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'C f 1. 1 Q . A I A x" I fn? v' J ' T75 ' 2 Q L., , eb ' f' 'iq JQ: . " . -J. "" 32. .mg bs O' The Plain View, 1960 Published by students of PLAINVIEW HIGH SCHOOL Plainview, Texas 5'W3'lUluefwe Editor-in-CH'fe4?Q.,gA??hwggQ.'I--... SUSAN creoss Business MARY ANN JURCAK Mxss BETTY BUFOW , , K k :ij-' ..... ' Q Y Q J 1 , 'gf-, ' ' H L 1 g e 1 ,, ,. A 5' . f ,xl 1, W , .4 2 D7 avg '49 ,Wy 12.3 if! Q M , , Tabl e o f Contents fO1"61l!07'll cleclicatlon activities personalities aclfninistration athletics classes organizations aclfvertisevfnefzts ii 4 1 , , A, sz-W - fffff ' Q- - 9 D "' -- ,. The gymnasium and main building as seen from the ten acre playground onthe south side of campus. "PHS From Many Angles Man lessened. O SC Dol' pafklng lot this Y Students drive cars t h Year was renovated and parking problems FT' I 32,1 ig in in i H f A as zzz --. HEL' """ "' ggfg' ffYfY ' l rrrri rrrr' .ze s,4,V'.,viA-Cr, 32. .a " 'J' 'x-.-vmfegv,-ya: ' ""'- ' -, .M 'f BULLDOG Gym where the Cagers play many games and spend many Through these door enter the f, more hours in practice. TheY'Ve Bulldogs! mes' Sludems in Texas 5 Dedicalimz Q1 C, qh Fld as 'C' 'G' to Coach Bob Climlcmzel ln every phase of teaching there are those who command the respect and admiration of their stu- dents and fellow-teachers. Perhaps foremost among the characteristics of these successful teachers are those twofdedication and service. The man to whom this book is dedicated has throughout his years in PHS, displayed these attributes. Proof of devotion to his work and the service he has given can be found in the three successive district championships and tvvo trips to state com- petition for the PHS basketball team, As a coach, he consistently developes competent and colorful teams, yet this is not the strongest feature of his success. He has been to his players, his students, and all who have known him a fine example of what he should be-in character, mod- esty, sincerity, and service to PHS. Because of his ideals, strength of character, and the appreciation which we have for him, We dedicate The l96O PLAIN VIEW to . . . COACH BOB CLINDANIEL. M and M S Cl ndan el Develyn and R Ofky The "Plan Putting out the Plain View is not an easy task. The fifteen students on staff spend many, many hours, working selling ads, drawing layouts, sort- ing pictures, writing copy, and any other iob that needs to be done in order to meet deadlines. There are rewards though-for every one of us feels a satisfaction when the annuals arrive each year, and looking back, the year doesn't seem so bacl. lt's then that we foolishly decide that we'll work just one more year, Working cooperatively with others, accepting responsibility, developing alert- ness and accuracy are lust a few of the by-products that we receive from our work in publications. Joe Ed Sambol . "f :grit u , KN l l Q i L ffl 1475, it David Bryant ge 9. ll Mary Ann Jurcak, Business ' I! M , View Staff bizzifig, z1fzfs52,,z:::,zz1 and sales. VIEW STAFF Editor-in-Chief 7,,, o 777, ,,,, , 7 Susan Cross Business Manager Senior Editors Junior Editor E o, Sophomore Editor Sport Editor up , Faculty Editors Snaps Editor ,eeo ,, Organization Editor Photographer ,E , 7 Assistant Photographer 7, E up Sponsor o.ooos E , ,E Mary Ann Jurcak , Nicki Bruce, Janet Igo o E Sally Wagner . E 7 E as E Pat Dedmon , can Kenneth Sinclair Sharon Whitfield, Maxine Julian ,,,s o Kathy Heye E, W scs, , , Sandra King , David Bryant Joe Ed Sambol Miss Betty Buford 1 f Kathy Heye Nicki Bruce Janet Igo Sharon Whitfield K f 1 1 l J Time brought initiation of Lettermen. August 31, PHS Begins In the halls were found bewildered faces be- longing to the Sophomores and the confident look of Seniors as they anxiously awaited their class rings and the other milestones that Seniors must inevitably pass. Each of the clubs began their activitiesg the Latin Club planned for new slaves and their slave saleg Assembly programs brought such men as Senator George Mahon, Football became standard Friday night operationg and the Band was always on hand to help build the morale. All this was the beginning of a year which has turned out to be highly successful, for everyone has developed into one happy family. Latin C1 ub P any was 5 great sucg SSS Udenr S meer Se '76fQ,- Ma hon. PHS Ban ax haw time, Senior recei Ve - s- 50695 rings, a ve' ' si xx Q. 'Q ' if WNV JF. '13 .4,:'-5?-if'b'f11' +1 1 W 1 .- - - i X 5 In -rv-1 J P 's G4 L w., 1 i . 41 xi . -ui . 9 ri- Pei S, f .Af . M52 V- 3 J . ww, ' -nl ' Mai' . -7 1 ' 1- g X a tl I s..? f Q gn J 'QQ if , I 'wi ' x A 0,4 is 'ful 533' ., ,.-....s.- G5 5 rn ol N. rn 'ii ro 'K J E r t l Melodrama" Cast 3 i 3 'f 'I 1 Nelda McQuien . . . 2 ,mf r Mrs. !VlcSkew Carolyn Brown. . . Pappa McSkew Vicki Goyne . . Daisy Jayne Tudor. . Oswald Sharon Billingsley . . Filbert Lucinda Morehead Two Gun Percy Home Sweet Home"-Cindy Morehead, Vicki Goyne, Jayne Tudor, Nelda MCQUlenf and Carolyn Brown' gl ix' ' .5 lv Y s gl . jumors Prese 5 . I f Climaxing "Twirp Week," Friday, Oct. l6th the Junior class staged two plays, "Lithuania" and "Great Western Melodrama." PHS girls jumped the guns on leap year and asked their favorite fellows out for a date. Talent was evi- dent as iuniors under the direction of Miss Mary drama then displayed seriousness as they en- acted "Lithuania." Proceeds went into fund for Jr. Sr. Prom and "No place for poetry says Carolyn to Sharon Billingsley as Vicki seethes. banquet' W 2 l J l i 1 ll i swzr - 5 5 . l . 2 N 5 'l 1. , 5 2 ii 'F Tift' T 3 ' li 'f 'QQ - R r.37"v Q 'X , i SJ 'tl X f 3 A.. .xf-e-gf gi. . ..3- D h v M ma McSkew alias pipe smoking Mc Jayne saves day and McSkew familYi C'ndY 'S Caught Qiien Hart, speech teacher, revelled in the melo- K Panciera, Ben Ferguso J k wright Jerry Teffell' Maw ay BC ' turns inebriatecl. ff U H 7ZzdU Meloclwmm cmd Litlzucz ' The "Great Western Melodrama" was an all-girl cast. Juniors added many realistic Touches to both plays. Cast for "Lithuania" Mary Kay Panciera ,s,,,. A , Mother Sharon Murphy , ,,,, , Y, ,,,, Daughter Jerry Terrell , u,us,,, Inn Keeper Ben Ferguson s, Inn Keeper's Son. Jerry Wright ,s,u ,us, F ather Monty Ward s , Stranger Gary Hewett as Young Man Ma tights for Filbert. rl 1 '- Stfltl 2 l s . 3 5 . 1 l l l .- ri-.l3Ck re' Jack, Sharon, Mary K Sharon d brother. ' iscovers mistake, kills ll "A Bird in a Gilded Cage." ' 4 'fsmwsr-we . i 'lf' fx -41' ii ""' - I i N. ,Q .ll 'V' li .V i - - UN, ir 'v -2 it 5 l 1- r 3 sl if 5 T 'l Q K ' t V., 1, x "A 4' I - refs' 'AN . 1 x xt Huff' l it! 'fl 1' 1 3 l llllit gl l l ,avg , ..k . s Q wi", K W the Beat." Give With ow-Wow individuals for a real gone was of kats be- fore they made with the big blaze and charcoaled a Pampa Harvester Kat that had strayed too far. Sponsored by the Sophs, this was one of the largest bonfires ever staged. Climax of the rally came when the "Spirit Getters" tossed in the Harvester to the flames in preparation for the Friday l3th football game. i -6 Cheerleaders climax rall b b Y Y urnir19 Pampa player in effigyl slits ...D fe ,ew . f,"eF""'. 'nov-'31 K 50Phs did a b ang UP lOb on the bonfire! sings real good, man. 2 'J- N . ' 9 x , s of ? -un: Guitar- Bill Bass D ...V A' - ' . . ' I fl-'m Ed ' . Jamison, Barney King anlgege mcrsfon, Quartet: Billy Smith, Becky Jameson Ch I an ing, ery I7 5 ur ,ro-0000, the ml q UA r The can can got in the act TGV 0 l Stone Jamison and Marlm Mr. Cl3YlO Ward foresees ffwfder for n Qgfanlhaml ' Terrible talker, McElroy, holds Phillips, yous Star "Gypsy Troubaclor," an operetta, starred Janice Phillips and Tommy Lyons as the Choral Dept. presented its regular program December 3rd. Love, intrigue, song, and comedy illumi- nated the scene as these two, together with Milton Mangum, Priscilla Ragle, Dale Webb, and Sue Mitchusson, and a host of others un- ravelled the story of Nicholi, who comes home from college to be ruler of the Gypsy band which his father rules. The difficulty arises when Nicholi decides to give up his birth- right that he can marry his college sweet- heart. His father expects him to wed Rosita, "Marco" los were blgl says Darla. s..:- ,,, 1 I . d me Campfire, King, James, Kimbell and Stone, nd gnawf' Gypsy dance aroun A and they gnaw a Taylor, Martin, and Jamison. Vario Webb is disowned by band for dishonesty '1 attention as "Marco" tells her fortune-She loves nature! in "Gypsy Troubazciorv beautiful gypsy girl, portrayed by Janice. Villain in the plot was "Vario" CDale Webbl, who aspires to rule the tribe himself. Further complications develop when Vario delves in intrigue and is aided by "Elena" CSue Mitchussonl. Proverbially, the story ends with "Vario" being put out, Nicholi falling for Rosita and everyone living happily everafter. Providing the light touch Darla McElroy iust loved the simple life, and always was catching butterflies. George Ragle and his "Aunt Mahilda" added zest to program. Rosita finallY H9 'Hx 1u..w-M. Nfchaif ' ' fi-.4 fee! I Qypsy hem me S f . o explam 'O fr Nicholi and fends A The enYll'B Cast of chair dePa"' P articipated. JimI'YlY Smphenso jx x-, 5, n and his guitar. lt really does grow hair! Between CI 012 Westervz Day program. After the saloon deal, the critters went from bad to worse when Country Cousin Jim Stephenson and his guitar came out. The Vic Yarbrough, the worlds' greatest peddler of snake iuice or Mountain Dew,-er Hair grower- whatever gave his spill. The Sextette sang, and everyone had sportin' time. Ted Hancock and Gloria Lamb were named Cowgirl and Cowboy of PHS for hav- ing the most original costumes. Dale Webb and Linda Goodwin were named Most Friend- ly as a climax to Friendship Week. Finally the sun set on the PHS range, and everybody went home. n rman, Terrell, Def' ' Real Cow and the Sherift'S boys: Hancock, She i asses-loating, "Baby fa Posse. 'U 4.5 'iibrf ce" 57 apleron and Slavs Dillon Jackso n QS? into ,3 wku S. PHS CO and Gloria Lamb, 2 Ted Hancock WBOY AND COWGIRL Q 4:,,,.X .Mx , u.. ' U, .. 4 wr.. , .,-,.....,5-,, ,R-..4,":-4 ,annum Q :N . ,.,, x- 512. ' ...iff , ,M-f .. , , -L , ..,, m -5... -.,,,,, . WM' W-N, -ma-1""f "M s.:--- ,,,..::.1 --QA .., 'lb- -- Q-W H, ,... . -- -. -' M-- "" F' ,, 41-,.f:-.ah "nv-M " .T ,-sa -sn- .-,:-. ,...::z:,:, -.- , . ,Q Q Personalities As the water reflects the sun setting on the distant horizon, people, distin- guished by their leadership and person- ality, emerge in Plainview High. Some excelled in leadership and scholarship ambitions. Others, because of their warmness and friendly outlook, were set apart as outstanding. As the year progressed these personalities became leaders in their classes, groups, and favorites with the studentry. Finally eighteen of these students were recog- nized and honored by their class-mates and friends by being selected PERSON- ALITIES OF PHS. October marked the first milestone in the illumination of these favorites. On this day Judy Atkins was crowned the Queen of Plainview High, an honor cov- eted by every Senior girl. Later, in a general school election, each class picked from their ranks two girls and two boys as worthy of honor by ranking them first in their respective classes. However, it wasn't until March l7th at the Formal Presentation in a special assembly that these leaders became clearly visible on the horizon of achievement. This climaxed a year of success for these students and gave them confi- dence to go on to greater goals of the future. With the characteristics of leader- ship, character, and personality pos- sessed by these, their future need not be feared, but anticipated. Perhaps these students can be called . . . "Fairest of all lights above." 23 7,9 as '51 My ,Vg f ,I ,S , ol tllldj' Atkins Crozwz 2 3 5 i 5 v . if i 6 Ninth Queen of Plainview High we L 'X 2, xi t, .Ria Most friendly in PHS business . . . Contagious smile -Q. 'L :- if- gf xiii C hmflie Saul scholarshnp he excels SENIOR FAVORITE sfudem Body veep . . . Hobby si m Q . 1' 3' ,ggi 5 ' , .Q .Nl w,,'fKf- , ffifam Q fa x4.,,i- X T156 QQ ,, :T K -df? xqf-fgfthwsf VV guna!! N ' 'A 5' ,' K , -. -1 A r 'VV , g : 3' .. ' , M5 V I e ,Q,R B' l Doug Lewis SOPHOMORE FAVORITE BOY . . . Serves in St. Council . . . quiet and dependable . . .congenial . . . 'ff as x ffl li mms in!! Q lil lil 4 Ei lil anew ei: is H aww ws S QS My WY wwf!! allty . . . unassummg In s 5 X K .- ,. - , .s,. - fi... K I n ! if Dale W ebb . . . LA VERNE ROACH AWARD . . . given To aufsiand- ing Plainview High Senior who displays qualifies of citizenship, sportsmanship, and high character .. . .Ji 45735: I Vic Yrzrbrougly . . . Student Council dynamo . . . Many honors and each one well deserved. RUNNER-UP FOR BEST ALL ROUND Mable C de Baca . . . Princess in her own right . . . smi ing and Twirling . . . RUNNER-UP FOR BEST ALL ROUND Larry Weaver . . . C Terisiic inderman . . . Sincerify is charac- SENIOR FAVORITE RUNNER-UP 'ivfgff Tommy Aday . . . Energetic cager . . . Mischievous but nice . . . JUNIOR FAVORITE RUNNER-UP Susan Cross Editor with a cause . . .Where there is activity, she is . . . SENIOR FAVORITE RUNNER-UP Randy Bennett . . . With Sophs he's tops . . . Cute grin . . . SOPI-I. FAVORITE RUNNER-UP Jayne Tudor Music interests her . . . Quiet and talented JUNIOR FAVORITE RUNNER-UP C dwell Ann Sawyer Eager to do for PHS . . . Petite and friendly . . . SOPH. FAVORITE RUNNER-UP N--Aff St. Counc ls. k Kee Emcees, Burl Moon and .lac de Baca and escoflf Barney , Mable C Princess 9 On the far off horizon there begins a growth of one event which stands out in the minds of all-the Coronation. This brief but wonderful moment is awaited by students, parents, and friends. At long last-October 27th, 1959, the lights faded, there was a breathless silence, and the M.C.'s took their places to intro- duce the lords and ladies. ln the history of the Coronation, there has never been a greater one for fifty-four couples paid tribute to the Queen. Over the audience one could hear deep sighs and smiling "ah's" as the ladies made their appearance in the "d l h ' ' vivi co ors tat were captured in their dresses. The young - ' Yar- dent Council Pfexy V'C Sr, Prexy, JSFVY F"Yef Sm brough. tt. 1 4.-uri "1 t l I xv .Qt T QUEEN JUDY proceeds down the aisle, Page bealfrs are Lois Shannon and Delories Hudgins. Trainbearers: Carolyn Rankin and Violet Mont- QomerY- To the ihlonel King- Coronation of Queen fzzdy Arrives '5k'llW fi E ,fr i bf, 'i -VN F' '- ia. . f li ,I ri . ri' f 'ff ' " I A 1 f ' v .1','1, 4 Xi , I J r Nfl l , Brown: I .J B y Hood, SU7-an h gms- PerrY Burl Moon: Marshiagllif em ii xiii -lllanan Zedlane AyleswOflhrCUrl'S i Lou Ann Dixon, Bill Ramsey, Norma Garrett, Don Coleman, -hm Sway ' Karen Peterson, Jerry Blackerby. I Y, l l i ,WT :mlb , if ,.,. in 4. 5 Ri 1 .,f " x f 3' Becky Jamison, Dale Webb, Ann Gardner, Bobby Pillow. The Student Body President, Vic Yarbrough, placed the crowna ing touch as he set the crown on her head, naming Judy QUEEN of PHS. After receiving her scepter from Jerry Frye, Queen Judy turned, with stars in her eyes, and addressed her realm. 51' ol' Wx PRINCESS MABLE C DE BACA Carol Ames, Joe Baker, Marihelen Garrison, James Sherman, Kay Huff, Timmy Williams, Peggy Schlecte, David Oates. l i J ,, , ll I 1 E ' if Jerrell Young' Barbara Smith, Barbara Jorgesi Mary Dell Sangersl Freddy Bell. Jean Lusk, Thomas Elliff, Jo Dotson, Freddy Jamison, Jan Copeland, Johnny Jarhes, M I n Kim e I er y Darla McElroy, Bruce Perry. 'Eff ,, I Finall the Queen ascendefl 'lie Y . h 1hrone and took her place of hig honor. The Coronation was ai end with The singing of "Plainview High." Many things will fade from our memories, but one burning flmnC' will remainA1he CORONATION OF OUR SCHOOL QUEEN. i I I Terry Mallow, Fryar Calhoun, Nancy Rae, Don Cummings, Kay Miller, Jim Carter. Shirley Neighbors, MGX Sraplefonf PGYSY Neill, ViC Ann Robinson, Charlie Saul, Susan Cross, Bill Elliott, Kay Blair, Yarbrough. Larry Akin. 4I '05 E' M.. ' :1 'g.4'- "T H, - N Administration Crossroads are found everywhere, They lead us in many direcTions and vve can noT find The righT one vviThouT guidance. This direcTion is found in groups and individuals which make up The rooTs and foundaTion of The public school sysTem. from differenT vvalks of life emerge peo- ple inTeresTed in The Training and prep- araTion of youTh. They vveld, Themselves inTo a unified group by Their singleness of purposes and goals, This group, sTrives Toward The besT possible Tramework for our schools. The Board of EducaTion seTs policies, selecTs vvell-qualified personnel, and arranges The over-all program Through vvhich youTh may learn. VViThin The realm of adminisTraTion, The execu- Tives superinTendenT, principals, and supervisors perform The Task of carrying our The plans and obiecrives devised by The board. JusT as every paTh has iTs origin, each milesTone serves as a lesson learned, and accomplishmenT achieved. EducaTion is an upvvard climb To suc- cess, and in This scheme, our Teachers are sTairvvays ThaT guide us. They relive Their sTruggles and Triumphs, and by example, They help us To "hiTch our wagon To a sTar, Take a seaT and There vve are." 43 Guy Bounds Wayne Boyd R. M. Carter James Crossland Secretary Plainview Board of Education Higher standards, better preparation of youth, and greater goals in education are the ambitions of mem- bers ot the Plainview Board of Education. Uniting them- selves by their singleness of purpose, members of the board represent each segment of the community. There are seven elected members of the Board and three members of the school personnel who serve in this capacity. S. F. Johnson Tom Karrh Assistant Superintendent Charles F- Mathews R. V. Pa ne Bruce Ri ler Mrs. Marvin Schlecte Y 9 5UP9fff7T6f1d9f1f President Vice-president u Q -1 s + W . .,. , ,Y We 'EQ ,few Qfg ii ,fr 'asm ww 4 , rw W 5, I gl, ,Ny y - : ,iw .K ,g Qi. '1 'iff V 3 -5"-'Q xiii?" I-'iff i. W ami M. Edd Todd '- wp- W Y'Wa . " A n X . i 1 O 4 0 ,- 4 nag 5, ,, 1. K. . .5 V,- x , nd' .f f5514f'."f ' y L' 'Le f " " ' E . 