Otsego High School - Comet Yearbook (Otsego, MI)

 - Class of 1956

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1 .xml ' 5 fl 'v YY ,M O bv , 1 -1 '99 I f ' 'A 1 I ' rl KV 4 4 ' 51" ,af if f 'Ba 47 Q' ,gs 1 4 i HTSEGO HIGH SCHHIIL HTSEGO. MICHIGAN :pm V. ,v ,Z ,, . DEDICATIO , A 7.7. - St 'A We the Comet Staff hereby dedtcate the 1956 Comet to Mary Alrce and Leo Watters Mary Al1ce rs a teacher of Englrsh at O H S She IS very actwe rn scouts and takes part 1n most of our school ZCIIVIIICS Leo who ts an Lnstructor ot' swrmming at P1ne Lake IS also a scout leader He well never turn down anyone who wants help and rs more than willrng to take part rn our school 3CIlV1I1CS Mary Ahce and leo have charge of a great deal of our recreatron such as our weekly scout dances The students of Otsego Hrgh School are deeply grateful for all you have done SUPERINTENDENT To the clas of 56 Greetings This yearbook represents a compostte of your adventure mto the realm of education Someone has said that The Process of education ts ltke blazmg a trail to preparation for life Amencan Democracy is constantly assuming new and ever more desirable shapes In this age of the Atom and Automatton it behooves each and everyone of us to be constantly alert To thts end you have begun to blaze the tratl We congratulate you on your achievement Success and happtness is our wish for your future -H PRI CIPAL Congratulatrons to you the members of the class of 1956 of Otsego High School Your theme of Celestial bodies suggests that you will aim high as you enter the orbits of lrfe It is our hope that you will not only aim high but that each and every one of you will find that degree of success and happinessfor It is our hope that you will always keep ahve those ties which bind you to your alma mater and that you realrze that our interest rn you wrll follow you no matter how far you may travel from the Hall of O H S which you are searching as you travel 1i.fe's pathways. ARD of EDUCAT SECRETARIES A, Kramer, Mr, E, Lindsey, Mr, J. B I - a .Q -- K , :ff lr A i v i G, BURNS FACULTY MR sores , MR WARREN All nght class Music Band Ready 1 2 3 4 MRS LEESON MRS WATTERS Commerctal English Algebra Comet lbmedial Reading Now lrsten here Stop runmng in the MR STRATER halls Wood Shop Get to work MR WILDER Drtver Trammg just take that corner easy MRS MALTBY Gtrls Physical Education Now quret down A11 rrght Powers get to work MR wooos W 5 Health Mechan1ca1Drawmg Asststant Football Seventh Basket Algebra Geometry There IS no such thmg as otta be g 1 MISS VICKERY Jumor High Englrsh It s ttme to work hm Iumor I-hgh Math Math Be quret class All ,ight now MR SAUDER MRS GOODALL Iumor Hrgh Math Lrbrary You in the front row what a the answer' SIOD SHSDPIHS lhal Slim rn my ears A t. 0 ' ' l II Il T . I ,ff A 7 . ' . , MR. MEEUSEN ball, Tra.k, Cross Country , . my i 4 'rg .. . . K my n 'll , X U M A -'Tx FACULTY MRS. ALTENBURG MISS FORD American Literature, Latin English Dramatics "Throw YOU! gum in the basket' "May pass" MR ASH MRS FRENCH GCOSIHPVIY Shorthand typing LSI S Z0 f1Sh1HS Bulldog Barks out pencrl and paper MRS CLARKSON Homemaking Stop chewing gum MR Bm MR FRITTS General Science 8: Biology Shut up Metal Shop Ok get busy MR COLWELL English Spanish Debate The bell rang you know what you re supposed to do MR BOYNS History Write the Declaration of Independence twice MR GEORGE Vocal Muslc Tune up MR CUNEO Government Economic Geogr Reserve Football Eighth Grad MR BURNS Basketball Baseball Biology Chemistry In other words M153 IEWITT II S 8 b0Y C f8l'lSh1P History Get out yohr crvrcs books All right guys MR CHAMPION MR LEESON History Physrcal Education Physical Education Freshman Football Vars1ty Basketball Health 569101 5013909 It s a brgger boy' Varsity Football Reserve Basketball, Ass1stant Track COME'l' TAFF 2 6 'fa lf? iw! Mi fi? gii 'ig Lf 6 'Q ..,.,...f Y, KD' EDITORS Editor .......... ...... vw 'in Myers Co-Editor ......... ..... S uc McConey Business Manager . . . . . ..Shir1e y Cushman Art Editor .... ................... S herrie Newton 3 1 f ? B 2 'U in C45 ,....... -an Sf 1 1' we, STAFF FRONT ROW: Sue Davis, Shirley Cushman, Sherrie Newton, MIDDLE ROW: Ioan Baldwin, Bob Johnson, Win Myers, Dick Boettcher, Linda Reed. BACK ROW: Brenda Mario, Carol wilson, Dianne Kiinrworrh, Jane Kramer. qv R OFFICERS Jun Drake Hal Hewrtt Wm Myers Larry Carroll Myron Frasier Carol Smlth GLORIS ARENHOEVEL Always the same come ram or shine Lrbrary 2 G A A 1 Tennis 1 Chorusl JOYCE ELAINE BAKER The true measure of life rs honesty Band 4 Good Scholarshrp 4 BEVERLY JEAN BARBER She hkes them short she hkes them tall we know she hkes them all G A A 3 Good Scholarslup 2 Grrls Chorusl Mixed Chorus 1 BURDETT BEIEHER A shell of shyness but a heart of gold Amateur Program 2 Chorus 1 Presrdent V1ce President Secretary Treasurer Tom Kloosterman. . . . . . . . . . . .Representatives .. ' . . .. X ' ,, . . . : .. . U .. BERNADINE MAE BELL "Sweet and quiet but on the beam, thatdescribes our Bernadine. " Good Scholarship lg Junior Prom Committee 1. MONA LOUISE BERTHOLD A shyness a sweetness that stays 1n your mind a type of girl that s hard to find Good Scholarslup 2 Jumor Play Committee 1 ROY BERTHOLD This hkeable fellow is quite a man who will soon be doing his bit for Uncle Sam Junior Prom Committee l MARGARET BETZNER A blush is a sweet nmt of innocence Good Scholarslup 4 Y: si SUZANNE MARIE BLACKWELL Cleopatra too was small and that isnt all Spanish Club 2 Student Council 1 Student Librarian 2 G A A 4 Science Club 1 Library Club l Secre tary and Treasurer of Class 1 JACQUELINI-Z JOYCE BOOTH Our blonde sweetheart with dancing feet an all around gal that can t be beat ship 4 Junior Play Cast l 4 H Club 3 MARILYN ANN BOYSEN ln her quietness there is charm G A A 4 Honor Award l Girls Chorus 2 Service Award 2 BOYD BRI-INNER Why worry'P Things happen anyway Bulldogs Barks 1 Football 4 Baseball 1 Tennis 4 Noon Hour l Glee Club 3 Chorus 1 O Club 4 Sci ence Club 1 Good