Otsego High School - Comet Yearbook (Otsego, MI)

 - Class of 1957

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Otsego High School - Comet Yearbook (Otsego, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1957 volume:

Q N .fr fwlv H ,E ,.,V, 5 ' ' A W V- V W ,V ,iz I iyy A ggi, V ' N' ., W, A ' . " 4 V ,Q . 'fgi I ',,, A' A K MMM Q." , 1 'Mx K Li ' E QI w. D . , f-. N Q 5 .4 ,A .,, -'S .cr Us X x , 1 .A s J 0 -4 Q 'guy 2.-3-ifQf,,s ,iii .f "gi-rn" - 51.1 A'-4 U' A .ik f " :V A Qf.g,, y Ei,-,R 4, " :W 's3.x' "Q'i"f-ff' ' 'ff' '5T4 v.9"ffN 4-ii?-f " f'v'f.4-a ff- QA 4 .V f, , X 1 M. xt ga fa 531' 1 , fg ,gl . 5 Q , . Y .V 5 'I jf. - , K dfv 5 I .Aff Mx.. 1. M .. Q.-xr, g aa ig .Q K' -"' x . .1 - 'V' 1- M' fr 's'X""u -iw 1 x'Y3i"Q'f ' ihgf...-..' 3' :Sf7"""'Nh'5'ff' 1, -QQWL f',--3' v- f 'A' "..- " - 'M ' ' 4 , , 6 Q g r ZX .L fx """2-1 -'ZZ A " . ..r -Q...,:x ! -.-af. -"'X"ff. .".1 1 'fx . 0 in O Qmmq O z Pm-I 0- Z SUPERINTENDENT GREETINGS TO THE CLASS OF 1957 No other generauon has had the power that lies at your finger tips said Cec1l B DeMil1e in a speech rn Atlantlc City recently concemrng thrs age of atomrc and electromc energy Only the etemal princrples of morality once wrrtten upon tablets of stone and embedded by our Foundrng Fathers mto our Amencan Constitution and way of lrfe can gurde your choice of l1fe or death freedom or slavery Remember these truths as you leave your school Good health happrness and a well rounded life IS the wxsh of your Superintendent of Schools F I Bragg Supenntendent n ' ,, . . . , Q Q I 0 s I I . - Q . a Q PRI NCIPALS H S MYERS H H LEMOIN Prlncrpal Asslstant Prmcrpal Congratulatxons to the class of 1957 and the staff of thrs f1ne yearbook We are proud of the record of achrevement you both have made May Ih1S book always brmg back fond memorres of your school 11fe at O H S as you look through rt rn the years to come You the members of the class of 57 w111 soon merge rnto the ranks of the host of alumm of O H S and we wtsh you the greatest of success and happmess as you move mto thrs next phase of your 11fe It IS our hope that you w11l al ways keep a11ve the tres that bmd you to your alma mater and realrze that our mterest tn you w1l1 contxnue no matter how far you may travel from Otsego Smcerely Hugh Myers and Henry Lemorn Pnncrpals . 1 . . n t Q n . . . n n ' f f ' , , . Q a . - 1 I n SCHOOL BOARD SECRETARIES NI au...-4' td' 7 I 10 N ISN I7 2 HUM YINIJI MRS ROGERS ik MRS BURNS Supenntendent s Secretarxes 'L'-'hr Y STANDING Mr Welburn Mr Boyer SEATED Mr Hofacker Mrs S1mpson Mr Kramer 'iv lui 1 MRS GILLILAND Prmclpal s Secretary MRS ALTENBURG MR ASH Western M1Ch1g3H B Cemfa1M1Ch1gaH B 5 University ofM1ch1gan M MR BIR MR BOYNES MR BOYCE MR BURNS MRS CARRINGTON MR CHAMPION MR COLWELL MR CUNEO Westem Mxchigan B S Adflall B S University 0fM1Ch1g3H M A Anderson B 5 N MISS DROST MISS FORD FRITTS MR GEORGE Ball State B A Adrian A B Albion B S WestemM1chxgan B S B ' ' ' .A. "Q 5 y V4 I. W1 R -I 4 il., U . ,Hu A .-v if B311 Stg-gtg B.S. Western Michigan B.S. Westem Michigan B.A. Westem Michigan B.A X M I I ' ' J XL MR. . MR. MARVIN MRS. MURDOCK MRS. NELSON Western Michigan A.B. Western Michigan B.S. AIICICISOH B- S- MRS NEVINS Central MlCh1g8D B S MRS STROME Michigan State B A MR REYBURN M1Chlg3D State B S MR SAUDER MR STRATER Western MlCh1g3n B Westem M1Ch1g3H B S MR SUESS Western MlCh1g8D B S MR SUTHERLAND MISS VICKERY Ba11State B S Un1vers1ty ofM1ch1gan M A 4 MRS WATTERS MR WILDER MR WARREN Albion A B Westem Mlchigan B S MR WOODS UUIVCTSIIY 0fM1Ch1g2H B A M A Unlversity of M1Ch1g8U M A Un1vers1ty of Mlchrgan M A Ball State B S 'f a I . . . . . . . n - .S. . , , . . r RH :ag 'irn B 4 A h It A 6 . m , A , -N R' ' V' HV Domg easrly what others find d1ff1cult IS talent. Servtce Award 4 Honor Award 4 Junior Play Cast 1 Jumor Prom Committee 1 G A A, 2 Rambow 5 Scimce Club 1 Bulldog Barks Staff 1 Art Editor 1 Spanish Club 1 Art Club 1 Seruor Play Committee .T OAN BALDWIN Her thoughts are far from home. Bulldog Barks Staff 2 Comet Staff 3 G A.A 2 Sparush Club 2 Scxence Club 1 Honor Award 2 Good Scholarship 2 Prom Commrttee Juluor Play Comrmttee Service Award 3 Class OfflC8I' 3 DELORES BELCHER Nowhere w11l you ever meet, a fr1end so true, a glrl so sweet. Dramancs Club 2 Junior Play Committee J umor Prom Committee Good Scholarship 2 Honor Award 1 Service Award 3 4 H 6 NANCY BENEDICT Full of pep and lots of fun, ready to do what should be done. G A A. 2 BulldogBarks Staff2 Band6 SwmgBand2 Acappe.llaCho1r2 Glee Club 1 Dramancs Club 1 J uruor Play Cast Senior Play Cast Junior Prom Commrttee Spanish Club 1 Good Scholarslup 4 Servlce Award 4 Four Notes 3 Student Reporter 1 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Sklp Slsson Pres1dent G1b Sprau Vrce Pres1dent Shrrley Blanchard Secretary Treasurer Naorru Brenner Sharon Slentz Lmda Reed Diane Klmtworth Representatives Q 15 L 4 K 'Az' ' l I OIIIO Olllll U I I , Av ' . ...... . . ...... ' - ' 4 ' ' t' ' I ' X 1 1 . , ,h,h . W N ! W , X A MARIE ADAMS . .1 x ' : : : ' : - J 'QL-. . . : ' : 9 : s 9' S ' 4 W 1 : : ' . ' 3 ' I Z I - . I : :xx ESTHER BLANCHARD A sweet d1SPOSlU.0l'l a sunny smile a friend to all, all the while. G A, A, 4 Library Club 3 Hot Lunch 1 Art Club 1 H1 C2 SHIRLEY BLANCHARD Sugar and spice and everything nice very soon she ll be sprinkled with rice G A, A, 1 Band 1 Junior Play Committee 1 Prom Committee 1 Class Sec retary Treasurer 3 Good Scholarship 3 BOYD BLAHSIE A prince of darkness IS a geitleman. Basketball 1 Glee Club 1 Junior Play Cast 1 Prom Committee 1 Future Farmers 3 Art Club 1 Service Award 1 RICHARD BOETTCHER An athlete and wit combined a nicer guy is hard to find Comet staff 2 Cross Country 2 Football2 Basketbal14 Glee Club 1 O Club 2 Road Ramblers 1 Track 1 Tennis 1 Baseball 1 Sophomore Class President Good Scholarship 4 Service Award 4 HENRY BOSMA Knowledge is power Dramadcs Club 2 Prom Committee 1- Good Scholarship 3 CHARLES BRAGG Variety is the spice of life that gives it all its flavor Band 3 Swing Band 2- A Capella Choir 1 Glee Club 2- J'ur1ior Play 1 Prom Committee Road Ramblers 1 Good Scholarship 3 Honor Award 1. NAOMI BRENNER 'A little time for laughter a little time for song. G. A. A. 3: Bulldogs Barks2gStudentCouncil 4g Band 7g A'Cappe11a 2g Dramatics 2: Junior Play lg Prom Committeeg Future Teachers lg Spanish Club 15 Tennis lg Honor Award 35 Singing Ensemble 2: Rainbow 4. ROSE BROADHURST "It's nice to be natural, if you're naturally nice." Bulldog Barks 2g A'Cape1la Choir 3g Glee Club lg Prom Committee lg Good Scholarship 4. 'amor ,,,,.