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ii 'A 1 . Ev ' S ,I Q x 5 is O9 I i J 1. A V. 'x pf ' ' . r I -f fa 5. A ' J.: - N ' : Li ., f I A 1 I , x".'- . . IN' ' , -J 4 , , . ' - gl S Q I.. , ' -- xl vx V i. -f-5 ' . ' " ', 'lt : .- '- l 1, 'H -'-2-Us . . '- 1 ' 1 cw ?, In ' Y , 1. 1 1 . Y W 1 1 1 -A . n N Y 1 5. P I , N4 g N . n Wm D , il I M. V , . bs, 1 l , x H ' Qu ' ,A .L -V ' 1 ii 1 'E R..-1' .R H H' - ' - , . . , I' X. " Q , ,Q F' ' 1 -1 , -.QE U 'Y ' - V . ua ND B , s, 1 J 1 ,A .Rh 5 - a vgit - .J f ,. Q.- . ,.-' - .1 A I ' ,I ' I I I k,...4 , . ' xr , 4 ' L 3- "' , , ,L K 'll' M A , 1 , , A Q X . .V w W . if A - Y u h I- 4 1, , ix! V .N .W . Y 1,5 Y MPV 4 FV , , ,M My M25 J, X32 R lax Lv D 0 Q I ' , . Q 3 W a - ' Q VT:',, I ' 5 ' 4 '-' .L b' ' ll , .. Y 4 i '.' .W l,swv' ji 7,".HTx I 4... ,Z g- 51' U ' K - 'Y ' I A K-' 1 . ., , g, L - ., E. if rl , 0 . Y, - 531. 3 , I .x 1., .. s. ., , V j ,. .5 T . ,A 1 1 , ,WI ,,, . 15, .AN r Q if ,LM X --,A' ix- ,x.q N, W .:..:... gint, 1 Hb 5 !"' xc' 5 P'-- , ' 71, M ' 'fn L Q'-1' M .211 ' 5 - . .l' M wr ,X f-fy .'-5, -X . . 1 g FP , 'N V M' j. 1' , L'-1 Q --S J 1.0. M7 A M 1 .f W- -Q fa . , ' -' r A A -5 H V1 , l. Q! 4 b . . g - - 24. A i 4 Q fq, aah ' i, , ., .H '..Y A '12 ,. V , N . ,A "" N' ' H+' 1 ' ' . - + -T'4:L-:-,-,- f. 'T , 7' T' N-.Q ,mar , - ,U-,,..i a fun- 7,1 J, .,' -Lf Y l- ., -N -'.r..m,v 1, '. X N1-Lf ',Q,f rw -Q 'i , -- Y -Nuff.. 1-av il: TR . b. ' w 1 -T' ' 'wf ,- - -.,- 11-1 :.,L' w Q . - IL-M 1 , - - ',J'f - r, ff-gf -' 'MM' ' ' :HQ ""' -' .fc-'.' .--"2 " 1 , ' A,",f"".. l 'C'-Q1 ' V ' V, .W' ' 4' -':'v,'5": K - ff' I, 1 11-13, Y' :x"?'l-. iff ." , ' ,V Q ' f, ' , 'I - f.,- 5 -4'-.. ' .f .V .fnlk -L -9.34 "1 .. 'i' 1 . ' ' 1 ' -fif .' . 1 1 03-3-f ". 747' .. NZ' . " - . 1'1" F' K N ' .M .. f AV I'Tx.,, l 'T7" "'13-Q ?"i7'f - f-V , 1 5 7- H, , XA-hiv. h ,U Q -1 pl, l ,V 5-., . ,R . ., -- . ...-. 5 , W- ' , .. 4'--.-, '1 -"rf, x ' 'A 5 ff, , V LL' Q, '--, .- mm, R I :1"'5,' . . , A N T: . -.. j,-'QL 1 -fr. 5142 --- , -SFT,-Jig - :gig 'FQ Vila 5 , - N - 1, Q I Q ' Q, 1 4p,g7.kQQQif 'Ns rl :lg iv Y. -W-Q M. Af--?IL ,-.QV A K M . , . , . - 'gut " - -'f:::T' 1 V 314- -'-Tp ff' Sf" -IT, T'-3. ' , - A A ig, 1f " L ,-A ' ".Z'T'4-frf '4'i4,: ' ,"-f , --,f J , 1' " 'N-, -'N'jif - - -if yi-,"4l-4P'i+:+-gf, ' -2- --1, " K N 1 il , ' A .-. - -A Y 4,,a Q '-' - ,jf 1 'I f -,.,,L ' ' , V , , g , - -- A- T? n - -2 ' fruiw' ' -f V- " -+- fi X- ' ,- '--,--ff ' , -,., 1 I.. H " - gf . Q , - . " '. , M A' - I-J..-M, i ln' - 1 A "1-Mu , -.V 1 A '- -, V--V Vw AV , , A XI . '. -.. 4 V . ' ,' T 'f ' 5- A v' r A: , ,' 1, w N 4 ., ' j.,-' ,J ' -,- . ,, .- .' f' . 1- -x . f . .- - K . V v 7,1 .',, -E A -, f"'.f' i' .-L.-. 4 ' 1 1 X Z I I 1 1 .1 w 4 I 3 I ' s , ,M , , . , A ,K , 1 ,vw 1 , w".f"i. MNH' af 4 ' 'f - S5 Qf3w Q!f M k W WMM X, M WW wif? W my My QQ WWW AW M iff my ASNLL 3 fpplpy ,May 4 gh My fy W J . L f V ' 1 i ' I , J f J , B M ' 0 V Q1 ,f .J MMM , iQ U L lm xx be diiiQX.13riQ5hA' , W Q33 My Nvkqrg WXLWPL KLJ Ck , ' 'K C, A S KOS V 1 XX Q 3 Q css MM fa S S Q QS . XR N3 Di N M Published by Sluclenfs of PLAlNVlEW HIGH SCHOOL Plainview, Texas Mr f1ecA1:,4fc,ffL Sf? 6f4Q'?VX Edi+o r-Sally Cross Business Ma nager-Soniie Barclay Advisor-Miss Merilee Anderson 'L L "The days of our youth are the days of our glory" ju ' wi. if it 5?-Q M 2 1.5 ' '!"5 ' 4 , k ' Y 3 554--, sw 35" W A JP M A S '. ' ff 1 ' .miE,ff"f , nz af I , 1 . ,gfz u ' " A ,. 4 f1: p?sfr ' r ' 'A S a fk,,,,i 'F rw . " ,,!, fy X ' , as W si Milf U r' Y? wwe? wi PM N321 Q ff-EQ' , 7 1 , - ' 5515 if mga! sr, ' ' "1 5,3 .,wm,,fma:- wg " A' U 12211 m A 4, R , ,iw Q 5 , J - mf V 1 1 w ' Q E X V X 4 4 4 r, 'Fi aw. 3 ,Ag is ,M Y, was ? x I .,-f x 4 in 5 ga Wa 1 QE, I We IJSGICUTG ITIS 'OD I"LI-UINI Mr. Don Williams Long Lasting Pride VIEW fo Mr. Don Williams A proud Coach displays a new Team and a new AcTiviTy Bus. ,ln every Tield oi endeavor There are Those who sland ouT as individuals. ln The Tield oT Teaching, we have These people also. One such person is Mr. Don Williams. Coach Wil- liams is individualisTic in his opTimism, ThaT everyThing can be improved, and ThaT il we wanT someThing and wanT iT badly enough, iT is aTTainable. This spiriT OT enThusiasm and opTimism and The willingness To puT TorTh every eTTorT Toward accomplishing a Task are The Things which dislringuish Coach Williams. Through his eTTorTs, his insisTence on "keeping on," Plainview l-ligh AThleTes have learned whaT iT is To Take pride in doing Their besT and To enioy vicTory. Coach Williams has helped To bring many days OT glory To P.l-l.S. We proudly dedicaTe The l965 PLAIN VlEW To MR. DON WlLLlAlvlS. A STelson haT and clip board characTerize Coach Wil liams aT games. Coach Williams Talks To Team members. 5 Table of 591.535 i K 5 25512 ns a hls+ory ggggs Q -Q, - K x QL 1 5? 6 Z' Q 5 Q rf W x .vii ,Mafst ,1fwfWf..f'sf,2-Xwffelmf,,,..,.,, ,W 4 ,.,v eq.. y -. ,sv A 'A f A Q S W , A,l..,. . ' J- M R! BTO , ,Q . ,ws Q if Q 'Q Ib3.2'fgJ 'Q 1 A E A qs I H QT: ,, X 8 f X 1 ff A -4 A . gf, wb Q? fs M 5 ?' Y , 1" M 6, Sludenis awaii The ringing of ihe iirsi bell. New Brings Regisirafion day arrives wiih mixed feelings. P.H.S. received a iacelifling. Once more 'rhe populafion of P.H.S. has more Than cloubled i'r- seli. Bewilclered looks are seen on many faces. H seems +ha+ even seniors have irouble finding lheir way around. P.l-l.S. noi only re- ceived a facelifiing, buf also new classrooms. a cafeieria, girls' gym, and a vocalional building. Building New Faces ... ""' Aufo Mechanics is new 'ro P.H.S. lnifiafion awaifs all underclasgmen Junior girls cheer Bulldogs on! K, vu I Pep Rallies Boost Youfhful fx! f ,X l Before school pep rallies spur enihusiasm for freshmen. Behind every suc- cessful Jream is school spirir. The pep rallies ai PHS have nor orig- inalred spiril bui' merely organized if info one slrong and single force. Spirit Tri-Capiains speak words of frue spirii' Bringing ou+ fhe FighHng Bulldogs! Sfuclenis assemble in cafe+eric before lardy bell rings. A day al P.H.S. be- gins wilh mass con- fusion in The caleleria. The bell summons slu- denrs +o classroom ac- Jrivilies. Then assem- blies give a Jrouch of enrerlainmenl. The mosr imporlranr 'rhing is Jrhe salislaclion of a lorry-five minule break. Afler lunch mid-af+er- noon slump enlers The halls-of P.l'l.S.. bul iusr in Time, Jrhe 3:45 p.m. bell rings and ends +he day. A Day You are now dismissed 'io your 3rd. period class." Sludenls hurry To firsl period. Q ,, I2 00 brings a sudden rush of hungry P.H.S. sfudenfs. Signs of relief and happiness are seen as 'Hme day closes I7 Mos? Friendly: Ronnie Perel and Kaihlyn Bagwell She's gor fhe spiri+! Western Day How can we forgef such a fun-filled day? Wes+ern Day shall no'r be forgolrlen, for if is a parjr of P.H.S. New sludenls loolc for- ward io The clifferenl' occasion. lou? Seniors look a+ I+, wi+h a differenr perspeclive. l'r's 'lheir lasl' Weslern Day ai' P.l-l.S. and mem- ories will be made. remembered, ancl cher- ished. Besi' Dressed were Joe Don Marfin, Jan Adkins. DoHie Moreland, and Joel Shepard ls 'rhis falenf? Crowning of Queen Missy Sfudeni' Council Presidenr Mike Thomas and Sr. Prexy Biisy Sione 20 PHS ' 14fh Annual Coronation November ll, I964 was a mosi' elegani' affair. Missy Churchwell was crowned Queen of P.l-l.S. and Ann Young was presenied Princess. The cour+ consislecl of 5l couples. Therformal affair is presenied annually by 'Hne senior class, all siuclenis being eligible +o pariic- ipale. The Senior Class of '65 will long remem- ber Hieir coronafion as a mosl' 'rreasurecl memory. Princess Ann escorled by Chris Lewellen Emcees: Gary Melfon and Danny Swanson Queen and Pages Chrisfene Mifchell, Ruby Byrd, Charla Keisling, and Kay BenneH- 4 Heralds Kenne+h Hopper, Edwin Adams. Dub Goodwin, and Roberi' Miller 2I Row I: Karrli Eaion Genir Ba well, Akin. . I Y. Q Moore: Row 2: Williams, Bublis. Daily. Painler, Galli- more, Holmes. Houclain, Niclioll, Sawyer, Clary. Z2 Row I: Smiflfi, Tarlcenion, Womack. Adams, Hop per, Igo, Pairidqe. PoH'orfF: Row 2: Purcell, Bryant Sanfmyer, Speck. King, Mc Alisier. Howard, Sievens. Row I: Garrison, Eilwer- edqe, Pillow, Wright Mc- Swain, Bryant Row 2: Nall, Chdrclwwell. LoH', Leef Holland, Juno, Kidd, Cannon. I x Row I: if ScI'1Iec're, Walker, Trimble, Baldwin, Ferqusora? ' Row 2: Io KI:Ioyd, Greer, BarneH', Sears, Roberf- son, Swayze, Borchardr, Moore, Moore, Rhew, Scroggins. Row I: Pererson, Dickerson. Mc- Guire, Page, Lea'II'1erman. Nor- Ion, Esfrada, O'DonneII. Row I: Graham, Harris, Koeninger, Cooper, Heye, Iv1oreIancI: Row 2: Pere'r, Moore, Shepard. Harrison, Fagan. Sharp, Davenport Cross. Row I: Soucy, CrIsIer. CarpenIer, Morgan, O'Ban- non, LeacI1,VaugI1n, PImIoIIg Row 2: I-Iunf, Meriwe'rI1er, WI'1i'IfieId, I.oerwaIcI Hawkins, BarneH'.kJarnes,'Gran'r. Q .qu-f' "Why, I used 'Io ear off gold pIaI'es. and I are whaiever I wan'red." "Whai's +ha'r in your hand?" Juniors Present Meei' Me in S+. Louis, a Chrisiopher Sergel comedy in ihree acis, was presenied by 'rhe Junior class. The year is I904. The eveni is The worId's fair. Wiih peopIe meefing from 24 "Don'I' say I didn'+ warn you." "My 'FamiIy is very weII "Now 'lhey ve sfarfed deralling 'lrolleysl" "Meet Me in Sf. Louis" all corners of The world, 1'l'1e personal life of Hue Smirh family is shared wilh a mosl' eager audience. managed." "AcHons speak louder Hman words The Cas? of "The Nighf of January I6ih" observes fhe reacfions of Magda Svenson. Larry Regan appears as a surprise wirness. The Disrricr Nrforney presenrs The gun evidence. AlI's Tair in love and war. Seniors Present "The Night of January 16fh" The '65 Senior Play was a very unusual drama. The acTion was EresenTed in a courTroom. The deTendanT roven lnoT guilT OT The murder oT Bjorn Faulkner. Suspense' an surprise held The inTeresT oT The audience. Such a play revealed many TalenTs oT The casT. Members oT The audience aresworn in. "l'm only The wiTe oT my husband he Cas?" A ' Cappella Pres WS "Live, Emile, Live!" ents HUF 0 A Rodger Xa Hammerslein procluclion was presenled by Jrhe A' Cappella Choir. The acfion of The play Took place on Jrwo Soulh Pacific islands during The Second World War. Lighl- ing effec+s proieciecl on a slcy cyclorama were improvised To enhance a modern selling of ab- slracf props. The accompanimenf by a 26-piece orcheslra of area musicians conlribuledfmuch 'lo The show. If was one of The finesl P.l-l.S. has ever presenfed. The climax is one of happiness. "Real Human head, you buy!" .fwsz-gr T T K d,,f2,,..,..'5452z2zA L .. 4,.w: fag ,. ., 2 wf's1f,g f 1 , -fm - k,,h . g iv es K -sif- ' . rr3fPZ I V li "' ' " f?""'f' "2:. 'EEA' . 4:--ff l . ' Hfflsif' ici--FFT: N' n ,:5"j1'f.i, V2 ':',..'sf:""E. 1 ,.sw?Egwf gg? Wim 3. .swz,ws,:ww:i"'224.::Y-:-2395 sys- -My zw,s,. a? irry .- - ., .Is . :., I f s,.: .A .us sz rm? a ,,:n-: ".'? E5 ,:. rszmf,--' 1 fly.-sg,-,yu -'ws-' X2 10 -I , ..,, sm fe L ,. , ,..,,.. , rw' is M is M, M, ,,.,,, 35 M525 Fix 'WV :'a':"" . fa 1' Vzsi ISF' V df' ' 1.x is HM s H -..- .- -1 M- Meng .: rf ,. T - V1-1?:,,m':a" ilslfasf' f A- ,qsm ,,kk W, , ..,c 'W-Trsilzififi iylriflff "ii E E51-3 1 ll Y' .f : if.- ?l4fi?39l1fqgi??ii5':.l' f 17 U1 .,.f.- f-,h ,,,,..5:., 5 ,l,,,M ,,,. ff ' f i,5'rsi,5 if. fi TE , W3 img s is my W " S ss ai at . .fu a rc s s ww . lay ., . :E fissfggusfifiiiw T WY , , X if c gg s X we L, W Q, 12 Q vi 4 , X ,s wglfsfsg . efggzsr 55 K Rigby? X E f f-ME'E-iEisM:r5, f- ' K . . ,f v r r sz ,,325fi FHSZS' ' - ' I 5271" -5" :' : s -1" , f ' , '. 'f ' A f ' Q fn ,1 , , ifz, if T I f i K if 1 7 ' ' a . , r ifff' ' L 7 7 f ' LJ' .ar '. .511 i:.l.'J'1'lf T . gr -wz.:2f:sifsz:m,g yr ,, ' "5 '- T ,, ., .A .Ns --., ,gf-X32 .Pi . ,-X fqggggvi'--f fi M,-,f if fiml- ' -fl fvkzigegggimf' - Q is :::- Y. ,. '1 r T :swf-1 55. aw " Z: , 1 ' ifms gfi I as 15 i i izf-if 'fbi 'E if 1, , , W y' ,gfiiiig 11 s ' in , ' I5?fw,s21 ' :Iss ililfii , , , , ., , vi-sf -. N lfuszsiif ifiif - ls - Y . ' K .--fs,.,s,w:f'2w ' : I- :5 2,-5, 2, V: s- r uff su- Q my vm 1 .lg ' W H fi-zlgfwi "Ea : ' - s r i' ' - ,Qs -- "-' A W WW-M-A-1, 'M ' - , 4 r Wa wiww f- .. I . .wfQ'1,.,,lz?iiig,,. l, gsi g a 1 ..i, sis TQ -sissy. "" S1 ix , ff l , M5pageflwel-:Q-a,gf2ggf2tem ,. "She's My Lillle Honey Bun" A29 s i 1 . 1 is . , . 5 5 s 2? si ' ss? ? X x 2 E i 5, ? V :fx .I ar' ' X K , ' J s ' ' 'Q I emma K, ssfgsifesszszm fy messae2s24s2v ,imp K S2QeP15P2esY4wff S?W?S?3Q3if!?Z Yiiiiiiif MW Ewiifffiiiiawlgiiiwf-VV -vm wx:A:iLi5?a1f'fE:f1il4 I ' 1 ' 1 ' A. g , ,V f , ff Qsxzwwizlfef:wgegsaffgsvQewmsfw faiffwfmgfazrsesirm.v-.zifwfz1Lf:K:L.sesk.fs,i:sQ1fmiw 11,efimasassmaasmzefwwxwemr WLEQZLIQQWL5 b32i?W5f5iYSieifa." "'hQiTiLrf??-525 I I n I n n - 15 3 s 5 5 5 2 E 5 2 5 5 E s 1 ' k ' -' ,Q ,, I , -- '5 1 ' nl' f , H ,- -- T' 1-E'i,'f f-1...-'?Y!7,ll"Ef1 f-1'fE'7x 91-S3 ?52Si2555492?EQGQS2311iN595Qi5Q?LE5ifQ:9i'.3,:fiiilgE5iT?2-53: :a:l'zTlS5f5:Ib-V'iTf'f'T.?2iLii'ATE'is,7l-5ifI-5SSi5L:3as13E'isiifinwgiwggfgifiifQ:fe2ai5izifif5fi5ai5:ffVeiTliG:?Z3S7Wliisfsiiiuw-ymrqwigghizqgeg Si 39 5? sf' ii F! gi si 4 S ES if is 5 3 2. .1 I- . A , -, 1 1 ' ,V -- -V ,,.. f- - . H f f ffz::fwewwmz,: M, .1 , ffqmrnwawpfmmm :iii :amyww,w,A,,,l,.,,4,i-,,5,3,M,,-JwwzWZ-.:g,www.wrgmf,,-m.w-:Qm15:fvL,,i4,z1.5:wQ:M,m,mayfwz:.1swf,.Lq1wzwfsw,iizzwmqzylwrffeawr wxamnsammamaxfwesawwff-:mm-w :ww --,.11, f,:-:,,11f -f,.. if:ff,-fm::.:f:fz,.1::-'V:ww ff..- my .-L,w1.-f,.:w f--f ,::...,L,V ,rkk ., ,M K, ,V W, in 6 Si Q5 Qu gf 22? 1 if ,K 1 5 Qi an 33 iff as is 5 3 mx xg W is mx 59 Q we EQ asf 521 53? :sa as as :Q isa if W fa asf in ,Kgs Q2 sae fx SE ia? nfs gs- 5. si? fx QQ il fe 15 51 ni 45 ,V Ai :ik se 4: ez H 5 Q A fs 3 51 Q, gas is fi K, Q K5 ie ii 2 if H Q Z, Q 3 5 Z 2 Q f Q E S K X Q E Q E K e Q K X 5 X Q X E X K S K 2 X e X f S Q 5 2 2 5 S 2 2 E 2: 3 ff i S 4 Q E X f l,-, f ' - ' 3 , , , . , . ., . ,. In K 1,5 ,-,,-f:Man-Ag5+'f1fmgfiggy,--z1.f:5,.',-mf-,.1",,,.-5,-fx,yy-1 Q 5 'su fs 2, 12 .5 Hx 5753 ei? si? if wg sau WE are in wx- we H11 Aw 91 JS, 1-.H W aes zu If :sk ess 21 ,sis fm 39k as? :LS .ggi S5 ef? as if if sf? 555 Q15 fm 5223 35 3 E, -,S fi 55 M, sv nf m T if E S5 S ei H yy .gz Sz, af ki 22 9, si zu Lf Q S 5 is is i, Q fu ,zww-:zf--ZAmufiwiwvm-ff.fQ1w1fQ11Hwzllflwmmimgs1w1UfwmWh1ggggQygg1sgg4e1ifmQ:1A1H2L552?im.,fzgg:qgfgyg,gfggpgfffupw1hgm,fg,.M.,K1N572,g,EMf,l,,,: 1k1.w:,i55,f,m5ZLVE-ik53kxf1 yi-5, .-0,11 - L..-q:.z1A:L,ggf , ig-,1q'.1fzi: -f: -Iwgsfeiiffzifb-ff ffvgslw, L, if ,J if if , 1' ,af n .- M I 50 5 5 . fe. if Afhlehcs Youfh is the era of challenge" 46. few, Bw Q 4 F92 a L J 'JE 1- a V2 ' se if ,Q ev .... . , Q . . 5 wg Wa l,A Zlwgig 9 is Wx. . I gg Q W Q -ELL? i Aff: 22 ' at K ,. L. 1 A kr: ga . K 1 -,Maw Q V ,5 . "A ,v Q Q ai if 'P' 1 A we Qi, ,J 5, A E W if A 'fi fi .QM-if Q 1 7 r V In 4, , K K lv M Af. , wg. ' , AA fx, ah "iw S . - .y . WE:-'fu www faq if :- aka S ,R Q. s Ei., af., gil f am C if mi' gy, 4. ' 'ik Hi fi 7 J if WA, K "4 ' '35 Q My 'fm qw xi 5 If 'SQGQQ9 2,2 ,L 5 Mi 'Q 3921 1 'W ff. - ' ::f?sff" M6 G . E A --W VK Wiifg, 'QW I . wi my , ,K ,gg H . , Mig ggihgsi YK ,, .. ,, ,. .. , ,ggi . ,, ,,.. MQ NW gpm Egwgmu gg Q l 1 f if 4 W s ..,. 5 1 if' , .1 K J as . 3' - W f ',:a1'f:s'f:E.: ', ,.. ,,. ' :s5":s "'E5 'G1:' :2' 12Ii " :i"I'5i..': ' 23-T " "I: H. '?i , J H 1. fm' ' Y W 1 ...I z " 5? .. 1 1-: :"f .:., Vzz f ':l ,N 3 . naw ww 1 f A Bulldog Coaches Gerald Richey. Don Williams, Deverelle Lewis 1964 Varsify Scoreboard BuHdogs BuHdogs BuHdoqs BuHdogs BuHdogs BuHdoqs BuHdogs BuHdogs BuHdogs BuHdogs Home Opponenls ..u.u.NAu. n.n., 20 llerelord ,h,u.,AH.n.n.n.n.n. .nu .Nun 2l LHHeHeki Mun. nun .um ,um 0 Amamb nm hm Nun .nnuh, O Borger .nun .un 35 Palo Duro . NDN Ahmu I4 Pampa Noun mn uma ,wan 24 Capmmk mn nm. ,nun ,nano 35 Lubbock Bunn. .nu ,un, ,u, I2 hAon+erey pond UNH I3 Tascosa ....... ..,.. Plainview High School Leff To RighT: Row One: M. Finch. D. Hipilifo, W. Covey, L. Crisler. H. Scroggins. M. Finley, E. Marfinez, Edwin Adams. D. Houchin. S. Rigler. J. Wright S. Rodgers. M. Buchanan. R. Barron. J. Trimble: Second Row: J. Sfevens, R. HunT, D. Maggard, R. Moore. R. Pender- gasf, J. Sfanfon. J. Couch. R. Ferguson. L. Whiffield, R. Barneff, J. Smifh, R. Efheredge. L. Dickerson: Third Row: D. Jennings,'D. SmiTh. T. Lloyd. T. Sawyer. M. Thomas. B. Sanders. B. Graham, J. Hughes, S. Tedford. J. Bryant J. James. Throughouf The T964 foofball season, 38 young men have done Their besT To play Terrific fooT- ball. Each Time They donned Bulldog uniforms, They showed a deferminafion and willingness To win. Every game ThaT was played was an all-ouT Team efforf. The Bulldogs drew acclaim from 'fans and disTanT admirers. Their opponenTs found The Bull- dogs To be a hard fighfing Team, and one Thaf would never give up. The 5-5 record for The T964 season is a far cry from lasT year's' 2-8 record: A greaT .deal of This desire To win was conTribuTed To The varsify coaches. WiThouT Their excellenT coaching abil- iTy and inspiring leadership, This record would noT have been possible- 54 Varsity Managers Left fo righf: Don Jennings, Mike Finch. and Jerry Sfevens BarneH' powers 'lhrouqh Hereford defense. Tgm Sawyer Harold Scroggins uarferbacl: I70 lbs. QUaVl'9fl9aCl4 l65 lbs- Dogs The I964- Plainview Bulldogs opened 'rhe new season wi'lh a 20-O shuf- oul over l-lereford's Whifefaces in a non-con- ference opener. Playing in Hereford Sladium on Seplember, II our Bulldogs showed 'Fans Jrhal' They could ex- peel some exciring con- +es'rs in The mon'rhs ahead. David Maggard Sian Rigler Quarferback I75 lbs. Runninqback I65 lbs Corral Hereford, 20-0 Endsweep pays off for ano+her firsi- down. Elesio Mariinez Roberi- Moore Runningbaclc l5O'Ibs. Fullbagk 168 lbs, Mike Buchanan Tommy Lloyd Runningbaclc l6O lbs. Quarierbaclc I75 lbs. Bulldogs Bag The Plainview Bulldogs s e c o n d non-conference g a m e of i'l'1e season yielded a near slwuioui de- Whihcield and Barnefl block as Sawyer carries. Lifflefield, 21-6 fear over The Lilflefielcl Wildcafs. This win gave +l1e Bulldogs a 2-0 record for Hwe year. Jerry Bryan? End I7O lbs. Raymond Barron Winglnack l45 lbs. Jerry Wrighi' Wingbaclc l55 lbs. 1 Whxlfield finds running room Smilh 'follows up wi+h key block Sandles Nudge Ouf Dogs, 10 0 The Amarillo Sandies pulled a shu'roul' over The Plainview Bulldogs on Sepfember 25. Despile a +igh'r Dog defense, 'rhe favored Sandies charged lhrough +o lake 'rhe con- +es'l' by a 'rouchdown and a field goal, leaving The Plainview season record 2-l. Mike Thomas Larry Shea Tackle I95 lbs Fullback I85 