Pine Valley Central High School - Pine Knot Yearbook (South Dayton, NY)

 - Class of 1955

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Pine Valley Central High School - Pine Knot Yearbook (South Dayton, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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,, . A ' 1 'J . ' ' ',' W 4' 1' , ff . 1. , ,-5 . - .riwf rl I A. -,. :kg .- v ' -M1 - - 4 . 3 ' - . v , . - A vw? I , , , - .N , , ff . . E. pf? . .Ark 1 6, , 1 f . , . ,, ,f - . . In V .2 ,."M,,, f , I .fr V , Q '. ' ' . ' ' za. ' AQ., ' ' M, , I VN ' 'A Y' -4. . 3 -QV . ' '52 ' 1, - ,S M . . : ,I I 1 ' im, mx '-f . L ' A . 15 44' lv If A IJ, WJ! h ' ,3 .iff kv - 'L .Zin-jf' in , .9 -ww . 4 -4.1-Q - t Q.. b -f X' W, 555 '- K . " vga Q ,lf '. 7 - Y' r .. N r E ,iq - +1 , Me an ' Q X fv .sr 0 -I , . fl J 1 ,- -N . . V-3 -R . i n ,gf ,: ,F ,A . :AV x 1 . 'Y 7 If v .IX "' Jw 4 pw. ' 4 , if . ia H ,Q f".2 1. 2 N N - I H 'I ' rf' Ah? we ,Q-J f ' ' M ., - X, M-M WIS ' W a "-fair .1.64,-,:g1y:'5,,fAAgn?-gi? 045,42 1 I, Ly l J HI? 4 . , My 4. 5: W54'4Ef,A ' A A-1 A Cixi A ' A f - 1+ A A. A, A .A A 1 A ,.A, A, .4 A, -'A PT ,Q ' -A A,1,' ' , .,1'f" -'klf '35 - "'15 A ' T"fP ifclf, A , ' 'ZEN' Aif-WA. Q ' . . I--4 1' :xA A-J, A -' : A ' - V 1 1 , -' , . . y ,,. wil'-" u g- - , A ' ff M-af , gh .- -:AQ-A, 5, 3 E124 'fa , , ' A A is if ' X' 314: -i f . -A ." Wf Ag fv 'f'?'g5 1f k "5""f ' A ' . A' - . ' -, '- sv -"' W 54 A --in. . - fm,-A, 3 A f- 4 ,-A.. ,AAQA F. A 1 A , x ,, A ,H 1 1 Q A K .fi l - K QNVAH, . jimi, , , 13343, l5,3K.,AgM 1, Y ., M .V 4 AAIAQH A + as A ' , ,A 'zix-A . f-H --1 .J 3 , - " mi t A ,A A 1 5 ,A K. gm- ALL! RM .I . . M ZA- :Agvf ,fA,iafggg.e5i Aim: I V- A AA , . A . A Q ff' A - A r A A ' A .,.ffw?Y'-.- A'A,vfA. 1 AA ' . mi ' 'Q' I li 344: '2 ' -:M 5AA-"ff, -'2T.EffiE.'.1A?tA'7'553 'fA3i?."AA"f"2 5 . A A AA A -A M V. A Y ., 'g A. '. , z - A- ' , - Ari f,,ywA Ag ' 5 A33 ' .- V V, . .A ' 1 ' UAA' ' 'Nr .w 'YM' 'A '4 , ZA QA A ,. A ff- 3 " MAS'-"ff ' 'A ' ' A A A 'V' J, - 'Hz ,Lf ' A:iA A A., f!-E5 " Q A . " ' 'I -. H libs?-" . A W My A , ' -434 L.-'42 5 1A . A . wr: 112, A W, ' U f '- "1 '. ' " ' X Viv . . N.. MAL A . A 1 I it 'TA I JIQA. S. 5 ,AW A A, 6, , G. .. il. mg, . . K V g A ?A. I x ,, R 1 5. Qi . Q ,A J ,- 'f - 'w,"'1- 1 s -1 V. I . it W A-:nf k ' ' 'gy ' a N v I W, F 5 'W ' Wu- ,r m .A 4 ' - A, ..' ' . ' .W " "' Y A A A. - . my 'if 5 , .sl +4 ,A . A A . A. A , . . Q, ,VA D' , WA.. ., , i :M 1, K , -'W f W Q A A i V A ' Qu? . 'A ?f A I, s , a ' A - ' J, l Af.: A. ' Q gtg th s - A , ' lv v A A , A A7 .4 ,H 'G ' . I .V . 'wi 4 - ws , - ' ' .F V 4 . A . 1-tv' - 0' Q' :A W . - , ' A .1 3"'4P - . A I u wr . A Q A i 'L A Alfa' K I 11, . - an Vg I . A- 1 QA , ' n 5 3. W". v A ' '- -'A.,f A- -AJ... 'why-A I W , f wAA ,,,AW . A., M K ' f ' -rf A:11Af - ---f1:AL,-1- ,,fA'A Aa - AL., LA ,k.A. , A A A, -- AA VA. -, ,QA-Af.. , A . A, . l ,A, . ,., -w h -gr..f ,A -. . L,. ,gh A, " ,A ,X H. 4 I 9 5 5 e XXX 1 X .- 2, fn, ' Theme: L L "Whisfle While You Build" PINE VALLEY CENTRAL SCHOOL f , ,ya K, A if df, LEON , A, ,f ,, ,Q fy , .- fir: fir. Q, .f f. gi' 1 . 'a Q ..x'7,f CONEWANGO VALLEY O HAMLET 2 SOUTH DAYTON AW O' ' L9'xQ ,O . 5,WZ7.'QBi ll -V .' ' ,' , f-E 7 L '-'f're" ' I S .. QI a n Y t v ET Q i Q 1 A , Q1 . , , FF - 1 x ' . ., f i ' Q' -9-1 -y wr" 4' IK Q I 'J l 1- 8 441' J I ,1 ua' , V 7 V, . V K LMA, V . ng. , . ,,,,,,--.., M.. , I E g , 1 K r .. W Y , ,....-...,...... .., ........-.,...,......4... ,,..... -,,,..,-.. . CHERRY CREEK ALMA MATER We are proud of you Pine Valley, Alma Mater we are true To the standards you have set us To the things that you would have us do We will ever laud and praise you, For we know that you are right, We will sing an Alma Mater For the Purple and the White. CHORUS: Oh, hail thee Alma Mater, All glory to your name, Lift voice in song, our cheers prolong All hearts will Feel the same, Then give us old Pine Valley, Let's make it a firm rule- That when we cheer, these words we'll hear: Pine Valley Central School. ""5'm,,m.1"'i..'ii1 , ' , TW F 1 if 2 HISTLE While You Build" was chosen as the theme of our yearbook this year for two reasons. We at Pine Valley have always believed in the slogan "Build For Character And Not For Fame. " This year, in addi- tion, we have a more material building program - our new Junior-Senior School which we hope to enter next September. With this theme in mind, the classes are arranged so that the Kindergarten and lower grades represent the ground breaking and each successive class, a Further step in the construction of our new building. Our art work, captions, and write-ups are all in keeping with our building program. We trust you will enjoy your "i955 PINE KNOT. " 4 ,ok ' awww We , TW, ,, ,. IC On ' 3 , ilr V --',, ' Si ft' "Wf I x,'1 A, ,,".' , -- ' f R , HERE are times when we seek with difficulty the words to express our deep affection and respect for a man who truly merits them. Mr. Earle was a guiding hand to all of us as we started the most important part of our high school career, the foundation years we spent in Jun- ior High. To each and every one of us he was an understanding friend as well as a competent teacher. In appreciation of the time he spent helping us over the first hurdles in Math and Science, the Senior Class of 1955 is proud to dedicate this, the "l955 Pine Knot" to Mr. Richard L. Earle. 5 Mrs . Hall Editorial Advisor HE Senior class of i955 wishes to say "Thank You" to these teachers who un- selfishly gave of their time and energy to help with this, our yearbook. To Mrs. Hall who did her usual fine job of Editorial Advisor despite the added handicap of her recent illness. To Mr. Sullivan, who had the To Mrs. Fordham, who, though difficult iob of overseeing the cir- new at this sort of work, did a mag- T0 MV- T0m05Ul0, who QUVG culation and advertising end of our nificent job of proof-reading and U5 l'WGlU0ble help in designing book. correcting our features. DUI' Ort Work- i Mr. Sullivan Mrs, Fordham MF- TOTUSSUIO Business Advisor Features Advisor AFI AdViS0f 6 I L2 - . ws' 2. . . M- ' 'fi 1' A . . z . W. ,- yu-g.f, f fe 1 f ":afr":-:..rfe.m. 5-,.,-, . :.'::.swa . .. . . i s or I 1 5 z . . ' "' f 1 71 - '- Z iiiff. 'ii' J 'ffffsifi Pi i 'lfikgff 1,39 'ffiff 'ws2raijsfr.21" i -- I5 V. g-,, I. . .. , . - -V Q rf ' ,L 1, 5, R:-' K4 5- ' , Zi, K . .- sf., A : ,t 1. . f my 5, .xr Q V - " f H. ..kiSs?5g1'.-1 ' ' - ' -WV' 991 - 2 ' . . .V ,112-gggqgsgggggiai Silas . i' :'L15TfI' Wil? . I ...f "'1:224mf1.42gE5 - 111145 ff -2 ,, "-piiggiggg, , r ' .' I -1 fir V 'uf , . ' , -r ,- ' . vc, . -.:s::fggg,:--,, -t 5 , i 5" 5rfZ1 - . ,' 'I A L ' ef-z-. -- ek s' 'T ' if M 4 1'- EE , .. WWW R, , Dear Seniors of I955 Congratulations to all of you upon completion of this chapter of your lives. Your next chapter will be more interesting, more exciting, more work, more happiness and more victorious, if you but will make it so. The test of you as a CITIZEN is up to you in the future. May you take your place in life with high ideals, high aims, high ambition, and good personal habits. You then will be the citizen you desire to be and the one everyone ex- Carl W. Stamp Supervising Principal BOARD GF EDUCATION SEATED: L.Howard, K.Durfee, L.lvett KV. Presirlcntj, H.Mar- quart fPresidcnrj, L.Richardson, K.Merrill. STANDING: G. Dar- ling, Ir., R. Mosher, W.Corkwell, C.Pagctt. pects you to be. This year writes the end of a chapter for your Alma Mater also. We're sorry you didn't get the chance to at- tend school in the new build- ing but you are welcome and urged to come back often and enjoy the new facilities as best you can. Support your Alma Mater in the years Cwbfw. Gerald F. Hall Elementary Principal Richard L. Earle Assistant Principal ATS off to the members of our Board of Education, the Master Craftsmen in our building program. It is through their tireless efforts that our new Junior-Senior High School is becoming a reality instead ata dream. The Students of Pine Valley are truly grateful. 