-r R Ewa KAY BRONKEMA It is best to love wisely but to love foolishly is better than not to love at all Bulldog Barks 1 Glee Club 1 .Tumor Play Committee Prom Committee Good Scholarship 4 Service Award 1 RICHARD BURD He is quiet until you get to know lum. O' Club 1 Baseball 4 Good Scholarship 2 FRANK BURROUGHS A real cute guy is he he makes good company Glee Club 1 J unior Prom Conunittee WILSON CHARLES CLOCK A fellow who does a grand Job of being a true friend Cross Country 2 Football 1 Basketball 2 Glee Club 1 O Club 2 Junior Play Cast Prom Committee Spamsh Club 1 Track 2 Good Scholarship 2 Service Award 2 .TACK DAVIS A little learning is a dangerous thingll Cross Country 1- Football 3- Basketball 3- Band 6 SwlngBand 1 O Club 3- Spanish Club 2- Baseball 4- Good Scholarship 1 Service Award 4 SUSAN DAVIS She s a sight for eyes that are sore, beauty and style-who could ask for more" Comet Staff 3 G. A. A 4- Bulldog Barks 3 Junior Play Committee 1- Prom Committee Future Teachers 1- Tennis4 Good Scholarship 2 Honor Award 2- Service Award 4. CAROLYN DEATON She s a Jerry on the spot for having a good time and a lot of fun G. A. A. 3- Band 2- Prom Committee- Hot Ltmch 1- Tennis 2- Service Award 1. BARBARA DREACHSLIN Here s a girl that s never sad- at her none get mad. G A. A. 4- Comet staff 1- Bulldog Barks 2- Choir 1 Glee Club 2, Dramatics Club 1: Junior Play Committee: Senior Play Committeeg Prom Cornmitteeg Hot Lunch lg Art Club 1. ROBERT FLSK "A carl A carl My kingdom for a carl" GEORGE FLETCHER Qmet and steady He s always there and always ready KAREN FLICKENGER Good humor only teaches charms to last Sull makes new conquests and mamtams the past. Comet Staff 1 G A A. 4 Bulldog Barksl Band4 Sw1ngBand2 ACape1la Choir 1 Glee Club 1 Prom Comnuttee 1 SpamshC1ubl Art Clubl Good Scholarshlp 2 SCYVICB Award 2 Good in art he 11 always be Prom Cornmxttee WILLIAM FOLK JAMES DURELOO An mnocamt face, but you can never tell' Football 1 Glee Club 1 Prom Commmee 1 Road Ramblers 2 Track 1 When you need a loyal frxend Tom s the guy we recommend. Prom Commmee l Cheerleader 2 ,Tumor Play Comrruttee. DIANE F ARNSWORTH All musical people seem to be happy G A. A. 3 Bulldog Barks 2 Band 'T A Capella Choxr 2 Glee Club 1 Dramatics Club 2 ,Tumor Play Cast 1 Semor Play Cast 1 Prom Comnnttee 1 Tenrus 3 Honor Award 3 Serv1ce Award 4 Gxrls Tr1o Harmonettes 2 DIXIE LEE F INCH I can be serlous but I'd rather be gay G A, A. 2 Bulldog Barks 2 A Capella Choxr 2 Glee Club 2 .Tumor Play Com mmee 1 Prom Comm1ttee 1 Art Club 1 Good Scholarship 3 Serv1ce Award 1 11 A H . ' g .M 'Q u I v .Ol V - , 'Q RN, THOMAS ELLWOOD R x ll ll N . Q . : : : ' ' 1 : GRACE HIPPENSTEEL l Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Band 1 Prom Committee. .TACK HOLMES Hard telling what these quiet fellows will do Band 5 Glee Club 1 Good Scholarship 2 NORWOOD HUTCHINSON world Pm leaving! ROBERT JCIINSON Love at f1rst sight IS often cured by a second look Comet Staff 3 Cross Country 1 Football 3 Basketbal14 Band"I 0 Club 1 Student Conmcil 3 Prom Committee 1 Future Teachers 1 Road Ramblers 2 Track 1, Good Scholarsh1p 2, Servlce Award 4 DALE F OOVI' E Qulet IS he but with lots of ab111ty PAUL FREESTONE Paul s the kind who 11 always ' lend a hand A likeable guy who wetlunk is grand ' L1brary Club 1 Prom Commmee SANDRA FULLER She can t sit st11l she loves to wlggle cute httle g1rl w1rh a cute httle giggle G A.A. 4 Bulldog Barks 1 Prom Committee 1 Servxce Award2 Curved Bar Award DONALD GUIDIBECK I-hs voice lS the sound of many waters Ramblers 1 Boys Tenms 1 Good Scholarshlp 1 . I . . . . I ,. if ' Cross Country lg A cappella Choir 25 Prom Committee lg Science Club lg Road gg it V DIANE KLINTWORTH In every ounce of duty there IS a pound of IIBDPIHBSS Comet Staff 3 Cheerleader4 G A.A.4 Acappella 3 Dramatlcs Club 3 Busmess Manager .Tumor Play 1 Co Chaxrrnan J1m1or Prom Tennis 4 Good Scholarshlp 2 Honor Award 2 Service Award 4 GIIIS' Quartet Four Notes 3 G1r1s State Student Councll 2 SALLY KNIGHT It s nice to be important but II s more tmporrant to be nice G A.A 4 Glee Club 1 Prom Committee 1 Hot Ltmch 4 Good Scholarshlp 1 Service Award 1 SARA JANE KSTOUGHTOIND KRAMER She s Johnny on the spot for having a good ume and a lot of fun. Dramaucs Club 2 A cappella 1 Cheerleader 3 GA.A 3 Bulldog Bax-ks2 .Tumor Play 1 G1rlS Quartet, Four Notes 3 Prom Comnutteel Tenms 1 Future Teachers 1 Good Scholarshtp 1 Honor Award 2 Servtce Award 3 RKEE MARIE LANGONE Someone who is liked by all. G A.A. 3 ,Tumor Play Cornnuttee Prom Committee Good Scholarship 3 Service Award 2 3' RGSER KENNEDY A swell guy and liked by all, Prom cornrmttee J' uruor Play Commlttee. BELVA KENNY So friendly so kind so very gay she can laugh all blues away Bulldog Barks 1 Glee Club 1 L1brary 2 Prom Committee Hot lunch2 Good Scholarshxp 1 if CHARLES KINDIG A man s character is revealed by hxs speech. xi Prom Cornmmtee 1 Boy Scouts 4 DONALD KLING Somethmg attempted somethtng done. Prom Comrmttee X-1 "Wi CAROLYN LANPHEAR Always happy always gay always laughing that s her way Lxbrary Club 1 Prom Committee. RICHARD LARSON Ambition is the power within a person, that makes lum rise. Football 4 Basketball 3 Student Cotmcil 2 Officer 1 O' Club 5 J tmior Play Cast 1 Prom Committee 1 Future Teachers 2 Track4 Basebal14 Freshman Class President Good Scholarship 3 Honor Award 1 Service Award 4 SANDRA LATTERNER Take a pair of sparkling eyes and mix them with a pleasant smile. Band 2 Library Club 2 Junior Play Committee 1 Prom Committee 1 Good Scholarship 3 Service Award 2 DARL LAUGHLIN Men of few words are the best men Band 6 A Capella Choir 1 Junior Prom Committee 1 Junior Play Committee l H1 C 5 .TANICE LOEDEMAN A friend in need is a friend indeed. Bulldog Barks Staff 2- A Capella Choir 1- Glee Club 1- Library Club 1- Prom Committee 1 Hot Ltmch 1- Good Scholarship 3 Honor Award 1 I-li-C 1 Service Award 3- 4-H 4 JOHN LOVETT Why worry?--things happen anyway Prom Committee 1- Future Farmers 1. SANDRA LOVETT "A friendly girl you all can see, As happy and nice as she can be." Comet Staff 3g G, A. A. 3g Dramatics Club 3gJunior Play Cast lg Prom Com- mittee lg Future Teachers 2g Science Club lg Honor Award 3g Service Award 3. JUDITH LUKINS "Deep and clear are her eyes, she succeeds in whatever she tries." Cheerleader 6g Bulldog Barks 2, Assignment Editor lg Debate 1: Junior Play Committee lg Prom Committee lg Good Scholarship 2g Honor Award lg Service Award 3. SONDRA MISNER Her flashing smile and shining hair makes her popular everywhere. G A, A, 4 Prom Commlttee. RONALD MITCHELL An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less Cross Conmtry 2 Football 2 Basketball 3 Student Cotmcil 1 Glee Club 1 Sctmce Club 1 Track 1 Tennis 3 Baseball 2 Service Award 4 MARIAN MYERS lt s the little thmgs that really count, and the helpful deeds that do amount Junior Prom Committee. SUSAN MC CONNEY Full of ftm and fancy free- dam itl Comet Staff 4 G A. A. 3 Bulldog Barks Staff2 Ed1tor2 Student Council2 Junior Play Cast Senior Play Cast Junior Prom Committee Future Teacher 2 Tatms 1 Good Scholarshtp 2 Honor Award 2 Serv1ce Award 4 F elf pf PATRICIA MC LEOD Good tlungs come m small packages Bard 1 Art Club 1 Senior Play COHIIIIIUQ. CAROLE MENDGA Famous last words Don t let that big truck crowd you off the road COIDBI Staff 4 G A. A. 4 Bulldog Barks 2 Dramatics Club 3 J' umlor Play Committee 1 Prom Committee- Science Club 1 Good Scholarship 3 Serv1ce Award 3 NELSON MILLS Here s to the tnan whose words are few But who s right on the Job when there s work to do Cross Country 2 Football 2 Basketball 1 Glee Club 2 O C1ub2 Prom Com mittee Road Ramblers 2 Track 1 Baseball 3 Good Scholarshlp 3 Service Award 3 PHILIP NEUPERT Full of pep and full of fun Phil s a friend to everyone. Football 4 Basketball 4 O Club 3 J umor Play Committee Prom Cormnittee Track 4 Tenrus 4 Baseball 2 Good Scholarshlp 4 Servtce Award 4 so ll If A ' , , . . 