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wa V 1981 Pam! Pdlcftyuglvsclwol PelZCify,Alalxunaf E, Qs ii 5-M Edbw ....... 71-IE19e1PELMELQmFF AsSldutEJ1bv .... ....... dalslle Cust Basrnsslunmgw ..... ..... Timm Spaagulwug Qoctloawdlbu Thu ....... Aiauhlahadav Chess .... Assistant . Ougaugahus ..... ..... Clwumu ....c,dm,l-Iuut ....... .rmJwbdv A Dmhwlkow Adidas ...... ......... Sum Qian: Adudlas .... Aduadsas Asslshat .... Pblagmphu Adulaw .Quan Bogavllwk R0b0lfFhlg Msul5,pCoob Memones By Bally Strange and Scott Davus Copynght fb 1969 by Gladys Mus c Inc All nghts reserved Used by permlsslo 56X , 4, 71 if ' 3 22. ' x K : W3W'+ 2, - tw " , f' 4 T 1 5' dW2'j4 ' ,J ,lf SIM 10. af i fi- A- I I1 - f" b' 5 fl X 1 4. 'Q if 5, m s flflu, N iims 521 t fi L p f wr. sg X V . 'Wm W-'rum Meme dam WMM Afiletias 4 I7 29 81 IIS 149 197 .-,,, "' M g. N ,gi i, ., ni, if il' f if ' v'v' ww X Wx T KI' ' 1 Q. f 1 M- ' J 5' U , M x . ik, ff' :w +,'fk"R- 1 1F"S?,1?1 ' V- , : in 5 . ' P, if 4 , ,Q ,.n..,, Kr. f V I2 fx , k , , QQZXU H, If . 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ML:.'..'f'Ig:.w Y- V .,... --" ,4f'..5?'.ff.'i'-?5F: f'?f.-Q 1--f ',. .... ,1f:1-1-1 ..."Z'-'if-TL1"'7' I W -"""""' f- ...Lf '-.... - A ,,,,,,,,.- W, in K , . - .,'B-M . x L' . - L QW. , , N K I 6 :ISL ,M N N , ,. 51, A AL ' ' 5930?-4,pv' .Q T- 5 - I K :, gs:,sqE.,42 .., ...E , 8 W9 ., N 9 "' b . ix X 5 -' A ' W g .4 - Q., -P f 1, Q 1 nm , , K .L . , . Esikgy Q ii rw-,N A-7... H I If f ip H iw' JW? 1222. 52255 lfllg u gf kgflw - wi '25 25 VH wg 'v fv will M1 4 , s ,M ,f l ,N 2 Mi ii? 'TJ 'My f ,ple ,.,W.,-nm,-' .wb W! A- W' J., A, Wnndimw '55 M SX 9 'fv' ' fn" F 1 ' M I ff A"Z,m.f 9, , if '., ,jxj,, Q. A ' ' 1 "5 ' g qlfzd' ff1,+iq"Q" -.x 'rm ' f. x XKM ' s x y, S f 7 V g. i 5, m 5 US: .- Z, ff' aadgeatledays -+4-2-nf, MA' 33 '51 w W-Q w-,.,,,,,,g ' . Q. A ,A W 71-14-M -D 4 H- rv 1 A in dqpeu Q , 9-v vw 1 M 1 , M. ' "M . my fm Q .A 44, kuxvtqi B94 .Q 'N 4 ., .., ,lk an N Ms, , q g. W , ' N, d:w ,... 3. -eufawgzgz Q I V 10 I I , Mflzwr A ww. M "Q 'mah 'W -ww M iw W wx My M gy I 5 x v E Q Y 5 3 vw ' 2':sg""x , 4'-43 4 ' 'Wei , , - V. :L .s 6- Q ,. x A wiffvyow F ,una , W' ai 445 .f IC 44? 1. ".x'3' - Admmasmtzow l Rogan Paw In 1961, Roger Pate remembers the Viet- nam conflict and the Kennedy brothers' rise to power during his senior year. Jeans, ten- nis shoes, and men wearing long hair were "signs of the times." He fondly recalls his achievements as a member of the basket- ball and track teams. 5' x it x l , ROGER PATE A 'A ,W Q Center ', A ' A11-Distric: -'5-- " ','v- "-I i i l ff. MJ MAJ 3,1 M, ,gs x K I I i W4 ' -Ll PQYTW 'X ,.- I ,V sr, ...L AMQWMJQM Peggy Campbell remembers receiv- ing the Danforth Award and the Out- standing Senior Award. She remem- bers being the yearbook editor and receiving St. Clair Co. Teacher Associ- ation Scholarship. Looking back on her senior A year Pam Foote remembers the Banks Jets winning their first state football championship, Special memories are of her sorority Ieadout where the Drift- ers performed and the end of the year trip to Panama City with friends. She also remembers "cruising" through Monks and Shoneys when they had car hops to wait on you. Then 1965 Then 1966 9116501-855 .. 5 . its A fond memory other senior year was the time when a classmate had Annie Harris' clothes stolen as a joke during gym class. They searched until they found her clothes, but every girl in the gym class was, tardy to the next class. No girl would tell, the reason for their late arrival in class. Months later, when the truth came out, all the girls involved were punished. Annie Harris fb Than...1952 Now...1981 As World War ll was in prog- ress, Fred DeRusso, along with many other seniors, entered mil- itary service prior to graduation. He remembers the "Big Band" era being in full swing. This included Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, and Count Basie. Fred DeFtusso iiit . .. X X .V -1' l xx? I Then . . . 1945 Now. . .1981 As the leading lady in her class play, Faye Whittle also remembers her senior trip, class picnic, and the state fair. But well above that, she recalls World War ll and the rationing of shoes, hose, sugar, and cot -v fee. Faye Whittle M is ',g r gpig. ' Q 1- If l F' 5 Q Now...1981 Then. . . 1943 A48 John Lonergan Cliff Morrison Then . . . 1960 When asked about his senior year in high school he said, "My strongest memories of school include playing softball during art class and always being in the halls with some sort of art equipment pretending to be doing something important but really goofing off" Now...1981 Art class stands out most in Cliff Morrison's mind as he looks back on his senior year. Even then he was very much involved in drama, as he was the Honor Thespian, and took part in their spring musical. 1 Then. . .1964 ' Now. . . 1981 W. T. Benefield Pete Rich te, A A S mi ji 5 ,..t M i if J T Tnen...1965 NOW...1981 Then---1953 Wynton Benefield, who lead in his conference in rushing his senior year, was also voted best-all- around. Being with friends and run- ning around with football buddies were all important parts of his sen- lor year. As he was remembering his sen- ior year, Pete Rich enjoyed being with all his friends and hated to see them leave. He also remembers the high school sports and being lucky enough to go to the University of Southern Mississippi and playing ball. FN is IN , Now...,1981 etgazl 'Q Judi Belter remembers three hundred of her classmates packed in the hall in front of the office after graduation rehearsal singing the Alma Mater and crying and hugging. Linda Raughton . ff' Then...1968 Now...1981 Amelia Williamson Then...195O V Now...1981 Many events were of importance to Amelia Williamson during her senior year. Some of the highlights were being cheerleader, the class trip to New Orleans, winning first place in State Talent Contest, the Prom, and working on the Spotlight. Some of Judith Cof- fey's best memories of her senior year include some extra- curricular activities. Concerts and produc- tions of plays such as "Oklahoma," "The Music Man," and "Life with Father" were some ofthe highlights. Foremost in Linda Flaughton's mind as she looked back on her senior year in high school are mini skirts, hippies, cancellation of their senior trip, Vietnam War, and, best of all, her accept- ance to Auburn Uni- versity. Margaret Scott Margaret Scott remembers being a cheerleader and hav- ing an appendectomy. As a show of concern, the football players carried her up and down the stairs to boost her morale. Now. . .1981 Judith Coffey Then. . .1964 Now. . .1981 xwf mtv " Then. . . 1949 Caro Now. . .1981 Of the many memorable events during her year, Carole Birchfield remembers receiving her class ring on New Year's Eve. Mary Ann Dimick Then. . .1961 'Q Now.. .1981 me I B' hf'l e 'rc 'ed David Bryant remembers attending P.C.H.S. when it was a 1 new school, carrying lunch from home wrapped in a newspa- per, and school bus drivers being mostly students who were paid 812.00 a month. uvI""' Then. . .1960 As Mary Ann Dimick looks back on her senior year, she remembers the Honor Society trip to Nashville and awards received for "Miss Band" and "Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow." Also bobby sox, full skirts and petticoats, a winning football team, and friends are a part of her memo- ries. David Bryant Then . . . 1939 W. Now. . . 1981 Leon Harris Leon Harris recalls near disaster when he almost lost his gym shorts during a basketball game. Having left his own gym shorts at home, he bor- rowed a pair much too large and pin- ned them on. Unfortunately that didn't work, but luckily he caught them before they fell down, M1430 23 Martha Weeks Memories of wartime are evident as Martha Weeks recalls "our senior class decreased as boys enlisted in the service." The highlight of her senior f year was being chosen salutatorian. Then...1943 Now...1981 Mu550 Dennis Diffee Then...1966 Now...1981 Sports and music stand out most in Dennis Diffee's memories of his senior year. He recalls a 1-9 football season and also winning first place in the Greatest Band Contest in New Orleans. Ronny White Being selected as a candidate for Mr. Pelmel is a memorable event for Ronny White. He also remembers when "half the band got blasted after the State Band Contest." l Then...1973 Now...1981 Pltgswal D Martha Aldridge Brian Ellard J When asked about his senior year, Brian Ellard recalls having grown up in a small town. Athletics cap- tured most of his time. But reluctantly he recalled egging peo- ple's houses on Hal- Ioween night. Then...1969 Now...1981 Then...1973 Not only was Martha Aldridge active in all aspects of sports, she was also a finalist in the yearbook beauty contest and elected to the Miss Bradshaw High School Court. Freddie Hazelwood isis Then . . . 1968 Mark Green remembers work- ing all of his senior year. He did not date many girls in his senior year because his philosophy was to date all of them or none. Now.. .1981 Then. . .1961 1 Mark Green do 'Shi Now. . . 1981 Now. . . 1981 Then . . . 1967 Favorite memories ofEmmett Gaskin's sen- ior year include wearing Gant shirts and Wee- jun shoes, going to Duke Fiumore's record hop, and the Big Snow on New Year's Eve. Other events included Kennedy's assassina- tion. pecml Merrilyn Cook Now. . .1981 Emmett Gaskin 0-'HF -s..,,.....-v Now.. .1981 Then . . . 1964 Jesse Culpepper Merrilyn Cook recalls her sorority lead-out at Cascade Plunge, going to the Banks Senior Prom and the Woodlawn Senior Prom in two consecutive weeks, and having her wisdom teeth extracted and looking like Alfred Hitchcock for a week. Nancy Hartley Then...1971 N0w...1981 Jesse Culpepper remembers returning home from the senior prom sad because he went stag and found that all his girlfriends turned up with other dates. The Junior-Senior Prom stands out most in the memories of Nancy Hartley's senior year. She recalls being allowed to stay out until one o'clock that night and a song dedicated to her, "Heavy on My Mind." Vooatwml Kathy Erwin C Looking back to her senior year, Kathy Erwin embar- is l 4 assingly remembers modeling the evening dress she -- , had made and ripping it. Happier memories included being majorette, working on the senior float, the Christ- mas dance and graduation night. Clyde Mitchell Then...197O Now...1981 Cedric Phillips Football season was the "BlG" memory for Clyde Mitchell as he was a member of y Iv Mfr" the football team. Attending his Jr. and Sr. proms also stands out in his mind. mf X 0 0 When asked about his memories of his senior year, Cedric Phillips summed it up in one word - FUN! He went on to add his trip to Washington and the beginning ofthe Korean War. "vi manic is 5 T0 Lmimic 4 i I Joyce Stolle Joyce Stolle proudly remembers her class being the first to graduate from a new high school. During her freshman year, the old school burned down. After several years of attending class all over the neighborhood, the new building was finally completed in time for the 1965 graduation. Vicky King SW! Joan Bain Sarah Elston