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Text from Pages 1 - 140 of the 1963 volume:

■ SENIOR CLASS Pittsford Central School Pittsford, New York SUMMER SONG by Henry David Thoreau Life is a summer’s day, When as it were for aye We sport and play. Anon the night comes on, The ploughman’s work is done, And day is gone. We read in this one page Both Youth, Manhood, and Age That hoary sage. % The morning is our prime That laughs to scorn old Time, And knows no crime. The noon comes on apace, And then with swelt’ring face We run our race. When eve comes stealing o’er We ponder at our door On days of yore. Let’s make the most of mom , Ere ... it is gone. Reprinted from THIS WEEK MAGAZINE. Copyrighted 1962 by the United Newspapers Magazine Corporation.” 2 Dedicated INDIVIDUALISM Individualism, the spirit of freedom, led Thoreau to abandon the trivial in his existence and search for the core and meaning of life. This basic desire to be independent was an integral part of Thoreau, as in fact it has been of our country and our countrymen. The right to be unique: our patriots fought for it; our thinkers express it; our inventors build upon it; our government protects it. Individualism is a part of the American dream, part of our heritage. It is important to us at Pittsford. Origin¬ ality and leadership serve our school as creativity and curiosity illumine our education. In group participation and in individual thought we can begin to break away from blind acceptance. We are determining the people we will be. Our personalities are shaped by our regard for the right to be different. .. to be ourselves. Pittsford, in turn, is shaped by us. 5 . . . PERSPECTIVE J 10 administration ■faculty Near side of table: Mr. Harry Lusk, Mr. Royal Tobey, Mrs. Orson Britton; Far side of table: Mr. Morris Gaskin, Clerk; Mr. Gorham Parks, Vice-President; Mr. Lyman Welch, Mrs. Wyatt Brummitt, Mr. John Fox, President. BOARD OF EDUCATION The members of the Board of Education are elected officials who represent the community at large. They are responsible for establishing the policy which directs our school system. We, as a class, are deeply indebted to these dedicated people for their selfless efforts on our behalf. We have seen the results of their endeavors in buildings, supplies, the instructional program, and the calibre of the school employees. During the current year, much of their time has been spent on the swimming pool and junior high school projects and on a new newsletter to the district resi¬ dents. 14 Dear Class of 1963: Please accept the congratu¬ lations of the entire faculty on the occasion of your gradua¬ tion from high school. All members of the staff are pleased that they had the op¬ portunity to contribute to your education. Your individual accomplishments have given us many opportunities to swell with pride. Our school enjoys an excel¬ lent reputation in the area and throughout the state. Your high standards of achievement have been contributing factors. Such high standards are sometimes taught, but more frequently caught. It is to your credit that you have caught from your teach¬ ers their enthusiasm for quality in learning. The fine example set by the members of the class of 1963 will certainly be caught in the future by many Pittsford students. Regardless of your choices for future endeavor, we hope you will pursue them with the same high standards of behavior and performance in mind. Such noble aims will insure a high degree of personal success. Your school and community will continue to be interested in your progress. Come back often. Herbert C. Bettinger District Principal 15 ARNOLD T. CARLSON High School Principal Dear Class of 1963: We are both pleased and impressed with your accomplishments. It .is interesting to note that your high school career has taken place during years of tension and crisis on the international scene, and yet you have been able to set goals and make admirable progress in your own individual lives. In addition, pressures in the aca¬ demic world determined that you face intense competitive influences, particularly in preparing and planning for post-high school experiences. This too, you seem to take in stride. If, as individuals, you retain the enthusiasm and determination that has been evidenced by the Class of 1963, you most certainly will be contributors to improving and stabilizing our world society in future years. Thank you for your willingness to be a vigorous and vital part of our high school life. It is our hope that your many achievements will be a guiding light for those that follow you. Most sincerely, Arnold T. Carlson 16 17 JOHN H. COPE BERNARD W. KINSELLA District Vice-Principal for Personnel District Vice-Principal for Curriculum 18 GUIDANCE W. Gary Morrison Robert Shelly Marion Corby HISTORY SEATED: Kenneth Kreiser, Carol Emery, Lucy Phinney, Robert Joyce STANDING: Henry French, James Wittig, Donn Wilshaw STANDING: Douglas Albright, Donald Lapp, Anthony Socci; SEAT¬ ED: John