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Chimes 1987 Vol. XXXII Chimes 1 Contents Events 20 Campus Life 48 Organizations 64 Faculty 88 Classes 104 Dorms 146 Sports 166 Ads 192 2 Chimes Chimes 3 4 Chimes ■ Chimes 5 6 Chimes H ■II 1 £■ 1 1 !IH WU B ast- ' — -fgjj||g| 17 • 1 H H Chimes 7 8 Chimes Chimes 9 10 Chimes ; v H jj AAJgtagl B ' e W jB ■ r P JHI Chimes 11 12 Chimes Chimes 13 14 Chimes Chimes 15 16 Chimes Chimes 17 18 Chimes Chimes 19 E V E N T S OFt i ■ M DIR OF PFI ' m i i i JJ W IW l " W " » ' ii 20 ICF pm " % FFER THEATRE Coming Attractions The Freshman class and transfers were welcomed to Pfeiffer College by staff, orientation team and activities. They arrived early Sunday morning, August 17. Many events took place; such as registering, unpacking and testing. Yet the orientation team also planned many activities to help welcome the newcomers. A Toga dance, Playfair, square dance and other events made all feel a little bit more at ease. All and all orientation was a great success and a lot of fun. 22 Events Top left.B. Grier, R. Luebekusen, S. Davis, S. Becker, J. Neblett, P. Barron, M. Smith, K. Richardson, F Lauelle, D Hernburg, K Johnstone, L. Erikson, W. At- kins, M. Clemmer, E. Matthews, J. Burke, W. Scott, M. McMoore. Events 23 A Weekend Full of Memories Pfeiffer College ' s Homecoming began the last week in Sep- tember. The week held many events put on by the theater, the students and CUB. On Friday, a mini concert presenting Scott Jones took place in the Student Center. The following day, the annual carnival, and soccer game kept everyone busy. Later that evening the Homecoming dance, with music by " Xenon " , climaxed with the crowning of the 1987 Home- coming Queen, Kendall Wright. The week ended with games at the lake, followed by dinner there also. Everyone seemed to enjoy the eventful weekend. 24 Events m0MBKMm 25 26 Events 27 Saving Lives; Helping Others October 27 was a day in which many people gave just a little more than usual. The Blood Mobile arrived early in the morning and stayed until late that evening. Teachers, stu- dents, friends and family came to help those in need. Wash- ington won in giving the most blood out of the dorms and the lacrosse team won in the athletic area. We would like to thank all who participated; it was greatly appreciated. L: Airforce is happy to give blood while standing. Top: Bruce, Amy and Susc anxiously await their " Bloodgiving " time. Bottom right: Pfeiffer makes the trw wait worthwhile. 28 Events Getting dressed up. Putting on make- up. Acting silly. Creeping through woods. Running through dorms. This was Pfeiffer College ' s campus Halloween night. Everything from the traditional ghost to the fuzzy red pair of dice were seen running all over Misenheimer. Al- though there were some children trick- or-treating from dorm to dorm, the big- gest trick or treaters were our own stu- dents! Pranks were pulled and tricks were played. Later that evening, there was a dance held at the lakehouse. While many stu- dents tested their own discipline and strength as they participated in a limbo contest, others awaited the decision for the best costume award. Finally, among all the goblins, punk rockers, and miscel- laneous creatures, a winner was picked. Mo Chilton, dressed as the tinman, was voted the winner. Everyone agreed that this night was filled with lots of screams, howls, and excitement. Top right: Ellen, Anna, Beth, and Michele: The Halloween babies of Rowe. Middle left: Michelle and Bobbie team up for the night Middle right: Michele, Kelley, and Julia rise from the dead. Bottom left: A face only Bob ' s mother could hue. Bottom right: Becca, Diane, Lisa, and Robin: Pfeiffer ' s Mafia. P f e i f f e r s M m I s c h i e f Events 29 Entertaining T onight . . . CUB i CUB provided a wealth of entertainment for Pfeiffer students during the year with a variety of entertainers and performers. Rick Kelley ' s keyboard and vocal performance in the lake house had to be one of the season highlights. As was the performances of mentalist Craig Karges and hypnotist Tom DeLuca. 30 Organizations Organizations 31 Entertainment for Credit One of the many things Pfeiffer has to offer to enhance learning is the SUPP program. Here students experience a va- riety of things from what it is like being a teacher at Pfeiffer College and applying for jobs in the real world to exposure to professional opera performances. Speak- ers come from all over the country and from Pfeiffer s back yard to bring a world of experience to the college. Students go to SUPP and come out knowing more than any textbook could teach. 32 Events r Events 33 A Festival of Plays The 1986-87 Pfeiffer theatrical year kicked off with a festival of two short plays. " Overtones " and " The Businessman ' s Lunch " were both student performed and directed. Seniors Janet Helmer and Mike Lucas directed the plays respectively. 34 Events The Crucible Pfeiffer College Theatre Department presented " The Cruci- ble " on November 20, 21, 22 at 8:00 p.m. in the campus theatre. " The Crucible " is a dramatization of a historic event from our nation ' s past. It deals with a dramatic tale of the Salem witch hunts of 1692. Human failings such as greed, vengeance, jealou- sy, ambition, fear and hysteria are brought out in the play. The cast consisted of many talented students who put all into the making of " The Crucible " a success. The play was very enter- taining and enjoyed by all. Events 35 The Tradition Continues In 1973, a special Christmas celebration became a Pfeiffer tradition — this celebration became known as Williamsburg Christmas. This idea originated from early American cus- tom. Decorations, such as, live greenery, fruits, nuts, pines, and all sorts of natural wreaths and garlands helped to make Christmas look more natural as opposed to the commercial- ization often seen. Under the direction of the Religious Life Council, buildings and dorms on campus were decorated by different clubs, organizations, and groups. The season began November 20, 1986, with a successful workshop which taught faculty and students how to create the desired image. Later that week, the campus was lavished in decorations of the Williamsburg look. That evening, stu- dents gathered to carol and drink hot chocolate. Involved in the celebration was an open house for Rowe, Merner, Cline, and Washington dorms, and the Student Affairs office. Also included in the event were several musical concerts and a Lovefeast. Through all the activities and programs planned during the two week celebration, Pfeiffer caught the spirit of Christmas early. 36 Events Top left: The entrance gate is beautifully decorated with pine branches and ribbon. Top right: Matt, Will, and Craig work together to prove their exterior designing talents. Bottom left: Good job guys! Bottom right: Beth, Maggie, and Kelley gladly display the wreaths and mistletoe ball created at the Williamsburg Christmas Workshop. Events 37 Dining and Dancing It was truly a night to remember! Although the dance was held in the old gym, the evening began in the cafeteria. A delicious steak and shrimp dinner was served by various members of Pfeiffer ' s Staff. Not only were the students and their guests welcome, the prospective students that were visiting campus for the weekend also attended. The tables were beautifully decorated with white tablecloths, red can- dles and carnations. There was also live entertainment. Dean Riemann even played his morracos to give the music a different sound. The old gym certainly had a different look that evening. CUB decorated with a large parachute and balloons. The totally awesome band, Main Stream, played for the dance. All of this fun and excitement were perfect ingredients for an evening of dining and dancing. 