Pinole Middle School - Round Table Yearbook (Pinole, CA)

 - Class of 1971

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Q . 5 "X be ,U iff f'a-5, 3 A .Q V " fr 'ff 5 it r x X5, ,J . 1- ' , ' - xx V 'f 11. " -9, A N F73 fc, ' ' Y xg N5 WJ l ML goj jaw, 1,7 4 vm. .bu Gfffgwfggk 54256 ff? CSTV A F. e . WQQERS XOOPF, 0' .L uf' 'Vp qc 11900 1,0 "ol," 9 y V 1 ,W x. X S 6 Hl',b0,J'i4r7, ' 'X Qx l S X A xx "xl 1' 5 R F A ? . S QXx i l S? Q Q, ' iff 3 L X 0' gf 2 E K IQ 3 X JN 1 H Q - f? .5 . xxx ,.- tt .H g qQ,. 1 E ' 15 K ' 2 ,K W 1 F? ' AD 'CHA' F'3z'L.l.S Pinole Ir. High Round Table 1970-1971 Unlock the Book to ' Happiness" Dedication "Happiness is Many Things" is the theme of the 1970-'11 yearbook. The yearbook staff is proud and very happy to dedicate this yearbook to one of our most deserving fa culty members, Marie-Louise Fiatarone. Mrs. Fiatarone has been a te acher of vocal music uf Pinole Junior High School since 1965. During this period of time she has directed and produced an outstanding stage musical in the spring of each year. In addition, she has directed or had the major responsibility for numer- ous other musical programs, talent shows, and assemblies. These are very important contributions to our total school program. Her way of working with young people provides them with valuable training, expe- rience, and happiness that remains with them in future years. Her ad- ditional talent as a concert pianist is enjoyed by all who are privileged to hear her play. Mrs. Fiatarone also gives much happiness to all with whom she works and associates - students, parents, and fellow faculty members. The theme of this yearbook is certainly exemplified by her and we wish to congratulate and give Mrs. Fiatarone our sincere best wishes for the future. The Staff s,.., HAPPINESS IS MANY THINGS Garnett Ann Schultz Happiness is many things In many different ways . . . It's quietness of early dawn, The precious golden days, The laughter of a boy and girl, A youngster off to school, A mother rocking no and fro Enjoying evening's cool. Happiness could be a smile, Perhaps a shy "hello" , Or just a handclasp telling you The things you want to know: A new and precious dream come true, A treasure from above ' Could be the touch of someone dear That fills your heart with love. Happiness is memories Of yesterdays gone by, It's gladness in so many ways That lights a loved one's eyes: The little things that mean so much However small they be, They hold a store of tender thoughts Thar others cannot see. Happiness is many things . . . Perhaps another dawn, A big full moon that's shining down, A star to wish upon: It's what we feel within our hearts That brings a restful peace, It's home and friends and loved ones dear Happiness is these. is ritss. - A X X . ..--1-"WV, Mr. Dix Vice Principal Mr. Wire Principal Mr. Abreu 0ur Counselors Miss Hynes Mr. Harvey I 5 Robert Bandettini Barbara Belford William Emes Stephanie Cowan Patricia Haddick Laurel Hovde Ruth Jenkins Janet Morgan Cornelia Asinas Patricia Davis Marie Louise Fiatarone Kay Godsey Carole Donnely Sylvia Fortier John McPherson Carol I a gard Ann Miller Gail Hetler Gary I agard Robert Moore Jian-P' Jessie Santos J 'J Gary Mueller Ed Murphy Sally Nelson Buddy Phillips Sharon Roberts Christine Roed Ml . S tone Special Miss Davis Education Donald Stone Karen Teel Doris Todd Herbert Weslar Carla Wong Marta Ya ma moto David Stelle History