Pine Grove Intermediate School - Pines and Needles Yearbook (Orinda, CA)

 - Class of 1957

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Pine Grove Intermediate School - Pines and Needles Yearbook (Orinda, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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:N Al ,. .1 f , V. N 'A' 7 s 1 - QV ff- Xsg 1 H fy X J Sl K Vg: A AZ! 1 I I 1 I! K i ,X I 5 1 ,IA f .. I wg ,, 'I ' 1 fi I J 1 Q A I J I ? L. si 7. 3 K 'T' ,, .. ,F . vi' Q "- 1. -P211 M311 ,C 41.2--4, . gg is-f:-4' 7 kk 1 rf N X, ., -'A' K E X I 1 2 E 3 5 2 ..................-.,....-...m-.....,....,.,..............--..n...--..,...,.-....u........-...w...,,,....,.......--.., ,E ix 9 v 3 v . a . V. . " 7 B W' ,M A -r +oogfJxf03g:P . 1 Awpsfffg 11 2 ffW X5 Nf' J.. . Qiwwz gf? ,J ' ff 533223 J 3 QW PANTI-I ER AMA PRESENTED BY STUDENTS OF P!NE GROVE SCHOOL, ORINDA, CALIFORNIA Ti' 'L 3 T"E'k t 54, xsane!" H Again we are oediceflnq The yearbook f o a man who is mos? deserving of Hwe honor We fe-ef be is a ree! pam' of Pin G ' ' ' e rove. Durmg has mme years Pm h ere. e has given gener- ousiy of his Time In Hue inf ' eresf and we!fare of Hue sfudenf and Hue whole communify. VVS are very proud +o dedicalre fhe Pamfherama '57 fo Mr .Joseph L. She-aff. AUEIVX V I I ADMINIST MR. SHEAFF Our dedicalee, is well liked and fair fo all sfudenfs. g.,f' .. , DR. LAMBERT MR. ISOLA Our dislinguished Doctor of Philosophy, who is Orinda's l956 "Man of lhe Year," Iasf year's always fhoughfful of lhe sludenls' welfare. dedicalee, and a devoled yo-yo fan. TICDN MR. McNlCHOLAS As friendly as fhe sainf whose name he wears, Mr. McNicholas is our Iasf resorf for sympafhelic undersfandinq or sfrong advice. . , 3 mi , - 4. . .,., mm I fA,.,g,M3w A,:.,,.,.,,. Q in . A , A ,..: 1 s L , WAWWWASWQ ev WE A :mimi hr:ez:e'Q?w1'2xQ . 1 , 2, , All '0 Q lf gi! J S' BI? E :lille 1 4 W' " M 1 lm 2 l 1: I Wy NW 5 1' , 'ff if gigs we ii, ..?g,,,., l i ilzgsfig f x 4 L K ' lx Wm Mega Wee W , ,J 2 sw , iii? 4 wr-Q i ' e SES we W ,il , SU ' ggi? vwgw S ', ibm' il I 1eW"f?f2ff'sfT"i""'fb4fs:i.vf ' aggfff effw, is -I 1 ' .. igg, , W 1-W5 on --.. ? i FACULTY -L is S1 ii yy Q ei . A M , r 17 SEATED, left fo right: Mr. Lawrence, Miss Ralherf, Mrs. Loring, Mrs. Raabe, Mr. Baylis, Mr. Klein. STANDING: Mr. Boyce, Miss Tighe, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Hesfer, Mr. Keller, Mr. Comer. l . T V V 4 1-I-uu. f 7 SPECIAL INSTRUCTORS LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Crawford, Libraryg Mr. King, Home Mechanics: Mrs. Bengsfon, Healfh Consulianrp Mrs, Fred- ericks, Disiricf Librarian: Mr. Sherman, P.E.g Mrs. Mann, Home Arisg Mrs. McGee, Singing: Mr. Pendlefon, Special Music Insfrucforg Mr. Meeder, Orchesira. SECRETARIES LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Doringfon, Mrs. Kiesel, Mrs. Pearson, Mrs. Siever, Mrs. Frakes. CAFETERIA FIRST ROW, lefl' lo righf: Mary Baker, Bersy Blossom, Louise Diercks, Sue Geandrol, Mike Smylh, Clifford Schmidf, Jim Rose, Johnny Cooper, Linda Lindsey, Tom Kirby, Barden Wilmar, Mike Rolley. SECOND ROW: Susan Nicolaysen, Susan Hancock, Carol Pedersen, Ann Moog, Diane Kerslen, Joyce Bailey, Nelle Neighbor, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Douglas, Mrs. Ainsworfh, Mrs. Krahl, Sue Schilling, Grechen Digrcks, Nancy Engelhard, Lynn Drysdale, Phil Stevens, Chalfin oule. CUSTODIAN MR. Tl BBETS Of all lhe people 'lhal inhabil' our halls, Mr. Tibbels is 'lhe kindesl. He helps us wirh our lillle problems before, during, and after school. We undersland 'lhaf lhis may be his las? year wifh us. We will miss him greally and hope fha? he will find lime lo do all he has wished for during his refiremenl. PRlNCIPAL'S MESSAGE Gradualion This June means The culminalion of eighl years oi formal educalion lor over Jrwo hundred members ol our slu- denl body. ll is righl lhal you as graduales should have a leeling oi accom- plishmenl in lhe knowledge lhal anolher mileslone on lhe road oi learning has been reached. As a member of lhe gradualing class, you should view wilh pride your parl in helping lo sei lhe pallern of good cilizenship lor lulure classes lo follow and perlecl. This has been one ol your mosl oulslanding conlribulions. Your success or failure as a useful member of sociely may well depend upon lhe degree lo which you as an individual or as a member ol a group conlinue To develop alliludes which rellecl respecl and underslanding of your own and olhers' righls. ln closing, I would like lo lake lhis wrillen opporlunily lo wish Q. each of you success in all your ifulure endeavors. Glenn lvlchlicholas Principal xssg- x EAU UATE ,L , fa' ' , -4 V, ,an jeg .L -avv, f" Q 441 Ah' ' 32' X ' A ' if gf 1 rf, X ' 1 ff 2 W- A ..,. 1' " . ga , 1 . 1. , ww rl is l i W 1 5 3 'Q 'ltr Q WW 3 WQP AQ-:rf . A L . 2 A. X ,... . F " A I y w 3 . . . I J vi V K 112 wiv: . , Biff ' "" " 1 M ,, ., Q ' 'L 3 ,. M Iii iilg, iQ., , 2- '- - ,fy A .5 . -4 - W " V W "' nf 'Q ' My W' 4 'TTY' Q A 'fi' - K L:,... f - , , 3, rr B ly, ..4f l iw? "" -if ,.1 . l., W ..,. . i . 3' 'bf . ,,,,,.,,, , ,.,, . , 'V A M 1 f ' ff- 1 ' 'X io' A , ' 4 ie' gm , - A gif? i -esifii -W H ,Y Q is 'li' . X iiifiifz - Ballinger, Kathy Berqen, Barbara Bigler, Mike Bishop, John Blounl, Anne Blumer, Linda Bole, Bruce Bowles, Bob Boyd, Beverly Boyle, Bob Brailsford, Bill Braly, Pamela Breed, Allen Brodqinski, Adele Brooks, Tom Brown, Robin Brunk, Virginia Buehler, Jim Burde, Lawrence Caldwell, Bill Campbell, Sue Canfield, Pal Carr, Bob Cary, S.