38 Events " H ' V; .V 2m ' ■ ' ■ : " P ■ wP - ,,rfc B ■ m IBI ' " " : ' i w ' tSmJr Euercts 39 Singin ' in the Streets of New York The spring season of 1987 was kicked off with an enthu- siastic musical called Streetwork. The revue took place March 26, 27, and 28. The ensemble was made up of nineteen extremely talented singers. Divided into two acts, twenty-one songs were sung. These musical numbers included " NYC " , " 100 People " , " Big Spender " , " The Boy From New York City " , " If I Could ' ve Been " , and more. And what would a musical revue be without solos? This collaboration was no excep- tion. Julie Overton performed " Out Here on my Own " , Dawn Yankowski captured the audiences ' attention with " Ladies Who Lunch " , Logan Stone sang ever so easily " Losing my Mind " , and Gigi Gillis caught the hearts of many as she made her debut with " Another Suitcase " . 40 Events Events 41 A Weekend Of Memories Aprilfest weekend took place the 10th, 11th and 12th. Friday evening, Rick Kelley performed at the lakehouse for another annual night of fun and dancing. Saturday at the lake, there were games and canoe races with fun prizes for all. At 2:00 the lacrosse team played an exciting game, which unfortunately they lost. That evening " Bryce Street " played its wonderful tones for all to dance and hear. Sunday was the annual boat race. Many interesting and funny boats were entered, yet very few made it to the finish line. Dave Powell and Tom Ruge won $100 for first place and Jim Foss and Andy DiMonda won $50 for most original. The day ended with dinner at the lake. The weekend was full of fun and surprises which no one will forget, including Lori Gillis, Aprilfest Queen. 42 Events i M l - • V .. ' yV ; Events 43 Time For A New Beginning Former Florida Governor, Rueben Askew, chal- lenged the 143 members of Pfeiffer College ' s Class of 1987 to accept the responsibility their degree demanded. " You have been given an education not for yourself, but to assume a collective responsibil- ity to make American democracy work. " The ceremony also featured the awarding of an honorary Doctor of Divinity to William R. Brantley and the final performance of a Pfeiffer musical group under the direction of retiring professor, Richard Brewer 46 Events Events 47 c A M P U S L I F E 48 n -M. 50 Campus Life Campus Life 51 52 Campus Life Campus Life 53 ITS A GfflL; j » + - ' -- ' t j _ iii« T m T»rr »» BORM 3 : 30 A.m. (WS, U)hiku qillts . ml f! ' ..■, » - ■ - Nir Ti gL- t . { 5 54 Campos Life STUDENT AFFAIR mm Campus Life 55 ■■ ' ■ 56 Campus Life Campus Life 57 58 Campus Life Campus Life 59 60 Campus Life §J y Campus Life 61 62 Campus Life Campus Life 63 c L U B S 64 .„.-. -v Hunter Fuller Stephen Johannus Beth Borgerding Julie Ann Jennings Katie Marshall Hope Beachum Sara Alspaugh Kathy Richardson Dr. and Mrs. Dolch Laura Hubbard John Branno ' n David Christy Audra Moretz 66 Organizations Religious Life Council College Union ■biP Board Laurie Gaynor Alison Erdman Bill Carter Fran Lavelle Jean Hudock Micki Smith Carmel Puglisa Larry Morgan Jenny Smith Jeanine Haluerson Heidi Honecker Wade Atkins Lisa Eriksen Patsy Willoughby Barbara Benard Paul Fowler Watson Scott Ken Costello Gene Smittly Gail Conard Kathy Richardson Tim Koues Organizations 67 AWS Top Right: One of the many activities sponsored by AWS was the Emily Pru- den Lectures in which Janet Ward Black was a guest speaker. Jenny Rae laughed and laughed cause she knew she wanted to be president. Heidi Honecker Angie Kirk Jeanina Maness Bonnie Nicodernus Kathy Richardson Jenny Smith Wendy Tucker Kendall Wright 68 Organizations AMS David Christy Frank Foster Mike Hood Al McMinn David Powell Carlos Ristorcelli Steve Shelton Serving Pfeiffer Steve Shelton; President at his best Organizations 69 Laurie Gaynor Mark Dilonardo Laura Hubbard Heidi Honecker Susan Misenheimer Dexter Ramey Steve Shelton Jenny Smith Greta Crump John Burke Warren Davis Pat Kane Julieann Jennings David Joyce Lynne Joyce Susan Misenheimer Natalie Montoya Sharon McCray 70 Organizations SGA Outing Club Women ' s Judicial Board Men ' s Judicial Board ' Ml Ifeitiji full ' I 111! IjiijjF jiiin Sl ' l Connie Cecil Jeanina Maness Susan Misenheimer Bonnie Nkodemus Anita Stiller Colleen Ferebee . Mike Cerino Dauid Christy John Branin Lem Homes Dr. Home Organizations 71 Scott Burris Beth Cook Eric Cavanaugk Jamie Magruder Demetrius Marlowe Penny Ronan Josie Serracin Patsy Wittoughby Pfeiffer 72 Organizations News Chimes - -v Jim Barbee Albert BUlings Alison Erdman Lisa Eriksen Laurie Gaynor Charles Johnson Bill Johnston Pat Kane Andy Leonard Rebecca Luebehusen Elizabeth Matthews John Mills Kelly Palmer Randy Sloan Robin Wallace Editor: Robin Wallace Business Manager: Alison Erdman Advisor: Debbie Estes Phot ography: Jerri Veenstra Organizations 73 Barry Davis John Crisco hem Hames John Branin Paul Askew Dexter Ramey Jeff Norville Sharon Byrd Kristin Warnock Lisa Ewers Patti Eagle Vonda Jenkins Barbara Bernard Anita Burns Shauna Turner Debbie Watwood Andy Cotton Scott Earnhardt Mark Culberson Mike Lucas Wes Judy Rodney Webb Terri Stephenson Kim Dalton Susan Misenheimer Mildred Davis Natalia Montoya Magdi Suranyi Beth McDaniels Debbie Morris Paula Judy Glen Griffiths David Madliger Logan Stone Shane Fowler Greg Neilson Joe Judge Teresas Caldwell Georgia GiUis Dawn Emery Dawn Yankowski Tamara Goodwin Phyllis Piano Daphne Saul Susan Hawkins Janet Helmer Serena Johnson Julie Overton Wun Hwa Kim Lori Hedrick Wendy Agie Dr. R.H. Brewer 74 Organizations Symphonic Choir Handbell Choir Music to the ears! Rodney Webb David Madliger Barry Lyons John Branin Terri Stephenson Kim Dalton Marvin Burke Given Pyron Lisa Ewers Fran Hinson i Tarnara Goodwin Serena Johnson Sharon Byrd Organizations 75 Lisa Eriksen Kevin Long Larry Morgan Dr. H.P. Stephenson Connie Cecil Brenda Crumpton Lisa Crumpler Alison Erdman Lisa Eriksen Think La Ken Costello Larry Morgan Beth McDaniels Julie Rector Susan Davis Dr. Mobley Dr. Petrea Dr. Stephenson 76 Organizations Engineering Club Math Club American Chemical Society Psychology Club Lisa Crumpler Steve Shelton Steve Strickland Elisa Smithson Will Sponholtz Chris Taylor Cathy Bond Pam Baron Beth Cook Joe Dimonda Tammy Gibson Diane Hernberg Demetrius Marlowe Julie Ann Jennings Mark Rupp Tammy Sawyer Jeff Waldro p Amy Trogdon Kendall Wright Mike Cain Dr. Home Dr. Starr Organizations 77 Lee Andrews Warren Davis Leonard Britt John Hill Billy Olsen Tammy Sawyer Amy Frye Mr. Jerry Armstrong John Branin Lee Williams Chris Brown Ann Cole Jera Smith Tyler Lentz Maurice Chilton Laura Hubbard Susan Carmichael Dr. and Mrs. Dolch Dr. Bill Benfield Audra Moretz Dawn Yankowski Amy Frye Chris Brown 78 Organizations Baptist Student Union CEF Order of the Sundial - •fir r 1 - J kb k 1 El. ff 7 3 r r V o k ' Mbf H { jaJ A W 1 ' rr a. a J fcj JKP • A ... 