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 - Class of 1975

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9 "- 4 ' A A 'T ' .i' F' 't . 'X 'I " 1 Al ' - .," 2 . 4, 'I t- V .6 ,x- UV O ' ,V 4. . 1 y V0 -VF gf 4 A , I ' 4 1 9 ,,,.f V u 0 U , Sq' .r 54 ' A 3 ' . ' I' W I 9 A . I . af H 4 ' 4 I I .. 'A -' v 1 ' 4,,.,Q,L3.5rs:'.: .VV ,V :MV , Vwm V , di, Q , - , V X V. .V -U V .xl ,V V V 1 4 .VV Q , VV' ig, 4 'Va Q gf 7 AV , , OC, a., 0 '4- . ' , . - . S ' - 6 .. -' "Q ' 4. - 1 ' Q1 " Q '-- Qvcf ,, . '- q ' ' 4 l . kr ,u.,, .P 4' , ,,.V' Q, -- ' 4 - V Q V. . .s L v 1 , v " I 5 " 'ff I .1 21' uv ' ' ,,,Q' I Q' 1 'V I V f, V ,I ' 1 - ' . ff. -. " -I 1 't -- ' . A..?fw"' . -at 053' '- ,Dlf " 1 Q ,Q 2 1 V I " ', 1 I L 'I 1 ' ' ilk in J -. M ' , "-' ' .V , V 4 Q. 4 . K ' 1 ,wi Q can 4 ,I , -. . A , - tu t , ff, ff"",', ' " Q 1 ' A 'ir 'N 1 . .9-5' 4 ---4 . ' 7- 'Jil U 4' u , A V, , . 45. 3 . my K V ri A Q. ,,'g Y g . Q e Q Y - s. ,Q 'I NH 4 -,V ' af' "7 ""' . lp., ,T ,,q, 1' gi .JI -hh 53, N fklfi' ,, . fr -. +- 4 I. VJ. -1,.Q ' aa- I 3 ,gd ff , . ' 'f ' .- .' I, .p.coA jl 5 ' , yu?-.,'K.v. ' ' . 1 .., A M .-tv-L M- i if mit., 4f'.,gv' f V hung 'gf' X ' ...,.,,,1,,,,,4,AV'Vv ' "' 5131 ?"'Tf'f'! ,, ' 'V QM ,' fm.. ,"':f" 5 N11 JV L- .Md KLGMEVVV VAVVTVV V V , , ... 1 a tl I M. P ' C if. :,,,s'qV.1. V ff V VV VVV ,-3 Vgy1j41,. , ,D 4 V A, .,V,. -. Ar, ' """ ' n gr , , f U S ' , .-sf ' .. 5 A ' , I - ' .. . " ix. ' ll ' . n . fngvu W-ffug QJQVPV ' , A ' Tl. 2 "-,K V I Vf I ' I 71' Q A' ' f ,, K My . , r 4 ' .4 'I ' .' 'Or- .V 5 " ' v t s X ' M104 ' L ff' 1, , 1 u , X ,1 -5-i - v' 5 fl 'P 1 Q- 1 Q x xg I ' 4 1 4 L 'loomuigoego CIPYDU 5595? 'G' 5Y l5c? , XD Q! L55 A A UB O355 Cx JXQQ I ,vqkx N A lb, 431 , . X 'XX YN 5- Of' Wnliyfjyyyvjf px Aww , 0 fwi U Zi 002 P' ev 'Q WW Q!c3c'vgmfX Q if W W LQ QW A -JJ ' J QL W A W b'fQf"X 'S JQX "' OUX 4 D K Oh ' if ' NW W g img Lf' SSN F WJBF X , K bf 6 SQQLY3 J 00? K0 Tbxffip J E00 ' vb 034 X LfQCxxWO3fO9!.QXx 035' ' Q! ,YF Ujfaw' wifi ' if C Q 3 U 5531 - CL gm , ' . I - ff N im . C5 , 357. Ce A WK W EHR KD J . 'fha -rl XSD' X X X' -I ,J" ,fs qllfwqij Wgmdwwwfb ix W L A 2, , L 5' 1 K NW 1 Z Y ' 1 ,ami Qcbvff' Zovfbflq The Spirit of '75 May be just a smile. If that's the case, . Then pause here awhile. The spun of '75 May be a best friend. If r.hat's your thought, On us you can depend. The Spirit of '75 May be an image that gleams. Just like this yearbook, Made out of dreams. .ff vw' 'v ,f 1' 1 v ,f Q : MV, , 2 Q ii Vpbr 5 5 i x' f ,, ' 1 'r ' 'gl' Ve H ' f 1 sr ' I A er 3 WW , Sdkwb, - N WO I S s OU . Q95 ' The ,virif of '75 ' ' Zlmrlwok Staff I 44.04-4,34-L YS'-rg OGL o,w mr 22 r L!! 'N-gf 0 3 U v qi F9 52 33' v' ' Left To Right: editor, Donna Brumelowg assistant editors, Cindy Cole and David White. The Spirit of '75' yearbook staff has selected "Spirit" as the theme of this yearbook. We feel the students and faculty have shown great spirit by sup- porting and participating in all our school activities this year. We would like to thank the administration and faculty for their encouragement and cooperation, with a special thanks to Mr. Dunn, our sponsor. Left To Right: Kathaleen Fisk: Lydia Clay, Art ed- itorg Leslie Taylor, Copy editor. !. Left To Right: BJ. Panter, Teresa Austin, and Dawn Tu- 1'l'1CI'. WERE Sr!-'s Left To Right: Lynn Rutherford, Melanie Duke, Carla Pete, and Karan Minton. V ..