson Judy Wornick E Y' 'F gig xy f A, - . f af , ' - , '5 . BSI, .,,l Director Jerry Bills 11 Lindo Morrill Bonnie Boberlson Karen Belllstom - Sliellil Draper 1 A :lm K ,. Q. 3' Q A-2 g 'EC' r "r:- . , z . . e.YE',,j, .f is-if, l Jay , j " ""'X:il'f1'l n ' n , D 1 ' 0 4 . x p , . . 1 " , Q - . " , 1 . ' ' . n . - c I .x i , , , ., . 9 idk ' U ' ' .Q . 0 ' ' ' r qu 3 . . ' -QQ V r ' sg 3 ' .ax ,- ' ,+. ' 1 u gg , . Q 5' E . A 9 n ' :gg- U fx ' f' - J it . , 4 I if f ll , n X,-Q, xx anal u u la n ll al la ,,so,.. Royce Wolkpr Cluudm Woolston RQLSL Blcxckhurif Johnny BUY! rf Q N ng,-u n , . ' ,"o,w ,U 'n' , .lg , I ' ' hz' :,'O't. "0 -n Ml A 4'- ,',,1Wg un' nl ,FF trr o I i c ,Ill Y iff gi 3 rw , I -fx my 534 , , In-.f JIM!! W left' The Committee'- K Q The Chairmen l L loft. The Dmtlwlo Trio '11 o ga-Q7 ' its. x In Sw 1 -B . '4 if o X Q Q I k i W V Committee Memb s Pliner, Sian West, Carol Pulley, Janice Aciainsoiw, Pswliiie Asli, Beverly Farr, Jaime Liimbauglw, Barbara Swenson, Bar' Garcia, Gran? Nielsen, Jean Richards, Kay Nagel, .layrc Hunter and C ers: Rial Allen, Euaeiie Brimhall, Dale alleeri Dittmore. 'v. K Q k,. -545 ' ' xg' ' fr. ' sf wtf", 1,. 73' -ff". ', , . 9 .',... Q J 'I 5'-5 3 1 3 .-align: Q ' P'1x"3' ' ' H Kuw- if an N wx 3. 4 ff' .-v., . , f- ' 'rr ' 1 Ruth Wooley Julia Ann Strasburg Lue Ann Winn Colleen Dillrnore Janece Mann fn 1 , 6-o A .f al A Lorraine Herring A Karen Belliston Miss Conder, Coach . Joan Goode Karen Swenson Nolo Ash X, r If ' -Q :ET ir Q' 4 7 8 x W l ff' X , ' gif,-r"k. Q x ' ff -r- - L 'l Q w- 1 , v v, I' in , V ' lf - A 2 .A f ., '7'2' flff Chormane Iverson I. ' A Lorna Johnson ' 1 V ' Myrn Walker I X .K Judy Weber l A Margaretfe Joiola I , qv. V .vfxig , '. ' 4. x, Tm, H ' W4 f- W l 1? at 1 S 2 ,r ' -tal Q7 V K Q -1 I ' X F, I n , l K if .:, ,- .K uw. 1' - '--"J ,LQ : .- NI r .ai -Q . - . 7. kt V x s , n rv L f ,f ml ,Rm V? g rx lx ' A f 5 Ak -J -jf -twig , 'ff' ' f . x f-M .J ' If i : - ,- Q1 --. ' f - or .,. Y v ' vf.'t:,.wa,- ., '+- Q r kj!! I F x 'db Q x 1 N 1 I 1 . If 4 1. P E 1. my Q " - yfx fl' 1 h Y I 4 I E 1 .. . 5 Claudio Woolsfon, Frank Driggs, Norma Jeonne Womick, Royce Walker, Jcmeul Fugol, Pool Amderson, RoChel Anderson. Gerald Bessey, lnsrrucrorg Morguerire Young, Cloudio Woolston, son, Norma Jeorme Womick. l ui. P.- sg J 1 XFX -4 , GF 5. Judy Robm ,W M E ga X 1 wx, 5 Ju ' I fx xi . 5-in J-. " gt 6 f 1 v 4' 4 , , l QQ 5 4 Q, 'rn F' 1. Q f - .. - .,, WTI ,- J8':,"f,'4'v' AL? "2 ' .. ' 'SA ',,, vi frfnw A' ,.., .' . ' M f rx' Q. ' . K Q I ' 4, " W, 4 IKE , H " .4-M as It F-M?kK,.Lb baby mg? 1 J' 'loo' ' N' XL " H ,,- A W ' ,vu . ,, x"""'l.,. "-"U 1 f .. ' . , N 0' 'Wi ,,........f, , iw Mi' ,4.s..f I . . . vs. md '4 1 i iff as ' x P ' . ' sl g Q , 1 if O' D s 1 1 T tl ., .. I 4 ffuimsagfif , , , H ji" . -bf ,. sul' ' 1291" N .Q-Q", - . 