lbs A seven - yard - drive lale in 'rhe firsr period accounfed for The only score of Jrhe game as-a sirongly-favored Borger Team punched our a 7-Of viclory 'over The Plain- view Bulldogs before 5,500 Homecoming fans here Ociober 3. The game was a far cry 'From lasl' year's 55-0 Borger romp as Jrhe Plainview club. now 2 and 3, played magnifi- cenl ball. Roberi Barneii' Fullbaclc ISO lbs. Borger Punches Out 7-0 Vicfory Lonnie Whiffield Runningbacl: l95 lbs. Sawyer runs for a TD agamsl Borger. VV?igh+ alfempls a pass. David Hipolifo Fullback I6O lbs Dons Oufpoinf 'Dogs 40-35 Mrlion Flnclley Dan HOUCHH Cenler I80 lbs. Guard ISO lbs. Dislricl 3-AAAAE lop- raled defensive club, Palo Duro. and lhe Plainview Bull- dogs, Jrhe league's fourih besl defensive unii. mei in Ama- rillo on Oclober I6, and bal- lled oul a conlesl which re- sembled a professional game io many fans who wilnessed il. By lhe 'rime The buzzer rang lhe Bulldogs had whil- lled The 'Dons' lead down lo a mere live poinls. The lvlonierey Plainsmen erupled for Jrouclidowns in every quarler in Bulldog Slradium November I3, as a crowd esrimaied al 5.000 walclwecl The Plainview Bull- Clogs. J J 1 Larry Dickerson J P End i95 lbs. Monterey Rolls Over Plainview, 34-12 Maqgard's unil' sels up 'roucliclown drive la+e in Monlerey game. 63 Sian Tedforcl Cenfer I 80 lbs. Plainview Bulldogs came bouncing back from 3 consecufive disfricf de- feafs fo whip Parnpa I4-O in Pampa Ocfober 23, giving flie club ifs firsf vicfory over fine l-lar- vesfers since I96O, even- ing ifs season record af 3-3 and guaranfeeing flue club's besf season since 1959, An excepfionally good defense held Pampa in Plainview ferrifory mosf of flne game. An oufsfanding defensive play by Jerry Don Smiflw accounfed for a fwo poinf safefy. All flwis combined wiflw fine offensive plays by Tom Sawyer, Larry Dickerson, and Lonnie Wliiffield brouglwf fo PHS a proud feann. Rigler is faclcled as I-lunf and Crisler come in fo block. Jerry Don Smiih Guard l8O lbs. Dogs Grab Win F RaYm0nd Pef'def935l' Billy Graham Thomas and Smiih T kl T80 lb GC 9 5' Tackle 230 lbs. Dogs Score Second Di A good block by The Bulldogs L give a hand, while Rigler carries lhe ball. Wayne Cvvey Guard I60 lbs o o sfrrcf Wm Over Caprock, 24-8 Riclcy Elheredge BUfCl'l FIa++ Guard I85 lbs. The win, Plainview's second conseculive dis- Jrricl Triumph. broughr lheir season record lo 4-3 and made 'rheir dislricl 3-AAAA marlc 2-3. A melhodical offense, al limes bringing The fans lo lheir leer, and a brick- wall defense, gave Plain- view lans plenly lo holler aboul as Their homesland- ing Bulldogs churned oul a 24-8 viclory over Caproclc of Amarillo here, Oclober 30. Guard I 80 lbs. James Couch Tackle 180 lbs. Roberi' Ferguson Tackle 220 lbs. Aller spollinq lhe Lubbock Weslerners a quick I4-O lead in Lubbock November I7, The Bull- dogs came slrorming back lo lake lhe Jrhree remaining quarlers 35-3 for a devaslaling 35-I7 win Jrhal pushed Their season record To 5-3 and dislricl mark 'lo 3-3. Smilly res+s while Buchanan runs wiih Bulldogs Bury Smilh, Hunf, and 368 lhe ball. Wesferners, 35-17 Scroggins rush in +o make sure he doesn'f gel away. Jim Sfanfon Tackle 190 lbs. Johnny Hughes Tackle I85 lbs. 69 WriqhT snags pass in dying momenTs oT Tascosa game. Richard Hung- Tascosa Oufscores Bulldogs, 22 13 Broclc Sanders David Smlih End 2I0 lbs End l7O lbs The Plainview TooTball Team ThaT reTusecl To be awed by The presence oT The sTaTe's Top-ranlced Team, became The aggres- sor ,early in Their conTesT November 20 and gave The Tascosa Rebels The TighT oT Their lives before falling 22-I3 beliore a crowd oT some 2,500 wild- ly cheering home-Town Tans. Red Dogs ,,,g.yfi.:1..:z :.sw,:s- ' L.-W, gms: gas.,.sg,g,-,,,.g-f..:1 .f1'5,-fsifi--wii sf? -Wifi f.:-2"ffw--f is ..,L,,.Ek,g..,5i,..i, ..,,, W .-,, ,ki kz., ., . -,,.: L,..h, ,,....-. -,,I5 . f4:w.:wrf1,52i,:E, ',5SSi1iLf'f--ST" a1'ff5,,.:s1w15lf" .A?1,:e,af I--,zu leE"w3.5sE'?Ls5'-Y Krwilisfifwzy sig,-w .W-fgilsi 1.5-ifssfsi-:Qu-3-ff .gsj,51g'?.:5f2iV5'f5f,if?iTTisif7ggli:iQ1 151 iFS1ffE:41l2i? '21fw,i'ii.5f2.Q fi 1:'1ssf:-.sei 411-1111-wi. '1:2Qf'fi'is:'E.E1111.11-'Miva qi, ue, 145' is-y',:::,f,f "'liigs13iflLE:f'-rs'-W' . '5?9V1fii'.iWf1m 'L-Ikriiflif IWif-'frif.'lf'i.-Wiki 7 U' i , is 1E'1il"f.-HE E , ., fm-'fi.S9x"f Jflfx- it , r, 564 E I :ffl :SE f - - V H ---, m1 ' "Lm"k 'l" ki a- . ri1'.f Qh' "1A, m" . '1-- :':' 1 'vv ,P is E+ 1 i', f ",,' ,-:" V--L"' .f:i 2 ,,: f,..i,.eg1'l "A' iki Zi' 1,g,gi., '.L-"'- ff Likk, . '27 ea l x. .15 ls saw. f f . af 12' nWr s amass' ,,f . ,:,::, gg. ' .Q H "A , ' - I ' . -2 is 1 Aj." :rag . 2 ' B , ' .ifl ,1if,.1k fi iffifiiifilfg H f 4 : V L " .- V. -P i " is 'll "'Q " ' 'l-' 'i hvzq ' . A 1451 " WE' :His -'qw' -72-953433 Y4g'??v5 B3 2059 H53 l85..rX'igl3"h1g" L gg-1:25 ' ' ' -. - . Kfki P i 1 A Z , for Billflf ' Wg?x'fs2wX'?i'rriraYi'if'l 3' N - argl? . 'Q -- ",:, ff. R Q ' - W 'Q il' P 2 i S 5 . ,"' 1 zv' 15 1 ii "", "A, 2 . -': ...A . - g,1." , 53 . lp?-33 EU., ,L,L,, LH. ig L, A LVLL Li lii fg L,-h :VL ' o r I A,,,A . . '2': l':-, ,:,, - ---A .v:'- . "' Q. '.1, . '2"? :'v'f .vs v-... . ----'- .h,: 1 I I " V " '-"':-' " L. 'ro R.: J. Srirrnan, W. Moore, R. McCarlhy, G. Hoffman, B. Yarabrough, M. Heillelinger, R. Howard, R. Hamby, D. Phipps, D. Reniro, L. Gillion, L. Womack, R. Miller. Row 2: T. Walker, S. Johnson, L. Afwood, L. Nafzger, R. Phillips, T. Clemenls, R. Smilh, G. Brook, P. Clolhier, L. Jordan, J. James, L. Douglas, L. Hill, G. Benneif, T. Gresham, M. Mull. Row 3: Coach Murry, B. Marshall, J. Ferguson, G. Palridge, D. Garreli, E. O'DonnelI, L. Henry, G. Reece, R. Dickerson, L. Underwood, L. Marshall, D. True, C. Rhea R. Bolhwell, C. Schelecle, Coach Mayfield. Blue Dogs i i L. io R. Row I: J. Cambell, J. Daylon, L. Reece, T. Wilson, J. McClelland, D. Siandefer, S. Woods, G. Covey, J. Callahan, P. Buchanan, K. Kirk, R. Roberis, R. Kersh. Row 2: G. Noel, R. Ballew, D. Elheredge, M. Bailey, M. Richardson, L. Hernandez, R. Greshim, L. Savage, R. Walson, A. Fox, B. Moore, M. Ruiledge, S. Mason, C. Richmond, L. Gonzales, R. Siaggs. Row 3: Coach Phillips, G. Guevara, R. Hodges, S. Woods, Jr. Phipps, R. Bennell, B. Bryani, B. Hodges, W. Schwaub, D. Pullen, J. Cox, B. Rogers, J. Gilberl, A. Givens, B. Boulding, J. Aikinson. Red Pups Leff 'io Righh Firsi' Row: T. Baker, M. Frye, D. Crumpfon, M. Shea, W. McGuire, A. Cuevas, J. Benzon: Second Row: M. Webb, H. Pafferson, P. Mircheil, J. Mar'Hn, T. McBee, R. Windgrowe, D. McGowan, B. Bass: Third Row: J. McBride, S. Rendred, D. Beavers, G. Andrews, L. King, J. Kirchoff, L. Priest B. Rainer, J. Folley. Blue Pups Fron+ Row: L. +o R.: C. Thomas, Z. Gufierrez, J. David, G. Todd: Second Row: L. Garza, T. Brahsfield, A. Trebble, R. Johnson, B. Haley, T. Robin, R. Carfer, T. McEachern, L. Cheer, K. McGregor, T. Waldrepg Third Row: Coach Jeffries, H. Pa'Herson, R. Nor- man, J. Wood, E. Smirh, B. Cunningham, C. Coe, R. Walker, L. Gonzales, M. Rushing, D. Haney, J. Jackson, M. Day: Noi piciured: C. Koen, R. Jenson, L. Pa'Hy, and J. Pendley. 72 cw? www ww www va www wp Q A.., Jasagavawfx Sophomore Cheerleaders Rhonda Lewis, Carol Buchanan, Mary Belh Beamgdy-lflarl ,Cindy Smilh, ,Linda Hale, Donice Noel Freshman Cheerleaders Kay Long, Cindy Greer, PaHi Purcell, Kalhy lvlilslead, Sandra Young, Cindy Short Nanelle Nixon .W H 'LGF B MK 2,9 m,2-QSAQQN-,wzgva fzg,8m553QmwmmwnQEb1g.Bs -MWWW asm 'EWW 'YMMQWKW Kneeling: T. Sawyer, B. Mcfxlisfer, S. Rigier. J. Angel, L. Karrah: Back Row: B. Sfone, R. Saul, C. Woods R Pere? B Boldmg Coach Green, Coach Clindaniel. Coach Bob Cl. d m 5 ni el Co 'nh H... old Green I Junior Forward Senior Guard W'u'q ,vw Senior Quad' ,ZR i i Baxler McAlis+er 5'l I" Junior Forward 1 1 1- 1, ,, 1S,r,,55T-, . V fi' 3' lg.. -' ,g f , K ' .Fmt V L L K , f ,, , X s ' i -K K' K K I MQ ,, J - ':I :f Z E: -,, fizg-Jig, :riff T -+1 i ?W-A-W uw: ' Lyn: A imrflkywff. ',.Y4?fr's1sy'-ff, 'WV Jav- -r, new , A .Dr ,. . A .. gQ.M,,, .,,.. , ,X ur, ,K J ,ir ,.... , ,. .. ,moral ,Mg r gr. . ,W,,,.g,.: 5 ,fr fi,i..2,,d,xsa,.r5, rN,,.Ri,,?3,, I '53-:1'I.: SBR i iiilizsii i , .. ' :Wi - Frez lim-,xx ,ggyff f 1-'15, V -'eiwwiizixxm i 2' 55,3139-Quin i fx ir fwijliiigf ,V N x ggg?vt:'f.-P wwyv- "" - WWI ::"i-.fs V: 12 YJzvs,i.:L55':g,'-i .1 --Vrye' - : G' ES ' ?3fg,5':X5?wss1i5,fg,,f,. g " X'5i1f?ffi52-rim: 'Y mgfrgriarfsrrr f,-- - I I I . i, ..,: :.,. M . .. Sian Rigler 5 8 vw John Robefls 6 l Roland Saul 62 Junior Guard l-7 A -A Q James Angel 5'IO" Clay Woods 6'7" Junior Guard Junior Cenfer .J rr f ei 2 X gi is jig? X is 6 i mr ,f -EJ Qjgsiim -M.: -A -V ,, 'fi 135' A N if ' -' ' QM ,. A 5' ,gg al ii gf i Fr V' rf fir 4 1 1 4 kg M X , 4 1 r I, 23, k li r . xr? , , , I sl 4 Q P x ? K P ,5 X Q 3 ,SP fe, in , 2 :P ed xx , Junior Forward Junior Forward 79 mmm was Mx M 5 .saw ffiigmifz. V, .. , I A A S -1--if-A-m:fSg5g4cw--QIQ,-N . , .,,,: QM. . sw-Q-mag: Y,-f M ., A Y , .T LQ, , wwf: ffm: Z :Lu-,J ..v, ,,kk Mm f Z: . . ::.,4M X .E- -W Mm 4, 3 K as mfs f ag X 'ffiikwgmi , gi , Q Lv 7fs-asiais,.u:Qizfi11sf5'5xifs2Q HS vg 9 Q Y 3 , X Y .Wim wewggf if 2 A WL : mv 1f?ff2?gm:s21isf 7"'A:f 2 -ff:- 1- V Monjgrey sg ' E 3 S 1 E 5 5 X 5 s 5 5 i f 1 Q i E S 's 5 2 ka Q 9 2 K S E La.4eas9ZAi62S'4s3?iZQkf5? 'x?52ii?i'55:qZW..WM W... , W . Wm ?uQ'?2Z.i?25 Qwmf-E5 K Q? ditty 11 T' 3,222 1,55 , . wwwwwmwamm was an sr' ff WH Mi'ffwEm.. S-ww MQYWAM-Wmwwwmwwws?-5-uw. 7 A w if N, f q...,, , .,,5:fEv,3wf,,2f5:4E:l,,fg,fg,,f Lf: ,mag fi-we rs! affi- .MW ymwwg ,,.efAgN35I A W ,iw . S. ,L,, ., v. X X 2 fl K uf' h A Q W 1 E Q 2 K 3 Z i an ff D Wi 5 5 , --.,.- M -Awww... ,, . - - W ...,m,, w I965 Varsily Manager Donnie Ballew Bulldogs lry for The rebound. PHS 45 29 58 56 50 42 28 36 64 49 34 64 66 45 33 46 32 42 54 Maggard scores againsf Tascosa. 1965 B Team Schedule OPPONENT Lakeview .,.,Y,,..A San Angelo ,,.,, Big Spring .,Y,,, Quiiique ,,,,,, Caprocli Y- Amarillo i,,, Monlerey ,,i,,. Tascosa ,,,,,, Pampa ,,5,..,, Lubbock . ,,,5 A Borger .,,,,,,. Palo Duro ,,.,. Caproclc .,,,a5,. Amarillo ..., Monlerey ,,,,,, Tascosa Y,,,,, Lubboclc Borger 5, Palo Duro .. '6 5 B Team lsfb Row: P. Buchanan, V. Barron, R. Temple. M. Bailey, O. Mullings, J. Williams: 2nd Row B. Fagan, D. Smilli, J. Campbell, C. Webb, S. Barham, R. Walson, B. Bolding. B. Rogers. l Bailey is pinned in by Berger Bulldogs, Webb lays one up in Tascosa game .. ,.,.,::, ' .'V"AQ swf 1. .5 Y K-F x 5 if 4 .. f.Tff.s'!',f , 4' E5 if 'fig-, I A-xx S wk. , rf 1 . nw iwxqgg, ,ig V, V my wtf A md 1514, L2 Q46 Sw Wm . 4 Skim ,gf QM fr- iw, in QL. 1- H WL M if-' ,S ,n as 4. , mv, "M My nf . S' Q 'Xa la ' " ., W . . , Y - wife451-QQSIQYEQPE-Emiafif ivesfm ill fkeffi 1 'Wzzisvf 2913553 Hi 1 , My M ey fu-Wm .Q ,,.. W 5-saiiiszffsv4g2f55Qg:qgggg,g5:g 511 11 , ff K A- mv-QW-xfmw f i -mx V' ,, 51v1?1ast4Q2Q:?2::?:A-sf'-:mx3 : W bs1Assz,:sL F' WW "2 7 iwkww,m,,.fss , 1 . H- , mf L , - f 4 . A 'www' Vw fm is fr - W Lk as N? ,ass W ,,, 'H , . .W , 22 M Q47 V5 , , tu, gg gm, iff ,, fi K 'Ti Q, 5, , - M 'W - Km 5 .mga wh 5 5. Nm A 1' we wg , iw if ,K ,ji .WW 71 my ma WWW, If ,Z ? 4 .I Q 2 ga 2 2' Q Z1 W . 1, 'T k .ff wjifif' fs.. . . wa K.-Ri? 5' i 2,,u,..M QQ ww X wx va 5 "IQ T1 JWTWWPQE? Spring Sports Roundup Baseball Tom Sawyer slides info base guarded by Mike Thomas. Coaches: Harold Green and Bill Phillips 9 i 52-4' Ili.: K ., ,.,f 3 kkV,: 1, 1 ,i .axe 1' 1- ,.,f . ,'.,,s..,F.., H -1 11 ,,, 11 .. 11111911 e.v1A.1,1.151 ,ff,- 1. ,,, ,, 1.2-25,11 'K .. 4 is 61 1 X gs 5 .. ,... V 222 hi- , , ,S K ,Mme wg 1. 1 Al ,,.. 91 .5 - , ' 4:" 1, QKL15 fi- f K sl RK' 151 U I f .1ff1f,:.ff.' i 'L A ' 1 5.11,-,1..9sAf Q.s 1.1 , , " -- .Masa i - - ' ,, 1i , i ,,,igi3i.5,21SiEi r- ':: 'f.-:I -M 2115, ' - em. -we 54331711-f,zr1w,iiaa 1 in-1 1. .1 W . : --,1 , 1Wfyz15-ig-ff swim. 211 11 . ,. . N. . -11-.. .,,, ffm , . 1 "- 5 gg W Q if S ,K X E ,l 1 1 egg 5 4 sf my 85, X 2, is 1 3 Q f X, L 1 ml B5 Q A ,K li ,K , 1 L M 1,2 4 up 15 x 'S if Q M K 1, ,.'Q-W1 - - H 'Sf " ei 5 3 1 F ., jf wr QP ,ef-e 1 ' -, , 1s.1111 ,. ,, , , ff A 4 we 9 K A he-1,,Y .'i . fi - X , W WL so gif? i , ii l 1, - , Q ' , , ' ii' I i .. 4 1 ,, ,, I ' i z.: ig kk k .-17+ K., l """ w e f , H I7 .. 5 fu "1 is , 1 ,.., , xi 1- wz.1s11f,-.1111 g111-Qffmwif we 4-Slifisifssffws 111-53221 : 1 .1.,,. J,1,1sQv1gg2gsrlg5LEg,5 .1 :. mqmf1WQ 11 .11 Wgxfeuwiggg ms? m1211152 i52i55iS?'i"' ' f A- W ' W' 155, V HHE Bs' es K mg' 3 S 22 Q w e , K -- 1 5 .-x ii I, Aff ' ' MEM-11 -- -if 1: 1" 3 , -57 3 ,..1,1,, ,,. -.:.:..1:s"Pf"-'.-696 Q: ' 32.112 1 A ' f 23:11 . H11 M f -- 5,1 V 53 1 "1 f I H 1 I W- , egr I .i gf g 11 .. t i " P: .55 5 311 ' fl ,Q if , Az fsiwy ,A G E i' ,- .1 . .x ' ' E-'..' ,X ' ' 'Ez ,ai ji ' K-" ' 1,5 ,f K 1 l J, ...,... ,1 .. ,, ,,.. .. . 'E 5 555 H+ , f'-- - , , ff- 1- , fe- , - EES ,. 5 , .1115-5535 :E -- ' : ,N ,112-1. - ,I-1ggKs.3gB3 '. ll .. ax . , 11 .,::,.'i'E:f,,:P"'.-.' "1 'EL : ,ggi "Q S1613 N - 1,1 11-ii " Q- 1111 1-,Q ' -111 1 n .-, 19,11 ' I'-:if31gj515g1,,53,4xa,2g:gf1E::11 fig: . 1-i.,11,1- 1, , ,, . .3 SN. ,, W,- V: -1 "' 'ii - i lil? -ifli iixk:--'. ' 1 " ' A , - 7-Z, ,, .. .,,,, ,53 RW , in I: .. -' Q5 .1 1-:Neff If 3-W -,..,-E. 1: :u m ,. ,. ' N f ' J . J '- ' " ' ,, a , " , .--- ' 1 . V .iff-21.111 "11 law: -- ..f,11. E1-1, ,A . '1 , ,1 hge.. :51:.j,n1 -- 1 T 1 eiyltigagglfqgi:::5:,:.".,:-':..E ' rf gs' A sf xi? "'-ru q " Q 9 " ii f Eddie O'Donnel al loaf: Dub Goodwin calcher Leff To RighT, Row I: T. O'Donnel, E. O'Donnell. L. Jordan, R. Barron, T. Timmons, R. RoberTsg Row 2: D. GarreTT, R. Fagen, R. Clark, H. Scroggins, L. Crisler, M. Bailey, J. Campbell, T. Loclce: Row 3: L. WhiTTield, T. Lloyd, R. Leach, M. Thomas, T. Sawyer. D. Goodwin, B. McAlisTer, B.'Boldinq, R. Ferguson. Baseball pracTice goT underway Monday, February I5. as TwenTy-seven boys Turned ouT To Try Tor places on The l965 VarsiTy Team. WiTh The annual deadline daTe drawing near, TryouTs were sTill underway. Our camera caughT These exciTing memoirs oT prepa- ra.Tion Tor a new season. 5 2 'RIG L53 rl 1 LeTTerman Lonnie WhiTTield scoops up a grounder. Freshmen ouT Tor Their TirsT year: W. McGuire, Z. GuTierrez S. Beasley, B. Cunningham, C. Cole. 93 Sfirmang Second- Row: S. Rigier, B. Bryani, M. Richardson, D. E P. Buchanan: Third Row: R. Waison, T. 'ames. Noi picfured S. C-lark, S. Clark, i - . 1- 1.- -A-qasaa-feminism' 1 1f1,151JgS1'g,: ' 11 ' - .. Eii',3i1T.-RL: 1 58512511.11 1. ' - -- 5 1 1111"ff11' -111 :1 -1-11 .11.515-1 1f' WffS ' frm-1 .' ri1? ..1 .. E5f 'f if1f"".".i' 'fi fl ffff ' X 1 1- ,.. 1 .11 .1 1 . . ., S1f.f'l1.'-F2-'fT.11.1 -Y:Si5msQ'Tii . 'H?51sse1f1 ..-1.. .. 1. 51, 15 1 1 fl.,-:1.f 1 - f--f 151, -swf:--.-..g .,13,,i-,,,,-1-H ', 31 1 1, 1,1 1 '11 gg, '1 K is f 525' '1 W ise . 4511411 1-11,1g.1..l,4511fi1111?ie11ff :sweep I .. - ii ffif3iff?21fl41? .. 1.. -- .S 1 flmzgzss 1 " ' 1' ' 1 , , . K j-1.1 f"""'KJ"",-1.. 1511-111:-11 21151. K ' il f f' 'I 1212.5-2i1'11 11113931 1 4 A l t" 5?11f',:?2 V1 5 iff '1,.sv1. I ggj . 1 2' . ...r.. 1 1- - . . 11.1.1 r. gf, .- 11 mn wm r f '51 1 I 1. . .. 'W V Q . Coach Gerald Richey 94 ff as 1 A 114 ff C. Rhea, T. Grishman. .4f121fi'f11 1-11125249521 F2ewfiwsgfgsii.352s2?ff2Egg!?fs11r1QsiiSifiaiisiiih E"",:1f::,' E - 2.55 " . SE '. 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" ,L 1, , 1 . .1 1 . 1.5?1s1kW1 fi 1 1 T ' " P ...E 1111 . . 14131 'B ' 1 1111211.1511 ..1 1f11.111 vf' x 9115 lxt If -1i:- 1525511 A 'XQ1 . 1- ' 'f f . 1 r . K -.5-..,,:1. 1" -Wa..-52. 3 W, .. .,.- . X Ji 14 ' U If f 3 N R . 1. ...11. , . Disfance Runners Jerry Bryanf, Mike Buchanan, Raymond Barron F-irsi' Row: L. Weaver, M. Wadzeck, J-. McCelland, L. Briggs, J. Adams, L. Jagrarn, R. Heye, E. Mariinez, R. McMilIon, B. Savage, J. 'rhered ge, S. Phipps, L. Gonzales, A. Fox. M. Buchanan, L. Savage, R. Barron, Walker, D. Pullen, G. Pairidge, B. Graham, L. Dickerson, J. Bryanf, L. Karrh, D. Maggardg, J. Tra Sho? Pui' Biiiy Graham Discus David Maggard R. Barro Sprin iers n, M. Buchanan.,4J. flames, J. Bryan? . YVV. mf: V V f If - Sw- -- , V V. Vg-.YV ,, V ?:ffVV-.M - '1 an -f j'F'a , : Q 3 V: In .K .,..4 J S 1 ' is Vx' .E iP'ff2r.3i.1: -fsma. :f Jfispfefxkazafffame Win. ,W ,,.. , QLVMV, VJ4 ,, X E.. A.. ,. Q as M., A.M.ww.f f 1 ' Y awfzgsya 1 . aqgisgmi .QQ H Quay, mg. wg: Q A R. www. 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Buchanan, J. Walker: 3rd Row: G. Ormsby, C. Young, F. McWilliams, C. Walker,G. Branl1am,J.Carler, G. Beavers. Varsiiy Traveling Team: P. Sanfmyer, J. Bryant J. Walker. C. Nall. ,,,,.,,, .,f,.,f,.,,,,3M 4 11f'rfb?iYS?l1'?5f :mf : 7 .. + f fla,zf.?lff2'fa fmiliwgwihf ' ,. . 4 .452'fem5.12swfsf..,.5.:.311'f':M -f Q- ?m,:11f,-. lf,fff.,,wm . Q . v. 5 - for .32'Q.4als'--3:sim,elm-:.WfmH . . ,. - .wfffe 1 Q . , 4.2, , 'S -fs.. M fb aw ? 'wh . Q Q M. .A .- 4 L J Wea eil? W W ' -- " ' ., iw: gs 'il "" . wi L -. L + li H fu S .Q H...-'s,: -3... fa, " . . .xii vw .::?.f.?' 1 -2 MMM-M-1 5Z'WP"mK. . 'Y wi?-Z' '1..a.1 '1- , . . - - -W Y . ,, .. ,a A, '- , ,gg.,,w.,..l.,. l w,,1y,,,fM M., We .1 .N , 1-zaggmaw . ' - ' an ' 1 V - , . . fl. H . 3 . - 1 W. - . 1 -, 2 H .Wf if-,gg'ffw,2.,.z M... , ,, , ww-331 Q W Tennis Coach Mark Anionucci Isf Row: D. Burch, D. Frazier, B. Carlfon, M. Brooke. R, Barneff: 2nd Row: J. Mull. J. Sadler, J. Trevino: 3rd Row: P Sanfmyer, D, Reed. C. Nall, J. B,ryan+, S. Brenham, Coach Anfonucci. ennis Floyd Hicks and Joe Trevino play doubles during affernoon fennis session. Coach Clindaniel Takes an acfive par? in insfrucfing fhe Golf Jream. Cliffon Irwin James Angel Roberi Payne Vorsify Golf feam members brush up on puffing. Ronnie Temple Jimmy Simonds wmv si ation FP Plainview Board of Education Sealed: James Crossland, Bob Carler, Mrs. Mildred Walker. Milchell Maloui: Slanding: Dr. Gerald Wagner. Don Mouser, Homer Garrison Helping each siudeni of The Plainview disirici 'ro have equal educalional opporluniiies. 'fhe school board works. diligenlly +hroughou+ ihe year. High academic slandards and 'rhe mainlenance of good schools has made The Plainview School Syslem second 'ro none. Wilh 'rhese goals in mind lhe board-comprised of seven elecied members-acquainis ilself wilh Teachers. sludy plans. and financing. 5 S E as 2 S ? if L e t S E 2 3, 2 5 3 S3 5 is '9 2 Q i 51 e Y 5 E f 1 3 2 S am 2 2 2 E 3 is 9 1 51 3 Q Q Z 9 5 PI is sz Q 5 xx 5 2 ez, Q Q F 9? 3 M 5 2 3 3 Q S kggiigi-pf, - 5 M V 4-sei ' W igfil.-Q Q , ,- 3 Q 3 6 352. " - V 279 M H 1 fr :-,,. -5 L A , ' , 5, ' K' is f 'I Q , S,f2iTfg2QgSw igawfi I A -"3 Q Qi. www M ,Q pM'R , fvgfaaxifwzl W B5 my H ,, . 