-L Administration This year's administration proved that effi- ciency, strong discipline, and understanding were all key factors in maintaining a taut, well run school. We thank all the administrators for their faithful work in helping no make our school one of the greatest. Principal: Mr. Sam D. Panter ' Assistant Principal: Mr. James Henson - w l W 32 Secretary: Mrs., John Ratteree Guidance Mrs. Battle feels that counseling is not just helping the student to adapt no society. It is more than that. Counseling involves helping a student to self-evaluate himself, to see who he really is, and to realize his assets and obligations. In this way, the student can accomplish what he otherwise might be unable to do. Mrs. Battle's main goal at our school is helping the students achieve a greater understanding of and accept- ance of themselves. Guidance Counseler: Joan Battle Zzculty Joseph Abstance Billy Adair Debbie Clines jan Comer Charles Balance David Crosby Betty Crowe L CCCC C a 'sf- Sue Driver Martha Duncan The 1975 faculty of P,C. J, H.S, proved to be a group of hardworking, devoted teachers. Many of the teachers stayed after school or came in early to sponsor special activities around the school such as soccer, basketball, football, cheerleading, action club, journalism club, etc. We feel these activities have really supported this year's school spirit. We would like to thank all of the tea- chers for the hard work, leadership, and guidance they have given throughout the school year. John Dunn 1 K X K x Dot Furmye Barbara Gordon x , E 1 Leonard Greenfield p a t as at NN News digs? Nancy Hall A Doug Kirksey ' Patricia Kelly Jo Ann Lawrence Sandra MCHBH Nina Kate McTyre Lena Moses flibrarianj Ken Phillips Jane Swafford 1 Angelia Peters John Pezold David Shelton Nancy Waldrep Elaine Sm ith Q i ii XJ il I William Warren Q Q Tom Webster I im Weatherspoon A Julia Welch Ioan Wren 'W m,- . Service staff vi? . Harold and Juanita Dudley We would 1Lke to thank the service staff mem bers for their help and cooperation in serving our lun- ches and in keeping our school clean. L ' Top Row, Left to Right: Louise Freeman, Annette Rakestraw, Betty McClendon, Ruby Vickery. Bottom Row: June Freeman, Ann Tibbetts, Sue McAndrew, Imogene Osborne. . . Q X , 3 gs -. Student flftf .7 S .W 4-3 'Pi- HOME G , ig. K K 4 E716 Thrill Of Victory Or. w-4 -SW Q 389' 'fit'-11 15W :Q 5' is dwg! , y 136 iff Q ' W 'a Qv' N, Q, . . xi. we it xi F Z' 1: Our Katia American .Mend Govfirzg Off Wm. . x mix, at x ,3i5fi,' Lil- "f 2' '1-i K. - 414 f2',.-'S ' ' ,ff 11" A. ya 122 , wif I -H ,gfllf .....mgx 'iff . f- Y X 1 K Q? -' ,if 3' A , X than 1 2 ' v Q ,f ' A 1 I -4-aff F ' 4, 1 2 fl 1 4 . W- ,Qvsei-gze:v2g+.2g?h21ff,:' ,S Y ., if Y Y W? wwf? K dw avg 3 If 2 :- S 3.115 . 'QF Q J if 2 sf 'S , . L Q- - ' ' .,.,QfX"'ff? 4 JD - , if Q' ,f -A 1 5 ' I rgk ' Q f' f 'P i y L. AA J . 1 'M 1? V J' 2 ' 1' ' E ", 153 -.9 ' Q. a- - , ,Ah A 6. 11' Q4 il , - Y Q Hhecrleizdcrs Slecirify Cigar Spirit H if Top Row, Left to Right: Rhonda Dodd foo-captainj, Vickie Hutchins, Andrea House fcaptainj, Suzanne Shipp, Delores Nobels. Bottom Row: Lisa Holden, Tina Gaydon, Kelly Hughes, Susan Warren, Dawn Morris, Lurraine Bauldin fshown belowy, Gail Hill fmascoty f Q, 4 Qf?'G,Q.. W f . 6 ' if f .ff tv., 477 fi L3-'I' 'im' t'.415.'