8 to come. After all, it's yours. Mary R. Earle Secretary - South Dayton Marguerite H. Rhoacles Secretary - Cherry Creek Faye J. Colvin Part Time Secretary L . B. Richardson Clerk HE P.T.A. has enjoyed a most successful year. We feel that this organization might be likened to the welders in our construction work, because through it a better under- standing between Parents and Teachers is established. 9 P. T. A. Mrs, Abbey, Ir., Mrs, Pcterscn, Mrs. Warner fljresidcntj, Mrs Brown, Mrs. Butcher, Mrs. Earlc. V1 SEATED M Fordham CEnglishp D DunnungfEngl1sh So cial Studiesj C Hall fLatin Mathemaucsj STANDING E Sullivan fMathemaucsy D Monta1d1fSc1encej H Co licchia fSoc1al Studiesj SEATED: P.Wells fVoca1 Mu- sicj, R. Babcock fAgriculrurej, A. Fowler fSchoo1 Nursej. STANDING: V. Mallare Un- strurnental Musicj, E,O'Don- nell fl-lomernakingp, E. Hoef- iler fGuidance Directory, SEATED: I. Moritz fGir1s' Phys. Ed.J, E. Marek 1Com mercialj, H.Fu.ller fLibrar- ianj. STANDING: R. Brown fB0ys' Phys, Ed.j,I: Tomasulo fArtj, C. Adams flndustrial Arts and Driver 511.5 SEATED: G.Gould Ur. High English and Social Studiesj, E. Oehser Ur. High English and Social Studiesj, R. Sturm Ur, High Englishj. STANDING: D. Dorman Ur. High Science and Math. J, R. Earle Ur. High Science and Math. Q. SEATED: G.Henris fConewango Valleyj. STANDING: C, Wamer fGrades 4-6 Leon5, H. Hooker fHam1et5, E. Meyers QC-rades 1-3 Leon5. --... SEATED: E. Williams fGrade 65. STANDING: L. Abbey fC-rade 55, K. Wolfe fGrade 55, R.Danker fGrade 65, A. Mo- 4 sher QGrade 25, H. Marsh lGrade 35, , rm SEATED: D.A1drich fGrade 35, STANDING: F.Dye fGrade 45, B. Bolles fGrade 15, E.Car1son fGrade 35, M.Dorman fGrade 45, M.Fox fGrade 25. SEATED: Z.Green qGrade 25. STANDING: M.Leafstone fC.C.Kin- dergarten5, J. Hadley Substitute for G. Rider-Grade 25, D.Linco1n fGrade 15, R. Rexford fS.D. Kindergarten5, B.Rutte11bur fGrades 5 and 65. H Drivers f 9. f H 1 -. 4.x ,,.L,f'-- N N- , 'f, . ...J Frances lngersoll Wayne Martin Faith Eckert President Vice-President Secretary f t Wfigs Roland Bergey .lack Burris Treasurer Student Council V. P is " 45 5 Arthur Scott Robert Case Student Council Treas. Student Council Pres. , M K wi 4 I if .i', Q if-Vx iliac! st ,'-' 1111 . , ,.,, s, .sa 1 -k', I C .gm Q. .. i .,,, . , Q . 3 ti 2' it N P? 'Q I f it '.f, Tiki 2,3 -W - 'T rrii .- dffif V I t of s 1, 1 fr .,.,- A A as if 'vw 5 H1215 V' 1' 3 .37 + C5 K f 'iffy , . f . . . . . S521 fri: S W if ' 2' f , .f,2:ifa:r.:gSL9s,,,,' Herbert Nobles Peggy Howard Thomas Beach Athletic Assoc. Student Council Editor-in-Chief I4 ff , fm. '1't""'1f' .,. ' 3 1 LL . J jffif ' . P' ' i Edwin Armitage Esther Bclfhcmser Jerold Benfhcm "Pete" "Smilie" "Bull" NAIA . Allan Cornuhcn "Curnie" f MQ raw' N5-gi,"S Fern Carpenter David Colvin Hcorpll IIDGVGH FSS Marie Chrobuk lIBUnnyll Q IIJOII 'YVW Joyce Colson Henry Donker Alfheo Day IlHGmkll llThebGIl i I 5 , f H . , sc A 1 KW,-t5,e,',,,Q,,.p, . : ,M A ,N , Mg. Q-, V ,. . W W , ,,5.,k1,,7,, , V. 5 ' pQ,g'f1g:-fiiet pei? , vi , . .. i'4U-J'f-1-YMYQJ-vii" ' , ' ' " - " " JV- ' W, M . , . .. -fc,.w5f,ezeg,3.w-X Hg w g- V-:qw-:iffy L- " - f . ,wr .wifi g:51jak,:y-waz. :W f va M, L- wfmg-fr-',, ew ,. ., M iii - ,Tag M, gyiswlefftwii at K if X Q 13 5 F M Q if ew I the its 4521? W 'fi fl w if 5 gi vi 3 q 3. 5 ,L 5 SN it in , ' F'l5ji,.b1ia, ' F. A S '-L. '- , ' - Zbiqgwyl gggzbn. I , a xg ,5 if My fl." 'l 7. 51591: W- . i Wif i ' 5 ,,.. X ' 9 '. 'w-Zvffii Q 5, - Lk .is .Www we : iq.. 1, its .vt .. ,, H. " W L XV " 9' vT'f,1.', :Ti ' :-:Qi-,I Y?-S ' ' , A 'iI?i'5, 1 5 . 71 , K - ' fit' , ', W '-1-1' - "'!.f5'ZZ'Z:52..'fi fisi:iS?f::J'g ' ' ki' ':'fjE:Zi':1-5 i' K' my 5. ,I 5- - y ' ' 'FSFV . , x G'?1,f.::?g5 ' A' :iiiz 3, ,. c,ai5gea'f1, , Lawrence Martin ll .M . V , sf , . K flwbiffvf '. 1'ff2griieQZQLeQQfQ- . . ,W V' ' 'ia Jug Q , 3 its X' sr 1, Q .,3Z.e2f:, Shirley Mount ll Somll 1 - V,-. . - Gerald Hollenbeck "Heclcer" Kenneth Mosher Colin Mac Donald llKennyll nNiCkll Richard Greeley llDRCkll Harold Lengerich "Gramps" Norman Parks Elinor Jean Milspaw Robert Dye Patricia Petersen "Johnny" "Babe" "Blue Boy" "Pat" I6 in Janice Phillips ll-jonll Barbara Tingue Il ll X, 'vw Alvin Tafchell "TaTch" Re, ward Weaver Rosemarie Turzillo Rosie ':, M A' '- ja.. ., ...,,,,,.,,A, , A., .A ,W , -, . , , Y , A Y ,f ff 515- -12 HK f- .- Q 'Q MJ' . 'BP' ,, MQW Q- 4'0" Joyce Provenzo Roger Reynolds li oy!! . . 4:5-H4 pg- - A J I u-joel: K X Aff' ,A 'ss' V is 3 .. ".1 iq S ir A. s PJGESEQJM Q S W ee? ef ge " e , ag, if Q1 Q., K . kiln' 94 Helen Sweeney Mary Schweiger "Carl" "Ginger" I7 E eier 2 R :'.Q is ,. - " - lii s R i ET? S Martha Stephens "Big Red" JF., 1 V:'S1"': :f , "'1 , 5' duff KX 'Ph 0 E.f,ffvw'-'M A12 M ii E 'Z 5' - :fini an as., iai,i 1: , My A J, X .Q - ,fx-if Aff" Wg 'W' j . .G-,JW Wise' L if .. .wig ,Ax A , .,, L .A ru, I "1 A K, . .XJ . 1. H, ffgqx Melvin Wolfe "Moose" Q Qi If ., .f " if , Q , .wg 'W ,,,,l..: ,, N, JY- qv i:+,.Q'Q'u 'ff T623 1 ,A .xr A in fn ', 'W .. .O t , 1 5 . i t EIIIOI . Qlr e q QI 5 ,V . 5 1' S a rr EDWIN ARMITAGE: "Family Affair" 35 "Big Potato" 45 Chorus 2,45 Sectional All State 45 Music Festival 2,45 Baseball I5 Game announcer 2,3,45 Service Club Sec. I,Treas. 2,35 Pres. 45 "Pine Knot" 3,45 Hi-Y Chaplain 2, Pres. 35 Newspaper Staff 35 Radio Club 25 "Meet Arizona" 4. ESTHER BALTHASER: Chorus I,2,35 J.V.Cheerleader I,2, Varsity Cheerleader 3,45 Tumbling Club 25 Volleyball 35 Library Club I,2,35 "Pine Knot" 35 "Family Affair" 35 "Big Potato" 45 "In an Old Kentucky Garden" 3, Music Fes- tival I,2,3. THOMAS BEACH: "A Family Affair" 35 "Big Potato" 45 Band I5 Chorus 2,3,45 Game Announcer 3,45 Service Club 2,3,45 "Pine Knot" 3,45 Editor 45 Hi-Y 35 Radio Club Sec. 25 National Honor Society 45 "In an Old Kentucky Gar- den" 3, "Meet Arizona" 45 Music Festival I,2,3,45 All-State 3,4. .IERALD BENTHAM: "Pine Knot" 45 "Mt. House Mystery" 3, "Finders Creepers" 45 J.V.Manager I,35 Baseball I, 2,4, Football 4. ROLAND BERGEY: Class Treasurer 3,45 F.F.A. I,2,3,4, President 45 J.V.BasketbalI I,2, Varsity Basketball 3,45 Baseball I,45 Football 2,3,45 Track 3,45 Volleyball 45 Sure Shot Tournament 2,3,45 Tumbling Team 2,45 "A Family Affair" 3, Freshmen Basketball I5 Intramural Coach 45 8th Grade Football Coach 45 "Pine Knot" 45 Boys' State 3. JACK BURRIS: Basketball I,2,3,45 Freshmen Basketball I5 Band I,2,35 Class Vice President I,25 Vice President Student Council 45 Coronation King 25 Sure Shot Tournament 3,45 Athletic Association I5 Model Club 25 Music Fes- tival I,2,3. ALLAN CARNAHAN: Service Club I,2,3,45 Radio Club 2, F.F.A. I,2,3,4. FERN CARPENTER: Band I,2,3,45 Chorus I,2,3,45 "Meet Arizona" 45 All-State 3,45 All-County I,2,45 Music Fes tival I,2,3,45 Rochester All-State 45 Tumbling Club I5 Basketball 2. ROBERT CASE: Baseball I5 Basketball 25 Transferred from Altamont 35 National Honor Society 2,3,45 President of Student Council 45 "Pine Knot" 4. M.ARIE CHROBAK: Chorus I,2,35 Library Club I,2,35 "Pine Knot" 3,45 Hi-Y 25 "An Old Kentucky Garden" 35 Camera Club 35 Music Festival I,2,3. JOYCE COLSON: Library Club I,2,35 "Pine Knot" 3,45 Hi-Y 