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Text from Pages 1 - 46 of the 1963 volume:

I 1 1 .z I '4 w 543 ' "'1""' ""' ' P 'U In the CU' ,XLS L3 .J..Jm,!' J sty lis t X mgyiq Q, lV'V p ajft f XX M 1 F3 " ' f X -V l lj if course of the last three years, we, the Class of 1963 have offered to this school its first bitter taste of human destruction, It has shaken under our unyielding hands through: Intramurals and field days Plays and talent shows Science fairs and geography shows Lab periods and dead cats Band concerts and choral festivals Detention and loading docks Activity busses and field trips Dances and parties Telephone booths and milk machines And, of course, through good and bad moments Cha, hal. We accomplished all that, but will you remember - Mr. The Graham and the loading dock? fifty-word sentences from Mr. Snyder? Uwhite socks are an official part of the gym uniform?H HPlease kick melli ' When we ate ice cream in the history movies? All How The The The the meter sticks Mr. Murphy broke? we always seemed to get caught chewing gum? gorgeous skirts we made in home ec? frantic day science projects were due land the night beforel? student council presidential campaign? You signed every petition but one, and then voted for the person whose petition you -.W 4 ... L., didn't sign. .-. gn., - , ...-..-., . -r ...MNA Ar- A '- P The guys who set your locker? The eighth grade French classes and all the letters written to Pere Noel? The Model Club and all the girl members? When the well ran dry and we couldn't take showers in gym? The ten page essays on Hwhy I Shouldn't Chew Gum in School?N How big our school seemed on that first confusing day? The slaving over our first sewing machine jobs with those delightful little aprons? The first attempt in wood shop and those HbookendsH??? The lovely hairdos after our Hi and Tri-Hi-Y swimming trip to the Y.M.C.A. in seventh grade? Those geography maps? Thensingingubusses on the way home from the Library Aides' field trip? All of our bouncing calisthenics in chorus Cwhee-e-eb? All the zany excuses to use the conference rooms? The Hwizard of Ozn? HGerimiah Peabody's poly-unsaturated, quick dissolving, fast acting, pleasant tastin' green and purple pillsu? The famous water-fountain pedal by room ten and how it played hooky for so long? All those history questions from Mr. Lewis? Running out of tickets at the school picnic? Our fight to get cheerleaders? The President's inauguration? That our classes were, much to our pleasure, disrupted by Glenn's and Shepard's flights? The Pirates' pennant? The students who left us? When the home ec. girls played hostess to the teachers? The HEnd-of-the-Yearu awards? All the recipes from home ec? How a few of us fainted during the tuberculin test? Those who got carried from the field in football? Sharon Gray's strept.throat and the play's cancellation? Linda Brooks joining Audio Visual Aids as the only female member? The one green helmet on the football team? The beautiful red Hgooku they threw all over the floor at dances? All the fights the chorus and band members had over who was better? Getting out of class and tediously putting stencils and icicles on courtyard windows? . The tears because we couldn't go to the high school this year? "Ivanhoe"CNo further explanation of that is neededb? Our career papers for civics? Our petition to get Mr. Scrip nominated for the HTeacher- of-the-Dayn award by KQV? The football practices in the snow? How the team threw Mr. Novak and Mr. Scrip in the showers after