5 o ' -My - - Q . -1'-wg-' " - ' 0 ' K N 5- A 35351, l. .,.,, - 4. n. ,, - . ' . " . X ,' ' w 13' ,zhgirg-V W 4. . . . 5 kilt-Hifi 1 ' . A .: 41' '99 MRS. NILS AKESON M.A., Texas Tcch English MRS. AL CORNESBISE B.A., Wayland English MRS M. W. TISDEL M A Baylor English Molds Key to New lazteaus English and its many facets literature, Speech, Journalism --- might be called the key which opens many doors to new pla- teaus ot knowledge, understanding, and improvement. Without this basic tool, edu- cation is nil, for thinking, speaking, read- ing, and writing every device known to man employs this tool. PHS, conscious ot this, Otters tour years ot English, two years ot Speech, a year ot Journalism, and a special advanced creative writing course. All phases of English and literature are ex- plored in the tour years. MRS, C. S. HARRIS M.A., Hardin-Simmons University English L 1 ef BETTY BUFORD MA., University of Colorado Creative Writing, Journalism MARY HART B.S,, Texas Women's U. Speech Latin or English - Mrs, Joachim commands attention. 3' ..- . ..f Ng 'as ,K i h kb p E+... I ,gi an Qewsv' f - , -4 K if ...gpg gi 1 A - L ,Q,, ,fl MRS. LOUISE JOACHIM MA., Okla. State University Latin, English .nav Y ft - LK' ., 0 'Lf-X J . X., 4- 'H' MRS. CECIL WITT MA., Texas Tech Spanish P, L Me gL"VDAfviEL G I! Foreign cingiiczge Fosters lhXM as llllliil t. 4i"'X ,- , f +...Qgf" . LW- . I . X its 1-,NN Audio-Visual aids are important in oral Spanish. FOY W. DODSON M.E., Sul Ross State Math 50 U nclersmncling Cognizant of the fact, that the first step toward harmony is under- standing, foreign language students in PHS study the culture and traditions as well as the language of other lands, The proximity of Mexico enhances the interest in Spanish, and to meet this interest, three years of Spanish is available. Latin fosters understanding of ancient civilizations as well as a better insight into English. Audio- visual equipment has proved a great asset in the teaching of oral Spanish. Math Builds Foundations Regardless of the goal set by a student in today's world, Mathe- matics plays a tremendous role. The new concepts and ideas em- bodied in Math are no longer incidentalg the future is intrinsically interwoven with these concepts, and a knowledge of thern has be- come essential to success in many fields. For the first time, PHS of- fered an Honor class for advanced Math students. In addition .three and a half years are offered in this field. ln these courses students become familiar with new ideas perpetrated by the atomic age. 29 YI? MRS. J. B. KIDD R B.A., West Texas State MOLLO HUFF Math 'E-, rex Math as Tech Science Formiiliztes New Concepts With the idea that any future which may be is inevitably a scien- tific one, the Science department in PHS strives to keep pace. l creasing the scope to include an advanced Chemistry course, the department now offers three years of regular laboratory science in addition to the honor group. Following the trend of schools through- out the land, a greater number of students than ever in the history of PHS are enrolled in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Approximate- ly 400 students are taking Biology this year. Library . . . Glimpse 0 ifiowleclge The horizons which one may explore are infinite if he will grasp Pob finnevf Judv Gregg' Barbara COX are Interested In TYNCFOSCO ES, ever o ortunit offered for knowledge in PHS library. Fact and P Y PP Y fiction abound, and any student who would read through a small section of the library could consider himself educated, indeed. 5. ' GLENN E. JOHNSTON MAX NEWMAN 8.3, VELADYS WH B.S., North Texas State B-5-, Wayland College Biolog es, Texas SITACRE Chemistry Biology, Basketball Coach y lafe Here in the roomy, comfortable, well equipped part of the school, one can find students reading for book reports, researching for term papers, delving into outside reading assignments, or iust passing the time reading. Whatever the occasion, students find the material in the PHS library. Boys pass leisure time reading periodicals. Ill! 1' MISS e,5 . GIADY . ' rn r 5 H zrbfcmen-S.. rexasolifsy Omen 12, I Q S Q4 I A1 ' l 2. Q1 i 5. ' 95 MRS, M. A. DUNN M.A., Oklahoma University History H 44 WALTER BRYAN B.S., Texas Tech Mrs. Weaks was oblivious to the photographer World History, Coach but very interested in the Louisiana Purchase 'er something. y :ff ' 4 . - 'tc fi. . KH ,L I. ,. 3 4' .. Social Science Hcirmoiiizes Future With Past A direct link to the past, Social Science and history enables us to live more abundantly in the midst of a complex society and to press toward the future confidently and eagerly. Probing our heritage in American History, participat- ing in student government through Civics, learning the cultures of many coun- tries, and discussing current affairs - all of these broaden our knowledge and increase our wisdom of social development. To meet the history requirements of PHS, students undertake two and a half years of study - World History, American History, and Civics. Also avail- able are Economics, Texas History, and others on demand. World Hisfow, English TED LUNDGREN B.S., West Texas State rs MRS BILL WEAKS M E University of Houston OHNNY VlNEYARD History l L WHITFIELD L5 West Texas State M E West Texas State Hlsmry History 52 . - Vocational reparcs or Practical What is so practical for students as to learn to cook and sew or to till the soil? Regardless of the goals which have been set by high school students, these areas must needs be familiar. In the Plainview area, seventy per cent of the boys are preparing toward agricultural careers, and a great number of girls will become A eventually - homemakers. Three years of homemaking in both cooking and sewing and three years of Vocational Ag are offered for the practical needs of the stu- dents. Another very practical course, proved thus by the State Safety and insurance companies, is the Driver Education program. This course teaches safety consciousness and responsibility as drivers. GENE BARNET MS. T T Vocar Gxas Tech 'oftal Ag . 775 .415,n?'? V In I - i.,--:ip N0 ' ' - ' as ' 44' , Mrs. Carter shows the class how to make bows. Q., , nf - 140 'Q MRS G . ERA as., Kansa LD BRHNAN Home Econirjlme College ICS 4, 0 . MEOTA CARTER B.S., North Texas State Home Economics TOM DUFFEY M.S., Colo. State College Vocational Ag HARRELL WEATHERRED M.H.P.E.R., North Texas State Driver Education TyPl"9 Sw SAM COWAN Special Vocational - Texas U, Distributive Education MRS. F. W. DODSON M.A., Sul Ross 54 Typing dems learn T0 WP 4 . x -N K N.. MRS. JERRELL CATE B,B.A., Howard Payne Typing, Shorthand, Bookkeeping e by practice' Commercial Twziiis in Business . .. Turning out hundreds of the future secretaries, bookkeepers, accountants, and even executives, the Commercial department increases yearly. Many students of PHS find this training practical and plan their courses to include it. Typing is taken by many who are not interested in business as a career but feel this beneficial in after school years and all fields of work. Students are able to receive four years of commercial training in PHS. Not only the skills of the commercial department are offered, but in Dis- tributive Education and in shop, students learn to do by doing. DE students intermingle their studies in PHS with working downtown. They earn and receive credit simultaneously. Shop students work with wood and learn the use of many tools. l l 2 tl M DAN HODGES Me.Ed., Texas A 8- M Shop Mr. Hodges supervises a Shop Class Physical Education, All ,Round Development Though emphasis today is directed toward development of the mind, the importance of keeping physically fit is also apparent. The Physical Education and Athletic departments' aim is to provide students with the knowledge and means of providing good health. Students participating in these programs learn not only the skills of sports and coordination, but rules for good sportsmanship and recreational habits which carry over to adulthood. An extensive intramural program is organized for non-athletes, participation. Team sports are taught in the fall and individual sports come in the spring. G. c. omvss l M.Ed., Texas Tech Physical Education Miss Run-1 oreirrtrv B.S., Texas Tech Physical Education Music, Art Tunes in Appreciation "All great art is the expression of man's delight in Gocl's work, not his own." v Whether the art is dravving, singing or playing instruments, or whatever it may loe, one of the primary obiects is to develop appreciation for the finer things. Students of PHS learn this lesson as they continue through four years of Band, Choir, or the two years of Art which are offered. af-'K r, 4+ 'l" V' A 8?- ,. I , 1 'MX , N MRS GUY Mmzioms cameos BA., sayioflml M.E., Texas Tech Art , N. am X BUIST W Al? 8.5.1 Umver 'EEN Ayhl . Sify f eric Direcroro Tennessee 'E 995 if T9 X Q , K ' , Si' if,,.Vl " d .1 Q x 9: R. C. DAVlDSON B,M., Vandercook School of Music Band Director PHS Band entertains during half time playing and formations. P:-2 XM v . J. . Q... gf i--' L?" Mrs. Ramsey and ND NTLA Copegllmncipal Sedexarv ' X MRS. LELA FORE Supervisor of Cafeteria LARRY you on xhe lob' B-A. Wa I me girls stay Bible! Y and College Other Personnel Assume Assuming his share of the responsibility in making certain that students receive a well-rounded education, Mr. Young taught a year of Bible, an elective and open to all students in PHS. The first semester is devoted to Old Testament History and students complete the study in the second semester with a survey ofthe New Testament. To help make the school a smooth running operation, others perform duties MRS. IMOGENE RAMSEY Attendance Clerk X MRS. HAZEL FULLER I MRS JOHN MEYERS MRS LILUAN ROBERSON S hare 0 Responszbzlzty which are necessary rn any school Mass Copeland kept academnc and flnancnal records sent transcripts to colleges and performed dozens of 'obs un carry :ng out dutnes as secretary to the Prrncnpal Attendance records tardles absences and reports were the speclhc duties of Mrs Rarnsey the office gurls and Mr Veatch Mrs Fore and her assnstants provided well balanced lunches dally and the custodians kept the bulldlng In good order CLARENCE LOVELL JAMES HUFFINE MR INEZ SIMMONS LEE COLE MRS KATHERINE pOARCH , ' - ,- ,K K' 'ft l l I I I I ' "' . '1 ' 1 K , . . . ' 1 ' U X U . 4 Q WV, ,, . . 7' C. tl . ' . fgfgq A' l . 0 ,k . tv.. a Il 1 "' af 2' agp!! gpm inf!! Q 1 Sports STanding on The horizon as a symbol of sporTsmanship is The aThleTic baTTle Tield Tor The Plainview High Bulldogs Remembered are The cold crisp nighTs we cheered The Bulldogs on To yicTories and we can recall also Those calm guieT peacercul nighTs iusT perTecT Tor a game when we leTT The Tield or The gym a lTTle leT down because Things hadnf gone our way The Plainview Teams didnT always or even mosT oT The Time emerge Trom The conTesTs The yicTors buT They did uphold The Bulldog Tradi Tions Each Team Took :Ts Turn ln Sep Tember TooTball Tilled The air an lingered unTil almosT December when The baslceTball boys appeared To domi naTe The scene ln Their Turn came The " g . S I I I ' W . o - , ' I . N ' 1 .Qu , I 3. . , . Mig, ' V fs ' ' . .' ' - a an T Track boys, baseball, The golfers, and volleyball as The only compeTiTive sporT Tor girls. The Teams were energeTically supporTed by PHS specTaTors. We held an inviTaTional baskelball and volleyball Tournament PHS was represenTed Well in The lnTerscholasTic League conTesTs. ThroughouT each of The phases ol The sporTs programs, parTicipanTs gained more Than iusT Touchdovvns, field goals, base hiTs, or birdiesg They learned TirsT hand To be good sporTs A noT only on The playing Tield buT in liTe and once again They were reminded ThaT "lT maT- Ters noT ThaT you win or lose, buT how you play The game." 59 .4- J tibi- Bulldog Boosters clco er it on the ie U nbeaztevz Practicing yells, painting posters, decorating goal posts, staging after game parties added many hours to the groups' busy schedule, but when game time rolled around, they were always on hand to cheer whatever team was playing. When all athletic teams had been named and honors awarded, there was one yet who were truly Bulldogs. The cheerleaders, as a team, were never beaten. snirzisv Neic3HBORS tum Micitsis ,, ,ri ,ff1.r,,. ROW I: Coach Arlen Wesley, Eddie Clark, Dwight Bryan, Don Coleman, Herbie Clark, Novice Nicholson, Swanner, Walton Wesley, Jirn Ferguson, Joe Ferguson, Jaclcie NlcCurcly, Leslie Reaves, Robert Marshall, Stan Don Cummings, Harold Fox, Scott Donaldson, George Jones, Roy Kiser, Gary Thurmon, Tom Brown, Pat Ragle, Bill Henry, Coach Buzz Warren. ROW 2: Coach Nicholl. ROW 3: Rudy Todd, Jim Carter, Vic Yarbrough '59 Version 0 PHS .af..,.. .. .-. "ff"""'M" --v just ,, 15:1 ll 4.1: W- C 1 ...Q--ff-b QWVAWF V A-nun -' .M V 4 - ,,- .... ,.......-........,- , ,Mrk , he -mn W mmo- ' 'W' Q' H ..,..-.-4--. MQ.-n--Q--...y, . . , .. O WMM cw' 1 Frank Mullings, James Bryant, Marvin Henry, Dennis Alsup, Elliott Hollingsworth, Jerry Blackerby, Tex Cro- well, Austin Winters, Charles Furrow. Bulldogs Ind l 7 . 3-, Q3BQ?53 I nu... COACHES: Johnny Vineyard, Walter Bryan, Buzz Warrer, Arlen Wes- ley, G. C. Graves Bobby Plllow, Ronald Plwinny -- Managers Wildcats Claw Bulldogs 20-14 in N011-Con erence Season Opener Robert Marshall catches a pass and takes off in Palo Duro game, Passing their way by the PHS BULLDOGS, Littlefield's Wildcats edged the local team by one Touchdown as the teams clashed in a non-conference tilt to open the '59 gridiron season. Held in the Littlefield Stadium, the game was tit for tat until the closing minutes of the fourth quarter when Koller took off for a lf? yrd. scamper and the winning TD. Frank Mullings scored the first Bulldog tally. The second one was set up by a beautiful pass catch by Leslie Reaves on the Wild- cat lO. Jim Carter pushed through to score. DENNIS ALSUP - Tackle l8O lbs. Junior Tl' IU' COACH BUIST WARREN Athletic Director, Head Coa JERRY BLACKERBY f-- Guard l7O lbs. Senior s. sa- -, A ,s,,,. is Q x iii- J is as ch XX is . 1 L.-. 1' , . Liar K f s ,ovf Q-H L-rlfxs H I T I s S ' x .. 1 TOM BROWN-End 165 lbs. Junior Bulldogs Swlpeci by Blczckhvzwks 38-9 Plainview High footballers went down before the crushing blows of the powerful Phillips Blackhawks 38-9 when the teams met in Bulldog Stadium for the first home game of the year. The first half was scoreless until 22 seconds before the gun. At this point Joe Ferguson kicked a field goal to put the Dogs out front 3-O. A different Phillips team came back for the second half. In the third quarter they turned on the pressure, scored 14 points, and in the fourth period they added three more tallies. Plainview's lone counter came when Eddie Clark, after a series of drives went over to oav dirt. JAMES BRYANT-Wirtgback l6O lbs. Junior JlMMY CARTER-Tailback 160 lbs. Senior N7 as Bulldogs Rip Whitefaces 29-22 Spectators witnessed a thrill a rninute as two determined groups clashed head-ong PHS's Bulldogs were win hungry, and the Hereford Whitefaces were just too stubborn to give up. Result: 29-22 score as the final gun sounded. The Hereford lads scored on the opening kickoff. In iust four plays the PHS eleven raced into score with Leslie Reaves mak- ing the last 34 yards. Carter threw to Todd for the extras. Eddie Clark scored after a 65 yard drive in the 2nd, quarter, and Carter added the third score of the Dogs. In the third quarter the PHS boys scored their last tally then held on for dear life while Hereford tried hard to catch up. EDDIE CLARK Tanlback 160 lbs Sophomore Austin Winters intercepts pass in Hereford game. TEX CROWELL-Tackle 165 lbs. Sophomore HERBIE CLARK-Wingback T65 lbs. Junior ..- -Mx V DON COLEMAN-Tackle T80 lbs. Senior DONALD CUMMINGS-Tackle 180 lbs. Senior AHS Svmdies Slip by PHS I6-7 The Amarillo Sandies, remembering last year's defeat at the hands of the Bulldogs, managed to edge by the PHS boys io-7 October iOth in Sandy Stadium and were happy to squeeze by. Plainview's line was the strongest that was shown all season as the boys held the Amarillo boys repeatedly. Big Joe Ferguson led the defense for the Plainview eleven with eleven tackles. Next came Elliott Hollingsworth, Eddie Clark and Rudy Todd with 9 each. Probably the deciding factors in the game were the two fumbles which Plainview lost in crucial moments. Frank Mullings scored the first TD of the game and the Dogs led 7-3. Bounc- ing back the Sandies made their first TD to go ahead 9-7 in the third quarter and added another in the Ath. 2 iw SCOTT DONALDSON-Guard 165 lbs. Junior Carter makes a gain against Westerners. HAROLD FOX-BlOClcing Back 180 lbs. Junior r ,--1 f- +1 i ' ig l I +2 ' . -L,-, ' in I -I t aim as . 3 -v lv I fi U JOE FERGUSON-Tackle 255 lbs. Junior Borger Tlomsbes Dogs 35-O Meeting in the Borger Stadium, the Dog fight between Plainview and Borger resulted in 35-O smear for PHS, Relying on a strong running attack, the Borger boys kept to the ground and scored in every period of play while they managed to hold the Bulldogs completely. Plainview's only real offensive push came in the waning moments of play when Carter passed to Reaves who in turn flipped to Sophomore Rudy Todd. Todd tightroped the sideline to advance down to the Borger lO. Carter on a "bonus" play slithered into the end zone but fumbled, and the clock ran out with a whitewash on the record against the PHS Bulldogs. 1 4 9 4 Q- ...g 54,5 r - wt 'x 3 JIM FERGUSON-Tackle ' ' h "I, 290 lbs. Junior I in CHARLES FURROW-Fullback 170 lbs. Sophomore N., .-. N.-.... ....-...av-.-fs-453.1-an-..-.X ,....M.