7| ► H J r 9 M 4 i»j» M ■ f ■iff o irlt HBw ■■ ' ■--■ 1 A r i I ; H I ,J 3j . : S J i F - P- : 1 J yd jpp ' ' ™ tr. J i? zo Alpha Wade Atkins Cathy Bond Mark Dilonardo Dexter Rarney Jenny Smith Wendy Tucker K endall Wright Mildred Davis Janet Helmer Mike Lucas Joe Judge Fran Lauelle Greg Neilson Phyllis Piano Jeff NorviUe Dexter Ramey Dawn Yankouiski Kendall Wright Jim Veenstra Organizations 79 Cathy Bond Janet Helmer Bill Carter Bill O ' NeU Maggie Salmon, Mildred Davis Darryl Green Barbara Morrison Nikki Reynolds Tony Davis Andre Harris Demetrius Marlowe Brandalyn Grier Theresa Moore Pat Webb Twanna Alexander 80 Organizations Literary Review Black Alliance Student National Educational Association Jenny Smith Micki Smith Patty Smith Sherri Craven Margarite Hutchenson Colette Phiffer Marty Clemmer Brenda Hurlocker Alice Smith Cindy Rupp Maggie Salmon Kathy Childress Organizations 81 Delores Whilden Maggie Salmon Dawn Yankowski Rodney Webb Bruce Thomas Natalia Montoya Koshi Komatsuzawki Thinh La Kwan Sing Lee Wun Hwa Kim Lisa McPeak Penny Ronan Serena Johnson Cameron Verkaik 82 Organizations Playmakers Organizations 83 Heidi Honecker Dexter Ramey Kendall Wright Mildred Davis Micki Smith Brandalyn Grier Organizations CLASS OFFICERS Senior Junior Sophomore Freshmen Leonard Britt Lisa Eriksen Jeff Waldrop Tim Koves Michelle Lattiere Cissy Thompson Tammy Sawyer Organizations 85 86 Campus Life Campus Life 87 F A C U L T Y £ • a T JN • • i ■ •« ' ■ -v ». ' V , -■;■ v a. " V«rT» ) ' - f l ' 4 " Aft ?p • " E J3 r I „ § r ii 3 R t » 8« ■ BT " - • iv Z Tfc •- v " l9 fu « Cameron West President 90 Faculty James Olliver Executive Vice- President Michael Riemann Academic Dean, Pro- fessor of Chemistry Tom Westcott Dean of Student Af- fairs, Professor of Psychology Faculty 91 Sharon Bard Director of Auxiliary Services Richard Brewer Mame Boren Profes- sor of Music and Di- rector of Choral Mu- sic Marvin Burke Associate Professor of Music Melva Burke Associate Professor of Elementary Educa- tion Anne Byrd Associate Professor of Social Work Susan Carmichael Professor of Christian Education and Direc- tor of Christian Edu- cation Programs Gerald Carpenter Assistant Professor of Business Steve Dial Professor of Biology and Head of the De- partment of Biology 92 Faculty George Dolch Associate Professor of Christian Education and Campus Minister Larry Durrett Registrar Jahala Efird Secretary to the De- velopment Office Brenda Efird Admissions Word Processing Dayton Estes Professor of German Debbie Estes Director of Publica- tions and Public Re- lations Wanda Farmer Director of Alumni Affairs Colleen Ferebee Assistant Director of Admissions Faculty 93 94 Faculty Faculty 95 Melba Ferebee Registrar Assistant Joseph Ferebee Professor of Physical Education and Head Coach of Baseball Paul Fowler Director of Residen- tial Life Jeanette Goodman Director of Computer Center Jeanine Halverson Director of Campus Activities Brenda Huneycutt Computer Data Tech- Jack Ingram Director of Physical Education and Sports Management, Assistant Director of Athletics Stephan Johanus Assistant of Campus Ministry David Joyce Director of Institu- tional Advancement Elizabeth Kesterson Assistant Director of Learning Center and Instructor of Reading Juanita Kruse Assistant Professor of History Bebe Leitch Director of Student Health Services 96 Faculty Cindy Loflin Assistant — Print Shop and Mail Room Elsie Lowder Administrative Se- cretary Admission Word Processing Diane Martin Correspondence Se- cretary Word Pro- cessing Ruby Mason Director of Financial Aid Gale Misenheimer Administrative Sec- retary to the Presi- dent Jean Mobley Professor of Math- ematics and Head of the Department of Mathematics Theresa Newman Secretary, Office of Student Affairs Clifford Newton Director of Physical Plant Faculty 97 98 Faculty Faculty 99 Elaine Parker Assistant Professor of English Frances Parnell Receptionist Switch- board Operator Delmas Petrea Associate Professor of Mathematics Phillip Pharr Professor of Religion Chairperson of the Division of Human- ities Eugene Pickler . Associate Professor of Economics Richard Redman Financial Aid Coun- selor Ophelia Ridenhour Circulation Depart- ment Head Katrina Sells Receptionist Switch- board Operator 100 Faculty Roger Sims Director of Admis- sions Pamela Smith Administrative Se- cretary Bookkeeper Title HI Office Harold Stephenson Professor of Physics Shelia Thompson Accounts Payable Su- pervisor Jeri Veenstra Assistant to Director of Public Relations Christopher Werth Coordinator of Devel- opment Research Patrick White Associate Professor of English and Head of the English Depart- ment Jane York Licensed Practical Nurse, Health Ser- vice Faculty 101 CAFETERIA STAFF Back: Coyt Benson Ronnie Wilson Calvin Simon Middle: Tommie Gramling Katie Stoner Kathy Hamilton Sue Dennis Boots Wagner Lucille Little Pauline Maners Sitting: Rose Jeffries Teresa Miller Isabel Rowland Mary Frances Poole ENVIRONMENTAL Back: Zeb Scott Christine Ridenhour Ruby Dogus Alice Plowman Front: Pat Scott Bernice Richardson Dale Smith 102 Faculty Lynn Parkerson Environmental Maintenance Secre- tary HEALTH SERVICE Sheila Prevatte Peggy Troutman MAINTENANCE Bud Goodman Jim Rogers Jim Kerr David Hearne SECURITY Don Kimble Les Roberts Todd Lowder Tony Honeycutt Faculty 103 s E N I R S Class of 1987 President Heidi Honecker Vice President Dexter Ramey Secretary, Treasurer Kendall Wright 104 hJf- ■ Best Looking: Frank Foster Sandy Becker Most Likely to Succeed: Steve Shelton BethMcDaniel 106 Seniors Senior Superlatives Best All Around: Marc DiLonardo Kendall Wright Best Dressed Lisa Crumpler Tony Davis (not pictured) Wittiest: BittCarter Jenny Smith Seniors 107 Biggest Heart Breaker: Sandy Becker Eric Meddaugh (not pictured) Most Talented: Joe Judge Phyllis Piano Most Gullible: Chris Squire Kendall Wright 108 Seniors Who ' s Who Friendliest: Marc DiLonardo Pam Baran Not Pictured: Most Athletic: Tony Davis Kim Bartosz Most Talkative: LeeAndrews Jenny Smith Most School Spirited: Wade Atkins Kendall Wright Laura Hubbard Wade Atkins Marc DiLonardo Wendy Tucker Janet Helmer Jenny Smith Steve Shelton Kevin Allran Angle Kirk Heidi Honecker Dexter Ramey Phyllis Piano Ann Russell Demetrius Marlowe Joe Judge Seniors 109 Agee: President ' s Award 1; Trustee Scholarship 2-4; Mae Lowder Memorial 3, 4; Kirk Scholarship 3, 4; Whitehead Scholarship 4; J.B. Cornelius Grant 3, 4; CEF2, 3; Honor Board 3, 4; Concert Choir 1-4; Hand- bell Choir 1, 2; Symphonic Choir 1-4; Aldersgate Choir 2 • Allran: President ' s Award; Trustee Scholarship; Who ' s Who; NCAA Athletic Award Atkins: Order of the Sundial 3, 4; Chimes — Editor 2; Orien- tation Chairman 3, 4; ACS; Harriet Harrelson Scholar- ship 3, 4; Admissions Assis- tant 2-4; CUB; Who ' s Who 110 Seniors WEND Y LYNN AGEE Religion Christian Education KE VIN DEAN ALLRAN Sports Medicine KE VIN O ' DONO VAN ASKE W Sociology JAMES WADE ATKINS Biology PAMELA ANNETTE BARAN Psychology DIANE MARIE BECKER Criminal Justice Sociology SANDRA JO BECKER Business Administration MATTHE W BIEDERMANN Physical Education Baran: Athletic Scholarship 2-4, MVP 4; NAIA Nationals — Academic All American 4; Psychology Scholarship 3, 4; Swimming 2-4; Psychol- ogy Club 2-4 (V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4); Homecoming Committee 3, 4; Orienta- tion Team 3, 4 D, Becker: Dean ' s List 3, 4; Cheerlead- ing 1, 3; Volleyball 1, 4; In- tramuralsl-4 Seniors 111 Craven: Congressional Teacher Scholarship 4; Junior Mar- shall 3; Trustee Scholar- ship 