Otego High School - A Te Gen Yearbook (Otego, NY)

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Otego High School - A Te Gen Yearbook (Otego, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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Q4 x 9 u i 5wTiD j UTEGO Y THE CEi !TRf f Q QLH33 SCJHCQL 5 MVR -- WEEE,- ROW1 B Yager G D1eball M Downre J Bard S Brrscoe Mrs Davrdson J Hamrlton ROW2 E 'vlartm R Trffany J Vroman G MacPhereson W Wrlbur M OMara C Cady K Coote M Jones Ategan Staff Edrtor rn Chref J BARD Assrstant Edrtor M DOWNIE Advertrsrng Managers G MacPHERSON W WILBUR Athletlc Edrtors E MARTIN S BRISCOE Art Edltors C CADY M O'MARA Acuvrtres Edltor B YAGER Sales Managers I HAMILTON M JONES TYPISIS K COOTE R TIFFANY Thrs book rs the product of the combrned efforts of the people 1n the prcture above We have endeavored to collect prctures and data whrch w11l serve to remmd you of the act1v1t1es offered at OCS as well as a record of the ent1re student body It grves a representauve vrew of the ab1l1t1es of the class of 1959 We smcerely hope that thrs yearbook w11l grve you a pleasant and lastmg memory of us and Otego Central School rn the years to come As edrtor rn chref I have enJoyed my work as orgamzer of thxs Annual and wrsh to thank the Ategan staff and Mrs Davrdson as well as the ent1re faculty for therr help and cooperatron Courtesy of THE BIG DIP rr' 79 Photography Editors ---------- - - G. DIEBALL, 1. VROMAN Mrs Bliss ta, L Mr Bensen, We ofthe class of 1959 wrsh to express our gratitude to our advtsors for the helpmg hand they have extend ed to us durmg our hrgh school career They had the wlsdorn to gurde the class and to be nearby when advlce was needed It IS with thrs thought rn mmd thatwe gratefully dedrcate th1s yearbook to Mrs Bhss and Mr Benson We also wrsh to thank Mr Nestle for hrs help durmg the last semester J cf 7 ' 'A . - 7 - , a , ' . E, X744 e . g gnu . , f 1 ' I 4 -' ' l , r' 'f 'pf'-,r L if ,. bf' 6,1944 V- I' ., fb' ' ' J , 1' " V , , iD ' fx' , -Art.,-J L 1 ff .- s 1 A ' ' . K, gon - '7 M7119 1 Q I I . . , . Grade 1 A Otego Central School Agnculture Shop and Musxc Th1S page courtesy of Otego, G.L.F. o 55 Homemaking and I F' I- ' ,fi v . Mal as Q if Hx 2 ul . administration 'fn ' Prmczpal s M essage gs 1,,s?3' ,,, as 'sq ,J7 gfqsfff V I ,Spf Z q,a.I I' P?-:S 2 r 3s Nfl 1.38 ' 1 ' 'Ms-H 'Q u 'ge -. s va- r I it ' . 2213 f,g.5.?-,gsif-ff, m.'5'gg?g,:, N. 'I u 1 5, .sale-A,J2ff-evans-sas 1- r ' frmafsss s- I- A O if -9 IC fs0""AG'E LA-x ' J' his 1 Po "hg?:lg'mf'f?3""ifW5 mix:-Q" 'W K- 7 5:5 '3 'J f 9 I Jn I 4 f 'QS 052"fZ:'3'x4-'G3'-3 rmw " ztfi-.egg 'J' ' 'fa "-lib " 4 ' 020535 I I . :typ lb P '3"W"" 1vnx5 5. ' 2?J'4n5,i an "rc f Pcs tg' if f ,Acta x x E 01" To the Graduatmg Class of 1959 You are bemg graduated from hrgh school durmg one of the most d1ff1cu1t and yet one of the most challengrng of tlmes Ln the hlstory of our nat1on Never before has the future demanded so much from or placed such a hrgh premlum upon the educated mmd The nme that you have spent 1n Otego Central School barely scratches the sur face of what IS to be learned and explored I slncerely hope that your efforts towards garmng more knowledge or applyrng what you have already learned w111 meet wtth every success ffmasz ff 7+ 'P' s 93. Q1 vi 2 1 W3 '-55' Gu 0 0 9 sr ...:v1xlf,Lg- :' .. ..,, 5. we . H zz 7 '-'SIT -'f-.-- . . -"i.6."" . ' "-' . 1 1.-.fa .L 4 U 1 Q 'J :54":'s' A urns? ' ". ' 'D . s .:- .' - . - -.. - - -' as' :u:-of: 'atv ' ' 6ef2'?'3 'S f.'5"'4v,,4.-19" '. '::T'3'.!,' 4 . . ' -' 9' ' sz- .L ' - t...s,,, -1---, Hs, .l,, '..' .Fw .. ..-..--:1- ..s',...., rl? . 1:-'sq .'1r:f,. ki ln. v T ,gl -.- 'nga ' ... .pfigr 3' ' -2 '- fa:f..f-we ' -r 5,-4 .g:.,, .gh-1 -ar I Fqizf A 'QJ 1.56, ' .1 1 4:35-ef. bf" Fx . - O - 4 . . . 'fi l Q5 ROW1 Mr Nestle Mr Sears Pr1nc1pa1Sk1nner Mr Petersen Mr Hayes ROW2 Mrs Monser Mrs Davldson Mrs Pickett Mrs Groves Mrs Bennett Mrs Blrss Mrs Robertson Mrs Fraxser ROW3 Mr McCredy Mr Throne, Mr Preston Mr Bensen Mr Bonner Mr Gonzalez Faculty ROW 1 Mr Payne Mrs More Mrs Carrrngton Mrs Decker Mr Jones ROW 2 Mrs Bullrs Mrs Schwanrnger Mrss Jester Mrs Tuttle Mrs Secor Mrs Thomsen ROW 3 Mr Duell Mrs Haynes Mrs Hyatt Mr Sacco Mr Miller Mrs Hernng Mr Davxs Mrs Bump Mr Skinner STANDING Mr Hyatt Mr Hathaway absent Ptesrdent MK ELMER DAVIS Supenntendent of Schools MR, HAROLD TYSON Supervlslng Princrpal MR HAROLD SKINNER The semor class wlshes to thank the Board of Educatton for its cooperatton and understandxng sptrit throughout our school career Wlthout their beh1nd the scenes guldance we would have been unable to achleve out goal Courtesy of WILBER NATIONAL BA NK Oneonta, N Y Clerk -------- ------- - - MRS, LOUISE BUMP 5? ' Q lOl"S ROBERT BUDINE He IS dame dreammgl Baseball Intramurals Basketball Football Hall Momtor Class Presrdent Rrfle Club Volleyball 2,3,4 2 3,4 Class Treasurer 'lb My Yorker Club W I KV my 4 4 3,4 , X Honest men marry qmckly wrse men not at all Bethpage Hrgh Baseball Basketball Football Volleyball V1ce Presrdent Chorus Ategan MARY ANNA HALL Love rs hke the m go through It Bus Momtor Llbrary Club Intramurals Chorus Hall Momtor Ed1tor, Broadcaster Honor Society Cadets Prrze Speakmg Assembly Commrttee easles all have to ,2 2 ,34 ,34 34 3 1. 