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Pine Valley Central High School - Pine Knot Yearbook (South Dayton, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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P VA ,, XT' I Q EQ A se U Kmcf AND H15 CGURT 'I 13 5' Foreword The "King and his Court" are in session! We invite you to at- tend the annual review of the year-its work, and all phases of activ- ity. To most of the King's subjects, it will mean only a look at the progress made by all of us during the past year. However, to us who are leaving, it will be a time to recall the many joyous experiences of our royal life! On with the Court of Review! 1 SEATED L Rrchardson Clerk K Mernll Vrce Presrdent C Fagett Presrdent, Mrs E Charles P LoCu1d1ce, D1str1ctSuper1ntendent STANDING K Durfee,F Green,M Danker, G Darlmg, Jr R Drrkx L C Mrller Board of Education Council Our Board of Counselors has been busy thrs year as always helpmg to make Prne Valley the best school rn thrs area Through therr efforts and those of the tax payers we are to have srx more classrooms and a wonderful new swtmmrng pool We the students at Ptne Valley feel fortunate to have such a wonderful group of people to serve as our councrl They have done an excellent Job of bettertng our school and grvrng us greater opportunrttes 6 ... I . l L' 4 ,L I ta yn .Vi 1 X O .- -C - F I N 'S ill I ! . W V' ' : ' . y 3 . ., . - . 5 . y . I . i ,. .. . . ..... , . ,. . . O O . , I . . . . I , . , Alf' Dedlcatlon To Mr Tom Lsulo our Art Teaeher and Advxsor we the bemor Class of 1958 ded1cate rhrs lssue of Lhe Plne Knot Your pleaslng personahry and helpfulness have made you one of the best lrked reachers m Prne Valley Espec1ally grateful IS the Arr Staff of the Yearbook wuh whom you worked and whom you msplred to over come any obstacles whlch may have developed To you Mr Tom asulo we grve our slneere Thanks 4 Mr Marek Typmg Adv1sor ga, M1ss Crltchlow, Busmess Adv1sor Mr Dunmng, Features Adv1sor Appreciation We of the Pme Knot are srncerely grateful to the followlng advlsors Mrs Hall Mr Dunmng MISS Cmchlow Mr Marek and RSSISIHHIS We were able to Bltalll a yearbook of enjoyment and lmerest wh1ch wlll always remarn wlth each of us Truly we have gamed xmmeasurably from your wealth of expeuence and undersrandmg May we rake rhrs opporrumty to thank you for leadlng and duecung us to our goals 5 ,unw- Mrs Hall, Layout Advl I-IHHNF' SOI' i- Editorial Advisor - Mrs. Hall Business Advisor - Miss Critehlow Art Advisor - Mr. Tomasulo Features Advisor - Mr. Dunning Editor-in-Chief - Penny Orcutt Jr. Assistant - Don Rexford Business Manager - Barbara Phillips Jr. Assistant - Arnold Hierl Layout Editor - Delores Merrill Jr. Ass't. - Pat Dunfield Features Editor - Barbara Warm Jr. Ass't. - Janice Woolley ROW 1: S. Harvey, G. Milspaw, J. Nash, B. Felt, G. Bentley, B. Phil- lips, A. Hierl, P. Earle, M. Howard, J. Ingersoll, P. Allen, J. Greenlee. 1 ROW 2: J. Spitzer, D. Nenno, D. Stankey, D. Harvey, R. Brookman, C. Colvin, P. Petersen, G. Ackler, D. Steward, M. Maxwell, N. Carver. Knaves ROW 1: B. Miller, B. Baily, R. Smith, Y. Kyle, R. Milspaw, P. Orcutt, D. Rexford, D. Merrill, B. Warm, H. Camahan, E. Steves, J. Woolley. ROW 2 P. Tutton, P. Pagett, Pat Pagett, M. Silsby, P. Dunfield, D. Meakin, T. Or- cutt, R. Butcher, L. McNamara. Art Editor - Yvonne Kyle Jr. Ass't. - Retha Smith Typing Editor - Peggy Earle Jr. Ass't. - Nancy Carver Photography Editor - Richard Mils- paw Jr. Ass't. - Ronald Butcher Circulation Editor - Cordon Bentley Jr. Ass't. - Phyllis Allen Advertising Editor - Betty Felt Jr. Ass't. - Judy Greenlee JI. Vfq.. -M ' Q f X X - -'-f4'v C ff ll dz, ZX ANN ich M01 W6 Aqvff! W 'S 0 Qtr' SVR Z X A7 gf ad ' XNQSTRR IOIV e 1 My D V 5 O7 M0777 my M' Kung and Hts Cabinet xx. T Roger F Danker Richard L Earle Assistant Elementary Prlnclpal Assistant Hugh School Prlnclpal Class of 1958 Congratulatunu on your approach1ng an early step rn the drrecuon of success 1n lrfe You have many more steps to 530 and wrth plenty of stumbllnb blocks ln the way Only through contrnued alertness and effort can you keep Cllfllblllg always upward towards Carl W Stamp Your Ultlmate 30211 Supervising Prlnclpal And also you w1ll flnd that your success w11l depend rn a good proporuon to the respect and loyalty you show toward your fellow men It 15 your responslblllty to ralse standards of achrevement not only mentally but morally and sp1r1tually As one wrlter put ll It takes a heap of l1V1Ug to make a better world The world IS your responslblllty and who knows soon space Good luck to all of you w blncercly Gerald F Hall Elementary Prmclpal 8 Caflw SWUP f1',1'flr. , f it at , X s 54 ,rl '- 0 0 0 ll. .5 1' Il' L , R Aar- -x i - - x., 12, i"""l t "' , . W I , . , . . 'Y xy? ' 4. 'F7 Y . Y , . 1 I .- Scrlbes , Mrs Rhoades Scribe Cherry Creek -s Many many IIIULS a day We go to thc C lerlcal staff and say Or may 1 use the phoneo My mother s ewpcctmg me And I must call home Mrs Colvln Scribe Hugh School We are always met w1rh a courteous smxlc Our frlcndly scrlbes are sure worth wlulc f Mrs Butcher Scribe South Dayton T X Mr Richardson 9 Scribe Mlmster of Finance , E c .- kk b l E , f - .V l ' A ' WL . X x ,- . ,J ' if , ,N 'Au H , ,, "Please give me a lunch passg - y V . w ' A I 1' X ff 1 rl O ' Q! ' ' v if Lords and Ladies aa M-"' CS can J Montz G1rls Physrcal Educatlon, J Allen Homemakmg, J Tomasulo Art P Wells Vocal Muslc, H Fuller Llbrarxan STANDING A Kapuza Gurdance Duector, R Brown Boy s Physrcal Educatxon, R Babcock, Agn culture L Cook Instrumental Muslc, R Bergholtz Jun1orH1gh D Clark Industrxal Arts and Drxvcr Ed E Marek Commercxal of fl 0 Q get :sn " C ce e 'c R Earle Jr H1ghScrence and Math G Gould Jr H1ghFng11sh and Socral Studres, R Sturm Jr Hlgh Engllsh, E Oehser, Jr Hxgh Englrsh and Socxal Stud1es,H Cohcchxa Soc1alStud1es STANDING D Dunnmg Socxal Studres and Enghsh H Boyd Elem Musnc E Cntchlow Math D Dorman Jr Hrgh Scxence and Math, M Fordham, Enghsh C Hall Latm and Math D Montaldr Scrence and Drwer Ed ABSENT T Draggett Jr Hugh Fnglrsh I 'Q it 'occ 599 -.. ,, ,W E "fs -hw 0 mg p nc A -A U- . -. o-30 S8 '9 'Sl "' so 9 3231-. ' X. o 9 V 0 'lmfra ,K 'TN XV-' .X -G A "' Sd' 5" A Son,.n-Q59 UQ C do QA? 'R Geffffw A , . , . ' ' .5 . , . ' ' ' I c ,gn .. Q n ' I - , , . : . , 5 - y - 9 - y Q ' y ' . ' . 3 . , 9 . , . : . ' , . .