2, 3, 4; SNEA Trea- surer 4; Phi Delta Sigma 4; Wind Ensemble 1, 2, 3, 4 112 Seniors NANCEE CRANMER S HERRI LEIGH CRAVEN Early Childhood Education i LISA LYNETTE CRUMPLER Chemistry Mathematics MARC ANTHONY DiLONARDO Computer Information Systems ' 4 ' n JAMES J. DUHAMEL III Law Enforcement LESLYE ANNE D YKES Probation and Parole Crumpler: President ' s Award 1; Intra- mural Softball 3; ACS 1-4; Pres. 4; Math Club 1-4, V. Pres. 4; Engineering Club 3; West Side Story 1; Aldersgate Choir 3 DiLonardo: Order of the Sundial: SGA V. Pres.; Residence Direc- tor; Pearl Walton Fisher Citizenship Award; Varsity Lacrosse Duhamel: Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4; House Council 4 Dykes: President ' s Award 1; Wind Jazz Ensemble 1 -4 Seniors 113 114 Seniors DAVID TODD EFIRD Computer Information Systems DANA SCISM FLOYD HERBERT FRANKLIN FOSTER III Business Administration WILLIAM KE VIN GILLAND Allied Health Science Biology LA URIE PEELER GILLIS Christian Education WILLIAM GRANT GILLIS Law Enforcement Foster: Intramurals 1-4; V. Pres. Ervin Dorm; AMS Secre- tary 4; ACS Secretary Treasurer 2 Seniors 115 Hawkins: hettie Pate Whitehead Scholarship 4; Trustee Scholarship 4; Wind- Ensemble 1, 4; Symphonic Choir 3, 4; Aldersgate Choir 3; Concert Choir 3, 4; Pfeif- fer News 3; Chamber Singers 3, 4; Pfeiffer Re- view 4; Pfeiffer News Copy Editor 3 Helmer: Who ' s Who 4; Rho Alpha Pres. 3, 4; Pfeiffer Review — Assistant Editor 4; Phoenix Editor 3, Assis- tant Editor 2; Playmahers V. Pres. 3; Concert Choir 1 - 4; Symphonic Choir 1-4; Chamber Singers 2; Wind Ensemble 1; RLC Vespers Chairman 4 116 Seniors REINHARDT SEGIN GRAY Law Enforcement ERNEST BRAD HATLEY Business Administration SUSAN MARIE HAWKINS English JANET R UTH HELMER Theater English- Writing MILTON GRANT HINSON CIS Business Administration " •; Gil | v » - i + " i ' SCOTT HOPKINS Business Administration .- ■ tf£ D7 LYNN HONECKER Business Administration Economics LAURA E. HUBBARD Religion Christian Education Hlnson: Charles L. Little Scholar- ship; William Livingston Hodges Memorial Scholar- ship; Intramural Tennis; Intramural Basketball Who ' s Who; Order of the Sundial; Outstanding Se- nior; CUB Chairman 3, 4; Class President 1, 2, 4; SGA V. Pres. 3, Executive Coor- dinator 4; Dorm President 4; Hall Representative 1; Residence Director 3, 4; Resident Assistant 2 Hubbard: Who ' s Who; Kappa Chi 1- 4; CEF 1-4; RLC 1-4; Pres. 4; Board of Appeals 2, 3, 4 Seniors 117 Hutchison: SNEA 4; Intramural Pool 4; Student Art Show 1, 2 Johnson: Trustee Scholarship 1-4; Scholarship 2, 3, 4; Social Work Club 3; Intramurals 4; Resident Assistant 3, 4; Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarship Jones: Trustee Scholarship 1-4; Wrestling Scholarship 1-4; N.C. Sheriff ' s Association Scholarship 3, 4; Outstand- ing Senior 4; AMS 4; Wres- tling 1 -3; Resident Director 3, 4; Counselor 2 118 Seniors MARGUERITE ANN HUTCHINSON Early Childhood Education MELISA EFIRD I SEN HOUR Early Childhood Education KIMBERLY ANN JOHNSON Social Work Sociology JEFFERYDEAN JONES Law Enforcement Sociology ANGELA MARIA KIRK Sociology LISA JOHANNA KLUGE CIS Accounting NORMAN ANTHONY LOWDER, JR. Business Administration MICHAEL LEE LUCAS Theater Kirk- Trustee Scholarship 4; Who ' s Who 4; Dorm Pres. 4; Treasurer 3; House Council 2; AWS Executive Council 4; Intramural Soft- ball 1, 4; Intramural Bas- ketball 3, 4; Homecoming Chairperson; Aprilfest Chairperson Kluge: Trustee Scholarship 1-4; Addie Rhem Morris Schol- arship 3, 4; Phi Delta Sigma 3, 4; SGA Homecom- ing Committee 2; Junior Marshal; Dean ' sListl -4 Seniors 119 Maness: Lettie Pate Whitehead 2; Bert C. Russell 3; Robert M. Smith 4; Order of the Sun- dial 4; Senator 1; AWS Ex- ecutive Coun cil 1-4, V. Pres. 3, Executive Coordi- nator 2; Chief Justice; Ori- entation 2; Chapel Choir 4; Co-Chairperson of Home- coming Committee 2 Marlowe: President ' s Award 1; Omega Psi Phi Academic Scholarship 3; Who ' s Who ' 4; Dean ' s List 3, 4; Black Alliance (V. Pres. 3, 4); AMS 3; Men ' s Judicial Board 4; Soccer 1-4; Intra- murals 1-4; Pfeiffer News — Editor-in-Chief; Edito- rial Editor; Resident Assis- tant 3; Resident Director 4 Moffitt: Special Olympics 4 120 Seniors JAMIE MAGRUDER English Writing JEANINA MAYREE MANESS Sociology DEMETRIUS H. MARLOWE Psychology RICHARD ALAN MOFFITT History MITCHELL M. MORETZ Sports Management JEFF MORRIS CIS English CAROLYN STOKES NEILL Christian Education MARKKEPNER NELSON Accounting Moretz: Dean ' s List 4; Golf 3, 4; Wrestling 3; Basketball Manager 3, 4 Morris: Dean ' s List; President ' s Award Nelson: Addie-Rhem Morris Schol- arship; Soccer; Intramual Basketball Seniors 121 Piano: Grace Foncannon Brewer 2, 3, 4; A. J. Fletcher 3, 4; Levis Scholarship 3; Who ' s Who 4; Rho Alpha 4; Order of the Sundial 3, 4; Play- makers 2, 3, 4; MENC 2, 3, 4; Concert Choir 1-4; Chapel Choir 1; Symphonic Choir 1-4; Chamber Singers 2, 3, 4; Aldersgate Choir 2, 3; Theater Produc- tions 2, 3, 4 Poole: Trustee Scholarship 1-4; Phi Delta Sigma 4 122 Seniors " M ml, LARRY NEWMAN Law Enforcement PHYLLIS MARY PIANO Music JOSEPH WAYPOTEAT Computer Information Systems VONNIE KAYE POOLE Business Administration H . l " l 1 8 I: 1 w to - p V ] DAVID JOSEPH PO WELL Mathematics CAROLYN JOAN P YSHER Sociology CHRISTOPHER LANCE RAIRDEN Economics DEXTER MAR TIN RA ME Y Theater Powell: Presidential Award 1-4; SGA 4, Senator 4; Math Club 3, 4; AMS Executive Council 4; Dorm President 4; Concert Choir 1, 2; Sym- phonic Choir 1, 2 Pysher: Athletic Scholarship 1-4; Academic Scholarship 2, 3; Field Hockey 1 -4; Co-chair- man of Award Day; Intra- mural Basketball, Softball, Volleyball; Communication Council Ramey: Best Actor Major Role; Best Actor Minor Role; Surratt Acting Award; Surratt Technical Award; Who ' s Who 4; Order of the Sun- dial 3; Playmakers 1 -4; Rho Alpha 2, 3, 4; SGA Presi- dent 4; AMS Secretary 3; Residence Assistant 3, 4; Class Office (V. Pres. 2, 3, 4); Pfeiffer News 1; History Clubl Seniors 123 Ristorcelli: Athletic Scholarship 1-3; AMS Executive Council 4; Soccer 1-4; Resident Assis- tant 4 Shelton: Dean ' s List; Phi Delta Sigma; ACS; Appeals Board; AMS President 124 Seniors ) CARLOS ENRIQUE RISTORCELLI Business Administration KIMBERLY LEIGH ROBINSON English- Writing PENNY LYNN RONAN Computer Information Systems STEPHEN LEE SHELTON Chemistry MONTY LYNN SHERRILL Physical Education SHELIA ANN SHUPING Sociology $ ■ I • JENNIFER S US AN SMITH Middle Grades Education JERA J. SMITH Social Work Shuping: Social Work Club 3, 4; Psy- chology Club 3, 4; Tennis Team 3, 4; House Council — Hall Representative 4; Intramural Basketball, Softball, Volleyball Jenny Smith: Order of the Sundial 3, 4; Who ' s Who 4; Outstanding Senior; J.B. Cornelius Scholarship; Gertrude Norflect R. Kent Blair Scholarship; AWS — Pres. 4; SGA Executive Council 3, 4; CUB Entertainment Coordinator 2-4; Residence Director 3, 4; Counselor SNEA-SNCAE (V. Pres. 4) Symphonic Choir 2 Jera Smith: Trustee Scholarship; Day Student Association 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 3, 4 Seniors 125 Sponholtz: President ' s Award 1-3; Athletic Scholarship 3, 4; Senator 4; ACS 1 -4; Swim- ming Club 2; Soccer 3, 4; Indoor Soccer 1-4 Squier: Lacrosse 1-4; Senator 4; Orientation 3 126 Seniors PATRICIA IRENE SMITH Early Childhood Education WILLIAM R. SPONHOLTZ Chemistry CHRISTIAN W. SQUIER Business Administration - -» trvfi ANITA