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Yi sf 5 ,, F T3d! 7'A-LAYETHFSAY, fw.'!1",3 ' '. 1 !.1FZf:3w.MS61'iMY.'f1 125'-?J,2 :F 1 1245 -E1T.24i.Q,i'f152if",L,,!"5!99E'3!,.L'fJ'3w' :fill 'Vw-,:MLK?ZQZ.W .p. ' .., -r..i,1.55.n: aim -31,1-.I"Ki'iiiE'?fL.-'aff K' ' Q 1 .EEL . , V Y., ' 4 1 I 'Mmmw .mm-, LM ' '27 411 GP f ,w 2 Q ar! f W 4: 56155 X'J+' Q + Q 0 4' l IB BX5 Joanlloyd 1 dilor-Irv hw. 'ff kc,77055f74! I Pon SOI' C ' F I 1 N usinass Manager 1,71 ' X I ' 'o 1",,I,','o 'Q ', 0 ', o , 0 f, 0 0, 0 , , ,O 0 , 0 , , o , 0 , 0 Q O ' Q ' I I ' 9 95 of 0 l,'o I 0 . 'fo ','a ffl: a ', 1 'c , non .9 :qv V . 0 0 ' I . QI 1 ,'o'-, I, ' '09, ' 0 'I 3 I D.. I i ',','4 0,'1",'l.'A."'I I , . o , at :Y . '. 'Q' - ',.,'. 0 O: "1 'SI' JoonI.Io7d, A PHOTOGRAPHER ..... ASH STUDIO PLAINVIEW, 'rExAs ... ENGRAVER ... MID-CONTINENT ENGRAVING CO. WICHITA, KANSAS ... PRINTER ... THATCHER PRINTING CO., INC. PLAlNvlEw, TEXAS V v V QBXWEQS N PUBLISHED BY , , I RN uf mxwfxxkf 'i LU USD THE STUDENT BQDY our PLAINVIEW I-nel-I scuool. N' PLAINVIEW, TEXAS 919 DEDICATION TG MR. R. XV. DAVIDSON As a token of our sincere appreciation for his faithful service as a teacher. for his splendid example of unselfish leadership, and for his personal interest in all student activities, we dedicate this "The 1935 Plain View". ,gs R, i FOREWORD In this, the 1935 issue of " THE PLAIN VIENVH, we have tried to preserve the students' accomplishments, pleasures and activities. We, the memf bers of the Staff, hope that this book will bring pleasant memories to you now and in the years to come.-Editor. ENTRANCE OF WEST SIDE OF BUILDING V Y Y "il ,.. ,f'fA'f','-W' .LT "IX,-i' I ' , qua '45, 5 . , , -, -."':.-"J-V. h1,'v:,bvW-'f'vW"" 'IH "TI A ' . ' rf---W .. '13 4 lynn' - f Y Y Y Y V FRONT ENTRANCE OF PLAINVIEW HIGH SCHOOL PERSONAL MESSAGE From Our Superintendent Please accept this short message of appreciation from one who has really enjoyed working with you during the last four years. You have been such a -delightful group of boys and girls to teach that our entire faculty will remember you with a great deal of pleasure. Your conduct has been above reproach, and you have con- scientiously and faithfully fulfilled the requirements of our school. Therefore, we pledge our future good will for your success and happiness. With kindest personal regards, I am Your friend, CHARLES E. DAVIS, Superintendent. Q ,g ia-s..A. 4 O. L A A S Prmeipal nj' the High Selina! VY IN AND OUT OF By ANNiaTTia ln and nut the elass ruunis, day by day. lile gives nn at Plainview Hi. Friendships .ue made. hupes crushed. pledges bruken. pet hates burn. and yet nothing ever happens, 'There are eertain sights and sounds that are usually evident. lu which we become su aeeustnnied that they seein tu held little sig' nilieanee. yet without them lile at Plainview Hi wuuld indeed be rubbed ul inueh nl its :estlul spirit. lt seems queer tu think ul' it. and we ad' nut that we dun't specially eare either. but we wmitler what wuuld happen il: A gruup ul' Sigma Deltas weren't seen lurking in the hall. trying tu decide whether lu inake teinpnrary pledge Asher eliinb a tree upside down, ur live un eraekers and water lui' a week. lfrnggy Lnyvuiu didn't expuund on his merits as a bigfleague player. lf. Nelle 'l'hateher. bless her heart, didf n'l run .uivund trying tu eulleet ads for the dear nl' l'. H. S. annual. and see that every' unc was getting alung all right. CLASS ROOMS w C,ui.i.n R Charles Vv'iniberley didn't run down the hall luudly prnelainiing that everyone better get nut nl' his way 'cause here he CUHIUS. lVv'hnupeel Wlizit a partylll Latrell Richardson and Lynn Bain stay' ed in third periud study hall lor a whnle huur just une day. Miss Pluininer didn't have a hard tune trying tu keep order amung a certain gruup ul gurls in the upper north hall. .lean Guuldy didn't gallup dnwn the hall in breathless pursuit ul snnie unknown 173 persun. Glenn Ellis passed an English test. Mi. Dorsey didn't have tu break up ll Hudtlle Club ineeting regularly every innrnf ing. and lullnw each nieinber to her respective K.lmlN5. Mike Kirk sat quietly thruugh one elass. -lack Wells suddenly became shy and inudest. Mr. Pruitt taught Home Eeunuinies. THE 1935 PLAINVIEW A small matter of importance which was the subject of much discussion. pro and con. for awhile. was the question of changing the school colors. and our sponsors and faculty advisers found that although a student body may be farfsighted it can be crossfeyed on many things thee heel. However. after all these heated arguments we emerged with red and blue. instead of green and white. as our school colors. It was with mingled feeling of pride and regret that the Seniors of 1935 saw this change made. yet they gladly particif pate-d in anything which would result in the forward movement of Plainview High, Though it is commonly known that in the spring a young man's fancy turns to love. it seems that in Plainview High young man and maid alike turn their thought to contests of every kind. They have been successful. and while electing the football queen. annual queen. dairv show queen and the most popf ular girls of each class. we managed to make enough money along the lines intended to keep us safely out of debt. Heighfho. Most satisfactory! Not that it makes any difference, but after careful consideration we have decided that if the truth were told. the following would come under the classification of people we like: Dear friends who loan us money: instructors who are gullible enough to enjoy seeing their names in print, and as a result give the writer a good grade: and people with cars who are dumb for smartl enough to let other people drive them: while under people we don't like-wellffreshmen with that Mknowfitfall air"g personal enemies of the writer: instructors who are smart enough to give us what we deserve. and no more: mugs who won't set us up to the drinks: and people we envy and don't want to admit it. Ben johnson declared that Shakespeare would have done hetter if he had written less. Perhans the P. H, S. annual would he better off if at least one of its columnists took the hint. so as they say in France - aw river. YYY YY Y Well-7 well well --'arid here we have a group of well lgnowri, distinguished and hon' oruble teachers and professovs. First we .See Mr, Laax with his "Pride and -lov", Ther: Froggy and a book containing his favorite subjects for class tallqx. Mr. Davis is shown with hix hobby. George E. looks as if he were about ready to burst into the School Song. Underwood is probably selling or colf lecting for tickets as usual. This time it's Campbell, heh, heh!! And Billie with, would you say hobby? . . . perhaps riot. But of course Dorsey has no use for all this 'non' sense ...,, 9 THE 1935 PLAINVIEW ffl elf X ..,. 4 N, Xie. JC 10 1, 5 QUR ..... TEACHERS -I R. H1-wr H' Pl, N.. M. S. Vmutxmlul Agricullun' Cimuur L1-gr CUI.I.lN.- IK. S., M, S. Funds l,.-xl'R.x Sm! l'l,x'xmnu ls, fx, Lutm Spmmfi Umm.: E, Mf1vv'lIIR'I'l:R ' 14, A. linglimfx R.-XI.I'Il lbmvl-Y li. A. Cflzcrvlimtry' Rmw MII STI-,All Srcrrlury Im,-x M.-mv IP lil NN H. A.. M. A, HLNIUVN' -I, 'If lflr.1,1w1L1a. Sk, Is. A. lfrlgflxfl CI. lf. l.m'x':mN n. A. Hxxlnry Em-11 lkoxs, HA. 2 Publu' Speaking " lfwlglish Typing fl THE 1935 PLAINVIE EAND ..... i TEAC!-IINGS R. W. DAVIDSON B, A. Biology-Physics IOELLENE VANNOY B. A. Clothing MARY BEss HICKEY B. Typing-Shorthand MAIBISON PRUITT B. E. Civics Economics BILLIB MCCLURE B. A. English-Civics WILNA SIMER B. A. Mathematics ELLEN CAMPBELL H. A., M. A. English X R. B. UNDERWIJCJI7 B. A.. M. A. Mathematics YYYYY VYVV Y 1' P1 EI 1 EJ Z3 E5 F' L. lk I bl Nl I EI VV 1695? E111 ' -'. 51 ,. px Kg 4-1 2 'f N 'X"-- 2' gy. l12l BE I-IIND - THE - SCEN But Very Much in Evidence By Miss El'l'lli luows Service is the keystone of civili- zation. On it depends the growth or decadence of individual life and the life of society. No longer can man live unto himself. ln one sense, it might be said that all men are servants. Some serve for gold, for fame, for powerg some strive for personal aggrandizement and selfish aim, others serve humanity for human- ity without thought of gain for self. lt has been aptly said that "He who would make a success of his lot in life, must build a service station on it." Service, in its Lefz to right: Mr. Earl G. Alexander, lvlrs. W. . , . truest sense, is an office of devo- tion. Such a service has been tendered this city, this school, and this community by the Plainview Independent School Board. Un- ceasing labor without remunera- tion, anxiety for the school's wel- fare, patience toward all-this is their gift to their fellow towns- men. Their only pay is the satis- faction that comes from the knowl- edge of a task well done, and in the appreciation that we can show them. It is with this thought in mind that this space is dedicated to that unseen but ever-present force-that unit of action behind the scenes .... The Educational Board of the Plainview Schools. B. Martine. Mrs. M. E. Demcnt. Mr. Will Iaickc. Supl. fi. E, Davis. Mr. john Lucas. Mr. Floyd Covington. Mr. Wzillzice B. Davenport. tlvir. Glenn A. Smith not prcscntl THE 1935 PLAINVIEW ES f?ff,gfjp.'.1g1j.' Z, v.3'm"' '. K ' '.".1 :V --m.'..ff.-- -.1 J A' 'Bm "'f'T"V'Y "ix 'H l P, 1. ,gl . Z ,.f. Y , fgf, 7 . , ,f ,X AS There was an old lady Who lived in d shoe, She had so many children She d'idn't know what to do A SO-she sent them all to school! X NK..X ,7y V Yrtjgrnnj-I-All D 7' if H .l . 5 J" vga? , , l x F. . it in 'n ul :fanny -. f ,AE 5' ' we iii . gli ' 5.L.?52l,5 .vu 'tn' -2 '-5 :M . '- ?j1:gZ.T5 .V 4 --:xg,,Qa W .Q-f +1165 ff- t Q, " Eff: c5,?.fg r . 14 if .lid 1 if 'fb SENIORSf CLASS PRESIDENT' SECRETARY-TREASURER LOUIS SIMPSON MAUDENE ROGERS H1fY 3?.f33f34. President 34f35: ViccfPrcs. Girls Hi-Y 351 Spanish Club 32f33'3-1: Pep Alunior Class 33-343 Annual.Staff 34-35: Squad 33134: Business Mzinagcr. Treasurer President Senior Class 3445: Boys Glee Club junior Class 33134: Scc'yfTrcasurcr Senior Elf?-3. Sec. 33f34g Senior Play 34. Class 34135: Annual Club 34135. V SENIOR CLASS STORY Hy l,ol'1s Simi-sox 'ljllld CLASS 01-' '35 . . . Just another class to graduate from P. H. S. 'Phat is the way we may be thought of, but we had rather be thought ol as the class that was never defeated in an inter-class contest. As Sophomores, as Junioi's, and as Seniors, we distinguished ourselves as winners, and as Seniors we have published an Annual and presented a Senior Play. Neither has been done by Seniors in the past three years. And so we come to the end of our high school life with much happiness and just enough sorrow to make it worth our time, and though our hearts may be heavy, we will strive to remember that all good things must come to an end! THE 1935 PLAINVIEW IL'ANiTA DAVIS BRANTLEY MALONI5 Luhhuck High1 HifY 31124 RoiniR'r Lvl? HcJPi4lNs MARY JANE HlLl,, Spanish 32631 Literary Club 34'f'v'5, Ac:Ni1s MCDoNA1.n Lillian Peak 33f34f35g Tennis 3364. JOAN LLOYD Spanish Club 32631341 Art Editor Anf nual 34-3-ig Girls HifY 35g Art 3162. .... . J .. 7 5 .-, .. ... V, ' wx, CLOVIS CLOUGH Band 31135: Pres. Ban-cl 33f34g Track 33: Senior Play 343 Glcc Club 3243. Lvmv BAIN Silvci-mn High: Girls HifY 35: Spanish Cluh 34: Annual 34655 Class Play 34. MVRIFL. DAVIS Mfxrwr Nui. VJINL10 Kress High: Tennis Cluh 34f35g Girls HifY 35. TUNE HARRY Lillian Peak 34654 Tampa. Florida High School. VELMA ROBERSON Lillian Peak 32f33f34f35. L N' IN is T- X ., 15 .xi i.. . , x' , ,. ir" l KN aj Xl xii 2-- fx ,iff U61 .BX 4, T31 X Rm' Nmr juia TiTTLia Hi'Y 3lf33'3-P351 Boxing 311 lfuutlmll HifY 33f3-4f35: Draunaitics Club 33f3-1 313334: Banslwtlwzill 3-4135. .-Xrmu.-x Fur Tiiukxrux Rxrxiuxu Mi'Gi.ixssuN l5.uul 31331 Lilicmry Cflulw 331 Simuueli ll.unl 33-3-P351 HifY331lf.F.A.3-L35 Clulw 341 l.itcrau'y 353 Girls HVY 33. I,i'i1ii.i.i-, lfii- rriii-11 Nriiim MM SITTON llcp Squad 3-V351 Snynlci' Suliuul, llixtuiy 3lf3Z: Band 31133. Scciy 34 351 Lillian P-:uk 33. President 34. I jfxxi I'uxx'iii XX'Ai,iai-:R iluup liuc 3lf3-lg Llluc Cfluli 3131: Drriui, 3313-4: Pcp 5klllilt.l 321 l'l.iy :-H. Bi-x Tvi, Lum Blau. STANLH' HifY 31321 F. lf. A, 3Zf33f3-V35. Latin 31331 Clcc Club 321 Draunatic 33f3-4135: Spanish 351 Pep Squad 34 MAR4:ARi4T Ai,i,xANniuR MAR1.ARi2T GRiaiiN lllcc Club 3lf32: Lify Scc'yfTrca1s. 32: Pep Squad 33133: Camp Fire ?1l'341 Pup Squad 33.1 Czinip liirc 3lf341 Prcs. Lillizin Fcuk 34f35. 