4, - ' ' K ' ""f""f4.,f.g--',. J, '14 'sa ' ' -r , ' K ix" Wx qv-,V X ' W ,-ff' ,u,ifN,j-2 3 , f . ,' ,fu , J ' . ,,. W . , -- 1' ,-, A4 X , x .1 ,I f f,,B:ii ,H Q, Nuns, ix J.. L --1.7 ' -Q." .x ' ff m? xx lvl- KY ,xx xx Fw A Q X N Aygf, fi' D X Slanding: Kay Giles, Daniel Buckner, Johnny Butt, Jay Schoonover, Larry Gillman, Ronald 'Mor- rill, James Danklef, Glenn Hales. Seated: Gerry Fordham, Bill Trimble, Coach Hillman, Jay Johnson, Jim Thornton, Nyle Shumway, Rulon Hone. Kneeling: Dennis Chorniak, James Cobb- ley, Vance Hillman, batboyp Jay Mann, bat boy, Paul Gill- man, Gary Richins. Don Hales absent. I .4.-XD' EE . t . I. . . 2-- -.. 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WHAT A YEAR IO7 2 5 R Ex , A hf gqlfffofff' E Q A A W Q J .- 5 K. Q X f M M X Mr. WooIs1on's Art Students in A 1, , - -1 if V . I fr I,cf,L Xvgi., WI -f"'I 4 il 4 f J I ,W L, ki' X.,,q,H1 icmci ation if QLQAJWL' . EXW fx aw MLW Vi, 'Qfw9XQze5gafvwQ . M -' - ' Q QU ' Na aid 1,3 aff? 1 QWWLLMQ W A if fwzwa www X QQ? T3 is 'X--4-M"-A is :A 'v J ' Q' A if EXSEQES S 34 .gb E H Sfbffw iJf SA .Lwk lf 3,-LQXKL IV!- !1 1 I II , 1 Qg ,AJdvU'kK-X HLV9 5- ,V Q l l My X-C 1 A, f kdxwvl'-2 M x,-L4 ynv , - xnx U 'G' lk f-gi, XX f K S14 Q. L'4,Qga X Bod- Y Dome 'bmah , Cmsdoex I X04 '39 Bovv Q-xcdms, od.. X004 y,xN'xS, 'fxxx Nara , C300 BCYNS-8, Cgqxket X CAN CJOXX I VCOX X . Gow Xiixoxeva. 3200 Pxfxfxewo woe Koo Qoixh BQQQXXQ, VDXONOYM 30066 YQQQX, Booece 00' fbexxq Nokvew gi I COS OX CIOYKNC-. YXx1oKseKYN WMO'- :xm Wen 900 I OXoxes CYXOWNOV- - flgeqefxq view 3 - xx soo C00 XX, 966 NXONMQSOYM 594 50 0 ' XAOXXSQ4 w,x,wfN 'DOWOSOG' Bowne hom low.. ww. UGWOW' WMM 5vOee XNQQML, O Gow Csxeeo vhodsev. 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Suggestions in the Pleasant Grove High School - Valkyrie Yearbook (Pleasant Grove, UT) collection:

Pleasant Grove High School - Valkyrie Yearbook (Pleasant Grove, UT) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Pleasant Grove High School - Valkyrie Yearbook (Pleasant Grove, UT) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 64

1956, pg 64

Pleasant Grove High School - Valkyrie Yearbook (Pleasant Grove, UT) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 107

1956, pg 107

Pleasant Grove High School - Valkyrie Yearbook (Pleasant Grove, UT) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 9

1956, pg 9

Pleasant Grove High School - Valkyrie Yearbook (Pleasant Grove, UT) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 99

1956, pg 99

Pleasant Grove High School - Valkyrie Yearbook (Pleasant Grove, UT) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 29

1956, pg 29

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