DIANE STILLER Sociology WENDY MICHELE TUCKER Sports Medicine WARREN KENNETH WILLIAMS Biology HELEN PATRICIA WILLOUGHBY Economics Business Administration MARIAN KENDALL WRIGHT Psychology Tucker: Trustee Scholarship 1-4; J.B. Cornelius 2-4; Athletic Scholarship 2-4; Marine Corps Scholarship 1-4; Staff NCO Wives Club Scholarship 1; Volleyball 1- 4; Tri-captain; Senate 3, 4; Lake Project Committee 3; AWS — V. Pres. 4; Order of the Sundial 3, 4; Who ' s Who 4; Dean ' s List 2 Williams: Baseball Scholarship 3, 4; MVP 4; Trustee Scholar- ship 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; SGA Elections Committee 4 Willoughby: CUB 3, 4; Chimes 3; Pfeiffer News — Office Manager 4; Senate 3; Chairperson Placement 3; Chairperson Publicity 3; Chairperson Facilities 4; Hall Represen- tative 1, 2, 3 Wright: Cheerleader: AWS Trea- surer; Resident Assistant 2, 3, 4; RLC President; Execu- tive Council; Class Officer 1-4; Chimes — Editor; Pfeiffer News; Rho Alpha; Order of the Sundial — Pres. 4; Chairman of Awards Day; Psychology Club Seniors 127 J u N I R S Class of 1988 President Mildred Dauis Vice President Micki Smith Secretary, Treasure! Brandalyn Grier 128 L- Sara Alspaugh Edward K. Arnoon Lisa Argersinger Barbara Barnard Hope Beachum Robin Beck Lisa Blalock Alice Brown Layne Bullard Jennifer Cashwell Connie Cecil Michael Cerino Ann Cole Nancee Cranmer Mildred Davis Andrea Deese Frank Dwyer Car a Easley 130 Juniors Rita Earnhardt Brent Eckberg Alison Erdman David Earlee Debbie Finch Laurie Gaynor Brandalyn Grier Tamara Goodwin Andre Harris Deborah Haslach Denise Hemler Rick Hoffman Jay Howard Lorri Howell Brenda Hurlocker Kristin Iberger Kathy Jaudon Diane Jones Juniors 131 Amy Kaspert Sean Kerrigan Mie Kobayashi Koshi Komatsuzaki Sandy Landis Fran Lauelle Susan Laming Marilyn Lee George Leonard Angie Little Katie Marshall Sharon McCrea Giles Michaud Susan Misenheimer Audra Moretz Larry Morgan Beth Morrison Eri Nakamura Bonnie Nicodemus Lee Ann Oehler William O ' Neil 132 Juniors Gregory Peck Terry Peck Lisa Peterson Colette Phifer Frank Pustay Julie Rector Cynthia Robertson Trudi Shue Micki Smith Jennifer Street Watson Scott Lee Williams Stephanie Williams Jay Wroe Juniors 133 s p H M R E S Class of 1989 President Jeff Waldrop Vice President Andy Billings Secretary Lisa Eriksen Treasurer Leonard Britt 134 1 ! • i 1 at± f Teresa Baptist Penny Barkley Emily Bauen Donna Berger Tammy Blalock Beth Borgerding John Branin Leonard Britt John Burke Michelle Causby Scott Clontz Christopher Collins Stacia Costanzo Kimberly Dalton Barry Davis Carlo Davis Jeff Davis Warren Davis Lisa Eagle Thomas Edwards Walter Emmerling Lisa Eriksen Kevin Evans Lisa Ewers 136 Sophomores Myra Fisher John Fritz Amy Frye Chris Furr Teresa Furr Matt Gerald Robert Guglielmo Lemuel E. Homes Mitch Chuck Harmon Margie Harvey William Herring Harriet Hicks Regina Hoffman Mike Hood Jean-Marie Hudock Michael Hughes Julianne Jennings Patricia Kane James Riser Annette Kluttz Darren Lassiter Angela Leake Kevin Long Will Lug Sophomores 137 Kathy Martin Amy Mathiason Lisa McPeak Michelle Milstead Sherry Moore Debbie Morris Barbara Morrison Demmi Murphy Greg Neilson Chris Penland Brian Pieroni Zeb Pipkin Trauis Powell James Player Given Pyron Karen Ravert Nicki Reynolds Heather Rice Jody Richardson Robert Rutemiller Angle Smucker Kim Stallings Kirsten Swifter Frank Tansky 138 Sophomores MAIL Jeff Taylor Raymond Thomas Amy Trogdon Clarence Underwood Brenda Voider Dean Vernon Jeff Waldrop Robin Wallace Paul Wetterau Dolores Whilden Mark Woodard Dawn Yankowski Sandra York Bobbie Yusko Sophomores 139 F R E S H M E N Class of 1990 President Tammy Sawyer Vice President Timothy Koves Secretary Cissy Thompson Treasurer Michelle Lettiere 140 % I Tayna Alexander Laura Anderson Michele Barr Susan Brown Marty Bowles Karlene Buhr Kyle Burris Angie Carpenter Dale Carroll Scott Champion Kelly Clatterbuck Lynn Coble Wyett Colclasure Gayle Conard Brenda Compton Mark Cordeiro Greta Crump Mark Culbertson Tara Dial Joe Dimonda Joseph Durando Patricia Eagle Josh Embree Dawn Emery Robert Enloe Patricia Eudy Dennis Evans Paul Farlee Kenny Faulkner Julia Frise »L 142 Freshmen Tony Fisher Shane Fowler Marc Fleming Gi Gi Gillis Brian Goodnight Nita Grady Amy Harrington Paul Hittier Colleen Hughes Angle Jackson Vonda Jenkins Charles Johnson Kim Jones Barbara Kendall Wayne Kerr Wunhwa Kim Timothy Kimble Danny Kimray Paul Kolody Tim Koves Danielle LaFrance Kwan Lee Michele Lettiere William Lindoerfer Freshmen 143 Pete Liuzzi Lisa Love David Madliger Bart Mays Angle McClamroch Cyndi McCoy Erin McHugh Sean McLean Brenda Means Jency Miller Theresa Moore Whitney Mugler Paula Morgan Alan Nanney Kristin Nelson Jennifer Noblitt Billy Olsen Julie Overton Kelly Palmer Manoj Patel Joel Petliek Anne Phillips William Pitt Kenny Pittman Thomas Pittman Julie Poole 144 Freshmen mat Carmel Puglisi Dustin Rabin Laura Register Mark Rapp Tammy Sawyer Mark Sells Julie Simmons Mary Shriner Judi Skurski Regina Smith Sherri Spears John Spenser Andrea Stoker La Think Cissy Thompson Susan Thomson Regina Tillman Michelle Vaughn Keith Venable Boby Walker Johnnie Walker Mike Waller Kim Wain John White Linda Whitener Ashlyn Whitley Paula Willis Laura Wines Michael Woodard Freshmen 145 D O R M S . i i 146 I ' ■ ' 1 ' t A »4 V -■ • ' V . •■• it •-• 4 fen " v rv ROWE Laurie Mcgee Teresa Caldwell Laura Anderson Sherri Spears Angela Carpenter Laurie Gaynor Paula Willis Kim Jones Annlouise Lammie Angela Jackson Elisabeth Cook Carmel Puglisi Brenda Means Susan Thomson Margie McMoore Kelly Clatterbuck Kelly Palmer Andrea Kimmons Ellen Yarbrough Joatten Weaver Karlene Buhr Kwan Lee Judy Skurski Erin McHugh Martha Pope Connie Cecil Mary Shriner Julie Overton Sharon Brusie Georgia Gillis Wun Kim Lisa Blaloek Paula Morgan Danielle Lafrance Anne Phillips Vonda Jenkins Colleen Hughes Jennifer Noblitt Michele Barr Cindy McCoy Robin Wallace Tammy Sawyer Lori Hedrick Julia Prise Virginia Thompson Mary Vaughn Kathy Jaudon Kendall Wright Brenda Compton Gayle Canard Marty Bowles Alicia Gabriel Lisa McClamrock Kim Wain Greta Crump Amy Harrington Anita Burns Anita Grady Michele Lettiere Teresa Moore Tayna Alexander Mary Carroll Lisa Love Kristin Nelson Lisa Poe Ann Whitener Reginia Tillman Mildred Davis Patty Eagle Susan Brown Dawn Emery Heidi Honecker 148 Dorms 149 MERNER Ann Cole Wendy Butensky Bonnie Nicodemus Dawn Yankowski Beth Borgerding Staci Costanzo Mary Schneider Lisa Kluge Pam Baran Nancee Crammer Barbara Barnard Cindy Rupp Lisa Crumpler Angela Kirk Kimberly Kidd Tamara Willoughby Patsy Willoughby Amy Frye Natalia Montoya Ruth Phelps Kathy Mahan Colette Phifer Harriet Hicks Sherry Moore Deborah Watwood Jennifer Cashwell Donna Benge Heather Rice Patty Wyar Brenda Hurlocker Susan Misenheimer Lisa Ewers Sharon Byrd Penny Ronan Sara Alspaugh Demmi Murphy Lori Greene Anita Stiller Carolyn Pysher Kelly Nance Joy Miller Janet Helmer Julie Rector Laura Hubbard Sharon McCrea Lisa Argersinger Patricia Smith Layne Bullard Josie Serracin Nelda Fisher Myra Fisher Serena Johnson Alison Erdman Cara Barley Annette Kluttz Catherine Marshall 150 Dorms Maggie Salmon Margie Harvey Barbara Joyce Patricia Kane Angela Leake Diane Becker Shauna Turner Kristin Iberger Helen Smith Jenny Smith Dorms 151 CLINE Amy Mathiason Shelly Causby Gwendolyn Pyron Tammy Blalock Angela Little Kim Dalton Debbie Morris Beth Morrison