Oxford High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Oxford, AL)

 - Class of 1955

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Oxford High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Oxford, AL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 124 of the 1955 volume:

if XFO X755 796fA0f6y Sfff f fof Ofzfyg 55 f Of JJX6 u ILS' e C u en 5 0 X or 1' Q C 00 Qc or , a amd gg11I1My1lyy1441mrnummnnmnriuurlvrlmludmdlmrlwlwwNIH MIIIllIHHH'N1U'"""'''''"'4'""""W""W"'H"' "4'''"L'Ll'Y'""'1"'''I''4'' '444"' "4' 44'1"' v""' V cm HSSES OSS v.G PNY' Pm v-T5 YQPQYO X41 NW SE AUXIERTX Oh 9 zo t be F f-of gb Ou l lb P-Yes Z' 1956. J C 62, 1' ct Wu and 4""l1.a ' 0' dl e-5' I lbet I Q6 61-e 0 fa e ,bed Is 5' fo Cb lb d Geal e afld 001 e '7 fo 4 bas I' se ' U "1,0""'Ofe'2' 0-ff," .v r '91 'ha 1 16 fb ' 6' 0 'V 117, lbqfa d fi rdf? 111 les Z' 17, 8631, e ell 0 6 ,Ile 111 c- Ie 47,0 'row Pa es mor 0 0 r o' fJ'o be 11' Wea Ollzd al' Of 6 Ip e doo 912' 590 R55 ACULTI O X '- I I ll I in Ilw"' gr '16, I if 0 Q OW 6 .Q . 4 4 ff Dot be I e Sa . 0 0 ' I t lb fb- 6' -Yo boop 0 Io 1' I 1' J, W' J, t pe We be er' W I 1' I' 3 I bib 6 0 Sfe I I 6 Qoomgbf 71reh,re0 I 'hsgbse 0 -6 61 ' g D . dmoz? in U so J' 0. 6 if 27, 6 ,Aj J' S llln., I II1QII11ItIHkbtllblttwlttrultmuummnaw ..v.W...4444 4 . A .lib-. Q is si 'fax s Q? 5 In Memory of Georgia Faye Doss whose friendli- ness and beauty will always remain in the hearts of the students and teachers of Oxford High School uaahy ffe acu 1' With pride we pay tribute to the mem bers of our faculty As the years roll by we will remember each member for tus gui dance loyalty and assistance We salute the faculty of Oxford High. . , . W.. ,Lf ' . -. f 3,8 .f - new izfwmigii'-fiflfk Lk,WL- - gi W' mwww fJ Qmgwz MA HIM V 9','FK si ' 1 8? F A22 K f 44 A kf' W -J A-r' - 7?+g'Li'L' M A Q. f ' Q "1 -wi ki: gk . Qjfivil-I fl? J S+ -i?iMg4f'ia.f?? , , J - '- V V wifi mfg 5 f . . Y Vg , wwWgwmmNwwM M S .A Q, Q. K A N, NOVELLA DUBOISE Junior High DIXIE FINLEY Junior High IRENE W, GANCEL English ANN K, HARDWICK English HAZEL S, HANVEY Home Economics CUR'I'IS JOHNSON Science DOUGLAS Y, JOHNSON Junior High - History MILDRED B, JOHNSON Mathematics JOHN KENT Economics Picture Not Available 4- I H, T. STANFORD Principal GEORGE E, DUBOISE Assistant Principal - Junior GILBERT ADAMS Coach - History GENEVIVIE P, BANKO Librarian HILMA K, BENNETT Junior High MARY ANN BROUGHTON Junior High RUTH B, BROWN History RUTH D, BUTENSCHON Choral - English SARA O, CULBERSON Physical Education High 33-AQ? OLA K, KIRBY Junior High U,J, JONES Assistant Coach - Junior High DORIS W, LANCASTER English - Algebra WILLODEAN P, MATHEWS Junior High FAYNE T, MILLER English - History J, L, NEASE Science ELENA PARES Commercial Studies - Spanish J,W. PHILLIPS Driving - Junior High M,L, RUSSELL Diversified Occupation L-E ITN WX 2 A -X! LA ' ' v M! ANN W, SHARP History FREDY SHEW Junior High JAMES R, SIMPSON Band NANCY K. SMITH Commercial Work LILLIAN P, WILLIAMS Secretary SHADE A, WILLIAMS Vocational Agriculture FRANCES B, WILLIAMSON Science - Art A, FRED WILLIAMSON Bookkeeping JUDY K, WILSON Mathematics Gagng ffe G65 5 95 Class activities at Oxford High are var- ied and deal with almost every phase of school work The Seniors hold rmportant places in many school orgamzanons pub lications and sports The Juniors work toward their main goal entertaining the Seniors with a memorable banquet and dance The underclassmen are permitted to take part in many activities of the school They look forward to the day when they will they can wear a cap and gown be juniors and finally seniors - the time rv-V .v XM MAXINE ABERNATHY Clinic 52-53g FHA 52-553 FBLA 52-55g Office Practice 53-555 Junior Red Cross 52-53, .TAUNITA ALBRIGHT Transferred from Alexandria High School 54g FHA 52-54g D, O, Club 54-55, CHARLES ALEXANDER Library Club 52-553 FBLA 53-55, HMMY ANDERSON "O" Club 53-555 Football 53-555 Science Club 53- 54, HAROLD BALLARD , i PATRICIA BANNISTER Choral 50-55g Beta Club 52- 55, Officer 54-553 Hi-Y 53- 553 Student Council 52-555 Stinger Staff 52-533 Science Club 54-553 Football Maid 54 Annual Staff 54-553 Operetta 54. --wr RUBY BONER Spanish Club 54-55g Football 54-555 Home Eco- nomics 52-53, IOHNNIE SUE BRADY Hi-Y 53-551 Stinger Staff 54-55g Student Coun- cil 52-53g Class Beauty 51-533 Girls' State 543 Student of the Month 53g Senior Favorite 55 BILL BROWN Choral 50-55g Troubadours 53-54, President 54, CHARLES BROWN FFA 52-54g Hi-Y 53-55, Officer 54-55g Hi-Y Council 54-55. RAMONA BROWN "0" Club 50-55. ANN CARROLL FBLA 54'55.: Office Helper 53- 55: 4-H Club 53-54g Spanish Club 54-55g Driving 53: Stinger Staff 54-553 FTA 54- 55. Beta Club 52-55g FBLA 53-54: Junior Red Cross 54-55, FRANKLIN BUCHANAN Football 50-55, Co-Captain 54-553 Student Council 54-555 MARGARET BABER BURNETT FBLA 53-55: Driving 52-53: Junior Red Cross 53-55 MARY ETTA BUTTERWORTH Iunior Class Officer 53-545 FBLA 54-553 Beta Club 52-55g FHA 52-55. BOBBY CARTER Choral 49-55, Officer 54-55g Beta Club 52-55g Thespian Society 53-55g Operetta 543 Junior Play 545 Senior Play 54 All State Chorus 53-54g Student Council 51-52g Inter Club Council 54-55, Officer 54-55, BILLY CATLETT MARGARET CHAMPION Beta Club 52-55g Science Club 53-55, Officer 55g Junior Play 543 Inter Club Council 54-55: Stinger Staff 52-55, Editor 54-55g Annual Staff 51-55, Editor 553 Senior Class Officer 55g Who's Who 55. CLEMMIE SPARKS CLACKUM FHA 52-54g Band 51-553 Choral 49-55, JEAN coucu FHA 52-53: Driving 54-55. ZELMA CREED FBLA 52'55: Red Cross 49-55. WILLI AM Trade Sch IU LUIS E AV ES JANET ELLISON Band 52'55: Head Majorette 54'55: Annual Staff 54'55: Hi-Y 53'55: FHA 52'55Q Student Council 54-553 Senior Favorite 54-55, IOAN ELLISON Band 51-553 Hi-Y 53'55: Annual Staff 54'55: Who's Who 55. DEMPSEY ool 53-54, 1 Pump A ' BETTYE FORD favs, LAMUREL ELLISON FBLA 52-553 FHA 52-54, RAMON FEAZELL FBLA 53-55. ANNE FINDLEY Band 53'55: Hi-Y 53'55: Choral 523 Beauty 54-55 Beta Club 52'55: Junior Red Cross 52"55: 4-H 54-553 FBLA 54'55: Office Helper 52'55Q Monitor 53. MELVIN FORD FELIX FOSTER FFA 51-54, Officer 52-53: Science Club 53-553 Key Club 54- 55. LAURA FUNDERBURG D, O. 53-553 Science Club 54'55: FHA 52-53. GERALD GEIER Football 50-513 D, O, 54'55: FFA 50'52: "O" Club 50-55. JOAN GEIER Who's Who 52: Band 522 Choral 52'55: Cheer- leader 52: "O" Club 53"55: Class Beauty 53-54 Junior Class Officer 54: Stinger Staff 53-543 Operetta 54: Football Sponsor 553 Annual Staff 54'55: Science Club 54'55: Queen 55. FRANK GILMORE D,O, 53'55: Science 54-55, IMOGENE GINN FHA 52-53, Officerg FBLA 53-553 Football 53- 54: Junior Play 53'54: Junior Red Cross 54'55Q Driving 53. THERMAN GREEN Football 52'55: "O" Club 52'55: Student Council 53-553 Choral 53'55: Basketball 53-55. IERRY GRIFFIN ORIS GRISHAM Transferred from Lauderdale County High School 53: Trl-Hi-Y 52'53: FHA 52-53, Officer3 D,O. 54'55: Class Officer 52. DONALD GINN LOUISE GRIZZ ARD Science Club 54'55Q D, O, Club 53'55: Beta Club 52-55. IO NELL HALPIN Transferred from Anniston, DONALD HANCOCK FBLA 53'55: Science Club 54'55: "O" Club 54- 553 Cheerleader 54'55: Annual Staff 54-553 Key Club 54"55: Who's Who 54-55, HELEN HARMON Driving 54: Junior Red Cross 53'54Q Junior Play 54: FBLA 54-55, A rrr. X sh 55- -f TOMMY HARPER Transferred from Winterboro 53: FFA 53-543 Trade School 54-55. IAMES P, HICKS JIMMY HICKS VIVIAN HARRELL Transferred from Flomaton, Ala. 54. MERRIL HARRIS VIOLET HEATH Driving 53-543 FHA 53-543 Clinic 54: Football 53 Science Club 53'55: Bus Driver 54'55: FFA 51-52. TRAVIS HIGGINS FFA 53-543 Driving 54-55. BOBBY HILL FBLA 53-543 Beta Club 52'55: Trade School 54-55, Bus Driver. JOYCE HOUSE FHA 52"55: Beauty 51: Driving 53: Clinic 53, MARIE HUGHES FHA 53-543 FBLA 54-553 Stinger staff 54-55, MELBA HUGHES FHA 53-543 Driving 53: Clinic 53: Football 53, JOAN JAMES Junior Beta Club Sponsor 54'55: Hi-Y 52-55, Officer 53-553 Hi-Y Council 53-55, Officer3 Beta Club 553 Science Club 53-55, Officer 53-54: Student Council 53'54: Stinger Staff 54-55. BEAULAH JOHNSON FBLA 53-553 Driving 54, FRANCES HILL Football 53-54, ELAINE HILLEY , ' t QL Q5 ,3-Vi f Wil ' - f FHA 52'54Q Science Club 54'55: FBLA 53'55: Driving 54'55: Football 53-55, GAIL HUDSON Junior Red Cross 52-55, Offi- cer 52-543 Clinic 52-543 Foot- ball Maid 533 Football Sponsor 54: FBLA 52-53: Class Officer 52-55. 52-55, Officer 54- FHA 52-53, Ofiicer3 JOHN JOHNSTON Band 52'55: Hi-Y 53'55: FFA 51-52. HOWARD KELLY D, O, 553 Trade School 54, JERRY KITCHENS Beta Club 52-55, Officer 553 "O" Club 53-553 Football 53-553 Key Club 54-55, Officerg FBLA 53-55, Officer 553 Inter Club Council 553 Sci- ence Club 54-553 Junior Play 54: Class Officer 54, ROBERT KUHNE Thespian Society 53-543 Choral '51'55: Library Club 52-54, DU ANE LAWSON ROMAH LEE MADELYN LEWIS FRED LLOYD , FFA 52-53: Football 52: Basketball 52-54 "O" Club 52, Q-plana--f f MARGIE MCCOMB Band 50-553 FHA 52-54. JIMMY McKLEROY Football 52-533 Basketball 533 "O" Club 53: Science Club 53-54. TOMMY MONROE FBLA 54-55: Trade f R NORMAN MITCHELL School 53-54, ANNE MOORE Choral 49-55, Accompanist 52"'55: All State Chorus 543 Band 4-9'53: All State Band 49'53Q I-li-Y 52-55, Officer 53-553 Hi-Y Council 53- 553 Beta Club 52-55, Officer 553 Junior Play 543 Senior Class Officer 54-553 Annual Staff 553 Football Sponsor 53: Football Maid 543 FHA 52- 53. SARA MOORE ELIZABETH MOTE Beta Club 52'55: FHA 52-543 Science Club 53'55: Band 50- 553 Drum Majorette 553 Hi-Y 52-55, Officer 53-54: Hi-Y Council 54'55: Annual Staff 54-553 Stinger Staff 54-553 Hi- Y Conference 53. KENNETH MURPHREE FFA 54-54, Officer3 "O" Club 53- 553 Class Officer 52'55: Junior Play 54: Who's Who 54"'55: Football 53- 55. BILLY NELSON No picture available MARTHA REYNOLDS NELSON Beta Club 52'55Q Junior Red Cross 53'55Q Choral 49-55, Officer 53'55Q Band 49-552 Thespian Society 53-55, Officer 53-55, SYLVIA NORTON Band 50-553 Choral 49-55: Beta Club 52-55, Officer 553 Hi- Y Council 53-55, Officer3 Hi-Y 52'55Q Junior Red Cross 51- 553 Thespian 53-553 FBLA 53-55, Officer 553 Inter Club