Parsons, Douglas Kessler. INDUSTRIAL ARTS DRIVER EDUCATION Donald Lapp, Anthony Socci 20 LIBRARY Claire Brown, Ruth Hilfiker MATH Susan Ford, Sylvia Beck, Hilda Sullivan, Alice Schulmeister, Anne Gratian, Bruce Koloseike 21 MUSIC Herman Dilmore, William Dengler, Howard Tappan, Valentine Anzalone, Gisela Sielaff Carmine Palleschi, Janet Bartlett, Karen Saunders, Hedda Martens, Marilyn Sheehan Heusinkveld, Mary Spicer, Joy LANGUAGES 22 ENGLISH STANDING: David Edwards, Richard Hazlett, Lucy Phinney; SEATED: Kristen Nelson, William Grammar, Karen Gottovi, Joanne Ellis; Absent: Phyllis Kline. HOME ECONOMICS Marion Ross, Elizabeth Brown 23 PHYSICAL EDUCATION Raymond Davison, Roberta Stilson, Charles Miller, Kathryn Nastano- vich Anne Lombard, Alan Prudom, Homer Northrop, Kathryn Balmer, Graham New- stcad, Elizabeth Apfelberg, John Holzwarth, Sandra Hivnor. SCIENCE !5 TEEN A GE DIPLOMATS WARREN LYONS, A.F.S. Argentina SCOTT SEARLE, A.F.S. Denmark Bringing a world of peace through friendship and understanding is one of the goals of the American Field Service. Under the motto, “Walk together, talk together,” thousands of teen-agers each year are sent to different countries to learn new customs and to broaden their own way of thinking. By making lasting friendships in other lands, these “A.F.S.’ers” created a personal, warm understanding between countries in a world wrought with war, ignorance, and greed. As “A.F.S.’ers,” we would like to sincerely thank Pittsford High School, the American Field Service, and the peoples of Denmark and Argentina for the opportunity of being a part of this essential program. We hope there will be many others in the future who attempt to reach our goal. 28 How wonderful it is to be accepted by you, people of Pittsford High School, in the warm and nice way that I was. Yesterday, I was arriving here, with an enormous curiosity about the new life, which would be mine for one year. Now, I feel as if I belong to t.his place, being part of the community and of the student body. I thank you all, teachers and students, who have helped me through this year, making me integrate completely into this nice place. To leave is always sad, especially when one has to leave behind such a dear combina¬ tion of people and experiences. But, I also thank the American Field Service which made it possible for me to have all these wonderful memories which will be always present in my future life. Whenever you think of going to Brazil, remember there is someone who will be truly happy to see you again and to help you in whatever I can. AT.S LOGO, Jacqueline Pitanquy Rua Paula Freitas 21, apt.-202 Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro Brazil 29 Senior Class Officers Linda Clarke, Secretary Don Browne, Vice-President Kitty Francis, Treasurer Jeff White, President Senior Class Advisors SEATED: Hilda Sullivan, Sylvia Beck, Mary Spicer, STANDING: Donn Wil- shaw, William Grammer, Kenneth Kreiser 30 GARY CONRAD ARNOLD RAYMOND ELLIOT ASHLEY III BRIAN ARMSTRONG AUSTIN 32 DAVID LYNN BIRRELL WARD EDWIN BOWERMAN ROGER CHARLES BOMELY 35 DAVID NORRIS BROWN CHARLES JEFFREY BOWMAN DONALD REID BROWNE, JR. 36 WILLIAM ARTHUR BROWNELL DORT ALBERT CAMERON III DAVID WILLIAM BUCKNAM 37 1 ; , 8 ML 1 1 i r 1 I W- 1 i CATHERINE DEBRUIN CROOM LINDA JOYCE DAVIS LINDA ANN DAY 40 KATHERINE ANNE DOWLING 41 DAVID CHARLES EDNEY 42 TERRY PETER ERDLE 43 DAVID RICHARD ETZEL GARY NELSON FERRIN MICHAEL JOSEPH FINGLER 44 KIPP TICKNOR FOSTER 45 KATHERINE HELEN FRANCIS RICHARD GRAHAM GILSON LAWRENCE JOSEPH HAUSER 50 WILLIAM CHALFANT HOWLAND 53 LAURA ANN KENNEDY 55 6 JUDY ANN MASLYN BENJAMIN PAUL MASSETH, III LAURIE ANN Me CALL CAROL BARBARA Me CONNELL MARTHA ANN MENTCH BETHINE VIRGINIA MILLARD PAMELA ARMS MILLER RONALD CRAIG MOLIS DAVID BUCK MOLZ 64 RICHARD HAWTHORNE NORTHROP 65 ROBERT BRUCE ROBBINS 69 WILLIAM GLENN ROLLEY, JR. 70 KENNETH DOUGLAS SCHOEN 71 LAWRENCE HUNTER SMITH 74 vv ,y v% ' «?■ ' f • ;v,; |W H UH . My • , LONNIE ANNE TANNER 78 ' - • 1 % rf-r V MARY SUSAN TROY 80 LAURA JEAN WILDER BEATRICE JANE WILL CHARLOTTE ANN WILLARD 84 ALFRED RONALD ZISSLER underclassmen ! CLASS OF 1964 Junior Class Officers: President: Frank VVak- ely, Vice-President: Bill Balden, Secretary: Dick Kladstrup, Treasurer: Dick Alderman. FRONT ROW: Cathy Stagnitto, Nancy Slattery, Pam Karen Sainsbury, Mary Sexstone, Sue Rossman; THIRD Sears, Scott Smiley, Mike Sullivan, Greg Stephany; SEC- ROW: Sharon Renaud, Kathy Rice, Carol Rodgers, Sallie OND ROW: Chester Roach, Jim Smith, Ginger Smith, Smith, Art Stewart, Bob Smith, Helen Stone, Sue Squas- soni. 91 FRONT ROW: Kathy Hopkins, Judy Henn, Pam Grey, ROW: Bob Falls, Don Hoeltke, Kathy Garvy, Jane Dowl- Sue Devine, Carol Gillan, Joanne Gruneisen, SECOND ing, Lynn Haen, Carolyn Henderson, FOURTH ROW: ROW: Nancy Gommel, Karen Gwynn, Feme Goldstein, Judy Hagerdorn, Ann Hoffer, Bill Hill, Tom Howe, Bob Sharyn Renard, Nancy Dodge, Penny Graves, THIRD Halloran, Bob Heffer, Tom Clark. FRONT ROW: Nancy Slattery, Joan Riley, Ginger Sweet, SECOND ROW: John Schalbury, Jim Storri- er, Doug Smith, Darrach Rodney, Mark Stuewer, THIRD ROW: Gary Seibert, Gorden Smith, John Spald¬ ing, Don Neufeglise, Mel Morgan, FOURTH ROW: Rick Spenser, Cissy Page, Barbara Moore, Pat Padock, Sylvia Nemyier, Jeff Marks, FIFTH ROW: Mary Metzger, Jill Evans, Margit Patterson, Sue Pratt, Carol Nobles, Debby Powers. 