Kathy Hartzog Eri Nakamura Nancy Rikard Sandra Becker Rebecca Luebehusen Joy Burris Elisa Smithson Paula Bowers Julie Simmons Patricia Cassady Donna Berger Donna Wolf Mie Kobayashi Robin Beck Diana Reynolds Lisa Park Barbara Yusko Elizabeth Matthews Michelle Milstead Terry Baptist Lisa Eagle Leslye Dykes Martha Clemmer Brenda Voider Emily Baker Janet Iuey Lisa Story Kelly Blanchette Diane Hernberg Barbara Morrison Wendy Tucker 152 Dorms Dorms 153 WASHINGTON Andrea Deese Patty Webb Bridgett Arnett Audra Moretz Penny Barkley Angela Lingle Brandalyn Grier Lisa Peterson Susan Laming Debbie Finch Michelle Johnstone Julianne Jennings Lisa Eriksen Marguerite Hutchison. Jean Hudock Elizabeth Hall Kathy Richardson Amy Kaspert Carta Davis Karen Ravert Kathy Childress Trudi Shue Leah Williams Melinda Watson Amy Trogdon Angela Schmucker Sara Justice Phyllis Piano Regina Hoffman Christine Masser Kim Stanley Nancy Coleman Fran Lavelle Lorri Howell Sonya Dial Gaetane Michaud Lejuana Morgan Lee Dehler Deborah Smith Jody Richardson Jennifer Street Denise Hemler Sheila Lowry Diane Jones 154 Dorms Dorms 155 ERVIN William Fuller Mark Culbertson Brian Goodnight Keith Venable David Madliger Shane Fowler Jeff Brinkley Dexter Ramey Gilbert Stone John Walker Marc Fleming Thomas Pittman Frank Winchester Charles Sharpe Dustin Rabin Peter Liuzzi Thomas McLehose Robert Tamburro William Grace John Spencer ■ James Walker Timothy Koves Scott Wagner Joseph Champion Robert Enloe Bruce Raffe Matthew Hughson James Brooks Timothy Elm Michael Woodard Dennis Evans Brian Martin Joey Dahl Michael Choplin Kader Ramsey Mark Lucas Al McMinn Austin Smith Roger Teague Kenny Faulkner Will BachteU Mwhael Kirk Jeffrey Waldrop Rob Bumgardner Todd Jamieson James Beall Will Lindoerfer Kendall Pittman William Pitt Mark Cordeiro Myron Grimes Michael Waller Joseph Dirnonda Mark Rupp David Christy 156 Dorms - Wfl [- •_ -TV MM . Dorms 157 KLUFTINGER John Burke Travis Powell Jon Neblett Jack Wallace Christopher Woodard Paul Lucas Andrew Langhorne James Barbee Johnny Chntz Scott Hopkins Jeffrey Childress Todd Sarmientb Leonard Britt Frederick Batterman James Kiser Milton Hinson Christopher Brown Paul Wetterau David Tilton Gaylord Perry Gregory Caccia Gregory Neilson Brian Floyd Donald Brendle Dan Kimray Timothy Kimble David Watts Christopher Brantley William Olsen Wyett Colclasure Michael Hood Richard Zieg Richard Ellis John White Paul Farlee Sean McLean Alan Nanney Kelly Whitener Paul Hillier Johnny Coble Matthew Robertson Mark Shiflet Jeffrey Crisco James Atkins Jeffrey Jones 158 Dorms Dorms 159 PLYLER Larry Morgan Ken Costelto Edward Amoon Lawrence Newman David Rilling Thomas Hartsell Rich Jones Kevin Askew Mitch Moretz Garden Conner Kevin Greenway Chris Hoffner Manoj Patel Kevin Allran Watson Scott Lemuel Homes Ray Davis William Sponholt2 Julian Machimbarrena James White Jorge Casero Robert Wallace Jay Howard Ronald Golden Tony Davis Edward Dwyer Kevin Lyons Darryl Green Robert Dick Darren Lassiter Clarence Underwood Herbert Sparks Andre Harris Chris Collins 160 Dorms Dorms 161 VAUGHN Frank Pustay James Wroe Barry Lyons Thomas Edwards Chris Penland William Lug Gilles Michaud Francis Tansky Carlos Ristorcelli Mike Cerino Eric Meddaugh Chris Phenicie Reinhardt Gray Brent Eckberg Samuel Walker Matthew Smith Mike McDonald Dean Vernon Mark Lemieux Ken Peeler Zeb Pipkin John Crisco Macon Snowden Tom Hudock Jeff Norville Samuel Roebuck Randy Sloan Tom Earnhardt Patrice William Troy Waller Joe Judge Lawrence Kaplan Brian Pieroni Thinh La Charles Nations David Jordan Tim Sanders Rob Guglielmo Kevin Mills Chris Furr Kevin Long Richard Barbaria Mike Ollari Andrew Dimonda David Farlee Maurice Chilton Hugh Grey John Branin Rob Hatfield James Lawson Marvin Askew Sean Kerrigan James Foss Neil McElroy Chris Squier Julian Domenech Fred Franke Curtis Turner James Kiernan Demetrius Marlowe 162 Dorms i . 5f m j T 1 Dorms 163 FOOTE Walter Eaton John Kelley Chris Palmer Craig Chaffinch Craig Majid Greg Luebehusen Matthew Biedermann William Rousseau Bart Mays William Herring John Taylor James Magruder Monty Sherrill Timothy Pulliam Charles Kanipe John Meadows Mark Jameson Lee Williams Raymond Thomas Fitzgerald Andrews Koshi Komatsuzaki Frederick Hoffmann Warren Williams Richard Moffitt Kenneth Eason Chris Rairden Michael Lucas Carl Kodzai Gregory Peck Thomas Carr George Leonard Walter Emmerling Robert Rutemiller Frank Bosco Michael Kane Lloyd Taylor Herbert Foster Stephen Shelton Robert Donovan Steven Strickland Roger Williams Larry Brooks Maury Carlton William Wyatt Tracey Wyrick Cameron Verkaik William Johnston Rodney Webb David Powell James Duhamel Robert Cristella Jeffrey Davis Joseph Poteat Marc Dilonardo 164 Dorms Dorms 165 s p R T S 166 nj s jft »: •- ' - ' r ' x. Mel ' s Boys Have A Kick Pfeiffer started out the season winning six of their first seven games. Then injuries struck and the Falcons finished out the season with a record of 9-7-1. Sophomore Frank Pustay was selected All-Conference and All-District while tying for the scoring lead with Julian Machimbarrena. Each scored three goals and four assists for ten points. Junior Fred Franke was Conference Honorable Mention at goalie. The Falcons just missed the playoffs this year, but with 16 returning lettermen we will be looking for them in there next year. Sitting: Franke Edwardi, (no longer w team), Bruce Raffe, Carlos Ristorcelli, Fred Franke, John Walker, Ricky Zieg. Kneeling: (no longer w team), Mike WM Chris Penland, Marty Edwards, Julian Machimbarrena, Bill Grace, Rob Donovan. Standing: Kevin Allran (Trainer), Jay Wroe, Carl Lowery, Will Sponhtz, Frank Pustay, Julian Domenech, Willie Rousseau, Matt Biederman, Demitrius Marlow (asst. Coach). 168 Sports Top left: Frank Edwardi and Blazer battle for a loose ball in front of the opponents goal. Bottom left: Willie heading the ball? Top right: Blazer heads it to Willie. Middle right: Julian, Matt and Frank just jumping around. Bottom right: Carl Lowery goes up for a head ball. Sports 169 The Sticks Are Hot Led by Nancy Ingram the 1986-87 Lady Falcons field hockey team had a FANTASTIC season. With thirteen wins and only three losses they were sure to make Pfeiffer Falcons proud. IP V ' . ■• 170 Sports ' ack row: Donna Berger, Kelly Johnstone, Martha Trotter, Paula Willis, Sandy Becker, Kathy Mahan, Erin McHugh, Jean Hudock. Front row: Debbie Finch, Hane Hernberg, Missy Johnstone, Chris Masser, Jody Richardson, Carolyn Pysher, Kelly Clatterbuck, Jane Dow, Kim Bartosz. Sports 171 Falcons A Step Ahead Top: Front: Tim Kover, Rob Bumgardner. Back: Jeff Childress, Andre Harris, Troy Waller. Above left: Coach Childress. Above middle: Coach SunBerry. Right: Andre shows his winning form. 172 Sports Over The Net Under new head coach Jac Trotter, the Volleyball team did an excellent job. Winning eleven games this 1986 season, the trotter girls are striving for excellence. k Trotter, Wendy Tucker, Denise Hemler, Fran Lavelle, Vaughn, Sheila Lowry, Beth Morrison, Angle McClamroch, Mi- iwana Alexander, Diane Becker, Amy Trogden, Michelle chelle hawing, Barbara Morrison Sports 173 Take It to The Hoop The 1986-87 Lady Falcons team definitely improved as the season went along. With head coach Maryann Sunbury and Assistant Coach Mark Lemieux th e constant hard work seemed to be worth it. Back row: Mark Lemieux, Martha Trotter, Denise Hemler, Donna Berger, Barbara Morrison, Tawana Alexander, Kim Wain, Debbie Finch, Maryann Sun Front row: Bonnie Nicodemus, Sheila Lowry, Angie Little, Michelle Causby, Amy Trogdon, Donna Wolf, Kim Jones. 