Council 553 Junior Play 54: Annual Staff 553 All-Stare Band 52-55. HELEN MUNDY Science Club 53-54: Junior Red . Cross 49-533 Library Club 51- 52: FBLA 54-55. Picture Not Available J ANICE NUNNALLY VIVIAN OWEN FHA 52-54: Beta Club 52-553 Hi-Y 52-55, 0ffiCC1' 552 5Ci0l'lCe Club 54, Officer 54: Hi-Y Council 55, DOUGLAS PETTUS FFA 54-553 Library Club 54-553 Bus Driver 53- 54: Basketball 51-523 Junior High Basketball Assistant Coach 55. JERRY E, PETTUS Beta Club 52-553 Choral 52-54, Officer 53'54: Band 51-55, Officer 553 Science Club 54-553 Class Officer 54-553 Key Club 54-553 Trouba- dours 52-553 Junior Play 54. JERRY N, PETTUS MARIORIE PHILLIPS Miss Homecoming 53: Cheer- Who's Who 54-553 Beauty 54- 553 Choral 53'55: Junior Red Cross 54: Junior Play 54: Stu- dent Council 553 Annual Staff 553 Football Maid 543 Operetta 54, BARBARA POPE Choral 49-55, Officer 51: Who's Who 51: Band 52-55, Officer 53'55: Beta Club 52-553 Student Council 503 Operetta 54: Red Cross 50'51: Stinger Staff 53. PATRICIA PRATT ALLENE PUGH Beta Club 52'55: FBLA 54-553 Hi-Y 53-54, DORISA REID Choral 53'55: Thespian Society 533 FBLA 54'55: FTA 54-55. leader 52-53: "O" Club 52-553 LIZZIE ROBERTS Jr, Play 54. HERBERT RICHARDS Band 49-555 Bus Driver 54-55. FHA 52-535 Officer 52-535 F.B.L.A. 53-555 "O" Club 52-555 Cheerleader 52-55, Head Cheerleader 555 Student Council 52-55, Officer 555 Beta Club 52-555 Inter Club Council 555 Who's Who 53-555 FAYE ROGERS EVELYN ROBERTS Driving Class 54. IOAN ROBERTSON Choral 51-535 F,B,L.A. 53-555 Red Cross 53-555 Driving 55. 51-53. Clinic 54-555 Football HUBERT ROGERS Football 51-535 Class Officer 545 Ir. Play 545 Maid Girls' Football Game 555 Escort "Miss Homecoming 555 "O" Club 51-535 Senior Favorite 55. JIMMY ROLLIN S ROBERT SCRUGGS Library Club 545 Bus Driver 54-555 FFA 53-55, EDNA DEAN SEWELL Who's Who 52-535 Beta Club 52-555 FHA 52-53, Officerg F. B. L. A. 54-55, Officerg Inter Club Council 54-55, JO ANN SE XTON Cheerleader 52-545 "O" Club 52-545 Homecoming Maid 555 Driving 535 FHA 535 Clinic 545 Jr. Play 545 Football 52-54, Captain 53. ERMA SHADDIX Football 53-54g Stinger Staff 54-553 FBLA 53-54. LEROY SHEARS RALPH SHERMAN Picture EARLENE sims ' A 'ffm FBLA 53-55g 4-H 54-55. "" " e ARRIS SMITH Football 50-55, Co-Captain 54-55, "O" Club 50-55, Offi- cer 55g Sponsor Girls' Football 54g Class Officer 53-54, BARBARA SMITH Beta Club 52-553 FHA 53-55 Driving 54, GLORIA SMITH Driving 54, JERRY SMITH Choral 53-553 FFA 51-525 Basketball 54, RALPH SMITH D, O, 53-55, Officer 54-553 Inter Club Council 54-55. JOYCE STARR Class Beauty 54: Miss Homecoming Maid 535 FHA 53-55. Officer 543 Beta Club 52-55, Officer 553 Junior Play 547 Annual Staff 54-55g Driving 555 Stinger Staff 54: Class Beauty 55. MILDRED STEWART AARON TAYLOR -w J if L 1 ' A ,TT lT kc 4 ,,..k ,. 5. L55 A A ga V5 QQQQEQA A .ATA L sr C MINNIE LOU VISE Driving 54g 4-H 54. MAX WARD MYRA WADDELL Junior Red Cross 51-55, Officer 55g Choral 54g Football 543 FBLA 54-55, Office Helper 54-55g Clinic 54, LLOYD WATERHOUSE Library Club 54-553 "O" Club 54-555 Cheerleader 55, LAMAR STONECIPHER FFA 51-52g Band 52-553 Science Club 53-55g Bus Driver 54- 55g Key Club 54-55, Band 52-553 FHA 52-54g Beta Club 52-553 Choral 49-51, 53- ROY STONE JIMMY SURRETT Driving 52-54g Hi-Y 53-55, Officer 54-553 Hi-Y Council 54-55g Inter Club Council 54-55g Science Club 55, 1 BETTY TREADAWAY FHA 52-53g Class Officer 52- 533 FBLA 53-553 Science Club 54-55: Junior 'Play 54, BILLY RAY WHITLEY Beta Club 52-55g FFA 513 Beta Convention 54. ALFRED WILLIAMS ORICE WILLINGHAM FFA 51-535 Beta Club 52-553 Key Club 54-55, Officer: Science Club 53-55g Bus Driver 53-54. JOY WESSON Driving 55. EZRA WHALEY A NN!! .1 GERALD HAMBY FFAg Driving, NELDA WILLS Beta Club 52-55g FHA 53-55, Officerg Miss FHA 54g Junior Red Cross 54g Beauty 53,543 Driving 54g Inter Club Council 53-54, ezzzor GQSJ jfsfory About this season three years ago, we began to realize that soon many of us would be leavrng our beloved Junror hrgh schools and entenng that huge, ternfymg burldrng called Oxford Htgh School How could we ever do rt? How our mtnds tortured usl At last the fateful day arrlved and after recetvmg our lrttle cards, we were lookmg for our frrst room We soon settled down to life at Oxford Htgh and found that ll was not nearly so bad as we had f1rst feared W1th class acuvmes, lunch room rush pep rallres, ball games, Jultus Caesar, cuttrng up frog legs tn Blology, and becom mg acquamted wlth an unknown quantxty often referred to as X rn algebra, we struggled through a happy sophomore year at Oxford Hrgh School In what seemed lrke no trme at all we were Jumors As Jumors we got behmd our school and supported rt tn every way by lommg clubs backmg our athletrc teams and presentlng our Jumor Class Play Strtctly Formal Our trrumph of the year was for thrs festlve occasron was Red Sa1ls 1n the Sunset Thus our Jumor year ended vv1th all of us proud of Oxford and eager to serve her Then the digmf1edSenlors appeared Oxford was truly our school thrs year we were to lead her As Sentors, we worked a llttle harder played a lrttle harder and made our last year a most successful one As ume went on, Macbeth be came very famrltar to us The responsrbllrty of the YELLOW JACKET and THE STINGER now rested on our shoulders We went to the football games and cheered as we had never cheered before Our Seruor Play and class PICDIC were happy events tn our year's actwxtres The last weeks at Oxford were f1lled w1th excrte ment wrth our graduatron For all of us ll meant the begrnmng of a new l1.fe m the adults' world, but It would also mean the end of three of the most tmportant years tn our l1fe Although we could never lrve them agam, we had a heart full of memorres memones of lessons we had learned, fun we had had, and frrend shtps we had made These golden memorres whlch were to be cherlshed and never forgotten '55 Class Hlstonan . 3 . . . . . . . . . . ' . . . . . ' . l I our memorable banquet and dance when we played hosts to the Seniors, Our theme 0 l ' D . l TULL ALLEN WILTON ALLEN MARTHA ASHLEY JACKIE BAILES HAROLD BARKER NORMA BAXTER 5 a ' CALVIN BEARD W BRUCE BEAVERS , --E ' IRENE BENNETT PATSY BOWEN 1' R . sei E'-. 4 f- -' 1' I fii- 11- A QQ Q A Eg 1 , .ff PAULA BOWEN CURTIS BROOKS BOBBY BROWN PAUL BROWN Q I 5 K I CHARLOTTE BROWNING -S PATSY BROWNING LEROY BURKE ' A' ROBERTA BURT SONNY BUTENSCHON 5 Q i 3 Ak V if Ac' 25 ' W Q11- faq. ' X , I A E, I fi X54 M 'LS Q JOHN CARR ROY CARR LARRY CARTER ROY CLACKUM IESSIE CAMPBELL X . ' I BOBBY CLEMENT NAOMI CLEMMENTS ELAINE COLE f MARGARET COLE BOBBY COLLIER ROCHELLE BOWLING ? E EET 5 A A 4' 3 .JA GEARY COOGLER JAMES COPELAND SHIRLEY COPPOCK IMOGENE CRUMLEY LAMAR CRUSE NAOMI DOBBS BETTY DEMPSEY LANIER DENSON LILLIE DIFFIE MARIE DOROUGH DAVID DOSS ELAINE DURAN ROSA ESTES DON FINLEY NANCY FLOYD ., '-Al I II I -5 I Q X L 1.-7 3 , M V, Q, V ' 5' VERGIE FUNDERBURG .- MARTHA GALLAHAR I BILLY GAMEL ' 1 AARON GARNER A AUBREY GAY if -:i ' A f JL, ANNE GIDLEY I, JOHN GILMORE I JOHN GILMORE EULINE GINN GERALDINE GOODWIN MARTHA GREENE BETTY HALL IANELLE HALL GWINDAL HAMBY SHIRLEY HAND r 4 JA I QL DOROTHY HOWELL ROSE HOWELL BENNY JACKSON SYLVIA JACKSON JULIA JAMES ROBERT JOHNS ROSELYN JOHNS JEAN JONES BETTY KEARLEY BETTY KELLY EARL KEMP CHARLES KING MARY KIRK L, D. KNIGHT CHARLES KNOWLES Pg x ' f ilfi LARRY HARDY QUINAN HARRIS BILL HARTLEY COY HATTON MARY HAYNES FRANCES HEATH ROY HEIFNER VIRGINIA HICKS JACKIE HIGGINGBOTHAM ANNETTE HIGGINS GAIL HILTON PAT HOLDER HERBERT HOLMES PAT HCIJSTON ROY HOUSTON an Y ,fa -1 LEONA MULLINS FRANKLIN MUNDY BARBARA MURRAY PAT NEIGHBORS DAVID NICHOLSON I ANE NISBETT GAIL O'DELL LONNIE OGLE BARBARA OSBORNE KENNETH OTWELL DOROTHY PARKER JIMMY PARNELL PERRY PITTS HERMAN PRITCHETT SHIRLEY PRUETT 5 f i. A S 2 DAVID LANEY JAMES LEE GENE LEONARD NORMAN MADDISON ROGER MARKS W, D, MASON BUDDY MAYNE DOROTHY MCCOMBS RICHARD MCDOWELL ERNEST MCGEE WILLIE MAE MCGEE DONALD MEADS NANCY MITCHELL CATHERINE MOORE FRANCES MORGAN -is 4,3 , Q. X , 'O' ' f v-1 K 6 'S' 7 ffra CAROLYN SMITH KENNETH SMITH VIVIAN SMITH LEE SPARKS TOMMY SPRINKLE DOUGLAS STARR KENNETH STARR JIMMY STEPHENS BARBARA STRICKLAND "" TED TALLEY GARY TAYLOR MARY THRASHER ROSA THRASHER JERRY THURMAN GENE TILL ..r0' I DON PUGH PATSY RAINES LARRY RAY PAT REID ETHEL RHODES JAMES ROSAMOND LOUISE ROSE PEGGY SANDLIN ANN SCOTT PEGGY SEXTON SARA SHADDIX LARRY SHAMBLEE DAVID SHEARS JIMMY SHEARS BILLY SIMPSON '37 I 'R MARY ANN TURLEY WAYNE TURLEY JACKIE TURNER ALBERT VARNER BETTY WALKER ERNA W ALDER VIRGINIA W ALLACE ROBERT W ALLS MARTH A W ARREN MARY W AT SON O'NEAL WHITLEY KENNETH WIGGINTON CHARLES WILKERSON CHARLOTTE WILLIAMS JAMES WILLIAMS VIRGINIA WILLIAMS ANN WILLINGHAM IO WILSON BETSY WORD MARIE WRIGHT PAT YANCY 4? X. x K 7912 ff gba of? H H HQ N Qs 7 5 . B. Q - A A 0 si Q 4:47. ,nr A we R, 'W- A is rs' L-, Y Y g 'Q'E. 4- l 1.. A,-1 33- , Qld, 1 Q AL.' V ':"-.. f 5 liv f f- n -ll A f 2' sy Rf V ,--. : G' 'fi ww 4. fQ""'A I gc A A 5 sits? 's . J 5 . x - V J I V, . N I f 'V - K v-.. w is '1 T' 3 x A . - ' , ' J f. .. Q.- L 4' ' in.. 'Q-H WV-Q as,-fr , '- N S, had, ' sw- - kms- if ,g 4 , V xv, ' " A ' l A - , RX!! ' Q ., 'J 4- -- i s is 'V' S' , L 2- if . B 5, gear ' ll 425- .,f X fr-K Y xr Qvv so -f IV: A " t A -, g -A :f- . ..,. 