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. • To UAbmi ai m i sftitfiN A talented and inspiring person whose efforts To teach and guide us during the past two years Iv never be forgotten And whose influence shall be far reaching, $ We, the Seniors of Pilot Mountain High School, ' Do proudly and sincerely dedicate This 1947 yearbook. (Dsidimtmn STAFF OF " THE KNOB” Editor-in-Chief I Assistant Editor Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Art Editor Club Editor Feature Editor Sports Editor Sponsor Front Row - Joyce Mills, Billie Ke yej Sue Fulk. Second Row - Lois Simmons, Mrs, Bobby Carson, Pansy Denny Marler Stanley Frank Badgett Bobby Carson J.B,Inman Billie Smith Joyce Mills Sue Fulk Virginia Keye Lois Simmons Dick Patterson Mrs.E.Ralton Griffin Smith, Pansy Denny, Virginia E.Ralton Griffin, J.B.Inman, Third Ro w Frank Badgett, Marler Stanley, Dick Patterson MR G R MOTSINGER, PRINCIPAL Mr G R Motsinger has been principal of the Pilot Mountain High School for four years Before coming here, he was principal of Staley High School Mr Motsinger was graduated from The Liberty Piedmont Institute at Wallburg, No rth Carolina, in 1923° In 1927 he received a B S Degree from Wake Fo rest, where he was an outstanding player on the college baseball team Even though the lot of a principal is no easy one, Mr.Motsinger has found time to coach the boy» s basketball and baseball team. Mr Motsinger, capable, understanding, open-minded, and progressive is well liked by both the faculty and the student body. Pilot Mount¬ ain is fortunate to have a man of such integrity to head its school. L rv$ V dear eld rP ol Z) rJ o ha cue nay Aeey A 3e A f— - —3 A — T 7K X - 1 —7 4 i T( 1 rS’ Jf M A 7 .1! m m m f r §f ip JB x A bv ' t hi , VS tfcu dear olJ p;j 6 We 4 y e ur jeapk FACULTY Go R.Mot singe r Pilot Mtn,, N.C. Principal Dick Lawson Pinnacle, N.C, Science - History Basketball Ralph Hunt Pinnacle, N.C. 8th Grade Eriene Go Griffin King NVC» English Speech French - Library Betsy Folger Dobson, N.C. Corame rci al English - History Vera B Penner Rural Hail N C Home Economics Lunchroom Willie Lou McGee Mount Airy, N.C. Math Basketball Vilena Chilton Ararat, N . C „ 8th Grade - English Elementary Library Frank T Roberts Pinnacle, N.C Agriculture FACULTY Lydia Samuel Mt Airy, N C Seventh Grade Flo rence B e a s 1 Pilot Mtn N Fifth Grade Viola Wall Pi.lot Mtn , N Third Grade Maude Truelove Pi lo t Mtn. j N First Grade Charlie Smith Pilot Mtn., N J.ani tor Bernice. Swanson Pilot Mtn N C Seventh Grade Mary G Swanson Pilot Mtn , N C Sixth Grade Edith C.Bo yles Pilot Mtn, , N. Co Sixth Grade Ed i t h Ro b e r t s Pinnacle, N C Fi £th Grade Fanny F Fowler Pilot Mtn., N C Fourth Grade Irene S.Badgett Pilot Mtn,, NoC, Fourth Grade Kate N Graham Pilot Mtn, , N C Third Grade Willie M ' e r r i r r Pilot Mtn , N C, Second Grade Foy Cook Mt Ai ry,. N. C, Second Grade Myrtle Snow Pilot Mtn N C Fi rst Gr ade Angie Swanson Pilot Mtn » N. C. First Grade Wilma Swanson Pilot Mtn., N.C. Mu sic M rs Ch a riie Smith Pilot Mtn . N C Lunchroom Mrs S t a n 1 e y Pilot Mtn., N C- Lun ch room Nonnie Needham Pilot Mtn , N,C„ Lunch room TREASURER Frank Badgett SEN f ORS FRANK BADGETT eaver " will always be remembered for his pranks and mi schievousness. Class V. Pres. 2,3; Class reas. 4 ; Marshall % Basketball star 1,2,8,41 French Club 4 ; Assistant Bus. Mgr. of " The Pilot " 3 , 4 ; us. Mgr. of " The Knob " 4 ; Most popular 4 . BOBBY CARSON A happy-go-lucky senior, he is always surrounded by a host of friends. Marshall 2; Assistant Bus. |r. of " The Pilot " 3 , 4 ; Assistant Bus. Mgr. of " The Knob " 4 ; Member of 4 -H 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,41 [ember of French Club 4 ; Best all • round 4 . PANSY DENNY " Denny 1 is little but: loud ' . She is very active and liked by all. Editor of " The Knob " 4 ; Editor - " The Pilot " 3 ; V. P.res. of F. H. A. 3 ; Sec. of class 4 ; Marshall 2! Member of Commercial Club 2,3,4; pst all • round 4 ; Honor Student. DOROTHY EDWARDS Although " Dot " has become a member of our class only this year, she has won many friends. During ier high school career, she has been extremely active in 4 -H Club work. Member of 4 -H 1 , 2, 3, 4; Sec . ; Winner in Stokes County Dress Review 1,2,3; Blue Ribbon Winner in District 3. SUE FULK This intellectual lady is making four years in three. Feature editor of " The Knob " 3; Cheerleader 1,2; Basketball 3; Class Pres, l; Member of " The Pilot " staff 1,2,3; Member of 4 -H Club 1,2,8; Member f French Club 3 ; Social Committee 3 . HENRY HARDING Our modern Magellan has been sailing the seas for the past two years. He is an ex-seaman 1st Class luring his high school career, he has been active in baseball. Biggest flirt and proud of it. I . B. I NMAN " Jenkins " the. Romeo of our class, is Hollywood bound. He is liked by everyone and wio 1 be remem i ered for his excellent grades. Class Pres. 3; Bus. Mgr. of " The Pilot 3,4; Bus Driver 3,4; Pres. f Student Council 4 ; Assistant Bus. Mgr. of " The Knob " 4 ; Pres, of French Club 4 ; Basketball star 1, 2, 3, 4; Chief Marshall 2 ; Most likely to succeed 4- EDITH ]OYCE Her honesty and dependability are qualities to be admired by ever,. forian of F. H. A. 4 ; rade Reporter for " The Pilot " 3,4! V. Pres, of Commercial Club 4 ; Member of 4 -H Club. MARY LOU JOYCE " Lu Di " seems to have as her motto " Laugh and the world laughs with you. " She is studious and is ctive in class work. Cheerleader 3,4; Marshall 2; Rep- of Student Council 4; Reporter for " The ilot " 1, 2,3,4; Treas. of class 1; Member o f Masque and Gavel 4; Biggest Flirt 4. VI RGINI A K EYE The hi.he.io., .he. forever crop Oh. i.