1. . 1,2,3 X 2,3,4 ' vy 2,3, . 3, ' 02N 1,2 VV 1 J 1 f 'b 3 , 1 M jg? P My Y EARLMARTIN ' 1,2 3,4 3,4 3,4 . . 4 Us 3 4 If ll 4 ' ' ,we ' 1,2 , . 1 U 10 I l 2,3,4 ' 2,3,4 ' 3,4 ' 4 1, . . 3 GEORGE DIEBALL Georgre Porgre puddrng and pre krssed the grrls they never cry Baseball Basketball Photo Club Band Chorus Hall Momtor Yorker Club Football Rrfle Club Student Councrl Rep Ategan Model Club GILE IACKSON 1,2 3,4 I 2 3 4 We all lrke Orle we thrnk he s fme sure to replace Alben Exnstem an Cho! 9, DN Ave agt Ha K P ogr y ub wmbly Commrtree An nc r ncil Presrdent ICBEPH BARD I could be better rf I would .2.3.4 1 2,3 1,2 3 4 .3.4 Q MV WJN But rt s awful lonesome berng good r A Q Intramurals AVL Football Baseball AJ Band Y YD Basketball M :Chorus Lg! Broadcaster MV Model Club O Ategan W Yorker crub U ,4 I 1,2 3,4 10 l U 1,2 3,4 1,2,3,4 ' 2,3,4 1,2 3 ' 2 ' . 4 .. .. 4 3 I 'W ,Md 1 , - . .4 uw' I M . . 1 'wr 2 ' sr? 'n 2,3,4 A llgl nor 3,4 . C1 4 ' 3 VH? 4 'b ' n ' 4 , . I , 1,2,3 ff M 1,23,4 1 1,2 3,4 r 1,2,3,4 I pf X 1,2,3 V jd! 1,2,3,4 3 3 M I .. .. 4 , 1 X rf TREE E MARY DowN1E sa Varxetyl That IS m 32, Intramurals -55' Lrbrary Club , Q1 :QQ Cheerleadrng Playdays 3 CTC:- Honor Socrety Hall Morutor Student Councxl Treasurer Student Councrl Rep FH Ategan Chorus CARL CADY when suns burn out and seas go dry That s when I ll pass a woman by Intramurals Art Club Rrfle Club GARY MacPHERSON They say the devil ts dead, rs he? Baseball Basketball Football Intramurals Band Class Officer Hall Momtor Chorus Rifle Club "Ategan" 1,2,3, 1,2,a, 1,2,a, 1.2.3. 1,2,3 1,2,a 3. 3 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 - 15 Q . I? C, Q, Q L C2 , 3 'if' ' ig 1 2 4 ' K .aa ' 0 0 .4 K . 2' . 3' A D 4 ll ll 4 3 1,2, 4 1,2 ' 1 'XJ NM Y WU F maps VBARBARA YAGER WINE JJQN e all agree thrs prcture rs neat But wrthout Ed rt s not complete Intramurals Pl yd ays Bus Monrtor Cheerleadrng Hall Momtor Library Club Cadet Broadcaster Ategan Drstrrct Offrcer, FHA MICHAEL O MARA Amusement rs the happmess of cannot thmk Intramurals Football Basketball Manager Rrfle Club Class Model Club Ategan MARY JONES All thmgs come to her, Who wrll but wart Intramurals Broadcaster Hall Momtor Honor Socrety "B" Average "A" Average "Ategan" Bus Momtor 2 3, 4 those who 2,3,4 3,4 2 4 3,4 1,2 3,4 4 3 . H 1.4 i Xtwfw f yt 1 ff . ., N fl 1 1 U 1.. ML f a 1.2.3 ' Al ' 2,3,4 fy 450' 3 FHA 2,3,4 . H x ' 1, 3 QT ' 3,4 ' 1,2 1 3 .. .. 4 . . . 3,4 1,2 1,2,3,4 2,3 ' 2,3 3 3 ll H 4 T1s better than ches To scratch wh I rt rtches Football Intramurals Baseball Rifle Club Chess Club Hall Momtor Ategan SYDNEY BRISCOE I 123,4 Never mmd trouble, never mind woe, Never mmd homework Just let xt go Intramurals Chorus Library Club FH Bus Monitor Hall Motutor Class Secretary Student Councxl Rep Broadcaster Cheerleadmg "Ategan" IANICE HAMILT ON A small vorce, Is better than a big echo. Chorus Intramurals Bus Monitor Library Club Cadet Broadcaster "Ategan" ,34 ,34 2,3 4 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 1, 3,4 1, 4 3,4 4 I ',1l I N I v ' If 6 AJ f 13+ f, gig 5 4 n ' f 1 1 1 wARRENw :gf I J ,2:3,4 1, 3 ' 1 1 ' 4 " " 4 1,2 , 1,2 , ' 1,2, 4 A I 3,4 ' 3,4 2 ' . 3 3 ' 3 4 M QAREN coofrs ,., J Ld' So qulet But you don t know the half of Intramurals Chorus Playdays Cheerleadmg Hall Momtor Class Treasurer Ategan GLORIA CHAPIN A smrle for every gxrl Two for every boy Intramurals Playdays FH Hall Momtor Cheerleadmg Chorus Student Councxl Rep Vlce Presrdent LARRY SHAVER others work, J mo the r I WAHM Q Nj A uf Y R5 N 34 3,4 3 2 1,2, 3,4 4 1,2,3 1 1 . Zlbcfh' . dr 0 of , bf ,744 blai VV 43' wiv 'i 40' ' Vfs- ' ra ' ' I N - JV 4- ' rt. fb . 4 1,2, Lf CJ by VJ I la v4 ff! ya ,fl FHA 3,4 I A, ' CV 1,2,3 If f - Lv 'O - 3 4 7:v K .. .. 4 4 cf bb I db 1, ,3,4 1,2,3 A 3,4 ' 4 ' 1 1 . U 1 . . 2 MARY MATTICE Every man rs a volume Am I glad I can read Intramurals Hall Monttor Honor Soclety FHA Chorus Lrbrary Club Playday WAYNE EARL Oh why was man born wrth such curls To taunt and tease all the poor grrls lntra murals Baseball Volleyball Football Yorker Club Model Club R1fle Club LEWIS GARRISON Loute can really prtch that hay He ll make a frne farmer we all say FFA 1 l,2,3,4 ' 3,4 ' 3,4 3,4 1,2 ' 2 3 Basketball 1, 2,3, 1,2,3, 1,2, 'Z,3, 1,2 1,2 1,2 ' 1 , 2, 3,4 F W, .Qyl YIHGINI VERNAIL C 5' Q f, Llfe IS too s o fto waste Herkr be al 7' Chorus tk Intramurals Cheerleadtng ROBERT SINNIGER He must have come from London Where a man has a nght to 11ve rn a fog Rxfle Club 1 2, Model Club Intramurals Broadcaster wif 6 fifffaifflffff Q get umm Pete 18 always at hrs best Deep 1n h1s favonte hobby rest Band Chorus Football Baseball Hall