91 FRONT ROW: Bonnie Butler, Bar¬ bara Crockett; SECOND ROW: Su¬ san Beall, Roberta Crump, Cheri At¬ wood, Elizabeth Bedell; THIRD ROW: Tom Cook, Tom Britton, Douglas Carey, Richard Alderman, FOURTH ROW: Bob Burroughs, Bob Boyd, Jerry Biondo, Charles Adolphson, Charles Conley; FIFTH ROW: Terry Askren, Ron Collins, Russel Brown, Dave Carson, Dan Coyle. FRONT ROW: Pam Coerse, Nancy Childs, Carolyn Cook; ROW: George Hood, David Drumheller, Tom Hicks, Dan SECOND ROW: Sue Brandt, Patti Bridge, Phyllis Blair, Hicks, Bob Hanson, Dahlen Heine-Gelder. Sandy Christian, Larry Gaskin, John Hazen; THIRD 92 FRONT ROW: Alice Zignoni, Linda Cannon, Bill Thompson, Bemie Wagor SECOND ROW: Willy Wehman, Bob Verbridge, Peter Vandevisse, Tom Adams THIRD ROW: Ted Williams, Steve Young, Jim Tolman, Ray Wallman, Frank Wakeley. FRONT ROW: Joan Tuttle, Geraldine Utz, Pat Wook- THIRD ROW: Fran Zornow, Kathy Whalen, Fran ward SECOND ROW: Jean Right, Ginny Wager, Jackie Wiehn, Ann Villnow, Sue Thorenson, Betsy Tower. Utz, Sue Seaborne, Nancy Watson, Sue Wondergym 93 FRONT ROW: Cathy Nellis, Anne Parks, Janet Pribus, Cathy Meyers; SECOND ROW: Tom Palmer, Fred Palmer, Bill Mitchell, Cindy Quick, Joe Libertson; THIRD ROW: Dick Harris, Dave Milliman, Marty Phil¬ lips, Lowell Powers, Fred Quivey; FOURTH ROW: Charles Miller, Butch MacMillan, Mike McEwen, Kerin Quinn, Steve Moser, Dick Kladstrup. FRONT ROW: Jean Levis, Mary Lead- ley; SECOND ROW: Kathy Irwin, Kinny Hawks, Patsy Joyce; THIRD ROW: Sue Larrabee, me Jedd, Katie Kin- sky; FOURTH ROW: Russ Brown, John Dalton, Bill Bolin, Richard Lilley; FIFTH ROW: Angela Jones, Gary Lambert, Dave Deserio, Dave Klumb. 94 CLASS OF 1965 Sophomore Class Officers: President: Bill Hart, Vice President: Steve McCor¬ mack, Secretary: Heidi VanArs- dell, Treasurer: Sam King. FRONT ROW: Gary Rinehard, Jim Rau, Janet Basso, Skip Satterwaite THIRD ROW: Roger Lehman, David Carol Clumm, Meredith, Rolley, Jackie Pitbladdo, John Sutter, Jim Smith, Ken Stoll, John Synder, Gary Tuttle, Eggleston SECOND ROW: Vicky Mazurek, Donna DuBois, Jim Schenkle, Jim McAnulty. Linda Roller, John Reynolds, Nick Ricky, Harmon Potter, 95 FIRST ROW: Carol Rahn, Suzanne Vaillancourt, Cindy Sherran, Jutta Sicffert SECOND ROW: Marge Stinson, Bill Van As, Glen Welch, Greg Smith, Pete Witeowitz THIRD ROW: Fred Seager, Nora Steele, Tom Wenke, Pete Webber, Greg Searl FOURTH ROW: Gail Tigert, Kathy Willi, Judy Smith, Heidi Van- Arsdell, Ann Von Lorbeck, Bonny Watkins. FRONT ROW: Andy Marks, Larry Schwink, Paul Selke, Jack Spain, Buzz Schild, Hank Stewart SECOND ROW: Carol Swan, Sue Surdyke, Lynn Tagiabue, Jan Tibbels, Marcia Smith, Patti Stell THIRD ROW: Lee Tatarka, Loren Young, Ed Taft, Dick Sherman, Pete Starr, Tom Schwalenstocker, Scott Sullivan. 96 FRONT ROW: Sue Morganti, Mayetta Riner SECOND ROW: Gwen Nowrocki, Nancy Rose, Mary Lou Collins, Diane Huntoon THIRD ROW: Martha Pleune, Nancy Rietz, Marian Aldrich, Mary Nare FOURTH ROW: Sue Null, Dave Nash, George Caldwell, Roger Navik, Tom Cocnc. FRONT ROW: Tom Harley, Dick Molz, George Bomely, Can Mahaffey, SECOND ROW: Jim Hampton, Doug Hennick, Joe Malafronte, Lyndol Mitchell, THIRD ROW: Jim Molis, Pete Michaels, Kay Lord, Jackie Lake, Pat Heckman, FOURTH ROW: Joellen McEwen, Mike McHugh, Dusty Miller, Bob Lee, Sherry Kelsey, FIFTH ROW: Pat Johnson, Judy Ingalls, Becky Kistler, Mary Ann Hutchinson, Sue Hastings, Cindy Kleiner. FRONT ROW: Ned Fox, Skip Day, Dan Durke, Jim Betts. SECOND ROW: Henry Blair, Kathy Gilson, Grace Dailey, Karen Dimore. THIRD ROW: Ellen Austin, Karen Decker, Marg Chamberlain, Ann Dublin. FOURTH ROW: Bob Booth, Bruce Elliot, Bob Cope, Dave Dittman. FIFTH ROW: John Douglas, Dick Deroy, Don DuBois, Jack Don¬ nelly. 97 FRONT ROW: Francia Constanza, Janet Anderson, Sandy Butler, Kar¬ en Bryant, Carol Conti SECOND ROW: Pam Babcock, C. J. Came¬ ron, Cindy Clark, Judy Cox THIRD ROW: Linda Bass, Mike Briggs, Tom Alexander, Bill Caples, FOURTH ROW: Steve Coyle, Tom Bowman, David Cook, Richard Chapel FIFTH ROW: Kim Chamberlain, Jim Con¬ ners, Bill Brameley, Dick Bettinger SIXTH ROW: Dana Archer, Dick Burgess, John Averill, Parker Cowgill. FRONT ROW: Sally Ellwood, Susan Frederick, Barbara Bliss, Jean Gerbasi, Kathy Cufari, Sue Flynn, Joanne Game SECOND ROW: Pam Edgerton, Anne Dexter, Linda Esker, Steve Fowler, Eileen Buholz, Sue Grein, Priscilla Fox, THIRD ROW : James Fulford, Linda Gas¬ kin, Terry Gare, Brent Evanelist, Carol Goda, Don Goodale, Bob Cope, George Bomely FOURTH ROW: Bruce Eliot, Dave Dittman, Bob Hart, Sam King, Steve McCormack, Doc Gates, Allison Gables, Baird Fisher, Tom Forsyth. FRONT ROW: Kathy Higgins, Pat Warren, Donna Weller, Janet Holtz- man, SECOND ROW: Lynn Holz, Ed Steward, Candy Spencer, Mary Robbins, THIRD ROW: Pat Petsos, Mary Schilds, Lisa Louis, Nancy Swift, Martha Kinsky, FOURTH ROW: Sharon Masseth, Sandy Sail¬ or, Ann Loomis, Ann Kinsella, Mary Schwertz, FIFTH ROW: Sue Rice, Barbara Lockwood, Priscilla Hill, Greg Stevenson, Jack Lawhead. FRONT ROW: Sandy Stagnitto, Pam Korts, Greg Jones, Jim Hitchcock, Mike Herzog, Craig Cindy Kyle, Anne Zornow, Trudy Lusk SECOND Kochersberger, Barbara Hart FOURTH ROW: ROW: Jim Hammer, Butch Hartzig, Ron Hoi- Steve Kruse, Dave Hill, Mike Harris, Clark Howe, cum, Jim Hart, Ken Hubrigson THIRD ROW: Mike Hogan. 