Vivian Walker Octavia Watson Clarence Beavers Harold Spangenberg Betty Turner as -'Z 4 J VA, Bernice Spangenberg, Manager These people are greatly appreciated for their work at Pell City High. The school could not open without the aid of the staff members each day. They pro- vide us with hot lunches, a clean school, and an organized office. TY L. ALFORD Gifted Program, Football, Patriotic Rally Organizer, Who's Who Among Am. High School Students, Science Club Vlce-Pres., Spanish Club President, Math Club. LEONA GENETTE ARMSTRONG Band, Teacher's Alde, Office Worker, Scl- ence Club. SHELLEY RENEE ARNOLD Science Club, Career Club, V.I.C.A. Club, F.T.A., Junior Favorite. TRACI SUZANNE ARWOOD Band, Spanish Club. IEIGH ANN BAILEY Panther Paw Staff, Who's Who Among Am. High School Students, Society of Distin- guished American High School Students, Beta Club, C.l.A., Spanish I Club, French I Club. LORI SUZANNE BALLARD Who's Who Among Am. High School Stu- dents, C.I.A., Spanish I and ll Club. SHERI DARLENE BARBER Who's Who Among Am. High School Stu- dents, Beta Club, Hosa Club, Volleyball. GREG BEASON Football, Science Club, Spanish Club, F.F.A. BENNIE JOE BEAVERS Football, Basketball. IRMA J. BEAVERS Band, Majorette, Office Worker, Stage Band, C.l.A., Spanish I and Il Club. CHARLES RALPH BEENE Baseball, Tennis Team, Senior Who's Who. JILL BENNETT Band, Stage Band, Panther Paw, C.I.A., Career Club, F.T.A., Science Club, Spanish Club. MIMI JAI BOSWELL Ofhce Worker, Pep Club, Science Club, Art Club, F.T.A., V.l.C.A. Club. BOBBY ALAN BOWDON Drama Club. 0I.lVIA ANN BOWIE Basketball, Library Club. DANIEL LEE BOWLIN Football, Chess Team. DAVID ALLEN BOYANTO,N Art Club, V.I.C.A., F.F.A. TONY ALAN BRANNON V V V.l.C.A. Club. TAMMY DENISE BROCK Ceramics, Art Club, Drama Club, Llbrary Club, Pep Club, F.H.A. ' JULIE NANNETTE BROOKS French Club, Spanish Club. TINA RENA BROWN , I .,,,, ,L , Pep Club, Science Club. F.T.A. DAVID BUNN I .1 I F.F.A. . VICKIE LYNNE CAMPBELL Volleyball, Who's Who Among Am. High 'Slcehool Students, Beta Club. V.l.C.A. oeaonnilmanis cmaou, . sem club, Career club. science club, Pep! Club, Spanish Club, F.T.A., Senior Who's oeem Mania cAsH Beta Club, Science Club, Career Club, V.l.C.A. Club, F.T.A., Sen1IorWho's Who. V SONJA LYNN , Who. Band Flag' Captain. Career Club, i ff J Math Club. F.T.A. I I WILLIAM A. Cl-IANNELL Basketball Team, Key Club Secretary. ALAN SCOTT CHAPMAN Spanish Club. , CARL IRVING CHURCH Football. PAM RAY CLEMENTS , F.H.A. Club. Hose I MSSIAIILLIP CORmER 's o Among I . High School Slu- genga, Panther Paw Stall, Art Club, French u . PAMELA ANN COX Beta Club. Sliillllh Club. Math Club. CILIBISTIELLYNN .i I I Science Club, Career Club, Who'sifWho students, Pelmel Co-ed r. o Score eeper. SELINA ANN Cm V.l.C.A. Club. Spanish Club, FHA NANCY CARLINE DAVIS F.B.L.A. Club. RSV DOUGLAS DAY P JANET DEAN DICKEY Career Club, Science Club. SHARON ADAIR DOCHERTY Band, Malorette, Rifle, Flag, All County First Chalr Flute, Outstanding Bandsman, Ale. Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award, Senior Who's Who, Math Club, Career Club. Beta Club Vice-Pres., Student Council Presl- dent. TRACEY LEIGH DOROUGH Chamber Commerce Essay Winner, Pelmel Staff, Career Club, Science Club. JOSEPH RALPH DYKES Football, V.l.C.A. Club. GLENDA MICHELLE EADS gets Club, Pep Club, F.B.L.A. Club, V.l.C.A. ub. OONNIE ANNE EGE I-lonor Thgllan, Drama Club Secretary. RON ELLI Football, F.F.A., Senior Who's Who. MARK ANDREW ENGELBRECHT Science Club, Golf, Basketball, Baseball, Student Council. JANICE PATRICIA ENSLEY Beta Club, Math Club, C.l.A., Band, Stage Band. BRUCE ERVlN 1 Football, Basketball, Baseball, Spanish Club, F.F.A., Senior Who's Who. WARONPENISE ESTELI. o . .iogaeti EVANS Football, Baseball, Key Club, Math Club. Beta Club, Science Club. Career Club, Sen- lorvlmafs Who. ANN FAILE Spanish Club, Beta Club, Career Club, Who's Who Among Am. High School Sudente, Studengllgouncil. Band. Concert Bend, Mwretle, . f JUDY R. UELLEN Volleyball, Basketball, Pep Club, Career Olt1l7.2GleeClub, Spanien I Secretary. BtLl.Y GENE FORD I F.F.A. Reporter, F.F.A Vice-Pres. KATHERINE MERRIL FOSTER Beta Club, F.F.A. Pres., Student Council, Third Piece District F.F.A. Speech Contest. Horticulture A Florlculture Team. sesame musav Fuiioenauno summit.. emma, District Anor- ney in School County Elections, Key Club Secretary. Key Club Vice-Pres., Beta Club Pres., Science Club, Math Club Treasurer. Senior Who's Who. f WILLIAM RODGER FUNDENBURG Football, Baseball, Key Club, Science Club Math Club Vice-Pres., Senior Who's Who. BOYD LEON GARDNER Beta Club, Key Club, Math Club, Science Club Pres., Senior Who's Who. CATHY ANN GETTYS . Senior Alternate in Homecoming Court, C head Cheerleader, Sophomore Class Secr tary. Junior Class Vice-Pres., Beta Club, Career Club, F.T.A., Math Club, Student Council. JAMES DONALD GILLISON F.F.A., Art Club. AELVIN LYNN GILLISON l.lbrary Club, F.F.A. Treasurer. CASSIE SYVELLA GOLDEN Senior Class Treasurer, Math Club Secre- tary, Beta Club, Science Club, Career Club, F.T.A., Senior Who's Who. JANET DENISE GOODWIN Career Club, Science Club. SUZANNE ELIZABETH GRIFFIN 'l'hespian Troupe, Mime Troupe, Basketball Scorekeeper, Beta Club, Career Club, F.T.A. ILA JOLENE GROGRAN Basketball, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Pep Club President, F.H.A., C.l.A., Career Club, Senior Who's Who. GREGORY LEE GUNNELLS Football, Art Club, Drama Club. MICHELLE HALL ArtClub, Senior Who's Who. TAMMY SUE HANNAH F.T.A., F.H.A. WENDY HARRIS Basketball, Pep Club, Career Club, Art Club. V.l.C.A., C.l.A. SANDRA CAROL HARRISON Pep Club. DAVID CHESTER HARVEY Football, Baseball, Key Club, F.F.A. JIM HUGH HATHCOX Football, V.l.C.A. JEFFERY DALE HESTLEY F.F.A. Treasurer, F.F.A. President, Football. LEONARD LEE HIGGINBOTHAM Football, Science Club, V.l.C.A., C.l.A., Spanish I, Spanish ll. CYNTHIA MICHELLE HILL F.H.A., V.l.C.A., Pep Club. LISA EILEEN HOLLAND F.H.A. Vice-Pres., Spanish I. DAVID HOYLE Football, Student Council, District Judge in School County Elections, Career Club Presi- dent, Key Club, Beta Club, Math Club, Sci- ence Club, V.l.C.A., Senior Who's Who. MARLA GALE HUGGHINS Band, Majorette, Junior Class Secretary, F.T.A., Science Club, Math Club, Career Club. JEFFEREY CHARLES INGRAM Golf, Science Club, Beta Club. RANDY DEAN JACKS F.F.A. MARY RENEE JACOBS Beta Club, Career Club. PAMELA GEORGETTE JOHNSON Spanish I, Spanish ll, Spanish III, Pep Club. JOHN MICHAEL JONES Glee Club, Drama Club, Science Club, Career Club, C.l.A. KATHERINE ANNETTE JONES Senior Class Secretary, Cheerleader, Stu- dent Council, F.T.A. Treasurer, Career Club. 5 I J W Sv? gf . v if 4 emzwclwoggww President: Tim Walker Vice-President: Tommy Lee Secretary: Katherine Jones Treasurer: Cassie Golden 4""" CMN--riffs fx W .. l, SWL 'il' 4 Perry Len Akins a'f'f'f'w, wz Leona Genette Armstrong 4 , V wr. lv ,, Ml? A ' f "", l jgi Q, l 'l ',,11.SA,,ll-ll' ' ' Leigh Ann Bailey Nw Tyrus Leddell Alford Et 'ie Shelley Renee Arnold as M ' ilk 'iw S We , , A , F, c, l 1,-rw l Lori Suzanne Ballard Benme Joe Beavers Carolyn Burnette Allen W le Traci Suzanne Arwood 4 l:.', , 2 :WJ ,Sn 4 . in " All: 'Q , wr- B nf 'Kr ffl f d will ' ' ,ililiw ' 'l llwlvlllll-' """ ' Sheri Darlene Barber Irma Jean Beavere 'se ill 1- x 5 X Charles Ralph Beene ' Jill Bennett i QS' Robert Alan Bowdon Olivia Ann Bowie B B B ns! , i E f '7'f! 2 Z. Sas. if I 1' V David Allen Boyanton Tony Alan Brannon 4 ill 3? I 14 fi ' Q 1 f .ITL V is Q Mimi Jai Boswell 4 Daniel Lee Bowlin is ' V i ' i:is,i,i,fl , fi! i at .iii W iw, Julie Nannette Brooks 1 Deborah Marie Carroll Sonja Lynn Castleberry A! KVM XM M , . l A ' W i will mu, 'W ' Zi E ml l ' 3 my wil " X, 33 i fy W x' allllllfwwlm l, 5 V l ri l i Carl Irving Church -,M Frank i on orne 5 VAIVV ., V Deena Marie Cash at V William A. Channell . X4 Pamela Kay Clements ,K ' 'si wr ll' all Pamela Ann Cox Wx Xxywg " talk' ' ff in W W tilt l ll' 'll if , X Kenneth Harden Castleberry fl WW ai , 'Ig 1: If i- N l , f, Alan Scott Chapman James Phillip Cormier ,L 1 LN! i nl I , 5 E rep, E+ M W'----. 31:-5552.32 5 H K Selina Ann Crowe Nancy Carllne Davls Troy Douglas Day Janet Dean Dickey Sm 5 he -as 322 ik iw Q6 QL . M is Wm like 4 5 5 ,F if 135 Qs, Tracey Leigh Dorough A 4,,, iw. .. at M V. W 'ww Mark Andrew Engelbrecht X Sharon Denise Estell F. WZ 19" i ,nk - iii 4 Judy Rea Fluellen Janice Patricia Ensley Joe Bob Evans 0-U Billy Gene Ford ,, 3: rrr J wh , a . ,hir , , Bruce Ervin Deborah Ann Faile M. ' W' f A W ,nxyw l .., if i Hr 1 r x Y f ii 'I . V I l i n ir 1 A . ,iii I iii, iii if ii: , , Katherine Merril Foster nRod er Funderbur Jr 37 G ui-in I v- Q Georgie Causey Gallegly Doanld Eugene Gann Boyd Leon Gardner ' 1.i..' , , .-is Cathy Ann Gettys James Donald Gillison Melvin Lynn Gillison .X M ., :gm 'W X., W AW 'ago V l up , xW"T?'. ' fzggiiiggrazcff 1 ' Leigh Ann Glenn Cassie Syvella Golden Janet Denise Goodwin if oeth Suzanne Griffin lla Jolene Gro an Www 1 J N 'E 'M wiigia Q 3 we .... QM Wk 1 . . 4 I l Q 'V have 1 Michelle Hall Tammy Sue Hannah Wendy Gay Harris in l l in he f i H r f fllll f l fi , , le Sandra Carol Harrison Nathan Eugene Hathcock Jimmy Hugh Hathcox, Jr Jeffrey Dale Hestley ll ,N H Leonard Lee Hagginbefhem if. Cynthia Michelle Hill ,I n as ef ,i F ri I iff ii 1.7 L 14 l Marla Gale Huggins Tina Denise Hutton Jeffrey Charles Ingram . K b ? 1 'M' ,,., by X E f Randall Dean Jacks Mary Renee Jacobs Pamela Georgette Johnson ff J iw.-im-,gf-1 W: A John Michael Jones Katherine Annette Jones Marcia Lyn Jones in J 5 9 , ,. , l Linda Ka Kerr Der' I-if 'ii : Ji , E Q w .ima L dis- W i i L. ima-ii i aw David Marcus Klinner Thomas Dale Lee, Jr. J i Q X i -ew sigma f M551 iii Wanda Senophia McCain R lW in iii wi' im. FM Ml K Mmm 'vii iii mi 5 5 Warren Eugene Landis Lisa Karren Ledlow ii. F W it 4i,f::fi:Jf" M ii Aiy iii' "' Cynthia Leigh Lowery Leslie Ann McCain L ? . 3 , of A i""' , W1 X .A L xy Adrienne Deanna Dorothy Jean McGowan McGowan 'Win ndra Kay McVey QW! ,wk 5, Angela Renee Macon 2 fi in is at it L W' M is 3 fphggii vvtwglx' 1 I ' Wi Roger Dale Macon Julie Beth Martin , ir Myra ' r' , .......,,.,w'-' W3 sw is. w r Lance Lamar Mathews Laurie Anne Mathis iiiffi i Q Mary Denise Merrymon Bettie Arminda Milarn - L 1 as Eugene Mitchel .s.r.. .,i, . 4' if in H, Y, Lisa Annetta Matthews Melissa Kaye Miller r if 1 U 1 ,:.Jij.3E': if Desirus Mixon ix, i L F A ii-2. 'ffli 5 .. Andrea Charisse Ogburn +- 55 if 'mi hw n til: -1' ra i, ii it ni Ei WH? gui W ' WL-:,i,E i' my Y 1. x Susan Paulette Patterson in' ' nkv. 1 ' Q 4 ,A NME ii 'figi' P yy A 1. 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I, -X '- ie Franklin, Mark Franklin, Flobin Frederick, Terri Gaines, Donna Gallups, Mark Garrett, Donna Gentry, Kathy Gilliland, Flay Gisel, Gary Gordon, Nina Graham, Regina Graham, Wade Green, James Grogan, Ben Gulledge, Tod Gurley, Kelly Hallman, Terry Hamlin, Bobby Hardwick, Tim Hay, Patrice Hazelwood, Debbie Henderson, Edwin Henderson, Curtis Henson, Darren Hughes, Lisa Hurst, Elaine Hurst, Rhonda Ingram, Paige Isbell, Doug Jacobik, Greg Johnson, Wayne Jones, Robin Kidd, Carolyn Kidd, Cleaton Kincaid, Katie King, Tracy Lawrence, Michele Layton, Jeff Ledbetter, Billy Lee, Freida 58 S X ,,,,,,,.,, ,,.. Q ..i. i Q I -fs'-is . 