-421 45 251.1 ,- nz Ji, ' 'Qin-' , " .f-,I fp. I. Ay' .' ' ,f ,Y M A f. -Y A Captain--Andrea House Co-captain--Rhonda Dodd Sponsor--Barbara Gordan The 1975 football cheer leaders spurred the Tigers into action with enthusiastic cheers of spirit and pride. The school would like to express thanks to Miss Gordon and the cheerleaders for their many hours of practice and per formance. 60 Czyers T' ,Q f r The Tigers played a tough season this year, and they met the chal- lenge with pride and determination. This year's football spirit was en- hanced by the addition of our new coach, Ken Phillips. Our first game against Stewart Middle School resulted in a crashing 48 -O victory for Stewart. Our second- game was a 14-14 tie with Marietta Junior High. lt was also an away game. ln our third game, we were defeated by Turner Middle School by a score of 24-14. The fourth game of the season was against Cedartown Junior High. They beat us, 52-28. The game was played at Cedartown. Our ifth and last game was our Homecoming game. And finally, we were victorious with a 14-8 win over Chapel Hill Middle School. Coach Phillips feels that even though we didn't win as many games as he would have liked, he thought each one of the players had the po- tential to be a winner. The coach would also like to express his apprec- iation to the faculty and student body for their enthusiasm and pride in their team. SPIRIT Now we've got the spirit with a capital S And we really really push 'em with a capital 17 And we really must insist with a capital 47 And we really really roar with a capital K And we really must insist with a capital 47 And we really make 'ern tremble with a capital Z Cigars Homplcfe Hhallengiug Scasvu Top Row, left to right: Coach Phillips, Mgr. Jeff Graham, Jimmy Rose, Alan Dorsett, Terry Fennell, Danny High- tower, Keith Hollis, Troy Fennell, Mark Hollis, Mgr. Boykin Austin, Coach Childers. Second Row: Robert Hall, Larry Yochachonis, Franklin Tidwell, Travis Todd, Mike Wheeler, Mark Tibbitts, Tony Craven, Alan Clay, Mike Benton, Belock McGarity, Charles Mclure, Kevin Mitchell. Third Row: David Cole, Todd Little, Roger Floyd, Joey Ruff, Dean Welch, Troy Beaty, Jeff Byrd, Paul Alexander, Russell McClure, Danny Moody, Bobby Yourn. Fourth Row: David Graham, Mark Stacey, Jeffery Paul, Tony Hall, Kim Cole, Dorsey Denton, Darrell Bracket, Doug Puckett, Frank Swails, Thomas Tuggle, Robert Turner, Eddie Walter, Fifth Row: Tony Lewis, Charlie Moore, Tony Chastain, Dwight Battle, Russell Grooms, Jimmy Davis, Rudy Griffin, Kevin Lester, Melvin Fennell. The Yearbook staff would like to dedicate this section of the yearbook to Coach Ken Phillips for his hard C h K h-H work and dedication to the football team. oac enP 1 ips Managers: Punkin Austin and Jeff Graham, Coach Defensive ,Ciuemeu Phillips. ' Defensive .Ciuelfaekers and Hacks Offensive ,Cinema and Hacks Y,2g,,, W,-, Z .. W, 1 ' may , .. yi V 3 My - a.. V , V ,Q kv U ' Qs' ' , - as . F, N P' l .V 45 .-Ont 7 V e 'ff T Pictured above is our new queen, Andrea House, who was crowned by our former queen, Pam Williams, on Oct- ober 12, 1974 at our annual homecoming activities, The homecoming game was played against the Chap- el Hill Wildcats, which the Tigers won with a 14-8 victory. Members of the court and their escorts were the fol- lowing: flower right hand corner, opposite pagej left to right: Gail Guffie, a seventh grader, escorted by Jimmy Bridges, was third runner-upg Barbara Jo Panter, an eighth grader, escorted by