-J e.»r s- pri.h.e effir, ere co.,.e..l, Oeh...d.. e her .t.ention. Mes,.e ,.d Cvel 4; Cheerier 4; Behhe.h.U U; brrunerciel Clhb 4; Sociel Co™»i..ee Sillies. 4; -The Pilot• «■« ». • NICK KIRKMAN . j .n ho the likable boy he really is. Classes ■Herf is ,0 »ness«h.i.« the. o.e «o«ld hover !• I „„ . Tbe PUo ,. soil 3.4 ; ever dih.hrb his sleep. B«s Driver 3; Commero.el Club 4, aby of Class 1, 2, 3, 4• ROBERT LONG This artistic young man has an urge to travel, for he has switched schools four times during his igh school career. His artistic ability is a great asset to " The Knob " . French Club 3,4; " The Pilot " taf f 3, 4- DON MABE Don is unusually, quiet, and his greatest pleasure comes from working, " i culture. F. F. A. Club 3,4; Sec. 4 His chief interest is Ag- SENIORS IOHN T,MATTHEWS Oor member who is so engrossed in the business of farming that he has little time for other act¬ ivities P. F. A. 1,2,8, 4? Reporter for F. F. A. Club % 4-H Club % Delegate to F. F. A. Conference in Ra. JOYCE MILLS Her good nature, friendliness, and brains make her the wonderful girl she is. Pres, of Class l, % Club Editor for " The Knob " 4; Editor of " The Pilot- 4 ; Sec. of Student Council 4; Sec. of French Club 4; Masque and Gavel 4; 4-H Club l, 2, 8, 4J M rshall 2; Best looking and most likely to succeed 4; Honor Student. CHRISTINE NEEDHAM " Chris " is franh and dependable. Commercial work holds a great interest for her. 4-H Club 1, 2, 8, 4! Pres, of Commercial Club 4; “The Pilot " staff 8,4; Basketball 3. LORENE NEEDHAM The girl with the sweet sail and winning personality will be remembered for her smartness and honesty. Pres. F. H. A. 8, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 8, 4J Sec. of Commercial Club 4; 4-H Club 1, 2, 8, 4; " The Pilot " staff s, 4; Best sport 4. MARY RUTH NEEDHAM She is quiet and reserved, something unusnal for one so interested is dramatics. Student Librarian 8, 4; Masque and Gavel 4; " The Pilot " staff 3,4; Best sport 4. DICK PATTERSON Dick has made a record for himself with his athletic ability. His wonderful personality will en¬ able him to have friends always. French Club 4; Basketball star 1, 2, 8, 4; Sport Reporter for " The Knob " 4; " The Pilot " staff 4; Best looking and cutest boy 4. JEAN REID This witty senior comes to us from Children ' s Home and she is Hollywood-bound. Basketball 2, 8,45 4-H Club 4; Social Committee 4; Glee Club 3; Dramatic Club 2; Travel Club 3; Wittiest 4; Cutest 4; Miss Pilot Mountain 4. HOT SIMMON §. " Buck " , a 2pp lb. athlete will be remembered for his outstanding ability in the field. Basketball 1, 2 , 3 , 4 ; Captain 8,4; F. F. A. Club 3,4: Basque and Gavel 4; French Club 4; Most Athletic 4 LOIS SIMMONS This tall, attractive senior will be remembered for her outstanding athletic ability. Captain of basketball team 4; Pres. 4-4 2,8: Sec. and Treas. of 4 -H 4; Masque and Gavel 4; Most Athletic 4. BILLIE SMITH " flnitty " must be known to be appreciated. Her prized possessions are beauty, a wonderful personality And an astonishing talent in art and athletics. Treas. of class 4, 8 ; Pres, of Class 4; French Club 4; Art editor of " The Knob " 4; Most popular girl 4; Basketball 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . MARLER STANLEY This intellectual monstrosity is, frankly, bored by the simplier things of life. We shall not attempt to predict where his intelligence will take him. Reporter of F. F. A. Club 4; Assistant Bditor of " The Knob " 4; Most intellectual. MARIE TAYLOR Marie is one of our quieter members, she wili. »e remembered for her dependability. Librarian ' s Assistant 8,4; French Club 4; Masque and Gavel 4. JACK WILSON " Pork Chop " is definitely a lady s man. He was graduated in ' 45, but is coming back to school to do some additional work before entering Davidson College in September ' 47 - MASCOTS MOST POPULAR Peggy Anne Smith Jimmy Reid Billie Smith Frank Badgett BEST LOOKING Joyce Mills Dick Patterson BEST ALL’ ROUND Pansy Denny Bobby Carson BIGGEST LIRT MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Mary Lo u Joyce Henry Harding Joyce Mills B. Inman MOST INTELLECTUAL Sue Fu1k Marler Stanley BEST SPORTS Lorine Needham Frank Badgett MOST ATHLETIC WITTIEST Lo is Simmons " Buck " Simmons Jeane Reid Nick Kirkman SILLIEST " Jenny Key Nick Kirkman CUTEST Jeane Reid Dick Patterson ' Bit c TUNI OR CLASS (Pictured left to right) President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Margie Ha rding Myrtie Tucker