- ' l ' Y ' ! g . , ' . , . : . , . , . . - 5 - 1 ' - y S - - .3 . , . I SEATED M Fox Grade 2, Z Green Grade 1, M Dorman, Grade 4 M Leafstone Krndergarten B Bolles Gradel F Dye Grade 3 STANDING L Abbey Grade 5, A Fowler School Nurse, J Hadley, Grade 5, H Marsh Grade 2, E Wrlhams Grade 6, G Rrder Grade 6, A Sedota, Speech Therapxst Lords and Ladies SEATED A Mosher Grade 1, E Hart Grade 2, C Fnsbee, Grade 4, F Pagett, Grade 1, C Wamer Grade 5 B Ruttenbur Grade 3 STANDING K Wolfe, Grade 5, H Hooker Grade 4, R Danker, Grade 6, F Pearson, Elem Musrc A Mrtchell Kmdergarten E Meyers Grades 2 and 3 Charlotccrs A Royal Cooks of the Castle I 'VV' R 1 L ks f tl S 1 D M Cya Oo O IC Outl ayton :mor Sweepers of the South Day Sweepers of the Cherry ton Manor Creek Manor 12 Swcepers of thc Castle. Roy11 Cooks of thc. Chorry Lru.k M mor Q v , . A X M .Q ,G ' . . F' i--1 I 'lui tel ? N14 '!n!1 - ' I ,- 't L- -Lili? ,-occ, 4 U ' K . , . ' . ' " , ' . f- ,Q r , ff' -4' U xx 'I ' N ,ILL 1 " ' , , xx is - y y A ff. . 'M s . lv 2 K q ':+z V X f' . - in vi . ,A -X I I " J K J I ,V 5 Q fl-Ks' Q49 Q il P Y'lKC and Princess I K QS' X ff X Q25 n ,QP 'KY' ipn jam' David VanWormer TREASURER Football 1 2, Basketball 1,2 Track 1 2 3,4, Class Treasurer 1 2 3 4 Quit Your K1dd1ng" 4 Patrlcla Pagett Honor Society 2 3, President 4 Student Council Vice President 4 FHA 1 2 3 4, Vice President 2 Parliamentarlan 3 FHA State Hrstonan 3 State Convention 2 3, National Convention 2 Westem District B President President 4 Class Secretary 3 Gordon Bentley PRESIDENT Track 2,3,4, Student Council 4, Class Pres. 43 National Honor Society, Vice Pres. 4g Circulation Editor "Pine Knot" 4, Assistant Editor 3g Citizenship Education Conference 3,45 "The Magic Touch" 3, "Quit Your Kidding" 43 Photography Club 3,43 Chorus lg Posture King 3. iv Marilyn Silsby SECRETARY Band 1,2,3,4g German Band 2s All-State 4, All-County 2,3,4, Chorus lg Sextette lg "Meet Arizona" 1, Student Council 3, Class Secretary 1,2,4, Class President 35 Photography Club 3,43 Secretary-Treasurer 3, Cheerleading 1,2,3,4g Honor Society 2,3,4g Treasurer 3,45 "The Magic Touch" 35 "Quit Your Kidding" 4, "Pine Knot" Staff 3,4. Delores Merrlll ASSISTANT TREASURER Class President 1 2 Student Council 1 2, Assistant Class Treasurer 4, Layout Editor 'Pme Knot 4 Assistant Editor 3 Band 1 2 3,4, All State 2 4 All County 1,2,3 4, Solo Com petition 2 Band Librarian 1 President 4, German Band 2 Chorus 1, Meet Arizona 1 Library Club 4 Prom Attendant 1 Magic Touch 3 uit Your Kidding 4 VICE PRESIDENT Vice President 4, Chorus 1,2 4 Treasurer 2 3 President 4, Meet Arizona 1 All State Sectionals 2 4, J V Basketball Scorekeeper 2 Varsity 3 4 Bowling 4 Pine Knot" 3,4, The Magic Touch 3 Quit Your Kxdding 4 Citizenship Education Conference l I . . Q , ' ' , , . .1 1 1 1 l 7 1 1 1 1 ' H U . tv' 3 5 K V 1 1 ' ' 1 1 ',.. K ,, , . - ' A 9 5 1 ., ' 3 . u - u . ' 1 4 avr k - , ' 1 . ll ' ll . ll ' , 1 Q .M . . ,, 1 ' I - ' 131 1 ' ' ' . ' . lv ' 1 1 - . ' ' ' ll . - 1 1 I 1 ' l 3 5 , ' . . . . l . . . . . ' ,I . , 1 1 1 1 , - - , , n ' u 1 1 . . . V, l ,, . . . H I 1 I V, ll 1 9 9 ' Z If ' 3,4. . . 1 , J , f 1 3 ' r , ill-r' Barbara Phillips BUSINESS MANAGER "PINE KNOT" Band l,2,3,45 Library Club l,2,3,45 Music Festival 1,2,3,45 Junior Varsity Sub-Cheerleader 25 Var- sitySub-Cheerlcadcr 35 Class Vice-President 25 "The Magic Touch" proxnptcr 35 "Quit Your Kiddingj' Student Director 45 Student Council 45 Assistant Business Manager "Pine Knot" 35 Business Manager 4. Patrick Barry PRESIDENT STUDENT COUNCIL Basketball 1,2,3,45 Student Council 35 President 45 Track 3,45 Football Manager 2. Miles Ennis STUDENT COUNCIL Basketball 1,25 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Student Council 1,45 Athletic Association 25 Chautauqua County FFA Treasurer 35 Pine Valley Central FFA Secretary 3. 0 ...... xx x Penelope Orcutt EDITOR "PINE KNOT" Student Council 1,2535 Library Club 35 Junior Varsity Cheer- leader 1,25 Varsity Cheerleader 3,45 Chorus 1,25 "Meet Arizona" 15 "Magic Touch" 35 "Quit Your Kidding" 45 Prom Attendant 25 Assistant Editor "Pine Knot" 35 Editor-in-Chief 4. Martin Maxwell ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Athletic Associa- tion President 3,45 FFA 1,2,35 Prom Attendant 35 "Quit Your Kidding" 45 Yearbook Staff 3,4. in Roger Brookman IIROGII Basketball 2,3,4g Football 1,2, 3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,4g Track 2 FFA 1,2 ,3 ,4g Sentinal 3, "Pine Knot" 3,43 Prom Attendant 1,2. Charles Colvin "CHARLIE" Football 1, Basketball 2,33 Band 1,2 ,3g Service Club 1,2,35 Track 2,33 Athletic Association 13 "Pine Knot" 3,45 "Magic Touch" 35 "Quit Your Kidding" 4. Gordon Ackler "GOPtDIE" Football 1,25 Basketball Manager 1,2,3g Baseball Manager 2,35 "Magic Touch" 33 "Quit Your Kidding" 4, Yorker Club 1,2 ,3, "Pine Knot" 43 Newspaper Club 1. Anna Besse IIANNII FHA l,2,3,4, Library Club 2,3,45 "Magic Touch" 35 "Quit Your Kidding" 4, Prompter 4, "Pine Knot" 3 Y"':' Roger Crumb IIROGII FFA 1,z,s,4. 7- is Peggy Earle IUPEGII FHA 2,3,4, Library Club 3,4, "Pine Knot" 3,43 Gir1's Intra- murals 2,3 ,4. Joan Ingersoll "JOAN" FHA 1,2,3,45 FHA V. Pres. 4' Band 1,2 ,3,45 Chorus 15 "Pine Knot" 3,45 Library Club 45 Cirl's lntramurals 45 State Delegate for FHA 3. Leon McNamera "SPERM" Service Club 1,2,35 Photography Club 35 "Pine Knot" 3,45 "Magic Touch" 3, Stage M:1nager5 "Quit Your Kicldingn 4, Stage Managcr5 Band 1,2 ,3. Betty Felt Mary Ann Howard IIBETTYII IIMARYII Library Club 1,2,3,45 Library FHA l,2,3,4, Treasurer 3,45 Club Pres. 45 "Magic Touch" 35 Library Club 4. FHA z,a,4, "Pine Knot" 3,4. ,QQ Yvonne Kyle "YVONNE" Library Club 2,3,45 Art C1ub5 Photography Club 25 "Pine Knot" 3,45 "Magic Touch" 3, Prompterg I ' Quit Your Kidding" 4, Prompter Richard Milspaw IIRICHII FFA 1,2 ,3,-15 FFA Cattle Judging 1,2 ,3 ,45 FFA Soil Judging 35 FFA News Reporter 45 Photography Club 2,3,45 Art Club 2,35 "Pine Knot" 3,4. '56 1' Peter Petersen "PETE" Football l,2,3,4Q Basketball 13233343 Wrestling 3,43 Track 3,45 Baseball l,2,3,4g "Magic Touch" 33 "Pine Knot" 4. Richard Smith "DlCK" FFA 132,33 "Pine Knot" 3,4. Joanne Nash IIJOII FHA 233,43 Library Club 1,2 ,3,45 "Pine Knot" 4. Shirley Paine "Sl-URL" "Magic Touch" 33 "Quit Your 7 Kidding" 4, chews 1,2 ,a ,413 'fb All-State 2,43 "Meet Arizona' ls Sextette 1,2Q All-County 33 Chorus Librarian 4. '3- Joseph Reinard "JOE GIZMO" "Magic Touch" 33 Art Club 2,33 Service Club 33 Airplane Club 23 Football Manager 3. JoAnn Spitzer IIJOII "Pine Knot" 3,43 "Magic Touch" 33 Chorus 3,43 Library Club 334. L3 4 David Snyder "CECIL" Football 1,2 ,3 545 Basketball 2,35 Baseball 253,-l5 "Magic Touch" 35 "Quit Your Kidding" -15 Wrestling 4. ln memory of Sharon Exley, former friend and classmate for whom we will always have a warm spot in our hearts. ller presence has been greatly missed during our Senior year. Eleanor Steves "FlNGERS" "Pine Knot" 3,45 FHA 15 Library Club 35 Cheerleader 2,3545 Prom Attendant 35 "Magic Touch" 35 "Quit Your Kid- ding" 4. Donald Steward IIDONH J.V. Basketball 1- Varsi Bas- : W kerbsii 2,3,4, Track 1,z,3. A-Q. ASQ 'rx Y1"""P U 9-, Rs .ff--J-Y fi?