0 I x 7 , II ' If . . . . . . I I I I I ' ' : : : : . . . fx 'I 1' ef ' -at u s - .oo 21' Ax'4g" u - n .f I . I v P ' . . . - I I I ' Q . 9 . 0 1 I I I I I ' , - , rife I U ' ' n ' - ' : : ' - --IO I Q' g 4 : . : : z ' . 'L e' - Q? I I I F jf 1 f . u v , . , I 'Q n 1 ' . . . O , M , ' ' . ' - U ' 3' S : z s ' : x u K ' . 1 , .A U . 1 is , , I ' , . 3 I I I S ,1-1 a ' . , ' , ' , f ' l I 1 e . 7 gag Y ' .:,-. , ML SHERRIE NEWTON "Honor is her standard: Perfection is her goal." Comet St-1ff4: Bulldog Barks staff 1,Acappet1a Choir 3g Glee Club 1: Dramaucs lg Honor Award 3: Service Award 3g Four Notes 3. DAVID PICKETT The greatest guy you'd hope to meet His winning ways are hard to beat Glee Club 1 L1brary Club 3 Juruor Play Committee, Senior Play Committee Jtunor Prom Comrruttee Art Club 1 Good Scholarship 2 Serv1ceAward4 ELEANOR POWLESS Always thoughtful of others and making them happy GAA, 3 Bulldog Barks Staff 1 Glee Club 1 Prom Committeel Future Teachers 2 Hot Lunch 1 Good Scho1arsh1p4 Service Award 2 Girl Scouts 4 JOHN RANKIN SIIHICB is the one great art of conversation. ' Junior Prom Committee Junior Play Cast Good Scholarslup 3 Semor Play Commrttee. LINDA REED There IS magic 111 her smtle, cause she keeps happy all the wlule. Comet Staff 3 G A A. 4 Bulldog Barks Editor 1 Studmt Cotmctl 1 Secretary 1 A cappella Choxr 1 Glee Clubl Junior Play Committee Senior Play Committee Prom Commmee Class Offlcer 1 Good Scholarship 2 Honor Award 2 Service Award4 Acoompamst Harmonettes 1 PHIL RLSHEL The way to gatn a frlend IS to be one .T tmlor Prom Commntee. RUTH ROUSE She looks at all w1th deep and tender eyes llke stars looldng downward from the skies Junior Prom Comrmttee Good Scholarsh1p3 H1 C3 Acoompamst Harmonettes JOE SCHMITT Between the cradle and the grave, hes a ha1rcut and a shave. Cross Country 1 Football 2 Student Counc1l1 Band 3 Swmg Band 2 A cappella Chou' 1 0' Club 2 Prom Commmee Road Ramblers 2 Track4 Good Scholar sh1p 4 Servlce Award 3 4 H 4 W SHARON SLENTZ Better Late than never but better never late Comet Staff 2 G A.A 4 Bulldog Barks Edltor 2 Student Counc112 Dramaucs Club 2 ,Tumor Play Comrmttee 1 Seruor Play Commmee Prom Commtttee Tennis 2 Good Scholarshlp 3 Servlce Award 3 CHARLENE SMITH Tls love that makes the world go round G A,A, 1 Ltbrary Club 3 H1 C2 .TACK SMITH Full of vtgor and v1tal1ty Jack has a mce personality Jumor Play Comnuttee Jumor Prom Comrruttee, MARY KAY SPONABLE She s full of fun and rmscluef too She s always up to sometlung new G A,A, 1 Band 1 A cappella Choir 1 Glee Club 1 Dramatics Club 2 Juruor Play Cast 1 ,Tumor Play Commmee 1 Prom Comrruttee 1 Future Teachers 1 Semor Play Cast 1 RICHARD SEEKMAN He who has a thousand fr1ends Football 4 Baseball 2 O Club 3 Track 3 Servtce Award 2 JANE CSHATTUCKJ GREEN Enthus1ast1c pep as she goes along day after day afxc i Comet Staff 2 Cheerleader 5 G A,A, 3 Bulldog Bat-ks 2 Assxgnment Edttor 1 Debate 1 Dramatlcs Club l T8Ill11S 3 Class Officer l Honor Award 2 Servxce Award 2 YVONNE SHELDON Stlence SIVBS grace to a person G A A 2 Lxbrary Club 1 Prom Committee Future Teachers 1 LYLE SISSON Wtth a wtll to do and a will to try he s destined for fame by and by Cross Country 2 Football 2 Baseball 4 Glee Club 1 OClub5 ,Tumor Play Cast Jumor Prom Comrruttee Future Teachers l Track 1 Temus 1 Baseball 4 Class Offtcer 2 Good Scholarship 3 SBFVICB Award 4 NANCY TAYLOR Lots of fun and hked by everyone. Future Teachers 1 Art Club 1 Good Scholarshxp 3 RICHARD TENBUSSCHEN Everybody s friend nobody s enemy Future Farmers 1 ,Tumor Prom Comnuttee ,T un1or Play Committee 1 Service Award 1 Good Scholarshtp 2 LAVONNE TIMMERMAN Not to serxous not too gay but a real good fnend in every way Student Counctl 1 Bulldog Barks Staff 2 Good Scholarslup 3 Honor Award 1 S6l'V1Ce Award 2 Prom Commmee 1 ,Tumor Play Comm1ttee 1 Semor Play Comm1ttee 1 w1'LLlAM TROLARD what he wants to get out of school most is himself .Tumor Prom Comnuttee Play Cornnuttee. GILBERT SPRAU A happy smtle, a frxendly h1 We all agree, he s qtute a guy Cross Country 3 Football 1 Basketball 3 A Capella Chotri O Club3 ,Tumor Play Cast Prom Commmee Track 4 Vice Presxdent Senxor Class Serv1ce Award 4 CLARA STATLER Her ways are sweet her smxle dwme We can t descnbe her Just tn rhyme. G A A, 4 Bulldog Barks 1 Glee Club 1 Prom Committee 1 Hot Lunch 1 Good Scholarship 3 H1 C 1 SGYVICC Award 2 4 H Club 3 PATRICIA STRATER Never a fuss never a frown She's a Joy to have around. Bulldog Barks 1 Student Councxl 1 Band4 Prom Committee 1 Good Scholar shlp 1 Honor Award 2 Service Award 4 Co Operattve Tramtng 1 RUTH STRONG Ruth s ambiuon is plam to see, everyone s fnend she strtves to be. Bulldog Barks Edltor 1 Prom Commxttee 1 Good Scholarshtp 1 Honor Award il ' ' II ' li Q v 11 I Q li ' ' ' . I ' ' ' IO Q D A so , ' n l I . 7 u I ' ' 1 ' - or 2g Service Award 3g Co-op 1. Wt U ' N ll I O O! he ""Vk"' g . . s . 3 4 g 4 -ff CHESTER VANDER PLOEG ' He always turns his back on girls and then runs backward Band 3 J umor Play Commmee 1 Prom Comrmttee LORETTA VAN KESTEREN The peace and happmess that she gives stay wzth a person as long as they hve A Capella Chou- Q Glee Club 1 Semor Play Commxttee 1 WILLIAM VOS RUTH WIELINGA Every deck has a Joker! G A A 4 A Capella Cho1r 15 Glee C1ub2 Dramatlcs Club 1 Junior Play Comrmttee 1 Prom Commmee 1 Hot Lunch 25 Tenms 1 Good Scholarship 2 H1 C li Service Award 2 45 f MEMORABLE EVENTS 1957 January 12 G A. A. Serm formal January 15 16 17 Semester Exams March 6 Semor Government Day March 21 22 Senlor Play The Red House Mystery Apr11 27 Jumor Senior Prom May 16 Class Night May 26 Baccalaureate May 29 Commencement May 31 End of school ' ff a, l',v ' 'xy f u . . so "A regular fellow and a real swell pal." . . . : ' ' -: : ' : , S. Davis C. K1nd1g 2 BEST DRESSED McC onney B Johnson ASS WITS K Fllckenger C Bragg MOST EASY GOING E Blanchard B 1sk "CI-IATTERBOXH STATISTICS "CLASS PESTS" C. Meninga R. Mitchell BEST SPORTS I Baldwln B Clock CUTEST COUPLE Davls P Strater A' BRAINIEST DIMPLES M1115 H Bosma Reed H Bosma N Brenner CUTEST C OUPLE . G Sprau Slentz 'ff fs' ll' S an FASTEST TALKERS PRETTIEST HAIR CLASS FLIRTS J Green C Kmdxg D Seekman S Lovett D TenBusschen 5 Davis C Vanderploe 8 'VMI .sa n Z' T . ' . ' ll Qi' 'V S. V A ' I Y J. . ' Q LAW N. ' . L. . ' "CL - .. 