Frances Joyce Tilda Nelson EMILY BADGETT r Can always he heard before she is seen DOROTHY BRINKLEY - Never has a worry in the world and greets you with a smile, T OYCE FULK Assistant Editor of " ' The Pi lotcan always be depended upon; honor student NORMAN GORDON,- Better known as n F1 ash N ; basketball star, MARGIE HARDING “ President of class; talented musician; an honor student ETHEL SUE HILL - Better known as " Cooney Mae " ; a sweet girl, MARY LOU HILL - Possesses a good sense of humor! DORIS INMAN - Secretary of F H A ; star basketball guard M ARY INMAN - Quiet an unusual girl; loves History FRANCES JOYCE - Secretary of class, plans to get a college degree. BETTY KEYE - Dramatic; an excellent speaker, witty DOROTHY KIVETT - One of our quietest members; a wonderful scholar. ANNIE LEE NEEDHAM - Quiet but impressive. CURTIS NEEDHAM - Better known as " Shrimp " , but he is a Romeo! FRANKIE NEEDHAM - She just giggles! TILDA NELSON - Popular with the opposite sex. takes a great interest inschoolactiviti.es MAE O ; NEAL - She is known for her sweet smile ELOICE PHILLIPS " Enjoys school; liked by all who know her, CLARA SAMS _ Admired on the bail court for her dark complexion and blue eyes TAN IE SIMMONS - w Lefty ,? is a new addition to our basketball team; studious, MAE SMITH -Says what she thinks ED SWANSON " Winner of many speaking contests; known fci his cute remarks MYRTIE TUCKER “ Vice President of class, always t h i n g MARIE TUCKER WALL Queen of our cla-ss, nas has an answer for every now become a Mrs! agsi i ' s - iiiii ■ m SOPHOMORE CLASS (Pictured left to right) Class Officers President Vice President Secret ary Glenna Fulk Blondell Matthews Bobbie Burge BETTY BECK Better known as n Sniz n ; Representative of Student Government Cheerleader. BOBBIE BURGE n Flirt” of the class (she really has a way with the boys) Secretary of class basketball guard. BILLY CARSON - The triumphant King of our class, elected unan¬ imous 1 y _ mo st popular around school. VIRGINIA FLINCHUM - Will have a successful career as either a teacher or a ' ' housewife. " GLENNA FULK - President of Sophomore Class one of our most int¬ ellectual students. TIMMY FULK - Quietest male member of the class; very good in school,, KENNETH HUNTER - Cheerful smile plus quiet ways; amiable. BERTIE INMAN - Speed-Demon of the second year typing class; well known for her ready smile. LOTTIE TESSUP Best known for her sweetness, beauty’n brains. (She really hit the jackpot!) CALLIS JOHNSON The boy strong and lean, on the steps of high school, with a broad grin from ear to ear. CAROLE KEYE Basketball forward well known for her basketball ability, and her technique to win the boys. BOBBY LYNCH " Quiet, but impressive - ask the girls! BLONDELL MATTHEWS - " Blondie " , widely known for her blonde beauty and also is Vice President of the class. MARIE PEELE Known for her witty remarks. TOHN T REEVES TR, ” (Don’ t you recognize the name? Yes, ic’ s Junior.) The boy you only get a glimpse of going around the corner. CLAUDIA SI ATE - One of the quietest members of the class. (we need it in our room!) ANNE SIMMONS Queen of the class rules with a cheerful smile. FRANK SIMMONS Known by everyone but not for his quiet ways an addition that would be missed, MARY SIMMONS - (We never know where -Shorty " is; she „ eiways gone..) JOHN R,TRUELOVE - boy from the class on intellects. No one knows him other than " Truly " ; the only the basketball team one of the widely read FRESHMAN class (J-eft to right) Class President Vice-President - Secretary Class Motto - ---Curtis Needham -------- - - Roger Needham ----Melvin Kivett II you can ' t find a way, Make one. June Adams Bobby Barnes Betty Lou Bennett Peggy Blizzard Gray Boyles Carl Brinkley Genive Brinkley James Brinkley Gertrude Co x Ruth Cox Lucille Davis Rachel East Charles Fowler Wade Francis Spencer Hill Louise Jessup Joyce Jester Mary Lee Jester Irene Johnson Paul Kirkman Melvin Kivett Ruth Langley Betty Martin Billy Midkiff Bobby Mills Carlyne Needham Curtis Needham Roger Needham Carolyn O’Brien Ella Le e Ow e n s Mary Ruth P atte Hal li e R e d m a n Joe Allen Redma J a c q u e 1 i n e Sams Eugen e S h e 1 ton Phi 1 1 ip S h o r e Billy S i m m o n s Opal Simmon s John Ray S m i t h Do s s i e S t e v e n s S u d i e Steve n s K a r y Tilley Agnes Tu c k e r Nancy Tu c k e r Bonnie Venable Holman Venable CLASS HISTORY The Freshman Class was first to gather in September, 1938- We have always been a large class, even now numbering about fifty. Many times we have felt that we got the worst end of a deal, but I suppose that is natural for any class Yet, we have our good times, our sor¬ rows, and everything else that comes along Thanks go to our teachers, who have helped us through our problems and troubles. We are eagerly awaiting our future days in high school. STUDENT GOVERNMENT The students o c Pilot Mountain are proud of the fact that they now have set up a student organization aiming to better the school in many respects a Student Government Everybody had heard of the ad¬ vantages of such an organization