Sammy Heaton, was second runner-up, Left to Right: Diana Dorsett, Lisa Glass Hama Salutes ,Andrea Andrea House, an eighth grader, escorted by Donny Taylor, was the 1975 Homecoming Queen: Dawn Morris, a seventh grader, escorted by Donnie Morris, was first runner-up. Other seventh grade members of the Court were Dianna Dorsett escorted by Dennis Ratteree, and Lisa Glass, escorted by Steve Dudley. Other eighth grade members were Carol Alexander escorted by Delonza Fitzgerald and Gayla Holden escorted by Bobby McCollum. 24 N bara Jo Panter, Gayla Holden, Carol Alex- ..- ,,.:, s , y Gail Guffie, Dawn Morris, Andrea House Bar ander. ' Eamiug glfllff C716 .Queen 'Hou Peggy Duncan and Cris Webster Homecoming Mascots: ,virited Elzcerleadcrs Guide Czyers Jnfa Victory Top to Bottom, Left to right: Suzanne Shipp, Lisa Holden, Delores Nobels, Rhonda Dodd, Andrea House. Bottom Row: Vicki Hutchins, Kelly Hughes, Gail Hill, Dawn Morris, Tina Gaydon, Susan Warren. 1 .3 1 I Q X Cheering is not as easy as it may look, as our cheer- K leaders will tell you. They have a rigorous role to follow. r Not only are they able to go through the motions of a cheer S , while yelling, but they can perform assorted stunts, splits, cartwheels, somersaults, back-bends, hand stands, round- ' ' offs, half splits, angel stands, and combinations of these stunts. , ' To cheer at a basketball game is somewhat difficult. 4 Our cheerleaders must become familiar with the chants and A ' cheers so they can change these with the changes of the V - game. V V N Top Row, Left to Right: Managerg Annette Daniel, Tammy Hayes, Beth Cooper, Martha Braly Tammy Turner, Chris Champion, Manager, Kim Lumrnel. Second Row: Coach Billy Adair, Teresa Austin, Melody York, Susan Tibbitts, Gwen Clay, Coach Nancy Waldrep. Bottom Row- Manager, Linda Walraven, Denise Welch, Lurrain Baulding, Lisa Hackney, Tana Gurley, Sus- an Worthy, 'Manager, Sherry Jones. I Captains: Tana Gurley, Lurrain Baulding Girls' Burke ball The girl's basketball teams were unde- feated at press time. The eighth grade re- cord was an impressive 11-0, and the seventh graders held a record of 3-O. Record setters for the season were Tana Gurley, who scored 116 points, and Lurain Baulding, who grabbed 63 rebounds. Other starters for the team were Beth Cooper, Martha Braly, Lisa Hackney, and Cris Champion. The Tigers averaged 29 points per game and gave up 14. During the season, the Tigers experi- enced some tense moments. They won, the first Marietta game in the last 15 seconds with two foul shots. Against Buchanan they trailed eight points as late as two minutes to go and retumed to win by four. Top Row, Left to Right: Kim Southerland, Regina McGarity, Kim Jones, Kellette Holcomb, Misty Stieglitz, Susan Rollins. Second Row: Coach Billy Adair, Vicki Thompson, Cindy Wash- ington, Trina Williams, Ann House, Tina Tumlin, Coach Nancy Waldrep. Third Row: Darn- aise Rackley, Teresa Hunton, Cindy Golden, Diana Dorsett, Crystal Poole, Vicki Rainwater, Elen Winn. Bottom Row: Karen Andrews, Cassandra Akins, Kim Williams. Y Hays' Kasketball Left to Right: Todd Little, Sid Hardy, Paul Alexander, Ricky Sexton, Danny Black, Punkin Austin fMgr.y, Coach Leonard Greenfield, Randy Landrum, Preston Hall, Kim Cole, Mark Holland, Dean Welch, Bernard Williams, Kenny Lester. fNot pictured Jeffery Pauly Captains: Kim Cole and Paul Alexander Saccer First Row, Left to Right: Dwayen Buchanan, Troy Beary, Eric Craron, Jeff Smith, Mike Bone. Sec- ond Row: Jimmy Bridges, Louis Brown, Sammy Williams, Tony Lewis, Rex Goldman. Third Row: Coach, David Shelton, Daryl Brackert, Bobby Yourn, Russell Grooms, Jeff Byrd, Coach, William Warren. Not Pictured: Mark Cooper, Jeffrey Heard, Steve Dudley, Glen Lewis, Tony Cason, Frank Tidwell. : n Quia? .'k ..4 , , X ,i Iiiusi L- E S .,, .M 1. f fx J if B4 I '34 1 V 51 I ,r Wim lm. 