3 . ' W Q I' . . - P ' ' s. B n' 'F' G: 1 " +C B J , 1 W A A ,QI 5 , R' . MW' 5 ,fit ' .L f v -ar or an or or or rr, L, T. n . 1 . ' ' A EX , 'K . F' - 3 r QQ. SUCCEED" S, Newton B. Larson GIGGLER R Wlehnga T Ellwood MADE THE MST PRCERESS S Newton D Boettcher DID THE MOST FOR O H. S D Khntworth B Larson "MGT LIKELY TO CLASS BEST ALL AROUND MOST POPULAR L Reed B Clock "MOST BASHFULU Y. Sheldon D. Kling PRETTIEST EYES G Sprau P Strater 1 SMALL FRY' MacLeod CROONER VOCALIST J' Rankm J SChIT11II Farnsworth ANSWER TO A GENTLEMANS AND A MAIDEN S PRAYER M S ponable J Deur loo BEST ATHLETES CLASS PRETTIEST AND POLITICIAINS DREAL1 MAN. D Klmtworth 5 Slsson C Klfldlg L Reed S S1sson C Statler P Neupert . ! In U X " P. " 1 'f H , ,, I D . K X U k S 1 K 'L Q it ,Q J Tm fi, A-9 -ef 'ff 'X Kr 5 """' 'li Xi an , 32:3 Q- '52-43? ' 'iZi3?isJf! f ,M 1 1 v ,iv a. J 5, I ffffig 2 n ,M NIT' 43, 1 F A 15 N fi,.l.'gf'x ,, as L ef ?'ir.i,,.. 'Y . f N 1 'N ,- 1' '39 ,, .- 4 ff- , .,,. nf 3 , - Qian gf: , - P 3 ki! V s ff ' ' nu. as ww' sa 'fllfi i WV' IUNIOR CLASS in-ff AL Abbott B Ash Y Ausun az' A A Belcher B Blanchard L Brabon BACK ROW Representauves B Cushman W Laws R. Ganger FRONT ROW Representauve T Sabel Secretary Treasurer I Brown Pres1dem I Harmon V1ce Pres1de.nt K Scott Broadhurst J Brown P Brnmdage 1 AA. S Campbell S Cardlff D Carruthers M, Chapman M Chapman C Colley A. Colyer D Crouse e a., all L. Curtiss B, Cushman B, Dalrymple C, Doggt A ' , A V Nfl W ., .,VVVV 2 W I , I E.. Q f 18 3 L A. Evans J, Fales C. Foupht S. Frisbie n n. H L L. Grigsbv B. Guidebeck L. Han C, Hamilton YQ fL l C, Drobney J'. Earle G. Galloway R. Ganger . M G 1 Qu ',. - 9 N ,V ,M It 7 I , J, Hamilton M, Hammon ,fi 194' Q, 'Aw T. Earl B. Edson J. Gilson L. Green ,Q .K 4 L-3 ,. X ' ia B. hx J' , Harden J. Harmon G- '? D. Harper E. Harper J, Harvey N. Hendrixson J. Hippensreel J. Holland L. Holmes D. Hurlbut K, Jackson B Knoblock S Lewls C McMurry K. Jackson J 1 rgens C Juhan M Kreuger P Kreuger B Ku1per E K. K1SS11'lg6l' M LaHu1s B Llvzngston G Loedeman D Lures B Marlo JW. , f M McPherson N Mlller J' M111er M M1nnard P Klssmger B Khng S Kmght Pamper G Laws W Laws C Markle C McC1urg D MCCOUHCY H Mlsner P Overhuel .T OVIBII , f 12' ' ,, , , ,J an MK we L If f I l f BMQMB B is . we ,, ge- it Q, x ' A ' P M -P X' M 4 A .1,.,P , x, it "'1' S Q-3 . ' Ex A , I i mV , X S V, V19 5 W' gr ,U ,E 3 My x M K .T Pathlc C Peacock J' Plrrone K Rlley L Roberts K Root C Rose D Rumsey T Sabel M Shanz J A Slmmons Srruth I Smlth P Smxth W Srmth C T1ce L VanderMeer P VanDerHoff M Walters F Warner NOT PICTURED Dave Myers Don Reynolds and Alan Loma M Roberts M Roberts B Rogers K, Scott Shook J Se1bert J Statler Swartz M Tayer O A Watson W11son ,T Wmter 'P ' ' F Q -. I F 3' 7 ' V SQ . , D K Q 7 , ,' I A A sh 5.t,,, 1 A-V,. N . C Z VVEVV ., H , V - Q. , ,M A W 6 5 . N , . . 1' A xilir' 1 - ' ,.-, 1' R tott 'E V 34 'F' s. 51 6 v . C' if - X Y v .av . Q ks 4' to . 4 0 . 1 ,A . , A I ---i., l.i.,, , .W ...g?.t:Mm'5"g,. wwf 9 I ,ig 4 , .1 , Y ,, ff 'lib by 4 W kill 5C 1 -a t A' ,v ,M ,,.,h M J 4' V 'ly , 0, 7 lk, ,An '57 . '24 ,M 1 I W ,, '?g . f Z? 'V' aa lfyii "' J VJWQS 34 .5 ,Arm Vw ' 5' ffY'5'-42? Q ' .. - L. 73' 9' ' 'wr' 'filfg 'L Y V "" '40 www, M 4522 ' wt y Q ""-' gf ' W nf 1 ' I 'M M V 4, ,MZ M, I V ,V ' , 1 4 I ,uf ,, ,. V ll, i jf Efwf ,Q '52 ff' M - A ' 1 Y fin 'W U" W ' ,Qi Q f 1,4 'Af ' vf W ,Q 'fx V , '5,wS,f5fL QA jf MI, 'Q U 7' QA 5fj9,,Qig,a I . ' V in-If wiv ' H , f 'W L' in 'I . M 'lv ' nu 'V T , ,J Q M ' if ,'i.'w ' ' -1 f ff 5 I ,xv F r" jf wr 2, ' L M N A ,, ' ' wif,-V 6 fi fecriwc f Q lfNE,ji4,:, ' 439 5 A, L , nxnl my "',?wL 754, fr Q I ., r, J -M V - f f .J 'f D ', J f w"l '1M ,, ' ,,"f" Q an VY,?,'h , I ,,,r xx A J 'X' if ' ,y ,eww "1 ' , C17 4, 'fm , M V CWD Nil, ' ' K S , X M-VH .5- bf X, QQ- wamyfixf in ' 1- 1 , 5119 .- 'gf uf 1- fi N- fi JR '-J H , , '54 ,Y.l15g:.g.,k-g.,, 'gp ,mx 'sfmfh " 5' bi' Q 3 . at ' nf, 'f "' 'K "1 Z'1Q?ii1flg?? 4' , J ' I "SA ' ff l - FRONT ROW C Kennedy J Foote P Farnsworth P Mrcks I Irvrng P Hutch1nson, D Junker B Foupht L Krueger R Fhckenger MIDDLE ROW S Felty B Foote O Jackson C Foupht M Glbson D Holmes L Jones R Jackson D Good acre N Harvey E Groen L Fales LAST ROW D Koolstra L Hughes C Gave M Krueger Advlsor Mr Burns F Krueger G Gave D Gl'1f f1n K Jockus B Groth SOPHOMORES FRONT ROW: 1. Rose, B. Wolfe, B Rounds, S. Sullivan, M. VanEvery, B Sisson, V. Rowe, I. Shroeter, D. Vos L. Strong. I. Wamer. MIDDLE ROW: Advisor, Mr. George M Trlpp M Walters I Verl-Iage I Staley M Roberts C Taylor K Wood D VanDerMeer E VanKester LAST ROW S Weber C VanDerhoff B Schroeder I Rose D Strobel A Sonnervllle W VanKestren E Young G Statler pr . ' , . , . , . r ' , . , . , n 4 I ' I ' - Cn. 5 I - , - 1 1 . , . , . , . : . , . , , , l ' I ' . I I l I I C :api - .. ,,,. X . , . g . ry' . -'D I p 0 ' 0 t' V L rv ra gi 0 - -, . ' ' f .- --v ' :: I 2 . , 0 , -i 4 , I q. , 8'-b ' 0 , Q g I . 1 I, lr V . E , . . . , . - vez, 9' , . . . , . . , I : . ' , . . ' , . E. I v . , 1 u ' 1 I 1 U g I .- ' , . , . Q ' 1 . SOPHOMORES FRONT ROW B Leltch E Lynch D Mack,J' Nulty G M1115 D La Tourette B Mmegar J' Lamp hear K Myers B Lrvmgston, SECOND ROW T Randall, P La Htus R Lucas J McNutt R.P1ck ard S Perr1cone, S Punches J' Mdler K Munson. BACK ROW W Reynolds L Mltchell, J' McK1bben J Parrrsh, J' Newton D Overhuel T Petkus W Moore .T Lamphear Mr Suess T 'li FRONT ROW R. Dutton K D0bbl.Il Y Bennett B. Barber S Burchett N Baker D Butler RBeIdon E Dortch J' Chapman SECOND ROW A. Shattuck, J' De Boer J' Arnett I Drake, M,Brad Shaw B Colyer R Burroughs M. Confer R Deurloo D Ekema. BACK ROW Mr Co1wel1,B.Bron kema R. Dutton, T Benedxct M, Dtgby D Baker M Chapman, L Bullard R. Esterlme, B Berky SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS STANDING Carol Kennedy Som Rounds Ruth Duerloo Ted Perl- SEATED MICKEY Walters Nancy Baker Sam Perr1cone 2 ' . . : ' . , ' . D Q 1 I d M, 2 4 S d --qw., FRESHMEN FRONT ROW D Frazier D Gren, E Hall, E Edson M Gilson, P Ehrlich, D Fomey H. Fleeman, B Fales MIDDLE ROW K, Farnsworth S GallowaY. J' Ferguson, K, Herbert J' Drew G. Fisk, R. Hyett, V Drobney, C. Holmes, M, Hageman. BACK ROW: Mrs, Watters, J. Caldwell, J. Doest, B. Fletcher, B. Hayward, R, Decker, C. Hiemstra, D, Hendrison, B, Holland. ul' K FRONT ROW N McLeod D .Ten lunson L Jackson N M111er B Meacham, L McCafferty P M1n nard D Mallory B Klfldlg. MIDDLE ROW J' Luklns L La Duke M M1ller P Lovett D Lutes, J Llvtngston P Lancaster S Laughhn Mrs Iwelson LAST ROW B Kennedy R. Keeth M Moon P Lauderdale W Mestk L Larson T Marttn R. Mason R. ,Tuhan D Mason XI 5015 FRESHMEN FRONT ROW: D. Branch, B. Boy- sen. M. Clock, P. Burns, SECOND ROW: M. Cray, B. Bur- roughs, R. Burkett, Elizabeth Brown, THIRD ROW: M. Betzner, S. Ben- nett, M. Brown. FOURTH