-illy l I 0 Abboll, Sieve Aberharn, Charles. Adams, Bob Albo, Mario Allara, Jasper Allen, Dick Allorfer, Waller Anderson, Linda Anderson, Richard Arighi, Suzanne Axelson, Laraine Babcock, Richard Bailey, Joyce Baldwin, Kalhy Barqones, Linda Bekedam, Kalhy UATES Case, Mimi Chapple, Laurie Chase, Duane Chew, Bill Chrisfensen, Bob Chrislie, D'ann Cianciarulo, Claire Clarke, Marilyn Clark, Glenna Cline, Kathy Clough, Allon Coe, Peggy Corbeff, Sandy Corona, Margc Corsi, Randi Cook, Connie Cook, Vinnie Coursen, Carolyn Courlriqhf, Darrell Cox, Susan Croci, Sharon Curlis, Penny DeFranco, Sam DeGrassi, Andy Depper, Eric Diercks, Grelchen Diercks, Louise Doane, John Doxie, Charlene Dralh, John Drysdale, Lynn Dunn, Chris Dunshee, Susan Eberharl, Joan Evans, Ann Faglianc, Joyce Ferguson, Tom Fernsfen, Karen Fiske, Tom Fosberg, Darrell Haslam, Mark Haughlon, Fred Haywood, Ray Heller, Sharon Hickman, Marlene Hilger, Bill Hinde, Marilyn Hink, Lesfer Holmgren, Lynne Honnold, Fred Howard, Barry Hoyer, Roger Hudson, Doug Hudson, Tony Huslon, Dan lndig, Vicki Fowler, Janice Fraser, Bruce Frederickson, Linda Fries, Mason Geandror, Sue Gibbs, Jim Gilberl, Jack Ginsberg, Peler Gloy, Suzy Googins, John Gorden, Wendy Granberg, Don Guerin, John Guerin, Mike Guinlher, Eric Gulhrie, Dick Hafner, Lans Hall, Joanne Hamberg, Barbara Hancock, Slephany Harmon, Carol Harper, Roberl Harper, Virginia Harlanov, Nafalie Ingram, Susan Jensen, Jonalhan Jones, Sandra Kearing, Rick Kellog, Mike Kimball, Charlolfe Kirby, Tom Kerslen, Diane Kroq, Dianne Kronke, Susan Kocher, Gail Lamore, Diana Larsen, Joanna Lawrence, Mark Lawrenson, Anne Layne, Richard Long, Kirk Loughman, Rowie Loveland, Lynne Lucas, Janel Lyman, Richard MacDonald, Clyde Macri, Jean Marsh, Frank McCready, Bonnie McFarland, Scot? McLeod, Roberl Miller, Deenie Miller, Jan Miles, Richard Mitchell, Linda Moorehead, Mary Moylan, Helen Neighbor, Nelle Nelson, Sharon Newlin, Kay Nuff, John Oakley, Marion Oakes, Pam O'Conner, Pal Sharp, Cherie Shirey, Linda Shuey, Wendy Skaggs, Sue Slous, Mike Smilh, Carol Smilh, Sieve Soule, Chaffen Slafford, Kafhy Slark, Richard Sfarkman, Roz S+. Claire, Keilh Slevens, Phil Sleward, Sharon Sfillson, David Slubblefield, Neil Odenfhal, Joyce Ogden, Karl Palafino, Barbara Palalino, Darnell Pardini, Sheri Pederson, Carol Pfeifer, Charlie Pfeifer, Paul Phllibosian, Phyllis Powell, Bill Prince, Kalhy Pufnam, Jack Radonich, Joan Ramef, David Rankin, Jill Read, Peler Rinne, John Rochester, Roberf Rodden, Mary Rofe, Janef Rufherford, Donnefle Sax, Karl Schilling, Sue Schmil, Nancy Sluller, Carole Syverud, Barbara Thaman, Randy Thompson, Melinda Thraillkill, Keith Thurslon, John Tollon, Bob Twomey, Jim Van Voorhis, Ellen Walker, Donna Walker, John Ward, John Weafherbe, Karen Websler, Wayne Weill, Shelby Welch, Bob Willes, Bonnie Wilmar, Barden Wilson, Robin Winfree, Jim Yedidia, Pele Darby, Kalhy CAMERA SHY" Leslie, Warren Woodward, Bob R' 41 "l'47 1 gag? hx' ' f I ' H , , Q, A p l . t i 1.4. . ,. . . 9 ,-. may ,aght :fise concermin 'liure, you and 9 the ,-JF' '.- K O v'.' - F mage 'aff' QL to The dance W that pggpi 4 ,- Win, X v s I .yy . . Q -.,-.-f, ' ,fi- ,, 1 ymi wQ,W f iw A . . . Hug '-1--ms-'wwwmrrw ix'-Wim: wf:ft':::.':W:...'M'.i......4.......W4A'M 'wfarri .u., ,,. UI' ' ,hl v . . '-,'-' : .'-' . ku U Y , . . ,N W2 wM,w,.,.,WV.W, .,M,1.,, . ..L.-,, ,,,.,,.- . , 1 ' f' P' ....f" - - . . f"h..,A Q 4' 4' 4, f..1,-'.- 4 uv, 1' X .mush? sw ., .o., 4,- -a.'Y.' 5.-Wj'v4 ' fm 7 Q Mr. BoyQQM9 w f.l..N S FCOM is making projx qdays. Some of t house by Bill Pe Hi nde, a be ,L Mr, Eff? 3 x ggrn 7 Pb tpmporqry ch He had been ELLLN mg of the meeting. vcr plans for the future and vllwomt Barn Dance 3 Tw raise money C? , , ,. . . . ' 14.52 Jn" 0 fi' I-7 - ,. ther ,hey 'IHQI1 w1.QQgf4QQ ary sccretal, 4 Q J ',Qft "A V ,fA..h?T ,fjver the f, 51iQjQ ,fw 3f 'jgpe chairmen A 'Q Q5i'74ffff1fp 7f3UUh Sha? q fyjiraallwood, f1q':yf :- Nancy s - M' 3? 1, t,i gguck Q , '- .f f-.ff an N K Al - gf-ugt.: Q Nb" N X 0 T .-. If-FTC 'RiR 'Q1XWYs V ..- ..m.:r.'a4-.m.f,wMf' -.Q-,tak . ' 5 ' 6 . ' Q Q . W.-1iiSk 49 L X31 l o imprbv have Q Q Wvodwaz f Highf whj Ai me at C3 ,., 1-. bww, T: ..- .f Z 0, - ' - 0 . 1 IL LS A By Joan Eberhart Abbott, Steve-To think up an ambition for the Year- book. Aberham, Charles-Money burner. Albo, Mario-Fill up the holes in waffles and sell them as cheap hot cakes. Axelson, Laraine-A marriage counselor. Babcock, Richard-To be a seat machine artist. Baldwin, Kathy-To invent a hair tonic which will grow hair any length desired overnight. Bargones, Linda-To be Elvis Presley's secretary. Bekedam, Kathy-To invent Math book with answers in it. Bergen, Barbara-l will my height to Linnet Tretts. Bigler, Mike-l will all my English grades to anyone who wants to pick them out ot the wastebasket. Blount, Ann-l leave Mr. Hester and his Ml to the Army Reserve. Boyd, Beverly-I am going to make a robot to do my homework. Boyle, Robert-To be Jayne Mansfield's manager. Braly, Pamela-l leave my ability to get detentions which was lett to me by Dorothy Potter lo Ann Lincoln. Brodginski, Adele-A crocodile dentist. Brown, Robin-To play chopsticks with Liberace. Buhler, Jim-I will a red-headed teacher to my brother. Burde, Lawrence-When I grow up I am going to be a man. Caldwell, Bill-To be a disk iockey. Canfield, Pat-To marry a millionaire. Cary, Sally-A clothes designer tor dogs. Case, Mimi-l will my pompons to a future pompon boy, Jim Parish. Chapple, Laurie-A photographer for Esquire Girl Cal- endar. Chase, Duane-Prune picker. Chew, Bill-To be a hemotologist. Christie, D'Ann-l will my height to Sue Starkman. Clark, Glenna-To be Elvis Presley and Sharon lHellerl Presley's daughter. Cline, Cathy-To be the teacher that teaches the teachers that tried to teach me how Io teach. Cse, Peggy-I leave Mr. Klein. Cook, Vinnie Sue-I leave my green eyes to all the cats in the seventh grade. Corona, Margo-To marry Elvis. Corsi, Randy-Used car dealer. Coursen, Carolyn-To be a rancher. Courtright, Darrell-To be a bartender. Q Q Cox, Susan-To dance with Guy Mitchell and Pat Boone. Croci, Sharon-Sell shoes to a centipede. Curtis, Penny-To be a psychiatrist. De Franko, Sam-P.E. instructor at Mills College. Depper, Eric-To blow up the school. Diercks, Louise-To be a French model and live in Paris. Doane, John-Tobasco taster in a