99 CLASS OF 1966 Freshman Class Officers: President: Norman Gell, Vice President: Kathy Agan, Secretary: Sally Snyder, Treas¬ urer: Laurie Williamson. FRONT ROW: Kathy Aeillo, Diane Alexander, Sue Ar- Besanceney, John Brownyard, Tim Davis, Martha Black- nold, David Berge, Tom Burden SECOND ROW: Jack burn, Lynn Betts FOURTH ROW: John Bass, Pat Bill- Buholtz, Peter Aldridge, Jim Brandt, Eric Butler, John ington, Peg Birrel, Ginny Boyd, Marcene Allman, Bob Braal, Kathy Britton, Kathy Agan, Janice Biondo THIRD Askren, Jim Beswick, George Bocklage, Paul Beswick. ROW: David Bramley, Kathy Alessi, Dick Baxter, David 100 FRONT ROW: Janet Ingalls, David Fowler, Doug Grif- Edryss Hegeman, Diane Higbie, Dave Fowler, Ricky Keele, fin, Bob Lyons, Sharon Holler, Garie Ingle, Chuck Hughes; Tom Habecker; FOURTH ROW: Dean Kindig, Linda SECOND ROW: Mary Hill, Billie Harrison, Petey Johnston, Lampkin, Bob Jacobs, Stephen Keating, Ken Lenhardt, Ed Debbie Lauzon, Nancy Larrabee, Erika Lahm, Eric Lugert; Kendrick, Claire Keefe, David Hembrook. THIRD ROW: Nancy Hitch, Robyn Louis, Debbie Gmelin, FRONT ROW: Ricky Davis, Ward Dilmore, Campbell Conley; SEC¬ OND ROW: Lorraine Douglas, Debbie DeLand, Loren Curro, Pat Clapp, Gil Conklin; THIRD ROW: Sal Cusimano, Bruce Collins, Tim Davis, Jim DeCrescentis, Rachel De- Long; FOURTH ROW: Linda Campbell, Priscilla Drake, Judy Cox, Cindy Dykema, Molly Cowgill, Les¬ lie Casarett; FIFTH ROW: Bob Co¬ bum, Judy Cooper, Peggy Cooper, Leslie Dowling, Jay Chapin, Chuck Cline. 101 FRONT ROW: Eric Will, John VanArsdale, John Wood, Chip Riley, Rick Wilson, Ted Trenholm SECOND ROW: Dereer Vanderlinde, Sue Sullivan, Barbara Synder, Donna Smith, Sharon Scamp, Alvin Scamp THIRD ROW: Pat¬ rick Strang, Don Stangel, Rick White, Mike Spalding, Astrid Siefert, Dory Schertz FOURTH ROW: Judy Rog- gie, Leslie Sears, Marcia Smith, Sally Serrell, Sue Semmer- hays, Sally Synder, Kathy Spicer. FRONT ROW: Linda Pheifer, Poppy Paviour, Lissa Jones SECOND ROW: Julia Northrup, Julie Mentch, Peggy McCarthy, Tom Pennington THIRD ROW: Terry Mangurian, Bob Pooley, Mike Jones, Anne Prudom FOURTH ROW: Alan Perry, Neal McClelland, Peter Nielson, Larry Knickerbocker. 102 FRONT ROW: Charles Nedder- man, Ken McCurdy, Becky Nedder- man, Jeff Smith; SECOND ROW: Barb Palmer, Mindy Metzger, Kathy Murdock, Meredith Mertz; THIRD ROW: Carolyn Pilo, Gerry Neufeg- lise, Ron Maas, Bill Phillips; FOURTH ROW: Dave Larsen, Lance Marcone, Chris Parks, Glenn Rylott. FRONT ROW: Judy Harris, Larry Freer, Nancy Ferrin, Peg Harvey, Sue Higgins, Mary Hristo, Alice Hallings, Esther Holley, Nancy Hoyt, Kathy Ferris; SECOND Phyllis Heflin, Catharine Grow; FOURTH ROW: Scott ROW: Barbara Hadeed, Jerry Gagnier, David Hutchin- Elley, Bobbie Hamilton, Pete Gillan, John Gressens, Jon son, Doug Gray, Phil Darch, Dick Gurley; THIRD ROW: Ellingson, Norman Geil, George Gordon. 103 FRONT ROW: Kathy Zinsmeister, Pat Wenke, Chris VandeVisse SECOND ROW: Bill Walker, Steve VanVoorhis, Geoff White, Rick Woloszyn, John Taft THIRD ROW: Marlyn Thayer, Jackie Terry, Chris Thomas, Laurie Williamson, Ann Wakely. FRONT ROW: Kathy Slocombe, Joanne Schumaker, Richard Smith, John Stam SECOND ROW: Bill Rowland, Nancy Stobe, Pat Steinfeld, Bill Shield, Randy St. John, Sue Spiers THIRD ROW: Nancy Stahl, Barb Stotticr, Sue Ruffner, Carol Schuth, Kathie Rood, Sue Simon, Mike Sullivan FOURTH ROW: George Shepard, Larry Shannon, Dan Shepard, Steve Rapp, Ivan Snyder, Rory Robertson, Craig Raynor, Art Rothfuss. m ' w ctivutles STUDENT COUNCIL Leslie Loomis, President; Marge Chamberlain, Re¬ cording Secretary; Ka¬ ren Sainsbury, Correspond¬ ing Secretary; Larry Hau¬ ser; Vice-President; Sandy Smith, Treasurer. FRONT ROW: Martha Kinsky, Julie Mentch, Chris Thomas, Jean Levis, Carol Gillan, Priscilla Drake, Helen Stone; SECOND ROW: Mary Schwertz, Debbie Lauzon, Bob Verbridge, Priscilla Fox, Roger Lehman, Josie Parker, David Bramley, C. J. Cameron; THIRD ROW: Dusty Miller, Warren Lyons, Karen Quick, George Caldwell, John Alessi, Ann Villnow, Anne Hoffer, Alben Goldstein, John VanArsdell, Ricky White, Mike Herzog. r r 777 - r V■■ J r A. 1 M 1 8 Pam Trueheart, Assistant Editor; Joan Kistler, Editor-in-Chief; Larry Hauser, Business Man ager; Dorothy Levis, Literary Editor; Cathy Croom, Art Editor. Our thanks are extended to all those who have assisted us in yearbook publica¬ tion — identifying