-......,u N.. Gridclers Fall 1f0 Dom 14-7 ' i After leading the Amarillo boys 7-0 at half-time, Plainview's Gridders 'if' fell to the Palo Duro Dons 14-7 in Bulldog Stadium. Star of the PHS eleven was Charles Furrow who recovered a Don fumble and finally crossed the goal for the only TD the Bulldogs could muster. Fans saw little real action in the first half of play, but early in the third quarter, Palo Duro snagged a Bulldog pass and raced fifty-one yards for pay ' I Eddie Clark carries in Monterey game. Ar 1 n BILL HENRY-Wingback 145 lbs. Sophomore dirtf Their second and winning score came iust seconds before x ' the final gun. This struggle was a contest between two fine defensive teams. The margin between the two proved to be the excellent passing of the 1 W Dons and the fine pass defense 1,12 . which they displayed. C'- ' A f Aglyr -as MARVIN HENRY-Fullback STAN JONES-End 145 lbs. Senior 165 lbs. Junior nb- r J Nl 4 I W-iffp4f"j fix gk ,SJ 1' g If -lgaijw-gs-Qi., y 5. V i ,,: M muon HoLLlNosvvoRrHeraCkle , ' 4 ' Liga-gft'5'f!,,54" 165 lbs. Junior 2 - , if-m,.,, q,iW J . fjuiff V B 114 s i , ' j,w. Y" .Xfv if-1 S ,X Y zz 0 5 mem 0m S. 41-0 J L. J .J . . sff..,.,: Q .5 4- The Plainview Bulldogs tasted some measure of sweet revenge UQ- W 5' 'll' K5 J. -, ev' when they stomped the Tom S. Westerners 41-O before the Bull- , f,, f- js A ,.,.1,W:"'f, xxf f dog homecoming crowd, Gctober 30th. Tailbacks Eddie Clark and if , '.'.j4lv,- 13 15,-, ,,. if' , at gif ,, 1 f. X 13 - . . .-3 ti.,. ::Iffgiz'. Jimmy Carter ran almost at will against a team who has con- sistently romped and stomped on the Bulldog teams in the past. The Westerner boys managed only four first downs in the game while the Bulldogs racked up 33, all rushing. James Bryant, Charles Furrow, and Marvin Henry were right there to relieve the tailbacks. i is-if va J' n fs.-, -W JACKIE MCCURDYWEMJ 155 lbs, Junior ROY KISER-Guard 180 lbs, Junior Donaldson blocks as Carter carries. xi X . E-iii . to my. f Q .M f . 'W Y , J - Tie Monterey Plvzimmevz 27-27 Considered a two or three touchdown underdog, PHS's grid- clers dug, clawed, and fought Lub- bock's eleven tor a 27-27 tie in a match played in Jones Stadium in Lubbock on Nov. 7th. Eddie Clark, Charles Furrow, and Joe's educated toe accounted tor the Bulldog tallies. Junior, James Bryant turned in a tine game, --N-e-NM7, dashing 54 yards to set up the tirst score after Clark had inter- T" k"' ,Q , cepted a Plainsman pass. 3-T.:::,,., . f V: Biff N ka . ,,,. L ROBERT MARSHALL-End 200 lbs. Junior The second tally also was set up by Clark, who recovered a Lubbock fumble. Charlie Furrow crashed through for three TD's and Ferguson kicked three of four PAT's. The Bulldogs proved again that the will to win is the determining factor in almost any game. PAT NICHOLL-End 180 lbs. Sophomore FRANK MULLINGS-Fullback 165 lbs. Senior 5 Winters blocks for James Bryant in Palo Duro contest. Q. 'S .19 Defetses eet head-on, Rebels and Bulldogs. H rzrvesters Freeze Bulldogs Friday, November l3th, proved to be an unlucky clay for the ball boys in PHS as they 'X 'N P r hr , Q t X x 't A F if V. v 9- clashed with the Pampa Harvest- ers and fell 9-7. Fighting sub- freezing Temperature and a strong North Wind, the two squads were virtually alone that night. The stands were bare as game time approached, the band instruments froze, forcing the rooters to abandon their usual posts as Bulldog support- ers, opening ceremonies were dismissed, and referees looked as if they were overlooking minor infractions in an effort to speed up the game. Spectators who saw the game watched from cars parked around the playing field. Clark is trapped GEORGE RAGLE-End l6O lbs. Sophomore The game looked almost like a Bulldog victory. After a scoreless first half, Sophomore Pat Nicholl recovered a Harvester fumble to set up the PHS score. Jim Carter went over, and Big Joe kicked the PAT. Bouncing back, the Harvesters scored but missed the try. Score 7-6. Just 14 seconds before the final gun, Pampa's Lucky Dunham, liv- ing up to his name, stepped up to kick a field goal from the T3 yard line to win the game 9-7. 2, A N S. DWIGHT SWANNER Tackle T90 lbs Sophonorc- i f Rebels Crush Locals 36 0 J' . ESD ztfffffl fb .Q if .. N ff "..:.'v LESLIE REAVES-End l5O lbs. Junior Unable to stop the potent passing and running of the Tascosa Rebels the Bulldogs were crushed 36-O Friday, November 20th in Amarillo as both teams played their final game of the season, The Rebels apparently scored at will while the Dogs were completely helpless to move on offense. Tascosa's eleven scored in every period of play and racked up 403 yards total offense to give the Bulldogs the Worst beating they took all season. Roy Kiser intercepted a Rebel pass and carried to the Amarillo 25, and it looked as if the Dogs were rolling. They moved down to the T8 and lost on downs. On another try Eddie Clark, Frank Mullings, and Herbie Clark carried down to the seven and again ran out of gas. Each attempt of the PHS squad turned into a futile effort as the Rebels were doing no wrong GARY THURMON-Center l7O lbs. Junior . v' . Palo Duro Dons. A 1. 2, x , ,sauna-.... ---'-- Ruov TODD-Blocking Back WALTON WESLEY-Tackle 160 lbs. Sophomore 235 lbs. Junior Scoreboard HOME OPPONENTS HOME Bulldogs Littlefield . . .. 20 Bulldogs Bulldogs Phillips 38 Bulldogs Bulldogs Hereford . 22 Bulldogs Bulldogs Amarillo , . E Bulldogs Bulldogs Borger . . 35 Bulldogs There was a dog pile in the Monterey game. - 5 2 B W Four Rebels OPPONENTS Palo Duro .... . l-4 Tom S. Lubbock O Monterey . . 27 Pampa , 9 Tascosa 36 .fi . Frank Mulhngs Jumor VIC YARBROUGH Wmgback M41 V- , - k H . 4 . P41 4 ' W5 :L-.-,, 'X ' , ifg, 79' Jw 1 N 'aigk 1-1. -1. -11. l. il. ul ff I I I I Squad Prowcles Tmmmg for Vmfszty -. Q ,s as Qc f PK sg, I. -c-l E' .4 .. . . " .,,-1,.-' .f.,- 'B-"' Y RUTH, N I ' 1 may yi bi Q,-A., , ,. V .--v 3:15-' fgq.. Q.. i,-45, . U at f' -- " 'S'--. .lt.'?i'f-' ws - FIRST ROW, left to right: Ritter, Young, Nicholson, Weatherford, Herring, Mull, Sommerville. SECOND ROW, left to right: Downey, Houchin Stockton, Harris, Deardorf, Keeton, Jones, Wright. THIRD ROW, left to right: Graves, Johnson, Churchwell, Smith, Bennett, Willis, Alsup, Vine yard. 4,- A Liz proximately 20 Boy! Make Up "B" Team Scorewise the "B" Bulldogs failed to compile a very impressive record for the '59 football season, but this is not the whole story. Those fans who were on hand to watch these boys know that in almost every game, they went out to meet teams that were twice their size, and in number there was no comparison. The boys never gave up though they played each contest with less than enough boys to make-up a relief team, but they didn't give up. They weren't beaten, they were iust outclassed. In spite of the obstacles, each of them gained experience and skill which is necessary to field a strong varsity. Coaches for the "B" squad were G. C. Graves and Johnny Vineyard. MANAGERS: Ronald Phinney, Bobby Pillow, Jack Wright, Tim Johnson. Bmketlmll Take! 3111 in 3-4A Plainview's Cagers wound up the season in the third place in District 3-AAAA losing their last game to The Palo Duro Dons, who took undefeated second place To the Borger Bulldogs, champs. The Bulldogs won lO and lost 4 in conference play. In the overall season, the boys played 3'l games, winning 23 and losing 8. Opponents Dimmitt ,,,,,,,,,, Levelland ,,,,, Seminole .. Hereford ,,.,,., Midland ,,,, Phillips ,,., . Levelland ,,,,, Clovis ......,..,. Hereford ,,..,,, Monterrey Borger ,,,,,,,,, ,,,, Tascosa .....,,,,v.,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,., Tom S Lubbock ..,. Amarillo ,,,,,,,,,,..,,.,, Pampa ,.,,,,,,, ,,,, Palo Duro c...... Monterrey Borger .v,,,v,,,.v 8 Tascosa .............. Tom S. Lubbock ,.,.. Amarillo ,,,,,,,,,,,.,, Pampa .....,...... Palo Duro ...... ws SCOREBOARD '60 6l 33 ,, .. 55 37 .. 49 51 55 44 50 68 60 35 55 56 68 A7 49 46 71 70 0 O :D 0 I rn P9 nu o 0' Q 5, 0. D! 2. 2 3 GJ x Z m E 3 nl :s .N "l K ..- F, 65 18 47 Bulldogs Bulldogs . ,,,, ,,,,,,, 7 O Bulldogs ,,,,, . .,.,.,. 67 Bulldogs ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 5 3 Bulldogs .. 83 Bulldogs ,, ,.,,,,, Al Bulldogs ,...,,, ,,,,,,, 6 0 Bulldogs ,W , 89 Bulldogs ,,,,,, , 59 Bulldogs ,,,, .,..... 5 7 Bulldogs ,,,,,,, ...,,,. 8 7 Bulldogs ,.,.,,, ,,,,,,, 4 3 Bulldogs .... ....... 3 5 Bulldogs ,,,,, ,, 52 Bulldogs ,, . W 62 Bulldogs , ....A .. 37 Bulldogs ,,,, ,,,,,,, 5 6 Bulldogs ,,.. ,,.,,.. 7 2 Bulldogs ,,,,,.s ,.,,,,,. 5 4 Bulldogs ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 5 5 Bulldogs .,,,,, ,,,,,,, 5 9 Bulldogs ,.,.,., ....... 5 5 Bulldogs ,,,,... 62 Bulldogs ,,,, .,..,,, 6 5 S .X --,X 0 i ,f bg. 1 :Bu Team Mana 991'-Arthur Hoffman 1oNNW T . eam Qfve junifif s Webb free r ADM 63 ide Bffer Win 1,- LARRY AKIN ffl " l Senior Guard sf- ,- N rl.. ov er Hafvester S. 5' Y, Varsity Dogr Place in Two Tozmzeyr PHS Bulldogs entered three tournaments this season and placed in two of these. They took the championship of their own Invitational tourney, by defeating Littlefield 80-26, Dumas 57-54, and Austin of El Paso 59-53, In the Howard Payne competition at Brown- wood they beat Carter Riverside of Ft. Worth 59-41 but were eliminated in the semi-finals by South San Antonio 69-64. In the last tournament at Abilene the boys whipped San Marcos 57-52, fell to Austin of El Paso 49-41, then rode over Sweetwater 68-52 to take third place in the tourney. This ended non-conference play and the boys settled down to a 14 game conference struggle. 2 wwf S . ,. -.1 n"J' mania LU6' -J 5.- sf' P-Qs., 1,4 - i-x v 1.3 24, tug' 00 x -f 1 7 NN ROW 1, left to right: Messer, Hancock, Calhoun, Carter. ROW 2: Coach Clindaniel, Newman, Ramsey, Reaves, Webb, Aday, Saul, Akn Barnett manager. Carter shoots against Harvesters Bzzlldogr Sweep Monterrey 57-68, 72-56 Coach Clindaniel's squad glided by the Mont- errey Plainsmen in both games of district battle. Opening district play against this team, the Bull- dogs were red hot as five boysAWebb, Ramsey, Messer, Akin, and Carter scored in double figures. Carter was the big surprise of the game as he tossed in 16 pts, hitting 7 of 9 field goal attempts. Playing the second game on home court, the 'dogs jumped to a 20-7 lead in the first quarter. Coach sent in the reserves who stayed in until 1:18 secs. before the final gun. Playing his first game of the season, Mike Craft shared high scoring honors with Larry Akin as each tallied 14 pts. Db Q Q ,lm 'si Sau era Flo" Rl , iiiviNlY CA Senior, Fomard 4 4 Toufl'1eY- ' Plainview bound 'fl l takes S V9 555' iii -51 FRYAR CALHOUN 5 ll Senior Guard Borger Chills Bzzlldogr 65-43 68-54 In the second game of district play the Borger Bulldogs chilled PHS 65-43, and later romped over the Bulldogs 68-54 in the second meet ing to stifle the PHS quintet's hopes of a district title. When the two teams met on January 8th in Bulldog Gym, the PHS squad stayed in the contest trailing only 5 pts. at half-time. In the 3rd and final period of play, PHS went cold and managed only six field goals, 3 in each quarter. The first two losses in district play for the PHSers came at the hands of Borger, who boasted a perfect record. On February 2nd, the final blow fell when the PHS team fell again to the Northern foes and lost all chance for a district title. A special bus and many fans travelled to Borger to support the cagers. Coach Clindaiel tried many combinations against the opponents but failed to find the winning one. Dogf Dowlz Tafcom Rebelf 35-18, 55-47 In two of the lowest scoring games of the season, the Bulldogs outwitted Tascosa's Rebels at their own "ball control" game and handed them two lossesg the tirst one in Plainview gym 35-185 and the second in Rebel territory 55-47. Attempting to keep the score low in the first contest, the Rebels stalled throughout the game. At half-time, the Bulldogs led only 3 points -15-12. Beginning in the third period, the Bulldogs led by Larry Akin widened the margin. Akin scored l2 of the last l4 Bulldog points and lO of them in the last period of play. In the second contest and paced by the 20 point shooting ot Bill Ramsey, the Bulldogs wrestled another victory from the Rebels. Ramsey ran wild against the Tascosa boys as he pushed through 8 of 10 field goal attempts then added tour free throws for his 20 points. Akin accounted tor l6 points as he enioyed a fine night also. The Plainview boys led at every turn as Coach Clindaniel emptied the bench against the Rebels. BRUCE HANCOCK 5,11 Senior, Guard I Nlesser 1 akes a Sho . t in P JOHNNY JU,,,o,l GUASSSER, 5,, ,,, Y Af- ,,.7. .. a mpa Same. ff' Aday and Swanner scramble for rebound. Sq 1., KELLEY NEWMAN' Senior, Forward -i' x X - i X . - , , - - - -I .ff - .V N, ., Bzzlldogf Slap Tom S. 52-47, 59-49 Taking both games from the Tom S. Westerners the PHS Bull- dogs stalled to a 52-47 win in the first meeting in Chapman Field House, then drove back in the last quarter of play to take the second game in Bulldog gym 59-49. The first contest was com- paratively easy as the locals led throughout the game. Webb paced the Bulldogs with i5 points while Ramsey and Akin each tallied ll. Leading 37-29, the PHS'ers played a stalling game in the last quarter. The second game, played in Plainview gave the local fans a bit of a scare as the Westerners kept creeping up and finally at the end of the 3rd period of play led 43-42. Seesawing until five minutes before the final gun sounded, the Bulldogs finally caught fire and surged ahead to keep the lead. Jackie Swanner dumped in 5, Carter and Messer tossed in 4 each to pace the final five minute drive to take the garne and retain their second place standing. Carter was high scorer with T6 followed by Messer with TO and Ramsey, Akin, and Webb each tallied 9. PHS Lickf Safzciief Twice 62-60, 55-46 Amariilo's Sandies, traditionally the greatest foe of PHS teams, took their second licking of the season from the Bulldogs when the teams met a second time Friday, February i2th in Bulldog Gym. In the first meeting, the game was a toss-up, but Plainview eked by with a two pointer in second over-time play. The second meeting between the teams saw the PHS quint display fine teamwork and superb ball hand- ling as PHS fans saw one of the best games played by the Bulldogs this season. ironically it was Dale Webb who basked in the spotlight in both games with the Amarillo Sandies this year. He tipped in the two pointer to win the first game, and again in the second battle Webb played his best game of the season, he was high scorer for the Dogs and turned in an outstanding performance on defense and rebounding. Meeting the first time in Amarillo on Jan. l9th, the Bulldogs were cold and trailed at half time by 8 points. They managed to tie the Sandies in the final quarter and stalled for a final shot-time ran out. In first overtime period, they went ahead but were tied again. Lady Luck rode with the Bulldogs as a Sandy got a chance for the win but missed, and Dale grabbed an opportunity to take the game. 1 f ao i i V kg 1 is 5. 5 . gif c .na i -. LESLIE REAvEs, 61211 Junior, Forward Webb takes 5 BILL RAMSEY, 6111, Senior, Guard lay"-U3 against Tascosa, Bzzllalogf Split Gfzmet Wfitla Pampfz 37-35, 72-61 For the first time in the history of their competition, PHS's Bull- dogs wrapped up a victory over the Pampa Harvesters in the first meeting of the two teams but were unable to break into another win on Feb. l6 when the squads faced each other in Pampa Field House. A slow moving, strategy-filled game in Bulldog Gym turned into one of the most thrilling contests of the year when the gun sounded on a 29-all tied game. Having led most of the game and carrying a 7 point lead at half time, the Bulldogs went icy in the last quarter and the opportunists from Pampa took their chance. ln a second overtime Dale Webb, for the second time in less than a week, took a rebound and laid in the winning two points. Journeying to Pampa the l6th ot February, the local boys went through a game of hot and cold shooting and came up on the short end of the score. Seesawing through the first two periods of play and flashing back in the last quarter, the Bulldogs let the Harvesters slip away, widening the lead to ll points. ln the 4th quarter, Pampa stalled out the clock, having complete ball control. Akin . fries a COl'ner sh ot ag-iff-,sf Harv ester 15 1 S E' -.1 W Qu Y ' 3 , . R f R le Throckmorton Coach Newman Swanner Nicholl Nicholson ROW l Ragland Ford Ferrell Taylor Nicholson Hoffman ROW 2 en ro ag Andi! Taylor tries a laY'UP a9a"'l5l Borger team' "B" TEAM SCOREBOARD Opponents Tom S. Lubbock Tascosa ........,,,,.,,,, Amarillo ,H ,,.,,,,. Dimmitt , 44 Bulldogs Levelland , , Sl Bulldogs Seminole ,, ,. ,, 50 Bulldogs Hereford ,,,,,,, ,,,,, 4 9 Bulldogs Levelland ,,,,, ,,,, 4 9 Bulldogs Clovis ,,,,,,,, ,,,. 5 7 Bulldogs Hereford ,,,,,,, .,,,. 5 7 Bulldogs Monterrey ,,,,,,, ,,,, 4 4 Bulldogs Borger ,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,,.. 4 8 Bulldogs 47 Bulldogs 46 Bulldogs 48 Bulldogs Bulldogs Pampa ,,,,,,,,, ,, 42 Bulldogs 50 Palo Duro ,,,,,,, 61 Bulldogs .,,,. 58 Monterrey ,,,, .... 6 2 Bulldogs ,.,,, 68 Borger .........,.,,,,,, ,,,,, 5 8 Bulldogs ..,.. Tascosa .,....,.,.,,,,..,, 49 Bulldogs ..., . 79 Tom S. Lubbock ,,,,, 49 Bulldogs .,,.. Amarillo ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,. 4 2 Bulldogs ,, ,, Pampa ........,..... ,,,. 4 3 Bulldogs ,,... Palo Duro ....,. ,,,, 5 8 Bulldogs ...,. 61 In addition to regularly matched games the "B" boys entered two tourneys, taking championship in the Hale Center affair and ranking third place in the Abernathy tourney. The team played 31 games during the sea' son, winning and losing for one of the best seasons in many years. 