'lf' 7111 Hlllss.:-,..: qi . .. Mgt.,- Y X .- . ' H L H -Y - .,, , f mx .L 1' X, at ,WTF xi . ,QW .xi X ing. 1 K,,Lf. D f Xia!! f'J"52 Qiffii. -Q fi ry S x H. s 'dnl li i Si i lil ill? all ll fi ,sliilii lil 1 l nf In ,1 X , my ,Q L L ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,Q Q. E V, ,,... l , was 11 i A or , -J' PNK -4, ff:-. 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Stephanie Willingham Roger Davis and Robert Perry 7981 Pelmedgajf K-'fu Wii' g A R Sapa S ,L-in .sr i ns ,Yi ,Y E I . .5 . .M . 5 ' "FV --I lsr? A-A i.. . 1 ., . . , , M, V M ...a..a,...s 9- Q no M y I 1 . ww' N :M I , Q. I we-,i , Q 1 ' ' ' C ' 'M Q '14 1 egiili yi my ,L y L , i 5 A Q s 'ymf' KK-1h is L, swqs,g1.'-lv'-4' k i L k QL , ,Aw -uv t. , - vs... 2. -.sf i 'A t Y A A """' Q, . 5- T K A.A.:L,.. I l' . 33-,.....ff..,. A . K wg 7 "'. V K ...J . ff., :..... - V , f A .nn , . we 42. 2 63,1 Gres., N.. A .r. f ,ff H5-J. Qgg., ,.-,. W J55JV.. f f4:,AVj ,M Clic xr, 'kr '12lF?:i.0e. .L A A, if 1' ., ' 'Ln I' if 15.5, , " ,af-nA3..a.1,, "rv . .. f --'H-.uf 'fm ", f- A 'X First Row: Erskine Funderburg, Tommy Lee, David Harvey, Boyd Gardner, David Hoyle, Jeff Davis, Norman Wilder, Norman McKinney, Gary Henderson, Dewayne Riddle. Second Row: David Bryant, Sponsor, Paul Farr, Clay Cox, Billy Channell, Darrin Owen, Greg Jacobik, Charlie Robinson, Hubert Estell, Doug Gurley, Chris Lee, Jonathan Adams. Third row: Jim Walker, John Sim- mons, Warren Landis, Doug Williams, Joe Bob Evans, Mark Walker, Robert Perry, Andy Pitts, Andy Birchfield, Tony Gossett, John Pennington, Jeff Matchan, Kevin Williamson, Michael Masters. ' --3'iiC'iwK 5i'TWV,, A 1 ft, f , . l - jf" , . 9 I -A - L . 'wi 1 'T lr - K 11" Q i ' 'i A 4' 1252 , , ., 1, new , , s . x. fi - 1 E"" ' J L .4 .. s.'If.1'11 ,, 'X ' A , , is Y - 4' - -H ' . Ti E'-A 1 if 'jf il-3m,25 4 J vin wlwun-v ' u W .f , . n -i, 'mr-,5' in 1, ,g , , .Q ,A MM .,,,.,. . ,,,, 1 'I'-. - gk , --,Q ..-A ii, ,. --,, , '.., .,..,f ,,Q. u , . ,. J ui 'jdzgf',fyfiffi'aiff1',-1i,:,g2i A , A , V .,,.s,, ,i.i, , , , ,,.. ,.,2,. .Q ,,,, ii-, 3 A Ji , , , - 1 , f ' f ,........ ' 5 . . , . Y . -- vw-.-, . ' 'A ' fa' 1 ' ., . 5-a Q' , A . f .1 , i n '- '1 435455: - swf 260 ' 1 X . 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Betwdub JSf5f55r1fi1QE'2,'iW':"tfir5h9i'g:,a,a5YLiifr.g'1Pni,"f:z',j 1Yn.f1'Yr5Er-"sffsi :-'rw lima : 'l,,j': gg,- Prg-gwyvl,rl,tf:1.f,aa:y1s,,,:w,.f.sg5,,,Ma3f5,,,ywf:w,-fw,',fv,rw,-,,., -M an , me , as w u, , g L, g x , L , to ,Q 3 Hialriiw the sailiwat ear: iygm, ,. ..rgr'..,5EB,,. ia, nf, gf, .W--E l,f1f,,,.4,,, V7 'fVQt'353'f,'l5i1:,.ii5f Wifwwlfiawfiuisfy'Vsifffiwiiwiyfi'fv12:51--,ZF 17131:L15:WlsL1ajfjf:5tt'f , ,ma'sat--xref'ffrelafri-iwWrfffitfzf-fffsz-,wa -- A 4 'wwfssg W ji i K' . ?i' ? f 'V 'iii' :PW 5 fa 13 ' .Sw , wrt, ,gn s,r . ,L,. ,, -gi f t .N gif: r dh ? 1 , W 'NW Wax' 'flrggk--'mir :L ikia?'f5,L5, fyifii f5"i 'cf ffYilQ,: '?rfl2f5"l'!::''lYrlf,,'f-'l5n5,, 5152, 5 ' Mar: 9835: inf' fi' ' YY ' 3 Q2555525if'Wi5ir?'f5:'fE'V?U55ffE515f'?'1?3fEfi'i5".5if'Pffl?I'Sflfiriiiffifiifiilk?'sr1'f'L'f.5:if,i5' i' fl 'ff YvetIfazF513'nf,"P':.wff,'ll'.'f,'i- 'J77f', f"5Xr'1P'r7'Qf, iiwir 1' 1"fif'i". Tr f 57: f' 1' Pima "first I- 'Q 'Z 'f 1 Treasurer: Marcia Jones, Secretary: Laurie Mathis, Vice-President: Sharon Docherty, Presi- dent: Erskine Funderburg. EEE Sims lm sn imnm R i DQ! K E !i iii 33136 H333 iid l -W! gt F39 First Row: Kathy Gentry, Lisa Streety, Kelly Gurley, Missy Miller, Alfreda Shepard, Janice Ensley, Lisa Swafford, Debbie Carroll, Bonderia Shepard, Debby Thomas, Marcia Jones, Sharon Docherty, Merrilyn Cook, Sponsor, Erskine Funderburg, Laurie Mathis, Cathy Gettys, Derenda Kilpatrick, Cindy Bowman, Meshelle Lynn, Leigh Bailey, Beverly Shepard, Lisa Matthews. Second Row: Suzanne Etheredge, David Sawyer, Tara Truss, Darlene Robertson, Sonja Castleberry, Angela Macon, Jolene Adams, Karen Miller, Paula Williams, Tammy Williams, Cassie Golden, Tammi Spangenburg, Deena Cash, Pam Williams, Debbie Triestram, Ragina Graham, Debbie Faile, Anna Owens, Judy Meads, Tracy King, Liz Lee, Rhonda Ayers, Jennifer Bowman, Dianna Anderson, Connie Perrin, Angie Smith, Renee Jacobs. Third Row: Mike Masters, Bobby Partain, Danny Smith, Eric Young, Jeff Ingram, David Hoyle, Boyd Gardner, Tommy Lee, Jeff Ftamsey, Roy Crump, Andy Birchfield, Jeff Matchan, Jeff Lee, Joe Bob Evans, Warren Lan- dis, David Ellen, Mark Walker. vyh nw. ,Mg ., mf' f A I IHHISNINIM in Plans for the Beta Club Blood Drive start at least a month bef -M ' all 3 t N f A ,tt t.t 1 ,-Q.. ..,,. .Q ' f aat . .... sl 3 ln spite of nervousness, many P.C.H.S. students. volunteer to donate their blood. It's a good thing that neatness isn't necessary for Beta Club mem- bership! 2 sh- Q X X 8 -Ant "With a hair pin here, you'II be ready forthe prom." ore the drive. "Kiss me!" Tired but happy, the Beta Club receives the "Big Drop Award" for the second consecutive year. Sharon Docherty, President Judy Meads, Vice-President an N U2 my Ll Mfllilf A 'y J so 1 'Q - 1 wa X .VA 1 nv lg ' First Row: Clay Cox, David Hoyle, Tommy Lee, Norman McKinney, Anne Day, Katherine Jones, Doug Gurley, Ena Scogin, Cassie Golden, Roy Crump, Debbie Faile. Second Flow: Missy Miller, Charlie Robinson, Mickie Story, Wendy Robens, Greg Jacobik, Jill Brascho, Tammy Williams, Jolene i Y f f - f rsvp--f,ggf-g,:f'.qj-1.:1.c..1.-1-1-J.-W-ifiiiisrilfizssiii is 9509991 df-mi ffvmiilie and ffea'-W-ff i'UUi0fsCl?SSie isii',i slsr' l br ls K 3,0 fx t ' , ,4-4.90 M... -W I .., .N L ,, A - 'yn' A 'Qs , ... -"' . PV ,,, . 5 , K 7 H Adams, Judy Meads, Amy Cormier, Tim Walker. Third Row: Andy Birchfield, Tony Gossett, Rocky Dill, Alex Wallington Richard Lee, Marcia Jones, Liz Lee, Suzanne Etheredge Kelly Gurley, Vicki Henley, Sharon Docherty. 5 The purpose of the Student Council is to y,yy yiee 6 stablish rayebelter relationship between stu- ffredents and faculty members and to promote L L the general welfare of our school. if f' .a I ,I ix be .KY 'ZH' WM i5Zi4v,4'f 1 I ,s .W J Q1 . K W' 01:3-r 'Y Missy Miller, Secretary A , Xxx!!! ,, y , fr Jolene Adams, Treasurer ,mls .-ii, l , f' 7 4 lfICAC!ub jk xiii' T3 "'-'L' - "' Q Q Hrs! Row: David Hoyle, Kinsman Barber, Billy Kemp, Tracy Stevens, Tony Glenn, Steve Robinson, Toby Underwood, Rand Helms. Second Row: Debbie Triestram, Judy Meads, Nancy Moree, Mary Whitworth, Paige Ingram, Beverly Shepard, Debbie Hazelwood, Wendy Harris. Third Row: Lisa Ledlow, Deena Cash, Mimi Boswell, Vickie Campbell, Derenda Kilpatrick, Tammy Swattord, Dianna Anderson, Selina Crowe, Michelle Eads, Fourth Row: Cedric Phillips, Sponsor, Lee Higginbotham, David Boyanton, Joey Dykes, Tim Walker, Paul Harvey, Keith Smith. . we 225 ,Q tt- in wgwg, ,, ite, , " iii -iif 2 z-5. i,i fi.: ,-,,. ,, ' i-",,i. ,1i,, 1 fftl t , titer? for 7-" -.'f A 5,1 A ' ' lraai, ,,, ,,,,,,,, 4 , 'STTY : ,,,,, , , ,rr,, , itii T is 5 .E.,1,,i7f Qi , V. , T giifers i ly 1-git. ,.., 9 Q, 5, t, V , S eialeisactivstres oiedt , and C mem Z-wg -ff. .,-i," , .,,i ,pf . 1, ,. I: ,,": it-Sf11f'f7is't:i.,,, , A iifkgfiiff' V ' V T "'i 1 I 'fi' 2 First Row: Vickie Campbell, Reporter, Beverly Pruitt, Treasurer, Steve Robinson, President, Cedric Phillips, instructor. Second Row: Tim Walker, Pariiamentariang Kinsman Barber Secretary, Lee Higginbotham, Vice-President. ffl", it-Ev ite., d if VW i E I ' X f ' " First Row: Martha Aldridge, Cheerleader Sponsor, Jill Brascho, Karen Miller, Julie Martin, Andrea Ogburn, De-De Barber, Cathy Gettys, Tammy Williams, Regina Beason, Tammy Dutton, Joy Brascho, Katherine Jones, Missy Miller, Don Moye, Sponsor. Second Row: Renee Smith, Michelle Lawrence, Cynthia Hullett, lla Grogan, Tina Brown, Tina Savage, Julia Alexander, Cynthia Hill, Wendy Harris, Jamie Shields, Lori Oden. Third Flow: Stephanie Willingham, Lisa Kendrick, Michelle Lynn, Connie Weaver, Jolene Adams, Paula Williams, Tracy King, Susan Stevens, Jennifer Baker, Liz Lee. Fourth Row.'Tammy Funderburg, Tanya Payne, Angie Polk, Mickie Story, Becky Rich, Dale Cagle, Alesia Jimmerson, Tory Gannett, Diane Swann, Toni Jacobik, Peaches Roe. Fifth Row: Jackie Norton, Vickie Birchfield, Mary Cormier, Pam Castleberry, Rhonda Hurst, Marie Barker, Latricia Sorensen, Rebecca Ram- Cwrewdub , sey, Wendy Roberts. l 1 ' 5. , X. l ' . " fi' 9 X. -- i l A 2 rf-1 . ,,,, - Hrst Row: C. Hullett, K. Triestram, S. Mathis, F. Wallace, T. Graham, M. Sims, J. Fluellen, M. Mixon, B. Shepard, T. Dunklin, T. Fluel- len. Second Row: M. Miller, L. Ledlow, K. Jones, B. Pruett, l. Grogan, T. King, T. Spangenberg, S. Stevens, C. Crews, R. Jacobs, C Gettys, J. Baker, T. Savage, S. Arnold, J. Goodwin. Third Row: A. Birchfield, M. Walker, D. Triestram, S. Docherty, D. Thomas, D Carroll, P. Williams, D. Cash, K. Miller, J. Adams, A. Macon, L. Castleberry, S. Etheredge, M. Lawrence, L. Streety, T. Williams, P. Williams. Fourth Row:J. Matchan, M. Martin, W. Roberts, J. Norton, M. Story, A. Polk, V. Birchfield, B. Rich, S. Castleberry, S. Pat- terson, T. Edwards, B. Walker, J. Bennett, K. Gurley, K. Gentry, L. Lee. Fifth Row: A. Owen, D. Carter, Y. Childers, D. Gurley, T. Payne, T. Funderburg, G. Jacobik, J. Brascho, D. Hoyle, T. Jacobik, D. Cagle, M. Alverson, K. King, P. Faile, R. Graham. Sixth Row: J. B. Evans, C. Cox, E. Funderburg, D. Owen, C, Robinson, G. Whitten, D. Riddle, L. Oden, J. Davis, N. Wilder, M. Jones, J. Adams Seventh Flow: S. Willingham, R. Smith, T. Dutton, L. Cottlngham, C. Golden, W. Harris, A. Pitts, D. Ellen, R. Dill, R. Tucker. Y-snllllg N1'l'l!li illlllli r X I sm... First Flow: Tammy Brock, Michelle Hall, Meshelle Lynn, Andrea Ogburn, Connie Weaver. Second Row: Kinsman Barber, Greg Gunnells, Jon Waldrop, Jim Cormier, Mike Masters. Third Row: John Lonergan, Sponsor, Yee Childers, Buddy Sprad- ley, Marie Barker, Latricia Sorensen, Robin Jones, Jim Gillison. We f ,Zi 2, F, . . . srfS1fe'?fM'?4ffrPz,':m,ftxfwgf-r,Jf:a- - - ' ,Q m5iq,,,46ai3:w:rr,wa51,5qs:4:,wf,ff:' f - rm-- lrfl'f'ff:5E'Q?1f'ff5?Q2m:3225525335534fYNE,'1f"f5 WL--"xr, .. 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U--in ..1--,L 1,4 ,H-1,l,..r -,,, ,Z ,,,, w .W we. ,, ,.,, .7 ,,,, , ,, i iarrlrre S ,ilr re , irel 4' ff l l l f :ffQ?f5'fv?'.4wfiE-Y5A9212L7Z152i'7giQfrZiQ.1a193.:Z-1FQmZQ1':f'5'ff.ii 41.2 is ',zi1,:gZ 2 ,, , . -rweww?-Sri,-1:-'11 .1545 54f,pjfzv,f5-:fggi,1FQ-15.5 i115vs-gag OlJi00ASSistam2 Donna Carter, Pam Williams, Marla Hugghins, Bonderia Shepard, Leigh Glenn, Darla Wil son, Cassie Golden, Irma Beavers, Michelle Eads, Judy Fluellen, Sandy McVey. 