3 Draun. 33341 Editm llznn View 34-35, THE 1935 PLAINVIEW MILO DRAPER CLAIRE JEANNE BRANHAM , F. F, A. 34f37: Boxing 33f34: Tumbling Clec Club 31132: Camp Fire 3233: 3233: Science 33f34. Dram. 33f34: Annual Cir. Mgr. 34-35. ADRIAN TERRELL lV1INNlE MARGARET HUGPIES Spanish 32f33f34: Lillian Peak 3435: Girls HifY 35: Camp Fire 33: Spanish Baskctlvall 32415: Pep Squad 33f3-1. Clulw 34: Tennis Club 35. Lousii BLINTIN JEAN GOLILIIY Pep Squad 34f3'51 Snyder School. Girls HifY: Pep Squad 313-2, Lcadci' 33841 Gilicc 34345: Senior Play 34. EIIITH MASTIQN JOHNNIE CLAYTON Spanish 3-4f35g Runningwatei' School. Boxing 32133: HifY 32f33f34f35'. DAVID ERWIN J, B. WHEELER Tuinlwling 32843: Pres. Science 34355 Boxing Club '33: HifY 34135. Delnatc 3lf32f34f35. MARGARET RossER MARY HART Girls HifY Pres. 35: Sewing Pres. 31. Lillian Peak 33f34f35q Science Club Latin 32133: Lit'y 33-35g Dram. 34f35'. 33: Vocational Guidance 32. T I-I '5 Q T? F L .fi l rel 17 ni., fl f I Jiffy. 4. l1Hl 'S Q-lvu Ciluh .wlf32: Psp Squad .1I'3-ll fl-f 3,9 T' ,V W ., in j. C. STOVALL FRANCLS MILLIQR li. li. A. 33134-35. Luckncy High School: Lillian 34f3i'. Cum Yorma Auuii lVlITCHliLL lallian l'vak 3213313-lf3'i1 Vicc'l3i'cs, Clcc Cluh 331 Spanish Club 3-V371 3437: lla-kcllfall 33f3-4. l'cp Squad 37. BILLY TIT' Science Club 34-35. Alvxi- X7ANf'l- l.1ll1an Pcak .s4'37. LDORUTH x' Rmms Choral Cluh 321 Pep Squad 31: Lillian Peak 32'33f34f39. Hiau-.N SITTON Ulu- Cluh 3lf3-1: Latin Cluh 32-33: lliand 3235: Tcnnis Clulv 34135. MARY Tuomwox Lillian Peak 32. L1.m'lm TAI.lAlfIiRRO UNL 37: lruuthall 35. Baskcthall 35. WlLLlii Mais Domi XVANM VAN11Ii Pep Squad 3lf32f33: Glcc Cluh 32: Clcc Cluh 3If32f331 Spanish 33'34: Lillian Peak 34, Lillian Peak 34'3'i: Pcp Squad 32-33. Pcak THE 1935 PLAINVIEW DENNIS STOVALI. Tumbling 32f34: Annual 34f35: F. F. A. 35: Dram. 34: Play 34: Debate 35 MARY EARLE SANSOM Pep Squad 33: C. Hi'Y 35: Pres. Latin 3233: Tennis 33134: Annual 34135 EVISLYN MALQNH Glee 31-32: Spanish 32f341 Debate 32: Basketball 32135, Capt. 35: Annual 341 35: Leader Pep S. 35: Girls HifY 35 EMMA NELLIQ THATCHER Debate 3Z'34f35: G. HifY 35: Choral 32: Pep Squad 33f34. Bus. Mgr. 35: Bus. Mgr. Annual 35: Basketball 35. TOM VAUUHN Football 32'33f34: Track 34f35: Hifi" 34-35: Boxing 33: Tumbling 32. MARY RosALEA JACKSON Pep S. 32: G. HifY 35: Sewing 32: Com. 32f33: Lit. 33'34: L. Peak 34'35. THE 1935 PLA E GLENN EL1.1s MARf:ARizT Cmfws ' Matador' High School: Senior Play 34: Annual Club 341351 Girls HifY 35 TVllLDRliIW AloHNsoN Choral Club 32: Spanish 33f34: 7 leak 3-P35. Giaonurc PIZRIWUIQ Tumbling 33: Spanish 33: Boxing 34 li. F. A. 35: Senior Play 35. PAVLINE RVCKER Spanish Club 341 Pep Squad Quitaque High. iAxNNEBliL MATsLian Basketball 33f34f35: Pep Squad 34f35 Lillian Peak 34f35. Lillian 34-35: IN V I E W ,AT l19l , fx Al ist? Nl illl3fQ3Z IZZOJ X 1 i HA1wi.n Hl4'ATIi Lois Akifns HIAY 341371 Buxing 32-331 F. F. A. Girls Hi-Y 371 Spanish 3133. Lillian ViccfPrcs. 33f341 Senior Play 34. Peak 34. Pres, 37: Pep Squad 33f34 -lui. DI'LLA SMITH CARMLN PAH. Ulcc Clluh 3lf3Z: Lillian Peak 32'37. Glcc Cluh 3lf3Zg Latin 3133: Tcnnis 33'34'37. lMiuiAu,x ELLswuRTii Hifugx Ruin VJILSON Art 311 Lify 32: Camp Fire 311321341 Spanish Cluh 34137. Band 32137: Choral 34: L. Pcak 3467. Nl.i.isA Lnrisi. Mufmi: KATllliRlNIi Rixxms Glcc Cluh 3lf32f33g Pcp Squad 31-321 Tcnnis 34f37g Baskcthall 3267: Choral Spanish 33f34g Annual 34-37. Cluh 32133. Eli-Axim STOCKTIJN CLARA Hovia Pop Squad 321 Camp Firc 31134: Lil' Pep S. 33137: Spanish 33f34: Annual han Pcak 34f37. 3-V371 Basketball 34137: G.Hi-Y 37 Fmrwi-s jim SWAN Gi1Nr.vA STUVALL Dramatic Cluhg Annual: Camp Fire: Lillian Pcak 3'lf33f34'37. J Lillian lcak: Pop Squad. THE 1935 PLAINVIEW Y WORTH JFFFIVS Econuinics 3233: Science 3364: Font' hall 33134351 HifY 31-32f33f34, ANNHTTE COLLIER Camp Fire 318421 See. Spanish 371333 Literary 313 Dram. 33f34: joke Editor Annual 34f35g Reporter G. Hi-Y 37. MAXINE PORTER Lillian Peak 32f33-34f35. RIJBERT GROTH Spanish 33f34: F. F. A. 34453 Com' mercial Club 32f33. ROBERT BURCHARDT F. F. A. 33134. Treasurer 34135. EVELYN BORCHARDT Tennis Club 34: Lillian Peak 37, i l l , BILLY ASHISR Basketball 331 HifY 311353 Fnurhall 33f34g Science 31-351 Spanish 33f3-1. LATRELL RICHARDSON Glee 31f32: G, Hi-Y 35: Camp Fire 31' 321 Pen S. 32f33: Dram. 33f341Span' ish 32f33: Annual 3467: S. Play 35, BEVERLY AYLESWORTH Lillian Peak 34f35: Art Club 31-32. TVIARKIARFT CHADDICK I Lillian Peak 32f33. JACK WIJLLS Band 31f3'igHifY 3l'35'3 Debate 3lf35: Annual 34135: Tennis 3233: Track 33f34. Glee Club 32f33: F. F. A. 34135. MARY ELLEN VAN DERVOORT Pep Squad 32f33g Declamation 32f33g Annual 34-354 Debate 33'34f35. 'T F1 EI 1 S3 Z3 E5 F' L. lk I hi Nl I EI NAI E211 ,.,w ' 22 l r 'ILTANITA BLACK QIUHN Bu1'N1vs Lillian Peak 3465, l'lifY 3lf33-34f35: Band 341353 Tum bling 33134: Boxing 34135. LlaLA CLARK LILA CLARK Spanish Club 331 Lillian Peak 34'35: Close Club 321 Spanish Club 33f3-lg i W Clwrul Club 32f33. Lillmn Punk 34145. MARY FRANCES XVOODALL IXVVA GOUDARD Clcc Club 321 Spanish Club 331341 Slmnialm 34f3'71RuimingwaitcrSclum Lllliaui Peak 3435. Eusri HARTLHY lVlARiiARliT CURTIS i Caimplfirc 32133341 Lillian Peak 34f35, Spzmislm Club 33'3-I1 Vicc'l'rcs. Lilliaux Pcxlli 3-P35. Qc:oNT1NLf1iD ON 1foLLow1Nu Pmsuj - ... , , Y ,.. A i fu X BERNICE AYLESWORTH Tennis Club 34f3'i. PAT DOYLE HELENA CARROLL Glee Club 34g Basketball 34-135g Lillian Peak 35. MoNrE ISRELI. SENIOR CLASS ROLL Science Club 3-145136. MIKE KIRK Football 33f34g F. F. A. 33f34g Boxing Club 33. CHARLES WILIBERLY Spanish 32: Science 33: Wrestling 345 HifY 33f37: Football 32'33f34g Track 5364: Soph. Pres. 33g Junior Pres. 34. ESTHEL MICKEY KATHERINE WALLER Salem, Oregon. High School: Lillian Giils HifY 35: Spanish 31-32f33: Draf Peak 31f32. matics 33f34g Pres. Literary 34'35'. Y V Y V V Lois Akers Margaret Alexander Bernice Aylesworth Beverly Aylesworth Billy Asher Lynn Bain Juanita Black Lucille Bass Evelyn Borchardt Claire Jeanne Branham Louise Buntin Richard Blakemore Hershel Blankenship Robert Borchardt John Bounds Benton Bryan Helena Carroll Margaret Chaddick Lela Clark Lila Clark Annette Collier Margaret Crews Anita Clary Margaret Curtis Johnnie Clayton Clovis Clough Muriel Davis Una Davis Willie Mae Doak Jessie Dorough Ferol Edwards Barbara Ellsworth Charlie Byrl Espy Lillie Espy Gerald Dorough Pat Doyle Milo Draper Glenn Ellis David Erwin I. J. Evans Lorena Faith Lucille Fletcher Fred Fairey J. T. Fielder Jr. Awa Goddard Margaret Green Jean Gouldy Glenn George Robert Groth June Harry Elise Hartley Mary Hart Mary Jane Hill Clara Hope Mary Lee Howell Velma Roberson J. B. Roper Mary Earle Sansom Helen Sitton Nelda Mae Sitton Joe Della Smith Lola Belle Stanley Eleanor Stockton Minnie Margaret Hughes Geneva Stovall Roy Hall Harold Heath Robert Lee Hopkins Montee Isbell Mary Roselea Jackson Mildred Johnson Worth Jeffus Joan Lloyd Agnes McDonald Evelyn Malone Edith Masten Annebel Matsler Esthel Mickey Frances Miller Alice Mitchell Melba Moore Nelba Moore Auneta Morris Mike Kirk Brantley Malone Pat Mayhugh Bill John Messick Roy Neal Carmen Pate Inez Pearson Wilma Pearson Maxine Porter Jane Powell Geneva Price George Perdue Lula Ray Dorothy Reams Katherine Reams Latrell Richardson Mau-dene Rogers Margaret Rosser Pauline Rucker Louis Simpson Dennis Stovall J. C. Stovall Frances Jim Swan Adrian Terrell Emma Nelle Thatcher Lucille Thompson Audria Faye Thornton Marv Thornton Lafahn Tubbs Lloyd Taliaferro Joe Tittle Bill Tirrle Carl True Horace Turner Ben Tye June Vance Wanda Vance Mary Ellen Van Dervoort Tom Vaughn Katherine Waller Helen Ruth Wilson Mancy Nell Wingo Margaret Wise Mary Frances Woodall ' Charles Walker Jack Wells J. B. Wheeler Jim White Curtis Wilbanks Charles Wimberly Vernon Windsor Carrol Westfall Cleo Young Raymond McGlasson Mildred Bishop Walter Bogard THE 1935 PLAINVIEW E231 'N Q Ki. U05 HUC we find reading left to right: Little Fnmcis jim Swanq Master Billy Asherg Mrs. Sansomfv "Sunshine Babyng Future President Simpsrmg Prim Little Miss Rosxerg "Wauf Wat" Alexa-nderg Buddy Nealg Li'l Ol' Wiwnpyig Our Mixx Huglzesg junior Ficlderg juxl Kathrineg "Tuffy" Tom Vaughng and again Budg Kathrinels Little Pal "Archic"g Baby Allyn Baing and "Bobs" Ellswofth. 1 ., . , W., , . ' -..- - -'---1 s'f,' "lf ,i,54,-.W-si? P ni,-,xi 55 A- .zfh . 251' W':2?vf3l""53i?-51- . l4'gfE." JW- " ' " 9 VW 7' "F -5 ' Y: "9k?f"f5 -' WW ' F "2-1 " " 15'-.f, " 'W' f f? 'fr'-' r"'f'kK..-Jw,-A121 . V Y-. -an-T" 13 .1d"T'---l3"'-vi.. if-1 fl, .4-1 . ,R 'f?,1"W - Q x 3 " . ' ' fl f"1"i1-'f -:1"-N3-5 3133 5 '9 X275-31.4-J'H K:fCf?f5Lfkf71'543l 'QQFE - . ' , if -- . - 1 1 23 -1 ' 1--K H 1- gg --gg, -' - gf- f ' 5 as ' ,Q Q -fx . ' K 1, 'W-Y, '-.-,..-1... - 1,,,'Me - - -,. - sm- s-..- 1 , .-1' -. a 4 1 - z -1--xt.f. --., , . A . K-,ifzrnf , . Jig .- . i. .71 A V., K ag, M Kfjlsji Ny- .,wL,y::.:.,fv1:iV, , , : -1 agjnfigyg 1 .53-jr", 'ft flf,-fP',g-A uf. gg-:gr rg- ,grvli-?'1,"3H 5,5 .7-.rm 3 .70 ,-- H- ' ' if--?iff11 J. -ev 14-I ,f,,,,vi,a3'-' , . V.,-, V, f- ..,g - ' ' - '-3"LaW1a,'3 Q14 'vwj'-, "' erfMif1' -gg ' 1 -- ', V -'H--L .ul ' , .. 42, , , - J w9.'-:ge-,9,'1?r -r.,-,V .. 2- .fr 3, , 'I'-1 . 517- Q .4 - 4 -'C"f-14 ' 'x W- . 'L' Ar.-Q X.. 'rf-gr? --G-v. ,Y-f -. . --f:9- fc-Q '61-. "LQ 'AT - Y --U T, NM is 4. ., ,h f,4,iSb5.g',.3,?:1gj.l,fJ-.kjmtf- . ,L ,526 Life.-qc., . Yung, . T ,, - "'f . ff-3335?-V . l-1iT:QTif-f-"'-ig- 4-f"Q1'i.'ff?'1. ,:ia"'SZ'-14 ' --3 if e- . .- .. J' ,I-2.-zrsigf 415--:Q-fl-5'-,.,sf"'f-we:-fQ3ewi'3r-aff 21:-4' -'Q K' 5 1 - . , ,f 1' ,t'-L--.iff4-f'fA'af:iyiK:SFI' lflnjb-S' -1 5594, f',,.:2f - A - I - - - Q ,- ,fu ,gb ',,f1'.1:'f1'ff-1,.,"' r:'1f.'-W , 1 Y '- 2 t 9 , ,-11 ' 32- 'Qi -' - .W - if . '- f L31,f', ..1iIFi'5'2:?JiaQ5fl?Q..- 4 1 . . x ,QI .. ,V :VA K 1 .M . ir-,..,i,3xZi2bNz, V 4.yni:Z,?Y?gjx,35.h.4-bf.zfti, . Z5 . .I .- ' 1 ,,' .,ff'Z+f'..":'?Sir, gg zfhvglff 'Q-gf3pg,i15?Y-'1'4fvL2f3'1i'5.2?' Q - 'gf' A . .1 H 11 .un Meri-.CA , v -' 11' eff .- -ff' r ' - f - " L ? fv:'l12v1x- H1 Y , MJ,,'.',T"Q-W-'3'ff' H-1 SH- .nf . 'nf ni 1-'asa5f':.!:' 'i?Q1Q-H .. H, ft ' Q. ., . ' 9 ' ul. ' 1' ' 'f-'QS-x!:'.a bf 'x-ff! Q- -:L-I '. '22, ' f"'kff.1-'Qilfw in -4 'i' sf-Q'yYI,.,l"l1 gkIf'?.j.i'- 'V ' 1 pl ' '- ' A' 7 ' ' ' 92 5- if-.55 'f 1- -Q' iL'5l '2'5"ff'?-'S-11. 7315 '1 -, - -1. . - W, i' 'r ' I - - f , .' ,'iMf-.5--.-Q..-,,-1--,--.+,.f-s-g'QF"fl'-" AJ,-iff... "E':f'.r.'. ' f -.X - 1. f 4 ' ,, 1- 2' ,I 'fx w' .5-ig' AE ,.:,b,--'EJ . ,. .. . 54' ' .-53 gf".-if '- X Y-if?-K.ff?:F-252-',, ,-, if---1' .- .' + .,- -f Nl 'la - I .man .-.V - r fr -- --WFT: --'f,A.'.,4,-.JA-.5 '-,,f,.,fa' ,-,Jw 1 , ' - 9 'f .V L A -I . 1 ,iw 1: ., :M ?A2,?z.aQ.i,v-tvs,-,Muzi-I Jhzgcvgaizdl-,fE:xf.,? I,:.d,f, Q .1 W t J fb . ,' 'l,','1 L i ' ' ,i WH "if,-'QJGY' Yigk +.' - Q 77"iQf'A J- ffj gfigtfl' 1" .I.Y,"'f'1f L'fll:"'aQ ,I 1,-I , Q, ' ,f x Q. i f-413-5 Wil- -ff 1 P- 2 ,. i'is',fQXI'f5"A5:Iht3:':A5-3?'f'i.'ffi'9" .,"'- A., ., Wa... . 22 " P -Q . ---.W - ,f -, K . H - : Z' fi: j ' "Q H fps., , x- . A - Y 1 5. '...,f,4 eff' ff, .fx-an -1, .' -'K-.'.f.-11 M iff" -7 'V+'-1"1 fl ' -i'5.'-f". ., .1 - ql M- '- mu., - . . . 1 ' - -1--'K - N r' w rfmah ,g .3 f "x'3?,,,.. X-1-Q -:--1, X, 1 -- Q '- alfs- . -aw . M-2 .,-,-,aw M f -i.'.1-,,.F - ,-.',1.- 4 -, vugtyi - if-gg f ' . -, , . ,'gJ'g,-,-. .Qs - , - ' 'X -. C, db .' ,. -'-,.f-- ' x . f- , ,,.- . -. - M a' . u .. 4- . , - - " ,iff X L W-V it U m,,.s aiigiy, 15 ,4 Ez., ' .-:51Q'm-Q-,ff -1 fu, fiy:'j,'ff,,." ' " '-,IG :fy-,-'.,'. x iff " I 55,Wf5'+?'3i'-W5.5xinB'-1 fi.-ni., " - " ' We-.-1 ' U ' A I if 327'-v'T-' -Sf Riff? ' 7 ' H. 15- ' . .- 1 gy-. V .f - .. V. V, t, ., , ,. ggfv WHY- - 5X5 f Arr:-w V - f- iff., .4 ., . f m . U , ,g ziwglmnagmxpf X, Jul, .h,t:uR.qMg A Ab . . , . 'qi-5-5i'lkfeI1sf'5X JP1. - . .- - , . - - N VkfiiiillghaM'm""5 7 "sS'H X ' U J' 137' V ' 4 K, v- 1 I. .2 :--1, J L- ., - Y -', - ' W ,,.,-,ku Y 1 fx- 4-Q5-v - f 1-9 EHLHI' ' 'fix f ' f - ' f ' .i,.