and was eager to give it a try. Wishing to become thoroughly acquainted with the details involved in. organizing The students wrote to various schools for available information An invitation to visit Hanes and Mount Airy High while their meetings were in session was accepted Much useful knowledge was gathered from the two Our high school met and nominated officers for the year. Nom¬ inees elected their campaign managers and one week was given them in which to work True enthusism was exemplified and the various antics of campaigning were demonstrated After a democratic voting procedure was conducted, the following officers found themselves in the coveted positions President, J B Inman$ Vice president, Ed Swanson; and Secretary, Joyce Mills, The Student Council was composed of these officers, along with the class presidents and class representatives St udent Go vernmenf has brought about numerous changes: better care of the school building and ground) improvement of traffic in buildings, greater pupil participation and cooperation, and more ef¬ ficient methods applied to disciplinary problems With the cooperation of all students, this type of government will always succeed even when other organizations fail, for it is the guided voice of the students Front row left to right Betty Beck, Joyce Mills, J B Inman. Second row - Margie Harding, Ethel Hill, Mary Lou Joyce, Billie Smith, Glenna Fulk Third row Mrs Griffin, Mr Motsinger, Curtis Needham. Ed Swanson, Phillip Shore 4--H CLUB Club Officers President - Roger Needham Vice President - Charles Fowler Secretary and Treasurer - Lois Simmons The Pilot Mountain 4 - H Club has just completed another successful year., There are eighty-two boys and girls enrolled in the club that meets once a month in the school auditorium. The programs are very interesting, enjoyable, and educational. Several of the boys and girls have been prize winners in the county, Lois Simmons has won National recognition for her garden record, Mrs,Grace P. Brown and Mrs. Bess Davenport are the county leaders and are an inspiration to members in work. LIBRARY " There is no frigate like a book To take us lands away, Nor any courser like a page Of prancing poetry! n Many improvements have been made in the library this year. First of all the shelf list is completed and up-to date. New material has been added: a Gaylord Newspaper rack, a chained pencil card tray,a new cork bulletin board, some cellophane book covers, some sturdy oak book displayers, some attractive labled slogans, and the classification cards placed on the shelves as a quick guide to the location of books. The school is fortunate in having purchased so many good right-off.the press books, including " The Egg andI, Miracle of the Bells, and Toil of the Brave.” With the aid of her assistants, the librarian has tried to keep the library inspirational to all students so that they can be " United through Books " - a big step forward in establishing the durable peace that we so desire, for books open wide the gates of understanding. " The world is wide, but the person with a bookcase can find there, friends from far and near. The world is with a bookcase can find there, beauty, serenity, greatness turbulent, but the person of spirit. " ■ THE MASQUE AND GAVEL The Masque and Gavel is whose chief interest evolve student learns that acting is uralness and reality made up of second year Speech students around acting and the spoken word. The the art of creating an illusion of nat- Masque and Gavel members not only understand acting but know some¬ thing about the actual preparation of the play for production, for each member produces either a one act or a three act play. Preparation of the play includes choosing the play, casting the play, making a prompt book, rehearsing the play, managing the business side of the play, and making-up and costuming the characters. The. Speech end is given much study since it is the intricate system by which people converse, transact business, and discuss pro¬ blems At the end of the year each student appears in a Speech rec¬ ital, at which time he gives a dramatic reading of his own choice. In the future, Masque and Gavel members will be members of busi¬ ness organizations and social clubs and will need to know how to organ¬ ize a permanent society and how to direct its proceedings. Thus, the students learn the essential tool of democracy - Parlimentary Pro¬ cedure - and the use of the " Gavel. " Left to right - Mary R Needham, Virginia Keye, Joyce Mills, Mary L Joyce, Marie Taylor, Billie Smith, Lois Simmons. THE FRENCH CLUB The French Club is composed of members who are interested in France at large French songs are sung and French records are played. The Lord s Prayer is learned in French and is given as Choral Reading. Counting is simplified by the use of a game - bingo, in which the leader reads off each number «en franCais " In the spring, students enjoy " hikes " at which time all conversation must be in French. The club’s motto has been changed from " la guerre totale pour la paix totale” to " La France ne mourra pas!” Left to right front row - Frances Joyce, Anne Simmons, Billie Smith, Mary L Joyce, Joyce Mills, Mary R Needham. . Second row - Mary Sammons, Blondell Matthews, Sue Fulk, Mane Tayi °Third row - Clara Sams, Emily Badgett, Bobby Carson, Betty Beck, Robert Long, Margie Harding. . n • r r • Fourth row - Dorothy Kivett, Mae Smith, Mrs Erlene G.Gn SPOnS Fifth row - Joyce Fulk, Marker Stanley, Frank Badgett, Dick Pat- terson, J B Inman FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The Pilot Mountain Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America tk °! 