Scholarship 2 Service Award 3 6 G.A.A. lg Junior Prom Committee 1gGood Scholar- STANLEY DWAYNE BURCHETT A pleaslng smile a fuendly hello a credrt to school and a regular fellow Band 5 Comet Staff 1 Football3 Basketball 2 Good Scholarshrp 2 Mxxed Chorus 1 Swrng Band 1 Band Ensembles .TERRY EDWARD BURD Fleet footedl and small He rs lrked by all O Club 2 Baseball 4 Football 4 WILLIAM BURR A man of one interest need you ask what? Bulldogs Barks Staff 1 O Club 2 Baseball 4 Football 4 Basketball 3 Good Scholarshrp 2 Honor Roll 1 Honor Award 1 Servrce Awards 4 Boys Chorus 1 Jumor Play Committee 1 JOHN CHARLES CAMPBELL In your presence here I stand wlth a clarrnet ln my hand Band 5 Football 2 Good Scholarshrp 1 Honor Roll 3 Junror Play Commrttee 1 Swrng Band 1 Musrcal En sembles LARRY LAWRENCE BRONSON Knowledge comes but wrsdom hngers Future Teachers Club 1 Bulldogs Barks Staff 1 Honor Roll 4 Honor Award3 Boys Chorus 2 Junror Play Cast 1 Dramaucs 3 Mrxed Chorus 1 H1 CClub3 Cam pargn Manager for Student Counc11Elect1ons YVONNE LOIS BROOKS A sweeter person could not be found even 1f you looked the whole world round Good Scholarshlp 3 Jumor Play Commrttee 1 DAVID CLIFFORD BROWN He IS not only a scholar but a gentleman as well Band 4 Student Conductor of Band 1 Bu1ldogsBarks Staff3 Tennrs 3 Sclence Club 2 Debate 3 Honor Ro1l4 Mrxed Chorus 1 O H S Swmg Band 1 Musr cal Ensembles 4 NORBERT BURZINSKI Often burns the mrdmght orl but sad to say rt s not for torl O Club 2 Jumor Prom Charrman 1 Track 3 Football 4 Tenn1s4 Sc1enceClub2 Good Scholarshlp 4 Ium : : : ' : ' : ' : '- : - A ll ' ' 3 . : . . 0 5. .. . . : : z ' : ' s : : ' : . . . ' : '- D ' : ' ' : : A : ' 2 ' : ' s " g or Play Committee 1. I I ' s : : : ' : ' : ' : I : . .. . ' a ' n . . : : : ' : s My 1 ' : : : : ' : z L . . Z . Z . - g b . 3 G FRANCIS C. CAMPBELL "He puts his cares in a pocket with a hole in it." O'Club 25 Baseball 3g Track 4g Football 43 Basketball 2g Good Scholarship 43 Boys' Chorus 25 Junior Play Committee 1 Mixed Chorus 2 LARRY LEIGHT ON CARROLL He may not be a Ford but he can sure rattle on Band 4- Student Cotmcil 3- Comet Staff 1 Football 2 Good Scholarship 2 Honor Roll 2 Honor Award 2 Service Award 4 Junror Play Cast 1 Manager of Basketball 3 DAVID WILSON CARRUTHERS He turns hls back on girls and then runs backwards Baseball 4 Track 1 Football 4 CARLTON CHASE A student who thinks occasronally Jumor Play Committee 1 Junior Prom Committee 1 SANDRA CLAIR She s always willing and ready to have a good time Typist Bulldogs Barks staff 1 Tennis 1 Honor Roll 3 Honor Award 3 Junior Play Cast 1 Dramatrcs 3 ELEANOR ANN CLOCK My heart IS not my own but I don t care rt s rn good hands ship 2 SHIRLEY JEAN CUSHMAN With lots of pep and lots of fun she s one that s liked by everyone Band 6 Class Officer Secretary 7 Treasurer 1 Student Council 2 Comet Staff 3 Comet staff Business Manager 2 Bulldogs Barks staff 4 Bulldogs Barks Staff Business Manager 2 G A A 4 President ofG A A Senior Year Juruor Prom Chairman 1 Good Scholarship 4 Junior Play Cast 1 Dramatics 3 Vice President of Dramatics rn Senior year Senior Play KENELM GLEN DIGBY what he wanted to get out of school most was him self Boys Chorus l Jumor Play Comnuttee 1 Junior Prom Committee 1 Bulldog Barks 2g G. A. A . 25 Honor Roll 2: Good Scholar- GINGER EMMOMS She knows them all from out of town she s one Sen ror who gets around Chorusl GAA 1 FHA 2 DONNA FALES Sugar and sprce and everytlung nrce one of these days she ll be sprinkled wrth rice Junror Play Comrmttee 1 4 H 5 Secretary of 4 l Prom Commrttee 1 MYRON ANDREW FRASIER His fnends there are many hrs foes are there any? Class Officer Freshman Presrdent 1 Student Coun c1l 3 1 year V1ce President Student COLIIICII, O Club 3 Junror Prom Chairman 1 Basebal14 Track2 Foot ball 3 Good Scholarshrp 4 Juruor Play Commrttee 1 GAYLE FREEMAN Sometimes I just slt and thrnk and sometimes 1 Just sit! Student Librarian 4 O Club2 Track 3 Cross Country 4 JAMES CLARE DRAKE One of the best workers you 11 ever frnd he gets thrngs done rn a httle t1me Future Teachers Clubl Class Officer Seruor Presl dent O Club2 Track 2 Cross Country 2 Science Club 1 Good Scholarship 3 Honor Roll 1 Honor Award 1 Junior Play Cast 1 Dramatlcs 2 Semor Play Cast JACK MARVIN EARL If there rsn t anythrng to do let me do rt Track 2 Cross Country 4 Good Scholarshrp 2 JOYCE EARL Speech is srlver but silence IS golden Good Scholarshrp 3 Honor Roll 1 Servrce Award 3 Hot Lunch Helper 2 Junror Prom Commrttee 1 CHARLOTTE ANNE EKEMA Farr as a star shrmng rn the sky Class Offrcer Secretary 8: Treasurer of Junror Class l Bulldogs Barks Staff 2 G A A 2 Good Scholar ship 23 Girls' Chorus 1. ' ' : - : -H LAWRENCE GOSSMAN Formed from the good old plan a true and honest man Glee Club 1 Chorus 1 Science Club 1 Good Scholar shrp 4 LINCOLN DOUGLAS GREENE A n1ce guy wrth a ruce manner Band 4 O Club 2 Track 2 Football2 Tennrs 2 Boys Chorus 1 Dramaucs 2 Mrxed Chorus 1 Swing Band 1 Golf 1 ROLLAN HAMPTON Nrceness IS greater than size Jumor Prom Commluee BARBARA JEAN HASSING Her face 1s11ke an angel s face we re glad she hasn t wrngs Student Lrbrarran 2 Jumor Prom Charrman 1 Good Scholarshrp 2 HAL H HEWITT Don t take hfe too senously you ll never get out of rt ahve Class Offrcer 4 Comet Staff 2 Bulldogs Barks Staff 2 O Club 5 Baseball 1 Football 4 Basketball 3 Tennrs 4 Sc1ence Club 1 Good Scholarshlp 3 Honor Roll 1 Honor Award l Boys Chorus 2 Jumor Play Comrruttee ROGER HIEMSTRA A qurck witted geruus on freld or floor Frrendly to all need I tell you more? Student Councrl 1 Student Lrbrarran 1 Baseball 2 Track 1 Football 4 Basketball 2 Sc1ence Club 2 Good Scholarshxp 3 Honor Roll 1 Honor Award 1 Boys Chorus 1 Jumor Play Commrttee 1 Mrxed Chor us 1 WILLIAM DEAN HOFACKER As de vihsh asa guy can be when accused of the plot he says Who me? Football 4 Basketball 4 Glee Club 1 Chorus 2 WILMA HOFACKER Nice rs she and sweet as can be G A A 1 Good Scholarshrp 3 Grrls Chorus 1 Mrxed Chorus 3 Trio Mel O Dees 11 1 11 1 I I I - 1 ll ' ' ' ll 1 0 I 1 I I ' 1 Q I I I I 1 1 1 1 ,, . . N 1 1 11 - - 1 1 1 1 - 11 1 1 1 Q 11 1 - ' 1 ' ' fl 1 1 1 1 ' Q 1 1 I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I , . 