86 wt fl.. , 5 A s 4 F , 0 'I l ,,, K t fi , ll ' e- 1 ' 4 N I N L SCH EDU LE-l 960 February February February February February February March March March March March March March March April April April Left to r' hy, M . I9 Yrna Whitaker, JudY Wofford, Kay Perkins, Jane MCCIUVG Mfifilyn Rich, Mary Den Volleyball "AU Squad 8-Denver Ciiy4Tabolca 15-SnyderfTl'1ere T8-2OmDenver City Tourney 22-Snyder-Here 25-27-Big Spring Tourney 29-CanyonfTl'1ere 4-5-Lamesa Tourney 8+TuliafHere ll, 12-Ninth Annual Plainview 8-TuliafHere T8-Happy-There 22fPl1illips at Canyon 25ATuliaJll1ere 29-Seminole af Levellancl l-Happy-Here 5ADenver Cily a1Tahoka 9-District Tourney at West Texas Tourney MARY om SANDE Sanders, Shirley Hatfield RS,,C3plai0 '1 '11 Jane McCIure makes a fry af spiking. E , my, H-. 4. - A' I KAY PERKINS Junior, Ser-Up my QM? X , Y ...--W--D, MARY DELL SANDERS Senior, Set-Up 5 1 MARILYN RICH Junior, Spiker JUDY WOFFORD Junior, Ser-Up I in 3 I ,I I if MYRNA WHITAKER Senior, Ser-Up l Q, 4' i , Left to right: Donnie Graham, Jimmy Ferroii, B'ii Ramsey, Fryar Caihoum. .xg Golf Team Competes in District 3-4A In the spring, PHS fields a golf team which participates in interscholastic League play with the District 3-AAAA teams. They are coached by R. L. Clindariiel. Q -. A Ji D FRYAR CALHOUN Mfvw remegii ONNIE GRAHAM BM RAMSEY I 5 . nr J r.I wi Jim Rives tries a backha d n 1 Tennis . . . As deadline neared for final copy on the annual, the tennis team began practice in earnest, preparing for tourneys at Wichita Falls, Odessa, Midland, and Amarillo, and for the district contest, also to be held in Amarillo in April. ,J A ifaiesasewe. Coach James Fowler named ten members to the OHS David Ewan' Clem Sqwad. ROW l, left to right: Rives, Whitfield, Miller, Newton, Bryant. ROW 2: Self, Kimbrew, Coach Fowler, McQuien, Hunt, Q 4 1 L- 4 ' 0 .. - 3 1 4 n- ' N i 'w.:...9' .e ,s,.,,1-,.,.- V , i 2?!s it . 4. aw ings, 5 I , .7 , A... 1 x. I ,' . 51 YQ' B Y 40 ,' 'm ,' I 1 f' B ,L D w f' v jg Q94 A -ng Q ww,-0-'54-,C,,,,.....-4, vo- 'Ak ll Ll .. , .x ,Q tl ..4' 4 s . 0 vi, ,l.., ' V 1 . l - V 1 5 - n J' bg! , Q X, ' ' 's . . 1 ,.v" . 1 1 . l S' mn-f'5"':, f '- x 'i X: . Q 1 Q , , X l s-rvc. looks on as MarYlcl9l1 Wlmlmlfl oPPl'OMllL5 llc L Coach Fowler A4 loner wlmicr Nelda NlgGo1CUf rcwmllll ln ln lennls, rclurns SlO'-V O ' BOYS TEAM 'A-' f' , , . , M,-M'-:4',:d,::.r...,:....,.. M.- -.. ,, .: ww.r.r.,,,,, A I Ld-2' Senior Boys--David Bryant Junior Boys' Singles, Larry NlcBcc Boys' Doubles'-Ed Self and James GIRLS TEAM Rives, 5 Q Singles Nlarylclgl1WIwiTficld Doubles--Vicki Goyne and . ----- ....,,,,,. 5 Nelda McQolcn, f : s fl All 'Y I A nfl 5'-'Sp T' QM eg u rr an -,,Q.'s---Hi' 3 , .3 r-f.m.,.,,,,.,N hi DV Rclda H V P um, Gay Nowlon, Kay Miller, M, f' ' 3 mm, Larrv NlcBCc in anion. Ed self makes H 'C 93 Row it Walker, sim, Phillips, Phillips Camsle' R a,, fx OW 2' Lew ellen, BYl'Cl. Settle, Linvil Pop up HY caught bt' Phillips. Girls reiOiC9 le, McGuire, Hopkins' "lI741mZfz'.r lV01zde1'-Win5" Are Softball Champ! Beginning intramurals for girls, the soft- ball Tourney got under way, Monday Sept. 28th. Six teams representing each of the tour classes entered competition. ln the final game Wanda's Wonderwins," captained by Wanda Phillips edged by Kay Jacksons Jokers 7-6 to win the title. Winning pitcher was Janice Phillips. Games were played after school where approximately seventy girls voluntarily participated in the activity. . ' score brings ln Base fUn .Y-Q-ws. after the game. - Q- V3 Changing teams. A 43 lag -er Q, ll 1 'fm -I7 ' 'a L. , . ' . i A 5 , I. ' , A., , . i at -, E sw-.. "' + .4 ' . ' fi ' -Q" -1 il w. P t't'a'- ..i- ,Oi-H . . S- . ,, ,N Q-, Z.,-. , sv ...,,., . ., V.-, .-4 -, . . 1 7, -- K.-.V .Pairs- f'1'la-we-' -' 'ff-sf-iff: -f :fe-ee: -1-Pas-ia.-.+.i1s '- X WW- - A .-.,5 , -5 1 .. Q , Zhi? i- aww . , 1 I W Ago my Y' gy n lools5 O '-I! L Varnell carries ball' Hora 6 . Smith tries a 0 f .' .u k - if Pass to Brandesl . Oilffflwfi Smzzcla Flag Football Tozmzey Competing with three other class champions, the OUTLAVVS from second period P.E. class defeated the Nutt Crackers, then raided the Nloonshiners to latch on to the honors in flag football. Games were played at 7:50 in the mornings. The preliminary tourney held during FEE. classes in which all boys took part was a double round robin. ROW l: Reece, Bfandei Dykes, Hunt, Toliver, Smith, Jamlson' ' mise in r 'Z'- Qwvg Wai xwginit l ,f McAlexander. ROW 21 vamellf Taylor' Smith passes, Va, neil blocks' I' Y XS, 3 S, N -so 2533 lk .Av- g . i-'35 r ' af ' J l l mr' l ' 1 " .ps 'x , 1 5, , l ,Li . 1 xv" 'H - , l V, - '4 I! Deane Czzlffx "G11lper5" Conquer Volleyball Title Deene Culp's "Gulpers" came and conquered the intramural volleyball title in the tournament staged in PHS Gym, February llth. ln the final match, the winners lost the first game l5-O to ".luan's Wunders" but came roaring back to sack up the next two I5-12, I5-3 to take the match and the tourney. The "Gulpers" lashed Mallow's "Meshers" in the first round to advance to the finals. 5'-2' ,.,, l ' . l , l-Z RP, I l 1 L i A ' 3 t 'l Q", ,V fl x l fig xx t ill li ' l . Left to right: MurPhYf Culp, Herr, Reed, MCHVOY, F"aZ'e"f Hefff G amz isflf-T" -, Kam .9 , A ,, A "R , Diane Herr hits a volley. 98 ' ef ""' i -' . I 2 all 'Q A . Back- Janlce Phllllps labs me ligrdllevashing- Qround-Practice teacher - lOl'!. an-2 'Hn it QE: In P' i Doubles' Champs: Sarah Mcllroy, Norma Frazier. Donna Bryam-.5' ie M cllroy, Frazier, B 71151711 Take Bfzdnzizztozz Honors With 169 entries in singles and doubles, Girls' Phys. Ed. Depart. staged one of the largest tournaments since Badminton was added to the lntramural program. After determining the class champions in each division, finalists met October 18, 1959, for a single elimination tourney. Donna Bryant, sophomore, proved her skill and was named singles' champ. Double winners were Mcllroy and Norma Frazier, from fifth period class. Eula Settles tries 6 Polnl' Sarah 'V19 S Champ Linville looks for 6? Two courts of Y singles. 'LQAVJYE smash. 1 ,"' Fsffi.. , . N 59' 1 . Q15-4""'f 1105? ' Yv ff 3 . L- I 1 .1 3 in-n-,,,..-r f 1 -' ,ff , J ' I ,K fi 1 ' 'ts if SIA? 1 ' 1 If - 4 4 lk l. - 3 W X i wif! ll 5 1 .ix gr r m. ...uf ROW I, left to r'ght' F - . Clark, Weaver, Broxlvrhi www' Perkins' Dallyf BBVIGY, Mull. Track . . . Participating in the track season, Coach Bryan's Cindermen will enter each of the fields as Track events begin shortly after the first of March. At deadline date, schedule tor the team was in- complete. Left yo , ight: W- - 41.15 llllsl Clark' B5YleY, Brown Dal ' ' Y, Mull, ii' X f"""--.,.., 1' Q91 5 .1 I X l. X N 5 V '- ll F 'K I A-4: ROW 2: Willis, Terrell, 5 fs --Q- , .X V 1 J . "ff "ff ,il A , - - , . p X ' in - . ...RQ . . Qc in F M W' i, ,,-1' L th f La me letterms-r, my Pefkins B returning fofl Uster Terrell V ast 5 665011, any Weaver I0l 1 I 1 'Ui -l i wg, V 4.-- -f-1 -o--"""""'-'TX 7-"" Y Q' it ia! c 'Te ,. sitio i I Xb Q A tr T ' 1' r P411 ,, 5 .li ug! N "Nfl i J, i -ki " fin si Coach Miller McGaheYf Co-CaPtainS1 Don Jones' Leslie Reeves' Baseball Practice for the baseball season got under- way Monday, February l, when thirty-five diamond enthusiasts reported to Coach Miller McGahey at Jaycee Park. At deadline date, the team had a full schedule of six non-conference tilts and four- teen district contests. Only senior in the line- up this season is Don Jones, who has played three seasons for the Bulldogs. BULLDOGS' SCHEDULE March 4fBig Spring There March l l-Clovis Here March I8-Hereford Here March T9-Clovis There March 22-Big Spring There March 25-Hereford There APRIL APRIL Pampa, Here Borger, There Monterrey, Here Palo Duro, There Amarillo, There -Tascosa, Here Pampa, Here H J 5, Hooper' Ritter, . 1 , L ' , Row 21 Nicholson, Crowe , one Left to flghff ROW lf Ragle' Keelonf Wmlers' Jones' Reyes' Tay Ol , Fer uson, Hud9ins, Barnett, Clark. berry, Phelps, wright. Row az MaGaneYr Bfvaftff HO"'Sf Demo" ' Om 9 s g Borger, Here Lubbock, There Palo Duro, Here Amarillo, Here Monterrey, There Tascosa, There l ,- 1 I li pl . ul as 'l ll , ffl, ---. --"' ur ,, 1 i f V jx?-Q ' f X P U xx ' 11 . "' ' te r -, :fl fa N 5- V' '-:E-ix, . - , x 4 V' 37 gl, 3 5-wie x ..!. Ragland Quiseft if if x . 9 K f inf- - - ' ,, I . Qi. ,Q A Pitcher warming up in practice: Ritter, Winter, Jones, Quisenberry, Nichoisori. r. i L, .L- ...F .-.., " vi 5429. . .. .-... WI, i 'J F Levms , .B ant, Reeves, ' Left to right: Basemert discuss L to 2. YY nur r ba-u0"-oA'f'--f ' mx, P 'NY' f U QM if 4-0.- ,.t Q ! g , vi '.,1f:Le- vv, 1 Captain Reaves at bat' Andy Taylor catches, Keeton slides into third as Lewis guards ba A Keetort, 5002 S 5593 S8 C asses 'Sun set and evening star and one clear call for me" best describes classes and the need for education, for educa- tion the guest for knowledge and understanding is the one clear call for youth, It is the secret which opens the doors to the future and what lingers on horizons facing youth of today. In our classes, we associate with fellow students, browse through our textbooks, but seldom ever apply our- selves fully, nevertheless, through the diligence of our teachers, we somehow manage to absorb valuable lessons of life, and we learn that habits formed and ideas conceived in early life re- main with us for many years to come. Through these classes, we learn math, come to know basic principles in science, and we become familiar with the foundations of English, Perhaps, more important, we realize the value of an education. Through the medium of the classroom, our knowledge is broad- ened, and with this comes understand- ing. These experiences make us more able to face and cope with the problems life often passes out in numbers. With the hope that education gives us, our horizons become brighter, the "one clear call" increases in volume, and we leave Plainview High better for having been here. l05 Seniors President ---..-.... ..... .. ............... - ...... JAMES RIVES vias-president - ...... - ..... - ............. DALE wean Secretary ,,,,,,,-,,, ,,,,.,........ P ATSY NEIL Treggurgf -,---,,, ,,,,,, H ENRIETTE MOORE Repgrfef -.,-,,---,,,-,,,,-,,-AL,,..,-,,,,,,,,,,, true. When September 2nd rolled around, we took our place at the top of the HS I l . I I P Traditionally Seniors have set the examples, observed the traditions, and With mixed emotions we sauntered down the halls, and occasionally we OUT onation our last football game as bonafide members of the PHS will lf f Ihere were many of these "lasts"-sometimes they were happy occa- We ordered our invitations, received our rings, enioyed the ded by miiterms and finally came to the last mile, the last semester. se ' 4, , the Senior play, the Jr.-Senior Prom and then GRADUA- never ain gather in full numbers-207,'but the class will live and in se memories this will be the best class everl ' J LARRY AKIN Varsity basketball '58-'60, Baseball '58-'59g "B" Football '57-'58, Lettermen '58-'60g NJHS '57-'58g FTA Parliamentarian '60g Hi-Y '57-'60 CAROLE ALEXANDER Band '56-'58g Bandettes '56-'58g Spanish Club '57- '59g JNHS '58f NHS '58-'60g Latin Club '60, Student Council CHonoraryD '60, IQ H9 fd JANE AYLESWORTH FTA '56-575 JNHS '58g Girls' Choir '58g A Cappella Choir '59g FBLA '6Op Tri-Hi-Y '60 VIRGINIA BAEZ Spanish Club '59-'6O5 Intramural Baseball '59, '60 CAROL ANN AMES Senior Transfer from Idaloug Future Homemakers '60, Tri-Hi-Y '60, DE '60 MARIE ANDERSON Speech Club '56-'57, Tri-Hi-Y '56-'60g Future Teach- ers '56-'6Og Student Council '6Og Historian-FTA '60, Largest Senior Class JUDY ATKINS Safety Council '58, Speech Club '58-'59, Fresh- man Class Secretary '57g Junior Favorite Runner-Up '59, Tri-Hi-Y '56-'60, JNHS '58g FTA '56-'60, Treas- urer ot Thespians '60, Historian Tri-Hi-Y '58g Cheer- leader '58-'60, PHS QUEEN '59-'60. GARY DON AUTRY Future Farmers of America '56-'60 ,-I1 ALLEN BEARD DE Club '60, FREDDY BELL Football '56, FFA '56-'60, Junior National Honor '57 HENRY BENZON Football Manager "B" '58, Latin Club '57-'60, Spanish Club '60, JERRY BLACKERBY Safety Council '56, Football '57-'60, Letterman Club '60, JOE BAKER Spanish Club '56-'58, Junior National Honor '59, DE Club '58, Proiector Club '60, President of DE Club '60. MIKE BARNETT Football Manager "B" '57, FFA '56-'58, Basketball Manager "A" '60, Lone Star Farmer '60, State Contenders of Soil Judging Team '58, Seniors . . . Zed b Vt fi . ww rf' W at 'ff' -X, 'T KAY BLAIR Tri-Hi-Y '56-'60, Tri-Hi-Y Reporter, Veep, '56, '57, '60, Plainsman Assistant Editor '59, Plainsman Editor '60, Student Council '56, Junior National Honor '58, National Honor '59-'60, FTA '56-'60. MARSH BOTTS Band '56-'60, Bandettes '56-'60, FHA '56-'60, FTA '59-'60, Spanish Club '58-'6O. JAMES BRANDES FFA, Hi-Y '59-'60, FTA '594'6O, Slide Rule '59-'60, Intramural Football '59-'60. SUZAN BROWN FTA '56-'58, Student Council '56-'59, Reporter tor Freshman Class, Tri-Hi-Y '59-'60, FBLA '58-'60, fer y Frye LINDA CANTRELL FHA '57, JNHS '58, NHS '59-'60, FBLA '60. KAY CARGILL Band '58, Bandettes '58, Tri-Hi-Y '58-'59, JNHS '59, Band Librarian '6O. GAY BRYANT Secretary ot Sophomore Tri-Hi-Y, JNHS '58, FTA '56-'60, FTA Secretary '59-'60, NHS '58-'60, NHS Reporter '59-'60, St. C. '58-'59, MABLE C de BACA FTA '56-'60, FHA President '58-'59, Bandettes Sec- retary '59-'60, Band, Maiorette '58-'60, FFA Sweet- heart '59, Thespian Program Chairman '60, Princess ot PHS '60, Tri-Hi-Y. FRYAR CALHOUN Varsity Basketball '58-'60, Varsity Golf '58-'60, St. C. '56-'60, Treasurer '59-'60, Latin Club '57-'60, President '60, NHS '59-'60, Veep '60, Hi-Y '56- '60, Letterman Club '58-'60, Bow-Wow MC '58, AMELIA CANALES FHA '58, Spanish Club '59, Intramural Baseball '59, Spanish '60, FHA '60, Intramural Baseball and Basketball '60, BRUCE CLINE DAHL CLOWER Band '57, "B" Basketball '58, Hi-Y '6O. DON COLEMAN Football '57-'60, Lettermans Club '58-'60, Hi-Y '6O. SUE COOPER Girls Choir '57-'59, Junior National Honor '57-'58, National Honor '59-'60, FBLA '59-'60, Tri-Hi-Y '6O. JIMMY CARTER Football '57-'60, Basketball '57-'60, Junior National Honor '57, Latin Club '58, FTA '58-'60, Runner-up for Favorite '58, Track '59-'60, Vice-president, Presi- dent of Hi-Y '59-'60, Class Favorite, President '59, Student Council '59-'60, Vice-president ot Letter- mans Club '6O. JERRY CHAPMAN S6lli0I'S . . . break fer Hifi-Q., "3 JAN COPELAND A Capella Choir '57-'59, FTA '57, Tri-Hi-Y '57, '58, '60, FBLA '59-'60, Junior National Honor '57-'58, National Honor '59-'60, FHA '57. GWENDA COVEY Latin Club '58-'60, Bandettes '58-'60, Band '58- '6O, Student Council '58, Junior National Honor '59, FTA '60, MIKE CRAFT Basketball '57-'60, Hi-Y '56-'60, Football '56-'58, Safety Council '56, Track '59-'60, FTA '58-'59, SUE CRANE FHA '59, Girls' Choir '59-'60, Tri-Hi-Y '58-'60, JNHS '58, Student Council '6O. with Large Coronation lv' wx 'Q -fi" TED DAWS Future Farmers '56-'60, Sentinel, '59, Vice-president '60, Slide Rule Club. DAVID DENTON 141 SUSAN CROSS Annual Staff Editor '60, Annual Staff '56-'60, St. C. '57-'59, Secretary '59, FTA '56-'60, Secretary '59, President '60, Tri-Hi-Y '56-'60, FHA '59-'60, JNHS '57, Freshman Favorite, Plainsman Staff '60, BSQPW Girl of the Month, October '59, DEENE CULP DON CUMMINGS Football '56-'60, Varsity, '58-'60, FTA '57-'60, Let- terman '57-'60, Vice-president Junior Class, St. Council '59-'60, JNHS '56, KAY DANIELS Tri-Hi-Y '58, Future Teachers '59, Intramural Base- ball, Volleyball '59, DE Club '6O. fl .-'Q LOU ANN DlXON Girls' Choir '57g A Cappella Choir '58, Veep of Future Nurses '57g Fl-lAg FTAg FBLAg JNI-lSg NHS. JO ANN DOTSON FTA '57g FBLA '58g Banclg Treasurer of Bandeftes '6OgCl1oir'57. A S ' SGIIIOPS . . . know DONNA DUCKETT . l FTA '58, JNI-is '58, NHS '59-'60, A Cappella Chair , ' "0 '58-'6Og Librarian '60, FBLA '6O. Q LYNN DUNCAN - -'Q ' - - F X FFA '57-'6O. A ' 'S' MARTHA DVVYER Intramural Baseball '59g DE '6O. CHARLES EDMISTON Bandg Crescendo Clulog Slide Rule '60, Hi-Y '59, Al AL -'rj 'V ROBERT EDWARDS DE '59-'60, Projection Club '59-'6Og Orcheslra '57- '60 CURTIS ELLIFF A Cappella Choir '57-'60, DE Club '59-'6Og FBLA '58-'6Og Freshman Choir '57. THOMAS ELLIFF A Cappella Choir '57-'60, President of A Cappella '60, DE '60, Hi-Y '60. BILL ELLIOTT Band '57-'60, Spanish Club '57, Crescendo Club '57-'60, Veep of Senior Class '60, Hi-Y '59. they mm! prepare for college . . aug, NORMA FRAZIER Intramural Baseball, Volleyball, and Badminton Champion '57, '59, '60. JERRY FRYE Tennis '57-'58, FTA '57-'60, Student Council '57- '60, President of JNHS '58, Runner-up for Favorite '58, President Senior Class '60, Hi-Y '60. LINDA ELLIS FTA 56 57 Volleyball 56 58 FBLA 59 60 MARSHA ENGLAND Tri HIY 57 60 Treasurer of Sopb Tri HIY 60 FTA 57 60 Student Council 59 FBLA 60 Safety Council 59 JNHS 59 SHIRLEY FORD Tri-Hi-Y '57-'60, President of Tri-Hi-Y '58, Secre- tary '60, Reporter Student Council '60, Class Ot- ticer '60, FHA '60, JNHS '59. CAROLYN FOSTER JNHS '58, FTA '57-'60, Intramural Sports '58-'60. K-1 MONA BETH GARNETT FHA '57, Tri-Hi-Y '58, Secretary of FNA '58, Girls' Choir '58, JNHS '58, A Cappella Choir '59, NHS '59-'6O. NORMA GARRETT FHA '57, FTA '58, Volleyball '58-'59, FBLA '58-'60, MARIHELEN GARRISON Girls' Choir '57-'58, A Cappella Choir '59, Tri-Hi- Y '58-'60, FHA '57-'60, FBLA '59-'60, FTA '60 Cheerleader '6O. PATTY GLANTZ Spanish Club '59, FTA '60, Tri-Hi-Y '6O. JIMMY FRYE Hi-Y '56-'59, FTA '56-'57, FFA '56, DE '57, FBLA ANN GARDNER FTA '57-'60, FHA '58-'60, JNHS '58, NHS '58, FBLA '59, Secretary-Treasurer of FBLA '6O. led by . . . Seniors the LINDA GOODWIN Veep of Class '57, Class Favorire '58, JNHS '58, Safety Council '57-'58, Student Council '57-'59, Tri-Hi-Y '57-'60, FTA '57-'60, Cheerleader '6O. DICK GOSDIN FBLA '57-'58, Slide Rule Club '57, Hi-Y '57-'59, Thespians '6O. ROY GREGG Hi-Y '57g FFA '58, FBLA '6O. I TED HANCOCK FFA '57-'6O. Council held tea for teacher! . . JACK HERZIK Transfer student from San Marcos, Band '6O. WAYNE HOLLAND S anish Club '57- JNHS '58- Student Council '60 p I r f Safety Council '57-'58g Projection Club '59-'6Og FBLA '6Og Band '57-'6O. mg BUDDY HARMEL Football '57g FFA '57-'6O. LINDA HARRIS FTA '57, Tri-Hi-Y '57g FBLA '59g Library Club '60, MARY CHRIS HAYES FHA '57-'58, FTA '58g NHS '59-'6Og Treasurer of NHS '6Og FBLA '59-'6Og Veep of FBLA '6Og Student Council '6O. MARVlN HENRY Football '58-'6Og FFA '57g Letterman's Club '6O. SHIRLEY HOLSAPPLE Tri-Hi-Y '58-'59, Speech Club '59, FTA '58, Band '58-'60, Librarian '60, JNHS '59, Banclettes '58- '6O. BENNIE HOOD Band '57-'60, Crescendo Club, Proiection Club. JOIE HOOKS BARBARA HUDGINS FHA '57, Student Council '57, JNHS '58, NHS '59- '6O, FBLA '60, YVONNE HOLLAND FHA '57, JNHS '58, NHS '59-'60, FBLA '59-'6O. BARBARA HOLMES Library Club '57, FHA '57-'58, Festival Cboir '58, Girls' Choir '59, A Cappella Choir '6O. Seniors . . . enjo FRANK HUDGINS FFA '57. KAY HUFF JNHS '58, NHS '59-'60, Band '57-'60, Treasurer '58, Veep '59, of Bandettes, FTA '59, Speech Club '59. .46 x 1 Yx fag Qi f. X to KAREN HUMPHREYS nf' 'iff FHA '58-'59g Thespian Society '60, FBLA '6Og Tri- '-Y '6o- FNA '58, , H1 , X My! , 5 Q DALE HYDE 'C . . DE '59-'60. W V J 'I ft ,W .. A 4 , Il being "the leaderff' lc 1-Q JOHNNY JAMES Football '56-'57g FFA '57-'59g A Cappella '6Og DE '60 BECKY JAMESON Transfer from Amarillo. DAVID JACKSON KAY JACKSON SCOTTIE JACKSON Hi-Y '60, Thespian Society '59-'60, Veep of Thes- pians '6Og DE '59, Speech Club '59g A Cappella '58g Orchestra, FTA. RICHARD JACOBS DE '60. A-'fs 'Q ARNOLD LEE JONES BARBARA JONES FHAg FBLAg Volleyball. DON JONES JNHS '57-'58, NHS '59-'60, Baseball. MARVIN JUDAH Bandf Crescendo Clubg Slide Rule Clubg Projector Club, Stage Band. ,Q , fv- FREDDY JAMISON Band '57-'6Og Crescendo Club '58-'6Og Stage Band '6Og Track. SAMMY JOHNSON JNHS '57-'58g NHS '59-'6Og Studenr Council '57- '6OgSafe1y Council '57, Seniors . . . exlzfefieme lc 'F MARY ANN JURCAK Spanish Club '59-'60, JNHS '58, NHS '59-'60, Slide Rule Club '6Of Artist '58-'59, Business Manager '60, of the PLAIN VIEW. JACK KEELS MERLYN KIMBELL A Cappella Choir, FTA, Student Council. BARNEY KlNG "B" Foolball '57 '58 FTA '57 '58 S eech Club '59, ' I ' I p Hi-Y '60, A Cappella Choir '57-'6O. thrills from Athletic' Cozzteytf . . . a ADA LEVI Spanish Club '58. MARILYN LINVILLE FHA '57. DRUCILLA KING FHA '57-'60, FTA. GLORIA LAMB Transfer from Dallas. MACK LANE WANDA LAWRENCE Band '58, Secretary, Bandettes '57, '58, '60, FTA '57-'60, JNHS '58, NHS '6O. JEAN LUSK FHA '57, FTA '57-'58, Girls' Choir '58, A Cappella Choir '59, FBLA '59-'60, Tri-Hi-Y '57, '58, '6O. BOB MCCONNELL "B" Football '59, DE Club '6O. DARLA SUE MCELROY Tri-Hi-Y '57, FTA '57, JNHS '58, FBLA '58-'60 NHS '59-'60, Girls' Choir '60, A Cappella '58-'60 Student Council '57-'6O. GAYLENE MALLOW iff , ,av ' 8.1 KARA SUE LONG Transfer student from Canton, Oklahoma, Intra- mural Basketball '58-'59-'6O. CHRIS LONGNECKER "B" Football '58-'59, Seniors . . . 