Tobasco factory. Drysdale, Lynn-To someday dodge Mr. Hester's tlying Erasers. Eberhart, Joan-To invent a short hair style that's easy to take care of and doesn't look like a dog. Evans, Ann-To build the world's largest glue factory Fosbourg, Darrell-The caretaker ot a bone orchard. Fries, Mason-I leave my shop apron to Mike Smith. Gibbs, Jim-Naval architect. Gilwee, Jim-Travel to the moon. Gloy, Suzy-I leave Elvis Presley's ways to Jim Parish. Googins, Johnny-A bookie in the Elephant Races. Granberg, Don-To be a pretzel bender. Guerin, John-To leave the eighth grade, Guerin, Mike-To graduate. Guinther, Ricky-To build a resort on top of Mt. Everest. Guthrie, Dick-Flea trainer for Jim Gilwee. Hafner, Lans-I will my pet Basset Hound to gay Mr. King. Hall, Joanne-To be an official member ot the Mickey Mouse Club. Harmon, Carol-To be a talented music teacher and teach in New York. Harper, Virginia-To be a scholar at the University ot California. Haywood, Ray-I will my academic ability to some A student lon him it won't hurtl. Heller, Sharon-To be Elvis Presley's wife. Hinde, Marilyn-To be a swimming suit designer tor fat ladies. Hink, Lester-To be the person who puts the tick-tocks in clocks. Holmgren, Lynne-To be Liberace's hairdresser. Howard, Barry-To be a professional ditch digger. lndig, Vicki-l leave my ability to talk and get caught to Patricia Smallwood. Ingram, Susan-To sing a duet with Elvis Presley. Jensen, Jonathan-To be voted the most valuable player in the Women's Softball League. AM Kerslen, Diane-A privale secrefary for a big company. Kimball, Charlolle-A stripe puller-onner of lvy League shirts. Kocher, Gail-A horse doctor. Krog, Diane-To be Elvis Presley's sfal-l sergeant. Kronke, Susan-A leacher al Wesl' Poinl. Larson, Joanna-I leave-I hope. La Planl, Mike-A flea exlerminalor for Elvis' "Houn' Dog." Lawrence, Mike-l leave my scallered resources fo lhe referee in bankruplcy. Long, Kirk-To sell hof dogs and pop on lhe firsl rockef lrip lo lhe moon. Loughman, Rowie-Propriefor of a reducing salon. Lucas, Jane?-To be nurse in an Army hospital. Lyman, Richard-To build an afomic loasler. Macdonald, Clyde-Millionaire. Macri, Jean-Home Arls leacher. Marsh, Frank-A wasle paper baske? painier. McCready, Bonnie-To be a nurse. McFarland, Scoll-To be Super Lady. Miller, Deenie-To be a second Anifa Ekberg, or a bubble dancer. Miller, Jan-To be a French model, or a slewardess for T.W.A. Mifchell, Linda-To be an auclioneer wilh a loud voice. Moorehead, Mary-To invenl' some freckle remover. Moylan, Helen-l will my old Malh answer book lo Eslelle Cafaline. Neighbor, Nelle-To someday sing fhe "Money Tree" with Margarer Whiling. Nuff, John-To be a big game hunler. Oakes, Pam-l leave my squished Iipslick lo anyone who wanls il. Oakley, Marion-To ouldo Prudence and Palience. Odenfhal, Joyce-To be a bachelor's pride. Pederson, Carol-A regislered nurse. Philibosian, Phyllis-To be lhe social direclor al lhe Y.M.C.A. Pfeifer, Charles-To make lhe firsl alomic-powered car. Prince, Cafhie--To forge? Elvis Presley lwhich will be hard fo dol. Powell, Bill-A prelzel bender. as -gs ---- -: ,N BITICJNS Rankin, Jill-l leave my faf lo Julie O'FIyng. Read, Pete-Jayne Mansfield's bodyguard. Rinne, John-To be like my uncle lUncle Sarnl. Role, Jane?-Airline slewardess. Sl. Clair, Keifh-To work behind fhe "Green Door." Schilling, Sue-I leave my long nalurally curly hair lo Mr. Boyce. Seiple, Pal-To be a second Jayne Mansfield. Shirey, Linda-To be a lady wresller. Shuey, Wendy-Sue Skaggs' maid. Skaggs, Sue-To be a model and lravel around lhe world. Smilh, Sieve-To sell souvenir Elvis Presley sidcburns. Sfarkman, Roz-To reach 5'2" by age I6. Sleward, Sharon-Wrile bocks for leen-agers. Slubblefield, Neil-To be a cop fhal drives a Cadillac El Dorado wilh eighf slars on each door. Sluller, Carole-To have a million-dollar record collec- lion. Syverud, Barbara-To be Elvis Presley's hairdresser. Thaman, Randy-To make 6 feel. Thrailkill, Keifh-To become an official member of lhe Mickey Mouse Club, Tollon, Bob-The firsl one fo invenf a "Money Tree." Van Voorhis, Ellen-l leave my phony excuses lo gel our of class lo Roger McCosker. Walker, Donna-To have a million-dollar record col- lechon. Ward, Charlie-To pick fleas off monkeys and give fhem Yo Dick Gufhrie lo lrain for Jim Glwee. Weatherbe, Karen-I leave my ability lo leave lhe room during Ieclures lo Karen Rig-r, Websler, Wayne-To be a deck hand on a submerged submarine. Weilz, Shelby-Secrelary. Welch, Bob-To lrain elephanfs for pels. Wilmar, Barden-To be a burn. Willes. Bon-nie-A social diveclor on a Hawaiian pas- senger ship. Winfree, Jim-To fly a kile fo lhe moon. A A Y 'ff7",,,.71,, - No 5 .wk ...J .J -J ,V-'paw fP sf'N ,Xy' lf'l,. .swf-X U5 V , , f x wx. f....,- Ccmstltutn. from our Syverud, re dramng sald that 'TP 1 Qgfff mg.: 6?-1 1 ff-fy f 149' .-'-'S' x 9 'x HD was W I, IVI, A Q in fa r 2' In Q 1 K 4 was QF, 'R' 5 a 74' Q Q!!! ..9.-f..-s9. -' '. 21- -wilwif' 611.1 t " 5 'a . - I f V nn. .W , "I 437' '. '.1Jf-f.',X Q., , -iff-.L A txfwfj 3A if. r. 5 Iliff ff 3! jr' i' ' in A '- ' , 'W ' . J, C,11.A,Qg', , , I 7-1 L. ,las--4,5 ,.,' . wr'-JV.: , v. X Q!! Lx 4' ,. A,.f,:N. +'.,,,' ,,,' A, v -.1,- .- LY'ef'fl.'.21f'f N ' - 0'1" 1 . ,.. n - G . A ' ' GV. .1 , ,5',,. Q3 .t . Q , K Q ' A ay :gg 'K ,, ily ' gl 4, H1-4 K L in as 161' g Li - :mm ' r - .,.' xg- 5 Y !:.f'f. .f 5 5 3355? . I .A 2 ' ' " fm' rf V,-13'U, . j JJ qrr.-U . f'f.,. , gg. .. . 3. " 'Ziff ,E nz'-' L- A 5 ' ng., , 9' , --. ,fb 4 A , ,.g:,:',. 1 X, 'Q : ' '- - - Q A, Q 1 an ,,,.,.g.,, ,gh . L f. W' ,f gn' 'Ss . .v 4' . .T -, N "f f .-Z" ' ' q., , ' Y . f, A 4' f 1 ' , ' - cl. H -f. r ' ' - 4: 4 A f 'V x..- ff . " vi' . A zggg CQ ash . f ",k.1f' 5 t' 7 fs'-z 'fy 5' -Z' '79-: 2 39 . f,, L? Lg-jljq' x A iv-'it-1 '. W2-',' f "uf . " 'r L, Lpffiig ' w g, fb- . -' Y , L f - , Q' , ,. gf' L1 ., f,,,, Y f 5 . 