1 1 1. ,, . . . . ff , . . . . . I . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . A u O I I ' 1 1 ' 1 ll ' 1 11 11 , . 1 1 1 1 ,, . 11 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 : - ... - . IACQUELINE KLAUS Some tlunk she s quret others know her better Student Libranan 3 Good Scholarshrp 1 DAVID THOMAS KLOOSTERMAN He seems quret but he s really full of fun Student Councrl 1 OClub 2 Track 1 Football 4 Scrence Club 2 Good Scholarshrp 3 Honor Roll 1 Honor Award 1 Boys Chorus 1 Dramatrcs 1 Seruor Play Cast KENNETH JOHN KUIPER A lrttle nonsense now and then is relrshed by the wrsest men Scrence Club 2 Good Scholarshrp 1 Boys Chorus 1 Mrxed Chorus 1 Semor Play Cast DAVID LAHUIS Men of few words are the best men Track 1, Good Scholarslup 1 ROBERT DUANE HOWRIGON Leader of men a follower of women Bulldogs Barks Staff 1 O Club 3 Baseball 2 Track 2 Football 4 Basketball 4 Junror Play Commrttee 1 DON HUTCHINSON Variety 18 the spice of life Student Council 1 O Club 2 Track 4 Football 4 Bas ketball 2 Junior Play Stage Manager SHARON IENKINSON A httle Joke a httle cheer a httle mrschlef Sharon s here Band 8 Class Offrcer 1 Student Counc1l1 Bulldogs Barks Staff3 Edrtor of Bulldogs Barks Staff 1 G A A 4 Tenms 1 Scrence Club 2 Good Scholarshlp 4 Honor Roll 2 Honor Award 2 Junror Play Cast 1 Dramatrcs 3 Mustcal Ensembles 2 Senror Play Cast NORMAN DEAN JONES I may not be the bestest butl ll do ull the bestest O C1ub3 Track4 Footbal13 CrossCountry 1 Sclence Club 1 Good Scholarship 3 .. . o ' u a - I U I I 5 : ' ' . . ' . . . , H l I 9 I I , I 1 l Il : ' : ' : : ' s . . . s ' : ' 1 ' : : : ' : : ' : ' . .. , . - comes along." ' : : : : ' ,: ' . W Il ' I If I a ' - . . s I I I I ' : ' : ' : o ' n . a ' I I I D ' . . ' . ' . I I l . z . . MARCIA LUCILLE LAUGHLIN Her frrends are many her faults are few A career 1n musrc she does pursue Band 4 Bulldogs Barks Staff 1 Good Scholarshrp 4 Jumor Play Commlttee 1 Mrxed Chorus l Solo dc Ensemble Contest 4 Typmg Award l SCIVICC Award IOANIE LEIGHTON Oh' how many torments he rn the small cucle of a weddmg rrngl Band 3 StudentCour1c1l2 G A A 4 Grrls Chorus 2 Junror Play Cast 1 Dramatlcs 2 DONALD R LEWIS No one knows what rt IS that he can do t1ll he TIISS Band 4 Juruor Prom Commrttee 1 ARTHUR L MC CABE Man has hrs w11l but woman has her way Future Teachers Club 1 Student Cormcrl 1 Scrence Club 1 WESLEY E MC CLURG Remember rt s as easy to marry a rrch woman as a poor woman Band 2 Boys Chorus 1 Iunlor Prom Comnuttee 1 MARIO MC CONNEY My rdea ofan agreeable person IS a person who agrees wrth me StudentCounc112 Cross Country 2 Tenms 1 Scxence Club 2 Debate 3 Honor Award 4 Servrce Award 4 JOYCE MARIETTA MARKLE Cute as a prcture nlce frame too Bulldogs BarksStaff1 G A A 1 Dramatrcs 1 Mrxed Chorus 2 Jumor Prom Commrttee IERRY MARKUS A quxet man but qurte a man Track 1 Football 1 Good Scholarslup 2 4. Club lg Good Scholarship 4g Service Award 2g Camera WIN MYERS She sthe fnendhest among fnends and a top student too she had proven to us there s not a tlung she can t do Band 4 Class Offlcer Secretary and Treasurer 1 Student Councll Secretary and Treasurer 1 Bulldogs Barks Staff 4 Comet Staff 3 G A A 4 Good Scholarshrp 3 Honor Roll 1 Honor Award l Junror Play Cast Seruor Play Cast and Dramatlcs Club 3 JANICE NEWTON Wrth sparklmg grin and mischrevous eyes thrs chatterrng glrl causes many a srgh Student Councrl 1 G A A 4 Good Scholarshlp 3 G1r1s Chorus 1 Mxxed Chorus 2 Jumor and Semor Play Cast ONALEE ORDIWAY POTTER It s mce to be natural when you re naturally DICE Grrls Glee Club 1 G A A 2 Good Scholarshrp 4 Servrce Award 1 Class Offlcer Sophomore Class Presldent JACK PARRISH Jack seldom has much to say yet he s frrendly m every way Iumor Prom Comrruttee Football 1 NANCY ISABELLE MARTIN The only way to have a frrend IS to be one Student Lrbrarian 4 Bulldogs Barks Staff 2 G A A 1 Good Scholarshxp 4 Dramatlcs 1 Hot Lunch 3 DONALD MILLER A qu1et man but qurte a man Football 2 Jumor Prom Comm1ttee VERLIN O MILLER Not that I love study less but I love fun more Student Councxl 1 O Club 3 Baseball 1 Track 2 Football 2 Basketball 1 Good Scholarslup 2 Boys Chorus 2 LARRY MINEGAR When there is rxuschref brewmg he IS domg the stxrring Junior Prom Committee Football 1 JOHN PECKENS Oh why should lrfe all labor be? O Club 2 Baseball Team 4 Track Team 1 Football Team 4 Basketball Team 1 Good Scholarslupl Boys Chorus 2 Iumor Play Comxruttee 1 JOYCE ANN PIERCE A shyness a sweetness that stays tn your rnmd the lund of a glrl that s hard to fmd Student Lrbrarran 4 Jumor Prom Committee 1 CHARLES CLIFFORD PION A man of acuon rather than words Student Librarran 1 Bulldogs Barks Staff 1 Football Team 4 Good Scholarshrp 4 Iunror Play Commrttee 1 BOB POWERS Don t let that tnnocent look fool you Track 2 Football 2 Cross Country 1 Good Scholar shrp 3 Semor Play Cast 1 BARBARA PUNCHES Pretty to walk with fun to talk wtth mce to thrnk about too G A A 1 Good Scholarshxp 3 Guls Chorus 1 Mtxed Chorus 3 Gtrls Trro Mel o dees LEONA MAY RILEY Steady and true she ll always get through Student L1brarian2 Vice President of Student Llbrar 1an1 Bu1ldogsBarks Staff3 G A A 2 Good Scholar shrp 4 Typrng Award 1 VERNON ROBERTS Oh what a man w1th1n h1m hrdes though angel on the outer side Track 1 Football 3 Boys Chorus 1 Mrxed Chorus 1 ED RUMSEY Quiet untxl you get to know htm Boys Chorus 1 Jumor Play Commrttee 1 Junior Prom Commrttee 1 , . I 1 I I I f I D 1 I 0 1 l l , . ,, . . I 1 . . , . .. ' , : 1 1 'gt , . .. - .. f ' v . C 0 f I l I . ll l ' ll . . . . - f U I 2 - Q U I .. . - I , 9 I ' Q ' 0 ' 0 9 I . D I ' I 1 Q - I , U " I -- I D ' Q - , I 2 I Q e o I ' 5 . ,, . . . . ' I I .. . . I 0 ' 0 I I I I ' . . D . . . 