ROW: H Curtiss Carruthers B Carroll A Blan chard FIFTH ROW B Ash Z Church B. Brown C Babr1ch SIXTH ROW D Black L Chr1sten sen R. Ayers H Card1ff A Car dtff F Berner Mr Warren Y Wm nw---" sf I FRESHMZN 444 FRONT ROW ,T Schroeder L Stowell P Scott J Taylor E Sage B Schelb K Sh1p1ey J' Trout D Vandermeer Sutherland MIDDLE ROW N Sonnervllle J' wood M Vanepps S Ttmmerman C Schnudt L Schuyler J Slentz M Srruth J' west f1e1d G Sheldon K Sulltvan C Strat ton BACK ROW L, Stratton, L, Weaver, M, Strobel, J, Veldt, D, Wallace, Mr. B1r, C, Toma, D. Seekman, A, Sibberson, B, Sponable, A, Schmitt, 'Q F ROINT ROW S Rapa G Pond S Ixagy S Ray C Rose C Root S Iwoyes S P1011 K Ixtchols SECOND ROW A, Pendowskr J Rouse D Roblver L Pratt D Ov1att P N1cho1s P Rouse M Rush M Rupert Mrs Strome THIRD ROW J P1rrone T Ptckard C Reynolds N Poyston R.Powers D Ntchols T Iwlcholson R. Iwewlurk D Rlchardson D Iwulty E Powless Q ff! A"""m h.lS'l.1 4 'mf XM PUBLIC SCH0018 011160. KICHIGAI IK!! UCNOUL D!PAl1'lE"l" bf the Yan! lndnq Tnnhu 'hfaldcr ngfmq no-1 mu my mga: w n-fvymi pagan rm. :Mmm ummm hwuwm lltlllhhlhclvranbeim nriun-.I liitwm r-ummm wqunwafvvbo Xhmahwyo :Q if A 'vii "2 'fn EIGHTH GRADE FRONT ROW S. Doelker J Drake S Harmens J Berky P Rada baugh J Burch P Dalrymple M Ward W Mott L Sprague A Son nervllle Advtsor Mr Champlon. MIDDLE ROW B Slnkler B Doyle B VanArden R. Weaver L Wason C Chnstenson E Sweet J G1b son G Baker I Keech C Cam. LAST ROW C Thayer J Boett cher R. Sweetland H Myers T Deurloo J Dendel B McPherson B Bronkema P Lovett B Harper S Colwell D Mlller FRONT ROW Mr Fr1tts J Els bury B Dutton S OGrady V F1ge1 C D1gby R. Porten V Fox M VanderP1oeg C Smlth N Dea ton S Krught MIDDLE ROW R. Buckmaster E W11k1ns V Brundage L Argo J Yates W Jeffenes K Galloway M Wmg S Marlo R. Gould M. Kauffman LAST ROW D Rlley T Suther land J Hutchms P Caswell L Esterhne G Murphy R.Brooks R. Stale E Strong A Cfronen ABSEINT Chr1st1na Royston Mxke Srntth EIGHTH GRADE v FRONT ROW: E. Irving, N. Reichen- back, S, Tice, L. Vanarsdal, P, Dalrymple, R. McKibbin, M. Lovett, S, Cam, B. Brooks, J. Smonebumer, M, Nichols, Miss Vickery. MIDDLE ROW G Frisbie, D Free- man, R, Brewster H Butler J' Jackus G Figel, M. Langeance, P. .Tones M, Collins ,T Ear-LI Frey BACK ROW L Fox T Reynolds T H111, D Fergusson M Brundage, R. Snyder A Harper J Haldeman, D Dommert P Colyer D Ver Hage R. Jackson FRONT ROW M Hornaday Rlshell, P Lavlollette, C Bos Gordon D M1115 C Squlres Hayes P Olmstead ,T Moore, Ryder MIDDLE ROW D Barber L Buz zell B .Tockus RRoberts W Lang J Nosc1s P Leonard S Houvener C Games A Owen, B Van Arsdel, W Hughes Mr Sauder BACK ROW T Trlpp L SHHULR LaTourette R. Bentley B Phllhps .T Wood D Porter B Rose E C1ark,J Baker I i' J l T IUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL BACK ROW Kenneth Calloway, Alvtn Sweet, Junlor Esterlme, Bob Ph11l1ps, Bud McPherson, DonVerHage, hm Boettcher. J1f1'1 Abbott FRONT ROW Sandra Tubbs, Martha McConney, Josephme Prrrone, Frank Newton, Gary Rounds, Roger Krurtoff, Norman starr. Bfefldfi Brooks, Da wn M1115 EIGHT!-I GRADE BACK ROW B Miller D Salrsbury B Johnson R Jackson J Rrfe I Foots R Knoll J Abbott B Wrrght J Dortch M DDLE ROW V Fox S Wolfe V Gllbert J Newton J Cade C Markle D Hawley J Warner M Sabel A Kreu ner R Gary FIRST ROW P Allrson B Sulllvan K Dlnkler I Markle E Lynch I Smlth P Weller M Bennett J Freeman E Jones S Mahreu L Arenhoval SEVENTH GRADE FRONT ROW K Mason C Terr P Crouse R Casewel1.T P10 K Hewnt P Benedlct C Freeman L Doublesuen L Baker SECOLD ROW A Wallace T Pelty S er L Ear C Root Warner C Moore N Starr T Mar1o D Mvers C Stratton BACK ROW K Bell R. Graver D Spauldrng C Horsel S Murray E Laws R. Johnson I Arnett D Campbell W Sweet M LaDuke MISS Ford x! 3 FRONT ROW B Kmght B Knob lock B Rose, S Shaff L Augus une K Wood S Pxon ,T P1rrone, M McConney S H1cks M155 Drost SECOIND ROW G Lxvmgston S McLaughlin M McFann1n B Yax S Schm1tt R. Plrrrcone Sharon DeF1elds B Koorster M Seekman J Crav THIRD ROM D Kennedv T Smk Ier B Mmnard D Bronkema B Steele R Augustrne J Foupht I Iehppensteel L Snuth D Beldon J Bermett ,T Stockwell 740 in-f 'wa ,ma FRONT ROW B Kruithoff R. Knowlton J' Taylor C Kenny L Peterson, S Hollingshead J' Bat sekas C Cook N Jackson, D Lucas G Rolmds Mr Sutherland SECOND ROW L Cronen B Ash C Grtffin G waldon K. Lmdsey M Root. .T DeWard M Bradshaw S Gibson, A Curtiss T Lamp hear BACK ROW R. Stratton, D New Kirk, P Blanchard D Holland A. McCxme, E Brabon D Hendrtxson D Scott J' Johnson P Hassmg, R, Holden. SEVENTH GRA ' FRONT ROW D Weber C More house S Cushman A Sonnervllle G Fletcher L Markle P Moglerka C Hofacker B Jones B Iunlur A Sweet H. Campbell. SECOND ROW L Town, E WllkBl1S J' Srruth S Tubbs P Kub1n,L Gary B Rife. B Smith S Elhson, C Colley F Newton J Sponable BACK ROW D Conklin, E Falor H, Taylor D O1sten C Walls D Tyler S Seekman B Dewater J' DeBoer C wllliams B.Sm1th Mr Ash .ii 03- rm D1ck F . J.'f5sFif5C1,'i?f1F S L fi? eg 29, VARSITY FOOTBALL BACK ROW I1mDeur1oo Bob Cushman G1bSprau Wayne Lews LeRoy Foote Gene Laws B111 Rogers Jack Hamllton Bruce Khng Larry Green Tom Sabel Ph11Neu pert Mr Champron Coach D1ck Seekman Mr Cuneo Coach Gary Shook Chuck Trce Dave Meyers FRONT ROW hm Hannon Dean Carruthers Butch Larson B111 Knobloch Chuck Colley Leonard Curuss Jerry Serbert Howard Mlsner Ron Ganger Kenney Scott Dave Lutes Bob Johnson 004' " 9685 Bo G1b 1 FRESHMAN STANDING: Mr Bums Coach- Ron Powers Larry Christenson, Larry Stratton, Jim Slentz, Roger Newkirk, Anthony Cardiff. Jerry Calowell, Larry Pratt, Carl Heimstra, Mr. Sutherland, Coach. KNEELING: Larry Schuyler, Herm Cardiff, Bob Sponable, Ed Powless, Ron Julien, Ralph Decker. John Veldt, Dough Robyler, Jim Pirrone, Manager. RESERVE STANDING Mr Bums Coach Ron Ester 11ne Dan Goodacre Orv111e Jackson Jrm McNutt Lynn Larson Sam Perrrcone B111 Moore Dan Seekman Mr Sutherland Coach KNEELING Don Grrffrn Mlke Trrpp Ron Lucas Larry Jones Tom Benedrct Mrckey Walters Jack Newton George Statler Jay Lamphear A - ln. , I , L VARSITY BASKETBALL STANDING: Larry Jones, Phil Neupert, Skip Sisson, Bill Clock, Dick Boettcher, Jim Harmon, Jock Perrone, Jim McNutt, Gib Sprau, Bob Johnson, Wayne Laws, Gene Laws.' KNEELING: Leonard Curtiss, Managerg Mr. Champion, Coach: Jack Hamilton, Manager. Dick. "B111'- "Bob" "Phi Otsego Otsego Otsego Otsego Otsego Otsego Otsego G1 Opponent Bangor Wayland Vlcksburg South Haven Portage Pla1nwe11 State Hlgh W Tey That s the breaks of the game Otsego Otsego Otsego Otsego Otsego Otsego Otsego Opponent Alumnl Allegan Vlcksburg South Haven Portage Plalnwell State Htgh Sklp W They 3, .bn ,, e h e 70 47 ' 54 56 64 35 44 51 Otsego Allegan 53 56 Otsego Kal. Christian 51 55 ' 55 36 ' 58 47 70 50 58 55 44 46 52 58 ' 42 46 ' 77 61 ' 53 64 ' 68 66 FRESHMAN Coach Dave Ovratt Jrm Slentz C arl He rmstra Roger Newkrrk Lynn La rson Ron Powers Don Nrchols KNEELING WayneWa11ace Roger Mason Bob Sponable B111Kenne dy Ron Julren. C Babrrck RESERVE STANDING B111 Roger Manager Don Holmes Frank Krueger Tom Benedrct Tom Nrcholson Sam Perrrcone Ronnre Ray KNEELING Torn Randall Dan Nulty Ron Lucas Larry Pratt M1ckyWalters Mr Cuneo Coach STANDING: Mr. Sutherland, SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL BACK ROW J Taylor D Knowlton G Rounds T Marzo N Starr T Lamphear D Weber B Ash L Cronen BACK ROW C Moore D Hendrrxon J Sponable D Scott D Holland R Augus tme W Sweet D Conklm J Arnett D Myers EIGI-ITH GRADE BASKETBALL BACK ROW: R. Lattourette, B. Rose, P Lovett, D. Dommert, I. Foote, I. Dendel C. Christensen, B. Phillips, I. Holderman R. Bentley, B. McPherson. H. Myers. FRONT ROW: M. Hornaday T Cronen K Galloway J Gibson R Staley D Weaver J Boettcher B Jackson I Ab- bott J Barker CROSS COUNTRY BACK ROW Sk1pS1sson Jock P1rrone Drck Boettcher Nelson M11ls Ron Mnchell Max Krueger FRONT ROW ,T ack Dav1s M1keG1bson Don Holmes Danny Multy Joe Schrnltt Bill Broadhurst Coach Mr Woods ,..