G. Mueller, M, Yamamoto, B. Moore, K. Teel, I. McPherson, R. Bandettini, Dept. ' Chairman NM-M ...YQ C D . Music Fw Mr. Gary Jagard S. Cowan, C. Roed, C. Jagard, S. Nelson, L. Hovde, C. Mrs' M' Fiatarone Asinas, B. Belford, Dept. Chairman ...... . it ?. ..,.. kg 3 s N Joe Meneghelli, Student Supervlsot E Si S A 5 A. Miller, I. Santos, E. Murphy, D. Todd, L. Hovde, P M Haddick, Dept. Chairman P.E. S. Roberts, B. Phillip D Stelle, K. Godsey Practical Arts W. Emes, R. Jenkins Reading G Hetler I. Morgan Science H. Weslar M. Yamamoto QW V, of E . C .4 -1 fm! ' '- '- Head Secretary Mrs. Virginia I ames Joyce Bean Cathy White Darlene Rankins Virginia James Mrs. Connie Griffin Q F 0 K 0 'S 0 1 75 5 KJ I . I, -ib- Custodial Alkaseltzer. ..A1kase1tzer. . . I. . .! x X ,I xW W w F.. . S X ss fi Susan Aagard Heidi Abel Richard Ackelbein Julie Amos Gregory Anderson Jeannie Anthony Bridget Badrian Debra Baldwin Brian Ballard Cindy Baumert Sheree Baxter Larry Beame Sonya Blevins Debra Bonner William Borgen Michael Adema Rose Armada John Ballard Clifton Beck f Saul Alfonso Dara Askew George Barber Sheri Belt Ginger Borman af' xi S 5 Q 5 osx ' t Q. eb as gf X if s , I V "::: Debra Allen Otis Atkins Sandy Barrett Nicole Bernier Wayne Bornt r,. ., Dennis Almeida Levi Baca Sharon Bateman Chad Bidou .1-x,sr- -, NY sw-a y, ,s f - ea' 1-aus Q' ss N -pr 95? 'P I gr X F A Head? Nd 2, ' 1 3' 'R Q' .iw ,aj h N Q ff-as 5 3' , ,ps sr Darryl Braaksma Karen Brooks Rrcky Busullos Davrd Carter Krrstrn Crccone Karla Bowles Greg Boyd George Bradbux Kristi Bradford Cori Brandt Scott Briard Ronna Bruno Sherri Bryson Michael Burk Jeff Burton Debra Callaway Carolyn Campanile Dannie Campbell Debra Carrillo Kevin Cash Dayna Caskey Al Chen Robert Christiansen Randy Clarkson Diana Cooper Brian Crain Steven Culverhouse Cathy Cumberland Kathryn Dameron Lewis Derr Robert Desilva Edward Darke Dawna Daugherty Marcus Davis Marie Davis Linda Faylor Karin Degrcot Katherine Demorest Kathy Derby Mary Fenell Nancy EYDKQQ Mark Dotson Vali Jean Ebert Carol Eckels r si Michael Drymon W5 SQLUHK6 aewmeiaeaewf t tr rre Vmffa Edgar ' Shane Edwards -ee' 57 E 1 ,, Edward Ehninger D - Q Q X sf ' E E5 t Q. is Eg X gi K X. f be if 5- , 5 W ,, E . trta E E DQR Randall Fields Patricia Finfrock Larry Elmore Maria Fisher Robert Fisher Cynthia Fahey James FOISCPS James Fomin Denise Faria 'W' Randall Fan.. M -. ff' ,iii eerie QSSEA adiiwr Reid Forcier Catherine Ford Karen Forester Cathaline Fowler Shelly Frazee Teresa Fretland Paul Freyler Alvin Gallegos Charles Garcia George Garcia Susan Garvin Michael Gibbs Kathleen Gillikin Leslie Gilmore Jeanette Goularte Gary Gragg Melissa Graham Judy Green Tina Gregory' Patricia Griffith Jennifer Gruber Ilene Hagman Mary Jane Hall Terry Hampton Betty Handv Ted Hankins Frances Harcourt David Harmon Gary Harrison Philip Hash fr -4045 '4590-- Ili K, I5 w-Q' I ss use X xt. .R X s ,, 1f1-x A f 'flvzszgw A Q, ss We X , s 'Q Tom Heim Terri Helms Vicki Hensley Kellie X N 3 -s S S y. Kas .tx t Kim Heinz Kory Heinz Dana Hemmingseu Brian Hensley Renae Herguth Richard Hersman Rick Holden Connie Houck XX f Q X 'B X X QNQ ' X .swat . , .R X X 5' g X s X 'X , fr X- X A ss 1 f h . i E Jeannette Hull Leslie Ingram Kim Jacobson Wesley Jensen Lauren Johannessen David Johnson Romney Johnson James Johnston Higginbotham Karen Huckeby Gary Hughes Jolene Karas Clara Kays Kaala Houghtailing Q-,Z 'Y is 'J .4- A ,4'7' 1fx-5 Q - . - 1'-.. 