'Walk fir- sw Lf 1 Q 3 5'2-Q, ' .- Majorettes: Karan Minton, Cindy Cole, Susie Driskell Top Row, Left to Right: Jack McC1ung, Barry Carson, Greg Johnson, Jeff Tibbets. Second Row: Alvin Griffin, Joe Mil- ton, Teresa Hunton, Mark Cornelius. Bottom Row: Robert Walling, Connie Powell, Sheila Neily, Trina Williams, Donnie Lawhorn. This year the students really got involved in the many organizations of the school. Almost everyone participated in at least one of the activities. The spirit of the student body was inspired by these activities and the help of the faculty. Top Row, Left to Right: Sherry Willis, Mike Pulliam, Mark Ellis. Second Row: Laura Kitchens, Jeff Walraven, Third Row: Barry Bynam, Jerry Bonds. ,Actian 61116 ,Athletic 611111 W i5'q1f's fatter 61116 Top Row, Left to Right: Eddie Walden, Dorsey Denton, Danny Black, Bobby Yourn, David Cole, Tony Craven, Thomas Tuggle, Allen Clay, Jimmy Rose. Second Row: Coach Ken Phillips, Roger Floyd, Jimmy Davis, Doug Puckett, Paul Alexander, Danny Moody, Rudy Griffin, Jeff Byrd, Kim Cole, Travis Todd. Third Row: Charles McClure, Dean Welch, Tony Lewis, Frank Swails, Darrel Brackett, Troy Beary, Sonny Fuller, David Graham, Melvin Fennell, Bernard Williams. Fourth Row: Kenny Lester, Troy Fennel, Todd Litrle, Mark Holland, Boykin Austin, Robert Hall, Jeff Graham. , Q'irl's Letter Klub Top Row, left to right: Sherry Jones, Beth Cooper, Kim Lummel, Annette Daniels, Cris Champion Second Row: Coach Billy Adair, Andrea House, Teresa'Austin, Melody York, Lisa Hackney, Susan Tibbitts, Linda Walravaen, Suzanne Shipp, Tammy Turner. Third Row: Kelly Hughes, Tammy Hayes, Dawn Morris, Tana Gurly, Lorraine Baulding, Gwen Clay, Susan Worthy, Denise Welch, Gail Hill, Vickie Hutchins. Fourth Row: Susan Warrne, Tina Gayden, Delores Noble, Rhonda Dodd, Lisa Holden. V ,faurualism 61116 Top Row, Left to Right: Lynn Rutherford, Teresa Austin, Cindy Cole, John Dunn, sponsor, Kathleen Fisk, BJ. Panter, Melody York, Donna Willis. Second Row: Leslie Taylor, David White, Donna Brumelow, Karen Minton, Donny Taylor. 7,4 Mc Kyra Adair, Renee Arnold, Cindy Bell, Gene Brown, Louis Callups, Brian Cox, Sindy Crowe, Frankie Crowe, Rene Daniels, Anthony Grant, Jan Hicks, Charlene Holden, Susan Jones, Kim Johnson, John Lindsey, Gage Morris, Valerie Moulder, Christina Nevius, Donnie Ragsdale, Jeff Ratcliff, Michele Samples, Terrie Searles, Joseph Smith, Eddie Smith, Janet Southern, Keith Strickland, Ken Vaughan, John Westmoreland, Jimmy Wheeler, Mike Worley, Johnny Aldridge, Jennifer Altom, Rhonda Andrews, Karen Baker, Bucky Bearden, Bennie Brown, Jennifer Camp, Dana Chambley, James Durham, John Gager, James Heard, Cassandra Heaton, Sammy Holcombe, Brenda House, Ann Hunton, Teresa Landers, Jenny Mancil, Woody Miller, Scott Rainwater, Vicki Ritch, Jeff Ruff, Jamie Southerland, Kim Stieglitz, Misty Swafford, Danita Taylor, Corine Tibbitts, Todd Turner, Donna Washington, Cindy Waters, Rodney Watson, Ricky