16,14 happy ,as If 155 ,tu 'ss TERRY SUE MALLOW Student Council '57, Latin Club '57, Safety Council '57-'58, Speech Club '59, Student Director of Jun- ior Play, Thespian Society '60, FBLA '60, Tri-Hi-Y '57-'60, FTA '57-'6O. MILTON MANGUM Library Club '57-'58, A Cappella Choir '57-'60, Thespian Society '57-'60, FBLA '57-'6O. JIMMY MASTEN Band '57-'60, Stage Band '58-'60, Crescendo Club '58-'60, Slide Rule Club '59, Projection Club '60, FTA '60, Hi-Y '60. DAVID MAXWELL Hi-Y, FBLA, FTA, "B" Football. carefree livef ..., iomezimei If BURL MOON Safety Council '57, Stage Band '58-'59, Band '57- '6O, Crescendo Club '57-'60, Hi-Y '60, FTA '60- Proiection Club '60. HENRIETTE MOORE FHA '57, Spanish NHS '58-'59, Spanish Club '58- '59, Tennis '59, Class Treasurer '60, Student Coun- CII '60, FTA '57, '60, Tri-Hi-Y '57-'60. 1 f i .xx 1.':f,r DEANNE MELTON Safety Council '57, FBLA '57, FHA '57-'60, FTA '58-'59, Tri-Hi-Y '57-'60, FFA Sweetheart '60. KAY MILLER FTA '57-'58, FBLA '59-'60, Tennis '57-'60, Tri-Hi- Y '57, '58, '60, JNHS '58, PAT MITCHELL Spanish NHS '58, JNHS '58, Library Club '60, Vol- leyball '57-'60. VI MONTGOMERY Choir '57, Library Club '57-'60, Tri-Hi-Y '59-'60, FHA '57, '59, '60. ,?"' GENE MULL FHA '57. FRANK MULLINGS Football '58-'60g Track '57-595 Hi-Y '59-'60, Pro- jection Club '58-'59g FTA '60. CAROL JEAN MURRY SHIRLEY NEIGHBORS Junior Favorite '59- Class Treasurer '58-'59- S an 1 1 p ' ish Club Queeng Reporter JNHSQ Tri-Hi-Y 157-'6Og Tennis '58-'59, Spanish Club '58g Safety Council '58g FTA '59-'60, Cheerleader '6O. SAMMY MOORE Spanish Club '57-'58g FFA '58-'59, BILLY MOTT DE '59-'60, Proiection Club '60. S6I1i0I'S . . . become 41" PATSY JO NEIL Spanish NHS 59 Tennis 59 President of Spanish Club 59 TrlHlY 57 60 FTA 57 60 FHA 57 FBLA 60 Student Council 57 59 60 Class Secretary 58- 60g.JNHS 585 Runner-up tor Class Favorite '58. JANE NELSON FTA '57-'6Og JNHS '58g Tri-Hi-Y '57-'60, Parliamen- tarian '6Og Student Council '57, '60, Chaplain '60. KELLY NEWMAN Basketball '57-'6Og Spanish Club '57-'59g JNHS '58, Hi-Y '59, A Cappella chair '59-'60, DON NOEL romriour of rzppeamzzce . . BRUCE PERRY Band '57-'60, President '6Og President of Cre- scendo Club '6Og JNHS '58, NHS '59-'6O. JUANAN PERRY FTA '57, Tri-Hi-Y '57-'60, Girls' Choir '57, A Cap- pella '57-'6Og President of FBLA '59-'6O. If DAVlD OATES Band '57-'6Og Crescendo '59-'6Og Slide Rule Club '60, JOY OFFIELD FFA '57-'6Og Sentinel of FFA '6O. SHARON PAINTER FHA '57-'60, Treasurer '58, Parliamentarian '6Og FBLA '59-'6Og Tri-Hi-Y '59-'6Og FTA. LARRY PERKINS JNHS '58g Track '58-'6Og Spanish Club '59-'60 Q JANICE PHILLIPS FHA '57-'59g FTA '57-'6Og Freshman Choir, Girls' Choir '57-'58g JNHS '57g Spanish Club '59g NHS '59g A Cappella Choir '59-'6Og All-State Choir. RONALD PHINNY Football '57, Hi-Y '57-'6Og Football Manager '58- '6Og Letterrnan's Club '57-'6Og Secretary of Letter- rnan's '59, Parliarnentarian '6Og Track Manager '58-'6O. BOBBY PILLOW "B" Football Manager '58g Varsity Football Man ager '59-'60, FFA '57-'58, Hi-Y '59-'6Og Letter man's Club '59-'60, Secretary-Treasurer '6O. ANITA POOL FNA '57g FHA '58g JNHS '57g Girls' Choir '58g Li brary Club '59, FTA '6O. 'A 5: 1 fir KARON PETERSON Volleyball '57-'59g FTA '57-'59g Tri-Hi-Y '58g FBLA '59-'60, PAT PETTIJOHN FHA '57-'6Og FTA '57-'6O. Seniors . . . would EVERET POSEY NANCY RAE Reporter of Soph. Classy Tri-Hi-Y '58-'6Og FTA '58- '60, Cheerleader '6Og Student Council '59-'6O. BlLL RAMSEY "B" Basketball '57-'58g Varsity Basketball '59-'60, Hi-Y '58-'6Og FTA '58-'59g Letterrnan's Club '59- '6Og Treasurer of Junior Class, Runner-up for Jun- ior Favoriteg Student Council '57-'59 CAROLYN RANKIN FTA '6Og FHA '59. e forgiven-fonzetinzef . . Ll LLNDA ROSS FHA '57g JNHS '585 FNA '5Bg FTA '58g FBLA '60, LINDA SANDERS TOMMY REED JIM RIVES Tennis '59-'6Og Basketball '57g Student Council 60 DONNIE ROBERTSON ANN ROBINSON Freshman Favorite Runner-upg Treasurer Tru HIY '57, Spanish Clubg Spanish Club Queen JNHS NHSg FTAg FHA. -Q 1' 'S SANDY SAWYER A Cappella Choir '58-'60, Girls' Choir '58, FTA '57, FBLA '59-'60, JNHS '58, Tri-Hi-Y '59, NHS '59-'6O. PEGGY SCHLECTE Band '57-'60, Maiorette '60, Bandette '57-'60, President '60, Spanish Club Treasurer '59, JNHS '58, NHS '59-'60, Spanish NHS, FTA '57, Junior Play '59. DONNA SELLS LOIS SHANNON FHA '57-'58, Secretary of FHA '57, FTA '57-'60, FBLA Secretary '59, NHS '59-'60, JNHS '58. MARY DELL SANDERS Tri-Hi-Y '57, FTA '57-'58, Safety Council '58, JNHS '58, FBLA '59-'60, Volleyball '57-'60, CHARLIE SAUL FFA '57-'58, Hi-Y '59-'60, Veep '60, JNHS '58, Treasurer '58, NHS '59-'60, ,President '60, Stu- dent Council '57-'60, Veep '60, Basketball '57-'60, FTA '60, Le-tterman's Club '59-'6O. Seniors . . . are 4 JIM SHARP JOE SHERMAN A Cappella Choir '59-'60, Student Director '59, Hi-Y, Football "B", Basketball '57, Sports Photog- rapher, Spanish Club. LARRY SIKES Projector Club '57, DE Club '59. ROY SIMMONS Hi-Y '6Og Freshman Basketball, Speech Club '59g DE '59. meamred by Achievement Tarty . . I J. BASSETT SMITH JAN STAPLETON Student Council '57, Spanish Club '57g FTA '56g C Tri-Hi-Y '56, '60. CLARK SINCLAIR FTA '58g JNHS '58g NHS '59-'6Og Tennis Team '60 Table Tennis Intramurals '59. EDDIE SLAUGHTER DE '60. JAMES SLAWSON DE Club '60. BARBARA SMITH Bandettes '56-'60, Latin Club '57-'6Og JNHS '57 Tri-Hi-Y '56, NHS '60. 'ii rv JIMMY STEPHENSON Football '56g Safety Council '56, FFA '57, '60. JIM SWAYZE NHS '59-'60g Hi-Y '58-'6Og Latin Club '56-'6Og Bas- ketball '57g Student Council '60. BUSTER TERRELL Hi-Y '59-'60g FFA '56g Spanish Club '59. JUDY TERRY Bandettes '56g Tri-Hi-Y '56-'60, President of Tri- Hi-Y '60g Student Council '57-'60, Secretary '60g FTA '57-'60, Veep of FTA '60, Spanish Club '59- '60g Thespian '59-'60, FHA, Speech Club '59. if MAX STAPLETON FFA '56-'58g Hi-Y Secretary '60. JOHNNIE STEEN Seniors . . . fm Q P. T. TOLIVER FFA '56-'58g Hi-Y '56. MIKE TINNEY Transfer Student as Juniorg Hi-Y '60g DE '60. JOHNNY VARNELL Baseball '57-'58g Football '58-'59g Intramural Foot- ball '59g Projection Club '58-'60, Band '57-'6O. OVIS VESTAL Slide Rule Club '58-'59g Crescendo Club '58-'6Og Band '57-'60, Proiector Club '59-'60, FTA '59-'60, Hi-Y '59-'6O. Honor Cowie! challenging . . K! ll K-1 A f" 4 n-- 4 . KK ,M W : . If g I X , Q. ll - 1-4, -.1 JERRI WALKER Tri-Hi-Y '59-'60, Intramural Basketball, Baseball, and Volleyball. LARRY WALKER FFA '57g Band '57-'58g DE Club '58-'59g Proiector Club '59g Crescendo Club '57-'58. "',, GLENDA VIRDEN FTA '57-'59g FBLA '59-'6Og A Cappella Choir 60 Safety Council '58g Intramural Teams 57 60 FFA LOUIS WADDELL Band '57-'59. BUDDY WALKER '57-'6Og FBLA '58 J. B. WALKER it 01' 0 1T""flP RICHARD WATSON Spanish Club '58, Slide Rule Club '60, LARRY WEAVER Track, Letterrnan's Club. DALE WEBB "B" Football '57, Basketball '57-'60, A Cappella Choir '58-'60, Track '59, Student Council '60, Most Friendly '6O. LANNY WEBB Hi-Y '57, Crescendo Club '57-'58, .FTA '59, DE Club '6O. fi Q JACKIE WARREN FHA '57, FTA '57, '60, JNHS '58, Spanish Club '58-'59, Safety Council '58, NHS '59-'60, Tri-Hi-Y '57-'6O. VERNA WATKINS Transfer Student tronn Matador, Texas. Seniors . . . yefim .QQ -13 NANCY WEBB Tri-Hi-Y '57-'58, Girls' Choir '58, Student Director of Junior Play '59, Speech Club '59, FTA '58-'60, Thespian Club '6O. EDNA WHITAKER FHA '57, Intramural Sports '57-'6O. MYRNA WHITAKEI2 FTA '57g .INHS '58g NHS '59g FBLA '6Og Volleyball '57-'6Og Student Council '59. MARLENE WHITFIELD FHA '57g JNHS '58g Library Club '57-'59, Reporter '58, President '59g NHS '59-'6Og FBLA '6O. or Graduation Day . . ir' GLORIA WOODARD FBLA '59-'60, Latin Club '58g Intramural Volleyball and Basketball '57. VIC YARBROUGH Student Council '57-'60, President '60, JNHS '57, Freshman Favorite, Freshman and Sophomore Presidentg "A" Football '58-'60, Captain '6Og Track '58-'59, Letterman's Club '58-'60, Presidentg Hi-Y '57-'59, is .2-'-5. ARTHUR WILLIAMS Annual Staff '59g Thespian Society '6Og DE '60, TIMMY WILLIAMS Band '57-'60, Crescendo Club, Treasurer '6Og Slide Rule Club '58-'59, Veep ot Band. DELROY WILLIAMSON Proiector Club '57g DE Club '6O. ELENOR WILLIAMSON FHA '57g FTA '57-'6Og Tri-Hi-Y '58-'6Og FBLA '59- '6O. Alb IQ Q5 HJ I32 83 x ff --:sf Q L- is 1 ef .3 M Q , 1 N, g.,1 is' Ag I v ,5,x "v if -,M Y. "V Xa. r "' m 'yu Q M.. ntl? ui' K "9 J. ff. ng. xx . -s ' fn . Q ! iz ii Q fn O x- 5- tiff if ffffgj' Q an ,v-'-P ...qty 'iff 'K T 3, 1 .Kg af 4 ffixg 1? x. ,H x ,iii .5 F A ' f Q! . 1- f- -F1 - ,. ,E 2 '.-5 VLH A fs' 'Vg , is. .Ly 1, ,MRF A M 'W " " if ' fig P X , rii1-is Y ff' in A UNIOR President . MIKE MCCLUNG Vice-president DAVID HEGI Secretary ,,,, . NELDA MCQUIEN Reporter . SUANNA REED Treasurer .. . . ,,,77,, . SUSAN WEBBER The horizon brightened, and we entered in September as dignified. Surviving two years as underclassmen - first as lowly Freshmen, then as "lowIy" Sophomores, we progressed to the omniscient complacence of our Junior year. Finally we were upperclassmen and felt like old timers in the familiar halls of PHS. At last, a milestone has been passed on the road to achievement. Classes and studies again represented a common problem . . . We elected our officers and sought to support them in all their efforts to uphold traditions of our school. Working dili- gently, we felt the satisfaction when our Junior plays became a reality . . . Then interest turned to the Jr.-Sr. Ban- quet, and our undertakings were crowned with success. This climaxed a year which is now a fond memory, and today we face the best of all - our Senior year! fm Q K ..'B 1 A If X . I r 'Q 1 . F S 'sfii ' , sr-, . F- 1 i 5 :xi if' A 1 f-'V iffy' Tv: 2 1. I -a' B Tommy Aclay l-lelen Atkins Marvin Avants ez'idc11c'e e11thfz,rif1m1 for ifffriieei' . . Joltn Barnes Bill Barnett Jerry Bass ,Qu Q, 1 ' '1' f I' ,B .x y Y s ' T' as 5 X Donna Alexander Dennis Alsup , 1 . :gy B Q f 3 9" . i l ?U.':et0'iQ My ' i Q I 4? 1. tx ' are 'Q , f I Franklin Batts Nancy Bell zvf I . Y 'ia Wayne Arnold i Dirnple Baird Billy Bennett 5 Sharon Billingsley Diane Bowser Sara Sue Brown FQ r' Royce Blankenship 'l "mg, W9 V g." , 1 -4:3110 . L7 , ' 1-1 - . Tom Brown 1 1 'VN' .2411 Glorya Bley 4 , f 'B ' 1 A X, B55 I xx- My ,A Bill Browning ,193 Q 'U Y H Elda Block Ralph Bohannon Claude Boles Juniors . Eloise Brandes Carolyn Brown Nicki Bruce ni L, f, If lllllwlf. x fi X David Bryant James Bryant Ann Casfleberry Brenda Churchwell iQ amzme new Joploiflimtion . . ff ' ' .J Don Clark Herbie Clark W. C, Clark Ann Collins -ix .Q Q XX Virginia Bybee 'Ji IJ. N i x F ' Dale Couch I A 4, h .fin -xx F . 'fm . 'OK Sandy Carlisle Glenda Cliurclwwell Ann Cowan an PF, S . Jpfi if ffl " 33" .3 .s 4,"Y si '- sr. -. i I i x it -'Q Li, i Wi? X H52 . i' 1' 1 Us gif' , -2 .A 4 V. "Q lf" Ji' 1 5. .,::::., .Q ,- . ,. .Qi . K . g. ,..,.-... Lynn Cox Jerry Cradei James Cross James Cumby Jig,-"'-""" X K A Bob Cummings X X 1 4 F, Bruce Daily . If V ,, if ' . Qr l l 'V Alice Daws If Scott Donaldson DOH DOSS 71 . Juniors David Dean Marie de Souza Peggy Dunlap Rockne Dyer A'- f"N Linda Edwards Denny Enos Sue Evans Jim Ferguson Joe Ferguson star In cage play Joe Foster Harold Fox Pat Gallavvay Q 'X 1 4 Q wh' df?- 'PVP' WWW Af' .rfirs na, X Ben Ferguson wi 'UI Logan Fitch Allen Garnef Jeffy Geafheaff Bob Gibson -1' 41' 7 , 'lx 4,0 1 'Q Ml' ai f I 5 , 1-'L 4.,.f, ' N , G 3, Sherri Golden Trixie Goodgion 4? X1 Vicki Goyne 1' www I, Q Hi.. Ronald Grantham K Janie Gregg Kenneth Griffith V K s 'Q Frank Grimes ph-M A , I ' 1 .1 , G-1 Donnie Graham Judy Graham Karen Graham Juniors . Richard Green Billie Greene Robert Hackler 0. 6 Larry Haley Bervvih Hanna Sally Hammers jnesezzz prom and bmzquet . Joe Harris Edith Hatch Edna Hatch lf' Beverly Hamullon Bruce Hancock x 4 f v 1' h. Q W. X Donna Herr l r Larry Hooper Gary Houchin f Q". . SK If U - z. ,X P1 1 Gary Herring 3' '-nf 0 x -, Sandra Howard ,91- 35 Gary Hewett ,A W, , -, Clayton Hunt l f --an w Q Kathleen Hill Elliott Hollingsworth Gay Nell Holt Juniors Carla Hopkins Charlie Horn Relda Hunt .mi Mike Hutcherson Janet lgo Bobby Jamison Allen Johnson when! Seniorr' plane in '60 Edna Jones Lonnie Jones Stan Jones '1 Z 2'- i'kA Norris Inman . W5 I' Gerald Keeton Wilma Key ,4,v V -I1 ff' Eddie Lewis ez eifk :gi I f T7 Q, C, , , - X .s Mike McCIung Jane McClure Kay McLaughlin Ronnie McMilIon prefefzt two playf Jeannie Mallovv Ann Malone Robert Marshall . . F' '-4 cj: Jackie NicCUrdy fpfn. , 2 o '-W7 Eldon Martin 11 ,sf 1 ix f Irene McGuire Sara Mcllroy Rita Martin Pun. ""'!b is Nelda McQuien Tim Mason .xt ggi!!- Carol Mafsler Q 3 Ronny Minyen Sue Mifchusson ff? Joyce Mayfield if Rex Meador fml: ff' ef 51 I X Nancy Montgomery i R, is Q J . Doug Moon ff--5, i Regina Meek Johnny Messer Peggy Miller Juniors Roy Mires Paulette Mise John Moore X., Sue Moore Virginia Morris Connie Morrison Lucinda Morehead , Qi L Henrietta Morgan zlfzgzzed by lowly .rophomoraf William Mull Mary Alice Munroe Sharon Murphy as- ,"' A Don Newman pl 4 Pal Nevvfon 0 as L., .fi Mike Morgan 17 E Ruth Morsebach Cecilia Nichols P ,n K, 'f, 7 16- 45, nw"o 'v fi ai 5 r i ,P Q Q Jerry Nicholson ,sw pug Carol Ann Norman fu!" f? ,-'f' J ' of . ' , Hy. A' ll 'aff 4' S Mary Kay Panceria 'Q 4? it l -A , ' ' w nv 4 .is 5 P u Linda Phillips l l i K ' A 9 ' 1- 1: P ff l P i ai Donna Price Priscilla Ragle Shirley Raper H James Parker Ann Patterson Kay Perkins Juniors . . . Sharon Porter Jerry Don Powell Melvin Rearns Q fx' -22 Bobbye Reeves Leslie Reaves Suanna Reed Cliarles Reese Jimmy Reeves Marilyn Ricli order rlfzii rizzgi Jerry Ringvvald Edwin Roberson Claud Robinson X .c ' 'ur 1'- ag A Q Q, , "Es -' A -...- s .ii f ':, fs Joe Edd Sambol Pl l. s, . 4,04 r in D' Tommy Rigler f M,,,,,,i.e Grady Savage Martin Schale 11' l 1 ff' 1. 'Q' A 1 it l ii Mary Sue Schwartz Edward Self Dudley Sharp lm. 1 -Q- Ami l.'vr Lana Slaughter Wayne Snelling Kay Snodgrass Charles Stair - 4-Q. L Bobby Sheppard Stanley Simmons Kenneth Sinclair Juniors . Gary Smith Larry Smith Albert Stalcup Sharon Standefer Lon Stem 's X A A fs, 'zf-sh. TT3' Howard Sfubblefield Charloffe Taylor Randee Taylor Amelia Teague excel on the gridiron . T lf wwf 1 Jerry Terrell Janell Thomas Karen Thompson Don Threadgill ill Gary Thurmon Q Hazel Tedfo rd Leroy Titus "? Jacob Torres Gene Treaclvvell .lo Ann Tubb Frances Waddell 'Q ffm A X -J M a 'N 123 'fi fx, , Pix' Jayne Tudor Sharon Urban Gilbert Varnell Juniors Sally Wagner Dennis Walker Tommy Wallace George Ward Monte Ward Max Weatherford 'Y' if iff' Qfy A Er. X l 'if Susan Webber Darlene Westfall Jobn Willis Austin Winter delve in Americfzzz Hj.ffO1'j' Ronny Woods Jack Wright Carolyn Yancy 17:51 Un H ff? i , Qfffftfll A fm 'Q- Robert Wbitfill Wanda Wilkins A Ha I F Rosemary Zeleny xt. Judy Wofford SOPHOMORES Pl'eSlCler1T . .. . . CHUCK CHURCHWELL Vice-president . . . VlCKl MCEACHERN Secretary ,,,v,,, PAULA COMER Treasurer 7, JOY COX Reporter YYYYHNWYYYYYYYYYYAY YY,Yx,--,,-,s,,,,,, , , ,,,, W, Exciting as PHS appeared to us as we first walked down its halls, we discovered that one door had closed as another opened. After Junior High, we found the customs, traditions, and activities somewhat bewildering. In time this passed, we familiarized ourselves with the building, our classes, and came to know our teachers. Num- bering 4Ol, our class was unique in many ways: lt was the largest class ever to enter PHS, we were the first "lowly" sophomores latter the change from a four to a three-year high schooll and outnumbered both upper classes. We enioyed the pep rallies, sports events, and all other extra activities, but homework was heavy and report cards came much too often. Having anticipated High School, we were not disappointed. With one year gone, two others loom on the horizon. ' snug- . ,XL r ll X Y in Joe Bob Andrews Connie Arney Tony Arlerburn Linda Ayers Jackie Baker David Bankston Beverly Barton Opal Bans Q4 Sherry Achor Charles Adams Wayne Adams Lavon Alsup 10' Sophomores . nf' Rudolph Baurngarclner Dan Bayley Eugene Beavers Gerald Bedwell l55 1 0 0 fz, 'W' Q' f X 1' x . 