5 . ,1 .45 " . --ai .u:f,-, I- A ,ag .g:f55ve'w ', - ' J ' .' -'5:!1':Ll'r:'." '.f i' 1'??f:?f2'S'3if"1' , U A ,- l.:J,.:""1' ' ' 'litv 4-' s S X ff S 395 is is-RE HF as .... M - , " rea sfzsa Y. . say t NS X msg sais ' .fs . ...Q . 3. Wayne Ingram John Jeter Michael Johnson James Jones Robert Ketchum Cynthia Key Jerry Lovelady ' EX 1? Q W V Q ,V fixed Barbara Kiel Karen Kirksey Linda Knight Mary Krider Karen Lacy Richard Lange Anne Langer Michele Lans Steven Laramore Roy Lathum Ma linda Lawrence Donald Lay Katherine Lee Sharon Legg Chufik Levine Russell Lewis Alfredo Loaiza Larry Lober Susan Loggins Doug Ludlow Deana Lynn Dana Macgregor David Mackenzie Terence Madden Da vid Lambert 11 QC Kathleen Ma lone l I 7 Lynn Manzo Dianna Ivlarascr, Anna Marchy Dennis Maricle Tracy Marler Ken Maroon Iemfer Marshall Melinda Martens W S. ..e - 11 a e' :xx Larry Martin Debra Martel Jeffrey Martin Raymond Martin Gus 1 X 5 N-up r rx . Martinez Gary Maruska Toni Mays Susan Masangcay La ura Matushefski Debra McAtee Jerry . xx .X , YN McCart Donna McFarland Rhonda McGregor Kelli Martinez Annette Mayeux SP J, + 0 N 3 X fi i frgfcf in -f- ""fQgl Q Cindy McCarthy g g S gi X 6 . 5 ax 'X Cherie McGee Karen McIntyre Katherine McKay Russell McLaren Heather McLarty Mike McRee Anthony Meahan 18' , Marilyn Mee Terri Neilson Cole Newkirk 4 1 Ray Moreno Brett Morgan Rebecca Mosby Steven Mitchell Michael Moiso David Moitoza Sonia Montoya Kevin Melgard Angela Mena Miguel Mendoza T. Meskauskas Lonnie Miller Richard Mills f'-S 1 Q Ricky Nichols D-avid Nuss is Ng X Henrietta Ortega Marty Ostenberg Curtis Pennington Paul Penquite Mark Perry David Peters Jan Peterson Diane Phillips Leslie Patrick Charles Pearson Belinda Ortiz Ricky Ortiz Mark Ostenberg Iaye Pedracci Debra Pendleton if 3 gg F 5 Riflky Pink Charlene Pippin Daniel Pokipala Terri Possin Tim Potap DOYOUIY Quichochl Jose QUUFOS' Hansen Rahmgrenlvlichael Ramirez Greg Ramos Robin Rebischke Fritz Redeker Doug Reeder Ramona Renshaw Dennis Reynolds Richard Reynolds Debbie Rinne Eugene Roberts Richard Roberts Leissa Robinson David Rosanbah-n Marla Rose l N 5 Glenn Potter Kurt Randall Doug Ricciarelli newkmsx Marx Rowland Tim Schmitz Donald Shepherd Jane Snodgrass Kim Speer Up, Up, and Away! I i igaa u- h 3" .... a Kristy Sanders Steve Santos Cindy Saunders Cecil gavage Kame Scheel Robert SChWPfIi1'l David Seibeel William SCWCU Steve Shackelford Rondalynn Lori Shonk Meryl Silbernagel Steve Silva wayne Smeg shackles Kathy Snodgrass Gary S0115 Melinda Solis Lisa Sorvetti Donald Smith Michael Souza 4 Terrie Scheel Jim Shaw Michael Smith Joseph Sparrow :S V: J ix 7 ss, M " Charles Spring Rod Squellati Phil Staats Rick Stafforc. Wiley Stagg Nelson Stallworth Isabell Stanley Walter Stanley Cynthia Stivers Michael Stollger Scott Strahm Kari Strother Sandy Stultz Clark Sweet Steve Tavares Tetzschner Thomas Thomas Steven Thomas Montie Thomason Jim Thorpe Michael Tienken Janice 'forbet Tony Torres Donald Totman Michael Travers Toby Treuel Cynthia Trotta Curtis Trueblood Lori Uhles Patricia Valente Frank Vallis Scott Vancamp Twinkle Toes" Florence Vankleer Lori Vano Tanja Vanspanje Marsha Vaughn Jennie Viratos Kent Vonaspern Walter Wallace Tim Wasilchin I ' , Robert Weirner ff? lf M4 Xf f V SIA 3 'N Z SQI4-viii' W e, 'I 7" ll -in X xxlllrfvsuu I Ivy Wetmore Cory Williams Karen Williams 7 Michael Williamson Cal Wilson Monica Wilson David Wright Dale Wyckoff Michael Yancey Ed Yoshida Sherri Young Steve Zierke it "1W '2" X t Mg ? aa Sharon Abbott Jackie Anderson Eddie Baldwin John Beers Jackie Abbott David Anderson Scott Bailey Dean Baxter David Bertram Frlendshup Tnnnn Dance QJUX- as i S? - U, it rib 5 X, 35 A , . S eene X to ., Q e' al ' X t ks F gi 'rel n k ve S Kelly Abney Laura Allen Lori Allen .Becky Allred Diane Almeida Paul AHCISISOH Tamara Anderson Joni Anthony Sarah Arko Steven Asquith Cheri Bfllerltine Barry Barthman Roger vartley Danny Basham Darrell Baxter Carol Beeson Seth Benezra Richard Bennett Tony Benton Tim Berger VMI' W-Wim were it A .'