Williams, David Williams, Trina 716' Gordon Wizner, Chris 7 6 Lfroslry Aiken, Rita Anderson, Stacy Armel, Paul Barker, Deborah Benton, Mike Buchanan, Dwayne Cornelius, Paula Cosby, Eddie Day, Veronia Elsberry, Mark Flemister, Sanday Gable, Cindy Gamel, Keith Gardner, Patrick Graham, Greg Hardy, Tony Huff, Hope Kiker, Mike Luttrell, Carol Morgan, James Murdock, Donna Neely, Sheila Newton, Tim Nixon, Chris Puckett, David Roer, Mike Sanders, Gwen Silvers, Johnny Watson, Denise Willoughby, Bobby Wilson, Randy 7 Z? Kliues My-me 238. Abernathy, Keith Atcheson, Mark Benson, April Boles, Brenda Bridges, Jimmy Burrand, Pat Cole, Blake Graham, Kandy Guffie, Gail I-lagans, James Henry, David Garmon, Wayne Hulsey, Gwen Kendall, Bryan Lee, Greg Lewis, Glenn McClure, Daphne Moody, Terry Morris, Danny Moss, Rusty O'Nea1, Gary Osborne, Suzanne Powell, Connie Roberts, Doyle Roberts, Pearl Sane, Steve Scoggins, Carla Sims, Josh White, Pam Williams, Reggia Wilson, Jimmy 78 Duncan ..' ' ...Q , Walraven, Keith Wilson, Kevin L Alexander, Jeff Black, David Black, Debbie Blanton, Donna Brock, Cathy Cutshall, Bryan Davis, Tim Deavers, Cynthia Dowis, Ricky Driskell, Teressa Dudley, Steve Fennel, Terry Florence, Catherine Hall, Cynthia Hammock, Scottie Hollis, Keith Isley, Daphne Lockwood, Joe McC1arity, Norman Mitchell, Kevin Pearson, Brenda Short, Keith Sims, Janet Sipple, Frances Smith, Pam Speegle, Tammy Stringer, Robert Austin, Boykin Bozeman, Vickie Brumelow, Darlene Carroth, Tim Cooper, Mark Craton, Eric George, Debby Glass, Lisa Graham, Gena Grooms, Russell Hardy, Rene Hawkins, Barry Hill, Gail Holcombe, Kellette Holden, Lisa Hollingshed, Glen Hyatt, Joe Jones, Denise Martin, Lissa McCoy, Cindy McGinnis, Roy Miller, Keith Murdock, Shayne Palmer, Eddie Prather, Wanda 7 5' Adair Rakestraw, Carla Shead, Greg Shipp. Janet Troup, Maurell Vollenweider, Delene Witt, Jamie Williams, Wendy A lex ander , C arl Boggs, Allen Brock, Terri Carter, Greg Cole, Renee Couch, Sheryl Crocker, Scott Davids, David Elsberry, Blake Fennell, Robbie Fennell, Troy Garner, Rhonda Griffin, Hal Griffith, Alvin Hall, Sherry Hardy, Sid Hendon, Regina Johnson, Greg Lawhorn, Donnie Leggett, Tracey Maddox, Denise McC1ung, Jack Melton, Joe Phillips, Jeff Rakestraw, Von Ray, Jolynn Sorrells, Wanda Walling, Robert Weaver, Patricia Whaley, Donald 7 5 Slzelfvn Williams, Joe Williams, Sammy fl Jlflcffau Swan, Tony Wilson, Dian Wright, Jerri Atcheson, Jeff Arnold, Barbara Battle, Dwight Bowen, Randy Brock, Robin Brown, Kelly Chappel, Martha Dorsett, Alan Driskell, Sammy Ellis, Robin Hembree, Tim Hollis, Mark Johnson, Linda Jones, Tim Maxwell, Chuck Miller, Moody, Moody, Rainey, Roberts, Diane Denise Ritchie Denise Patricia Rogers, Danny Paris, Rhonda Perkins, Ricky Simmons, Robert Smith, Denise 7.7 Kelly . 4 . iz N 1 if? 3 Kumi ' ' 1 - if ' ef , ,,,. f - . K X W ,gl .Q L Hughes, Dee Dee Hulsey, Winfred Jones, Bridgette Mitchell, Eddie Nichelson, Renae Porter, Jerri Prather, Jackie Roberts, Nita Roberts, Pennie Rutledge, Bobby Smith, Steve Stover, Melody Strickland, Tony Thompkins, Alan Westmoreland, Jeff Arnold, Cindy Brown, Perry Brown, Cindy Wilson, Steve Witcher, Carla Wright, Cindy Bush, Ben Bynum, Barry Cantrell, Janet Clecker, Rita Eates, Lutheria George, Sherry Gulledge, Gary Harrison, Eddie Hearst, Eddie Huff, Holly Garrett, Terry Green, Floyd Gunter, Robert Henry, Renee Hicks, Patsy Hightower, Danny