1.7 ? Q ui '4 2 47-A 6- Q 70- in f - A , 6 ' R v ,4 A ,L J 331, J X " , X IQ I .J ., sf L , s 6 S , , W e , -W . r 6 10- 1 ff, 's E' K I . soft v V -5- 4 4 5 . '1' 1 'fs Y' .J ' X X J -A 7 1-rf! vi r A Ah R f - ' i C I Ou L A it I :1 -iv' 2 4, 6 J gt g " , ff 'E' 21 A L ' I rw ' 1 ' 3 " s nh gl!! ':'A 4 y f . , S' Q . l at ,..,, s , A '-fs.L..s A' J Q K ta 1 hs QS James Adams Mary Jane Adams Pat Allen Billy Arnold William Arthur Glenda Austin Coleman Bazzle Helen Black Henry Bobo Jimmy Bonds Barney Borders Howard Borders Judy Borders Joyce Boswell Laura Bowman Patricia Bowman Mary Braxton Darryl Britt Carson Brooks Jerry Brown Shirley Burnham Jr, Burroughs Bobby Calhoun Barbara Campbell Sonny Character Donna Cook Mary Conklin Barbara Crammer Robert Crow Lonnie Curry Martha Davenport Billy Deffenbaugh Nancy Digby Joan Dunston Katherine Ellison Edward Forsyth Tommy Fowler Jean Freeman Betty Fuller Charles Fulmer Betty Gillihan Donald Glenn Jean Greene Mildred Grizzard Patsy Gunter Mildred Handley Kenneth Hanvey Rayford Hanvey Jimmy Hare Jerry Harmon Billy Harris Joan Harris Hugh Haynes, Jr, Pat Haynes Janet Hendrix Leon Herod Lloyd Henegar Jo Ann Hinton Sara Hoffmeyer Mary Nell Holmes Ginger Holmes Betty Houston Betty Hughes Betty Jane Hughes Larry Hunt Barbara Johns Clyde Kellum, Jr, Autry Lambert Eugene Landers Cary Lee Ronald Lindsay Dan Lipham Sarah Lipham Edna Maddox Richard Mayfield Pearlie Lou McCain Albert McDaniel Ruth McDonald Donald McDowell Juanita McGill Barbara Meads Benny Miller Howard Moon Robert Nicholson Travis 0'Dell Barbara Owen Doris Painter Charlotte Parnell Carol Peace Jimmy Pettus Kenneth Pettus Jean Phillips Sylvia Pulliam Pat Rayburn John Reynolds Imogene Reynolds Chuck Rinehart Joan Riddle Kenneth Roach Carole Roberts Billy Robinson Helen Rogers Iona Rosamond Emest Rountree Wayne Ryder Barbara Scoggins Carol Sims Roy Sims Sylvia Simpson James Skinner Wayne Sparks Bobby Stephens J, W, Stephens Ann Stewart Tommy Stovall Paul Stubblefield Jerry Taylor Max Taylor Elbert Thomas Mnronrpf Tnllncnn 7912 15 9raoQ' 1 fl I t , s. ,r 1 an ,- ., SN 4. v tw I ga' 1 ' fr, 'J SF .4 , l 1 X f I 'I 34 i 6545 f -V A " , 1, F 6 4 X Q t f f A ku-. ,lx A '- N fr O ,a .,, A K Q? 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Mary Turner Tonnxe Turner Mary V1se Shuley Vrse Sue Warts Roy Warts Beverly Warr Mary Lee Webber Forrest Whaley Dale Whrtley Jerry Whrtten Gall Wrllrams James Wrllrams JR Cn Eva Jane Wrlltamson Beulah Wrllmgham Ethel Wooten Betty Wrrght HIGHLIGHTS 54 55 Blue Rldge Conference School Began 2 Semor Class Rmgs Arrrved 1 Oxford vs Gadsden 1 Semor Class elected offlcers 1 Oxford vs Glencoe 24 Oxford vs Jacksonvrlle 2 Calhotm County Fan October 1 Oxford vs Heflrn October 2 H1 Y Retreat at Cheaha October 8 Oxford vs Predmont Mass Homecomxng crowned at halftrme Homecomrng Parade October 15 Grrls' Football Game Hornecomrng crowned at nalftune October 18 19 H1 Y Trammg School October 22 October October 29 Oxford vs, Lrncoln - Teachers' Banquet at Saks Oxford vs, Sylacauga November 5 20 -Twlrp Season November 5- Oxford vs, Ohatachee November 9--ANNUAL DAY November November November November November November 10 School Day Prctures Made 11 Electron of Kmg and Queen 12- Oxford vs. Alexandrra 15 Who's Who Elected 16- Class BCBUIIBS Elected 20 -Twlrp Dance December 2 Chnstmas Parade rn Anmston December 3 5 M1d Alabama H1 Y Conference December 9 Oxford vs Etowah qF1rst Basket ball Gamej Oxford vs Pell Crty Choral Cantata Faculty party Exams Began Chrrstmas Holrdays January 3 Second Semester Began January '7 Oxford vs I-leflm Predmont Talladega Pell Ctty Heflm Alexandrta Anmston , Sylacauga February 8 -Oxford vs, Anruston February 11 Oxford vs, Jacksonvrlle February 15 Oxford vs, Alexandrra February 16 Oxford vs, Roanoke February 18 Oxford vs, Predmont February 22 Oxford vs, Talledega February 25- Oxford vs, Roanoke February 28 -Oxford vs, Etowah May '7 -Jumor Semor Banquet and Dance May 23 -Graduatron December December December December December January 11 Oxford January 14 Oxford January 18 Oxford January 21 Oxford January 25 Oxford January 28 Oxford January 31 Oxford 3 M fn :J "7 5 5 g ' W Q I. 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M 'Q' 5 4' 9 r i ...f Nw Q4 Q.- -,W , 4 S8 'ff' his 'Q Billie Ann Anderson Gerald Ashley Gail Baker Okalene Barker Joyce Barnhill Glenn Barnwell Billy Batey Brenda Birchfield Mary Belle Blair Carolyn Bobo Brenda Bradshaw Johnny Boyd Brown Billie Sue Burdette Edgar Burt Doris Castleberry Charles Chandler Jimmy Chitwood Evelyn Cleghom Gerue Cofreld Sylvia Coleman Roy Cordle Sammy Cox Mary Gean Crosson Gene Daughtery Hugh Dodgen Wayne Foster Houston Drake Benny Easterwood Leroy Gaines Bobby Gamble Carolyn Gamel Joan Gann Joan Garrett Harold Gibson Betty Jo Glenn Irene Green Marcelle Gulledge Jane Hamrrc Juanita Harrell Kenneth Hams Annette Henegar Kenneth Henson Larry Hicks Rex Hiett Audrey Higgins Joyce Hill Dorls Hinds Fred House Marlin Hunter Patsy James Douglas Jennmgs Frances Jewell Linda Johns Shrrley Johnson Robert Jones Gordon Lee Kelley i' , if i ef' .1 it A1 -'I Q- 1 Z W is s. J, nf? gr . . 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Q V 3 A B 1 as si e Q - at f sf G Gayle Kemp John Key Paultne Kneavel B1ll Lamar Carolyn Lrvxngston Joyce Maddox Jerry Marks Sylvra Matthews Phyllls McCa1.n Eva Jane McCard Myrtle McCard Larry McCombs Dwayne McDan1el Edna M McKenzre Patncta McKleroy Mary Frances Meharg Pecolrs Messer Eugene Mrller Peggy Montgomery James Moore Benny Easterwood MRIJOIIC Moore Elva Jean Moss Frances Moss Peggy Mundy Kenneth Murray Barbara Kelly Jerry Nrsbett Peggy Owens Joan Payton Charles Broughton Charles Pettus Margery Predot Mtlton Prtts Btlly Prestrldge Eddy Ryder Eddre Shortnacy Maudme Smrth Vugmra Sparks Ruby Sprvey Lewrs Stewart Shrrley Stewart Sandra Stnckland Peggy Taylor June Terrell Janrce Jurner Pat Walters Ann Warren Gwendolyn Warren Sara Weerns Bobby Wrllrarns C P Wrllrams Joyce W1ll1aIIlS Peggy Wzlliarns Patncra Yarbrough Gale Yates 90225 QPGOQ It .L I F0 avi? 4' 41 ,QM 1' 02: in 1 Q... 5 fl-Tx .3 'Q-...., N-al' 41 Tv' ' tggk 6' 3 . H fr A J. 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'1 Tommy Adams Gerald Adams James Barker Betty Bentley Robert Bentley Leonard Bonds Jerry Boone Dean Boyles Kenneth Brewer Paul Bright Clifford Britton Grace Ann Buice Patricia Burke Patricia Calhoun Harold Casey Linda Chesson Eunice Cofield Glenn Combs Fred Cook Douglas Coppock Gail Cox Lamar Crumley Brenda Davis MarJor1e Deason Peggy Elkins Paul Ellrs Mary Ann Finch Donald Games Larry Gann Geraldine Ginn Sandra Golden Linda Joyce Gowens Betty Grisham James Gnzzard Eva Gunter James David Handley Louise Handley Charlotte Hawkins Martha Ann Haynes Frankie Higginbotham Ronald E Hill Jimmy Hinton Billy Holcombe Clella Holcombe Patsy Hollis Ferrel Ingram Kenneth Johnson Avery Jones Paul Haynes Faye Hendrix Sue Hicks Mary Martha Jones Roxre Kelley Judy Kirk Portia Lacey Jimmy Lane June Ledbetter Phyllis Lee Jerry Leemaster Roy Lrpham Frances Manheim Flora Lee Martin in ,N g K KJ 6 K an At Q ' ,4, -5' 6-- .H W 7 N4-M Q nag. I- 'fy " ' Q is ' M S tw -3"-ix , - - MXL :sk Eltvfie, K . 'hs' B1 X- fiQ"'7 r 6- J 4 x I ' , 5 an U lg l V .Q A L, - 4- , , ' J 1 h .a 2 A A' . 1 i E+- .gr y ... F 1- Q X . Z 'y,, , , , fy- U ag: ww, fha . . -itil' ', , 7 L nf - -I Q Q Hass I ' Ely' ,I s 1 or s aa Q A J V . me ,Q 'F F agua, Q, 1- I , -. J ' 1 1. bfi- A sz. tl Ar.,.x A , 2 "' ' E J s' - ii EP A C "r,. M C - i f 5' , , 42 5-'YJ , X ,,..: H 5: oe, Kathryn Jones I H or I HY A , , Q ' k .' . k 1 N ,,., .. L. 'dd' Y' W C . I ,W Ss- , Q I Z .:,, ,s y C. 'N A 4 A a t K , y 1-My - K D gll . p S :.,r1 Aa-ta' L ra at f ,QE Willard Male Buddy Maye James McCain Chester McCard Jerre McCard Nathan McCard Harms McComb Stella McElroy Jane McFall Brenda McGhee Tommy McKee Mary Mrddlebrook Buddy Mrller Geraldme Mrze Barbara Morgan Brenda Moms K V Mullally Sherry Nunnally Marcla Lee Owen Kenneth Pettus Garvls Prater Lewls Pruett Betty Purdy Patrrcla Reaves Patsy Reaves Kenny Reeves Anls Reynolds Jrmmre Reynolds Dale Roach Wallace Roberts Sue Robertson Ronald Robinson Sandra Scruggs Judy Sewell Lewxs Sewell Johnnre Sexton 15 QFGOQ vw -.aff ' Rafi... 'bv '25- or hmmm LJ wr' YI 'lit in 'C' -ov' Leon Spears Roy Sprvey Jerry Sprayberry Arnold Stephens Clarence Stephens Elalne Srms Glenn Smelley Mrldred Smrth Barbara Soule Chfford Sparks Chrrsune Strrckland Ann Suddeth Jackre Summers Karo Thomas Leon Traywrck Carman Tumer J D Turner Jerry V1ce Shrrley Watts Gene Webb John Allan Whttesxde Phyllrs Wrldman Bobby Wrlllamson Max Worthy J Robxn Worthy Joe Bazle YJ E He X-ul sf' Q if NX if . x syox X " V lv- , . F' ' 13 K I R 'K' P y S K .. ,.. , ' S , wa A 1, ii, S ' v ' I "'.?',f X vw-:rt sllll ' S 1 etrt r ' A S .fh as sef . "4 1 KJ A Q- B X W J. ,R 'I Q rv ,y fi 3 : p I ft.. 2' L, Q, - S 'I - . rf- - as :pt .. A R Q- fx. . . -'., Vx V W K af :k., A 'I' -,Q Q six .. 5 'X A Q -,il ' ' " " .M -:z . . S 3 5' : S at sf'-f E ,f 03" ' ,ttl :ti C .l2" I Z - ka Q ' 5 sc "' - in ' I K ' li ,. - M , A S- A fi'- 'Lf C-f ra: C lj new t 7 V gy' , K ! ' .N ' VX 5 i K A . K 0 S K Q., . 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MVA M in 'lks Y-W . 6: 1 if W W on M2 ol" X x in ?'- Terry Albea Franklin Allen Allman Anderson Joyce Ashley James Austin Jerry Batey Elrzabeth Bamwell Joan Barnhlll Donald Barnett Jack Bently Wmston Bentley Wanda Bowman Judy Braxton Wanda Brown John Burdette Bonme Burns Barbara Burce Marilyn Butterworth Shuley Carr Brlly Campbell Ann Clark Terr Cleghorn Joan Cobb Glorra Ann Cofteld La Don Cotney Sandra Couch Sunny Creed Lmda Cruse Jrmmy Cruse Harlon Dobbs Ellen Drll Janet Marte Dodjan Lmdon Dorough Patncxa Gann Trm Garrett Joyce Grdley Carol Grlmore Sandra Grnn Beatrrce Goad Danny Goodman Patsy Guthne Donald Hamm Jean Hamrrc Douglas Harbm Terry Hay Anlta Henry Johnme Henderson Ray Hendnx Henry Hrll Barbara H1ll Wrllram G Hrll Wallace Holmes Dorothy Houck Wallace Hom Donald Hughes Eugene Hughes Joan Houck Frances Jackson Rrchard Johnson t 3 ' lf 5 5'1- J ' A f ' A by 7 J, l ga , WN 7" A at A - X ' fit., n 6 3 J ml.. 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F 1 , 1 . , QM ,i . s a mln X A X ,,.,, Qvvra 1 i . -t, ,., Qllfiw 4' . ,. u -ff. gf ,X7 1 'ij 1 W ' 'Z ' Q if N 'K z F 1 Charles Jones Nancy Johns Bobby Johns Martha Kennedy Carolyn Lindsey Lloyd Lindley Jerry Lipham Gene Love Edwin LuAllen Jeanette Maddox James McFall Kelson Mosley Anne Moore Glenda Mitchell Wanda McCullough Frank McCard Patricia Nash Charlotte Nisbett Sandra Nunnally James Overstaeten Larry Padgett Helen Perry Emma Jean Pierce Georgia Mae Pointer Juanita Pratt Linda Prater Jerry Prater Joyce Reid Tommy Reid Barbara Rinehart John Rollins Lewis Roszell Emma Rutledge Eva Rutledge Sue Scott Gerald Sewell M, C, Shiflete Ronnie Sides Leotes Skinner Gayle Sparks Stella Jo Stephens Amold Stonecipher Becky Street Jane Taylor Margaret Taylor Mary Thompson Martha Thrower Hazel Thurman Larry Turner Edith Twildale Lavaughn Walden Ronny Whaler Hershell Williams Tommy Williams Martha Willingham Sandra Worthy Roy Wright Tommie Yarbrough 9 cseuenlf graofe '. . y . 