2 First Row: Beverly Shepard, Marcia Jones, Becky Ramsey, Donna Alverson, Cynthia Lov ery, Olivia Bowie. Second Row: Sandra Whisenant, Teresa Cook, Suzanne Smith, Melvi Gillison, Tammy Brock, Georgie Gallegly, Tammy Bullock, Adrienne McGowan. yy Maflvclub The Math Club has many activities plan- ned for the school E year. These activities include socials and participation in math tournaments. The school math team is selected from the Math Club membership. To belong to the Math Club, one must be in a mathematics course for the third year and must maintain a "B" average. Members are initiated during the fall semester of the school year. . . . V . , ,- ., - , ag., ,,,i i f T , T Secretary: Cassie Golden, President: Debby Thomas, Sponsor: Martha Weeks, Vice-Presi- dent: Roger Funderburg, Treasurer: Erskine Funderburg. i M i "' " P V4 ' First Row: Jeff Matchan, David Ellen, Brian Carr, Mark Walker, Bo Crump, Joe Bob Evans, Tommy Lee, Roger Funderburg, Warren Landis. Second Row: Cindy Bowman, Rhonda Ayers, Kathy Gentry, Liz Lee, Sharon Docherty, Darlene Robertson, Debby Thomas, Debbie Faile, Julie Martin, Boyd Gardner, Jeff Ramsey, Missy Miller. Third Row: Janice Ensley, Suzanne Etheredge, Cynthia Low- ery, Kelly Gurley, Jaimie Shields, Paula McKee, Jennifer Bowman, Cassie Golden, Marcia Jones, Laurie Mathis, Sonja Castleberry, Marla Hugghins, Erskine Funderburg, Tim Walker, Martha Weeks, Sponsor, Anna Owen. 1 T ' "L 1 Z - T fuiwviliitif ww wt ' Q If 1 y..gwsvF:31' 7,fUQg-Jr, .Sax ' HE' - , iq hM5,,,t, ff U X , , U A , ,V g.wz:syw 1 5 ', 1, 'r'ffu' lf, :LamkinRifrfa-fi,-55:5-fgig15,6-'Z-1',2-fr? . , pawlshdub ,T k mf 'z T , -M' i mum' 1 H i . f",,Ua14.:. . Y ilffltlliiflm ,-31-., f ., . J ttf fl ,xl in "LX: f 1 1 :iiitw i ' , 'ai M' Hrs! Flow: Bonnie Shepard, Judy Fluellen, Felicia O'Neal, Lisa Polk, Deborah Thomaston, Clintice Truss. Second Row: Connie McCullough, Suzanne Etheredge, Jill Bennett, Lisa Hughes, Michelle Lawrence, Ronnie McCullough, Tracie Bills, Shawn Falkner. Third Flow: Melanie Bryant, Dean Scott, Bobby Partain, Eric Young, Jeff Matchan, Greg Jacobik, Ty Alford. usiiii s gii- y gy 5 9- EL i . Of the H "':ii" me i810 Pro- ,,' 2 S. qv. iir, 5 fvdenis with an 4 1255: to increase iii S' 'V , T lii ,to USB the ' ' " to 'earn ktfl 'ii' Q fry 51 X ,culture A rlrs imeresfedr are cur- Swif- T'-' Sponsor: Judith Coffey, Secretary: Judy Fluellen, Vice-President: Bonnie Shepard, Presi- dent: Ty Alford, Treasurer: Dean Scott. Qpawlslv Il ,QF WM iw i qfv Q5 Q tw' ffl. 1 First Rowx Traci Arwood, Jennifer Baker fTreasurerJ, Adrienne McGowan, Irma Beavers, Beverly Shepard, Lisa Holland Second Row: Mindy Milam, Stephanie Reed, Debby Thomas Nice-Presidenty, Debbie Faile, Andy Birchfield fSecretaryJ Mark Walker, Marcia Jones lpresidentj, Pam Johnson, Junior Winslett. wi. cw, First Row: Rhonda Little, Suzanne Etheredge, Julie Martin, Nancy Moree, Missy Miller, Suzi Ballard, Irma Beavers, lla Grogan, Wendy Harris, Ann Trucks, Jill Bennett, Robin Franklin, Leigh Bailey. Second Flow: Mark Walker, David Ellen, David Klinner, Lynn Pat- mon, Buddy Spradley, Rand Helms, Mike Jones, Glenn Newton, David Bryant, Sponsor, Lee Higginbotham. C.l.A. stands for . v ' .jijvfu Christians ln Noihfrdmbershiyp iiti or special qualifiividfi tionsrare necessary to join the C'U5:if?h"5t'an5, well-aimed zo C.l.A. Club. Regular meetings are heldffo discuss Chrisytggfii ,rs, grariiefihtat fit the commuriiriifyi and Pell City High Sammi. The 5VQ39Q5r senting Jesus in the school environment. -mwmsz sfigwtgs fs2,?fe:,ft ww - ww, i if :www H1 5fwt:,Li -w Q fffs.s,,:,,, .f 1- vt:ftinmwe,.iszfq., ' A if, , ,wseztit wi! fiielisieilfw'-1 fs, 2 - wi,:fffi1,'6r:7xczQi3Ei- .1 1 - nt PM fan-1isQtfv'ti,'f.:, iff2s'sPz,1 ' 11531 zmw ' '.:,g1f1,I?,l0'x,i?Sf W2' ss,1fm-Mm' . H...tsm,tt?f?3?'ifsnew,,- my ,-it-, ,-Hmi,,,fq5ftt,,gef,,w t ,,,,.v' we ,--" M , A-,- H A,-' 1: ,,,Q-'11-mf , ,,,,,,.t,v1fQtyf, , t tt, 1, vM,,Qm,,,,,,., . 'P ,i yt'-wt,s?1te,5w'fzsbwitgiieffza??'it,L5w1viL5fEfE2,ff- swirl? iifssiftgzgsftsi? -'iwitsifset-fif1.:t1f "'41ff55fw, eitrigwftt, 1. ' 1,,,jf4Eu,, ,t.,,.t,,.3,'1t,.5, Q' law -7 Vihy f wx, ,-h-V 1 me-we-S 'fkv Wi' V 1353 .-4 -' --. 5 A H M k'k7 --" 2 W?I1q5,i2g1:E Qffiuelgiwfl Qenftyffsaiah stss L i L - ',,' 'tfiffi'ff'iii??1J?isf7lKifS?if45ii11PSii2l+:iii?fi22?sf1?-iltvi -f,?: i2fx.xeif1ffzi Mfazw i fi W L L siit '1' .,,-- I , , ,Q 1 V i I wi: K If!-' f , - , :J'ff:S5ggugf.,,,t, .2 5 . .,.., , . ..., , W, X aw,- fwJZfi?"f??5f5,'i is Qatfgt it 1, - wt,,y,t,Qtfg,tfg1,if ,,- N, ,..,, , U ,.,. is - We fn, f 1 .f,,-' Q, 'fwff L.,, ff, f - -::Wfy,-- - N159 rfb? ll F siii iitisit Qf ,,.,,.f f. ,-1-f,,.a,,-:ts:,1S,, ,. f Brooksttgffiltm Corrtiiier, bU"'?,rft,ll,f9,'7d , ,.,,L V,A. , ,..,,,,t,f,,-xt., H :-fff 2W,,.fi,isf,e t,,,,,u,,W,,.t,, ,, is I , ,, tt, , Q,-1t:.:w,fft:1 fSte,,,,,.:m 'fr , w,,,',,,Q.f2.z,:-w.-,1n,,,f5tQfw,, pw, U K ss - " 3 it f - Paudwv Paw an-6 i First Row: Jill Bennett, Cheryl Andrews, Editor, Leigh Bailey, Teresa Stewart. Second Row: Jim Cormier, Cindy Carpenter, Linda Ftaughton, Sponsor, Buddy Spradley. FaenclvC!ub L l Lett Front to Back: Bridgette Young, Cindy Carpenter, Kelly Gurley, Linda Raughton fSpon- sorj, Belvine Brown. Right Front to Back: Liz Lee CSecretary-Treasurerj, Leigh Bailey, Kathy Gentry fVice-Presidentj, Paula Williams, Tara Truss fPresidentj. Qcafuwedub 7'N:e X' i l xi mr. 'T X Secretary: John Bagby, Sophomore Representative: Karin Trlestram, Treasurer: Kathy Gentry, Vice-President: Lisa Streety, President: Boyd Gardner, Gertrude, Senior Represent- ative: Debbie Triestram. ' ,F ' m J 1 "ff if w x zz, .+ c Y' A 4 , -5 .1 . Jr' , fm , IJ, X V4.4 f 3. if 1 ' 7- 1 5 V ,wr , TheiScience Clubfll membership is com' posed of students in science courses who are particularly interg estedgin the field of ence. onset club maekesl three field trips each year. One field trip is made to Cheaha Moun- tain. ln the spring, a project is undertakert, to raisegmoney for size? cial equipment for the lf science department. This year the club hopes to raise enough money to purchase a telescope. , I 'F 'nw S.. 'Q 1 LL up 0 mu st. 1 Senior Science Club Members f .X rt 4fg?..v,, I.. t ,i. if' First Row: Ty Alford, Warren Landis, Tommy Lee, Mike Jones, Jeff Ftamsey, Second Flow: Boyd Gardner, Julie Martin, Marla Hug- ghins, Nancy Moree, Erskine Funderburg, Janet Goodwin, Shelley Arnold, Tamml Spangenberg, Deena Cash, Christie Crews, Leona Armstrong, Jill Bennett. Third Row: Joe Bob Evans, Anna Owen, Missy Miller, Cathy Gettys, Debbie Triestram, Pam Williams, Debbie Carroll, Cassie Golden, Adrienne McGowen. Fourth Flow: Jeff Ingram, Rodger Funderburg, David Hoyle, David Sawyer, Norman Wilder, Greg Jacobik, Jeff Davis, Norman McKinney. 99 K ,,v,,, -. f,'g A ,fu ax it '- V A wr- I - W f 4' ' 4, f QM' H Q --.Aff C 1 Q Jr fr 1 ' W3 'ariwf b fl! fa 3 9 l A Junior Science Club Members First Row: Meshelle Lynn, Mark Walker, Carl Thompson, Robert Perry, John Bagby, Roger David, Brian Carr. Second Row: Connie Weaver, Michelle Lawrence, Karen Miller, De-De Barber, Roy Crump, Mike Carroll. Third Row: Greg Jacobik, Liz Lee, Suzanne Etheredge, Jo Patterson, Kelly Gurley, Paula Williams, David Ellen, Kathy Gentry, Lisa Streety, Jaimie Shields, Lynn Cottingham. , Q A X I 4-AFI: i,v: .-KJ. 'ggi J .VI r, VT L : y 4,9s::fi lf',.f. Sw ,q2,'lQ?,lQ,g,wr,, . L ' "" - a,.jW,V, , law -- L rl Q. is I L-xx ' ,ei ,aides Z1 -.i4..4f l iv-4 Sophomore Science Club Members First Flow: Mike Hines, Deiffayne Riddle, Karin Triestram, Renee Smith, Lori Oden, Cynthia Hullett, Emmit Gaskin, Sponsor. Second Flow: Vickie Birchfield, Mickie Story, Monica Alverson, Stephanie Willingham, Steve Mathis. Third Flow: David Hesterley, Pam Foote, Co-sponsor, Wendy Roberts, Joy Brascho, Toni Jacobik, Monnie Martin, Phyllis Bauder, John Simmons, Dan Marlow, Ger- trude. l E r!!4y1'f" ' Q2 at t. 3 ii i E A 1 W 'l--A,-Q" .4 , ,elvis The Science Club field trip to Cheaha State Park was fun and exciting! Another exciting day in science class. "Next, inject a little Super Glue and he'Ii be as good as new. v-,g L XNNQQ-34 ve This is an experimentalgroupi "Look, Mom, no hands!" DwmvIClub First Row: Brian Champion, Cindy Carpenter, Sheila Posey, Margaret Mixon. Second Row: David Hesterley, Tracy Morrison, J. R Ramsey, Randy Matthews, Nathan Wade. piww n t s 4 NX K1 First Row: Leslie Christman Ureasurerj, Andrea Ogburn Nice-Presidentj, Danny Smith fPresidentJ, Connie Ege 1Secretary5. Sec- ond Flow: Katie Smith, Glen Newton fChaplainJ, Bobby Partain fClerkJ, Lori Reeves fHistorianJ. Third Row: Garry Gisel, Tim Davis Dianne Swann, Mike Jones, Lonnie Underwood, Bobby Bowdon. The e School o w APIC' gram eionfvvtwheairerwhich trains studerxt5ffor further work in coilegeeand gro- fessional theatre. tu- dents have nlti1ejUpportu- nity to studyialt phases of acting, tecehlijical 'produc- xion. desrecringgewde mime, The of we Th Morrison2e eltkie5iin5ponsqrQ l is also Atabamaffstaie Dzrec- tor of thefsgooiety. The troupe is fH0!76than just a "dramawo!ubg? L i ig a peas forming Qedi- Cafed 3951! me F1rstRow Connie Ege Lorl Reeves Danny Smith Glenn Newton J R Ramsey Lonnie Underwood. Second Row: Bobby Bowdon 4 .,p-Q-www ,aw S' .ISS 4 gm 15, 5 Q iwg X-as .. S. as QQ . .Q if - . K N A S vfx-FT A R 53 Q, f Q m if' f N 1'L Q Fi ' xii' 5 Q .L Q 'xhk ,LK., Q K T- I XXI 'Q bv .--f..N,..m.W""' . 3 ,, ,h g . I I 1 u 1 ,gm kites! Y x K - 1 V fs fi T QQQA ' T QHL I - ,. 7' Q 'hrwz if ff., - dq . an H1 'K ' nr 4 .2 'fi 'Q .XA .Ax k ' r A., "" ?b l X, fl J it -"N ff? J' Qi.. . 44 .. . ., . ' n Stephanie Bain Marla Hugghins MO! A , 1 I A 4 F., ,- .QA f , , Q 1 ' y ' r L 9 K-'r ' . 5 :wa - - ""7,'?T?l4"'?fQ? Irma Beavers i .19 ,qi ,A G ii so , 3 . 'L F: 5 rf W ' , Ji-X " 1 ' f a ' 1 - Q wiwgxgx ',5q,,f X ' f ii wf ' V Y if k.,'Y li,- - . 1 A K ' , --ff, . 'r-.'u,., 1 ,. ,-. ' . Lg-. -e L 3,9 ' 'X ., A A A ' -"1" 5 : N 1 - .74 ,Srila-M 4-1.-: '- .M-Q --fi' i . ,gf.-Y, .T- ,Jw ., -, . .fit g a,,,f1, --'jeep 'L '. ,ff " W' "iJe3ff"z"- V '49 W ff e 'ig' f, , eefa'LQiiiaP?a3"J 3, A J., u vrh., . 35 - , . .. Y -In -- f' 5,533 '!l.'-riff' -" ,M ,- - v.yf..f as awp, IM? ,U . - X :gf,3.,f "1 -,xx g iv-'wN'..q,..s,'g, . "'T5H"' fav I-zvfj' .Q-,iv 'l,w?f2 3, - ,' 3,:w'f'r-ie' 'xv' , Q, wuz. 19' -,A ,fn .--fix.-1 L. .,. Mmm sv -.- '-N.. 4.-' v' .39"",'f" ' Q ' . 5-Y.-5 ff ,iff L- 5'5" L-if-, 'Q i f:"9"-if 3 ' "',..f,'-". b55'3gi..sss '-.. 5 f- -' 3 e ' A 9 je N .. .. . ,. .hr-A f f' 2 f -"9 ' 4 aiu-.,,L Linda Kerr, Head Debbie Faile Laurie Mathis 5, nm. f Marla Hugghins, Irma Beavers, Linda Kerr, Laurie Mathis, Debbie Faile, Stephanie Bain. DfuuwM0j I-lZgkBw55 Qecfww Susan Patterson First Row: Scott Flamage, Leona Armstrong, Lynn Graham, Hoyt Bunt. Second Row: Kevin Collier, Nancy Welch, Regina Tucker, Phyllis Bau- der, Nicky Lybrand. Third Row: Mark Stern, Vicki Henley, Angela Macon, Tammy Ball, Rhonda Wilson, John Simmons. 107 COIOWGUOJLCL 5, .