Monitor Basketball Rifle Club Class President Model Club "iii SSQIBQ Qswwfaf- F1-Girish 3 gs yvx RUTH TIFFANY When I think I have to s ak V Intramurals FHA H all M OHIIOI' Mamas QVEEJ' R58 P1 yd ays Library Club Broadcaster Chorus Cadets ROBERT JONES Never say m Band Intramurals Model Club Rifle Club Hall Monitor Chess Club Art Club Bus Monitor B Average x 1,13 V 3 is W ore than necessary 1234 1 234 di itomrrl rf May, 4 -fl 4154114 .mu Wlgcr JOHN LAMBERT There are two sides to every story. My side and the wrong side. Band 1,2,a,4 Chorus Basketball Football Intramurals 1,2 2 4 1,4 O XR l -.s75J.'Vj5y JJ 34 X X , 1 P23 l ., 40 xr I 2,a, 1 ' N 1, , 4 - J ?QJ?u"4'Y rv ,34., N 'a K Q gi 3:3 RJ Jxxx Honor Society Q, WX D4 Q SJ xx I 'JJ - - x f w 0 Y + J 'MBJ - 4 NV X W Q C, XX, xl 'I Y f x, , X x, ,JJ I SQ' fzfa' I 1,2,a ' 2:3:4 1,2 1,2 2,3 n H 1 ,Q ,IL ,J fx ,nmol RUTH MAINE "Life is a jest, And all things show it." Oneonta High 1 , 2 PAUL VIRTELL To worry 11ttle and study less, Is my idea of happ1ness Rlfle Club 1 2 3 Model Club 1 2 3 Intramurals 1 2 3 FFA Baseball Basketball Manager MM? L1fe without varuty IS almost rmposstble Walton Central M Fulton Central WM Chorus D I I I O l l 1,2,s 1 1 I , 1 V 2 1 3,4 f'f'WM M CLASS OFFICERS President Vrce President Secretary Treasurer Student Councrl Representatrve CLASS ADVISORS CLASS COLORS CLASS MOTTO CLASS FLOWER LL WM Jin! Qu TTA 7 littl and VL terror rm ize rals LJ a r 3 4 Al ding 3 Se etar ,f Class 4 MMM ff kia azy i in mayb h a flr dhrs ltd Walt ntral 1 lla Central Basketball 4 ww ROBERT BUDINE EARL MARTIN LORETTA PEARCE MARY ANNA HALL GEORGE DIEBALL MRS BLISS, MR. BENSON, MR, STLE NE Blue and Silver Cooperation means Graduation Rose , yi L D L j LGE E C ff ff'-,L!l7JU,' twwj f 4 rw V W M SPRING FANTASY Class H Lstory At O C S we senlors dream Of thlngs to come and thlngs we ve seen As Frosh our Spanlsh class was a flop We thought we d never reach the top Basketball came Gary and George made the J As on and on we surged ahead To our surpnse Mxss C was wed Dear Aggle stamped her foot qulte often Poor Joe almost landed rn hrs cofftn He looked as rf he wrshed he were dead Our Junlor year was full of fun Sprlng Fantasy kept us on the mn From dawn to dark we torled each day And wasted many an hour away But soon the prrze of royalty was won Tootle and Earl that nlght were seen Retgnlng as our Kxng and Queen Blg Bernle came to us that year The varslty cheerleaders gave hlm a cheer We re senlors at last and what a year Now we are on top wlth nothtng to fear! Our football guys gave the team a good start Bob Earl Joe and Gary sure d1d thexr part John Mlke and Wrllle d1d also appear Wrth dances dates and basketball We never seemed to be home at all Play pract1ce went on for the Seven Slsters Mrs Prckett was so tough we all got blisters! But nevertheless we all had a ball! Joe and Mary made a good team To keep the yearbook staff on the beam Four of our gals were really smart They hooked thexr man and stole hrs heart Barb Ruth Mary and Syd s eyes are all agleam' Mrs Bllss left us to become a mother Here s hoping she gave Tma a baby brother Our senior trrp was a huge success We all came home rn need of rest' We re looklng forward to graduatlon Wrth many memones of fun and tnbulanons' team! . .. I . , I I - . V. ' I I I . . ' To be a senior soon, was our big dream, , . I I I I . I , . I I ' If ' ll D I I I I ' , . I . . . 7,4fT"?Yl" T f Hncrman The polmceman LS our we gd lofi Hui pohccman H alps helps us Qei hom He mrecls 'thc frrfftt. EA' mm sbp he poflceman siops aff Hxaf arc gomg foo fa-sjt ,KJ cr ss e sacy He wakhcs RM C, MIUUYLHYL we c T' 8 lm pads up hs hand 947 uni' W Lf' ar 'Q- 1 I e . i Af we nz f 'xx if vig lb fm :.,, r . pf , Q 'Ch ww Q ,555 344 Aw .2 ZIP' A .- 6.15- .2-if if 'v-ff 'Qi ,531 Q' Vi? cf sses , ,Mg R ' gliih M ,W ' ROW1 A Youmans S Crawford L Maerz N Kmght R Leonard D Trowbrrdge N Goble S Veen V Canner A Shaver C Bu1l1s R. DeMarra1s C Dlffendale J Hall Mr Smrth R Srlvernarl J Danrels C Welch C Taylor C Trask J Avery A Krel M Alger P Hulbert B Cornell Z Coote J Palmater Mrs Bennett E Marne J Hall J Hall A Schmrdt S Bump R Sperry D Avery G Rernshagen E Thorsland S Bulter D Joyce J Vroman R Croswell andG H01 brook L Juniors k S? . --------- V We V , , sf' '- Presrdent Vrce Presrdent J Secretary Treasurer Student Councrl Advlsors Courtesy of WELLSBRIDGE G L F Wellsbrrdge New York STANLEY VEEN PRISCILLA WELLS VALERIE CANNER NANCY GOBLE DEYO TROWBRIDGE MRS BENNETT MR SMITH 1 1 , V W Q' X 3- Wy? JIT Wafija 1 S' QYLJKMIL W QL by 52522 cfjfr, I Nagy , LMwnm'W FIRST ROW N Gransbury S Shaw P Thayer C Beebe B Roosa M Monser C -,LJ J stan P Knrght E Marne E Beach G Rustm SECOND Row s Jones K Rose XIQQQQ L Mrtchell D Krueger D Brown G Masker S Root I Hrtchcock J Werland 'X M Georgra V Martrn K Rernshagen Mr Throne THIRD ROW D Barrd A QC It I Groves R Dutcher H Hulbert P Thayer J Decker L Thayer R Lent D Su111 XM van T Wayman S