1 ,.,., W , L P I 9 1- 5 K gms '.SE5fs:xsH:m:?h ' ::E:m:" w wmwz, ms fe- ,wsu . ,mqnp ff 'f Sr fa Q i S 5 " I sfgxafsf Thompsqn Counselors Miss BeH'y Buford l I MV- Dave P0WleY The counselors and class cleans of Plainview High School work Jrogeiher as parl' of The school's aclminisiraiive organizalion. Each has separaie areas of responsibiliiy, bui' Jrhey are olirecled as a group lowarcl helping each siucleni develop his maximum poleniial while in high school, as well as preparing him for his posl-high school worlc. Deans Mr. Foy Dodson Mrs. Amelia Bishop Mr. Paul Buller Mr. Vernon Slokes Senior Dean Junior Dean Sophomore Dean Freshman Dean Mrs. Jerrell Cafe Mrs. Jewel Dodson Mrs. Edna Cox B.B.A., Howard Payne: BA., M.A., Wayland Sul B.B.A., M.E., Texas Tech: Typing. Slworilnand Ross: Type-wriiinq Typewrifinq, Bookkeeping. Business Two years of Typing are offered To siudenis in- iereslecl in enlering The world of business. The basic forms of leHer wriling, correci' siyle, and business procedure are all presenied. Shorilwand. clerical praclice. and bookkeeping are also offer- ecl 'ro inieresled siuclenls. Erasers are very helpful To Typing sfudenis. Mrs. Cox and siudenl 'teacher discuss Typing Techniques. Mr. Sam Cowan Mrs. Kalhryn Sharp B.S., Norlh Texas Sfaie B.S.. Texas Tech: Bible U.: D.E. Mr. Gifford Hodges B.S.. M.A. Sam Housion Slafe. U. of Wisconsin, A31 ,I l.C.T. M I07 Mrs. Linn Collmer Mrs. Fredice Dennis BA., MA., Baylor: Eng- B.S.. Wes? Texas Siaiez lish English Mrs. Carolyn Hoggins Mrs. Frances Horner B,A., MA., Texas Tech: BA., Texas U. M.E,. Texas English, Spanish Tech: EfYQli5l1 Mrs. Pearl Hughes Mrs. Louis Joachim B.S.. Texas Tech: English A.B., Wesl' Texas Slaieg MA., Oklahoma Sfaie U.: Laiin, English Mrs. Horner explains Julius Caesar lo Sophomores. Languages Through a s+udy of English, Laiin, French, and Spanish siudenis become acquainied wi'rh 'rhe ma- ior languages of +he world. Three years of Eng- lish are required for graduaiion. French and Span ish siudenis find learning easier wi'ih ihe aids of dialogues, songs. and records. l.a'rin siudenls gain an insighi info ihe life and lilerarure of ihe clas- sical period. Mrs. Juanifa LeMay B.S., Texas Wesleyan: Eng- Mrs. l-loggins ialks wilh her hands lish l08 Mrs. Lee Payne Mrs. Joy Webb B.A., Texas Tech: English BA.. Wayland: English, French Mrs. Lelvlay grades papers as English stuclenis sludy MTS- Mrs. Amelia Bishop Miss Jacqueline Shorl BA., Texas Weslern BA.. Abilene Chrislian M.R.E., Soulhweslern College: English, French Seminary: Journalism Mr. Vernon Siolres . Mrs. Jewell Wifi' BA.. Wayland: English A.B., Baylor U.. MA., Texas Techy Spanish Elsie Scribner Mrs. Frances Wesl BA., Wesl Texas Slale: B,A,, M,E., U, of Arkan hll.A., Oklahoma Slaiej 555: English English Sophomores find English inleresling under Mrs. Wesl"s insiruciion IO9 l-lisiory sfudenis lislen and learn Hisfory From American I-lisiory. Texas l-lisiory. and Civics siudenis learn 'rhe foundaiions of democracy. Oiher qovernmenis and Jrheir be- ginnings are also sludied Jrhrough World l-lisiory. By learning of our righ+s, we more responsible ciiizens and can appreciaie our privileges. A minimum of 'rwo and a half hisiory crediis are re- quired 'for gradualion. Mr. Anionucci always has an unusual class Mr- l- L- whlifleld , AA.. Easl Texas Bapiisf B.S., Easl Texas Slaie M.E. Wesl Texas: Hisiory Mr. Bill Mayfield BS.. Wesl Texas Slaie: Hislory. Coach Mr. Floyd Murry B.S., M.E.. Wes? Texas mm T' i li eiijxir isi 'rv 2 If -403' sf 1 ' 35 is if iii. , . ,ic,c c , s i-i,k k,k.'. .,.. ,g. ,F 7. fwiiiii. . V PM X 52,242 ml T s. ew- .fs is f. g5gX.g,.qEy.y.3..5fj.3:55m,.,,k5 -I i - I ,,., f ,E-,.,,-.1 -,f -. f'g--Lf, S S W., ssi, -,-i, .,..' f ,-,..-..,..f,.,,, -s:,--,ss-,- f i-.f . . -k,kk . Slale: l-lislory, Coach GMM' - 'Jw -if USf+i'3'1'T'y.:'Sf1451,2-519-fff:?i."sZ5svssms-A-SWK CU"7'5"?QL H. .iw +r1w3ffg.if.g.i,.-- ' -canfax,5-::s:e:vyg5'i?pii.sw.ssfwlfz fL.fsxx?Q,szms.+ss ' 'L.',,: If T fsiffwfb' in ifq-fZ259fSsU4f?fQ9-WZ?-ffssiaxgfs Evfrfb, 1 . , '54, cya- -4 - 1 :E :s ffufirggllffiw favs sf' , .W his fr sg: ss-fm, we-w.v..,.p.,...iQm., 51,3125 , f5fJ23e-QsgM3wg:Q1qx +!w51g:gs5gqvf1f r-'Mxijit7ff1jgfPf:,g.sss" , kn!wQ'f-ifhififf-F'QCv-rff' fsJw,sy..Fi.. ..4- sus- , ,lieu H.. ,,Wss:,.ys-+55,.w.i 'MQ-W Mi ri- 349454-fi-'f "ff'I'i" A f 'Gif 0, fs S -'fssii if qfwfff :ix ,:- g. V f -fVWf':g.'3. ,ss 5.4 - - :gf-hZ.ssisfs1?s:' , -ss,-, ,- sc,.,.. .,.. sv- .:i. ., . ,,,, 1 .,.. .,i,. ,,,, ,, .. . f. .p,,Q,Q,i, . . , 3 .g..,..Gi.M f i 'fi 'sw ,gs , f M uyczfzif rlrffizwr X S J K +maz.52iiFfs2 f 2 fi foci? 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H. -, ,, .. .,.,. 2 K5 ss.r. .. '2 i f-.-::-fi' fri 2 sail- :"5Qf-an 5f251?E'flf?L52f.Q5--52 ' r :' f'!:,5 . ,,,,sLs, , .. .. ,.v, W . .. ,Z ms., fx, -5, V, -f,. sw ,aff-" W A.f-- 1.21. A:,,. N Mizsigx :. 'f'.,-::'..,: ' . 5 . , .A-. s X ,. ri' ' . 3 :-11? X QI! .E 'T A X512 we xref mwgsmafi .- ,sbgegrrgssm .. ,. . , as , X S-H.. .ss if-555511 f. . HQ1ffeS5?fsyr5l 923 fr . , M Ng.wEm.gQ.w,Z5ssgz. L Q .s.g.s5egWfssffg55gss?ss f?252.s2125QLEi?s2Si?g?5515? 1:25153 352552 :avr . , 4.91. :.,L. .re-YH-"3 In :s2553,.f,?1Ki.igfgsSz:g Q - f.1Srgfs:f,emsg21 x 2 W H , r ,.. , K ...X .s. . -me-,: rsaiii fL??2i:'Wsws?WQSs -Wf ssiiii 'W' wl'5lif5l?!55l ':.: :7EEif Ellison B-A-I New Mexico HlQl1' B-A-. Howard Palme l'll5l' B.C., Wesl Texas Slale: lands: Hlslory ory, Soplw. Dean Hlslory ,...,,?'r . 'X 1-I vi fwssffsgls' ew sfa- ziiw-wiv M fr, w.,,.s , .Xena L, ,. ,.s .W T, X ,isa ,K , 5, 'ff 135 ,.7E"':., gs Q' "51 - : ' .-,gzszi Z H" Newspapers are used lo acquaim' hislory sluclenls willw currenf evenls. Mr. Harold Green B.S., Abilene Clwrlsliang Hislory. Coach Mrs. Elizabeih Hinds Now if I can fusl llwink of a las? line lor 'rhaf poem! B.S., Texas Tech: World Hislory III Mrs. Gladys Whifacre B.S., Wesl Texas Siafet Biology Now consider 'rhis problem seriously . . . Science From Biology and Chemisrry siudenis begin 'ro undersiand 'rhe "whys" and "hows" of 'rhe Mr. F.W.Dodson narural and chemical worlds. Physics offers B-5-T Wesf Texas Sfale: . . MA., Sul Ross Siaie: an opporiunlry for inleresied srudenls 'io fur- physics Senior Dean 'rher lheir scienrific educalion, The s'rudy ol 'rhis subieci is siressed because of The increase of science in our daily life. Two lab sciences i are required 'for graduaiion. Mr. Wayne Sfarch BA.. McMurry College: Biology and Chemislry Mrs. Helen Chaney B.S., M.S., Wesi Texas Siaie: Chemisiry sig .E Mrs. Whiiacre begins each class wifh a demonsiraiion. Mr. Bill Jeffries MY- Gerald Richey B.S,, Wegf Texas Sfaieg Abilene Chrisiian: Biology Science II2 Mrs. JoAnne Bowers B.S.. Sam Houslon Shale: Clwemislry l Fufure scienlisfs af work Mr. Harold Brah B.S.. M.E.. Sam Houslon Sfaleg General Science 2 2 rfaeegi ,Q 2 s 2? 2 Sz. vigrx hx V N 2,221 ,s 2 K fm 2, 2 Q 2, is fs Y 2 af? ,222 52 2219 2 lfi seem wijsfifwif is 2is41Y, , M y , ff, 3-1,5222 55525 22 L2 ff 2 Vt Ma f E5 22 ew H2 N22 -12 e Qizkzgiggi ,am FL 222 M P521 Y? , ,sm wgfixe 2 22 my-if 2 Knew' M2 QMXWQEQ 22 ,224 7 1 52525, 222222 fi 3 22f1?e?g M1222 QWQ2 2 50,2211 22 32 22 y e gi Wgyialsi 3 2 5,-2 522,251 ,gg Q21 22 5225 Kmixlis .2 22 52 22,6229 ,221 Qiiigflii Q 521 221 ss Q 22 2 2 2 2 .3 2 2 M334 ,Z 2 2M Q2 2 'lx 3133 22 ,I 2 22 .3 5' as 5 Qs :e he 2 Q 2x 1 2',,,,g2d 2.22 2 Ri N -MW i is we, , ,. 2224 was . " 2i1f2k7?i?3?if ,- .iv : -22 1124 ',:rff5szs2 , 22 A 52 Ifgm ' img" 1132. 125, ' f91"S'1l,7fg2Tl,4f,f'A5 22225?122 5" ,. 'J' Aww! gwgefx ' ' 1 Qi,1f2,:gjg:,"f'1:,fw3fwgi H2v,.:'g, Lf swim ,Tug 2533551 M- iii?w21.ltM1111zfffzgimvffzgg :iiizf ., 23" Wwff,w5 2221131f2,f22gf22,2f,s?12 ., 4222 ge ,swf were -' M2x3?f . 'fi' f W -.4222 -' .-:: 12 'wftmgym fum fnsfif - :1 . 195.21 2212215 few " ,f re g-I-15:15-122' , Q-'22, .mv 'V Wi: ftspyl-J . 2-xfgffiifle V Ji?fiS .' 2252222 rein-'s:,,f,, . xszffs 2 'fo-23-zsfi K- z,'i9Efj,:ymf?i hs, .wfjga :qw mm, f-?iz2z- 1sx,'xw,vig51s?z- 222,,,2,si ff':, fv2,,-fe' 25352222 .2 Iggy 22.,'s2:22f2i 22 12: Zgifiigzffsiesaff xf2r:f'2zXss22 ,2W22gaz2sf52ff'5722isz1925? ffw4fw L fe:,:5uf1:as-'sf,,1:f2,4.,f 52 e,f:g,g5Vgf2w Zgogf ,i 55212 like ATL s?s,5fV,3'ff2,fffsssz,2qffg,'s:fg 2 few qsvfrgswzzggffl ggggiz 5557151511 'Vififfic Lseefiflfrfxlfilffwiilflfi fl2g2:4sz5sf5gg,zwg35eiiggyggefgg H li '- fiffs:i7flvTlfl J 1 i ' i Z img.:-V . . f - 1-. 2 22, M2 .- 222 : H ,ey -1 2,3 Mrs. Jean Covey, R.N. Mrs. Pollye Chrisiian B.S.. Wayland: U. of Tex- as: Biology School Nurse 1 . . . And a baske? counfs lwo poinls. Mr. Jefferies inleresis science sludenfs wilh discussion on Hue genera- +or. II3 Mr. J. W. Blaine ' M.E-. WEST TSXGS Siaiei Mr. Bowley comes To The aid oT a bewildered maTh sTudenT. B.S.. Colorado STaTe U. MaThemaTics Mafh Trying To show The challenge and imporTance OT maTh, P.H.S. oTTers several courses in This subiecT. General MaTh, Algebra l, Algebra ll, Plane GeomeTry, UniTied GeomeTry. Advanced MaTh, and TrigonomeTry are all sTressed To sTudenTs. Our modern world requires ThaT sTudenTs learn The basic TundamenTals oT MaThemaTics. For graduaTion Algebra and one oTher year- oT maTh are required. Mr. Young Bowley B.S., Howard Payne Cole lege: MaThemaTics Mr. R. L. Clindaniel BA., Howard Payne: M.A.. SouThwesT Texas: Maihe- x Life Tiff maTics 1- s:'.a..',:':zf-T E:,::fi5ifiu4Wlsss?frfs'f f-':r..'::11Q .1.-r-".i , 5 . j'ilaTi5TE:5T1QSTif?s1i'55f," 'f,r:3'..'?':f-:I' , 2 .. +iig, i23s?esV rr 1 : W ff by , .K T mu ,. , , . sq, imma, , ' if I Qiiimibez A-'fggbixfe l'f1r.e-'gli"':f'f.-"Tf'f'i.5FW S4TudenTs gain experience by helping Mr. Joachim. Mr- Robefi' DiCliS0fl B.S., M.E., Texas Tech: RelaTed MaTh II4 Mr. Fred Joachim B.S. and M.S. Oklahoma S+a're U.: Mafhemalics Mr. Herman Mifchusson B.A.. Easi' Cenfral Shale: Some of our problems even slump fhe feachers. M-E-. U. of Oklahoma: Malhemallcs Mrs. Bonnie Presion B.A., Wayland: Malhemaf- ics Mr. Wendell Robinson B.S.. Norlheaslern Slalep Malhemallcs Tes'r lime in Mr. Milchusson's room proves fo be a challenge. II5 P.E. girls perform exercises wilh grace. Physical Educafion Physical firness is especially srressed To s+uden+s parricipaling in P.E. Physical Firness Tesis are given ihree Times a year. Baseball, baskerloall foorball, and individual comperirion are all par'r of Jrhe P.E. program Healih gives srudenis a background in personal heallh needs, and is re- quired as parl' of rhe one and one-half credils in P.E. needed for gradualion Ride The wild surf . . . er scooiers. Miss Rufh Griffin B.S., Texas Tech M.A., Sul Ross: Girls P.E. Mr. Deverelle Lewis B.B.A., Texas Tech: Boy's P.E. Assr. Foorball Coach Mrs. Faye Pi'rcoclc B.S., Oklahoma S+are U.: Heallh, Voc. Homemalcing Mr. Harrell Weaiherred BS., Norrh Texas Srareg Drivers Ed., Healrh Mr. James DeWese Mrs. Gladys Holley BA., Wayland: M.A., Tex- B.A., Baylor U., B.S.. Tex- as Tech: Speech as Women's Universifyg Librarian Mr. Ron Griffifh BA., Pepperdine: M.E.. Easfern New Mexico: Choral Music Mr. Griffiih direcfs 'freshman choir in song Fine Arfs Many sludenls of P.l-l.S. are aciive in The courses of Band. Ari. and Choral Music. The famed P.l-l.S. band spends much Time marching, playing for fooiball games, and preparing for 'rheir annual coniesiz A Cappella choir praclices for coniesf also, as,well as 'rheir oiher acliv- Hies. "Sou'rh Pacific" was presenied by This group as well as many special Miss Merilee Anderson programs. There is also a Girls' and Boys' choir. Through The Ari deparlmenl siudenls learn To apprecia're fine ari' and many creaiive +alen'rs are developed. B.F.A., U. of Texas: Arr, English, Annual Mr. O. T. Ryan P.H.S. band carries Bulldog spirii' To LiH'lefield game. B-5-1 Band M.E., Texas Tec Mr. Gene Barnei-f Mrs. Meofa Carier Mrs. Mary Frances Chesser B.S., M.S.. Texas Tech: B.S.. Norfh Texas: Home- B-S-. TSXGS Tech: HOITIS Agriculfure making making, Healfh Vocational Fufure homemakers a-re offered a fhree year course in Home Economics. Home managemenf. cooking, sewing. failoring, and child care are all in- cluded. Through fhese courses girls learn fhe skills of making a home and rearing children. Vocafional Agriculfure is offered for boys inferesfed in farming and ranching. During fhe four years offered. fhe looys learn fhe modern mefhods of farming and raising livesfock. Mr. Tom L. Duffey B.S., Sam Housfong M.S,, WW Y Colorado Sfafe: Agricul- 'rure MF- A- W- Covey Aufo Mechanics gives opporfunify fo many sfudenfs. Aufo-Mechanics Mr. Cliffon Newberry Miss Carol Pearson Mrs. Norma Parfon B.S., Wesf Texas Sfafe U B.S., M.S., Texas Tech: B-S.. M-5-. TSXGS Tech: lndusfrial Arfs. Vocafional l-lomemaking Vocafional Homemaking II8 Cafeferia The cafeferia sfaff pro- vides daily hof lunches for P.l-l.S. sfudenfs. These hof. balanced meals are faifhfully prepared by Mrs. Fore and her sfaff for only fhirfy-five cenfs. Office The office of P.l-l.S. is run smoofhly by fhree compefenf secrefaries, Miss Copeland, Mrs. Damron, and Mrs. Sharp. Mrs. Damron is fhe affendance secrefary and helps Mr. Thompson, while Miss Copeland is boolclceep- er and secrefary fo Mr. Sfand- ford. Mrs. Sharp helps fhe counselors and aids in ofher office areas. Row I: Mrs. Clinfon. Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Haley: Row 2: Mrs. Bradshaw. Mrs. Mayes, Mrs. Sisemore Mrs. Fore Row I: Mr. Hazelwood. Mr. Case. Mr. Glenn.: Row 2: Mr. Willis. Mr. Penery.-Mr. Williams C usfodians The efficiency of P.l-l.S. is increased by fhe cusfodians who keep our building clean. The cusfodians scrub floors. clean blackboards. and keep fhe large building comforfa- ble for fhe sfudenfs. II9 I ,imwigwisw fs, K f - gfgw smx W -V msn M ax-fag. uf- S-- gw fm wsgegg :S .,,. ,K , A . V -gig, 1 'S-.mf9:53,-f2s??bssff?ivi35Eg,g1 ' " -farm. 48' f- wQ2fg2M1,f: Z ' ig! 3,5 , i Qi,Q:T5??1Ej,. 2 53 S ' 2f:sez.s:1.Q1w15f P gQ?w2gsSzga- fl- vf fm f -W ' ue? L 2Ei5?3!??,5325?i?ii5 aE.Ev?3"2HK?2'3s?Zi???EiiiS5yf5?3e.a3'3i.LY5S2iLW lfffiifiibii' fffdiwvii' by .,: N at xg .K , M 5 Qfwk 5, 5355 2 1 i ,es 253 Qi! gz- K., ,WW 5 24 A 1 '2 L, f W , ,,,,gaa:igaf-,,f,f-az:,..f:: a: .::.ff "--- ::- K Q xr i 5 1 1 4 E E E 2 X Q 3 i 2 2 5 is Q Q 2 2 Z 5 ff 9 5 xi W 4: 5? ss 3? 5 4 3 SL Q' G 3 ss M if U K 'K sp ii? si 2 2 uf K 5? Senior Class Officers Presideni' Secrefary Bifsy Sfone Joyce Iv1cSwain Vice Presicleni' Treasurer Jerry Bryanf Susie Nicholl LA NELLE ADAMS FBLA '63, FHA 2 Yrs., MCC 2 Yrs., Slu- denl Council 2 Yrs. JACK ADKINS Golf 2 Yrs.. Key Club 2 Yrs., Slide Rule Club. KENT AKIN Tennis 2 Yrs.. FTA 2 Yrs.. Crescendo Club 3 Yrs., FBLA Parl. '65, IAC '65. I 'LZ KEITH ALEXANDER IAC '65. VICKI ALEXANDER FTA 2 Yrs., JNHS, Bandelles '63, Quill and Scroll '65, FBLA '65, FHA '65. JACK ALLEN SHIRLEY ALLEN FTA '64. JAMES ASHER Transferred. La'rin Club '65, IAC '65, Malh Club '65. SCOTTIE ASKEW PAT AYLESWORTH FTA 3 Yrs., FHA '63, FBLA Pres. '65. KATHYLN BAGWELL Cheerleader 2 Yrs., FTA 3 Yrs., Jr. Fa- vorife, "Oklahoma," Sfudenl' Council 2 Yrs., Kev Club Sweellmearf, FHA '65, "Soul'l1 Pacific," A Cappella 2 Yrs. MARY BAILEY WAYNE BAKER VIC 2 Yrs. Veep '65. JANIS BALDWIN JNHS, SNHS '63, FTA '63, Lalin Club 2 Yrs. DONNIE BALLEW Crescendo Club 3 Yrs., Track 3 Yrs., FBLA '65, Band 3 Yrs., Baskefball Mgr. '65 LINDA BARBEE ICT '64 DIAN BARNETI' FTA 2 Yrs., FHA 3 Yrs., "Love is +oo Muclw Trouble," DE '65. ROBERT BARNETI' Foolball 3 Yrs., Track 2 Yrs., FTA 2 Yrs., FFA 3 Yrs., FTA 2 Yrs., Key Club 2 Yrs. SHIRLEY BARNETI' NICK BARRON Foolball '63, Spanish Club, Male Choir 2 Yrs. SHERYL BAYLEY FHA 3 Yrs., MCC '63, FTA 2 Yrs., FBLA '64, DE '65. LARRY BEADLE VIC 2 Yrs. PAULA BELCHER SNHS '63, MCC 3 Yrs.. FTA '63, FBLA '65 RODNEY BELL Band 3 Yrs., Crescendo 3 Yrs., FBLA '65. KAYE BENNETT MCC '63, FTA '64, FHA '65, Girls Choir 2 Yrs., NJ HS. WAYNE BORCHARDT FFA 3 Yrs., Pres. '65, Foolball '63, FBLA '65 STEVE BRAN HAM Tennis 2 Yrs. CAR LY BRASFIELD TransIeT'Hom Slalom, FHA 65, Inlrae mural baslcelbell. SAM BRAUDT I Crescendo Club '63, NJHS '63, Band 3 Yrs., Press Club '63, NHS 2 Yrs., Slide Rule Club Pres. '65, Mallw Club '65, Sci- ence Club. LOU ANN BRIM JACK BROCK LEWIS BROWN VIC 2 Yrs., Pres. '65 PAT BROWN Feslival Choir '63, Girls Choir SIuden+ Dir. '64, A Cappella Choir '65, FBLA '65, Frenclw Club '65. JIMMY BRYANT Press Club '63, FTA '63, Annual Slaff 2 Yrs., Tennis 3 Yrs., Key Club '65. JERRY BRYANT Sfudeni' Council 2 Yrs., Foolball 3 Yrs., Track 3 Yrs., Varsily Club 2 Yrs., Pres. '65 IAC Veep '65, Sr. Class Veep. ROSEMARY BUBLIS Band 3 Yrs., Bandeifs 3 Yrs., Reporler '65 FTA 2 Yrs., Miss FTA '65 Presidenl' '65 MARTHA BUCHANAN NJHS '63, FTA '63, SNI-IS Sec. '63 NHS 2 Yrs., FBLA Sec. '65. JAN BURNETT Soplm. Clwoir 2 Yrs., FI-IA 2 Yrs., Library Club '63 Girls Choir '64, DE '64. JOLENE BURNETI' Seniors Take Pride in Class Rings One glimpse ol your own senior ring makes Time spent in school seem worlh- while. Seniors began slancling in line 'for 'I'I'ueir rings as early as 7 A.M. Proud seniors made sure I'I1aI' 'I'I1e underclass- men nolicecl 'Ihe new acldilion. I25 LLOYD BURNETT ICT 2 Yrs. RUBY JO BYRD Press Club '63, MCC '64, FHA 2 Yrs., ICT '65, FBLA '65, Library Club, His- Iorian '65. SHARRON CANNON FTA 3 Yrs., FHA 2 Yrs., SNHS '63, NHS '64, IAC '65 Sec. '65, BULLDOG BARK- ER, Quill and Scroll, FBLA '65, CHARLOTTE CARLTON FHA 3 Yrs., Library Club Sec.-Trees. '65, DE '65. H SHERRY CARPENTER MCC '63, FTA 2 Yrs., "Love ls Too Muclw Trouble," BULLDOG BARKER '65, '65, Ouill and Scroll '65, Frenclm u . PATSY CARTHEL Banclells '63, MCC 2 Yrs., P.E. Inlra- murals, FBLA '65, FHA '65. JERRELLA CATE JNHS, SNHS, NHS 2 Yrs., FBLA '65. Malliemalics Club '65, PLAIN VIEW '65. Sludenl Council '65. DAN CHANEY VIC Serqeanl-al'-Arms '64, '65. LUCY CHURCHWELL FTA 3 Yrs., FHA Pres. '65, MCC '63, Quill and Scroll, BULLDOG BARKER 2 Yrs., FBLA '65. MISSY CHURCHWELL FTA '63, JNHS, Sec. of Soplw. Class, Favorile Runner-Up '63, Lalln Club His- 'Iorian '65, Treas. ol Jr. Class, Sludenl Council, "Love ls Too Much Trouble" NHS '65, Queen. WINFRED CLANTON Foolball '63, IAC '65. STANLEY CLARK SNHS, NHS 2 Yrs., Track '65, Band 3 Yrs., Crescendo Club'3 Yrs., JNHS. STEPHEN CLARK SNHS, JNHS, NHS 2 Yrs., Band 3 Yrs. Crescendo Club 3 Yrs., Track '65. JANE CLARY FTA '63, JNHS, NHS 2 Yrs. SNHS Veep '63, FHA '64, Ouill and Scroll Treas. '65. GEORGIECOBB Band 3 Yrs., Bondells '63, Clwoir, BULL- DOG BARKERFKX I 1 , X., ucxbx S-.Eff PENNY COOPER Band 3 Yrs. Sec. '65 Bandefls Chaplain '65, FBLA Veep '65, Band Sweelhearl '65, Slide Rule Club. RICHARD COOPER Transfer Sludeni' from Amarillo, A Cap- sify Club '65. WAYNE COVEY Larin Club 3 Yrs., Foorball 3 Yrs., Var- pella Choir '65. LARRY CRISLER Foolball 3 Yrs., Varsily Club '65, Base- ball 3 Yrs., Key Club, 3 Yrs., Sec.