- .. Wh-., A ' . ,, A -r AI' -L-'N' A , L . Debby Thomas, Jill Bennett,,Connie Weaver, Monica Alverson, Anne Day, Leigh Ann Castleberry, Melanie Bryant, Sharon Docherty, Hagina Graham, Jolene Adams, Sonja Castleberry, Pam Rich. Wooclwawl X,4r7- E' w, A fs, First Flow: Sonya Eason, Cheryl Ely, Vickie Dobbs, Karin Triestram, Jacque Weaver, Carmen Sims. Second Row: Pam Godbee, Bonnie Walker, Shannon Staples, Paula Whitten, Cindy Carpenter, Myshelle St, John, Ginger Shirley. Third Row: Joy Warren, Ste- phen Eiring, Kathy Mills, Dana Pike, Jennifer Whitworth, Tina Riddle, Jimmy Weldon, Carole Church, Tammy Howard. Pmowssiow WWA , Ph First Row: Edwin Henderson, Michael Frazier, Ken Burnham, Stoney Burke. Second Row: Alan Hallman, David Allred, Van Posey, Derryll Jordan. LowvBw55 A' sf?" VJ E eff W K w: Janice Ensley, Darlene Robertson, Becky Webster, Pete Kerr. Second Row: Lucky Shepard, Suzanne Etheredge, Candy Teresa Edwards, Raymond Patterson. Third Row: Chuck Truitt, Mike Leonard, Ben Stevens, David Klinner, Tim Stewart. , 'IU K K, ,,,.e,,c.7. M, 5.,x.SLAg,c, .wygggf ,Bi t 5, wrtsS'5'?'fffff5'l'-f'5Wif ttf-FW: V-i'VH-'2'QLi5i,- 3,1545 1, rr,-wi5i -sfstafgaarQ5Sg325lwZ?asali:frsttgfartwwill til iw My-fQ1'22 fgy,- L, ,L 7 Mt yvtsgdglc,ts5l535,,J'c3.egf-:HZ lSS'7'f- YYIWV - f'7""f 45 ' fukin- VFX 's V,-,,.i, , . ,,, ,,,,,,i ,tr f,,,,,t7,tt,.t i wgQ:ia,,:iparar2z,5,v1fMf,assi5525H3555tfigaifivlttisiitz-sie,'f"f'ft11'2xX'f'it",i 1 2-if Z 411 Z j it 3251151 Q it as ,Lal , k,,,k,Ak ,, ,,,k ,,,,,,,,,,w,t.,,,,L,g,,,,,,. , .,,. W U ,.,, ,W , , FFA. . liilvq-.-f ll'l!tlIll5?1-Uillfrl , s , 4, " ,.1sIn,,, ,, Y has A C ' ' ,D-vile, Y , .trfl First Row: Jeff Davis, Billy Ford, Len Shigley, Shauna Tipton, Jeff Hestley. Second Row: Donald Lang, Greg Owens, Thurman Hen niger, Johnny McNutt, Greg Kendrick, Rickey Posey, Jerry Ford, Randy Pruett, Alan Crump, Jeff Bunn, Troy Day, Billy Ledbettei Third Flow: Brian Carr, Alex Watlington, Rocky Dill, Scott Dorough, Roger Davis, Jeff Mathis, Howard Alexander, Randy Matthews Tim Reed, Glenn Harris, Kenny Federlick. Fourth Row: Randy Biddles, Frank Cornett, Bryan Disspain, Gary Whitten, Charles Bow man, Doug Pruett, Mark Franklin, Eric Young, Stephen Smith, Barry Wright, Stacy Partridge, Paul Slovensky. Fifth Row: Chrii Smith, Carl Church, Melvin Gillison, David Bunn, Sammy Smith, Barry Alverson, Dewayne Riddle, Fred Rutledge, Michael Streety Bobby Hamlin. Sixth Row: Ken McGowan, Cleaton Kidd, Greg Stansell, Doug Isbell, Billy Ritch, Tim Hardwick, Leon Hawkins, Deal Scott, Richard Lee, Jett Layton, Roger Staples. Seventh Flow: Ray Lipscomb, Rodrick Swain, Randy Gordon, Tyrone Truss, Waynt O'NeaI, Terry Pike, Nathan Mitchell. get , f A ' , , ,,,1-mlm' msg:-:L5.5lT'W'l'F 'WW' .isiiwfiu sv 2 'Aw .J AL ff'1't's'1m--i 11 , QE Q , 'V L z vt 5 H-M tf A-we , - . mf tttgpzt, g:ggx,,t5g5 ,, ,,,g,. ---Q . -45 M 5 ,t w af ,, Mgt, , -1 55,5512 f'f4-'WEW SEZE A iw ' Q Aft Ufxf 'wffQiiLLt -- t e l sz w f- nh 1- f'sw tif-fat-l it +L? - , m 'H ,:':'W5" '- .: ' A '- :- ' V I- in '- iff vs t7l"iTff2,y. KWH f37fk5"i1fi57 5 P cr '5 tiff: V ' 3. 4' SW-Xi ' - 3 G' T557 ' ,,,kf,, ,,,.,yf..W ,, 9,55-st. we iwyr 1 , ff 1- --1,g.,,v - R L i TEL V, We-Ti. ,ff--l.e:-igig -ea , vfwvrt rx- iJ,lx,ri"f , S ll . QQ T M f 1 - . 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Donna Gaines. Wayne O'Neal. Melinda Mickles. Angela Brewer. Shawn Falkner. Becky Rich. Susan Patterson. Robin Jones. Wil- lene Forman. 'ilk ffl' i - 'B'sTowalrdQ?NeiwL llhh 1' Y. ,, i , l .aw M wh-A 'ninaj izons," is members that reminds S them that .t.. l.r gist. i 'today kinds of hemes they: W have tomorrow. motto alieimetlls i life will influence the . community and WOYIG. . ii ...l.. V l..' President: Dorita Woods, Vice-President: Lisa Holland. Secretary: Angela Brewer. Trea- surer: Susan Patterson, Sponsor: Kathy Erwin FIA. Club The .Setters Fe,T.A. C stand TTCCC tori Future Teachers of America. The F.T.A. was formed as a service clubyfor future fteachersQi,iiThe F.T,A. serves the com- munity by visiting local nursinglhomes. The l schoeliiiifiisfiifserved ibiiiiiihe F.T.A. through a teach- ers' tea held each spring to show the T club',sQ aQpreciation,-for the Peii City High School faculty. Also, the F.T.A. visits college ,ycompusses to acqigiaiint ' i membefsiwith ooliege life. Treasurer: Katherine Jones, Vice-President: Lisa Ledlow, Social Chairman: Marla Hug ghins, Secretary: Nancy Moree, President: Missy Miller, Publicity Chairman: Julie Martin. First Row: Cassie Golden, Bonnie Shepard, Adrienne McGowan, Marla Hugghins, Nancy Moree, Missy Miller, Julie Martin. Secoiwd Row: Vicki Henley, Teresa Edwards, Cathy Gettys, Katherine Jones, Beverly Pruitt, Amelia Williamson, Sponsor, Lisa Ledlow, Deb- bie Carroll. Athletics 4 J jcuf- I, P fgiff. it ,W if 535 Q .. 'N 'H , iff 'Re-f' "ff-' f s...s x . Q: ff' A 1 -gf td, if L Q' . E- K !.,.. " X --5 W . f FN- i - 1 - AL ' 11 '- in K s K, 5 f ' fx x Q SR' If ' wfgf X , :ff ff V S 1- .Ls " m k ll-L X 1- N X . ' Q' . . y . ,Q X 4-Mfg ' " ' f.--iv 'W . , ya L u.f555.a:ig. Vg ,M E , Q, L, xg 1-'ex . 4 ffgfr. .MMS 1. f f ' -.N "Q b Q 1- ai 'sg K ga, K: , , , N by I . 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A 'Q gg, il ' A , ,A " lfrfp a i Q A135 5. - Q. Us git-1-51 My My I M1 LW i. A ,gil ,V " .- Q or A " f r H ' i. . A , ,yn MM., Q.,Qm?5V 4 M A w, w . . ,, i ' ' ' , X- ' ' . ' ' :LU , VH 1 , Miki? 1 1 2, ,fylifvz 1 i A I I 'H rm. 6 4 K who . ,',zf17"k71,Ql JV:,',fL A ixi1gg!',i i5.3 V x . ly , t il K A A 1 d,2v,51 Wiifef- .. if ,Trims a,uf4:'v.a'1.iiF'ffui' ff V . ff M , , M i- .ff mf' Gary Henderson, Running Back Curtis Henderson, Running Back Tracy Howard, Quarterback P ' r r viii iziii 1' ELL UTY f "Un, Pf PM Q ,L if A X. I -A' '., MV, 'xg v'f:g?74f+' .i-ff. , .g.,,f,x2.r gig, .N V ,di . , Q if .A 8 fr 79 ' ' ' Li tif XY- fn- 1 1 , -' viz: ' 28- . . K SA, , . ., i QW-ali mpgs 'age . ,wig . H, -N 'V ,A A .gp ,Y iw, ,Vi-7 Ac -sri iw, , , V, We I f 9 M1 2 i1i,'5l71:,fs"e3f5,ii'ef,f'4i7 f,'flx4iiWfw:,. '.1.:iafe'Qf-232 Bart Kendrick, Michael Masters, Greg Owen, Tight End Tailback Tackle ai. PELL my Charlie Robinson, Dewayne Riddle, Tackle Tackle Nunn PMMY S! I f, Q 5 ' , '- A A f' 'lf , w , , , A i I 2 . 4- ,, , V. , V . b f if , r V N A K, fy QQKLZ! KN x-5 , pf ,f Q A . , f V ' v , . A H, ,' - ' ', . --:, -f A-s .J A ' - Hin, K X f' 2, T. ' -. nc ml-4, 1 + ii ' Y , fs 'f pi ff' -A 'xtmztay at 4 ff'sg,:fe ,QM " f . , . t . ugly ,gi .J fha, V- x Amiga in ,ic i F n ' . t 9" 5 igfifrwfl' .I fi of Pr-34,x's',Y'5 ff, . f -- . . . -.5'-- -v ..-.qu M X J ,iff , f. ,L-i'f5a,1lf'fg1Sfw1,ag5', - ly. , 5, ' --S, 1,-,r-+1.10 .. T R Q I ' 1 5 -' - n '- ' A ' ' , ' '-- ' JA X z g?,, fj5i , fn pt . w ,..-,gt A t , .1 1 ' X mic.. ft pn, 3359- "-N ' X , 1 ' , , A ,-, V - " 4 + " " :f.i glp . -2-'inf' . , is f - f ,ig - Q, . 5 izfiiflfryff-zwgg' X V 5 '4 fQl'f.Q34.f, ., . ' ,, 1 , , . :' .xf... K, ,Wg .P ' , in . , 13,3 T... ' -i - . q3v1 Q ' , T , 1-:gi,gH,4g.i 14, A ' zififwexwq, 71 1 gf fi, ri-f ': ' -6 . -' f U, ,, , .A g,,r'q.4.',,-15, My V .S-'3iQli.4'f55M fskififf '3R5i?"fP-'iff' 1 M "YZ . Roger Stewart, John Webb PILL fill 'k?ffifi,. .xg I -gi -.,, itz- Q ai.e L iii Y 9:5 R? fif- Q13 ,,- ' 5 i f ,o , 5,91 f , 5' .. 5 - fiif " J. -, ' ' ' 'I' V. fu- . BP M I bmw - 31 is it 5 ww!! 5 Q Q P 4? ,B Q t my Q Q . Pali: X f rl 'L I 5 ' E- at www Q 1 , we ,N 5 , f ,Q ' ,. , X if W - X ., A .xx-Y.. I if . ,Q Q, 'si P gg.. ,f x ,i . V , gq Q A-1 f ' " ' ' x f 98' ' M 4 ' X X 1 5 g 3 w vw W s r N, in 1 ,iq if 'Q g g, 4, 5? i ,kay ' ai i 5' 'fx x 4' 9 x x f 1 J X 514, 0 " rgfws' ' Q34 Arn + S Q W P ' ' fx ' 1 " cf , ff ti' W 1 f 5.3 1 X ' . 3 V'- .. .fl .Q if K. f 9 1 dt . 4 ixwsf "li: 1 5' Fila? i'i3?.,, f 6,5154 be Q55 . -Q ad. ,. , . . f ,- Mike Sims, Center X Munn 75. X , -. J ,r ts f,...,- ,, , yu ,Q 1 +5 v A f A -:HS 43,1 ., Q- farm? - jg. ,, , ' R f mv -t W, Q Lt 5 ' 'nag 1' ,Q 1 we if 5 , A X N we , i n K I 'P Q' X pt J- 1 gg- i " ' Q 4 I Q gmt, if '1 . ' Q 'Yi a fr in K X 4' ' f -Q X35 g A R-4,13--4 - . . f. ' f trawl' fig Inq v.:ki Qfivt Aga ,Q my 4' Q ggi 1 t".E+Li T1 of Gary Whitten, Fullback Tackle y Tackle Kevin Williamson, Tackle WELL fill McCoy scrambles for yardage against B. B. Comer. Grogan goes for the ball. Ellison and Wilder take a break. -. as is if Panthers prepare for kick off against Leeds. Lee drops back to pass :" ll Q -infix, 15 fkl Coach Ellard discusses strat- egy against Talladega. '-R ', A, Moss has an equipment check during a mtime out. Q...-... W '-rr r SQ, it -. r .X QW, . Y , Yardage is hard to pick up against B. B. Comer. - r wwe -- 2- - fm 1 q - as WC S - A .i .. --- y g i . Wilder picks his way through defensive players for extra yardage. 'J N Pautlwv Baaketball uf --A .. . I 4 ' 5.1 ,l Barry Alverson, Benny Beavers, Billy Channell Forward Guard Guard rm. g E2 kv... 'ss Erskine Funderburg, Desirus Mixon, Nathan Wade Guard Center Forward SCORES Pe City 77 Childersburg 81 Pe City 50 B. B. Comer 55 Pell City 49 Litchfield 60 Pe City 46 Sylacauga 85 Pe City 50 Sylacauga 87 Pe l City 50 Sylacauga 60 Pei City 30 St. Clair Co. 47 RA'-L Pe ll City 48 Ashville 52 Pe City 52 Ashville 61 Pe City 44 Leeds 96 Pell City 59 B. B. Comer 62 Pell City 61 Talladega 81 Pell City 60 Anniston 80 Pell City 47 Springville 53 Pell City 77 St. Clair Co. 58 Pell City 44 Childersburg 66 Pell City 59 Leeds 92 Pell City 61 Anniston 82 Pe Wellborn Norman Wilder, Guard 'gf L - '34, ' ' 731--. X- Team Members: Benny Beavers, John Pennington, Billy Channell, Desirus Mixon, Barry Alverson, Ben Grogan, Nathan Wade, Mark Engelbrecht, Norman Wilder, Erskine Funderburg. Coach: Leon Harris. Panthw B-Team Baskedmll Billy Bedford, Forward yr-r1eruf,.1fa1 Af Tony Gossett, Guard ET Andy Birchfield, Forward Jerry Kerr Guard Hubert Estell, Guard tri? Michael Masters Guard Eddie Mitchell, Forward Forward Charlie Robinson, Hzkll 5 55350 ' X Jeff Tucker, Sam Virges, Guard Forward Roderick Swain Forward T Doug Williams, Guard V. . W wg, bb ' ' I X38 ' Q' N . I .. xkf':'," it' : X'--.1 1 A . ...M-4 Q ' H sms ...- X 1616. ' XX h H, rs: t. ' 'Vs ' J 'x X KJ H y j X r ' s A t i a s , K g. ' Q ' j F . 'I C it in V-f of --.I , T s " - i 5 -in -2. 