the Mars game? Your classmates and the fun you had? gpg,Mr. Hughes always talked about giving detention and seldom Well, that's the stuff we did. Now how about our teachers and how they used to say - HAlright all you detention lovers, the following students will stay for detention.H Mr. Hughes HDon't pack up yet - I dismiss you, not the bell.U Miss Rettinger HMay I have your kind'and quiet attention?H Mr. Hughes HAlright, who didn't sign the study hall slip?H Mrs. Sandrock HI think I heard the bell,H Mrs, Royston HShape up or ship out.H Mr. DePoe NThat's life in the big city.H Miss McElroy Ulf I didn't think it was important, I wouldnnt have you learn it.U Mr. Scrip HNow, when I was working at Penney's we did it this way...U Mr. Snyder Hwould anyone like to take a trip to the Art Room?H Mr. Snyder HNow, bend over folks, and breathe!!!H Mr. Machiko HWell, it's interesting.n Mrs. Lang HPass those paperslu Miss Greco Tf I V fl TE ,'N fs, jx .ifix'X U'T3,fffC-.5 rw, 'ffk7xffN a EEK f,ff,f-Cfvqj 5 JN' inflh-,hi ' fairs J 1 -' Q f Q C91 WJ. AJ X' 'Dj '- iq.-Q' lf" " gg I C56 Ir my " UD ,glyff 5, I, lwffzf YQ' i,c3??fjfZAf253R i f li I tw' Y',rV A ' EES: KJ? Mzgggfxfffiitzli I -use w1vJiQfZPigg J is vw 'S f' I I-IM' I wi C4 e e Ju wtf? " "fv .e - I X2 We, the 1962-63 Ninth Grade giass of Pine Junior High School, hereby leave the following Altenbaugh, Dick Baden, Mary Bisman, Biz Blank, Linda Bowers, Bev Brooks, Linda Bub, Ray Buerkle, Tom Burns, Paula Breitmos, HRucellusH Brinkley, Tom Cavic, Bobbi Bahamonde, Linda Baker, Todd Barthlow, Bill items to those who remain behind........ I leave all of our teachers ' I leave Mr. Murphy's essays to healthy 8th grade hands 1 - My back brace to some lucky???8th grader I leave all my friends who flunked - Mr. Snyder's impression of me to a poor misguided youth - A list of Mr. Hughes' jokes - My nutty putty - to the lab for chemical analysis Mr. Hughes' science tests My science book and everything with it CLatinD Leave all my pencil stubs to a ninth grader ' N' . I . . My heel-clicking to any eighth grader who wants it I leave the future 9th graders at the mercy of our faculty Old tennis shoe left in locker 475, to Pam Carter Mrs. Lang's art class to some Sth grader who has as Nmuchn artistic ability as I have Smiling HGeorgeH L , Bender, Donna Charney, Andrea Charney, Gary Chiaramonte, Gini - Christenson, Sue Coester, Bob Collins, LarryCLorenzol - Conrad, Jim Corace, Sam Cutlip, Darlene Dalton, Tom Davison, Kathy Decker, Audrey Domer, Martha Ellis, Bonni Engbarth, Ed English, Brenda Evans, Peggy Ferguson, Betty Fleming, Marion Flynn, Curt Folmer, Chuck Forsythe, Mike Frey, Darryl Giel, Tom Gray, Sharon Fiehler, Lenore Hardt, Bonnie Hayes, Lynn Herman, Elmer Huber, Jim Huckestein, Ruth Hudak, Stephanie Huggins, Faye Hunkele, Bill Jaeger, Renate Jefferies, Linda Dirt that was left in my locker, that includes the spiders, cobwebs, mud and,paper My office as president-to an Sth grader My old smelly gym socks - to Dan Gregory My unfinished lab reports - to Mr. Hughes, and mud Judy packed locker to my little sister, My Uoverwhelmingu interest in English grammar My nickname Aeneas to a deserving Latin student My hair to Mr. Grega, my wealth to Mr. Del Greco my books to a student 1 " No comment My good sense of humor - to Miss Greco Miss Greco - to all eighth graders Latin I to Chester Urbanek I leave all my unfinished Spanish homework to Miss Greco I leave to the ninth graders-to-be, lots of luck I leave my blush I dedicate the silence to descend on all