pictures, checking spelling, typing copy, selling subscriptions. Your cooperation has been invaluable! We especially appreciate Mr. Kreiser’s continued support and the endless hours of time and effort he contributed. Thanks from a grateful staff. . . . the editors PEGASUS STAFF Jean Levis, Mr. Edwards, Joe Libertson, Fran Zornow, Brad Rodney, Helen Stone, George Hood. NA TIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SEATED: Margaret Summerhays, Mrs. Spicer, Patti Leslie Loomis, Robin Thomas, Martha Mentch, Don Smith, Josie Parker, Sandy Smith, Toni Swarthout, Pam Browne, Warren Lyons, John Roblin. Trueheart; STANDING: Joan Kistler, Dorothy Levis, 110 EDITORIAL STAFF FRONT: Jan Dittman, Sandy Smith and Robin Thomas, Co-editors; Peg Kingsley, Katie Kinsky; BACK ROW: Warren Lyons, Mr. Hazlett, Anne Hoffer, Martha Mentch. SPECTA TOR Reporters FRONT ROW: Kathy Stagnitto, Judy Henn, Parker; THIRD ROW: Sandy Tatarka, Anne Kinsella, Julie Northrop, Sue Perry, Sue Litten, Marge Chamber- Ann Villnow, Julie Wiehn, Martha Mentch, Kay War- lain; SECOND ROW: Ken McCurdy, Toni Swarthout, ren, Jim Hartsig, Kipp Foster, Bea Will, Tom Kemp, Cin- Jan Dittman, Anne Voehringer, Linda Canon, Gail Bet- dy Quick, Dave Dittman, Don Browne, Ron Zisslcr. tinger, Mary Shields, Alison Smiley, Debby Monroe, Josie 111 mn rf % % LIBRARY CLUB FRONT ROW: Melinda Metzger, Kathy Aiello, Barbara Snyder, Phyllis Blair, Linda Campbell, Lorraine Douglas; SECOND ROW: Nancy Childs, Sally Ellwood, Bonnie Wat¬ kins. Sylvia Gruschow, Geraldine Utz, Erika Lahm, Marsha Smith; THIRD ROW: Miss Hilfiker, Mary Beth Hristo, Nancy Gommel, Mary Metzger, Sandy Butler, Nora Steele, Cindy Kleiner, Sue Rossman, Nancy Rose; FOURTH ROW: Barbara Raub, Alice Hall- ings, Joan Tuttle, Margot Hutchinson, Mayetta Riner, Linda Lampkin, Carol Rogers, Bob Jacobs. FRONT ROW: Peggy Harvey, Margie Stinson, Cindy Dykema, Judy Haggerdorn, Pam Co¬ urse, Judy Cooper, Cindy Quick, Mrs. Suhr; SECOND ROW: Nancy Swift, Susan Freder¬ icks, Laurie Williamson, Lesley Sears, Garie Ingle, Judy Cox, Fran Wiehn, Ann Villnow, Sheila Smith, Debbie Powers, Nancy Kimen, Marty Harrison, Sue Perry, Kay Lord. Ginny Boyd. ART CLUB 112 FRONT ROW: Laurie Williamson, Mary Shields, Pam Edgerton, John Braal, Skip Day, Katy Kinsky, Cathy Cufari, Judy Henn, Pat Billington, Sue Arnold, Helen Stone, Sue Friedrichs, Dereen Vanderlinde, SECOND ROW: Jim Brandt, Bob Booth, Dave Strome, John Bass, Jon Ellingson, Randy Terho, Priscilla Fox, Jeff Marx, Miss Ellis, Brad Rod¬ ney, Dave Dittman, Larry Schwink, Dave Milliman, Dave Cook, Barb Hart, Peggy Birrell. FRONT ROW: Sandy Christian, Carolyn Cook, Pam Edgerton, Kay Lord, Carol Swann, Vicky Mazurek, Linda Davis, Pat Woodward, Joanne Game, Allison Smiley, SECOND ROW: Nancy Childs, Meryl Vallery, Pam Sears, Sue Grein, Jan Anderson, Martha Plume, Sandy Tatarka, Debby Monroe, Nancy Watson, Miss Sheehan, Sue Devine, Nora Steele, Bea Will, Margo Hutchinson, Cindy Palmer, Marguerite Luke. FINE ARTS CLUB DEB A TE CLUB FUTURE TEA CHERS OF AMERICA CLUB SEATED: Miss Hilfiker, Lynn Betts, Sandy Christian, Marty Harrison, Laurie McCall, Kathy Dowling, STANDING: Sally Ellwood, Laura Kennedy, Margot Hutchinson, Janet Pribus, Linda McCall. HEALTH CAREERS CLUB FRONT ROW: Kathy Rice, Geraldine Utz, Suzanne Larrabee, Becky Nedderman, Syl¬ via Gruschow, Mrs. Price, Peggy Birrell, Joanne Hartsig, SECOND ROW: Linda Day, Rachael DeLong, Nancy Ferrin, Kathy Gilson, Jackie Utz, Betty Frederick, Lynn Betts, Barb Hart. 114 SEATED: Judy Cos, Nancy Stahl, Chris Vandevisse, Sue Brandt, Priscilla Fox, Suzanne Larabee, Anne Wakeley, Chris Thomas, Dave Schwartz, Esther Holley, STANDING: Nancy Lewis, Richard Gurley, Mary Leadley, Margo Hutchinson, Sandy Tatarka, Jean Wright, Marguerite Luke, Craig Raynor, Lynn Thomas, Kay Warren, Bea Will, Nancy Swift, Heidi VanArsdall, Leslie Dowling, Cindy Palmer, Carol Rogers, Meryl Vallery, Sue Pratt, Sandy Christian, Miss Sheehan. FRENCH CLUB DRAMA TICS CLUB KNEELING: Mary Hill, Julie Northrop, Marilyn Thayer, Judy Harris, Judy Roggie, Sue Arnold, Peggy Harvey, SEATED: Sue Ruffner, Bob Jacobs, Sue Higgins, Debbie Gmelin, Priscilla Drake, Margaret McCarthy, Kathy Britton, Lesley Sears, Nancy Hitch, STANDING: Lance Marcone, Grace Dailey, Mr. Jabaut, Angela Jones, Sally Smith, Pat Woodward, Leslie Casarett, Kathy Grow, Peggey Birrell, Carol Schuth, Barb Storrier, Carolyn Pilo, Barb Hamil¬ ton. 115 FRONT ROW: Sherry Kelsey, Mary Beth Hirsto, Linda Allison Gable, Nancy Rose, Ann Dexter, Joellen McEwen, Campbell, Marcia Smith, Janet Ingalls, Sue Summerhays, Sue Thorenson, Carol Simmons, Julie Wiehn, Debby Pow- Barb Hadie, Kathy Willi, Donna DuBois, Kathy Irwin, ers, Ann Loomis, Patti Warren, Sue Surdyke, Pam Sears, Sally Ellwood, Gail Taggart, SECOND ROW: Carol Mr. French, FOURTH ROW: Don Browne, Larry Hau- Swan, Judy Smith, Lynn Holtz, Ann Dublin, Marge ser, Bill Hart, Steve McCormack, Jeff White, John Spald- Chamberlain, Matha Kinsky, Francia Constanza, Pam ing, Tom