1 P ii f Q niggas --+ yt K 4 's ' -A1 5 ' lg, K, t if x 1 . by 'T f 'J W .4 Wait. ,x 1 Ev :Pi LVQK Q' N gf W 1:5 ly I.. .. ... ,fx i , 7 M W x s it . fs.. Team Members: Tony Gossett, Jeff Tucker, Billy Bedford, Sam Virges, Jeff Castleberry, Al Bedford, Hubert Estell, Curtis Henderson, Michael Masters, Jerry Kerr. uring the St. Clair County Basketball Tourna- Norman Wilder was named to the All County and ent, Barry Alverson was selected the Most Valu- All Area Team. Eble Player. He was also selected to the St. Clair ounty All Tournament Team. I3 4 GOP I 0.91 This mural of panther strength symbolizes the strength of our Panther spirit. Jo "4- 5 Funderburg's dribbling sets up an offensive play. Wade scores two for the Panthers - al - - Y' ln Girls' Basketball, Thomas M and Seales show style in S mid-court play. - Q t Galle' Baskeffmld Rhonda Ayers, lla Grogan, Forward Forward - U er , xv. W V Clarissa McGraw, Tamara Seales, Guard Guard - ---,M ,, , sx W'-m..,, u uint' X Monnie Martin Forward ,M.,.,, Dianne Swann Center 6 Debby Thomas, Guard Although the Lady Panthers experienced a disap- pointing season, it was highlighted by two games. After the Christmas break, the girls won their first game over Ashville. The Panthers were in control throughout the game and won by an impressive margin. The final game of the season was very close and exciting. The lead changed hands throughout the course of the game, but excessive fouls forced the team to finish with only four players. Thompson won by a small margin. The Lady Panthers were led by Tamara Seales and Monica Martin in the scoring department. lt seemed as if the two of them would never score high on the same night. However, both girls finished the season well by scoring the double figures in the Area Tournament. Monica Martin was selected to be on the All County Team. The seven member team will lose three of its starters at gradutaion. The Lady Panthers wish these seniors the best of luck in their future, while the return- ing and new members look forward to a new and better season. E l Team Members: Debby Thomas, Rhonda Ayers, Clarissa McGraw, Monnie Martin, Tamara Seales, lla Grogan, Dianne Swann. Coach: W. T. Benefield. Vu Ely, FMD' Tesa Bowie Q-,XX ti y, PWM! Marcia Jones i - 'voweyfmw gill Elly PIITHEI! Cindy Bowman YW- Cir, mann, if Monnie Martin gui. Clip Judy Fluelien Tamara Seales X XML 9,5 Tammi Spangenberg Lisa Streety Carolyn Wade 'war Pam Williams Rebecca Ramsey, Cindy Bowman received the Manager honor of All County and All Area Volleyball selection. Team Members: Lisa Streety, Judy Fluelien, Monnie Martin, Tamara Seales, Cindy Bowman, Tesa Bowie Pam Williams, Tammi Spangenberg. Center: Becky Ramsey, Manager. ' H---v--nv ..,, -f A 40 Paudamacb ii uf: ' -"""'!n. Vickie Birchfield Jonathan Adams Brian Carr ,Y , ,Y Rocky Dill David Ellen Dewayne Hannah Curtis Henderson Gary Henderson Jeff Matchan Robert Perry Tommy Lee Dewayne Riddle A lack of membership slowed the track team this year by not allowing the panthers to enter every track and field event. Even though this problem caused low team scores, the season was success- ful in many ways for the individuals that partici- pated. Distance runner Robert Perry qualified for the two-mile run in the State Track Meet by plac- ing third in the District Meet and fourth in Sec- tionals. With only one team member graduating, the experience gained will be a solid foundation for next year's team. Team Members: Robert Perry, DeWayne Riddle David Ellen Mark Walker Coach Benefield Kneeling Glenn Harris, Dwayne Hannah, Jonathan Adams Gary Henderson Tommy Lee Jerry Kerr Manager PaufiwGo!,f A 1 4' ni Clay Cox Mark Engelbrecht Paul Engelbrecht .. 4 5 A A U fm'K,rdi4 5' '1 .1 ,,zl.9,x11 Ci, -T -w' , r ',--fr'Qwr . ,, 1' 2 - A -2 4 4...,. . as .fs 'HZ-'..7". ww V nv K f- 15- ,J N 5 6 David Harvey Jeff Ingram Warren Landis M' K 44 Jeff Lee I Norman McKinney Norman Wilder Norman Wilder, All Area Golfer, displays his winning techniques for his teammates. The Panther Golf Team won the Sectional Championship and earned a berth in the State Championship. Doug Williams girgmtitg fi, 3-3 x we fi' il! lv ,il vuv' f 'W Ht' V'f'?'f ,ff 'WF-,,4f,, W' - xx 13,4 , w1ifw',t i.i . ,. ' tg ws mf iii? Wfiggaf-W+ X ' -sv F"1QL+ 'fn ' ,. Q. -1 if V f,,,iigii,.3,,w995 , , , ,pf4i'1Q,ffiiA'ff'S'?', A F mm it 2 M I F- ' 1" illugh Bain, Shortstop 'aw -rl 2334 ,wiv N tj 1, , ,, -.m 9 -i 'gt ."w"31g:N ,. xx' 160,19 ..,f A A 7 i 4 L . if ,Q .9 4. mf'-A f ' . f A ' -N Joe Bob Evans, Second Base Pcmfiw Baseball i I " 'Q , , . , W. 4 , ,. , , i1.,fw'i 4 A - 35- A t 'iw , , ' " ' L Qt. M at , if 1 gi',1ft1Lf5g,it i ' 'o G+? I A . Heb' i ' ' J. Jeff Davis, Lee Dickey, Left Field Catcher 3134? if Nsmmzw t' if i F 'i ik! " H , , ,L Nigga , WH , , V V , , + F . ar n, . 'Q , . , L "PJ -N., ' J., ,Q ' 1:4 bs F 1,111 Nga Y-fd , , F- 1 1. I :H f' 51 Q , X f"5r"'2a ::3,.f2 14, 1 Q- ,gee V F L-:'.11g,w'f , F fwf' "W" ' it 'W' V V fig i Qwvie'-iff Egg, . 'H' .ZT,'f:,i, Qi 5 , --V.. 3 .M i' IQ' ,,. 2' - ' "Wd , , ,, +394 .F M, r . , , i . ,t t,,,A wi',+..,,g ., ,,Q,x 3' . J. il M "'-."12y-'34f"?5 , .1-. "WMI", "' Paul Farr, Mike Finn, First Base Right Field 46 ii , , .1 2155 A V 7 K Y- ri . , , V. f , , 3. J P l T, , , if' f' M A dmh, v ,,, g i , +.'S'3w X ' ' ,A f- 'f , 7 x.,,mq'i ww ' 2, ' ff WSI Ty' :Tia 'a, V?'.Ae,A, wmiiq .k,1 Q '1 ir A,yf1i:,,e' 35, . is Q 5. J Erskine Funderburg, Tony Gossett, Ben Grogan, Third Base Center Field First Base l' af Ir W fy A L , . . 'kv V i .-'fm' ' I . , , , R . , L ya ,.,V f Q ,-,Zi . I if .V A 1 , , , A XI. q ,IAQ i,"f'4 J ' 'Q f,-, - A ' filffixa ' ' A I gfms ff 9 an Lf: he ,lr ww ,,ltk,, W . , ,4 g M . Q gi X R AL' 5 ,4 A z . , ,i,i,L.,w' Greg Kendrick, Michael Masters, Doug Ramsey, Pitcher Second Base Left Field are i ami, W i A A ,ow P L ' 1 'Ji ,JZHWF .ka Ji , , ,L , , , 1 X I at i ,vw MQW' 'K , fx' 7 , 'flwf - 'nk'f ly' V Charlie Robinson, Sammy Smith, Corkey Snyder, Pitcher Alex Watlington, Pitcher Right Field Left Field C- ,I ' T C .qw i J jyd IQ - if . t v i 'P 1.17 - ,,,. Panthers take a look at the competition before the start of their game in the St. Clair County Baseball Tournament. 147 4 E W-- ,el First Row: Erskine Funderburg, Mike Finn, Corkey Snyder, Hugh Bain, Joe Bob Evans, Tony Gossett, Michael Masters, Lee Dickey. Second Row: Jeff Davis, Paul Farr, Ben Grogan, Charlie Robinson, Greg Kendrick, Alex Watiington, Sammy Smith, Coach Brian Ellard. Iii i ,- ,wh --, V - Q 2 .Wi 4 .Y ,,,.,-,, ,PY l I W I-,QQ T, S 5 au 8 si Fl Actzwvfies - To be chosen valed- ictorian of the graduat- ing class is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a senior. The valedictorian is the member of the senior class who has main- tained the highest grade point average. The selection is based upon grades complied during a student's freshman year, sopho- more year, junior year, and the first term ofthe senior year, Vicki Campbell has been named Valedictorian of the 1981 graduating class of Pell City High School. She is a mem- ber ofthe Beta Club and was selected for membership in Who's Who Among American High School Students. She plans to enroll in Jefferson State Junior College and major in nursing. Valeakcfofuzm wil I TW? I U, ly, 'Ci A 5 W 1 T The salutatorian of the graduating class is the stu- dent with the second high- est grade point average of the grades acquired in high school through the first semester of the senior year. This honor was bestowed on the Student Council Presi- dent, Sharon Docherty. Dur- ing herjunior year, Sharon represented Pell City High School at Girls' State. Being All-County first chair flute and being named to Who's Who Among American High School Students were some of her accomplishments. She was Vice-President of the Beta Club and a member of the Career Club and Math Club. Sharon has been awarded a scholarship to Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky where. she plans tomajor in politi- cal science in order to pur- sue a career in law. l5l Danforth Award recipient, Joe Bob Evans, was active in the Beta Club, Key Club, Math Club, Science Club, and Career Club during his senior year. Joe Bob plans to attend Auburn University and major in pre-medicine. ...vF"...-d"y DaaJofrt!vAwaaaCs Each year two members of the senior class are selected by the faculty to be presented with Danfortl' Awards. These awards are made possible by the Ameri- can Youth Foundation "I Dare You" Committee. Selection of the awards is based upon the highest scholastic average attained by a boy and girl in the class excluding the Valedictorian and Salutatorian. Angie Smith Chandler was chosen to receive on of this year's Danforth Awards, In addition, Angie also has been awarded a one year scholarship to Gadsden State Junior College where she will study accounting. During her senior year at Pell City High School, Angie was a member of the Beta Club and Pep Club. 5? Laurie Mathis was named St. Clair County's 1981 Jun- ior Miss. To qualify for the competition that was held in Springville, she had to be a senior girl living in St. Clair County. For her talent, Lau- rie chose to sing "Ice Cas- tles," and in addition to being judged in a talent divi- sion, the scoring was based on scholastic achievement, personal appearance, physi- cal fitness, and a judge's interview. This title automati- cally carried a choice of scholarships: one year's tui- tion to Jacksonville State University, four year's tuition to Judson College, or four year's tuition to Livingston University. Laurie has plans to major in business admin- istration in college. is Marcia Jones was pre- sented with the Counselor's Scholarship for 1980-81. This entitles her to her first semester tuition at Jackson- ville State University where she plans to study computer technology. During her sen- ior year, Marcia was active on the volleyball team and as a member of the Student Council. She also served as treasurer of the Beta Club. Debby Thomas plans to attend Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky to study chemistry. Her long range plans include entering the field of health sciences. Debby has received dual scholarships consisting of a National Merit Scholarship and the Pell City Beta Club Scholar- ship. In the fall term of herjun- ior year of high school she took 'the PSAT to become eligible for a National Merit Scholar- ship in her senior year. These scores and an evaluation of her high school career, com- parable SAT scores, and a principal's recommendation determined her finalist stand- ing. Transylvania University sponsors a four-year National Merti Scholarship covering half a students tuition. The Beta Club Scholarship is based on scholarship, leadership, and need. The recipient of the Fresh- man Honor Scholarship at the University of Montevallo is Cas- sie Golden. This scholarship is awarded on the basis of scho- lastic achievement. Cassie intends to study a field relating to medicine. Cassie was selected for Who's Who Among American High School Students. She was secretary of the Math Club, treasurer of the senior class and a member of the FTA, Beta Club, Science Club, and CIA. 4' .K,.Q Darlene Flobertson, received a Music Scholarship to the Uni- versity of North Alabama. Dar- lene was chosen for this schol- arship after she was recom- mended by her band director and after a personal interview at the college. She was also chosen for Who's Who Among American High School Stu- dents, and received an excel- lent rating in Solo and Ensem- ble. Darlene is a member of the math Club and Beta Club and has participated inthe gifted program. Jim Cormier was presented with a first semester scholar- ship to the Columbus College of Art and Design. To qualify, Jim had to submit a portfolio consisting of ten pieces of his art work. Jim plans to pursue a degree in Fine Arts in order to teach or work in art illustration. During his senior year, Jim was a member of the French Club, Art Club, and the Panther Paw Staff. In addition to the art scholarship, Jim has been awarded a hundred dollars from Southern University and has placed second in the 1977 Helm Art Award. He is currently competing for a Fleader's Digest NAEA Art Scholarship. l55 H Sharon Docherty has been awarded a part aca- demic and a part Faculty Staff Scholarship that will cover all tuition for four years at Transylvania Uni- versity in Lexington, Ken- tucky. Sharon's award was given for scholastic achieve- ment. A career in law is a long-term goal for Sharon. i ' is X A one year scholarship tc Gadsden State Junior Col- lege was awarded to Angie Smith Chandler on the basis of scholastic achievement and character. iffy Kelly Gurley, a member of the junior class, has been chosen to represent Pell City High School at Girls' State this year. Kelly hopes that this experience will help her to become familiar with the many responsibilities and duties of our govern- ment. To be eligible for this honor a girl must maintain a "C" average and is required to submit a short essay on why she would like to be chosen. The essays are reviewed and, along with the teacher's recommendation, the most eligible girl is cho- sen. This opportunity is made possible by the Pell City Chapter of the Ameri- can Legion Auxiliary. 