-Treas. '65. DIANE CROOKS Girls Choir '63, Press Club '63, FHA '63, FTA '63, FBLA DE '65 SALLY CROSS JNHS, '63, MCC 3 Yrs., Chap. '64, Pres. '65, Slucleni Council 3 Yrs., Lalin Club 2 Yrs., Quill Scroll '65, PLAIN VIEW SI'aff3 Yrs., Edilor '65. SUE CRUES MCC 3 Yrs., FHA '63, French Club '65. MIKE CRUM Band 3 Yrs., Crescendo Club 3 Yrs., Larin Club 2 Yrs., Marh Club, Science Club, Slide Rule Club '65. SHERRY CUMBY FTA '64 Seniors Devofe Time and Energy Forming Friendships Friendships are noi limiled by age or classificalion. Uniiy among +he classes is srrenqlhened by 'rhese bonds of friendship, The lunch hour is happily spenl' in Ihe com- pany oi friends. DARCE CURTIS JNHS '63, SNHS '63 NHS 2 Yrs., Slide Rule Club '65. RONNY DAILY FFA 3 Yrs.. Ouisfandinq Greenhand '63, Senlinel '64, JIM DAVENPORT JNHS '63, NHHS 2 Yrs., Band 3 Yrs., SNS '63, Band Beau '65 Sludenl Coun- cig '65, Science, lvlallw Slide Rule Clubs '6 . PETE DE LEON SNS Pres. '65, FBLA '65. LARRY DICKERSON FFA 3 Yrs., Kev Club Veep '65, Foolball 3 Yrs., Varsily Club Veep '65. Track '65. CANDY DODSON Lafin Club 2 Yrs. NHS '64, FTA 2 Yrs., FHA 2 Yrs., BULLDO6 BARKER Slalf '65 DOYLE DRIVER NANCY DURBIN Larin Club 2 Yrs., MCC '65, Science Club '65, Library Club '65. LAUREN EATON FTA '63, SNHS 2 Yrs., JNHS '63, NHS 2 Yrs., Quill and Scroll '65, BULLDOG BARKER sialf '65. RICHARD EDGER ROBBIE EDWARDS FHA 3 Yrs. Quill and Scroll '65. CHARLES R. ERWIN DE Club 2 Yrs. ROSA ESCAMILLA JNHS '63, SNHS '63, NHS 2 Yrs., La- 'lin Club 2 Yrs., Slide Rule Club, Mallw Club Sec.-Treas. '65, Science Club '65. RICK ETHEREDGE Varsily Club 3 Yrs. Fooiball 3 Yrs., Sopln. Favorile, Soplm. Veep, Sludenl Council 3 Yrs., A Cappella, Track 65. MARIA DUQIE ESTRADA Foreign Exchange Sludenl, French Club Pres. Sfudenl' Council. RONALD FAGAN Baseball 3 Yrs.. Foolball '63, Band 2 Yrs., Crescendo Club Veep '65, Key Club '65, CHARLENE FERGUSON Band 3 Yrs. ROBERT FERGUSON Foolball 3 Yrs., Caplain '65, Varsily Club 3 Yrs., Baseball '65, VIOLET FERGUSON GEARLD FINNEY JNHS '63, SNHS Pres. '63, NHS 2 Yrs. Malh Club, Slide Rule Club '65. BUTCH FLATT Foolball '65, Varsiry Club '65. ELVA FLORES ICT '64, MCC"64. FRANCES FLORES ICT 2 Yrs., SNS '64, MCC 2 Yrs. JANE FOSTER FHA 3 Yrs., MCC '64, DE '65. Seniors Excel in Leadership Seniors rake pride in 'lheir school by faking upon Jrhem- selves responsibiliiies of slu- denf governmenl. The slan- dards of lhe school are sei by lhe seniors. ll is 'lhe duly of 'lhe seniors lo lead +he way. CYNTHIA FRAZIER DON FUGETT Fooiball '63, DE 2 Yrs. LARRY GALLIMORE Lalin Club 2 Yrs. PATRICIA GARRISON Cheerleader 2 Yrs. A Cappella Clwoir "Olclal'1oma," "SouIl1 Pacific." ROBBIE GENTRY Band 2 Yrs., Crescendo Club 2 Yrs., Jr. Pres., Siudenl Council '64, DE '65, ' MARTHA GERBER JAMES GILBERT Band 3 Yrs., A Cappella Choir 2 Yrs., Glee Club '64, Crescendo Club 2 Yrs., FBLA MIKE GILBREATH FFA 3 Yrs. LARRY GILLILAN Fooiball 2 Yrs. PETE F. GONZALES ICT 2 Yrs., IAC '65, JERRY GOYNE DE 2 Yrs., Key Club '65. BILL GRAHAM Fooiball 3 Yrs. Baslcelball 3 Yrs., Track 3 Yrs. SUZANNE GRAHAM Fl-IA 3 Yrs., Lalin Club 3 Yrs. Treas 2 Yrs., FTA 3 Yrs., JNI-IS f63, FBLA Quill and Scroll, CET Sweellmearl '65. ANNETTE GRANT FHA 2 Yrs. JIM BOB GREEN Band 3 Yrs. JUDY FAYE GREEN Transfer sludenl from Brownfield, A Cap- pella Choir '65. VICKI GREER FTA '63, NHS 2 Yrs., Lalin Club 2 Yrs. JOE DON HADLEY FTA 3 Yrs. Chap. '64, Band 3 Yrs., Cre- scendo Club 3 Yrs., Slide Rule Club '65, FBLA '65. JOYCE HARMON FBLA '65 CHARLOTTE HARRIS MCC '65,' Slide Rule Club '65 A. D. HARRISON BEVERLY HARRISON Lafin Club 3 Yrs. Rep. 2 Yrs. Band 3 Yrs., Bandells 3 Yrs. NJHS '63, NHS '65, A Cappella Choir 2 Yrs. BILL HART Band '65, Spanish Club '65, SNHS '65. KIETH HAWKINS Foolball 2 Yrs., Track '63, FFA '64, Key Club 3 Yrs., ICT '65. Seniors Enjoy Being "Seniors" This is a piclure of a Iypi- cal senior. A senior is a spe- cial person who has lived ihrouqh 'lhree years of high school. He is now in Ihe po- siiion 'io lead insiead of Tol- low. The wonderful world of a senior lasis only one shori year so il musl be enioyed fully. DIANNE HEATH NY HELD ranslerred ' ., esplan Club '65, SHARON HELM FTA 2 Yrs., FBLA '65. ANGIE HERNANDZ Spanislw Club '65, JAMES HERNANDEZ RANDY HEYE Baseball '63, Track 3 Yrs. Glee Club '64, Key Club '65. GARY HIGH DAVID HIPOLITO Fooiball 3 Yrs., AMC '65, Varsily Club '65. GENE HOFFMAN Foolball 3 Yrs.. VIC '65. DENNIS HOLLAND Foofball '63, Track '63. A Cappella 2 Yrs., "OkIaI1oma," Male Glee Club '64, FBLA '65. PAT HOLMES Girls Choir '63, FI-IA 2 Yrs. Library Club '63 TED HOLSOMBACK IAC Reporfer '65. RICHARD HOOPER Presidenl' of Soplw. Class. DAN HOUCHIN Foolball 3 Yrs., Track '63 FFA '65, Key Club '65, Varsily Club '65. JOHNNY HOWARD BUDDY HOWELL JOHNNY HUGHES Foolball 3 Yrs., Traclc '63, Varsily Club 3 Yrs., IAC '65. RICHARD HUNT Foolball 3 Yrs., Varsily Club 3 Yrs., Slu- denl Council 2 Yrs. Sergeanl-al-Arms '65. ALISON IGO JNI-IS, NHS 2 Yrs., SNHS '63, Sludenl- Council 3 Yrs., Sec. '65, Lalin Club 2 Yrs. Sec. '65, A'CappeIla '65, "Soull1 Pacific." DIANA INNES Press Club, FTA '63, JNHS, PLAIN VIEW '63, Lalin Club 2 Yrs. Parliamen- larian '65, Nl-IS 2 Yrs.. Girls Choir '64, Sludenl Council '65, Quill and Scroll, "Sou'll1 PaciIic," A Cappella '65 RAN DY IRETON Band 3 Yrs., Crescendo Club 3 Yrs., La- lin Clubn2 Yrs. DAVID JACKSON Foolball 3 Yrs., Track '63. JERRY JAMES FFA 3 Yrs.-,5ec. '65, Foolball 3 Yrs., Baseball '63, Varsily Club 2 Yrs. TOMMYJAMES IRC '65, Slide Rule, VIC '65, Tennis Seniors Support School Acfivifies Before you can have any- llwing worllwwlwile, you musl devole lime and energy lo il. Seniors as well as advis- ors and underclassmen spenl many hours preparing for llwe crowning of 'llwe Queen Missy. DON JENNINGS Foolball 2 Yrs., Varsily Club '65. N ANQL-IEUQ N FI-lA '63, J'Nl'lS, SNI-IS Treas. '63, Nl-IS 2 Yrs. Parliamenlarian '65, FTA '64, FBLA '65, French Club Veep '65. DON JOHNSON Band 3 Yrs., Crescendo Club 3 Yrs., Slide Rule Club '65, Science Club '65, JACK JOHNSON LADRUE JORDON Transferred. Foolball '65, Baseball '65, mc es. 'I'I'EIIIIEi JOY FTA '63, Girls' Choir Pres. '63, "Okla- homa," FTA '64, "Love ls Too Much Trouble," Lalin Club 2 Yrs., "Sou'rh Pa- 4 ific," A Cappella Librarian 2 Yrs. WV PHILLIP JUDAH Band 3 Yrs., Crescendo Club 3 Yrs., Li- brary Club '65, Slide Rule Club '65. PATRICIA JUNO Sfudenl' Council '63, MCC '63, FBLA Treas.'65. LARRY KARRH Lafin Club 3 Yrs., JNI-IS, Baskefball 3' Yrs., Track 3 Yrs., NI-IS 2 Yrs., Key Club 2 Yrs., lvlalh Club, French Club '65, Slide Rule Club '65. CHARLA KEISLING MCC '63, FI-IA' '65. DONALD KERSH RANDY KIDD LOGAN OLAND KING Lalin Club 3 Yrs., Band 3 Yrs., Crescene do Club 3 Yrs. Thespian Club 3 Yrs. Sec. '65, "Briqadoon," "Oklahoma," Sci- ence Club Pres. '65, Slide Rule Club. "Meer Me In S+. Louis." IRENE KING FTA '64, FI-IA '65. TERRY KOENINGER Bancl 3 Yrs., Crescendo Club '63, Slide Rule Club '65. ERIC KRAMER JNHS. suns '53, Band 3 Yrs., ores. I cendo Club 3 Yrs., Press Club '63, "Har- vey," "Briqadoon," NHS 2 Yrs. Reporf- er '65, Larin Club 2 Yrs., Thespians 2 Yrs. Treas. '65, MCC '64, BULLDOG BARKER, "Love Is Too Much TroubIe," "Terror in Ihe Suburbs," "Oklahoma," Science Club Veep '65. FTA '65, Drum Maior '65, "Meer Me in S+. Louis," "Sou'rh Pacific." MARY ANNE KUNZ FTA 3 -. , 63. NHS 2 Yrs. Treas. '65, FHA '65, French Club '65, Siudenr Council '65. RANDY LEACH JNHS Pres. '63, SNHS '63, Band 3 Yrs., Crescendo Club 3 Yrs., Baseball 3 Yrs., Science Club, Maih Club Veep '65, Slide Rule Club, Key Club '65. DELOIS LEATHERMAN FTA 3 Yrs., Hisiorian '63, Veep '65, JNHS, Srudenl' Council 2 Yrs., "Love Is Too Much Trouble" NHS '65, DE '65. ANNA LEE FTA 3 Yrs., Band 3 Yrs., Librarian '65, Banderrs 3 Yrs., Veep '65, FBLA '65. CHRIS LEWELLEN Crescendo Club 2 Yrs., Band 2 Yrs.,' Slide Rule 64, DE '65. LISA LEWIS FTA 3 Yrs., Spanish Club '64, DE '65. TOMMY LLOYD Key Club 3 Yrs. L+. Gov. '65, Aihlerics 3 Yrs., Glee Club '64, Varsify Club 2 Yrs., Srudenl' Council Veep '65. JERRI LOERWALD Bandeifs 3 Yrs., FHA '63, Band 3 Yrs. Seniors Present NIGHT OF JANUARY I6fh An assembly noi' only offers seniors a chance 'ro miss a Iirile of 'rhird period, buf also a chance 'Io be en'I'er- rained, inspired, and Io dis- play Their own +aIen+s. JUAN LONGORIA Spanish Club '63. MARY LOPEZ Spanish Club '64, MCC '65. LARRY LOTT Transferred. Band '65, Science Club '65, IAC '65, Mailw Club '65, Slide Rule Club '65, NHS '65. Slage Band '65. DIANNE LOVELL FTA '64, FHA 2 Yrs. Sec. '65. LAGAY LYNN FTA 2 Yrs., FHA 2 Yrs. IAC Sweerlwearr '65 DONNA MCALISTER Band 3 Yrs., Bandelfs 3 Yrs. Treas. '65. Larin Club '63,.IAC '65. GARY McANINCH Lafin Club '63, IAC '65. RONNIE McCARTY FFA 3 Yrs. GARY McDONALD ICT '65. PA'I'I'Y McEACHERN SHARON McC-BUIRE A Cappella 3 Yrs. Sruclenl Direcior '65 Veep '65, Library Club '63, Boys Glee Club Accompanisi '64, FHA '65. "Okla- homa," "Sou+h Pacific." MARY McKINN FHA '63, , DOG BARKER '65 SYNDIE McKlNZIE EMMA McLEMORE FTA 3 Yrs., BULLDO6 BARKER Ediror '64, FHA '65. JEAN McPHERSON FHA 2 Yrs., FTA 2 Yrs., MCC '63, FBLA '65, ICT '65. JOYCE MCSWAIN FTA 2 Yrs., Sludenl' Council '64, "Love ls Too Much Trouble," Sr. Class Sec. '65, Thespians '65, JEAN MAPLES Transferred. FBLA '65, French Club '65. ALMA MARTINEZ lnlrarnurals 2 Yrs. BETTY MASON FHA 3 Yrs., l-lisforian '64, 2nd Vice Pres. '65. OZETI' MAULDIN GARY MELTON Male Glee Club 2 Yrs.. Sec. '63 A Cap- pella 3 Yrs. "Briqadoon," "Oklahoma" Pres. '65, "Soulh Pacific" "Love ls Too Much Trouble," Thespians '65, BULLDOG BARKER '65. RICK MEN DCZA ROY MENDOZA "Sou'rh Pacific." SUSAN MERlWETHER FTA 2 Yrs., Treas. '65, SNHS '63, Slu- denl' Council '63, Cheerleader 2 Yrs., NHS 2 Yrs. Seniors Shine in 14fh Annual Coronation The Coronalion is one of The hiqhliqhls of lhe senior year. For one magic nigh? lhe sen- ior class is a royal Family ol: lords and ladies pledging lheir loyally lo The Queen of P. l-l. S. JAMES MILLOWAY CHRISTENE MITCHELL MCC '63, FTA '63, FHA '64. FBLA '65. Library Club Reporler '65, ICT '65. SANDRA MITCHELL FHA 2 Yrs., Spanish Club '65, Girls Choir '65, MCC '65. KEITH MOONEY DE '65 BETTY MOORE , FHA 3 Yrs., Isl' Vice Pres. '64, J'NHS, FTA 3 Yrs. JUDY MOORE FTA 3 Yrs., Band 3 Yrs., Bandelles 3 Yrs., Twirler 2 Years, Quill and Scroll. BULLDOG BARKER 2 Yrs. LINDA MOORE FTA 3 Yrs. Parl. '65, French Club '65, FHA '65. ROBERT MOORE Key Club 3 Yrs., Varsily Club 3 Yrs., Srudenl Council '63, FFA 2 Yrs. PAM MOORMAN Transferred Jr., ICT Treas. '65. DO'I'I'IE MORELAND Band 2 Yrs., MCC 2 Yrs., Lalin Club 2 Yrs., "Love Is Too Much Trouble" Thes- pians '65, Besl Dressed '65. NOEL MORENO Foofball '63, Lalin Club '64, Tennis '64. JIM MORGAN Band 3 Yrs. Pres. '65, Crescendo Club 3 Yrs., Veep '64, Malh Club '65, Slide Rule Club '65. SHERRY MORGAN Transferred Jr., Library Club 2 Yrs., NHS '65. MARSHALL MULL Foolball 2 Yrs., FFA '64. SHIRLEY MULL Library Club '64, FHA '64, French Club '65. MIKE MURRAH FFA '63, Foolball '63. CHARLES NALL Bancl 3 Yrs., Crescendo Club 3 Yrs., Tennis 2 Yrs., "Love ls Too Much Trouble," A Cappella '65, Key Club '65, Sludenl' Council '65, "SoulI1 Pacific." GWEN NARON Transferred Jr., DE '65, FHA '65. 'TNAN NARON Transferred Jr., BULLDOG BARKER '6 , KFHA '65, Moc 'sa -2,1 IiF3::fj"TTATITNYTNIEAL FHA 2 Yrs. SUSIE NICHOLL JNHS, SNHS '63, Sludenl' Council 3 Yrs., Corres. Sec. 2 Yrs., Lalin Club 2 Yrs., Reporler '65, NHS 2 Yrs. IIEA '65. Los Llanos. DIANA NICKEL Spanish Club '64-, Library Club 2 Yrs. JACKIE NOLAND DE '65 PATSY O'BANNON FTA '63, JNHS, SNHS '63, Los Llanos '63, NHS 2 Yrs.. Srudenl Council '64, FHA '65, IIEA '65. Seniors Experience Thrills From Afhlefic Contests Seniors lead happy, carefree lives mosl of 'llwe lime. Fool'- ball, baslcelball, and base- ball games provide seniors wi'rl1 opporlunilies lo relax and enioy conlesls belween lalenled allwleles. These six seniors seem 'lo be enjoying a dillerenl parl of an allw- lelic conlesl-clweerleacling. EDDIE O'DONNEL Crescendo Club 2 Yrs., Band 2 Yrs. Foolball '65, Baseball 2 Yrs., FBLA '65 Slide Rule Club '65. OLETA OGLE Fl-IA 3 Yrs., FBLA '65. JEANNE MILLER OVERSTREET FI-IA 2 Yrs. JUDY OWENS FTA '63, JNHS, SNHS '63, Los Llanos. Lalin Club 2 Yrs., NHS 2 Yrs., IIEA '65. GARRY PAGE A Cappella 3 Yrs.. "OIcIaI1oma," Male Clworus, Tbespians '64, "SouII1 Pacific." DONNA PAINTER FHA 3 Yrs., MCC 3 Yrs., Reporier '64, Parl. '65. GARY PAINTER FFA 3 Yrs., Foolball '63, AMC '65, VIC '65. DANNY PATRIDGE Crescendo Club 3 Yrs., Band 3 Yrs., Track 3 Yrs. Foolball '64, FTA '65. PATSY PATTERSON Library Club, Parl, '65, MCC '65. BRENDA PEARCE SNHS '63, MCC '65, Girls' Clwoir Sec. '65. RONNIE PERET Band 3 Yrs., Sludenl Council '63, Baslcel- ball 3 Yrs., Assl. Drum Maior '64, Mosl- Friendlv Boy '65, IIEA '65. LINDA PERRY FHA 3 Yrs., DE '65. DOROTHY PETERSON JNI-IS. Sludenl' Council 3 Yrs., NHS 2 Yrs., PLAIN VIEW '64-, IIEA '65, BULL- DOG BARKER Edilor '65, Quill and Scroll Veep '65. SANDY PETERSON Girls' Choir 2 Yrs., FHA 2 Yrs., FTA '64, FBLA '65. SHERRY PILLOW FTA '63, Girls' Clwoir Pres. '63, A Cap- pella '64, MCC 2 Yrs., His'l'. '65, DE '65 I STEVE PIMLOTI' Crescendo Club 3 Yrs.. Band 3 Yrs., Veep '65, Golf '64, Slide Rule Veep '65, Malh Club Sergeanl-al'-Arms '65, Science Club '65, Tennis '65. JOHN PINKERTON DONNA POOL MCC '63 Choir 2 Yrs., FTA '64, Fl-lA 2 Yrs. PATSY POTTORFF FTA 3 Yrs., Band 3 Yrs., Bandelies 2 Yrs., Pl.AlN VIEW '64, ICT '65, LINDSEY PRIEST SNHS Sec. '63, NHS 2 Yrs., "Love ls Too Much Trouble," Debalinq Team '65, French Club Sec. '66, Thespians '65. FBLA '65. PEBBLE PURCELL Lalin Club 3 Yrs., PLAIN VIEW '63, Soph. Favorile, Cheerleader 2 Yrs. TOMMY RAINER ICT '64 GLEN DA RAY ROYCE RAY IAC Pres. '65, FBLA '65. Seniors Look Forward fo Graduation As 'the senior year draws lo a close, seniors musl' decide which road lo Take. Aplilude lesls are 'lalcen by seniors wishing To furlher Their edu- calion. Olhers musl' be ready lo fake lheir place in The business world. Gradua- 'lion is a beginning, nel an end for a senior. DIANA RESTIVO Transfer sludeni, French Club '65, FHA '65 Bandeils '65. JOANIE RHEW NHS 2 Yrs. Pres. '65, Laiin Club 2 Yrs., FTA '64, Siudeni' Council '65 JAMES RICHBURG Band 3 Yrs., Crescendo Club 3 Yrs., MCC '64 Science Club, Slide Rule EUGENE RIGLER Thespians 3 Yrs., Pres. '65, Male Cho- rus 2 Yrs., French Club, FBLA. MARSHA RI'I'I'ER Bandelles 3 Yrs., Sec. '65, FTA 2 Yrs. GWEN ROBERSON FHA 2 Yrs. RANDY ROBERTSON FFA '63, ICT Pres. '64, FTA '65, IAC '65, Male Chorus '65. fcxzfffgxx CHERYEON ROBERSON JNHS '63, MCC '63, FTA '64, NHS Yrs., French Club '65. jr JUDI ANN ROMINES FBLA '63, FTA '64 DE '64 Girls' Choir 3 Yrs., Sfudenf Direcior '65. JUANITA SALDEVAR FHA '63 PHILIP SANTMYER Band 3 Yrs., Crescendo Club Pres..-Ten- nis 3 Yrs. Science, Slide Rule, Ivlaih Clubs '65. RAYMOND SANCHEZ TOM SAWYER Foolball 3 Yrs., Baslceiball 3 Yrs., Base- ball 3 Yrs., Varsify Club 3 Yrs., Key Club 3 Yrs., Male Chorus 2 Yrs., "Milne Graham Adward" '64, JOHN SCHEER Male Chorus '64, DE 2 Yrs. CHARLES SCHLECTE Lafin Club 3 Yrs., Pres. '65, Math Club Pres. '65 Science Club, Key Club, Slu- den'I' Council '65. HAROLD SCROGGINS Foolball 3 Yrs., Traclc '63, Soph. Favor- ile Runner-up, Key Club '63, Jr. Veep, Jr. Favorile Runner-up, Sludenl' Coun- cil '64, Baseball '64, Varsify Club '65, Male Chorus '65, CAROLYN sEARs Transferred. FTA '65, IAC '65, A Cap- pella '65, SALLY SHARP FTA 2. Yrs., SNHS '63, JNHS, NHS 2 Yrs., French Club. JOEL SHEPARD Band 3 Yrs., FFA 3 Yrs., Veep '65, MCC '64, FBLA '65, ROSCOE SHIPLEY JERRY DON SMITH Foolball 3 Yrs., Varsily Club 2 Yrs., Male Chorus 2 Yrs., Foolball Caplain 2 Yrs. MARY SOUCY FTA 2 Yrs., MCC 2 Yrs., Girls Choir '64, A Cappella '65, NANCY SPECK MCC '63, FTA '64, "Love Is Too Much Trouble," PLAIN VIEW '65, Quill and Scroll Pres, '65, French Club '65. PATSY STAGGS FI-IA 3 Yrs. LINDA STANDIFER FHA 2 Yrs., FTA '65, JIM STANTON Foolball 3 Yrs., Varsily Club '65, Key Club '65, IAC '65, LARRY STARK FFA '63, Golf 2 Yrs.f Key Club 3 Yrs., IAC '65, JOHNNY STEVENS FFA '63, IAC '65. JERRY STEVENS JNHS, Nl-IS 2 Yrs., Foolball. Mgr,s 2 Yrs., Slide Rule Club '65, Malhemalics '65, Sludenl Council Chap, '65, LINDA STEVENS BITSY STONE Key Club 3 Yrs., Pres. '65, Sluclenl' Council 2 Yrs., Sr. Prexy, Baslcelball '65, Male Choir. ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD SNHS 3 Yrs., NHS 2 Yrs., Malliemalics Club '65. DANNY SWANSON Glee Club '64, Library Club Veep '65. NANCY SWAYZE FTA 3 Yrs., BULLDOG BARKER 2 Yrs.. FHA 2 Yrs., French Club Reporler '65, Quill and Scroll Sec. '65, CAREY TARKENTON FTA 2 Yrs.. FHA '63, MCC '64, FBLA '65. GEORGIA TAYLOR Quill and Scroll '65, FHA '65, MCC '65. STAN TEDFORD VIC Sec. '65, LETTY THOMAS JNHS, SNHS, lnlramural Baslcelball '63, NHS 2 Yrs. French Club '65, FBLA Re- porler '65. MlKE THOMAS Lalin Club 3 Yrs., Key Club 3 Yrs., Veep '64, Sludenl Council 3 Yrs., Veep '64, Pres. '65, Jr. Class Favorile, Fool- ball 2 Yrs., Baslcelball '63, Baseball 3 Yrs., Slide Rule Club '65, Male Cliorus. EMMITI' TIPTON FBLA '65, JOE TRIMBLE Foolball 3 Yrs,, Track 2 Yrs., Key Club 2 Yrs., Varsily Club '65. LEE UNDERWOOD Foolball 3 Yrs., lAC '65, FBLA '65. DAYLIA VAUGHAN Lalin Club 3 Yrs., Reporler '64, Veep '65, Banclelles 3 Yrs., Pres. '65, JNHS Band 3 Yrs. Sec. '65, NHS 2 Yrs., Veep '65, BULLDOG BARKER, Quill and Scroll '65, FTA '65. JEANNETT WALKER MCC '63 JONNIE BETH WALKER Band 2 Yrs., Bandelles 2 Yrs., FTA 3 Yrs.. Girls' Clioir 2 Yrs., Twirler '64, Ten- nis 2 Yrs. FRANKIE WALKER Crescendo Club 2 Yrs., Band 2 Yrs., FTA 2 Yrs., VIC 2 QELLQLQIS. --'fir WALLER , FHA 3 Yrs., MCC us ALAN WARREN Crescendo 2 Yrs., Band 2 Yrs. MARILYN WE'l1EL FHA '63, FTA 2 Yrs., lnlramurals 2 Yrs., FBLA '65, A Cappella Choir '65. ARDITH WHITE FHA '64, DE '65 LONNIE WHITFIELD Foolball 3 Yrs., Baslcelball '63, Baseball 3 Yrs., Traclc '63, Varsily 2 Yrs., Key Club, IAC '65. PAM WIEBER FHA 3 Yrs., Rep. '65, FTA 2 Yrs,, NHS '64, IAC '65, lnlramurals '63. JOE WILLIAMS Transfer sludenl from Hale Cenler. Band '65. Slide Rule Club '65. LANE WOMACK Foolball 3 Yrs., Key Club '65. . JUDY WORKMAN FHA 3 Yrs., lnframurals '63, Spanislw Club '65 JERRY WRIGHT Foolball 3 Yrs., Varsily Club 2 Yrs., A Cappella Choir 3 Yrs., "Brigadoon," "Oklahoma," "SouI'l'1 Pacific," Glee Club '64, Traclc '65. ANN YOUNG MCC 3 Yrs., Sec. '64, Veep '65, NPHS '63, Veep, Sludeni' Council 3 Yrs., Run- ner-Up Jr. Fav. Jr. Sec., Girls Choir Sec. Treas. '63, A Cappella Choir Sec. '65 "Olclal1oma." "Sou+l'1 Pacific," PLAIN VIEW slaff '65, Princess '65 Junior Class Officers Presideni' Secrefary Sian Rigler Sandra Lairfa Vice Presideni' TrSaSUrer Peggy Jane Glenn Marsha Spam Edwin Adams James Adams Linda Adams Pal Adams Bobbie Jean Adcock Mary Alaniz Moody Allen Ignacio Alvarado John Andrews James Angel Eli Anzaldua Linda Archer David Allcins Lee Alwood Leonard Alwood Evelyn Auld Jackie Aylesworrh James Aylesworlh Sammy Baca Debbie Banks Linda Bankslon Sonjie Barclay Sleve Barham Bulch Barley Bruce Barnelf Roberr Barnell Raymond Barron Lavela Barron Marie Bass Gayle Beavers Slacy Bell Tommy BenneJr+ Clwrls Blclcly Linda Blair Ronnie Blalqley Marcia Blooolworllm Bobby Bolcling Marie Bonrlce Ron Bollwwell Bob Boyol Sharon Braga Nancy Branrly Susan Brazele Lynn Briggs Danny Broolcs Linda Brown Kenny Bruce Norberl Bublis lvlilce Buchanan Nancee Buchenau Edwin Buckner Elaine Burneirr Sieven Burns Alion Byrd Bill Cain Jimmy Campbell Juan Camargo Federico Cano Linda Carrol Doris Carler Juniors Create a Lively Spirit Each morning fincls Juniors ga+hf ering fo discuss world problems and how ihey can add fo lhem. Wifh lheir fun-loving spirit lhey add a 'louch of spice lo each clay a+ P.H.S. I49 Jane Carfer Bonnie Cawihon Frank Chaney Kenon Chaney Cheri Charham Carla Choalre Richard Clark Tommy Clernenfs ,Phil Cloihier Judy Clover Sue Clover Lonnie Comer Barbara Cook Caihy Cook Pam Cooper Ronnie Cooper Ronnie Cooper Sylvia Copeland Carol Chewing Couch Opal Couch Galen Cox Gary Cox Linda Crosloy Linda Crosley Judy Crumplon Jackie Curlis Buz Daffern Tommy Dalion Cylhia Daniel Carol Davis Ted Davis Dale Davilie Marsha Daylon Richard Dees Diane Delashaw Roxanne De Wese Juniors Back the Bulldogs A Junior is an experienced person who is wise enough fo know lhal he has many fhings To learn. Juniors show underclassmen whal' real school spirii' is. They help +o lead The sfudenl body in all fhe aclivilies. I5I Ronnie Dickerson Jerry Dillard Annice Dollar Dean Doss Leon Douglas Linda Dulaney Jerry Dunn Vernon Egger Sandra Enoss Sally Esfes Carmalefa Eves Eddie Fargason Weldon Faulks Jaclc Ferguson Melissa Fillmore Milion Finley Gloria Flores Ken Fonden Karen Ford Billy Fosier Sianley Fosier Billy Fousf Barloara Garreir Don Garrell Joe Garza Mary Garza Charlene George Jeannie Gfon Peggy Glenn Elma Gloria Gomez Lupe Gonzales Pele Gonzales Dub Goodwin Ann Gossell Jimmy Goree Brenda Graham Gay Gran'r Lenis Gregg Terrell Grisham Tom Green Sanlos Guerra Nancy l-lackler Carolyn l-lagler Wanda Hahn LaQui+a l-laile Terry Hall Larry l-lamby Ricky l-lamloy Joe Dean Hammond John Hanes Bob Haney Sharell Harris Shirley Harris Johnny Haydon Marlc Helfleliinger Diana Hegi Glenn Hembree Barbara Henry LeRoy Henry Floyd Hiclcs Marilyn High Lee Hill Bobby Hoffman Barbara Hollars Ann Hoolc Kennelh Hopper David Howard Randy Howard Shirley Huggins James Ingram Cliflon Irwin Gayle James Jimmy James Dimple, Jarrell Carolyn Johnson Jerry Johnson Karyn Johnson Peggy Johnson Terry Johnson S+eve Johnson Mike Jones Rila Jones Jimmy Joy Pearl Julian Junior Year Goes Almosf Too Fast fx V Tigfoaeffil plggxgslxgii his F miiwl eeee XY e X MMM ff' 'l XJ- ,QMKS-iii vii The warm summer days fade info fhe cool nighls of fall. Time is spenf urging fhe 'loofball 'ream on To viclory. All 'loo soon 'lime passes as each clay comes and goes. The wonderful days of our youlh should be enioyed, because we are only young once. l55 Jucly Kelley Cheryl Kemp Jan Keys Susan Kimloall Sammy Kiser Sandra Lalrla Gail Tyler Lee Nina Long Sue Long Don Love Nancy Lowe Sue Lyles Baxler Mcfxlislrer Eugene McCarJrl1y Carol McCasland Linda McCollum Susan McCoy Cheryl Mc:Cracl4en Doyle McEacl'1ern Melanie McKinsie Connie McLaurIn Mary Lee Magee David Maggard Guy Mallow Shirley Mallow Alvin Manka James Maples Michael Marshall Carlos Mariinez Mary Mariinez Sandra Massey Beverly May Frances Mendoza Skip Mikkilson Barbara Miller Debbie Miller i l 2 I Juniors Are Men of Iron Juniors prove Their sirengih and deferminaiion as 'rhey play againsi' opposing ieams. Through work and more work ihey pre- pared ihemselves +o be men of "Iron," I57 Roberr Miller Diane Milsieacl Gean Miichell Diane Monrgomery Phyllis Mooney Slephen Moore Wayne Moore Mary Lee Morris Delores Myers Larry Nafzger Michael Noel Jim Norman Jack Ooley Gail Ormsby Lupe Orfegos Eddy Osborn Dwane Owen Greg Palriclge Dena Paflerson Roberl' Payne Ronnie Peek Raymond Penclergasl Josephine Perez Van Perr Ray Phillips Ronnie Phillips Olin Phipps Elaine Pinlcerlon Jo Ann Presley Susan Price Randy Prirchard Dub Pulman Rebecca Ramsey Mario Razo Gary Reece Marsha Reece Dave Reed Jolynn Reed Larry Reed Rhea Clinlon Slam Rigler Sue Riiier Paili Robbins John Roberis Amy Roberlson Sleve Rodgers Vickie Rodgers Eaisas Rodriquez E. P. Rodriquez Erma Rodriquez Kalliy Rogers Larry Rollins N.f- . Laura Rush Brock Sanders Porfiria Sarabia Danny Sarver Roland Saul Carolyn SCOH Susan SCOH Slwaron Seal Marr Self Carol Sessions Larry SeHle Sally Shaw Larry Shea Glenda Simmons Alice Sims Barbara Siilon Dean Sirfon David Smilln Kaflwy Smilli. Vernon Smillw Delia Snelling Frank Soliz Trena Spain Marsha Spann Sheila Spencer Lana Slaggs Karen Siarlc Melvin Slegall Marsha Siirnson Jerry Slirman Brenda Siovall Sandra Swanson , , ,fri , , ,. A -1 Juniors Follow Tradifiohsi ' Conversaiion brighlens ihe world of a siudeni. Tradifion has sei aside ihe minuies before 'lhe bell as a lime for friendly conversa- Jrion. Ibl Joyce Swearingen Nancy Swearenger Jimmie Teague Ronnie Temple Wade Thacker Alron Thomas Donna Thomas Jeanie Thomas Dale Thompson Nancy Thompson Linda Thurman Timmy Timmins Linda Tinlqle Donna Toclol Joe Trevino Mary Lou Trevisan David True Barbara Tschirgi Jimmy Vaughn Delberl Virclen Elaine Walker Jocly Wallcer Ronnie Wallcer Pairicia Wall 162 V Bill Warren Bill Waison Mack Waison Lloyd Walls Clem Webb Diane Websier Barbara Werner Kerry Wlwiialcer Mary Wlmiialcer Jan While Mike Wl'1i're Owen Wl'1i'rsiH Harold Wilkins Cassaundra Williamson Clay Woods Thomas Wrighi Sharon Yandell Carolyn Young Eddie Zingerman Sophomore Class Officers Presideni' Secrefary lvlaclc Walker Elizaloellw Wagner Vice Presidenl' Treasurer Jill Ward Carol Buchanan I64 Gordan Adams Larry Adoclc Danny Aquilera Kallny Alexander .leaneile Allen Danny Andrews Palsy Andrews Jimmy Allainson Jimmy Awalf Warren Aylesworlh Alberlo Azua Mike Bailey Freddie Ballard Kailwy Ballard Linda Ballard Ronnie Ballew David Barbian Roberl Barnes Vincienl' Barron Kay Barlleil' Alice Baumgardner Mary Bern Beane Slanley Beasley Dewey Bell Roberf Bellamy Melvera Bennell Randy Bennerr C-arolyn Benlon Ronnie Benron Greg Bloys Palricia Bond Henry Borchardl Nancy Barron Bobby Bauldin Crisl' Bowley Felex Bowley Paula Broadwell Mark Brooks Lonnie Brown Paul Brown Peggy Brown Bob Bryani' Carol Buchanan Pal Buchanan Linda Bullard Darrell Burch Barbara Burnham Todd Burson Glendon Burlon Glenda Bufler Sue Bynum Bob Caddel Nelda Calcole Clillon Caldwell Joe Bob Callahan Joe Camargo Johnny Campbell Margie Campbell Roberr Canlu Lupe Cardenas Marry Carllon Eugenia Carier Kay Carler Sharon Carier Bud Cason Joe Cafe Kennelh Chapman Kalhy Chumrey Gloria Clanlon Carolyn Clark Devon Clindaniel Sammml ' Anne Conner James Couch Judy Couch Gary Covey Richard Cowarl Jackie Cox Linda Crossland Jerry Cunningham Coy Curlis Larry Cyperjr Linda Daffern Shiela Daniel Lynn Davis John Daylon Vicki Daylon Warren Dayion Judy Dean Bobbie De Bush Sophomores Boosf School Spirif Sophomores are given a chance af Pep Rallies 'ro show Their pride in 'the Bulldogs. They are en- fhusiaslic and exuberant I67 Jeaneiie De Souza Bennie De Wese Dennis Dickerson Jana Digbey Roberl Douglas Ronny Douglas Bobby Dubose Leland Eaion Kallwerine Egger Nifa Jo Eiland Waller Elam Almeda Elcyzyn Mike Ellis Yvonne Emberion Roloerl English Gloria Escamilla David Elheredge David Evans Brian Fagan Armando Favila Mike Fleiclner Connie Fosier Palsy Eosler Allen Fox Johnnie Fox Sharla Francis Dale Frasier Linda Fried Joy Fugell' Cleona Fullcerson Glenda Fuller Gilberl Garcia Raul Garcia Jimmy Gardner Dwighi' Garner Roberl' Garza Richard Gaynor Karen George John Gilberr Jackie Gion Anihony Givens Carolyn Golden Linda Golden Louis Gonzales Roberl Gonzales Danny Goodman Alien Goree Roloerr Graham Cissy Gray Danny Gresham Richard Grisham Prene Guerra Leon Guerra George Guevia Cynfhia Guiherie Sophomores Add Variety fo P.H.S. One of lhe iobs of a Sophomore is 'ro have fun. Sophomores have broughr PHS a fun-loving spirit which will never be 'forgoHen. I69 Linda Hale John Hall Tommy Hall Kalrina Hamby Billy Hamillon Mike ,Hamillon Nick Hamillon Gary Hamman jf,-Eulha -Hardin Judy He 'EIO Daphne Harris Deborah Harvis Karen Haynes R ie ea Marian ec Raymond Held Tom Helm Billy Hernbree Allan Henderson Mona Henry Gus Hernandez Leon Hernandez Linda Hernandex Glenn Hicks Billy Higginbolham Mifchell High Kennefh Hill Linda Hodel Bill Hodges Randy Hodges Bill Holland Pally Holsapple Ba rba ra Holsomback Eldene Horfon Wayne Howle Billie Huddleson Jessie Huerfa Louanna Hull Sherry Hursl Judy Jackson Anifa Jennings Jesler Hugh Mike Johnson Ronnie Johnson Dwighr Johnson David Jones Noland Jones Rex Jones Bobby Kernell Ronald Kersh Keiih Kilgore Gary King Ronny Kinnikin Kenneih Kirk Shirley Kovar Sophomores Excel in Scholarship By ihe lime a sludenr has reached his sophomore year, he has learned Thai' life is made up of boih work and play. ln order 'lo be successful he musf sfudy and remember whar he has learned. I7l Renaia Kramer Carol Kulei Mike La Ferier Mack Langslon Lawrence Lendon Mickey Leach Linda Lee Rhonda Lewis Norman Lincoln Rhonda Lind Floyd Linville Tom Locke Carol Ann Long Elena Lopez Gaspar Longoria Mary Lopez Bobby Lourimore Linda Luna Roberf Ludrick Linda Lyles Neva McAlisl'er Ronald McCar'rie Mike McCarly Johnny McClelland Richard McClusky Garry McCormick Donna McCullock Mickey McCurdy Belly McDonald Larry McDonald Mike McGra+h Susan McGuire Don McMillion Ronniw McMillion Mike McPherson Chuck Mann Laura Mann Brenda Marshall Cheryl Marlin Linda Marlin Eliseo Marlinez Margarila Marlinez Sieve Mason Barbara Massey G-eorgelio Masso Jacqueline Masso Marvin Meelc Rosa Mendoza Margo Meridelh Marilyn Milliard Cloyde Miller Hyleila Miller Sian Miller Joann Milloway Vicky Milchell Sophomores Contribute Talenfs fo P.H.S. Sophomores pariicipaie in many aclivilies. They are eager and willing io help olhers. Terry Molfell Danny Moniqomery Linda Moody Danny Moore Bill Moore Van Moore Vicki Moorman Carrnello Morales Jerry Morgan Cindy Morrison Kalhy Mosley Milce Moyer Jim Mull Odis Mullins Janie Munroe Jim Myers Sandra Nichols Donice Noel Gary Noel Kaihie Norres Ronald O'Neal Hope OH Roberi Padilla Janel Painler Tommy Painier Kalhleen Park Fred Perez Sue Perrin David Perry Sandra Perry Karen Phillips John Phipps Darryel Pierce Kay Pierson Lucy Poole Sammy Pinkerion Keiih Price Janice Price Dickie Pullen Barbara Quigley Carolyn Rae Mary Ramirez Joe Ramos Louis Rangel Lloyd Reece David Reecl Janice Reeves Melissa Reynolds Mike Richardson Charles Richmond Befsy Riggs Chrisline Rigler Jessie Rivera Sue Roberls Ronnie Roberfs Sophomores FH Info School Life PaHern Don'i' look so dismayed. Be happy Thai ihere is iusi one more hour 'io go! I75 Margarei Rodriquez Billy Rogers James Rogers David Ross Terri Rouser Linda Rusliin Mike Rulledge Joe Sadler Pressy Sanchez Jesse Sarabia Belfry Savage Lanny Savage Wayne Schwab Ronnie Scarf Kenneili Scroqgins Mary Scroqgins Myra Seililf Karen Selile Joe Dean Slwacklelorcl Ronnie Slwackleiord Wallace Sliaclcleford Kailwy Shadix Linda Slnarlcey Linda Sliaw Bobby Shipman Mildred Slwilcle Billy Slwgarl Jimmy Simoncls Derrel Slauqlwier Cincli Smilli James Smillm Kaye Smirli Linda Sinillm Slwaron Smillw inda ummervi e Gay Sparlcman Charley Sprague Linda Spradling Cheryl Springfield Wayne Sfaggs Dicky Sfandefer Donna Slandeler Cherie Slegall Monlie Slewig Linda Slone Jerry Sullivan Sarah Summers Susan Swearingen Scoll' Tally Janice Tapp Kennelh Taylor Ronnie Taylor Jessie Thomas Alvis Thomason Gary Thompson Sophomores Proud of Afhlefes Sophomores love To cheer for Their handsome, sfrong warriors. A good game raises Their spirifs 'fo The clouds. I77 Mike Thornron Barbara Trussell Roger Voyles Mike Wadzick Elizabeih Wagner Coy Walker Mack Walker Troy Walker Roberl Wall Larry Walls Jill Ward Larry Walkins Melba Walson Richard Walson Sharon Walls Lonnie Weaver Mike Weaver Mary Webb Carol Welch Sharon Wesl Elaine Wheeler Cecil While Colleen While Donna Whirlefield Joe Williams Ted Wilson Sieve Wood Sandra Woods Spencer Woods Rila Word Dale Wrighl Divon Wylie Billy Yarbrough Dwighl Yarbrough John Yarbrough Barbara Young Marvin Young Gordon Zeigier A Sophomore's Life ls Never Dull One of fhe mos? enioyabie acfivifies af PHS is sending singing valenfines. On This day fhe sfudenf council members ge'r a chance +o show off their beauiiful voices wifh such iunes as "To My Valeniinef' His a day full of many surprises. I79 Freshman Class Officers Presideni' Secrefary Joe Don Marlrin Beverly Carrurlw Vice Presicleni' Treasurer Linda Waggener Sharon Vernon l80 Carol Adams Minnie Adams Nancy Adams Jan Adkins Janie Aguilera Karen Allen Romana Allen Gene Anderson David Andrae Guy Andrews Chris Arihur Cornelia Ashby Nancy Aulry Sally Awall' Yolanda Baca Gary Baily Beverly Bain Linda Baker Tommy Baker Tommy Baker Sue Barbee Sandy Barham Teddy Barrich Rickey Barrick Roberl' Bass Ronny Baxier Darrell Beavers Charles Bechiold Pai Beerhower Linda Bench John Benzon Jerry Biddy Danny Bills Bobby Blanchard Lynn Blevins Vickie Bond Virginia Borchardi' Doyle Bolhwell Don Bradford Georgia Branham Mike Braniley Travis Brasiield Carrol Brim Pamela Brow Olin Browning Gary Brymer Nancy Bublis Waller Budd Donna Burch Roberl' Burgess Nikki Burson Cheryl Burl Alvis Byrd Birlha Cain Jeannie Calk Mike Callas Belly Canlrell Donna Cargill Bobby Carllon Beverly Carrulh Bulch Carfer lvlarily Carler Roberl Carler Micaela Caslro Charlolle Cale Marian Cale Charles Cauhgron Jimmy Caviness Fernando Cerda Richard Cerda John Chaney Terry Chesser David Chrislian Suzanne Churchwell Kalhy Clinkscale Colin Coe Beverly Comer Joyce Cook Karen Cook Pal Cooper Chesler Cooper Charles Couch Lillie Couch Joe Cozby Jimmy Crank Margarie Crawford Calhy Crossland David Crumpion Adam Euevas Julia Cummings Bill Cunningham Billy Cunningham Jim Bob Curiis Jackie Danials Cullen Davis Jack Davis Rickey Davis Susan Davis Mike Day Ronny DeBusk Jeanefie Dees Chrislina DeLaFlorre Linda Derrick Jackie Dillard Linda Dickey Eddie Dodson ix Debby Don X Bayer yCD6ss S Freshmen Enjoy Social Evenfs Freshmen enioy lhe fun of a pariy, honoring ihe foofball Teams. The evening was filled wi+h fun and frolic and "almosi" enough food. I83 Nancy Douglas Palricia Douglas Tommy Douglas Beverly Duncan Richard Dylces Ramona Ehresman Debbie Elam Jim Elam Gary Elliol Charlsie Ellis Connie Emberlon Mario Escobedo Benny Esles Marla Esles Kalhy Fannon Jacque Fennell Carolyn Ferguson Gayle Ferguson Glenda Ferguson James Ferguson Ranae Ferguson Milne Finch Ronny Finney John Filch G, W. FlaH Ricky Flair Sylvia Flores Johnny Folley Sue Fore Doris Fosler Jane Fraga Mary Freeman Sharon Frisbie Mike Frye Clyde Fullcerson Linda Gaifher Lyndon Gailher Lupe Gamez Ervey Garcia Randy Gardner Larry Garrison Pal Garrison Joe Garza Julia Garza Roberr Garza Cynllnia Gibson Drucilla Gibson Linda Gibson Judy Gilberl' Plwyllis Gilbreallw Joe Gloria Rerla Golden Delia Gonzales Larry Gonzales Olivia Gonzales Doug Goodman Ricky Gran? Lucian Greenfield Cindy Greer Rosa Guerra Teresa Guerras Bobby Gurierrez Isazarro Gurierrez Juanira Gurierrez Dick Halns Bill Haley Freshmen Show Compefifive Spirit Spori' aclivilies offer freshmen opporruniries io become beller arhleles. H also reaches fhern sporfsmanship and rea mwork. I85 Jan Haley Nifa Haley David Haney Mike Harder Rodger Hardin .Gail Harper Marlha Harris Joy Harriss Mary Ruih Hayne. Lynn Hefflefinger Gloria Hernandez Yolanda Hernandez Barbara Holland Gayle Holland Barbara Hollingsworfh Nancy Holzman Elhel Hook Kaye Hooper Dwayne Hooper Gail Huffine Judy ,Hyde Jimmy Jackson June Jackson Kalhy Jareife Ronnie Jenson Bobby Johnson Karen Johnson Pal Johnson Pal"ri Johnson Rocky Johnson Marilyn Jones Dwayne Kelley Vickie Kennedy Sherry Keichersic Donnie Kay Sieve Kindred Larry King Tommy Sue King John Kirchhoff Coy Koen Barby Kunz James Landlroop Tim Lane Paul Leal Charlie Lealherwood Phillip Lewellen Georga Lipscomb Dovie Long Barbara Long Kay Long Chris Lopez Elizabelh Lopez Bud Lulz Tommy McBee Jim McBride Clyde McCoy Diclny McDonald Mike McDonough Karen McEachern Terry Mclfarchern Gary McGauqh David MCC-owen Kim McGregor Marlha McGuire Wilson McGuire Curlis Mclvlillion Freshmen Add Splrlf and lnferesf The couri' yard is lhe scene for one of ihe many freshman pep rallies. Here fhe freshmen led by Jrheir cheerleaders show lheir spiril' and inleresf in P.H.S. W I87 Frances McWilliams Douglas Maddox Nedra Magee Jesse Mancios Verna Manlca Sylvia Mann Jimmy Mannin Karhie Maples Roberr Marshall Joe Don Marlin Linda Marlin Phil Marlinez Viclor Marlinez Charlene Masso Bill Mauldin Ann Meales Marqarer Mendez Linda Mendoza Jan Miller Lorriane Miller Alvin Millican Carhy Milslead Judy Mifchell Marrha Milchell Phil Milchell Sharon Moffer Jessie Moiica Paul Monley Ronnie Moon Beih Moore Mary Moore Sheryl Moore Georgia Mull Sieve Mullins Judy Newland Mark Nichols Gary Nickel Nanefle Nixon Randy Norman Marian Oales Lupe Ochoa Janei O'Donnell Cardona Olga Ronny Ozborn Susan Painier Glen Palmer Al Parlida Don Palriclc Doyce Parlidge Harold Pallerson Howard Pallerson Pal Pallerson Lynn Pally Roy Pena Johnny Pendley Alvin Penry Rudy Pequena David Perez Sonia Permenler Gabriel Perez Rhea Nell Perry Vickie Pelers Calherine Phillips Evelyn Phillips Louis Pinlcerlon Larry Priesl Freshmen Appreciate School Life Freshmen quickly learned lhe 'rradilions upheld al' PHS. They also learned lo appreciale and add +o The many aclivilies al PHS. I89 Palli Purcell Bobby Rainer Alberl Ramirez Rosie Ramirez Leo Rarnor Ray Ramos Marlene Ramsey Maggie Rangel Gary Rankin Palricia Ray Joe Don Raymer Alex Recio Francy Reeves Par Reslivo Pal Reynolds Roberl Riggs Jimmy Roberrson Mike Roberls Tommy Robins Alfredo Rodriguez Jessie Rodriguez Josie Rodriguez Mary Lou Rodriguez Roger Rogers Ronny Rogers Penny Ronnsaville Paul Row Gary Rude Michael Rushing OrveH'a Ryan Janie Samara Jack Sanders Brenda Shoppa Darlene Seago Nalilai Seca Lenore Sells Sue Sessions Judy Shackelford James Sharp Maury Sharp Norman Sharp Mike Shea Laurel Shepard Hollis