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B6 QU' :Ski H-l....... -M ...M -f , -J Q-.M A K? 4? , Nj, l T' Larry Ray Jxmmy Anderson Lee Sparks Arm Smxth Kenneth Murphree Albert Henderson we 1. ,gn Z K -Q-'A' W 'Y XX fi ,, I Ag, J , W Q- gr .C , H 5 A1 is . i 1 N 7 Q b N- ,ff Ih -. L' .I QQ: jg A -1 E 3 1 1 : 2, + , :AI r A , f -x I' wi 5 Au ' 3' , -1 . 1 K., 2 4' . I , ' Xf- .H ff, ff Z! K GIYIOI' GQSS We the members of the Senror Class of Oxford I-hgh School rn the year of our Lord Nmeteen hundred and frfty live berng of sound m1nd do make pubhsh and declare tlus to be our last w1ll and testament thereby revokrng all w111 or wxlls To all the future Senxor Classes of Oxford Hrgh we leave the feelrng of sadness wrth whrch we part from thrs scene of so many of our happrest days To the Jumors we bequeath our affecuon for and gratrtude to the seruor teachers To the Sophomores we w1ll the sp1rit of cooperatron that helps a class do brg tlungs To the Freshmen we leave the feelmg of prxde at complettng the frrst year of htgh school and the spurt of enter prrse as you go to brgger and better tlungs We Max1ne Abernathy and Betty Ford w1ll our off1ce places to Jackre Barles and Pat Brownrng I Ralph Smith bequeath my abrhty to get along wrth teachers to Tull Allen We Pat Bannister and Margaret Champron w1ll our good grades to Charlotte Wrlhams and Jo Wrlson I B111 Brown bequeath my abrllty to speak my m1nd to Roy Carr We Johnme Brady and Anne Fmdley bequeath our abrlrty to attract boys attent1on to Mane Dorough and Mary Watson We Ann Carroll and Beulah Johnson wlll our red ha1r to Patsy Bowen and Earl Kemp We Frankhn Buchanan and Arrrs Smrth bequeath our ab1l1ty to play football to Larry Ray and B111 Hartley I Joan Geter bequeath my wrnmng smrle and personahty to Annette Hrggrns I Janet Elhson w1ll my place rn the band to Elame Cole I Donald Hancock bequeath my blond harr and good looks to John Carr We Erma Shaddrx and Nelda Wtlls bequeath our abtlrty to go steady to Barbara Murray and Martha Gallahar We Vrolet Heath Margaret Burnette and Martha Reynolds bequeath our happy mamed lrves to Martha Greene Martha Ashley and Betsy Word I Bobby Carter bequeath my abrhty to speak Spanrsh to Cathenne Moore We Vrvran Owen and Joy Wesson wrll our curly ha1r to Jessre Campbell and Ethel Rhodes I Mar1or1e Plullrps bequeath my posrtron as Most Popular Gtrl to Margaret Cole I Hubert Rogers w11l my love for g1rls to Bobby Freeman We Zelma Creed and Lamurel Elhson wlll our seats 1n economrcs to Irene Bennett and Shrrley Coppack I Mane Hughes wtll my qtuetness to Sara Jo Dtll We Donald Grnn and Thurman Greene wrll our love for sports to James Copeland and Bobby Clement I Ruby Boner leave my love for Mrs Pares to Dot Parker I Charles Alexander bequeath my shortness to Lamar Cruse We Charles BIOWTI Frank Grlmore and Harold Ballard wrll our rnterest rn televrsron to Harold Barker and Bobby Collrer I Brlly Catlett w1l1 my d1sl1ke for school to Don Fmdley We Clemmre Sparks Clackum and Lourse Gr1zzard wrll our love for food to Naomr Clements and Paula Bolton I Helen Harmon w111 my temper to Roberta Burt We Ramona Brown Jean Couch Vrvran Harrell Mary Etta Butterworth w1ll our love for the S1lver Maple to Rosa Estes Betty Dempsey Naomr Dabbs and Imogene Crumbly We Betty Treadaway and Myra Waddell bequeath our sweet dxsposrtrons to Elarne Duran We Wrllram Dempsey Jrmmy Hrcks Gerald Gerer wrll our love for books to Davrd Doss Geary Coogler and Lamer Denson Laura Funderburg wrll my love for romance books to Nancy Mttchell Joan Elhson w1l1 my place as Most Fun Lovrng to Patsy Houston James P Hrcks wrll my devotton to frrends to Paul Brown Fehx Foster wrll my attenuon 1n Enghsh to James Lee We Tommy Harper Jerry Grlffin Travrs H1gg1ns w1ll our love for popcorn to Larry Carter Calvm Beard and Brlly Campbell I Imogene Grnn w1ll my abrlrty to nmderstand economrcs to Slurley Hand We Merrill Harrrs and Kenneth Murphree wrll our typrng abrltty to Davrd Laney and Gene Leonard Juanrta Albnght w1ll my abrhty to do school work well to Sylvra Jackson Bobby H111 bequeath my love for frrendly people to Benny Jackson Joyce Starr bequeath my Semor Beauty honor to Gall Hllton I Mrldred Stewart w1ll my ab1l1ty to play the French Horn to Vrrgre Funderburg CS ' 1' We, Jo Ann Sexton and Melba Hughes, bequeath our love for fun to Charlotte Browning, 1. . ' ' . I' . . . .. . ,, i I' C . ' . . . ' 1' . ' . . . . 0 I, . . ' . . . , . Il l I . Q I. . ' ' ' . CSQIZIOI' C633 yqfopfecy Invrtatron To the Class of 55 There w1ll be a reunron of th.1s class 1n Chulafinnee Alabama on February 29 1965 at 3 00 A M If you can t be there on t1me just don t come Reply We regret that we cannot attend the reunron as we are now occupred w1th the followrng occupatrons Max1ne Abernathy 1S now the chref drshwasher at The Stork Club Jrmmy Anderson rs now head Janrtor at Munford Hrgh School Patr1c1a Bannrster IS now Rock Hudson s partner rn Dreamer s I-lolrday now showrng on Broadway Johnrue Brady has just marrred a '75 year old multrmrlhonarre Margaret Champron rs now teachrng Enghsh rn Frankfurt Germany MarJor1e Plulhps rs now happrly marr1ed to General Godsey who IS presrdent of the A1r Force Academy Wayne Frnch rs now ma lung false teeth for the U S Army Nelda Wrlls has just won the trtle of Mrs Amer1ca Anne Frndley IS now rnstructxng the majorettes at Hollrs Crossroads FCLIX Foster and Duane Lawson are now Trght Wrre performers Wlth the Barnum and Barley Crrcus Joan Gerer IS now the drrvrng 1nstructor at New York Crty Hrgh School Gall Hudson IS now modehng the latest Parrs creatrons Charles Alexander James P Hrcks Herbert Rrchards Robert Scruggs and Once Wrllrngham have advanced from Calhoun County bus drrvers to Greyhound bus dnvers Martha and Brlly Nelson are now the proud parents or b sets of tvv1n boys Lourse Roberts IS Jack Webb s prrvate secretary Lotuse Gnzzard Dorothy Harrrs Faye Rogers and Frances H111 are now pohcewomen at Hatchechubbee Alabama Merrrll Harrrs IS the owner of the Yellow Cab Company 1n Talledega HIS drrvers are Beulah Johnson Elarne Hrlley and Madelyn Lewrs Aaron Taylor IS the candrdate for Governor of Alabama Dorrsa Rerd rs now a famous author She has just sold five thousand copres of the latest book How to Get Along Wrth Boys Alfred W1lhams Gerald Hamby, and Ezra Whaley are now srngrng Wlth Hank Snow and The Possum Creek Hollow Boys Thurman Greene rs now assrstant dog catcher at DeArmanv1lle Alabama Gerald Gerer rs manager of Anmston Speedway Hts three best drrvers are Brlly Catlett Jerry Grrffin and Terry Barn Laura Funderburg and Lotuse Gnzzard are now head laboratory technrcrans at Walter Reed Hosprtal rn W8Sh1DgIOU, D C Bobby Carter Jerry E Pettus B111 Brown and Robert Kuhne are now famous as the Manners Donald Hancock has just won the trtle of Mr Amer1ca Sylvra Norton, Barbara Pope Clemrnre Clackum, Melda Twrsdale have replaced The Chor dettes on Arthur Godrey's televrsron show Therr accomparust rs Anne Moore Ruby Boner Ann Caroll and Jean Couch are workmg as crgarette grrls tn the H1 Hat Club Zelma Creed and Helen Mundy are co owners of Servrce Drug Co Janet Elhson rs worlung hard teachrng her f1V8 l1ttle grrls to be ma1orettes 1n the Oxford Hrgh Band Joan Ellrson Joyce House and Joan Robertson were recently voted as the best dressed women rn New York . . . . , ' ' E I ' - - ' 1 I 1 4 1 1 I 1 u y. a N . I , . , . Juanita Albright is now teaching the mambo in Cuba, , . . I . ' . . . . . , . . . ' . . . . . . , . . . D , . 9 D I 9 I . l a . . . c fl I l ,. . . . . . . ' - . I 1 ' Sammy X59 ryan Zazfzb Throughout the school year our clubs and orgaruzauons have worked hard ln reach mg their goals Two new clubs were added th1s year Spamsh Club and Future Teach ers ofAmer1ca We are proud ofthe achxeve ments of our orgaruzauons and feel that they are a Vltal part of our school fx f' 990' fs 'T Q5 ' G," pr' T ' ' 4- . ' ': 2 .,Q1g.,Q,,:ih J ig, .. ll 3 S. 0 DSA-n I fa A W ai ,A ,QM ,... ,, mil, A Ni V gf. .3 ,K 'ai 3 3 f M-, , Q Q S 1 1 3 H 3 , ' i ff E , ' 'r .muqm , an nf" 'W' liao cSfu0Q12f Gounczf President - - - - - Lizzie Roberts Treasurer - - - - Annette Higgins Vice President - - - - Bobby Brown Secretary - - - - Martha Davenport Mrs, Sharp, Pat Houston, Barbara Kelley, Patsy Reeves, Lizzie Roberts, Bobby Brown, Annette Higgins, Martha Davenport, Mary Thompson, Barbara Burgess, Sandra Christian, Francis Man- heim, Audrey Higgins, Jean Greene, Mary Braxton, Ioan Harris, Ginger Holmes, Barbara Meads, Mary Ann Turley, Pat Holder, Jane Nisbett, Janet Ellison, Beverly Warr, Mary Kirk, Therman Greene, Gordon Kelley, Franklin Buchanan, Jerry Marks, Rex Hiett, Donald Meads, Pat Bannister Marjorie Phillips, Wallace Horne, Glenn Smelley, Paul Bright, Leotes Skinner, gn fer- GA15 G0 un czf President ---- - - Lizzie Roberts Secretary - - - - - - Margaret Cole Vice President - - - - - - Bobby Carter Treasurer - - - - - -Joan James Sponsor - Mrs, Sharp Edna Dean Sewell, Margaret Cole, Joan James, Lizzie Roberts, Bobby Carter, Sylvia Norton, Ralph Smith, Jerry Kitchens, Sonny Butenschon, Jimmy Surrett, Arris Smith, Margaret Champion, Mrs, Sharp, txpr, 1 A56 Z s Y X f ft, M i 2 was Oyygrof cscgoof yyanof Color Guard: Melda Twisdale, Joan Ellison, Pat Pratt, Eighth row: Wayne Foster, Albert McDaniel, Ken Harris, Bill Lamar, Richard McDowell, Eddie Buford, Sonny Butenschon, Roy Carr, Frank Smith. Seventh row: John Whiteside, Clemmie Clackum, Bill Morgan, Sonny Bowen, Jerry Richards, James McCain, Gene Webb, Rodger Knowles, Gene Love, Margaret Cole, Sixth row: Gail Hilton, Barbara Hughes, Carolyn Bobo, Virginia Sparks, Jerry Bowman, Kenneth Reaves, Kenneth Pettus, Toby Miller, Thomas Sprinkle. Fifth row: Lamar Stonecipher, Ernest Rountree, LaDon Cotney, Hugh Haynes, Wallace Horn, Nancy Moore, Bobby Brown, Mildred Stewart, Barbara Pope, Martha Reynolds. Fourth row: Donna Cook, Margie McComb, Robbin Worthy, Tommy Williams, Gail Baker, Elizabeth Baker, Ann Stewart, Third row: Sara Jo Dill, Barbara Scoggins, Beverly Warr, Judy Kirk, Wanda Higginbotham Frances Moss, Sylvia Norton, Rose Howell, Sarah Lipham, Catherine Moore, Second row: Robert Brown, Terry Gay, Ed Henderson, Tommy Stovall, Charles Norton, Jerry Pettus, Herbert Richards, Quinan Harris, Randall Hand, First row: Buddy Miller, Wayne Ingram, Elizabeth Mote QDrum Majorettej, John Johnston, Benny Miller, Tommy Adams, Mr, James R, Simpson, Director, Majorettes: Ann Findley, Shirley Pruett, Charlotte Williams, Jo Wilson, Janet Ellison, Mary Watson, Joan Gann, and Marie Dorough, 8:0- as 1 L.. I-A 1 . J. w.... f A, f .4b"l'g,4 ,Ffh -'ua 5 rv-- ,Ie M. 1' gray. 4, , a P"5Qi,'3's-P fm,f 'H ,Q . 