-A51 -:.iLa-,g - ,4vE"'gq, , f5Q'J,g,A g'f,g,:z,Q',,j, X .4 , - j xigg -.1 iliipggllxf if Lzx-M , '- 1- . -V V.,-.a'P'.4 . 'p 55. f -' -in-e,:,..' s11.v-5 ,M- L ' 'B A f ,,,.J- gg A ,, ' .13 W, ii fhqpr '3.',3 .: 1,.x5:,fJ5u.-. Lg ,E- 1 ,. .- -,pe W- ww 4, ., --f -1.1-r. --1: 1, '- ,1 in , U E. , it , my-,,,5',. 1, ., ' : -,. W, ,JZ Q4 2. Q' xp, ..,,-4,25 N ' X . 3'f:Qf,1,L 1 Lf, . i. , X , 1 - F 5, 1- - 1 -11-'A"E"J:Y',, Q D , 1" -,K 1 ' ' 7 L Q' . 'f 3"f2s2'r H' JZ. ,Inf 1. I' f . --" N' , ' ' 509, - Q ' 4,-w, .. ,,- -1 rs - - . . ,, . --'.5' f," y . "-""- Q .1 ---- :: J 5 .fry Y J 1: 1 L' --1. 4, uf.. ' ' ' ,Q ,,.-Q-15,5 iff 1 Y - V- '- +15 g " . 1792.4 ' f v -, -f' V - ? 1 f -- f-.':'f9'f- " Ylflf 1 -- ' H 1' ,-N "'5tfTf.1:5'2, 'gif iykx 'K "Wu ' - -1 , N N.-,,,.'1..' .-9 , " j., 'LZ T" 7, :,., 1 Y Q " f A-f. ' ' .KY 1 -. i 'gui ig--, .5 51-,:g..i,-'f4g'iQ! ,V f 5,12 ' Q-9 '- 'RQ , Q. ff. ' - ' 43" W Gb .sa ..4f -- - ' ' I Ot 'FO '-A w. .-.1-.ff - ' . -- Q' Lv - - 'Q . , h-4.-Awe-aff' . f 4 ., ' - V152-Jinx ' K . . .. - 9-fi IP-9, , ' ' Q EBM? . - - - - , ,1fgQvf?Jfqf. f, f T . - - , f.Qu :g,'. 3,1fQ41,f'1?55QiQ.253LI :Z . N . M 'f V -,,vf,gI. ,Q 41? ': , x ZZ. I :f-ilnqzl 5 hx fm -H.-5 .,, Q i .'q .3fii2x1-wwf . . - . M , , , ,, , ,, V -- . lf' .5 A .N :, . .1 f ffm- " ,"R51' 1 r, .,, , f I rap. kr, Q v ,ii 1,- v 14-.11- f- '. . R xfgQ:'f,' ,f-f , 1-'Sw '.-mn. . -A Y ' r-fgL. x--,.'-Af f A , ' " 'Q -J .J V 5. . ff. rf J , , - 't6,7IQ2,! - .vs cvs A fn M 5 4 J . I '-. jfs- 'F ,'f:?v,.qX ' " ' s ' ' 4 5kgA,f5i,ff'4S.,.,L5 EJ 4, V A1 . . 'lv ' V 'S + Q ' - ' , ,k' --'A I 4 ' A fo .1 M ab - -, 1 I A lf! i, 4 3. . 1g .W-"f'2ffr, 'HV W- ,pgs . ' xx V A f AE.. I A-A ,F Qi' WM- K jf' Y 'f'- 'd-,J M XX: yy .JB 5 , ' Q-fi ' 'vs-I 1 f ,, Vik -' . . Afl-' MVN - .5 -I.: , A P W gk ,vig gigs Q ' . ,Q -f . n -12 ' x . V xwdgq- MI... .f:A, .l.g,-15-QH,..:,N gifww f K ,gm - ,1.:g,gs13'ij,--,-Q!!-7 1. ,gf lf., ,. . e --,Q ' 2 Q-iii i ' f . f x ,GQ- N f ' ,":,?" H 'L 1...f?ffi?'i'5Z"M'.?'f'T'?m': -55:11. . ' ',' ' fr' . ' w. f , - . ,A yy- 4 5-..,: ZL!,M " ,J , ,L 3 ,Q TF" '1 .',,-,Af I , 6 1 51. 1- .4 K- 3 ,.Pf"g!3? , A ' ,,-,, - F I' ,' x, - A' ,,: V 'tl .5 -ATA.--sl-7, , ' Q I ' 1 ' A, ,':'1' " 1'5"T,3Q,ff.i:i':4- - X " . , it if.. ,:...i3.ZIr. :.,1,1451,A: : H, " , K L-'.'i?2 ' 3- xf5'i"q'fs'fl'717'4ff .S. Vh,,V1-xi' .. : .' - -. zz. E W -. - . ..ef- 'f'. gpg W.. I.. .. , A Q 1 J 26 Betwixt and Between ---The Juniors By MAMARET ANN MCGLASSON and KATHLEEN ALEXANDER The Junior Class can, as a whole, look back on the period during which they have attend- ed Plainview High with much joy and happiness and a sense of satisfaction. Most of us attended the vari- ous grammar schools of the city and Junior High, finally coming together in Plainview High School. Perhaps all of us can remem- ber the feeling of awe and in- feriority we experienced in our first year of high school. The building seemed large and we were surprised to find how very little we knew after all. J We feel that our officers are competent, and do not, in any way, doubt their ability. They were chosen with care and have proved worthy of their respec- tive positions. We gave the Seniors a "J un- ior-Senior" Banquet that was fitted to their dignity. We were given a Junior Picnic and a half holiday to go with it, and feel that with the various contests, plays, basketball and football games, this year has been a full and joyous one. . Through the years that we have been together we have formed friendships all of which had some part in the formation of our characters. The Junior Class is, to a certain extent, the "Inbetween Class". We consider ourselves too dignified to intermingle with the Freshmen, and we have not become serious enough to meet the ranks of the "Illustrious Seniors". So we wend our way joyfully and lightheartedly until the day when we, too, shall be- come noble Seniors. THE 1935 PLAINVIEW WILBLIR WOFFORD IVIARKIARET ANN MCGLASSON ALLEN DORSETT IMOOENE NEAL Q. MARIE MARY NELL JACK jOsL1N HODOES OWENS KATHLEEN JEANNE GILBERT .ALEXANIBICR HANSEN LORING RUTH ALENE LUCILLE STEWART THOMPSON VVIALKER VIIKLIRN BERTHA MAE MARLOW MCJORE STOVALL DEES 1 '- "- I 1 27 .,f"X1f Ji, L. 1 'TCU X'-Uflyaxlx 1 'f' IZ8 B.. SAM S'rl'c:K1aY CARRIL: ju LATSON jfwlcili T1mMl'suN MAXIli D. CARROLL Amma MAIZ BARKLR VJINNHQ ju Huoslak FRANCIS f5WliNS DUNNA D1'c:KwoRTn IVfATTlIi Brel 1 NiJI',L Bravo Dmzm-,N M.Rl7Rl'.IiN CAluw1,1, HATLIQY IRXVIN ELLIS Vfwman N BLTTY CVRRY CARIIUN 5PI.IiIW LLOYD WlilTlflLL THE 1935 PLAINVIE I 4 Ow11Ns MAXINIZ MAL'R1NE NV. R. Romans HOY'LIi HOYLE MATsLER FREDICIS JACKIE Jo JAMES JANE MIRES CARTER CANTRELL REEVES RAYIJOND ROXVIENA KXURAL MAY Jo SEALS HAMILTQN NIEHAUS VJALLER HELEN ELNA DEAN JOELLENE BOB BAIRD WE1ss SIMPSON EVANS EQENLY1 , . . x 4 . , A r- A - f - ' 1 ' T H fs. 1 Q 3 5 F3 L. A I as 5 z. W! i Ely ' v' 1, I filxirfw., A is J, J A Egg? E' , X M1-A A A 2 lc! l7,xi'r1Nl IXNYI Nl-mu l,z I.l,.-X Rl'l'11 If.fxRm,AsoN DHIUJ'I'IlY AN N Yuma T111-LMA Mm-, Pm-R -I I-.xx KN1lUlll'IZl'VN lffxlkx' RUIWR IAuL'Isl- Rxmmuwrsom Cum-. B1 IVFORIH HARIW -I. C.-nu lSI.I' Lll,1.1la MM Buxlm XX'0Ul3RllXX' Lmvxx' Dmus SPANN MARIAN Lrcms Bl.ANcm- VUHITV MAR-lORlli Vx" H IZTSTONI FIQARN CooPliR DIiNsIaI. IUOROTHY jANIa G. V. MARY ELIZABETH TIIIJMIPSQN MOREI-ILAD STQDIIARII TERRY RI'TII jon BILLY GEORGE CIIARLEY MKTMILLAN DILLON CARTWRIGHT MCDONALD Q 9 JUNIOR CLASS CFFICERS V Sponsors - - MISS SIMER-MISS HICKEY P1-esfdent ---- GILBERT LORING Vice-President - FRANK RAMSEY S6'C7"6fCl7'2j-T7'6flISZL7'67" - - OWENS ROGERS THE 1935 PLAINVIEW 32 T wig JUNIOR CLASS ROLL Kathleen Alexander Helen Baird Lloyd Bandy Addie Barker Harold Baum Donald Barrow Clyde Bedford Cecil Boggs Lillie Mae Bond James Brazele Joe Bryan Dorothy Burress James Cantrell Hardy J. Carlisle Maxie D. Carroll Maureen Carroll Jackie Joe Carter Edgar Chaney Winslow Chambers Malley Chisholm Moditha Clark Edwin Coleman Fearn Cooper Burkett Covington Betty Curry Bevo Darden Daphne Davenport Marlow Dees Charles Dean Joe Billy Dillon Allen Dorsett Donna Duckworth Mildred Edelmon Lola B. Ely Clyde Emmons Marlin Eslinger Bob Evans Ruth Fargason Maxine Field Juanita Free Jack Green Elma Helen Grimes Nolan Hale Irene Hall Frederick Hall Rowena Hamilton Henry Hand Lorraine Hand Jeanne Hansen Helen Harkins Ellen Harkins Virginia Hart Raymond Hartley Thelma Harvey V Jennie Lynn Henderson Overne Higgs Homer Hill Mary Nell Hodges Winnie Jo Hooser Keith Howard Lavoice Howard Maurine Hoyle Maxine Hoyle Hatley Irwin Bruce Johnson Frances Jones Ben L. Joiner Marie Joslin Betty Lamb Vernon Lewis Gilbert Loring Alta Virginia Lowe Dorsey Lowe Woodrow Lowry Marian Lucas Maxine McCraw Margaret Ann McGlasson Ruth McMillan Cecil McMillan Juneva McPherson Oleta Mangum Latrice Messick Oddessa Mickey Kenneth Milner Raymond Milner Harvey Milner Fredice Mires Russell Mitchell Viburn Moore Dorothy Jane Morehead Lilla Belle Muse Imogene Neil Mattie Bell Noel Aurel Niehaus Frances Owens Jack Owens Juanita Pelham Olene Pemberton Milton Pierce Margaret Pierce Thelma Mae Poer Katherine Ratliff Frank Ramsey Wade Reddell Jane Reeves Edith Rigler Louise Robertson Ralph Robertson Nan Roden Owens Rogers Fairy Roper B. F. Sammann Reba Saul Raymond Seals Lillie Marie Seipp Mickey Sewell A, M. Shook William Short Joellene Simpson Leslie Slaughter O. M. Smith Carlton Speed Arthur Stark Mildred Stevens Doris Spann Bertha Mae Stovall Ruth Stuart G. V. Stoddard Sam Stuckey John O. Taylor Mary Elizabeth Terry Douglas Thomas Wayne Thompson Imogene Thompson Janice Thompson Alene Thompson Neal Umphress Herbert Underwood Ellis Vaughn Christine Wagoner Gladys Walker Lucille Walker May Jo Waller Elna Dean Weiss James Wester Esthel Westfall Harold Wheeless Marjorie Whetstone Blanche White Fleeta White . Eugene Whitfill Lloyd Whitfill Raymond Wilks Udell Williams 'Gaston Willis Max Windwehen Ance Lee Wishard Wilbur Wofford Robert Yordy Dorothy Ann York THE 1935 PLAINVIE THE END OE THE FIRST LAP SOP!-IOMORES ---AND PROUD OF IT!!! By MARY SAM Locxiz At last we're "Sophs" and proud of it! Our Junior High days are over and We can now look down on the Freshmen as underclassmen. Now we're eager, ready and willing to learn the dignified ways of High School. The first thing the Sophomore Class did was to organize and elect officers, with Mr. Dorsey as our class sponsor. When football season opened we got right down to work to elect Doris Hughes as Football Queen. But who could win against a Senior? Not even the Juniors could do it. In Athletics we won't forget what Mason, Chisholm, Thomas and Ray did for the football team. We did our part in bas- ketball, too. 'T FI EI 1 '9 3 5+ F' L. Al I hl Nl I IE The "Sophs of '34 and '35" have taken an active part in the activities, whatever they may be, as we are loyal to old P. H. S.! When the most popular stu- dents were elected, we elected Doris Hughes and Billy Day as the most popular girl and boy of the Sophomore Class. When the time came for the Sophomore Chapel Program to be presented, we made a real hit of it. Now he1'e's a toast to the Sophomore Class of '34 and '35 and to the Senior Class of '36 and '37. The Sophomores are looking forward to being Jun- iors, so in 1936 you'll hear from us again. l33l W f QI. ,Al 'iii Xl XE," 1 A , fl V lr:,Q -' H4,'-- l "' s I v rrwow "1 "V ,r-usifu. rv tiilf - f ' sg -vEj:.......,....I.w. ,iw Ffmfwffx' igvww, , ' I , X 5 . , , 1 i- 'eil nfl A . A, Q.. I LL. V V Sophomore Class GFFICGFS V Sponsor - MR. RALPH DORSEY Pl'6'Sl.l1l'IIf - - MARY SAM LOCKE Vrkv-P1'csf'fI021f - HOYT PHILLIPS Sw-rvfrzry-'I'r0uszn'cr - - BILLY OWEN N " ' 1 - XI. SOPI-ICMORE CLASS ROLL Iris Abshier John Adams Warwick Aiken Golda Glynn Anderson J. D. Ames James Angel Gene Aylesworth Geneva Aylesworth George Bain Virginia Barnhart Billy Barker Gary Barnhill Hazel Benton Charles Beall Ellsworth Bellinger Novaline Blair Margaret Blasingame Grady Boyd Leon Bost Gordon Branham Helen Brown Margaret Brown Helen Cantrell Hardy J. Carlisle John Carlisle Charles Carlton George Cartwright Doris Casey Winslow Chamber Malley Chisholm Aubrey J. Clements Bill Coddell Robert Colard Patrick Connelly Don Cook Randolph Cook Wayen Covington Joe Cox Nadine Cox Fearn Cooper Claudine Cordill R. W. Cross Sarah Davis Daphne Davenport Bill Day James Day Orville Dean Earnest Dement Allen Dorsett Bertha Dorsett Oscar Douglas Pollyanna Earnest Verba Lee Ellison Hubert Eatmon V Thelbert Edwards Ruth English Edna Fairy Maxine Field Jimmie Fletcher Olive Lane Ferguson Josephine Frye Mavis Gardner Vivian Garrett Lloyd George Okylene George Tom Gibbs Edwin Graves Maybelle 'Greenshaw Nellie Bell Groff Nova Guynes Jeraldine Hale Henry Hand Clifford Hanson Joe Harlan Thelma Harvey Marjorie Hatcher Aloha Haun Hobby Heath Jennie L. Henderson Rosabeth Hewett Arlene Hoefer Byrd Marie Howard Waylon Hobbs Doris Hughes James Johnson Mary Lois King Patsey Kruger Dale Lewis Vernon Lewis Mary Sam Locke Mary Scott Locke Amatene Lockhart Alta Virginia Lowe Marian Lucas Floy McCay Jimmie McCaffrec Joe McDaniel Dorothy Mclnnish Milton McLaurin Cecil McMillan Fay McPherson Juneva McPherson Katheryn McVicker Jean Martin Orba Lee Malone Henry Mason W. R. Matsler Kathleen Mason Erma Miller Eva Lou Minter Dorothy N, Mfnter Carl Lee Miliken Arthur Miller Porter Miller Freddie Mitchell Geraldine Misc Edna Moore Dorothy Norvell Klyce Ooley Billy Owen Harold Pate Lester Pearson Ters Maud Pearson Olene Pemberton Hoyt Phillips Marcella Phillips E. A. Pulley Armenia Rainer F. A. Ray Fay Reams Johnnie Reams Howard Reese Viola Reese Imogene Rhodes Leon Rhyne V. R. Rodgers Ethel Mae Rogers Cassie Marie Rosser Juanita Sanders W'ilbur Lou Sansom Dale Schudel Bonnie Lee Shaw Jimmie Sherman Tommie Shelton William Short Leslie Slaughter Delphine Smith Dorothy Smith Evaline Smith Jay Dean Smith Mason Smith Mary Lorraine Smith Louise Sowell Arthur Stark Jimmie Lee Stephens Betty Stubbs Marie Stultz Truett Teague Douglas Thomas Kathleen Thompson Oris Thompson Dorothy Tittle l35l THE 1935 PLAINVIEW ,xfx '-. l 36 ff 'H -bl. -- CLASS WILL We, the Seniors of 1935, being of sound mind and body, do leave this our last will and testa- ment, on this 10th day of May, in the year of 1935, A. D. Roy Neal wills the football team to Marlow Dees, with