1,1 ,, I ff y If A f vgikit. T ' Q'-r , WILL BE HELD AQJII f"""1 I. The fascinafinq firsi-place phofo submiffed by Pefe Ycdidia. 2. A splii-second adion sho? by fhe second-place winner Lawrence Burde. 20 4 Y wwf Coburn, Carolyn Collins, Ricky Cooper, Johnny Dana, Chuck Davison, John Deubner, Dave DeWiH, Griqg Diercks, Joanne Dofy, Tara Draughon, Deri Dubois, Jane? Dunning, Dave Easlerbrook, Tom Ealon, Mike Edmark, Roy Elkinglon, Joanne Englehard, Nancy Erickson, Belle Farmer, David Farnum, Sally Faslabend, Diane Felchin, Chris Fichfer, Don Fink, Eric Abend, Sfephane Ackerman, John Allison, Kim Baker, Mary Baker, Sieve Bailey, John Barrel, Paul Beconcini, Kalhy Beckeh, Sieve Berella, Linda Blossum, Belsy Bordon, Holly Bowles, Ricky Bozek, Jim Bregar, Nancy Brown, Carol Buchfer, John Buhler, Fred Bussa, Kevin Calderwood, John Calaline, Esfelle Chance, Mike Chilton, Lance Clifford, Bob SEVEN Finn, Pal Flenner, Don Folger, Robin FTBKES, Dale Gaffaney, Tom Galhings, Padgefl Geandrol, Judy Gibney, Ed Gilmore, Carol Gleason, Jean Goebel, Nancy Goldsmilh, Carol Grahn, Gary Grendon, Evelyn Guslavson, Richard Hageman, Mike Hammond, Susan Hamplon, Bob Hancock, Sue Hanford, Allison Hanley, Nancy Harris, Hesler Henderson, Granl Henning, Bonnie GRADE Henry, Nancy Hibbard, Frank Hicks, Phillip Hildebrand, Newlon Hill, Alan Hollidge, Mariorie Holfwick, Gary Howard, Roger Hughes, Betsy Hunn, Larry Hufchinson, Barry Huffon, Tom Jacobs, Marcia Jacobsen, Jake Jacobus, Jay Jeffrey, Bunny Johnson, Bonnie Jones, Judy Juchrer, Kendra Kay, Ronny Keeney, Bud Kelley, Palsy Kendall, Ricky Kersh, Sandra . V Ketsdever, Ginger Kilburn, Befsy Ann Klopfer, Barry Knudsen, Jeff Kooreman, Linda Lanqsfield, Don Lafhian, John Lemire, John Lincoln, Ann Lindsay, Linda Loewen, Kathy Lucas, Judy Madden, Diane Mann, Perry Marsh, Marilyn Maxfield, Mandy McConnell, Maureen McCormack, Bob McCc1sker, Roger McGuire, Mike McGee, Nancy McMillan, Carol McNamara, Jim Merriam, Richard SEVEN Mieger, Mariy Mika, Kitty Miller, Jeaneffe Miller, Sieve Moog, Sieve Mossaffo, Sharlene Naffress, Susan Neff, Marion Newhaus, Roberf Nicolai, Bruce Nicolaysen, Susan Niosi, Rosemary Niffenger, Clora Norback, Keilh Odenlhal, Sherry O'FIynq, Julie Oliphanf, Calhy Orr, Richard Osfrander, Susan Owen, Rulh Palmer, Dick Parish, Jim Parrish, Pefer Pa rks, Ronny GRADE Ross, Bob Sage, Sherilyn Sapufo, Mike Salterfhwaile, Karen Scarff, Doug Scarich, Greg Scheidler, Susan Schelling, Rob Schmidt, Cliff Scholberg, Joan Scolf, Iris Schwark, Bill Sears, Linda Silva, Don Silva, Doug Silva, Sfan Smallwood, Patricia Smyfh, Mike Sorrick, Sleve Spaich, Skip Spencer, Joann Slahle, Donna Staff, Gary Sfarkman, Susan Palfen, Jeanne Pauli, Clay Pearson, Pam Pederson, Karen Pelers, Brad Pelerson, Greg Phillips, Don Pollazek, Susan Popovilch, Perry Porlello, Suzanne Poulsen, Sandy Rahmeyer, Ernie Rasmussen, Doug Reiqer, Paul Reilly, John Reynolds, Jeanne Rich, Carolyn Richarz, Susan Rigolfi, Vicfor Rigor, Karen Roberls, Lynn Rcegiers, Anlhony Roos, Roger Rose, Jim VEN GRA Anderson, Bill Bedayn, Richard Blakemore, Frank Borges, Linda Cooper, Shirley Corlese, Kafhy Rolley, Mike Suardi, Mary Jo Sufliffe, Dick Swifzer, Larry Tanovifz, Jim Taylor, Jill Tesman, Vicki Thornfon, Donna Traskowsky, Bob Traynor, Brian Trefls, Linnef Vallens, John Van Sickle, Linda Wagner, Susan Walker, Fred Weber, Dan Weilz, Gerald Whife, Charles White, Jane Wilke, Bruce Williams, Steve Willes, Bill Wolf, Gary Yassim, Aiman Young, Bill DE xx ' 7+h GRADE ABC's illl llll N Alhleres-Bracl Peler ancl Calhy Oliphanr BoppersABob Clillorcl ancl Karen Rigor Coolcies-Sleve Miller and Pam Pearson Dillies-ePiclcles and such Elvisl-Jim Parish Freclcles-Don Phillips and Jean Gleason Giggles-'Johnny Cooper and Joanne Dierclcs He-men-Doug Silva and Grigg DeWiH Inlelligenl-Bruce Willce ancl Diane Faslrabencl Jokers-Larry Swilzer ancl Milce Sapulo Kool Kals-John Reily ancl Mary Jo Suardi Lovers-Gary l-lollwiclc ancl Nancy Engelhard Onge Upon Mushy-Roger McCoslcer and Susan Hammond 5 llmel Nulrs-Peanufs and walnuls Oulslancling Cilizens-Barry Klopfer and Mary Jo Suarcli Panlhers-Pal Finn and Mike Chance Q-+'s-Mike Rolley ancl Jane While Roclcers-Doug Scarlll??? Shorlies-Milce McGuire ancl Sue Slarlcman Tall-Alan l-lill and Carol Gilmore U'-U lcnow whol?l Vivacious-Ricky Collins and Linnel Tre-Hs Wow!-Jim Rose ancl l-lesrer l-larris lonce upon a Jrimel Xciling--Tom Gallaney ancl Nancy Breqar Y--Yearbook Slarl of course Zorches-Skip Spaich and Robin Folger b .0 Q'- . . ,. ." ,gt I 4 ' A ,-, 3 Q , ,-4- ev, 5 . X QQZSTJ This HQ h He i Fho Q rn. --..-., 4 .' h Q, I O '.l. A .w A '-4 . ,,. My , UWA, .-A x.'.'9 '-f w A . - K , '- ' K 4,2 .' -. . f., ' 'V . Q . -,. '. x x wg Mfg' . Q W J. X 'Q ..,,-.., ..w..,.,,,.,""-".. " Y:-3 - Q q.: x 'V In :ig 4 ' I RM :ands u+ 9 14. 1 . f.: D, . 1 1 . . 4 .". ' I . half bla T A i, ,fri 9' 'mi ' . ,, s- I5 7 i 3? n.,.Kle . , ..- 'J v' .' -.... . , . gp IEE: ,, . 1 - -. ' K f wg. f , :Q . fm.. 'F3 A , ' , . , . -,.1- , LA, ' .1 , . f, lo., " ' ok l s 1 ww N ,Ri LM V' was M - - , .QF Az, , V ' rg, far' .L " 5 ' '- MS 'Af V ' ' 'Q' . .9 Vx f ji I ' .YH -'f:, ' i, I -. .xl ',. . -A . . , . ' . . ,, ,, . Q . 6' I ' .' , . I I . '. . A - A- . -. . ,Af I - , A 1 'xi ,",4-X' -"'.,' ' ', L. - " .f. '. - ,, A", 5 , -L, . , VL M, L ,. 1,5 ,AM AW. ,QW'W,,, , ,. f A-,NM,,,,,,,M.xA,g,,,g,,M44a. ...,4,.,.,W,,A,,, v ., H A ,.