--st' Barbara Warm IIBARBII Chorus 1,25 Sextette 15 Cheer- leading 1,253,115 Student Director "Magic Touch" 35 "Quit Your Kidding" 45 Vice-President of Class 35 Library Club 3,45 "Pine Knot" 3,45 Meet Arizona 1. They never leave us,-our friends who have passed From the shadows of earth to the sunlight above, A thousand sweet memories are holding them fast To the places they blessed with their presence and love. Marty, Fingers Most Athletic Penny Chuck Best Looking i Gordon, Pat Most Likely To Succeed Class History ll ' 1 Our first year in the higher realms of the "king s court" was very eventful. Although we were only novices, we kept a cloakroom at basketball games, sold candy, and had a class party. As we advanced, we found even more projects to attempt. As Sophomores, we sold basketball booster buttons, ice cream, car plates, and felt emblems. Our second year in the "royal court" had its lighter side, too, for we sponsored a Saint Pat1'ick's Dance and a Sadie Y Hawkins' Dance. ' ,. Using the experience we had gained in our previous years, we tried ',i X V. - L? 4 f' X . , to make our Junior year a real success. Our selling experiences "paid off" for the profit on our sale of greeting cards was great. Two dances added even more money to our ever-growing treasury. Many of our Juniors excelled in sports, while others found opportunity to star in our successful play, "The Magic Touch." Our greatest thrill, however, was receiving our class rings, for they marked a milestone in our life under his majesty's reign! Here we are now finishing our "royal" life. We have found our last year to be busier than the others. Our play, "Quit Your Kidding, was a huge success. Magazine sales and a dance added much to our treasury. Plans for the Senior Carnival, which always attracts many wandering rninstrels, and for our Senior Prom are already under way, as well as the long-awaited trip to Washington. But most important of all is Graduation, the goal we have all looked forward to during our royal life 'fat . f'-i wx - l 'G-4' 4, .Q ., ,,..f r. ,Il-M. W 'rv-lvfj .. , V 'fT.'. Q- . , I . yr. .A u .1 It- l V mi' Barbaxa, Cecil Biggest Flirts lf il, Most Polite 3 Superlatlves l i u-FQ . U I if W Md rgvggtztpelc Shirley, Rog Best Personality DeLores, Pat Most Popular Mag, Vim Most Versatile Jo, Joe Most Talkative Don , Barbara Best Dressed Miles , Yvonne U 1 J i 1 X 99 Betty , Rog Most Shy it " M 4 X 9 v ' v-1 -" It ' 7' 'Ni ' Gordon, Joan , Most Stubborn I fl S ll A I ly," l'.I Q 5:3 'ff .to Desi' U 'Q I 6:1 ' ,H 0 42.11 Bu I S1 ."l' 5 l'xQ."' .:-gs' :wa-g ..,5. X Q. 'Q21,xSx': u s't5 f..54Xl "H fun Yxf ti,- WR 1 4'?ihB E KCUXS I f Wm P Q1 f gf?-5 i ROW 1: J. Greenlee, B. Bailey, H. Carnahan, C. Milspaw, M. Weaver, J. Kastle. ROW 2: D. Rexford, B. Miller, P. Pagett, P. Dunfield, N. Hills, P. Mierzwa, Miss Crttchlow, R. Mansfield. ROW 3: R. Exley, D. Sheldon, D. Harvey, D. Clark, J. El- lis 'I' Orcutt. K. Oakes, T. Barnhart. the news as seen "Through the Knot Hole" and the Duke's Theater presented the play, "Dear Diary." Those of highest condition were: Premier, Richard Mansfield: Vice Premier, Don Rexfordg Scribe, Judy Greenlee: Guardian of the Gold, Tom Orcutt. Dukes The Dukes and Duchesses at the dueal house of Critchlow and Marek received their regal rings embossed with a pine shield, Christmas Cards were sold to enlarge the supply of ducats in the treasury, A winter festival was held on January 24th entitled "Snowflake Frolic." An April "Crier" presented ROW 1: K. Cooper, P. Tutton, N. Carver, S. Harvey, B. Tutton, K. Mosher. ROW 2: Mr. Babcock, D. Nenno, P. Allen, R. Smith, J. Woolley, D. lvett, Mr. Marek ROW 3: C. Fancher, D. Stankey, D. Morey, D. Meakin, A. Hierl, J. Everetts, R Butcher. Mar uis q The IIIUSI noble und potent inxirqness and march- ioness ol the niurquessgite of Collichia and Hull sold ice CFCLIIII .ind basketball pencils for the purpose of ridding, gold to their vaults. Music for their "Spring l5:nit:1sy," Mzirch Zlst, wus presented by Q1 group of wandering ininstrels und il school "Crier" heralded '5..4lf ROW 1: J. McDonald, N. Lincoln, N. Perrin, C. Frziry, S. Pzittyson, E. Provenzo. ROW 2: J. Merrill, C. Peters, V. Woodeock, N. Purdy, S. Pgirlcs, B. Rugg, C. Kelly, M. Mierzwn, M. Dillntonio, Mrs. Hull. ROW 3: N. Cullen, R. Brown, R. Bnrris, G. Nickerson, R. Killoek, D. Crowell, H. Tritton. -..L '-' , - "wr 'X -F 0" . the news for May. The nobility under the Mantle of Ptirliinnent hold their titles as follows: Sundra PriLtyson-preinierg llerbert Johnson-Vice Preinierg M.iry Ann Dinntonio- Scribe, Oriunne Merrill-Gnairdiiin of the Gold. ROW 1: N. Steves, J. Ebert, Mnry Miertwa, J. Ruckh, A. Hart, S. Rundell. ROW 2: V. Rnttenbur, C. Scott, O. Merrill, N. Darling, L. VanWor1'ner, J. Warm, A. Ingersoll, C. Barry, M. Bowen, Mr. Colicchia. ROVV 3: J. Barber, D. Peters, D. Mount, P. Peters, Cullen, R. Madison, J. Schweiger, C. Burtner, H. Johnson, L. Emlcy. ROW l B Colvin, P. Howard, K. Kahm, B. lngersoll, S. Dunfield, S. Wightman, C. Curtis, A Ackler ROW 2: Mrs. Fordham, T. Clarke, D. Crowell, L. Darling, R. Wolfe, R. Mead, L Abbey, S Hollenbeck, L. Ruekh, D. Dayton, D. Grover. ROW 3: L. Newcomb, G. Liver- more L Colvin, D. Volk, T. Hackett, R. Green, W. Stamp, K. Moynihan, S. Clark, G. 5- enade of gay dancers was a festive event. They also enjoyed a frolic on wheels at Dunkirk, which was held in the Spring. Honorary Earldoms of the year were: Premier, Catherine Curtisg Vice-Premier, Don Volkg Scribe, Sylvia Whiteman, Guardian of the gold, Carol Estus. Earls 9th Grade The Froshonian Earls inhabit the three counties of Dunning, Fordham, and Montaldi, They earned two bars of Ermine for pre senting the play "Foxy Grandmaj and editing "The Whispering Pine which heralded the tidings of December. Their yearly prom- ROW l: E. Howard, S. Bromley, A. Howe, B. Hillebert, L. Hall, B. Barth, P. Weave Brackett. ROW 2: D. Herb, P. Pickup, F. Howard, G. Fanchcr, C. Estus, B. Dayton R Schweiger, M. Roman, J. Newcomb, D. Mansfield. ROW 3: Mr. Montaldi, D Kapple, L Brumagin, C. Paggett, D. Swanson, T. Stiles, R. Sandy, J. Merrill, N. Mathewson, D Fanc ier Barons One hundred barons, a rising crew, served their "bent-rs" with dignity too. "Two barons could be seen each morning and noon who hoped to sell you some school supplies soon" -- in the student book store. A party of Barons was ROW 1: J. Rundell, L. Zollinger, P. Hollenbeck, R. Roman, M. Wolfe, R Marquart. ROW 2: J. Weaver, B. Crumb, B. Jungquist, L. Francis, J. Fancher S. Mead, D. Wright, A. Creen. ROW 3: Mrs. Gould, B. Saunders, B. Rugg, D McKay, M. Patterson, R. Newcomb, B. Purdy, R. Easterly, R. Kyser, M. Barry D. Tatchell, Mrs. Allen. ROW 4: H. Milspaw, Y. Fisher, M. Rogers, L