4. - N: xx 4 I . ,f X -1' 4 Q J' . .- f o H 1. Q X 0' 3 mf ,, '!'wnn Ronny Bolding Carol Bolin Kenneth Bond Sondra Bond Sophomores Lawrence Bontke Phillip Borron Carl Boteler Iva Boteler Q 3275 D 'Ml Rick Burrow Glena Bush Ruth Byrd Mike Callas Billy Campbell Sandra Cantrell Ann Carlisle Betty Caudle fab 'A 1 -'S 1 -A ll' A is is?-?ayQ x , 'i-. 1' ' ' g f.: 1' 1 Q. ,Ji , r ' 1' l7 4' f l ' Ar A K 3, ' if K :il l l ! . V .1 , 'fm l .. l YQ. - 2 , i 5 Pal Brown Sue Brownd Donna Bryant Neita Bullard x AA l xi l Sherry Caudle Eunice Chaney David Chapman Chuck Churchwell Charlotte Clark Eddie Clark Jim Clark Joyce Clark 'fi "'u. -43 'CJ' X ' I ,irh 1 .1 Gerald Cox Joy Cox Paul Crawford Kay Crouch ,1 i .,,. . S 5, 6 I I 3 "'ff'9", .. -Q Ann Clary Buddy Cline John Cline Virginia Collins , ? I f E i K. 11 i .1 . Sophomores Paula Comer R. G. Costiloe Jimmy Covey Barbara Cox 1 deferve even break :LA Diane Davis Don Deardorf Pat Dedmon Linda Lou Delashaw Jerry Derrnck if K an 'Q Johnny Downey Linda Draper Rex Duerksen .Xi 25 if Tex Crowell Sandra Crump Sandra Culp W. C. Curry l r Gloria Dye Jayne Edmision Jerry Edwards Susan Edwards 'ff 159 'Q '9 I60 Marqueta Elam Carolyn Elliot Don Ellis Odis Ellis i i 'z fl! fl. if., Don Ford Wayne Fore Richard Forsyth Carolyn Fox 'pw , S.. C? 0. -1 Q I -H fi Bob Enger Mervin Evans Ray Fargason 1 -6 f wi. Judy Farrell Glenda Felty Jimmy Ferrell Bobby Finney Elme r Flovin Sophomores 1, l ii il 3 1 , l - XXv Mx f IQ G ' , . ki: -9 n ' f T Mick close together . f' , 4 if ,gg ,. , f' J , ' ' -wr "3 l Judy Glantz Dorinda Goodwin Dan Gosdin Jerrell Gould Judy Gregg Dale Grisham Jo Ella Groff Kent Haley fi? C f., s Y o , a all 1 4? ! N5 Billy Frazier Charles Furrow James Grant Janet Gray ,f rf' rl ,Q V 11 ' I 'tr 1 I t, ' ff 1 g I , I ,ll ze ' "Y 11. - ., ' GJ S . 11? Jimmy Hall Don Hammond Clyde Harrell Ruth Harrington 5 1 Boyd Harrison Donald Harwood Shirley Hatfield Bill Hayes an K . I1 Ronny Hewett Kalhy Heye Arthur Hoffman Elaine Holden l62 v Z Q I' 4 2 Q 7 X - -rv' v If - 'fl ' 5 fl 13 e Ronny Hayes Louis Heflin Anthony Henegar VJ? , I NNN". if S, ' T ' C ll Bill Henry Sophomores Jackie Henry Diane Herr Pat Herring Lucy Hernandez -if 'K A if 2 f nr Q V! 'Y I Janet Hood Darrell Hopper Kathy Horan Pierce Horton Jerry Howle Nova Huddleston Gary Hudgins Bill Hunt fff. l tvs X ,Z Tim Johnson Milligene Jones Rusty Jones Lewis Jordan Maxine Julian Rebecca Karrh Karen Keisling Beffye King ,ft li- ., if . 1 i ,i l,-, D N ' 1, N , 1 .flllflfk team .fli1i1'it 'Nw F K ' 2, Y. I I I+-. ' ,X K6 7k Alvin Law Gary Leatherman Beverly Lewellen Connie Lewellen Doug Lewis Helen Linville Ellen Long Merilyn Loter 1 N-.f ti 5. r'o if 4.4 Ov -L 3 !'fl 1 'I 3 .. .,.,.-r 'W . 5. ,. :," et 'fa' ,-Q I 'JI' Sandra King Ruby Kinsen Wayne Kuykendall Gail LaFon1 2 Walt McAlexander Wayne McClaran Ken McCormick David McDonald Vicki McEachern Mary Nell McFarlin Gerry Don McKinzie Judy McKinzie 'fi f ' ta-'Z'-' . , , , V f at ' .. v ' -l 1 . z ' 4 1 A A , A - ,f . -5 .f Yolanda Martinez Betty Sue Medlin Amelia Mendoza Leroy Miller I66 J f 7 F x f 'Jf5:'-r A n l -. I. x .1 hi .-9. fl 1? 1 5 4' ,M A , x is .l ' G':"raTl Eg f' ., V '. -nd? .FT . tl -ii kk ,n-' lb ' 1 'ICN 'f r QW-J 'L ff' C7 3 fl? Jimmy McMillon Ernest Maggard Judy Malone Kenneth Mangum Glenda Marshall Doane Martin Helen Martin Juanita Martinez Sophomores ,HIL 'U' WO Q .. 1-vw ' lr-' ' A" - i", L f , -V' 11,5 K I ' K f M. 1 Riff L if 3 uv "3 t 5 W l . fl li ll l 'lik X K f f SX R i S i 'ly :iii '32 iw I .Q G W ' A if eorge Mogford X. I i ,, N ' 'Q' , V Ann Mullings '7 l - Q, Kay Murphy 'IH -.,. I .l Jimmy Neal 'lim ,I l i M ' ' L M 1 1" ' 'X ' 1177! i ! 'P 'sh , 7'81!66lZ talent in Bow Wow . . Dennis Pat Newton Gay Newton Pat Nicholl Novice Nicholson if x Q L fa Rickey Milloway Steve Mills Jimmy Millsap Wesley Mitchell 'Q r 46 Ziggy Nicholson Tommie N0lBf1Cl Pat Norton Sue O'Bannon Joe Offield Bill Oolcy Thomas Orthman Johnny Owens 145 Q Dwiglw? Perry Phillip Peugh Sherman Phillips Rodney Phillips I68 f ui 1' ' ff l , ,, -. X, L1 X Y ,Z vi' - if , l 5 705 'F' .1 If ,sau " 1 v 33 Pam P11rick Jerry Patterson Billy Wayne Party Paul Edward L 7' 'V ,, g ' ' . I, , c I I Sophomores Martha Peckham Calvin Perkins Debbie Perkins Regina Perkins Charles Quisenberry Ronny Ragland George Ragle Patsy Ragle fztmzn top hollow mmzy fieldi' . . Steve Reed Sue Reeder Robert Renfro Thomas Richburg Wanda Phillips Donnie Piercy Bill Ed Pinkerton June Powell R n I' as Betty Ringwald Duane Ritter Jim Ritter John Roberts Mary Jo Roberts Jerry Robertson Betty Sue Robertson Chere Robins VT Q nn. 4 'X , W . 1 , it l t. X ,D ? lf 2 ' 7 .3 f f if' I tlrb y tl pf E3 , film? tv Q 35311. an . ml . 4 r A lvl Erwin Scott Junior Scott Eula Settle Forrest Shannon l70 A 2 X 1, VV .h 4, 1 41 . 'sf 'f -:Q 3 t Q! Q S A - ff! s f. 4 . I Xx'-- I . QQ R 'li'-Z"' .13 q. W fl Della Sue Rogers Sue Rogers Mike Rushing Elbert Sammann Carrell Ann Sawyer Keith Schoppa Brent Scott Cleta Scott ! I. x i , ,vs ,X Sophomores tsl I K l ex 1 nf 1 Brenda Simmons Junior Simpson Johnny Sims Lynn Sinclair become YJJZUEJ zn Lalzn Club amy smnh Carol Ann Smiih Judy Smith Patricia Smith - JQ Montie Shannon Donny Shearer Melvin Shull Frankie Sikes 'x Guy Snelling Dickie Sommerville John Speck Louis Stapleton l7I - Tommy Stapleton Judy St. Cyr Charles Stephens Brenda Stephenson 'E r'-Q5 29 I 'x IL K 'Q David Stuart Jimmy Summers Dwight Swanner Jackie Swanner t ,ff if I72 Davtd Stephenson Tommy Sterns James Stevens Bob Stine Sophomores Charles Stockton Barbara Stone John Stone Jean Strickland .3 ', v N 'A W . 'R 4 ii ' 6 .xv X xg X I Larry Taylor Dennis Thompson Mary Ella Thompson June Thornton mztzated In Lettefmaznf Club . Ken Throckmorton Shirley Tinkle Alma Tippins Tip Tippins 'S 41 .L Gordon Sweare James Swift Nicki Tarkenton Andy Taylor ,me-v-P Q +4 lin 1 ' ' fab' r ' - -'.w.u" ' 5 0 .aa -. al DJJ . a y . , . swf A... PA 4 no r U nn' I '-. Q. v'- -H. G Z 112 , K -. -S- X Rudy Todd Dottie Toliver Barry Tull Floyd Vaughn 1 Mary Villa Jerry Virden Eugene Waldrup Benny Walker Maryleigh Whitfield Sharon Whitfield Peggy Whitsitf Juanita Wiggins C! 4... X as 'vi fan 'U' I ' ' A l P ' z S 3 5. 4' X 'F . " . I, h e ' ,gg ' A i - ,Q , 111.-4 t V - ll - H V " . 'Q '- X,-l 4 l . e F? 8 y X .4 ta ?w'f 'H David Walker Neysa Walker Loretta Watkins Billy Fred Webb 5. Y Dwayne Welch Walion Wesley Earl White Jorea I.-1 White Sophomores I r vi- ilk X yi lxx 'Q Charlotte Wilson Judy Wilson Larry Wilson Deanie Wood merit junior National Honor Society X- xx x X R ,6- Janie Wood Colleen Woods Rhoda Beth Woods Wanda Worth C? ?" E7 -P . fx K. v. 2 ,, 1 , " .: ,xr lx i ilikhqhlia ' ' " L -' 1 f H iw ' 4 L, ar . , , . fi .- '65 l l .4 vi' - i 0.31. I . ,lf I. 3' Virginia Willard Harvey Willborn Darrell Williams Donna Williamson f V l y . -Z Anita Wright Douglas Wright Larry Yarbrough Lynne Yarbrough fi ,vii ff -X '11 Soph section of a pep rally wg: wif Alice Young Neal Young Sophs are initiated irito Lettermerfs Sonh ' Uf95- e for PM P05 5 :ire Sold 65 Sfavesl 1 X 'Vw- ,,.,. - W A Q A Q 'V f I , Q ii 1,5 , ' 1 Q 'V 156.5 if 5 . I . i."'7' ri' V 'Q L-,1' A , ." I I 'g A' 'JA U ,sag fr E s. Q 91,12 f a . Eff: 'f G 1.fe'Z'c 1 I nfl I 1.4 -. , nl 116541 i M ' C -, l?i,n'f? ' ' ,aa 'x ' , ' . 1 5' 53211, lp! h lj .At Q f' JO' Q' I Q 4 ' 'fiax ff , by L 'fm f Q44 fs' , - V I, - . H., Q r,.1 Q P A-at gk, , , ' MQ' Q 5 f . b W if A I I :E f ' wi ' I I 4 4 f' 4 , il , .,,, ..mmKsm- 1' P 8'1 '-lmg9,-- , ' . ,f -3' . . , . - x t 1 QA, I U1 ' xg , '- .q'fifPWxi5gi3sm' jj' , Q, . ,. ,A Z ' 4 l'-VZ':5,:' A , . "frm:-f,3,Qy-,c - -'vQ- ' g -M ,qs Q J, '17 Jifw, L. ix., -'Q' ' Q " ' , ,J ef- '- I,- W-,V ' - X K A C Q '- 'L .Q .1 war iffgi -9,7 , W 4 , , L, v.q.3'R5HVf9"',?: mfiifgff' 'fi "f"" ,ii ' vf' 'F'M'E"- - l w' lu. new -' . W , ,, QQ . - My f 3 jigwifwfgfigqd ., fem -M , . .,,5,L,-E - A 1 ,www x - W' , . a, .. ,sf ,k ,la f , w'ywfi.,gQ.xg A ,. t A had K .34 gn, s "iff, 1, K .f -wf . 4 5 .' Q. ,L 0 . V, 'at' 5 , ,. I' 564, ,st .I M v mf J? 'M -SH ' .A , Q ' "' W' - r ,fvfiiiffkw J . 1:f'w- if M f . ' ,Ma 4 i' Kff' f9'Uf1"4 ' .,,, . ' vfgwf , . " J ' 1' 4 ,f1"WL A in " fs, but .F 's5q4l5:b,. "Y N' , ' I f"-Aff f ,N ' ff 'K "Phval4AWAi' ff 'J .if 3 Ml 1 g A' . za' , " X 'J' K UD--,I .1 .wg -' , Q e .- f -I - K Q, V .1 .7 ,V P 1 ,W if, B 4. V fl' ,gi My fxv- 2-f4lgvlgi,. h .?. '78 .X Z .-.135-'f 1 , ,, ,A A.,gi,fg,:a'5 ,Q g?,?b4j.' .Mi T g V Q 4 ' ' 4, a ,xi 4 gl, , fi4-Aix. . J 1 55. "cv- rganizations As The branches of ever growing Trees always reach upward and ouTward, The organizaTions in our school sTreTch in every direcTion To involve all PHS sTu- denTs. These oTTer sTudenTs ample op- porTuniTies To develop Their TalenTs and abiliTies in many Tields. The honor so- ciTies recognize Those who excel in scholarship, ciTizenship, and leadership. ln This club sTudenTs sTrive To hold The honor ThaT has been placed upon Them by Their own works. For Those who sTand ouT as leaders, STudenT Council Tills The bill Tor here They work TogeTher To make PHS a beTTer sTudenT group. Clubs Tor sTudenTs who wanT an insighT inTo various professions are also avail- able. FuTure Teachers encourage sTu- denTs Toward Teaching, and FuTure Farm- ers acquainT Their members wiTh many pracTical ideas in agriculTure. For each sTudenT, There is a club where we may TurTher our learning or develop our in- TeresTs. In addiTion To The pracTical values obTained, we enioy our exTra curricular acTiviTies. MeeTing TogeTher wiTh our Triends and classmaTes helps us To enioy The work we are Trying To accomplish. lnTeresT and parTicipaTion has made The clubs a viTal parT of The school. I79 fficers Vic Yarbrough President + Charlie Saul Vice-president Judy Terry Secretary Fryar Calhoun Treasurer Helping to promote better relations be- tvveen faculty and students, PHS Student Council strives always to raise the standards ot the school. Members of the Council achieve more than the immediate goals for the train- ing and experiences they receive through participation in this activity strengthens their abilities in leadership and good citizenship. Bryant, F ord, Yarbrough, ROW 2: Nei' Nels C ' On, alhoun Ter, ' Y, Student Council . . . Composed of officers elected by general ballot and members representative ot each advisory in the school, Stu dent Council operates a store for the convenience of the students, sponsors busses to athletic contests, and in genera strives to make ours a better place. V 'l Reed Rae Billin95l9V' Ld' - Moore, Nel' ' I, T lor Terrv V M rphy Carlisle, . ROW 4, ay t Y b ugh Hegi ROW 2: Sawyer''llwrOvltlX?:ekGri?w?jersoht Nelson' lllbrdh lllllitlglilwcidlljlyzgalhount Slem' Hancock ' ro , - - t , I , o i ' ROW ln Maggard,RgeNwe3t't,S:JyvtjWS.arLaasI Hayes,QlltTElrOY.A-:3:Z1'aeiTNMCClung4 ROW 5: Churchwe Font, McEachern. Bi ine lMcQuien, Collins, 9e"lY' Goyne, Monroe, C079 a ' Johnson, Carter, FfYef Ewan ' kk' KAY BLAIR-Editor N THE PLAINSMAN STAFF Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Feature Editor Sports Editor Circulation Manager Exchange Editor E W Kay Blair Nicki Bruce Susan Cross Jerry Blackerby Kay Miller as Nancy Bell Photographers , or David Bryant Club Editor , Buddy Harmel Reporters , Allen Beard, Henrietta Moore, Buster Terrell Sponsor ,,aaaa so E Miss Betty Buford T Susan Cross Allen Be ard Buddy Harmel, Buster Terrell 6 Plzzimmvm "Rush" is the by-word for each member of the paper staff. They rush to sell advertisements, rush to get stories in on deadline, rush to get papers out, so that they can begin all over again. "The Plainsman," is published every other week throughout the school year except for holiday periods. We hold membership in THSPA, PHSPA, and TIL. In addition to meeting deadlines and getting the papers out, students study the fundamentals of journ- alism, ad selling, layouts, photography and cuts used in newspaper work, writing, writing, and more writing. U gd.: ', -I g. 2' .I T NICKI BR X 4' UCExBusin es S Manager . gsefxr f ' :vii gpg, , l:v,?..3g?L . r rgiget, - ...cgi '.l3f5'f ,.- I Yi'm1. ' ..'.fgq'A fs Henriette Moore iv' nv l' Kay Mill er .lerrY Blackerby . I 5:0 , rztiomzl H orzor Society OFFICERS Charlie Saul President Fryar Calhoun c Vice-president Janice Copeland Secretary Mary Chris Hayes Treasurer Gaylia Bryant Reporter Organized to recognize students who excel ih Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service, NHS is sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals. Membership includes students whose scholastic average is above 90. Meeting once each month the club plans programs to encourage over-all development of students and strives to further high ideals in every phase of 5 Savl' life. yxa-Xie ' Pl adam' , . w0"'l'?e a Ca X Ia if K- Coilelao I zu xo 1-iQlU ' l n Webber, L9 Quia i dr Mc Calhoun, Copelan Nichoison. ak, Cooper' 2 Couch' oNo ROW: lurlouvztrl ROW , l.wrenCe- SEC ri MCClung' EV 'l ' lkins, 3 Mtichvsso' ' ' . loner W' HaYe5' Bl r, Ma deff n McGuire. HUllhlin?lCanlrell, Alexan OW, Sharlno ' ie McLaU9 mast R Amo Row: R69 'Pew l meme. T d, Sambo' Tones, Pafker War 2 fryn mfs' THIRD IGFOU junior atiomzl onor Society FIRST 1 I 1' Juj- Ofer- Coveidl-,I Murph yf Huddlesi, Afsup C On ' o , C . me ollrns, Wgoyarsha A club for Sophomore students in ll S, Cl ' SECO ary' Sronelvo RQW ol, S 9 ROW ,717 PHS, the Junior National Honor Society F 5 Ore, Fa is composed of students who main- tain an average of 85. A formal initia- tion is held annually tor new rnembers. Project of JNHS this year is to keep the trophies and trophy cases cleaned and polished. This the iunior club to NHS and is sponsored by Mrs. Gladys Whit- acre. OFFICERS Keith Schoppa S SS SS S S S President Neil Young SS S S Vice-president Beverly Blaine SSSSS S Secretary Barbara Stone S S SSSS Treasurer Sharon Whitfield S Reporter Webb 'fell 1 I , Schofgpawhifffeld I Sharm ' Kin fx 017, B 9' Blain aU'7'9ard,,e' Whirf Sf K' f'Fi',i., 1f....' 5 ' A 5' 'mi rflSQn ' .Q .. 5 - 'Veil 'fe' YO'-In iff? Schoglg Ba,-bara e, Beveffysgtne, Sh fa' afo "Ve "' Whi .1, 'field KL W. 5. FIRST ROW ff' ' Los Llvmeros . . . I iv 'V ,, L in .. - S O 0 ' r 3 1 QQ GX 5 +C' . 'X , Q. . w . Ps rim- ,.M.,Y: 1' .3 -- l a ww., I pig, I l at '- ' N ,. .-.J l ' M, in , n 1 Hopkins, l Jwfak, 1 AS" ' M allow' N nfles, Nor Let ewfon, M Bfnafvi Zelen C Fe. t to right Brown' Zeleny' ' - Y, C ll' N THIRD Rovaffl-7:3 Walker, Kin mson' Bfows' girshall' SECOND I l so" Boi ROW ol 1' .fs - - fs' ev .C Collins. ' lannan, Baumgargurrow, Patter Der, Fargason Sazbgleye, Morris ' . On, Barts OFFICERS Tom Brown a.aaaaaa President Sandy Carlisle 7 Vice-president Rosemary Zeleny Secretary Anne Collins , Treasurer Jayne Tudor . C a,,a Reporter The Spanish Club was organized for the pur- pose of acquainting students with the customs and language of Spanish speaking people. Mem- bership is open to any student who has or is taking Spanish. Proiects and programs are planned with this purpose in mind. Highlighting this year, the club heard Mrs. O. J. Laas tell of her travels in Spain and celebrated Christmas in the Spanish traditions. U N. Schxede' Dotson, Cd Leg to H9 ' Holsap I :.Edf'rIiSt0n, L P 8' Whois. awmnfe, Al Bcmclettes OFFICERS Peggy Schlecte 7 C President Kay Huff .eeeeeeeeeee C Vice-president Mable C de Baca Secretary Jo Dotson e,e, v Treasurer f Anne Collins , , Y CCCC Parliamentarian This group is composed of girls who play in the Band and it is the sister organization to Crescendos. Object and aim of the club is to build up morale and spirit for the Band and to give the girls opportunity for social activities within their group. . Y. e Baca, Collin?-t Hul ta R . ow THREE- Bo3:p'cSZlllh' Hdmiito I I1 e Baca He ' Huff, DO, ' Ye, COX C 'ion' Covey. R ailing, smith, schfilg TWO: calling D el lnnes- V elashaw, Blaine C 1 5 'I I 2 rQil, Oeanno 6 FIRS Null Cotleq' lla n. CBXYNOU NNOZ XN T Q0 . www' ONE 30, XN Nom' Rh?CgXu09' T RO C W: Y M5335 THIRD Sbllgf de Souza 'lf Hopper, ' Alexand ' lQOf W Santbol, er, Brandesebipef, Hamilron , 6Fonf, Clar I Smiyhg SEC XOYM on Scio OFFICERS Fryar Calhoun President Mike NlcClung Vice-president Beverly Hamilton Secretary David Hegi Treasurer Don Newman Parliamentarian Susan Webber Gvvenda Covey Historians Carol Ann Norman Reporter A study of mythology this year has helped tc create a new interest in the Latin language and its beginnings. Formed to enhance the study of Latin for students, membership is open to all who have taken Latin. Highlights ot the year included the Annual Slave Sale early in the year and the Roman Banquet staged in imitation of original banquets in Rome. V' Woods' H QND ROW 991, I M MCCIUHQ' FOVZ. Joachim PT ' J H ROW: Bjjfiin, wi,,,,,e,d , Schoppa ynftooper Ed r U I Ward' 'T7i5 , Chapman I i Q" if I 4 F I -.:: g , '1 Urge, ,. It 33,43 ' 1 I' I 5 Z-s?:,1lg. l l 4 I89 - - W35 Y' 4 '-,. 'bf A' 4 ' Qi' H 9 Q- sew? " 'w' Qe X'?f '24 ,K Q! P 21 . ' 1 I 1. ' v' -. 1 V31 "V t 'J 4 s I X + + n 1+ rf IU ff" 'fm J K 'if'n-fl? - ' l 1.- 'i, . 