Andrews G Sremer do D QXXO r Sophomores Presrdent VICE Presrdent Secretary Treasurer Student Councrl Advrsor MIKE MONSER WILLIAM ROOSA CLARICE STARR PATRICIA KNIGHT CHARLOTTE BEEBE MR THRONE DON PLACE ELECTRICIAN Otego New York .. .11 . I wffxl 1 fyuirivl LR QSO C. . tb L 1, L ,,, R wk n C as nnrtna , 5 aff. ROW1 R Hendrrcks G Thayer D Wayman D Decker M OHara D Hrtchcock R Rous W Utter J Short A Trowbrrdge M Butler D Underwood N G1111ng ham F Gerow R MacPherson I Dabulewrcz J DeMarra1s S Southard L Budme S G111 C Seares D Harrrngton S Watson S Joyce D Beers C Hamrlton R Danlels P Sabedra F Rxce T Raymond I Rernshagen P Holmes A Youmans H Baker Mrs Davrdson Mr Bonner A Marne C Wyckoff P Ferns D Haney D Emerson W Haney E Hadden D Hamrlton W Wayman D Avery J Maerz I Sheldon andD Callahan Presrdent Vrce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer Student Counc11 Advlsors Courtesy of WEST END PHARMACY Oneonta New York Freshmen I DABULEWIC Z R M ac PHERSON J DEMARRAIS F GEROW N GILLING HA M M R. BONNER MRS DAVIDSON I' RA '3 . . , . .. ,. ,. ,. ,. g- 1 0 1' 1..Q' lv' 1' rv"- 1' 11 1' '10 .11 ul .1 .',. ,. ' 3. ,. .. ,. ',. .11 11.11 nv, 1- 10 1 ' 1 ' -1- 11.11 sv '11 1 1 1- 1- 1- lr- 1' 1- 1 . , . . VI . . ------. - -------- -O . I K . . ..,. . , ,, ROW1 D Halbert L Strener J Hendrrck H Thayer F Enck L Hxllxker R Ploutz M Gransbury M Graham D Bu111s S Northrop J MacPherson J R1e sen T Bard D Holden C Martmdale M Georgla G Case V L1cht1 Mrs Frasrer S Hunt F Lobdell C Jackson V Wormsley L Malne F Rous R Hollrster L Rutter A Sabedra M Canner J Bush E Jones Mrs Groves D Palmer B Brown R Robrnson T Taylor J Hadden M Loreman F Barley W Alger W Bull1s D Bundy andA Andrews Courtesy of ALBERMABLE ACRES 'Q DONALD G BLISS f"f Unadllla New York eff I Miki 8th Grade fi X A L4 ' ROW1 S Dlffendale J Pohlr B Beames R Canner C Butler S Daniels A Brrdsall G Enck B Rous P Sharratt K Rernshagen N Payne J Callahan A Youmans K Budrne T Houck E Bullrs D Robinson K Lent J Shaw C Burroughs K Bouton L Nagy J Sommer I Eckert L Sullivan J Bush B was 7th Grade ROW1 D Allen F Maine D Neal D Sullivan L Neal L Miller P Logan E Sallie P Briscoe C Perry R Holbrook K Christian J Stilson M Georgia E Smith D Kinner P Hultman P White D Wyckoff J Stoesser T Beers Mr Preston P Thorsland G H1tchcock R Bump E Kelsey R Yager L Raymond C Holcomb R Yager Courtesy of VAN B SMITH AND SON Coal Distributors Otego, New York Mitchell, D. Dolezel, N. Wells, M. Weill, J. Hotaling, M. Gill, F. Secor, Mr. : f I - . 1 ' I D , 3 0 9 0 I 0 - 1 3 ' I ' I I ' I ' D ' l ' O ROW1 D OHara R Groves M MacPherson R Goble R Lrvrngston L Leonard C Thompkrns ROW2 R Kelsey D Dean D Bullrs J Trowbrrdge J Guernsey R Rous D Logan D Baker ROW3 N Southard S Longtrn M Holmes L Jer auld P Drllenbeck Mrs Thomsen ROW4 D Wyckoff J Brown D Fullrngton C Robrnson I Leonard C Flemrng 6th Grade ROW2 V Hrllrker A Hendrrck L Lobdell J Starr S Ferns P Wormsley J Martrn ROW3 P Hazzard A Johnson P Peterson R Hollrster I Chrrstran E W8Ik1HS Mr Sacco ROW4 D Hamllton T Callahan C Thayer D Balley T Brovm D Haney D Harrrngton Courtesy of O T GO FEEDS SUSQUEHANNA VALLEY MILLS Otego, New York ROW 1: E. Horan, H., Martin, T. Earl, J. Bush, R. Jones, L. Jerauld, V. Andrews. ROW1 D Trffany R Hamllton K Barrows J Hamxlton H Bouton D Foote D Northrup ROW2 J Sommer K OHara C Bump B Bush S Beckley L Pearce L Dean ROW3 M Enck S Roblnson S Jester J Trask M Hoosier T Holmes L Wells E Hunt ROW4 A Emerson D Dutcher L Avery M Thorsland L 5 th Grade ROW1 J Sharratt R Neal I Remshagen M Donhn B Leonard ROW2 P Mlller C Marengo L Sullrvan J Southard L Holcomb R Krmball ROW3 Mrs More J Hall J Sterner S Secor N Hawkrns L Young K Kelsey ROW 4 J Dean R Joyce W Holcomb G Jones V Wood J Tompkrns Courtesy of SALLIE S ESSO SERVICE Otego, New York Cornell, T. Zimniewicz, T. Sears, Mrs. Tuttle. ROW1 L Beach L Underwood M Smmger D Robrnson T Harrlngton G Baker ROW2 S Mattlce P Sharratt D Lobdell G Andre P Leonard K Bur roughs N Lombardr C Stevens ROW3 G Rous B Hamrlton R Jones C March R Yager R Crandell G Krng R Hammond M Nagy ROW4 R. Harkness J Smrth D Wayman R Bagley L Selzer S Huestrs L Hall S Perry Mrs Secor 4th Grade ROW1 P Dabulewrcz L Dean P Marne A Werll S Brown A Groves B Flemrng ROW2 A Wood H Ernst C Hall S Butler J Marlett L Crandell Mrs Decker ROW3 G Martrn N Blanchard S Thayer J Hurlburt D Brrdsall C Wrrght T Stevens B Barley B Grllrngham ROW4 B McCredy E Smrth D Hendrrck R Knapp G Dolezel R Smrth G Earl Courtesy of RUBY S DEPARTMENT STORE Unadllla New York . . . . . 1 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 . . . 9 1 9 1 1 1 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 ' 1 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 1 1 9 1 9 1 I 9 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 1 . . . . 1 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 ' 1 1 1 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 9 . . . 