llagerdon, H. Weaver, R. Crowell, C. Silleman, D. Maxwell, J. Harvey, J Peters. ROW 5: K. Peters, J. Young, D. Allen, R. Howard, T. Mierzwa DeAntonio, G. Ingersoll, D. Livermore, L. Pattyson, L. Nickerson, M. Swanson ROVV l D Bond J Zeman, J Limito L Carnahan D Young ROW 2 S Etrle L Hadley J Brown, S Cooper A S1lsby D Johnston,M Crowell L Exley ROW 3 D Hxerl H Iwett,D Weaver K Mount P Sw.1nson,C Bradley G Saunders,J Cullen D Fancher,D Corkwell N Green ROW 4 A Aekley,L Harkness B Newcomb S Gle.1son,J Harwood,E Mierzwa D Houben L Mann A KOSlOWSk1,E Bentley S Butcher Mrs Moritz ROW 5 B Ebert D Gier B Po.ters,D Nash M Oakes L Ellis T Ell1ott,L Hodges S Ericcson M Hagerdon,V Bergey R Fraz1er,Mrs Sturm held in the spring They looked forward to an annual pilgrimage Getty sburg The leaders in their ranks are: Premier Richard Howard- Vice Pretnicr Sharon Meade' Scribe Sue Cooper' and Guardian of the Gold, Donna Gier. 5 ROW 1: M. Harwood, J. liniley, M. Buckley, L. Rublee, V. Clark, K. Howe, P. Newcomb, K. Petersen. ROW 2: K. Maxwell, J. Weaver, D. Mount, R. Earle, J. Walters, R. Moffitt, M. Wachter, B. Zeman, R. Zollinger, F. Barth, M. Mirwald, Mr. Dorman. ROW 3: J. Rowicki, R. Tyma, T. Pickup, K. Mosher, P, Schultz, Butcher, L. Goran, M. Moynihan. ROW 4: G. Giles, J. Snyder, J. Nyhart, B. Cooper, G. Perkins, R. Sheldon, N. Hills, J. May, D. Meadows, L. Snyder, G. Howard, S. Crumb, G. Stratton. A l Ba ronets 85 Baronets on the upward course duti- fully have been serving, the higher nobility by selling ice cream in the vafeteria and by issuing the November school newspaper. Their seasonal banquets consisted of a skating party in the Autumn and a tlass Party in April. ROW 1: K. Hillebert, K. Mirwald, S. Murray, F. Boyd, M. Rublee, C. Brown M. Giambrone, D. Farnham. ROW 2: Mr. Draggett, A. Ackley, T. Houben, C. Kelley, M. Phillips, J. Tutton, S. Nichols, J. Parls, F. Dye, F. Could, C. Grover, J. Carver, Mrs. Oehser. ROW 3: J. Hall, J. Rundell, A. Crowell, R. Morris, D. Howard, E. Newcomb, B. Wickmark, K. Meakin, C. Snyder, R. Chase, L. Darling. ROW 4: Dye, F. Heath, B. Bergey, R. Morey, J. Liver more, D. Abbey, R. Carpenter, R. Carpenter, R. Ennis, J. Ivett, C. Nenno. Leaders in their ranks were: Premier - Michael Mirwaldg Vice-Premier - James Parks: Scribe - Eugenia Buteherg Guardian ofthe Gold - Jill Nyhart. I r A, s d A X X7 -r- KN m ' Va ir Aft E x '- frf. R gat' x!!"' it .W " - 'gn , 154 ' U M X 135' 3 1 J ,V K I ax k 4 X 3 ,. W p H U if QR 5fl'+'NlV4I W-sxfdi V I X it tw is? Knaves of the Third Realm Apprentice Minstrels 1 , qv EJ-'iT?i""v?'E V 1 X , 'I A "5 ww i . . ,s ' ' I ,., 1' 'af I ' in tu I I W' :Q at . 'I-,, . fx' ' , f 4' 315' viva A J ' , V, . I , ,.,!:?. K ' ' TT' Q X I . . 4'-ir'-'pi ' .3912 ' ,A i jftf u' L X Shu Young Knaves play "cat 'n mouse" Knaves of the Fifth Realm 95:6 Ili . . cv idk:-Y. ' M ll 'B .."'V,iTf':i"-5 ' . Ill a. -e +"1H H 'il F, 'E'-iq .a-M' 5 ' ' A 1' pu ffllgt ' a - . lf- Cherry Creek Manor Q 4 if , '-U' . I I , f 1 4 . 3 -130,15 , ,jjsiggaeibg ,lJ ,4vf u w. 1 54 lvgzvffg X W I Apprentice Court Musicians - Knaves of the Sixth Realm , f . CENTER Coach Brown CENTER TOP,Leftto Rrght J Elhs, D I-larvey,D Steward T Orcutt, J Everetts, R Butcher,P Petersen, K Oakes, M Maxwell, D Clark P Barry T Barnhart Knights of the Court W1th only three returnrng lettermen, an average helght of 5 9 , and no player reachlng the 6 foot mark the prospects for thrs season weren't too prom1s1ng The team made up for thrs shortness wrth twrce the scrap and determrnatron endrng the season wrth 7 wms and 12 losses Thxs season marked the rnaugeratlon of a new system of playoffs Pme Valley, berng the top class C team rn the Northern League, was matched agamst the towerrng team from Panama to decxde whlch would enter the Sectronal playoffs After 32 mrnutes of Jumprng and pressmg the Pme Valley Panthers came out on the short end of the score but on the short end where credlt was ue Team scormg honors go to Tom Barnhart wrth a total of 201 pornts Foul shootxng laurels go to Don Steward who ended the season w1th 30 fouls made out of 43 at tempted, a 70'7a average Unfortunately Don Steward Pat Barry, Dallas Clark Pete Petersen, and Marty Maxwell have played therr last game ln hlgh school, leavlng the team wrth only three regular lettermen However the future looks brxght wrth greater he1ght and an xmproved Junror Varsxty team Pme Pme Pme Pme Pme Pme Pme Pme Pme P1ne Pme P1ne Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Scores Brocton Srlver Creek Forestvxlle Westfield Dunkrrk lndustnal Brocton Srlver Creek Lrttle Valley Forestvxlle Dunkrrk Industrral Panama Westfreld L Court Cheerleaders 151111 I'x11IQ.J1l1b 01 IIIL C 111111 1.11111 11111411 1111 1111111 1111 1191111 1.1111r111111r5 LIILUIIIJBLLI IIIKIII 1111111 XICIIIIIE A1 1111 1115111111111 111 1111 NL 15011 11111, w11111o .1 C 11111, 1111 1.1111r111111r5 ll 11.1111131115 N 1 F1111 L111y ILJIIILQI IIKW ILCIIIIILIIILN 11111 l11l11N 11111 11115 from .1 1110115511111 11 1111111141111 Mr 1. 1w1'111c1 111rk11111.r W1101115 If11XLILK.I .111 11111 1111 U1111111 St:1l1s CKIJCIIIIIE., c1111r1111111r5 M15 Momz 11111r 1111115111 1111511 1ac11 511111111 on 111 1mu1111b W11IL11W15 11 11111 1111111 L1II1l11X 1111 kIIKIIIIb 11lL,Xi.1U1l?j VL11'OIL11LL1'1L 1111115 VARSITY Q1 IL1' RLILADI RS LEF I' to RIGHT Gcorgm EI1.,1nor Mar1Iyn P11my 11111 B1rb:1ra J V CHEERLEADERS LEFT to RIGHT Norma, J anne M:1rg,.1r1L S11b5L1L11L1 N mcy SJIILIY ABSENT Conmc Rcgul 11' 1 -Q in-. A' 31 X 1 Mrs MOTIIL Adv1sor ROW 1: K. Maxwell, Manager, L. Emley, R. Hadley, R. Sandy, D. Volk, J. Paggett, B. Stamp. ROW 2: N. Cullen, L. Brumagin, E. Cullen, T. Stiles, R. Killock, H. Johnson, Mr. Bergholtz, Coach. Squires 'j The "Squires" of Pine Valley kingdom, were especially successful in defeating their opponents this season. The final count totaled 11 wins and 6 losses. Don Volk was the highest scorer with 135 P points. For the seventeen games played, 681 points were scored, yielding an average of 40 points per game. Our opponents were less successful. They scored 609 points with an average of 36 points per game, The "Squires" are looking forward to a successful season in 1958-59, as they dribble down the court with the prestige of the "Knights" ROW 1: Jon Weaver, T. Houben, F. Heath, J. Walters, K. Maxwell, R. Marquart, Q. Dye. ROW 2: F. Bell, N. Hills, L. Snyder, D. Howard, R. Chase, J. Lamato, Jack Weaver, E. Bentley. ROW 3: Mr. Tomasulo, J. Young, G. Ingersoll, T. Mierzwa, L. DiAntonio, M. Barry, R. Earle fManagerj. Pages of the Court The 7th and 8th grade basketball team shows encouraging signs for future Pine Valley victories. With Jack Weaver, Tom Mierzwa, Jon Young, Jon Weaver, Randall Carpenter and Norman Hills show- ing the way with sound and out- standing