4544 f 1 'X' - Q . ' . vw' , All , ' ' lie- i -Qi vs.. 7. A I: ,. A R x gl, ,. '- xiia 5 b-44 I A . I Jr 4 YI 43531 C7 YZ? PEGGY SCHLECTE BEV f X ,-jf? X Bari CHARL J ERN HAMiLroN one TAYLOR PHS Twirlers amd Drum Majors Leading and directing the Band in marching drill and aiding Chief in any way possible these four petite young ladies and the drum maiors add color to an already colorful and famed Band. PHS Band, for twenty-four years a sweepstakes winner, is one of the outstanding bands in the area. Wherever they appear -on the football field to boost the school spirit, at pep rallies, or marching in parades, the twirlers and drum maiors will, be out front. Between performances, each of them spend many hours in practice. WA l92 YNE SNELLING MABLE C de BACA DOUG MooN 2 ! Q Ol' aflwafone P INS e re-rson S,mj'gCer,a 'Sw I I K 'sm Crescendo Club 2 ' . . P , 3 f l' J:i ' f lf' 1. A 1. : 'TTL-, fs: A -.'..:.5:. y ' J ,ff ',Qlg'7f:f': 75 4. ,.M,:... .'i.'Ttr - - ,gt - + .,,, , . -, I I -, 51151 l 1 '34 f 'mb' f S SEC ew Sambif F: r,ghrO TD ROW eflrk ayfo Oar liamf' r Ja es 5 Urs.,-,,, M Deck ltchus OFFICERS Bruce Perry President Jimmy Masten Vice president Timmy Williams . . Secretary Composed of boys from the PHS Band, Crescendo Club is a brother organization to Bandettes and was organized to further interests of the Band. Primarily a social groupgthe club strives for harmonious relations between Soph- omore, Junior and Senior classes. A colorful initiation is staged for new members who must bow to the wishes of the old members. This group cooperates in the Band Parents' Annual Carnival to provide music for the Banclettes' Can-Can Show. They promote Calendar sales, participate in the Stage Band, help with Lion's Minstrel and other community activities. , , , , . Q Y, E' 0 .T G V E, . L , 4 , E - ,M - ,, ' ,f w. j- , I' '. , 1 w will J X, - X . A. ,f 5 x . A 5 my ilk - 4 ' s sW f - W Q - ' - Q Q ff W, .5 5 'aa 5,5 Qzagfg Q A, l , M 1 X . .K f . r - - ' . , W: . S ' 6 Q -' ' ' - o 45 G 5' . Q , ' ti' X 121' mi' 5 'Www 3 'Q . Y, ". M gi- f f ' 1 s " ff l 1 32 sf.'w?Q , Ei: "1 . - f M s fi-...Q "x ' 4 PM if ' nw H 1 "' 'Wi if - ll XL iltqfxfi'-xi-bt". A , ,XF 'K L f ,L 22 5- 4. s fr 152 1, v ::,gXas,f-' 2 . , ,,.. , Y - x y '. ga? R nd Nl l Q fgT fxl5 ll U Ei Q 1 '- 'E , X . . Wwlfte, . -... Q. .,,, M f.....,, ... www -. -..--fa... L "S f.-. , 1 . 4 ROW I left A Murphy' Gladfo ngm: Waddell d ' man, cauai ' 'E Souza, Jana , Erin, Meek, Ragyel Smne ey Holmes, Ragiel Johnz McCarthy, Huddleston P - . ouch, levvellenl Perryt Me-vglellen, JamlSOr1 Sim,T?"lf Barton, McGuire flllall1illlDS, Caudle Phillips M ' C VOY, Ed I 'Oni Mart' ' 0110, Pant I I ' iss Gr' Wafdi Perkins, ln' SGWYW. ROW 4, leffntltl Sill 3l left 'O f'9lEtgS'TjflDW 12' 'ef' 'O righi : Ke-isling Duck- a or, aclcson M' 1 eff, C gf ndws Girls' C bait' OFFICERS President Betty Caudle Vice-president 7 Maxine Julian Secretary 7 7 7 7 Nova l-luddleston Accompanist Darla Sue McElroy Girls' Choir is but a step away from A Cappella. lt is composed of girls from all classes, and some of the members sing with both Choirs. This, too, is a participating Choir in the lnterscholastic League Contest. Aimed at developing an appreciation for music, these girls are always ready to "give out with song." ROW l, left to right, Ragle, Huddleston, de Souza. ROW 2, left to right: Caudle, Murphy, Crane. ROW 3, left to right: Julian, Lewellen, Sawyer. rane, Davis, Vgrden .J Burelsrnith Arneyi ND ROW: Mrs' Q 'de Baca, lcins, Holt. SECO King Walker. t M ngomeryi Wa' - , McEachern, Q llvtallow. ' H tf'eld Marshall, Holden' ROgersMr:OvZ1Zl'fer. llHlRD ROWi Ggglnengoligllglfahami Crane' Hopkms' Patterson HRST ROlY'll:dlllll1OrxlsUPa Rloblllsonl LOlegWKlngalllaAv7rZl!el Monroe, CrosS, C3-fllsle' Moms I Phillips, e " lion. FouRtH R 1 ' Meek, Edwards' Ham. Future Homermzkers 0 America OFFICERS Regina Meek C PreSideHf Connie Morrison .C ViCe-prSSidGnf Jeannie Mallow , Secretary Ann Patterson . .u at up Treasurer Sue Moore C c Parliamentarian Sharon Painter RepOrfer "We are the Future Homernakers of America. We face the future with warrn courage and high hopes for we have a clear consciousness of seek- ing old and precious values." With this creed, the FHA is dedicated to aiding hornemakers of tornor- row. In furthering this interest, the club undertakes varied proiects. Among these are co-managing the football concession stand, sending Christmas cards to State hospitals, and the sale of candy for fund-raising. I96 Left to right: Pa Menon, Mellow, Pai if 'Q' t nt er, Moore, Hopk ins, Moffismmeek Ted H cmcock FHA BEAU IXUS 51-1 Deamze Melton FFA SWEETH EART Future Farmers 0 America , Al . R Left to right, ROW l. Daws, sup ow 21 Otfield, Shevafd' Dean, Bain. This year two Future Farmers, Mike Barnett and Freddy Bell were named State Farmers. Only Th of all members of FFA in the nation achieve this degree. OFFICERS Dennis Alsup President Ted Daws . Vice-president David Dean Secretary William Bain -. Treasurer Joy Offield . Sentinel Bobby Shepard - .. . Reporter Since Plainview is essentially an agricultural community, PHS boasts a large and active FFA chapter. Aim of the club is to aid in the development of modern farmers and to assist boys in learn- ing latest farming techniques. The Chapter competes in live stock and land iudging teams at the many fairs staged throughout the State. They have taken honors at Dallas, Lubbock, San Antonio, El Paso, and Plainview. Chapter Farmers u Ham' Nllfes' ROW 2' Step Stair Bain, ff ld, Broaddus, DWYQVI Y b ugh, Greenr ' HGYQS Roberlsonl Law' Mbclararllagifgllnivurrf Sow 3: llaughlbroighnetlilichcjlll,rcShePherd, Dean, Bennellf r kstonr ' Rich ers, ' 1 Terre , af ' Row ir Rushing, W ii offaeia, Stephenson' - P ker Daws, awp, iz hrng, Be I , ROW A- af ' mond, Rfjlazlizlre Ugraderr Bedwell, James' Hayes Hanna, C ' Autry, Henry' l - 4 2 4g ROW 1: wmv Semer Auf' mS, Wayne, Wilba k ' Y- ROW 3. Ben n 5' Harwood L . , H d . , ewellen, D U QIFIS, Looney, Cox, Bame?:ll6'gos:engCdEscanillo. ROW 2. Cro k ' I ewe f Martin, . 0 51 Culp, M Greenbands . . . Known as the "Greenhands," the first year FFA boys is composed primarily of Jr. High boys. They begin their study of ag in the ninth grade and may complete four years by the time they graduate from PHS. Pursuing studies in farming through four years, the boys advance from the rudiments ot modern day farming to the more complex phases of agriculture. owe' Rafklev Wil ' I liamg Buchan ' an, SP ONsoR5 f Mr. D f u fey and Mr- Barnett "2 LONE STAR FARMERS: Mike Barnett, Freddy Bell. N Q.. V .. fmqpl' if 'QQ' is 'N ? w 1. f.: . ff' - ' 1' 523' ig Q '1 W . r - . ' 0 af ff-' . , t ,J in "I" v ' 'QM if ,. .N . -5. gi . e . 4 i.A 4 'ax 'I : 'I , ag Fu' vANDERPooLf ARD .s . ougaaff " swd T depa Future Teachers 0 America 9 3 1 S llcn Goodwln' A LewC ' r A . J nison, 'Ga,deU9 l. rldbcfg, Blair, Synclalrgtonafll AY9rS, Psntielzinmf Huddle BYYMN' Nell' Wlarr:E2lT9:Yf Bryant' GTallb:lSUl.FalNfCnCe' HUlflbSMiN1l3ber, MFQUECU ldns Gre99, Comes lcjhljvlrl Dotsont Alkmslonq lglo CrO5S' cTlarYlNiclwoll Pallerson' Bran I . , i i 3 . ' nn i ' 'n, ' Row 1, let' 'O lsw' Dodson' Wehilfield, BlB"'2O,?B5ms1h, Clwfcltwell' A l lO T' ' . . Bruce, ' i' 5 HOW' ' ROW Q, left H to Hghi, h BOM Col in , - W 3. le to rigllli ' Davis. RO W A, left son, Leweuenfi gSBaca, Glamz' Ford' Taylor, OFFICERS Susan Cross S, President Judy Terry S, , T Vice-president Gaylia Bryant Secretary Shirley Ford Treasurer Larry Akin A Parliamentarian Pursuit of one of America's most noble professions is the basis for membership in the FTA. Presenting information concerning the teaching profession, the club also provided opportunity for students to enter the classroom and gain insight into the profession as they serve as practice teachers from time to time. The group serves as hosts and hostesses in PHS during American Public School and Texas Education Weeks. This year the chapter served as hosts to the District convention. Highlighting the years' activities was the annual banquet and attendance to the State Conven- tion. O. R 2, f, Lees Memorial C lmpter OW 7 I I ' eff fo . . eft to right: Cgfjgkvmclgughlfnl Brya ' 'Os nf, F0 S- s, Terry, Akin. rd. ROW Ncztzomzl Thespicm Society . .. Interested in advancing standards of excellence in the dramatic arts, students of PHS applied for a charter in the National Thespian Society last year. The year-old chapter initiated seven new members and installed of- ficers in October, and again in February initiates were received into the Chapter. New members in November were Linda Goodwin, Mable C de Baca, Terry Sue Mallow, Nancy Webb, Arthur Williams, Dick Gosdin, and' Karen Humphreys. Second semester members who qualified included Marie Anderson, Nelda McQuien, Sharon Urban, Monty Ward, Barney King, and Ken Jordon. OFFICERS President ,cc, cccccaccc,.c.c c Ben Ferguson Vice-president , , cc,, Scottie Jackson Secretary c ,,cc Sara Sue Brown Treasurer cc.c. Judy Atkins Reporter A, . cJudy Terry Q i 1 2 1 5 I , , E 1 , fi . gi I 'i .O i i z?1l i i ' L qi?-9 5' i , KAL i x' i it 4-1 Officers Installed: Sara Sue Brown, Secretary Ben Ferguson, presiden! i 2 f 1 is r ,n4'T' , i New members, C de Baca, HurnpI'1reys,' Webb, Goodwin, Gosdin and Wiiiiarns are inixiated by Jacks and Ferguson. Scotvie takes veep office as initiates observe. , A if Q fix i Q TR ' A . Q a 'E 4 . 5, 2 3' 1 Q Q X u ' 1 Miss Hart insfalls new officers Jackson, Veepg Atkins, Trees, I Sa i B. N i "A K 5 V if g if . I 4 YT-"' - " i kv I . minute boo ' . SU egeiv Judy takes Treasurer s office. ra A 3 , V 1- f i5Ei??5'?r Z . Y - ,1 - Vi' 3 f I OH A TerrY, Blair, Wllllamson' .X . 2' 4.,if'?'+ I Seated: Tudor, Ford' M Webber, Andefson' qQuien7 Slandlngi Senior Tri-Hi-Y OFFICERS Judy Terry President Kay Blair Vice-President Shirley Ford Secretary Nelda McQuien Treasurer Marie Anderson Reporter Beginning the year with a bang, the first project of the Club was Share Day activity in cooperation with the Salvation Army to provide the needy with fruits, nuts, and candies for Christmas stockings. With the urg- ing ot Tri-Hi-Y, the entire school caught the spirit and all students participated to make the day a success. Another big event was the staging of the Bow-Wow. With a beatnik theme, this variety show proved quite popular. d Goodwin, 'hrz Ntrs. For . k Evans. I W 2' tefq to rig d MBHOWI Meet Robinson. RO ,V Son Wottor, Q ien Glantz. . - ' lev, Two", I ' Ford, W'l'am ' r h Sson, MC U ' dbefg, Rae, Nllller' Blum? 3 left to ftghl' Blair' Mynroe, TaYl0"' MHC U ' ht. Moore, Nellf Reecllklun Malone, Morehead RO Hanhers, Miclure' Walker' ROW l, lei' 'O 'lg feny Anderson, W' 'ml N. Humpl'wreYS Goyne' . , ' ft to F19 ' Neighbors Brown , 4 ROW 4, le lgO, 204 Webber, C C59 Bai' . 5 mm Bobby Pillow TRI-HI-Y BEAU A7111 Robiuswz HLY SVVEETHEART Q25 XLT. Q Ramsey, Left I i 'I 4 3 i A l Patterson- ROW 3: d' 5imrt'tOl'l5f N gwarmer, ow 2 carter, Ragland' Edwltliarshall, Reeves. Cl'U'Cl'We W' ters Fox, Todd, 5l3PlelTn'RgW 4: lltlillisf Holllngswonhl - lson BaYleY' ln 'Stern Nlasten, Vesla ' Row 11 Nmho ' W tlace, ' i to right: Winters, 5aU v K'ser Hutchers0fM a 1, staplem' Cane" Hz-Y Jimmy Carter , . President Charlie Saul Vice-president Max Stapleton e,,e,, Secretary Stan Jones e,ee,ee , Treasurer Austin Winters 7 Chaplain Ziggy Nicholson . , 7 Parliamentarian To encourage high standards of Christian living is the primary aim of Hi-Y. This aim along with a desire for clean fun and fellowship led 28 boys to join Hi-Y this year. This group is a branch of the YMCA. Among the many proi- ects are a club-sponsored bill for Youth and Government held annually in Austin, after game parties at the "Y", and election of Hi-Y Sweetheart. ' 2 . A3 S tl Clowefl R39 el Saul, OFFICERS President Joy Cox Sharon Whitfield Beverly Blaine Connie Lewellen Sandra King Vice-President . Secretary s , Treasurer Reporter Lett to .1 right: O'Bannon. Soplf Tri-Hi-Y . . . Toliver, Heye, Blaine, C. Lewellen, Whitfield, Alsup, Cox, Jameson, "To create, maintain, and extend, throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian char acter" is the purpose of Sophomore Tri-Hi-Y. Forty-three girls make up its membership. Affiliated with the Plainview YMCA, Sophomore Tri-Hi-Y is a service club which has such projects as making baskets for needy families and help ing the Salvation Army. One of the highlights of the year was a Valentine Dance staged in February. Marshall, Toliver. ROW ln M E h rn, Lewellen, LGFOHTI U I . zovllones C.aSnZth, Walker, Innes, Wlmfleld, Glantz, Mullings, Jameson, C- Lewellen' l l rw l 4 E 'B nnon Herring Horan. ROW 3 2: Gray, B. Stone, Julian,dPerl:ins,BQlis1LLp,PikIjam, Qeye, Copl, Simmons, Ragle Woods, Davis. ROW 4. E m s on .7. '- va ... f Q in lu 1 t ffm ,i u' " " 9 lv ' , ' ' 4 u- '- ' x .v il , n m s8Qigmggin+aisx 207 d Crowell Kiser Calhoun, . ' 1 R , Nl Cuf Y, I I Left To right: Row 11 rurrow, Y'arbr0U9l'f BaYleY' Wlnms' Mullmgs' BlackefrbyriollfllllnTy'MlE1lZll.ll,ll? Reaarlrlijll Ferguson, Nichollf Swann" Saul' Fox Bryanl. ROW 3: Ferguson, Hollingsworth, Ragle, Wealfeff Messer' Bryan' ' Carler, 208 Lettermeu Club Leff to righr: Yarbrough, Ph lnney' Marshall, Carter. OFFICERS Vic Yarbrough ,, rll, be Y President Jimmy Carter , Vice-president Bobby Pillow Secretary-Treasurer Robert Marshall 77,,o Reporter Ronald Phinney 7 Parliamentarian f H9 I 6914. JERRIE WALKER-Sweetheart OFFICERS Juanan Perry President Mary Chris Hayes Vice-president Ann Gardner Secretary Suzan Brown Reporter Interest in business and commercial work is em- phasized through the Future Business Leaders. This group discusses careers in business, the oppor- tunities which lie in the field, and qualifications to enter secretarial booking, stenographic work as well as other areas of this field. left to f-v right: Gardner ,Ha 2 yes' Pe"Y, Brown Future Business Leaders 0 America Left to right: Row I: Block, England, McGuire, Castleberry, Graham, Brown, Dixon, Billingsley. ROW 2. Ellis, Mitchusson, Miller Lusk Cope land, Golden, Galloway, Gregg. ROW 3: Peterson, Duckett, Perry, Hayes,Munroe, Virden, Bybee, Humphreys, Mrs. Cate, Young. , t , tk lg, 4 'J' iv l J I JOE WAYNE BAKER ALLEN BEARD JAMES CROSS ROBERT EDWARDS Miller Food Panhandle Popcorn Safeway Hamby Distributor " 552 352321 1 p r ' 'V , , , . T D z b z . T ,K zs M u we 'r A - ' y I yf. 'I of? 'X-. THOMAS ELLIFF Stone Meredith CURTIS ELLIFF Berry's Bakery Tm Mu LOGAN FITCH ROY D, GREGG B8.W Magneto Shop Warren White's Super Market KENNETH GRIFFITH EDITH HATCH Hamby Distributor Woolwgrth An outgrowth of modern educational programs, Distributive Education combines vocational training with academic study through the cooperation of business firms. This program offers students the oppor- tunity to receive training under actual working conditions and pursue their high school education at the same time. EDNA HATCH LYNDA HANES Woolworth Woolworth I JOHNNY JAMES MACK LANE KEN MCBETH BOB MCCONNELL Leonard s Truck Co. Whites No. 3 Paynes Herald News ciucrztion Students enrolled in D.E. take the required courses each year, go to regular classes until noon and work downtown in the afternoons. They are regularly em- ployed, and many of them continue their work after graduation. Juniors and Seniors are eligible to partie cipate in the program where they receive QV4 credits each year. , 9 5 JOHN MOORE BILL MOTT Borderfs Woolworth f x lyx X xxx XXX Rf 'fl Lf, M! EDWIN ROBERSON EDDIE SLAUGHTER JAMES SLAWSON Whites' No. 3 Bryan's Food MIKE TlNNEY LARRY WALKER KENNITH WHITE ARTHUR WIl.LlAMS Marse and Son Arch Keyes Warren White Super Market Sears W V.--.,,.,,,-.V -lil K- 9 .X 1 T S Gazing aT The skyline oT our ciTy sil houeTTed agains'T The horizon, we can Teel a Tranquil peace ascend. AT This Time of The day, The hub-bub and noise oT The Town has slowed To a guieTer, almosT languid pace. Children have ceased Their playing, housewives are preparing The evening meal, business men guiT The day's work To go home faThe day draws slowly To an end. Now iT is diTTiculT To comprehend all eTTorT and acTiviTy which go inTo The daily realm oT living in Plainview, buT ours is a Thriving and prosperous liTTle ciTy. CiTizens of The communiTy con- cern Themselves wiTh every phase of civic aTTairs ThaT ours may be a desirable communiTy. This inTeresT is maniTesTed in The cooperaTion and supporT given The schools by businessmen and all people of Plainview. VVheTher we are playing an aThleTic conTesT preseming a play, or publishing an annual, These men sTand ready and willing To assisT us and To supporT our proiecTs. For This we are graTeTul. Our skyline reveals much oT The characTer of our Town. In The disTance we see The church sTeeples, The gins and elevaiors, and we know ThaT The businesses are There To supply our ne- cessiTies. ln This silhoueTTe are found hidden our hopes and plans Tor The Tuiure and The means ThaT we may use To achieve These dreams. Through our ciTy and iTs scope our horizons of Tomor- row become Tilled wiTh success and saT- isTacTion. The ciTy and iTs people assure us of a Tull and prospering life iT we buf accepT iT. 'X V X Congra+uIahons and Besf Washes I'o 'Ihe Class of 60 -X D HALE COUNTY STATE BANK Your Bank of Frlendly Servlce MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Q ii 2 . . 4, , Y I for ITD! VII an 1'E Xxx I ll ' ' ll xx DAIRY QUEEN Columbia Phone CA 47520 Home of Ihe Cone Wl+h Ihe Curl on Top Richardson OII Company PHONE CA 49332 ZIO3 COLUMBIA BOX 548 I SHIIIIRUEK PLAINVIEW TEXAS noon WEAR TIRES SHAMROCK PRODUCTS WHOLESALE GOODYEAR TIRES IIIMTIII HHH5. ' Qgs. XX. XX x - - O - 5 QX x ' bs . f P fxff, ,V A ,. .W .I SML, Hn . 0095 - A . -' : I, .Bi x . ' 7 X. . , .,-. h I 'xg I 'I T9 I . 