8 u 01 " C d An thC sprin S 1946 with twenty-two charter members. C L S ° pe " to J - X girls who have had one semester of Home Ec¬ onomics Meeting for one hour each month, the club divides the hour into time for a program, business session, and social hour. This year the club, whose membership grew to thirty-three, sel¬ ected delegates to attend County, District, and State Rallies, and some of the girls had the opportunity of attending the Future Home¬ makers Camp for a week in the summer. Some of the F. H A girls look over the new club magazines in the living room of the Home Economics Department, Left to right - Lorene Needham, Mrs.Penner, Mary Simmons, Annie Lee Needham, Edith Joyce, Lois Simmons, Virginia Keye, Bobby Burge, and Blondeil Matthews F. F. A. The Pilot Mount ain Chapter of Future Farmers of Arne rica has com¬ pleted one of the most successful years in the history of the chapter. The students met with much success in all the contests that have been entered and are proud of having accomplished something that would be of value to all of them in the future. The following officers have served this year- president, Ed Swan- v ■ son} Vice President John X. Truelove; Reporter, Junior Reeves; Secr¬ etary, Roger Needham, Treasurer, Billy Carson; and Adviser, Mr. Roberts. With their motto 0 Learning to do Do ing to learn Earning to live Living to serve always before them, they have tried to make the club better than any other organization in the school, we think they have succeeded in doing s o. First row left to right - Roger Needham, Ed Swanson, John R.True- love, Junior Reeves, Billy Carson, Spenser Hill, Kary Tilley. Second row - Bobby Lynch, Callis Johnson Jimmy Fulk, Keneth Hunter, Dossie Stephens, Bobby Mills, Third row - Joe Allen Redman, Frank Simmons, Curtis Needham, Billy Nidkiff, John Ray Smith, James Brinkley, Toots Fowler Fourth row - Mr.Roberts, Billy Simmons, Carl Brinkley, John T. Matthews, Bernard Golding, Norman Gordon, Holman Venable, Gray Boyles. COMMERCIAL CLUB Fros.it row Marie fucker Wall, Deris Inman, Frankie Needham, Lorene Needham Pansy Denny., Virginia K. e y e , Margie Harding, Betty Beck. Second row - Ethel Hill, Myrtie Tucker, Frances Joyce, Bobbie Burge, Edith jcyce, Christine Needham, Jeanne Reid, Curtis Needham, Third row - Mary Lou Hill, Annie Lee Needham, Betty Martin, Joyce F u 1 k, Frank Badgett, Nick Kir k m a n , Sue Fulk. Miss Folger, adviser. Fourth row - Ed Swanson Bobby Carson, Lois Simmons, Marler Stan¬ ley, Emily Badgett. Fifth row - Dick Patterson The officers of the Commercial Club are as ' follows president, Christine Needham. Vice President, Edith Joyce, and Secretary, Lorene Needham STAFF OF " THE PILOT " Front, row - Joyce Mills, Ed i t o : in - chief Second row - Lorene Needham, Typist; Virginia Keye, Typist; Chris¬ tine Needham, Typist; Billie Smith, Art Editor; Sue Fulk, Girl’s Sports Reporter; Pansy Denny, Social Editor Third row - Margie Harding, Circulation Grade Reporter; Gl e n n a Fulk, Sophomore Class Assistant Art Editor; Mary Lou Joyce, Senior Nelson, Junior Class Reporter Fourth row • Frank Badgett, Printer; Emily Badgett, Assistant Circulation Managers, Joyce Fulk and Ed Swanson, Assistant Editors Fifth row - Nick Kirkman, Printer; J B Inman, Business Manager; Bobby Carson, Assistant Business Manager; Dick Patterson, Printer; Robert: Long, Sports Reporter Standing - Mrs E Ralton Griffin and Miss Betsy Folger, Faculty Advisers Manager; Edith Joyce, Reporter; Betty Beck, Class Reporter; Tilda am o n s . Second row - Henry Harding, Bobby Carson, Dick Patterson, J . B. tan. Third row - Charles Fowler, Carl Brinkley, Jack Wilson, dham, Bernard Golding, Mr.G. R.Mot singe r, coach. Ro g e r COACHES AND CHEER LEADERS Miss Willie Lou McGee is a graduate of Guilford College, Greens¬ boro, North Carolina, where she received her B. S. degree in Mathematics and Science. While in college, she was on the following teams each year; soccer, softball, basketball, and hockey. Furthermore she took an active part in all athletics. Hats off to her for making the Junior Varsity Basketball Team. Miss McGee is a swell coach and is liked very much by all the girls. Here’ s wishing her and her team many more successful years. Coach " Dick " Lawson, a Science and History major, is a graduate of Appalachian State Teachers College where he participated in football basketball, and baseball. After graduating from college, he coached here for two years. When the war broke out he