25 '55 Betty Crocker Homemaking Award45Camera Club 3. DAVID COLVIN: Basketball Intramurals I,3,45 Badminton 2,3. HENRY DANKER: Class Vice President 35 Football I,2,3,45 Basketball I,2,3,45 Baseball 25 Track 3,45 Sure Shot Tournament 3,45 F.F.A. I,2,3. ALTHEA DAY: Class President I,2,35 Student Council I,2,3,,Secretary I,25 J.V.Cheerleader I,25 "Family Affair" 35 "Big Potato" prompter 45 Basketball 3, Volleyball 35 Hi-Y 25 F.H.A. 3,4, Secretary 45 "Pine Knot" 3,45 Li- brary Club 45 National Honor Society 4. ROBERT DYE: Student Council I5 Hi-Y 25 "Pine Knot" 3,45 Band I,2,3,45 J.V.BasketbaIl 2,35 Varsity Basketball 45 Ping Pong I5 Freshman Basketball I5 Music Festival I,2,3,4. FAITH ECKERT: "A Family Affair" 35 "Big Potato" 45 Class Secretary 45 Chorus I,2,3,4, Librarian 2,Treasurer 45 Sextet 2,45 Girls Quartet 45 Substitute Cheerleader 25 Scorekeeper 3,45 "In an Old Kentucky Garden" 3, "Meet Arizona" 45 "Pine Knot" 3,45 Tumbling Club 25 Music Festival I,2,3,45 Drama Club I. RICHARD GREELEY: Camera Club 35 National Honor Society 3,4, Vice President 45 "Pine Knot" 3,4. GERALD HOLLENBECK: Chorus 3,45 Football I,3,45 Baseball I,35 "In an Old Kentucky Garden" 3, "Meet Arizona" 45 "A Family Affair" 35 All-State 3. PEGGY HOWARD: "Family Affair" 3, "Big Potato" 45 Bond I,2,3,45 Chorus 2,3,45 Dance Band 2,35 Softball I, Volleyball I,Speedball I, Basketball 3,4, Tumbling I,35Hi-Y 2,3, Treasurer 25 Secretary 35 Radio Club 25 F.H.A. 3,45 Student Council 45 "ln an Old Kentucky Garden" 3, "Meet Arizona" 45 Sextet 45 Quartet 2,3,45 Music Festival I,2,3,45 "Pine Knot" 4. FRANCES INGERSOLL: Class Secretary 2,3, President 4: "Family Affair" 3, "Big Potato" 45 Band I,2,3,4, Treas urer 45 All State 3,45 Chorus 2,45 All County 2,3,45 "Pine Knot" 3,45 Sextet 45 Girls' Quartet 45 "Meet Arizona 45 Music Festival I,2,3,45 Drama Club I5 Student Council 45 National Honor Society 4. i8 HAROLD LENGERICH: Baseball l,2,3,45 Basketball 3,45 Football 2,3,45 "Big Potato" 4. COLIN MACDONALD: Bancl l,2,3,45 Music Festival l,2,3,45 All County l,2,3,45 J.V.BasketbalI I,2,35 Dance Band I5 Freshmen Basketball I5 Model Club 25 Service Club 4. LAWRENCE MARTIN: "Family Affair" 35 "Big Potato" 45 "Pine Knot" 3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Chorus 2,3,45 Dance Band I,3,45 German Band 45 Baseball 3,45 Track 35 "Meet Arizona" 45 "In an Old Kentucky Garden" 45 All State I,35 All County 2,3,45 Music Festival I,2,3,4, WAYNE MARTIN: Student Council 25 Class Vice President 45 "Big Potato" 45 Chorus 2,3,45 All State 3,45 All County 35 Baseball 2,3,45 Barbershoppers 3,45 Hi-Y 35 "ln an Old Kentucky Garden" 35 "Meet Arizona" 45 Music Festival 2,3,4, ELINOR JEAN MILSPAW: "Pine Knot" 3,4. KENNETH MOSHER: Basketball l,2,3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Track 3,45 Freshmen Basketball I5 F.F.A. 2,3,4, Treasurer 35 Reporter 45 Sure Shot Tournament 3,4. SHIRLEY MOUNT: Chorus 25 Tumbling I, Volleyball I5 Library Club I,25 F.H.A. I,2,3, Vice President 25 "Pine Knot" 4. HERBERT NOBLES: Basketball 2,3,45 F.F.A. I,2, 3,45 Sentinal 35 Athletic Association 2,45 President 45 Fresh- men Basketball I5 Sure Shot Tournament 2,3,4, Manager 4. NORMAN PARKS: Student Council 35 Band l,2,3,45 Chorus I,2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Vice President 35 Barbershop- pers 2,3,45 "ln on Old Kentuck Garden" 3, "Meet Arizona" 45 National Honor Society 3,4, President 45 Buffalo Rochester All State 3,45 Musical, Festival I,2,3,4, PATRICIA PETERSEN: Band l,2,3,45 Chorus l,2,3,45 J.V.Cheerleader I,2, Varsity Cheerleader 3,45 Student Council Secretary 35 "Pine Knot" 3,45 Dance Band l,2,3,45 Softball 2, Volleyball 35 Music Festival l,2,3,45 All State 3,45 All County 25 "In an Old Kentucky Garden" 35 "Meet Arizona" 45 Chorus President 45 Tumbling Club 2. JANICE PHILLIPS: Library Club I,25 "Pine Knot" 4. JOYCE PROVENZO: Drama Club I. ROGER REYNOLDS: Band l,2,3,45 Ping Pong I, Badminton 25 "Pine Knot" 3,45 All State 3,45 Music Festival I,2,3,4, MARY SCHWEIGER: "Big Potato" prompter 45 Hi-Y 2,35 "Pine Knot" 3,45 Bowling 45 Newspaper Club 25 Drama Club I. ARTHUR SCOTT: Basketball 3, Baseball 2,35 F.F.A. I,2,35 Band I,2,3,4, Secretary 45 Sure Shot Tournament 3, 45 Student Council 3,4, Vice President 3, Treasurer 45 Class Secretary I, Treasurer 25 Music Festival l,2,3,45 "Pine Knot" 4. MARTHA STEPHENS: Library Club 3. , HELEN SWEENEY: Student Council Treasurer 25 "Family Affair" 35 "Big Potato" 45 Band l,2,3,45 Chorus 2,3,45 Girls' Quarfet 2,3,45 Sextet 45 Tumbling I, Volleyball I, Basketball I, Speedball I5 Substitute Cheerleader I5 Scorekeeper 3, Drama Club I5 Radio Club 25 Hi-Y Secretary 2, Vice President 35 F.H.A. 3, President 45 Library Club 45 "Meet Arizona" 4, "In an Old Kentucky Garden" 35 Music Festival I,2,3,4. ALVIN TATCHELL: J.V. Basketball I5 Service Club 2,3,45 Model Club 25 Radio Club 25 Wrestling 4. BARBARA TINGUE: Chorus 2,3,45 Library Club I5 Music Festival 2,3,45 All County 3,45 All State 2,45 "ln an Old Kentucky Garden" 3, "Meet Arizona" 4. ROSEMARIE TURZILLO: Student Council I5 Drama Club I5 Chorus I,2,3,4, Secretary 45 Basketball I,2, Volley- ball I,25 Hi-Y 2,3,45 "Pine Knot" 3,45 Library Club 25 "In an Old Kentucky Garden" 3, "Meet Arizona" 45 F.H.A. 2,35 Music Festival l,2,3,45 All County 3. EDWARD WEAVER: Freshman Basketball I, J.V. Basketball I,2,35 Varsity Basketball 45 Volley Ball 45 Baseball 3,45 Service Club l,2,3,45 Model Club 25 Radio Club 2. MELVIN WOLFE: Basketball l,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Volleyball 2,3. Most Quiet Marie 8a Dick Wittiest Art Sz Helen Most Stubborn Esther EQ Dave ,enlqr T Sup rlaflsve Most Talkative M051 Ath1StiC ' P 8: Mel Shlrl at Ed eggy "CLASS HISTORY" "WHISTLE WHILE YOU BUILD" E Seniors started building funds and ideas when we were Freshmen. To make our work go more happily and quickly we had many activities. This was not onl fun but was our means of raisin mone for the oal of ever class Y 1 9 1 "Our Senior Trip." As Freshmen we had a "Get Acquainted" Party. We sold the Pine Valley News and then induced the other classes to buy from our "Candy Counter." We wound up the year looking for donkeys for the Donkey Basketball game. Never did find them! Advanced in years we as Sophomores started the year "whistling" to the mus- ic of the Sophomore Hop. The traditional selling of pencils was next. In March we all climbed aboard a pair of roller skates and had a Roller Skating Party. At last we were Juniors and our building of funds was still going on. We can- vassed the towns selling Christmas Cards and Stationery. Our cast of the "Family Affair" will never forget the adlibbing of Tom Beach. As a whole our Junior year was very successful. The biggest moment of all was when we got our class rings. Here we are now finishing our high school life. Our activities are as much fun as ever. ln November we presented the "Big Potato." Everyone enioyed the "Twilight Twirl" with its "magic" name. Our Carnival was a huge success. We are now making plans for our trip to Washington, D.C. Then that clay we've been waiting for---Graduation. We have found if we "whistle as we build," our lives will be happier and more complete. We shall carry that idea with us, come what may, wherever we may go. Most Musical Fern JEL Norm Biggest Flirts Faith Kc Iack Most Popular Theba Benny Best Looking Best Dressed f 13 A Most Pat 85 Ken f 3 Likely to Succeed Best Personality l 3 Joyce 8L Herb Bob 84 Cleo Qi: 1 ffl 3 seeef- 7 W T Q ff. QQ Mary 8: Hank ei A ' ' 5 , q, 3l Q 2 K , s is Y e A z S rixi te it se 4' 449 N AME Pete