174 Sports Sports 175 Falcons Look To Future First year coach Bob Lutz saw his young team, only one senior, struggle through a tough season. Pfeiffer finished with a record of 7-18. One of the bright spots for this year ' s team was the selection of Tony Davis as the Conference Play- er of the Year. It was the second yeear that a Falcon has received this award. Tony led the team in both scoring and rebounding with 20.5ppg and 7.2rpg. The play of freshman Thomas Pittman (10.5ppg, 4.9rpg) was another bright spot. With everyone but Tony coming back, the Falcons will be a force to reckon with. Sitting: Clarence Underwood, Brian Peroni, Darren Lassiter, Tony Davis, Dean Vernon, Mark Shiflet. Standing: James Brooks, Thomas Pittman, Matt Smh Patrice Williams, Jack Perry, Chris Collins, Todd Walker. 176 Sports Top left: Jack Perry and Tony Davis look for a rebound. Bottom left: Freddie the Falcon squares off with the Bulldog. Top right: Chris shoots for three. Middle right: Tony fights for another rebound. Bottom right: Brian gets up to block a shot. Sports 177 FALCOAiS.BCAT Top: Chris fights for the jump ball against the Irish National Team. Middle left: Jack pulls up for a jumper. Right: Tony scores two more. 178 Sports Top left: Clarence, Thomas and Tony all look to rebound. Bottom left: Chris wins another tip. Top right: Pittman goes inside for two more. Bottom right: Chris blocks a shot attempt by High Point. Sports 179 Falcon Baseball On The Upswing Coach Joe Ferebee ' s team began their season with an annual Florida trip and practice games against the Philadelphia Phillies. The Pfeiffer Falcon baseball team completed its 1987 season with an overall record of 13-17, a conference record of 6-10 and a district record of 9-11. Season highlights include a double header win against Lenoir-Rhyne and a final home game win against Elon. Back row: Johnny Meadows, Scott Teague, Chad Kanipe, Ken Faulkner, Alan Nanney, Warren Williams, Greg Peck. Mid. row: Paul Kolody, Joe diMonda, W Herring, Joel Petlick, Tim Pulliam, Neil McElroy, Bart Mays. Bottom row: Pete Liuzzi, Tim Sanders, Jeff Brinkley, Coach Ferebee, Tom Carr, Bill Lindoerfti Bobby Walker. 180 Sports Sports 181 Power Drive The Lady Falcon ' s tennis team completed a building season with an overall 7-4 record. The team finished 4-4 in the conference and 6-4 in district play. Wins against Belmont Abbey, Catawba and NC A T provided big boosts for the team. Back row: Wendy Butensky, Kristin Iberger, Shelia Shuping, Angle Little, MaryAnn Sunbury. Front row: Emily Baker, Ann Whitener, Kim Jones 182 Sports Take it to the net The Pfeiffer men ' s tennis team completed the season with an overall 12-4 record. Conference and district records, 8-3 10-3 respectively, also illustrated the improvement of play over the past few seasons. Overall highlights were 9-0 matches against Wingate, Lenoir-Rhyne (twice) and Pembroke (twice). At the CIAC the team accumulated 44 points and finished fourth. Back row: John Neblitt, Greg Caccia, Mike Ollari, Mark Cordero, Scott Hopkins, Rod Hatfield, Hugh Grey, Todd Sarmiento Sports 183 Second 184 Sports •»d Under the leadership of Coach Jack Ingram, the Lady Falcons continued their winning tradition on the Softball field. The team finished second in the District 26 competition and as co-champions in the conference. With no seniors on the team that record setting tradition should continue for the next few years to come. Sports 185 Say Yes To War Eagle Lax The Pfeiffer War Eagles started the year off by winning two dramatic overtime games against Drew University and Lynchburg College. The Falcons then lost a heartbreaker to nationally ranked Guilford 11-9. Several key injuries then took their toll on the war eagles as they dropped 3 of the next four games. Pfeiffer did bounce back to win their last three games to finish up 6-4. Kneeling: Jeff Davis, Dennis Evans, Rob Gugliemo, Lynn Cobel, Gilles Michaud, Walter Eaton, Craig Majid, Chris Pheneice, Craig Caffinch, Jim Kiernan, Johq Burke. Standing: Jim Duhamel, Bo Turner, Rob Rutimiller, Eric Meddaugh, Julian Domenech, Will Gillis, Dustin Rabin, Marc Dilonardo, Al McMinn, GreQ Luebehusen, Sean McLean, Frank Tansky, Bob Cristella, Ckris Squier, Mike Cerino. 186 Sports - ; Top Le £; Chaff looks to score. Middle: Jimbo and Chaff fight for a loose ball. Left: What Penalty JJ? Top: MVP Will takes on two against Radford. Middle: Gugs takes his man to the cage. Left: The Gouch trying it one more time. Sports 187 Bob ' s Babes Make Big Splash These ladies were Pam Baran, Amy Kaspert, Amy Mathia- The Lady Falcon Swim Team experienced a fine season un- son, and Erin McHugh. For the second year in a row Amy der student coach Bob Cristella. These hard working young Mathiason was named Ail-American. Senior Pam Baran was ladies posted a 4 and 2 record. Four of these ladies, qualified for named Academic Ail-American. Congratulations to Coach Bob the nationals in three relay events. and his Babes on a job well done. Front: Cathy Bond, Amy Kaspert. Regina Hoffman, Jean Hudock, Lisa McPeak. Back: JoAllen Weaver, Mary Shriner, Pat Kane, Amy Mathiason, Apryll Boxwell, Paula Morgan, Pam Baran. Not Pictured: Erin McHugh, Bob Cristella. 188 Sports Celebrate Black and Gold Pep and enthusiasm definitely led the crowd this year. With the varsity and J. V. cheerleaders it wasn ' t hard to get the crowd rolling. With hard work and practice our cheer- leaders proved our athletes victorious. Led by Angie Lefler as advisor, varsity captain Kelly Blanchette and J. V. captain Jennifer Noblitt, the cheerleaders spirit often gave our teams support which boosted moral among our winning teams. Varsity: cap. Kelly Blanchette, Tammy Sawyer, Judy Skurski, Margie McMoore, Cyndi McCoy, Richie Jones, Hunter Fuller. J.V.: Jennifer Noblitt, Nikki Reynolds, Michele Barr, Kelley Palmer, Dennis Evans, Keith Venable. Sports 189 Patients and Dedication The athletic trainers are the people be- hind the scenes that keep Pfeiffer athletes going. They take preventative measures for injuries by wrapping weak ankles and wrists. When injuries do happen, the ath- letes can always count on the trainers be- ing there. The trainers not only give the athletes medical attention but are also there to be a friend when they need someone to ease the down moods. A lot of thanks goes to these trainers for their patience and dedication to Pfeiffer Athletics. It wouldn ' t be the same without them. 190 Sports Awarding Athletes When the annual Sports Banquet was held, Athletic Trainer Ken Brown gave the invocation after which everyone enjoyed their dinner. Fi- nally, the coaches presented the MVP for their team. In Field Hockey, Missy Johnstone; Soc- cer, Fred Franke; Volleyball, Denise Hemler; Cross-Country, Tim Koves and Jeff Childress; Women ' s Basketball, Donna Wolf; Men ' s Bas- ketball, " Player of the Year " Tony Davis; Swim- ming, Pam Baran and Amy Mathiason; Lacrosse, Will Gillis; Baseball, Tim Pulliam and Warren Williams and Scott Teague; Women ' s Tennis, Kim Jones; Men ' s Tennis, Greg Caccia; Athletic Training, Kathy Richardson and Chris Furr; Softball, Angie Little and Cheerleading, Kelly Blanchette. On that special evening a valued few received