the hearts of Mr. Hughes' kids To the 7th and 8th grades, HPray for a favorable fortuneu I leave To some all principal parts of Latin verbs worthy Sth grader the fact that ducks have web feet in order to stamp out forest fires My unusual mathematical and gymnastic abilities to some I leave I leave worthy ninth grader-to-be my biology book and civics book to some deserving 8th grader - my ant infested locker and all it doesn't contain I leave to Marc LeVier an old used piece of gum My grades in Latin to anyone dumb enough to take them I leave the paddlings Mr. Snyder gave me to any 9th grader-to-be My seat in Mrs. Simonitsch's Latin class to any 9th grader-to-be I leave my love for science and my big mouth to Linda Perkins who probably doesn't need them, but neither do I My algebra tests and dissected frogs to lucky Bob Carlson My beat-up tennis racket to Janie Keil My rare further locker-bred ants to Mr. Murphy for scientific or domestic experiments Yearly bruises - to my sister Mr. Hughes' extraordinary tests My civics seat in civics class to Dave McKee Ivanhoe, to those looking forward to reading an Hexcitingu novel Surgical cat hands to future biology hands My civics notes to Mr. Snyder - a new paddle for Mr. Scrip. All my attempts to succeed at Pine - to some more fortunate Sth grader Good luck to all future algebra students Jenereski, Jo Ann Jennings, Nancy Kelley, Ken Kirby, Larry Kirkpatrick, Bill Kline, Priscilla Kuba, Chuck Lyons, Dave Lillion, Frank Leslie, George Maloney, Kathy Manheimer, Jim Marshall, Sharon Matheny, Greg McGahan, Chuck McCloskey, Kathy McClure, Lynn McCombs, Vicki McDonald, Sherri Miller, Betsy Miller, Rick Mitchell, Bill Molennor, Ginny Molnar, Robert Mueller, Ed Murray, Bruce Muscaro, Jay Musher, Kathy Navratil, Kerry Netzer, Sue Newcomer, Bill Nicki, Bobbi NQ11, Fred Offutt, Barbie Prentice, C.W.B. Price, John Price, Sue Read, Jon Reed, Donna Renner, Pat Rettinger, Donna Reynolds, Bob My English book and Miss Rettinger - to all ninth graders-to-be The Treasure Books of Miss Rettinger Our math tests - 8 my ability - to a poor Sth grader Jersey if-+1 to some future basketball star - with all my luck Cwe need itl The jokes and essays of Mr. Murphy All my 5096's on my algebra tests to some deserving 9th grader My height and muscles to Ron Wensel Nwatermelonu green football helmet for future use on the football team. I leave advice: Start writing UI --------- , realizing the incapabilities and general weakness of human nature, etc., etc. To all teachers the glorious memory of me My name on Mr. Murphy's gum-essay list I'm going to leave the school the memory of me Blessed piano to the next accompanist My vast knowledge, and accumulated debts to be divided among the rightful heirs. My books to any Sth grader in the school - plus all the teachers'tests Mr. Hughes' jokes My argumentative ability I leave the peace and quiet of home room 7 to any quiet person Mr. Snyder's sentences to anyone with a lot of notebook paper Old tennis rackets to the future cheerleaders Mr. Hughes' sense of humor Mr. Murphy's essays My seat in the cafeteria Remains of our unused bisected animals to a lucky Sth grader Mr. Snyder's paddle Civics notes to some needy Sth grader Dissected cats Campaign speech to any lucky Sth grader The fun of reading the Odyssey Chomp now, write later Great ability for getting algebra done between classes Locker No. 500 and my seat in Pa. History class All my homework to Sth graders My chewing gum to all those who appreciate Mr. Murphy's essays My