the instructions to whip the Sanclies. To Addie Barker, Peanut Van Dervoort leaves her everlasting chewing gum, and with it goes the privilege to pop it in class. Mancy Nell Wingo wills the right to be queen to Kathleen Alexander. Louis Simpson leaves the Presidency of the Senior Class to Gilbert Loring. Tom Vaughn leaves his way with the wimmen to Neal Umphress. Ioan Lloyd bequeaths her red hair to Wilbur Wofford. She prefers to keep her artistic temperament. Evelyn Malone supposes she will have to leave her figure to ,lane Reeves. I. B. Wheeler is so Scotch he refuses to will even a ride on his horse to the Juniors. Margaret Alexander bequeaths the right to be editor of the Plain View to anyone who hasn't any more sense than to try it. Maudene Rogers leaves the position of office fixture to W'innie jo Hooser. Frances Jim Swan leaves a vacancy which the teachers hope cannot be filled by a Junior. Latrell Richardson an-d George Perdue leave their talents to anybody who can act. Bill Messick regretfully wills his boots to Chock Dean. We hope I. T. Fielder, jr. leaves. Worth jeffus bequeaths a cheap cigar and a malt to Iack Owens. Emma Nelle Thatcher leaves the right to manage annuals and things in general to anybody who can talk that fast. THE 1935 PLAINVIE To any junior who has that rhythm, john Bounds wills his baton. The debaters leave Mr. Underwood the privilege of finding someone to fill their shocs. After terrific search. we find no one to replace Wimpy Wimberly, although he does leave a wise crack or two to Dorsey's Chemistry classes. ,lean Gouldy sorrowfully surrenders her demerits and the ability to skip classes to Dorothy Jane Morehead. Charlie Beryl Espy bequeaths the Plain' view Peppers to Marian Lucas. Lloyd Taliaferro leaves his position of High School Big Man to Maxie Carroll. We hope Annette Collier and Lynn Bain take their giggles with them. Mary Roselea jackson leaves her poi' sonality to Jeanne Hansen. The Seniors hope Shorty Blakemore isn't left in High School. Little Billy Asher and Baby Bobby Groth will be forced to leave their toys. The Senior players leave the basketball team to flashy 'Gladys Walker. Iohnnie regretfully leaves Marjorie Whetstone. Totty, Brantley and Clovis leave their 1913 limousine to any Junior who can run it. To twenty of the finest Juniors, the Seniors leave their Girls Hi'Y Club and the right to show the Boys' Hi-Y that they can do things, too. We sorrowfully bequeath Mr. Davidson and his advice to the Juniors. To the teachers, we leave the privilege to assign as many long and hard lessons, to give as many tough exams, and to def tract as many demerits as they wish. We hand down full rights of our Class and all its privileges to the Juniors, and we wonder if they will make such a suc- cess as we have made. W 4 my ,wil W, if fflqiy rf n arg, av e hiifwNxWi!1fW,i e h 1',M+AhN e YQ-ffsi, N Wir? Mlm V ' 'e 'hrvrmni' SX .-....--..'E?"g"W WWW4-i W, W X3 we we . iw 5+ P ee -Q52 Q i-iwgmifiiwif l x1g,Q M, .vw 'f ,xi A' 'fmilem AN sg I f ' hmm!!! W! e' X' 4252+ 1, - '-N226 sf. N :4iiM.K'l:' i, that , :A ' ,firm XF ,fer 'Fil l'r," mlqiL M:f uHL',fZVi,NhJ755 j..,,- X Up g r"'Vff.I. ,.i. W 1 N f 5 ' " -- XL W if Ni 5- iwfrfilil 6 e 124 lv w vW"'5i'f f NHL if H1il's'f"- Q,WM11' -' f- A - -.S H'!'X'f5W??1 X .. -- e- qi 'M Wm WiT'ifbi"f1 X ' 42l"fiIW"MU Ei:'liV' M Y iv W jlwf i mb-esif!v0g,if W? LX E '. I i ' W' 0 mmi.uhuwxr1'h 1 N f ' U ORGANIZATIONS Birds of a feather flock t0gI6th6'l', Ami so do pigs and swineg Rats and mice will have their choice, And so will I have mine! PLAINVIEW PEPPERS Leaders f - f Busiv1essMgrs. 1 Sponxorx - Nldxfolx ' First Row ' ' Mildred Edellnon Thelma Meredith Erma Miller Carrie ,lo Latson ,lean Martin Lafahn Tuhhs Dorothy Mclnnish Mildred Stephens Annehel Matsler V f EVFLYN MALONIQ. CHARi.ieY BYRI. Esiw' EMMA NiaLLis Timrcziirzn, MAlTI7liNli Rooiias I f f f f Miss HlCfKliY, Miss SIMHR f CAROL ANN Piwirr, JOAN Giurririrs Second Row Katherine Ratliil' Doris Casey Nadine Cox Josephine Frye Frances jones Emma Nelle Thatcher Edna Eairey Armenia Rainer Verha Lee Ellison 'Third Rowg Dorothy Tittle Okylene George Vivian Garrett Virginia Hart Dorothy Norwell Marian Lucas Maudene Rogers Marjorie Hatcher Eula Laniord Katherine Lundy Foiwtll Row -- Doris Hughes Delphine Smith Lois King Novaline Blair Ruth Corgill Lilly Marie Seipp Elceta Wliite Christine Vv'aggoner lnez Pearson Mary Lee Howell Fifth Row Lillie Mae Bond Aluncva McPherson Helen Baird Eva Lee Minter Pauline Rucker Juanita Saunders Louise Buntin Latrice Messick Lueile Fletcher Lola Bell Stanley Maureen Carroll Marjorie Whetstcmrie ,lean Knouhuizen THE 1935 PLA INVIEW Miss MARY Buss EVHLYN CHARLIE BVRYL Miss WILNA Hlcticiav MALUNI ESPY Simian An impressive ceremony at the beginning of the season initiated forty new girls into the Plainview Peppers. These, with 24 old mem- bers, were the peppiest girls the high school could offer. Rain, hail, sleet, snow or dust, the girls always cooperated in staging a grand demonstration of pep and enthusiasm for the Bulldogs. This year's club sold refreshments at all home games and duro- reflectors to fans in an effort to make money to buy school owned uniforms. Many spectators gave the Plainview Peppers the title of the best drilled and peppiest squad in the entire district. Whether their team won or lost they displayed great sportsmanship. They were always gay in their bright green and white uniforms. The club gave honorable mention to the civic club which aided it most, and to the citizen who did the most for the Peppers. The first honor went to the Business and Professional Women's Club for the Bulldog Banner they presented to the girls, and the second went to W. E. Thatcher for his outstanding service to the Pep Squad. The Pep Squad owes much credit to its leaders, Evelyn Malone and Charlie Beryl Espy, who led and drilled them through every home game and several out-of-town games. The business of the club was ably transacted by the business managers, Maudene Rogers and Emma Nelle Thatcher. Miss Simer and Miss Hickey, sponsors, are to be commended for their untiring efforts, wise counsel, and ex- cellent supervision. We believe future clubs will enjoy and appreciate the same leadership. Plans were made for an "ex" club for former members, and for a yearly reunion of these members. A very successful and prosperous year was enjoyed by the Plain- view Peppers and we believe this year is the beginning of a series of excellent clubs. . THE 1935 PLAINVIE Neill, E391 W -'NJ E401 .Y A, MARGARET ALEXANDER Erlifor-i11-Clzffff ANNUAL MARK9ARliT AI.I1,XANl7ER LYNN BAIN CZLAIRE jkaANN1i BRANHAM ANNIAQTTI-. Cu1.1.uiR CLARA Home MlNNlIi MAR1iARl:'I' Hluzmas joAN LLoYh EVLLYN fV1AI.lJNli MAR1:AR1-,T .ANN Mc:G1.AssoN Nr-,LBA Mucmn -'ANI-I PKJNVI-1l.I. EMMA NELLE THATCHER Husifmlss Mfmngf"r VY CLUB ROLL MAlIl3liNl3 ROGERS LATRELL RICHARDSON MARY EARLY SANSUM DYQNNIN STUVALL FRANc11as JIM SWAN MARY ELLEN VAN D1iRvooRT EMMA NraLLn THATCHER jAc:1c WIZLLS MANCY Num. W1N1:o CHAALIAQN WlMl4liRLY DURUTHY ANN YQRK THE 1935 PLAINVIEW :lf it Lt.i.,,....... - L , lst "3 4. Left to Right: Mary Earle Sansom. Maudene Rogers, Claire Jeanne Branham, Evelyn Malone, Jack Wells, .loan Lloyd, Dennis Stovall, Annette Collier. THE PLAIN VIEW -:- IQ35 -:- EDITORIAL STAFF MARGARET ALEXANDER fffffff EditorfinfChief MARY EARLE SANSOM f f Snapshot Editor JOAN LLOYD f - f f f Art Editor JACK WELLS f f Athletic Editor LOUIS SIMPSON - f Club Editor ANNETTE COLLIER fffffff - joke Editor BUSINESS STAFF EMMA NELLE THATCHER -fff-f Business Manager MAUDENE ROGERS f f ffff Bookkeeper DENNIS STOVALL f f - Assistant Business Manager EVELYN MALONE f 1 f f f Advertising Manager CLAIRE JEANNE BRANEIAM f f Circulation Manager THE 1935 PLAINVIEW 41 'ZJIQQ E421 .A I H 'O' I Y C L U B ... Lol'1s SIMPSON f f f ' President CriAR1.ias Wimixiiaev - f Vice-President jack XVHLLS f fflf f Secretary BILLY Asnian fff-ff Treasurer Gicoiuzic E. MFWHIRTliR f f Sponsor V Y Charles Vsfimberly Charles Carleton Dorsey Lowe joe Billy Dillon Harold Pate Rex Wlietst lffm e Billy Barker Ellsworth Bellinger Pete Shoup R. W, Cross .laines Cantrell Tom jim Wlmeelei' Louis Simpson George Bain Robert Yardy jack Owens Douglas Thomas Wrirtli jelfus james johnson Dub Matsler Earliest Dement Max Wiiielwelieii joe Cox Howard Reese john Bounds Malley Chisholm Tom Gibbs Ha i'cm ld Heath J, D. Smith Clyde Becll' cii' d Wrirwiek Aiken Bob Evans Sam Stuekey johnny Clayton Roy Neal J. B. Wheeler Fred Fairey T amiii Vaughn Oscar Douglas Charles Dean Wilbrir Vyfofford C, V. Stoddard Orba Lee lvlalone Freddie Mitchell j. T. Fielder Gilbert Loring Raymond Seals Owens Rogers Charles Walker Billy Asher Jack Wells loe Tittlc THE 1935 PLAINVIE -:- GIRLS I-ll-Y CL V V MARGARET Rossek f f President LYNN BAIN f f f VicefP1esident JANE POWELL f f f f Secretary CLARA HOPE f f f f Treasurer ANNETTE CoLLiieR f f f Reporter MISS HICKEY f f f Sponsor V V Y V A Representative Group ol: Senior Girls Lois Akers Minnie Margaret Hughes Margaret Alexander Mary Roselca Jackson Lynn Bain .loan Lloyd Annette Collier Evelyn Malone Margaret Crews jane Powell ,lean Gouldy Lattrell Richardson Claral-Iope THE 1935 PLA Maudene Rogers Margaret Rosser Mary Earle Sansom Emma Nelle Thatcher Audria Faye Thornton Katherine Waller Mancy Nell Wingo UB -:- 43 INVIEW 2 , ,Y Qxqivff ' :By 3- l 3 2 44 THE CURRENT LITERATURE CLUB KATHIAZRINU WALLER f f f 1 f President Maxima FIELDS f f f f f VicefPresident Annan FAYE THORNTON I f Secretaryffreasurev Doris Casey Maxine Fields lrcne Hall Thelma Harvey Patsy Kruger Dorothy Mclnnish Nvlba Moore ELLEN F. CAMPBELL - f V Aural Niehaus Juanita Pelham Edith Rigler Reba Saul Mary Lorraine Smith Kathleen Thompson Audria Faye Thornton f f f Sponsor Mary Sam Locke Cossie Lee Rosser Margaret Rosser Tommie Shelton Delphine Smith Jimmie Lee Stephens Sarah Stewart Katherine Waller YYY The Current Literature Club was organized for the purpose of studying American Literature. The Club has studied the biographies and the works of a number of outstanding modern Writers. Many interesting books, dramas and short stories have been read and re- viewed by the club members. The Club has met under the direction of the sponsor on alter- nate Thursdays. The Club meetings have been both interesting and beneficial. One of the projects of the Club was the contribution of food and clothing to help a needy family at Christmas time. THE 1935 PLAINVIEW President 1 ViC6'PT6SidC71t Secretary 1 Treasurer VICE'PTESldC71f Harold Baum Clyde Bedford Richard Blakemore Walter Bogard Hershel Blankenship Aubrey Boone Robert Borchardt Gordon Branham james Cantrell Winslow Chambers Randolph Cooke Burkett Covington james Crosswhite Bevo Darden Bill Day james Day Orville Dean Gerald Dorough Milo Draper Plainview F. F. A. - - iChapter No. LLOI "Learn Through Doing"-Earn While We Learn. LOCAL OFFICERS 1 1 BEN TYE 1 W. R. MATSLER 1 1 J. C. STOVALL ROBERT BORCHARDT Chapter Advisor 1 1 Reporter 1 1 1 CHARLES WALKER Parliamentarian 1 1 ROBERT GROTH Farm Watch Dog 1 1 1 CECIL MCMILLAN Song Leader 1111 1 R. W. CROSS DISTRICT OFFICERS 1 ELLIS VAUGHN Parliamentarian ACTIVE :MEMBERS Glenn Ellis Clyde Emmons Bob Evans Fred Fairey james Fletcher Robert Groth Raymond Hartley Henry Hand Hobby Heath Ben L. Joiner Dale Lewis Charles McDonald Raymond McGlasson Cecil McMillan W. R. Matsler Kenneth Milner Harvy Milner Raymond Milner George Perdue Hoyt Phillips Milton Pierce Frank Ramsey Wade Reddell Howard Reece V. R. Rodgers 1. B. Roper Jimmie Sherman William Short Leslie Slaughter Arthur Stark G. V. Stoddard Glenn Stone Dennis Stovall J. C. Stovall Lloyd Taliaferro Truitt Teague Douglas Thomas Oris Thompson 1 J. R. HEWETT 1 CLYDE BEDFORD Lloyd Turner Ben Tye Ellis Vaughn Tom Vaughn Charles Walker jack Wells Fred Weyl Tom J, Wheeler Lloyd Whitfill Curtis Wilhanks Gaston Willis Charles Wimherly Maurice Wingo HONORARY MEMBIZRS L. D. Brown R. W. Cross C. E. Davis Winfield Holbrook 'T I4 EI 1 9 3 5 F' L. IX I bl Nl I EI VV l45l ne? . f t I 1. IlTt'.NItIL'7Il f ,.f I IIlIl.llI' Mc1Ci.i'Rr, Cuaeli NNI S CLUB -IAN I- RI"IiVI:5 X'ieefPrf-.sitimil f ' DAPHNIA1DAvliNl'oRT Sccrvraryf'1'mi.mrcr f f Mfwaiaifx CARROLL Uolda Glynn