... 'L - r-'WN 2 , Bi ' ,F 'Y S 3 Q K is B K 4 'k.- I-11 1 F Q ., W! ,,-n 'FX 5' a x i a -'Q V3 x ?5 2 E Bair 25 e It are ,. .Q gn, X ig rl we B? as Nur- Xt as ii if Suzan Black Brenda Bornt Debbie Brinkerhoff David Bickham Anette Bidema Cheryl Booker Janette Booth Tammy Brannin Linda Bright Jeffrey Brown John Bruning Kim Bu10t Terresa Butte Sally Buxa Mike Cagle Christy Carter Debbie Carvalho Mike CHIGS Marsha Bogart Dan Bosset Randy Brockett Ioelle Bump Dawn Caldie David Chaney -A 6 V 9 I1 A X Na? ,us I' 3 'iff' i' , Aff B i Sue Bogart Conrad Bouchard Paula Brogdon Linda Burns Patty Cargile David Bonner Kay Boyd Gary Brooks Mark Burton Cindy Carrillo "For More Seventh Graders ""K Turn the Page." a 0 Nl 3 Patty Duncan Denise Cho D. Christensen B. Christensen John Daken Raymond Dann Cathy Darke Robert Christie Dana Clark Jeffrey Clark Susan Davey Ralph Delgado Tom Denney Steven Cool Kim Cooper Richard Cooper Kenneth Derby Mrke Dias Michelle Diaz Curtis Corella Chris Corey Debbie Crouse Robin Diaz Donna Dillard Jackie Dixon Susan Crow Gary Cuevas Michael Cyr Paula Dockery Rod Dodge Steve Donnelly Serena Downey Y ,M ,W MVS-Q he ' ., 1 Swat? 'K fr Q H sb, A sr wr 5 X s J - 4 C Mike Dunham Keep Smiling Cynthia Duran Richard Duran "1" Paul Dutra Richard Egner N as 13 S 1 . F, f X . s . . s , 1 Lv Lorna Faulkison Lisa Fawcett 'dv 5 pri - Q 9 ' R ei' it 'K i FF' .-1,z.2f - -V . Sf ,. , I f ' kim ,. s.-" 1 if . 4 ' ' Charlotte Duran Mary Flansburg Cynthia Flug Joann Englebright Danny Faria Sharon Ferrington Julie Fisk .,1-gnf""" F1 - aisf . Sheri Durflinger Cynthia Eversole Richard Faust Charles Fischer Debra Flukey Y ll U It Ain t Heavy X lt's My Homework Mike Flukey Mike Flynn Iohn Ellis Debra Ewing Judy Faylor Debbie Fisher Mike Folger w Jamce Ford Robyn Forisrer Linda Fosnot Russell Frakes David Franks Mrchael Freyler Phillip GHICY Mark Gianino John Georgette James Ginn Clayton Golden Larry Gla fke Roselviarie Gomes JY 2, r K k.kk' 54.3 x K ' T .Sf P 12 is r r,-5 -is so 'f ' ' Christopher Good . o Cathleen Gragg Ronald Granholt l dA.: Q G rs' Rose V X"r Gregory V Danny Greenwood Douglas Grimes Lynn Green Frances Grushus Terry Gulke Barbara Haferkamp G Michael Habe Mari Hakansson James Halbrook Sharyl Halleti Edward Hammer M1chael Hammett Joyce Handy Kenny Hansen ev 5 W I QM., al x'f K-.k: 3 S S! L... Stephen Hape Richard Harmon John Hassna Alan Hayashida Johnny Hayes Katrina Hays Mark Hedrick Tom Hermansader Nora Hersrnan Chris Hickok Robin Higginbotham Ronald Hilger Carolyn Hill Keith Hill Gary Hirakawa Terri Hirst Torn Honeycutt Richard Hoop Norman Hoover Kelly Houghton Allan Howard Richard Hutchins Tim Hunter Sylvia Irving Sheila Jackson David Jenkins Regina Jenkins Jenean Jensen David Johnson Debra Johnson Pamela Johnson Kim Jordan Kristina Kahila Craig Kalapus Kelley Karber Rhonda Kauwe H 'i i 1 " Barefoot in Xl xxlfx l m X X 'X -4-,Q w ::I111f,,,X,, -.' s.. -- -----"" H ,ft , wp . 