political abilities Three-year old moldy gym shirt which is somewhere in the boys' locker room Mr. Hughes' jokes Odyssey and Great Expectations to any Sth grader My battered and bruised copy of Ivanhoe to Linda Chuderewicz My basketball ability to Jackie Fray so that she will get yelled at as much as I did The Joy of reading Ivanhoe Miss Greco to the kids taking Spanish or French Rich, Debbie Ruberto, Vince Roberts, Eldon Russ, Mary Sahli, Diane Sauerland, Bill Schell, Mary Schmiedel, Chuck Shaginaw, John Sobell, Steve Staley, Jim Starkey, Earl Steiner, Jim Stephenson, Randy Stermon, Mike Strazisar, Bob Thompson, Elsie Trimmer, Tom Ulrich, Cyndee Vickinovac, John Weiss, Karol Voll, Dolores Wheeler, Buddy Yeck, Cliff Zabish, Rod I leave Waldo, my dissected biology cat, to a squeamish eighth grader Teachers and homework My worst grades to the smartest 8th grader, so that hisfher grades may be brought back to normal Good luck to all 7th and Sth graders who are tall for I am short I hereby leave my dimples, and my sixty-seven inches to a short, deserving 9th grader-to-be To Bill Long a slightly used piece of bubble gum, one broken shoelace, and I leave my per- mission for Bill to throw Mr. Del Greco in the showers March 14 because that is his birthday To Linda Chuderewicz, the dirty shorts I used for track, and all my overdue library books A good Junior High Band The teachers of the school To all poor souls in the 8th grade, Mr. Endlich The least of what I did-for the best of them To Glen Porter my algebra assignments To Gary Gogolin my job as scorer for the basketball team The possession of locker F72 No comment My dissected biology cat to the eighth grade, with hope of bettering their scientific knowledge My first name to any prospective dairy farmer Nothing - because I came with nothing To Judy Huber three ten page essays from my home room teacher, Mr. Murphy To Mr. Endlich, a set of wheels My cherished home room W7 My wonderful literature notes My Spanish book to be used in Miss Greco's 5th period class My padded paddles to the 8th graders Miss Rettinger's assignments l W , F! 'er rg ' -'M r . f , A 1A , X . J X , r ,,,-i, i-:Y,,,,.,, I X 4. .f .g nl ', 1 x i f-'d W! A if ' vi QS' U f 1 1 J . .K H 7- , fl .2 ,U if ,-', ,. KM K jk, as . -fx, L fi' . v . J ":.!:I -..1I-2-":5:7?2ZzT:I:'5f1?:'ffm.'-."-.. ' l?fgQEEEEwMQmgWfWQ A s M X ,Z 03631 Wi! I X49 , ' --...r e- VOLLEYBALL SPORTS DAY On January 20, 1963, Pine Junior High School held its first Volleyball Sports Day, and it was a complete success. Six different schools were rep- resented by six or more girls each. The schools that were present were: Beaver Falls Ingomar Knoch Pine Richland West View The event got under way with a brief welcome by Miss Morris. Elsie Thompson, the mistress of ceremonies, then took over the rest of the afternoon. The tournament was composed of five rounds. The Pine team played five excellent games and landed in first place, winning all five. Ingomar and Beaver Falls tied for second place. After the playoff, Beaver Falls took second place. The girls who represented Pine were: Bonnie Hardt Pat Renner Donna Bender Sue Christenson Faye Huggins Sue Price Bobbi Cavic Debbie Rich Diane Sahli GIRLS' BASKETBALL The '65 basketball season has proved to be an unlucky one for the Pine Richland J.V. Even with long hours of practice every Wednesday night and many nights before a game, our players have not aroused enough luck to go along with their skills. The team consists of lO players and their coach, Miss Neithercoat, who