basketball ability, the P.V Pages have won 6770 of their games. '44 4 J .Q Alu' R5 Cl r t I ...t 1, al ,W My 'ze-2 9 H lialmtml . ON MAT: R. Nash, D. Meakin, P. Petersen, J. Barber. STANDING: D. ROW 1: M. Maxwell, R. Nash, P. Petersen, T. Barnhart, A. W. Sheldon, Kapple, A. Green, P. Peters, 'l'. Clark, C. Merrill, S. Pattyson, D. Snyder, L. Armstrong, G. Merrill, S. Pattyson, G. Bentley, C. Colvin. ROW 2: J. lillis, D. Nenno, J. Merrill, L. Newcomb, J. La Monto, Tirnckceper and Coach Dunning. Knights of the Mat The lEJ5'7-15158 Wrestling team of Pine Valley won the Section VI Championship in the Class C Division. Outstanding wrestlers in the sec- tionals were Peter Petersen, Phil Peters, Jerry Ellis, and Ralph Nash. Six members of this years team were eighth and ninth graders and we have suffered only the loss of Captain Peter Petersen by graduation. The future for Pine Valley's Wrestling team is indeed a bright one. Coach Brown, D. Steward, D. VanWor1ner, J. Clarke, D. Meakin, D. McDaniels, D. Clark, J. Ellis, K. Oakes, J. Everetts, Coach Bergholtz, J. Pagett. C Knights of the Track This marked the most successful year of Track and Field in Pine Valley Central School history. The squad was victorious over Mayville Central in a dual meet, was second in a triangular meet with Silver Creek and liroeton, was third in the County Class B and C meet, and overpowered all Class C schools in the section, to come home with the sectional Class C trophy. Unfortunately many of the boys who carried a good share of the load will be lost to the team another year. Armstrong's speed, the versatility of Willie Sheldon in many events, and Dave Clark's tremendous endurance led to this team's success and are the boys who will be hard to replace another year, Also lost through graduation are Don Carver, Don Mcllaniels, and Jim Clarke. llowever, with the building of a new track in progress and overflowing interest on the part of the remaining members of the squad, the roll of Track and Field in the Pine Valley athletic program looks promising. STANDING S Pa.ttyson,T Strles D Harvey,J Ellrs, D Morey, D Synder, D Meakm, Coach Brown KNEELING J Everetts P Petersen R Sandy, T Bamhart,M Maxwell D Nenno Knights of the Fleld Closmg the season wrth 4 wms and 2 defeats makes thrs season one of the most successful 1n several years Physrcal srze was lackmg but thrs was made up for through speed spmt determmanon and most of all team play There was no partrcular star but rather many stars Each had h1s outstandrng moments A J V football team was offrcrally started th1s year under the leadershrp of Mr Bergholtz Th1s year s frnal record was 1 wm and 1 loss The J V squad hopes to play more J V games next year and wrthout ques t1on many J V players w1ll play rmportant rolls rn next year s games 4 Bemus Pomt Forestvmllc Sherman Lrmestone Clymer Mayvrllc ... 4' , Q w , qv 1' "' 'll AN I I I a I d r AN' I F f .sift ggze-it M- . M P. v. - 19 ' P. v. - 34 ' . . . . . P.v. - o . . . . ' .. . . ,. P.v.-20 ' . ' . ' . ' P. v. - 26 ' . . . ' . ' , . P. v. - 32 ' 3 'tn Panama Rrpley Clymer Chant Sherman Mayvrllf. WW' grim 'Q 445.-3245?-5 rr' 3 "' .UV " 4 STANDING D Snyder C Fancher, J El11s,D Harvey, L Armstrong E Cullen J Everetts, R Mansfreld, Coach Brown KNEELING Manager, R Sandy P Gereluk M Maxwell P Petersen T Barnhart J Schwerger R Butcher L Emley N Cullen Knights of the Diamond Inexpenence proved to be a great drsadvantage dur1ng the 1957 baseball season leadrng to a record of one w1n and frve defeats LeRoy Emley came along strongly later 1n the season to wrnd up .rs the top batter wrth .rn average of 508 Of the frve defeats four were lost by no more than three runs Thus the prospects for the 1958 season look very promrsxng wrth all players returnlng wlth the exccptron of Leonard Armstrong 35 :lg rf 51 , F2 , A , s P he - C5 T' :TQ l Q' -x A -,gms 5 ,L 5 C r, I X' sl J . ' 1 i S 4 ' x 13, f g me A 8,642 .r 55 V5 .X figs, K RY ' ar. sg J ,ng ,Mr 1 r. . f , 4 v L. , . sv li 1 4, . - -, f r I s l , as . r L Q - , -4 I ,523 1 V N ' N I 0 , W K 'S Q L xv 5 I I L 2 r., . it . , - 1 1 s . , 6 s g ' f' i s 'F . T ' 5 'F' f- ' I ' L J ' C rar . 1' T4 g J 1 f 44, ' A ' Q . in , . X f A- , , " ,Vt 'Q .1 ' : A 'X C ' .f,i:,,, Q " U y . ' A : . , . . ' . . , . , . . ' . : . 3 . , . , . , . ' , . . , . , . , . . O 0 . . - 5 ' - 5 - 5 . . . 4 . A . - 16 . . . 2 . H X . A ' - 8 ' . I N ROW 1: D. Volk, L. Brumagin, K. Maxwell, N. Cullen, R. Sandy. ROW 2: T. Orcutt, E. Cullen, G. Nickerson, R. Killock, Coach Bergholtz. ROW 3: T. Stiles, J. Ellis, D. Clark. Knights of the Net Once again, experience was the weak factor in this year's volleyball squad. Of the eleven boys making up the team only three were returning lettermen. However, it was most encouraging to see the day by day improvement over the short three weeks of practice. The team's record at the annual county volleyball tournament was two wins Sherman and Dunkirk Industrial - and four losses. Opponents, look out next year! All boys will be returning to the squad with the exception of Dallas Clark. 'Elf' 5'9- .vo--sq-.., ak 1 ROW 1: M. Roman, H. Carnahan, G. Milspaw, D. Harvey. ROW 2: P. Pagett, R. Schweiger, B. Bailey, L. VanWormer, Mrs. Moritz. ROW 3: R. Burris, R. Hackett, R. Killock, R. Sandy. ROW 4: D. Stankey, R. Hadley, T. Hackett. Knights of the Alley Bowling was a new recreation started in our school this year. The club bowled every Saturday for twelve weeks at the Gowanda bowling alleys. To top the season off, the Knights of the alley will go to the "Thruway Lanes" in Buffalo. The highest scores were bowled by Dan Stankey, 187, Rich Sandy, 176, Sally Harvey, 171 and 149, and Linda Van Wormer, with 143. Dick Kil- lock had the highest average with 125. If Wx ,f 1: Sports Snaps Q1 What's he trying to do now? K3 Gimme that ball! QZQ "Wonder how he'd look upside down?" 14, "Ballad" HUP ln! in!!! qllzztl 114,195 Vw JN yi Wiv I l ages The Sages ol' the Castle tapped five new members this year. Their tnenial duties consisted of taking charge of one bulletin board and inscribing the quarterly Honor and Merit Rolls, A rhapsody of words on the subject, Russian Schools vs. United States Schools, was held in April. They concluded the year with an annual pilgrimage. 'N ould S Patt son S Parks P Pa ett P Ba Mr Earle,Advisor ROW1:F.G ,. y,. ,.g,.rry,. . ROW 2: M. Mirwald, M. Ennis, H. Carnahan, B. Phillips, S. Dunfield, K. Curtis, R. Ennis, J. Brown, R. Mansfield. ROW 3: R. Killock, J. Pagett, R. Howard, G. Inge soll, G. Bentley, D. Morey. 