special awards: Kim Bartosz, Academic Athlete; Angie Little, Outstanding Female Athlete; Amy Kaspert, Female Sportsmanship; DeanBernon, Male Sportsmanship; and Tony Davis, Out- standing Male Athlete. Sports 191 A D S 192 f . CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1987 H. W. CULP LUMBER COMPANY New London, N.C. 194 WORLD TRAVEL OF ALBEMARLE INC. A COMPLETE PERSONALIZED TRAVEL SERVICE COMPUTER DIRECT TO MAJOR AIRLINES SPICIAUZING IN • COMMERCIAL TRAVEL • CRUISES AND TOURS £L 2 SEA ARRANGEMENTS HOTELS RENTAL CARS PASSPORT t VISA APPLICATIONS S ASSISTANCE HOST MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED tfallik fktfeMkneli W 9ftaij Sws yon ffhia 983-5148 IMS. 2ND ALBEMABII, N.C. THE HEADQUARTERS Darrell Hatley Jerri Lynn Barrier Specializing in Precision Cuts and Perms Hwy. 52 at Pfeiffer College (Across from Post Office and Laundromat) Monday — By Appointment Tues., Thurs. and Fri. — 8-5:30 Saturday — 7-12 Noon Closed Wednesday 463-7742 J4eart of ALBEMARLE MOTEL RESTAURANT Downtown South and First Streets P.O. Box 399 " f Telephone 704 982-9151 Albemarle, North Carolina 28002 James Patel Manager [e on] B.B. EXXON SERVICE CENTER Gas — Oils — Tires — Accessories " Pleasing You, Pleases Us " NC Hwy. 49 M.G. Roseman, Jr. Richfield, NC 28137 Phone 463-7543 min-im.iim,..,«.iii...i ,,,.,,,,,. CjII Of slop by and check our everyday low puces Revco Delco Plaza 983-2193 REVCO .tummmiii Revco Eastgatfr 983-5162 J PARTY LINES, ETC. One Stop Party Shop Jackie Burpeau 1000 N. First Street Albemarle, NC 28001 (704) 982-9898 Ads 195 A Full Service- Bank First Bank Is The Bank You Can Depend On And Trust. We Now Have Four Locations to Conveniently Serve Stanly County: 3 Branches in Albemarle Eastgate, Highway 52 North, and Downtown; 1 Branch in Locust; and 1 Branch at the Intersection of Hwy. 52 Hwy. 49 at Richfield. Member FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender ® Store Hours: Monday through Saturday 10a.m. to9 p.m.; Sunday 1-5:30 p.m. 196 Ads Ronda Andrews (Owner) Sue Forte Barber-Stylist ALBEMARLE PLAZA BARBER BEAUTY SHOP Albemarle Plaza Albemarle, NC 28001 Dana Bruton Barber- Stylist Suntana Sun System " The Year ' Round Tan " (704) 982-4022 Open Tues.-Sat. 8:30 to 5:30 8:30 to 3:00 Wachovia Bank Trust Only one bank in North Carolina assigns one banker the total responsibility for your account. Only one bank trains that banker to help you with all your needs, from loans to checking to certificates of deposit. Only one bank gives you the name and telephone number of your own Personal Banker. Only one bank. Wachovia. DOUG ' S GARAGE Service for All Vehicles Foreign and Domestic Custom Cleaning for Your Auto 10% Student Faculty Discount With I.D. Corner of Ashe and Snuggs Albemarle, N.C. 982-3684 Call for Appointment STONY GAP FISHHOUSE INC. Seafood Buffet Albemarle, NC 982-2559 Seating 750 100% Home Grown Bank of Stanly A Local Bank Owned By The People Who Will Make It Grow. INTERSTATE BOLT SUPPLY CO., INC. Fasteners for Every Need Dial 704-872-9546 NC: 1-800-222-1416 Fred Riggs 1129 W. Front Street Statesville. NC 28677 Ads 197 Compliments of: FURNITURE Quenby Mall 1000 N. 1st Street Albemarle, N.C. 28001 Phone (704) 983-4102 Compliments of: I-Iford! Have You Driven A Ford . . . Lately? " Where to Buy Tr Lum ' s Ford Inc. 738 Hwy. 27 iem " E.. 1 . 982-1122 Bank When You Want Union ' s 24-Hour Mini Bank Make deposits, cash withdrawals, payments, transfers from- one account to another, 01 check your balance, 24-hours a day, AbS days a year. U ' MonU-rFWC STANDARD OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Office Supplies Furniture Name Brand Typewriters Calculators Computer Supplies • Copiers • Copier Supplies " Setting the Standard in Office Supplies for Over 35 Years " Open Mon.-Fri. 8 AM to 5 PM Free Delivery 982-0153 175 N. 2nd, Albemarle, NC Store Hours: 10 am to 6 pm Albemarle Plaza 704-982-1499 (Next to Roses) Come In and Check Our Excellent Selection of Fashions Clothes for the Weil-Dressed Pfeiffer Co-Ed 198 Ads Western Steer Family STEAKHOVSE Hot Cold " 50 " Item Salad Bar Private Parties Welcome Open 7 Days Lunch Dinner 1456 N. 1st St., U.S. 52 North 983-1813 PIEDMONT DRY CLEANERS 1001 North Second Street Cleaning, Pressing, Altering, Etc. • Cold Storage • Rug Cleaning • Shirts PATRONS Mr. Mrs. Thomas J. Gaynor Dr. Mrs. Michael Riemann David Lynne Joyce Mrs. Doretha Sloan Mr. Mrs. George Culp Mr. Mrs. Henry W. Culp Jr. Mr. Mrs. Bobby Joe Carpenter Mr. Mrs. David Erdman Debbie Estes Professor Elizabeth Shaffer Dr. Melva Burke Hilda Jim Flynt College Union Board Jeanine Halverson Mr. Jim Sullivan Laurie Gaynor Dr. Mrs. James Olliver Dr. Mrs. Thomas Westcott Mr. Mrs. Lester Roberts Paul Fowler Student National Educators Assoc. Third Floor Vaughn Third Floor Foote Second Floor Vaughn The Chimes Staff Mr. Toby Poplin Packing up the gifts God ' s planted In the fertile soil of youth Can ' t believe the hopes He ' s granted Means a chapter in your life is thru But we ' ll keep as close as always It won ' t even seem you ' ve gone ' Cause our hearts in big and small ways Will keep the love that keeps us warm. Friends are friends forever If the Lord ' s the Lord of them And a friend will not say never. ' Cause the welcome will not end Tho ' it ' s hard to let you go In the Father ' s Hands we know That a lifetime ' s not too long To live as friends. Love: JRSH 1987 Ads 199 r v Best of Luck ( w to the Class of 1987 m 0 dining service 87 87 CONGRATULATIONS 87 from the Office of Institutional Advancement 87 NEVER forget that Pfeiffer was founded by a woman 1986-1987 Association of Women Students 200 Ads ± sthjL qJUlu- oft )e 7 fad Mwmwi Q iM ak m EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Dexter Ramey — President Marc DiLonardo — Vice President Susan Misenheimer — Secretary Laurie Gaynor — Treasurer Heidi Honecker — Executive Coordinator Steve Shelton — AMS President Jenny Smith — AWS President Laura Hubbard — RLC President Micki Smith Brandalyn Grier JoAllen Weaver Jim Barbee SENATORS Chris Squier Brenda Hurlocker Ellen Yarbrough Dave Powell Robe rt Enloe Wendy Tucker Dawn Yankowski John Burke Mike Lucas ADVISORS Jeanine Halverson Tom Westcott Ads 201 THE RELIGIOUS LIFE COUNCIL Congratulations to the class of ' 87 Member Organizations: Fellowship of Christian Athletes Christian Educators Fellowship Baptist Student Union Kappa Chi Catholic Campus Ministries United Methodist Student Movement 202 ASSOCIATION OF MEN STUDENTS « . ■ » _ f AN UNSINKABLE CREW 203 204 205 206 Campus Life Campus Life 207 fe 208

Suggestions in the Pfeiffer University - Chimes Yearbook (Misenheimer, NC) collection:

Pfeiffer University - Chimes Yearbook (Misenheimer, NC) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Pfeiffer University - Chimes Yearbook (Misenheimer, NC) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Pfeiffer University - Chimes Yearbook (Misenheimer, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Pfeiffer University - Chimes Yearbook (Misenheimer, NC) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 209

1987, pg 209

Pfeiffer University - Chimes Yearbook (Misenheimer, NC) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 78

1987, pg 78

Pfeiffer University - Chimes Yearbook (Misenheimer, NC) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 7

1987, pg 7

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