625 -If' zffiifigifiv 9 the Park" H :X A x x A Et XL -Qfi' l Mark Kechely ll 1 1 I ' , M? y ff I .a J 30 James Krugh Walter Krul Mike Kuhn Kathy Kusrow Clint Lalfontaine Larry Lambert Bryon Laramore Lenora Lariza Hedy Larsen Robert Larson Rodney Lavigne Richard Lazaro Julie Leach Randy Leingang Debbie Lemberg Bill Leonardo Brian Leslie Jean Liberg Grant Lichtle Kim Lindsey Steven Lozez Darlene Luchetti Bruce Mahrt John Mahrt Mark Kelly Laurie King ., ,, vb. A ., VP' ,.v, 1 n 1 - - , ,r .r1r. , ,,..:1, S X l it he we R if is aj 'X x SHS' 1 Joe Kelley Kirt Kelsey Ricky King Daniel Knight Elaine Knight Kristi Knoblauch "I'm a Rare Rabbit!" iw k.. . -L , ii rg 1tt .N R as Y? :F fs? Y 1 r Y .11 Q,-eszaae :Ai . -' if 7' - ff'-Vx? s . f ' V rv-X 'mi is .. S' 'W' 3' l,f'f-f ,V '52 'Q rr? -,N erm as me R3 x a A X ge? " f H? " le S s s W X . gs. Ni af 5: . 1 K i f . ti -.1 ., V - - 32. M. . N. as M? Net 5 arg K 'Q iw get , ... 5' 'S s- Q 3 'S Q at axial be X ,L sw X XE ,Q -an wg? , We Y aff, .Q 0 ac t? at if, ay 2 5 8 5 5895 if-.aff 'Mi ,af : gf .. K 2 :e at , A5 if Q t Keith Malone Jeff Marlar Sheri Marcos Ken Marshall Arthur Mares Nanette Martell Julie Martellaro DHD Martinez Regina Martin Deanna Martinez fl i Theresa Mason 'YOLDA Marcie McCampbe11 Carol 1 McCausland Candy McKay 3 l Darrell McLemore l l ' Y C Q Susan McPeak Daniel Mealhouse Marilyn McQueen V1018I Meiers Kim Mena Douglass Miller Linda Meyer Kevin Miller David Middleton James Millner Randy Mitchell Sally Mitchell Paul Moczulski Laura Moiso ,N at . cr se, , f x 0 1 2 f ag . X rg' x S . Julie Murray Randall Morse Anthony Monoogan Sammy Montoya Richard Munoz tr , rw lf - S' 3 4 rx 5 Q. , F3 ' it Kathleen Mott Cathleen Murray David Navarro N, .. ,l,.l. E ,. X f ':-, es' L fs--fi. ,. - A ' , Q ada S 1 N 1 o a I Q. R fr i rg 3 gg ' -Q., S Robert Nicholls Michele Nichols Glen Neal Deborah Nelson Tom Netemeyer John Newell Trina Nichols Doug Nielson Mark Noonan Michele Nocereno Robert Northern ,,, YYWYYW, ,, , Mike Nunez Craig Ojala Tony Olivera Kevin Orton Sherri Osrenberg Jennifer Owens .L Q , I in 'F si HQ.. -A Q wifi Q- 3 Q . N 'ar A is 'X x,.X 'g5j,w 4 M' fir if f kv eww. var N 3 SS Y-Xb e Q .9 2 is W 1 Q J X 3 --1 ..k. X- . XX X QQ 5 X X Debra Paulsen Anna Payne Devona Peck Gregg Palmer F QS Timothy Peck Mary Pereira Lynn Perry Ralph Petereit Cynthia Peters J iir o . u , R . oi... Jrr a s , Karen Pfeifer - 4 Gregory Pfister S Kristen Phelps . ,. Pit L' 1 ":' 5. . 1 P , ,f Janice Philhps S . . gf E f gi? Ronald Pimentel - if .- s P Q -we 5 , , E Timothy Pinkerton x wr ' '- 4 ,W if X, isfvfrx' .1 f . . . .. ,gs 'r f . :x9s I ..,t e ....- X -E mips if Kelli Peterson -9 Andrew Phillips Donald Piper ' P "' 'V 'P - Q ifg 5 4' 1' 1 stiff p 'SR B? Deborah Pippin Charmaine Prado, Richard Priest James Pruett Ronald Puckett Clifford Quan William QUi1'0S John Rains James Ramos Lorn Randall Jeffery Randolph Matt Ratliff 33 l 5 Dean Rodger few X E522 5 N!!! f' ' X ,X lf CIGQL .gjffk j' Donna Rayburn RiChH1'd Rebischke Gary Reedy Dan Rodgers Gary Rodgers Cathleen Rodriguez Claudette ReeveSRae1ene Reid Daniel Renault Tim Rogers Joe Rouse Ronald Roybal Ann Reoch Kenneth Rh0adeS Dennis Richardson Tom Rubalcava Rudolph Russell Steven Sandvick Albert Richmond Devlyn Ricketts Tim Ridour Karen Santi 'Kenneth Sargent Karen Sarrerlee Matt Riley Robert Ritchey John Robins Gary Schweitzer Diana Scolari Douglas Scott "Friends, Pinolians-Lend Me Your Threads " 34 Ss gl Richard Thomas f U 