40 ROW l P Dunf1cld,G Bentley P Ptgett M Srlsby ROW 2 Mr Kapuza, J Woolley, D Rexford Court Aides Sir Richard Earle, knight of the round table, leads the Court Aides in the service of our student body. The purpose of the council is to serve the school in every way possible and to promote a better understanding of student governtnent. A great deal of responsibility is placed upon the council. The council is composed of representatives from each class. This year, under the capable leadership of our president, Pat Barry and his aides, Pat Pagett, Sandra Pattyson, and Sandra Parks, the council has succeeded in governing our school in a fair and just way. U if if 16589. .BR wif' ROW 1: J. Boyd, J. Pcters, R. Smith, B. Miller, H. Carna- han, J. Harwood, J. Zenian. ROW Z: Mr. Toinasulo, L. Darling, M. Buckley, K. Petersen, M. Moynihan, C. Kelly, D. Weaver. ROW 3: E. Butcher, L. Hagerdon, B. Purdy, C. Snyder, J. Rundell. Apprentice Mmstrels The Apprentice Minstrels participated in the Spring and Fall Concerts. They produced "Christmas in an Alpine Village" for its Christmas Fair. Several of their members attended Chautaqua. Those held in highest CSICCIU are: Premier, Jim Parks, Vice-Prt-mier, and Scribe, James Rundellg Guardian of the Notes, Freddie Sue Boyd, Jim Walters, and Kay Hillebert. Court Artists The Art Club is generally a service club which makes its services available for sign painting and posters. In addition, we spend some time working on various crafts which we do not have time for in our regular Art classes. This year we are concentrating our efforts on Mosaics. ROW 1: S. Mead, D. Weaver, R. Moffit, J. Zeman, H. Weaver, S. Gleason, R. Crowell, J. Nyhart. ROW 2: B. Crumb, M. Moynihan, F. Dye, T. Pickup, J. Rundell, K. Peters, L. Carnahan, L. Harkness, S. Crumb, M. Harwood. ROW 3: M. Rublee, B. Junquist, L. Bentley, M. Barry, J. Parks, R. Morey, C. Snyder, J. Walters, C. Kelly, J. Cullen, L. Francis, J. Fancher. ROW 4: A. Ackley, H. Milspaw, A. LaBarte, B. Purdy, E. Butcher, R. Carpenter, C. Silleman, L. Di- Antonio, G. Perkins, D. Mount, R. Easterly, K. Hillebert, R. Morris, M. Phillips ROW 5: Mrs. Wells, D. McKay, J. Hall, S. Earle, D. Farnham, C. Nenne, D. Johnston, J. Brown, R. Ennis, P. Newcomb, G. Howard, L. Darling, J. lvett, M. Buckley, K. Mirwald. ABSENT: L. Exley, S. Boyd. Court Musicians .5' lst ROW D Mcrrrll M Srlsb P Dunfreld B Pl ll B H ngerso Hadley G cott Cnrtrs J Fbert J Greenlee N Darlmg S Dunfreld P Rogers J Merrrll D Kapple. B Ebert F Howard L Darlmg S Pattyson Jrd ROW Weaver D Grer Y Frsher F Gould G Mrlspaw S Harvey L Hall Mr Cook T Strles R Marquart R Carpenter N Mathewson C Burtner E Bentley R Wollo. A Hrerl B Barley W Stamp The Ktng wrshes an evenrng of entcrtarnmtnt and who could betttr do tlns th rn the Prne Valley Musrc Department The Band under the drrectron of Mr Cook p rrtrcrpattd rn the Fall and Lhrrsunas Programs On May '7 they presented a Sprtng Program On December 1 and rc Q resentatrves were sent to Area All State rn Randolph on June 7 1958 they sent rep resentatrves to Chautauqua They attendtd the Fredonra I-estrval May 16 1nd 17 rnd concluded therr year wrth performances at braduatron and the frrst band concert of tht season rn South Dayton Park Offrcers are Presrdent Delores Merrrll S Lyman C Cook ecretary Treasurer Marrlyn Srlsby Lrbrarrans Patrrcra Dunfreld Jantcc, Woolley and Phyllrs Allen 42 1 4 C o A i S 1 T 1 , 2 3 y S 0 ' A , 1 4 C , l , --- :N I-f 'vm-A r K kkkk K A I .c.. ,,,,,,,-we-.. . 4-. Mr- : , 1 ' , . ' y, . ' , . mi ips, . illebert, S. Rundell, A. Howe, J. Woolley. 2nd ROW: P. Allen, J. I ll, I.. ' , . V i -y ' . .1 ' .S y ' y ' 1 ' , v ' v ' 7 ' V x ' I 7 ' 2 ' I E 1 ' X Q ' ' I 1 . x, . , . ', . . 'IL . . B , X I 1 . 2 y 2 .Y Y sn r 1 , , , , . . A 5 , H, , ' . I s , Q, .p- 1 A 5 X . . y , , I , X I N I f l PX h -A ' a 1 1 V ,ww v X , W , ' ' iwqf' - - - - - -, 1 , , 1 1 .... .,, Minstrels wma lst ROW B Hrllebert J Ruckh C Mrlspaw lx Cooper P Tutton D Mansfreld D Dayton D Grover L Darlmg K Mosher B Barley J Greenlee L Hall N Carver 'Pnd ROW K Kahrn C Barry I VanWorrner N Lmcoln L Abbey A Ingersoll B Brackett E Howard S Harvey M Weaver N Mathewson A Green N Cullen C Burtner G Peters J Woolley B Dayton C Estus P Paggett B Mrller F Howard H Carnahan E Howard,Pat Paggctt 3rd ROW G Scott I Sprtzer S Clark L Ruckh B Ingersoll P Weaver T Hackett T Strles R Madrson R Burrrs R Brown R Mansfrcld The Chorr under the drreetron of Mrs Wells paruerpated rn the lnall Concert and Stxtette presented a Chrrstmas Program for 1 School Assembly On Aprrl ll they presented an operctta and on May 2 they p lrtrerpated rn a Sprrng Concert They sent representattves to Chautauqua on December 1 and Z Representatrves were sent to Area All State at Rmdolph They plan to attend the Frccloma Festrval May 16 md 17 .mel w1ll conclude therr year wrth a performance at the Baccalaureate Servrces in Offreers are Prestdeut Patrlera Paggett Vree Presrdent Secretary Jamce Wooley Treasurer P rtrrcra Dunfreld Lrbrarrans Nancy Carver and Shrrley Parne The accompamsts Mrs Wells are Lrnda Hall and Jamee Wooley 43 I 4 F I ' I l l Q 1 . , , " I ' w .uk Q Q N 74-M... wAY. 1Y.-v , 5 - 411 ' ' v ' 1 ' - 7 ' 1 - 3 ' 1 ' 1 ' J ' 1 ' - ' 1 - 1 . ' , . ' -. .. : . ' , . , .. 1, . , . , . , . , . ' , . ' , . ' , . ' x ' i 1 ' i x 1 xx ' X 1 - iv: - ' 1 - r - ' x - x - 1 - ' y - ' '. .1 . - , . . ' , .I , . , . , . ', . , . , . ' , . , . , . . , P. Allen, S. Dunfreld, S. Wrghtman, C. Curtrs, P. Dunfield, N. Hills, S. Parks. . a 1 1 1 . - P , 1 1 . . ., .u . 1 . . , -. - I l z N I 4 x I I , V lvl' B X4 r r . . ' ' 1 ' I 1 K -1 - ' I . 2 X , , . . - . L . . , s ' ' I 5 L f f . , ,' .. - V 1 kv ' , K L f B" Z ' ' ', L ' . ', .I . , , . ' ' D ' Q i 4 , ' . , . 'et . . '. ROW 1 J Sm1th,P Ear1e, Allen, Advrsor P Pagett,M l-loward,J Ingersol1,P Pagett,B Ba1ley,P Dun f1e1d, M D1Anton1o,J Woolley, L VanWormer, M M1erzwa,F Howard ROW 2 A Ack1er,B Felt, O Merull, G Scott,N H1115 C Kelly, C Frary,M M1erzwa,N Perr1n,N Lmcoln,N Purdy B Ingersoll,L I-la1l,B l-hlle bert ROW 3 M Bowen,B Barth, S I-Iollenbeck, C Curtls, S Dunfrels, S W1ghtman,L Abbey, K Kahm,B Brackett, E I-loward,B Dayton, S Bromley, P Mxerzwa ROW 4 V Ruttenbur, L Ruckh J Nash, E Howard, K Mosher,B Rugg,A Howe P Allen,G Peters,J Merr11l,K Moyn1han,J Creen1ee,A lngerso1l,B Mlller ROW 5 E Provenzo J MacDona1d,H Carnahan Knaves of the Home QF H Al One of the most actlve clubs ln the kmg s court 15 the Plne Valley Chapter of the Future l-Iomemakers of Amenca Thrs past year has seen 1IS members bustly workmg on numerous projects In the early fall we were hostesses to the many schools 1n Cattaraugus and Chautauqua counues who came to the Fall D1stnct Rally at our school Our s1xty two members all worked to make th1s meetmg a huge success' We next sponsored a dance for the student body A panel drscussron on Teen age Problems was also a blg ttem on our agenda At Chrrstmas we all dressed up for our Chustmas