Kemp, Hank Stewart, Karen Sainsbury, Linda Korts, Janie Dowling, Heidi Van Arsdall, Lisa Lewis, Cin- Cannon, Fran Wiehn, Cindy Quick, Chris Agnew, Mary dy Clark, Sandy Sailor, Diane Alexander, THIRD ROW: Leadley, Sue Litten, Barb Raub. Linda Bass, Barb Lockwood, Mary Schwertz, Priscilla Hill, PEP CLUB 116 CHESS CLUB SEATED: Peggy Birrell, Loren Curro; STANDING: Mr. Newstead, Mike Hogan. AUDIO VISUAL CLUB SEATED: Robert Burroughs, William Walker Charles Hughes, Gerald Drumheller, Donald Stangel, Wayne Schmitt, Kenneth Hubregsen, Neil Stangel, Barbara Raub, Rich¬ ard Molz, Eric Butler, STANDING: Mr. Northrop, Glenn Rylott, Mike Harris, Larry Shannon, Mike Hogan, Ed Stewart, Ricky Adolphson, David Molz, Mike McHugh, Ken Stoll, Bill Stewart, Paul Masseth, Craig Heslor. 117 PHOTO CLUB FRONT ROW: Jim Hartsig, Lee Tatarka, Mike Harris, Judy Cooper, Loraine Douglas, Mr. Socci, SECOND ROW: David Molz, Rich Adolphson, Ed Stewart, Glen Rylott. John Gresens, Tom Schwalenstocker, Dick Molz, Mike McHugh, Mr. Kessler. RADIO CLUB V a 1 ' V j - -a i r •, % SCIENCE CLUB SEATED: Mr. Newstead, Bob Hansen, Sandy Stagnitto, Barbara Palmer, Gordon Smith, Jutta Siefert; STANDING: Eileen Buholtz, Sandy Butler, John Schelberg, Ruth Stam, Douglas Griffin, Ken Hubregson, John Stam, William Roland, Judy Cox, Cindy Sharon. ASTRONOMY CLUB Robert Falls, Robert Burroughs, Mr. Northrop, Loren Curro, Terry Gore, Larry Hembrook. 9 GIRLS’ LEADERS CLUB KNEELING: Kathy Nellis, Martha Mentch, Sandy Smith, Karen Sainsbury, Ginger Smith, Ann Hoffer, Laura Kennedy. STANDING: Jusy Lusk, Kitty Francis, Linda McCall, Patti Smith, Mrs. Stilson, Barb Moore, Laurie McCall, Karen Ellis, Margaret Summerhays. FRONT ROW: Les Loomis, Jim Smut, Doc Gates, Steve McCormack, Paul Selke, Tom Cook, Jeff White, SECOND ROW: Dusty Miller, Pete Roby, Zeke Lyons, Frank Wakely, Jim Tolman, Harry Lusk, John Alessi, Sam King, Mr. Miller. bots’ LEADERS CLUB mtsiono iJjHTnTjur ' 3 r y J HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS 9TH AND 10TH GRADE FRONT ROW: Rachel DeLong, Linda Pheifer, Kathy Zinsmeister, Sandy Stagnitto, Debbie Deland, Jonatha Brown, Rebecca Nedderman, Thomas Habecker, Thomas Bur¬ den, Lonnie Poinan, Lance Marcone, Bruce Collins, Diane Alexander, Ann Zomow, Les¬ lie Scars, Meredith Mertz, Robyn Louise, SECOND ROW: Patty Petsos, Nancy Hitch, Trudy Lusk, Liss Jones, Mary Hill, Sharon Masseth, Sharon Masseth, Sharon Holler, Eric Lugert, Thomas Kuimjian, Jack Lawhead, Bruce Elliot, Robert Day, Barbara Ha- deed, Priscilla Drake, Kathy Agan, Kathy Spicer, Julie Mentch, THIRD ROW: Lucinda Clarke, Willa Harrison, Sally Johnson, Melinda Metzger, Poppy Paviour, Francia Con- stanza, Pamela Korts, John Bass, Peter Aldridge, Steven McCormack, Robert Cope, Rob¬ ert Jacobs, Deborah Lauzon, JoAnne Schumaker, Ann Wakeley, Edrys Hegeman, Candy Spencer, FOURTH ROW: Marcia Smith, Mary Shields, Nancy Ferrin, Jackie Terry, Sally Snyder, Christine Thomas, Kindy Kule, John Woods, David Bramely, John Bron¬ son, Sam King, David Dittman, Kathy Higgins, Patty Warren, Mary Robbins, Lisa Lewis, Anne Loomis, Sandy Sahler, FIFTH ROW: Leslie Casarett, Lynn Betts, Priscilla Fox, Lynne Holtz, Linda Bass, Carol Schuth, Karen Decker, Peter Brizee, Philip Darch, Wil¬ liam Hart, Dudley Giehl, Henry Blair, John VanArsdall, Nancy Swift, Janice Biondo, Martha Kinsky, Carolyn Pilo, Nancy Hoyt, Jan Holtzman, SIXTH ROW: Clair Keefe, Margaret Birrell, Debbie Monroe, Mary Schwertz, Priscilla Hill, Catherine Grow, Barbara Hamilton, John Crump, Norman Geil, Richard Betts, Larry Knickerbocker, Stephen Rapp, Craig Raynor, Peggy McCarthy, Martha Blackburn, Susan Simon, Ma.vene All- man, Barbara Lockwood, Christine Parks. 121 SENIOR CHORUS FRONT ROW: Linda Davis, Patti Smith, Mary Wilson, Pa¬ tricia Paddock, Suzanne Paige, C. J. Caneron, Steven Young, Jeff Marks, Carol Nobles, Margaret Kingsley, Elaine Mora- bito, Toni Swarthout, Marilyn Shaw, SECOND ROW: Nan¬ cy Dodge, Josie Parker, Anne Voehringer, Jane Jedd, Ellen Hendrickson, John Clark, Edwin Stewart, David Swan, Jean Levis, Linda Day, Karen Gwynn, Pamela Sears, Debby Pow¬ ers, THIRD ROW: Pamela Coerse, Suzanne Jacobs, Geral¬ dine Utz, Sylvia Gruschow, Christine Agnew, Kipp Foster, Thomas Fink, Thomas Hicks, Larry Schwink, Bonnie Jean Butler, Aileen Buholtz, Jacqueline Utz, Sue Wondergem, Janie Dowling, FOURTH ROW: Sue Thorpe, Jane Lussow, Patsy Joyce, Virginia Smith, Betsy Tower, Judy Hagadom, Don Browne, David Knickerbocker, David Edney, David Carson, Linda Clarke, Gayla TenEyck, Pamela Miller, Cathy Whalen, Sharon Harley, Karen Ellis. SENIOR GIRINS’ SEXTET: Karen Ellis, Sandy Smith, Anne Voehringer, Christine Agnew, Marilyn Shaw, Patti Smith. 