-.,.,,, , W .LL-A. GM, -f - .V W, mi- iv Q2-,Q -fl' I' ' rl' I' flcx SPECIAL ,, my r if-XJII1-1 Jiffoa .1 ED ITIQ N Soya-Q ln our otbwll set-son l-hlS year we h d an 2 re ord w14'h one loss to S anley nl one o aa nut ureek o ll oi 1 r no do bt, made the ost to owl ms 41th D15 uneclualled sb l ty to snag 0 hor vslousle players :ere D111 nldwell Luo ann luck Stark ln basketball ae had approxlrstelw a 6 6 rc-cord, countlng the games plafed et Vlrxmo te and ox. M ry's B111 aldwell made the most polnts He plnyel l ames una made o7 p 1nts other valuable players are J1m lwcmey, Welt ltooher 5811, lhullall, U0 Hudson, D111 H1lger, and Dlck Stark dy Km no t1ng OUR SWDENT BODY Ol' IC fl.: As 9rs51uent of the PINE Grove Student Sody, Dick Stark has nroved h1mse1f to be an outstand lng c oice 'or the jab He calls the nesting to orlvr and receives repor s from the comm ttees We also has to write his snemches for sssembl1es, over wn1cn ns nresides s master of ceremonies Jicx 15 ac ive 1n sports, and has A smile for Lwfrjone ohsrlotte 1rball, as 1ce Pres1dent has man ood gH8llflC8ClUNS abou ner She taxes over dent s s lose t She a sc s co trol ' IBFI us cor xttee xctivities arlotte 13 bl liked by the students, and is w1ll 3 to wslo others ur r a urer, uarv oltmuck 18 dOlHk a wo dl wob I is uis responsib1l1ty to Keen or o o n c ofev there is 1n the Studsn 7011 r ssury, and ll the dfnce flnd At every meet1n , he reports the curxent f1nano1n1 situation Gary a a good cxse of humor, and 18 qu1 e ood 1n smarts s ,ou kn onnie Cock is our cwool ecretar, Con 1e Kes t'e WIIICES from the otudent Counczl C1 sions ft the beginn1n5 of the neetxnvs, she d he rutes from the la t meeting 'onn1e seems be very popular Prolnd the school e el o 15 :ct v noon IlW8 snorts Our very co operative Student Rody sponsors nre iss Frances ighe and Yr Wh Hester by J eron Zeller QPECIAL ACTIVIT IES On Fridays, all Plne Grove students attend s spec1al ect1v1ty of the1r ohcuoe Somf of hes:- Aotivitxes are as follows NEEDLECRAI-1' 1s taught by Ars Lormnp- It 15 n structlon and prsetme for beg1nn1ng and n need students, and lnoludes lm tt1ng, orochf-tlng, and embroldery TYPING is taught by Mr Boyce lnstruotlon ll given on the touch system, and ty'p1ng lor speed and eoournoy CHESS instruotmn is g1ven by lr seller to students xnterested in the game :Ls set up for all types oi players FJTURE. TEACHERS Ol- AMERICA 18 taught by r Mclliohnlas It 18 a course deslgned to help students who would 11ke to be teuoners CONSERVATIOT is tanght by Mr 'eckson h t aches the students the results of wastlng our natural resources. Compet 15 1on CRFKI IXE 'IRIT ING gives the stvoent an ooporturuty to develou the type of Wfltlng he pre-1 ers It 15 taught by nrs I'redsr1cks "lOhh.SHOP PRO'l:."l CLASS COHS1StS of s1mple Noodworlung, t bh bf Mr 11 g LIBRARY is a stperx1sed reafhng per1od when the students choose whatever k1nd of book they Nant to reed. Then M155 Crawford three students out of the gruup and t aches hem bout VBX'lO IS types oi llbrsry work JAZZ BAND 18 dlreoted bf Vvlr meedor 1-he students work togethel on r tlve qazz muslo RVFEIRETEINV' CODSISCS of 1n tructmon 1n refcreewng teehruques g1ven by Mr Isola Students are taught the rules and res' at lons 01 he games They are glven prsot1ce1 exper ence by rofersnng the intra mural games DR! TATICS 15 d1reoted b Ars Rn be Stu dents sro lvon the opportumty to perform and act :mr dramat1o produotlons The Pine brave NE SPPPLR the Panther fre 15 supervised by mr Bayhs and :rw en b the It :Lncludes or tmve artlcles no sll school ne rs It 1S publmshed every two week GDS IYS TERY PHO TO MYSTERY PHOTO I What 15 your scolsl I Q 9 Can you name the students 1n thls photo? The P1ne rove H11 :QBOJK 15 produced bv the students end super lS8Cl ny Mr Kldlh The staff gmns exper e toe 1D all the forms of 10 tlon, udvert1s1n,D, layout, wr1t1ng, an des gn They produce the Josrbook for the oe 61 O1 the entlre st dent body Bsg,1nn1ng SPANISH 15 taught by M1ss Ratnert and r'xlNCH lnstr' ct1on 1S glvbh by r uawrence These co u-ses are pr oaratory to h h sohool work By H011 y Borden :::1s QM-M110 STUDENT BODY OFFICERS STUDENT BODY OFFICERS, leff fo right Miss Tighe, G. Hoiiwick, C. Kimball, D. Sfark, C. Cook, Mr. Hesfer. OFFICE ASSISTANTS, Iefi fo right Janef DuBoisg Cheri Sharpg Marlene Hickman: Linda Shireyg Mimi Case: Kafhy Baldwing Mrs. Kieseig Dan Weberg Carolyn Coburn: Rosemary Niosig Sharon Nelsong Naialie Harianovg Susan Wagnerg Pai Canfieldg and Roz Sfarkman. STUDENT COUNCIL H l I Mwmwgu-umm: E, Ui 2 E 5 STUDENT COUNCIL-ROW I, lefl lo righlz Mr. Hesler, G. Hollwick, C. Kimball, D. Sfark, C. Cook, Miss Tighe, S. DeFranco, J. Gibbs. ROW 2: M. Hickman, B. Syverud, S. Abbofl, C. Sharp, B. Hamberq, R. Bowles, J. Knudson, K. Sfafford, J. Jensen, P. Yedidia, F. Beuhler, M. Oakley, B. Pefers, B. Henning, D. Scarf, S. Nicholaysen, K. Rigor, LIBRARY ASSISTANTS LIBRARY ASSISTANTS-ROW I, left to right: D. Walker, D. Rutherford, D. Slillson, S. Silva, R. Collins, L. Chilton, L. Hunn, T. Hulfon, S. Nelson, D. Thornlon, C. Pauli, J. Bailey. ROW 2: Suanne Geandrol, R. Loughman, P. Coe, S. Siewarld, M, Corona, J. DuBois, V. Tesmen, S. Porlello, D. Madden, V. lndig, J. Miller, M. Suardi, L. Lindsay, M. Crawford. ROW 3: S. Ingram, G. Kocher, J. O'Flinq, A, Blounl. 33 l ORCHESTRA ORCHESTRA-TOP ROW, leff fo righl: C. Cline, J. Reilly, M. Smyth, M. Rolly, B. Clifford, D. Silvas, B. Adams, F Haughfon, B. Anderson. ROW 2: A. Breed, R. Parks, N. Hildabrad, G. Staff, D. Sfahle, D. Flenner, T. Brooks, C Borrie, P. Hicks, M. Jacobs, B. Bergen, R. Roos, Mr. Meeder. BOTTOM ROW: P. Popovifch, R. Hoyer, D. Scarf, R. Owen, B. Johnson, D. Palalino, Janet duBois, B. Syverud, B. Virle, P. Smallwood. PANTHER PATROL l l PANTHER PATROL-ROW Ql, leff lo righl: R. Sfarkman, D. Drauhon, B. Klopfery R. Guinfher, S. Sorrick, M. Hickman, D. Walker. ROW 2: B. Clifford, T. Gaffney, M. Suardi, P. Finn, C. Oliphanf, T. Dofy, E. Grenkion, D. Rulherford. ROW 31 MF- KH19. J- Ackefman. M. Blgler, B. Bergen, M. Eafon, C. Pauli, D. Krog J. Role, M. Chance, A. Blounf. 