-J sv . 5' L Q x TRACK BACK ROW: ,T ack Newton, Manager, I im Harmon, Chuck Tice, Gib Sprau, Butch Larson, Bill Clock, Nelson Mills, Micky Walters, Konrad Jockus, Ron Mitchell, Tom Woods, Coach. FRONT ROW Tom Sabel Jack Hamilton Wayne Laws Leonard Cususs Larry .Tones David Myers Tom Randall Don Holmes J1m McNutt Max Krueger LeRoy Foote 1,11 f 'I' , ' I elle Q ff gg ' , M Y ' K nf '5 on , " Q S . . . . M 4 t ,,.M,,,,, x ff I -I 3 n 1 0 QV ' A f, , "' :' , , 2 - , W 'Q . , , , I 4 1 u - ' tv- .N fa ' ,h in , vi K , , 5, -f ,, 4 l . . . fr 4 . ,gr V ' 1 f., V, W J, 5 ' . . s l 1 H F 4 , X he V Q v o 1 1 ' J :'! 7 , H J? , ' N Q N ' 5 I - , A , U I ' ' y ' Ia' if 1' W ' t I ,f fr' 'V , X ,M j t, , 7. 'W f I ,, I' I . R in J , A f 'J A Q ' I ,I 4 rx 2 V I sic V 1 I 31? , ilu 0 x xi f 4 2 "'-.,-, gy 1 ' .4 ' ' IM x , ' 1 ' Q9 , 'Qi if '65 ,af 'X ,M 1 4 4' WN 5 1 -2 fry, ,i'fj5ai1,j R W kr: 1Q2?fzW:Q5v"f .ms A . 'ik Q - . 4 i, N x N '-Q. , X WM' ii . 4 . , ' . 'f . i K! h 4" I , li R af- ' K U 1 P .- 5 , 5 1 'V V. 4 " - . 5 5 2, 2- P53 gf: 73, s F514 Yfsffi Xi- TW' 3 A - Jx ' ,,. 1 ' A ,..-- an- - , BOYS' TENNIS LEFT TO RIGHT Ron Mitchell Jim McNutt Doug Harper Phll Neupert Martin Minnard Mr Champion Coach GIRLS' TENNIS FIRST ROW: Barbara Leitch, Kath- ryn Myers, Jackie Earle, Jane Har- vey, Barbara Ash, Virginia Ab- hott. SECOND ROW: Carroll Hamilton, Bobetta Palrymple, Brenda Mario, Diane Farnsworth Arlene Evans Betty Foote Mitzi Krueger THIRD ROW Pat Hutchinson Judy Drake Jackie Nulty Karen Jackson D1ane Klintworth G a y Mills Jackie Statler Miss Schill in 4-v' fx 6 YV' 'Q' 'E' . HI 'T rl' 0 Q 1 ,JZ h . I2 S S SPORTS SNAP What a good group I S Double Exposure ,Q Get that ball' Sri" Y-1 Jump Sk1p btuke' V Congratulatlons Butch ,, ., ' li ' 4 A L o , 1? K I . jk .J L ' ,S L ' A ff' -' . X W4 kv V XJ? A I- 1' , ' J HVIIO Ay AA' -6' e i , I I fp' W . Q A . 1 N x T , . .. K .J ' - 'iff' , .,::.-nf J 5. P , tm g ,,.-.Q , v PGWFL' ,A 7 ,V , ' I C' v 4' rf w 7 X rf LL M1 HW-f ,aa , ia QW! 'G fm., 'F CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT Judy Lukms Sally Lew1s B0bYetta Darymple, Brenda MAFIO Sharon Card1ff LEFT TO RIGHT. Nancy MacLeod, Shella Ray, Brenda Wolfe, Mary Lou Van Every, Pat Burns, Barb Sxsson. KM ' ' ' V, - f , ,, .,,., eq...--af v-'W '25, .O ,,,,,, ....-ff ,,., -HH, ...... N , ...,,.. , y ' . , ... .... .,. 1 n My ,,,,-... A-' , ,....-......,,..........,..,.,.. . . ., - ., ,.--vo' 41 "I,-W . -., ,..,, . - if-J 1' N U 5 V Q W 'q - b 4 Q ........ .......,,,.-..,,... 5 W 0 , ,,..,. N..- .. . ,..... ....-...- - -Q V, 9 Y .- V - . . . X Q ' 0 I A ' . V 9 g , 'Q l .. N I. . Y- - f SEVENTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT Carol Hofacker A11ceCurt1ss Josephme Prrrone Sherry Grbson Barbara Jones EIGHTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS STANDING: Nancy Reichenbach, Beth Sullivan, Sally Mario KNEELING: Dawn Mills, Melissa Wing. FRONT ROW Denms Baker Ton Burroughs Charles Tlce hm McNutt Larry Jones Davrd Plckett Davrd Myers B111 Broad hurst Davrd OVIBII Jay Lamphear M George BACK ROW Davrd Howe Tom Benedrct Claude Gave Walter MCSIR Frank Burroughs Jock Prrrone Nelson M1115 B111 Clock B111 Moore FRONT ROW P Lancaster P Lovett M. VanEpps S Ray ,T Schroeter J' Drake B Mrnegar K Nichols S Kmght K Dobbin. SECOND ROW J' Warner N Baker C Doesz S Felty K Wood A Dewater ,T Ehrhch, D LaTaurerte B Fouphr M George BACK ROW K Fhckenger B Kenney B Guidebeck D VanDerMeer M Rush, C Schmrdt C Brabon, K Myers C Jullen. HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS' GLEE CLUB HIGH SCHOOL BOYS GLEE CLUB 3 4 I """I N Nr. Ni.. If!! fcontlnuedjl Berky B Doyle L Ea le A Sonnervtlle L Baker BACK ROW I Markle M Bennett L Arenhoevel Q Tubbs C Grrffln A Curtxss S Schm1tt P Kubtn R Perrlcon I Yates L Ago M Seekman, I. Smith B. Rose S. Ellison E. Wilkins. BOYS' GLEE CLUB FRONT ROW: David Kennedy K. Bell A Sweet C. Morehouse E. Falor D Newkirk. D. Lucas, Wayne Hughes, F. Newton, B. Jun er. MIDDLE RO U: T. Sinkler, A. Wallace, C. Walls, G. Liviniiston. E. Sweet P, Hassinv, C. Moore, I. Bennett, C. Stratton, Mr. George. BACK ROW: R. LaTourette, M. LaDuke, J. Wood, I. Murphy, B. I-larpe: R. Gentley, E. Laws, J. Arnett, I. Barker, J. Johnson. -..-.gl IU NIOR HIGH GIRLS' GLEE CLUB FRONT ROW A Sonnervllle S OGrady V Fox C Royston C Smrth S Houvener Leonard S Harmens D M1115 Doublestren S Warner SECOND ROW P LaV1o1ette I Batsekos C Cook C Games J Moore S Pron I Freeman K Dunklee THIRD ROW B Knrght S Knrght S Cushman B Jones C Hofacker R Roberts G Fletcher I Town K Wood S Hlcks M McConney L Peterson S Hallmgshead P Maglerka L Markle M George FOURTH ROW M Nrchols S Payne C Kenney C Terry K Mason B R1fe C Colley I Prrrone S DeF1elds S151 1 .. 5. A Vail iff ,fy 1 . 5 "I 2 C "I O Z l"'l W l" U1 Zi '-I .40 F5 2,5 O 9-Q TN 'U 3... ,,': 640494949 THREE BELLES LEFT TO RIGHT Ali Colyer .T dy H01 land C ryl WIJS IL SEATED- Martha W lt SWING BAND FRONT ROW: Chuck Bragg, Mr. Warren, Howard Misner, Maurcene VanEpps, Karen Flickenger. MIDDLE ROW: Hugh Myers, Peter Lovett, Joe Schmitt, Bud Ash, Jack Davis, Larry Pratt. BACK ROW: Don Overhuel, Bob Johnson, Nancy Benedict. The best bands 1n all the lands BAND MAJORETTES Georgta Sheldon Carolyn Deaton Pat MacLeod Pat Strater Sandra Latterner Sh1r1ey Blanchard GraceH1ppen steel. FRONT ROW C Holmes K. Llndsey M Bradshaw C Games J Troutt R Sweet land N Deaton A, Schmltt D Jenkmson, B Ash P Scott S Harmens M Ardens M T H111 Mr Warren. MIDDLE ROW K, Fhckenger B Rose F Dutton N Brenner D Farnsworth L Hall, M Rupert P Hlcks S Nagy M VanEpps S Gtbson Root Baker Overhuel, McLaugh hn, Farnsworth Burkett. Hornaday: B, Johnson, B. Leitch, H,Jackson: STAFF EDITOR. Pat Krueger LAYOUI' EDITOR. Sharon Slzntl. LITERARY EDITOR. Jim Brown. BUSINESS MANAGER Barbara Ash ART EDITORS Mane Adams Xa Gary Shook. EXCHANGE EDITOR. Lmda Reed. ASSIGNMENT EDITOR .TudY Lukms