4 . ,YF , 5 f RQ ' rd 4 -,ffm J- I ?.Ll.'Q"' , ,, .'.'fii?i .uf 1 '- V 1 N flf'f'7'- 'W'ifaw'Ak 'A ' ' T' 4 "fy ' 'Mfr 5' .K , L,-My ., , ,,:41cnk,V V. ':i,, 21 P 2.3168 -iv. . 4, - .gl 931.2 - num.-fv .wiv Qs if 6-f7al6'aac6Bogs'Qfate v,'g!r,M'i5 7 R , V' .. L ", J7,,5j.oNy,, A .ff-, n v' ' in 5 Jeff Matchan, a member of the junior class, has been chosen to represent Pell City High School at Boys' State this year. Jeff feels that this learning experience will enable him to make wiser decisions concerning the election of public offi- cials. The requirements are the same as those for Girls' State, and it is also spon- sored bythe Pell City Chap- ter of the American Legion Auxiliary. Boys' State will be held at the University of Ala- bama in Tuscaloosa from May 30 through June 4, 1981. In the Market Hog Show the com- petitor's hogs were judged on differ- ent things according to what class his hog is entered. John placed first in the Senior Showmanship which is judged on the showman himself. He also received third place in the Lightweight Hogs Division which is judged on the condition of the smaller hogs. Donald Lang won first place in the Lightweight Market Hog Class, and Howard Alexander won the District Livestock Award. Harold Walker, Johnny McNutt and Melvin Gillison composed the Agricultural! Mechanics team that qualified for district competition. Also at district, John Pennington won the Steer Show. Kenny Feder- lick was awarded their place in the State Steer Show. Howard Alexander, Billy Rich, and Doug Isbell were awarded a Soil Award. In the Market Hog Show, Bryan Disspain won fifth place Heavyweight, seventh place Lightweight, and second place Showmanship. l58 :if ST l l 1 xxx! lift fi Y 1 V' I ,..w-" Wwffar V" ..-WMM' s.,,-.,,N N'-LN, "'7"'-...M Smlwh K XA ".-'iff it ff ig ' ag 1, Q. - nf, lu art if 'dn Q in., ws. RNS. The Daughters ofthe American Revolution CD.A.R.J Good Citizen- ship Award is open to members of t-he senior class who are citizens of the United States of America and who attend schools which are in good standing with their state board of education. The person selected must have the qualities of leadership, dependa- bility, service and patriotism. Three students are popularly elected by the senior class for the award. Then from these a school award winner is chosen by the high school faculty. A pin and certificate are presented to the school winner. The Soroptomist International Club, a women's organization, has awarded Senior Class President, Tim Walker, their Youth Citizenship Award. He has been awarded S100 and is in contention for a Regional and National Scholarship Award worth 31500. Tim is also the presi- dent of the Key Club and a member of the Student Council, Math Club, and VICA Club. He plans to study petroleum engineering at the Uni- versity of Alabama after completing two years of study at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. For the second consecutive year, the Pell City High School Beta Club won the state talent competition. "We're All AIone" was the song that was performed by the talent group that included Sonja Castleberry, Debby Thomas, Darlene Robertson, Flick Sargent, Suzanne Etheredge, Angela Macon, and Laurie Mathis. The group was the winner in the "feature" division at the Alabama Beta Club Convention. The Pell City High School Beta Club was awarded the first annual Alabama Beta Club of the Year Award. ln order to qualify, the club submitted a written paper to the state officers. The paper presented an explanation of how the Pell City Club demonstrated the them, "Beta, Be A Part Of lt." The Award was made at the Alabama Beta Club Convention. l6O Many hours of hard work were rewarded onthe evening when the State Scrapbook Winner was announced at the Alabama Beta Club Convention. The president, Erskine Funderburgg the editor, Kathy Gettysg and sponsor, Ms. Mer rilyn Cook were especially pleased with this first time award. For the second consecutive year, The Beta Club has been awarded the Blood Drive Big Drop Award for Outstanding Participation by the Alabama Red Cross. This award is given to those high schools that col lect more than 100 pints of blood. 161 This year's Football Scho- lastic Award went to Joe Bob Evans. During his sen- ior year, Joe Bob partici- pated in both football and baseball. The Permanent Team Captain for the Pell City High School Panthers of 1980-81 was David Sawyer. He was also a member of the Beta Club and Science Club. David plans to attend the University of Alabama after graduation. Erskine Funderburg was the recipient of the Gerald Gossett Sportsmanship Award at the Foot- ball Banquet. He also received the Sportsmanship and Hustler Awards for his achievements in basketball. During his senior year, Erskine was the president of the Beta Club, vice- president of the Key Club, treasurer ofthe Math Club, and a member of the Science Club. After graduation from Pell City High School, Erskine plans to attend Auburn University and study architecture. During the 1980-81 Football Ban- quet, Sammy Smith received dual honors when he was named perma- nent team captain and Most Valua- ble Defensive Player. Sammy has been an active participant in the Pell City High School sports program. He has been a member of the football team for four years and has played on the baseball team for two years. He also has been a member of the F.F.A. Club and Chess Team. l63 I6 Math Team S e Four members of the Math Club are elected each year to serve as team members for the math tournaments. These members are usually from the fourth year math class. bwvwowagvwqnm Seated: Debby Thomas, Darlene Robertson. Standing: David Sawyer, 4 Boyd Gardner, and Warren Landis. Pictured above are: David Sawyer, Debby Thomas, Sharon Docherty, and War- ren Landis who attended the first tournament at Samford University on February 21. On March 27, the team pic- tured at the left attended a tournament at Jefferson State College. -QV Trumbauer High School Theatre Festival Award Winners: First Flow: Andrea Ogburn, Lexie Perryman, Leslie Christman, Glenn Newton, Danny Smith. Second Flow: Tim Davis, Bobby Andrea Ogburn,' Dorothy Walker Alabama Partain Lonnie Underwood. Outstanding Thespian Award - State's Top Wim" Dfzmnaqllwafzds Only six years old, the Pell City High School Thespian Troupe boasts over one hundred major awards including several state championships, and it has per- formed from Virginiato Mississippi. Members of the Troupe have also performed and taught workshops at the last three International Theatre Arts Conferences which are held in Indiana. Trope 2012 has won the Dorothy Walker Outstanding Troupe Award for the third consecutive time. A well-advised motto is "act well your part, there all the honor lies." Alabama State Thespian Conference Award Winners: First Row: Lexie Perryman, Leslie Christman, Andrea Ogburn, Glenn Newton, Danny Smith. Second Flow: C. P. Morrison, Lori Reeves, Connie Ege, Bobby Bowdon, Lonnie Underwood. 165 mspwflgawmdeow 2 "' ,, HH- ev , .L Y if iiziifigh g I 1 r1 lm mwm1 8 mai if F3-1 'Qs 'X ,W J R if -'K Makes P.CJ-LQ. Tops! 68 All Dwssed Up la. . H K .fi K - - W' ' j -'-2:9 ,......-Q, -, -- X-mf'b"g X X , Q 1,3 . 'fawsrmawg-Q-gms: 0-:J-+ -H - Q , ,fast ' - I t - "ff,-j:fG,:,Nw,Fg:C-ggji K M -wwsnsm as- si K 1. fag!! ,. ...m L ff? N ,M L .. . -L ELS' i K K WH SSN K -k .. . , . ,,, : - S 5 yf., - L K ,. . a 'Mi - N - ' , ...Q --1 ff A .- 2 , W 4+ - f--Q - f ' -,-gzfiimv-fkg - g Nj - . X " 'L' -f - aa- f --W - A Jw - - -- . - W- 1--g.. Q, , , -v gy- ,.-3 ,xv-'M W .-.wb W.,-fw - X- -J vm " -F V - - -. . - QQ, .Q 1 f ..-+-:ff iw WAFA'-'id' .BU 'Vi-' :W is 5,-3310, Ms,- ,Min-,4 -, , M t R 1. .yf Lis . fri 1514 ,, Z 5tkNowlwwfaGm ,. I I m ,I ' Q g QU-f , F 1 gg! , A 5 Hi f'i' ' QQ 5,683 9 . .W Q' :X K . 25 JJ I ff 1 . 18,3 , W N w R 4 N K, fa' 'or w xl. .,A Q 1 fs' ,MR A is Q.Q H. isis-X K Q X X X, 4.,,, x K I Q airs 3 1r..., A if - 5 N Ni 5 i R wx 1 1...WNN -.ik ly! 'Wr- X W I Om 4 3' 'a ,WF X 3Q?21f fWf' ' me .X Xu C. xx X Homecoming Oueew- Kafaewfballw The Homecoming Queen is elected by the student body, but to qualify for the ballot, a girl must first submit a peti- tion to the counselor. Each student then selects one candidate from each class. Karen Miller is the Homecoming Queen for 1980. A member of the jun- ior class, Karen is active in the Beta Club, Math Club, Science Club, Career Club, and Pep Club. ln addition to these clubs, Karen has been a P.C.H.S. cheerleader for two years. Qeui0'vA01bznaw: Cady Geftys W 1 2,54-6 H 'gg M, Quik .Mg JunmsA!twwtw ,wmycmu 3 Q 3 5 2 3 B Q X is is ig fr 6 if 1 K fn M571 H .Q 1 Q' aww- L ' k 1 rf V .J .6Q:',i h ,, fix E 5 , nl AQ , 1 I fi . , 5, . . , ,E,, gg ing? rug, Q lb I 4- A Dmmaf Pwahcflona Ewtmtam 7MP'fcfwwofDoaiawGwg Pictured above and to the right are scenoes from the All-State production of Dracula. 176 " f lf? Q . mh .,.. ...,..,M,.,.,,.,, A........... . .... .. . .,. Owbaldddtgmwd 5 7 5 . 