'lo x A A 1' - Cb Debbie Scrudder Richard Serdin Darla Shackles Stacy Shonk Ronald Silva Ray Simonette Karen Sharpe Christine Shattuck Joseph Shaw Dana Slade David Smith Kerry Smith Brian Shebanek Bettina Shepherd Roxana Shippen Michael Smith Mickey Smith Mitchell Smith -1 :sa - u Q56 S QR X XX Sn 5' X ta X Q if F .. X . Robert Smith Theresa Smith Michael Smullen Donald Stone Annette Stopforth David Strain Michele Solis Bruce Speer Paula Srafiniak Mary Duuuzi Sandra Stukel Kerry Surman Diana Stanley Arthur Stern Michael Stevenson Sunday Tarn Cynthia Taylor Elizabeth Tharpe David Tilghman James Treuel Danny Turner Tyrone Turner Deborah Tyler Denise Ulke Mark Vail Lorry Valentme Bruce Vander-pool Kathy Vanslochteren Allen Vanz is . iM xx A x , .ar 'Y v gs. ,, 3 Y r u l ow x-.,,. . , 'I ' XA' sf Allie Washburn Anthony Zappia Michael Washburn Gerald Zielstra Wendy Watson Randy Zimmer Richard Wayne Clinton Webber Charles Webster David Weisse Ronald White Catherine Zulaica Darlene Wickenhoefer David Wickum Michael Wilke Michelle Wilkinson Michael Williams' Patty Woodman Gary Wright Tina Wright Beverly Wyman Randy Yancey Richard Yoshida Neal Young Terry Zahner We Are the Knights-The Mlghty, Mighty ' Knights!" w' .Y : mf ,, Randy Smith 'I Chris Corey Mike Kinter Steven Christopher f V 3 0 -0 - ce Q I DIDN T HAVE A THING TO WEAR Il x ', X 114 0 E li il I JL Connie Napier Rene Huckeby - . XZ.. .5 , ev. l K QQ., 5 1 I ' 1 "" 1 Donna Baker Vikki Tucker Enrique Loaiz.. Nancy Hollingshead "Happiness Is" Happiness is seventh grade altoes Happiness is having a friend with big mouthes - Mrs. Fiatarone I Happiness is knowing and L Happiness is having sharing a secret " '32 , students follow directions - , ' ' pls Mrs. Yamamoto Happiness is Mrs. Fiatarone's class Happiness is when your dog is Happiness isfi't War, but Peace finally potty trained forever more Happiness is the rare ability to be content with what you have - Mr. Moore Happiness is knowing someone who understands your problems - Miss Wong C i I. V Happiness is getting a Q' , flower from your boy-friend . 1 I Happiness is loving and '54 1 bein loved f if ia QV g 6 Y 'f Happiness is seeing two people walking fb ' .' p ' " . . ' Fl! hand in hand and being one of the two if I I- X Pe0P1e Q 'hi ' I , f ' 1 'Li' Happiness is a banana split - Mrs. White Q t Q55 019 Q 153 x65 i 'NT x 65 sC. or fi -mg FI 5 H X. 9 G U ill' A B . 'X' G X tv an A 2. C5 Ei 3' 4 f. in ' X ' 1 . was 4 Q3 D 6 'I k'x.,, 'I I1 X th " 'J hy 0 m y l s Q U : 'e I' . 7: 0 .1 ft u AQ 2 ik .E ,ER X X ' .W lnlfiili 1 U3 g Q , ws G Q M-M 0 XX fx X w avg S, F ,. , 9? 5.45 ,H F! ,dmv- , 5? 4. k?'NQ.y A X ,nr Q Q -T P , --""' 1 .gg EKG' Spanish Club French Club Row 1: D. McAtee, K. Sanders, C. Hazzard, K. Brooks, C. Bidou Row 2: J. Anthony, T. Smith, D. Carrillo, J. Karas, M. Nichols, M. Ferreira Row 3: S. Barrett, K. Martinez, L. Gilmore, I. Booth, V. Edgar, R. Armada Row 4: I. Stanley, S. Bryson, L. Derr, T. Treuel, S. Young, D. Baldwin Row 1: C. Trueblood, M. Nocerino, D. Faria, C. Trotta, D. Mackenzie, M. Fisher. Row 2: Mrs. White, Assistant Adv. , K. Lee, I. bovelady, W. Sines, Miss Wong, adv. Boys Chorus grave,-mwq Grade Girls Chorus 8th Grade Girls Chorus 6,rJysQJJ-0Qg,.q 7th Grade Girls Chorus 7th Grade Girls Chorus gi-.iiasidiem "A Special Deliverer of Happiness!" Xe jf ll' I If be Q ' J.. f l 6 5-2 x 7 X 'f l ., xx Advanced Band X KV Intermediate Band LOVE "Annie Get Your Gun" 1968 "Bye- Bye- Birdie 