Anderson Bernice Aylesworth lvlargarel Brown Hazel Benton Margaret Blasingame Helen Cantrell Donna Duckworth Ruth Fargason jeraldine Hale V Maurine Hoyle Nlaxine Hoyle Doris Hughes Frances Owens Carmen Pate Faye Reains Minnie lvlargaret Hughes XXIIIIWLII' Lou Sansoin Mary Scott Locke Aniatene Lockhart Frediee Mires Geraldine Misc Mattie Bell Noel YYY -loalene Simpson Helen Sitton Marjorie Wlietstiriie Blanche Vvlhite Maney Nell Wiiugim BOYS TENNIS CLUB Prcsnlewit' B f 1 'X 'it'c"Pr'z'.xlrle1ll 1 Secretury'-Treusiwei' blames Angel Billy Barker Ellsworth Bollinger Edwin Coleman Pat Connelly Vv'ayne Covington - XXVII nik NX'oifi-'oun f blxxmirs joimsow f Qlamrs CAN'rRii1.1. Ioe Cox Hohhy Heath NI. T, Fielder Billy Owens G. V. Stoddard Nlarlin Eslinger THE 1935 PLAINVIEW YYY ING C -:- B O X L U B -:- Sponsors-- loe Bryan Gordon Branham Gary Barnhill George Cartwright Gerald Dorough Bill Day Bevo Darden Herbert Eatmon Lloyd George Henry Hand Wayne johnson Gilbert Loring Henry Mason Milton Pierce Ralph Robertson Kenneth Milner Wilbur Moore Raymond Seals William Short O. M. Smith Faoocsy LOVVORN, MAo1soN V B. B. Stevenson Lloyd Taliaferro Truitt Teague Carl True Max Windwehen Fred Weyl Lloyd Whitfill James Wester Robert Yardy Hardy Carlisle Harold Baum john Bounds Dan Cook Maxie Carroll James Woodie Day Orville Dean Clyde Emmons .limmie Fletcher Wayland Hobbs T' P1 EI 1 E3 I3 E5 F' L. lk PRUITT Raymond Hartley Dorsey Lowe Harvey Milner jack Owens Hoyt Phillips Gwens Rogers Russell Mitchell F. A. Ray Arthur Stark Manson Smith I, D. Smith Lloyd Turner Wayne 'Thompson Douglas Thomas Gaston Willis Vernon Winsor Aneelee Wishard james Wilmeth Rex Whetstone Eugene Whitfill I bl Nl I EI VV E471 sw ra L18 .Si i.ii.i.iAN PEAK CLUB FIRST SEMESTER President f-ff NIZLIDA Mari SITTON Vieefpresidewit ffff CLEO YOLIN11 Elva Ashley La Zelle Ashley Beverly Aylesworth Geneva Aylesworth Evelyn Borchardt Addie Barker Vkfanda Bond Dorothy Burress Helena Carroll Jackie Jo Carter Margaret Chaddiek Lcla Clark Lila Clark Nloditha Clark Margaret Curtis Juanita Davis Sarah Davis Willie Mile Doak Bertha Dorsett Pollyanna Earnest Barhara Ellsworth Ruth English Lorena Faith Olive Lane Ferguso Elnita Fort Juanita Free H Serretai'yfTi'easurer f Reporter f f f Parliamentarian f Song Leader - Pianist f f Mavis Gardner Okylene George May Belle Greenhaw Juanita Hacker Rowena Hamilton Aloha Haun Rosa Beth Hewett Byrd Marie Howard Mildred Johnson lvlarie Joslin Betty Lamb Oleta Mangum Annehel Matsler Edna lvloore Auneta Morris Agnes McDonald Ruth McMillan Fay McPherson Kathryn MeVicker Imogene Neil Wilina Pearson Marcella Phillips Thelma Mzie Poer Geneva Price Lula Ray Imogene Rhodes SECOND SEMESTER President f--ff Lois Anas VieefPresident f f f MAMARET Cuaris f - Annie BARRER 1 MARQQARLQT Wise f f LULA RAY - NAN RODEN f 1 Biarrr CURRY Velma Roberson Nan Roden Fairy Roper Nelda Mae Sitton Joe Della Smith Mildred Stephens Geneva Stovall lvlarie Stultz Adrian Terrell Lucille Thompson Mary Thornton Dorothy Jo Tolliver June Vance Wziiidzi Vance Lennie Vv"alker Leta Ruth Vsfalker Lucille W1llkCl' Udell Williziins Virginia Wiliiietli Nlargaret Wise lvlary Frances Wotidall Cleo Young Norma Jane Zelney Lois Akers Oleta Baxter Betty Curry Margaret Green Catherine Greening June Harry Elise Hartley Mary Roselea Jackson Jewell Mason Doris Spann Imogene Thompson Bertha Mae Stovall Louise Sowell Eleanor Stockton Bonnie Lee Shaw Viola Reese Erlene Cook Dorothy Reams Ethel Westfzill Mary Hart Louise Robertson Frances Jim Swan Alcne Thompson Frances Miller Juanita Black Fearn Cooper May Jo Waller Maxine Porter THE 1935 PLAINVIEW -........uA..... - M. -:- SPANISH CLUB -:- Prexiclcnt f Secretary Sponsor Claudine Con-dill jcssic D m11'n Iugli Awzl Goddnrcl Elma Hclen Grimes Nellie Bell Groff Mary Nell Hodges Monte Isbell Alta Virginia Lowe VYVY - EVALINE SMITH 1 ALTA VIRKIINIA Lowe 1 f Miss LAURA SUE PLUMMI311 Y Edith Mastcn Alice Mitchell Mlll'f1ill'Cf Pierce Evulinc Smith Lola Bell Stanley Betty Ruth Stubbs Lafahn Tubbs Harold Wheeless Helen Ruth Wilson 491 THE 1935 PLAINVIEW MNH ANL A 4 . I 3 2, xivlfq-l git I fi I I l SCIENCE CLUB .Sponsor f f RALP1-1 Doasxix' President - 1 f ' f DAvm ERWIN VicefPresidenr 1 1 RICHARD BLAKHMLJRI Secretary Jimmie VVliite Fredrick Hall Carleton Speed Herlwert Underwood David Erwin Nolcn Hale Bruce johnson Mickey Sewell Charles Watsmmn Donald Barrow joe McDaniel Nova Guynes Reginald Blair l. D, Ames , f f 1 XValter Bogard Hatley Irwin Lloyd Bundy E. A. Pulley Grady Boyd Raymond Wilk Pat Doyle joe Harlan George Bain Billy Asher Dayle Sehudel j. O. Taylor Bill 'Tittle Homer Hill THE 1935 PLAINVIE FREDRICK HALL SENIOR PLAY -:- YYY On Wednesday, December 19, 1934, the Seniors presented their play- "I-IEART TROUBLE" It was directed by Miss Irons and J. T. Fielder Jr. was stage manager. Nfrx. Lima: Nfurr -lxmior Nforrixml Patricia Mrirrisimvi Laura Mcwrriscvvi Cowrad Tyler Fred Mqirrisfmwz Lenore Appleby Tommy Caler jetlwo Appleby Beatrice Tyler Y ' A S 'l' M.NR!IARli'I' Cmiws f Louis SIMPSON f LYNN BAIN f JANE Pow1aLL CLOVIS CLoUm-1 f HAROLD HISATH LATRELL RICHARDSON f GEORGE PERDUH f DENNIS STOVALL f JEAN GOULDY l51l THE 1935 PLAINVIEW ,EJ f Q. R rl ,Q Xb x-VA' X 1 4 AIACK R. B. UNDERVCOOD MARY ELLEN XX' ELLS Coach VAN DERVOORT DAVID EMMA NELLE ERVVIN THATCHER me DEBATERS -10 RESOLVED: That fhc Gorvrnnzcizf slzowlfl own ami opcrufc all clccfrir- light and pouwr 11f1'l1'fics. The Debating Team had a quite successful season under the expert coaching of Mr. Underwood. The boys got an early start and won decisions from Olton, Tulia and Lockney. They lost one debate to Lockney. The girls team won from Lockney and Hale Venter. A practice debate tournament was held in Plainview on March 15th, with Locliney. Tulia and Olton p:1rtic1pat1ng. The Plainview girls and the Lockney boys were the winners. At the District Meet at Lubbock, April 5th, the boys were de- feated in the first round by Slaton. The girls won the first debate from Post, and in the quarter-finals they lost the decision to the Ralls team, the team which won the District championship. THE 1935 PLAINVIEW ,L.5,,,-, , . I rn 'tl f r ' ATHLETICS ,rv The hare and the tortoise had a race To see which one was fastg The tortoise kept up a steady pace, And the silly old hare came in last. . , 1 fe OUR COACHES -N YYYY YYY PRUITT.H This was lVIr. Pruitt's first year as head coach of the Plainview High School football squad. He has proven himself to be well fitted for the job of making the Bulldogs hustle, and although the team was not at the top this year, we are confident that he will be successful in leading them to victory next year. LOVVCDRN Froggy is one of the best all around coaches Plainview High has ever had. He assists in coaching football and track and puts out good basketball teams with any kind of material he can find to work on. He came here five years ago and is known as the man who got athletics started in Plainview. McCLUREH. Billie is Girls' Basketball Coach and Tennis Coach. After six years of coaching in P. H. S. he has gained the confidence and friendship of everyone and has pro-duced some of the best girls basketball teams in the state. Since 1931, he has put four girls on all-state teams and several all-southwestern. He is consid' ered of much value to the coach- ing staff of P. H. S. DORSEYU. As assistant coach, we feel as- sured of Mr. Dorsey's ability to produce football teams because of his success as head football coach last year. Due to illness he was forced to resign his po- sition of 1933. We feel assured that we can thoroughly depend on Mr. Dorsey always to do his part towards training many winning teams in the future for Plainview High School. THE 193 5 P LAINVIE i4.:T'i?:'?f:"u'EiI.-ilf'!4lF,E5!?555Eiffi':3rli4iil!ii5el3iTsZ5LiZJ,d'.:E'5'ETH? ff'i'1 ' "J" ' ' W' W C3735 PLA A.ENV' 551 4 1 'v If X 1 56 .5 y .t 1 Football - I93l-L lior the first time in a numher of years. Plainview High School enjoyed a football season with a number of victories. as well as a team that was full of fight and spirit. Plainview fans are growing tired of moral victories. ln the first game of the season. the Bull' dogs were badly defeated by Clovis. the state champions of New Mexicii. but they sounded a warning in the next two games by defeating Floydada and tying Spur. Because of inf juries. some of the regulars received from the bus wreck on the trip to Childress. they were handicapped for the rest of the season. Out of the strongest district in the state we only won one conference game. but showed them all a good fight. Witli only six letter-men graduating. with prospects for a number of new players. and with the aid of Coach Pruitt. one of the best coaches P, H. S. has ever had. there are already visions among the students for a P. H. S. championship team next year. Athletics By MAoisoN PRUITT The growing popularity of athletics in high school is evidence enough that leaders in education realize that development of the hody is as essential as the development ul the mind. Football. in high school. seems to stand out above the other athletic contests for one worthy reason. if for no other, that is. its demands upon its participants. In the forf mation of a good football team it is essential that some of the best and most worthy traits of humanity be stressed: namely. cooperation. loyalty. sacrifice. desire to win. sportsman- ship Qwitli a capital "SNL training. and other qualities in an ideal boy and man. There are many reasons for the growing popularity of football. but the one mentioned above is ample reason to prophesy that it has not reached its maximum. The game of foot' hall is very similar to the game of Life in as much as you get out of it what you put into it. 'lThe Desire to Willy' will make a foot' ball team in Plainview High School. THE 1935 PLAINVIEW Athletics By Faoraav LovvoRN Basketball prospects are fairly bright lor the spring ol' 1936. At the present writing. there will be eight lcttcrmen back to begin where they lelit oil' this year-- Chisholni. Ray. A. Miller. P. Miller. join- er. Chambers. Lowry and Dean. Roy Neal and Taliaferro are graduating lettermen. We will have several good prospects to add to this list. We are expecting help from such fellows as Maxie Carroll, Neal Umphress and Raymond Milner. There are several other good prospects in High School that may come through, and the junior High School team will send up several likely looking players to carry on for P. H. S. Basketball is becoming Z1 little more popular in Plainview High School each year. and I predict a successful season in l936 financially and from a standpoint of games won. T' Pl E 1 9 .3 E5 P I. iA I hl'V I E The P. l-l.S. Spirit V The year 193465 has been a revival of the true P. H. S. Spirit. Enthusiasm was very high during the football season. The Homecoming parade before the QuanahfPlainvieW football game was one of the largest parades ever staged by the student body. Pep was no less abundant during the basketball season. The two cheer leaders, who were elected by the pep squad, and the won' derful spirit of the student body and the business men, were great assets to the spirit of the Bulldogs. Let's keep up the spirit next year. Tea Plainview! 'Yea Team! 'Yea Plainview! Fight! Fight! Fight! VV fre xl E571 A? CQ. an V ., .-, E7 , is i x 'ji i if 'F A . A I 8 VY MALLEY CHISHOLM - MIKE KIRK - - - BEN JOINER - BOB EVANS - HENRY MASON - - ROY NEAL fffaptainj - CHARLES DEAN - TOM VAUGHN - ALLEN DORSETT - WINSLOW CHAMBERS - 'Sf The I93l4 Football Squad Ha lfba wk - Em! H ll I fha 1-lr Gun rd Hfllflmvlf Cewfvfr Ifulllmr-If Gzmrfl Tflvkle Halfbacfk THE 1935 PLAINVIEW Tjkj? The I934 Football Squad OWENS ROGERS - GILBERT LORING - WORTH J EEFUS - WILLIAM SHORT - LLOYD TALIAFERRO ARTHUR NIILLER - MARLOW DEES - BILLY ASHER - CHARLES WIMBERLY RAYMOND SEALS - YV - End - Ta ckle - Tackle - Tackle - Tackle Quakrterback - Gmwd - Gwwfl Qua.rte1'back - Fullback 'T FI EI 1 9 3 5 ID L IA I BJ Nl I EI VV I59I .'TfZX 5 ff J ,Y X4 gnfiyl W. -:- BOYS BASKETBALL -:- YYY MALLEY CHISHOLM f f 1 - Guard Roy NEAL f f f f f Guard WINSLCJW CHAMBERS - f Cerner Bm: JOINER I f - f Guard LLOYD TALIM-'riRRo f 1 Center Woomxow LONWRY f ' f Forward CHARLifs DEAN f - Forward PoRTlaR lVlILLIiR 1 f Forward F. A. RAY 1 1 - Forward ARTHLIR MILL!