Esther Tom Jerry Benny Jack Allan Fe rn Bob Case Marie Joyce Dave Hank Althea Bob Dye Faith Dick Gerry Peggy Fran Harold Nick Larry Wayne E I i nor Ken Shirley Herb Norm Pat Jan Joyce Rog Mary Art Martha Helen Alvin Barb Rosie Ed Mel LIKES To be left alone Teddy Bears "Dear" Hunting To drive Non-smear lip- stick Olds. Arizona Music Become 6 Ft. Driver Ed. Popular songs Western Music Stock cars HamBERGers The West Friendly people Cadillacs M. M. Beaman's gum Pizza Most anything Hot Rods A brunette Nothing Pontiw Lotsa' girls Spaghetti Late hours Symphonies Most everything Horses Blue Music Baseball games Blondes Farm Boys Ken's Grease Monkey Sports Gray Ford A Ford To sleep late Liberace's jokes DISLIKES Sermons Being teased Typing English Girls in my truck Crinkled fenders Shoes Hillbilly noise A few girls? Long Math. Problem Oh, those Regents Highly educated people Fake women Hypochondriacs Liberace Winter weather Western Music Classical Music Undecided girls Speed limits Speeches School work Operettas Everything Cigar smoke To get home early Stuck-up people Tall girls Western Music History Speeches Teasing Social Studies Hot Rods Short girls Red Dirty germs Music Egotistical people Flippy people Making posters People who don't laugh EXPRESSION Oh, No! Huh? Some days you can't make a nickel Yeah, I 'magine Hey, Ears Almost, not quite, just about How about that! Whoopee !! Sorry! Goodnight! Oh, Brother! Yea, we know! Then what? Apeyl I guess so! You betcha! Imagine thatl What are you tryin' to say? Ya Bum! I don't dig ya! By Jove! Jee Bis!! I ain't did nothin' Get out of my life Cheese and Crackers Skip along! Hey There! That's a crock! George! Oh, Really! I reckon! There we be! Go, man, go! Crazzzy! Skip along! I don't know Cholie Maybe Penny for your thoughts Manachevetts Crying tears in a bucket Scheez! 21 HANKERIN' To take a trip in second gear To change her last name to Moore Make the nickel and more Army life Go to Saudia Arabia Become a Westfield resident To be a pea picker To be a long haired music professor To own a new car To visit those far away places Own a Cadillac To get in the Armed Forces To travel everywhere To reside in Florida Go West, young man Marry a barber To be a millionaire See the world Get married II If2 months after school Sing "Danny Boy" at the Met To see the world from a plane To be Joe DiMaggio Go to Fredonia To be a tooth ierker To be a Lawyer's Private Secretary To get his own Jet To be a Hell Driver Rip Van Winkle Jr. Not to get married Become a "Moore" skilled housewife Hop Bob Dye's covered wagon A nice home in the country To get rich To be or not to be Play Bass in the Army Band Practice what she learned in Home Ec. Build a cottage for two Join the Navy Find a true love To be a Chemist's assistant Who cares? A Professional baseball player e EIIIOFS-55--' ,And Dig Cleo! Theffvs b Q. 1 QQ. 5- fax. oyhx H9 be oukles' slow Bl ,, ue' blow: Get out of my house! v Somebody col! the cops! Ain't we Angels! Curtain Call 4 .V SL 22 Qu 'Q OXO 5 Mr rs. X-'nc S MQr5h S X51 Gmde Grade Chorus Time for Lunch Mr. Danker s 6fh Grade r's 'ind Grade Mrs. mae Grade Band 3rd Grade Mrs. Abbey's 5Th Grade Peer L....L.....-,..A1- Mrs, Donn Qn'5 4th Grade 3 G he' 5 Mrs ngtxgvode X Mrs. Wolfe's 5th Grade fade S 1-J Ground Breaking Ceremony 'WZ Mrs. Leafstone's Kindergartens WU EH NWS erode GreefN'5 206 Do I have a fever? S I' U07 Gmde S Wifi, I' Mrs Dye s 4th Grade cho-I Art Class 1ST ROW: N.CLl11CH, I.Ke11ey, K. Emke. .T.Chrobak, C.Frary, M.Bo- wen, T.Linco1n Butcher, C.BurLner, R. Burris, N. Lincoln, N.Purdy 3RD ROW: R.Ki11ock, S.Ho11en- beck, C.Ke1ley, C.Livermore, P, Howard, S.C1ark, E.Cu11en, A. Ingersoll, N.Bris1ey, R. Madison L.Christ, M.Crumb, Mrs. Oesher. 4. - . 1,...,.., V-...FZ 1- -ew Y 1' I05F "v,1A+.s-.:. , I -it V.- ' HIS year we laid the ground work for a sound future in high school. A . . . , s we were so new and inexperienced we didn t have many activi- fies buf we did have a successful skating party. This was a lot of fun 2ND ROW: L.Em1ey, D.Heiden, R. 4TH ROW: Mr.Ear1e, F.Liverrnore, Darling, M.DiAntonio, J.Ebert.s, N. l and most of us who wenf could still feel The bumps The next day. We M - P- " L . . . . . . eg' ' f' also sold candy. This was our first experience in selling anything and , el 1, ' yiis . . W is V as we were rather nervous but we got over that when the money starred V, ge L 1 i - . 2, , is A , , is r ...R S I4 SEQ' coming in and we found that we had made a success. ff , .5 .-if A Y xiii- f39:2,J' L71 'wi f' , V, g ji iii.-.1 ffiiisle I ',s's 1 'fr-1.212 ,ws .gl f, ffgf qw 'iff K s . ' M 1ST ROW: H. Tutton, I.Ruckh, N. Steves, I. MacDonald, S. Rundell, I. Warm, I.Barber 2ND ROW: J. Merrill, K.Ryder, I. Schweiger, E.Provenzo, L. Van- Wormer, G.Scott, R. Brown, R. Rice, D.Peters, W. Stephens 3RD ROW: S.Ne11is, G.Peters, G. May, L.Prince, E.Co1ander, M. Mierzwa, O.Merri11, S.Pattyson, M.Moore 4TH ROW: Mr.Dorman, M.Mier- zwa, V.Ruttenbur, G.Merri11, P. Peters, E.Mi.11er, B.Rugg, R. Schweiger. Absent: D.Phi1brick, L.Ke11ey. 26 1ST ROW: D.Rexford, P.Tutton, G, Milspaw, M. Weaver, L.Stephens, N. Milliman, D.She1don 2ND ROW: D.Pa1ermo, R.Tremaine, D. Nenno, I. Nash, R, Smith, R, Rub- lee, G.MiLliman, T.Orcutt, R. Wadsworth BRD ROW: I.Woo11ey, D.Morey, D. Stankey, H. Wolfe, L.Zo11inger, K. Oakes, P.Pagett 4TH ROW: Mrs. Sturm, B. Miller, L.Pattyson, W.Wickmark, K.Warner. 1ST ROW: D.Ivett, I-I.Camahan, S, Harvey, N.Carver, J,Greer11ee, I, Meadows, R, Mansfield 2ND ROW: E.Peters, P,Mierzwa, N. Hills, P.Dunfie1d, A.Be1ote, B,Bai- ley, P.A11en, R. Butcher 3RD ROW: G.Green, J.Everetrs, R. Hawkins, I.GayIord, N.Co11ins, D. Clark, D.Harvey, T.Bamhart 4TH ROW: Mrs.Gou1d, R.Ack1er, L.Armsu'ong, I.Livermore, I.E11is, P.Covert. 27 UR class felt that we were fast-growing citizens of Pine Valley Central. To prove this, we attempted to do a number of money- building projects. The most difficult of these, we found, was the selling of all-occasion cards. With the help of our advisors, Mrs. Gould and Mrs. Sturm, we made a very successful job of it. We then did some things that were more fun for us. We held c class party and a successful roller-skating party. To finish the year we sold candy. 1 S 1ST ROW: F.Crogan, R. Crumb, S. Johnston, P.Orcutt, D.Merri11, D. Snyder, L. McNamara 2ND ROW: C.Colvin, M.Silsby, B.Phi11ips, P.Pagett, K. Mosher, J. Ingersoll, E.Green 3RD ROW: M.Howard, R. Milspaw, L. Armstrong, M. Ennis, S.Paine, Mrs. Hall 1 , E, Freshmen, have learned many things this year about building a good class foundation. To do the things we want to do when we are Seniors we found that we needed to build up a good treasury. To build toward this goal, we did many things. We kept a cloakroom at the basketball games. We sold candy, and had a class party. 1ST ROW: I.Szymanski, A.Bessie, E.Steves, P.Earle, B.Warm, D. Gage, M. Maxwell 2ND ROW: D. Walton, S.Prince, J. Spitzer, B.Ki11ock, N.Armltage, S. Moore, B. Felt 3RD ROW: G. Ackler, R. Brookman, G.Bent1ey, P. Barry, D.VanWormer, G. Crumb, D. Stewart, L.Miller, Mr Dunning. 