34 l I GIRLS' CHORUS GIRLS' CHORUS-BOTTOM ROW, leff fo righfz H. Borden, C. Oliphanl, J. Taylor, S. Jones, L. Milchell, S. Weilz, M. Hinde, B. McCready, M. Moorehead, S. Cary, C. Smilh, A. Evans, J. Larson, R. Nicsi, S. Scheilder. SECOND ROW: L. Coorman, l. Scofl, H. Harris, C. Nillinger, P. Pearson, K. Baldwin, S. Sfeward, C. Sharp, F. Canfield, M. Rodden, D. Miller, S. Alsfrander, J. Scholberg, J. Spencer, S. Hancock, L. Shirey, D. Kroq, S. Arighi, M. Corona, M. Case, M. Oakley, J. Eberharl. THIRD ROW: Mrs. McGee, Nancy Schmidt, L. Roberfs, J. While, S. Farnarn, K. Rigor, T. Doly, K. Mika, B. Willes, N. Englehard, R. Folger, S. Grloy, L. Barqones, S. Skaggs, J. Fowler, C. Cook, L. Frederickson, J. Hall, L. Axelson, J. Elkinfon, N. Breger, S. Nicolaysen, S. Sage. FOURTH ROW: J. Miller, B. Erick- son, J. Jones, S. Naflress, V. Tesman, C. Massoffo, J. Geandrol, L. Treffs, S. Slarkman, C. Herbeauly, N. Henry, L. Lindsay, S. Kersh, M. Hollidge, P. Kelly, A. Lincoln, B. Blossom, M. Baker, D. Losfname, R. Slarkman, S. Hammond. FIFTH ROW: S. Pollacek, K. Juchler, L. Van Sickle, N. Hannly, K. Kay, A. Moog, S. Ingram, G. Kocher, B. Bergen, W. Shuey, N. Harlnov, N. Neighbor, S. Pardini, G. Clark, S. Cox, L. Drysdale, C. Gilmore, B. Hamberg, K. Stafford. C. Goldsmith, K. Weafherbe, G. Kefsdever, M. Hickman. BOYS' CHORUS BOYS' CHORUS - FIRST ROW, Ieff lo riqhl: C. Pauli, J. Ackerman, Mrs. McGee. SECOND ROW: R. Chrislenson F. Hibbard, C. Felchlin, S. Sulfliffe, J. Jacobsen. THIRD ROW: R. Guslafson, A. Clough, C. While, D. Sfillson P. Pfeifer, M. Slous, T. Hudson, P. Barrell, R. McCosker, D. Silva. YEARBOOK STAFF Xziwfllu 13 ,WTI SMILING-UNHAMPERED BY WORK-OUR YEARBOOK STAFF-SEATED: Ann Moog, Bob Rochester, Kathleen Cortese, Hester Harris, Nancy Englehard, Susan Wanqer, Bette Erikson, Ruth Owen, Bonnie Johnson, Mr. Klein STANDING, MIDDLE ROW: Karen Fernsten, Steve Smith, Roz Starkman, Carol Brown, Suzy Gloy, Mary Moorehead Penny Curtis, Bruce Wilke, Carolyn Coburn, Linnet Trefts, Susan Hammond. STANDING, LAST ROW: Tom Ferguson Bob Carr, Joanne Hall, Julie O'FIynq, Carol Gilmore, Natalie Hartanov, Nancy McKee, Joanne Elkington, Joan Eberhart, Evelyn Grendcn. AUDIO VISUAL AUDIO VISUAL-ROW I, left to right: S. Sorrick, Mr. McNicl1oIas, G. Scarch, G. Whites, R. Gustavson. ROW 2: Charles Phiefer, Don Victor, B. Traynor, A. Hill, D. Stillson, R. Lyrnon, C, Abraham, C. Danna, L. Burde, J. Lathian. YEARBOOK EDITORS OUR EDITORS WRITE OR WRONG-FIRST ROW: Kaihleen Coriese, Hesier Harris, Nancy Englehard, BeHy Erickson Susan Wenger, Roberfo Rochesfer. SECOND ROW: Ediior-in-chief, Karen Fernsfeng Mr. Klein, Roz Sfarkman Sieve Smifh, Tom Ferguson and Ann Moog. PANTHER PRESS PANTHER PRESS-LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Burde, D. Husfon, H. Harris, J. Miller, C. Abraham, L. Lindsay, N. Breqar, K, Lowen, R. Edmark, A. Blounf, J. DuBois, A. Evans, N. Schrnidf, L. Axelson, S. Heller, C. Smifh, J. Rankin, M. Clarke, S, Sieward, R, Keadinq, D. Draughcn, Mr. Baylis, G. Kefsdeverfi C, Niffinger, S, Cooper, J, Reynolds, M. CI1ance,S. Pollchek, V. Harper, J. Macri. HOME MECHANICS Mr. King, D. Sfillson, S. Ingram, M. Thompson, D. Walker, R. Sfarkman, D. Christie, S. Gloy, P. Coe, J. Eberharf, J. Googins, J. Pufnam, P. Pfei- fer, B. Fraser. RALLY LEADERS HOME ARTS LEFT TO RIGHT: Jonathan Jensen, Ellen Van Voor hees, Charles Aberham, Mrs. Mann. POMPON GIRLS AND CHEERLEADERS-BOTTOM ROW, leff Io righl: J. Eberhard, B. Syverud, M. Case, J. Gibbs, M. Oakley, A. Evans, M. Corona. TOP ROW: J. Gleason, L. Van Sickle, C. Oliphant, K. Rigor, S. Sfarkman, J. Scholberg, L. Trefts. JHLIITIE GIRLS' 8TH BASKETBALL BTH GIRLS BASKETBALL-LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Palalino, C. Cline, G. Clark, D. Palafino, W. Shuey, B. Bergen, D. Chrlsfle, C. Kimball, A. Laurenson, K. Fernslen, L. Shirey. GIRLS' 7TH BASKETBALL GIRLS' 7th GRADE BASKETBALL-FIRST ROW, left lo right S. Naffress, K. Beconini, N. Henry, B. Hughes, L. Trefls J, Elkinfon, D. Slahle, R. Folger, H. Borden. SECOND ROW: S. Pollazek, C. Brown, J. Pahen, M. McConnell, I. ScoH C. Goldsmifh, B. Blossom, M. Baker, K. Mika, N. Enqlehard, P. Pearson, H. Harris. GIRLS' 8TH BASEBALL GIRLS' BASEBALL-TOP ROW, letl' to right: Linda Bargones, Sue Skaggs, Janice Fowler, Kathy Stafford, Robin Brown, Barbara Palatino, Sharon Steward, Sheri Pardini, Darnelle Palatino, Nelle Neighbor, Barbara Bergen, D'Ann Christie, Charlotte Kimball, Joanna Larson, Glenna Clark, Wendy Shuey. MIDDLE ROW: Susan Ingram, Connie Cook, Karen Weatherby, Linda Shirey, Joyce Bailey, Susy Gloy, Sharon Croci, Lynne Holmgren, Charlene Doxie, Bonnie McCready, Adele Brodqinski, Pamela Braly, Claire Cianciarulo, Marlene Hickman, Cherie Sharp. BOTTOM ROW: Jan Miller, Joan Radonich, Joanne Hall, Pat Canfield, Linda Fredrickson, Karen F-ernsten, Cathy Cline, Mary Rodden, Barbara Syverud, Anne Laurenson, Suanne Geandrot, Sue Schilling, Carol Pedersen. GIRLS' 7TH BASEBALL GIRLS' 7th BASEBALL-ROW I, left to right: S. Nattress, S. Portello, J. Elkington, N. Henry, S. Nicolaysen, H. Borden, R. Folger, L. Trefts. ROW 2: J. Taylor, S. Pollazek, P. Pearson, N. Englehard, K. Mika, H. Harris, B. Blossom. ROW 3: C. Oliphant, C. Goldsmith, J. White, N. Hanley, K. Rlgor, J. Spencer, L. VanSickle, J. Patton, M. Jacobs. 8th GRADE FOOTBALL 8th GRADE FOOTBALL-ROW I, leff lo righf: B. Wilmar, S. DeFranco, J. Allara, J. Drafh, R. Keading, R. Babcock J. Nuff, S. Smifh, C. Borrie, R. Anderson, R. Layne, P. Yedildia, R. Thaman, W. Alfopher. ROW 2: C. Soule, C. Ward fC, Pfeifer, R. Corsi, P. Read, M. Albo, S. Abbolf, D. Hudson, J. Twomey, B. Bowles, P. Pfeifer, B. Caldwell, D. Sfark B. Howard. ROW 3: Mr. Sherman, J. Gilwee, J. Jenisen, J. Pufnam, B. Welch, B. Hilger, J. Buehler, T. Fiske, M Fries, R. Wilson, D. Courfrighf, C. Ogden, S. Corbefl, L. Chappel, J. Rinne, J. Gilberf, P. Ginsberg. 7'rh GRADE FOOTBALL BOYS' 7TH FOOTBALL-FIRST ROW, Iefl lo right Harden Wilmar, Mike McGuire, Bob McCormack, Ricky Kendal, Sfeve Baker, Richard Gusfavson, Johnny Cooper, Don Silva, Jake Jacobsen, Skip Spaich, Mike Rolley, Brad Pefer, Doug Scarff. SECOND ROW: Chaffin Soule, Doug Silva, Sian Silva, Cliff Schmidf, Paul Barrelf, Bob Clifford. 