Shewrnalce Cindy Shorl Lloyd Shugari Larry Sibley Judy Silces James Sisemore Dave Smilh Diana Smilh Dralce Smilh Efron Smilh Linda Smirh Myra Smirh Barbara Spain Ronald Slaggs Gary Sfanlon Monly Slirman Rera Swanner Clifford Swearengen Glenda Swea ringlon Donna Talyor Don Taylor Alfred Thaclcery Carlos Thomas Freshmen Nofed for Exuberance When lhe freshman class once again became a par? of PJ-LS., we gained 438 fun-loving young people. They have bolh energy and a cafching enlhusiasm. l9l Eve Tiierine Gloria Tiierine Kelvin Tiplon Gary Todd Jan Toliver Aurbey Tribble Linda Trussell lvlary Tudor Lloyd Tue Glenda Underwood Buzz Underwood Linda Van Cleave Brenda Vanlandingham Delores Vargas Randall Vaughn Richard Vaughn Mike Vaughl Sharon Vernon David Voyles Linda Waggnoer Joanne Wagner Thomas Waldrep Carolyn Walker Richard Walker Sisli Walker Joan Wall Mariloelh Wallace Jimmy Walling Debby Walson Linda Walson Dennis Walls Floyd Wealherly l-lelen Webb Marke Webb Sherrie Wells Theresa Wesl- Ricky Whilaker Linda Whilfill Sheila Wieber Roger Wiley Judy Williams Rusly Williams Terry Williams Marla Wilson Kay Wingo Ricky Wingrove Tamara Winler Jim Wood Johnny Wood Judy Wood Tommy Woods Judy Yancy Sandra Young Mary Youngbloo Kaihy Zeeclc Sue Zimmerman d Freshmen Look Forward Freshmen enioy 'The new experi- ences of high school days. Yer, iheir eyes are always on The fuiure when 'lhey will be ihe upperclassmen. A new day brings anofher chal- lenge ro be me'r wiih eilher humor or seriousness. I93 9 K Y , L!fi1fi'fi,151fiiikfffii56526241f5'1-'E3',fT.z"5- 3 .97 f- 2 . .W ,,,k -f I ' ' K' ' " ' 7 FLUTES Gloria Clanlon Pam C-ooper Glenda Cros-by Kay Pierson Philip Sanrmyer Daylia Vaughan Mary Webb Barbara Werner OBO ES Penny Cooper Luanna Hull Richard Ludrick Eb CLARINETS Bonnie Cawihon Carla Choale Yvonne Emarlon Bb CLARINETS Kay Barilell Alice Baumgardner Sam Braudr Linda Brown Kay Carler Barbara Cook Carol Davis Armando Favila Charlene Ferguson Gay Granl' Linda Hodel Dona McAlis'rer Joann Milloway Judi Moore Donnice Noel Kalhie Norris Sue Perrin Pafsy Polforff Susan Price Barbara Quigley Marsha RiHer Dean Silion Linda Spradling Mary Whiiacre Coleen While ALTO CLARINETS Peggy Brown Sally Esles Anna Lee Terri Rousser Sharon Seal BASS CLARINETS Linda Carroll Ronald Fagan Bill Hari Gary Thompson CONTRA BASS CLARINETS Jeanie Thomas Mike Johnson ALTO SAXOPHONES Linda Archer Rodney Bell Mike Crum Kalherine Egger Linda Lee Kaye Smilh Jimmy Teague Joe Trevino TENOR SAXOPHON ES Larry LOH Joe Williams BARITON E SAXOPHONES Norman Lincoln Richard Mendoza Brock Sanders Sieve Wood Band CORN ETS Edwin Adams David Barbian Roberl Bellamy Slephen Clark Richard Cowarl Jim Davenporl Dub Goodwin Kennelh Hopper Terry Koeninger Randy Leach Gasper Longoria Roberl Miller Jim Norman Sieve Pimloll Frank Ramos Mario Razo Kennelh Taylor FRENCH HORNS Barbara Burnham Frank Chaney Jackie Curlis Leland Ealon James Gardner Beverly Harrison Keilh Price Brenda Sfovall BARITONES -Slanley Clark Alan Henderson Jimmy Joy Eric Kramer Jack Ooley James Richburg Jimmy Vaughan TROMBONES Moody Allen Todd Burson Vernon Egger Eddie Farqason Mike Flelcher Randy lrelon Sammy Kiser Skip Mikkelson Jim Morgan Scorl' Talley Thomas Wrigh+ BASSES Kenny Akin Terry Hall Tommy Hall Phillip Judah Ronnie McCarlie Danny Palridge DRUMS Donnie Ballew Roloerf Barnes James Gilberl Bob Green Jo Don Hadley Billy Higginbolham Don Johnson Bulch King Mickey Leach Jerry Loerwald Charles Nall Tom O'DonneIl Roberl' Payne Diana Reslivo Mac Walker Ronnie Walker BASSOONS Rosemary Bublis Barbara Holsornback Joel Shepard SENIOR DRUM JUNIOR DRUM MAJOR MAJOR ERIC ROBERT KRAMER PAYNE Twlrlers J EAN I E THOMAS I98 LINDA CARROLL YVONNE EMBERTON SUE PERRIN JUDI MOORE 4-A OFFICERS Jim Morgan-Presideni Daylia Vaughn-Secrelrary Penny Cooper-Secreiary Sieve PimioH'-Vice Presiden+ AL IO SAXOPHON E Linda Archer' Sammy Braudi' Kailwerine Egger Joe Trevino TRUMPETS Edwin Adams Roberjr Bellamy' Jim Davenpori Sieve Pirnloir STAGE BAND TENOR SAXOPHONE BARITONE SAXOPHONE Larry Lori? Joe Wiliiamsi' BASS Ken ny Akin Sieve Wood PIANO Beverly Harrison LIBRARIANS Dona McAlisier Carol Davis Anna Laura Lee TROMBONE Eddie Fargason Mike Fle+cl1er Jim Morgan Ronnie Perei' DRUM Buich King Roloerf Payne' i'Nor Picfured FLUTES Beverly Bain Judy Gilberi' Nancy Holzman Linda Marlin Marion Oaies James Sizemore Debbie Waison OBOES Margo Merediih Eb CLARINETS Kyleifa Miller Mary Walker Bb CLARINETS Nancy Autry Linda Balmer Sandy Barham C-arrol Brim Jim Bob Curiis Beverly Doss Cynihia Gibson Candy Grimes Juaniia Guiierrez Jan Haley Joy Harris Elizabeih Lopez Nedra Magee Beih Moore Judy Lee Newland Randy Norman Pai' Paiierson Karen Phillips Rosie Ramirez Francie Reeves Pai' Resiivo Clifford Swearengen Donna Taylor Randy Vaughan Linda Waggoner Carolyn Wallcer Helen Webb Shelia Weiber Kaihy Zeeclc ALTO CLARINETS Connie Emberlon Ronnie Moon Sonia Permenier Louis Pinkerion BASS CLARINETS Barbara Hollingsworih Tommie Sue King Vickie Peiers Marlene Ramsey Sue Sessions BASSOONS Laurel Jean Shepard Sue Zimmerman ALTO SAXOPHONES lgnacio Alvarado Pam Brow Nancy Bublis 3-A Band Larry Gonzales Roger Hardin Karen McEachern Linda Mendoza Tamara Winier Tommy Woods TENOR SAXOPHON ES Teddy Barrick Susan Swearenger CORN ETS Danny Bills Pal' Cooper Joe Garza Danny Gresham Gary McCormick Jessica Moiica Harold Palierson Ronald Rogers E. P. Rodriquez David Smirh Rusly Williams Mark Webb Dale Wrighl FRENCH HORNS Anihony Fosfer Dickie Ray McDonald Linda Kay Wingo Nikki Burson BARITONES Rickey Barrick Lucian Greenfield Bob Johnson Terry McEachern TROMBONES Rickey Granl David McGowen Howard Pailerson Joe Don Raymea Mike Shae Gary Slanlon Monfy Sfirman BASSES Jackie Dilliard Gary High Mike McDonough Thomas Robins DRUMS Ronald Baxler Charles Bechlold Dave Chrislian Billy Cunningham Ronny DeBusk Dwighi Gardner Mike Marshall Richard Walker Mark Wilson TWIRLERS-Donna Taylor, Jucly Newland, Nedra Magee, Connie Emberlon, Pal' Pallerson, Sisli Walker DRUM MAJOR OFFICERS DRUM MAJORETTE Bob Johnson Richard Walker-Presfdenf B9Ve"lY Balm Tommy Robins-Vice Presldenl Linda Waggener-Secrelary Debbie Wafson-Secretary BAND BEAU Jim Davenporf BAND SWEETHEART Penny Cooper Bandeffes 3 2 OFFICERS: Sealed: Secrelary-Marsha Riller: Chaplain-Penny Cooper, Presi- l dem'-Daylia Vaughan: Vice-Presidenl-Anna Laura Leeg 2nd Row: Sophomore Counselor-Beverly Harrison, Social Chairman-Palsy Poliorlfg Sergean'l'-al-Arms- Jerri Loerwald: Reporler-Rosemary Bublis. Bandelles includes girls enrolled in Jrhe Four-A Band wishing lo , help build The morale of fhe band and lo be of service 'lo olher band members. Band members observe u Isl' Row: M. Webb, B. Cook, M. Rilfer, D. Vaughan, P. Cooper, D. Resfivo: 2nd Row: K. Smifh, P. Brown, G. Grant C. Choaie, K. Barllelf, L. Brown, B. Cawlhon, B. Slovall, A. Lee: 3rd Row: T. Rousser, K. Pierson, S. Esfes, S. Perrin, C. Davis, P. Pollorff, B. Holsomeback, L. Hull K. Egger, M. Bublis, L. Lee: 4+h Row: S. Price, B. Quigley, K. Norris, B. Harrison, D. Mcfxlisler, B. Warner, L. Archer, C. While, Y. Emberlon. Crescendo Club omenr of quiel before a concerl' Isl' Row: P. Sanlmyer, J. Hadley, J. Richburg, B. King, F. S. Wood, B. Hari, R. Miller. T. Wrighl, N. Lincoln, S. V. Egger, L. Loll, K. Hopper, T. Koenig'er, S. Kiser, R. S. Pimlolf, R. Peref, R. Leach, D. Goodwin, T. O'Donnell, OFFICERS: Sealed: Presidenf-Philip Sanlmyerg Parly Chairman-Roberl Payne Secrefary-Treasurer-Tom O'Donnell: 2nd Row: Sergeanr-al'-Arms-Sranley Clark Vice-Presidenl-Ronald Fagan The Crescendo Club is composed ol young men who are members of 'rhe Plainview High School Band organizalion. A brolher ,club lo Jrhe Bandelles, lhe club was organized 'lor social purpose and 'lo lurlher inleresrs of lhe band. Chaney, D. Palridge, L. Ealon, R. Walker, T. Hall, J. Vaughn, J. Trevinog 2nd Row' Clark, E. Adams, D. Ballew, E. Fargason, R. Barnes, J. Joy, J. Shephard: 3rd Row: Payne, J. Gilbert R. lreron, S. Clark: 4+h Row: E. Kramer. R. Fagan, J. Morgan. J. Ooley. lsf Row: A. Young, M. Soucy, S. McGuire, K. Johnson, S. LaH'a, D. Snelling, P, Broadwell, A. lgo, R. DeWese, C. Keisling, B. Harrison: 2nd Row: Mr. Griffilli, S. Spencer, P. Mooney, C, Sears, l.. Slaggs, P. Garrison, J. Green, P. Brown, S Mellow, D. Harvis, S. Brazele, K. Bagwell: 3rd Row: A Cappel l ' i i ix i i li NL iwxfb MADRIGALS -,X i xy KV! Firsf Row: A. lqo, P. Broaclwall, K. Jolwoson, S. McGuire, A. Young, P. Garrison: Second Row: R. Roberls, 206 T. Moffell, F. l-liclcs, G. Mellon, J. Wriglnl, V. Perry. la Choir F. Hiclis. T. Mofferl. R, Roberfs, P. Julian, L. Dulaney, D. Harvis. T. Spain, K. Rogers, D. Innes, J. Wrighl, J. Joy. G. Mellon' 4l'h Row: C. Nall, R. Roberlson, R. Cooper, B. Warren, J. Gilbert D. Pufnum, R. Efheredge, D. Yarbrough, D. True, V. Perry, P. King. mm Q-.CWi.Q-VTLLWQS MJ Q frail. I .N l fp D f y 5 lrgrhlf To hfLC.c?dz,LLLg O F FIC E RS Kafhlyn Bagwell- Robe Chairman Sharon McGuire- Sfudenl Direcfor Ann Young- Secrelary Phyllis Mooney- Treasurer Floyd Hicks- Public Relalions Beverly Harrison- Accompanisl' Gary Melfon- Presidenl' U 207 Isl' Row: A. lgo,-S. Barclay, K. Winqo, S. Wall, C. Smilh. A. Conner, K. Benneil, C. Harris, B. Garreff, K. Smiih, J. Walker: 2nd Row ' ' ' O b S. C l d M . G'fl'+l1, 6. .S arkman, J. Dillard, R. Kramer. J. Clover, D, Jarrelr, E. Rodriquez, S. McCracken. 3rd Row. G. rms y, cpe an r ri I p L. Crossland. B, Hollars. C. Evans, S. McCoy, O. Couch, B. Pierce, E. McLemore, S. Milcl'1ell,J. Fennell Girl 's Choir OFFICERS: Musician: Alison, lgo lsealed, lSlanclingl Presidenl: Johnny Beiln Walker. Siudenl Direclor: Judy Romaines, Secreiaryz Brenda Pierce, Librarian: Cliarlolie Harris, Treasurer: Karen Slarlc, Robe Chairman: Krallwy Smilln 208 Isl Row: S. Frisby, M. Milchell, M. Cale. B. Schoppe, C. Crossland, J. Yancey, G. Underwood, B. Holland, R. Ehresmen, P. Johnson D. Cargillg 2nd Row: V. Menke, D. Smilh, G. Harper. M. Frye, G. W. Fla++. M. Finch, R. Lendlroop. M. Esfes, G. Lipscomb. L. Gaifher 3rd Row: G. McGcugl'n. W. McGuire C. Couch. Freshman Choir Male Choir Isl Row: D. Moore, R. Held, L. Shea, S. Askew. D. Curlis, J. Gardener: 2nd Row: R. McCarfy, T. Burson. J. Sanders, H. Scroggins. N. Becca 3rd Row: Wayland Sfudenl Direclor-David McGinnis. T. Helm, B. Rogers. B. Sfone. M.Tl1omcs, T. Lloyd. Sally Cross-EdiTor '65 Annual Staff The annual sTaTT is always on The go. Recording all school evenTs keeps each one very lousy. Ads musT loe sold, picTures musT be Taken, and many layouTs drawn. Each member oT The sTaTT has his fob, and iT musT loe done. Much hard work goes inTo each page oT The annual. Many long hours are spenT Taking picTures and developing Them. Our Thanks go To The phoTographers who have worked very TaiThTully and diligenTly. WiThouT Their help The privilege oT having an annual would be impossible. When The deadline appears, work is yeT To be Tinished. Plans Tor The PresenTaTion musT be made and compleTed. Gordon Zeigler-PhoTog ra pher Charles Bake'-Plloiog fa Plief Jimmy Bryanf-PhoTographer Marie Bass-OrganizaTion EdiTor Miss Merilee Anderson-Advisor Soniie Barclay-Business Manager Ann Young-Adivifies Edi+or Nangzy Speck-Faculfy Edifor Jerrena Cafe-Senior Edifor Joann Milloway-Sophomore Edifor Sue Zimmerman-Freshman Edifor 2II Nancy Swayze-Class Edilor, Daylia Vaughan-Associafe tdiror, Suzanne Grahom-Business Manager, Jan Keys-Exchange Edilor, Gary Mellen-Sporrs Edilor. REPORTERS: Robbie Edwards, Judi Moore, Sandra Swanson, Linda Banlcslon, Sherry Carpenler. Pamela Wieber, Susan Price, Sharell Harris Melissa Fillmore. 2I2 REPORTERS: Georgie Cobb, Brenda Graham, Diane HeaTh, Devon Clin daniel, ar cKinne Vicki Alexander, Jerri Loerwald. Candy Dodson Mrs. Bishop, Paula Be c er, PeTe De Leon. STaTTers oT The BULLDOG BARKER "live by The clock" as They are consTanTly faced wiTh daily assionmenTs and weelcly deadlines To be rneT. In addiTion To wriTing sTories and headlines, doing make- up, working on circulaTion, and selling ads To Tinance The paper, sTudenTs also Tind Time To sTudy The TundamenTals of good journalism. Offered once again as an accrediTed course aTTer a lapse of Two years, Journalism is TaughT by Mrs. Amelia Bishop. For The TirsT Time in several years. There are Two classes of Journalism, indicaTing 'The inTeresT ThaT PHS sTudenTs have in The course. The BULLDOG BARKER is published monThly. IT holds membership in-The ILPC and The THSPA and is raTed as "Texas All Honor" paper by The THSPA. Lucy Churchwell-Cir. Mgr. DoroThy PeTerson-Ed. in Chief Isl' Row: D. lnnes. D. Leallwerrnan, K. Bagwell, M. Kunz, A. Young, I.. Adams: 2nd Row: J: Cafe, J. McSwaln, P. Garrison, J. Rhew, M. Esfrada S. Nichol. A. lgo. M. Churchwell: 3rcl Row: R. Eflweredge. J. Davenport B. Slone, C. Sclwelecle, S. Cross. Senior Council Junior Council ls? Row: M. Fillmore, M. Bloodworllm, K. Sfarlc. S. Laila, G. Grant M. Spann. B. Cawlhong 2nd Row: Mrs. Bishop. V. Perry, B. Miller. B. Henry. M. Trevison. P. Glenn: 3rd Row: C. Rhea, S. Barham, C. Webb, S. Kiser, R. Saul. S. Rigler. lsi' Row: L. Shaw, M. Benneff, M. B, Beane, E. Wagner, J. Ward, C. Buchanan, S. Hurst M. Waison: 2nd Row: M. Walker, M. Wadzeck. T Rousser, L. Crossland, C. Mar+in. J. Painfer, 6. Hammon. R. Kramer: 3rd Row: D. Eiheredge, G. Covey, P. Buchanan. A. Fox. Sophomore Council Freshman Council Isi' Row: B. Bain. C. Greer. B. Kunz, M. Haynes. B. Carrufh. S. Churchwell: 2nd Row:'N. Burson, S. Young. N. Douglas, P. Purcell. L. Wag- goner, N. Magee, D. Seago, K. Milsfead: 3rd Row: R. Walker. K. Redin, M. Harder. T. McBee, J. Marfin, S. Harris. Mr. Sfokes. National Honor Society x.. To encourage scholasiic achievemeni' is 'rhe purpose of Jrhe Naiional Honor Socie+y. The Naiional Honor Sociefy is composed of iuniors and seniors wirh a 90 or above average. A bake-sale and a car wash served as a means io raise money for a club proiecr. 4 f' .vorricens k Daylia Vaughn-Vice Presideni' Joannie Rhew-Presidem' Mary Anne Kunz-Trea er,-' arian LeHy Thomas-Secre+ary Eric Kramer-Reporier V , kg.. O5 Qvwvj, .ilu-vwck Emi, lsf Row: R. Escamilla. V. Greer. M. Kunz. D. Leafherman. A. lgo. S. Meriweiher. S. Sharp. C. Robinson. J. Rhew. D. Vaughn: 2nd Row M Buchanan. S. Price, Jo Owens. S. Nicholl. P. O'Bannon. M. Bass. G. Granf: 3rd Row: B. M5gan. J. Cafe. M. Churchwell. J Clary C. McCracken. E. Pinkerfon, C. Johnson. S. Long. B. Cook. L. Eafon. N. Jefion. L. Thomas: 41h Row: S. Braudf. E. Kramer. R. Miller S Rigler. T. Wrighf. S. Clark, L. Karrh, J. Brock, D. Curiis. R. Sfubblefield. D. Maggard. J. Sfevens, C. Irwin. J. Finney. S. Clark: Sfh Row S Moore. V. Egger. S. Barham. J. Davenport R. Saul. Nafional Jr. Honor Society The Junior Naiional Honor Socieiy was es- rablished +o creaie an enihusiasm for scholar- ship, develop good cifizenship, slimulale a desire io serve one's school, and To insiill exemplary qualifies. To be qualified for mem- bership, il' is necessary io obiain an 85 scho- lasfic average wirh no grade below 80, -and 'ro have qualifies of leadership, ciiizenship, and service. Secrefary: Sisfy Walker, Treasurer: Cindy Smifh, Vice-Presidenf: Eliza- belh Wagner, President Allen Fox. ls? Row: R. Kramer, L. Smifh, E. Wagner, -5, Walker, C. Smifh, R. Lewis, M. Oaies, Mrs. Whifacem 2nd Row: B. Quigley, G. Sparkman, L Daffern, J. Jackson, S. Wells, S. Davis, T. Winler, B. Bain: 3rd Row: G. Clanfon, K. Parks, N. Auiry, S. Sessions, D. Whifefield, N. Adams, V Pefers. D. Seago: 4+h Row: K. Chumrey, S. Frisbie, C. Curfis, J. Dayfon, D. Andrae, R. Grant 5+h Row: A. Cuevous, A. Fox, D. Johnson, G Zeigler, L. Eaion, J. Benzon, B. I-lodges, G. Covey, N. Lincoln, R. Ludrick. Auto Mechanics One of our newesi clubs is The Auio-Mechanics club. This organizaiion was formed To develop leadership abililies by Taking pari in educaiional, social, recrealional, and vocalional acliviliess. BoHom Row: Bulch Flallr, Sergeam'-af-arms: Gene Hoff- man, Reporlerg Top Row: Glenn Hembree, Treasurer: Sian Tedford, Secrelraryg ScoHy Askew, Vice President Gary Painler, President Lei"s see-Where does This par? go? Back Row: A. W. Covey, R. Dees, S. Tedford, B. Flaiur, L. Henry, J. Maples, B. Savage, G. Bloys, G. Hembree, D. Driver, D. Love, S. Askew, B. Haney, T. Johnson, G, Painler, J. Yarbrough, G. Hoffman, J. Price: Fronf Row: D. Hipolilo, E. Van Cleave, T. James, W. Elam, B. Dalfern, R. Kidd, M. Ellis. Encouraging sluclenlrs in all phases of journalism worlc, The Quill ancl Scroll Club is open To sludenls having ex- periences on Jrhe annual or newspaper slall. lvleelings are allernalecl lo in- clucle bolh speakers and analyzing ol sluolenl wriling. Vice-Presidenl: Dorolhy Pelersonq Treasurer: Jane Claryg Secrelary: Nancy Swayzeq Presiclenl: Nancy Speck Quill 8 Scroll Firsl Row: S. Cross, D. Innes. S. Carpenler, V. Alexander, J. Keys, D. Vaughan: Zncl Row: KLSQQ-ck. D. Pelerson, J. Clary, L. Ealon, J. Moore. R. Edwards, S. Graham: 3rd Row: Mrs. Bishop, N. Swayze. I Zh 1,1 Key Club The Key Club was esTalolished To give boys Training in assuming responsiloiliTy in civic aTTairs. The club assumes The job of puTTing ouT Tlags over Town during naTional holidays and also keeping The marquee sign in TronT of The school up To daTe. QualiTicaTions Tor membership include good characTer and an inTeresT in civic aTTairs. OFFICERS: Secre-Tary-Larry Crislerg LT. Gov.-Tommy Lloyd: PresidenT-BiTsy STone: Vice-PresidenT-Larry Dickerson: SgT.-aT-Arms-Charles' Nall. SeaTed: R. Howard, J. Goyne. L. C-risler. B. Fagan, M. Walker, J. Trimble, L. Womack, J. Simonds, M Leach, L. EaTon7 2nd Row: J. An- drews, D. Maggard, R. Walker, L. Karrh, J. Norman. C. Nall, B. Rogers. K. Hawkins, R. Heye, R. Fagan, J. Adkins, D. Houchin. Mr. I. L. WhiTfield: 3rd Row: L. Hamby. C. SchlecTe, L. WhiTTield, R. BarneTT, L. Dickerson, M. Thomas, D. Goodwin, B, STone, T. Lloyd, J. STanTon, D. GarreTT. lsi Row: Parliamenlarian: Ken? Akin: Reporfer: Le'r'ry Thomas: 2nd Row: Sec.: Marlha Buchanan: Treas.: Pal Juno: Pres.: Pal Aylesworlh: V. Pres.: Penny Cooper. The Furure Business Leaders of America i. open 'ro any sludenl' enrolled in a business course and inieresled in choosing a business occupalion. The organizalion was formed lo develop beiler leadership and business abililies in our lulure businessmen and women. The FBLA assisls in communily service organizalions by 'ryping and keeping records. F. B. LA. Club members discuss money-making proiecfs during monlhly meeling Isl' Row: C. Lopez, A. Lee, P. C-arlhel, M. Welzel, P. Cooper, V. Alexander, Mrs. Cox. M. Blooclworlh, G. Beavers, G. James: 2nd Row N Jellon, L. Thomas, S. Cannon, J. Harmon, P. Brown, J. Cale, D. Crooks, R. Byrd, L. Barlon, L. McCollum, M. Buchanan: 3rd Row: D Hol land, J. Maples, P. De Leon, E. Rigler, J. McPherson, C. Mifchell, P. Aylesworlh, C. Tarkenlon, P. Juno, S. Helm, S. Lyles: 4'lh Row E Tipplon, J. Hadley. E. O'Donnel, R. Bell, J. Shephard, W. Borchard, K. Akin, D. Ballew, R. Ray. Medical Careers The Medical Careers Club gives sludenls an op- porlunily lo see a hospilal in operalion. Each week Candy Slripers volunleer al leasr IIO hours in service lo lheir communily. This year The club- V insligaled a successful poinl syslem. Projecls have 1,43 . i included a successlull rummage sale andx bake sale. wiyl J' an 1 . .