joined the army and spent two years overseas. Now that he is back home, he has set up a cement block business. Aside from this work, he teaches school during the day and coaches basketball at night. Pilot Mountain is proud to have Mr.Lawson as our new coach. Mr.Lawson, a capable and an industrious man, is not only amiable to the ball players but to everyone with whom he comes in contact. The cheering squad was coached by Mrs. Erlene G.Griffin, working with five enthusiastic and supple girls; Betty Beck, chief, Jenny Keye, Peggy Blizzard, Mar gie Harding, and Mary Lou Joyce. These girl’s served as an added attraction, since they’re pretty as well as good cheerios. They always put new pep in the team and usually brought us forth vict¬ orious. The school is indeed proud of them and their fine spirit of cooperation. Left to right - Betty Beck, Virginia Keye, Peggy Blizzard, Margie Harding, and Mary Lou Joyce. girls basketball w . , Th J ' gJ - r l’ s basketball season has been very successful this year a me spirit of co-operation it has won. or tied most of the games played. The score for the first games of the season are as follows Pilot Mtn. 29, Nancy Reynolds 25; Pilot Mtn 19, White Plains 18, Pilot Mtn. 34, Francisco 27; Pilot Mtn. 42, Hanes 16; Pilot Mtn. 27, Gray 17; Pilot Mtn, 20, Flat Rock 20, Pilot: Mtn 33, Yadkinville 22; Pilot Mtn. p3, Beulah 6; Pilot Mtn,. 31, Franklin 28; Pilot Mtn, 39, Franklin 27; Pilot Mtn. 36, White Plains 13; Pilot Mtn 31 Mount Airy 47; Pilot Mtn, 2 4, Flat Rock 22. Last year the team went to the finals in the Surry County Tour¬ nament; to the quarter finals in the Yadkin Valley Tournament, an to the semi-finals in the Journal and Sentinal Tournament First row left to right - Betty Jane Keye, Billie Smith, Lois immons, Marie Tucker, Doris Inman; Second row, Jeanne Reid Carole Keye, Lorene Needham, Clara Sams; Third row, Sue Fulk. Bobby Burge, Fourth row, Miss Willie Lou McGee, Janie Simmons Jack Sams. BOYS BASKETBALL Basketball is the number one sport of Pilot Mountain The boys’ team has an outstanding record, especially for the past two years. Under the skillful coaching of Mr. G. R. Mot singer, it captured the Yadkin Valley title two years straight. The competition was stiff but with determination, good sp o r t m an s hi p . and team work it brought back the laurel. For two consecutive years, the boys have taken the Surry County title. Reaching the " semi-finals in two other major tournaments, The State Class C and The Journal and Sentinel, the team was especially proud of the splendid playing done by two of its boys, " Buck " Simmons and Dick Patterson, who made the " A1 j. Northwest Pilot Mountain is happy that the boys have come through the season victorious. The pages are now closed until next year when everyone will eagerly await the Blue a n d White o n t i- - ' . •. • o First row left to right - Tv® Inman, Norman Gordon, Buck Simmons, Dick Patterson, Frank Badgett; Second row, Jack Wilson, Bernard Golding Carl (Moose ' ) Brinkley, Ed Swanson, Bobby Carson, Charles Fowler, Roger Needham, % EIGHTH GRADE ; il r s . Chilton (Left to right t n rough row five, picture one) Virginia Boles Janette Brinkley Robert Brinkley June Davis Lena Francis Ted Hill Taylor Inman Josephine Joyce Helen Key Nancy Kirkman Wesley Kivet t Gladys Moore EIGHTH GRADE M r. Hunt ( J, e ft to right from row live, picture two) Nelson Jones Junior Joyce Mildred Lewis Donald Moore Raymond Nelosn Bessie Rodgers M oir Rodgers C.H. Simmons, J r. Sallie Jean Simmons Ted Simmons Tommy Simmons J.W.Sparger Frances Adams Jane Adams Kenny Almond Mary Rut h Beck Betty Bennett Jack Bulington Albert Gilley Alene Inman Bonnie Inman Oneal Inman Billy Jones Billy Mabe Ray Motsinger Billy W.Needham Allan Pell Willie Presnell Philip Redman Phyllis Redman Ru t h Ring Buddy Simmons Doris Venable Cornedia Simmons SEVENTH GRADE Mrs. Samuels (Left to right through row four, picture five) Ka y Ann A r r i n g t o n Et t a Joyc e B e c k An n Bull i n g t o n Cl i n ton Coll i n s Mo 2 e 1 1 Co o k e Ga r f i e 1 d Gw y n J r 0 Hu n t e r Re e c e Hu n t e r Ruby Hun t e r Ma r j o r i e J e s s up Sa r a h J a n e J e s s u p G1a d y s Franklin Jones Joe Jones Gilmer Joyce Berley Midkiff Carl Needham Mary Ann Needham Weldon Needham Barbara Nichols Delano Nunn C.E.Simmons Roger Simmons Wall SEVENTH GRADE Mrs.O.N.Swanson (Left to right row f o i r , picture six) Billy Baker Betty Brim Clara Mae Bennett Betty Jean Chilton Shirley Flinchum John Fulk Johnny Hill Clara Jean Hunter Glenn Inman Bayne Jessup Estelle Joyce Glenna Langley B e t t y T a n e Me d l e y Char 1 e s Mo n t g o m e r y Cora Lee Moor e f i e l d B e t t y Ne e d h a m Jose p h i n e Pal m e r Mary Ann P a t t o n Joan n a R a y Coll e e n S e c h r i s t Wa y n e Sh e 1 t o n Joe S i m m o n s Ma r j o r i e T h o r e B e t t y Lo u Tu c k e r Wilson Janie SIXTH GRADE Mrs, Boyles (Left to right through row six, picture four) Lester Adams Hallie Barnes Bobby Hollmayer Joan Inman Ruby Barnes Rachel Inman Teddy Blizard Raymond Jessup Dan Brinkley Virginia