8th GRADE BASKETBALL BOYS 8lh BASKETBALL--ROW l, leff 'lo righf: Chaflin Soule, Barden Wilmar, Sam deFranco, Jasper Allara, John Drafh, Ric Keadinq, Bob Harper, John Nuff, Sieve Smifh, Chris Borrie, Richard Anderson, Rick Layne, Pefe Yedidia, Randy Thaman, Walfer Alfopher, T. Kirby. ROW 2: R. Sherman, D. Ramef, C. Ward, C. Pfeifer, R. Corsi, D. Grand- berg, M, Albo, D. Hudson, J. Twomey, B. Boles, P. Pfeifer, B. Caldwell, D. Sfark, B. Howard. TOP ROW: B. Brailsford, J. Gibbs, J. Beuhler, J. Gilwee, B. Hilger, B. Welch, T. Fiske, M. Fries, J. Pufnam, J, Slevens, S. Corbeff, L. Chappel, M. Kellogg, J. Gilbert, P. Ginsberg. 7th GRADE BASKETBALL BOYS' BASKETBALL-SEVENTH-FIRST ROW, leff lo righf: Barden Wilmar, eighth grade manager, Don Phillips, Cliff Schmidt, Stan Silva, Mike McGuire, Richard Gusfavson, Johnny Cooper, Don Silva, Keilh Jacobsen, Skip Spaich, Brad Pefers. SECOND ROW: Chaffin Soule, eighlh grade manager, Roger McCosker, Paul Barreff, Richard Bedayen, Ricky Collins, Ricky Merriam, Ronny Kay, Mike Rolley, Jay Jacobus. THIRD ROW: Fred Buehler, Ricky Bowles, Roberf Schilling, Gary Hollwick, Jeff Knudsen, Doug Silva. John Buchfer, Eric Fink, Greg DeWill, Perry Popovilch. Doug Scarff. 8th GRADE BASEBALL 81h GRADE BOYS BASEBALL-ROW I, lefl lo righl: C. Soule, B. Wilmar, R. Babcock, S. deFranco, J. Allara, J. Dralh, R. Corsi, J: Null, S. Smith, C. Borrie, T. Kirby, R. Anderson, R. Layne, P. Yedidia, R, Thaman, W, Alfopher, E. Depper. ROW 2: Mr. Isola, B. Chew, D. Fosbourg, D. Ramel, C. Ward, S. Abbolf, D. Granberg, M. Albo, D. Hudson, P. Read, J. Twomey, B. Bowles, P. Pfeifer, B. Caldwell, D. Stark, B. Howard, B. Fraser, C. Abraham. ROW 3: D. Allen, K. Sf. Clair, R. Wilson, J. Buelher, J. Gilwee, R. Boyle, B. Hilger, B. Welch, M. Fries, J. Pufnam, P. Slevens, S. Corbefl, L. Chappel, C. Ogden, J. Gilbert, M. Kellogg, D. Courfrighl, P. Ginsberg. 7th GRADE BASEBALL BOYS' BASEBALL-SEVENTH-FlRST ROW, Iefl lo righl: Barden Wilmar, eighlh grade manager, Sfeve Baker, Clifford Schmidl, Sian Silva, Mike McGuire, Richard Gusfavson, Johnny Cooper, Don Silva, Keifh Jacobsen, Skipper Spaich, Brad Pelers, Doug Scarfl. SECOND ROW: Challin Soule, eighlh grade manager, Don Phillips. Roger McCosker, Paul Barrelf, Richard Bedayen, Ricky Collins, Jim Rose, Ricky Merriam, Ronny Kay, Danny Winlhers, Jay Jacobus, Sieve Williams, Mike Rolley. THIRD ROW: Mr. Sherman, Fred Buehler, Ricky Bowles, Rob Schilling, Gary Holfwick, Jeff Knudsen, Newlon Hildebrand, Doug Silva, John Buchler, Jim Bozek, Greg DeWiH, Perry Popovilch, Mike Chance. TUMBLING TUMBLING-ROW I, Ief'r fo righf: Frank Marsh, J. Gleason, B. Hamberg, N. Goebel, J. Allara. ROW 2: S. deFranco, C. Mossoffo, D. Fesfabed, A. deGrassi. TOP ROW: R. Layne, S. Sfarkman, K. Jacobsen. BACK ROW: B. Hiiqer, R. Wilson. BALL MONITORS BALL MONITORS-ROW I, Ieff Io righf: D. Farmer, L. Hunn, D. Guthrie, M, Chance. ROW 2: B. Chew, J. Gibbs, B. Wilmar, C. Soule. 45 hlgh pownt mn wam Jun Twomev wi point . Uthers were Tom Fisk and ' r Jlilpyf W Hun g 5 . . -L' , . A- 4 ,,, v .- X. .. A ' .gg uf .r-,, - b . H I "'i i' . " 4 b , . ' 5 ,Q . . 1 f. ' ' lf 7 r ' ' ' I 3 A if, Q for ati wo: 19023 In wil 1- X 0,1 ,Q , -1 , q'wZ'-Z5-.g. ' 4+ X eJH '4:?a?' . ' ' '- . ' ,-, . f - va ' - 1 '. . , ,. f.' ' W' ' 1.4 ' 5. 7. 7' . xi-V," ' ' . . .. , .xnxx 54 2,3 N-,,.,,F. Q X :X , SPORTS ' I 5 l f- I f X .X 5 Q' ff 1, February' 13 - Pine S ' A fggh grade "A's"' upset the ., 'fif freshmen in a close game at 5 I if 1 ,yphool gym, Miramonte took X E ,A " , Q' , fyijfv the first quarter by 8, - ,l Qfffjf - ' ' BM mk 9.312119 f 'A tie up the in 8 A --.,,-.4,gp. . 6 if '21 - 20, ,?:- 'i4?'51' .:1:".fl4fi-33 3 H111 Caldwell and Pine Gravel .,-f-- Lgf'fVV'.Qifj1,,:? fi1 lf jgj ." f'A , 4,-9. J' Mg gm. ' 3 int man was A its. Bob Welch 'ed I4 points 'Bmmey each aff, .Lu - In a game wi ' L' fi, Hill., our' "A," string 1-mon 2? . un . Q 4 , is A . If s :Pick Sta k with I4 points each 7'-sl-1 .fiilger and Bill Caldwell 7 fgzach Bob Welch with fgfijg, '-fxlbof-fer with me on the 'Gallo in the "B" a1T'f2:5 T 'sm Phe wrwyQv1 Wlshf SQ11ad ,3?fff'if1flz f? li.9Q " Q 2 ' ' 1 ,Af A.. rm, Iam? 'jfla would like to oongratul btk. . l, 24.11 simde boyfff ' sketball 'bel- 'Z' We f -' was splw"' manship ann h,,.gAiAHJ as a pleasu ' ' ' ' Cul group Q :L LL g f ead light: , Q ulti-purg i -'1: M wright Xieroks Best ai elects ' 'artiC t Se J' ,. Q preb, ?.l insure a hx qlow. Pleasb gut guy name , In and Joanne Y ' gffvA,hp11w+A , ou. f the yowyn r.k-i ?g3iQ4L 1. 1'1gi,' -AA ff , , '- ,,5+.,f57 or basketball. Once again we are proud to admit that we owe much of this yearbook to our friendly sponsors and advertisers. Aequaint yourself with the names 0 f these advertisers and join us in thanking them. OUR SPONSORS Boies 8: Soule Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Case Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Fernsten Fruit-O-Matic Mr. and Mrs. Sutherland Hutton Laverne 84 Rita Beauty Shop Judy Lee Anne O'Flyng Orinda Camera Shop Marian Pittman Dr. and Mrs. Smith Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Soule Mr. and Mrs. E. Starkman Tommy Horton Cleaners Mr. and Mrs. Yedidia Dr. and Mrs. James C. Wasley Mr. Rinehart Mr. and Mrs. l-larris Rinehart Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. James P. Read Orinda Willows Abe Rose Mr. and Mrs. Tevis Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Gray Since I907 CROWN ELECTRIC 81 MAINTENANCE CG. ELECTRICAL ooniimoiino COMPLETE HOME LISTINGS THROUGHOUT CONTRA COSTA COUNTY Bones s soULE ossroacls CLiFIord 4-435i O LIGHTING FIXTURES . C ongratulatlons . . . REPAIRS o ALTERATIONS SERVICE Is Our Business Plwone IvIArIceI I-7756 24 I-lours Day or Niglnl 85 Columbia Square - San Francisco, Calif. William Powell, Owner 48 Rlweern Blvd., Orinda CLifIord 4-2OI3 IN THE VILLAGE To All the Grads, Their Mothers and Dads CONGRATULATIONS ORINDA MOTHERS CLUB MORAGA BULLY FoR You . . . GRADS ff yh NVLi2LsLEgY FROM f I A T T R our enera ec ric ionce e er I In-'N my fgxx Y Gund Eiegrizul iTls:CCfOl' D ul A I N Serving Orinda and Berkeley Since