9, A , Self. , vs--, , ,Y 3 gg , , 3, W Y rv-es' Q " xfllfnf' " ' s X R I- ,.,g , -. 1. .f MAJORET TES AND COLOR GUARD Mary Watson, Shirley Pruett, Joan Gann, Marie Dorough, Anne Findley, Charlotte Williams, Jo Wilson, Pat Pratt, Melda Twisdale and Joan Ellison. HEAD MAJORETTE Janet Ellison DRUM MAJORETTE Elizabeth Mote BAND OFFICERS Benny Miller, Manager Jerry Petrus, Vice President, Frank Butenschon, President, Barbara Pope, Secre- tary, Catherine Moore, Treasurer, Margaret Cole, Librarian, Elizabeth Mote, Drum Majoretteg Janet Ellison, He ad Majorette Director Mr, James R, Simpson BAND SERGEANTS AND CORPORALS SERGEANTS: Bobby Brown, Lamar Stonecipher, Frank Smith, Albert Mc- Daniel, Sylvia Norton, Wallace Horn, and Gail Hilton. CORPORALS: Hugh Haynes, Charles Norton, Rose Howell, Martha Reynolds and Eddie Buford, gancefj7CL RQ President - - - - - Patricia Browning Secretary - - - - Marilyn Smith Vice President - - ---- Ann Gidley Treasurer - - - - - Pat Holder Chaplain - - - ---- Joan James Sponsor - - - - -Mrs. Gancel The I-li-Y purpose is: 'To create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. " The four planks of the Hi-Y program are clean speech clean sportsmanship, clean scholarship, and clean living. MEMBERS First row: Ann Gidley, Elizabeth Mote, Ioan James, Patricia Browning, Patricia Holder, Second row: Patsy Rains, Annette Higgins, Jane Nisbet, Charolette Browning, Sponsor: Mrs, Irene Gancel. al' ll' " em 7fy0fJf Q Presrdent Margaret Cole Secretary Sylvia Norton Vice President Vivian Owen Treasurer Anne Moore Chaplain Martha Ashley Council Representatives Marie Dorough Sponsor MIS Mildred IOIIHSOD Jackie Higginbotham Martha Ashley Margaret Cole Anne Moore, Sylvia Norton Marie Dorough Jackie Hrggm botham Johnnie Brady Anne Frndley Pat Allen Shirley Pruitt Vivian Owen Margaret Tolleson Mary Kirk, Pat Houston, Ann Willingham, Mary Thrasher, Gail O'Dell, Pat Bannister. Peggy Patjens, Barbara Scoggins, Barbara Hughes, Pearly Lou McCain, Catherine Moore, Dot Parker, Elaine Duran, Paula Bolton, Rose Howell, Norma Baxter, Donna Cook, Sponsor: Mrs. Johnson. y3mJe,m10,2 in 9 Presldent Ilmmy Surrett Secretary Larry Shamblee Vlce Presldent Sonn,y Butenschon Chaplarn Charles Brown Frrst row Charles Brown Herbert Holmes Larry Shamblee Sonny Butenschon Jlmmy Surrett Second row Roy Carr Jlmmy Parnell Gary Coogler Roy Houston, Brlly Harrls Mrtchell Wxlhams Thud row Mr HIIIIIPS John Johnston Richard McDowell Kenneth Pettus jf! Q G0 un Czf Sylvia Norton, Annie Ruth Gidley, Larry Shamblee, Patsy Browning, Joan James. Jane Nisbett, Vivian Owen, Jackie Higginbotham, Marie Dorough, Margaret Cole, Pat Holder, Martha Ashley, Marilyn Smith, Anne Moore, Elizabeth Mote, Herbert Holmes, Jimmy Surrett, Charles Brown, Sonny Butenschon. The Council is made up of the officers, representatives, and advisors of the three Hi-Y Clubs, who try to co-ordinate the club activities, It also conducts a Hi-Y Training School through which new members become acquainted with the principles and working organizations of the Hi-Y Clubs, President ---- - - - Sylvia Norton Secretary - - - - - Patsy Browning Vice President - - - Annie Gidley Treasurer - - ---- Larry Shamblee Chaplain ---- - - Joan James Sponsor - - - - Mrs, Mildred Johnson fo-X -av ,, gn. S gufure jeacfers 0 Wmerzca 1954 55 OFFICERS Front row Audrey Higgins Frances Moss Maxine Abernathy Jane Hamric Back row M1ss Finley Joan Garrett Billy Ray Arnold Mary Butterworth Joan Gann President ---- - - Maxine Abernathy Historian Vice President - - - Mary Butterworth Librarian Secretary ---- - - Billy Ray Arnold Parhamentarian Treasurer - - - ------ Jane Hamric Song Leaders Faculty Sponsors Miss Mary Ann Broughton Miss Dixie Finley V7 nn, 'TN hw Joan Gann Joan Garrett Audrey Higgins Donsa Reid Frances Moss OGX5 President Arrls Smith Secretary and Treasurer Mary Kirk Vice President Frank Buchanan Sponsor Gilbert Adams Donald Finley Jackie Higginbotham, Pat Houston, Mary Kirk Lizzie Roberts, Jo Ann Sexton, Carolyn Livingston, Barbara Strickland Marjorie Phillips Jimmy Pettus Kenneth Pettus Albert Henderson, Jerry Brown Lamar Cruse, Roy Clackum, B111 Hartley Frank Buchanan, Perry Pitts Buddy Sims, John Carr, Gordon Kelley, Therman Greene, Roger Marks, Arris Smith, Herbert Holmes, Larry Ray, Donald Hancock. Coach Adams, Roy Houston, Larry Carter, Leroy Gaines, Wilton Allen, Van Harmon, Ed Griffith, Lloyd Waterhouse. Herman Pritchett, Charles Morrison, Butch Barnwell, Jerry Nisbett, Jimmy Anderson, Carson Brooks, Ned Landers, Jerry Kitchens. is ,XJ- J 'gd 'gf' Q3 , Qfgx' It gf 'YF' '23 "-N. gr! President ---- - - Audrey Higgins Secretary-Treasurer - - - Gwendolyn Warren Vice President - - - - - -Rubye Spivey Sponsor - Mrs. Fred Williamson Audrey Higgins, Gweldolyn Warren, Brenda Bradshaw, Linda Johns, Sandra Strickland, Joan Payton, Mrs, Williamson, Jane Hamric, Mary Frances Meharg, Patsy James, Billie Ann Anderson, Rubye Spivey, and Frances Jewel, ifffi it A I f Y T7 'au i A , F Qzufure jfmemafers M fzmerzca President ---------- Dorothy Parker Reporter ------------ Elaine Cole Vice President - - - - - Nelda Wills Historian - - - - - - - Louise Rose Secretary ---- - -Patsy Houston Song Leader - - - - Margaret Tolloson Treasurer - - - - Carolyn Smith Sponsor ---- - - Mrs, Hazel Hanvey Starr, Harris, Houston, Higginbotham, Strickland, Greene, Hinton, Hughes, McDonald, Bowen, Hoff- meyer, Holmes, Mrs, Hanvey, Harrel, Fuller, Simpson, Williams, Roberts, McCain, Adams, Tolleson, Meads, Homes, Burell, Meads, Hughes, Parnell, Allen, Riddle, Sexton, Heath, House, Phillips, Wooten, Conklin, Turner, Maddox, Peace, Cranmer, Painter, Wills, Smith, Coppack, Burt, Baxter, Williams, Sexton, Wright, Kearley, Abernathy, Dempsey, Hand, Tharsher, Murray, Mullins, Smith, Heath, Diffie, Cole, Thrasher, Mrs, Hanvey, Jones, Funderburg, Yancy, Bowling, Word, Jackson, Parker, Duran, Bolton, Bennett, is ogy' I in 9 f i X .Q ' xxx 1 -u-24 QW' Q7 gufure garmers 0 qmerzca Presrdent Benny Jackson Treasurer Darryl Burt Vrce Presldent Frank Mundy Reporter Dale Whltley Secretary Charles Wilkerson Sponsor Mr S A Wlllrams Dan Wrlkerson, Eugene Miller M1tchelDunston, Jimmy Pans Hugh Lee Haynes James Cope land Travrs O'Dell, Jrmmy Hare Robert Crow, Leon Buchanan, Mr Wrlhams Lonnre Curry Jerry Nrsbett Henry Bobo, Dan Lrpham Earl Hurst Dale Whrtley, Gene Wooten Perry Prtts James Adams Charles Rhrnehart Frank Mundy Benny Jackson Doug Pettus, Calvrn Beard Charles Wrlkerson Kenneth Roach Jerry Taylor Bobby Clement, Roy Wartes, Ronald Lrndsey Max Taylor. Fmfm .,. A:,.'gT ' ffl ye:-0 -. ffl fr is 59 73-ef' , si " ' 5? Gappem 0501? "We Sing of Our Creator" President ---- - - Carolyn Bobo Reporter - - - - - Frances Moss Vice President ----- ---- Re x Hiett Librarian - - - ---- Clifford Brittian Secretary and Treasurer - - Brenda McGhee Director - - - - Mrs, Frank Butenschon Judy Braxton, Betty Bentley, Brenda Birchfield, Carolyn Bobo, Dean Boyles, Brenda Bradshaw, Wanda Brown, Bonnie Burns, Patricia Calhoun, Shirley Carr, Mary Lee Carter, Teri Cleghorn, Peggy Elkins, Joan Garrett, Sandra Golden, Mary Hall, Martha Ann Haynes, Anita Henry, Wanda Higginbotham, Audry Higgins, Frances Horton, Frances Jones, Kathryn Jones, Barbara Kelley, Gayle Kenp, Judy Kirk, Melda Kuhne, Jane McFall, Brenda McGhee, Fay McKleroy, Pecolia Messer, Joyce Miller, Barbara Morgan, Frances Moss, Charlotte Nisbett, Barbara Norton Margery Piedot, Linda Prater, Gwendolyn Purdy, Betty Purdy, Patricia Reaves, Sue Robertson, Emma Rutledge, Sandra Scruggs, Judy Sewell, Ruby Spivey, Becky Street, Ann Suddeth, Jackie Summers, Mary Thompson, Hazel Thurman, Joyce Turner, Ann Warren, Gwendolyn Warren, Sara Lou Weems, Betty West. Robert Bice, Clifford Britton, Tim Garrett, Danny Goodman, Jerry Haynes, Rex Hiett, Frank Higginbotham, Gene Love, James McCain, Charles Rollins, Max Worthy, and Ward Burt. Y gf? 15 is Star of the Silent Night Choral Members A Christnlag Cantata DIRECTOR-NIRS. FRANK BUTENSCIION ROY E. NOTLE ORGAN PRELIYDEZ O Holy Night ............ Mrs. Frank Butenschon CIIORAL PRELIIDE: g'Silent Night" .,,,.....,,,...,,,,,,,.... Echo Choirs PROCESSIONAL: if-lngels We Have Heard on High" .,....,, Choir 1Congregation please standl INVOCATION ,........,......,........ .... ....... R e verend Charles L. Martin MO COME, ALL YE FAITIIIfUL" ,,,,,.,, ...,,,,,.,,,,.,, ,,,,, .,.,,. C h o ir qBaritone Solo, Robert Kuhneb OFFERTORY ..........x.,.......,............... . .,.............,....... Anne Moore 0 MESSAGE OF TIIE AGES fWOmen'S Chorusj .....,..,......... Choir THE CRY IN THE WILDERNESS fBasS Solo Bill Brownj .... Choir BEHOLD, A PRINCE IS GIVEN .,......,.,.., ................ C horns 0 I'lILLS Or JUDAII. fSoprano Soloj ..... Nancy Mitchell WIIILE SHEPHERDS WATCH With Tenor Olibligato .....,..........,...........,... WoInen's Chorus CDuots: Gail Hilton, Soprano, Mary Kirk, Alto, Sylvia Norton, Soprano: Patsy Bowen, Altoj HERALDS or TIIE NEWISORN KING. fMen,S Chorusj ........ Choir STAR OF TIIE SILENT NIGHT ...,..........,..,..,......,......,......... Choir fDuet: Martha Nelson, Soprano, Sara Dill, Altol SLEEP, O CHILD DIVINE ..,.........,..................... .... ...... C h oir CAlto Solo: Barbara Popel WIC THREE KINHS OF ORIENT .,,.........,.........,....... Illenls Chorus 1Solos: Tenor. Frank Butenschon, III, Baritone, Bill Nelson, Bass, Don Finleyj THERE IS ROOM FOR TIIEE fQIIilI'lf?l and Tenor Soloj ...... Choir 1Tenors, Bobby Carter, Solo, Frank Butenschon, III, Sopranos, Marjorie Phillips, Catherine Moore: Altos, Jean Geier. Dorisa Reid, Bass, Robert Kuhne, Bill Browni WE HAY'E HEARD TIIE ANGELS ...........I....,.....,,.... Final Chorus BENEDICTION ...............,................ ...... R everend Bill Curl RESPONSE: TIIE LORD BLESS YOU ...... Choir ACCOIIPANIST-ANNE lNlOORE First Sopranos: Catherine Moore Nancy Mitchell Martha Nelson Mary Alice Haynes Pat Bannister Donna Cook Julia James Gail Hilton Shirley Hand Marjorie Phillips Margaret Tolleson Second Sopranos : Sylvia Norton Rose Thrasher Carol Si.rns Clemmie Sparks Gail 0'Dell Dot Parker Frances Morgan Pat Neighbors Charlotte Pamell Joyce Craig Shirley Pruett Carol Peace Ruth McDonald Mary Catherine Kirk Sara Jo Dill Bill Lamar Frank Butenschon, III Jerry Pettus Second Tenors: Therman Greene Tod Talley Rr-x Hiett Sonny Character Earnest Raundtrec Serum! Url.-'.w::: Jerry Smith Paul Brown Bill Brown Dorisa Reid Charlotte Meads Melda Twisdale Joan Geier George Ann Isbell Pat Yancy Vergie Funderburg Patricia Haynes Mary Thrasher Pat Bowen Mar-:zaret Cole Rochelle Bowling Barbara Pope Bobby Carter Herman Pritchett Lanier Denson Larry Hardy Robert Kuhnc Bill Nelson Donald Finley Charles Norton ,.. ff! 4? wat, , fs 1- . X my om President ---- - -Jerry Kitchens Secretary - - - - Orice Willingham Vice President - - ----- David Doss Sponsor - - ---- - - - Mr, John Kent Mr, Kent, Donald Hancock, Jerry Kitchens, Orice Willingham, David Doss, Donald Findley, David Laney, Charles King, John Gilmore, Larry Hardy, Billy Nelson, Felix Foster, Jerry Pettus Albert Varner, f jffce 71lc141Q11S Edna Dean Sewell, Ann Carroll, Mrs, Lillian Williams, Secretary, Erama Shaddix, Myra Waddell, Maxine Abernathy, Betty Ford, Shirley Coppack, and Betty Treadaway, X, 1 V- 'Wwe r f Q 7F12 11506611119 MOTTO: "We sing for the joy of singing, " OFFICERS President - - - - - - Bill Brown Pianist - - Vice President ---- - - - -Don Finley Director - - First Tenors: Frank Butenschon, Bobby Carther, Second Tenors: Jerry Pettus, Larry Hardys, Ted Talley. Baritones: Robert Kuhne, Bell Nelson, Don Finley. Basses: Bill Brown, Charles Norton. TROUBADOUR IUNIORS - - - - Catherine Moore Mrs. Frank Butenschon Officers: President, James McCaing Vice President, Rex Hiettg Secretary-Treasurer, Gene Love Director, Mrs, Frank Butenschon, Jerre Haynes, Gene Love, Tim Garrett, Charles Rollins, Danny Goodman, Robert Bice, Clifford Britton, James McCain, Max Worthy, Rex Hiett. 1. Q74 ua af 01 Qs.: to D1'oersfe0fOCCupaf1b12 President ---- - -Ralph Smith Secretary - - - - Louise Grizzard Vice President - - - - Frank Gilmore Treasurer - - - - Julius Eaves Sponsor - Mr. Russell Dorothy Howell, Martha Warren, Nan Juanita Albright, Oris Grisham, Julia James, Laura Funderburg, Louise Grizzard, Virginia Williams. Charles Morrison, Jimmy Stevens, John Gilmore, John Lane, Richard McDowell, Howard Kelley, Eugene Leonard, Mr, Russell, James Lee, Frank Gilmore, Jerry Petrus, Bobby Carter, Roy Heifner, Jackie Turner, Ralph Smith. Kenneth Starr, Charles Knowles, L, D. Knight, Gerald Geier, Merrill Harris. Not picmred: Julius Eaves, Wynell Robinson, Gerald Keahey, Vernon Owens. gzgrary Roselyn Johns, Dorothy McCombs, Mary Ann Turley, Joan Garrett, Barbara Suickland, Frances Heath, Mrs, Banko, Martha Davenport, Etna Dean Walker, Virginia Hicks, Joan Price, Juanita Hazle, Joyce Maddox Joan Gann, Peggy Montgomery. Doug Pettus, Larry Hardy, Alfred Williams, Clyde Goss, Bobby Stephens, Wayne Sparks, Jerry Marks. Lloyd Waterhouse, Robert Scruggs, Van Harmon, Wilton Allen, Edward Griffith, William Arthur, Gerald Ashley, Leon Herod, President ---- - - Clyde Goss Program Chairman ---- Barbara Snickland Vice President - - - - Roy Heifner Chaplain ------ ---- La rry Hardy Secretary ---- - - Frances Heath Reporter ------ - - - Roselyn Johns Treasurer -------- Mary Ann Turley Social Chairman ----- Etna Dean Walker Sponsor - Mrs. Banko The Library Club of Oxford High School is composed of volunteers, who wish to help the library give better service to the school. The membership is made up of 32 students from the ninth through the twelfth grades. E L 'ix- ' 833.1 FEE iggfw, Q . , up ,V mga. ,.' Wp rf Az f W W 4. , M 1 1 ,W La. N A ' uf- QQ W ,, , -Tkrw' sg VC-31 , ,K ' J 3' F . vpn. -nu'1a-Q1 --.L v . .L ..nlq..Ygli ,- Lb Q .AM - I gf lun-.A I gli S 1 'ff , yv lg-fi MQ? ' i cgpanzlrg President ---- - Ethel Rhodes Treasurer ---- ----- Ed ward Forsyth Vice President - - - - - Charles King Reporters - - Marilyn Smith, Pat Neighbors Secretary ---- - - -Barbara Scoggins Sponsor -------- ----- M rs. Pares Thomas Fowler, Charles King, Marilyn Smith. Barbara Scoggins, Ethel Rhodes, Particia Neigh- bors, Edward Forsyth, Mrs. Pares. Billy Harris, Wayne Sparks, Peggy Sandlin, Sara Shaddix, Joyce Graben, Virginia Roberts, Laura Bowman, Catherine Moore, Naomi Dabbs, Virginia Wallace, Ruby Boner, David Mason, Wayne Turley, Bobby Brown, Larry Hunt, Jimmy Parnell, Ginger Holmes, Orice Willingham, Roy Heifner, Charlotte Browning, Ann Carroll, Jessie Campbell, Patricia Browning, Anne Moore, gufure yyuszhess 5ea0Qrs gfqvmerzba President -------- Edna Dean Sewell Treasurer ----- ---- J erry Kitchens First Vice President ---- Donald Hancock Public Relations -------- Pat Bannister Second Vice President - - - Melda Twisdale Sponsors ------- Mr. A, F, Williamson Secretary ---------- Sylvia Norton Mrs. Nancy Smith Roy Carr, Jimmy Parnell, Ramon Feazell, Aaron Garner, Betty 'I'readaway, Geary Coogler, Donald Meads, Charles Alexander, Charles King, Betty Ford, Douglas Starr, Margaret Baber, Thomas Monroe, lmojean Ginn, Zelma Creed, Ioan Robertson, Myra Waddell, Lloyd Water- house, Mr, Williamson. Mrs. Smith, Lizzie Roberts, Lillie Diffie, Sarah Shaddix, Maxine Abernathy. Judith Ann Carroll, Mary Etta Butterworth, Marie Hughes, Helen Harmon, Gail Hudson, Betsy Word, Ginger Swafford, Charlotte Meads, Mary Nell Holmes, Sara Moore, Dorisa Reid, Pat Houston, Betty Dempsey, Roberta Burt, Norma Baxter, Helen Mundy. 3? Hifi , .Q 4 Zefa GA15 President - - - - -Joan James Corresponding Secretary - - - Anne Moore Vice President - - - - -Sylvia Norton Recording Secretary ------ Joyce Starr Reporter ---- - - -Rose Howell Treasurer ------ - - - Jerry Kitchens Sponsor - Mrs. Ruth Brown Mrs, Brown, Pat Holder, Jessie Mae Campbell, Ethel Carol Rhodes, Rose Howell, Lizzie Roberts, Joan James, Jerry Kitchens, Gail Hilton, Nancy Mitchell, Virginia Williams, and Betty Ford, Mary Watson, Patty Neighbors, Catherine Moore, Barbara Pope, Sylvia Norton, Patsy Browning, Martha Reynolds, Vivian Owen, Edna Dean Sewell, Mildred Stewart, Patsy Bowen, Mary Etta Butterworth, and Martha Warren. Larry Shamblee, Sonny Butenschon, O'Neal Whitley, Carolyn Smith, Marie Dorough, Annette Higgins, Marilyn Smith, Margaret Champion, Pat Bannister, Charlotte Browning, Annie Ruth Gidley, Elizabeth Mote, Margaret Cole, and Leona Mullins. Orice Willingham, Charles King, David Laney, John Gilmore, Bobby Collier, Aubrey Gay, Roy Clackum, Roy I-Ieifner, Calvin Beard, Ramona Brown and Allene Pugh, Bobby Carter, Jimmy Parnell, Bobby Brown, Albert Varner, Larry Hardy, Jeny Pettus, David Doss, Donald Finley, Barbara Smith and Nelda Wills, ,7un1Or 7?Qfd President - - - ----- Jane Hamric Treasurer - - - - Sandra Golden Secretary - - - - - -Billie Ann Anderson Reporter - - - - - Frances Manheim Vice President - - ---- James McCain Sponsors - - ---- Beta Officers First row: Jerry Kitchens QSenior Beta Clubj, Paul Bright, Kenneth Shropshire, Frances Manhiem, Sandra Golden, James McCain, Jane Hamric, Billie Anderson, Joe Latham, Dewayne McDaniel, John Key, Second row: Sue Robertson, Joan Gann, Patsy Ann Reaves, Gail Cox, Linda Boyce, Ann Cofield, Shirley Carr, Brenda Moss, Carol Gilmore, Betty Purdy, Linda Mitchell, Linda Cruse, Davie Morgan, Pecolia Messer, Elizabeth Barnwell. Third row: Martha Haynes, Margie Deason, Sandra Scruggs, Jackie Summers, Brenda McGee, Mary Lee Carter, Carolyn Walker, Edna McKenzie, Peggy Mundy, Charlotte Nisbett, Nancy Hubbard, Sandra Worthy, Rebecca Street, Jean Hamric, Margie Piedot, Barbara Rhinehart, Joan Marie Payton, Tommie Yarbrough, Joan Garret. Fourth row: Patsy James, Patsy Browning, Joan James fSenior Beta Clubj, Mrs, Brown QSponsorJ, Sylvia Norton fSenior Beta Clubj, Rose Howell fSenior Beta Clubj, - ed! ' if Tis Srimic-asses e D 1' n, a if tr A ttf 441 .M -fy VOL. 7 Homecoming Contest ls Sponsored Each year, as its main project, the Yellow Jacket Staff sponsors the "Miss Homecoming" contest This year the contest will begin on September 22. The first elimina- tion will be on October 6. The three highest candidates will then run unt.il the end of the first quarter of the Homecoming game on October 8. The candidate having the great- est number of votes will be crown- ed "Miss Homecoming" at the half- time. Qualifications to enter the con- are: the girl must be in senior unmarried, and not have had the honor before. Teacher of the Month Our teacher of the month is Mr. Mark L, Russell, who is beginn- ing his third year as a member of the faculty at Oxford High. He also taught one year at Tuscaloosa High School. Born in Jackson County, Mr. Russell attended Jackson County High School at Scottsboro, Alabama. Mr. Russell, who has brown hair and brown eyes, is six feet tall and weighs 200 pounds. Mr. Russell, has one brother and six sisters and is the fourth of eight children in his family. He now lives at Oxford Lake with his wife and their two children. Larry, age 7, and Ronnie age 4. Before he began teaching, Mr. Russell worked as a mechanic. He is now Diversified Occupations in- structor. When asked why he teach- es, he replied, Nl just like it," and when asked to tell his further am- bition, his answer was. "I'll keep teaching."