9 1 . CAROL MAY SMITH Lrfe depends upon the quahty of your thoughts Student Councrl 1 Bulldogs Barks Staff 4 Junior Prom Charrman 1 Honor Roll 4 Honor Award4 G1rls Chorus 3 Mrxed Chorus 1 H1 C 2 DAVID CLIFFORD SPOHN Dave s mee to know rn hrs quret way He s astead fast frxend from day to day O Club 2 Baseball 2 Football 1 Varsrty Baseball Manager 1 Varsrty Football Manager 2 FRANK STONEBURNER when the cat eats the canary we re wrllrng to wage ll was Frank who let the bud out of the cage Jumor Play Comrnlttee 1 Jumor Prom Commrttee MARVIN LE STOUGHTON Athlete and wrt combmed anrcer guy rs hard to fmd Class Offlcer Iunror Class Rresldent OC1ub 3 Baseball 3 Track 4 Football 4 Basketball 4 FRANK RUPERT Ready for anythrng work or play he s a good scout rn every way Bulldog Barks Staff 1 Boys Glee Club 1 Mrxed Chorus 1 Senlor Play Cast 1 LAUREL MARIE SABEL A good fnend w1th a ready smrle Student Lrbrarran 3 Bulldogs Barks Staff 4 Good Scholarshrp 1 Honor Roll 2 Honor Award 2 H1 C 2 CLIFANNE JOYCE SAGE Some l1ke em short some l1ke em tall but me I l1ke em all Band 2 Bulldogs Barks Staff 1 G A A 4 Tennis 1 Good Scholarshrp 2 Honor Roll 2 Honor Award2 Good Scholarshxp Award 1 Servrce Award 4 Iunror Play Cast 1 Dramatlcs 1 Senxor Play Cast 1 PHILLIP SLAUGHTER He never seems the least brt worrred Student Lrbrarran 2 Baseball 3 Boys Chorus 1 Hot J - . ' . . 5- Lunch 2: Hi-C lg Basketball lg Baseball 1. , . . i . . 1. SHIRLEY STOUGHTON CAMPBELL Those who know her best lrke her best Band 1 Bulldogs Barks staff 3 G A A 2 Good Scholarshrp 1 Mrxed Chorus 2 SANDRA LEE STRONG Practxcal clever and Jolly too her charms are many her faults few G A A 1 Good Scholarshrp 2 Honor Roll 1 BERNARD CARL SWARTZ Who s afrard of g1.l'lS7 Not mell OClub 3 Football 4 Tenn1s 1 Scrence Club 2 Good Scholarshrp 1 Honor Roll 3 Honor Award 3 Boys Chorus 1 Dramatrcs 1 Servlce Award 4 Semor Play Cast 1 NORMA TAYER Shy and quret IS this lass but an asset to our class 2 Jun1or Play Cast 1 Senror Play Cast 1 FREDA CAFFREY TOWN Always good for a laugh Good Scholarshlp 2 Jumor Play Commlttee 1 Junror Prom Comrruttee 1 PAUL TOWN He has a manner all hrs own Football 1 Football Manager 3 Bulldogs Barks 1 REX AARON TREECE No smner no samt perhpas but strll the very best of chaps Student Councxl 3 Scrence Club 2 Good Scholar shrp 3 Honor Roll 1 Honor Award 1 Boys Chorus 1 Iuntor Play Cast 1 Senror Play Cast 1 Dramatxcs 2 Presrdent of Dramatlcs 1 MILDRED VANARSDAL Does she talk? Well all the mme but that was never much of a crrme Junror Prom Commtttee Iunxor Play Commxttee Semor Play Commrttee Bulldogs Barks Staff 25 G.A.A. 25 Good Scholarship BONNIE RUTH WILCOX If silence were golden she would be a millionaire Junior Prom Committee 1 JAMES FRANCIS WILL Chase me girls I m full of fun Bulldogs Barks Staff 3 O Club 2 Track Team3 Football Team 2 Basketball Team 2 Tennis Team 2 Science Club 2 Debate 1 Honor Roll4 Honor Play 1 ETHEL C WINANS When you have nothing to say say nothing G A A 2 Science Club 1 Junior Prom Committee ETHEL FLETCHER OATMAN Nor know we anything so fair as is the smile upon her face Junior Prom Committee 1 Junior Play Committee 1 GERALDINE ANN VAN HUIS "She's kind and gentle, but she's always full of fun. " Bulldogs Barks Staff 4g G.A.A. 3g Good Scholarship Award 1. LOUISE ARLENE VELDT 'Her gracious charms come by the ton to make her sweet and full of fun Student Librarian 1' Bulldogs Barks Staff 2 Good Scholarship 4' Girls Chorus 2-Junior Play Committee l Mixed Chorus 1. ., UAW: iff' :QMQNI CATHERINE ANN WARNER What ever is worth domg at all is worth domg well Girls Chorus 2 Junior Prom Committee 1 LLOYD ANTHONY WEBER IR An innocent face but you can never tell Junior Prom Committee 1 E4 'A , . li. A J .. - . . . . .,, Award 2: Junior Play lg Dramatics Club lg Senior N 1. My IAV. M Vgigffv hiya was vfln Q wfwm 'f Q 7 W, I I IL, h f Q Q L. Q .Ei .p-ff--f V u-v. .-.-,W ,Z 5. - ffyv--Q-w ---Af N.-s...r...,,.:,,,, V - -ah JL 'Al is gf . . X 2 . Q 1' ! ,Vg "Prettiest Eyes" Mona Berthold, Tony Weber "Most Bashful" Marilyn BOYSOH. Jack Parrish "Small Fry" Sue Blackwell Rolland Hampton "Best All Around" "Made the Most Progress" Mn Myers, Jim Drake CLASS L. "Class Flirt" Joan Leighton Dave Carruthers "Most Easy Going" Bev Barber John Peckens "Chatter Box" Charlton Chase Joyce Markle ummm "Best Athlete" Shirley Cushman "Dream Man" Bill Burr 'T "Most Popular" Win Myers, Don Hutchinson Bob Howrigan "Prettiest Hair" Char Ekema, Don Miller "Bl-amiest-' "Cutest Couple" Carol Smith, David Brown Stan and Char TATISTICS ' A E I "Dream Girl" I Janice Newton I ff, "Class Pest" Sharon Ienkinson, Gayle Freeman v v "Most Likely to Succeed" Carol Smith and Larry Bronson 'Class P0lltiCiaI'l" "Be3t Dressed" Carol Smith, Marion McConey Janice Newton, Jack Campbell A 2 Q -S 7.0 p "Cutest Dlmples" "Most in Love" Barb Hassing, Don Lewis Char and Stan Donna and Art "Did the Most for O. H. S. " win Myers, Myron Frazier "Giggler" "Best Sport' Jeri Van.Huis Joyce Markle Norm Budzlnski Marv Stoughton "Cnooner" Shirley Stoughton Bill Hofacker "Fastest Talker" 'Class Wit' Joyce Sage Sharon Ienklnson Tom Kloosterman Prank Stoneburner G' Z N.. La-1' 1 ,, ? xv' ga, 0' ,JL ,W W' N '41 wa: K A F A F ng, 'V Au 'V J , F Burroughs L Butler B Clock Jack Davis S Davls P Dean C Deaton I Deurloo B Dreachslm I Ehrlich T Ellwood D Famswm-th B Fenner D Finch R Fmk D Fletcher G Fletcher K Fllckiflgel' B olk D Foote 7 R FOHICY P Freestone S Fuller D Guidebeck G FUPDCDSIGBI N J Holmes , N Hutchinson B Johnson R Kennedy B Kenney 6 Q' ,., Q .f'f,7' 1 2 ' ,V , 5 C. Kindig D. Kling D. Klintworth S. Knight I. Kramer R Langone C Iamphear R Larson S Lattemer D Laughlin I Loedeman I Lovett S Lovett I Lukins S McConney P McLeod C Magnet D Mahieu C Memnga N M1113 S S Msner R Mltchell M Myers P Neupert S Newton P Olmstead D Pxckett E Powless I Rankin L Reed M Reynolds P Rrshel R Rouse E Schanz W Sebright D Seekman I Shattuck QGreenj Y Sheldon S Slentz B Smlth C Smith I Smrth G Sprau C Statler P Strater R Su-ong N R TenBusscher1 L Timmerman B Trolard C VanderPloeg W Vos L Wamer R Wielinga D Wyatt I Schmitt L Sisson L Snyder N Taylor L VZIIKB SIG IBD R Yates , t ' . 