28 1ST ROW: R.Bowen, S.Fischer, S. Covert, N.Had1ey, D.Harvey, D. Grover, D.Carver 2ND ROW: M.Co1ander, J,Link, J.Burris, R.Green1ee, T.E11is, E. Henris, E.E11iot, C.MacDona1d, F.B1ottner 3RD ROW: Mr.Monta1di, M.Conk- 1in,J.Hoth, B.Ho11enbeck, W, Sheldon, D.Rider, B,Fe1t, Mr. Brown 4TH ROW: D.C1ark, D.McDanie1s. 1ST ROW: T.Weaver, B.Tatche11, C. Stephens, L. Smith, C. Phillips, W. Milspaw, M.Pa1ermo 2ND ROW: N. Morrison, D. Snyder, B.Tutron, P. Sturm, B. Sloar, E. Newcomb, J.Petersen, C.Towne 3RD ROW: Mrs. Fordham, D.Young, E.Oakes, M.Parks, H. Mosher, D. Stamp, J.Moore, J.Waters 4TH ROW: G. Morey, G.Marvin, J. Wallace, L.Oakes, R.Rettig, S. Palermo, D.Daw1ey 29 v opabq E, Sophomore's, knew that untiring efforts are needed to make a class successful We also knew that one must be happy to do o good lab, so we whistled and sang our way through a year full of activities. We had a Halloween Hop and a class party. We had a skating party. We sold candy pencnls, and "iron-on" letters. It was a very suc- cessful year l UR class, the Juniors, started the year off with a bangl We felt that we were so skilled in the art of building funds and creating fun that this would be one of our best years. And it was. The first thing we did was to have a dance, the first one of the year. This was a lot of fun and very successful as almost everyone likes to dance. The next, and probably most important, thing we did was to order our class rings. We were filled with such excitement and expectation that we could hardly wait for the great day when they would arrive. Finally they came and we were so happy and proud that it made every- one else happy for us too. Some of the other things we did to earn money and build a good treasury were to sell Christmas cards and stationery. This was hard work but it paid off in big dividends. We sold candy and made a nice profit on it. We had a basketball dance which was a big success be- cause it helped celebrate our team's successful year too. Our class put on the Junior play, "Have A Date," a comedy in three acts. We concluded our Junior year with a big hayride and our class picnic. V rl i' . unions Q IST ROW: D.Merrill, C.Cul1en, L. Greeley, M.Crogan, S.Felt, W,Max- well ZND ROW: C.Crowe11, D.Miller, B. Dorman, D.Trombley, P.Babcock, I.Brown, C.Cul1en 3RD ROW: Mr. Colicchia, G,Mi1li- man, J.Kuhn, R.Llncoln, K.Miller, K.Purdy, rs T t t t s .W -,....,.----1' " 'Qian-fl' . '-..,,, s N 1ST ROW: P.Dayton, B.Kahm, M. Palermo, G.Paine, D.Waters, W. Hoth ' 2ND ROW: M. Bradley, H.Nash, D. Clarke, R.Ki1lock, M.Dye, R. Steward 3RD ROW: Mr. Marek, D.Butcher, R. Hackett, L.Danker 30 EQ: W .. -4.u fl 1ST ROW: F.Ingerso11, A.Scott, R.Case, Mr. Earle, D.Waters, I.Burris, P.Howard. 2ND ROW: N.Ca1ver, S. P I gf ii. Fischer, N.Dar1ing, B.S1oat, P,Orcutt, G,Merri11, R,Bowen, D,Me1'ri11. BRD ROW: T.Orcutt, R. Burris, D.Rex- ford. 4TH ROW: M.Ennis, L.Danker, HE Student Council plays an active part in the government of the school because it is an organization with member representative of each class. lts rights and duties are clearly designated by the Council Constitu- tion. With hard work and co-operation, much of the responsibility and burden of governing the student body is assumed by the council. Several activities are sponsored each year for the benefit of the school. The Council has been very active this year. We have put on an Amateur Show, selected the school assem- blies For next year, and some members of the Council attended a Workshop Meeting held at Frewsburg. We have also taken part in a Newspaper Contest, and the proceeds of this will go into the organ Fund. l Natio a onor oclety HE construction of fine character has constantly been furthered in Pine Valley Central School through the National Honor Society. This organization aims to create enthusiasm for scholarship to stimulate a de- sire to render service, to promote worthy leadership and to encourage the development of character. 1ST ROW: I.Brown, lilngersoll, A,Day, G.Paine, B. Dorman. 2ND ROW: Mr. Hoeffler, W,Marrin, N.Parks, T.Beach, R.Gree1ey, R.Case. -lo u n c -ll .. a.. 9 1ST ROW: B. Felt, D.Young, C.Towne, J.Petersen, S.Fischer, W.Mi1spaw. 2ND ROW: N.Morrison, S.Fe1t, D. Walton, E.Newcornb, H.Sweeney. 3RD ROW: I.Burris, D.Stamp, E.Oakes, A.Day. HIS year the Library Club under the able direction of Mrs. Fuller, started the year off by electing the follow- ing officers: Carol Towne--President Judy Petersen--Vice-President Donna Young--Secretary and Treasurer Our club meets the third week of every month. The sun doesn't bother our eyes now, because we have new rose colored drapes. The girls have built up the Library by processing about 600 books for Cherry Creek and South Dayton. The circulation of books has been greater than in any year to date. HE Service Club is the organization that takes care of the operation of all audio-visual aids. Some of our projects have been setting up scenery for plays, tape recording, and others. Our Motto is, "lf nobody else can do it, we can. ' We hope that in our new building next year we can be of better service to our school. 1ST ROW: E. Weaver, R.Butcher, D.Daw1ey, Mr. Adams, C.Co1vin, L.McNamara, T.Weaver. 2ND ROW: 1.Wa11ace, A.Tatche11, T.Beach, E. Armi- rage, A.Camahar1, W.She1don, R.Bowen. 33 L 1 1 1- , P 3 J., ri g a -, S 1ST ROW: F.I1'1g61'SOl1, C,MacDona1d, D,Merril1, N, Hadley, R. Reynolds, B.Phi11ips, J, Woolley, D,Stamp, 2ND ROW: E,Henris, H.Camahan, P.Durmfie1d, R, Dye, G.Green, R. Burris, H. Sweeney, N.Dar1ing, I.Green1ee, J, Petersen, F.Carpenter. 3RD ROW: L.McNamara, M.Silsby, Llngersoll, P.A11en, M.Conk1in, A.Scott, L.Emily, B.Bai1ey, J.Brown, D.Merri11, P.Howard, L,Martin, C.Co1vin, P,Babcock, P,Petersen. 4TH ROW: R.Green1ee, M.Parks, R.Wadswo1'Lh, J. Wallace, Mr. Mallere, N.Parks. HIS year's band was made up of Forty members and was a well-balanced organization from the standpoint of instrumentation. They played grade four music and participated in that grade at the music festival at East Aurora in May. There were eleven Seniors in this group--all talented players whose shoes will have to be filled by next year's musicians. A few senior band members got together and formed a dance band. They enjoyed playing and filled the air with lively tunes for classes to whistle and work by. 1ST ROW: B.Phi11ips, J.Petersen, I.Green1ee. 2ND ROW: I.Woa11ey, N,Had1ey, A.Scott, P.Babcock, P.Petersen, L.Martir1, R. Reynolds, D.Merril1. 34' LM N em nr' ei:.!A' 2 53311 T :L . 1517" i112 1-1 1ST ROW: C.Phi11ips, H. Sweeney, E.Armitage, P.Peterser1, R,Turzil1o, F.Eckerr, B.Warm. 2ND ROW: L. Greeley, M.Pa1ermo, M.Crogan, E.Green, N. Morrison, S.Covert, R.Green1ee, B.Tutton, S.Rugg, P.Orcutt, M. Silsby. 3RD ROW: R.Rub1ee, C.Cu11en, C.Crowe11, C.Towne, T.Beach, N.Parks, L.Oakes, L.M21fIiH, M.Parks, P.Pagett, S.Fischer, J.Ingerso11, S.Johnston. 4TH ROW: W.Mi1spaw, M.Brad1ey, E.Newcomb, D.Waters, S. Paine, W. Sheldon, W. Martin, K.Purdy, D.Merri11, D.Mi11er, J,Petersen, F.Carper1ter, D.Wa1ron. 5TH ROW: D.Merri11, C,Cu11en, J.Burris, I.Brown, D.Young, D.Stamp, M.Conk1in, R.Lincoln, H.Peters, P.Howard, P. Babcock, F.IngexsoI.l, J. Waters, B.Kahm, HE school rang with music of voices as well as hammers. This year has been quite busy For the Senior Choir, composed of about 60 students. At Christmas time the Choir and Band presented the play "Why the Chimes Rang. " In January work began on the operetta "Meet Arizona" which the Choir presented successfully on the lst of April. In June some of us participated in the All County Festival at Chautauqua. To close our year we sang at Bac- calaureate. The Junior Choir has an enrollment of 53. We have participated in the Christmas and Easter Programs. We presented part of the May concert and some of us went to the program at Chautauqua, too. .,n19f li r if fi 1ST ROW: N. Steves, J.Ruckh, K.Kahm, C.Frary, N. Purdy, R.Mansfie1d, T.Linco1n, N. Cullen, L. Vanwormer, N.Linco1n, E.Provenzo, S.Pattyson, N.Carver. 2ND ROW: I.Warm., P.Tutton, G.Mi1s- paw, S.Harvey, O.Merri1l, R, Butcher, R.Ki11ock, J.Meadows, R. Brown, M. Weaver,.M.DiAnronio, I. Ebert, S.Runde11. 