has been doing a fine job of instructing the girls in the skills and fundamentals of the game. Only one game has been the reward for our team's practice.J Success came at last when the J.V. defeated Mars by a score of 17-7. The teams that defeated the Pine-Richland J.V. were: Vincentian, Mars and Knoch. They played each team twice except for Vincentian. BaSketball practice will continue throughout the summer months. The girls will gain more necessary experience, and they will surely develop into a fine team which will come out on top. We are confident it will be victory all the way next year. GOOD LUCK, GIRLS!!! FREE-THROW CONTEST This year a Free-Throw Contest was held for the 7th, 8th and 9th grade girls. The finalists were chosen by a test given in gym class. One girl from each gym class was chosen according to the number of baskets she made out of 10 throws. Then, each finalist threw twenty-five shots. Marion Fleming was the winner with 15 baskets, Susan Christensen was second with 12 baskets, and Janis Walaschek came in third with 10 baskets. HOME ROOM PLAQUES This year plaques were awarded to the ninth grade home room champions. Room 7, which was never defeated, won the soccer championship. Although Room 6 gave Room 5 some rough competition, Room 5 won the volleyball plaque. The basketball plaque was awarded to Room 5 also. Rooms 7 and 5 battled for this plaque, but Room 5 was the victor. Rooms 6 and 14 have not won any plaques as yet, but they both have high hopes for the track and field competition. BOYS' BASKETBALL The '65 basketball season has proved to be an unlucky one for the Rams of Pine Junior High. Even with long hours of practice after school each night, our players have not had enough luck to go along with their skills. The team consists of 12 players, 5 managers, and their coach, Mr. Farrar. Only three games have been the reward for our team's practice. The Rams have gone down at the hands of every team except East Deer, Mars, and Hampton, each of whom they played twice and defeated once. The teams that defeated the Rams were: Aspinwall, West Deer, Oakmont, and Sharpsburg. This is the first year Pine has had a basketball team. Although this season has not proved to be successful, we are confident in the future the Rams will score victoriously. BOYS' INTRAMURALS Room 7, 9th grade boys' volleyball champs, staged a volleyball game with Some members of the faCulty. Those participating were students from Room 7, and the following faculty members: Mr, Puskar, principal, Mr. Snyder, Mr. Scrip, Mr. Grega, Mr. Farrar, and Mr. Del Greco. Three games were played plus a few Warm-up games. All three of the games were played well, showing teamwork and skill by all members of both teams. The scores were close, but the faculty showed that they were well qualified for athletics as well as teaching. The first game was won by the faculty. Room 7 buckled down in the second game to take a victory. The faculty, warming up all the while, reached their peak in the last game, winning a two-game-to-one match. Room 5, 9th grade boys' basketball champions also staged a basketball game with some members of the faculty. BOYS' INTRAMURALS Room 5 was defeated by a score of 52 to 9. The faculty members participating were: Mr. Grega and Mr. Scrip, who scored 10 points each, Mr. Farrar and Mr. Del Greco, who scored 6 points each. Tom Trimmer and George Leslie of Room 5 scored 5 points each for their team. Jim Hannan and Larry Collins each scored two points. Room 14 defeated Room 5, 6, and 7 and became the 9th grade boys' champions. Congratulations to all the rooms for displaying such fine sportsmanship and teamwork. ZDW. .JACQUES 1 MR. SCRI? MR. LANG gn.. MR. 