Jessup Brady Bennett, Jr. Betty Johnson Betty Clifton Jean Johnson Lewis Cobler Louise Latham Janie Coe Wilburt Lawson Ray Collins Charles Needham Lillie Donathan Barbara Redman Lloyd Francis Roger Reeves Carroll Goodson Kelly Samuels Barbara Hart Raymond Simmons Donald Hiatt Sybid Smith Charles Hill Mildred Stone Nancy Hill Bobby Thomas SIXTH GRADE Mrs.P.Swanson (Left to right row six, picture five) Ruth Beck Stella Brinkley Betty Caudle Adell Chilton Glenn Cox Franklin Denny Gloria Flippin Audrey Gammons Calvin Gammons Bobby Go r do n Lottie Gordon Ray Jackson Nancy Jones (Continued) SIXTH GRADE (Continued) jasper Joyce Rachel Joyce Fern Key Janie Key Beulah Lankford Doris Lawson Ethel Lawson Norma Long Jo Francis Matthews Cecil Moore Junior Moore Ilia Mae Needham Joan Nelson Roger Redman Irene Stevens Katie Turney Shirley Willard Noble Wilson Billy Wilson I ' 1 FIFTH GRADE Miss Beasley (Left to right row four, picture two) Evonne Adams Anpf g Bepk Mildred Beck J , w. B e n n e t t Sarara y B r y a n t Jim rn y Chi 1 t o n Ro b e r t Ch i 1 t o n Opal Coll i n s Faye Cook j«E. Co x Burt o n Da v i s Sara h Lyo n Flip p i n Dana Go r d o n Earl Hard i n g B e t t y Ho 1 t Shir I e y I n m a n Char I e s J e s t e r B e t t y J o y c e Frances Key Frances Lawgon J a n i e Lo n g F r a n k 1 i n L y n c h Ray Me dl e y J o Do M cDa n i e 1 Billy Ne e d h a m Lu ci 11 e Sams Novell a Sams jimmy Sh e e t s Bobby Re x Si mm o n s Roger St one Leonar d S p r i n k 1 e Celia Wa 1 1 Carol We 1 c h Joyce Welch Billy Wh i t a k e r F a i r e n e Wi 1 s o n FIFTH grade M rs. Roberts (Left to right through row six picture three) Billy Joe A1 mond Peggy Ann Almond J•G.Beasley Helen Bell Peggy Chilton Bonnie Cole Doris Cox Dorothy Cummings Donald Denny M.T.Donathan Edward East George Frye Kay Fu1k Raymond Go ins Billy Go r d o n Maxie Hill Allen Hunter Richard Hunter Roberta Hicks Billy Inman Bill James J ame s T e s s u P E t h e 1 e n e Jo h n s o n Walt e r J o h n s o n Bobby Jo n e s D a n n y La n g 1 e y Evan g e 1 i n e La w son Haze 1 La w s o n Flos s i e Lo v e Jeff Ne 1 son Bill y Gr a y Ni c hoi Shir l e y Nee d h a m Elbe r t 0 ’ Ne a 1 Mari e Ro g e r s Joan S m i t h Joe Sm i t h Ra y s e c h r i § t ‘ A. J . Thom a s Jose P h i n e Tho r e Cl yd e Tu eke r Lind a Wi 1 1 a r d Josephine Willard Alvin Wilson FOURTH GRADE Mrs.Fowler (Left to right row six, picture four) Be t t y J e an Bell Cl a i s o m Bennett F r a n k Boles M a r y Jo Brinkley Mo n d e 1 1 Bryant F r a n c e s Coble r J u a n i t a Di x Re x S i m m o n s Ri c h a rd Frye Bobby Go o d s o n Ch a r 1 i e G w y n Ralph Gw y n Fa y n e Inman Je a n Jes sup Ri x i e Je s t e r Mary Mon Key Davis La w s o n J e w e 1 Ly n c h 9 a k 1 e y M a n r i n g Bo n n i e M i d k i f f Peggy Lo u Mo o r e Bobby Jo e N e e d h a m Roger Ne e d h a m Alex Odum Ray Over b y Nancy S u e Pa t ton M a r g a ret Ann e R e i M e 1 v i n R i d d 1 e R u f e r t S a m s FOURTH GRADE (Continued ' ) Rex Simmons, Dorothy Thomas, Annie Belle Tucker, I.erov Turne (Left to Virginia Adams Jayee Arrington Dorine Brinkley Betty Jean Chilton Don Collins Ray Von Cooke Sarah Chilton Durwood Hall Barbara Frances Donald Hooker Beaufort Hunter Dillard Gordon James Gwyn Arnold Hooker Wade Hunter Elaine Hill Douglas Inman (Left to Jane Armstrong R.T,Atkins Eugene Barnes Wilma Beasley John D.Beck Jerry Blizzard Nancy Bowman Mary Jane Boyles Betty Lou Chilton Peggy Sue Chiltop jimmy Chi 1t on Mary Lou Coe Sible Ann Collins Dwight Cook FOURTH GRADE Mrs. Badgett right row one, pictur Buster Wilson THIRD GRADE Mrs. Graham right row five, pictur Jane Covington Grady Cox James Cromer Annie Mae Dalton Rex Alien Davis Gail Denny Don Fulk Harvil Gammons Leon Gammons Betty Jean Gp1din g Peggy Inman Virginia Inman Stella Jester Shelvia Jones f i v e ) Sh i rl e y Joyce Ea rl Jo n e s Ro g e r J a c k s o n Ge n e La t h a m No r m a L a n k f o r d Fe r n d e u Lawson Ma r i e M e d 1 e y Bobby M a r i o n Jo h n W. Nixon J e r r y Nelson Mi 1 d r e d One al Pa ul Ph i 1 1 i p s Gl end a Stone Ed n a Sp r i n k 1 e Bo n n i e Sam Ra n d a 1 1 Tucker Wi Hi a m Woo dli eight) Shirley Jones Graham Joyce Davis Lawson Cellie Mae Lowe Jessie Montgomery Barbara Needham Joe Needham Tommie Np a Barbara Pelle Lonzo Phillips Geo rgi e Rogers Rub y Samuels Ruby Stone Shirley East - H ■ nr ■ third grade (Continued) Homer Vaughn James Welch Marie Williams Dillard Wilson THIRD GRADE Mrs. Wall (Left to right five through row row six. one, picture picture five) Betty Almond Coley Arnder Peggy Barnes Glennie Beasley Ray Beck Ruth Brinkley Sammy Brown Bill Bryant Bobby Cain Angelene Campbell Ellen Cromer Rex Go r d o n Helen Hiatt Libby Hill . i Jimmy Jessup Rachel Jessup Ralph Joyce Gray Key Carol Langley Mary Lawson Margaret Woodliex Dorothy Love C. L. Needham, J r. Wayne Nelson Bobby Newsome Nora Nixon Jimmy Palmer Roosevelt Payne Lddy Pell Judy Simmons Shelby Simmons Nat Swanson Billy Thomas Nancy Tucker Ruth Turney Maguita Vaughn Janie Venable Johnson Willard Charlie Wilson Millard Wilson Sammy