Hurst, Nancy Keown, Eddie Mitchell, Teddy Newsome, Daryl Paris, Cynthia Ralston, Alan Sanders, Greg Shead, Cary Smith, Marlene Smith, Tina Streetman, Teresa Thomason, Kelly Baggett, Dianne Barton, Margaret Butler, Gary Cole, Nancy Cooper, Glenn wright, Lisa ' Yockachonis, Larry 7,7 Kraft 716 Komer Allen, Gene Barnette, Ricky Cole, Shane Cornelius, Mark Dockery, Tim Favors, Anthony Fowler, Janice Garmon, Jeff E-larrison, Linda Henson, Fred Hidmon, Tammy Maton, Michelle McClure Charles Meeks, Joey Lewis, Michael Mitchell, Steve Moore, Paris Nichols, Cathy Ray, Tim Shelton, Danny Smith, Kenneth Smith, Leisa Tibbitts, Jeff Thompson, Brenda Walker, Elaine Walter, Eddie 2 Warron, Hazel Wisener, Freddie Womack, Barbara Baggett, Mark Bates, Gina Carson, Barry Clark, Debra Cole, Cathy David Kerry Lisa ron, Ken Forrister, Matthew Fowler, Crystal Gamel, Leigh Ann Gulledge, Perry' Hall, Tony 1ett, Harold :hella Polly Lorne Jones, Carla Landrum, Randall Lewellen, Pam McAfee, Ray McGarity, Hollice Dan n, Louri Patricia Greg o Donna Mark .Frank Mary Cole, Deborah Cox, Eric Deavers, Randy Elrod, Leila Forrister, Ken George, Sammy Harvell, Danny Hayes, Gene Jefferies, Sandra Jones, Steve Kimberly, Charles Kimmons, Denice Locklear, Dianne Locklear, Travis Lockland, Patrick Norton, Doyle Porter, Beth Ann Prather, Jeff Sorrells, Dwayne Stevenson, Mark Stover, Jim Thompson, Ricky Traylor, Debbie Turner, Robert 7,M Warren Alexander, Kim Brown, Melane Cochran, Cliff Weaver, Debbie Wiseman, Jeff Wisener, Ann 7jV Wren Strouch, Drew Thompson, Steve Thompson, Lauri Underwood, Shannon Watkins, April Wilson, Ronald Anderson, Eugenia Buchanan, Debra Deavers, Dennis' Cole, Michael Cook, Scott Couch, Cynthia Couch, Vickie Danley, John Danley, Rhonda Echols, Jeff Evans, Penny Gamel, Wade Hall, Terri Hembree, Danny Henson, Tammy Ingram, Barry Jenkins, Kathy Johnson, Rene Lawrence, Derek Monk, Lisa Patterson, Shirley Puckett, Billy Puckett, Eugene Lester, David Stewart, Jerry Rackley, Darnai se Rollins, Susan Rose, Jimmy Still, Robin Sims, Ricky Strickland, Lori Thomason, Tim Thompson, Vickie Todd, Travis Tumlin, Tina Walraven, Jeff Williams Debbie Williams, Kim Willis, Valencia Wood, Denise 70 with I Bone, Laura Camp, Sonny Clay, Alan Dorsett, Diana Fallin, Edward Golden, Cindy Hall, Tommy Jones, Bobby MCG arity, Regina Moody, Sharon O'Neal, Chris Poole, Crystal - --a.,...f- - Abercrombie, Vickie Adcock, Jimmy Adair, Barbara Ashmore, Bruce Blackmon, Tony Brewer, Jerri Camp, Joe Cason, Tony Clay, Debbie Cook, Mark Cornelius, Tina Fields, Kenneth Fields Joy Gazaway, Dave Hopkins, Tracie Howard, David Jones, Tim Keller, Joy Keller, Julie Lefevers, Mike Lindsey, Jackie Morris, Sheila Skidmore, Debra Sexton, Bonita Strickland, Danny Buddy Susan Debbie Bobby 815' Dunn Alexander, Carol Austin, Janice Austin, Douglas Bond, Jerry Butler, Ricky Byrd, Jeff Chastain, Ed Clay, Lydia Curtis, Roger Deering, Sherry Ellis, Mark Florence, Karl Fuller, Sonny Gantt, Regina Grimsley, Chris Hall, Donnie Hembree, Greg Hendon, Rhonda Holland, Marvella Keller, Vicki Lester, Kenny Lewis, Lisa McMulland, Peggy Morris, David Oliver, Pam Ray, Robert Roberts, Janice Smith, Sheila Williams, Donald Alexander, Hubert Barrett, Jenny Baskin, Sheila Boles, David Camp, Darren Conners, Cindy Cook, Pam Davis, Larry Defoor, Patricia Flemister, Juanita Freeman, Terry Goldman, Rex Gravely, Becky Gray, Joni Hall, Ronnie House, Annette Key, Tony Lee, Janet Lester, Kevin McClure, Russell Newton, Kathy Proctor, Steve Rakestraw, Richard Ruff. Joey Sanders, Darlene Thomason, Mona Washington, Tina White, Ricky Wilson, Brenda Wright, Linda 86 Peters SZ? 