5' iz 2 .M 2 K Mimi, ,. ' W ' in I is fg 4 .4 sfww 'j Q, , , 7 'W , Sf? 3 T' f 1 K1 5 5. 4 I T . f .. ' f f if L 3 K 5 HQ! , V A X 1. -4. N ' A K 5 1. awp , 'lv V 4' 'V T52 ,, A ' ' 62:15 2 -' , I , , Q ' av .- L' " k .,,. Qaj f' ,1 0, 1 U bf 4.25 Q V g 2 , A X ff . , -5 ,311 in - fm ' f ,, .v , of 1 A ,, 6 37551 53? 1 Y i"ff.f".? - - W 'sa 'Z-4A:'?f15?s-ff?-fi"!1m4 nk :',.likSv-YQIQIQFQQ-4-if?" 354 -. 5 -fi' 51: 3 'Www ' . K ,-, ,. 0PHOMORE J ,Qi QXII 5 FRONT ROW C Harmlton C Julien N Hendnxson P K1ss1nger S Frlsble S Knlght C Foupht E Harper Mr Burns MIDDLE ROW K Jackson P Krueger J Gxlson K Jackson L Hall, L Holmes J Greene K Klssmger M Krueger L Gnsby M Hammond BACK ROW J Harden G Galloway W Knoblock J Ham1lton J Harmon B Hmzman B Klmg, P Jlrgens D Harper L Greene D Hurlbut FRONT ROW V Abbott M Chapman P Brundage Y Austin,B Ash B Follis B Edson,B Dalrymple SECOND ROW A Colyer D DeVerv1ll.e J Earle D Crouse S Cardxff S Campbell A Evans K Copen C Doest THIRD ROW C Dean C Colley J Brown L Curtis D Carruthers B Ehrhch B Cushman B Broadhurst Mr Colewell. FGJRTH ROW D Doublestein T Earle L Brabon J Fales B Blanchard C Drobny 0PHOMORE FRONT ROW L Swartz M Walters P Towne L Vandermeer A Sxmmons C Wxlson J Statler M Tayer J Srruth C Rose M VanOrder MIDDLE ROW J Wxnter M Stephens B Russell T Sabel H Sm1th B Rogers G Shook E Sm1th P Vanderhoff K Root Mr George BACK ROW K Scott M Schanz D Rumsey F Warner J Smxth J Sexbert W Smlth A Wason A Toma C T168 969 FRONT ROW G Laws S LEWIS M L3.Hl11S B Mano C McC1urg A Laws C Markle G Loedeman P Patterson MIDDLE ROW W Laws C McMurray M Roberts P Overheul K Rxley M McPhearson L Myers J Mlller N M111er D Myers BACK ROW D McConney H Mxsner M Roberts R Lamper J OVIEU J Plrrone L Roberts B LIVIIIQSIOI1 K M111er C Peacock D Lutes Mr Strater FRE HME F1- BACK ROW Mr B1r G Statler W VanKesteren J SLIFVIHH I VerHage M Walters E Young M Tr1pp S Weber D Strobel J Rose B Schroeder MIDDLE ROW W Reynolds C Vanderhoff M Roberts B Wolfe J Schroeter E VanKesteren K Wood D VanderMeer N Rumsey C Taylor J Warner FIRST ROW B SISSOH J Rose M VanEvery J Staley S Sulhvan S Rounds V Rowe D Vos L Strong. BACK ROW M Jensen M G1bson L Jones D Holmes F Krueger R Harrts G Gave K Jockus D Grlffen M Krueger S Felty MIDDLE ROW C Foupht H Jackson N Harvey B Groth D Harmer L Foote L. Hughes P. LaHu1s O. Jackson R.Koo1stra D. Goodacre FIRST ROW. C. Kennedy R. Flickenger J. Lamphiear .T. Foote P. Hicks B. Foote B. Foupht D. Junker L. Krueger. mm mm 1? if FRONT ROW K Dobbtn R Beldon E Dortch N Baker M Confer D Butler J' Chapman R Dutton B Barber Y Bennett K Brown MIDDLE ROW W Burkett B Bronkema S Burchett J Drake R Deurloo J DeBoer J Arnett D Ekema D Covault L Fales Mrs Watters BACK ROW D Baker R Burroughs R Esterlme B Colyer M Bradshaw M Dxgby F Dutton T Benechct P Delp L Bullard B Berky FRONT ROW F Mnchell K Myers B Lench B Mmegar D Latourette K Munson I Reed B LIVIHQSIOFI J' Lanphear MIDDLE ROW D Pxckard E Lynch Jacque Nulty D Mack G M1115 S Punches .T Mtller T Randall, R Lucas Mr Cuneo BACK ROW L Lonsbury R Ray P Rankm J Newton D Overhue1,J McK1bben,T Petkus J Parrtsh S Perrxcone B Moore D Magner ,WA 412, 5 , f' 35 2 ,.., . if X W, , 'R rM"K it VP, ,,"'4,, s ,L 1 . lip' Q fm, ' if 9,3 Hr Q ,egg MM, f ,. v , . ll "1-gf ,Q V V ,mf ,. fr ,TM 2 3 13+ L f K Lg :if 0 2 3 V .4 3 fn x' ' 7' K AV.. 12-i I j ,.,' irw 2' n V A 'ff' 4 , Z3 V V, H W Ax I I I 2 I If , N 7 iw!! Y - ,, K Q 1'- v'k .f EIGHTH GRADE P Q '11 r 0 TOP ROW R Vtckery P Lauderdale D Howe R Powers N Royston E Carruthers M Cronen B Holland D Ovtatt MIDDLE ROW C Wood R Magner C Holmes L McCafferty S Bennett K Taggett N M1l1er A Cardlff B Kennedy BOTTOM ROW E Hall P Burns K Elhott K Herbert C Leonard E Edson P Ehrhch B Kmdtg P Harrls NX... BACK ROW R Mason, J Veldt H Cardtff R Decker L Chrlstensen D Ntchols R Newkirk, B. Wood, R. Ayers, D. Richardson, Mr. Fritts. MIDDLE ROW: L. Weaver, S Rose, J. Taylor, G. Sheldon, M. Smith, D. Stratton, M. VanEpps, P. Lancaster, B. Holden M. Strobel. FRONT ROW: E.Sage,S.K1aus, J. Schroeder, S. Ray, K. Sullivan, K. Shipley D. Forney. EIGHTH GRADE FRONT ROW W Bradley A Schnutt G Pond I Fergusson S P1on J Westfleld S Markle M Cray D Pxttner E Powless MIDDLE ROW R McK1bben M Baker M Alhng E W11k1ns M Hassmg E Brown L LaDuke B Schelb L Pratt M1SSFOfd BACK ROW R J'u11en J Doest D Penny A S1bber son, L Farr J' Slentz C Root L Schuyler B Fletcher T Brown B Jeffrles 1 f3,.,: 'BNI U FRONT ROW N McLeod,J Lukms C Brooks J Wood D Lutes D Mallory M Hageman H Fleeman K Nxchols MIDDLE ROW Mr Champlon G Stratton S Nagy S Laughhn J LIVIIIQSIOII P Mmnard M Rupert P Lovett R Harrls J Perrone BACK ROW J Troutt D Nulty P N1ChO1S W Meslk T N1cho1son L Larson D Roblyer J Caldwell, M Mxller : . , . ', . , . , . ,. . . , . , . , . . : . , . . . , . , . , . . . , . . . , ' . : . , . . . , . - . . . . - , - . . , . , . . T ,, Q 47 4 Y. ,A ' Y' lf, v7'3',7SRH' ' V '-1'f '4'H uv .ww , A V+ , f iv. X ' ' my L W .54 1 -. A " at 1 ' 'Y' 'D I I . . Q - l - D - r - 9 Q 1 - 1 . . : . . . , . , . , . " . . , . , . g - , . . I . , . I . p - f . 