1 1 1 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 9 . . . . 0 . 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 1 1 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 1 i v I ROW1 1 Marne G Longtrn P Mltchell L Damels J Knlght R. Anderson I Hurlburt B Roosa J Jones E Stevens M Ruston H Crandell S Bu1l1s K Haney L Rous A Lent E Barrows I Root R Groves M Hall D Dean J Von Der Decken Mlss Jester L Tompklns F Mattrce J Looman R Bard R Underwood D Hultman G Lobdell R Sampson Grade 3 ROW 1: C. Hall, K. Holcomb, B. Hrtchcock, T. Hamllton, R. Shulns, E. Smrth, B Barnes. ROW 2: Mrs. Bullrs, R. Brown, S. Wells, S. Utter, R. Holbrook, D. Harnng ton, B. Layman. ROW 3: D. Holcomb, K. Tompkrns, A. Crandell, R. Yager, J. Logan, G. Decker, P. Hazzard. Courtesy of MCMORRIS HARDWARE Ti ' . " ' . J 751-A'-V I A " ' K 2 f I Tig . ' , img? N A f . f ,V t W. . xl K B , . 5. V. K K , A , M U M, . . . . . . ' ' l ' I U Q I ' Q ' Q I I . l ' I ' I ' I . I U Q I . I . I 9 Q I Q 1 Q O j I I I I O I : 5 I ' I ' I ' I . , . , . , . . I -A , Nj. t ' g wx - Q. A I Qi B 14 Q 4 ' k F- - v ROW1 S Hurlburt D Young I Hurlburt D Eckert B Guernsey ROW2 S Hal bert A I-loldrege D Smrth P Sharratt R I-htchcock K Grll A Dolezel ROW 3 E Hall B Martrn B McCredy K Trowbrrdge M Lobdell R Bagley J Ploutz ROW4 D Jones F Huestrs D OHara D Prtcher H Beebe S Marlett A Payne Mrs Haynes 2nd Grade ger ROW2 B Duell C March A Leonard A Hotalrng G Wells I Grllrngham D Brown J Beers ROW3 P Br1scoe M Gerow S LeVe1lle A Beach S Herr mg N Matuce L Wood ROW4 E Jester C Horton P Peterson M Brown H Mumford G Wood H Ernst R Underwood Mrs Hyatt Courtesy of HERRING LUMBER CO Otego, New York ROW 1: R. Colegrove, J. Holcomb, W. Canner, R. Holcomb, H. Wyckoff, D. Sinni- ROW1 B Wood T Snyder L Dawson S Wellman S Yager C Parrsh C Parxsh ROW2 R Ernst N Ploutz S Smrth K Mattrce W Marne I Srmonds ROW3 R Crandell H Crandell J Beckley J McGraw M Beebe J Sternberg H Craw ford Mrs VanDusen lst Grade ROW1 K Haney J Hunt K Tompkms J Ferns R Donlrn G Dubben ROW2 J Longun M Bush J Sternberg S O Hara B Reeves E Veen ROWBJ Brown S March D Lent S Burroughs G Baker J Hammond ROW4 P Robrnson E Crawford W Dabulezrcz S We111 Mrs Hamrlton G Holcomb F Brrdsall Courtesy of WILBURS STORE Otego New York ROW1 G Carson W Yager L Groves K Lent L Barnes D Ploutz C Eckert D Wellman K Decker D Kmg E Jerauld D Butler S Colegrove J Hammond L McGraw S Carson L Tompkms L Bagley S Payne L Sheldon V Grllmg ham J Crawford P Dabulewlcz K Marlette G Jester D Wellman S Barrows R Holcomb Mrs Schwamnger ABSENT M Hall D Rous C Sheldon P Skmner M Jlvhltlllg Kmdergarte li ROW1 J Blanchard M Hotalmg D Httchcock D Laures C Bump L Su1l1van C Brown C Crandall A Utter S McCredy A Logan R. Lrvmgston J Stern berg J Behnke L Hurlburt H Hall C Gage Mrs Schwamnger T Smalhn B Jackson J Budrne M Sommer D Holcomb L Huesus S Duell J Underwood ABSENT S Herrmg S Wayman Courtesy of UNADILLA 5 8a 1096 STORE Unad1lla New York ties Student Councrl ROW1 Jacquelrne Avery Eugene Relnshagen Orle Jackson Patrrcra Kmght Mary Downre Mr Bonner ROW2 Nancy Grllrngham Joan MacPherson Charlotte Beebe Deyo Trowbrrdge George D1eba11 'Ls-1.5 ,ar Tia Honor Socrety ROW 1 Zada Coote Carol Bulhs Mary Mattrce Mary Downre Ruth Tlffany Rose mary DeMarra1s ROW 2 Mr Bonner Iacquehne Hall Mary Ann Hall Deyo Trow budge James Vroman Orle Jackson Mary Jones Courtesy of COOTE S GROCERY ROW1 Danny Callahan Mrke O Hara ROW2 Deyo Trowbridge hm Vroman Orle Photography Club Best dressed representatlve from each class February 5 1959 Karen Rernshagen Sue G1ll Zada Coote Lewrs Garrrson Don Baud Denny Halbert Jackson, George Dieball, Duane Joyce, Mike O'Mara. cvvwfiffd fw- x.2 FHA ROWl Arlene Shaver Mary Georgra Carol Bullrs Prrsctlla Thayer Sharron Craw ford A11ceYoumans ROW2 Mrs Swart Karen Coote Jack1e Avery Mary Mattlce G1or1aChap1n Carol Welch Mrs Davrdson Mrs Hendnckson ROW3 Helen Baker Mary Downre Zada Coote Sydney BIISCOC Barbara Yager Martha Alger Amta Krel Cathertne Trask Ruth Trffany Clance Starr ROW 1 Mr. Sm1th, Arvah Schmtdt, LCWIS Garrrson, John Lambert, Robert Lent, Steve Butler, James Hall, Roger Sperry. ROW 2: Dana Emerson Davrd Haney, John Palmater, Larry Thayer, George T1ffany, George Sremer, Paul Thayer, J1m Beebe, Arthur Marne, Stewart Andrews. ROW 3. Bob Dutcher, Dan Callahan, Cecrl Wycoff, Wmfred Haney, Don Hamrlton, Gene Holbrook, Davtd Sullrvan, Davrd Avery, Jerry Hall. if TC? XV X , , ' 1 M-Q k 1 xx , ' 0 1 L' . A S rf'- L!! I il, h L ' V P' :KX -C565 PM - , K X VUJ1 ' , , 'A . i BLM of ' lt T-T' as JJ-if 1 of M! ' ' fr' A 1 . lcv' ! if QWUWY N fx 4 at f L I L A 5 3 M r Lzbrary Club ROW 1 Rita Leonard Janice Hamilton Mary Anna Hall Ruth Tlffany Mary Downie Mrs Bennett ROW 2 Nancy Gillingham Bonnie Cornell Alice Youmans Linda Maerz Sylvia Shaw Eleanor Beach Gerry Rustin Priscilla Thayer Charlotte Beebe Zada Coote Charlotte Drffendale ROW 3 Noreen Gransbury Vera Martin Carol Sears Mary Butler Sydney Briscoe Martha Alger