1 I I ' . yf I Y' -' I II - ll O O f PLAINS BOWL, INC Snack Bar Alr Conditioned CA 3 3I77 2002 QUINCY PLAINVIEW TEXAS Congra+ula+ions +o 'lhe Class of '60 DOVIOVIU C This BeHer Dry Cleaning Cosfs No More Phone CA 44576 Phone CA 4 74I7 606 umcy 225 B'0adWaY PLAINVIEW TEXAS PLAINVIEW TEXAS + Wf yl lbl fl d Ld Ph 6l3Broadway I P. , 5 .K Q X. ' X ,V 1 l l 'hw- Mrs. lvlorrfson of Paynes' is showing Kay and Shirley a Clllon ilhie Formal-One of fhe man amos name a es ea ure in a ies' asicns. PLAINVIEW WHEAT GROWERS INC 72 E 1' 6+h S+ PLAINVIEW TEXAS d Feed TRY OUR PGC FEEDS PENNEY S STONE AND MEREDITH PLAINS DRUG CO HOME SUPPLY Wlg B b + P'-A'NV'EW TEXAS SEIDLITZ MULTITINT PAINTS SUPER KEM TONE d KEM GLO I o 3 as . Grain an 9 a reen Agency Drugsfore SB O dwa Specialized Floor Covering r a Y and Ca ine Tops an - THE YARDSTICK "Fashion Fabrics" 6I0 Broadway Phone CA. 4-92I9 PLAINVIEW, TEXAS Besr Wishes From CURTIE MAE ROGERS INSURANCE PLAINVIEW TEXAS WARREN WHITES SUPER MARKETS Four Locahons TO SERVE YOUR FAMILYS NEEDS Black and Whi+e and Color TV Service on Any Make STINSON TV AND APPLIANCE ELMER STINSON O DAY PHONE CA 4 6965 504 WEST 5+h ST NIGHT PHONE CA 45662 PLAINVIEW TEXAS I , wner Packard-Bell Philco Hoffman 2900 I 5+I1 S+ CA 4 434I JOHNSTON MOTORS J W HAMBY We Sell 'Io Sell Again Dlsh-'but-or D I CA 4 788 4I0 W 5'I'I'1 PLAINVIEW TEXAS IMPLEMENTS ACCESSORIES IWHOLESALE ON LYI JARVIS TULL AND COMPANY INC You In'rerna+lonaI Harvesler Dealer PHONE CA 44408 40I BROADWAY LEMONS FUNERAL HOME 206 Wes'r 8+I1 Phone CA 4 5566 PLAINVIEW TEXAS Our Bes+ Wlshes Class of '60 FOOD MACHINERY AND CHEMICAL CORPORATION 22II N COLUMBIA PLAINVIEW, TEXAS Wes ree'r PI1one . - ll 0 ll Q Q ia . -6 ' Plainview, Texas I o r . I HARVEST QUEEN MILL AND ELEVATOR C0 PLAINVIEW TEXAS 35 000,000 B shel TOTAL STO RAGE CAPACITY , u s CongraI'uIahons From GREEN MACHINERY INC Manufadurer of Green Pumps CA 46367 I20I EAST 5+I1 Congrafulahons Class of 60 May We Always Merlf Your Business HAIL SHOE STORE PHONE CA 44969 707 BROADWAY HODGES ELECTRIC Resldenhal Indus'IrlaI Wnrlng Lrghhng Flxfures 3009 WEST PHONE CA 4 2882 CaII Us for Dependable Service PAUL HUGGINS MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR 709 Broadway Plamvlew Texas I o II - v Il 5+h . - Il ' ll CONNOR MATHES CO INC Dlsfrlbufors AUTOMOBILE REPLACEMENT PARTS Phone CA 4 274I 6I7 I9 2I Aushn PLAINVIEW TEXAS mac wwf ..--if-"" COOPER PONTIAC CADILLAC, INC CompIeI'e Au+omoI'lve Service 6+h Balhmore Sfreei' Phone CA 4 2788 PLAINVIEW TEXAS GALES PRESCRIPTION SHOP GALE CLOTHIER O I00 Easi' 7+I1 CA 4 7474 PLAINVIEW TEXAS Our Mecllcme We Sell Our Service Is Free Your Business Appreclated MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION CITY NATIONAL BANK FHFSUIPIPTIIIS -9- I WEST PHARMACY PH CA 44325 CA 44324 PLAINVIEW PLAINS PRINTING COMPANY LH Of 'I' C 5 B Ph CA 4 247 PLAINVIEW CO OP COMPRESS INC Box 249 PLAINVIEW, TEXAS 2V Mules Easf of Plai 1 A C, I I I ,ii ' +I' .. 4 R in "I -:'I 'xxx 1 ' VL E, -"TI T Meef Your Friends a'l' e erpress - fse "If I+ an Be Pho'IograpI1ed, We Can Prinf I+." II6 E. II1 S+reeI P.O. ox I023 Plain ' T . -9 ' I P.O. I JURCAK MANUFACTURING COMPANY 909 WEST I2+h CA 42822 PLAINVIEW TEXAS G + e PLAIN TEX STEEL DAY S CLEANERS STRUCTURE WE CLEAN CLEAN THE ROSE SHOP zo-1 w a+h Q P CA 42158 PLAINVIEW TEXAS a I ws owers Say 1+ wfrh ours , z Nj 1 . t 'I H 4 ' f? ' L N. --11 . 'T Fw, A :ski .f:. 3 E I f A get-f f ' -f A I "Have Your iH's Made o Ord r" Complimenis of I Drive-In Cleaners - 5+h and uincy hone - I S y '+ 'HW H HOW HIGH IS YOUR STANDARD OF LIVING? Can you guess how many ways you put eIeetrIcIty to work? Make a guess how many ways do you put electrlclty to work? You can check your guess agalnst the hst below to figure how many appllances you really have If you guess Wlthln 5 of the actual total you re very observant What s more, you have a good Idea how outstandlng a value your low prlce electrlc servlce really IS DINING KITCHEN JOBS ENTERTAINMENT AND SERVICE JOBS BETTER LIVING REFRIOERATOR CLOTHES WASHER REFRIOERATOR FREEZER TELEVISION CLOTHES DRYER FREEZER RADIO SEWING MACHINE RANGE CLOCK RADIO IRONER DISHWASHER PHONOGRAPH HAND IRON DISPOSAL UNIT TAPE RECORDER WATER HEATER PROJECTOR VACUUM CLEANER ELECTRIC TOYS WAXER POLISHER TOASTER COFFEE MAKER ELECTRIC HOBBY EQUIPMENT POWER TOOLS WALL AND CEILING LAMPS GARAGE DOOR OPENER PORTABLE MIXER FLOOR LAMPS ELECTRIC LAWN MOWER BLENDER TABLE LAMPS AIR CONDITIONERS ROTISSERIE ELECTRIC CLOCKS FANS AUTOMATIC SKILLET ELECTRIC BED COVERINGS SPACE HEATERS SHAVER FURNACE MOTOR HAIR DRYER HEAT PUMP HEATING PAD OTHER DEEP FRYER AUTOMATIC SAUCE PAN WAFFLE BAKER GRIII HEAT LAMP ICE CREAM FREEZER VIBRATOR SCORES If you checked 45 Items or more your standard of JUICER vAPORIzER BOTTLE WARMER OZONE LAMP 30Io44 vERv sooo elecfncal IIvIng IS EXCELLENT 'I5 to 29 GOOD Less than 15 YOU RE MISSING A LOT KNIFE SHARPENER NIGHT LIGHT OTHER I OTHER SOUYHWISTIRN Pllllff VICE ll u .. , . , . , . . , I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I 1 I- 11 I I I1 . I 1 I ,1 I I I... I1 1. I I I I I- '- "" I I .- I.- 1 : I .. I- I- - I I ...EOODMIXER I-' I I- :- 1 I , I '- Q' I " I- I1 I I 1 : I Ii Ii - I .- I- 1 I I I- -- .... I I I1 I1 : I 1- I-1 :T I I 11 I I I... I - IT- : ' I I I 1 I -..- I I - 1 I- I .. 1 I.- I -I I 1 I1 C L ABERNETHY AGENCY General Insurance Real Esfaie Loans bob AUSTIN PLAINVIEW TEXAS YOUR FAMILY STORE 6I5 Broad ay Ph ne CA 4 5272 !'2' THE CAMERA SHOP Every+hmg Pho+ographlc l709 W 7'I'h PHONE CA 42l5l 'S K H0 JIMM gps ll 1155! :asm JIM'S MOTOR COMPANY Useful Used Cars 600 COLUMBIA PHONE CA. 4-730l PLAINVIEW, TEXAS JIM HAYNES CURLY WIGINTON HOWI-E PAYNE HOOPER S SPORTING INSURANCE 60005 Real Esfafe Insurance AND PHONE CA 47544 CA 42866 Br d IO7 E fh CA 33660 PLAINVIEW TEXAS PUBLIC FINANCE INC 633 Ah Sir 'I B CA 47468 PLAINVIEW TEXAS Examined and Supervlsed by S+a+e Deparfmenf of Bankmg RITTER S FOOD MARKET lzol COLUMBIA CA 46910 Bngges+ Ln+IIe Sfore rn Town WALLER TAILORING CO B MEDLIN CARPENTER O PLAINVIEW TEXAS Fme Cleaning for 50 Years 5 MEN S WEAR I . - or . - oa way u 6 I - 9I7 I 0 s ee P.O. ox 369 I 628 roadway , - , wner 9 I I :ku PLAINSMAN ELEVATORS INC LIQUID AND DUST INSECTICIDES HW MMS IAN - I El 03 X N'f f D7 N , X X X21 If Mx, xx! N J A - J. B.'S KELLY HQBBY SHOP REFRIGERATION 709 OAKLAND PHONE CA. 4-7326 AND Model Planes Race Cars B Railroads Craf+s S+amps OBIS ELECTRICAL SERVICE 302 BROADWAY CA. 4-7548 Besf Wishes 'ro +I1e Class of 60 TH WESTSIDE O CAUDLE JOHN G SMITH Congra'IuIahons 'ro fhe Seniors of I960 LADY FAIRE BEAUTY SHOP PI1 CA 4 76l I 803 A BROADWAY LINDLEYS RELIABLE PHARMACY Your Neighbor Pharmacy 7l06A W 7II'1 ST 9 PHONE CA 33653 S ck R S ppl es Complefe P escr pi' Servnce i I B B . u lZie er-Slnoploing Cegnferl one . - ' ' , I oom u I r I ion ' STOVALL BOOHER LUSTER S LAUNDRY RADIATOR Modern Repa1r 313 W6+ 7111 CA 45629 Depaffmenf FREE PICK UP AND DELIVERY Men s Work A SPGCIGITY 10191025 N BROADWAY CA 4430i PLA1Nv1EW TEXAS WI NN MOTOR COMPANY Cars Fords Trucks FORD FALCON 7+h and Ash WATSON BROS GARAGE Keep Thaf Cer Good' Speclallzmg 1n Aufomahc Transm1ss1ons R W IDUBT WATSON soo W 6111 Dal CA 42616 ELMER WATSON PLAINVIEW HARDWARE COMPANY J 1-1 POWELL E M ANDERSON PIBIHVIGW Texas 500 Ash CA 42I23 PLAINVIEW LAUNDRY COMPLETE LAUNDRY COMPLETE LINEN RENTAL 400 Ausin CA 42209 PLAINVIEW TEXAS S . . - MARSHALL BOTTS I . . . , 1 . - ' ' , 1 . - CongraI'uIa+lons 'ro I'he 60 Semors NICHOLSON S GROCERY 81 MARKET :ao w Ilfh S+ PLAINVIEW TEXAS MOTOR TUNE UP PHILLIPS BATTERY COMPANY STARTING LIGHTING IGNITION MAGNETO CARBURETORS SPEEDOMETERS RADIOS CA 4 6I I 6 PLAINVIEW TEXAS C P ELLIOTT J C M INNISH BRYAN and HOFFMAN Paving Con'rracI'ors Box 390 Phone CA 4 73I6 PLAINVIEW TEXAS PLAINVIEW DRAPER FLORAL CO George Keys Greenhouses Furmfure Manufacfurmg Co H07 NORTH BROADWAY PO BOX II8I PLAINVIEW TEXAS Phone CA 4 I507 Nghf CA 42466 PLAINVI EW. TEXAS I . . .- TV EATON'S STATIONERY 6I5 Aus+in S+fee+ H IGGI NBOTHAM BARTLETT CO AII Kinds of BulIdlng Maferlals CA 46335 PLAINVIEW TEXAS 309 E 6I'I1 PAYNES GIFT 81 JEWELRY MARSHALL DAVIS 600 BROADWAY DIAMONDS WATCH ES JEWELRY Ladies AppareI ETHELS HAIR DESIGN OLD MEXICO RESTAURANT .705 W 5+h Fea+urmg Fme Food CA 33522 MEXICAN FOODS D I CA 44817 828 ASH Congrafulahons +o Ihe Class of 60 F W WOOLWORTH S I CA. 3-393 I . . ia . - I Congra'ruIa+Ions' PLAINVIEW IWatson si BUSINESS COLLEGE 2I5 2I5V2 Wesf Se en+I1 S+reeI PLAINVIEW TEXAS TraIn 'rhe Wa+son Way Inyesnqafe Today Tne BusIness World Needs TraIned Men and Women as Never Before Free Employmenf De parfmenf PO Box 208 DIAL CA 45224 WATCH REPAIR JEWELRY REPAIR HILTON HOTEL V 7I9 Broadway Congra+uIa+Ions +o 'Ihe PLAINVIEW TEXAS Class of 60 Owner S B MCSWAIN WATCHES DIAMONDS CLOCKS SILVERWARE ANDERPOEL JEWELRY NORRIS CLEANERS J L NORRIS Owner CLEANERS AND HATTERS 8IOA Wesf BIII Sfreef DIaI CA 46264 EHRESMAN BROS. PACKING CO. "Where Oualfry Coun+s" Wholesale Meafs PLAINVIEW, TEXAS I - V Visif I'I1e SCIWOOI or Wri+e for Complefe Informaiion BILL S CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY Tarps Mencled Furmfure Upholsfery Lawn Mowers Sharpened Lawn Mowers For Sale IOI2 BROADWAY CA 42I53 BLAIR DRUG STORE PHONE CA 4930I 720 Broad ay PLAINVIEW TEXAS -iiiii-"' I 'EF' "I I :Gm f - INTERNATIONAL PAP COMPANY f fa af laL5'M1 Z' 30 E In CA 33694 75? LUMBER if ROOFING ig' LINOLEUM PAINT iff HARDWARE ily WALLPAPER ik BARTON PLUMBING 406 W IHI1 CA 462I0 PLAINVIEW TEXAS BELCHER S GROCERY DnmmlH' Highway ANDY and PAULINE BELCHER u '-' w Tk ,x C , I. Ii ,- A , ,LZ 'ff I I ,L ,ff 1 i :fl ,Q-1 F' -F L 9 ,i -A 1 A wg N I' I:- Q. -t -S Isla 3 S U ' .. , All "Jiri ' -- I - A 1 f I . 5+ Z . - , D I O N, OWN SUPPLY CO CONCRETE PIPE METAL CULVERTS ALUMINUM PIPE ROAD SUPPLIES Office and Plani LOCKNEY HIGHWAY BOX 646 CA 4 275I BILL'S PLUMBING 7I3 Wes+ 8+I1 S'I'reeI Owners A G BARTON an BILL BARTON PHONE CA 3 359I PLAINVIEW BRYANS FOOD STORE Grocery and Meaf Markei' FREE DELIVERY II If IS SPSS You WanI XM ruf,,,,.,,. CRENSHAW W T CAIN MOTOR COMPANY CASEY S BAKERY Phone CA 427Il 604 ASH Used Car Loi 42270 PH CA 44963 I004 N Broadway PLAINVIEW TEXAS PLAINVIEW TEXAS II - - a P.O. . - H H We Have I+ PAINT 8. GLASS co. 2' E aw BROADWAY DIAL CA. 4-5459 WARD S GROCERY 81 MARKET CAPITOL 4-6624 2204 W6s+ 5+h S+ REEDS WRECKING CO New and Used Paris CompIe+e Glass Service 407 COLUMBIA CA 429l7 PLAINVIEW SEED HOUSE Soufh of Courfhouse PLAINVIEW TEXAS PLAINVIEW MATTRESS FACTORY Manufadrurers of Ouahfy Beddmg BOX I88 PHONE CA 44583 PLAINVIEW TEXAS Prmhng All Kinds 6I6 ASH PH CA 42320 R Q SILVERTHORNE Insurance FARM LOANS CITY 40608 Sk gg Bldg CA 46378 qsumce msy I of I I AT 70, Em Sm, PLAINVIEW TRIBUNE AAA GRAIN an ELEVATOR COMPANY I3OO E 5I'I1 S'I'reeI Servmg Plamvlew WT+h 2 500 000 BusI'1eIs Gram Sforage ALEXANDER NEIS DAY Ph CA 39022 NITE Ph CA 45930 PHARMACISTS BARLEYS SERVICE Ben T C W STATION Sig Kg M CA 45322 6I3 BROADWAY PLAINVIEW TEXAS BOYD 81 DAVENPORT AGENCY INSURANCE LOANS REAL ESTATE Our New Locahon 625 AUSTIN CA 42701 PLAINVIEW TEXAS The er oiIe'I'ries- EIizaIoeI'I1 Arden, o Yardley' E-vyan lwhife Shoulders, 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE ANYWHERE Cara Nome- '3 - I0+I1 and Columbia in 's en SMOKEY S BARBO 508 W 5+h CA 4-4I57 PLAINVIEW TEXAS EDDIES DRIVE INN Free Dellvery WrI'h Orders of 2 50 or More See You There Gang l0l3 Wes? 5l'l1 PLAINVIEW TEXAS CA 42539 Q1 1: Z-1 '4-4 OI Cm xrn :l: oil :D Viz l'l'1 I: Sao U"l1 O gnu PE Zz: -'vu Lan.. ...neu BUILT IN RANGE I X K. l' ee our Gas 5 l Appl ance REFRIGERATOR II Dm BURNER WITH A ll fdigfaldfgwwvlg alma Pmneer Natural Gas Company BUD S FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE I02 Easi' 5+h CA 453I2 PLAINVIEW TEXAS We Cheai' You for Less n Giro 66 Q '4- if L1 ff X PNN' PAGES FOOD ao9 Easl 24+h Phone CA 4 937I I I " nr . , . 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I II II WILSON GRAIN CO OF PLAINVIEW I400 Easi' 5+h Sfreef Phone CA 4 7847 PLAINVIEW TEXAS QQ 'iff 1 G, NM uWm'HwWW,nnmn"mm ROBINSON HERRING , ,,,,1- ' DRUG 5 IZ Waltz 'U er- G:f+s For AII Occasions BULOVA ELGIN AND HAMILTON WATCHES RRANIWS ARCH KEYS FLOWERS PA 42774 q P Bes+ Wishes From JOHN G LOGSDON JOHNSON JEWELERS CompIeI'e Bridal Dep'I' KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS IMPERIAL CRYSTAL RED WING POTTERY SYRACUSE CHINA The Fnesi' In Wafch nd Jewelry Repanr 620 Broadway CA 44I6I RAGLAND S WESTERN WEAR 622 Broadway PLAINVIEW TEXAS O I . fl 'L' ' Ln -N-..-L.-"".l.,r Ll: 'i x I , -r - i 'lx , I I I , -x ., l, 1 F P' - 5- X ' fu: -35-', Z v Q'Q's 1 -M fl A ne? :' f' .1.'.:. , ff' 5. 21 iii I1 , , 4-. 4 ' " .f' ' Q ' ' "- , - '- .'- : - noun nm . I Diamonds-Leaiher Goods Cameras and E ui men? - Cosm I EI, Elecfric Appliances - ' -QSM ReIiabIe Prescripiions I I ' a I I Federally Lucensecl and Bonded BILLIE SOL ESTES PO BOX I592 WAYNE L COOPER 4I5 Easi Ilfh S+ JERRY HARDER PLAINVIEW TEXAS GRAIN FEED SEED FERTILIZERS Always ln The Merkel For Your Qram PHONE CA 3 3696 OLTON PROVIDENCE PLAINVIEW SOUTH PLAINVIEW TERMINAL I2 O00 000 Bu Slorage WQGARD ALALL1 Moron col QNCQ DeSo1'o Chrysler Plymoufh lndusirnal GMC Tr Sales and Service uclc lrrlgahon Engines Always rh R152 C- lzllx.. 14 Q 633 BROADWAY e Smarlesl and Newesl un lor 'flue Jumor or Miss PLAINVIEW TEXAS PHONE CA 4 6474 Faslwuons . I ll ' I I 0 - I I ' f'rv"WVf-xJ"1I"'X wr N 'f xr ' N - ' A- A im. A V.A.1.f,..,f L.-- r-V-'f'fLvf'-4-w K' ffx lffvff C Lum., ,jgllynelx NJ-L,x!, .1 . r 42. . . . . J, T.-X .vnl I f, If . .'-'g' l x 4 ,4..' - 1 1 ' ' N ' Ki 1 l ll . A U Cf . - ll ' I ' 1 ll I Compllmenfs of EDMISTON SERVICE STATION 20I WEST 7+h CA 45356 PLAINVIEW TEXAS CONSUMER S FUEL ASSOCIATION HALE COUTY INCORPORATED Always a Good Place To Ear CO OP MES 711 Columba CA 42846 GASOLINE LIQUEFIED GAS KEROSENE LUBRICATING OILS AND ACCESSORIES FERTILIZERS CORRAL DRIVE INN 6+I1 PO B 407 CA 46381 FURR S SUPER MARKET H3 BROADWAY D I CA 44I2O PLAINVIEW TEXAS DARGAN S Where BeHer Merchandlse af Popular Prlces Is Always Feafured SOUTH SIDE of SQUARE DIME TIME LAUNDRY 24 Hour Service Across From Ihe Hospl'raI 808 Wes'I' 8I'I1 CA 3 9I26 I of . I -- 60I ...ox .- I Ia .- I E65 .5-fa 'V' ',1...1-i- CLAUDE HUTCHERSON AIR SERVICE Box 950 Phone CA 459l4 CUSTOM ERCOU PES BEECHCRAFI' Sales and Service Charier and Arr Ambulance PIPER CUB Sales and Servlce PLAINVIEW TEXAS 41 Is+ SUPPLY CO H 728 Ash s+fee+ DIXIE SHOP PLAINVIEW TEXAS II3 WEST 7+h l ' . I I I Columbla PLAINVIEW TEXAS Phone CA 45546 TANKS-BUTANE SUPPLIES-MARUEL OIL GRANADA GIFT SHOP INC -Lovebrlghi' Diamonds CompIlmen+s of China Crys+aI Poi-Iery EEDS GIN CO Gunners Co++on Buyers Ph CA 46822 PLAINVIEW TEXAS JAMES HUNT Mg Congra+uIahons Class of GIFFORD HILL WESTERN, INC CONCRETE PIPE ALUMINUM PIPE 24II1 and Col mba CA 4636I , T E -Wafch Repairs- ' - '60 0lUlIlIld,g0T'dD11 B h A S JONES 85+ WIS es +0 :the MaHress 8: Upholsfery Co Class of 60 Beds Box Springs E K HUFSTEDLER Innersprmgs and AND SQN New MaHresses I303 DATE CA 39l88 O K RADIO 8: TV 30I W + 5+h CA 33648 McGRATH S FINE FOODS 2500 W 5+h S+ HALE CCUNTY GIN Box I48 I50I Norfh Columbia PLAINVIEW, TEXAS rv:-.-:-:gf-1-.., .... ., ., .. A ..., V I I ES Wag BRATCHER DEPAUW Moron COMPANY OQ5 220 Wesf 5+h Phone CA 4 747I PLAINVIEW TEXAS THE ROSE SHOP 204 WEST a+h CA 42158 Say I+ WI+h Flowers Say I+ Wufh Ours HALE COUNTY ABSTRACT CO Organized I 906 ABSTRACTS-PHOTOSTATIC COPIES 5I2 Ah S+ CA 49306 PLAINVIEW TEXAS TI E is Acc: Dems 'A W 0 TS CITY BODY SHOP 405 we-3+ s+h Ph CA 334ol PLAINVIEW TEXAS GUY eoocr-I Ph CA 47700 Compllmenfs of HENRYS TIRE CO EOR ALL TIRE NEEDS CA 47530 107 w + s+h HAYDON AND WINKLES SHOE STORES Fruendhef Shoe Sfore In The Soufhwesf Phone CA 45329 626 Broad y PLAINVIEW TEXAS LITTLEFIELD TEXAS H, , '33 Phone . - - S . . - E ES,'.7'?'9 OU , AKEX f fri , OF, . 6 V-, , -- v .."' -.- . I! - I I es . - WB WILLSON 81 SON BUILDING MATERIALS HUBBARD WARRICK Every'rI1mg To Bunld FURNITURE COMPANY A"YII1'n9 627 ASH PHONE CA 45850 CA 4279: PLAINVIEW TEXAS REUEL NASH CHEVROLET INC Plalnvlew Texas STAPLETON BROS MACHINE 81 TANK CO SI'apeI'ron Rlghi' AngIe Gear Drives and S+apeI+on Turbine Pumps I007 09 Easf 5'II1 S+ Phone CA 4 5639 PLAINVIEW TEXAS TEXAS FARM MACHINERY 7I8 A John Deere Sales and Service PLAINVIEW TEXAS I Q MANU FACTURERS OF usIin BEST WISHES FOR FUTURE SUCCESS TO STUDENTS AND FACULTY KVOP LESTER STONE COMPANY Your Mos+ Dependable Source of Chemicals Ferhllzers Our Specralfy 4l0 EAST 6+h Ph e CA 3 3673 PLAINVIEW TEXAS TV LAB HILLCREST GROCERY UGMY Meafs CA 42607 7oa Wes? 5+h PLAINVIEW TEXAS DAN MacNAUGHTON INSURANCE LCANS REAL ESTATE APPRAISALS 403 SKAGGS BLDG Ph CA 44880 on . - ' . H TV and Radio Service Q , - MILES STUDIO ROGERS BATTERY Porfrauhlre AI AND ELECTRIC HS ef M0 W Nh VA 42570 CA 423I2 303 W 7fI1 PLAINVIEW TEXAS Congrafulahons +o +he Class of 60 MARSE 81 SON Plamvlews Leading Depar+men'r Sfore PLAINVIEW TEXAS CA 45739 phofographer E F SHEARER TEXACO SERVICE Plamvuews Only Nafural Color Pod d d 5+h CA 3 092 P L b I I or ral 6 PLAINVIEW TEXAS 506 B ad ay PLAINVIEW TEXAS r Besf Washes From JOHN G LOGSDON .. H bill s. weules I I I , Ian an , . -9 STONEHAM BUTANE CO. Bufane and Gasoline MOBIL PRODUCTS OII Gas Tires Balferles Accessorues 800 E 6+l1 CA 336I3 ROACH APPAREL , Sporfswear for Men an Women 8 I 8 Broadway PLAINVIEW TEXAS D Nm ALES ewefwi 7I I BROADWAY Plalnvrew Texas PHONE CA 42692 Be f Cjfy lllllllllllll Nl 67 1L1l1l111f1llUULUfm . fb - xiv, ' f"E+v-1'- Lum.. .a -.' dk 1 Oh ' A y f . ' f , , 1 y 3 1 , A , , , . l 6 V, rj I I , ,,. , .,. if , lhl . 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Appaloosa Horses RT 3 PLAINVIEW TEXA S Phone CA 42227 XY TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 'The VVorNr,1S Bei' Yearltcfnlfw Aw Y-wloffwvip 1.-1 .. .. .. . .Y , . .. .,.,..,.. ...................,...... . .,. -............. ..,....... . . . .. .....--...W ....................-..... ....................-,.... F.. ......+. ..... ........,......-.-..-1.............,.., .. ., ...,. ,. . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,, A W, ,.1,..,...n:ns-..., 4, F ' ' 'I,-Q1 - ' - - - Yi.. rg.:-Q.,,,,L,--1mG-..:xa-luivK,...l.... .1T....3.......vJS-v...---.......,- -:.tm5-1..x Q up-ilu!!-15-r,,:v,.p,-,., ' , , W V, V. 'HMV - ln ,46 ' 4 E ' r ,fb .A . o ' ' 1'-X Q I ,' J '-1 .. A , Y - ll - X' ' ' X' w y .ali WA ,Q ' in 4 . - f x I v b' ox bl " K - P J A' ..- v-- -A

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