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Y, .fx .rx JUNK In Back: Butch Johnson. Second Row, Left to Right: Karen Hayes, Tommy Bone, Greg Thomason. Third Row: Joseph Bennet, Marie Bennett, James Gamble, Tranice Bennett. Top Row, Left to Right: Cheyenne Holms, Gerry Kuykendall, Sonny Bailey. Julian Freeman, Felix Lester. Middle Row: Andrew Estes, Martha Golden, Jim Foster, Cecil Gunnin, Martha Kirby, Judy Lee, Alice Hutdiens, Junior Westmorland. J Akins, Cassandra Barton, Margaret Bennett, Tony Benson, Teresa Biles, Danny Bohannon, Larry Bone, Joey Bowman, Darius Chancey, Brenda Couch, Vivian Crowe, Mark Crowe, Renea , Dacus, Michael' Dodd, Doris Esparza, Charles Favors, James Fennel, Troy Gilreath, James Grogan, Cindy Gulledge, Melinda Hall, Tony Harris, Kay Harvey, Clarence Hendrix, Eugene Jackson, Donna Johnson, Greg Johnston, Danny Kilgore, Bobby Maeger, Tim McGarity, Hollice Mitchell, Kevin Morris, Dawn Morris, Donnie Nelson, Steve Osborne, Byron Porter, Jerrie Puckett, Melisa Ralston, Alan Ray, Jolynn Roberts, Pearl Robinson, Joe Rose, Jimmy Short, Shar Smith, Ch Sweat, Bel Whitlow, I Winn, Elle 78 ,Mere Seventh Graders ,Mare Sighth Graders Walker, Erma. White, Juanita Wilson, Greg Wright, Debbie Abercrombie, Vickie Biles, Richard Bone, Mike Bowling, Cynthia Britt, Tim Cantrell, Nancy Clay, Lisa Clevenger, Danny Craven, Tony Dodd, David Elsberry, Elaine Embry, Estella Freeman, Melissa Garmon, Wayne Gibson, Cindy Headrick, Kenneth Hendrix, Michael Hicks, Rebecca Hightower, Raynette I-Iilsman, Donna Ingram, Melinda Jackson, Ellen Johnston, Randy Jones, Sherry Keller, Deborah Kilgore, Peggy Lee, Julie Locklear, Darlene Locklear, David Newton, Kathy O'Brien, Barbara Osborne, Troy Pate, Janet Rich, Tim Rutherford, Ray Shipp, Sandra Shuler, Vanessia Sosebee, Steve Taylor, Leslie Tibbitts, Susan Thomason, Bobby Thompson, Chris 79 Y MQW WWW p wfwwWowdwLw UM W xk ' YVYWOM Q ' - V, T 5,0 Om MX QOOGQCCQQVZQAVMJD Mm Q CX?-Wd XS Q JQ QMUNG5 B'ga'cy9 4 Af 5 ,fJf+ffJ'ffdw3w-.55 Gy vis' , 5 Qgmmiff ' . Q36 f X Q5 9 u x xv Q 'VO Ox yo X. QNEJDM 2,0 M5 AO if QFD S63 G PWD C f . 1 SCMWZUM af 0 S! ff' PUMA U U LL av CDO S-ZW . 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Suggestions in the Paulding County Junior High School - Spirit Yearbook (Dallas, GA) collection:

Paulding County Junior High School - Spirit Yearbook (Dallas, GA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 47

1975, pg 47

Paulding County Junior High School - Spirit Yearbook (Dallas, GA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 23

1975, pg 23

Paulding County Junior High School - Spirit Yearbook (Dallas, GA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 26

1975, pg 26

Paulding County Junior High School - Spirit Yearbook (Dallas, GA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 59

1975, pg 59

Paulding County Junior High School - Spirit Yearbook (Dallas, GA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 30

1975, pg 30

Paulding County Junior High School - Spirit Yearbook (Dallas, GA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 32

1975, pg 32

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