9 Q 0 n 9 1 . ' . EIGHTH GRADE 11. BACK ROW Z Church C Reynolds M Hopklns D Henduxson W Ash F Berner CH1emSIra B Carroll, R Keech H Curuss MIDDLE ROW A Blanchard D Irvmg R Burkett D Jenkmson C Root C Jones C Alhng B Meacham P Scott C Babrxch Mr Sauder FRONT ROW L Stowell D Frasler S Tlmrnerman, M Clock B Boysen W Root D Branch K Jordan B Burroughs EVE Tll GRADE 1' BACK ROW Mr Woods 'I' Deurloo B Bronkema D Mxller D Evans J Dendel, C Chrxstensen, H Myers, P. Lovett, R. Johnson, B. McPherson, J. Gibson, MIDDLE ROW: R. Sweet1and,J. Baker, C. Thayor, C. Moore, G. Jones, D. Oisten, P. Radabaugh, W. Mon, J. Van Dyke, E. Sweet, D. Weaver, J. Boencher. FRONT ROW: L. Sprague, L. Farr, J. Keech, J. Drake, M. Ward, S. Doelker, P. Dalrymple, B. Sinkler, B. Doyle, C. Cam. EVE TH GRADE V J of kiwi V "1?W BACK ROW R Latourette M Hornaday D Barber T Trxpp R Bentley B Phllhps D Porter J Barker E Clark L Srmth S Lauderdale MIDDLE ROW Mr Leeson B Jockws J Kmcaxd B Van Arsdale D M1115 W Lang J Nocts J Bohnet C Ga1nes A Owens P Hayes W Hughes FRONT ROW L Buzzell J Moore R Roberts S Houvener C Squlres P Leonard R Taylor D Gordon C Bos P Olmstead BACK ROW Mrs Maltby B Johnson G LIVIHQSIOH B M111er G Klsmger .T Rxfe J Foote R Knoll J Cade D Hawlw C Markle J Abbott MIDDLE ROW J Dortch E Jones S Mah1eu M Bennett J Smlth I Evans B Penny A Krueger V Fox M Sabel L Arenhoevel FRONT ROW D Sahsbury K Dunklee E Lynch J Markle S Harmens J Freeman P Alhson B Sulhvan R Jackson rl EVE TH GRADE BACK ROW B Jeffrxes J Hutchms J Esterhne M Smxth P Caswell D Sandahl G Murphy S Seek man P Hassmg R Brooks Mrs Murdock MIDDLE ROW S Kmght N Deaton E Strong R Buck master D R11ey J Lems J Foupht K Galloway R Staley T Cronen V F1gel M Van DerP1oeg FRONT ROW V Fox C Royston V Brundage M Wmg C D1gby B Dutton R Gould R Porten C Snuth S Mano M Kauffman BACK ROW Mr Ash L Fox D Brewster T Reynolds D Ferguson,T Fuller M Brundage R Snyder J Yates D Dommert B Rose MIDDLE ROW G Frxsbxe A Harper T H111 .T Frey J Jockus P Dalrymple M Langeance M Colhns S Cam, K Comstock P Colger FRONT ROW M. Nlchols L Vanarsdal, H Butler B Brooks G F1ge1, J Earl, S Vtckery J Stonebumer N Rexchenback S Txce ,HJ- vf f ff, X .mi . L ,:,, 35 Q. ,f M.. Li m. , 5 3577 giflgiaigifz J ,Miz LF 1 , X 1, 3, sz ,39- "' .14 K'-Q W N f X 'qw im :VL,, 5 I Vg2:i?3?l,' I ,rmf 1 sf H., hfgkafqj-, , FI"" 7 Mwf..- Tiuiiiw'-N T, ,M .I ,ia n ' W2 '+L , 5 by A QQ, 5,5 X W 'fgm' :gl f, 4 gf? f f nw! 9543 mi :?fifix55,f 5, ,,,, YY is Wi: 4 , 5 7-.1 N CRUSS COU :3"'H"' I ll 5 'fn 'fll ll '1""'4 'T' 'sw L D PICRCII Manager G Freemanl Drake N Mills R Mltchell B Clock D Boettcher L Sisson G Sprau Coach T Woods FRONT ROW M Kruegerj Earl B Powers M McConney B Johnson JACK EARL Get Set ' 'L 1,14 HM DRAKE Go! - M . "'- ' 1' , if Eaf.-ft? fi.. ,.:- M 2- R ...hq?:...,j.. thqxjsig-L 'lg ,. in BOB POWERS Sprint! VAR ITY F00'l'BAl,L llll ww W BACK ROW T Woods B Hofacker J W111J Dav1s N Jones B Burr J Peckens V Mtller D Spohn D Foote R Larson N Budzmskx D Seekman G Leeson Coach FRONT ROW P Dean H Hewm T Kloosterman D Green B Brenner D Carruthers J Schrmtt B Swartz P Campbell C P1on B Howngan R H1emstra J Burd D Hutchmson M Stoughton SENl0Il F00'I'BAl.I. PLAYERS C Aa QQER E ,gsou ov Q sis QMM QSKI T2 RE ERVE FO0TBAl.L e .. Q.. amawl 2 N FRONT ROW: Tom Sabel, Manager, Ken J ackson. Dave Lutes, Larry Green, Ron Ganger, Howard Misner, Leonard Curtiss, Gerry Siebert, Chuck Tice. Ken Scott, George Galloway, Bill Rogers, Bill Knoblock, LeeRoy Foote, Bruce Hinzman. BACK ROW: Mr. Champion, Gene Laws, Wayne Laws, Dave Myers, Walt Smith, Jock Pirrone, Gary Shook, Ken Miller, Jack Hamilton, Malcolm Roberts, Bob Cushman, Junior Pathic, Dean Carruthers, Mr. Cuneo. FRE HMA F00'l'BALl. 'ls FRONT ROW: B. Moore, Manager: I. Verl-lage, B. Colyer, T. Randall, R. Lucas, D. Harmer, L. Jones, D. Holmes, M. Gibsqi, D. Goodacre, R. Esterline, H. Risner, L. Hughes, Manager. BACK ROW: Mr. Champion, D. Griffin, C. Gave, M. Tripp. J. Newton, D. Overhuel, T. Benedict, G. Gave, T. Petkus, J. Mc.Nut1, M. Walters, S. Perricone, O. J ackson. G. Statler, Mr. Cuneo. VAR ITY BA KETBALL BACK ROW Mgr B111 Rogers D1ck Boettcher B111 Clock J1m Harmon Lyle Sxsson Jack Dav1s Bob Johnson Coach James Champ1on FRONT ROW Roger Helmstra Mary Stoughton B111 Burr Bob Howrlgan J1m W111 B111 Hofacker NOT PICTURED Ph11Neupert Bruoe Hemzman Butch Larson if X K Q, F E '-aft, . H541 'W . ,- -aa, H3 K- A Af Q Q 5? N gg D ! J J 1,2 3 'f -v we "' fi 5 af." yr 'M iff 1 -nf L. 'L if ask i 1 " 13: W v M if 'iii 'EG 'V' 3? 5' if F fv ' ' L ., A ' Q , D ' ' V 5 diffs v, iivll I Ui WV L R 3' - ' fx EVE TH GRADE BA KETBALI. BACK ROW J Barker L Fuller D Dommert R Bentley B Phxlhps C Chrxstensen J Dendel P Lovett D Fergusen B McPherson H Myers Coach Woods FRONT ROW R LaTourette M Hornaday B Johnson C Moore K Galloway D Weaver J Boettcher T Cronen J G1bson R Staley C Markle B Jackson EIGETE GRADE BA KETBALI. BACK ROW W Kennedy R Mason D Robyler R Powers R Newlurk C H1emstra M Cronen D Ov1att R Juhan Coach James Cuneo FRONT ROW W Bradley Manager D Nulty L Lynn T N1Ch olson D Nlchols L Pratt A Schmm Manager I BASEBALL VAR ITY QSE 51 915 Ea, 915 FRONT ROW: I. Seibert, Manager, R, Mitchell, D, Boettcher, B, Hofacker, M, Stoughton, I. Davis, J. Burd and H. Hewitt, BACK ROW: J. Watson, B, Larson, M. Frasier, J. Peckens, B, Burr, L. Sisson, R. Hiemstra and J, Cuneo, Coach, RE ERVE FRONT ROW: M, Minnard, G, Shook, B, Mealey, B. Ehrlich, D, Harper, D, Burd and G. Laws. BACK ROW: G, Seibert, Manager, D, Lutes, R, Forney, N, Mills, D, Yates, D, Foote, J. Pirrone, J. Hamilton and J, Cuneo, Coach, X N D. Seekman TRACK FIRST ROW: M, Frasier, J, Schmitt, D. Seekman, W. Smith, N. Jones, V. Miller, T. Kloosterman, I. Harmon, B, Powers, L, Roberts, B. Cushman SECOND ROW: Manager D, Pickett, M, Schanz, D Myers, D. Hutchinson, N. Budzinski. J. Will, P. Dean, P. Nupert, B, Larson, L, Hughes, R, Ehrlich, P, Campbell, G., Sprau, C. Tice, Coach Leeson, 3 'K G. Sprau wx Xxx! 354 l P wi CHEERLEADER Back Judy Greene Brenda Wolfe Srdes Sharon Cardlff Sondra Rounds Front Barbara Slsson Bobetra Dalrymple Q0 LEFT TO RIGHT D1aneKl1ntwort.h Jane Shattuck Tom Elwood Judy Lukms Brenda Mano Janle Kramer 1. ' ' S Q wg. 5 2 w ' 2-1 .. l? Q I, , L I. f W 9 'lb Q ,tg b A f '25 - -"- f 'X ,. ge A wana' . o fn 'din ' 1 naw .. -Vj'v"' V K I V 1 ill ,,.,. g' , , .- 1 - G.A.A. if FIRST ROW: G. Mills, B. Leitch, J. Staley, S. Misner, S. Davis, S. Fuller. J. Newton, B. Dalrymple N. Hendrixson, S. Knight, B. Edson, K. Myers, A. Dewater, S. Sullivan. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Maltby E. Powless, L. Reed, E. Lynch, D. Farnsworth, S. Slentz, B. Livingston, S. Burchett, J. Nulty, J. Smith S. Cushman, R. Flickenger. THIRD ROW: S. Jenkinson, N. Benedict, B. Dreachslin, S. Mc Conney, B Barber, D. Mack, S. Rounds, P. Hutchinson, J. Drake, S. Frisbi, S. Knight, C. Fought, N. Brenner, K Jackson. FOURTH ROW: J. Kramer, J. Earle, B. Ash, B. Wolfe, Y. Sheldon, R. Langone, M. Boysen, P VanDerHoff, E. Blanchard, M. Krueger, C. Statler, L. Krueger, A. Laws. FIFTH ROW: K. Flickenger R. Wielinga, J. Green, J. Shattuck, P. Overhuel, D. Klintworth, W. Myers, D. Finch, S. Campbell, A Evens, B. Mario, V. Abbott, J. Statler, J. Leighton. ,A 1 ,. 'X' .. , 3.37 xl," .ln - . 49' '- 1" . . 9- . 'e Q . K Z., iw 1 O ,s, P L -S .yr B LLDOG BARK T BACK ROW N Tayer J Loedeman J G11son L Txmmerman C Smlth C W1l.son L Holmes D F1nch L R11ey L Sabel L Veldt S Card1ff MIDDLE ROW C Ekema P Strater E Lynch D Farnsworth J Greene K Jackson K R11ey N Brenner S Fr1sb1e S Campbell FRONT ROW M Walters M Adams B Dreachshn S Davxs J Markle S Latterner J Baldwtn B Ash B Dalrymple BACK ROW J tm W111 Sports Sharon Slentz Layout Mrs French Advtsor M Laughlm Layout MIDDLE ROW Pat Krueger Llterary Sh1r1ey Cushman Busmess Mgr Sharon J enkmson Edltor Wm Myers Exchange Susan Mc Conney Art Jane Shattuck Assignment FRONT ROW: Bob Howrigan Art Bill Burr Sports BACK ROW J Pmrrone Vrce Presrdent L Reed Secretary Treasurer J Harmon Presidemg Mr Myers Adv1sor SECOND ROW D Khntworth IN Brenner C Smlth S Slentz THIRD ROW: S, Mc Conney W Laws L Curuss T Sabel FRONT ROW B Lench B Wolfe L Carroll M. Frasier, T J. Brown J. Fales M, Walters Mr. Colwell Coach D. Brown M. Mc Conney 'fi f QP fri' LEFT TO RIGHT C Holmes S Cushman P Hrcks B Le1th M VanEpps D Jenkrnson S Laughhn M Rupert D Overhuel L Hall N Brenner D Hurlbut ,T Troutt S Lew1s A Schmltt W Burk1tt L Pratt S Nagy SECOND ROW S J'enk1nson D Farnsworth N Bened1ct W Myers I Baker M Laughhn K Fhckmger F Dutton J Holmes B Fenner C Bragg C Trce D Harmer H Mrsner P N1cho1s J Rose THIRD ROW Mr Warren D Laugh11n D Greene S Burchette L Carroll, M McKee R McFann1n D Brown D Overhue1D Lew1s J Campbell J Dav1s B Johnson C Vanderploeg W Ash WI GRAD FRONT ROW Chuck Bragg, Jack Campbell, Davrd Brown, Howard Mxsner, Karen Fhckenger MIDDLE ROW Mr Warren, Joe Schmrtt, Doug Greene, Larry Carroll, Don Lew1s, Stan Burchette BACK ROW Don Overheul, Bob Johnson, Nancy Bened1ct ' 4 :':': , 'y,, MMF ' A t:',,,1 F , V 7 . 4 -'J 1 Q, i E A CAPPELLA CH0lR BACK ROW Donna Curtlss Marcla Laugh11n Ken Kuxper Don Gu1debeck Leonard Brabon Frank Rupert Caryle W11 on Sherr1e Newton Dlane Farnsworth THIRD ROW Jaequelyn Earl lame Kramer Larry Bronson Stan Burchett B111 Hofacker Boyd Brenner D1aneK11ntworth Rose Broadhurst Sh1rley Stoughton SECOND ROW Bev Barber Barb Punches Henry Sm.1th Jlm Fales Davld Brown Roger Htemstra Carol Sm1th Dorts DeVerv1l1e Naomx Brenner BOTTOM ROW Patr1c1a K1ss1nger Nancy Bened1ct J1m Nelson Vern Roberts Lawrence Gossman B111Broadhurst Kay K1ss1nger Jamce Newton Donna Brabon Mr George FUUR N0'l'E Sherrte Newton Dxane Kllntworth Nancy Benedtct Jame Kramer J A-fx lea! F A f'Qv' fi .IUNIGH HIGH GIHI. ' GLEE CI. B BACK ROW Mr George P Leonard J Nocrs S Doelker J Bohnet B Penny M Langeance P Radabaugh C Games C Royston W Root S Vlckery J Earl THIRD ROW S Houvener M Ward M Bennett R Porten M Wmg S Harmens V Brundage W Mott S Cam V Fox R Gould E Lynch P Olmstead SECOND ROW K Dunklee C Sm1th J Frey P Hayes D Mrlls W Lang C Squ1res J Smlth J Stoneburner H Butler R Taylor M Kauffman S Knrght FRONT ROW J Moore J K1nco1d C Cam J Drake S Marlo N Re1chenbach M Nrchols V F1ge1B Sulhvan P Alhson L Buzzell R Roberts .IIINIGII HIGH BGY GIEE GI. H y -iid BACK ROW B Jeffr1es E Sweet J Hutchens A Harper M Brundage D Dommert B Phllhps R Bentley H Myers L Srruth E Clark W Hughes MIDDLE ROW J Lems T H111 P Hassmg Bud McPhearson P Lovett B Rose R Johnson R Staley J G1bson J Boettcher FRONT ROW M Hornaday T Cronen B Johnson T Trrpp K Galloway R Jackson R Latourette J Baker C Moore Mr George HIGH GHIIHI. GIRL GLEE GI, B BACK ROW J Gibson C McC1urg C McMurray S Campbell A Simmons S Cardiff Colyer D Finch G Arenhoeval M Chapman Mr George MIDDLE ROW L Swartz Dreachshn M Copen M Boysen L Ve1dtJ Smith B Ash J Schroeter B Minegar .Tunker BOTTON ROW K Dobbin N Baker D Latourette J Chapman M Walters Myers C Statler B Fouplt M Van Order E Harper HIGH CHIIIIL HGY GLEE GL H 'sf luv 1--fd' BACK ROW: J. Newt in T. Benedict J, Peckins K. Digby M. Digby E. Rumsey P. Delfa D. Harper I Verlriage. FIRST ROW: Mr. George J. Lamphear W. Burkett R. Lucas, B. Livingston, E. Smith, L. Jones, G. Loedeman, B. Moore. "0" CLUB 6611, .ff .af FIRST ROW Mr Champ1on M Stoughton G Freeman P Town B Larson H Hewm Iw Budz1nsk1 Mr Cuneo SECOND ROW J W111 D Spohn M Fras1er N Jones B Howngon P Neupert B Swartz J Burd THIRD ROW B Brenner D Greene J Drake B B111 V M111er J Harmon T Kloosterman L SISSOH AFETY PATR0l. Captam Bob Phllllps Clark W Weaver J Boettcher C Babrlck J Abbott R Latourette SECOIND ROW T Cronen D Sa11sbury D Rxley A Blanchard T H111 G Jones A Harper R Johnson L Fox H Curuss C Moore THLRD ROW D Porter J Barker B Carroll B Rose D Dommert J Esterlme G Murphy M Brundage D Hendrfxon C Markle G Lrvrngston FIRST ROW: G. Frisbie, B. Buchmaster, J. Gibson, W. Hughes, R. Staley, E. Sweet, G. Kisinger, E. LIBRARY Cl. B 919241, Mrs Goodall .T Klaus J Staley S Blackwell M VanEvery C Smlth L Sabel B Hassmg I Plerce L Snyder D Ptckett B Broadhurst B Smlth P Kruegar K Rxley L Holmes M Reynolds E Blanchard L Veldt L R11ey C Pton DRAMATIC CLUB D 0 Cx I FIRST ROW S Jenkmson M Walters C McC1urg K Jackson S Campbell D Belcher M Kruger V Abbott A Evans C Harrulton S Cushman SECOIND ROW D Farnsworth K Root S Newton S Slentz Lovett C Memnga B Ash ,T Smxth L Plffer L Swartz B Dalrymple J Sage THIRD ROM D Crouse B Mano B Swartz J W111 J Drake R Treece L Bronson L Holmes S Clatr tw Marttn N Bened1ct FOURTH ROW W Myers R Wxehnga B Dreachslm C Wtlson D Khntworth J Shattuck J Kramer J Lelghton N Brenner THAT BREW TER BOY Mother Brewster Nancy Brewster. . Minerva Mitchell. . . . . Bonnie Bates .... Elsa Bates . . . . Grandma . . . . Amy ......... Joey Brewster . . . . . Shirley Cushman WinMyers . . . .Sandra Clair . . . . . . Joyce Sage . . . . .Norma Tayer , . , ,Janice Newton . . .Sharon Ienkinson Jim Will Pee Wee ....... ..... La rry Bronson Dad Brewster .... ..... J im Drake Phil Hayworth .... ...... R ex Treece Swifty ........ ..... B unny Schwartz Officer ....... ' . . .... Tom Kloosterman Friends of Joey . . . .... Norman Jones Ken Kuiper Frank Rupert Bob Powers if '33 . 4: iff-- J f- 'QA ,mu 1. ?gi1"f ,,f, 1 V Q 'if .. ,M '! 9-Qw' -W H. Ev.-,ff ..v,-'wwf yd" rl 'fu '62 s eq! fx-.5 fx '13 2,57 2 vf vm' I 'HQ ' ,J I sf, 'z RTWA: l -fs L4-L31 1 -- 4- K" ' ' ,kr , -.5f.'f"3 aJ?'fQ -JU 'f X u 1 " :fm -A jaw' x A -, f f- 'ii' ,,gff f:E. t0Q'3 fi.. 1? ' f' "' "', 252f'53f -17' ff , ,, A -0, A. f ,, . ' '. , ., Q 1 1 ., ' li., , o 1 A ,3 x ,NNN ., .. E i ,J- 'lo 15" 93 15 F TURB TEACHER s............L FIRST ROW E Hall J Wlnters S McConney E Powless C Rose SECOND ROW N Taylor J Earle I Kramer B Ash S Lovett N Brenner S Davrs V Abbott K Myers LAST ROW T Sable L Sxsson J Drake A McCabe B Johnson Mr Myers SPANISH Cl. B FIRST ROW L Grrgsby E Dortch J G11son J Earle J Baldwmn N Brenner Mr Colwell LAST ROW N Benedrct B Dalrymple M Adams K Root M Kruger B Ash V Abbott SCIE CE CLUB FIRST ROW J Baldwm L Gossman S Lovett S Newton M Adams D Brown J Drake D Gurdebeck B Frsk A McCabe K Ku1per WO0D and METAL SHOPS ia f-"qi nv , 1 ,ff-f'lnQW'Yg5 ' , o ,, -A M WW "' ' , ' ' x ' . 4 K ., ., Q54 M at n fy W , ', W mllh . ' as ' ,,.-v' f if , ' ,, 4, My 1 , A , W v . : V A 1 , . ' ,R Uv f I--wg, 'K M a I A 5 . 5' ' K .er . ' 5-5. ,- ' if Q-55 " 3 if-N 'iff' l if I - f- ..- Q ', r p l ' J,-+ ff! I M5 , M Q ,Q , F yor Sul H s 7 U K f W 2 5 ,,-,1A ' i ,1:'L jawn: W A w eg, glgg yy at , as Z nE 'iuuqq - I z 11' f ,,f V-,, 4 Gi 5524? 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" THE COLLINS SHOP ELLWOOD ELECTRIC LINDSEY'S FLOWER SHOP OTSEG0 SISZFLQAEEODUCTS CO XIADE-it MILL and ML CAFE '52 'ILL' gf:-s GAMBLES ' SMITTYS CITIES SERVICE I W-'!"' ""'? .I:.""""'E"""T"""1' , ,.-3-.--.-uunnunlip-lv' my MM J' WW FIR 'I' ATl0 ALBA K and TRU TCO TICE S SHELP'S RESORT I DENNIS MARTHON SERVICE BRONSONI REPAIR SERVICE - - ,,-,,h,.,.,4w, 'f -' .... .. I . I , Q 1 - W,-4 I ' 'V A ' V , Af t . I' I Q . . Q - . I I' i, ...mm A 1, ,W N , ...I.,,. I , Q -.Y ,. -.-- -- . ' X.. WMM fn ,, . ,,,,,,,,,-g f' LW M' , W ., W my M- r-'f 77 ' J" "1 W y,,,,f4,,,wM ,,., , , E V, H wfwvwh -mf-allen' 'W' f I ,I , f 4 ' V A Ia., My-,' - , , WM MW "'i??4'f If W 1 - . . 1. M ,. V My ,, If ' W 4 ? 3, " 3"' V" ' ' " , ,'4 Q.l' f I -' V' 'U ' 'M-W-4, . 4, ,.ff,,,,'Y ,JV'i2j,f41W7,' ,J-Q.-u. O , A .3 , q 5 .. - I - I 5' - n ' .l A .Lf Q.. SLENTZ FUNERAL HOME SKOGVKE CARL R MASSEY STUDKD DRUGS DEPARTMENT STORE COLBURN DRUGS DICKS GRUCERY W .-lf" .la ' s 0? HINKLE S OTSEGO BAKERY E Elbert Rlchardson Insurance Agency A B BEAUTY SHOP wwf' 54" WALT'S GROCERY , .Q I TED S HEATING SALES gl SERVICE PETILL JEWELRY 81 GIFT SHOP -P -ff' Z9 cr C' I zxf, 4,1 ,.-n-4' l ra I -,,..-- 4.."'-'Z' vr f Y I l I MICHIGAN GAS UTILITIES .' Q 1-:fn ' 0, I 'f fav 1 I 61 -, ff 775 .' 55.2 ' f ' V f I oyggv , I, V, , ,wig 1 b :f' ' f gf ' 11 Q' , ', " ,I ,' 1 3' 4. , .ug dew! 1 :v Q - c -- I ,Z fs .wa . , f . , A o 5 , 4' i 9 - v,,:.s'- 4.1: . lr . W -I dv. gg: 1 . I ' v ,741-K S , 4 I' . . Q Z .2 ,. . ' lvl! 6 I av 4- .5 , I In . 1 . ' X. Q! I 0 , 'V ' g . ' I f 5 'I . ' - Z" : . x Ag. , . 0 I fi 4 I u Q I Hmm and HEALEY S SPAN BRASS MANUFACTURING COMPANY D and C S'l'0RE 'ments Complim Compliments of A OTSEGO HARDWARE PIRRONE'S SELF SERVICE THE PIKE MILL OTSEGO DRY CLEANERS Comphments Comphments MARY ALICE DR CROCKER and LEO WATTERS MARY'S APPAREL BOB'S HARDWARE MICHIGAN CCTTACE CHEESE l IICEMEIIS AUTCIICTIVE SERVICE if I I I 1 1 AYRES FUNERAL HOME MODERN CLEANER Z Nm' V ' s of DR. R. E. ALLEN KNOLLS SALES SL SER I mhzx, n-- I I o 0'l'SEGO FALLS PAPER MILL MAC SIM BAR WI' --si ' , Z - Q9 9 1 - , 14 EUGENE VIS MOTOR SALES ROLLER 8m STEVENS A nn. HOLT SL MURDOCK 'qm"7x5'WXUmW-Inqqeppgf MURRAY CHAMBERLIN PONTIAC DEALERS Compllments Compllrnents of of OTSEGO FINANCE COMPANY DR. L. F. BROWN, MD. RDING SUPER MMT W HARDING SU PER MARKET Comphrnents Compliments DR ALLEN DDS A L LEITCH L, fn Compllments of Your Hometown Newspaper THE OTSEGO UNION LET-US-BOWL 5. 'if' LOUIE'S FURNITURE OTSEGO FURNITURE 3 no-'P' L36 HOFACKER S HOME UTILITY STORE SULLIVAN MOTOR SALES Q OTSEGO TE LE VISION OLYM PIA 'Hr GUHER5 y, '-v.. f 1 CURlg c A ML vm dd In 521' ful VVSURANC: 105 SHOPPERS GUIDE 1 50 an-'gf .Q rf NICHOLS ELE CTRIC ELBERT LINDSEY TRUCKING 'I ii: , ' '.' '. - 5 '07 a 'A ' - - I v' A' 1 . I s I I .. . I ..,.,,, m nf' , I H ' I ,' '55"I Z K ww-.-. ,YY :html A z A N 'J 'N 1 1 , I 7. M I . . I , va.-,il J tx v U . I ., .-.nk I - . ,,' . I 'QFQS 1 ' 'f I ' , - W' was , Pty' . Q W -4 0 :v', toil. I ' , I ' ' 1 fp, F -a..-, . . ' ,T K, I ,. ' 4' 'Q' ,N ,R , iq K I! .f E -as I A 31 il. .J fl. kd ' sw I I N.4v J fgf JU J COMPLIMENTS OF THE 1 , I o uf M LOYAL 0RDER of M00 E OTSEGO MACHINE SHOP DE GOOD S RADIATOR SERVICE ng? i OTSEGO LUMBER 8: COAL CO WALLYS STANDARD SERVICE FARN SWORTH CHEVROLET AU TOMAT LAUNDRY gy R COLLEG ATE P Knus j ? - I 59' f.,-' V: 33 ' 5' -5 5Af'f5' 'CVE 1' QF o s City A fy A if

Suggestions in the Otsego High School - Comet Yearbook (Otsego, MI) collection:

Otsego High School - Comet Yearbook (Otsego, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Otsego High School - Comet Yearbook (Otsego, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Otsego High School - Comet Yearbook (Otsego, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 54

1956, pg 54

Otsego High School - Comet Yearbook (Otsego, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 102

1956, pg 102

Otsego High School - Comet Yearbook (Otsego, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 15

1956, pg 15

Otsego High School - Comet Yearbook (Otsego, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 37

1956, pg 37

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