-In addition to working as. a mechanic, Mr. Russell also ser- ved in the Air Force for three and one half years, He served most of his time at Maxwell Field. When asked to give his opinion of Oxford High, Mr. Russell replied, "l think it's a fine school." His li.kes include good food, football, and fishing. He has no particular dis- i L I 1955! it s The following selected to serve " Jacket Staff. Editor-in-chief ,lv Associate Editors Business Managers Phillips, Joyce Hancock ,and Jr. Circulation Managers and 1 Typists Patrit Marilyn Smith, and Q 1 Art Editor , PL ' wi " 1 I J, i n Q? i : 'n Published Mommy R' ' v is A I 1 Class Editors: Senior III-Fli-' ' Serta... NUMBER Oxford High iaculty Increases Tour new teachers have be 'ed to our faculty this year. Th Mr. Douglas Johnson, Mrs. Jo h, Mrs. John Matthews, . Dixie Finley. Johnson, formerly emplo Monsanto Chemical Compa -ming his first year of teac rn in Calhoun County, is a graduate of Jackso 'h School and Jacksonv' lege, He now teaches soci id Alabama history. ith attended Valley He il in Dekalb County . 'rom Jacksonville Sta taught for five and o Sylvania High Sch 2 here. She is teac md shorthand. M' id teaches at Anni il. ' was bom in Cher l e attended Spr' hool and Jackso 'e. Mis. Matthe Bluff School oming to Oxfo and ninth gra - i 'led Millervi -ksonville . d eaching sch :Ed ight at C in bl i d Pensaco our facul iinth gr co s give Durii lliss Fin 27 - O- ie of I Fair we dents . Show Gi in Annis Various contribute- .-.t from 0 Some of th e attended ing exhibi it if vol and W School wen She has b music. and s ,on ie-half ye Junior C. N alex Champines twlgsifiilg R51 All? , . M335 wan la , ool in o Elects ' a ' ' , - ' ' ear, she The following - - ' ' . ' ' 193 and - elected officers , ' ' - , 1 ' ' , 1 ' ' if bein Mote al his - President, Bobby Brow ' , , v ' , 4 ' ' 4 , EY!-za l othain deal s President, Sonny Butenscl , , - ' ' , - ' ' v , - ' , -in hi retary, Margaret Coleg T Editotvln , an , - v , . - r a , v n Sackler Bla imun Rose Howell. l an v ' ' n , v ' ' , 1 ' ' , - so Yxaqinevs - 1-'sf News-aicvefw .WW md We Pep Squad 51x00 gmail , - - ' , . - ' , f - ' ,getvi . 5 Cha . - . - - - . - es 15 Is Organized Y-,eatule aumag ' , , - - ' n , . - ' v , . - ' Marie HWY? u m The pep squad was organize anaget ' , - . ' ' - ' , ' ' n , v ' ' Ann Cairo. the cheerleaders, with the as iness NK get - - , v , , 1 v n n , - ance of Mr. Fred Williamson. B05 ws Revo , f ' ' n , - ' , a ' Etgta- ha meetings are held each Thursc Ne' dup: - n , v , ' , a 4 .saIg65l me Hug night at me football sfadium. A han? E n , - - n , - - ion. 3089 016, Nl Gangel proximately four hundred studen UC .ewg ' , . ' Begg! F XIZQB attend these pep meetings. Ther kgavl , ' axgalel Canolll , , Mis' is also a pep rally held each Friday Boo t EAUDY n , -YA A99 n , v ' -lcanwhilg 'nominee Huino ' 4 ' ' n uni-Q Biady' , ' ' n ...e the rings that U , , v ' ' .caay here and look forward one who is there when needed. Mr. . , - 4 the next order' Russell's advice to a teen-age boy i n , - ' X,-,udj Murphy: or girl is to go to school and keep going to school, especially high --i.--1 ,f nw' ' 01 -...ent, Jerry Pettusg Sec- Taxi Driver' "It's not just SP0 cietary, Ann Moore, Treasmer, work I enjoy. 'It's the people I ... LOIIOWBZ lMargaret Champion. into." Qefow ,jvacfef cgfafff Editor-in-Chief Margaret Champion Associate Editor Sylvia Norton Business Managers Marjorie Phillips Joyce Starr Ann Moore Donald Hancock Circulation Managers Joan Geier Janet Ellison Joan Ellison Typists Marilyn Smith Pat Bannister Art Editor Pat Neighbors Class Editors Senior III--Elizabeth More Senior II--Nancy Mithcell Senior I--Joan Harris Junior IH--Jane Hamric Junior II--Betty Bentley Junior I--Bonnie Bums Sponsor Mrs, Judy K, Wilson 4? Picture ftp Not Available Sammy zfe P 0 2' 520125 The Students of O. H. S. wish to express their appreciation for the support that you gave us during 1954-55, Without your en- couragement, the teams could not have been so eager to hold the banners of O. H. S. so high, and our cheerleaders could not have had the courage to lead these players through such a successful year. Through your faithful support, our sports activities were kept alive throughout the year. ,C 'Wine Q fw..f' wa . angie ,. V-.- -H . W'al.Qf N'ztffm"-ig, ' s 44 ' A ' :iii'1!3'ex' an .m Ng C1 IQQIQGFQIS OI 192-I 700f6aH CSQGSOI? Backbend, Peggy Sandlin frrst year Pyramrd, Barbara Strickland, first year, Charles Mornson, frrst year Don Hancock first year Kenneth Pettus, fust year Jackre Hrggrnbotham, first year Carolyn Lrvmgston, frrst year Mary Kirk, second year Lloyd Waterhouse, fust year Backbend Pat Houston, frrst year Standrng Lrz Roberts, Head Cheerleader, thrrd year Herman Pritchett flrst year Wayne Sparks first year Barbara Kelley, frrst year su a-sv' Us Caif' M"'f'ys P5 VW .9 99 fax 5 fav '7 5. lfagaviff I I ig! A-ici 3'H19Q'li3,Ix4:?ak X UM N -,qc Y X Qaginxil 1 1 sl M 'tv gooffaf yeam Albert Henderson, Buddy Mayne, Bill Hartley Earl Kemp, Jimmy Anderson, Arr1s Smith, Roy Sims, Perry Pitts Kenneth Murphree, Jimmy Pettus Van Harmon Jerry Kitchens, Larry Ray, Larry Carter, Carson Brooks, Jerry Brown Roger Marks, Wilton Allen, Glenn Barnwell, Thurman Green, Gordon Kelley, Robert Johns Edward Griffith, Herbert Holmes, Roy Houston, Roy Clackum, Ned Landers, Leroy Gaines, Johnny Brown, Billy Deffenbaugh, Gene Daugherty Frank Buchannan, Donald Meharg, John Key, Wayne Ryder, Daryl Britt, Jerry Smith, Iohn Carr, Charles Fulmer Jerry Nisbett, Carey Lee, Lane Thweatt, Curtis Brooks, Lamar Cruse, Red Rollins EDWARD GRIFFITH ROGER MARKS ROY SIMS GORDON KELLEY BILL HARTLEY I'-ss I s ' s Ds Ns I M, CARSON BROOKS LAMAR CRUSH JERRY BROWN LARRY CARTER GENE DAUGHTERY GLENN BARNWELL BILLY DEFFENBAUGH WILTON ALLEN ROY CLACKUM ROY HOUSTON WAYNE RYDER HERBERT HOLMES LARRY GAINES X I X T!! ,"' NX WN f ff 'L N j v ff " 1 I, l 2 1' 1 ' Z I U Y f, W '41 S JR Z xg g X f ll x X f Y 1 4 lf, Xx f ff! XY M Ay!!! XXXXX JOHNNY BROWN IERRY NISBETT IOHN KEY JERRY PETTUS CHARLES FULMER V 'N 1 ' ' in . , .f, Y Q W, Q , , vm .W 1 Q V 'iii I 'ff 3- 'r at ' Y Q N . A ' fp-, V 53 i p if H :Q 'Si . W5 ff 'Hgh ffflif M,.w4A, ig 1 9 11, ii his W 1- DONALD GINN FRED LIDYD WAYNE FINCH aux , Q , I 3 +.'.n'.' , v - . , 'Q S'- 5 S , 5 gf N it ,, : , K I 'X A 5 E , EE A X 5 XX' "BUD" MURPHREE BOBBY FREEMAN ROBERT JOHNS THURMAN GREENE EDWARD GRIFFITH DONALD MEADS DARRYL BRITT JERRY MARKS GLENN DAUGHERTY C. P. WILLIAMS DON WILKERSON GORDON KELLEY LEROY GAINS JERRY NESBIT JOHNNY BROWN COACH DOUGLAS JOHNSON j7QdI2? 11121014 Zjasfefgaf Uygv jean? JERRY PRATER, TOMMY McKEE TERRY JOHNSON PAUL HAYNES LARRY Hicks GLENN BARNWELL ROY CORDLE EDDIE SHORTNANCY COACH DOUGLAS JOHNSON 9I210I" 6688 We Frances H111 and Faye Rogers w1ll our love for Bopprng to Peggy Sandhn and Mane Wnght We Joan James and Ehzabeth Mote w11l our places on the Sunger Staff to Mary Haynes and Patsy Rames I Glorra Smrth w1ll my ear nngs to Betty Kearley I Lamar Stonecrpher w11l my love for Glenn Mrller s musrc to Tommy Spnnkle We Once Wrllmgham and Robert Scruggs wrll our places as bus dnvers to O Neal Wlutley and Norman Madrson Joyce House w1l1 my pretty black ha1r to Martha Warren Lloyd Waterhouse w1l1 my place in the hbrary to James Wrlhams Barbara Smrth wrll my abrhty to dress cute to Dorothy Howell Jrmmy Surrett will my shyness to Charles Krng Billy Whrtley w1ll my love of hunttng to Roy Houston We Anne Moore Jerry Krtchens and Marrlyn Smrth w111 our places as Semor Favontes to Buddy Mayne Rose Howell and Janet Nrsbett Gail Hudson bequeath my place rn the clrnrc to Patsy Rames Elaxne Hrlley wrll my love for sports to Barbara Stuckland John Johnston bequeath my abrlrty to make trouble to the person who rs capable of Frllrng my place L1zz1e Roberts w1l1 my place as Pres1dent of Student Councrl to Bobby Brown Joan Robertson will my place rn choral to Ted Talley Robert Kuhne w1ll my ablhty to draw to Pat Nerghbors Max Ward wxll my abrhty to speak MacBeth to next year s semors Sylvra Norton bequeath my love for talkrng to Mary Krrk Barbara Pope bequeath my t1tle as Good Crtrzenshlp Girl to Frances Heath We Fred Lloyd and Don Grnn leave our abrhty to play basketball to Roger Marks and Gene T I Jo Nell Halprn bequeath my shortness to Carolyn Srruth I Melv1n Ford wrll my ambrtron to firush lugh school to Dorothy McCombs I Van Harmon bequeath my abrhty to charm grrls to Dewayne Thurman We Pat Pratt and Margie McComb bequeath our boy fnends to anyone who thrnks they can charm them as well as we We Leroy Shears and Ezra Whaley b qu. ath our bashfulness to Edward Grrffrth and Jerry Thurman I Herbert Rrchard bequeath my lazrness to Perry Prtts I Jrmmy McKleroy bequeath my slow motions to Kermeth Starr I Mtnnie Lou Vrce bequeath my pretty harr to Mane Wnght We Jaruce Nunnally and Earlene Srms bequeath our light hart to Peggy Sexton and Lovella Pltts I Allene Pugh bequeath my abtlity rn shorthand to Clara Mae Maddox We Jerry E Pettus Douglas Pettus and Jerry N Pettus bequeath our name to anyone wrlhng to have ll Norman Mitchell bequeath my job at A8tP to Larry Hardy Brlly Nelson bequeath my abrhty to get a Wlfe to James Lee Romah Lee bequeath my good looks to Jackre Turner Aaron Taylor bequeath my good physlque to Curtrs Brooks I Edna Sewell bequeath my rntellrgence to anyone who rs capable of rece1v1ng II Class Lawyers Joan Ellrson Joyce Starr CS ' 1' 1, , ' ' . I. ' . ' . I' ' .. . . 1. . ' . I. . . . . . 111. I. . . 1. . ' . 