Wilson SECOND GRADE Mrs. Merritt (Left to right Harold Bennett J.B,Bowles Jimmy Boyles Dottie Brim Tom Bryant Dollie Cain Roland Chilton Alma Jean Coins Betty Jo Coins Laura Collins F r e d d i e Co o k Ernest Cummings Ruby Edmunds row six, picture six) J.T.Gwyn Rufus Frye Jon Graham Judy Hancock Betty Hiatt Aline Inman Sylvia Inman Iraogene Key Betty Long Delmer Lawson Jimmy McDaniel Barbara Marion Earline Nelson (Left SECOND GRADE (Continued) row one through row two, picture two) • J o Co Turney Emi1y Wall Julia Willard Marjorie Wilson Wayne Wilson SECOND GRADE Miss Cook (Left to right row two, picture three) Lena Arnder Nancy Flynn Billy Sams Marie Beck Ruby Francis Wayne Sams Eldon Bennett Franklin Frye Janie Sawyers Ronald Bennett Walter Frye Joan Sechrisc Eloise Bowman Margaret Jarrell Jerry Simmons Bonnie Bran nock Ruth Jessup Howard Wall Eugene Brinkley Jackie Key Dennis Thompso Billy Cain Carlton Manring Aldine Tilley Sammy Co e Wayne Manring Annie Tucker Lois Cook Eunice Moore Joe Bill Simmo Betty Lou Cox Earl Peg ram Mary Lou Welch R B Eaton Joe L ' e y n o 1 d s Harold Welch FI RST GRADE Miss A„ Swanson (Left to right row seven, picture one) to right Car s o n Pi yl e r Way n e S a w y e r s K a t hi e e n Si m m o n s Ann e T a y 1 o r Jo a n n e Tuck e r Guilford Adams Treva Adams Mary Lou Beck Mildred Bennett Hasten Brinkley Billy Bruner Bobby Bruner Billy Chandler Tommy Co bier Betty Sue Cox James Gw y n Jo C. Hatcher Wade Hicks Kornell Hooker Shelby Jean Hunter Sarah Jane Kiser .(Conti nued) FIRST GRADE (Continued) (Left to right row one t Rub y Love Earline Lawson Mike Marion Sa ' ndia McCl all an Penny Parker FIRST M r s o (Left to right row two, picture Paul Beck Curtis Cain Hazel Coe June Chilton | . Co Coin Billy Ray Eaton Lottie Eaton Viole t Edmo n d s Ruben Frye Clayton Gw y n rough row two, picture two) Leonard Payne Charles Porter Wimpy Sechrist Paul Swift Dorris Anne Wils GRADE Snow three through row four, picture Betty Gwyn Rachel Gw y n Hazel Gwyn Russell Lowe David Nelson Harvey Phillips Ray Tilley Wesley Williams Jo D, Wilson Earl Wilson FIRST GRADE Mrs. Truelove (Left to right row four, picture seven) Sammy Bo wm a n Glo ri a Call o w a y Bobby Jo Co o k Dewey C h a n e y Avery Cox, J r o Do u g 1 as Coo k Linda Denny Billy Denny Phi 1 1 ip Den ny Franc e s De n n y Chari e s E a s t S p e n c e r F1 i n c h u m Harry Fo 1 g e r Paul G r a v i t t e H i 1 t o n G r a v i t t e Faye Hill Janice Inman Hugh Key Donnie Midkiff Bobby Needham Dallas Oneal Frankie Rogers Lucy Simmons Betty Slate Peggy Stone Nancy Samuel Roy Flinchum Catherine Willar Billy Wilson Frances Wilson FULK AND NEEDHAM General Contractors PILOT MOUNTAIN, N. C. ' • ; : ■■■■ Wz, iSsSSBlPO gift; • ptS SB 9M BH1H fBgg i-i jj THE BIG STORE. PILOT MOUNTAIN. N.C. Furniture, Electrical Appliances, Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware ••Everything For Everybody " PHILLIP PELL S.N.GRAHAM P.G.WALL.JR. distributors of arcady feeds WORE FffD STOKE rr) MOUNTAIN, N.C T.B. JARRELL R.G.STONE JAAAEH 4AOCSAY GROCERIES AND PRODUCE PILOT MOUNTAIN, N.C. Wai L. AND PCM. MOTOR CO. Sales - Automobiles - Service FRAZER TRACTORS AND FARM EQUIPMENT KAISE R _ pmoT PWJWTAIN, V. c _ FRAZER AMOS SMITH HOSIERY CO. Manufacturers Of Full Fashioned Hosiery PILOT MOUNTAIN, N. C. 0. N. SWANSON Automobile Parts Electric Appliances Wholesale and Retail PILOT MOUNTAIN, N. C. Meats, Groceries, Flour, Feeds WILSONS’ GROCERY " THE STORE OF BETTER BARGAINS " PILOT MOUNTAIN, N. C. 24 HOUR SERVICE Gill , ' S TA N) CARRIES LIABILITY Up to $10,000 per Person PILOT MOUNTAIN, N. C. VICTORY CLEANERS DRY CLEARING AND DYEING PHONE 117-R PILOT MOUNTAIN, N.C. P.O. BOX 224 W.R.COX SONS’ FUNERAL HOME MORTIClANS AMBULANCE SERVICE, PILOT MOUNTAIN, N. C. PHONE SA P. E. SIMMONS T.D.SIMMONS P.E.SIMMONS CO. MEN ' S BOY ' S CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS PILOT MOUNTAIN, N.C. FIRESTONE HOME AUTO SUPPLIES V.I.BOYLES, Owner FIRESTONE TIRES « TUBES FOR CARS. TRUCKS i TRACTOR AUTO SUPPLIES PHONE 20 ffrcttoM REFRIGERATORS. STOVES HASHING MACHINES RADIOS APPLIANCES ’AlftUA Jab) H£Af -JON£5 CO. ’Minas SHJUN£ FM « " E. V . PADDI SON mount airy, n.c. PHONE 325 SURRY DRUG CO PILOT MOUNTAIN, N.C. PHONE 100 BROWN’S HATCHERY CHICKS n Mountain Bred Are Huskier n 100 % PULLORUM TESTED - LIVABILITY GUARANTEED PILOT MOUNTAIN, N.C. Phone 28 MIDRIFF CARSON HARDWARE CO. GOODYEAR TIRES AND LIFEGUARDS PHONE ° ' 1 V.S. BOYLES E. A. REYNOLDS PILOT CLEANERS PILOT MOUNTAIN. N. C. W. R. BADGETT, PRES. D. C. FULK, V.PRES. ----- [ W.M.MATTHEWS, CASHIER Farmers Bank PILOT MOUNTAIN. N. C. ARCHITECT ' S DRAWING OF NEW THEATER ' 1 LOT ft I £ ATi H he specialize in Country ham £ Steaks Plate Lunches too a 5 a a©ir CAtfHE If we please you TELL OTHERS if we don ' t - tell us TOWN rIRC SERVICE RECAPPING - VULCANIZING PILOT MOUNTAIN, 1 N.C. Phone 115 OSCAR W. SMITH The Leading Druggist ON THE CORNER PILOT MOUNTAIN, N.C. " Let US HANDLE Your Business " THE PATTERSON HANDLE COMPANY PILOT MOUNTAIN NORTH CAROLINA

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