3RD ROW: S.Ho11enveck, J, Chrobak, G.Scott, M. Mierzwa, C,Barry, E,Cu11en, C.Burmer, S, Clark, N. Hills, G.Peters, D.Ner1no, E.Peters. 4TH ROW: M.Mierzwa, S.Ne11is, R. Smith, D.l-Iarvey, I.E11i.s, P.Covert, H, Wolfe, E. Miller, V.Ruttenbur, P.Mierzwa, B.Mi1ler, P.Pagett. 35 ,gp Q- be ! Vast i 1ST ROW: R. Rettig, K.Mosher, D.Butcher, R.Bergey, R Kxllock W Maxwell H Nobles 2ND ROW W Hath G.Morey, K. Miller, M.Dye, I.Moore, R. Smith, Mr. Babcock 3RD ROW R Crumb I Hoth A Carnahan W Sheldon, D,Dawley, D.Tromb1ey, D.Snyder, 4TH ROW R Mllspaw J Kuhn H Peters R Brookman M Maxwell E, in the F. F. A. this year, have been busily engaged in building skills that will be useful in later life as we pursue our chosen vocation. Besides our regular activities we sold calendars, seeds, and have built a crop sprayer. We have put the proceeds to good use by buying a purebred Holstein calf, cow clippers, and G CGITISFG. Robert Killock was our representative to the State Convention and we will send someone to the National Con vention in Kansas City this summer. We have already rented a tractor for our annual spring prolect which we will carry out on the site of the new school . Roland Bergey . Robert Reffig . Robert Killock. William Maxwell Kenneth Mosher Denzil Butcher President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Reporter Sentinal il UM QM-'Pr in 3 P sa A 1 I at DI :rl i 1ST ROW: A.Day, H. Sweeney, Miss O'Donne11, L.Gree1ey, B.S1oat. ZND ROW: S.Johnston, D.Grover, E. Steves, C.Towne, K.Mosher, D.Mi11er, D.Waters, E.Ba1thaser, B.Tatche11. 3RD ROW: 'S.Moore, I.I.ngerso11, I,Petersen, C.Cu11en, S.Rugg, D.Wa1ton, A.Besse. 4TH ROW: I.Link, M, Howard, P,Howard, D.Your1g, B. Killock, J,Waters, N.Armitage, P.Pagett, C.Cu11en. HIS year our F. H. A. strove to build good will in the community and school. To carry out this part of our program we gave out Christmas Sunshine Baskets. Our cupcake days were busy ones ftasty, tool, and although "Mr. Weather" forced us to cancel our dance the first time, we scored a hit at our second attempt. We took in new members and our initiation offered the student body amusement for the duration. We hope that our bulletin board afforded the students aids to better personalities through better grooming. Helen Sweeney . . . President Linda Greeley. . . . Vice President Beverly Sloat . . . . Treasurer Althea Day . . . Secretary 37 1ST ROW: F.Ingerso11, H.Sweeney, F.Eckert, B.Dorman, T.Beach, P.Howard, E.Armitage. 2ND ROW: Mrs. Fordham, L.Gree1ey, M. Schweiger, I.Phi11ips, D.Waters, S.Mount, J.Brown, R.Turzi11o. 3RD ROW: S.Fe1t, R.Dye, R.Hackett, A.Scott, P.Babcock Editor-in-Chief . Jr. Assistant. Business Manager Jr. Assistant. Layout Editor . . . Jr. Assistant. Features Editor. . Jr. Assistant. Sports Editors . . Jr. Assistants Art Editor .... Jr. Assistant. Typing Editor . . Jr. Assistant. Advertising Editor Jr. Assistant . Circulation Editor . . Tom Beach Barbara Dorman . Roland Bergey . Bob Killock . Faith Eckert . . Pat Babcock Helen Sweeney . . Shirley Felt . Peggy Howard Art Scott . Diane Waters Ron Hackett Richard Greeley . Gloria Paine Frances Ingersoll . Linda Greeley . . Bob Case . Karl Miller . . Althea Day Jr. Assistant. . . . Larry Danker Ph0'f09EUPl1y Editor. . .... Pete Armitage Jr. Assistant . . ........ Janice Brown Faculty Advisors ...... Mrs. Hall, Mr. Sullivan Mrs. Fordham, Mrs. Tomasulo 1ST ROW: R.Ki11ock, Mr. Sullivan, R. Bergey, R.Gree1ey, A. Da . ZND ROW: G.Pair1e, M.Chrobak, I.Co1son P.Petersen, Y . D.Mi11er, F.Carpenter, R.Case. BRD ROW: R. Reynolds, K. Miller, L.Danker, M.Wo1t'e, H.Nob1es, L.Martin, K.Mosher. 38 P if . earb ok tat 1ST ROW: R.Case, R. Bergey, Mrs. Hall, F.EckerL, T.Beach. 2ND ROW: A,Scott, A.Day, R.Gree1ey, E.Armitage, P.Howard, F.Inger soll, H.Sweeney. . 4 t Q N Dramatrcs ' 3 ARLY in the fall the Seniors presented their play, "The Big Potato." This play tells of one of Aaron Butterfield's fPete Armitagel big ideas and as usual it was too big for him to handle, therefore his loving wife, Emma fHelen Sweeneyl, was forced to take over the situation to keep him out of debt and even prison. Moments of humor were added by pompous Banker Lushbags fWayne Martini and the occasional thoughts of "Gramps" fHarold Lengerichj. SEATED: W. Maxwell, B.Dorman, S.Felt, D. Waters, P,Babcock, C. Cullen. STANDING: 1.Kuhr1, R. Hackett, R.Ki11ock, Mr. Dunning, SEATEDg H.Sweency, J.Pctersen, C.Towne, F,Carpenter, E.New- comb, P.Petersen. STANDING: P. Armitage, L,Oakes, N. Parks, W.Martin, J.Ho11enbeck, R.Lincoln, L.Martin, D. Merrill, SEATED: F.Ingersoll, H.Sweeney, P.Howard, Mrs. Fordham, F. Eckert, E. Balthascr. STANDING: H.Lengrich, W. Martin, P,Arm itage, T.Beach, L.Martin. HE Junior Class presented a three act comedy en- titled "Have a Date." lt was light, mellow, and enjoyable to all. Art's humorous situations, the under- standing of Mr. and Mrs. Cole, to the final departure of Ellen with Bill and Arthur to the Country Club Dance, made For a very enioyable night of entertainment. HE Senior Chorus presented an operetta, "Meet Arizona." This truly meant hard work. However, its "Whoopie," "Poops" and "l smell a rat" kept the audience laughing and alert. Handsome cowboys fNorman Parks, Wayne and Larry Martini, attractive dudines fCarol Towne, Esther Newcombl, a cowgirl "Wild and wooly" fFern Carpenterl, spirited Mexican beauties fHelen Sweeney, Judy Petersenj won the hearts of the audience completely. Numerous lonely ladies and quaint characters added charm to the scenes on tunes to the ear. Mrs. Wells, accompanist and director, was a pleasing part of her very colorful and entertaining production. Her talents and efforts were highly ac- claimed. 39 -4. 'T :li-.4--l Q 0 .s ..r... 't I y . U it E -if Y E 'H i v v 1ST ROW: R.Ki11ock, J.Ruchk, S.Pattysor1, M.DiAntonio, J, Warm, I.MacDona1d, R. Madison. 2ND ROW: M.Bowen, N.Purdy, O.Merri11, L.VanWormer, N.Dar1ing, E.Prover1zo, J.Merri11. 3RD ROW: G.Peters, B. Rugg, S.Ne11is, A.lngerso11, C,Ke11ey. 4TH ROW: Mrs. Oesher, R.Burcher, R. Burris, R. Brown, Absent: G.Scotr, V.Ruttenbur, D.Crowe11, C.Barry. HE Yorkers are the iunior members of the New York State Historical Association. There are thirty members in the seventh grade chapter this year. Since organizing in September, two proiects have been carried on. l. A collection of old pictures of the community is being made. These will be photographed and kodochromes made from them, for use in teaching local history. 2. A second proiect is the collection of local history and a community survey of the Pine Valley district. This will be printed to use for future classes in community study. Money has been raised by selling gift wrapping paper. Twenty-eight are planning to attend the state convention at Syracuse, May 13-14. ...,, -1 F.. - tlglf-its A ssaclaloh.. c asts s HE Athletic Association is an organization with a member from each class. This asso- ciation was formed for the purpose of handling the athletic finances and making decisions re- garding athletic awards. 1ST ROW: T.Bamhart, R,Ki11ock, C,Co1vin, 2ND ROW: Mr, Brown, J.Kuhn, R. Rettig, H.Nob1es 40 REG Volley Boll" "Junior Champs l E H x X, K 1 3 w, ., ,,-,., f V, 34 "Wrestling Team" "Jump Ball" "Victory" 42 HE Freshman basketball team was composed of freshman boys, building up their basketball tactics for the J.V. 's next year. This year they played five games and had a fine 4 and T record. The future J.V. 