- f f .f-if ' Ld Q F V. , .5 N , l L ' 1 L .li , .. ga x 1 gi MK 'Q lf: '1' Ks K fl Ur lx Q. A im- ,535 gy, V, fi... . K lx N. EA. Y, N ,Q ,l, -X ,Z .sa ri 'Qi ,If W ' , , ig WV- h ,LV , .. S. W, ,H-A ,J ,V , .v My 'f' ,H ' if L' I' r V' F35 lil! J , lv 15' ' ig, " ,- x sifx. , if 'X 45 , W jf.. H b, L. . 1, 1. , Ng at ,. 'gf ' 1 fl s ':. J I .uf ' 'iff fl , ., ff ii ,iv ji W 1' , 1 g ,i 5 ,5 lj A i U if ls' if .5 K S , if 'V K , .. ,. i .Y 5, 'I-2 L f , N l S W , , 'l l ay" li! 1. fl N T , , sf. ' , 1 I 1U Sealed: Pres.: Sally Cross: Treas.: Vicki Rodgers: 2nd Row: Chap- , A 7 I' fll' . ,uf off lain: Donna Todd: Reporler: Lanelle Adams: V. Pres.: Ann Young: ffl, 7193 if 3, -N gf . . . 1 - so ,i ' 5 fx iw Parliamenlarian: Donna Painler. j' ll ,,i gs ,. gg' , -f mn-. 1' uf., fix, X " sl ,, T f L 3 f 'lf' .5 qv' I. a J2'i'if' Q U . 222-i l il' 1 , ' .AU , if if f Fl. 'Y - i L , "H , 2 . .if T i ,, , im , is L. -I M ,,f ,ly 2 ml l' my l T ji ill' .f yggk rw' s.:k l 1 ' lg! Z i X my , U sf nj! l E L 'lf . fl A 4' ,W-. L ' ' 'T T- 'F' 'J X . Kneeling: C. lvlarlinez, D. Virden, F. Chaney, B. Walson: Isl' Row: F. Flores, E. Rodriguez. lvl. lvlillard, T. Guerra, lvl. Roclriquez. F. Wesl. M. Sharp, N. Durbin: 2nd Row: B. Garrefl, P. Fosler. E. Carlrer, P. Brown, D. Todd, B. Addoclc. L. Trussell, L. Adams: 3rd Row: L. Tinlcle, B. lvloore. J. Rodriquez, R. Perry, J. deSouze, B. Trussell, D. Hegi, P. Holsapple, J. Walker, D. Clinclaniel, lvl. Meredilh, S. l'lursl', S. Cross, A Young: 4+h Row: M, Soucy, L. Thurman, L. Brown, K, Johnson, D. Painler, S. Harris, L. Barlon, D. Banks, J. Fennell, V. Rodgers. C. Harris D. Taylor: 6lh Row: J. Wall, lvl. McKinzie, S. Copeland. S. Price, R. Jones, S. Harris, G. Beavers, F. McWilliams, B. Werner, J. Lipscomb. ,. . . M X. F.T.A. Membership in The FuTure Teachers OT America is open To Those who have a sincere inTeresT in some aspecT oT Teaching. The club has 64 sTu- denTs and Two sponsors. The FTA will sponsor' a one hundred dollar scholarship given To a gradu- aTing senior. The members parTicipaTe in disTricT and sTaTe convenTions, baslceTball concessions, and oTher programs relaTed To The Tield oT Teaching. lsT Row: ParliarnenTarian-Linda Moore: V. Pres.-Delois LeaTherman1 AReporTer-KaThlyn Bagwell: 2nd Row: SecreTary- Bonnie C-awThon: Treas.-Susan MeriweTher: Pres.-Rosemary Bublis. NoT picTured: Chaplain-Joe Don Hadley. Members oT FTA operaTed The concession sTand during baslceTball games. IST Row: J. Crumpfon, L. Lynn, L. Moore, Sharon Cannon, S. MeriweTher, K. Bagwell, D. LeaThe'rman, L. Churchwell, J. Walker, M. Kunz, C. Ashby, C.ISmiTh, R. Lewis: 2nd Row: C. Sears, O, Couch, M. WeTzel, E. McLemore, P. AylesworTh, E. PinlcerTon, Dianne Mil Beane, C. Buchanan: 3rd Row: N. Bublis, A. Connor, S. Spencer, G. Branharn, K. Chumrey, S. Lyles, G. James, G. Clanron, J. Ward: 3rd Row: Mr. MiTchusson, L. BanlcsTon, J. Munroe, P. Wieber, 6, Sparkman, L. DaTTern, S. Wieber: 4Th Row: C. Davis, R. RoberTson, R. Bfiblis. B. CawThon, A. Lee, J. de-Souza, C. Biddy, G. Ormsby, N. HamilTon, R. Kramer, Mrs. Dennis, J. D. Hadley. 224 NOT only are reading, wriling, and arilhmelic slressed in a good curriculum buf praclical skills are also laughl. In cooking, sewing, and home nurs- ing classes girls praclice being homemakers for an hour each day. Through These classes, sludenls pre- pare To meer lhe Jrrials and frusfrafions of life in l'he adull world. When Jrhis lraining is compleled, sludenls go inlo adullhood wilh beller undersland- ing and self-confidence lhus making more useful cilizens for expanding sociely. FHA members have a friendly cha? while working. Sealed: Hisforian-Marsha Spann: 4-'rh V. Pres.-Karen Sfarkg Song Leader-Linda Thurman: Pres.-Lucy Church- well: 2nd Row: V. Pres.-Lanelle Adams: Reporfer-Pom Wieber: Sec.-Dianne Lowell: Pas? Pres.-Linda Slevensg 2nd V. Pres.-Belly Masong 3rd V. Pres.-Olefa Ogle: Pianisr-Trena Spain. F.H.A. I . llsl Row: P. Sfaggs, D. Resfivo, F. Mendez, I. King, J. Thomas, M. A. lfungp 2nd Row: C. Brcsfield, R JEEllfards. P. Paflerson, M. High, S. Lyles, L. Moore. 3rd Row: Dfdlllegfh, D. Pool, N. Naron, G. Naron : ' X5 ' X P.!fJulian: 4'll1 Row: B. Mason, P. Holmes, D. Painler, D. Delashaw, D. Jarrel, C. Ex7ans, Mrs. Carler. A--fl img XXX! Q., li. J ' 'XXX x X EMAKFRA- 'P NEW H -bow Q' 441 l 79 3' K' XH- il IElf 75 5.4 ij ,J , 'Q' v o - S' I5 xo D 09-X Preparing lo be a l3eHer Home-malcer is one of llwe goals sei by a young F. l-l. A. worker. This year's aclivilies will be proiecls used lo build beHer leadership. QFFICERS: Sealed: Reporler-Carolyn Rae: Song Leader- Connie Healliq Secrelary-Neva McAlisler: Parl.-Cindy Morri- son: Standing: Proiecls Chairman-Chrisline Rigler: Hislorian- Kaye Smillw: Presidenl-Linda Crossland: Degrees Chairman- Linda Lylesy Vice-Pres.-Janel Painler. i F.H.A. ll A F eq ' A i D vs N 4 fm'--0-.. Isf Row: L. Sommerville, M. Campbell,iC.kHeaH'1,iiC. Rae, P. Fosler, B. Marshall, C. G-ullwrieg 2nd Row: Miss Pearson, K. I-lamby, J. Har- lan, N. McAlis'rer. J. Painler. L. Crossland,'L. Lyles, K. Smillw. The girls of Fulure l-lomemalcers lll are freshmen enrolled in a homemalcing class. They learn lhe basic sleps of sewing and cooking. The year's aclivilies included parries and proiecls. Meelings were allernaleol among The homes of +he members. A Q Q K24f7,f'Vl,Q,, ' in 0i,ZfCff VQLQ, 'CXKYKLXK fgygg 4g.4fe,L,.5, Ziff Obfzfggf 55145, OFFICERS: Sealed: Secrelary-Sue Barbeeg Treas.-Beverly Dossizliiizjwdjii T Z. +PriFVLrgg1ia.H'Eo!gchFrcll: +Pr:sirdi1gEaP:+P Rriiivog 2nd Row: K -' OI' ef' ln G ml , Gflimen 6 I5 GI . L67 lrf M. K xxx 66Z!, fslf,eue,QjJ Qffffi aff 7 AEM 7. 400 ff 1 flll l e 5162. Lyegeu .self ewan , f f ff ge ,T 2,,fQfe.a ff-effgfzg kyf fgfyy I fl 42 s we Qffwfd M F. .A. lllf .ffie A T in eww i g7fw457e1 42554 ' of My Vw wwf? f 7 x, f+'i,f' 'ii , I X - f , ' , r i "" EW . ' f Q CZ4zz,WfJc D f 4 KM? 'T ,,,,4 15 - 1066 K 4. ' , X ' ' Qi? 1474 516, Q9 fo f or Sealed: L. Smilh, S. Pain'ler,,J, Daniels. V. Borchardl, P. Reslivo, D. Gonzales, G. Ferguson: 2nd Row: C. Masso, K. McEachern. G. Hollancl, S. Cox, M. Rodriquez, Y. Baca: 3rd Row: P. Douglas, K. Johnson, L. Couch, D. Elam, R. Golden, R. Perry: 4'lh Row: lvl. l.. Youngblood, G. Ferguson, J. O'Donald, P. Gilbralh, F. Reeves, B. Doss, N. Burson, J. Rodriguez, Mrs. Chesser. Isl Row: J. Shepardf' J. James, S. Coleman, M. Jones, H. Wilkins, D. Reed, D. Elheredge, D. Yarbrough, 2nd Row: M. Thornfon H Borchardr, R. Shacffkerforl, J. Teague, L. Gregg, R. Prilchard, D. Monrgomery, R. Graham, M. McCar'ry, R. Jones: 3rd Row: J. Cox R Hodges, B, DuBose, R. Dickerson, G. Reece, R. Kenniken, G. Gurrea, J. Smiih, T. Painlerq 4+h Row: M. Meek, R. 'Peek, A. Goree, T Ben nel, D, McEachern, B. Caddel, M. McPherson, M. McCurdy, L. Adcock, R. Dailey, W. Borchardi, R. McCarly, J. Goree, L. Savage. F.F.A. GREENHANDS Is+ Row: C. Davis, L. Garrison, G. Collie, D. Bradford, R. Dyke, E. Dodson, G. Rankin: 2nd Row: J. Aylesworlh, P. Slaughfer, J, Mannin, J. Shugarl, R. Granf, R. Jensen, S. Nickol, R. Garciner, P. Bolhwellg 3rd Row: J. Phipps, L. Lawrence, J. Alkinson, H. Jesiler, D. Perry, J. Walling, J. McBride, D. Houchin, W. Moore, B. Blanchard. Sponsors: Mr. Duffey and Mr. Barneli' Furure Farmers of America promofes inleresf in 'rhe new rechniques of farming. This club also hopes To help luiure farmers To gain grealer knowledge of Their chosen profession. j 2 S 5 X i 3 S 5 Eu 15 5 K s V w 22 s n 3, 5 3 s 53 5 3? 5 E S 5 a P5 ea 3 3 3 i X Q! y -s I v l 1 jg -3 3 J 2 .v S'5:m?Psf'fASY'w:' - 4' "ll1L'z.,., f 111, ' . 'X , "A??aQfE4'A W " qWWi i5?4iSE,E5E Eif!2 5f'7's7Q2 , . 'f:1fiE5S,ZE??f2ifi:'is: . SVI' ' . X . ' 'M-l3EYL?'N?" 5 .lbfft-5574" Tf"W'- f, E9 if 'I Science Club Science club members discuss a field lrip lhey are planning lo make. One ofilhe newly organized clubs in our school is lhe Science Club. I+ was organized lor Jrhe bene- lii of lhose sludenis especially inleresled in This field and who enioy exploring lurlher oulside The classroom. Among lhe year's aclivilies was a field irip which excused The members from a hall day of school as lhey wenl "exploring". Sealed: lvl. Webb, R. Grant S. Esles, R. Johnson: Isl' Row: B. King, N. Durbin, R. Pool, E. Kramer, M. Crum, R. Ludrickg 2nd Row: C Sessions, B. Tschirgi. C. Couch, J. Adams, J. Richburg. J. Davenport Mrs. Chrislian, B. Cunningham. G. Covey: 3rd Row: C. Johnson S. hSessions, lvl. While, C, Rhea: 4+h Row: L. Loll, S. Braudl, R. Leach, J. Sanders: 5+h Row: C. Schelecle, C. Caughron, P. Sanlmyer, R Jo nson. Thespians The Narional Thespian Socieiy of Plainview High School boasrs of rhe largesr membership ir has ever before had in 'rhis school. Membership is based on a poinlr sysrem sei' up by +he narional offices. ln addilrion io Jrhese requiremenls, candidares musl also be volred on by Jrhe orher members. Anolher iirsl .for The Thespians Jrhis year is a complele fhree-acl play enrirely direcred and pro- duced by The club members lhemselves. OFFICERS: Treasurer-Ericjjkramer. Secrelary7-Bsufclfiv K'ing,, I I Presidenf-ELigene.Rigler.,, f , , J V ,- f .N ' Dewese, Ja Efzion, Cl da,rkfflS.iiiPoiole,f R. 'Deiyvesefi Moreland,ljB.',Sfoyall, D."Reed. C. oy, M. Bloodworfhz 2nd Row: P. Jeno G. Mellon J McSwain, M. Churchwell, D. Snelling S. Harris, J Andrews D. Doss, N Thompso ' ow. 6 Pa - . Dulaney. L. Priesf C. Johnsori, Kramer, M. Bass,fS. Hursi. E. RigIer,IMr. Deweseg hfh Row: IB. Warren, Green, B. King, C. Nall, 'F. Hicks. ... ,.,, , Y, VY Y- I fx A Thespian member knows The meaning of long. hard hours of rehearsals, buf also knows The rrue ioy and COn+e,n+men+ affer showing his skiil in a "well-done" produciion. Thespian members fry ou? for 'rhe one-act play fo be enfered in 'rhe lnferscholasric League con'res+. Mr. James Dewese-Direcfor of The Speech De parfrnenf-bringing ihe arf of acfing To an all Jrime high a+ PHS. 23I Slide Rule OFFICERS: James Adams, Sieve Pimloll Presidenl Sam Braudl, Milce Flelcher, Carol Buchanan. Ever wonder wha'r's so funny abou? a slide rule? The Slide Rule Club is open lo any sludeni wishing lo become beller acquainled wirh This complex inslrumenr and To learn To use if for pracfical purposes. Kneeling: S. Pimloll, S. Braudr, J. Adams, C. Buchanan, M. Flelcher, M. Walker, J. McClelland. Zncl Row: Mrs. Chaney, Y. Emberlon, C. Gufhrie, P. Cooper, M. Webb, J. Haynes, B. Fagan, C. Richmond, T. Lloyd, R. Leach, J. D. Hadley. 3rcl Row: A. Benneli, B. King, J. Judah. J. Pinlcerlon, T. Koeninger, J. Slevens, J. James, J. Morgan, G. Zeigler, E, O'Donnell, J, C. Andrews, D. Johnson, P. Sanlmyer, R. Grisham. 41h Row: J. Williams, J. Davenport J. Finney, D. Curfis, J. Richburg, K. Hooper. Math Club OFFICERS: Jack Brock, Randy Leach, Presidenf Charles Schlecfe. These enfhusiasfic lvlafh Club members seem more inferesfed in fhe The Mafh Club was esfablished fhis year fo pro- Camera lhan anylhlng else! mofe inferesf in mafhemafics and fo furnish ac- fivifies for inferesfed sfudenfs. Programs include speakers and demonsfrafions on currenf affairs in fhe field of mafhemafics. Isl Row: lvl. Crum, J. Finney, J. Brock, C. Schelecfe, R, Leach, R. Held, P. Judah. J, Cafe: 2nd Row: J. Adams, P, Sanfmyer, J. Sfevens. lvl. Flefcher, J. Asher, J. Morgan, B. Fagan, T. O'Donnell, S. Braudfg 3rd Row: K. Hopper, J. Price, G. Covey. L. Eafon, J. Haynes, L. Loft Library Club Presicleni-Chris Biciciy Vice-Presideni-Danny Swanson Sec.-Treas.-CharloH'e Ca rl+on , s wag? - - I R Q 'A ' P' A " X LV ? . ' LV . . : V V A i ..., Z.. . f .... s,,Qs,,,l-if-,., ,,,, Zag sux - .z . fi M ii :, 'wwf' - . agen. :s.i r.'- in H WS! ' - -'Z ' -L gk 3,5 K. ' , . . T A f, iri s ' ' 1 - i - .,,. .4 A-Q Chris Biddy, Danny Swanson. Philip Judah Vicki Bond, Dianne Nickel, Nikki Burson Miss Holley, Kay Pearson, Mrs. Alexander, Sarah Summers, Dickie Miichell Ruby Byrd, Charioiie Cariion. Chrisiine Miicheii, Brenda Schoppa. Sandy Barnharn, Paisy Pa'Herson Sherry'Iv1organ, Linda Archer Kay Carier, Charisie Eilis Jackie Daniels, Janeiie Dees Latin Club Sailgiiksgeglgrjsglzlnln C311i!LeSChSujlLliijlTI' Slfllginellgrgigm Dgllli A lowly Lalin slave obeys 'lhe orders of his masler-however odd 'lhey Nichol, Dianna lnnesf Alison Igo, Judy Owens, Beverly Harrison. may bel Sludenlrs who slrive lo learn more aboul The language, and lo gain a more Jrhorough background ol early, Roman civilizalion have joined lhe Larin Club. To be a member of Jrhe Lalin Club one musl have sludied lhe language or be in a Lalin class. Some of rhe highligh+s of Jrhe year are Jrhe annual Roman Banquet Chrislmas caroling parly, and Slave Sale. Isl' Row: Mrs. Joachim, D. Howard, D. Monlgomery, L. Hail, R. Escamilla, P. H p le, S. Cross, E. Wagner, D. Innes, J. Owens, D. Donnell, P, Purcell. 2nd Row: J. Hall, B. Cason, R. Held, R. Carler, J. Biddy C. Joy, . Durbin, T. Winfer, S. Weiber, D. Todd, B. Henry, M. Bass, S. Nicholl, A. lgo. 3rd Row: B. Fosler, M. Johnson, B. Hoffman, S, Gra a', . Greer, K. Ze-eclc. D. Myers. 4+h Row: M. Rufledge, J. Kirchoff, D. True, P. Purcell, L. Ealon, S. Price, P. Glenn, J. de Souza, M, Churchwell, W. Covey, S. Rigler, J. Trevino. 51h Row: L. Weaver, R. Gainer, B. Hodges, R. Hamby, B. Moore, D, Vaughn, L. Ealon, L. Gallimore, M. Crum, R. lreron, J, Brock, B. Sanders. 61h Row: J. Price, B. Harrison, D. Moreland, J. Walker, D. Thompson, B. King, C-. Ray, L. Nafzger, B. Quigley, R. Lind, K. Chumery, B. Werner, A. Baumgarclner, D. DaviHe, C. Johnson, E. Kramer, J. Asher. 7+h Row: M.Thomas, C. Schlecle,J.Joy, L. Karrah, C. Webb. French Club The French Club, anorher new organizarion, is designed for The encouragemenr of prac- Jricing French cusroms and ar+s. Requiremenr for membership is one year of French. OFFICERS: Treas.-David Maggard, Parl.-David Smirh, Presideni'-Maria Esrrada, Sec.-Lindsey Priesr, Vice-Pres.-Nancy Jerion. , i .E ggi! 0 W, N Qbirii lsr Row: B. Cawrhon, S. Esfes. M, Esrrada, D. Milsread, B. Sfovail, N. Speck, L. Moore, FMQQJQZ, C. Robinson. 2nd Row: K. Srark, L, Tinkle, D. Resfivo, N. Heckler, S. Graham, J. Carrer, S. Sharp, D. Clindaniei, S. Carpenrer, D. Beaversf 3rd Row: S. Price, S. Spencer, P. Wall, B. Tschirgi, C. Sessions, R, McCiuskey, N. Thompson, M. Noel. 4+h Row: N. Je'Hon, L. Priesr, B. King, E. Rigier, D. Smirh. N. Long. M. Magee, M. Meredirh. 51h Row: D. Maggard, C. Woods, D. Pafrerson, A. Sfone, K. Whiraker, T. O'DonneH, K. Taylor. JV' xy' Spanish Club , The Spanish Club, newly organized This year, sludies lhe language and cullure of Spain and Lalin America. Qualilicalions for membership in This club include being a member ol a Spanish Class and having an inleresl in The language. SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS: Presidenl-Gus l-lernandez: Vice-Presidenl-Roland Saul: Secrel'ary-Treasurer- San- dra Lalla: Program Chairman-Mil4e Buchanan Spanish Club observes cusloms of Spain, Isl Row: S. Woods, K. Sellle, J. Cirumplon, M. Reece: 2nd Row: S. Klmball, J. Workman, M. Oales, M. Wallace, H. OH: 3rd Row: T. McBee, P. Milchell, L. Slaggs, G, Granl, J. Keys, C. Adams: 4+h Row: L. l-llll, J. Kirchofl, M. Flelcher, S. Woods, C. Curlis, S. Hudgins, R. Kramer, C. McCasland, V. Pelers, S. Sessions, D. Taylor, B. Marshall, S. Wells: 5+h Row: C. lrwin, B. Warren, S. Vaughn, R. Walker: blh Row: R. l-loward, T. Wrighl: 7lh Row: D. Johnson, A. l-lernandez, J. Perez, G.-Escamilla, J. Monroe, J. Jaclcson, C. Springfield, K. Egger. lndusfrial Arts V TN y, N fx lncluslrial Arfs is a club crealed +o promole leacl- ership and +0 Have a beHer unclersfanoling of in- cluslry. This year lheclub macle and presenled qavels lo The presidenf of each club in The school. They also presenlecl Bulldog emblems Jro The school. They allended Jrhe area meeling a-'r Lubbock and The slale meeling al Texas AEM open To all slu- clenls who have lncluslrial Arfs. l l 1 OFFICERS: Vice-Pres.-Jerry Bryant Pres.-Royce Ray: Reporfer-Ted Holsombaclcg Sgt-a+-Arms-Larry Lo'H7 Sec.-Sharon Cannon: Treasurer -Carolyn Sears. Isl' Row: D. McAlis'rer, J. Aylesworlh, S. Swanson, P. Gonzales, M. Walson, A. Goree. W. McGuire, R. Ray, G. Macenage, J. Hughes: 2nd Row: W. Budd, J. James, K. Akin,TM. S1'egallfA. Penry, R. Shipply, W. Clanfon, P. Gulnlana, J. Sizemore, J. Bryant Mr. Newberry: 3rd Row:rV. Wyly, J. Adams, D. Ballew, J, Sleyenson, J. Sfanfon, W. Shawb, L. Jordan, J. James: 4ih Row: D. Wyly, P. Wieber, S. Allen, L. Gonzales, G. Hernandez, L. LOH: Sfh Row: A. Thackerey, J. Brock, T. O'Donnell, R. Leach, R. Roberlson. M. Crum. 1 F 1 f , LQ, , ,c lndusfrial Arls sludenls painl Bulldog emblem which was laler presenled 'ro Jrhe school al a pe-p rally. Boys make- qavels 'ro pre-sen? To club presidenls. Sfudenfs galher round +0 see a greal work of arf-or do lhey iusf wanf lo be in The picluke? r. C Disfribufive Educafion Membership in lhe D. E. Club is open fo members of Jrhe Dislribulive Educalion classes, and is alfilialecl wifh Jrhe Slale D. E. Clubs. One of The big evenls is +he Slale Convenlion where deleqales are elecled. The Employee- Ernployer Banquel is an annual affair Jrhrouqh which sluclenls enlerlain lheir employers. D.E. sludenls learn arls of lheir lrade. Is'r Row: A. While, VD. Barnell, R. Ramsey, V. Rodgers, S. Bailey, D. Lealherman, L. Lewis, S. Pillow, G. Ray: 2nd Row: G, Naron, J. Noland L. Perry, C. Carlfon, J. Crumpfon, P. Johnson, D. Crooks, R. Genlryg 3rd Row: O. Whilzill, Mr. Cowan, D. Jones, J. Hayclon, L. Walls, J Scheer, J. Hammond, D. Holland, J. Thomas: 4H1 Row: C. Lewellen. R. Erwin, J. Allen, R. Hooper, R. Cooper. D. Afkins. R. Blakley, K Mooney. lvl. Self, D. Broolcs, E. Rodriquez, W. Thaclcrey, L. Alwood. lndusfrial Cooperative Training OFFICERS: Melanie McKinzie, Pam Moorman, Lewis Brown, Kenon Chaney, Dan Chaney, Wayne Baker. The lnduslrial Cooperaiive Training Club is composed oi ICT siudenis. The club worlcs io develop leadership qualifies and lo assisi siudenis in undersianding oppor- iunily and 'lrends in various vocaiional fields. Members aiiend local, disrrici, area. and slaie meeiings, learning io conducl such meeiings in a democraiic manner and parlicipaiing in slcill comlesis and social acliviiies. Isl Row: J. McPheason, M. McKinzie, P. Moorman, S. McKinzie, J. Miichell, P. Pailoroff, E. Auld, C. Cook, E. Flores, N. Lowe: 2nd Row B. Fousi, B, Kernell, F. Walker, R. Norlon, J. Longoria, M. Murrah, J. Carmargo, K. Chaney: 3rcl Row: G. Adams, L. Brown, P., Gonzales D Virden, Pele H. Gonzales, W. Baker, K. Hawkins, T. Baines, L. Beadle: 4'lh Row: D, Virden, A.'Warren, A. D. Harrison, D. Chaney. 