1. . ' ' . CSGIZIOI' GQJS .7jI"0!05QCy QCONTINUEDQ Vrvran Owen and Joan James w1ll compete February 29 rn the world champronshrp swrmmrng contest Marrlyn Smrth rs marrred to the Presrdent of the U S Joyce Starr rs one of her mards Van Harmon Jerry Krtchens Fred Lloyd Bud Murphree Bum Rogers Frank Buchanan and Arrrs Smrth now make up Jrmmy Srmpson s Melody Makers Edna Dean Sewell has taken Mrs Butenschon s place as the teacher of senlor Englrsh Dorothy Hams IS now head of the Gab Sessron Some members are Tommy Harper Ons Grrsham Romah Lee Jrmmy McKleroy Margte McComb and Jo Nell Halprn Allene Pugh has just won the ntle of Champron Typrst of the Uruted States Brlly Ray Whrtley has become a famous essayrst Joy Wesson and Myra Waddell are marrred and Lwe rn Germany Roy Stone has taken Mr Kent s place as economrcs teacher at O H S Jrmmy Surrett Lloyd Waterhouse Max Ward Jerry Smrth Leroy Shears and Jlmmy Rolhns are now servrng 1n the U S Arr Force 1n Japan Helen harmon 15 now sellmg trckets at the Calhoun Theatre Her four sons are ushers V1v1an Harrell has just completed a course rn engtneerrng at Georgra Tech Donald Gtnn rs strll tryrng to get out of Mrs Gancel s Englrsh Class Imogene Grnn rs lrvrng at Ballplay Alabama tryrng to rear her twelve brats Julrus Eaves rs now owner of Krng s Ranch rn Texas Some of hrs lured help rs Charles Brown Harold Ballard Brlly Dempsey Ramon Feazell Frank Grlmore Joy Grlmore rs entertamrng manager Melvtn Ford recently rnherxted Ford Motor Company Betty Ford rs the new secretary at O H S Lamurel Elhson rs now teachrng Mrs Butenschon vorce manufacturrng company Mary Etta Butterworth IS now owner of the Srlver Maple Lamar Stonecrpher has taken Mr Nease s place as scrence teacher at O H S Ralph Smrth rs now presrdent of the Frrst Natronal Bank of Oxford l-hs Secretary rs Mrnnre Vrse Betty Treadaway IS cornrng new expressrons for Webster Travrs Hrggrns rs the new forest ranger at Cheaha Hrs helpers are Bobby Hill and Jrmmy Hlcks Frances H111 was elected Mrss Grapefrmt of the U S She and her mards Marte Hughes Sara Moore and Evelyn Roberts wxll be presented to the Krng and Queen of Turkey Howard Kelly and John Johnston are owners of a flounshrng flea farm Donald Meharg rs now Muscle Man rn the Rrnglrng Bros Crrcus Norman Mrtchell ts a guest of Mrss Patsy Pratt s Home for Old Mards Her two star boarders Erma Shaddtx and LIZZIC Roberts are combrnrng therr talents to entertarn Norman who 1S makrng hrs last attempt at matrrmony Melba Hughes Jo Ann Sexton and Vrolet Jacks are now starrtng rn a comedy stage show Arrrvmg rn town are those great celebnnes Doug Pettus, and Jerry Neal Pettus, models for the comrc book, Bat Man and Robrn Ramona Brown rs now a famous harr styhst rn Parts Ehzabeth Mote because of the early start she got by berng engaged tn hrgh school has orgamzed a Mother Daughter College Glorra Smrth presrdent of the Buy em try em then d1e for em crgarette company has just rnvented the longest Cigarette in h1Sl01'Y Barbara Smrth and Mtldred Stewart are takrng 5 lessons a day preparrng themselves for the try outs for the female parts rn Slaughter on Tenth Avenue Earlme Srms lS now teaclung short grrls How to be tall rn five easy lessons Yes these are our varrous occupattons now but none of us wrll ever forget Oxford High School and the SENIOR CLASS OF l955' V . V I .. .. , .. .. t I ' ' ' ' ll ' . H : ' ' l 1 I ' ' I I Y I I . . . . . . , . . . , . . , . ' . . . , . . ,, . - ,, . I I I O ' Margaret Burnette and her husband are living in California. They own the world's largest . , . . ,, . . . n . . . ' ' I 1 . . . , . I I , . ' 1 . . . . . . . . . ' ' I! ' ll D . 1 . ' ' ' H. I U ' 1 H 0 I D D ' . . ' . Cammy Me eafures The selecting of the persons repre- sented in our feature section is a happy part of our school year. Many years from now we will have forgotton how to quote Shakespeare, balance an equation in chemistry, solve for the unknown in alge- bra, and what year the War of 1812 was foughtg but the crowning of "Miss Home- coming, "Se1ecting class beauties, electing King and Queen, selecting Who's Who, and senior favorites will long be remem- bered. ,Q JE' HX if 'ZMY JL 1-Q Q iw M! , 'hi RF' an T C fm :W ll 1 243, 4 if 1 x Fra we f -TT f 1' xg K M X N I A w A af w ,ll i 5 ,X Sz l I f 'Q Q ffm, 1. ' 2 4, , K 1 TfwMif+SK'w M5 'iw " as f sz 345' Sw-4 W2 :EQ 'ie-v maya' 'H SJUYGS' 2515 Q51 fy 'K by gm 523221 x wi SJ W- 4 my w v , 1 f 3 ww Q 5 bf f ,Q if p K X L f f 'ffgiv 7M'?f' I I Xwieag. 'J' ,wEsx'sgswz,s'f7wsf z -- YWAS-fwwfl, fmf5'1g5fv.frfm:A -, W ' N filfiffkfiik-fi-iwfgif1i:i5Ff'iGQW'5 KU F 'A ,Mw,5Vfx- , , Si-gf :wfj f -w, 7 my A 'ff 1, K fl-:M -4- Wqi-f-XSQFJ Q' 1 g a - . . ffwfg,.ixi,f,fLig-ye . , 1 fl? ' Ht -mf m Y s fx 1 K . 2.1214 -1 ,yixwf A 5 I s , xi L-,,gs1:1g- ,iff V 6 K ,f f5lSZ9ff'zel.' , V 4,3 h:35i?5f,, , V as "fiat: ' L 41 -?'?W5?l.S1.2"EF' ww A f m xm-'ei'-ffkl' fagfii? ff WFQQT' L 3, 22552 ' Vi 1 Y ffgff. . 52 by 1-"' Yi as f fly 'Q s """ 11 S ' M,- , Of mf, fif 'S' 4 Q wg "W Y fx, fig, 'if' N 1,3 .QA lu- v 5 1 A ' 21 AW X' . ' -. ,X ,M i'7"? ,L , W if -4 2? : - - --i ?s'L,mi4,f,QzQriLQ --is , ' 'it 'Vmf1i:1SQiQ1rifs Q ' . - , . W. 1' CA' rf --fiw'-437, ' . V 1 -M9 fr K .1 nw-flaw 'xi . ' V-fi ' - nf 5 S 'gf . -. : , 2 -S f fs T X .K NX Q RY WA TSO QW 4? -1-,Ji A M ,' Yfgwu ",,,.-n"'Y"'uk' , 1 fem3,l4iA'Q if , . if Lg f' f 45 Best A11 Around 2 E' - K ROBERTS - KENNETH M - 4' ' EE bww 4 5 ' s ,e, saw ., . l , ,W , Q s , 5-QW Q .S Emi' f? + ,1f 7 , "" . f - 9' 4 M Q + v w +1251 -Af r. - gg .1 ,f M' ix. ' 314-5 sr Q2 f Y : 2'?5vf'f"g4 1' ' is J ' lf 3 W -ef ., 4 W. 3 gi, , ,'Q'g' ., Aki Q5 aff 1.3 wif 'Lf f fe- 'W ' M. is W .i X if Q, J.: 2' F R '1 an S y f , 5,5 2 ,e , Ni + ,H ,ia YQ gk K Y k 4 ,fy 5, - 5, --Q: YWWQ, . Q.. if bg ,fm Om N Q ky . , .-sk , bag ffm? ' ff M XX k if e ,. M 1 112292 'af-5 X igxiilhi , K K, - Q 11 . 3 f wwf ,sy fffjgQ:Qgaggf,f- ' ' if , v , l5?,L,5yy: A . I ra. 3,-.15:,, :, . A L M V Q Sf' x , , ,,,1X ,QL it :ggi , ,, .. 1 1 w?1"'J" Jn" 'lf " x . 5' Q ' f x ' I ' bf X N ' N-a Vi Ig, X. 'i-117, MY? S? ft. TL QT ? if F . ' v fx f' , Q ii: ', Yiwu ' ' K ,. A xg L- Yi 911, , ' A f his-r Mig is , EWKA H33 4? 4 25 :N QR A W ' Q, "SQ 1 vw, 41wm,w2i1'f5 I ,L gf., -, fv me Q 3 iw: E qw" 1 ki Q 'M S-H' 5 EQ 113 U3 ,. ,X Y, A ! Q 3 ff? Q., sd' f Q 2 X 4 1 X 5 5 f QQ Hn .vs-. Fir: Www ,ff xxigglg 'S ,Q v fik 4 gf 1 3 4. RW lx S ., S M . .1Ql 1??5xf- -3? ff' hifiiitiflfk ' ff. ,1 wf' if X53 ' glaikwasi' ,. , ' wiki K if K . A www Lf, X. 7 , ,fi .. K K , ,fs 5,1 zifaiw Vi f ' x . V V .ff QQ v? ' y .-4-""' A ' Most Q ,zf R . . . 0 ' we -f. YQ K .4 X jg 1. 41 x 4 . isa. Q ' , Ag 'A f K K ' 5-5 1 , . - I gg' X 6 .J , if- '- I-Q . Q 5 , ss, Q. Q 5' ,. . ggi: ' x f ' 5 'fy Q V X: 5 ' : .' Q 'A ,. 5 x f 4 K i X S JSM A ' 1 , ,g , V Y f .N 5 V .. W , t , xA ii Q, K - .1 54 4,k, '- K virueij fi ,, u I .4 if . , , I Uwe: ? -K , ,--fa: , 'Pi In , - R4 ,5Lg. - 5 ' . X if 'V , S5 fy -lf. f . .iii Q 4 X , ' l 1 X '- Q N ' x , yix X" K ' . M ' L' K .fig in ' nw PAT HOUSTON - JIMMY PETTUS . w, Q .X W Wwnzx us- 3 ml ng if 3 M. 5 E , ' Q iw Q-X.,-:T:x ,ga"',...--' -v-'funn--'Dfw ...-vu., "fm, mf Q -Z3 5 NA fi I: .""'x en Cammy ur GC 910.3 We are grateful to our loyal supporters who have so graciously come to our rescue in helping us make our 1955 YELLOW JACKET a most successful edition! V v-A ix - .. 51 .,, Gaaffl w""'N fhe picture or out... ,AON-as Surf-1 'R , A I , l- ,, ,wg - f Q1-we 1' K E QQ? 'IM A ' - V M M :'75LQA . af 4 4' V ' J' , ,Q K gg -'MS - have - ' " A ff ij V A , in M W .N . , N ,A i we A v ef , W S X 1 X 7 New ,gf X 1. rw if A 4 .w " X 4. ,- , ER? 1 :uma SK -. -wfm ' 'Qu' ' an -Q-.,x dw., QM - gm' my 1-if :,..., q- .- Compliments of Our YELLOW JACKET Photographer CENTRAL PHUTU SERVICE 1319 Wilmer Avenue Anniston, Alabama The Wedding Photographer. ED COSPER 5 'el a Cornphments of Wzmeif MELLO DAIRY PRODUC TS "If 1t'S TURNER'S 1t'S TOPS" Ice Cream Homogenlzed Pasteur1zed Buttermllk Cream Chocolate Mllk Coldwater Road Oxford Alabama Best Wlshes From Your Frlendly MOORE I4. l NG HARDWARE COMPANY 1618 Choccolocco Street Oxford Alabama Compl1ments of TRADE CENTER Stop and Shop and Save on Meats GTOCCIICS Vegetables FTU1tS Maln Street Oxford Alabama Comp11ments of C Logan Taylor Everett A Ph1111PS Sara Robertson Ruby Huckeba Sm1th Sue Prestr1dge i I T-'O me FS5T'S 5'TEl?L.l N61 JEWELERS Feature Lock D1amonds Elg1n Bulova Ham1lton Watches 1029 Noble Street Anruston Alabama KI NGSLEY5 SHOE STORE 1126 Noble Street Ann1ston Alabama l-UGG I NECDT4-IAM 2 SAXNYEIZ .Tob Pr1nt1ng Off1ce Supp11es Rubber Stamps Compl1ments of 4-ll QDQONQ'-5 DEPARTMENT STORE "Home of Better Values 120 West 11th Street Ann1ston's Largest Down Town Department Store Amuston Alabama Ann1ston Alabama Compl1ments of jg M221 Kiwi The Rexall Store 426 Maln Street Oxford Alabama I4 l INXS: MOTOR COMPANY Author1zed Sales and Serv1ce Phone 110 E. 11th Street Anrnston, Alabama - . 9 1 F7 -v mi u ' 9 D Dehvered at your door or at your favor1te store W I HSN' X BDTTLEU 'Y o X W Y H Q X TH QSO fx 'rj df? 'E 2 kv f' Sv 'QS 'j 6 '- !'-,. '-JY Q Q N. X f . ZQ gfigffwwf Many of your fr1ends of earher classes are now members of the telephone fam1ly We Jom Wlth them 1n wlshlnc, vou every success and good fortune for the future SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY I I . . ,-5 S? , V, jx - . . . . . . U L sxmn-C" 41, Z, 5 III 3 5 i 1 1 i S 'Q ' ,:' 'IU'-on n Wc- K , Comphments of W EUGENE G. FITZGERALD EUGENE G. 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Suggestions in the Oxford High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Oxford, AL) collection:

Oxford High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Oxford, AL) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Oxford High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Oxford, AL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Oxford High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Oxford, AL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Oxford High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Oxford, AL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Oxford High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Oxford, AL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 88

1955, pg 88

Oxford High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Oxford, AL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 48

1955, pg 48

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