's look good! The J.V. team was composed mostly of freshmen and therefore, although they were energetic and ambitious, their lack of experience cost us the first 4 games. They improved considerably by the end of the season and their good sportsmanship covered up a multitude of errors. The final "tally" was 6 wins and li defeats. an 9-1 i r 3' El T f QP P- 1 5'5- nn 'mm 1ST ROW: D.VanWorrner, P. Barry, M. Ennis, D. Stew- ard, D.Dawley, M. Max- well. ZND ROW: G.Ack- ler, L.Al'mstIong, D.C1ark, L. Dankar, H.Pete1s, I. Wal- lace, Mr. Dorman, if .. ff e ...S T li nm e G-n 1ST ROW: R.Brookman, T. Barnhart, D. Snyder, I. Everetts, R.Tremaine, R. Wadsworth. ZND ROW: D.Clark, P.Barry, D.Van Wormer, D.Stewart, D. Harvey, M.Maxwel1, Mr. Montaldi. J E ended up in second place while Bemus Point who went undefeated took top honors. Arthur Scott had the highest batting average with .429. Melvin Wolfe proved to be an excel lent pitcher, having a record of 4 wins and 3 losses with the able assistance of Harold Lengerich and Ronald Hackett. We will lose many valuable players through graduation but are looking for much improvement from several promis- ing substitutes. if SCORES OPPONENTS WE THEY Cassadaga Valley 4 Brocton 8 Bemus Point 3 Silver Creek l Ccssodaga Valley O Westfield 6 Brocton l4 Bemus Point 7 Westfield 2 Called because of ram Silver Creek 8 3 Record: 6 wins, 3 losses, i tie 3 2 4 0 4 3 4 9 2 N uf 'ff 7' 14... 1ST ROW: D.VanWormer, W.Marrin, H.Lengrich, H.Peters, E,Weaver, 2ND ROW: L.Martin, N.Merri11, R.Bames, R. Hackett, R.Ki11ock, L,Arm strong, G.Mi11iman, Coach Brown. SRD ROW: T.Dorman, M. Wolfe, D. Butcher, R.Green, C.Mour1t, F. Weaver, A,Scott, G,Scott. 44 E really "constructed" while we "whistled and worked" this year in football . We had the score of 3 wins ancl 2 losses. There was much improvement in blocking and tackling. The best game played was against Sherman. The passing had an unsteady foundation, but our running game which was divided among: Moore, Wolfe, Mosher, Butcher, H. Danker, was very ef- fective. Lack of speed spelled the difference between victory and de- feat against Forestville and Clymer whose passing attacks were most ef- fective. Several players will be lost through graduation, however promising Freshmen will take up the slack along with a nucleus of returning lettermen. 1ST ROW: M.Maxwe11, D.MacDanie1s, H.Lengrxch I Moore K Mosher D Rugg, L.Armstrong, 2ND ROW: D.Snyder, G Morey D Brooks D VanWorm er, G.Ack1er, G,Brookman, C.Co1vin, P,Barry 3RD ROW Coach Brown L Danker, R. Bergey, R.Linco1n, M. Wolfe, H.Danker D Butcher G I-Iollenbeck B AA -f W- f ""1-rrzffzxzsxfgiki 'ifzi Q' " 2-fs-s,Ws,.Q,A -- ,gzwjss reef ine: - t?sffezg2Esw Am, , r f' .-fw lhxi suigiis. f f H rms- . s f .2siH1ff . 1 - ,.h 5 -Z A, , A , 9 525352 , A, M gi A1 1 ,ems,,,A, , A , A AM .. ,m,5,.A5 f, - were A ,A e,.bAw.e, M A M K i ' T5i:'l5"x1: I1 'Y' 5 iff 'W Sw? ev A HIS year the cheerleaders tried to build up the enthusiasm of the entire student body. Many practices resulted in a strong and successful year for squads of cheerleaders. The Varsity mascot, "Teddy," was an aid in all cheers and songs. lt was hard work but quoting them, "it was worth it. " P. Orcutt, M. Silsby, C.Towne, B. Warm, I. Petersen E.Ba1thaser, J.Brown, D. Waters, L.Gree1ey, P. Petersen 1m'f2rQ:wz4sz2As2z1g s .mme L 2 so ' 311'--::":::'f, fl ':" A s f .:,.2 2,..f 2 ' ':,: 3 B? 1:3 Q A il-qln40A' x""" M rms A --it - WSW? SVGA: ??::wA?cL .w,s:::-- f A me Aezxass , ws Ar ,s:ssfAaAs,s, XMAS ssm ,sm X sfffm t ssmsssf lwr- emevif salsa? 'swzsffzmwr A, f f g ,.,,. Q -Y ss m z l ., 1 " ' 1-ini'-A:-, f1':1"r' K ' jlIa1Q?Qgf Hi, wk iii" ia ,A ,A , X H 1-2: 5' fvzszgifgial W- fvzfzizizzgissiilziiitiisfewiws:,isffz:ifz-- 1 K Q 2fg1-?11:1'2if2i- ' iffyiiifr-rfwiiriif "f53f"FSW ' if21:1f1,ffs1w. ' fue , H ,As-:1sAs,f1::fwnf- AQ 'A' X fiiii ii-Sfff2g5'ii1Vgwisiisig-1 . S ss if-'?fET:f:iE.z's:1a1e':.,:ifs?1 flfliizifi geigagi f,,,5g15A5s,,55s :,Af,g gsggsgsggzg ':f":f' -5, silifi v 5151321 5,lFEi1iEiL!52TEEf? "'fl5X,5i1 f,l'1'?1Tft'fi i'i:T'fi fr Agfrfzsf .-fafefzesfz ,Am wwf ., s'T1-'Nl-9':1YSYg5 ,.fg z1e:Msze' As5 ,A :iss .sr-222gf1,'22A1" ilififagifiifig 5131 iii lisvsziuii-2151 A1151-"A:Q1if11s1 75,22 2 " Qsszezese -1,115-'fa 1. -- fw- ' f 2115452151: - , HE foundation and construction of our Basketball team was solid. Quoting Coach Brown, "We had a very Successful season with l5 wins and 3 losses." We had an eye on the championship but were still fortunate to have veterans on our team. Eight out of ten of ourVarsity players will be graduating this year. Bergey won foul shooting award by sinking 57 out of 93 foul attempts. His average was MM. Wolfe was Mer' iff "Bob high scorer with 275, followed by Butcher with l87. The teams total points were l0l5 while the opponents were 812. " Ron" Q, if t t Q. Q I V ll isle 5 f if , ij.: . i S C "Ken" SCORES OPPONE NTS Randolph Westfield Forestvi l le Silver Creek Little Valley Jamestown Sophs. Dunkirk lnd. Cassadaga Valley Brocton Randolph Westfield Forestville Little Valley Silver Creek Jamestown Sophs. Dunkirk Ind. Cassadaga Valley Brocton "Jack" if W ??:fTEf?ff 47 ..B h.. UIC Q5 Q --Dgmb x Vbmi kgs: ' 5 . ' 'A "Herb" E THEY 40 39 5l 44 71 44 28 43 67 49 48 37 47 50 62 38 63 56 55 37 46 42 54 34 60 40 48 7 l 73 48 62 54 62 54 69 32 KNEELINGg Coach Brown, R.Butcher, STANDING: H.Danker, D.Butcher, R,Hackett, M.Wo1fe, R. Bergey, R,Dye, I.Burris, K. Mosher, H.Nob1es, E.Weaver. Why the Chimes Rang" Barbershop Quarfeffe lngersoH's Sexeffe Last year's Senior Prom rm 5 "Meer Arizona Greeley's Sexetfe King and Queen and their attendants The good ol' days" REG LAPHAM AGENCY Raymond Ray, Prop. Insurance of all kinds Telephone: Business Office: C.C. 2312 Residence: C.C. 2971 Cherry Creek, New York G. SHELDON FROST 81 SONS Your Headquarters For Coal Lumber Builders Supplies Cherry Creek, N .Y. Phone: Office 2741 Residence 2671 "When Cold, Call Frost For CoaI" Compliments Congratulations of To The Class of '55 INGERSOLL PURE GOLD DELIVERY, INC. ICE CREAM CO Serving Erie, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua Counties South Dayton, New York 50 CONEWANGO VALLEY G L F Peiroleum Service OI8. C yC k I yC lc FARNER 81 PARKER HARRY AUSTIN MILLING DAIRY BAR FW? MotF Mlkhk 2 Bffl f I RETAIL MERCHANTS DIVISION Dunk rk Chamber of Commerce N Y k U Printed Meter Deli y f r Your Prot 'tion Gasoline - Kerosene - Filtered Fuel Oil Motor i Grease l PI1on : B ' : I1 427 Residence: Ch Visit Compliment of Home o es ern New York's s amous i s o e 71 u a o S'r. Gowqndq, N,Y, Sou I1 Ddy On, N Y li Compliments of i 5I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF T955 GOWANDA BUSINESS ASSOCIATION Armes Drug Si Shoe Store Bank of Gowanda Beaver's Dept. Store Bowen's Market BushnelI's Jewelry Campbell's Furniture Campbell's R. 8- W. Carman's Flower Shop Cummings Plmb. 8. Htg. Daniels Liquor Store Dahm Hardware Don Dalrymple Eaton's Furniture Enrie's Radio E. L. Gayvert Co. Fashion Shop Farner 8. Parker Forbush Lumber Co. Gable Brothers Gene's Service Gowanda Builders Gowanda Food Store Gowancla Hardware Gowanda Home Improvement Co. Gowanda Jewelry Store Gowanda Liquor Store Gowanda News Gowanda Savings 8. Loan Gowanda Sport Shop Gowanda Variety Store Hiller's Himelein 8. Co. Hogle's Joe's Army 8g Navy Store Ken's Jewelers Leisner's Lowery's Shoe Store Nagle's National Sales System Niagara Frontier Publishing Co Nu-Way Market Palm Gardens Peter Pan Florist Porpiglia's Quality Cash Rich, Young 8. Perrigo Ritz Store Rizzo's Russel's Refrigeration SippIe's Store Tot Shop WaIIace's Whiti ngs Western Auto Compliments of GARDNER 8: BEACH