1967 Music Man" 1 969 Musical Shows .f'- 'fc I 1 tssl a aml y V lane' N. f' xxx ,421 N4 1970 K A9 X S gy' f f 1 7 1 9 I g N. .KE s . ,. Q .N s 4' T. Scheel -K ' .K I - W ' , -Q - . is Ji .. .., . s S . , s Q as av K. Scheel N. Bernier C- Peters D. Daugherty M. Fenell I. Pedracci D. Quichocho R. Herguth K. Bowles M- Graham D- Allen C. Cumberland R. Renshaw D. Askew D. MacGregor D. Ewing G. Bradbury L. Den, L. Pimental D. McAtee S. Stultz M. Silbemagel P94 ., Q QA 5- ll A wh 4 ., WI ,bi U 4 .', S. Tavares E. Darke D. Carillo 52 C. Key R. Herguth K. Meng S. B ack ...N Q rj X AL 5. W K. and T. Scheel S E , ,-5 2 . 1. .. Q -mmL Q 3 ? . .. 1 T' Lv fu' cy" X "w,:eN-5 ,5-lin .X XKWKTL? .S ax? ' ' I e . X T . 1 T T r: - - . 5 gt SY - S 3 1 ., .. . f .... - Q... - .A .Aw -vs . -. . - ' 5.-xl 2 -1-55 we I. Goularte T. Mays ZX. . X life. Y ' a Q, +2 Q . Ci X 9 S. Bateman D. Shackles Instrumental Band Group The Red Tripadome W- - i Row 1 - D. Motter, C. Carter, C. Williams, M. Lawrence, L. Vano Row 2 - C. Trotta, G. Boyd, R. Herguth, T. Marler, L. Faylor, R. Rebischke Row 3 - C. Pippin, M. Rose, L. Pirnen- tal, C. Newkirk, R. Nichols, D. Marasco Row 4 - K. McIntyre, L. Sorvetti, T. Wasilchin, K. Lacy, M. Tienken, M. McRee L. Pimental, S. Thomas, M. Gibbs, D. Hemmingsen, R. Herguth Row 1 - R. Latham, C. Levine, R. Roberts, E. Yoshida, P. Freylor, Mr. Meneg helli, S. Zierke, W. Heater, G. .Barber. Row 2 - J. McCart, L. Elmore, R. Stafford, D. Siebel, D. Campbell, D. Lay Chess Tourney Champion Terry Madden Runner-up-j-Sherri Beit "Service Committee" 8th Grade 7th Grade Top row: K. Demorest, M. Vaughn, L. Matushefski, T. Possin, S. Bryson, W. Wallace, D. Braaksma, J. Goularte, V. Ebert, S. Bateman, L. Gilmore 2nd row: M. Hall, P. Hash, H. Rhamgren, C. Fahey, S. Young, C. Key, K. Malone, L. Shonk, D. Pen- dleton, C. Beck, S. Blevins 3rd row: H. Abel, K. DeGroot, K. Speer, K. Snodgrass, S. Belt, C. Houck, R. Clarkson, R. Her- guth, D. Daugherty, D. McGregor, W. Jenson Bottom row: J. Viratos, PD. McAtee, D. Quichocho, R. Ortiz, J. Torbet, K. Van Aspern, C. McGee, R. Shackles, P. Finfrock, D. Phillips, Miss Hynes, Advisor 8th Honor Society e .... e e i Yearbook Mm .xxX. 0 s. fr rsvp? r Nxt ,M , Staff A t- Dayna Caskey Asst. Editor Renae Herguth Editor Heidi Abel Asst. Editor S. Garvin C. Houck M. Edwards XS. Santos Heinz Belt H. Mclarty D. MacGregor ns. 'yggaaf v- A ., is , . M Student Body Officers W 4 f fwfm 1 . 'Eiga-. 9 , l 'hm ' ' 1,4 . Mike Williams Mr. Dix, advisor Rick Yoshida I an Peterson Lewis Derr .,. it D00 L. gig Student - - XWi y Legislature if it Front: Mr. Dix, adv., I. Peterson, L. Derr, R. Yoshida, M. Williams Row 2: B. Hayes, T. Hirst, S. Marcos, C. Beeson, R. Ginn, I. Kelly Row 3: G. Palmer, R. Hutchins, S. Santos, D. Can-i11o, M. Ram- irez, B. Leslie Row 4: K. Williams, C. Stivers, R. Smith, K. Scheel, L. Ingram, R. Pimentel Row 5: K. Bradford, S. Bate- man, M. Vaughn, R. Forcier, C. Fahey Mrs. Teel, adv. , S. Young, T. Scheel, H. Abel, K. Scheel, I. Ped- racci, T. Mays 'QQ . Wm 1? Standing: D. Scrudder, K. Sharpe, Mrs. Hetler, adv. , K. Satterlee S. Durfiinger Front Row: J. Martellaro, S. Mitchell Yuffi ei 1 hifi llll ll.. ,-x f Q1 5-75 . - I X 1,3 . Q' 'T . ' I. .O j . Cheerleaders mg KX 2 5 33! a t 1 ,Z ,Xxx X Kll NN x , 1 L iw. - -'15 lil V A . . Lf XX.. V . mx X , K A . . . I- .. V . M X i X W. I f .K , ,LKLL . - - . . -- v fi-Nr Q? f ' j ' 1 K' NN' - . was , x, M . Q 0 KB' K: an Rf. .. 