'PUSKAR 5 I MR . GREG A vm. was GRiC0 .1 'T fr V .li fig. ' 'ww 'v W 'W' 7 "li ' "m'q'4'53"'lZ?f'-QT y : . - -. -fi. I 2, , 1- M 'N :jfq wx H 'K-fn EJ' ,45 4 ,.. ., , f.g,..,:. ' Q33 N ' Q,f3,4f5f','.j'5f ' W-1' g '- ' w 5 5 ' .Qu .I -, . , .i . ' .2157 . , ' ' ' 5 jf, 1 ,f-'FU' '1-7.3173 -aa ', ' "f"fl - I I wp:-..+.., Q . , .- ., Q -ivy .,.. A ' . 'i, . - - ' "ff . . . -. ' ' . p " -I9-ff.. .M - wr f- . -. if J.-z . -. - P. .- 'i,I"": 1 , . A 1:' Fu- .A 'T gr. ' 1- Sw . 1 ' lfiiiv' A " ' ' ' 1 Q? 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A -. . i l.?5LZf..l 5635 - V- " - . fifafiigigzfgg - lf' ' ' QQ 1 , .-' X 'nu-.f , - . ': f..- ', Lung, ' . g .,,,.. its ,w,g.'.1n ff1:f17'x" . .. 'f r '- -. . ig, cz.--fl 1-1 . 4 ff ..5,--.,h13g,1..f-.Y f- 1' ,T ,,:.'.fwjf,.,,,,g,7..,Q- , Mr 4-. 1, - ! 1 ru, 4. W- ., . -- ,Q 3, g,z,-31,,w1.,- ,Q -A' W, . 43 -llg-V -1, Hg. ,. .-,- L, Q ., , 4' . xv . '. 51.1-rs. 53,3 .V .. - N 'f 511 A: .1 Q' .1 f -.A . ., f . 4 , 1, .4 ,, ' ' f:' - ' - .rw hz- -Q .. -, . 1 'ri ., 71' lf 'Yu 1. c.-uf' I-22' .. ' Lf' E42 - " -ii: , 1 1 .N .gui ' ?' .' 'V -. - ' nf' ,, ' Z x ' '- Lwif' 1 ' r ,. , .- ' fm .-:ff 1 15.159 iii, iv .,T' 'Q V .ff E'?f:"S'f-3 Q -Q -' 15734.-' w. J' f- L ,-,I . 1 f. ' 4--.- luv Q 75" 'KH L-.f-vt"-'. ' f A X f J .,. Q.. .n.x....,Q. 43, L ,- -v... ,. . .5-H , - A 3, W , FM Q' ,pl w. , b , .,j,,,n?4 . ' ',rgjq,g.g.g,.,, af 1, , ,W ' lf: 3q,,4:!'4!5-g- . 4. gg I ' . .. - Ii., ' ' 'Mf g f. , ' 'i..l?,'k PQ-' 7 ., .1 .. ' Q . -VV", jl 'lf f ' .. , .. f . '. I 'F?'9""11f.'T2f'?ff":' 4 'fir-K" g.-if""'.r'5 .' ' ' -"'fJ:'f.,- 1 ft? 232 , .. W2 .f fi 5 ' ' Si.. b 5 :flu f f , ' " .-'-5 ?f5'3'ivf -. ' 'iffy ' .. fi ' N' - ' ' . '. 42" 9 Q -. . Q. -J 'fee K .f'.g'.'f". ,, ' ..."' " "?f - Zia' 1 ' '. ff, "" ,fi 'Q .vs ' ' ' I , , '?g2'j.. 53f'fQ -fi?+1f-12222. Ep . V' , .75-f.,?.v1, W , ,i :. Q 14... ,Ji a f. ., -5. W m- ., 1-,b,. .. ,M . . fi. ra 'filnq' ' i f-ffriv 3 - .. - ,Q :'- g f A . A,-.q,..w"gr. ,,,,::. A - ,jf ' . . -.'f5.-3yl.2.gxQ,uL . - ps 5.4. -,ggi 35. ,,f 'mf 1 55' ,L 119' 3.1. i-- -' 3, . fr, ffjg -1:-fe' .f 'I ' -. ...fy ' .- . Qt , , M' vi 2. - . ,EQ . ' - . -,a-1 - ' . , 'F-. . . -.1 V K f V' . .- - .,,- jx M . , 1 .V 733,-15 5.. ,fr . , f 'z' Y 1 'ff 1 Y I N K V 7, M A I lr! M f 1 5 , I. fi?- 3:9-23.- . .hx s ,- xg ,. - 1 M, ' X .'i".gf- 'PZ L . -y - - ". ,..+ .. mir -V 4 Q, L ,.w1,, E52 fx... Wi". ,,.,.. .. ww---' . 'ff--J klr' af 1 1 , .,1 L fra-'1 Q 'J "fish 44,1 vw-Q. -- I "1..iif. .ff.5'? 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Suggestions in the Pine Junior High School - Yearbook (Gibsonia, PA) collection:

Pine Junior High School - Yearbook (Gibsonia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 13

1963, pg 13

Pine Junior High School - Yearbook (Gibsonia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 12

1963, pg 12

Pine Junior High School - Yearbook (Gibsonia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 18

1963, pg 18

Pine Junior High School - Yearbook (Gibsonia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 9

1963, pg 9

Pine Junior High School - Yearbook (Gibsonia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 10

1963, pg 10

Pine Junior High School - Yearbook (Gibsonia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 35

1963, pg 35

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