General Merchandise Where Good Things to Eat Get To-gether Conewango Valley, New Yorlc Compliments of GENERAL ICE CREAM CORP. T HERMAN J. INGERSOLL l Compliments of l Leon, N.Y. l Over Bank of South Dayton -l South Dayton, New York General Insurance GST the besf For Your Protection Get Sealtest Telephone Residence 3476 Office 3228 l Best Wishes to The Senior Class of 1955 MAIN STREET GARAGE H. S. Besecker, Prop. General Automobile Repairing -- Mobile Products -- Expert Repairing Phone 7792 South Dayton, New York Compliments of CLAIR WIGREN STUDIO Your Photographer Ritz Building Gowanda, N.Y. 53 . . in , 1?., Compliments Compliments of of YOUR STUDENT COUNCIL HARKNESS G. L. F. SERVICE WHEELER FURNITURE COMPANY Phone 253I C I H F ' h' Cherry Creek, New York omp ete ome Urms mgs Cherry Creek, New York We Feature Expert Furniture Upholstering Congratulations to the Class of T955 Cherry Creek, N.Y. Dealer in Keystone Power Fuel Emblem Oils 8. Greases Phone: Office 2OlI Residence 452l The Best of Everything to The Class of '55 School Photographers East Aurora New York Congratulations To The Class of 1955 Unlimited Opportunities Await You In the Jamestown Area From the Members of THE JAMESTOWN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 54 -.-.Tk -fe - 1- - - Compliments of S. WILTON RUTTENBUR Distributor of Frontier Oil Products Compliments of CURTICE BROTHERS CO. Blue Label Foods Phone 3285 South Dayton, N.Y. South Dayton, New York Compliments SOUTH DAYTON of MEAT MARKET HENRY YOUNG South Dayton, New York Fresh and Salted Meat Cash Paid for Furs and Hides Phone 3242 South Dayton, New York Compliments of DR. RICHARD NEY Compliments of FRED ASTRY General Hardware Phone 3633 South Dayton Compliments of THORP AND MANN South Dayton, New York Compliments of MARKET BASKET STORE Edgar Jay, Mgr. Complete Line of Groceries Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Birds Eye Frozen Foods Self Service Meats South Dayton, New York Compliments of ELMER A. GOULD Painter and Paperhanger Dial 3426 South Dayton, N.Y. BERNARD SIMON Furnishings and Footwear for The Entire Family South Dayton Cattaraugus N . Y. Best Wishes to The Class of '55 CITY MEAT MARKET C. L. Alger, Prop. South Dayton New York WAITE'S GARAGE Chevrolet -- Oldsmobile Sales and Service Guaranteed Used Cars and Trucks General Repairing Phone: South Dayton 3651 Phone 3402 Compliments of FRE D RUTTE NBUR General Store Hamlet, N.Y. Congratulations To The Class of '55 JOE POLISOTO TRUCKING South Dayton, New York Compliments of PINE VALLEY ROD AND GUN CLUB Compliments of OTTO T. JAQUAY South Dayton, New York Compliments Compliments of of MAIN DINER DR. N. J. GREENBAUM South Dayton, N.Y. and DR. I. R. WOLINSKY Compliments Compliments of of DON GIER'S MOHAWK MILK PRODUCTS CO. South Dayton, New York South Dayton G. L. F. "Feed for every need" Compliments of CORKWELL'S GARAGE South Dayton, New York Compliments of DR. V. M. DUNFIELD Compliments Best Wishes to of The Class of '55 from PINE VALLEY BALCOLM CORNERS STORE RESTAURANT Hattie and Bill Killock South Dayton, New York Owned and Operated by Lewis Dayton -- General Merchandise - Compliments Compliments of of SOUTH DAYTON FARM SUPPLY A. D. SEEBER l.H. Farm Machines Tractors Refrigerators Mall Saws Power Tools South Dayton, N. Y, Compliments New and Used Sewing Machines of Bought and Sold We Repair All Makes Treadle Machines Made Electric SAVAREE'S SUPERETTE Prices Reasonable Phone 347I All Work Fully Guaranteed South Dayton, New York Compliments of DON PHILLIPS South Dayton, New York ROBERT R. WHITE Phone 3308 South Dayton, N GENE BERGEY Rags - Scrap Iron - Batteries - Metals Also Scrap Farm Machinery South Dayton, New York Phone 3236 Compliments of H. T. EVERHART'S STORE South Dayton, N.Y. Phone 3404 We Deliver AUSTIN'S APPLIANCES Frigidaire 8. Maytag Profax Gas Service and Appli ance s South Dayton, N.Y. VALONE RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT, INC. Equipment and Suppl ies for Hotels - Restaurants - Cafeterias Clubs - Taverns - Institutions IO25 Washington Street Best Wishes To The Class of '55 SNYDER GREETING CARDS Valley View Road New Hartford, N.Y. Telephone 8-179 Jamestown, N.Y. Compliments To The Seniors BUSKIST GARAGE New and Used Cars Appliances -- Radios Compliments of SOUTH DAYTON FIRE DE PARTMENT Telephone 3235 A V South Dayton, N.Y. JAY MADSEN EQUIPMENT CO. , INC. Distributor of Carpenter School Coaches Bath, New York Compliments of DUN KIRK ICE CREAM Ten Top Honor Students Compliments Seated: Y of R. Greeley, A. ' , Day, Nyarks CHARLES JAMES QVa1edictorianj A ' R.CaSe Csalu' Plumbing and Electrical Work tarorianj, F. Eckeri Norge Washers, Dryers, Freezers Standmg: South Da ton N Y T.Beach, H. Y ' ' ' Sweeney, P. Howard, F. Ingersoll, W. Martin 58 Best Wishes from CARLTON'S GARAGE General Repairing Tires - Batteries - Accessories Conewango Valley, New York Phone: Kennedy 2-712 Congratulations Class of '55 CLAIR MARSH General Merchandise Conewango, New York Compliments Compliments of of CONEWANGO VALLEY sruoo AND WHIPPLE HARDWARE Lumber Heating Plumbing Appliances Paints Conewango Valley, New York Cherry Creek - 2979 Ellington - 2717 FRlSBEE'S G. L. F. SERVICE M. G. Frisbee Feed - Seeds - Fertilizers Bulk Milk Coolers Farm Supplies Conewango Valley, N.Y. Compliments of SMlTH'S RESTAURANT Conewango Valley, New York Compliments Compliments of of VALLEY FOOD AND MEAT MARKET Wholesale Meats St Freezer Wrap Conewango Valley, New York REYNOLDS POULTRY FARM Conewango Valley, New York Complimenfs For a Career in l of Professional Nursing Apply to CONEWAAHSQ VALLEY The Director of Nurses DEACONESS HOSPITAL School of Nurses 563 Riley Street Buffalo 8, N.Y. DAY'S STORE Groceries--Meats--Vegetables Post Office Phone Cherry Creek 2925 Leon, N.Y Compliments of ME RL D . SMI TH Electrical Contractor Cherry Creek, N.Y. Phone 2l52 Compliments All Around the Valley T of it's MERLIN MOSHER MlLSPAW'S Television Repair 8. Service for Raytheon, Philco, R.C.A. Mosher Valley Road, Phone: Catt - 5927 Leon, N.Y. The Best in Groceries Frozen Foods and Fresh Vegetables Compliments Compliments of of ACKLER'S STORE LEON General Merchandise Leon, New York F I RE DE PARTME NT Compliments of EMPIRE TRAVEL CLUB Travel Agents to the High Schools of the East" Congratulations The Class of T955 SKlFF'S STORE Cherry Creek New York Compliments of LEON RESTAURANT Leon, New York Compliments of HARRISON'S GENERAL STORE Hardware Clothing Sporting Goods Drugs Leon, N.Y. F . Compliments of CHARLES F. MADISON Quality Meats Cherry Creek, New York Best Wishes to The Class of 155 from THE RED 8. WHITE STORE Cherry Creek, N.Y. Albert 8. Eleanor Rogers KENNETH MERRILL Car Painting - Maior Repairs Auto Body - Welding Phone: 4681 or 4021 Cherry Creek, N.Y. Compliments of RUTTENBUR FUNERAL HOME Cherry Creek, New York Compliments of MANSFIELD STORE Cherry Creek, New York Compliments of CHAUTAUQUA CATTARAUGUS ELECTRIC COOP. C. W. Van Warmer, Mgr. Cherry Creek Hardware LEON E. RUTTENBUR, PROP. Tappan Stoves Bendix Washing Machines General Hardware Paint Glass Compliments of CHERRY CREEK RESTAURANT Edward Pal azewski Compliments Compliments of of CHERRY CREEK HOWARD J. MOWRY FIRE DEPARTMENT Plumbing, Heating Fire Inhalator Phone 2361 Phone 2361 Phone 4132 Cherry Creek, N .Y. Aufographs Aufographs Y Aufograph This book printed by Velvatone, a special process of lithographic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No 64 other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method.

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