SPORTS EDITOR. Susan MCCOI1I1ey BULLDOGS DARK REPORTERS FIRST ROW S Burchett, S Lew1s B Da1rymp1e,S P1011 J' Freeman C Dunkle, K. Bmnett SECOND ROW S Rapa M. VanEpps J Westfield D Lures K. Gorden,G Sheldon S Ray S Tirnmerman C Wilson, S Latterner V Abbott, C Markle THIRD ROW J Warner J' Loedman K Flxcldnger B Dreachslin M. Walters S FOURTH ROW K. Bronkema D Famsworth R. Strong, D Finch R. Broadhurts E Powless C Memna N Brenner S Cardlff J Holland S Campbell D Baker Rounds, K Rlley, .A. Evans: K,.Jacks0n, I. Smith. . DRAMATICS FRONT ROW Barbara Ash Virgmia Abbott Arlene Evans Susan Campbell, Sharon Cardlff Bobetta Dalrymple Sue Sulhvan, Caryle WIISIII Kare1J'acks0n. MIDDLE ROW Pat Hutchinson, Judy Drake Janet Srruth Brenda Mar1o Sally LCWIS Mary Sue Confer Carol Harrulton, Brenda Wolfe, IV11I1Z Krueger Som Rounds Sandra Burchett Evie Lynch BACK ROW Mrs Altenburg, Carol Memna, Sharon Slentz, D1ane Famsworth, Sandra Lovett Shern Newton D1ane Klintworth. COMET FRONT ROW Susan McConney J3Ck16 Hippensteel, Caryle W1Json Som Rounds Evxe Lynch, Ruth Ann Fhclunger SECOND ROW Sandra Lovett Susan Campbell, Karenlackson Dtane Kllntworth Barbara Dreachslin Karen Fhcklnger Joan Baldwm Carol Menina THIRD ROW Mrs Murdock Sherri Newton V1rg1.n1a Abbott Brenda Marlo Lmda Reed Sharon Slentz. BACK ROW Bob Ftsk Dmck Boettcher Bob Cushman, Bobetta Dalrymple, Janet Srnith. I R',3.s+-Qt f gb .1 f 'ir 3 37 "0" CLUB BACK ROW: ,T ack Davis Ron Mirtchel, Nelson Mills Dick Seekman Burch Larson Phil Neupert .T oe Schmitt Bill Clock. FRONT ROW. Skip Sisson Bob Johnson Jock Pirrone Dick Boettcher Jim Harmon Gib Sprau. ROAD RAMBLERS BACK ROW Mr Bir Boblohnson ChuckBragg Dick Boettcher Ralph Forney Bob Fisk. FRONT ROW Leonard Curtiss I ack Hamilton J' oe Schmitt Konrad J'ockus Ron Ganger 'Nt fx AGRICULTURAL CLUB FRONT ROW Mr Reyburn Gene Statler A Cardtff H Card1ff R Powers A Schmttt G Stratton ech D Brown Blanchard T Martrn 11rch D Wallace Newton T Petkus SEC O 'D POW I Fa es S ott C' TICC D Lu es ll ard Mo Esterltne W Reynolds L H1 hes B Brcnke ta ave L Foote Ike er Ha e TH RD R W R otstra F Bern r A res S lxeber M Dbv L ett Nl Hntchtnso G 1waJ Bla e Rtnktn D Fotre B Groth Dennts Baker FRONT ROW: Mary Ann Rupert, Sharon Naggy, Morcene Van Epps, Barbara Minegar, Evonne Sheldon, Georgia Sheldon, Elizabeth Brown, Jackie Earle, Kath- ryn Myers. BACK ROW: Mr Suess Susan McCon- ney Barbara Ash Sandy Felty Joyce Arnett Carol Schm1dt Sandra Lovett Betty Foote lock Ptrrone FUTURE TEACHERS z . , , - E W , A- ! . ! Q.: K e , , , A I , f -ff I M - B . . , Z.. 5 I 'V r ' i r fluff 1 " W" Ch I 1 , . Q4 - f f 4-I ' in ' 1 " , ' ,V I- S G Q . F , , 2 5 t, tx 1 1 . 1 , K. ,..t ' ' ' " S L, B ll , B. Ore, R. f 1,' ' Y 1: , . 1 n , C. , 7, , , '., G f - . V r 1 A at 1 1 . 1 0 2 . 1 ,tar Ko ' , . e , R. , y ' 4 I r V . 'gy' I. ov , . . ' ,n , G. allt 1, B. in , 1. if V ' , if ...1 vi, iff' 'Uh DEBATE STANDING Coach M Colewell I m Brown Frank Krueger Ron Burronqhs SEATED Donna LaTourette Jovce Arnett Pat Krieger STUDENT COUNCIL BACK ROW: David Oviatt, Bob Cushman, Wayne Laws', Bob Johnson, Butch Larson, Sharon Jenkinason, Carol Holmes. FRONT ROW: Joyce Arnett, Soni, Rounds, Carol Kennedy, Naomi Brenner, Ruth Ann Duerloo, Linda Reed, Sharon Slentz, Diane Klintworth. i I P' Nfl ART CLUB FRONT ROW Mr Boyce IwcLeod Tce Dreachshn K Fhcklnger M Adams M Myers N axlor E ar Iew1s L Grlsbx BACK ROW K Farnsworth E Blanchard D Flnch 1Sh61 Blame Prcherr J Hppensteell oest u n Harmlton B1 SPANISH CLUB FRONT ROW L Grlsbv C Kennedy P Krueger ennett K Root 0 s e e r s Dlarymple CoachMr Colwell BACK ROW I Ovlatt I Ba wm V Abbott B s rueger DeBoer I Earle G M1113 W Smuh 'dnl ,Kiwi 33.4533 Q sw N351 ,Q 'Qu , O R , ,Y J , ,A T wr ' A f ,Q : . , B A . , . r Y. B , . , S M R , K. My , B A ld ' , . , y B Ah, M. K , J ' W 1 'W V , . ' , my .1 ,,,, , . P.4 ,s. i,B. Y H M T ' , . H DS r, S. P. R' .B. ',D. 3 C.D ,C.Ili,Cs - 9 1 Yf MAINTENANCE STAFF BACK ROW: Glenn Lukins, Frank Cohh. FRONT ROW: HermVanderBosch, Martha Holland. BUS DRIVERS LEFT TO RIGHT J Jameson B Holmes R Warren N1 Brewster G Breck R Ray G Stearns J Rrce R Cary lx Bent ey I Marks B McKeowen M Healey A Rogers T Burroughs L Watters INOT PRESENT M Starr R Sponable C Scott I Nash D Kmght ,-- jmx 1' I u"x SAFETY PATROL FRONT ROW D Conklm, D Knowl ton, A. Sweet C Morehouse T Lamphear B Ash, I G1bS0l'l, D Boetcher SECOND ROW E Brabon G Ltvmgston H. Taylor E Falor C Housel, P Hassmg C Moore D Weaver BACK ROW Mr Ash, P Blanch ard C Walls R.J'0h.uSon W Sweet I Fought S Murray D Otsten D Mxller I Dendel. i LIBRARY CLUB FRONT ROW: P, Scott, P. Lan- caster, S. Ray, K. Myers, S. Pi0I1. M, Hagerman. SECOND ROW: M. Roberts, J. Winters, J. Staley, B. Kindis. P- Erlich, B. Schelb, E. Brown. P. Krueger K. Shipley BACK ROW- G Stratton W RBY' nolds J' Erchlick, B. Kenny C Smlth Y Sheldon, A Dewater .T wood D Pickett P Freestone A CAPPELLA CHOIR BACK ROW- L. Reed C. Wilson, J. Holland R. Wlelinga J. Loedeman, C, MacMurraY S. Cardiff K Kissinger A Colyer. THIRD ROW- S. Newton, P. Kissinger M. Walters D Finch L. Van Kestren D Guidebeck, L VerHage S. Campbell, N. Benedict Mr. George Director. SECOND ROW- D. Farnsworth N. Brenner R Broad- hurst G, Sprall. I. Schmitt B. Johnson C. Bragg D. Laughlin B, Dreachslin J. Earle. FIRST ROW' M. Meyers L. Swartz, B Moore C Heimstra G Loedernan B Broadhurst R Lucas R. Newkirk, D Klintworth M. Sponable GAA FIRST ROW, Left to Right Sharon Raps Ellen Sage Judy Westfteld Marchien Clock Beverely Boysen Sally Lewis Carol Hamilton Jackie Earl Carmen Julien Diane Forney Jack1eFergusson Kathy Sullivan Sheila Ray Sharon Knight Ruth Ann Flickenger Pat Ehrlick Bonn1eK1nd1g Kay Nichols Nancy McLeod Penny Lovett Mary Miller Carol Holmes Miss Dtost SECOND ROW Eileen Edson Karen Herbert Brenda Wolfe Sandy Burchett Som Rounds Sue Sullivan Barbra Stsson Pat Burns Jackie Hippensteel Bobetta Dalrymple Karenltckson Sue Campbell Sharotte Foupht Carol Markle Betty Barber Sue Gallaway Elizabeth Brown Sharon Pion Linda Jackson Anita DeWater THIRD ROW Karen Shipley Bonnie Livingston Joyce Livingston Pat Min grnta Abbott Ruth Dutton Carrie Tay lor Eleanor Powless Diane Klintworth Sandra Lovett Jane Harvey Pat Van Der Hoff Betty Foote Ellen Hall Lana Krueger Sharon Frisby Mitzi Krueger FOURTH ROW Janice Staley Judy Drake Sherrie Punches Mary Ann Ru pert Betty Fales Barbara Ash Arlene Arlene Evans Janet Smith Jackie Nulty Yvonne Sheldon CharlenSm1th Diane Mack Gay Mills Jackie Stat ler RulhW1el1ng1a Sue Davis Barbara Drenchlin Karen Fllntnger Esther Blanchard FIFTH ROW Kathryn Myers Evie LYf1Ch Georgia Sheldon Jeanme Tay X WT lor Sandra Fuller Soni Misner Sally 1 Knight Carol Leona rd G D 1 1 . , , , . . , . , . . . . . . . . , . , . I D . . . , . ' g . p Q D I , , . I I O , : ' I , ' . , ' .' . ' . I . ' . . . . . , . . . , . . . I . . .I . ' l ' . ' ' . . : . I , ' ' . ' . D . I , . . ' l k I ' , ' ' . . ' . . . ' . i : . ' . . . , . . , . - nard, Dave Geren, Barbara Leich, Vir- . . . D , - I D I I I l I . . . ' . I . . . 