122 ORCHESTRA FRONT ROW: Margaret Summerhays, Jerry Drumheller, Michael Spalding, Linda Roller, Ellen Austin, SECOND ROW: Cindy Sharon, Barbara Bliss, Jutta Seifert, Karen Dilmore, Ann Prudon, Barb Crockett, Greg Prudom, Bob Cobum, Skip Saterwaite, Bill Birkhoff, THIRD ROW: Joan Kistler, Kathy Myers, Bea Will, Sue Summerhays, Pete Vandevisse, Pam Gray, Claire Smith, Becky Kistler, Mr. Dilmore. FRONT ROW: Bill Walker, Pam Trueheart, Linda Gaskin, Janet Pribus, Rich Chapels, SECOND ROW: Peter Spalding, Greg Prudom, John Forsberg, Fred Palmer, Barbara Crockett, Eric Butler, David Berge, THIRD ROW: Ward Dilmore, Jim Hart, Mr. Anzalone, Mr. Dengler. DANCE BAND 123 FRONT ROW: David Berge, Ward Dilmore, Donna Wenke, Brent Foster, Dick Gurley, Randy Terho, James Smith, Rebecca Kistler, Judy Roggie, William Walker, Hart, Claire Smith, Bca Will, Richard Baxter, Joan Kist- Pam Gray, Sherry Kelsey, Eric Butler, Cathy Cufari, Kathy ler, Dorothy Levis, Fred Palmer, Scott Sullivan, FOURTH Willi, Sue Brandt, Chris Vandevisse, Mr. Anzalone, SEC- ROW: Dean Kindig, Janet Pribus, William Birkhoff, OND ROW: Pam Trueheart, Susan Summerhays, Lois Anne Hoffer, George Hood, Rich Chapels, Skip Satter- Magnuson, Sue Ruffner, Kathy Rice, Dave Strome, Har- waite, Greg Prudom, John Forsberg, Marshall Sincr, Dick mon Potter, Kathleen Myers, Bob Cobum, Linda Gaskin, Bettinger, Dick Harris, Carolyn Henderson, Mary Nall, Pc- Barbara Crockett, Kathy Britton, THIRD ROW: Tom ter VandeVisse, Russell Brown. SENIOR BAND 124 FRONT ROW: John Hoyt, Dort Cameron, Pete VandeVisse, Tom Cook, Mr. Hazlett, SECOND ROW: Brian Austin, John Poblin, Ron Molis, Jack Gramlich, Dick Hanretta. TENNIS GOLF FRONT ROW: Kick Anderson, Jerry Prudom, Bob Kublin, Tom Britton, Mr. Prudom, SECOND ROW: Pete Roby, Jeff Bowman, Jack Spain, Greg Prudom, Geoff Robertson, Fred Gramlich. 125 VARSITY BASEBALL KNEELING: Dick Kladxtrup, Dusty Miller, Bert Jones, Larry Schwink, STANDING: John Alessi, Coach Dipaulo, Tom Helmer, Bob Cook, Harry Lusk, Mike McEwen, Pete Glerum, Butch MacMillan, Gary Arnold, Mr. LaFica, As¬ sistant Coach, Bob McClelland, Fred Dehmler, Jim Wright, Don Browne, Dale Coulter, Tom Howe. J. V. BASEBALL FRONT ROW: Bob Cope, Bob Boyd, Pete Webber, SECOND ROW: Jim Connors, Chip Driggs, Dave Strome, Charlie Miller, Roger Lehman, THIRD ROW: Doc Gates, Bill Bolin, Bob Hcf- fer, Ron Holcomb. 126 JUNIOR VARSITY FRONT ROW: Bill Hill, Manager; Sam King, Captain; Dave Nash; Bill Bramley, Paul Selke; Greg Searl, Captain; Roger Lehman, Nick Ricci, Manager, SECOND ROW: Coach Davison, §kip Satterwaite, Richard Burgess, Dave Hill, Jack Spain, Jim Connors, Dick Bettinger, Bob Cope. FRONT ROW: Mauge Stinson, Jackie Pitbladdo, SECOND ROW: Gail Tag- gert, Marianne Hutchinson, THIRD ROW: Mauge Chanberlain, Debby Lau- zon, Chris Thomas, Nancy Swift. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS 127 VARSITY BASKETBALL STANDING: Butch MacMillan, Dick Northrop, Jeff Bowman, Warren Lyons, Burt Jones, Pete Roby, Steve Smith, Dusty Miller, Dick Kladstrup, Bob McCelland, Frank Wakcley, Harry Lusk, Gary Arnold, Coach Miller. SEATED: John Forsberg, Les Loomis, Don Browne, Managers. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS FRONT ROW: Janie Dowling, Sally Heckel, Deb- by Powers, SECOND liOIf: Kathy Dowling, Gin¬ ger Smith, Lynda Cannon, THIRD ROW: Patti Smith, Sue Jacobs. m 9 •1 m ■ ? SITTING: Russell Brown, Bill Bolin, Harry Lusk, Jim Smith, Mike McEwen, Butch MacMiUian, Bill Rolley, Dort Cameron, Nick Ricci, Managers, Ray Wallman, Terry Erdle, Fred Palmer, Tom Britton, Paul Selke, Tom Cook, Jeff White, Bob Verbridge, Dick Northrop, Captain Steve Young, George Selke, Gary Arnold, Captain, STAND¬ ING: Zeke Lyons, John Poblin, Gery Ferrin, Bob McClelland, Bert Jones. VARSITY SOCCER JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER SITTING: Dave Dittman, Jim Connors, Steve McCormack, Rory Robertson, Greg Searl, Doc Gates, Buzz Schild, Hank Stewart, Tim Davis, Bruce Collins, SECOND ROW: Steve Rapp, Manager, Ed Taft, Pete Webber, Pete Brizee, C. J. Cameron, Greff White, THIRD ROW: Tom Coene, Manager, Parker Cowgill, Dusty Miller, John Eggleston, Dave Hill, Bill Hart, Dick BeUinger, Neil McClelland, Dave Nash, John Bronson, Ray Rainka, Dick DeRoy, Ken Lenhard, Rick White, Don Goodale, Coach Borrosh. rr 1 | 1_1 L _ x f 129 CROSS COUNTRY KNEELING: John Woods, Tom Wenke, Gary Tuttle, Harmon Potter, Butch Hartsig, Steve Coyle, John Clark, Jim Hartsig, STANDING: Mr. Caryl, Jack Leonard, Bill Howland, John Spalding, Joe Malefronte, Pete Michaels, Tom Palmer, Pete Vande- Visse, Jim Storrier. KNEELING: Larry Hauser, Tom Kemp, Joe Malefronte, Tom Palmer, Baird Fisher, Bob Boyd, Bob Verbridge, Roger Bomley, Gary Rhinehard, Terry Gore, Mike Sullivan, STANDING: Coach DiPaulo, Pete Witkowitz, Ned Fox, Larry Frear, Ray Wallman, Terry Erdlc, Bob Paviour, Tom Cook, Doug Smith, Chuck Chambers, Dave Brown, Bill VanAs, Bill Howland, Dave Swan, John Alessi. WRESTLING 130 TRACK Art Bennet, Jeff White, Captain, KNEELING: Bob Verbridge, Doug Smith, Leigh Smith, Darrach Rodney, Dave Etzel, Dave Dittman, Sam King, Dick Weisor, Dick King, Butch Hartsig, Dick Alderman, Steve McCormack, SITTING: Steve Coyle, Tom Wenke, Dick Bet- tinger, STANDING: Hamilton Webster, Manager, Steve Smith, Tom Coene, John Averill, John Raycheff, John