Party and proved that FHA lS fun We also had fun maklng cupcakes whrch we sold to the student body The last months of the year were even bus1er than 1ts begrnnlng' In the spnng we all attended the Drstrrct Rally at Mayvxlle and several of our members were delegates to the State Convent1on at Syracuse We also put on a fashlon show for P T A a Hobo Day and a Mother Daughter Banquet Durmg Nattonal FHA Week our chapter honored semors Baby prctures of all semors were put 1n the drsplay case durmg the week Frrday we 1nv1ted the semors to the homemak1ng room for punch and cook1es We also recogmzed the teachers by grvmg them all a luscrous red apple As a chmax we put on a banquet for the Board of Educatton rn apprectanon for all they had done for us 44- : . ' . . ' 3 . . . . . ' . - I 0 l , 0 J I . I I I l I , 0 l U Q - . . . . . : . . , . . . . . , .... . . . . Q O O . - - .. - .. . - . . - . - . . . . . ., , . . , . l . . . . . l on . , , Eg-J ROW 1 F Heath, L llarkness J Zeeman K Mount Mr Clark ROW " D Trtelmell D XVcaver J Rundell D Nash ROW 3 L llomlges J Htrwooel R Sheldon S Gleason L Mann Castle Technlclans Tlns year the Castle Techmcrans under the drrecuon of Str Davtd Clark farthfully served therr duty rn the Castle The purpose of thts orgamzatron rs to opertte certarntechmcal devrces and rnanage the rllumrnltton of the theater 'lhe Castle resrdents would have found rt rather drffrcult to work wrthout these fourteen young men Ihey rre led by the master techmcran Steven Gleason and the scrrbr. Jerry Zeeman 1' ROW 1 R Frazrer K Cooper P Tutton, M Weaver,B Tutton,N H1115 S Parks E Howard V Woodcock Sturm ROW 2 C Bradley M Hager don N Green, C Estus, M Patterson, P Weaver H Weaver R Roman Wolfe D Hrerl J Tutton Crusaders The Crusaders for Chrrst have been rncreasmg therr numbers to almost double the attendance of last year We have been led by our adusor Mrs Sturm as well as many of the mnnsters of the commumty We have lrstened to many records and some of our members have led rn Brble qumzes Mrs Prrtch xrd of the Wesleyan Methodtst Church revrved rnterest lll .1 Natronal Qurz for Youth for Chrrst Clubs lll our school We are lllLI1lO1'l.Z1llg parts of our Brbles whrch w111 ard us rn future years 45 ROW 1: J. Kastle, P. Paggett, M. Mierzwa, C. Frary, P. Mierzwa, P. Earle, M. Howard, B. Warm, B. Miller, J. Spitzer. ROW 2: Y. Kyle, J. Nash, B. Bailey, H. Carnahan, P. Tutton, M. Weaver, C. Estus, P. Allen, N. Hills, M. Mierzwa, B. Felt, N. Purdy, R. Smith. Court Librarians We of the "High Pine's" Club have sold candy for Thanksgiving, and have chosen the play "Gone About Girls" for Yorker Play Night on March 14. We have a Current Events Bulletin board in Mr. Colicchia's room to keep us up to date on the latest happenings in the world. Chairman - Gene Scott Co-Chairman - Charles Burtner Secretary - Carol Estus Treasurer - Norris Mathewson Liaison - Nancy Darling High School Yorker Club Our club has thirty-two members. We, as pages, have found the knowledge that we gain, helpful in our work, both inside of school and later in life. Some of us have discovered that we wish to choose the career of a librarian. We helped to sell books at P.T.A, Our goal is to send as many books as possible overseas. President - Betty Felt Vice-President - Patsy Mierzwa Secretary - Mary Mierzwa Treasurer - Margaret Mierzwa SEATED: M. DiAntonio, G. Scott, N. Darling, C. Estus, S. Bromley, B. Barth, K, Moynihan. STANDING: N. Mathewson, R. Sandy, C. Burtner, D. Crowell, L. Darling Mr. Colicchia. 46 is - -0 Seventh Yorker Club CCourt Historiansl The Court Historians of the Seventh realm drew up a Constitution enunierating their ideals and principles. ln order to execute their royal plans they sold candy and held a Yorker play night. They busily began to collect data and material to take to the State Convention at Rochester. The Yorker Jamboree will be held at Akron, New York. Chairman - Jill Myhart Co-Chairman - Joyce Ivett Secretary - Karen Petersen Treasurer - James Parks 'i D Corkwell L Zollmger L Carnhan R Marquart D Weaver 'lnd ROW D Tatchell D Mclxay lm Jungquist J Cullen L Francis S Earle L Hadley M Barry 3rd ROW Mrs Could H Ivett L Hark ness J Brown J Peters A Ackley D Gier B lzbert D Johnston, E l04flp A 10 Bentley D Hierl 4th ROW J LaMonto B Purdy M Rogers D Allen L DIAHLOHIO T Mierzwa D Howard D Abbey J Harwood B Peters Y Fisher Eighth Yorker Club fCourt Hlstorlansl The Eighth Grade Yorker Club li is thirty six members this year We have earned money by selling greeting cards and candy We pre sented the play ' Hercules Night Out for Yorker play night which was held in March. We enjoyed a skating party at Dunkirk. Our projects for the year included sponsoring a UNICEF Halloween from which we sent in a contribution of 3550, arranging exhibits in the display case, and ROW l: C. Brown, R. Zollinger, M. Gianibrone, B. Zenian, K. Hillebert, S. Boyd, L. Darling, S.Murray. ROW 2: K. Howe, P. Newcomb, R. Ennis, J. Nyhart, S. Crumb, C. Howard, L. Goran, M. Harwood, M. Buckley, K. Petersen, D. Farnham. ROW 3: Mrs. Oehser, F. Barth, C. Kelly, R. Earle, F. Gould, C. Snyder, B. Wickmark, D. Howard, J. Walters, J. Parks. ROW 4: K. Maxwell, R. Moffit, J. Rowicki, G. Stratton, J. lvt-tt, C. Nenno, N. Hills, li. Butcher, C. Giles, J. Hall, F. Heath, Dye. 47 various individual projects. We are looking forward to attending the western zone jamboree, which will be held at Akron, and the state convention in Rochester. Knaves of the Fa rm ROW 1: D. Crowell, K. Oakes, R. Crumb, R. Milspaw, D. Ivett, Douglas Crowell, Mr. Babcock. ROW 2: H. Tutton, H. Johnson, J. Sehweiger, D. Herb, D. Dayton, D. Grover. ROW 3: J. Fancher, Z. Colvin, D. Fanclxer, G. Livermore, D. Meakin, C. Fancher, R. Court Photographers M. Oakes, S. Bromley, R. Mnrquurt, Mr. Tomusulo, L. Harkness, Rom nu, J. Harwood. Am 7- Directors of Tournaments K. Mirwald, J. Smith, M. Maxwell, Mx. Brown, D. Harvey, J. Young, N Steves. 4 PM A423 9 Unllmlted Opportunities Awalt You In the Jamestown Area JAMESTOWN AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE COIIgI'fZfUlfIfl'0 .' In the CYIIISS nfl 58 LUIIIIIIIIIIKINS f Hlllpllllll nts MAIN DINER RICHARD NEY South Dayton :mp 11114 ll DON PHILLIPS South Dayton DAY S STORE frwzf lzmfnl Grocernes Meats Vegetables IIIII OTTO T .IAOUAY S mth Lu ton I L JI HI ZH!!! STUDD AND WHIPPLE Lumber Conewango Valley New York VALONE R ESTAURANT EQUIPMENT INC fum! lm n s Equipment and Furniture or Hotels Restaurants Cateterlas THORPE AND MANN CIubs Taverns Instltutlons South Dayton New York I025 Washington Street Jamestown Phone 56585 C UIIIIIIIIIH nt Dr N J GREENBAUM an Dr I R IIOLINSKY Knnzplznzent SOUTH DAYTON FARM SUPPLY IUVIIIIILIIHIIIS I H Fa M ch' rm a nes Tractors AdmlraI Refrigerators MANSFIEI-D STORE Mall Saws Power Tools McCulloch Cham Saws Phone YU 3 3237 Cherry Creek New York South Dayton fr my 11111: 11 CHARLES F MADISON Quality Meats Cherry Creek New York 'I I ' 'I ff 1' -rs ffl ll! of Dr. N- Y- N. Y. n ffnr 1 ' 'nfs i , n - .Q of of II: ra Iicc' x I Q V I'Imnr- IIypr1-ss 6-56 I6 'I I A-I N' I' .