3 ' f I I t - . . . ' . ' . I I V I I ' . ' ' - I . . . D .. p . . : . . , , -. x YW ' . ' A - ,- - ' A - ,,. J 1 ini ' 3 . . A . A 1 'U ' ' f N ' - LEFT TO RIGHT B111 Clock Bob Johnson Jack Davrs Chuck Bray Joe Schnntt SENIOR PLAY "THE RED HOUSE MYSTERY" BALK ROKR Bou Johnson Jack Davls Susan Mc Conney Boyd Blame D1ane Kllntworth Chuck Bragg Delores Belcher Butch Larson Joe SChfI'l1II Mrs Altenburu Dlrector Brenner Sherrle Newton Dlane Farnsworth Mary Kay Sponable FRONT ROW: Nancy Benedict, Bill Clock. Naomi Yo V1 J' I ls'Os Q R2 'sv Duected by Rachel Altenburg LEFT TO RIGHT- Sally Lew1s, Bob Cushman, B111 Broadhurst, Bobetta Dalrymple, Lmda Gmgsby, Barb Ash, Jock Plrrone. Sue Campbell Thas xs a scene from the successful ,Tumor Play "All In The F4lT1l1Y " The famlly IS p1ctured 1n one of the1r regular farn11y get to genhers. JUNIOR PLAY 'ALL IN THE FAMILY FIRST ROW B Broadhurst Sally Lewls L1nda Gngsby Caryle WIISOH. SEATED Bobetta Dalryrnple Sue Campbell Jock Plrrone Barbara Ash. BACK ROW Walt Smlth J'1mHard1n BobCushman Tom Sabel, Kenney Scott Al ' 2 1? 5 Y 'ff ' 7,6 ,f ,, ,mv x'i ,-,,m4 , ffa , , .h ?' M-,f,.4:ff 1 W .QQ Q' ,,4,,: :U ,.:--H' M: Yu A -1 Qnun, GW no uifigggh '.q..!If- L. P5 as v K 'rl' xf,,k1Si,'ff L 'Ng' .., -f 1., Compllments ABBE RADIO SERVICE Compllments DR MARY HEFFELFINGER Compllments of MARIO'S BEAUTY SALON Compllments DR GEORGE CROCKER Compllments ROY ROOT'S Compllments JOE 6 GIL'S BARBER SHOP Compllments DR RALPH S TAYLOR Compllments DR L F BROWN Compllments DR AND MRS RALPH ALLEN of Of of of Of of of of Compllments MARY ALICE and LEO WATTERS Compllments of of DR. G. V. KINCH of of Optometrlst Compllments Compllments RooTs VAN LINE o'rsEGo MACHINE SHOP Lai? was Q. " 'WH TE Aco HARDIN 5 limmw "?' gpp numlMll"'E2 f55v DIIRIIIK 'K SULLIVAN'S MoToR SALES HARD1NG'S MARKET xx h -Q4 511.-.1 KALAMAZOO SAVINGS AND LOAN GAS COMTANY W1 Z uiihime topbumer HORNNOOIITYOI U x I If -- J 'J ' 'Nfx fl uni-4 -.ss 1 . N I Y, WT A V X 8 I ' I ,J 4 x Y . , .' Q W ' 2 , Q' f . '- .140 N X xx , A ,V , WJ, 1-. 2, NX- ' ff, 1' 5 ' v 4. X' I " v ' 1 -4 f A! 'f D' A x K, , 1 - Ol. R I Q--.,,, 1 1, n f x N - 'A -AQ+ - ' V t x , K I . ,,,,,,..- V . ww f N 1 MW NWN MM- - A NEW .nei, E 251 4- fi? L 'I' Lf' iff - 7-41 uwggiiifg . M 0' ww 2 ' ' ' .7 W V -,,,m,,,.Z.,,,t I Zn' l?IlllHllf 111 1 'f'f"ff'W"g , nf, N 1 L- Ne . 5444 1 v maxim K' OCDIIDIICOIOUO ' rj , .. N - - , C' 'l 55? 1--i 1 ..J""" ii.g.-r-u-I 1-.v .ua- ,, 'Vu 2? Q -Y""'3""' 'bgb 4-T. 'A 9' ky, 4 'T 519' fi, Al 4 , T ' Eg 1 T 0 A f 5 i In A- N' 4 H L 2 ' f . . ' P 9 ' ' A - , Z ' , A 0' , B , 4 : L.. -N, A H -W,-T 4,1 TQ, .Wi T, . ,, -L, , T ' x.4..,gg:j'.i , , f ,4 Mmm T., ..,, ,vm .,.L,. W --"I 'W ., gf: ll EiaQgg9w4 ,x, A ' "" ' - j,,TX -...E ,4K. ,',, 4 AuJ'iffLA'x"?'1-'T mx-L -' 1'--'f FIRST ATIONAL BA AND TRU T CO. 1 1' -g X ,I---A-'-.H v, ff' ,. ' Dx ,f ,- . Compliments of the MORE ? Y it FILMS ak CAMERAS H! it SUPPLIES IK A f QQQ' I I 'tj-5' LCJYAL ORDER OF MDOSE DAVIS STUDIO MJ N LINDSEY FLOWER SHOP STATE FARM INSURANCES CO HO FACKER'S 'Q e . , ' I' 4' I y' I 1- I V Dix rfb! D W 'Sv o '. If If 1? K Z ' I Il 65 g, . cf "ay, ' I Q F .1 Q " . '!', ":.f',' ,'3"T" ' S , ., SIAI' ...m ' "" SV 5 A S ' V, rw:-A4 1. . ,, 4, I . ,. K Q ifllff, . ,, V if f U3 S Q . A4 1 ,V -Xi' Rvws W 'pq' -6 LA'f, y G . M I I I I FL 'f FRN P g n ' Q ,,.ijf...51- 459' wmv-WR W im ilu GREG nm Y AGENCY guru ROEMER'S AUTO SERVICE GREG NULTY AGENCY J.-. 3-. HINKLE'S BAKERY TED'S HEATING OTSEGO CLEANERS g . , . f A GM .C , ' - -.' v ' V -. '1 I . M if? s X. xl 1 ,, If ,ww , i , , . X ' " , '- x , .' 1 x A ,' , , . T' V , I X- .L ' ' Q ""... Vw' l . 4 A. - " . . ff, A ' W,- ,Z - Q F ,'5J9Mi5 -rv-'US--',,,u, Q -1 .1 I l l tji 5 .bkhg ,-3-"Q J f' . v 1 ,gait 7, d2:.. . fl ' Qiix :ia 4 " ' A..- 4 fl fl I 2- , . - 6 Q Q. u 4 , ,H 0 - . l V . 0 WINKEL FUNERAL HOMES MURRAY CHAMBERLINE PONTIAC DEALERS l! mm JOHNNY ATKINS SALES G SERVICE ROLLER 8 STEVENS OTSEGO FURNITURE ff lf TICE'S BOB'S HARDWARE OTSEGO THEATER W ix ,ry , r I ' ' ,', A - xxx ' ' V X , X 7 V X I N . x . f' . X J J ylf' I. 1 I I s . 'I -L . ,llfff , T' ' f ..-. ,,..,,,,,kSf A V A 1 If ii x A 'lil-I I - T" 9 . 'Zi V .f...v.,f. VW w K V . A 'J' ' L+. "' ""' W V - -""""-"'-"Q , kj 'fu , R f Q A -wa., N '-'u . - A HIE f ' " ' ' R" 'Ill F W 131' 'L .K ., A , ' If- --lnlnggigi 1 I fx, 3 " f fr I 'Q hu IZ is sznvlcs .-11" jd RAY'S MARATHON SERVICE 1 U Z PlESt'I'f'1'l0I1':5i I HOLT 6: MURDOCK DRUGS L,,,4-g, 'Siu il Q SPAN BRASS MFG CO ,- - E nunos MARQSE BEER W .t BURD'S MARKET ,gfgJnL-nn--h--- SANI TARY MILK PRODUCTS A-1 M' f ' 1 I X , , - I, 4.-... Aff 4 V' ' f. L , ' f .3 , K sono SALES f "die- DICK'S GROCERY AMEDEO FORD SALES l E. RICHARDSON INSURANCE D and C STORE SHELP'S RESORT SNYDERS STANDARD SERVICE I1 4 ?'! OLYMTIA SCOUT HOUSE HOPPERS GUIDE RMYWC SHOPPERS GUIDE THE COLLINS SHOP 'wag- TRIPPS DEPARTMENT STORE GILLIGAN'S SERVICE THE PIKE MILL OTSEGO HARDWARE P f .EF A ' 25- , Q. ." A .ar . . n ' fuwdfffivafbfll AU AfvEff"S'vQ ,V Q I 'KWH il v 5 'M ' I , G I I 5,4 W H v.- Q l I W ' ' ?" IJ' N 'xc Z ' M"1'.' V 'F . , ' E: U. , aPL'P'. V Q fr' . 4 I l- ' , J ,Q 'V U. 4' 14 L' . ' 11. X I .. . .iz-, . ll A 'luv- , h - M .Pk '15 PIRRONE'S GROCERY ELLWOOD ELECTRIC WAIT'S CROCERY SMITTY'S CITIES SERVICE SPONABLES FUNERAL HOME AUTOMAT LAUNDRY lzucum ua mm. um Glmwn ucmwlvnnu ka.. NY i GUNPLAIN MACH 8 EQUIP CO EUGENE VIS MOTOR SALES SKOGMOS . NJ" r,,,... I 4 ,E I " ink MICHIGAN COTTAGE CHEESE BUILT BY CARLSON coNsTRUcT1oN co IIUOI v--+""4a,l l MILLS and MOLS CAFE COLBURN DRUGS GANBLES 3 'W sfx ' x"'s ' 1 ff' -is ff Q- W Xfir Q1 W w 4 'fv lin-A 9 G. ,sn...g ...Isl bl8.NHl f.-Q.: 4 A Mavw "5 5 , ' 'w Q-fy af ,Q !' 'gg . 5 .fl 4 L - , -i-dv' ,' , 'Q l',5SQ'g1 ,gin 'Q' Nuff g .-Q.--I ,jp . 4 . ' ,rg 15 ' wi TX A ' f1,.f' S hi 1 . ., K , 1 a I Wy " , L C fi " ' mf- "1 J. - 4' -' " ". Q'..: .- 'ff-0--..1- .lst 2 l 54+-....t. ff "l--"'+f"L- ,J 1 ' 14 - -- ..xa'L.f HQ .. fl 1 Arif' X A 4 gi 3 S Q, wwf 4' 5-an V G -Q 'lx

Suggestions in the Otsego High School - Comet Yearbook (Otsego, MI) collection:

Otsego High School - Comet Yearbook (Otsego, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Otsego High School - Comet Yearbook (Otsego, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Otsego High School - Comet Yearbook (Otsego, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 89

1957, pg 89

Otsego High School - Comet Yearbook (Otsego, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 13

1957, pg 13

Otsego High School - Comet Yearbook (Otsego, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 38

1957, pg 38

Otsego High School - Comet Yearbook (Otsego, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 42

1957, pg 42

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