4 W Q :- Y Q i' Y' 1 Qhwfewf5mw6Conwu,wu7fy - Q Teaclww 'Abpwciatiow Tew The FTA Tea was given to show appre- ciation for the teachers' hard work and efforts. Cassie Golden organized the affair that was held in the Home Econom- ics Building. This annual event is given by the club under the sponsorship of Mrs. Amelia Williamson. , ' in rf -A ,HA M-wg ,,,, ' -fr' W 4 mv-what V 1. '-sr N,,,, Wfw' ' 5 hp. it 'ff E ,L , ,W 'h .gt 'T ,, X f'f:"f r f ' ' -Q1s1fg,Q.,,, f ,r " ,. ,,,.L t ,.,,, .5- , ,,,, -- l ,,, ,,,,,,, .Vg f S fm f FZ i , J, f W .vw ' f K -V' Q' is Q N' ,X E Fgfg M v b W Q f A he A ,vw fiery WW X me Q. ju Ze , . . HouofzsQemm5 The graduating members were the guests of honor at the "Sail Away" Band Banquet. Each senior received an engraved plaque, and they gave Mr. Diffee a personalized pla- que. Also honored were Mr. White and the band section leaders. The seniors will be able to always recall the fond memories that were made as they "Sailed Away" from the experiences of the Band of Gold. ' ct 12. .Aw up 3, X Cl1eas7Zcuw Seated: John Simmons, Debby Thomas, Bo Crump. Standing: Mike Leonard, Danny Smith, Mike Marcus, Joey Dykes, Daniel Bowlin, Sammy Smith, John Webb, Doug Mitchell. The Pell City High School Chess Team won second place at the Midfield High School Invita- tional Tournament on February 28, 1981, in Birmingham. This placing was the highest ranking that the team has ever received. John Webb also won first place in H the individual competition. The team members are selected each year by a school tournament. The members are then ranked, and two teams of four plus four alter- nates are formed. The team mem- bers may challenge a higher player for his ranking. mwavuvw Voiceof The Veterans of Foreign Wars sponsored the thirty-fourth annual "Voice of Democracy" oratori- cal contest at Pell City High. The four finalistsg Jeff Ramsey, Buddy Spradley, Debbie Triestram, and Dale Macon, were selected from their presentations to the senior history classes. These four then pre- sented their speeches to other students, faculty and the judges. Delivery, originality, and content were the basis for the judging. Dale placed firstg Jeff placed secondg and Buddy placed third. This year's theme for the speeches was "My Commitment to My Country." W 5 ..,. Awtms B!oodDw,oj1wBeta.s. R Q is-in 1. . G"l'.ff' . Q. 5 W .ml 1.4 ' i-fi Pell City High School's Beta Club Blood Drive was a tremendous success. The club collected 170 pints of blood on November 26, 1980. Although this collection was short of the goal, it was especially important because of the upcoming holiday. Each year the club organizes itself through a committee of mem- bers and performs as many of the duties of the drive as possible. The club was awarded a cer- tificate of appreciation for its cooperation with the Alabama Red Cross. Qt -f-A 1 0 .shy K .. as K ! Betwdab The Beta Club members let their hair down at their annual "Spring Fling" where new members of the club are informally initiated. Shaving water balloons, playing dress-up, and bobbing for raw eggs are just a few of the stunts to which the initiates are sub- jected. The formal initiation is held a few days later. The officers conduct the ceremony which expresses the founding ideals of the National Beta Club. 'ww X-vw Ifrnfmmffdffd 2 dv Q A 4 Z i 3 afDagfa T of every ior s year the memorable Junior-Senior Prom. This year's theme was "Gone With the Wind." Most peo- ple attending the prom wore antebellum style dresses or tuxedos. An award was given to the couple chosen as king and queen of the prom The dinner-dance was held at Alpine Bay Country Club. The Dr. Shoal s Band contributed to the evening fun. The money for the Prom was raised by the Junior Class. This is one the Juniors say farewell Gold us. Black One of the first signs of spring is the annual Intersquad Game that shows the accomplishments of spring training. V534 .15-53' v I' 4 " en. Junk . ' , J x. . ' , . if W 'M W M , ,M n .m m we '11, ,M .. A ,Q 1, 1, , A,v.4,., an rw 2 42:1 MUG .- 4.-- v ' 3 .- K WWW W , X. Y a 54, tif A Y ni I 'iffk a '5 rf lx 1 ' 1, . .1 A-ff, V-41 ' - Q, 1 vnu 4' 44 Rfk? ax g W Q WML Q , - H , ,J W H: Q Aa, f il-, RG!-LQ. County Elections The second annual county elections were open to juniors with an overall "B" average. The formal election was preceded by a week of campaigning. The elected students attended a County Commissioner's meeting at the beginning of the day that they spent at the courthouse. The remainder of the day was spent fulfilling the duties of their elected office. This event is sponsored by the American Legion in accord- ance with St. Clair County public officials. N was Q mm Susan Stevens, District Judge, Liz Lee, Presiding Circuit Judgeg Rhonda Ayers, Judge of Probateg Becky Webster, Circuit Judge. V, fr gm . f wi ill- X A 3 ,,.' 4 3 1, W. 3 il , ri ill I Kelly Gurley Jeff Matchan, Superintendent of Education Coroner llfii IIUITBE me Rl OR ll L l ,,,E.L,..f' Connie Weaver Cindy Bowman Tax Assessor Tax Collector X : F E li 1 NNWR ..x. W. ,L.. ef-. i .k.v5s:g-232:15 ,iv 7' ,K I 5.583351 'W ri' 1 I wif, i A,- K . ,.-!, -t Andy Birchfield, Ben Grogan, Roy Crump, District Attorney State Senator County Commissioner 1 1 ' r , 5 ii., - , .sri Gian 5 i ' '-ff-art?i'ty 9 - y S '3, , , l.ii. Q ii 5"S3Q."5 -ai. X 'X I X 4 f my f . . y- r f-gr. Felicia O'NeaI, Jolene Adams, Circuit Clerk State Representative Sai" Suzanne Etheredge Board of Education Katherine Jones and Tommy Lee Qeww Winds wlw -T-':"".....'--"' if gl 2 1 Most Adiletw Tamara Seales and Rodger Funderburg Best Pmomliig Lisa Ledlow and V David Hoyle 4, , f 2' law, "1 in ,, Best Daessed Marla Hugghins d an Tim Walker a Q it ,J W .JM . 1 ,M Q ,fl ' , i - . if m u 1 fag 'gi J 4 VM 'Q G0 PA zffw' lYl',y Q'1-V Mr 1 .r " g r rrrr 1 'I' Elrlllfd , 3 tgvvllr , I 1 J, lla Grogan r and Bruce Ervin lnblleciual Debby Thomas and David Sawyer fag amafr kf"Vv"v'i, 5 ' S i . , 5' V,,, Y Qffm' fy as ij, Kyiyhsy I gg, A ' " -Mr r'3ii?Fi5ixfi'F' r are-gm . -K i . 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Aduwfims Compliments of THE GREAT HIGHWAY PERFORMERS ,S SUTHERLIN CHEVROLET 45 M EAEXEEEQ AMC Jeep Dodge Truck Chrysler Plymoulh 215 Cogswell Ave Pell City AL 338 271 1 Blume Bally ESTABLISHED 7867 D IyS ce 9 I6I6 Coqswell Ave Pell Clly AL l205J 884 3400 0129 mia ataorza emo za l L, PELL CITY REXALL DRUG Your Family Drug Store for Three Generations Owner ROBERT HALL Owners MINNIE MILLS and MARLENE JAMES Kllgroe Heatlng 84 Condltlonlng Inc 331 Cogswell Ave Pell Clty AL Phone 338 2820 Compllments of RIVERSIDE COVES APARTMENTS MARVIN L WALBERG 205 884 4400 Fllverslde, Alabama 35135 surf FARM For AIlYour Insurance Needs KIRKLAND CJFFICE SUPPLY Open 8 OO to 5 O0 Monday Fnday 1918 Cogswell Avenue Pell Cay AL 35125 Compllments of JAMES D RICHEY S BODY SHOP BODY REPAIR at PAINTING Complrmenls of THE ARK World s Grealesl Caffrsh Riverside, Alabama UIANC s GRIFFINS ED DESON JEWELERS I 220 M0 5' ee' B S Ph 884 3590 Located In the lvllddle of Pell Clty PeIICly AL Res PI1 884 AII94 Avenue Inr,u Ill Congratulanons Senlorsl il I 1 Z . ' I 0 . Y AIr I f ' J V 5 ConqraIuIations Seniors. Ed E. Ash TheAsh Agency L Pro Box 625 2305 o W ogs ell Avenue , Pell Cnty, Alabama 35125 m I IQI C L9nc 4 3 6 Umpany Telephone. 884-2380 . B'ham Llne. 251-8508 HWY. 231 S PELL CITY. AI. 35 BARBAR SMITH 12057 338-2712 I Nj A , S 1115 C , . OUTH 125 A Compliments of ffl J I Dr Joseph Gllmer Congratulatlons Class of 81 STABLES Horses for Sole LINDA 8 GENE COMPTON Horses Boorded Rt 5 Box 893 Prlvote Rldmg Lessons 338 3897 "Young people, enjoy your youth - be happy while you are still young. Do what you want to do and follow your heart's desire, but remember that God is going to judge you for whatever you do Ecclesiastes 11 9 NEW HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH 41 Cogswell Avenue For the Best of Tlmes 603676 XXI! t E in is kate eww x Q , I YY ' 0 . I I wt , X I "I X 0 a X . I -I 'D 1 get I 1' I I J K ,. wx I . I II l . ' l x ,A Q Q ug , PAT ON ftgixx I K X I. . I ,'.. I ' t TTT' P P P . Ii ., xg.. " ' I -3,5 . 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' A3315 'Y-A ..,.h.. --........i , Congratulations Seniors! CARROLL CROCERY ELECTRICAL, INC. 1607 Martin St. So. Pell City, AL Hwy. 231 South Pell Cify, AL Bait, Tackle, Groceries 8K Cold Beverages H U E R compiimems of UPHCLSTERY 1711 1st Avenue South DOAQQQRQER :'Arf:"N Pell City Alabama P o eox 505 1900 COGSWELL AVE P o sox 52 Expert WOl'kfT13DSl'iIp In UphOlSt9rlr1g PELL cirv AL 35125 WEST coum' HOUSE QUARE PHONE 8341876 a asa iavv AsHv1LLE AL 35953 RES sae zeva PHONE 594 5852 5 594 7137 Owner Phone MRS CHARLES E HUNTER 338 2443 TALLADEGA SHORT TRACK Stock Car Racing Every Saturday Night 8 p m On Speedway Blvd Across from Alabama International Motor Speedway S HUGGHIN S SOD FARM ,rv- Aw' 'N W .lp 1 we-M' .M vm ' vw, ,,,,n',,N.,,,.A. A J I fi - ' , M. f ' 'Q k -:A--.M ,,'-f " ' ,L --4 N L - 'f. -,' "- Q., ' .' -jj--1 V , nf.. " .w ug-, - jN,-,f,,f,1'-y 'J -, . ,, , ,A MM-, w W , C. ,, N , h .V ., V., A L. , , f-V. -x , A' M. ,.,,- ,. - ' 1 1 '- .- + . 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R , 4 1 f 1' 'x if ' . rf i E X' . . al 1 I 1 , , . 0 0 1- fs? - 1 ii.. s ' 4 A . rl 'i'?'. , ry fiigf V, f 'AWG -' ,, M -- IM .. or A, . .M f' r f f 'Q i' ,, o ff ' 5- 5 r Q f', 5 N 15 5, g A r N ' LL M Q. , Q ,,Qgy.'f'ap gg-gr .7 if Z rf A '-ga , -L K ' 4 ,Qi 'fr 'ff 7' if r .Q vilrrfv f ,, " , - I A Aff -2 - , , , ., A ' .gm ,pe ,, M r f ' 'ff I I ,. , be ffgffi f if-if W I . 1 3' K hah K A V ,, - .X N ',k.xb.L, L N a me . f ' 1 r Y PELMEL PATRONS Complimenfs of: Cenfury 2 I Landmark Norrell Clinic Real Esfafe Jalmle Shields Beaufy Unllmlfed Mr and Mrs Douglas Turner Cusfom Flooring Bob Wheeler G C Grogan Willie s Sfyllng Shop Mike Moser Roger Pafe Gus James Peggy Campbell Marfha Aldridge W T Benefleld Carole Blrchfleld David Bryanf Merrulyn Cook Judy Coffey Jesse Culpepper Compllmenfs of Fred DeRusso Mary Ann Dimlck Brian Ellard Emmeff Gaskm Annie Harris Leon Harris Nancy Harfley Freddie Hazelwood Bufch Lonergan Clyde Mlfchell Cliff Morrison Cedric Phillips Lmda Raughfon Margaref Scoff Joyce Sfolle Marfha Weeks Ronnie Whufe Faye Whiffle Amelia Williamson The Pell Clfy High School faculfy wishes fo congrafulafe fhe I98I graduafmg class This class of I63 has nmefy four members who have mamfamed a B average or higher Pam Foofe Kafhy Erwin Pefe Rich W Armani V Q Wa'uewow6ecLfogetMvJofvsofbag, Q5nwgfm!escl1oo0aaa4bejow 7 Wwe shamed owvjoyjul song, Analowowzfhappwess wafuesoaneci ga ,W-V--.., 1 1 'WH :Q wr Aw --Qi:"' "h,,,, A , ' lv-1 rl I 1 A 3 8 fy ' X ,. C A ,Z r ' ,W 3. wt A 3 K - E-5: 2 li 2. 3: N ..-,. .Ml x.,,, If TTFU L ,.Q. .- Y U. .,,.. .., ,, . as J Wehaueendemeddiegwwiugpahw Dwumgjwdofvlfigkscliooi V4 0 5, , 'W, 1 , 4 Jw . wwf' f-'Q rfgv-ca' . Q. s,.',,:, ff 4,3 WV 'N-mn' n e "A 4 1,1 Y 55,44 Q 2" M lt, Andwa OLWCABQA6 have ' wadvfm nl WV' 1 2 f ERS Tlwwclays ofnotsa We dew W Www www I as-' .Ve .I W' ,,..-v ' VSAM can an-sw A clwpmof owvboob has become IM-8m0fL586 atlami oebbyuum Pelmel ' ta -F 4? ' X I 2, , fi as-. y It ,' A', f I K ,Si v, . 'fi fiaf 'is t s -,-Sag? Sgigfis -1 1. I A M +L DA Gp X .521 ,.-.3 , 1 , . W, -tm. J . . lt 'Ah -,- rv. l 4. . .lf W Our memories would not be complete without remember- ing a teacher whose dedication and hard work have contrib- uted greatly to Pell City High School. Mrs. Faye Whittle has been much more than a teacher. Her untiring efforts with the administration in the stenographlc area, her writing and editing of each evaluation of the high school for publication, her working as a senior sponsor in every phase of gradua- tion and her editing student and faculty handbooks every year have been some of the many ways that Mrs. Whittle has assisted the high school. One of the most outstanding con- tributions she made was her sponsorship of the Pelmel for eighteen years. As a graduate of Vincent High School, Mrs. Whittle has had the opportunity to contribute to the schools of this area as a student and as a teacher. It is with immense gratitude that the yearbook staff dedicates the 1981 Pelmel to Mrs. Faye Whittle. "Your efforts have not gone unappre- ciated." wr-""""'d The yearbook staff would like to give special thanks to Pam Foote, Emmett Gaskin andl Debby Thomas. Without their help our yearbook would not have been possible Autographs Taylor Publishing Company LE bL':5nX 1' -we V

Suggestions in the Pell City High School - Pelmel Yearbook (Pell City, AL) collection:

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