3 X . X -' x..., x X 5 , g f - -Q 5 K - M k 1. Xl tr X ., N . X ,Xl v XQ Q. liftizfgkffif IES," N X x is 'Y -1 ' . ip 3rd Row: S. Lopez, T. Hermansader, D. Jenkins, T. Benton, Mr. Phillips, 2nd Row: A. Phillips, D. Bickham, B. Leslie, S. Asquith lst Row: J. Newell, J. Halbrook, M. Hammett, K. Kelsey, J. Rains JL. -JW Football f ff C' . . 3rd Row: R. Hutchins, T. Her- mansader, M. Noonan, C. Phelps M. Burton, B. Smith, D. Jenkins 2nd Row: T. Zahner, D. Bert- ram, G. Pfister, L. Randall, R. Egner, K. Sargent, Mr. Phillips 1st Row: J. Newell, R. Ginn, K. Kelsey, J. Hassna, B. Mahrt 8th Grade Basketball Football 3rd Row: G. Bradbury, W. Wallace, M. Adema, D. Braaksma, S. Briard 2nd Row: P. Hash, K. Cash, D. Nuss, S. Van Camp, B. Hensley, C. Beck 1st Row: S. Santos, B. Sewell, D. Harmon, J. Shaw, S. Edwards 4th Row: G. Bradbury, L. Derr, M. Adema, D. Leigh, W. Wallace, D. Nuss 3rd Row: D. Harmon, B. Hens- ley, K. Randall, R. Forcier, G. Hughes, G. Potter 2nd Row: K. Von Aspern, J. Shaw, B. Sewell, J. Tharpe, D. Hemmingsen, R. Weimer lst Row: T. Helm, M. Perry, C. Sav age, R. Holden, J. Johnston 4:7 y Q! -- -. LAL-L Turkey Trot 8th Grade Winner Q . M X ii R 3 M ii 5 QYNQQA W W V, Row 1: L. Patrick, C. Davis, T. Helms, M. Vaughn, M. Hall Row 2: C. Baumert C. Fahey, F. Harcourt, S. Rateman, T. Mays, K. Malone Eighth Grade Girls Basketball hx X if . Q '- N. fs 'fb WMV' 'u , my J 4 39 Y fffff L .1 "" ' M Q'f"'T T'ML1i! 5. w'z,, '7 1w-W M 'Hr H . H f 11-W A ,, VI, ,V vi my . , M 0 ,,,, , ,," i 'gy 5513 ig 4,1 ,, 5 V N , 1' fi f Q H ,,,,, Zll ,,,,, V V awww, 7 .1 'L "W Wausau ...4......,,. W , A 4: I ,,,,,,,,,,.,uw W" 'iff 1 'WL ,,, , , . -X Y Wx 'X ' ', I ., p'. '-. X ,.. Q, ' ' 1 'qw Q I! ! uf r I N., I K Gymnastics Oil D 'ik X qw - 5: :ev , 2 3 I ,' . I S5 Y x ailvw' if ei' K I K RS KK .Sfli?Yi.- . Q tm. Gi:- 5 ew' 68 . iahjyti-.ii-X Z . Q QNX A" Q E51 '. 1 N ,' - 37 'SSQSEP if '- Q 3 Q'Y:?fsf15-S 'N Xifffkxx W' 1 XXX Q 15 Q 4, 5 I an 'f 'P' K af" W 14 xx I' D lr ,.-w""' N,,,..A-A .F ge, 3 by . I X N A 5 .M ' 7. W. .,.. NS, R' Q Election Day November 3, 1970 i Registering" "Voting" "TalIying" "Do you ride the bus?" to do an art project" "A nice way I Football players 8a cheerleaders luncheon Ping Pong tournament 10 'TQN Another Knights' victory! U7 x J r 5 1 X IQ 3 I 5 E 3 s 2 D a I1 C n 9 SCU! MQ 7 QAXQZQ if S S Ex E i ,Q S umm. is 1-x . -RWM qw -- Karim-mm T- -. -xx --1: ix: W Wu- -fs .. 1 xmf mw:-W ,Q 1-X. K QN-Q--xnxx.. S E 5 5 3 E E Sa E S 5 1 w n E E 2 2 Z ' A, 'f Y 1, .f 1 I .df im 1 Q, ' . ' ' I -'Ls 4 ..,,.,. .xg 1 ,A ., .. f. ,.,.,.A , F-:." 2

Suggestions in the Pinole Middle School - Round Table Yearbook (Pinole, CA) collection:

Pinole Middle School - Round Table Yearbook (Pinole, CA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Pinole Middle School - Round Table Yearbook (Pinole, CA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 16

1971, pg 16

Pinole Middle School - Round Table Yearbook (Pinole, CA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 5

1971, pg 5

Pinole Middle School - Round Table Yearbook (Pinole, CA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 33

1971, pg 33

Pinole Middle School - Round Table Yearbook (Pinole, CA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 33

1971, pg 33

Pinole Middle School - Round Table Yearbook (Pinole, CA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 8

1971, pg 8

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