Claudia Taylor Carol Welch Arlene Shaver Broadcaster . ROW 1: Linda Maerz, Jackie Avery, Mary Anna Hall, Nancy Goble, Ruth Tiffany, Janice Hamilton ROW 2: Mrs. Bennett, Mary Jones, Eleanor Beach, Carol Sears, Gerry Rustin, Pricilla Thayer, Anita Kiel, Martha Alger, Nancy Knight, Rita Leonard, Carol Welch. ROW 3: Sharron Crawford, Sylvia Shaw, Nancy Gillingham, Judy Weilland, Mary Butler, Alice Youmans, Charlotte Beebe, Arlene Shaver, Valerie Canner. Sa ety Patrol and Bus M0nLt0rs ROW1 Donnell Sullivan John Bush Gary Enck ROW2 Dorothy Krueger Barbara Yager Sydney BIISCOC Ruth Trffany Janlce Hamrlton Nancy Knlght Mary Anna Hall L1nda Mrller ROW 4 Nancy Payne Karen Remshagen Loulse Nagy V1rg1n1a Wormsley Kay Budme Judy Callahan Mr Preston The Faculty Assocratron Extends Congratulatlons an Best W1shes to The 1959 Graduatrng Class ROW 3: Jean Robinson, Judy Sommers, Catherine Christian, Penny Briscoe, Patricia Logan, d ROW 1 Arthur Groves Jlmrny Mearz John Sheldon Danny Callahan ROW 2 Wayne Wayman B111 Roosa Roy Rous Dana Emerson Don Wayman ROW 3 Robert Jones 11m Vroman Mr Sears Advrsor Mrke Monser Rqle Club ROW 1 Betty Rous Ellen Bullxs Thelma Houck Carol Sears Sue Grll Sharon Northrup Karen Bouton jean Bush Judy Rresen ROW 3 Jack Bush Frances Secor Bruce Mttchell Jack Dabulewlcz George Case M Yorker Club V X J y O E Q, Dorothy Harrington, Mrs. Groves. ROW 2: Vera Martin, Kathy Rose, Martha Georgia, ,lv . . 'Mp XJ dy .. . . . . . , X5 W N rf all N you U U W No M Q Kr V YS' ROW 1 Judy Rlesen Suz1elee Root Davrd Hrtchcock Bonnre Cornell Eleanor Beach 'ik 'F-7' Carol Bu1l1s ROW 2 Ted Bard lva Httchcock Nancy Kntght Bob Jones Betty Rous Alan Andrews Marrlyn Canner Ellen Bullts Dawn Bullrs Jean Trowbrtdge ROW 3 Orle V, ackson Laureen Mttchell Sue Grll Dale Underwood Rosemary Demarns Ann Trow budge Steve Bump Jackre Hall ROW 4 Deyo Trowbndge Larry Shaver Joe Bard N iv Doug Barley Mr Gonzalez Fred Barley Pete Rotter John Lambert Kathy Rose Arthur "hGroves George Dreball P ffl Sf N53 P b QRS? Band of if MR, GONZA LEZ The Otego Central Hrgh School Band, under the dlrectton of Eugene Gonzalez IS composed of 40 members rangmg from grades 5 through 12 Thls OIg3Il1Z3I10l'l meets and rehearses three trmes a week Varrous sec ttonals are also held throughout the year Some of the muslc htghllghts that the band has partrcrpated Ln tnclude Sprmg Concert Memorral Day Parade Sherburne Pageantry for Bands Sprlng Musxc Festwal and others Durlng the summer the band has played at varrous fans mcludmg Moms Schenevus Oneonta Walton and other surroundmg areas In the last two summers they have taken srx lst places one 2nd and one 3rd place The brggest achievement for the band last year was to take home from Sherburne two lst place trophres one tn concert and the other m march mg and musrcranshrp We are all lookmg forward to another successful year X Y, al bjjvyvv h. . .. . D , M Rf ',' ,'..: l. . . t NV? ?'w ROW 1 P Knight S Root M Hall C Drffendale N Kmght L Mearz I Harmlton V S1lvernar1 V Canner J Hall C Bulhs V L1chtl J MacPherson D Bull1s L V6 Rutter M Georgra S Bnscoe ROW2 A Youmans K Coote L Mnchell C Taylor D Underwood S G1l1 C Beebe, M Beebe A Sabedra N Glllmgham T Raymond P Wells K Remshagen D Beers K Rose Mr Gonzales ROW 3 N Goble R Demarrxs J Bush M Canner D Holden M Graham J R1esen B i Shaver S Andrews R. MacPherson G Hadderx O Jackson P Rotrer E Martm I Bard R. Croswell R. Sxlvemall G Remshagen R Robmson E Mame R Oulmet D Trowbudge C Hamrlton E Bullrs H Baker ROW4 A Andrews T Bard G D1ebal1 L xi' ajorettes Ruth T1ffany Sandy Joyce Pat Knrght Rlta Leonard Sheryl Southard I., x , . , . I. : . , . , . l l , . Lf Cornell, Z. Coote, A. Youmans, S. Southard, F. Gerow, J. Demarris, C, Reinshagen, . an 4 S D ROW 1 L Jerauld S Ferns A Johnson B Rous I Starr S Robmson B Bush T Zunnrcwtch I Trowbndge J Robmson ROW 2 D Baker D Logan P Hazzard E Sall1e L Wells T Holmes I Callahan N Payne K Remshagen I Guernsey E Hendnck C Bump L Pearce J Sommer L Dean S Beckly ROW3 N Southard R Kelsey P Wormsley P Peterson S Longun V Hrlhker M Holmes D Bullls L Nagy J Sommer P Logan J Eckert L Sull1van C Burroughs Mr Jones ROW4 D Dutcher D Barley R Jones T Earl T Callahan J Bush B Mrrchell R Hamrlton, M Thorsland R Groves L Jerauld L Comell T Sears Grade Chorus experrence for grade students who because of thetr vocal abtlmes needed and wanted addmonal mustc expertence beyond those of the general course outlme Thts group of 65 voices stngs 2 and 3 part harmony They have appeared at the Otsego County Musrc Festwal have sung over Radto Statton WDCB and of course at the O C S Sprmg Mustc Festrval Future appearances rnclude the New Yorlf State Musrc Festrval and a VISII to some of the area schools The offrcers of the Grade Chorus are Jean Trowbudge grade 6 Prestdent Dawn Bulhs grade 6 Secretary Treasurer Elma Hendricks grade 6 Ltbrarran MR. JONES Tlus pate courtesy of GENERAL ICE CREAM DIVISION Nanonal Dairy Products Corporatton I . g . -9 . 