1 E J S ir 1 fi Fw 1 5 3 gt li K E 5 5 31142 NUM "i " . . .JaiWS,l5fr,iFi9"255f.?-.'iQ5JQ7!W3'l1Yr3ir?f5,:-1.41 TQ? K5s?J??i2v5?f'FfnLf'?S?f2Ai5?2f'WH m?fh w 5 fi 2 ea., , Qi. J" gm: 9 rw ff, Q. A at ,lg . 3 Sr . , Q -gk 'EX -, - MH Q 1 X ff ff 11 ffl- 1 -9 ma wi Q? W , ' W R35 1 Q. Wm 'E ?W..9,,,V . if.. K ""'3WNwmuw , as WWMWQAWWQ isZlilfw,.fQix2m2'.wf1 :J WM ww X Q -- . -7-- W f ww: W 2 mm? is . 243 f X.. SQQWW if ' if LW w V ,AX , I N- -if ' f ?u,'3J:7, of 0 o '- A vw GJD H If U ' I - 1 -h I, E in 1 P. W Q d RW In N fl vf ' 1 XJ P.. , l iw' . W 1 ff J J EW f 4V dl 7 5 a ,UGA Ong L sw Lx ' A U! jx L5 diy? W W 'J 5' 17 L' dv , L 5 L L55 UV ARRowHEAol JN , J Good Food d Good Service Come 'lil' ' CA 4496! Call In u x, K, M A xxx ,Fl X .-1 . , ,A.? of V +":: b sig, ' lv" es KQX, A tj " 'Cl ff"fUQ WV zfwijgfffgm' KLHJJV ww 'V pywv M Wm M' , ,, ,.1 ji M AQIQNAL B K JJ , Q Vw. 4' lvff 64,1 iff' 1 .!,'Ifl'Q - f ,iff in ,fx v wg ,fn aj!" Lf . Vffw 'A fi ffiw ,W ,V ' ' n ' H! Ny- I 'f' qi 'f L , M ' ! 'I BE F DE AL DEPOS T X332 PAH l 'My P241 ,af .1 ' I J 9 I 64,- f 0.1 M ,J IINSURANCE Q KPORATIQ ,f Q M - 2 mf' ' ,, .f "' 'Nj 'Lf I ' W "bfi F I V ijt-r J 'A fx' K 'V rx' A ,f ' 'ly 1 7 ,Ing H V1 -" . ' f. . If I Nr IL 'R.,'16Q?Fl?mOrIIVQ'AII5Sfv IM! wi QOH VQXZUMDEDSOQZCIZQEELQIU yi ILM 'QW W-Iwfylfyaffh --I . ,Q M -JJMy7yR3fIW55wffa QWWUWSS '51 " 7 gfJ C FIN E, INC. 633 SI'ree'r P.O. Box 369 C 4-7468 PLAINVIEW, TEXAS Everyday Loans For Eve-ryday Needs For Everyday People. WILSON GRAIN CO. OF PLAINVIEW I400 EasI' 5'I'h Sfreef Phone CA 4-7847 PLAINVIEW, TEXAS I007-09 E. 5I'I1 S+. Ph. CA 4-5639 STAPLETON BROS' I OLD Mexico RESTAURANT MACHINE 8K TANK CO' Feaiuring Fine Food Manufadurers X SI'aple'Ion Righf Angle Gear Drivers DIACAEAISZT7 FOZIZSASH- SI'apIeI'on Turbine Pumps - PLAINVIEW, TEXAS 246 42,221 f' e GALYOR'S CREATIVE COIFFU RES 908 W. 5'II1 ' Plainview, Texas "FOR COTTON GINNING AT ITS BEST" TRY HAPPY UNION GIN INC. Rt. I TEXAS FARM MACHINERY 9I2 N. DaI'e John Deere Sales and Service PLAINVIEW, TEXAS PHONE: CA 3-26II PHONE: CA 3f26II PLAINVIEW PLUMBING COMPANY PLUMBING-HEATING-COOLING JIMMIE SHERMAN Owner 6I2 Ash Sfreei PIainview, TeXdS X602-?5YEAR Fi ' x 1 YXOTHY GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 704 N. Broadway LADIES AFiJ1IRQ'X' CA 4-2756 I5II W. Sfh mlm R. SILVERTHORNE SUN-VUE NURSERY CRAIG B. SILVERTHCRNE DimmiH' Hwy. PLAINVIEW, TEXAS Pho. CA 4-7739 INSURANCE Farm-LOANS-Cify 402-4I0 Skaggs Bldg. CA 4-6378 qsince wzsy Besi' Wishes +o fhe Class of '65 PLAINVIEW SEED HOUSE I HUBBARD,VVARRICK Som" of Coudhouse FURNITURE COMPANY PLMNWEW' TEXAS I 627 Ash 6+h and Ausiin I '705 N. Columb ' '-UE F 5 0 HALE COUNTY MOTOR co. Used Car Loi-2I00 Wesi' 5'H1 S+. "Down+own-7H1 and Ash" PLAINVIEW, TEXAS JACK MORRIS -- Dealer ,-1 ,Li- 249 -, , 1 , . ,.-.- , , , , , , , , - , 1 , , , : , " : : : : :5:5:g:,f5:::5:5'5:5:5:5:5:55': 1 V"" ' .:-:1:r:2E5E5?E51' I ,f-ff'-. .52155E5E5E5E3E5E1E1E:E?Ei5E5 :f:2:f:2:5" .i,-J' 1- 5 . 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Broadway CA 4-430i PLAINVIEW, TEXAS Plainview's Best- OWNER Jearld Price I H - - PLAINVIEW Supplies-Machines-Prinfing CO. Supplies-Machines-Priniing George Keys Greenhouses I Oswald H07 Norih Broadway Priniing and Office Supply Phones: CA 4-2507 8I8 Broadway -:- Phone CA 4-9648 Nighis: CA 4-2466 PLAINVIEW. TEXAS. JACK OSWALD PLAINVIEW f - , jqiwnnea '- Qf' 1646 MQ!! ,ff , ala, EzK,Qd44,L42Q7 2,4 L54 z 9gQf4!,fij4Z4z,LQfZi-4 f244,4XV4dfgZ5 1 Q C ,ami 2274 26929 'gQY,2LE'4z2fgM6f MQ gf NQGKQQWQ4 Zi gr " f 7 ' 2 " f- ' MQMffiEHE A O fb 3241444 JM! ff C46 ,iff 1 A 4694442 A61 ,-444, XfQ!w4z?e6fc4 X X , E 2 D J' for DEPENDABLE 'QQ A I 00 I SERVICE" A A dy 4 HODGES 47 ELECTRIC f Residenfial, lndusfrial .I Wriiing, Lighfing Fixfures 3009 wesff 6+h "CENTER OF FASHIONABIQE WOMEN'S APPAREL"' PHONE CA 4-2882 RAGlLAND'S WESTERN WEAR 622 Broadway PLAINVIEW, TEXAS FLASH O GAS BUTANE and PROPANE olLs and GREASES "Service is Our MoH'.o" CA 4-746l 252 PAYN E'S GIFT 81 JEWELRY boo BROADWAY Diamond s-Wafches-Jewelry lst SUPPLY C0. 728 Ash PLAINVIEW. TEXAS See FOXWORTH-GALBRAITH 'For ALL your building needs Aslc Aboui Our Paymenl' Plans for Addilions and Remodeling Phone 4-2754 PLAINVIEW, TEXAS ..,-4 1 Jw-ficwww ,Q4,veA,Jv we hal CAM - ' "-4 CMJ' If Meg A , all-2,-Qc2fVQ L1-Q, JAMA-. CITY NATIONAL BANK bro, I . , ICYWVMMWLA, E Your Business Appreciaied ' I E- PM awe' MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION BULLDOG 66 STATION CARPENTER CLEANERS f Q ,IE' Q-X Gabriel-Wayland l f I Shopping Cen'I'er I. ' I I' MEDLIN CARPENTER, owner gl" If af' leo: Quincy Plainview, Texas Q ' ggi, PLAINVIEW' 4 ' TEXAS Fine Cleaning For 50 Years Q BLAIR'S DRUG CO. PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 720 Broadway 7I3 AmariIIo CR 4-430I CA 4-42II Your PI1armacis+ Since I926 254 AM KvoP PM AM KPLA PM 97.3 Mgs. IN NEWS 'Ist IN WEATHER IN MUSIC IN SPORTS Follow the Bulldogs on KVOP! ROCKWELL VANDERPOEL BROTHERS JEWELRY and PLLllvl:wdviEicAs CCMPANY Waich Repair Diamonds 3l4 Broadway Jewelry Repair Silverware CA 3-3678 "Carpe+ Makes i+ Home" 805 PLAINVIEW. TEXAS Broadway CA 4-276 I JQHN-STQN RAMBLER INC.. 4lo wes+ 5+h PLAINVIEW, TEXAS PLAINS K L Wm? DRUG co. TURES Walgreen Agency Drugsfore I STRAIN AND DUNAWAY, 5l3 Broadway PLAINVIEW, TEXAS P. O. Box II64 200 Wesl' 5i'l1 CA 4-4320 PLAINVIEW, TEXAS f' AQI '. I rv, -'ffl X fl' af A9 ff ! 1 f. , In Ilfl' df 'I' I :W 5 If ff xxx Nl XX 5 1 ff XX W PLAINVIEW WH EAT GROWERS fff XXX GRAIN-FEED-SEED SEED CLEANING 3,200,000 Bu. Cap. Insured and Bonded 723 E. 6I'If1 S'I'ree'I' 1 I Phone CA 3-3664 " J I Box 47 jf PLAINVIEW, TEXAS -ef! CLARENCE W. WRIGHT, Manager BRUCE sr soN THURMON THOMAS Van 8: Siorage Co. AGENCY PLAINVIEW, TEXAS GERALD B. RASCOE, Owner "To Be Sure-Insure" Fire-Hail-Casualfy ""o.-T.Zi,ff1T+oIe11,'l34" 908 Broadway ' PLAINVIEW, TEXAS Phone CA 3-3322 Res. CA 3-367I Plains Finance Corporation 822 AUSTIN STREET PLAINVIEW, TEXAS DIAL I806I CA 4-2785 257 CA 4-4305 ANGUM i024 Bwadwav DEAN WALLS Aufomofive R' C' MANGUM Manager ACHINE WORKS Owner 4I2 Skaggs Building CA 4-4455 You Igiiepniznl llmlmue MGENT JOHN LCGSDON AGENCY Insurance E. F. SHEARER TEXACO SERVICE Por+land and 5+I'1 CA 3-9092 PLAINVIEW, TEXAS xnvf QLA Fw HARDWARE COMPANY PLAINVIEW, TEXAS 500 Ash CA 4-2I23 GI FFORD-H I LL-WESTERN kg I IRRIGATION SYSTEMS V WGANDW .X . , , , ., 'Z4'I'h and Columbia CA 4-636I PLAINVIEW, TEXAS -WSTEI65 Fac'Iory Represen+a+ive R. C. AIIen Business Machines REL.lABLE BUSINESS MACHINES HILTON HOTEL I4II GaIvesI'on PLAINVIEWI TEXAS CongraIuIa'I'ions Seniors '65 Owner: I28 W. 6'Ih PLAINVIEW, TEXAS H. A. "TIP" TIPPENS Phone CA 4-72I5 CONGRESS INN u.S. vo CA 3-256: Pool-Playground Res'I'auranI'-Free T.V.-MR. and MRS. R. L. DAVIS CompIeI'e Ivy League Depar+men'r for Young Men Feafuring H.I.S., CricIce+eer, Grant Sero, and Ofher Ivy Brands IN THE Sporfswear For E AT A Friendly Place BROADWAY CLOTH IER5 Young Women To Shop 709 Broadway, PLAINVIEW GABRIEL'S DEPT. S TORE LOCATED IN GABRIEL'S SHOPPING CENTER "We Feaiure Ihe La+es+ Siyles for "Your Saiisfacfion CA 4-5574 Young Men and Women" IS OUP BUSIHSSSH MILLER FLOWERS "ArI'is+ic Arrangemenfs for W, :Z 4 Any Occasion" LEADING WEST TEXAS X I' Phone CA 4-2469 IN FQRMALS I V, 301 Aushn S+. I PLAINVIEW. TEXAS 633 Broadway Phone ,ni ,,,, 9 CA 3-3624 I If I "Always Ihe SmarI'esI' ancl Newesi' in Fashions for Ihe Junior or Miss." PLAINVIEW, TEXAS QQ flmudi AULU7' QQj3?f74024cvVw ! W7 44 MiziA225Nf::ff5 e Ce ., f HLLMAINVWM aj Wgggaov w. 5+h spy 'ji at fi Uf COMPANYW J' Ziigffmff-fl, J 1 K! f' F O I K' 0' I fl J ' L M I Zlfyzfcinffgf if Ph 45? Chrysler M X Piymouihd CQCCJ LUKLCR Uibwla 46, I A A f 4 , ' f . ' , KJ! RC Z' MLM 5 U lggiaiiibla y gb ,WMLL PLAINVIEW, iEicAs Qf VM J f Phone CA 4 5546 aj fd? M7551 A anis- uane u ies- rve i 5, 5, ZX2ffQz,:Mf5f z44M'qc,g,5f 5406! def HIGGINBOTHAM-BARTLETT CO. 3 WZ All Kinds of Building Maferiais CA 4-6335 PLAINVIEW, TEXAS 300 E. 6'l'l1 ROGERS BATTERY C0mPlim'eH+S of AND ELECTRIC EEDS SIN C0- 4l8 Amin Ginners-Co'r'l'on Buyers PLAINVIEW, TEXAS CA 4-2570 I Zbl BRYAN FOOD STORES COLLEGE FOOD BRYAN FOOD 7I'I1 and Quincy Qwne,-BRYAN SMITH I2I E. 6'I'I1 CA 4-44IO CA 4-5832 .--" I EE.W T I I 4-al! ' E' I ' HOLLAND-TAPP MALLOW'S DIRT WORK OFg'fEh5:PPLY 5 . Mainfainer-BuIIcIozer-Carry-all ancI Back HoIe Machine Work PHONE CA 4-6389 PI10ne.CA 4-7852 3I00 W. 5'I'I1 PLAINS PRINTING COMPANY LeH'erpress-O'Ffse'r "If II Can Be Phoiographed, We Can Prini I+." II6 E. 5I'I1 S+ree'r P. O. Box 889 Plainview, Texas PHONE CA 4-9247 If .IWMQIW I . f IITW :WW A Ninln WI? X I6 Q55 l .X I URANCE AGENCY A le' . ' ' ' K Ines of Insurance . I -. 2 My , 01,6 40 . II+h Ph. 4-5723 WN fp Q I I 73 A ' Oy! I WXWWRODM IVJQIION ,F C P TIONX IV Jf HALFWAY GROCERY 81 STATION UAV 22" N' Commbia "Don'+ Go By-Come Buy" M- PLAINVIEW- TEXAS TU 9-3745 HALFWAY M W. E. BRYAN C. L. HOFFMAN Res. Phone CA 4-239I Res. Phone SW 9-6780 Plainview, Texas Lubbock, Texas eff AX 2 BRYAN AND HOFFMAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Box 390 Phone CA 4-73I6 PLAINVIEW, TEXAS CZMZJ cooPER PONTIAC-CADILLAC, INC. f 6+h and BaH'imore Sfreefs PLAINVIEW. TEXAS Telephone CA 4-2788 Pontiac "The World's Finesf Personal Transpor+a+ion" Q 509 Broadway PLAINVIEW TEXAS FOR GOODNESS SAKE TRY Unvcrlulua . H li +.'Zr. .fx 5'.'5.'.'.g.EQ-gg:.'.'.a'.'s.'I 1 'sm ak,-,4Z.. 25- 4' aug I "E , -Q -5 CLOVERLAKE DAIRY FOODS JM 5STA1?' S Oo f' I z z O ' -1 S x MINI!!! OI vga 5 uv! BUAIDI Q PIGGLY WTGGLY BeHer All Iso? W- 5+h A - W Round Service Greaier Variefy Plus - f- LoweI1dPrices X We Give Freshesi' Fruii' ,f' S 85 H Vege+ables and P Green Sfamps Meais ZI3 Wesi' S+ree+ Phone CA 4-25I9 - Glass Ins+alled - I09 W. 6+h S+. Plainview WALT'S TRIM SHOP CHILQRENAS AVEAR :ze - "SpecialisT On All Kinds of Trim Work" MATERJITY WEAR PLAINVTEW, TEXAS Sizes 8, ,2 WALTER PHINNY' Owner Shower Giffs a Specialfy RICHARDSON OIL COMPANY Phone CA 4-2705 ZIO3 Columbia Bo, 548 co0n,?'YEAn PLAINVIEW, TEXAS TIRES Shamrock Produc'rs - Wholesale - Goodyear Tires 266 HILLCREST GROCERY I Joe H. MORGAN BILL EAVES and MARKET MORGAN-EAVES AGENCY Where Qualily Rules g All Lines of Insurance 'Zoo S. Da+e IO9 W. 7+h S+. CA 4-55l4 l We Give Buccaneer S+amps PLAINVIEW I Tex SUPPLY cow PlUmbln9 Pipe Valves H i n 'i Bu1'aneeagSF?Pll95 CA 3-2I92 Plainview, Texas STONE AND MEREDITH HOME SUPPLY Specialized Floor Covering and Cabinel' Tops Seidlih-Mul'l'i+in'l' 600-02 ASH CA 4-4833 ' D RITTER S FOO PLAINVIEW MARKET MATTRESS FACTORY F esl1 Meals-Vegelables--Grocerie M 'F + 'F H B dd. The Biggesl l.i+l'le Sl'ore in Town" anu ac urers O Qual Y e mg one 4-69I0 izol Columbia Box 'sam' Qgjnghjjg 44583 PLA'NV'EW' TEXAS PLAINVIEW, TEXAS THE CAMERA SHOP "Fas+esi' Phofofinishing in Town" 7+h and Quincy Phone CA 4-2I5I B 8' B AUTO SALES' EDDlE's DRIVE-IN TNC' II3 W. 51'h "The Traclingesf Team in Texas" Owner and Operamr: 24I0 Wesi' 5+h-Bus. Phone CA 3-3602 MR. and MRS. WHISENHUNT PLATNVTEW' TEXAS "We Serve The Bes? BILL FREEMAN, JR. BOBBY WILLS Food in TOWUTT R CA 4,4363 Res. CA 3-3890 X QNXTS . X xx Y X' R QV . QT RS Q5 S T S TE 3 QE Bes PmhesT From Q RB R CURTIE MAE ROGER? NQXSQX ., NSURAN E A . Q AINVIEW, TE xfg 'eg Sex 268 LEMON'S FUNERAL HOME . .-V, . 206 Wesl 8l'l1 Phone CA 4-5566 PLAINVIEW, TEXAS CA 3-3976 ' Baca W f QW Q es A will Wai 1 S641 Plaza -1 L 1 6- F BEAUTY sALoN W' 6,, 6 i 608 Amarillo S+. - C0mPlel'e ' W, K f ' ' Beauly Services ' 0 .V 'V I T A Congralulalions, Class of '65 l May We Always Meril Your Business" I C"""d0"" PLAINVIEW, TEXAS HAIL SHOE STORE, INC. RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL Phone 4-4969-707 Broadway BUILDING do MCQAZLJ-LAfzfvKJl' '- fQf4fe27l V fgaftqyfg ZA fb lj , ' JI iowa? ww 47"'Mf cb ' THE ROSE SHOP XMOWU awww 204 w. s+h PHONE CA 4-2l58 Say I+ Willw Flowers Say il Wilh Ours I Refrigeralecl Air Q Telephone and T.V. : O Wall fo Wall Carpefing MOTEL MR.. AND MRS. F. R. CURTIS - owners Congrafulafions 'ro +l1e Class of '65 MARSE 81 SON Plainview's Leading Deparlmeni' Sfore PLAINVIEW, TEXAS CA 4-5739 270' VQ9Jh1 ,Q 5, D T uhm QHML' Xxwgfbv CML, ,ggwglgka QL -Q, Cm ci xqwxww A N ' E 'QQAXJE -B x'XCaL1fw'k'K.:.j KUJT-fl' ix gg A A A A A HSL, M,QEc1.W,.WfAX 5 E 4 gv E A fx - uE.XA xiwuml SQWMQEQJA WEEE Nw WWW JVEL at Lmifigp and SLAM, TM' A A A 1 T A ATE SW, Q MQ Wd QMATQQQX J' WWE MWA EMMA WA www We YETQEEETEM A UWA A A EQ URAIQQQ MEJXNQOLAEEUU vwx0 wwxmuuq Gig Cm! WMQS' M 3554, NJMKQXL-JM XA! Wkgf, r ki5,LQbXM,LV, ww Nfflagpxxfy M'X'x'ViC'4N' 'Mmm CWA, Jig . CL QA QQXXDXAJ VYNMXNQ NE qwkwdjp QMWQ TQLLAT-QQ. WM WVW-G DRUG THE YARDSTICK W Clkxiyvik I709 W, 51-h UXQJXE K 6l0 Broadway 'UJY f - xfxw uw-,V INVIEW, TEXASQXJOVEE mi EM HAQBLAIPULQW, TEXAS ' A4 T9Qpx.?J TL, Qdfwiuqf JMMAA HM., gil-A WGA MTL M-fl CQ bw-A - Salma GFEEETE A f '. ,NJ " , QITAJQ ' X V L,1ai,V-t TW Ai,tD SEEMT5 'ENGLAND ALEESiy QT OJLLQAJT LUMBER CO CL ' TQ,vUfI8CAslLLA.Q, NU? s,Ek vQQ' Qduxfwbkm 700 E. sm xg ,gk PLAINVIEW, TEXAS glue Nik PLAINVIEW, TEXAS ' Candy and School Supplies 'A ' 3 Mama, Smal Q MX-QS452 M?9iQfLrQ,MlJ QAANQRJ WQELJ A STEAM A MM Q - QK3Q'!JE,M,,Q4 .Q M 1 ix-QJXOJNVQJ Q LAJLQXUN-, QVLNCQ ALQ,V!6QJwUwLg KQQM QQ Emwdkljlqrman-Stoneham, Inc. Box 750 WUQ-WY mm ,5 ,f PLAINVIEW, TEXAS soo E. 6'Th S+. CA 3-36:3 MQQ Wg T A if 'nf if 27l D M ms' rm b,g.,x 8 Mee+ Your Friends af WEST PHARMACY 1-1 Ph. CA 4-4325 CA 4-4324 PLAINVIEW BFGQQQE ' CompIlmen'Is of HENRY's TIRE co. E For All Tire Needs WIN E CA 4-5569 707 WesI' 5I'I1 Commercial Prinring Offsef and Le'H'erpress Ei, 5 . I M- ., Emu . ,a ,I -I?-IW: ,,,.' v...Q5'1Q,Ngg . V .vp Xl' t .-f--I-.f"'fh'.!1-if 'er - Q-e r1', I THE HALE COUNTY FARM NEWSPAPER Box I53O o 6l6 Ash S+. PLAINVIEW. TEXAS PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY IN PLAINVIEW, HALE COUNTY, TEXAS IN THE CENTER OF THE SHALLOW WATER IRRIGATION BELT OF THE PANHANDLE PLAINS 272 I 500 h MARSHALL-DAVIS L CI' ' A I Open 7- I0 7 Days a Week a IEQHET-Ere I DRIVE-IN GROCERY I H , D , 2508 Wea 5+h s+ree+ an eS'9nS PLAINVIEW. TEXAS GABRIELS SHOPPING CENTER G. E. JONES ELECTRIC COMPANY I I 07 Aus'Iin PLAINVIEW TEXAS NOEL CLEANERS This BeI+er Dry Cleaning COSTS No More Phone CA 4-4576 606 Quincy PLAINVIEW, TEXAS Congra'ruIa+ions Io Ihe Class of '65 Phone CA 3-3683 225 Broadway PLAINVIEW, TEXAS , GREEN MACHINERY, INC. Manuf cfurers of Green Pumps ff! Q f?wQffAA'W4 few WM I I ' 61 pl so fggyyzgjf ' 7QffwQsg? R'56Q?PogZA 72660 dead, film? ZA ? Q4 7' Q do W gzfcadiifo ff? 3554765 Aff? fav f Mari Q V 1 E, - g fm Q5 dfxffdffzjg Wdfgwm 4444544 77441 S! 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' A ' ROBINSON-HERRIN iDRUQ aff "Gif+s For Ali Occasions" C, S A Bulova, Elgin, and Hamilion Wa'l'ches- Diamonds-Cosmefics-Appliances ., 705 Broadway Reliable Prescrip+io 280 DT:AN'S Ladies' SporI's Wear Address-4I0 W. 9I'I1 Phone-CA 4-6862 GALES PRESCRIPTION SHOP 7+h and Broadway PLAINVIEW, TEXAS Phone CApi+oI 7474 We Try Very, Very Hard Io Please O.K. RADIO 81 T.V. CO. I7II W. 5+I1 CA 3-3642 Radios 0 Records ' Televisions CompIimenIs of EDMISTON SERVICE STATION 20I Wesi' 7+h CA 4-5356 PLAINVIEW, TEXAS HOOPER'S SPORTING GOODS and Wesfern Wear I07 E. 5+h CA 3-3660 DAIRY QUEEN 30I Columbia Phone CA 4-7520 "Home of Hwe Cone W+h Hue Curl on Top" ,df - . ,iff-" , . f 2 2 QQ LMQ f A W' ARCH KEYS I YW Y, Flgwgrsg , 4 f QAM . +10 - f , RA , ' Nxrv-.3 Y Lf f J at ,ff X Q-Wm' .f f gf Af x ,Q xf ,ei-ffji Q gg f Q 5 7. 't"'1i1..m'W' 300 W. 7'H'1 CA 4-2774 PLAINVIEW. TEXAS KW!"-,-'Z .A BRATCH ER-DEPAUW MOTOR COMPANY 220 Wes+ 5'rh CA 4-747I Qi? if 5? I ea . xx .A 1 X ll I ' , 4. E 1 -- X ,nf , Q ,t LJ ' I Y. X 7 v 1 . K ' ' N X ef ggi M fe .Q - I -A " I ' WF . 'ff' ,J X ,ff 1 , . I if A A" - X, . :K ' " A-X", ' K NJN - We , 'ew ' I IJ . K' - 1 X Ax -if ed .4 A Coiggfrartgildtions and Best Wishes row-me Clagswof 'i'65 ' ,, I, ,W 6 I x , 3- HALE COUNTY STATE BANK "Your Bank of Friendly Service" MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Free-Dom Dodge NU-GRIDDLE CAFE Specializing ln Charcoal Broiled Slealcs Mexican Foods W. 5+h and Columbia PLAINVIEW, TEXAS ALEXANDER-NEIS Prescripfions and Toile+ries 63l Broadway CA 4-5322 PLAINVIEW. TEXAS "The Home ol lhe Depenolrablesn P. o. Box 709 Dial CA 4-738I - - LAINVIEW, rExAs lnvesr TODAY for your TOMORROWS Enroll a+ ADELL'S BEAUTY SCHOOL, INC. 708 Quincy CA 3-3693 MRS. ADELLE PERRY, Operalor WHITAKER SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION Owner JAMES R. WHITAKER Washing, Greasing, and Polishing" non Columbia PLAINVIEW 284 TOWN HOUSE RESTAURANT OPEN 24 HOURS ,Phone CA 4-2939 Privafe Parfies Large Dining Room Owned and Opera'red By: MR. and MRS. RAYMOND NASWORTHY LOCATED IN THE GABRIEL-WAYLAND SHOPPING CENTER E fliifv R iaf.., C f f V' z A fi V 1' X XJ W . Qi R9 CLAU E HUTCHEREQNAQ v Q .NA ' - XEYY 13 QR SERVICE 5 fi X Box 95 PHONE CA 4-4' 7 QS QL 5 3 YQ 2 N rhX5x X g SSEECHCRAFT fi N FJ SM ' F 55 -iii 5 - 3 SI as ' 3 A5 aes an ervlce J A . gi P, Q CHARTER AND AIR AMBULANQQE 52? Sales and Service jg RJ PLAINVIEW TEXAS 2 5 C7 4 C' Q3 TC, Z' R jig iff Z f 131235 K7 1, 6? f 53542 .Q TW TWP JV P ' We our Business is Appreciated" ' 'VII I QI fvjg I BROWNIES 7-11 W NY ' ' 0, OPEN EVERY DAY Ljfjyff HOT D NUT - MONEY ORDERS BAR-glygl-lQ?8N 3 DRUGS ,HOTE K s AGE SOHOOL SUPPLIES I A RO T gg an iff Q ST AK yy ,013 HSSSZYQEES ,N BS II I I III -FAST FRIENDLY SERVICE- We Give FrOnIier STamps -If , , My A "Your Independenf Insurance AgenT" NLM all DON MOUSER AGENCY 5 , If sPI,. 76 I 141774, iii! 454'-ff I I I P Isis W. s+h S+. CA 4-2748 pf 7 - f KZ, ReaI EsI'aI'e ..,' 4 pf fy egg, , gf X 5' I KZ fisfgffs Loans Insurance 1 X7 W 7 DON MOUSER, Agen+ I YT4f'Z'4m?L ,, I HOLLIS SWEATT, Associafe LM!! 75 n ,Lf JACK PAYNE, Associafe A, if I A I A ff me fy' II" I CI I If ff I fy ff QL ,,.P CQ C4f'h'L'!?" 287 n fwz.. , , ., A ED ERU ff: ua E r i F S R i i i fi F , r if Q . f! ll 1 Nr if 1? 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