-:R f Guard MRRLow Dmas f - 1 I Manager Y The season this year was suc- cessful and attested to the fine spirit of cooperation which mo- tivated the boys whom Coach Lovvorn worked with. The fact that members of the squad were smaller than average made little difference, for our boys were as fast as any team in the confer- ence. They immediately went to work and when the season open- ed they had a smooth working organization of which anyone could be proud. As the first call for basket- ball volunteers came around, some thirty ambitious fellows answered Coach Lovvorn's call with a smile. After about a month's hard work the Bulldogs were narrowed down to about twelve faithfuls, who helped us to work into the quarter-finals at District. We feel that their success was 'due Coach Lovvorn, who has well proven his ability to pro- duce basketball teams in the past. T601 THE 1935 PLAINVIEW L l X 'rr L, -:- GIRLS BASKETBALL -:- LOUISE ROBERTSON Forward AUNETA MORRIS f Guard ADRIAN TERRELL Forward GLADYS WALKER Forward EVELYN MALONE Forward ERMA MILLER f Guard LOLA BELLE EIY Forward CLARA HOPE - Guard REBA SALIL f r Guard Luc1LLE BASS f Guard EDITH RIGLER f Guard MURIEL DAVIS f Guard Billie McClure, an outstanding coach of the Southwest, proved himself worthy of the title by producing a team that won fourth place in the State A. A. U. after only six weeks of workout. He got a late start. However, with a group of girls who thought seriously about their playing, with three last year first stringers, as well as other girls who possessed both basketball experience and ability, he so drilled his knowledge of funda- mentals and technique into the girls that the result was one of the smoothest teams ever pre- sented Plainview fans. The school board dressed the girls appropriately as hostesses of the A. A. U. by purchasing new warm-up and playing suits. With these as an incentive, the girls played and won ten out of fourteen games. Among those they defeated were Happy, Lock- ney, Tulia, Abernathy, Cotton Center. Channing and Shallowa- ter. They lost games to Ropes- ville, State Champions of 1935, Winnsboro, winner of second, and Irene, winner Of third place. All except one or two of the present squad return next year, so we expect McClure's predic- tion that "West Texas basket- ball is coming to the front" to become a reality next year. THE 193 5 P VVV I l I 1 E61 LAINVIEW ' l lr ji 1,2- Ii'i 'fl K E621 , 1 THE 1935 PLA P 4 MR. R. B. UNDERWOOD FACULTY BUSINESS MANAGER OF ATHLETICS Mr. Underwood is the man behind the scenes in athletics, or shall we say the man at the front door? Our representa- tion of the year's athletic endeavor would not be complete without recognition of Mr. Underwood's services. It means much to the coaches to have the ticket selling and door collect- ing done by a capable man who is always on the job. Let those of us who appreciate his unselfish work reward him with cooperation and fair play. V RICHARD BLAKEMORE STUDENT BUSINESS MANAGER OF FOOTBALL No member of the fall or spring football squads has been more faithful or worked harder than Richard. He is on the job early and late and spends many extra hours mending, sorting and preparing football togs, balls and other equip- ment. The clubs and the coaches can, and do, depend on Blakemore to be ready to go when they are. INVIEW - .F X1 Iii VI gf Eight V I 1155 : ,,,.. ' M - ,z , , Q - X unity' I ii ii "V I- I -1 'fl f ?gRN Yu re . W , . in fi 1 fi mf i 0,1 "ss'.fsJ',4f t U -f'i"li.Jw1fvt" mo i 1- Q is ro I . wvti .-x, 235' , pw for f i , ,gyms ' 'bfi .A -gs! 1, V5 ? 'iv ,iv ' J' Nm, , , R 4 , 5, 1 fi i f ',-- id if ' . . 3' N i. 39' . " i ' ,Wiki qi," N l t' i 3? 'r"' Y' 4 ' 55' 3-f'51"Fe' P f . , 'ir E I' X 075. , 'i ' Q4 . if i I Q I 1 . 1 fy guilt if iw 5 'Lf I , A ria. ie fs, "2 ' 1:172 4 i iQ-133 ' . ' ii . A' f - 0.15904 ' :. , " "f Wt' ff' I fi ,...- lf. 1 'H' H' - . Ywifw-1, 1 - r Mary Mary quite contrary, How does your garden grow? With handsome boys, Arid pretty maids all in a, row! G4 MARY EARLE SANSOM Qzccen of the Annual Q5 Lk -. KA L X 1y5e'PN-X" -X' f" 5' L . . RUY NEAL Best All Around Boy xx: 65 f f was 27 I N-x 1 53 - ! xo-4 -5 '11 - L V XKQW:.fq134,yMi1'wxi'?' EVELYN MALON E Ffmzlmll f2HCL'7I HE 1935 PLAINVIE 4 CLASS FAVORITES yy 'SENIOR JUNIOR SOPHOMORE V V V V V V CHARLES VJIMBERLY KATHLEEN ALl:XANDER BILL DAY V V V MAUDENE ROGERS WILBUR WOFFORD Doms HUOHLQS S' T O L. 1 N E . ' L67 K -., Q.. I 68 mi2ix....4,. ,.,, ,W X . QI ' , f I f 4 1 K- f .1 In MANCY NELL WINCO High Schoolk Dairy Show Princess i fl , -1 - f f ,Q if , -, , . ........., Q.: fs-1.4m.,,k,..wi. mumumm ..1, i iHs.:.1:f33 PLAINVIE W CALENDAR-F August, 1934--Football camp at Silver Falls. Sept. 10-School opens with a bang! The Seniors strut around while the lowly Jun' iors, Sophs and Freshmen rather bewilderf ingly try to find their way around. Sept. 19-Classes organize and elect officers. Sept. 20-Clubs organize. Sept. 24-Hurrah! A half'day holiday- Cause? Why, haven't you heard, Elmer? Theres a circus in town!! And Tom Mix in person!! Sept. 25'-Pep Squad initiation ceremony, as a result of which the new members are to be seen wearing enormous green ribbons, and shoes of different pair and color. Sept. 28-An assembly to cheer the Bulldogs on, and arouse some football spirit. Since this is the first game on the new field, with Clovis as the victim, it promises to be a good one, but-woe is me! The score is 5'Of6 fin favor of Clovisj. Oct. 2-Assembly, with the District Rotary Governor in charge. He gave a very amusing talk on Texas. Oct. 3-The B team beat the A team 7fO. Oct 4-B team played Springlake, an-d-suv prise-won! Oct. 5-Our boys run faster than a Whirlf wind to beat Floydada 6fO. A fine foot' ball spirit has been displayed so far! Let's hope it keeps up. Oct. 12-Bulldogs vs. Bulldogs. Spur showed us the kind of football they play down their way Cwhich was pretty goodj. Tied 737. Oct. 15-Home Economics Club entertains with a MotherfDaughter Banquet. Oct. 19-Plainview goes to Childress to be defeated l9fO. This defeat was due in part to a bus accident on the way, injuring several of our best players. Oct. 26-Quanah at Plainview. Managed to down us 6f0. Pep Squad wore their new uniforms, and had a new Bulldog banner. Nov. 2-Plainview at Pampa. You can guess the score-6OfO! Did some one say in favor of which team? Pampa. Nov. 6-Assembly program in charge of the Annual Staff. The editor, business man- ager, and several of their assistants gave talks on just why you should buy an an- nual, support one, etc. Nov. 9iVernon at Plainview, beat us 25f7. Nov. 17-Half of Plainview High journeyed to Amarillo on a special fwhoopeej to hol-d the Sandstorms down to a score of 3710. A grand game and a grand time- could anyone ask for more? O R-Tl-IE-YEAR Nov. 23-News flash! Beat Borger 6-O! Dec. 1-Russian Chorus gave a program sponsored by the Band Parents Association. Dec. 19-Senior Play-well given and well received. Dec. 21-This excitement is too much! All in one day we are dismissed for the Christ' mas Holidays, and the Seniors elect the Queen of the Annual. Dec. 31-Back to School. Ian. 1-Happy New Year!! Jan. 2-Roy Neal elected Best AllfAround Boy. jan. 14-HifY entertains with a Valentine Best Girl Banquet. March 1-F. F. A. FatherfSon Banquet. March 1-Seniors in charge assembly program. March 6-P. T. A Carnival. Fun? Need you ask? March 8-juniors in charge assembly program. March 11-Huddle Club gives dance at the Country Club for benefit of the Senior Candidate. Incidentally, the Senior Can- didate, Mancy Nell Wingo, won! March 15316-District P. T. A. Convention and County Interscholastic League Meet, all at once. This is too much! March 20f23-State A. A. U. 'Girls Basket' ball Meet, with Ropesville as champions. All the Plainview gals heaved one big sigh of relief as they saw the visitors leave. March 22f24-HifY Conference fOlder Boys Conference! in Lubbock. March 30-District Home EC. Convention. April 5-Annual goes to press! And if there are any regrets from members of the Staff. I have yet to hear them. Spring-All along we have been winning basketball games-not so easy, but a two' point win is as good as a ten! April 8-9-10-Band goes on a goodfwill tour to arouse interest in the Dairy Show. April 10-T. C. U. Glee Club gives the girls a break! May 10s-JuniorfSenior Banquet. A gala aff fair, giving the lads and lassies a chance to appear in and at their best. May 17-Senior Picnic, along with one,day holiday-Whee! May 17-Junior Picnic, halffday holiday- some fun! May 19-Baccalaureate Sermon at the First Baptist Church. Already the Seniors are beginning to feel pangs of regret at leav- ing Plainview High. May 23--Commencement!!! Its' all over now but the shouting, folks. THE 1935 PLAINVIEW 69 at jj W'ell . . . well . . . well. xxflldl tt nice lumcli of boyx and girls we find lierelll Ulu! are they ntt'e'j Wllfll.N the lmgey man staring at us .vo sweetly? Ali, 'tix only Tolty. Look ut this pmwal of "A La QAntiJ Dixli Washers". Viewing us so serenely is Mr. Dorseyf Clodfs unit to the women! Next we find scenes from last yeafs Football Camp, where men are menll' And lieie we find a few of the famous Plain View Belles, and incidentally the S. O. S, At the bottom we find scenes from last yeafs junior Picnic ..... so thafs what it was lilqc??? Did someone say "snow"? lt's realg just aslq the girls in the background. Yep, it's "Hiiddle, Huddlef' these days!! Ah, what actors we have in P. H. S. Note the ex' pressions on the faces of Powell and Bain. And of course this time it's "Minnie", trying some of her tricks on the sweet and l7'l1'l0t'6'Ylf Louis. What could those horrid boys he doing!! Uncidentally, it's a group of our sofcalled football heroesj Ah, hafhere we find Mr. Qffotalj Laas. Whee, girls, girls, and more girls!!! And now none other than Tom and Roy Qcute little tricks!J 'Tis our Editor this time. And last but not least, .1 few of our dignified professors---fishing!! E5 'Q 72 'J KN , , 'x J .f 5, H, SONG HITS and WHO THEY HIT VV Born to be Kissed - Learning - - Freckle Face - Country Boy - - - Here Comes the British' - I Want to be Loved - Out For No Good - Absent Minded - Continental - - - I Wish I Were Twins - - I Ain't Gonna Sin No More Looe in Bloom ----- - Pardon My Southern Accent - Margaret Crews - - - Bill Tittle - J. T. Fielder Jr. - Clovis Clough - - - - Dunn Frances Jim Swan - Billie McClure - - - - Laas - Margaret Rosser - Dorothy Reams - - - Campbell Winnie Jo and Bevo - Mildred Johnson You Ought to be Arrested ----- Eugene Barnes Why Don't You Practice What You Preach? - - Lovvorn Cowboy Where Are You Riding? ---- Bill Messick Talkin' to Myself ---- - Charles Wimberly H e's a Humdinger - ---- Pruitt Dames ---- - Wilbur Wofford Try to See It My Way - - - Fielder Fun to be Fooled - - Joe Tittle La Cucaracha ---- - Plummer You Can Put It in the Papers - - - - Jane Powell Hush Your Fuss ----- Claire Jeanne Branham I'rn Just An Old Banjo Without Any Strings - Underwood Little Man You'11e Had a Busy Day - - - Dennis Stovall J THE 1935 PLAINVIEW 5 ,-f f f" ALL'-S A AA AAA ADS AN D I-IUMOR YYY YY Y Y Y 74 -4. 0-'--"fn--'A-f" - - - - 49 'V 5f:j:3:::5:5:::5:3:5:-3, y '-: .zzfzfzizggq:g:1:5:::5.5:1:5:5:g:g:::g:::5:1:5: .5315553Vggsgigfgfgsgigigigfgff F3 N ' .bs- sgbg-I'I-1''1353553525255555E5g55355E5g3Q5E55E3E5E5. + -a- - ,. 5533595.21-.Swa g lg ,- m.,.,.5:3i in 2 -'-' V .-If.