Eggleston, George Caldwell, Frank Wakeley, Larry Hauser, Bill Hart, Bill Brameley, Tom Palmer, Bob Paviour, George Selke, Terry Erdle, Bill Balden, Paul Selke, Ray Wallman, Coach Borrosh. FRONT ROW: Robin Thomas. Gail Bettinger, Sandy Smith, Nancy Dodge, Pat Clapp, Patti Smith, Trudy Lusk, SECOND ROW: Martha Mentch, Debby Powers, Lynda Can¬ non, Nancy Swift, Ann Loomis, STANDING: Bonnie Butler, Sally Serrell, Beth Millard, Nancy Reiu, Judy Lusk, Nancy Stobie, Mary Beth Hristo, Kathy Nellis, Marion Aldrich, Sue Rapp, Laura Kennedy, Laurie McCall, Linda McCall, Mrs. Stilson. FIELD HOCKEY 131 1 HI n ■r 1 • 1 i 1 — I 1 kj! 1 - ( ' 1 Pi ' ii ytikLi ■ TW i U L I HH IP ■■ PA TRONS ANDERSON BEVERAGE COMPANY FRENCH ROAD BAKERY 835 Hudson Avenue Pittsford Plaza Rochester, New York Pittsford, New York BRIGHTON-PITTSFORD POST 7 State Street Pittsford, New York HENRI ' S HAIR STYLISTS 20 South Main Street Pittsford, New York hicks McCarthy BRYCE DON’S ATLANTIC SERVICE 23 South Main Street 9 Monroe Avenue Pittsford, New York Pittsford, New York BURDETT FOOD MARKET 19 South Main Street Pittsford, New York CENTRAL PHARMACY 9 South Main Street Pittsford, New York COLONY HOUSE 28 South Main Street Pittsford, New York DON C. RUSSO READY MIXED CONCRETE Pittsford, New York ERDLE STENGER, INC. HOME BUILDERS 3700 East Avenue Pittsford, New York FRANK’S BARBER SHOP 16 State Street Pittsford, New York JAN-AGAN SPORT SHOP 16 South Main Street Pittsford, New York JOHN SCHOEN SON 34 North Main Street Pittsford, New York L. C. FORMAN SONS, INC. Elm Street Pittsford, New York L. G. LOOMIS CO., INC. 75 College Avenue Rochester, New York LAUWERET GARDEN STORE 3280 Monroe Avenue Rochester, New York McConnell s milk ice corp. 65 North Main Street Pittsford, New York NEWCOMB OIL COMPANY, INC. Schoen Place Pittsford, New York 134 PA TRONS OLIVER J. SCHUTT PLUMBING 41 South Main Street Pittsford, New York RUBY’S SPORTING GOODS STORE, INC. 857 South Clinton Avenue Rochester, New York PADDOCK HARDWARE Pittsford Plaza Pittsford, New York RUSSELL’S JEWELRY STORE 39 South Main Street Pittsford, New York SCHWARTZ’S AMERICAN STATION PITTSFORD BEVERAGES 57 North Main Street 144 Humboldt Street Pittsford, New York Rochester, New York PITTSFORD DEPARTMENT STORE 1-5 South Main Street Pittsford, New York PITTSFORD FARMS DAIRY 44 North Main Street Pittsford, New York PITTSFORD LUMBER COMPANY 50 State Street Pittsford, New York SOUTH PACIFIC RESTAURANT Pittsford Plaza Pittsford, New York STORY BOOK FARM VETERINARY HOSPITAL 756 Pittsfocd-Victor Road Pittsford, New York THE GREAT ATLANTIC PACIFIC TEA CO. Pittsford Plaza Pittsford, New York THE YARN BARN 50 State Street Pittsford, New York R. J. FOSTER AGENCY, INC. 179 West Brook Road VARDEN STUDIOS Pittsford, New York 28 South Union Street Rochester, New York RICHARD’S STATIONERY, INC. 26 Pittsford Plaza Pittsford, New York WILDEY’S HOTEL STEPHANY 35 North Main Street Pittsford, New York ROWLANDS SHOP FOR MEN BOYS 1930 Monroe Avenue Rochester, New York WORBOY’S GAS AND APPLIANCES, INC. 6 South Main Street Pittsford, New York 135 Rochester is sometimes referred to as “the city that has everything.” In business, industry and the professions, this is especially true. No matter what kind of a career appeals to you, there is an excellent chance that you can begin it right here. And the beginning is half the battle won! It goes without saying that the first step is your formal education — as much as you can get. Employers look for this first. The next thing they look for is “bright¬ ness.” And one key to “brightness” is how much you actually know about the kind of work you’re after. This is something you don’t inherit from anybody. It is in¬ formation you gather in advance for yourself — from parents, teachers, counselors, and friends. Most important — employers themselves are always ready to explain their standards and requirements. Your idea of the best career for your particular talents may change, as you acquire more and more information about different fields of work. But when you decide what you want to do, some employer in the Rochester area will really want you — because by analyzing yourself, you have made yourself valuable. Eastman Kodak Company Rochester 4, N. T. ■

Suggestions in the Pittsford Central High School - Hi Lights Yearbook (Pittsford, NY) collection:

Pittsford Central High School - Hi Lights Yearbook (Pittsford, NY) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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Pittsford Central High School - Hi Lights Yearbook (Pittsford, NY) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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1963, pg 48

Pittsford Central High School - Hi Lights Yearbook (Pittsford, NY) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 8

1963, pg 8

Pittsford Central High School - Hi Lights Yearbook (Pittsford, NY) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 83

1963, pg 83

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