9 - g . p . , p . 3 . D I . , . I 9 . l - I . , . , . . O, . , . , . , . , . ' , . , . ' , . , . , . , . , . . : . D I , , ' . ' u .' l . . i ' ' .I - s - g . , . , . ' , , , , I , . ' . , . , . , . , . . 512 """' The grade choruswas formed to provideamusical f'fEE - - . 0 ' ' . I O K I . . . Ca etena Club S LEFT OF TABLE Mrs Barley Mrs Sloan Manager Jerry and Jrmmy Hall RIGHT OF TABLE Mrs Hurlburt Mrs Avery I8Ck18 Avery Fredd1eOu1met Where 400 enjoy daily lunches. X Custodzans B us Drwers Mr Leonard Lawerence Mr Jerry Leonard Mr Clark Sloan Head Cus todlan B111 Taylor Jerry Leonard John Hurlburt Clark Sloan Leonard Lawerence Paul Sheldon Ken Jerauld athletics 39 ,Q2f 5" . ROW1 Stewart Andrews Gene Holbrook John Palmater Fred Ourmet George Trffany ROW2 Mr Hayes Roger Srlvemarl Don Barrd Gene Rernshagen Bob Budrne Mrke O'Mara Larry Thayer John Lambert Mr McCredy ROW3 Steve Butler Joe Bard Roy Croswell Earl Martrn Gary MacPherson Stan Veen Warren W1lbur The 1958 vers1on of the Blackhawks was one of the best that has ever represented Otego on the grrdrron Twenty three boys came out for practrce the frrst day Twelve were returmng from the 1957 team from whlch a strong nucleus was formed for thrs year s team It drdn t take long to separate the men from the boys and after a week of practrce the team was reduced to less than twenty boys From here with the able coachrng of Mr Mc Credy and the assrstance of Mr Hayes the team progressed very raprdly Our frrst scrrmmage was w1th Mount Upton The results of thrs scrrmmage showed we strll had much to do before we would be ready for the frrst game After another week of practrce the team went to Earlvrlle for a scrrmmage Thrs scrrmmage for the frrst trme brought out the potentral of the team Soon rt was trme for us to play our frrst game On Fnday September 25 we played our frrst game agarnst Worcester at home The usual frrst game Jrtters plagued most of the boys but before the game was underway the Jrtters were completely forgotten We won 25 to 12 MR HAYES and MR MCCREDY 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 U . 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 . , , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 . . , . , , . 1. .1 11 11 - C I - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 o 1 . 1 1 1 . ,, . 1 . . ,, I 1 - D 1 1 Our second game was with New Berhn The fmal score was 39 0 in our favor The thrrd game was wrth a tough Morris team After a hard fou t 40 mrnutes of football we agam came out on top w1th a well eamed 20 '7 wm The fourth game was wrth a very strong Franklrn team After a week of long hard practrce we frnally were ready for the game Thls was a game of do no wrong for Otego The frnal score was 48 '7 ROW 1 Gary MacPherson Joe Bard Bob Budme Steve Butler Warren Wllbur ROW 2 Earl Martm Roy Croswell Stan Veen The last game of the season was Wlth Edmeston Gomg rnto this game we took a 4 0 record whrle Edemston was 3 0 Thrs game would decrde the our day Nothmg seemed to go rrght for us The frnal score was 34 9 tn favor of Edmeston So comes to a close the football season for 1958 frnal record was four wms and one loss For the boys on the football team rt was a very successful season For the spectators we hope they enjoyed watchrng the games as much as we enyoyed playrng them As for the graduatxng Sentors we wrsh to express our best wtshes to the underclassmen for another wrnntng season next year and hope you wrll enjoy playrng football as much as we drd Really get III there and work hard The frnal Payoff IS well worth the effort We wrsh to express our apprecratron to Mr McCredy and Mr Hayes for a Job well done Therr long hours of hard work contrrbuted greatly to the success of our team . - . gl league champs. Well, about all I can say about this game is "it just wasn't Our ' 14 Wayne Earl Earl Martrn Gary MacPherson Roger Spery Coach McCredy Dxck Watson Roy Croswell Duane Joyce George D1ebal1 Wayne Alger Manager 0 e W After completing a winning season in football, the basketball team swung into action. The first practice was November 1, and after four weeks of hard drill the team was ready, With only one returning letter-man, the team wasn't expected to do much, With very little height and a lot of determination we started the season. Our first Victory was a non-league win over Mount Upton. After going to Edmeston and losing, we came home and won our next five in a row, including two non- league victories. Our next two games were two tough losses, one to Schenevus H Otego 45 Mt. Upton 41 Ote go 34 Ed me ston 43 Otego Otego Otego Otego Basketball Ote go Otego Ote go Otego 43 Ote go Otego New Berhn Mt Upton Worcester Unadllla Gilbertsville Schenevous Morris Worcestor Unadilla Fra nklin by one point and one to Morris by four points Our last game to date was with Worcester which we won by two pomts At the present we have seven wins and three losses having three games left to play two with Franklin and one with Unadilla This year s basketball team could end the season with a very good record We look to our last three games with the hope of winning them all and also bringing home the trophy for our division 3 60 ' 58 43 . 