I9I0 Poles 8 Pos Sta. Put HARDWARE .F IVI IX - KWI K SIMM aches 9' ITS Al-llll TMI lM'l"'JUST MIX WITH YMTIK' E L E c T R I C C 0 N9 W-'SS fin- mx-xwm comm Al W HARDWARE Photostats Direct Printing Ottset Printing DIABLC RAPID PRINT AND PHOTO 3460 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Latayette AT 3-66IO Congrats, Grads! DR. R. M. LAYNE OPIOIVIEIRIS-I I225 Broadway, Oakland I4I3 Broadway, Walnut Creek I . NED DE LAVEAGA S Congratulations Chevron Station STANDARD out PRODUCTS . . to the Graduates ot Pine Grove Standard Credit Cards Accepted Free Pickup and Delivery tor Lubrication, Washing, Polishing I I Orinda I-Iighway CLittord 6-9996 Grmda Slenderella International Salons The WorId's Leading Slenderizing System "Your tigure can be made the size it ought to be" FREE TRIAL VISIT SLENDERELLA SALON 278 Post Street San Francisco, Calitornia YUkOn 6-3823 George P. Eberharf Company INSURANCE BROKERS Ask Mom and Dad to Drive Sately Residence Phone 334 - I5IIW SIVGSJY Cl-iffofd 4-2650 Oakland I2, Calitornia Business Phone GLencourt I-43 I4 Carnation Company Fresh Milk and Ice Cream OLencourt I-8I6I I3IO - I4th St. Oakland, Calit. For the Shoes that loolc good . . CAPEZIOS CLARK DESERT BOOTS U S KEDS VILLAGE SHOE SHOP Shoes tor the Eamily Expert Shoe Repair Orinda Village Orinda, Calitornia As Architects for your Pine Grove School We should like to extend Our Best Wishes JACK BUCHTER Architect A.l.A. and Associates Orinda Valleio Compliments ot W. C. THOMPSON A photographic Service tor Schools . . . 3646 Columbian Drive Oakland 5 0 Calitornia Phone LOckhaven 9-88 I 5 ORINDA GARBAGE AND REFUSE DISPOSAL SERVICE "Special Hauling ot Accumulated Waste" Joe Navone Almo Burastero CLittord 4-2 844 "You Call 58 Tara Road We I-IauI" Orinda Henderson Plumbing REPAIRS o NEW CONSTRUCTION Plumbing Remodeling Our Specialty CLitFord 4-57 I 7 Fellows-Your own varsity shop Ievis, peggers, Ivy League Girls-Your favorites: Teena Paige, Jantzen, Cole, Catalina Best Wishes from 9 0 7 1 0 " sl-IATTUCK HARDWARE VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER 2263 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley 2I Orinda Highway CL 4-3448 CORTESE BROS. Richmond's Home Grown Auto Dealers LINCOLN 0 MERCURY 1 SIMCA Dresses . Spodgwear . Accessorieg 600- 23rd Street Richmond BE 2-8533 Across from the Orinda Theatre TWO LOCGIIOUS -C Safe BUY Used Cars Cuyyord 4-2488 IOI I - 23rd Street 60I - 23rd S+. BLUE RIBBON BEST WISHES REALTY INC. from offers Choice I-Iomes and Lots Orinda o Alamo Lafayette 0 Walnut Creek 357' Terrace Way Landscape Architects Lafayette, California AT 3-8243 AS 3-4I57 Good Luck to Pine Grove Students from H EXC EL CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES from VARIETY STORES --us- 64 Moraga Highway Orinda, California HEADOUARTERS EOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES Compliments of the .. . CAPE COD HOUSE LAFAYETTE Serving Lunch and Dinner Daily FERNSTEN INDUSTRIES ERNEST A. FERNSTEN 359 Embarcadero ATwood 3-8288 GLencourt I-7400 Oakland 6, California To the Pine Grove Graduates Our Compliments PHAIR'S ORINDA STORE CLi1Clord 4-438 I ORINDA, CALIFORNIA Compliments to Orinda Theatre Building CL 4-3844 SENIOR CLASS MASSI E and UNDERWOOD Realtors ORINDA CROSSROADS CLitIord 4-4342 T O B I AS ORINDA JEWELRY I4 MORAGA HIWAY ORINDA, CALIFORNIA 53 FORREST BAND INSTRUMENT SHOP I908 SHATTUCK AVENUE THornwaII 5-7I78 BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA EVERYTHING FOR THE SCHOOL MUSICIAN RENTAL - SALE - INSTRUCTION Compiiments of ORINDA PHARMACY ORINDA PRESCRlPTloNS STATIONERY THEATRE eREETlNe CARDS CoSMETiCS 56 MORAGA HWY. Cmfofd 4.1956 For Fine Food . CompIlmenIs of CASA TexCIoI1I 84 Johnson ORINDA Sporting Goods SUPPLIERS OF ORINDA RECREATION EQUIPMENT FOR YOUR TEAM NEEDS JACK and TOM SNOW Phone GA I-6557 CLi1CIord 4-298I 57I Mission SIreeI San Francisco Compliments of o Friend 54 HTESCOH "Coun+ry AHire" ORGING STEEL IZABRICATION MACHINING THE TESMAN COMPANY METAL MANUFACTURING COMPANY ORINDA VILLAGE G L Tesman Phones: KEIIOQ 6-I535 Res. CI.iTTord 4-3464 FOV men and WOFTIGH 860 Chapman Oakland, CaIITornia Phone CL 4-242i CALIFORNIAS FAVORITE DAIRY FOODS GOLDEN STATE AT YOUR FAVORITE STORE OR AT YOUR DOOR Phone OL 2-3COO The Yearbook Editors mm' Sfdjy: feel privileged to extend their thanks to the I students of Miss Rathert's room for their activities in hehcilf of Piinthewzma '57 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 55 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ART AND LAYOUT: Bob RocI'1es+er, Joan Eberharf, Mark I-Iaslam INDIVIDUAL PI-IOTOS: W. C. Thompson, Thompson Pho+o Servic GROUP PI-IOTOS: Ted Gurney Srudios, Walnuf Creek CANDIDS: Sevenry-one members of +I1e faculfy and s+uden+ body WINNING CANDIDS: Pere Yedidia, Lawrence Burde PHOTO ENGRAVIN6: CaIIIornIa Arr 81 Engraving, Berkeley PRINTING: Lederer, Sfreef 8: Zeus, Inc., Berkeley ENCOURAGEMENT: Mr. Klein, Pine Grove School Oakland C' ,, ,Q fy G :io C- fb, My , 2' N- ' M21 Qfa ' gf W - Cigiig'-20 2 ' . d SLC if ff! , V C221 gif- 23 iz Lf J' 1 if 1? .4 Q, Q2 l N 5 QQK Lg'- N555 QQWWM

Suggestions in the Pine Grove Intermediate School - Pines and Needles Yearbook (Orinda, CA) collection:

Pine Grove Intermediate School - Pines and Needles Yearbook (Orinda, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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1957, pg 52

Pine Grove Intermediate School - Pines and Needles Yearbook (Orinda, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 9

1957, pg 9

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1957, pg 61

Pine Grove Intermediate School - Pines and Needles Yearbook (Orinda, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 5

1957, pg 5

Pine Grove Intermediate School - Pines and Needles Yearbook (Orinda, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 54

1957, pg 54

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