-:-. -Z5:i: :-' "tif, " H f pw, - i w wk . We Solicit The Student's Patronage For Our . . . -COFFEE SHOP -DRUG STORE -TAILOR SHOP -BEAUTY SHOP and . . . -BARBER SHOP THE PLAINVIEW HILTON HOTEL THE 1935 PLAINVIE if 'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V m HALE CDU TY ST TE BAN PLAINVIEW TEXAS 4 9 M L.L4L.L.L-L.Q-Q.L.l.L.L.Q m 1 WORTH: Do you have this Waltz? l JOAN Qdelightedjz No. WORTH: Good! Hold my cigar while I dance it. Mr. Lovvorn tells us that during the War the Germans named their ships after jokes so the English wouldn't WT see them. fmt? lf 4' MRs. ROGERS: My dear. do any of N, your chums tell questionable stories? , If -of-I-" MAUDENEz Oh no, Mother, I nl' QW - . ways understand them perfectly! r 4 Nb' Q - lil, 5 3 jane on a date with Brantley- lx PA 'Twas midnight on the front porch, W Two lips were tightly pressed, Aunt Jennie gave the signal, NN M. And the Bulldog did did fCSt! DORSEY Qin Chemistry lecturej: If 0 we dissolve carbon in molten iron and - lvl91kl5hKs"fEv' 1105, 5.1125 cool it suddenly. what do We get? MARGARET CREWS: A diamond, DORSEY: What do you say, Mr. Chisholm? MALLEY Qawakeningj: One spade. d'n.le. MAH 0Yx'dxe.qw-tinijxzaxfgel-n w'flk 9, sf it E751 THE 1935 PLAINVIEW fffg xipfkkl , f.Yi'7"'i,QYi E761 ii . THE 1935 PLA 7-vvv-7-7-7. -v-v CARTER? 'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V 'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V"V'V'V'V'V'V The Community Weekly Plainview, Texas A.A.A.A.A.AAA X' 'v'V'v'v'V'v'v'V'v"V'v'V'V'V'V'v'V'v'v'V'V'v'V 'V'v'V'v'v'v Save Time and Money By Using Natural Gas ln addition to NATURAL GAS being quicker and much more efficient for heat and fuel, think of the time saved, as Well as the econo- my of gas as compared with other fuels. Natural gas, properly used, is the most eco- nomical fuel to be found. Since September 30, 1927, this Company has been supplying to the citizens of Plainview a long'-felt need and estimates that it will be in position for many years to come, to fur- nish this Wonderful fuel for heat and power. Wbst ' bxas Jas Lb. "GOOD GAS WITH DEPENDABLE SERVICE' lm.A.A-A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A-A.A.A.A.A .A.LA.A.A-A.Al INVIEW P J ' 'V'V 'V'V' V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V ALWAYS YOUR MONEY'S WORTH -at- THREE-DOOR 'A':':TY 713 A-B-C ENTRANCE BROADWAY E "l- ? E X - SEALE'S SHOE STORE, Inc. X-RAY SHOE FITTING 622 BROADWAY PLAINVIEW, TEXAS A.A.A.A.L.A-A v-v'v' QX,,,, 4, , , I To The Class of 35: WE WISH YOU I SUCCESS E TEXAS UTILITIES COMPANY A A AWA W7 Af A--A gp'-wb E ESSAYS S, I THE 1935 PLAINVIE LX 77 W 775 781 4, il i TNQ" 'V'Y'V'v'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'v'v'v'v CONGRATULATIONS! SENIORS OF 1935! "You are the fellow who has fo decide Whether youfll do it or toss it aside. You are the fellow who makes up your mind Whether you'll lead or follow behind." . Phillips Battery Company BILLY Asnnkg Love makes the world go roimdg . . . but then, xo does a good swallow of tobacco juice. This space was reserved for a joke about thc faculty. hut the faculty ceased to hc il jokc and hccamc a prohlcm. ROY NEAL: Wliy do you look so pained? Tom VAi'r:HN: l'm lazy. ROY NEAL: What's that got do do with Er:OTIsTf V-Thc hoy friend who. when kiss- ing his sweetheart. murmurs that he must hc thc second happiest person in the world. And thcrc was thc freshman who was so dumh that he thought smelling salts were sailors with B. O. CHARLES lnhscntlyj: You're ax dear, swcrt girl. Anna. JEAN HANSIEN: But my name is -lean. lf? I CHARLESAfrccoveringl: I say? you're a TOM VAl'1lrlN: l'm sitting on il cig' dem' swcct girl. anna love you with all my zircttc. hczirt. 9 Camp s Pharmacy . . . . . EIGHTH Sz BROADWAY A BETTER DRUG STORE PHONE 161 I . I FREE DELIVERY X v'v'v'v'V'V'v'v'v'v'7'v'v'V'v'v'v'V'V'v'v'V'v'v' Z L. R. Bam 81 Company NEW AND USED FURNITURE PLAIN VIEW -:- TEXAS ,X A.4.A.A.A.4.A.4.4.A.4 8. THE 1935 PLAINVIEW I 1 V'7'V' V'V'V'V"v'V'V'V 'v'V'V 1Q Eg '7'V'V'7'V'v'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V"v' to the Grain 1935 GRADUATES C0 CONGRATULATIONS Jeffus - DeL0aCh from, P The --:--- E , GRAIN - FEED - SEED 3 Man s, Shop , 5 COAL E "WHERE THEREUS STYLE 1 I -THERE'S QUALITYU .- P E '-" t PHONE 119 E 729 BROADWAY PLAINVIEW - TEXAS l !.A.4.A.4.A-4.4..! l2Q-44 .L4A v'V'v'TV'v'vT' 'V'VT 'v'V'V'V'v'V'V'v'v' .47qwiITi'.1i3.E ' E! .I CITY NATIONAL BANK CAPITAL STOCK 9'p100,000.00 E I YOUR BUSINESS APPRECIATED SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT I79I THE 1935 PLAINVIEW 1235 if soj v 5 RVV' Y'V 'V'V'V'V"V'V'V'V'V'V'V'Y'V'V'V'V'V'1x' IXVV'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'1X IfI7HERE YOUR BUSINESS . . 'grin-'H hav IS APPRECIATED S2ndrf urt:Jn,w uh 311: "YOUR DRUGGIST" WISHIN G YOU I ' EVERY SUCCESS P P P P Kew ' 1 5 y ,BRI C LEAN E R5 tith 8: Hrozldway-Phone 127 g J Pfionw I2 6 E Plainview, T6Xa1S U LxE.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A-A-A.A.A.A-A-A.A-A.A.AJXX 24-4.4-A.4.4.A.4-A. ffl CD4 'T W1 rv 53.1 I3 Gai 1 H4 O4 91 me CD1 H: ml Chi C. 9-51 53.1 .51 U31 Q4 G-1 M CD O "H E E. D S. Cv S E5 UQ D' 'V'V'V 'V'V' v'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'v'V'v'V'v'V',ff -v- May your future years be filled with SUCCESS and HAPPINESS I V 'v'v-v- 'V'V'V'V L E P P P P E r r r r r r r P P r r r r r r r r r r r D E I And l'u1'the1' we hope thai we may merit YOUR CONTINUED PATRONAGE THE A5151 STUDIO THE 1935 PLAINVIEW 31 11' FASHION SHOP 4' The Ladies' Store of Plainview E The Busy Corner --- 7th and Broadway V I A Exclusive Ladies' Ready-to-Wear, Millzfnery, Shoes and Accessories EXCLUSIVE BUT NOT EXPENSIVE BL IR DRUG COMPAN PRESCRIPTIONS DRUGS - SODAS 720 BROADWAY PHONE 86 WHO SAID IT FIRST? "Come up and see me sometimef'-Cleo' patra to Antony. Be you1self."fPriscilla to john. 'You nasty man."-Caesar to Brutus. "Step on it."-Sir Walter Raleigh to Elizabeth. "I hope you choke."--Jonah. JEAN HANSEN: So you're not going to Paris this year? KATHLEEN ALEXANDER: No-it's Lon' don were not going to this yearg it was Paris we didn't go to last year. Heard in Biology: My next lecture may prove embarrassing to you young men and women. Any who wish may stay away. MIKE KIRK: May I invite some friends? "Why does Mary Ellen let all the hoys kiss her?" "She once slapped a lad who was chew' ing tobacco." MR. FIELDER: What is a literary aspirf ant? PAT DOYLE: It's what an author takes when hc has a headache, sir. 'xl V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'v'V'V'V'V'V'v'V'V' W. B. MART1N1a. President ERNEST SPENCER, VicefPrcsidcnz j. C. BELL, Scc'yf"l'rcaxuvcr M. S. WATSON, VicefP1es. and Mgr. HALE COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. UNCORPORATEDJ CAPITAL STOCK PLAINVIEW, TEXAS Oifrlcii EAST Sine SQUARE E. THE 1935 PLAINVIE PHONE 112 4.4.4415 w ,H . ek., xbf l81l ,,, 1 xg, D . I gs t .Ihre Q K Lt.,-Y 82 X' lxl 'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'v'v'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'v'V'V'V'v'V'v'V'V'V'v'v'v'V'V'V'V'iK' PRESCRIPTION DR UGGISTS -and- HEULLDOG BACKERSU High School Students Are Always Welcome Alexander Bros. Drug Company, Inc. The REXALL Store PLAINVIEW ---- TEXAS ,X '-L-A.A-L.A.A-L.L.A.A.A-A-L.A.A.LAQ. QAAAAAAAAL-A.A4L.A.A .ALA llxl lg?'v'V'v'v'V'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v' R1 EYES EXAMINED E i GLASSES PRESCRIBED ' l have just installed the newest hydraulic equipment for modern relraction. Every important feature and adjustment needed hy the modern eye specialist has been huilt into this specially designed equipment and l am hetter prepared than ever before to offer my patients thoroughly modern optometric service. Call and we will he glad to show you our new scientific equipment. DIL C. M. CLIIUGH 71 'T BROADXVAY MRS. Ctoiwan, Asxisumz PLAINVIEW XLA.A.A.L.L.A.A.A.L.L.A.L.A-A-A.A.L.L-L.L.A-L.A..A.A-L.L.L-L.A.A-L4L.Q.L.L.L lx 21'''V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V' V'V'V'V'V "V"V'V'V'V"V 'V' V'V'V'V' l IARVIS-TULL 81 COMPANY, Inc. FARMALL TRACTORS - Models 12-20-30 g it wconnicx nunmc ce , e l Q E? A,V - - I -X! . V 1: , il if Wy 'R : figs 'iw geese- S r':lW"'1-,g r v, we ,H ff ' .ki ieii f'i ,:i l - " -Yilfrsql A ? S '44 I 5 3 va Ei i- ,,,'-1:1-,... M L, ,Av e ' 4 DIESEL TRACTORS AND POWER UNITS ALL MACHINERY FOR FARM PURPOSES -7- Q PLAINVIEW, TEXAS 51L4.4.A. 4.4.4.. Qi T H E 1 9 3 5 P L A I N V I E W THE PLAINVIEW SANITARIUM AND CLINIC PLAINVIEW : : TEXAS Thoroughly equipped for the examination and treatment of Medical and Surgical patients, including Dental and Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Departments. GLASSES FITTED. Q X il XI BULLDOG BUQSTERS ! FOR IRRIGATION PLANTS --S6e-- J. A. A S H E R PLAINVIEW, PHONE 543 TEXAS I! REVISED PROVERBS PHONEY PHYSICS Look before you cheat.. ERufSomething to fry. All are rw! g1'flS Chai giggle- A VOLT-Things that they do on election A miss is as good as her environment, day. MHO-A larger quantity. DYNIif'I'enth part of a dollar. PHRASE-The other side of your face from the back. OHM-Where you go after school. MR. DAVIDSON: Mr. Messick, give me the name of a heatfproducing agent. BILL JOHN: I -don't know her name, but I have her address. MOTHER Centering roomjz Why Claire Jeanne. get right down from that young man's knee. somewhere beforef "'I'hat's Odd." 'iIt certainly is." "It seems to me that I've seen your face CLAIRE JEANNE: No. I got here first. MOTHER: Shfh. Jimmy, the sandman's fmlllnll' HENRY MASON: Do you play foothall JIMMY: O. K. A dollar and I won't tell Daddy. Miss CAMI'i3IeLL: Give me an example of nonsense. J. T. JR.: An elephant hanging over a cliff with his tail tied to a daisy. "Dennis Stovall is sick and ean't attend classes today." RUBY MILSTEAD: All right, and who is this speaking? "This is my roomfmatef' here in Paradise? SAINT PETER: No, we can't play with' out oltieials. PROF: How is it. Worth. I don't have your exam paper? WORTH: Well. it's this way: I wrote it all right, but neglected to fill my pen. JOHN B.: I'-d like to propose a little toast. E. NELLE: Nothing doing, big boy: I get a regular meal. THE 1935 PLAINVIEW E831 4124 Xl ., 15' . 27' 191 gihefi 51. 'Q 84 f K X I" 'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'TV'V'v' gj Whetstone Drug Company PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Graduate Registered Pharmacist in Charge 109 E. SIXTH STREET PHONE 62 : : : PLAINVIEW, TEXAS m..-.,..--........................-..........-...........-..............................1mn - -v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v""'v'v'v'v'v"'v'v'v'v'v'v'v"'v'v'v'v'v'v"'v'v""""""?f1 AT CAVE'S" P 1:1L..................-.-.-.-..--.-...-..L-.-AA.-.....-L-......-..............-......nx E,..,.,.,.,.w,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,-,.,.,.,.,.,-,-,-,w..,.,.,.,.,-,.,.,.v...,.v.....v.v.,.E Compliments of .... TEX AS LAND 81 DEVELOPMENT COMPANY 700 Broadway :-: Plainview, Texas sxL.,,4..4...44.-..L-.-L.4..44..,....4-...L.4......A4.L.44.LMlx !g1,-v-v.v.v-v.v-vvv-vvvvv- - - vv-7-7-7-vvv.v.v-yy. - -v-vvv-vvvvv-v-7.7-7-v-V-vvv-7-vvv-my El P1ERcE's "PLAINVIEW'S LEADING STORE" 61:1 BROADWAY z-:-1 PHONE 295 .X A. AL.A4IxI THE 1935 PLAINVIEW ' ' g Flowers CORSAGES-BOUQUETS-DECORATIONS FRESH FROM OUR GREENHOUSES PLAINVIEW F LORAL PHONE 195 ALLLL liR x 'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v' Compliments of . . mms cu-nPEnAnvE, mc. A -4 SEE R if A PLAINVIEW, TEXAS I X All4 KIKER'S Service Station and . . . Storage Garage BUYD 81. DAVENPORT Oldest Agency in Plainview ONLY OLD LINE STOCK COMPANIES QUALITY MERCHANDISE FIRE - LIFE INSURANCE SUPERIOR SERVICE LOANS and BONDS WE APPRECIA TE YOUR BUSINESS - FIFTH gl AUSTIN Ground Floor Skaggs Bldg. PHONE 237 PHONE 341-PLAINVIEW .A.4.4.A.4.4.4.A.A.4. lf.fl.A.A.A.A.4.4.A.A.A.A.A.A.4.4.A. 85 T 2 THE 1935 Pl.AlNvlEw mxy A J 86 .Y af? 'l""""""""""""E Dil il Congratulations! S T E R' S "0 th" Quality CLASS Bakery 0 f M ulcers of v 3 5 AUNBggEETY's 1' MARY BEST CAKES CONNOR MATHES -2 COMPANY 2791-PHONE--279 Automotive Necessities 621 Ash Street xg .4.4.4.A.A. F1 X .A.4.A.4. 