59 40 ' X 48 . . 35 57 ' Otego -- Franklin 5, QL 10 ROW1 Dale Underwood Nancy Gillingham Iva Hitchcock Janet DeMarr1as Suziel 1 Root Alrsen Youmans L4 L 9' L U 4, A Jumor Varszty L N bv! ved- H ROW lg Larry Thayer, Dick Hendricks, Don Baird, George Tiffany, Paul Ferris, David Haney, ROW 2: Fred Ouimet, Dick Avery, Don Hamilton, Steve Bump, Reg MacPherson, Bob Dutcher, Arthur Groves. X.. LA Jackie Hall, Valerie Canner, Carol Welch, jackie Avery, Mary Downie, Bonnie Cornell Linda Mearz MRS REEVES Advisor YF? R R 02 E N 0 If b CZ Z Z M I I O K E E S 6 ll i 0 T S B E o A B R 9 L 59 dvertisers 1 mu wiFa1:,w q1!',w,'.1,i"1xq, J, , 'W NORTON'S FARM SERVICE West Oneonta New York Feeds Seeds Fert111zers Phone 29J Compliments of YOUR FRIENDLY GROCER Oneonta N Y ONEONTA DAIRY C OMPANY W1 she s You Mam St Oneonta N Y Best W1shes JOYCE S FURNITURE STORE Unadllla N Y Best Wlshes KELLER S GENERAL STORE Wellsbndge N 3 , . . 1 Good Luck G 1 . I ' , O O ' , . Y. RUSSELL S NURSERY Route 7 Unadllla New York JOSTEN S Treasure Craft Jewelry and Stat1one ry Owatonna Mlnne sota DREXLER S BARBER SHOP Ma1n Street PE TE'S ICE CREAM Oneonta New York DAIRY QUEEN ICE CREAM Oneonta, New York STISON S GARAGE Maln Street Unad1lla New York The staff of the "Ategan" w1sh es to thank the patrons ofour yearbook for thelr generoslty Congratulatmns Class of 1959 ALBERT L BONNER 7 9 . , 3 1 Unadilla, New York 7 . I SHAW'S MOBILGAS SERVICE STATION Yukon 8 2547 Otego New York Best Wlshes to Class of 1959 KNIGHT'S NURSING HCME ' J Wellsbridge, N. Y. , SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT A Gne al I- I Repa LOBDELL'S SERVICE STATION Otego, New York Phone YU 8 6613 amid I Il l l ll IIINIIQES H 1 lle noxx s ' IL lleslo d o l Xou lxe ln lltes xxc lr IOIIYI t ll ueh Ille IS I lll e LII t x u liut It 18 lmport mt to re 1llLe th lt tlme beeon es IL SI lelx x o tel All of the qotls lnd lIIIIl3IfI0IlS xou llxe lt tle lgk l t LIL,lItLLII Ilbllglllx to 000 000 prleeless IITlIIlltL9 more or less to xxor xx It l IIIIQ, IN S0lTIlLtlIllIg to he ILLlx0IILeI xxlth It eomes lt xou III seeonds fNll1L1fCS .ind hour? suth tlnx studs ot IITC1SL1I'LIIILIlf thlt d lxs xx eelxs months .ind ex en xears tan SOIIHLUIITLS sllp hx LIIIIIOULLLI flI1'0Lli2,lI the llOLlfgl.1SS ol xour llfe rllfllff IS an eternal IULIIILI th lt t III glxe xou the pollsh th lt eomes xx lth experlenee, OI It e.ln be an emerx xx heel th It xxlll xxelr xou doxxn tt ex erx turn The personalltx and depth of ehlrae ter xou dex elop Xkltlllll xollr IYIIILF self mllxes thls xltll determlnatlon lme 15 IITlPU1tlIIf 'Nextr mrllxe the IIITlStllxC ot tllllllslllg lt IS not Remember that III the llll ll lIlIlX9lS ITIIIILKLS xx tsted IU eettlng sttrted ean tdd up to the hours ot a lost opportunltx Do not he one ol those xx ho xx lstes tlme xx ilflflg for OPPOFIILIIIIU to tome Ixnoelxlng on the door It should be xou lIxK1XS xx ho goes lxnoelxlnq on OpIDOI'fLII1lfX s door lme IS expend thle lt ll IS been glx en to xoll III l eeltrlln J.1UOLlI'1t to spend ln xx hat ex er xx lx XOLI see ht But lt should he elearlx understood there IS 1 bullt ln bonus tor those xx ho malxe elteetlxe use of tlme Thus far xou have spent 9 701 600 mln utes ot xour llte and these hrxe been ITl1HLlt6S xx ell spent for the past 18 xears, spent it home 1nd ln sehool h.lxe glxen xou the lmelxground needed for Z1 good start III hte Noxx flIC1l'DPOI'f1I'1ftlIlf1g I9 to leeep golng Good luek to xou and xour trlends xx ho make up the C lrtss of '59 The next 26 000 000 mlnutes are up to xou SCINTILLA DIVISIUN BENDIX AVIATION CORPUIIATIUN SIDNEY NEW YORK TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY he e be jf V! , f f , ' Q r , , ' P be I , . fel l v? 'il , Q 2 ' xn5 If - lx , A gl 4 4 - 'IV' I l AJ E f . M1 I . p It "-I Wm " 4. Av , ' ff 4? . I 'I ' 1 . - 7 K fi xg, ll uexx' QIILILILILHC, xou I " ' ,UIIILIIIIF on tl - tl ' -.I I tI tIme. ' I11 'A Jo,ooo,ollo minutes left to em lplete your orli. V . , 4 . . XI ll.u xou do Xkllll the tune that llLlS lween gllloted tor your pgtrtleull 1ex' I 'o R' oI to 'sg H o 'o , I 1 11 I' ' 1 I ' " V IIILII -.l Il K' ' 'LIILILIIUIL' lls xou groxx ll-1 I ' L L . L l I I . ' I1 " those-n lol' x'oul'sellI must he rellthed xx lthln lthout the next fifty years. This gives you, 4 lA:." 'I 'IH ' .' '-. . I ' ' lc II I I P - K ' I -' ,L k' I si., A p L z"k, ' az',, , 1 4 v -v k 'r 1 I n' I ' I 'A 7 A ' - V I TI I I 7 1 . e . l . 1. , . I ' 1 1 1 I 1 1, ' I " I .1 1 " 1 X -D . . K s ' V vin . I 'L I I I 1 , . . l , , . .- 1 I . ,Iv f A ,H , I , I'. 'I 7 I I 2 I ' II . . . 'I I, K 1 1 -, , If I q v I lv I O 0 1 "V WDVI 's KI Yelrbookl Al! Vlylolvmldt 'S X1

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