Peru State College - Peruvian Yearbook (Peru, NE)

 - Class of 1966

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Peru State College - Peruvian Yearbook (Peru, NE) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 52 of 152
Page 52 of 152

Peru State College - Peruvian Yearbook (Peru, NE) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 51
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Peru State College - Peruvian Yearbook (Peru, NE) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 53
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Page 52 text:

. J ff, :- Lp ,.--1 31" mv- 4 3 5 L... wo-Q, ww N W X 'QT"""Y ,,,,..,.,.. 'YU qw-f' 2 .. - 1. 1' Q5 if . H ,f f Y' ,tx ,1 1 1 M1 1 , :- ' M y 14, X, N X 5 N ff X 1 yxx Y A Z .qw-Q-1 'I8"'N"" it ,V. . HS? 1 1 in H 'Qff' ,ga-df 'liiaiisv gm... fin S SV' , W N N . N M . -xv Ohnnmt ht, ,luhn 1xvl'1Il'II.X1HI fflly Olclhclcl, l.intl.i fi1'1'11111 Olson, ltlwin f1!I1II1lII Olson, Kcnneth f1IIlll1Ill Otlcy, lfmiites l.111111l11 l'gilinci', Mitlitxcl 1111111111 Ptiltt-rwii, Rnhci' .H111'1'1x111111', 11111111 l'1n'nc, ,lone 1111111111 l,L'-lixhlllilll P11111 Peck, BAIDDLIIYI 1II'Vl1 Pt-lci'wii, LCC 1wIl1lllllgI' Pctrillu, Nick fi111111l1' lf1Iy,1ll, Pfiiniin, Bettv Plllflllllllll Pieixnii, Diginti ,UL 1'1mf11'rl, 111. l'ip4:i',kIuleiie txvtlfflilk Pollock, Dtive :I 1111 111'11 Poi'ti'Cx', Iron D111m1111 Price, ihirnlvii P11z1'111'11 C11-x Qiuinn, NIich.iel II111'11111g, 111. Rtihiclcutu, .-1x111f11111, Ill. R.iiniui'th, D.n'icl lJ!lIllfl1l!lII R.n, Barrv B1'111fz11u' Rec-cl, Daniel C111'11111g, 111. Rex, Nlgirian fllllllllfl Rice, Dclnres N1'111111111 Ricli.ti'd, Bttrhtitnt HllIII1lfI1I11 Ricketts, Williann Y11lr111 Rist, Cltirnl H111111111111I Roberts, Donald .H1,u1111r1 1YII11f'.Y, 111. R1iwc,,I1iiiiC5 N1'l11'11.i1f11 ffilby Stickles, David H'111l11 Cl111111, 1x'1111,x Sgnidcra, Willi.nn U'f11ll1111, 111. SklllllC'l',kIUi1ll H1'l11'11111' Schmidt, Darrell Sl1'1'11 ng Stliuiield, Willi.nn 1111111l1111"q, 111. Wilson, Donald f1NlIl1Ill Stlnkeiiier, David .Y1'l11'11.x1111 Cm' Scliuleiihc-rg, Ndnu l'1'1'111111 Sciiwicamv, Sherri f1lIIII1III Seihcit, Chervl B1'11i1'11z11111' Shaw, David H 1111111111111 Shaw, Don.ild B Vtlflf Shelton, Rich.n'd C1111111'1l Blqffi, I11. SIliiIS,kIil11lDiC f,IIIIl1lIl Toni Woolsev C11111, I11. Slgigle, Rosemziiw Bl'11Pl'llP Sltnnzi, Gene D111'r11mtP1' Sniith, Carol B11Hl1' Cnfek, I11.

Page 51 text:

In-II1, R11l1c'1l l'1'1rl1111 Kc11111'1I1, l':.11 1 1 l,IIZA'III'l' C111 K11I1I,l111l11I1 0111111111 K1llg,x1.ll1 .N'1'l1111.1l111 C111 lxcl1l11, ll1111.1I1I flllfflllllllwl Ku1lI,ll.1llln'l l.'11111111llfl11ff1, l1111'11 KHUIIN, Rugtl Illlltlllll Kl.llIIt'l, 11.11111 Sl1'1l1114g li1c'1I1'l1,il.11l1'1'11 .N'1'l11111l.'11 fflly l..1111l11'lcl, N111l1.1cl .'l11l111111 l..lll!h1l'lll, l..11 1 1 lyllllfllll l,.111c', Wcnrlrll Hl'Ilfllll' l.4'11kc'1 , I.111cl11' 11111111111 l,1-I1111111c.111, l'Q1l11 .11'1l l51'1111111K1g'l1111, VI. l,c11'1s, 'I111111111 .3'1'1'1l1 IL11' l.111'L'j411 , R1 1l1L'll Rn! 01111, l1111'11 l,u11ll, l'QI1l.1111'll1 1.11111 fllilllllll l,1111si1111l, l7.111 l'L11lK1 f-'IIV1' L1111 ll, Rc111'1c.1 1411l111111 NI.11l1, .l.111cl l'u:1'111'1' C111 NI.1l11111L-1, lt'l'l'N B1'll1'z1111' xlllllill, 11111 l"111'111g11I, 11121111 NI.1s1111, S1010 AXVFII 1 11.1l111 C111 NI.1s11c, WiIli.1111 H111z1'11Il111, K11111111 1X11lSlCl'S, 1.1-1111.1 .V1'l11'11.1lf11 f-'IU' Nli1I.111, Ifrccl H1'1ll1711 NI1111gc1', B1111111 q1z'11,.U11111111'1 NI111'g.111, NI1cl1.1cl Falls f.'1lV1' NI41l'l'is, RQDIJQLIVI .vf'Il'Il7'k, NUZ1' Y111'l1 Xl111'1'1ss1, 1,111.1 l'1'1'11 NI1111l.111d,kI.1111cs ffllflllll, IH. M11slc1, B.11'l1.11'.1 l1'1'1l1'1'11 N111llc11, NI.11'Il1.1 N141 I'll.1l1' fl C1 11' Niulk-11, Vi11Vg111i11 .X'111'Il1 .-lIIlf1b11r11, .1I11.11. Nl111'pl11', l'kI'.lIll'L 1V111'f11M' NI11111'e11, xI11l111 lfflmll, IIIUVI M1'CI111111.111ghC1, il.11'l ,IIIIIIII NI1D11111111gl1, P1'.111k Hvl'1f lylllllll, 11111111 NI1NI11llc11, N.11111' fllllllllfl Nic NCCI1 , Al.111ice 1:11111 f f1l41' Nebula, lJ.1w11 f,'11111l11'1'l11111l, l11u111 Nclsen, 19.11111 N141 111.1 I1 ll I I111' Nc-lwn, 12.111 Uxfhlfll Nels1111,kl11l111 f,'1111111'1l Hl11l7'1, Iowa NC11111, Rugtl' N1'l11'11,1k11 f,'1t'1' Obcrg, l..111d111 SfflIIII.1lI Il rg fJCSIlIllllllI, l,llCN f11l111.11111 Ogk-,,l11h11 .SIIIPIII 'N - , 152' . QW 4 1 NC gy '51i11,1.1, 15' , Af f" 1- ', P' S' .,, 11, 'aw -'M 'X , -11" - 1' ' . sg' . 'Q ,., , ws' N, 'Zi' lffvll- "" 91. ' A1- if wi ' 'VM' of .L y X , .,, X, . . fa-A. 1 tr., :- kg j 1173 S. Q51 '27-"" WK ,wh K, W-...f up--,V qs.--A Vw-1 is 'HN-Q any-vw . rt ' --f fdf? LW . "wmv Q--v 'M Y..-. 1 Qi! WI'-f' Q.-1 : S4 " ,. .V 1 .-1 ' '?'311T'1' 7,543 'A 5 Ek v . YQ., 11 M! ' Q1 ,si 551,- z J if '43 ,,,,7 1 . V. if ,fy A X I- Y: 'F 3 ' 1 I 5 I l wr'- WUs' 115 Q 1 X N P!-5 4. ng...-... T

Page 53 text:

6. 5... 1. 1 ' 1 N X 12, 11 3 we J Q' I 5 S1111ll1, H1111 1111 f'111f, f1'11f'j1j fff 511111-111.11111 ll1111II1 f 11'rf, SI111I111 11111 lvl 11111111111 S1.1I1-1, 1.11111 1 l1'11f'l1111 S11-1111 1, H1111 Ill' fI11.'11l I 111 S11'11I11'11x I 11 l1111111,1l1 S111L1-111111111 lbllll .X1111 1,111 S1111 111,1 l1,11 I1 1 f'11!11ff11111 S11g1l1'11, Nl111I111 l1l111111 S1x.111x1111, l11111111 f1'11111111-ll S1x.111I1'k. l11x11I fQ1'111111 5m1x1'g11111l, 1 f'x11ll1 1,111 l.1xl111, S11-11 If1'1ll1 ll 1' ll11111111N1111 l'11111 Il I l111l111, X f l11111x-1Ix, I1 fllllllllll 'I111111,I11I111 .'Hkl7lXHll l11w11x1-1111, P1111 f,'llI'Nf1'!, l'1'1111 l111111, IJ.11111I f,'111l1 U11l11111l X .1111l1'1i1111I l11I111 , 111l1111 Il X .1111'k, R11 I1 lltl l'111vg111' V1 1111 , RUIM' In f111z1'11111f X, ffllllllllll lffuff X1.1l11'l, lI1111111N U'l11I111!g, I111 XN'.1lIk1',AI.111 H1'11!1'111 W.1l11111. lx.1 l'l111 111 vru' XYl'I117,Nl.lllt R1-1lU11k, 111 Wccldlc, l11I111 .Nrln 1,111 XY1.'l14il,lll1.1ll1 N .xllllllllj ll! XXk'111'I, Ie-.111 .X'1':1'f1111l XN'l11'1'Iri1111, lllll l1'1'11z1'111'1ff1' XYllt't'lt'I'. I.l111 .N'1111111l111 Wllrlcl, l'1.11l1 ll 1 1fI'Hl'I'lll' XY1l1'x,D1111111 RH! Urllf, 111 XY1lk111x1111, H11111l111f1ft W1Il1.1111x, R1111 Rflfxlrfn 11lxI,D.1l11l1

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