8 I 'V'V"V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V"v'V'V' Y'V'V"V'V'V'7 O O W aller Tailoring Co. BILL GOULDY, OWNER 1908--Twenty-Seven Years in PlCLl'7L?7I'61U-1935 THE CHEAPEST AFTER ALL l, L -lL.L-L.A-A4A.L.lL.A.L-A4L.A-L-A-L-A.L4L .A.L4L.A-L.L.L.L.L.L.L.L.L.L.A,.L.A.L.L.L-L.4Bxl I """' 'T' v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v' v'v'v' ming? Track-Type Tractors - Combines Harvesters Road Machinery - Diesel Engines PHONE 1050-407 BROADWAY Plains Machinery Company PLAINVIEW, TEXAS , l.A.A-A.A.LA.A.A. A-A.A.A-A.A.A.A-A.A.A.A.A.A-A.A-A.A.A-A.A.A.A.A.A.A X THE 1935 PLAINVIEW Shook Tire and Battery Co. SEIBERLING TIRES -andi EXIDE BATTERIES Battery Phone 345 -:- Tire Phone 73 V'V'TV X Burt Electric Shop ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING Refrigerator Service-Motor Repairing PHONE 157 - '- 712 BROADWAY TRUE CONFESSIONS I like men who cause commotion In my heart, by their devotion. I like snakes who tell me lies About my hair, my lips, my eyes. I like men who tower high And the ones as small as I. I like men in grey or blue, I Witli buttons black and hearts so true UI I like men who never swear: I like men who swear they care. I like men. "What is youth?" "I'm a thophmoref' She was a good cook as cooks go, and as cooks go, she went. He's not as big a fool as he used to be- Is he getting wiser? No. thinner. Breathes there a man with soul so dead Who never to himself has said, As he bumped his toe against the bed: -! ! HM C4 I!! L-- ??, etc. THE 1935 PLAINVIE I'm just a modest little girl, I do not smoke or drink, Or ever dare to sit at night Beside the waters brink. Or so my family think. LITTLE BOY: "lt's not school I don't like: it's the principal of the thing." BABY EAR or CORN: Mamma, where did l come from? MAMMA EAR or CURN: Hush, dear. The stalk hrought you. JOAN L.: What's worrying you, Milo? MILO: I was just wondering if Dad would see to the milkin' while we're on our honeymoon, supposin' you said "Yes" if I asked you. There was a young man from Aheel Who went up in a big ferris wheel When halfway around He looked at the ground And it cost him an eightyfcent meal. GLENN ELLIS: Ish thish you? SAM STUCKEY: Yesh. GLENN ELLIS: Thash probably why you look so much alike! 87 'tfx Q il fy if hx - 2211 f' 88 1 'B 37513 X Buy Loose-Wiles Fine Candies Eat Vassar Chocolates DUNN DRUG CO. CPharmacyD "CITY DRUG STORE" Registered University Graduates of Pharmacy Fill Prescriptions Here. M. A. DUNN, B. Accts., Ph. R., Phr. D. Corner 6th 8: Ash St.---PHONE 88-iPlainview, Texas g BURNIE PHILLIPS TIRE CO. 3 Q GENERAL TIRES 2 3 SINCLAIR GAS AND OIL .-q 'Q A. ELTON MOREMAN, Manager Q GQ Broadway at Seventh Plainview, Texas V1 'V "V'V'v'V'V A SPECIAL INTEREST IN PLAINVIEW HI, We believe this institution has an extra reason for its intense interest in the activi- ties of Plainview High for eight of its nine employees and firm members have been stu- dents in the school, and know what it means for the Bull Dogs to experience the joys of victory or taste the bitter dregs of defeat. You will always find loyal, consistent supporters at 620 Broadway. THATCHER PRINTING CO., Inc. PRINTING AND OFFICE SUPPLIES Plainview, Texas Ill THE 1935 PLAINVIE OLIVER FARM EQUIPMENT WF APPRFCIATE YOUR BUSINESS PLAINVIEW - 2- LUBBOCK E E. K. Hufstedler 8: Sons 1 El 4.4.4 X Ei LOCKE MOTOR CO., Inc. CARS ---- ---TRUCKS An institution whose aim is not only for self but to build FRIENDSHIP through SERVICE. WILL H. LOCKE, President X A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A PLAINVIEW, TEXAS X x"v'v'v' gg 'v'v'v' m fc , . 0 gl lg Hooser ' ess Uolleqe Beauty Shop gustnanu wA1sogl'sosicJr3::gE 2 OF cons P All Work Guaranteed Scores of P. H. S. graduates 1 have attended P. B. C. in the OIL PERMANENTS past twenty-three years, and 1 50 7 50 are now successful business 'S ' UP to 'S ' men and Women- SHAMPOOS AND sms J'-pffff xk 25 cents each f xx tt All Kinds of Beauty Work i'l1..?av' , 1 . o s Q , rg at Reasonable Prices Q55 g f SIXTH Kr BROADWAY Ayn' PHONE 1140 Accredited Member Balcony Hart's Pharmacy IZLA.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A-A.A.A.A-A-A.A.A-A. X lg-L - THE 1935 PLAINVIEW 3 . .wifi I8 'ia Mb, 91 fi-AA1 'Sff Q -I ' I - 4. W Jw. IX 90 l .Y 1 X qugo 1,',. ' ,f41 L .4-2:5539 1 , lv 'U Sure, Everybody Eats Bread! -Why not eat the BEST? ,I S. A fi! , I , - 1, t. 1,-uaggg QVIQQQ ...x Q 'JJ--'n at" ' - , 1 -A17 . ,sr . ' 4- '1'... 1 X . X J filtak, in 9' rfiv 43: -f . ' 72 .51-' Ve?" .f A' BNN I A37 f fi:-R' 9 N gil... 'I Q Effie- ' sf' L' ' 2 . 'Q if v 3 N f .igfi-,I 5 s.,Qr:i1: Zighfx vig. I ,. vs ' -" 1-. You can have the Best Bread only when you use the Best Flour Use EVER-LITE and be pleased Harvest Queen Mill and Elevator Co ..... -Al Love may be blind. but the neighbors aren't. It isn't 'cause you smoke a pipe, It isn't 'cause I'm fickle. It isn't 'cause you're not the type: 11's cause your whiskerx tickle! j. B.: Wake up quick! Wake up! joHNNIE: Can't. ,l. B.: Why? joHNNua: Ain't sleeping. ELISE: I refused to marry jack six months ago. and he has been drinking ever since. ELIiANOR: That's carrying celebration a bit too far, isn't it? Fam: FAIRIQY: How'd you get that cut on your head? PAT M.: Musta bit myself. FRED F,: How could you bite yourself way up there? PAT: Musta stood on a chair. ENGLISH MAJOR: Hurrayl Five dollars for my last story! RooMMATe: Who from? E. M.: The post office Hthey lost it. X She was one whom one might like better the more one saw her less. PAT DOYLE: What is celery? MIKE KIRK: Rhubarb with low blood pressure. PROF Isternlyj: I shall not start this class until the room settles down. SYMPATHETIC STUDENT: Go home and sleep it off, old man. LOUIS S.: I'id like some old-fashioned love. LATRELL: I'll introduce you to my grand- mother. BRANTLEY: Ah, there you are. Where have you been during the last three dances? MARKSARET A.: .lack was showing me some new steps. BRANTLIIY: Were they very hard? MARGARET A.: We took cushions along. Mrs. McClure had just received a beauti' ful skunk coat from her husband. "I can't see how such wonderful furs can come from such a low, foulfsmelling beast." "I don't ask for thanks. dear," said Billie, "but I really must insist on respect." THE 1935 PLAINVIEW ' Hale County Motor Company DICK AINSWORTH, Manager DOC HINDS GARAGE Chrysler and Plymouth Service 718 AUSTIN -:- PHONE 75 A.A..A.A-A .LAL-A. X Y'V'v'V'V'V'V FAMILY WASHING -- WET WASH Zac PUUND MODEL LAUNDRY PHONE 383 -2- 510 East 9th '7V'V'V'V'V'V' CRENSHAW PAINT and GLASS CO. Paints - Varnishes - Brushes - Artists' Supplies Wall Paper - Picture Framing - Auto Sc Window Glass 628 BROADWAY : : PHONE 34 .A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A-A.A.A.A.A.A.A-A.A.A.A.A.A-A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.4 K LEWIS WIMBERLY SERVICE STATION TIRES - TUBES WASHING AND ACCESSORIES GREASING Service - Courtesy - Relvknluflrity BROADWAY AT FIFTH PHONE 566 A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A-A.A.A.A.A.A-A.A.A-A.A-A.A-A-A.A-A.A.A-A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.1 HE 1935 PLAINVIE I9lI 'fix ,WN ,X 5,1 -3 ja 'lg Alf? 4 92 .A 1 V'V'V'V'V'V' X B. dk B. SIGN COMPANY "IN PLAINVIEW SINCE 1915" PHONE 806 921 BROADWAY IxI.4.4.A.4.A.A.4.A.A. -A.A.A.A.A.A Xi ,gl 'Wv ,Q LlPPEIIT'S PRACTICAL BUSINESS GIILLEIIE . . . We Specialezfze in . . . SHORTHAND REPORTING - LEGAL WORK BOOKKEEPING - AUDITING VEIGEL BLDG.-East of Texas Theatre-PHONE 22 ROY J. LIPPERT, President AAA. E DRINK... KINGS , JEWELRY . . Plainview? Exclusive J ewelry Store . . . ' S 'I' d B l In tem me on es Diamonds, Watches Recognized by U. S. Jewelry, Silverware Government and Clocks 623 BROADWAY Ph 1197 CocaCo1a one Bottling Co. PURE' AS SUNLIGHT 3i,I.4.4.A.A.A-A.4.4.4.A.A.A.4.4-A. X X T H E 1 9 3 5 P PLAINVIEW - TEXAS B. F. KING Owner M ss I e e Robe ts, Manager A-D1 LAINVIEW Iackson Tire Company FEDERAL TIRES, TUBES AND BATTERIES PHONE . . . 260 620 ASH -2- PLAINVIEW MOTHER GOOSE Handy. spandy. Iackfafdandy, Loved plum cake and sugar candy. But he got spinach and carrots. just as all the other little folks do. FATHER: Arc there half fares for chilf 1? CONDUCTOR: Yes. under fourteen. FATHER: That's all right. I just have Magnolia X BILLY A.: He who hesitates is lost. CLOVIS C.: But he who tries gets slapped. "just put it on my Bill." sobbed the young widow as she left the crematory. Another good place for a zipper would hc on string beans. FIRST Como: Is anybody looking? SECOND Coffin: No. FIRST C0fED: Then we don't have tm smoke. Petroleum Company MOBILGAS - MOBILOIL MOBILGREASE RETAIL AGENT WHOLESALE PLANT 7th and Austin 800 East 6th St. H. D. SLATON I X E. H. EZELL, Agt. Phone 471 Phone 461 HE 1935 PLAINVIEW 93 CN 9 4 1 f, I ny ' T'v'v'V'v'V'v 'V 'V'V'V'V'V'7'v'V'V'V'V'V'V'W 'V'7'V'V'V'v'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'E GIRANAEM. DON GROTH I .- Motor Co. THEATRE i l l IN PLAINVIEW O L D S M O B I LE SALES AND SERVICE FIRST RUN FEATURE PICTURES Phone 17 -'ff- 623 AUSTIN POPULAR PRICES PLAINVIEW - TEXAS Q.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A. IN v'wv'wwvTw'ww""""w w'W'WwT3j Continental Oil Company A THE Cozvoco c 0 SYMBOL OF TRIANGLE W SERVICE G. S. SHUTT, AGENT A.A.A.A.A.A.A-A.A.A-A.A.A.A-A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.1,xJ i"V'v'V"V'V'V'V'v'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'V'v'V'V'V'T1fl COMPLIIINGNTS OI" . . . J.C.PENNEY CQ "WHERE SAVINGS ARE GREATEST" 727 BROADWAY --Z- PLAINVIEW, TEXAS I A.A. A.A.A.A.A.A.A.LA.A.A.A.A.A L at HE 1935 PLAINVIEW "'v'v'v'v'v- 3-Z1 E i It . i I U A i 5 XV 'V'V xl SWEETEST SPOT THE PAL IN TOWN Butter Toasted Sandwiches - Drinks, Candies, Smokes. Good. . . why? Most modern and beautiful soda fountain in town! 100 per cent Frigidaire. F. E. BLASINGAME, Prop. Phone 620 : : : Texas Theatre Bldg. 2!l.4.4.4.A. A.A..4.4.A.A.4.4.A.4.. X jmtx WELLSi Did you see that charm- ing girl smile at me? MARUARIQT C.:Yes. the first time I saw you. l. too. had to smile. Little Marvin found a button in his salad. I-Ie remarked: I suppose it fell off while the salad was dressing. Cdl-'l-'ICER fto couple in parked autojz Donlt you see the sign. "Fine For Parkingn? WILBIIR VJOFFORIDZ Yes. officer. I see it. and heartily agree with it. Bifvo DARIBENZ I wasn't going forty inilcs an hour. not thirty. nor even twenty! jibrzri: Here. steady now. or you'll be backing into something. -lol-. l3Iil,l,A: You think inorc of that old wireless sct than you do of me. BILL TITTLE: Well. I get less interfcrf ence from it. l..l7ClLLIZ FLETCHER: Wlirit is your bro' ther in college? Lorisn BUNTIN: A halffback. Li'r:iLLE: I mean in studies. Lorisiiz Oh. in studies. he's away back! Rfxnio ANNOLINLZERIS CHILD fsaying her praiycrsj: And I'1l be on the air again to' morrow at this samc time. Amen. "All that I am I owe to my mother." "Why don't you send her thirty cents and square the account?" TEACHER: George T.. to what class of the animal kingdom do I belong? GEORGE T.: I don't know. Teacher. Pa says you're an old hen. and Ma says you're an old cat. MARUARET GREEN: She told me that you told her the secret I told you not to tell her. FRANCES JIM: The mean thing! I told her not to tell you I told her. IVIARKZARET G.: Well. don't tell her l told you she told nic. Little joy. seven years old. remarked as she helped herself to the last biscuit on the plate: uThis won't matter to me. for I've been an old maid about all my life anyhow." JOHN B.: I thought you took that Math last term. JOHNNIE CLAYTON: I did. but I was so good the faculty encored me. THE 1935 PLAINVIEW 95 Bl? ia. ' A, maj lf yi, CONGRATULATIONS to the GRADUATES of '35 We have always backed the activities of Plainview High and wish for the graduates continued success in their life's work. HUFF'S FOOD STORE PLAINVIEW, TEXAS IX . ulvlummy. do you love me?" "Of course." "Then why not divorce daddy and marry the man at the sweet shop." TEACHER fwarning her pupils zigziinst catching coldj: l had 11 little hrothcr seven years old, and one day he took his new sled out in the snow. He caught pneumonia, and three days later he died. Silence for ai second. Volcia mom THE REAR: Whcrc's the Among those lost ln the strife and storm ls the sweet young thing Witln the boyish form, For the fates all say Alas. zilaick! For the slim and straight. That the curves are hack And diets now. The styles decree. Will put curves where Feed ..... P A Y M A S T E R COTTON SEED PRODUCTS . . . nm ny . . . West Texas Cottonoil Co. PLAINVIEW, TEXAS THE 1935 PLAINVIE T ,E'!?R?7Y'ifl7J1Q6'm'--,-.:7:"i'.a"!1,2ief"'.'V' " ' ' -. f 1 E1 "'!4 1 414: -. 1'f'5' 1.42-m. V-1i?'fiei2fN51Q'i'? 2F,'f5,fi,-'WEN Wi"":i Q4":.1:.nQM5s5' Il 4'J1gQ4E?1vG4:2I:fihiM2f?5liI39!Yf45hE3fE 3 i E 5 i u 5 ! w i zf S F N ii ' ' Y 1' 1- "I ' ' Iliiwli, EFELTZRTEQ- EVE' iA1E9FH'1i-'vilii-'SUT L'4i4.lW-' .JJ-Ya vm fcu.3f4-1. f'1f'v5S:1LT1T"i, r 'VL .Q - ak'-if--w1:,.J 2 4 ..'??2'J!!' 097, f K ' ' mlffmi- 'f,1i.'?z7a

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