-11 N. I. ,I if' f' L' I l ,I I ' S nf ' ' 'If I I - . . d N. Y. . . . f ' S of fm 1 ' '1 .Q I I ,I AI . . ' uf' nf Compliments CARNATION COMPANY South Dayton, N Y Best Ili-Sl16S Compliments UGS? 0 58 TOWN som. SHOPPE Compliments 0 Arnold 81 Betty Moore MARV S BARBERSHOP Phone YU 8357 South Dayton South Dayton He st ll zs hes rom HARRY DOEHLA CO Floyd S Corglll Phone 8 7501 .Iamestown VAN ZILE POPULAR TOURS Travel PETERS BARGAIN STORE New and Used Furniture Sewwe Clayton Peters Phone CY 6 5593 CGIGCIOHIG New Yofk Cherry Creek New York South lic sf ll ts hes CITY MEAT MARKET C L Alger Prop Dayton Best ll tshes lhe Class 0 58 LAWRENCE F OLSON INC General Contractor Phone YU 8 3263 LGOY1 South Dayton BW YOFIK om plum ents LEON R ESTAURANT New York fomplzments CHAUTAUQUA CATTARAUGUS ELECTRIC COOP U14 nffl lit llmse Ile Serve C W VanWormer Mgr Best lltslzes lhe Sentor Class of 58 MAIN STREET GARAGE H S Besecker Prop Ceneral Aulomoblle Ilepalrlng Nloblle Products Leon Phone YU 8 7792 South Dayton New York Complzments ACKLER S STORE Ccnerrzl Ill rellanrlzse New York to of 0 f f f l ' ' N. Y. N. Y. 1 I 1 . f . N. Y. ' ' P , ' to . . ,. C . to H f' The Class of '58 from of I l I . N. Y. ' N 4' I 1 K C t N V' of V. S . O 9 of l HILL AND MATTESON LIME SPREADING G R PHILLIPS Dump Truck Servlce Excovatlng and Gradlng 9 5 Lumber iv Loggmg utl D ix ton N 'Ilunbcr 0 'Nalmnul llarrln and lumbe r I 5 sn Anrtheacstern lrgg r Ibsn FOITIIJIIIIICIILS Phone YU 8 3262 South Dayton New York CONEWANGO VALLEY MILLS Bulk Feed Service Phone EII 27I3 COIIIFJZIHIEIIZS RLICKH MOTORS ' South Dayton New York CORKWELL S GARAGE Ford SoIes 81 Service Complzmcfltq A I used cars 8. trucks DICK FISCHER ATHLETIC GOODS 699 Mom Street Buffalo 3 New York Phone YU 8 3533 South Dayton New Yor ' ' Phone TI' -flflflf . S0 I al' , . . Y. ,. ' ' fri I ' M5 nffesp' . . ' A ' of nf' EIHIIIIIIIHU vnlx of of U fnnlplznzf nts fornpluncnts JAY MADSEN EQUIPMENT CO INC f VERNON AND MILLIE RUCKH D's"'b""" 0 SAW-REE 5 SUPERETTE Carpenter School Coaches Y k Phone YU 8 3471 South Dayton New York Both ew 0' South Dayton l nmpltments S WILTON RUTTENBUR DISIYIDUTOF of Gulf Oul Phone YU 8 3285 South Dayton N Ile llLSl'L to greet the f0U1PlN7l6'llS Class 0 .18 II 1' I zshtngtgelitljj azimlapptness GARDNER at BEACH General Merchandise H TPEYERYHUAZEEADORE II here good KIILIIAS to Put 0 e get together South Dayion Conewango Valley New York ew York st Ilts c to the I lass 0 58 rom BALCDMS CORNER S STORE Owned 81 Operated by Lewls Dayton Feneral fllerclzandtse FOI7I7lLf71f'llf9 Compltm ents I SMITH S RESTAURANT Conewango Valley DUNKIRK ICE CREAM f nrzgratulutmrzs to the flass of 1918 SKIFF S STORE CY 6 5261 Crznzpltrzmnts Bl qt H uhm: rllnl CARLTON S GARAGE General Repomng FFGSI1 Gnd Salted M907 Trres Batteries Accessories Cash Paid for Furs and Hades Conewango Valley SOUTH DAYTON MEAT MARKET Cherry Creek New York YUkon 8 3242 Phone Ellmgton 2 712 South Dayton New York 1 of A N N. Y of A M ' fn- - U of . f, - . ' N. Y. ' 2' Hex' "Stl vs f . f' of If ' of . N. Y 1 , - . of 'f ' ' I I' . - . . . . ' ' N. Y my lzmc HERMAN J INGERSOLL General Insurance For Your Protectuon Phone YU 8 3476 South Dayton New York For a Career In Professional Nurslng Apply t The Director of Nurses DEACCNESS HOSPITAL School of Nurses 563 Riley Street Buffalo 8 N Y OLSON BUILDERS SUPPLY CO INC Lumber Roofing PGIHYS Floor Covering Steel Hardware Brlck and Blocks Plumbing and Electrncal Supplles Phone YU 8 3263 South Dayton ng zmlutz ll PURE GOLD ICE CREAM CO South Dayton New York HARKNESS G L F Service Phone CY 6 553I Cherry Creek New York Ill! fill INGERBOLL DELIVERY NC Servlng Erue Cattaraugus and Chautauqua Countles o Cn I' 'Ill-Y of , . . ., . N. Y. ffm fr AHIIX V I I I! f,mnpf1rl10r1Ls CU I-WMS K? lf' , . , II ,A Ss nf ,Jill f if ' I 9 I . . . , MEMBERSHIP LIST FOR I9 8 ARMES SHOE STORE BANK OF GOWANDA BEAVER S DEPT STORE BOWEN S MKT CAMPBELL S FURNITURE CAMPBELL S R. SL W DAHM HARDWARE DOIN DAMRYMPLE ERNIE S RADIO FASHION SHOP FARNER 8. PARKER FORBUSH LUMBER CO GENE S SERVICE GOWANDA BUILDERS GOWANDA FOOD STORE GOWANDA HARDWARE HILLER S HIMELEIN 8a CO HOGLE S JOE S ARMY 8a NAVY STORE KEN S IEWELERS LEISNER S LUCE HARDWARE NAGLE S NATIONAL SALES SYSTEM NIAGARA FRONTIER PUBLISHING CO NU WAY MARKET PALM GARDEN S PETER PAN FLORIST PORPIGLIA S QUALITY CASH RICH YOUNG 8a PERRIGO GOWANDA HOME IMPROVEMENT CO. RITZ STORE GOWANDA JEWELRY STORE REGAL RESTAURANT GOWANDA LIQUOR STORE TOT SHOP GOWANDA NEWS WALLACE'S GOWANDA SAVINGS 85 LOAN WHITING'S GIBBS PAINT STORE WESTERN AUTO GOWAN ABUSINESS ASSOCIATIO HARRY AUSTIN MILUNU INC RETAIL MERLHANTS DIVIsION GENERAL ILE LREAM YU 8 3331 LAPHAM AGENCY Raymond Ray Prop Insurance of All Kinds B s ness Off ce CY 6 5271 d CY 6 Cl y C k YO Compliments Complument of f Compllments o of Dunkirk Chamber of Commerce Phone - Leon N Y Dunkirk New Yo lc South Dayton New York Telephone: u i I : - Resi ence: -5271 merr ree New rk BLAW KNOX COMPANY Dalry Equipment Department 613 Wellmon BUIIUIDQ Compliments of Dr V M DUNFIELD FARNER S PARKER INC Velvet Maud DAIRY PRODUCTS At Your Favorlte Food Store At Your Door See your route solesman Nelson Palmer Or call Gowanda 430 Compllments CURTICE BROTHERS CO Blue Label Foods South Dayton New York Compliments PINE VALLEY ROD AND GUN CLUB Best Wishes To The Class of 58 From A FRIEND - of s a , ' Jamestown New York or of I , Compl 'mems Congratulatlons To the Class of 58 CHERRY CREEK RESTAURANT JOE POLISOTC TRUCKING Bob 8. Som South Dayton New York Complnments of MARKET BASKET STORE Ken Latshaw Mgr Complete Llne of Groceries Fresh Frurts and Vegetables Birds Eye Frozen Foods Self Service Meats South Dayton New York Compl :ments Compl :ments FRED ASTRY an SON CROCKER SPRAGUE COMPANY General Hardware Wholesale Coffee 81 Food Dlstrlbutors Phone YU 8 3633 South Dayton ew York Compliments CHERRY CREEK HARDWARE Leon 8: Evelyn Ruttenbur Prop Compltments KENNETH MERRILL PINE VALLEY Auto Body Welding RESTAURANT Phone CYpress 6 8921 Hattie and Bull Klllock or CYpress 6 5512 South Dayton New York Cherry Creek Compl :ments SOUTH DAYTON G L F Complnments Compltments JACK KOLSTEE A D SEEBER an LLOYD SCHULTZ Compluments BERNARD SIMON Furnishings and Footwear for the Entlre Family South Dayton Cattaraugus N Y of 1 ' of ' of of N ' ' of S Car Painting - Maior Repairs of . . . L : ' N.Y. ' ' ' ' of l of of . . O I d . .

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